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Vampire$ is an Urban Fantasy novel by John Steakley. Vampire$, Inc. is a small group of hardy individuals who will solve your vampire problem for you in return for a monetary consideration. (They generally make a point of capturing at least one vampire intact and not finishing it off until the cash arrives, in case anybody gets the bright idea that it's no longer necessary to pay them now the vampires are gone.) Early in the novel, the hunters destroy a nest of vampires who, unknown to them, are minions of a vampire mastermind, and shortly thereafter they find themselves going from vampire hunters to vampire hunted.


The character focus is initially on the leader of Vampire$, Inc., Jack Crow, but later shifts to an old acquaintance of his named Felix who joins the group partway through the novel, finding in vampire hunting a use for a gift that has plagued him his entire life: he has perfect gunfighter's instincts, and is incapable of firing a gun at anything and not scoring a direct hit — which sounds good, except that he's not a homicidal maniac and his perfect gunfighter's instincts have no grasp of the concept of "shoot to wound".

Vampire$ inspired the film John Carpenter's Vampires, which takes the basic concept of a group of professional vampire hunters attracting the attention of a big bad vampire and runs with it in a completely different direction.


Vampire$ provides examples of: