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This Hall is avoided by many deities. They will suck your blood if you prove useful to their plans. However, this Hall stays far away from one deity: Wario for his love of garlicnote .

As Rassilon wishes to purge the pantheon of vampires, he is banned from coming within 500m of any of these gods (plus every other vampire deity or a deity related to vampires in some ways outside this hall).

Joel often visits this hall, because he's looking to make a vampire-only fighting tournament.

One idiot researcher had some advice to give when it comes to proper biting spots on a vampire's human victim (if they drink blood), but whether or not that advice has been heeded varies.

The Crimson Court's echelons also frequent this part of the Hall to mingle with their fellow bloodsuckers, if said vamps share their depraved, indulgent tastes that is.

Vlad von Carstein frequently visits the Hall, given he's the ruler of a Kingdom of Vampires. He also invites the residents here to his domain for a friendly chat and the chance of an alliance, whether good or evil.

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Greater Gods

    Alucard (Hellsing
Alucard, God of Dracula Aliases (The No Life King, Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachia, The Crimson Fucker, Fuck-Mothering Vampire, Ally, Alu-Claus, A REAL Fucking Vampire, Trollucard, A Dognote )
  • Greater God (Overdeity at full power, especially post-Schrodinger absorption)
  • Symbol: Demonic grin, tongue hanging out, plus his two guns
  • Theme Songs: The World Without Logos, Left Foot Trapped In A Sensual Seduction, and for when he's feeling childish, Party Party Party, Ready to Die
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Lawful Neutral tendencies (Formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Hand Cannon, Healing Factor, Super-Strength, Manliness, Lovecraftian Superpower, The Fettered, Lady and Knight, Being A Sex God, Envies Humans for their Mortality, Undying Loyalty, Is a sadistic troll who really enjoys screwing with both his friends and his enemies, Omnipresence, Absolute Immortality
  • Domains: Vampires, Magic, Shape, Form, Darkness, Omnipresence
  • Followers: Hairo
  • Superior: Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
  • Allies: Seras Victoria (his fledgling), Sol Badguy, Vlad von Carstein, most of the GUAG Token Evil Teammates Division, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Rachel Alucard
  • Rivals: Valvatorez, Dio Brando
  • Disrespects: Count Orlok, Count Dracula
  • Enemies: Millennium, the Magpyrs, Abel Nightroad, Alexander Anderson (though the two will Enemy Mine if necessary), Cell, Son Goku, Nicholas Saint North, Mard Geer Tartaros (and those who view humanity as insects in general)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Edward Elric, Gabriel Belmont, Jonathon Joestar (one-sided on JoJo's part), Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş
  • Opposed by: Saeko Busujima and Rei Miyamoto.
  • Feared by: Touka Kirishima.
  • Complicated Relations with: The Dracula from Castlevania
  • No one is quite sure whether Alucard and Dracula (or any of the other incarnations of Dracula) are separate individuals or just different aspects of the same being, though it's probably irrelevant as he would most likely kill them regardless if given the order. The two of them are opposed to each other due to their differing opinions on humanity, although they do respect each other's power.
    • The same cannot be said of the original Count Dracula or Count Orlok, both of which he views as pathetic and unimpressive, little better than the ghouls that he fights. The two of them are furious at his disrespect, but cannot do anything against him due to the sheer power difference between the two.
  • Has a rather ambiguous relationship with his namesake, for obvious reasons, to say nothing of the confusion that often arises when referring to one of them in conversation.
  • Jonathon Joestar is on tense relations with Alucard because of his bloodlust and use of violence but is still willing to work with him and Hellsing to put down threats. Alucard meanwhile holds nothing but complete and absolute respect and admiration toward Jonathan. To Alucard, Jonathon embodies many if not all the finest qualities of humans that he believes make them magnificent and that Jonathon and his bloodline are paragons of humanity for their endless fight against evil. The fact that Jonathan can fight evenly against Alucard just as much if not more so than Anderson through just the Ripple is the icing on top of the cake
  • He generally ignores Karin Maaka, however: though she's hardly what he'd call a vampire, he considers her harmless enough. He did become somewhat fascinated when he learned that she is actually a reincarnation of some sort of vampiric messianic figure known as the Psyche, especially since this revelation led to Karin being able to more or less become "human", but has not done anything with this.
    • On her part, Karin is quite terrified of Alucard, but her unique capabilities of producing blood does mean that she does donate to Hellsing to keep Alucard and Seras fed, out of a request from Integra.
  • Has recently taken an interest in Shiki Tohno since the latter's killing of Nrvnqsr Chaos might mean that he is capable of defeating him. Blood Knight that Alucard is, this is an extremely enticing prospect.
  • It is said that Alucard was the last god whoever battled Ronan Beelzub before his banishment from the Pantheon. Though the details of what happened when they met are fuzzy at best, people do know that a broken 70-inch plasma screen TV with Netflix and something about "giving him a hug" was involved.
  • Other gods should try their best to keep a damn good distance away from him whenever he claims that he is simply "going for a walk". The Ludicrous Gibs left after all the corpses from anything that got in his way is proof of why.
  • He got a real kick out of fighting Abel Nightroad, who mistook him for another kind of vampire. Long story short, Abel under no circumstances will approach Alucard again.
  • Has taken a bit of interest on Cole MacGrath who was able to slay legendary vampire Bloody Mary.
  • The only other person he hates the most outside of Anderson is Cell since he has more or less has the same kind of powers he does and sounds like the former. In more ways than one.
  • One alternate Dracula threatened him and all other vampire lords with complete humiliation and defeat. Alucard, remembering how he met Abraham Van Helsing, just melancholically laughed, and commented whatever Gabriel could dish out, he'd endured worse. Gabriel then unleashed his full power, destroying an army of 500,000 men and shattering a continent with a blast of holy energy, proving that he not only has as much power as Alucard, but he also commands the full strength of his most hated foe, God. Smiling deadpan as he usually does, Alucard repeated his challenge, adding an extremely lewd remark just to spite his "alternate". The rest of the Pantheon dreads the day said fight comes, fearing collateral damage.
    • The two of them have somewhat improved their relationship after Gabriel's redemption, as they are both members of the Children of the Night and the GUAG, albeit very different divisions. Still, they are not friends by any means.
  • He is very glad his fledging has ascended. He's now making enquiries as to whether he can have his Master ascend. Everyone is sweating bullets and thinking of a suitable post for her before Alucard decides another rampage is in order to speed up the process.
    • When she finally did ascend, he immediately called her up on the phone and asked her if she knew who was responsible.
  • There is one person in the Pantheon he, and most of the other vampire deities, tend to stay far away from: Wario.
  • May be responsible for a zombie outbreak in Japan. No one is sure if he did do it, but it's suggested that he was somewhat careless during a mission in Japan. It's for this reason that he's hated by Saeko Busujima and Rei Miyamoto, who's town received the brunt of the outbreak.
  • Has earned the ire of many gods for shooting and killing Santa Claus. In Alucard's defense, the formerly jolly old coot startled him. Still, Alucard decided to atone for that and save Christmas... but then he got bored and wandered off somewhere...
    • Has made an enemy out of Goku for killing Santa Claus.
  • At one point, he was hired by the NERV as a Plan B weapon to use against Arael when the Lance of Longinus wasn't available to them... and defeated the angel, earning the admiration of Shinji, Asuka and Rei. That being said, he now works in tandem with Herr Doktor Tenma and Kaworu Nagisa in keeping Arael under watch should it wreak havoc in addition to his usual vampire-slaying duties.
  • Has become enemies with Edward Elric on the topic that Alucard has consumed countless souls. Alucard pays no mind to him.
    • However, Alucard is suspected of hanging a banner on Ed's temple that says: 420yoloswag4shortie.
  • It has been recently discovered that Alucard has been sending death threats to St. Ajora Glabados of the Ultima by sending carrier pigeons flying into the temple, with letters going into elaborate details on the unspeakable things Alucard plans to do to them. Why? Just because.
  • Many individuals of power who look down on humanity have a great disdain for Alucard's views of humanity, with Mard Geer being at the front of the line since he was deified for his low view of humanity. Alucard mockingly called them imbeciles for underestimating humanity's potential, claiming that of all of his numerous enemies, only one normal human, Abraham Van Hellsing, ever proved himself worthy of besting him (though he also counted Van Hellsing's companions, such as Jonathon Harker, Quincey Morris, Lord Godalming and Dr. Seward (who was out of his line of sight, sadly) as those worthy humans). He then left them with one final insult: since they can't accomplish what a regular human could, their so-called superiority over humanity is nothing but a pathetic, worthless delusion.
    • Needless to say, this pissed off a LOT of people who sneer at humanity, and the less intelligent and more impulsive ones tried to attack him, but we all know how that song and dance goes. Eventually, the aforementioned Mard Geer decided to get involved. The great battle eventually ended when Alucard was able to No-Sell Mard Geer's Memento Mori thanks to the capabilities of Schrodinger, who Alucard still has absorbed. Alucard took the opportunity to quit playing around and land some severe blows on him and reduce him to book form. To add insult to injury, Alucard mocks Mard's logic since he was made by Zeref, a human (albeit one with great power and a curse of immortality) and thus owes his existence to humanity, before spitting on said book. Even so, he was rather pissed when Mard, after recovering, mocked him in turn by noting he himself was made to annihilate humanity while the vampire for all his praise of humanity, still willing gave it up out of fear while on death's door and never would possess such power if he hadn't.
      • Alucard would get the last laugh when Zeref ended up passing on. Mard's purpose of killing Zeref utterly failed and it was ultimately the folks of Fairy Tail that stopped him. He finished it off by saying that, while Alucard understood what he lost, Mard most likely never would, which is why he'd never truly win against humanity.
    • Ironically, despite being the primary enemy of Hellsing and Alucard in particular, the Major found this slaughter absolutely hilarious, since he too values his own humanity despite being a cyborg and actually agrees with Alucard that only a man is capable of defeating a monster.
  • Ever since he absorbed Shrodinger, Alucard gained his omnipresence powers and as a result, became basically ABSOLUTELY UNKILLABLE. It doesn't matter what happens to him, he can instantly negate any damage to him just by imagining it away. Also, he can be literally anywhere he wants at any time. Needless to say, he’s been using this ability to screw with a LOT of deities, although he generally reserves his more malicious trolling for the more Evil ones.
  • When Alucard had heard of a new God ascending into Pantheon, he wasn't interested, feeling that it didn't matter. At least that was until he heard more about the new god. He heard that the individual was once a great warrior, famed for killing the unkillable, for going up against Eldritch Abominations, and was known by the name Hellsing. Alucard immediately concluded the the new god was his former master/rival, Abraham Van Helsing. Unfortunately it was actually a werewolf. The werewolf revealed himself as Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, and that he himself was searching for Alucard, initially believing that he was his former master/rival, Clavis Alucard. The two spoke and developed a surprising healthy friendship, it didn't hurt that the two were similar in some ways. Alucard even admitted that he was interested in mean this "Clavis Alucard", another vampire with the title of "No Life King", and according to Valkenhayn, was even older than him.
    • Valkenhayn would eventually introduce Alucard to his master Rachel Alucard. Alucard would actually behave properly in front of her and Rachel would stop herself from snarking at him, both showing great respect to one another. In turn Alucard introduced the two to his young fledgling, Seras Victoria. And for her own amusement, Rachel teleported Ragna (against his will) to meet the two vampires as well.

    Arcueid Brunestud 
Arcueid Brunestud, Goddess of Friendly Vampires (Tsukihime, The White Princess of the True Ancestors, Moon Princess, Shinso Arcueid, Archetype: Earth, Red Arcueid, Arc, White Moon Princess Phantasmoon, The Magical Girl of Love and Justice, (Extra) Berserker, White Berserker, Moon Cancer, Arcade Bumstead, Awkward Broomstub)
As a Moon Cancer 
As Archetype: Earth 
As the White Princess 

    The Scarlet Sisters 
Remilia and Flandre Scarlet, Goddesses of Neutral Vampires (Both: The Scarlet Sisters | Remilia: Remi, The Scarlet Devil | Flandre: Sister of the Devil)
Remilia on the right, Flandre on the left
  • Greater Goddesses together. Remilia is an Intermediate Goddess while Flandre is a Greater Goddess.
  • Symbol: The Scarlet Devil Mansion
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (many think Flandre is Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Vampires, Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness, Immortal With a Child's Mind
  • Domains: Vampires, Children, Destruction, Age
  • Herald: Hong Meiling
  • Allies:
  • Odd Relationship: Wario
  • Rival: Galacta Knight (Flandre, one-sided on Galacta Knight’s end)
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Dracula, Dio Brando, Galeem and Dharkon, Bill Cipher, Marx, Molag Bal, Rassilon, Nagash the Undying, Fused Zamasu, The Moon, The Hierophant, Vanitas, Xemnas, Mannfred, Konrad
  • Sparring Partner: Yellow Heart (Flandre)
  • Remilia Scarlet is the owner of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and is immortal due to her immaturity, having thrown away the ability to grow mentally and physically. She is unable to mature. Flandre Scarlet is the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet. Like her sister, she has thrown away her ability to grow mentally and physically to gain eternal life. Unlike her sister, though, she has a hard time acting like anything else than a child. And combined with her inherent powers, she is really dangerous when unchecked. As such, she has spent most of her life stored away in the basement of Scarlet Devil Mansion, though she herself is fine with the arrangements.
  • Remilia used to hold Immortal Immaturity while Flandre held Madwoman in the Attic. However, things have been revealed about the latter that caused Madwoman in the Attic to no longer fit her. She was very nearly taken out of the Pantheon but Remilia revealed that Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness was free and fit her. However, it was found that this applied to both of them more than it did to Flandre alone. Remilia sacrificed her previous trope, Immortal Immaturity, to ensure that both of them would stay in the Pantheon and now the two sisters share Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness. However, she was unable to prevent Hong Meiling from having her trope removed, so the two sisters brought her in as their herald.
  • Applies to both:
    • Marx, who was present for the events above, laughed and congratulated the two. While Flandre had no idea who he was, Remilia had learned some time ago of Marx and his true colors. Remilia, who wasn't having any of it, told the manipulative jester to stay away from them, much to Flandre's confusion. She was no longer confused by Remilia's actions when Marx went One-Winged Angel and attacked them, though the mad jester was dealt with easily. These events caught the attention of Kirby, who, while uncomfortable around Flandre at first due to her wings, eventually warmed up to her.
    • Dio Brando and Dracula are major enemies of theirs due to what the two did to the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion during the early days of the Pantheon. Dio remains quite angered that his plan failed and much to his dismay, the Joestar Bloodline is willing to help out against him should he try anything regarding them.
    • Enemies with Rassilon for obvious reasons. That he desires to exterminate all vampires in the Pantheon. This didn’t sit well with any of the Scarlet Devil Mansion residents, though it’s more personal with the sisters as they are vampires. Given who Rassilon is, some of their enemies even agree with them that he needs to be stopped.
    • Have become fierce enemies with Bill Cipher after he attempted to trick Flandre into making a deal with him so he could use her body to destroy his foes. He failed, much to his frustration. When she mentioned the details of her dream, Remilia, having heard of Bill Cipher before, contacted the Pines Twins for advice on how to deal with him and to possibly help prevent Weirdmageddon.
    • Met Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum when The Moon attacked the three and chased them to the Mansion, where with the aid of them as well as Marceline, defeated her, though even then it was difficult given how powerful she is. Despite this, Moon’s King is on good terms with them, and his ability to create pockets to filter out sunlight in a certain area during the day was something Remilia liked.
    • The universally hated Mad God Zamasu was quick to express his hatred of them, confused how they could be so immature when they are immortal, quickly saying that the reason for this is because they aren't Gods. You know, despite the fact that he is much worse. The two believe him to be absolutely insane and they’d be right.
    • Detests Nagash for his cruelty as well as him being the very reason vampires have so many weaknesses in his home universe. It really doesn’t help that he’s an Omnicidal Maniac. Remilia and Vlad have been working together in order to help ensure that Nagash’s reign of terror will eventually come to an end. Remilia and Flandre have also found themselves being antagonized by Vlad’s sons, and they often exchange blows.
    • Despite what many think, Remilia has made it clear that Flandre is not an Ax-Crazy, insane monster. This didn’t stop Yuuki Terumi from trying to troll them with this, but Rachel Alucard quickly told him to shut up and the three sent him packing. Terumi has remained frustrated by this defeat, especially due to the fact that it was at the hands of Vampires, beings he hates.
    • Have an odd relationship with Wario. While he is practically a walking weakness for Vampires, he also can become one under certain conditions, though he will return to normal if exposed to some of these weaknesses. Wario doesn’t particularly care.
    • Good friends with the Vampire King due to the fact that the man is quite kind. Flandre in particular likes him a lot more than Remilia due to his ability to create invisible pockets that filter out sunlight. Remilia was worried about him at first due to bad experiences with Dracula, but eventually learned that not only is he enemies with him, but the Vampire King had a major fight with Dio Brando after his ascension.
    • They (more specifically Remilia) were the ones to vouch for, and back, the ascension of the Pantheon’s first-ever Bakemonogatari deity, Shinobu Oshino. To the Scarlet Devil, she saw this as a way to make her mark on Gensokyo’s ever-expanding influence in the Pantheon’s sphere of interest, while Flandre learned that Shinobu could be come a very fun playmate for her. Or, really (especially for Remilia), they were just really stroking their egos and pushing the envelope forward. This did work and Shinobu was ascended with her partner Koyomi Araragi by her side, and their first meeting went swell, punctuated with all of Gensokyo’s most active incident resolvers (except Sakuya) & Meiling fighting a very pissed Yuuki Terumi in the background.
  • Applies to Remilia:
    • Despite how she acts, she genuinely cares about the other residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. If they are harmed in any way, she will make the aggressor wish they hadn’t. She utterly curbstomped the Hierophant when he attempted to manipulate residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and attacked her herald Hong Meiling.
    • She also has some form of respect towards the person who she originally got the Immortal Immaturity title passed to her from, Viridi, staying cordial with the self-proclaimed Goddess of Nature in spite of their similar personalities. While she's not sure how much of a "goddess" Viridi is and doesn't agree with eliminating all humans, it's clear she cares about nature and is also not like Zamasu at all despite the mission she claims. Viridi used to say she was only staying nice to her in order to make sure she keeps the Immortal Immaturity position, but nothing changed after Remilia moved to share a temple with her sister. Flandre straight up calls them friends, which Viridi denies.
  • Applies to Flandre:
    • Flandre has the power to destroy anything and everything. Or to be more specific, she has the ability to remove an object's tension point AKA it's “eye", pour her energy into it and then crush it in her hands, destroying the target. All she needs to do is go "squeeze" and the objects go "kaboom". It can destroy entire meteors in one swoop and leave nothing behind from living creatures (including their blood, making it hard for her to hunt anything on her own terms).
    • Once had one hell of a battle with Galacta Knight which resulted in Earth Shattering Kabooms and Stuff Blowing Up. Ultimately, Flandre won out in the end and Galacta Knight has remained obsessed with training to become strong enough to defeat her.

Intermediate Gods

    Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş/Alucard 
Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş, God of Those Who Go Against Their Vampire Fathers (Alucard, Genya Arikado, The Sleeping Soldier)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Dracula's symbol reversed (AKA: Empty wine glass facing downwards. The wine obviously fell off)
  • Theme Song: "Dracula's Castle" Alternatively, "Tragic Prince" or "I am the Wind" (Don't sing this in front of him nowadays, even though he's quite fond of it)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Breed of Human And Vampire, Good-hearted Vampires Hatred towards Vampiric Father, Backward Names, Non-Evil Dark powers, Rebellious Princes
  • Domains: Darkness, Vampires, Good
  • Followers: A couple of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors (Zelretch, Enhance, Merem Solomon, Alcatraz).
  • Allies: Simon Belmont, Shanoa, the Dovahkiin, Rachel Alucard, Arcueid Brunestud, Shinobu Oshino, Kanaya Maryam, Gaius, Giorno Giovanna, Eric Brooks/Blade, Doctor Strange
  • Enemies: Dracula (sometimes), Yuuki Terumi, Alexander Anderson
  • Opposes: Kevin Keene ("I am not a Totally Radical punk skater who will turn myself away from goodness for power").
  • Complicated Relationship: Remilia Scarlet
  • After years of following Dracula, he finally grew sick of his father's evil and cruel methods and finally broke out on his own. Currently on a crusade to free the other vampires following Dracula.
  • In his crusade, he was joined by Rachel Alucard, on basis that she's bored and for the lulz, she playfully proclaim herself Alucard's sister. Alucard never minded.... until Rachel noted the emergence of Terumi and Alucard found out that his House's name was struck out and be replaced with "House of Shitty Vampires" by Terumi. That being said, Alucard has taken extra caution on that man.
    • This relationship and teamwork continued, even after Rachel was elevated. In exchange of him agreeing to keep an eye on Terumi, Rachel also agrees to keep an eye on Dracula.
  • He and the Dovahkiin are on good terms, and sometimes work together, as the Dovahkiin's close friend Serana is a nice girl who was turned into a Vampire Lord by her abusive father for his own ends.
  • There has been recent rumors that the same title of Alucard was held by a certain Trevor Belmont. This has confused Adrian, because as he knew of, Trevor is always a good friend of his, not himself. For that end, he arranged a recommendation to bring two of his original friends, Trevor Belmont and his wife Sypha Belnades, to the Pantheon in order to clear this confusion. They succeeded as well recovering their missing final member, Grant after he was enslaved by Davy Jones.
    • That said, when he heard that the Alucard of the alternate universe succeeded in doing what the main one had always dreamed of; redeeming his father, Trevor said he smiled the most genuine smile he's ever seen Alucard wear.
  • Unknown to many of his more recent followers, Alucard wasn't always this good looking. This is how he used to look and for the safety of his followers (in case they end up feeling betrayed because of his looks), Alucard usually hides this image and only shows it to his followers that he deems not judging Gods by their looks only.
  • He always held the philosophy of "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing", thus he's just as workaholic, just like the Belmonts, in fighting evil. However, Alucard is aware that there are some who would use his slogan in a Knight Templar way, condemning some Anti-Villain in process. He's not too pleased when he hears people doing so and dragging his slogan for it.
  • During the whole Morality Civil War, Alucard's relations with Rachel was strained due to her suddenly using the aforementioned slogan to put down Litchi Faye-Ling for not doing as she suggested. Fortunately Alucard managed to get a wind that something was amiss and possessed Rachel and worked his way to free her from that something's influence, and reminding her that this wouldn't be the way to honor the efforts of her friend Ragna the Bloodedge. After helping her come to her senses, they once again rekindle their 'sibling' relations.
  • Is not in good terms with Remilia Scarlet, due of his father having captured her for a long time & being in kahoots with Dio & Terumi. Even after Alucard apologized his father's actions and promised that he is different from him, Remilia's pride was too shattered to let it pass. Even to now, there is still distrust between him and the Scarlet Devil for those events despite him asking many times over for forgiveness. Thankfully, Remilia’s “endorsed” ascendee Shinobu Oshino is much more willing to hear him out and let him vent his frustrations, promising him (nicknamed “vampire prettyboy #2”) that anything he tells her will stay with her & Araragi.
  • While he is still very wary around the Lord of Shadows' Dracula, Gabriel Belmont, he's more then willing to give the newly redeemed vampire a chance.
  • Has noticed similar vocal ranges between him and historical figure Sima Shi, especially with portraits of them done by the one and only Ayami Kojima of all people.
  • Has a very awkward relationship with Soma Cruz and his friend Mina Hakuba, considering that Alucard is now technically older than his own (reincarnated) father and mother. Alucard tends to be overprotective of Soma since he doesn't want him to go back to his old ways, but other than this their relationship is at least functional.
  • Can also be found in Contempt.

Carmilla, Goddess of Lesbian Vampires (Millarca, Countess Mircalla Karnstein)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her cat form
  • Alignment: True Neutral with shades of Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Lesbian Vampire, Appeal to Nature, Byronic Heroine, Can Evaporate to Thin Air, Has Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Can Pass Through Doors Without Needing to Open Them, and Can Turn Into a Monstrous Cat, Evil Feels Good, Embraced Her Vampiric Existence, Can Walk Under Sunlight But is More Powerful at Night, Lusts While Bloodsucking, Stalker with a Crush, Stalking is Love, Yandere, Bury Your Gays, Impaled, Decapitated, Burned, and Ashes Thrown Into a River
  • Domains: Vampire, Lesbianism
  • High Priestess: Clara Crofton, Countess Mircalla Karnstein (no relation to Carmilla herself)
  • Followers: Countess Marya Zaleska, Bubbancy, Sakkara/Purgatori, Krista Starr, Arayna
  • Allies: The Hall of Vampires, The Crimson Court, Zeldris, Lady Dimitrescu
  • Enemies: The Ancestor, Vampire Hunters like Buffy Summers, Sam and Dean Winchester
  • Carmilla ascended after her canonical demise in her story. Without Laura around, she just tends to her temple if she isn't wandering around for a new host to drink blood from.
  • In another universe, she succeeded in her "love" for Laura, as she's Carmilla's servant there. But mention the Lords of Shadow timeline at your own peril, since she doesn't like that she's written as classically straight, but even worse, Laura is her adopted vampire daughter there.
    • In another universe, she and Laura are a Happily Married couple of lesbian vampires with a daughter named Bessie.
    • In yet another universe, she only acts as a friend to women she targets, but has no intention of harming those she seduces. In addition, her influence on Laura is not corruptive there, and she even saves her life on several occasions.
  • Despite being a vampire, there a lot of things that she is that differentiates her from most conventional bloodsuckers. A list 
  • Marceline is a little uncomfortable around and jealous of Carmilla, the former because of her personality in general, especially in regards to Laura, and the latter for being a daywalker.
  • The Nasuverse deities are aware of a different version of Carmilla who was an Assassin and her younger version as a Lancer, though they're actually Elizabeth Bathory, who served as the basis of Carmilla as a character. And those who opposed Nasuverse!Carmilla oppose this one, too.
  • As she's a vampire, proud of what she is, and given how traumatized she left Laura after her death, every Vampire Hunter has added Carmilla to their list, though the more moral ones do settle with keeping a very close eye on her or at least putting her on a low priority.
  • The Ancestor had a shitty history with vampires; a noble he tried to kill out of boredom one night turned out to be one and tried to kill him. The Crimson Court that followed him in his ascension piqued Carmilla's interest. She would like to reach out to them were it not for the other horrors in his domain as well as any adventurer she might stumble upon, mistaking her for one of them, or attacking her anyway for what she is and what she's done.
    • As of the Court's ascension, meeting them is no longer a problem. Some say she may have something to do with their permanent arrival in the Pantheon but no one has any evidence to back that up. Whatever the case, they're allies and they have welcomed her to their Courtyard to enjoy and indulge.
  • Carmilla seems to be on amicible terms with Alcina, a vampire-like woman just like her but the former isn't really fond of her daughters.

    The Chosen Revenants 
The Chosen Revenants, Deities of Unconventional Vampires (Queenslayer, Successor of the Blood)
Default look for male Protagonist
Default look for female Protagonist
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A Blood Bead
  • Theme Song: Code Vein
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chosen One, Disability Superpower, Amnesiac Hero, First-Episode Resurrection, The Gift, Our Vampires Are Different, Resurrective Immortality, The Ageless, Badass Longcoat, Hope Bringer
  • Domains: Vampires, Blood, Post-Apocalyptic Settings, Successors
  • Followers: Batman (Kirk Langstrom), Dr. Michael Morbius
  • Heralds: Io, Louis, Yakumo Shinonome, Mia Karnstein, Jack Rutherford, Eva Roux
  • Allies: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Hifumi Togo, Rei Ayanami, Ken Kaneki, Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha, Alisa Illinichina Amiella, Shulk, Sento Kiryu, Ryuga Banjou, Kazumi Sawatari and Gentoku Himuro, The Spring Sprite, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Aloy, Richter Belmont, Soma Cruz, Shanoa, Agent G, Marceline, Arcueid Brunestud
  • Enemies: Ryoma Sengoku, Evolto, Yuu, Yaldabaoth/YHVH, The Firebird, The Magician, The Crimson Court, Molag Bal, Dio Brando, Count Orlok
  • Opposes/Opposed by: Dracula
  • Respected by: Alucard, Buffy Summers, Angel, Spike, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, The Hunter (Bloodborne)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Goro Akechi, Simon Belmont, Leon Belmont, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Eren Yeager, Gai Tsutsugami
  • They are Revenants from the apocalyptic society of Vein. Revenants are vampiric beings who are made when human bodies are infused with a parasite called BOR. If Revenants succumb to bloodlust, they become creatures known as the Lost. They are immune to traditional vampire weaknesses such as sunlight and holy objects, but they can only be killed when their hearts are destroyed. The protagonist and his allies have their missions in restoring springs in growing more Blood Beads, and to ensure co-existence between humans and Revenants.
  • Following Io's sacrifice in becoming the Weeping Tree, the Chosen Revenants and their friends are venturing outside of Vein to help humanity from the horrors (the Aragami from God Eater). At some point, a passage of light transported the Revenants to be ascended into a realm called the Pantheon, and was chosen to become a represented deity of Our Vampires Are Different. Confused about their surroundings at first, the Revenants decided to adapt to their new life while maintaining contact with their native friends.
  • One of their first new allies in the Pantheon were none other than the Phantom Thieves. The Chosen Revenants admire Joker for his leadership skills and his rebellion against corrupted society, reminded the Revenants of their own survival against their dystopic challenges. They are good friends with Ann in talking to a foreign person since the Revenants himself interacted with other Revenants that have diverse ethnicities. The male Revenant finds Ryuji annoying at times, even hearing his voice similar to his friend, Louis. The male Revenant then shares a discussion with Makoto's codename being Queen, relating to Cruz Silva as the Queen he once slew, jokingly wonder if the Revenant is the Queenslayer to Makoto just to simply irked her.
    • Ren and Yusuke took the male Revenant to get acquainted with Hifumi Togo in her church. At first, the Shogi Girl was hesitant of the vampiric figure, but both took an interest in each other in slowly warming up, proving to Hifumi that not all vampires are bad. Hifumi even taught the male Revenant how to play Shogi and other strategic skills.
    • On the other hand, the Revenants are not too trusting towards Goro Akechi due to his former traitorous actions, even if he shares the same voice similar to their friend, Yakumo. When Akechi suggested the Revenants that they should team up as professionals, the male Revenant retorted and poked Akechi's chest, "It's not about being professional. It's all about trust and let's face it, you're walking on thin ice after the stunt you pulled on the Thieves. And I'm giving you fair warning now. You better be on your best behavior." At the same time, Hifumi was with the Revenants of seeing this brief confrontation in showing how the Revenants value companionship, Hifumi stepped in by assisting the Revenants by slapping Akechi in knowing he asked for it, which Akechi complied without a complaint.
  • Despite the Revenants not being true vampires, they are respected in the sub-house of Vampire and members of genuine vampire bloodlines like Alucard showed interest to the Protagonist's abilities. The Chosen Revenants can hope to grow Bloodsprings in giving Blood Beads in helping the vampires as an alternative source instead of human blood, acting as a hope bringer to them. Apparently, they oppose Dracula and have conflicting opinions on the Belmont Clan. The Belmont Clan are unsure if these Revenants can be trusted despite their good intentions. The only exception is Richter Belmont, who would not be the type of person who would be wary of The Protagonist because he does not hate all vampires like some of his ancestors do and has friends like them too.
  • Being another new vampiric ally, the Revenants have received the respect from Buffy Summers, Angel, and Spike. The Revenants have told their experiences to Angel and Spike about their time fighting Lost and secure Blood Beads, although the Chosen Revenants are wary of Angelus and be ready to fight him should he be released again. They then joked to Buffy that they can get along as long as she doesn't put a stake through their hearts.
  • They get along with Shu and Inori, since Shu using the Void Genome in using Voids is compared to the Revenants using various Blood Codes from other Revenants, while Inori's personality is reminded of Io. Inori's singing gives a reminder of Eva Roux's singing in soothing Revenants from being frenzied. Apparently, the Revenants shows some doubts of Gai due to his questionable motives.
  • They became allies with Alisa Illinichina Amiella, who has her personal experiences of fighting 'the horrors' (The Aragami). Knowing that both sides live in the same world, Alisa is intrigued that the Revenants have similar abilities of herself as a God Eater, to which they discuss strategies and plans of team-ups of fighting these horrors. Even the female Revenant has admired the God Eater's fighting style as a veteran warrior.
  • They became enemies towards Ryoma Sengoku due to his experiments remind of Juzo Mido's, a deranged Revenant scientist that the Revenants and their comrades fought and defeat. The Revenants get along with Kouta with both are the chosen ones of relating to tree-like environments and wanting to make their worlds a better place: bloodsprings and Helheim's forest respectively.
  • The Revenants are good friends with Sento and Banjou since the two Kamen Riders and their natures reminded them of Louis and Yakumo respectively. They share the same hatred against Evolto, who his name combines both 'evolution' and 'revolt' loosely reminds them of Mido's twisted view of evolution.
  • They became an ally towards the Spring Sprite due to the reminder of Io, especially the true ending of his world when Io became a Weeping Tree and renewed the blood springs for the Vein society. The Revenants became enemies with the Firebird once they learn the Spring Sprite's protection of nature against the Firebird's destruction.
  • The Revenants show respect to Captain America and the Bucky Barnes, since they share similar origins of being super soldiers. They share war experiences of how they developed into the role models they became. The Revenants discusses Steve and Bucky of his involvement in Operation Queenslayer back in their world, and that they were the one that slain the Queen before they died and brought back to life years later. Indeed, Revenants are portrayed as bio-engineered Super Soldiers in use against the horrors in their world.
  • They became enemies with The Crimson Court. Seeing as if the Court are the poster children of depravity and decadence in the higher echelons of society, way before they all succumb to vampirism in which any shred of nobility they display is transparent at best and nonexistent at worst when they themselves feed upon some blood.
  • They are enemies with Molag Bal, who created vampires and the concept of undeath as a whole through horrific means out of very petty reasons. And such a thing is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a being like him. He disgusts even Dracula with what he does and represents, so even though the Revenants opposed Dracula, the one thing they agree on is their unified opposition towards Molag Bal.
  • They are friendly enemies with Vlad von Carstein. Vlad is polite and is willing to offer an alliance. That said, he's a bloodthirsty vampire who won't hesitate to kill if there's no other option.
  • "We fight, we drink blood, revive, and then fight some more. Our lives are pretty much one endless loop."

    Count Orlok 
Count Orlok, God of Monstrous Looking Vampires (Nosferatu)

    Demitri Maximoff 
Demitri Maximoff, The Vampire Sex God (Demi-Demi, The Batmaster)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Floating Castle.
  • Theme Song: His "Night Warriors" Theme or Feast of the Damned
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral bordering on Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Being a Vampiric Sex God, Transforming Men Into Women or Turning Women More Attractive in Bliss, Sociopathic Heroes, Protective Aura, Having Greater Ambitions, Men of Wealth and Taste, Chick Magnets, Anti-Villain Protagonists, Not entirely wicked, Crossover Participants
  • Domains: Darkness, Moon, Thirst, Demonkind, Temptation, Combat
  • Heradls: His servants.
  • Followers: Miriam, Bill Compton, Diva
  • Allies: Kazuya Mishima, Dracula (Castlevania), Count Dracula, Strahd Von Zarovich, Vladimer von Carstein, Carmilla, Mira Fallegeros, The Crimson Court, Nightmare Moon, The Grand Duke of Owls
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Buffy Summers, Dante Sparda
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Interested in: Mavis Dracula, Rouge The Bat, Vampirella, Arcueid Brunestud, Queen Medb, Panty Anarchy
  • Vampires have long been associated with sexuality and allure, particularly its dark side as it tempt people towards depravity. A good number of them embrace this aspect, with Demitri Maximoff amongst them. He was a particularly ambitious and lustful vampires, who eagerly took any opportunity to take beautiful woman as his personal servants. He sought to depose Belial Aensland, ruler of the demonic world known as Makai, but was thoroughly defeated by the later. This led to him and his castle Zeltzereich being banished to the human world, specifically in Romania. He would wait a century to retain his strength while drinking the blood of any intruders and turning them into his vampiric servants.
    • After doing so, he left his castle to try to gain power once more, only to be surprised to see that the world was being attack by an alien invader named Pyron. Unwilling to let his reign be threatened by such a foreign presence, Demitri absorbed him and became even more powerful. He went right back to Makai to try to take the throne once more, only to be surprised to see that Belial had been succeeded by his daughter Morrigan. Unbothered, he decided that he would have both the demon world and the succubus as the new member of his harem. But before their fight could finish, they were forcefully brought to the realm of Jedah Dohma, another rival demon lord. Enraged by the insolence, he decided to focus on slaying his abductor.
  • Some time after the conflict with Jedah, Demitri sought to once more defy Morrigan and take her throne. Though much to his confusion, she didn't seem to be anywhere in Makai. And so, he sought far and wide for her, until he reached a truly odd place. The vampire lord entered the Pantheon with much fanfare as he rushed to battle the succubus. And thus, much commotion was caused in the House of Otherness, eventually bringing in the attention of Dracula, lord of Castlevania, himself. Seeing much power in a potential vampire ally, he proposed to the Court of the Gods that considering Demitri's seductive and womanizing ways were a good representation of sexuality associated with vampires. Upon being offered a place in the Pantheon where he could fight his rival as much as he want, he eagerly accepted and set up his own castle as his temple.
  • His attraction to feminine beauty is such that her refuses to drink the blood of anyone that is not a beautiful woman. This led to him developing his most well-known attack, 'Midnight Bliss', capable of turning male opponents into women, and generally giving female opponents more enticing and fanservicey appearance. One god who learned it with much misfortune is Laharl. Upon learning that the young demon was the Overlord of a Netherworld, Demitri defied in an attempt to take over. During the fight, he used Midnight Bliss on the boy, turning him into his voluptuous female form. Given his fear of large breasts, Laharl ended up freaking out and blast. Meanwhile, the leader of the Maximoff clan was quite taken by that form's body and decided that he would make 'her' his new servant after he take over the Netherworld.
    • Besides that incident, Demitri has generally been very interesting in hearing about demonic realms apart from Makai and to try to control them. He grew rather outraged upon learning that a normal man such as Emperor Matheus managed to take over the hell-like Pandemonium, but he did grew interested when the latter's tale also incorporated taking over the Heavens. Still, he do want to overthrow him. But he even was more interested in the Seven Mortal Sins, not only from learning that their current leader took the positiong by defeating the others, but from seeing that were all gorgeous women. He had make it one of his greatest goals to beat them all to both take control of their Hell and make them his demonic harem. None of them are very happy at the idea besides Asmodeus, who can't help but be excited at the thought of belonging to such an handsome and domineering man.
  • As said before, he has an utterly intense rivalry with Morrigan Aesland, the current ruler of Makai. Well, mostly on his hand. While he is very, very fixated on defeating her and laying claim to both her kingdom and her life, she tends to see it more as a game, and is quite annoyed by just how much he can be insistent on challenging her. On less serious days, they also argue about who should be the rightful protagonist of Darkstalkers. It is noted ba fair number of people that their interactions seem to be at time borderline flirtarious, though few wants to pry more.
    • One of the few things they can completely agree on is how much they despise Jedah Domah, who sought to absorb their souls in his mad plan to 'save' mankind. In fact, the two will exceptionally readily ally with one another to stop any other plans of his. This naturally extend to his second-in-command Q-Bee.
  • Regarding the other Darkstalkers, Demitri doesn't think much of most of them beyond competition for the title of the strongest of them all, and they in turn have little regards for his goal of supremacy in Makai. And so, they don't interact much beyond fighting contests or exceptional alliance against threats to them all. He does think Felicia and Hsien-Ko would make lovely additions to his entourage, but they're not interested at all. On the other hand, the psychopatic Dark Hunter B.B. Hood is very intent on killing all Darkstalkers, and has often tried to kill the vampire lord.
  • Has previously teamed up with a lot of heroic deities into the Pantheon to stop the merging of different worlds several times. On his second adventures in that style, he had teamed up with Dante, much to his dismay. He finds the demon hunter immensely annoying and want to make it clear that he only did so out of necessity. Though these previous incidents lead to him being initially inducted as one of the GUAG Token Evil Teammates, he soon found it far too much of a moralistic and restrictive group for his tastes, which lead to him pretty much defecting from it after the foundation of the Great United Alliance of Chaos. He found himself empathizing far more with Lucifer's ideals of strength ruling over all, though he of course plan to become stronger than the fallen angel and overthrow him. The latter actually approve of such great ambition.
    • During those quests to save the worlds, he ended up at times fighting against or with Kazuya Mishima. He ended up intrigued by the seemingly demonic nature of the Devil Gene that the martial artist carry while the latter grew curious about the power that a vampire can have. And so, the two have been meeting to talk and help each other with their plans. Though some gods believe they only get along that well because of their similar tastes in hairstyle.
    • In said journey with Dante, he showed a surprisingly notable sense of humor, to the point of declaring himself as "The Batmaster". Hearing that his naming theme had been co-opted by such a ruthless and uncaring monster didn't amuse Batman at all, and Gotham's defender swore that he would stand against Demitri if his actions ever threatened innocents.
  • Naturally, he has been known to mingle with the other vampires within the Pantheon. In general, a good number of them admire his reputation and power, while others berate him for being such a "picky eater". As said before, the Dracula who lord over Castlevania was the one that pulled the strings for his ascension, and this led to them becoming ally. While Demitri does admit that Dracula is formidable and approves of the latter's tendency to seek to make women his bride, he is very adament the fact that he is nobody's subordinate, not even to the 'King of Vampires'.
    • While they are primary inspiration for the modern archetype of the vampire, he is rather disdainful of the original Count Dracula and Orlock for their ugly looks, especially since the later lack a good deal of sophistication. That said, he did manage to bond with the Count over their love of turning mortal women into their vampiric 'brides'.
    • Upon learning about yet another version of Dracula owning an hotel, of all things, his curiosity pushed him to visit Hotel Transylvania. His days here were rather pleasant, until he made advances upon Dracula's daughter upon seeing her, completely ignoring the fact she was already married. Naturally, this completely enraged her father, who threw him out and blacklisted him forever. Despite this very harsh rebuke, he still want to have Mavis be his, inferior human husband be downed. She's the very opposite of interested.
    • His similar noble behavior and goals of conquest has allowed him to grow close to both Strahd Von Zarovich and Vladimer Von Carstein, though the latter seek power to make a better kingdom and not just for the sake of it. Nevertheless, he has been working with them both as an enforcer of some sort. It certainly helps that despite his wicked goals and lustful behavior, Demitri possess a strong sense of honor when it come to fighting. This same nobility lead to him despising Vlad's sons Konrad and Mannfred from their savage behavior and treachery respectively.
    • He also has met a number of deities who call themselves creators of vampires. Nagash is a cruel and vicious sociopaths who created vampires to serve him, then cursed them with their traditional weaknesses when they failed to perform a mission. Enraged at the thought that someone would claim to be his master, Demitri has decided to staunchly oppose the necromancer. Molag Bal is a Daedric prince who created the first vampire when he raped a woman, and he looks at Demitri corrupting and enthralling women with much approval. This isn't reciprocated as the vampire lord see the Prince's actions as 'crass' and maintain that his own servants are perfectly happy serving under him.
    • His reactions towards female vampires tend to be more amorous. He was disapointed to learn that Carmilla was attracted to women, but the two still enjoys talking together. Mira Fallegeros has been more receptive to his advances, which was helped by him remembering her of his master the True Tsar. Though her being already turned means he can't add her to his harem, they still have some trists together and she is more than eager to fight under him. He was interested in the Countss of the Crimson Court at first until he saw her true monstrous aspect, yet he still like going to their parties. His callousness towards humanity had mad sure that none of his flirtations would ever work on good vampires like Vampirella and Arcueid, which isn't helped by the fact that the later already love someone. Upon hearing of someone calling herself the 'Vampire Queen', he has sought to defeat Marceline and take the recognition she had with perhaps even her girlfriend Princess Bubblegum along with it. Naturally, the girl has began utterly pissed of upon hearing this and is quite ready to consume him if he try.
  • He looks down on the Alucard belonging to Hellsing for allowing himself to be bound to service under a mortal, but greatly respects his fighting prowess and enjoy when they come to bouts. Similar respect is given to Larten Crepsley, but he finds Natsuno Yuuki rather pathetic for having to sacrifice himself to prevail against his enemy. As for their thoughts on it, Alucard similarly enjoy fighting Demitri while the latter two think his arrogant behavior is very irksome.
  • Quite naturally, those who despises vampires and seek to slay them tends to very much want to destroy Demitri when they see him. Amongst them are Yuuki Terumi, who the vampire lord look down as a mere beast ruled by his base desire to destroy and torment. Another would-be slayer is Father Alexander Anderson, who is utterly dedicated to eradicating vampires in the name of the Lord. The latter actually earned Demitri's respect for his great fighting skills, and said respect is mutual. Merida, another Daedric Prince, extends her hatred of all undeads to him as she him as nothing more than a wretched spawn of Morag Bal.
    • As for more morally-upright vampire hunters, the sole reason that they're not similarly trying to eliminate Demitri at all cost is that he generally doesn't bother with humans, mostly praying only on the intruders to his castle. That said, they are still very wary of him and his allies, which led to them preparing themselves to deal with him. One of the most shas been the dhampir Blade, which has earned Demitri's scoff as the black man reminds him of Donovan, another half-breed who fancied himself a monster hunter before falling prey to his darker impulses. He shows similar derision towards other heroic Dhampirs such as Alucard, Dracula's son.
  • Due to his association with sexuality, his relationship with the whole House of Love and Affection is rather complicated. As could be expected, those who represent romantic love don't think highly of his lustful ways, while those who represent lust tends to be intrigued by his allure. However, his habit of turning his potential partners into vampiric part of his harem has proven itself rather problematic for those who prize their freedom. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways to cure vampirism in the Pantheon, but it's still a problem. All that said, this still hasn't stopped lustful goddesses such as Queen Medb and Panty Anarchy from regularly 'hooking up' with him, but they try to be careful about not being bitten and turned into thralls when doing so. He himself doesn't mind their attentions at all and see such attempts as a fun game.
  • During his days in the Human World, he often turned mortals who intruded in his caste in search of riches into his servants, which he has tried to continue in the Pantheon. When someone snuck in to steal prized jewels of his, he was surprised to see that the culprit was an anthropomorphic bat named Rouge. But her good looks quickly convinced him that she would make a fitting and thematic addition to his harem, which he has been trying to do even after she managed to escape his castle with her freedom. For her part, Rouge has no interest in becoming his slave, though she has returned his flirtarions at time for the sake of her schemes or to annoy Knuckles.
  • Though he use a special aura to protect himself from the rays of the sun, doing so costs him a constant cost of energy. In an alternate telling of his story, he dealt with this problem by blockingout the sun and casting the whole world into an eternal night. This exploit brought him the attention of The Bringers Of Everlasting Night, who seeks a night that never end and approached him for an alliance. Seeing as such an event would be beneficial to him, he has accepted their deal. Of this group, he tends to associate most with Nightmare Moon and the Grand Duke of Owls, as they share an aristacrotic bearing. Remilia Scarlet attempted a similar stunt by blocking out Gensyoko's sun, but the lady of the Scarlet Mansion does not care for his violent demeanor

    Eric Brooks/Blade 
Eric Brooks, God of Human Vampires (Blade, The Daywalker, Frank Blade, Subject AA1, Hannibal Francis Blade, Switchblade the Demogorge, The Vampire Hunter, Spider Hero, Ronin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His glaives and sunglasses.
  • Theme Song: Theme from Blade, The Edge of the Blade
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with Chaotic Good tendencies.
  • Portfolio: The Daywalker, Deadpan Snark, Scary Black Men, Hunters of Their Own Kind (as in ALL the bad ones), Healing Factor, Hidden Jazz, Terror Heroes, Sons of Prostitutes and Disappeared Vampires, Badass Normals who Became Empowered, Abnormal Ammo, Blaxploitation Expies, Jive Turkeys
  • Domains: Hunters, Vampires, Anti-Heroes, Hybrids
  • Heralds: Hannibal King, Mosha and Mikado, Jacqueline Falsworth/Spitfire
  • High Priest: Rayne
  • Followers: Connor, Felicia Book, Donovan Baine, Black Hat, Vladimir Tod
  • Allies
  • Enemies: Dracula, Dio Brando, Jedah Dohma, Hannibal Lecter, Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, Mira Fallegeros, Vanilla Ice, Father Homunculus, Lust the Lascivious, Pride the Arrogant, Gluttony the Voracious, Alexander Anderson, Riptor, The Wendigo (also pities), Vergil Sparda, Cell
  • Distrusts: Dmitri Maximoff, Gangrel and Luna Vachon, Alucard (Hellsing), Gabriel Belmont, Nick Fury, Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Geralt of Rivia
  • Tara Brooks, a prostitute working at Madame Vanity's Brothel in London, once gave birth to a bastard, but not without severe labor pains sending her in the direction of a doctor named Deacon Frost. Unfortunately for her, Frost was no more a doctor than he was a ravenous vampire, feasting on the woman as she gave birth, which led to her death. Thus her son Eric was born a dhampyr, tainted by a vampire's kiss but not fully converted into a carnivore of the night; raised by Tara's fellow prostitutes, who'd chased off the predator, and an old man who taught him both jazz trumpeting and combat of the undead; and caught up in the street life as a member and eventual leader of a gang of New Yorkers; all on the road to finally becoming Blade, hunter of night-faring suckheads and legendary black gothic superhero.
  • During his various battles against vampire scourges such as Frost and Dracula, as well as other terrible villains in the Marvel Universe, he encountered many Marvel heroes and was part of several team-ups, his fondest allies including the likes of Luke Cage, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and Doctor Strange. However, like a lot of grim heroes, he's also suffered his share of personal losses, not the least of which being his own pure humanity, at the hands of an ally corrupted by a new powerful strain of vampirism whose bite fully turned into him a Daywalking Vampire. He's not copping to that last one, though. He'd rather let you think he's always been like this.
  • Adrian Tepes combined forces with Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider to get Blade ascended to the Pantheon using the magic of the Sorcerer Supreme, and even surrendered his seat presiding over Dhampyrs to Blade (since they both share this trait in kind and he had another seat to spare) in hopes of receiving the Daywalker's help in purifying the evil vampires of the Pantheon. Upon arrival, Blade accepted the offer to join the already-existing partnership with both Adrian and Rachel Alucard. He credits allies such as Hannibal King, Bible John Cavik, and his current girlfriend Spitfire for the fact that he even considered this.
    • His comparison of Hannibal King turned out to have some solid foundation, as he and Adrian soon found common ground with the trait whose seat Dracula's son retained; their issues with their vampire fathers. In Blade's case, he both has trouble with the man claiming to be his fathernote  and despises the vampire "doctor" who turned him into a dhampyr at birth.
  • Prior to ascending, he occasionally popped up as the High Priest to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her relationship even to good vampires was always uneasy, though, so even though they trusted each other as vampire hunters, they weren't the best of friends.
  • Aside from his alliance with the Alucards, Blade is on good terms with Arcueid Brunestud as well, since she does occasionally help combat the evil vampires to stop their bloodsucking habits, as well as the Belmont clan as top allies against Dracula. He's also encountered fellow heroic dhampyr Ragna the Bloodedge, but each understands that the other has his own quest to follow, with a mutual offer of occasional help should the other need it. Neither has cashed in on this as of yet.
  • Despite being pleased to see more of the street-level Avengers and Marvel superheroes he's occasionally fought alongside, he's a bit frosty with Nick Fury as he wants little-to-nothing to do with S.H.I.E.L.D. as an organization, and not just because he's a member of MI-13. The Silvereye "vampire soldier team" project and Super Registration Act are only the most personal to him out of several S.H.I.E.L.D. initiatives and endeavors he knows that have been misguided or manipulated to do harm rather than good. This includes the WWE wrestling Shield members too, btw, given that their various separate issues as well as the tendency to take on questionable mercenary assignments when they ran together has sent their entire credo of justice into utter disrepute.
    • In spite of this, he became the most recent Ronin, a costume Clint Barton has worn in the past. He insists the idea of Clint being more tied to S.H.I.E.L.D. rather than the Avengers is a common misconception.
  • Has heard that Father and his homunculi children have been likened to vampires and has therefore decided to investigate them. During this, he discovered that there was one who rebelled against his arcane kin. Greed is now considered a valuable resource for information on that family.
    • Turns out they're not exactly like vampires; certainly less so than the versions of them in the tales he heard of them earlier. However, they are still evil creatures that have to be brought down.
  • When the concept of the Pantheon was made clear to him, he already predicted his feud with the Lord of Vampires would restart in earnest. But he was also surprised to see another incredibly powerful evil vampire among Dracula's allies: Dio Brando, the one who can stop time. Dio has become his top target not named Dracula as a result of this revelation.
  • Does not trust Hellsing's Alucard or Gabriel Belmont, who seem to be either alternate counterparts or different aspects of Dracula. It doesn't help that this Alucard's description of Dracula and his aspects will often flip-flop between friendliness, will-kill-if-given-the-chance, and anywhere in between.
    • That said, he's much more fond of this Alucard's fledgling, Seras Victoria, a young girl who is incredibly nice for a vampire. He's made it part of his cause to protect her from the darker vampires here, though Integra, while grateful for this, has told him that one day Seras will be the one to protect him.
    • Either way, he's part-vampire, so in the name of Jesus Christ, Father Anderson refuses to accept his presence as anything more than a threat and a heathen to be eliminated.
  • While Dmitri, Gangrel and Luna are not Dracula counterparts and are surprisingly friendly (the latter two moreso), they still are vampires after a certain fashion and have each told him themselves whatever cause they have for acting is their own and could just as easily be evil or good. Predictably, he's not too keen on any of them.
    • His opinion on the wrestlers slightly changed when he observed how three ponies entered their temple and he asked the girls (after making it clear he wasn't going to harm them, they have history with things like that) their relationship with the vampires. The fillies honestly stated that they are all friends since it all stemmed from a horrifying trip to Limbo that caused plenty of grief (and then some) which has resulted in the fillies to become more on the offensive and ended in an incident where they were thrust into Limbo and were supposed to offer themselves to keep the darkness docile and then had to destroy it despite the mental stress they went through. Eric has made a note to not ask any more questions.
  • Through his investigation of Gangrel and Luna, he also met the perky and flirtatious Vampirella. Unlike them, however, she's one that he's seen no reason to distrust. She's a completely different branch of vampire from anything related to Dracula (either a Human Alien from a planet whose water is blood or a daughter of the ancient Lilith — possibly even both) and has dedicated herself to fighting many hellish monsters including Dracula himself. He only later discovered Vampirella's friendships with both Arcueid and Adrian, who then confirmed to him that yeah, she's good.
  • There was a particular incident in which he had to work with the X-Men to stop another son of Dracula, during which Jubilee was turned into a vampire. They made the decision to reassemble and resurrect Dracula, who was dead at the time, just to take care of his son, which Blade objected to, and Wolverine went out of his way to protect Jubilee, who gave him fangs for his trouble. Blade's been on cold terms with them ever since, especially Wolverine (who was cured in the end) and Jubilee (who wasn't).
    • They would eventually return into being allies again. Mostly because Blade has strong trust in Logan. The two actually have long history together, dating back to when Blade was still an amateur Vampire Hunter. When Blade was having trouble, Wolverine stepped in to help, even gave him is Badass Longcoat.
  • Was once invited to spar with Touta Konoe at the House of Combat, only to quickly discover why: Touta is a fellow daywalker with magical properties and a major Healing Factor, but who doesn't need to drink blood to survive (though he does get stronger from it). Blade deduced that whoever sired Touta must have set up the meeting, but has yet to see who that is. In any case, he regards the kid well.
  • Once teamed up with Jill Valentine to stop a horde of werewolves. Come to think of it, he's not a huge fan of the Wesker siblings, due to Albert and Alex wanting to weaponize his blood.
  • While tracking down Vanilla Ice in a jungle in hopes of getting a lead on Dio, Blade was suddenly jumped by the monster Riptor, who had mistaken him for a boxer named T.J. Combo. Even after seeing that this wasn't the case, the raptor had him on the ropes and tried to kill him until Maya Fallegeros swooped in and attacked, forcing Riptor to retreat. Sparring and trading stories with Maya, they gained each other's respect, and she warned him about her vampiric sister Mira before he left the next day.
  • Sympathizes with Koyuki and Dante on what they've gone through, and has noted that they hunt their own kind just like him.
    • In Koyuki's case he pities her more for having to go through all that at such a very young age. Because of this, he defends her position on stopping the villains of her own kind, despite Magical Girls being unlike vampires in that they're not usually evil. This wound up earning the attention and respect of Batman, who has now trusted Blade to look after his son Damien and adopted daughter Cass, though hoping that he tempers Damien's attitude rather than indulge it.
    • In Dante's case the two have worked together to try and undo any remnant traces of Jedah Dohma's plans to merge the Marvel and Capcom worlds. While Blade had no part in the original incident itself and said plan went awry, neither man wanted to take the risk of Jedah, Mundus, or Dracula raising up and unleashing their dominions on the Pantheon. Dante couldn't help but notice his Blaxploitation-like American slang, which he picked up from both Afari and the Bloodshadows. Also, he doesn't like Vergil for embracing demondom and being all about power. Dante doesn't blame him.
  • Finds himself working at times with The Undertaker, who, despite speculation calling him a zombie, demon, or even a dhampyr, is actually more like a personification of Death itself who also happens to be a badass striker, violent grappler, motorcycle aficionado, and dress a lot like either a black druid or Gabriel Van Helsing. Blade had a bit of fun noticing all this, but still respects the Deadman nonetheless, and Taker's seeming retirement from the wrestling ring at the hands of Roman Reigns is another part of why he doesn't like the Shield.
  • Considers cannibal humans especially heinous for being humans who choose to behave like vampire predators, betraying humanity much like vampire familiars do. The non-evil vampires he has known in life, including himself, and now here in the Pantheon, only reinforce this. For this reason, and due to disgracing the first name of his best friend, he loathes Hannibal Lecter. As he puts it:
    "Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill."
  • Sees the Wendigo as a tragic monster deserving of a Mercy Kill as, much like some of the vampires he's had to kill over the years, she is a former human who does not like her current state but is nevertheless too much a threat to preserve.
  • Is disgusted by the monster named Cell, who grew in physical power and achieved his perfect form by literally drinking and eating people through his tail. Upon hearing of Cell Games 2.0 after he ascended, he's wondered if his invitation got lost in the mail.
  • Lois Lane always refers to Blade as "Wesley", even when he threatens her with bodily harm for it.
    "Reminds me of a detective I know."
    • Superman will tell Blade to take it easy when this happens in his presence. He's used to Lois calling him "Smallville" at times and can tell Blade isn't being actively malicious, but plays his protective part all the same.
  • Both Maya and Dante later came back to him and invited him to join a team of monster hunters including Buffy. He accepted their offer, albeit on a guest-member basis.
  • "I'm on a mission. To hunt down and kill those monsters that have plagued humankind for so long. So now, they call me Daywalker. And they fear me. As well they should."

    Michael Morningstar 
Michael Morningstar, God of Psuedo-Vampires (Darkstar, Mike, Dante)
Click here  for how he used to look
  • Intermediate God (Greater God after absorbing enough energy)
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Theme Music: Boss Theme in Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Actually Not a Vampire, The Sociopath, Consistently Treacherous, Evil Teens, Jerkass, Manipulative Bastard, Gwen's Evil Mirror, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Dark Is Evil And Originally So Was Light, Disfigured By His Victims, Faux Affably Evil
  • Domains: Mutants, Plumbers(betrayed), Life Draining, "Vampires"
  • Followers: Arystar Krory, Vetinari, Rosanna
  • Vocal Avatar: Will Wheaton
  • Allies: Prince Hans, Dio Brando, Mira Fallegeros
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Albedo
  • Enemies: Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Charmcaster, Rachel Roth, Garfield Logan, most women in the House of Magic, Tulip Olsen
  • Opposed by: Most females of the pantheon, really
  • Fears: Tirek
  • Avoids: Zs'Skayr and the Houses of Ghosts and Undead
  • Michael Morningstar is the son of a wealthy family, with a menagerie of Plumbers technology. At first seeming kind and mild-mannered, he showed himself to a be manipulative sociopath who had turned schoolgirls to zombies and wanted to feed on Gwen Tennyson's mana. He would end up disfigured and donning the title of "Darkstar", seeking revenge against Ben and Gwen. Now he's entered the Trope Pantheon, in hopes of finally settling the score.
  • Sharing a common enemy, he has teamed up with Albedo. Admittedly the two don't get along, with the latter seeing him as a sleaze, but a Villain Team-Up between the two Ben 10 villains is a lot easier than with Zs'Skayr.
  • Darkstar may not be a true vampire, but he's close enough to seem like one. He has the power to drain life force, lives in a gothic mansion and has a thrall of women he's sucked the life out of. Most of the rest of his house is either neutral on him or sees him as a creep, though he and Mira are fine feeding with each as they specialize in draining life.
  • His powers require some form of mana, so he can't do anything against Zs'Skayr or any Ectonurites. He's found that ghosts and the undead in general seem to be unaffected as well, since not truly being alive means there's nothing to drain.
  • Gets along with Dio Brando, as they're both pretty boynote  life-suckers with ice for blood and narcissistic ambitions.
  • Initially had a gorgeous appearance, however when his victims retaliated they disfigured him into a hideous, undead-like being. He wears a helmet in order to hide the fact his face is as twisted as his soul. You can usually find him in the House of Personal Appearance, trying but always failing at permanently restoring his body to its original form.
  • Rather misogynistic and condescending to women, whom happen to be his favorite prey; he can usually be seen with a bunch of zombified schoolgirls. He used his good looks and charm to manipulate women to get what he wants, something Prince Hans can get behind(though states he could be a little smarter about it).
  • Sucking the life of ordinary people may help him, but it only sustains him temporarily. He's desperate for more a powerful life-source, that being magic users. As such, he prowls the House of Magic to suck the life out of other gods, specifically the women there. He keeps his distance far from Tirek's who's Mana Drain would be even more deadly on him than normal magic users.
  • As Darkstar, his energy blasts and powers are similar to Raven. He's interested in sucking her dry, and the two are at odds. Of course, it's just as possible that if he were to try and suck her dry would backfire terribly. He doesn't like Beast Boy much, due to his abilities reminding him of Ben 10.
  • Is voiced by Will Wheaton, however neither cares about the other and Will thinks he's a jerk.
  • Despite the name, there is no known relationship to any devil in the pantheon. None of them care much about him.
  • While on the hunt for Gwen Tennsyon, he found a girl with red hair with a familiar voice to that of her. He tried to approaching her, only to meet a pipe to the face. The girl wasn't Gwen, but rather Tulip Olsen, who rushed into a Hall of Mirrors. Michael raced after her, only to find something off. She didn't cast a reflection. Enraged, he destroyed the Hall of Mirrors...and found himself knocked out by both Gwen and Kevin with Tulip standing with them. He was thrown back to the House of Vampries screeching what type of sorcery Tulip casted to make her reflection invisible.

    Mira Fallegeros 
Mira Fallegeros, Goddess of the Vampiric Kiss
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbols: Her Clawed Gauntlets
  • Theme Song: Nocturne in Blood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Her Insect Motif Is The Scarab And Beetle, The Undead Twin Sister Of Maya Fallegeros, Who Is The Cain To Maya's Abel, Known For Speaking Russian, Uses Her Blood (seen in a gray hue) For Her Attacks Which Drain Her Health, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette With Supernatural Gold Eyes, Fallen Heroine
  • Domains: Vampires, Undead, Siblings, Latina Women, Former Hunters, Blood Magic
  • High Priestess: Eliza
  • Followers: Her Vampire Order
  • Allies: Sadira, Skarlet, Kitana, Liu Kang, Alexia Ashford, Jedah Dohma Anub'arak
  • Enemies:
  • Hot For: Vampires Count Dracula (Castlevania) and Gabriel Belmont
  • The GUAE, always looking for an advantage, has extended an invitation to Mira Fallegeros, the fraternal twin sister of Maya Fallegeros. Having a vampire who was trained in the ways of the Night Guard would prove to be beneficial for the GUAE. Mira was uninterested at first, but changed her mind upon learning that her twin sister was in the Pantheon. Mira accepted the offer, thus securing her ascension.
  • Mira wasn't always a vampire. She was a member of the Night Guard alongside her sister, having been trained by her father. Whilst on a mission to eliminate a Siberian coven of vampires, Mira gave her life in order for her sister to escape. Then, the vampires revived her and turned her into a vampire...and eventually, their leader.
    Mira: "They dug me from the rubble, the very things I came to kill. They honored me. I was worthy of their power. And oh, what power it is."
  • Maya was not very happy to find out that her twin sister was not only a vampiress, but also having ascended to the Pantheon, having been invited by the GUAE. Mira, on the other hand, is eager to confront her twin sister in a final showdown.
    Mira: "I've been looking forward to this reunion...sister."
  • That grayish, mercury-like ichor that Mira uses for her attacks? That's her blood. She is able to channel it through her gauntlets, at the cost of her vitality.
  • Kitana and Liu Kang see the similarities between themselves and Mira. Both served the forces of light before they were reborn in the darkness. Mira sees the Emperor and Empress of the Netherrealm as kindred spirits as well.
  • Mira is a proponent of blood magic, and has an intense hatred for those who reject its power. The ascended kombatants who had been corrupted by the Blood Code in the past (Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, Mileena, Kotal Kahn, Raiden, and Kuai Liang) top that list. While Kotal uses blood magic when he fights, he stays away from the Blood Code.
  • Mira also has developed an interest in Iori Yagami and Leona Heidern. Or rather, the Blood Riot, which transforms them both into enraged killing machines. Both Iori and Leona see that Mira is bad news and keep their distance.
  • It's no secret that Alucard and Alexander Anderson hate each other. But when both the No Life King and the Iscariot Agency's bayonet-wielding priest find themselves united against Mira, then you know that something is wrong.
  • While Mira is not a huge fan of the Triumvirate Of Survivor Horror, she has a dislike for the Wesker 'siblings', Albert and Alex. However, she is friends with Alexia Ashford, as their friendship came from a match both women had. The fact that Alexia's blood catches fire impresses Mira.
  • Mira has the hots for Count Dracula (formerly known as Mathias Cronqvist). While Dracula is flattered, his heart will always belong to his beloved Elizabetha (or Lisa). The same can be said for Gabriel Belmont, as he still pines for his lost wife.

    Strahd von Zarovich 
Strahd Von Zarovich, God of Classical Vampires (The Devil Strahd, The Land, Vasili von Holtz)
  • Intermediate God (Within Barovia he is closer to a Greater God)
  • Symbol: The Crest of House Zarovich
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Was Once a Hero to His People, Skilled in Both Magic and Melee Combat, Killing his brother for his goals, Skilled in Necromancy, Overall polite and cordial despite his villainy, Having control over the lands, Having an eerie castle, Being bisexual, Desiring to find Tatyana's soul to marry her, Being possibly the first Vampire in the Forgotten Realms, Making a deal with the Dark Powers, Stronger due to his long life, Being unable to leave Barovia due to his pact, Having flexible stat allocation, Having the normal weaknesses a Vampire would have but finding ways around it, Preferring to Keep His Land the Same Way
  • Domains: War, Death, Knowledge, Villains, Fear, Royalty
  • Herald: Rahadin
  • Followers: Jonathan E. Reid, Zerenski, Dracula (1931)
  • Allies: Dracula, Dio Brando, Jedah Dohma, Nagash, Fenrir Greyback, Kel'Thuzad, Lezard Valeth
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Godhand, Oryx
  • Enemies: All good-aligned deities in the Pantheon, but to name specific ones: The Belmonts and their allies, the Joestar family, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Alexander Anderson, Alucard, Arcueid Brunestud, Adrian/Alucard, Eric Brooks/Blade, Geralt of Rivia, The Nephalems, Sylvanas Windrunner, Rassilon, Buffy and her allies, the Hunter (Bloodborne), Dante Sparda, The Angiris Council
  • Opposes: Shang Tsung
  • Opposed by: Bahamut, Alexstrasza, Death (Final Destination)
  • Not so different Relationships: Vladimer von Carstein, Arthas Menethil, Damien Thorn
  • Pities: Gabriel Belmont
  • Conflicted on: Baba Yaga, Vlad III
  • Villain Respect: Zeref
  • Once a mortal man, Strahd lived his life conquering in the name of his family, before finding his way to the land of Barovia and claiming it for himself. Upon building a kingdom for himself, he found love in a woman named Tatyana, but she favored his younger brother Sergei, and the two were quickly in love and even engaged. Jealously clouded his mind, and so Strahd became a vampire by slaying his brother on their wedding day by drinking his blood, causing Tatyana to hurl herself to her death to escape him, while also dooming the land and its people to be stuck in a pocket dimension, unable to leave or move on from death. Now an immortal vampire, he awaits the day he can leave the land and find the soul of his true love again.
  • His entrance into the Pantheon was rather strange, though not un-befitting of his arrogance. One day, an unnatural mist filled the Pantheon, with those running into it seeming to be stuck in a loop of sorts where they could not leave. Eventually, the mist formed around a specific spot, and from it emerged Strahd. He had made his entrance as over the top as he could to make a statement to those who would stand against him: that he was someone who was not to be trifled with.
  • While it is not confirmed, it is believed Strahd is the first Vampire in the Forgotten Realms, something that makes him quite proud to have knowledge of. As a result, any lesser Vampire in the Pantheon he considers beneath him unless they have something unique to them to interest him.
  • His views on his fellow Vampires is rather conflicted, to say the least:
    • He despises Arcueid, finding her love of humanity and choice to protect it to be a waste of her naturally given powers as a True Ancestor. Since she was born a Vampire unlike him, her wasted powers bother him greatly. Likely as a result, the two are not allowed to interact at all, as even if Arcueid would be more then capable of handling herself against him.
    • Finds Alucard amusing for how vicious he is and yet still fights for Humanity. Unlike Arcueid, Strahd actually respects Alucard for not abandoning his identity but merely choosing a new path. Of course, Strahd has made it clear he will not change his ways, and so Alucard and he have come to blows at a few opportunities.
    • Gabriel Belmont is someone Strahd was very disappointed in, mainly because he chose to redeem himself in the end. After having once respected him for how similar they were, Strahd declared that whatever respect he had for the man was gone, and has made it his goal to slay the Vampire for what he sees as a "betrayal" of their kind.
    • Jedah Dohma has Strahd's interests for the powers he wields as well as his status as a ruler. The only thing he finds himself disagreeing with is the Vampire's intentions, as Strahd views Jedah's intentions to remake creation to be a weak goal.
    • Vlad III is a being Strahd finds fascinating but also was disappointed by. Namely, he finds it fascinating how the legends of Vlad being a Vampire actually can turn him into one similar to himself, but finds himself disappointed that Vlad would choose to disregard this and not embrace it. After all, why reject such power? For that reason, he actually more respects this Vlad when summoned as a Berserker, as he embraces this aspect of himself.
  • During one of his excursions in the Pantheon, Strahd learned that once, someone had used his likeness to illustrate Simon Belmont's second battle with his mortal enemy, Dracula. Strahd was greatly amused by this and broke out into laughter at how silly it was, before telling Simon that he would let it go as long as it did not happen again.
  • Despite his evil, he has happily invited various people across the Pantheon to sit and eat dinner with him. All of these are of course his attempts to figure people out, but he always keeps his word and prepares the best food he possibly can. For this reason, he has occasionally been spotted at the House of Food looking for new ways to cook and prepare meals.
  • Finds the Crimson Court amusing due to how vile they were before becoming monsters, like he did. That said, he hardly trusts them to do anything because of how crazy they are, and sees them more as pawns to use later.
  • Molag Bal is a being Strahd is very bothered by. For starters, Strahd worries that Molag will attempt to influence him since he is a Vampire as well, especially with Strahd being aware of his status as possibly the first Vampire in his world. The nature of how Molag Bal made his first Vampire also bothers him, not because of how vile it was, but because how petty it was. Currently, Strahd has agreed to listen to the Daedric Prince in order to advance his own goals in the Pantheon but has no intentions of becoming the Daedric Prince's tool.
  • A few deities interested Strahd for being not so different from him:
    • Vladimer von Carstein is someone he gets along with fairly well, on account of how similar they are as Vampires and mentality (Affably Evil, Aristocratic, etc). Strahd does feel that Vladimer should use his powers to dominate like he does, but at the very least, he gives him respect as someone close to an equal.
    • Arthas Menethil is someone that Strahd finds very amusing for how similar they both are: both walked a path of bloodshed during their attempts to fight as a future ruler, but eventually sought power and slew a family member to become more powerful. This fact made Strahd quite amused and thus he interacted with the man to understand his motives.
    • He and Dio Brando get along fairly well, and the two were once seen even making advances on each other. Naturally, the two have assisted each other at times and get along well enough to even discuss their vision for the world.
    • Dracula is one of the few Vampires Strahd sees as his equal, no doubt because how it seems almost like Strahd was an interpretation of him. The only thing Strahd disagrees with on Alucard is how he lets his love for his wife chain him to the past, something Dracula found ironic given how Strahd is obsessed with finding Tatyana's reincarnation. That said, the two get along really well.
    • Damien Thorn was a being Strahd was absolutely fascinated by, as like him, the boy was born evil and held great power as an Anti-Christ like figure. Strahd even offered him the gift of Vampirism if he ever desired it.
  • Upon learning of the Nephalems, Strahd immediately began making plans to break them in order to make them minions of his to use. This naturally made him an enemy of the High Heavens, who are now watching him to make sure he does not attempt to continue this plan along.
  • During a trip around the Pantheon, Strahd ran into Baba Yaga. The Vampire was very confused by this woman due to her sharing the same name and being quite similar to a woman from Barovia named Baba Lysaga, but Baba Yaga is different and not quite the same as the hag who helped raise him as a child.
  • Due to his past, he is expressly forbidden from the House of Love and Affection for fear he would attempt to seduce people from it and make them Vampire Spawns. Of course, the only person he has his eyes set on for real is Tatyana, but he still makes the occasional pass on some other gods who catch his eye.
  • As a user of Necromancy Magic, Strahd has found himself interacting with various other users of its powers. In particular, he speaks to Kel'Thuzad often, due to finding the Lich's loyalty to the Lich King amusing.
  • When Shang Tsung learned that in Barovia the souls of the dead do not pass on but instead are stuck and reincarnate into bodies, he was overjoyed at the thought of using said land to empower himself even more than before. Realizing the danger of this, Strahd declared he would oppose the Sorcerer, as while Strahd admires his powers, he recognizes how dangerous having those souls taken and used in that manner would be, alongside needing those souls in order to quench his hunger.
  • He highly respects Zeref, namely for how powerful he was and the creations he's made. Strahd has attempted to curry favor with the man but Zeref has no interest in him.
  • Strahd does not have the best opinion of the Godhand, due to their manipulation and godlike status in a way that reminds him of the Dark Powers that trapped him in Barovia. Despite this, he has agreed to align himself with them as he recognizes the power they wield as one he would benefit from, though he ultimately wants to usurp that power one day.
  • Upon learning that Strahd had slain an order of knights who served a good Dragon, both Bahamut and Alexstrasza declared him an enemy they would never forgive. Strahd was nonplussed by this, even humorlessly putting the Dragons skull on display as a warning to the two.
  • Strangely enough, various Vampire Hunters or good-aligned heroes have stepped up and seemingly defeated him in battle, with many killing him in his coffin just to make sure. Each time this happens, he mysteriously returns as if nothing happened, though each time does require him to recover before he truly is back at full power. As a result, many have decided to hold off attempting to kill him as it seems to go nowhere, even with weapons that expressly work effectively on him. Each time this has happened, Strahd merely smirks and praises the skills of his foes, telling them to challenge him again to see if they truly can defeat him for good, but always making sure to adapt and change his plans so that he can have a greater challenge.
    • One thing Strahd has been very focused on stopping is knowledge of The Sunsword being found in the Pantheon, recognizing it as a major threat to his power. With this in mind, he has focused his gaze on Excalibur, as he fears its potential power in the right hands.
    • As a result of this, Final Destination's Death hates him, and has tried to have him killed for good. However, whatever pact Strahd made to obtain his power has managed to prevent this from happening, forcing Death to have to find a way to eliminate said pact to make sure he dies for real.

    Vlad von Carstein 
Vladimer "Vlad" von Carstein, The Deified Lord of Vampire Monarchies (Count of Sylvania, Vashanesh, Mortarch of Shadow, Vlad the Dad)
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God with the Von Carstein Ring
  • Symbol: The Von Carstein Banner
  • Theme: Danse Macabre
  • Alignment: Depending on the Edition, but mainly Lawful Evil with occasional dips into Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Count of the Von Carstein Vampire Line, The First of the Vampire Counts, The Most Powerful Vampire of his Time, Feared Among those he Opposes, Governing an Undead Society, Reading and Learning as a Fond Hobby, Magic Lightning Bruiser, Courteous and Polite for a Vampire, Deeply loved his Wife Isabella, Opposes his sons Mannfred and Konrad, Seeks to Conquer the Empire as a Means to stop in-fighting, corruption and assert unity, One of the Only Redeeming Members of the Mortarchs
  • Domains: Vampires, Monarchy, Culture, Undead
  • Herald: Isabella von Carstein (his wife)
  • Allies: Lucifer, Homura Akemi, Alucard, Demitri Maximoff, Darth Vader, Vayne Carudas Solidor, Golbez, Bowser, Marceline, Malekith, Nagato, Illyasveil von Einzbern, Captain Cold
  • Allegiance: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Rivals: Dracula (Both his Castlevania and Original Iterations), Arthas Menethil
  • Enemy Mine: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Settra
  • Enemies: Nagash, Mannfred and Konrad von Carstein (his sons), Archaon, Khazrak, Gorthor, Nekron, Melkor, Count Orlok, Griffith, Dio Brando, The Crimson Court, Elizabeth Bathory, Yuuki Terumi, Zamasu, Buffy Summers, The Belmont Bloodline, Link, Princess Zelda, Lucina
  • Respects: Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş/Alucard, Rachel Alucard, Arcueid Brunestud, Alm and Celica, The Lighthearted Dracula
  • On Good Terms With: the Houses of Love and Affection and Knowledge, Vlad III
  • Amused By: Gangrel and Luna Vachon
  • Complicated Opinions: Blade
  • Opposes: The Chaos Gods, Molag Bal
  • The World of Warhammer is rife of numerous races and cultures of differing faith and allegiance. One of the most puzzling and mysterious are the Vampires who take hold of Sylvania. Originating from Queen Neferata, who sought to become immortal by acquiring knowledge and magical abilities from the Nine Books of Nagash, more vampires birthed rapidly, before eventually dispersing and forming dynasties to establish their prominence and power. The first and greatest Vampire Count, the von Carstein bloodline reached its greatest moments under the governing of Vlad, who's incredible power, affinity for magic and sophisticated military skills asserted him as the most powerful vampire of his time.
  • Vlad von Carstein marched towards the House of Undead and Phasmata as he made his presence known in the Pantheon. A powerful vampire in his own regard, he encountered several beings of his kin, some which intrigued him and others that he outright disliked. Dracula greeted Vlad, initially getting along quite well, given their polite and eloquent attitude, though Vlad's was sincere whereas Dracula had a more devious tone to his. They nearly became allies... until Vlad learned of Dracula's allegiance to Nagash and Nekron. Vlad declined Dracula's offer of alliance, much to the latter's dismay. Despite the two competing against one another, they still hold a measure of respect towards one another.
    • By default, Vlad opposed Nagash mainly due to his disregard for vampires in the Warhammer world and really not giving a damn for anybody other than himself. It still remains in the Pantheon, with Nagash now allied to Nekron, whose end goals align with one another. Because of this, Vlad is directly against the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. While he himself is an undead, Vlad would only carry out extreme actions if its the best or only way to achieve his goals and is more interested in maintaining his own forces rather than plundering and conquering other lands.
  • His horrifying appearance and terrifying reputation aside, Vlad is surprisingly more than meets the eye. His love towards his wife Isabella is incredibly potent, something that a lot of evil-aligned deities find surprising. As a result, he is one of the few evil beings to be given allowance towards the House of Love, where he often spends time with Isabella. Vlad is also a studious individual who loves to read and learn about different cultures and topics. Because of this, he and Isabella spend just as much time in the House of Knowledge thanks to their shared interest. It is also when being in those two houses where Vlad displays the best aspect of his personality.
    • Because of this, he has a good deal of admiration towards Alm and Celica as their love and compassion for one another allowed them to overcome their struggles and unite Valentia. Alm and Celica have admitted to respecting Vlad, though they would not hesitate in opposing him if needed. Given that Vlad invaded The Empire due to his belief that it was corrupt, he has no interest in invading Valentia, and instead decided to try diplomatic relations with the two. Given that vampires are bloodthirsty creatures in nature, progress has been slow, though Vlad is doing his best in getting his vampire forces to understand different ethics and conversing those other than their own kind.
  • Lucifer has decided to invite Vlad into the Grand United Alliance of Chaos due to Vlad's complicated morality and his beliefs of running a government. Vlad took arms and became one of Lucifer's best assets thanks to his military prowess and his affinity in physical combat and magic, eventually being anointed a member of the GUAC. He also took the time to converse with Homura Akemi, praising her drive to protect whom she loves and her determination in doing so. Darth Vader in turn has seen Vlad as a capable leader and someone who is able to work well with, something which Vlad returns the favor.
  • Naturally, as a vampire, he found enemies via the Belmonts and Buffy Summers. Despite this, Vlad doesn't really mind them, although he will gladly fight back if he has to. And even then, Vlad points out that there are worse vampires out there than him, which he's not wrong about. Link, Princess Zelda and Lucina aren't too fond of Vlad themselves, seeing him as a dangerous conqueror and a threat to humankind. Despite this, Vlad doesn't hold any animosity, only wishing the three of them can understand his situation.
  • As a member of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Vlad, by default, is opposed to the Grand United Alliance of Good, due to the former being a renounced villain belonging to a monstrous and violent race. However, because the two of them are opposed to the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Vlad will not hesitate to aid the GUAG in battle. And this isn't the only time he's helped out the forces of good either, given he carried out a surprise rescue and aid for the Empire during the joint Skaven and Forces of Chaos invasion.
  • Gained a new rival under Arthas Menethil thanks to the two of them being extremely powerful and feared generals of their government and army. Despite this, Vlad expressed some sympathy towards Arthas given how he was driven into darkness by circumstances not under his control and respect in the sense that Arthas treats his forces with respect.
  • Vlad is not exactly fond of Melkor, mainly because the latter seeks to destroy the world due to his inability to create and a swollen ego, despite Vlad's affinity to darkness. In a similar view, he sees Griffith as too much for him to stomach, viewing him and his fellow Godhand as immoral and self-serving if anything else. Griffith, in turn, sees Vlad as inconsequential, in contrast to Melkor who feels that Vlad could be of good use to him and instead aligned himself with Lucifer.
  • Regarding vampires, Vlad has nothing but deep respect for Dracula's son, Alucard, thinking of him as the son he wish he had. While Alucard opposes Vlad, he does understand his frustration and depression regarding his own sons, Mannfred and Konrad, who wound up being Vlad's greatest mistakes and enemies. He also extends this towards Rachel Alucard and Arcueid Brunestud, whom Vlad considers noteworthy vampires and would often invite them to his company. Rachel and Arcueid are pleased by Vlad's hospitality, and although they are of different allegiance, they will fight together under a mutual enemy. He was also intrigued by Marceline, whom he thought would be a good asset in his army. Learning that Marceline never had friends in her childhood, Vlad has tried to make an effort in treating her like a daughter.
    • He has made close acquaintances with Dimitri Maximoff and another Alucard, both being vampires who aren't outright malicious for the hell of it. The two have become enforcers for Vlad during battle, in addition to Dimitri being a superb charmer, something Vlad accomplishes with his magic. His encounter with another Dracula was a a bit comical on the latter's part. Despite their differing personalities and reputation, they got along well, with Vlad admitting that Dracula is a better parent than he is and that his relationship with his daughter Mavis is far better than Vlad could ever hope to have with Konrad and Mannfred.
    • Impressed by Blade and his ability to devastate several vampires, in addition to being a dhamphyr. Vlad wishes he could form an alliance, but considering his own allegiance, he would understand why Blade would oppose him. Vlad also seems amused by the wrestling antics of Gangrel and Luna Vachon. He occasionally brings them over to his castle as a means to amuse himself.
    • Vlad openly despises Count Orlok, seeing him as being too similar to Konrad and outright refusing to align with him in any way. Another group of vampires, The Crimson Court were also seen with disapproval as Vlad doesn't want anything to do with vampires that bring Konrad into his mind. And then there's Dio Brando, who's manipulative charisma and desire to rule the world eerily reminds Vlad of Mannfred. He fights Orlok, The Crimson Court and Dio on several occasions, with Vlad often entering Enemy Mine situations against others who oppose the three of them. Dio wants to posses the Carstein Ring as a means to empower his own immortality, The Crimson Court want to assimilate the Von Carstein bloodline for themselves and Orlok simply dislikes Vlad for having benevolent qualities, being a preacher of the "vampires being inherently evil" status quo.
    • He expresses disappointment and indifference towards Elizabeth Bathory. Bathory, upon learning of Vlad tried to strike an alliance, but Vlad dismissed her, calling her a "desperate wannabe" and finding her methods of trying to stay youthful as petty and miserable. In Vlad's case, the only reason Isabella became a vampire was because she was dying of a plague, and Vlad had no choice but to convert her. Hence, he has no intention to convert Bathory into a vampire, immediately throwing her out of his company. Bathory has since tried to get even with allying with Vlad's vampire enemies.
  • Vlad has nothing but complete disregard and apathy for his succeeding sons Konrad and Mannfred. The former because he was a terrible leader who never had the potential to match Vlad in nearly any way, in addition to his madness causing more damage to the Von Carstein lineage than benefit and the latter for betraying him, leading him to his permanent death and Isabella's suicide and for dooming their world out of petty dissatisfaction. Vlad's deliberate ignorance for them was actually seen as a good thing by most of the Pantheon, which pissed Mannfred and Konrad off, resulting in them forming an alliance to kill Vlad and prove themselves better. Vlad however was far stronger than them and came close to killing them before Nagash appeared, forcing Vlad to retreat, knowing that he's not in a good position to fight against the Great Necromancer.
  • Settra hates vampires with a passion and has no plans of wanting to be true allies with them. However, knowing that Nagash is in the Pantheon and that Vlad is just as much in opposition, Settra decided to call upon a truce and form an alliance with Vlad out of convenience. While their partnership is vitriolic and harsh, they're aware that it's the best they could do when it comes to combating Nagash.
  • Vlad has found some non-vampiric allies under Bowser, Vayne Carudas Soildor and Golbez, who despite some having different allegiances, all get along with him and would often meet up. Bowser and Vlad have gotten along in the sense that both earn the respect of their troops and have a close loved one to cherish, Vayne is another individual who likes to read and learn, often hanging out with Vlad and Isabella in the House of Knowledge and Golbez is another antagonist who does what he believes would benefit for the greater good. Vlad has since made the three of them honorary members of the Von Carstein family.
  • Naturally opposed to the Chaos Gods, and hence, anyone affiliated with them, such as Khazrak and Gorthor. He also learned about Molag Bal and how he played a part in the presence of vampires in the The Elder Scrolls universe. Vlad found Molag Bal to be a disgrace and refused to take part in his allegiance. Molag Bal simply snarked back, stating that Vlad is an evil being cursed to be opposed by good, prompting the vampire to hiss viciously in response.
  • Zamasu is someone whom Vlad took an immediate disliking of the moment he learned about him, and isn't surprised about a rant on vampires and impurity on Zamasu's size. Vlad's response what to state how much of a brainless buffoon he is for calling out to other species when he is meant to represent a good-aligned race, yet did far more damage than many of the villains he opposes. It pissed Zamasu off, causing him to try killing Vlad, who luckily was able to bail out thanks to a timely intervention from the Pantheonic Time Police. Vlad has also clashed against Yuuki Terumi a couple of times after Yuuki made several promiscuous comments on Vlad and Isabella for the sole intent of trolling him.
  • Most of the Pantheon has made it an urgent request to never attempt killing Isabella, at least if Vlad is still alive. If someone does the deed, they'll soon be pummeled and mutilated once Vlad gets his hands on the killer. Some residents have made a few comments on Vlad being "The Vampiric Asura" in that regard, though Vlad has learned enough about Asura and his daughter Mithra to state that he and Asura are different enough.
  • His last moments were of fighting Isabella and effectively having himself killed to bring her back to her senses. Then it was revealed he never turned up in a new universe, much to everyone's dismay. A lot of those who respect Vlad have since paid their tributes...
  • He also has a place in the Hall of Monarchs.
"Awake O Dead, for there can be no rest for ye beneath the earth. Let the splintered bones burrow from the grave pall. Let cold fingers grip time-worn blades, and unseeing eyes survey the fields of slaughter. For your time has come once more. And the dead shall walk."

Lesser Gods

    Count Duckula 
Count Duckula XVII, God of Non-Bloodsucking Vampires
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Castle Duckula
  • Theme Music: Count Duckula
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Chaotic Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Our Vampires Are Different, Glory Seeker, Boisterous Weakling, Wants to be Famous, Has No Intention of Following his Evil Vampire Predecessors’ Footsteps, White Sheep, Butt-Monkey, Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Vampires, Lineage, Fame
  • Heralds: Igor, Nanny
  • Allies: Daffy Duck, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), Mavis Dracula, Soma Cruz
  • Enemies: all evil vampires, Magica De Spell, Flintheart Glomgold
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Bunnicula
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Bloom & Doom Seed Co. Plants
  • There exists a dynasty of dreadful vampire ducks and when one is killed, a reincarnation ritual that happens once a century will follow. One such ritual didn’t go as normal thanks to dim-witted Nanny using ketchup instead of blood and as a result, the Count Duckula that rose was nothing like his predecessors. Rather than desiring blood, Duckula wants vegetables and is actively trying not to follow in the footsteps of the Duckulas that came before him much to the dismay of his butler Igor. This Duckula also has a strong desire to become rich and famous and with the help of the teleporting Castle Duckula, he and his associates travel around the world in search of such. Much like the ritual that led to his conception, nothing ever goes to plan in Duckula’s search for fame thanks to a combination of factors, including the fact that Duckula is nowhere near as talented as he thinks he is.
  • With nearly all of his attempts to travel around the world and become famous having failed, Duckula was getting more and more convinced that he was missing something and he made it clear to Igor that the missing thing was not acting like an actual vampire. Duckula ended up falling asleep after exhausting himself trying to think of somewhere to go that can accept him. A loud crash ended up waking him from his slumber and when he looked outside, he believed that Castle Duckula was teleported to a place that he never heard of despite the exterior looking the same as it did before. The interior of the castle was a mess, but Duckula was too busy thinking that someone summoned him to a whole other world to notice and while his attempt at getting fame in the Pantheon (which happened to be this world he ended up in) ended as badly as his past attempts, he remained convinced that he’ll get his chance at fame and fortune, much to Igor’s dismay.
  • Officially, this Duckula is known as Count Duckula XVII, but he is never addressed as such. In keeping with the fact that there were multiple Count Duckulas, there was a Duckula that served as an enemy to Danger Mouse, but similar to how Duckula's attempts at fame ended badly, the Duckula that Danger Mouse encountered always had his attempts thwarted by that spy. It can be argued that Danger Mouse’s actions in keeping the world safe helps his reputation despite being a secret agent while Duckula having no talent in general and the Duckula lineage being feared among many has motivated the vampire duck into wanting fame and fortune. Regardless, Duckula has been seen as a mostly harmless vampire, if rather self-centered, but it hasn’t stopped some from going after him purely because of how connected he is to such an evil dynasty.
  • Daffy Duck has been many things including being a space hero, wannabe detective, and all-around nuisance to anyone that he wants to mess with. While Daffy hasn’t attempted acting like a vampire extensively, he is really interested in fame and fortune and hearing about how there’s another duck with the same goals has piqued his curiosity. Daffy ended up meeting Duckula when the latter decided to visit an entertainment district in the Pantheon and after hearing how Duckula wanted to star in a film, Daffy decided to tag along, telling Duckula that he is talented in multiple ways. While Daffy was legitimately talented, he didn’t get any part in the film and Duckula ended up faring worse thanks to lacking any talent he claimed to have. Daffy’s attempts to get him and Duckula in the film failed, but having a duck that has a lot in common with his desire for money had to count for something (even if their attempts to be rich and famous will end as badly as their film auditions) and he managed to strike a friendship with Duckula since that meeting.
  • Having been used to being part of a lineage of vampire ducks for a while, Duckula was surprised to learn that there was another vampire animal in the Pantheon. This led him to Bunnicula, a vampire rabbit who lives alongside Chester the cat (who initially had to get used to the fact that there was a whole dynasty of vampire ducks) and Harold the dog and has met plenty of supernatural entities with them. Since Bunnicula drains the juices from vegetables, Duckula assumed that the vampire bunny meant no harm, but was corrected by Chester who said that Bunnicula can be troublesome to put up with. Duckula’s attempts to take care of Bunnicula led to chaos, especially since the bunny had some versatile powers depending on the vegetable he had. On his end, Duckula is fine that there’s another vampire who prefers having vegetables, but Bunnicula (who enjoys having fun with Duckula whenever he visits) can be a rambunctious rabbit even if the bunny can take care of problems that head their way.
  • There were many entities in the Pantheon similar to Dr. Von Goosewing when it came to hunting vampires. Unlike the mostly incompetent Goosewing, these vampire hunters were much more capable and had varied powers to help them take down vampires. While some hunters have generally ignored Duckula after finding out that he’s not much of a danger, some of the more determined ones (or more accurately, the ones that are convinced that any sort of fantastical creature is a horrible monster regardless of any evidence proving otherwise) have taken it upon themselves to destroy the vampire duck much like how Goosewing was persistent in his pursuits. While Goosewing is a mostly harmless kook who Duckula has been able to talk to, the vampire duck has preferred not to get heavily involved with those in the vampire hunting business in the Pantheon, especially since it means getting involved with vampires much worse than his extended family.
    • Some of the vampire hunters were human-vampire hybrids, entities that took on partial vampire traits and a concept that was a bit of a shock to Duckula. One such hardened hunter was Blade, who found it surprising to learn not only of a vampire duck that can walk in daylight without problems, but that Duckula was actively trying not to be the kind of vampire that Blade regularly kills. After convincing Blade not to kill him, Duckula learned that Blade was fond of jazz and attempted to play that genre of music to get on Blade’s good side, but Blade remarked that Duckula was far from his goals of both living a normal life and being talented in anything. While Blade has mostly ignored Duckula since then, the vampire duck had better luck in getting along with Adrian Tepes, a vampire-human hybrid who opposed his father, the terrifying Vlad Tepes aka Dracula. The story of how Alucard helped the Belmonts take down Dracula was a lot for Duckula to take in, but he was fascinated with Soma Cruz, the reincarnation of Dracula who didn’t want to suffer the same fate that would lead to Dracula’s rampage across time and wanted to meet him. Alucard obliged and a meeting was set, with Duckula explaining the Count Duckula lineage to Soma and how he didn’t want to be like past Duckulas. Despite Duckula’s quirks and not being that strong of a vampire (teleportation seems to be one of the few things Duckula can do regularly), Soma nevertheless was welcoming of someone who wanted to avoid the dark fates that come with being part of a vampire lineage.
  • As much as Duckula doesn’t really remember the entities that tried to kill him back then, the Pantheon had many foes that he not only had to be careful of, but most likely couldn’t ignore because of how dangerous they were compared to what he was used to. Most of these adversaries were in the form of evil vampires who saw Duckula as a disgrace to others like them thanks to his attempts at actively trying to avoid the lifestyle of a typical villainous vampire. If killing Duckula isn’t an option, then those evil vampires are looking for a way to corrupt Duckula so that he can behave like a typical vampire and join them in terrorizing innocents and sucking blood from them. Duckula already had a messy family tree and a difficult relationship with his relatives over being different, so the fact that some vampire families like the von Carsteins had even more hostile relationships with each other made things worse for him.
    • Regardless of how many deadly vampires are out to get him, Duckula managed to find a few friendly ones to help him get past the stress of being associated with vampires. This happened when he, Igor, and Nanny decided to check in at Hotel Transylvania and met the Dracula in charge of the place and his daughter Mavis. Drac decided to hire Duckula as a performer in an attempt to bring more visitors to the hotel, but the attempt went poorly thanks to Duckula not getting any of the criticism that patrons were throwing at him. Despite that mishap, Drac found it intriguing that in addition to seeking fame and fortune, Duckula was more interested in living the life of a normal person instead of that as a vampire. Not only did Duckula get the support of Drac and Mavis (who also decided not to suck blood as a personal preference) regarding his goals of living a normal life, but he also found Marceline, another vampire who had no interest in being a bloodsucker despite being very powerful. Marceline happened to be a musician and Duckula decided to take music lessons from her to try and have more legitimate talent, even if those lessons haven’t done much to improve whatever talent he claims to have. He has shown sympathy towards her in regards to the darker parts of her life she had to confront and Marceline is understanding towards Duckula’s desire to not be like his vile predecessors.
  • Despite living in a large castle, Duckula isn’t in the best financial state compared to many other aristocrats or vampires and his bizarre attempts at finding riches haven’t helped him or his associates. He would end up visiting some urban areas in the Pantheon to get a better idea of how rich people are and he ended up in a sudden encounter with Scrooge Mcduck, the Richest Duck in the World. Mr. Mcduck was a bit surprised to learn of another vampire duck after having previously fought Dracula Duck in one of his adventures, but quickly found out that Duckula was nowhere near as malevolent as Dracula Duck, if a bit annoying when it came to trying to find riches and a lack of talent in many fields. After hearing about the history of the Duckula lineage, Scrooge had a hunch during that meeting that Flintheart Glomgold and Magica de Spell, two of his enemies who were involved with summoning Dracula Duck, would try to go after Duckula at some point in an attempt to use another vampire duck as a means to get revenge on Scrooge and his friends. It most likely wouldn’t be the current harmless version of Duckula, but rather, someone closer to his more violent ancestors.
  • Duckula hasn’t had the best of luck in his quest for riches and while the Pantheon has a plethora of vegetables to accommodate his appetite, this wacky world managed to find a way to make him suffer some slapstick regarding his preferred food. The plants from the Bloom & Doom Seed Co. had plenty of vegetables in their ranks and Duckula made the mistake of trying to approach them in order to get something to eat. He was repeatedly pummeled with projectiles and was forced to retreat knowing that the plants have marked him as a menace. He ended up making a similar mistake in trying to get ahold of the leeks that Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d were using and was repeatedly attacked by them before disappearing from their view. Duckula was bewildered at how adept entities are with using food as a weapon or just the fact that food is fully capable of murder (especially after nearly getting eaten by a Killer Tomato at one point) following those incidents.
  • His lack of talent, especially when it came to playing musical instruments, is one the main reasons Duckula’s attempts at finding riches and fame haven’t worked out. He would learn that there were many entities in the Pantheon who suffered from a lack of musical talent and Duckula didn’t want to be on that list (if he already was on it) of untalented people as he believed it would bring him notoriety of a different kind. There were also figures such as Red Saber and Squidward Tentacles who insisted that they were talented in something despite people reacting poorly to their work. The rare instances of Squidward showing genuine talent in something that would win over others motivated Duckula to find a profession he was actually good at to get the fame and fortune he desired, but while Squidward has a few moments of things working out for him, the same can’t be said for Duckula reaching his goal.

    Gangrel and Luna Vachon 
David William "Gangrel" Heath and Gertrude Elizabeth "Luna" Vachon, Gods of Vampire Vannabes (Gangrel: David William Heath, Lestat the Vampire, Vampire Warrior, The Black Phantom, 'Grel | Luna: Gertrude Elizabeth Vachon, Trudy Herd, "Princess" Luna, Angelle Vachon, Angel Baby)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A goblet next to a silver ankh, or a wolf's head Gangrel) and a set of vein-like tattoos around the eye (Luna)
  • Leitmotif: "Blood" (for Gangrel) and "Enginerock" (for Luna)
  • Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral, with some leanings toward Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Darkness, Vampires, Blood, Wrestling
  • Followers: Vampiro, Rio Storm, Lady Vampire, El Diablo Verde
  • Allies: The Undertaker, Kane, Edge, all Good-aligned vampire gods in the Pantheon, Gomez and Morticia Addams and the rest of their family, Claire Stanfield, The Usos, The Wyatt Family (on-and-off again, though...currently off), Vampirella, Larten Crepsley
  • Rivals: Randy Orton, John Cena and essentially anyone that get on their bad side.
  • Distrusted by: Eric Brooks/Blade
  • Not to be confused with: Princess Luna (the alicorn)
  • High Priests: Kevin Thorn and Ariel
  • Edge groaned when he found out that Gangrel returned. When asked why, Edge wouldn't answer. Gangrel just smirks, knowing that if Edge wants to have that little bit of history kept secret, he'll have to ally with both Gangrel and Luna. After hearing that Christian and the Hardys all ascended, the only thing that could be heard in this House was Gangrel just plain laughing at how glad he was to find the Brood back together again.
    • And just to make it clear, Luna herself has no idea what happened during that time period (she married him two years after both the Brood and the New Brood dissolved).
  • The two make this clear on the door of the temple: They are not living a "Gothic lifestyle" — they are vampires. In fact, if you listen to Gangrel, Luna's the one that converted him. The next person who says that they're Goths is getting a blood bath with their own blood pouring down on them. If you ask Edge though, it's more "pseudo-vampire" than anything else.
  • Like all other vampire gods, the two really despise those sparklepires and don't mind burning effigies of those freaks in a ring of fire...or ten.
    • Then Ebony Dementia Way came in and someone dared 'Grel to a Drinking Game on her fic. End results? He only made it halfway before he gave up drinking from his goblet and instead spat everything out.
  • When not being vampiric, the two are actually...nice, Luna especially to the point where some thought that she was too good-hearted to be in the wrestling business. Sort of like Wreck-it Ralph, the two are dark, fierce vampires when on the clock; when off, they are actually accessible and quite chatty. Just don't make them mad, because they won't hesitate to put someone in a blood bath.
  • Luna Vachon didn't like it that she had a similar name to both Luna Lovegood and Princess Luna. She eventually warmed up to the two (slightly), since Luna Lovegood was interested in the strange and bizarre, and Princess Luna was into the darkness and macabre (even showing off her magnificent nightmare chariot and ability to make a cape out of bats). This became much more hilarious for the alicorn because one of Luna Vachon's names as part of The Oddities was "Princess" Luna.
    • Luna also found a huge fan in one Tomoko Nozama, since Tomoko was amazed to hear how Luna herself accepted herself as an oddity. Luna admits that Tomoko's relationship with Ryusei is absolutely adorable.
  • Randy Orton challenged them to a 2-on-1 handicap in the Pantheon Square Garden, and then ambushed them with an RKO each. Unfortunately for him, the two retaliated with a blood bath of their own, which took at least two whole days to clean off. He's hated them ever since and the feeling's mutual. They also don't like Cena for some odd reason. In their eyes, he's just too good.
  • Luna has been curious to find others following her footsteps on the whole "Being a crazy diva" and all. She has to admit that AJ Lee's ploy was something even she would never go through (for example, dressing up like Kane and making out with him).
  • Gangrel and Luna sometimes have chats with André the Giant. This is because André is Luna's godfather. The giant wept tears of joy to see his godchild in the Pantheon and thanked Gangrel for being there for her when he could. The Brood members can be seen also, and they are happy to chat with the Giant over their WWF days.
  • Upon the ascension of the Wyatt Family, the two factions actually got along pretty well. Bray loves the ring of fire entrance, while Gangrel admits that Bray does a better job in speaking to the masses. However, with Bray being purified by BROKEN Matt, 'Grel and Luna stay far away from him.
    • After Matt calmed down and became tag team champions with Jeff, Bray the host of "Firefly Fun House". The two really keep their distance now.
  • One day, both Gangrel and Luna paid a visit to Hell's Kitchen. Upon seeing the names of contestants who tried to survive said kitchen, Luna was curious to find that one of her sons (Van) was on the wall. Gordon Ramsay, upon taking a good look at Luna, finally realized where Van got all that energy from.
  • Many gods have wondered just what is Gangrel's history with Edge and Christian as all that is known was that Christian and Edge were brothers (actually close friends) and that Gangrel had brainwashed Christian, tried to coax Edge onto his side (stating that Gangrel's blood flowed through Edge's veins) and Edge eventually joining the little brood despite wanting nothing to do with the vampire. The answer? He and Edge occasionally run into each other in the mortal world, during which they wonder about it just like everyone else. In short, there is none. Gangrel had to admit that all he knew was just that the three had to go along with the whole "idea" of being The Brood as he'd been pulled aside and hired to be a creepy Stealth Mentor to Edge and whatever history they had prior to the assignment never existed.
    • However, after Edge returned for one final run in the ring, he's started to dip into his old Brood ways, wearing leather and shades, rising from a ring of fire, using Grel's music, dousing Seth Rollins in black paint...seems as if the blood of Gangrel truly does flow through Edge's veins.
  • Gods uncovering the meaning of Gangrel's name are confused; the name fits a race of vampires who can transform into beasts, not those who would love a good brawl. Gangrel's response is that it was how he lead the four wrestlers who would become future champions but also admits that he's more of a Brujah himself.
  • "I've always been a misfit! I've never fit into your holes!" - Luna

    Natsuno Yuuki 
Natsuno Yuuki, God of Daywalking Vampires (Natsuno Koide, Jinrou)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An eye with a black sclera and a red pupil.
  • Theme Song: Eau de Vie
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Badass, Big Brother Instinct, Came Back Strong, Determinator, Hunter of His Own Kind, The Stoic, Active during the day
  • Domains: Vampirism, Strategy, Friendship
  • Heralds: Tohru Mutou, Mr. Yuuki (his father), Azusa Koide (his mother), Kaori Tanaka, Akira Tanaka
  • Followers: Simon Lewis, Charley Brewster, Jiro Mochizuki
  • Allies: Seras Victoria, Karin Maaka, Blade, Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Danny Phantom
  • Enemies: Nekron, Black Hand, Yuuki Terumi
  • Pities: Those who were forcibly turned into vampires against their will.
  • Opposes: Yuno Gasai, Sinestro, Dracula
  • Conflicted Opinion: Yukiteru Amano
  • Natsuno Yuuki (legally Natsuno Koidenote ) hated life in the Japanese village of Sotoba, preferring his previous life in the big city. He had no intention of mingling with the villagers but made friends with a select few, including Tohru Mutou. One villager he definitely didn't get along with was a pink-haired girl named Megumi Shimizu who also desired to leave Sotoba and live in the big city, even watching him through his windows. Natsuno was disturbed about this and tried being distant. As time passed, a mysterious family (Kirishiki family) moves into Sotoba at the Kanemasa Mansion. Suddenly more people had begun to die of mysterious circumstances that left the villagers scared in fear for their loved ones becoming victims. Natsuno begins to suspect that Megumi came back from the dead after she died when he gets an eerie feeling someone was watching him at night. Eventually vampires emerged in the village began to feed on the humans in order to take over Sotoba as their safe haven. The vampires are called shiki, and they only sleep during the day and are active in night time, with them having to feed on human blood to survive. Later on in the story, Natsuno became a daywalking vampire type known as jinrou that are considered rare. He turned into a jinrou after Natsuno was bitten and killed by his friend Tohru who became a shiki because Tohru's family were in danger and was put in a sadistic choice by Tatsumi. Natsuno eventually formed an alliance with Doctor Toshio Ozaki to help think of a plan to save the villagers from the shiki.
    • As for how he ascended, Natsuno was in a fight with Tatsumi during the events of the human vs shiki war going on in Sotoba. The two jinrou's fought fiercely with Natsuno having trouble standing against Tatsumi being the most powerful seeing how he drank human blood before confrontation and Natsuno drank some blood from Toshio and Seishirou Kirishiki. Natsuno saw an opening when he pushed Tatsumi and himself to a large pit where numerous Shiki corpses were in; as Natsuno laid down on the ground he pulled out a dynamite to lit it up as an effort to stop Tatsumi from attempting on killing any more humans and from going after Natsuno's friends and he was aware he may not come back from this. When the dynamite went off instead of him being blown to pieces, Natsuno woke up being alive and not dead as assumed with everywhere in his body hurting and having lost a left arm. Tatsumi on the other hand was not so fortunate as he had died from the impact with his head severed from his body. Natsuno immediately felt a hunger to feed on blood as he saw that his left arm regenerated. Suddenly in a bright flash of light Natsuno found himself in a strange location that was definitely not Sotoba and he smelled blood nearby. It turns out that Natsuno was transported to the House of Life and Death away from where he was on Sotoba. A deity approached Natsuno with a blood bag sensing that Natsuno needs blood as compensation of his wounds healing. Natsuno quickly took the bag and drank it to the lost drop.
    • When Natsuno's mind was focused he asked where he was, the deity answered that he is in the Pantheon, a special location for deities and that Natsuno has been chosen to ascend as a deity. Natsuno was shocked at this, not believing if he heard right so he was escorted to meet the Court of the Gods who decide what a new deity's rank could be and title. The Court of the Gods gave Natsuno his title as the god of Daywalking Vampire because of Natsuno's unique situation as a jinrou being a daywalking vampire himself. This could be considered a bit ironic in which Natsuno was raised in a household that was anti-superstition and not allowed to talk about religion only to find out Natsuno ended up becoming a deity.
    • It turns out that the deity who had a hand in Natsuno being brought to the pantheon was the goddess Virtuous; a major deity in the House of Life and Death. The goddess was the one to teleport Natsuno away from Sotoba with permission from the higher ups in the Court of the Gods. After Natsuno survived the explosion at the cost of him being badly injured and on the verge of giving in to his bloodlust, Virtuous used her powers to teleport Natsuno to the pantheon and was the one to give him a blood bag to feed from without fear of feeding off an innocent human. Virtuous saw the potential Natsuno has and that she thought that it was cruel that someone so young had his life cut short.
  • In the Pantheon, when Natsuno was told that he could have people from his world brought here to serve as his heralds, he was glad that he could see his parents and good friends again. So Natsuno's parents and his friends became his heralds. The reunion between his parents was heartwarming despite the fact Natsuno had some disagreements with his parents he still loves them. Mr. Yuuki, Natsuno's father was especially relieved to see his son is alive hugged him while apologizing deeply for not being able to save him and not listening sooner. His mother on the other hand became a victim of the shiki making Natsuno angry that his mother was attacked.
  • Natsuno's temple looks exactly like the house he had back when he was living in Sotoba. The inside of the temple is much larger than it looks on the outside. People who have come to visit his temple, can pray to Natsuno to give them strength to protect their friends from evil vampires and for those who were turned into vampires forcefully or dhampirs they pray to him that he could help them overcome their darker instincts of feeding on blood without harming innocents.
  • Back when he was human, Natsuno had been a high school student attending school in Sotoba. However, his education was interrupted due to the shiki's arrival in the village which caused everywhere in the village to become chaotic. Natsuno wishes to continue his education asked several of the adult gods that he spoke to such as Hal Jordan and Seras Victoria if there are any schools in the pantheon. Hal Jordan answered that there is an academy called Elysium Academy for deities that are students there as it is located beside the House of School. Seras offered to help Natsuno enroll in the academy which he accepted because he is in a new place and would need someone who knows the area to show him where to go.
  • Other facts that should be known is that Natsuno has a neutral stance on ghosts because they are essentially spirits of the deceased. Despite his upbringing, his parents told Natsuno to be respectful towards the dead and never speak ill of them. A ghost that Natsuno encountered is Danny Phantom who is a half human and half ghost hybrid. Danny also considered a protector of humans back in his world and that he is willing to fight other ghosts to keep them safe. Danny thinks that Natsuno is a good person and that the tragedies he went through is something no teenager would have to go through.
  • Natsuno is a little jealous that Danny can still have a human life unlike Natsuno who is now a jinrou and that he is not human anymore but he still clings to his humanity.
  • Natsuno does not tolerate the action of trolling nor people that is known to use them such as Yuuki Terumi. Terumi on the other hand notes that Natsuno is another vampire in the Pantheon except that he has special traits that some ordinary vampires in the pantheon do not have which is being able to walk in the sun and able to eat regular food. Terumi still likes to troll Natsuno on occasion and call him a "shitty vampire", angering him to no end.
  • Some of Natsuno's powers he acquired as a result of becoming a jinrou are super strength, hypnosis, levitation, high regeneration, enhanced hearing, sight, and enhanced smell to be able to tell which person can rise as a shiki or stay dead.
  • When other deities read about the conflict between the shiki and the humans in Sotoba they were shocked or horrified on what went on as the battle was not the typical good vs evil but is rather two races fighting to survive. The super hero deities such as the Justice League and the Avengers were conflicted about this seeing the positive and negative traits from both sides. The Justice League were wondering how the conflict could of been avoided had the shiki and humans reach a diplomatic approach and not start a bloodshed. Natsuno is appreciative of their concern about wanting to find some way to avoid violence.
  • Some deities who are fathers themselves pointed out how foolish Natsuno's father was in removing the talisman from Natsuno's room as it was the only thing that could protect him from the shiki. Not only that Mr. Yuuki left the window open and the front door unlocked and he did all that without being hypnotised making him seen as a irresponsible father.
  • Other vampires in the pantheon, made Natsuno want to keeps his distance away from most of them and that some he heard about were evil such as Dio Brando and Dracula. Natsuno later met the good aligned vampires in the pantheon such as Seras Victoria and Karin Maaka who cared about human life and does not want to hurt them. At first Natsuno was skeptical of there being good vampires until he realized that from what Tohru told him that Ritsuko who rose as a shiki never fed on human blood until she died showing she was good and pure of heart. So Natsuno decided to give these two a chance and spent some time talking to them.
    • From what he learned about Karin's past is that Karin was the Black sheep of her family who are all vampires because Karin was an anomaly that produced blood and not for drinking blood most of the time. Natsuno heard about Seras side of the story on how her life was saved by her vampire master Alucard and gave her consent to be turned into a vampire. She was also reluctant in feeding blood from humans so she used blood packs instead.
  • When Natsuno has free time, he goes to visit the house of Food to eat meals there. The deities present were surprised to see a vampire that is able to eat regular food. Natsuno explained the only reason he could still eat regular food was that he became a special vampire with added benefits on being able to eat human food and not just feeding on blood but is still important to his condition as a jinrou.
  • Natsuno heard the reputation of a few famous vampire hunters in the pantheon as one of them is Blade who is considered to be called the Daywalker. When Blade heard about Natsuno he at first shocked to learn that another daywalker is in the pantheon and wants to determine if the boy is good or not. Natsuno can't help but relate to the vampire hunter since both of them did not ask to become what they are now and that their family members had been targeted by vampires.
    • As the two daywalkers met, Natsuno spoken to Blade that he is not fond of the vampires from his own world and that Natsuno would not drink blood from an innocent human if he had a choice in the matter. Some instances he drank blood was that Natsuno was given permission from Dr. Ozaki to bite him and drink his blood so that the boy can have increased strength to fight against enemies such as Tatsumi, shiki or other Jinrou should he encounter them. Second instance was when Natsuno intercepted a gun from Seishirou Kirishiki who was about to shoot Ozaki but Natsuno stopped him in time and bit the human that was siding with the vampires.
    • Natsuno also explained that once all the shiki in the village were stopped he was planning for himself to die alongside with the vampires because Natsuno saw himself as being dead. Blade after hearing the boy's story decided not to kill Natsuno because he could see that Natsuno lived a hard life and that Natsuno helping to protect other human's from behind the scenes with Ozaki's help was astounding and a willingness to fight against his own kind.
  • Later, Natsuno went to visit the House of Knowledge to go to the library for him to find out what happened after the fires burned down Sotoba. He learned that Sotoba was not rebuilt and that Toshio alongside other villagers moved somewhere to a town or city and did not share the incident at Sotoba with anyone else. Some villagers out of trauma or despair killed themselves after losing their village during the battle. Natsuno reading about this felt sadness with all those lives lost. Natsuno did not know how Toshio got the research about shiki but when Natsuno read that Toshio used his dead wife Kyoko as an experiment; Natsuno was horrified at this revelation.
    • Natsuno can understand that Toshio was desperate to find ways on how to fight back against the shiki and that Toshio not having a shiki to experiment on because the Kirishiki's usually are the ones to take a hold of them first made him use his wife's corpse that was available for him to examine. The fact Toshio experimented on his wife in a cruel way left Natsuno shocked and that Natsuno would not wish this fate on any of his parents even if one of them rose up because Natsuno loves his parents and could not bear to see them like that.
  • When Natsuno was told that his surname Yuuki sounded similar to another deity also named Yukki, this made Natsuno not that interested by the coincidence until he was compared to him on how both deities had pink haired Yanderes after them. Later, he met Yukiteru Amano, the boy who he was compared to and spoke to one another about things they have in common. Yukiteru is sympathetic to Natsuno losing one of his friends/people he cared about and told Natsuno to cherish them with the time he has. Natsuno has a conflicted opinion on Yukiteru because he sees the boy's situation as to what Natsuno could of ended up becoming and if Natsuno experienced a life or death game he was thrown into. Yukiteru told Natsuno that while he can't speak for Megumi Shimizu as he does not know her he would suggest that if Natsuno had simply given her a chance like being her friend than things would not have gone the way it happened. This made Natsuno realize that if there was a possibility that Megumi did not become evil it would be because Natsuno had to have given her a chance.
  • There was a alternate timeline where Natsuno was the one to speak to Megumi first causing Megumi to be happy that her crush noticed her. In that world the two developed a relationship and worked together against the shiki. However some characters that were minor such as Masao became a total monster in that timeline out of pettiness and killed his own nephew and was set up as an antagonist.
  • Naturally, Natsuno would be opposed to the yanderes in the Pantheon given his own experience with a yandere he does not want anything to do with them. His opinion about Yuno Gasai was that he initially thought she was dangerous to be around but after learning her tragic past of being mistreated by her parents he felt sympathy for her and that she could of become a good person. Yuno does turn good in the Third world iteration of her universe as a result of her boyfriend Yukki making changes in the past by saving a younger Yuno calling an ambulance causing her dad to come home to check on his wife and daughter and eventually reconciled with his daughter.
  • In the pantheon, Natsuno had been warned by several of Hal Jordan's allies to stay clear away from Nekron, a powerful and dangerous deity that seeks destruction of all life so that the universe can go back to the way it was before life. Natsuno listened to the warnings and was worried about if he could be controlled by Nekron or Black Hand since he died as a human back in Sotoba. A few facts worth mentioning is that Natsuno as a jinrou has differences about himself compared to regular shiki. His body technically never died but rather Natsuno's blood had undergone changes in his blood to be similar of a shiki and he could breath and have a slow but steady pulse.
  • It has been theorized that Natsuno possibly had psychic abilities when he was human. Natsuno himself was quiet on the rumour indicating that he did not think he had special powers before being a jinrou but realized it could happen seeing how he saw visions of a shiki!Megumi in Tohru's house going up the stairs and senses something was not right.
  • It can be noted that despite becoming a daywalking vampire, Natsuno does not like the fact he rose up as a creature that drinks blood despite still being able to eat regular food. He once stated that he was not afraid to die as he was already dead. Then Black Hand who encountered Natsuno offered him a chance to die in peace. Before he could reply, Hal Jordan came to the scene telling the villain to stay away from the boy and that he would not let Hand have his way. Natsuno stunned seeing a superhero come to his aid asked Hal why would he do that for someone he does not know. Hal replied that it is what heroes do help save people from danger and then Hal told Natsuno should live for his friends and family that are still around and that there are still so many things he has not seen.
  • After the encounter with Hal Jordan, Natsuno learned several things such as aliens do exist in the universe and that one of those aliens formed a group called the Green Lantern Corps that patrol the universes sectors. Natsuno was not that surprised in their existences since Shiki exist than why not extraterrestrials too?
  • One of the things he was told about from Hal Jordan was that there was a former Green Lantern named Thaal Sinestro who was Hal's mentor that was exiled from the corps because of enforcing strict regulations on his planet to maintain order. Natsuno's opinion about this was that Sinestro's intentions have good intentions but it was extreme or limiting his people's freedom and it is not like Tatsumi and the Kirishiki's strict regulations on the shiki who did not ask to come back as vampires.
  • Natsuno took the older superhero's advice and thought about no longer seeking death. In a way Natsuno did accomplish his goal of leaving Sotoba but it was in an unusual way.

    Shinobu Oshino 
”Aberration killing is done like so.”
Shinobu Oshino, Divine Representative of Vampire Lolitas
Shinobu Oshino
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess as Kiss-Shot)
  • Symbol: An aviator hat; as Kiss-Shot, her katana Kokorowatari
  • Theme Song: etoile et toi
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with shades of the Evil spectrum; leaning towards Neutral Evil as Kiss-Shot
  • Portfolio: Vampire Lolita, Aberration, Tiny Terror, Old Talker, Immortality-Resenting Death Seeker, Formerly Quiet & Broken, Extreme Long-Jumper, Overly Long Real Name With a More Generic & Punny Name, 598 Year-Old Shameless Fanservice Girl, Pointy Ears, Tsundere, Shadow Manipulator/Freeloader, The Nicknamer, Donut Lover
  • Domains: Vampires, Immortality
  • Herald: Koyomi Araragi
  • High Priest: Evangeline A.K. McDowell
  • Follower: Shalltear Bloodfallen
  • Allies: Remilia & Flandre Scarlet, Arcueid Brunestud, Alucard, Sakuya Izayoi, Aoi Asahina, Homer Simpson, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania) & Mavis
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Dio Brando, Dracula (Castlevania), Albedo Piazzolla
  • Pities: Fujiwara no Mokou, Kessler
  • Pitied by: Vida Rocco (Power Rangers Mystic Force), Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sephiroth
  • Formerly known as a human named Acerola, who had a curse upon her that forced those around her to commit suicide, the vampire known as Shinobu Oshino came to be when she was turned by a purebred and became the feared vampire known as Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. As she continued her life, she would begin her own journeys and her curse would be subsequently removed as a result, but her arrival in Japan would change her greatly. After letting some vampire hunters dismember her and leave her for dead, she then changes her mind of being a Death Seeker and asks Koyomi Araragi, who initially refused, to give himself up to her so that she could live. What followed was a series of Fetch Quests for her limbs, a battle between Koyomi & Shinobu, and a dynamic formed between the duo involving bloodsucking, mortality, and a constant balance of energy. With some time and events involving more abberations & oddities, the duo would form a great team alongside Meme Oshino.
  • Many witnessed Yuuki Terumi storming past much of the Pantheon, causing a bit of Collateral Damage in his wake, but people thought it was just the usual. Turns out, it wasn't really the case- he was blitzing towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion, clearly pissed that "another shitty vampire" had ascended, and even worse, it was by Remilia Scarlet's own admission. However, Gensokyo's primary incident resolvers (Reimu, Marisa, Youmu, Reisen, & Sanae) were waiting for him at the entrance, alongside its gatekeeper, Hong Meiling, and they began scrapping. Just inside the SDM, though, Remilia held a minute tea party with Shinobu & Koyomi, with Sakuya serving her usual role as head maid; the Scarlet Devil had been impressed by what she had learned of the aforementioned duo's exploits, and has decided to arrange a direct ascension with her endorsement. Both Shinobu & Koyomi were honored to be guests at the mansion and be before the Trope Namer & Trope Codifier of what Shinobu was set to be ascended as, but they are worried about the fact that there will be plenty more nuisances to deal with in addition to what they're dealing with already & previously.
    Remilia: No fretting about that! It happens naturally- of course you can't make scrambled eggs without breaking some shells. I've got everything else set up for you both, so all you have to do is make yourselves look fancy. Capiche?
    • So how much of Remilia, nicknamed “scarlet girl”, can be really seen in Shinobu? Well, both happen to be pretty affluent (if not haughty) talkers, both are over half a millennium old, and both have taken on quite the childish look- however, Shinobu can, unlike who she is inspired by, actually absorb the blood of her aide Koyomi Araragi to alter her bodily appearance, going from a short child to being a very tall & attractive woman. Aspects of Remilia's sister, Flandre (nicknamed “crimson rainbow”), can also be found in Shinobu as well- both are extremely destructive blondes who have had been sealed away in some form. Funnily enough, however, despite her status, she usually is seen more as an assistant and aide to Araragi, who has most of her power, which is an inverse of Remilia's situation with Sakuya (nicknamed “clock maid”)- even down to their first meetings, where while Koyomi saved Shinobu, Remilia was the one who offered Sakuya haven & solace.
    • Fellow friendly vampires have taken quite a liking to Shinobu, as well. For instance, she was welcomed rather warmly into Hotel Transylvania when she and Araragi first learned of it, and soon became friends with its owner (who she was surprised but not really when she learned of who it is), but also friends with his daughter Mavis (nicknamed “doormat” for Drac & “doorbell” for Mavis) who was more than glad to give the duo a tour of the expansive establishment. Arcueid & Alucard, nicknamed “vampire prettygirl #3” & “vampire prettyboy #2” respectively, also became acquainted with Shinobu rather quickly, and arguably more so with her for Alucard than Remilia, as the Scarlet Devil's disdain towards his father did lead to some rather unfortunate happenings between him and her. Shinobu doesn't want to open that can of worms, so she prefers to keep her Alucard business & Remilia business separate.
    • Speaking of Alucard, though, Shinobu is not happy whatsoever about his father, the other Dracula (nicknamed “blood bastard”) for...well, what he did to Remilia, her endorser, alongside Dio Brando (nicknamed “time bastard”. And as stated earlier, Yuuki Terumi (nicknamed “Nadeko on crack”) was also very much unhappy to learn of Shinobu's existence, as was Dio for learning that his protege's master is in league with another deity that can easily check his powers of time by being an immortal fast-regenerating brawler, something that Terumi also takes offense to. She also takes offense to those who'd try to hit up on Araragi as well, considering her tsundere attitude.
    • Before fully deciding to embrace it after resolving their initial issues, Koyomi wanted to rid himself of his vampirism. To do that, he would have to, initially, return all of Shinobu/Kiss-Shot’s limbs and body parts that she had lost during her first hours in Japan, only to be told by Tsubasa Hanekawa that Shinobu herself had to be killed to become human again, instead, which was Shinobu’s plan all along. Vida Rocca, the Pink Ranger of the Power Rangers Mystic Force, also had a time where she temporarily became a vampire, and when she learned of Shinobu’s story and current state, she felt some worry about it given unlike her, Koyomi embraced who he became. Shinobu told Vida, “pink wind girl”, not to worry about it too much, as this was okay for the both of them.
  • Sepiroth, nicknamed by Shinbou as "white edgelord", had kept some tabs on her for a while, and more notably her real form, Kiss-Shot, as he had started to get bored of his rivalries with Vergil, Adam Taurus, & Boros. He was eager to learn more about the vampire upon hearing that her ascension was planned out by Remilia, and did show a sliver of excitement when he found out about that not only is Kiss-Shot is as strong as he had believed, but carried a rather elegant sword to match. He was anticipating her arrival when he had learned of Yuuki making his move to the SDM, an action that did annoy him, so he chose to wait it out until after that nasty fracas. Once the dust settled, he would then speak with Araragi & Shinobu about his offer to challenge the latter at her strongest form, a challenge that is still being decided on at time of this writing, as they are wary of what Sepiroth has done in the past.
  • Some time after her first encounter with Koyomi, Shinobu would begin to take interest in donuts, an interest that would evolve into obsession. Upon hearing that there was indeed a branch of her favorite donut store chain, Mister Donuts, within this House, she basically forced Araragi to haul his ass over there for her. When the duo arrived, they would find out it's business as usual, so they wound up buying their usual and leave, but on the way out, the by-then Goddess of Donuts, Aoi Asahina, who was checking the establishment out with fellow donut-lover Homer Simpson, came up and greeted the duo. The two and Shinobu got along rather smoothly thanks to their respective donut obsessions, as Shinobu had settled on a fun nickname for Aoi, "floatie girl", and for Homer, “banana-colored man”.
  • Despite living in Araragi's shadow (quite literally, I may add), Shinobu seems to have quite the liking towards him, leading to her acting more oppressively to other girls that hang out with him for too long, as well as girls she doesn't like. This kind of attitude has allowed her to be friends of some sort with the Asukas, nicknamed "ginger tsundere girls", who do represent the Tsundere trope as of this writing. In particular, however, she wasn't one to really like Nadeko Sengoku for having just as much attraction towards Araragi as Shinobu herself did. While she may hold this card close to herself, she will at least admit that Rider Medusa, nicknamed "domdresser", is in a more positive relationship with her masters, much like Shinobu is with her own.
  • In an Alternate Universe, Koyomi Araragi died, leading to Shinobu fully becoming Kiss-Shot again and deciding to vampirize the entire world out of grief. As it turns out, though, there have also been other various continuities where vampirism lead to humanity's downfall, and of those were, to nobody’s suprisie, examples in the DC Multiverse as well, such as the cases of Earth 43 & Earth 63, where both were caused also by a single person, with Batman (nicknamed "manbrooder") at 43 & Nightwing (nicknamed "Mr. libido") at 63. The Batman & Nightwing that are in the Pantheon are somewhat rattled by this, but do take pity for Shinobu’s case a bit more given how much she had suffered.
  • Before she fully settled her relationship with Araragi, Shinobu, especially back when she was Kiss-Shot, was seeking out a way to end her own life after having lived for so long- the only way for a vampire to be killed was to have their own blood be sucked out by someone else. Turns out, there's quite a few who feel the same way, as well, and Shinbou's got some words for them. She understands much of Fujiwara no Mokou (nicknamed "torch girl") & Kessler (nicknamed "bad battery") and their respective plights when it comes to trying to fully achieve death, but Shinobu is very much disapproving of Kessler's methods and ideology despite his reasoning & motivations, whereas she finds herself more amicable towards the Hourai immortal, as she's much more laid-back & friendly. As for another Death Seeker in Albedo Piazolla (nicknamed "white moth boy"), though, she's much less kind of him than Kessler, as compared to the lightning user, Albedo is much more sinister & less repentant for what he wants, and only wants, which is to just die by his brother's hand, and he's willing to put the rest of world to decimation to do it.
  • Can also be found in the Hall of Fictional Expies.