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Intermediate Gods

The Archviles, Demonic Enforcers of Summoning Enemies (Arch-Vile)
Arch-Vile in the original Doom
Archvile in Doom Eternal
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Themselves in their summoning pose.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Always landing their attacks if in their line of sight, Demonic Spider with the toughness of a boss, Manipulates Fire, Mook Medic, Lean and Mean, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, Elite Mooks, Squishy Wizard, Teleport Spam
  • Domains: Demons, Hell, Fire, Resurrection, Mooks
  • Allies: Cacodemons, The Cyberdemon and the Tyrants, Dis, Malebolgia, Azmodan, Lucifer
  • Enemies: The Doom Slayer, Dante Sparda, The Nephalems, Spawn, All angelic beings, Joel, The Chosen Undead, The Bearer of the Curse, The Ashen One, Every single good-alinged demon
  • Interest: Ragnaros, Surtr
  • An Archvile, or Arch-Vile, is one of the most elite demons at hell's disposal, being incredible for the simple fact that they can resurrect the fallen demons and even empower them. Forged from Hellfire, this demon is one that can be considered a "noble" among his kind and possessing far more intellect than their lesser counterparts, making the creature one of the few that is able to command the others. These snobby demons teleported from a Hell portal send by the forces of hell itself to invade the Pantheon once more, in an attempt to eliminate their nemesis the Doom Slayer. The attack obviously failed but like several other demon invasions before, the Archviles were smart enough to secure a position in the Pantheon thanks to their constant resurrection and summoning of fallen demons.
  • There is no denying that among the super heavies, the Archviles are despised for how tought they are and their mastery over fire and never missing their attacks has made several unprepared deities fall quickly in battle. But a handicap was placed upon them that they cannot resurrect another Archvile, which forces the few of them that are in the Pantheon to plan their attacks carefully. The Doom Slayer, being an expert in disemboweling them on a daily basis, has been an effective counter to their numerous plans since he perfectly knows how to get rid of them.
  • They will rarely, if ever, submit towards other demons but they know better than to antagonize the various number of Satanic Archetypes found in the Pantheon. Of the lot, Dis is the one they seem to respect the most given the similarities they have to the Dark Lord that commands them and they have also consorted with Malelbolgia in the past, which quickly put these beasts in the sights of Spawn and he just simply scoffed at their presence for thinking they are a big deal when they aren't at all.
  • Some believe Archviles are the spawn of those that tried to recreate the First Flame. Naturally the Archvile would make several enemies from the aforementioned setting with the Chosed Undead, the Bearer of the Curse and the Ashen One being the most notable and the fact that the Archviles are notorious difficult to kill has not fazed them in the slightest.
  • Joel despises them with a passion, as he had faced dozens of them in his Doom Contests and for the longest time he wished the Pantheon would have been freed of them. But alas, they arrived and he said the Pantheon has "lost 100 points for an Arch-vile". For some reason, several of the Archvile have a tendency to target Joel the most out of all the deities, indicating they likely do it on purpose.
  • While they are not tied with the Seven Deadly Sins in any capacity, they found Azmodan, Lord of Sin, to be a very competent ally and the fact that he can also summon demons to do his bidding has caught their attention. Unfortunately the Archviles by design cannot resurrect big demons so if Azmodan were to fall in combat in their presence, they wouldn't be able to raise them back up. He appreaciates their cunning and usefulness because at least they can resurrect the demons he summons.
  • Of the mid to less demons, Archviles are probably the one demon most Demon Hunters and Good-aligned demons would try to take down first. Many times have these creatures caused too many problems for others and there are even contests to see who can wipe them out the quickest. Yes, they are that problematic.
  • In the grand scheme of things, Archviles are only truly loyal to Hell and its forces but they have found common ground with both GUAE and GUAC, often acting as enforcers for the latter's leader, Lucifer, since not only is he a powerful demon, he recognizes that while a bit of an uncontrollable power, employing Archviles alongside any demonic force from Hell could potentially give him an edge against the GUAL. Unfortunately, the had the unfortunate consequence of making the Doom Slayer add the GUAC as another organization to take down.
  • Their control over their Pyrokinesis has been considered quite stellar by several deities, mostly because they seemingly never miss. Notorious fire users like Ragnaros and Surtr have considered recruiting these demons for their destructive goals and while they aren't demons per say, the Archviles are convinced that working alongside these two may be a net positive for Hell.
  • Their opinion on angels is quite low even if they never encountered one in their home universe. Archviles have tried numerous times to orchestrate an invasion on their house but most attempts have ended in failure.

Bazelgeuse, God of Intrusive Danger (Explosive Scale Wyvern, The Invading Tyrant, Beetlejuice, Bagel Geese, B-52 Bomber)
Seething Bazelgeuse 
  • Intermediate God bordering on Greater. Greater God (as the Seething variant)
  • Symbol: Its Hunters' Guild icon.
  • Theme Song(s): The Invading Tyrant - Bazelgeuse (Rise remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Non-lethal Drop-In Nemesis, Explosions, Fighting Like A Bomber Plane, Attacking Everyone In A Fight, Making You Constantly Watch Your Back, Hell Is That Noise, Orchestral Bombing
  • Domains: Fire and Explosions, Intrusion, Wyverns
  • Allies: None
  • Rivals: Deviljho, Rajang, Starscream
  • Enemies: The Monster Hunters, Basically anything that so much as looks at it funny, Gyaos, Hunter J
  • Opposed By: Simba
  • Odd Friendship with: Blacephalon, Soldier and Demo
  • Respects: Yoshikage Kira
  • Conflicting Opinion: Solf J. Kimblee
  • The bane of hunters and monsters alike, Bazelgeuse first reared its head in the New World, appearing as an 'intruder' monster like Rajang, Deviljho, and Seregios. It appeared during High Rank hunts and, if another monster so much as roared while it was in the locale, would promptly rush in to give everything that breathes a nasty, explosive-scales-laden beating. That's right, its scales can heat up and explode like bombs, and as a Flying Wyvern, Bazelgeuse exploits this by soaring over its opponents' heads and dropping them down like a living B-52.
  • Most monsters only stick to one or two favorable habitats. Bazelgeuse, however, can show up anywhere in High Rank. This includes the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale, and Elder's Recess. It's regarded as a threat equal to Deviljho, making it by extension equal to Elder Dragons, and its ability to be anywhere makes it arguably even more dangerous. It averts this come Master Rank with a variant called Seething Bazelgeuse, whose scales are in a perpetually heated state and get even hotter when it gets enraged, making it more dangerous... but it's now exclusive to the Elder's Recess instead of being everywhere, leaving the invader role to Deviljho and Rajang.
  • Bazelgeuse's reign of terror began in the House of Beasts, when the Dragonborn found one of its misfired scales while out on patrol. Not long after, a quarrel between Lugia and Bowser broke out. The conflict was quickly brought to a halt when the two noticed its scales raining from the sky, followed by a bout of explosions. Soon all in the House were on high alert for the perpetrator, but it seemed that it had left just as quickly as it came. The Monster Hunters were quickly informed and confirmed its identity. They tracked it down and chased it out...
  • But it soon made another appearance in the House of War. While Sundowner was intrigued, general consensus was that it had to go. Optimus Prime engaged in mock battle with Amuro Ray's Gundam to lure the beast out, then grappled it to the ground. One massive explosion and a long fight filled with many more of them later, Bazelgeuse was subdued, but it was clear it wasn't about to go anywhere. An attempt was made to give it the boot, but when Deviljho interrupted it, Bazelgeuse fought the angry pickle to a standstill, proving its mettle. For lack of a better place to put it, it was granted the position of Drop-In Nemesis for its penchant for screwing over people just trying to fight.
  • Bazelgeuse roams the Pantheon in search of ongoing fights. Whether a friendly spar or a duel to the death, if two sides are in armed conflict, Bazelgeuse will arrive to make things harder for everyone, in hopes of establishing dominance over the other sides.
  • As a monster, particularly a roaming one, Bazelgeuse does not keep to its seat in the House of Gaming, which makes it more honorary than anything. However, when a target of its ire has severely wounded it, it retreats there to rest, making it a convenient containment site. It also frequents the Rotten Vale due to familiarity with it.
  • By unknown circumstances, Bazelgeuse was once brought to the Hall of Explosives in its sleep. Although it was predictably irate when it woke up, a surprise interference with a Mind Blown from Blacephalon confused it enough to give it pause, and it was entertained by a fireworks show from other explosion-wielders, calming it. It has since expressed a secret desire to crash the set of a Michael Bay production.
  • The rivalry of invader monsters continues into the Pantheon, though Bazelgeuse reserves more of its volatility for Deviljho, as ordinary Bazelgeuse are restricted to High Rank while Rajang can get as powerful as Master Rank, making it not worth trying to pick on.
  • Bazelgeuse has a particular enmity for the Gyaos for disrupting its would-be rampages and just turning a clean bombing run into an absolute mess. The Gyaos, for their part, are too busy doing what they do best to reciprocate such personal hatred.
  • Hunter J once tried to capture Bazelgeuse, using a pitfall trap to catch it when it landed and then throwing a metal net over it. The net exploited its Thunder weakness by electrifying to zap it into submission. The moment she thought she had the wyvern bagged, though, she was undone by its explosive scales, blowing the net - and her - to kingdom come. There is now a very personal grudge between them - J wants Bazelgeuse's head, and Bazelgeuse wants J to leave it the hell alone.
  • Of all things to see as a threat, Bazelgeuse considers Starscream a true rival for their shared interest in overthrowing the top dog, though while Starscream does so subtly, Bazelgeuse does so... aggressively. That, and Starscream is a fighter jet while Bazelgeuse is a bomber.
  • Bazelgeuse and Kira have only met once before, during its near-rampage in the Hall of Explosives, but it left a lasting impression on both. Bazelgeuse actually appreciates Kira's wish to stay out of the spotlight despite his immense power, while Kira wonders if it'd be possible to stack the explosions of Bazelgeuse's scales with Killer Queen's power for increased lethality.
  • The Hall of Explosives incident also attracted the attention of Solf J. Kimblee, who finds Bazelgeuse's indiscriminate destruction and interference in conflicts aggravating, but appreciates that for a wild animal, it has a goal and is setting out to do nothing but accomplish that goal. He's added Bazelgeuse's scales to the list of 'explosive-looking things' he can transmute objects into, to give anyone who knows what it is a nice scare. Bazelgeuse, meanwhile, is straight-up creeped out by Kimblee's demeanor.
  • The vague lion motif in Bazelgeuse armor attracted the attention of Simba, who approached the monster itself. It didn't recognize him as a threat until he mentioned his kingship, and the encounter took a sharp downhill turn from there. It took a tag-team of Teostra and Lunastra to halt the wyvern's rampage.
  • A Seething Bazelgeuse appeared in the Pantheon one time, but quickly fled after a Turf War with Savage Deviljho. It went to the Hall of Fire and Heat to rest, but was confronted by none other than Teostra and Lunastra, once again. They and most of the Hall could not actually get rid of it due to its fire resistance, until Hestia managed to calm it and tame the monster. It was afterwards sent to join its nominate species in the House of Gaming, and Bazelgeuse's temple was renovated to resemble the Elder's Recess in order to give Seething incentive to stay there.
  • When you hear its roar... take cover.

    The Chaos Kin 
The Chaos Kin, Unholy Mook Maker

    King Boo 
King Boo, God of Mook Royalty (King Teresa)

    Legendary Beasts 
The Legendary Beastsmembers , Trinity of Roaming Enemies (Legendary Cats, Legendary Dogs, Legendary Doge | Raikou: The Thunder Pokémon | Entei: The Volcano Pokémon | Suicune: The Aurora Pokémon)
Raikou, Entei, Suicune
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: The Burned Tower
  • Theme Music: Battle! Raikou/Entei/Suicune
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Shared ability: Pressure
  • Movesets
    • Raikou: Thunder, Crunch, Extrasensory, Rain Dance
    • Entei: Sacred Fire, Solarbeam, Shadow Ball, Sunny Day
    • Suicune: Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Signal Beam, Rain Dance
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Elements, Beasts, Resurrection, Roaming (all of them), Thunder, Storm, Speed (Raikou), Fire, Vulcanism (Entei), Water, Auroras, Purification, the North Wind (Suicune)
  • Interests: Rubeus Hagrid (the lot), Diego, Benjamin Franklin (Raikou), SCP-4338 (Entei)
  • Superior: Ho-Oh
  • Allies: Kyogre (Raikou, Suicune), The Legendary Birds, Celebi, the Eevelutions, Ash Ketchum, Balto, Smokey Bear
  • On good terms with: The Hall of Nature Preservers (Suicune)
  • On speaking terms with: Barry Allen, Wally West (the lot, mainly Raikou), Ignitus (Entei), Carter Hall/Hawkman (Suicune)
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog (friendly), Quick Man (all of them), Rajang, Zinogre (Raikou)
  • Enemies: Dhuum, Nekron, Miror B., Ghetsis, Hunter J, those who'd Set the World on Fire like Surtr, Captain Chantel DuBois, the Firebird, Firelord Ozai
  • Opposes: Scarface, Ammit
  • Uncertain on: Captain Ahab
  • Pities: The Masked Man, SCP-1440
  • The three legendary beasts that originated in the Johto region. Resurrected by Ho-oh after their demise in the burning of the Brass Tower, these creatures roam the land. Their types represent the destruction of the Brass Tower; Raikou as the lightning which started the fire, Entei as the fire itself, and Suicune as the water that put the flames out.
  • Applies to the lot
    • These beasts have been reported to be seen throughout the Pantheon with no sign of any danger to the inhabitants. However, trying to capture and returning them back into their temple is easier said than done. They are known to roam everywhere and conventional movement abilities will only make them appear elsewhere. And upon encountering them, they are more likely to flee the fight or force the foes to flee (which is unlikely, due to their moveset being analyzed and has no moves suited for that). The three are well-known for speed, and while Quick Man attempts to assuage his ego by proving he's faster than them Sonic is more chill in trying to prove he's faster.
    • Nobody knows what creatures they were before they were resurrected. It is theorized that they were originally a Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon before they died, or just Eevee, but it's never been revealed. The three still have a fondness for the Eevee family, possibly because the Kimono Girls near where they can be found use the line. The ones ascended are the same ones from the tower. Further complicating matters is that some NPCs can have legendary beasts on their team while the player can catch them, and the anime shows the regular and shiny versions can co-exist. The House of Knowledge is trying to get an answer out of their boss Ho-oh to explain this discrepancy.
    • There was one group of the Beasts that were captured by Team Cipher and experimented on to create powerful Shadow Pokémon which were handed to their admins. Upon hearing that a member of Cipher known as Miror B. was in the Pantheon, they are not impressed. Their elusiveness is difficult, even for the best trackers in the Pantheon. They never stay in one place for very long and are smart enough to avoid traps. The Beasts found them to be more annoyance than threats as many trainers went through thick and thin just to catch them. And even then, trapping them is not guaranteed and will run away in even bizarre ways. That said, certain trainers have proven worthy enough to legitimately use them like Anabel and Goh .
    • The three Beasts also are encountered outside of their region such as the Smash Bros. tournament to assist the fighter upon being called through Master Balls. However, only Suicune was spotted in a brawl against other competing Pokémon. Meanwhile their shiny variants encountered Celebi and showed their cooperation with the Pokémon. Suicune in general had a history of saving Celebi from a masked hunter. Because of how they died they hate those who'd spread fires for no reason like Surtr. They don't care for Ozai either as his belief he's the Phoenix King means he's willing to attack Ho-oh and wants control of the beasts as part of a vanity project.
    • Because of how they came Back from the Dead, the Legendary Beasts are on Dhuum's hitlist. However they're less afraid of him than they are of Nekron, who's capable of forcibly ensnaring the resurrected into the Black Lantern Corps should he find an emotional tether. If that'd also give them the Ghost typing, they don't know and they certainly don't want to find out. The three are also in agreement never to find themselves in combat with Ammit; they know the beast can destroy souls, and having been given a second chance of life they're more scared of a Deader Than Dead scenario than most.
    • They aren't all that happy with hunters in the pantheon, but they're not sure how they should feel about some. Mainly whether they should be wary of Captain Ahab, or pity him for his self-destructive grudge against a whale. Scarface has sought out the legendary beasts for good sport. While they want nothing to do with him, part of them does admit they agree they're at least glad of his honor code. And it's not like Chantel DuBois, who only really wants to capture them for the sake of containing powerful beasts.
    • Hagrid has wondered what exactly they are. Taking notes, he noticed the legendary beasts showed pity to both the Masked Man and SCP-1440. Their reason for showing pity towards the former is his struggle with identity and ultimately dying as himself. For the latter, they're sorry that his immortality dooms him to forever be a drifter rather than out of a desire to travel like themselves. In terms of mutual friends, he found the three legendaries liked Balto and Smokey Bear. Smokey Bear's fight against forest fires was a very respectable profession to three Pokémon who died in a fire, and Balto was a noble sled dog who traveled a great distance in the harsh cold to give kids the medicine for diptheria.
  • Applies to Raikou
    • Raikou is known as the Thunder Pokémon. It embodies the speed of lightning and its roars send shock waves shuddering through the air and shake the ground as if lightning bolts had come crashing down. Noticing this and seeking a fellow companion, Raiden summoned a massive thunderbolt at the sky which caught Raikou's attention and awed it. The Thunder Pokémon regards any God of Thunder as deeply interesting and "kindred spirits", which is why it also gets along with Thor and Zeus. The legendary still scoffs at the latter's libido, though being genderless may factor into this.
    • It isn't happy whenever someone tries to capture it for their selfish ends. Eneru wants to make it his pet, and if it refuses, overclothes, and Gigabolt Man-o-War just wants to feed on Raikou's electrical biology. Most have a more innocent interest in the Raiju, however. Diego was interested by the legendary due to having a lot of smilodon traits. Benjamin Franklin was intrigued by the idea of a magical creature that embodies lightning and has been trying to study Raikou's electrical power with more advanced lightning rods.
    • Raikou enjoys fighting Rajang in order to prove who's the superior thunder beast. Those from the Monster Hunter series aren't too concerned with making friends, but as far as Pokémon are concerned friendship is often expressed in a Worthy Opponent and the legendary was hoping for one. It feels the same about Zinogre. On a more casual level it has been trying to learn how to access the Speed Force from both Flashes. Granted so have the other legendary beasts, but Raikou especially because of their association with lightning. Sometimes Sparky joins Raikou in these lessons.
  • Applies to Entei
    • Entei is known as the Volcano Pokémon. Dex entries state that a new volcano is born when it barks, though other entries state that Entei are born when a volcano is. Because of this, it is concerned about evil volcanic and magma associated deities exploiting its power. It went to search for a new friend to bond with after its old companion Annie Hastur left the pantheon, and found one in Charlie MacGee. Entei was known to sometimes demonstrate a paternal instinct to young and emotionally vulnerable girls, and it wanted to both protect her from the government and teach her to better control her own fire powers.
    • Despite the type disadvantage against Ground types, Entei works well with Groudon because of its Drought ability boosting Fire-type moves, similar to Suicune's power being boosted by Kyogre's Drizzle and Raikou's Thunder having its accuracy boosted in Kyogre's rain. That, and the Pokémon who expands the land creates plenty of vulcanism for Entei to benefit from. The fire elemental of Ooo, Flame Princess, noticed a lot of commotion coming from the two and decided it might be for the best if Entei hones its destructive power within the Fire Kingdom to limit the damage. Entei agreed, and sometimes spars off against FP herself to test its strength.
    • Based off a Chinese guardian lion. The Volcano Pokémon can be seen sporadically joining in battles with Teostra and Lunastra, mainly when one of them is absent. It has also gotten a soft spot for Simba, and can sometimes be found talking to Ignitus about his ironic death; Entei relates it to its ironic reincarnation of a Pokémon who died in a fire being reborn as a Fire-type legendary. SCP-4338, watching Entei from a TV the SCP Foundation gave to distract it, is curious about its power to roar volcanos into being and wonders if that could benefit it.
  • Applies to Suicune
    • Suicune is known as the Aurora Pokémon. It has the power to purify contaminated water through walking through water. As the result, it shows some hostility towards those that pollute the water in the House of Toxicity, especially Hexxus and Oryx (or rather his army for corrupting anything they touch and the one time they polluted a water reservoir). It despises polluters like Mr Burns, who's nuclear waste proliferation has put it on overtime trying to fix Springfield's water. None of them mortify Suicune as much as the Flood, who could easily infect and corrupt it to their will. Whether the Aurora Pokémon is able to purge The Virus from lakes is unknown, but that's mainly because it's too afraid of even a drop of Flood-corrupted water getting on it.
    • Suicine and Chaac met while the former was looking for a nearby water source to take comfort it. The Mayan God of Rain was pleased at its ability to summon a a Rain Dance and nurturing of water, given he provides nurturing rain for his followers. And with the two in tandem, the legendary's Water-type attacks have never been stronger. Chaac was surprised to learn its chattiness with Hawkman afterwards. Apparently they had found something in common; both had an association with the winds to an extent, and Suicune has experienced being reborn like Carter's Reincarnation. But this didn't amount to much beyond them talking sometimes, unlike Chaac.
    • Of the three, Suicune is seen interacting with the Nature Preservers the most. Because of its healing abilities, the legendary is a useful asset for both Captain Planet and the Spring Sprite. While the infernal destruction the Firebird causes bothers the lot, being a Water-type and more environmentally conscious than the other two has Suicune facing off against it the most. Sometimes it'll bring its friends crystals as a gift for some reason.

Lesser Gods

    Chansey and Audino 
Chansey and Audino, Co-Goddesses of Giving High EXP When Beaten (Chansey: The Egg Pokemon, Lucky, Audino: The Healer Pokemon, Tabunne)
Click here  for Mega Audino
  • Lesser Goddess (Audino, she becomes Intermediate as Mega Audino) Intermediate Goddess (Chansey).
  • Symbol: The Oval Stone (Chansey), a pink stethoscope/Audinite (Audino/Mega Audino)
  • Theme Song: Rare Wild Pokemon Battle (Audino)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Abilities: Natural Cure (Chansey), Regenerator (Audino), Healer (Mega Audino)
  • Gender: Female
  • Moveset
    • Chansey: Softboiled, Stealth Rock, Toxic, Seismic Toss
    • Audino: Disarming Voice, Heal Pulse, Entrainment, Double Edge
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz (Chansey), Twinkle Tackle (Audino)
  • Portfolio(applies to both): Non-Elemental Metal Slime, Gives Out A Lot Of HP, Beef HP And/Or Defense Stats, The Medic
  • Domains: Mons, High EXP Yields, Pink (both), Friendliness, Medicine, High HP, Eggs (Chansey), Aid, Hearing, Fairies (Audino)
  • Allies(as a whole): Ash Ketchum and his friends, Wobbuffet, Shuckle
  • Enemies(as a whole): Team Rainbow Rocket, Pokemon Hunter J, Pokemon "Trainer" Rusty, Nurgle, Typhus, the Medic
  • Opposes: The House of Hatred and Rancor (Chansey), The Incubators, loud and harsh noises (Audino)
  • Wary of: Vaal Hazak, the Hall of Diseases (both), Merasmus the Magician, Monoculus and the Headless Horseless Horseman (Chansey)
  • Pities: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Chansey)
  • In the world of Pokemon, defeating certain species of Pokemon can yield more EXP than others. Two of the biggest yields in the game come from two pink Normal types; Chansey and Audino. These generally friendly Pokemon are rare encounters, but beating them is a good way to level up early; especially since the former's attacking stat is terrible and the latter has moves to make it easier or even help the enemy like Heal Pulse. Chansey can evolve into Blissey, which has the highest EXP yield in the game bar none, and Audino can Mega Evolve into a Fairy type.
  • Applies to both
    • Audino had left the pantheon some time ago, which she used to have a vacation in Kanto. During her time there she met the very similar Chansey, and the two became close friends. In order to get the Egg Pokemon into the pantheon, she suggested they could join up as a pair under the trope of Piñata Enemy. Because of their ability to wall damage and give people EXP neither mind all that much being on the receiving ends of blows in the House of Combat; just so long as they play fair. Initially Chansey herself tried to get in solo as the goddess of Damage-Sponge Boss, but that was taken. The Egg Pokemon would rather avoid the trope's holders as she considers them spooky.
    • Neither are known for direct combat. Rather they're used for support; Chansey is the Damage-Sponge Boss, and Audino is the Combat Medic. This "slow and steady" approach is probably why out of the many Pokemon they're on the best terms with Wobbuffetnote  and Shucklenote . Given their fighting style the Maximum HP Reduction of Vaal Hazak can prove rather hazardous for them. And as both of them are associated with medical and health fields, they don't like the Hall of Diseases either.
    • Both are seen working alongside the benevolent members of the Hall of Physicians, where Chansey's Softboiled and Audino's Heal Pulse come in handy. Because of this the two are often in conflict with those who'd pervert the medical field like the Medic, or walking, talking vectors of diseases like Nurgle. However even then neither really hate them, or even Rusty, Team Rocket and their allies. The only people they can agree on truly hating is Pokemon Hunter J, which is COMPLETELY justified; especially since they're rare Pokemon and prime targets for her to abduct.
  • Applies to Chansey
    • Chansey already had one foot in the pantheon as one of the Pokemon Nurse Joy had. As Chansey are incredibly friendly Pokemon who can heal people, they're popular among the nurses. While Chansey is happy enough to evolve into a Blissey, she has chosen not to in order to exploit the power boost of an Eviolite. Interestingly despite how most Pokemon feel about Team Rocket, she's rather soft towards Jessie; back in the day Jessie tried to fill the role of a Chansey, leading to her bonding with the species. Nurse Joy will still have Chansey help defeat Jessie in order to stop any of her criminal escapades, but outside of that they're friendly.
    • Chansey is known as the Egg Pokemon; though it's a small chance for an already hard to find Pokemon, the EXP boosting Lucky Egg can be found on her person. Her pouch has a highly nutritious egg which she gives to people to both heal and make them happy. Because of her compassion and her partner being a nurse Chansey tries her best to make eggs for other patients. One god really grateful for her donations was Popeye; it isn't spinach, but it gives him a power up stamina that compliments the strength he gets from his greens.
    • The Chansey family is among the most empathetic Pokemon in existence. She lives to make people happy and as such she's at home in the Hall of Happiness. Those who spread joy like Pinkie Pie and Wander found the Egg Pokemon a joy. The SCP Foundation let SCP-999 hang out with Chansey and they found the pleasant aura the Tickle Monster creates is boosted by the egg Chansey has. Chansey is also protective of Baby Bink, as her kind are known to show up in SOS battles to help baby Pokemon.
    • The Egg Pokemon has a rare hatred for two deities outside of Pokemon Hunter J; Junko Enoshima and the Dementors. The former's desire to destroy hope and make people upset is utterly antithetical to her. The fact Junko finds happiness in despair baffles her. The latter smother hope and feed off despair; intense happiness serves as a repellent, which Chansey uses to fend them off. Chansey doesn't care for the House of Hatred and Rancor either, though she doesn't want to associate herself by antagonizing them. She's more likely to pity the fact the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is in such a house, and how he was made fun of in the past.
  • Applies to Audino
    • Audino have sonar-like hearing with their ears and the feelers hanging from them can be used to listen to people's heartbeats to know what they are feeling. She's got a good relation with Iwashiro, who she usually helps him to treat his patients. Though normally very friendly, she gets annoyed when people say that her Mega Evolution looks like Kyubey, who she regards as a rather amoral being and doesn't want any association with. She does get why some people make that comparison as she's part Fairy type. She would much rather be compared to Madoka, who she regards as a highly empathetic person.
    • Both Chansey and Audino are medics, however with the latter's stethoscope-like appendages she is found more often in the House of Health and Diseases. When the Hearing Pokemon returned to the pantheon she decided her new partner should be someone she can help out; Hisao Nikai. His heart arrhythmia makes Audino's ability to check on his heartbeat and use Heal Pulse in quick succession really helpful, and as he's a Nice Guy she thinks he's worthy of her company even if she didn't see him as a patient first.
    • Hates harsh noises. Given her radar-like auditory feelers, nobody is shocked. Sindel's piercing scream is already lethal to a human, but for Audino it would explode her head in seconds. She isn't interested in attacking Audino without reason, and as the Hearing Pokemon believed she was Brainwashed and Crazy she didn't have any problem with her personally. Recent revelations she was Not Brainwashed (at least in the current timeline) have changed her stance on Sindel.
    • Besides her usefulness and willing to help the non-evil Physicians, Audino's feels let her tell when an egg might hatch. She's decided to look after some of the eggs in the Beast chicken coop, which eventually led to her coming in conflict with Dag. Beyond being a predator threatening poultry, Dag proved Hunter J levels of depravity in his attempt to steal the eggs and even try to eat Audino. The Hearing Pokemon took a lot of wounds and almost had Dag yank her feelers off before she could push him off with a Disarming Voice, and hasn't seen the coyote since.

Tonberry, Divine Gradually Powerful Monster (Pug, Dinglberry)
  • Lesser Deity (though depending on the target, its damage output can increase to ridiculous numbers)
  • Symbol: A large kitchen knife and a lantern
  • Theme Song: A Tonberry's Tears
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Increasingly Lethal Enemy, May Kill You Instantly, Everyone's Grudge, Punishing You For All The Enemies You Have Killed, Cute Is Evil, Boss in Mook Clothing
  • Domains: Monsters, Revenge, Grudge, Knives
  • Allies: Cactuar, Sayo Samonji
  • Enemies: Athena
  • Tonberries are interesting creatures. It looks like some sort of lizard man with a robe, a knife and a lantern. At first, they seem harmless, and they waddle around almost aimlessly. But get too close to one of them... *Doink!*. They will stab you with their knife, that will deal lethal damage.
  • However, what makes Tonberries so dangerous is a skill commonly known as Everyone's Grudge, a spell that deals damage based on the number of creatures the target has killed. This makes Tomberries potentially one of the strongest monsters around, as based on the target, the spell would kill them instantly.
    • However, Tonberries have a tendency to direct their rage, or "rancor" as they call it, to those who have specifically killed another Tonberry. This usually translates to them using Everyone's Grudge to make them feel the karma of all the Tonberries what they have killed... which can backfire to them as even if they would use the powered-up version of the spell, Everyone's Rancor, it can end up doing really small damage if the person hasn't killed that many Tonberries. Though we do not recommend killing too many of them unless you intentionally want to make them stronger against you.
      • Also, killing too many regular Tonberries will eventually cause them to call their boss (name varies, but commonly called Tonberry King) to get revenge on them, and he's not a joking matter.
  • Even though they are rather evil, Tonberries can be turned into summons, albeit if you defeat one of them. Though don't think of using summons against them, as they have learned a spell what allows them to destroy them instantly.
  • Believe it or not, Tonberries have their own beliefs and religion. They believe that they were created by the goddess Uggalepih, who was envied by the goddess Altana due of her beauty, which eventually lead to Altana turning her into a horrifying beast and exiling her from Outlands. This is said to be the reason why Tonberries are so revenge-driven.
    • As a side note, they have a deep grudge against Athena as her actions reminds them of what Altana did to their goddess.
    • There are also those who believe that Tonberries were originally Lalafells from an ancient city of Nym who were transformed into these creatures by a disease ages ago, lengthening their lifespan and replacing all logic and reason with rage and rancor. However, their hatred is driven mostly by their king, as once he was killed off, they returned into more peaceful creatures. Though that doesn't mean you should try to cross them, as they have learned to use aggression since the time when the band of Mamool Ja came and invaded their homeland.
  • Oddly enough, they have a certain affection forwards Sayo Samonji. Apparently he possesses a certain amount of rancor found in no other creature aside from them.

    Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites 
The Waffen Storm Leaders and the Nazi Storm Elites, Unholy Unit of Mooks and Their Heavily Armored Successors
Top:Waffen Storm Leader; Bottom: Nazi Storm Elite
Nazi Storm Elite: "Destroy them all!"
  • Eventually, one of the American paratroopers managed to get a Thompson burst into the German, only for the gasmask-wearing soldier to promptly shrug off the damage and gun the paratrooper down, leaving only Travers and his squad leader Sgt. Setzer alive. Recovering from their initial surprise, the surviving US paratroopers took down the new threats, and destroyed the Panzerzug that the Germans had arrived in, ultimately securing the railyard despite the heavy casualties taken.
  • This would not be the last appearance of these SS soldiers, however...While Operation: Varsity had been an astounding success, with the destruction of months worth of German ammo and weapons storages, the remaining defenders of the Essen railyard had holed themselves up in a Flak Tower in the center of the city. And so, Travers and the rest of the 17th Airborne dropped over, onto, and near Der Flakturm, the final German stronghold on the Rhine River. Facing them were several hundred or so elite German troops, including a large number of Waffen Storm Leaders and about 20 Nazi Storm Elites. Despite the tenacious German defense and the Americans losing several planes and suffering heavy casualties, the Flak Tower was ultimately destroyed by Cpl. Travers, who had killed several of their numbers both during the assault itself and his subsequent escape. With the tower's defenders all dead, and the Flak Tower itself in ruins, the Rhine River was now secured, and Airborne reinforcements soon arrived to relive Travers' position.
  • Impressed at their competence in combat despite their universe's Nazi Germany losing, several high-ranking Nazi officials such as Johann Schmidt, Rudolf von Strumgeist, Heinz Bohm, and Wilhelm Strasse made secret arrangements to have both German troop types ascended. While the Waffen Infantry and the Waffen Officers were able to solve their manpower shortage, they were still woefully outmatched against some of the more elite Allied soldiers. Ultimately, their arrangements proved successful, as not long after their secret meeting, a Panzerzug was reported to have arrived at the Temple headquarters of Rudolf von Sturmgeist. Emerging out of the train were a platoon of Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites. The ascenced Nazis then bestowed to them the title of Unholy Unit of Mooks and Their Heavily Armored Successors.
  • With their ascension successful and with no Allied forces interfering, the top Nazi officials each decided to assign a number of these men to act as each of their personal bodyguards. Sturmgeist in particular replaced his entire bodyguard unit originally composed of Waffen Infantry and Waffen Officers with these troops, no thanks to an almost successful assassination attempt by Kung Fury that ended with several of the former killed.
    • In many cases, this looks to be a case of Bodyguarding a Badass, at least on paper, given that deities like Schmidt and Strasse have shown time and again to be very competent in action. In truth, however, given that the Allies have deities like Captain America and BJ Blaskowicz on their side, not to mention the combat capabilities of regular soldiers such as Cpl. Travers, receiving protection from these elite troops is very much necessary on their part in order to avoid falling in battle.
    • In order to retain their combat prowess against even more powerful threats, both HYDRA and "Deathshead" Strasse have provided both the Waffen Storm Leaders and the Nazi Storm Elites with more modern equipment. For the former, their old STG 44 assault rifles have been replaced in favor of Sturmgewehr 60 assault rifles, while the latter replace their old MG 42 machine guns in favor of the Maschinengewehr 60. In addition to this, their uniforms are updated, with the Storm Elites in particular receiving new gas masks and improved body armor. And finally, they replaced their old swastika and totenkopf symbols for the HYDRA skull and tentacles, on Schmidt's orders, which they all complied with.
  • In combat, they prove to be a nasty surprise for any Allied soldier that isn't Corporal Boyd Travers, with the Storm Leaders having much better aim and combat prowess than your run-of-the-mill Nazi Mooks. The Storm Elites, even moreso, as by this point many of the Nazis' enemies had grown accustomed to them being killed in only a burst of fire or a single grenade. These troops? They can take either: an entire submachine gun magazine, half an automatic rifle magazine, several grenades, a sniper rifle shot to the head, or even an anti-tank rocket, and still be capable of killing someone in a single burst.
  • Corporal Travers was...less than enthusiastic when he learned that two of the enemy infantry types he's faced are now in the Pantheon with him. And with his fellow Allied soldiers finding out just how durable the Storm Elites were, they now asked Travers to show them how to take them down, not unlike how he showed Lt. Karl Fairburne and Lt. Mike Powell on how he took down the Tiger I tank. To say that many of them were genuinely surprised at the amount of damage these soldiers could take would be an Understatement.
    • Viktor Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko were also unhappy about having to deal with black-uniformed SS soldiers once more, not helped by the fact that these new soldiers they faced were also far tougher than the SS unit that defended their universe's Reichstag.
    • Even the experienced Lt. Karl Fairburne was rather shocked, when a Nazi Storm Elite took one of his sniper rifle's shots in the head...and still managed to continue firing back at him with precision accuracy. Thankfully, because of his Improbable Aiming Skills, he's able to take the enemy out before it can fatally wound him.
  • Aside from being bodyguards, both of these troop types are used to guard important Nazi facilities located in various parts of the Pantheon, particularly their old headquarters of Der Flakturm, which consequently had also been ascended under the orders of both Schmidt and Strasse. In addition, they're also deployed in and around the ruins of Berlin, guarding the Reichstag as well as other important German government buildings.
  • Many deities have theorized that, given the Nazi Storm Elite's massive strength and combat prowess, that they're reliant on a drug called pervitin, which is essentially a prescribed version of...meth. As a result, the Allies have been taking a closer look at two of the Pantheon's most infamous meth dealers, Walt White and Trevor Philips, though nothing thus has been confirmed whether they're working with the Nazis or not. That White has had run-ins with a White supremacist group with similar ideologies in the past doesn't help matters.
  • Given that they work for and represent an evil military dictatorship, many of the good-aligned German deities hate them. It's arguably the worst for the Karlslandian members of the 501st JFW, given that their version of Germany is actually heroic, not helped by many of the Allied deities having mistaken them for Nazis at one point. The German Fleet Girls also wish to avoid any association with these soldiers for the same reasons.
    Zubat and Golbat 
Zubat and Golbat, Unholy Colony of Perpetually Annoying Encounters (The Bat Pokémon)
  • Lesser Deities (Zubat). Intermediate Deities (Golbat). Greater Level when Dynamaxing.
  • Symbol: Their faces and open mouths
  • Theme Song(s): Mt. Moon (FRLG ver.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Ability: Inner Focus
  • Moves: Leech Life, Supersonic, Absorb, Bite, Wing Attack, and Confuse Ray, though trained variants have Mean Look, Poison Fang and Acrobatics
    • Z-Moves: Varies between Acid Downpour, Supersonic Skystrike, and Black Hole Eclipse depending on the Zubat/Golbat
  • Portfolio: Deceptively Hard-to-Defeat Enemies, Cave-Dwelling Pokémon, Bats, Found In All Sorts of Locales, Flying-type, Poison-type, Draining HP With Leech Life And Absorb, Sound-Based Moves
  • Domains (Types): Bats, Annoyance, Poison
  • Heralds: Tentacool, Wingull, Yungoos
  • Followers: Fleamen, Future predators, Husks, and... bats. Lots and lots of other species of cave bats.
  • Allies: Naka, Brock, Riku, Chuggaaconroy, the Bat Family, Gladion
  • Conflicting Opinions: Team Rocket, and all other villainous teams in the Pokémon World (lesser extent for Maxie, Archie, and Cyrus)
  • Enemy: All Electric-type, Rock-type, and Psychic-type users
  • Not to Be Confused With: Kaiketsu Zubat
  • When it comes to aggravating Random Encounters that players hate facing (not for their difficulty, but for their annoyance to take down), none are more infamous than the Zubat evolutionary line. Absurdly high encounter rates, ludicrous speed, HP draining attacks, and Confusion-inducing moves make for a huge nuisance. And when Zubat become small fry, their evolutions Golbat pick up the slack with potent poisoning, escape prevention, and forced turn skipping by way of flinching. The only reason their final stage Crobat is not counted is because they're only encountered under trainers since Happiness is required to evolve them to that stage.
  • Despite having their own temple/cave in the House of Gaming, they can be found in caves all over the Pantheon, often getting into competition with other cave-dwelling bats and expies of such.
  • Through capture, training and The Power of Friendship, Zubat can one day gain great power to aid in the battle against evil. It was stuck in the Villains house before the opening of the Gaming house just because how it annoys many Pokémon trainers in their quest to attain heroism. Doesn't help that Zubat is the most common Pokémon among the grunts of the Pokémon world's villainous teams.
  • The smarter ones in their colony avoid those with electric or psychic powers given they have a Type weakness to them.
  • Of all gods to make friends with Zubat was Chuggaaconroy, who captured Zubat and evolved it into a Crobat that he calls…Acrobat.
    • Brock has also shown that he has captured a Zubat (which also evolved into Crobat) in the past, so at least they have trusted company now.
    • Riku has given a hint that whenever his Komory Bat is in the Pokémon world, it takes on the form of a Crobat.
  • While not having any particulars, the Zubat and Golbat are occasional aid for the Bat family whenever they call up for bats to harass the enemy. And boy are they good at it.
  • While a popular Pokémon used by the villainous teams, they have no real opinions on some of the leaders (or the Rocket trio), as they have none of their own in their parties. Actually, their is disdain for Ghetsis because he's that despicable. There's a bit more respect for Maxie, Archie, and Cyrus given they own Golbats that eventually evolved into Crobats.


Infanterie, The Unholy Legion of Dug-in Emplacements (Heer Infanterie, German Infantry, Regular Infantry)
Your typical German Infantrymen, as they appear in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.
As they appear in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood 
MG 42 machine gun 
Granatwerfer 42 Mortar 
88mm Flak 36 gun 
37mm Pak 36 anti-tank gun 
Sd. Kfz. 251 Half-Track 
2cm Flakvierling 38 
  • A Division of Demigods
  • Symbol: Their M35 Stahlhelms and M43 Field Caps, with the Heer logo on them.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Being enemy units that make liberal use of stationary emplacements to defend their positions, which include anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank guns, and heavy machine guns, Making extensive use of armored half-tracks as transports and machine gun platforms which are also their iconic vehicle, Having mechanized units armed mainly with assault rifles, Having the largest variety of small arms amongst all German infantry types, from bolt-action rifles to assault rifles
  • Domains: Defenses, Enemies, Emplacements
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Amused by: The Oarai Girls' Academy Anglerfish Team, Maho Nishizumi
  • Keep away from: Darjeeling, Katyusha
  • Infanterie, also known as Regular German Infantry, Heer Infanterie, or simply Infantry, are the standard and most numerous type of infantry unit in the German Armed Forces during World War II, deployed exclusively on the continent on mainland Europe from France and Italy all the way to the steppes of Russia. While originally trained in mobile warfare, as evidenced by their heavy reliance on armored half-tracks and transport trucks, as the war turned against Germany they were constantly forced onto the defensive. As a result, they have increasingly become reliant on the use of static defensive emplacements placed in and around vital defensive positions such as crossroads, chokepoints, and important towns and cities.
  • Compared to the Osttruppen, the Infanterie were far more competent soldiers, being better-trained and better equipped overall. The Infanterie also used motorized vehicles such as Opel Blitz Trucks and armored half-tracks, whereas the Osttruppen relied mostly on horse-drawn carriages to get around. The most notable difference between the two however, was that the German Infantry were issued with M35 Stahlhelms, rather than the field caps worn by the Osttruppen, though following the Normandy campaign, several German Infantry soldiers would be wearing similar field caps, due to the 709th Infantry Division (the original unit of the Osttruppen) being wiped out during the Battle of Cherbourg.
  • At its most basic, the German Infantry squad is composed of: a Sergeant, a nine-man rifle element armed with Karabiner 98 kurz rifles, and 3-man light machine gun team. In 1944, most of the basic German squad level tactics would revolve around the use of the MG42 general-purpose machine gun. However, over the course of the Western Front campaign, these formations would be adjusted accordingly, depending on the infantry's current role and the current combat situation.
    • For instance, anti-tank squads would be equipped mostly with submachine guns as well as anti-tank rocket launchers like the Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck, while formations accompanying armored half-tracks would be equipped mainly with Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifles. Other units deployed in urban areas, on the other hand, would exclusively carry MP 40 submachine guns for house-to-house engagements.
    • As for the emplacements that they used, they were the German infantry type to have the biggest variety. The most common of these were MG 42 machine guns mounted on tripods, placed in sandbag fortifications. These would later be supplanted by portable MG 42 machine guns with bipod mounts, although the static nature of the emplacements that the machine guns were used in remained the same otherwise. In addition, they also utilized various artillery guns to defend against enemy onslaught. The three most common types were the Flakvierling 38 20mm anti-aircraft gun, the Pak 36 37mm anti-tank gun, and most infamously, The Dreaded Flak 36 88mm gun, which was capable of operating in not only both the Anti-Air and Anti-Vehicle role, but was also capable of being used effectively as an Anti-Infantry emplacement.
  • During the Normandy campaign and later, Operation Market-Garden, these German infantry fought against members of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, as well as elements of the US 4th Infantry Division, US 2nd Armored Division, and British XXX Corps.
    • In Normandy, their most notable actions would be against elements of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, particularly against Sgt. Matthew Baker's and later Sgt. Joe Hartsock's squads in and around St. Come du Mont and later Baupte. Their fierce defensive actions would result in the death of Baker's close friend Sgt. George Risner, whose M5 Stuart Tank was ambushed by an anti-tank squad near St. Come. It would also be here that the German Infantry would first deploy the Flak 36 against the 101st, firing on Hartsock's 2nd Squad just outside of Baupte in a defensive action.
    • During Operation Market-Garden, the German Infantry would once again oppose the actions of Baker's and Hartsock's now-1st and 2nd Recon Squads. During the Battle to capture Son, both their squads would be opposed by a German officer named Auckland, who specialized in using the 88mm Flak 36 in a Tactical Withdrawal method, moving his artillery gun back via transport half-track when the American paratroopers got close. Ultimately, Auckland and his men would be killed by Baker's squad, when they overran their final defensive positions near the destroyed Son Bridge. Further engagements with German infantry and their defensive emplacements would then take place in and around Eindhoven, in a series of defensive actions and counterattacks in an attempt to cut off the British offensive to Arnhem.
  • In both campaigns, the German Infantry would ultimately be sidelined in favor of more experienced and battle-hardened German troop types, such as the Fallschirmjager and the Panzergrenadiers. Compared to the Regular Infantry, these Elite Mooks boasted better firepower in the form of more handheld automatic weapons, tank support, and most notably, uniforms with camo patterns on them, making them harder to spot overall. That said, their effective use of static defensive positions has earned the interest of several Nazis in the Pantheon. With the increase in Allied and Soviet troop presence in the Pantheon in recent years, the leading Nazis present in the Pantheon have decided to respond by bringing in reinforcements from other universes. While Elite Mook formations such as the Waffen-SS, Nazi Storm Elites, and Valkyrie Jager have proven useful, there simply aren't enough of them around to guard or defend most parts of German-controlled territory from Allied offensives or partisan attacks.
  • And so, the leading Nazis present in the Pantheon eventually decided to ascend the equivalent of a full German Heer Infanterie Division into the Pantheon, to bolster their already-overextended forces. Upon their ascension, the entire Division is given the official title of The Unholy Legion of Dug-in Emplacements. Following this, several units of these German Infantry soon set out to different parts of the Nazi-controlled areas of the Pantheon, setting up various defensive positions, emplacements, outposts, and garrisons in and around contested areas or vital locations such as headquarters, staging areas, or production facilities.
  • In addition to their standard-issue weaponry of bolt-action rifles, submachine guns, rocket launchers and the occasional STG 44, the Infanterie, like the Valkyrie Jager and the Waffen-SS before them, are also issued a number of more advanced weaponry such as the STG 46 and STG 60, courtesy of Nazi General Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. What's more, their existing artillery guns and armored personnel carriers are either supplanted with some of "Deathshead"'s 1946 and even 1960s designs, or retrofitted and upgraded to match their alternate 1946 and 1960s counterparts. The German infantry themselves receive upgraded uniforms with body armor and more advanced comms devices, again from the alternate 1960s.
  • Under the de facto leadership of Auckland (who ascended alongside his own men), the Infanterie begin operating in large numbers throughout different parts of the Pantheon. These include: in and around the hedgerows and villages surrounding Omaha Beach, the Dutch City of Eindhoven, and the northern forests and mountains of the Principality of Eylstadt. They end up relieving several other German units such as the aforementioned Valkyrie Jager and Waffen-SS and allowing the latter units to be either deployed to more important sectors or to be allowed to rest and resupply their now-depleted numbers. Upon being deployed to these areas, they soon begin setting up artillery and machine gun emplacements around vital positions, such as crossroads, villages, towns, cities, and mountain passes. As a result, they become the standard Mooks faced by both Allied and Soviet deities, as well as to other enemies of the Nazis.
  • While comparatively less effective in infantry combat than their Elite Mook counterparts in the SS and Luftwaffe, the Heer soldiers make up for it with their larger numbers and their larger array of vehicles and gun emplacements. In addition, thanks to their possession of Anti-Air guns of different calibers, they're actually a huge threat to any Allied aircraft or flying deity they come across. It's for this reason that they're also tasked with defending airfields, factories, and port facilities, despite being far away from the frontlines.
    • Like their SS and Luftwaffe counterparts, however, they are also known for committing their own series of war crimes, ranging from summary executions of paratroopers in sadistic ways, to executing French and Dutch civilians as reprisals for collaborating with Allied troops and resistance members. Soldiers such as Capt. Speirs and the members of Charlie Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion choose not spare any of these soldiers for this very reason. The former has executed prisoners before, as per his orders, while the latter found out the hard way that Sparing the Final Mook isn't necessarily a good thing, and thus refuse to take other chances that could lead to similar incidents from happening again.
    • Thanks to their Anti-Air guns, they've become recurring foes for the Battlehawks and Izetta, as well as recurring allies of the Nemesis Squadron and Sophie, the formers' Evil Counterparts and arch nemeses. Given Sophie's Lack of Empathy and tendency to use her own allies as shields against her foes, many Heer Infanterie have been killed as a result, with many of their gun emplacements being used as a thrown Improvised Weapon against her foes. Many German Infantry, as a result, have learned to take cover whenever the White Witch is in combat close to their positions.
  • Their first encounters with Allied troops are, unsurprisingly, various paratroopers from both the 101st Airborne Division and the 17th Airborne Division, who end up ambushing a number of their supply convoys during various skirmishes in Normandy and the Netherlands. Unsurprisingly, many of these German infantry, especially their commander Auckland, having remembered their bitter defeats and previous deaths at the hands of these paratroopers, become more determined when fighting against them, hoping to get revenge on their foes and killers. Auckland himself hopes to one day go after Staff Sergeants Matthew Baker and Joe Hartsock, the two men most responsible for his death and failure to defend the Dutch town of Son.
  • Lt. Karl Fairburne and Lt. Mike Powell soon become constant thorns on the German Infantry's side, no thanks to their expertise in operating while Trapped Behind Enemy Lines. Being both Stealth Experts, they're able to silently kill dozens of these German Infantry, destroy their fixed weapons and vehicles with devices such as satchel charges and Anti-Vehicle mines, and escape almost completely unseen and/or unnoticed. It doesn't help that both OSS agents have fought German infantry regularly, and have already killed hundreds if not thousands of them in years of fighting in Europe and North Africa.
  • Aside from the Western Allies, they've also been deployed against members of the Soviet Red Army present in the Pantheon. War-Torn Berlin in particular sees large numbers of these German infantry deployed in and around the city, in order to prevent the Soviets, as well as Western Allied agents, from capturing it and the vital industrial sectors dotting the city's suburbs. In addition, as mentioned before, these troops are also deployed in the Anti-Air role, manning the city's massive anti-aircraft defense network against threats from above, whether they be aircraft, a flying deity, or some large unaligned threat such as the dragon Smaug, who proved to be a threat to Axis operations after attacking a Japanese aircraft carrier carrying a shipment of looted gold.
  • Much like their Western Allied foes, it's best to keep these German infantry away from the deities hailing from the Girls und Panzer universe, as they can easily mistake their tanks for the Germans' own, as well as those of the Allies and Soviets. This is especially the case with the likes of Katyusha and Darjeeling, whose British and Soviet tanks were mistakenly fired upon by the Germans' rocket launchers and anti-tank guns. Similarly, the German infantry's trucks and half-tracks have also mistakenly traveled and parked alongside the Panzer IV of the Oarai Anglerfish Team and the Tiger I Heavy tank of Maho Nishizumi, creating some really awkward interactions once the girls in the tanks reveal themselves to the surprised Germans.
  • The German Infantry as a whole are rather amused by the existence and presence of the Tediz, who are essentially cartoon bear versions of both them and the Waffen-SS. That said, they still come to respect their teddy bear counterparts, no thanks to their shared bloodlust when fighting against their enemies, which, surprisingly, has some overlap to it. Not to mention the fact that they're both taken rather seriously in the works that they have both appeared in, with the German Infantry themselves having been responsible for a number of deaths among Baker's squad.
"Achtung! Feuer Schutz!" ("Watch out! Covering fire!")

    Lakitu and Spiny 
Lakitu and Spiny, Divine Team of Flying and Stomp-proof Enemies (Jugemu and Togezō)
  • Demigod (Lakitu), Quasideity (Spiny)
  • Symbol:
    • Lakitu: A smiling cloud
    • Spiny: A red, spiky shell
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil. A few professional Lakitus are Lawful Neutral, though
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Lakitu: Enemies, Flight, Clouds, Spinies themselves
    • Spiny: Enemies, Defense, Sharpness
  • Superiors: Bowser, The Koopalings, Bowser Jr.
  • Heralds:
  • Followers:
  • Allies: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bloopers, Bob-Ombs, Goombas, Ridley, Bentley Turtle, Rammus,
  • Enemies: Pretty much every Platform Game character that relies on Goomba Stomping (except the ones who literally partake in Go-Karting with Bowser), Link, Son Goku, Magikarp, Altaria, Rainbow Dash, Yukari Tanizaki, Penelope Mouse
  • Neutral: Eario
  • Inhabiting most of the floors in the House of Enemies, Lakitu is ready to rain pain (literally in the form of Spinies) on any challenger who dares to try to beat the House.
    • A recurring problem with the House though is that the Spinies tend to infest it quickly, thanks to the fact that most challengers don't bother fighting them due to them being so tough to kill in the first place, which means they just keep multiplying. Thankfully, resident dungeon janitor Eario has some experience dealing with the critters, having cleaned up Mario's trails of destruction several times before.
  • While he might be a major annoyance within his House, Lakitu can be surprisingly handy while outside of it. He holds a part-time job as a cameraman for April O'Neil and frequently refs go-karting competitions at the House of Travel. He also goes fishing once in a while, but is annoyed at the fact that he only appears to get Magikarp regardless of the fishing spot.
    • The main reason Lakitu accepted to work with April was so that he could get closer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who he views as heroes for turtles everywhere. Lakitu once offered a pet Spiny as a gift for them, but the Turtles refused it immediately thanks to a bad experience with Raph's former pet turtle Spike, who turned into an evil, mutant turtle that tried to kill them all. Lakitu couldn't help but think that he had just learned about Bowser's backstory.
    • Lakitu also absolutely loathes when Yukari Tanizaki joins in the go-karting competitions, no thanks to her presence usually making his refereeing and rescuing work much harder than normal.
  • Because he happens to be a turtle wearing Nerd Glasses (which he insists to be a pair of goggles to anyone that refers to them as glasses), Lakitu is often mistaken for Bentley by several other deities. This is annoying to him as the more stupid and/or near-sighted deities tend to come to him for tech advice.
    • This eventually became a problem when Penelope Mouse started targetting Lakitu with a Mini-Mecha, mistaking him for Bentley. Luckily for Lakitu, the real Bentley was there to help him with a Mini-Mecha of his own. Penelope was surprised to see two "Bentleys", which prompted the actual Bentley to take some jabs at her intelligence (she used her near-sightness as an excuse, which led both turtles to reply with a single, sarcastic "Sure" in unison). She ended up running away while swearing revenge against Bentley (while pointing at Lakitu, naturally).
  • Lakitu holds some jealously towards Goku's Flying Nimbus, which constantly beats him with ease at Cloud Racing (traditional divine sport. Don't question it). This prompted Lakitu to challenge Goku to a rematch, but at go-kart racing instead. Lakitu had the advantage of having previous experience with the sport and a souped-up kart designed by Bentley, but Goku turned out to be such a fierce competitor and literal disaster at the wheel that they both ended up crashing at each other, destroying a huge chunk of the racetrack and ending the race with no winner.
    • And to Lakitu's horror, Goku found the whole thing so fun that he has scheduled another go-kart race, except this time against none other than Yukari Tanizaki herself.
  • Lakitu is really tired of other deities hijacking his cloud while he's away and not looking, especially that "pesky flying rainbow horse" and that "singing blue bird-dragon-fairy-thing", who both love to use it as a resting spot.
    • Rainbow Dash also has the habit of stealing Spinies from Lakitu's cloud for herself to have as pets, most likely because she thinks that they resemble her former pet turtle "Tank", albeit they are a bit more... well, spiny.
  • Amusingly, many Spinies have started following Rammus The Armordillo, possibly because they think of him as a sort of King Mook. This is actually quite troublesome for the Spinies as Rammus' tremors tend to flip them over their own shells, usually leaving them in a helpless state.
    • Meanwhile, Lakitu has become interested in finding others of Rammus' species to see if he can weaponize them the same way he does with Spinies (incidentally, he has also been looking for a bigger cloud to house them in, just in case).

    Medusa Heads 
Medusa Heads, Deified Ledge-Guarding Enemies
Regular and Gold Medusa Heads alongside Medusa (normally not this cute)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ledge-Guarding Enemies, Medusa (duh), Flying Heads, Petrification, Airborne Mook
  • Domains: Snakes, Heads, Pits, Spikes, Stone
  • Followers: The eagles from Ninja Gaiden, Up'n'Downs (and their relatives)
  • Allies: Dracula, Medusa
  • Enemies: Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Grant DaNasty, Jonathan Morris, Charlotte Aulin, Richter Belmont, basically any platforming hero Perseus, Luigi, Kratos, Percy Jackson
  • Mixed Loyalty with: Shanoa, The Other Medusa
  • Amongst Dracula's hordes of darkness, one of the more stranger creatures are the Medusa Heads. Born from the severe head of Medusa, these creatures tend to fly around in wave-like motion. Sounds easy to deal with? Not so when they like to fly across pits.
  • There are two kinds of Medusa Heads; Regular Medusa Heads and Gold Medusa Heads. The difference between them is that Golden Medusa Heads can petrify targets upon touch.
  • Like to hang around clock towers, or towers in general. If not that, then definitely places with lots of spikes. This is particularly bad as those petrified by Medusa Heads take double damage from anything.
  • How independent they are from the actual Medusa varies. They tend to appear without needing to have her around and Medusa herself rarely feels the need to summon them to her aid. Medusa herself also has different looks from being a disembodied head herself to being a Snake Person. Very rarely does she try to be a Gorgeous Gorgon (and even when she does, she can strike a mean face).
  • The Medusa from House of Nature is not the Medusa where the Medusa Heads originate from, but they still hang around her if she's near. Though the other Medusa generally keeps her distance from them due to being bit disturbed by them.
  • There have been attempts from certain gods to try to get them on their side. There have been two results: One is that trying to copy their powers gives the person ability to levitate in place. Second is that they can be used as familiars. They work very well as Orbiting Particle Shield.
  • If you couldn't guess, they have a particular grudge against Perseus and will pursue him if they can. Same thing goes to Kratos as not only did he kill Medusa, but her sister Euryale and whole bunch of other Gorgons as well. They are also drawn to Percy Jackson, though they might not want him as much as they simply want to turn him into stone.
  • Basically exist to proof the Nerd's point that anything what goes in wave motion is load of crap.
  • Luigi is afraid of them due to having a sudden encounter with the Queen Medusa. On related note, they have a certain fascination with Mewtwo.
  • Most likely are not off-springs of Mike Wazowski and his girlfriend Celia Mae. Mainly because how do two cyclopsi have babies with two eyes?
  • While their relation with the main Medusa is rather cut-and-dry, their relation with the other Medusa is bit hard to define, mainly because she isn't really antagonistic to tose the Medusa Heads would be for.
  • Have had encounters with the Headless Horseman who have tried to claim them as his own to act as a replacement

    RSI Paracadutisti 
RSI Paracadutisti, Gods of One-Shot Enemies (Italian Elites)
Italian Elites during the North African Campaign in 1942
  • Platoon of Demigods
  • Symbol: Their unique helmets and camo uniforms
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: An enemy unit that only appears twice, and as a handful of men at that, Being an elite infantry unit of the Italian Army, Being part of the elite Folgore Airborne Division, Veterans of the North African Campaign
  • Domains: Enemies, Appearances, Units
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • An elite infantry unit of the Royal Italian Army and later the National Republican Army, the RSI Paracadutisti, formerly known as the Italian Elites and also known as the Italian Paratroopers, were their Army's most experienced and competent soldiers. Compared to regular Italian Infantry units, they were far more competent and skilled in combat, and were practically on par with the German Jager Troops in terms of combat experience and skill. However, unlike their German counterparts, there were far fewer of them deployed. Whereas Jager Troops would be deployed in the thousands in the North African, Italian, and Western Fronts against Allied Troops and Resistance fighters, their Italian counterparts would only be deployed in far smaller numbers in the North African Theater and Italian Social Republic.
  • During Karl Fairburne's combat tours in North Africa and Italy, he would only encounter this enemy unit twice: during his mission to Fort Rifugio in late 1942, and later during his mission into Niroli in early 1944. Both times the units he encountered were, at most, only of platoon-sized strength, being overshadowed by their regular Italian Army counterparts, the German Infantry, and even their German counterparts in the Jager Troops. It was thanks to this rarity on the battlefield as well as their rather exceptional combat skills that would eventually earn them a place in the Pantheon.
  • With the demand for German troops to defend the Reich at an all time high, the Nazis present in the Pantheon had decided to bolster Axis troop numbers by allowing in Italian units into the Pantheon. Having fought under his personal command before, General Franz Vahlen personally vouches for the Italian Paratroopers to be ascended as a unit. Upon their formal ascension, the reestablished RSI Paracadutisti are given the title of Gods of One-Shot Enemies, in relation to their rarity and uniqueness in the Theaters they had been deployed to.
  • Among their first tasks given to them are as bodyguards for their fellow countrymen and Italian Fasicsts: the Four Libertines. In the process, the Italian Elites would also be replacing several of the German units guarding them, particularly the Nazi Storm Elites, who would now be reassigned to more critical sectors of the Pantheon. In this role, the Italian Elites would be working alongside the now-reduced strength Schutzvollstrecker, Waffen Storm Leaders, and the Valkyrie Jager. Despite the very questionable morality of their new superiors, the Italian Elites nonetheless agree to protect the Four Libertines, with many soldiers turning a blind eye to the atrocities they routinely commit, while others reluctantly continue to do their job while secretly disdaining their superiors' actions.
    • Being a close ally and associate of the Libertines, General Heinz Bohm often "borrows" the Italian Elites as additional manpower for his own operations. These include a brutal counter-insurgency campaign against saboteurs, as well as a series of reprisals directed against various syndicates and resistance groups giving trouble to the Axis Troops in various Axis-controlled areas of the Pantheon.
  • In terms of combat effectiveness, they're equal to the Waffen Infantry, Waffen Officers, and Waffen Senior Troopers, being experienced and reasonably-equipped soldiers who are overall more competent than the rank-and-file regular infantry. Unfortunately, like their aforementioned German allies, they're also overshadowed and outperformed by better-armed and better-equipped contemporaries in the form of the Jager Troops, of which the Valkyrie Jager were a part of. It also didn't help that they, like their Waffen-SS allies, were up against elite Allied soldiers from the OSS, SOE, US Army Rangers, and Paratroopers, who were just as skilled as them, if not moreso.
  • Aside from serving as glorified security guards for their fellow countrymen, the Italian Paratroopers are also deployed to North Africa, serving once more under Generalfeldmarschall Franz Vahlen, and alongside the Oberstleutnant Raubvogel and his Schutzvollstrecker. In this sector of the Pantheon, they serve as part of a revived Afrika Korps under Vahlen's personal command. Aside from fighting elements of the British 7th Armored Division and US Army, the Italians are also tasked with helping guard important archaeological sites for Nazi collaborator Dr. Rene Belloq, a close ally of General Vahlen and Johann Schmidt.
    • It's here in North Africa as well as in Italy that the RSI Paracadutisti once again encounter Lt. Karl Fairburne, responsible for their operational failures in both North Africa and Northern Italy. Much like the Valkyrie Jager before them, them wanting to kill "The Desert Ghost" becomes a personal matter for them. This isn't helped by the fact that their superiors want him gone just as much as they do.
  • As a whole, the RSI Paracadutisti can be considered as the Evil Counterpart to the Carcano Sisters. Like the Italian Paratroopers, they use similar weapons in the form of variations of the Carcano rifle, in addition to wearing rather unique combat uniforms. The Carcano Sisters themselves dislike the RSI Paracadutisti, mainly for being allied with organizations and individuals like HYDRA and Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, both of whom are known for having abused and misused AI and robotics in their respective timelines.
  • Vito Scaletta, a former US Paratrooper and veteran Mafioso, absolutely loathes these soldiers. For one, he's personally fought against Italian Fascist troops during Operation Husky in July 1943, who, despite being less trained than Wehrmacht troops, were still able to inflict heavy casualties on his unit, to the point that Scaletta himself was the Sole Survivor. Second, The Mafia themselves had been under persecution by both Mussolini's Fascist government, and later, their Nazi allies both before and during World War II. With the Axis Forces having a huge presence in the Pantheon, their efforts to suppress all potential resistance including The Mafia have once again become a priority.

    Valkyrie Jäger 
Valkyrie Jäger, The Better-Armed Enemies of the Pantheon (Valkyrie Squad)
Karl Fairburne: "This is Obbergruppenfuhrer Heinz Böhm, authorization code Iron Scorpion! I need Valkyrie Squad here now! Now, damn it - now!"
Valkyrie Officer: "Understood, Herr Böhm!"
  • Sure enough, the enemy unit he had been suspecting of being ascended had arrived, black uniforms and all. However, what he didn't count on was them upgrading their entire arsenal. Their transports were now the HYDRA Armored Personnel Carrier, the armored cars accompanying them were now either the AAV Armored Car or the HYDRA Mini Tank, and all of their firearms have been upgraded to types such as the Sturmgewehr 60, Handgun 1960, and Automatic Shotgun, replacing older weapons such as the Mkb 42 (H), Mauser M712, and M30 Luftwaffe Drilling. Despite this, the OSS agent manages to kill several of the elite German troops with his Improbable Aiming Skills once more, destroying their armored vehicles in the process. The survivors, caught completely by surprise, Take Cover! and fire in the direction Fairburne's shots had come from. Using this as a distraction, the Lieutenant slips away, but not before grabbing one of their Neunfaust launchers from one of the dead soldiers.
  • Despite this initial setback, the Valkyries still prove to be formidable adversaries to most other Allied and Soviet units. In several other skirmishes between Allied forces and German troops, the Valkyries manage to repel an attack by US paratroopers Cpl. Boyd Travers and Sgt. Jack Barnes on an important German munitions plant.
  • While now being used against Allied troops as they were originally intended, they are still used on occasion as Praetorian Guard units as well as counter-insurgents.
    • When not going after Allied saboteurs, commandos, or paratroops, the Valkyries are often seen accompanying important Nazi officials such as Rudolf von Sturmgeist, Arnim Zola, and Heinz Böhm as their bodyguards, as well as watching over their wonder-weapons projects. And because they are part of the German Luftwaffe, they are also tasked with guarding important German airbases.
    • Their counter-insurgency operations, on the other hand, attract the attention of deities such as Squad 7 and Lelouch Britannia, who are known for their underground resistance slash militia movements in the Pantheon. The former in particular, having battled the Red Skull's forces before, soon realize that the enemies they are now dealing with are far more competent and deadly than the Waffen-SS soldiers they've come up against before, and unlike the Nazi Storm Elites, are far more mobile and carry a larger variety of weapons.
  • One new role that the Valkyries have been given is the assassination of high-profile Allied officials. Among the targets being given to them by Johann Schmidt include Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Abraham Erskine, in order to cripple the Allied leadership and to prevent any more Super Soldiers like Captain America from being made.
  • Aside from Lt. Karl Fairburne, many Allied deities such as the aforementioned Travers, the Basterds and even BJ Blaskowicz often loot them and their ammunition storage facilities, due to the weapons they're using being obsolete compared to the ones being used by the Valkyries.
  • Because of their reputation as brutal enforcers of a military dictatorship, many actual Valkyries such as Freya and Brynhild are utterly disgusted by their use of the name. When they encounter members of the unit in person, they make it a point to slaughter several soldiers in order to Make an Example of Them.
  • They are, interestingly, far from the only German unit to have an arguably better arsenal of weaponry than their Allied counterparts. During the North African Campaign, there was an elite Heer unit called the Schutzvollstrecker, who, like the Valkyries, had developed a revolutionary new rocket launcher, and were also part of a top-secret German operation to turn the tide of war into Germany's favor. Like them, however, the unit was wiped out by Lt. Karl Fairburne, their plans failed, and their new weapons were never produced in sufficient numbers.

    Waffen Infantry, Waffen Officers, and Waffen Senior Troopers 
The Waffen Infantry, Waffen Officers, and Waffen Senior Troopers, Unholy Unit of Elite Grunt Disappointments
Above: Waffen Infantry. Middle: Waffen Officer. Bottom: Waffen Senior Trooper
  • Platoon of Demigods
  • Symbol: Their green camouflage tunics
  • Themes: Gunfight in the Ruins (Waffen Infantry), Room by Room (Waffen Officers), and Sniper Showdown (Waffen Senior Troopers)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Nazis, Soldiers, Germany, Mooks
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Heavily Opposed By: Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, Erica Hartmann, Getrud Barkhorn, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, U-511
  • The Waffen-SS were generally considered to be one of Nazi Germany's Elite troops, alongside the Fallschirmjager, their paratroopers. Compared to their counterparts in the Heer and Luftwaffe, they had a far bigger selection of automatic weaponry, and were often accompanied by either tanks or armored personnel carriers.
  • These troops come in 3 variants, as indicated by the title. All of them wear green camouflage tunics which help to distinguish them from their Heer predecessors (who wear gray uniforms) and Fallschirmjager successors (who wear gray-green camouflage).
    • The Waffen Infantry are their basic infantry unit, armed with an MP 40 submachine guns and Model 24 Stielhandgranates. They are distinguished by wearing a green camo Stahlhelm.
    • The Waffen Officers are their, well, officer variants. They are usually seen leading squads of Waffen Infantry in combat. They are comparatively more heavily armed than their non-officer counterparts, utilizing the deadly STG 44 assault rifle as well as carrying the same Stielhandgranate 24s. However, due to not being as numerous as the regular infantry, they are easy to distinguish and pick off. They are distinguished by their black officer's field caps.
    • The Waffen Senior Troopers are their snipers. Armed with a scoped Gewehr 43, their main tactic is to sit back and snipe enemies from a high vantage point. They are also the only Waffen-SS types not to carry hand grenades of any sort. Of the Waffen-SS arsenal, these weapons are arguably the most powerful, being able to kill an enemy in between one to four hits. They are distinguished by wearing black hoods under their black field caps.
  • However, despite being overall more competent in combat than their Heer counterparts, they were actually weaker than what their intimidating appearances and impressive arsenal would tell you. The Waffen Infantry, their standard infantrymen, were arguably no tougher than the European Heer Infantry, going down in only a few rifle shots or a burst of submachine gun fire. The Waffen Officers, while having the powerful STG 44 as their main weapon, were utterly outclassed as fighters by the more lethal Fallschirmjager Commanders. And the Waffen Senior Troopers, while competent snipers in their own right, were also outclassed by their Fallschirmjager counterparts.
  • If that wasn't terrible enough for these troops, many of them were ultimately sidelined or replaced by their Fallschirmjager counterparts by the time the American paratroopers were landing in Germany, with only the Waffen Officers being retained for the most part, and only as support units, at that. The only Waffen unit not to be replaced at all were the Waffen Storm Leaders, who were the equals of the Fallschirmjager Commanders in combat, and were in essence the unarmored counterparts of the feared Nazi Storm Elites, the most powerful German infantry unit faced by the US Paratroopers.
  • First encountered by the 82nd Airborne during Operation Avalanche in September 1943, a platoon of Waffen Infantry reinforced the Paestum garrison composed of Heer units. Upon arriving, they ambushed a unit of the US 5th Army sent to reinforce the Airborne troops. Despite outnumbering their enemies, the ambush was ultimately defeated thanks to one Cpl. Boyd Travers.
  • From that point on, the Waffen Infantry would become the standard German infantry type faced by the 82nd Airborne, eventually replacing the European Heer Infantry in defending the Audouville gun battery on D-Day. It's also during this point that the Waffen Officers are first encountered by the Airborne. These officers soon establish themselves as much tougher opponents than their regular infantry counterparts, and were armed with the deadly STG 44 assault rifle. Despite these new weapons, they are ultimately overrun by a combination of paratroopers attacking their positions from the rear, and the 4th Infantry Division making their way up the beach.
  • Their last major operation would be opposing the Allied airborne landings during Operation Market-Garden. It was during this drop that the paratroopers would first encounter the first Waffen Senior Trooper, who was defending the Nijmegen church alongside several regular infantry. Despite their immense preparations and defense in depth, they were, again, pushed back by the 82nd Airborne. Even with the arrival of reinforcements in the form of the Fallschirmjagers and Panzergrenadiers, the Germans were ultimately repelled from the town, only managing to win thanks to Operation Market-Garden failing.
  • The last encounter with these troops in any capacity would be during Operation Varsity and the subsequent attack on Der Flakturm, where a handful of Waffen Senior Troopers and Waffen Officers were fighting alongside the Fallschirmjagers, Panzergrenadiers, and Nazi Storm Elites in a desperate attempt. Ultimately, their defense amounted to nothing, as the 17th Airborne paratroopers destroyed all of the war materiel they were guarding, and the Flak Tower they were defending from was blown to smithereens.
  • Following the collapse of the German Armed Forces in their universe, the Nazis in the Pantheon, while disappointed at their defeat, were nonetheless impressed that they still managed to hold out for so long despite suffering heavy casualties. Seeing that they could still serve a purpose to their cause as their standard infantry force, Johann Schmidt, Wilhelm Strasse, and several other top Nazi officials and HYDRA members made arrangements to ascend these soldiers as a platoon-sized unit.
  • In contrast to the ascension of the Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites, who had arrived in the Pantheon via a Panzerzug, the Waffen Infantry, Waffen Officers, and Waffen Senior Troopers arrived on Sd Kfz 251 armored halftracks. Immediately, they reported to the top Nazis in the Pantheon, in this case Johann Schmidt and "Deathshead" Strasse. Much like their more competent counterparts, they're issued new weapons such as the Assault Rifle 1960 and AR Marksman (replacing their on-hand MP 40s, scoped Gewehr 43s, and STG 44s), updated uniforms that now include body armor and sophisticated comms devices (in addition to their old swastikas being replaced in favor of the HYDRA skull and tentacles), newer and more advanced armored vehicles to replace their obsolete half-tracks, and new orders to guard the various Domains and Temples currently in the Nazis' and HYDRA's control, among which include the aforementioned Der Flakturm.
  • Thanks to their upgraded weapons and equipment, they are now generally able to fight on more equal terms against their old Allied adversaries as well as the Soviets. While not as competent as the Waffen Storm Leaders, the Nazi Storm Elites, and the Valkyrie Jager, they make up for their deficiencies with their larger numbers, as well as the fact that they're now accompanied by both AAV armored cars and HYDRA mini tanks. And unlike the former, they are not deployed as bodyguards for the high-ranking Nazis, thanks to past experience showing them to be Cannon Fodder against Allied commandoes and agents.
  • Despite this increased lethality, however, they still end up being easier pickings for some of the more prepared and competent deities that oppose them. Cpl. Boyd Travers, with his fully upgraded weapons, still manages to mow them down in very much the same way as he did to them then. B.J. Blaskowicz, a well-known Nazi Hunter, easily makes mincemeat out of them, even stealing their advanced weapons and turning them against their former owners, usually Guns Akimbo. However, against less powerful deities such as Lt. Randall, Sgt. Bill Taylor, and Sgt. John Davis, these troops have established themselves as being much tougher to take down than the Heer Infanterie that they've grown accustomed to fighting.
  • Much like the Waffen Storm Leaders and the Nazi Storm Elites, these troops also have a mutual hatred with the good-aligned German deities, in particular with Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, U-511, as well as the Karlslandian witches, due to them vehemently opposing the actions of their superiors, as well as their working with Allied deities, which, from their point-of-view, is treason.
  • All of these troop types can be mistaken for Americans from a distance, no thanks to their green camo uniforms which are similarly colored to the ones worn by US Army soldiers.

Wallmasters, Shadowy Gods of Ambushing Mooks and Transportation to Previous Areas (Fallmasters).
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A small, growing shadow on a floor
  • Theme Song: Forest Temple (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domains: Enemies, Walls, Hands, Shadows
  • Portfolio: Monsters Hidden in the Walls, Enemies That Teleport You Away, Sentient Severed Hands, Nightmare Fuel, Creepy Attack Sounds.
  • Heralds: Floormaster, Zant's Hand.
  • Allies: Ganondorf, Vaati, Dark Link, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Zubat, Firebrand, Nemesis, King Boo, The Mad Piano, The Addams Family, Jack Skellington, Hades (Kid Icarus), the Subhouse of Undead
  • Enemies: Link, Zelda, Navi, Tingle, Rayman, Revolver Ocelot, Coraline Jones, The Green Flu Survivors, Artix Von Krieger, most ascended Resident Evil and Castlevania protagonists
  • Opposed by: Pudge
  • Wallmasters are known to inhabit certain rooms within the House of Gaming, ambushing visiting deities from other Houses and sending them back to the entrance like some sort of undead security system. Virtually every single deity who has fell victim to them agrees that it is an unpleasant experience.
    • Wallmasters, however, aren't exclusive to the House of Gaming. Some Wallmasters have been spotted in the Houses of Theatre and Spectacle and Personal Appearance, most likely followers of Master Hand and Crazy Hand, the all-powerful gigantic hand Gods that reside in said Houses respectively. There are also a few of them crawling around in the House of Villains, possibly under the command of Ganondorf and Hades.
    • They have also been spotted around the Houses of Slaughter and Otherness (in the latter's case, the Subhouse of Undead in specific), where they appear to feel more at home. Obviously, this meant that they would automatically become enemies with any undead-opposing Gods like the Green Flu Survivor Crew, most former STARS agents and the Belmont Family.
    • Pudge doesn't like their presence in the House of Slaughter though and views the Wallmasters as pests that keep touching and contamining his stock of "FRESH MEATS!!!". He will usually try to hack them on sight, but considering how annoying and unsatisfying they are to kill plus the fact that they are already rotten, dismembered hands to begin with, he can't even take enjoyment in that.
  • Revolver Ocelot hates the little things as they remind him of Liquid Snake's rotten, possessed arm that he once used as a replacement for his own missing one (not to mention all the convoluted, behind-the-scenes stuff that came along with it). This often leads to Ocelot treating them as target practice, in order to relieve his frustrations (although to his frustration, some of them split into smaller ones when hit, and then there's the ones that can become invisible...).
    • Coraline is another deity known to be afraid of Wallmasters thanks to her conflict with the Other Mother's disembodied hand still being fresh on her mind, leading her to become a bit paranoid about crawling hands. However, as far as anyone knows, there are no links between the Wallmasters and the Other Mother.
  • There was a time where Rayman had his hands walk off and go missing while he was asleep (trust us, it happens more often than you think), which led him to have the "brilliant" idea to use a pair of Wallmasters as temporary replacements for them. Nonetheless, this was an awful experience for the Limbless Wonder, who had his "Wallmaster Hands" rebel on him by teleporting any deity that came nearby to outside the Pantheon. Since then, Rayman has been more strict about his original hands going off on their own.
  • It is known that The Addams Family keeps a few Wallmasters as pets/servants similar to their very own "Thing", also a disembodied hand that happens to live in a box. Those Wallmasters, under Thing's influence, have started becoming very handy around the family's house, doing chores and fixing broken things, although they still like to ambush visitors (not that there are many, considering how the Addams are).
    • Upon witnessing their "handiness" at the Addams Manor, Jack Skellington has decided to employ Wallmasters of his own in order to help him prepare the next Halloween. He is also planning to visit the infamous Shadow Temple for inspiration, an idea that... not many deities support (Zelda herself in particular, as that place has some really dark stuff about her kingdom).
  • There is a rumor going on that at least one Wallmaster has started cooperating with the Mad Piano at the House of Music in order to get prey. It is told that the Wallmaster will play a tune on the Mad Piano, attracting unsuspecting deities who see a supposedly vacant piano playing by itself, only for the instrument to attack when the victim gets close enough. Because this sort of trap sounds far too smart and complex for a musical instrument and a disembodied hand to come up with, the rumor has been mostly dismissed as an Urban Legend (Of Zelda), which is a rather odd instance to take in the Pantheon.


    The Goombas 
The Goombas, Mini-Gods of Basic, Introductory Enemies (Little Goombas, Kuribō)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: An 8-bit Goomba sprite
  • Theme Song: Goomba Village (Paper Mario 64)
  • Alignment: Usually Lawful Evil, but it depends on the Goomba.
  • Portfolio: Weak, Introductory Enemies, Enemies That Are Easily Defeated by Jumping on Them, Enemies That Are Used as Living Trampolines, Enemies With Iconic Appeal, Armless Bipeds.
  • Domains: Simplicity, Weakness, Determination, Enemies.
  • Herald: Shy Guys.
  • Followers: Gnawties, Neeks, Sneeks, Tiki Goons, Awks, Chu Chus, Deku Babas, Metools, Hornoads, RPG Rats
  • Superiors: Bowser, The Koopalings, Bowser Jr.
  • Allies: Bob-Omb, Koopa Troopa, Blooper, Waddle Dees, Blue Slimes, Prinnies
  • Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, anybody who can perform the Goomba Stomp, really.
  • Originally, the Goombas as a species were allied with the Mushroom Kingdom, but then most of them became traitors and joined the Koopa Troop. The motives for their betrayal are still shrouded in mystery, with some theorists claiming that there was some Fantastic Racism going on between the Toads and the Goombas.
  • Because Goombas are so numerous and expendable, many members at the House of Villains have been known to employ Goombas, if only to have something small and weak to beat up when feeling frustrated. They also make for decent foot stools, being small and squishy.
  • Goombas are probably one of the first deities Gods will find upon entering the House of Bosses And Enemies. If they try to attack, they usually get easily defeated, although they will never give up trying.
    • Sometimes, "smarter" Goombas might join up with Waddle Dees and Blue Slimes in order to take on Gods at the entrance of the House. They're usually not successful.
    • Meanwhile, "dumber" Goombas will probably walk off into a pit before even trying anything.
  • Many Goombas have been seen holding objects despite lacking clear hands. Some members of the House of Knowledge have theorized that they might have minor telekinetic abilities, but that has yet to be proven.
  • Despite being considered the weakest members of the Koopa Troop, Goombas claim to be better soldiers than the Koopa Troopas themselves, as they believe that the Koopas' tendency to hide in their shells when attacked end up accidentally helping Mario in many cases, making them a bigger liability to the army. The Koopa Troopas, outraged by those claims, challenged the Goombas to a DEATH BATTLE! featuring two of their best soldiers. The battle ended up in a draw and brought forth the worst qualities of each of them, stupidity and cowardice, leading many people to the conclusion that both species were equally incompetent at their jobs.
  • Legends tell of a great hero of the Goomba race, the infamous "World 1-1 Goomba", gaming's greatest serial killer, renowned for slaying more gamers and claiming more extra lives than any other single enemy in the entire history of gaming (at least until the players learn how to jump). Millions have fallen to the terrifying waddle of this fearsome fiend and his reign of death has stretched across generations of gamers. Even many hardened veterans of gaming remember falling before this fungal psychopath on their first time playing his game, although to many modern Goombas he is but a myth.

    The Slime Family 

Some slimes draw near! Command?

The Slime Family, Deified Collective of Adorable Slime Enemies

A tiny fraction of the many varieties of Slime

  • Quasideities with many variations that range from Demigods to Lesser Gods, very few bordering on Intermediate
  • Symbol: A regular blue Slime individual
  • Theme Song: Dragon Quest - Battle Theme and all its other variations, but some go by Boingburg instead
  • Alignment: Can vary greatly, but generally they're Chaotic Neutral (the Slimes from Slimenia are True Neutral leaning on Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Cute Slime Mooks, Mascot Mooks Of Their Franchise, Blob Monster, The Weakest Enemies In Their Series Overall, But Having Many Variations That Are Harder To Defeat, Not Necessarily Always An Enemy
  • Domains: Slimes, Enemies, Cuteness, Mascots
  • Followers: The Punis, The Porings, The Dogoos, The Puyo
  • Allies: Rusty, Mimic, and Cube, Rimuru Tempest, Beatrix LeBeau, The Angry Birds, Gooey, SCP-999, Suu, The Human Child, The Goombas, The Waddle Dees, Chansey and Audino
  • On working terms with: Bowser, King Dedede
  • On bad terms with: Perry the Platypus, Arle Nadja
  • Enemies: The Dragon Quest Protagonistsnote , many an adventurer or adventuring party that merely see them as EXP sources, The Blob, Hedorah, Yasuo
  • One of, if not the most prolific and famed Mooks in its game, let alone Eastern RPGs, these adorable little slimes, while not exactly the biggest threat one could run into, their tenacity has kept them out and about in the series for decades. Becoming a staple enemy of its games, the Slime's influence has extended to have many variations to make for more interesting encounters, and with so many around, some have even chose to take the Slimes around as tamable monsters. Their popularity has even earned a series in their own name, as the protagonists of said spinoffs. Friendly, heroic, or not, these simple teardrop shaped entities had established great influence on the series, and even outside media is undeniable.
  • Even before the Slimes were ascended, they were always bouncing around in the Pantheon ever since other deities originating from the same series had ascended. It was mainly the regular blue Slime, however, given how common they were, and difficult to remove completely, the slimes freely festered in the Pantheon. The Main House would soon have a group of King Slimes, all created by many slimes amalgating together, intending to visit to get a request in. The gods higher up learned that the Slimes wanted to ascend for real, and given that their cute design was so influential, there was little dissent in the idea of giving the Slimes the Cute Slime Mook trope. The moment that occurred, slimes started to pop out everywhere in the Pantheon, and not just the normal blue slimes. All of the Slime's variants and counterparts began to spawn throughout the House of Gaming, as a result of the slimes getting their entire family ascended into the Pantheon, until they got a vast archipelago to themselves to make their home.
    • Their famous appearance wasn't planned to be so by their games' creators, who intended them to look more like the traditional appearance of monster blobs you'd see in tabletops, older computer games, and such. However, the artist behind the Slimes' design, Akira Toriyama, decided otherwise and gave them the iconic shape and cute face that brought about the Slimes' legacy. Since the Slimes ultimately owe it all up to Toriyama's decision for their ascension, the man is one of the few humans that all the Slimes show either respect or friendliness towards by default.
  • The varied landscapes of their "temple" that represents the lands belonging to the ascended Slimes is representative of the many varities of the Slime that adventurers can run into, some with better or newer stats and abilities, including the earlier appearing types of slimes, notably:
    • She-slimes, which actually have no different a ratio of males to females compared to other varieties, despite what their name suggests, akin to ladybugs, for example. What you can expect from these Palette Swaps is them being significantly stronger than their normal blue varieties, and probably not what a novice adventurer should try and fight early on. There are also the spotted variants known as mottle slimes, who have their own she-slime variants, among other varieties. A few deities have had the desire to not only tame them but treat as something like a pet spotted dog, for some reason.
    • Bubble slimes are more similar to your usual Blob Monster, but keeping the cute face. These slimes and their variants are known for their Status Infliction Attack, which would be the ideal introduction for visitors that haven't been familiar with other deified enemies that do the same. There are newer and muckier variants appearing that are capable of growing mushrooms, truffles, and other fungi, so they can be found in the House of Nature or bringing life to desolate areas.
    • Healslimes, floating slimes with tentacles akin to jellyfish, doing what their name would suggest. Healing spells are the only things they really know, and their dedication to healing other slime comrades and allied entities is even greater than their self-conversation instincts, proving them to be dedicated healers of their kind. Do beware of another variation of slime that resembles them, known as the Man O' War, but instead of healing, is aggressive and attacks enemy adventurers with paralysis and other stinging attacks.
    • Shell slimes and sea slimes are coastal variants of slimes that have used their shells as a form of defense, and slip away when things are looking bleak for them. Seaslimes in particular can be found when sailing through the seas, as well as icy variants known as Slimecicles. Sailors are recommended to keep an eye out for these variants not because they're dangerous, but because their presence indicates that an iceberg is near.
    • Drake slimes and dragons are true to form, slimes with a shape that takes a bit from dragons, though they aren't necessarily dragons. They still act as if they're dragons, and a decent starting point for those aspiring to tame a dragon. From what tamers have noticed, they have some allergy to blood, so their flame breath is more worrisome than the possibility of getting bitten by them. While not similar to them, Dark slimes and their variants are more likely to go after others' blood, being similar to the vampire-like Drackies in their world.
  • And there are still more variations that aren't listed above, with bulb slimes and their variants recently popping out of farmers' fields from time to time as well, the Pantheon has acknowledged the possibility of more types of the Slime developing as they stay in the Pantheon. While their allies and curious onlookers of nature are interested in what new kinds of slime will appear next, others worry of the new surprises they can bring. Given the much more varied environments within the Pantheon and how they can adapt themselves to suit it over time, like with Rubble slimes appearing in the more urban areas, many are on the watch for new varieties.
  • It's obvious that these slimes like going in groups, to the point that they'll even call in reinforcement slimes to do so. Should enough accumulate, they can undergo slimification, where eight slimes can amalgamate- wait, sorry, amalgoomate, into a King Slime, a much bigger threat than the sum of their parts. Thankfully, not every slime variation can do the same, though the metal slimes can. Or if there aren't enough slimes, they can simply form a slime stack. While there currently haven't been any meetings between many King Slimes, let alone a group of at least eight at once, there's the question of what happens when eight King Slimes hypothetically decide to goonite into one even bigger slime to top even the regular King varieties. Perhaps it's for everyone's own good that they won't know the answer, nor that the King Slimes lack interest in finding that out.
    • As much as these slimes like grouping together, they don't like to be near Arle Nadja and her associated friends and foes in the Pantheon, due to how they've ended up caught up in their games. Not as players, but as game pieces, thrown in with other Puyo. From what they've described their experiences, it's been rather traumatizing for them, while Arle and her friends are more annoyed that they end up dropping into their games by unknown methods.
  • Of all the sub-families in the Slime Family, the metal slimes have earned their own family classification, due to their reputation for being really hard to kill, as a result of only taking Scratch Damage from physical attacks, high evasion, immunity to magic, and tendency to flee. And that's not considering the Gem Slime variants that can cast Magic Blast. However, many adventurers still target them due to the loads of experience points they gain when killing a Metal Slime (or for Gem Slimes, riches). This especially applies to Metal King Slimes that predictably give even more EXP, or rarely some Metal Slime themed equipment. Since one of the most reliable ways of taking out a Metal Slime is with critical attacks, Yasuo, who can utilize them to his advantage better, and those with really strong physical attacks like say, Matt can bypass those pesky defenses, so such characters gain the most ire from them. The Metal Slimes have even gotten along with Chansey and Audino out of sympathy for being targeted for the sake of EXP grinding.
    • One of the most desired targets that adventurers try to go after is the Platinum King Jewel, the Metal Slime of the Metal Slime family, and that's saying a lot. While the most rewarding out of all of them, so far it has eluded defeat against everyone pursuing it. It's not only due to its high stats in everything, on top of what makes the Metal Slimes so hard to kill, but it can blind everyone with one usage of Dazzle, nullifying even those who can use critical hits or sheer power to their advantage. And the absurdly powerful deities that could consistently take it out logically have no reason to go after it, anyway.
  • Another peculiar variant of the Slime are the Slime Knights, slimes that are steeds for dwarfed humanoid knights with a sword and a shield depicting a slime, indicating their loyalty to slimekind. Having been ascended along with their mounted slime brethren, many wonder about how their culture and symbiotic relationship with their slimes work, or if they're even human. From observations, some have hypothesized that their bonds are so strong that if one of them is killed, the other dies with them. Metal Slime Knights are the exception with the knight just dying and the slime itself fleeing to live another day, which is why they don't give too much EXP either. Some believe that it's the slime that gives orders to the knight despite being the steed. These feisty duos have their own stronger variants, mainly the Slionhearts, the kingly counterparts of the Slime Knights that can put up a valiant fight. Some of these Slime Knights have gotten into fights with Shovel Knight, perhaps due to fate, but one Slime Knight named Goowain, who had fought along aside heroes before, befriended the knight after a duel.
    Goowain: It is a fine thing indeed to have companions on the road of life!
  • While they're mainly enemies of the ascended Dragon Quest heroes out of principle, the fact that none of the bigger villains from the series have appeared in the Pantheon means that their exact loyalty is not very clear. Many who seek more Mooks to add their ranks and don't discriminate too much are willing to enlist them, though they're not really the most powerful minions the Pantheon has to offer. Not all slimes will oppose heroes, however, with some having been known for even joining said heroes in their quests. It's pretty easy to tell if a Slime is willing to be friendly, if they tell you themselves "I'm not a bad Slime!" Some of these friendlier slimes managed to have a peaceful encounter with Frisk and now roam around with their friends as well, though rumors of their other more violent "paths" have startled them a little. There are even those who are willing to tame Slimes and make them fight for their trainers as well, akin to Pokemon trainers.
    • Due to the Slimes' friendship with the Goombas and Waddle Dees, hanging out or getting into stacking contests, both Bowser and King Dedede have decided to take advantage of the situation, enrolling some of the Slimes to their own numbers. As a result, the two kings have to manage relations with them, including their more goo-dy goo-dy brethren lest the Slime Family all turn on them. Additionally, Bowser has introduced Dedede to a game that he and the Slimes occasionally play together. Dedede's not adverse to a friendly competition of economics and properties, but he's baffled at the fact that the Slimes play pretty well at it, and more so about how they use controllers shaped like themselves to do it. Bowser simply shrugged at Dedede's second remark.
  • With some slimes having joined the ranks of the heroes that normally fight them, they're not unfamiliar to some of their own being adventurers. They learned about Cube from the Rusty trio and had a pleasant meeting with the three, with a few of the Slimes assisting the adventurers at times. From there, Rimuru Tempest learned about their ascension and immediately went out of his way to gain their alliance. The Slimes ended up taking the invitation to the Jura Tempest Federation well, seeing nothing but benefit in joining a force ran by a fellow slime. A few slimes were intrigued by Rimuru's shapeshifting abilities, but for the most part, many a slime believe "that we don't need to be a gooman to be good and jolly (slurp)".
  • Being a caretaker of her own kinds of slimes, Beatrix LeBeau was excited to see the members of the Slime Family in person. While unfamiliar to their ways and mannerisms, she figured out how to make feel welcome along with the plort-producing slimes she takes care of as her occupation demands. While the Dragon Quest slimes do occasionally fight over food sometimes, they consider Beatrix's slimes to be friends as well. As Beatrix's generosity became to grow on the Slimes, some of them attempted to ask Beatrix using their knowledge of human tongue to visit the Far, Far Range. Deeming it of little harm, she agreed to take a group of slime tourists there. The slimes ended up enjoying the vacation for the most part, but the Tarr outbreaks scared them off from making it a permanent residence for them. Beatrix also observed their interactions with plorts, which ended up making the slimes that ate them gain some magic powers based on the eaten plorts, though she warned them not to eat multiple types since it could risk turning them into something like the Tarr, which the Slimes heeded.
  • Looking forward to more slimes to meet with, they ran into SCP-999, who the Slimes all mistook for a She-slime at first, but after a few weeks, they realized that SCP-999 was just of a different sort. They don't mind hanging out with the orange blob however, and SCP-999 hopes to make more of the Slime Family more friendly toward humanity in general as they interact. Similarly, Gooey was also mistaken for a regular blue Slime, but the long tongue surprised and got the Slimes to recognize Gooey as their own individual, though they still keep him around as a friend, despite his potential origin. They also learned about Suu, a Slime Girl who also has an Interspecies Romance with a human, which weirded out much of the Slimes, but they decided not to judge her on it and left her interests be. The Blob and Hedorah were more of the kind of slimes they didn't want to get near, despising Hedorah for not only wrecking their environments and homes, but devouring the Rubble Slimes among them. The Blob also has no care for what it eats, so the Slimes were nothing more to it than more matter to consume and absorb, making it a dreaded slime that they will either run away or blast magic at, if the latter is a viable choice for the stronger slimes.
  • While hard to find amongst the Slimes' domain, determined explorers can run into a slime-populated island known as Slimenia. One of its most bustling villages, Boingburg, is home to one of Slimenia's most interesting Slime citizens, Rocket, who has saved his fellow Slimes many times from the Plob, a large gang of Platypunk and their monster associates who antagonize the Slimes for their own varying reasons. While friendly to fellow visiting monsters, humans are not allowed on the island, especially not adventurers since they don't want them causing harm to innocent slimes, excluding their listed allies. Should one threaten their slime-ciety, the invaders will find themselves in big trouble with not only Rocket but a gigantic tank he can operate, known as the Schleiman Tank, which can fire all sorts of ammo at the enemy, included scavenged ammo from their enemies or even the slimes running the tank, Rocket himself included, which likely explains their friendship with the Angry Birds. Many mooks and members of the Hall of Enemies have attempted to raid Slimenia in the past, but they've been quashed and ended up becoming harmless citizens of Slimenia. Excluding the human enemies, who have the lucky fate of becoming ammo launched at other invaders.
    • The Slimes in general, but especially in Slimenia, don't seem to like Perry the Platypus too much, due to mistaking Perry for being one of the Plob. His secret agent hat doesn't help Perry's reputation at all, so Perry ends up being chased away by Slimes eager to bounce into him in encounters. He has attempted to use the fact that he lacks a Platypunk tail to show that he's not one of the Plob. Unfortunately, some rascals and pranksters like to stick said tails on Perry, which only convince the Slimes that he's one of the Plob even more, forcing Perry to flee from the Slimes before he becomes cannon ammo.

    The Waddle Dees 
The Waddle Dees, Deified Collective of Waddling Heads (The Hardest Boss In All of Existence, Waddle Dooters)
The Average Waddle Dee
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Waddle Dee's face; alternatively, a red-and-white-striped umbrella
  • Theme Song: Battle Among Friends: Waddle Dee (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Waddling Heads, First-Stage Mooks, Adorable Creatures, Can Wield Parasols and Spears, Undying Loyalty To Those Who Care For Them
  • Domains: Minions, Movement, Anatomy, Heads
  • Herald: Waddle Doo
  • Followers: The Metools, The Yukkuris, the Pookas, the Monstars
  • Superior: King Dedede
  • Allies: Bandana Dee, Bowser, The Koopa Troop (The Goombas, Lakitu and Spiny, The Koopa Troopas, Blooper, The Boos, The Bob-ombs), the Prinnies
  • Enemies: 02, Queen Sectonia, Mario, Luigi, King K. Rool, Jigglypuff
  • Opposes: Etna
  • Researched by: The House of Knowledge
  • Adored by: Rena Ryugu
  • Complicated Relationship: Kirby and Meta Knight (allies or enemies depending on the game)
  • Waddle Dees are a common species native to Planet Popstar. They're a carefree bunch, preferring to relax and take it easy. Many Waddle Dees native to Dream Land are loyal to King Dedede, and work hard for him despite their relatively weak bodies and lazy nature. The most striking part of their appearance is that their bodies completely lack a torso, only having a head with stubby limbs attached.
  • There used to be only one Waddle Dee holding the title of Waddling Heads, but one day, King Dedede made a request to the Court of the Gods to ascend the rest of his Waddle Dee minions. Shortly after, the lone Waddle Dee left the Pantheon and returned to the mortal plane. A few weeks later, a large population of Waddle Dees were spotted around Dedede's temple, with a very happy King Dedede celebrating their arrival.
  • A certain Waddle Dee is known for assisting Kirby and Ribbon in their adventure to collect crystal shards by transporting Kirby via boat or minecart. Some deities speculate that Bandanna Dee is that very same Dee, but these rumors have yet to be proven. He's sometimes used as the mouthpiece for the Waddle Dee population.
  • Some Waddle Dees are seen carrying a spear, and they know how to do simple combat moves like jabbing and throwing. When asked about how Bandana Waddle Dee got so skilled with his spear, Waddle Dee said he doesn't know but it probably has something to do with the bandana.
  • The Waddle Dees hate Zero and Queen Sectonia for having his Dark Matter minions possess Dedede multiple times and ordering Taranza to kidnap him to conquer Pop Star respectively. Both of them ignore the Waddle Dees, as they pose little threat to them.
  • The house of Knowledge has tried to study the Waddle Dees numerous times because they're very curious as to how they function as a head with feet. King Dedede wishes they would stop stealing his Mooks because nobody is allowed to abuse his Waddle Dees except him.
    • The only thing Waddle Dee has told them is Waddle Dees eat through osmosis. This only raised the house's curiosity even more, as now they're questioning how that is even possible.
  • Mario once mistook a Waddle Dee for a Goomba and was surprised to find that jumping on it hurt Mario instead. When he returned with a Fire Flower, the Waddle Dee was seen running at a speed thought impossible for something without legs or discernable organs (namely lungs).
    • This wasn't the first time a Mario brother had Waddle Dee related troubles; During the subspace incident, Luigi got startled by one, which lead to King Dedede turning him into a trophy. To this day, Luigi still gets a bit nervous when he's around them.
    • The Waddle Dees have made themselves enemies with King K. Rool after he smacked Dedede when makng his grand appearance in the fifth Smash tournament. K. Rool doesn't care about them, so he mostly just ignores them.
    • On the other hand, The Waddle Dees look up to Bowser as he cares deeply for his minions. They get along with the Koopa Troop very well, as they're weak, yet loyal minions who have strength in numbers. As such, they're occasionally seen assisting the Koopa Troop with tasks. Bowser appreciates their hard work, and considers them honorary Koopa Troop members.
  • Some Waddle Dees tend to feel uneasy and sometimes even flee at the sight of Jigglypuff because of how much she looks like Kirby. Jigglypuff is annoyed as that means they won't stay to listen to her singing.
  • Upon setting her eyes on them, Rena Ryugu became overwhelmed at their cuteness and tried to take some of them home with her. This lead to an enraged King Dedede chasing her around the Pantheon trying to clobber her with his hammer. She now keeps her distance and admires them from far away.
  • The Waddle Dees will happily serve anyone who treats them with kindness. Needless to say, they dislike anybody who are abusive and harsh to their minions. Of special note is Etna, who regularly abuses and kills her Prinny minions whenever she's angry, or just because she felt like it. Etna would rather punt them like her Prinnies, which often gets her into fights with a very angry Dedede. They and the Prinnies get along well, but they question why the Prinnies stick around such an abusive boss.
  • Can also be found in Facial Attributes.