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Greater Gods

    Helios, Apollo, Selene and Artemis 
Helios, Apollo, Selene and Artemis, Divine Quartet of Male Suns and Female Moons (Helios: Helius, Sol, Hyperionnote , Phaethonnote , God of the Sun, Sight, Heat and Measurement of Time, The All-Seeing, Guardian of Oaths | Apollo: Apollo Pythiosnote , Apollon, God of Music and Light, Averter of Evil, Lester Papadopoulos, Gay Sun God [alongside Amaterasu] | Selene: Luna, Mene, Titaness of the Moon, Night and Radiance | Artemis: Artemis of the Golden Shafts, Diana, Friend of Youth, Lady of the Lake, The Huntress, The Chaste Goddess, The Virgin Goddess, Archer, "Orion", Shooter-Type Interstellar Fighter Craft, Goddess in Training, An Aro-Ace Arrow Ace)
Top left and right-Helios as seen in God of War III and Percy Jackson and the Olympians, bottom left and right-Selene as seen in Overly Sarcastic Productions and DuckTales (2017), with a sculpture of the two in the center top/bottom
Depictions of Artemis and Apollo from Marvel Comics (top row), Smite (middle row), Blood of Zeus (bottom row) and Percy Jackson and the Olympians (center bottom and top respectively), with a statue of the two in the exact center
Click here to see Apollo's human identity, Lester Papadopoulos.
  • Greater Gods and Goddesses
  • Symbols: A sun with a male symbol and moon with a female symbol (as a group), their chariots (Helios and Selene together), a radiant crown (Helios), A lyre atop a golden bow with intercrossed arrows topped with a laurel wreath (Apollo), bow and arrow on a lunar disc (Artemis)
  • Theme Music: Helios' Shield Phalanx (Helios), Apollo - Epic Orchestra For The God Of The Sun And Light (Apollo), her Grepolis theme (Artemis), the Greek/Roman theme of Smite (Apollo and Artemis, shared with other Classical Mythological figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Helios), True Neutral (Selene), True Neutral with Lawful Good traits (Apollo), Chaotic Neutral (Artemis)
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Light, Siblings (all four), Titans, Chariots (Helios and Selene), Twins (Apollo and Artemis), The Sun (Helios and Apollo), The Moon (Selene and Artemis), Fire, Horses (Helios), Beauty, Disease, Healers, Music (Apollo), Bulls and Oxen (Selene), The Hunt, Beasts, Bows and Arrows, Virginity (Artemis)
  • Interests: Peryite (Apollo only), Robert and Stannis Baratheon (Artemis only)
  • Special relationship with: Medea (Helios only, what with being her grandfather)
  • Shared allies: Zeus, Mercury aka Hermes, Poseidon, Athena, Dionysus, the Guardians, the Tenno, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Aurora (Child of Light), Tatsuya Suou and Maya Amano, Katsuya Suou (all of them), Eos (Helios and Selene), Robert Capa, Clark Kent/Superman, Amaterasu, Solrock, Oberyn Martell, The Unconquered Sun (Helios and Apollo), Sonic the Hedgehog, Hecate, Usagi and Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Lunatone (Selene and Artemis), Atalanta, Heracles/Hercules
  • On good terms with: Yoshi, Sylvia (Helios and Selene), Dipper and Mabel Pines, Tyrion and Telchis (Apollo and Artemis), most of the werewolves (Selene only), Ahura Mazda, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good (Apollo only)
  • Rivals: Hawkeye, Green Arrow (Apollo and Artemis), Ra, Thor, Dr. Black Jack, Bill and Ted (mostly friendly) (Apollo only), other archers (Artemis only)
  • Shared enemies: Kratos, Cronus, those who have destroyed their dominions (such as Oryx and The Vex) (all of them, especially Kratos for Helios), Apophis, those who want to bring The Night That Never Ends like Chernabog, Nightmare Moon, Pinbacker and Zs'Skayr (Helios and Apollo), Dr. Eggman, Majora's Mask, Queen Beryl, The Dead Moon Circus, Chaos (Sailor Moon) (Selene and Artemis)
  • Opposes: Those who have defaced the moon, Nightmare, Felonius Gru (Selene and Artemis), Odysseus (Helios), Calypso, Erazor Djinn, Kirby (Selene only), those who Murder the Hypotenuse and yanderes (Artemis only), anyone who tries to get with his sister, Nero (Fate series) (Apollo only)
  • Opposed by: Cheems (Helios and Apollo), Zim (Helios only) Cassandra, Absol (Apollo only), Meridia, SCP-2578-D (Artemis only)
  • On poor terms with: Heracles (Helios only), Hera (Apollo and Artemis), Skull Kid (Selene and Artemis), the House of Plants, Chris Hansen (Apollo only), Caligula (Artemis only)
  • Pities: Necrozma (all of them), Shoto Todoroki, Eva Wei (Helios only)
  • Complicated relationship with: Rhaegar Targaryen (Apollo only)
  • In Greek mythology, there were two sets of brother and sister who held divinity over the sun and moon. The original solar and lunar deities were Helios and Selene. They were the kids of Titans Hyperion and Theia, and their job was to carry the sun and the moon across the sky through chariots and flying horses. Later on Zeus had twins with Leto, Apollo and Artemis. Though they usually do not carry the literal sun and moon around they are heavily associated with the sun and moon. They're the more well-known of the two due to having larger roles; Apollo is a god of music, dance, beauty and plague among other things, while Artemis is a goddess of the hunt, virginity, women and childbirth.
  • Applies to all of them
    • When they ascended, both sets of siblings had separate profiles. Zeus ended up recognizing their similarity and combined the three profiles into one: Male Sun, Female Moon. His motive showed he could be sound: safety in numbers against his father Cronus and son Kratos, who tore Helios' head off. They're smart enough not to go after the latter's kid Atreus, of course.. As they are Greek gods, their relationship with other family members is complicated. Hera tried to stop the twins' mother from birthing them, and under Zeus they only begrudgingly tolerate each other There's is warmth in the family, however: Helios and Vulcan are on good terms since he helped expose Aphrodite's affair with Ares and humiliate them. Apollo and Artemis love their little brother Hermes for being a loavable scamp, the former admitting their dad was right; him stealing his cattle as a baby was hilarious.
    • Helios looked for his steeds within the grand list of Pokémon as the Ponyta line are similar to his own fiery horses. This got the attention of his sister along with the twin deities, who soon made friends with Nebby as it is an emissary of the sun (Solgaleo) or moon (Lunala). The four initially distusted Necrozma because of its Dark and Troubled Past leading it to devour light, however the legendary has reformed. Plus given Necrozma was exploited and abused by mortal beings, they understand its wrath. Due to their clear symbolism, Solrock and Lunatone are popular among the deities as well.
    • Selene and Artemis have Oryx on their hitlist given that the Hive have made it a habit to hollow out moons to use as ramming ships, and they tried to pull that shit on the Earth’s Moon. They left quite the mark. All four deities oppose the Vex since one vision into the Bad Future where succeeded in ensuring their domination and assimilating everything, including turning the sun itself into Vex. Because of that, they’re more than happy to help the Guardians, given that their mortal enemies include the aforementioned two since they have thwarted the Hive on the moon and stopped the Almighty from making the sun go into a supernova. On Helios’ side, it helps that one of the three elements that the Guardians use is Solar.
      • After yet again fending off the Bringers of Everlasting Night from taking control of the moon, they noticed that on it was a lone Tenno taking on both Grineer and Corpus forces through utilizing both the Night Form's supportive and the Day Form's aggressive roles. After helping deal with the remaining enemy forces they find out that the Tenno as a whole owe it to the moon after the revelation that their actual bodies were stored and hidden there thanks to the Lotus spiriting away the entire thing into the Void.
    • Being solar and lunar goddesses, never try to bring about The Night That Never Ends or Helios and Apollo will inflict bloody vengeance, and an Endless Daytime will get you a similar wrath from Semele and Artemis. The latter two are also disgusted by Queen Beryl and the Dead Moon Circus, especially Nehelenia, for committing genocide on the moon's life and making it uninhabitable. Their connection to Chaos only fuels their hatred, and the two (especially Selene) have given their full support to Sailor Moon. For Helios and Apollo Chernabog has sworn to destroy them once and for all, and Zs'Skayr is frustrated that their luminance would deny him his conquests.
  • Applies to some of them
    • Helios and Selene use chariots in order to move the sun and moon across the sky; as mentioned, Helios' steeds are fiery horses. Selene uses oxen or bulls. Naturally, on their off-time they like to be around the Ungulates. Selene has a soft spot for Miltank, while Helios likes to be around the various horses there. He is particularly fond to Agro, Epona and Black Beauty for their worthiness as steeds. Other steeds like Yoshi have Helios and Selene's approval.
    • While it's more something Helios is concerned about, he and Apollo heeded Superman's warning that a being known as Solaris might try poison the sun. There was also a time one time when the Eds broke reality by being curious. During that time, Eddy once took a bite out of the sun and turned it into the moon. Helios doesn't appreciate such defacement, though he's more confused on how a normal kid even did so in the first place, never mind the fact that he went behind it to do so. Apollo told him he should probably ignore the absurdity and focus on helping Superman with their solar powers.
    • Apollo and Helios both want to get other solar deities on their side, however their interactions fall under the Red Oni, Blue Oni type. Apollo wants to prove he's better than Ra, what with having the role of The Ace in mythology, but it's more playful than anything. And it's for the best given Apophis wants to devour the Greek deities of the sun because even if it took out Ra, they could keep the sun around in the Trope Pantheon. Apollo tends to be more straightforward working with the Japanese goddess of the sun, Amaterasu. Meeting other pantheons has made Helios feel good because other pantheons recognize The Power of the Sun more than the Greeks. The two are also friendly with Oberyn Martell given his free-loving yet passionate and affable lifestyle, along with having a red sun as part of his family sigil.
    • Never deface the moon or gods forbid, destroy it unless you want Selene and Artemis to tear you a new one. Especially Selene; she doesn't like Kirby for taking out a chunk of the moon when fighting Nightmare. Even Artemis thinks her being mean to Kirby is a bit much given Nightmare should really be blamed, causing her to admit "hey, you have plenty of roles outside of being a lunar deity, let me have this one!" Both agreed that they were going to give Dr Eggman a Fate Worse than Death for blowing up half the moon with the Eclipse Cannon as a show of power. And as Eggman's Arch-Enemy, both goddesses have recently been aiding Sonic. They're also salty over Gru shrinking and stealing the moon that one time despite him reforming, and while Majora was manipulating him to crash the moon into Termina they still don't get along with the Skull Kid.
    • Though the gods lack an incest taboo, Apollo and Artemis don't have any desire for Twincest; Artemis is a virgin goddess and while Apollo tricked her into killing Orion just because she was considering him as her boyfriend, it is not a Murder the Hypotenuse situation. The two share the annoyance Mabel and Dipper get at whenever people like to bring up "Pinecest". Orion is notably the only man she's ever been interested in, and after the incident she's grown a disdain for yanderes and those who'd Murder the Hypotenuse. Within the Hall of Twins Apollo and Artemis have genuine respect for Dipper and Mabel and their accomplishments, along with being on good terms with Tyrion and Teclis who also are associated with light.
    • Apollo and Artemis are very close to their mother Leto, perhaps too close-when Niobe boasted she had more kids than Leto and they were better than Leto's, she had the twins take her kids out. In their defense this kind of hubris was a lot more serious back then, but it's still a dick move. Helios is more reasonable when it comes to his family by comparison, as seen with his granddaughter Medea: he gave her special poison and a chariot to get away from Jason. It's kind of awkward for him to mention given what Medea's revenge against Jason looked like, but to abridge thinks Jason had burned his bridges so much the other gods favored Medea. That said they can also give great boons to mortals: the twins serve as the Personas of Tatsuya Suou and Maya Amano, and they respect their strong familial bond.
  • Applies to Helios only
    • Though he is still allied with Zeus, there's a sore spot in that Zeus killed his son Phaethon. As this was to stop Phaethon from accidentally dropping the sun on the Earth, he can't blame the Skyfather for being responsible but it still hurts. He's not going to give that sort of clemency to Odysseus however, since he failed to stop his men from eating his daughter's red cattle. As he smote his men for this, the feeling's mutual. Another sore spot is when Heracles shot at the sun in frustration. Helios either begged him to stop and Heracles demanded for the cup of the Delphic tripod, or Heracles apologized profusely and Helios out of courtesy gave him said cup. Neither are straight with the facts when asked; it all depends on their mood.
    • The whole incident with his son was over him trying to prove he was his kid, only to prove he had no viable way the drive the chariot. As such, despite the love he has for his son Helios is well-aware it was a boneheaded move he had to tolerate because he swore on the River Styx, and he hates it when people drive like crazy. Helios isn't comfortable with deities who specialize in decapitation either, such as Charles-Henri Sanson. This has more to do with Kratos ripping his head off, though. He isn't a fan of Zim either, though this has less to do with any threat he posesnote  or past trauma, but because Zim accuses him of temporarily blinding him. Why? He stared at the sun for directions and now blames Helios for booby-trapping the sun. Helios...didn't know how to respond to such pure stupidity.
    • Tatsuya and Maya formed a connection with him when the former felt something familial around Helios and the latter felt something intimate with him. As it turns out, his brother Katsuya (and Maya's lover) had Helios as his Persona. He has formed somewhat of a connection, or more accurately pity towards Eva Wei and Shoto Todoroki. He feels bad at the abuse the latter suffered by his father and his struggle to not be compared to him, as it's quite a contrast to the relationship he had with Phaethon. For the former he supports her desire for her dad to know of her, but has given her advice not to get herself into dangerous situations to do so.
  • Applies to Apollo only
    • The beardless youth Apollo presides over beauty, music, health and diseases. He initially ascended to the Trope Pantheon under the Swan Boats trope, as swans draw his chariots. You can find Apollo in the House of Musicality singing beautiful songs, in the Hall of Birds protecting Odette when she transforms, or in the House of Health and Diseases dealing with illnesses. Nurgle and the horseman Pestilence have tried to get Apollo to embrace his power as a Plague Master, but this has only earned them the gods' enmity. Typhus hopes to take his diseases for himself. Peryite, however, prefers to study Apollo from a distance. He has a quiver of pain-inducing arrows to punish gods like Regime Superman for storming Olympus.
    • As the original god wielding Light Arrows, he is impressed over Zelda being able to wield them just as well as he does. Naturally, a lot of evil gods who abhor light, especially Ganondorf want nothing more than his arrows to be destroyed as they are their only weakness. While flawed, he is an "averter of evil" and holds a working relationship with the GUAG when he's not off doing whatever. Ahura Mazda feels Apollo is a bit of a jerk, but won't deny the results he gets. Angra Mainyu was frustrated since he assumed the Greek pantheon were too busy being dicks to single out him.
    • Apollo's one of the nicer Greek gods, but he can still act like a major dick. Just ask Cassandra: she wasn't into him, so he gave her prescience nobody would believe. Being blamed for stuff they warn about, Absol doesn't like Apollo. He can have a serious temper too. Zeus occasionally strips him of his divinity and tries to humble him. One of his more heroic acts was stopping the evil plans of Caligula, Nero and Commodus; power really went to their head. Commodus and Apollo's relationship is especially heated since they used to date, however Apollo eventually assassinated him under the guise of his fitness instructor. He doesn't like the female Nero either because he thinks her singing is awful and yet she claims she's better than him!
    • Chris Hansen was not amused by Apollo's antics as he heard he was a creep and asked him to take a seat; more specifically, he wanted to call him out for his chasing of Daphne. To Apollo's credit he didn't pretend the incident didn't happen, but he did give decent enough justification: Eros had hit him with a love arrow to fall madly in lust with Daphne and she was hit by a hate arrow, so he wasn't exactly in control of his actions. If anything, Eros is the guilty party. That said, a lot of Apollo's proper relationships end badly, with an unusual amount of his lovers becoming plants. Apollo tends to avoid the House of Plants because of bad memories, though not the House of Love and Affection since he feels he'll have more luck in love in the modern times.
    • Comparisons were made between Apollo's time as a mortal and Thor, who was also humbled as a mortal by his father under different circumstances. They don't have enough hobbies to get along and tend of compete in sports, or music contests. When not in a contest, Apollo and Thor like to talk about their experiences. Their rivalry is primarily fueled by Zeus, Thor's primary rival. Why all the effort? Simple: if his son can beat Thor, it gives him the confidence that theirs is a lopsided rivalry (his thoughts, not ours).
    • If you haven't got it already, don't try to get with Artemis. He tends to get 'complaint letters' from Artemis' most devout follower, Atalanta, but Apollo usually mistook it as 'love letters' since he's so good looking... but then prefers that Atalanta won't switch prayers, she fits better with his sister. Apollo's been dubbed a "sore loser/winner" due to flaying Marsyas over excessive hubris in trying to one-up his lyre skills. Ramsay wanted to get Apollo's autograph for this, which wasn't something he wanted to hear. While Apollo is capable of some real unpleasant actions, he is still disgusted by how horrible Ramsay is.
    • Prince Edward is one of the few Apollo considers both a follower and a friend; it's said that behind closed doors the two have quite a laidback jam session as they play on their lyre/harp that many who have heard them say it was poetry in sound form. The young Rito girl Medli is amazed at his skills and he himself enjoys listening to her Earth God's Lyric. However, Apollo's relation with the Prince of Dragonstone is quite rocky. On one hand, he considers him a brave warrior, a decent harp player, and a good husband. On the other side, his choice of both Prince Paris and Helen as high priests leaves him with a sour taste in his mouth as despite being on the side of the Trojans during the Trojan War, his cursing of Cassandra leaves him quite unpopular with them. So, unlike Medli and Edward, he keeps his distance from him.
  • Applies to Selene only
    • She's not at all pleased to learn that Typhon ascended; the reason that the moon has craters is that she tried to fight him, but he kicked her ass. She certainly wasn't happy at Palpatine due to being the mastermind behind the Death Star, which could not only blow up her precious moon but whole planets. The Galactic Emperor only laughed at this: he knows she could hate him for plenty of reasons, but chose to be utterly myopic about it.
    • Selene is curious has to why Remnant's moon is only half-intact, the other half shattered into a dense field of debris. It couldn't be Remnant's civilizations as they lack any kind of space technology. And then she discovered the true culprits, and despised those gods for it. She was behind the moon's removal from the list of Astronomical Bodies to protect it. Being a Titaness embodying the moon while Artemis is more a guardian/ideal figure of it, she is often sought out by the pantheon's werewolves. Vicious bastard he is Fenrir Greyback immediately got on the wrong foot, but the other werewolves are welcome to get a boon from her should they prove themselves worthy of it.
    • Not as much of a predator as her sister Eos, but by modern standards her fathering 50 children with her immortal, sleeping boyfriend Endymion is seriously creepy. She tries to justify it by his ever-sleeping being unintentional (she wanted to freeze him in a moment of time to avoid a Tithonus situation but he was asleep at the time) and him content with it, though that didn't stop her having to register as a sex offender when in the House of Love and Affection. It's worth noting unlike her brother she's comparatively monogamous, only having two other couples (one of which is Helios). For what it's worth, she does respect happy and genuine relationships.
    • Because of the mistake with Endymion Selene doesn't like the Jackass Genie or Literal Genie tropes, which is why she gives Calypso and Erazor Djinn the stink-eye. They aren't outright enemies because their goals don't demean or threaten Selene, but they don't get along. Despite also being a Jackass Genie Desiree wants to avoid being on bad terms as she sympathizes with how her love story ended, because of her past rejection by a sultan. Despite initially being hesitant to make friends with her, and the chaos the genie causes, the two eventually became friends with this. Desiree even tried to wake up Endymion free of a catch, but couldn't since she isn't strong enough to undo what Zeus did.
  • Applies to Artemis only
    • Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis is mistress of the bow. It's said that her arrows can cause instant deaths between females. Of the goddesses, unless they prove themselves she doesn't have a strong opinion on men. She's a virgin goddess, which is why she and Aphrodite have beef. That said it isn't serious beef and it might help that her brother Apollo gets along with Aphrodite due to consoling her over the loss of Adonis. Due to her role as a goddess of chastity she tends to scoff at best at female members of the lust halls. However, she will only punish those who are part of her hunting group if they break their chastity...just ask Callisto. Since her own mom was turned into a bear, Meridia was quick to call this a major dick mood since said chastity was broken by Zeus disguising himself as Artemis and, well...
    • While she'll make an exception for her dad and siblings, Artemis isn't fond of perverted men like Zapp, who had the gall to try and hit on her...he was fortunate she was in a good mood. Just for an example of her wrath: when a peeping tom called Actaeon caught her bathing she turned him into a stag that got hunted by his own dogs. The memetic dog Cheems sought to work with Artemis in order to join in punishing and "bonking" both perverts who come near her and members of her group who break their vow of chastity. Her brother and Helios weren't fond of this as Cheems keeps harassing them with a bat for being horny.
    • Apparently one of her most sacred animals are pigs, specifically wild boars. She sometimes offers to train Pumbaa to become as deadly as her pet Tusky (AKA the Calydonian Boar). She also holds dearly the deer as it was the first animal she ever caught, hence her closeness to Bambi and Xerneas. She and Flutterfly ended up bonding over their love of animals, and as sacred beast she and Holo are close. One of the few men she bonded with was Android 17 due to being a really good and passionate park ranger, along with a twin like her. Apollo naturally accused 17 of wanting to hook up with his sister, but 17's marriednote  so Artemis told him to stop being a tool.
    • As the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis prides herself as the greatest archer ever. And since she is a Greek God, saying other archers are better than her usually ends badly. This has made her see some archers in the Pantheon as rivals. Her biggest rival, however, is with Windranger. Though, it's mainly based on that Artemis hates it when others say the two are similar despite the two having different personalities. She's able to get in touch with her favorite "worshipper", Atalanta, and found her to have things in common with her together. Artemis has claimed that anyone that can make her Tusky bleed is worthy, like her. Still, she'd avoid spooking Atalanta with her ditzy form...
    • She likes to visit Aloy's temple to go on the hunt. Natural game? Easy enough. The mechanical beasts? Artemis loves a challenge. Through their love of the hunt, a friendship is born...although Artemis is a tad bit peeved with Aloy being somewhat friends with Kratos. Whenever Artemis comes calling, all male suitors and admirers stay away from Aloy's home. After hearing what she had done to Actaeon when he spied her bathing, discretion is the better part of valor. Hell; even when Artemis loves someone it's not a guarantee you'll be safe. Why's Caligula insane? Under her Roman incarnation Diana her love for him is what drives her mad. As a Machine God her insanity-inducing attacks can cancel Caligula's madness out and give him temporary lucidity.
    • There are some deities, those from the Fate universe, in particular, that call her out on not liking those who're Stripperiffic yet she had a revealing costume. When questioned about this, Artemis only denies the accusation, saying she was going through a phase at the time. For those wondering, she can be summoned as a Servant under the identity of Orion. It also allowed her to learn fluent Japanese, but she starts acting like a lovestruck airhead so she doesn't like doing it. She also has the form of a big ol' robot in this form. This mechanical form comes at the cost of her father Zeus being (more) tyrannical, fueling the ire of SCP-2578-D: a Kill Sat who is unable to target Zeus with Artemis' Machine God form intercepting it.
    • Seeing as how the main animal associated with her is a deer, the Baratheon brothers were interested in her. Mainly Robert, though not for the obvious reason; he loves a good hunt and likes Artemis' skill in the field. Artemis is alright with this, but has advised them not to get involved because of her "no boys allowed" rule. She did suggest to Stannis he could make some small talk to Hades in one of his better moods, as she feels the two would get along. Also, while the goddess of the hunt she doesn't have much respect for outright poaching and considers Hunter J highly dishonorable. By contrast, warriors like her brother Hercules who fight and slay great monsters earn her respect. The Bronze Saints have also earned her respect in the past thanks to Athena.
  • Also share a seat in the Hall of Weather.

Intermediate Gods

Meowstic, Divine Representatives of Dark Males and Pale Females (The Constraint Pokemon, Nyaonix)
Left-Male Meowstic, Right-Female Meowstic

    Seltas and Seltas Queen 
Seltas and Seltas Queen, God and Goddess of Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism (Seltas: Alseltas, Piercing Beetle; Seltas Queen: Generu Seltas, Heavy Beetle; Desert Seltas: Alseltas Ash, Axe Beetle; Desert Seltas Queen: Generu Seltas Ash, Cannon Beetle)
Seltas on the top, Seltas Queen on the bottom
Desert Seltas and Desert Seltas Queen
  • Lesser God (Seltas), Intermediate Goddess (Seltas Queen)
  • Symbol: Their respective Hunter's Guild icons
  • Theme Music: Boisterous Visitors, Heavy Armor Bug
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Seltas); Chaotic Neutral (Seltas Queen)
  • Portfolio: Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Combining "Mecha", Lightning Bruiser (when combined)
  • Domains: Gender, Insects
  • Size: 41.99-757.56cm (Seltas), 1271.42-1777.1cm (Seltas Queen)
  • Allies: Heracross & Pinsir, Herculious Anchus & Kuwagust Anchus
  • Enemies: Barroth, The Radiance, deities that can use fire attacks
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The Monster Hunters
  • Even though they are of the same species, the male Seltas look like large beetle-mantis hybrids whereas the female Seltas Queen looks like an organic Spider Tank with a pincer-like tail.
  • Their ascension was a brutal battle between them and the Nipponverse Archers and Rangers. The battle ended when other gods agreed that the Archers and Rangers do not really fit Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism, especially after they evolved into two different species. The Archers and Rangers are still a bit bitter about it.
  • Even though there are multiple male Seltas around and just one Seltas Queen, there seems to be at least one Seltas that is generally spaced by the Seltas Queen's methods of war. As in, forcing one of Seltas to stand around on her back to do additional attacks in a similar sense to a mecha of sort and then using her tail to grab the Seltas, continuously smashing him into the ground to hit opponents and then devour what remains of it.
  • Both Seltas really don't like deities that can use fire-based attacks. However, the regular Seltas also has a dislike towards those that can use thunder attacks (and avoids the Fire and Heat and Electricity house because of those two weaknesses) and the Seltas Queen has also shown animosity towards ice users as well.
  • A Desert themed variant of both Seltas and the Seltas Queen have been reportedly seen. As the title would suggest, this subspecies is normally found within the sandier parts of the Pantheon, mainly near the House of Nature.
    • What makes the desert variants just as threatening as the normal versions is that the Desert Seltas Queen can pull a Desert Seltas off the ground. No one is sure how fast the Desert Seltas can spawn after an earlier one is shattered after being thrown by the Desert Seltas Queen.
  • On a less frequent basis, the two are separate from each other. The Seltas Queen can use her limbs or tail to incapacitate her prey and shoot water while the regular Seltas can take to the skies and can slash his prey while at it.
  • Given the fact that are both dangerous insects (moreso in regards to the Seltas Queen), Misty doesn't like them at all and has made it a point to keep a good distance away from them.
  • The Old Gods have taken a bit of an interest with them since the creatures resemble a race of insectoids that served the abominations. It's safe to say that should these creatures get involved with The Old Gods, nothing good is going to come out of it.
    • Chen Stormstout has also mentioned that these creatures reminded him of the Mantids, only possibly more aggressive than what he had been used to.
  • Scyther seems to have a particular liking towards Seltas given that they have a similar fighting style. On the other hand, the Seltas Queen doesn't care that much about Scyther.
    • On the other hand, both the Seltas and Seltas Queen have no real issues with Heracross, Pinsir, Herculious Anchus, and Kuwagust Anchus (despite the latter two not being "organic" compared to the others). It's likely because the four of them are beetles like the Seltas and Seltas Queen, albeit beetles with differing traits.

Lesser Gods

    Alm and Celica 
Alm and Celica, Gods of Masculine Aggression and Feminine Intuition (Alm: Arum, Albein/Alpine Alm Rudolf II, Saint-King, the Other Hero-King, Hero of Prophecy | Celica: Anthiese/Anteze, Caring Princess, Emblem of Echoes)
Left: Celica, Right: Alm
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Brand of Duma on Alm's left hand and the Brand of Mila on Celica's right hand; alternatively, the Falchion for Alm
  • Theme Songs: The Heritors of Arcadia (English Version by Bonnie Gordon, Japanese Version by Janis Crunch)
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Heroes of Prophecy to Save Valentia, Bear the Brands, Ruled Valentia Together, Known Each Other Since Childhood, Male Aggression Contrasted with Feminine Communication, Good Is Not Soft, Heroes Prefer Swords, Aren't Well Adjusted to the Outside World Before their Journey, Royalty Superpower
  • Domains: Foil, Gender, Aggression, Intuition
  • Heralds: Mycen
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Grima, Gharnef, Sauron, Saruman, Malekith, Morathi, Nagash, Konrad and Mannfred von Carstein, Count Draculanote , Morgan Le Fay, Arthas Menethil, Deathwing, Fatalis, Alduin, Luca Blight, Joffrey Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Ramsay Bolton, Euron Greyjoy, Griffith, Wyald, Ganishka, Emperor Mateus, Nightmare, The Lunatic Cultists, Ganondorf, Emperor Palpatine, Prime Minister Honest, Mola Ram, The Hårga, Los Illuminados, Bowser, Maleficent, Nekron
  • Respected By: Mila and Duma
  • Uneasy Relationship: Emperor Calus, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Vlad von Carstein, Orm Marius/Ocean Master
  • Pities: Zeref, Punpun Onodera, Archer/EMIYA
  • Complicated Relationship: Berkut
  • The continent of Valentia was composed of two halves, Zofia to the south, and Rigel to the north, both of whom were ruled by powerful divine dragons named Mila and Duma, siblings who championed love and strength respectively, though as the years went by, the two nations began to see and treat each other with disdain and plot conflict and discord against each other, not helped by Mila and Duma's degradation into insanity and losing much of their strength. In a prophecy, it was stated that once the two were near the end of their rule, two individuals would mark their place in Valentia's history by proving their worth to the gods and succeed them as their rulers as well as uniting Zofia and Rigel into one unified state and with both would be branded with a mark of each god on their hand. The prophecy's figures came in the form of Alm and Celica, a pair of children who were brought up by their adopted uncle Mycen in an idyllic village in Zofia and led happy lives until an invasion forced the two apart, and it wouldn't be until years later that the two would reunite as their prophecy would dictate.
    • Upon coming of age, Alm would start a journey alongside his friends after an invitation from a collection of mercenaries known as the Deliverance to help stop the conflict between Zofia and Rigel, even becoming the Deliverance's leader after proving his worth as a warrior and liberating a couple of villages and towns caught in the crossfire of the war. On the other hand, Celica would make a pilgrimage to Zofia Castle where she would reunite with Alm before the two separated due to conflicting thoughts on dealing with the war and Zofia and Rigel's instability. The two would journey further, making new allies and preventing more bloodshed and chaos from being spread before they gradually learn the awful truth about Mila and Duma being driven to insanity and that the latter's followers are hellbent on harnessing Duma's power and influence to subjugate Valentia to their liking, as well as Celica realizing that her true identity is that of Princess Anthiese, a daughter of Zofia's former king, Lima VI, and making her a legitimate heir to the throne.
    • At their darkest point, Celica is kidnapped and made a vessel for Duma whereas Alm and the Deliverance defeat Rigel's emperor, Rudolf... before learning that he is Alm's father and that he instigating a conflict between the two nations because he was aware that Mila and Duma's downfall was imminent and he needed to act quick to allow the prophecy to commence. Although Alm and Celica's reencounter later was met under tragic circumstances, Mila's spirit sacrifices herself to grant the duo and their allies enough strength and morale to combat and defeat Duma and his forces, with the latter conceding his defeat and death well and giving Alm and Celica his blessing to lead Valentia to a prosperous rule before passing on to reunite with his sister. In the aftermath, Alm and Celica discovered that they loved each other more than they imagined and reaffirmed their affection. As legitimate heirs, the two married and were able to unite Zofia and Rigel under a single unified state, ensuring their rulership would be a long and prosperous one.
  • Alm and Celica enjoyed a happy marriage as well as a stable and well-loved leadership for their newly-built kingdom, though they would see themselves involved in a few more travels, one involving the discovery of the Fell Dragon, Grima far east in Archanea, who would go on to become a major threat several centuries later. Aside from that, the duo would find themselves being given an invitation to a newly discovered land which the couple was wary of due to the ambiguity of its writer and sender, though Alm and Celica decided to investigate it. Arriving at a designated spot, they were met by a man clad in blue, who introduced himself as Marth, heir to Archanea's throne, and, alongside him, a tall, gorgeous woman clad in white and surrounded by an air of reverence who called herself Cosmos. They explained to Valentia's rulers that they were appointed to be representatives of a divine realm they called the Pantheon, to Alm and Celica's surprise. The rulers admitted that such an invitation was a bit much to take in, but they would carry on with it if it meant they could better secure Valentia's safety. Since their ascension, Alm and Celica realized that their kingdom had seen a rise in visitors and many were willing to have diplomatic relations with them, though they were aware that they would have more enemies to deal with as well. With reaffirmation as well as support from friends, new and old, the Valentian rulers were eager to offer their role as protectors in the Pantheon and ensure they played an important role in the divine realms' history.
  • Alm and Celica were upstanding and noble figures who greatly championed helping and providing for others in addition to ensuring that their efforts would lead to a better future for everyone, even before the circumstances of their royalty were revealed, which didn't deter their personalities either way. On a personal note, both were compassionate and kind people, and their friends were quick to cite Alm and Celica as inspiring figures. There are differences, in that Alm would usually take the most direct route in combat, likening to his desire to help others. If he sees someone in danger, he will charge in to help, even if it means blowing his cover whereas Celica is willing to make negotiations and truces with opposing forces if possible, even if she isn't hesitant to fight back if necessary. Both are skilled warriors who excel in swordplay, but where Alm is a traditional swordfighter who can also do well with a bow, Celica is similarly adept with sorcery, usually emphasizing fire and holy magic due to their effectiveness against those they call Terrors, Specters, and Brethrens. Because of all these qualities, the two stand as one of the more popular and trustworthy monarchs in the Pantheon, something that the two were a bit overwhelmed by as they naturally just want to help, even if they're glad that they're well-liked specifically for their characters.
  • The duo are well-regarded by monarchs and heirs for their dedication to trying to unify a fractured nation and better it in any way they can, though given their upbringing, Alm and Celica are quite humble about their praises and are simply thankful for their support. There aren't many who were known for the feats the two have done, but those that do, such as Aragorn, Sigmar, and Aquaman are especially respectful of them as they understand the burdens of establishing a nation and being a source of hope, not to mention they believe that Alm and Celica still have room for improvement regarding their skills and synergy with one another and are quite open to personally improve them just as much establish good bilateral relations between their nations and Valentina. This is especially notable for Sigmar as he wants the rulers of Valentina to be prepared for the Forces of Chaos and rely on sheer willpower and trust to establish his empire while Aquaman was once a lost heir, much like Alm, and is quite familiar with internal fractures within nations as Atlantis is quite subject to that.
  • Much like them, many have risked their lives to either save or to make improvements towards their kingdoms and they have a good understanding of the troubles and struggles Alm and Celica went through in their quest to save and unite Valentia. While there are many from a familiar multiverse who have been in a similar situation (and whom Celica personally knows about as they were emblems for Alear), there were more in the Pantheon, such as a fellowship consisting of the aforementioned Aragorn, the Hobbit Group Baggins, and famed wizard Gandalf who banded an unlikely group and inspired the armies of Gondor and Mordor as well as the race of men, dwarves, and elves to fight against the tyranny of Sauron. Similarly, there were the Hyrulean hero, Link, and Zelda, princess of Hyrule, who have always remained stalwart in protecting their homeland many times throughout their different incarnations. Their tales were inspiring for Alm and Celica and meeting them was just as exciting as they were awed by their heroism and dedication to helping others. They, in turn, were impressed by Alan's efforts as leader of the Deliverance and Celica’s pilgrimage in restoring Zofia to stability, even if they felt that their being young rulers meant there was still much for them to learn. This has helped with all involved parties becoming closely acquainted and being willing to help each other out anytime they can.
    • The Pantheon was no stranger to characters who sought an admirable goal, but with extreme actions and measures put in which would potentially endanger others, much like Emperor Rudolf. Alm and Celica noted that while it was a necessary step in bringing down Duma's cult, they're still rattled by the damage it caused and are working hard to undo it. And while the duo were making sure to be wary of anyone with similar ambitions, Vlad von Carstein attracted the most attention, being a vampiric monarch who felt that the best way to defeat Chaos and eliminate political strife and infighting was to convert the world into undead. While Alm and Celica naturally compared him to the Terrors and declared their opposition, Vlad instead came to respect Alm and Celica for their loyalty and feat in uniting Valentia with each other and welcomed them as guests, especially as their affection for each other reminded Vlad of his wife, Isabella, causing him to have some admittedly positive thoughts on the Valentian couple. For now, the two are on very uneasy terms; while Vlad is a monster, he's at least willing to keep his word and form an alliance when necessary, not to mention he advised Alm and Celica to be more wary of his sons, Mannfred and Konrad, who were much worse and desired more selfish gains.
  • Of course, the two have a positive reputation in the Houses of Love and Affection and Royalty and given the years where they were separated during their childhoods, Alm and Celica are glad to make visits to those Houses as well as a few other places as a couple. From the sounds of it, the two seem to be a happy pair who make an effort to make the most of their time together by doing several couple-based activities and generally having fun. Not everything is supposed to be about managing their kingdom and protecting their home and friends after all. While they were popular with several royals, they struck a strange friendship with Princess Cadance and Shining Armor as well as alicorn princesses, Celestia and Luna; both parties recognized each others’ valor and determination and the latter determined that the former’s marks were a little similar to the Cutie Marks them and their family and friends possessed. Alm found the title “cutie mark” rather humorous but remained dignified about the respect it commanded towards the denizens of Equestria. On another note, while Childhood Friend Romance was something they were associated with, so was Punpun Onodera, though the circumstances of his affection towards Aiko Tanaka were met with darker and more devastating consequences that contributed to Punpun’s broken state of mind. Needless to say, Alm and Celica were aghast to learn of Punpun’s past circumstances, but as much as they wanted to help him, they figured that the severity of his problems was too much for the duo to handle themselves. At the very least, they’re happy to hear that Punpun is at least mentally healing at a steady rate and they’re willing to support him if he ever asks for it.
  • Alm and Celica have a reputation of being chosen saviors, but the two openly acknowledge the burden of being determined by destiny and feel that no one should suffer simply because destiny dictates so, regardless of being heralded as a great hero. This is a major stem on their friendship towards Aragorn and Link as well as others like King Arthur of Camelot, who similarly expressed admiration for the rulers of Valentia and desires to visit them and their lands as a sign of friendship. Malekith, on the other hand, proved a different story as the Qitch-King felt that him not being considered the Phoenix King of Ulthuan was an insult and his response led to the elven race being fractured and Malekith himself being contorted and twisted in body and mind before establishing the Dark Elves in Naggaroth and continuing his conflict against the very nation he once proudly served. Even with further revelations confirming his legitimacy as Phoenix King, Alm and Celica aren't forgiving towards Malekith as they feel that his actions and his beliefs on how his nation should run have done too much damage, and admitting that his presence inspires great darkness and intimidation anytime they meet. In contrast, Malekith simply sees Alm and Celica as more-than-average threats, though he mused how the two were quite similar to him back in his old days as a prince, thus the Witch-King having a slight sense of respect for them.
  • Their experience with Duma’s forces has led the two to be understandably wary about cults. They do acknowledge that Duma’s teaching wasn't inherently malevolent and that it was the Divine Dragon’s mental degradation that led to his cult becoming more violent and desperate to fulfill their patron god’s Might Makes Right belief, but despite the Pantheon’s many benefits, there were more cults, many of which were more unscrupulous, malevolent, and inexcusable than Duma’s who were running amok in the divine realms, causing Alm and Celica to be more vigilant in looking after their friends and making sure said cults don't cause more serious troubles. The Lunatic Cultist desiring to bring upon Cthulhu to reign destruction on the world, the Hårga who sacrifice victims to appease their pagan deities, and Los Illuminados, who sought to spread the Las Plagas virus and their teachings in a bid for world dominance were among the most apparent due to their active attempts in their goals and involving several innocent lives being endangered, including those in Valentia, forcing Alm, Celica, and their allies to take a stand against them. They may not be the most dire threats the duo faces, but they are among the most persistent, much to Alm and Celica’s concern.
  • The two have dealt with dragons and on both moral spectrums. As a result, they're more confident than most when it comes to visiting the Hall of Draconic Beings and are eager to try befriending any of the friendlier dragons there whenever possible. It's also here where they would come into contact with an unexpected ally in the Dragonborn, a demigod gifted with powers to kill the dragons of Tamriel by absorbing their souls. Despite his feared reputation, the Dovahkiin was rather respectful towards Alm and Celica and was open to helping them out on certain tasks and while there is an alliance, the duo has noted how his innate desire for destruction is something to look out for. Daenerys Targaryen would have made for a solid ally and one to share good political relations with, but her descent to madness after too many losses and becoming a tyrant no less different from the ones she tried to oppose have considerably soured this, though Alm and Celica do feel sorry for her and wishes they could have helped Daenerys if they could. Other dragons like Rathalos and Rathian are treated cautiously due to their territorial nature whereas those like Smaug, Fatalis, Deathwing, and King Ghidorah were deemed just as destructive and evil as Grima, and Alm and Celica felt that Valentia would need more than just their beat infantry and heroes if it meant taking them on. While new alliances have been possible, the duo are still left uneasy at the thought of having to fight against dragons who are capable of planetary destruction, to say the least.
    • There are some draconic deities in the Pantheon, Mila and Duma included and while Alm and Celica are happy to see that many like Bahamut are benevolent and are eager to be a force for good, there were also some who chose to be malevolent and want to subject the Pantheon to either subjugation or destruction. Alduin, the World Eater, was one such dragon, who wanted to dominate everything and saw humans as lesser beings better left to grovel at the talons of dragons. Learning that Alm and Celica were acquainted with the Dragonborn only gave Alduin an incentive to try to kill the two primarily to spite his slayer, though was a little taken back when the duo proved tougher than he had expected. The aforementioned Deathwing of the Black Dragonflight believes everything needs to die at the flaps of his wings and doesn't care about who gets in his way and Ghidorah was seen more as a devil than a monster by ancient cultures. Their reputation even rattled Mila and Duma, let alone Alm and Celica, who were left wondering for a while what do some dragons want to gain from destroying everything, especially when they’ll have no left to worship them. There are also other divine dragons like the aquatic Ceadeus and Legendary Pokémon like Rayquaza and the Tao Trio that commanded a similar sort of respect and authority as Mila and Duma did and their (usually) placid nature means Alm and Celica are interested to learn more about them, hoping that this could help them in regards to understanding other worlds and creatures beyond those of their own.
  • During their journey, Alm and Celica had to deal with hostile, decaying undead they referred to as “Terrors”, who desired to attack and eat humans and nothing else. While they were threats that could be easily dealt with most of the time, the Pantheon proved a much greater challenge with creatures like ghosts, vampires, and liches, to Alm and Celica’s horror. It only felt natural that the Grand United Alliance of Destruction would confronted with extreme caution and wariness by the duo as two of their leaders, Nekron and Nagash, were not only creators of undead but sought to destroy all life for their self-serving ends, with the latter musing about the idea of destroying Valentia to add to his collected of undead territories he holds control over with an iron fist. Celica had to be reminded that there was no point in negotiating with them due to their omnicidal ambitions and that conflict was the only way to resolve this matter, which upset her as Celica wished there was a way to solve the issue without casualties, not to mention the idea of a unified army of creatures like the Terrors was a terrifying thought for many reasons. Fortunately, there were benevolent undead in the Pantheon as well and neither of them were in support of Nekron and Nagash either, such as Daniel Fortesque, who was eager to work alongside Alm and Celica on a few adventures and made sure that regardless of his horrifying appearance, he's a good man at heart and not every sort of undead is inherently bad.
  • While the two have had simple and humble upbringings in Ram Village, Alm spent almost all his life there as Celica was taken to an island to be raised and protected after their home was invaded by corrupt officials of Zofia, intending to kill the two. Despite his newfound title as a prince and eventual ruler, Alm's desire to directly help and contribute is a product of his upbringing, and has nothing but respect for those who have led similar lives. It's because of this that he quickly found common ground with Luke Skywalker as they felt like ordinary folks before being forced into a grand adventure (or rather, into a large war), but while both held a strong desire for peace and helping others, they do acknowledge that the circumstances of their journeys were not a pleasant one, even with all the success and respect they’ve gained. While Alm has become aware and met with many farm boys, Luke is the one he’s closest with for the aforementioned reasons and as a result, the two are close friends, with the Jedi Master being willing to impart some wisdom to the young heir of Valentia in the hopes that it would influence his reign as king.
  • A band like the Deliverance tends to be seen in an admirable light in the eyes of many and this is a major reason why Alm is celebrated as a hero and leader. In addition to Aragorn, Gandalf, and Frodo, the Fellowship was touched by how Alm’s journey was rather similar to their own in trying to save and unite a fractured kingdom and stop a great evil from devastating their lands. The same goes for the bands led by Firion and Cecil Harvey, both of whom came to greatly respect Alm and are eager to work together as ambassadors for protection and safety, believing that this could help with bettering relations with others as well as keeping them safe and happy in the Pantheon. The Band of the Hawk, who helped to stop a 100-year war and ensured peace for Midland, would have been considered admirable… if it weren't for the actions of their leader, Griffith, regarding the Eclipse. Alm and Celica initially respected Griffith as he naturally carved a reputation of goodwill whilst hiding his identity as the Godhand, Femto, at least until they learned about the full context of his ascension as a supposed messiah-ruler and ever since then, they’re horrified and disgusted by the extremes the Hawk was willing to take to achieve his dreams, not to mention reforming his band to be composed of literal demons. By extension, Alm and Celica are willing to recognize Guts as a tormented soul they not only sympathize with but are willing to befriend and support as despite his violent history, the Black Swordsman has been making strides fight for the betterment of his friends and companions beyond just revenge and giving him another purpose in life would be a healthy thing for Guts to provide. The Black Swordsman was surprised by the duo’s hospitality and while their priorities mean they don’t meet each other often, they are willing to help each other if necessary, especially as some of Guts’s companions would want him to do that.
  • Alm killing his father, Emperor Rudolf, was one thing he deeply regretted, even if the whole situation was engineered by Rudolf himself to ensure Alm would surpass him as a more beloved and just king. Understandably, Alm doesn’t like to reflect on the events, especially when most deities who have committed patricide in the Pantheon were vile beings themselves, though Siegfried Schtauffen was not only traumatized but resulted in him being susceptible to temptation and his eventual corruption into Soul Edge’s host, Nightmare. Siegfried is aware of all the horrors and destruction he caused, though it took a while for him to eventually seek atonement for his past actions and seek to destroy Soul Edge to achieve it. Alm was initially hesitant to communicate with Siegfried, given his previous occupation as a bandit before becoming Nightmare, but after a few encounters, the two have become good friends and the latter was humbled to see the former and Celica provide Siegfried with amenities and support when he visited their domain once. While the two have bonded over their misfortune and the slaying of their fathers traumatizing them, Alm and Siegfried prefer not to dwell on it much, choosing to focus on what their fathers would have wanted them to do for the future.
  • Celica has had several siblings due to her father, King Lima IV of Zofia tending to claim concubines for himself, though she and Conrad are arguably the only survivors since Desaix assassinated the king and intended to wipe out his lineage to assert himself as Zofia’s king. As Alm is to Luke, Celica became quick friends with Leia Organa on that note. In addition to both of them being long-lost siblings, they preferred to use words and communication as a way to advance their goals. Not to mention both had fathers who were rather... unpopular according to most. Although Leia finds talking to Darth Vader to be a difficult thing to do, Celica has tried to give her new friend some encouragement to try mending broken bridges between Leia and her father, seeing that if Luke is willing to give his father a chance in redemption, then the daughter should too. Orm Marius of Atlantis was a more complicated case as him being Aquaman’s brother was unknown to both of them until their adulthood, but the former remained militant about Atlantis’s secrecy and supremacy and opposed his brother most of the time. Celica was able to pick out that there are a few times when Orm is capable of doing genuine good and thinks that he can accept his brother and work together, but Orm affirms that Celica’s past circumstances as a lost sibling don’t matter much when Atlantis and Valentia are completely different nations and are likely to not get along, much to her dismay as she affirms that she has no intention of harming the seas either way, though Orm remains staunch about his stance regardless.
  • Given her father's actions and reputation, Celica has a natural opposition towards hedonists and while there aren’t a lot that are recognized as deities in the Pantheon, she still keeps her caution as the ones that are ascended are very dangerous and vicious beings. Chief among them was Morathi, whose influence greatly impacted Naggaroth’s Dark Elves into being hedonistic sadists and Celica was horrified and angry at the Hag Sorceress’s indulgence in pleasure and pain. Celica also understood why Malekith was twisted to begin with thanks to his mother and while she doesn’t excuse his actions, Celica gained a measure of pity for the Witch-King, instead channeling her opposition towards Morathi, who simply sees the rulers of Valentia as pretenders for daring to oppose her. By extension, Celica also despises Joffrey Baratheon, Wyald, and Prime Minister Honest for similar reasons as well as feeling that they and Morathi somehow make her father, an already unpleasant man, look tame in comparison. Emperor Calus is a non-antagonistic hedonist and instead respects Celica and Alm’s dedication to bringing a better future for Valentia, but considering his shady actions and the extremities he would take to reach his goals, well-intentioned or not, Celica remains wary of him.
  • Celica's selflessness and desire to help others is a commendable trait, but it also served as a major issue that left her gullible and desperate at times to the point of making bad decisions, especially when it led to her (temporary) death. This was a problem that was also shared by Madoka Kaname and Shirou Emiya, whose innocence and wanting to prove himself a hero was tested several times with very dire results and consequences. While the three have become friends quickly, Celica figured that she plans on visiting Madoka and Shirou to work out her flaws as well as hopefully teach them something in return, not to mention getting involved in a few new events with Alm's blessing of course, in addition to familiarizing herself with magical girls and legendary servants whom Celica saw as figures to look upon. Celica was also recommended to visit Wonder Woman, an Amazonian warrior who similarly held a reputation for her compassion, kindness, and desire to help people. Celica quickly connected with the Amazonian Goddess and figured that Woman Woman's centuries of experience would greatly benefit Celica in becoming better in communication and negotiation, an offer which Diana was willing to lend a hand on. At the moment, the two have a good student-teacher dynamic with Celica feeling honored about being taught by a renowned warrior and goddess.
  • They also serve a role as two of the Emissaries of Selfhood in the House of Pantheon/Personality.

    Ichika Orimura 
Ichika Orimura, Herald of House Husbands and Unaware Attraction (Ikkun, Orimuu~, Neutron Star Ichika)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God if deploying his IS unit Byakushiki, Greater God if the said unit went to Second Shift)
  • Symbol: His white bracer (Byakushiki’s standby mode), with the silhouette of a man wearing an apron behind it.
  • Theme Songs: His titular theme, befitting his caring nature for the females around him, and Straight Jet (shared with Chifuyu)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though many seem him as merely a “nice” shade of Stupid Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Being the Only Male in the World Who Can Pilot a Type of Female-Pilots-Only Mini-Mecha, Becoming a Walking Doom Magnet, Gradually Growing Out of the Non-Action Guy Type, Having a Group Of Seven Multinational Female Pilots Falling for Him and Willing to Protect Him at All Costs, Looking After His Big Sister Like a “Wife”, Piloting a Not-So-Super Prototype Mecha Which Housed the Core of a Real Super One, Fighting with Only an Energy-Hungry BFS Before Receiving Additional Equipment in the Form of a Beam Cannon and a Shield, Not As Clueless As He Wants You To Believe, Was Aware Of The Girls’s Feelings Towards Him All Along
  • Domains: Combat, Mecha, Romance, Uniqueness, Family, Relationships,
  • Heralds: The unascended students and staff body of the IS Academy.
  • Followers
  • Allies: His fellow IS pilots in the Pantheon (Houki Shinonono, Lingyin Huang, Laura Bodewig, Charlotte Dunois, Cecilia Alcott, and Chifuyu Orimura—the last one being his older sister), all Good-aligned deities in the House of Weapons, Military and Warfare and Machinery and Technology, all deities allied with the aforementioned IS pilots, Elenore Baker, and the GUAG Relationship Enchancers, especially Issei Hyodo, Kitakami
  • Bash Brothers with: Banagher Links
  • Enemies: None at the moment, but he truly despises those who look down upon the potentials of women OR question his ability to protect the ones he cared about.
  • Opposes: Nui Harime
  • Odd Friendship: Team Metal
  • Worthy Opponents/Friendly Rivals: Nanoha Takamachi, Char Aznable.
  • Rival: Lux Arcadia (one-sided)
  • The first ever male to be able to pilot an Infinite Stratos exoskeleton, Ichika is a polite and respectful young man raised (and seemingly Spartan-trained) by his older sister Chifuyu. He quickly became a center of attention in the Infinite Stratos Academy, garnering the interest of many of his female peers (and even a few outside the school itself), with the personal IS pilots of his year forming the closest attachments to him. Among others, this included two close childhood friends of his (who both share a seat in the Pantheon for this exact reason), a friend of Chifuyu's who initially blamed him for his sister dropping out of an IS pilot tournament, and even a transfer to the IS class who had disguised herself as another rare male pilot in order to spy on him.
  • Despite his popularity in his own universe, his ascension was a rather complicated affair: he was at risk of being officially banned from the Pantheon just because a bunch of deities were put off by his boneheaded personality. O-Haruhi-Sama decided to hear out the pleas of Ichika's haremettes and his elder sister Chifuyu (after having moved hell and high water for his ascension), in order to appease them.
    • Even at this, some evil-aligned gods wanted to leave him to his fate, to be banished to a certain unspeakable place for unfavorable deities, only for Haruhi to quickly cotton onto both the excuse provided by his trope and the fear of his power with his IS (and his harem backing him) that was the real reason they wanted him out of the way. The following rebuttal left them all taking cold showers for awhile.
      Haruhi: Will his haremettes even allow him to choose in the first place?! I'd say we just let him ascend anyway. No harm in allowing it.
    • The Court of the Gods, however, saw a bit of a flaw in his title; although it's more of the fact that there would be no way in hell would there be a "Likeable" Clueless Chick-Magnet. After much deliberation though, they all agreed to downgrade his second title as a "Regent-on-Probation" status—the very first to be given in the Pantheon.
  • His ascension was one of the most heartwarming in ages: five particularly enthusiastic young maidens—Houki, Charlotte, Rin, Laura and Cecilia—rushed toward the gate, their eyes flowing with tears of joy, their bodies clad in the finest clothes they could find... And all of them trying to land hugs or kisses on the guy of their dreams... Well, until they started pulling out their IS suits against each other to see who got to greet him FIRST. Fortunately, Chifuyu arrived and gave everyone (including Ichika) Dope Slaps to the head, followed by the proper ascension greeting.
  • Ichika took a while to adjust to the vast Multiverse of the Pantheon, but nonetheless quickly accepted his new life here, because he's already seen enough antics at the IS Academy. Besides, it’s not like a few extra thousands of them everyday would hurt.
  • Issei had approached him on multiple occasions, partly to invite him in the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (thus rebranding the group into the Chick Magnet Quintet), and partly to give advice as to how to handle his haremettes better. Ichika was rather confused to the first, but was openly cooperative to the second; in fact it seems to be partly working.
    • There were light rumors about Issei's visits that, apart from advising Ichika in how to handle his haremettes, he's covertly pinning for the latter to consider Houki as a primary choice. Issei neither confirms nor denies this, but such rumor might have sprung from the fact that Houki and Rias share some similarities together.
    • Ichika noticed when Issei came to sound just like him even moreso than before. While it did further strengthen the two's bonds, their respective haremettes now confuse Issei and Ichika with one another when hearing them talk from a distance, creating not a few mishaps. Upon hearing why Issei's voice changed, however, Ichika's take was simple.
      Ichika: Yeah, let's just keep this new voice. Definitely better than the old one...
  • He quickly became good buddies with Banagher, partly for having predominantly-white (And apparently semi-sentient) machines, and partly for similar voices. He was also surprised to learn about the Noodle Incident between Charlotte and the young Gundam Pilot.
    • He has also developed a bit of a friendly rivalry with The Red Comet, who notably was reported to have a soft spot for Charlotte (who was - surprisingly - an avatar of his), and had previously challenged Chifuyu to a duel, which ended in a draw to the shock of many.
  • Flonne, distraught by his denseness, often tries to explain to Ichika "the meaning of love". He says it's not helping the slightest. Furthermore, Excellen Browning often pops up nearby Ichika with a bunny suit; to ignore it, he recites pi in his head, although he once remarked that Excellen reminds him of Tatenashi Sarashiki. Even more, Excellen often lures Ichika's haremettes to wear bunny suits for him (with partial success on Cecilia and Laura). However, unknown to them, Ichika isn’t as clueless as he wants them to believe...
  • Many deities have commented that while they have seen harems that packed serious punches, Ichika’s one has got the most potential to start a war that could wreck a very sizeable portion of the Pantheon. His response?—“Perish the thought, everyone!” said with a smile.
  • Ichika holds almost no personal grudges against other deities… save for Natsuru, Tomaru and Djibril; the first for being even more of romantic blockhead than him, for the days that he rued as his high priest, and sharing the voice with one of his haremettes; the second for abusing his female relatives and manipulating Makoto Itou into what he became; and the third for ruining the reputations of mecha-related characters everywhere, heroes or villains alike.
  • During one of her sparring sessions, Nanoha Takamachi took Ichika by surprise: it took him quite a while to recognise that this girl is NOT equipped with an IS unit nor any type of mecha. “And they call you a magical girl!!!???” was the only thing he uttered in disbelief after three minutes of being left jaw-dropped.
  • What Ichika doesn't know is that a Nazi called Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse planning to reverse-engineer IS-related tech, as well as those of his haremettes; his goal was to create the "Ubersoldaten Bewegliche Klage", which he considers as "the Gundam to on-foot soldiers". No one is in the know about this, but Wilhelm is playing it safe as he knows that the IS Academy is guarded by its ascended students and that stealing the IS Cores right from the Academy would be a bad idea. Just to add more fuel to the fire, however, Wilhelm has allied with Phantom Task to help him further his goals...
  • Spends his free times helping out other deities (especially Goddesses) in need by providing them with relaxing massages or food he made himself... before being jealously dragged away by his harem.
  • Some deities (again, especially Goddesses) have wondered what would be like if Ichika wasn't that much of a bonehead against lovelorn maidens and apparently, his have been caught daydreaming about this. Unknown to them, their daydreams are slightly closer to reality than they realize, since Ichika isn’t as dense as he seems. And as for Chifuyu, she sensed something much, ''much'' worse than mere daydreams...
  • For some reason, he befriended the members of Team Metal, especially Frost. When asked how did a group of veteran soldiers are good friends with an everyday teenager, they just shrugged and said "We like him. He's nice and reliable."
  • You'd think he'd be friends with Lux Arcadia, given how similar they are. Nope; in fact, Ichika didn't take it kindly to Lux being described as a better than him in every way. His harem even noticed how unusual is for Ichika to be jealous. The matter was eventually settled with a battle, one that Lux won handily. Ever since, Lux has been trying to smooth things over to no avail.
  • In the Light Novel, it was eventually revealed that secretly, Ichika is not as dense as he seems. He’s known about the girls’ feelings towards him the entire time, he just wants people to think he’s that oblivious because he doesn’t want to pick any girl of his harem over the others. Why would he set about deliberately invoking the Clueless Chick-Magnet trope on himself for so long? Because he knows that if he were to enter in a relationship with any of his haremettes, they would definitely start fighting each other over him and he doesn’t want to see his friends hurt each other because of him. Naturally, very few people in the Pantheon are aware of this, because he doesn’t want anyone to find out, especially his harem. Among those very few deities who know Ichika’s true nature are Issei Hyodo, who surprisingly managed to deduce the truth on his own, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, who accidentally found out when they tried to explore Ichika’s cognition for unknown reasons, and Batman, who’s naturally prone to know such things about everyone in general. There are also a few other deities who suspect the truth, but they haven’t managed to prove anything or confront Ichika about it yet. Most deities view Ichika as dense and clueless and he prefers it that way.
  • Can also be found in Persons of Desire.

Katsuragi, Goddess of Girl-to-Girl Groping (The Proficient Fighter And Perverted Flirter in Flesh, Kat, Katsu-nee, Queen of the hooters harem, Sexual Harassman, KatOppailar)

Merlina the Wizard, Goddess of Comparatively Innocent Villainesses (The Dark Queen, Queen of The Underworld)
As the Dark Queen
The Dark Queen's battle form
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess as The Dark Queen)
  • Symbol: A picked flower
  • Theme Song: With Me
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, used to be Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Villainess that's less evil than male villains, Cast herself as Sonic's ally at first, Had good intentions behind her actions, Once saw no value in mortal life, Sought to make the kingdom eternal at all cost, Saw the error of her way after her defeat, Always remain calm
  • Domains: Villainy, Intentions, Desperation, Magic
  • High Priestess: Aversa
  • Special Relationship: Merlin (Her grandfather)
  • Allies: Merlin (Seven Deadly Sins), Sonic The Hedgehog, and other heroic deities from his world, King Arthur Pendragon, Artoria Pendragon, Lancelot du Lac, Gawain, Galahad, Mash Kyrielight, Casshern, Tony Stark, Moccamori
  • Enemies: All villainous Sonic deities, especially Erazor Djinn, Morgan Le Fay, Both Mordreds, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Yhwach, The Heartless, Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird, Vlad III, Victor von Doom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Artoria Pendragon Alter
  • Pities: Davoth, Luna
  • Annoyed By: Excalibur
  • There are many variations of the Arthurian Legend. In one odd variation, King Arthur was but a construct created by Merlin for the sake of ruling the kingdom, and one who ended up being corrupted by the scabbard of Excalibur into a tyrant terrorizing his people with demonic creatures. But perhaps an even bigger divergence was the fact that Merlin had a grandaughter named Merlina, who inherited the position of court mage. When said girl learned that the kingdom was part of a story destined to end by its fall, she fell into despair. And so she sought to steal the Scabbard and extend its power of immortality over the whole land to make it eternal at the cost of casting it into eternal darkness. To do so, she summoned Sonic the Hedgehog from another world to defeat King Arthur. What she didn't count was the heroic speedster turning on her and stopping her plan. But after beating her, Sonic made her realize that everything will end someday, but that you should enjoy those days to the fullest.
  • The Merlin of the Pantheon, who is a composite of all of his incarnations in the multiverse couldn't help but feel sorry that his granddaughter had fallen into such sorrow and was glad to see that she understood the error in her ways. Yet as he watched over Sonic's adventures, he noticed that not only was she one main antagonist of the heroic hedgehog's tales who was female, but that unlike a great majority of them, she had genuinely good intentions instead of a base lust for power. And so, he proposed to the Court that she be brought in as the representative of Comparatively Innocent Villainesses, which was accepted.
    • Merlina was surprised to see Sonic coming back to her world to lead her to a place called the 'Pantheon'. Upon arriving there, she was even more shocked to see her grandfather and promptly began to deeply apologize for her actions. But instead of berating or punishing her, the Enchanter gave her a reassuring pat on the back as he told her he knew she only wanted to save the kingdom. After which, she accepted her new title as a reminder of her misdeeds, and swore to atone for them by working alongside her grandfather. Tough some wondered if she had inherited her grandfather's condition, she was quick to answer she just had some prophetic abilities.
    • Much to her surprise, she also soon met another, female version of Merlin, who is part of the outlaw group known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Despite that initial shock, she quickly began to form a similar familiar bond with the older magician, especially upon hearing that the latter's people got completely destroyed through punishment from a demon and a goddess. Tough Merlin quickly told the younger woman to never even think of calling her grandmother.
  • Sonic himself was quite happy to work with her again in the Pantheon despite her previous manipulations, as he's not the type to hold grudges and it helps that she previously helped him and his friends. She was rather surprised to learn that several of his friends were similar to her version of the Knights of the Table Round and Lady Nimue, but this hasn't put a damper on her relationships with them. Though she can't help but be surprised by the differences between counterparts, especially with Amy Rose's flightiness compared to the lady of the lake.
    • Naturally, this bond led to her making enemies with many of Sonic's foes. But the one case where this really goes personal is with Erazor Djinn, another inhabitant of a story who sought the power to rule it, though unlike her he did it for purely selfish reasons. And so, she has sworn that she would stand in the way of his plans to control all stories.
  • She was more than shocked to learn that there were not one, but two 'real' versions of King Arthur in the Pantheon, especially since one of them, Artoria, is a woman. Upon meeting both in person, she once again bowed to apologize for her actions towards the kingdom of Britain. However, they quickly forgave her, as they realized she wanted to save her homeland just as they sacrificed everything to protect it. Especially since Artoria herself went off the deep end trying to make Camelot eternal in an alternate timeline. As such, they more than glad to welcome her in their services. By contrast, she highly disturbed by Saber Alter, as her Artoria's corrupted self remind her of the tyrant her grandfather's creation became, though she has been much less evil ever since joining Chaldea. For her part, she doesn't appreciate being judged by "a foolish girl who nearly cast Camelot into darkness".
    • Naturally, returning under Arthur's service means she has been working with Knights of the Round Table, who don't hold her past against her. At first, she was deeply uncomfortable with Lancelot, as she knew that his affair with the queen was the first step to Britain's ruin. However, he soon approached her that she was entirely right to admonish him for his mistake, but that he was working to atone for them just like she was. Ever since then, they have been working better together.
    • By contrast, she despites either versions of Mordred and Morgan the Fay for being the direct cause of the fall of Camelot, and having it done quite deliberately. Naturally, she has sworn that she wouldn't allow them to continue their wickedness in the Pantheon. This extended to the Heartless when she heard from Merlin that they (temporarily) destroyed the version of Camelot from their own reality. Morgan just scoffed at her, saying that she had no room to lecture her after she tried to usurp control of Britain for herself. While the comparison disturbed Merlina, she holds that unlike her, Morgan only ever thought of herself.
    • She was surprised to learn that one version of Galahad inhabited the body of a young girl named Mash Kyrielight who works for Chaldea, an organization that protect humanity. The mage has proposed to help with that mission, though she was very disturbed to hear about a Camelot in an alternate timeline which indeed stood eternal, but at the cost of Artoria becoming a tyrannical goddess far worse than even the Black Knight.
    • The talking and walking Excalibur local to the Pantheon grew absolutely outraged when he heard that she used 'his' scabbard for her nefarious plan. Naturally, he quickly rushed to Merlina to give her a lecture. At first, teh wizard wasn't too bothered, as her world's version of Excalibur was also sentient and rather annoying. She quickly changed her tune after listening to the legendary weapon's rambling, grating and inconsistent monologue for what seemed like hours. After he was finally satisfied and left, she promptly decided to never have anything to do with him, no matter how mythical of an artifact he is.
    • Her dedication to Camelot's safety also caused her to develop a wariness of Vlad III and Doctor Doom, of all. Each of them (or at least an alternate version of the first) went through a venture when they were send backwards through time to Camelot and worked to bring it down, with the vampiric version of the Impaler actually succeeding at it. While the Pantheon's 'main' version of Vlad rejects his reputation of a vampire and thus has little chances of being a treat to Arthur's Britain, it's a whole another story for the ambitious and megalomaniacal Doctor Doom. On the flipside, she is thankful to Tony Stark for having stopped Doom's plans, tough she was very surprise to learn of an alternate timeline where he was stranded in Camelot, became King Arthur's successor and brought about a millenia-spanning golden age. The knowledge that her dream of an eternal kingdom was achieved without any ill deeds in another universe has filled her with much mixed feeling, but she still appreciated the good he's done for the kingdom, and so she occasionaly calls on the multibillionaire when there's trouble.
  • While she has developped beyond her obsession of making her kingdom eternal, she still vehemently oppose anyone who would try to hasten demise of people and worlds. So naturally, she despise the Grand Alliance led by Nekron, and amongst them, Dhuum is hellbent on punishing her for having once tried to get rid of the concept of death. Tough she can't help but be uneasy towards even more benevolent embodiment of death such as Death of the Endless.
  • She was surprised to learn of other people who sought to make their worlds eternal, such as the fallen god Davoth, who sought to bring immortality to his creations out of a fear of being alone. Tough she heavily sympathizes with his motivation, especially his dark powers along with his army of demonic monsters reminds her of when she was just as misguided. He himself is disapointed that she gave up on such a laudable goal, tough he's also interested in potentially claiming the Scabbard of Excalibur for his own goals.
    • Another being she holds in a similar view is the mysterious woman known as Luna, who had become disgusted with the concept of death and sought to get rid of it, even if it was at the cost of people's humanity. She too wishes Luna could see the error in her actions, while the latter is disapointed that the mage no longer has the mindset to help her on her quest to make an eternal world. She also has met with the android Casshern, who had also learned the importance of things ending someday. He has been doing his best to help Merlina cope with the inevitable end of her home.
    • On the other hand, she has nothing but disgust for Yhwach. While he too want to remove the concept of death by fusing the mortal world and the afterlife, the way he treats the lives of both his enemies and his subordinates make it clear he only thinks of himself, and his motivation is the fear of losing his life. She is hellbent that the Scabbard should never end in the hands of a tyrant like him.
  • She was very disturbed to hear the tale of the Punishing Bird, the Judgement Bird and the Big Bird, who took to extreme measures to protect their home forest after hearing the prophecy that a great monster would destroy it, only to become that very monster and cause every inhabitants to flee it. She cannot help but be disturbed that they may very well be what she could have become: an insane monster 'protecting' a kingdom empty of joy. But still, she takes it as her responsability to stop them from doing any more damage.

    Taylor Earhardt 
Taylor Earhardt, Goddess of Quickly Demoted Women (Yellow Eagle Ranger, Soaring Eagle, Lt. Earhardt)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Yellow Ranger Symbol
  • Theme: Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Demoted from leader by Cole Evans, Became Second in command of Wild Force, Ace Pilot, Could summon the Yellow Eagle, Black Bear and Polar Bear Wildzords, Most experienced of the team, Wields the Eagle Sword, Former Air Force pilot turned Power Ranger, Faked her death to become a ranger, Dedicated to rules and regulations, Female counterpart to Gaku Washio
  • Domains: Superheroes, Wildlife, Military, Flight, Demotions
  • Herald: The Yellow Eagle Wildzord
  • Allies: All the ascended Kamen Riders, Super Sentai and Power Rangers, The Nature Preservers, Samus Aran, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs, Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, Riza Hawkeye, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, The Spring Sprite, Celebi, Anivia, Lugia and Ho-Oh
  • Enemies: Mesogog, Trakeena, The Psycho Rangersnote , Enter, Shocker, Pokémon Hunter J, Hexxus, Ethan Roark Junior, Reptile, Caesar Clown, Derek Powers, SCP-106, The Lich, Phazon, The Firebird, Deathwing, Keel Lorenz, Gendo Ikari, Vanitas, Makuta Teridax, Ultron, Dio Brando, The Child Abuse Supporters (primarily Ragyō Kiryūin)
  • Taylor Earhardt originally served as a fighter jet pilot in the U.S. Air Force, earning the rank of Lieutenant due to her exceptional skills. During a routine flight with her squad, she encountered a gigantic, yellow eagle, and when she chose to follow it, ended up crash landing on a floating island known as the Animarium, home domain of the Wildzords. There she met Princess Shayla, who asked the young pilot to take up the mantle of yellow Wild Force Power Ranger. Taylor accepted, and over the course of a year served as the leader of the Wild Force rangers, recruiting three additional members to the teamnote  and operating things like a military unit against the threat of the Orgs. That all changed though when the wild man Cole Evans came along... and became the Red Ranger. Now this might not seem like much, but because the Red Lion outranked the other Zords, that automatically made Cole the new leader. Taylor was pissed. For a brief period, she tried to maintain control over the team, but eventually gave up and settled with becoming second-in-command.
  • Taylor arrived in the Pantheon not too long after the other Power Rangers were established, become a member of the Swordmanship Division in the process. Things were well for a time, but during the Team Rainbow Rocket Crisis, she choose not to flee back to her home time like so many other Toku heroes did. Instead, she stayed behind, joining a small underground resistance force to protect deities who couldn't defend themselves until things cleared up. In honour of her heroic actions, Taylor was granted a temple and position as a Goddess in the Pantheon.
  • Taylor doesn't have the temple all to herself though. When she ascended, the first being to greet her was a gigantic, yellow and silver biomechanical eagle, soaring through the sky and letting out a loud screech which one could describe as a call of joy. It was the Yellow Eagle Wildzord, Taylors' personal Zord and the reason she became a ranger in the first place. Even after she initially retired from active ranger duty, the pair still enjoyed the occasional solo flight, which they continue to do now that the Eagle now serves as Taylors' Herald. Sadly, Taylor's other Wildzords, the Polar Bear and Black Bear Wildzords couldn't be brought up, as they stayed behind in the Animarium. She doesn't mind; after all, somebody needs to protect Princess Shayla.
    • While the Yellow Eagle can form the head and waist of the Wild Force Megazord and Kongazord respectively, it unfortunately cannot properly merged with other ascended Zords. The closest thing it can do is "combine" with the Mega Tigerzord and create a pincer weapon, similar in placement to the Firebird Zord. But even without the ability to combine, it can still provide air support for its fellow Zords.
  • Due to her background in the Air Force, Taylor quickly got along with the Pantheon's other military personnel. In particular, she's been seen with Carol Danvers, Riza Hawkeye, Sonya Blade, and Jackson Briggs. All five get together and trade war stories with one another over cold drinks, sometimes even during game night. This bonding has given Taylor much needed assistance when taking on opponents too powerful for even her ranger powers to handle. There is the slight issue of working alongside Johnny Cage, as Taylor finds him incredibly annoying, but it's a small price to pay for gaining extra backup.
    • That said, Taylor once tried to have a conversation with Sonya's daughter, Cassie, as she had been attempting to forge a better friendship. Things were looking good at first... then Taylor insulted Johnny.
    Taylor: "Ugh. He's cheap beer, not fine wine."
  • It's no surprise that Taylor became enemies with Mesogog, Trakeena and the Psycho Rangers - Psycho Yellow in paritcular - but what surprised some in the Pantheon was her opposition to those who would want to destroy the environment, much like the Orgs of her world once did. The House of Toxicity's evil deities, such as Reptile, The Lich, Lesale Deathbringer and especially Hexxus, are at the top of her enemy list, all of whom have proven to be dangerous threats. They aren't the only ones she worries about.
    • The destructive power of Deathwing and the Firebird certainly rubbed her the wrong way, and have been the subject of several solo missions, mostly to prevent them from destroying the Pantheon. For their part, both creatures view the Yellow Ranger as a nuisance not only for her trying to take them down, but also allying with Celebi and the Spring Sprite.
  • As a guardian of the Earth, it took little time for Taylor to become a close ally to the Nature Preservers. She turned out to be a major asset to the group, with her powers and Eagle Zord proving to be a match for anyone wishing to tarnish the environment and harm its inhabitants. In fact, after several missions - most of whom involving sabotaging Looten Plunder and Hunter J's plans, Taylor became an honorary Nature Preserver for her efforts. On the down time she can be seen hanging out with San, whose upbringing in the forest brought to mind Taylor's comrade, Cole Evans.
    • She also gained friends in the adjacent House of Birds, particularly the gigantic rulers of the Sub-House; Anivia, Lugia and Ho-Oh. The three fliers have come to Taylor's aid when she's in a pinch, and will sometimes hang out with her and the Eagle Zord during their down time. It's true about what they say; birds of a feather flock together.
  • Taylor has a problem with those deities who disregarded humanity for their own nefarious desires, similar to how her homeworld's Big Bad Master Orgnote  once did. Among them is the vampire Dio Brando, who sees Taylor and her fellow rangers as not being worth his time, Keel Lorenz and Gendo Ikari, whose (separate) plans of Human Instrumentality definitely rubbed her the wrong way. But the worst of the bunch was Ragyō Kiryūin. Not only does Taylor despise her for rejecting humanity in favour for the Life Fibers, but because of her perverse treatment of her daughters, Satsuki and Ryūko. The Director of REVOCS Corporation cares little for the yellow ranger's woes, but she has kept her eyes open in case the Eagle Wild Zord comes swooping down upon her.
  • While many rangers have had difficulty fighting the Keyblade wielding Vanitas, Taylor can actually hold her own against him. In fact, thanks to her military training and fighting Zen-Aku, she has been able to keep up with the Unversed youth. their fight ended in a tie, but Vanitas is looking to settle the score.
  • Although she didn't take part in the Forever Red scenario, Taylor got in contact with the ascended Red Rangers who were involved in it; among them were Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, and Carter Grayson. She may get along with them, but Taylor has been hoping to see the Quantum Ranger, Eric Myers ascend. Her allies were quick to point out the similarities between the two and tease her about the relationship. When this happens, Taylor will try and act negatively to these remarks, only to admit she wouldn't mind the company.
  • While not much is known of what happened to the Wild Force Rangers when Lord Drakkon invaded their homeworld, but it seemed they had bested the conquerers' army, later joining an multiversal army of rangers in one last hurrah. Unfortunately they, along with their Megazord, were utterly annihilated by Serpentera. The timeline was thankfully restored, meaning their deaths weren't in vain, but with word that Drakkon is in the Pantheon, Taylor isn't taking any chances.
  • "Wild Access!"


    Ben and Saoirse (Song of the Sea
Ben and Saoirse, God and Goddess of Genders Represented by Breed
L-R: Saoirse and Ben
  • Demideities (Saoirse is a Lesser Goddess with her selkie powers)
  • Symbol: Saoirse's shell flute next to Ben's life jacket
  • Theme Song(s): "Amhrán Na Farraige" ("Song of the Sea")
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though Ben was initially a jerkass True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Encountered several magical beings similar to the everyday folk they have met, Blush Sticker, Born from a human father and a selkie mother, Red Oni, Blue Oni
  • Domains: Siblings, Selkies, Heroism
  • Herald: Their dog Cú
  • Allies: Aisling, Robyn and Mebh, many in the Hall of Fairies, Ariel, Melody, Popplio, Moana, Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Tyrion Lannister, Steven Universe, Mary Lennox, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe
  • Enemies: Lord Fredrik, Jadis, most evil-aligned fairies
  • Oppose: Tywin and Cersei Lannister
  • Ben and Saoirse are the children of a human father and a selkie mother. However, when Saoirse was born, their mother suddenly and mysteriously vanished during a storm. Ben resented his sister for what happened, becoming aloof towards her and occasionally bullying her. Saoirse herself was mute as a result of inheriting their mother's nature as a selkie. She felt drawn to the sea and only found her voice when she wore a selkie coat. One day, Ben and Saoirse's grandmother, who objected to their living conditions, took them away from their father to live with her in the city. Ben almost immediately ran away to go back home to the coast, while reluctantly towing Saoirse. The siblings met many fae and learned Saoirse was their only hope of freeing the fae that had been turned to stone by Macha the Owl Witch. In the course of this perilous journey, Ben came to realize he does love Saoirse and did everything he could to bring her back home safe with him, while Saoirse saved the fae and gave up her selkie nature to stay with her family, separating the human and fae worlds for good.
  • Aisling of the Tuatha Dé Danann observed the siblings closely during their journey, even hiding herself in plain sight among children dressed for Halloween; Ben and Saoirse at one point passed her by on a bus and didn't notice her. At any rate, after things settled down, Aisling visited them one night, inviting them to come along with her to the Pantheon and see how they liked it. Ben couldn't help but be incredibly suspicious since all the fairies were supposed to be gone from the world, but Saoirse liked Aisling and was curious about this "Pantheon", so she let Aisling take her by the hand and Ben had no choice but to follow and make sure he brought her back at the slightest sign of anything wrong. The Hall of Fairies was the first place they stopped by, where many of the residents praised Saoirse's actions in saving the fae and Ben for coming into his own as a good big brother. Aisling then told them she was hoping they'd become permanent gods of the Pantheon. Once again Ben was uncertain, especially as it sounded so absurd, but Saoirse was eager to stay longer, especially when she discovered she could be a selkie again. So Ben made sure that none of this Pantheon business would completely change their now normal lives and especially that Saoirse going back to being a selkie didn't have any negative consequences. Once that was set straight, they were properly instated. Now Ben is more relaxed and looks at it all through a boyish lens, as though he and Saoirse are superheroes with secret identities.
  • Not long past their ascension, they spotted two wolves roaming around their temple (a lighthouse on a tall cliff by the shore). Saoirse was fascinated, Ben fretted that ascending was a bad idea after all, and their loyal dog Cú set off after the wolves, intending to scare them off. The smaller wolf ended up spraining her leg on the rocks and Saoirse took pity on her and decided to care for her. To Ben's considerable surprise, the wolves were very mild, which he came to discover is because they're actually the Wolfwalkers Robyn and Mebh, themselves human children not much older than Ben and Saoirse. Both pairs of course became very good friends, with the normally reclusive Wolfwalkers being very accepting of the two human children given their close connection to the fairy world. Saoirse and Robyn were rather interested that their stories contrasted in some ways, namely that Robyn chose to embrace her otherness, while Saoirse abandoned it to be with her family. Despite the different results, the two girls ultimately had to contend with the same choice and they respect what the other picked as valid. Either way, from that day on, Robyn and Mebh (who now has a bit of a bone to pick with Cú) can often be seen frolicking at the lighthouse with Ben and Saoirse when the latter pair aren't the ones going to their forest, with Aisling sometimes joining in their merrymaking.
  • Being a selkie, Saoirse can shapeshift into a seal whenever she has her selkie coat. Actual seals feel drawn to her and swim alongside her, and to this day still watch over and protect her family. One of her greatest joys is to go in the sea to swim and play with her seal friends, which has resulted in her friendship with Popplio, one of the few deified seals around. Popplio's friendly and playful demeanor makes it an ideal playmate for both young siblings, and it's also been known to protect the two from threats (or at least attempt to). On the other hand, not all ascended pinnipeds are good news for the siblings, as proven by Lord Fredrik when he attempted another conquest by freezing part of the House where Ben and Saoirse were placed. Saoirse put a quick end to it by singing her song to save everyone. Fredrik would have ignored them otherwise, but he can't do so now that Saoirse has proven a threat to his plans.
  • Saoirse's selkie nature allows her to mingle with many other water-dwelling deities and she's become a big fan of Ariel, the Little Mermaid, especially with how their stories echo one another. The two felt a strong kinship as they learned they both used to be voiceless and suffered a lot with their inability to communicate. Ariel also thinks Saoirse has a beautiful voice for singing to the point where she has said Sebastian would be probably be pleased to train her and arrange some shows for her, although Saoirse herself is currently too shy to expose herself to people like that. Saoirse also gets along with Ariel's daughter Melody, as she fully understands her longing for the sea, even if she decided to stay a human to be with her brother and father in the end. Both she and Ben think it's a funny coincidence that both families own the same breed of dog; Cú and Max are both Old English Sheepdogs.
  • Moana was another natural encounter for Saoirse, given her seafaring ways which are the pride of her people. Though as Saoirse came to learn, that was not always the case and Moana had to struggle with her father's reluctance to take to sea once more. However, the sea kept calling to Moana, who set out on her own when she couldn't take it anymore, a feeling Saoirse can resonate with, as she was not exactly free to indulge in her selkie side either, much as it called to her. Beyond their strong ties to the sea, the two girls realized they had much in common, especially while talking about how they were both chosen to save the world in some way. Since then, Moana has decided to watch over Saoirse and Ben, who've come to see her as something of a big sister. Saoirse also has an additional playmate in the "living water" that's always with Moana, which has also helped Ben become even more confident in water.
  • A story of estranged siblings connecting would not pass unnoticed by Elsa and Anna of Arendelle, who went to visit Ben and Saoirse in their temple. The meeting may have just kickstarted Saoirse's Princess Phase, she was that starstruck by the two regal sisters. Though perhaps she connected most with Elsa, as she heard about her ice powers and how much grief they brought her when they forced her to practically cut herself off from the world, and most importantly from her sister. Meanwhile Anna and Ben bonded over being the "powerless, boring" siblings who would still brave many dangers for their kin. Either way, Elsa and Anna were happy to see that the bond between the two was so strong.
  • One day Saoirse took to following a couple of funny little creatures and Ben was dragged along, which eventually led them to two sisters, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, who in their usual friendly manner welcomed them and explained the things she was following were little nature spirits called Totoros, then took them to meet the biggest Totoro and much fun was had bouncing on the big lug's tummy. While resting, Ben and Saoirse heard Satsuki explain how Totoro kept their spirits up while their sick mother was in the hospital, making Ben and Saoirse realize the sisters were also touched by magic in a powerful way. The two pairs of siblings thus formed a strong bond and often drop by each other's temples to play and have harmless adventures.
  • Macha the Owl Witch was their biggest opposition during their journey, although she ultimately had good intentions as she thought it was for the best if strong emotions were taken away; the biggest problem with this is that she turned people and fae to stone by doing so. Either way, she redeemed herself and allowed Saoirse to release everyone. Sadly, there are several witchs in the Pantheon who are not so altruistic or willing to repent. Jadis the White Witch invites easy comparisons to Macha because of her predilection for turning her enemies to stone, and it's all so she could rule over Narnia. Ben and Saoirse see perfectly well what a nasty character she is and are not about to let her do what she wants, with Saoirse's song giving her the power to undo Jadis' petrification just as it did with Macha's.
  • Tyrion Lannister is a rather unlikely candidate for someone to show interest in the half-selkie siblings, but he does have a pretty compelling reason: much like Saoirse, he has been blamed for bringing about the demise of his mother through his birth. In Saoirse's case, her mother simply vanished back into the fairy world, while Tyrion's mother did indeed die, but either way, Tyrion knows very well what it's like to be blamed for such a thing since the day he was born. Tyrion could never get along with his family besides his older brother Jaime, the only one who loved him. He's glad that Ben and Saoirse have a much healthier relationship and has told Ben he's a good kid for getting his head out of his rear end, no longer blaming Saoirse and treating her like family should. For that, he's decided he'll keep an eye on the two tykes and make sure they don't get into too much trouble. Ben and Saoirse would really like to tell off the more awful Lannisters for how they treat Tyrion... though he has explained to them quite clearly why the Lannisters are not to be trifled with, even if one has selkie powers. Ben and Saoirse have decided to let it go, for now. Maybe when they're a bit more grown-up.
  • The siblings chanced to meet Steven Universe when he stopped by their beach on his travels. He rather enjoyed being on the coast again, given he grew up in a similar place, and eagerly took Ben and Saoirse's invitation to come up to their house. The siblings were stunned to hear that he was a half-alien born from a Gem mother and a human father, which was so much like their own story. In fact, the circumstances of Saoirse's birth are very similar to Steven's; their mothers essentially had to sacrifice themselves the minute they were born so their progeny could keep on existing. Steven also explained a bit somberly that his mother was allowed to ascend, but they didn't have the greatest relationship due to some things she did that came back to haunt him. That gave Ben and Saoirse some food for thought that not everybody held their parents in the best light, although they still feel positive about their mother, who never did anything wrong to their knowledge. Actually, they'd like to see her again, now that their being in the Pantheon makes that possible. Steven won't dampen their enthusiasm, but hopes it's not something they'll come to regret.

    Della Duck 
Della Duck, the Maternally Challenged Goddess
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her aviator goggles and prosthetic leg
  • Theme Music: DuckTales Moon Theme (2017 Version), Della’s Moon Lullaby, Ask About Della Duck
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Parents as People, Handicapped Badass, Ace Pilot, Broken Ace, Ditzy Genius
  • Domains: Ducks, Family, Adventure
  • Allies: Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, Launchpad McQuack, Daisy Duck, Baloo, Mickey Mouse, Usagi Tsukino, Nathan Drake, Selene, Star Fox
  • Enemies: Rafe Adler, any Abusive Parents
  • Foil to: The Kosugis, Halley
  • Donald Duck’s more excitable sister who would join him and Scrooge Mcduck on a variety of adventures, Della would end up trapped on the Moon for several years, straining the relationship between Donald and Scrooge as a result. Not only that, but she took on this ill-fated endeavor just as her triplets were about to hatch, with Donald having to take care of Huey, Dewey, and Louie in her absence. Della would eventually find her way out of the moon with the help of the Lunarians (a race of Moon-dwellers whose leader had nefarious ambitions that Della wasn’t aware of until much later) and she would be reunited with her family and her now-preteen triplets. Her prolonged time on the Moon didn’t bode well for her mental well-being and her return to Earth presented some challenges when it came to reconnecting with the triplets. Even with that in mind, Della is still determined to make up for lost time with her family and that certainly includes taking part in the adventures they embark on.
  • Following another adventure with Scrooge and the triplets, Donald received a phone call from Della asking what they’ve been up to. Donald mentioned that he has been really busy with a lot of things outside the Mcduck Clan, including traveling to places they’ve never been to and working with allies outside of the Mcduck Clan. Della, being the adventurous duck she is, asked Donald how he managed to get all kinds of adventures easily and in a slightly panicked state to try and come up with a simple explanation for all this, he stated that there is a Pantheon where a ton of people met to figure out their next adventures and that Scrooge and the triplets were also part of that place. Having realized that she hasn’t really been part of the family as much as she thought, Della made preparations to go to the Pantheon following her conversation with Donald despite not asking him how to get there. As it turned out, she didn’t have to leave Duckburg as Scrooge and the triplets overheard Donald’s phone conversation with her and they, along with Donald, traveled to Duckburg to welcome her to the Pantheon, a world where plenty of adventures await.
  • Having to follow through on getting Della up to speed on most of his adventures outside of Duckburg, Donald decided to take Della on a retrospective tour of some of his adventures he had with his friends outside of the Mcduck Clan. While Della had some idea about Goofy, Mickey was more of an unfamiliar surprise to her given that the most she saw of that mouse was a watermelon Donald made in his likeness while on an island. When the time came for Della to come face to face with Mickey, she was surprised to see a fully-realized form of that watermelon Donald previously made. Mickey, being the generally nice guy that he is, was welcoming of Della and even told her about adventures he and his friends had with someone named Sora and his ensemble, fighting against a great evil using magic (while magic as a concept existed in Duckburg, what was being talked about in regards to Sora and the others was potentially stronger than what anyone from Duckburg could do and what surprised Della there was that Donald could use magic). Della noticed that Sora and those other humans Mickey was talking about weren’t as ugly as what she was used to (and most other humans in the Pantheon are at least better looking that that studio audience that terrified Della and the others one time) and while she can’t hang out with Mickey at the same frequency that Donald, Scrooge, or the triplets can, she’s open to meeting him again, whether it’s for relaxation or on an adventure.
  • Some in the Pantheon saw similarities between the Pine family and the Mcduck Clan in regards to them being families that took part in unusual adventures and had to deal with strained family relations due to one of them disappearing before said issues were resolved and later confronted an enemy that posed a great danger to everything around them. Della filled the role of the missing family member whose disappearance and subsequent reappearance was a source of drama until they rebuilt their relationship with their family similar to what Ford Pines went through. The Mcduck Clan had a meeting with the Pines and Della noticed how Dipper and Mabel shared some similarities to the triplets in different ways and Webby and Scrooge had a few things in common with Grunkle Stan (minus some of Stan’s shadier traits). Stan could see some of Ford in Della, especially in regards to always looking for an adventure and that leading to some trouble, but the Pines and the Mcduck Clan are very amicable towards each other and have joined each other in some adventures, especially if significant enemies of one threaten the Pantheon.
  • Della learned about the Kosugis while she was looking through the histories of numerous adventurers she was considering traveling with. The Kosugis were a group of adventurers with tumultuous family interactions, but while the Mcduck Clan were able to mend bridges with each other following difficult times, the Kosugis had a familial rivalry with each other when it came to finding treasures. Della enjoys going on adventures, but seeing the rivalry the Kosugis had with each other made her realize that if things between her, Donald, and Scrooge were closer to that of the Kosugis, then things would have been worse off for each of them even if the Kosugis are willing to cooperate with each other against far more dangerous entities. There isn’t any bad blood between the Mcduck Clan and the Kosugis in their otherwise friendly rivalry and both parties have crossed paths with each other when trying to find treasures.
  • Halley was a parent who, despite being fond of her daughter Moonee, had a plethora of issues that jeopardized her relationship with her daughter to the point that she was deemed unfit to be a mother. Della learned about what happened and while she is sympathetic towards what happened given that Della couldn’t be fully there for her triplets due to more (admittedly fantastical) circumstances, she was critical of Halley’s more destructive traits. When Della returned from the Moon, she knew that she had to make up for lost time with her family and had to work on overcoming her issues, and Della believed that Halley never really overcame her problems or at least tried to mitigate them. As much as Della would like to try and help Halley overcome her problems (and Della’s own story of reconnecting with her family after a prolonged period of separation was something Della hoped Halley will understand), Halley’s unstable behavior meant any meaningful attempt at help wouldn’t work out. While Della has some concern for flawed parents like Halley, she doesn’t have any sympathy towards parents that actively harm their own children, with Della having a stronger hatred towards parents that actively abandoned their own kids.
  • The moon has become a notable place in regards to Della as not only is she friends with Selene, a goddess of the Moon, but managed to discover a society of Lunarians present that, following a battle with their leader General Lunaris, became part of Earth. Della learning that there were others associated with the Moon, including another goddess by the name of Artemis, was something she didn’t expect even as an avid adventurer. One such figure tied to the Moon that Della took a liking towards was Usagi Tsukino, who transformed into the superheroine Sailor Moon, was the reincarnation of Princess Serenity (a royal figure of the moon), and was part of a superhero team that was themed after other planets in the Solar System. As Della would learn from such protectors of the Moon, Lunaris wasn’t the only one who attempted to use the Moon to harm Earth, as other dangerous entities such as Majora tried to have the Moon crash into Earth. All things considered, these benevolent Moon goddesses are sympathetic to what happened with Della (as Selene had told those who shared her role) and Della is willing to support said goddesses in making sure the Moon doesn’t become a weapon of destruction at the hands of unstable individuals.
  • There were plenty of additional adventurers for Della to take notice of, with many of them sharing the same drive to find treasure that Scrooge has. Many of these adventurers such as Lara Croft and Nathan Drake went through more dangerous ordeals, but like Scrooge and his extended family, they had a good amount of allies and smarts to help them overcome challenges. While many adventurers had a good heart despite their sometimes rough disposition, a few had ill intent when it came to their goals such as Rafe Adler, one of Nathan’s enemies. As someone who enjoys the thrill of adventure, Della finds selfish figures such as Rafe unworthy of being actual adventurers, especially since these kinds of foes are willing to disrupt the well-being of those that they come across.
  • Alongside Launchpad Mcquack, Della serves as a pilot for the Mcduck Clan, with the main thing separating the two is the frequency and lethality of them crashing the planes they’re taking control of. Much like Launchpad, she is intrigued with the variety of aircraft present in the Pantheon and while both can be trusted by most of the skilled pilots to handle these kinds of vehicles (despite Launchpad’s quirks when it comes to crashes), Della’s more adventurous nature meant that she was willing to take up these kinds of offers when asked. Star Fox was a team of space pilots that regularly engaged in dogfights against a variety of foes, with them sometimes taking these battles to the ground and Della was impressed with the Arwings and was willing to try them out. She, alongside the rest of the Mcduck Clan, already fought against General Lunaris in the past, so engaging in space adventures with other animals was something she is willing to do if the circumstances for them are right. If the Mcduck Clan were to get involved with Star Fox, Della and Launchpad would be piloting an Arwing alongside the Star Fox members that are already airborne and the rest of the Clan would engage in ground-based combat alongside the Star Fox members taking up that role.
  • One of Della’s adventures had her, Huey, and Dewey meeting a grown-up version of Kit Cloudkicker, who had become the lead pilot for the “Higher for Hire” delivery service and inherited that role from his mentor Baloo, who had retired from that job. A jungle adventure would lead Della to meeting Baloo himself and she was more than eager to tell him what his friends from Cape Suzette were up to following his tenure as a delivery pilot. While she was interested in Baloo’s former career as a pilot, it was Baloo’s stories of hanging out with a jungle kid named Mowgli (who was raised by a pack of wolves led by Akela and later had a father figure in Bagheera) that Della was just as curious about when it came to family. By her own admission, Della is a flawed parent and getting stranded on the Moon just before the triplets were about to hatch was going to strain family relations, but seeing how Baloo and Bagheera were positive influences on Mowgli despite neither being his biological fathers inspired Della to continue being a better parent to the triplets in addition to joining the Mcduck clan on other adventures. As for Baloo’s piloting career, Della is willing to work part-time for him should he decide to revisit it.
  • While she was trapped on the moon, one of Della’s legs was crushed and she had to make a replacement out of scrap metal. Despite what has happened to that leg, she’s not bothered by it and was excited when she showed it off in one of her video diaries. The Pantheon had its share of individuals with prosthetic limbs and while most of them had a more fatal ordeal than that of Della (and if the person in question has a good heart in general, she had no problems that that person), she was curious about the possible functions of some of these prosthetic limbs since she remembered a while back that she wanted to improve that mechanical leg when she could, partially since the Pantheon had enemies far more dangerous than what the Mcduck Clan had encountered previously. Some of the prosthetic limbs present in the Pantheon had functions Della thought were cool or in general looked visually interesting, but in the end, Della never followed through on these potential upgrades.

    Esmeralda (Disney) 
Esmeralda (The Disney edition), Goddess of Hot Gypsy Women and Deconstruction of the Virgin–Whore Complex (Angel, the gypsy, the siren, the devil)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Fashionable Asymmetry outfit with a tambourine
  • Theme Song: "God Help The Outcasts"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Combat Pragmatist by striking the groin, Dude Magnet (much to her discharge as she attracts Frollo's attention), Knight in Sour Armor, Barefoot Poverty, choosing to the fire over Frollo, different greatly from her source material (and much better for it)
  • Domains: Personal Appearance, Love, Personality
  • Heralds: Her husband Phoebus and her family
  • Allies: Quasimodo, Riku, Sora, Princess Jasmine, Rose, Belle, Dokuro, Clopin
  • Enemies: JUDGE FROLLO, Akio Ohtori, Bambi Hughes, Gaston, Master Roshi, Garterbelt, Millennium, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull
  • Pities: Tenchi Masaki, Masaya Aoyama, Rito Yuuki, Ranma Saotome, Tatsumi
  • Pitied by: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Magneto, Victor von Doom, any gods who suffered from racism and sexual harassment
  • Opposed: AJ Lee, Death the Kid (of course...)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Esdeath, Juvia Lockser, Zeus
  • Was given the house by the previous goddess of the position Rose because the latter wants to stay closer to her friend Cammy in the House of Costume, stating that managing two houses can be exhausting at time and admitted that even she can't make three men to have fallen into Love at First Sight like Esmeralda did in her time as a mortal. The two still remaining contact and friends after Rose learning about her story.
  • The aftermath of Frollo discovered about Esmeralda's ascension is... not pretty to say the least.
    • Frollo's immediate reaction is complete denial and disbelief of how a "filthy devilous siren in the guise of a gypsy" can go into this place. Esmeralda just spits in his face and then retorts that she isn't in the house where everyone visit would see how deprave and hypocritical he is. She then proceeds to kick him (repeatedly) in the crotch as pay back (due to now Frollo doesn't have any power and influence than he used to) for all the crime he did to her and her people during their time as mortal. No one's intervening.
    • Her ascension and subsequent beatdown of him now cost Frollo to increase his hatred on her (and by extension, gypsies) even more and sworn revenge. He thankfully still just planning as after learning about her story and that she is Frollo's sworn enemy, Esmeralda was offered protection from fellow Romani deities like Rose and Scarlet Witch as well as Magneto (who knows all too well how being executed for their lifestyle feels like), while Doctor Doom made sure that Esmeralda's fellow Romani friends can stay close to her and grant immunity for the crimes they did for their survival during Frollo's gypsy persecution.
  • After learning that her friend Quasimodo has a temple in the Pantheon, Esmeralda immediately goes to his temple to give him a hug as she is happy he found some place that people can accept him and look beyond his appearance.
  • Made enemies with Gaston due to how he gets along with Frollo and his harassment of Belle. This earned her point in the latter's book and the two strikes up a friendship over their share experience of having unwanted attention and being outcast because of their differences. She also bonds with Princess Jasmine after learning about Jasmine's history with Jafar.
  • Because of her history dealing with unwanted attention and sexual harassment, Esmeralda develops a hatred for any deities that have similar behaviors in their backstory. This includes Akio, Bambi, Roshi and Garterbelt. This is especially bad with Zeus as she witnessed how he frequently abuses his god status and power to commit his deeds.
  • While Esmeralda pities some of AJ Lee's backstory, she decides to stay away from the latter due to how batshit crazy she is.
  • Has mixed feeling about Juvia. While Esmeralda disliked some of her antics towards Grey, she is still very impressed that the water mage can still be friends with her "love rivals".
  • Has complicated feeling towards Esdeath. When first heard about her position, Esmeralda just rolls her eyes and assumes that she would be another deprave villain with an unhealthy lust-filled relationship. However, when she actually visited Esdeath's temple, Esmeralda discovered that she is genuinely in love with Tatsumi. Plus, one of Esdeath's action (namely botched Tatsumi's execution and whisked him away to make him fall in love with her) eerily reminds the gypsy of her own action toward Phoebus and Quasimodo towards her. However, Esdeath is such a Blood Knight and a firm believer of Might Makes Right that Esmeralda can't seem to find herself to befriend the villainess.
  • Despite the religious theme of her song and the fact that she sung it in a church, her song was not very popular in the House of Faith. Reason was given that in the song, Esmeralda bluntly admits that she doesn't truly believe in the deity she was praying to but instead just out of desperation for her people. However, it was very popular in the House of Friendship as they admired the fact that she didn't blame God for her own situation but instead prayed for others and happily adopt it into their house.
  • Got a good laugh when she saw Dokuro beating down Frollo. The two have since become friends, with Dokuro even helping to keep her enemy in line should the need rise.
  • Can also be found in Racial Appearances.

    Dr. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich 
Dr. Hal Emmerich, God of Non Action Guys (Otacon, Otaku Convention, octogon, Professor Layton, Therapy!Shinji, [shared with Simon])

    Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar 
Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, Dual Gods of Gay Cowboys
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their black and white cowboy hats over a male symbol.
  • Theme Song: "The Wings"
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Ennis), Neutral Good (Jack)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Sexuality, Cowboys, both got a passionless marriage, can't be together because of society, can't keep their hands off each other
  • Domains: Love, Family, Cowboy
  • Allies: Any good cowboys in the Pantheon (who isn't homophobic), the kids from South Park except for Eric Cartman, Romeo and Juliet, Rose Bukater and Jack Dawson, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Dorothy Gale
  • Odd Friendship with: The Fantastic Four, the Mystery Gang
  • Enemies: All homophobes in the Pantheon, all Abusive Parents
  • Complicated Relationship with: The rest of the House of Love
  • The couple who had a 20 years affair, Ennis and Jack were reunited and ascended when the Pantheon when the Council heard of their story and how much of a Tear Jerker it was because of Jack's mysterious death.
    • When the two were reunited, Ennis broke down to tears and run into Jack's arms, unable to believe that he is really standing here before him while repeatedly saying sorry and promise to never let his fear getting the better of him again. Everyone witness their reunion sheds a tear.
    • However, Jack's ascension met with some problem when some people points out that he doesn't fit the "cowboy" part of the temple because he became a tracker sellman. After much effort to restrain Ennis from punching them in the face at the possibility of being separated from Jack again, Phoenix Wright points out that Jack spent a significant portion of his life as a working cowboy and a rodeo rider, thus qualify him for the position.
  • Their temple is a barn filled with many different livestocks and located on the verge of the House of Love with a window view of Brokeback Mountain - the place the men met, fell in love and had their 20 years affair. When asked how they managed to move an entire mountain, the men said that they had help from the deities in the House of Travel and Magic who are touched by their love story.
  • Their theme song is popular among Yaoi Fangirls Pantheon members, followers or audience because they tend to play it over their videos that portray the male deities they ship together. Needless to say, Jack and Ennis are NOT amused by this.
    • The couple is also NOT amused when Hong Kong deities keep using the slang "playing Brokeback", citing that the mountain is a significant place for the both of them. They also not appreciate people insisting Jack to admit that he "don't know how to quit" Ennis, given that this is the last conversation the couple had with each other before Jack's death.
  • Ennis despises every homophobes in the Pantheon because he has a very traumatic childhood experience of being forced to witness the aftermath of a gay couple who were beaten to death with their genitals removed and left out in the field, as well as thinking that they are the ones that cost Jack's death. Any homophobe dare to approach their temple will be met with a shotgun to the head. Abusive parents also don't get off easy either given that both men grew up with one.
  • Their temple has made the men become friends with many fellow cowboys in the Pantheon, even though they never interact with actual cows in their work. Of course, those who are homophobic will be politely asked to leave by Jack and be... "convinced" by Ennis if they refused.
  • Being born in the 1960s American West, Ennis gets extremely uncomfortable and even sometimes aggressive when someone asked him about his exact sexuality. Jack usually has to step in and explains that the only important thing is that the two are in love and now can finally be with each other. The fact that their creator insists on being unclear doesn't help anyone.
  • Other Star-Crossed Lovers like Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose sympathized with their story and have been in contact with the cowboys. Jack and Rose as well as the cowboys had a big laugh when discovered that their most iconic posters are similar to each other.
  • The men are very controversial figures in the House of Love for their long affair. Some think that both of them are just unapologetical cheaters on their wives for 20 years. Some argue that the men wouldn't even have to cheat in the first place if not for their homophobic sociery. Some took the middle ground of sympathizing with them for their love and circumstances while condemning their action. This is one of the reasons the men opt to move their temple to the edge of the House of Love.
  • Being cowboys, they have been taking jobs here and there from the house of Beasts and from farmers in the Pantheon. They usually brush off concern that they can't keep their hands off each other to focus on the job by saying that they were just 19 years old when that happened.
  • The Joker once took advantage of his similarity to Ennis and kidnapped Jack in order to catch Batman's attention. After Bruce tracked the Joker down, Ennis beat up the clown within an inch of his live to the point that Joker only survive due to his immunity. The couple has been on friendly term with Batman ever since, especially since he is sympathetic with their story even though Jack is nervous at first when Batman introduced them to his on-and-off lover Selina Kyle given that she sometimes looks like his estranged wife Lureen.
  • Jack freaked out when a giant flesh eating plant nicknamed Audrey approached and called out to him with the sound "Feed me Seymour." during his trip to the House of Plants due to his similarity to the actual Seymour. Jack has been avoid the house's deeper areas ever since.
  • The boys from South Park had a laugh when heard about their story because it is suspiciously similar to the independent film about gay cowboys eating pudding in their world. Jack and Ennis took this in good spirit and made friend with the boys but ban Cartman from enter their temple for his homophobia and Jerkass behavior. Needless to say, Cartman is extremely angry about this.
  • Dorothy Gale likes to visit the cowboys temple because of her upbringing in Kansas. The fact that her movie has a rather large gay followers also helps the matter, even though Ennis is uncomfortable at first because one of Dorothy's allies, Glinda, looks similar to his ex-wife Alma.
  • The men were very surprised when they encountered the Fantastic Four in the Pantheon because Ennis thinks that Sue looks like one of his daughters Alma Jr. grew up. While Sue doesn't have any memory of this, the Fantastic Four still feels extremely sad when heard of the men's story and have been great friends with them, including using the cowboys to educate their kids to not be homophobic and what the harm that trait can bring.
  • The cowboys once ran across the Mystery Gang's Mystery Machine broke down near Brokeback Mountain which is located near their temple. After fixing the van, Ennis is surprised when discovered that Velma looks like one of his old flame Cassie.
  • They can also be found in Couples Orientation.

    Masaya Okonogi 
Masaya Okonogi, Patron Saint of Being the Sole Male Amongst a Female Cast (Tentateur Serpent, Chien)
His full face, with eyes revealed