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Describe Yuu Kobayashi here, or she'll sue you. Also not to be confused with the footballer of the same name.

Yuu Kobayashi (born February 5, 1982, in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese voice actress known for voicing both Tsundere and The Woobie roles and has played both male and female roles. She also has an extensive history of voicing characters who harbor inordinately lustful crushes, naturally unrequited more often than not. Her deep voice also makes her a popular choice for Action Girl roles. She's also a Large Ham.

When not doing voices, she is also a singer. Sometimes she draws "artworks" (they're always black and red scribbles on a white background) which border on Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book.

Fans have taken to calling her 2.5D, which is a dubious honor as they no longer consider her 3D. When speaking normally, people have noted that she has a habit of always using honorifics due to her upbringing via strict tradition.