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Greater Gods

    Androids 17 and 18 
Androids 17 and 18, Twin Co-Deities of Sibling Teams (Android 17: Artificial Human 17, Cyborg 17, #17, Lapis, The Ultimate Android, Monster Island Ranger, MVP of the Tournament of Power | Android 18: Artificial Human 18, Cyborg 18, #18, Lazuli, Deadly Beauty, Beloved Girl Fighter, Love Warrior of Universe 7)
18 behind 17 in their classic Red Ribbon attire
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18 during the Super era in front of Super 17
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18 beside 17 competing in the Tournament of Power
  • Greater Gods (17 becomes a borderline Overdeity when his power circuits are amplified)
  • Symbol: Red Ribbon Army Insignia
  • Theme Songs: Androids 17 & 18, The Artificial Humans Go to Town…, Encounter, The Androids' Journey
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral (Chaotic Evil in an alternate timeline)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Power, Destruction, War, Chaos, Peace
  • Heralds: Marron (Android 18's daughter, shared with Krillin) and Android 17's unseen wife and children.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Vergil Sparda, Jiren
  • Respected by:
  • Rivals:
  • Two twin androids created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku were activated prematurely to do his bidding, only to instantly turn on their creator and destroy him. They're actually cyborgs, converted from two human teenage runaways Dr. Gero kidnapped and experimented on years ago; while their memories were wiped so thoroughly their human names didn't matter anymore, the one thing they both knew aside from their loyalty to each other was they hated the shit out of the old man and wanted him gone.
  • In one timeline, these two Androids would go on a long-suffering rampage across the Earth, causing destruction and chaos, with even the Z Fighters ending up dead at their hands, leaving Vegeta and Bulma's son Trunks the only one capable of stopping them. With a time machine, Trunks travelled back in time to warn the Z-Fighters about this threat three years in advance. Thanks to a number of factors, the resulting changes in what's now considered the Dragon Ball multiverse's main timeline meant that 17 and 18 were both far stronger and far less murderous than they were "supposed" to be, enabling them to actually become good guys following the nightmarish conflict with a far more sadistic monster who it turned out Gero had converted them to be a Living Battery for: Cell.
  • After the conflict with Cell, Android 18 became drawn to Krillin because of the goodness he showed her, first going through with a promise to herself to rock his four-foot world and then eventually marrying him and bearing his child, who goes by the name Marron. Through a combination of 18 manipulating Mr. Satan into giving her two tournament winnings' worth of zeni as well as Krillin gaining a steady job as a West City police officer, she was finally able to get him out of Master Roshi's house where he'd been living since he was a child. Meanwhile, Android 17 became a park ranger in the wildlife preserve area of a gigantic royal nature park. He is an outstanding guard who does not hold back against poachers. It is an ideal job for him, as he loves to be on his own and is not big on cooperating with others; since he is so good at his job, he takes in a modestly high salary. He also married a zoologist; they have one child and two adopted children and live happily in an isolated house somewhere around the nature park.
  • Applies to both twins:
    • Future Trunks vehemently opposed their ascension into the Pantheon, pointing out the mass destruction and chaos they cause in his timeline. They were given pardon on the condition that the Android 17 and 18 from Future Trunks' timeline and the main timeline were two separate people, and within the main timeline, the twins ultimately caused no real harm and even lived peaceful lives, fighting for good and protecting the innocent in their own ways. Trunks tolerated the decision but refused to support it in any way.
      • He later added the condition that Hell Fighter 17 be kept out of the Pantheon, to prevent Super 17 from being formed, which both of them agreed. Rumors persist that some scientists deities, both good and evil, still want to recreate the Super 17 form some other way, but none have approached 17 with any proposal thus far.
      • Hansel and Gretel once came after them to prove that they're the most powerful killer twins on the block. 17 and 18 were caught off guard and took a bit of time to regroup, but ultimately pushed back the psychotic kids. Future Trunks, who happened upon the scene and prepared to intervene if necessary, saw 17 and 18 let the kids live after that, proving to him that they were not the same as the killers of his future. He then tied up Hansel and Gretel once 17 and 18 were gone.
      • This was ultimately resolved when Trunks met 18 again with Krillin and child in Dragon Ball Super and realized that the cyborg twins were part of the change in the world caused by his timely intervention. From then on he fully recognized that mainline 17 and 18 were not the ones who destroyed his world and began to accept them, though he does keep an eye out to make sure they don't get replaced by their evil counterparts within the Pantheon.
    • Members of the House of Music are very wary of the Androids due to their great hatred of Country Music and a strong indication that they would destroy every form of it.
    • One of their few times reconvening since ascending to in the Pantheon involved going to find Android 16 upon rumors of his appearance in the Pantheon. They were pleased to discover him alive and well in the House of Combat and spent the day hanging out with him there. Despite their separate lives, both continue to enjoy his company, as he spends a lot of time helping 17 as a park ranger and 18 occasionally comes through his area to see him.
    • Nathan Drake, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have often queried Android 17 and 18 as to whether they are descendants of treasure hunters or a wealthy family from centuries back due to their real names, Lapis and Lazuli, being based on gemstones. They have continuously given the same response of “no”, but the three of them refuse to believe them as they are convinced they are hiding a great bounty and their names are a clue to it. The truth is they don't know the answer to that question, as they can barely remember anything about their human lives thanks to Dr. Gero's experiments; 17 just enjoys messing with the treasure hunters.
    • While conversing with Goku as the Saiyan recruited him for the Tournament of Power, 17 expressed his belief that he owes Krillin his life and revealed that he could hear Goku's voice from inside Cell (which is how he recognized it when Goku was calling for the Earthlings' energy against Kid Buu). Both of these statements obviously extend to 18, seeing how she was absorbed by Cell also and of course went on to marry Krillin. The latter is particularly enlightening as well as horrifying, as it would mean that within Cell, 17 and 18 were held prisoner in a state of suspended or paralyzed minimal consciousness, and could at least hear everything that was going on through that entire saga. This served to clear up several questions about their relationship to Krillin, their reformed attitudes, 17's park ranger occupation, and even what was going through the mind of GT-era Super 17, solidifying the credibility of the twins' turn to good.
    • Many deities hate Dr. Gero because of how he treated them. At least one of said deities, Commander Epsilon, promised to have their back because of this. They appreciate it for the most part but don't want to become charity cases. Their experiences do shape their distate towards evil scientists, though. There are two certain scientists from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe in particular whose faces they want to punch in, and for the record, Tucker sharing a voice base with 17 only makes it worse.
    • Both are grateful to the Supreme Kai of Time for allowing their present selves to exist by not undoing Trunks' changes to the future. They're also both sympathetic to Sailor Saturn and SCP-191, who each have a similar experience of being turned into a cyborg by a mad scientist. They're also good with the robot with a heart named Labrys, who herself was subjected to horrible trials at the hands of amoral researchers, as well as the combat cyborg 2B, who they know wouldn't want to be a "soulless machine" like Dr. Gero attempted to make them.
    • Despite 17 becoming much more focused due to his ranger duties and 18 generally being a serious person, both played along when the love-obsessed Magical Girl leader of the Universe 2 team accused them of being evil during the Tournament of Power. 18 even acknowledged the Pantheon by calling herself a goddess when she defeated Ribrianne by turning The Power of Love against her. This instantly caused Kamina to decide she was awesome and Sanji to declare that if she wasn't married he would ask her out the minute she returned. (Nami took care to add "and strong enough to clobber [him] for hitting on her like a joker" just to make sure he dropped the idea.)
      • When Sanji did compliment her, he made sure to pay respect to both her brother and her husband in the process, treating all three of them to a fine meal. She took it gracefully as a result.
      • The Magical Girl Sisterhood was initially uncertain of how to take to the Androids after seeing their battle with Universe 2, but upon watching how 18's victory over Ribrianne was empowered by love and learning that they considered Brianne and her friends to be kinda cool in the end, 17 and 18 became allies to the Sisterhood. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Mami Tomoe, and Nanoha particularly took a shine to them after watching 18 sacrifice her place in the tournament to save 17 from elimination, and 17 detonate himself so that Goku and Vegeta could partially heal their wounds and stay in the fight, and moreover, actually survive that to become the champion of the Tournament of Power and wish for all the erased universes to be restored, saving the entire multiverse.
      • Many of 17's grandest efforts, including his self-detonation, took place against a Grey-type superhero named Jiren, whose tragic background had left him so obsessed with strength that he didn't even care for his own teammates. Upon returning to the Pantheon, 17 remembered that someone just like Jiren already existed in the Pantheon. Shortly after the twins reunited following 17's post-tournament cruise with his family, they found that Jiren had indeed become Vergil's High Priest, the two no doubt using each other for their own ends. The twins' reaction to Jiren's ascension following this was rather dull, as they considered it inevitable after his showing in the tournament. They are relieved that the influence of Top and Goku has gotten him to mellow out some, though.
    • The "God of Control" makes no sense to the twins, especially 17. Their entire history with Dr. Gero from the moment he kidnapped them as teenage runaways to 17's violent murdering of the old man is a case study in rejecting control by others, so why Yaldabaoth would think humanity in general wants to be dominated by social control is anyone's guess. 17 has gone so far as to meet the Phantom Thieves and affirm his support for them… so long as they don't steal any of the animals that he and 16 care for. They reciprocate the support, and to no one's surprise, hope to meet 18 someday.
    • Both 17 and 18 were very happy to see their compatriot Android 21, who they helped after being taken to her base by her rebuilt version of 16, revived and ascended in the Pantheon after her sacrifice to stop her evil hunger-obsessed self from eating everyone. 17 and Ren Amamiya have conversed about her situation, wondering if her hunger side could possibly be treated like the Shadows of Ren's world.
    • While the duo can't relate to Data as well as one would think given they're actually cyborgs whose emotional range was suppressed rather than pure androids who weren't created to emote, they appreciated his desire to grow in that regard, as they can relate to this desire. 18 has more or less reached a healthy emotional equilibrium, whereas 17 is more stoic and dull but secretly misses his full range of emotion as Lapis. In fact, being able to cut loose and fight more offensively is the reason 17 enjoys turning into Super 17 in the Pantheon even though it doesn't make him stronger anymore. Data has expressed his concern that this may be unhealthy, but 18 reassured the Starfleet droid that it's fine as long as he isn't brainwashed.
    • During one trip to the House of Love and Affection, 17 and 18 were somehow tricked into entering a dimensional portal that led them directly to a laboratory belonging to an eccentric green-eyed redhead named Washu whose hair 17 described as "crab-like". She wanted to study them for their unique technological properties after hearing about their power. While a bit nuts, the lady did assure them that she wouldn't be doing anything invasive, introducing herself as Washu, "the greatest scientific genius in the universe!" Humoring her, they allowed her to do a little experimenting while holding a conversation. She took on a more nurturing tone after hearing that they had been teenage runaways. A purple-haired prim and proper young woman would soon arrive intending to call Washu for dinner, then to get on the scientist's case for kidnapping two innocent youths, though 17 assured her they were fine with the situation. Stopping to converse, they soon learned this lady was an alien princess named Ayeka, and she too became interested in getting to know more about them. Surprisingly, the more she learned, the more she came to respect them for defying their circumstances and their "creator's" intentions to lead positive lives. While they declined the invitation to join the Masaki Family for dinner that day, they have come by the harem's house on other occasions since then, being on good terms with Tenchi and his ladies.
  • Applies to Android 17:
    • Following the appointment of his new job, Android 17 went and met his sister and her husband Krillin, on one occasion, but did not talk about what he had been up to, as he had considered the new wholesome lifestyle he had been living somewhat embarrassing. He eventually got over this, embracing the fact that he takes his job seriously. His no-nonsense attitude towards poachers has earned him great respect from Tarzan, and is also one of the reasons Ayeka is fond of him.
    • Ever since marrying a zoologist, 17 has become very fond of Kevin Richardson and the late Steve Irwin. But he doesn't plan on sleeping with any of the animals... or wrestling crocodiles.
    • Android 17 initially despised several members of the House of Personal Appearance due to the constant teasing and ribbing he has been receiving from members of that house after discovering that Android 17 is a natural blonde and he dyed it black because people were mistaking him for his sister. Then he quickly got over it and told them don't hate.
    • Android 17 was originally asked to join the Toku Base House by many of its members after hearing he had become a "Ranger", stating he would be a perfect Ranger due to looking young, handsome and strong. He declined and later explained the specificity of the kind of "ranger" he was. Many members of Toku Base House were left red faced in embarrassment after this blunder of misinformation.
    • One day while he was doing his rounds in the Bestiary, Android 17 was surprised to find that Crash Bandicoot, a former follower of his, had ascended. The two's catch-up session was cut short when Cell arrived to try and absorb 17, but 17 and Crash worked together to send him packing.
    • Android 17 gave Aghanim's Scepter a whirl. To 18's shock, the scepter transformed him into Super 17. To hers and Krillin's relief, becoming Super 17 with the scepter doesn't seem to affect 17's personality (most likely since it filled the gaps in his power structure without inserting an evil clone). That being said, he made sure to pay Cell back personally for absorbing him and 18. On a positive note, since he has a way to go Super on his own in full control whenever he wants, any curious scientists would have no leverage in getting him to agree with their plans.
      • Around the same time, Son Goku, who Dr. Gero converted the twins to destroy, had unlocked his own super state from the GT timeline as well thanks to the influence of Sun Wukong. Not one to pass up a blatant opportunity, 17 went to challenge Goku to a fight in these two forms, with each declaring himself the Ultimate Android and the Ultimate Saiyan respectively. Like the GT version, the fight was intense, and 17 took advantage of his Super form's absorption skill to surpass Goku in power; however, this battle was held under friendly intentions and Goku picked up on 17's trick earlier, so there was no kamikaze attempt. Instead, they went Good Old Fisticuffs until Chichi announced that dinner was ready, then called it a draw.
    • As previously noted, Goku recruited Android 17 to reunite with his sister and her allies in the mortal Dragon World to take part in Grand Zeno's multiversal Tournament of Power. Aside from getting over his hangups about his new lifestyle, he'd also trained himself and gotten much stronger even without the Super 17 form, capable of matching a suppressed Super Saiyan Blue now as Goku finds out during their brief sparring bout. He initially refused to abandon his post for the tournament due to not wanting to leave the island and its rare animals at the mercy of ever-persistent poachers, until Goku helped him fend off the onslaught of space poachers, told him of the winner's prize being a free wish on the Super Dragon Balls, and offered to have Goten and Trunks protect the island in his absence. This got 17 to change his mind since he always dreamt of acquiring a luxury cruise ship to travel the Earth with his family.
    • One who seems to have taken particular interest in 17 following his heroic victory in the Tournament of Power is Mule, the God of Destruction of Universe 3. Mule is very into robotics and engineering, and 17 is a human augmented by technology whose barrier enabled him to overpower Universe 3's giant trump card. Between this and the Super 17 form, he wants to study 17's power, but being a decent creature as well as grateful for his return to existence, he wants to be as non-intrusive as possible about it.
    • MVP chants have been following 17 everywhere since he returned from his family's global cruise. Several of his friends went so far as to pitch money in to have a trophy made for his victory and virtue. The Truth even complimented 17, noting the similarity between how he passed the Zen'os' test of character and Truth's own encounters with Edward Elric.
  • Applies to Android 18:
    • Android 18 was questioned twice by members of the House of Love how she and Krillin ended up together. The first time, she told them that “Societal definitions of beauty are B.S anyway.” The second time, she got pissed and threatened to kill them all. Between that and the androids becoming friendly with the powerful members of the Masaki House, there has not been a third time nor will there be anytime soon.
    • Android 18 is greatly admired within the ginger community for refusing to make "Soulless Machine" jokes when she sees that Gero had built 16, a "ginger android", claiming it to be beneath her. After learning the truth about Gevo and Vomi through the saga surrounding Android 21, then later encountering Washu, she's rather relieved that she wouldn't have to deal with any awkward moments from resorting to such jokes. Same can't be said for her relationship to Genos, who'd often been compared to her as a sort of male counterpart for being blonde cyborgs with close ties to a bald fighter. They once encountered each other and have been somewhat of fierce rivals ever since.
    • Despite being professional enough to not confront him during the Tournament of Power, 18 has a deep grudge against Frieza stemming from when he killed Krillin. Were it not for the Dragon Balls, she would've never met her husband because of him. It doesn't help that Krillin is obviously still spooked by Frieza; when the monster returned, he had her stay behind despite being stronger than him specifically to protect their daughter Marron even before finding out anything about Frieza's massive gains in strength.
    • Has teased Future Trunks about killing Future 18, as well as Mr. Satan about still owing her money. She's also not fond of being addressed via Country Matters, as Vegeta learned the hard way in one iteration of their fight on the mountain road. Terumi attempted to exploit the latter, provoking 18 and Krillin both into attacking him with their version of the Accel Dance.
    • 17 wasn't the only one to have a team-up with another Pantheonic deity against Cell. 18 did too, at one point helping Aya Brea fend off the bioandroid. She came to learn about how someone wanted to merge with Aya to become a higher being and wanted to offer her friendship...only for Aya to confirm that the "her" that was last targeted was her younger clone sister Eve in her body. While circumstances are quite different, this did remind her of 17 being mind-controlled and trying to pass it on to her in the GT timeline, as well as Cell trying to seduce her into accepting absorption via 17's voice. She would tell Aya everything she needs to know about the Red Ribbon Army.
    • Given how her "match" with "Mighty Mask" in the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai World Martial Arts Tournament ended in the unmasking of Goten and Trunks, she'd likely be pretty good at guessing and outing almost every costumed metahuman in the Pantheon even if they were all masked and she didn't know them in advance. As such, she doesn't understand how those whose cape or cowl has nothing to mask the face can keep their super and civilian identities separated in the eyes of their public without either being highly untrustworthy or Surrounded by Idiots.

    Angelia and Mildred Avallone 
Angelia and Mildred Avallone, Deity Siblings of Contrasting Age and Height (Angelia: The all-powerful angel who ascended to the next plane, Weird Annie, Other Sis, Angelia Avalon, Angel Lady) (Mildred: Arcana of Light, Mil, Crybaby Milly, Sis, Mildred Avalon)
Angelia on middle, Mildred on the right (and Merlin on the left)
  • Lesser Goddess (Angelia), Greater Goddess (Mildred)
  • Symbol: A halo with a pair of golden angel wings in the background
  • Theme Music: World End when together
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Angelia), True Neutral (Mildred)
  • Portfolio: Small Big Sister and Tall Little Sister, Light is Not So Good, Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Angelic Beings, Becoming an Ethereal/Arcana
  • Domains: Siblings, Angels, Light
  • Allies: Fiona Mayfield (Angelia and Fiona are Vitriolic Best Buds)
  • Enemies: Lord Tirek
  • Former Enemies: Yukari Yakumo (Angelia still hates her, though), Flonne, Oichi, Sora, the other Arcana Maidens
  • Opposed by: Colette Brunel (Angelia only)
  • Long ago, there used to be woman called Mildred Avalonne, Goddess of Heartless Angels due of her plans to re-merge Material and Elemental Worlds together to return the world back to its former state, not caring how many people would die, and then become an Archangel to rule the new world. However, as time went on, her motivation was revealed to reunite with her older twin sister, Angelia, and she started to become nicer, she was thrown back to the Spirit Plane and her former trope was given to the Light of Destruction.
    • As time went on, however, Angelia was rather eager to ascend and get back at the Light. Mildred eventually went with it, maybe thinking that she might bet a second chance to redeem herself. Their ascension came forth when Angelia with the help of her sister dropped a giant meteor on the Light.
  • Both of the sisters hate Lord Tirek, since their existence depends of them having ether to stay on material world, or else they will perish completely.
  • Both of them were happy to see Fiona to ascend, though Angelia does admit to her it was because it means she can tease her yet more.
    • Despite her bullying of Fiona, Angelia does care for her and wants to help her become human again. Not that she'd ever tell Fiona that. And of course, Mildred is determent on actually helping out for what she did to "trick" her
  • Edward Elric refuses to be seen with Angelia, even though he is a Big Little Brother. Naturally, Angelia loves to tease him about that.
  • For whatever reason, Angelia can sometimes seen coloured like Ika Musume. The two of them seem to plan on doing some kind of invasion, though no one is sure who is who's boss.
  • No one is sure what Angelia's plush doll (named Merlin) is. Only thing she really says that he helps her out somewhat and he makes for a nice pillow.
  • Angelia seems to have taken a liking to Reisuke's hand puppets and Sora Shiun'in's plushies and often plays with them. Though in the latter case, they also seem to like to fight a lot(since his plush dolls are actually his summons). Of course, she will often beat him if she is with Mildred.
  • No matter how she might sound like, Angelia is not some rabbit-like creature, much for the surprise of Nozomi Yumehara and Karen Minazuki.
  • Due of her long absence and her development, she had a lot of things to do. First, she contacted Yukari and said that she has no intentions to tear down the boundaries what separate the material and spiritual planes. Second, she contacted Flonne and said that she does feel love forwards Angelia and Fiona. Third, she contacted Oichi and apologised due of being this "false light" she once was. And fourth, she apologized to Sora due of the time she overthrew him.
    • However, Angelia still doesn't trust Yukari, no matter what Mildred says.
  • Even though she became an Arcana herself, Mildred still seemed to have regained the powers of the other Arcanas she had as an Archangel. Some gods wonder due the fact that there now exists 24 Arcanas (including Mildred herself, not including Ragnarok) instead of the original 11 if she has access to even more powers. And that is horrifying to imagine.
  • Eliphas actually started gushing (well, as much as someone like him would) due of Mildred's ascension due of her progress of becoming an Ethereal is closest as she could get to a Rank-Up. She, on the other hand, tries to avoid him if possible, not knowing how he would react due of her going bit "chaotic" with her actions, even if both of them tried to evolve their people to a higher state. Angelia thinks he's some weirdo.
  • Apparently Mildred became friends with Lelouch due of both of them doing rather questionable acts for the sake of their sisters, even if Mildred doesn't look back at those events fondly and wishes to atone for them, even if it takes the eternity she was granted as a spirit.
    • However, at the same time, she really doesn't like Homura as her actions sort of reminds her of herself, if they were purely selfish. Unless Homura realizes that what she did is wrong and tries to atone for her actions, she isn't going to let it simply slide.

    Killbus/Kamen Rider Killbus 
Killbus, God of Stronger Siblings (Kamen Rider Killbus, Killbas, Kilbus, Satoshi Kakizaki)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Killbuspider.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniac, Will Kill Everyone and then Himself, Stronger, Scarier, and Far More Depraved than Evolto, Faux Affably Evil, Spider Motifs, Insane Ruler of the Blood Tribe, Destroyed His Own Home Planet And Kind, Agent Peacock, Caused Nearly Everything Wrong, Really Rude To Evolto, Evil Is Hammy
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Destruction
  • High Priest: Arachne and Shaula Gorgon
  • Followers: Deckard Shaw, Visser Three, Keiki Haniyasushin, Gengetsu, Shion Yorigami
  • Allies: Nekron, Nagash the Undying, Majin Buu, Shelob, Ungoliant, The Lich, Chaos (Sailor Moon), Yapool, Ultraman Belial
  • Rivals: Cooler, Lobo, The Anti-Monitor, Unicron, Lolth
  • Enemies: All ascended Toku Heroes ESPECIALLY The Build Kamen Riders and the ascended Ultras, Evolto, Alien Baltan, Frieza, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Muffet, Arachne, Billy
  • Interested in: The Nothing, the White
  • Opposed by: Shocker, Archaon the Everchosen, Vega
  • Killbus is the ruler of the Blood Tribe aliens, who are born to be Planet Destroyers as their nature. But one day, he decided that destroying countless planets isn't enough so he decided to destroy his own home planet as well and it's gotten so bad that his little brother Evolto (who is already a piece of work by himself) had to steal away Pandora's Box just so he doesn't straight away destroy the universe. He was supposedly gone for good... until he returns to the new world Sento Kiryu and Ryuga Banjou had created where the Sky Wall did not exist through a Pandora Panel. Terrified that his brother is back, Evolto is forced to team up with the very heroes he tormented just so he can stand a chance against him. Killbus himself aims to continue his attempt at destroying the universe and his ruthlessness and sheer power provided a big challenge for the heroes. That is, until Evolto and Banjou combined their power to create the Muscle Galaxy Fullbottle that granted them a combined final form that ultimately defeated Killbus for good and ending his omnicide before it even happened.
  • Evolto was going around distant solar systems to look for planets to destroy as per the destructive nature of his species. Upon landing on one that looked desolate, he was horrified to see his older brother Killbus killing a native in cold blood, greeting him like it's a normal situation. He hightailed it out of there quickly, but Killbus followed suit to the planet that housed the Pantheons where he laid waste to a few Houses once he seen his surroundings. The nearby heroes including the Build Kamen Riders are quick to stop him and subdue him so that he can be tried for his recent transgressions. The Court evaluated him then found out that he's significantly stronger and scarier than his little brother when he appeared on-screen; unlike the former holder Cooler whose power level is overshadowed by Frieza in later adventures, Killbus died while still being stronger than Evolto. The relevant title is reluctantly granted to Killbus, who is gleeful that he gets to continue his appetite for destruction.
  • Sento, Banjou, Kazumi and Gentoku are obviously not pleased with Killbus coming back, especially since they were sure that Killbus was dead for good due to Banjou and Evolto's combined finisher attack; the feeling is mutual, especially against Banjou since he provided the biggest obstacle to his aim of destroying everything. Evolto is also mad that his brother is back, since he thought he could have escaped from his sadistic streak for good until earlier and Killbus is only glad that he gets to "go back like the old times" with his brother once again. SHOCKER surprisingly would not rather take him in, as the Great Leader gave out a statement proclaiming that Killbus' destructive agenda would greatly hinder the organization's plans for world domination because there's no world to rule over if it's destroyed in a single day.
    • The Ultras hate him both for being abusive to Evolto, even if he is also under scrutiny because no being still does not deserve abuse and his wanton killing of planets as per his race's nature. The Alien Baltans also agree that Killbus need to be stopped as the reason why they reproduce on Earth is because they lost their own homeworld which Killbus served as a bad reminder of. As such, all of the Baltans even the evil ones will team up with the Ultras to defeat him as extinction is the last thing both alien races want on their list.
    • Yapool, being an enemy of the Ultras decided to get on Killbus' good side as any enemy to the Ultras are an ally to him and that's all he cares about; luckily for him, he got Killbus' interest and alliance when he's offered to destroy the Land of Light. Ultraman Belial also earn a star in Killbus' book as he wants to destroy the universe in his final moments out of hatred against the Ultras for banishing him, to which the latter thinks it's an awesome way of sticking it to them; Belial himself accepts his help as Killbus' endless power can bring him one step closer to what he wants.
  • Since losing access to Pandora's Box, Killbus was in low spirits since without that he can't get to destroy the universe as he wanted. That's when Nekron comes into play, when he approached Killbus one day while the latter was assaulting random passers-by; because he only wants life gone and not everything else, Nekron is aware of Killbus wanting destruction to everything and sees that he would be a very formidable enforcer if he's able to limit his reach of deadly weapons accessible to members. Unaware of the limitations, Killbus accepted membership into the GUAD with the hope that he gets to have more "fun". The GUAD is also where he met Nagash the Undying, who commends Killbus for his sadism and willingness to torment his brother but that's where the relatability ends, as he also agrees with Nekron (for once as much as he hates to admit it) that Killbus potentially destroying everything even time and space would prove hindering as Nagash wants control over everyone through necromancy; so, he decided to be allies with him but is keeping an eye on his behaviour in case he gets out of control.
    • Archaon the Everchosen also destroyed his own world with success, though he did that in an attempt to spite the Chaos Gods (and failed at it). While he would relate to Killbus on that front, the latter's partnership with Nagash turns it off as Archaon hates Nagash; Killbus ended up sulking and complaining that he missed out on a fun friend to be with. The Anti-Monitor however declares him a rival since in his mind, only he gets to destroy everything and no one else, not to mention his alliance with Nekron; Killbus himself find him to be fun to go against and is fascinated to gain spacetime destroying powers similar to the Anti-Monitor's should the Pandora's Box be unobtainable to him forever.
    • There are other beings who wanted nothing more than destroying everything like Killbus, and that is The Lich and the Chaos from Sailor Moon's world. The Lich is glad that a very powerful alien is on his wavelength and even better that they both are loyal to Nekron in their own way; Chaos also likes Killbus for the same former reason and to the horror of many, have discussed the possibility of combining into one horrifying destroyer capable of causing wide-scale destruction. The two then introduced him to Majin Buu, yet another like-minded destroyer who already made a rival in the Lich and an ally in Chaos; Buu likes Killbus' theatrics and eagerness to destroy and they decided to be Friendly Rivals in how much they can manage to destroy and who's going down/assimilated first.
    • Killbus gets ecstatic that there are such beings like The Nothing and The White that aimed to annihilate everything, friend or foe be damned with the White also aiming to spread despair and misery. So far, they're incapable of replying back but Killbus hopes to unleash them soon to get the sweet taste of everything going poof. He also finds Unicron a very peculiar yet fascinating case, as he's both a planet and a Planet Eater; he also believes that only he will eat Earth and Cybertron himself and no one else can stop him. Intrigued by his nature yet feeling like he'll never have his shot at destroying Earth, Killbus decides to compete with him to see if one of them gets to destroy Earth first; hell, maybe he can even destroy Unicron himself if he feels like it but today's not that day, fortunately for people uninvolved.
  • Through his new membership into the GUAD, Killbus encountered Ungoliant and her daughter Shelob while the two were feasting on a group of hapless human prey. They talked about their respective rampages and got intrigued by each other's desires to see everything burn and consume light, respectively (Shelob would eat anything organic); liking these monstrous spiders and finds them worth his time, Killbus declares them allies to him. Of course when Ungoliant eats light and creates Unlight that'll destroy everything including him, it doesn't matter to Killbus because it'll give him a chance to defeat and destroy her before it happens. Though, the same can't be said with Lolth who hates males a lot and Killbus despite sharing spider motifs, is male as well as disliking his campy demeanor on a lesser note even though both of them are equally vile. Killbus himself clarified that he's not interested in hitting on her, but he isn't above playfully teasing her either which irritates her to no end.
    • This is also why he earns the ire of the Spider-Men, such as Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and others as he is a psychotic world destroyer with motifs that makes spiders look more bad than they currently are. The latter reason is why Arachne is very apprehensive of him because even though Ungoliant and her daughter are allied with him, she shouldn't do the same and his Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum is way enough for her to be turned off. Muffet also hates him because to her he's not a real spider, just an alien with spider imagery which she would consider flattering but not when it comes to his sadism threatening spider-kind.
    • Killbus brushed off Billy one day, unknowingly setting him off and causing him to hit the former with a chair repeatedly against all odds, enough to make him retreat due to his fear of spiders born from an incident when he was younger. Being the exemplary role model that he is, Killbus expresses that Billy should have took that incident like a man which further aggravates Billy.
  • Most heroes and villains can agree that Killbus goes overkill with his treatment against Evolto (which still doesn't excuse his actions regardless), even those who always hate their own siblings. Most deities even say that both brothers are reminiscent to Cooler and Frieza respectively, as both pairs are ruthless aliens who have agendas that won't bode well for humans. Frieza doesn't like Killbus, because he has too many bad memories of Cooler bullying him for being weak and Killbus brings them up at the worst possible times; he likewise sees Frieza as a wuss for not taking up more strength earlier but he now knows Frieza has the power to match him which makes him giddy for a fight. Cooler thought he met a kindred spirit in Killbus, but the latter chides him for letting himself getting beaten up by Frieza and Goku and his friends when they gained significant power-ups; offended at the criticism, Cooler decides not to ally with him out of petty anger.
  • Killbus approached the bounty hunter Lobo while the latter was out on his usual antics when the former heard of him blowing up his home planet like he did. Lobo's reason for doing so was because it's his selected school course and he gave himself an A-Star for it. That said, despite tip-toeing the line between antiheroism and antivillainy even he finds Killbus a bit too much for him to stomach because even he knows when to get crazy and when not to.
  • The spider-themed Rider can be... flamboyant in his mannerisms, and it's evident when he witnessed a flamenco dancer on TV and became impressed by his flair, so much so that he impersonated that dancer because he wants to act like how he performed. This led him to Vega who also likes being "beautiful" while fighting, so Killbus often sticked around to witness his fights; at some point, he even impersonated him for a while and causing an assault as him. Disapproving of his image stolen, Vega calls that brief fiasco "not beautiful" as only he keeps his own image and no one dares to impersonate him. Not that it matters for Killbus as Vega is going to be obliterated like everyone else will once Killbus make his move for real.
  • "Ryuga... BANJOU!!!"


Intermediate Gods

Abel, God of Envied Successful Siblings (The First Martyr, Hābīl, Infernal Guinea Pig, Bree Garland, SCP-076-2, Able)
Abel as depicted in Vertigo Comics
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The stone used to bludgeon him
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (usually)
  • Portfolio: Public Domain Character, The Original Abel, First Being To Be Killed In Biblical Lore, considered Too Good for This Sinful Earth, Rightly Self-Righteous, Prefers Meat Sacrifices, Responsible Sibling To Cain's Foolish Sibling, Successful Sibling Syndrome
  • Domains: Shepherds, Religious Figures, Meat, Sources of Envy, Death, Victims
  • Worships: God (includes The Alpha and Omega, God(God, the Devil and Bob), The Love That Moves The Stars)
  • Interests: Those of the Abrahamic faith
  • Allies: Kazuya Minegishi (his reincarnation), Mufasa, Yu Narukami, Dream of the Endless, The Cryptkeeper, Steve Irwin, Jonathan Joestar, Kenny McCormick, Luigi, Carl and Ada Clover, Lina and Rylai, Switzerland
  • On speaking terms with: SCP-073 (Alternate Self of Cain)
  • Enemies: Cain (usually), Vandal Savage, The SCP Foundation, Scar, YHVH, Lucifer(Supernatural), Shinji Matou, Dio Brando, Oryx
  • Opposes: Swim Swim, Kane, Naoya and those who've committed fratricide
  • Annoyed by: Lord Byron
  • According to the The Bible, the first children born were Cain and Abel. Cain was a farmer and Abel a shepherd. Abel was favored over Cain by God with his sacrifices, giving meat compared to Cain's vegetables. This would lead to Cain's jealously for his brother reaching a boiling point, bludgeoning Abel to death with a rock. Thus Abel is thought to be the first person to die, and the first murder victim.
  • With very rare exceptions, he does not get along with Cain since he murdered him. The fact they share the same sub-house has make this even worse. He certainly doesn't get along with Vandal Savage, who may or may not be Cain and is as murderous as the worst of his brother. Kane and Naoya don't want to restart antagonism towards him, but he doesn't trust them either. SCP-073, having become a much nicer person since killing Abel, took the effort to bury the hatchet with Abel.
  • The only time Cain and Abel really get along is in 70's DC Comics' horror comics, serving as dual horror hosts. But even then, Cain devolves into constantly murdering Abel in the Dreaming, though only because it's in Cain's nature. He does not take someone else killing Cain kindly. That incarnation has come to sympathize with Kenny as they keep getting killed. The Cryptkeeper, a fellow Horror Host, is able to get them to behave for a bit.
  • Because of how he died, Abel is opposed to those who murdered or seek to murder their sibling. While he might have sympathy if the reason they were very reluctant to do so or it was an act of self-defense, he has no mercy for those like Scar. Also, while Shinji Matou never killed his adoptive sister, he did horribly abuse and rape her which gets him on Abel's shit list. Dio is high on Abel's shit list due to his aggressive relationship with his adoptive brother Jonathan Joestar, topped by not just killing him but also hijacking his body. Add to all the other awful things he did, of course.
  • Regarding fratricide, he's disgusted and disturbed by Oryx and the Hive Gods, as they're frequent practitioners in family betrayal and murder as a form of love. Even being expected practice throughout the Hive, none of the deaths they inflict on each are "true" because of Resurrective Immortality, and that it helps them grow stronger in accordance to their philosophy, Abel doesn't forgive it one bit. It's still utterly alien to hear that Oryx laughed with his sister after she blew up an entire moon just to get to him, and also went hellbent on wiping humanity from the face of existence when they slayed his son.
  • Sympathetic towards Jonathan Joestar towards the shit that Dio put him through, and Mufasa due to his brother murdering him. In contrast to those guilty of fratricide, Abel respects siblings that get along and want to look out for each other, such as Switzerland, Yu Narukami and the Clover siblings. Abel's proud to see that Lina and Rylai still love each other dearly despite their rivalry, and while under his brother's shadow Luigi remains devoted to Mario.
  • Prefers meat when at the pantheon's cafeteria, and good at shepherding livestock. He likes Steve Irwin as he's a kind soul who knows how to treat animals well. Believed to be the first martyr by some of Christian tradition, Jesus considered him "righteous". As such, he doesn't care for Swim Swim since unlike him she had what was coming to her when she was killed.
  • The Jews, Christians and Muslims in the pantheon have asked him if he knows what's with the multiple incarnations of God in the pantheon and why He preferred his sacrifice of meat over Cain's sacrifice of vegetables. Abel hasn't figured out that for himself, but believes the reason his sacrifice was preferred has to do with one of the following; it was a Secret Test of Character for Cain that he failed at, God disliked Cain's thoughts of envy or Abel put more effort and more of his supply into the sacrifice.
  • In the Dreaming, Abel has immortality which only allows Cain to kill him daily. Marvel Comics has him living with Cain in Cleveland's Boarding House of Mystery, brain-damaged because of "an unfortunate accident in their adolescence". They let Howard the Duck and Beverly stay when they have no money. Devil Survivor has it that he was reincarnated as Kazuya Minegishi. It turns out that YHVH planned for Cain to kill Abel to make him a martyr. This and His later actions didn't sit well with Abel.
  • Usually seen as the victim and Cain the unwarranted aggressor. Mormonism is even of the belief that the priesthood among the ancients was passed down from him, and he was ordained by his father Adam. The extra-biblical Book of Enoch his soul was appointed the chief of martyrs, crying for vengeance and the destruction of the seed of Cain. The Testament of Abraham raised him to the position of the judge of souls. The Coptic Book of Adam and Eve and the Syriac Cave of Treasures, state his body was placed in the Cave of Treasures, before which his parents and descendants offered their prayers. The Sethite line of the Generations of Adam swear by Abel's blood to segregate themselves from the unrighteous. How they'd react to Sam and Dean Winchester being both his and Cain's descendants remains to be seen.
  • Some find Abel less sympathetic; Lord Byron argues Abel was symbolic of a sanguine temperament, and Cain killed him for his hypocrisy and sanctimony. Naturally, Abel doesn't care for Byron's assessment. Supernatural stipulates it was because he was talking to Lucifer and Cain wanted to avoid his brother being corrupted, sending him to Heaven. Seeing what that incarnation of Lucifer would go on to do, it was a good call.
  • Lucifer (2016) posits that Abel was a Casanova Wannabe and an Asshole Victim; they both tried to kill each other, Cain was just the better fighter. His soul went to an Ironic Hell of partying and trying to get laid, only for Cain to kill him, which would endlessly repeat. He managed to get a body and ultimately reconciled with Cain, before dying shortly afterwards and going to Heaven. At least it's better than Abel's SCP incarnation, a respawning Humanoid Abomination known as SCP-076-2 or Able who's mind is full of violence and tries to kill everyone he can. He looks a lot like Gilgamesh in this form.

    Byakuya Kuchiki 
Byakuya Kuchiki, God of Aloof Brotherhood (Captain Kuchiki, Gotei 13's 6th Division Captain)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Senbonzakura, his zanpakuto; alternatively, a token amount of cherry blossom petals
  • Theme Music: Reminiscence, Je Chante Pour Passer Les Temps by Giovanni Mirabassi
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aloof Big Brothers, Flash Stepping, Strong Kung Fu, Death of a Thousand Cuts, Cherry Blossoms, Flechette Storm
  • Domains: Arborea, Family
  • High Priest: Sesshomaru
  • Allies: Retsu Unohana, Kazumi Amano, Raoh, Yu Narukami, Kurei, Zero, Matt Hardy, Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist), Satsuki Kiryuin, Monkey D. Luffy, Zuko, Yoruichi Shihoin
  • Rivals: Ichigo Kurosaki, Gentaro Kisaragi
  • Enemies: Sosuke Aizen, Yhwach, Light Yagami, Raditz, Scar (Lion King), Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Opposes: Shukuro Tsukishima, Azula
  • Dislikes: Dante, Vergil, The Undertaker, Kane
  • The captain of Soul Society's Court Guard Squad 6, Byakuya Kuchiki is very serious about two things: keeping the law, and protecting his younger sister Rukia. He will rarely break either of these priorities, and only if doing so involves keeping the other. For this reason, he has earned this seat.
  • A very stoic and serious man, Byakuya can get on people's nerves with how stern he is, especially when heroic types like Ichigo don't immediately see or agree with something that he does, but it's usually quite clear that his heart is in the right place.
  • Is known to quickly turn battles in his favor by approaching them head-on and then slipping behind them before they get a chance to turn around. The larger the opponent he uses this on, the better it works for Byakuya.
  • The truth is Byakuya is not Rukia's biological brother, but her brother-in-law. His late wife Hisana was actually Rukia's sister, who abandoned her in order to survive in Soul Society as a child and deeply regretted it. After searching for Rukia practically every day of their marriage, she fell ill and, on her deathbed, asked him to find Rukia and look after her as a brother. One word of advice? Do not mess with his sister. Those cherry blossom blades of his are no joke.
  • Is good friends with Itachi Uchiha, who was once his follower. The two held a bit of respect for each other. They understand the plight of looking out for their society's justice while trying to protect or strengthen a sibling. His visits to The Fallen also help keep both men from resorting back to certain desperate measures because they can see that part of themselves in each other and temper it quickly.
  • Like many protective siblings, Byakuya was initially angry with BROKEN Matt Hardy once he first started making life hell for Jeff and even broke Jeff down into his slave Brother Nero, not to mention with his role in the Limbo incident (the act of sending three already traumatized girls into a death world was cruel, never mind that this action helped save the Pantheon). But when Matt regained his appreciation for his brother and started to rebuild his relationship with Jeff as well as truly live up to his claim to fight against evil, the issues were resolved. Although he's still keeping an eye out due to Matt's "alliance" with Bray Wyatt as of late.
  • The assault on the Vandenreich left him massively depowered. However, thanks to Yu Narukami forming a Social Link on him, Byakuya felt assured to entrust that Yu could protect his home when he's recovering.
    • After said recovery and some special training, Byakuya returned and took back his position, proceeding to show off exactly what he could do now. His only regret was that As Nodt was already disposed of before he could make that happen. He felt better when he found out that it was Rukia who defeated him.
    • While he's aware that Shukuro Tsukishima helped in the Vandenreich struggle and was freed from his Pantheonic villainy by a group including Ichigo, he will not hesitate to kill Tsukishima again if the former Xcution mentalist tries something else.
  • Holds those who try to kill their younger brothers or dependent family members, like Raditz, Scar the lion, and Ragyo Kiryuin, in full contempt as traitors and mental weaklings (Matt redeemed himself and Itachi was trying to make Sasuke stronger, hence those exceptions). Those who look out for them, like Raoh and Satsuki, gain his appreciation and respect instead. He's also gotten respect from younger brothers like Luffy and the Ishvalan Scar who know what it's like to have a good brother watching their back.
  • As for the Fire siblings Zuko and Azula both trying to change each other for what they think is the better, he is obviously supporting Zuko's cause. Both because Zuko is the older brother and because Zuko's direction is the one that doesn't tend to go for wars of conquest.
  • Is not a fan of how easily the Sons of Sparda and the Brothers of Destruction come to blows against each other despite clearly being able to coexist. Seeing both sets of brothers finally start to straighten out the issues that had long stood between them pleases him.

    Carl and Ada Clover 
Carl and Ada Clover, Gods of the Brother Sister Team-Up (Ada: Deus Machina: Nirvana)
Carl (The boy) Ada (The robot)
Carl after Centralfiction 
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Carl's Top Hat plus Ada herself on his Emblem.
  • Theme Song: Marionette Purple
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (once dipped into Neutral Good, but seem to have abandoned that stance)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Family, Combat, Humanity
  • Allies: Litchi Faye-Ling, Bang Shishigami, Alice Margatroid, Jin Kazama, Makoto Nanaya, Agri and Moune, Zato-1, Mordred, Yoko Littner, Suigintou, Zenia Valov, Grey, Painwheel
  • Enemies: Relius Clover (their father), Yuuki Terumi
  • Pities and pitied by: Kosmo and Nova
  • Once went into hiding from Relius' wrath by being Alice Margatroid. However, he abruptly left and ended up ironically helping Relius in his attempt of a personal takeover of the Pantheon. However, once it was apparent Relius was backstabbed by Ocelot and Wesker, Carl revealed his true intentions and did not help Relius at all: He just wanted to protect Litchi (and Ocelot kinda "convinced" to backstab). Right now, he serves as the one guarding Relius after his power loss until he "cures" Ada and after that, Carl would arrange his fall to the Fallen. Thus was the tale of how Carl and Ada found their place in the Pantheon.
    • That being said, Carl was very apologetic that he had to beat up Bang Shishigami in process. After the fiasco, he went to apologize.
    • He also gave his apology to Alice for doing it. She forgave him and they still help each other. Alice is also hopeful that Ada can be turned back to normal so that she can use parts from Nirvana to finish up her Goliath Doll.
    • This act also won him the trust of Jin Kazama and offers him a spot in his 'Anti-Parental Abuse' group. Carl was more than happy to accept.
  • Carl was once, even before entering Alice's house, a…problem child, mercilessly killing people just for information all with a serene smile and politeness. He got better thanks to Litchi and Bang, and ever since, Carl has been quite protective of them (especially Litchi). He'll be the first in line to defend Litchi if someone ever snarks about her 'dark obsession'.
  • Carl 3:16 says: "Thou shalt not refer 'Ada' as 'Nirvana', word related to 'puppet' or say she's not his sister." Failure to comply will receive the punishment of being invited to a volleyball match between him and Ada…the guilty being the ball. (This is why we don't bother to put Ada's alias on the title).
    • Carl 3:17 says: "Thou shalt not harm Carl when he is defenseless. Failure to comply will receive major ass-kicking by Ada, even if Carl cannot control her."
  • Carl often visits the Academy now after missing out a lot of his education year and he could at least breath easy at the moment. He still surprises the chess club members with his chess competence.
  • When Alice started forming "The Grand Puppeteer Court" with Haruka and Uncle Howee, she assigned Carl as The Lancer. Carl didn't oppose to this idea, though he insisted that Ada should be an actual member of the group, so she was made The Big Gal.
  • Zenia Valov gets along with him, though refuses to tell precisely why to Carl. The reason is because Carl's past reminds her of her younger sister, to the point where her sister was "turned to a doll", which ends up being false.
  • As of late, something has terribly changed within Carl, he's much colder to others and has distanced himself from his friends, from even Bang and Litchi, to even the new friends he made before. He said that he has no more times for "games' when restoring his sister becomes his greatest justice, though he still says that he's not going to turn out like his father, even if people say he's walking to a similar path as him.
    • While he still is acting crude to others, the ascension of two new deities, Kosmo and Nova, had the chance to give his softer side a time to shine, seeing Kosmo as not so different from what he had to deal with when dealing with the repair of his sister. He has enlisted them to help him restore Ada should he get a list of everything he precisely needs to help rebuild her to see how far they would go.
  • Ada has indicated that she has some pity and fellow-feeling for Painwheel, both being young girls who were unwillingly roboticised and forced to live as weapons. Carl isn't so sure about her, recognizing how extremely dangerous Painwheel is, and in his change of mind thinks she might make a good pawn.


Lesser Gods

    Leia Organa/Skywalker 
Leia Skywalker, Goddess of Long Lost Siblings (Princess Leia Organa, Leia Solo, The Other)
Click here to see her 30 years later 

    Luxanna "Lux" Crownguard 
Luxanna "Lux" Crownguard, Goddess of Heroic Little Sisters (Lady of Luminosity)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A swirling ball of light (Lucent Singularity) in front of the flag of Demacia
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Innocence Mixed With Badassery, Squishy Wizard, Light Magic, Little Sisters Who Are Heroic On Her Own, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Black Magic, Magical Girl, Final Spark, Child Soldier, Stepford Smiler, rather Annoying Laugh, Rumors Of Flat-Chestedness, "DEMACIAAA!!!"
  • Domain: Family, War, Light.
  • Allies: Champions of the state Demacia (especially Garen, Xin Zhao), Ezreal, Gnar, most Radiant champions, Marisa Kirisame, Noel Vermillion, Sora, Setsuna F. Seiei, Yu Narukami
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients
  • Enemies: Champions of the state Noxus (in particular Draven), Lady Tremaine
  • Once she was a revered high priestess of Marisa Kirisame. Apparently, Lux was very content with it, until one night, she was abducted from Marisa's house against her will by something of a visage of her 'mother' to serve at the Pantheon. Once she arrived there, Lux received utter abuse by this figure... until one day she figured out on her own that this 'mother' was nothing but an illusion, it turns out her kidnapper was none other than Lady Tremaine, who was pissed that her daughters were banished and she had nothing else to abuse on mentally (the illusion was conjured by Maleficent). In Tranquil Fury, Lux blew the lady away with one Final Spark (and the yell "DEMACIAAA!!"), just in time as her rescuers, including Marisa and her brother Garen, arrive.
    • With Garen praising just how reliable she is just like how she was in the mortal realms, Marisa just smiled and said that she was just about to relay the message that Lux was to be ascended to the throne of Heroic Little Sisters. Thanks to the assurance of Garen that Lux will find new friends, finally Lux can have something to truly feel within her rather than before...
  • Once tried to wear something that bares her midriff. However, everyone instead derided that she looked silly with it, from that point on Lux has an aversion on midriff-baring outfits.
  • Somehow, she's able to bond well with Noel Vermillion due to their background as Child Soldier as well as apparently, Noel has a gut feeling that Lux is also... flat chested like her. She has since received an invitation to join the League of Flat Chest.
  • Being the little sister of Garen, Lux also apparently got into a rivalry with the younger brother of Garen's Noxian counterpart (Darius), Draven. It's an age-old relations, but Lux is determined to show that she is the better little sibling.
  • Apparently, she got a little bored because her friend Ezreal hasn't been in the Pantheon to share stories. So she wandered and bumped into Yu Narukami. They share stories and Lux became fascinated enough that they became friends, with Narukami often taking her to visit his little sister Nanako. Lux thinks that Nanako is adorable. Though in the end, Ezreal himself managed to make it to the Pantheon.
  • If you're wondering how did she became Marisa's star student, they first met when Marisa confronted her about her stealing her Final Spark move note . However, after Marisa saw how greatly Lux's Final Spark paled down in comparison to her own Final Spark, Marisa started laughing and promised that she will teach Lux how to properly pull off Final Spark.
  • When news has it that Lux has gained a stereotypical Magical Girl outfit, everyone gave out a collective "Took you long enough." or "About time."
  • There's always an ongoing rumor about her dating Ezreal. While Lux sees him as a really good friend, she hasn't confirmed on such rumors.
  • "Well, a "double rainbow" is a phenomenon of optics that displays a spectrum of light due to the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. Does that explain it?"

Sarasa, Goddess of Dead Sibling Impersonations (Tatara, The White Tiger, Byakko)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Byakko sword
  • Theme Song: "Endless Loop"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: My Sibling Will Live Through Me, Sweet Polly Oliver, Doomed Hometown, Rebel Leader, Magnetic Hero, white tiger motifs
  • Domains: Heroes, Fate, Revolution, Siblings
  • Heralds: Shuri, Shinbashi, Yato and many others
  • Allies: Yona, Miaka Yuuki, The Robed Figure, Nausicaä, Kenshiro, Lelouch vi Britannia, Switch (Sket Dan), Katniss Everdeen
  • Enemies: YHVH, Light Yagami, Charles zi Britannia, everyone in Tyrannical Figures
  • Respected by: Lucifer
  • Sarasa is a teenage girl who lived in the desert village Byakko in a future Japan that had been ravaged by catastrophic climate change at the end of the 20th century. Sarasa had a twin brother, Tatara, who was the subject of a prophecy claiming he was the child of destiny who would challenge the tyrannical regime ruling the country. One day, their village was raided by the Red King's forces and Tatara was killed. Sarasa, though grieving, saw her fellow villagers' despair and resolved to take on the identity of her brother so as to finish his task and bring hope to the oppressed people. She travelled through all of Japan to gather four swords named after The Four Gods that'd give her credibility as a resistance leader and along the way gathered many allies. She also had recurring meetings with a young man called Shuri who she fell in love with, not knowing he was the Red King. Eventually Sarasa amassed an army that allowed her to invade the capital city Kyoto and topple the monarchy once and for all and worked with everyone to turn Japan into a free and fair country.
  • In the end Sarasa was pressured to kill Shuri as revenge for her village's destruction, but since they had fallen in love with each other in the course of their adventures, she just couldn't do it. Tired from the demands of being Tatara and just wanting to live a normal life, Sarasa finally cast off her brother's identity and departed with Shuri (who was no longer a king with the monarchy abolished) to parts unknown. The "parts unknown" turned out to be the Pantheon; Sarasa had been given godhood at the recommendation of the former holder of her trope, Switch of the Sket Dan, who felt a kinship with Sarasa, as he too adopted the identity of his brother for years out of guilt at his death. He was looking to join his friends under one temple and thought Sarasa was very worthy of replacing him.
  • Besides her soulmate Shuri, the other Heralds who are constantly at Sarasa's side, no matter what, are her pet owl Shinbashi and her horse Yato. Shinbashi was the runt of his litter; Sarasa adopted him and cared for him because she couldn't stand the thought of him dying. For that, Shinbashi does everything he's capable of to help Sarasa in her endeavors. As for Yato, he was a temperamental steed originally given to Sarasa's brother Tatara, but after his untimely death Yato went to her. He was reluctant to obey her at first, but as Sarasa proved herself and risked her life for him, Yato came to support her with all his being. Sarasa can also summon everyone who followed her in her desire for revolution, but most of the time they're left alone in their world to build their own lives.
  • She's not interested in getting involved in the Pantheon's eternal moral conflict. Her tenure as a Rebel Leader and fight to turn Japan into a free country was enough to last her a lifetime and she just wants to live peacefully right now. This is fairly disappointing to the rebel god Lelouch, who was impressed by her guile and leadership skills and thought she'd go places in the GUAG. He still greatly respects her nonetheless, and believes that together they'd be unstoppable. At any rate Sarasa and her Heralds will certainly fight to protect themselves and their friends, and if Sarasa sees some form of injustice occuring right in front of her, she's generally compelled to intervene.
  • Sarasa comes from a desertified region that got that way due to a rather ambiguous ecological apocalypse. One of her biggest dreams was to bring that place back to life by covering it with plants. As a result she is pretty fond of doing gardening around her temple's grounds. She feels strongly when she hears about other worlds that have been devastated in a similar manner to her own. The Robed Figure is a deity that comes from one such world, as Sarasa found out upon being told of it and visiting its temple, where she could appreciate its story (as the Robed Figure can't exactly communicate it to her directly). It proved to be a real Tear Jerker for her; Sarasa was especially moved by the Robed Figure's compassion in releasing all the Cloth Creatures. Consequently the Robed Figure is always welcome in Sarasa's temple. Sometimes it may even be seen chirping a song alongside Shinbashi.
    • Sarasa became friends with Nausicaä for similar reasons, given Nausicaä's world is undoubtedly worse, what with how barely any of it is habitable due to the toxic spores flying around. Like Sarasa, Nausicaä displayed a strong will to change the world around her and took pains to achieve her goal. Learning of how Nausicaä confronted the Ohm herd and managed to bring peace between them and the humans, Sarasa is convinced that Nausicaä is much stronger than her.
    • A similar ally that was a lot more unexpected was the Hokuto Shinken master Kenshiro, who recognized Sarasa's strength in surviving in a post-apocalyptic world while still striving to do good, something that's not easy to do under such conditions.
  • Obviously for someone who fought as hard as she did to depose the despots in her country, she hates any and all forms of tyrannical leadership. Those such as YHVH, Light Yagami and Lelouch's father Charles, who'd just kill anyone who disagrees with their vision of a perfect world, are almost enough to convince Sarasa to come out of retirement and take up arms again to make sure they can never achieve their goals. She in turn is a frequent target of assassination on their part, lest the tiger awaken from her sleep once more, so to speak.
  • As Sarasa is someone who was brave enough to take on a whole country's law and change it from the inside out, the top representative of the Chaos alignment, Lucifer, has always thought that Sarasa is supremely interesting. Not unlike Lelouch with the GUAG, he wishes she'd consider joining the GUAC so that together they can put an end to the suffocation of order and bring on a world where everyone is truly free to pursue their wishes. Sarasa doesn't necessarily see all order as being automatically bad though (only if it's the absolute kind that's reinforced by brutalizing the people it's supposed to protect), and actually thinks that Lucifer's ideal world would just result in another type of injustice where the strong abuse the meek. That's fine by Lucifer too (if disappointing), as he thinks Sarasa is strong enough to fight for her beliefs.
  • If someone could be considered a spiritual successor to Sarasa, that'd probably be Yona, a Fallen Princess who travels through her country to help her people and gathering forces to one day depose the man who killed her father. Sarasa and Yona have quite different origins, as Sarasa is a commoner, but their main goals of improving their countries into more humane societies are not at all different. They often train together to improve Yona's skills with weapons and to ensure Sarasa's don't fall on the wayside.
  • Sarasa's strong association with the White Tiger of The Four Gods drew the interest of Miaka Yuuki, who has her own connections to the Vermillion Bird due to being the Priestess of Suzaku. Miaka thought Sarasa might be the priestess of Byakko, but as Sarasa explained to her, the title was purely symbolic and wasn't given to her out of any divine connection to a god. That was actually a relief to Miaka, because the priestesses generally oppose each other in the race to awaken their god first (still, it's interesting to note that Tatara was also the name of the most famous Byakko guardian). Once that was cleared, Sarasa and Miaka bonded over their adventures and the burdens they had to carry, and Sarasa's grief for her brother reminded Miaka of her guardian Nuriko and the efforts his brother Roukou had to make to get over his death.
  • She and Shuri once had the poor luck of getting kidnapped and forced into a death race by a mad king when they were in Tokyo. To her dismay, deities who went through the same thing are a dime a dozen in the Pantheon, with special mention to Katniss Everdeen, who's both the goddess of the Deadly Game and also had to go through the same thing multiple times with her now-husband Peeta. Since Katniss also lived under the yoke of a tyrant known as President Snow and fought (albeit reluctantly) on the rebels' side, she and Sarasa get along well, though Katniss has even less desire to go back to the rebel lifestyle than Sarasa.

    Yun Lee and Yang Lee 
Yun Lee and Yang Lee, Gods of Sibling Yin-Yang (Yun: Soaring White Dragon | Yang: Spirited Blue Dragon)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbols: A Skateboard and In-Line Rollerblades
  • Theme Songs: Crowded Street, Midnight Ver. during late hours
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Siblings, Kung Fu and Kempo, Family
  • Heralds: Hoimei and Shaomei (Yun and Yang's respective girlfriends), Lee (their uncle), Jamie (their cousin)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan, Ryu, Ken Masters, Asuka Kazama
  • Enemies: Gill, Urien, M. Bison
  • Two hotshot twin brothers from the crowded streets of Hong Kong, Yun and Yang Lee have been kung-fu practicioners since childhood. Separated from their birth parents and raised by their paternal grandfather at an early age, they've had more than their share of street fighting role models in Hong Kong and China, including the likes of Chun-Li, Fei Long, and Gen. Eventually recognized as heroes to their homeland upon standing up in its defense against Gill and his Secret Society, the boys' ascension was made possible thanks to the efforts of their role models, with Chun-Li, or Auntie Li as they apparently call her, delivering them the news.
  • Their restaurant in the mortal realm, the Shinryuuken, serves as the twins' temple, but most of the time, they are seen either in Gen's temple, or racing through the Pantheon; Yun on his skateboard and Yang on his rollerblades.
  • Threaten the safety of either Hong Kong or Shanghai if you want to. Go ahead. See what happens. Better yet, ask Gill.
  • Their uncle was Lee, who had competed in the first World Warrior Tournament. The boys themselves are orphans who are godsons to eight underground bosses in their community, while their grandfather was their martial arts teacher.
  • Yun and Yang's love life is a tad complicated mess involving two sisters. Initially Yang was in love with the older sister, but she was all over Yun and pretty much pushed herself on him as his girlfriend, while the younger sister had the hots for Yang, but was too shy to tell him her feelings. Eventually Yang gave up on the older sister and nowadays is leaning towards reciprocating the younger sister's feelings.
  • For the record, despite the last name, they are not related to Billy and Jimmy Lee.
  • Despite the fact that their godfathers are mob bosses, Kim Kaphwan is impressed with the twins and their desire to maintain order.
  • Notice that baseball cap that Yun wears? It's more than just a fashion statement. The cap's bill narrows his line of vision, which Yun uses to his advantage, of which Ryu points out during one their matches.
  • Yang once believed that he would always be second-best to his brother. Until he got a confidence boost from Cassandra Cage, of all people. She once thought that she was just a "second-rate Cage" living in the shadow of her parents, until the fiasco with Shinnok's amulet. Cassie simply tells him to be his own man. Yun has taken the advice to heart.
  • Every now and then, someone from the Mecha Division mistakes either one of them for Duo Maxwell and/or Trowa Barton. Master Asia once suggested teaching them so they could face Gundams with their bare hands, but they declined.


    Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck 
Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, Gods of Identical Triplets (Hubert (The Duke of Making a Mess), Deuteronomy / Dewford (DJ Daft Duck, ChamPopular), and Louis / Llewellyn (Silver-Tongue Serpent) Duck, respectively)
Click here  for their 2017 reboot appearances


    D.W. Read 
Dora Winifred Read, Goddess of Annoying Younger Siblings (D.W., The Mysterious Hand, Mrs. Ida B. Forkenstern, The Phantom of the Store, O-D.W.-eus, P.W., Disaster Warning, DisasterWarning99, Deeangeleenora "Dee" Woo, Otis, Hiccup Girl, Nora)

    The Matsuno Brothers 
The Matsuno Sextuplets, Gods of Massively Numbered Siblings (Karamatsu: Kusomatsu, Shittymatsu | Choromatsu: Chorofappyski, Fappymatsu, Alexfapper Graham Bell | Ichimatsu: Kittymatsu | Jyushimatsu: 14matsu, Tenshimatsu, Juicymatsu | Todomatsu: Totty, Dry Monster)
From left to right: Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu Matsuno

    Mokuba Kaiba 
Mokuba Kaiba, God of Big Brother Worship (Mokie [Only Seto gets away with calling him that])
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His Card-Shaped Photo Pedant
  • Theme Song(s): Eye-Eyed Silver Deck (Ver.2)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: General: Big Brother Worship, Seto's Morality Pet, Undying Loyalty, Tag Along Kid
  • Domains: Siblings, Kidnappings
  • Allies: All ascended Yu-Gi-Oh! deities (but Yugi's friend group can be rocky at times), Princess Peach, Nanako Dojima, Coco Bandicoot, Tigger, Pacifica Elise Northwest, Twilight Sparkle, N
  • Enemies: All ascended Yu-Gi-Oh! villains, especially "Maximillion" Pegasus J. Crawford, The Child Abuse Supporters, Ghetsis Harmonia, Relius Clover
  • Additional Character Relationships: Seto Kaiba (older brother and his biggest Idol), Noah Kaiba (step-brother)
  • Big Brother Mentor: Shun Daimonji (and by extension the rest of the Kamen Rider Club)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Little Kuriboh
  • Meet the usually-cheerful younger brother, sidekick, Morality Pet, and former Herald of KaibaCorp mogul and famed duelist Seto Kaiba. Due to the secret efforts of his stepbrother Noah Kaiba along with other unseen forces, Mokuba was able to properly ascend into the Pantheon. His first action was of course to find his older brother Seto and tell him the good news. Despite now having separate temples, the Kaiba brothers are still rarely seen apart.
  • What startled most deities the most about Mokuba is how different he was in the beginning of the original story compared to the story most deities are familiar with. Originally, Mokuba was outright cruel and actually tried to kill Yugi and Jonouchi via a Russian Roulette dinner and wanted to cut-off Yugi's fingers if he lost at a game of Capsule Monster Chess. He cheated in both these instances, but what shocked deities the most was what when Seto subjected him to a virtual penalty game after he lost for the 3rd time in Death-T (which is a whole other story) and called him a loser. While Mokuba himself did get scorned, Seto got the wrath of the other older brothers in the pantheon (especially Yu Narukami). Thankfully, both of them are much better in the telling most are familiar with and Mokuba's forgiveness and idolization even after all of the that gave him the title.
  • Has some issues with LittleKuriboh, but it's less on how he treats him and more on how to treats Seto, as uncaring and treating him more as an annoyance.
  • Apparently puberty for him means thinking that he's a Pokemon. While that ended rather quickly, many Pokemon Deities will say he sounds like a lot of Pokemon and Trainers. He seems to get along well with the Pokemon Deities considering they're pretty similar to the figures from the Capsule Monster game he likes to play (albeit, they're living creatures). Venusaur and Tyranitar seem to have especially taken a liking to him considering he sounds like their pre-evolutions, Bulbasaur and Larvitar.
  • Considering his title of Big Brother Worship, he has become friends with other deities who also look up to their older brothers in high regards, however unsurprisingly most were female. Tigger seems to have taken a liking to him as he reminds him of his relationship with his friend Roo.
    • Out of all these gods, he gets along with Nanako Dojima quite well (in fact, she once had a temple in this very house) and is amazed at how she has so many people who love her. Of course, he was shocked to learn that, just like her "Big Bro", she carries along her own Persona which she demonstrated when the two were unexpectedly hit with a Heartless attack. And then he learned how she became skilled in using a scimitar, beheading a zombified version of his brother while the scimitar was set on fire (It's a Long Story), and stabbed someone's eye out in self-defense (Again, It's a Long Story).
  • Considering what kind of parent Gozaburo Kaiba was and what he did to Seto when they were younger, he is against all abusive parents in the Pantheon. Special mentions goes to Ghetsis for adopting N for his own needs and basically ignoring his adopted daughters, Athena and Concordia. Which reminds him of what Gozaburo did to Seto, him and Noah.
    • He's also been helping Seto with getting Pacifica Elise Northwest her family inheritance early. Considering what type of parents her are and what his and Seto's relatives did with their inheritance when their biological parents died, he feels like Pacifica is someone who deserves it than her parents.
  • Was horrified by Ambrose turning against his Shield brother Seth Rollins, who everyone thought he'd forgiven for his own prior betrayal, and even more shocked at everything Dean was saying on the wrestling shows regarding both The Universe promotion and The Shield's identity, not the least of which being revealing the truth about the names of The Shield members on the way to discarding his own and returning to his original name of Jon Moxley — things Rollins had never done even when he was serving The Authority. In fact, based on Seth's habit of alienating The Authority's members while using them to climb to the top, Mokuba deduced that he may have been even more of a hazard to the McMahon family's control project from the inside. This all seemed to indicate the inner guilt that Rollins had even before Seth realized it himself, a guilt that was completely lacking in Moxley. While Mokuba could understand Mox's disillusionment with things, he felt the man had crossed a line somewhere and so declared his support for Seth in the two's conflict. Impressed, Rollins took it upon himself to fill the void Moxley had seemingly left behind as Mokuba's Big Brother Mentor. Mox, for his part, says he's proud of Mokuba for being willing to take a position opposed from him.