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Greater Gods

    Abaddon the Despoiler 
Ezekyle Abaddon, Lord of Planet Busters and other WMDs (Abaddon the Despoiler, Warmaster of the Black Legion, The Armless Failure, Failbaddon the Harmless, Failbaddon the Armless, Harmless the Armless, Armless the Harmless, Abaddouche, Abaddabadoo)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Eye of Horus.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Earth-Shattering Kaboom, Nuke 'em, There Is No Kill Like Overkill, Weapon of Mass Destruction, Complete Monster
  • Followers: Dr. Rodney McKay
  • Allies: Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Typhus, Eliphas the Inheritor
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Konrad Curze, Magnus the Red (likely now a full-blown enemy thanks to his return to the Imperium), Angron, Perturabo (since the Primarchs would never fully submit themselves to Abaddon's command)
  • Enemies: The Emperor of Mankind, all ascended Primarchs and Heroes of the Imperium and any Champion of Mankind.
  • Rivals: The OTHER Everchosen
  • Personally commissioned the Planet Killer as his personal flagship and captured several of the Imperium's Blackstone Fortresses during the last Black Crusade. If this doesn't reflect a healthy obsession with large things (like planets) exploding, nothing does. Liable to be strangled by the Status Quo, however.
  • Also has ready access to cyclonic torpedoes, the Life-Eater Virus, antimatter torpedoes, nukes, and things that produce Negative Space Wedgies.
  • Despite his vast powers, his massive army of Chaos Marines, his devotion to the Four Gods of Chaos and the countless demons at his command, many gods seems him as a complete joke due to having failed to destroy the Imperium of Man, even after thirteen massive Crusades to make it happen. Of course, most of them don't dare to say this in his face, but there are still a couple.
    • The 13th Crusade was, to some evil-aligned deities, a considerable step in the right direction since it finally gave him access to the Cadian Gate for which to expand the Eye of Terror's radius.
      • Any respect the events of the 13th Black Crusade may have earned for Abaddon instantly vanished the instant the Pantheon became aware of the possible aftermaths. It was especially painful for the Chaos Gods, except for Tzeentch, and their servants to watch as Abaddon was constantly humiliated by Imperial forces, and openly crying as a result. Even more so when he was suddenly transported right before the God-Emperor, who effortlessly "disarmed" Abaddon and threw him out into space.
  • There was that one time when he lost his arms after a battle with The Swarmlord. Guess how many times people bring it up to him.
    • There exists many instances of Abaddon losing his arms, one such example came as a result of his encounter with the Eldar Farseer Eldrad. Eldrad's mortal followers have compiled a video documenting this epic battle, they claim that Eldrad knows how to HANDle himself
  • Don't ever tell him that Horus was better than him. He might not be a good strategist, but he is a complete monster in close-quarter combat, something that many gods have learned the hard way.
    • One of the best ways to get on Abaddon's shit list to mention that Horus did more damage to the Imperium in seven years than Abaddon did for Ten Thousand years with all the powers of Chaos at his back
  • Intercepted communication between Abaddon and Ahriman indicated that the lord of the Black Legion was planning something. No further information was uncovered but the Imperium in on guard for yet another Black Crusade.

Karna, God of Fantastic Nukes and Armor of Invincibility (Lancer of Red, Launcher, The Hero of Benefaction, Son of the Sun God, Santa Saber, Sunbro)
Santa Saber 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His armor, Kavacha & Kundala. Alternately, Vasavi Shakti
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (though he has a strong case of Undying Loyalty to whomever he serves)
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Armor of Invincibility, Born Unlucky, Getting No Respect For His Accomplishments, Fantastic Nuke, God-Killing Weaponry That Can Only Be Used Once, Incendiary Exponent, Invincible Hero/Invincible Villain, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Living Lie Detector, Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold, Multi Weapon Master, Person of Mass Destruction, Playing with Fire, The Power of the Sun, Punch-Clock Villain, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Sun, Combat, Weaponry
  • Herald: Jinako Carigiri
  • Allies: Achilles, Atalanta, Ganesha, Superman, Amaterasu, Symmetra
  • Worthy Opponent: Gilgamesh
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Asura
  • Enemies: EMIYA/Archer, Jack the Ripper
  • Esteemed Colleagues: Solaire of Astora
  • After ascension Karna became one of the most feared gods in the Pantheon with his reputation of his combat skill, destructive weaponry, invincibility, and God-killing spear. He now has a few gods gunning after him, planning to eliminate these factors so he won't be a threat in the future. Quite a nice guy though, even if he can come off as a bit of a dick.
  • Despite being a Good aligned god (and being a contender for the nicest god in the whole pantheon) he has a real habit of working with Evil aligned deities with extreme, unquestioning loyalty.
  • Archer and Gilgamesh have personally met and worked with Karna before, and each of them has some renown for actually defeating him (albeit when Karna was in a weakened state). Despite this (as well as the fact that they saved his previous Master), Karna doesn't get along too well with either of them; Archer's bitterness over his life as a Counter Guardian prevents him from seeing eye-to-eye with Karna and his Undying Loyalty towards his evil masters, while Gilgamesh isn't too pleased that someone has the potential to defeat him at full power, although both does think of each other as a Worthy Opponent.
  • As far as the rumor say, Karna is said to reverse the misfortunes of the likes of Cu Chulainn, from 'Being Lancer is suffering' into 'Being Lancer is wonderful'. But even Karna had to protest on that one: True, he really got what he wanted and had great powerful things in his disposal, but most of the time, his Masters tended to be either very underhanded or dishonorable. He could tank it himself, since that's what he is, but if given to others? He wouldn't recommend it, out of pity.
  • Dracula doesn't like him, due to Karna utterly humiliating the vampire during an alternate Holy Grail War, even if he wasn't using his vampire abilities. Karna's response is simply I Did What I Had to Do.
  • With the curse over his techniques finally lapsing, Karna now has the ability to cast his Astras without worrying about them failing at a critical moment. After some time getting back the hang of using them, he can now cast them by sight alone, the stronger ones taking the form of Eye Beams.
    Weapons and arts are but an opening act. True heroes kill with their eyes.
  • Found some common ground with Superman and Amaterasu as they are honorable and righteous people with solar powers. The Man of Steel and the Goddess of the Sun had pitied Karna for being on the wrong side and now hope his new life in the Pantheon will treat him better than the past one did. Though Karna did inquire at one point if Amaterasu has been using alter egos called "Tamamo-no-Mae", since that's within his knowledge so far. He got no answer.
  • Several other deities has promised him good karma once he finished his run. Karna simply said 'Just keep it, I do not deserve it.', which caused other Gods, especially Ganesha, think that he deserved even more later for his humility and life without demands. He even wondered if it can make him eligible to enter the Battleground of the Gods one day due to his ancestry...
  • While he's not too close with them, he's quite glad with the ascension of fellow Red Servants, Achilles and Atalanta, noting that they passed on in the same time and were quite known as Team AKA. He's still awaiting the time Chaldea would summon Achilles as well...
    • Speaking of Chaldea, many was surprised when Karna introduced a rather... weird high-five.
    Hey, yo, Chadeluxe.
  • He got into contact with Satya Vaswani/Symmetra and tends to share stories of serving shady masters. Karna already encouraged her to endure, unlike him, she still has a chance to get out of her situation. And before anyone else asked, no, he wouldn't want to drop Vasavi Shakti to the Vishkar Corporation even for karma. Think of how many innocent people would be caught in the blast when doing so.
  • Just how powerful is his Vasavi Shakti anyway? Aside from its destructive power, it's so powerful that it also distorts the surrounding's looks to an ever-changing style before the inevitable happens.
  • Once ran into an odd worshipper of the sun named Solaire of Astora. After a brief skirmish where the knight dodge-rolled his Brahmastra eye beams, parried a Vasavi Shakti strike, and countered the Brahmastra Kundala with a Sunlight Spear, Solaire has gained Karna's respect, to the point where they greet each other with the "Praise the Sun" gesture. For this, the son of Surya the Sun God was given honorary membership of the Warriors of Sunlight.
  • Can also be found in Dodging and Defensiveness.

    Terry Crews 
Alright, who's nex- *punched out by a fist from nowhere*



Terry Crews, God of Volatile Awesomeness (Terrence Alan Crews, The other Old Spice Man)
Terry Crews in his regular mortal form; an image of him advertising Old Spice is omitted for your safety.

*familiar whistle jingle*

*Terry's fist punches through the profile*


  • Trying his best to be a caring parent to his own real-life family, this Family Man refuses to tolerate any of the Child Abuse Supporters, and should almost any of them exist within a certain distance of him, they automatically explode, so they all take caution to avoid him at any cost. For someone a despicable parent as Ragyo, however, that's a different story. The first time he heard of WHAT Ragyo did to her daughters, he went up to her temple, went to look the deity herself in the eye, and Ragyo exploded, turning her into The Negative Man for 24 hours, forcing her to sob and wallow in shame for the entire day. Needless to say, every good-willed parent holds him in high respect.
    • After learning about Michael Bluth's eventual developments into a rather questionable parent, he's begun to feel really terrible about what he's suffered through, but as a parent himself he can't stand to accept what Bluth's become, especially not his treatment of his son. On his off-time, he hopes that he can help Bluth be a better parent, at the very least.
  • In one of his attempts to bond with his son, he ended up becoming a gamer just like him, and he even got into Overwatch in the process, and for that, he gets along with many of the ascended heroes from Overwatch. He even tried to become a voice actor for a certain hero, although his requests were denied. In fact, that hero, Doomfist, may have been somewhat modeled after him. While Terry isn't fond of Doomfist's agenda, he still feels pretty bad about what Akande went through during his early career attempts, and does wish for him to have a Heel–Face Turn on his own. (He COULD just use his reality-warping powers to just make him Good but that's something he won't abuse his powers for.) While Doomfist doesn't plan to give up his agendas for him, he holds no ill will towards Terry and wouldn't even think about trying to attack him anyway, regardless of the risk of him being punched into the stratosphere.
  • Having a bad experience with a Loony Fan who rudely tried to push through his children in order to meet him face-to-face, he visited Annie Wilkes for having a reputation for being even worse than what he dealt with, warning her through his Scary Black Man persona to be a little more understanding of the feelings of the creators she supposedly respects. And of course to BE A DECENT PERSON, DAMN IT! *Annie explodes, to no one's shock*
  • Bobobo loved the Old Spice products he got from Terry Crews, and eventually asked Terry if he could star in a commercial for Old Spice with him. Terry agreed, and not an hour later, the entire House of Hair Styles exploded repeatedly until it looked like it was part of the House of War. It was also littered with nose hair tentacles attacking the janitors. Some believed that this was caused by some unholy Fusion Dance between the two deities, others believed that the screaming they did amplified each others' powers to an uncontrollable extent. Due to this occasion, the House of Time and Space sometimes has to create a dimensional space for Terry to host a commercial with other deities to avoid further destruction.
  • Alex Armstrong decided to get himself in a flexing contest with Terry Crews solely for fun. Terry immediately accepted the request, with it being a still-rational showcase of muscles, but not only did Terry Crews end up using his reality-bending powers to make his flexing go over the top, he gave Armstrong the same abilities for his own flexing, and from there it escalated to the point where all of the flexing created a ball of energy so manly that when it exploded, several Houses were left in need of heavy repair. Many of the workers and faculty groaned as they watched Alex and Terry shake hands and depart.
    Isaiah: Of course, things like this are more than possible when you have a man that smells like Old Spice Swagger-
  • In an attempt to get more famous, Super Macho Man challenged Terry Crews to a Pec Flex contest, claiming that if Terry Crews could outlast him without any reality-warping involved, Super Macho Man would have to buy a month's worth of his products. If Terry lost, Super Macho Man would get to star in the next Old Spice commercial to promote himself as well. Disabling all of his powers for the time being, Terry accepted, and for over an hour they stared at each other as they continued to flex their pecs, with many men and women watching. Super Macho Man did last for a good while, which Terry had to admit, but Terry ended up winning through sheer endurance after almost two hours, and Super Macho Man began to faint. Before he passed out, he saw a large crate full of Old Spice products and a bill taped onto it, with his exact signature already on it.
    Terry: IF HE HAD USED OLD SPICE PRODUCTS MORE OFTEN, HE MIGHT HAVE HAD ME BEAAATTTTTTT- Italicized instance of an explosion occurring, as a result of Terry's yelling being that powerful
  • Not very fond of the Kankers since he despises what their trope represents. He once saw them chasing the Eds down, and he decided to try and defuse the situation by TALKING ABOUT HOW GREAT OLD SPICE IS FOR YOUR HYGIENE but after seeing that the Kankers cared little for it, he decided to take it a step further and started to holler, causing the Kankers to explode into... themselves, but with their heads transformed into fish. Sending the Kankers running in horror of their new appearance, the Eds thanked him by taking some of his Old Spice products.
  • After giving some Old Spice to Saxton Hale, the two got into a screaming contest that was so loud that SLEEP ITSELF WAS CANCELLED FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR FROM THE SHEER POWEEERRRRRRR- *Yet even more explosions*
  • For the sake of having fun, he's starting to collaborate with the likes of Michael Bay and Mr. Torgue, both of whom look up to Terry for the explosions he creates by just existing, in order to make a commercial so powerful and explosive that it would blast Isaiah off his seat and possibly cause the whole Pantheon to explode from the utter power alone.


Intermediate Gods

Wheeljack, God of Exploding Scientific Creations (Que, Jackie, NOT Downshift)
G1 Wheeljack
His Alt-mode 
Armada Wheeljack 
Movie Series Wheeljack/Que 
Animated Wheeljack 
Aligned Wheeljack 
Cyberverse Wheeljack 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia (Either the original, or Generation Two model) or the Wreckers insignia (his Prime incarnation)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, briefly Lawful Evil as his Armada incarnation (Chaotic Evil in his Shattered Glass form)
  • Portfolio: His Inventions ALWAYS Blow Up, Absent-Minded Professor, Gadgeteer Genius, Mad Scientist, Odd Friendship (with Grimlock and Starscream), Transforms into a Lancia Stratos Race Car, Good Counterpart to Shockwave, Science Hero, A Tad Rebellious Towards His Superiors
  • Domains: Science, Explosions, Wrecking, Speed, Inventing, Rebellion, Maintenance, Gadgeteering
  • Heralds: The Autobot Science Divisionnote , Chip Chase (human ally), Mirage (partner in several continuities), Hot Shot (Unicron trilogy best friend), Wind Sheer (Mini-Con partner)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Professor Pippy Poopypants/Tippy Tinkletrousers
  • Interested in: Mosco, Godzilla
  • Conflicting Opinion: Michael Bay, Victor Frankenstein and his Monster
  • Wheeljack is the Autobot's wily mechanical engineer, a tech geek who seems to get off on creating new and unusual devices for his fellow bots. Unfortunately, his experiments either turn out really good or really bad. His propensity for blowing his experiments (and himself) up was what influenced his ascension. For every successful gadget he builds, they're just as likely to help the Autobots as they are to trouble them, like an Immobilizer meant to immobilize the Decepticons being used to freeze the Autobots instead. This mixture of failure and success turned out to be exactly what Optimus needed to bring his top inventor to the Pantheon.
    • Unlike most of the others, Wheeljack was late to the party because Bulkhead forgot that they both were ascending. When Jazz recruited the rest of the original Ark crew (sans Huffer) as heralds, Optimus paired him up with Bulkhead for a two-fold ascension. Thankfully, the mistake was cleared up and Wheeljack officially received his new lab and a commission in the GUAG Engineering Division.
  • As is custom for an ascended Transformer, he's brought a dedicated team of heralds to contribute to the Autobot war effort. The entire Autobot Scientific Divisionnote  has been called up, consisting of legacy character Ratchet (the cranky but reliable medic), Hoist (the jovial but dedicated maintenance specialist), Perceptor (the knowledgeable scientist), Beachcomber (the pacifist, nature-loving geologist), Swerve (the bad-aiming metallurgist), Grapple (the frustrated artist and architect), Huffer (the pessimistic construction engineer) and Hauler (the constantly missing salvager), all of whom serve in important capacities in the Pantheon. The first two in particular always fix him up whenever he almost kills himself mid-experiment. Ratchet in particular serves as a surgeon in the GUAG Engineering Division and is undergoing training to be able to treat similarly-sized organics. There's also 'rich boy' Autobot Mirage (Dino in some continuities), a fellow racer whose powers of Invisibility (by Wheeljack's own admission) mesh well with Wheeljack's technical wizardry.
    • Serving as secondary heralds are disabled human Teen Genius and partner Chip Chase, who assists him with trickier inventions and advises him on the human side of the equation. His Anti-Hero Armada incarnation has Autobot Hot Shot (a Bumblebee Expy) as his emotional weight and best buddy, since he never lost faith in him even after his Face–Heel Turn. Wind Sheer, his Mini-Con partner was never comfortable with him switching sides but nevertheless remains loyal to him. She was greatly relieved upon hearing that Wheeljack's other incarnations are staunchly and have always been Autobots.
  • When not tinkering with doohickies in his temple, Wheeljack can usually be seen hanging out with his partner Bulkhead, wrecking stuff while training in the latter's temple. He may have a problem with authority, but Bulkhead certainly isn't authoritarian like their superior Ultra Magnus or Optimus (they've only just started patching up their relationship with him). The two bots make for a feared duo of Bash Brothers and no normal Decepticon dares to mess with them. Because Wreckers don't call for backup. They call for cleanup!
    • Only Bulkhead gets to call Wheeljack 'Jackie'. If everyone did that Jackie Chan would probably come for a visit.
  • A member of the GUAG Engineering Division and their liaison to the GUAG Robot War Division. While he isn't a robot healer by any stretch, Wheeljack has created plenty of gadgets useful for combatting the Decepticons. He particularly gets along with Winry Rockbell and Dr. Thomas Light, who specialize in automail and humanoid robots respectively. Sure, they aren't on the level of Wheeljack's creations for sure (and Light's Mega Men are far more advanced than the Dinobots). Whenever he requests their services, it's either because he wants to perform modifications on himself and needs someone to help or he's got an important project to work on that risks detonating the entire engineering headquarters. Even though his inventions can range from disruptive to outright dangerous, he's made some powerful things, such as the Dinobots and freaking Metroplex.
    • Because they're his creations, Wheeljack has a surprisingly better relationship with the Dinobots, especially Grimlock. Both have an anti-authoritarian streak and prefer doing whatever they want, whenever they want unless the chips are down.
  • Some of his inventions have backfired hard. An improved version of his famous remote control that was used to control Decepticons ended up being too strong and ended up offlining an entire battalion of drones used by the GUAM. Almost every member of the Machine Council descended on his laboratory demanding replacements, and Wheeljack just happened to be absent. He eventually settled with a payout of twenty Energon cubes from his personal storage. Sigma tried to extort several of his in-progress inventions but was bargained down to the cubes by Roboking.
  • Despite his apparent volatility, he's one of Cybertron's greatest minds and people know it. Many an evil deity have tried to enlist his services incognito. The Decepticons, especially Tarantulas and Shockwave have tried to no avail, even with brainwashing. Sharing a voice with Starscream and other 80s villain Cobra Commander (Chris Latta) hasn't done him any favours, and more than once he's had to fend off attacks by his subordinates Destro and the Baroness.
  • Has conversed with various geniuses throughout the Pantheon to hone his inventing skills and improve his safety standards. Tony Stark's armours interest him a lot, especially the Arc Reactor. He wants to see if it can potentially replace Energon as a fuel source for Transformers and has 'borrowed' some of his Hulkbuster armours to test. Tony never got them back. He's more of a lower-tier guy though, so he tends to liaise with people like Amadeus Cho, Emmett Brown and Dexter. Donatello in particular has him interested in mutagen, to see if it can be used to manipulate Transformium into an alternative form of Transmetal, but believes in using it without cruelty; hence his animosity with Shredder.
  • Interested in Mosco's robotic suit and Godzilla (among others), and has been thinking about making a new Titan based on both. Of course, he's been slow in this effort considering the 'collateral damage' involved in emulating a God of Destruction's power and the fact that Godzilla isn't too happy with him for this. In fact, after the Evilutionists of Mad Science plotted to steal the prototypes from his temple with heavy casualties, Optimus has advised Wheeljack to quit on the business. Another gadget Wheeljack is interested in procuring is Professor Poopypants' Shrinky-Pig 2000, as soon as he gets it into his titanium-laced skull that giving his inventions silly names does not help his case.
  • Holds the distinction of being the first Transformer seen on-screen, and sometimes boasts about it to his fellow Autobots until someone reminds him that it didn't stop him from being killed off unceremoniously in his first movie outing along with Windcharger when his toy was discontinued. He much prefers his Heroic Sacrifice protecting the planet Elonia from Unicron: an honor he shares with Starscream of all people.
  • Like most other ascended Transformers, Wheeljack can assume a variety of forms in the Pantheon depending on his incarnation, a very interesting prospect in his opinion. He usually transforms into a 1976 Group 5 Lancia Stratos Turbo race car in Alitalia livery, but others exist too. He can also transform into a Mercedes-Benz E550 with an Einstein-esque robot mode and a German accent (named Que after the James Bond character). Another, a sword-wielding anti-authoritarian has the privilege of being a member of the legendary Wreckers unit under Ultra Magnus. He doesn't like to be reminded of his brief stint as a Decepticon in the Unicron Trilogynote . And don't even mention what happens when he turns into his Shattered Glass counterpart: a Mad Scientist with none of the mainstream counterpart's moral scruples and overzealously seeking approval.
    • Some of the more recent incarnations have facial hair for some reason. He's been thinking about getting it styled in the sub-house of Facial Hair but isn't sure if they have anyone who specializes in robots. Albert Einstein once poked fun at him for his Movie form, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Wheeljack doesn't appreciate Michael Bay for having him killed off humiliatingly in his movie, especially in a form he sees as illegitimate. Especially since they're two temples away from each other.
  • Can sometimes be seen in the House of Travel street-racing. Despite being the least street-oriented of the Autobot race cars, he's the best racer out of all of them. He's prided himself on his choice of vehicle mode (or more specifically Teletraan-1's choice), a race car built for the track as opposed to for the road.
"Never do what your enemy expects you to do!"

    Yoshikage Kira 
Yoshikage Kira, God of Explosive Materials (Yoshikage Kill-A, Kosaku Kawajiri, The Fucking Strong)
As Kosaku Kawajiri 
As a ghost 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God with Bites the Dust)
  • Symbol: His Stand, Killer Queen, and its second bomb, Sheer Heart Attack
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, with a shade of Chaotic Evil. Will try to pass himself off as Lawful Neutral when no one is suspecting.
  • Stand(s): Killer Queen, Killer Queen: Sheer Heart Attack, Killer Queen: Bites The Dust
  • Portfolio: Serial Killers, Making Things Highly Volatile with His Stand, Affable Insanity, Cloudcuckoolanders, Magnificent Bastardry, Creepy Monotone, Ridiculous Intelligence, Desires to Have a Quiet Life, Gaining the Power to Create "Groundhog Day" Loop
  • Domains: Murder, Secrecy, Destruction, Normalcy, Time
  • Allies: Yoshihiro Kira, Jack the Ripper, Johan Liebert, Skull Face, Solf J. Kimblee, Deidara, the Techies, Michael Bay
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Doctor Boom, Warhead, Tavish DeGroot and Mr. "Jane" Doe
  • Enemies: Josuke Higashikata, Rohan Kishibe, Jotaro Kujo, "Josuke Higashikata", Yu Narukami, Dexter Morgan, Knight Gundam, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Tracer, Tohru Adachi
  • Opposed by: Enrico Pucci
  • "Humble" Counterpart to: Light Yagami
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Ascended after finishing his duties as a ghost, and was allowed access to the Pantheon as his reward, along with getting back Killer Queen. When he came to the Pantheon, he opted out of getting a temple, thinking that getting unwarranted attention would come from having possession of such a place. In exchange, he asked to be granted access to his Kosaku Kawajiri persona. Unfortunately for him, Josuke blew his cover when he used it, rendering his disguise useless.
  • Has kept many members of the Pantheon on edge, thanks to his killing intent, along with the powers of his Stand, Killer Queen:
    • Killer Queen's primary bomb can make anything it touches highly volatile, vaporizing it to a cellular level at his command. For this power, he has been compared to Solf J. Kimblee and his Explosive Alchemy powers, not to mention his nigh-incomprehensible psyche.
    • Its secondary bomb, Sheer Heart Attack, manifests itself as a bomb on treads, tracking the warmest thing in the area until it comes into contact with it. It is Nigh-Invulnerable, and cannot be stopped until Kira calls it off. Because of this, Kira has boasted that Sheer Heart Attack HAS NO WEAKNESS. Too bad Sheer Heart Attack is actually fairly easy to confuse.
    • Its tertiary bomb, Bites the Dust, has the ability to invade someone else's body. Should someone else make contact with them, Bites the Dust will travel into the other person's eye and blow them up, creating a "Groundhog Day" Loop that won't stop unless Kira stops it. Normally, Kira doesn't have this ability, but he somehow found a Stand Arrow and used it on him. At the same time, Pucci was able to achieve Heaven, but was reverted back into his base Stand after Bites the Dust was activated. Pucci now hates him for this, but Kira has gone on record saying that he has no problem with his goals, as long as Kira can get the quiet life he wants.
    • Also with Kira is the Stand, Stray Cat, which reincarnated from a cat and can shoot bubbles. Kira makes these bubbles highly volatile and shoots them out as air bombs. As such, he's considered to be an Evil Counterpart to Caesar Zeppeli.
  • Creeps out many of the female deities due to his penchant for leaving behind the hands of his female victims and keeping them, calling them his "girlfriends". Regardless of what anyone thinks of him, Kira is still very proud about getting a boner at the sight of the Mona Lisa's hands.
  • Has taken a liking to Johan Liebert and Jack the Ripper, citing them as inspirations for never getting apprehended for murder.
  • Does not like Light Yagami, thinking that he's an annoying megalomaniac who doesn't know how to control his power. He also doesn't like the fact that Light has taken the moniker "Kira" for himself, though he will admit to be fine with someone else taking the blame for his murder.
  • Has found it hard to get away with murder with his nemesis Josuke in the Pantheon. To make matters worse for him, the other Josuke has been following him around, with the intent of finding out if he is the Kira that makes up half of him. Kira is annoyed by this, as well as Soft and Wet's bubbles being similar to Stray Cat's.
  • Has been asked what made him do this. Kira has not been reached for a response.
  • With explosive powers, mental instability, and the ability to loop time, Kira has often been compared to Homura Akemi. Kira finds her weak and pathetic for trying to deviate from her perceived perfect world, but after hearing about her making a world where everyone is happy, his opinion of her has softened somewhat, and wishes to be part of this new perfect world.
  • On the few occasions that Kira allows himself to be out in the open, he can be often be seen eating sandwiches in the House of Nature, admiring the scenery. He has described it to something along the lines of "a Beautiful Duwang", and has compared it to a picnic of sorts.
  • While Kira generally doesn't like people like the Techies, he admires their expertise on explosives and their employment of Paranoia Fuel.
  • Similarly, Deidara and Kimblee also have his respect for their explosive talents, but in their case he finds them easier to get along with. The three have agreed to one day go on an explosive rampage; they're just waiting for Kimblee to decide on targets he holds in contempt.
  • Michael Bay has hired Kira to be his SFX director, providing the trigger that causes the countless explosions that Bay is known for. The only thing Kira asks for in return is that Bay doesn't credit him.
  • Is quite wary of Nick Wilde due to the fact that they sound alike. Although he sympathizes with him a bit due to the fact that they both want quiet lives and were forced into doing things because of their current situations.
  • While he was initially on good terms with Tohru Adachi, the friendship dissolved once the differences made themselves apparent and it has now evolved into mutual hatred. While Kira would enjoy the quiet life in the small town Adachi would find himself in, Adachi saw the quiet town as a hell of utter boredom and responded by becoming a serial killer.
    • These differences in goals would end up splitting the two, especially as Adachi would try and redeem himself. Kira views Adachi as a pitiful man who is unable to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and has to lash out at others for his own problems. When confronted with Adachi's strict upbringing and failure in how his sacrifices meant nothing, Kira responded by pointing out that Adachi's eventual assignment to Inaba was his reward. Kira noted that Adachi's hard work and studying did pay off to land him a secure and steady job and in a quiet town like Inaba, he possessed plenty of opportunity to explore other venues. Even if he was displeased with his circumstances, there was nothing that stopped him from trying to reclaim that to live the life that he wanted. Instead, Adachi wasted his opportunity on pitiful lamentations, petty transgressions based on entitlement and ruining the rest of his life just for cheap thrills. Kira wanted to live a quiet life and got it because he worked for that specific goal. Adachi's lack of respect among the Inaba police was the result of his own behavior and attitude.
    • He avoids Inaba, knowing that not only would he have to deal with Adachi, but likely Yu and the rest of the Investigation Team... along with the Joestar clan for that matter.

Lesser Gods

Bomberman, God of Cartoon Bombs (Dynablaster/Dyna Blaster, White Bomberman, White Bomber, Cheerful White Bomber, Bomber John, Shirobon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His bombs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Use bombs as main weapon, Badass Adorable, everything can kill him and his own bombs
  • Domains: Bombs, Explosion
  • Followers: Bomb Man (no relation)
  • Allies: Solid Snake, Simon Belmont, Techies, Bob-Ombs, Demoman, Optimus Prime, Serious Sam, Johnny Turbo, Bonk, Xavier Woods of The New Day
  • Rivals: Taizo Hori, Dr. Boom
  • Enemies: Wario, Megatron, Green Goblin, Yoshikage Kira, Jinx, Junkrat, The Joker
  • Hailed from the Bomber Nebula and the Planet Bomber, Bomberman is part of an intergalactic police force who defends his galaxy from evil. He has the ability to generate his bombs, which are the classic black ball with a fuse.
    • Some suggest that he was originally a robot working in a factory who grew tired of his programming and leave in order to become human when he heard rumors of robot becoming humans when they reach the surface. Not many deities believe that this backstory may be true.
    • And then there was the second retelling of the latter backstory, but more dystopia and about robot gladiators fight each other. We don't talk about it.
  • Despite his specialization in explosives and bombs, he cannot disarm his own bombs. This always causes most of his deaths and within the Pantheon, he hopes to fix that problem.
  • Once, Wario somehow manage to enter the Bomber's world and, as usually for Wario's greed, tried to loot the place. Bomberman stopped him and kicked him back to his world.
  • He was invited by a station where he met heroes like Solid Snake, Simon Belmont, and even Optimus Prime to fight in a big brawl for ratings.
  • He found that Serious Sam used a bomb to symbolize him, in which the Bomber want to fight with him with his bombs. He once picked up a Serious Bomb from him and accidentally brought it into a match, which cause death to all of the contestants. Though, the Bomber didn't found that Bomb to be much different from the Red Bomb, which are very powerful and destructive.
  • Dr. Boom views him as a threat of surpassing him in explosive destruction. With Bomberman's ability to kick bombs before they explode and wear an Invisible Suit which protects him from a single explosion, it could cause him to turn his army of Boombots to go against him.
  • Techies want to learn the arts of generating bombs so that they could keep making more bombs. He thought that Techies already learned how to use a Remote Bomb as they could use their Remote Mines.
  • Bomberman once tried to demolish the underground but Taizo Hori stopped him as he wanted to do it himself. In the battle, he would have had an advantage with his Super Bombs until Taizo Hori stunned him with his air pump long enough for him to escape and let the bomb explode on him. Bomberman promise not to demolish the Underground again.
  • He sometimes mistakes Bob-ombs as his own bombs so he sometimes throws them by accident. They don't seem to mind, as they were destined to blow up.
  • As part of the police, he doesn't like crime and evil. He certainly doesn't like criminals who would use explosives to commit crime and hurt others, especially since he faced rogue bombers before.
  • When seeing Yoshi, he often compares him to Louie/Rooney, kangaroo-like animals with rabbit ears who would let Bomberman ride him and give him mobility and a second life.
  • Despite Johnny Turbo's acrimonious relationship with the rest of the Gaming pantheon, Bomberman remains friends with him to this day due to him being an old ally at NEC during the console wars of the early '90s. He is also friends with Bonk for identical reasons.
  • While he did not make it into the fight proper, Bomberman has been confirmed to be an Assist Trophy for the latest Super Smash Bros. tournament, meeting up with his friends Solid Snake and Simon Belmont once again.
  • When asked if he has any relationship to Subject Delta, Bomberman has acknowledged that as much as realistic depictions bring bad memories, he could do a whole game looking like the Big Daddy.

    Marvin the Martian 
Marvin the Martian, The God Who Expected an Explosion (The Martian, Commander of the Flying Saucer X-2)

    Nice Holystone 
Nice Holystone, Goddess of Explosive Fetishists

    Norman Osborn/Green Goblin 
Norman Virgil Osborn, God of Bomb Throwers (Green Goblin, Gobby, Emerald Elf, Iron Patriot, Stormin' Norman, Goblin King, Red Goblin, Gold Goblin, "Something of a Scientist Himself")
Iron Patriot 
Red Goblin 
Gold Goblin 
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God with the Iron Patriot armor or Carnage Symbiote
  • Symbol: His Goblin mask
  • Theme Song: The Green Goblin, No Good Deed.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil when the Goblin personality takes over. Neutral Good as the Gold Goblin.
  • Portfolio: Ambition Is Evil, The Goblin Will Make You FEAR Him, Lots of Gliders, Crazy-Prepared, Faux Affably Evil, Has A Large Legacy, Super Manipulative, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Split Personality, The Only One Allowed To Defeat Spidey, Evil To Villains Too.
  • Domain: Chaos, Madness, Insanity, Bomb-Lobbing.
  • Followers: Black Arts Viper, Mad Stan
  • Herald: Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin
  • Allies:
  • Admires: Most Halloween-based deities.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Doctor Doom, Venom Symbiote, Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus
  • Enemies:
  • Chaotic Counterpart to: Homura of the Crimson Squad
  • Annoyed with: The entire Toku base.
  • Opposed by: Anyone who has loved ones. Most anti-abusive parents as well as Raul Menendez.
  • Opposes: Deadpool.
  • Complicated Relationship: His son Harry
  • Norman Osborn, a man of riches and insanity in secret, was actually a nice person in the past. That didn't last long though because due to the number of deals his company made (which resulted to his resignation), his negligence to his son Harry Osborn, and his injection of the Goblin Serum. This chain of events would change him for the worse and turned him into the villain now known as the Green Goblin. An insane psychopath who's hellbent on one objective: Kill and torment Spider-Man and to an even bigger statement, Peter Parker.
    • The first thing he did a few minutes after his ascension was to blow Spidey up with his classical Pumpkin grenades. It resulted in Spidey's temple being blown to bits and an Evil Laugh heard from the skyscape. As a form of retaliation, he found Goblin inside his temple and decided to give a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to the psychopath. According to him, he had some "private matters to deal with".
  • Even when having the technology for better aim, Norman has a habit of throwing bombs. Rather than launch them from his glider or even using a grenade launcher. However, rather than the big ones, the bombs he throws are very small, meaning not only will it get a guaranteed aim, but it's well hidden and it may be too late to retreat, and of course, there are even stealthier versions of it.
    • With Dr. Boom eventually meeting him, they have been testing mini-Boom Bots to see if they are good bombs to throw. Boom recently tinkered with his glider and added the Boom Bot Dropper, an ability to drop Boom Bots like in a B-52. The House of Technology has some eyeing questions regarding that ability as well as the House of Gaming.
  • One of the objectives he did was attempting to hold a place for OsCorp in the Pantheon. The problem is that it was heavily denied by the Court of the Gods (due to the presence of BnL and The 501st Legion) and was told to return back to the mortal realm. Osborn, disgusted, snatched some weapons from them before they left. The gods did see him though, and it looked like that he was carrying 3 cases full of the Goblin Serum.
    • The second thing he did was bringing H.A.M.M.E.R, the Dark Avengers and even the Cabal for a spot in the House of Justice. It horribly failed, even to the point where Captain America initiated a restraint order for Norman to call for aid outside the Pantheon. This got him even more pissed.
    • The last thing that he had in mind was to bring the entire legion of Goblin-villains in his temple, despite the order issued. A fight ensued, with the GUAG Combat Division, Captain America and even Iron Man just to hold off the onslaught.
      • However, Spidey noticed something after the fight. After the Goblins were banished, he noticed the OsCorp tower present in his temple. Worse, he saw a member of the Dark Avengers, making things grimmer. He realized that the battle was a diversion, and instead of giving a negative impact on Norman, it actually benefitted him since he brought H.A.M.M.E.R, Cabal and even OsCorp in the Pantheon. Looks like Norman has some company.
  • Captain America and Iron Man were not pleased when they heard he ascended. Reason: because Osborn usurped S.H.I.E.L.D and even called Iron Man a sellout (even the citizens were telling that to Stark during this time). The worst offending action came from the fact he created The Dark Avengers and made his version of the Iron Man suit.
    • Mutants, however, are an even more serious issue. The X-Men hates his guts for making a twisted version of the X-Men, ala, The Uncanny X-Men. He even used Genocide to bring an end to the Mutant problems. And if that wasn't enough, he even invaded ASGARD. This gave him the complete hate from every Marvel Superhero, (and hell, even DC Superheroes) EVER.
  • Being a Combat Pragmatist, he always has a tendency to look for the loved ones of his enemies, take them hostage or even horribly kill them outright. Most Damsel in Distress deities would never go to him as they know that he is MUCH worse than their former holders, most notable mentions go to the Princesses of Heart.
    • With him hearing Gwen Stacy's ascension, the first thing he had in mind was to do the most classical way she died, dropping her off a bridge. Not only has this become a habit for him, but it's becoming his first obsession. The House of Mentalities were even shocked when they heard from his mind his real intention. Replay her death as many times as he wants due to the Status Quo Is God situation in the Pantheon. Because of this, Gwen is forced to lock herself up in her temple. In contrast, Spider-Gwen has become a fierce enemy. (and please, don't bring up Gwen having a one-night stand with Norman and eventually giving birth to twins)
    • Even worse for deities who have both friends AND families. Not only does The Green Goblin persona torture their lives, its being the original personality Norman Osborn that worsens the threat. He can manipulate them, know each plan and is much more sadistic than his Goblin counterpart. This got him the ire of Kenshiro very quickly.
      • And if that wasn't enough, he did just that to the Kirigaya Family as people who are very reminiscent to Peter's family and love life. He even committed this for 3 months straight. This act is what finally gave everyone their attention of hate towards Osborn for his acts.
  • Despite being partners once, he still doesn't trust Doctor Doom after being one of the masterminds who planned on usurping him. Even worse since Deadpool is present, meaning he'll proceed in telling tales about Norman's Reign on Justice.
  • Has been seen communicating with both Johan and Joker for two reasons, Manipulation and bringing full despair to his enemies even more. The two, however, have been warned that even villains will be treated with death if they dare meddle at his plans. Or kill Spidey first.
  • Has a large admiration towards Halloween deities due to them being Osborn's inspiration for his persona. However, not a single deity of said Holiday [1] has taken his admiration very kindly, even Jack Skellington won't even give a thumbs up for the response.
  • Due to his constant abuse to his son Harry, he is often greeted by Relius and Ghetsis for supporting his actions. He actually ignores them, unless he finds them useful at a certain time, except for Heihachi, who somehow finds him to be very similar to him in terms of power, riches, and their attempts to kill off their sons.
    • However, this has gotten him the highest hatred towards Yu and Jin. The former is literally disgusted at Osborn's attempts to either kill his son or turn him into the Hobgoblin while the latter somehow reminds of his son. Much like his senses in canon, he'll do anything to kill off Jin and possibly Yu, if he dares to go into his way. Unfortunately, this has become his other obsession ever since.
    • His PR has decreased ever since that meeting, due to an untimely intervention with fellow father Homer Simpson and his spreading of the info. Because of this, he's now forced to cut his obsession of killing Jin. And now, he's eagerly waiting for the next strike.
  • Much like their Marvel counterparts, the DC Heroes have condemned his actions. He's reminded by Superman to be like Lex Luthor while Batman is reminded of the Scarecrow due to his suit and handful of grenades. He doesn't care though, so as long he isn't disturbed.
    • Has been eyed by Thaal Sinestro after seeing his capabilities. He sees him as a worthy candidate for the Yellow Lantern Ring. This didn't sit well for most DC deities as they know that a Yellow Lantern is enough for Osborn to be an even bigger threat than he was.
  • The entirety of the Toku Heroes have compared his suit to the Jet Jaguar. He cringes every time he hears this. Even worse since many deities are already pointing it out.
  • One thing you should know about him, it's that he should kill Spidey FIRST. If you do get to kill Spidey before him, be ready for one hell of a ride to your doom. Peter's second-greatest enemy, Otto, got that taste of his medicine.
    • When they heard about the Goblin's kill Spidey first motive, many thought that he would be on good terms with Homura of the Crimson Squad. Here's the catch, not only is Homura somewhat disgusted of Norman's actions, she somehow hates him even more than Raynare for some reason. He has no comment on such incident.
  • If you hear a deranged laugh from the sky, MOVE. Once he has his sights on you, you'll be tracked by him for a long time. Even worse if he has the Iron Patriot up his sleeve.
  • Even if Norman will be less than amused if you start quoting Im A Marvel And Ima DC to him, he does own up to being a Willem Dafoe fan. He was downright disappointed to see Dafoe cast in the Aquaman movie.
  • "But you, Parker... How does it feel to once again, let a friend down? You seem to have quite a history of failing your friends and loved ones. Dear, sweet Gwendolyn, your deceased girlfriend who died so young. Your beloved aunt May, who asked for so little of you and received exactly that until she was taken from you. My son, Harry. You claimed to be his friend, his confidant, and when he needed you most, you failed him as you do everyone else who gets close to you."

    Princess Pitch 
"Let's rock!"

Princess Pitch, Goddess of Endings Where Everything Explodes
  • Intermediate Goddess (Overdeity during the moment she uses Galactic Princess Buster)
  • Symbol: Her Brick cannon
  • Theme Song: Title Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonist, Stories Ending With An Explosion, Alliterative Name, Weapon Shoots Bricks By Default But Can Change With Power Ups (Ice Thrower and Rainbow Laser), Having a Blast, Finishing Any Foe With A Piledriver, Pink Pretty Princess Powerhouse, Shouting Shooter, Ruining Christmas Because She Didn't Get Any Christmas Gifts, An Ass-Kicking Christmas, Gets An Explosive Gift In The Normal Ending, "Galactic Princess Buster" Destroys The Entire Galaxy In The True Ending
  • Domain(s): Explosions, Princesses, Anti-Christmas
  • Heralds: Catstrike, and her mother the Goddess of Explosions (ironically)
  • High Priests: Carl Spackler, The Goon Show cast
  • Allies: The Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon, Mr. Torgue, Princess Morbucks
  • Enemies: All iterations of Santa Claus (the man himself, Nicholas St. North, and Robot Santa Claus), Bowser, Jack Skellington, all the other Guardians of Childhood, the Powerpuff Girls, Iji Kataiser (both iterations), Chronormu
  • Respects: Star Butterfly (one-sided)
  • Opposed by: Mrs. Claus, Princess Peach, Buddy Hobbs, David, basically everybody who likes/celebrates Christmas or/and not having their planet/galaxy blown up
  • Princess Pitch is a girl with a grudge against Mecha Santa and a desire to put a stop to his plan to spread joy and presents all over the world, all because she didn't get any presents from him; if she can't get presents, no one should. With her trusty Catstrike, she plans to take him down before the world becomes a happier place. After storming his factory and dealing with all of his minions, turrets, and bosses (all specifically made to hamper Pitch), she eventually reached Mecha Santa himself and kicked his ass six ways to Sunday. She was seemingly placated after he offered a gift at long last, but when it turned out to be a bomb that blew in her face, she came back to finish the job.
    • And if she received the blessing of the Goddess of Explosions (her mother) beforehand, she not only blows up Mecha Santa, but the Moon, Earth, Sun, and the Milky Way as well with the Galactic Princess Buster. That bit is why she snuck in an ascension form to the Court of the Gods as a reason to become a Pantheon goddess, having been up already as a Follower of Bill Rizer and Lance Bean. Yes, she can solve things without violence; that is reserved for Santa alone, as well as anyone that gets in her way.
  • As an enemy of Santa, she's naturally become an enemy to all versions of Santa Claus in the Pantheon, earning herself a lifetime ban from the House of Celebration. Not that that's going to stop her from trying to barge in every December in an attempt to stop them. That said, she's got her work cut out for her, for each Santa in the Pantheon is a badass in their own right. The original has been able to bypass everything Darkseid's forces could throw at him, Nicholas North has support from the other Guardians, and Robo-Santa is a planetary threat in his own right. Pitch clashes with the last one more often than the others since he's also mechanical and more likely to explode. And in regards to the other Pitch, while the Boogeyman hopes to lure her in to be his ally, the fact that she could destroyed the galaxy meant she couldn't be reliably trusted. Can't harvest fear if there's no life to harvest it from, after all.
  • Besides Mrs. Claus, it's by default that all who like Santa Claus would loathe Princess Pitch. And on top of that list would be Christmas elves, though no notable ones have ascended to the Pantheon yet. While not one himself, Buddy Hobbs was raised by them, and he was upset upon learning about Pitch at first, but then decided to try to help her like Christmmas again like he did with his biological dad. Pitch for her part was hostile to Buddy at first, but stopped attacking when she sensed he's a bit different. That said, Mecha Santa setting up a bomb for her disguised as a peace offering after she whupped her ass the first time means that it's just too hard for her to consider changing her ways, but for Buddy's sake, she won't hurt him.
  • Bowser's army once confused her for Princess Peach and tried to abduct her. They were child's play against her Brick cannon. And when Bowser himself went to check what was taking his minions so long after the Koopalings failed to report back, he saw why, and decided to take Pitch on herself. One Princess Buster later, and he swore vengeance ever since. Word of the incident soon reached Princess Peach as well. But after hearing of that kid's crusade against all Santas, she doesn't like her either.
  • As people who deal with explosions, the Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon watch her with rapt attention, and she likes seeing them do their work when she's not plotting against Santa. Megumin of Kazuma's party has also taken interest in the "princess", as an enthusiast for explosions herself. Mr. Torgue, a CEO of a company that produces explosive weapons, found Pitch's ability to blow up a galaxy "F$$king Awesome", having entertained the idea of blowing up a whole planet himself. Granted, he wasn't aiming to hurt anyone there and simply didn't think about the possible consequences. And Pitch has took a sort of liking for Creepers because they are creatures who try to explode themselves when they are near someone.
  • As someone who also tried to ruin Christmas for every kid because she didn't get what she wanted, she actually made a new friend in Princess Morbucks. No, the fact that Princess is just her name doesn't really matter to Pitch. Now they've become planning partners for their next anti-Christmas rampage. Of course, as a willing collaborator with Morbucks, this has naturally brought her in the crosshairs of the Powerpuff Girls. Other anti-Christmas deities she's gotten along with are Burgermeister Meisterburger and Winterbolt. The latter in particular likes her style and has offered to be official allies with her. The former sees a kindred rotten soul in her and while he has nothing to offer, he's rooting for Pitch from a safe distance; her explosions are too much for his old heart.
  • As someone who likes to destroy planets for fun, Lord Dominator wishes to hire Pitch to do the same with her Galactic Princess Buster. If she can't just steal it from her somehow, that is. The "princess" for her part has mixed opinions on this, since her priorities are on destroying Santa. Destroying the galaxy with the Galactic Princess Buster is just a side effect. Pitch also admires Star Butterfly for her destruction of Magic in her universe, since in her mind this would've killed Santa and anything associated with him, as she also likes her for being a fellow collateral damage-heavy princess, amongst many other things. The mewman for her part was definitely upset that someone as crazy as Pitch approves of her destroying Magic, with all the innocent people that ended up killed.
  • For reasons beyond her comprehension, she felt a need to meet up with Ittle Dew and Tippsie. While she's good terms with them, they're not full-on allies, though given what kind of person Pitch is, this is she best she can accept. For similarly incomprehensible reasons, Pitch also paid a visit to Iji Kataiser's temples. However, they've already heard of her anti-Christmas escapades as well as her finale, and that meant that both iterations dislike Pitch out of principle alone. The Berserker in particular really wants Pitch out given how she and her own world ended up destroyed as a resilt of her mistake, and Pitch's casual statement of the explosion being awesome is more of a reason to.
  • That said, her first adventure wasn't actually where she debuted; it was actually during the Garden Gnome Carnage, where she helps out a gnome trying to keep christmas elves away from a building he's hanging from, and she would appear after he completes a challenge. Pitch has considered looking around the Pantheon for other gnomes to ally with for her fight against Christmas or other dangers. Being really nice gnomes, neither David or Chronormu are interested in her at all, and if need be the latter is willing to take on the "princess" to protect her own allies. Gnome Chompski meanwhile, happened to appear in her temple once day, so Pitch decided it was good enough and strapped it above her temple just like that gnome from before. It seemed to work for the most part until the Gnome mysteriously disappeared again.
  • "PRINCESS! BUSTER!" (suplexes the boss) "Awesome."

    Rolento Schugerg 
Rolento F. Schugerg, God of Grenade Spam (Rolent, Laurent, Perfect Soldier Seeking an Ideal Nation)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: His Signature Baton, Knives and of course, Grenades
  • Theme Songs: Going Up, Bay Area (CPS bases)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Throwing Grenades Onto His Defeated Opponents, Bomb Throwing Anarchist, Commander of His Own Mercenary Force, Expy of The Golan Colonel, Simple Baton, Throw Down the Bomblet/Stuff Blowing Up, Unnecessary Combat Roll
  • Domains: Special Forces, Ambushes, Traps, Military Weapons
  • Heralds: Holly Wood and El Gado
  • Followers: His Mercenary Forces
  • Allies: Poison (his old comrade from his Mad Gear days), Gill, Steven Armstrong, Big Boss, The Boss, Revolver Ocelot, Solidus Snake
  • Rivals: Jackson Briggs, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage (due to Rolento's interest in Cassie and Jacqui), Guile, Cammy White, Lars Alexandersson
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Cody Travers
  • Worthy Opponents: Steve Rogers/Captain America, Raiden
  • Potential Recruits For His Army: Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, Black Orchid, Leona Heidern, Asuka Kazama
  • Say what you want about Rolento, but he knows how to make an entrance. Upon ascending to the Pantheon, the career general with a utopian dream arrived in his tank, followed by his mercenary force in various vehicles and gunships. Mike Haggar was pissed upon finding the ex-Mad Gear boss is now a part of the Pantheon. Poison, on the other hand, is happy to see her old comrade join the ranks of the divine. Sadly, she now has her hands full in keeping the peace between Rolento and Haggar.
  • Kenshiro, Toki, Jagi and Raoh have all mistaken Rolento as the Golan Colonel. Which is not surprising, seeing as how Rolento took notes from him.
  • Rolento had teamed up with Ibuki in the search for Pandora's Box. It is during this time he encountered Bryan Fury in the aftermath of the mission, in which Bryan had ripped off the turret of his favorite tank in an attempt to kill Yoshimitsu with it. Rolento was irate, to say the least.
  • The scar on his face? That's Guy's handiwork, thanks to a thrown shuriken. Now Rolento plans on building his dream utopia nation on Guy's face.
  • Rolento is greatly impressed with the quintet of warriors under Johnny Cage's tutelage, particularly Sergeant Cassandra Cage and Specialist Jacqueline Briggs and the role they played in bringing down Shinnok during the 25-years-long war of Timeline X. He sees the raw potential that he believes is being wasted with Cassie and Jacqui as members of Special Forces. He wishes to see the both of them join his side, but their respective parents might take offense to that.
  • Rolento is on friendly terms with Gill, but is high on Urien's shit list. Not surprising. While Gill shares Rolento's idea of creating a perfect Utopia, Urien hates Rolento due to a certain incident in which Mega Man used Rolento's Mine Sweeper to defeat him.
  • It is said that Balalaika's forces that make up Hotel Moscow's Roanapour branch can start and win World War III. That can be put into question with Rolento's ascension.
  • Sees Big Boss as his mentor, as he also wishes to build a military Utopia. Unlike Big Boss, however, Rolento has a chance of actually succeeding. Both Big Boss and The Boss have given Rolento their blessings and support to make his dream a reality.
  • Still has get-togethers with his buddies from the Mad Gear gang at the Mad Gear Hideout. Until Haggar crashes the party and chases Sodom all over the compound. Rolento makes himself scarce when that happens.

    Solf J. Kimblee 
Solf J. Kimblee, God of Creating Explosions (The Crimson Alchemist, Red Lotus Alchemist, Mad Bomber)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The alchemical symbols of the sun and moon
  • Theme Song: Crisis in the North, Fanfare for the Brave in rare moments of virtue
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil by normal standards, Blue-and-Orange Morality overall
  • Portfolio: Mad Bomber, wearing a suit in combat, Blue-and-Orange Morality, remembering his victims, Loves the Sound of Screaming, having standards in the midst of villainy, Sociopaths With A Code
  • Domains: Explosions, Philosophy, Honor, Killing
  • Followers: Mr. 5, Bakugami, Combustion Man
  • Allies: Whichever side he'd like to see win, Yoshikage Kira, Deidara, Dante, Ladd Russo, the Techies
  • Complicated opinion on: Hunter Zolomon
  • Respects: All those who stay true to their code, whatever it may be, Lucifer
  • Enemies: Any and all Hypocrites (top of the list is Pride and Chiaki Hayasi, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa), Ethan Roark Junior, pedophiles and cowards. Also, SCAR
  • Solf J. Kimblee is the Crimson Alchemist, a former State Alchemist now working under Fuhrer King Bradley. A high-functioning sociopath, his unique combustive alchemy allows him to create explosions through the transmutation circles on his palms. Though a Mad Bomber and Sadist, Kimblee is also a sincerely charming and thoughtful man with a respect for conviction.
  • Kimblee's presence in the Pantheon leaves many gods on edge. No one's entirely sure what to make of his thought process. Edward Elric has brought up how Kimblee helped him out once, because the latter felt as if Edward's opponent didn't deserve to win (by being a hypocrite) and sabotaged things so Ed would come out on top. In light of this, Kimblee's loyalty is seen as variable, thus the Grand United Alliance of Evil are hesitant to approach him. That said, Ed and his brother Alphonse stay wary of Kimblee as well. They prefer not to deal with Kimblee if they can, especially given how the former was almost killed by Kimblee the last time they met prior to Kimblee being getting eaten by and taking residence inside Pride.
  • Father was not happy to learn Kimblee had defected and turned against his son Pride. Not that Kimblee cares anymore, as what he's been informed of Father doesn't fill him with much hope; he claims to have purged himself of vices, yet still has immense pride and other of the Seven Deadly Sins. Also, Pride consumed him. The homunculi still don't get how he could keep his individuality within the torrent of souls.
  • When not using his powers for violence, he likes transmuting objects into toys that resemble explosives, to psych out others in the area. His penchant for explosives has earned him the respect of Yoshikage Kira and Deidara, to the point they plan on engaging in an explosive rampage someday. Trouble is, with Kimblee's odd standards (see below), the targets they'll choose, and when they'll determine this, is a mystery even to them. After dealing with Pride, Kimblee has gained a preference for cutting the arrogant down to size.
  • Both Megunim and Nice Holystone were enamored by his ability to generate alchemic-based explosions, though neither agree with Kimblee's character and morality. He simply tipped his hat and said "thanks for appreciating my talent". Norman Osborn likes his skill at explosions too, however Kimblee isn't convinced to work with him yet since he thinks Norman's an asshole and doesn't see what he'd have to gain. He'll be fun having fun with the Techies, though.
  • Not much is known about what makes Kimblee tick. What is known is that committing genocide as a soldier is Just Following Orders. But as a counterpoint, if it goes against a soldier's principles and the soldier refuses to kill, he can respect them for it, just as long as they don't act like they never expected to be asked to kill. Another reason why he doesn't side with the GUAE is their general principle of being selfish and not caring about standards as a whole. He does at least respect members who's "creed" is self-identification in villainy and the superiority of evil, so long as they don't contradict such creed.
  • Though undeniably a sociopath, Kimblee isn't like Johan Liebert; he has morals. He harbors massive disgust towards hypocrites. Ally or enemy, he respects people who hold true to their values. He also doesn't appreciate being mistaken for a pedophile. Of course, this does make one wonder how he would deal with a hypocrite who values hypocrisy itself.
  • Because of his contempt towards the hypocritical, Kimblee doesn't like moral sociopaths if they violate their own code. Light Yagami (considers all killing as crime, except his own), Zamasu (hates mortals for their evils, but believes he is allowed to do so), for example. Kimblee really hates those who represent the Reasons, as they're hypocrites trying to shape the world itself to their vision.
  • When it comes to the gods of the Cardinal Alignments, Kimblee has respect for Lucifer since he is true to his code, respects the human spirit and has belief in strength befitting of his own opinions. He's earnest about it too. He doesn't exactly respect En Sabah Nur because his strength comes from the Celestials, however does think he's better than some wannabe jerk justifiers as Depending on the Writer he applies himself to his own creed. Such "wannabes" include Nazis, and Kimblee regards their "Aryan Master Race" code as utter dribble.
  • Due to Kimblee's abnormal morality, Yu Narukami advises Izanami to not use Kimblee as a standard for defining humanity. This strange morality is why he gets along with Ladd Russo, who loves killing but only ever targets those who don't think they'll die, punishing the arrogant in his own mind. It's something that Kimblee respects.
  • He Loves the Sound of Screaming, and likens it to hearing a lullaby. The Yellow Bastard could relate, however Kimblee immediately found him disgusting because he's a murderous pedophile and this was only compounded by his cowardice. Kefka is welcome to join in, though Kimblee finds him a bit strange overall.
  • Even in the Pantheon, everyone has him on a Last-Name Basis. Some Gods don't even know that his name is Solf, or that he even has a Mysterious Middle Initial. From a distance, others in the Pantheon mistake him for Michael Jackson, due to the white suit and hat.
  • Hunter Zolomon is someone Kimblee has a complicated view on. In general, he respects how he tends to stick by his code of "improving" superheroes through tragedy. However, Zolomon isn't interested much at Kimblee. Also, he does point out he is a minor hypocrite for excluding his ex-wife in his code. Then again, it's something empathetic about the guy. They can relate to each other in frustration that their counterparts lack their prime selves' nuances.
  • One thing, and only one thing alone has ever caused Kimblee to scream in fear and agony.

Tristana, Goddess of Blown-Away Explosives (The Yordle Gunner, The Rocket Queen of Resets)
Dragon Trainer Tristana with Riggle 
  • Theme Song: Dragon Trainer Tristana Theme
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Cannon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Badass Adorable, Using A Dragon As A Weapon, Military Maverick, Trigger-Happy, Excitable Yordle, Becoming A Bit Prettier
  • Domain: Weapons, Military
  • Allies: Lulu, Teemo, Seras Victoria, Trowa Barton, Heavy Weapons Guy, Chris Yukine, Nicolas Saint North, Guile, Jax Briggs, Steve Rogers, Sonya Blade, Tiny Tina
  • Enemies: Deidara, Yoshikage Kira, Rumble and Frenzy
  • Rival: Junkrat
  • Tristana's Buster Shot can knock back her opponents a couple of feet. With a couple of level ups, she can even blow them over the walls.
  • Many have sworn that Tristana looked entirely different before ascending. Rumor has it she paid a certain ninja surgeon to do a little bit of plastic surgery on her. She denies these rumors and says she always look like this. Many don't buy it however.
  • Was happy to be reunited with her special forces teammate, Teemo. Some in the pantheon think the two are actually a couple. Tristana ignore any question pertaining to their relationship.
  • She actually thought Rumble, another Yordle she is friends with, was in the pantheon. To her shock, what she face was the Decepticons' Rumble and Frenzy. Their encounter left many cracks and burn scorches around the Pantheon.
  • While she loves carrying her trusted cannon 'Boomer', she often switches to her pet dragon, Riggle. Nobody knows where she got him from. Some think he came from the dragon seen in the Summoner's Rift. Whatever the case, she is currently training the little dragon and is offering tips for other fellow dragon trainers. It's a working process.
  • Tristana was confuse when some people called her a Megling and not a Yordle. She was even more confuse when people express their sorrow for the Megling Genocide.
  • Was once mistaken for a Christmas elf by some members after wearing her holiday outfit. She corrected them on the mistake. She was interested about this "Sandy Claws" fellow and wonder if blowing things up is consider a nice thing or naughty thing.
  • Really likes blowing things up. Because of that, she likes to hang out with other explosive and gun users like the Heavy Weapons Guys. The two on occasion swap weapons for fun. She also gets along well with Seras Victoria since the two use cannons and look cute doing. But she was most impress with Chris Yukine and her Ichival. Which is "big boom" times hundred. And the same goes with Trowa Barton and his Heavyarms Gundam. Nearly fainted in excitement when she saw it's many armaments
  • Has been ask by some deities how old she is relatively to human years. Tristana hasn't answer any of those questions because she a bit creep out on why they want to know that.
  • Got in a bit of a explosive skirmish with Deidara. The two threw explosives at each other which caused plenty of collateral damage to the many houses. A similar incident happen when she battled with Junkrat.
  • Gets along pretty well with many military personals in the pantheon like Steve Rogers and Sonya Blade. Actually likes telling stories as a member of the Bandle Gunners.

    Wild Dog 
Wild Dog, God of Non-Fatal Explosions
Wild Dog in Time Crisis 5 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Badass Longcoat
  • Theme Song: Wild Dog's Themes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Arch-Enemy to V.S.S.E., Arm Cannon, Always blows himself up when defeated and always survives, The Coats Are Off, The Dragon, Psycho for Hire, Sinister Shades, Terrorists Without a Cause
  • Domains: Terrorism, Mercenaries, Explosions, Guns, Recurring Villains
  • Herald: Wild Fang
  • Allies: Albert Wesker, Sundowner, The Corpus, Roman Torchwick, Raul Menendez, Zoran Lazarevic, Ridley, Vilgax, Khaled Al-Asad, Prime Minister Honest, Senator Steven Armstrong
  • Enemies: V.S.S.E., The House of Justice, Kano, T'Challa, the Gears Of Liberation movement, John McClane
  • An infamous terrorist who has aided countless of terrorist factions around the world, often acting as their second in command. He has been one of the most prolific foes that the V.S.S.E. agents have faced and he always shows up whenever the world is threatened. His claim to fame and ascension to the pantheon was his tendency to blow himself up whenever he is cornered by the V.S.S.E., which strangely enough has never actually killed him for good and he always shows up to get revenge on V.S.S.E. whenever he can.
  • Wild Dog used to be making deals with several notable pantheon warmongers for a while, most notably with Sundowner and Roman Torchwick. That changed when Sundowner tipped him off about the presence of the V.S.S.E., which prompted him to try and enact revenge on the organization once more with aid of his newfound allies, but his attack on their temple was unsuccessful since some GUAG members managed to warn the agents before Wild Dog arrived after keeping tabs on him for a while. Needless to say, with Wild Dog around the Pantheon, the V.S.S.E. agents aren't happy that their greatest foe has arrived but before they could catch him, he swiftly escaped to a new temple.
  • One of the most reliable enforcers for the Grand United Alliance of Evil, since he has a lot of criminal actions under his name. Kidnapping, assassination, overthrowing governments, you name it. His organization, aptly named the Wild Dog Organization, followed him to the pantheon and he also brought with him his apprentice and right-hand man Wild Fang, who also has a knack of not dying.
  • Good friends with Ridley and Vilgax, the two are notable for dying a lot but always coming back. While this is the first time he's done business with actual aliens, he is not that surprised, if the price is right he will do it anyway, plus it could expand his influence in the cosmos. That said, he is watching his back considered the aforementioned two are a bit unreliable but he is no stranger to that either.
  • Has done a deal with Kano before, but considering what Kano does best he quickly screwed him over in a weapons deal and almost got caught by the GUAG. Fortunately for Wild Dog he escaped, but he has sworn revenge on Kano for setting him up.
  • Having heard of the missile that had could have turned New York into a Zombie Apocalypse, Albert Wesker sought out Wild Dog to learn more about the virus contained in the missile but was dissapointed that the terrorist wasn't the true mastermind behind it. That said, they did find many similarities between each other, mostly their use of Sinister Shades but at first Wesker was a bit bothered that Wild Dog sounded a lot like Chris Redfield in the early days, but he let that slide for now since Wild Dog could prove a powerful ally for his schemes, so long as he fulfills his part. At least Wild Dog thinks Wesker is a lot more clever than Ernesto Diaz was in the past.
  • Many powerful organizations and terrorist like the Corpus, Senator Armstrong and the Winds of Destruction, Raul Menendez and Zoran Lazarevic have recruited Wild Dog since they saw a lot of potential in a man that seemingly never dies. While he couldn't care less about their respective schemes, he goes along with it, sometimes for money, other times because they enable him to ambush the V.S.S.E.
  • Not a stranger to political conflicts, as he has participated in a few coup d'états himself like kidnapping the daughter of the President of Sercia, aiding in the invasion of the island of Astigos and even faked the assassination of the President of Caruba. Rebel Leaders hate him for being so callous and uncaring about the countries he helps invade or harm and the one that took offense the most with him was T'Challa, seeing him as a no different from Ulysses Klaue. Meanwhile, Khaled Al-Asad and Prime Minister Honest expressed interest in hiring him and the Wild Dogs to bolster their forces and perpetuate in their positions of power.
  • While he is usually content with being The Dragon, there was one time that he intended to take over the world using a robot army. Unfortunately his plans were once again foiled by Richard Miller and that stunt didn't go over well with the members of Liberion Arcadia, who placed Wild Dog on their shit list as soon as he became a prominent figure.
  • Ever since his involvement in Sercia, he lost an arm and promptly replaced it with a Arm Cannon, constantly switching it between a gatling gun, a flamethrower and even a Rail Gun. Some thing he also thinks he stores explosives in that arm in case he gets defeated, just to blow himself up before things go south and come back no worse for wear.
  • Of all the V.S.S.E. agents that faced him, he has a more personal grudge with Richard Miller, not only being the reason he lost an arm but also stopped him from going through with Project Titan, which may explain why he framed Richard for the crime of assassinating the president of Caruba. For similar reasons and certain similarities, he hates John McClane for being another notable One-Man Army who has dealt with terrorist like Wild Dog before and also being a constant detriment for him.
  • A bit of an oddball among the House of Explosives because he is not much of a Mad Bomber himself, but overtime he has taken an habit of adding explosives to everything besides himself. The art of blowing himself up and coming back from it is something that makes him be respected by most of his neighbouring deities, even if a few of them don't respect his terrorism attacks and activities.


    The Bob-ombs 
The Bob-ombs, Divine Squad of Action Bombs (Bomuhei)
King Bob-omb
A generic Bob-omb
  • Demigod (King Bob-omb); Quasideities (the rest of the squad)
  • Symbol: A wind-up key
  • Theme Music: Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being a Walking Cartoon Bomb, Blowing Itself Up, Mooks, Stuff Blowing Up
  • Domains: Explosions, Death
  • Followers: Voltorb and Electrode, Headless Kamikazes
  • Superiors: Bowser, Bowser Jr., The Koopalings
  • Allies: Goombas, Lakitu & Spinies, Koopa Troopas, Boos, Bloopers, Wario, Waluigi, Prinnies, Dr. Boom, the Goblin Techies, Bomberman, Nice Holystone
  • Rivals (for the Bob-ombs that are part of Bowser's squad): Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach
  • Source of Interest for: Junkrat, Calypso, The Scorn
  • The Bob-ombs are among the various troops that Bowser has for his army. These living bombs also have their own superior named King Bob-omb, who is appropriately bombastic when it comes to demeanor. For the most part, Bob-ombs walk around minding their own business and if someone just so happens to get in their way, their fuse suddenly lights up. They then explode not long afterwards, but there is enough time for someone to throw them at other obstacles if necessary.
  • Several explosions rocked the Pantheon one day and various denizens wanted to know what was happening that was disrupting the peace once more. According to various eyewitness reports, the explosions were being caused by bombs that somehow have eyes and legs, with some of these bombs walking on their own and exploding after a few seconds or so. This prompted a search for these bombs, with the intent of getting these bombs removed from the Pantheon as soon as possible. This would result in more chaos as it was discovered that some villains and crazed deities have gotten their hands on those Bob-ombs and used them to cause havoc.
  • Like the rest of the troops that make up Bowser's army, there are multiple kinds of Bob-ombs that vary in terms of power and personality. There are more than a handful of pink Bob-ombs known as Bob-omb Buddies, a type of Bob-omb that is friendly and have a variety of cannons set up in the Pantheon that allow others to get closer to whatever destination they're interested in. Larger-than-normal Bob-ombs also exist under different monikers and as one would guess, these cause an explosion bigger than what a regular Bob-omb is capable of. This isn't getting into some of the weirder variants such as Bob-ombs that can swim.
  • A handful of Bob-ombs have been seen hanging out with various other mooks in the Pantheon beyond those that belong to Bowser's army. Of particular note are the Prinnies, another race of mooks that are also capable of exploding even though the Bob-ombs have it a bit easier when it comes to their boss compared to the Prinnies. On the rare instance (if it does happen) that both Bob-ombs and Prinnies team up together, things are bound to get chaotic.
  • Many of these Bob-ombs (along with various other kinds of explosives) have been used as items for participants of the Smash tournaments to use. If someone doesn't pick up a Bob-omb that appears in the fighting arena after a short period of time, then it'll wander around for a few seconds before exploding on its own and sending anyone too close to it flying. Strangely enough, there has been a few instances of Peach and Daisy grabbing a Bob-omb from the dirt (this also applies to Mr. Saturn) whenever they're attempting to grab a turnip to throw. Beyond that, Bob-ombs have also appeared as items in Mario Kart races that can be used to slow down opponents. For some reason, Wario and Waluigi (both of whom are apparently fine with Bob-ombs overall) were the only ones that were able to use Bob-ombs during races at first.
  • Bomberman ended up encountering some Bob-ombs during a mission of his, mistaking them as walking versions of the bombs that he regularly uses. They didn't mind him too much and Bomberman has since occasionally used some Bob-ombs for his missions. This does lead to a bit of conflict whenever Bomberman is trying to stop someone from causing explosive mayhem and the perpetrator just so happens to be using Bob-ombs as well. Nice Holystone has also taken to using Bob-ombs on her adventures and has even found them to be adorable.
  • The Techies have also taken a liking to the Bob-ombs and have even learned about how to blow themselves up without causing any ill effects during one of those encounters. The trios has paid regular visits to King Bob-omb to talk about their various explosive exploits and how to improve their material. The Techies are very interested in the Bob-omb variants that the line has and whether a mine equivalent of a Bob-omb is even possible. The Techies are willing to try out that potential concept even if a major disaster were to result from it.
  • Calypso, having witnessed a few of these bombs in action during a time when he wasn't busy with his own Twisted Metal contests, saw the idea of walking explosives as interesting and has considered having them show up in future Twisted Metal contests. He's also not above leaving some Bob-ombs around in case anyone wants to target him specifically whenever said contest rolls around at some point.
  • Having created the Boom Bots in the past, Dr. Boom wanted to know what the deal was with Bob-ombs and the similarities and differences they have in comparison to his creations. It got to a point where he tried to understand their exact origins, but gave up partway through. It hasn't prevented him from hiring some Bob-ombs to take part in his missions while he spends some time refining his explosive craft. The fact that some Bob-ombs working for Dr. Boom has attacked Mario and his friends a few times has more than annoyed the plumber and his team.
  • Junkrat has always been very fond of explosions and seeing a bunch of bombs that walk and blow up on their own is something he really wants to check out. After seeing the regular Bob-ombs in action, he decided to look into the other types of Bob-ombs and was surprised to learn about some of them. Junkrat has taken to building some walking explosives similar to Bob-ombs, but with a potentially larger radius of explosions than what Bob-ombs are normally capable of.
  • Hoping to get closer to their goals, the Scorn saw the Bob-ombs as similar to the Screebs in terms of explosive potential. The Scorn is looking to see if they can make the Bob-ombs they have in possession more aggressive than normal so that The Scorn can use them as an additional option to blow into oblivion not just the rest of the lesser members of The Eliksni, but their opposition in general.


    Michael Bay 
Michael Benjamin Bay, Holy Director of Very Very Large Explosions
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A fiery boom!
  • Theme Song: What I've Done, New Divide and Iridescent by Linkin Park
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good-ish, may lean towards Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Movies full of Impressive Pyrotechnics that people never admit watching, a huge admirer of America (especially to the military but never the bureaucracies), loves to use ridiculously insane chase scenes (with cars of questionable stability), avid user of 3D and CGI technicals and explosions, either a maniacal director or a person who respects his crew, has ADHD and is known to wander off
  • Domains: Destruction, Explosions, War, America, Extremely Dumb Movies
  • Heralds: Steve Jablonsky, his three Mastiffs
  • Allies:
  • Heavy Conflicted Opinion with: All Transformers Gods regardless of alignment, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Shredder, most World War II deities and astronauts such as Sgt. Thomas Conlin, Captain America, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface
  • Admires: Teostra and Lunastra, Gogmazios, Brachydios and Glavenus (Hellblade Deviant)
  • Disappointed with: Megumin
  • Respects: George Lucas
  • Respected by: James Cameron, Steven Spielberg
  • Enemies: All Caustic Critics, ranging from Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert to the Nostalgia Critic, the entire House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Opposed by: Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, XCOM
  • Rivals: All other competing movie directors, The Conductor and DJ Grooves
  • A somewhat infamous director, Michael Bay is known for one thing (outside of extremely critically-negative Summer Blockbusters): Explosions. In many films, either that incorporate less special effects or heavily computer-generated imagery based movies, he is known for adding the simple element of explosions in scenes (and not just simple explosions, big and huge) that are meant to be awesome. There was a problem though, as evidenced by his ADHD, these explosions are to him a substitute of attention in his movies, outside of the CGI but never add anything that would help in the other problems his films have, from bad to cheesy plots to nonsensical characters and as a result is known to be a topic for everyone to hate upon. He knows this and creates films meant to be successes commercially, not by quality. What is unmatched however, is his technical expertise, pretty much a precise man when it comes to the technicals to the point that even Steven Spielberg and James Cameron admire his toolset. Whatever the opinion anyone holds against him, he knows one thing he excels at: Lots and lots of kaboom.
  • As a director who's quite aware of the type of audience who would see his movies, that being adolescent males and people who only care for the special effects, he focuses on them and as a result gets a good deal of money and attention. He also emphasizes on the idea of awesome (regardless of how absurd it is), and most definitely will add a few explosions here and there. Many experts have said their piece that even Bay's explosions defy the natural explosion, further putting his intention of the Rule of Cool over anything else.
    • He is also a lover of pets, so much that he owned three English mastiffs named after the characters in his films. Admittedly he snuck the three of them moments after creation of the temple, not wanting to leave either of them behind.
  • People who confuse his field for the other kind of explosions are swiftly dealt with. For those wondering why, he has a limit when it comes to nudity and sex, rather fitting considering it has been a cliche and managed to be cringy too. To him, sex and nudity is something he will gladly walk out from. And for those insistent on bringing it up, take a wild guess how he deals with it.
  • If his love for explosions and CGI are of proof of his expertise, he'll go even beyond the normal and perhaps even destroy his equipment in the process. He even shared his experience with constructing Devastator which even fried the animation computer's motherboard. Hearing this made Megatron smile seeing that he intricately designed one of his Decepticon soldiers in a way that impressed him.
  • Because of the nature of his film type and the ridiculousness of it has managed to garner enough hate of all other critics who hate his focus on spectacle. Some state that Bay's excessive necessity on spectacle and lack of focus on plot or character development has made him a lost cause. This message spread across like wildfire and eventually, the entire House of Theatre and Spectacle agreed with the sentiments. Discovery of who made the message directly came from Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, the most known critics who have despised his line of movies for a very long time, to the point that it reached into the Pantheon and their hate has been rekindled the moment he stepped in. With their control and influence, Bay's entrance to the House has been on and off, sometimes allowed by a few deities but often than not restricted to not step further into the place.
    • One staunch supporter of the critics came with a message with a petition to keep him out of the House for good, seeing him as an antithesis of what film should be. The people recognized this idea coming from the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, teamed up with his rival Stanley Kubrick. When the votes tallied in, many were in favor of the idea and as a result forced Bay to move within the House of Explosives. Some have seen this as spite for shredding both of them on a rap battle against Spielberg.
    • However, he refuses to declare war on them and instead is willing to laugh at himself as he knows this sentiment from the critics. If anything, that is his main goal and has no intention of creating a more advanced film, knowing many people will end up calling him a hack or pretentious, thus earning the respect of a few others such as his loyal crew. This also lines in tandem with his admiration by other film makers, as his works all somehow have great technical prowess regardless of their quality. As shown with the welcome made by both James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, the two have been admirers of his computer-generated constructs, with Spielberg perhaps one of the few who rival him when it comes to huge-budget blockbusters and Cameron possibly able to challenge him in the CGI department if his technical opus is of any indication.
    • His excitement finally grew when he saw the very person he was inspired by, George Lucas. The latter's reaction to Bay's re-arrival was with remembrance as the two had worked on Indiana Jones' first film. While the success of the film made him inspired to do his own individual film-making, Lucas was not thrilled to see the type of films he was going to make, seeing it as a complete departure from the storyboards he made in the initial plannings from Raiders of the Lost Ark. He will admit though that Bay's success is endearing but not enough to triumph his net worth of 5.4 Billion dollars (and counting).
    • Speaking of directors, his role as a director has placed him at odds against the Conductor and DJ Grooves for some reason, with the two seeing his films too braindead, in response he told how both of each other's rivalries doomed their own studio. The two admitted how his statement was sort of right and also agreed that some of their directing was in need of improvement. That was until they made another response if Bay had earned any awards, only to feel disgust when they realized the only awards he has ever gotten were the Golden Raspberry Award, not a good impression there.
  • Famous (or infamous) for the Transformers Film Series, the Cybertronians have had extremely mixed feelings to him, some either proud to introduce the franchise towards newcomers and some considering his works to be extremely heretical to their original incarnations. So far, not a single Transformer has brought up any mercy towards him, with Optimus so far being the only person who's tolerable with him and possibly Bumblebee and Megatron the one with the highest hate against him triumphing over all other Cybertronians that have ascended.
    • On the Autobots side, Optimus believes Bay's portrayal of them may help introduce people towards their stories, but comments that he should tone down on the explosions and focus on the Transformers themselves. Bumblebee sees some regard for him keeping his design surprisingly consistent throughout all five films. The rest aren't so sympathetic towards him. On the same house as him, Wheeljack contemplated at blowing him up for disrespecting him by getting him killed on the third film, Hot Rod only commented on his new gun upgrades and Jazz was mixed as he was ecstatic that he gave him a new ride and more music to jam into in his introduction only to get ripped apart by Megatron later on the final battle. And don't get started on the Dinobots, as he turned them into spiky-terrifying looking dinosaurs as well him portraying Optimus wielding a sword while riding one of them. Optimus has one good thing to say for him though: Arrival to Earth did fit the Autobots very well.
    • Then came the Decepticons, and all of them hated him for him putting the entire army under a loss thanks to Optimus' Plot Armor. Their leader hates him the most as evidenced by complaining that Optimus is ridiculously overpowered, and responded by whacking Bay at one point in the first film (though he did that just for laughs). And the rest of the Decepticons agree all the same. Starscream turned from a deceiving leader-wannabe to a bumbling idiot who died an embarrassing death, Soundwave for letting him get killed by Bumblebee by a distraction and Shockwave for making him virtually silent on his incarnation (at least he did get a fanboy and a free drill pet as consolation). And as for the non-sided Cybertronians, Lockdown of all hates him the second compared to Megatron for a.) teaming up with humans and b.) getting him killed by Optimus. The only reason keeping Lockdown from killing him is because he got extremely close to him.
    • And it tuns out more people starting throwing complaints against him, stating his massive mistakes on the source material, with recent complaints coming from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They told him that they are not aliens despite Bay's insistence. Before more could be said, the Shredder came in also with the complaint that Bay made him look menancing but not enough and made him go down without a real fight on the finale. Days passed by and a line came in front of Bay's temple, with most being World War II based deities and even astronauts for his inaccurate and poorly researched films. With the former earning the ire of Sgt. Thomas Conlin, a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attacks, with him saying that a love triangle in the middle of the war is not the best of ideas one can simply make up in such historic event, and the latter which many people from the House of Time and Temporality and Jobs and Profession have studied numerous mistakes in regards to his "research" and identified 168 to date.
    • Bay is also divisive to slashers who had remakes done by his production company. Jason is a fan, even if a sequel never came out. Freddy found his movie lacking even if there was an attempt at making him a serious killer again. And Leatherface disliked how his movie was followed by a prequel.
  • His hard on for explosions ended up spilling towards deities who are known for the big kaboom. His criteria has been strict though as he wants cool over practical, regardless of what the situation calls for. This formed the "Bay tryouts" where several explosives-based deities lined up for him to evaluate their skills. Some impressed him to be included on his Pantheon-exclusive crew while others were discarded due to certain lack of matching standards.
    • For one, he chose the very house he resides in, the House of Explosives where he primarily focused on deities where explosions are their shtick. First ones to try out were the Soldier and Demoman, who heavily impressed him on the first try, especially towards Soldier's patriotism similar to his and the duo's penchant for explosive equipment. Then came Nice Holystone, who really got him excited on her fetish for bombs, a personality that, while ticked him off on some sides such as her calling it a fetish, considered her anyway for the bombs. Two more came in and he really chose them as his personal special effects crew, that being Techies and Yoshikage Kira, though the latter states that Bay should take out his name in the credits of any movie he's incorporated in.
    • Outside of the house, he's also in touch with several explosives-based deities who are willing to be with him for the big effects. One of his known fans, the MythBusters' own Jamie Hyneman, has been in touch with him than the rest of the others he has interacted with. Rumors spread that the fields of the Pantheon were filled with tons of broken dummies and black gunpowder as the two have cooperated to test everything with explosives, all under whatever requested the MythBusters' own fans. They also brought in a special request by Dr. Boom who alongside Kira work with him as his special effects technicians.
    Jamie: Jamie wants big boom.
    Bay: Ask and the Big Boom you shall receive. *cue massive amounts of explosions on the background*
    • More arrival came from the most unexpected places, and in the case of Fuze and Junkrat, that being Russia and Australia, he was willing to bring them both, with his interest to both Fuze's Cluster-Charge and Junkrat's Rip-Tire, even suggesting to combine both for the bigger kaboom, but he does have suspicions on Fuze, as he is Russian, and Bay is known for making America the good guy in all of his films, so a portion of bias there. Then after his meeting with the two, a representative of Class 1-A (rumored to be Deku) told him of a person who has explosive power, piquing his interest, and was glad to meet Bakugo on his first day, only to get blown up by him likely because he's not so friendly. He still has him on his possible additions list.
    • Not all explosive users are accepted though, as shown when Megumin showed up for her audition. When asked what types of explosives she can do, she demonstrated her explosion on a huge building and suceeded, for a few seconds. That was until he saw her lying down extremely tired. He has turned down her offer seeing that she can do a huge explosion but end up wasting all her mana on that one spell, and considering he is known for multiple explosions as opposed to one, this resulted to her rejection, though she still wants to see his spectacle as her life pretty much revolves around it.
    • Admiration doesn't limit to just humans. It applies to anyone who knows a thing or two about the boom. That was his statement when he discovered four beasts, each with their own affinity for explosives, or more specifically ingrdients for the perfect boom. After much talk with the Monster Hunters and studies regarding the creatures, he has shown much interest mixing them together for a final finish, starting with Teostra and Lunastra's explosive gunpowder during their Bond, Brachydios has the explosive slime, Gogmazios with the tar it secretes and Glavenus, or more specifically its' Hellblade Deviant version, where almost all its attacks are explosive-based. With the ingredients set up, he can make a big blast with all the monsters involved and create an eruption that can wow the audience even further.
    • With the huge amount of explosive users, it wouldn't take long for Bay to organize a group dedicated to explosives in all its glory. Being the leader of it has made his task to maintain and promote the very idea of explosive entertainment and with his friend Spielberg, may end up creating some of the biggest blockbusters on the Pantheon. New arrivals were Plague Knight and Mona, both with their ability to form their own explosions. Their motto "The bigger the explosion the better the alchemist" has hired them into the group, increasing the numbers. Expect the duo to earn big bucks with the group alongside them.
  • Some people who see that outside all the effects, there is a risk when it comes to overindulging on such volatile hobbies and that when one goes beyond the explosive risks, may end up creating unecessary casualties or worse, loss of control. This was what Dr. Vahlen had spoken towards Bay on his explosive buffet, warning him that control is needed should one handle the weight of what they are blowing up. He ends up ignoring them thinking they're just trying to spoil the business but the Doctor sees arrogance in him, a trait that has been slowly observable outside of his usual workplace.
  • The House of Military and Warfare has made him a welcoming member of the house, for his love for explosives, gunfights and conflicts being the cherry on the top to his membership, while he sees the house as the perfect spot to film most of his action scenes, and where he can test a few bombs here and there. The most American deities also have a love for him thanks to his fervent patriotism for America, as he loves to put them into a good spotlight.
    • This was influenced further with the introduction of two of the most American groups he could ever find, Broforce and Team America, with the later's theme song the one he loves (even though he knows its fully satire). With his directing and the two groups together, he could make the most patriotic American movie ever. Though this is not shared mutually towards Captain America himself, as his patriotism can sometimes lean to annoyance. Yes Cap himself is a protector of the American people but not all Americans are not nice and that is where he draws the line for Bay considering he portrays Americans in a great light, regardless of action.
  • Outside of movie effects, he also helps develop music videos, given how they were his area of expertise back as a rookie. His excitement came when he saw Linkin Park as they did help bring some their music into the Transformers film series and may have also help elevated the band's popularity, becoming a win-win for duo. Seeing how the three music videos based on his films aged well, he has been an avid fan of the band, so much as even giving his condolences towards Chester. The band also suggested to bring Steve Jablonsky as his herald, perhaps as a thank you gift for the OST he has done for his films.
  • While some of the actors who worked with him have nothing but bad words about the experience, to Bay's luck the only ascended performers are ones who didn't complain, namely The Rock, the stars of The Rock, and the villain of The Island (2005).

  • "Hi, I'm Michael Bay, and demand things to be AWESOME!" *cue explosion*