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    Alpheus/The World Forger 
Alpheus, God of Retconning As A Power (The World Forger, First Son Of Perpetua)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Crisis Anvil
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Entity Who Forges Worlds, former Knight Templar, Dark Is Not Evil, Neutral Brother To Warring Siblings, Drop the Hammer, Retconjuration, Killed By Barbatos But Resurrected In The Sixth Dimension, Our Dark Matter Is Mysterious
  • Domains: Dark Matter, Retcons, Creation, Forges, Cosmic Beings
  • Sought out by: YHVH, Dr Eggman and Dr. Wily, The Divine Powers, Enrico Pucci
  • Interests: the Dark Matter Horde, Jimmy Neutron, Nibbler
  • Interested in: Tartarus
  • Special relationship with: Mobius/the Anti-Monitor (his brother)
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Cosmos, God (God, the Devil and Bob), the Alpha and Omega
  • On speaking terms with: Nerose Satanel, Eliphas the Radiant, Mosco/Mule, Nox (Classical Mythology)
  • Enemies: Barbatos (formerly his servant), Fused Zamasu, Melkor, Hajun, Lord English, The Dark Star, Death Phantom
  • Wary of: Grima, Antasma
  • Dislikes: Chuck Shurley
  • Respects: Madoka Kaname
  • A bit annoyed by: Rick Sanchez, Beerus
  • When Perpetua was designing the early DC Multiverse, she made it a triumvirate of matter, anti-matter and dark matter. Her first son, Alpheus, would be the World Forger in crafting new universes. These were shaped by the Crisis Anvil, which allowed him to retcon things in-universe. Hypertime and the Life Entity are but two of his creations. His dragon, Barbatos, would dispose of the unstable worlds. He would ultimately team up with his brothers Mar Novu(the Monitor) and Mobius(the Anti-Monitor) to stop their mother's mad schemes of weaponizing the multiverse to retaliate against those that might judge her guilty. Though his brothers went to war with one another as the newfound Source Wall made the Anti-Monitor's role more or less defunct, the World Forger would carry on his job and stay out of their feud. Unfortunately the dragon got greedy and killed him, turning the Dark Multiverse into a sustained nightmare realm.
  • Death is not the end for Super-Celestials, and he was resurrected in the Sixth Dimension. Initially he threatened to lock up those who might side with Doom to ensure that Justice would prevail and foil his mother's evil, but Batman would convince him there was another way. Still, while Alpheus opposes the grand evil of his mother, he is ultimately a neutral being. He doesn't take sides with the various alliances, but he does make it clear he opposes the leader of the Grand United Alliance of Evil for his close alliance with the treacherous Barbatos, seeking to hijack the World Forge when the Flame Imperishable remains beyond him, and as one of the things his mother did was ally with Melkor it is another reason to oppose the rogue Valar.
  • With Barbatos imprisoned, the World Forge can now create new universe while failed ones are destroyed and recycled in the Dark Multiverse. Concerned he might be a bit rusty after his stay in the Sixth Dimension, Alpheus has been seen talking with the Alpha and Omega, and the God known to Bob for advice. They can understand the difficulty in creation.
  • He does not trust Grima or Antasma. It's a justifiable opinion, but it's mainly fueled from his history with Barbatos who's a bat dragon. The World Forger is considering asking Tartarus to help imprison threats to creation. During his travels he would meet Nox, who he became somewhat fond of due to being The Sacred Darkness, and somewhat relatable to him. The World Forger holds a fondness for Giratina as well, since while being a demonic-looking dragon with a nasty temper, is only so because it is concerned over balance and order. The rest of the Creation Trio found Alpheus' addition a great benefit, due to his expertise in the molding and shifting in space-time.
  • One of the few beings that the Anti-Monitor tolerates. Though he ultimately sides with Perpetua and remains a driven Omnicidal Maniac in his feud with the Monitor, the World Forger is a figure both brothers have respect for. The First Son of Perpetua laments that Mobius remains evil, fondly reminscing of the time they combined into the Ultra-Monitor to face off against their mother. The World Forger's opposition to his mother means he ends up working with the Celestials and the Ones. Of the Ones he finds himself relating most with the Father, due to being in the middle of a good and evil dichotomy. He is also friendly with Cosmos, as while he isn't good-aligned he does want some sort of stability for the cosmos and he finds Justice more useful in achieving that than Doom.
    • His close alliance to the Celestials comes from the fact they brought him in the pantheon to prepare for the possible arrival of Perpetua.
  • Alpheus is most impressed by Madoka wielding the power of Retconjuration to end the ultimately unjust system of witches, though it came at a cost. He has also found Emmet Brickowski's optimism combined with his skill at building to be charming. Though not interested enough in him to be a proper ally, he did give Emmet a heads-up warning that there is a world in the Dark Multiverse where Rex Dangervest succeeded at ensuring Emmet becomes him.
  • His goal during his "heel" phase was to lock up those who chose Doom and remake the multiverse so it only contains those of Justice. Zamasu decries turning against this decision, as he had hopes Alpheus would make a perfect world. The World Forger scoffs at him by saying his definition of perfect is merely "perfect to me", not what's actually "perfect". However feel he has a point that the Dragonball Multiverse needs to be improved. He's rather annoyed by Beerus' sloth, but does think Mosco is doing a decent job. He's yet to express his thoughts on the two Zeno.
  • Sometimes the World Forger finds himself talking with various Knight Templar and Well-Intentioned Extremist deities. YHVH seeks out the World Forger to help usher in a perfect multiverse. He states that he should pursue his plans to create a multiverse of Justice. The Divine Powers also seek him out to use the Crisis Anvil in their favor. The First Son of Perpetua tends to turn them down, along with Eliphas' request as he feels he should focus more on his job and preventing the evils of his mother right now. And he'll never hear the end of it from the Source's enforcers if they learn he's been meddling in the core affairs of other multiverses.
  • Nerose Satanel believes he should've stuck by his guns, however otherwise has no hard feelings as he can understand a perfectionist desire. The World Forger has given his own critique on the Hadou Gods in response, at least when it comes to the ascended ones
    • Mithra; created a fatal error by things into "good" and "evil", resulting in unending conflict. It has taught Alpheus more about the balance, or lack there-of, of Justice and Doom, and has made him reconsider how one should manage them.
    • Nerose Satanel; actually impressed that he created a world of Justice, though Batman has pointed out to him Justice rings hollow if it is achieved at the sacrifice of free will.
    • Mercurius; a bit concerned with the consequence of Eternal Recurrence, but otherwise doesn't feel he did that bad a job. Perhaps it's because the DC Multiverse is semi-cyclical. Enrico Pucci believes he should reshape Hypertime to fit this more, in order to play to his belief that if everyone already knows their fate they will be content with their lives at last.
    • Ren Fuji ; pities what his Law leads to, but hopes for improvement.
    • Hajun; considers him completely insane and a threat to everything everywhere. He has all of Mobius' extreme solipsism but with no restraint whatsoever and if he were to complete his Law and destroy the Masadaverse, he knows the rest of the omniverse would be on his hit list. He feels the same about Lord English, who while not a Hadou God has the power and raging omni-dickery to want to tear apart the World Forge and the omniverse apart.
  • He represents dark matter, and is frustrated that Barbatos' machinations have derailed what would eventually become the Dark Multiverse. It's meant to be rich in potential, and Barbatos chose to rule the broken worlds he was supposed to get rid of. Returning to the World Forge, he was a little miffed that Rick had stolen some of his supplies. It wasn't easy, but in the Trope Pantheon he needed to buff his dark matter-powered portal gun and other interdimensional travel devices. However Alpheus has enough that Rick's theft is merely a nuisance.
  • As a celestial master of dark matter, the World Forger was rumored to have ushered the Dark Matter Horde. He denies this, and they are likely connected to Void Termina anyway, but they are still intrigued to him and his nature. Unfortunately so is the Dark Star, who wishes to one day assimilate the darkness of the Dark Multiverse and overcome the World Forger as part of its plan to destroy all things and leave all in darkness. When Kirby asked if he had any plans for them, the World Forger replied that to know what to do with the Dark Matter Horde he must first clarify the true nature of Void Termina and a reltionship with the Horde, but he is yet to be convinced they pose a grand-scale enough threat to his role as the World Forger.
  • Jimmy Neutron was intimidated by Alpheus as his Evil Twin tried to use a dark matter chip to create an evil copy of Earth at the expense of the real Earth's existence, however he soon deduced the World Forger is not evil. He wondered if Evil Jimmy may have somehow replicated the Dark Multiverse's physics on a micro-scale, but notices that "a world full of evil" is more like the Antimatter Universe or recent iterations of Earth-3, so it probably works in a different fashion. Jimmy wondered if he could help fix things, however the First Son of Perpetua declined the offer and stated "dealing with the quagmire that the Dark Multiverse has become is a job for the experts".
  • Another reason why the World Forger rarely takes sides is because he has a job to do, well, forging worlds. Despite his official house, unofficially his real home in the pantheon is the House of Craft. He is looking for someone he can trust to help eliminate the failed worlds while he brings up the ones worthy of light. After working with Neith, Vulcan and Dyntos in the art of creation, Amara signed up to the job, as it's kind of her thing. Alpheus welcomed this, however was concerned by her brother as he considered him a bit too..childish. Honestly, it's a kind way of putting it.
  • The creator of Hypertime, the World Forger is an important figure in the House of Time And Space. With his excellent smithmanship he can keep the various retcons and changes to the timeline straight in the Trope Pantheon. It's said that whenever a retcon in the pantheon occurs, it comes down to Alpheus swinging his mighty Crisis Anvil. He knows many wish it to be put at rest in Maximum Security, but the First Son of Perpetua refuses to relinquish the weapon for even a moment's notice; he has so much work to do after the whole Barbatos incident.
    • An additional reason for his reluctance to let the Crisis Anvil out of his hands for even a second is that he knows Melkor desires it almost as much as the Flame Imperishable. And he told Melkor off for his coveting.
  • Unlike the Dark Enemy, Death Phantom is smart enough to not provoke the World Forger as he could swat even his true form away like a fly. However this only fuels his conceit against Alpheus, as his ability to create and reboot worlds would undo the destruction he plans. The ultimate nihilist dreams of striking the First Son of Perpetua down with his own Crisis Anvil, burn the Sixth Dimension to the ground so he can never reform and then finally shatter the Anvil so what is done can never be undone. Fortunately for everyone but the likes of him, that's all it can be; a dream.

    The Anti-Monitor 
The Anti-Monitor, God of Crossovers by Cameo and Harbinger of Cosmic Retcons (The Monitor (as he refers to himself), Monty, Marshmallow Man, Guardian of Fear, The Anti-God, The Great Destroyer, Mobius)

Greater Gods

Malal, Chaos God of Discontinuity and Ruler of Retconnian (The Outcast God, The Lost God, The Renegade God, Malice, The One Who Doesn't Exist)

    Mugen Yoguruma 
Mugen Yoguruma, Goddess of Stealth Sequels (The Shadow of Yog-Sothoth, Infinite Colour, Muu-chan, Kishishi Lady, (Fragment of) Yog-Sothoth, The One Who Distorts the World)
  • Greater Goddess, though might be closer to an Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Eye of Yog-Sothoth (a glowing yellow eye with a gear design)
  • Alignment: Appears as Chaotic Neutral, but is more closely to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Kishishishishishishi, Possesses the Eye of Yog-Sothoth, Keeps Her Left Eye Closed Due to That, Time Master, Space Master, Reality Warper, Has A Lot of Power And Little Sanity, Impossibly Cool Clothes, Good All Along
  • Domains: Laughter, Insanity, Powers, Cthulhu Mythos
  • Allies: Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu, Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath, Discord
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep
  • One day, an albino girl with a medical eyepatch appeared in the Academy. People around her recognized her, but at the same time they couldn't tell who she was, so she slipped beneath everyone's notice. However, as things went on, strange things started to happen, most notably with some of the students being drawn into creatures told in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. All while the students saying that they know the girl ages ago.
    • Eventually, the student with the eyepatch suddenly disappeared for a while, and things started to calm down. However, in House of Time and Space, some gods heard an odd "Kishishi" giggling somewhere where Yog-Sothoth "resides". And there the girl was, who then removed her disguise to show her true identity as Mugen Yoguruma, the Mage of Yog-Sothoth. Apparently it was easy for her to sneak into the Pantheon due to her work not being recognized here and started messing around with people's "fates" and such. They didn't really have a good way to get rid of her after that so she sort of stuck around.
  • Mugen is a "Mage", a person who is infected by "Color", a type of corruption from the evil gods of Cthulhu Mythos (and some other monsters), corrupting the person's mind and turning them into monsters. Mugen was infected with the Color of Yog-Sothoth, gaining the ability to warp time and space. She then used her new powers to mess around, in particular using artefacts to infect people with Colors.
    • … Well, that is the story that she tried to spun. The truth is much more grand. In a world left undocumented, the mechanical god Demonbane absorbed the essence of Glyu-Uho to become the "Vortex Blaster", becoming strong enough to destroy the Great Old Ones, Outer Gods and their avatars and finally end the dead heat between it and Azathoth. The thing is, death of Azathoth would result in the destruction of every universe what do, did, would or wouldn't exist. This is where Mugen, the fragment of Yog-Sothoth comes in. She was able to extend the moment of Azathoth's death so that she can have a chance to create one last world where it can be reborn through an avatar of sort. Everything she did was a set up for hopefully get girl named Hatsuni Azana to become the who will remake the universe.
    • There is one aspect to her appearance, which was when she appeared in a crossover between Nitro+ heroines. At first she seemed to just be an Assist Character, using her Fist of Yog-Sothoth to help her summoner (even if she hits them with them), but in reality, she is the one to orchestrate the entire event after taking reigns off a girl called Another Blood. Her plan was to gather together the Necronomicon by stitching together remains of Al Azif across different universes, the Silver Key by recreating an incident that happened in Arkham City in the past as a "murder mystery play" starring the heroinesnote , and the Shining Trapezohedron which was inside a girl called Ouka in order to recreate the Ultimate Gate to bring birth to a new universe where Azathoth can be reborn. Yes, she turned a crossover into an interquel.
  • When asked about what is her relation with the Yog-Sothoth that was already in the Pantheon, she sort of shrugs. Is she a fragmented aspect of it when she was defeated, or a completely different version of it. She doesn't really care.
  • She really doesn't like Nyarlathotep, who she calls a "cheap imitation" of the actual deity, and is even more annoying than the Sphinx, saying that his "salvation" thing was more endearing than Nyarly's constant talk about humanity's darkness. The two of them play chess together, though, discussing stuff.
  • She is quite interested in the antics of LOL Rangers, Itazura Griefers and the Trollkaiger. While she hasn't really decided to which one to root for, she isn't planning to join the Trollkaiger due to Nyarly's icky tentacles being tied around it. If she would join, she would be called "Diamond Ranger"/"Itazura Diamond" note 
  • There are some gods who really wish to lock her away, fearing that her actions would cause more problems than needed. The thing is that she is capable of escaping just about any magical seals placed on her if she wants to. Keyword being want, as she is willing to be locked away if needed.
  • One thing she is being cautious about are the Three God Tools, three artifacts that she used to recreate the Ultimate Gate. While she is not sure if it can be repeated like things are, it is better to be safe than sorry later on. Especially since all three of them are in the Pantheon.
    • First is the Shining Trapezohedron, an artifact that can be used to seal away Evil Gods and also be used to majorly hurt Nyarlathotep and those related to it. She was surprised that she found it in the possession of a boy named Mahiro Yasaka, as he is neither a pure hero or a pure villain. Upon further investigation, she learned more about the world he came from and those related to him such as Nyarko and was rather surprised that such a world could exist. She is keeping an eye of them to see how things turn out there.
    • Second is the Silver Key, which is one of few things that can threaten her as it can seal away her powers temporarily. She is surprised to hear that a girl named Abigail Williams had become the metaphorical Silver Key in an attempt to open a gate for the Outer Gods. When the two first met, Abby was immediately cautious of Mugen, feeling that there was something wrong about her. Mugen was feinting being scared of Abby to make her less intimidating to her as she doesn't want to do anything to her just yet.
    • Third is the Necronomicon, the world's strongest grimoire. While Mugen doesn't necessarily have it herself, she does have the soul of the grimoire, Al Azif, meaning that it doesn't matter who has it as she has authority over who can use it and who can't. Which is good thing, as there are more than one copy of the book.
  • She seemed to have grown affection forwards Discord, as he knows how to use his powers to cause all sort of playful havoc. Discord does try to teach Mugen not to use her powers to bring serious harm to others, though whenever or not this will actually work is in question.
  • While she has promised that she won't use any of the artefacts containing Colours, she doesn't guarantee that any of the other 13 Horrors created from them don't exist anymore. For example, some people have seen a werewolf-like being amongst the Hounds of Tindalos who she speculates to be the remains of the nameless terrorists who was corrupted by their Colour.

    Space Dandy 
Space☆Dandy, God of Negative Continuity (Dandy, The Dandy Guy... in Space, Blockhead, Human, D-N-A-)

Intermediate Gods

Charmcaster, Goddess of Suddenly-Changed Characters ("Caroline", Princess, Sweetie, Beautiful, Hope, Heather)
15 Years Old
20 Years Old 
21 Years Old  (yes, really)

    Donna Troy 
Donna Hinckley Stacy Troy, Goddess of Convoluted Continuity (The first Wonder Girl, Troia, Wonder Woman IV, The Deathbringer)
Donna as Troia

Fern the Human, God of Continuity Lockout (Fern, Grass Finn, The Grass Sword/The Finn Sword, The Green Knight)
Click here  for his Green Knight form
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A mix of the Grass and Finn Sword
  • Alignment: Currently either True or Chaotic Neutral (previously Neutral Evil, started as Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler That Requires A Lot Of Continuity Research To Understand, Merger Of The Grass Sword And A Paradoxical Finn, Green Thumb, Green-Eyed Monster, Heel–Face Revolving Door Fueled By Angst At Failing At Heroism, Trying To Become The Only Finn, Living Weapon, Alas, Poor Villain
  • Domains: Spoilers, Continuities, Fusions, Paradoxes, Swords, Grass, Magic, Envy
  • Complicated relationship with: Finn (his Alternate Self), Jake the Dog (technically speaking his adoptive brother) and their associates
  • Allies: Mimikyu, Jeanne d'Arc (Alter), Roboking, Alec Holland/Swamp Thing, Lars Fillmore, Lea, Flowey
  • On good terms with: Bizarro, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • On speaking terms with: Mewtwo, Treebeard, Metal Sonic
  • Enemies: The Lich, GOLB, The Hounds of Tindalos, Pazuzu, Dark Danny, Dark Bakura aka The Spirit of the Millennium Ring, Anton Arcane
  • Pitied by: Ryou Bakura
  • Fears: Grandfather Paradox
  • To understand Fern the Human's deal requires a lot of context and spoilers for the plot. For an abridged explanation? As part of an effort to resurrect Prismo, a paradox was created which turned a time duplicate of Finn into a sword. This Finn Sword was later seriously damaged by the Grass Sword, which was based on a demon and made by a wizard. These two swords eventually merged and birthed a new entity with Finn's memories but somewhat off due to being half-Grass Sword.
  • Fern has issues with Finn as he first thought of himself as Finn, and while diverging into his own person he became more resentful due to his inability to match up with his heroism. The view he was an inferior clone of Finn led him try and Kill and Replace Finn, but ultimately the two found peace with one another by giving up the Grass Demon within him. Unfortunately as it was part of him he died shortly afterwards. In order to maintain his existence in the pantheon the Grass Demon has had to be revived along with Fern, though it is a lot more quiet. Still Fern fears beings like Pazuzu possessing him, due to his experience with said Grass Demon.
  • Recognizing how much of a butt he was being but unable to truly let go his insecurities and issues with being a copy, Fern ascended to the pantheon semi-reformed. His ascension was welcomed by someone who believes he can change "semi-reformed" to "reformed"; Swamp Thing. Asides from the superficial comparisons that they are both grass manipulators made of plants, Swamp Thing has his own history of issues with identity and originality, especially in the Alan Moore run. He's trying to console Fern through his own identity issues, as while Fern has accepted he and Finn are different people sharing memories and personality traits continues to be something he deals with.
  • As a quirk of Fern's ascension he is capable of accessing the Green Knight form again, but it comes with a cost; waking up the Grass Demon and asserting its influence again. Naturally Fern is extremely hesitant in using this form. The one time he did use it was to get some sort of edge against Bizarro, who was causing some mischief. Against Bizarro he still didn't stand a chance, but the shock of his freeze breath reverted him back to his normal form. Being a doppelganger of a hero with some skewed views towards heroism, part of Bizarro was sympathetic to Fern and comforted him by saying "Am not sorry about that, am totally don't think you're a hero". It took a bit to translate what he said but Fern appreciated it and he does see a little bit of himself in Bizarro. Not much, but enough that he wants to see Bizarro prove himself as a hero as well.
  • Him and Metal Sonic aren't allies, given the latter always was and continues to be a villain, however there is some mutual sympathy between the two. He fully understands how sucky it must be to have a crisis of identity and wanting to be someone else. Metal considers himself the true Sonic, and was nice enough to compliment him as "the true Finn". Fern appreciates it, but given his own issues he wishes Metal could resolve his Inferiority Superiority Complex in a more peaceful manner. Mewtwo, having its own "clone complex" albiet not as extreme as either Fern or Metal, sometimes converses with Fern over his feelings.
  • Among other duplicates, Fern is a full-fledged ally to Roboking and the Alter Jeanne d'Arc. The former is less envious of his counterpart and a little bit more heroic than Fern, but the two do relate to each other's inferiority complex. Alter Jeanne is more villainous than Fern or Roboking, but nowadays not that much. She wants to prove herself to her original, but goes about it in a much saner way than Metal Sonic. Another friend of Fern's is Mimikyu, who relates to his angst over not being the "real" Finn as she wants to be just like Pikachu so people will love her.
  • Dark Bakura has made comparisons between himself and Fern, citing they're an amalgamate of a human and demonic entity; he is a merger of the Thief King Bakura and Zorc Necrophades. However both he and Fern are aware there are staunch differences between the two: Fern remained sympathetic even if he became a jerk, while the Thief King was already villainous and becoming Dark Bakura robbed him of whatever humanity he had. More important for Fern is that he died repentant, and Dark Bakura evil to the end. The true Bakura holds a fair bit of sympathy for what Fern went through due to the influence of the Grass Demon
  • One of the reasons Fern was concerned about the similarities he has with Dark Bakura is because he fears that if the Grass Demon continues its influence, he will slowly become almost as evil as him. He doesn't hold those fears when thinking about Dark Danny, since he at least has his humanity while at his conception Dark Danny literally had his humanity ripped out. That and the fact Fern was never Ax-Crazy even at his worst has him "merely" hate him like the Lich. The future ghost simply regarded this as a disappointment since if Fern were to embrace his inner darkness he would've been a good ally.
  • While he doesn't feel comfortable being compared with Dark Bakura or Dark Danny, Fern is fine if people point out the similarities between him and Anakin Skywalker, as there are a fair few he'll admit to; both Fern and Anakin used to be heroic, though had a dark streak. They eventually became evil and took a new identity, but the two eventually died redeeming themselves. While they relate to each other a bit, the two don't find they have enough in common to have friends. The Chosen One will still aid Fern if need be, however; Anton Arcane tried to experiment on Fern as part of his research relating to Swamp Thing, since as already mentioned Fern and Swamp Thing are similar organisms. Vader wasn't having any of it and gave him a Force Choke, though given Arcane's undead nature this was more a deterrent than anything.
  • Some of the more stringent members of the House of Time And Space are a bit wary at Fern for being a walking, talking time paradox; the Finn Sword exists because of Finn interfering in earlier self's timeline, causing him to become said sword. The Hounds of Tindalos absolutely despise Fern for that fact, though the majority of deities don't care what they think. Lars, being a time paradox duplicate himself, came to comfort Finn and guide him safely through the house. Though he hasn't angsted about after realizing his true identity, Lars is sympathetic to Fern's identity issues.
  • Still sort of alive in Ooo, if you count "being reincarnated into a tree" as alive. 1000 years into the future he will grow into a massive tree, where future hero Shermynote  will find the Finn Sword perched on top of it. As he was already a walking, talking plant, Fern is something found "soul-searching" with Treebeard; through the House of Prophecy Fern learned of his future and seeks to prepare himself for it. He's also learning to get along better with Finn thanks to learning about Lea; she shared a lot of bad self-esteem problems about being a copy, but eventually got along with her counterpart and found peace in being her own person
  • Fern is one of the confidants of Flowey. He didn't just get along after learning Flowey's private Heel–Face Turn and goal as The Mole of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, but that his was a story that touched Fern's heart; in his past life he was the kind Asriel, who's rebirth into a flower robbed him of a heart and twisted him. Though Fern still held empathy even at his worst, his own transformation corrupted him and as such he pities the cards fate dealt to him.

Lilith, Goddess of Canon Compliant Fanwork (The First Woman, The First Wife of Adam, Mother of the Lilin, Mother of Monsters, The Conjuress, Bat Zuge, Kiskillila, Queen of Evil, The First Vampire, Mother Of All Vampires, Mother of Demons, Queen of Hell, Bride of Lucifer, "Creation's most exquisite lie")
Artist's depiction of Lilith, more modest than usual

    Nero (Star Trek) 
Nero, God of Rebooting The Continuity
Nero: "There is nothing I can do to make up for what I did? I...I actually thought that. I accepted leaving the mortal plane. But then I learned about the House of Time And Space, and I realize I was limited. My wife, my unborn child, my entire planet! Thank you Trunks for telling me the mistake I made, for now I have the means to correct it. And neither you nor the Pantheonic Time Police will stop me!"
  • Nero remains vengeful towards Spock and the Federation, but upon his ascension into the pantheon he has a grander ambition; mastery of the House of Time And Space so he may not just Ret-Gone the destruction of his world, but negate it from all existing timelines if need be. To do this he has allied with Nox, who from the start was a villain in order to save his family. Together, they hope they can save each other's loved ones. The belief that if he succeeds in his grand endeavor, none of his crimes will have happened has only fueled Nero's self-righteousness to new levels.
  • His grief is comparable to that Gerald Robotnik experienced on the death of Maria, and Shadow before realizing what Maria's last wish really was. Had he still been consumed with grief the once good doctor would've made a valuable ally to Nero's own despair, however he's been behaving for the now ascended Maria's sake. However the Cyborg-Superman and Rau Le Cresuet remain consumed by maddening grief and hatred, and are happy to help Nero so long as he helps them. Of course, he is well aware they have ambitions different from their own but would rather it not become an issue...yet.
  • Red matter is a rather dangerous substance, and has to be properly contained. It being ignited was the cause behind the Narada and Nero himself being swallowed up by a black hole. He is looking to research Sirius' powers so as to refine red matter into a more efficient weapon. Sirius permitted this to a degree, but only because he finds Nero and his technology useful for the time being. He scoffs at Nero's revenge as childish, which he has little right in saying.
  • Nero would naturally be a fit for the Red Lantern Corps, however Atrocitus considers him too unstable for his cause. The rogue Romulan finds this to be unfortunate. More concerning for him is the Green Lantern Corps and other space police that might interfere in his goals. That said as much of a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds he is, he thinks Randall Ross is nuts and his motivation for destroying all of time is utterly absurd. However his access to time portals is something Nero finds very useful. He hopes Randall's time portals will fulfill his new-found goal of mastering the House of Time and Space.
  • While he has the same name as the Roman Emperor and his Distaff Counterpart, alongside the quarter demon, he doesn't have anything in common with them and they all regard him as insane. They even point out how he seeks to prevent genocide on the Romulans with an even greater genocide and wonder how much he really cares about the memory of his people. However at this point he's too far gone to really be reasoned with.
  • "I've been waiting for this day my whole life... This day of reckoning".

Lesser Gods

    Sei Iori & Reiji 
Sei Iori & Reiji, Heralds of Recursive Canon (Reiji: Mr. Meatbun, Aria von Reiji Asuna)
Sei is on the left, Reiji is on the right
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their Build Strike Gundam
  • Theme: Nibun no Ichi; Gundam Build Fighters!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with Reiji being closer to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hot-Blooded, Red Oni, Blue Oni
  • Domains: Gundam, Sports, Friendship
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino (although he's not involved in Build Fighters; Sei also admires him)
  • Heralds: Rinko and Takeshi Iori (Sei's parents), China Kousaka, Mao Yasaka, Nils Nielsen, Caroline Yajima, Ricardo Fellini and Kirara/Mihoshi (their friends and rivals), Mr. Ral (their mentor, shared with Team TRY Fighters).
  • Allies: All Heroic Gundam Deities (especially Tatsuya Yuuki (with a Friendly Rivalry going on as well), Aila Jyrkiäinen (Reiji's Custom Tsundere, later, his wife), Team TRY Fighters, Amuro Ray, Setsuna F. Seiei, Domon Kasshu, Kira Yamato), Ryuko Matoi, Mako Mankanshoku, Simon the Digger, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Kouta Kazuraba, Naruto Uzumaki, Excel, Chihiro Kosaka, Rana Linchen
  • Enemies (half of them moreso in Reiji's case): Kogane, Jervis Tetch, Yuri, Anyone who threatens women, Griffith, Ragyo Kiryuin, Arthas Menethil, Prince Hans, The GUAE Mecha Cohort (Ali Al-Saachez and Rau Le Creuset in particular), Ryoma Sengoku, Handsome Jack, Skull Face, Darth Nihilus
  • When you think of the word Gundam, you think of mecha battles, political intrigue, and worlds where it would be safe to say that life sucks living there most of the time. Also there are numerous timelines with their own pilots and mecha. In the timeline where these two originate from, Gundam is a work of fiction and Gunpla (Gundam translated as a figurine) battles are a thing. Sei Iori is a skilled Gunpla builder and when he encounters the unusual Reiji, the two decide to take the world of Gunpla battles by storm, meeting a slew of contestants along the way. Living in that timeline actually doesn't suck compared to most other ones.
    • That particular timeline is known as Anno Domini (or A.D). And before you ask, no. Other than having Gundams involved, it has nothing to do with that other A.D. timeline.
  • Aside from these two and their successor's Team TRY Fighters, there was another group of kids who have gotten into Gunpla battles. It can be argued they probably didn't exist in the same timeline as them, but then again, both Sei & Reiji (and the TRY Fighters by extension) were more active in the Gunpla-battling endeavor.
  • Sei has found the House of Craft to be the perfect place within the Pantheon to help spread the art of Gunpla battles. Classes have opened up there, as well as the School house, for other deities to try out building Gunpla and battling with them, with Rana Linchen often attending these classes. Serious Gunpla competition would sometimes take place in the Sports zone.
    • The Gunpla battles that occur in the Pantheon utilize both the 3-on-3 battles that Team TRY Fighters followed and the previous battle types that were featured in Sei & Reiji's Gunpla run. For the 3-on-3 battles, Aila has thought about joining Sei & Reiji's team for these occasions.
  • Even though they aren't victims of mind control, both Sei and Reiji have a noticeable dislike towards villainous deities who specialize in mind control given what had happened to both Aila and Meijin when the duo fought them at separate rounds at the tournament. There's a stronger dislike in regards to Jervis Tetch and Yuri since the devices that Sei & Reiji noticed on Aila and Meijin during the tournament look like items that either Jervis or Yuri could have designed.
  • Reiji is praised as one of the few Gundam protagonists to ever save their Newtype lover (or at least someone that is as close to a Newtype as one can get from his timeline) from a terrible fate. When asked about this, Reiji just shrugged.
  • The Arian prince is a frequent visitor to the House of Food and likes to check out the offerings that are present there. The first time he visited that place, he saw Aila there, and was left in awe. They both proceeded to bicker at each other, though Aila seemed to enjoy the argument more. Every god within the House of Food had a major league WTF reaction to their argument.
  • As the prince of Arian, Reiji decided to see what some of the other princes in the Pantheon were like. Unfortunately, there were some evil princes that he found and did not take it well. Reiji notably hates Prince Hans quite a bit over using a girl to achieve a selfish goal.
  • Since one of the main obstacles of their journey was a company chairman that was willing to use underhanded tactics to ensure their defeat, Sei & Reiji are not fond of corrupt company leaders who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their selfish goals. The two also dislike those who play unfairly and have made sure that these kinds of instances never happen in a Gunpla battle.
  • Ryoma Sengoku has earned a considerable amount of ire from both Sei & Reiji (the latter moreso) given how he takes a look at information and uses that for villainous means.
  • In what shouldn't be considered a surprise given his interests, Sei freaked out that when he learned that the Gundam pilots from the animés were real here. He fanboyed so much that Bright Noa had to slap him, but it turned out to be a bad idea because it only made him fanboy harder. Thus was recorded an extremely rare instance of when the infamous Bright Slap failed.
    • Of course, this also meant that a number of the various Gundam villains in the shows that Sei has watched also exist in the Pantheon. The most that he and Reiji can do at the moment is to keep their distance from the baddies.
  • The two have come to learn of other mecha pilots that didn't originate from Gundam after Sei heard about some events that some Gundam pilots got involved with (him and Reiji aren't likely to get directly involved with these at the moment). Naturally, they (Sei moreso given that he's the Gundam fanboy) have gotten along with these additional mecha heroes.
    • One non-Gundam mecha pilot that Sei & Reiji get along with is Simon the Digger, due to the latter's Hot-Blooded energy whenever he takes control of his mecha. Both Sei and Simon can relate to how they were able to become more badass in their respective adventures (though comparing the scale of Simon's to that of Sei's is like saying skyscraper-tall robots are bigger than teddy bears).
  • Sei was in for quite a surprise upon learning that the man responsible for bringing Gundam to life, Yoshiyuki Tomino, had a spot in the Pantheon. Although Tomino doesn't have a whole lot to say about Sei & Reiji, Sei is quite thankful for Tomino's work (even if these works can get very dark compared to Sei & Reiji's adventures) and if it weren't for Tomino, who knows if Gundam would actually be a thing (or even a word).
  • Due to their interest in a sport (though Gunpla battles aren't really considered a traditional sport), Sei & Reiji have been targeted by Kogane. Luckily for the duo, Kouta Kazuraba is serving as something of a bodyguard for Sei & Reiji whenever Kogane is on the offensive. Kouta and Sei & Reiji all respect each other for their determination in achieving their respective dreams.
  • Even though he's already in a relationship with Aila, Reiji being quite friendly towards Sei has gotten a few deities shipping the two with each other. Sei's attitude towards Reiji at times can be further evidence of the pairing thing.
  • Given how much of a Serious Business Gunpla battles have been amongst those who partake in it, the activity has been seen by others falling under E-Sports. Regardless of where Gunpla falls under, both Sei & Reiji are thankful for the fact that Gunpla battles are picking up popularity in the Pantheon.


    Donald Love 
Donald Love, God of Unknown Fates (Don, D, DL)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Love Media Logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Corrupt Corporate Executive, A big insane in the early days, Bastard Understudy, Faux Affably Evil, Cannibal and a fan of Morgue Parties, Based on Donald Trump, Strawman Political
  • Domains: Money, Crime, Fates, Politics, Corruption
  • Allies: Claude, Tommy Vercetti, Dimitri Rascalov, Patrick Bateman, Ethank Roark Sr. and Jr., Polpo, Lionel Starkweather, Hannibal Lecter
  • Rivals: Herbert Garrison
  • Enemies: The House of Justice, Niko Bellic, Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, Mike Haggar, The Son, Giorno Giovanna
  • Opposed by: The House of Undead, The Good deities of the House of Love and Affection
  • While he may seem a mellow and successful businessman on the outside, Donald Love is anything but a good person. Having started as Avery Carrington's protegé in the 80s, Love established Love Media in Liberty City and pursued a career in politics to become major, using underhanded tactics like assassinating the then-current mayor, commiting fraud and even getting innocent caught in gang wars, ultimately losing the battle after people caught up to his connections with the Leone family. After getting his revenge on those that wronged him, years later, his company and him resurfaced around 2001, becoming one of the biggest people in Liberty City. Having met Claude thanks to a contact of his in LCPD, Love tasked Claude with a few missions involving gang wars and mysterious packages, even making him act as a decoy for his associate to escape. After succeeding, Claude returned to Love's penthouse but he was nowhere to be seen and his fate was left unresolved...until now.
  • Donald Love formally entered by bribing his way in, having learned that the Court of Gods does indeed have some members that are willing to work on his conditions and so he was allowed a very respectable temple modeled after his penthouse in liberty city. Given the mysterious circumstances behind his disappearance, Love was given a title reflecting that. Whatever happened to him hasn't been elaborated by the man himself but one thing is certain, it doesn't mean good things for the pantheon.
  • Notably one of the few employers that never attempted to double-cross Claude, even though there was a chance he would have, but that never happened. Claude is alright with working for him again since he does pay very well, but hopefully this time he doesn't use him as a decoy again.
  • One of his favourite activities is to instigate Gang Warfare so the real state prices go down, something he learned from his mentor, Avery Carrington. He infamously got Yakuza leader Kenji Kasen killed by a Colombian Cartel strike (actually Claude in disguise) to instigate conflict between both factions. Certain ascenders members of each group, as well other unrelated gangs, have taken notice of this practice and have tried to go after Love in retaliation.
    • Kazuma Kiryu and his partner Goro Majima have personally visited and beaten the crap out of Love and his security as a warning that if he tried this again, they wouldn't be as lenient and kill him. Donald Love, enraged about this assault, has sworn that he would make both men pay with their lives.
    • He also ended up being a target for Giorno Giovanna and his friends for trying to create a beef with his gang and the other mafias. This may stem from Love's connection to Polpo, who he met one day after trying to recruit the man for his company. Both share a hedonistic lifestyle but Polpo is only interested in a casual business relationship and nothing more, with his boss Diavolo having no interest in Love whatsoever.
  • In the search of new potential partners, he came across an old face in Tommy Vercetti, having encountered the man back when he was still learning under Avery Carrington. Tommy was surprised to learn of Donald's evolution and how he ended up icing old man Carrington back in Liberty City. Vercetti and Love later ended up agreeing to work together and for Tommy's crew to protect Love from any future intrusion by any third party
    • He also ended up meeting Dimitri Rascalov, the Russian mobster pulled some strings to convince Love for a partnership. Donald is aware of Dimitri's notorious betrayal record and so he has kept an eye on him but given the fact that the Mafiya could allow him to expand his influence in the house of Crime and Transgressions, he ended up accepting. This created the unfortunate consequence of getting on Niko Bellic's shitlist, since besides the fact that he is working with Dimitri, Niko also has a lot bad memories about power-hungry businessmen like Donald Love.
  • Him and Patrick Bateman hit it off instantly. Both highly successful businessmen with a sociopathic streak and not strangers to murder, that and possibly that both men are Karma Houdinies. A partnership began the moment they met and Bateman tend to visit Love and hang out with his and his old Asian friend, frequently talking about their wealth. Outside of business, Patrick usually likes to hides the victims he murders in Love's temple, since the latter likes to use them for his "Morgue Parties" or just to feast on them.
  • Unknown to many, Love likes to eat human meat, usually comparing to raw chicken. He is also said to be a necrophiliac, which instantly made him a persona non grata for the House of Undead. This depraved behavior instantly caught the attention of Lionel Starkweather, a powerful man like Love would be an excellent backer for his films, which Love approved the moment he found out, possibly out of his hidden sadistic nature.
  • Being part of a Vice City (Well, not the actual Vice City but he's been there), Donald Love and Ethan Roark Sr. had similar goals and interests, so both ended up becoming allies and Roark even suggested that Love could become the mayor of Liberty City again if he had Roark backing him up. Love is also depraved enough to get along with Roark Jr., often using him as an enforcer and even inviting him to his Morgue Parties.
  • He is acquiantanced with another Serial Killer, this time being Hannibal Lecter. Both men being notorious cannibals, he finds that Lecter is a outstanding chef and his dishes have been the best he has tasted. That and he is trying to protect him from the pantheon authorities however he can.
  • Given his surname, Love-themed heroes and Love Freaks despise him for being a Corrupt Corporate Executive and being nothing but a depraved human being. Love just chuckled at their remarks, feeling that they focus on arbitrary things and are getting angry for nothing.
  • No, he is not related to Donald Trump. Even then, he and Herbert Garrison have butted heads numerous times, calling each other a shameless rip-off of the other and even getting physical. Since both of them are powerful men, a conflict between both would prove devastating and so the GUAG has tried to moderate each men to avoid any high impact incident.