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Greater Gods

Altera, Goddess of Human Weapons (Attila the Hun, Etzel, The Great King of Destruction, The King of Combat, The Scourge of God, Saber Mars, Archer, Altera the Sun(ta), Velber-02, Sefar/Sephyr, White Titan, The White Death)
Altera Larva 
  • Theme Song: Altera's Theme
  • Greater Goddess, Overdeity as Sefar.
  • Symbol: Her Sword, Photon Ray.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Destruction, Civilization, Alien Invasion, Swords, War
  • Good Civilizations: Reinforce Eins, Hayate Yagami, Gilgamesh, Alexander the Great, Commander Shepard, T-800 Model 101, Kriemhild
  • Bad Civilizations: Ares, Braniac, YHVH, Big Brother, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Harbinger, Evolto
  • Odd Civilizations: Jeanne D'Arc, Larry Daley
  • Civilizations That Oppose Her: All Greek and Roman Deities, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman
  • Respectful Civilizations: Scathach, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Mulan
  • Fearful Civilizations: Excalibur and its Wielders.
  • Remembered as the notorious "Attila the Hun", Altera was feared by both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires during the time of her reign. Despite what history has written however, she was never related to the Huns by blood. They only found her among some ruins, clutching to her titular sword with no memory of friends or family. In fact, "Attila" was merely a name given to her by the elders and the only of which history knew her by. During her rule she was described as a "Scourge of God", and in combat it barely even registered to her that she had an army at her beck and call. The only thoughts she had were of Invasion, Domination, and Destruction. All to the point of complete insatiability that even when dying in a pool of her own blood, she could only think of were ways to destroy Rome.
    • In reality, Altera was never human to begin with. She was actually an alien super weapon designated as Velber-02, one of three known Anti-Cells originating from the Umbral Star, Velber. An alien threat which appears within the Milky Way every 14 millennia to cleanse all sentient life it detects. Altera herself was sent to Earth in the previous cycle 14,000 years ago to destroy and devour it's population, but ultimately failed in her mission and met her end at the hands of a certain Holy Sword. This version of her was known as Sefar, the White Titan, which was recorded by history as one of the oldest paintings known to man. The one we know as Attila the Hun, was in fact, an amnesiac backup body.
  • Photon Ray is actually a divine construct that once belonged to Ares, the God of War. Whom Altera has stolen from after personally defeating the former in combat during her campaign as Sefar. For this Ares loathes her more than anything or anyone, both for the humiliation and the loss of his prized weapon. In fact, the reason for such high mana costs to use Photon Ray's Kill Sat, is to redirect Ares' attack away from Altera herself.
  • Even having ascended after destroying her mainframe and preventing her Titan Self from becoming Sefar again. Altera still carries the destructive urges she had in life. Fortunately she is now more than capable of keeping them in check.
    • She actually loathes what she was created for, having long since grown tired of wiping out civilizations and harvesting their knowledge. This has put her in opposition to Brainiac in spite of their similar functions and purposes. Since then, the two have come to blows with each other and as of recent the Coluan has expressed interest in adding the former Titan to his ever growing collection.
    • Furthermore, the former weapon has made an oath for when the time Velber appears again, she will stand and fight against her former creator.
  • The comparison between Harbinger and Velber have not been lost to her, and upon crossing paths with the living ship, has declared it and rest of the Reapers her enemies. Since then, she has been seen allied with Commander Shepard.
  • Still remembers Nero from their conflict in the Moon Cell and still considers the Roman Emperor the worthy opponent she was during the said strife. Altera has expressed a regard to trade blows again in a future spar.
  • She was also amused to see her three generals, Jeanne D'arc, Gilgamesh, and Iskander to have also ascended.
    • Though intriguingly enough, of the three, she is the most personable with the Saint of Orleans to the point one could consider the two genuine friends. Gilgamesh himself even referred the pair as "War Goddess Sisters" during the War in The Moon Cell. For this reason, the Hun could be seen entering the House of Faith on occasion.
  • Both Altera and Iskander have found their specific episode from Deadliest Warrior Hilarious in Hindsight due to the circumstances for the latter's recruitment during the two's time in the Moon Cell.
  • While she has stated she would like to be able to do something other than destroy and believes her ascension could give her that chance. She has from time to time, expressed nervousness and feelings of displacement in the pantheon and wonders if she really does belong here.
    • Despite her uneasiness however, she has described her new life in the pantheon as a "good dream" and has become noticeably more mellow and open now than she ever was as a mortal.
    ...Good. This is good. It is a wonderful dream. A dream I'd be proud to show anyone.
  • Has a tendency to describe things she likes and dislikes as "Good Civilization" and "Bad Civilization" respectively. So far, we do know she considers chocolates, dangos and beams as "Good Civilizations", while anyone who makes remark about her small chest and gacha games are considered "Bad Civilizations".
  • Is deathly afraid of Excalibur and it's wielders as it was the cause for her death all those millennia ago. She has made every attempt to avoid proximity with it and said wielders, placing as much distance between them and her whenever possible regardless of their actual character or personality.
    Those Holy Sword wielders...they aren't here are they? I...don't want to... see that light ever again.
  • Despite having unmatched combat and military prowess to the point of even fighting Scathach to a stand still, she completely fails socially and always has trouble conveying herself. It was so bad that the Huns were more her handlers rather than subordinates during her time as a human. This also hasn't helped her gain many friends on her arrival.
  • Holds poor relations with deities of many mythologies due to what she did as the White Titan 14,000 years ago, especially Greek. Artemis even once called her a vile abomination of the world. Not that she cares about these thoughts however.
    • To be more in depth, both Greek and Roman Pantheons are steadfastly against her regardless of her motivations and goals. To them she is a complete monster that has only been temporarily sated, ready to lash out again at any moment. Both groups are highly wary and make sure not to be within close vicinity of her. It is also to be noted that ever since her arrival, said pantheons have shored up their defenses and made their domains more guarded.
    • While not to the level of the Greek deities, The GUAG has expressed concern over the prospect of Altera reverting into the White Titan Sefar and going berserk. The Alliance has put her under surveillance and prepared appropriate counter measures if such a event were to occur in the future. They have also kept extra attention to key individuals from other houses and organizations that may potentially use the former Anti-Cell for their machinations.
  • The Hun surprisingly enough, remembers the events that transpired in a certain New York Museum and considers them one of her fonder memories, even if she was in the form of a big burly man. She was also pleased to find Larry has a place in the Pantheon and can be seen frequently visiting the House of Knowledge to catch up on the guard's recent shenanigans.
    • Though when asked whether or not the Hun really did break down and cry, inquirers were met with a rather embarrassed denial.
  • Holds high respects for Mulan for both her bravery and her accomplishments against her Hun army. Especially the one where it involved a certain avalanche.
  • It baffled many deities in the Pantheon when they found out just how sweet and gentle Altera's Titan form was, in a stark contrast to her human self's usual stoic and borderline emotionless personality. Even in that form though, she is still socially inept as ever.
    • She has also apparently downloaded research on nursing when she resided in the Moon Cell and holds knowledge of 68 varied healing techniques. Due to this, Altera can be seen doing menial tasks in the House of Health an Diseases from time to time. Though why she would see the need to personally know such information is up for debate.
  • Despite it being the name she had while as a human, she has expressed dislike being called "Attila". She never explains why, but some have found out that it's because she believes it doesn't sound cute or charming. Those who hold this knowledge tease the woman to no end for it.
  • Has been conversing with deities with similar backgrounds as herself such as Reinforce Eins, The Wolkenritter, and the T-800. From this, she has been able to gain a few but very valuable friends.
  • Expressed dislike for those like YHVH and Big Brother, comparing them and their ideologies to living under the servitude of Velber, but on a more grander and oppressive scale.
  • On multiple occasions since her entry, The GUAD have extended invitations to Altera to join their ranks, believing she would be a irreplaceable asset. All of these were denied vehemently, sometimes even escalating into violence and now Altera stands against the organization. The alliance considers this a great loss, the Hun considers this a security of her freedom.
  • The place where she takes up residence takes form of a mostly bare bones cave, similar to the one she resided in during her stay in the Moon Cell with exception of a rather extravagant caged bed that she never sleeps in. When asked about it, she states that she is waiting for her "Prisoner" to come and find her.
  • Recently gained an odd habit of dancing whenever she rolls any gacha-based game. When asked why, her only response is "that's what the seiyuu said".
  • She gave the Holy Hand Grenade her blessing to blow up bad civilizations, which is why it is that powerful. Being called "Saint Attila", however, earns a polite grin and a 'no comment' from her.
  • "When...will I wake from this dream?"

    Yui Ikari/Evangelion Unit-01 
Yui Ikari, Goddess of Empathic Weapons (Evangelion Unit-01, Oni System, Yui-sama, Yui Ayanami)
Evangelion Unit- 01 
  • Greater Goddess (full-blown Overdeity when Awakened)
  • Symbol: EVA-01
  • Theme Song (as Eva Unit-01): The Beast II
  • Alignment: True Neutral, just plain Chaotic when Awakened, hints of Neutral Evil as of 3.33, settled on Neutral Good as of 3.0+1.0
  • Portfolio: Mama Bears, Rage beyond all comprehension, 12,000 Plates Of Fortified Armor, Possession Of An Infinite Power Source, Eating Her Opponents and Husband, Going Apeshit On Everyone Threatening Her Son, Doing Battles The Messy Way, Becoming A Goddess To Unite Humanity, Becoming A Literal Monument To Mankind, AT Fields, Armor-Integrated Restraints Manipulating her son on doing her what she desires Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Bloodlust, War, Violence, Death, Madness.
  • Allies: Shinji Ikari (her son), Asuka Langley Souryu, Rei Ayanami. Also regards most of the Good aligned mecha associated gods highly, due to how well Shinji grew up thanks to their influence, Fi, Asura, MechaGodzilla III/Kiryu
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone who looks at her son the wrong way, especially Haruhi Suzumiya, Arael, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Opposes: Gendo Ikari
  • Currently floating somewhere in interstellar space but some eyewitness accounts have reported her to be dormant due to being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.
    • Was recently freed from her dormancy by Lucifer, who informed her of the situation with Haruhi Suzamiya's constant use of the Reset Button on her son, ruining any happiness he could ever gain, ensuring his perpetual sorrow. What happened next was probably the scariest moment of Mama Bear ever as Yui tore through the entire pantheon in her search of Haruhi, intending to kill her. After a very long battle that saw Superman and Goku barely holding back the enraged mother and the destruction of the Reset Button, she was finally stopped by her own pleading son. While Yui did stop her rampage, if only for Shinji's sake, she warned that if any other deity ever messes with him, she will kill them regardless of alignment.
  • With Yui properly ascended, she was given her human form back. Though, she is able to turn her self back to Unit-1 but without the armor.
  • Has joined the GUAC, becoming a soldier of the Morningstar Battalion. Despite being a member, her loyalty to Lucifer is pretty low. The Lightbringer's not passive, though: he ensured her continued loyalty by taking measures to improve Shinji's lot in life by promising to investigate alternate titles he could switch over to in order to leave his... conflicting... portfolio behind. He also relayed proof of her husband's acceptance of a post in the GUAL, knowing her smoldering wrath will keep her well within the GUAC's aegis for the moment. Yui has grudgingly admitted that Lucifer's got her attention at the moment, with the eventual possibility of joining the Battalion for good still on the table.
    • Became fast friends with Asura, finding their share interest of doing nearly everything in their power, almost destroying the universe in the process if need be, to protect their children. There are some in the House of Love who actually ship the two.
  • Her relationship with both Asuka and Rei is kind of complicated. On one hand, she finds Asuka's and Shinji's relationship to be a bit worrisome and she is pretty much angry (at Gendo) that Rei is an altered clone of herself. But after finding out how much crap they went through and getting to know them a little, she decided to officially have them made her legal wards, hoping to fix any mental damages they have suffered. Since then, she has actually become quite taken with them, doting on them along with her son, trying to help Rei un-repress and learn about her own emotions while giving Asuka (whom she now knows is the daughter of an old, very close friend and has been through multiple horrific traumas) some motherly attention in the hopes of carefully improving the girl's self-image and mental/emotional state.
    • The fact that Yui 'adopting' Asuka and Rei would make them Shinji's "sisters" combined with his own confusing attraction to them has not gone unnoticed by many.
  • Hates all parents in the pantheon who are known to deliberately abuse their own children. She especially loathes Ragyou Kiryuuin because of her molestation of her daughter Satsuki and experimenting on her other daughter, Ryuuko Matoi, as well as the perverse glee Ragyou takes in emotionally tormenting and physically harming her daughters. She has sworn to oppose the elder Kiryuuin at every turn, deeming her a monster and a living insult against the very concept of motherhood; Yui has also become slightly protective of Satsuki and Ryuuko as a result.
  • Despite Yui's violent nature when it comes to protecting her son, many of the nicer mothers of the pantheon have nothing but respect for her.
  • Is not happy of the rumors flying around that she orchestrated the event that lead to Shinji witnessing her being absorbed into Unit 1. Whether she is upset because those rumors are false or that they are true and them finding out is unknown.
    • Is also not happy when people, especially Sigmund Freud, think her relationship with her son is more then mother and son.
  • As of late it turned out that she did manipulated her son into witnessing her absorsion into Unit-01 and on accomplishing Instrumentality, resulting in the distancement of her son and adoptive daughters.
  • Recent events demonstrate her love for her son and husband is genuine. Yui and Gendo both die together to rid their world of angel contamination, sparing Shinji from making that Heroic Sacrifice instead.

Intermediate Gods

    Alexia Ashford 
Alexia Ashford, Goddess of Weaponized Offsprings
Alexia, in human form
As Mutated Alexia, First Form 

"Come, child. Let us wreak havoc."

Aluneth, Divine Talking Weapon (The Greatstaff of the Magna)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Good intentions
  • Portfolio: Awesome, but Impractical, The Cynic, Deadpan Snarker, Energy Being, At the side of good even if he doesn't show it, Time Abyss
  • Domains: Magic, Power, Arcane, Time, Control, Sentience, Talking
  • Followers: Rubilax, Saba, Sidestick
  • "Allies": Khadgar, Medivh, Kalecgos, Harth Stonebrew, Red and the Transistor
  • Rivals: Excalibur
  • Enemies: Sargeras, The Old Gods, Deathwing, Malygos, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Anti-Mage, Lord Tirek
  • Opposes: King Togwaggle
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The SCP Foundation
  • Annoys: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna, is a powerful Magic Staff once wielded by Aegwynn, the Guardian of Tirisfal. Withing the staff you can find bound an arcane elemental that was said to be incredibly powerful and was sealed by Aegwynn to gain its power. The essence of Aluneth still lingers and whispers from him can be heard by the wielder, encouraging to destroy and unleash their power. These tales eventually brought Aluneth to the pantheon, given that bonding with it will subject the mage to a constant string of whispers from Aluneth, it was suggested by a few ascended members of the Kirin Tor to have it around the pantheon to study its effects outside Azeroth.
  • Many confuse Aluneth for a misplaced treasure, as he would feel more at home in the Treasure Vault. The reason he was given a separate place (Besides regulations forbidding any sapient entity to reside in the Vault anyway) is to see if it was possibly to unbind him from the staff. While the process was almost successful, it was deemed that keeping him trapped was for the better. He instead is used as a training tool for mages and wizards interesting in learning unstable magic and powerful but unreliable spellcasting, hoping to find a suitable deity that can handle the destructive power of Aluneth.
  • Considering his anomalous properties, Aluneth is frequently visited by the SCP Foundation. Given the lack of magical personnel, the Staff rarely if ever treats them with any respect and constantly berates who ever is near its proximity. There have also been a few incidents where Aluneth decided to implode on purpose to hurt the SCP members, usually being an unlucky D-Class caught in the aftermath. The Foundation almost labelled him a Keter and gave Aluneth a designation until Khadgar came around and retrieved it to teach the SCP Foundation how to properly use it, with the results almosts making reconsider making Aluneth a Thaumiel, even if he is very unlikely to cooperate outside the assigned user.
  • Doesn't like King Togwaggle or any kobold for that matter. The reason for that is that he was one of the several weapons that were hoarded by the Kobolds kept in the catacombs for any adventurous Mage that managed to find it. He stuck around with mages in the Tavern as a Mage weapon and despite it's rude nature, Aluneth is pretty friendly with the Inkeeper.
  • Quickly discovered that he is far from the only talking weapon in the pantheon. In fact, they consider him to be fairly chill compared to Excalibur and considering how quickly he can infuriate others it left Aluneth impressed. Of course, the staff believes he is a far superior weapon and constantly berates Excalibur for his siliness, which easily devolves in a heated argument to who is better.
    • Speaking of living weapons, he heard plenty of stories about people and their relationship with their weapons but he never heard one having a strong romantic connection like Red and the Transistor. The staff finds them laughable but he shows an uncharacteristically display of pity towards the Transistor, after all he can understand how it feels to be sealed but frankly both it and Red the arcane elemental fully deserves his imprisoment. That said, they don't mind visiting it just to hear the staff demand them to take it for a spin.
  • Even if it's fairly destructive, the entity isn't actively malicious. Far from it, he serves the will of the Titans from his universe, after all he used to be an arcane elemental. He firmly opposes anyone that dared to unmake all the work of the titans, primarely the Burning Legion and the Agents of the Void Lords and considering the presence of said groups in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Aluneth holds the same animosity for that faction.
  • In the past he used to be researched by the Blue Dragonflight considered Aluneth was an outstanding Arcane Elemental in terms of magical powers and they took care of the staff long after the last Guardian of Tirisfal fell. That said, the increasing Knight Templar attitude of Malygos, the former head of the Blue Dragonflight, and what he wanted to with the Magical Ley Lines in Azeroth is something that Aluneth cannot accept, even for his standards.
  • Aluneth seems to be drawn towards a particular deity and ironically that is none other than Kiritsugu Emiya, the Magus Killer. Mostly having to do with how similar both sound, which brings a trollish side from the sealed elemental by just tormeting the mage to unleash his potential and wreak havoc, fully knowing that he despises reckless mages. Emiya just ignores him but one point he almost destroyed the staff, only relenting after realizing that it would just unleash the elemental to the pantheon and that would not end well.
  • Naturally, as a magical staff it's no secret that Anti-Mage despises Aluneth, both the staff and the arcane elemental. He's been prevented from destroying the staff and as alternative he tried absorving the power of it and containing it under something more secure but that also failed after he faced opposition from the house of Magic and Sorcery.
  • Doesn't like Lord Tirek, mostly because he could be one of the few ways to destroy the entity sealed in the staff for good. Tirek seems Aluneth as a ticket to regain his powers again but considering the staff was purposedly put way beyond his reach, he hasn't been able to get ahold of it.
  • "I am infinite."
  • Can also be found in Voices.

Bisharp, God of Natural Weaponry (Sword Blade Pokémon, Kirikizan)
  • Intermediate God. Greater God with Dynamax.
  • Symbol: Bisharp's bladed "helmet"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil when used by evil trainers, True Neutral left alone, Neutral Good under a good trainer.
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Defiant
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Low Kick
    • Z-Move: Corkscrew Crash
  • Portfolio: Blades All Across The Body, Chess Motif, Asskicking Leads to Leadership, Humanoid Abomination, Steel-type, Dark-type, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Steel, Dark, Leadership, Blades, Chess
  • Heralds: A pack of Pawniard, Kingambit (his evolution)
  • Allies: Ghetsis (sort of), Ishida Mitsunari, Shadow Moon, The Shredder, Wreck-It Ralph, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Zed, SCP-999, Cut Man
  • Rivals: Aegislash, samurai in general like Hattori Hanzo, William Adams
  • Enemies: Martial Artists
  • Opposes/Opposed by: A good portion of Toku heroes
  • Avoids: Erik Lensherr/Magneto
  • Looking like a samurai of sort, Bisharp's natural anatomy features an axe blade on its forehead, retractable wrist blades, razor-sharp fingers, "rib cage blades" and "hooves" made out of couple of blades. Bisharp can stab and slash more ways than one would bother to count.
  • Bisharp hardly ever fights alone, instead preferring to use a pack of Pawniard to weaken the opponent before finishing them off. Bisharp also determent dominance by fighting anyone who would oppose their rule of the pack. The Pokemon is modeled partly off chess, with Bisharp being a bishop. The House of Gaming has paid it to serve as part of their Human Chess games. The Pokemon is poor at playing actual chess, due to lacking human-like fingers.
  • Due of the general behavior of him, Bisharp is said to be so far one of the only truly evil Pokémon. As while his image resembles that of a Toku hero (especially a Kamen Rider), the general biology makes him be more like a kaijin and the comparisons to Gallade makes him look like a Psycho Ranger. That is why Bisharp has a general dislike forwards Toku heroes, and the opinion is mutual.
    • On the flipside, he seems to be getting along with the members of Demonic Legion. Though that being said, he is being rather selective regarding whom he really considers being allies.
  • Chose to partner with Baraka, as the two have blades within their own anatomy and despite his more sinister reputation Bisharp encourages a nicer side out of Baraka. He seems to get along with The Shredder as well, since like Bisharp he's a samurai with rather sharp weaponry. Zed, another dark samurai seems to get along with Bisharp. Probably mutual associating with literal darkness.
  • It should be noted that Bisharp would be good if he was under the right owner, like Grimsley. However, considering that he is used by such villains like Ghetsis, Shadow Triad, Bryony and Fraud (and to lesser extend, Mitsunari), it is hard to decline the general evil background Bisharp have. There are still some gods who wonder why Bisharp is even labelled as evil in the first place. Some speculate that due of its overall bad reputation, it simply accepted its role as an evil Pokémon.
  • One of few deities who can reliably go toe-to-toe against Aegislash as Defiant prevents any stat drops from King's Shield. Bisharp tends to compete with a number of heroic ninjas, who despite his dark reputation he usually respects. While he has a number of enemies, there's Nothing Personal and it more comes down to that dark reputation than genuine contempt or maliciousness.
  • Sometimes hangs out with Ralph or Cut Man. They can understand what it's like to be put in the role of villain, and like almost all "evil" Pokemon Bisharp is a Punch-Clock Villain who follows bad humans. Cut Man flip-flops due to reprogramming, and they like to test out each other's sharp weaponry. Bisharp has come to be fond of Darth Vader, a Noble Demon dealing with the Dark Side who shares a samurai aesthetic.
  • Doesn't have any beef against Magneto, however he'd rather stay away from him because he saw what he did to Wolverine and doesn't want any of that to potentially happen. He is more willing to throw down with Wolverine and X-23, and has become frustrated at how adamantium manages to cut through his own metal blades.
  • Really doesn't like martial artists, and it's down to his typing: he's vulnerable to Fire and Ground moves, but takes four times normal damage from Fighting moves. That said few in the House of Fighting and Combat actually want to punch him(at least not without serious protection) because his body is really sharp. While they don't have anything against him, Baymax and Bounce Man's inflatable design mean they stay away from him.
  • Given his sharp body, Bisharp can't exactly be hugged. SCP-999, wanting to cheer Bisharp up and not being bothered due to his Blob Monster anatomy, decided to hug and tickle Bisharp, something he really appreciated.

    Nightmare (Soul Series
Nightmare, Divine Forger of Evil Weapons (Soul Edge, Azure Knight, Night Terror, Inferno, Graf Dumas)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Night Terror)
  • Theme Music: "Raise Thy Sword", "Pavor Noctornus" (As Nightmare) "World Distortion" (As Night Terror).
  • Symbol: His azure helmet, near Soul Edge.
  • Weapon of Choice: Soul Edge.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Giant Sword Fighting, Dark Knights, Stealing Souls, Enemy Without, Large Ham, Becoming the most powerful being in his universe at full power, Master of Fire and Lightning.
  • Domains: Villainy, War, Armor, SOULS, Aristocracy.
  • Allies: Shao Khan, Rugal Bernstein, Geese Howard, Chaos Knight, Grima, Gul'dan, Broly
  • Enemies: Siegfried Schtauffen (former host), Sophitia Alexandra, Ky Kiske, Axel Almer, Taki, Arturia Pendragon, Lucina, Robin, Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade, Luka, Ezio Auditore, 2B
  • Former Ally: Tira.
  • In the wake of certain events, Shang Tsung lost grip onto some of his souls and it latched onto Soul Edge. The amount of souls eventually called forth another of its storage, thus the deification/entry of Nightmare in the Pantheon.
  • It's original host was a man named Siegfried, of which the two merged to become the God of Black Knights. But upon their separation, doubt was set in upon his place, especially with his embarrassing end in the latest chapter. Thus a new Black Knight emerged to take his place. Desperate to keep his champion in the Pantheon, Soul Edge merged its essence with Nightmare, setting up the Azure Knight as the true bearer of Soul Edge. The GUAE have agreed with the decision, stating his fate at the hands of two controversial children to be a fluke. That hasn't stopped Nightmare to drop his grudge with the new God of Black Knights.
    • Ironically, Siegfried turned out to be his most persistent foe, especially after he merged with Soul Calibur. The two have fought on a number of occasions over the fate of their world.
    • As the main villain, he is expected to have many other detractors after him. Of special note are Certantes, the first host of Soul Edge who want no part of becoming its host. While there is little chance that happening, Nightmare is interested in infecting Cervantes once more, this time as a malfested.
    • The one person who hates Nightmare as much as Siegfried is Ivy, Cervantes' daughter. She not only wants Nightmare dead, but all remnants of Soul Edge in general. While she wasn't the one to do so, she held much solace on its defeat. At least until the next game.
    • Nightmare has a grudge against both Sophitia and Taki, the first two warriors who destroyed Soul Edge. If he is successful in corrupting the world, he hopes to put both fighters through immense torture before killing theme.
    • Things have gotten complicated with Tira. He was initially pleased with her ascension, but she has proven to be a massive thorn on his back later on. She wasn't a fan of his new tactics and took it upon herself to spread the corruption.
  • It appears that his story will be retold in the latest Soul Calibur game. Everyone will wonder in horror how he might change.
  • Has an Unknown Rival in form of yet another Black Knight, who kept insisting on fighting him and wouldn't even stop, even after Nightmare chops off his limbs.
  • It has come to light that he has a new host body. This new host has made him much more dangerous because his intelligence now rivals that of some of the Chessmaster gods. Rumors say that this is because his new host is likely that of Raphael Sorel, a French aristocrat who had been malfested by one of Soul Edge's fragments.
  • While he has become much more strategic as of late, at his core, Nightmare desires nothing but to drown the world in bloodshed. His targets have been forces of Order, in a gambit to force the hand of his opposite, Soul Calibur. Eventually he intends to do battle with Elysium, once it possesses its own host for the fate of the Pantheon proper.
  • Has bonded with Grima over their desires to cover the Pantheon in darkness and destruction, as well as their armies of corrupted beings (Malfested and Risen). The knight has similarly earned the hatred of both of Grima's greatest enemies, Lucina and Robin, for these very same reasons.
  • On the occasions he is able to fully complete Soul Edge, Nightmare will shed his current form and ascend to the Night Terror, gaining wings and power few can hope to match. Luckily for the Pantheon, this is usually impossible, as the final shard is Soulcalibur, currently locked away in the Treasury and is always placed back on the occasions he does get it and is defeated. Doesn't stop him from trying though.
    • Naturally, the destructive nature of Night Terror has made it nearly impossible for gamers to beat. As such he has gotten the good graces of SNK Bosses Geese, Rugal and Shao Khan.
  • Even though he lost the title of Unholy Black Knight, Arturia and Ky have reaffirmed their opposition to Nightmare. One who is most associated to paladins, the two deems it necessary to destroy Nightmare as well as the evil weapon Soul Edge. This sentiment is shared among the more lawful good deities of the Pantheon.
  • Wiz and Boomstick have scheduled him for a DEATH BATTLE! against Guts, God of Anti-Heroism. Despite unleashing his full power upon the Black Swordsman, including the Night Terror, he found himself with a split head and a shattered blade. Luckily for him, Grima was around to get the necessary souls to bring him back to life quickly. Nightmare now avoids Guts out of practical concerns, but if Soul Edge ever finds a way to loosen his grip on the Dragonslayer and place itself into his hands, it will do so as quickly as possible. Guts's combat ability and suppressed bloodlust offers a buffet for the soul-eating blade.
  • "I will show you the greatest Nightmare."

    T-002 Tyrant 
Tyrant Model T-002, God of Bioweapon Creatures (T-002, Tyrant, The Ultimate Lifeform)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His exposed beating Heart
  • Theme Song: Fierce Pursuit and Final Battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Body Horror, Breakout Character, Final Boss, Made of Iron, Mighty Glacier, Super-Soldier, Wolverine Claws, Unflinching Walk
  • Domains: Mutants, Infection, Soldiers, Bio-terrorism, Science
  • "Superiors": Ozwell E. Spencer and James Marcus
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Mewtwo, Shadow the Hedgehog, Reiji Arisu and Xiamou
  • Source of Interest for: Albert Wesker
  • Under watch of: The SCP Foundation
  • One of the first developed Tyrants from the Umbrella Corporation, the T-002 was a top secret project in the Arklay Mountains facility in the Spencer Mansion, dubbed as the "Ultimate Lifeform". Having made incredible progress during its mutation, the T-Virus outbreak in the Spencer mansion put a halt to that, until it was awakened by Dr. Albert Wesker, having revealed himself as a traitor to his own S.T.A.R.S. unit and The Mole for Umbrella. Unfortunately, he was shortly killed by the newly awakened Tyrant, who proceeded to chase after the remaining S.T.A.R.S. officers until it was taken down by a rocket launcher. The Tyrant is incredibly resistant to all firearms, even capable of deflecting missiles and barely flinching when hunting down its target and kickstarted the pattern of powerful creatures the protagonist of the Resident Evil franchise would have to deal on a daily beast. That's why it eventually was ascended by Umbrella.
  • It turns out Lord Spencer was behind the Tyrant's ascension, having made contact with an unknown party that broke the Tyrant lose near one of the Houses before it was neutralized. Spencer didn't agree to those terms and now he has lost control over the Tyrant, with his other fierce enemies wanting to acquire the B.O.W. for themselves.
  • While a mindless creature, it seems to have retained a form of recognition for both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, both responsible for eliminating the Tyrant during their scape from the Spencer Mansion. Interestingly, the first thing he did after the ones that brought him into the pantheon lost control over him was go after Chris and Jill. He was swiftly taken care of by the pantheon authorities and put into stasis in a newly assigned temple, or the more aptly containment zone. The place was set by the SCP Foundation, who wanted to study the Tyrant and understand what inspired Umbrella Corp. into creating such an abomination.
  • Ever since his ascension, there have been a fight over his control between the former Umbrella heads. James Marcus wants to study it and understand how the creature was formed with his virus while Spencer wants to use it for his own gains. The two had already pretty good reason to hate each other and this only furthered their emnity for one another. Then came Albert Wesker, he remembers well the last time he faced the Tyrant but he has evolved past that point and become stronger, he now wants to control the Tyrant to do his bidding.
  • When it comes to the Tyrants that succeeded him, he is mostly indifferent towards them. T-103 and the T-Type Nemesis certainly return the same feeling, only caring about their objective but the three Tyrants are smart enough to work together against a common foe. While not as dangerous or intelligent as his successors, the Tyrant is still resilient and pretty clever, plus he is strong enough to deflect rockets (He is trying to get better at that part ever since he was blown up by a Rocket Launcher).
  • Considered "The Ultimate Lifeform" by Umbrella at the time. Mewtwo took offense to that claim, seeing the creature as nothing but a mindless monster slave to humanity, not helping that he used to be human. Shadow too thinks the Tyrant is another disgusting monster not that different from the ones he has faced before and even then, he thinks the Tyrant can't measure up to him anyway.
  • In a rather uncharacteristic display of sympathy, the Magician, another mutant creation, felt pity for the Tyrant. In many ways the creature is like him, a tall mutated humanoid monster with an exposed heart and while the Magician is explicitely more powerful, he has broken out the Tyrant from containment numerous times, which has been a headache for the Foundation.
    • Similarly, SCP-682 took a liking of the T-002 since it believes the Tyrant deep down despises humanity as much as SCP-682 does. While now on somewhat "amicable" terms, the first time they met the Tyrant keep slashing the monsters head, unfortunately 682 just kept regenerating the damage.
  • There were times where the Tyrant showed up and aided Jill in battle. However, given its nature, it's likely that he was never intending to help jim but wanted to attack her and ended up hitting someone else instead, resulting in Jill taking him out with a rocket launcher. The latter part does not amuse the Tyrant.
  • Reiji Arisu and his companion Xiamou sighed at the sight of the T-002. They and others have encountered the Tyrant before and were worried it would go on another rampage. Thankfully, Leon and Chris were there to assist them recapture the Tyrant and re-contain it.
  • Contraty to popular belief, his heart is not a weakpoint. Many believe it's just a form of distraction or just a mutation that didn't have nasty side effects.
  • Can also be found in Genetic Engineering, which is his main containment zone.

Lesser Gods

Bandit, Tinker & Pirate, Triumvirate of Weaponized Animals (Bandit: 1 | Tinker: 2 | Pirate: 3)
Tinker, Bandit, Pirate
  • Lesser Deities with the cybernetic upgrades; Quasideities without it
  • Symbol: An ID tag with "We3" on it
  • Alignment: Somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Phlebotinum Rebels, Secret Project Refugee Family, Xenofiction, Mature Animal Story, Speech Impaired Animals, Power Trio, A Group of Cyborg Animal Weapons Meant To Be Used For Military Operations, What Measure Is a Non-Human?
  • Domains: Animals, Warfare
  • Allies: Red Genesect, Fluttershy, Cyrax, Bladewolf, Kotaro Minami, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Crash Bandicoot, Buddy Baker, Takeshi Hongo & Hayato Ichimonji, Inori Yamabuki
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Cruella de Vil, Napoleon, Dr. Eggman, Viktor, Sundowner, Senator Armstrong, Monsoon, Mistral, Sektor, Neo Cortex, The Grox, Metal Face, Fulgore
  • Opposes: Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril
  • Commonality Connection with: Kiryu
  • Pitied by: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • In a slightly futuristic world, a government decided to set up a program known as We3, which was meant to create animal weapons to be used in wars. Consisting of a dog (Bandit AKA "1"), a cat (Tinker AKA "2"), and a rabbit (Pirate AKA "3"), the project got shut down despite some progress being made. The one who spearheaded that project decided to let the animals go and from there, the trio was left to fend for themselves. Did these animals ask to get turned into weapons of war? Most likely not, but their ordeal certainly took a toll on them.
  • When their journey came to an end, Pirate was the only one of the group that didn't survive and the others removed their cybernetic upgrades a while after that. The House of Life and Vitality took care of bringing Pirate back to life, though the House of Technology did something unusual in regards to the armor. They can be removed from the animals and put back on if necessary, though only if someone from the group's friends does that.
  • A few animal lovers such as Fluttershy and Inori Yamabuki heard about the group's ordeal and have offered to take care of them whenever the trio isn't in action to fend for themselves.
  • Some animals are capable of human speech while others aren't. Although these three can't "talk" in a traditional sense, their suits are able to translate their thoughts into what can be considered simple articulation. All of their "thoughts" have differing speech patterns as well depending on the animal. Those who are capable of talking to animals are hoping to provide a clearer translation of the group's thoughts.
  • This trio came as a surprise for Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles as the latter three had been used to freeing animals from robots while battling against Dr. Eggman. Animals that were being used as cyborg weapons and not fully stuffed inside a robot was a different thing. Nevertheless, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles befriended We3 given what that group had gone through.
    • As for Eggman, he's quite interested in the capabilities of these cyborg animals and is hoping to enhance them to move closer to his goals (and by that, it means stuffing them inside some sort of giant robot that is capable of using that group's individual abilities and then some). Needless to say, We3 and Team Sonic are not going to let that happen.
  • Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde learned about what this trio had gone through and were quite saddened to hear about it, especially since before being turned into cyborg weapons, the trio were just normal animals (in particular, Pirate's final fate hit Judy & Nick the hardest). The two are hoping that these three don't end up worse than before.
  • The trio was not pleased to hear about Cruella de Vil and Ghetsis Harmonia, both of whom are known to treat animals poorly (in Ghetsis' case, the animals are more fantastical than normal ones). The two don't really pay much attention to the trio.
  • Even though they had to deal with humans that performed some questionable actions, the group learned that there were a few reasonable ones out there, such as a homeless man they encountered during his journey. This is partially why they don't want anything to do with Napoleon and his agenda to make animals superior to humans.
  • Despite Crash Bandicoot not being a cyborg, he ended up being made to fulfill the goals of an evil scientist. Regardless of his eccentricity, We3 were able to become friends with him since they all had to escape from being used for something bad. The unusual capabilities of this trio simply gave Neo Cortex another idea on using altered animals for his schemes.
  • Although Bladewolf is a robot and not a cyborg, it didn't stop him from being friends with these three (Bandit is particularly friendly with Bladewolf). Not only were they were also built for less-than-noble purposes, but him and this trio were also looking for freedom from their creators (or at least trying to survive in the case of Bandit, Tinker, & Pirate).
    • It was through Bladewolf that Bandit, Tinker, & Pirate learned about the group that Bladewolf was originally created from. We3 became antagonistic towards Desperado Enforcement, especially Sundowner for using war for little justification other than profit. One would have to wonder if an equivalent of We3 is being planned by the Winds of Destruction, though Sundowner appears to be really interested in that idea in addition to his already-in-use child soldiers.
  • Both this group and Kiryu are animal-based weapons that went off on their own thanks to circumstances. Kiryu's inspiration is destructive, so to speak and Kiryu's potential tendencies have made the group a bit unsure on whether to hang out with it or not.
  • Lord Djibril & Muruta Azrael have earned the group's ire thanks to the two having an affinity for war and being heartless humans in general. What bother the animals most is that Muruta & Djibril were involved with a program that turned normal humans into ruthless killing machines and the three dread thinking of what would happen if these plans become applicable to animals as well (in addition to the cybernetics).
  • Many ruthless cyborgs such as Sektor and Viktor became interested in the trio's capabilities and have tried to get these animals to join them. A lot of the meetings that have occurred with such so far have resulted in violent battles. These cyborg animals are only trying to survive and causing more misery for others to please other ruthless cyborgs is not part of the trio's plans.
    • On the other hand, the animals are much more friendly towards others such as Cyrax, Kamen Riders 1, 2, and Black, mostly due to the fact that all of them received cybernetic upgrades and became a deadly force against their will.
  • Their real names are indicative of their outsider status and have no direct relation whatsoever to the profession of their names in question.
  • They can also be found in Beast: Other. They're more likely than not to be there if they are not wearing their cybernetic upgrades.