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Intermediate Gods

    King Boo 
King Boo, God of Mook Royalty and Bedsheet Ghosts (King Teresa)

    Legendary Beasts 
The Legendary Beastsmembers , Trinity of Roaming Enemies (Legendary Cats, Legendary Dogs, Legendary Doge | Raikou: The Thunder Pokémon | Entei: The Volcano Pokémon | Suicune: The Aurora Pokémon)
Raikou, Entei, Suicune
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: The Burned Tower
  • Theme Music: Battle! Raikou/Entei/Suicune
  • Alignment: True Neutral (mostly)
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Pressure (all of them)
  • Movesets:
    • Raikou: Thunder, Crunch, Extrasensory, Rain Dance
    • Entei: Sacred Fire, Solarbeam, Shadow Ball, Sunny Day
    • Suicune: Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Signal Beam, Rain Dance
  • Portfolio: Legendary Pokémon, Resurrected by Ho-oh with Extraordinary powers, The Three Legendary Beasts, Genderless, Cat/Dog-like Pokémon Based on Raiju, Shiisa, and Kirin, respectively
  • Domains: Elements, Beasts, Resurrection, Roaming
  • Allies: Ho-Oh, Kyogre (Raikou, Suicune), Groudon (Entei), The Legendary Birds, Celebi, Ash Ketchum
  • Enemies: Dhuum, Miror B., Ghetsis, Hunter J
  • Opposed: Gondar the Bounty Hunter, Scarface
  • The three legendary beasts that originated in the Johto region. Resurrected by Ho-oh after their demise in the burning of the Brass Tower, these creatures roam the land.
  • These beasts have been reported to be seen throughout the Pantheon with no sign of any danger to the inhabitants. However, trying to capture and returning them back into their temple is easier said than done. They are known to roam everywhere and conventional movement abilities will only make them appear elsewhere. And upon encountering them, they are more likely to flee the fight or force the foes to flee (which is unlikely due to their moveset being analyzed and has no moves suited for that).
  • Nobody knows what creatures they were before they were resurrected. It is theorized that they were originally a Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon before they died, but it is still speculation to this day. Alternatively, they could've also been Eevee before they were resurrected and become much more than their potential evolution.
  • There was one group of the Beasts that were captured by Team Cipher and experimented on to create powerful Shadow Pokémon which were handed to their admins. Upon hearing that a member of Cipher known as Miror B. was in the Pantheon, they are not impressed.
  • Their elusiveness is difficult, even for the best trackers in the Pantheon. They never stay in one place for very long and are smart enough to avoid traps. The Beasts found them to be more annoyance than threats as many trainers went through thick and thin just to catch them. And even then, trapping them is not guaranteed and will run away in even bizarre ways.
  • Entei is often found by Annie's side as she managed to tame the Volcano Pokémon. When Ash heard about this moment, he recalled encountering an illusion of Entei created by a young girl named Molly Hale to alleviate her loneliness after the disappearance of her parents. He's thankful that Annie isn't that lonely since she has him and Tibbers to play with.
  • Suicune has the power to purify contaminated water through walking through water. As the result, it shows some hostility towards those that pollute the water in the House of Toxicity, especially Hexxus and Oryx (or rather his army for corrupting anything they touch and the one time they polluted a water reservoir).
  • The three Beasts also are encountered outside of their region such as the Smash Bros. tournament to assist the fighter upon being called through Master Balls. However, only Suicune was spotted in a brawl against other competing Pokémon.
  • The three encountered Celebi and shown their cooperation with the Pokémon. Suicune had a history of saving Celebi from a masked hunter.

WarMech, God of Surprisingly Powerful Mooks (Death Machine)

Lesser Gods

Firebrand, God of Hard-to-Kill Deadly Creatures (Red Arremer)

Tonberry, Divine Gradually Powerful Monster (Pug, Dinglberry)
  • Lesser Deity (though depending on the target, its damage output can increase to ridiculous numbers)
  • Symbol: A large kitchen knife and a lantern
  • Theme Song: A Tonberry's Tears
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Increasingly Lethal Enemy, Carries Around a Kitchen Knife What Will Kill You Instantly, Everyone's Grudge, Punishing You For All The Enemies You Have Killed, Cute Is Evil, Boss in Mook's Clothing
  • Domains: Monsters, Revenge, Grudge, Knives
  • Allies: Cactuar, Sayo Samonji
  • Enemies: Athena
  • Tonberries are interesting creatures. It looks like some sort of lizard man with a robe, a knife and a lantern. At first, they seem harmless, and they waddle around almost aimlessly. But get too close to one of them... *Doink!*. They will stab you with their knife, that will deal lethal damage.
  • However, what makes Tonberries so dangerous is a skill commonly known as Everyone's Grudge, a spell that deals damage based on the number of creatures the target has killed. This makes Tomberries potentially one of the strongest monsters around, as based on the target, the spell would kill them instantly.
    • However, Tonberries have a tendency to direct their rage, or "rancor" as they call it, to those who have specifically killed another Tonberry. This usually translates to them using Everyone's Grudge to make them feel the karma of all the Tonberries what they have killed... which can backfire to them as even if they would use the powered-up version of the spell, Everyone's Rancor, it can end up doing really small damage if the person hasn't killed that many Tonberries. Though we do not recommend killing too many of them unless you intentionally want to make them stronger against you.
      • Also, killing too many regular Tonberries will eventually cause them to call their boss (name varies, but commonly called Tonberry King) to get revenge on them, and he's not a joking matter.
  • Even though they are rather evil, Tonberries can be turned into summons, albeit if you defeat one of them. Though don't think of using summons against them, as they have learned a spell what allows them to destroy them instantly.
  • Believe it or not, Tonberries have their own beliefs and religion. They believe that they were created by the goddess Uggalepih, who was envied by the goddess Altana due of her beauty, which eventually lead to Altana turning her into a horrifying beast and exiling her from Outlands. This is said to be the reason why Tonberries are so revenge-driven.
    • As a side note, they have a deep grudge against Athena as her actions reminds them of what Altana did to their goddess.
    • There are also those who believe that Tonberries were originally Lalafells from an ancient city of Nym who were transformed into these creatures by a disease ages ago, lengthening their lifespan and replacing all logic and reason with rage and rancor. However, their hatred is driven mostly by their king, as once he was killed off, they returned into more peaceful creatures. Though that doesn't mean you should try to cross them, as they have learned to use aggression since the time when the band of Mamool Ja came and invaded their homeland.
  • Oddly enough, they have a certain affection forwards Sayo Samonji. Apparently he possesses a certain amount of rancor found in no other creature aside from them.


Audino, Goddess of Enemies to be Sought After (The Hearing Pokémon, Snuggltits)
Mega Audino 
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate Goddess as Mega Audino)
  • Theme Music: Rare Wild Pokémon Battle
  • Symbol: Her ears.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Healer
  • Moves: Heal Pulse, Double-Edge, Entrainment, Last Resort
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz
  • Portfolio: Enemies Made to Be Sought After, Common, yet Rare, The Medic, White Mage, Non-Elemental (Part Fairy when Mega Evolved), Stone Wall.
  • Domains: Normal, Fairy, Healing, Enemies.
  • Followers (as much as they don't want to admit it): Moneybags, Rappies, Fobbies, Revenants
  • Allies: Pikachu, Iwashiro Tesshou, Nurse Joy, GUAG Medical Division, Riku, Sora
  • Enemies: Black Beanling, Team Rocket, Prince Hans
  • Opposes: Kyubey (Unwanted comparisons to her Mega)
  • Audino have sonar-like hearing with their ears and the feelers hanging from them can be used to listen to people's heartbeats to know what they are feeling. They also give out a lot of experience points upon defeat.
  • Unlike other Piñata Enemies, Audino seems to be the one who is completely fine by this role, the main reason being that she can heal her opponents to make them feel better. Heck, her most powerful attack deals recoil damage to herself, making her easier to defeat. She is also fairly easy to find once you know where to search and doesn't run away, making her the good counterpart to Black Beanling.
    • However, some gods really don't know if they want to attack Audino. The fact that something so cute is completely fine with the fact that she is sought after for the EXP. she gives really makes gods think about what they are doing.
    • At one point, Prince Hans tried to attack her with a sword outside a battle, and while she was helping someone else out. He didn't try to attack her for EXP; he was outright trying to kill her in the midst of a Villainous Breakdown after being kicked out of hundreds of kingdoms. He's banned from using Pokémon as a result.
  • Is in good relation with Iwashiro, as she usually helps him to treat his patients. She also has become a Team Pet to the GUAG Medical Division.
  • In English, she doesn't know what to answer. In Japanese, she ponders about your question. In German and Korean, she agrees with you and in French, she cannot decide on an answer.
  • After Sora was grievously wounded during "Project: Alternate!Gentaro", Audino came to his aid and Mega-Evolved to help calm him down and put him to sleep so that he could be treated. Audino even guarded Sora in his temple for a while after he was discharged from the GUAG Medical Division, at least until the teen was able to fight again. Sora was grateful for Audino's kindness, and sometimes can be seen helping her train to help counter Master Xehanort and his True Organization XIII.
    • Audino seems to like Riku even more, however, given how he helped her fight Team Rocket when they tried to steal Meow Wow and Ralts (now Gardevoir) from Sora at a point when he couldn't defend himself. Riku remains in possession of the Key Stone Audino gave him, and has kept it out of gratitude.
  • One way to make Audino actually mad? Say that her Mega Evolution looks like Kyubey.

    Lakitu and Spiny 
Lakitu and Spiny, Divine Team of Flying and Stomp-proof Enemies. (Jugemu & Togezou)
  • Demigod (Lakitu), Quasideity (Spiny)
  • Symbol:
    • Lakitu: A smiling cloud
    • Spiny: A red, spiky shell
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil. A few professional Lakitus are Lawful Neutral, though
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Lakitu: Enemies, Flight, Clouds, Spinies themselves
    • Spiny: Enemies, Defense, Sharpness
  • Superiors: Bowser, The Koopalings, Bowser Jr.
  • Heralds:
  • Followers:
  • Allies: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bloopers, Bob-Ombs, Goombas, Zubats, Firebrand, Ridley, Bentley Turtle, Rammus,
  • Enemies: Pretty much every Platform Game character that relies on Goomba Stomping (except the ones who literally partake in Go-Karting with Bowser), Link, Son Goku, Magikarp, Altaria, Rainbow Dash, Yukari Tanizaki, Penelope Mouse
  • Neutral: Eario
  • Inhabiting most of the floors in the House of Bosses And Enemies, Lakitu is ready to rain pain (literally in the form of Spinies) on any challenger who dares to try to beat the House.
    • The House's cheapest and most annoying floor is known to have Lakitu teaming up with Zubat and Firebrand, coupled with One-Hit Kill traps, an Advancing Wall of Doom and a random little girl to be escorted to the exit. Needless to say, this floor is quite unpopular with most challengers.
    • A recurring problem with the House though is that the Spinies tend to infest it quickly, thanks to the fact that most challengers don't bother fighting them due to them being so tough to kill in the first place, which means they just keep multiplying. Thankfully, resident dungeon janitor Eario has some experience dealing with the critters, having cleaned up Mario's trails of destruction several times before.
  • While he might be a major annoyance within his House, Lakitu can be surprisingly handy while outside of it. He holds a part-time job as a cameraman for April O'Neil and frequently refs go-karting competitions at the House of Travel. He also goes fishing once in a while, but is annoyed at the fact that he only appears to get Magikarp regardless of the fishing spot.
    • The main reason Lakitu accepted to work with April was so that he could get closer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who he views as heroes for turtles everywhere. Lakitu once offered a pet Spiny as a gift for them, but the Turtles refused it immediately thanks to a bad experience with Raph's former pet turtle Spike, who turned into an evil, mutant turtle that tried to kill them all. Lakitu couldn't help but think that he had just learned about Bowser's backstory.
    • Lakitu also absolutely loathes when Yukari Tanizaki joins in the go-karting competitions, no thanks to her presence usually making his refereeing and rescuing work much harder than normal.
  • Because he happens to be a turtle wearing Nerd Glasses (which he insists to be a pair of goggles to anyone that refers to them as glasses), Lakitu is often mistaken for Bentley by several other deities. This is annoying to him as the more stupid and/or near-sighted deities tend to come to him for tech advice.
    • This eventually became a problem when Penelope Mouse started targetting Lakitu with a Mini-Mecha, mistaking him for Bentley. Luckily for Lakitu, the real Bentley was there to help him with a Mini-Mecha of his own. Penelope was surprised to see two "Bentleys", which prompted the actual Bentley to take some jabs at her intelligence (she used her near-sightness as an excuse, which led both turtles to reply with a single, sarcastic "Sure" in unison). She ended up running away while swearing revenge against Bentley (while pointing at Lakitu, naturally).
  • Lakitu holds some jealously towards Goku's Flying Nimbus, which constantly beats him with ease at Cloud Racing (traditional divine sport. Don't question it). This prompted Lakitu to challenge Goku to a rematch, but at go-kart racing instead. Lakitu had the advantage of having previous experience with the sport and a souped-up kart designed by Bentley, but Goku turned out to be such a fierce competitor and literal disaster at the wheel that they both ended up crashing at each other, destroying a huge chunk of the racetrack and ending the race with no winner.
    • And to Lakitu's horror, Goku found the whole thing so fun that he has scheduled another go-kart race, except this time against none other than Yukari Tanizaki herself.
  • Lakitu is really tired of other deities hijacking his cloud while he's away and not looking, especially that "pesky flying rainbow horse" and that "singing blue bird-dragon-fairy-thing", who both love to use it as a resting spot.
    • Rainbow Dash also has the habit of stealing Spinies from Lakitu's cloud for herself to have as pets, most likely because she thinks that they resemble her former pet turtle "Tank", albeit they are a bit more... well, spiny.
  • Amusingly, many Spinies have started following Rammus The Armordillo, possibly because they think of him as a sort of King Mook. This is actually quite troublesome for the Spinies as Rammus' tremors tend to flip them over their own shells, usually leaving them in a helpless state.
    • Meanwhile, Lakitu has become interested in finding others of Rammus' species to see if he can weaponize them the same way he does with Spinies (incidentally, he has also been looking for a bigger cloud to house them in, just in case).

Naka, Avatar of Incredibly Common Units (The Fleet's Idol, The Dismantling Idol, 2(Fuel)-4(Ammo)-11(Steel))
Naka Kai Ni 
  • Demigoddess, Lesser Goddess when fully upgraded into Naka Kai Ni
  • Symbol: A model of the Japanese Cruiser Naka. Alternatively, two oil drums, four bullets and eleven steel ingots.
  • Theme Music: "The 2-4-11 Of Love", by default. Alternatively, The Splendid Second Torpedo Squadron (Shared with Sendai)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Appearing Way Too Commonly, Genki Girl, Idol Singer, Odango Hair and Hair Antennae Combo, Becoming Better Than She Normally Is, Referencing Herself as "Naka-chan", Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Units, Resources, Singers, Light Cruisers
  • Followers: Way too many Pokémon to count, Mocchis, Mettaurs
  • Special Relationship: Sendai (her elder sister)
  • Allies: Her fellow Fleet Girls (ascended: Yamato and Musashi, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Kisaragi, Ikazuchi and Inazuma, Bismarck, Akagi, Ooi, I-19, Shimakaze, Ushio, Tenryuu and Tatsuta, Kitakami, Hibiki, Yuudachi, Admiral),
  • Enemies: The Abyssal Fleet (ascended: Wo-Class, Re-Class, Seaport Princess, Northern Ocean Princess), Courtney Gears, The Kraken, Rumble and Frenzy
  • Her ascension, as well as the proof of concept, was odd. At one point when House of War was making battleships, they somehow made a teenage girl equipped with different ship artillery. At first they shrugged, dismantled the ship parts of her for resources (precisely 2 drums worth of fuel, 4 bullets and 11 pieces of steel) and let her go. Some time later, they made her again. And again. And again. And again. At first it was annoying, but then it became funny to the point they nominated Naka for this position.
  • Some gods have started to refer a common result of anything as "Naka-chan" of the said subject.
  • Where she might be a Com Mon, don't let that distract you: if upgraded, she can become really strong in combat. Too bad they really only need one Naka. Rest of them can be scrapped.
    • However, upon the revelation of an Abyssal with the name of Light Cruiser Demon, who looks like a combination of Naka and another Fleet Girl, Agano, some gods wonder if they should keep on scrapping them.
  • Being an idol singer of sort, she gets along with other idol singers in the Pantheon. Of course, she opposes Courtney Gears, as Courtney is a robot singer and Naka is a singer who might be mechanical lifeform.
    • House of Technology has tried to figure out just what are Fleet Girls made out of. So far, no progress has been made, or the results clash with eachother. Trying to get the Commander say anything has proven to be a failure. As a non-dehumanizing opinion, they are set up the idea they are girls who have the souls of the ships they are based off and the weaponry are given to them.
  • She dislikes Rumble and Frenzy, or any gods who can create earthquakes for feeling like that there was a type of Naka before the ones you see today who got scrapped due of an earthquake before it could have been finished.
  • She, Anoa Aoba and Miho (and later on, I-401 Iona, Teana and Sanya) have made a small group called "The Girl Military Force", with her standing for on-surface watercrafts. She does feel like she's bit out of place, though, as she is only one of the three who is not the main character of their respectful works.
  • She immediately ran towards her sister Sendai upon the latter's ascension, but then became a bit jealous of her as she got her second remodel ahead of her.

    Nazi Storm Elite 
The Nazi Storm Elites, Gods of Heavily Armored Enemy Units

    PT Imp Group 
PT Imp Group, Deified Mini Mooks
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Their heads
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mini Mook, Enfant Terrible, Come in Groups of Three And Possibly in Multiple Packs, Fragile Speedster, Giggling Villain
  • Domains: Mooks, Infants, Patrol Torpedo Boats
  • Allies: The rest of the Abyssal Fleet (Wo-Class, Re-Class, Air Defense Princess, Seaport Princess, Northern Ocean Princess)
  • Enemies: The Admiral, all of the Fleet Girls, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4
  • The Abyssal Fleet is composed of many types of enemies within a sliding scale of humanoid. And in the more human side of things, the "physical age" appearance may vary. While the Fleet Girls thought that they wouldn't see anything younger than a young child like Northern Ocean Princess, they suddenly discovered that within their ranks existed manifestation of the "devil boats" they had to face in the past... in the form of babies.
  • PT Imp Group's main claim to fame is their absurd evasive capabilities. They can avoid just about anything unless specific equipment are used. And back in the days only Destroyers had any real chance to hitting them. And maybe not even that. Fortunately outside of that they are really fragile and outside of their torpedoes don't possess much firepower. That being said, they tend to come in large groups to make things harder to focus on the main threat.
  • Their existence brings a big question mark on the potential life-cycle of the Abyssals. Mainly do they actually grow up or do they exist in one state forever unless otherwise stated? Considering the Abyssal-Ship Girl cycle, it might be the latter.
  • There are some questions on who would be considered their "legal guardian" of sort. Some say the role falls into the role of Supply Depot Princess, but she seems somewhat reluctant to be in that kind of role.
  • Heavy Weapons Guy, who likes to call his foes babies, couldn't believe what he saw when seeing them, as not even he would have thought he would have to fight actual babies in his life.
  • One time Vicky was asked to babysit them. The details of what happened during that time are lost, but she does not want to babysit them again.
  • Much like their encounter with Air Defense Princess, the crew of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 find this Abyssal unit to be a significant threat, so much so that they actually decide to engage them in order to prevent American casualties, both ship girl and Marine alike. Booth, the pilot and leader of the crew, orders his two gunners Locke and Lauglin to immediately "Take out those fucking PT boats!".

    Waffen Infantry and Waffen Officer 
The Waffen Infantry and Waffen Officers, Gods of Elite Grunt Disappointments
Above: Waffen Infantry. Below: Waffen Officer

Wallmasters, Shadowy Gods of Wall-Guarding Mooks and Transportation to Previous Areas.
  • Demigod
  • Theme Song: Forest Temple (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  • Symbol: A small, growing shadow on a floor
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domains: Enemies, Walls, Hands, Shadows
  • Portfolio: Monsters Hidden in the Walls, Enemies That Teleport You Away, Sentient Severed Hands, Nightmare Fuel, Creepy Attack Sounds.
  • Heralds: Floormaster, Zant's Hand.
  • Allies: Ganondorf, Vaati, Dark Link, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Zubat, Firebrand, Nemesis, King Boo, The Mad Piano, The Addams Family, Jack Skellington, Hades (Kid Icarus), the Subhouse of Undead
  • Enemies: Link, Zelda, Navi, Tingle, Rayman, Revolver Ocelot, Coraline Jones, The Green Flu Survivors, Artix Von Krieger, most ascended Resident Evil and Castlevania protagonists
  • Opposed by: Pudge
  • Wallmasters are known to inhabit certain rooms within the House of Gaming, ambushing visiting deities from other Houses and sending them back to the entrance like some sort of undead security system. Virtually every single deity who has fell victim to them agrees that it is an unpleasant experience.
    • Wallmasters, however, aren't exclusive to the House of Gaming. Some Wallmasters have been spotted in the Houses of Theatre and Personal Appearance, most likely followers of Master Hand and Crazy Hand, the all-powerful gigantic hand Gods that reside in said Houses respectively. There are also a few of them crawling around in the House of Villains, possibly under the command of Ganondorf and Hades.
    • They have also been spotted around the Houses of Slaughter and Otherness (in the latter's case, the Subhouse of Undead in specific), where they appear to feel more at home. Obviously, this meant that they would automatically become enemies with any undead-opposing Gods like the Green Flu Survivor Crew, most former STARS agents and the Belmont Family.
    • Pudge doesn't like their presence in the House of Slaughter though and views the Wallmasters as pests that keep touching and contamining his stock of "FRESH MEATS!!!". He will usually try to hack them on sight, but considering how annoying and unsatisfying they are to kill plus the fact that they are already rotten, dismembered hands to begin with, he can't even take enjoyment in that.
  • Revolver Ocelot hates the little things as they remind him of Liquid Snake's rotten, possessed arm that he once used as a replacement for his own missing one (not to mention all the convoluted, behind-the-scenes stuff that came along with it). This often leads to Ocelot treating them as target practice, in order to relieve his frustrations (although to his frustration, some of them split into smaller ones when hit, and then there's the ones that can become invisible...).
    • Coraline is another deity known to be afraid of Wallmasters thanks to her conflict with the Other Mother's disembodied hand still being fresh on her mind, leading her to become a bit paranoid about crawling hands. However, as far as anyone knows, there are no links between the Wallmasters and the Other Mother.
  • There was a time where Rayman had his hands walk off and go missing while he was asleep (trust us, it happens more often than you think), which led him to have the "brilliant" idea to use a pair of Wallmasters as temporary replacements for them. Nonetheless, this was an awful experience for the Limbless Wonder, who had his "Wallmaster Hands" rebel on him by teleporting any deity that came nearby to outside the Pantheon. Since then, Rayman has been more strict about his original hands going off on their own.
  • It is known that The Addams Family keeps a few Wallmasters as pets/servants similar to their very own "Thing", also a disembodied hand that happens to live in a box. Those Wallmasters, under Thing's influence, have started becoming very handy around the family's house, doing chores and fixing broken things, although they still like to ambush visitors (not that there are many, considering how the Addams are).
    • Upon witnessing their "handiness" at the Addams Manor, Jack Skellington has decided to employ Wallmasters of his own in order to help him prepare the next Halloween. He is also planning to visit the infamous Shadow Temple for inspiration, an idea that... not many deities support (Zelda herself in particular, as that place has some really dark stuff about her kingdom).
  • There is a rumor going on that at least one Wallmaster has started cooperating with the Mad Piano at the House of Music in order to get prey. It is told that the Wallmaster will play a tune on the Mad Piano, attracting unsuspecting deities who see a supposedly vacant piano playing by itself, only for the instrument to attack when the victim gets close enough. Because this sort of trap sounds far too smart and complex for a musical instrument and a disembodied hand to come up with, the rumor has been mostly dismissed as an Urban Legend (Of Zelda), which is a rather odd instance to take in the Pantheon.


    Black Beanling 
Black Beanling, God of Rare RPG Enemies That Give a Disproportionate Amount of Experience.

    The Blue Slime 
The Blue Slime, Mini-God of Mascot Mooks

    The Goombas 
The Goombas, Mini-Gods of Basic, Introductory Enemies (Kuribo)
  • Quasideities
  • Theme Song: Goomba Village (Paper Mario 64)
  • Symbol: An 8-bit Goomba sprite
  • Alignment: Usually Lawful Evil, but it depends on the Goomba.
  • Portfolio: Weak, Introductory Enemies, Enemies That Are Easily Defeated by Jumping on Them, Enemies That Are Used as Living Trampolines, Enemies With Iconic Appeal, Armless Bipeds.
  • Domains: Simplicity, Weakness, Determination, Enemies.
  • Followers: Gnawties, Neeks, Sneeks, Tiki Goons, Awks, Chu Chus, Deku Babas, Metools, Hornoads, Zombies, Moto Bugs, Egg Pawns, RPG Rats, Shadows.
  • Superiors: Bowser, The Koopalings, Bowser Jr.
  • Allies: Bob-Omb, Blooper, Waddle Dee, Blue Slime, Prinnies.
  • Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, anybody who can perform the Goomba Stomp, really.
  • Herald: Shy Guys.
  • Originally, the Goombas as a species were allied with the Mushroom Kingdom, but then most of them became traitors and joined the Koopa Troop. The motives for their betrayal are still shrouded in mystery, with some theorists claiming that there was some Fantastic Racism going on between the Toads and the Goombas.
  • Because Goombas are so numerous and expendable, many members at the House of Villains have been known to employ Goombas, if only to have something small and weak to beat up when feeling frustrated. They also make for decent foot stools, being small and squishy.
  • Goombas are probably one of the first deities Gods will find upon entering the House of Bosses And Enemies. If they try to attack, they usually get easily defeated, although they will never give up trying.
    • Sometimes, "smarter" Goombas might join up with Waddle Dees and Blue Slimes in order to take on Gods at the entrance of the House. They're usually not successful.
    • Meanwhile, "dumber" Goombas will probably walk off into a pit before even trying anything.
  • Many Goombas have been seen holding objects despite lacking clear hands. Some members of the House of Knowledge have theorized that they might have minor telekinetic abilities, but that has yet to be proven.
  • Despite being considered the weakest members of the Koopa Troop, Goombas claim to be better soldiers than the Koopa Troopas themselves, as they believe that the Koopas' tendency to hide in their shells when attacked end up accidentally helping Mario in many cases, making them a bigger liability to the army. The Koopa Troopas, outraged by those claims, challenged the Goombas to a Death Battle featuring two of their best soldiers. The battle ended up in a draw and brought forth the worst qualities of each of them, stupidity and cowardice, leading many people to the conclusion that both species were equally incompetent at their jobs.
  • Legends tell of a great hero of the Goomba race, the infamous "World 1-1 Goomba", gaming's greatest serial killer, renowned for slaying more gamers and claiming more extra lives than any other single enemy in the entire history of gaming (at least until the players learn how to jump). Millions have fallen to the terrifying waddle of this fearsome fiend and his reign of death has stretched across generations of gamers. Even many hardened veterans of gaming remember falling before this fungal psychopath on their first time playing his game, although to many modern Goombas he is but a myth.

    The Servbots 
The Servbots, Mini-Gods of Invincible Minor Minions (Kobun)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Any one of their heads
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Invincible Minor Minions, Numbered Henchbots, Joke Characters
  • Domains: Robots, Immortality, Servants
  • Master/Creator: Miss Tron Bonne
  • Herald: Metool
  • Allies: The Blue Slimes
  • Rivals: Mega Man
  • The Servbots are sometimes referred to as one of the "only true immortals" in the Pantheon, since they've been repeatedly been beaten up, shot at and exploded with no distinguishable marks on them.
  • There are total of 41 Servbots built, all of which are in the House. 42 if one counts a certain reprogrammed Sentinel.
  • They love curry rice to the point they sometimes horde House of Food for it. When asked why they can even eat, Tron Bonne doesn't bother to answer.
    • Speaking of Tron Bonne, the Servbots are quite happy to see her finally ascend as a demigod into the Technology pantheon. They wish she didn't have to share her seat as the Goddess of Mini-Mecha, but there's nothing they can do about it, and Tron isn't complaining.

    Waddle Dee 
Waddle Dee, God of Waddling Heads (The Hardest Boss In All of Existence, Waddle Dooters)

Zubat, God...damned Bats (the Bat Pokémon)
  • Quasideity
  • Theme Song: Mt. Moon (Pokémon Red and Blue)
  • Symbol: An Eyeless Face and a pair of bat fangs.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Ability: Inner Focus
  • Moves: Confuse Ray, Absorb, Bite, Wing Attack, though trained variants have Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Poison Fang and Acrobatics
    • Z-Moves: Varies between Acid Downpour, Supersonic Skystrike, and Black Hole Eclipse depending on the Zubat
  • Portfolio: Deceptively Hard-to-Defeat Enemies, Cave-Dwelling Pokémon, Bats, The Ability To Be In Many Places At Once.
  • Domains (Types): Poison, Flying.
  • Heralds: Tentacool, Wingull, Yungoos
  • Followers: Medusa Heads, Fleamen, Future predators, and... bats.
  • Allies: Naka, Brock, Riku, Chuggaaconroy
  • Conflicting Opinions: Team Rocket
  • Enemy: Pikachu
  • Not to Be Confused With: Kaiketsu Zubat
  • Beware of entering any cave because of Zubat. They gather up in colonies in dark places and emit ultrasonic waves which will surely confuse any one foolish enough to not run away.
  • It is prophesied that through capture, training and The Power of Friendship, Zubat will one day gain great power to aid in the battle against evil. It was stuck in the Villains house before the opening of the Gaming house just because how it annoys many Pokémon trainers in their quest to attain heroism. Doesn't help that Zubat is the most common Pokémon amongst the grunts of Pokémon world's villanious teams.
  • Of all gods to make friends Zubat was Chuggaaconroy, who captured Zubat and evolved it into a Crobat that he calls...Acrobat.
    • Brock has also shown that he has captured a Zubat (which also evolved into Crobat) in the past, so at least Zubat has company now.
    • Riku has given a hint that whenever his Komory Bat is in the Pokémon world, it takes on the form of a Crobat.


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