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Intermediate Gods

    Keel Lorenz 
Keel Lorenz, God of Important Tertiary Characters and Divine Head of the Omniscient Council of Vagueness (SEELE-01)

Solo, God of Solitude (Rogue/Burai)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Crest of Mu
  • Theme Music: Melody of Isolation
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral if he has a beef with something
  • Portfolio: Believing in the Power of Isolation, Being Either Proven Wrong Or Proven Right, Having a Rivalry Because of That, Loners Are Freaks, Master Swordsman and Martial Artist, The Last Murian, Being Bullied When He Was Young And Hating Bonds Because of It, Anti-Hero, Black Knight, White Hair, Black Heart, Protecting His Civilization's Legacy
  • Domains: Solitude, Survivors, Fighters, Swords
  • Herald: Laplace
  • Allies: HA HA HA—No. Well, maybe Sho Minazuki
  • Annoyed by: Every one who goes on talking about The Power of Friendship. And House of Friendship in general.
  • Rivals: Geo Stelar, Gentaro Kisaragi, Nanoha Takamachi, Bass.EXE
  • Enemies: Sirius
  • Odd Connection: Makoto Kenzaki
  • Solo is one of most lonely gods in the Pantheon... by his own choice. The last descendant of the Mu civilization, he started to look down on friendship after he was bullied in his childhood due of being different, thinking that humans can only gain power by clinging onto others. As such, he decided to gain strength in solitude, only caring about others if it means advancing his own agenda.
  • Gets really annoyed by every one who keeps on talking about bonds and friendship. Especially if they call him out on stuff like ending up befriending the EM-ian Laplace, what made him stronger than ever before. He tends to challenge them in battle, and if he really wants to show them, well, there is a reason why he was a follower of Absolute Virtue.
    • This is why he avoids the House of Friendship like the plague. However, there are at least two gods there he hates the most: Nanoha Takamachi due of her status and her being sort of like Geo and most importantly, Gentaro Kisaragi, as he thinks him trying to befriend every one is just ridiculous. After multiple battles with the latter two, he has put them as the rivals of his ideals, which all things considered, is almost a praise.
  • If there is something what would piss him off more than friendship, is people trying to bring disgrace to the Mu civilization or using its technology. He is really protective of his legacy and does not approve of it being tainted. He is actually willing to work with those who would help him revive his civilization, though he hasn't met any one who he would rely on. This is why he has an odd connection to Makoto Kenzaki; while he finds it annoying that she abandoned her solitude for friendship, thinking that it makes her weak, her blaming herself for the fall of Trump Kingdom makes Solo wish she had sought redemption all by herself.
  • If there ever was a power to oppose The Power of Friendship, then Rogue would be the avatar of it. If one manages to sever their bonds with others and gain the way to do so, they would be able to tap into the same power as he does. If you see them wielding a sword after that, run.
    • This makes an interesting parallel with Homura of the Crimson Squad, who also used to distain friendship and just wanted power, especially when brought up one iteration of Solo who hated friendship due of seeing his fellow Murians sacrifice themselves and had to live with it over ten thousand years. Though Homura is glad that she did understand that friends do matter.
  • Many of the Persona users look at him with unease, due the fact that his kind of people is the reason for the existence of Hi-no-Kagutsuchi. They even say that he is sort of like Sho in some remarks. He doesn't have put anything they have said in consideration, though.
  • He feels bit odd around Bass.EXE. While he admits that he feels rather similar to him and that he admires his way of seeking strength without a need for a Navigator, he feels like his hatred for humanity is too much, even for him. So in the end, they end up fighting quite a bit on who's the strongest of the two.

Lesser Gods

    Billy Kane 
Billy Kane, God of No Smoking

    The Bubuki/Buranki crew 
The Bubuki Buranki protagonistsmembers , Divine Quintet of Normality Rejection and the Search for Excitement
From left to right, clockwise: Kogane, Kinoa, Hiiragi, Shizuru. Middle: Azuma.
  • Lesser Gods individually, Greater Gods as Oubu
  • Symbol: Oubu's heart
  • Theme Song: "Beat Your Heart
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, La Résistance, True Companions, The Power of Friendship and Trust, Humongous Mecha, Not Wanting To Be Normal and Looking for Adventures, Sentient Weapon
  • Portfolio: Robots, Friendship, Adventure, Youth
  • Allies: Superman/Clark Kent, Mata Nui, Batman, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, James T. Kirk, Optimus Prime, Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Padme Amidala, Kyon
  • Enemies: Megatron, Makuta Teridax, Doomfist, Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine
  • Pity: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Sometimes the end of an adventure is not necessarily a Happy Ending. The lack of adrenaline and the return to a mundane life can be pretty dull to people who saved the world, saw exciting places, met interesting new people and had fun doing all of those. Such was the fate of Azuma Kazuki and his friends, who never felt satisfied upon returning to their normal lives in a Japan free from tyranny. In fact, Azuma had been previously warned by his own enemy that his life had been changed so much by his adventures that nothing else would satisfy him. Visiting the place where their adventure started, the young heroes made a choice: to avoid the boredom of normal teenagehood and choose the life of adventure. It was then that a new journey began, a journey that led them to the Pantheon.
  • When the need comes for Azuma and his friends to defend themselves in the face of danger, they use special Sentient Weapons called Bubuki fueled by Rinzu, special energy generated by their wielders in order to power their attacks and defenses. Bubuki work best when their hearts and those of their owners work as one. When the going gets though, several Bubuki can unite and form a giant robot called Buranki. Azuma and his friends use the Buranki called Oubu, passed onto Azuma by his mother, to continue their adventures and fight evil.
  • Their exploits in the mortal realm earned them instant celebrity status in the Pantheon. They are considered honorary members in the House of Heroism for their efforts in saving the world and helping promote peace between humans and Buranki. They are astonished to learn there are sentient robots in the Pantheon, like Optimus Prime and Mata Nui, and have befriended them.
  • Among the people who can understand the inability to be normal are Superman, who once gave up his powers just when General Zod invaded Earth, and Captain Kirk, who admitted that his time as captain of the Enterprise was the only time his life had meaning. Mario and Sonic are quick to join Azuma and their friends in their adventures, as there is never a dull moment for them either.
  • After Migiwa Kazuki, Azuma's mother, was forced to relocate all Buranki on Earth to prevent them from getting misused by humanity, she was forced to leave her companions behind, including Kogane and Hiiragi's fathers. Hiiragi's father degenerated into a deadbeat drunk, while Kogane's father died in a Tragic Mistake involving an old rival. These events left Kogane and Hiiragi understandably traumatized, so Batman occasionally visits them and shares his experiences with them. For their part, Kogane and Hiiragi are glad to have a new parental figure and are invited to sparring sessions with Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne.
  • Azuma and his friends don't know what to think of Professor X and Magneto, likening their conflict to that of Migiwa and Reoko Banryuu. While admiring Xavier for his stand on the mutant's side and disgusted with Magneto's more extreme actions, she dislikes Xavier's tendency to keep secrets from his fellow X-Men and admits the Crapsack World nature of the Marvel Universe tends to justify a lot of Magneto's hatred for them. At the very least, the young heroes commend Magneto for actually trying to improve quality of life for mutants, unlike Reoko's pointless brutality and Guy Valery Abeille's god complex.
  • Since they all lost their father figures, Azuma and his friends don't take it kindly to any parent who neglects or mistreats their children. This put them in a moral dilemma when facing Anakin Skywalker, who was corrupted by Darth Sidious into becoming a Sith Lord. While Leia Organa is not speaking terms with Anakin, Padmé Amidala and Luke Skywalker never stopped believing in Anakin's goodness and were glad he did the right thing, even if he had to sacrifice his life. In the end, the Bubuki users decided it was not their place to interfere in the Skywalker family's matters, but Palpatine ever tries to hurt them, they'll be ready.
  • Being thrust to a role of heroism and leadership in such an early age, Azuma is good friends with Spider-Man, Link and Shido Itsuka, who all found themselves in similar positions. He is also became friends with Ash Ketchum because of his kind and forgiving nature. They all enjoy sitting around and talking about their adventures. Because of all the interesting stories he has heard from his new friends, Azuma has expressed interest in visiting their homes.
    • While he was taking a stroll near the House of Music, he heard a voice very similar to his own, so he went deeper into the house to investigate. There, he met Yuu Haruna, a humble bassist practicing for his next concert. After getting past that awkward phase, Azuma and Yuu got along pretty well, as they shared the same insecurities before becoming better people thanks to their friends.
  • Having known Azuma since childhood, Kogane's feelings for developed into something more. Unfortunately, Kogane is too shy to confess to Azuma, not to mention that he had too much on his mind during their adventures, so she had decided to give him some space. Now that the danger is over and they have more free time in their hands, Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang advise her to tell Azuma how she feels. At least, her confession would certainly register with Azuma, unlike Ichika.
    • A man called Doomfist challenged her to a fight to see who had the mightiest fist. At first, Kogane paid no attention to him, until he made the mistake of insulting her father. The ensuing fight did not end well for Doomfist, as Kogane punched him so hard he was hospitalized for three months.
  • Because of his standoffish attitude, Hiiragi got along swimmingly with Han Solo, Raphael and Falco Lombardi. They spend most of their time training, having meals and talking about how much of a better job they would do if they were leaders of their respective groups of friends. Hiiragi was horrified when he learned Han got killed by his own son and promised to hunt Kylo Ren down. Han talked him out of it and said that in the end, only Kylo can save himself.

    Leonard L. Church 
Leonard L. Church, God of Frustrated Resignation (Alpha)
  • Theme Song: Leonard's Lament; alternatively, Blood Gulch Blues
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His rotting corpse
  • Allignment: True Neutral (though he slips into Neutral Good when motivated)
  • Portfolio: Anger, frustrated resignation, being a rotten shot with a sniper rifle, tomato splatted mirrors.
  • Domain: Death, Failure, Undead, Robot, Artificial Intelligence
  • Followers: Caboose much to his everlasting chagrin (though deep down, he really cares for Caboose), Tucker, Sister, Epsilon and the A.I.s of the Freelancer Program.
  • Allies: Agent Washington (even if he caused his death), Primus and his followers, as they assume he's a gay robot.
  • Enemies: Charlotte (because she killed Mami early on in their series, she only reminds Church of Sheila), Bernkastel, The Meta
  • Opposed by: Sarge (and on a lesser level, Grif, Simmons, Donut and Lopez), Kamina, the FCC, Weiss Schnee
  • Complicated Relationship with: Tex, Doc
  • Church ascended after being destroyed by an emp during his fight with the Meta. He isn't thrilled, but he's resigned to the fact it won't be better, won't be worse, and you should just deal with it. This does not stop him from whining.
  • He ascended in his ghost form, since he was outside of his body at the time. Thankfully, he was able to convince Touko Aozaki to make him a new body (which, like his previous ones, has 24-Hour Armor).
  • Graduated at the bottom (or top?) of the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy.
  • Doesn't really like Homura Akemi, supposedly because her time ability reminds him of Agent Wyoming. It's ironic and somewhat hypocritical, since Church has been through a stressful "Groundhog Day" Loop akin to Homura's own (though recent developments have made the authenticity of Church's loop questionable). Maybe he's just jealous of her ability to shoot straight. Or maybe it's just the fact that she became the devil.
    • Homura has been slowly feeding Church the idea that Araya Souren had something to do with Church's loop. Church initially dismissed the idea, but is now starting to believe it…
    • On the other hand, he's a little more sympathetic towards Rika Furude, since both of them have at least one very menacing Enemy Without created by their despair.
  • Idolizes Master Chief, and downright envies how he isn't Surrounded by Idiots.
  • Dislikes Kyubey, calling him "Gamma and Sigma's weasel love child".
  • Due to his nature as an intangible Artificial Intelligence possessing a robot body, Church has immunity to the effects of Tsukishima's Book of the End, as he technically can't be hit by it. This makes Church the Only Sane Man on more than one level.
  • Is still part of the mortal world in the form of his Living Memory, Epsilon. Alpha-Church, while initially angry that Epsilon pretty much stole his identity, eventually resigned himself to that fact. At least he doesn't have to work for Rooster Teeth as much anymore.
    • And now Epsilon himself has ascended to the Pantheon. Whoop-de-fucking-doo.
  • He's been under the strange glares of Weiss. He doesn't really know that it's because they're Not So Different and she doesn't like it. All he can say is, "The fuck's wrong with her?"
    • It also got more awkward when his voice somehow reminds Ruby and Yang of their father.
  • Because of the arrival of the Meta, Church and Epsilon have decided to put their differences aside and work to gather the rest of the Blood Gulch Crew to the Pantheon to stop him. It worked, with the last to ascend being Church's Red equivalent Sarge, and Agent Carolina who's the daughter of the guy Church is based upon.
    • Now, he, Epsilon, Tex, and Grif are at a loss of what to do when he heard that there was somebody after the Meta's powers. Should they be confident that the Meta can take care of himself? Or should they be worried what might happen if his powers are exploited for a much greater (and smarter) evil?

    Mohinder Suresh 
Mohinder Suresh, God of Vaguely Philosophical Narration
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A DNA strand
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Considering The Place of Humanity In The Universe, Providing Something To Fill Time With
  • Domains: Thought, Hope
  • High Priest: Criswell
  • Allies: Hiro Nakamura, Claire Bennet, Noah Bennet, Peter Parker/Spiderman, Aven
  • Rivals: The Narrator, William Shakespeare
  • The role was previously filled by Criswell... that is until Mohinder's role of narration was so popularly vague that he just had to replace him.
    • Formerly a Quasideity, he obtained the status of Lesser God after subjecting himself to a formula that enhanced his abilities.
  • Sadly, it was revealed he was removed of his mortal body while attempting to prevent an explosion that killed hundreds of people. He was among the first of the remaining Heroes gods that lost their lives in their latest story.
  • Peter Parker couldn't help but swing by to his temple after his bump in the rankings, cracking a few quips in the process. The conversation did turn serious, with Peter chiding him with taking such a risk in injecting himself with an untested formula. Spider-Man may have gained his powers the same way, but that was a freak accident.
  • Is rivaled by The Narrator over who does a better job narrating; Mohinder points out how wacky his rival's depiction of events while the Narrator depicts Mohinder's rambling as Purple Prose at its finest. Both of their followers compete over job in shows.
  • Shakespeare wasn't that impressed with his monologuing either. At least he has an excuse in using Old English, which is understandably outdated. He uses modern words and still sometimes has trouble articulating.
  • Rumor has it that the serum worked due to a blessing from Sven, God of Super Strength. When the two met, they seemed happy to with the occasion. It may well be true, even though neither party is willing to confirm this theory.

    Nagito Komaeda 
Nagito Komaeda, God of Empty Concepts (Super High-School Level Good Luck, Ultimate Lucky Student, Servant, Super Duper High School Hope Dope)


    Amu Hinamori 
Amu Hinamori, Goddess of the Ghost in the Machine and Mid-Combat Psychological Profilers (Amu-chi, Himamori san, Joker, Amu chan, Onee-chan, Hinamori san, X-girl, Hinamori, Amu-senpai, Amulet Heart, Amulet Spade, Amulet Clover, Amulet Diamond, Amulet Fortune)


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