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Please, mate with me Mizuhara-sama…
In the year 2040, new energy sources and advanced technology have made it possible for all of society's important functions—including food production, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, policing, and medical care—to be handled by AI and machines with minimal input from humans. Practically no one in the developed world has to work for a living, and only those driven by intellectual curiosity or a sense of duty pursue a career.

Pharmaceutics students Reito Mizuhara and Erisa Tachibana have been in school together for more than a decade, from elementary school all the way up to university at the Japan Advanced Medical Institute. One day, Reito asks Erisa to talk with him in private and confesses he has always been in love with her. To his complete surprise, Erisa tells him she's been waiting for him to confess to her for years because she felt the same way all along! Her happiness is short-lived, however, because of what he reveals to her next.

Reito confessed his feelings to Erisa because he thought they might never meet again. He's been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosisnote , a life-threatening degenerative disease that doesn't have a cure. The AI computers are working on a new therapy, but it could take as many as five years for them to complete it, and Reito doesn't have that much time left. Therefore, he will be kept suspended in cryo sleep until the cure is found. Before he goes to sleep, Reito just wanted to tell Erisa his feelings and push her to find someone else, since he doesn't feel it's right to make her wait for him. This suggestion that she should find someone else makes Erisa upset and she runs off.


Reito meets up with his older brother Ryuu and little sister Mahiru as he prepares to go into cryo sleep at the hospital. At the last minute, Erisa barges in to say goodbye, and declares she will wait for him as long as it takes. They press their hands together across opposite sides of the cryonic capsule's glass, and her tearful, smiling face is the last thing he remembers seeing as he drifts off to sleep.

When Reito awakens five years later, he opens his eyes to a world that has turned completely upside down. A stoic, beautiful woman named Suou Mira introduces herself as his exclusive agent, and explains that although they found a cure for his Multiple Sclerosis, humankind was struck by a catastrophe while he was asleep.

Almost four years ago, an extremely lethal and contagious new virus surfaced on the planet, one that mysteriously only targets men. Over 99.9% of the world's male population was killed by what they dub the MK or Man-Killer virus; A small number of men including Reito's brother escaped into cryostasis to wait for the cure, but they will still eventually die from the virus if the cure is not found. Since only a select few knew how to operate the Super Computers, and most of those people were men, the women who survived found themselves incapable of maintaining civilization at its previous level. Women formed a new world government after the initial collapse and tried the best they could to keep the infrastructure of some areas functioning decently, but right outside these protected zones are urban wastelands whose inhabitants live in deprivation. Worst of all, the survival of the species is in peril since there are no males around to father children, and even male babies concieved through artificial insemination die as soon as they're born. At this rate the government won't be able to control the people unless they can show that something is being done to stop humanity's slide into extinction.


Suou tells Reito that he is one of only five males who were somehow made immune to the virus by the experimental Multiple Sclerosis cure they recieved during cryostasis: Reito is the second so far to be woken up. However, nobody knows how to reproduce the results or how long it might take for the computers to work out the solution. Meanwhile, the first subject they revived proved capable of fathering male children immune to the virus, but not through artificial insemination; only those concieved through sexual intercourse acquired the father's immunity. Given these circumstances, the government intends to use Reito and the others as breeding stallions to have sex with and impregnate as many women as possible so that their children can replenish the world's population.

Reito is shocked and devastated by these revelations, and is extremely anxious to learn that his beloved Erisa went missing without a trace three years ago while researching the virus. Now Suou and her superiors are pressuring him to choose mates from among eager female volunteers, but unlike the previous subject—who has been more than happy to live in luxury while getting to sleep with as many gorgeous women as he wants—Reito insists that Erisa is the only woman in the world he would want to have children with. Suou lets him bargain for the right to refuse sex for one month while he tries to find out what happened to Erisa, on the condition that he must face the temptation of sleeping in the same bed with a different woman every night. Needless to say, her job would be a lot easier if he just gave in, and after that time's up he won't have any choice.

As Reito searches for leads and conducts his own research on the virus—efforts which are frequently interrupted to fend off seduction attempts—he stumbles upon evidence that the virus wasn't a natural phenomeonon, but the product of a malevolent conspiracy whose members are working to silence anyone who knows too much. What part will Reito play in the effort to save the human race?

World's End Harem (Shuumatsu no Harem) is a sci-fi Ecchi Shounen Manga Series authored by LINK and drawn by Shouno Kotarou. It began serialization in May 8th, 2016, running in the online magazine Shounen Jump Plus. It's got a lot of nudity and sexual content, in case you hadn't guessed, so it's definitely Not Safe for Work.

In April 2018 a little spin-off started serialization, this time in Ultra Jump thus going into Seinen territory. World’s End Harem FANTASIA is set in a completely different setting, in a fantasy world of warriors and magic on the verge on human extinction due constant attacks from other species. A king receives a prophecy that humanity’s crisis can be averted by sacrificing a specific maiden, a solution that seems to be connected to a young adventuring hero and his merry band of female companions. And so, their tale (and trouble) begins.

A second spinoff, World's End Harem: Brittania Lumiere, was announced in 2020. This one surprisingly is a more female focused reverse harem premise, with the heroine the subject of a goddess project and her harem her protectors.

The mainline series ended in June 21st, 2020, with 85 chapters, collected in 12 volumes; however, that's just the end of Part One; LINK plans to follow with Part Two, World's End Harem: After World In May 2021.

An anime adaptation has been confirmed to air in 2021.

Compare to Y: The Last Man, which shares the premise of women having to rebuild society after the near extinction of men, and the surviving male being in high demand. Compare also to Ooku, which uses a smaller-scale variation on the premise in Edo Japan. Sex Mission too has similar plot, where two men wake up after hibernation, having overslept the man-killing M bomb, rise of totalitarian female regime and being thrust into life or death situation the moment they're out of cryo-sleep.

This manga series provides the examples of:

  • Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder: Cover girl Suou Mira bears a strikingly resemblance to Erisa, but with a different personality and bigger breasts; the visible differences aren't much in the face of the absurd situation before Reito's eyes though, with Suou throwing herself at him, Reito sometimes sees Erisa on her and is a step away from letting go of his original love, still Reito finds the resolve to preserve himself till he finds out what happened to Erisa in the new world.
  • The Alcoholic: The newly introduced woman at the end of Chapter 4, Akane. Every time she's seen, she's always drinking. The only time she isn't drinking is when she's sleeping.
  • All Women Are Lustful: The absence of a male populace in the five years the MK Virus had spread out, it apparently made women very willing, extremely so, to engage in mating sessions with the five remaining men on earth. Many women blush uncontrollably in Reito's presence, and those are the allegedly civilized ones; the women dropped on the fallen cities completely lost themselves in despair, so that the very sight of Reito prompted one of them to pursue him like an animal in heat.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: Reito only gathers the courage to confess to Erisa when he thinks he has only some time left among the living, since he's been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
  • Attempted Rape: On several occasions, women have tried to force themselves on Reito. For some reason, a number of characters have great difficulty understanding why this makes him quite reluctant to "do his duty."
  • Audience Surrogate: At least for those frustrated with Reito's unwillingness to have sex for the project, Chapter 7 had a researcher loudly complain about him.
  • Baby Factory: Gender Inverted. The surviving men are the one who are treated this way, not the women. This is because humanity needs males who possess immunity and antibodies that can fight the virus. So logically, the surviving males must father as many children as possible.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Averted up top, but naked women's crotches don't show anything.
  • The Beautiful Elite: You could make a joke that the virus didn't wipe out only the men on earth, but any woman that didn't fit within a strict standard of beauty as well. Actually its downplayed and justified, in that there are unattractive women present, they just don't interact with protagonist, since they are less likely to arouse him, and thus are useless for world government which tries to make him breed. All the women in the series who do interact with protagonist have the looks of super top models (and even the younger ones are adorable), wearing fetishistic clothing as casual wear to boot.
  • Bleached Underpants: Shouno Kotarou is a hentai mangaka of moderate fame, you can definitely tell the influence from his origins on how women are drawn in this work, their proportions, looks and curves are very generous to say the least.
  • Boobs of Steel: The woman shown at the end of Chapter 4, Akane managed to easily, and without any effort, break a bathroom's door handle to force herself on Reito, she is well endowed of course.
  • Breeding Slave: Reito and the other surviving men doesn't seem to have a choice but to father as many children as possible. While Reito is given one month to find the woman he loves, as he chose her for having children. However, that was a flashback since the first chapter shows Reito is being pushed in order to choose from the present women to father a child and judging from his behaviour, he doesn't seem to have a choice.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Remember Chloe, the so called exchange student that smooched Reito? She's the representative of the UW's main branch.
  • Conflict Ball: Reito held himself pure for Erisa, but when he reaches a point where saving the world literally depends on him mating with someone, it's better if it's "heartfelt sex," and she's an option, he suddenly starts considering her a childhood friend instead of immediately picking her as his chosen sex partner. This is completely at odds with his previous attitude toward their relationship, solely happens to cause cheap drama, and lasts for about two seconds before he picks her. Then she suddenly refuses with no explanation.
  • Cute Bruiser: The little girl, Sui, who was thought to be the nurse, turned out to be the bodyguard and she was shown to be able to bring down a bear with one strike.
  • Did Not Think This Through: While it is understandable that Reito is more likely to be cooperative if he sees relatives alive and well, like his younger sister, letting said sister visit him without proper coaching, so that she isn't shocked and outraged at seeing her big brother surrounded by very attractive women throwing themselves at him was .. ill thought out.
  • Does Not Like Men: Rea Katagiri seems to have a very low opinion about males, even though there are only five now. Recently revealed that the UW are controlled by The Three Sage who have two thing in common between them: high intelligence and unparalleled hate for men.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: Averted. However, at the end of chapter 4, Reito is in progress of being "assaulted" by an aggressive woman who turned off the lights while he was in the bathroom taking a shower and broke the door handle to keep him from leaving so they can get "comfortable".
  • Dystopia: The UW has so prioritized the Breeding Slave program that the vast majority of the wealth is focused in areas where the various scenarios are taking place while leaving the rest of the world in an abysmal state, completely unconcerned. As shown in the first chapter, the separation is enforced by rule of arms, and it's so close, even a healthy, non-athletic person could simply walk from centers of wealth into the slums. In fact, Reito's sister specifically runs a charity to try and mitigate the divide and lessen the suffering as much she can. The UN may said that having a "man free" world has eliminated war, but if the situation doesn't improve, in a hurry, they're going to find that women in desperate straits are every bit as brutal and vicious as the most depraved man.
  • Eagle Land: Type 2. While the U.S. researching for ways to have women produce children without the presence of men makes sense, seeing as only 5 of them are actually viable partners, the fact that the three sages, the completely aex-crazy misandrist leaders of the UW, are running the country and doing their damnedest to make such a thing necessary by exterminating every trace of the Y chromizone, has to be one of the worst ways to portray the U.S. in fiction.
  • Emotionless Girl: Suou presents herself as someone with a lack of varied expressions beyond her deadpan face, only focused in her job to make Reito initiate the mating process with many women (including her), however when confronted by others about Reito's lack of cooperation, she seems to hold some loyalty towards him and when seducing him she tries to put on a smile, which makes Reito see Erisa on her sometimes; almost veering into Sugar-and-Ice Personality territory.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: In 2040, physical labor has been made unnecessary, technology handles every sphere of society, with humanity just sitting back letting machines do all the work for them; one day, a killer virus comes and kills every single man on earth, society promptly collapses for apparently the majority within the few people that could handle the independent AI that made society work were men, the surviving women couldn't provide support for the machines as good as it was when men lived and since they grew up in a society that has abandoned the idea of doing things with their own hands, they barely have the knowledge to keep things together.
  • Erotic Dream: Reito has one where he relives being restrained to a chair while naked women throw themselves over him to mate. This time with Suou and Akane as the main subjects unlike the original incident.
  • Evil vs. Evil: The UW main branch, UW Japanese branch, and the primary rebel "terrorist" group are all run by horrible, horrible people, and the main characters are caught in the middle, just trying to survive.
  • Fanservice: Runs largely on it, great focus to curvy proportions on all women and many naked shots of women willing to become mothers of a new human race.
  • Foil:
    • Hino Kyouji, the Number One, is the complete opposite of Reito; Hino accepted the new world where women throw themselves at the remaining men pretty quickly, is constantly having sex without a care in the world, and is perfectly happy with a situation where he is treated like a King and the Harem is always at bay to fulfill his wishes. Reito can't bring himself to do what Hino is doing as he's still thinking about his one true love, and he can't stop thinking about the millions of people who died while he was in cryostasis, unlike Hino, who treats such ideas as an afterthought. Instead of having sex nonstop like Hino does, Reito decides to make a cure for the virus and bring back the men who entered the cryostasis when the virus started to spread.
    • Doi Shouta, the Number Three candidate, is pretty much your standard ecchi or harem protagonist in comparison to Reito; he's a teenage high school student who doesn't quite know how to respond to women, and is more susceptible to their charms. For bonus points, he was bullied relentlessly by everyone in sight save his piano teacher. And while Reito doesn't know where his girlfriend went, said teacher appears quickly, takes his virginity, and has a week-long affair with him before taking a break due to "female problems." It's implied that she's pregnant and it's all but stated that Doi's "Agent" is tailoring the approach; where they drowned the eager Hino in suitable women and are playing an intellectual game with the geeky Reito, she's showering the introverted Doi in emotional seduction.
    • The fourth man, Zen, is pretty much everything Reito would have been if the women were less impatient; he also had a sweetheart and a decent life before the incident, but he's thrust into a civilization that won't take "no" for an answer and use him as an out and out Breeding Slave for a whole group. Unlike Reito though, he actually was separated from his developing family, given he impregnated his fiancee.
  • Foreshadowing: The secretary of technology suggests tying up and raping Reito in chapter 7. In chapter 9 she ties him to a chair in order for other women to rape him.
  • Gendercide:
    • The virus killed billions of men and those who are still alive are the ones who entered cryostasis. Among those, some are infected and it's believed that they'll die in a year. There are five men who are immune to the virus, two of them were awakened and asked to father as many children as possible. While No.1 is happy about the situation No.2, the main character, decided to find a cure for the virus and bring back the men currently in stasis.
    • Two women argue about the typical 'Female Utopia' element of this trope. One women claims that without men there are no more wars and society is better. While the other argues back that female pleasure has vanished.
    • The Three Sages want to complete the abolition of the male gender, turning humanity into a One-Gender Race reproducing by artificial insemination with no Y chromosomes to get in the way.
  • The Hedonist: Hino Kyouji, The No.1, is thrilled with the way the world has become and consider it to be heaven on Earth, where women will make all his sexual fantasies a reality.
  • Hospital Hottie: Akane, Reito's 'nurse'.
  • Hot Scientist: Maria Kuroda is a Nerds Are Sexy example.
  • Hot Springs Episode: The girls and Reito go to one in one chapter, and attempted to try and seduce him there.
  • The Immune: Reito is immune to the Virus, the women theorizes that a combination of him contracting multiple sclerosis, going into cryostasis in hopes they would find a cure during his cold sleep, and consequent cure during said sleep made him immune to the virus; now possessing valuable genes that the women compete over to birth a new human race.
  • In Its Hour of Need: This is part of why Anastasia demands that the MK vaccine be tested first on her father, the Grand Duke of Rosania. She reasons that he wouldn't allow any of his citizens to take the risk before he did.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Maria Kuroda doesn't mind standing naked in front of Reito when talking about science.
  • In-Series Nickname: Reito being called "Sir Impotence" by the Secretary of technology.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: What Reito originally intended for Erisa, he only confessed his feelings to get it out of his heart before his imminent death by succumbing to multiple sclerosis, urging her to find someone else, reminding her that she is very popular and has been confessed to by a popular senpai not long ago; Erisa doesn't comply to Reito's wish and says she will wait for him to be cured during cryostasis, in hopes that their advanced society will find a cure during his cold sleep.
  • I Will Wait for You: Erisa ignores Reito's plea for her to find someone else, for he being cured of multiple sclerosis is only supported by the possibility of the super AI's of their time finding a cure during the period he is preserved in cryostasis, Erisa says she will wait for him and that a cure will be found for sure.
  • Killed to Uphold the Masquerade: Narrowly averted, but there's strong hints that the current government doesn't want the MK-virus cured. For example, a sealed office building where Erisa used to work somehow had a live bear inside, and none of the outer doors showed signs of forced entry.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: While it isn't seen, the group of bullies who made Shouta's life a living hell as well as his other classmates before he went into cryostasis most likely got a does of this. They knew he was dying from a degenerative disease and still belittle him, and many make it clear they don't really care if he dies to his face. Considering the nature of the plague that wiped out the male half of humanity, it is likely they die offscreen, especially the bullies.
  • Low Culture, High Tech: The world of 2040 was an advanced society where robots did the grunt work while human labor was limited to advanced fields, such as science, medicine and engineering, where humans could keep up with AI - and the vast majority of STEM workers were men. The United Women have only a handful of engineers who can maintain and build new robots, and they don't really understand the principles behind the tech that keeps their world functioning. If things stay on this track, when bots start breaking down, it'll get even messier in a hurry.
  • Mandatory Motherhood:
    • Gender-inverted. Men need to be fathering children who are immune to the MK Virus, and none of the Numbers has the option to refuse. At one point, even Erisa says that she can't be Reito's only mate. For the sake of genetic diversity, he has to make as many children as possible.
    • The reason Erisa initially doesn't want to have sex with Reito in his Mate or Die situation is because she's sterile, and doesn't think he'll want her if they can't produce children. Later, she encourages her clone Mira to mate with him because she's not sterile, and genetically they're the same woman.
  • Multi-Way Sex: Both Hino and Shouta get a fair amount of "teamwork" from their respective harems.
  • Nature Tinkling: In the 40th chapter, Hakuro urinates in a grove.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Shouta once stopped a kid from getting bullied only to become a target of bullying himself.
  • No-Sell: When Mahiru, Reito's younger sister, learn that Hino Kyouji, Number 1 want her as mating partner her reaction is complete disgust and refusal for the request. Hino suggest meeting her and having a talk, but even this doesn't change the result.
  • Oh, Crap!: Reito get this feeling when he sees the woman who entered the bathroom while he was taking a shower easily break the door handle to keep him from leaving so they can get "comfortable". Of course her idea of getting "comfortable" is forcing herself on him.
  • The Power of Love: When Reito is about to die from the injection of crystallized MK-Virus, his love for Elisa allows him to overcome it, killing the virus and letting the antiviral proteins be harvested for a cure.
  • Questionable Consent: The UW forbids rapenote  but they're not averse to employing Leonine Contracts to get women into bed with their men. Most of the time, this isn't necessary, but if a man wants a particular woman, they can generally find a hook they can use. The crapsack state of the world they created has become a useful tool; women who wouldn't otherwise be interested will put out if the other choice is to stay in the slums.
  • Red Herring: Akane, who Reito thought was his bodyguard, is in fact his nurse.
  • The Reveal: At the end of Chapter 8 a recording made by Erisa revealed that the MK virus is not natural, but a man made one.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized: The UW is a tyrannical, misandrist hellhole and employs Questionable Consent tactics to get men and women to participate in its breeding program, but so far as we've seen, the main difference between them and the rebels is that the rebels don't even pretend to respect anyone's rights, branding their men like livestock, actually enslaving them and raping them by force.
  • School Bullying Is Harmless: Averted for Shouta before he was put in cryostasis.
  • Sexy Shirt Switch: Yuzu wakes up borrowing Shouta's shirt after one of their nights together.
  • Shout-Out: In Chapter 84, Kamiya does a Cutey Honey "Sometimes I'm..." routine before getting interrupted.
  • Stripperific: 5 years in a female-dominated society, in the verge of collapse for billions of men died, apparently prompted the living women to wear extremely fetishistic clothing, women considered to be of civilized upbringing and still sane to boot, poor women who couldn't cope with men dying turned insane and were dropped in ghettos, to be left wearing rags.
  • "Truman Show" Plot: The third candidate is made to be in one in order to get him more at ease with having sex with other women. He's pretty much been taken to a pseudo-school and made to reenact a harem ecchi situation from there.
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy: Within one chapter of the three being in the same place, Erisa suggests that she, her clone Mira, and Reito have a threesome.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: Izanami doesn't really agree on anything but their hatred of the UW. One faction are an anarcho-primitivist rape cult, while the Chinese branch seem to be a decent far as we've seen.
  • A World Half Full: Billions of men died due the virus and society collapsed because of it, but while they couldn't salvage everything, yet the remaining women could keep some areas functioning to a decent state, they've studied the five remaining men and reached the conclusion children born from their genes are immune to what killed the previous men. There's a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

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