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Intermediate Gods

    Blacker Baron 
Blacker Baron, God of Pimp Duds (Black Baron, The Bishop of Blood and Carnage, The Phoenix, Your Favorite Pimp's Pimp)

    Hat Kid 
Hat Kid, Goddess of Getting Rewarded In Clothing (Some girl, Darling, Cute-As-Heck)
Hey, that's me! Don't I look cute?
  • Rank: Well, people are calling me an Intermediate Goddess thanks to my powerful hats, I guess that? However, they are also saying I can reach Greater Goddess status by my special instant health restoring power I had while fighting Mustache Girl, though I would need help from my friends to make all those Pons. Urgh, this whole ranking system is so confusing...
  • Symbol: Why, my trusty purple top hat of course!
  • Theme Song: Well, it IS called "Main Theme" after all... OOH! Here's my spaceship's theme here as well!
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • My list of tropes (I think that's what they call them...): Hecking cute and bratty if I want to be (so what about that?!?), winning lots of clothing that give me powers, Only willing to help out those that would help me, wearing a cool hat and cape, Using an umbrella to fight, Keeping track of my progress in a diary, Being a snarky yet tough girl!
  • Things I have power over (I wonder just how much power that means...): Space travel, cuteness and collecting pieces.
  • Friends: Mario is certainly nice and friendly enough, and so are Cuphead And Mugman and Banjo and Kazooie. Even Yahtzee likes me apparently. Some Saiyans are also impressed with me, as well as those mercenaries wearing the weird and funny hats. Link is willing to help me find my timepieces if they are lost, so that's also cool. Mettaton reminds me a bit of DJ Grooves, so he's fine by me. And hey, Mustache Girl is back, and she seems to have some respect for me now, so that's nice! The Conductor and DJ Grooves seem happy to see me, too! And cool; my contractually obliged BFF, The Snatcher is back! And looks like with The Mafia Of Cooks finally coming here, all my friends are here!
  • Under watch by: The house of Time and Space (They better not be reading this!)
  • Enemies: The Devil and King Dice seem rather annoyed with me to say the least, I am NOT trusting Queen Elsa or any other ice deity here; I already had my experience with ice from Queen Vanessa, thank you very much! Oh great, and speaking of Queen Vanessa...
  • Day 1...: Well, it happened again. My journey back home has been cut short. Apparently, giving Mustache Girl my last timepiece actually meant I am still stuck without a true way home... Thankfully, I managed to find some HUGE weird planet of some kind down below my airship and decided to drop in, literally...Everyone around me was shocked and scared as I dropped in without a single scratch on me.
    • Quickly, they whisked me away to some courtroom where they somehow managed to gain and looked at my personal life story. Am I being spied on? Well, they were impressed with my clothing and hat for some reason, and decided to let me stay there till I was ready to move on, so yay; a place where I can stay and eat for free! They even gave me this profile as some kind of...souvineer, I guess? Feels more like some nerdy way of categorizing stuff to me. Well, anyway; might as well attach it here and keep it updated, just in case.
  • Day 2...: Adventuring into the house of Gaming, I actually came across an odd red mustached man, who is apparently called Mario. He seemed to be rather happy to see, as he says, "another fellow platforming collector." He introduced me to this bear and bird called Banjo and Kazooie, who were glad to see and hear of a new collectathon adventure. While it certainly is AWESOME to be praised, I did have to at least tell them to keep it quiet; I don't want anyone to know of the time-rewinding powers my timepieces possess. Thankfully, they are willing to keep it on the down low, but no word as to the others that heard it, considering that they were silent for a bit before rushing off. It's gonna be a long visit here, huh?
  • Day 3...: Great, some time-travelling people caught wind of my Time Pieces and decided to try and confiscate them! Thankfully, they only stopped because it was my only source of power for my airship. The bad news is, I'm not allowed to leave in case some evil deities with space travelling abilities decided to chase me, and they are now keeping my ship under constant watch. Apparently, I'm only allowed to leave once I get a flawless plan to return to my home planet. They better not be watching me sleep, or I may sue! Oh well, at least they were willing to say that if my timepieces do get stolen, some guy called Link would help me retrieve them. It's his specialty, they say.
  • Day 4...: So, some white guy called Yahtzee just decided to give me a 2nd place trophy out of nowhere! Apparently, my adventure managed to surpass his expectations and was much more fun to him than Mario's own adventure! Mario really didn't seem to mind the comments, even congratulating me. Well, hey; a trophy I won without even realizing it is still a trophy!
  • Day 5...: I can't believe it! I got banned from using any kind of cooking utensils from the House Of Food! Apparently, trying to punish Mystery Food X by microwaving it is frowned upon, as it caused the microwave to malfunction and explode. Well, at least they are still willing to take my orders there...
  • Day 6...: Today, I ran into a pair of sentient cups called Cuphead and Mugman. Somehow, the tale of my meeting with the Snatcher had reached their ears (wait, do they even have ears?). They wanted to praise me for managing to defeat him, even if he did steal my hat. They also warned me of their Devil who stole souls of those that lose in a dice game against King Dice, his right-hand man. Well, here's to never meeting the Devil!
  • Day 7...: I met the Devil. Apparently, he decided to confront me about getting my soul back from the Snatcher. Seeing just how small I was, he decided to try and fight me for my own soul. He soon saw first hand just how I managed to fight against the Snatcher. I also got the privilege of seeing him cry and beg for mercy; so I can't say today was a total wash!
  • Day 8...: Apparently, this guy called "Goku" actually saw me one day and was so amazed by my Projectile Badge he invited me over to show it off with some of his friends. I was a bit conflicted at first, but he said there would be free food, and I was sold! It's certainly nice to be rewarded for being awesome!
  • Day 9...: Just when I thought the house of Time And Space was already annoying...Apparently, they are now claiming that they saw me all grown up one day within the house of Knowledge, walking out of a bookstore. I have no idea what they are talking least, I think I don't. Bah, I just hope they don't pull me in for questioning...
  • Day 10...: Why is everyone shaming me for doing something called a dab? I don't even know what that is! I THINK it was what this green dude did before being faced with anger and laughter, but nobody wants to tell me the truth. Whatever is it, it seems like Mario is trying to hide his laughter from me as I keep asking everyone.
  • Day 11...: So I heard there was this cool new place to buy hats in the Pantheon, so I decided to check it out today! However, I ended up holding up the line for a long time and got called out by a group of some older men. Surprisingly, after I decided to look through my entire collection of hats, they must have noticed my hats and decided to drop their hostility towards me. I spent almost the entire day turning down their offers for trading my hats for pieces of metal, buying an "stu-shake-o" for two refined, and so on...They at least grew to respect my care for my hats at least, so I guess I can't complain. They remind me a bit of the mafia of cooks a bit, especially that big bulky guy...
  • Day 12...: So, apparently, I found out that the Pantheon had an ice section for those that use ice powers...and furthermore, I heard of evil queens living there too. God, I hope Queen Vanessa isn't there. In fact, I rather avoid the house altogether...
  • Day 13...: This weird robot called Mettaton heard of me starring in movies and decided to offer me a spot on his show as a special guest star. Oh, the idea of being a diva again is sooooooo tempting...but I think I would rather wait until I'm certain he won't betray me.
  • Day 14...: Hey; I just found out that Mustache Girl is back! At first, I thought that she would try and fight me to try and steal my timepieces again, but looks like she learned her lesson; at least with stealing my timepieces. She actually was confused as to why I was here of all places, so I told her that I donated one of my timepieces to someone who needed them more than I did, even though I may not make it back home. She quickly realized I gave it to her and thought I wanted it back. I declined the offer, even though I really wanted to get my spaceship up and running, but oh well, she needed it more than I did. Hey, at least she was grateful enough for it that she decided to become my friend again, even if I won't help her be a time travelling crime fighter. Hey, I can't really argue with that...Glad to be friends with you again, Mustache Girl.
  • Day 15...: I ran into two more familiar faces today: the Conductor and DJ Grooves! They sure seemed happy to see me... I just hope neither of them tries to double-cross me again. I can't remember which one of them did; I knew I should've written that part into my diary that night...
  • Day 16...: Looks like there are more people coming here that I know! Are they following me? Well, either way, even if he did try to steal my soul, I'm happy to see the Snatcher back! Helps that he gave me a much better contract this time. Something about me keeping my soul and just acting like a negotiator on his behalf, and he'll protect me in return. Still, it's cool to see him again! I just hope that this doesn't mean Queen Vanessa is coming soon...
  • Day 17...: I just had to open my mouth; didn't I? Looks like Queen Vanessa is here as well. At least I don't have to go to her temple anytime soon...unless some jerks decide to steal one of my timepieces and hide it there! Ugh; I'm just getting cold thinking about it...
  • Day 18...: Looks like the last of my friends ascended with the Mafia Of Cooks coming up! Kind of fitting that the first group I encountered was the last group of my friends to ascend. Of course, I had to come clean about what I gave Mustache Girl in the end. Of course, not a lot of people were thrilled about that, but some actually understood why I did it and realized that I still see her as a friend, even if they think she's a bad influence for me. In the end, they still seem to like me, and they sometimes even call me their second boss and act as bodyguards for me! Oh yeah, that reminds me; I should probably apologize to the Mafia Boss for the fact that he ended up in a jar...
  • Day 19...: I have no idea how to even describe what happened today. I'll probably just leave this diary entry blank and fill it out later, sorry future me! Maybe I know what happened in my diary at the House of Gameplay?

    Joshua Graham 
Joshua Graham, God of Bandages (The Burned Man, The Malpais Legate)

    Kon-El/Conner Kent/Superboy 
Kon-El, God of Civvie Spandex (Conner Kent, Superboy, Boy of Tomorrow, The Kid)
  • Intermediate God (Potential for Greater God)
  • Symbol: The House of El.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Troubled, but Cute, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Genius Bruiser, Started as a Totally Radical Fun Personified Superhero, Cloning Blues With Angst Issues, Clones Are People, Too, Being Part Human and Kryptonian From Superman's and Luthor's Genes.
  • Domain: Power, Experiment, Heroics.
  • Allies: Clark Kent, Kara Zor-El, Kara Zor-L, Tim Drake, Peter Parker, K', Lois Lane, Krypto, other DC heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Mewtwo, Laura Kinney, Amethyst, Ryuko Matoi, Jolyne Cujoh.
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Brainiac, Darkseid, Thanos, Bizarro, Rau Le Creuset, Frieza.
  • Odd Friendship: Deadpool (mostly one-sided).
  • Wary of: Psychic Deities.
  • Hates: All simian deities but especially the Rajang.
  • Instead of wearing the trademarked color of blue and red, Kon-El instead battles the forces of evil in simple jeans, boot and a shirt with the S shield on it.
    • There are some who have questioned his title since his current New 52 self is wearing a more regular spandex outfit. Of course, since that version is a clone of Clark's and Lois' future child mix with the DNA of their past selves mixed with other alien DNA pretty much make the two very different characters in the end.
  • Superman... was dead, murdered by the mindless monster, Doomsday, and all hope appeared to have died with him. The world needed a Superman again, and Project Cadmus decided that if they couldn't revive the original, they would have to make a new one instead. Cloning was their specialty, but, as Bizarro had proven time and time again, cloning with Kryptonian DNA is no simple task. Lacking the time and breakthrough necessary to make it feasible, they chose to tackle the problem from a different direction. Instead of trying to create a perfect clone of the original, they combined his DNA with human DNA, producing a hybrid of the two. He was eventually freed from the labs of Cadmus shortly before the original was resurrected, and has been doing his best to both live up to The Metropolis Kid's legacy and forge his own.
  • Was welcomed with open arms by the rest of the Superfamily. Which also include a super tackle and slobber kiss from Krypto. Even Tim Drake was there to welcome his best friend.
  • His relationship with his "cousin" Supergirl is a little complicated. At the beginning they butted heads until they realized they had more things in common than they thought (such like being super-powered, hot-headed teenagers trying to fit in). It helps that Kara is good friends with Superboy's girlfriend, Cassandra Sandsmark (a. k. a. Wonder Girl II).
  • While it's obvious that Conner is a clone of Supes, he also has the DNA of Lex Luthor, Superman's archenemy. Finding out that he was a Luthor did cause Kon a great deal of pain, as he now has the lineage of two great men; one good, the other evil.
  • It should be noted that Conner's power mostly comes from his tactile telekinesis, TK that comes from making physical contact on objects to move, that provided him his strength, durability, and flight. However, he has developed genuine Kryptonian powers like super strength, durability, speed, heat vision, x-ray vision, super breath, and super hearing.
  • Became friends with both Mewtwo and Laura Kinney as they are also clones who have angst over it. Interesting, some members of the House of Love have ship Kon with Laura together. Though, it pales compare to the people who ship him with Tim.
    • He has also made friends with Shadow, Ryuko, and Amethyst as they were all purposely created to be used for nefarious means.
  • Has been trying to avoid Deadpool, who wants to be buddy buddy with Conner since the two share a voice actor. So far, the Merc with a Mouth always finds him no matter where Conner hides.
  • For some odd reason, some of the Disney deities expect him to be a bit more flamboyant and start singing at random moments. Conner doesn't understand why.
  • Is very wary around psychics, especially those with mind controlling abilities. This is because he had a bad experience with his former girlfriend, Miss Martian, who used her telepathy on him during a fight.
  • Conner really hates monkeys, gorillas, and apes. This stems from an illusion trick by the Joker. So Conner tries to stay clear away from all simian deities, whether good or bad. Though, he did have an encounter with the Rajang that destroyed most of the Pantheon.
    • Funny enough, that would make Kon the good counterpart towards Frieza of monkey hating.
  • To the surprise of some, Conner is way smarter then he looks. He often visits the house of Technology to tinker with stuff. The Luthor genes are good for something.
  • He really would like people to stop questioning him on whether or not he really did fantasize about his cousin Kara.
  • Is very protective of Krypto. So if something bad would to ever happen to him, Conner wouldn't like it very much.

    Max Heart Pretty Cures 
Nagisa Misumi, Honoka Yukishiro, and Hikari Kujo, Triumvirate Godddesses of the Frills of Justice (Nagisa: Cure Black, Natalie Blackstone; Honoka: Cure White, Hannah Whitehouse, the Queen of Knowledge; Hikari: Shiny Luminous; Collectively known as "Pretty Cure".)
The Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Black, Shiny Luminous, and Cure White.

    Rose (Street Fighter
Rose, Goddess of Impractically Fancy Outfits (Card of Destiny)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Tarot Cards and Scarf
  • Theme Songs: Her Street Fighter Alpha theme; alternatively, Scala From Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Inspired By Lisa-Lisa, Kicking Ass in All Her Finery, You Gotta Have Lavender Anime Hair, Tarot Troubles/Tarot Motifs, Foreign Fanservice, Fortune Teller, Uses Her Scarf As A Weapon, Everything Sounds Sexier In Italian, Lady of War And Black Magic, Mysterious Woman, Soul Power
  • Domains: Tarot Cards, Fortunetelling
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto
  • Enemies:
  • Headbutting Heroes: with Iori Yagami and Roberta
  • The Genoese fortunteller has set up shop in the Pantheon following her ascension. Of course, this also means that she can resume her pursuit of M. Bison and finally purge the Pantheon of his taint.
  • While Rose is a walking Doom Magnet in most her endings, she does catch a break in breaking Cammy free from Bison's influence and thanks to Guy rescuing her in the end. This also led to rumors about her and Guy being an item. However, both Rose and Guy state that the rumors were false. On top of that, Guy is a Happily Married man. And there was that time when she turned Pyron into a Tarot Card...
  • Jotaro and Jolyne, two members of the infamously flamboyant Joestar family, happened to meet Rose while visiting the House of Personal Apperance. Rose is a dead ringer for Jotaro's great-grandmother and Jolyne's great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth 'Lisa-Lisa' Joestar, from her manner of dress to using a spiritual martial art and her scarf while fighting, so it's no surprise that Rose has found two new allies in them, though their first conversation was a bit rocky thanks to Jolyne's rough attitude and Jotaro's even pricklier personality. Ironically enough, one of Rose's alternative costumes is extremely similar to Lisa-Lisa's own outfit, which did not go unnoticed by Jotaro or Jolyne.
    • While Jotaro and Jolyne were the first Jojo characters to meet Rose, Joseph and Caesar just so happened to meet Rose on a separate visit. Initially, they thought their master and Joseph's mother had somehow ascended to the Pantheon without them knowing, but were mildly disappointed to find out it was Rose instead. Still, they respect Rose greatly for her skills in fighting and her tough history, even though Joseph is a bit slow to show his admiration.
  • It was also rumored that Rose herself was behind the prophecy regarding Shinnok and his downfall at the hands of Raiden and the Cage family. Rose had nothing to do with that one, nor the one which resulted in Sasuke Uchiha hooking up with Sakura Haruno.
  • Chizuru Kagura serves as Rose's high priestess. When Rose detected the Orochi taint within Iori Yagami, it was Chizuru who had stayed Rose's hand, as Iori helped saved the word from Orochi during the 1997 KOF Tournament. Trusting in the judgement of her high priestess, Chizuru leaves Iori be.
  • Johnny Cage visisted her temple, with the question of whether or not he and Sonya would get back together. Rose did not bother to look into her cards, but she did give Johnny some advice: "That is up to both you and General Blade."
  • Rose is credited with Cammy's Heel–Face Turn (in the UDON comics, at least) and sees a lot of Cammy in Roberta (formerly Rosarita Cisneros). As Roberta seeks redemption from her blood-soaked past, she paid a visit to Rose's temple. "You seek absolution from your past," Rose intoned, "your future lies with the Lovelace family, and its young master. Protect him with your life, for your redemption lies with him."
  • Upon finding out that bathing is one of her pasttimes, Jiraiya snuck into her temple hoping to catch a glimpse of Rose in the buff. The writer of Icha Icha instead found himself on the receiving end of Rose's Illusion Spark upon being discovered, right before being punted out of her temple. His response when questioned by Minato and Naruto? "It was worth it." The self-proclaimed Super-Pervert is now banned from entering Rose's temple, on pain of being gelded by Jolyne.

Lesser Gods

    Anna Henrietta 
Duchess Anna Henrietta, Goddess of Elegant Dresses and Gowns (Duchess of Touissant, Anarietta, Lady Duchess, Her Enlightened Ladyship)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Numerous Gowns
  • Theme Song: Blood and Wine
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Originally A Royal Brat, Now A Benevolent Duchess Who Is Beloved By Her People, The Abel To Her Sister Sylvia's Cain, Duchess Incognito, Reasonable Authority Figure (when her sister isn't involved), Active Royalty
  • Domains: Royalty, Sisters, Gowns
  • Followers: The People Of Touissant
  • Herald: Her Sister, Sylvia Anna (after they made their peace with each other)
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Queen Cersei Baratheon, Daenerys Targaryen (albeit a friendly rival)
  • Annoyed By: King Robert Baratheon, Zeus
  • Worthy Opponent: Lord Tywin Lannister
  • Opposed By: The Evil Deities In The House of Food (due to the wine)
  • Opposes: Carmen Sandiego, Isabela of Rivain, Kasumi Goto (for trying to steal the wine recipes)
  • Enemies: Eredin Bréacc Glas, Tzeentch, Gilgamesh
  • Pities: Aerys II Targaryen, Liu Kang and Princess Kitana
  • Toussaint - a small, mountainous duchy located within the Nilfgaardian Empire, famous for its wine, thanks to the fertile volcanic soil. Today, the people of Touissant are rejoicing as their leader, Duchess Anna Henrietta, has ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Geralt of Rivia and his former protégé (who is also her cousin) Ciri are present to greet Anna upon hearing of her ascension. Anna wasn't surprised to see Geralt, but she was very much surprised to see her cousin alongside him. For Anna, the most important thing is family.
  • While she is adored and beloved by her people, Anna is not without her flaws:
    • In her youth, she was known to be quite the prankster, until one day one particular prank resulted not only in tragedy, but also resulted in her elder sister’s exile. It's also for this reason that she hates both Gilgamesh and Tzeentch with a passion, as two of the outcomes involves Sylvia dying or Sylvia killing her, while she herself dies via crossbow bolt to the throat, of which were influenced by the both of them. Fortunately, Geralt managed to help build bridges once broken and the two sisters have reconciled.
    • Her rather unhappy marriage to Rajmund, the Prince of Touissant, led her to having an affair with a minstrel named Dandelion. When Rajmund found out about the affair, he vowed to force-feed Dandelion's heart to his wife after he cuts it out of said minstrel's chest. Fortunately for Anna, her husband succumbed to sickness before he could carry out the threat.
    • Unfortunately, Dandelion still had a roving eye, and when Anna found out about his other infidelities, he made himself sarce, lest he suffered her wrath.
  • Anna became very popular in the Pantheon due to the Feast of Wine Vat, said to be the most important of holidays celebrating the end of the harvest in the Duchy of Touissant, in which two scantily-clad maidens - The Fair - are carried to the vat by enthusiastic men - The Young - where the former crush the grapes underneath their feet, accompanied by an ongoing festival.
  • With the introduction of Touissant wine into the Pantheon, Anna not only is bringing in more cash by selling the wine to the other deities and their places of business, but she's also made not only friends, but enemies as well, not only being a successful female monarch, but also becoming even more wealthy.
  • As he is fond of wine, it's no surprise that Anna has made an ally in Bacchus, given what his position is in the Pantheon. The personal endorsement from the Greek deity wasn't too shabby either.
  • With Bacchus' endorsement, the House of Commerce has taken an interest in Touissant wine. Negotiations are currently underway between the House of Commerce and the duchess in regards to the sale of Touissant wine.
  • Both her wine (and beauty) has gotten the attention of several deities from Westeros, primarily King Robert Baratheon, his wife, Queen Cersei, her father, Lord Tywin and Tyrion, all for different reasons.
  • Really, really dislikes Zeus for trying to seduce her. She's one of the very few who has refused his advances. Oberyn Martell, on the other hand...
  • Not on good terms with some of the more infamous members in the House of Crime, primarily Carmen Sandiego, Isabela of Rivain, and Kasumi Goto. All three tried to steal the secret recipes of Touissant wine...only to find out that what they actually stole was not the recipe for wine, but a note from Anna herself, which read Nice Try.
  • Through Tyrion, Anna has met Daenerys Targaryen. While there is a rivalry between the two women, there is a mutual respect that both women share. Anna respects Dany's ambition to reclaim the Iron Throne (and Tyrion being the voice of reason), while Dany respects Anna for being an effective ruler. When Dany is not taking notes from Aragorn, she is seen with Anna.
    • While Anna respects Dany, her father is another story. While Dany managed to avoid the infamous Targaryen madness, even she thinks that Aerys II is nuts.
  • Padmé Amidala is a deity which Anna respects a great deal. While her flaw was to fall in love with Anakin Skywalker, Anna is very impressed with Padmé's exploits back when she was Queen of Naboo and later, its senator. She is not impressed with how Anakin allowed himself to be played like a chump by Palpatine.

    Elissa Powers/Empowered 
Elissa Megan Powers, the Bound and Gagged Goddess (Empowered, Emp)
  • Lesser Goddess (Quasideity when her suit's torn)
  • Symbol: A ball gag
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Her powers entirely come from her suit which is an Empathic Weapon, gets no respect regardless, Reluctant Fanservice Girl, Plucky Girl, Vapor Wear, Distressed Damsel but can sometimes rescue herself, Combo Platter Powers
  • Domains: BDSM, Good, Liberation, Heroism, Torture
  • High Priest: Cacofonix
  • Allies: Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Lisa & Ally, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Rivals: J.J. Jameson
  • Enemies: Akasha the Queen of Pain, Libby Chessler, Scanty and Kneesocks
  • Fears: Issei Hyodo
  • Not to be Confused With: R. Mika
  • Pities: Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah
  • Odd Friendship: Asterix
  • Never in her wildest dreams did Elissa believe that she could achieve god status. And yet she managed to do so in behalf of the superhero community. It all happened when she visited the House of Heroes. She happened to see Wonder Woman and Cheetah engage in a battle on the outskirts. Barbara managed to entrap Diana in her own Lasso of Truth. Luckily, Empowered found a decent distraction by trying to talk her out of sparing Wonder Woman. While it didn't truly convince her, it allowed Diana to free herself and escape. Both hope to try and redeem her.
    • Empowered was subsequently ascended shortly afterwards. She was shocked that her favorite superhero has a similar weakness to bondage. Diana cleared things up, saying while she no longer loses her powers when bound, she does owe her existence to bondage lovers. She has since become a mentor, helping her to improve her confidence.
    • Turns out there are many superheroes in the Pantheon who are constantly bound, most nobably Nightwing, Billy Batson, Black Canary and Zatanna. All of those heroes now invoke her blessings to get out of their bounds.
  • Emp had reason to be nervous when she first entered the House of Heroes. The superheroes of her world were condescending towards her and did nothing to help her plight. It turns out the heroes in the Pantheon were much more friendly towards her, much to her surprise. In fact, they were aghast at the details Empowered explained about her teammates. As the God of Superheroes, Superman promised to set things straight with them.
  • Most villains dismiss of her as a threat, and in most cases they are right. If one were to strip her of ther super suit she would be easy pickings. But one should underestimate her at one's peril. She has come up with inventive ways to defeat her foes. If she has a really bad day, don't be surprised when you end up beaten to a pulp.
  • Emp wanted to make this perfectly clear; being tied up is NOT a turn on for her. She can understand how it could be for others, but she and her boyfriend Thugboy do not engage in that stuff. With that said, she is kinky for other activities. Ally and Lisa were glad to give the couple advice on how to have fun.
  • Her archnemesis in the Pantheon appears to be the Queen of Pain. She has long waited for a new toy to play with, and what better person than someone known for being tied up. To her surprise, Emp has a decent record against her.
  • It's said that her greatest weakness is not having her suit torn, but lack of confidence. Melkor tested this out by asking Libby to start a smear campaign against her. She Alpha Bitch sent a scathing audio tape to J.J. Jamerson that she enjoys being tied up. The news spread like wildfire. It appeared to be working as she was far less effective as a superhero. Luckily, Peter Parker did some investigating and found out she had forged the video. While rumors persist, the editor was forced to apologize on his paper. She has since regained her confidence... at least to where it usually is.
  • Elissa stated that she wants no business with Issei. Despite on the side of good, she knows there will be a situation when he accidentally use his Dress Break technique. It would be best that villains have one less way to destroy her suit.
  • You would think that you were the only one with a sentient suit, but Ryuko decided to pay her a visit to prove her otherwise. The Goddess of ChainmailBikinis stated to be thankful that Emp's suit at least isn't a Snark Knight. Is not that big of a fan of Satsuki, though she's relieved she has company with people with ridiculous outfits.
  • She can tell that there's a similarity between her and Rainbow Mika, though she has no intention of replicating her Flying Peach attack. The wrestler responded by inviting her to a wrestling ring. Emp ended up enjoying the experience as the crowd loved her outfit despite being worked on by her opponents. After winning the tag team match, Emp makes a habit of watching R. Mika's matches.
  • It was a surprise that she found a hero who was actually grateful for some having one of their friends tied up. Asterix came by to make sure that their fellow Gaul Cacofonix is kept tied up to prevent his awful music from ruining their parties. It was an odd request, but Empowered agreed. After some time, she felt bad and decided to make Cacofonix her high priest to compensate on the condition he would never use his lyre inside her temple.

F.A.N.G., Unholy Patron of Long Sleeves (The Great F.A.N.G., The Cunning Trickster, The Fang of the Nguuhao)
  • Potential Houses:
  • Theme Song: F.A.N.G.'s Theme
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: His Hat And Sunglasses
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Best Assassin In The Nguuhao Cartel, Agent Peacock, Asskicking Equals Authority, Badass Bookworm, Bad Boss/Control Freak, Beware the Silly Ones, Complete Whackjob But Serves As The Number Two Guy In Shadaloo, Cloudcuckoolander, Confusion Fu, Creepy Long Fingers, The Evil Counterpart To Gen, Hand-Hiding Sleeves, Nice Hat, Poisonous Person, Weak, but Skilled, Sadist
  • Domains: Poisons, Assassination, Mad Scientists
  • Followers: Xerxes Break, Sanzang
  • Superior: M. Bison
  • Banned From: The House of Health and Diseases
  • Allies:
  • Rival Assassins: Talia Al Ghul, Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva, Yoh Hinomura and Emu Hino
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Birdie
  • Worthy Opponent: Gen, Oberyn Martell
  • Potential Test Subjects: The subhouse of Genetic Engineering, Miranda Lawson, Leona Heidern, Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage, Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama, Jin Kazama.
  • With Sagat's departure from Shadaloo, there was a spot open in regards to being one of Shadaloo's Shitenno (Four Heavenly Kings). And that spot was filled in by the a rather odd fellow. A rail-thin Chinese man with a peculiar personality was more than happy to take the last spot of Bison's kings. It was fitting that he was also the last of the four to ascend. But make no mistake, F.A.N.G. is just as deadly as any other member of the group.
  • No one knows what F.A.N.G. means. Second, you don't pronounce his name as 'fang.' His name sounds almost like 'fawn,' only with a short 'n' and a silent 'g.'
  • When Rashid gained word of his ascension, the ususally cheeky Arab man grew silent, walked all the way to F.A.N.G.'s temple and immediately started to wail on the assassin. He has yet to forgive the poison wielder for killing his friend. The assault was a wake-up call for F.A.N.G., who realized he will have to be more discreet in order to avoid Rashid.
  • With F.A.N.G.'s arrival, M. Bison finally has Shadaloo at full strength in the Pantheon. As in his world, he promptly placed him second in his group. The other Street Fighter deities worry that the dictator will now be more brazen in his plans.
    • Vega and Balrog were not very happy to find out that F.A.N.G. has joined the Pantheon. He's still sore over the fact that despite having the tenure as one of the senior Four Kings, that this upstart becomes the number two guy in Shadaloo. This applies to the Pantheon as well. It doesn't help that F.A.N.G. treats them with as much disdain as the other two. To F.A.N.G., it was a miracle that the organization lasted as long as it did with those two idiots as Bison's henchmen. It is only a matter of time before tensions will boil over with those three.
    • Birdie can especially attest to the poor working conditions he received under F.A.N.G.'s leadership. He felt that the assassin never respected his fighting style. It was so bad he even decided to quit his job and join the heroes leading to the final defeat of Bison. F.A.N.G. subsequently put the hooligan on his list of people to kill in the future.
    • Outside of Shadaloo, there is little love from the Street Fighter combatants. Most regard his reliance on poisons and evasive combatant as cowardly. Sagat thought Bison had to be desperate to bring him into the organization. Other former members of the organization have a deeper disdain, especially Cammy when she found out they were still mind controlling dolls.
    • While Gen is not among those under his observation, it was clear that F.A.N.G. drew a lot of inspiration from the kung-fu master. The assassin admits he was indeed fond of his fighting style.
  • Was happy as a pig in a slop upon discovering that there was a House of Toxins. When he's not performing his duties as one of Shadaloo's Kings, F.A.N.G. can be seen there, researching.
  • When asked what was the most delightful thing about ascending into the Pantheon, he gave out a list of all the potential subjects to capture and experiment on. Indeed, there are many in this realm with misunderstood powers and abilities and F.A.N.G. seeks to gain data from all of them.
    • His ascension brought about a rare sight; the entire subhouse of Genetic Engineering agreed to protect themselves in face F.A.N.G. decided to capture. They also agreed to ban him from the premises. The only person who allows him into his temple is Professor Hojo who offered his services in exchange for applying him subjects for experimentation. It was no surprise that F.A.N.G. would be one of the few gods to compliment his works.
    • There is no shortage of fighters with unusual genes that he is interested in testing. He made hits after the Kazama family in order to test the Devil Gene, He was rebuffed by all three fighters, but that only made him even more interested in them. Next he managed to capture Cassie Cage, intrigued by her god-resisting aura. Luckily, Johnny and Sonja tracked him down and defeated the assassin. Lastly, he sought after Leona to see if her Riot Blood could be genetically passed down. In her case, she has made it difficult for him to track her.
    • Next, he set his eyes on Miranda, wanting to see if her engineering was indeed as perfect as she was lead to believe. While she proved to be resistant to his poisons and fought him off, he did succeed in extracting some DNA from her blood.
  • There is one person who appreciates the power of poison. Oberyn challenged him to a duel in a bid to test the man's skills. The two ended up poisoning each other and almost dying in the process. Once they were out of the hospital, Oberyn complimented on his skills. To which F.A.N.G. decided to let him live alive for now. Not that many people like his fighting style after all.
  • Initially thought that Lady Shiva didn't deserve her place in the Pantheon... until he found out what she did to Killer Croc when he challenged her to earn favor in the Pantheon. Now, he is interested to learn how a normal looking woman became one of the deadliest assassins in the Pantheon.

Hitomi, The Tank Top-wearing Goddess (The Fist of Innocence, A Karate Expert and Then Some!)

Ibuki, Goddess of the Instant Costume Change (Young Dreamer)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pet raccoon, Don-chan, holding a Kunai
  • Theme Song: Sharp Eyes (Theme of Ibuki)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Instant Costume Change, Rapunzel Hair, Badass Adorables, Genki Girls, Not Using Shoes, Kasumi-Suzaku, Flash Step, Yoroi-Doushi, Speed Echoes, Being Brilliant, but Lazy Because She Wants to be a Normal Girl.
  • Domains: Combat, Ninjutsu, High School.
  • Allies: Sakura Kasugano, Ryu, Alex, Karin Kanzuki, Birdie, Kasumi, Ryu, Strider Hiryu, The other Ibuki, Peacock
  • Rivals: Remy, Akuma, Valentine, Guy (friendly),
  • Enemies: Gill, M. Bison.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: R. Mika, Rolento
  • Not To Be Confused With: Cortana, Fi, Misaki Ayuzawa
  • While there are plenty of ninjas in the Pantheon, this particular one has a goal that is odder than most. Most ninja are stoic creatures who hide behind site. Ibuki has no problems befriending people. In fact, she admits that one of her first goals of entering the first Street Fighter tournament was to meet cute guys. Not that anyone would blame her; she's a teenage girl with needs to fulfill. And she has a lot to explore now that she has entered the Pantheon.
  • While her main rival Makoto hasn't arrived in the Pantheon yet, she was glad to meet Sakura who she met in her first tournament. The two have become friendly rivals of the sort. Ibuki has also bugged Sakura where Ryu could be, information that even Sakura doesn't know of all the time.
    • Her last mission was to retrieve documents from Gill's organization. This is one threat Ibuki treats seriously as Gill is a part of a lot of shady dealings in the Pantheon.
    • new developments revealed that she was hired by Karin to take down Shadaloo once and for all. Once considered a stick-in-the-mud, she now sees Karin as an ally once you get past her Tsundere moments. The ninja even agreed to stick around as an enforcer. She could use the money after all.
    • While carrying some fruit along with her, she got tagged by none other than... Guy himself. While impressed that he managed to grab her, she later made her getaway. The male ninja had arrived not that long ago and heard reports of Ibuki's ascension. The two have maintained a friendly rivalry ever since.
    • The same cannot be said for other combatants. She thought R. Mika was bossy and found her speeches to be chiche ridden and boring. The two were glad they were able to settle their differences in the House of Combat. Karin had no choice but to let the two let loose some steam.
    • Things were even worse when she was with Rolento. With little room for any other friends, she was forced to team up with the mercenary in the Pandora saga. Footage revealed what would have happened if they had recovered the box... and it did little to make them appreciate the teamup.
  • Ibuki may be young, but she can certainly put up a fight. Even before she ascended, she took on Valentine when she attempted to ambush Peacock.. She even managed to win. Peacock kept her promise and came by to thank her after her ascension. Ibuki finds her odd, but she has dealt with odder characters in her world.
  • Was a follower of Kasumi before she became a goddess herself. She felt that Kasumi was cheated out of an ordinary life, forced to be on the run from her rivals. Now that she is at equal footing, she agreed to help Kasumi clear her name.
    • Also likes Ryu (the ninja Ryu), though she complains why he has to be so serious all the time. Still, she sees him as a powerful ally.
  • Unlike her former masters, she isn't adverse to using more modern techniques in her ninjitsu. After some time with Strider, she made a startling discovery. When asked if he knew of a man named Guy, Strider revealed that he was one of the most prominent students of a past follower. This was confirmed in the latest chapter when the master Zeku finally made his debut.
  • Her Japanese voice is similar to a number of characters in the Pantheon. Ibuki was a bit miffed that all of her voice sakes were either robotic on introverted, which is the polar opposite of her. She does respect Misaki for her ability to run the school council.
  • Turns out that not only is there another Ibuki in the Pantheon, she is also at a similar age. This Ibuki also happens to be a natural with a guitar, an instrument the ninja enjoys listening to. She is concerned that thr girl could relapse and join the GUAE.

Leifang, Goddess of Qipaos and the One With Sexy Legs (Lei Fang, T'ai Chi/Ji Quan Genius, Sexy Smart Chick)

Nerscylla, God of Donning Animal Hides (Nerscylla: Nelskyura, Azravel, Thranid, Shadow Spider, Predator of Darkness; Shrouded Nerscylla: Corpse Spider)
Shrouded Nerscylla 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter icons
  • Theme Song: Predator of Darkness / Nerscylla
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Giant Agile Spiders, Wake-Up Call Boss, Shrouded Subspecies uses Dig Attacks, Inflicts Poison, Sleep, and Web (Paralysis replaces Poison for Shrouded), Spikes of Doom, Nemean Skinning, Building Swing, Scissor-like extendable mandibles, It Can Think
  • Size: 833.10 cm - 1126.57 cm (Nerscylla), 389.57 cm 1188.69 cm (Shrouded Nerscylla)
  • Domains: Arachnids, Webbing, Status Ailments, Skinning
  • Allies: Arachne, Broodmother, Muffet, Anub'Arak
  • Intrigue: Albert Wesker, William Birkin
  • Enemies: Arachnophobes in general such as Billy, Misty, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Anabeth Chase, Patrick Star, Jane Lane, The Farmer, Rolf, Eustace Bagge
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters
  • Avoids: The Houses of Fire & Heat and Electricity (and Ice & Cold for Shrouded)
  • Spiders Are Scary. No doubt about that if you have a bad enough phobia of them. Too many legs, eyes, and are pretty devious looking. But this species of Temnoceran has more going for it than what lies on the surface. Using the ability to induce Sleep from its stinger and Poison from its jaws, Nerscylla are known to favor consuming Gypceros for their hides which greatly helps cover their weakness to electricity while also gaining poisonous spikes. In the case of its ambush predator Subspecies it favors Khezu for their ice-resistant hides where their spikes gain paralyzing properties instead. Deceptively mobile and crafty, it more than earns its place among the plethora of wyverns in its world.
  • One day in the Pantheon a strange looking bird with rubbery skin was causing a ruckus by stealing various items from right out of everyone’s hands. Some gods managed to follow the thing towards a remote area within the House of Plants seemingly void of any other viable exit. Thinking they had trapped the thieving bird they rushed in to hear a Sickening "Crunch!" and found the creature strung up by webbing as a large spider sunk its absurdly long mandibles into its prey. They tried to back off only to accidentally stumble onto some webbing. Hearing this, the spider ceased its feeding and shot its webbing onto the group and on the only exit as well. Barely managing to escape being sucked dry of life, they quickly spread the word of such an encounter. It eventually reached the Daedric Prince Hircine, who decided it would be more beneficial for his hunts by offering to ascend it. Various arachnaphobes quickly objected but it ended up becoming moot in the end.
    • If that wasn’t bad enough, there were also various accounts of its Subspecies, the Shrouded Nerscylla, commonly roaming the House of Metal & Minerals’s deserts. It forgoes the prospect of building a nest in favor of ambushing prey from beneath the sand with its large jaws. Don’t think for a second just because it doesn’t have a nest its weaker than regular members of its kind. For reasons unexplained to man it is still able to pull off Building Swings with more finesse than that of regular members of its kind as it swings even on thin air. The Monster Hunters chalk this up to an invisible Chameleos that just happen to fly by.
    • For the record, Shrouded Nerscylla back in its home universe usually came to deserts like the Dunes in order to breed (make of that information as you will) and can still be found in other places. Since this Nerscylla doesn't just go and wait for food to come to it, the Corpse Spider is actually found a lot more often than its regular counterpart and the only reason it doesn't overshadow them is because the Shadow Spider has set up a surprisingly large web network spanning all across the House of Plants. A shame that this tidbit of information about the Shrouded Nerscylla didn't get relayed to the many arachnaphobes immediately. Such is the case with Annabeth Chase, who practically screamed bloody murder upon seeing the thing.
  • Is amicable enough with some of the other spiders in the House of Arthropods. As long as they don’t go starting with it, the Nerscylla won’t go messing with them in return. Though out of all of them it's probably the friendliest with Arachne as the First Spider doting nature even extends to the Nerscylla. Then again, the aforementioned encounter with Annabeth likely helped. Second to Arachne is Muffet as the Temnoceran can sometimes be seen having some tea with the Cute Monster Girl.
    • Shrouded Nerscylla can sometimes be seen the strangely beetle-like Nerubian, Anub'arak, given their methods in combat are a bit alike. Having heard of his vocal distaste for the House he presides in, preferring a more colder and moister environment, the Corpse Spider offered giving it the hide of Khezu to better capture and hold moisture. Nice enough gesture... if only mitigated by the fact that Anub'arak is really big, moreso than the Shrouded Nersylla (sometimes).
  • Given Umbrella's history of using spiders as B.O.W.s by introducing the t-virus into them, Wesker and Birkin have taken a bit of an interest in the Nerscylla species. Already they are a Giant Spider that, despite its size, still manages to use webbing alongside various ailments and still retain their effectiveness. In fact they alone are more than a match for any of the spiders exposed to the various viruses and the two are wondering how deadlier the Shadow and Corpse Spiders can be if they did the same with them. Obviously they'd get bigger, but if so would that mean they'd be able to take on much larger prey? Would its ailments get stronger? Nerscylla's poisons get stronger by age, though they tend to lose the ability to induce Sleep in return. Regardless, no one wants to find out.
  • It once tried to prey upon Patrick Star while he was asleep. Unfortunately for the Nerscylla he just so happened to have nightmares of spiders and instinctively smashed the giant monster’s head in with his rock house. Deciding he wasn’t worth the effort it moved on to another temple where it tried the same to Jane Lane only to find it Patrick had followed it, still asleep mind you, and contined smashing it some more.
  • Both its original and English name derives from Nergal; the Mesopotamian god of war, death, and pestilence and a species of orb weaver spiders known as Neoscona scylla.
  • Having been known to attack livestock due to setting up nests near them the Nerscylla has earned the enmity of various farmers. In fact, any requests relating to dealing with Nerscylla tend to be from farmers such as Rolf and, well, the Farmer. Eustace is pretty much exempt from the attacks by virtue of being a terrible at his job, though he did get eaten by a Nerscylla at some point.


    Dollface (Black) and Dollface (2012) 
Dollface (Black) and Dollface (2012), Goddesses of Irremovable Clothing (2012: Krista Sparks)
Dollface (Black)
Dollface (2012)
  • Demigoddesses, Lesser Goddess when Dollface (2012) is piloting the Iron Maiden
  • Symbol: Their masks, one has nails and a lock while the other has magic bindings and pink hair.
  • Alignment: Dollface (Black) is Chaotic Good, Dollface (2012) is Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: White Mask of Doom, Ramming Always Works, Receiving/Delivering Disproportionate Retribution, Big Badass Rig, Becoming the Mask
  • Vehicles of Choice: Darkside, Juggernaut, Iron Maiden (latter two for Dollface (2012) only)
  • Domains: Masks, Trucks, Mental Instability, Vehicular Combat
    • Black only: Unclear Age, Vigilantism, Traumatic Backgrounds
    • 2012 only: Vanity, Fame, Modelling, Obsession
  • Followers: Dollface (2012)'s gang, the Dolls
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork:
  • Enemies: Each other. Sweet Tooth, Adam the Clown, the Joker, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, SCP-993, Monster Clowns in general
  • The Twisted Metal competitions attract a wide variety of contestants from military officials to asylum patients, even actual ghosts and demons. Of course not all of them are exactly the definition of sane or good-matured, it is Twisted Metal after all. People would do anything to get their wish, no matter how ridiculous or stupid that may be. Some of these competitors include two women in raider outfits going by the moniker Dollface.
    • The first was a woman born into a very neglecting family consisting of only her mother and father. Then her mom passed away when she was only 10 years of age leading to her father blaming her for it. After graduating college, she worked under a man named Mr. Kreel, who was just as bad. After spilling coffee on some papers, he responded by sealing her face with a mask nailed and locked shut. She was then sent to Blackfield asylum before being busted out by Calypso to invite her to join his contest for the key. Sure enough she joins and fights her way through for her prize, which he had to make a choice for either the key or Mr. Kreel's life. Guess what she chooses. That said, she discards the key after growing attached to her mask and decides to hunt down those who hurt others like her old boss where it slowly damages her brain as she outgrows it.
    • The second is a cutthroat supermodel named Krista Sparks. After suffering a car crash despite coming out from the surgeries with a minor scar, she was disgusted that her beautiful face had turned hideous. Desperate, she goes to a Back-Alley Doctor who offered to help her using a magic mask that would fix it should she wait. Then he disappears without a trace. She joins Twisted Metal for a shot at removing it, but after thinking how she'd have to rise back up again she chooses to be famous instead, to be put on the biggest runway. She got what she wanted: She was put on an airport runway then killed by an oncoming plane.
  • Dollface (Black) was to first to enter the Pantheon, first sighted gunning down and running over the more evil deities across multiple houses. She was eventually stopped, but was offered a chance to properly ascend due to the circumstances behind her mask. Shortly after that, Dollface (2012) came storming in with her gang wanting to ascend as well but after realizing that it's taken she decided to try and usurp it. The Court of Gods eventually convinced her to back down though she's still very, very unhappy. The two really don't like each other for this reason, especially since the latter was envious that the other's wish turned out fine. They tend to stay out of each other's paths, even having seperate more personal temples.
    • Speaking of wishes, Dollface (2012) really wants to get back at Calypso for screwing with her wish and killing her back in their world. Calypso simply stated she should of chosen her words more carefully, but she's free to compete in the other tournaments here now since Death Is Cheap. The other meanwhile is a bit conflicted on Calypso. While she did get what she wanted in the end, she's suspicious of him after hearing of his other wishes and wondered what set her apart from the likes of Agent Stone or John Doe.
  • Neither of the Dollfaces were happy to know that Needles Kane was among the ranks of the Pantheon. For Dollface (2012), it's simple: He and his gang stood in the way of her reclaim to fame in the modelling world. She had to fight the gargantuan monstrosity that is the Carnival of Carnage, a Base on Wheels filled to the brim with armed and zealous Monster Clowns. For Dollface (Black), it's a lot more personal. See, at first she saw him as just another contestant like her, but hearing how the world she came from was all just how he viewed the outside world thus being the reason why her entire life is so traumatic and horrible she's come to despise him too. In fact, they've come to blows with other crazy clowns within the Pantheon, even if their reasons for doing so couldn't be any more different.
  • They both mainly drive Darkside, a black semi truck with not a whole lot of speed but is quite tanky, at least until you're on the receiving end of their special. It's a lot worse if you're between it and a wall. There is a way to differentiate who's who just by looking at the bumper: Dollface (2012)'s is normal while Dollface (Black) has a broken police car acting as a one. Although Dollface (2012) is very much capable of driving any other vehicle she could get a hold of including Juggernaut, a larger and more tankier semi-truck that can deploy mines. Regardless what vehicle is driven, expect it to be armed to the teeth.
  • No, we have no idea how either of them manage to eat with those masks on. Your guess is as good as ours. The House of Food wants to know, but research on it hasn't gone anywhere.
  • Dollface (Black) only:
    • She has decided to reach out to those who were twisted into what they are now. This lead to her meeting Painwheel, who understood each other's circumstances and decided to ally with each other. Filia and Big Band are not sure what to make of her new friend, considering she's pretty unstable herself, although despite that this Dollface has no intentions or reasons to go out and harm the both of them. At the very least all three of them agree to never let Painwheel make a wish with Calypso.
      • She has also been seen around the likes of Simon and Isaac. She's especially protective of the former since his ascension gave him the ability to walk again, giving him a chance to lead a less depressing life. The same can be said for Sakura Matou, who has endured similar circumstances. Hearing that her abuser is in the Pantheon really didn't sit too well with her.
    • Has been seen hunting the more dubious members in the Pantheon, having little regard who they are. She has attacked Manny Pardo and Tohru Adachi on multiple occasions, being the few police she won't hesitate to kill as well as the Child Abuse Supporters considering her own experiences. Occasionally Jacket would aid her and her exploits. Their targets tend to be Russian Mobsters but there were a couple cases of them attacking Lionel Starkweather within his temple.
    • Some folks over at the House of Costumes and Health and Diseases want to reshape her mask so that it actually fits her without crushing her head while simultaneously trying to repair the damage done. It wouldn't hurt to bring some good within her life.
    • "It doesn't cry, and it doesn't look scared, and it will always be pretty even when I'm old and grey inside."
  • Dollface (2012) only:
    • It's recommended that any supermodels in the Pantheon stay as far away from Krista as possible. Considering her track record of eliminating the competition through things like murder, this cannot be recommended enough. Unfortunately, she's looking to go back on the spotlight despite had what happened. The same goes for anyone prettier than her which was brought into light when she attempted to attack Tina Armstrong, but she was chased out by the Personal Two and nearby deities. Trying to downplay the scar she got from the crash is heavily discouraged.
    • If you really ticked off Krista, then expect to find her piloting the Iron Maiden: a giant flying mecha made in her image. Complete with lasers, explosives, fireballs, a forcefield, and an electric barrier to keep others from running away. Not to mention it's perfectly capable of functioning without the rest of its body. Dollface was actually seen piloting it to terrorize Columbia, much to the dismay of the fighters present.
    • Being an egomaniac, allies are a bit hard to come by in the Pantheon. Her gang of Dolls has their uses, but they're expendable overall. The closest she has to an ally is Junko Enoshima, if only out of convenience to use her plans to make her enemies suffer not to mention the many different Monokuma units help. Though she expects the alliance to sour at some point, she's worried that she'll be buddy-buddy with Calypso. This naturally caught the attention of the majority of the Danganronpa cast, another deity who aids Ultimate Despair in their large scale plans. Krista is far from deterred: She in her eyes faced worse, and she has plenty of Dolls to keep them occupied.
      • Sayaka seems troubled by Krista the most, given their similarities: both are beautiful girls who did a lot of bad things to achieve their goals to rise within their respective industries, all while hiding it under a mask, and both meet their ends in doing so involving a game with murder due to poor choices. But while she did it out of loneliness and did feel sorry for actions, Krista never did feel such remorse. Makoto seemed to notice too, and isn't all to happy about it either.
    • "I'm the prettiest one. They all know that. But the competition, they never let up. They all try to stop me. They all want to be me. But that's okay. It just makes me want to work harder."

Misty, Goddess of Shorttank (Kasumi, Crazy Misty)

    Tommy Vercetti 
Tommy Vercetti, God of Hawaiian Shirts (The Harwood Butcher)


    Wendy Darling 
Wendy Moira Angela Darling, Goddess of Pajamas (Wendy-Lady, Wendybird, Granny Wendy, Red-Handed Jill)
  • Quasideity, with some moments of Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her silhouette flying in the sky of London wearing a pajamas.
  • Theme Song: "Your Mother and Mine"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Team Mom, wearing a pajamas during her entire story, Coming-of-Age Story, has a daughter Jane with almost the same story
  • Domain: Personal Appearance, Grow Up, Family
  • Heralds: Her brothers Michael and John Darling
  • High Priest: Little Nemo
  • Followers: Reid Fleming, Helena, Arthur Dent, Sarah, Pajama Sam, Johnny Dash, Phillip, The Lodger, Nightmare Ned, Sophie Grundler, Thomas, Sul
  • Allies: Kairi, Katara, Alice Liddell/Kingsley, Sora
  • Enemies: Maleficent, Captain Hook
  • Opposes: Tinkerbell, Jack Sparrow, the ascended cast of One Piece.
  • Conflicting Opinions: Peter Pan, Riku, Ariel
  • When taking her final breath on her deathbed, Wendy was welcomed into the Pantheon after everyone recognized that every single one of her adaptations always ended up with her wearing pajamas during the entire course of the story.
  • Her long awaited reunion with Peter Pan went differently than most people expected...
    • Most people expected them to share a hug, a... "thimble" or at least a friendly, tearful reunion. Well, Peter's initial reaction was wondering who the hell this girl is... After passing her initial shock, Wendy angrily asked Peter why he didn't come for her and whisk her away during her wedding day. Peter just widened his eyes and asked Wendy what a wedding is. Wendy just sighed and said that she would stop having romantic feeling for him as they are too different because she has grown up too much. Peter just sorrowfully asked if that meant she wouldn't be his mother anymore...
    • After this confrontation, Wendy has refrained from visiting him. Much less so after the discovery of a certain universe where Peter is a complete sociopathic monster who kidnaps Wendy to keep her two brothers bent to his will for hundreds of years.
    • However, her feelings for him became much more conflicted because, due to the Long Runner and Adaptation Overdosed status of their franchise, there are various versions of Peter that are not as sociopathic as he used to be. This made Wendy realize that because Peter chose to stay a child forever, he will never know the joy of having a family or having people who truly love him, not solely for the adventures he brings into their life, and need to move on from this unhealthy lifestyle, as demonstrated by a version of him that grew up and married her granddaughter Moira. Wendy eventually made a compromise: She will visit Peter one day every year to read him stories, in exchange for him to greet and appear to the rest of the Pantheon in his nicer versions. She solemnly asked him to not forget this day like he forgot his promise to come for her all those years ago. Peter, while confused, eventually apologized to Wendy for forgetting such important things and making her sad. Peter is reported to be always on time, not in small part due to the House of Life and Death (especially from Death Of the Endless) trying to remind him every single year.
    • Wendy was very surprised when she accidentally stumbled upon the House of Theatre and discovered that there is a play about her and Peter's adventure in Neverland. The house informed her that it was because of Peter's request but Peter himself only occasionally visit and actually watches the play himself as he is too busy having other adventures. She concluded that this is the main reason that Peter forgot about her when she first ascended and asked Peter to watched the play at least once per month with her. He agreed and the two share a laugh over the fact that Peter is frequently played by a young woman.
  • Was very displeased after learning about the amount of fanfictions that pair a certain version of her with Hook.
  • Doesn't get along with Tinker Bell due to the antics she pulled when they were in Neverland. Although her hatred isn't as strong as it used to be after having discovered a certain version of Tink that is much nicer and fixed Wendy's childhood music box.
  • Bonds with Katara over being the Team Mom of their group. Katara is impressed that Wendy managed a much bigger group than her and with the only female companion being a jealous fairy who was bent on killing her. The two can be seen in either their younger or older form sharing stories of their adventures and family.
  • Due to her history with Hook, Wendy has a dislike for pirates, even if they are Lovable Rogue (like the One Piece crew) or don't do any kind of piracy (aka Jack Sparrow). This caused a split between her and Peter as he doesn't really care as long as he has adventures out of beating the pirates.
  • Bonded with Ariel due to the fact that both of them have a daughter that shared their adventures. However, Wendy is jealous of Melody and Ariel as they can visit each other frequently as they each have a temple in the Pantheon while her visits to Jane are much more limited due to her daughter still being mortal.
    • Their friendship took a hit like a ship wreck when Wendy learned that Ariel is not just a former mermaid, but their princess at that. Considering Wendy's last encounter with mermaids in Neverland ended up with them "only" trying to drown her out of jealousy, no one really blames her.
  • Kairi was surprised when she realized how similar Wendy sounds to her grandmother and Alice. All three of them bonded over their shared adventures.
    • However, one day when Wendy was visiting Kairi's temple, she nearly attacked Riku as she still remembers the time when he played a role in her kidnapping. She is now watching Riku with suspicion to see how long his Heel–Face Turn lasts or if he would be brainwashed by the other villains in his universe. She is unaware that he cannot be brainwashed again.
    • From Riku, she learned that her kidnapping was because she was mistaken to be a Princess of Hearts and the mastermind was an evil fairy named Maleficent. This caused Wendy to just mutter about how unlucky she is that she kept meeting evil and / or jealous fairies.


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