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Wars are often not won through individuals, the exceptions are well, exceptional. Even they need a break and backup now and then.

Teamwork is the rule of this house, those that would not normally warrant thought are in the limelight here. They are legion, for they are many.

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Greater Gods

Cooler, God of Clone Armies (Lord Cooler, Monsieur Cooler by his henchman Salza, Meta/Metal Cooler)
Fifth Form Cooler 
Metal Cooler 
Cooler's Remains "fixed" by the Big Gete Star 
Golden Cooler 

    The Overlords 
The First, Third and Fourth Overlord, the Trinity of Expendable Mooks (The Tin Tyrant; The First Overlord: Lord Gromgard; The Third Overlord: The Great One, The Overdad, The Eighth Hero, Gallant, Infernal God of the Infernal Abysses; The Fourth Overlord: Witch Boy, The Demon Lord of Nordberg, The Overlad)
The First Overlord
The Third Overlord
The Third Overlord as the Infernal God of the Infernal Abysses
The Fourth Overlord


Intermediate Gods

    The Aparoids 
The Aparoids, Unholy Keystone Army
The Aparoid Queen
  • Intermediate Deities collectively
  • Symbol: The Winged Aparoid
  • Theme Music: Aparoid Blitz, Aparoid Pigma (Collectively); Aparoid Queen, Queen's Core (For the Aparoid Queen)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Assimilation Plot, The Virus, Horde of Alien Locusts
  • Domains: Assimilation, Aliens
  • Tense Alliance: Alex Mercer
  • Rivals: Borg Queen, The Flood, The Vex, The Infested
  • Enemies: Star Fox, Wolf O'Donnell, Sgt. Calhoun, Wreck-It Ralph, Jean-Luc Picard, James Heller, The Crystal Gems
  • Source of Interest for: The Grox
  • Unknown Relation: Phazon
  • During a mission to take down remnants of Andross' army, the Star Fox team unexpectedly encounter a force far deadlier than what they're used to: the Aparoids. A race of insect/cyborg hybrids, their goal is to assimilate all life into their collective hive and are led by the Aparoid Queen, an apparently soulless being who sought to bypass evolution. Not only can the Aparoids infect organic beings into their mind, they can also infect machines. In order to combat this menace, Star Fox sought the help of Slippy's father to create a self-destruct program that would eradicate all the Aparoids once put into place. The team reached the Aparoids' homeworld and after a fierce battle with the Aparoid Queen, Star Fox activated the self-destruct program, and had to damage the queen further in order for the program to activate. In the end, once the queen was destroyed, all of the Aparoids perished as well.
  • As business was going around as usual in the Pantheon, there were reports of unusual bug-like creatures roaming around, prompting certain deities to try and exterminate them. A sense of dread grew as reports got out that machinery was infected by those bugs and things got worse when some deities became assimilated by these creatures. The news eventually reached Star Fox, who quickly realized that the Aparoids somehow found their way to the Pantheon and they quickly sought the help of some scientists to create an effective program that would stop the Aparoids' threat before things became dire. The Star Fox crew headed to where the Aparoid Queen was located and, knowing about what the Queen is capable of, made slightly quicker work of her before using the self-destruct program on her. While the queen did try to suppress it like what happened before, that program was a bit stronger thanks to the skills of the various Pantheonic scientists. While the threat of the Aparoids has subsided for the time being, Star Fox is aware that the Aparoids are going to strike again (and potentially be even more of a threat than before) and are determined to make sure the Pantheon doesn't fall to these creatures.
  • Many have drawn similarities between the Aparoids and the Borg, especially when it comes to their goal of assimilating others. The Borg Queen thinks that the Aparoids could pose a potent obstacle to her goals and is making sure that she and her Borg army surpass the Aparoids in terms of capabilities. Given that the Aparoid Queen wants to bypass evolution, there is a strong possibility that the Aparoids are trying to surpass the Borgs' capabilities via trying to eliminate them.
    • Jean-Luc Picard, who has fought against the Borg in the past alongside his crew members and was among the deities involved in trying to slow down the Aparoids before they could overtake the Pantheon, took the similarities seriously and wasn't happy with learning that the Aparoids are another version of one of Picard's biggest threats. He, alongside many other space explorers, have continued to participate in the effort to thwart the Aparoids' plans, with Star Fox providing help to these space explorers whenever possible.
  • One method that the Aparoid Queen uses in trying to get its foes to submit to her is by imitating the voices of those its victims know very well. This didn't really work on Star Fox as Fox knew better than anyone that his dad would never tell him to give up. The Aparoid Queen has since looked into more effective methods of destroying the fighting spirit of her foes before either destroying them or assimilating them as part of her collective.
  • While they were sending their insectoid army of Insectrox Gronox on a mission, The Grox witnessed the Aparoids in action and were very intriguied by the Aparoids' abilities. Once that assignment was over, The Grox has continued studying the Aparoids and have thought up of ideas on not only to improve themselves, but to potentially use the Aparoids for their own goals, provided that the Grox don't end up getting assimilated by the Aparoids first.
  • Much of the Aparoid army bears some sort of resemblance to space bugs in terms of appearance. Sgt. Calhoun and Wreck-It Ralph, both having had experience in fighting against Cy-Bugs, were very concerned about what the Aparoids are capable, especially when it comes to assimilating others and have fought against a number of the Aparoids' lower-level mooks. King Candy, having been absorbed by a Cy-Bug and gaining that creature's abilities in the process, was more than reminded of that particular moment after learning about and seeing the Aparoids in action. While a King Candy-fused Cy-Bug was bad enough, it's more than likely to be worse if he ends up getting assimilated by an Aparoid.
  • There is a highly heated rivalry between them and The Flood as far as their goals are concerned. Both have had experience in trying to assimilate others into their ranks and breaking others mentally, though The Gravemind is more interested in seeing everyone and everything suffer and the Aparoid Queen wants to surpass evolution and take over everything in its way. Battles between their soldiers end up being deadly and seeing a member of The Flood get infected by Aparoids and vice-versa has been noted to be terrifying in appearance.
    • One of the battles between the armies had a group of Phazon-infected Flood soldiers entering the battlefield, causing an even bigger mess than most other fights before it. The Aparoid Queen was curious about the Phazon and the more it learned about Phazon, the more that this substance was on the queen's mind in some capacity. Knowing that the Phazon will just kill anyone with a weak-mind, she has been toughening up her soldiers should an opportunity to get involved with the Phazon arrive.
  • Alex Mercer, who is merciless when it comes to absorbing others and getting whatever power they have, found out about the Aparoids and fought them, hoping to gain some additional power from them. This eventually led him to the Aparoid Queen, where he found out that it wanted to surpass evolution and take over the galaxy. Mercer noted that the Aparoids were similar to The Borg in terms of abilities and that was when he found out that the Aparoids were in conflict with the Borg. The Aparoid Queen figured that Mercer could be of some use in trying to dispose of The Borg and has offered some sort of proposition to him: he would gain some of the Aparoids' powers and would not only eliminate the Borg, but anything else that gets in the Aparoids' way. It's a very tenuous alliance to say the least, as Mercer intends to absorb the Aparoid Queen and her troops should The Borg get elminated entirely and the Aparoid Queen doesn't intend to keep Mercer around for long either.
    • Mercer's temporary alliance with them angered James Heller, who has a personal vendetta towards Mercer, quite a bit to put it mildly. It's one thing that a power-hungry monster is on the loose causing untold amounts of damage, but that monster willing to work with a dangerous race of aliens just to gain more power was more than enough for Heller to double his efforts in not only stopping Mercer, but to help out in stopping the Aparoids from causing further damage to the Pantheon and prevent more innocents from getting assimilated into them.
  • A number of their most brutal fights tend to happen whenever The Vex is their opponents. Seeing as how the Aparoids are capable of assimilating themselves into non-organic matter, The Vex are doing everything they can so that their members don't fall to the Aparoids in addition to trying to eliminate every single Aparoid from their sights or re-shape them into The Vex's own image. The Aparoid Queen sees The Vex's goals as a major obstacle in surpassing evolution.
  • One fantastical race in the Pantheon that The Aparoid Queen is a bit curious about is The Infested, thanks to their potent adaptive abilities. Even if it makes the Aparoids look more horrific and deformed upon absorbing them, the Aparoid Queen is willing to look further in them. This didn't sit well with The Infested and it resulted in more dangerous battles for the Aparoids. Many are worried about what could happen if the Aparoids really are successful in gaining the abilities of The Infested.
  • The Crystal Gems have proven to be a considerable source of irritation and interest for the Aparoid Queen; while their species doesn't evolve, their Hard Light bodies leave them immune to her assimilation efforts. It didn't, however, stop her from considering both Steven and Connie as potential targets since the two are more organic than their Crystal Gem allies, with both Steven and Connie being advised to stay far away from the Aparoids to avoid getting assimilated. The Crystal Gems also see the Aparoids' goal of increasing their numbers via assimilation to conquer others to be a bit too similar to that of Homeworld's, which had a similar goal in increasing their numbers, albeit via stealing resources and not assimilating others.

    The Crimson Raiders 
The Crimson Raiders Members , Holy Military Squad (Firehawk (Lilith); The Slab King (Brick))
The Insignia note 
  • Intermediate (Lilith, Brick) to Lesser (Mordecai, Roland)
  • Symbol: The Crimson Raiders Insignia (a blend of the original Crimson Lance insignia and the Pandoran Vault emblem)
  • Theme Music: "How You Like Me Now?" by The Heavy; alternatively, Ain't No Rest For the Wicked by Cage the Elephant (shared with Marcus Kincaid)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Roland, Lilith, Mordecai), Chaotic Neutral (Brick); with elements of Good
  • Portfolios: Anti-Heroes, Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits, Badass Crew, True Companions, One-Man Army(each individually), The Squad / The Team, La Résistance
  • Domains: Military Groups, Rebellion, Mercenaries
  • Heralds: The Secondary Vault Huntersnote 
  • Allies: (to all) Marcus Kincaid, Mad Moxxi, Tiny Tina, Sir Hammerlock, Claptrap, the Outlaw Star Crew, Parasoul and the Black Egrets, Lelouch vi Britannia, The Basterds, The Guardians of the Galaxy, the Barian Emperors (except Vector)
  • Enemies: HANDSOME JACK, The rest of the Trollkaiger, the entire House of Villains and Hall of Otherness Abominations, Cthulhu, Nobuyuki Sugou, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Emperor Palpatine, Charles zi Britannia, Onaga, Lord Voldemort, Shen Gaoren
  • Tiny Tina had formed a plan. First step was slightly pulling some strings of influence with the Progenitors during a role-play campaign. Gygax and Arneson tried making it clear that they allowed the Pantheon to function without their influence. Tina, however, was relentless and eventually they assured her they would put in a good word towards what she was planning. Several days later, Handsome Jack found a certain paper with a message nailed to his door. He immediately recognized the symbol of a lance overlapping the Pandoran vault emblem. Jack immediately lost his cool as he tore up his entire temple, screaming obscenities. The words on the paper:
    We're here, BITCH.
    • As Tina expected, only Lilith, Mordecai and Brick came. They were missing a very special member. The second step was “borrowing” the Rat Talisman from the Treasure Vault, which she managed to do so with the Machine’s permission. The final step was returning to Pandora and Sanctuary to a certain grave. When she arrived, she saw the memorial statue and placed the Talisman on a string around its neck. Just like Goliath, the Talisman worked its magic as the statue became flesh and blood. Roland had returned.
    • The former leader of the Raiders had little recollection of what happened after Angel was freed/killed, but Tina filled him in. He was shocked to hear he was dead and that he was just a statue of himself brought to life. He pondered returning to the pedestal and removing the Talisman, but stopped after seeing Tina with tears in her forlorn eyes. She then said Handsome Jack was still “alive” in the Pantheon and that the Raiders needed him. Roland agreed and left with her. Upon his arrival, the rest of the Raiders (especially Lilith) were stunned speechless to see him back. The reunion was awkward, to put it mildly, as Tina was heavily scolded for doing something so reckless just to have Roland back. The “statue” stood up for her and promised that once Jack would be finally dead for good, he would then return to his own sleep. The rest of the Raiders agreed and welcomed their leader back.
  • The Raiders, when they were still Vault Hunters, are known as a battle-hardened team of True Companions. They have faced and destroyed many obstacles that would be impossible for mere mortals, from entire hordes of dangerous creatures, bandit gangs, military mercenaries, assassins, zombies and robots, to even Eldritch Abominations. They have quite a list of foes they intend to take down which includes an entire House and the Hall of the Otherness Abominations, but first and foremost is Handsome Jack.
  • Upon ascension, the Raiders brought a cadre of their best men to the Pantheon in case they are needed. They have a formal alliance with the Black Egrets as Parasoul is impressed by the main quartet's many accomplishments. Each group has agreed to help the other out if they are ever in trouble.
  • They also get along well with the crew of the Outlaw Star, mostly because Gene and Aisha are interested in the many Vaults the Raiders are prone to look for and find, hoping they are filled with riches or anything valuable. Of course, Brick has said he already called dibs on finding them.
  • As he is his own statue come to life, Roland keeps the Rat Talisman close to him at all times. However, in case the Talisman is ever needed for other purposes, he relinquishes it and the statue is keep under close surveillance in the Raiders HQ/Temple. Handsome Jack issued a bounty on anyone who can destroy his statue during those times.
  • Roland gets along very well with Jax, seeing him as the leader the Crimson Lance should have had. It's through him that he's met other known military leaders such as Guile and Duke.
  • One day, Roland was calibrating his Scorpio Turret when the Engineer showed up and was fascinated by the technology of the turret as both an offensive and defensive weapon. Both began to tinker around with it until Fix-It Felix also appeared. With both the Engineer's know-how and Felix's hammer, Roland's turret was upgraded with some of his herald Axton's Sabre Turret abilities like a second gun, the ability to stick to walls or ceilings and a more versatile rotation motor. Needless to say, he's quite pleased with it.
  • As he's really stone, he naturally gets along with Goliath, the other known frequent user of the Rat Talisman. He also gets along very well with both Tak and Geb. All three agreed to help safeguard his statue from Jack if he ever needs to relinquish the Talisman.
  • Was mistaken by Yuma Tsukumo who thought he heard the voice of the Barian Emperor Durbe when Roland was practicing some Japanese. Upon meeting the Emperors, the Raiders were a bit apprehensive but eventually formed alliance with them. Any help necessary with the forewarned battle in the future is appreciated.
  • While secretly thankful he's back, Lilith still is unable to get Roland's interest romantically, muttering he's "still as blunt as a rock. Only literally now". She goes to the House of Love to get advice on how to finally get through to him.
  • Lilith once met Rose, whom sensed her great power as a Siren. The Romani fortune teller told her she could control and even improve her power with proper training and directed her to Professor X.
    • Xavier was instantly impressed by Lilith's Siren power and her Phasewalk (while she was even more impressed that he was able to keep an eye on her as she phased around), agreeing to help her further improve her skills. In the days she's not leading the Raiders, she goes to Xavier's Mansion to train alongside the rest of the X-Men. As expected, she, Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde get along very well.
  • Despite her general attitude, Lilith is also a major closet geek. Whenever she is not on duty with the Raiders or training with the X-Men, she disappears to play a few role-play sessions or some arcade machines at the House of Gaming. She too is welcome to the small D&D/B&B campaigns Tina has with the Progenitors.
    • Johnny Storm was curious about her when he heard that her nickname was "Firehawk" and paid a visit to X-Men HQ to see her in action. He witnessed her using the full extent of her Siren powers as she grew wings of flame and destroyed a Sentinel construct in the Danger Room. He was instantly smitten. Johnny hit on her once practice was over, but she replied that she only has eyes for Roland. Johnny said it was cool and the two became friends since. Of course, Ben had the last laugh with a snarky comment.
  • Mordecai was impressed with the various snipers around the Pantheon and wishes to one day challenge them all. He heard rumors of a sniper tournament coming in the near future and he's already preparing for it.
  • He once found himself face to face with Anivia when he journeyed to the Sub-House of Birds. He instantly praised how magnificent she was and he was shocked to hear her talk back. Mordecai then began telling her all about Bloodwing and how she died. The Cryophoenix was saddened that something that terrible happened to a fellow avian and promised she will help him take care of the fledgeling, Talon and assist him if he ever needed help. Of course, this alliance also made him good friends with Ashe.
  • His friendship with Nakoruru is a bit strained. The Nature goddess is upset how Mordecai has killed many creatures as a Hunter, but at the same time feels glad he has a special bond with birds. That, and Mamahaha finds herself at ease when held by him since the hawk never trusts anyone aside from Nakoruru. She too has agreed to raise Talon for him.
  • Was once confused as a Luchador by Rey Mysterio due to his hispanic accent and his strange mask. Mordecai on the other hand, asked him if he was Truxican. Even with the joking aside, the two get along.
  • Met the other Mordecai once. When asked what happened when they met, he simply replied that he would be at Moe's if anyone needed him.
  • When Brick was first introduced to the Heavy by Tina, the similarities between the two of them was incredible. To the surprise of his fellow RED/BLU mercenaries, the Heavy actually allowed Brick to handle Sasha. In return, Brick gave him his Mongol rocket launcher. The two immediately went on a wild shooting rampage on the GUAE with Tina throwing grenades as she jumped between the two of them.
  • Even though Brick is a Blood Knight who loves to fight (having frequent bouts with both Kenpachi and Aran to satisfy his battle lust), he surprinsingly has a soft center that few know of. Fluttershy heard from Tina about Brick's dead puppy and felt sorry for the big guy.
    • Fluttershy eventually tried to find Brick a new pet, just as she did with Rainbow Dash. The big guy instead adopted every animal she showed him. Of course, he has her take care of them for him.
  • Brick and Ralph hit it off quite well, with both impressed by each other's fists. They both enjoy arm wrestling with one another, which always ends up destroying whatever table or cracking whatever surface they play at. Brick even offered him a chance to join the Slabs, as he's their leader, but Ralph said he's happy being with his friends.
    • It was during one of Ralph's "babysitting" times when Brick met the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The big guy immediately picked all three of them upand began to playfully toss-and-catch them in the air, much to the shock of everyone present. The Crusaders asked him if they would ever get their cutie marks by being Slabs. Brick was willing to sign them on the spot, only for Applejack and Rarity to give him harsh stares and decided not to go with it.
  • Formed a strange bond with Jimmy Hopkins, who for some reason reminds Brick of himself as a youngster. He admires his attitude and willingness to stand up to all bullies. Brick went as far as to say if Jimmy ever wanted to, he'd make a great Slab. Jimmy turned him down as he doesn't want to be part of any clique or gang. Brick respects the decision, much to the surprise of the other Raiders.
  • Seeing as he skipped out on formal education in his youth, Roland and Lilith recommended that he enroll in Elysium Academy, much to the surprise of Dumbledore and the rest of the faculty. Brick may have some problems with grades, but makes up for it in extracurricular activities. Naturally, he's respected by other Academy toughs like Nelson, Kubiak and Daigo.

    The Helghan Empire 
The Helghan Empire, Divine Nation of Threatening Troops (The Helghan Corporation (Formerly), The Helghast)
  • Intermediate Deities as a whole
  • Symbol: The Helghan Empire Symbol
  • Theme Song: Helghan Forever
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Dying Race, Gas Mask Mooks, The Great Depression, Human Subspecies, The Resenter, Sociopathic Soldier, We Have Reserves
  • Domains: War, Resources, Troops, Empires, Masks, Conflict
  • Allies: Scolar Visari, Colonel Mael Radec, The 501st Legion, Emperor Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, ADVENT, The Corpus
  • Rivals: The Enclave, The Grineer
  • Enemies: Master Chief, XCOM, The Combine, The Guardians, Arthur Maxson, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, The Tenno
  • Pitied by: Magneto
  • The Helghan Empire has a lot of history behind how they came to be. Originally known as the Helghan Corporation conglomerate who was sent from earth by the UCN to colonize two planets that they named Vekta and Helghan, the first being was perfect for settlement while the second being rich in resources but uninhabitable. Conflicts sparked after the UCN showed regret after handing over those planets and after the Helghan Corporation refused to cooperate with them, they launched and invasion and displaced all the members of Helghan corporation to live in Helghan. Years later and living decades of suffering, the Helghan Empire was born and intended to take back Vekta from the ISA after losing the war. They were almost succesful but the ISA was succesful at repelling them and then the fight was taken to their home planet.
  • The Helghast are infamous for their troops looking very menacing, with Gas Masks and dark bulky armor being the standard attire for the regular troopers and they have a reputation of being brutal with their enemies. It's best exemplified with Colonel Radec in how brutal the man can be, even with his own men and when he heard of the news about the Helghan Empire earning a settlement in the Pantheon he wasted no time in coming to visit them, pledging his Undying Loyalty towards his superiors.
  • The Helghast are extremely aggresive and protective of their temple and such have shoot to kill policy to anyone that enters they territory since ever since the ISA invasion they've become very paranoid. Their temple seems to be a recreation of Helghan's enviroment right down to the deadly conditions and hazardous climate.
  • Seeking to expand their military power, they made a few alliances with other empires, with Palpatine and Arcturus Mengsk being their greatest newfound allies thanks to the efforts of Radec leaving a good impression on them. The Helghast forces and the 501st also occasionally join forces to patrol the Houses of War and Villains and Mengsk has talked with Scolar Visari about UED, a faction from his universe similar to the ISA who seeks to take the Koprulu Sector from them.
  • The average born Helghan is usually pale and mutated thanks to the harsh conditions of Helghan, that's why they use gas masks. Though they got used to the enviroment, the armed forces still use them as a symbol of pride and intimidation. Given how the ISA treats them as non-human trash, Magneto took pity on them and has been in talks with Visari about a potential alliance, but so far all of this are simply rumors.
  • The inhabitants of the world of Fallout had a lot of differing opinions about the Helghast, considering that Helghan is not that different from the earth they come from, even if most of the hazardous enviroment is natural to the planet. They saw the Enclave as a potential ally and they seem to share a lot of methods and common goals, but given that most Helghast are mutated, the Enclave's racism prevented them from becoming true allies and ultimately became bitter rivals. An known enemy of the Enclave, Arthur Maxson, also was reminded a lot of the enclave given their totalitarian approach to politics and it didn't help that he also dislikes mutants, considering the Helghast as mutated freaks from outer space that totally deserved getting their planet nuked.
  • The Helghast have faced a lot of opposition from many places, particularly the likes of XCOM, Master Chief, The Rebel Alliance and the Guardians since all of them have faced Evil Empires before. Luke and Leia didn't take kindly to their alliance with Palpatine and XCOM reminds them too much of the ISA to the point that the Helghast have done everything in their power to remove their presence from the pantheon, an effort that made them allies with ADVENT.
  • In the past, the Helghast used to be a Corporative Conglomerate before their dissolution. That's one of the many reason that they seem to be on good terms with the Corpus and Visari actually talked with the Corpus higher ups to form a partnership. They would aid the Helghast on their war against the ISA and they in turn would get a hold of the resources of Planet Helghan, which are said to be quite rare.
    • What confused people was that, in methods, the Helghast resemble the Grineer a lot more than the Corpus. Initially Visari talked with the Twin Queens about their respective conflicts and how they could benefit from helping each other but the sheer mindless drones of the Grineer couple with how treacherous the queens can be, Visari decided to cut ties with them. Of course, this caused both the Helghast and the Grineer to be at each others throats, even if at best it's a fierce rivalry. There is also the fact that the Tenno have been also contacted to deal with the Helghast threat, which sometimes makes both factions work together against a common enemy.
  • One would think that the Helghast and the Combine would get along given how both factions have Gas Mask Mooks as their average army soldier, but that wasn't the case. The Combine are a colonialist empire and that reminded the Helghast about the ISA and decided to oppose them, even if it's possible that the Combine could easily dispatch of the Helghast in mere minutes.
  • In the end, Helghan was nuked by the remaining forces of the ISA and the planet became inhabitable, forcing the survivors to take shelter in Vekta. A separatist faction was formed afterwards, where they decided to take down the ISA leaders and take the planet for themselves but that ended in failure for them. Thankfully for them, the Helghast forces in the pantheon are all the original leaders of the Helghan Empire and they all seek to regain the glory of the Helghast once more.



    The 501st Legion 
The 501st, Legion of The Gods and Gods of Mooks (Vader's Fist, the Five Hundred And First)
  • Demigod Squadron
  • Symbol: This crest.
  • Music: Imperial Attack, The Stormtroopers, The Imperial March
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Disposable Militaries, Less Than Stellar Accuracy, Strength In Numbers, Guys that Provoke Minimal Empathy
  • Domains: War, Order
  • Rivals: The Combine
  • After seeing the House of Defense resembling a pigsty for the 37th time in a month, Captain America sought a restructuring of the House. Several failed attempts later, Cap decided to seek an already formed and properly unified military force to occupy the mostly-empty House. Darth Vader, seeing a chance for advancement, offered his squadron. From there, the 501st became stationed in most areas of the Pantheon.
  • While Lord Vader possesses their utmost loyalty, they do defer to Master Dream, Mistress Haruhi, and the Captain himself (the Captain is a favorite, as he hates it when they die and doesn't really punish them outside of non-violent reprimands). Lately, they started training under the Taskmaster and taking orders from Grand Admiral Thrawn, and they've actually started doing very well.
  • Is always dispatched first to any altercations that disrupt the peace, as well as performing the majority of arrests in small cases. They aren't always successful with stronger gods, however. Their armor makes them essentially Immune to Bullets, but who in the Pantheon uses a gun?
    • Well, several, but mostly those guns have either proven superior to their armor or other abilities (including shooting at terrain that can kill them just as easily) they have offset that.
  • Half of them are the most elite of stormtroopers, picked from across the Empire. The other half started off as cosplayers with really, really good costumes.
  • Nearly wiped out three times:
  • Not to be confused with that other 501st. Thought once the second-in-command of the 501st Joint Fighter Wings, Mio Sakamoto, ascended, she was made into the personal trainer of the 501st Legion. They commend that where she is rather strict in training, she is surprisingly nice to them all things considered.
  • Some people wonder if their armor even works in the first place and why they even bother with such things. As it happens, there is a good reason. They're light, imposing, effective (at least when it comes to glancing shots, and doubles as an environmental and space suit), and cheap (especially since the Emperor spent a lot of credits on the Death Star(s)).

    Black Cat Mantaray 5- 4 
Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 Members , Patron Saints of Non-pilot Combat Flight Crew
PBY-6A Catalina "Mantaray"
Radioman Landry 
Petty Officer Laughlin 

    Black Ops 
The Black Ops, the Unholy Legion of Evil Military Units ("Masked Freaks", Black Operations, Male and Female Assassins)
Concept art of the Female and Male Black Ops assassins from the mod Operation Black Mesa. Image taken from here
The female assassins as they appear in Black Mesa 
  • A Unit of Demigods and Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: Their masks and night-vision goggles
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domains: Elite Soldiers, US Government, Containment
  • Portfolio: An unambiguously evil military unit of sociopathic elite agents tasked with containing an alien invasion, killing anyone who isn't part of their unit, alien or otherwise, Badass Army, Dark Is Evil, Using all-black AH-64 Apaches and black M35 Trucks, The female assassins being extremely agile at the cost of durability, The male assassins being extremely agile and able to tank several Assault rifle rounds and Shotgun shells, Nominal Hero, Being completely silent when containing "threats", Torturing and silencing any US Marines left behind during their evacuation, Using a nuclear warhead to end multiple alien invasions
  • Allies: General Shepherd, The Enclave, Col. Miles Quaritch
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Men In Black, The Global Occult Coalition, The SCP Foundation, XCOM
  • Opposed by: Team Metal, Pvt. James Ramirez
  • Conflicting Opinion: Capt. Martin Walker
  • Similar military units: Shadow Company, Blackwatch
  • The Black Operations, better known as the Black Ops, are a secretive and shadowy unit of the US military under the direct supervision of the United States Federal Government. They are commandos trained in assassination and covert ops.
  • Like the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, they are tasked with dealing with emergencies at the Black Mesa Research Facility. On paper, they are supposed to work alongside the HECU as well as the Black Mesa Security Force as a clean-up crew. In reality, however, all three groups work independently of one another, and this shows during the events of the Black Mesa Disaster where they treat the other two groups with disdain and apathy, even killing members of the former two to conceal their presence.
    • They are also armed and equipped similarly to their US Marine counterparts, due in no part to being a branch of the US military themselves. The primary difference between them is that the Black Ops' vehicles come in black colors, which includes, among other things, unmarked black military trucks and Apache attack choppers.
    • Their utter contempt of the HECU, and by extension, the US Marine Corps, is made apparent when they torture and later massacre several Marines trying to escape Black Mesa following the former's hasty evacuation. Some sources say that they double-crossed them once the HECU began pulling out, others say that they were already hostile towards them from the moment the Black Ops set foot in Black Mesa. But whatever the case, it is all but confirmed that they turned against their fellow servicemen in the time they needed reinforcements the most.
  • They come in two variants: male and female. Both wear all-black sneaking and combat suits with complementary night-vision goggles, and never speak a single word in combat, much less use loud radio frequencies like their HECU counterparts.
    • The female Black Ops are Stealth Experts, having access to an Invisibility Cloak and silenced Glock 17 pistols.
    • The male Black Ops are trained for firefights, and are armed with M4A1 Carbines and/or MP5 submachine-guns complete with underbarrel grenade launchers. In addition, some are trained snipers, and are armed with the M40a1 sniper rifle.
  • During the Black Mesa incident, following the HECU's increasingly hopeless battle of attrition against the Xen invasion, the US Government decided to send in the Black Ops to eventually replace the now-beleaguered Marines. They do far better than the HECU in repelling not one, but two simultaneous alien invasions. As mentioned above, however, their Fiery Cover Up mission is still in effect, but this time, now includes any HECU members left behind. Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard, who are members of the Black Mesa Science Team and HECU respectively, find this out the hard way when they encounter the female and male black ops firsthand, respectively.
  • However, even with their overall better combat effectiveness as a unit, they become overwhelmed once Race X, one of the alien factions involved following the Resonance Cascade for their own ends, steps up their own invasion. With no other viable options, the US Federal Government orders them to nuke the facility. To achieve this final objective, they utilize a Mark IV Thermonuclear Device commandeered from inside one of Black Mesa's many weapons storage facilities and rig it to detonate. And this was despite the aforementioned Cpl. Shephard's attempts at stopping this by killing the Black Ops agents arming and guarding the device. Ultimately, their mission is successful, at the cost of an unknown number of their unit.
  • Upon their arrival in the Pantheon via their unmarked black military trucks, they immediately decide to resume their two missions: witness "containment" and combating alien threats, hostile or otherwise.
  • To achieve the first mission, they begin taking orders from Gen. Shepherd, acting as replacements for Shadow Company. In exchange for intel relating to survivors of the Black Mesa Incident being in the Pantheon, they act as Shepherd's elite hit squad, launching attacks on deities like Vladimir Makarov and Captain John Price.
    • In addition, they also continue hostilities against many US Marine deities, with Sgt. Hartmann in particular being kidnapped, tortured, and left to die at one point.
  • Eventually, they come across both Adrian Shephard and Gordon Freeman, their two highest priority targets outside of the Nihilanth. Both the Black Mesa scientist and the HECU Marine form an uneasy truce in order to fight their way out. The end result is dozens of dead Male and Female Assassins, and the two witnesses escaping.
  • With the ascension of the Combine and Wallace Breen, the Black Ops make it a point to engage them while also adding Breen to their list of witnesses needed to be "contained". Surprisingly, despite their defeat at the hands of Freeman and Shephard, the Assassins do well against the Overwatch soldiers. It's only when the latter send in their Synths and heavy machinery are the Black Ops forced to retreat, their black AH-64 Apaches covering them. A series of engagements soon follow, with many innocent deities caught in the crossfire of Evil vs. Evil.
  • In addition to Freeman, Shephard, and the Combine, the Black Ops are also hostile to the many Xen aliens currently in the Pantheon, eliminating any at first sight. This includes the Vortigaunts despite their Heel–Race Turn status.
    • With regards to the Nihilanth, one of the aliens behind the mess at Black Mesa, they make it a point to find and kill this being. To this end, they are willing to use another Mark IV Thermonuclear Device to ensure it stays dead. Before this can push through, a few deities opposing the use of nuclear weapons in the Pantheon intervene, confiscating their warhead before it can be placed in the Nihilanth's lair. Nonetheless, the Black Ops still push through with planning on ridding the Pantheon of the giant alien creature for good, nuclear warhead or not.
  • They establish their ruthlessness to the rest of the Pantheon when they attempt to mercilessly attack the house of Extraterrestrials, as well as any other alien presence in the Pantheon. This ruthlessness earns them the interest and respect of Col. Miles Quaritch, who is all but happy to assist them in their operations. In return for helping them deal with the Xen Aliens, he asks them to add Jake Sulley and Neytiri to their kill-list.
  • Other deities considered as threats by the Black Ops include Alex Mercer and Sgt. James Heller. The former consider them enemies due to their nature of being government experiments Gone Horribly Wrong that must be contained, while the latter are mainly hostile towards them due to the latters' experiences against the similarly-themed Blackwatch. Even moreso for Heller, since he's a former US Marine.
  • Despite their nefarious methods, they ultimately still work together with other organizations in the Pantheon tasked and/or specializing with dealing against alien and inhuman threats. These organizations include, among many others, the MIB, the SCP Foundation, and XCOM. The first and last ones appreciate the additional manpower against the traitorous ADVENT, while the second would prefer that the Black Ops not use force all the time.

    Captain Olimar 
Captain Olimar, He Who Needs to Repair His Way to Freedom and God of Creating Own Forces (Veteran Astronaut)
Olimar with his Pikmin
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His spaceship, The S.S. Dolphin
  • Theme Song: Main Theme (Pikmin) or World Map (Pikmin 2)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Tiny People, Unofficial Pikmin Leader, Creating Own Troops, Heroic Mime (until his latest journey), Happily Married / Action Dad, Nice Guy, Eyes Always Shut
  • Domains: Tiny Folk, Leaders, Explorers
  • Heralds: Louie (much to his dismay), the Koppai trio (Alph, Brittany, Capt. Charlie)
  • Allies: The Pikmin, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Hank Pym, Odysseus, All good deities from Master Hand's tournaments, Kosmo and Nova
  • Enemies: Durant, Tabuu, Bowser, Ganondorf, Wario, Murkrow, The Overlords, Motonari Mori, The Scorpion & the Tarantula
  • A native of Planet Hocotate, Captain Olimar is a veteran of forays into Planet PNF-404, where he first met the Pikmin. After repairing and then losing his ship to the All Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks, he ventured a third time to obtain enough treasure to get back his ship. After being rescued by a team from Koppai and finally regaining ownership of the S.S. Dolphin, he took it on a test cruise. However, disaster again struck when the Dolphin was assailed by a meteor shower and took a massive hit. The Dolphin somehow managed to breach the Gates where it broke up into pieces, scattering all its parts throughout the Pantheon. As luck would have it, Olimar himself ended up in the Hall of Plants where he joyfully met up with the Pikmin again. Once again, Captain Olimar sets off on a quest to bring the pieces of his ship and return home.
    • Or so he thought as unlike PNF-404, there were plenty of helpful individuals (bigger than him of course) who set out and brought all the pieces they could find and soon the Dolphin was once again reassembled. However, Olimar was shocked to see that certain special items (specifically the Warp Drive Key which is needed for his jump to warp speed, the Libra & Sagittarius jewels being mementoes of his children and, of course, his Secret Safe with a hefty amount of Pokos inside) were not found. Many gods tried to find these special items for him but failed. Thus, Olimar himself alongside the Pikmin set out to find those parts and gather any interesting "treasures" along the way.
  • One of the few who has two tropes, he hardly stays in either temple as both have a default oxygen atmosphere (which is toxic to him), so he travels around the Pantheon on the Dolphin (as it is able to run on its own power at least) to search for the missing parts alongside a handy Pikmin Onion which follows him to create necessary Pikmin forces.
  • Many wonder why he was able to grow in size during Master Hand's tourneys when he's a really tiny humanoid by nature, even pointing out the time when he and the Pikmin were first met fighting a R.O.B. unit during the Subspace Emissary saga, and only once joining the heroes, he and the Pikmin were magically enlarged. Some simply chalk it up to the influence of Master Hand itself.
    • Unfortunately for Olimar, he remains small within the Pantheon so he relies on the Dolphin to travel from House to House. Aside from being able to run on its own power, several gods have graciously installed offensive capabilities and a shield generator on the Dolphin so it would not be an object of target practice for less friendlier deities.
  • Being tiny, he has allied with fellow Inchling, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna. She suggested using her Miracle Mallet to make his missing parts appear, but Olimar stopped short after hearing about the Mallet's Jerkass Genie tendencies. Still, Olimar enjoys her company as he usually has only the Pikmin and his own thoughts as company most of the time. Although he wishes his wife wouldn't be so jealous when he told his family about her on the communicator.
    • Hank Pym tried to persuade him into using Pym Particles so he can be normal-sized, but Olimar shot down the idea. For one thing, the Pikmin felt uneasy around him (as Hank's Pokemon partners are the Durant). For another, he knew about the Particles' side effects and wouldn't want to bother with it.
  • As said before, the Pikmin have nothing but Undying Loyalty towards him. Olimar, additionally, is able to truly lead them around the Pantheon and has the advantage of using Ultra Sprays to power-up Pikmin beyond their Flower stage. Some has frowned on Olimar treating Pikmin as slaves and as expendable mooks as he can always create more Pikmin through the Onion. The Hocotatian grew furious as such accusations as he treats the Pikmin well, tries his hardest to lead them benevolently and avoids decisions that may cause many casualties. He may not be perfect, but he doesn't treat the Pikmin as mooks to be used.
    • As such, he frowns on anyone who treats those beneath them as expendable resources like the Overlords and Motonari.
  • Shares similarities with Odysseus as they are both family men who just want to get home. Olimar does envy the Ithacan king a bit since he has his wife Penelope in the Pantheon, whereas his is still waiting on Planet Hocotate.
  • For some strange reason, Earth junk and random objects are considered valuable to Planet Hocotate and Olimar spends time (when he isn't searching for the missing parts) finding any salvage he can and sending it home via a special freight service. When asked why he doesn't hitch a ride home with the freight, Olimar restates that he's not leaving without the Dolphin fully completed.
    • Olimar's scavenging has given him many encounters with the Murkrow as the corvid thieves like to steal the things he and the Pikmin find for themselves. The Pikmin and Olimar are able to stand their ground and succeed in some of the skirmishes until the Alpha Murkrow is called, whereas they must then beat a hasty retreat. Little did Olimar and anyone else know that the missing Dolphin parts are all hidden deep inside the Murkrow's dead tree base of operations in the House of Crime.
      • However, after a chance run in with Kosmo and Nova and being told of their quest, Olimar decided to enlist Kosmo about his trouble with the Murkrows, leading Kosmo to traverse to their den, where he managed to look inside and find the pieces. After altering Olimar about it and that the Murkrows want 6 bags of fresh corn for them, Olimar happily used the funds he gained from selling the treasure the Pikman gained to give to Kosmo, whom successfully bought the fresh corn and traded it for the ship parts. Olimar was ecstatic to fully get his ship up and running again, and even more so when he was given a teleporter to take to his home so instead of the toxic air his temples had, he could just teleport to and from his temples and his home, allowing for him to even visit should his ship crash again. He is hugely thankful to Kosmo, and shares stories of their trips across the cosmos on their freetime.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Craft.

    The Flag Raisers 
The Flag Raisers, Divine Heralds of Iconic Flag Posing Members  (The Heroes of Iwo Jima)
Surviving Flag Raisers during their war bond drive tour 

     Marine Squad (Pacific Assault
Sgt. Thomas Conlin, Gunnery Sgt. Francis Evan Minoso, Navy Corpsman James Broderick Sullivan, and Pvt. William Gaines, Patron Saints of The US Marine Corps (Conlin: Tommy, Tom, Tommygun; Minoso: Frank; Sullivan: Doc, Sully, Jim, Jimmy; Gaines: Willy)
From left: Sullivan, Gaines, Minoso, and Conlin

     Marine Squad (World at War
Pvt. C. Miller, Pvt. Polonsky, and Sgt. Roebuck, Patron Saints of Jungle Warfare (Miller; Roebuck: The Sarge; Polonsky: Kid)
Top: Miller, Center: Roebuck, Bottom: Polonsky

Roebuck: "Everything that was asked of us, we've done. Every night we lay in a filthy foxhole...Prayin' the enemy won't slit our throats. Every day we spent crawling through the mud and dirt while bullets whistled all around. This is the enemy's last stand. When we take Shuri Castle, we go home. All of us."

    Nazi Storm Elite 
The Nazi Storm Elites, Gods of Heavily Armored Enemy Units

    Randall and Taylor 
Lt. Randall and Sgt. Bill Taylor, Divine Rangers of the Pantheon
Randall as a Sergeant
Taylor as a Corporal
  • Theme: Rhine Victory Exhausted
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The logo of the US Army Rangers during World War II
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Both men: US Army Rangers, Using a mix of WWII-era guns like the M1911A1, Thompson, M1 Garand, and M1919
  • Domains: United States Army, Soldiers, World War II
  • Followers: Captain Miller, Lt. Col. Mucci, Sgt. Foley and Cpl. Dunn
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Johann Schmidt, Fritz von Meyer, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Adenoid Hynkel, Rudol von Stroheim, The Nazi Storm Elites, The Waffen Infantry and Waffen Officers, Milleneum
  • Opposes: Senator Armstrong, General Shepherd
  • Headbutting Heroes: Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, U-511, Erica Hartmann, Gertrud Barkhorn
  • Randall and Taylor are soldiers of the US 2nd Ranger Battalion, one of the most elite and well-known units in the US Army during the War in Europe and Africa.
  • Compared to most US Army units, Rangers like Randall and Taylor are given more difficult missions and objectives by the Army high command, such as assaulting heavily fortified enemy positions or assisting in raids behind enemy lines. These two Rangers specialized in the former department, having done this at least thrice during their tour-of-duty.
    • This is stark contrast to Lt. Mike Powell, who specializes more in missions deep behind enemy lines, and prefers stealth over direct combat when not on the frontline.
    • Also, while Powell is more of a One Riot, One Ranger type, Randall and Taylor emphasize more on the idea that "No one fights alone", which remains true throughout their respective story.
  • Among their list of battles they took part in Europe are: the Normandy campaign, the Battle of Hill 400, and Operation Plunder.
    • Like Lt. Mike Powell and Pvt. Robert Zussman, they're also veterans of D-Day, although unlike them, who were part of the forces who landed at Omaha Beach, the newcomers to the Pantheon were part of the Pointe Du Hoc assault force.
    • Among some of Randall's and Taylor's later exploits are during the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, where they assaulted the heavily defended Hill 400, part of the larger Siegfried line, and later held back elements of the 116th Panzer Division trying to take the hill back.
    • Their last hurrah in Europe was the Crossing of the Rhine River, where they held took a heavily defended town despite heavy casualties and the Germans having tank support. It is during this battle that both Rangers are promoted to their current ranks, and thus why they are known as Lieutenant and Sergeant rather than their ranks from their story.
  • Following the end of the War in Europe, as well as their battlefield promotions, both Rangers arrive in the Pantheon. Having arrived in via an LCVP (complete with grappling hooks), the newly-promoted Lt. Randall and Sgt. Taylor begin to proceed with extreme caution, not knowing what's in store for them.
  • The first deity they come into contact with is a fellow Ranger from their unit, one Lt. Mike Powell. He immediately requests help from his fellow Rangers, as he needs men who can help him storm and destroy Fort Schmerzen. With no other intel and being in potentially hostile territory, they decide to stick with the Lieutenant and follow his orders.
  • Powell then takes the two newcomers back to Allied lines, where he briefs them about the large German military presence in the Pantheon, composed mainly of Waffen-SS soldiers under Johann Schmidt and Wilhelm Strasse. He also briefs them about his planned mission: to destroy their two main strongholds in the Pantheon: the aforementioned Fort Schmerzen, and the much larger Der Flakturm.
    • Upon finding out Taylor's marksmanship skills being similar to his own, he assigns the Corporal the task of providing him sniper cover, not unlike how he himself provided cover for several of his own allies back during the war.
  • The more experienced Ranger also introduces them to the other American soldiers, sailors, and Marines in the Pantheon. Sure enough, the two newer Rangers begin sharing stories with several other veterans of the European Theater.
    • With regards to Pvt. Robert Zussman, they both share their experiences in Normandy as well as the Hurtgen Forest.
    • Both are surprised that Captain America, a comic book character, is very much real in this universe. Not only that, but his Arch-Enemy, the Red Skull, is also a deity in the Pantheon, and even commands some of the Waffen-SS units in the Pantheon as well.
  • When Randall and Taylor, working under Powell, finally get to encounter the German forces based in the Pantheon, they get the shock of their lives. While the Waffen Infantry and Waffen Officers aren't too different from the Wehrmacht troops they're accustomed to fighting, it's the Nazi Storm Elites that cause them great concern, as one manages to tank several of their well-placed rounds before being killed by a headshot from Taylor's Springfield. Powell assures them that there's much worse to be seen, the Lieutenant having met Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse in person during one of his missions.
  • Both Rangers get along well with Warspite. It helps that Royal Navy ships like her helped provide gunfire support for their unit during the Pointe Du Hoc assault, especially during their advance further inland. With Iowa's additional presence, they can be assured of occasional naval support as well, especially if their next operations will take them to coastal areas.
  • Both men are impressed at the feats of Pvt. James Ramirez, a Ranger from some 70 years after World War II. So much so, that they also order him to do everything else for them.
  • While they appreciate Lance Corporal Jack Jones' zeal in wanting to fight the Nazis, they would rather have him behind friendly lines, due to the risk of becoming The Load in the missions the two Rangers make behind enemy lines.
  • They get to meet Chuck Norris at one point, due to Randall hearing about him being a Ranger just like him and Taylor. While details of this meeting are mostly unknown, it can best described as an unforgettable and awesome encounter.
  • At one point, their battalion's actions are narrated by US President Ronald Reagan, something that can even be heard at the end of one of their story's early levels. Seeing an opportunity at making them propaganda pieces for their cause, General Shepherd and Senator Armstrong try to make an offer to the two Rangers. Thanks to Lt. Powell warning them in advance, however, they refuse, like so many other good-aligned deities before them have.
  • To their amazement, there are dozens, if not probably hundreds, of other deities with the Ranger moniker. When they get to meet several of them, they are mystified at how different their fighting styles, equipment, uniforms, etc. are.
    • Among the ones that amaze them the most are the Power Rangers. Not only do they have brightly-colored uniforms that seemingly look silly to the two soldiers, they are also armed with weapons that they could only dream of having.
    • Gadget and Monterey Jack are some of the ones that surprise the two Army Rangers the most, as they never expected mice to be Rangers just like them. Nonetheless, they appreciate their work, being something that they're not specialized in.
  • "Rangers lead the way."

    Squad 7 
Squad 7key members , The Divine Militia (Welkin: Welks, Isara: Is, Eleanor: Elle)
A photo of Squad 7
From right: Eleanor Varrot-Potter, Largo Potter, Brigitte "Rosie" Stark, Welkin Gunther, Isara Gunther, Alicia Melchiott-Gunther, Pvt. 3rd Class Hans, Zaka
Included but not members on the far left: Irene Ellet-Koller, Faldio Landzaat
Not included:Everyone else.
  • Rank: Demigods (save Alicia - Intermediate Goddess)
  • Symbol: The army insignia of an unicorn with the number 7 and the Edelweiss medium tank
  • Theme Song: Main Theme, Gallant Fight
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Army, Owner of the Edelweiss Tank
  • Domains: Militia, Home Guard, Wartime
  • Allies: Ike, Robin, Mark, Will, Brenner, Isabella, Lin, Captain America
  • Enemies: Selvaria Bles, Red Skull
  • Opposes: Andy
  • Heralds: Lanseal Royal Military Academy Class G
  • In the Principality of Gallia, it was a standard of the able-body men and women to be conscripted in its militia to preserve its neutrality between two mighty powers: The East Europan Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation. The Gallian Militia's 3rd Regiment Squad 7 were a band of civilians who were heroes for repelling an invasion by the Empire in the Second Europan War. Though the squad is decorated with many men and women, only several of the Squad manage to ascend.
  • As they are a militia, they are mobilized when the Pantheon is in a major conflict. For now, they are resuming their civilian life, although when Gallia was in a civil war and the militia can't be mobilized in internal conflict, Welkin and Alicia serve as mentors to the students of Class G.
  • The Squad, especially Welkin, was admired by Robin and Mark for their excellent strategies as well as not allowing their troops to be killed in battle.
    • The House of War hold a huge respect for Welkin for leading Squad 7 for victory against the Empire as well as his background as the son of General Belgin Gunther, who fought during the First Europan War that protected Gallia's independence. Though he is rather humbled that they hold high regards for his campaign, he prefers the life of studying nature which was encouraged by his father.
  • When they arrived, everyone save Eleanor and Zaka had a group hug with Isara when, in a while, back from the dead. They express how much they miss her, especially with Welkin, Alicia, and Rosie.
  • Welkin has found a teaching job for the young deities of the Pantheon and take them out on field trips to observe the natural habitats. While fairly liked, he can be quite clueless when left on his own accord as he often like to observe nature without any sense of time, much to his wife's worry. There was one story where he wanted to get a good look at a Carnifix, comparing it to a giant beetle.
  • Ike once confused their nation with the country in his continent, that were inhabited by the beast tribe Laguz. However, Ike managed to befriend the Squad and sympathizes with Isara and Zaka because he saw the discrimination of the Darcsen as not so different from Laguz discrimination. He admittedly doesn't know anything about the Darcsen, but even if he did, he wouldn't have cared because it doesn't matter who they are but what they are.
    • Incidently, the Squad thought that he (as well as Marth and Hector) were Darcsen because of their blue hair, though they are reminded that it seems to be a common trait in their world. Though Isara once knew a Darcsen named Raz during Squad E's training session with Squad 7 and sometimes, something like his voice seems alike.
  • If one couldn't tell, the Second Europan War is practically their world's World War II. The Squad did have to learn about the War and how it was alike with their own, even meeting the people that were there.
    • Unsurprisingly, they distrust the Nazi deities as their supremacy over military power and hatred towards people they don't like, especially Jews, is practically like the Empire.
  • With the deities of the Nintendo Wars, they relate a lot more with the Brenner's Wolves than the COs of War Worlds as the latter doesn't take war very seriously, which they felt is a bit insulting.
  • For them, they were experiencing culture shock when the Pantheon has a large variety of hair color. Especially the dark blue hair as it is the physical characteristics of the Darcsens, an indigenous group in Europa that were persecuted in Europa's history since ancient times. It's no surprise that they have to remind themselves that the blue hairs are not Darcsens because none of them have Darcsen's traditional patterns.
  • In the future, Welkin and Alicia had a daughter, whom they would named after their late sister.
  • As a little girl, Alicia wanted to be a baker to bring family together as she was an orphan who never knew her parents. With a license to selling bread, she made her shop at the House of Food to sell her bread to her customers. Though she was given instructions by the House itself to not sell her bread to the Soldier, after an incident where he has done nothing but teleport bread for 3 days when he thought he was dying and ended up creating a giant bread monster. The description sounded asinine, but she followed regardless.
  • According to Largo, everyone should be eating vegetables because it's, as he describes it, 'bombs packed tight with all kinds of important nutrients.' In his eyes, vegetables is king and everyone is its subjects. He is seen growing a large vegetable farm and greeting many other vegetable farmers around the Pantheon.
    • He's also one of the few people that sympathizes with the Cabbage Merchant. One day, while he and Elle were picking up groceries, Avatar Aang was riding on a delivery transport and one airbending mishap cause it to fall on top of the Merchant's cart, destroying it. Seeing such "malicious destruction of cabbages" send him screaming and begin his ranting at the Avatar. All it took is Elle telling him to calm down, in which Largo responds "okay."
  • Isara is always seen maintaining the Edelweiss, a relic left behind by her birth father and surrogate father. Some mechanics often like to see her describe the marvel of a tank, especially Winry Rockbell as Isara was actually one of her followers before she was ascended.
    • Though she is a bit humored with one mechanic named Miles "Tails" Prower because he shares the same name with another tank driver named Miles Arbeck. Tails was also fascinated by the plane that she designed when it was said that there weren't any aircrafts during the war and to fulfill her brother's wish to "fly high", though he was a bit sad that it was completed posthumous.
  • Rosie was a barlounging singer before the war and after, so it's no surprise that she would take jobs at the House of Music. One of her greatest song, "A Love Passed On," is played once in a while. It was dedicated to Isara when she was killed by a sniper shot and help her get over her prejudice to Darcsens and wanted to sing to bring peace to the lost.
    • Rosie was able to have co-singer with other Wartime Singer like Sheryl Nome and Lynn Minmay.

    Team Metal 
Team Metal, Patron Saints of Elite Soldiers (Sandman: Metal 0-1, Boss, G13; Truck: Metal 0-2; Grinch: Metal 0-3; Derek Westbrook: Frost, Metal 0-4)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The logo of The Delta Force
  • Theme: Delta Force Victory Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: All of them: Killed Off for for Frost , Sacrificing their lives to protect Price and the Russian President , Using a selection of firearms ranging from the M4A1 Carbine to the Mk. 14 EBR
  • Domains: United States Army, Special Forces, Elite units
  • Allies: Captain Price, Alex Mason, Solid Snake, Captain Martin Walker, Major Richard Winters and Captain Ronald Spiers, Sgt. Hartmann, The Commander/ "Overlord", Captain America, Charlotte Yeager, Chuck Norris, Adrian Shepard, Iowa, O'Bannon, Lena Oxton, The Boss
  • Enemies: Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Zoran Lazarevic, Raul Menendez, Liquid Snake, Ali-Al Saachez, Reaper, Widowmaker, HYDRA, Kane
  • Oppose: General Shepherd, Senator Armstrong, Big Boss, Jonathan Irons, Solidus Snake
  • Odd Friendship: Ichika Orimura
  • After their Heroic Sacrifice to save the Russian President ended with all but one of them getting killed, Team Metal was deemed worthy of being ascended into the Pantheon for their heroic efforts.
  • While Frost was initially guilty about not being able to help them out at the time and thus refusing to join them, Sandman says that they should be ascended as a team, and that it was not his fault for not taking part in their last mission in Siberia. Nobody knows why he didn't come with them.
  • Upon their ascension, they make it their prime objective to continue ridding the Pantheon of the threat that Makarov and his lackeys pose to the Pantheon as a whole.
  • Initially, they unanimously decided to work again with General Shepherd as they have done before. They manage to locate him, and at first things went well. Not too long after their meeting with him though, Captain Price manages to get in touch with them. He warns them that Shepherd is not to be trusted as an ally, and would kill them the moment he had the chance due to being possible liabilities. While the rest of the team, who knew nothing of the ordeal that his old friend went through, initially have doubts on Price's claim. Only Sandman believed his warning. However, any continuing sense of doubt is erased when they're immediately attacked by Shepherd for learning about all his dirty secrets.
  • It's from this point on that they decide that continuing to work with the Task Force 141 Captain is the way to go, especially considering that the General has also marked them as loose ends.
  • Price then gives them intel on which deities in the Pantheon can be trusted, as well as those that he considers as threats. The list includes deities such as Alex Mason in the former and Nikita Dragovich for the latter.
    • Others listed in the former category include Raiden and The Boss.
    • In the latter category, there's Zoran Lazarevic, Raul Menendez and Solidus Snake. The ones that stand out in this list however are Senator Steven Armstong and Jonathan Irons. Interestingly, while Irons is opposed to the others, Armstong in particular, he turns out to be just as bad as the American Senator (who is himself a close ally of General Shepherd) when they find out about the bioweapons his company's been making.
      • Zoran Lazarevic, Raul Menendez and General Dragovich get special attention, due to their supposed connections to Makarov, since it's been reported by Price that Lazarevic was seen with shipment crates containing the logo of the Ultranationalists and Inner Circle on them, while Dragovich has been seen shipping or attempting to ship suspicious canisters, most definitely containing Nova-6, to various other parts of the Pantheon. Makarov himself was a former follower of Menendez in the Pantheon itself, so the team keep watch on the Nicaraguan as well.
      • They also find out that Shepherd has been working closely with Senator Steven Armstrong, who's been supplying him with additional manpower, weapons, and money to him via Desperado, the former's front company. Knowing that a frontal assault is tantamount to suicide, they continue keeping watch on their activity.
  • During one of their intel-gathering missions while on their hunt for Makarov's connections within the Pantheon, they stumble upon Chuck Norris. Nothing more need be said on what happened next... It also helps that he was a Delta operator at one point.
    • Grinch also, by chance, got a chance to see his his namesake. He more or less had a good laugh with him.
  • Sandman, and to an extent the rest of the team, at first wanted to get Captain Martin Walker to become the new leader of their team due to him also being a Delta operator. This ultimately becomes a questionable decision upon finding out about Walker's service record in Dubai. In the end, Walker refuses to join them out of guilt, but he does provide them with weapons, ammo, and intel on Makarov and Shepherd that the Team had been looking for.
    • He warns them about other impending threats as well, such as the likes of Reaper, Widowmaker, and most importantly, HYDRA. All of them are considerably better-armed and more powerful than the four of them combined, so they plan accordingly with Price and his newfound ally Tracer in the event they need to take them down.
    • He also warns that Makarov is receiving help from a certain individual known simply as Kane. This becomes an important lead for them.
  • Not to be confused with Team Rocket, or any other Evil Team.
  • For some reason, Team Metal, especially Frost, has become friends with Ichika Orimura. When asked how did a group of veteran soldiers are good friends with an everyday teenager, they just shrugged and said "We like him. He's nice and reliable."

    The Wonderful 101 
The Wonderful 101, The Badass Army (CENTINALS special protectors)
  • Alone, Demigods. Ten or more, Lesser Gods. All 101, Intermediate Gods. When suited up in Platinum Robo, Greater God. When Platinum Robo is in Akashic Mode, and the Guyzoch join in, Overdeity.
  • Symbol: The stylized W emblemized on the Wonder pendants
  • Theme Song: The Won-stoppable Wonderful 101
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Army, Sentai, Power Fist, BFS, Sniper Rifle, Whip It Good, Drop the Hammer, Wolverine Claws, Throw Down the Bomblet, Time Stands Still, Eye Beams, Multinational Team
  • Domains: Armies, Friendship, Teamwork (sometimes not flawless), combining into weapons using your teammates, protectors of the innocent and the Earth.
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Good, Raiden, Kenshiro, The Kamen Rider Club, Dr. Thomas Oliver, Dante, Solid Snake, Asura, Gentaro Kisaragi, Yuki Jojima, INH
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Evil, most evil gods; especially the ones that harm innocents or wish to destroy the Earth.
  • Made up of 100 of Earth's finest (and trainee Luka Alan Smithee), the Wonderful 101 (pronounced "One-oh-One") harness the power of Unite Morph to fight against evil and protect the innocent. Since there is quite literally 101 of them, it would be far too much information to name them all off, but the main colors are worth mentioning;
  • Ascended after destroying the GEATHJERK leader Jergingha, a living mecha the size of a small sun, in an epic clash that left the heavens shaking and saving the Earth from his armada by wiping out millions of his battleships in the span of a minute.
  • While Alexander the Great leads a massive and powerful army, ultimately his position is existing as the leader of such an army. The Wonderful 101 are an army, hence them attaining a position as their own entity. That said, Alexander has been seen with Wonder Red sharing his strategies in the hopes of recruiting them, but he's made it clear that they won't aid him in conquering anyone. Imagine an Ionian Hetaroi filled with nothing but the whole Wonderful 101... Be very afraid.
  • Similarly, Leonidas has some degree of respect towards the 101 for standing against odds much greater than he did with a third of the army that he had and coming out victorious.
  • They often take a long time to get to their full power, as agents based all over the globe means the full 101 won't be gathered right off the bat, but when they are they can make Unite Morphs the size of a skyscraper that can destroy even the strongest foe.
  • When using Platinum Robo, the size and power of their unite Morphs increase drastically, when their rivals the Guyzoch lend them their power, they can create a unite morph 200+ members strong, a size so massive that it could cleave an average sized planet in two.
  • Their drills are something that Gods from the War, Combat, and Weapon houses come to watch every now and again to gauge the 101's powers and tactics. Non-combatant gods have also shown up to watch the dysfunction spiral into a massive pissing contest between the colors, usually with popcorn provided free of charge from the house of food.
  • Bayonetta was spotted in formation with them during one of their drills. When asked, she said, "What, a girl can't play some games now and again?" Green was noted as saying, "I wondered where Pink learned how to stretch like that."
  • It is said that Little Mac was the one who taught the CENTINALS how to box, which came in handy for the defeat of two high-ranking GEATHJERK officers.
  • Yu Narukami is strangely reminded of his uncle Dojima whenever he hears Wonder Yellow speak. Raiden is reminded of his old employer at Maverick, Boris.
    • Speaking of such, Wonder Blue, when he first met up with Sonic, noticed how the hedgehog reminded him so much of the original Wonder Blue.
  • The House of Philosophy once tried to decipher Wonder White's numerous koans, but got bored sometime around the 41st.
  • Was excited to learn that some of them were getting trophies for the Smash 4 tournament.
  • Raiden taught them a good way of dealing with giant mechs, and it has worked so far. It went like this.
  • You might be one of the last few Wonderful Ones remembered in the roll call.

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