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Greater Gods

    The Combine 
The Combine, The Sufficiently Advanced Alien Race/Army (Our Benefactors, the Universal Union, Combine Overwatch, CMB)
  • Leitmotif: "Combine Harvester"
  • Estimate reports suggests Demi-deities (for individual troops) to Lesser Deities (for synths, drones and squads). However, as an entire army enslaved with multiple races, they are Greater Armies as a whole.
  • Symbol: The Union's "clamp", as shown. (Shared with Breen)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Aliens are Bastards, Synths, Authority Equals Asskicking, Ended Earth's Forces Under 7 Hours, Surprisingly Smart, A Damn Powerful Army, Wants More Than One Universe, Fascist, but Inefficient, Forgot To Invest For Portals, Greater-Scope Villain, Multiversal Conqueror, The Juggernauts
  • Domains: Armies, Aliens, Technology
  • Species Who Follow: The Covenant, The Chimera, The Eldar, The Xel'naga, The Reapers
  • "Superior": Doctor Breen
  • Allies/Tools: Ragyo Kiryuin, Albert Wesker, Zinyak
  • Species as Weapons: The Headcrabs
  • Enemies: Well, almost everyone are enemies of the Combine, considering how they treat humans as a whole. (well except for Breen, that is)
  • Extreme Rivalries with: The 501st Legion, Sarah Kerrigan, The Daleks (and their Emperor), The Anti-Spiral, Emperor Palpatine
  • Interested in: Chell, Frieza, Cooler, Boros
  • When Breen ascended into Pantheon proper, he was given a criteria to follow: bring his collaborated army to qualify for the position of "The Quisling". The Combine, who were preparing the invasion of Earth (again) attempted to use the portal made by the citadel. It was thwarted, but not before the portal ended up appearing in the Pantheon instead. Now that Breen's army has arrived, this has given him a seat in the Pantheon along with the Combine with his command.
    • It was also found out that they are "followers" of Master Chief, consideing how similar they are in terms of troop power. They would have gone smoothly, if Chief wasn't antagonized by them since the Covenant are one of the species that are following the Combine. Unless they are combating the Flood that is.
  • The composition of the Combine army consists of many, and we mean many species of other worlds. Synths are basically the species they captured but genetically modified with technology to retain control. These can go from 3-legged tripods to squid-shaped Gunships. And that's not the worst part. They utilize all of the recent tech made by other species and use it on their own, which is why they have Hunter-Choppers.
    • Of all the things that they can do to humans is completely torture them, either raiding them or imprisoning them to Nova Prospekt. And if you are a resistance member, be ready to whitstand huge amounts of Genetical Murder and Brainwashing. Good luck remembering your memories while being a Combine Soldier.
    • They also have "Advisors", somewhat centipede-like floaties with some sort of leadership even bigger than Breen himself. While these things look weak, in actuallity they are psychic powers, capable of breaking your mind, literally. Eli Vance learned it the hard way, which still haunts Freeman's memory until today.
  • With Breen's temple being built (which is actually a Citadel), Metro-Cops have started surrounding the place. They are also in charge of the Pantheon's Train Station security, in which they'll punish law-breakers, unfair station employees and trash throwers. Of course, they will ask you a favor, sometimes.
  • As a powerful army who uses other species to gain them ranks for domination, they will use everything they have in order to acquire the planet/species/resources for the empire. Unfortunately, most of these events ends up dead for the enemies of the Combine, which results to acquiring of the planet/stealing resources/getting all the species and turn them into armies.
    • This is actually why the Combine are heavily feared. Sheer numbers followed by State-of-the-Art technology is what makes up the Combine Empire. Even worse, since many armies are present in the Pantheon, this will cause extreme amount of wars, and these will be bloody. Just look at the 7 HOUR WAR. Reports have stated that they are currently targeting 3 Armies, The Imperium of Man, The Daleks and The Sith (including the 501st Legion).
    • However, the Zerg entered the list when they discovered some ideals of them are identically the same, such as the threat of sheer numbers and utilization of other species. Kerrigan however, expressed that she does not want the Zerg to be part as she knows that she and her kind won't survive a bit if they are to fight a Multiversal Conqueror, who, as an army, just conquered universes.
    • Speaking of StarCraft, Artanis, Zeratul and Tassadar are watching out for the Combine as they also are targeted by the Union. It even got worse when they noticed how vile they are by using the species they conquered as soldiers or slaves. This did not sit well for the trio. Oh, and to make it worse, the Xel'naga are their following species.
    • And this is why XCOM became the Combine's persistent threat. Even with few numbers and technology, they still have a chance to go head-to-head with them thanks to the research efforts made by Dr. Vahlen. However, they still do not know about the Advisors.
    • Even as conquerors, Laharl and Chou-Chou, are disgusted at the Combine's motivation. The latter even pointed out that they are somehow "greedy" with their content of multiverses.
  • While Ragyo failed to impress Breen, she did manage to become an ally to the Overwatch. She may have support, but she doesn't know that the Combine are going to use her just for the Life Fibers. She may not know, but Breen has eveything under his control.
    • This is also the same situation with Albert Wesker. He may be glad that he is working with the Combine for chemical reasons, but that doesn't mean they are full-fledged allies.
  • Much like who they fought in their worlds, Serious Sam and Duke Nukem heavily wants the Combine OUT because they know the Combine is much worse. Commander Shepard however is forming all his/her crew for a battle that might cost more than just a group, but Humanity as a whole. Especially now that the Reapers have become followers of the Combine. However, some of these Reapers turn out to be allies, having come from the Synthesis or Control ending timelines, and will assist Shepard.
    • Commander Farsight, Dessler and Juzo Okita have also created a Crusade against the Union menance. Breen is now preparing for a full-scale war with the trio.
  • Due to their extensive search for the Borealis, they have placed interest towards Chell for her portal gun. She isn't willing to give to them the gun, which might trigger a forced capture instead.
    • The Combine have also started making "collaborations" with 3 other conquerors, namely Boros, Frieza, and Cooler. No one knows how they got into each other, but it might be said that Breen was pulling the strings just for this to happen.
  • Somehow, the Combine's presence has made HYDRA and SHOCKER to team up with even the Toku Heroes as a sign of the Combine's sheer danger factors. So far, many have agreed to team up, if the Combine will start engaging the Gods of the Pantheon as a whole.
    • The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints however, has made early plans against the Combine's attack, allowing them to prepare. The only thing her fears is that the Combine might lead a pathway for Zinyak. Sadly, it already happened and Zinyak has been working on an Alliance with the Combine to ensure the Saints' suffering.
  • Amidst all the production and planning times, the Combine suffered a major electric blackout for 4 weeks straight without reason. Turns out, the Vortiguants have ascended just in the nick of time to assist the One Free Man. This, along with the major enemies of the Combine have made the alien menace call for more reinforcements. Time will tell if the Seven Hour War will be replicated once again.

Lesser Gods

Babidi, God of Alien Wizards (Bobidi, Master Babidi)

Beheeyem, God of Telepathic Spacemen (The Cerebral Pokemon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The lights on its hands
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Telepathy
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Miracle Eye, Psychic, Simple Beam, Wonder Room
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Aliens, Big-Headed, Psychic Aliens, Roswell Allusions, Longcoats, Acronyms, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Psychics, Aliens, Mind Games
  • Followers: Saturn Girl, The Andalites, The Furons
  • Allies: Volcarona, Deoxys, Ash Ketchum, Slowking, Tate and Liza, Anakaris, Astral, E.T, Iroque, The Men in Black, Hoopa, Gaara, Notrom the Silencer
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger Smith, Bender
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Cyrus, Chernabog, Dark Link, Tzeentch, King Boo, Rotom, Dune, Crixalis the Sand King, Queen Sectonia, Atropos
  • Avoids: The House of Insects and Ghosts
  • Opposed by: The Imperium of Mankind
  • In the world of Pokemon, there are many species believed to be not of this world. Some like the Cleffa line are mere speculation, but a few are confirmed extra-terrestrials. One such is Elgyem, and its evolution of Beheeyem. The Cerebral Pokemon heavily resembles The Greys with a spiffy longcoat, intrigued with the Earth of Pokemon. Their greatest skill is their incredible psychic abilities, as demonstrated by their massive brain. A Beeheyem was chosen to represent his race, as the God of Telepathic Spacemen.
  • Beheeyem almost immediately requested to be the Martian Manhunter's partner; it only made sense for the two psychic aliens to be close to one another.
  • Coming from outer space, it is unclear whether they're descended from Mew or not. If they are, it'd open a number of questions about where Mew came from.
  • Though an alien, Beheeyem retains a very human trait; a desire to understand strange new cultures. His kind took up shop in the Celestial Tower gravesite, curious about human customs involving life and death. Unfortunately a number of Litwick ended up in the area, whom they regard as "parasites". Beheeyem will usually visit the Houses of Philosophy and Personality as part of his research.
  • Good friends with fellow aliens Astral and E.T. With the former, it comes out of their shared interest in human culture and society. With the latter, it's due to being very friendly. There's a lot of aggressive aliens in his house, so it's good to know nice aliens are there to help. Beheeyem's also formed an alliance of convenience with alien Pokemon Deoxys for much of the same reason.
  • Tate and Liza were excited to discover an alien Pokemon and quickly showed him to the Mossdeep Space Center. This Beheeyem has warned them he's not to be trained, but rather would be happy to help out with astrophysics. His spaceship broke down, so with their help he might be able to visit his home and Earth more freely.
  • It's said in the mid-20th century there was an alien incident in Roswell...around the same time Elgyem and Beheeyem were first discovered in the desert. Though Beheeyem claims he's behind it, Roger Smith says otherwise stating that he's the Roswell alien. Further research revealed both of them were, and Beheeyem states that Roger's species is a "cousin" of his. They were apparently "Roswell buddies" during their time locked up.
  • Bender has also staked claim to being the titular Roswell spaceship, but after a few drinks all three ended up being Vitriolic Best Buds. They formed their own group, "The Roswell Crew", for those behind famous New Mexico alien incursions.
  • Many Elgyem and Beheeyem still live in desert regions, with the Beheeyem in the pantheon reminiscing fondly of his time there. He feels rather comfortable in the House of Earth and Metal, however is constantly frustrated by the likes of Crixalis and Dune. Exploration in the deserts eventually led him to discover Anakaris, whom reminded him of Cofagrigus. Beheeyem sees him as a guide and a fascinating subject.
  • Beheeyem has a number of psychic abilities, but more unique to his kind is the ability to modify memories and the brain. For example, his Simple Beam can change one's ability to Simple. With his ability to alter the minds of others, the Men in Black have sought out Beheeyem to keep the peace. Beheeyem has accepted this task, and is also working with
  • Not one to argue with the likes of Iroque for her "behavior modification", whom he hopes to use in order to neutralize Ghetsis and Cyrus' evil ways while sparing their intellect. In general Beheeyem is fascinated with the lantern rings due to the effect they have on the user's psyche.
  • Beheeyem was glad to find a fellow researcher Pokemon in the form of Shamouti Island's Slowking.
  • Beheeyem's psychic typing makes him vulnerable to ghosts and bugs, which leads him to avoid the Ghost or Insect houses. It has also led him to be concerned over aggressive darkness users or those who find his massive psychic power an attractive Mind Rape target(particularly Atropos due to being in the same house).
  • Despite lacking wings and not being a Flying type, Beheeyem can learn Steel Wing of all moves. Most attribute this to having a UFO, or it being TM 51.
  • Beheeyem considers the trickster Rotom incredibly frustrating due to possessing technology and wrecking havoc on his equipment.
  • Though concerned over bugs, Beheeyem has nothing bad to say about Volcarona. She's trying to keep order over Unova, and is helping to fight the evil Ghetsis off.
  • Avoids visiting the Imperium of Mankind. The fact he's both an alien and psychic causes them to go berserk at him.



    Blorg Commonality 
Incoming Transmission!

I represent the Blorg Commonality. Our elected leader believes in peace through strength, but do not be alarmed by our military spendings. We are impressed by your Pantheon and hope you will agree to a cultural exchange between our people.

Blorg Commonality, Divine Aliens of Discovering Humanity Via Radios
  • Quasideities individually. Collectively, they might be able to duke it out with Greater Gods with a sufficient starship armada.
  • Symbol: Their flag, a heart with a green background and a red vertical line behind the heart.
  • Alignment: Varies. Generally leans toward good.
  • Portfolio: Going by Human Names, Fungoids, Cloud Cuckoolanders, Repulsive Friends, Nice Guys, Will Befriend by any Force and Means Necessary
  • Domains: Aliens, Space, Friendship, War
  • Allies: Wander, the House of Friendship (probably one-sided with some deities), Papyrus, SCP-999
  • Enemies (mostly one-sided, the Blorg view them as deities to be befriended): The Dalek, The Imperium of Mankind, The Borg, Xenophobes in general
  • Opposed by: Gentaro Kisaragi
  • Companions: The Roblorgs
  • The Blorg used to simply aimlessly wander the jungles of their homeworld, dull and repugnant. This changed when they intercepted ancient radio transmissions from Earth. Inspired by the messages of friendship and culture, they took on human names and became a technological civilization with the goal of not only fanatically befriending the galaxy, but also to find and befriend the species that sent the radio signals.
    Greetings, friendly deity! I would like to add you on Spacebook.
  • Investigations into the Blorg Commonality's origins has discovered that they're actually a custom species made by the game developers in a pre-release stream. They became so popular that they became a preset alien empire that players or AIs can pick.
    Please notice me, deity-senpai
  • They're deeply lonely and solitary beings that desire friends. This loneliness is the main reason why they want to befriend others, but unfortunately their hideous and repugnant appearance (even to each other) makes that difficult, if not impossible. At times it gets to the point where they attempt to befriend others by any force and means necessary. Gentaro Kisaragi feels that they might be too extremistic in that regard.
    Why won't you be friends with me?
  • The Dalek unsurprisingly despises the Blorg. What they hate the most about the Blorg, however, is that they were influenced by humanity, making them view them as dirty for reasons unrelated to their physical appearance. When the Dalek declared war on the Blorg, the Blorg Commonality just viewed the war declaration as an excuse to show off their pretty light shows off to the Pantheon.
    This war is merely the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  • The Imperium of Mankind, of course, also despises the Blorg Commonality for being xeno scum. The fact that their appearance makes them ill to the core makes it even worse. The God-Emperor himself was mainly dismissive about the Blorg at best, though he wasn't happy to learn that the Blorg became a technological civilization because of radio transmissions from Earth, as that means that humanity was the main reason for the Blorg progressing enough to achieve FTL technology.
    Friendship is mandatory. Do not attempt to resist our Ground Huggers.
  • The Borg Collective, noticing that the Blorg homeworld (also named Blorg) is within the solar system, attempted an invasion of the Blorg Commonality in order to assimilate them. Hours into the invasion, they learned the hard way why few want to be nearby the Blorg, and collectively tried to escape the Blorg's attempts to forcefully befriend them. Legends has it that individual Borg units has been captured by the Blorg and is undergoing the process of being befriended.
    We are Blorg. You will be befriended. Your biological and technological friendliness will be added to our own. Resistance is impolite.
  • The moment one of the Blorg science ships discovered that there is a House of Friendship in the Pantheon during its survey of the solar system, many Blorgs IMMEDIATELY rushed over to the House of Friendship to find friends. Though many within the house were either disgusted, horrified, repulsed or a combination of the three by the House's sudden visitors, it did change when the House got to learn about the Blorg's story. A number of the Friendship gods felt sympathy toward the aliens, and some even decided to give them a chance. This acceptance has made the Blorg Commonality happier than ever, to the point that they swore to zealously defend the House of Friendship against all who would try to damage it or harm any members of it.
    Our unwavering loyalty will prove that Blorgs are the House of Friendship's best friend!
  • On the subject of finally managing to befriend someone, they also get along with Wander, a fellow friendly alien who, to the Blorg's relief, apparently don't seem to be so repulsed by their repugnant appearance.
    We're friends right, Wander? With you I'm almost up to plural numbers!
  • For once, someone approached them to befriend them. That someone being Papyrus, who sympathized with them over the need to have friends. They got along well, to the point that Papyrus made several plates of spaghetti in celebration of their friendship. Problem is; the Blorg don't have a mouth. Not that it stopped the present Blorg from at least trying to make Papyrus happy by smashing their heads down on their respective spaghetti and pretend they're eating 'extremely delicious spaghetti'.
    I hope you didn't forget about the party I invited you to...
  • When they discovered documentation of a Pantheon event known as the 'Friendship Asylum', the Blorg Commonality was excited to know more about it because it had the word Friendship. That is, until they learned more about what happened there. They all unanimously agreed to never speak of it ever again.
    It's fine if you don't want to come to my party. I wasn't going to invite you anyway.
  • After a science crew went to the House of Time and Space to find timelines where they weren't lonely, they discovered a special timeline that they immediately informed the rest of the Commonaliy about. Turns out that in one timeline, they never went to space and instead created the Roblorg Companions to provide them companionship, giving the Blorg a happy and utopian life. Inspired by this, the Blorg Commonality started mass producing hordes of robots created in their likeness, even donating a small percentage to the Pantheon as they felt that they deserve hugs and companionship too. Ascended Robophobes, such as Torbjörn Lindholm, was dismayed about this development.
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