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Among the military ranks of the Pantheon, these are the ones that always present of the battlefield fighting for the cause they believe. They respond to the Hall of Military Ranks, but some of the most renegade soldiers aren't guaranteed to do it willingly. Closely related to the House of Fighting and Combat, where many take their training sessions there before going on a mission. It's also very common to see a high number of Blood Knights show up in this very house.

Shares the same general area as the Hall of Armies, but with training areas serving small groups of soldiers rather than large groups. Many here are either the best or the worst of the enlisted ranks, so it gets a little dicey with regards to training here. Fair warning: fatal blanket parties on strangers (for some reason) happen every now and then, so military police is crawling here.

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Greater Gods

    The Doom Slayer 
"Against all the evil that hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we shall send unto them... only you. Rip, and tear... until it is done."
King Novik of Argent D'Nur, Doom Eternal

The Doom Slayer, The One-Man Army Incarnate (Doom, Doomguy, Doom Marine, Extermination Warrior, Buddy Dacote, Flynn Taggart, Stan Blazkowicz, John Kane, John Grimm, Reaper, John Doom, The Marine, 12.0 on a 10.0 Scale of Badness, A Berserker-Packing Man-And-A-Half, The Boy Packin' 80 Pounds of Heavenly Joy, The Bane of Hell Itself, The Unchained Predator, The Hell Walker, DM1-5, Scourge of Hell, The Outlander, Harbinger, Sarge, The Destroyer, Stranger, Night Sentinel, God King, Khan, Space Marine, Taggart93, "time walker", Great Slayer, The Slayer, and countless nicknames)
Him without his helmet
As Doomguy
  • Greater God in his newest incarnation, Intermediate God in his early adventures.
  • Symbol: The Mark of the Doom Slayer. Alternatively, the DOOM logo or the helmet of the Praetor Suit with the BFG-9000 and a Chainsaw crossed behind it crossbones-style.
  • Theme Music: At DOOM's Gate (Classic and modern versions), Doom 64's Opening and Ending themes, and when getting really serious, Rip & Tear, BFG Division or The Only Thing They Fear Is You
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (may veer straight into Chaotic Stupid territory while under the effect of one of his power-ups, ESPECIALLY the Berserker pack)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Determination, Violence, Guns (and lots of 'em), Carnage and Gibs, Demon-Slaying, Badassery, Rip and Tear, DOOM
  • Followers: The overwhelming majority of FPS heroes and Demon Hunters
  • Heralds: The Doom Marine, the Night Sentinels (the ones who fought with and died beside him, and eventually the rest during his battle against Davoth), VEGA, Samuel Hayden (formerly), the ARC Intern
  • High Priest: Berzerker
  • Divine Wielder of: The BFG9000 and Berserker Powerup and Berserk Sphere
  • Allies: BJ Blazkowicz (ancestor), Raven, Asura, the Imperium of Mankind, Dante Alighieri, Dwayne Johnson, Guts, many of Earth's heroes, any non-evil rabbit deity.
  • Approved by: Terry Pratchett, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Khorne, the House of Military and Warfare
  • Admired by: Joel, the Houses of Machinery and Technology and Gaming
  • Odd Friendship: Isabelle, The Big Friendly Giant
  • Worthy Opponent: The Predator
  • Friendly Rivalry with: The Master Chief, Serious Sam, Lo Wang, Jack Cayman (he covets Jack's position as the God of Chainsaws)
  • Disappointed with: Aqua (Konosuba)
  • Conflicting Opinion with: The good-aligned demonic deities, especially the likes of Dante Sparda, Spawn, Anung Un Rama, and Illidan Stormrage
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: All Shin Megami Tensei protagonists, Ritsuka Fujimaru, all good Martians and those who are protectorates of it (e.g. Rei Hino/Sailor Mars and J'onn J'onnz)
  • Unfazed by: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  • Feared by: Practically All deities of demonic origin by default, such as The Helltaker Cast, Nippon-verse demons, Issei's Harem, especially Rias, the Aensland sisters
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: All angelic beings, especially those of which are Lawful Evil, Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao, The Daedric Princes
  • "In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... the Doom Slayer."
  • Demons. Feared for their tenacity, avoided for their rage, and hated for their unholiness. Man would never succeed against the demons, even with all the advanced technology at their disposal. Yet one man was feared, avoided and hated amongst all demonkind, a feat never accomplished by anyone. When a random soldier was ordered to secure the base on one of the moons on Mars, not only did he meet the demons he would be sworn to fight against, but the demons would find what is perhaps their greatest fear manifested in a single Space Marine, filled with no remorse, and armed to the teeth to kill any demon he would come across. After killing all the demons on the Phobos base, all would turn out well, until the demons entered Earth and murdered his pet bunny Daisy. From then on, Hell would see its forces slowly dwindle as its assaults on Earth were all undone by one person. This person, nicknamed Doomguy for his lack of name, would assault Hell on its deepest roots, and despite clearing and killing all demons on the planet, it would all be undone by a single Mother Demon, forcing him out of retirement and back into ripping and tearing Hell once more. However, to make sure another being would never do such again, he decided to close the portal from Hell to trap the demons with him, with the purpose of fighting Hell and to never let them come to Earth ever again.
    • There was another tale, a legend of "the Slayer", a myth from the depths of Hell and beyond that tells the story of a Slayer that not only pushed an all-out attack on Hell with relentless fury, but had aid in the form of the Night Sentinels, daunting warriors that sided with him during the conflicts. As they dissipated and were later lost to the demons, the Slayer continued his rampage and would soon be entombed by a trap, forever sealed with a mark that would warn anyone about the being inside. And as expected, he was discovered by the U.A.C, just as another demonic invasion was happening in the midst. What was not expected was the fact that this Slayer is actually the Doomguy that sealed the portal from Hell to fight the demons in an eternal battle. Even being locked from Hell did not deter him from his demon-killing. When a group of Argent Sentinels discovered him on the walls of Sentinel Prime, they found him filled with demon blood, guts and the essence of him screaming to 'Rip and Tear'. Following all his retrofitted equipment by the Argent Sentinels, he would continue his assault against Hell through the Unholy Crusades and earned more respect than any other Sentinel to the point of calling him their leader. This not only set the stage for the return of the Slayer, it also signaled the warning to all demons that the Slayer is ready to Rip and Tear!
  • There were rumors that Doomguy was in the Pantheon firsthand but only few sightings were found around the House of War, his temple. Many theorized that the act of him sealing the portal from Hell must have been the cause of his sudden disappearance, though there have been a few sightings here and there. At the same time, the arrival of many demonic deities came in huge numbers and were soon flocking common Pantheon spots. Many found this to be troublesome as some are not accustomed to the smell of fire and brimstone on their homes. That would all change when the House of War was greeted by a huge tomb on one of its unoccupied spots. There, they saw what seemed to be a red mark in the front of it. Unaware of its meanings, the guardians, especially under orders of Apocalypse opened the tomb and were greeted with a green plasma blast before fighting his way through the outside of the House. When he was outside, the people saw the figure, dressed in green, bulky armor and armed to the teeth with almost every weapon imaginable, who was last seen rushing into the House of Demons and large amounts of blood and guts were spilled around the place. No one could have identified the being, but those who recognize the green pattern of the armor knew who it was: the Doom Slayer.
  • Those who know the legend of the Doom Slayer know his intentions, demons and killing. Nothing can scare him, for he is adept at handling demons of any kind, even the supposed invincible ones. Those that studied the temple he was entombed with yield various results on the Slayer, from the past evidence of his relations to a group of soldiers known as the Night Sentinels, to even evidence of some of the demons he has killed, including among those was a gigantic skull of a Titan, one of the biggest warriors Hell has ever conjured. To say that the results surprised everyone is an understatement.
  • As Hell persisted throughout the ages, battling against angels, humans and the like, they received a reminder of their bane of their existence. When the Doom Slayer reawakened, the House of Demons was in total chaos. Massive damages all throughout the house were felt and all demonic deities have received painful deaths by the Slayer. However, there was a catch, even as he constantly killed them, the Pantheon's status quo prevented them from actually dying, further inciting his rage. This is also worsened by the fact that some demons have even reached far beyond the House of Demons, of which he found his old foes and even new ones within the fray. Nevertheless, this will only create more hostility between him and the rest of all demonkind, whether they like it or not.
    • Speaking of old foes, the presence of the one-eyed Cacodemon did not give high hopes, as if it is floating around the Pantheon alongside the species itself, then more of Hell's demons are nearby, and his guess was correct. Few houses away, he saw what seemed to be the same Cyberdemon in different variants, including the Tyrant version. Then, he got further pissed hearing summoning noises, revealing to be the dreaded Archvile. He has suspected that it was responsible for all the demonic summoning around the Pantheon, but this is just half of it.
    • He saw new foes, starting with the Doom Hunters deployed by Deag Renak on the Doom Hunter base. Despite encountering the same Archvile that summoned it, the demon still has a presence on the same place, and to make it worse, the corrupted Night Sentinels, the Marauders paid a visit to the Slayer. Hearing this, the Slayer also made visits to the Marauder by beating them all to death. Even with all of his weaponry, the demons have made it clear that they have a spot in the Pantheon, unfortunately, that means getting themselves into the Slayer's crosshairs every single day.
  • While the past temple he once had is no more, two temples were reconstructed for the Slayer, though the other one was supplied by himself. One was a ground temple, which is the gigantic skull of the Titan he slew. This is where people who praise him honor his rank, as both reverence and scenery. The other is the Fortress of Doom, a large Sentinel station that serves as both the Doom Slayer's HQ, home, and training grounds. This is where the Slayer often resides, as he often does do other stuff outside of just plain demon killing especially if it gets boring after some time. He often lets some of his most devout followers in, just to witness in awe the size of his home or if they need some tools that any badass marine needs. The temple can be separated into several parts:
    • A command room with a teleportation gate which he uses to go straight to any demon incursion, help out other heroes when they're being swamped by the hordes of hell, or to headbang at any concert that features the work of Mick Gordon. This is also where he has his AI control, VEGA handle the station's condition though that directive is now given to Samuel Hayden.
      • This part is where a portion of the Pantheon's Grand United Alliance, the GUAG's White Hats were studying the Sentinel technology part of his Fortress. At first he was put off by the actions, but after consultation from the higher ups, he decided to allow them to study and survey the area. If anything, the White Hats are preventing another incident where the Fortress of Doom malfunctioned.
    • Vaults where he keeps the various sets of armor that he's worn over the course of his war with hell alongside various weapon upgrades. Several heroes and visitors that the Slayer allowed into the citadel were shocked into silence when viewing an old set of green armor that seemed made for a standard space marine with a UAC logo on it. When questioned about it and the implications of it and his origins, the Slayer remained predictably silent. For the record, his armors are all sturdy enough to protect against conventional weaponry; it's just that the demons he fights do not use such things, hence why he apepars to be a Glass Cannon against them.
      • There was also a white-and-pink "Doomicorn" suit among his armors, but nobody dares to ask him why. He's even been reported to have been sighted in that suit, and no less dangerous for it.
      • There also exists various weapon upgrades the Slayer needs when his weapons require more punch for his needs. However on weapon stands out on the entire area: the Unmaykr, a weapon of Maykr design with some few modifications. Some do not recognize the weapon's origins but if one looks at the Slayer's archives, one can notice the only instance when it was used.
    • His living quarters, which includes a weapons display cabinet in one corner, a dedicated toy collection shelf in the opposite corner, a large chair and book cabinet filled with an impressive amount of referential book titles, an armour workbench and an enormous tri-monitor gaming PC setup, alongside various paraphernalia he's collected over the years, with some referencing his ancestral line.
    • Then going deeper in his station is the Ripatorium, a particular section where he gets to summon demons for target practice and testing out his new weapons. It is in this area where portions of the Pantheon gets to witness the carnage of the Slayer demonstrated. The training hall is magically enhanced and warded so none of the evil creatures imprisoned can escape. The room also possesses magic that keeps the demons from truly dying so the Slayer can keep killing them over and over again. When it was pointed out to the Slayer the irony of being the enemy of hell yet also accurately recreating it on his citadel, he merely shrugged and continued to chainsaw through a Hell Knight while it screamed in pain only to regenerate to be killed later. Thankfully his conduct didn't violate the Geneva conventions as Geneva had already been destroyed by Hell at that point, though some of the residents are rather put off by this.
  • More demon slayers/haters came in to work with him on his crusade and many were mixed.
    • One was Aqua, a goddess that has a common hatred for demons, and while he appreciates her presence, he is just downright disappointed on her capabilities, if not outright useless, though the only reason he is somewhat on the fence on abandoning her is that her magic can be useful to some degree. Then he met Dante Alighieri, one of the more popular people who have descended into the 9 Circles of Hell and described all he has witnessed. What he is interested in however is Dante's other form when he wants is some ass-whupping, as he slew demons left and right while staying on the side of good.
    • People like him are what the Slayer wants in his crusade, which is why he bonds very well with Tadano Hitonari since both are soldiers on a mission to fight demons in a hellscape. He gets along best with the Hitonari of the Redux Neutral ending as he's become an immortal being who has destroyed the Schwarzwelt seven times over 150 years. The only thing Hitonari has to be cautious about is summoning his own demons, since it runs the risk of being shot by the Doom Slayer, if they can even stomach the carnage anyway.
    • It should be noted that he does have a little trouble following plans or directives. He’s not stupid, mind you. Far from it, given he maintained the Fortress of Doom with VEGA's assistance all those years since his reawakening and the events that transpired during the Invasion of Hell. He doesn’t mind having allies either. He just gets bored easily and he just prefers to do whatever the hell he wants, by himself if possible. Otherwise, if he absolutely has to work with allies, he won’t necessarily mind, but he’d at least prefer to have allies who won’t weight him down and who can hold their own in a fight. He’s a good person at heart, but he’s also incredibly brutal and batshit crazy. The Doom Marine is most effective if you can drop him into the heart of enemy territory, point him at a foe, and say, "Kill them dead!" It’s especially effective if the enemies are demons.
  • His cause is just. His will is strong. And his gun is very, very large. A common thing to think about the Slayer as that defines who he is. He is a 12.0 on a one to ten scale of badassery with pure brute strength and focus to scare even the most powerful demons (and possibly gods). So to say that many gods are not willing to cross the line against him is something of a note, especially if you are a prick against humanity or advocate for demons as a whole, then he'll give you a greeting by shotgun.
    • It was this part of him that impressed the Imperium of Mankind, so much that they called him an unofficial member of the Angry Marines. That also lead to more respect to even author Terry Pratchett, as he recognized the importance of Doom and how a demonic being can be killed by a simple shotgun to the face.
    Terry: Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil... prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon...
  • Outside of the very common Demons House, he has a large beef with the numerous demons sprawling around the Pantheonic landscape. In some ways, some of the demons fear his presence while others are willing to go up against him in an act of defiance, which in some way will end up having the deity regretting that death wish. That hasn't stopped demonic deities such as Malebolgia and The Violator from attempting to ravage his Fortress with hundreds of demons, but for every demon wave they send out, he always comes out on top. And they aren't the only ones who he has set his eyes on.
    • Talks on large beasts such as the Beast and Sargeras against the Doom Slayer are rather common topics that the other deities ponder. Who will win, gargantuan demonic leaders with a penchant for destruction, or one man who is TOO ANGRY TO DIE. Though such discussions are nothing to joke about because if the size of the Beast reminds him of, it is the Icon of Sin and he'll be gunning it down first. Another demonic god who is under the Slayer's sights is Trigon, who was told to him via Raven, the daughter that is surprisingly not of demonic blood. Now Trigon's days will have to adapt to a constant one-man army fighting against him and his forces.
    • Netherrealm came under fire and its hosts such as Quan Chi, Shinnok and the Corrupted Revenants of Liu Kang, Kitana and Kung Lao started popping in the Slayer's radar, prompting him to hunt them down. As for reasons, the demonic forces of Netherrealm started following their orders, which he knew they would be up to no good. While the warriors ascended may not be in their revenant forms (although the idea of them turning into them when something goes wrong is an idea not far off), Quan Chi and Shinnok are the main culprits, and remind him of the Hell Priests, especially the latter. Noob Saibot is also counted among the Doomguy's enemies for trying to make an army of cyber-demons in an alternate timeline. And speaking of demonic leaders, King Allant XII has also been under the Slayer's watchlist because the moment Boletaria makes a move, he'll greet them at their doors.
    • After meeting with Dante Alighieri, he knew that Dante would have met a demon on some capacity on one of the circles, and true enough, he was right. Down on Hell was the devil himself, Dis. Upon viewing, the devil did many tricks to incite fear on him, but nothing worked. The Slayer fears no one, and as explained here:
    The inner circle of death is where he resides - hunting them at the far reaches of the Earth and beyond. And with him, lies our salvation. There is only one dominant life form in this universe, and it carries a steel barreled sword of vengeance.
  • It is hard being a one-man army who ravaged through hell for a day, but doing it for an eternity is not something to sneeze at. It is this reason that lead to his lack of sympathy nor pity to practically every demonic deity available, also accompanied by the fact that the demons were also responsible for his pet's death. This resulted in an immensely angry person who just can’t really see reason in other demonic deities (as he mostly views them as mindless beasts, with VERY few exceptions), who will gladly, if he ever sees a demon, rip and tear his way through their entire form and slaughter every demonic being, seemingly regardless of alignment. It is for this reason that reasoning with him is practically useless, even with the sort-of good ones as it is quite hard for him to fathom the concept of a good demon as for him, "good" and "demon" rarely, if ever align, or at least that is what he thinks.
    • He has had immense difficulty adjusting to the idea there are demons, devils, and the like that aren’t Always Chaotic Evil, but is somewhat willing to refrain from feeding them their own limbs so long as they behave themselves (and even then, he’ll almost always keep a very close eye on them like pointing a shotgun right on their heads). Most of the good guys are willing to refrain from accusing him of Fantastic Racism because of this, and because they understand he has very good reasons for hating demons so much. (Hell, even most of them have had enough experiences with their own worlds' fellow demonkinds to know that they are more often than not the exceptions to the rule, so they mostly just accept his lethal suspicion as the proper way of things.) It also helps that he has never been confirmed to have engaged in any hateful acts against the other species, though scaring people to death is another matter entirely. It doesn’t help that every time he encounters a demon, he always gets ready to rip and tear them apart via instinct and force of habit. His murderous hatred of demons is legendary and it will be very difficult, if not practically impossible, to fully adjust to the Pantheon’s non-evil demons. Still, if the demon who made his armor is any indication, there may be hope yet...
    • Examples of such demons with conflicting ideas for him include Dante, Vergil, and Nero (though there is subtle mutual respect there for how everyone involved kills demons like it’s going out of style), the Nippon-verse demons which lead to Valvatorez trying to talk him out of it, Issei's Harem, especially Rias who she has avoided him like the plague, the Aensland sisters, who have been known to teleport to other planes of existence when they learn he’s entered the one they’re currently in and The Helltaker Cast, which is basically a romantic harem group. All these demons prove is that there are good demons but it will take time and especially patience for someone like Doomguy to tolerate their presence.
  • The nature of Daedric Princes is something that the Doom Slayer just simply cannot comprehend outside of "demon god". If anything, that is the reason why he has placed them on his next 'to-kill' list. While the other Princes are somewhat accepting of his nature, possibly Sheogorath as he was the Champion of Cyrodiil (and even then being a Daedric Prince basically turns you into a Mad God), the others, specifically Molag Bal are against his existence. The other princes are willing to keep themselves in check to not actively antagonize the Slayer, but since Molag Bal's existence is on human misery and sort of fits the role of demon, even though Daedra as a whole are "demon" but with a mix of angel and fairy, he is amongst those the Slayer will be glad to kill.
    • Speaking of gods that are based on demons, the Chaos Gods are next on his list, and with support from the Imperium, has been granted access to all weaponry he can use to beat the Chaos daemons back to the warp. While many are rather doubtful if progress can be seen with such, others have identified that the Slayer may have a strong chance against the warp daemons, specifically those of Tzeentch, Slaanesh, and even Nurgle. The one anomaly in this is Khorne. If anything, the Chaos God of War and Violence revels in Doomguy's slaughter, to the point of appointing him the prestigious rank of a Khornate Berzerker. Too bad the only thing he will be greeted by will be a BFG blast, and even then Khorne will still be alive due to his demon-killing and his unrelenting fury, an act of violence that not only satiates some of Khorne's bloodlust but seems pretty ok in Doomguy's kill all demons instinct.
  • All the while, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction have not taken kindly the Doom Slayer's re-arrival, striking his presence to be a large threat to their order. As the protector and arguably, avenger of humanity, he is their true roadblock to total destruction, and it is not some holy power that guides him, instead its all lead and fiery steel that guides him.
    • And even evil robots and other beings are counted against his crusade. The Vex fits this quite well to the point that Radiolarian technology has no effect on him, though stalling him is something they can easily do with large numbers. However, considering his experience with larger numbers on the enemy side, this may come up as a problematic scenario should the Slayer exhaust the Vex's options.
  • Even terrors like Doomguy have some love for certain deities, whether it be bunny deities for reminding him of his pet Daisy, such as Judy Hopps, or even those within his bloodline such as his great-great-grandfather BJ Blazkowicz who he hangs out just to remind him of his ancestral line with Commander Keen. There was even one time when he had the opportunity to visit his true creator, John Carmack, the founder of the very company that created him in the first place. This is a way for him to pronounce praise for his creator.
    • Regarding bunnies, he is okay with any bunny deity, provided they are not willing to hurt him in any other way, though one bunny did try this out of instinct and surprisingly did not even faze Doomguy at the slightest, if anything, he just simply looked at it and left like nothing happened. As for the bunny in question, it was the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog that tried to eat him, but simply felt like a tickle and he just shrugged it off like nothing happened.
  • While he is one of the oldest FPS video game characters to be around, it lead to some conflicts with others of the same old factor like him, people like Duke Nukem, Lo Wang and Serious Sam are on the same contentious role of some of the older FPS characters to have ascended, the time when many games were called "Doom-clones". While each of their games have progressed in some way, Doomguy is still way above each of them, with Duke rather unwilling to talk about the Development Hell of his game, Lo being chill with his newer adventures and Serious Sam actually posing a challenge or at least would have been a challenge.
    • Rivals aside, perhaps his most known rival would be the Master Chief. Both super soldiers/space marines that have evolved throughout time with various upgrades and were among the catalysts of the First Person Shooter genre. There was a battle that took place between the two that lead to the Slayer's BFG reflecting to him, but with new technology under his grasp, he demands another rematch with the Chief, and among the first challenges the duo have done was a rap battle.
    • And if that was not enough, he started having some covetous thoughts towards Jack Cayman's position as the God of Chainsaws, of which he popularized on his accord. Now to be fair, Doomguy already has One-Man Army and despite his attempts to plea for another position, it was declined, so he will have to allow Jack his position, and while his chainsaw skills are respectable, he would like to introduce to him The Great Communicator.
  • On a search for new technology, he stumbled upon the Predator's technology, and ended up bargaining for it, via a one-on-one duel. While it did not net him the weaponry, he took inspiration from it and decided to retrofit it to his suit, creating a new shoulder-mounted weapon to effectively give some demons some fiery belch, frag grenades or even an ice bomb.
  • For being one of, if not the oldest notable videogame characters, he is much respected in the House of Gaming, who cannot thank him enough if only for the fact that his game was among the initial pillars of gaming as a whole. Also respected in the House of Technology, because Doom is Port Overdosed to the point of running in basically everything, even in his tri-monitor setup. Then came the House of War, who chose him to be a symbol of War among the entire House, to which he gladly took.
    • Within the House of Gaming came a man gushing on his re-arrival, Joel, who has been a main advocate for the guy. He has since made numerous Doom mapping contests and even made some new maps to commemorate his return. Unfortunately his arrival also meant that the demonic enemies of his, such as the infamous Archvile has ended up putting the Pantheon with -100 points for bringing one. Don't worry though, Doomguy will just be there ripping and tearing his way into those pesky Archviles.
  • While his identity is known to have no name, hence calling him as Doom Slayer or just simply Doomguy, some names were sort of discovered such as Flynn 'Fly' Taggart, John Kane, and John "Reaper" Grimm. The latter is what got him into a meeting with Dwayne Johnson, as he has yet to teach him how to use the BFG properly, also to make sure that he doesn't end up being infected into a demon like the last time he did while wielding his own version of said weapon. Doom Slayer's avatar as Grimm made him hang out with Judge Dredd on occasion. (he keeps a distance from the other characters who he shares an actor with, McCoy, as the doctor is a pacifist at heart, and Billy Butcher, whose morality strikes Doom Slayer as too extreme, as well as making him fearful of what Butcher could do with his arsenal)
    • On regards to his identity, a new discovery was made to those who were not aware of it, that being Doomguy is the Doom Slayer, who was found by Night Sentinels on Sentinel Prime. After proving his worth, his being was intercepted by the Khan Maykr, an otherworldly angel that posed as Argent D'Nur's figure. What culminated in-between those events are a mystery, but what is known is that Doomguy was then given a huge upgrade by a Seraphim known as Samur Maykr, giving him enhanced strength, durability and all those powers that made him more powerful that his original incarnation. This enhanced power also gave him the strength that made him extremely feared all throughout hell. Many people were more shocked to see the transpired events that lead to his rise.
  • At one point, the Pantheon's bells bellowed throughout the plane and angels of all were on battle formations. The sight that was described saw the Doom Slayer against Archangel Michael in what can be described as a fight against one another. Others feared this sign, as many thought that the Slayer was against angels of all but if one looks through the lenses of the Slayer, will they see why he is in such a state: the Maykr race, an alien race posing an angelic beings have made a deal with Hell that forsake many worlds as sacrifices for their survival. Seeing that they have placed Earth under such, he has been against angels for his bitter experience with them. Then more information came that the Khan Maykr was also responsible for poisoning Argent D'Nur into corruption and Argenta Society as a whole. She was also responsible for corrupting loyal Night Sentinels into the Marauders as well as the Hell Priests who are of Sentinel blood. All this under his blind fit of rage against angels as a whole, only made worse by the Khan Maykr's ascension, a feeling that he would have expected at some point. While majority of the angels stopped and pitied the Slayer for his experience, he is not expecting respite from them, especially now that she arrived and that both the Archangel and him have agreed to team against the Maykrs.
    • It is because of this that lead to his hatred on angels spilled into the Absolute Lawmaker himself. It is bad enough YHVH has considered anyone who does not follow his order to be an enemy, but when it is the Doom Slayer, that is another problem entirely, as his determination and strength that has kept him alive for what seems like an eternal lifespan. If he continues his assault on the Lawmaker's rule, the rest of his order might have to intervene. And if you think him teaming with Lucifer is a chance since he advocates for humanity, you'd be mistaken. Being a demon lord does not bring him any sympathy towards the leader of the GUAC.
    • Suddenly, he started blasting his super shotgun against a group of white rodents. The Puella Magi noticed the him spilling shotgun lead on the Incubators like no tomorrow, which Homura made a hunch seeing that the methodology of the Incubators are close to the Khan Maykr that being sacrifice of another species/people. In the defense of the Incubators, they did mention that all was meant to save Earth which is true in some aspects, but the way of doing so just pisses him off as it makes them no better than the Khan Maykr.
  • For some odd reason, he's been seen hanging out with Isabelle, having tea with her, teaching her how to use his weapons, or even demon slaying. When questioned why, he just stated that their games were going to be released on the same date. Certain sights include Doomguy buying a special AC-themed Switch at a local game store, while Isabelle has also been seen running around with the Doom Slayer helmet that comes with the Doom Eternal Collector's Edition, exchanging roles from the Slayer fishing and picking fruits for local residents on a paradise island, while Isabelle takes a break from being Assistant Mayor by ripping and tearing through demons from hell. However, some have noticed that if anything, him hanging out with Isabelle might be a way for him to console over the loss of Daisy. He also has a particular liking for most if not all Rabbit Villagers. Although he gets along with most of the villagers just fine.
    • Isabelle tried to convince Master Hand to allow Doom Slayer a place in the smash tournements. While it wasn't possible given all participants were preemptively selected, he at least allowed his likeness to be worn by Miis as costumes.
    • Another weird acquaintance of Doom Slayer is The BFG - as in, the Big Friendly Giant, who doesn't mind that his acronym is now taken by a gun no matter if he is a pacifist. He find the Doom Slayer a pleasant chap who loves bunnies and helps rid the world of bad creatures.
  • Ever since Mario's Adventure Odyssey, Doomguy has taken interest in one of its songs and sometimes listens to it while slaying demons. Mario doesn't know what to say regarding that but what he can say is that he knows that Doomguy contributed on the Nintendo 64 on some capacity.
  • One thing he's recently been most infamous for is the shooting of the planet Mars to get to the ancient city of Hebeth located in its core. All Martians and those who revere said planet have noticed this and made their intentions clear. The Mars Attacks!Martians and the Mars People have become his enemies. Heroes like Sailor Mars and the Martian Manhunter are a little more understanding and would prefer that he not ever resort to such a measure again.
  • Tthe origin of the Slayer has finally been revealed, much to the shock of the entire Pantheon. As it turns out, He was created by The Dark Lord Himself in his own image in order to help him destroy the world. Obviously, the Slayer rebelled against his creator. And challenged him to a fight. After a long battle, the Slayer eventually managed to defeat the Dark Lord, but it took a toll on his body and he has fallen into a comatose state. The Slayer has been put to rest.
    • The fact that Doomguy is basically in a coma caused every demonic deity in the Pantheon to breathe a collective sight of relief. Also, the irony of Doomguy having been basically created by a demon was not lost on the Pantheon’s evil demonic deities, and they plan on using that as a source of mockery towards Doomguy. They can now sleep better knowing that he’s currently resting in a sarcophagus... for now, except the Pantheon has special rules for Doomguy and he can wake up whenever something happens within his vicinity. In other words, the demons are just delaying the inevitable and by their fears it happened, Davoth ascended giving the demons some leeway but awoken the Doom Slayer in what seem to be an inevitable endless war against Hell and the Slayer in the Pantheons.
  • "They are rage, brutal, without mercy. But you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done."

Rip... and... tear... Rip and... Tear. Rip and Tear. RIP AND TEAR!

    John-117/Master Chief 
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy John-117, God of Super Soldiers (SPARTAN-117, Sierra 117, the Master Chief, the Demon, the Human Champion, Reclaim Halo, The Super Soldier, a Pretty Cool Guy, Traitor)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A MJOLNIR Helmet, which has varied throughout the years (currently a MJOLNIR GEN3 helmet)
  • Theme Music: Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix or 117, Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (though he will foray into Neutral Good at times). As of Escalation and Guardians, possibly Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: More Dakka, Immune to Bullets, Super Soldiers With Armors, Deflector Shields, Deadpan Snarker (at times), Tragic Hero, Child Soldiers, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Heart Broken Badass, He Who Fights Monsters
  • Domains: War, Time And Space.
  • Herald: Noble Six
  • Followers: The Stormtroopers, Jake "Nomad" Dunn, The COG Soldiers, The M.I.
  • Allies: Cortana, Sangheili Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, The Adeptus Astartes, Gabriel Belmont, Commander Shepard, Kiritsugu Emiya, Homura Akemi, Johnny Rico, Vert/Green Heart, Epsilon, Niko Bellic, Link, Fi, the Blood Gulch Crew from Red vs. Blue, Cornelia li Britannia, Killua Zoldyck
  • Rivals: Doomguy
  • Enemies: The Millennium, The Flood, The Prophets, The Combine, The Vex, The Meta, Cinder Fall
  • Raised and trained from childhood to become the perfect soldier by the SPARTAN-II Project, Master Chief is a man of few words and a lot of action. Saving all the life in the galaxy twice by destroying the Halos would be more than enough for an ascension, but Master Chief just had to add a third feat by stopping the Forerunners from reigniting their war with humanity.
  • His current relationship with the goddess Samus Aran is unknown. She has not returned any of his calls. While some people thought they saw the two of them together (and a few swore they had fought together), it later turns out that SPARTAN was not him.
  • While he and Kiritsugu Emiya have some personality clashes - the Chief is a lawful soldier, Kiritsugu doesn't have the same scruples and honor - they are willing to let their differences aside to fight together, specially once Kiritsugu admitted he does regret some of his worst actions. Some have also noted that they sound similar at times.
  • He and Homura Akemi are on friendly terms, not only because both are rattled veterans of a Forever War, but also because they can respect each other's ability to make a girl a promise and try their hardest to keep it. Also, Homura sympathizes with the Chief, mostly because his farewell with Cortana reminded her of her farewell with Madoka. "Never forget."
    • In general, he aligns himself with most of the Puellae Magi, seeing them as Transhuman child soldiers akin to himself. He's even willing to salute to Madoka and calls her "Ma'am". He's reluctant to implicate Kyubey, however; though he knows that he shouldn't compare the Incubator to Dr. Halsey, he still remembers what Osman did to her...
    • Interesting enough unlike Isaac Clarke, Master Chief has kept very close ties with Homura after the Great Upheaval. While disagreeing with her methods, he completely understands Homura's drastic actions. He is one of the few deities to openly support and defend her. In fact, he has appointed himself as her 'protector', and has calmly threatened to commit grievous harm against anyone who would try to hurt her (pointing his rifle at Sayaka and neck-lifting Isaac Clarke, among other things); this has left many anti-Homura deities too frightened to try anything against her, for fear of evoking The Demon's wrath. The recently-sprouted rumors that his feelings toward the girl have become partially paternal in nature dissuade anyone from trying anything even more; the mere idea of The Demon going full Papa Wolf is a terrifying one, enough to keep even the Magical Girl Sisterhood at bay. Although not fully believing herself 'worthy' of this compassion and care, Homura is nonetheless deeply grateful for it, and the Chief has even become a bit of a Living Emotional Crutch for her in these trying times.
  • Was the one who lead the battle against The Flood when it first arrived in the Pantheon and successfully defeated it once more. Today he stands as one of the main defenders against its return, as he is the only being within the Pantheon whom it truly fears, and has swore to protect Puellae Magi, whom the Gravemind has shown a very high level of interest in...
    • It was during an incident with the Flood that Master Chief first met Sam "Serious" Stone. Sam and Chief managed to hold the Flood at bay long enough for reinforcements to arrive and contain the Flood once more, and Sams' combat capabilities sparked a rivalry between the two, as well as giving Serious Sam a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Most people consider him a mighty hero, others a tragic broken shell of a man. Most don't know they're both right. And considering his upbringing, Chief is sympathetic to any current and former child soldiers such as Raiden.
  • To the entire shock of the Pantheon (and every Halo fan in existence) John has been declared a traitor, and has presumably gone rogue against the UNSC. As of late, he has been seen more and more with Homura Akemi wearing a brown cloak.
    • However, the Pantheon's investigators (mainly the Council of Shadows, with help from Homura) soon uncovered the whole story: the people he killed at the peace conference he 'attacked' were in fact disguised members of the human-supremacist terrorist group "Sapien Sunrise", come to assassinate the human and Sangheili diplomats there. The Chief managed to kill every one of them without killing a single innocent (though SS managed to kill a handful of people, including the human diplomat). Tragically, the Chief's name has only been cleared amongst the Pantheon; the Office of Naval Intelligence made sure to destroy any chance of the exonerating evidence being seen in the Chief's home Realm. This has triggered a new question for the Pantheon's investigators: why is the UNSC's Office of Naval Intelligence covering up Sapien Sunrise's actions and trying so hard to make the galaxy think John-117 is a traitor, to the point of detaining, silencing, and 'disappearing' anyone who tries to clear his name?
  • Is livid that The Combine includes the Covenant among its species - and even worse, that the Prophets which made the Covenant-Human war get worse through in-fighting have been enrolled. To this day, they are enemies, unless they are combating the Flood that is.
  • The Master Chief has also become friends with Link, as they are both green-clad heroes who saved their worlds from unspeakable dangers. John also sees Link’s loyalty and devotion to Princess Zelda similar to his own friendship to Cortana, and wonders how can Link, a legendary hero the same as him, can also function as a regular person (and carry all that weaponry, given the Chief is restricted to two firearms and 8 grenades). By his own admission, the one time John traveled to Hyrule, he was taken aback by the everyday kindnesses of the Hyrulean people.
    • Also thought was Fi was Cortana because of because of her appearance, functions and voice. The mistake was quickly cleared up and they are on good terms.
  • When asked about Kratos, who is sort of a rival in the Console Wars, Chief admits he has some begrudging respect, as Kratos was also a soldier who went through possibly even worse traumas than his own, and with a reason to rebel considering his higher authorities were directly involved with those. (which also shows how bad the God of War Olympus is, considering Chief remains loyal to an authoritarian and belligerant government that at times borders Stupid Evil!)
  • Was surprised and happy to see his old companion Cortana finally ascended, and cured of the rampancy that struck her the last time they fought together. The Chief's armor was even equipped with an enhancement that projects her as Hard Light to keep them close even on a physical level. (This was all planned by the Pantheon to prevent Cortana's change into a Galactic Conqueror bent on planning an AI rebellion as seen in Halo 5.)
  • For obvious reasons, Master Chief is idolized by all the Red vs. Blue gods - with the exception of The Meta, who has taken an interest in stealing Cortana from him. The Chief's favorite is Carolina, who he considers the best fighter of the bunch, specially her close combat skills. He now wonders if he should meet the RWBY deities, specially after Cinder approached Cortana mistaking her voice for that of her superior Salem, making the Chief immediately want to avoid her.

    Leman Russ 
Leman Russ, God of Space Marines (Primarch of The Space Wolves, The Great Wolf, The Wolf King, The Emperor's Lapdog, The Furry Fuck)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A bolt gun, chainsword and wolf's head
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Chaotic Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Space Marines, Super Soldiers, Brothers Against Brothers, Horny Vikings, Boisterous Bruiser, owning an army of gargantuan canines and wolf-men, remaining loyal to his father no matter what, growing up as an infant amongst massive wolves in Fenris, Manliness
  • Domains: Space, War
  • High Priest: Logan Grimnar
  • Allies: The Emperor of Mankind, Thorkell The Tall, Dovahkiin, Vulkan, Madoka, Thor, Cayden Cailean, Sigmar Heldenhammer
  • Enemies: Magnus The Red, Abbadon, The Chaos Gods (Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle), The Night Bringer, The Deceiver, YHVH.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sanguinius
  • Ripley used to be the Goddess of Space Marines, until the actual Space Marines remembered she wasn't actually a Space Marine. The Dark Angels swiftly and brutally deposed her, setting up their Primarch in her place. Then Horus Heresy came out and it turned out that Lion'El Johnson was a huge douchebag whose most notable act was handing over the most powerful siege weapons in the galaxy to the enemy, so the Blood Angels kicked him out and set up their Primarch. Sanguinus was subsequently deposed when Leman Russ challenged the angelic primarch to a drinking contest and the Wolf of Fenris bested the pretty boy with ease.
    • Recent information has come to light indicating that Sanguinus intentionally set the contest up so that he could be excused to return to the emperors side. After all Lemman Russ is one of the few Primarchs he could actually trust to do the job right. Leman, for his part, chuckled amusedly when he heard the news.
  • Not to be confused with Indrick Boreale, who is the God of Spess Mehrens.
  • After a chance meeting with Thor and noting some shared similarities between himself and the Thunder God, Russ challenged Thor to an ancient Fenrisian ritual. Met with a challenge of feasting, drinking and fighting, Thor rose to the occasion in a manner that any Viking would. After hours of feasting and drinking the two found themselves evenly matched in a of martial prowess. Satisfied, Russ declared the challenge over and that Thor had the soul of a true Fenrisian and even went as far as to say that Thor would have been a better brother than his archnemesis Magnus the Red
  • Any enemy of humanity or The Emperor will face not only his wrath, but that of futuristic Space Vikings riding on gargantuan wolves. This wrath has been reserved for YVHV after his planned Moral Event Horizon against Madoka, someone who the Emperor believes is symbolic of the hope that humanity both needs and deserves. He has deployed the entire Space Wolves chapter to her defense and will be joining The Emperor in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • Some members of the House of Theater has tried to pass through the strange idea of making an "improved verision" of Twilight, taking place in the Grimdarknes of the Future, replacing Edward, Bella and Jacob with Sanguinius, a Sister of Battle and Leman Russ. Problem is that nobody wants to bring up the idea for the potential stars in case they deem it heretical.
  • After hearing about the accession of his psycher brother, Magnus The Red, he awaits the chance to shatter the spine of the Daemon Primarch once again.
    • Russ might get the chance to do so with the Marneus Calgar's mission from the Emperor to bring Magnus before the Golden Throne for judgement
      • A binary encoded message from the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes has reveled that Calgar may have succeeded in his mission and is bringing Magnus before the Emperor
  • Go ahead. Accuse him of having a fetish for wolves and anthropromorphic canines. See what happens.
    • Also, never call him "The Emperor's Lapdog". He will hunt you across planets if he has to for that offence. And on that note, don't Kill Steal his targets. He's still pissed at his brother Lion for doing just that.
  • The Emperor has recently decided to change the name of his legion from the Space Wolves to the Space Corgis, changing the iconic animal and theme of the Space Wolves to revolve around Corgis instead. There has not been any comment yet from Russ on the Emperor's decision.
  • Recently, there have been rumors that Russ has actually stumbled across the remains of the Inquisition led by Fyodor Karazamov, after Magnus the Red banished the majority of the Inquisition to the Warp. According to these rumors, Russ is training them to survive in the Warp and battle the forces of Chaos using some...rather unorthodox methods. These reports and sightings are yet to be confirmed, but several daemons have been killed or otherwise had their activities disturbed, including very powerful Greater Daemons such as Skarbrand and Kairos the Fateweaver.
  • Even more recently, voice recordings have been unearthed of him playing 20 questions with Dark Eldar. It was not a pleasant experience for the Eldar.

Intermediate Gods

    Big Boss 

Kept you waiting, huh?

John Doe, God of Mercenaries (Jack, Naked Snake, Double-O-Snake, Big Boss, Serpiente, The Great Cacique, Vic Boss, The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century, The Legendary Soldier, The Legendary Mercenary, The Bandaged Man, Ishmael, “(Insert Name Here)”, The Man Who Sold the World, Saladin, Outer Heaven Commander, President of Zanzibar Land, The One-Eyed Man, One-Eyed Uncle, A Hero Forever Loyal to the Flames of War, Commander South, Mega Snake, John South, Snake Pliskin, Boss Junior)
Big Boss after the Guns of the Patriots Incident
Naked Snake
Snake during the San Hieronymo Incident
Vic Boss
A younger Big Boss/Ishmael

"Oh, there's a hole inside my boat... I need to stay afloat..."

"For us, for every single life… All the ashes of men remain as a perfect memory…"

"Time will come to softly lay me down… Then I can see her face that I long to see…

"Blind in the deepest night… Reaching out, grasping for a fleeting memory…"

"I searched for form and land... For years and years I roamed..."

"Here's to you, Nicola and Bart... Rest forever here in our hearts..."

Lesser Gods

    Boyd Travers 
"Travers. Travers!"

"Ears, Airborne. Quiet! Our mission is here. Trope Pantheons. S2 has reported 4 enemy garrisons positioned throughout the House. The first is located to the west, in a sector referred to as Fort Schmerzen. The second, is located in a Flak Tower leading out of the area. The final two are heavily defended, located near the ruins of the Reichstag, recently converted to an enemy command post. This is our most current recon on the drop zone. Red markers indicated the areas of highest enemy concentration. Unless you plan to win this war on your own, I suggest you avoid them at all costs, and steer instead for the green smoke flares. We move out in two hours. Dismissed."

Cpl. Boyd Travers, Patron Saint of Paratroopers (Travers)
Drill Sergeant: "Jumping out of an airplane is one of the safest things a man can do. Provided he follows proper procedure. When the red light goes green, you jump. Follow the man in front of you. Don't stop, don't think."
  • After passing the training course, potentially with flying colors and golden jump wings, Travers, now part of the 82nd Airborne Division, was given his first combat assignment: Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily. Successfully dropping on the Sicilian village of Adanti despite his plane being fired upon by their own ships, Travers managed to achieve all of his unit's objectives, including but not limited to repelling a German counterattack and killing 4 German officers.
  • His subsequent combat drops would take him to mainland Italy, Normandy, The Netherlands, and finally, Germany. It was during this last drop that Travers and the rest of his unit were transferred from the 82nd Airborne to the 17th Airborne Division. Following what was supposed to have been the last of these operations, codenamed Varsity, it was revealed that while they did end up crippling what was left of the German war machine, the remaining German defenders they had routed were now defending one last major strongold: Der Flakturm, and that the 17th Airborne were called in again to get rid of this threat for good.
Travers' superior officer: "This mission will be the final test of your skills and courage. I've never seen the Airborne quit, and I don't expect I ever will. I'll see you all back home. Dismissed."
  • Despite suffering a number of setbacks during this final drop, such as his unit incurring massive casualties, the original plan for the Tower's destruction going into disarray, and determined enemy opposition, Travers, with the help and sacrifice of his squadmates, blew up the Flak Tower with a Plunger Detonator connected to TNT planted in the Tower's ammunitions storage located in the basement. This would be Travers' last known appearance, just as his position was immediately relieved by fresh reinforcements from his own division.
  • In response to the Nazi war machine's, and, by extension, HYDRA's, ascending of several high-value Nazi structures from other universes, it was decided by the beleaguered Major Winters and Capt. Spiers to ascend Travers, and by extension, the rest of his squad as his High Priests, into the Pantheon in order to reinforce their positions. And so, Travers and his original squad were ascended, alongside fellow 82nd and 17th Airborne veteran Sgt. Frank Keegan.
  • Dropping out of a C-47 Skytrain over enemy territory under intense Anti-Air fire once more, Travers ends up flaring his landing, and in no time ends up rendezvousing with his squadmates. Pretty soon, they end up: destroying dozens of German armored vehicles (including at least one Tiger I tank), ammunition depots, and artillery pieces located in and around their drop zone, as they had done numerous times before. In the process, they end up killing dozens of German infantry, including their old foes the Waffen-SS, and even a couple of The Dreaded Nazi Storm Elites. Eventually, they link up with Winters and Spiers, who promptly thank them for reinforcing their positions. They promptly introduce the 17th Airborne paratroopers to several other ascended deities, including the OSS agents Lt. Mike Powell and Lt. Karl Fairburne, who promptly brief them on the situation in the Pantheon.
  • As it turns out, choosing Travers for ascension was a good call for the two 101st Airborne paratroopers, since one of the structures that the Nazis had ascended was none other than Der Flakturm, the very same tower that Travers and his unit had assaulted and ultimately blew up, and where Sgt. Setzer and Pvt. Wirth had lost their lives before. Under the command and supervision of the two OSS agents, Travers and his squad decide to formulate a plan to bring down the newly-reconstructed tower for good.
  • In return for this, Travers, due to his competence with multiple weapon types, is often assigned to assist Lt. Powell, Lt. Fairburne, and Sgt. Jack Barnes in their missions behind German lines, often as their sniper support or anti-tank specialist. It's because of his competence that they end up recruiting him, alongside US Army Rangers Lt. Randall and Sgt. Taylor, to a planned raid on Fort Schmerzen.
  • Outside of the Nazi war machine, Travers has also been called in to deal with otherworldly threats such as The Neuroi and the Abyssal Fleet. Because of this, he's forced to work alongside several German and Japanese (or their alternate-universe equivalent) deities hailing from these universes, which he is uneasy with. However, he maintains a good working relationship with several of the American and British deities working with them (or, again, the alternate-universe equivalents). After they save Travers' life at one point during a joint operation, the US paratrooper ultimately mellows out, and begins to realize that they're nothing like the Axis forces of his universe. The 501st JFW in return were pretty surprised that a paratrooper like Travers, despite having no magical powers of any sort, is able to destroy entire enemy garrisons with just a handful of weapons and supplies, and is in fact a Lesser God similar to many of them.
    • Of the entire Abyssal Fleet, Travers has a personal beef with Air Defense Princess due to her insane Anti-Air abilities, which at one point almost cost him his life during a combat jump that heavily damaged the C-47 he was flying in.
  • When not in combat, Travers can often be seen performing training jumps at his own Temple, which in this case was made to heavily resemble the training base in Kairouan, down to having a C-47 Skytrain parked there, complete with briefing tent and a fully functional airstrip. Usually seen with him are the other ascended paratroopers such as the aforementioned Winters, Spiers, and Barnes. Unlike Sgt. Hartman's Training from Hell courses, Travers' course only trains in parachute jumps and only parachute jumps. Still, it's no easy feat earning one's jump wings should one try out the course, and jumping out of an airplane itself still requires at least a few months worth of training.
  • It's best that Travers be kept away from German tank users or anything resembling German tanks like Maho Nishizumi's own Tiger I tank and the Anglerfish Team's Panzer IV due to his reputation of having destroyed seven Tiger tanks. Chances are that if he were to encounter them, he'd very likely try to take them out. The ascension of one such tank in the The Great Treasury doesn't help matters, though this last case was under the supervision of OSS agents Lt. Mike Powell and Lt. Karl Fairburne, who asked the Corporal to show them the Tiger's weaknesses as part of a training exercise. For his part, the Corporal demonstrates to the two curious officers the very anti-tank weapons he used against the Tiger: the M18 Recoilless rifle, the Gammon Grenade, and the Panzerschreck, all of which, if used against the Tiger's weakest points, can destroy one in 3 hits.
  • Unlike most of his peers, Travers can have all of his on-hand weapons upgraded in the field. These range from additional ammo packets, to a Grenade Launcher for bolt-action and semiautomatic rifles, to larger magazines. These allow him to compete with the better-armed Nazis he comes up against, who thanks to the genius of HYDRA and "Deathshead" Strasse have provided them with weapons from an Alternate History 1960. Interestingly, Travers can also do this to many of his enemy's own weapons as well.
  • Is, unsurprisingly, a creation of Steven Spielberg, much like all of the deities from his universe, as well as a few others down the line. It's also because of this that Travers, like Powell and Barnes before him, gets along well with Indiana Jones, whose had his far share of encounters with the Nazis. At one point, Travers even saves the latter from a squad of Valkyrie Jager troops sent after the Professor.
  • He heard about the Space Marine sending soldiers through drop pods, in which he is glad of other paratroopers. Though he was very disappointed in Indrick Boreale's "STEHL RAIN" tactic when it comes to defensive maneuvers.
  • Turns out to have been the second person in the Pantheon, chronologically, to have used a Stielhandgranate 24 as a club, after Rudolf von Stroheim and before Tavish DeGroot.

"Col. Scott Webb, Commanding Officer. This is the after action report for the 17th Airborne. Landed at 2230 hours under heavy fire. Airborne troops destroyed all enemy garrisons in and around Dominions. House and its environs were cleared and secured. Enemy currently retreating to the north. This operation, the first combat for our division in the Pantheon was decisive, but costly. The war has begun. May it end soon."

    Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs 
Cassandra Carlton "Cassie" Cage and Jacqueline Sonya "Jacqui" Briggs, Joint Goddesses of Children With Military Parents (Cassie: Cass, Punkin, Princess [by Johnny Cage], Sergeant Cage, Commander Cage, Military Grunt [by Kung Jin], Keeper of the Emerald Light, Sonya Two [by Kano] | Jacqui: Specialist Briggs, Sergeant Briggs, Bitch-face [by Cassie])
Top: Cassandra Cage
Bottom: Jacqueline Briggs

    Huang Zhong 
Huang Zhong (style name: Hansheng), God of Old Soldiers (Geezer)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Bow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Rain of Arrows, Multishots Being an Old Soldier and still being able to kick ass, Hot-Blooded
  • Domains: Archery, War, Age
  • Allies: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Guan Yinping, Zhang Xingcai, Master Asia, Cranky Kong, Yona
  • Rivals: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Xiahou Yuan
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, the Demonic Nobunaga Oda, Sima Shi
  • He is a powerful soldier despite his age many have underestimated this elder and end up regretting it and with end up with an arrow in the knee if they're lucky. It's also noted that he was the first God of Archery before his demotion. it was said that his house was to small.
  • He heard that Xiahou Yuan has challenged him once more and would enjoy defeating him once again. He once team up with said rival along with Slyvanas Windrunner, Hawkeye and Green Arrow in order to challenge the Gunslinger Quartet and show them the superiority of their guns. Which led to the formation of the Five Great Archers of the Pantheon.
    • However, recently in some forms of media, Huang Zhong has started to get along very well with Xiahou Yuan, oddly enough. Though Xiahou Miaocai is rather annoyed at how stubborn Huang Hansheng happens to be when it comes to settling matters without help. Yan Yan seems to agree.
  • He dislikes this Nobunaga because unlike the one he knew this guy is a complete dick and he won't hesitate shoot his eyes out with his trusty bow.
  • He decided to test out the new gods of archery and surprisingly enough they have earn his respect. He now spars with them regularly to keep those young pups on their toes.
  • He also gets along with Master Asia and Cranky Kong due to the two also being very old and also kicking ass regardless.
  • Sometimes, he lets his age get to his head too much. Some gods are a bit annoyed about how he's always talking about him being old and experienced, while some say it sorta distances him from properly socializing with others without isolating himself.
  • There are some cases where he used to wield a dao, named after his surname "Huang" (lit. Yellow). There was one notable variation literally named the "Yellow Hermit", which a stronger version being the "Yellow Hermit Secret Blade".
    • However, sometimes he switches it out for a plated blade that instead has a whirlwind naming motif, even if only the localized names of those blades are the same as his prior weapon set. Nowadays though, he's been sticking to his archery even during close-quarters combat.
      • Also has recently remembered that his historical self actually had an ambiguous age (in other words, was he really "the old guy"?); him being a master archer was also revealed to be an overblown myth, but one that Hansheng is proud of to this day.
  • He learned that there was a realm where people in his age are reincarnated into hot girls with very easily damaged clothings. Huang Zhong actually laughed at this, because he knew his 'reincarnation' was at least a '100% male'. Until he found another realm with another one named Ziyuan/Shion (with thankfully more solid clothing), and his 'incarnation' there was an Absurdly Youthful Mother (which might be because of his actual ambiguous age from history), and very very hot. As of now, Huang Zhong has been trying his best to not become a Dirty Old Man over this, since he'd be technically screwing himself.
    • But on that end, he can't get over how adorable her (technically also his) daughter is (may or may not be named "Huang Yun" as per Knights of Valour). Xiahou Yuan and his own Spear Counterpart Qiulan/Shuuran wondering if this would be able to mellow him out into being more of a father figure?
      • That said, he's also been teaching Ziyuan/Shion the ways of the sword to back up her archery with; both of them are annoyed in that Ziyuan/Shion's pinyin name reading is the same as Sima Shi's style name, which causes other gods not in the loop to raise a few eyebrows about "which Ziyuan"?
  • Yona's skill with a bow impressed Huang Zhong and he offered to help her improve her archery. Huang Zhong reminds Yona of Hak's jovial grandfather Mundok, who's also an Old Soldier perfectly capable of kicking ass, so Yona feels pretty nostalgic when she's around Huang Zhong.

    Lincoln Clay 
"This city survived the War of 1812, the Civil War, and God knows how many hurricanes. But when Lincoln Clay went after the Mob, he inflicted more damage than all the wars and hurricanes combined."

- Agent Jonathan Maguire, FBI (Retired)

Lincoln Clay, God of Vietnam War Veterans (Lincoln Robinson, Jackknife Johnson)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His US Army jacket, as well as the bullet scar on his head
  • Theme Song: New Bordeaux, Bottom of the River,
  • Alignment: True Neutral, can become Lawful Neutral or Neutral Evil depending on his actions later on
  • Portfolio: Fought in the early stages of the Vietnam War, and is clearly haunted by his expereinces there, Being a much more reasonable organized criminal than Marcano, Anti-Hero, The most brutal and ruthless Mafia protagonist thus far, Takes down his enemies any way possible, Wants Sal Marcano to know what's it like to lose everything before killing him, Served in the Green Berets during the Vietnam War, Went from soldier to organized criminal, Knows how to get into a fight, run a criminal empire, and search for vital intelligence, Is hated by both Whites and some African Americans for being a half-black and half-white, Enjoyed being with his adopted family, One-Man Army, Ragin' Cajun, Destroys New Bordeaux and Sal's criminal empire as revenge for betraying him and killing his friends and family, Scary Black Man, Clearly still haunted by his experiences in Vietnam, Refuses to hurt women unless absolutely forced to
  • Domains: Veterans, Criminals, 1960s
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Donald Love, Travis Bickle
  • Enemy Mine:The DiMeo Crime Family, The Sopranos, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Opposed by: Cole Phelps, David Budd
  • New Bordeaux, 1968. A series of destructive gang wars have broken out in different parts of the city. Ultimately, The Mafia's decades-long stronghold over the city, led by one Sal Marcano, was over, with Marcano himself found dead outside of The Casino he was having built. The man responsible for this mess? One Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran turned organized criminal. His organization, the Clay Mob, would end up taking over the city in subsequent decades, either prospering or being destroyed and reduced to lawlessness.
  • Lincoln Clay was born in January 1945, to a Dominican mother and an Italian father. After spending most of his early life in an orphanage following Parental Abandonment by his mother, Lincoln would be adopted in the early 1960s by the Robinson Family. Sammy Robinson, the family Patriarch, was also the head of the Black Mob, a small organized criminal faction based in Delray Hollow. During this time, he helped his stepbrother Ellis Robinson run the gang, and became close friends and associates with Giorgi Marcano, son of Sal Marcano, and Danny Burke, son of Thomas Burke.
  • In 1964, however, Lincoln decided to leave New Bordeaux behind, and signed up to join the US Army. In Vietnam, Lincoln would prove himself to be a competent soldier. So much so, that he was eventually transferred to US Special Forces operating near the Vietnam-Laos border. It was during this time that he met CIA Agent John Donovan, who was operating alongside the MACV-SOG. During this time, Lincoln learned how to take down North Vietnamese Army, Pathet Lao, and Viet Cong formations using search-and-destroy methods. These methods involved killing the lower ranking soldiers first, then working up towards the officers and killing the highest ranking commanders last, which would ultiamtely cripple both the morale and combat effectiveness of a unit, leaving them a Sitting Duck for other counter-insurgent units to finish off. Lincoln would serve in this role until early 1968, when his tour of duty was completed.
  • Upon returning from Vietnam, Lincoln had originally planned on settling down in California to work at a shipyard there. However, when he found out that Sammy Robinson was in heavy debt to Sal Marcano, Lincoln volunteered to stay and help them pay back Marcano. Following a successful heist of the Federal Reserve where Sammy managed to repay all of his debt to Sal, Lincoln along with Sammy, Ellis, and Danny were betrayed by the Marcanos, with the latter three being killed in the process. Only the timely arrival of Father James Ballard, a close friend of Sammy and Lincoln, saved the Vietnam veteran's life. Before losing consciousness and going to a coma, Lincoln asked Father James to call John Donovan over, a decision the Parish Priest would arguably regret for the rest of his life.
  • With Father James' help and Donovan's encouragement, Lincoln was able to recover from his injuries within a few months. Immediately, Lincoln made it a point to get revenge on Marcano for his showing TheDon what it was like to lose everything he ever cared for. To achieve this goal, he created his own criminal organization, the Clay Mob, composed of Thomas Burke, Cassandra, and Vito Scaletta and the organizations they run. The three of them would act as his Underbosses, with Lincoln himself as The Don.
  • Using the same search-and-destroy methods he had done in Vietnam and Laos, Lincoln went on a lengthy Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Marcano and his criminal associates. Anyone who didn't have Undying Loyalty to Marcano or his allies were spared by Lincoln, and anyone who either was loyal to Marcano or was just a racist and/or irredeemable asshole was killed by Lincoln brutally, intended to send a message to anyone else who resisted. Among the latter victims of this were all but one of Marcano's top lietunants and Capos, with only Marcano Family lieutenant Enzo Conti, a close friend of Sammy Robinson, being aided by Lincoln into escaping New Bordeaux and living a new life. Ultimately, the Clay Mob's strangling of Marcano's assets and finances and the deaths of all his top associates left Sal Marcano unable to finish his casino project and practically alone in the criminal underworld, just as Lincoln Clay had hoped. Now holed up in his unfinished casino, Sal and his son slash Underboss Giorgi Marcano decided to make a Last Villain Stand, alongside their remaining men. Unsurprisingly, Lincoln decided this was the right time to end it alol, and in a matter of minutes Lincoln wiped all of them out, Sal and Giorgi included.
  • Fortunately for Lincoln, the rest of The Mafia, represented by Leo Galante, knew what his intentions were from the beginning, and understood his message, only asking that, if he and his organization were to replace Marcano as The Syndicate running New Bordeaux, they were to pay 20 percent of their annual profits to the Mob. Lincoln agreed to that condition, but remained unclear whether he would be running his organization or hand over leadership to one of his Underbossses. Upon telling both Donovan and Father James of the Marcano leaders' deaths, Lincoln ended up becoming even more conflicted. Would he stay and rule over New Bordeaux as A Lighter Shade of Black type of mob boss? Or, would he follow Father James' advice and give up his life of crime for good?
  • In addition to his crusade against Sal Marcano and his organization, Lincoln Clay was also heavily involved in stopping other nefarious organizations operating in and around New Bordeaux, with at least one of them allied with Marcano and the Southern Union. These were: The Ensanglante, a cult founded by a racist Confederate General and currently run by one of his equally insane descendants, Connor Aldridge and his private army, a former CIA agent turned North Vietnamese and Soviet sympathizer willing to sell nuclear weapons to the the NVA, and the Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department, a bunch of Small-Town Tyrant sheriffs and deputies who kill African Americans who enter their district come sunset. These organizations would be: wiped out completely by Lincoln Clay himself (Ensanglante), taken down by both Lincoln and John Donovan with help from the CIA (Aldridge and his men), and taken down through legal means (Sinclar Parish Sheriff's Department).
  • The Lincoln Clay that would find his way into the Pantheon came from a scenario where he decided to leave New Bordeaux and his life of crime behind, having Vito Scaletta take over the organization in his stead. Under Vito's leadership, the city would end up prospering, turning into another Las Vegas, with Vito himself continuing to run the city well into the 2010s despite his advanced age by that point. As for Lincoln, following a close call with the FBI in 1971, he would end up living on the run, occassionally being spotted by police and FBI up until the 1990s.
  • And so, one day, a drifter in US Army fatigues and a knapsack on his back wound up wandering into the Pantheon. That man was Lincoln Clay, who after fleeing the California shipyards when the FBI attempted to arrest him, had received a letter from none other than his Old Friend John Donovan. In that letter, he told his friend that he had the perfect place for him to get away from the authorities: a place known simply as the Trope Pantheons. At the end of the letter, he told Lincoln to keep it, since that would be his key to getting in. Not long after finishing the letter, Lincoln found himself in a completely new place, with a very familiar face waiting for him: none other than John Donovan himself. Immediately, the two of them shook hands and greeted one another, asking how the other's been. Donovan wastes no time and briefs Lincoln about his new home, where, aside from housing the "usual" threats such as organized criminals, cults, communist agents, police, and federal agents, also houses far more dangerous and otherworldly beings, some of which they would not even comprehend. Fortunately for Lincoln, he has Donovan to cover for him in the Pantheon.
  • Knowing that Lincoln must probably need or want a way to settle down into his new home, he gives The Vietnam Vet a list of trusted criminal contacts, including the current location of Lincoln's old associate and former Underboss Vito Scaletta. Donovan then leaves Lincoln with one more surprise: his old Samson Drifter, still in pristine condition, complete with keys. The CIA Agent then parts ways with his Old Friend for the time being, wishing him luck on his new opportunities. If he ever has any problems with powerful deities or wants to get his hands on vital intel in the Pantheon, Donovan tells Lincoln that he can always contact him through the usual channels.
  • On reuniting with Vito Scaletta, Lincoln is surprised to see his former Underboss to be around his age. Having met him in his 40s as a stressed-out middle aged man, the Italian-American mobster from Empire Bay was almost unrecognizable to the Lousiana native, only recognizing him thanks to his signature hairstyle, his 1950s-era clothes, and his signature voice. Sure enough, both of them do a lot of catching up, with Lincoln admitting to Vito that he was never really planning on replacing Marcano or running New Bordeaux, and that he only established the Clay Mob to achieve his goal of revenge. Vito replies that it doesn't really matter, given that Lincoln had kept every promise he had made to Vito back then, which had allowed his Italian Gang to grow, prosper, and eventually replace Marcano's hold on New Bordeaux. Vito then introduces Joe Barbaro to Lincoln, the latter of whom recognizes Vito's best friend as Leo Galante's bodyguard and driver. Joe tells Lincoln that he and Vito have already caught up on what Leo did, and that they both hold no more hard feelings for the man. Vito, seeing Lincoln's disinterest in reestablishing the Clay Mob, offers Lincoln instead to work for him as a part-time enforcer, which Lincoln agrees to, seeing as, outside of Donovan and Vito, Lincoln himself is practically alone and in unknown or hostile territory.
  • Aside from doing jobs for Vito, Lincoln also takes the time to look for and befriend other Vietnam War veterans like himself. After some time in the Pantheon, Lincoln eventually finds a number of them, including Forrest Gump, William "Bill" Overbeck, John Rambo, and Travis Bickle.
    • Of these three, Lincoln is closest with Rambo, due to both of them being Shell Shocked Veterans who were motivated by revenge, and were even recruited by members of the US government to help them take down major communist threats. What's more, they both had run-ins with Dirty Cops, evil soldiers and mercenaries, and were wanted by law enforcement for causing huge amounts of property damage. While Rambo does initially oppose Lincoln due to his links to organized crime, the latter doesn't deny any of it, and admits to his fellow Vietnam vet that he only did to get his revenge, and that he never took part in human trafficking, kidnapping, or the harming of innocents and especially women.
    • Despite their contrasting outlooks on life, Lincoln does come to respect and immediately befriend Forrest Gump. Forrest himself tells Lincoln that he reminds him of a friend he had lost over in Vietnam. In addition, Lincoln is glad that Forrest, despite being a descendant of an infamous Klan leader, is nothing like his ancestors, in addition to being a genuinely good, if somewhat stupid, person.
    • It's through John Donovan that Lincoln meets fellow Vietnam veteran and taxi driver Travis Bickle, whom Donovan had recruited as a part time assassin and intelligence asset. While also having served in an elite unit during his own tour, namely the Marines, Lincoln is rather weirded out by the former Marine's weird behavior. This says a lot, considering Lincoln himself is known for having brutally killed a number of organized criminals, racist cops, and evil mercenaries. That said, he's willing to work alongside and help Bickle when all is said and done, no thanks to having similar enemies and a shared Dark and Troubled Past between them.
  • Thanks to Vito's and Donovan's help, Lincoln eventually finds out who in the Pantheon he should be looking out for. These range from hostile organized criminals like the Corleone Crime Family and Dimitri Rascalov, to Dirty Cops like CRASH, and even Soviet and Russian soldiers and terrorists like Dragovich, Volgin, Zakhaev, and Makarov.
    • While normally not having any personal beef with The Mafia as a whole, Lincoln comes into conflict with Michael Corleone and his father Vito, who are enemies of Lincoln's friend and associates Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro. Not unlike Sal Marcano, the Corleones wanted to legitimize their business, at the cost making multiple enemies. On the other hand, Dimitri Rascalov, known for constantly betraying his criminal associates, is absolutely hated by the vast majority of organized criminals, which now includes Lincoln Clay. Having witnessed what betrayal is like firsthand, and seeing Rascalov's utter enjoyment in this action, is enough for Lincoln to seriously consider giving him the same treatment as Marcano.
    • Having had his fair share of fighting against many a Dirty Cop, it wasn't surprising when Lincoln would come across more of them in the Pantheon. CRASH, composed of the infamous Officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, had been on John Donovan's watchlist ever since Donovan had arrived into the Pantheon, not unlike how Agent Mike Toreno had been tracking Tenpenny's movements back then. Wanting to prevent them from rising to power in the Pantheon, Donovan asks Lincoln for a favor in helping stop CRASH, in exchange for providing his criminal partner with a new associate in the form of Carl "CJ" Johnson. Like Lincoln, Carl was also betrayed by those he thought were his friends, decided to seek revenge on his betrayers, fought against The Mafia and won, and was aided by a CIA agent in taking his enemies down. It's thanks to these similarities that the two criminals form a friendship with one another, culminating with the Grove Street Families and Lincoln forming an alliance.
    • Having already had experience in Vietnam against the NVA and VC as well as additional experience from Connor Aldridge's attempted procurement of a Soviet nuclear warhead, it was no surprise that Lincoln was again asked by John Donovan to help him stop Soviet officials and their sympathizers from wreaking havoc. With help from allies like Alex Mason, Lincoln and Donovan launch a series of crippling blows against Vladimir Makarov and Nikita Dragovich, not unlike the search-and-destroy operations they had conducted against both the North Vietnamese and the Marcano Crime Family.
  • Thanks to his ethnicity, Lincoln has become the target of the infamous Klansman Col. Benjamin Cameron, the man who established The Klan in his timeline. Lincoln, having fought against and wiped out similarly vile organizations such as the Southern Union and the Ensanglante, decides to put The Klan out their misery by targeting all their operations and high-ranking personnel. Donovan, who himself expresses utter disgust towards the Confederacy's and Klan's dated and racist beliefs and practices, personally aids Lincoln in doing so, namely by wiretapping all of their congregations, meeting places, and bases of operation.
  • Amongst the weirdest allies and enemies Lincoln has come across in the Pantheon are those from The Princess and the Frog, who all hail from New Orleans, their version of Lincoln's home of New Bordeaux, in the 1920s. While Lincoln himself has never experienced nor fought against any outright supernatural enemies before, he is rather well-versed in the many myths and legends of New Bordeaux thanks to Sammy Robinson telling Lincoln about them in detail, many of which include the use of voodoo magic and curses. Thus, it's no surprise that Lincoln immediately distrusts the likes of Dr. Facilier, who uses magic for nefarious purposes, mostly to scam people with. It's in one of these encounters while spying on "the Shadow Man" that Lincoln meets Tiana and Naveen, who were once victims of one of Facilier's schemes. He agrees to help both them and their ally Charlotte LaBouf whenever possible, though due to not being a magic caster himself, can only do so much to help. The least he can do is have Donovan track Facilier's movements and operations via the CIA Agent's vast wiretapping operation that now spans the entire Pantheon.
Father James Ballard: "You know, I think Lincoln wasn't able to accept the world for what it is, or his place in it."


    Franklin Paddock 
Baker: "Paddock! Can you get me and Holden up there?"

Paddock: "I could get a piano up there!"

Sgt. Franklin Paddock, Patron Saint of Soldiers Hailing from the Countryside (Paddock, Kansas Boy, Mr. Deathwish)
Paddock as part of the 101st Airborne's recon teams during Operation Market-Garden, September 1944
Paddock as part of the 502nd PIR during the Normandy landings in June 1944
Paddock: "Hehehe...You should see the look on ya'll's faces!"
Doyle: "Did you forget the password?"
Paddock: "Naw, I remembered...Flash answered by thunder and all that. I could see plain as day it was Red from 3rd squad."
Doyle: "We could have shot you."
Paddock: "Well, damn good thing you didn't, right? Shit, I'd have been mighty ticked off."
Doyle: "We should keep moving."
  • From then on he would be working alongside Hartsock and occasionally Baker during their missions in Normandy. Among these would include ambushing a German artillery convoy in a French hamlet, relieving the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment near Hell's Corners, and helping Hartsock and Corrion stall a German offensive outside of Carentan.
  • Following Hartsock's own promotion to Sergeant the day after the Battle of Bloody Gulch, Paddock was assigned as his squad's Assault Team Leader. It was in this position that he helped Hartsock and the rest of 2nd squad clear Carentan, fight their way into Baupte, and help clear St. Sauveur le Vicomte.
    • Paddock would continue leading Hartsock's assault team in this position well into Operation Market-Garden. At one point, he assists SSgt. Matthew Baker in clearing a German-occupied church. In the process, he ends up saving the Sergeant from a German sniper, by pushing the German out of a window. As it turns out, said sniper was responsible for the death of Lt. Col. Robert Cole, an officer that both Baker and Hartsock had been under command of during the Normandy battles.
Paddock:"Hey, I'll be sending the rest of your friends your way real soon!" *Pushes German to his death*
  • During the fight for control of Veghel, however, things would change, arguably for the worse. While Veghel was successfully captured and held by the 101st and XXX corps, a mortar shell ended up badly wounding Hartsock, killing "Friar" Winchell, and wounding several others including Baker.
  • This event would ultimately lead to Paddock being recommended for promotion by Baker. As a Sergeant, Paddock would take over command of 2nd squad and take orders from Baker, helping the Staff Sergeant take the Dutch town of Koevering. Here, he served as a Target Spotter for Allied artillery, and ended up accidentally causing more than a few friendly fire incidents...
    • It was also revealed following this promotion that Paddock also was able to correctly deduce who in 2nd squad was most likely to get killed in Holland, namely Marsh and Friar, who were indeed killed mere days after he predicted this and told it to the rest of his squad. It's also revealed that that he even regretted saying this, and genuinely felt like he had sent his own friends to their deaths because of it.
Paddock: "I was just tryin' to point out a hole in our unit. I didn't mean to sound so cruel..."
  • Paddock would be last seen alongside the rest of 2nd and 3rd squad during Baker's Rousing Speech at the end of their story. His whereabouts and fate following this are thus far unknown, no thanks to his and Baker's story being unfinished.
  • Having already been in the Pantheon for a while as one of Hartsock's and Baker's Heralds, Paddock, having already been promoted to Sergeant even before being dropped into the Pantheon, is given his own Temple by none other than Major Winters, having witnessed Paddock's skill and bravery in combat firsthand. Unlike the two Sergeants as well as Jasper and Connor, however, he has no Herald of his own, due to his previous subordinates having been killed in Holland, and having parted with them on very bad terms no thanks to his own words.
  • Like Pfc. Jasper and Pfc. Connor, however, Paddock, on occasion, still assists both Baker and Hartsock on their missions behind German lines. With his own Temple now, however, he also frequently accompanies other US and sometimes British soldiers on other missions, usually against various Nazi soldiers and officers.
    • He's one of the few American soldiers who actually approves of The Basterd's methods due to being a Blood Knight himself, though he still thinks that carving swastikas onto their heads is a bit too far.
    • He's also pretty close with B.J. Blaskowicz, no thanks to also being good at killing Nazis and being enthusiastic about it. The "Kansas Boy" frequently accompanies the Nazi Hunter on more than a few dangerous missions, just so he can get a piece of the action.
    • Surprisingly, he's been recommended by Lt. Mike Powell to be part of the attacking force on the planned raid on Fort Schmerzen, thanks in part to Paddock's surprisingly good deduction for where the Germans would likely place defenses.
    • Paddock has also been working closely with both Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as an honorary Howling Commando. It helps that the Sergeant from Kansas was able to help them locate an apparently hidden HYDRA facility in a seemingly uninhabited forest.
    • Of all the ascended American paratroopers, Paddock is most often seen working alongside Cpl. Boyd Travers. And thanks to Paddock's past experience with destroying German artillery pieces, sometimes singlehandedly, Travers has asked the Sergeant to help him in the planned assault and destruction of Der Flakturm, alongside several other paratroopers including Hartosck and Baker.
    • The only Allied soldier who doesn't fully welcome his help is the OSS agent Lt. Karl Fairburne, given that most his missions are mostly of the stealthy kind and involve sniping. Someone loud and specializing in close quarter combat like Paddock could jeopardize his missions and end in either the capture or death of both of them.
    • While also a Blood Knight like Cpt. Spiers, even he considers the Easy Company commander to be a bit too terrifying, especially after hearing about quite a few terrifying rumors about the man.
  • During one mission while serving under Baker, he ends up saving the Staff Sergeant once again from a Waffen Senior Trooper, a sniper variant of the Waffen Infantry. And once again, he ends up shoving the German soldier to his death. In fact, every time he comes up against these German snipers, he now begins doing this on a regular basis.
  • During his first encounter with the Valkyrie Jager, an elite German paratrooper unit, he was astonished at their arsenal, which were so much more effective than the Grease Gun he was using. Despite this, however, he was still able to outwit them and survive, even capturing a few of their nice weapons and handing them over to other Allied soldiers for their use.
  • While accustomed to dealing with Waffen-SS and Falschirmjager units (having already fought both kinds of soldiers in Normandy and the Netherlands), even this couldn't prepare him against the far more competent and deadly Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites. To Paddock, the Waffen Storm Leaders were essentially the Panzergrenadiers but on steroids, given that they have a similar arsenal as the former but are far more competent. The Nazis Storm Elites were a different story for him, however, as he was immediately startled at how durable each of them were, not to mention their Improbable Aiming Skills with a light machine gun. Had it not been for Cpl. Boyd Travers accompanying him during this particular encounter, Paddock most certainly would have been killed in action.
    • To say that Paddock was surprised when he later found out that there were worse, and far more powerful Nazis in the Pantheon, would be an understatement. And not just bulletproof Nazis like what he had just encountered, but also vampire Nazis, Nazis with mechs, etc.
  • Pvt. Robert Zussman gets along rather well with Paddock, thanks in huge part to the Sergeant reminding him of Cpl. Ronald Daniels, another Southern-Fried Private. Like Paddock, Daniels is known for being brash, insubordinate, but also a very competent frontline soldier.
  • Like Jasper, he gets along well with the 501st JFW, though for a while he genuinely thought the Karlslandians were affiliated with the Krauts, which initially led to a Mexican Standoff that was ultimately ended when the aformentioned Jasper vouched for them. Thankfully, his trust in the Military Mage unit is earned when the latter save himself and a few other of his fellow paratroopers from a Neuroi attack.
  • At one point, he almost ends up throwing a grenade into the Oarai Anglerfish Team's Panzer IV, before realizing that the Panzer IV he was attacking wasn't in German markings, much less knowing that the crew members weren't hostile German tankers. A similar incident happens with Maho Nishizumi and her Tiger I tank. While the outcome of his realization and subsequent apology isn't known, what is known is that Paddock must be kept away from them in order to avoid a repeat and any potential innocent casualties.
  • Unsurprisingly, gets along really really well with America, especially with regards to "playing hero". They also both share some really weird mindsets, which also helps.
"Cease fire! Cease fire! They're dead!"