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Greater Gods

Diavolo, God of Reclusive Villains (The Boss, Solido Naso, Vinegar Doppio)
Vinegar Doppio 

Lucemon, Representative of Those Like Satan (Lucemon Falldown/Chaos Mode, Lucemon Satan/Shadowlord Mode, Lucemon Larva)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The tattoos on the left side of his body (including the Digital Hazard on his left hand); the Crest of Pride
  • Theme Song: "Lucemon's Theme"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil light-using (also darkness in higher forms) Fallen Angel, mon version of Lucifer/Satan, wanting to eliminate free will and make all beings worship him, conducting the Digital World's destruction to remake it into his ideal, Order Is Not Good, rather cute for how evil he is, increasingly monstrous evolutions
  • Domains: Mons, Data, Angels, Light, Darkness, Order, Megalomania
  • High Priest: Brajira of the Messiah
  • Allies: YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law (sort of), Zamasu, Malthael, some Numemon
  • Enemies: Digimon deities in general, particularly Frontier Digidestined and Beelzemon, Lloyd Irving (and his friends), Lucifer, Aleph, Satan, Rin Okumura, Yamato Hotsuin, Eliphas, Tensou Sentai Goseiger
  • Evil Counterpart to: Giratina
  • Looks down on: Everyone, but special mention to the other Satans and Lucifers in the Pantheon
  • Lucemon is formerly a benevolent angel Digimon who brought order and peace in a time when chaos reigned. After either an attempt at a rebellion against him or his own powers corrupting him (maybe both; accounts are conflicting), Lucemon became a tyrant obsessed with making everyone bend to his will. Lucemon was brought down (some say by the Warrior Ten), sealed and his powers split between three angel Digimon.
  • It's fairly obvious that Lucemon is supposed to be the Digimon version of the devil, the ultimate bad guy according to the Bible, himself. Even Lucemon's name comes from Lucifer, and the more he evolves, the more his Satanic qualities come out: Falldown Mode is a being part-angel, part-demon supposed to represent himself after falling as an angel, while Satan Mode, a mindless dragon of darkness commanded by a larva, seems based on the the Beasts and Dragon of Revelation at once. Thus he was judged an excellent choice for representing Satanic Archetype.
  • With a history like that, it's obvious that few to no Digimon actually want Lucemon to succeed, except perhaps some of the more Knight Templarish iterations of the Royal Knights as he did have LordKnightmon and Dynasmon at his service. Even then, it's suspected that Lucemon had them corrupted, and in the end he absorbed their data as thanks anyway. Omegamon and Dukemon certainly aren't up for serving him and will fight him for the sake of protecting both worlds from his tyranny.
    • Koichi Kimura fought Lucemon directly as the Warrior of Darkness. Very appropriately, Koichi's pure dark powers proved instrumental in stopping Lucemon's corrupted light and darkness, even if Koichi had to temporarily die in the process. Now that Koichi can evolve into Rhihimon, he has more of a chance in staving off Lucemon's advances.
    • Lucemon in Falldown Mode can be considered a member of the Seven Great Demon Lords, where he represents the sin of pride. Beelzemon is also part of this group, however this doesn't really matter in the Pantheon as both Digimon consider themselves independent from that group, and they feel nothing but mutual contempt for each other, with Lucemon seeing Beelzemon as another chaotic element in the way of his perfect world, and Beelzemon will beat down the fallen angel if he objects to his chosen way of living.
    • There are some (but not all) Numemon who find a world of order and equality to be an attractive prospect, since Numemon are arguably the most hated and discriminated Digimon. Lucemon personally finds them disgusting and plans to get rid of those mistakes of evolution when his ideal world is realized. But he'll accept their support for now as they might prove to be of some use.
  • Ironically, for all his connections to the classic Lucifer/Satan figure, Lucemon's philosophy and goals are diametrically opposed to those of the most active Lucifer incarnation in the Pantheon, the Chairman of the GUAC. Whereas Lucifer wants to create a world of chaos where everyone is free to do as they wish, Lucemon believes what the world needs is rigid order and that everyone should worship him and look to him for guidance, going as far as thinking it'd be best to just destroy and rebuild the world and populate it with mindless clones programmed to see him as leader. It goes without saying that Lucemon and Lucifer are bitter enemies. Looking into the Digital World for a philosophical counter to Lucemon, Lucifer learned of Bagramon, whose ideology is chaos-aligned (though Bagramon is ironically based on the Archangel Gabriel), and the Morning Star is looking into ascending him.
    • He doesn't have a high opinion of the Lucifer that opposes the Winchester brothers either, finding it ridiculous that he's basically throwing a tantrum (best not remind Lucemon that he's just as much of a brat) because god paid more attention to humanity.
  • YHVH is more up Lucemon's alley as he represents pure law and agrees with most of Lucemon's ideas. Except for the little detail that YHVH thinks people should worship him. But overall, YHVH thinks Lucemon has his heart in the right place (by his standards) and is still a child who just needs to grow out of the idea that people would ever worship him. YHVH may have a bit of a soft spot for Lucemon as he reminds him of Lucifer back when he was his favorite angel. While Lucemon is perfectly willing to work with YHVH, that'll be only until their common goal of a world of order is achieved, and he plans to take the god of order down when that happens, so he can rule by himself, perhaps also taking over the GUAL to serve as his personal police. Satan (the one serving YHVH) may be the only one of the law faction who doesn't trust Lucemon as far as he can throw him; Lucemon is somewhat wary of the angel as his duty compels him to turn against his lawful master if needed.
  • The idea that he should have a partner due to being a mon makes him laugh. He sees himself as having the right to rule over everything, so the thought that he should submit to being someone's attack dog is amusing at best and fatally offensive at worst. Anyone who makes the suggestion has a chance of getting a Divine Feat to the face depending on his mood. Most Digimon (and Pokemon, for that matter) would say partnerships are based on friendship and that the participants are on equal footing, but Lucemon doesn't understand friendship and scoffs at the idea of anyone being equal to himself.
  • Lucemon has tried reaching out to Giratina after hearing the legendary was supposedly Satan to the Pokemon world and was also deeply interested in keeping order, hoping that their shared role in their respective universes would cause Giratina to ally with him. This couldn't be further from the truth as while Giratina is a bit too obsessed with keeping balance between dimensions so they won't clash, it's content to let all living beings do whatever as long as they don't threaten that balance, so it really doesn't want to see the world become one of pure order like Lucemon envisions. Also, Giratina is really quite sick of being perceived as evil, an impression that'd only worsen if it associated with Lucemon (doesn't help that Giratina and Lucemon Satan Mode kind of look alike). Lucemon finds this a pity, but he supposes there is always the option of using Giratina's obsessions to corrupt it.
  • Lloyd initially confused Lucemon for Yggdrasill, another corrupted angel that wanted to force an oppressive flavor of order on two worlds. Lucemon, for his part, thinks Mithos was a weakling for doing what he did motivated by love for his sister instead of personal ambition, and he's embarrassed that he was ever his High Priest. This enrages Lloyd, who considers Lucemon to be a bigger monster than Yggdrasill ever was.
  • Lucemon works very well with Zamasu for the most part, as they both want to eradicate their universes from any and all chaotic elements. They just disagree on whether the mortals should be eliminated or not. Lucemon thinks absolute elimination is going a bit too far... only because if he did that there'd be no one left to worship him. He supposes Zamasu has that attitude about mortals because Kais don't seem to be worshiped.
    • Lucemon has a very similar dynamic with Malthael; the archangel of death is at least glad that there's another angel with the same mindset as him.
  • Rin Okumura, as the unwilling son of Satan, isn't exactly glad to see yet another addition of his father's likeness to the Pantheon. Lucemon wouldn't pay him any attention if that was all, but it's quite annoying how the boy has decided to apply his vow to "kick Satan's ass" to him.
  • Lucemon finds Aleph a lot more worrying than Rin given how that boy rebelled against his role as a Messiah chosen by YHVH and was powerful enough to defeat the god of order in a certain timeline. On top of that, Aleph is in good terms with God's Arbiter, and the two are perfectly willing to work together if they decide Lucemon is going too far.
  • He actually prefers staying away from the Satans in the Pantheon, as he thinks it won't do his angelic image any favors to associate with the top demon(s) from hell, plus he considers himself above them. Granted, more people than not already hate him, so it wouldn't make much of a difference if he did associate with them.
  • For some reason Lucemon was considered a follower of Yamato Hotsuin prior to ascending, which is strange as Yamato is more chaos-aligned, wanting a world where the strong are free to do as they want. Just the fact that he was considered a mere follower is enough to enfuriate Lucemon, but to be a follower to someone with Yamato's philosophy makes Lucemon think he was trying to make him submit to harness his power, and that really makes the prideful angel Digimon go berserk.
    • He was also a follower to Eliphas. Given Eliphas turned to the more moderate law faction after starting out a radical, they don't exactly see eye-to-eye.
  • The Goseigers oppose Lucemon on account of him reminding them of their greatest enemy Brajira, the Satan analogue of their universe. Being angels themselves, the Goseigers find Lucemon presenting himself as the salvation of the digital and human worlds to be downright offensive.

    Mephisto (Marvel
Mephisto, God of Villains Harmed By Goodness (Donald Blake, Maya, Mephistopheles, Prince of Lies, Nick Scratch, Doctor Bultar)

    Shiro Kanzaki 
Shiro Kanzaki, Patron Saint of Main Villains Who Don't Battle (Shiro Takami, Mirror Shiro, Master of the Rider War)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Odin Advent Deck
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dead All Along (maybe), actually became a Mirror World being, Well-Intentioned Extremist, The One Who Chooses His Potential Participants in his Rider Fight Through Nefarious Means, Non-Action Big Bad, Invincible Villain, Not So Stoic, Stealth Hi/Bye, The Unfettered, Reality Warper, Knight Templar Big Brother
  • Domains: Mirrors, Death, Tragedy
  • Heralds: Yui Kanzaki (his sister and Morality Pet), Kamen Rider Odin (his representative rider), and Gold Phoenix (Odin's Contract Monster)
  • Allies: Takatora Kureshima, Yuno Gasai, Akihiko Kayaba
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight, Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda.
  • Enemies: Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Masashi Sudo/Kamen Rider Scissors, Kyubey, Gendo Ikari, Sou Fueki, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lady Tremaine, Heihachi Mishima, Sofia Lamb, The Dahaka, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, SHOCKER
  • Neutral Counterpart to: Ryoma Sengoku
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi, Yui Ikari
  • Opposed by: Katniss Everdeen, Jimmy Neutron, other Deadly Game participants, Odin
  • Shiro Kanzaki was the mastermind behind the Rider War where 13 people chosen by him and given fight each other to the death for one wish granted. But not once did he engage in combat with any of them; that was done through Kamen Rider Odin.
    • No, despite the image, Odin is not Shiro, but rather some random schmuck who was given the Odin Advent Deck by him and brainwashed upon taking the deck. The real Odin isn't amused with this.
    • Compared to other Kamen Riders, Odin is…Purposely Overpowered. Combined with constant Flash Steps and ridiculous strength to compensate for his lack of skill, Kamen Rider Odin is not someone any Intermediate God-level deity or weaker should face. And should Kamen Rider Odin die, Shiro can just retrieve the deck and give it to some other schmuck. To avoid much flak from the good guys, he's decided to use Asshole Victims no one would miss.
    • Since some of those happen to be followers of Swim Swim, being the trope representative of it and all, he runs the risk of making an enemy out of her. Even if she doesn't care much for anything other than being like Ruler, accidentally seeing her civilian form would mean eternal enmity with her.
      • And now that she's disappeared, it's rumored that Shiro eventually saw her true appearance, she decided to kill him, he summoned Kamen Rider Odin to take her down, and after a surprising draw that ended with her weakened and the current Odin slain, Shiro made her the next Odin.
  • Because of his…neglectful parentage (being locked up in the attic for extended periods of time with his sister Yui), which resulted in her death and why he started The Rider War in the first place, Shiro opposes any and all abusive parents. Instigating events that may create more people like him is the last thing he wants, no matter how unlikely that scenario would be.
  • Shinji, Ren, and Kitaoka, having been victims of his war, don't like dealing with him any more than is necessary. Asakura on the other hand is pissed at Shiro for stopping the War in the first place and because he won't grant his wish anymore. And Shiro opposes Sudo for kidnapping Yui for his own schemes.
  • Having orchestrated a Deadly Game once before, he has earned the contempt of such participants like Katniss Everdeen. Shiro knows there's nothing he can do to make up to them for this.
  • His constant time-resetting in order to save his sister has garnered him the animosity of the Dahaka. Shiro also hates Reverse-Flash for doing everything he can to screw people over through changing history.
    • As for Homura, though, who had done the exact same thing he did to save Madoka, only she does things herself rather than rope in other people, he's not sure what he should think. On one hand, she eventually succeeded in a sense. On the other hand, she's unhealthily obsessed with keeping her safe, as he once had, and he knows why that's a bad thing.
  • Surprisingly got along with Yuno Gasai, since they both know what it was like to be overly protective of who they care about; Yuno killing anybody who looked Yukiteru's way that she didn't like, and Shiro starting the whole Rider War to save Yui from her inevitable death.
  • Both Ryoma and Shiro are scientists who created their Rider equipment and gave these powers to individuals for their own agendas. Neither like that they have that in common, and Shiro has vowed to stop the amoral scientist (and Takatora Kureshima has offered his help); that man's only after his own interests, while Shiro did what he did all for his sister. The fact that his kill-switch can affect his Kamen Rider Odin is one of many other reasons.

Ultron, God of Villains Created by Good People, Councillor for the Grand United Alliance of Machines


Intermediate Gods

    Alexander "Lex" Luthor 
Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor, God of Supervillains and Villains With Good Receptions (Mockingbird, Superman, The New Man of Steel, God of Apokolips, Albie, Apex Lex)
In his Warsuit 
Apex Lex 

    The Black Knight 
The Black Knight, God of Knights in Dark Armor (The Rider of Daein, BK, Sinister General, General Zelgius, Jet-Black General)
The Black Knight's true identity 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His blessed black armor and the sacred Alondite
  • Theme Song: The Black Knight (Lives) and Against the Black Knight/Unstoppable Destiny, Zelgius the Brave, and The Strong when not in armor.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil though he fluctuates between that and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Seeking a worthy foe, Being Ike's rival, Being a extremely hard fight, Extremely fast and hitting really hard, Friendly despite being a antagonist, Being feared by many, Is a Branded, Wielding a sword and armor blessed by a Goddess, The Enforcer with his own motives
  • Domains: Knight, Dark Armor, Mystery
  • Allies: Sephiran, Esdeath
  • Worthy Opponents: Chrom, Lyndis, Xander, Ryoma, Guts, Lancelot, Gawain
  • Enemies: Grima, Jafar, The Other Black Knight, Griffith
  • Rivals: Arthas
  • Pities: Jaime Lannister, Artorias
  • Opposed by: His rival, Ike
  • One of the feared Rider of Daein, the Black Knight was a dread warrior for his power and blessings. His identity was a pure mystery, but his motive has always been to best his master, Greil, at his full strength.
  • None knows of who the Black Knight outside of his armor is, save for few like Ike. He was General Zelgius, the commander of the Begnion army and right-hand man to Sephiran. He once trained under the leadership of General Gawain, now known as Greil, and dream of besting the greatest swordsman in all of Tellius. And for your own safety, don't even think about asking him of who he truly is. All he respond is a silent but ominous glare.
    "Curious as to who I am? You're better off not knowing, or perhaps even asking."
  • Despite seeking many worthy opponents, the Black Knight has made it clear that only Ike is worthy enough to to be the one to slay him. This is because Ike is the son of Greil, whom the Black Knight thought was a Worthy Opponent once and slew in combat. The real reason is that Zelgius was his pupil and wanted to fight Greil at his full power but was unaware Greil had lost the use of his sword arm. Ike, being Greil's son, is not the only person left who he feels can give him that fight he desires. Needless to say, he was quite happy to see Ike had ascended before him, though the Black Knight has been prevented from fighting him by others in the Pantheon.
  • Despite his loyalty being unknown to everyone save a few people, he despises Grima for how destructive it is and how it cares little for a challenge. In fact he refused to fight for most factions among the Pantheon's unless they bring better challenges.
  • Upon hearing of the tales of Artorias, the Black Knight attempted to challenge the once heroic knight only to learn he had fallen to the Abyss. To say the Black Knight was disappointed would be putting it lightly.
    • Similarly he was impressed with the stories he heard of Jaime Lannister but disappointed to learn of Jamie's lost of his sword-hand, making him no less of a real challenge like what happened to his master.
  • He once encountered a Black Knight who was guarding a bridge (a small plank over a small stream). The Knight essentially blocked the Horseman from passing through until he face him in a duel in which he obviously emerge victorious with the bastards only by his torso and head. The Black Knight found the guard to be so weak and arrogant that he didn't bother to consider killing him, disregarding his taunts.
  • Gets along pretty well with Esdeath since they both seek a fight and care little for the state of their rulers. The Black Knight has warned Esdeath that her obsession with Tatsumi is dangerous though she brushed it off.
  • The Black Knight donned a black armor that was blessed by the goddess Ashera which makes him impervious to many mortal weapons, saved for other blessed weapons. Although the blessing doesn't last long as years later, he is now capable of harm, to which he could be hit with an armor-breaking hammer, but even then, good luck with fighting him.
  • As stated, face him at your own peril. the Black Knight is extremely strong and extremely fast for a sturdy knight. Even Ike had difficulty in facing him in a duel without the use of Aether. In addition, the Black Knight's specialized technique, known as Eclipse, that allows him to strike against his foes at his full power. It has even been reported to kill even gods without proper protection!
  • Upon hearing about a knight named Gawain, he thought it was his master who he had defeated. He encountered Sir Gawain who is nothing like his master but Gawain saw him as a worthy challenge considering how laughable his duel with the other Black Knight was. The Black Knight was amazed by his power as he believes him to be his master at his strength.
  • Even as the Black Knight, he shows some disdain toward corrupt officials. Outside of his armor, he knows of the corruption of the Begnion senators and he has no patience for that, even as the Black Knight.
  • Though the Knight doesn't bring it up, he is one of the Branded, a product of a Beorc-Laguz relationship. Because of the discrimination he faced, he is always wearing armor even out of battle.
  • People are conspicuous of any empty houses as sometimes the Black Knight is known to appear from nowhere. The fact that the Black Knight possess warp powder to teleport him to any destination may not help, though at the cost of weakening after use and may have to wait for a time to regain one's strength. Despite this, the appearance of the Black Knight is a startle.

    Clown/The Violator 
The Violator, Unholy Monster Clown (The Clown, Perriot of Perdition, Clown Prince of the Stygian, Depths, Death on 2 Legs, Clowny, Joseph C. Kurr)
Click here to see his True Form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Blue Face-Paint under his Facial Shape
  • Theme Song: Go to Hell Violator
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Monster Clown (In a Figurative Sense as well), Absolutely Psychotic, Corpulent Bastardry, Sadistic Psychopath, Mentoring Spawn Through Devious Means, The Corruptor, Serves as the Demonic Force's Second-in-command and has Taken over Leadership at Times, May have played a Role in History, Blood Knight, More Dangerous than he Seems, Scary Names, Four-Fingered Hands
  • Domains: Demons, Clowns, Slaughter, Manipulation, Depravity
  • Heralds: The Phlebiac Brothers (Vindicator, Vandalizer, Vacillator, Vaporizer)
  • Superior: Malebolgia
  • Allies: Johan Liebert (his superior regarding his GUAE membership), Junko Enoshima, Wyald, Gregor Clegane, Doctor Screwball, Ghirahim, Griffith, The Slavers, Pennywise, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, Quan Chi, Kefka Palazzo, SCP-993
  • Rivals: The Joker, Sweet Tooth
  • Enemies: Spawn, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Kuai Liang/Sub Zero, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Guts, Makoto Naegi, Angry Video Game Nerd, Ben Tennyson, The Warden and the Inquisitor, Special Agent Seeley Booth, Sheogorath, Dante, Sparda
  • Allegiance: Grand United Alliance of Evil (Stationed under the GUAE Liebertarian Movement)
  • Opposes: YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, The Angels Sub-House
  • Fears: The Doomslayer
  • Feared by: Nathan Drake, Columbus, Billy, Luigi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Mephisto
  • The eldest of the Phlebiac Brothers, chief enforcer of Malebolgia and rotten to the very core, The Violator is one of the most powerful and feared demons in Hell. That said, he was not content with the concept of the Hellspawn, for he felt that Malebolgia should select demons like him to herald the apocalypse instead. Eventually, Violator would be assigned to look after and guide Al Simmons, a damned soldier who chose to become a Hellspawn to be reunited with his wife Wanda. Despite his best efforts to lull Al (now going by the name Spawn) into depravity, but his efforts were rendered naught as he instead became a hero to the defenseless. Initially being seen as a joke, Violator is much, much worse than one could imagine.
  • Violator's arrival in the Pantheon was not one of excitement as much as it was more of frustration and bewilderment. For one, he was pissed off about the fact that hardly any demon from his universe is there to really accompany him. Second, he, for the longest time, tried to snatch a appropriate representing trope, but found it difficult. Eventually, he seized the opportunity once Sweet Tooth decided to represent Mascot Villain and Violator wasted no time in helming Monster Clown. Aware that Spawn was also in the Pantheon, Violator was ready to reignite his enmity and create a new reputation in this new setting.
  • One of the first actions undertaken by Violator was to cause mayhem as usual. He did this by enlisting criminals into going on a killing spree via incantations to bring them into his side. He even went as far as to have the criminals massacre themselves only to amuse himself. That said, Violator also did this in the hopes of attracting Spawn's attention, but instead encountered Frank Castle. Initially, Frank utterly pulverized Violator... until he shed his clown guise and transformed into his true demonic state, after which Violator turned the tide and nearly had Frank at his mercy. Unfortunately, Frank was able to use a well-timed grenade to wound and immobilize the demon for some time, then throwing another grenade to make getaway. Although the battle ended anti-climatically, Violator did have a hell of a time, initiating a killing spree and getting into a fight, even if it wasn't Spawn.
  • One particular night in an alleyway, Violator was approached by a suave, handsome man, who revealed himself as Johan Liebert. He told the demon that although he's capable of manhandling foes singlehandedly, there are factions composed of collective beings of various allegiances and that Violator was all alone without demonic company. This prompted Violator to ask what he was talking about before Liebert announced that he was inviting him to join the Grand United Alliance of Evil as a way to find company and like-minded demented and sadistic individuals to work with. Violator accepted the offer and was enlisted in the GUAE Liebertarian Movement thanks to his trickster-like demeanor.
    • While Violator is content in being a Libertarian Movement member, he's since developed an intense rivalry against the Joker. They will occasionally work together in causing mayhem and chaos for the fun of it, but there's a stark difference; Violator wants to get up and bloody about his killings whereas Joker wants to be bombastic and theatrical about his cause. That said, they are able to stop themselves from causing harm to their own team, though it's mainly because both Violator and Joker cannot afford to have everything tumble apart and be more easily susceptible to defeat.
      • This hasn't stopped Violator from becoming an enemy towards Batman however. Given that Spawn has told him about his past experiences as an Anti-Hero, Batman is determined to battle and stop Violator from causing further harm toward the innocent. Violator, on the other, is simply amused to see Joker's Arch-Enemy be, in his own words, "all huffed-up" on him.
  • Due to his means to trick demons and Hellspawn disciples into doing his deeds drive them into further depravity, he's made enemies against the Puella Magi, though Homura Akemi and Sayaka Miki share their greatest enmity in this regard. Given that Homura is out of his league for the time being, Violator has since resorted to violent skirmishes against Sayaka, who is incredibly disgusted by Violator's actions and considers him just as bad, if not, worse than the Incubators due to Violator having a more direct approach about his villainy.
    • Once, Violator tried to attack Madoka Kaname, who was recently depowered due to the effects caused by the "Great Upheaval". His subsequent duel by Sayaka raged on for minutes, both of them inflicting each other with notable wounds until the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood stepped in to try breaking the fight apart before casualties became an occurrence. Unfortunately, Violator unleashed his heralds, the Phlebiac Brothers and extended the battle that went on until Guts and Dante joined alongside to drive Violator and his brothers away. The fight has since made Sayaka keep a closer eye on Madoka and is training herself to better prepare herself against the demon.
  • Despite his clown-like appearance and trope representation, Violator actually hates this guise and has made it clear that while his subordinates are fine with calling him a clown, he's asserted them that he's more a demon than anything else. Then again, this can also be interpreted as hatred towards humanity.
    • He actually finds some sort of amusement in that Spawn "fucking hates clowns", especially after he remarks this towards the Joker. That said, he isn't happy about the fact that Spawn decapitated him and had his head on a pole, which he sees as an insult. Violator is since thinking about getting back at this.
  • Unlike the Joker, Violator gets along splendidly with Cletus Kasady as both of them have no compunctions with killing and are willing to get all bloody and dirty when it comes to their brand of mayhem. Kasady returns the favor, though the latter's position in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction seems to limit his time with the former somewhat. Violator is currently thinking about ways to spend more time with Kasady, given that a fellow maniac like him is a welcome delight.
    • He's also come to become working partners with Pennywise, Kefka Palazzo and SCP-993. Beyond being utterly depraved clowns (or clown-like beings), Violator is eager to work with them depending on the type of act he would like to work on; destruction with Kefka, torture with Pennywise and tricking and manipulation with SCP-993. From the interactions he's having with the three of them, Violator feels as if he can have a time of his life, until Malebolgia comes along.
  • If there's one thing he hates above everything else (yes, this even includes Spawn), it's the one time he acted as a cheerleader for "Spawny", a moment that was completely out of character for someone like him. Violator utterly loathes the moment and he'll make a special mutilation case for anyone if they try to bring it up to him.
    • Said live-action portrayal led to Violator sharing a connection with Luigi. Instead of being angry or annoyed, Violator found that scaring the plumber shitless whenever possible is a great stress reliever.
  • Once challenged the Angry Video Game Nerd into playing a series of terrible games based on the Spawn franchise. Unfortunately, the Nerd was able to plow through the games and even defeat the Violator in a competition. The punishment; getting forced to watch his terrible film adaptation, which also meant he had too see his "cheerleader" moment again. Naturally, this has got Violator pissed and vows to kill the Nerd for putting him in such a humiliation.
  • While beings like Nathan Drake, Columbus and Billy are known to fear clowns, it's a special case for Violator given how utterly depraved he is and he finds it incredibly hilarious as this means he could take the time to mentally and emotionally torment them before going for the killing blow. Ben Tennyson is also afraid of clowns in general, but his arsenal of alien transformations mean he could challenge Violator in a fight whenever he needs to. Agent Seely Booth naturally cannot battle Violator for obvious reasons, but he staunchly opposes him despite his fear of clowns and Violator, upon seeing Seely, reminds him of Spawn's detective/police allies, Sam and Twitch.
  • Predictably enough, Violator is high on the shit-list regarding several demon hunters. Dante, the Warden and the Inquisitor are preparing for battle against him, especially Dante after the battle Violator initiated between himself and Sayaka and later the Phlebiac Brothers and the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood. That said, the Doomslayer is a different story, for the Violator tends to do his best to keep as much distance from him after seeing first-hand what he is capable of. Even worse is the potential prospect of the Doom Slayer teaming up with Spawn.
  • Even though it's led by a being that's proven itself as malevolent, even with it's promise of paradise, Violator scoffs and mocks the idea of the Grand United Alliance of Law and thinks of YHVH as a joke. That said, despite his allegiance to the GUAE, he has some respect towards the GUAD and feels like he could get along with many of the members there, given his partnership with Carnage.
  • Doesn't know what to make of Mephisto. Violator sees him as a capable leader for the forces of Hell, but he's also cautious about the deceitful nature of demon lords in general, Mephisto included. Mephisto has openly declaredd that Violator is a worthy ally to have. Violator thinks he's using honeyed words. He has accepted working with Mephisto, if only to make up for a replacement for Malebolgia until he himself ascends, but he's wary of what Mephisto is planning next. Both of them are deceiving tricksters after all.
  • Has managed to kill Wanda Blake through his use of incantation, just to tick Spawn off. And ever since his arrival in the Pantheon, Spawn has been on the warpath in search of him. It doesn't matter whether if the Libertarian Movement or even heroes get in the way, Spawn is making sure he will give Violator a punishment that he deserves. It's only a matter of time before the two encounter each other for another battle, though Violator is searching for a means to combat against Spawn on equal footing, knowing that the fact that he killed his wife and that Spawn is stronger than him.
Consider this a friendly reminder: get with the fucking program!

    Khan Noonien Singh 
Khan Noonien Singh, God of Villains Named After the Great Conqueror (John Harrison, The Most Dangerous Adversary the Enterprise Ever Faced, KHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!)
Prime Timeline Khan
Kelvin Timeline Khan
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A picture of Marla McGivers or a pod of one of his brethren
  • Theme Song: Ode to Harrison
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Breakout Villain with an awesome name, Faux Affably Evil, Wicked Cultured, Tragic Villain, The Chessmaster, Evil Overlord, Genius Bruiser, in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against his Arch-Enemy, Hero Killer, ultimately a Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Evil, Void, Strength, Knowledge
  • Allies: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Genghis Khan, General Tarquin, Barbatos Goetia, Sauron, most in the House of Vengeance
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shogo Makishima
  • Enemies: Captain Kirk, McCoy, Spock, Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Honor Harrington, John Sheridan
  • Opposes: Doctor Strange, Sherlock Holmes
  • Opposed by: The Count of Monte Cristo, Tokiya Mikagami
  • Pities: Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
  • Among Kirk's enemies, there is one name the God of Space won't dare forget. Khan had yet to enter the Pantheon at the time, much to the concern of the Enterprise crew. Indeed, Khan had a plan in store. He would enter the Pantheon as a Commander of Starfleet and would take his revenge on his Archenemy. Unfortunately, everyone in the temple saw his agenda a mile away. But by the time Kirk drove him out, he had already discovered that Khan had successfully entered the Pantheon. Kirk did not take this development well.
  • There has been two versions of the character and yet both are motivated by surprising acts of love. The original version fell in love with Marla McGivers, who together ruled Ceti Alpha V for a brief time before her death. The rebooted version wanted to save his crew members from stasis. Both versions are fueled by revenge and want nothing better than the death of Kirk and his crew.
  • That extends to all of his allies and there are a lot of them, which infuriated them further. He proceeded to set a trap on Picard's crew, marooning them on a planet just as he did to Kirk. Luckily, other pilots were aware of his tactics and got him out shortly afterwards. Kirk has warned all of his allies to be wary of the man.
  • Next, he tried to take over a sizable chunk of Honor Harrington's fleet... and succeeded. She call help from friendly fleets from all over the Pantheon to quash the mutiny. Khan is now near the top of her wanted list.
  • John Sheridan has made sure to secure his nuclear arsenal after Khan attempted to hack into his entire system to target the House of Heroes.
  • Found plenty of allies in the House of Vengeance. Most of them were willing to help him get vengeance on Kirk... all except the God of Revenge himself. The Count pleaded with Khan not to let revenge destroy him just as it destroyed his mortal life. Same goes for Tokiya Mikagami, but it was drowned out by Ren Hakuryuu's encouraging words. Thus Khan's plan of revenge continues unabated.
  • Has a terrifying reputation. In the past, he managed to rule much of earth during the late 20th century. In both timelines, he's proven to be a genius-level intellect and strong enough to defeat any regular human in a fight. He even managed to cause the death of Spock in the original timeline and Kirk in the reboot. Cosmos won't take him lightly. Barbatos Goetia coincidentally nodded in approval.
  • Thrawn is a huge fan of his works, impressed with his tactics despite living in an earlier time period. He lamented that his inexperience in space combat cost him his life. He invited Khan to his temple to get him up to speed.
  • Great lengths were made to make sure that Khan and Tarquin never meet with each other in the Pantheon. A duo of those two's calibur could wreck havoc on the GUAG. After some initial success, the two stated they have met 35 days ago. All of those days were just to exhaust their resources.
  • It was inevitable that Khan met his namesake and the one who gave him his godhood in the first place. It was the Mongol ruler that picked him out of various other people named after him to become his disciple. The Star Trek Khan respects the man as a result. He also took a few manuscripts Temujin wrote in his mortal life.
  • Doctor Strange did not like his approval as did most good deities, but he did see a unique opportunity. His Avatar played Khan in the rebooted era and it had mixed opinions. Strange knew that mocking Khan in his avatar would piss him off, and thus cause him to make mistakes.
    • While Holmes is above mocking Khan of Cumberbatch's performance, he saw another advantage. Namely to use it as a disguise to infiltrate the GUAE. A time may come when Khan is forced to stop using that avatar as cover.
  • Has said to have come straight out of the temple of Sauron. The Evil Overlord was proud of Khan's achievements in the 20th century, wishing he had succeeded in killing Kirk. But being a deity helps things out, giving him more power to help out Khan.
  • Has managed to form an alliance with Shogo Makishima of all people. The white haired villain does not trust that Khan won't create a Totalitarian Utilitarian but did admire Khan's desire to create a better society. With that said, it may be only a matter of time before this alliance collapses.
  • Unlike most villains, Khan has not berated Mr. Freeze for fulling embracing villainy. He only wishes that he could use that sadness to get revenge on the company that cut his funding.

    Khazrak & Gorthor 
Khazrak & Gorthor, Unholy Gods of Inherently Evil Races (Khazrak the One Eye, Gorthor the Beastlord)
From top to bottom; Khazrak and Gorthor.
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The Horned Head of a Gor (A type of Beastman)
  • Theme: Chaos Undivided
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Beastmen, Chaos-Tainted Race, Volcanic Raging Berserkers, Not Above Violation as a means of Reproduction, Indulging on Bestiality, Grotesque Anatomy, Will feast on humans (And eating Infants is a Delicacy), Normally make homes in Forests, Might Makes Right, Raiding Civilizations out of Hatred on Men, Screaming Warrior
  • Domains: Beast, Evil, Rage, Bestiality
  • Heralds: The rest of the Most Heinous Beastmen from the Warherds
  • Worships: The Chaos Gods
  • Allies: Melkor, Griffith, Nosferatu Zodd, Gul'dan, Diablo, Molag Bal, Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Archaon, Lord Voldemort, The Dementors, Every Evil-Aligned Human-Looking Deity in the Pantheon
  • Rivals: Sauron, The Tyranids, Darkseid
  • Enemies: Guts, Saria, The Monster Hunters, Xion, Madoka Kaname, Viral, Valvatorez, Killia, Zamasu, Seigfried, Nightwolf, Rexxar, Eliza Thornberry, Rexie, The Gang of Seven, Thrall, Skarsnik, Shrek, Marona, Dante, Link, Yoshi, Lord Kroak, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Karl Franz, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Bowser, Atrocitus
  • Opposes: Nagash the Undying, Any Non-Beastly Being in the Pantheon
  • Opposed By: The Houses of Family, Love and Beast, Most of the House of Nature, Lucifer, The Nippon Ichi Demons, All Rape Victims in the Pantheon, Furry Haters
  • The Beastmen. One of the most chaotic, untamed and disgusting races in the World of Warhammer. The Beastmen are a race, who's essence is enveloped by Chaos, resulting in the birthing of those horribly mutated with traits of Man and Beast. From the day they were born, they carried a special hatred towards Mankind, wishing to bring it down and anything associated with it. these hybrids take heed in deep forests and would often scuffle with one another for food and territory. But should they learn of the presence of a man, Beastmen will not hesitate in forming a coalition, for their hatred is powerful enough to unite a massive army of bloodthirsty mutants ready to massacre, violate and terrify any that stand in their way.
  • Of Beastmen history, they seem to be disregarded in comparison to the other factions on the Forces of Chaos. However, two in particular stood out; Khazrak the One Eye for having tactical approach and displaying a sense of honor and respect never seen in Beastmen and Gorthor the Beastlord, who's fear and depravity would come to define the Beastmen and be held in a similar regard as Archaon the Everchosen.
  • Though they died a thousand years apart from one another, Khazrak and Gorthor ascended at the same time, immediately followed by the two encountering one another. Khazrak, himself a famous figure in his lifetime introduced himself and told Gorthor about the accomplishments he had. The latter simply retorted by stating that Khazrak still has more to prove himself, though he does seem impressed by the former. The two have since become rivals, with Khazrak and Gorthor often competing against each other for territory, though they will form an uneasy alliance should the need arise.
  • Suffice to say, they have not had a popular audience. Their tribal and warmongering nature resulted in them gaining a number of enemies in the Pantheon. While both are willing to find and kill as many humans (or anything similar) they set their sights on, the two have differing mindsets regarding their opponents. Khazrak likes noteworthy foes to fight against and would plot a strategy to score a victory. Gorthor is also smart for a Beastman, but would instead charge straightforward, killing and raping as many victims as possible. Hence, Gorthor winds up attracting more attention and hatred than Khazrak would, though the latter tends to think its a positive for now.
  • Khazrak has become one of the most interesting beasts in the Pantheon for being part of an inherently evil race, yet displays traits such as honor, patience, cunning and long-term planning, something which is hardly seen in Beastmen. He also likes to fight foes he deems a challenge, stating its fun. Its the reason why he spared his Arch-Enemy, Boris Todbringer in their first battle. Furthermore, his left eye was maimed by Boris, and while that would normally mean he would be shunned for a disability, Khazrak still managed to maintain his hold and leadership. Hence, he formed a close kinship with Nosferatu Zodd, the two of them exchanging blows and having alliances time and again.
  • Gorthor is accounted in history as the most legendary, greatest Beastmen who ever lived. In his lifetime, he amassed a Beastmen army so large, he was able to decimate the provinces of Hochland and Ostland and was personally chosen by the Chaos Gods to be of Undivided. However, Gorthor would establish his legacy in a fashion that would overshadow every other Beastmen's actions. Beastmen Shamans were considered sacred for the race's traditions. Gorthor took the extra mile and committed a sin that even Beastmen would find unforgivable; killing and flaying Beastmen Shamans for their hide, with which to fashion into a hypnotic cloak to hypnotize Beastmen to his service. He also had an unusual drive in his goal of wiping out Mankind, and declared himself to be a chosen being by the Chaos Gods, being gifted a blade, simply known as The Impaler, which was enhanced by magic. Disregarding and killing anyone not under his services, massacring millions whether allied, wanting an alliance or opponents and establishing a nightmarish legacy, Gorthor became a truly depraved, bloodthirsty and sadistic being, one that surpassed ALL Beastmen in that regard.
  • The Beastmen found themselves working with new allies upon entering the Pantheon. Melkor has decided to allow the Beastmen to join his ranks in the Grand United Allianceof Evil. Khazrak is more than happy to join, although Gorthor is more willing to serve the Chaos Gods. That said, he will obey Melkor, for as long as the God of Evil provides him with new lands to plunder and hoard over. The Beastmen also found service under Griffith, who sees the Beastmen as similar to Apostles in some ways. Gul'dan has become rather accustomed with the two leading Beastmen in regards to providing magical artillery whereas Diablo and Molag Bal have expressed praise and need for the Beastmen's actions. Diablo sees Gorthor as a valuable asset in inspiring fear whereas Molag Bal sees the Beastmen in general as masters of plundering, sexual violation and superhuman hatred on civilization. The alliance with Melkor, Griffith, Gul'dan, Diablo and Molag Bal has the polarizing result of also working with evil-aligned humans. The Beastmen aren't really pleased to be working with humans, though with some convincing from Khazrak and Gorthor, there is an uneasy alliance for now.
    • Lord Voldemort expressed an interest in employing the Beastmen into his army, thinking their nature and their affinity to magic would make for an impressive battle unit for himself and Melkor. The Beastmen and Dementors surprisingly work well with one another, although given Beastmen's nature on anyone that isn't them, their teamwork is rough at best. Although with Melkor's promises and persuasion, Beastmen are beginning to work better with other races, even if its little progress.
  • Sauron is jealous of the fact that Meklor and Voldemort got to employ the Beastmen first. Given that Sauron is now allied to Darkseid, the Dark Lord seeks to find an inherently evil race to combat the Beastmen. Darkseid opposes the Beastmen as beastmen are beings Made of Evil, something which Melkor and Yuga Khan also share, although the Lord of Tyranny believes they would make for an impressive force if he got their influence.
  • The closest the Beastmen have to a race as chaotic as them are the Tyranids. Beastmen often wage battles against Tyranids due to territorial reasons. Tyranids want nothing but to devour anything in their path, which Beastmen are opposed to, believing they would have nothing to conquer over if they don't fight. Gorthor has been thinking about using his cloak to bring a number of Tyranids onto his side, a prospect that terrifies everyone, even other Beastmen.
  • Khazrak and Gorthor were rather keen about Cheetah, given she was the Pantheon's representing Beastess and was a vicious one to boot. Cheetah sees the Beastmen as worthy allies in regards to action. She wants treasure, the Beastmen want battle, so their goals don't intertwine with each other's problems, though Barbara would not hesitate to lend a helping hand.
  • The Beastmen are not keen on the prospect and threat of Nagash. Given Nagash is opposed to the Chaos Gods, which Beastmen highly worship, its no surprise Gorthor and Khazrak are ready to wage war against him. Nagash seeks to turn the two leading Beastmen into Undead, thinking they would be great soldiers in his rule. Lucifer has also come to despise the Beastmen, though its mainly due to the fact that Lucifer holds a special degree of respect on humankind, the very kind which Beastmen are hellbent on destroying.
  • With Boris and Mikael being nowhere in the Pantheon, the Beastmen have decided to settle in on making more enemies for themselves. From their homeworld, they were opposed by Lord Kroak, Thorgrim Grudgebearer and Karl Franz who recognize the threat of the Chaos-infested species given their own experiences. The Beastmen also found a new threat in the God-Emperor of Mankind, who believes that the only way to deal with the Beastmen is to simply render it extinct, believing it is the only way to free them from Chaos's services.
  • They are PERMANENTLY BANNED from the Houses of Family, Love and Beast. It doesn't help with Beastmen constantly indulging in violating others in an effort to reproduce given the shortage of female Beastmen. To make matters worse, Beastmen will also target any animal, regardless of size and posture. Khazrak and Gorthor's presence outright terrified The Gang of Seven and tried to "mate" with Rexie, earning her enmity as well when the tyrannosaur fought back ruthlessly with backup from Grimlock.
    • Unsurprisingly, the House of Nature aren't fond of the Beastmen either, with most of the residents doing their best to not let any Beastmen in their House, especially Gorthor. Then again, they are animistic abominations influenced by Chaos. That said, there are evil beings in the House of Nature who don't mind the Beastmen, a few even taking the time to admire their headstrong and vicious nature.
  • Xion defended the House of Canines during a Beastmen invasion under Gorthor's orders. The whole experience terrified Xion, but also made her unnaturally angry for someone like her, given Xion's love for dogs. Gorthor has since began to treat Xion as an Arch-Enemy like he did with Mikael Ludendorf of Hochland. And unlike Khazrak who can manage respecting his foes, Gorthor despises Xion for interrupting his invasion and for the mere fact that she looks human, resulting in him clashing against her whenever he gets the chance.
  • The Beastmen have also invaded Kokiri homelands, prompting Saria to call upon aid from Link. The Hero of Hyrule would ultimately battle Khazrak and Gorthor whilst also defending the Kokiri tribe and their forest homes overtime. Saria has since made sure to use all of her power to call support and defend her race since the Beastmen invasion, fearing their ferocity and hatred for anything that resembles humans.
  • While their unbridled rage makes them a suitable candidate for a Red Lantern, Atrocitus has made it clear that he has no intention to present any Beastmen the rings. He makes a special example on Gorthor, given how out of morality he is, even compared to the other Beastmen. Khazrak however doesn't mind being denied a Red Lantern, only looking ahead for a good challenge. Atrocitus battles the Beastmen time and again, in an effort to stop them from destroying his Corps as well.
  • Nightwolf hasn't taken the news of Beastmen very well, considering their traditions of having shamans creeps him out. And even then, he himself is horrified by how Gorthor treated Beastmen shamans. Similarly, Marona feels as if the Beastmen are too chaotic for her own good. She has been able to possess several Beastmen, but the strong wills of Khazrak and Gorthor proved too much for her.
  • A "different Beastman", Viral took notice of the Chaos-affiliated Beastmen and was horrified and disgusted by their innate nature and disregard of general morality. He's made it clear to distance the Beastman from any innocent Pantheon members as much as he could and is not above killing them if it means safety.
  • Gorthor and Khazrak's biggest enemy in the Pantheon came in the form of Guts, whom saw them as too similar to the Apostles that he constantly faces off himself. Khazrak personally sees Guts as a Worthy Opponent, similar to Boris Todbringer, although Gorthor simply sees him as another threat, instead putting more of his enmity on Xion. Guts also found their drive for bestiality to be rage-inducing and an unfortunate reminder, which he does best to conceal. If anything, this reminder makes Guts hate the Beastmen more than most Apostles.
  • Among other enemies, Thrall and Rexxar have made it clear that the Beastmen are beyond any chances of negotiation and must be taken on lethally. Eliza Thornberry had one such experience encountering Khazrak, with the latter commanding his forces to kill her on the spot. A timely intervention from Dante saved Eliza, who's since done her best to provide therapy for any animal that were traumatized by the Beastmen. Yoshi and Seigfried have also dealt with Gorthor, the former simply trying to defend his homeland, whereas the latter felt that the Beastmen acted like those who became Malfested and took arms to defend the helpless. Shrek and Skarsnik outright want nothing to do with Gorthor and Khazrak, given their bloodthirsty and perverse nature and always search for help whenever a Beastmen invasion starts showing signs.
  • Madoka Kaname hasn't really taken the news of Beastmen very well. Further worrying was the the race's instincts and loyalty bound down to evil, which Madoka felt was a rather tragic situation as in her opinion, Beastmen are destined to be damned. Despite this, the actions of Gorthor disgust her, given his actions even towards other Beastmen.
  • With Khazrak and Gorthor's invasion on the House of Beast, The Monster Hunters immediately caught news and dispatched to confront the situation. What wound up happening was a great battle between hunters and beastmen as the latter gained an advantage with their massive numbers and ferocity, until fellow Beastmen opponents like Guts, Dante and Link joined in for the former's support. Gorthor and Khazrak did ravage much of the house in ruins before they retreated, vowing for another invasion.
  • The Demons of Nippon Ichi are outright appalled and terrified of the Beastmen, especially given their warmongering nature and unstoppable drive of rape as a means of reproduction. Valvatorez and Killia have it the worst on them; the former sees the race, especially Gorthor, as the absolute worst kind of warmongers whereas the latter sees their Might Makes Right mindset to be chaotic and destructive, all of which the Beastmen embody.
  • For all his villainy, Bowser has nothing but apathy and disregard towards the Beastmen. Khazrak didn't really care, though Gorthor took it as a personal insult. He tried to pull off an alliance with Bowser, only for the latter to rebuke, stating he was once asked by Goblins for an alliance, yet Gorthor not only disregarded it, but had many of the Goblins killed anyway. Gorthor hasn't made a comment about this... yet.
  • Zamasu, still waddling into his disregard for mortals, decided to highlight the Beastmen as examples of mortals being flawed and immoral, despite the Beastmen being aspects created by the Chaos Gods. Gorthor and Khazrak, in turn, see Zamasu as an enemy, plain and simple. Zamasu decided to try killing off as many Beastmen as he could, thinking he could be justified for killing members of a race everyone knows is evil. Instead, Zamasu received further disapproval from most Pantheon residents as usual and earned himself ire from Gorthor and Khazrak.
  • Khazrak has since become one of the most battle-hungry beings in the Pantheon, even by Beastmen standards. He's become a rather notable visitor in the Houses of Combat! and War where he will often try to find strong opponents to fight against, even expressing an interest in tournaments hosted by Shao Kahn and Cell.
  • It didn't take long, but it was inevitable; Gorthor became one of the most loathed and shunned figures in the entire Pantheon, thanks to his overblown nature of killing, raping, invading and terrible treatment towards his own fellow Beastmen. His reputation as the most deranged, psychotic and warmongering Beastmen in history even caused a good amount of evil-aligned beings to wince and cringe at Gorthor's actions. Indeed, many Beastmen aren't too fond of Gorthor, instead preferring to work for Khazrak instead. However, Gorthor doesn't care, and relishes on his carnage. And if he can't get minions with words and actions, his hypnotic cloak will do the work for him.
  • Somehow, the Beastmen have gained a negative reception from a group of people who hate what they perceive "Furry Culture". While yes, the Beastmen are Anthropomorphic Animals, they preceded the Furry Fandom by years, in addition to being physically unappealing and not having any negative representations of the Furry Culture anyway. Hence, the Beastmen just takes the Furry Culture comparison as murderous annoyance.

Naoya, God of Biblical Villains (Naoya Minegishi, Cain)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His long robe with its Matrix Raining Code design.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Aloof Older Brother, reincarnation of Cain to Kazuya's Abel, The Chessmaster, Crazy-Prepared, Deadpan Snarker, unnerving smile, Expy of Akemi Nakajima, Hidden Agenda Maybe-Villain, Jerk with a Heart of Gold to his cousin, Stealth Mentor, Nay-Theist, Rage Against the Heavens, suffered The Punishment and exploited it for his own end, Fate Worse than Death, "Get Back Here!" Boss
  • Domains: Coding, Demons, Sin, Chaos, Gambits
  • High Priest: Judas Iscariot
  • Followers: The Phantom Stranger, Grendel, the Knights of the Blackened Denarius, Lucyfar, Nimrod, Haman
  • Allies: Kazuya Minegishi (his cousin), Mido
  • Rivals: Alcor, Yamato Hotsuin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Cosmos (only on his end), Isabeau (only on her end)
  • Enemies: YHVH and all of His Angels, especially Metatron, The Administrators, the Divine Powers, Chakravartin, Yaldabaoth, anyone who would harm Kazuya
  • Wary of: Stephen
  • Respects: Aleph, Naoki Kashima/the Demi-Fiend, Flynn, Asura, Xena, Tatsuya Suou, Maya Amano, Eikichi Mishina, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Terra Branford, Team Dai-Gurren
  • His ascension was preceded by a massive influx of demons coming in from COMPs that came out of nowhere. While the nearby folks either fled or fought the demons, as soon as he heard of it, Kazuya was quick to arrive and quell the issue, then convince the Court of the Gods (which Naoya didn't really like) to give him a spot in the Pantheon. After looking into his history, they decided to give him two temples to represent Biblical Bad Guy, given that he's the reincarnation of said first example; Cain.
  • Has a tenuous stance towards his cousin, given that he either fled the lockdown only to return to make up for that mistake (succeed or fail), surrendered the world to either demons (with his cousin Naoya, and rally against YHVH either for himself or for humanity) or angels (with Amane, and set Naoya on the path to redemption), returned the world back to normal with Gin, or gave the demon summoning power to humanity with Atsuro. Of the timelines he doesn't approve of, there's only the ones where he fled and the ones where he surrendered to the angels.
    • That said, given how different things are in the Pantheon, with Kazuya as King of Bel around here, he's willing to let bygones be bygones as he's got a bigger priority; his vengeance against God, a.k.a. YHVH. Despite that, though, he doesn't care much for Lucifer and the GUAC. But while Kazuya is currently sided with Cosmos, Naoya isn't the type to follow anyone; his loyalties are only to his cousin, and nothing more.
    • Why does he hate YHVH so much? Well, given that he's a reincarnation of Cain, every time he reincarnates, he remembers everything from every single past life, including the one where he killed his brother Abel out of jealousy. Thus, he is thus unable to escape his sin. The sad thing is that Cain could break this cycle by using the time to reflect on — and repent for — his sin, but he's far too consumed by revenge to do so. This is because God set up the Cain and Abel scenario in the first place in order to get a murderer and a martyr. Cain feels that he was unfairly manipulated into killing his brother by an unjust God, and thus refuses to atone to a God that used him in such a manner.
    • That said, he would let go of his vengeance if YHVH just left the world alone. Of course, this is impossible in the Pantheon.
    • In regards to vengeance against YHVH, he has respect for those who've successfully killed Him or performed similar feats against other tyrannical or otherwise malevolent deities, such as Aleph, the Demi-Fiend, Asura, Xena, the Persona 2 heroes, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and Terra Branford. The same doesn't go for the likes of Merged Zamasu, Majin Buu (even Fat Buu), and Darkseid, though.
  • He's heard of other possible Cains around the Pantheon.
    • One is Vandal Savage, who may have been Cain and just forgot over the millenia. Except he apparently wasn't Cain at all; he just "stole" the Mark of Cain from a man who was passed it by the original Cain.
    • Another is Commander Kane... who is apparently his world's Cain...
    • Having heard various records, Ezio was surprised that Naoya was of a Chaotic stance as his world's Cain founded the very Lawful Templar Order. Naoya isn't amused with that irony.
  • Having battled three Biblical Bad Guys over the course of her adventures, Vampirella is keeping a sharp eye on him. She also feels a little conflict as the Cain in her world was her father.
  • His Communication Players, also known as COMPs, are an amazing invention. Aside from the demon summoning thing, it comes with a "harmonizer" program which, without getting technical, allows simple humans to fight on equal terms with SMT demons, and it also protects humans without supernatural defenses against them too. In addition, it has an auction site where demons can be contracted and a Cathedral of Shadows app for demon fusion. Also, somehow, it uses the internet as a repository of emotions for demon summoning. He's not sharing or selling, though, and will fight anyone who tries to have a go at it, though he's aware that some particularly talented thieves like Carmen Sandiego can take one of his COMPs if they ever so wish and there'd be nothing he can do about it.
    • Naoya's taken an interest in Alcor's Nicaea phone app, Aleph's COMP, Samurai Gauntlets, and the DEMONICAs, since they likely have other methods because the internet is normally inaccessible in their settings.
    • Kazuya's been trying to convince Naoya to have the COMPs be placed in the Treasury if he's that concerned about it being stolen, but progress is slow.
  • Makoto Yuki raised an eyebrow upon hearing him speak; Naoya sounded just like one of his Social Links, Akinari Kamiki. Naturally, Kotone also felt the same way.
    • Naoya notes his brother's co-deity partner Hibiki can sound just like him. Maybe that's why the two managed to get along pretty quickly.
    • Speaking of voices, he's noted that same thing from Izaya Orihara, Lex Luthor, and Trafalgar Law.
    • Isabeau thought she heard the voice of one of her former fellow Samurai Jonathan, and wasn't sure what to think of the Chaotic-stanced programmer as Jonathan was decidedly Lawful. She doesn't trust him, but his desire for vengeance against YHVH (as well as how he cares for Kazuya) means he can be at least trusted on that regard.
    • N doesn't like Naoya, since—apart from sharing voices—he exploits his brother just as his "father" Ghetsis exploited him, even if Naoya honestly believes what he did is for Kazuya's own good.
  • Naoya had to hold back a short laugh when he realized the boisterous Kamina sounded just like him. He also respects the rest of Team Dai-Gurren for their defiance of and defeating the Anti-Spiral.
    • As do Kazuya Mishima, Big the Cat, Miles Edgeworth, Ryu, Omega-Xis, and Wario, though minus the laugh.
    • Tsubaki feels conflicted around him since he sounds like her brother Masamune.
      • The same can be said for Madoka, especially since it's her father's voice she hears from him. As for his opinion on the whole Great Upheaval thing, he's keeping his eye on Homura, whose militant desire to protect Madoka to the point that she would even take her powers away so she can't do anything disgusts him.
    • The Investigation Team (sans Naoto) get the feeling that they've heard his voice before. Then it clicked; get past the calm and slick manner of speaking, and they're reminded of their first suspect in Inaba's murder cases; Mistuo Kubo.
  • Looking back at the time his COMPs were distributed, giving everybody in a locked-down Tokyo a chance to become a demon tamer, he finds it somewhat amusing that there is something similar in the Pantheon, though with Guardian Entities called Personas instead of demons. And that Kazuya was one of their "clients".
    • Speaking of which, Kazuya decided to take him along on a trip there, just the two of them, in hopes of understanding his cousin more. Having had to live with himself for millennia, Naoya decided to humor him. After that trip, ...let's just say those who would later visit the Persona Gallery would be surprised to see Naoya's picture among the rest.
  • "God's no friend of mine/I follow no god."

Ursula, Goddess of Villains Through Adaptation (Vanessa, The Sea Witch)

Lesser Gods

Giovanni, God of Serious Villains With Silly Lackies (Sakaki, The Self-Proclaimed Strongest Trainer)

    Nina Cortex 
Nina Cortex, Goddess of Villainous Daughters/Nieces
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The "n" in her forehead and her mechanical arms
  • Theme Song: Rooftop Rampage and Nina's Nightmare
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with shades of Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Grayish skin, Artificial Limbs, Big Bad in Crash of the Titans, Bratty Half-Pint, Cyborg, Cuteness Proximity, Dark Action Girl, Evil Foil to Coco, Skip of Innocence, Teen Genius, Used to Be a Sweet Kid
  • Domains: Evil, Nieces, Cyborgs, School, Intelligence
  • High Priestess: Fah Lo Suee
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Lennie
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jimmy Hopkins, Micolash
  • Opposes: Goths
  • Nina Cortex is the teenage niece of Dr. Neo Cortex. From a young age, Nina started to show signs of goodness amd liking cute things, so her uncle decided to replace her hands for mechanical ones and correct her into a more evil person. It worked a bit too well and Nina ended up being sent to Madame Amberly's Academy of Evil so she could learn to be a villain and since then she's been one of her uncle's dearest allies. Well, even if there have been times she has double-crossed him, her uncle Cortex wanted to bring her in to meet the pantheon and so assigned Nina for the title of Villainous Daughters (It was then brought up that the title was a bit non-indicative and so it was slightly rephrased later).
  • Nina usually minds her own business and for the most part rarely takes part of any supervillain scheme the member of the Grand United Alliance of Evil come up with. She does side with Uka Uka, the latter sometimes considering Nina to be superior than the other Cortex and she appreaciates the compliments but after overtaking her uncle once, she decided against becoming the Big Bad again, especially after she was sent to Evil Public School as punishment.
  • Regarding the Bandicoots, she is fairly antagonistic towards them but not to the same extent as the other from Team Cortex. Originally she and Crash were on fairly good terms but with Coco things were a lot more heated, the two often clashing because of their shared intellects. That said, she is still tends to do her own thing instead of actively bothering the bandicoots but a notable exception tends to be the to the other female bandicoots from the Nitro Squad, who Nina tends to pull pranks on for the hell of it.
  • Nina first debuted when her uncle teamed up with Ripto in order to eliminate both Crash and Spyro. Back then she was a lot more childish and though Spyro was just a purple puppy but now she is a bit embarassed by said event. She is still on somewhat good terms with Ripto given his ties to Cortex but she and Spyro aren't really getting along after the whole aforementioned incident.
  • She and Bowser Jr. are friends being the somewhat second-in-command to their uncle and father respectively and Nina has considered reverse engineering some of the Koopa King's vehicles. Rain and Talia Al Ghul also begrudgingly respect Nina for possibly being even more intelligent than Neo Cortex (someone they both think is a lousy villain) and that praise only made the already haughty Nina become a lot more self-centered.
  • While her looks and general demeanor might say otherwise, Nina is not actually a goth. In fact, she hates being called one and saying that to her face is a quick way to get you mangled by her mechanical hands. She even goes as far as hating other goths who have done nothing to her.
  • Back in her youth, Nina used to love cute animals and that's one of main reasons her hands were replaced, which have made others be concerned of how that process went. The hands are designed so everything she wants to hug would be crushed to death and that ended up working a little too well. Nowadays she usually find people like Rena Ryuugu annoying for her reminding Nina of her old self but it's also hinted that she is a bit jealous.
    • However, there is one deity that has managed to make Nina feel pity towards. Lennie Small also adores small and cute animals but he is unaware of his own strength and accidentally gets them killed. Other than that, she couldn't care less about him or his pal George.
  • Considered by her peers to be a bit of a nerd and a loner, and for that, she usually gets bullied as a result. Nina has grown to hate other bullies but they know better than to mess with someone who could give you a wedgie from afar (she is lucky, or rather unlucky, that most of her classmates are also supervillains). Gary Smith, while an evil douche, got in her bad side because he tends to call her "buck teeth" and Nina has gone as far as helping his Arch-Enemy Jimmy Hopkins whenever Gary sets foot in School just to get back at him.
  • A Freudian Slip from Cortex may suggest Nina is actually his daughter but nobody was able to confirm it. Nina neither has said anything on the matter, making things more difficult to figure out, although considering Neo's background as being from a circus family, it may suggest that either one of his siblings did too abandon that lifestyle or Nina is indeed Cortex's daughter.
  • Considering the shortage of evil schools, Nina ended up discovering that a neighbouring deity near her uncle's temple was leader of one. Micolash is willing to "enlighthen" Nina if she so desired but considering his overall insanity, she ended up abstaining.
  • She has taken an habit of racing ever since she joined her uncle and N. Gin in taking over Von Clutch's MotorWorld but that ultimately failed. It wouldn't be until the Grand Pix of Halloween where Nina would return with her own track to boot, based on her twisted mind and joined by fellow scientist N. Brio and the bumbling Komodo Moe.
  • Can also be found at Offsprings.

Susanna Patrya Haltmann, Goddess of Technologically Advanced Foes (Susie, Secretary Susie, Suzan'na Famiria Harutoman)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Haltmann Works Company Logo
  • Theme Song: The Noble Haltmann
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pink Haired Affably Evil Girl, Beleaguered Assistant, The Starscream, Has a Tragic Keepsake, Helps Kirby stop Star Dream since there's no profit to be made at all if the universe is destroyed, Revealed to be the daughter of President Haltmann, Calling Parents by Their Name
  • Domains: Technology, Family, Corporations
  • Herald: President Haltmann (Her father)
  • Allies: The Corpus, Mei Hatsume
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Magolor, Isabelle
  • Complicated Relationships: All good Mega Man deities, Phineas & Ferb
  • Enemies: Void Termina, Star Dream, Porky Minch, Null Sector, The Neuroi, Dawn Bellwether
  • Sympathized by: Simba, Harry Potter, Naruto Uzumaki, Chirin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Masked Man, Lucas
  • Susie is the secretary of Haltmann, president of the Haltmann Works Company seeking to mechanize Planet Popstar for the sake of profit. Throughout the mechanization, Susie fights against Kirby, siccing the company's most dangerous machines on him. She eventually betrays Haltmann himself and steals the controller for Star Dream itself, intending to sell it for profit and teach Haltmann a "thing or two" (or in the Japanese version, "wake him up"), only for it backfire when the machine absorbs Haltmann's mind, deletes it, and plans to destroy all organic life since it sees no profit in it. Susie helps Kirby put a stop a stop to Star Dream, and although it remains ambiguous if she has reformed (Either still intending to mechanize planets or trying to bring happiness with science), she is still on good terms with Kirby as a friend or foe.
  • It's revealed later that Susie is actually Haltmann's daughter, who disappeared into Another Dimension. Haltmann attempted to use Star Dream to get her back, but the machine wiped out his memories in the process. Haltmann no longer recognized Susie by the time they met again, only hiring her as a secretary based on what little fondness he had for her. This in hindsight seems to explain Susie's motives for turning against Haltmann, likely wanting him to remember her as his daughter. Countless deities, especially those who lost a father (such as Simba, Harry, etc), felt incredible sympathy for her, and admitted that they would have tried to help Susie reunite with her father properly.
  • One day Susie came into the Pantheon, and since she had nowhere else to go, decided to make herself a new home for the time being until she's ready to start business again. She also has a friendly reunion with a surprised Kirby, who wasn't expecting her to make her arrival, and after the Court of the Gods reviewed her case, decided make her the Goddess of Technologically Advanced Foes. Susie is quite proud of her title and position, and hopes to use it to her advantage.
    • While Susie normally acts as an enemy against Kirby, there is no malice in it at all. She acts seems to like and respect Kirby as a foe, and will even team up with him against a dangerous opponent, as was the case with Star Dream and Void Termina.
    • Meta Knight on the other hand, outright dreads Susie, since she robotized him and used him as a unwilling soldier. While he doesn't show it, Susie serves as a living Trauma Button for him. The few times they do work together are Teeth-Clenched Teamwork on his part, since he can't really forget what she put him through.
    • If there is one god she hates the most, it would be Star Dream. That thing is the reason her father no longer recognizes her, and it took him away from her forever. Though she doesn't show it, she hates seeing Star Dream in the Pantheon to the point she will work alongside her enemies to stop it without question.
  • Lucas and the Masked Man aren't thrilled by Susie's actions, considering how Porky had invaded and mechanized their home for no good reason. Susie doesn't let it get to her though. When they do have to work together, the brothers are wary of her.
    • That said, Susie doesn't like Porky at all. She may be willing to mechanize planets, but she at least has a reason for it (even if people aren't willing to accept it as business). Porky is just an immature boy in an old man's body doing whatever he wants.
    • Susie is completely at odds with the Null Sector ever since they invaded one of her father's temples to mass produce killer robots. She had experience with rebellious machines once, and she'll put a stop to them before they get out of control.
  • Susie met the Corpus once and came to form a business deal with them, exchanging resources to benefit each other. This ends up earning her the ire of the Tenno, becoming their enemy as well. Susie, on the other hand, is thinking of a way she can get her hands on the Tenno's biomechanical armor for the sake of reverse-engineering it.
  • SilvaGunner sometimes use her company and father in their music/memes. Susie feels honored to have her theme song sung and represented by someone so famous, while SilvaGunner is pleased to sing a remix of the song to everyone.
  • The Neuroi are mechanical aliens who invaded WWII-era Earth, feeding off the Earth's minerals and took over most of Europe. Despite this, it's clear they're incapable of being allies of Susie, since she is still an organic lifeform and it isn't clear if the Neuroi can be reasoned with. All the same, Susie is interested in capturing one to dissect and experiment on.
  • All of the gods bearing the title of Mega Man, as well as their allies, have a rather complicated relationship with Susie. While she is amicable with them and sincerely offering them a chance to work for her due to her interests in the Robot Masters and their successors, none of them are really comfortable with Susie at all due to worrying she might try to brainwash them. Even the Blue Bomber himself, nice as he is, still cannot bring himself to trust her fully.
  • Phineas & Ferb do have a good relationship with Susie since she respects their skills and the two are nice people, but they wish that Susie could put her talents to a more ethical use. Susie also notes that the brothers shouldn't waste technology on needlessly complex plans, when they could put their skills to a more meaningful use.
  • Mei Natsume and Susie actually strike a kinship with each other, with Mei hoping to present some of her babies to her company. Susie is just as enthusiastic, but does note that Mei needs to focus on working on more practical devices before she can think of a position for her in her company.
  • Susie and Magalor had crossed paths once during Kirby's battle with the Cult of Jamba Heart. While they don't become enemies because of it, they do form a rivalry because of their current relationship with Kirby (Magalor being genuinely reformed while Susie is more of a Friendly Enemy). Regardless, the two do hang out in their spare time to talk about hobbies and plans for the future, with Magalor either challenging Susie to some friendly competition or trying to help her change for the better.
    • Susie also met Isabelle, who is a secretary like her. Isabelle is friendly and polite with Susie, usually inviting her out for some tea and ice cream, even if she doesn't approve of the way of her actions. Isabelle is also sympathetic towards Susie for losing her father. Susie, while a bit dumbfounded by her clumsiness, still appreciates Isabelle's kindness.
  • Susie outright dislikes Dawn Bellwether despite being a secretary like her. Susie finds Bellwether's goal and sadism downright disturbing, even for her. The dislike is mutual on Bellwether's end, who even goes so far as to call Susie a hypocrite because she looked down on other beings she deemed inferior, which she sees as no different from her prejudice towards predators. Susie points out that she can learn to co-exist with people, and she doesn't believe in pointless cruelty unlike Bellwether, who wanted to watch Nick tear apart Judy.

    Yellow Heart 
Yellow Heart, Goddess of Those Reforged Into Henchmen (Peashy, Pea, Pea Pea)


    Barbatos Goetia 
Barbatos Goetia, Killer of Heroes

    Gihren Zabi 
Gihren Zabi, God of Colony Drops and Fantastical Nazis
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Zeon flag
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Dropped an entire colony and destroying a percentage of Earth, The villain who never gets a battle, Killing his father but eventually gets killed by his own sister, Rousing Speeches, being irredeemable
  • Domains: War, Patricide, Nazism
  • Heralds: Colonel Killing, Aiguille Delaz
  • Allies: Most genocidal maniacs in the Pantheon such as Red Skull, HYDRA, and SHOCKER
  • Enemies: Char Aznable, Amuro Ray, other good aligned Robot pilots Zero, X, Kamen Riders 1 and 2
  • Opposes: Bask Om
  • Gihren Zabi ascended the moment he ordered the colony drop on Earth. He ascended his second title when his father Degwin compared him to Adolf Hitler, and he took it in stride
  • People often confuse him with Mr Fantastic because of having the same voice.
  • Since his ascension, Gods have been hearing "SIEG ZEON" round and round inside his Temple, though his Zeon faction is now the minority faction compared to Char's Neo Zeon supporters.
  • Char hates his guts, due to the Colony Drop he did in U.C 0079, which Char believes is too extreme. He also compares Gihren unfavourably to Rau Le Creuset, as their desire of genocide is far too similar. He fears that if they meet, the Zeon Civil War will reach a crisis.
    • Too bad they DID meet, and took a liking to each other, though Rau is a little disappointed that Gihren refuses to fully admit to his desire for destruction of the human species. Gihren, on the other hand, has promised him powerful Zeon support to improve his Providence Gundam and fund a project to build a new Gundam unit capable of using Plavsky particles to transform into any mobile suit that has ever existed.
    • This has put him in conflict with Sei and Reiji, as well as Aila, who are trying to curb his efforts to get Plavsky particles at every turn.
  • The Zeon based deities are confused on who to follow, the Zabi Gihren or Rem Deikun Char? There is currently a civil war involving that. However, popular support has gravitated towards Char's faction, as Char at least has a moral code.
Even non-ascended Zeons like Gihren's own siblings reluctantly prefer Char to him, even though Char was personally responsible for at least two of their deaths.
  • Gihren despises Bask Om for being a perfect example of a ""Feddie"" officer who has too much freedom.
  • X and Zero hate his guts because of him reminding the time they had a colony drop, they make sure it doesn't happen again
  • He is banned from the House of Family, specifically the Fathers subhouse for his crime of familial patricide.
  • Is not sure what to think of Banagher Links considering his relationship with his younger brother Dozle's daughter, but doesn't care about that and only thinks of him as a Federation Gundam pilot.
  • Gihren Zabi is similar to an organization called Shocker, which pissed off Kamen Riders 1 and 2 angry and avoid meeting him,
  • He has also found new allies in the name of Red Skull who is reminded of his former leader Adolf Hitler (which Gihren showed in delight) Red Skull decides to give him HYDRA support in order to counter Char's Neo Zeon forces.
  • During his free time, Gihren goes to funerals and makes Rousing Speeches.

    Imran Zakhaev 
Imran Zakhaev, God of Evil Russians post Cold War (Fourth Horseman, Hero of the New Russia)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Desert Eagle
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Pretends to be Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Bald of Evil, Beard of Evil, Big Bad of the first game, Nuke 'em, He Who Must Notbe Seen, Papa Wolf, Renegade Russian, Soft-Spoken Sadist, An Arm and a Leg
  • Domains: Russia, Terrorists, Revolutions, Nuclear Weapons, War.
  • Herald: Viktor Zakhaev (His son)
  • Allies: Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Raul Menendez, Red Skull, Kane, Yuri, HYDRA, Sundowner, Roman Torchwick, Reaper, Widowmaker
  • Enemies: Captain John Price, General Sheperd, James Ramirez, Captain America, Natasha Romanoff, Big Boss, Solid Snake, Warhead
  • Opposes: Most deities that hail from the US, Kano, Most snipers.
  • Imran Zhakaev is the leader of the Russian Ultranationalist Party, which has been in conflict with the Loyalists for the control of Russia. Zakhaev was always a powerful man, having been one of the most important arms dealers in the 90s until his assassination attempt that made him lose an arm. After his death, Zakhaev became a martyr and Russia remembered him as a hero, and his influence still lingered in the form of Vladimir Makarov.
  • Zakhaev aims at destroying the West after, in his own words, his country became the lapdog of them. That would explain why he would approach this conflict by force and actually as far as to aid Khaled Al-Assad in starting a war with the US so they would be distracted while the war in Russia kept going.
  • Makarov was very happy to see that his mentor found his way into the pantheon. With the two together things are going to get complicated for Captain Price.
    • From Makarov he got to meet Nikita Dragovich and Raul Menendez, who share the same hatred towards the West. In turn, their shared enemy Alex Mason also doesn't think too highly of Zakhaev.
  • Before becoming the chairman of the Ultranationalist party, Zakhaev used to be an arms dealer and still to this day has done a few deals in the pantheon with the likes of Sundowner or Roman Torchwick. However, he refuses to interact with Kano ever since he runned off with his equipment after a deal gone wrong.
  • Formed an alliance with Kane and Yuri since they also cause Russia to become the most powerful force after Albert Einstein assassinated Hitler. Safe to say, Zakhaev is proud that this version of Russia exist and wants to know more about it.
  • One thing that he dislikes is snipers ever since he lost his arm to one. Then it turned out that Captain Price was the one that shot him and believed Zakhaev to be dead, but that wasn't the case. Looks like shock and blood loss didn't really take of the rest as he thought.
  • Being a powerful and influential terrorist, it's no surprise that he allied himself with others like him ranging from Zoran Lazarević to Hydra itself who all wanted a share of his nuclear weaponry. Talon agents Reaper and Widowmaker also approached him with the intention of his backup, but he doesn't trust the french sniper, mostly because he lost his arm to a sniper in Pripyat.
  • Zakhaev hates the west with a passion, especially after his son Viktor died. He aims to destroy any American deity that dares oppose him, and he has made some powerful allies that also share this view of the west like Red Skull.
    • Ironically, Captain America became his number one target on his black list. He also isn't very fond of Natasha Romanoff who is an ex russian agent working for the US.
  • After learning about Big Boss and their "children" actions, he has been interested in acquiring a Metal Gear for himself. He also wants to avenge the death of Colonel Volgin and blames the former for that.
  • Even though they both have access to powerful nuclear weapons, Warhead isn't too fond of Zakhaev.

    John Wick 
Johnathan "John" Wick, Divine Former Hitman (Baba Yaga/The Boogeyman, Jonathan Wick, John Wick, John, Mr. Wick, Wick, The Ghost, Jardani Jovonovich)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A photo of Helen Wick, his wife. Also Daisy, his deceased pet.
  • Theme Song: "Reckoning", "Deconsecrated"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Highly Experienced, A legend, professional and bane to the criminal underworld, and everyone else, Badass in a Nice Suit, Brutal, and efficient in close quarters combat, A man of focus, commitment, sheer will, Hitman with standards and attachment to dogs, Silent hitman (sometimes), Expedient, Dangerous and a One-Man Army, Master of the Center Axis Relock, Was an orphan who was trained under the Director, His biggest flaw: Wrath
  • Domains: Guns, Cars, Hitmen (formerly), Anti-Heroes, Vengeance, Dogs, Excommunicado
  • Herald: His second dog (No Name Given)
  • High Priest: Arthur Bishop
  • Allies:
  • Adores: The Subhouse of Canines, especially Hachiko, Isabelle
  • Respected by: Revy, Boba Fett, Mr. Mundy/The Sniper, Jason Todd, Batman
  • Worthy Opponents/Rivals: Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva, The Spy, most of the House of Vengeance, but more specifically Afro Samurai, Bill "D-FENS" Foster
  • Commonality Connection: Neo (who is also his rival), John Constantine, Ted "Theodore" Logan
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed By: Baba Yaga, most of the deities from the Houses of Heroes and Justice
  • "John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a pencil, with a fucking pencil. Then suddenly one day he asked to leave. It's over a woman, of course. So I made a deal with him. I gave him an impossible task. A job no one could have pulled off. The bodies he buried that day laid the foundation of what we are now. And then my son, a few days after his wife died, you steal his car and kill his fucking dog." And thus, the tale of the infamous Baba Yaga began. The story of John Wick.
  • The criminal underworld is a harsh place. People come back either in bodybags, or return as renowned killers. Among those who have kept that tradition is the underworld's own Baba Yaga: John Wick. Focused, brutal and feared throughout the criminal world, he is a legendary figure to the point that anyone who hears his name knows exactly who they are dealing with, whether it be those who recognize him, his targets or even his employers and former ones. At one point, he planned to retire from his position, but not before a Russian mob boss gave him an impossible task, one that would officially allow his retirement from the mob. After retiring, he married his now deceased wife Helena and lived a calm life until her death from cancer. Before she died, she gifted him Daisy, his dog and his car, a 1969 Mustang (which, according to Helena, doesn't count) for him to remain happy until the Russian mob boss' pathetic excuse of a son decided to steal his car and literally kill his puppy, the latter of which finally broke him and prompted him to massacre the entirety of the mob he once worked for, including the boss that gave him his start as a hitman. John Wick returned to life as a hitman and left the criminal world cautious, as no one is safe from his wrath.
  • The moment his ascension was announced by the Court of the Gods, many crime-related deities, especially the House of Crime placed him on their blip radars, knowing full well the extent of John's capabilities. Some have even begun increasing security around their temples with extra bodyguards, walls and droids to keep him out, as well as preparing hundreds of bounties on him, but as a certain Winston puts it, it only amounts to having a fair fight.
  • He was welcomed by another notorious assassin the moment he established his own spot, Beatrix Kiddo. Finally hearing that her former high priest had joined the ranks, she welcomed him into her own clique of assassins who can help him whenever needed. Ezio and the Assassin Order, Jackie Estacado, Yoh Hinomura and his wife Emu Hino, former assassins Gen and Cammy White, notorious motherfucker Jules Winnfield, and Elektra. Unfortunately, with a reputation akin to the Russian Boogeyman, these assassins have only a few words to say:
    • Ezio and the Assassin Order have no plans to recruit him since their long-time conflict with the Templar Order doesn't match well with John's agenda. If anything, his presence would not work well with most missions. Despite this, the Order is willing to help him whenever he calls for assistance, which is rarely.
    • Meanwhile, Yoh Hinomura decided to bring John to his homeworld in Japan to formally welcome him, though he questioned the presence of the Yakuza and the 108 Dragons' overall influence. The silence only prompted the latter to bring more guns to stockpile himself in case the Yakuza would try to assassinate him.
    • For being a mob boss, Jackie recognized him and even asked if he would be glad to join his mob and promise protection from any assassin. He declined saying that he can handle it but will be very in touch in case he needs to. For now, they remain at a mutual stance.
    • Gen was surprised to hear that another well-known assassin stepped foot into his presence and welcomed him into his abode, claiming that he can give more advice into the tough arithmetic of assassinations. He pointed to meet Cammy White to start but the moment he met her, she gave him a head-start through hand-to-hand combat. Excited to see a potential modern successor to Gen, she promises him more practice with a few dose of promised protection.
    • On the other hand, Elektra was rather neutral on this since she expected less assassins to be on her side. Nonetheless, she accepted him into her side especially seeing his ridiculous kill count, in which she knew he can be a tough challenge.
    • Jules was the happiest bunch amongst the Bride's allies. Finally seeing some assassin action after a whole long of nothing, he can finally spread the Word on his behalf and at the same time be a better partner over his former one, Vincent Vega. He was however rather disappointed when John enforced that no civilians be killed while on the job so he was displeased and partially walked off, until he came back again just to be on his side.
    Jules: "How can I share the Gospel without some vengeance on our side?"
    • At one point, the Bride suggested that John could use someone to be his high priest, given his reputation. While he couldn't pick one, the Bride suggested Arthur Bishop to be his chosen priest. He silently nodded his head, giving it a go. On the other hand, he has refused to take his wife and Daisy, his dog, as heralds, claiming that he's come too far to wipe out his enemies to justify a return to that life, but hopes that things change in the future. After all, with them around, the crime lords of the Pantheon would only use them as bait to force John out of the business any maybe even the Pantheon.
  • While he may be an assassin, there's more to his personality than simply that. Defined by the rage he carries due to the loss of his wife and dog, whenever he doesn't have contracts or assassination to do, he will either drink at a bar in the House of Alcohol (usually at Moe's Tavern) or prepare his weapons for the next person he vows revenge against. For all the people who have seen him at his most vengeful, some have wondered if John will ever return to his peaceful life.
  • Known as "The Ghost" for doing infiltrations without the need of a disguise, his skill brought interest with Sandra Wu-San, aka Lady Shiva, who saw his skills to be impressive enough to be compared to her. The Spy has also remarked that he should consider using disguises more often to improve his stealth capabilities, though he declined his offer. Considering that the Spy could easily betray him mid-mentoring, this is understandable.
  • John's refusal to ever abandon his retribution against the criminal underworld has gotten him some allies from far and wide, some that he never thought would see him as a friend. From the modern setting, Niko Bellic, Huang Lee and El Mariachi welcomed him with open arms while on the medieval setting, Arya Stark would see reason in him and on the post-war setting, Viktor Reznov sees in him the same rage he would do to others.
    • Out of all of them, Niko sees the most similarities, since both of them once had people who they valued the most, but lost everything (by betrayal on Niko's part and lack of mercy on John's part) and were forced back into the criminal lifestyle they chose to stay away from, defined by their revenge throughout their stories and even have similar European origins more so for John, as his former life states that he was an immigrant from Belarus before being taken by the Director.
    Niko: Want to have a drink? Never hurts to see someone so similar.
    John: Yeah, I'll take a drink.
    • For Arya, she wonders how many people John is willing to kill without hesitation, though this is further compounded on a personality trait she and John share: Wrath, which may have caused John's return to the life he chose to back away from and at the same time, left him a fugitive. She can only pity him since Arya already managed to avenge her family's death, whereas John's killing spree may grow until he has to be put down for good.
    • El Mariachi would also congratulate John on his revenge spree, admitting that it even outnumbers his kill count but also pities his unwillingness to let go even after avenging the Daisy's death. Huang has some respect for him and knows his pain since he had also been backstabbed, by his uncle no less. Meanwhile in Viktor's case, he could only ask him a few tricks on the act of revenge, primarily direct revenge while asking John on a few errands.
  • A few days after his establishment into the Pantheon proper, the PAYDAY Crew decided to give John a visit alongside Jacket with a cake to celebrate another member of the Crew even after the Crew's dissolution following the White House raid. One wonders what connection ties between them but it turns out John does have a past history with the Crew robbing banks before he became the ruthless assassin he is now.
  • You'd think that even after maintaining a straight face would attract similar looking ones, instead he found three people, Neo, John Constantine and even Ted Logan, who look almost exactly like each other (except for Ted, though that may be because he is young compared to the other three). No one knows why but some would guess that they may be the same person due to a certain someone. Neo in particular sees him as a worthy challenger on his Gun Fu skills.
  • His legendary status brought him the attention of a few respected assassins who see him as a figure not worth killing. Revy sees his gun skills as extremely efficient, even more than her skills can attest, Boba Fett would thank him for inspiring other bounty hunters (and terrifying them at the same time), and Mundy could not think of other words other than a good phrase to describe his ecstatic feelings the moment he shook his hands with him.
    Mr. Mundy: Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
    John: Yeah, I get that.
    Mr. Mundy: Hehe, all in a day's work!
    • The respect he earned from other assassins is shared by both Jason Todd and Batman. Todd's respect for him comes from the complete annihilation of the Tarasov Crime Family out of pure retaliation for the boss's son's actions, while Batman sees his reputation to be almost similar to his, except mostly for criminals. The latter has spoken out that maybe it would be better to stick to a non-lethal stance when it comes to criminals but John disagrees.
  • While it is true that he is tenacious and brutal as an assassin, he still has mercy towards civilians and more so those people who are reluctant to kill him whenever he is under a contract. His biggest mercy comes from dogs, since Helena gave him Daisy as his pet to cherish even after her death. God have mercy on you the moment you try to hurt his dog, as shown to his rampage when his pet Daisy died at the hands of the son of the Russian mob.
    • Because of this, he often goes to Hachiko's temple, looking at the statue whenever he is free, mourning over Daisy's death. While other dogs may not replace the former, he has been fond of the House of Canines subhouse, often petting other dogs for comfort. That was until Isabelle introduced herself and saw pity on him and decided to help comfort him on his mourning time. Since then, he has been visiting her temple, often just trying his best to feel comfortable towards his new friend.
    • On the subject of dog lovers, Roy Mustang, Xion and Elliot Alderson all enjoyed his company and are surprised to see a powerful assassin easily be heartwarmed by the presence of dogs. While he may have a new pet that may never replace his heart over Daisy, the three will often accompany him with his new dog to help him ease accept it.
    • That positive sentiment reached its short fuse once news of Cruella's mistreatment towards dogs came to light. The first thing he did was to free the dogs as well as shoot her head with an entire pistol clip. To this day, he'll come for her whenever more news of her operations continue, in which she will no doubt.
  • Known for his usage of the Central Axis Relock, Leon Kennedy, who also uses this technique decided to ask for a few tips from him but was denied, while Morpheus approached him with consideration to accept his request, so far only two sessions have been made between him and Leon. Morpheus on the other hand sees some similarities between him and Neo for some reason.
  • After hearing all his reputation and skills, Kazuma Kiryu welcomed John into the Yakuza, in which he declined numerous times before finally accepting his invitation. He was surprised to see that Kazuma has the same tenacity and yet also has the calm and coolness possibly even surpassing his own. At the end of the day, both were seen drinking lots of Sake before going off.
  • Theon's day couldn't get any worse the moment he appeared on his doorstep. After being tortured by the Boltons, John's presence made his life much worse now that a well-known assassin is gunning him down at any opportunity. At one point, before being shot by John again, he kept asking what he wanted, only to receive the response by a bullet. He has no clues as to why he's so intent in killing him over and over but some people know exactly why.
    Theon: Please spare me! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WH- *gets shot*
    John: Shut up.
  • Revenge may be his motif, but many others do not share the same value towards other vengeful deities. The House of Vengeance may welcome him, but the deities inside do not want to share the spoils of their revenge. Afro Samurai in particular is willing to prove his worth especially if he wants to prove his status is true.
    • Bill "D-FENS" Foster ponders whether or not John's rage felt like it was toddler's play considering that a dog was all it took to put him into a revenge spree. That comment only angered him and proceeded to give him a visit with multiple carbine bullets, in which Foster retaliated with a load of submachine gun fire. In Foster's defense, he had all problems that felt albeit justified (in his own place anyway) which included a divorce, massive traffic, a lost job and a broken air conditioner on the hottest day of the year. Not to mention Foster has killed crooks like him with no remorse, though John is no ordinary crook, far from it even.
    Foster: Get some shooting lessons, asshole!
    John's shot hit Foster's arm
    Foster: Well that surprised me, I'll tell you that.
  • With all those bounties placed on his head, many and we mean many bounty hunters took good notice on John's bounty, with lots of cash, rewards and prestige at stake. The rewards may sound promising but considering they're facing the criminal Baba Yaga, this bounty may be one of the biggest yet, at least at a small-medium criminal scale.
    • When the stakes were announced, Agent 47 and Duke Togo took the first slice, with 47's implacability evenly matched with John's strength, while Togo's strength, durability and preparedness made him one of the hardest threats he have come across. Other bounty hunters that tried to take the slice of the pie included Gondar, Deadshot, Gauron and even Deathstroke all in an attempt to get those sweet rewards. And yet after all those attempts, John still remained standing against all odds. Even Duke took a small step and a dash of his glasses to realize that he has met a true bounty.
  • When the House of Crime announced John Wick's presence, the many criminal lords shook in complete panic, desperately protecting against themselves against a threat they know and all heard of. The Corleones took first notice the moment their assets were slowly killed off and Raymond Reddington's calls kept being called off with gunshot fire as his organizations are in complete blackout on John's spree. Meanwhile, Tony Montana and Dimitri Rascalov hauled off as many of their funds and corralled as much of both their men in an attempt to combat him, and as for the latter? Well, let's just say that he got the Baba Yaga's first visit the moment Niko told him of Dimitri's misdeeds.
    • Other members of the House of Crime took their guns and went ablaze towards him but most have instead woken up inside the House of Health and Diseases after much fighting. The Son retreated in a bid to escape but was eventually caught and Jabba, Hoyt and Vic Vega's jobs were trashed. The panic did dissolve when Diavolo and Polpo took him out as a warning of who he's up against, but that did not stop him from his rampage throughout the House of Crime. As for the House of Justice looking at the situation, they ended up putting him on their watchlist as well as spectating the entire chain of events.
    • This news also reached towards the Punisher, who saw the killing of the House of Crime his duty, now that Wick started the fires, he'll either personally deal with him or they can make a truce, though that all changed when the entirety of the criminal underworld has proclaimed a full-on war against him for excommunicado, now he can safely remain allies with him.
  • While the name Baba Yaga is his moniker, the actual Baba Yaga flatout hated him for misuse of her name, not even following through her footsteps of eating children. Plans for her to kill him permanently are underway, but that doesn't faze him at the slightest.
  • Unfortunately, the House of Crime and all bounty hunters took notice when light of events had shown following John's status to Excommunicado and even saw what happened when John was almost killed by the Continental, putting him into a vulnerable situation and all bounty hunters into an all-out war against him. While this may be bad news for him, the moment he arrived back at the Pantheon, he not only grabbed a truckload full of dead bodies but a slow response of "Yeah", showing that he'll be ready for whatever appears right in front of his doorstep.
  • Despite everything he's survived, he's still a mortal man, and so he has actually died a few times in the Pantheon. However, none of them have been in sight of any bounty hunters or by their hand, so no one has been able to definitively claim in having killed him before he's revived in the House of Life and Death. And should someone actually get the bounty kill on him, this would likely earn them Wick's eternal enmity and he would probably kill them over and over just like he's been doing with Theon.
  • For being in the House of Villains, he is one of the few who has started backing off in light of the events that has happened, that being the entire war on excommunicado thing. As a result, he changes houses from time to time. But still, whenever he's in touch on contact, his old temple will suffice.
  • "People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer. But now, yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back."

    Lady Macbeth 
Lady Macbeth, Patron Goddess of Villainous Wives and Obsessive Guilt Cleansing (Queen of Scotland, Gruoch Ingen Boite)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A pair of hands desperately trying to wash blood out
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domain: Marriage, Murder, Insanity, Hand Washing
  • Portfolio: Pursues her husband to murder Duncan to become king, wants to become evil to get the throne, good at hiding her evilness, constantly wash her hand out of guilt Driven to Suicide, Happily Married to her husband, Would Hurt a Child
  • Allies: Her husband, Bellatrix Lestrange, Talia al Ghul, David Xanatos
  • Enemies: The Weird Sisters, Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Iroh, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Lara Croft, Esmeralda Weatherwax and Gytha Ogg, Ned Stark, every good deities from the House of Royalty, the House of Magic and Prophecy, Gul'dan
  • Respected by: Azula
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Opposed by: Every parents in the Pantheon who care about their child, every children deities in the Pantheon, Light Yagami, The Doctor, James Bond
  • Superior: William Shakespeare (although she has plans to overthrown him with her husband)
  • High Priestess: Duchess Felmet, Lady Asaji, Fox
  • Lust after by: The Overlord, Ra's al Ghul, Littlefinger
  • Her ascension bring upon fear not only on the House of Royalty, but also pretty every god in the Pantheon who worries that she and her husband are planning to usurp them. Because of this, spies and surveillance are constantly on watch in all of their temples to see what they are planning.
  • Was given a spot in the GUAE because of her and her followers's exceptional ability to convince their significant others to commit diabolical plan. Lady Macbeth doesn't particularly happy about the position as she refused to be a lackey of anyone but accepted it nonetheless in order to gain influence while planning to overthrow some of her higher up. Her insanity served as a double edged sword to the GUAE: while it dampens her usefulness, it also makes her unable to execute her plan.
  • Constantly washing her hand in the House of Mentality due to the guilt of convincing her husband to kill Duncan to take the throne. While this tendency was lessened somewhat when she ascended to the Pantheon, her temple constantly have various running water fountain.
  • Her temple is despised by Light Yagami due to the fact that one of his "admirers" Misa is inspired to follow this role to assist Light during the time he was mortal.
    • In contrast, her temple is Xanatos's favorite place to visit given the fact that his wife Fox resides there and arranged meetings in his off day. For a reasonable payment toward the Macbeths, of course.
  • Is on good term with Bellatrix Lestrade given the fact that both of the men they are in love with are violent and immoral. However, Bellatrix is jealous that Lady Macbeth actually got the men she loves while the former got stuck in an arranged marriage with someone she hates.
    • Because she chose to allied with Bellatrix, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville hate her gut and are on the camp that hope she never regain her full sanity.
  • Azula was at first very excited to hear about her ascension hearing about her deeds and ruthlessness. However, the princess was disappointed to discover that Lady Macbeth went insane out of guilt after what she perceived as a smart political move. While still respect her, Azula sometimes annoyed with her habit of constantly washing her hands and wished that she would someday cured of her insanity to fully used her ruthlessness. Because of Lady Macbeth said similarity with Azula, the Gaang and Zuko all despises her.
  • Engaged on a witch hunt with her husband after hearing that the Weird Sisters have ascended the Pantheon for their vague prophecy leading her husband's fall and death. This got the couple banned from the House of Prophecy and Magic.
    • Because of said witch hunt, as well as one of her high priestess is their mortal enemy, Lady Macbeth earned the ire of Granny Weatherwax and Granny Ogg.
    • Upon their witch hunt, she stumbled across Gul'dan and was immediately disgusted that he has the ability to contact demons to perform his deed. The fact that he is an ogre also makes her hatred for him increase ten-fold.
  • Because of her ruthlessness and the ability to assist and convince Macbeth to follow go through with the killing, many evil overlord with thirst for power have set their eyes on her and scheming to win her heart or kill off her husband (or both). These people include the Overlord (as she is similar to one of his possible consort), Ra al Ghul and Littlefinger.
  • Because of the long-running nature of her play and the fact that she is a pretty popular characters, Lady Macbeth acquired a few allies and enemies for her similarity to someone in their world:
    • James Bond once flirted with her as she looks like a few younger versions of his deceased boss M. However, Bond backs away when finding out who she really is in fear of her taking over MI6. Likewise, the Doctor approached her as he mistook her for one of his companion River Song but also backs away in fear that she would take his TARDIS.
    • Talia al Ghul is on good term with her given the fact that they both love their father and the men they fall in love despite their evilness. After learning that she looks like one of Talia's version, Lady Macbeth frequently appears in this form when meeting Ra in order to Squick him out.
    • Lara Croft was creeped out when learned that Lady Macbeth can sometimes speak like her and has been tight up her security system to avoid impersonation.
    • Littlefinger is especially intense in winning her heart and killing her husband as Lady Macbeth sometime looks like his deceased unrequited love Catelyn Stark. This also cost Ned to mistake that his wife has ascended and was quickly heartbroken discover that was not the case and Lady Macbeth is nothing like his wife.

    Snidely Whiplash 
Snidely Whiplash, God of Mustache-Twirling Villains
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette with his face, mustache and hat.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Card-Carrying Villain, representing evil that has a beard, is hammy, wears black and always has an Evil Plan, tends to leave Nell Chained to a Railway to force her to be with him
  • Domains: Evil, Charm, Trickery, Facial Hair mlm
  • Allies: Dick Dastardly and Mutley, Bowser, Xykon, The Black Queen of Sogo, Dr. Evil, Wile E. Coyote, Jack Spider
  • Enemies: Dudley Do-Right and The House of Heroes in general.
  • Opposes: Claude Frollo
  • Opposed by: Princess Peach, General Tarquin
  • Respected by: Charlie Chaplin
  • Sometimes, some villains just want to simply act out their evil ways for the sake of evil. They see a potential Damsel in Distress and just want to tie her up to a train track to see if anyone would stop them. Such is the the philosophy of Snidley Whiplash, and for a time he shared this title with Dick Dastardly. But their constant failures started to wear the GUAE thin. It came to a point that Melkor demanded that one of them will be cut from the group. Whoever could do one successfully evil act would stay. The two frantically searched for a way to please their boss. In the end, Mutley helped Dick to sabotage the Batmobile... at least enough to help the Joker get away. Thus, Snidely Whiplash was banished from the Pantheon. He tried several times to enter to no avail. It was Dastardly that risked his position to bring him back. The Court of the Gods decided to give Snidley his old position, letting Dick Dastardly keep his new temple.
    • Despite potentially costing him a spot in the Pantheon for a good while, Snidely holds no grudge against Dastardly, even going so far as expecting nothing less from his evil counterpart. Now that the two are back together, they can go back to enacting Evil Plans and failing on most occasions.
  • It wasn't long before Dudley Do-Right also managed to enter the Pantheon. Snidely groaned at the return of his nemesis as he was dragged to jail. He has yet to figure out how the do-gooder manages to thwart his plans desite being one of the [[Good Is Dumb dumbest heroes in the Pantheon. He hopes that his increased resources will help things out for him.
  • There is no doubt he simmers at the absence of Nelly in the Pantheon. There has been talk of giving her Damsel in Distress, but they haven't gained any traction. There is an even less chance that his Arch-Enemy Dudley Do-Right will make an appearance. While he laughs at the prospect of beating his foe in that regard, some wonder if he the do-gooder completed his life.
  • Peach could only emit a large groan when word came of his return. Many of her followers have had encounters with his type, with many of them getting captured in the process. Her kidnapper Bowser on the other hand was delighted to see one of the originators of damsel kidnapping make his return. The two can be seen exchanging ideas on how to lure the women of their desires.
  • As usual, Xykon failed to successfull say his name. However, the lich did recognize the face as one of the original archtypes of evil in the Pantheon. While no where near as powerful, Snidely was welcome to Xykon's temple at any time.
  • Finds the Black Queen not only an attractive woman, but also one who agrees that he should be with Nell. Her Majesty delights in his attempts to sway the inspector's daughter, though some of her clergy were not pleased with his constant attempts to put her life in danger. she may pine after Barbarella with the same intensity, but Her Majesty has shown a greater care for her life.
  • Despite both falling in love with women, mustache-twirling villain doesn't have much in common with the judge. Snidely chided Frollo for not accepting his feelings for Esmeralda and should just accept he's in love with her. This was an affront to the faith of his followers, who despise the objects of their desire.
  • While no longer evil, Snidely remains good friends with Dr. Evil. The two remember fondly an age when villains acted within the means to which heroes have a small chance of success.
  • Tarquin thinks otherwise. He was against the return of Whiplash as he sees the villain as one of the very worst examples of ineffectual villains in the Pantheon. Much of his book about how to be a better villain took cues from many of Snidely's mistakes.
  • Charlie Chaplin can tell where much of Snidely's antics came from. Much of that time's silent movies had villains with a similar garb. Snidely confirmed this, stating he has always been fond of such villains, only wishing that they were more successful in foiling the heroes. The God of Silent Movies was willing to lend some of his tapes... provided Snidely returned them at a later date.
  • One could say that Wile E. Coyote took some inspiration from the classic villain. He may fail to capture that Roadrunner multiple times, but Snidely appreciates his ambition.
  • Despite his status as a Demigod, the GUAG has told their constituents to take him seriously regardless. He is nothing if not a determined fiend with a knack at putting heroes in awful situations, either by setting up traps or kidnapping their loved ones.


    Ozwell E. Spencer 
Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, God of Villains who Are Behind the Actions of Others (Oswell, The Earl Spencer, Dr. Spencer)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Umbrella Corporation Logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Aristocrats Are Evil, Met his end at Wesker's hand, Bad Boss, The Chessmaster, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Dark Lord on Life Support, Evil Cripple, Evil Old Folks, God Complex, Immortality Seeker, Mad Scientist, Non-Action Big Bad, Smug Snake
  • Domains: Viruses, Darwinism, Manipulation, Villainy, God Complex
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The House of Nature
  • Abhorrent Admirer towards: Miranda Lawson
  • Meet perhaps the most influention figure in the world of Resident Evil, Ozwell E. Spencer. One of the three founders of Umbrella Corporation and the one who's been the head of it for most of its lifetime, Spencer was morally detached and had dreams of creating a superior human race, his darwinistic mindset would let him to discover the Progenitor Virus and also be the headmaster for the Project W, which was based on his vision for a perfect and superior human race. His hubris and ego also made him betray his close partners, having his co-founder James Marcus assassinated, attempting to steal the G-Virus from William Birkin, having numerous of his underlings killed and even a series of decisions that led to the downfall of Umbrella. Years later, on the run from the authorities, Spencer decided to meet one last time with one of his greatest creations, Albert Wesker, knowing full well that he would not survive the encounter and reveal the origins of Project W to Albert, immediately getting killed afterwards. The influence of Spencer alone was able to grant him godhood, but not the one he was seeking.
  • Even ascended, Spencer is still stuck in a wheelchair barely clinging to life and with a lot of people wanting him dead with no possible mutation as a backup. After learning of his ascension, both Marcus and Birkin quickly transformed into their mutated forms and charged at Spencer's location, wanting revenge for being double crossed. Unfortunately for them, there is still a lot of bad blood with the two to make a truce to take down Spencer and then Ozwell took that opportunity to flee while the two monstrosities fought it off. Luckily for him, it enabled Spencer to get some protection in the form of a few loyal Umbrella workers and some B.O.W.s. Plus, the Grim Reaper and the Wolfpack are still willing to work for him but not entirely loyal to Spencer either way, the Wolfpack even sometimes wanting to tell him to piss off.
    • The hatred for Spencer isn't just limited to Marcus and Birkin when it comes to deities from his universe. Both Wesker siblings, the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members that raided his mansion and even their close allies have all a bone to pick with him, Albert himself just chuckled when he heard from Birkin that the old man was back in action. He didn't bother killing him again because Wesker feels leaving him live as a lowly god is a fitting punishment for him.
  • It's always recommender to never, never, work for him. His history of screwing over the people that worked for him is no secret, that goes for potential partners, creations and even other minor workers. Most notoriously the architect behind the creation of the Spencer Mansion and other Umbrella facilities, George Trevor, had him and his family murdered to silence him. Architects around the Pantheon like Emmet Brickowski and Juror 8 were horrified when they learned about his death, not to mention the horrifying fate his daughter Lisa suffered. That said, Spencer did get along with Maegor Tagaryen, who did exactly what Spencer did with his own builders and got them all killed, although the lord could care less about his royal family.
  • Has a lot in common with Sheev Palpatine, right down to having met his end thanks to an apprentice. Spencer also admires how the man's machinations managed to land him where he wanted and succeed where Spencer always wanted to succeed. His manipulative nature and scheming has also made him become allies with David Xanatos and Master Xehanort but both believe he would have to improve a lot given the numerous issues his plans had.
  • While he finds their general appearance disgusting, he did ally with the infamous group of bloodsuckers known as the Crimson Court, although many find his distate ironic considering what the viruses Umbrella has created do to people. Nevertheless, Spencer found some potential in the Crimson Curse, possibly even enabling him to create an even more powerful variant of the T-Virus before Marcus finds out.
    • That said, once he heard of Spencer's alliance with the Crimson Court, the Ancestor took a firm stance against him. While aged and relegated to a wheelchair, he is a reminder of his younger and more ambitios self which seeked nothing but power and also both being behind many of the events in their respective home universe. That, and there have been many comparison between the Spencer Mansion and The Darkest Estate.
  • Considered the bane of many Zombie Apocalypse survivors, being one of the many reasons the Raccoon City incidents and other related outbreaks happened. Most people are very content with putting a bullet in his head but considering the increase in security following an attack has made that a bit harder to pull off.
  • Considering his obssession with creating a superior human race and being its ruler, it's no surprise that Lord Spencer would become increasingly obssessed with Miranda Lawson, as she suceeded where Albert and Alex Wesker didn't, being a perfect and superior human. Of course, Miranda doesn't return the praise, thinking of Spencer as an old and senile fool that's far worse than her father ever was.
  • Naturally oppossed by most certified doctors, as all of Umbrella Corporation's creations and actions are beyond ethical and the damage they have done had made many people not trust pharmaceutical companies and doctors, making it hard to combat the viral outbreaks. Many have pointed out that Spencer could have achieved his goal faster had he tried to pursue a medical science career, coming out as the hero instead of a villain. Spencer simply doesn't care about what other people think of him.
  • The damage that Umbrella caused also extends to heavily affecting nature and it's fauna, making Spencer an unforgiveable monster in the eyes of the House of Nature. The Nature Preservers are the more active opposing side of said house, even trying to boycott any potential new development or plan he may be cooking up.
  • Like Wesker and Marcus, he too took interest in the E-Type Series B.O.W., also known as Eveline. While her purpose is for war, he thinks there is so much potential with her series that he wants to get a sample of molded to investigate. He also was surprised when he learned that the family she took control of, the Bakers, had their home made by the same company that George Trevor worked in, seeing a few similarities between his Mansion and the Baker Estate.


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