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There are many types of service. This sub-house is for those pertaining to just that. Functionally it works as somewhat of a "miscellaneous" public mall, and has a lot of connections to the House of Jobs and Profession. Well, more than the Loyalty and Servitude House as a whole, really.

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Greater Gods

    Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, and Chen 
Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, and Chen, Goddess Triumvirate of Nested Ownership (The Yakumo Family | Yukari: Mastermind behind the Spiriting Away, Youkai of Boundaries, Gatekeeper of Gensokyo, The Gap Youkai, Elusive and Two-Faced Youkai, Yukarin, Sukima, Babaa, The Gap Hag [call her that at your own peril] | Ran: Shikigami of the Youkai of Boundaries, Shikigami of the Gap Youkai, Unusual Animal, Scheming Nine-Tailed Fox, Suppa-Tenko | Chen: Black Cat of Bad Omens, Shikigami of the Shikigami of the Gap Youkai, Hyperactive Monster Cat)
Left to right: Chen, Yukari, Ran
  • Greater Goddess (most probably), Intermediate Goddess, and Lesser Goddess respectively
  • Symbol: One of Yukari's gaps
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Yukari), whatever alignment Yukari needs her to be (Ran), Chaotic Neutral (Chen)
  • Portfolio: A Youkai With A Shikigami Who In Turn Has Her Own Shikigami, Actually Addressed Only By Their "Titles" (Ran and Chen), Fastball Special (Yukari tossing Ran and Ran tossing Chen), Ridiculously Smart And Knowledgeable (Yukari and Ran)
  • Domains: Youkai, Ownership
    • Yukari: Boundaries, Portals, Balance
    • Ran: Kitsune, Mathematics
    • Chen: Nekomatas, Spinning
  • Allies: Reimu Hakurei, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Okina Matara & Kasen Ibaraki (Yukari primarily), Setsuko Ohara, Rika Furude
  • Enemies: Odio (especially for Ran and Yukari), Galeem and Dharkon, any threats to Gensokyo or Reimu, Scourge (Chen only), Tai Lung (Chen and Ran), Sho Minamimoto (Ran only)
  • Opposes (Yukari only): Bernkastel and the rest of GUAE Trollkaiger, Sumireko Usami, The SCP Foundation
  • Opposed By: Angelia Avallone (Yukari only)
  • Feared By: Eirin Yagokoro (Yukari only)
  • In the old days of the Pantheon, Yukari Yakumo held the title of Guardian of the Boundaries of Time and Space. However, some events and changes in the rules required her to move and inherit a different title. Two options have been offered to her: One is The Walls Have Eyes, given her "gaps" give off this look. The other is Thinking Up Portals, as she's known for frequently using her powers over boundaries in this manner. Looking at these options, she thought to her shikigami Ran and her shikigami Chen, and decided to Take a Third Option; the three of them would take up Nested Ownership instead.
    • When the Court asked why, she said to look at Ran and Chen and they would know. They did, and they saw her point. They had been electing to ascend Ran for this title on her own and had debated whether or not Chen should be a co-deity or her herald. But with Yukari deciding to have all three of them for the seat of Nested Ownership, the transfer was easy, and the shikigamis were promptly ascended.
  • Applies to all three or two of them:
    • After word spread of an alternate Gensokyo where Odio's influence continued under the name Rage, he has ended up being marked as "enemy of Gensokyo". He "remembers" Ran being among the "champions" that vanquished him, though she likely doesn't remember as the Ran he fought was apparently from long before she became Yukari's shikigami. Speaking of, those events in that game actually left everyone concerned on what Yukari might do, as in that timeline, Yukari started a war between Gensokyo and the demons of Makai so she can be the unquestioned ruler of Gensokyo and Makai, and make humans fear youkai again.
      • Yukari holds no comment over all this, though it is admittedly bothersome to her. However, the idea that Ran's presence is what kept her sort-of straight is kind of amusing. Though it could be also the idea that Yukari being different in that timeline is because she had no better shikigami who can do most of the stuff on her behalf and because of the Minister in that timeline; there's no way she would relegate anything important to a human (who isn't Reimu, or sometimes Marisa; Sanae answers to Kanako and Suwako, Sakuya is loyal only to Remilia Scarlet, Youmu serves Yuyuko…).
    • Kitsune are known for being powerful youkai, so the fact that one (Ran) is a shikigami leaves a few concerned with just how powerful Yukari should be to achieve such a feat.
    • There's another set of Nested Ownership that has drawn some interest: Medea and Soichirou Kuzuki. Kuzuki is a Master in the 5th Holy Grail who summoned Medea, who is a Servant, yet she was able to summon her own Servant Assassin, who is actually not the actual Assassin in the 5th Holy Grail War and is a irregular servant, but Medea's unique nature as a Servant is able to summon him, somehow twisting the rules and because the actual assassin of the 5th Holy Grail War is Hassan of the Cursed Arm. Yeah...
  • Exclusive to Yukari:
    • Her ally (most of the time) is Reimu Hakurei, the guardian of the barrier between the human and spirit worlds, who, oddly enough, is just as lazy as Yukari is (sometimes they sleep together when they're not sharing a cup of tea or attempting to shower each other with bullets).
    • Occasionally leaves things in the Hakurei Shrine's donation box when Reimu's not looking, and continues to do so even after she's actually started getting donations in the form of arcade tokens.
    • Sometimes fixes Ran's malfunctions by hitting her with her parasol. Ran herself is okay with this, though Aya Shameimaru, who found this out, is somewhat disturbed.
    • Yukari will have you know that "spiriting away" is her thing, and suggests that you use some other term if a person disappears without her involvement.
    • After finding out two rather unstable Reality Warpers in form of Setsuko Ohara and Haruhi Suzumiya, Yukari has agreed to guide them to keep their powers in check, even though they're in a different house, because borders between Houses to her are a piece of cake. That is, if she's awake; she knows this kind of task can't be something relegated to her shikigami, though.
    • She and Yuyuko often meet for tea. Presumably just tea.
    • Despite claims to the contrary, Yukari does not consider Mildred Avalonne a threat, and would just get Reimu and Marisa after her if she did anything. Any rivalry is one-sided. Of course, that was before Mildred turned her ways around, and personally apologized to Yukari for all the troubles she caused.
      • However, Yukari has been said to have shown concern over the Witch of Miracles, Bernkastel, because both of them are powerful, reality warping trolls, but she knows that Bern is a complete and total sociopath, and it might be inevitable that they will battle each other someday. Since a battle of Probability versus Boundaries is a fight that can cause division by zero, Yukari has quietly begun hatching a plan to as she puts it "set the probability of Bernkastel's victory over myself to zero". The plan starts with Bernkastel's former self, Rika Furude.
      • Making this plan easier is the discovery that Rika wants her sociopathic Enemy Without gone. Rika has gone as far as to tell Yukari exactly how Bernkastel is formed and how to go about destroying her.
    • Has a train dubbed "The Yukari Express." Sometimes, she sends out Thomas instead. He doesn't exactly mind, but wishes she would let him know ahead of time first.
    • Her ability to open "gaps" is just a fraction of her repertoire of powers. She can manipulate borders on anything she damn pleases. She decides to just stick to what she's often seen doing so she can sleep more undisturbed and be less involved in everyday drudgery and drama; she has Ran and Chen for handling matters she wants done.
    • Her powers allow her to be one of the biggest Trolls in the Pantheon. From teleporting objects and people around to appearing and dissapearing whenever she likes, she has done a lot to many gods. However, she only does this out of boredom and doesn't mean any serious harm. In fact, she has done some pranks to the Trollkaigers, notably forwards Bernkastel.
    • Has gained some interest forwards Airy after hearing that she is called the "Piercer of Boundaries". However, this is not because she sees Airy as a threat, but because she thinks she is a noisy fairy who thinks too much of herself and wants to test if she thinks she can defeat Yukari. After all, everything has a boundary.
    • The existence of Sumireko Usami in the Pantheon has certainly soured Yukari's disposition. Not only does this give Airy a brand new target to latch onto for her plans to break the Great Hakurei Barrier, but Usami herself has also begun to get into all sorts of trouble, such as getting deep into the shadow feud between herself and Gensokyo versus the SCP. Yukari more than definitely considers the high schooler a headache, but also feels a bit of nostalgia and reminiscence whenever she sees her.
    • Part of a rare transcript of a discussion between Yukari and a fellow Sage of Gensokyo, Okina Matara.
      Yukari: Things have been..."turbulent" since the market goddess' ascension.
      Okina: You can say that again. Sips tea.
      Yukari: The haniwa girl's alliance with the God-Emperor and little Kosuzu's...unfortunate series of incidents.
      Okina: Including the merciless slaughter of that amanojaku?
      Yukari: In dire times, that amanojaku becomes just as necessary of an asset as everyone else in Gensokyo.
      Okina: Should we consider bringing Ibaraki into the equation? Having all three of us ascended would help bring us new perspective to these recent events.
      Yukari: An interesting proposal.
      • Not that long since this conversation, reports were flying about, all of them saying the same thing. That “thing” being Kasen being formally ascended, as a result of Yukari and Okina’s meddling. To quote the hermit in particular:
        Kasen, to Okina & Yukari after her ascension: You two have been fooling around again, aren’t you?
  • Exclusive to Ran:
    • There are some oddities that are usually set aside for Ran exactly in comparison to her master. When seen with Chen, she often behaves like a mother figure around her. It is not known why she does this, as well as to why people generally call her a streaker (in which case, she usually retaliates unless Yukari orders otherwise). She would also be extremely fond of fried tofu and combat with her can be avoided if offered some; occasionally, she can be seen in the House of Food looking for tofu and might be considering searching for someone to represent it.
    • Unless one extremely confident in their skills, she shouldn't be challenged even by other Intermediate Deities. Fortunately, her personality is extremely mild, and she takes no pleasure in self-aggrandizing combat, so one is unlikely to be attacked beyond reason. That said, disrupting her work will coerce her to battle, regardless of deity rank.
    • Being the only other kitsune in the Pantheon (SCP-953 is a "gumiho", and their first meeting ended in a mess of illusions and magic bullets), Ran was curious with Kurama's situation; he was bound by ancient jutsus into Kushina Uzumaki and eventually her son Naruto. She doesn't know of his dynamic with the former, but the latter was unique in that their relationship was bitter before eventually becoming a true bond of friendship.
    • Ran is an equal to her master Yukari when it comes to processing knowledge and intelligence, and is even more exceptional when it comes to mathematics. To that end, she has sought out other fellow geniuses, and holds an interest in Miles Tails Prower, who is capable of flight with just his two tails, yet isn't a youkai, as well as his own natural genius in comparison to her inheritance from her master. However, while the same can be said for Sho Minamimoto when it comes to his intelligence, his overall attitude just seemed to irk her enough to the point that they engage in mental gymnastics to one-up each other.
    • For quite a while, Ran is usually relegated to just being Yukari's main servant, but she would eventually, and very recently as a matter of fact, add the title of "incident resolver" to her list of occupations. Many were surprised and wondered why Ran would end up joining Reimu, Marisa, & Sanae in their mission to stop a war between the Animal Matriarchs if it looked like Yukari never told her to get involved. Some believed that The Underground was responsible for goading the shikigami into it, which many called absurd, but there was evidence to back something like that up.
      • As it turns out, however, Yukari did tell her to get involved and investigate the rise of the beast spirits once again. However, after going through Sanae, Tsukasa, Orin, & Suika, the shikigami would learn from a youkai named Chiyari Tenkaijin that one of the major power players is indeed in fact an Animal Matriarch, but someone familiar to her- Yuuma Toutetsu, the leader of the Gouyoku Alliance. Turns out, Ran and Yuuma go back quite a bit, well before Yuuma became a matriarch and Ran a shikigami, and after that point was settled, so too would be the eventual battle afterwards, one fight that Ran personally took the lead on and being one of the few times she would go against her master's orders, not reporting the interaction too much when it came time to recap to her master.
  • Exclusive to Chen:
    • Not only does she hate water as a cat, it also weakens her shikigami link with Ran, and forces her to revert to an ordinary nekomata.
    • When not under Ran's or Yukari's watch, Chen's often trying to assemble a large number of cats together so they can pledge allegiance to her. It often fails spectacularly.
      • As for cats she's attempted to gather, aside from those who either harbored no interest or went along to see how this would go before eventually leaving her behind, Big often distracts her with offers of fish, Garfield is too lazy, Salem is already under Sabrina Spellman, Luna already serves Sailor Moon, the Cheshire Cat was too elusive, Scourge attempted to attack her and failed, and Tai Lung did the same only for Ran to come to her rescue when he became too much for Chen to handle by herself.
    • Eventually met Koneko Toujou, a fellow nekomata.

Intermediate Gods

Metatron, the Face and the Voice (Lesser YHVH, Attendant of the Infinite, Shadow of God, Mechanical Angel, Enoch)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as a horde)
  • Symbol: A large golden cross
  • Theme Song: LAW and it's boss remix
  • Alignment: Lawful Good in his own mind (essentially because he follows his master's commands), Lawful Evil to anyone that does not follow him
  • Portfolio: Obedience, Destruction of the Unworthy, Eye Beams, Purification Through Fire, Was Once a Man
  • Domains: Light, Law, Fire, Angels
  • Herald: Mastema
  • High Priest: The Mouth of Sauron
  • Followers: The Other, John, The Hooded One
  • Allies: YHVH and His allies
  • Opposed by: YHVH's enemies
  • Enemy: Tiamat (SMT)
  • As the most powerful servant of the Great Will, Metatron is in charge of spreading the word of his power and ensuring his Word becomes Fact.
  • Every time a mortal or a god below Greater God rank hears what can only be defined as the voice of God, it's not YHVH they hear, it's Metatron. Mortals and lesser deities simply cannot withstand the awesome might of the actual voice of God (they went through five Adams before anyone realized it, though), so Metatron is used as a courier to deliver various messages.
  • Since his master stopped directly entering the Pantheon a while ago, Metatron's job has been amplified to include mantaining the Law faction's agenda. Some lesser chaos gods thought this meant a respite from YHVH's strict policies. His Fire of Sinai has long since reduced these impudent fools to greasy stains. When he's not around (fusing him doesn't count), signs usually point to something being up amongst The Lord's followers as there's no one around to tell them the Lord's Will.
  • Metatron is considered a Lesser form of the Lord and always leads under the title of Lesser YHVH when he commands the Heavenly Host into battle against Overlords and their forces. He has lead them against Overlords Abel, Zetta, The Overlord, Zenon, and Laharl. Don't bring up the fact that he lost to them in each battle. It's a very sore point for him. Of course, the involvement of two of them in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" doesn't make things any easier for him either. If anything, though, Metatron's learned patience, though. Ultimately, they all will crawl back, craving the order only his master can bring.
  • He is also said to have been the human Enoch, a man who fused with an Angel. Don't think this means he will show any mercy to mankind or humans who joined the pantheon though, as he is ruthless and will gladly inflict Disproportionate Retribution against humanity as a whole for what a minority may have done. Some even say his human form also became a angel. One way or another, NEVER, EVER, EVER CALL HIM BY THAT NAME. EVER.
  • While many see the Great Will's Fate Worse than Death order on the now-defenseless Madoka as a Moral Event Horizon even for Him, Metatron asked what makes her different from the infinity of humans who have already fallen in the Order Versus Chaos Forever War, and what marks her world as special amongst those routinely created and destroyed by the Conception. This has not endeared him to anyone, despite the fact the question is actually legit; having been a Humanoid Abomination for so long, he honestly sees nothing special about her now that she has lost her omnipotence. He has also asked exactly what anyone hopes to accomplish by essentially opening war to uphold a standard against a deity who derives power from every standard ever upheld, but everyone's so sick of his Kick the Dog act, no one is listening anymore.
  • Don't talk to him about that alternate universe counterpart/name-sharer of his, who is a pompous twit who ends up rebelling against God and then trying to lie to His face. Needless to say, said counterpart got smote straight to hell, and the Metatron of the pantheon tries to cover up the whole thing, as he doesn't want to be associated with such idiocy and betrayal. And if you mention a certain other Metatron, get ready to be immolated. Forever.
    • There's also the matter of that other, other, other Metatron. Y'know, the one who was obsessed with the pop culture of humanity, looked like a hobo, and cast all of the angels out of heaven?
  • On a less conflicting choice, his master issued a proclamation to Satan: vacate his throne and allow the ascension of the Great Will's Satan, God's Judge, or be sundered as so many pretenders to the name have before. When God's Judge ascended anyway, Metatron, while gleeful the GUAL had reclaimed one of their greatest weapons, was still thoroughly irritated that the pretender refused to leave.
    • He's also very annoyed by the presence of the Archangel Gabriel, despite her being another of the Law pantheon's more influential archangels - while he grudgingly acknowledges her faith in the Lord is second only to his, Gabriel represents the kinder aspects of Law he mostly overlooks in favor of Submission and Obedience. The feeling's mutual - Gabriel feels their master needs to remember the ultimate purpose of Law is Salvation - something she believes the GUAL's actions do not reflect in the slightest. She's also seeking spaces to bring kinder, less extremist angels, while Metatron is trying to bring forth her fanatic brothers.

    Vanilla Ice 
Vanilla Ice, God of Blind Obedience (Iced, Cool Ice)

Lesser Gods

    Cassandra Pentaghast 
Cassandra Allegra Calogera Portia Filomena Pentaghast, Goddess of Quickly Demoted Leaders
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The emblem on her chest plate
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Amazonian Beauty, The Comically Serious, Defrosting Ice Queen, Gilded Cage, Not So Above It All, Overly Long Name, The Paladin, The Paragon Always Rebels, Pragmatic Hero, Reasonable Authority Figure, Religious Bruiser, To Be Lawful or Good,
  • Domains: Law, Good, Glory, War,
  • Followers: The Monk, Bill Buchanan, Quistis Trepe
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Cayden Cailean, Daidouji
  • Enemies: Corypheus
  • Opposed by: The Librarian
  • Admires: Jiraiya
  • The three protagonists of Thedas successfully ascended Cassandra into the Pantheon. A former leader of the Seekers, she was initially one of the four leaders of the Inquisition before she decided to step down from that position. Her devotion to personally seal the Fade gained admiration from many, enough to gain a temple in the Pantheon.
    • She was delighted to serve the Inquisitor in the Pantheon, especially if one of his/her paths involves a romantic relationship between the two. Her admiration for the man is only surpassed by that of Hawke. The Caretaker had to kindly ask her not to spend so much time in his/her temple.
    • The ascended companions also enjoyed her company... if only to see just how much they can saw to her and get away with it Isabela especially loves to poke for fun. The only one who doesn't do so is Merrill, who was happy to find someone who wasn't initially frightened by her powers.
  • Is one of the closest examples of a paladin in her world. Alistair may have more similar powers to the class, but she is far more comfortable with the role. Artix was one of her most ardent sponsors for her ascension, personally thanking her afterwards.
  • Can also be seen with Saber. The fact that she's a Gender Flip of King Arthur doesn't bother her; she's dealt with leaders with Multiple Choice Pasts before. She has proven to be a formidable sparring partner as well. Their power level may be lopsided against her, but their swordsmanship is fairly even.
  • Afterwards, she entered the GUAG to form an alliance with Cosmos. She respects the women immensely, reminding her of the Maker she worshipped before. She hopes to earn a spot in the Sacred Knights division.
  • Has said she also felt influenced by Mitsuru Kirijo. Once an Ice Queen, she outgrew that role to become more tender to her allies, even those she doesn't agree with. Mitsuru is glad the knight has learned much from her teachings.
  • When she found out there was someone who sold smutty comics, she couldn't help but take a look. A trip to the House of Lust brought her to Jiraiya's temple. By the time she got out, she had already spent the whole there reading books. Ever since she was caught reading one of Varric's books, she has taken painstakingly difficult steps to keep her escapades a secret. It certainly help mend their previously fractured relations.
  • Has been banned from the House of Knowledge for her tendencies of stabbing books and papers. The Warrior claims it's not as bad as many think it is.
  • If she fits herself with a longsword, Cayden Cailean muses her look to be similar to Iomedae, her philosophical rival. She proved as such when they argued over the importance of order in a kingdom.
  • Scholars were able to uncover documents of her backstory in the form of an anime movie. It revealed that she was much more vindictive of mages in the past, but she relented after teaming up with a healing mage. She's still uncomfortable with magic (especially the house dedicated for it), but is more willing to work with the good-aligned ones.
  • Enjoys spending time in the House of Faith, teaching the ways of the Maker. She expressed disappointment that no one else in her world shared the same faith (the Inquisitor only does this occasionally).
    • There is a certain timeline when she becomes the Divine, leader of the Chanty organization. This version would have loved to gain the position, but fears it would disqualify her of her title. She has learned that she doesn't have to be a leader to leave an impression.
  • Some thought she would ascend due to her low, Nevarran accent. That vote was swiftly rejected by Daidouji. While they have agreed to keep it that way, both continue to be rivals.
  • Has been accused of having Tsundere qualities at times, especially when around male Hawke and male Inquisitor. She quickly denied this... which only made their cases against her. Frustrated, she took a trip to Asuka's temple to settle things once and for all. The mecha driver advised her not to let her peers get the best of her, even if it's true.

    Lux Arcadia 
Lux Arcadia, God of Indentured Servitude (Black Hero, Chore Prince, Prince Handyman, Weakest Undefeated, Luno)
Click here for his crossdressed appearance as "Luno" 
  • Lesser God (Greater God using Bahamut)
  • Symbol: His Sword Devices
  • Theme Song: "Hiryuu no Kishi", "Saijaku Muhai", "Against Profile"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Accidental Pervert, Lux is Good, Dark Is Not Evil, Humility, Knight in Shining Powered Armor, Ace Pilot, Already a Great Drag-Knight Before the Story Started, Chick Magnet, Being the Black Hero that Destroyed the Arcadia Empire, Forced to Work as Handyman to Pay a Large National Debt, White Hair and Eyes, Stock Light-Novel Hero
  • Domains: Knighthood, Piloting, Honor, Heroism
  • Heralds: Airi Arcadia (his little sister), Philuffy Aingram (his childhood friend)
  • Allies: Lisesharte Atismata (his boss), Krulcifer Einfolk (his fiance), Celestia Ralgris (his aide) , Yoruka Kirihime (his servant), Luke Skywalker, Batman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Link, Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri, Touya Mochizuki, Ikki Kurogane, Optimus Prime, Dexter, Hayate Immelmann, Yuu Haruna, Nunnally Lamperouge, Cyclops, Good-aligned deities in the House of War
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Arcturus Mengsk, Megatron, Count Dooku, Gregor Clegane
  • Rivals: Ichika Orimura (one-sided)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Tony Stark/Iron Man, Night Raid
  • Lux Arcadia became famous across the Pantheon for being the prince that destroyed the empire he was destined to inherit. The Arcadia Empire was ruthless, tyrannical dictatorship and the Emperor, Lux's father, was often compared to Emperor Palpatine and Arcturus Mengsk in terms of cruelty and aggression. To stop him and save as many as he could, Lux single-handedly defeated 1200 of the Empire's best soldiers and attempted to confront his father personally. Unfortunately, Lux's evil brother Fugil had beaten him to the punch and decapitated the Emperor, leaving Lux to be captured by the newly formed Atismata Kingdom.
  • After the Empire's fall, under the amnesty of the Atismata family, he was tasked to do odd jobs under parole to pay a debt of about 1/5 of the nation's wealth. One thing led to another and Lux was enrolled in the new Atismata Kingdom's new Drag-Knight Academy, where he would be protected from the Arcadia Empire's enemies and become a legitimate Drag-Knight under the new regime.
  • His actions as the Black Hero must be kept secret, lest they will cause severe political backlash. Only the highest echelons of power in the Pantheon know about this.
  • Lux's ascension was a major boon for the GUAG, as they already heard of his actions in defending the new kingdom. Normally, he gets to the frontlines, but on occasion, he works under the Support Staff so he can pay off his debt faster.
  • Lux carries two Sword Devices, which contain his Drag-Rides: Wyvern and Bahamut. Wyvern is a modified standard-issue unit he normally carries for training and recon. When the going gets tough, Lux whips out his big gun: Bahamut, a Drag-Ride so powerful he can obliterate entire armies with it.
  • Only fights to incapacitate, not to kill. Batman and Spider-Man gave him their approval for that. Batman even gave him a part-time job at Wayne Enterprises as a technology consultant so he can pay his debt faster.
    • On the other hand, he doesn't look forward to working alongside Tony Stark. Yes, Tony does care about the people working for him and is a hero for the right reasons, but Lux often gets frustrated that Tony's inventions and actions often cause more harm that good. Also, superhero or not, Tony has an ego the size of a mountain.
  • Many gods tell Lux that with such a name, he could be a Space Opera hero. Lux was confused by this until he was told to seek out Luke Skywalker. Unsurprisingly, a friendship bloomed between the two, as they often practice fencing and piloting together.
  • Good friends with Dexter, who geeked out upon seeing his Drag-Rides. The Boy Genius often tweaks and modifies them, hoping to solve its energy-consuming issues.
  • Dismayed to learn his forefather Ichika Orimura doesn't really like him, especially after Lux was described as a more competent and successful version of Ichika. The matter was eventually settled with a battle, one that Lux won handily. Lux has tried to smooth things over between them, but hasn't been successful.
  • Had to crossdress in order to gain the attention of Celestia Ralgris, one of his haremettes, after hearing rumors that she hated men. He hated being put in that situation and tries to avoid crossdressing if he can help it, something that Link, Ash Ketchum and Shido Itsuka can understand.
    • Nevertheless, he was glad Celestia ascended. Using money given to him by Bruce Wayne, he took her on a date to one of the House of Food's finest restaurants. As time passed, Celestia had too many drinks and stumbled to the floor when she tried to leave, and when Lux tried to catch her, he lost his footing and ended up landing on her breasts. Many gods couldn't help but laugh at the whole thing, to the embarrassment of both knights.
  • Being an honorable knight, Lux doesn't take kindly to Night Raid's methods in dealing with criminals. While he can sympathize with their difficult lives and the fact that the Empire they oppose isn't really any better than Arcadia, Lux still finds them too extreme and reckless. Night Raid, respecting Lux's idealism and chivalry, has agreed to work alongside him only if there is no other choice.
  • Became friends with Optimus Prime after finding they had a lot in common (knighthood, nobility, exile, suffering betrayal from a friend). They had agreed to be each other's Morality Chains and avoid becoming just as bad as Megatron and Fugil.
  • Hayate Immelmann has become an older brother figure to Lux, helping him in his odd jobs and knightly duties every now and then. While Lux feels a bit intimidated by Hayate's exuberance, at least he appreciates his optimism.
  • One evening after a long day of work, he was taking a bath on his temple until suddenly, he felt a pair of breasts caressing his back. Then, a soothing voice began whispering on his ear about her talents in pleasing men. Lux let out a scream that was across many houses. There was no doubt about it, his servant Yoruka Kirihime had ascended.
    • The good news just wouldn't stop arriving for Lux, as he later got news that Krulcifer and Lisesharte had ascended as well.
  • Became friends with Cyclops of the X-Men, sympathizing with his struggles to prove to the Marvel Universe that mutants can be heroes, similar to his struggle to provide for Airi and redeem the Arcadia name. Lux has been nothing but supportive of Scott, taking the time to hear his side of the story and motivating him to do better. He also knows what it feels like to have an evil brother that seeks to undermine everything you've ever worked for. Cyclops, in turn, has come to see much of himself in the boy and has promised to do whatever it takes to keep Lux safe.
  • Much later, Lux learned that his brother Fugil had actually intended the Atismata Kingdom to succeed the Arcadia Empire as an effort to create a political power that would bring everlasting peace to the world. Unfortunately, the Atismata Kingdom proved to be as corrupt and ineffectual as its predecessors, forcing Lux to join a resistance movement. Since the Atismata Kingdom has lost its political legitimacy, Lux's debt to it is no longer valid and his collar has been removed. Lux is now a free man.

    Rem & Ram 
Rem and Ram, Twin Goddesses of Adopted Servants
Ram on the left, Rem on the right
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Their respective hairclips
  • Theme Music: Wishing (Rem); What you don't know (Ram)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Rem, between Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral for Ram
  • Portfolio: Adopted Maids, Dark and Troubled Past, Meido, Oni, Polar Opposite Twins, Theme Twin Naming
  • Domains: Maids, Oni, Love, Power, Magic
  • Allies: Subaru Natsuki (Especially for Rem), Emilia, Puck, Casca, Naminé, Xion, Sakuya Izayoi, G36, Fiona Mayfield, Rom and Ram, Masters of Spinjitzu
  • Enemies: Rom, The Vacuous Spider, The Hårga, The Fifth Church, Los Iluminados, The Hag, Saira & Kaira, Baba Yaga
  • Conflicted Opinion: Momotaro
  • Wary of: The Oni, Gluttony
  • Rem and Ram are the twin servants of the Roswaal Mansion, taken in by Roswaal after the Witch Cult destroyed their hometown and murdered their parents. They are both Oni that were born with one horn, though Ram's horn was permeantly broken off and left her de-powered. While both twins were initially distrustful and snarky towards Subaru, Rem would eventually fall in love and become devoted to him after he saved her life and helped her overcome her cycle of self-loathing. Sadly, Rem's memories and name were eaten by the Archbishop of Gluttony, putting her into a coma and erasing her from the memories of everyone except Subaru. Rem eventually awakens from her coma, but is no longer able to remember Subaru.
  • Rem and Ram ended up summoned into the Pantheon by one of the gods in the Pantheon, though who it is unknown. The twins soon met their friends from the world, but since they were summoned as they currently are, relationships have been complicated and tense. Although Rem is awake, she still cannot remember anything from her past, and her lingering feelings for Subaru only confuse her. The Gods have been searching for a way to help restore Rem's memories, but all the attempts have only worked temporarily, so Rem spends more time as her post-amnesia self, with everyone else also temporarily remembering her. That said, the few moments Rem still has with Subaru are still precious to the latter, making him all the more determined to restore her.
  • Naminé was greatly sympathetic with Rem's condition, since she was once forced to tamper with Sora's memories, causing him to temporarily forget people and for the people to forget him in turn. Unfortunately, since Rem's memory loss does not work the same way as those affected by her powers, as well as the fact that Sora never forged a bond with her, Naminé is unable to do anything to help Rem. She could only provide Subaru support and aid him to the best of her ability. Naminé promises she will do everything she can to help Subaru restore Rem's memories, which Subaru is quite grateful for.
    • Xion saw Rem's situation to be quite similar to her own, with the only difference being that Rem was still physically present. They both disappeared from the memories of their closest friends and were forgotten by almost everyone. Xion was finally brought back into existence with the help of Sora and Roxas, as well as Vexen and Saïx of all people, which also restored everyone's memories of her. Though Rem has awakened from her coma, her memory loss saddens Xion as she and Roxas promise to find a way to help her recover the lost memories.
  • Casca sees a lot of similarities between herself and Rem, since they both fell in love with a man for who they are, but suffered from a terrible tragedy at the hands of a enemy that caused them to lose their memories. Both of the love interests have made it their goal to restore them to the people they once were, no matter how many hardships they have to endure. Casca and Rem became quick friends because of this, with Rem helping to console Casca and help her on the road to recovering from her trauma, and Casca in turn wanting to help find a true cure for Rem's condition.
  • The twins have met other maids in the Pantheon, namely Sakuya Izayoi, G36 and Fiona Mayfield. G36 and Fiona both became instant friends with Rem, both her normal self and her amnesiac self, the former becoming a Cool Big Sister figure despite an initial creepy impression, and the latter becoming someone who is willing to share her burdens with Rem. Sakuya on the other hand gets along with Ram the most since they both possess great loyalty to their master and tend to talk to each other about how they best serve them.
  • Their relationship with Momotaro is complex, since he did fight Oni who stole food from his village. Even though Rem and Ram are different from the Onis he fought, Momotaro is still not exactly on the best of terms with them, especially Ram when the latter reacted with hostility towards him. Both sides prefer to avoid each other ever since.
  • Both of the twins have recently encountered the Ao Oni and have learned to fear it after it started appearing out of nowhere when they least expect it. Its presence causes Rem to reawaken her powers and turn into a berserker once more, forcing Subaru to try and calm her down once again. Ever since, the twins have avoided the Ao Oni's mansion to avoid a repeat of this incident.
  • Rom and Ram, coincidentally or not, also happen to be polar opposite twins with pink and blue coloring. Rem and Ram respectively found themselves drawn to each girl respectively for their personality. Rom and Rem became instant friends with each other due to their reserved personalities, with Rom even going so far as to ship Rem with Subaru after seeing how much she loves him. Both Rams were so similar to each other that they quickly formed a kinship.
    • The twins have learned of Rom, The Vacuous Spider from Ram's encounter with it. They learned just how dangerous it is to attack the creature, considering how it induces insanity and blindness in their attackers. The two tread carefully whenever they enter its realm, showing great caution whenever they come close to it and great fear when they end up getting attacked by it as a result of someone else provoking it.
  • The Masters of Spinjitzu were quite surprised to meet more Oni in the Pantheon, but they quickly saw that the twins weren't evil at all and were quite willing to be friends with them. While Ram is snarkier towards them (especially with Kai to the point of being Vitriolic Best Buds at best), Rem is polite and friendly towards them. The Ninja were horrified to learn of what happened to Rem and they promised to help Subaru with restoring her memories.
  • Because they lost their family to the Witch Cult, the twins are understandably apprehensive towards cults and evil witches. The Hårga, the Fifth Church, and Los Iluminados have earned their contempt for their actions as cults, with the latter two receiving the biggest amount of hatred from the twins for being Apocalypse Cults. Despite their modus operandi being quite different from the Witch Cult, Rem and Ram are willing to fight them to prevent them from achiveing their goals.
    • While they have made some exceptions, the twins aren't too fond of witches either, considering the Witch Cult and the Witches of Sin they worship. In particular, the Hag, Saira & Kaira, and Baba Yaga are seen as the biggest enemies of the twins due to their atrocities and sins. The Hag and Baba Yaga have earned Rem & Ram's disgust after learning of how they eat people (and in Baba Yaga's case, children), while Saira and Kaira have compared to the Witches of Sin due to the way they mess with the natural order.
  • Rem is terrified of Gluttony, due to the Homunculus reminding her Lye Batenkaitos, who not only also represents the deadly sin of Gluttony, but the way he opens his mouth reminds her of how the Archbisop of Gluttony ate her memories. Ram, even though she couldn't remember Rem, knew Lye as her enemy after he tried to use Rem's memories against her, provoking her into killing him. Seeing Gluttony scare Rem immediately invokes Big Sister Instincts in her as she attacks Gluttony the same way she attacked Lye, forcing the homunculus to retreat. They have been on-guard ever since.

    Takeda Takahashi 
Takeda Takahashi, God of Apprentices


    Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman 
Amanda Young and Mark David Hoffman, Dual Representatives of Budding Apprentice Takeovers (Both: Jigsaw | Amanda: Mandy, The Pig | Mark: Detective Hoffman, Detective-Lieutenant Hoffman, Jigsaw II)
Amanda (left) and Mark (right)
Amanda as The Pig 
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A Reverse-Bear Trap
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Hoffman uses a Neutral Good front as a freelance detective)
  • Portfolio: Torture Technician-Serial Killers, Apprentices to John Kramer, but Desire of Supplant him in the Future and are Motivated by their Own Agenda, Deceptive Disciple, Expert Kidnappers with seemingly Sympathetic Purposes, Are Usually Demented in their Acts, Pig Motifs, Able to Get Whatever they wanted for their Death Traps, Prove Themselves to be more Dangerous and Deranged than John Kramer, Initially Appearing as Side Characters before becoming More Important Later On
  • Domains: Apprentices, Traps, Murder, Gore, Revenge
  • Former Superior: John Kramer/Jigsaw
  • Allies: None whom they share; they have individual allies of their own.
  • Enemies: Jack Bauer, Lois Lane, Louis Bloom, John Luther, Richard Castle, Rust Cohle, Marty Hart, Temperance Brennan, Seely Booth, Clarice Starling, Will Graham, Norman Jayden, Sidney Prescott, Laurie Strode, Ash Williams, Cheryl/Heather Mason, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine
  • Opposes: Desaad, Ramsay Bolton, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, Yoshikage Kira
  • Opposed By: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Commissioner James Gordon, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Shotaro Hidari and Philip/Kamen Rider Double, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive
  • Respected Bynote : Madara Uchiha, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious
  • Pitied By: Obito Uchiha, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • John Kramer, a former mechanic who had lost everything he cared for and developed cancer, became the infamous Serial Killer known as Jigsaw after a suicide attempt, coming to believe that people saw their lives as taking them for granted selfishly and wanted to impose them brutally torturous traps where their lives were put on the line. Kramer designed the traps to be incredibly horrific in nature and execution, but survivable, hoping that the experience the survivors endure would result in them re-evaluating their own lives for the better. However, Kramer's perspective of helping others was twisted and nonsensical, which was further proven by two of the trap survivors; Amanda Young, a woman who indulged in self-harm and morphine to cope with her emotional and psychological stress due to her history of being brought up in an abusive and neglectful childhood, and Mark David Hoffman, a police officer who became vengeful after the death of his sister, Angelina Acomb, who was killed by her abusive boyfriend, Seth Baxter, whom Hoffman killed later on vis replicating a Jigsaw trap and rigging it to be unavoidable. He was later caught by Kramer, who had evidence of Hoffman's role in Baxter's execution and was given a choice of whether to arrest Kramer with the risk of Hoffman losing his job or Hoffman taking up the role of becoming an apprentice to Kramer as Jigsaw and seeing how Jigsaw's "rehabilitation" works. Hoffman chose the latter.
    • Amanda and Hoffman eventually became well-versed in setting up and initiating traps as well as using a friendly guise on the outside as a means to lure unsuspecting victims into being kidnapped and setting them up for a drawn-out execution as well as giving them a chance to fight for their lives and escape, just as Kramer had planned. However, neither of the two actually adhered to Kramer's core philosophy; Amanda became a Straw Nihilist who condemned Kramer's beliefs as nonsensical and designed her traps to be unwinnable by design as she feels that killing her victims is better than having them survive with long-lasting emotional trauma as she did. Hoffman, on the other hand, has his traps designed to be survivable, but beyond that, he couldn't really give a damn about the lives of others and only carries on with being Jigsaw because he receives enjoyment in the suffering of others with the traps that he settled up whilst keeping up a masquerade of being a diligent police officer to blend in with society.
    • Eventually, both Amanda and Hoffman would face competition against those who wanted to stop the traps and killings Kramer had established. Amanda was initially more active as Jigsaw, killing Adam Stanheight out of mercy days after he had lost his chance of survival, being challenged by homicide detective Eric Matthews, who had only wanted to reunite with his son, though she ended up beating him. Amanda was eventually outmatched when she set up Lynn Denlon, a surgeon, to be executed, which prompted her husband, Jeff, to shoot Amanda in response. Amanda's last moments, prior to, and after being shot, were reading a letter that broke her emotionally and having to hear Jigsaw telling her that she had failed to be a proper successor with how she intended to kill off her victims, whether they were able to solve their puzzles and traps regardless.
    • After Amanda Young died, Hoffman became more active in his role as Jigsaw, eventually gaining an Arch-Enemy in the form of Special FBI Agent Peter Strahm. Hoffman was not interested in seeking an apprentice of his own and was simply content with carrying Kramer's legacy for his own benefit, kidnapping and sentencing others into his Jigsaw Game Executions whilst enlisting the aid of Kramer's wife, Jill Tuck. Hoffman was eventually able to outwit Strahm, who was crushed to death in a glass coffin, though he would then contend against Special Agent Lindsay Perez and her supervisor, Dan Erickson. Perez and Erickson were able to expose Hoffman as the Jigsaw Killer, prompting him to kill them both, but Jill would later turn against Hoffman later on, barely surviving a Reverse-Bear Trap that Jill had set up. He set up two traps before enacting a revenge scheme, where he infiltrated his way into a police morgue where Jill was hiding and promptly killed everyone before executing Jill with the Reverse-Bear Trap. Despite his success, Hoffman's luck ran out when he was subdued by a hidden accomplice in the form of Dr. Lawrence Gordon, who was sent as a backup, in case Jill Tuck was killed, to apprehend and punish her murderer, which he did. Dragging him to the same bathroom where he and Adam were trapped in, Gordon locked up Hoffman and denied him any possible attempt of escape before telling him "Game Over" as he locked the door shut, with Hoffman ranting and screaming at how he was going to be imprisoned and condemned in the dark before he eventually dies of either starvation or dehydration.
  • The Pantheon was well aware of Kramer's story, with Jigsaw being one of the most discussed and perplexing Serial Killers in this fantastic realm. However, the tales of Amanda and Hoffman were much lesser-known as while they were successful in their own sort of way, their methods and mindset ultimately diverged too much from what Kramer had envisioned, even if they were his personal heralds. Though eventually, they would find their way to gain themselves a proper position in the Pantheon with both of them representing an apprentice that secretly covets the position of their superior and plots a takeover at some point. This information did not go unnoticed. Kramer, who's since come to see Amanda and Hoffman as disappointments, even if they were adept in the way they set up their traps; the reasoning and philosophy of the traps were also just as important, if not more so, and Amanda and Hoffman failed at those.
    • Amanda was supposedly resurrected by something only known as "The Entity" and dons a large swine costume, reflective of pigs being a symbolic animal for Kramer and Jigsaw. Taking on the mantle of "The Pig", she is willing to follow The Entity's command of being offered sacrifices, though Amanda admits that this is the only way she could find some kind of purpose and direction in her life, outside of indulging in heroin and self-harming herself. Hoffman, on the other hand, seeks to wonder why The Entity hadn't noticed him yet, considering that he takes more pleasure in his time as Jigsaw than Amanda ever did, but nothing has come out from that. Even then, Hoffman himself isn't sure of whether he escaped from the toilet, or he really died, though the common consensus is on the latter. Hoffman is none too pleased with the likeliest way his mortal coil was shed.
  • Both are notorious murderers and have obviously been classified as being too mentally unstable and out-of-control to be wholly reasoned with. It's common to find both of them dwelling in the Hall of Methods of Killing to look into what sort of ideas they could have for traps, kidnappings, and ways to initiate executions, but are aware that they would have to commit their actions more covertly now that they're pretty much infamous in the Pantheon. That said, Amanda would much rather be left alone and sulk over her misfortunes, whereas Mark wants to kill more people, but the fact that he couldn't blend into crowds as well as he could have as well as his position of being a police officer being more-or-less revoked has proven to be a daunting challenge for him. Then again, he did massacre an entire precinct.
  • Amanda and Hoffman are not the only deities to desire a need to overtake and add their own spin into what their mentor had established, but being said concept's representatives in the Pantheon meant that encountering those who had been in a similar situation was inevitable. Two such individual collectives came in the form of Sith Lords and two individuals from a clan called the Uchiha. All three parties expressed some form of surprise towards each other, namely that they were motivated by an inner darkness of sorts that drove them into villainy, and this was what defined their purpose in life. For Kramer's apprentices, Amanda and Hoffman deferred from his core philosophies and carried on with the Jigsaw Games for their own reasons and designs. The Sith Lords had different motivations, with Darth Sidious wanting the galaxy under his tyrannical grip whereas his apprentices, Maul, Dooku, and Vader wanted revenge, misguided diplomacy, and galactic order respectively. And the Uchihas, namely Madara and Obito, wanted world peace, but Madara wanted to invalidate himself as a savior as well whereas Obito simply wanted to go back to similar times, in spite of the fact that both were deluded into becoming S-Class criminals in their own world.
    • Amanda and Hoffman had mixed opinions regarding the Sith and the Uchihas; Amanda was, surprisingly enough, able to establish an amicable relationship with Maul, as both could relate to being bought up in an abusive childhoodnote  and how they were motivated by a hateful desire. Maul's goal of revenge was similar to that of Hoffman, given that they both lost siblings at some point in time, but Hoffman thinks Maul is a madman too obsessed with revenge to consider working with. Dooku and Vader pity their circumstances, though they condemn Hoffman's more recent actions, and Sidious couldn't care less about them, though the idea of Amanda and Hoffman being Sith Apprentices isn't wholly impossible, given how deep their dark desires are. As for the Uchihas, Madara was impressed by the innate hatred and darkness that Amanda and Hoffman carry despite their incompatibility to be in a working relationship, whereas Obito pities their circumstances, though given their refusal to wanting help and support, there's not much to express them towards.
  • As the two of them are renowned practitioners of executions and torture tactics, Amanda and Hoffman are well-known in the House of Slaughter, though the two of them would much rather keep a clean profile than constantly involve themselves with blood and gore. That said, Hoffman does have one ally in Victor Zsasz, a prolific serial killer who, like Amanda, was also a nihilist, and, more like Hogan, enjoyed the thrill of killing others, though his reasoning bordered on something along the lines of "removing them from their meaningless lives". He was entertained by the idea of the Jigsaw Games and was able to strike a deal with Hoffman in finding and capturing victims to use under the deal that Zsasz would be given credit for his role in their deaths and to be given resources for a future plan to rack up his own personal victims in the future, which Hoffman accepted. Since then, Zsasz has maintained close contact with Hoffman, though the latter tends to be careful in case the former becomes a liability later down the line due to his unpredictability and the wanton destruction he causes, in contrast to Hoffman who, despite being chaotic internally, still likes to enact his plans in a structural and organized fashion.
    • Their penchant for torture caught the notice of Desaad, the New God of Sadism, who also happened to be a skilled Torture Technician who reveled in the miseries and torment that he caused. He found The Jigsaw Killer to be very fascinating in regards to the obscene amount of mental and psychological torment is involved, in addition to the horrifically graphic way the kills and physical torment are executed. However, there is no mutual respect either from Kramer, Amanda, or Hoffman, for they instead see Desaad as being far too crazy and demented to be given association, not to mention that all he does is weasel underneath a much higher authority figure whenever he's not spending his time planning out torture sessions, whereas Desaad sees the whole "torturous moment = changed perspective in life" prospect to be flat-out laughable, even though Amanda and Hoffman themselves don't believe in it either. That, and Amanda and Hoffman personally have no interest in getting themselves involved with Darkseid or the Pantheonic Forever War, as they felt that Desaad would want them to participate in them in some way or another. On another note, Ramsay Bolton had lent appreciation towards the many traps and methods of killing employed by The Jigsaw Killer, even though Amanda and Hoffman ended up seeing Ramsay as not only a waste of their time but also someone who was too deranged and short-sighted to properly work with, not to mention that Ramsay is a sort of person that Kramer would be aiming to kidnap as a means to put him in one of the traps.
  • Both of them are notorious killers with a very distinguishing feature to tell them apart from others. However, neither of them are too fond of actually aligning themselves with other serial killers all that much, and even if they do, it's to do with pragmatism and to ensure that they have as much aid as they possibly can. It's the reason why Amanda and Hoffman distance themselves from Cletus Kasady as much as they can; while he and Amanda can relate to being nihilists, the former cannot stomach the latter's rampant sadism and his obsessive desire to main and kill until there is nothing left, something which Kasady responds with a sigh of disappointment. Additionally, Amanda and Hoffman prefer to do their acts covertly and to instill their murders towards those who step out of line regarding the value of life and morality note , and they are not accepting of Kasady's idea of running around places in an attempt to, in his words, "paint the town red".
    • Yoshikage Kira, a serial killer with the ability to turn whatever he touches into a spontaneous explosive bomb, organic or inanimate, balks at the idea of having to set up traps and force others to value their own lives and mistakes lest they die. Considering that all he wants is a life of "tranquility", he finds whatever Jigsaw establishes to be of too much effort, which bored him. Amanda and Hoffman, in contrast, think Kira is a lowlife who deserves to die and that his callousness towards anything else that isn't himself is exactly the sort of victim Kramer would be aiming for. Though Hoffman is unwilling to admit that he and Kira enjoy killing and hates the comparison. Amanda, however, tries to put as much distance as she can; she does not, in any way, want her hands to be an item of fetish from Kira, not to mention his abilities via his Stand, Killer Queen, makes him too much of a risk to approach.
  • While they have a lot of enemies and oppositions to contend with, Amanda and Hoffman are aware that there are certain deities who oppose them that they have little luck in standing a chance against. As a result, they put some distance regarding figures like Batman and Daredevil due to their feared history towards criminals, and while they do not kill, they will ensure that their aggressors will not get away with their acts. Batman believes that Amanda could be transferred to Arkham Asylum due to her unstable mental health record whereas Hoffman's barbaric actions mean a proper jail time should suffice for him. Though it's Commissioner Jim Gordon who places a heavy emphasis on opposing Hoffman, given that he's had to deal with corrupt cops a lot of times and Hoffman's own track record in opposing and winning against honest cops means he's cannot be taken lightly in any way. They also tend to avoid confrontations against Kamen Riders Double and Drive as while they have taken on cops and detectives before, those with superpowers is an effort too much for Amanda and Hoffman to deal with and they can't risk having to deal with them, unless they can, by any luck, ambush them untransformed, choosing instead to avoid any confrontation against them, though Shotaro, Philip, and Shinnosuke are bit more sympathetic towards them due to their tragic pasts. That said, Hoffman's sadistic nature makes it a lot harder for the Riders to try reasoning with him, unfortunately.
  • Emphasis on Amanda
    • Amanda had a terrible childhood and admits that she feels very unnerved whenever she comes close to the House of Family and Relatives. She doesn't hate the place, but having been abused and neglected throughout her childhood has done a number on her emotional and mental psyche. The House of Family and Relatives' tend to pity her predicament and wish they could help her out, but Amanda, having been driven to insanity, insists that she couldn't be helped and that her villainous acts have made it impossible for her to be forgiven and accepted from that point on. Some, particularly those in the Hall of Family Dysfunctions and the House of Despondency have considered trying to reach out to Amanda, but there's been little if any progress that has been made. That said, a part of Amanda does wish that she could find some form of relief and understanding, but her nihilism has locked in a depressive, loathing mindset.
    • In addition to her upbringing, Amanda is also a heavy user of drugs, namely morphine, to keep herself mentally stimulated. During her spare time, she visits the House of Crime and Transgressions in an attempt to find a batch of morphine to keep for usage, and her generally unassuming nature means that she doesn't have to arouse a lot of suspicions whenever she is there, though she does attract the attention of a few figures who would like to do… unsavory acts upon her. Unfortunately for them, Amanda isn't a pushover at all, and is just as capable of killing her aggressors, let alone fighting back. It's one thing she's had to know how to strike back if she came from an abusive, unloved childhood after all. That said, Amanda wants to make sure her identity as The Pig isn't spread around lest it suddenly attracts more attention towards her, which means her identity and her Jigsaw Games would come under heavy jeopardy, something that she cannot risk.
    • Amanda is a Straw Nihilist to such a degree that she personally doesn't agree with the fact that people are capable of changing and learning from their past experiences. This is the main reason why she designed her Jigsaw Games to be unavoidable, thinking that if they're incapable of changing, then what is the point of surviving and trying to make an attempt to move on with your life, considering that when she survived, all she ended up with was being more of a wreck and coming to the conclusion of developing a nihilistic mindset. The Pantheon and its Forever War, to Amanda at least, affirms her beliefs; nobody wants to change and become better people because why else would the battle between the Grand United and Lesser Alliances be carrying on? She wants to make sure that she could find a way to find and kidnap any active participant in the Forever War in case they've become obsolete, particularly those in the side of Evil, as many of them would fit Amanda's beliefs that they are not willing to change.
      • Amanda's belief of hopelessness attracted the attention of Hunter Zolomon, a metahuman who possessed the ability to alter time based on his perception, making others seem immobile and himself faster than he appears. While Zolomon is a self-admitted supervillain, he came to find Amanda's ways of killing as nonsensical and insane as they were an opposite to Zolomon's modus operandi, which was to make others suffer as a means to make them better people, especially when it came down to his former friend Wally West. In contrast, Amanda found Zolomon to also not make as much sense as him supposedly trying to "inspire" others into becoming better people isn't exactly better than what Kramer did with his beliefs of being the Jigsaw Killer, not to mention that if he really wanted to inspire someone, why didn't Zolomon just become a hero instead, saying this to validate her own viewpoint that people don't change. The fact that Zolomon himself was an FBI Informant was a point of alarm, though he stated that he opposed Amanda for more personal reasons and that what she's doing isn't really going to give her any sort of closure or satisfaction, words that she's yet to reciprocate properly.
    • Her contact with The Entity has made Amanda become more accepting of her identity as The Pig and she would often try to appease him by hunting down chosen survivors The Entity has listed to be bought upon as sacrifices. Many of the targets Amanda chases are also survivors of horrific predicaments, though Amanda, rather than kidnapping and using traps, chooses to actively stalk and attack her victims head-on, even using her traps as weapons midway in her hunting sprees. She's made foes with various figures who are usually able to fight her off, though because of the circumstances they're in, none of the survivors are in favor of trying to reason with Amanda and her bleak past. Even then, Amanda's relentless nature has already made that choice nigh-impossible. When not working with The Entity during her spare time, Amanda usually conducts her criminal actions in the same way Kramer taught her to act, though Kramer, already not happy with Amanda (and Hoffman) perverting his teachings, usually keeps his distance from her out of disappointment and shame.
  • Emphasis on Hoffman
    • Despite Angelina's death being the catalyst for his villainy, Hoffman isn't actually pitied by the Hall of Siblings, but instead condemned for the many atrocities he committed as The Jigsaw Killer. Hoffman, however, doesn't hold any personal grudges against the Hall, and, if anything, being reminded of Angelina does strike a nerve with him. His sister being arguably the only individual that he cares for, Hoffman feels as if attacking the Hall of Siblings would be standing against his own love for Angelina, as twisted as his mind is, so he makes an attempt to put as much distance as he can from it. He's aware that he couldn't change their minds about him, so he's going to have to focus his thoughts elsewhere.
    • Having been a police officer, it didn't take long before Hoffman became very unpopular in the House of Law and Justice, and he's made an effort to at least try to be as affable as he can while he affirms himself back into police work via freelance. To his credit, Hoffman is an excellent officer when it comes to detective work and working on cases. He's also straightforward enough to not take bribes from others, which allows Hoffman to maintain a working relationship of sorts that isn't soured by personal desires. What does hamper this, however, is Hoffman's excessive brutality when it comes to delivering beatdowns on suspects. This would be a call of role examination, but as the Pantheon has been dealing with worse threats, even within the police force, Hoffman isn't too much of an issue at the moment, which has helped him for the time being. Though as an independent police officer, Hoffman is doing his best to make sure his public image isn't spoiled and that his kidnappings are done cleanly and without arousing much suspicion. That, and aiming mainly for those whom Kramer would have targeted as he thinks the Pantheon wouldn't think to miss them all that much.
      • Hoffman, to his surprise, was able to make an accomplice in Scott Shelby, another police officer who usually acted independent, but was secretly committing criminal actions as the Origami Killer, kidnapping young boys and imprisoning them in a narrow sewer space where heavy rain would eventually fill up and drown them. Shelby would also leave behind origami figures for the boys' fathers to use as a way to figure out a way to save their son's life. Shelby committed his acts because he wanted to find a father who would do anything to save his son, which came about because he himself came from an abusive father, who became the reason why his younger brother, John, died in a rainwater flood after being trapped, and their father, whilst highly drunk, refusing to help his youngest son out. This information did unnerve Hoffman, seeing as his own villainy was caused by the death of his sister, Angelina. It led to Hoffman and Shelby coming to an understanding and deciding that they can potentially work together, though covertly, to make sure their murderous acts aren't showcased as easily outside. Though Scott insists that he's better off with his criminal designs, not really being a fan of what Hoffman employs, not to mention that unlike him, Scott isn't a sadist.
    • Needless to say, experience with FBI Agents and his history of battling and killing them during his time as the Jigsaw Killer has earned him many enemies in the Pantheonnote . Clarice Starling and Will Graham have conducted a series of investigations regarding kidnappings and mutilated bodies and how many of them can be traced back to the Jigsaw Killer via a piece of flesh carved out in the shape of a jigsaw piece. Agents Temperance Bones, Seely Booth, and Norman Jayden have also followed suit, something which has gotten both Amanda and Hoffman to become a lot more cautious and paranoid in the Pantheon. Amanda would rather either ignore or avoid whatever FBI Agent is closing in on her, only resorting to killing them if she doesn't have many chances left, whereas Mark is willing to at least try to negotiate and help them out before biding his time to either kill or incapacitate them into partaking in a Jigsaw Game for his own amusement. That said, with the amount of evidence being put out with each investigative attempt, the chances of uncovering Amanda and Hoffman as killers are getting much closer to their worry and frustration.
"I know it's hard to concentrate when you're surrounded by so many things you could kill me with."
Amanda Young

"You told me the only way to truly offer enlightenment is by detaching emotionally."
Mark Hoffman

    Mio Sakamoto 
Mio Sakamoto, Goddess of Supporting Leaders (Samurai, Sakamoto the Demon)
  • Demigoddess, used to be Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A round emblem which has the design of her, now discarded, eyepatch.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Secondary Character As The Leader, Number Two, Boisterous Bruiser, Majorly Awesome, Cool Big Sis, but Drill Sergeant Nasty to some, Proud Warrior Race Gal, Older Than She Looks, Honor Before Reason, Katanas, Lost of Power Due of Age and Magic-Draining Sword
  • Domains: Leaders, Fighters, Swords, Former Witches, Lost of Magic
  • Followers: Takeda Shingen, Sylia Stingray
  • Allies
  • Enemies: The Neuroi, The Dalek Emperor, Deoxys, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Major (Or 1st Class Flight Petty Officer, depending on what branch she is on) Mio Sakamoto of Fuso, she was the second-in-command of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches". Where she might not be the main character (that honour would belong to Yoshika Miyafuji), she still was the squadron leader, and had an important role on things, especially with Miyafuji.
  • One of few deities in the Pantheon, who became weaker after their development. Indeed, as she was getting into the age where she wouldn't be able to be a Witch anymore, she used up all of her magic to fight just a little bit further. Where some have offered to recover her magic back to normal, she refuses.
    • Yamato, in particular, feels sorry for her, as she used that remaining magic she had to power up the Neuroi Core Control Reactor the Yamato of her world had. Mio, fortunately, doesn't feel like she should worry about those details.
  • Where bit devastated by the fact that she cannot fly, she still goes on, even if it means using a fighter plane. Especially when she started seeing many gods who would fight on even without magic, she was motivated to go on fighting. She is seen practicing her sword techniques with Ikagura. She even was offered a spot in The Mighty Majors, which she accepted; her closest allies on that team are Motoko, the team's first female and leader, and Armstrong, who couldn't help but feel inspired at her determination to fight on despite her limits.
  • Normally, she is really easy-going and friendly to others, especially her subordinates, and is known to her jolly laugh. However, put her in charge or training, and she will whip you to shape, no matter what it might take. Though this is because she does not want to loose a fellow man in battle.
  • She sometimes tries to speak English, though she is getting bit wary of it, because one time she tried it, her voice brought the attention of Lucy, a meeting she would prefer to avoid if all possible.
  • Some gods like have noted that her Reppuzan technique with Reppumaru looks a lot like Getsuga Tensho. She does not agree or deny it, but where she does feel regret that she never got to use Shin Reppuzan due of running out of magic to even pull off normal Reppuzan, she feels proud that Miyafuji was able to pull it off.
    • Note that she does still carry Reppumaru around, even if she is unable to use Reppuzan, since it is a fine sword which she herself forged.
  • Date Masamune once asked why she discarded her eyepatch. She explained that without her Magic Eye, she has no use to cover her right eye.
  • Is not allowed to drink anything alcoholic. The last time she was given some, she practically kissed every female deity in proximity and ran off drunk.
  • Was made the personal trainer of the 501st Legion, maybe as a small joke. None a less, even thought it means she has to train more men than ever before, she gladly took the challenge. The Stormtroopers don't seem to mind her, even if she might be bit enthusiastic about the training trills.
  • When she heard that Yoshika managed to ascend, she was the first one to come to her and graduate her on that.