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    Zeno (Present and Future) 
Present and Future Zeno, Parallel Gods of Short Authority Figures (The Omni-King, King of Everything, Zen-oh, Zeno-sama, Grand Zeno, Zen-chan, Zenny)
The two Zeno enjoying the Tournament of Power (Future Zeno is on the right)
  • Overdeities
  • Symbol: The Zeno button, or the kanji on their clothes
  • Theme Song: Omni-King's Theme at first introduction, The Omni-King's Wrath when erasing things, Pleasant Friends From Pluto otherwise (shared with King Kai and Zuno)
  • Alignment: True Neutral with an alien morality
  • Portfolio: Mister Big, Top God, King of All Cosmos, Terrifies Gods Of Destruction, Blue-and-Orange Morality, World's Strongest Man, Cosmically Powerful Children, Adorable Abomination, Can Erase People Entirely (Up To And Including A MULTIVERSE), Unskilled, but Strong, A Child Shall Lead Them Deconstructed, Dissonant Serenity, Ambiguous Innocence, Secret Test of Character, Rousseau Was Right
  • Domains: POWER, Leadership, Innocence, Childishness, Boredom, Amusement, Terror
  • Attendant: Grand Minister, Father of the Angels
  • Subordinates: Shin, Beerus, Whis, Chronoa, Gowasu, Mosco/Mule
  • Interested in: The House of Combat and Gaming
  • Allies: Maxwell, Prismo, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Amara, The Truth, The One Above All
  • Respects: The fearless, Android 17, selfless beings
  • Pities: Future Trunks
  • Enemies: ZAMASU, Lucifer and YHVH, Red Mage Statcowski, The Vex, the Anti-Monitor, Lord English, Funny Valentine
  • Opposed by: Every responsible God in the Pantheon (ex: Eliphas), The SCP Foundation, The Spectre, The Emperor of Mankind (mostly), Yaldabaoth
  • Feared by: Almost everyone in the Dragon Ball multiverse (especially his subordinates, and of course, Zamasu), Nobuyuki Sugou, the Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Wary of: Azathoth, SCP-682, Amatsu-Mikaboshi (as his true self, Oblivion)
  • Undecided on: Cosmos
  • In the world of Dragon Ball there's Always a Bigger Fish, and the most powerful and highest God of all is the Omni-King Zeno. He looks and acts like an alien child, and is really short; however, he possesses the power to erase entire universes with ease and could potentially erase the entire multiverse. Even Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction are terrified of him. That being said Zeno is usually a friendly deity. Just one you REALLY don't want to mess with.
    • Upon their ascension, the Main House made it quite clear to them that their jurisdiction was limited to the Dragon Ball universes: the arbitrary destruction of anything or anyone from outside these universes would be reciprocated with extreme prejudice. To everyone's overwhelming relief, the Zenos bought it.
  • Present Zeno was previously in the Pantheon but chose to leave because he had the Tournament of Power on his mind. He also wanted to bring his friend and counterpart Future Zeno into the Pantheon proper. As the two are equal in power, they're able to be on equal terms with one another and work as perfect friends. Funny Valentine has noted this, and while he has yet to have a reason to act wonders if Dirty Deeds Done Cheap would still apply or Zeno is simply too strong. As there is a chance, however slim, it would work on them, the two have told Funny Valentine to never be in their presence or he'll be erased on the spot.
  • The reason why Future Zeno is with his counterpart? Zamasu can be blamed for that. He ruined that timeline to the point the future Omni-King had to Mercy Kill the whole thing, and along with Future Trunks and Future Mai is the only survivor. He feels really bad for having to do that to Trunks and hopes he finds happiness in the new timeline. The experience has led him to oppose the Vex for their desire to rewrite reality to better suit its means, since it reminds him of how Infinite Zamasu attempted to assimilate the timeline into himself.
  • Destroyed six universes in the past, because their mood was spoiled. It's not known what this means and if there's more to it, but this, their childish, apathetic nature and extraordinary power terrifies most of the Pantheon. Many divine beings have a poor opinion on the Omni-Kings, particularly Aztar who thinks it's outrageous that he is in any way the supreme being. The Presence has advised him not to get involved with the kids. Likely because he's wiser than he looks. The Emperor of Mankind sees him as being the kind of irresponsible divinity he opposes, though again Zeno isn't as reckless as he seems.
  • Because of this kind of power coupled with their childish attitude, it is really difficult for the Omni-Kings to find friends. They don't help their case. Because Goku is Goku, he quickly got along with them much to Beerus' horror. The Zeno prefer casual conversations. Most of the Pantheon can't bring themselves to do so, but Maxwell is already a reality-warping child so they get on really well. The Zeno understand Prismo's desire for friendship and find his ability to grant wishes interesting. It is not known where Prismo's wishing powers stack compared to their Super Dragon Balls.
  • Prefer to stick to more comical gods like themselves. They spent some time playing around with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who was told beforehand to NEVER give either Zeno anything to drink — they consider Zeno blowing up the Dragon Ball multiverse a best-case scenario if he gets inebriated. They seem to get along with Amara as well since she started largely ignorant and annoyed by the universe but came to be fond of it at the end. The fact that the Omni-Kings have no problem with her says a lot about him.
    • As childish and immature as they are, even they think Azathoth is dangerously ignorant of reality. At least they aren't mindless.
  • Much like when someone is destroyed by a God of Destruction, anyone erased by Zeno doesn't even exist in the afterlife. Thankfully they only do this when angry. The Super Dragon Balls could and ultimately did undo this, and the Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon may help, but even with the latter it takes longer coming back from that. They've told the Trope Pantheon not to worry as they don't plan to use it without good reason, and they're only here because they feel it'd be fun.
    • Amatsu-Mikabohsi's true self, Oblivion, has dominion over things rendered Deader Than Dead. Everyone is worried that might give him some leverage over Zeno.
  • No matter what happens to the universes, they will still stand. There is nothing known that they can't erase, given Future Zeno took out a multiversal being. It's possible they may have the power to get rid of SCP-682 for good, but it's also possible 682 would still survive even that and the SCP Foundation considers both Zeno far too dangerous to rely on his erasure to not take out the universe in the process. They are trying to find a way to contain them. Everyone is facepalming at the very idea.
  • How strong the Zeno are to other "omnipotent" beings is unclear. It is at least known they can't travel to other timelines, since Future Zeno was stuck in the void left from Future Trunks' timeline until Goku fetched him. Time travel seems to be beyond the power of erasure as well. As such, Lord English may be one of the only beings in the Pantheon they have to watch out for. It is speculated that his attendant the Grand Priest may be the real highest being, but for now seems to serve as an advisor and regent.
  • Isn't too interested in the different alliances. Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, Machines, Destruction, aren't things they're going to put their chips in. Well, at least the broad alliances; the leaders are a different story. YHVH and Lucifer's multiverse-tier rank makes them one of very few rivals, and they both see the Omni-Kings as a Wild Card that would threaten their cause of Order and Chaos. Zeno feels they would both cause the average mortal level to become poor.
  • They're more okay with Cosmos, however, she is off-put by his childishness mixed with absolute power. She, Aslan and occasionally Q are trying to teach them to use their power more responsibly. The more philosophical deities like Spock and John Sheridan ask him why he didn't just tell the multiverse he wanted to teach agency and the importance of mortals. It's likely they did it so the Tournament of Power would be a thing and entertain them, and the point of a Secret Test of Character is to be secret in the first place. It might have led the mortals to act more selfless than as natural to prove themselves.
  • The Anti-Monitor is another being Zeno has to look out for since he is just as devastating to the multiverse, at least at his peak, and considers him a threat to his plan to destroy all positive matter. Red Mage once tried to manipulate their childishness in hopes of usurping their power. Being Red Mage, he was immediately erased, however, he survived because he forgot to write being erased down on his character sheet.
  • Has been put under scrutiny for his actions during the Tournament of Power. Mainly the fact they would erase the losers and planned to get rid of the eight universes who aren't developed enough in their mortal levels. Many suspected there was an ulterior motive, either by him or the Grand Priest. There was, but it wasn't malevolent — the two Zeno wanted to judge the multiverse to see if the mortals were fundamentally good. He expected the winner to wish back the erased universes, and if they hadn't he'd have erased everything on the spot. Thanks to Android 17, the multiverse passed the Secret Test of Character. It's similar to Truth. For this reason, he dislikes Yaldabaoth, since he doesn't want mortals to make their own choices and truly prove both their strength and moral goodness. Many an Omnicidal Maniac was disappointed that it was never meant to be permanent erasure.
  • Very entertained with cool fights, so they were overjoyed to witness the House of Combat. They also like playing in the House of Gaming. Most didn't want to play video games with them, and when they did they threw the fight. Both Zeno got annoyed and wanted to play fair and square, ultimately proving to be a Graceful Loser who appreciates talent. Just don't cheat, though if it's done in a cool way and uses Loophole Abuse, he doesn't mind. Hearing about this terrified Nobuyuki Sugou. Even he knows not to be an abusive GM around them. The AVGN was also terrified because he does not want either Omni-King playing his shitty games and getting mad, lest Zeno gets mad enough to erase his universe.

Greater Gods

    Saint Jeanne d'Arc 
Jeanne d'Arc, Patron Saint of Inspiring Female Leaders (Joan of Arc, Ruler, Holy Hour Dragon Knight, Maid of Orleans, Jeannette, The Standard-Bearer Who Justly Guides the Holy Grail War, Tart, Servant Avenger, Patron Saint Of France; martyrs; captives; military personnel; people ridiculed for their piety; prisoners; soldiers, women who have served in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service); Women's Army Corps; and Bad Bitches, Jeanne Cena)
Swimsuit Version 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Banner
  • Theme Song: Eiyuu Unmei no Uta and Jeanne d'Arc Theme alternatively Joan, Saint of Salvation
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Never Actually Killing Someone, Not Good With Numbers or Books, Good Hearted Blonde, Lady of War Maybe, Badass Female, Child Soldier, Shining Knight, Aggressive Assault, Taking An Arrow and Still Fighting, God's Messenger Maybe
  • Domain: Religion, War, Inspiration, Faith.
  • Followers: Quorra, Saskia
  • Superior: YHVH (Maybe?)
  • Mentor To: Jaune Arc
  • High Priestess: Alice Synthesis Thirty
  • Allies: Sieg, Arturia Pendragon, Astolfo, Sophitia Alexandra, Usagi Tsukino, the Puella Magi, Lightning, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Asia Argento, Aragorn, Erza Scarlet, Clark Kent/Superman, Optimus Prime, Mata Nui, Purist Thunderwrath, Cayden Cailean
  • Respects: Cosmos
  • Rival: C.C.
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Amakusa Shirou Tokisada (her former enemy), Alexander Anderson, Metatron
  • Enemies: Charles zi Britannia, Kyubey, Melkor, Lucifer, Megatron
  • Despises: Claude Frollo, High Councillor Kal-El, Rassilon
  • Special Relationship with: Jeanne d'Arc Alter
  • Raised as a simple farmer's daughter, Jeanne supposedly heard the voice of God to defend France against England. Heeding that voice, Jeanne joined the French army at a young age, leading the front as their flag bearer. Never once wavering in battle as she led her men to victory even when she was shot by two arrows in one of her battles, she was an inspiration to her troops. Unfortunately, Jeanne was finally captured, tried as a witch, and burned at the stake. It wouldn't be until years later that the ruling would be overturned and she be recognized as a Saint. Afterwards, because of her deeds, it inspired a specific type of character of a young woman who goes into battle for either her country, faith, or ideals and who is trying to liberate her people of oppression, becoming the Trope Namer and codifier of the Jeanne d'Archétype itself.
  • As mentioned before, Jeanne's claim of hearing God's voice is met with suspicion by many of the other deities. Some believe she's just mentally ill and those voices were only in her head. Whatever the case, all still agree that Joan is still a capable fighter and garners nothing but respect.
    • Others believe that God's Voice was actually Kyubey himself who gave Jeanne her power and made her a Puella Magi. Jeanne denies such a claim that her powers would come from a cosmic weasel like him and has nothing but contempt for him because of his manipulation of young girls to become magical girls and in turn becoming witches.
    • Some discoveries, however, have revealed that there is an alternate version of Jeanne who became a magical girl due to a contract with a creature named Cube. Moreover, this version of Jeanne learns that she will eventually become a witch early on and accepts the fact without falling into despair. Jeanne decided to follow this new discovery closely, though she already knows how it will end.
  • Is in a very peculiar crossroad when it comes to both Cosmos and YHVH; for the former, she has nothing but respect for the leader of the GUAG and is welcome in the Sacred Knights. But for the latter, he is the Great Will that she still worships as her God and would go into battle if he commands it. However, despite these conflicting loyalties, Jeanne was able to be put in both the GUAG and the GUAL. Even more shocking was that YHVH allowed Jeanne to be part of Cosmos's army. Because of this odd situation, members of both the GUAG and GUAL are suspicious of Jeanne being a spy for the other Alliance.
    • Her opinions on Melkor and Lucifer are nothing but negative; she hates the former for spreading evil and enslaving it's people and despise the later because of his tempting of Homura Akemi and causing her fall.
  • Astolfo was the first to welcome Jeanne in the Pantheon, giving her a hug. While Jeanne was happy to see the youthful paladin, a part of her feels envious that he has more followers then she. Jeanne has been considering wearing a bikini to attract more followers.
    • Alternatively, she's been spreading her legend to many of the Japanese Deities who are willing to listen to her.
  • Was stunned when she first met Arturia Pendragon. Not only for their faces looking quite similar or that the two sound the same, but also living somewhat identical lives. It was a surprise to the French woman that she would find an ally in an English woman.
    • She also found more women like her in Sophitia Alexandria and Lightning, who to were compelled by God to save the world. She was also impressed with Erza Scarlet's own backstory of leading her fellow slaves for freedom, which had plenty of parallels to her own life.
  • Jeanne heard that there was a male who shared her name, and found that person in Jaune Arc. She couldn't help by smile at the young man's dedication to be a genuine hero, and so decided to help the young lad with training along with his teammate Pyrrha.
  • Amazingly enough, Jeanne has zero proficiently in riding. This is despite her legend making her qualify for the Saber class, who are well known to be great riders. Lightning is trying to fix that by having her ride some of the Chocobos. Let's say the experience is comical at best.
    • She is also known to be mathematically challenged and illiterate. The latter was even used against her in her witch trial. She has since enlisted the help of many of ascended teachers of the Pantheon (and thus enrolling in the Elysium Academy) to teach her math and reading.
  • While Jeanne is well known to have never killed a person in battle, that doesn't mean she wouldn't order an entire town to be massacred if they didn't surrender to her army. This fact was a shock to many Gods, as they had never heard that part of her legend.
  • After her ascension, Jeanne was revealed to posess actual Holy Light power, making her very deadly to many of the evil-aligned Gods. She also has the ability to summon literal dragon knights to assist her.
  • There has been rumors that Jeanne actually posessed a mystic gauntlet that she used to fight evil demons in France. While it hasn't been confirmed, the Witchblade has responded to Jeaane's presence multiple times.
  • Absolutely hates Charles zi Britannia, reasons being that his conquering of other nations reminds her of the Englishmen who tried to conquer France. She also found his renaming any conquered people with a number degrading.
    • Incidently, Jeanne made a rival with C.C. after the former mistook her for a Jeanne d'Arc in her past that caused her to be burned at the stake.
  • Doesn't actually fight with her sword. Instead, she used her iconic banner, Luminosite Eternelle, to do battle, using it like a spear, but never spilling any blood. However, when the tide of battle is truly dire, she would use her holy sword, La Pucelle, which can emit giant flames. Those flames actually represent her burning at the cross, and once activated, Jeanne would lose her life, and would later have to be revived at the House of Life and Death.
  • As shown in her profile, Jeanne is a very odd member of the GUAL; she takes orders from YHVH, but despises most other members of the GUAL. She thinks Frollo is a disgrace to the cloth and hates how he uses God's name to meet his own perverse agenda. She sees Regime Superman as a disgrace towards the actual Superman, whom Jeanne looks up to as a inspiration to men's will. Pretty much the only people she can work with are Alexander Anderson and Metatron, and even that is complicated based on their personality.
    • Speaking of Anderson, compared to him, Jeanne has no problem with other religions as long as they love Gods. This actually makes her allies to both Asia and Xenovia, two Devils who still love God and pray to him, and Jeanne has sparred with the latter. This has made Jeanne even more distant to many of the religious-frenzied members of the GUAL and more at home with the GUAG.
  • At least some Gods are convinced that Jeanne isn't in the right mind for associating with YHVH. There are rumors that maybe YHVH is mind-controlling Jeanne to be part of the GUAL. Astolfo and a few others are convinced of these rumors and has set out to find out if it's true.
  • Once had a rap battle against Miley Cyrus. It was decided that Jeanne won.
  • Also has a seat in Character Expies and the Main House.

Intermediate Gods

    Elizabeth Mably 
Elizabeth Mably, Goddess of Reasonable Authority Figures (Elly, Executor of Ingenious Schemes, Academy Reigning Enforcer, Pandora Serial #: GM160)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess with the Transcendence activated)
  • Symbol: The West Genetics symbol and the Stigma Satellite System (her Volt Weapon)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, originally started out as Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Reasonable Authority Figures who's doing what's Right, Aces, Stigma Satellite System, Determinators, Graceful Battles, Ojous, Prefers being naked while swimming, To Be Lawful or Good, Took a Level in Kindness.
  • Domains: Combat, Romance, Fanservice, School, Tragedy, Leadership
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship With: Marida Cruz
  • Headbutting Heroes With: Byakuya Togami
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku, the Trollkaiger (especially Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi and Basco ta Jolokia), Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Shogo Makishima, Sheev Palpatine, Dolores Umbridge
  • Being one of Erza Scarlet's former followers, Elizabeth ascended in the proper pantheon due to her being a respected figurehead among the 3rd year students of West Genetics who wants to maintain hierarchy in the Academy and she will punish them if they try to break such rules. However due to her noble nature, she feels that she has a "noblesse oblige" to look after those who don't have power like her.
  • She initially despise Satellizer due to the Untouchable Queen's attack against her classmates until the 10th and 11th Nova Clashes that she finally recognize Satellizer as a respected figure.
  • There is a popular belief that her family also runs a winery store, along with the famous cosmetic company, in which this becomes her gifts to her allies especially during occasions.
  • Usually spends her time in the House of Food with her friend Gai Yuki as they were always seen drinking wine while discussing their things everytime they spend together.
  • She gets along well with Marida Cruz due to both of their voices sounds similar to each other and their preference in their weaponry, which surprise both of them.
  • Elizabeth became friends with Kaito Kumon after what she heard of the pantheon in the first place as she is impressed with Kaito's Code of Honor and his action as a Supporting Leader of the remaining heroic Armored Riders during the wake of Helheim invasion, while she is also saddened after learning of Kaito's terrible past. Also feels the same thing with Kyoko Sakura since the Puella Magi comes from a poor Christian family with a similar background as Kaito. Because of this Elly works with Kaito and Kyoko to prevent such ordeals by protecting those weaker than them in the pantheon.
  • She found a kinship in Satsuki Kiryuin since both of them were initially hostiles to the Heroines of their respective stories until they were revealed to good all along and become good to them ever since.
  • Has made new allies with fellow good leaders such as team leader Jason Lee Scott, club president Miu Kazashiro, and student council president Reika Aoki, since both of them were had a distinction of being a good leaders and role models to many members of the pantheon. She especially loves Miu's philosophy on "Those who work butts off should be leaders" and wishes to spread it upon the Pantheon (and also thinks that Miu's relationship with Shun Daimonji)
    • She also gets along with Takatora Kureshima due to both of them have the same philosophical view of "noblesse oblige" and pitied Takatora through all of the shit he went throughout "Project: Alternate! Gentaro", vowing to never forgive those who caused him and his brother so much pain.
  • She and Byakuya Togami didn't get along as she views him as a type of guy who never gets along with his fellow students at Hope's Peak Academy while Byakuya views her as a "naive authority figure" who is not ruthless enough for a leader like her. However, they put their differences aside once they have no choice but to work together as a duo especially if they are dealing against the likes of Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • While making new allies in the pantheon, she also made enemies as well, this includes with the Trollkaigers, especially with Bernkastel, Terumi, and Basco, since they commit atrocities within the Pantheon, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, for being the mastermind of their malicious death game called the "School Life of Mutual Killings" incident at Hope's Peak Academy, Shogo Makishima, due to being a chaotic criminal that defies morality and law, Sheev Palpatine, for being a tyrannical leader of the Galactic Empire, and Dolores Umbridge, due to her being the antithesis of what Elizabeth stands for.
  • Due to her experience back in the 11th Nova Clash, Elizabeth stems her hatred towards mad scientists like Ryoma Sengoku, most likely due to his atrocious acts on betraying his cohorts in order to get the Forbidden Fruit. Because of this, she swears she will stop the mad scientist's ambition to prevent such tragedies again.

    Mace Windu 
Mace Windu, The Bald Black Leader God (Text How Big)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Purple Lightsaber
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bald, Black Leader Guy, Badass Baritone, Master Swordsman, Being one of the most powerful and respected members of the Jedi Order, Having an Amethyst colored Lightsaber, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Dislikes the New Guy, Cyncial Masters, No-Nonsense Jedi, Reasonable Authority Figure, The Shatterpoint, Being one of the few Jedi masters to have mastered the Vapaad Form, Stoic Snarker, Second Only To Yoda
  • Domains: The Force, Leadership, Lightsabers, Combat, War
  • High Priest: Captain Sisko
  • Followers: Dutch, Cobra Bubbles
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Avatar: Samuel L Jackson
  • Allies: All ascended Jedi and Rebel Members (especially Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Luke Skywalker), Nick Fury, Commander Shepard, Captain America, Kal-El/Superman, Batman, John Stewart and the other Green Lanterns, Optimus Prime, The Tenno, The Guardians, Raven, Riku, Ragna the Bloodedge, Hakumen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, The 501st, Count Dooku, General Grievous, Revan, The Imperium of Man
  • Enemies: All ascended Sith (especially Sheev Palpatine), Boba Fett, Melkor, Sauron, Thanos, Darkseid, Frieza and his family, Megatron, Vilgax, Voldemort, Dormammu, The Chaos Gods, The Grineer
  • Mace Windu was a force-sensitive child from the tough planet of Haruun Kaal, quickly taken in for his potential. In time, he would rise to the position of the Jedi High Council. He is second only to Master Yoda himself in both rank and skill. He would prove an essential part of the Clone Wars and even managed to fight Palpatine as a near-equal.
  • When Mace Windu first appeared in Pantheon, he was understandably i confused. His last memories were of him being blasted out the window via Force Lighting. Yoda and Obi-Wan were the first to greet him when he ascended. They were quick to explain everything that happened after his death, about Pantheon and its current activities. It was difficult for him to take in everything at once, but it was even more shocking to hear Yoda say that the Jedi Order needed to change. They quickly explained how the flaws in the order helped lead to the rise of the Sith, and the end of the Republic. How their own arrogance lead to the doom of the galaxy, and death if billions. Even for Mace, this was difficult to swallow. But for the sake of the Order, the galaxy and all who live in it, he will accept change in the order. He only wishes that Galaxy didn't have to suffer for the, to see the error of their ways.
  • Naturally, Mace wasn't too fond of seeing Anakin again. As Anakin both betrayed and cut of his hands, directly leading to him dying by Palpatine's Force Lighting. It also didn't help hearing that he would later be blamed for having a hand in orchestrating the Clone Wars and having lead a criminal empire. Even with Anakin's redemption, he has very little trust in him. He does however have a strong sense of respect for his son, Luke Skywalker. This sense of respect was in fact mutual, as Luke describes Mace Windu as a "true defender of the Jedi Order and all that it stood for".
    • Besides just Luke, Mace Windu is also greatly respected by members of the Rebel Alliance. While most of the Galaxy viewed him as a villain, the Rebels viewed him as a hero who tried to stop the creation of The Empire before it was too late. Happy to see that he was that people still had faith in him and the Jedi, Mace has willingly joind forces with the Rebels.
    • As he wondered how things could've gone differently, the House of Prophecy showed him a possible future where it was he and not Obi-Wan who mentored Anakin after Qui-Gon's death. Inwardly, it nearly tore him to discover what could have been.
  • Mace Windu is the second highest command in the Jedi Counsel because not only is he one of the most well respected Jedi's in the Order, but because he's also one of it's strongest. Here's a list to why.
    • He's one of the few to master the seventh lightsaber form of Vapaad. It's an aggressive fighting style, channeling both the user and the opponent’s inner darkness and aggression into the duel. Essentially, it takes your aggression, channels it with your enemy’s, then accepts it and weaponizes it without giving into it. It basically turns the user into a conductor loop that turns the opponent’s bloodlust and aggression against them. It’s a Dangerous Forbidden Technique that few Jedi can master, because if the user isn’t careful or trained enough, then usage of Vapaad could end up corrupting the user and making them fall to the dark side. Thankfully, Mace has completely mastered Vapaad and keeped both his dark and light side in balance. His lightsaber even signifies this, as the purple color itself represents the balance the balance between both sides of the Force. It's this reason to which allowed him to initially defeat Palpatine in their duel.
    • Mace is also a master of the Shatterpoint. A rare Force Power capable of seeing the weak points of people's minds, the wills of armies and even interstellar nations. He regularly uses it to physically shatter objects in battle, droids, blasters, ships, ect.
  • Listing off his abilities, it's easy to see why Mace was not only considered to be one of the best his time, but in all of Jedi history too. To those who believe that action speaks louder than words, they are directed to a recorded battle found here.
  • As Mace obviously despises what Palpatine has done to both him, the Jedi Order and more importantly, the Galaxy at large. He's opposed to all Galactic Tyrants and Dark Lords like him. This has obviously made him a great amount of enemies in Pantheon.
    • While he made a large number of enemies in short time, Mace also made a large number of allies to join him in his efforts to defend and bring peace to Pantheon. People like Superman, Batman, Captain America, Nick Fury, Hakumen, Commander Shepard and Optimus Prime. He initially took pity on. He initially took pity the Kryptonian, having lost his home world before he had the chance to even remember it. But he respects what he was able to grow and become despite the loss. Batman and Nick Fury are in an understanding of one another, leaders that have a more cynical approach and understanding on the worldnote . The same can be said about Hakumen, both feel the strong necessity to eradicate any threat to world and its order. Mace's most positive partnership is with Captain Rogers, Commander Shepard and the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. The three are not blind to the harshness of the war, but this only motivates them to further defend and save everyone they can. Mace respects and admires their way of thinking, and hopes that others can learn from them.
  • It should come to no surprise that he's marked all members of the Sith as enemies. Even those who are aliened to the Light Side, or are at the very least enemies to Palpatine, are (understandably) met with great distrust. That said, there are some wielders of Darkness that Mace trusts and has complete faith in. Some like Raven, Riku and Ragna the Bloodedge.
    • Raven, for doing everything in her power to not fall into evil and to keep her emotions in check. Here, Mace Windu does her best in giving her Jedi training to balance her emotions and her inner darkness.
    • Riku, for initially falling into darkness, but then concurring it and completely redeeming himself. Now Riku does his best to control his darkness, fight for the light and what's right.
    • Ragna, while initially distrustful with the criminal, he heard of how he ended his life and existence to save everyone. Ragna makes no illusions on how dangerous he and his powers are, but asks Mace to be there to stop him when he loses control.
  • As with his other Jedi, he suspects that Melkor may be where the Dark Side originates from. The Dark Lord fully admits it, but Palpatine states that Melkor is a mere agent of the Dark Side. Neither can be trusted, and both are just as much an enemy of Mace Windu as any other Jedi; they are still dripping with evil.
  • Mace Windu is enemies with Boba Fett, even though he wishes that he wasn't. Mace understands why he hates him though, It's Personal for Boba Fett because Mace killed his father. Something Mace himself regrets doing.
  • Because of his skill with Vapaad, he's more prepared than most Jedi at facing the Chaos Gods, whom he sees as "the dark side on steroids laced with cocaine". As of now, however, it's too much for even him. He would go to form an alliance between the Jedi and the The Imperium of Man to fight against the forces of Chaos. Although Mace understands their reason, even he believes them to be too aggressive.
  • Having become acquainted with both Superman and Batman, the two would later introduce him to the Green Lantern John Stewart. The two made quick partnership between not just them, but the Jedi Order and the Green Lanterns in an effort to bring peace across the galaxy. This would also influence Mace to form an alliance with the Tenno and the Guardians.
  • Unlike other the Jedi of his era. Mace Windu still has a good opinion and relationship with clones. He's actually proud of the how the 187th didn't participate in Order 66, and that they actually fought against the clones they did. Although Mace is fully aware that this is only because he was killed directly before Order 66 was initiated. Had he been alive, they probably would have turned against him, he would have had to fight back.
    • When he learned about the existence of The Grineer, Mace was in complete and absolute disgust. Believing that they give all clones a dishonor and hopes that the clones that served under him will never have to encounter them.
  • Can also be found in the House of Cultures.
  • "Jedi do not fight for peace. That's only a slogan, and is as misleading as slogans always are. Jedi fight for civilization, because only civilization creates peace. We fight for justice because justice is the fundamental bedrock of civilization: an unjust civilization is built upon sand. It does not long survive a storm."


Lesser Gods

    Jim Raynor 
James Eugene "Jim" Raynor, God of Rebel Leadership (Former Marshall of Mar Sara, Commander of the Raynor's Raiders, Rebel Commander, Renegade Commander, "Jimmy", Jim Laynor)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The insignia of the Raynor's Raiders.
  • Theme Song: Heaven's Devils and Public Enemy
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Hero but with a bad reputation, a normal terran, a heavy drinker, Only decent man in the universe, Rebellious Rebel, very snarky
  • Domains: Rebellion, Leadership, War
  • Allies: Sarah Kerrigan, Thrall, Tyrael, Zeratul, Jaina Proudmoore, Tassadar, Artanis, The Nephalems, Lelouch vi Britannia, Serious Sam, Tychus Findlay, D.Va, Lucio, Mario
  • Respect: Leman Russ, Vulkan, Sanguinius, Marneus Calgar, Gabriel Angelos.
  • Conflicted Opinion: The God Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Arcturus Mengsk, Arthas, Diablo, Big Brother, Tyranids.
  • Rebelling might be a 'bad', unlawful act... but as James Raynor inspiringly coined, "Because some things are just worth fighting for.", if it is for a good cause, then it's worth doing it, one of the causes of his ascension (that, and trying to calm down Sarah Kerrigan in the past)
  • Is one of the more friendlier Gods as long as they're one of good men. He usually greets good visitors akin of a Big Brother Mentor with "He-hey, man!"
  • He fought alongside many of Blizzard's heroes and villains in which he called in some little helps, such as a squad of Banshees and his flagship, the Hyperion.
  • He detests the Tyranids, thinking that the Zerg weren't enough of an infestation, not helping that they are both alike.
  • When he isn't doing anything, he would be seen drinking whiskey at the House of Food.
    • He also brought in his own jukebox from the Hyperion to listen to his country tunes and for others that are in the bar.
    • And for your own health, do not break his jukebox.
  • He appears in the House of Weapons, showing off some of the weapons he found, such as an experiment weapon he found in a lab, his sniper rifle with piercing rounds, and his own personal revolver which he keeps a spare bullet for Arcturus Mengsk should he cross paths with him in the Pantheon.
  • He doesn't trust the God Emperor at all because although he has a decent goal, his method is what doesn't draw him in. At least he believes that he isn't as terrible as Mengsk who never was well intentional in the first place.
    • Despite his distrust of the Emperor, he respects the Primarches and Chapter Masters (Vulkan, Sanguinius, Leman Russ, Marenus Calgar and to a lesser extent Gabriel Angelos), quite a lot; the first on the grounds of being very restrained in combat, being absolutely dedicated to making sure innocents don't get hurt, and for his War Is Hell attitude, the third for dedication to protecting civilians (and going apeshit on anyone who targets them), and the fourth for being a Reasonable Authority Figure (a trait Ultramarines strive to be).
  • Is not particularly thrilled about his middle name. Not that he'd disparage anyone else named Eugene, like a certain panther with surname Gallardo, just that he got personal issues with his own name.
  • After Mengsk's death, Jim has been busy helping the Terrans in the Koprulu sector rebuild from Kerrigan's messy but necessary assault on Korhal to depose the dictator. Unfortunately, with Amon's imminent arrival, he's having to have his ragtag-group-turned army gear up for the war of the millennia, though he's thankful he knows he can count on Kerrigan and Artanis to have their backs.
    • Unfortunately, he did not expect that Diablo, in response of his newer animosity with him, brought back and allowed his Arch-Enemy Arcturus Mengsk to the Pantheon. His response: "Aw, c'mon, I already got my hands full already! Well, at least he won't be in that one battlefield with Red, right? Right?"
  • Raynor became friends with Lelouch vi Britannia because of their status as rebel leaders. Although Jim is concerned for the boy's amoral methods, he can at least know he has good intentions. Meanwhile, Lelouch admires Jim because his rebellion was more successful than his own and did not cause the death of the girl he loved, accidental or otherwise.
  • Raynor's adventures in the mortal plane came to an end two years after the battle with Amon. It is said that Raynor saw an image of Kerrigan in a bar of Mar Sara and set out to follow her, leaving only his badge behind. Whatever the truth behind this event is, Raynor has taken permanent residence in the Pantheon. The most common interpretation? Kerrigan just called him to team up with her in a battle in the Nexus...
  • Jim happily greet his buddy Tychus and hoped that he didn't take him shooting him too hard. Tychus respond with that we all made their choices and is gonna give Mengsk a piece of his mind now that he is no longer on his leash.
  • For some reason, his legacy lived on into a certain game named 16-Bit Hero where the protagonist is modeled after him. Raynor even had to deal with the mass Squee! coming from Hana Song/D.Va who not only played his tale, but learned shooting from that one game and his avatar. Raynor quips that the kid got talent. For that, he's arranging some preparations to let her eventually enter the Nexus. This has finally come into fruition when Raynor handed the invitation letter to enter the Nexus to D.Va, in which she gratefully accepted.
    • In that preparation, Raynor also managed to befriend Lucio and becoming another Big Brother Mentor for him. He's actually impressed with Lucio's rebellion against Vishkar as it pretty much follows his spirit: "Because some things are just worth fighting for." Like the people's honest freedom. In addition, he saw Lucio's bright idealism similar with his previous assistant Matt Horner. However, he also advises that perhaps he shouldn't generalize that everyone in Vishkar is evil, as based on his experience, the only problem with the old Dominion was Arcturus Mengsk, once he was slain for that time and replaced with his son, the Dominion became a more moral group (and even Matt became the adjudant of its new leader), the same thing can happen to Vishkar. Raynor suggests that Lucio checks on who is the CEO of Vishkar and make it his target, before he commits a mistake he can never repair.
    • Oh and that jukebox, as Lucio pointed out? Costed him a lot of money, but he managed to finally get some of the finest repairmen in the Pantheon to fix it. It was worth it at least.
  • "Anytime you're ready!"

    Shiro Amada 
Shiro Amada, The Newbie in Charge (Ensign Newbie, First Lieutenant Amada (GUAG rank)formerly )
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The head unit of his RX-79[G] Ez-8 Gundam Ez 8.
  • Theme Song: Shine in the Storm
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Ensign Newbie, Reasonable Authority Figure, The Leader, Nice Guy, Technical Pacifist
  • Domains: War, Newbies, Pacifism
  • Heralds: Aina Sahalin (his wife) and their unborn child
  • High Priest: Otto Midas
  • Allies: Amuro Ray, Heero Yuy, Relena Darlian, the rest of the good aligned Gundam pilots, Wesley Collins, Vash the Stampede, Simon, Kamina, Guy, Shishioh
  • Enemies: Char Aznable, Rau le Creuset, Muruta Azrael, Charles zi Britannia, Knight Gundam
  • Odd Friendship: Viral, Banagher Links
  • Conflicting Opinion: Zechs Marquise
  • Ascended after being assigned to become the Captain of the 08th Team, and being a badass at it.
  • He eventually deserts the army after realizing that warfare is pointless and destructive, and so he can be with his beloved Aina. Shiro thought he would be in trouble when he met Amuro Ray, but Amuro said he appreciated Shiro's dedication to doing what he believes is right.
  • Viral thought he was listening to an audio recording of his voice when he heard the sound from the cockpit. Shiro Amada decided to befriend him.
  • Shiro Amada admires Simon for rising into badassery from the humblest, least likely beginnings, and knowing what Simon would do for his lover.
  • Is known to hold his ground. Especially in certain situations, where he's said to be on par with the likes of Newtypes or Ace Customs. Why? It's because he's a Badass Normal.
  • He has a conflicted opinion on Zechs Marquise, because of him planning on destroying the Earth (even as a ruse), it would've lead to deaths on innocent people. He, however, is happy that Zechs admits his wrongs.
  • He is surprisingly not hot-blooded as other people who sound like him are. Outside battle, that is. If things got severe, those yells just came off...
  • Avoids the House of War because of the many tragedies that occur there. He makes exceptions when he visits Kamina, however. Or Guy Shishioh, who gives a commendation of his courage to do the right thing in spite of tragedies, more than just their similar voice. Well, Shiro has kind of wished that, should the fighting find him again, he'll have the chance to fight by their side.
  • Isn't sure if he should apply to the Gundam Corps, considering his views on the pointlessness of war. He'd certainly fit in skill-wise.
  • Gets along with Banagher Links, probably because when they converse in English, they sound the same

    Unova League Elite Four 
The Unova League Elite Fourmembers , Divine Quartet of Champions ("Mystery Inc." | Shauntal: Shikimi, "Velma" | Marshal: Renbu, Westley Snipes, "Fred" | Grimsley: Giima, "Shaggy" | Caitlin: Cattleya, "Daphne")
As seen in Pokémon Adventures, left to right: Caitlin, Shauntal, Marshal, Grimsley



    Pops Maellard 
Pops Maellard, God of Alleged Bosses (The Naive Man from Lolliland, Marvolo the Wizard, Mega Kranus, Chosen One, The Embodiment of Pure Good


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