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Greater Gods

    Black★Rock Shooter 
Black★Rock Shooter, Goddess of Massive Firearms (B★RS, The Other Self of Mato Kuroi, Insane Black★Rock Shooter, Stella, The Savior, The Last Weapon, The Angel of Hope, Rock, Black Star 01451, Black Rock Shooting Star)

Intermediate Gods

Kyle Vlaros, God of Shotguns (Captain Kyle Blackthorne, Blackhawk)

    Cable and Domino 
Nathan Christopher Charles Summers and Neena Thurman, Mutant Deities Of Gun-Wielding Superheroes (Nathan: Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani'son Summers, Cable, The Chosen One, The Man Out Of Time, Soldier X, Nathan Winters, Mutant Jesus | Neena: Domino, Dom, Beatrice, Tamara Winter, Samantha Wu, Elena Vladescu, etc)

    Heavy Weapons Guy 
Heavy Weapons Guy, God of Gatling Guns (The Heavy, Ivan, Misha, Mikhail, Fatty (by Scout), Hoovy, Fat Scout)

    Noel Vermillion 
Noel Vermillion, Goddess of Short-Range Guns (Mu-12, The Eye of the Azure, Successor of the Azure, The Sword of the Godslayer, Kusanagi, Lacking Lady, Noellers, Saya)
Mu- 12 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess as Mu-12)
  • Symbol: Her Nox Nyctores Bolverk crossed her emblem (Noel); Her Nox Nyctores, Lux Sanctus: Murakumo on her emblem (Mu-12).
  • Theme Song: Bullet Dance normally, becomes Sword of Doom II when she transforms into Mu-12.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (both), Chaotic Evil when brainwashed by Hazama (Mu-12 only).
  • Portfolio: Girls with Guns, Gun Kata, Sexy Backless Outfit, Small Breasts For Someone Her Physical Age (And Is Ashamed About It), Moe, The Woobie, Artificial Human, Clones Are People, Too, Living MacGuffin, Nice Girl, Incredibly Bad Cook
  • Domain: Appearance, Law, Guns
  • Allies:
  • Not So Different from: Miku Kohinata
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jin Kisaragi (Her OTHER brother) (He hates her guts), Kaguya Nanbu (thinks she's being too "insensitive" about Noel's figures)
  • Commonality Connection with: Etna
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Revy (opposes her rough methods of how to use guns), Vergil Sparda (scares her shitless), Justice, Cell (they make her think of Nu-13), Jinx, Nu-13 (her younger sister), Monaca Towa
  • Opposes: DiDi Chastel (one sided)
  • Pitied by: Vermouth
  • Originally the Goddess of Small Breasts, she requested her trope to be changed to be less... insulting. She eventually got her request.
  • Noel's weapons are Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk a pair of giant handguns which can attack any desired locations regardless of obstacles, as well as transform into other ranged weapons. However, Noel mainly uses a Gun Kata-like fighting style, mainly using muzzle blasts for extra impact and sparingly uses her weapons at long range.
  • For some reason, at her ascension, Jin did not really take it well and just left off with mutters and curses. Luckily for him, she has new friends, so they have very little reason to be together.
  • Is very happy due to the efforts of GUAG to rescue Litchi. Which means, she can freely cuddle with her Panda again... The rescue of Tsubaki also made her feel better, especially when compounded with the arrival of Makoto Nanaya.
  • Quite often, she trains in gun-fighting with Rushuna Tendou. They're good friends despite Noel being rather insecure about her figure when compared to Rushuna... especially when Rushuna gives her a Cooldown Hug in her Marshmallow Hell, in case Noel performs poorly in training. Which is often. The class was later joined by Mami Tomoe, whose mammies make Noel jealous too. Then again, whose breasts don't make Noel jealous?
    • At one point, the amount of boobage got the best of her, forcing Noel to take a break, and after hearing someone who sounded like Ragna (but with an Angry Black Man accent), Noel investigated and ended up bumping into Lucian, just shooting some damned undeads. Noel was impressed at his gunplay and asked if she could learn something, but it turns out, Lucian was extremely harsh in the training, not even relenting even as much as Noel cried and being reminded that her meekness is going to doom her. However, she eventually admitted that Lucian has a point, and thus she started to improve, finally changing Lucian's opinion to her, and both now have mutual respect for each other. With that much gun training, Noel felt... rather confident, more than usual.
  • Has found herself as one of the few deities who aren't willing to date Didi, who is always attempting to court Noel - she had a great experience with another flat-chested blonde - but the fighter is downright intimidated by the Canadian's impressive figure.
  • She was once caught on camera in the House of Commerce, picking out new threads with her best bud Makoto. While the new outfit is certainly bolder than the old one, the paparazzi responsible wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution.
    • Along the way, news has it that she has purged her former Superpowered Evil Side Mu-12... and made it a part of her.
    • However, she's NOT allowed anywhere near the House of Food since her cooking was so extremely lethal that unless you're Pac-Man or Tabane Shinonono, eating it will cause you to die faster than her bullets could make you, even if you're an Eldritch Abomination or an Uber God like Asura. This doesn't please Noel, of course.
  • Likes to hear music produced by the 765 Pro Idols, especially by Chihaya Kisaragi, because she reminds her so much of Tsubaki. Not to mention, when they meet, Noel and Chihaya are able to bond together over the flatness of their chests.
    • In fact, both of them have formed the League of Flat Chests. Despite all of this, some of the big-breasted women either poke fun or don't care about them at all. Jinx is excluded for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, despite her title, Noel had her leadership position usurped by force by Etna. At the very least, she didn't seem to mind that one very much. She recently just invited her new friend, Lux, to the group.
  • Had an unfortunate encounter with Vergil upon his ascension. Thinking that he was up to no good, Noel tried putting him down. But not only did he utterly curb-stomp Noel, he bemeaned her usage of guns, combined with her weakness and derided her as a weak and unworthy addition of the Pantheon. Noel couldn't stop crying after that encounter, locking herself in her house for days. It took a large amount of comfort from both Makoto and Tsubaki to get her back to her normal self.
    • Recently found an ally in Raiden after Vergil's beatdown. The two find similarities in the fact that they're weapons of war and have sworn to protect each other if needed.
  • The event about her defeat at Vergil's hands cements the fact that Noel is one of Pantheon's biggest cuties (even if Chiyo-chan held the throne), mess with her and you will have several other deities gunning you down. Unfortunately, that stuff was used by Jinx to insult Noel about the flatness of her breasts, causing Noel to do massive property casualties trying to shoot down Jinx to no avail. Only a matter of time until the likes of Raiden or Makoto would put Jinx into their shit lists for harming Noel...
  • Has recently, at the suggestion of Mami, formed a friendship with Coyote Starrk, who has taken upon himself, at Mami's request, to take Noel's Gun Kata to the next level. Something about her Mu-12 form and her own version of Cero Metralleta...
  • Cell scares the crap out of her with his fluctuating personality, due to the semblance to Nu, and he also once attempted to absorb her in order to ascend to a level beyond even perfection. He was only stopped when she went Mu-12 on him, and when Rushuna, Mami, Stark, Makoto, Tsubaki, and Raiden all got together with her to beat the shit out of him.
  • Has recently reformed The 3 Stooges of Torifune, a comedy troupe Noel, Tsubaki and Makoto formed during their school days.
  • Has also spent some time around the newly ascended Lambda, attempting to bond with her. Although they started on a very rocky start, not helped by Lambda's usual attitude, Makoto's help always ensured their time together is... interesting, to say the least.
  • Has met the recently ascended Miku Kohinata. Saddened to learn that Miku went through a similar situation she did with Terumi. Because of this, Noel has offered Miku to practice on their power as a means to master the latter's power and her own. She's also surprised to learn that the fighting style of her Symphogear is similar to that of the Murakumo Units (herself included).
    • This greatly worries Hibiki as she doesn't want Miku to fight anybody or get hurt anymore.
  • One of Noel’s adventures in the mortal plane revealed that her soul was actually half of the soul of Saya, Ragna and Jin's long-lost sister; the other half belonged to the Goddess of Death, Hades: Izanami. After absorbing Izanami’s soul, Noel regained Saya's memories and personality and became Saya in all but name. Still, this is all very confusing for her and she doesn’t like being called Saya, so it’s recommended to just call her "Noel".
    • As you can expect, this has strengthened her bond with Ragna, but whether or not this will mend bridges between her and Jin remains to be seen.
  • After she crossed fate, she got along with the likes of Naoto Shirogane, Hyde Kido, and Yang Xiao Long as she fought alongside them during battles with them interacting each other.

    Seras Victoria 
Seras Victoria, Goddess of Females with Very Large Guns (Police Girl, Big Tittied Police Girl, Draculina, A Real Fucking Vampire)
Click here to see her true form... 

    Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda 
Shuichi Kitaoka, God of Handguns (Kamen Rider Zolda I, The (Self-Proclaimed) Super Lawyer, Mido-Rider)
Kamen Rider Zolda 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Zolda Advent Deck
  • Theme Song: Kienai Niji
  • Weapon of Choice: His Rider handgun Magnu Visor
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Handgun users, Combat Pragmatist, The Gunslinger, Immortality Seeker, Multi-Ranged Master, Amoral Attorney, Took a Level in Kindness.
  • Domains: Combat, Law, Mirrors, Minotaurs, Guns, Death Games, Tragedy.
  • Herald: Magnugiga (his Contract Monster) and Goro Yura (his assistant and successor as Zolda)
  • High Priest: Chance/Kamen Rider Torque (his heroic American counterpart)
  • Apprentice: Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen
  • Allies: All ascended Toku Heroes (especially Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight), Shino Asada/Sinon , Mami Tomoe, Yoko Littner, Mana Tatsumiya, Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy), Noel Vermillion
  • Headbutting Attorneys With: Phoenix Wright
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Gleeman Vox, the Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia and Yuuki Terumi), Gauron, Ali Al-Saachez, The Kurgan, Manfred von Karma
  • Shuichi was ascended into the Pantheon after he heard of the presence of his Arch-Enemy Takeshi Asakura so they can finally settle the score once and for all.
  • Shinji and Ren had a mixed reaction on his ascension. Shuichi feels the same due to their shared experiences back in the Mirror World. Nevertheless, these three men join forces whenever they're dealing with the same foes such as The Kurgan and Gleeman Vox.
  • Surprisingly, he ascended alongside another gunslinger in the form of Shino Asada. After getting to knowing her, he was impressed with her skills as a markswoman while she is playing GGO, because of that, he might try to play this kind of game with her just for fun. In the game, they have a sort of mentor-protege relationship.
    • They also had the same reasons why they ascend in the first place because they wanted to help Mitsuzane Kureshima, also known as Kamen Rider Ryugen, in his upcoming battles while Kitaoka also wanted the Armored Rider to be his apprentice so he can train him to improve his aiming skills.
  • Has made allies with the likes of Mami Tomoe, Yoko Littner, Mana Tatsumiya, Lockon Stratos, and Noel Vermillion, because of their preference of weaponry is the same as he does. They often seen practicing firing accuracy with their guns in the House of Profession.
  • It seems that both Kitaoka and Phoenix Wright can't get along because of their different prospective on their jobs as attorneys. However Phoenix was surprised that Kitaoka also hates Manfred's guts for being a bigger worse attorney than him. Not to mention that his overall stint reminding him of how he used to be before Kitaoka became a bit kinder to Shinji.
  • He also gained and ire with the likes of Ryoma Sengoku because his stint as a creator of a rider belt for his own agenda reminding him of Shiro Kanzaki, although Sengoku's actions as an amoral scientist is far worse than Kanzaki's intentions.
  • He also made enemies with the Trollkaiger due to them committing malicious acts in the pantheon. This also extends his hate with its members like Basco and Terumi since they're completely despicable being that must be stopped from their crimes.
  • Has recently placed Gauron and Ali Al-Saachez in his hit list because of them being terrorist who committed unforgivable acts and they're actions are comparable to Asakura. Not to mention that Saachez is also one of Asakura's allies too.
  • Has often visits the House of Health and Diseases for some daily check-ups due to an incurable disease that he carries and it gives him disadvantages during his battles.


Lesser Gods

    Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker 
Amélie Lacroix (née Guillard), Goddess of Cold Snipers (Widowmaker, Widow, The Countess, Windowmaker, Windowbreaker, Windowcleaner, Widow Movie Maker)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Visor
  • Theme Song: "I'll Make a Widow of You" by J.T. Music
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Once the loving wife of Gerard Lacroix before being brainwashed by Talon and killing him, Purple Skin, Spider motif, Ax-Crazy because she loves to kill, Dark Action Girl, Every Bullet Is a Tracer, Using a Grappling-Hook Pistol, Sexy French woman, French Jerk, Lack of Empathy, "Feels Alive" while killing, Spandex, Latex, or Leather
  • Domains: Assassins, Snipers, Brainwashment, Widows, Violence
  • Followers: Caine the Longshot, Bedovian, K'Pi
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Hanzo Shimada, Junkrat and Roadhog, Mr. Mundy/The Sniper, The Spy, Lupo (From the Wolfpack)
  • Worthy Opponet: Margaret Moonlight
  • Enemies: Most Overwatch Agents (Special mention to Tracer and Ana Amari), Nova Terra, Lockon Stratos, Remy, Charlotte Dunois, Perrine H. Clostermann, Shino Asada, Yoko Littner, Lynette Bishop, Caitlyn, Kardel Sharpeye, Black Widow
  • Commonality Connection: Sarah Kerrigan
  • Opposed by: The Halls of Couples Archetypes and Couples Relationships, Oyashiro-sama
  • Pitied by: Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser, Cammy White, Alex Mason, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Annoyed by: Amélie Poulain
  • Amélie Lacroix was once the loving wife of a renowned operative of Overwatch, Gerard Lacroix, who was a frequent target of assassination from the Terrorist Organization Talon. She was captured and later subjected to all kind of experiments before seemingly returning her without consequences. However, she managed to murder her husband in his sleep and since then became the Cold Sniper and agent of Talon known as Widowmaker.
  • Widowmaker first action after ascending was stealing a title from Lockon Stratos, which he didn't take kindly. A sniper duel ensued, which no clear victor and ultimately the French sniper got away with it. Neil is clearly furious with her but says that having the other sniper title will do for him.
  • Widowmaker and Tracer despise each other ever since their encounter in King's Row, where Tracer failed to stop the assassination of Terkhartha Mondatta, which sparked a huge conflict between humans and Omnics. And Widowmaker won't let her forget about it.
  • Widowmaker's moniker essentially scares all ascended couples, usually fearing for their beloved ones because of the chance she decides to end their life. Widowmaker certainly wouldn't mind killing them, but she only responds to her higher-ups first before going for the kill.
  • After hearing her story, Hanyuu immediately became disgusted with what Widowmaker did to her husband. She also had to kill her husband but it was for a different reason entirely
  • The house of Mentalism has been secretly analyzing if the old Amélie was still present somewhere in the mind of the brainwashed woman. Turns out that she might be semi-aware of her situation, but Widowmaker is the dominant personality.
  • Amélie Poulain was certainly curious that another Amélie has ascended and that she was also French. However, Widowmaker immediately found her annoying and tried to kill her. Thankfully, Amélie was saved by Tracer in the nick of time and warned her to not approach the Assassin ever again.
  • Because she was a victim of Brainwashing, gods who suffered the same fate really pity the poor Widowmaker. She tends to ignore these moments of pity she receives but these people believe that deep down the old Amélie must be suffering.
    • Black Widow especially sympathizes with her given that she went through a similar situation and hopes that one day she may be able to free the real Amélie.
  • Because of her nature as a Coldhearted killer, she does get along quite well with Sektor. She is trying to convince him to join Talon but the cyborg still hasn't responded to her offer.
  • Respects Lupo as a fellow Frenchwoman mercenary and because they have similar pasts, but the former can help but be at odds with Widowmaker, particularly because her reason to murdering her husband wasn't that justified but understands she wasn't in control.
  • Widowmaker doesn't get along with practically any good French deity, as they are very aware of what kind of person she is. Even French Jerk Remy thinks that Widowmaker is too much for him.
    • The Spy is one of the few ones that can tolerate her, but only when they work together. Widow has heard that the Spy is known as the bane of snipers and she keeps a watchful eye on him. It helps that her visor allows her to locate him whenever he is cloaked.
    • On the other hand, Mistral was glad to meet another French mercenary like her. Widowmaker doesn't mind her presence that much but keeps their relationship with her strictly professional.
  • When she was a little girl, Amélie used to be afraid of spiders because they told her they were emotionless creatures but nowadays she identifies and feels like one. That's why she gets along with other spider-themed ladies like Juri Han and Sadira.
  • Doesn't like that Nova "stole" her position in the Nexus. For her part, Nova dismisses all threats from Widowmaker but she keeps her guard up in case the assassin decides to strike.
    • She does fares well better with Kerrigan, as the ex-ghost can sympathize with what she went through in the past.
    • Caitlyn also immediately put her into her list of 'criminals that have to be arrested'. Whether the restoration can succeed or not, that's another story. The first priority is to apprehend Widowmaker before she could do any more harm. However, it gets troublesome when Widowmaker has that grappling hook to save her in the nick of time.
  • There is another thing that annoys Widowmaker to no end, that she considered it matching with Tracer's constant buggering on her. One that she would so gladly put a bullet on the source... Kardel Sharpeye and his "HO HO! HA HA!"
  • Rumored to be a fan of Swan Lake and even sometimes likes to dress like the white and black swan on occasions. Turns out, Amélie used to be an accomplished ballet dancer back in her civilian life and she does sometimes dance from time to time when no one is looking.
  • Heroes have been on extra-awareness for attacking Widowmaker en-masse. For some reason, she kept prevailing over overwhelming odds, even when she's supposed to be the villain. Just ask Ana or Tracer.
  • If there's one reason that some people are convinced the old Améile is still in there, it's that she reacts... strongly whenever someone thinks she was a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing to her deceased husband. Ana Amari was one of the few who dared to push her button.
    Ana: Gérard was a fool to love someone like you.
    Widowmaker: You don't know anything about him.
  • Turns out that Widowmaker lives in a fancy mansion located in Annecy, which belonged to the Guillard family for centuries and has been abandoned for a long time. Not too happy that is often the site where numerous heroes duke it out in a free for all deathmatch but what can she do.
  • During one mission, she successfully assassinated a SHIELD operative. Unfortunately, his escorter Black Widow spotted her and pursued her. Already successful in her mission, she quickly called for a getaway. But the Avenger was relentless, and beat her to the transport and destroyed it before eventually cornering her, after which it was only a matter of time before Black Widow secured a Pyrrhic Victory by decapitating her with a garrote.
  • "One Shot, One Kill"

    Barry Burton 
Barry Burton, God of Big Revolvers
Barry Burton in Revelations 2 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Besides his Weapon of Choice, the S.T.A.R.S. logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Neutral Good inclinations
  • Portfolio: Alliterative Name, Badass and Child Duo With Natalia, Badass Beard, The Big Guy, Gentle Giant, Gun Nut, The Hand Cannon Is His Weapon of Choice, Large Ham, Mighty Glacier, Papa Wolf To Moira, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domains: Law, Survival, Loyalty, Family, Protection, Weapons
  • Heralds: His wife Kathy, his youngest daughter Polly and his adoptive daughter Natalia.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: The Bakers
  • Barry Burton was one the members of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service and part of the Alpha Team that was sent to investigate the mysterious cannibalistic murders in Arklay Mountains. Barry was the weapon supplier of the team and one of the few who survived the whole ordeal in the Spencer mansion alongside fellow Alpha team members Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield and Bravo Team's rookie Rebecca Chambers. Ubenknowns to most of his teammates at the time, he was threatened by Captain Wesker to erase all the evidence in the Spencer Mansion that linked to him and act as his right hand man, otherwise he would harm his family. While Barry had to comply, he later regained his senses and turned on Wesker at the last second. Since then he has been deeply ashamed of his actions and decided to atone by helping form the BSSA and combat bioweapons.
  • Barry was happy to finally join his comrades and as the last of the Spencer Mansion survivors he felt he had big shoes to fill. For starters, he was recommended by Jill herself after feeling that she needed to have one of the comrades that always watched her back and the one that nicknamed her Master of Unlocking after all. Given Barry's tendency to carry huge revolvers that pack quite the punch. In Jill's own words, "He has THIS!".
  • Naturally the Pantheon is home to many dangerous individuals and monsters, many of which were from Barry's own universe. For starters, both Albert and Alex Wesker were one of the first that Barry had unfortunately crossed paths with and he still holds a grudge to both, Albert for forcing him to do his dirty work while with Alex he hates her for almost killing his daughter Moira and his adoptive daughter Natalia Korda. Not to mention the several former Umbrella operatives and B.O.W.s roaming around the Pantheon but Barry is prepated to take them down.
    • He was also informed by Chris about the incident in the Baker State and found the fate of that family to be rather tragic considering how protective he is of his own family. So it was pretty easy for Barry to despise Eveline for what she did, even if she is in many ways very similar to Natalia. However, he has no sympathy for Lucas Baker since unlike his parents he is not under Eveline's influence at all.
  • Barry is a proud father and a family man, threatening or harming his family being a quick way to get in his bad side and as Jill can attest to, he is not someone you want to mess with. But his history with his eldest daughter Moira is a bit complicated ever since she accidentally shot her sister Polly, both Barry and Moira drifted apart but reconciled when Barry had to save her from Alex Wesker. He gets along with similar deities who would do everything for their family, with special mention going to Guile and Bryan Mills, who also have ties to the force like Barry does.
  • Wields a powerful 44 Magnum called the Colt Anaconda and it packs quite a punch, being able to down beasts like the Hunters or even the Tyrant in one shot (although it has a chance to whiff, like that one zombie Barry had to waste 3 shots to kill. He would rather not talk about it). It was only natural that other revolver enthusiasts would be interested in Barry's Weapon of Choice and he ended up befriending Ryo Saeba, an unlikely one considering how the two are nothing alike outside of being quite the jokers. He is also impressed by the T-Dolls Contender and Thunder for being named after their respective weapon, ones that pack even more punch than Barry's Magnum to boot. He likes to mentor them on the effectiveness of revolvers, especially against living things and wonders if there is another T-Doll in their unit named after the Colt Anaconda.
  • Him and Frank West are good pals but the reason Frank even bothered to approach Barry was to ask if he owned the Jill Sandwich chain. Barry was left confused that someone would even name a restaurant after one of his silly jokes but he just roll with it and clarified he had no idea such chain existed.
  • Good friends with the AMS agents as they too are not only experience with zombie outbreaks but they even share same hilarious charm with Barry. From them he learned of the Magician, a powerful creation from their universe far more dangerous than any Tyrant you could think of and Barry made his mission to destroy the creature before he gets out of control.
  • Even if Barry is a certified Gun Nut, improper use of guns do tend to get on his nerves like that one time Hol Horse challenged to a duel and even dare to cheat using his stand. Somehow Barry ended up defeating him with not much effort because he is a horrible shot either way and then got him sent to the Pantheonic jail for a while. Since then the two have been bitter enemies.
  • Barry is definitely a bit miffed by Magnificent Bastards given how he was forced into betraying his S.T.A.R.S. teammates by Wesker and it just so happen that another Gun Nut who uses revolvers, the amptly named Revolver Ocelot, is one of them. Although not as bad as his former boss, that doesn't mean he is by any means a good person and Barry has come to distrust him.
  • Experienced enough to pilot helicopters and often assist the GUAG with rescue missions whenever he can. He also prone to saving people in the nick of time but those who are saved by him insist on not making sandwich jokes.

    Chachamaru Karakuri 
Chachamaru Karakuri, Patron Saint of Handheld Target Designators (Student No. 10, Pupa Somnians/"Dreaming Doll", the Ultimate Lovestruck Megaweapon)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: her Cat-shaped target desingator for the Al-Iskandariya Orbital Cannon.
  • Alignment: Lawful to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Cat Girl, Covert Pervert, Daydreaming Android, Friend to All Living Things, Glass Cannon combatant with Swiss Army Appendages and a Kill Sat for a main weapon, and controlled by a cat-shaped targeting device, Ridiculously Human Robot running on Magitek and a Wind-Up Key, Statuesque Sexy Secretary, Yamato Nadeshiko
  • Domains: Combat, Magic, Technology, Weapons
  • Direct Superiors: Negi Springfield (her Teacher-slash-Magistra) and Evangeline A. K. McDowell (her original Master and "co-creator")
  • Allies:
  • Commonality Connection with: Plain Doll and Legion
  • Smash Sisters with: Cammy White, Satellizer El Bridget and Eila Illmatar Juutilainen
  • Enemies: Kane, Tenjuro Banno, Ultron, Nu-13, other evil-aligned Robotic deities
  • More known as the Dark Evangel's closest android servant, Chachamaru's appearance in the Pantheon has raised further speculation from the Council of Shadows as to the former's plans to secretly increase her influence. Contrary to such conspiracy though, the circumstances of her ascension was similar to Mana's; though it was Eva alone who facilitated the same.
  • Many deities were rather skeptic as to whether or not she is worthy of such title, especially seeing the iconic, cat-shaped targeter for the Al-Iskandariya Orbital Satellite. No one complained after she exhibited the cannon's full power against a random Brotherhood of Nod Base, completely obliterating it in the process. This made Kane feel a bit uneasy as the blast reminded him of the GDI Ion Cannon.
  • Usually drops by Eva's realm in the House of Costumes to conduct tea ceremonies with her master, and by her sensei's place at the House of Magic to assist him with his paperwork. Though, some deities do tend to hear some random noises whenever she stays there for extended periods; turns out she screams this way everytime Negi recharges her via Wind-Up Key. And she's rather embarassed about it.
  • Apart from her combat-capable 3-A Classmates who have already ascended before her, she has been seen in combat training with Cammy, Satella, and Eila; moreso the latter as Chachamaru can at least go toe-to-to-toe with the Strike Witch in aerial combat. Some deities tend to misinterpret this as a fighting with herself, especially due to very similar voices.
  • She has apparently found a kindred spirit of sorts with the Geth in the House of Otherness, as both deities had their share of inner conflicts on whether or not robotic beings have a soul. Ditto with Plain Doll as she admires the latter's devotion towards The Hunter, though she also pities her for the occasional abuse she suffers from him.
  • Conversely, she has also set her sights on both Tenjuuro and Ultron: the former because she's apalled at how he corrupts robots like nobody's business (in contrast to how her master Eva cares for her and her sisters); and the latter for not being able to understand humanity as a whole.
    • Ultron, surprisingly, shares such negative sentiment towards her as he tends to see a part of a version of The Vision in her.
  • While Chachamaru sympathizes with Nu-13 as to her getting rejected by Ragna, the fact that the Calamity Trigger has aimed her hatred and rage against everyone in the pantheon, does not sit well with her. Thus, she has made it one of her immediate imperatives to find a way for the bladed deity to accept such fact. Even if she has to use her Pactio Artifact to do it.
  • Her appearance did cause Zero to do a double take, as he was briefly reminded of that time C. C. bought a pair of headphones that looked like mechanical cat ears

    Contender and Thunder 
Contender and Thunder, Goddesses of Punch Packing Pistols
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their namesake guns with Contender also being represented by a bowl of shaved ice and while Thunder has the black feathers of her coat.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Innate Night Vision, Buffing other T-Dolls but still being Mechanically Unusual Fighters among HGs, Armor Piercing Hand Cannons
  • Domains: Androids, Pistols, Armor-Piercing
  • Allies: G36, S.A.T.8, AUG, Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38, TAC-50, AA-12 and Vector, 2B, 9S, Barry Burton
  • Enemies: The Eliksni (particularly the Devil Splicers), T-800, T-1000, SKYNET, The Enclave
  • Opposes:
  • Complicated Relationship (mainly mistrust): Isomer Black
  • Pitied by:
  • Heralds: Python and M950A along with the rest of Team ATK (AEK-999, TMP, and K2)
  • When exploring the world, especially in places where law could scarcely shine like a star in, it is important to keep oneself armed, aware, and prepared. Firepower isn't everything, but it does help. Griffon And Kryuger's T-Dolls wield what can be considered archaic antiques and yet they're still are able to stand against the likes of the renegade Sangvis Ferri. Case in point: The ever confident and stylish Contender and the subdued and stoic Thunder, both of whom wield powerful Hand Cannons. Few amidst their Handgun wielding comrades have innate armor piercing to their attacks or skills involving carefully aimed and damaging shots with their respective Inquisitor's Bullet and Critical Point Shot.
  • Both of their ascensions came when the two were assigned an expedition alongside a couple other dolls. On the return trip back to base they were caught off guard by an attack from spider-like creatures clad in black and red and were forced to scatter and regroup latter. Contender and Thunder ended up going together though the two still found themselves under hot pursuit by their assailants. To buy themselves some time they took note of who was giving the orders and, through patience and careful aim, both of their bullets nailed it right in the head before they escaped in the confusion. By happenstance they escaped into where said creatures came from, the Pantheon, where they happened upon G36 and other androids named 2B and 9S who were kind enough to explain to them everything they needed to know alongside helping them settle in.
    • They soon came to understand later that the assailants they fought earlier were part of the Eliksni, a scavenger alien race that has been in many a conflict with humanity after they too had experienced calamity in their world. Delving onto the topic more Contender and Thunder found they had specifically fought against the Devil Splicers, a group of extremist Eliksni who utilize the nanotechnology of SIVA to further their ends, that being trying to reunite their brethren under their rule and have everyone share in SIVA's "gift". Troubled by the thought that they tried to slip into their world was a main motivator to take up a Pantheonic title.
  • As they are apart of G&K they are also participants in the Robot War waged by Sangvis Ferri dolls and as such are also enemies with the likes of the T-800, the T-1000, and their master, SKYNET. With KCCO's betrayal they are also aren't too fond of the Enclave either given their goals of wiping out the wasteland of anything they deemed "impure". With the global spread of Collapse Radiation in their world it's very likely that twisted version of the United States would see the entirety of their world as no different from the "mutie" infested one they themselves are from.
  • Strangely, despite the two having Hand Cannons with armor piercing attacks thanks to the ammo they've chambered only Contender is able to equip AP Rounds all Rifle T-Dolls and a few others use. Thunder is restricted to only the Hollow-Point ammunition for her equipment slot. As far as gameplay is concerned, at least. Some members in the House of Firearms found this baffling though they eventually just shrugged it off and moved on.
  • Applying to Contender:
    • Contender, a rare 5* Statuesque Stunner T-Doll dressed in fancy clothing who always holds her head high. The type to not rely on others but the rather be the one relied on, especially by people like the Commander. Thus, she often tends to refer to percentages and formulas, usually the ones that favor success. At her core she is a planner, but she's still one to believe and rely on chance and luck.
    Contender: Every round I fire guarantees a 99% chance of victory. The remaining 1% will require your miracle, Commander.
    • A tomboy at heart, and it shows between the demeanor she has when in a maid outfit picked out by Gepárd M1 versus her regular attire and other costumes. Whereas with any other clothing Contender exudes an unshakable aura of confidence but as a maid she's nervous and red as a beet. Of course, if the situation calls she has no problem reverting to her usual self. The Contender that avoided being shot on stage during an orchestrated bombing on a theater has not gone away just because she's in some different attire, after all.
      • Caught the eye of Rarity one day through the kind of clothing Contender usually wears as well as her other costumes when she allowed the pony to take a gander. Out of all of them, the one that captured her interest the most was the "Dragon's Son" costume where there's a clear prominence in Gem Tissue. It has been said that since that day the unicorn has helped her as well as her comrades mend any Clothing Damage they suffer while on duty.
    • She is quite the Sweet Tooth if her preference towards ice cream is anything to go off of. She says so herself that it helps her think better and is happy to invite her comrades over for some on her downtime. While exploring the Pantheon on her own Contender ended up befriending Lemres and Ann Takamki and spends some of her break with them. Though Contender admits she finds the former to be a bit of a weirdo. A talented weirdo, but a weirdo nonetheless.
      • One time while waiting to meet up with G36 to discuss some matters in the House of Family in person during the wait she was greeted by a young, energetic and ever-so curious green haired girl. The girl, named Yotsuba Koiwai, wandered over to where Contender stood waiting eating her ice cream and stuck around. In that short amount of time the two quickly bonded when the lavish T-Doll bought Yotsuba some of her own ice cream though it eventually had to end by the G36 had arrived where they continued their business.
    • Due to the gameplay reasons stated above it is stated that she would a good choice for a doll in "Gunboat Echelons" consisting of her or an AR doll accompanied by five other dolls wielding machine guns. They prominently see their use in defeating KCCO's Typhons with her company taking out the tank's escorts and escaping themselves before being hit by their heavy weaponry. From there, Contender dodges oncoming fire until a certain distance by which she gets to whittle down the tanks. Very slowly.
    • Though it is not a prominent skill of hers but when it comes to music Contender is good at the violin and can be occasionally seen performing with it in the House of Music. Classy music for a classy gal, it seems. With that said it's not a talent she seems to be willing to dabble on beyond special occasions but it is fun thing to note about her all the same.
    • When he heard that she was one of the dolls who was assigned to both participate in and help defend a theater troupe from attackers the Phantom of the Opera was quite pleased and made it a note to let such praises be known to her. While flattered by the compliment the fact that it comes from someone with a less than clean history such as his isn't quite as uplifting as initially planned. Yes, the Phantom is a better person now but that doesn't necessarily erase the past. Still, he's kind to her and has from time to time offered her a place in some of the House of Theatre and Spectacle's shows and both are willing to fend off the Great Fusilli when he tries hosting one of his own or even hijack them for his own nefarious deeds. Especially so since she nearly fell victim to the Wicked Cultured crocodile's magic, almost literally becoming a doll herself.
    • "Accuracy first, then firepower until after the enemies are defeated. Commander, this is my formula for victory."
  • Applying to Thunder:
    • A doll with an unchanging face and who speaks in an always neutral tone, that is who Thunder is. She is thought to have a dark past as the scars on her person indicate, the most prominent being the one on her neck. Her illustrator notes Thunder is an obsolete doll and was a Death Seeker who has learned to suppress herself by the time she came to G&K having experienced much of "humanity's dark side". Thankfully, she would come to understand that her place with the Commander isn't anything like her past and after the events where she and her teammates were trapped in Pocket City Thunder understands she has to fight for her own happiness as opposed to running away from her problems.
    • Has a preference towards firepower, which makes her assigned weapon of choice all the more fitting. Going off of that, Thunder prefers to express herself through taking out her namesake gun and firing it. An interesting tic to be had which can be made problematic in public areas. She first demonstrated this trait of hers with little to no warning when the Court of Gods allowed M950A, a close friend of hers, to be one of their Heralds along with Team ATK as a whole, though thankfully negotiations still went smoothly in the end. The Court made it clear to them that this isn't their first rodeo.
      • It was suggested to her at some point that she could try her hand at using a multitude of masks to express herself like with Hata no Kokoro, as an alternative to blowing holes in people's walls and ceilings with her gun. Thunder has declined it, however, still preferring actions over actions not words ("Facta Non Verba" to be precise, the latin phrase for it she stitched onto the inside of her coat). That, and Thunder doesn't feel like lugging that many masks, though she is willing to pay for the damages caused by her ability to express herself.
    • Speaking of her friendship with M950A there are some in the Pantheon who speculate that it goes well beyond a friendship. And there are some among them who speculate that PA-15, a fellow G&K T-Doll, is... a result of such intimacy be between them. Somehow. No one is pressing the issue, however, out of basic human respect towards her and her personal life.
    • During a stroll into the House of Narrative Thunder across two girls named Yuri and Sayori discussing poetry while waiting for their other friends in their Literature Club. One thing lead to another and the doll ended up writing some too while they waited having quickly formed a bit of a friendship with the two of them due to some sense of resonance. Thunder admits she's still a bit of a greenhorn when it comes to writing poems, and that she still prefers using her gun to express herself, but finds it nice all the same.
    • It can be said that Thunder and Violet Evergarden share quite a number of similarities with both once being very emotionless girls until a significant change in their lifestyles allowed them to start breaking out of that, finding their own happiness and changing for the better. Granted, comparing the two's journeys leaves a stark contrast with Violet going from life as a weapon in a war to a civilian lifestyle while Thunder goes from a plaything for infamies to one of many soldiers in a PMC but the comparison is still there as well as the understanding of one another.
    • Was once approached by Dollface while walking the Pantheon's many roads one day. While she was very cordial and could sense she means no ill will at all, Thunder couldn't help but be a bit uncomfortable by her ruthless vigilantism, as deserving as the targets of her wrath may be. Still, given Dollface's circumstances and the fact that she still developed to ultimately be a good person in a universe as twisted as hers Thunder can't quite oppose her for it either. Perhaps helping her light was the fact she also introduced Thunder to two people: Misao and Simon, both of whom have suffered quite a bit themselves though at least lead happier lives now that they're in the Pantheon.
    • On certain times in the year, such as Children's Day, she will revert to a younger form. This does little to change Thunder's overall behavior, and if anything the sad aura she gives off is amplified thanks to the now viable scars on her body. In times like these, she frequents the House of Childhood and Adolescence.
    • Routinely goes into the House of Gaming and Music. This comes from the fact that she's quite a fan of playing First Person Shooters in her private time and after getting into music she can sometimes be seen performing as a drummer. That said, she prefers to jam with her squadmates and does so every week on GKTV.
      • And speaking of music Thunder often carries an MP3 player and earbuds long enough to be worn by two people. There are many songs listed on it, though the most played out of all of them is Only for You.
    • Once came across John Merrick on one of the rare occasions in which he ventures outside his temple. Thunder was in a hurry to deliver some key items to her peers where she ended up bumping into him by accident. Initially, she thought the man was one of the shady figures from her past and made an effort to keep the meeting brief. It was only after that he demonstrated that he is not that but in fact a kind gentleman underneath it all that Thunder quickly apologized for her earlier conceptions of him. Merrick merely told her to think nothing of it and holds nothing against her for it and helped her gather her stuff. It can be said that a certain kinship "clicked" between the two, having both grown up and suffered under the more darker sides of society, different as both of theirs are as well as their abuses may be.
    • "Even a sky ruled by thunder needs birds, which is why I'm fighting here."

    Neil Dylandy/Lockon Stratos 
Neil Dylandy, God of Friendly Snipers (Lockon Stratos, Stupid Sexy Lockon)

    Pinstripe Potoroo 
Pinstripe Potoroo, God of Reliably Unreliable Guns (Don Pinstripelli Potorotti)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Music: Pinstripe Potoroo, Hot Air Skyway
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangster!, Lean and Mean, Seldom-Seen Species, Trigger Happy Gun Nut, Brooklyn Rage, Likes laughing, Particularly challenging boss battles (in Team Racing), Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness
  • Domains: Gangsters, Animals
  • Allies: Dr. Cortex, Uka Uka, Toon Patrol, Fat Tony, Nack the Weasel
  • Rivals: Mr. Burns, 3rd Street Saints Leader, Tony Montana
  • Enemies: Crash Bandicoot, Aku Aku, N. Oxide, Conker, Roger Rabbit
  • Friendly Enemies: Tawna & The Nitro Squad
  • Pinstripe Potoroo is one the various mutant animals created by Dr. Cortex and is every bit as unusual as anything made by the mad scientist. His mannerisms are very much like that of a gangster and he owns a power plant that is used to power up some of Cortex's plans. He also has a Tommy gun with him, something that he cares about a lot to the point of cradling it from time-to-time. Pinstripe likes to fire his gun frequently, but there are moments where it jams (or he has to reload in some cases) giving his opponents a chance to attack.
  • A few members of the Pantheon were more than annoyed to find out that another power plant was somehow built, causing one of the oceans to be polluted in the process. Some deities traversed the place demanding to find answers, having to put up with a devious layout before reaching the owner of that power plant. To their surprise, they ended up finding a potoroo with a gun named Pinstripe who happened to be the owner of that specific power plant. After a gunfight, Pinstripe got sent to the Court of Gods, but the requests to get him kicked out was denied thanks to Cortex working behind the scenes to ensure a spot in the Pantheon for Pinstripe.
  • The Toon Patrol initially mistook him as a forgotten member of their ranks given his similar appearance and gangster-like attitude when they first encountered him. Pinstripe stated that he wasn't a weasel, but took a liking to the Patrol and sometimes joins them in causing mayhem around the Pantheon. It led to Roger Rabbit having a bit of a freak-out the first time he saw the potoroo thinking that the Toon Patrol got a new member, but Pinstripe cares little about what that rabbit thinks.
    • Conker was another deity that thought the potoroo was a weasel, only in that case the squirrel thought that Pinstripe was a weird-looking member of Don Weaso's gang that had gong into hiding. Conker somehow made his way to Pinstripe's hideout and confronted him for looking too much like the weasel mafia that gave him trouble in the past. All Pinstripe saw was just a freak waiting to be shot and proceeded to do so via his Tommy gun. Conker somehow found another gun lying around and a shoot-out between the two ensued. It ended with severe damage done to the place and an explosion that resulted in the place needing to be rebuilt for a while. Even if Pinstripe had no connection to Don Weaso whatsoever, Conker is more than willing to see that potoroo dead for his gangster-like behavior and for being another nuisance to his already terrible Pantheon life.
  • The House of Crime became a frequent spot for Pinstripe to visit whenever he isn't busy aiding Cortex in any sort of plan. As the potoroo quickly found out thanks to his time there, there was a lot more to crime than just being a gangster. He's generally more used to talking with other gangsters both there and in other places at the Pantheon, with Pinstripe only having few considerations in branching out. That said, some of the more extreme methods of criminal activity he discovered during his visits at the House of Crime (mainly to selling actual human lives) are not something he'll act on.
    • Of the various gangsters that Pinstripe has encountered, he's a bit jealous of the 3rd Street Saints Leader, mainly because of the kinds of feats that the latter has accomplished as a gang-leader. The leader of the 3rd Street Saints didn't really see a gangster potoroo as anything unusual (though most of the rest of the House of Crime beg to differ) and sees Pinstripe as sort of a novice in comparison, even with the experience of owning a power plant. Both sides often get into fights with each other, but it's apparent that Pinstripe really can't match what the 3rd Street Saints leader has in terms of weapons and members at hand.
  • During a meeting with the Toon Patrol, Nack the Weasel learned about another gun-toting animal that the group has taken a liking to and wanted to see what was up spceifically. Although Nack found it odd about who Pinstripe was at first, he quickly took a liking to the potoroo. Pinstripe learned that Nack was a bounty hunter of sorts and figured that Nack could be used to eliminate rivals that Pinstripe is having trouble with, something Nack is willing to do if it means earning money.
  • Some of his visits to the House of Crime had him hearing about Tony Montana, a mobster who underwent a violent path to the top that was riddled with bullets. Pinstripe was more than curious about him and wanted to try and visit him despite warnings of what happened to Tony as a result of his rise to power. Tony had every bit of a trigger finger that Pinstripe had and a shoot-out was the first thing that happened between the two once they met. That encounter ended with Tony gaining the upper hand and both parties being very bitter towards each other.
  • After hearing the news of Pinstripe being in the Pantheon thinking that he was a rat, Fat Tony decided to meet up with him in the hopes of finally encountering a rat gangster. Pinstripe stated that he was a potoroo and not a rat, but Fat Tony still welcomed Pinstripe in open arms and decided to show the potoroo what he does. Pinstripe saw plenty of opportunities with Fat Tony's gang and decided to be a part-time member of such. This also led to Pinstripe mulling over the possibility of setting up a legitimate front to throw off anyone that's looking to stop his criminal activity.
  • Mr. Burns was bemused to learn that there was another deity who had ownership of a separate power plant and was just as weirded out when he learned that said owner was an anthropomorphic potoroo. Although Montgomery didn't have any clue (nor did he care about) on what a potoroo is, he saw Pinstripe's power plant as a competitor to the Springfield Power Plant. Pinstripe does have some resentment towards Mr. Burns on how the latter is able to make so much money throughout his life and has considered some methods to try and at least get closer to the number that Burns has.
  • Looking to expand his horizons, Pinstripe once tried his hand at being a used car salesman. He was able to get plenty of sales as a result of using his Tommy gun to coerce his customers into buying a car quicker. His repeat attempt at such in the Pantheon (which included the possibility of adding more vehicles to the lineup) didn't end well due to a combination of complaints involving his method of selling and a police raid on the selling grounds that ended with the whole place being set ablaze.
  • At the recommendation of the Toon Patrol, Pinstripe decided to raid an area dedicated to housing additional guns alongside them whilst looking for a potentially stronger gun for the potoroo to use. Some of the guns that Pinstripe tried out for a bit during his visit included a rocket launcher and a pistol, though he preferred to stick to his Tommy gun. Unsurprisingly, Pinstripe and the Toon Patrol's visit to that place ended with them getting kicked out and bullet holes throughout most of the area.
  • One part of his life that has been under contention is him being in a relationship with Tawna Bandicoot. Neither are really interested in answering questions related to it, though both aren't overtly hostile towards each other in part of the Nitro Squad wanting relatively friendly ties towards Crash's adversaries that aren't named Nitros Oxide (whom Pinstripe sees as a problem the same way the rest of Crash's friends and foes see the alien) and Uka Uka.

    Rushuna Tendou 
Rushuna Tendou, Goddess of Enemy Disarmament and Bathing Beauties (Rushuna Tendo, The Beautiful Senshi, The Smiling Enlightened, Grenadier: The Smiling Senshi)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hat next to her revolver. Alternatively, a smile on your face.
  • Theme Song: Kohaku
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Awesome Gunslinging And Aim, Prefers to shoot guns off of enemies' hands, Loves a good bath, Keeps her ammunition in her cleavage and using said cleavage to reload, Such A Nice Lady Unless You've Crossed Her Line, Wanting to give everyone smiles, Vows to never ever kill, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold And Eyes of Gold Too, Ms. Fanservice
  • Domains: Firearms, Skill, Happiness, Attraction, Peace, Redemption
  • Heralds: Yajiro Kojima and Mikan Kurenai
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Revy, Rattlesnake Jake, Erron Black
  • Enemies: All embodiments of vileness and depravity like Melkor and Yuki Terumi, Vincent Godfrey, Wild Hunt, The Brave Companions, Vergil, Reaper, Amelie Lacroix/Widowmaker, Randall Flagg, Charles zi Britannia, Prime Minister Honest, Richard Nixon's Head, Albert Wesker, Hol Horse, Yosemite Sam
  • Respects: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • She preaches the ultimate battle strategy of embracing your opponents and erasing their will to fight. She protects the innocent from the evil, and the evil from themselves. She is capable of making even the most vile and demented villains realize the error of their ways and turn over a new leaf. She walks the Earth disarming countries and unwillingly winning Fanservice awards. This is the legend of the Smiling Senshi.
  • The Gunslinger Septet were hanging out one day having fun at the House of Weapons' shooting range, practicing their aim and skills. Then Vash the Stampede realized something: "Where is Rushuna?" The other members also caught on to this and began searching for her, eventually leading to her dilapidated temple. A note posted there reads, "I will be gone for a while. I have more smiles to make! - Rushuna." Having a feeling that the Smiling Senshi is coming back to the Pantheons after an unquestioned absence, the Septet decided to go to the Court of the Gods to keep her temple up.
    • The Court decreed that Rushuna needs a new title, so Vash suggested she has Blasting It Out of Their Hands while keeping Bathing Beauty because respectively: like him, Rushuna disarms her enemies by shooting their hands and she is constantly seen bathing. They agreed with such a position and declared her temple to be renovated by the Master Builders Four. When it is done, the Septet organized a party with Pinkie Pie to celebrate her return. And Rushuna did return; she was greeted with a surprise from them, happy that they put a smile to her face.
  • Supposedly, she is even more capable with firearms than Vash, but decided his title should stay his because she doesn't like showing off. For his part, he likes her well enough, as do others, such as Dante (a red-cloaked super-fighter who loves swords and guns just like Vash) and Kisuke Urahara (who also has a color-coded outfit including a hat and has on occasion formed a "sword-and-guns" duo with her). They would gladly concur that having a beautiful lady around who's also skilled with guns and takes their colorful styles in stride is pretty cool.
  • While she isn't open to mortal propositions (luckily for the proposer, she's among those who'll laugh and either playfully dodge the question or deliberately misunderstand it, and she's always up for being friends), she's quite open to giving anyone, deity or not, a big ol' hug to cheer them up or quell their violent tendencies if they'd prove to be more of a danger than usual. It's universally agreed that she's really good at this, probably the absolute best among any of the Pantheons. Her vast real estate holdings help a little (...okay, a lot), but her personality is agreed upon to be the main factor.
    • This is why she admired the recently ascended wrestler named Bayley who, despite being one of the best wrestlers in the world, much prefers hugging and making people happy when she's outside the ropes. One day they finally met each other and hugged for over a minute. It would soon be called one of the most tender moments in the Pantheon's history.
  • She's practically Noel Vermillion's Cool Big Sis, as she tutored her in gun-fighting and tried to help her self-esteem issues a lot, despite being far more buxom than Noel could ever hope to be. Mami later joins in her session, and Rushuna has also been teaching her about genuine smiles rather than smiles to cover one's issues.
    • After realizing what Vergil did to Noel, Rushuna comforts her, saying that she's not an unworthy addition to the pantheon, and has decided that Vergil will pay for hurting her, never forgiving him. What's worse is that he seeks strength, which reminded her too much of the Jester. Vergil has nothing but disgust for her for defending Noel and having endless faith in everyone.
  • Whenever she's busy, she leaves the Gun Kata class to Coyote Starrk as a substitute to train them. She's quite impressed with his skills, even if they are a little more… destructive than what she's comfortable with. She's also been helping him with his desire to find more friends and lazy habits.
  • Rushuna is delighted that there are other deities striving for a world where everyone smiles. Yuya and Yuzu are fascinated that her ultimate battle strategy is super effective even in a world where guns cause fear while Rushuna is amazed that they have learned to fight for everyone's EGAO from Yuya's father Yushou Sakaki, though it takes a while and some trials for Yuya to fully understand it. The doctor Emu Hojo is happy that another person who values smiles exists although he is a bit nervous when it comes to Rushuna's healing skills. Wander and Sylvia find a lot of common ground with her like traveling around places and meeting and changing people along the way. Even Miyuki Hoshizora befriended her for sharing the same ideals of happiness for everyone.
    • Pinkie Pie could not believe she hasn't noticed Rushuna until now, and they got along swimmingly with how much they want to see everybody smile. Though Rushuna would prefer the party pony be… a little more sensitive of others' feelings; throwing parties isn't everybody's cup of tea that would lead to smiles.
  • Has met other gunslingers outside of the Gunslinger Septet. John Marston is reminded of Bonnie MacFarlane when he meets Rushuna due to both being cheerful blonde girls in wild west settings. Lucky Luke and Roland Deschain are impressed at her skills but also respect her wish to not fight let alone with guns. Roland even warned her of Randall Flagg, who aims to spread chaos just by appearing at anywhere which Rushuna agrees to look out for. Jesse McCree once hit on her at a bar, but once he gets to know her he has nothing but respect and admiration for her dedication to protect everyone and changing villains for the better which McCree feels that is the justice he has been seeking. The Lone Ranger is also impressed at her shooting skills and philosophy, which perfectly aligns with his; together along with their respective heralds, they dispatch numerous enemies in the Pantheon.
    • Hol Horse also has hit on her once but Rushuna has heard of him being a mercenary who has no qualms with taking lives for a paycheck or with working with someone as vile as J. Geil as long as they serve as his backup, giving her a bad feeling. The rest of their encounter is rather weird; Hol Horse then summon his revolver Stand, Emperor... which Rushuna can't even see and shoot out of his hands due to not being a Stand user. Other reasons Hol Horse can't properly fight her is that he Wouldn't Hit a Girl, his aim is terrible despite having numerous advantages from his Stand unless his target is unimportant to his current attention and she is too busy dodging while laughing at his failures. Humiliated, Hol Horse fled and Rushuna left amused from this bizarre meeting.
      Rushuna: Pffthahahaha! Your weapon is pointing your finger at someone! You're so funny! Ahahaha!
      Hol Horse: Dammit, hold still! *shoots and misses*
      Rushuna: *sidesteps* Hahahaha! I don't know how you did that but it's not working!
    • Much like Hol Horse, Yosemite Sam is also seeking to duel Rushuna. They did and unsurprisingly, Rushuna won. Since then, he has been itching for a rematch against her, seeing that he keeps losing to Lucky Luke and Vash.
    • Relatedly, she has disagreements with Revy, Rattlesnake Jake and Erron Black. Revy is often dismissive of others and their needs, only wanting her rewards, Jake will kill his targets yet he does have a code of honor and Black find her his ideal kind of woman (girls with guns), not helped by the fact that he too will kill for money. Rushuna vows to erase their will to cause violence, which sadly neither of them wanted to let go.
    • Vincent Godfrey is someone Rushuna cannot tolerate. He kills adventurers on a regular basis (she is one), he constantly backstabs and is too crazy beyond recognition; he can even be considered the Evil Counterpart to Rushuna and the Gunslinger Septet in general. Rushuna is aware she cannot erase his will from fighting, because he is past that point for a very long time.
  • Being a force for peace, Rushuna has befriended with Lacus Clyne, Relena Darlian and Nunnally Lamperouge as they too wanted a world with no violence and are naturally pacifists, much like her superior Lady Tenshi. They are also impressed at the fact that she has exceptional marksmanship yet chose to disarm her enemies instead; Rushuna humbly accept their compliment and even offered to defend them during diplomatic meetings. Since she also treats everyone with kindness and turned her enemies into friends, she also got along swimmingly with Mai Tokiha and Nanoha Takamachi.
  • A notable trait of hers is that she is seen bathing really often, even showing a lot of enthusiasm for it. She is even seen bathing with fellow Fanservice bringers Mai Shiranui, Kasumi and Yoko Littner; Kasumi finds a lot of common ground with Rushuna in politeness and abilities, Mai is amazed that those who lost their will to fight gets to be squished by her (Rushuna) boobs and Yoko is impressed that she sniped everyone's hands with just a revolver. Rushuna even joins Yoko for wolfing down during buffets at the House of Food, since they are Big Eaters.
  • Has given encouragement to Shanoa by declaring her smile to be as gorgeous as her back, and Chihiro Fujisaki by promising to protect his smile just like what Yuya and Emu did and supporting his journey to find his strength. Shanoa is flattered by her words and take them to heart while Chihiro is grateful and happy that he befriended another trustworthy person who also believes in him.
  • Reaper and Widowmaker are enemies the Smiling Senshi is looking out for. Reaper being a Malevolent Masked Man reminds her of the power-hungry Jester and he is also affiliated with Godfrey while Widowmaker is a Cold Sniper who currently lacks empathy for her targets. She has a better time with Tracer, who also had a hard time with the villainous two and told her that they used to be good people. With this knowledge, Rushuna joins her in stopping their schemes while hoping that they will change for the better due to her beliefs.
  • She is saddened and disappointed that those like Melkor and Yuki Terumi want to stay evil and do unspeakable actions, and is also infuriated at Terumi for not only riling her up, but also threatening her friends as well. Melkor is wary of her ultimate battle strategy, which diminishes his numbers and is just as effective as Wander's friendliness. Killers like the Wild Hunt and the Brave Companions are also on her enemies list since she doesn't take losses of lives too well given that in one continuity, her friend Koto was killed in a strike by a Juttensen assassin.
    • Social darwinism is a philosophy Rushuna disagrees given that the Jester believes so, thus Charles zi Britannia and Albert Wesker are such like-minded people she needs to stop. Prime Minister Honest also proves to be someone so unbearable though luckily for her, he has a slim chance of seeing the error of his evil ways though everyone else, ESPECIALLY Night Raid say otherwise.
  • Is glad that the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are giving villains the change of heart they needed, though she also finds their methods questionable. The thieves themselves are amazed of her ultimate battle strategy and its effectiveness, prompting them (well, mostly Ren, Morgana and Makoto) to consider following her methods as an option since they too opposed killing anyone (unless they're Shadows).
  • Not to be confused with Souji Tendou. They have met and got along swimmingly, with Rushuna enjoying his cooking and Souji being amazed at her skills. In a sparring match, Rushuna knows her speed is outmatched by his due to the ZECT system granted to him but luckily Souji wouldn't push an offer to one; he is a Kamen Rider, after all. Also not to be confused for Karen Tendo as well, though they too have met and got along for also having unwavering optimism and a penchant for bathing; Karen even joins Rushuna for such.
  • "Um... would you like to join me for a bath?"
  • Also found in Physical Attractiveness, where she is seen bathing very often.

    Ryo Saeba 
Ryo Saeba, God of Revolvers (City Hunter, The Stallion of Shinjuku, Number One Pervert in Japan, Hunter, Nicky Larson, Lee Yoon-sung/Poochai)
Click here to see Ryo's appearance in Angel Heart 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His revolver, a Colt Python .357 Magnum
  • Theme Song: Love! Don't Disappear!, Get Wild
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Wields a Revolver, The Ace, Badass Longcoat, Beware the Silly Ones, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Chivalrous Pervert, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Dark and Troubled Past, Fastest Gun in Japan, Good Is Not Nice, The Gunslinger, Handsome Lech, Hitman with a Heart, Improbable Aiming Skills, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lovable Sex Maniac, One-Man Army, Quick Draw
  • Domain(s): Revolvers, Assassination, Perverts, Child Soldiers, Trauma
  • Allies: Kenshiro, Son Goku, Joseph Joestar, Pegasus Seiya, Vegeta, Killua Zoldyck, Himura Kenshin, Gray Fox, Raiden, Gunvolt, Eren Yeager, Sousuke Sagara, Niko Bellic, John Wick, Arya Stark, Edward J. Plunkett, Jiraiya, Master Roshi, Conan Edogawa, Ran Mouri
  • Rivals: Vash the Stampede, Rushuna Tendou, Jesse McCree, John Marston, Roland of Gilead, Lucky Luke, The Man with No Name, Bette Noir
  • Enemies: Revolver Ocelot, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Dio Brando, Solidus Snake, Sundowner, Hol Horse, Barracuda
  • Respects: The Saint of Killers, Landon Rickets
  • Annoys: Boa Hancock
  • Fears: Amy Rose, Mr. Game & Watch
  • One-time avatar: Jackie Chan
  • At the age of three, Ryo lost his parents in a plane crash after it was shot down in Central America, leaving him as the sole survivor and instilling in him a terrible fear of riding planes. He was subsequently raised in a war-torn village and, as a result, has no knowledge of his prior identity. To survive, he joined a guerrilla band in a civil war, learning how to handle weapons, close combat and warfare tactics, proving himself to be very good at being a soldier. During the civil war, he met another Japanese man named Shin Kaibara, who became his adoptive father.
    • After losing comrades during the war, his father figure injected him with a drug called Angel Dust, whose side-effects and withdrawal symptoms Ryo unexpectedly survived, a feat only one other person would replicate. Becoming a mindless killing machine, Ryo was dropped in the enemy front and killed all the soldiers in a military platoon. After the rebels group was disbanded, Ryo went to a rehabilitation clinic in the US to cure himself from the angel dust side effects and addiction. However, Ryo noticed that the effects of the drug didn't vanish over time, allowing him to keep his enhanced strength, speed and reflexes granted by the angel dust. Still, by the time everything was over, Ryo came out of it as a Shell-Shocked Veteran with near-crippling depression, daddy issues and and a whole lot of other problems that he keeps hidden with his perverted, goofy exterior.
    • Eventually, Ryo returned to Tokyo and formed the City Hunter Detective Agency, becoming a "sweeper", a sort of bodyguard/private detective who provides protection and law enforcement that the police cannot. His cases begin when troubled persons go to the Shinjuku Station and leave a brief note underneath the letters "XYZ" on a certain chalkboard. If they are lucky, and generally beautiful women, he accepts the job.
    • Ryo was initially partnered with ex-cop Hideyuki Makimura, who would often hire his services for various tasks before eventually resigning from the force to join Ryo on his sweeper business. After Hideyuki's death, his adoptive sister Kaori took his place as Ryo's new partner.
  • Ryo entered the Pantheon when one of its denizens traveled to Shinjuku Station in his world and left a note requesting his help with instructions that led him to a gateway which allowed him to enter the Pantheon. He subsequently greeted by Kenshiro, Son Goku, Joseph Joestar and Pegasus Seiya, whom he had met during the very first time that their worlds crossed over. Rushuna Tendou, who was also present, revealed that she had placed the note for him at their request, as they knew that Ryo would likely accept the request if it was made by a beautiful woman. After Ryo briefly flirted with and got rejected by Rushuna, he was informed of an upcoming conflict which involved Revolver Ocelot and that they were gathering as many expert sharpshooters as they could to match him. Ryo accepted their offer to join them and, after the conflict was resolved, he was formally ascended.
  • Ryo ended up participating in another merging of the worlds, during which he briefly got mind controlled and fought against, among others, Vegeta. After getting defeated and returning to normal, Ryo was aknowledged by Vegeta as a skilled warrior and joined Jump Force to stop the merger of their worlds. During this time, he also met and befriended Killua Zoldyck and Himura Kenshin, impressing both of them with his fighting prowess. He also flirted with pretty much every female fighter, from Boa Hancock (who, predictably, rejected him) to Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, who proved surprisingly susceptible to his advances. Likewise, he became enemies with Dio Brando, who mocked Ryo for trying to shoot him but was nonetheless impressed by Ryo's courage to face him.
  • Having been a child soldier, he quickly managed to bond with others who experienced similar circumstances and hardships like Gray Fox, Raiden, Gunvolt, Eren Yeager and Sousuke Sagara, who were able to see past his goofy Casanova Wannabe persona and recognize him for what he really is, a heavily depressed man, just on the verge of becoming a Death Seeker, with his partner's presence and his desire to protect Shinjuku being the only things keeping him from eating his gun. They frequently provide him with moral support whenever he hangs out with them.
  • Ryo is on decent terms with Niko Bellic and John Wick, both of whom have similarly experienced trauma in the past and have tried to move on from it. He also became friends with Arya Stark and Edward J. Plunkett, as Arya is similarly a hitman with a soft spot for certain people while Edward is a revolver-wielding Chivalrous Pervert.
  • Ryo is also on good terms with Jiraiya and Master Roshi, who share his perverted tendencies while still being fearsome warriors when they get serious. Both of them recognized Ryo's past trauma and tend to keep his spirit up whenever they hang out together.
  • He drew the attention of Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri due to sounding like Ran's father Kogoro Mouri. Both of them strongly disapprove of his attitude towards murder and frequently encourage him to show more mercy, though their influence on him has proven rather limited.
  • Ryo quickly got along with fellow gunslingers such as Vash the Stampede, Rushuna Tendou, Jesse McCree, John Marston, Roland of Gilead, Lucky Luke, The Man with No Name and Bette Noir. Whenever they engage in marksmanship competitions, he likes to show off his specialty, the "one-hole shot", a series of shots that all land in exactly the same spot on the target. He also likes to regale them with stories such as how he once won a duel with an empty gun by drawing the gun and throwing it at his foe's head faster than the opponent could draw his gun.
  • Unsurprisingly, he strongly opposes Solidus Snake and Sundowner due to the two of them both being responsible for turning children into child soldiers. He also dislikes Hol Horse and Barracuda. Having learned of Hol Horse through his friendship with Joseph Joestar, Ryo typically mocks him for his terrible aim whenever they meet. On the other hand, his distaste for Barracuda stems from the fact that he's similarly a former soldier but, unlike Ryo, discarded his humanity in favor a deadly psychotic mercenary.
  • He respects both the Saint of Killers and Landon Rickets. Due to his own habit of being quite ruthless to his enemies, Ryo and the Saint managed to develop an understanding with each other. On the other hand, Landon's protection of the settlement of Chuparosa reminds Ryo of his own fight for Shinjuku and its residents, something the two managed to bond over.
  • Having been beaten up by Kaori's Hyperspace Mallet on numerous occasions, Ryo is understandably quite afraid of those who wield similar mallets, like Amy Rose and Mr. Game & Watch. While neither of them have actually attacked Ryo at any point, he still generally makes sure that they're not around whenever he acts perverted.
  • He was surprised to run into Jackie Chan, who had portrayed him on one occasion. The two quickly managed to get along and have occasionally been seen sparring together.

    Teana Lanster 
Teana Lanster, Goddess of Magic Gunslingers (Tea, Tiana Lanstar)

    Yoko Littner 
Yoko Littner, Goddess of Sniper Rifles (Yomako, Doombitch, Ms. Fanservice, Titty McSniperrifle)
Yoko post-timeskip 
"Super Galaxy Yoko" 


    Nack the Weasel 
Nack the Weasel, God of Kiddified Guns (Fang the Sniper)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His airbike, the Marvelous Queen
  • Theme Song: Here We Go
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Cool Hat, Evil Fang, Awesome Ride, Dual Revolvers (that used to shoot corks), sinister sniper, Being a bad wolf-weasel, Motivated by cash
  • Domains: Treasure Hunting, Greed, Villainy, (Kiddified) Guns
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman, Revolver Ocelot, Toon Patrol, Pinstripe Potoroo, Hol Horse
  • Rivals: All other treasure hunters (Rouge the Bat, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Indiana Jones, Oerba Yun Fang, Yuna), other snipers in the Pantheon (Lockon Stratos, The Sniper, Yoko Littner, Lynette Bishop, Sniper Wolf, Ryoubi, Golgo 13, Sinon, Cyrus)
  • Complicated Relationship: Garrus Vakarian
  • Enemies: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, all Chaotix members, Sally Acorn, Rotor Walrus, Kamina, Simon
  • Nack ascended after Sonic finally remembered him from a long time ago. Needless to say, Dr. Eggman was happy to call on his services as a distraction/obstacle for Sonic and friends yet again. And Nack is more than happy to do so as long as the pay's good.
  • This Nack, interestingly, seems to be a combination of his two most well-known incarnations: SEGA's and Archie's. As such, his portfolio is drawn from both aspects but only as much as they converge into his divine title ("blasters" can be considered kiddified guns, after all).
  • Due to his alias, he has unfortunately gained the attention of various snipers in the Pantheon. Yoko Littner, Lockon Stratos, and The Sniper just to name a few. Fang doesn't mind this rivalry. In fact, he revels in it
    • He has oggled and flirted with Yoko, Sniper Wolf, Sinon, Lynette, and Ryoubi with varying effects. Yoko was disgusted but didn't mind using her attractiveness against him. Sniper Wolf was initially confused but upon learning that he was technically half-wolf (somehow), she became endeared to him (doesn't stop her from trying to kill him, though). Sinon was very distressed and flustered, but eventually resolved herself to considering him a worthy rival after seeing him in action. Lynette was rather flattered but wanted to just be friends (and rivals when necessary). And Ryoubi....she actually doesn't mind him and actually lets him leer at her when he's not on the job.
    • Lockon and Nack first encountered each other while crusing around in their respective machines, much to the surprise of the former as the latter managed to easily fall into pace with his Gundam. Lockon then tried to befriend Nack after looking into him (and noting his title of kid-friendly guns). To his credit, the two did spend a short time talking though ultimately it ended with Nack pointing his "blaster" at Lockon and telling him to get lost or he would shoot him. Lockon still tried to befriend him, only to get an energy shot to the leg for his troubles. Since then their relationship has been strained, at best, but they have a rivalry going nonetheless.
    • The Sniper views him as a professional rival due to both being mercenaries, though Nack's general personality does remind him of himself. Both tend to be all business unless something transpires to make things personal, both like getting paid for what they do best, and most of all - they have a similar fashion sense. The only reason they're not outright friends is because they both know that they may just have to kill each other one day, but they get along well enough anyway.
    • Golgo and Cyrus don't really have an opinion of him, though the former reminds him of his silent but stalwart teammate Bark. There's a bit of professional respect, yes, but they don't really show it even the rare times they interact.
  • Treasure hunting. Nack has tried multiple times to break into the Treasures to claim what it contained. Fortunately, the security is too tight so he hasn't ben able to infiltrate it no matter how many times he has tried. It's basically a routine thing for him at this point.
    • However his Sonic the Comic self is more successful because of his shrinking and growing techology, as well knowing when to fold it.
    • He has met and chatted with various other treasure hunters in the Pantheon. Indy doesn't really like him much, Lara is annoyed at his passes at her, Fang just ignores him, and Yuna is amazed by how much of a good shot he is. Firefights have become commonplace in Nack's life because of this.
    • Nack eventually got around to meeting Rouge the Bat, who is more-or-less currently playing the role of treasure hunter in the Sonicverse. Nack really likes this particular competition with her and part of it involves taking verbal jabs at each other.
  • Nack is also quite capable of defending himself in close-combat, notably utilizing a fighting style involving his tail and his legs as well as his Sonic The Comic version's shrinking and growing technology. He prefers to keep himself at a distance, though, as that means less chance of getting hurt.
  • He threw the entire House of Beasts for a loop due to being a "wolf-weasel" (half-wolf, half-weasel). Many of the animal handlers of that house questioned him about how he came to be, to which he simply shrugged, hopped on the Marvelous Queen, and flew off at top speed.
    • Nack later met a group of actual weasels known as the Toon Patrol. He does like working with them from time-to-time, though he does have a few misgivings about them.
  • Despite his professionalism, Nack has unfortunately gained the attention of a particular vigilante: Garrus. It doesn't help that the latter is also a crack shot, but what makes matters worse is that Nack once tried to take something precious to him. Even if it was mercenary work, Garrus won't forgive him and has vowed to take him down no matter what.
  • Nack is also currently wanted by the House of Justice after apparently trying (and failing) to steal something highly dangerous from the Treasury for Dr. Eggman.


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