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In this house, the roads all lead to magnificent castles each owned by a specific king, queen, prince, or princess. Every day, there are fantastic parties for everyone to attend, and carriages that carry the royalty everywhere. While most of the gods here are friendly with others, there are some who would love to flaunt their wealth and power toward the public, believing that because they are royalty, they can be complete jerks to others.

Despite not being a princess herself, the House has honored one Charlotte LaBouff by making her an honorary "Princess-in-training". Charlotte is now an advocate and herald who helps the House find true, good-hearted rulers to the new house and spread word of their deeds throughout her work in the House of Commerce.

Lady Tremaine is permanently banned from the Royalty house, and forbidden to go within 1 kilometer of Cinderella while she is outside, due to said horrible history regarding her.

The same applies to both Embryo and Raul Menendez, for their charismatic rhetoric which has been known to have swayed the loyalties of most deities; moreso for the former, who is still pining for Ange. A shoot-on-sight order has been issued against them to make sure they never step foot into this house.

Due to how evil villains tend to kidnap royalty, namely princesses, a PSA has been announced for the house to be aware of villains who love to kidnap royalty. Crow has been one of the more persistent threats to the house since his ascension thanks to such activities.

Deities often elect to serve time here protecting the house (commonly knights and templars), like Angelo. They protect the good-hearted deities while keeping the more amoral ones at bay.

Lastly, Shiro Tagachi is not allowed to be near the House of Royalty, for his murder of the emperor he was supposed to protect. As a grim reminder of many assassins of many nobilities, Shiro will be hunted down as a countermeasure if he dares make a step into the entrance.

Due to a certain unnamed King's ascension, orders from Gwyn have been received to ban and pursue this king by any means necessary. The entire house currently has pondered as to why he would do such, but that is left up to Gwyn's own mindset.

Also, due to the possession of Aurora, a Princess of Heart, security here is very tight. Abusing the princess, especially those with hearts of pure darkness (as the pantheon does not wish to recreate the χ-blade) will result in the person being temporarily banned. Continuous abuse will result in a permanent ban.

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The Fierce Protectors of Royalty

Aragorn II Elessar, Son of Arathorn, God of the Return of Kings (Aragorn II, Estel, Envinyatar, Telcontar, Thorongil, Longshanks, Dúnadan, Strider, Wingfoot, Chieftain of the Dúnedain, King of the Reunited Kingdom, 26th King of Arnor, 35th King of Gondor, 1st High King of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor)
Aragorn after being crowned as High King of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor

    Arthur Pendragon 
King Arthur Pendragon, Patron God of Chivalric Romance and Benevolent Kings (King Arthur, Wart, Artie, The Once and Future King, Prototype Saber, Prototype Saber Alter, Holy Knight Artorius, Holy Knight King Artorius, Divine Holy Knight King Artorius, Noble Knight Artorigus, Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights, Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus, The Black Knight, SCP-4918-1, Green Knight)
Arthur in all of his royal glory
Arthur as a boy
Arthur as a prince
Arthur as a young king
Arthur as an old man
The original Arthur as a Servant
The original Arthur as a Alter Servant
"Comedic" Arthur
Arthur in the Battleground of Gods
Arthur's "Evil" Form
  • Intermediate God normally, (Greater God as Saber, Saber Alter and the Green Knight, Overdeity as the King of Chaos)
  • Symbol: The Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone, sometimes as one sword. His corrupted shattered sword (as the Green Knight)
  • Theme Music: "Woad to Ruin", the Arthurian theme of Smite (shared with other Arthurian figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: Ranges from Lawful Good to Neutral Good. Lawful Evil as the Green Knight.
  • Portfolio: Benevolent King, Knight in Shining Armor, father to Mordred, Big Good, departs to Avalon until he is needed in Britain or France, very popular character, owner of the Excalibur, pulls out the Sword in the Stone, really varied past, leads the Knights of the Round Table, Much Viler in Tales of Arcadia.
  • Domains: Royalty, Narrative, Destiny, Weapons
  • Followers: The Knights of the Round Table
  • Allies: Merlin, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Galahad, any and all good-aligned royalty deities, Goliath, Perseus, the good-aligned DC deities, The Justice League, especially Aquaman, Superman, Batman, the good-aligned Marvel deities, especially the Avengers, Shrek, the Monty Python, the good-aligned Disney deities, Uther Lightbringer, Ned Starrk, Indiana Jones, Timmy Turner, Gallantmon, Arthur Penhaligon, Luka Redgrave, the King-Ohgers
  • Enemies: The Weird Sisters, Gilgamesh, Arthas Menethil, the Disney Villains, Mordred/Saber of Red, Mordred, Tywin Lannister, The Killer Rabbit, Macbeth, Archaon the Everchosen
  • Worthy Opponent with: Dracula
  • Opposes: Aphrodite, Cu Chulainn
  • Spear Counterpart of: Arturia Pendragon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Excalibur, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Avatar: Sean Connery
  • Pities: Artorias
  • The King of Britain (or France), ruler of Camelot, wielder of the Excalibur, leader of the Round Table, King Arthur Pendragon's legend and reputation is widely known in the Pantheon. The mystical king ascended after the fall of Camelot and promise to go back to Britain if he is ever needed again. In the mean time, he took up his Excalibur and promise to continue to fight for justice and goodness in the Pantheon by managing two temples that he represents best.
  • When heard that he ascended, Merlin and Lancelot immediately dropped every plans they have and dash straight through his temple. However, while Merlin and Arthur shared a hug in their memory, Lancelot was much more hesitant because he cheated on him with Guinevere and, unlike Arturia, this Arthur is much less approving about this event as well as the fact that he, indirectly, responsible for the fall of Camelot. While Arthur can't seem to find it in himself to completely forgive Lancelot, he praises what a brilliant and loyal soldier he is and agreed to let him rejoin the newly reform Knights of the Round Table.
  • Because of his long history and popularity, Arthur's backstory, personality and appearance vary from world to world. Beside the traditional Arthur, he can be seen as a boy named Wart practicing magic with an elderly Merlin, a young prince ruling a kingdom with Merlin as the same age secretly a magical user, a newly crowned young king mentored by a female Merlin and another, with the help of one of his avatars, Sir Sean Connery, as an old man fighting to bring justice to Britain without any magical power at all.
  • When heard about a female version of himself is in the Pantheon, Arthur paid her temple a visit. To his surprise, she also exists in the Nasuverse. The two of them share stories about their time as a servant and Arthur offers her words of encouragement to congratulate her as a leader who overcame sexism. The two usually ends their evening with a friendly non-magical sword fight to see which King Arthur is better.
    • Thanks to Artoria, Arthur learned of other servants in the Pantheon that are alternate counterparts to servants in his world. His reaction to them was rather... unpleasant to say the least. He buttheads with Cu Chulainn over his bloodthirsty personality, Mordred quickly declared him an imposter and seeks to attack him while him and Gilgamesh also immediately engaged in battle at first glance of each other. Overall, the other servants and masters are all very wary around him due to the fact that he is willing to kill off his own former master Manaka - to prevent her unleash evil to the world, but still.
    • He was very worried when heard a guy named Perseus ascended and went to investigate. He was very relieved to see that this isn't Servant Perseus and the two got along well due to the fact that both are destined to save their country by higher power. Perseus was very sorry for him when learned about Guinevere's affair with Lancelot.
  • Immediately after his ascension, Arthur seeks to recover his lost magical weapon - the legendary Excalibur. His quest led him to uncover not one, but two swords of its type: A peaceful one and a loony one... Arthur just sighs and tolerate the loony one.
    • Right after learning about each other's identity, him and Artoria have a friendly competition of which one can pawn off the annoying Excalibur to the other with Lancelot and Merlin keeping score. Arthur usually loses because he is too noble to actually turn Artoria away or plays dirty even when he could have.
    • This Excalibur is also more respectful to him than he is to most, as he is THE King Arthur, who was the only Meister he respected. He's willing to not interrupt Arthur when he talks, and is actually willing to let Arthur use him in combat.
  • Because of his past experience fighting Morgan le Fay, he was very welcoming to anyone who has faced her like the Justice League and the Avengers, considering them continue his legacy. Some people he especially forms close friendship include:
    • Aquaman, A.K.A. King Arthur Curry, for both being King with supernatural heritage. The two share a laugh whenever they were mistaken for each other due to both being blonde king named Arthur.
    • He and Superman got along really well due to both being the Big Good of their universe and helps inspire an entire genre (Clark for superheroes, Arthur for medieval romance).
    • He is glad to see Batman again after discovering that he is a Knight of the Round Table. Bruce is just confused and annoyed because it is an Elseworlds version of him rather than Bruce himself.
  • Was asked to enlist to the Grand United Alliance of Good right after he ascended. Arthur was honored and promise to do his best to protect the weak and help to spread goodness.
  • His adventures into the fairytale adaptations have brought Arthur many allies. He made quick friends with deities from the Disney due to entry in their universe and promise to help them push out evil as many way he can. However, he is very afraid of being turned into a squirrel because of what happened the last time he messed with magic.
  • Has a very strong distaste for Aphrodite because she is the guardian of those who cheated on their spouses and tells her she should be ashamed of herself.
  • Goliath is very pleased when seeing one of close allies to the Gargoyle New York clan ascend into the Pantheon because he helped them fight invasion in Avalon. Arthur was at first very excited when he heard that his old Vitriolic Best Buds / Friendly Enemy ascend and plan to have a rematch. However, he found out that this Macbeth isn't as noble as the man he met in New York and was VERY angry about Macbeth's plan to murder his own king and kill everyone to protect his position, as well as being a lousy king. He also hates that the Weird Sisters - the ones manipulated Macbeth into fighting him for the Excalibur, have also ascended. Arthur also starting to meet Goliath lately to study how he adapts to the modern world in order to prepare for his eventual return to modern England. He also absorbs the knowledge of several of his versions who did return and started a new kingdom or a new Knights of the Round Table.
  • The Pantheon generally keep Dracula and Arthur out each other's path due to the fact that both of their previous encounter did NOT end pretty for everyone involved.
  • Was at first confused when heard the name Uther in the Pantheon. After an investigation, he was somewhat disappointed that it was Uther Lightbringer, not Pendragon, ascended. However, Uther and him quickly develop a father-son bond due to the fact that both of them are warriors who seek to bring justice to their land as well as the fact that both of them have dabbled in card games before.
    • Because of Uther, he learned and was disgusted by the deed Arthas Menethil has done and declare the Lich King to be his sworn enemy. Outsider have observed that this is because they walked a similar but the inverse path of each other: They both pulled a powerful sword from the stone that marked them for the throne, was both advised from a wizard with odd life cycle and both founded an order of knight. The main difference is that Arthur's path was surrounded by people who have the best intention while Arthas was insane and manipulated by the powers around him.
  • He got along very well with Ned Stark and Daenerys Targaryen due to the fact that he is a good ruler that want the best for his people. When heard about their story, Arthur wished that Ned's life have turned out better and that both of them don't have to life in Westeros. However, he was NOT impressed by the stunts Tywin pulled.
  • Indiana Jones mistook him for his father when Arthur was in his "Old man" form and said hi. After clearing the confusion, the two develop a friendship, especially after Indy helped him to track down the Excalibur.
  • When needing to unwind, Arthur slips into his "comedic" persona in the Monty Python universe and spends time with people like Sir Robin and the Monty Python versions of his Knights while discussing about swallows and airspeed velocity of an unladen one while running and clicking two half of a coconut against each other. Lancelot isn't particularly like visiting his temple because when Arthur is in this mode, Lancelot would become a violent, homicidal maniac who kills people without a second thought.
    • In this mode, Arthur once visit his old enemy the Killer Rabbit and throws a Holy Hand Grenade into the beast to get back at the creature for killing his men. However, he needs people to help him count because he keeps skipping the number five — THREE, SIR — three.
  • Was at first terrified when meeting a black knight who attack him. After Arthur fends off the knight and learned of his story, he has nothing but sympathy for the knight whose name he learned to be Artorias for being possessed by the Abyss, also because the knight just got really unlucky with his own version of a magical and hopes that one day he can get better.
  • When heard that he has ascended, Timmy Turner paid his temple a visit because he helped Arthur fought a dragon with his godparent's magic. Arthur was honored by his visit and gave him a special visit privilege to his temple whenever he wants.
  • When heard that Arthur has ascended, Sonic assumed that his old nemesis is back and proceed to his temple to attack him. When the two fought to a stand still and heard each other out, Sonic realized his mistake and apologize. The two team up to seek and slay any versions of the Black Knight in the Pantheon but still wary around one another because Sonic thinks this Arthur may snap back into his world's Black Knight version while Arthur is wary because Sonic slew his version of King Arthur and the fact that Sonic is the true King Arthur in his world.
  • Wondered if Stannis Baratheon's sword Lightbringer was connected to Excalibur.
  • In one universe, Arthur had prejudices against magical creatures due to the death of Guinevere in that world at the hands of a magical creature; though it initially seemed that he turned out better when he seemingly killed Morgana and felt remorse, he was later killed and resurrected by the shadowy Arcane Order as their Champion, the Green Knight who was an Anti-Magic being designed to assist their goals of reshaping the world after destroying it with Arthur willingly joining this goal; forcing the heroes of Arcadia and Morgana to stop him. While Arthur's back to normal in the Pantheon, there is dread that one day he might become the Green Knight again and as such many of his allies, Merlin included, are seeking ways to stop him should the misfortune of the Knight's return happen.
  • Was surprised to meet up with Luka Redgrave, since he couldn't help but find him familiar. Luka then explained that he's the reincarnation of Prince Lukaon, the son of King Arthur and Morgan le Fay. Arthur was surprised to learn that the King Arthur in the Bayonetta world was fae and Morgan le Fay was his wife, but also saddened to learn that he died in an usurping and Prince Lukaon was trapped in crystal. Lukaon has decided to ally with the king through the use of his fae-werewolf form...although it will get kinda awkward if the enemy happens to be his own mom.

    Princess Bubblegum 
Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, Goddess of Reigning Princesses (PB, Peebles, P-Bubs, Bonnie, Bon-Bon, Lady Quietbottom, The Pink in [Marceline's] Cheeks)
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess when the true extent of her elemental powers are awakened.
  • Symbol: Her Crown
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (usually)
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Food, Practicing Science While Reigning, Most Active Princess In Ooo, The Ageless, speaking Gratuitous German, Chained By The Need To Rule Because No One Else Can Take Her Place Well, Big Good for Finn and Jake, Hollywood Science, Modest Wear Off-Hours, Responding To Threats With As Much Power As She Can Assemble, Proudly Contemptuous Of Magic To The Point Of Insufferability, Selflessly Evil Before Moving Away From It, Pragmatic Heroines, Dude Magnet But Holds No Romantic Interest Until Getting Back Together With Marceline
  • Domains: Royalty, Leadership, Candy, Authority
  • Followers: The many princesses of Ooo, Candy, Lana, Hilda
  • Allies:
  • Special Relationship: Earl of Lemongrab (her "son")
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: EQG!Pinkie Pie (on PB's end) and Sci-Twi (on Sci-Twi's end)
  • On speaking terms with: Flame Princess
  • Good Counterpart to: Mom
  • Enemies: the Lich, GOLB, Orgalorg, The Vamps, Raul Menendez, Ramiel, King Candy/Turbo, any other threats to her kingdom
  • Opposes: The Ice King (though not as much as of late, and not when he's Simon Petrikov), Kirby, Pac-Man
  • Opposed by: The House of Magic and Sorcery, most magic-users
  • The previous goddesses of this trope were required to attend to matters in the House of Beast, but needed someone to fill this position in their absence. Princess Bubblegum was selected and ascended shortly after. With Princess Bubblegum's ascension, she has achieved the power to better protect and innovate for her citizens. Now she seeks to do the same for the Pantheon.
  • She is regularly found in the Houses of Knowledge or Machinery and Technology (and Science as soon as it was set up), experimenting on various projects meant to improve life in the Pantheon, make the gods' jobs easier, or even try to stop the GUAE. Some have noticed that she tends to be a Pragmatic Heroine who sometimes goes into gray territory with her means. This tendency has allowed PB to form a friendship with Meta Knight, who similarly does questionable things for the greater good.
    • It was once suggested to Bubblegum that Finn the Human and Jake the Dog ascend, that they'd be able to help out around the Pantheon, given how much she praised their accomplishments. Bubblegum, however, insisted that they not be ascended, so that they could focus on keeping the Candy Kingdom and Ooo free of evil. Time will tell if she'll change her mind. Even so, Finn and Jake are followers of Gods in the Pantheon, Ness for the former and Hachiko for the latter.
      • Not anymore. They've been ascended. And she was in fact really happy to see both them joining. Not so much the Ice King (and Gunter), though he has done less princess-kidnapping lately. Very much so with Lady Rainicorn came (with BMO). And things came to a heartwarming end when Marceline finally ascended, too.
  • While nowhere near Jake's level, since she's made of bubblegum, PB can stretch parts of her body in the event she loses a limb (to, say, muffin-converting nanites for example). It's probably also how she changes her "hair". She can similarly consume candy to restore any lost candy biomass.
    • Speaking of those nanites, she's not touching those again lest another less funny Grey Goo scenario reoccurs. As such, she's naturally against anything that has reason to assimilate everything in sight.
  • While she mostly prefers to use blaster, PB's shown proficiency with the sword and hand-to-hand combat. She also has a giant pet falcon called The Morrow for fast aerial travel, and a giant swan that can shoot lasers from its mouth. Other things known about her is that she's an avid trumpet player and loves spaghetti.
  • After certain powers of hers were awakened by Patience St. Pim, she's able to shoot "candy" (e.g. jellybeans, scotch mints, and soda pop) from her hands. Her fired off jellybeans can fly at high enough speeds to demolish buildings, and with her scientific intellect, she can do explosions akin to the ones that happen between Coca-Cola and Mentos to devastating effect.
    • She's been urged to try and learn more about her powers, and to treat it like meta abilities rather than magic. Given how things are going in the Pantheon, she's been considering that. After seeing the Eds go out and buy some giant jawbreakers, ideas on how to use her powers come to mind.
    • She was impressed by Katakuri's use of mochi, and has offered him an agreement; help her further improve her candy elemental powers, and she will try to make sure Candy Kingdom and Totto Land are at peace. Given his mother's cravings, this was a pragmatic arrangement. That, and Bubblegum can relate to having issues with family such as her own son, along with the need to stay serious.
  • Due to her nature, Bubblegum has had bad experiences with Pac-Man and Kirby, both of whom attempted to eat her on more than one occasion. They've since been banned from her temple.
    • Pinkie Pie on the other hand has shown considerable constraint after needing to be restrained enough times. One Pinkie Promise later and she's more in control of herself, though she remains outside just to be safe.
    • As for EG!Pinkie Pie, after hearing of her sugar-explosion powers, and the implications of it, she's asked her to keep at arm's length at all times and make no physical contact lest she risk exploding her. That said, PB can see its value, especially when combined with her candy-making powers, or (in dire circumstances) even taking off pieces of her "hair" as ammunition for Pinkie.
    • Likewise, her insistence that all magic is just unexplained scientific phenomenon, has not sat well with the House of Magic. She's been banned from entering as a result. It also causes minor issues with the alicorn princesses she took over a title for. That said, Edward Elric doesn't mind her, since he's not affiliated with magic—alchemy was just lumped in with it, and she, in turn, might hold a little interest over how it works.
      • Bubblegum's ire for Magic doesn't seem to extend to Nanoha Takamachi, though. This is probably because Nanoha's Mid-Childa magic is closer to high-end technology, which Bubblegum supports. In fact, she supports any tech-based magic system as it validates her claims of magic being a subset of science.
    • EG!Twilight Sparkle has some issues with PB's contempt for magic, given she's also made efforts to research magic. The candy princess doesn't extend the same animosity with her, though.
  • Ever since contending with a diamond-shaped crystal entity in her kingdom, she doesn't like Ramiel's presence in the Pantheon. Of course, she knows it will take more than just scotch mints and soda pop to take that octahedral Angel down, and its attack range is massive to boot.
  • Has formed a friendship with Vanellope, bonding over the trials of ruling over sweets-based domains. Bubblegum has helped tinkered some of the Sugar Rush karts to make them even crazier. She does wish she could abdicate the throne just like the "President" did and not worry too much about substitutes, but she could not, and she envies Vanellope for it.
    • That said, she hates King Candy/Turbo for replacing Vanellope's position as the ruler of Sugar Rush and it reminded her of her experience with the "King of Ooo", as she and Vanellope were both replaced for their position before eventually getting it back.
  • Is considered by many to be the Good Counterpart of Mom. Both created an entire race of artificial beings, both serve as their overarching Empress Scientist, and they are beloved by their creations.
  • As her son, the Earl of Lemongrab has a position among the Fierce Protectors of Royalty, he has a position in their house. None of them are happy about it and his mom has to chaperone him, which only adds to his mommy issues.
  • Due to the sound of her voice, some gods in the Pantheon (especially Pit) have occasionally mistaken her for Viridi. The two have met and they guess their voices sound a little alike.
    • She's also gotten acquainted with fellow Cartoon Network deity (sort-of) Starfire, fellow royalty Nia Teppelin (after Finn and Jake introduced them), and Talim.
  • Due to her kingdom having been caught up in Raul Memendez's initial attack in the Pantheon prior to his ascension, she's gotten overboard in improving defenses and strategies so that this incident doesn't happen again.
  • The entire Pantheon rejoiced when she and Marceline finally kissed during their ultimate adventure. The two are now officially dating again.

    Princess Zelda 
Princess Zelda, Goddess of Wise Royalty (Sheik, Tetra, the Seventh Sage, Hylia, Hyrule's Wise Princess/The Illusive Sheikah, the Light Dragon)
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