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Greater Gods

    Tyrion and Teclis 
Tyrion and Teclis, Co-Gods of Distinguishable Twins (Tyrion: Prince Tyrion, Heir of Aenarion, Dragon of Cothique, Defender of Ulthuan, Avatar of Khaine | Teclis: Loremaster of Ulthuan, High Loremaster of Hoeth, The Sharp Tongued Mage, Warden of the High Tower)
Left: Tyrion, Right, Teclis
Tyrion as the Avatar of Khaine 
  • Greater Gods (Tyrion is Borderline-Overdeity upon becoming the Avatar of Khaine)
  • Symbol: The Northstar of Ulthuan
  • Theme Song: Northstar (Both Brothers), Fear No Darkness (Tyrion), The Sundering (Teclis)
  • Alignments
  • Portfolio: Among the Greatest of the High Elves of Ulthuan, Battle Association with Dragons (Alongside using them as Mounts), Well-Meaning, but Aloof, Condescending and Dismissive, Magical Knights, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Light Is Good (Kind of), White Magic, Sword and Sorcerer, Descended from Phoenix King Aenarion, Cursed Ancestry, Twins that Greatly Contrast and Distinguish with One Another
  • Domains: High Elves, Twins, Appearances, Family, Light, Warriors, Magic, Champions, Heroes
  • Heralds: The High Elves of Ulthuan (Particularly Alarielle, Alith-Anar, Caledor Dragontamer, Finubar)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Vlad von Carstein, Lord Kroak, Settra, Daenerys Targeryen, Guts, The Dragonborn
  • Enemies: Malekith (Bordering on Worthy Opponent Territory on Malekith's Part), Nagash, Archaon, Melkor, Sauron, Darkseid, Count Dracula, Nekron, Count Orlok, Ganondorf, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Arthas Menethil, Voldemort, Mephisto, Sylvanas Windrunner, Ashera
  • Opposes: The Four Chaos Gods, Grand United Alliance of Evil, YHVH, Lucifer
  • Admired By: Hallie Parker and Annie James
  • Respected By: The Good Aligned Deities of the Dragons Sub-House
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Uneasy Relationship: Most Dwarves in the Pantheon (Due to Historical Grievances on the High Elves's Part).
  • As two of the greatest Elven heroes in the history of Ulthuan, Tyrion and Teclis have proven themselves to be among the most inspiring figures in the Warhammer World, for they have successfully held off numerous threats, especially thr Dark Elves led by Malekith from attacking and conquering Ulthuan. Despite all this however, both brothers have had their fair share of issues, personal and racial. The High Elves were a damaged race thanks to the machinations of Malekith a few millenia ago when he instigated the War of the Beard through vengeful machinations to ensure the High Elves and Dwarves did not rebel against the Dark Elves and proved successful, waking the Empire of Ulthuan and rendering the High Elves a vulnerable race. Additionally, Tyrion was driven by insecurities regarding the state of his race and the world at large, but placed special emphasis on his twin brother Teclis, who was frail and ulnerable from birth,resulting in Tyrion developing an overly protective stance for him. Even worse was the coming of The End Times, which all races have been preparing for quite a long time.
  • After the events of the End Times, Tyrion found himself in some kind of gilded hall. He was then approached by a clearly alive Teclis, which baffled the older brother ad the last time he saw Teclis was when he was suddenly disintegrated trying to hold on to a Chaos Vortex, courtesy of Mannfred von Carstein. Teclis told Tyrion that they were in lands never seen before and that the Chaos Gods and Dark Elves have also marked their presence. Upon hearing, Tyrion chided his brother for what had happened beforehand, but told him that there were worse matters to deal with as of now. The Elven twin brothers readied their gear and marched out of the hall, marking their presence in the Pantheon.
  • Upon their ascension into the Pantheon, many deities took to noticing Tyrion and Teclis the moment they began to meet with other ascended deities from other worlds. They soon realized that the Pantheonic World was far more different compared to what they had been living and fighting in. While they expected much of the same species from their world, but they didn't come to expect each of them had varying morality, which intrigued Teclis as unlike most High Elves, he is willing to strike alliances with which the High Elves can benefit from as long as they're careful with it.
  • As a masterful warrior and mage respectively, in addition to defending Ulthuan against the Dark Elves of Naggaroth for several years, Tyrion and Teclis are very highly regarded by many heroic deities, especially fellow Elves. Tyrande Whisperwind was quick to strike an alliance with them, thinking that their capabilities will benefit greatly for the side of good. They naturally joined Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good as they felt that they would feel most at home working with benevolent fighters and rulers.
  • Malekith was... somewhat impressed to see that Tyrion and Teclis made it into the Pantheon. If anything, he waited for such a moment to happen, despite having yet another sworn nemesis to deal with. Malekith is taking new approaches and making allies outside of just the Dark Elves to prepare himself against Tyrion and Teclis. That said, he'll actually pull out any animosity towards them and fight together when it comes to the Chaos Gods and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, given that the Dark King himself opposes Chaos just as much as anyone and that the Pantheonic World actively encourages alliances with other races and species if it mans survival and harmony.
    • Oddly enough, Malekith has managed to somewhat tone down his malicious nature, given his tenure as the Eternity-King during the End-Times, where he began to soften and open up towards others and work together with other races. While he has returned to villainy in the Pantheon, Malekith has developed some virtues overtime. That said, he still sees Tyrion and Teclis as his greatest enemies, though overtime, he's become open to treat them as worthy adversaries and even elicit an aforementioned alliance at times.
  • As two of the strongest Elves in the Pantheon, Tyrion and Teclis have taken it upon themselves to defend this new world as much as they could. This has been a rather stressful issue as both brothers find it difficult to find a luxurious way to spend their life. Tyrion has made it clear that its in a battle where he's at his most fuctional whereas Teclis is physically frail to the point where he needs Healing Potions to maintain even moving around on his feet, and this still doesn't stop him from entering battlefields every now and then.
  • Learning about the state of Middle-earth and how the Elves and Dwarves have managed to still maintain a strong camaraderie with one another (despite some scuffles and tensions in their history), Tyrion and Teclis have admitted to feeling a bit jealous about how well-regarded they are, in stark contrast to the Elves and Dwarves of the Warhammer World, who remained bitter rivals til the End Times, and even then, their tensions were never fully resolved.
    • Legolas and Gimli have expressed sympathy towards Tyrion and Teclis for their difficult life and for never really being able to get along with Dwarves, but have offered a conventional alliance against Sauron. Seeing what the Dark Lord was capable of and that Sauron will stop at nothing at corrupting beings into his influence much like the Chaos Gods, the Elven Twins accepted the partnership. Now that Sauron has become the top lieutenant of Darkseid and working with Archaon for their own means, the Elven brothers are more than needed at this point.
  • They may promote an order of peace, but Tyrion and Teclis are willing to break through Elven norms if it means doing the right thing, establishing relationships and settling scores. They are not fond with the law and order that Ashera and YHVH preach on about and oppose Quan Chi, Dracula and Orlok, mainly because of the former's dabbling into Necromancy and the latter two being far worse vampires than Vlad could be. They've come to an uneasy terms with Vlad and Settra, considering what they've went through in the End Times, but Tyrion and Teclis are wary about the agreement for now.
  • They have an established partnership with the Magical Girl Sisterhood and the Four Magicians, if mainly because Teclis himself is a formidable mage in his own right. Doctor Strange had admitted to stating that he would like to help out Teclis's psychical frailty, but has had little success, given that the Curse of Aenarion has enough influence on Teclis's body, just as much as it does on Tyrion's mind. Fate Testarossa-Harlaown has expressed sympathy in the amount of drama Tyrion and Teclis have been through, given how Fate has had familial issues similar to the Elven Twins.
    • They have varying opinions on the Puella Magi. Due to her nature as the Pantheon's Hope Bringer, they've both given their support towards Madoka Kaname, who is the only member that the Elven Twins equally respect in high regard. That's not to say they dislike the other members, only that they have their own preferences. Tyrion favors Sayaka Miki and Kyoko Sakura because they're headstrong and dedicated warriors just like him, in addition to Sayaka having troubling emotional baggage like Tyrion does. Teclis has an Odd Friendship with Mami Tomoe as they're generally concerned about others beyond just their own demographic. Homura Akemi remains the only Puella Magi where Tyrion and Teclis have conflicting thoughts that don't amount to an answer. While they admit that her love for Madoka is genuine, they also think what she did was selfish and has only bought in more damage towards the Pantheon, herself and Madoka.
  • Are currently stationed on the GUAG Sacred Knights Division, given their ability to lead great armies and be powerful opponents that have led Ulthuan to victory several times. Thanks to the twins, the prominence of Elves in the GUAG has increased by a slim margin.
    • That said, both Tyrion and Teclis were disappointed to know about Sylvanas Whisperwind and the direction she took later in her life. Sylvanas simply sees the Elven Twins as enemies that she'll have to deal with. Despite her villainy, Tyrion and Teclis have noted that she is still nowhere as malicious as their world's Dark Elves and are thinking about working with Tyrande in the hopes of redeeming her in the future. Progress is yet to me made as of now...
  • While they have been admired and sought after by various warriors and elves, this also happens to be the case for Hallie Parker and Annie James, whom also reside in the same Sub-House as Tyrion and Teclis. The twin sisters look up to Tyrion and Teclis for being inspiration heroes and for doing the best they could for their home, alongside highlighting Tyrion's devotion to protecting and looking after Teclis. Teclis seems to enjoy Hallie and Annie's company, even offering them snark practices to make their tricks more vocally effective. They're also respected by the Dragons Sub-House given the High Elves's capability to tame and ride dragons into battle, which is a rare feat in the Warhammer World. There are some exceptions like Smaug, Grima and Tiamut, whom Tyrion and Teclis heavily oppose given their malicious nature.
  • As the Pantheon was an amalgamation of several different universes with unique settings, Tyrion and Teclis were interested to see what sort of experiences and trubulence they've had to endure over the years. One of those which reminded the brothers of their world was Thedas, which also had Elves that were becoming a vulnerable race, but were also facing hardship and discrimination from the other races. They were able to sympathize with them, given how the High Elves of the Old World were also not in a good state. They've made friends with Merrill, with Teclis willing to teach her in bettering the control of her powers.
  • Exclusive to Tyrion:
    • Despite all the heroism and praise that Tyrion has accumulated, one thing that cannot be changed is the fact that being a descendant of Aenarion is detrimental, or in his case, his mind. Tyrion is brash and impulsive, which does play up his personality trait of him being rather sheltered and reserved about his feelings. There's no denying he cares about the High Elves and especially his brother, but its really difficult to keep in check of his mind, lest he lets it all out during battle, becoming a terrifying butcher in the battlefield.
      • This reached its logical conclusion when Tyrion found out he had a daughter with Alarielle, Aliathra, who was kidnapped and sacrificed by Arkhan (who was aided by Teclis of all people) to bring back Nagash. The stress and frustration built up by these string of events prompted Tyrion to pick up the Widowmaker, which corrupted him into becoming the Avatar of Khaine. He then proceeded to reignite the Elven Civil War, right in the middle of the End Times, during which most elves sided with Malekith, who by then, was the Phoenix King after receiving conformation that he was indeed, the destined ruler and gatherer of all Elves.
    • Some deities have suggested Tyrion to go seek out Mental Health Support to help out with his angst and worry. Tyrion hasn't really responded all that much and if he does so, he states that his mind is already troubled by the course bought up by Aenarion's lineage and thus, he really can't do anything to help it out if the Four Magicians couldn't do much either.
    • As much of an amazing warrior and an inspirational hero ad he is, Tyrion is surprisingly a klutz outside of warfare. He's pretty aloof and isn't really much of an expert in a lot of things, save for loving and looking after Teclis. He does however pay no interest in politics, thinking it'd a waste of time for him.
    • Has struck a friendship with several knightly deities, namely Link, Lucina, Arturia Pendragon and Aragorn for being fellow fighters of defense and peace. He's praised all of them for saving their respective worlds in some way or another and is more than willing to fight side-by-side with them. It also helps in that Tyrion is beginning to tone down on his prejudiced views towards Non-Elven beings thanks to the Pantheon and its influence.
  • Exclusive to Teclis:
    • Given that he betrayed Tyrion in the worst way possible, Teclis is undergoing his own set of angst. The fact that his plans to stop the End Times by taking drastic actions, which not just backfired horribly, but actually accelerated the destruction of the Warhammer World isn't helping matters either. And then there's Teclis trying to contain the Rift, only to end up disintegrating whilst making no difference in saving the world. Unlike Tyrion however, Teclis is accepting in taking therapy and seeking mental health and emotional support and help from others.
      • All that said, Tyrion still cared and loved Teclis like how any elder brother would, even ruthlessly killing Mannfred for playing a hand in Teclis's death. They're still working together in the Pantheon, with their feud against Malekith now restarted, though Teclis feels as if Malekith's Character Development in the End Times has played a role in him being somewhat softer and more affable in the Pantheon than he was in the Warhammer World.
    • He has made a good partnership with a human dwarf, whose is also named Tyrion. Tyrion Lannister similarly bonded with Teclis in that both of them have elder brothers who would stand by and protect them, in addition to them having a sharp and coarse sense of humor that defined their personality. They've given thoughts about playing a political role in the Pantheon at some point, which Teclis would enjoy doing.
    • As a master mage, he is sought after by many wizards and witches, experienced or in training,such as Schierke, Aqua and Zatanna. It helps in that Teclis played a hand in establishing the Imperial Colleges of Magic to help mortals in learning magic to combat against the Forces of Chaos.
We will emerge victorious and more intractable than ever to these turbulent times when our corrupt brothers come to ravage our shores.

With Moon Staff and Sword, I am master of magics and shaper of fates. Destiny beckons and I must heed the call.

Intermediate Gods

    Devola and Popola 
Devola and Popola, Goddesses of the Lonely Surviving Twin (Debol and Popol, The Ancients, The Betrayers)
Click here to see their resistance models 
  • Intermediate Goddesses, Lesser Goddesses In YoRHA
  • Symbol: Their magical wands
  • Letimotif(s): Song of the Ancients (Devola's version, Popola's version, Hollow Dreams, Fate, Atonement)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral In 3,465 AD, Neutral Good in 11,945 A.D.
  • Portfolio: Preserving Humanity By Questionable Means, They Seek Redemption, Love Working With Children Especially Yonah, Heroic Sacrifice, Their Models Are Extinct In The Future, Serve As Resistance Medics, They Have Different Personalities, Resemble Humans But Are Really Androids, Used Nier To Nearly Complete Project Gestalt, "NO ONE STOOPSSS!!!"
  • Dominion: Magic, Androids, Music, Beer
  • Allies 2B, 9S, A2, Mega Man, X, Alison Blaire/Dazzler, Sora, Aerith Gainsborough, Xion, Sumire Yoshizawa, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
  • Enemies: Caim and Angelus, Ultron, Sigma, The Venjix Virus, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Courtney Gears, Sephiroth, Master Xehanort, Dr.Wily, Dr.Eggman, Shadow Queen, The Dark Star, The Heartless, Dharkon, and other shade-looking beings
  • Conflicting Opinion: Zero (Drakengard 3), Zero (Mega Man X),Takuto Maruki
  • Rivals: I-No, Margret Moonlight, Kimmy Howell
  • After the appearance of a red dragon and giant salt statue from the sky in 2003 , humanity found itself in a fight for its very existence after people started to become infected with a disease later known as White Chlorination Syndrome. Over time, this transformed its victims into salt or vicious monsters known as the Legion. It was an incurable outbreak and with the fall of Jericho, humanity's survival looked bleak. So, the plan of Project Gestalt was set in motion. While the groundwork was set by the remaining humans, the idea of seeing the project into completion was put in the hands of two red-haired twins known as Devola and Popola.
  • Obeying their programming, the duo oversaw countless Replicants and Gestalts during the aftermath of the Legion attacks hoping the souls of humans would drift into their assigned shells with no problems. Yet, the very first successful replicant and his ill sister/daughter created a domino effect that would lead to the hollow shells developing their own personalities, and the "shades" becoming mindless beasts without their human forms. With this problem leading to Replicants becoming sentient, the twins decided to lay their hopes on the "Shadowlord" and Nier to finish the project and save humanity. Sadly, a tragic series of events would lead to Nier denying his fate, and due to their personal feelings slaughtering Devola. Popola now enraged saught to kill Nier and his friends only to end up dying in a huge explosion with Emil.
  • Several decades in the future, the failed human restoration plan left the Devola and Popola models being used as scapegoats to blame and shame for what remained of all life on Earth. Being forced to accept the guilt of their previous selves, the new set of androids merely serve as medical support for the resistance fighting against the alien machines ravaging the planet. Now, the duo only wants to gain some kind of atonement for not only failing humanity but themselves as keeping making safe was their only reason to exist...
  • Devola and Popola are not only talented singers as a duet, but they also become powerful magic users displayed when they had to battle Nier, Kaine, and Emil using all sorts of Sealed Verses granted to the various Grimoires from Noir to Weiss. Naturally, the same powers Nier had were an example of how the replicant felt used by the twin androids when he confronted him in the Pantheon. They knew that he was still resentful of them considering those replicants are mere shells in a game to revive humanity.
    • Grimore Weiss felt the same as his companions about the twins using them and their lying methods, but considering the outcome for everyone involved both the book and Nier couldn't hold it against the androids. They did look after Yonah and were like family to them. Without a world filled with the Black Scrawl or shade replicant fighting perhaps it was finally time to stop...
  • While quite to forgive and accept Nier and Weiss as possible friends again, the same couldn't be said for the former prince and mighty draconian pact partner. While they also had their own apocalyptic threat to fight off in the form of The Watchers, a foreign particle called maso would create magic while along with it came White Chlorination Syndrome that resulted in the eventual end of humankind. Devola and Popola were unable to simply let go of the fact Caim and Angelus unintentionally killed off the world as they knew it. Not that Caim gave a damn ready to cut down or let his partner burn the androids to ash if they ever stepped foot in his domain.
    • Then, another individual made it clear they also had a hand in the events that led to mankind's downfall though not on purpose. That girl was only known to everyone as Zero. An undead corpse whose flower managed to succeed in its overall goal through a bizarre Butterfly Effect since Zero existed in another world. She just wanted to get even with the shitheads and intoners in her world and did not want to make things even more fucked up for the people from Devola and Popola's version of Earth.
  • As for the remnants of Project YoRHA, each of the fellow androids gave the singing twins a more friendly welcome. 9S, in particular, was grateful for their help in trying to break into the tower of the Red Girls. Considering how the rest of the artificial humans treated them both this made them hug the scanner model in pure happiness for being accepted and welcome despite their flawed programming.
  • 2B and A2 were also forgiving of Devola and Popopla for what happened during the incident with the Shadowlord and Nier since it was a very dire situation with very little chance of it actually going in a positive way due to a lack of communication from all parties involved. 2B knew from past experience how without understanding or empathizing with others could lead to pointless violence and suffering. A2 wished Kaine would hurry up and come so they could all get depressed and drunk together in some bar with other gods not that Popola was fond of beer in general.
  • As the duo were obsessed with protecting humanity for over 1000 years various hostile machines made enemies of the androids including Ultron, Sigma, and Venjix just to name a few. Ultron was also interested in the "Black Scrawl" and alien lifeforms from Nier's world as they could prove useful in making stronger drones for the machine alliance much to Devola and Popla's horror.
  • The other person in the Pantheon named Zero was also a figure of unknown possibilities for the twins due to his actions being rather morally grey as well. While his actions did result in a better world for reploids and humans, the number of lives taken by his hand much like someone else the twins knew who was very protective of people important to him.
  • One day while singing a tone for children deities a crimson-haired schoolgirl quickly walked up to both Devola and Popola while calling them "Kasumi" to their shock. The phantom thief had been traumatized by her later sister's death and couldn't really get over it, so in order to help Takuto Maruki offered a form of therapy by making her sister's image appear on the twins. Neither appreciated being used by the doctor just to inspire happiness for one person, but in a funny way, the girl reminded them so much of Nier's precious daughter/sister. Devola and Popola couldn't deny feeling something akin to a real human emotion when Sumire hugged them both so tightly.
  • Despite being non-human Wanda had been impressed by the magical abilities Devola and Popola utilized together. She figures their powers combined to allow them such strength, and if one of them were not around the other wouldn't function well. Sadly, the statement only came from trauma as in one reality she had lost her only family thanks to Ultron and was quick to empathize with the twins on their own past excperience.
  • The observers were frighted by the sight of black blobs of living darkness roaming through their house one day under the power of a demon witch seeking to find out more about "shades" and if they could be made into useful servants. Luckily for Devola and Popola, a bright light shined in front of them revealing the keybearer who took down the heartless in one blow. Unaware the twins weren't exactly helpless, the hero of the Keyblade was happy to potentially make new friends in these two girls.
  • They often get challenged into singing matches by various performing deities in the Pantheon. Courtney Gears and Kimmy Love thought they needed new material like rap or pop, and Margret and I-No felt they needed more edge in their voices and different instruments like a guitar or even changing their wardrobe to look more seductive. Alison Blaire, the disco era hero Dazzler loved hearing their own song and got to play a few songs with them including her own cover of This Silence is Mine and Ashen of Dreams, which brought tears to several gods upon hearing such a harrowing sorrowful song about life's end.
  • Xehanort was surprised to learn about a world filled with other replicant beings who gained their own kind of selves wondering how they could follow in Xion's footsteps. Not that the twins could approve of how Xemnas, the Nobody of Xehanort used Xion and the other nobodies just for the sake of himself despite knowing it was rather hypocritical it sounded coming from them. Master Xehanort also knew about replicants from another time and place where he was possibly one himself.
  • "Now I know why the two of us were born together. For beings without souls... living alone... that would just be too sad..."

    Lucas (Mother 3
Lucas, God of Weaker Twins who Save the Day (Boy from Nowhere, The Tazmilian Devil)
Lucas with Rope Snake
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Sunflower by a Dark Dragon Needle
  • Theme Songs: Theme of Love, Mom's Hometown, the Brawl remix of both
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kid Hero, Heroic Blond, Sympathetic Coward who grew into a hero, Combat Medic, Mighty Glacier, Cosmic Plaything Played for Drama, Conditioned to Accept Horror.
  • Domains: Healing, Protecting, Family, Good, Psychic Powers, Growth
  • Followers: Kazuya Uesugi, Jerry Shaw
  • Heralds: Flint, his father. Duster, Kumatora and Boney, his dog. Unlike Ness's own dog, King, Boney fights alongside his owner.
  • Special Relationships: The Masked Man (his long-lost brother, Claus)
  • Allies: Ness, Red, Fluttershy, The Pines, Professor Xavier, Mary Lennox, Pollyanna Whittier, Tatsumaki, Fubuki, Jake Sully, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Viper of the Furious Five, Shigeo Kageyama
  • Rivals: Ermac
  • Enemies: Porky Minch, Hansel & Gretel, Giygas, Viridi
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Bayonetta
  • Opposes: Wario
  • Avoids: Haruka & Sora Kasugano
  • Odd Friendship: Charizard
  • There was hope that Lucas would grow out of his high priest role with the arrival of the fourth Super Smash Bros. tournament. Sadly he was left out of the initial list of fighters that made it. Chances of his ascension was bleak. One day, His superior Ness was on the receiving end of a beat down courtesy of Bowser. As much he considered himself a coward, he wouldn't stay in the sidelines any longer. He saved Ness with a well-placed PK Fire before fending off Bowser. The gods were so moved with his bravery that they rewarded him for becoming a hero of his world due to the disappearance of his braver twin. Ness himself granted him godhood for the special occasion.
  • Was frightened to find one of Ness's greatest enemies in the Pantheon as well. Giygas now swears vengeance on both psychic boys.
  • As one of the last warriors hand picked by Master Hand, many of the competitors congratulated him on his ascension. Among the most passionate responses came from an unusual arrival. Charizard accompanied Lucas under the Pokemon Trainer during the Subspace Emissary. While he was crestfallen with the absence of the Pokémon Trainer, he was at least glad to know one of his Pokémon made it into the Pantheon.
    • At the same time, he was disgusted to find Wario in the Pantheon as well. As the one who caused him to suffer the most during that same period, he refuses to forgive him. It's even more frustrating that Wario didn't even have his whole heart into the scheme.
    • That said, he was ecstatic to see the Pokémon Trainer (whose name he learned was Red) once he heard the news of his ascension, given that he stayed by his side during the Subspace Emissary after the PK-using kid ran from Wario after he had turned Ness into a trophy.
  • Lucas is more of an introvert, more comfortable by himself than with company. He shares that same philosophy with Fluttershy, Friend to All Living Things. The two may not talk to each other that often, but there are few other deities he is more comfortable with.
  • He takes the death of his mother too seriously and tends to burst into tears upon anyone mocking her. In fact, he was scared of fighting Bayonetta ever since she taunted him with, "If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum!" However, a couple members of the Smash roster (Ike, Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Sheik, Samus, Rosalina, Marth, Roy, Fox, Robin, Corrin, Shulk, Sonic, Cloud) who also had Missing Mom syndrome consoled Lucas on his problems, and even revealed that Bayonetta herself had the same issues. He eventually sassed the living hell out of her.
  • News of his ascension did not sit well with Porky Minch, who now has to worry about two PSI deities that can foil his plans.
  • Was amazed to find many types of twins in the Pantheon. Out of them all he gets along most with The Pines and the Wonder Twins. As for Haruka & Sora Kasugano... He would rather not talk about them.
    • He has recently suffered tormenting scares from Hansel & Gretel. They loved the fact that the newest entry frightens easily. It makes creeping him out all the more fun.
  • Though not a mutant, Xavier was willing to put Lucas under his wing, teaching him how to improve his PSI powers.
  • Tatsumaki was vocal in her opinion of Lucas, thinking him as too timid to ever be capable of performing all those deeds. Yet she strays from becoming too harsh on him, respecting his devotion to finding his brother as she is in protecting her sister.
  • A rivalry has been brewing between Lucas and Ermac, with the later contemplating adding Lucas' soul to his already vast collection of souls.
  • Lucas was interested that one of his game's recurring songs was taken from Pollyanna herself. While he didn't always see things the same way, the song does cheer him up.
  • Mary also hopes to cheer him up, taking him to the House of Plants to gaze at her gardens.
  • Lucas brought along with him a rope snake whenever he needs to grab an object from range. He was sad to hear that There were no good-aligned snakes in the Pantheon. The rope snake hopes to change that statistic in the future.
    • Eventually, he heard of Viper of the Furious Five.
  • Lucas once looked up to Viridi and had hoped to get her to give up on her crusade against humanity, attempting to prove that there were humans that cared about nature and weren't inherently destructive. Unfortunately, despite his zeal in the face of countless hardships, Viridi makes no exception for Lucas whatsoever simply because he is human. He took this revelation about as well as a brick to the face; once he realized what kind of person Viridi really was behind the divinity, she became Lucas' personal enemy almost in the same vein as Porky.
  • He would like to remind everyone that his dad, Flint, isn't the same person as Chuck Norris. He just happens to be really badass.


Lesser Gods

    Charlotte and Victor Deshayes 
Charlotte and Victor Deshayes, Divine Duo of Conjoined Twins (Both: The Twins, The Siblings | Victor: The Baby)
Charlotte (the bigger one) and Victor (the smaller one)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Blade of Marseille and several of their mother's belongings
  • Theme Songs: Binding of Kin and their chase music
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Neutral Evil leanings
  • Portfolio: Conjoined Twins of different sexes, Witnessed their mother be burned at the stake, Tragic Villain, Dislike other people, Tiny Guy, Huge Girl
  • Domains: Family, Tragedy, Death, Cults, Hatred
  • Superior: The Entity
  • Allies: Jeanne, The Freaks, The Elephant Man
  • Enemies: All the ascended survivors from Dead by Daylight and by extension most human beings, Judge Claude Frollo, Los Iluminados, The Harga, Sophie
  • On good terms with: Quasimodo
  • Conjoined Twins Charlotte and Victor Deshayes hadn't had the easiest of life. Their birth itself during the 17th century could be considered a miracle but as quickly as they were brought into this world, their mother Madeleine fled with the newborns as to avoid persecution by others who would view them as demons. Living in the streets was tough by their mother's love made it all bearable, until they were caught one evening and her mother was promptly burn at the stake for witchcraft. With her death, any compassion from the twins ceased and they would be sold to a secretive cult that worshiped the Entity. After countless inhumane experiments, Victor had enough and decided to fight back, which would eventually allow Charlotte to escape at the cost of Victor's life. The remaining years of Charlotte were spent in isolation, fending off would be attackers that thought she was a demon and constantly having to survive in the wilderness. Eventually her body would give up and in the brink of death claiming her, she heard the voice of Victor, now separate from her body. The Deshayes twins were finally reunited and claimed as yet another of the many killers at the service of the Entity.
  • Their ascension was yet another ploy by the Entity to have more of it's champions around. The Twins almost made a mess by charging at unsuspecting deities until they were apprehended. Although recognized to be dangerous, authorities decided to leave Charlotte and Victor be in a temple secluded from other human contact in an attempt to sever their connection to the Entity and to finally let them catch a break from a lifetime of misfortune. Usually they keep to themselves, not making many friends from the hatred they developed from other people after all they experienced and even if sometimes they are called upon by the Entity, they are content with being left on their own.
  • Not ones to make many friends, understandably given how almost everyone else had treated them. But eventually a lone deity managed to do something incredible and actually endear himself towards the Twins and that was none other than Quasimodo. Hailing from a similar time period, he knows well how it feels to be treated bad for your appearance and being confined to a tower also did a number to his sanity and feels sorry both Charlotte and Victor weren't given a chance. Seeing as he is as deformed as them, they took pity on the hunchback and somewhat allow Quasimodo to hang out with them whenever they aren't actively hunting people down for the Entity. Quasimodo himself feel uneasy with their actions and work under the Entity but understand they didn't have much of a choice and that at least they promised to not hurt him.
  • From Quasimodo he heard of the horrible man that is Claude Frollo, someone who is responsible for all the shame Quasimodo had to endure for years and the fact that he wants to execute the Twins for the danger they pose certainly didn't sit well for the Deshayes twins. Sometimes Victor goes out of his way to torment Frollo just to get back at him and even once dragged the man to the Entity's realm as an offering for his superior. Needless to say, Frollo didn't have a good time there.
  • Sometimes they wer confused for one of the members of the Freakshow in the House of Theatre and Spectacle but these twins are not related to the ones that actually work there. The members of said group actually are friendly towards Charlotte and Victor, as even if they work for a horrible Eldritch Abomination they actually appreciate their presence. The Twins are actually glad to have their temple as a safehaven where no one is trying to kill them but they aren't able to stay there long, otherwise the Entity will come knocking and trap all their newfound friend in the killing grounds, and neither of the Deshayes would like to kill any of their friends.
  • Similarly to Quasimodo and the Freaks, Charlotte and Victor once came accross the Elephant Man, whose grotesque appearence is infamous among the pantheonic denizens and those rumors caught the attention of Victor, who first went by himself to check if the legends were true. Upon meeting him, both Twins felt that rare feeling of pity upon another human being, who was even more alone than they were given how his appearance was possibly even more abhorrent than theirs. The Twins usually sneak in their downtime to hang out with John and keep him company to let him know that he isn't alone. And even if he can't quite approve of their constant murders and sacrifices to the Entity, he appreaciates that they consider him a friend.
  • Given their experiences under the Black Vale, the Twins utterly despise cults and even tend to target those out of spite, which many don't find that particularly unreasonable for them to do. They had run ins with Los Iluminados and the Harga, who took interest on the Twins given their own unique biology as well as their ties to the Entity and it didn't exactly end well for both groups.
  • An unlikely ally they made was Jeanne, another woman who like their mother Madeline was burned at the stake after being accussed of witchcraft. Jeanne took pity on the twins because she can understand their plight and even if she looks like any of those humans that tormented them for so long, both Charlotte and Victor seem oddly trusting of Jeanne because of what she also went through and she promised she would help them get back at those that wronged them. However, even she knows that their connection to the Entity might actually hurt her in the long run given how powerful the Eldritch Abomination is.
  • Sophie after hearing about the Twins story approached them in order to recruit them for the Germanian Empire since she empathized with the story of being persecuted for witchcraft and sympathizes with what happened with their mother Madeline. Sophie's offer was instantly shot down by Victor jumping on her face and starting to attack her like a maniac, which angered Sophie and promptly blasted the twins away for daring to harm the White Witch. Given their dislike for human beings in general, working for another evil group like Sophie does is insulting for them and Sophie responded that they were not better given their status as killers under the Entity's control. Sophie, even if far more powerful than the Twins, carefully withdrew from battle because she didn't know if harming the Twins will bring upon the Entity's wrath and she wasn't in a position to fight a being like the Entity.
  • Usually when hunting other survivors, Victor and Charlotte tend to separate to cover more ground. Unfortunately given his small size, that leaves Victor open to being kicked by the survivors. There is a running habit from the more troll-ish deities to seek Victor when he is out by himself and punt him as far as they can, unnoficially dubbed as "Kick the baby" and often they are met with an angry Charlotte chasing after them.

    The Dimensional Counterparts 
The Dimensional Counterpartsincluding , Divine Octovirate of Alleged Lookalikes (Dragon Boys, Yu-Boys, Yu-Salad, Yu-4, Bracelet Girls, Z-arc and Ray Akaba | Yuya  | Yuto  | Yugo  | Yuri  | Yuzu  | Ruri  | Rin  | Serena )
Clockwise, from top-right: Yugo, Yuto, Yuya Sakaki, Yuzu Hiiragi, Serena, Yuri, Rin, Ruri Kurosaki
  • Lesser Deites (Greater Deities as Z-arc and Ray)
  • Symbol: Yuya's pendulum and pair of goggles, Yuto's goggles and mask ensemble, Yugo's helmet and Yuri's red cape in front of cards of their aces (Yu Boys) | Their bracelets in front of cards of their own aces (Bracelet Girls)
  • Theme Songs: Dashing Pendulumnote , Believe x Believenote 
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Yuya and Yuzu, Chaotic Good for Yuto, Ruri, Yugo, Rin and Serena and Neutral Evil later True Neutral for Yuri. Chaotic Neutral for the Yu Boys in Awakening and Lawful Evil for the Bracelet Girls under the Parasite Fusioner's control
  • Portfolio: Resembling each other yet still confused for each other a lot, Contrasting personalities, Journeys through Dimensions, Using all summoning methods, Going through war, Popular fan-favourites, The boys are pieces of Z-arc, "We will become ONE!!", The girls getting brainwashed by the Parasite Fusioner, Reincarnating as one once Z-arc is defeated with Yuya and Yuzu as the main bodies
  • Domains: Dimensions, Personal Appearance, Card Games, Entertainment, War, Dragons, Nature, Destruction, Creation
  • Heralds: Noboru Gongenzaka (Yuya and Yuzu), Sayaka Sasayama and Allen Kozuki (Yuto and Ruri), and Gloria and Grace Tyler (Yuri and Serena)
  • High Priests: Kou and Tsukiko
  • Allies: All ascended heroic Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, including Sora Shiun'in, The GUAG Relationship Enhancers, Cliana Rimskaya, Touko Fukawa, Wander, Sylvia, Kazuto 'Kirito' Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, The Kamen Rider Club
  • Enemies: All ascended Yu-Gi-Oh! villains, EMBRYO, ALL brainwashing deities, including Nobuyuki 'Oberon' Sugou and ESPECIALLY Johan Liebert, GUAE Trollkaiger, Monokuma and His Mastermind, Millennium, Nekron and the GUAD, Merged Zamasu, Xehanort's Incarnations, SMT's Lucifer
  • Respects: Greg Universe, Professor Utonium, Bryan Mills (Yuya)
  • Opposed by: Lambdadelta, The Literature Club except for Monika (Yuri)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ren Hakuryuu (Yuya) | Sayaka Maizono (Yuzu)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Iroque
  • One day, the House of Theater was holding an exhibitional Action Duel and everyone is curious who will be performing. Sora Shiun'in had a good feeling who they are and bought a ticket just to see. Sure enough, when the curtains open, the performers made a familiar speech, the lights finally shine on them to reveal his true best friends, Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiiragi in a jester costume and an elegant music-themed dress respectively. Their appearances are enough to put a legitimate smile on his face. During the duel, he notices that Yuya and Yuzu had mixed their own monsters with those of their counterparts, which means that said counterparts are working together to help them. The duel ends spectacularly in a draw with the performers giving it their all and the audience applauded enthusiastically. Once they left, Sora finally reunites with Yuya and Yuzu at the backstage by giving them a warm hug. After some small talk, Sora offers them a place in the Pantheons. They were both curious about it anyways, so they accept. They were brought to the Court of the Gods for pending approval.
  • Their temple resemble Yuya's house, down to the last detail. The only noticeable difference is that there is more rooms to accommodate all eight of them and a door that leads to an Action Duel Room whenever they want to practice their skills. Once they settle in, they decided to get to know each other since the Dimensional War kept them too occupied.
    • Yuto and Serena are surprised that they share some common things. Yuto also says he does not blame Serena for the invasion on the Xyz Dimension to which Serena accepted with relief. Serena even described him as "Yuya, but edgier" (which he is a bit miffed about). Yuto also mends his bridges with Yugo when they both found out they have a prior connection and they would do anything to save their beloved.
    • Yugo finds Ruri to be very pleasant to talk to, calling her "a nicer Rin". Rin both got envious of Ruri and feel offended at his remark, even if Ruri is very nice (it also helps that she's the only Braclet Girl that hasn't hit him). Yugo also get along easily with Yuya after some hearsay from Yuzu and finds a lot of common ground with him. Some would say they were closer in another timeline as well.
    • Besides Yugo and the other orphans, Rin doesn't have many friends. She finds pleasure with the other Bracelet Girls aside from sharing experiences of brainwashing and kept in giant tubes; Ruri is obviously nice and Yuzu has more kinship with her, bonding over their dumb best friends. Serena is a special mention as Rin ended up developed a Friendly Rivalry with her; one minute they are bickering and another they got along fine. Yugo wonders if the Synchro and Fusion Dimensions are destined to bicker with each other. On another note, Rin also got along with Yuya, finding him more restrained than Yugo and Yuto once she looks past his scary exterior.
    • Besides Yugo and Rin, Ruri meets Yuya and Yuzu and finds a lot of similarities between her and Yuto, only with a stronger and pre-established relationship and no romantic step yet. She offered some relationship advice to them, but they politely decline with blushes on their faces as they feel not ready for a serious relationship yet. She also got along with Serena as she contrasts her tomboyishness with Ruri's feminity as well as bonding over being brainwashed by the Parasite Fusioner.
    • As for Yuri, well... everyone but Yuya is not willing to forgive him, not after all the things he has done during the war. Yuya already learned that Z-arc played a part in his sadism and assures everyone he will not harm another life anymore. Yuto however, points out that the Court will not go easy on Yuri, seeing how the most depraved monsters ever has a place in the Pantheons by being supervised very often. Yuri admits he is ready to bear his sins and decided to take a passive role from now on. The other counterparts then forgive him, but declares that they will not hesitate to stop him once more.
  • Applies to all of them:
    • After that, they decided to meet other people who came from their universe. Yuya obviously get along with his predecessors due to metaphysically combining their abilities by mastering all four prior summoning methods and having some of their traits while still being his own person. Yuya also has an unfortunate meeting with Anna Kozuki, with the latter thinking it was her similarly named childhood friend Yuya Tsukune arriving. She quickly apologized when Yuma had to clear up the confusion, though Yuya luckily forgives her for that mistake. Meanwhile, Yuzu got along with her own predecessors, who are so proud of her for being more important in her story. She is a bit baffled that the Asuka Tenjoin she meet in the Pantheons is rather different than the one she met, to which Asuka became curious about her Fusion Dimension counterpart.
      Asuka: What was my counterpart like?
      Yuzu: A lot like you, only she never said anything about an older brother.
      Asuka: Hmm...
      • Yuto gets along with Yami Yugi and Astral due to guiding their respective protagonists, even being similar to the former in some aspects. He and Ruri also meet Kaito Tenjo, who is rather different than their home dimension's Kaito, as this one had a little brother and robot assistant. Kaito has never met them before, but when he found out about their Heartland being ravaged during the war, he offered his full support of them. Their herald, Allen has met the aforementioned Anna, who proceeded to befriend him and help him in refining his Railway deck. They both have noted the same surnames.
      • Yugo and Rin bonded with Yusei Fudo and his friends as they join together in building and tuning D-Wheels and eating some good cup ramen. They also realized that Jack Atlas seems a bit chummier than they assumed before, and luckily Jack has his Synchro Dimension counterpart as his high priest, so he understands their situation. Yugo got along with Bruno, who joins him in crazy antics, making Rin feeling like there's two Yugos now. Rin also got along with Aki Izayoi for being connected to witches in one way (Aki with her Red Baron, Rin having a Wind Witches deck). Rin was shocked that Aki's powers ostracized her from her peers when she was younger and caused her to join a cult of psychics.
      Rin: I can't believe you had such a rough life before, Aki-san.
      Aki: You tell me. At least it's better than a war that spans dimensions.
      • Judai is glad that his High Priest, Serena is here and decided to mentor her to polish her dueling skills. She finds him a better elder figure than Professor Leo, who would act distant to her sometimes. Yuri gets along better with Yubel, as they were once evil before, weirdly fixated on their respective protagonist and ultimately became one with them.
      • They have made enemies there as well. They don't like Bandit Keith for his tendency to cheat. Dark Marik is so Ax-Crazy that it even hits Yuri too close to home. Noah Kaiba may have reformed, but the counterparts will stop him if he does anything funny. The same goes for Dartz and Takuma Saiou whenever they are possessed. Otherworldly beings like Zorc Necrophades and Don Thousand are on their shitlist as well. Zorc is curious to death about his Expy while Thousand is considering reawakening Z-arc within the boys for his own plans, not realizing that Z-arc not only reincarnated in another person, he also already lost his appetite for destruction a long time ago.
    • The Bracelet Girls had an unfortunate encounter with Embryo one day. Embryo has heard about their dueling prowesses and feel they are strong enough for his tastes. They had heard rumors that he is dangerous, especially towards women and tried to escape. Before he can take them away, the Chick Magnet Quintet came to the rescue. Issei Hyodo and Ange were absolutely pissed that he would attack such defenseless and innocent girls, especially during their downtime. Not wanting to take any chances considering they are strong enough to pulverize him, he escapes after proclaiming that he will capture the girls one day. The girls are very grateful for their help and decided to ally with them, and by extension their lovers as well.
      • When news reached Yuya, Yuto and Yugo's ears, they were LIVID at the fact that the girls were assaulted while they were gone and decided to befriend the Quintet as well. Yuri is a bit fascinated about Embryo, finding some commonalities with their own behaviours. But even he has limits when it comes to kidnapping someone, as Embryo did so for his self-indulgence while Yuri was Just Following Orders.
    • Vehemently opposes all brainwashing deities as the girls got brainwashed by an evil doctor with the Parasite Fusioner and the boys are forced to duel them in that state. Johan Liebert gets a special mention, as he can control someone's mind just by TALKING AND HITTING THEIR MENTAL WEAK SPOTS. Johan tries to get to them by getting to Yuri first, telling him they are not so different from each other and he can still be evil if he joins him. Yuri promptly responds by summoning Starve Venom Fusion Dragon and incinerate him to ashes. Basically, his way of saying, "Screw off." After reviving in the House of Health & Diseases, Johan vows he will END the counterparts, one way or another.
      • They are a bit ambivalent on Iroque, though. On one hand, she means well but on the other, brainwashing is equivalent to robbing anyone of their free will. Iroque assures them she goes after unrepentant people, which doesn't really calm them down. They get along better with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, although their methods of entering Palaces and stealing people's desires is still morally questionable. The thieves are curious and a bit scared if the Parasite Fusioner becomes a legitimate threat in Mementos.
    • Also expressed their enmity of Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, as they not only get other people to kill each other in the name of despair, they even brainwashed an entire class and their teacher to make them fall into despair and become mindless pawns of despair which brings back unpleasant memories of the Dimensional War. Enoshima finds them to be perfect toys to play with, especially Yuri although Yuri has no intention of joining her.
    • The Trollkaigers tried to torture them the same way they tortured Kirito and Asuna; by separating Yuya and Yuzu with the counterparts stuck inside their bodies in two rooms. At first they got what they wanted with the two emotionally broken and crying out each other's names, but then... the boys ended up breaking out of their room by summoning their strongest forms of their dragons. WHILE IN THEIR AWAKENING STATE. The Trollkaigers get roasted alive one by one before the boys successfully rescue the girls. Since then, both parties involved are sworn enemies, with Terumi making sure they will have more worse emotional torture the next time around.
      • This incident led to the counterparts befriending Kirito and Asuna, who went through a similar ordeal, except they were powerless to fight back. After finding some other common ground, Yuya and Yuzu offered to defend them whenever they are offline and they accepted. Through them they also became aware of Nobuyuki Sugou, who advocates brainwashing and commited atrocites to ALO players for such, something they vehemently oppose. Sugou has heard of what they are capable of and the lengths they would go to dissuade brainwashing from their loved ones, deciding to lay low and not provoke them at the wrong time.
    • Only Yuya is capable enough to befriend Touko Fukawa due to her standoffish nature preventing the other counterparts from doing so. Fukawa finds him a lot similar to the Naegi siblings and thinks he is worth her time. The same cannot be said for Genocider Syo, who openly and cheerily expresses wanting to kill the Yu Boys had it not been for everyone watching over her. Only Yuri attempts to approach her and so far, they get along amicably and safely though Yuri draws his line on killing; he prefers to seal people in cards, thank you.
    • The counterparts also befriended Cliana Rimskaya, as she also shares a body with another personality. Liana is a bit jealous that the counterparts can have their own bodies while she and Chris are stuck in one (not that they don't mind).
    • Wander heard about the newcomers arriving and decided to befriend all of them. They warmly accept his friendship because he is THAT nice, while Yuri is a bit hesitant to take his hand. Wander says that he will never judge him for his past ever, which Yuri reluctantly accepts and shake his hand, becoming Yuri's first legitimate friend aside from the counterparts.
      Yuri: [shedding tears] A... A real friend...
      • This friendship also extends to his steed Sylvia. She is still keeping an eye on Yuri, despite Wander telling her he is harmless now.
    • The counterparts have met Gentaro Kisaragi AKA Kamen Rider Fourze, Ryusei Sakuta and the Kamen Rider Club, who got along with them swiftly. A party was thrown (by Pinkie Pie, no less) to celebrate their ascension together. Since then, the two groups have many misadventures, involving school, fighting bad guys or just good old hanging out somewhere. It also helps that Gentaro can tolerate Yuri's attitude (since JK was also a bit of a prick in the past) stating that, by befriending him, that means that someone accepts Yuri. This all ended with Gentaro giving his handshake to all eight of them.
    • As reiterated, a recurring problem for the counterparts is that they are constantly mistaken for each other in spite of having enough distinctive features and the knightly Saber Servant Artoria Pendragon confronted them on this issue one day. She did so because she also had that same problem when the Caster Servant Gilles de Rais mistaken her for Jeanne d'Arc even though they are also distinct, not to mention her endless number of alternate versions of herself and others who share her face currently summoned into Chaldea not helping her case. Both parties bonded over this predicament (as well as over their experiences in miserable wars) and Saber vows she'll be there if the counterparts will face a bigger threat.
    • Much to their dismay, there has been a number of villains who seek weaponize Z-arc or turn him into their ally. The Millenium Organization's Major think Z-arc is the perfect weapon to start another war, a thing that the counterparts don't want to relive. Nekron finds Z-arc's appetite for destruction born out of the desire to please his home dimension's twisted audience to be fitting for his ideals of a dead world and Master Xehanort feels that the plan to utilize the Yu Boys for Z-arc's second revival will be one of contingency, should his current ones fail. He also finds the Bracelet Girls valuable for his plans as well, which haunts them to no end. Although he does not seek his power seeing he is more powerful than Z-arc, Zamasu thinks he failed in destroying the ningen, boasting that he could do a better job than him.
      • Even Lucifer, the leader of the GUAC wanted in on Z-arc's power. He tries to coax the Yu Boys into joining him by appealing to their respective desires; they predictably declined and proceeded to tell him off, expressing that word-of-mouth and a first look at him is enough to turn them off, even though he used a non-threatening disguise. He walks off, thinking about another way to obtain Z-arc's power of destruction without a hitch.
  • Exclusive to the Standard Counterparts:
    • Yuya and Yuzu are inseparable, even more so after the Dimensional War. Others have noticed that they seem... WAY too devoted to each other. A betting pool has opened to see if they become something more, which embarass the two greatly.
      Yuya: [blushes] W-Why does everyone think we love each other...?
      Yuzu: [blushes] I-It's not like we think of each other a lot!
    • While comical and light-hearted, Yuya's cry of "Ladies and gentlemen!" also serves as his Pre Ass Kicking One Liner. Just because he's a showboat for the crowd doesn't mean he's not serious about winning, as opponents soon found out afterward. And Yuzu will always be there to see him smile while doing it.
    • They have met Yusuke Fujisaki and Hime Onizuka as the two pairs got along for two reasons. They even joined the latter for some misadventures around the Pantheon, be they weird or not.
    • They have also befriended Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka. The latter two noted how similar Yuya and Yuzu are to them, like giving mutual support, having unrequited feelings and similar colour palettes; they even throw in their full support once they heard about what happened during the Dimensional War. The four are seen hanging out very often like best friends, talking about other things like ideals and how to achieve them and growing up with hardships.
    • As they had to grow up while under distressing circumstances (Yuya even more so), Yuya and Yuzu visited Garrod & Tiffa for their experience in coming into their own adulthood. They exchanged stories and came out as friends, knowing that they can't stay being kids anymore or else the world will make you do so. Another pair they befriended are Cloud & Tifa who also grew up together in their own hometown and going through numerous ordeals that test their resolves; Yuya and Cloud got along over their respective self-doubts and overcoming them along with tragic reasons why they're the way they are and Yuzu and Tifa got along as they both are very devoted and protective of the boys they always take care of.
    • While exploring Elysium Academy, they both met Yuzuko Nonohara. Yuya is a bit sad that there are other people named Yuzu out there, though, Yuzu assures him that Yuzuko's name is a bit different. Yuzuko herself thinks they might be fun to be with and ask if she could learn Duel Monsters just to hang out with them. On the subject of similar names, Kazuya Minegishi thought his childhood friend Yuzu Tanikawa has ascended, but that is not the case. Kazuya finds Hiiragi to be a bit more subdued than the Yuzu he knows while the latter finds him quirky. Yuzu also met Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi and gets along with them regardless if they are related or not.
    • They are Sora Shiun'in's true best friends and Morality Pets that keep him from going too far. When they heard about the things he did in the Pantheon while they were not present, they were understandably disappointed. Sora said that he was not in his right mind, he was still carrying out Academia's orders and his bigotry towards Xyz duelists is forcefully ingrained to his brain. They may not fully forgive him, but he is still their friend regardless and woe to anyone who dares harm or falsely accuse either of them.
    • Due to having a similar name, Yuya really didn't know what to think of the surnameless Sora but they seem to get along just fine because both of them care about their friends. This also extends to his Pokemon partner, Gardevoir. Sora and Riku have also warned Yuya about Master Xehanort because of that inner darkness the tomato headed boy has. On another related note, Yuzu gets along with Kairi and her High Priestess, Serena for being Childhood Friends of their respective protagonists and holding on their own.
    • Yuya and Yuzu also met Makoto Naegi and Sayaka Maizono after their run-in with Enoshima. Yuya gets along with Naegi without a hitch, since they both wanted what was best for everybody (Yuya wants to make people smile and Naegi wants to bring hope to them). Yuzu is a bit hesitant with Maizono, because on one hand she seems pretty nice and loves her job as an Idol Singer but on the other, given the wrong circumstances, she will do irrational things like attempting to kill a fellow classmate and frame another for it, no matter the excuse. For now, Yuzu decides to play nice while not trying to get on her bad side.
    • Yuya gets along with the Kamen Riders, especially Tsukasa Kadoya and Kouta Kazuraba as well as the Gokaigers as they seem to have some similarities, even if many people will flip out if you mention Yuya being similar to the former in any way. Ironically, Yuya himself flipped out and screamed "YAMEROOO!!!" Translation  at Decade after seeing him using the Rider cards, believing that he "carded" his fellow Riders because of a misunderstanding. It took the combined effort of all of them to snap Yuya out of Awakening. note 
      • On a related note, Kouta feels a bit sad whenever he's around Yuya for his own personal reasons. The Entertainment Duelist could only imagine what he went through to ending up losing his friend.
      • Recently met the doctor Emu Hojo and swiftly gets along with him for valuing people's lives and wanting to protect their EGAO. Emu feels that Yuya's counterpart situation reminds him of the revelation that he and Parad were one and the same down to some similarities between Yuri and Parad. Yuya sympathized with Emu on the latter's situation; Masamune wanting to control the world through an augmented reality game while controlling data of human beings is nothing different from Jean-Michel Roger wanting to control the Synchro Dimension's City with a sinister fist.
    • Yuya occasionally performs in the House of Theater, often with his counterparts for Action Duels. He gets along with theatrical performers like Oscar Diggs, Krusty the Clown and Ronald Mc Donald, although Diggs' previous life of confidence artistry is something he does not approve of. He became enemies with Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker, due to him reminded Yuya of Dennis' evil phase and his Performages as well as causing fear in people by running a scary circus and Kefka Palazzo for being an irredeemable Monster Clown.
    • Yuya was surprised to find out that Harry Potter sounds just like him; he finds this amusing since he likes magicians, though Harry had to correct him that he wasn't a magician, he is a wizard. He also befriended his Pokemon partner, Charizard as he also sounds like that trainer of Mega Evolutions who also has a Charizard. The fact that Yuya likes dragons and can ride them too helps.
      • Speaking of, he was not happy to find out that this was also the case with Ren Hakuryuu. On one hand, he doesn't know what is worse: That he turned against his friends like Sora did or that endless desire of revenge Hakuryuu has, something makes him fear that he could end up as (especially if he got struck on Awakening). On the other, Hakuryuu actually turned good after an indefinite amount of time passed and his trials being triumphed. Hakuryuu himself finds him very naive, thinking that a world with smiles is impossible to happen which Yuya takes offense to that.
    • Yuya has a lot of respect for his adoptive father Yusho Sakaki even if he doesn't have the best methods at times yet still gave Yuya enough love. For this, he respects good fathers/paternal figures like Greg Universe, Professor Utonium and Bryan Mills who in turn can see that Yusho tried his best in raising a happy kid while condeming Relius Clover and Professor Hojo for being terrible fathers that abused their families; Relius and Hojo themselves disregard Yuya off but Hojo later changed his mind when he heard of Z-arc and he hopes to fit him into his own plans someday.
    • Aside from Kairi, Yuzu befriended other childhood friend love interests from the Battle Harem, like Houki Shinonono, Lingyin Huang and Irina Shidou. Houki and Lingyin are a bit jealous that Yuzu and Yuya don't need romance just to show each other how much they mean to them, prompting them to consider taking some time away from Ichika to see if he does care about them. As for Irina, Yuzu also bond with her over some nicknames that grinds their gears (Miss Strong for Yuzu and "self-proclaimed" for Irina).
    • Since she uses a Melodious deck, Yuzu gets along with the Suite Pretty Cures, especially Hibiki Hojo/Cure Melody and Sonia Strumm. Evil musicians like Courtney Gears and Ember McLain get on her bad side the moment she confronts them.
    • Yuzu also got into contact with Rin Tohsaka and her sister Sakura Matou, as she has Tsundere-ish tendecies like Tohsaka and pities Sakura's situation which is way worse than Yuya's. The sisters likewise also sympathized with Yuzu for going through an even worse war between dimensions, so they help her move on which she is flattered at. Sakura's situation also had Yuzu befriending Shiori Kurashiki who again is fated to destroy the world like Yuya had to and she hopes to help Shiori however she can to help her move on as a normal girl.
      • On a lighter note, everyone else noted Tohsaka and Yuzu started to act identically after they had a lot of outings, probably because they both have the same attitude towards their boys and similar outfits. Both girls got embarrassed by the comparison but are nonetheless glad that they have more common ground with each other.
    • For some odd reason, Yuya's followers always give him tomatoes as a form of tribute. Or perhaps not so odd. Yuzu keeps getting annoyed at the fact that the living room is flooded with them.
  • Exclusive to the Xyz Counterparts:
    • Yuto met another Kurosaki by the name of Ichigo. Ichigo thinks Yuto is gonna insult him much like Sora, but was surprised that Yuto is apologizing on Sora's behalf, which he accepts nonetheless. He also notes that Yuto's relationship with Ruri is a lot like his with Orihime except Ichigo and Orihime did get married at the end and gives Yuto some encouragement and best wishes, which Yuto nervously accepts.
    • With his deck being the Phantom Knights, he gets along with ghost-human hybrids Danny Phantom and Youmu Konpaku. Danny also warns him of Vlad Plasmius and Dark Danny, and Yuto makes sure he stays wary of them. From what Danny described, Dark Danny sounds frightening, debatably even more frightening than Z-arc.
      • Speaking of ghosts, Yuto meets the Kamen Riders Ghost, Specter and Necrom. Of course, Yuto really didn't die he just merged with Yuya and guides him along the way. Takeru is very reminiscent of Yuya, Makoto's protectiveness of his sister Kanon reminds him of his friend Shun Kurosaki with Ruri and was glad Alain defied his evil family, who are reminiscent of Academia's evil forces. He joins them in eating takoyaki whenever he's free.
    • Due to his vigilantist actions and mannerisms, Batman offers tutelage to Yuto, who politely declines since Batman has a lot in his hand. Yuto would appreciate his friendship instead. Garrus Vakarian is also another vigilante who took matters into their own hands and is their respective protagonist's partner for a long time and these traits help Yuto befriend him; Garrus feels bad when he heard that Yuto wasn't always ruthless before the Dimensional War and hopes to help move on as he himself also had the same problems until Shepard steps in to intervene.
    • Ruri explores the subhouse of Nice and Nasty for more people to talk to. Aside from Sora, she finds good company in Ventus, Miku Kohinata and Yutaka Kobayakawa, among others. Of course, others like Jin Kisaragi, Masato Kusaka and Libby Chessler rubs her the wrong way. Jin sounds like Dennis, who kidnapped her for the Professor, Kusaka's prejudice towards monsters regardless of alignment is too reminiscent of the Obelisk Force's bigotry towards Xyz Duelists and Libby is just unlikable to be with. Jin and Kusaka had to be dragged away after being offended by her remarks while Libby is too busy tormenting Sabrina to even care about Ruri.
      • On Miku's recommendation, Ruri meets Noel Vermillion. They get along quite well, with Noel reminding Ruri of Sayaka with their similar shy and unconfident demeanors and Noel finding Ruri another pleasant friend to talk to. Noel even offers to teach her how to shoot along her own mentor, Coyote Starrk, which Ruri says she will consider it soon.
    • Finds Altaria to be absolutely adorable even hugging the Pokemon once, because it reminds her of her Lyrical Lusciniae. Rise Kujikawa decided to befriend her as well since she is Altaria's Pokemon partner, even letting her in on flights and inviting her to singing sessions, which is funny since Ruri's seiyuu is also a singer.
  • Exclusive to the Synchro Counterparts:
    • Yugo doesn't like being called Fusion nor Pawn of Fusion as he doesn't like people getting his name wrong. Salamandinay sympathized with him as she hates it when people don't know how to pronounce her name. Yugo also finds it cool that she is part dragon, reminding him of Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, his ace card which flatters Sala.
    • Yugo also met Yosuke Hanamura as they find common ground in windy motifs, constant unluckiness and being a little juvenile when it comes to the ladies. Yosuke is so glad he found kinship with someone as unfortunate as him while Yugo is glad he is being taken seriously for once. You will find them being on the receiving end of many gods' attacks and jokes most of the time and Yosuke's sanity perfectly contrasts with Yugo's idiotic tendencies.
    • Besides Yosuke, there are also other Butt Monkeys that he befriended and sympathized like Axel, Almaz and Satania. Together, they try to find ways for people to take them seriously, with variable and hilarious results.
    • Has gotten along with both Beats. The one from TWEWY finds kinship with him since they don't use their heads often and the one from JSR sympathize with his impoverished background. Since then, he hangs out with them separately; although Rin has concerns they will be bad influences, she let it slide since Yugo is having fun with other people.
    • Rin hears that there are other Wrench Wenches and decided to pay them a visit. Winry Rockbell and Gadget Hackwrench are worth the visit as they exchange ideas and give tips on mechanics and machinery. Winry sympathizes with Rin much more because they both have been through war although with very different experiences and decided to be her listening ear whenever the rest of the counterparts are unavailable. As for Tabane Shinonono, well... on one hand, she made some pretty awesome stuff like Powered Armors and their cores, but on the other, she is rather eccentric for such a competent genius. Nevertheless, Rin feels it doesn't hurt to humor her, since she has experience with keeping Yugo behaving.
    • Rin is noted to have a distinguishable Idiot Hair. It may or may not be living. Yugo tries to tell everyone about this, but nobody believes him. On that note, Rin gets along with Nyarko, the patron saint of such. Rin likes her, though she feels Nyarko should tone down her energy every once in a while and stop giving relationship advice on her and Yugo.
    • As Rin's Wind Witches have ice powers, she got along with most ice users including but not limited to Ashe, Anivia, Asuka Hiiragi and Rion Kugayama. Rin is afraid that Ashe will get very chilly though Ashe assures her that she's very used to it and Rion's energy reminds her of Yugo, although she would really like it if Rion would stop teasing her about her relationship with Yugo.
    • One day, Rin was accused of saying mean things to a number of deities. She had no recollection of doing so until she heard of the recently ascended Malty S. Melromarc who used their shared voice to paint Rin in a bad light. After a fight ensuing between them with Rin barely able to win, Malty retreats while knowing the girl she impersonated is in misery; luckily for Rin, her friends are able to help clear up the confusions gradually.
  • Exclusive to the Fusion Counterparts:
    • Yuri decided to meet up with the Itazura Griefers after their recent prank on the Trollkaiger reminds him of his playful attitude towards his opponents. Vector is proud of his successor and invites him and Sora for ice cream and planning some pranks anytime. Adachi finds his insane attitude admirable and Takano and Monaca gets along with him for halting their evil behaviours in the end. Lambdadelta is a bit ambivalent on Yuri; carding people may sound funny, but it also causes despair in the Dimensional War, which she doesn't like one bit. Seija offers him a position as Itazura Violet, which Yuri will consider in the future.
    • Yuri also takes his time to visit the sub-house of Plants. Finds kinships in Durathror and Poison Ivy and befriended Audrey II and Petey Piranha for his Predaplant deck, though Yuri finds Petey rather annoying and stupid at times. He and Gourgeist are like peas in a pod and team up to screw with whoever they like, causing Trevenant to oppose him. Besides Trevenant, Kurama, the Heartcatch Pretty Cures (their problem also lies within the fact that he shares his name with one of their own), Shaymin and Treebeard expressed their enmity towards him for giving plants a bad reputation, and Aki volunteered to watch his behaviour out of a favour from Rin. Yuri has standards, believe it or not as Mordremoth and Exdeath gives him the creeps, Mordremoth especially being a living Hungry Jungle and an evil dragon, essentially making Starve Venom look tamer in comparison.
      • Out of all the residents there, he gets along with Flowey the best. Not only are they near irredeemable villains, but they also turn good at the end of their stories. This friendship also extends to his confidants, Frisk, Sans, (INH) and Monika. It also helps that Vector and Monaca are there. Sans will make sure these two will not step out of line once again.
    • Has been confused for the Literature Club's own Yuri several times. The latter thinks he is so crazy to the point that he makes Monika seem tame. The rest of the club agrees with her and take every step to stay away from the Fusion Duelist, who finds them not worth his time anyway. Though due to being Flowey's confidants together and that he's not evil anymore, Monika gives him some leeway. As for the dictating Yuri, the Fusion Duelist finds him unpleasant; sure he likes his vileness and tenacity to hurt others but his dictator-like methods remind him a bit of Professor Akaba and methods of psychic mind control reminds him of Academia's Herr Doktor, a person he'd rather not see. The psychic Yuri meanwhile sees value in the Fusion Duelist's prowess and hopes to effectively have him under control for his agenda of domination.
    • Serena had a run-in with Daidouji one day. Due to their usual attitudes, they got off on the wrong foot and a fight commences. It ended in a draw, but Daidouji finds Serena not so different from her and a Worthy Opponent to fight, while Serena finds Daidouji rather tame compared to her appearance. They both decided to keep in touch after that.
    • Other tomboyish girls Serena befriended are Maki Genryusai and Cana Alberona. Serena is a bit jealous of Cana for having a better relationship with her father unlike her own with Professor Leo Akaba, who acted distant to her and his despondency is the reason why she follows his orders; to gain his approval. The Card Mage is glad she outgrew this behaviour over time and even almost offered her a bottle of beer but Serena turned her down due to being underaged. As for Maki, she likes Serena for her feistiness and would have invited her in to her gang if she had the chance but those days are over for her; even if she have no desire to join a bosozoku, Serena still appreciates her time sparring with Maki regardless.
    • Her Lunalight deck pays Homage to Sailor Moon and sure enough, Serena gets to meet the heroine herself. Usagi at first comes across as ditzy and childish but later on, she showed Serena that she earned her top position, thus also earning her respect. Since the Lunalights also has Cat Girls, Serena also befriended Ichigo Momomiya AKA Mew Ichigo and Blake Belladonna. Serena even offered to beat up Adam Taurus for them, which flatters Ichigo yet she thinks it's a bit overboard while Blake says that if Adam needs a beatdown, Serena won't be alone for that.
    • Due to her deck archetype, she gets along well with Tyrande Whisperwind and Yuri Tsukikage AKA Cure Moonlight for drawing their power from the Moon and finds Lunatone to be interesting. Serena tells Cure Moonlight that the Fusion Dimension's Yuri will be handled carefully, which Moonlight agrees to count on her. The same cannot be said for David Zappa, who gives moons a bad name and Diana, who means well, yet ended up coming across as nuts. David thinks Serena is not worth his time while Diana tries to "persuade" her to see her perspective, which doesn't work.
    • One day when wandering around the House of Weapons' archery range, Serena happened to saw two women with one of them looking cat-like practising their archery skills; she approached them asking about the cat-like woman's appearance which right away, rubs her the wrong way. The other woman managed to break off the tension before it gets worse and convinced them to introduce themselves to compensate; after Serena introduced herself the two women did the same, revealing themselves to be Atalante and Artemis.
      • Atalante answers Serena's question regarding her cat-like appearance: it symbolises her punishment of turning into a lion for fornicating with Hippomenes in one of Zeus' temples which the former she admitted to not regretting, something that dismayed Artemis since hunters under her were supposed to be chaste and baffled Serena when she first heard it. Regardless, due to Artemis' association with the moon and Atalante's Servant appearance, Serena decides to take up archery under them in case her dueling is either unavailable or unusable.
  • "The fun has just begun!"

    The Frye Twins 
Sir Jacob Frye and Dame Evie Frye, Divine Duumvirate of Twin Banter
The Frye Twins, Jacob (left) and Evie (right)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbols: The Insignia Of The The British Brotherhood of Assassins. Alternatively, their respective signature weapons - a Cane Sword for Evie and a pair of Brass Knuckles for Jacob
  • Theme Song: Family
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Assassination, Family, Gangs, Victorian London, Industrial Revolution
  • Heralds: Lydia Frye (Jacob's granddaughter and Evie's grand-niece) and Henry 'Greenie' Green (Evie's husband)
  • Followers: The Rooks and the British Assassins
  • Deified Mentors: Ezio Auditore, Ryu Hayabusa, Niccolo Machiavelli
  • Friendly Assassins Include: Arya Stark, Corvo Attano Black Widow, Gen, Kitana (sort of), Shadow Yamoto, Yoh Hinonura and Emu Hino
  • Rival Assassins Include: Golgo 13, Ra's al-Ghul, Talia al-Ghul, Lady Shiva, Widowmaker, Deadshot, Nina and Anna Williams
  • Allies:
  • Headbutting Heroes: with Batman
  • Unwanted Admirers: Mileena and Mitsuko Souma for Jacob; Erron Black, Euron Greyjoy, and Robert Baratheon for Evie
  • Opposes: Evil/Corrupt Businessmen and Aristocrats, such as Professor Moriarty, Lex Luthor, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Lord Voldemort
  • Targets For Assassination: Shay P. Cormac, Johan Liebert, Jack the Ripper, Tywin Lannister, Gregor Clegane, Cersei Lannister, Stannis Baratheon
  • Pities/Creeped Out By: Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon)
  • Ezio Auditore has heard good things about the Frye twins, stemming from freeing London from Templar control (technically, they went against orders to do so), which is why both he and Niccolo Machiavelli worked to get the pair into the Pantheon. Both Evie and Jacob arrived by train, hopping out of the freight cars and onto the station's platform, where they were greeted by Ezio and Machiavelli. The meeting was...priceless.
    Ezio: "Jacob and Evie Frye?"
    Jacob: "That's us. Who are you?"
    Ezio: (bows) "None other. Benvenuto nel Pantheon." (Welcome to the Pantheon)
    Jacob: "Who?"
    Machiavelli: (points to Jacob) "Not very book smart, isn't he?"
    Jacob: "OI!"
    Machiavelli: (chuckles) "I like her already, Ezio."
  • The Frye twins' ascension did not go unnoticed by the turncoat Assassin-turned-Templar, Shay Patrick Cormac. Thanks to them, not only did the Templars lose out on the Shroud of Eden, but also the Templars had lost control of London. So now, Jacob and Evie are the No.2 targets behind Ezio. For their part, both Jacob and Evie agree that while the Order has it's flaws, they are firm believers in free will. What really gets under the skin of Cormac is Evie showing the Templar's hypocrisy and their own failures.
  • How did the Fryes meet Cormac? Oh, when the traitorous Assassin-turned-Templar tried to assassinate Empress Emily Kaldwin during a ball held inside Emily's temple. At least this time around, Evie wasn't forced to wear a gown. Empress Kaldwin had refused to hand over an Isu relic in her possession and even refused an alliance between the Iron Isles and the Templars, resulting in the assassination orders on her person. Jacob and Evie crashed the party and despite still being outnumbered four-to-seven (Cormac and six Templar mooks against the Fryes, Corvo and Emily), forced Cormac to retreat. Cormac learned three lessons that day; the first being that Corvo took the assassination attempt on his daughter very badly, that Emily is just as dangerous as her father in combat, and that the Fryes are a credible threat. On the other hand, both Evie and Jacob made some new friends that day in the form of Corvo and his daughter, Jacob stating that this was "the best damn rowdydow" he been to in a while, and the Assassins now operate freely in Dunwall and the Isles.
  • Jacob and Evie noticed a street urchin loitering around their temple, making small talk with the Rooks and British Assassins. It was Jacob that noted that there was about the kid. Turns out that the street rat was none other than Arya Stark...and quite an infamous assassin in her own right. Arya was curious about the duo and decided to check them out. After hearing about how Arya avenged her family, the pair decide to take Arya under their wing as a de facto mentor much to the chagrin of her family.
  • If you decide to go toe-to-toe with the Fryes, do so at your own risk. Out of all the Assassins, they're by far the most brutal when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Even Cormac had to admit this when he squared off against the Fryes. Plus, their time spent learning from the Indian Assassins the art of fear makes the twins even more deadly. Whenever one of the Fryes show up in one of the Pantheon's fight clubs, whoever fights them is gonna have a really bad day.
    • Ironically enough, it was one of these fight clubs where Sherlock Holmes met Jacob and Evie. Holmes was there to blow off some steam after his lead on Moriarty was a total bust. Even more funny is that the Fryes thought Moriarty to be a Templar, which wasn't true...alothough he was given an invite. Holmes has done his homework on the Fryes, and there is a mutual respect between Holmes and the twins. Standing orders for the Rooks and British Assassins is not to harm Holmes or his assistant, Watson. In response, Holmes occasionally calls on the Fryes for aid on some of his cases.
  • Ezio and Machiavelli challenged the Fryes to break into two temples. They did, but were caught by the owners, Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji, with Yoruka Kirihime visiting the former, as it was a test orchestrated by Ezio and Hayabusa. Sure the twins know how to fight and learned the arts of fear from the Indian Assassins, now, Jacob and Evie learn the art of stealth from the deified ninjas.
  • The Fryes has a soft spot for children. Exploit and/or harm them at your peril.
  • As they rose through the ranks within Victorian London's underbelly, the Fryes understandably have a hatred for corrupt businessmen, mainly due to the aforementioned exploitation of children for a cheap source of labor. Lex Luthor tops the list not because of his business practices, but the fact that the man stole forty cakes. Both Jacob and Evie are more than happy to kill him just for that.
  • While more than willing to work with Batman, the twins are at odds with the Caped Crusader due to the both of them being trained killers. Killing an innocent goes against the Creed of the Assassins (Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent), but that doesn't make Bats feel any better. But he does recognize the Frye twins' effectiveness, including Evie's cunning.
  • As they champion the working class, the Fryes are open to work with like-minded individuals such as Spider-Man and Mario, who also favor the working class in their respective dominions. Plus, the homecooked meals from Aunt May and the Italian dishes from Mario are a nice bonus.
  • Jacob became friends with Will Turner when he stopped by his blacksmith's shop/temple to get some of his gear repaired. While Will and his wife are not Assassins, both Will and Jacob struck up a friendship, despite their different views. Nobody knows why but some can fathom a guess...
  • Yes, Jacob is bisexual. That little tidbit made Oberyn Martell's day, and just about every other gay deity in the Pantheon. Kung Jin was also seen giving Jacob side glances. And while Kanji Tatsumi denies it, he's also been checking Jacob out as well.
  • There is a connection of sorts between Evie and Princess Zelda. When the Fryes decide to head off to London, Evie had the secondary job of protecting London from her brother's antics. Evie glowed at the praise Zelda has given her in regards to keeping her brother in line and making him a more responsible person in general.
  • Evie is Happily Married to Henry Green, but that doesn't stop Robert Baratheon from trying to woo her, in both his younger, fit form and his fat form. Nine times out of ten, Robert gets booted out from their temple. The other time, it's Jacob who tosses Robert out.
    • Unfortunately, the second Westerosi deity who has evil designs on her is Euron Greyjoy. And he has no qualms about making the female Frye another salt wife. Evie promised to geld him should he try anything funny.
  • Not that Jacob is exempt from creepy admirers. Mitsuko Souma tops that list. As the Pantheon would look down on him shagging a girl in her mid-teens, it's the fact that she's batshit insane and tried to kill Evie with her harvesting sickle that got her a permanent ban from their temple.
  • Jacob: I'm no criminal. I just do as I please.
  • Evie: For every mission, there is a right way and a wrong way. Barging thoughtlessly into combat is, more often than not, the latter.
  • Disgusted by the then legal parctice of child labor, the twins formed a street gang called the Rooks, and with it waged a war to free the orphans of Northern London from a life of legalized slavery in Templar owned factories. This earned them the respect of Bryan Mills, another British warrior who is fiercely protective of children.
  • Jacob and Evie Frye get along splendidly with Kirito and Asuna, who besides sharing a love for English Afternoon Tea, are also hunters of bullies who are kind to children. Kirito and Jacob would engage in banters of sarcastic wit and trade tips on how to rile up girls with childish practical jokes, while Asuna and Evie, both being the elders in their families, sigh and Facepalm in unison at the immaturity of their younger respective husband and brother.
  • Also has a place in Speech Ato M.

    Lua and Luca 
Lua and Luca, Deities of Half-Identical Twins (Rua and Ruca/Ruka/Luka, Leo and Luna)
Left: Lua. Right: Luca.

    The Usos 
Jimmy and Jey Uso, Dual Gods of the Tag Team Twins (The Usos, The Samoan Soldiers | Jimmy: Jonathan Solofa Fatu, Big Uce | Jey: Jules Uso, Joshua Samuel Fatu, Uce, Juicy J, Ucey Juicy, Papa Josh, Mr. UFC)
Lower is back when they were doing the Siva Tau
Jimmy to the left, Jey right in both pictures
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective face paints, combined into a big face, with "DOWN SINCE DAY ONE ISH" written below it
  • Theme Songs: So Close Now when rocking Samoan paint, Done With That (Day One Ish) in full urban mode
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as Faces, Neutral Evil as Heels
  • Portfolio: Tag Team Twins, Wild Samoans (Subverted at First and then Downplayed), Lightning Bruisers, Identical Twin ID Tag, Dance Battlers, Badasses Coming From a Wrestling Family, Cool Braids, The Superfly Splash, The Siva Tau Chant, Hyperactive Wrestlers.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Family, Tag Teams, Samoa.
  • High Priestesses: The Bella Twins
  • Heralds: Naomi (Jimmy's wife), Tamina Snuka (their distant cousin), Rikishi (their father), Umaga (their late uncle), Solo Sikoa (their younger brother)
  • Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Allies: The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and The Rock (their cousins), John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Carl and Ada Clover, Yun and Yang Lee
  • Rivals: The New Day (Worthy Opponent), Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Kane (WWE), Zato-1 and Eddie
  • On speaking terms with: Paige, Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley
  • Enemies: Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family
  • Belonging to the legendary Anoa'i family of wrestlers, the sons of Rikishi knows as The Usos have fought together their entire lives.
  • There are rumors that The Bella Twins wanted to claim the title since Brie and Nikki came first. But since the Bellas once got split up due to the infamous Bella Drama fiasco in 2014 (although they reconciled later), the Court of the Gods has decided that The Usos are joining the Pantheon.
    • As a compensation, they chose the Bellas as their High Priestesses.
  • The good Street Fighters in general respect them, because they got notable followers in Yun and Yang Lee, that is until they got properly ascended.
  • True to their Wrestling Family roots, they get well along with cousin Roman Reigns as well as his teammate Dean Ambrose, despite having occasionally competed against The Shield. Seth Rollins, however, was the first to betray that group, and antagonized The Usos a few times since then as an extension of his feud with Reigns, earning the Samoans' enmity.
    • Rollins later came to regret his actions and eventually redeemed himself, reconnecting with The Shield. While The Usos appreciated this, they moreso looked forward to crossing paths with Rollins and Ambrose as opponents. Then Ambrose betrayed Rollins on the night Reigns had to step down due to leukemia, and weeks later Dean blamed The Shield for making him weak and burned his Shield vest. The Usos pretty much stopped speaking to him since, and even though they did sympathize somewhat with his grievances over the following weeks as he abandoned his Shield name to become Jon Moxley, they still felt he was going about things the wrong way. When Moxley made amends with The Shield before ending his time in Vince McMahon's Universe, The Usos wished him well.
  • Jimmy is currently married to Naomi, who's yet to be ascended. At one point she snapped after attacking Paige in an act of rage, causing the brothers to consider safeguarding Paige so Naomi and Tamina couldn't attack her and make her life miserable. Paige refused, saying she take care of herself, and the feud eventually became a three-team struggle before ultimately dissolving. After a few tumultuous years of behind-the-scenes troubles both physical and mental, Paige was forced to retire due to her neck injuries, being compensated with a role as SmackDown General Manager — ironically making her The Usos' supervisor.
  • Became nervous upon learning how Randy Orton allied himself with The Wyatt Family and then got even more nervous when they learned how Orton set fire to the remains of Sister Abigail, knowing that Bray will be absolutely pissed off and on a rampage. Then things got worse when the Wyatt Family split up, with Harper and Rowan now christened The Bludgeon Brothers and becoming The Usos' rivals for tag team gold, Braun Strowman tearing opponents left and right (including tipping an ambulance that had Roman stuck in it over) and BROKEN Matt Hardy fighting Bray in "The Ultimate Deletion" and "purifying" Bray's soul from Sister Abigail's influence.
    • From there they learned what Matt did to three little girls in December, which caused them to ally with Gangrel and Luna Vachon, who also have beef with Matt and Bray. It helps that 'Grel is very close friends with their father Rikishi, as they run a wrestling school together. The relationship is tense, and both of The Usos aren't ready to keep an eye on the Cutie Mark Crusaders (considering their mental health after everything they went through).
      • Activity from the Wyatt family has died out, but Eric Strowman has now allied himself with Daniel Bryan whom neither are happy about with his Face–Heel Turn.
  • Upon hearing someone stating to "FEEL…THE POWER!!!", the two knew that The New Day had arrived and confronted their rivals head on. The gods have heard of their epic clashes in the mortal realm and cannot wait to see what the groups will showcase at the PWF.
    • The Usos have nothing but utter respect for the trio, even forfeiting during a Tag-Team Gauntlet match against Big E and Xavier Woods so that Kofi can fight Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship.
  • "Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary!"

    Yuna and Mina Amasato/Yunael and Minael 
Yuna and Mina Amasato, Goddesses of Single-Minded Twins (Yunael and Minael, The Peaky Angels)
Human forms 


    Dipper and Mabel Pines 
Dipper and Mabel Pines, Gods of Polar Opposite Twins (Dipper: Pine Tree, Bro-Bro, Mason Pines | Mabel: Shooting Star, Hambone | Both: The Mystery Twins, Alcor and Mizar)
  • Demigods (Greater Gods to Overdeities as Alcor and Mizar).
  • Symbol: A blue pine tree (Dipper) and a shooting star (Mabel)
  • Theme Songs: Gravity Falls title theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with occasional Chaotic Neutral tendencies.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Twins, Mystery, Family.
    • Dipper: Nerds, Detectives.
    • Mabel: Energy, Fun, Art.
  • Heralds: Grunkle Stan and their other Grunkle Ford
  • Followers: Lola and Lana Loud, Zack and Cody Martin, Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki, Julius and Vincent Benedict, Princess Ava and Eva
  • Allies: Pacifica Northwest, Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, the Mystery Gang, Emmet, Dr. Seuss, Rod Serling, The Crypt Keeper, R.L. Stine, Jack and Annie, Sans and Papyrus, Frisk, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Yu Narukami, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, Rom and Ram, Pippi Longstocking, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Star Butterfly, Leonardo Watch, Wirt and Greg, Tommy Wiseau
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, .GIFfany, Flowey, Balloon Boy, GLaDOS, BROKEN Matt Hardy, D.W. Read, Shredder
  • Odd Friendship With: Ryu, Kenshiro
  • The two originally found their way to the Pantheon when Dipper decided to bring Mabel along to investigate an unopenable door he read about in Journal 3. To their surprise, when they went to find it, it opened instantly for the two of them. After deciding to go through the door, they found out they were in the Pantheon, where they set up their temple in the House of Family.
  • Dipper holds Agent Mulder in almost as much awe as he does the Author of the Journals for his enthusiasm to seek out the supernatural. Mulder, in turn, was very pleased to find someone who believes in the paranormal as much as he does. Scully just rolled her eyes when the two first met.
  • While Mabel was the first of the two to meet the Mystery Gang, she introduced Dipper to them afterwards, and the seven commonly go mystery-solving together (even if Dipper is disappointed by how rarely the Mystery Gang find any truly supernatural occurrences). During the events of "The Friendship Asylum", Dipper jumped to the moon when he and Mabel got to team with them.
  • The twins once met up with Jack and Annie, who showed them their treehouse. Dipper and Mabel soon joined them in their travels using the treehouse. (They are banned from using other time machines after an incident with Blendin Blandin).
  • Bob Belcher is puzzled by Mabel, since she has a similar voice to his daughter Louise. Still, Mabel sometimes comes to help him out with advertising, so he doesn't really complain about it.
  • One of Mabel's favorite hobbies is to spend her days in the House of Craft, sewing numerous sweaters for all her friends in the Pantheon. She has even approached Rarity for advice. While Rarity was initially hesitant for undisclosed reasons, she quickly warmed up to her.
    • Despite Mabel's unfortunate encounters with the unicorns of her world, she treats Rarity and Twilight and the other unicorns with her usual friendliness. It helps that many in turn are kind and good unicorns. She's also been trying to get Mordecai and Rigby to lighten up on them.
    • One of Mabel's other hobbies is to try and find her brother Dipper a girlfriend. Despite the stance spoken by their superior, Alex Hirsch, that has not stopped her in the slightest (since as she put it, it was "his words, not ours.") Dipper is embarassed by this, especially when it became known about his preference for redheads. As such, many of the attractive red-headed ladies found delight in teasing Dipper, though it's all in light-hearted fun and they do hold a high opinion of him. Mabel's efforts in this have escalated to where there are betting tables on who Dipper may end up, which include Pacifica (though neither are aware of this) and another with Wendy Corduroy. This has expanded to include other members of the Pantheon, with a surprising favorite being Twilight Sparkle.
  • Mabel has gone to several of the “grappling-hook experts” of the Pantheon to get better with hers.
  • The two have teamed up with Freddie Benson for their own shows: "Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained" and "Mabel's Guide to Life". Said shows have become popular with many gods, adult, child, and teen alike.
  • The two get a bit creeped out (read: a lot creeped out) by Hansel and Gretel due to their love of killing people, cross-dressing habit and incestuous tendencies.
    • Don't bring "Pinecest" stuff to them, otherwise they will ban you.
    • The same applies to BillDip fanfics.
    • They were not pleased to learn of another dimension where they were performers at the Tent of Telepathy, then worried with the revelation it was because it was a Mirror Universe. While neither have attempted to venture there, they have been writing stuff regarding to potential questions (namely the alignments of their friends and family and if the Bill Cipher of that universe was good?)
  • Mabel gets along with Charlotte LaBouf for trying to find their loves in life (Charlotte her prince, Mabel for an "Epic Summer Romance") and have playdates together.
  • Dipper was banned from the SCP Foundation after the incident where he accidentally summoning a bunch of zombies to prove he was right.
    • However, he was unbanned and given the title of honorary personnel after helping to stop Bill Cipher in the events of Weirdmageddon. He was also advised to invite his Grunkle Ford to the SCP, as Ford wrote the journals and has a lot of expertise in multiple universes, should Ford ascend to the Pantheon.
  • On their arrival, they stopped by the House of Friendship (which had recently been renovated to become the Friendship Asylum) and decided to investigate it. They have had to be banned because since they were newcomer gods, many of the gods involved with said asylum fear that they're going to get in lots of trouble just by entering it. Still, Dipper and Mabel are determined to get to the bottom of this mystery, whether people like it or not.
  • They became fast friends with the Eon Dragons Latios and Latias because of their similar personalities. Both were very upset when they heard that Latios once died because of Annie and Oakley's troublemaking, and are willing to help their new friends fend off their foes any way they can.
  • Were extremely pleased when they found out Pacifica Northwest had ascended to the Pantheon, since the only other person in the Pantheon also from Gravity Falls beforehand was Bill Cipher, who they are not on good terms with.
  • GLaDOS wants to disembowel Mabel with a power drill, use her guts to make an art project commemorating the event, and then kill her with Deadly Neurotoxin for her "crimes against science." Naturally, the twins avoid the House of Technology.
  • Were extremely scared when they learned that Bill Cipher had arrived in the Pantheon, especially after he tricked Mabel into helping him start off his Weirdmageddon. However, his defeat in their universe thanks to Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford took away a lot of this fear.
    • They are also uneasy around Discord because of that, even if Discord is now on the side of good. They did become a bit more at ease thanks to Discord's own animosity with Bill.
  • Several of the gods in the Pantheon who specialize in information have been trying to get Dipper or Mabel to tell them Dipper's actual name (Dipper is a nickname, due to his birthmark). Neither of the two has revealed what said name is, even to their allies. Several of the gods have theorized because of this that Dipper thinks his actual name is embarrassing, or that "Dipper" simply fits him better. A recreated version of Journal 3 has revealed Dipper's real name: Mason Pines.] It's not known who knows this within their circle outside of Ford (and presumably Stan)
  • Mabel's popularity has gone up and down over the years, especially after Dipper and Mabel Vs the Future aired and she tried to freeze time around Gravity Falls forever as "summer" after she had almost hit the Despair Event Horizon. She originally tried to do this by giving Blendin Blandin the Dimensional Rift. Unfortunately, Blendin was possessed by Bill Cipher, who needed the Rift to start Weirdmageddon... and had just tricked Mabel, who had no idea what the Rift was, into handing it over.
    • It's because of this incident that Mabel feels that she can connect with Homura Akemi and after learning just how much Homura's actions affected the Pantheon, she's not planning on making a Magical Girl contract anytime soon.
    • Rumor has it that a certain someone attempted to approach her anyway... only to meet up with a very angry and serious Dipper Pines.
  • During one of their trips away from the Pantheon to explore other universes (Dipper wanted to find more strange things he could catalog in the journals, Mabel wanted to find a boyfriend), they discovered a cluster of worlds similar to theirs, where one or sometimes both of them became demons (and took the names Alcor or Mizar, respectively) after absorbing Bill Cipher's powers because of Bill failing a Demonic Possession.
  • Recently both twins have been seen at the God Emperor of Mankind and Tzeentch's Duel Monsters tournaments. Mabel seems to like using the Madolche cards, while Dipper seems to favor the Subterror, Chronomaly, and Naturia archetypes. Dipper seems to like the strategy aspect of the game, and Mabel just likes cute things.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders like to hang out with them from time to time (under the very watchful eye on their vampire wrestler caretakers). The friendship with them, and the return of the asylum, has caused the Mystery Twins to once again get involved in the madness and set things right. Unfortunately, they ended up being possessed by XANA and assaulted Steven Universe to break the boy down...
  • The twins have since been trying to get their Grunkle Stan and their friends ascended to the Pantheon as well.
  • With the news that some of their people who worked on their show are in charge of reviving DuckTales (2017), they have befriended Scrooge McDuck and his greatnephews. Both Dipper and Mabel are in awe of Scrooge's adventures and both have been learning a fair bit from him. Mabel has also been trying to get Huey, Duey and Louie to call Scrooge their Grunkle, to everyone's amusement.
  • Recently, Dipper has been approached by none other than Kenshiro. When Kenshiro heard of a boy with a birthmark of the Big Dipper on his forehead in the Pantheon, he investigated and found Dipper. Dipper is in awe of the powerful yet noble man, especially when Kenshiro had offered Dipper to teach the Hokuto Shinken. While Dipper's answer is not known, some has noticed that Dipper (and Mabel surprisingly as well) have been able to deal with malicious trespassers by striking acupressure points, causing plenty of the evil gods to worry that Dipper will become the 65th Grand Master of the Hokuto Shinken.
    • Kenshiro's news of a potential successor to the Hokuto Shinken have gotten the twins the attention of Kenshiro's brothers, Toki and Raoh. While Raoh has maintained his distance in observing the twins, Toki has interacted with both of them. Much like with Kenshiro, the twins treated him with utter reverance while Toki think well of them for their hearts, to where he has also offered to teach them his healing techniques, both of which seemed more comfortable with.
  • In the middle of July 2017, they were able to announce a continuation of their adventures in a graphic novel, much to the joy of many.
  • They have shown an interest in another certain boy-girl duo and wish to know more about them.
    • Something that got to happen when Star finally ascended. Unsurprisingly, they all hit off very nicely. Mabel and Star adore and indulge in their various fancies with Mabel knitting Star a sweater while Dipper is very fascinated and excited by her magic while Star enjoys Dipper's energy in exploring the various oddities and mysteries along with his smarts and organizing skills. Star's complicated relationship with her herald/friend Marco is likely the only thing keepign Mabel from actively trying to pair her brother with Star (especially since, given the year differences of the show, they'd liekly be the same age.)
  • The twins ended up meeting a new friend in Leonardo Watch, who warned them about a mysterious weirdo following them... which turned out to be Bill Cipher of all people. This action led to the twins to befriending the strage young man and learning about the craziness about Hellsalem's Lot.
  • Both of them hate Toad the Wet Sprocket (especially their song "All I Want"). They are both annoyed when D.W. plays it all the time.
  • One time, Mabel beat the crap out of Tommy Wiseau for not giving her an awkward sibling hug. But... after she was captured by Wilford Brimley, she (and Dipper) joined forces with Tommy in the final battle.
  • The two befriended Wirt and Greg because the two brothers encountered strange and mysterious creatures in the woods. Mabel and Greg hit it off pretty well while Dipper began writing down the story of Wirt and Greg's journey through the unknown. Upon learning of The Beast, Dipper was quick to point out that it was similar to what Pacifica had to go through with the Lumberjack Ghost the only difference being that Wirt wasn't the one to end the Beast's reign of terror — that was the Woodsman — but Wirt was able to figure out the Beast's modus operandi by simple use of logic.

    Edgar & Ellen 
Edgar & Ellen, Divine Trickster Twins
Ellen & Edgar
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Their striped pajamas
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Half-Identical Twins, The Prankster, Too Clever by Half, Child Prodigy, Gadgeteer Genius, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette
  • Domains: Twins, Pranks
  • Heralds: Pilosoculus/Pet, Ronan Heimertz
  • Allies: Piranha Plants, Cagney Carnation
  • Rivals: Mion & Shion Sonozaki (Friendly), Daffy Duck, Laetitia, Dennis the Menace, Screwy Squirrel
  • Enemies: Junkrat & Roadhog, Rhoda Penmark, Princess Morbucks
  • Foil to: Phineas & Ferb, George & Harold
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Candace Flynn
  • Avoids: Hansel & Gretel (Black Lagoon)
  • At the edge of the goody-good town of Nod’s Limbs there lies a 13-story mansion inhabited by the devious twins known as Edgar and Ellen. Having been abandoned by their parents a while back and not caring much, if at all, for hanging out with others, the twins take advantage of the fact their home is near a junkyard and use it to design various contraptions and unleash all sorts of mayhem in Nod’s Limbs. In spite of their intellect (or maybe even because of it), the pranks and contraptions the twins let loose are prone to backfiring on them in different ways. Whenever they aren’t busy causing mischief for others, Edgar and Ellen often prank each other at home, with the younger Edgar being a skilled inventor and escape artist while Ellen (who is older than Edgar by 2 minutes and 13 seconds) is a botanist and the one who usually takes the lead when the twins work together.
  • While going through the Gadget Graveyard for items to act out their next scheme, Edgar & Ellen noticed a scrapped letter that had an item inside. The twins opened it, hoping for something interesting, only to find a key that didn’t seem to be of any use at the moment, but Ellen decided to hold on to it in case something happened that would require it. After their next scheme ended up backfiring on them despite looking for a moment that it would work, the twins ended up back at their mansion, only to notice a gate further from their home. After they approached the gate, Ellen took out the key and used it to open the gate, revealing a much larger world very different from Nod’s Limbs. They were greeted by a Pantheonic mailman who introduced them to the vast world that they were a part of, though they were more interested in some of the mayhem that was going on behind him. When asked by the mailman if the Pantheon is going to be fun, Edgar & Ellen merely replied that they’re looking forward to bringing their own brand of “fun” to this world before getting accustomed to this strange and chaotic setting.
  • Ellen being a botanist meant that she took the time to understand some of the more varied plants that the Pantheon housed, with many of them being alive and having some different attributes to add to their uniqueness. One kind of plant that Ellen took an interest in was the Piranha Plants and decided to bring home a black-colored Piranha Plant to show to Edgar. Although the Plant initially got involved with pranks at Edgar’s expense and still does whenever the twins are at home, Edgar and Ellen decided to make the most of that plant pet for some of their schemes. Ellen takes care of her Piranha Plant while still visiting the gardens home to other Piranha Plants, usually to take notice of their abilities to see if it's possible to come up with a special Piranha Plant that has all of the abilities of others of its kind that she can unleash in the Pantheon. Cagney Carnation was another flower that Ellen took a liking to, though given how he has a fixed location compared to the Piranha Plants, she tends to visit him with Edgar often getting involved. Ellen has taken a strong interest in what Cagney is capable of and is looking to apply it to a smaller, but more mobile version of himself, the results of which Cagney is curious about even if it ends up being used as part of a scheme by the twins.
  • The twins can be seen as a darker counterpart to Phineas & Ferb when it comes to designing elaborate contraptions to liven up their surroundings. Whereas Phineas & Ferb’s designs tend to make things more fun for others in addition to themselves, Edgar & Ellen have made inventions that are designed to trick others for the twin’s own amusement. Candace Flynn, while still caring about Phineas & Ferb even though she has tried to catch their shenanigans, ended up witnessing some strange events in the Pantheon and her attempt at busting her siblings resulted in confused looks from Phineas & Ferb who mentioned that they had nothing to do with what was happening. She then took it upon herself to figure out what’s going on and found herself caught in a prank instigated by Edgar & Ellen, who she identified as goth-looking twins. Subsequent attempts by Candace to bust Edgar & Ellen haven’t gone smoothly since not only is Candace subject to humiliation, but Edgar & Ellen are also prone to slapstick during such events. As for Phineas & Ferb, the two have noticed the events and inventions going around by separate siblings and while Edgar & Ellen’s definition of “fun” is a bit edgier than how Phineas & Ferb view that word, the twins have extended an invitation to Phineas & Ferb for an invention competition as part of an elaborate prank, with Phineas & Ferb thinking over what contraption they should make to help them win this “contest”.
  • Edgar & Ellen were far from the only twins present in the Pantheon and while they can normally be best described as brats, there were other twins that were very different from them. The Sonozaki twins were another pair of troublemakers that took part in the chaos that Edgar & Ellen created, often through the use of games where something humiliating would happen to the loser. Edgar & Ellen weren’t above laughing at the other whenever something embarrassing would happen to one of them during such instances, much to the annoyance of the other. On a significantly darker note, while Edgar & Ellen are seen as a bit creepy, the two were actually creeped out by Hansel & Gretel, a murderous duo that suffered a horrible past that played a role in them becoming criminals. The worst that Edgar & Ellen suffered in their past was their parents leaving them behind and not having much of an understanding of societal norms, but it didn’t change the fact that Edgar & Ellen were doing as much as they can to distance themselves from Hansel & Gretel in that no matter how crazy their pranks can get, they’re not trying to actively murder anyone in contrast to Hansel & Gretel’s psychotic enjoyment of such criminal behavior.
  • George Beard & Harold Hutchins were a pair of children that served as a contrast to Edgar & Ellen when it came to making pranks on others. George & Harold are students in a miserable school and carry out a wide assortment of jokes to make things better for others, often at the expense of the mean-spirited staff members there and those pranks have a tendency of getting out of control. Edgar & Ellen decided to bring their brand of chaos to one of the Pantheonic schools and it was there that George & Harold learned about other pranksters thanks to the fact that some of the students were getting tricked and that George & Harold initially didn’t have anything to do with what the students were going through. What followed was a prank war between the twins and the two boys that turned the school into a mess and George & Harold (who are both nice guys in spite of their mischief) realized that Edgar & Ellen didn’t really care about what happened to others so long that they got amusement out of it. After their punishment that was a prolonged detention was finished, George & Harold saw the twins as rivals in the pranking game and neither party was going down without some hard slapstick falls.
  • Two prominent troublemakers that Edgar & Ellen got involved with were Screwy Squirrel and Daffy Duck, with both animals’ names being a clear indicator of what their behavior was like. While Screwy is indeed a consistently screwy creature that’s given the twins a hard time in the Pantheonic prank wars, Daffy also has an egotistical side that shows up independently of his wacky behavior. The duck’s greedy disposition often results in him messing up his own plans thanks to someone (mainly Bugs Bunny) being more aware and smarter than himself, a pattern that Edgar & Ellen are more than willing to take advantage of. Then again, given that the twins have a tendency of getting too carried away with their complex plans, Daffy has sometimes gotten the upper hand when going up against them. That and Daffy’s sometimes sudden mood shifts between crazy and selfish during these prank wars have thrown off Edgar & Ellen’s plans to make their tricks work.
  • Troublesome brats were just another type of individual in the Pantheon, with Edgar & Ellen fitting that category rather well and quickly finding out about other children who engage in mischievous antics. Dennis the Menace was one such youthful troublemaker who ended up wandering to the twins’ mansion one day looking for an adventure of some kind. Edgar & Ellen were busy planning their next scheme when Dennis arrived and the twins simply told him that it was a surprise before he left the mansion. A few days later, Edgar & Ellen were surprised to see that plenty of people showed up to their scam thanks to Dennis spreading the word about a “surprise party” that the twins were holding. Nevertheless, the twins followed through on their scheme and while it did work at first, the sheer number of people that arrived resulted in it gradually falling apart, not helped by the fact that Dennis tried to help Edgar & Ellen during that time. After everything unraveled, Dennis ended up running away and Edgar & Ellen had to retreat back to their mansion, with the twins getting annoyed with Dennis following that incident and often trying to push him away from their plans.
  • For all the trouble that Edgar & Ellen cause in the Pantheon, they are far from the worst kids in the long run thanks to some of their pranks targeting people more despicable than they are. Among some of the more vile kids that Edgar & Ellen came across included Rhoda Penmark and Princess Morbucks. One notable adversary of Edgar & Ellen was the snobbish teenager Stephanie Knightleigh and while she was at least capable of trying to hang out with Edgar & Ellen in between being a nuisance for them, Morbucks and Rhoda remain antagonistic to the twins for different reasons. While Morbucks was seen by the twins as a much more volatile version of Stephanie, Rhoda was someone who was far more manipulative and falling victim to the twins’ pranks only made her much more vindictive against them. Edgar & Ellen are more than aware of Rhoda’s ruthless behavior and have tried to avoid being caught by her while using their tricks to make things easier for the twins.
  • Edgar & Ellen ended up receiving a doll from an unknown sender who believed that the two would enjoy the company of Laetitia, a doll known for her unique pranks. At first, the twins decided to figure out how to work that doll into their schemes, but things took an unexpected turn when Laetitia took a preference towards Ellen, causing Edgar to feel a bit left out. Ellen felt compelled to get Edgar involved again, but she ended up following through on Laetitia’s plan and much to the twin’s shock it turned out the doll’s prank ended up being much more gruesome than what they expected. Edgar ended up finding some instructions on how to get rid of Laetitia when she wasn’t looking and doing so ended up being difficult to pull off thanks to Laetitia wanting someone to be her friend often to a lethal extent. As much as Edgar & Ellen aren’t in a rush to make friends compared to Laetitia and have a rivalry with other pranksters, the twins made it a point not to let Laetitia get involved with them again after getting rid of her similar to how other pranksters perceive the doll, no matter how much she wants someone to be with her.
  • The Gadget Graveyard is the name of the junkyard the twins visit to get ideas for their troublemaking contraptions and much to their delight, there were many other junkyards present in the Pantheon for them to scavenge various items for them to use. While looking for junk to use, the duo would learn of Pantheonic denizens who have a history of using garbage from the junkyard to create effective items, with Junkrat and Roadhog being another duo known for such. In contrast to Edgar & Ellen’s contraptions being made to annoy others for their own amusement, Junkrat has made explosive weapons out of junk for him and Roadhog to cause chaos and destruction with. Although not done out of any altruistic reasons, Edgar & Ellen have tampered with some of the junk that Junkrat and Roadhog get their hands on so that their weapons explode on them sooner, much to The Junkers’ irritation and the twins have gotten in trouble with them as a result. The SWAT Kats were also known for making weapons out of the junk that ends up in their scrap yard and given how versatile their weapons are, Edgar & Ellen have snuck into their scrapyard numerous times (usually whenever the SWAT Kats are busy with their heroics) to find anything interesting they can use for their pranks. While they enjoy going through the other junkyards in the Pantheon, Edgar & Ellen still have a fondness and preference for their own Gadget Graveyard at the end of the day.

    Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon
Hansel and Gretel, Gods of Creepy Twins (The Vampire Twins)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their weapons, which are a hatchet and a Browning Automatic Rifle.
  • Theme Music: "The World of Midnight"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (leaning toward Stupid Evil)
  • Portfolio: Creepy Young Twins, Villainous Twincest, Brother–Sister Incest, Twin Switch, Squick, Nightmare Fuel, Batshit Crazy, White Hair, Black Heart, Sadism, Freudian Excuse.
  • Domain: Chaos, Murder, Madness, Screwed up Childhoods, Depravity
  • High Priests: Nana/Nono
  • Followers: the Twins, Alfred/Alexia Ashford, Tomax/Xamot, Sorath and Tiriel
  • Allies: Johan Liebert, Vaas Montenegro, Alice (not that one), Lucy, Balloon Boy, Reisuke Houjou, Belarus, SCP-993, Jack the Ripper
  • Enemies: Revy, Eda, Carl & Ada Clover, Hotel Moscow, The PAYDAY Crew, Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton, Androids 17 and 18, Future Trunks, River Tam
  • Evil Counterpart to: Haruka & Sora Kasugano
  • These are some really fucked up children right here, and scare the shit out of a good portion of the Pantheon. It's not their life's dedication to random, senseless killing (pretty much two thirds of the Pantheon is like that anyways), but the fact that it's impossible to tell which twin is the "brother" and the "sister" because they keep swapping roles.
  • It's only gotten worse now they've become devoted to their new 'big brother' Johan Liebert and 'big sister' Lucy, of whom they share their passions of destroying human life and disturbingly convincing cross-dressing (with the former), as well as the twins viewing Johan and Lucy respectively as a father figure and mother figure to them.
  • The twins also have a small appreciation for Alice. Given her immortality and horrific sadism, a good time is had by the three of them whenever they arrange playdates. Belial and Nebiros are a tad squicked. Johan just smiles.
  • Rainbow Dash (and by extension Applejack), in particular tries to not be in the same room as they are. It's mostly due to the fact that Hansel sounds so similar to her.
  • Despite them being scary and sinister, there are a few Gods willing to cope with them.
  • Yuuko and Hideyoshi Kinoshita were likely to have been their followers, being that they were twins, especially with the latter's frequent cross-dressing, ability to mimic voice, his gender being seen as ambiguous to almost anyone (despite being confirmed as a male by Word of God) and swapping roles with his sister at one point, which would have made perfect fits as followers for them, until they looked at what Hansel and Gretel did and were Squicked by it and ran off in a combination of disgust and shock.
  • Sorath and Tiriel serve as their high priests, especially considering the Villainous Twincest and their penchant for killing people. Gretel especially gets well along with Tiriel until the latter got darrin'd.
  • Their relationship to Nicholas and Ava Zimmer is as yet unknown.
  • They have gained a new friend in the form of newly-ascended Reisuke Houjou. They seem to like to play games of hide-and-seek... Which means that one has to hide and avoid being killed by the other. They find the game plenty of fun but Reisuke does find the twins a little uncreative since they just straight murder instead of setting traps.
  • Once tried to attack Androids 17 and 18 to prove that they were the best creepy killer twins around, but beyond the initial moment of surprise they were unable to hurt them. They ended up defeated, but left alive by 17 and 18, then tied up by Future Trunks. They've vowed revenge since, but haven't had a chance to get it.

    Mio and Mayu Amakura 
Mio and Mayu Amakura, Twin Goddesses of Deciding One Twin's Death
Left: Mio, Right: Mayu
  • Demigoddesses (Mio is a Lesser Goddess with the Camera Obscura)
  • Symbol: The Crimson Butterfly
  • Theme Song: Chou
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Mio), Chaotic Neutral (Mayu)
  • Portfolio: Having A Different hairstyle for their Bangs, Age Changed in the Remake, Possess a Sixth Sense making them Perceptive to Ghosts, One is Fated to Die in the End (Both Can Survive, albeit under tragic Consequences)
  • Domains: Twins, Sisters, Cameras, Ghosts, Death, Love
  • Allies: Miku Hinasaki, Luigi, Jade, Frank West, Lois Lane, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Carol Anne Freeling, Androids 17 and 18, Lucas, Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi, Death of the Endless, Raven, Raiden, Danny Phantom, Casper, Reimi Sugimoto, Akane and Nazuna Inuwaka, The Ghostbusters, Sae Niijima
  • Enemies: King Boo, Johan Liebert, Damien Thorn, The Child Abuse Supporters, Kayako Saeki, Sadako Yamamura
  • Wary Of: The Ghosts Sub-House (They are aware that not all of them are malicious, but their personal experiences makes them nervous about the sub-house)
  • Pities: Sae Kashiwagi
  • Pitied By: Claus, Pollyanna Whittier
  • Symbolic Association: The Insects Sub-House
  • Having a twin is an experience that tends to be inseparable, given you're born alongside them. This is the case for sisters, Mio and Mayu Amakura, who would often play with one another. After visiting their favorite childhood playspot in Minakami, the sisters witness a crimson butterfly and pursue it, ending up in an abandoned village. What follows is a series of malevolent ghosts who target the sisters, followed by Mayu suddenly missing. Equipped with the Obscura Camera, Mio sets off to rescue and protect Mayu at all costs whilst also dealing with the fact that she has to witness the downfall and last day of the village.
    • Although Mio was able to uncover a ghostly spirit known as Sae as the one behind the village's downfall, she is ultimately forced to choose a sacrifice between her or Mayu. There are different choices with their own set of consequences, but it seems the one that is confirmed Canon is when Mio sacrifices Mayu, which has left her traumatized and emotionally broken. Her grief is what results in her receiving the Tattooed Curse. She was imprisoned in the Manor of Sleep due to being unable to overcome the loss of Mayu and she's made it clear that she intends to pass away so that she could be reunited with her sister.
  • Mio and Mayu's ascension was complicated. They both entered together, but their destinations were different. Mio ended up in the House of Family whereas Mayu was found in the House of Life and Vitality. Both houses were confused at the appearance of a dark-clad, short-haired girl, but the two were able to tell the difference between the girls by their hairstyle; while they're identical, Mio has a gap at the right side of her fringe, whereas Mayu lacks any. This cleared out the identification issue, but they were more perplexed at how both girls ended up in different places.
    • Many speculated that because Mayu died in the sacrificial ritual, she ended up in the House of Life and Death because of that. Mio being a survivor ended up at a different destination. The Court of the Gods decided to arrange a meeting with the two sisters, with the Heroic Protectors of Family and the Ghostbusters sent to pick up and escort Mio and Mayu respectively. The operation was a success and the sisters had a tearful reunion with Mio promising to never let Mayu go through the same pain and suffering that they had to go through back in their mortal lives.
    • Despite their reunion, The Court still had questions about Mio and Mayu, namely how they were able to ascend together, yet one of each ending up in different places, which felt incredibly odd as something like this hardly happens in the Pantheon. Mio didn;t have much to state, but Mayu recalled seeing a collection of "bright circles" flying over her to come with them, but she made a dash for a safe zone, sensing that they were up to no good. It didn't take long before finding out that the "bright circles" Mayu bought up were Boos under the orders of King Boo. With the situation of Carol Anne Freeling that occurred not too long before Mio and Mayu's ascension, King Boo has become a major target for accusations of torment and kidnappings surrounding ghosts and its only a matter of time before he becomes major headlines. For now, the Court has decided to place Mio and Mayu in rehabilitation in the hopes that they could recover emotionally and mentally.
  • Because of their arrival on two different houses, Mio and Mayu were given a position in the Twins and Reasons for Death sub-houses, which described the end-situation they were forced into. They winced on the prospect of their trope, but have decided to accept it. What matters more is that they're reunited and they want to spend time with one another.
  • Like Miku beforehand, Mio is equipped with the Camera Obscura, which she is able to use to stun ghosts from harming her or anyone else, in addition to exorcising them. It can also be used on benevolent ghosts as a way to communicate with them and seek guidance as a form of convenience. Learning about the presence of ghosts in the Pantheon, Mio has taken to possessing her Camera Obscura anywhere she goes to ensure she has a way of defending herself.
    • Mayu has a sixth sense; a strong perception towards ghosts and is able to interact with them without the Camera Obscura. While Mio also has this ability, her affinity towards this sixth sense is weaker than Mayu's. However, this strengthened perception isn't without its faults as Mayu is more vulnerable to spirits because of it. Hence, Mio has made it clear that Mayu shouldn't rely on it too much unless she's in a desperate situation.
    • Miku has once met Mio, though this was after what the latter had to go through regarding her curse and the tribulations her uncle Kei had to go through. The two have noted their similar experiences, including the loss of their sibling and fending off a collection of spirits, hence the two have decided to keep i touch with one another and see if they can find a way to make their Camera Obscura more effective against ghosts.
  • Due to their experiences with ghosts, Mio and Mayu were able to get along pretty well with Luigi, who himself has gone through a lot to save his brother from ghosts despite his reluctance and supposed cowardice. Luigi is planning to give Mio and Mayu some advice on dealing with ghosts, malevolent or benevolent, and has even offered them a Poltergeist device for use. The sisters gently declined, but have opted to remain friends with the green plumber for extra company.
    • On a similar note, they are grateful for the Ghostbusters for helping them reunite. The Ghostbusters have told them to be careful about the House of Life and Death, now that the twins are part of it and the likeliness of ghosts inhabiting it. Mayu would often try to interact with whatever ghost that would visit, though Mio would always accompany her just to make sure she doesn't get harmed.
  • On the subject of twins, Mio became close friends with Lucas, who was able to relate with her regarding the death of his own brother, Claus and has given both sisters condolences. The Fujibayashi sisters have also taken to hanging out with them and offering them amenities to cheer them up. That said, Mayu is rather hard to deal with, being somewhat demanding about her needs and feeling the need to be with Mio all the time.
  • Due to what the twins had to go through, efforts have been made to prevent them from approaching the House of Undead. While there are good-aligned beings there, its the malicious ones that tend to dominate much of the landscape there, plus Mayu's stronger sixth sense can be taken advantage of there. While King Boo isn't actually a member of the house, he very frequently takes residence there as he feels that his Boo subordinates would be more relaxed there. And even without the presence of the Boos, there's still beings like Kayako Saeki and Sadako Yamamura that Mio and Mayu would certainly want to avoid, although they do feel sympathetic about how and why they were driven into malevolence.
  • The sisters tend to get nervous whenever they hear the name Sae, which is justified, given how it was the identity of the spirit that pursued and tormented Mio and Mayu into the emotional state that they are currently in. That said, some effort has been made to make that issue less worrying, thanks to Sae Niijima. She decided to introduce herself as Ms. Niijima so as to not emotionally hurt the twins accidentally and told them about how she had difficulty in dealing with her own sister Makoto. She's told Mio that she's a great sister and to be proud of it. She told her first name after they had gotten accustomed to Sae, after which the twins weren't too nervous about it. They soon learned about Sae Kashiwagi. They were initially not happy with how she used crocodile tears to gain attention, but soon realized that she actually feels lonely and miserable about not having friends. Mio and Mayu have attempted to try approaching her, though they aren't sure if they could properly do it without thinking about the spirit of the same name. Hopefully Niijima's influence might be able to help out.
  • The Court made contact with Casper and Reimi, residents of the Ghosts sub-house to help out with Mio and Mayu. They've managed to easily become friends and even provide them with some needed emotional support. However, because Mio and Mayu are forbidden to have access to the House of Undead without defensive company, Casper and Reimi often have to commute to where the twin sisters reside.
  • Mio and Mayu are rather elusive when it comes to the Pantheon. It turns out that since their ascension was big news, that it was similar to Carol Anne's and there was an involvement with King Boo in that regard, they're a popular news topic and gossips revolving the twin sisters don't go unnoticed, much to their dismay. Mio feels as if she might get bombarded by several people into asking about what had happened, but because of how emotionally traumatized she was during her experience, she understandably avoids crowds and urges Mayu to not get reckless in that aspect either.
    • That said, they did meet up and became close associates with Carol Anne. Given they've both went through an incredibly tough time involving ghosts and spirits. Both also use a digital device to see and communicate with ghosts (television for Carol Anne, camera for Mio), though Carol Anne can use whichever television set whereas Mio can only rely on the Camera Obscura. They share several similarities, although Mio needs to prioritize Mayu over Carol Anne as the latter already has lots of residents looking after her.
  • While Mio is approachable and can be reasoned with despite her trauma, Mayu is more difficult to work around with. Some of her actions and personality traits can be rather erratic and she isn't above injuring herself to convince others to help her out. Mio, recalling the incident when Mayu took a fall to ensure they never stay separate, told her to not do that unless others begin disliking her. Some have noticed that Mayu is a little too attached to Mio, though this might have had something to do with her being possessed by Sae. With Sae being nowhere in the Pantheon, its not as apparent as it was before the Pantheon.
  • The twin sisters were viewed with interest by Johan Liebert, who has tried to approach them with "assuring thoughts". The Court panicked upon finding out about this and have taken to a lookout in case Johan ever manage to approach them. On a similar note, Damien Thorn also wanted to pay a visit to Mio and Mayu. His intentions weren't told, but the Court knew he would be up to no good. Johan and Damien have their ow intent onn what to do; the former wants to bring Mio and Mayu towards what he thinks would be "absolute despair" whereas Damien wanted to kidnap and sacrifice them for a cult ritual to appease Melkor and the different Pantheonic iterations of Satan.
  • Claus is sympathetic to the sisters, knowing how Mio must have felt and despite Mayu's erratic nature, is able to get along with her pretty well. He's told Mio to make the most out of her relationship with Mayu and that regardless of the difficulty, she shouldn't regret the fact that she's trying to be a good sister. Similarly, Pollyanna Whittier also gives them visits to look into the the positive side of life and do the best getting adjusted into the Pantheon. SO far, Mio is taking their advice well, though how much impact it makes towards Mayu is up for debate.
  • Due to their association with the phenomena known as the Crimson Butterfly, Mio and Mayu have a strange association with the Insects sub-house. Initially, they tried to figure out how, until it clicked into their minds that upon her death, Mayu became the butterfly that they are associated with. They are always welcomed into the sub-house though, where the twin sisters are often associated with love, passion and death the first two feelings going along with the color with the third feeling being a conclusive arc for the two in one way or another.
  • Sometime after getting accustomed into the Pantheon, strange ghost incidents began to occur, with hallucinations, kidnappings and hospitalizations becoming more alarming overtime. Mio and Mayu were among the first deities to be noticed and questioned about it for, given their experience with spirits. The sisters have stated that they have no idea on what is going on and that they don't feel as if they are ready to confront the situation itself. For now, they're stashed in the House of Family as the House of Life and Death seems too risky. Ghost hunters and benevolent spirits have since banded to confront the situation, though they're unprepared for what's to occur...
"Didn't we always promise each other... that we would always be together?"
"Mayu, we'll be together...we will!"


    Hallie Parker and Annie James 
Hallie Parker and Annie James, Co-Twin Goddesses of Twin Switching
Left: Annie, Right: Hallie
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: a headband
  • Theme Song: Let's Get Together
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Separated at Birth, Identical Twins attempting to Remarry their Parents though Coordinated Clothes, Fiery Redheads, Tomboy and Girly Girl
  • Domains: Good, Family, Trickery, Travel
  • Heralds: Lotte "Lottie" Kørner and Luise "Lisa" Palfy, Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers (the novel and 1961 versions, respectively)
  • High Priests: Jake and Roy Rang
  • Allies: Elan, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Fred and George Weasley, Huey, Duey and Louie Duck, Charlotte LaBouff, The Hawkings Party
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, Char Aznable, Hansel and Gretel, Lady Tremaine, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Malekith
  • Opposes: Monaca (Danganronpa)
  • Pities: Mikoto Misaka
  • Admirer: Jun Kazama and Mufasa, Jack Dawson (Hallie)
  • There were two factions in the running for the title. There were Sharon Mc-Kendrick and Susan Evers, the original versions on the one hand and Hallie Parker and Annie James on the other hand. The two stories were similar enough; both were identical twins sisters who were Separated at Birth. One day, the two managed to find each other on camp and after a series of disagreements discovered that they were twins. With that knowledge in mind, the two switched places to spend time with the other parent. But after finding out their dad was getting married to another woman, they decided to play matchmaker in order to bring the original parents back together. After some thorough investigations, it was decided that the title would go to the 1998 version of the characters. Sharon and Susan were given herald status afterwards as compensation.
  • The twins hold the greatest amount of their hate to Lady Tremaine. It all started when the two discovered that Annie's potential stepmother was directed by the God of Evil Stepmothers to to rob their father Nick of his estate and bring misery to Annie. The twins responded by directly helping the The Heroic Protectors of Family to prevent other kids from suffering a fate they almost did.
    • This extends to Monaca, though to a lesser extent. This is because the girl no longer actively fights for the GUAE. Still, the twins cannot forgive her as long as she maintains her title for those who hide behind a facade of niceness for nefarious goals.
    • This can also be said for the Reagan siblings. Annie did try to establish ties with the Reagans, but the later were not a fan of of their parents' generosity despite their combined wealth. The twins decided it would be best to cut ties with the siblings
  • On the opposite side of that spectrum, the twins maintain an admiration with Jun Kazama and Mufasa despite her clergy. The deities associated with missing parents beloved by their children, both took over the task in keeping watch over the twin missing the respective parent. When the twins ascended, they wanted to thank them for keeping watch. However, both deities have lived up to their names and remain absent from the two.
  • What united them the most in their rather odd food choices. For one, the two can be seen putting peanut butter in their oreos (more so for Annie as those snacks aren't as common in London). The two also share an allergy to strawberries. Nevertheless, Hallie is the bigger eater of the two, downing far more food than what you would expect from a normal girl.
  • As expected of twins separated at birth, the two never gained any bit of Twin Telepathy many other twins in the Pantheon are known for. It hasn't bothered them yet, but they hope to remedy that by spending more time with each other. Thankfully, there is no shortage of twins in the Pantheon who would love to help them connect with each other.
  • Elan stated that he had thought about taking that title away from them in his attempt to return to the Pantheon while bringing over his Evil Twin Nale with him. He was subsequently overruled by the rest of the Order of the Stick and rejected by the Court of the Gods. Regardless, he sees the girls has his best chance to see his brother again after his death at the hands of his father.
  • Dipper and Mabel sent the two their thanks for saving their world. It was a well timed Twin Switch that fooled Bill Cipher and gave them a chance to destroy the entity. While neither of their uncles are in the Pantheon as of now, the twins hope that their fellow twins could help them make that dream a reality.
  • The Weasley twins were impressed with their scheme to bring their parents together, one not that similar to other own antics. The two invited Hallie and Annie to the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes so they could try a few assortments for themselves. The twins even helped fitted them with a couple defenses of their own creation to ward out any suspicious characters.
  • Are amused every time triplets Huey, Duey and Louie decide to switch places with each other. Besides doing so for the fun of it, it also helped others find differences between the three that were not so easily apparent before. This helped differentiate each other even more in their latest incarnation.
  • The twins looked over various potential twins who switched with each other and discovered a potentially devastating one. Char Aznable may actually be the name of Casval Rem Deikun who switched places with the real Char who was assassinated. When the God of Chromatic Superiority was confronted with this, he replied that this was only one version of his origins. When pressed which version was the correct one, he remained coy about it before departing.
  • Clones may not be a part of their repertoire, but they noticed that Mikasa has had multiple instances of her clones mimicking her every move. Most of these clones though had tragic endings at the hands of their creators and other enemies. The twins have stated their support for the Goddess of Railguns and hoe to find some clones in the act to help them find new leases in life.
  • Made the mistake of trying to make friends with a certain duo of Hansel and Gretel. The Creepy Twins invited them over to their temple... and nearly killed their guests with their signature weapons. They are the only twins Hallie and Annie refuse to visit as a result.
  • Charlotte was delighted to bring the twins over to her home, thinking it would be the best way to learn how to take care of children. Wary of the motivations, Annie and Hallie nevertheless decided to go along with it. The first few days were a bit rough for the three, but once the twins decided to take care of things instead of enjoying her mansion, they managed to keep the house together.
  • Exclusive to Hallie:
    • When she found out found out that celebrities reside in the Pantheon as well, one of her first questions was whether Leonardo Dicaprio is in the Pantheon. The answer was sadly no and she was crushed at first. But looking into the roles he played, she managed to find the next best thing. It wasn't long before she walked into the residence of Jack Dawson. When the two saw face-to-face, there was a lot of awkward staring at her part... at least until Rose came by to snap her out of it. Embarrassed, Hallie said her goodbyes and walked away. Taken by pity, the couple agreed to let the girl visit them on occasion. To Hallie, it was a dream come true.
  • Exclusive to Annie:
    • Is what many would think of regarding Brits in general. Regardless, she has proven to be skilled in fencing and has no issues with camping in the California sun. It certainly helped when she switched places with her twin sister. She does hope that someone does manage to represent proper Brits.
  • Are also in the Trickery domain in the House of Mentalism.

    Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi 
Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi, Goddesses of Theme Twin Naming
Left: Ryou, Right: Kyou