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Greater Gods

    Erma Williams 
Erma Williams, Goddess of Creepy Cuties
Click here to see her angered form

    High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman 
High Councilor Kal-El, God of Tyrannical Superhumans ('Regime' Superman, The God Among Us)
  • Greater God (Overdeity if near a Blue Star, Lesser God if near a Red Star or exposed to gold kryptonite)
  • Symbol: The One-Earth Government Logo
  • Theme Song: The Theme of Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Chaotic Neutral if exposed to red kryptonite)
  • Portfolio: Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, He Who Fights Monsters, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, Became Their Own Antithesis, Being Called a God Among Superpowered People, The Dreaded, Knight Templars, Evil Twin, Hero Killer, Not That Wrong in His Criticism Towards Superheroes
  • Domains: Tyranny, Violence, Order, Cynicism, Rage
  • Heralds: Regime Wonder Woman, Regime Cyborg, Regime Damian Wayne, Regime Sinestro and the rest of the One-Earth government
  • High Priest: Brandon Breyer/Brightburn
  • Followers: The Elite, The Justice Lords
  • Allies: YHVH and the other members of the GUAL, Copy X, Hunter Zolomon, Black Adam, Madara Uchiha, Shin
  • Enemies:
  • Obsessed with: The Mainstream version of his deceased wife Lois Lane
  • Rival: Plutonian
  • Freed from the Justice League Watchtower by a contingent of YHVH's angels led by Mastema, as part of a diabolical plan for the Pantheonic Rebellion; a Twin Switch while the real Superman was busy fighting YHVH alongside the rest of the Deep Strike front. This Kal-El would infiltrate the Madoka Defense Front masquerading as his good counterpart, killing Madoka when the time was right. The ruse was uncovered in the nick of time, and while Homura Akemi managed to match him blow-for-blow even with him empowered by blue sunlight and ultimately deal a decisive blow, Kal-El managed to escape, leaving Homura with her own heavy injuries. Most people don't know which is more impressive: that Homura managed to keep up with blue-sun Kal-El, or that Kal-El did so well against a magic-user of Homura's caliber. In either case, the battle was the stuff of legends.
  • Originally as idealistic as his mainstream counterpart, High Councilor Kal-El's perfect life was shattered when his universe's Joker tricked him into killing his wife, Lois, which simultaneously brought about the death of their unborn child and the destruction of Metropolis. Having lost everything in a single moment and feeling truly powerless for the first time in his life, Kal-El resolved to be a better hero... by systematically tearing apart Earth's governments and replacing it with the One Earth Regime, with himself as its sole ruler. Slowly becoming corrupted by his new ideals and destroying all opposition in his way, most notably his universe's Batman, High Councilor Kal-El represents everything terrifying and ruthless that the actual Superman, and for that matter, any sufficiently empowered being could become given the right trigger. The Pantheon counts itself fortunate that Kal-El shares the weaknesses of his good counterpart as well as his strengths.
  • Has noted displeasure with the actions of the Main House, who for the most part simply observe as the Pantheon unfolds around them. The fact that most of them could end the battle of the Alliances at any time and yet choose not too has given him cause to claim that they are unfit to rule the Pantheon.
  • Infuriated to find the Joker in the Pantheon, and so high-ranked as well. He fully intends to kill the clown as soon as he has the chance.
  • Earned the ire of Billy Batson, for killing his Regime-verse counterpart slowly and painfully.
  • He became incredibly hopeful when hearing that his wife Lois has ascended into the Pantheon and hope to reunite with her again. However, he was devastated when hearing that this Lois isn't the Lois he knew and loved. His temper and sanity worsen dramatically until one day, during one of his attempts to figure out a way to kill the Joker, he spotted that version of Lois when she was having a romantic evening with his Mainstream version in the House of Love. Consumed by grief and jealousy over a life he could have had, this Kal-El kidnapped her and tried to kill Clark in an attempt to regain his old life and make her love him. This of course angered the Mainstream Clark who flew to his hideout in the House of Power to rescue Lois. Their fight went on for hours, destroying most of the house in the process. The fight only ended when Lois escaped and, staring Kal-El right into his eyes after they stopped shooting laser beams, told him that he is too different from the Clark she knew, loves and respects and that she would never, ever, EVER, out of her own free will, love someone as cruel as him. This caused him to have a Villainous Breakdown long enough for the rest of the Pantheon to subdue him. The Mainstream Clark, Lois and the rest of the pantheon from now on tried to keep her away from his place as much as possible in order to prevent the same type of incident. However, that didn't stop this Kal-El before.
  • Needless to say, the High Councilor's hatred for his heroic counterpart intensified when he found that that he and Lois were able to conceive a child. Feeling he was cheated of the loving family and the happy life he felt he was destined to have, the evil Superman has decided to corrupt the young Jonathan Samuel Kent and turn him against his parents as the perfect vengeance. As you can expect, the House of Heroes isn't willing to let that happen.
  • Regime Kal-El was similarly glad to learn about the arrival of the Prime Universe's Jimmy Olsen, pleased to see some version of the friend he lost in Joker's final rampage alive and well. Jimmy was horrified and saddened to see how far the alternate version of his hero and best friend had fallen.
  • While he remains thoroughly dedicated the the GUAL, Regime Superman does not mind making allies from his side if they are able to benefit him in some way. This played a part when he met Madara Uchiha sometime after the latter had criticized and battled Superman sometime earlier. Madara was initially confused by another iteration of Clark Kent being in the Pantheon, but their conversation soon turned into one of good understanding and bonding as they were products of tragedy and driven by cynicism to bring peace to the world, even if the rest of the world rebelled. They soon formed a duo with Madara making a good promise about getting what the two of them really want.
    • This opened up a grand opportunity upon finding out about Kronika and her hourglass. Regime Superman couldn't ignore the presence and abilities of the artifact, and Madara soon joined alongside him with similar goals. Regime Superman saw the hourglass as a way to finally bring his world's iteration of Lois Lane Back from the Dead and restarting his previously defunct Regime to a stronger state, whereas Madara wanted to find another way to bring peace to the Shinobi World in some way whilst also changing the reputation and fate of the Uchiha Clan, especially his brother Izuna. The two have made a point to not betray each other as they're aware of Kronika's vast power. All they need to do is bide time and find other worthy allies for convenience.
  • Rejected the opportunity to turn good again following the invasion of Brainiac on his Earth. The GUAG higher ups were very disappointed by this turn of events.
  • Despite him being his former High Priest, he doesn't get along well with The Plutonian. The two are on pretty bad terms with each other (though this is likely a result of the High Councilor's Knight Templar tendencies). Battles between the two can get rather destructive.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room."

Igor, God of Benevolence Behind Unnerving Appearances (Master of the Velvet Room, The Nose)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A black suit with a white flower, with a velvet background
  • Theme Music: Aria of the Soul (SSBU remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Creepy Good, All-Powerful Bystander, Big Good and Powers That Be After Philemon's Departure, Cheshire Cat Grin, Cool Old Guy, Gag Nose, Omniscient Morality License, Scratchy-Voiced Senior, Spirit Advisor, Never Battled
  • Domain(s): Contracts, Fortune Telling, Inherent Goodness, Appearance
  • Heralds: Belladonna (singer of his Theme Music), Nameless (pianist who plays his Theme Music), Demon Painter, Elizabeth (currently AWOL), Theodore, Margaret, Lavenza (the true form of Caroline and Justine)
  • Followers: Hitoshi Shinso, The Creeper, Bishop, Janelle Angelline, Sapphire and Steel, The Board, Tattletail, Sgt. Schlock, Auntie Whispers
  • Allies:

  • Interested in: Sho Minazuki
  • Enemies: Yaldabaoth/YHVH (who had once usurped him), Lucemon, Darkseid, Horde Prime
  • Heroes come in all kinds of appearances, and should not be judged by how they look. Some of them can even be downright scary, yet their benevolence is unambiguously clear (unless it's detracted by their ruthlessness against evil). That's what being Creepy Good is all about.
  • Igor earned his spot in the Pantheon courtesy of his master Philemon because he fit the trope; while unnerving at first glance given he's a balding, unnaturally thin hunchback with bloodshot eyes, a long, hooked nose, and a Cheshire Cat Grin that borders on a Slasher Smile, he's one of the most steadfast allies of the heroes.
  • As for what he does, for the Wild Cards, he and his assistants handle Persona Fusions, record Personas to their Compendiums for later recalling (at a monetary price), and "returning" Personas for items. For the Persona-users prior (the ones from Sumaru City and St. Hermelin High), he also "stores" excess Personas, and creates them in exchange for cards from negotiated SMT!demons (be it their own or "Tarot cards").
  • His temples are tiny and outright empty, with the only thing of interest being a blue glowing translucent door in the center. While everybody can see it (now), few can actually open it. This door leads to the Velvet Room, Igor's actual domain, and the only ones who can access it are Persona-users (those with malevolent intent can easily be booted by the occupants therein). Otherwise, one has to accompany a Persona-user, or be invited by Igor himself. Similar doors are available in Philemon's temple, and inside the temples of his "main" guests (the player characters of the games).
    • As for what the Velvet Room looks like, it has varied over the years, from a nightclub, to an elevator, to a limo, and even a prison. In the Pantheon, it takes the form of a large rectangular room with curtains covering all of its walls, just like its first iteration but bigger, except one can notice outlines of columns beyond the curtains, as if the place was a temple whose interior was covered. In the middle, one can see a grand piano with a blindfolded man (Nameless) playing it, a mic stand with a woman (Belladonna) singing a song, a canvas in use by a man with long hair in black clothes and a toque (Demon Painter), and an elegant chair in which Igor himself sits with his elbows resting on a small table in front of him. His attendants Margaret, Theodore, and Lavenza can be seen, though rarely all at the same time, and one of them, Elizabeth, is officially AWOL trying to find a way to free Makoto Yuki for real without invalidating the Great Seal. Igor's followers are also seen mingling and assisting in various affairs, and are dressed just like his attendants where possible.
  • One can also visit the Velvet Room via dreams, though it has to be Igor who invites them in. It's not known if dream-delvers can find the Room, though it's likely only if Igor allows it.
    • As for the conflicts between the Inducers of Nightmares and the Protectors of Dreams, he has not deemed it necessary to get entangled between their affairs, and the former group has neither noticed nor attempted to invade the Velvet Room yet.
  • While most people are offset by his appearance and demeanor, he still has an upstanding reception from many thanks to the Persona-users who vouch for him.
  • Many question him about a comment he made to Aigis that her "Destiny is similar to mine." have been asked to Igor. He simply chuckles and remains silent on the matter.
  • There is also still the question about just how powerful Igor is in a fight, considering his power to call on just about every being in the mythological Pantheons. His attendants have battled, and even his master has battled, but not him. The thought brings mixed feelings when his students are brought up. Even the nature of his Persona (though he can likely use many just like his attendants) is fair game for questioning.
  • There are those who wonder what need he and his attendants have for money anyway given their supernatural nature. His explanation is that money holds value in the Velvet Room because humanity gives it value; it's not so much about the medium of exchange, but the value bestowed upon it that is important to Igor and his attendants.
    • Just as services like gym sessions, tutor lessons, and haunted house trips have monetary value, so too would his, such as re-acquisition of Personas to Wild Cards. And he now extends that to the pre-Wild Card Persona-users as well.
  • When he's bored, he sometimes plays cards with the Persona cards. Rumor also has it many influential gods who can reach the Velvet Room have been seeing Igor for tarot readings, and not just for serious matters.
  • As a supporter of humanity's potential, Igor stands against those who would see it stifled, such as YHVH, Lucemon, Darkseid, and Horde Prime.
    • He holds it most personally against Yaldabaoth, who had abducted him, split his attendant Lavenza in two (though it's not known where Margaret and Theodore were during this, and Elizabeth was explicitly AWOL), and rigged the "game" the two had in regards to the potential of humanity.
  • He has the ability to turn back time, but only does it in regards to bad fates as a result of their Wild Cards missing deadlines. Otherwise, he'll let them take responsibility for their actions, even if it leads to doom.
  • Despite what he's done and his opposition to Joker and his crew, Akechi is still allowed by Igor to visit the Velvet Room. Igor even called him over one day to his domain via the dreamscape to let him know that now that he is no longer being hampered by Yaldabaoth, Akechi can now finally utilize his potential as a Wild Card to the fullest and forge Social Links/establish Confidants.
  • Has been notified of similar mysterious guiding figures who speak cryptically like him such as Richard, The G-Man, and SCP-990.
  • As of late, Philemon has encouraged Igor to be more proactive in reaching out to make new allies as he himself has. Not being used to this, Igor had to admit that this was not going to be easy. Still, he had to start somewhere, so he began with an invite to Princess Luna, who had almost encountered the Velvet Room once while her group wandered the dreamscape.
    Igor: I must confess. I have been a servant to my master. I have been a master to my attendants. I have served as a host to all sorts of guests. And I have become one's adversary, and returned that sentiment to them. However, not once have I ever established a bond where I serve as one peer to another. Perhaps that's where my current predicament lies. Such a thing would not be possible in the mortal realm, but in the Pantheon, where all sorts of powerful entities are in abundance, that option is now open. For all my wisdom, I lack the foreknowledge for this situation.
    • In light of this, Luna has taken it to herself to help Igor with socializing... by taking Twilight Sparkle to the Velvet Room with her one day. It was a learning experience for all three, and Igor made another friend that dayas he's allowed Twilight in whenever she has time to visit.
    • Another Igor got acquainted with was Dream of the Endless. Given the Velvet Room exists between Dream and Reality, Mind and Matter, Dream managed to find its door while following Luna after a particularly huge skirmish against Vaermina. The alicorn princess was surprised to see him behind her after entering, but Igor assured her it was all right. After that incident, as well as a lengthy chat about matters greater than what Luna could grasp (after which she politely saw herself out), Dream has beome another regular visitor.
  • One unlikely friend he made was when one of his attendants got acquainted with one Anton Ego, and thought to invite him to the Velvet Room to meet Igor as part of the whole "personal socializing" deal. After their first meeting, Ego has since decided to try and help him get used to extensive interaction with the outside world. Not because of general appearances, but because he thinks he knows how to get Igor adapted to good culture: A pleasant meal. It's not uncommon to find the two deities dining together while gossiping about other deities or explaining to each other about the world they came from, with Igor being intrigued by Ego's experiences in his more realistic world and Ego finding Igor's talks about his own interactions with other Persona deities to be quite the vivid tales. On the way, Ego has also lectured to Igor about the pleasure of classy food and a great glass of wine, due to an admittedly selfish interest in making Igor see the culinary world the way he does.

Intermediate Gods

    Anton Arcane 
Anton Arcane, Unholy Patron of Body Horror (Avatar of the Rot)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A slab of his own distorted flesh
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Immortality Seeker, Inflicting Horrific Body Mutations on Others and Himself, Swamp Thing's Arch-Enemy, Make Them Rot, Helped Hitler Become the Monster He is to Experiment on the Corpses, Mad Scientist, Take Over the World, So Evil He Was Made a Demon in Hell, Been a Psychopath Since His Youth, Evil Uncle, Villainous Incest, Experimented on His Own Brother, Evil Sorceror
  • Domains: Necromancy, Rot, Twisted Experiments, Alchemy, Depravity, Physical Transformations
  • Banned from: The House of Family and Relatives
  • Interested in: SCP-682, Cell, the House of the Undead and Phasmata
  • Allies: SCP-106, Johann Schmidt/the Red Skull, Millennium, Nurgle, Typhus, Thrax, Fabius Bile, Cioccolata, SCP-542 (sort of), Alex Wesker, Vandal Savage, Davros, Professor Hojo, Zouken Matou
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nekron, William Hand and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Rivals: Voldemort, Darth Plagueis
  • Enemies: Basically any hero in DC Comics, but especially his Arch-Enemy Swamp Thing and Buddy Baker, the entire House of Plants and Nature Preservers, The Life Entity, Kyle Rayner, Satoko Houjou, The Spring Sprite, Ana Amari, Fran Madarki, Alexei Stukov, Frankenstein's Monster, Dhuum, Yveltal, Jack Harkness, The Elric brothers, SCP-040, Xerneas
  • Opposed by: Most of the House of Physicians (yes, even the Medic), other forces of death, anyone in the House of Science with a conscience
  • Born in the late 19th century, either in Romania or Belarus(with strong Russian ties), Anton Arcane is a brilliant yet depraved scientist obsessed with immortality and decay. His experiments would create shambling monstrosities known as the Un-Men, but desired a stronger body to keep him going forever. He saw Swamp Thing as a potential body to inhabit. In the New 52, he became the Avatar of the Rot, and took great joy extending decay to others. Having taken various forms, Anton Arcane has been a continuous thorn in Swamp Thing's side.
  • Arcane is infamous for his horrible experiments, inflicting gratuitous Body Horror on others and himself. He turned his brother into something resembling Frankenstein's Monster, re-animated dead tissue, turned himself into something resembling a taxidermied corpse and then there's what he was able to accomplish with the powers of the Rot. Upon his ascension to his House, most shuddered. Fabius Bile, however, was pleased to see someone so powerful and twisted enter the pantheon and was happy to give him some tips on mutation and depravity.
  • Could seriously rival the Joker as one of the most Ax-Crazy super-villains in the DC Universe. He's practiced a lifestyle of necrophilia, cannibalism, Satanism, mass experimentation and necromancy among others crimes against nature. When he gained Reality Warper powers possessing Matt Cable, his evil presence was likened to Trigon and it caused the Joker to go catatonic. He was so bad that he was made a demon in Hell since they were impressed by his evil. Melkor was also impressed, and was happy to offer him a position in the pantheon.
  • When he was in Hell, spiders laid eggs inside his body that ate their way out after hatching. To make things worse it was an Year Inside, Hour Outside experience. Considering he'd sent his niece to Hell before, it was too good for him. Later on he got the Ironic Hell treatment where he was sent to a peaceful realm where death and decay doesn't exist, which was torture for him. The Court of the Gods has told him they plan to send him back there if he violates the rules of the pantheon.
  • Apparently, he convinced Adolf Hitler to get into politics. It would lead to the Holocaust, and he would have access to millions more corpses for experimentation. It's also known Vandal Savage was an advisor and friend to Hitler, though it's unknown if they ever met(it wouldn't be surprising). As such he has ties to Nazi gods in the pantheon, notably the similarly depraved Red Skull. He also finds Millennium's vampire program to be a boon for him, and their goals will provide him with even more corpses.
  • SCP-542 is around the same age range as him, having been alive some time before World War 1 and like him collaborated with the Nazis for experimentation. They recognize each other, and respect each other's field. That being said, even Herr Chirurg is a bit creeped out by him. SCP-106 has no compunctions, however. Like Arcane he's utterly Ax-Crazy, has his roots in World War 1, and inflicts rot on others. The two have become very good friends, much to the dread of the SCP Foundation and much of the pantheon.
  • His desire for immortality along with perversion of death(plus his constant cheating of death) puts him in direct opposition to Dhuum and Yveltal, along with Jack Harkness as he seeks his immortal body for himself. However it does make him an ally with Alex Wesker for their mutual search of eternal life, and Vandal Savage is on good terms with him as well. Much like SCP-035, he wants to inhabit SCP-682's body. Seems interested with Cell, due to his claims of being the Ultimate Lifeform. Both Voldemort and Plagueis see him as a rival, due to only wanting immortality for himself and having standards respectively.
  • Has attempted to force Fran Madarki to help with his gruesome experiments, and harassed most of the people in the House of Science for his plans. You can imagine he's not popular with them. Healers like Ana Amari rightfully despise him as well. Arcane is more capable in the House of Diseases, and has achieved much by helping spread Thrax. Physicians in general are disturbed by him. It says a lot about Anton Arcane that the Medic took a look at his resume and went "no...just no".
  • Feels a kinship with many exceptionally twisted scientists, like Davros and Professor Hojo. They've created many grotesque monsters together by pooling their talent. Nightmarishly, he and Cioccolata get along swimmingly and he find the Green Day Stand a key to better understanding The Grey. Utterly disgusts the Elric brothers for being "Shou Tucker, but a thousand times worse" and scares SCP-040 as he seeks her Biomanipulation abilities.
  • Zouken Matou shares a lot in common with him, being a Russian/East-European Mad Scientist and alchemist looking for immortality and has inflicted horrific bodily experiments on others for that. As such, they get along nicely. Though unlike Zouken Arcane is comfortable being in a monstrous body. Also, Zouken originally had humanity that has been slowly lost into nothing but a drive to live longer. Anton Arcane was always a psychopath, he just got better at being one over time.
  • Has been banned without repeal from the House of Family and Relatives. Upon his crimes against family molesting his sister, getting his brother blown up on a landmine then turning him into the Patchwork Man, and everything he's done to his niece. Satoko Houjou was horrified as he reminds him of an even scarier version of her own horrible uncle.
  • Serves the Rot, the force of decay on Earth. He twisted the world into one of endless decay in a Bad Future, which both Nurgle and Typhus were proud of. However the Rot isn't inherently evil, and Anton Arcane subverted control of it. As such, most forces of death oppose him. Arcane steps on eggshells around Nekron. Oh sure, he loves death and Black Hand shares that love of death and decay, but Nekron suspects Arcane is going to try and hijack him. Also, he wants things to stay dead, and isn't impressed by the half-life he inflicts on others. Anton Arcane is a bit of a wild canon, but the Lord of the Unliving accepts his experimentation and Rot powers is useful for Destruction's cause. He's permitted to experiment in the House of Undead and Phasmata.
  • Can also be found in Health and Diseases.

    The Bakers 
The Bakers Members, Unholy Family of Hillbilly Horrors (Jack: The Swamp Man)
L - R: Lucas, Jack and Marguerite.
  • Intermediate Deities (Jack is closer to Greater given his stronger Regeneration and Mutation)
  • Symbol: An improvised Weapon (Jack), a Swarm of Insects (Marguerite), and a Clown Mannequin (Lucas)
  • Theme Songs: Garage (Jack), Lucas Boss Fight
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Neutral Good (Lucas is actually Neutral Evil and always was)
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Brainwashed and Crazy, Cannibal Clan, Deep South, Disease Bleach, The Family That Slays Together, Eat human flesh, Laughing Mad, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Family, Southerners, Cannibals, Infestation, Mind Control, Strength
  • Allies: Leatherface, Lionel Starkweather, Piggsy, The Hückebein Family
  • Enemies: Chris Redfield (Mostly for Lucas), Joel and Ellie, Gambit, Simon Henriksson, The Parr Family
  • Acquiantanced with: Albert Wesker (Mostly Lucas)
  • Interested in: Alma Wade, Samantha Maxis, Erma
  • Meet the Baker Family, a family of lunatics and murderers who one day showed up in the pantheon and caused a big ruckus after they starting kidnapping and murdering random passer-bys. They were eventually apprehended and relocated to a temple (Which was designed to be an exact copy of the Baker State) so they could keep them at least contained in one place. The history of why the Bakers are like this is hard to explain, the used to be normal people who just wanted to help those who were part of a shipwreck near his home and Jack ended up finding Eveline, who proceed to brainwash and infect them, turning them into what they are today.
  • It's always advised to not approach their residence, not because they are protective of it but because of being very dangerous psychopaths and being caught up in their home won't be pretty. Even then, they can easily go seek out someone and kidnap them to add more to their "family".
    • For anyone who gets caught up with the Bakers, they usually keep them trapped and try to give them "Eveline's gift", which either kills them or transform them into one of the molded. There could be worse fates, like being forced to play various of Lucas Deadly Games.
  • The ascended members aren't actually the only members of the family. Jack's and Marguerite's daughter Zoe wasn't with them, and with good reason since her infection wasn't as strong as the other members of her family. There is also Joe Baker, Jack's older brother who lives isolated in the banks of the marshes and apparently never figured out that his brother's family was being infected by a virus.
  • Consider Leatherface to be an honorary member given their shared horror settings, plus Jack is also prone to use chainsaws. They usually invite him over to their house to keep the "guests" in check and nobody escapes, similar to what his family orders him to do.
    • The same could be said about Piggsy, who they have fed him with some of their victims to keep him sated. How they met Piggsy was different though, as Lionel Starkweather was stoked to make a documentary about the Baker's everyday life and as a bonus can keep Piggsy tied somewhere where he won't make a big mess.
  • While all three members are violent and sadistic people who won't hesitate to murder people, they nonetheless received a lot of sympathy because they used to be just regular and well-meaning people who were unjustly punished by being brainwashed by Eveline. This doesn't apply to Lucas though for other particular reasons.
  • There were a few particular deities that the Bakers were obsessed with, mostly given their uncanny resemblance to Eveline. Alma Wade was the first one, both Jack and Marguerite tried to take her back home which got them thrown into the Almaverse (Lucas was smart enough to bail out before anything happened) but surprisingly they survived their encounter, possibly thanks to their insane Healing Factor and Alma just let them go when they understood she didn't want to be bothered.
    • The second one was Samantha Maxis, she was much nicer than Alma but the zombies that resided in her temple were not. It wasn't that a big deal for the Bakers, after all their house is filled with Molded which are very similar and they don't cause much trouble to them, but because of Samantha's essence being bound to the M.P.D. they weren't able to bring her with them.
    • The third one was Erma, who was just perplexed that these people started calling her "Eveline" or "Daughter" and just tried to avoid them. Eventually Jack tried to kidnap her, which made Erma lash out at him but Jack shrugged off most of it, until Erma gave up and just phased through him since her attack weren't working.
  • Exclusive to Jack:
  • Exclusive to Marguerite
    • The Matriarch of the Baker family, Marguerite is not as strong as her husband Jack or as smart and cunning as her son Lucas but she instead has a swarm of infected insect following her around. She always sets up hives in key point of her temple and even outside in the pantheon and the wasps usually attack anyone who gets close to it. She doesn't take well when someone destroys them, with incident reported that she has murdered quite a few pantheon dwellers for daring to do that.
    • Another way to piss off Marguerite is to reject her food, even if it's totally gross and unpleasant she will waste no time in murdering anyone who badmouths her dishes, even her children aren't exempt from this. This trait already existed way before her infection but it wasn't as bad back then.
    • She seems to be familiar with many of the pantheonic insects that reside in the House of Insects, particularly wasps who often follow her around so she is in good terms with Queen Sectonia, Beedrill and Swarm. She is also acquiantanced with the sister house of Arthropods, mostly the Centipede creatures like Scolipede and the Mikami.
    • If pushed too far, Marguerite would assume a more deranged form akin to a spider. It has digusted a fair number of deities considering how her crotch (and and weak spot) is filled with maggots.
  • Exclusive to Lucas
    • The son of Jack and Marguerite and arguably the worst of the three in terms of callousness, Lucas is both sadistic and insane and he likes to force people into playing his sick games, mostly because he just feels like to. Originally he was the sole Baker who managed to escape unscathed but he was later taken down by Chris Redfield after he decided to go after him and because Lucas killed three of his men in very gruesome ways. Lucas didn't go down without a fight but Chris proved to be the superior of the two and won in the end, something which pisses Lucas a lot and swears he will get back at Chris.
    • Contrary to the rest of the Bakers, Lucas broke off Eveline's Hive Mind and is totally Not Brainwashed. The only reason he kept the façade is that he just enjoyed all the cruel things he did and he was always a Jerkass anyway, even if Eveline's infection turned him into a huge psychopath.
      • There is also his ties with the Connections, which were severed after he was killed by Chris and even then, they are not too happy that he just murdered all the personnel they sent to work for Lucas just because he felt like it. Instead, Lucas has been in contact with Wesker, since he is interested in knowing about his relationship with the Connections and also wants to get back at Chris.
    • His MO is very similar to the likes of the Jigsaw Killer, the Riddler and Junko Enoshima, which Lucas wasted no time in making friends with. Even then, he is fully aware that they aren't the most trustworthy of fellows and they feel the exact same about Lucas, so their alliance has been a rocky one (Not helping Lucas' tendency to off anyone who works for him)
      • At least with Junko they get along better than with the other two, mostly that they aren't actually that different (Junko also has that bad habit). In turn, those who has been to the Killing Game hate Lucas as much as Junko, he even might more dangerous than her considering his mutations. Lucas isn't afraid of a bunch of teenagers anyway, and if they try to stop him he will just subject them to his "Happy Birthday" game.
    • His part of the temple is filled with explosives and booby traps. He got really paranoid ever since he was killed and prefers to be alone else someone goes looking for him. He is also a Dirty Coward and prefers to not engage someone head on unless it's the only option.
    • Likes Clowns, the evil ones at least, considering he carries with him a creepy clown mannequin that resides in his temple (specifically the "Happy Birthday" room).
  • They can also be found at Regionalities.

    Bête Noire 

Bête Noire, Goddess of the Nightmare Face (Betty, Black Beast)
Bête Noire and Akumu (Art by Camila Cuevas)
Her complete form
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: One of her many nightmare faces
  • Theme Songs: A Welcoming Smile, Bête Noire, Fearless Terror
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with Lawful Evil goals
  • Portfolio: Nightmare Face, Manipulative Bitch, Master of Illusion, Cute and Psycho, Fantastic Racism against Monsters, Ax-Crazy, Would Hurt a Child, The Chessmaster, using brainwashing in her plans a lot, proving that Anyone Can Die, wants to rule over humanity to prevent them from making the mistakes they did in the past
  • Domains: FEAR, Illusions, Manipulation, Power, Magic, Genocide
  • Herald: Akumu
  • Allies: Mina Loveberry, Baby Bonnie Hood, Colonel McCullough
  • Rivals: Nui Harime, Airy, Mysterio
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thaal Sinestro
  • Enemies: All Undertale deities, Omnicidal Maniacs, Toffee, Hoss Delgado, Rimuru Tempest, Isaac, Luka, The Monster Girls, Alice, Kimihito Kurusu, Lord Tirek, Alien Empera, Chaos, Queen Beryl, The Death Busters, The Dead Moon Circus, Joker, Shocker, Yapool, Nightmare, Cackletta, The Evil Entity, Grim, Mandy, Khorne, The House of Military and Warfare, The House of Otherness, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, The Maiden In Black, Abigail Williams, Xehanort's Incarnations, Vanitas, The Heartless, Akuma, Maleficent, Star Butterfly, Homura Akemi, Lucifer, Nekron, The Batter, The Lich, Monsters in general
  • Respects: Global Occult Coalition, The SCP Foundation (One-sided on her end), The Monster Hunters (Again, One-Sided on her end)
  • Betty was once a girl named Amber, the daughter of the original Kindness and Integrity wizards, Integrity died, and we have no idea what happened with Kindness. Afterwards, both the Lightvales adopted her as a sibling, but Agate had a massive argument with Copper, leading to her attempt to kill him. Copper lost his determination when Agate murdered Amber in cold blood, in an attempt to get to Copper. It worked. She dragged Amber's body away to turn her into the last remnant of Fear forever. Amber's soul is gone, so she will never return to her original self, and Bete Noire is all that is left. Her soul was created by Agate's own soul emptying into nothingness and being filled with Fear before storing her creation inside of it. So while Betty may be Amber in body and memories (that Agate retained), her soul is entirely different. Her purpose is to kill everyone, especially the Red Soul, and then get erased from existence with everyone else. When Betty and Akumu are later spawned into the world after the barrier goes down, they were both genuinely sweet and cheerful, looking to explore the world before the soul of Agate arrived and corrupted her now-terrified creation.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after her Rasputinian Death at the hands of W.D.Gaster and her corpse was possessed by HATE. She soon did some sneaking around and learned from these actions that she was in a place where people from many worlds exist together. Learning that there were many types of monsters in the Pantheon, she decided to continue her quest to kill them all.
  • Upon ascension, the Undertale deities, having not come from her universe, were confused on who she was...until Sans made a visit to the House of Time and Temporality and learned about the many atrocities she had committed. After witnessing these events, he warned the rest of the deities from his home universe of her desire to kill all monsters and what she is capable of, including Flowey.
  • Has brought in Akumu as her herald and is almost never seen without him. He will always be present when she is in combat and the two will sometimes fuse to battle foes. She is against those that can manipulate souls like Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn and The Maiden In Black as Akumu happens to be the manifestation of her own soul. She also doesn’t like Akuma due to his raging demon having the power to destroy souls.
  • Having carried HATE in her body ever since she stole a vial of it and being terrified of what it would do if given the chance, she is very concerned about the disturbing amount of Omnicidal Maniacs in the Pantheon, much less an entire organization of them. However, she loathes Chaos above the other omnicidal maniacs due to its disturbing similarities to HATE and dislikes the idea of it ever getting her in its clutches.
  • Good friends with Mina Loveberry and the two will sometimes work together in trying to accomplish their goals of destroying all monsters. Both of them enjoy the company due to their major lack of allies while Star Butterfly is just unhappy that there are two of them now.
  • Given her hatred of monsters, it was no surprise that she would loathe the mere existence of the House of Otherness for being filled with many different kinds of monsters, and aims to kill them all as part of her plan. She feels her plans have become more justified as the House holds many genuinely dangerous and malevolent monsters, but on the other hand plenty of them are stronger than her, so she needs to take caution and get stronger before she can properly slay them. The denizens of the House are not pleased to know about her plans, and are willing to strike back should she try to make her assault on them.
    • On the topic of hating monsters, she's really peeved at how some monsters are living side-by-side with humans, and so is quite angry at Luka and Kimihito Kurusu for their efforts in building bridged between humanity and monsterkind in their worlds. Plus, them being in romantic relationships with monsters just aggrevates her more, especially Luka once she learned that the monsters in his world have hunted down humans for nourishment and amusement. The two and their monster companions dislike her in turn.
  • Once ran afoul of a group of Hot Rods while hunting for human souls and the people she was targeting were transformed into Heartless instead. Enraged, she killed them all and later learned that this was an attempt by Maleficent to increase the numbers of her forces. She has vowed to destroy the witch because of these events.
  • Hates war, having found the possibility of one between humans and monsters absolutely repulsive and horrifying. Because of this, she is enemies with Khorne, who doesn’t think much of her. Betty also opposes the House of War as well. The Forever War taking place in the Pantheon disgusts her as she fears the damage caused by the conflict will destroy everything. She wants to rule over humanity to keep them from making the mistakes they did in the past, not wipe them all out.
  • Actively opposes people who use Monsters of the Week. Because of this, Queen Beryl, The Death Busters, Joker, The Dead Moon Circus, Shocker, Yapool, The Alien Empera and Nightmare are all on her shitlist. However, a few of them stand out.
    • She once tried to strike at Queen Beryl’s temple and was driven off by some of her Youma. Queen Beryl doesn’t worry about Betty as she knows another one of her heralds, Kunzite, can just suffocate her to death.
    • She has actively gone after and thwarted multiple Death Buster plots. At one point, she was frozen in glass by one of their Daimons and only escaped because of Mina Loveberry and Baby Bonnie Hood.
    • Has also been opposing the Dead Moon Circus, putting a stop to many of their plans as well. Unfortunately for her, she made the mistake of attacking their leader during a time where she had been freed from her mirror. It went as well as you’d expect.
  • Became friends with Baby Bonnie Hood not only due to the role she played in saving her from the Death Busters, but also because they both desire to kill monsters. She, Mina Loveberry and Baby Bonnie Hood have dubbed themselves the “Monster Destroying Trio.”
  • The Batter once fought Betty with the intention of “Purifying” her. This was the result. Because of this, the two tend to clash every time they cross paths and neither is willing to say who the winner of their first fight was.
  • As Betty doesn’t have HATE within her in the Pantheon, she no longer has any of the abilities granted to her after a vial of it she stole was swallowed by Akumu in order to save her life. She plans on finding alternative ways to use these abilities, especially since she quite liked having the power to resurrect the dead and brainwash people.
  • Plans on stealing Grim’s Scythe due to the many powers it has access too. She has earned an enemy in Grim because it’s his scythe. Betty is also enemies with Mandy for these reasons as she doesn’t like it when Grim’s scythe is stolen by others. Not that Betty cares. She was surprised to learn that she successfully enslaved Grim, who is an aspect of death. She genuinely cares for Akumu, so she dislikes that Mandy is a Bad Boss to Grim. Mandy tried to intimidate her, only for Betty to make illusions of her worst fear.
  • Is supported by Colonel McCullough in her crusade to get rid of all monsters. She appreciates the thought, especially since she doesn’t have many allies and is trying to influence him into believing his own suspicions that Frisk is indeed a traitor to humanity.

Fiddlesticks, God of Evil Scarecrows (The Ancient Fear, The Harbinger of Doom)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scythe and a crow
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Pants-Shitting Scarecrows, Semi-Eldritch Abomination, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Bad Guys Using Dark Powers, Evil Laugh, Drain, CAWCAWCAWCAWCAW
  • Domains: Fear, crows, scarecrows, interpCAWCAWCAWCAW
  • Followers: Cacturne
  • Allies: Thaal Sinestro, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, the Nameless God
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients (Radiants and Dires)
  • Enemies: Jack Skellington, the Scarecrow (The Oz Gang), Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Morgana (the Phantom Thieves), Yousuke Otoha/Karas, Kosmo and Nova
  • Feared by: Yotsuba Koiwai, the Murkrow Flock
  • Fiddlestick's first appearance in the pantheon caused all crows in the House of Beasts to flock towards the temple of As Nodt. As Nodt was later found torn to shreds. This act resulted in the House of Justice to reevaluate As Nodt's position as the despotic god of fear. The Judge ruled that As Nodt's ascension was only due to supposedly killing Byakuya Kuchiki and not much else. As Nodt was then removed from the Pantheon.
    • Fiddlesticks originally attempted to take over as a God of Fear, giving an extensive list of those he had caused fear in, but Sinestro already had the position. He was instead given the title of God of Evil Scarecrows after Jericho Swain stated "Think logically for one secCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW". This was attested by the already ascended Darius and Draven, both having served under Swain at a time, claiming that it's Fiddlesticks' fault.
  • After ascending, Fiddlesticks was given an invitation to join The Sinestro Corps, to which Fiddlesticks accepted for unknown reasons. Although Sinestro himself is wise to prepare himself against possible backstabbing events, unlike that poor schmuck who summoned Fiddlesticks to Runeterra.
    • Fiddlestick is not happy with the addition of As Nodt to the Sinestro Corps, but Sinestro has managed to keep him in line. While he has promised not to rip As Nodt to pieces a second time, this does not exclude him from fearing and draining the former god...
  • While most gods are wary around Fiddlesticks, Jack Skellington appreciates his talents in scaring, and is in fact trying to find ways to incorporate his crows into Halloween festivities.
  • Is rumored to perform surprise parties, substituting his crows for balloon animals. Admittedly, what was missing is for him to conjure a Scary Black Man voice and then saying, "Surprise, motherfucker!"
  • It is not entirely sure what it is that people see when he casts his potent Terrify spell. Though there is a famous theory...
  • One day as Fiddlesticks wandered about he was seen to suddenly stop. For a long moment the scarecrow stood still, then violently twisted and jerked one way and another before Fiddlesticks finally collapsed, having torn his own body to pieces. A mass of black and red light flew from the remains overhead and out into a storage shed. A horrible cacophony of noise rang out from inside until a twisted thing of cloth and metal burst out, a murder of crows flying overhead.
  • After the startling transformation, many with the mind to began digging into history to find out what happened. They discovered that Fiddlesticks was far older than anyone realized. No mere scarecrow, it is an ancient demon, older than any of its like, and has been killing all across history to feed on the fear of its victims.
  • Having shed its old body, Fiddlesticks has to relearn how to vocalize in its new shell. Thus far, its crude, horrid voice has only mimicked other people speaking. Almost always, Fiddlesticks repeats the last words of its victims.

    Peppermint Butler 
Peppermint Butler, Divine Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant (Pep-But, Peps, Dark One)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His bow tie
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Evil inclinations.
  • Portfolio: Friendly Yet Full Of Terrors, Psycho Sidekick Yet Ultimately On Good's Side, Sort Of Evil, Undying Loyalty, Funny Psychopathic Good Guys, Hyper-Competent Battle Butler, "I'd Like Your Flesh", Would Hurt a Child, Much Older Than He Looks
  • Domains: Butlers, Candy, Loyalty, Evil, Terror
  • Followers: Guu, Marta, Fregley, Cecil Palmer
  • Allies: Princess Bubblegum, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Marceline, Lady Rainicorn, Lord Varys, Raven, Pinkie Pie, Darkrai, Jack Skellington, Tomoko Nozamo, Sebastian Michaelis
  • On good terms with: The Hall of Vampires, Prismo, Death the Horseman, Death (Regular Show), Decim
  • Drinking buddies with: HK-47, Ryuk
  • Enemies: The Lich, Orgalorg, The Vamps, Nekron, Shiro Tagachi, Prince Hans, Trigon, Ra's Al Ghul, Stocking Anarchy, Gluttony, Dhuum, Death Phantom
  • Opposes: The Ice King
  • Princess Bubblegum has ruled the Candy Kingdom for centuries, and for those centuries she's had the help of the friendly Peppermint Butler. Courteous, amiable and overall friendly he's seen as a great man. Behind that cheerfulness, however, lies a sinister side that loves demonic rituals, plays with Death and other things that bump in the night.
  • It should be worth noting that despite his cruel streak, Peppermint Butler is Lawful Neutral and not Lawful Evil. He's completely loyal to Princess Bubblegum, and is trying to keep the peace of the Candy Kingdom. He just happens to have some "hobbies" like cavorting with the infernal, but won't let them interfere with the good of the kingdom. Still creepy however.
  • Loving the macabre, he was happy to put of post in the House of Fear. His best friend there Darkrai, due to the nightmares he causes. While Darkrai points out it's mainly a self-defense mechanism, that doesn't stop Pep-But from being intrigued by the bad dreams produced. Darkrai helps him delve into the minds and dreams of others for...research. When not with Darkrai, he tries to keep away from Ra's Al Ghul; he's made an enemy of him for trying to steal from the Lazarus Pit in order to help Princess Bubblegum.
  • While Tomoko Nozamo held the position of Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, Peppermint Butler was permitted to take it as she already have Perky Goth. There's no hard feelings about this, and the two get long about spooky things. Asides from the macabre, he hangs out with Jack Skellington to share spooky stories with.
  • Fascinated with vampire lore. While he'll do his best to hunt them if needed be, but otherwise likes to visit the members of the House of Vampires. Above all, he's a colossal fanboy of Dracula himself. Almost instantly after entering the pantheon, Peppermint Butler asked the Lord of Vampires for autographs. Dracula agreed for a certain price. That price was the kid of one of his enemies.
    • On his off-days, he is seen making deals and trying to gain power from members of the House of Demons. Activities there have included trying to capture Pazuzu using Cinnamon Bun, experimenting with Behelits and partying it up in South Park Satan's Hell. He respects Sebastian the most, as they're both effective yet sinister butlers.
  • Can be seen conversing with Varys, as the two can agree that anything must be done for the good of the realm. He's interested in the eunuch's "little birds and spiders" so as to increase the Candy Kingdom's spy work. On a more casual level he can be seen bonding and sometimes drinking with HK-47 over being token evil teammates.
  • Is good friends with the Death of his world, which helped save Finn and Jake due to association onto their travel to the Underworld. He's managed to get along with the Deaths of Supernatural and Regular Show, the latter over a music bet. In particular he has strong synergy with the psychopomp Decim for being a butler. Dhuum, however, does not like him. He's disdainful towards him for using his friendship to help with cheating death.
  • When learning that the Grand United Alliance of Destruction had the Lich, he immediately alerted Princess Bubblegum. Nekron has noticed Peppermint Butler, and considers him a genuine threat as he's befriended some of the Deaths and can enter the Underworld at will. Pep-But also alerted Bubblegum about Stocking Anarchy and Gluttony, fearing that they may try to eat the Candy Kingdom.
  • Is trying to prevent suitors of Princess Bubblegum, as she's clearly not interested in them. This is especially the case of Prince Hans, whom he believes will attempt to usurp the Candy Kingdom through trying to marry her. Also keeping an eye out for Shiro Tagachi, as he naturally hates treacherous bodyguards.
  • Was interested in Raven, having noticed the Commonality Connection between her and Marceline. Having learned of her connection to Trigon, he's trying his best to use dark magic and lock the Ravager away forever. That, and most likely to try and steal his/her demonic essence for himself. Hard to tell, really.
  • Asides from his morbid interests, Peppermint Butler's a big fan of parties. When not hanging out at Prismo's, he likes to visit Pinkie Pie's parties. This may have something to do with both her and Bubblegum being really pink.
  • Finn once shipped Peppermint Bulter with Marceline using "little people". It...didn't end well.

Lesser Gods

    Michael Myers 
"I met him 15 years ago. I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding in even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this... six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and... the blackest eyes - the Devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up, because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil."
Dr. Samuel Loomis

Michael Audrey Myers, The Mysterious Slasher (The Shape, The Boogeyman, Evil on Two Legs)
Michael in his original appearance
Michael in his latest incarnation
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A knife over his iconic mask
  • Theme Music: Halloween Theme, his chase theme from Dead by Daylight
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Complete and Unrestrained Evil and Depravity, No Sense of Positive Traits or Moral Restraints, The Slasher Villain, Spree Killer, Prefers to Terrify and Drive his Victims in Despair Before Killing Them, Unrelenting Bloodthirst, No Reason and Justification in his Evil Actions, Invoking Fear and Dread to Everyone, Malevolent Masked Man, Implacable Man', Always Having a Knife as his Premiere Weapon'', Villain Protagonist, Beware the Quiet Ones, Evil Is Bigger, Will Never Give Up in his Pursuits, Having a Rather Mundane Name for a Villain, As Powerful as he is Intelligent, Black Eyes of Evil, Was Evil Since Childhood and Might have been Evil from the Very Beginning, Covered with Scars, Would Rather Keep his Face Hidden with his Mask, Hero Killer, Shrugging Off Hunshots, Menacing Stroll, Silent Antagonist, Is Great in Hiding and Remaining Hidden, Will Almost Easily Find Whoever he Wants to Target, Humanoid Abomination, Has a Morbid Sense of Humor
  • Domains: Evil, Chaos, Strength, Murder, Depravity, Resilience, Horror
  • Allies: None in the Conventional Sense; Michael is too One-Track-Minded to Care about Making Alliances. Though he'll Play Along with the Hunts Offered by The Entity to Satiate his Malice
  • Rivals: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, The Ghostface Killers, Bill Williamson, Jack the Ripper, Evan McMillan, William Afton/Springtrap
  • Arch-Enemy: Laurie Strode (his younger sister, depending on the continuity)
  • Enemies: Kenzo Tenma, Jack Skellington, Dexter Morgan, Sidney Prescott, Takuto Maruki, Frasier Crane, Fujino Asagami, Shiki Tohno, Shiki Ryougi, Haru Okumura, The Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Animatronics, Carrie White
  • Admired By: Johan Liebert
  • Interests: Molag Bal, Damien Thorne, Dio Brando, Victor Zsasz
  • Feared By: Koume Shirasaka
  • Opposed By: House of Family and Relatives, House of Law and Justice, Almost All Police Officers and Detectives
  • In one Halloween night in Haddonfield, Illinois, a young six-year-old boy murdered his older sister seemingly without any provocation and would later be sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium where he would reside for fifteen years and be looked after and studied by Dr. Samuel Loomis before making his escape and deciding to make his way back to his old home. Along the way, he catches the attention of a teenage girl, Laurie Strode, and makes it a goal to stalk and terrorize her, even killing her friends to further Laurie's anguish. After a brief scuffle, Laurie is saved by Loomis who shoots the man, but he suddenly disappears. Who is this man? If Loomis had to describe him, this is a man with absolutely no concept of good and no understanding about understanding anything positive. All this man knows and feels is evil and it somehow transcends this and makes itself less a man and a unadulterated force of pure evil. Thus was born the greatest terror of Haddonfield. This was The Shape. This was the horrifying legend of Michael Myers.
  • The details surrounding Michael's emergence and ascension in the Pantheon were about as shrouded in mystery as the man himself. As far as many were concerned, Michael just showed up one day and started to kill at an indiscriminate level, often leaving behind bloody floor gashes and corpses that range from being disjointed to being crushed and gutted repeatedly. Needless to say, many were on edge about a brutal spree killer making waves in the divine realms and Michael wasn't going to stop anytime soon, especially during the Halloween season when he really desires to relive his greatest pastime of butchering whoever he takes an interest. There were several killers in the Pantheon with similar modus operandi, but none of them matched the sheer mystique or the level of infamy that Michael Myers could inspire, and according to most, this reputation must have been why he ascended into the Pantheon. In Michael's perspective, he sees the Pantheon as nothing more than a glorified hunting spree; he's more than open to the idea of stalking and killing gods, be they titles o legitimate ones. He doesn't care about what kind of being his victims are, only that they are his victims.
  • Michael Myers is whom most would refer to as the personification of pure, unadulterated evil and depravity, an abnormal monster with nothing human about him. This was the conclusion that Dr. Loomis had concluded after studying and looking after Michael for 8 years and spent the remaining seven trying to keep him locked away for exactly that. True to form, all eyewitnesses describe Michael as completely one-sided in his evil; there's nothing to convince or reason with him on as all Michael cares about is razing as much death and destruction as he can for nothing other than his sadistic curiosity. He has killed men, women, children, the elderly, people of color, and people of differing sexual orientations, all with no remorse and no concern about their identity. He may be stronger than an average man, almost always has a butcher's knife in hand, and has seemingly superhuman durability, but his greatest skill is his intellect, having tricked and deceived many into falling into his traps and his utter determination to carry out his actions. Simply put, Michael will not be stopped in what he desires and the Pantheon is just another Haddonfield as far as he is concerned, with Laurie's place in the divine realms being just an extra souvenir for the dreaded spree killer.
  • Michael's animosity towards Laurie Strode has been an intense one and it's because of this that Laurie earned her place in the Pantheon as the premiere Final Girl. Though the exact circumstances of why Michael terrorizes Laurie has been a subject of debate; was it because Laurie had been staying in Michael's former house that he now sees as his personal territory, or was it because they have a personal connection? At first, it was confirmed and widely accepted that Laurie was Michael's younger sister and the former simply wanted to finish off his family either to appease a cult that was tied to Michael's supernatural presence or simply to satiate his own hunt, with said hunt being shifted to Laurie's daughter Jamie once she was no longer available. Then came an alternate setting where the two were unrelated, but this lack of familiarity didn't stop Michael from antagonizing Laurie once he came back and making an enemy out of her daughter and granddaughter, Karen and Allison, setting himself up as a Familial Foe. With Michael later killing Karen and several of Laurie's friends, this enmity furthered and would only end with one's death, which eventually happened when Michael was finally killed and had his body destroyed just to make sure he never comes back. The Pantheon hasn't stopped these turn of events from personally desiring revenge against Laurie, but he'll hunt and kill others during his spare time before coming across his Arch-Enemy. Perhaps he'll try to find other final girls to test his persistence and might against as a way to torment Laurie, fully aware that she's well-acquainted with them, whereas Laurie herself, while panicky and nervous, is readying herself in her inevitable encounter against Michael and is more than welcome to receive aid and support from her new friends, hoping that her next encounter with the Boogeyman will be their last.
  • Johan Liebert is the one other person who gets the most comparisons to Michael whenever the topic of "pure evil personified" is brought up. Furthermore, both are associated with doctors who are determined to put a stop to their evil, with Kenzo Tenma being terrified by the sheer carnage and depravity Michael is willing to unleash just for thrills and as an outlet to express his evil. That said, Johan and Michael are quite different; the former is emotionally expressive and likes to cause destruction by using manipulations and honeyed words, all whilst keeping a gentle, soft-spoken facade, while the latter is so single-minded in being direct about his evil that absolutely nothing could convince or deter him from his goals. Thanks to this dark determination and the sheer immensity of his vileness, Michael would end up being one of the very few individuals whom Johan is unable to convince into doing anything for him, and his charms mean nothing to him, but this led to a strange feeling for Johan; joy and admiration for the Boogeyman, as Johan is enthralled to see someone as distinctively as purely evil and unfettered as he was. Although Johan keeps his distance from the Shape, knowing that he would likely try to kill Johan as well, he still keeps tabs on Michael through whatever surveillance he can, interested to see how much destruction his evil could be and how corruptive of an influence Michael could spread.
  • In one continuity, Dr. Ranbir Sartain attempted to study and learn about what goes around Michael's head as well as get him to speak, thinking that Michael chooses to be mute instead of being physically incapable of speaking. His obsession was such that he was willing to let him set loose on Haddonfield to allow him to kickstart a new rampage there and quickly grew to admire his ferocity to the point where he would try to emulate him, completely going against the wishes of Loomis, whom Ranbir was a student of. Although the doctor would be killed by Michael himself, other psychologists would have their own feelings towards the Boogeyman of Haddonfield, with Kenzo Tenma being so terrified of him that he is willing to be his next biggest enemy and do his very best to stop him, especially after learning that Johan has a deep fascination and respect for Michael. Similarly, Frasier Crane also opposes Michael and decries him as a sadistic sociopath incapable of anything but malice, clearly making it clear he intends to keep as much distance from him as possible, though other psychologists like Angus Bumby and Hugo Strange have instead expressed strong curiosity for the Shape and instead sought to learn more from him, with Hugo even coming to admire Michael to a degree, seeing as an excellent power fantasy of evil and a being he would most eagerly want to emulate in some way in case he wants to take a break from Batman.
  • Michael may not be the only "slasher killer" or even the first, but he is among the very first and most notable ones whenever such a topic is bought up and this leads him into competition against fellow slashers like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees to see who could be the most notorious. Michael took this seriously, strangely enough, which caused him to invade Camp Crystal Lake and kill campers there, hoping to attract Jason's attention and prove himself the deadlier killer. Jason did show up… and killed Michael after an intense fight by smashing his head into pieces. This hasn't sat well with Michael and he hopes to settle the score again one day, though Freddy mocking him with said loss hasn't helped either, even if Michael is able to overcome his dream-invading tactics and the Boogeyman has proven himself the physically superior fighter towards the Bastard Son of a Hundred Maniacs a few times. Finally, Evan McMillan has proven to be a challenging rival to Michael thanks to the two of them being part of a hunting spree hosted by a mysterious entity and while the two don't meet often, Michael has no compunctions about killing Evan should they ever do so, which the latter interprets as the former simply not being good at socializing and making sure the Boogeyman at least doesn't ruin Evan's fun.
  • While an inhumane monster, Michael has his fans in the horror genre community for how frighteningly effective he is as a villain. This doesn't translate too well in the Pantheon as here, he is not a fictional character and his infant can be now delivered to whoever admires him for his villainy in a fictitious sense. Koime Shirasaka would rather not think about him at all and just focus on any other horror work to get herself placated on, even admitting that Michael does terrify her, even outside Halloween. Haru Okumura doesn't cross paths with Michael too much, given her occupation as a Phantom Thief, but she is taken aback by the senselessness of his depravity and while she does intend to stop him, she does wonder if she and her fellow thieves are even able to wipe away his mind and personality, considering Michael's total inability to think of anything else other than evil desires and dreading the possibility of what kind of Palace he has in his mind. On the other hand, most of those who don the Ghostfsce persona still retain their admiration for the Boogeyman and are ecstatic about being able to co-exist with the real deal in the divine realms, though even then, they keep their distance and would prefer picking other hunting places as they're aware that Michael has no interest in sharing the spoils of spreading misery and murder with a fellow killer, even being willing to kill a Ghostface if they ever encounter each other.
  • The Pantheon is not without its collection of mass murderers and Michael is no exception. Being a native of a small town before becoming an instrument of terror and destruction, he gets this comparison with Bill Williamson, an anarchistic terrorist who seemingly believes his incomprehensible rhetoric despite clearly being too giddy about his rampages. He personally finds Michael to be boring because killing for no reason and being completely mute for some reason means there's no fun in him, though he does give some credit for how resilient he is and the chaos he desires to create. On the subject of killing for the sake of enjoyment, William Afton respects the Boogeyman for his continued haunting of Haddonfield for more than forty years and cites him as a major inspiration for continuing to kill and a worthy rival. Not surprisingly, Michael is sometimes treated by some as an honorary patron saint for the House of Slaughter and wish to see him there someday, even if they're aware that the Boogeyman doesn't concern himself much with Houses and Hall, only with what is there for him to kill.
  • Given his actions, Michael has dealt with the police before and has taken more than enough gunshots and explosives to kill several people, yet he manages to resurface and live to see another day, much to everyone's shock and dismay. Of course, Michael has killed a number of police officers solely because they got in his way and the Boogeyman is more than willing to give them a painful, drawn-out death as his statement for them annoying him. Not only has the House of Law and Justice listed a permanent ban for Michael ever entering their grounds, but the House has even gone further and ordered a "kill on sight" rule on Michael, knowing that killing him is the only true way to keep Michael from attacking and hurting anyone. The divine realms have provided a greater challenge for Michael, for he has to deal with ordinary cops and superpowered ones in the likes of Judge Dredd, RoboCop, and Kamen Rider Drive and Michael knows would outclass him in pure strength, causing him to rely more on being stealthy and more selective on whatever hunting grounds he fancies. Though if he will, he'll attack and kill whichever officer or detective dares to come across him and he'll likely do it to send a message to the Pantheon about him being a mass Cop Killer and to satisfy his murderously twisted urges.
  • His reputation as evil incarnate is a major reason for why he is so feared, evil is basically all there is to him and there is no distinction he can or wants to make when it comes to morality. However, there is the mystery of whether he was born evil or evil suddenly manifested in him on the day he decided to kill Judith. Did Michael even have a choice in being evil? An interesting question, but ultimately a naught one as at this point, Michael does seem to be a personification of evil and he seems to relish in it. Damien Thorn quickly took notice and strangely felt relatable with the Boogeyman as, from Damien's perspective, it was fate for them to be advocates of evil, but where Damien serves a greater evil as his herald to bring about the ultimate victory for evil, Michael only desires to kill and destroy to his heart's content. Dio Brando also found Michael to be a fascinating being and muses his direct, yet simplistic thoughts as the bluntest, yet profane sort of malice possible. Although he himself was accused of being inherently evil, Dio believes there was something about Michael that felt incomprehensible and that's what made his evil so unique and terrifying, hence why the Stand-using vampire sometimes brings up the Shape in case his conversations end up being about the nature and understanding of evil and its associated actions and quirks.
  • Michael is utterly despised and feared by everyone in the House of Family and Relatives and absolutely nobody there wants to associate themselves with the Boogeyman in any way. It's bad enough that he killed his older sister for what might as well be no reasonnote , but then there's attacking Laurie, his younger sister, then trying to hunt down his own niece Jamie and then shifting his priorities to kill Jamie's son after Michael finally got to kill hernote  after sexually violating Jamie at some point. The Heroic Protectors of Family have decided that Michael needs to be killed because he simply cannot be reasoned with and he'll never stop killing others just to sate his morbid desires and the Child Abuse Supporters realize that they're better off not dealing with Michael as they know that trying to negotiate with the Shape is either going to net them with disappointing results or worse, get themselves killed. Even those who are guilty of killing their own relatives find Michael a pain to deal with for obvious reasons, either feeling that his lack of interest in making any allies makes him a boring man or they're intimidated and disgusted by just how unfettered he is. The one time Michael came close to the House, a lockdown was initiated to keep the more vulnerable members safe while those who could fight back assembled with the sole intent of pushing back the Boogeyman as far away as they could, even if lethal force had to be used. And even with a recent timeline discontinuing him and Laurie being related, the fact that Michael will still kill other families without a hint of shame and remorse means the House's feelings towards him remain unchanged, but all Michael really cares about is just getting back at them and that makes double if Laurie ever finds herself there.
  • Haddonfield was once an ordinary town with nothing really noteworthy going on or a monument that sticks out… until Michael murdered his sister and then he escaped the facility he was housed in fifteen years later. His actions basically led Haddonfield to become a Town with a Dark Secret where people would spread horror tales about the Boogeyman and make references to the grim legacy he had created. Although Haddonfield isn't an ascended domain in the Pantheon, Michael doesn't worry much and, if anything, he'll give the divine realms the exact same treatment as he did to his old town. Frighteningly, masks modeled after his iconic one (or rather, those facially based on William Shatner) are popular ones to pick for any horror or Halloween enthusiasts. In fact, people mistaking cosplayers for the Shape has happened a few times and he's taken advantage of that confusion to cause even more mayhem and violence. Perhaps Michael provided inspiration for Ghostface to become the dark town story in Woodsboro, California, and the only one who can match the infamy of single-handedly turning a town into a horror story is Carrie White and her rage-induced madness in Chamberlain, Maine after being bullied, abused, and humiliated one too many times. Even with this similarity, Carrie makes it clear that she will kill the Boogeyman if he ever dares to come near her or those she cares about.
  • In one timeline, Michael was under the control of an organization known as the Cult of Thorn, led by Dr. Terrence Wynn, an ex-co-worker of Loomis, who was able to bring Michael under their control to cause massacres on Haddonfield, though either way, Michael proved to be beyond control, broke free from the cult's control and killed Wynn and the other members to firmly establish itself as an untamed force of depravity. Of course, there's Sartain himself, but the Pantheon was in no shortage of those who wished to have the Boogeyman be of use to their plans and goals in some way. While an alliance is not possible, Molag Bal is very impressed with Michael's evil and destructive capabilities in spite of seeming to be a normal man in comparison to many others in the Pantheon and sometimes oversees the Shape, even discreetly aiding him without his knowledge to witness what Michael can do, not to mention seeing him as one of the greatest examples of evil taking an anthropomorphic shape. Victor Zsasz, a nihilistic serial killer, is also an admirer of Michael and cites him as an example of how nothing really matters, given the Boogeyman's knack for killing for no reason or motive whatsoever. Though, unlike Bal, Zsasz would be willing to directly confront Michael, not caring about whether he would die in their encounter with one another as he is interested in seeing Michael's brutality and the truest form of evil in a person.

Sharptooth, God of Scary Teeth
  • Lesser God, borderline Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A huge, toothy T-Rex jaw
  • Theme Song: Sharptooth and the Earthquake (Specifically the second-half)
  • Alignment: Depending on the Version (Chaotic Neutral in the Film, Chaotic Evil in the Novelization)
  • Portfolio: Tyrannosaurus rex who seems More Impressive than the Actual Animal (regardless of Inaccuracy), Perpetually Raging Berserker, Feared by all other Dinosaurs, Blinded Right Eye, Wants Revenge on Littlefoot (whose Mother he himself Killed), Death Glare, Having a mouthful of Bone-Crunching Teeth, The Main Antagonist but Ultimately not too integral to the Overall Plot, Ridiculously Resilient and Persistent, Has no Speaking Lines
  • Allies: Riptor, Spinosaurus, Gwangi, Indominus Rex, Dag, One Eye
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Beastmen, Damien Thorn
  • Source of Interest for: Malekith
  • Rival: Glavenus
  • Enemies: The Gang of Seven, Speckles, Regina, Rampardos, Rexie, Dino, Hoppy, Big Al, Yoshi, Tarzan, Mowgli, Rexxar, The Monster Hunters
  • Feared by: The Pteranodon family
  • Opposes: Mario, Cappy, King Kong, Deviljho
  • Opposed By: Most of the House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Sharptooth is the generic name for all of the large theropod dinosaurs prowling around the Great Valley. While they are denied access of ever entering, they do not stop in regards to being persistent about finding prey that originate from the Great Valley, intending to pick them apart for the sake of survival. One such Sharptooth, an unnaturally strong and resilient Tyrannosaurus rex, is no exception, except that in its case, the world of the dinosaurs was reaching a very dark time and desperation began to kick in. Beforehand however, it was able to rack up quite the terrifying reputation, becoming the one dinosaur the rest feared. The Sharptooth proved its case when fighting against a Longneck who asserted to her son Littlefoot to run away, all amidst an earthquake as she and the Sharptooth engaged in a bloody battle that ended in a tie with the Sharptooth falling down a chasm and Littlefoot's mother dying shortly afterwards. Despite the fall, Sharptooth managed to survive and hounded Littlefoot and his friends until he was finally lured into a watery chasm where Littlefoot and his friends were able to knock a boulder onto the tyrannosaur's chest to drown the beast to death.
    • Like most theropods, Sharptooth's motivation was simply to survive, despite its ridiculous aggression. In an alternative take, Sharptooth is no ordinary predator, for he is instead, a vain and entitled animal who slaughters not for meat, but for fun. And his reason for wanting to Littlefoot and his friends is mainly because the young sauropod blinded his right eye and he feels insulted by it, in addition to wanting to kickstart a killing spree in the Great Valley once he was done with the kids.
  • Sharptooth groaned in frustration, opening its eyes and witnessing lush greenry around him. He rose up to discover what appeared to be a land different from the one that he used to prowl. Out of curiosity, he wandered around, looking for any potential meal to discover. While it doesn't have much to process about the Pantheon, Sharptooth is content with the fact that he is still living. He was surprised to see a group of animals in harmony. These weren't dinosaurs, but that only made him more interested. He made a surprise attack, and managed to kill a boar for snack. Satisfied with its newest kill and ready to begin a new hunt, Sharptooth roared furiously, signalling its presence in the Pantheon.
  • Sharptooth is... not liked by a majority of the animal deities and residents in the Pantheon. While being a ferocious predator is to be expected, many did not anticipate Sharptooth's sheer persistence and perpetual rage it keeps displaying and whenever he stumbles across an occupied environment, he usually manages to make the whole area deserted and kill at least one animal to dine upon.
  • The Gang of Seven were not happy with Sharptooth's presence in the Pantheon. Heck, the group ascended after getting to defeat the tyrannosaur again in order to usurp his Pantheon position for Small Taxonomy Pools. This has left Sharptooth even more humiliated and angry, having his representation swapped to Scary Teeth instead. While he still hates Littlefoot the most out of the core group for obvious reasons, Sharptooth also utterly despises Chomper for being the same species as him, yet still wind up being best friends with the very group he has tried to kill and lost against.
  • Outside of the Littlefoot, Sharptooth has another Arch-Enemy; Speckles the Tarbosaurus. Once Sharptooth saw him and decided to elicit a fight between the two, thinking Speckles was trespassing his hunting grounds. Speckles managed to stand his ground and deliver a few good hits, but was beginning to feel overwhelmed by Sharptooth's resilience until Rexie's interruption helped to drive Sharptooth out. Speckles initially didn't have much feelings for Sharptooth, until he realized his role in Littlefoot's mother's death and the fact that he was a sadistic beast who preferring killing for fun rather than survival. Having flashbacks from his previous Arch-Enemy, One Eye, who also killed Speckles's family, Speckles has since began to deeply oppose Sharptooth. Despite this, he's more focused on taking care of his son, but if Sharptooth ever tries to go after him, all bets are off on Speckles's part.
    • Upon noticing how Speckles hates him for reminding him of a terrible past, Sharptooth decided to elect One Eye as his High Priest in the Pantheon, solely to spite Speckles for daring to even be friends with the Gang of Seven. Speckles was beyond angry for these turn of events and has taken extra measures in securing his family's safety. Luckily, he has other friends when it comes to combating against the two malicious tyrannosaurs. That said, Sharptooth and One Eye get along pretty well due to their similarities and putting aside territorial issues to work together in devouring their enemies.
  • Somewhat lost during its time in the Pantheon, Sharptooth was able to secure a power trio with Riptor and the Indominus Rex, given they were evil dinosaurs with similar issues. He'll often allow them into his territory just in case they're suddenly attacked and Sharptooth wants to make sure it develops a powerful-enough group to take as much prey as they could. That is, unless they suddenly get food shortage, after which Sharptooth would have no other choice but to also kill its own allies if it means survival.
  • Due to being a large predator, Sharptooth has to deal with its own plethora of competition. He has a pretty notable one with Glavenus, though Sharptooth normally looses fights against the Brute Wyvern despite putting up a good fight. He also deals with fellow tyrannosaurs Tyrantrum and Rexie, but unlike Glavenus, they aren't hesitant about disliking him. In addition to finding him far too crazed and sadistic for a predator and not even bothering to acknowledge him as a decent challenge which was surprising how capable he is, Rexie had but a harsh rebuff to give to Sharptooth:
    "I defeated raptors, fought a T-Rex/Catfish/Frog/Raptor hybrid with a little help, and survived to the end of the day. You were defeated by 5 children when they dropped a rock on you! You're not worth my time."
  • It is unknown how Sharptooth and Godzilla see each other, although the T-Rex seems wary of the giant mutant dinosaur. The first time he laid eyes on the King of the Monsters, Sharptooth was overwhelmed by just how BIG he was, and when he caught sight of Godzilla using his radioactive breath weapon, that didn't help. Godzilla doesn't seem to notice Sharptooth.
    • Has struck an enmity against King Kong after learning it has coexisted with dinosaurs. But after learning about how it was able to defeat a trio of Vastatosaurs (Themselves highly evolved tyrannosaurs), Sharptooth is taking some distance away from the great ape, unless he is able to get more allies to fight alongside him. Sharptooth has also encountered the Deviljho on a few separate instances and has expressed jealousy on how the Brute Wyvern is able to go against and even intimidate beasts with overwhelming power themselves. While Sharptooth can fight Deviljho and put up a decent fight despite losing, it doesn't want to think about how devastating a Savage Deviljho could be.
  • He doesn't have much to think about humans beyond being simply prey to feast upon. That all changed when Sharptooth encountered Regina, who was monitoring the Prehistoric Beasts sub-house to see if there were any anomalies spurting out and keeping them on check. Sharptooth lunged at the S.O.R.T. spy, thinking it would be an easy meal. What he didn't expect was Regina being able to put up a tough fight and repelling Sharptooth with a wide assortment of weaponry. This has not boded well for Sharptooth who has since regarded Regina as another Arch-Enemy in lieu of Speckles and the Gang of Seven.
    • Sharptooth's enmity against Regina was so much, it wound up pursing her to a lab facility in the House of Undead and Phasmata. It didn't care about the surrounding zombies and other grotesque creatures there so much as Sharptooth could go out of its way to kill Regina for humiliating him. The dinosaur's presence also caught the attention of Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and Albert Wesker with concern for the former two regarding Regina and amusement for the latter, with Wesker keeping a close eye on Sharptooth ever since. That said, Wesker is biding his time until he needs Sharptooth for further use.
  • Because of his tendency to rampage a lot in the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature, there are instances where Mario and Cappy are often sent to confront the situation. Mario is able to outwit Sharptooth and alow Cappy to possess the malicious dinosaur long enough to have it transported back to its territory. Naturally, Sharptooth hates Mario and Cappy for interrupting its hunting sprees and it plotting with Riptor and the Indominus in taking him down.
  • It's seething rage has attracted the attention of the Witch-King, Malekith, who was impressed by it. Himself being driven by hate and seeing the tyrannosaur be vicious even by dinosaur standards, Malekith has tried to lull Sharptooth to its allegiance, but the tyrannosaur simply roared back and attacked the Dark King. On a similar note, Rexxar has tried to tame the beast, only for several attacks later to realize that Sharptooth is simply incapable of being restrained, let alone tamed. While Rexxar has entirely given up, Malekith still tries to tame Sharptooth every once in a while.

Spooky, Goddess of Haunted Houses (Spook, Spooks, Mrs. Spook)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Spooky's face
  • Theme Songs: The House That Spook Built, A Smile Beneath Your Skin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral? Nobody is sure...
  • Portfolio: Terrible Boss, Cute and Psycho, Cute Ghost Girl, Hates being called "Cute", Deadpan Snarker, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Likes Machetes
  • Dominions: Ghosts, Haunted Houses, Various Horror Monsters, Cuteness, Jump Scares
  • Heralds: All the (unascended) specimens held in her Mansion
  • Allies: Giygas, Diablo, The Perfect Trumpet Thingy, Sadako Yamamura, Pyramid Head, Majora's Mask, The Fazbear Gang, The Puppet, The Slenderman, The Incubators, BEN, Jack the Ripper, SCP-173, SCP-1048, SCP-2006
  • Rivals: The SCP Foundation
  • Enemies: Link, Luigi, The Ghostbusters, Xerneas, Bambi, Usalia, Artix Von Krieger, Hisako, Pac-Man, the Puella Magi, Erma
  • Opposes: Any gun or axe user.
  • Opposed by: House of Food, Isaac
  • Annoyed by: Casper, Rena Ryuugu, Saphire Rodhonite, Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Scares: Ragna The Bloodedge, Mako Reizei, Nao Midorikawa
  • Underlings: The Specimens, Napstablook
  • It's really something to say when a huge mansion on top of a hill suddenly showed up in the Pantheon. From there a ghost girl emerged, inviting various bystanders to explore the mysterious mansion. The catch? The mansion is made of about a thousand rooms worth of exploration and it holds unimaginable horrors within. Many gods adventured into the unknown house but no one came back. (Well they did, but they don't want to talk about what happened inside)
    • It was later decided that, to prevent more disappearances, that the mansion was declared Spooky's domain and gave her a title so nobody would dare enter again. There are still some fearless gods who enters much to Spooky's amusement.
  • What is Spooky's objective? Get enough people killed in her mansion to make a Ghost Army and Take Over the World so people would take her seriously. Unfortunately, said rules doesn't apply here but Spooky is still trying to find a way to realize that objective.
    • As a backup plan, the court of Gods decided to task Luigi and the Ghostbusters to deal with said threat should the day come.
  • Hates Casper for trying to befriend her, even when she is actively avoiding him in the first place. Ghosts shouldn't be friendly, they should be scary or terrifying! However, she thinks that he would make an excellent specimen 1.
    • Another Ghost she can't stand is Yuyuko Saigyouji, for the Simple fact that she is another Cute Ghost Girl.
  • Apparently, she owns a small forest inhabited by killer deer. For that fact both Xerneas and Bambi actively oppose her for having such creatures living in the house. It became worse when they found out that the leader was a huge humanoid deer that behaves like a Wendigo and apparently, is made out of people it consumed
  • Murdered Santa Claus once. She claims that she didn't have to do anything with that, saying that he died from a Heart attack propelled by the Ghost props. She still didn't explain why was he covered in blood though.
  • She posses a really strange puppet with mysterious powers that could even give The Weeping Angels a run for their money. This has greatly left Link concerned, as that puppet reminds him of the Happy Mask Salesman. It was made worse when spooky was seen casually chatting with Majora's Mask.
  • Admires Ostarion for being the Leader of a Wraith Army and aspires to become like him one day. Wraith King on his part, is interested on taking Spooky as his apprentice.
  • It's been reported that she actually murdered Pac-Man once. The latter doesn't want to talk about that but it's clearly not happy with Spooky.
  • Sometimes, she likes to dress like this or this. Neither The Engineer nor The Heavy know what to think about her.
  • There was one time where she tried to sell some weird hamburgers that, according to her, were made on her mansion with special "Beef" meat. Nobody trusted her and after a series of investigations, it was later revealed that some kind of demon was behind the creation of those burgers. As a result, Spooky is restricted to enter the House of Food again.
  • Rumored to have some sort of agreement with Kyubey. There is no basis for this theory yet but a A strange poster has been recovered from one of her mansion's rooms linking at the Incubator.
    • Obviously, Madoka and the rest of the Puella Magi didn't like that and openly oppose Spooky's schemes. Spooky doesn't pay them attention, however, she has strong dislike for Mami, since she is very fond of guns.
  • Isn't a big fan of axes, as the last visitor she had found one in her home and made a BIG mess. Any ax user is fed up with her because she is always taking away their stamina. The most prominent axe wielder is the Undead Slayer Artix von Krieger who has come to this temple just because he has an unhealthy obsession with smiting the undead and the fact that taking away his axe will not strip him of his powers. Spooky learned that the hard way when he unleashed a humongous beam of energy from the Spirit Orbs he gained after a ten million Undead slaughter back in his home world.
    • However, she hates guns, for the fact that she died because of one trigger-happy person. For that reason, she stays far away from the House of Weapons.
  • Don't you ever dare call her cute, she hates being called cute and that's one of the reasons she ended up dead in the first place. The last time someone called her cute... well...she slaughtered a lot of people in a mall (There are people that say that's actually an arcade game, actually that game was based on Spooky's Rampage and it was a lot less bloody)
  • After a long investigation around the Pantheon, she decided that she would "reorganize" his House in order to improve the specimens kept there and add more danger to the mansion. She enlisted various ghost to fill the spots of some of the Creatures found there. Not everyone featured has agreed with her, but their opinion did not matter to her.
    • Napstablook as Specimen 1
    • Arachne and Anub'arak as Specimen 3
    • Hisako and Sadako Yamamura as Specimen 4
    • Pyramid Head as a Specimen 5
    • BEN and The Weeping Angels as Specimen 6
    • Giygas as Specimen 7
    • The Wendigo as Specimen 8
    • Gengar as Specimen 9 (Mega Evolving it when it comes time to directly fight someone)
    • Diablo as Specimen 11
    • Jack the Ripper as Specimen 12
    • The Dazzlings as Specimen 13
      • She wasn't able to find replacements for Specimens 2, 9 and 10 but she is still in the hunt for those.
  • Due to copyright issues, Spooky's House of Jumpscares was renamed to Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. Spooky's opinion of this is unknown.
  • Can also be found in Architecture.


    Koume Shirasaka 
Koume Shirasaka, Goddess of Loving the Macabre
Her fantasy self
  • Quasideity (Lesser in her virtual/dream form)
  • Symbol: Her blood-stained jacket (Or is it ketchup?)
  • Theme Music: Chiisana Koi no Misshitsu Jiken and Bloody Festa
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Loves All Things Scary and Macabre, Creepy Child Sometimes, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Telling Ghost Stories, Seeing The Dead, Shrinking Violet, Not Used To The Living
  • Domains: Music, Horror, Undead, Fashion
  • High Priestess: Creepy Susie
  • Followers: Sucy Manbavaran
  • Adores: The House of Undead and Phasmata, Many Ghosts and Zombies In General
  • Allies: Ranko Kanzaki, 765 Pro, Franchouchou, Rottytops, Chihiro Furuya and Rea Sanka, Daniel Fortesque, Sans and Papyrus, Jack Skellington, Casper, Danny Fenton, Reimi Sugimoto, Yuyuko Saigyouji and Youmu Konpaku, C, Erma Williams, Long Horse, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Ashley (WarioWare), Skid and Pump, Yuri (DDLC), Fujino Asagami, Chiya Ujimatsu, Junpei Iori, Norman Babcock and Agatha Prenderghast, Cole Sear and Malcolm Crowe, Jintan and Menma
  • Enemies: Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, the Ghostface Killers, Springtrap, Lisa (Silent Hills), Nekron, Nagash
  • Admires: The Hunter (Bloodborne)
  • Opposes: King Boo, Dark Danny, Lisa (Silent Hills), Nekron, Nagash
  • Opposed by: Spooky
  • Horror is something that scares many people, sending shivers down their spine and leaving them awake at night, afraid of what's lurking in the shadows. For some others, horror is fascinating and enjoyable, something to obsess over in great detail, and Koume Shirasaka is one of them. She's a sweet and shy 13 year old girl who just so happens to love anything horrific and gory like zombies, ghosts, graveyards and death, finding such topics cute and fun. While she tends to scare her friends, she doesn't mean any harm. Tricked into becoming an idol by her mom convincing her that they're going to see a horror movie, she's one of the many girls a producer must manage to stardom.
  • Graveyards are a grim, gloomy place devoid of life. Stones and sticks marking the dead cover the ground, and in a fantastucal place like the Pantheon, the ghosts of the fallen haunt their final resting place. Not many humans dare stay there for long and enjoy it... yet one girl was first discovered in the divine realm wandering in such a place actively enjoying it and taking in the spectacle with the joy and wonder of an innocent child. The sight of seeing real ghosts made Koume's heart soar with delight; taking that turn during a walk in a dark woods really made her discover wonderful things! And with her newfound divinity, she can discover more terrific frights lurking within the shadows when not occupied with her idol duties.
  • From the world where Koume hails from, idol singers are incredibly commonplace, with dozens taking up the stage and performing to the best of their ability. It's perhaps no suprise that 765 pro, the original idol group of that world, would be present, Koume, on her part, likes and respects them for being trailblazers in their area of work. While there are other idols that Koume gets along with well, she's closest to Ranko Kanzaki, a fellow enjoyer of gothic and macabre topics. Even if their tastes don't align perfectly (Ranko cannot digest gory topics all that well), they're the bestest friends, enjoy each others company and even perform together. She's even one of the few who can understand her obtuse chuuni-speak! If someone doesn't get what Ranko said, she's more than happy to be her translator.
  • The House of Undead and Phasmata is seldom visited by the living. Going there without any sort of protection is effectively making yourself vulnerable to blood-sucking vampires, possession-happy ghosts and brain-hungry zombies, looking to find their next fresh meal. Not that those details mean much to Koume, though; she was instead overjoyed to hear about a place where all sorts of scary undead monsters roam, especially since they're completely real and not people in costumes. Because of this fascination, she is one of the House's few frequent living visitors, wandering the moonlit grounds and taking in all the breathtaking horrific scenery. Even the dangers lurking in every shadow and grave only amaze her, never making her flee in a second. Many people can't believe that a young, powerless, defenseless girl could go in and out the House unscaved multiple times, and yet she remains okay to this day.
    • Koume has shown great interest in other Houses besides Undead and Phasmata. One such place is the land of her temple Dread and Valor, specifically the "dread" section. The frightening, mangled landscape of the land and the equally scary deities living there only make her excited to see all the eerie wonders that lie in the Halls. Waltzing though those dark grounds and seeing so many terrifying individuals without any fear whatsoever clearly means she has a lot of valor. More disturbingly, she has also taken an interest in the House of Slaughter, one of the least child-friendly places in the Pantheon. Having seen much gory violence in horror movies, she's curious about seeing it in real life, much to everyone's horror. Thus, she gets dragged away from the slaughterhouse whenever she tries to walk into its halls, much to her disappointment.
  • Zombies, ghosts and all sorts of undead ghouls aren't real, but they're great for scares. That's why they appear in so many horror works. But in the Pantheon, they're more than real, which is great for someone who's discomforted by the living and thinks that a zombie apocalypse would qualify as a perfect day. Obviously, with her visits to the House of Undead and Phasmata, Koume would meet up with many of Pantheon's post-mortem civilians and even befriend the friendlier ones. First of all, she sought out the zombies, as she's a big fan of them. Rottytops was her first undead friend, where she overwhelmed the zombie girl with her fangirling. Even when threatened to have her brains eaten, Koume was more flattered than scared, considering it a great honor to get devoured by a zombie. Afterwards, Rottytops decided that she's better off humoring the girl by acting more zombie-like around her. Later, she would become close with Chihiro Furuya and Rea Sanka, the former for also being a zombie enthusiast and the latter for being a zombie herself. Hearing of Rea's father and his once-terrible treatment of her, she declared that becoming a zombie was the best thing that could've happened to her. Lastly, Koume was over the to discover Franchouchou, an idol group entirely consisting of zombies. She was quick to call them her all-favorite idols and didn't hesitate to request them to perform without makeup more often and to collab with her some time. The girls were pretty unused to someone finding them cool because they're undead, but tried to roll with it; after all, their true selves aren't a secret in the Pantheon.
    • Of course, zombies aren't the only undead beings Koume would want to meet and befriend. With there being many ghosts around, she visited the Hall of Ghosts next in her search for more cool ghouls. Indeed, there were many she met and befriended, like Casper, Yuyuko and Youmu, Danny Phantom, Reimi Sugimoto and C. Of them, she was more enthralled than disturbed by Reimi's wound, think's Danny's existence and superhero job is cool and finds C funny for resembling a Bedsheet Ghost. Of all the ghosts around, she likes Erma Williams the most due to her creepy moments, and became a close friend of hers. Whenever Erma's being creepy, expect Koume to be one of the few to not be scared at all. And with there being many spooky scary skeletons around, Koume inevitably met up with some of them, like Sans, Papyrus and Daniel Fortesque. She was amused by the skeleton brothers antics and finds Daniel's spooky adventures to be interesting. But most importantly, she got along with Jack Skellington very well; he's a spooky skeleton who loves scaring others and celebrates Halloween all year round! What's not to love? Jack likewise accepted her as an honorary member of Halloween Town so she can see all sorts of scares whenever she wants. While she likes the undead she met well enough, she wishes that they were a bit scarier sometimes. What's the point of being undead if they can't scare others?
    • Not all undead beings are so approachable. Just as some are nice and friendly, others are hostile and malevolent, thinking nothing of endangering the living and possibly adding them to their ranks. As much as Koume loves the undead, even she knows that approaching certain monsters is a guaranteed death sentence. For this reason, she has made sure not to get near the likes of Nekron, Nagash, Lisa, Dark Danny, King Boo and Springtrap, as well as making sure to not get associated with them or accused as a sympathizer. After all, with Nekron and Nagash's desire to dominate the living, Lisa ferociousness, Dark Danny's cruelty, King Boo's psychotic sadism and especially Springtrap's child-killing activities, she knows that she's just a valid target as anyone else for them. On a side note, notorious ghost girl Spooky, outraged over her cuddly feelings toward the undead, tricked Koume into her mansion to scare the fear of the undead into her, and probably kill her for good measure. But not only did Koume get out in one piece, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, gushing over the Specimens as she navigated the halls, which only pissed off Spooky even further.
  • Koume loves horror movies. The dark atmosphere, helpless protagonists running away from scary monsters, masked madmen hacking their victims to pieces... it's all so enthralling to her. And watching them in the middle of the night with only a screen to illuminate the room just makes the experience better. And far from being mere fiction, those same monsters and killers exist in this very divine realm! Too bad that, being real, they're as willing to harm Koume like anyone else. But she is no blind fangirl; Koume is fully aware of the atrocities that those like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Leatherface and the Ghostface Killers commit, and thus has no intention of meeting them anytime soon. They're fun to watch on the silver screen, but they're just abominable in real life. Thankfully, that Long Horse fellow is actually a nice fellow once you see him in your dreams, and Koume became a good friend of him when she met him. A certain Hunter from Yharnham has also gotten her attention, and she watches them from the background with great interest as they slice and shoot monsters in their dark cloaks.
  • Horror topics might not something you'd expect someone to get into with enthusiasm, but Koume isn't an ordinary person. Not many idols back home share her peculiar taste, but could there be others who are into such things? Yes, there is! And what could be less ordinary than Gomez and Morticia Addams? Koume immediately felt a connection between them when she walked into their temple, and their unashamed love of all things macabre made her heart soar with joy. Thus, she is welcome into their temple anytime to hang out with the kooky, spooky family. Ashley is also another spooky mansion-dweller that Koume got attached to, and she's very interested in her brews and spells. As long as she doesn't cause too much trouble, Ashley has no problem calling her a friend. Predictably, she became comrades with spooky month-loving kids Skid and Pump, and the two accepted her as a fellow spooky month lover. Expect them to wander the night together on Halloween, and there are even rumors running around that she's planning on having them perform their signature dance in a future music video. Alongside watching horror films with Fujino Asagami and telling chilling ghost stories with Chiya Ujimatsu and Junpei Iori, Koume has made plenty of friends who share the same interests as her.
  • Koume claims that she can see and communicate with the spirits of the dead. While it's very debatable if she really has that ability in her home realm, in the fantastical Pantheon, it is indeed provably real. What most people don't know is that the world is teeming with the spirits of the long departed still walking around with their earthly baggage tied to them, but thankfully there are others who can see the dead, like Cole Sear, Norman Babcock and Agatha Prenderghast. Hearing of how Malcom Crowe died and saw how other ghosts met their terrible fates, as well as how Norman and especially Agatha faced discrimination and fear for their powers made her more resolute in her distrust for the living. Zombies, ghosts and vampires in movies can't hurt you, but real humans certainly can and will. This special connection made her forge a bond with them, knowing that these lonely people need a friend to get through tough days. On a side note, she also became friends with Jintan and Menma, who she sees as a cool, if bittersweet duo of a guy who can see his dead friend. Maybe she can convince Menma to embrace her ghostly form and spook others on Halloween...
  • One day, Koume decided to visit an abandoned mall, hoping to see something spooky inside the crumbled complex. She got her wish when she heard a rustling sound echoing down the halls. Curious as ever, she decided to see what made that noise. She found her target hidden between cardboard boxes... a creature wearing rags shaped likes a Pikachu. Startled, Mimikyu flashed her true eyes and unveiled her dark claws to scare the girl. To her surprise and confusion, Koume was instead squealing in joy over the creepy creature she found, and wrapped the Pokemon in a tight hug. Not used to this display of affection, Mimikyu lay limp in her arms, then slowly melted into the warm embrace. Sensing the sadness coming out of the Pokemon, Koume decided that she should be Mimikyu's friend. The two are now an inseperable pair, with Koume showing Mimikyu her horror films and paraphernalia, while Mimikyu is happy to get the love and attention she was starved for.
  • Life as a normal human is so limited. There's only so much one can do and see in the real world... but in a fantasy world, anything is possible. Within the Pantheon's vast digital and dream worlds, Koume takes the form of a hooded girl with the power to resurrect the dead as zombies and control them as her minions. This power is very useful for the girl; she can be around zombies without fear of getting hurt, and she can start her own zombie apocalypse roleplays whenever she wants! If you log in or go to sleep and see that the area is overrun by the living dead, it's probably her doing. It's at least far more harmless and fun than a real apocalypse.

    Nina Sayers 
Nina Sayers, Goddess of Creepy Ballet (Odette, The Swan Queen)
Click here to see her as the Black Swan
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her crowns as the White Swan and Black Swan
  • Theme Song: A Swan Is Born
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, later Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Having an Abusive Mom, Broken Bird, Terrifying Ballet Performances, Dainty Little Ballet Dancer, Hallucinations, Madonna-Whore Complex, The Perfectionist, Sanity Slippage, Has a Split Personality, Through the Eyes of Madness
  • Domains: Ballet, Insanity, Hallucinations, Perfectionism, Repression
  • Herald: Lily
  • High Priestess: Josephine
  • Allies: Odette, Ahiru, Pearl, Mima Kirigoe, Francoise Arnoul/003, Ophelia, Senua, Paula Anton
  • Enemies: Amélie Lacroix, Annie Wilkes, Ragyo Kiryuin, Maleficent, Norman Bates, Lady Macbeth, Demogorgon
  • Nina Sayers is a 28-year-old woman who lives with her overprotective mother and dances for the prestigious New York City ballet company. The company opens the season with Swan Lake, and director Thomas Leroy chooses Nina for the main role of Swan Queen. However, Nina, although perfect for the pure and fragile White Swan, is unable to embody the role of the passionate, seductive Black Swan. Nina's mental state deteriorates as she obsesses in giving a perfect performance under the pressure of others and is forced to confront her own inner sexual repression due to the opposing natures of the White Swan and Black Swan, causing her to suffer hallucinations. She is gradually driven over the edge, completing her metamorphosis from a repressed, virginal woman into the Black Swan.
  • After completing her perfect performance in Swan Lake as the White Swan and Black Swan, Nina was transported to the Pantheon as she laid bleeding out on the mattress from her self-inflicted wound through fighting off a hallucination of herself. She had awoken, thinking that she had died and been sent to the afterlife. When informed that she was chosen as the Goddess of Creepy Ballet for losing her mind when cast in Swan Lake, culminating in her terrifying yet beautiful performance as the Black Swan, Nina herself thought that this was another hallucination of hers. However, she soon realized that her ascension was very much real. After a period of mental treatment in the House of Health and Diseases, Nina has recovered from her mental illness and fully taken on her duties as a deity. Mentally recovered and still having a love for ballet, Nina has embraced her newfound title even in spite of its unnerving connotations.
  • As one of the most renowned ballerinas in the Pantheon, Nina has taken something of a mentor role for Ahiru. In spite of her clumsiness and lack of discipline, there is great promise in Ahiru's enthusiasm and flair when dancing that Nina positively recognizes. Understanding the stress and toxicity of ballet culture, Nina has taken a more nurturing role for the young dancer. It's for this reason that Ahiru is grateful for Nina's guidance, aspiring to be as good of a dancer as her one day. She's glad that the professional ballerina, who has come to understand the negatives of perfectionism, is patient with her inadequacies. Nina is currently planning an amateur ballet for Ahiru and other promising ballerina deities to perform in and show off their work.
  • Now in the Pantheon, Nina has had the chance to meet the fabled Princess Odette herself. It was visceral for Nina to meet the princess and hear about her life – transforming into a swan, overcoming obstacles at the hands of villains such as Sir Rothbart, and finding love with Prince Derek. She felt relieved happiness for Odette, who did not tragically commit suicide after her love Prince Siegfried was seduced by Odile unlike her counterpart in Nina's ballet company's Swan Lake. Nina also felt a hint of envy for Odette's resilience, able to maintain her courage in dangerous situations while Nina herself was meek and fragile for most of her life. Odette enjoys Nina's company, and Nina herself sees Odette's kind nature as a positive influence for her – a breath of fresh air compared to the people in her life in New York City.
  • One of the first things Nina did upon her ascension was audition for the Swan Lake play in the House of Theatre and Spectacle. A professional ballet dancer in the New York City Ballet company and now embracing the repressed aspects of her identity, Nina wowed the auditioners with the grace of her ballet dancing as both the White Swan and Black Swan. They were amazed by how perfectly she could fulfill both roles as a ballet dancer despite their opposite differences in character. She easily earned the main role of the play and has become acclaimed as one of the best ballet dancers in the Pantheon. However, the House has kept her past mental instability in mind and been closely watching over her, even if she has improved her mental health.
    • Although Nina's performance in Swan Lake has received widespread critical acclaim among the Pantheon for her flawlessness in technique and style befitting her roles, her performance as Odile/The Black Swan has led to an age restriction for showings of the ballet. Nina's appearance as Odile with intimidating red contacts and makeup has instilled fear in some of the younger deities who watched the early showings of the ballet. Along with the ballet being a darker take on Tchaikovsky's original story, the House of Theatre and Spectacle thought it best to enact the age restriction, with deities below the age of 13 required to be accompanied by an adult. Nina thought it was for the best anyways, understanding that there is a level of maturity required to understand the play and her performance.
  • Nina can easily relate to Mima Kirigoe on a psychological level. Like the ballerina, the singer-turned-actress's struggle with the increasingly-intense demands of her role, similar to Nina's struggle in becoming the Black Swan, caused her to lose her grip on reality, leading her to hallucinate an evil doppelganger. The two women both found commonality in the demanding environments of acting and ballet. Nina was glad to hear that Mima, after much tribulation, overcame her identity crisis and became a successful actress with more agency and maturity. Mima felt relief that Nina found some comfort in maturing as a woman and ballet dancer in spite of the damage to her mind, glad that she has gotten the help she needed within the Pantheon. The two women found many similarities between their life events, wondering if it was coincidental or not.
  • She has noticed her own strong resemblance to Padmé Amidala. Nina holds a degree of admiration toward her, seeing Padmé as dignified and strong despite sharing Nina's own appearance and in contrast to her formerly meek, unstable self that she is just recently growing out of. However, Padmé admitted to Nina that in life she herself slowly fell into despair as everything she had worked for fell apart and her husband turned to evil. Nina could relate to her own mental anguish as her perfectionism to be the perfect Black Swan was too much and she had an identity crisis. Finding comfort in her words, Nina resolved to improve her ballet and mental state – to embody grace and strength while recognizing her own painful past.
  • Her treatment in the House of Health and Diseases had the ascended psychologists/psychiatrists attempt to diagnose Nina. Her delusion of a rivalry with Lily, hallucination of skin peeling and transforming into a black swan, paranoid mistrust, and visual and auditory hallucinations of Lily and a malevolent doppelgänger led them to suspect her mental disorder to be paranoid schizophrenia. However, they were not entirely sure about their working diagnosis, which was based on Nina's recall of her symptoms, and also considered psychosis in their differential. Nevertheless, through the work of a team of trained mental health professionals, Nina was able to treated. Considering everything she had endured mentally and physically, Nina is deeply appreciative of her life as a new person and goddess.
  • Watching Nina dance stirred up hints of her old humanity in Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, having been a ballet dancer in her former life, who even now dresses as the white swan Odette and black swan Odile on occasion. However, it for this reason that the cold-hearted assassin also feels a compulsion to kill Nina when reminded of her, feeling a desire to destroy the remnants of her past thanks to Talon's programming. Nina, upon learning of Widowmaker's past, felt pity for the assassin, turned from a ballet dancer happy with her husband into a living weapon with her will broken and personality suppressed. Nina, having undergone immense psychological damage from undertaking the Black Swan role when she was already in a fragile mental state as a perfectionist with an overbearing mother, could empathize even with the merciless assassin.
  • Nina found a lot of common ground with Pearl: grace, ballet, perfectionist tendencies, and a fragile ego. For this reason, they get along very well. However, one aspect of Pearl's personality that Nina finds uncomfortable is her overprotecting tendencies towards Steven – wanting him home even at the slightest hint of danger and thinking that he's too young to know about certain darker topics. Nina can't help but be slightly reminded of her own mother Erica, who treated her adult daughter like a child to a disturbing degree. However, she's glad to hear that Pearl is much more understandable and improving in that regard. Thanks to their similarities, speaking with each other gave the two much introspection in regards to their perfectionism – Pearl was treated as merely an ornament for other Gems so she constantly tries prove it wrong, while Nina tied her self-worth to ballet because her mother's pregnancy ruined her own ballerina career. Thus, thanks to their relationship of mutual understanding, the two women are are helping each other slowly, but surely, improve on themselves.
  • Now in a good mental state following her treatment, Nina has avoided ever getting near the House of Madness and Insanity. Hearing of the House's manifestation of its inhabitants' madness and chaotic nature easily made her dread the risk of relapse. Nina fears losing her sanity again, not wanting to suffer from paranoia as well as hallucinate her evil doppelgänger, self-mutilation, and distortions of people she's familiar with ever again. Aware of the Demogorgon, she's glad that the Grand United Alliance of Good detains his presence whenever he leaves his temple. A mere Quasideity in the presence of an evil Greator God, Nina does not want to imagine what would happen to her should she be in the presence of the Unholy Spreader of Madness.
  • She can also be found in Dance.
  • "It was perfect... I was perfect..."