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Greater Gods

Neith, Goddess of Weaving (Nit, Net, Neit, Weaver of Fate, Egypt's First Goddess, The Hunting Goddess)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Two arrows intersecting her bow/loom combination, these are all made with white weaving
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Shrouded in Myth And Flatness, Until The Battleground of The Gods, Excitable Girls, Enjoying Dressing Up, Always Shooting Straight, Weaving The World (Though Never Pants), Always-Smiling Cuties, Very Liberal More Popular Portrayal, Backflipping With Style
  • Domains: Hunting, Weaving, Fate, Wisdom, Ancestors
  • Allies: Sobek (her son), Geb (her great-grandson), Osiris (her great-great-grandson), Anubis (her great-great-great-grandson), All good gods in the House of Prophecy, Chronos, Athena, Artemis, Caitlyn, Uther the Lightbringer, Chiyoko Shiraishi, Rarity, Ryuko Matoi & Senketsu, Satsuki Kiryuin, Belldandy, Skuld, every Archer deity
  • Odd Friendship: Kratos, Nozdormu
  • Enemies: Eh... none, really; Neith is so friendly she'd rather not make any enemies. She DOES dislike Apophis (then again, who doesn't?). Also, Arachne, Ragyo Kiryuin, and the entire House of Hatred and Rancor can't stand her.
  • After quite some time spending time as the God for sewing, Ishida Uryuu made plans to relocate but felt it was a pity to just burn such awesome sewing products. And his prayers were answered; the primordial Neith, who had once weaved the whole world, offered to take his place. Because weaving, sewing, that sounds like the same to her and if she can weave the world, weaving clothes should be a piece of cake. Ishida is glad that someone is taking over and probably a much more competent one...but of course, his response after agreeing to her proposal was, "Please Put Some Clothes On." He then ran off when Neith revealed that there's so much to weave she doesn't have time to weave pants (really, though, she just likes this clothing style better).
  • Many were surprised by the appearance of Neith, thinking that she'd simply be forgotten because all that was known about her so far was, "She weaved the world. End of story." She kind of agreed, and explained that maybe hanging around in the Battleground of the Gods did some good for publicity. But she brushed the issue aside, saying, "Eh, forget about such trivial things, let's have some fun!"
  • Being her descendants, many Egyptian deities, while supportive of her, think that maybe she should act her age instead of being childish, like that one time she tried to cheer Osiris up with a Coy, Girlish Flirt Pose, or did the Caramelldansen in front of Sobek and Geb. Neith just refuses to be down-hearted.
  • Apparently she's also guiding new deities that enter the Battleground of the Gods by showing them the ropes. She made friends with Uther the Lightbringer this way; he had the same job in the Nexus.
  • Her weavings can be seen everywhere, especially where she walks. Doesn't mean she appreciates those weavings being stomped, though, because if it happens, she'll just shoot an arrow that keeps the offender stuck there for punishment. Just so you know, she was the War Goddess of Egypt before that title was handed down to Anhur.
  • Being known as the Weaver of Fate, she has a special kinship with the gods of the House of Prophecy, particularly Nozdormu. As she is fully aware of his corrupted future self, she wishes she could help him; she even expressed this desire to him once, only for him to brush her aside as he wouldn't want his fate to be changed. Nevertheless, he knows she (as well as he, despite wanting to admit) can very well do so as the Weaver of Fate herself.
  • Though this is unconfirmed, there are some sources that say that Neith's true identity is that of Chronos' wife Ananke. The tale was rather complicated with some drama and differences, but Neith has denied such an issue being the truth, she just befriended Chronos as fellow primordials and heck, she probably already paid Ananke a visit, and she's a serpent (though not a malicious one). Though she didn't take it well when she learned that somewhere, a certain dark deity took on Ananke's name (modified a bit) and terrorized that world.
  • Aside from Ishida, she enjoys the company of Rarity; she's impressed with her creative masterpieces. The unicorn, on the other hand, wishes to one day use her loom to create the ultimate garment; when she told Neith this, the Egyptian goddess assured her that only Rarity has the power to control her tool.
  • There is a rumor that she weaved the world through the use of Life Fibers and was confronted with this information. Neith admitted she knows all about Life Fibers, but she used them as finishing touches to her masterpieces and not as the base material.
    • As such, she has allied herself with Ryuko and Satsuki against their mother.
  • When she first heard that Kratos killed her followers, the Three Fates, in his universe, she gave him a light rebuke. The Ghost of Sparta snapped back, saying she should keep her business to herself if she has no idea what happened. Taking his gruff advice, she learned from Athena and Mercury that the Fates were...kind of bitches and toyed with people in their realm even without being infected by Pandora's Box, and Neith found out to her shock that they didn't just screw Kratos over, but also other Greek heroes, like Perseus with the gift of the Threads of Fate she passed down to them. Upon learning the truth, she immediately gave them an earful for abusing their powers and told them that if they step out of line again, they would really regret it. She left Atropos and Lachesis as quivering wrecks and the large Clotho shaken and twiddling all her thumbs in worry (partly because the scolding involved tons of woven arrows that hurt so badly). Kratos, however, hadn't forgiven Neith for her earlier error, and simply scowled upon learning of her scolding the Fates. Neith has been making a beautiful cape for Kratos as majestic as the one he once had when he was on Olympus as a token of friendship.
    • Neith also learned that some of the Norse counterparts of the Fates, the Norns, were in the Pantheon, only to learn that this Belldandy and Skuld were much different. Even though they aren't the Norns she's accustomed to, she enjoys listening to the former talk about Keiichi and going out for ice cream with the latter.

Intermediate Gods

    The Alchemists of Arland 

Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell, Totooria "Totori" Helmold, Merurulince Rede "Meruru" Arls, and Elmerulia "Lulua" Frixell, Goddesses of Item Crafting (Rorona: Cabbage Girl, Cabbage Princess, Titan Girl, Beloved Mother | Totori: Pupil #2, Legendary Alchemist | Meruru: May, Mini Master, Pupil #3, Wandering Former Princess, Masked M | Lulua: Nano Master, Fate-Burdened Child, The Second Coming of Rorona)
Left to right, top to bottom: Rorona, Totori, Meruru, and Lulua in their respective debut appearances
Rorona in Atelier Totori 
Rorona in Atelier Meruru after a Potion of Youth mishap 
Rorona in Atelier Meruru back to normal 
Rorona in Atelier Lulua 
Totori in Atelier Meruru 
Totori in Atelier Lulua 
Meruru in Atelier Lulua 
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their respective staffs/wands
  • Theme Songs: Atelier Rorona (Rorona), Atelier Totori (Totori), Princess March and Alchemist Girl Meruru's Song (Recorder/Flute version) (Meruru), Wagon Atelier (Lulua)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, though Meruru also leans to Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Item Crafting, Master-Apprentice Chain, A Master Makes Their Own Tools, Broken Out Of Medieval Stasis, Magic Staff, Mundane Utility, No Antagonist, Full-On Idealism, Determinator, Famed In-Story Come The Sequels (exc. Lulua), Item Caddy, Revering Their Predecessors (exc. Rorona), Trademark Favorite Food (exc. Totori) (Pies for Rorona, Mushrooms for Meruru, and Curry for Lulua), Cordon Bleugh Chef (Rorona and Lulua only)
  • Domain(s): Alchemy, Items, Master-Apprentice
    • Rorona: Pies
    • Totori: Adventuring
    • Meruru: Royalty, Urban Development, Mushrooms
    • Lulua: Curry, Magic Books, Alternate Options
  • Heralds: Astrid Zexis (Rorona's master), Sterkenberg Cranach (recurring companion across all their adventures), Hom and Hom (Rorona's—and later Meruru's—homonculus partners), Cecilia Helmold (Totori's sister), the Chims (Totori's homonculi), Piana (Totori's adopted sister and other apprentice, and Lulua's master), Keina Swaya (Meruru's maid and Childhood Friend), Chim Dragon and Chim Marudayu (Lulua's homonculi partners, "evolved" Chims), Stia (Lulua's partner)
  • Allies: The Etrian Odyssey Guilds, Tadano Hitonari, Steve and Alex, Beatrix LeBeau, Link, all heroic Fire Emblem deities, the Dovahkiin, the Warden, the Inquisitor
  • Enemies: bomb maniacs, those who would try to steal from or abduct them, Mother Gothel, Father (FMA)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Non-malevolent Lizard Folk (Meruru)
  • Opposes: Tezcatlipoca (Totori), All non-good pirates, Peter Pan (Lulua)
  • When it comes to the game mechanic of Item Crafting, where you merge certain items and maybe do a little more extra to create a new item, the Atelier Series is what popularized it in JRPGs, and its games are built around this mechanic. But because the first series aren't available outside of Japan, and because the Mana-Khemia spinoff duology and Iris trilogy don't have as much focus on the Item Crafting part, the Arland quadrilogy was explored instead, and its main characters were selected to represent the franchise. It also helped that someone wanted to ascend Rorona Frixell to represent Pies at the House of Food, but then it was decided to also ascend select people down the Master-Apprentice Chain. But let's get to who they are first.
    • The first is Rorona Frixell, an apprentice alchemist born in the capital of the Arland Kingdom. One day, a knight nicknamed Sterk delivers a message from the government: due to the recent advancements in steam technology, they will no longer support the art of alchemy and have made plans to shut her workshop down. The only way that Rorona can change their mind is by carrying out a series of tasks over the next three years designed to prove that alchemy can still be relevant in modern day life. With her alchemy teacher Astrid being too lazy and apathetic to care, it falls to Rorona to develop her alchemy skills and save her workshop from closure.
    • Eight years after Rorona's tale, the second is Totori Helmold, a young adventurer from Alanya Village who is travelling across Arland (which has since become a Republic) on a grand quest to discover what happened to her Missing Mom. Having been taught the art of alchemy by Rorona, Totori slowly develops her skills as an alchemist to aid others and her own journey, with the goal of becoming a famous adventurer firm in her mind. She eventually learns what happened to her mother Gisela; she had gone out at sea to take on the Flauschtraut terrorizing it, but failed to slay it, though she managed to deal enough damage to it for her daughter's party to finish the job years later. However, her ship ended up wrecked and she was left stranded in another continent across the sea and at a snowy village. She then proceeded to have a crack at the Devil King that was causing mass destruction to the north that required sacrifices from the village to be appeased, only to just end up tying twice against it, and passing away from illness/injuries and being buried at her ship at her request. Totori would eventually finish what her mother couldn't and put a stop to the Devil King.
    • Five years after Totori's tale, the third is Meruru Rede Arls, the Rebellious Princess of Arls, a small kingdom located in the northwest of the Arland Republic. Bored with palace life, she impulsively decides to become an alchemist under the tutelage of Totori. This does not sit well with her father Dessier and royal retainer Rufus given tragedy befell Meruru's aunt Sofraneis Yerx Arls as a result of following a path of adventuring (plus alchemy) alongside Dessier and Ludwig Giovanni Arland prior to their reigns as kings, when she tried to develop the wasteland around the volcano Mt. Velus. Specifically, she had to put to sleep a demon in the volcano that would've turned Arls into a wasteland, so they propose a deal: if Meruru can prove that her interest in alchemy is not just a passing fad by improving her skills and using them to develop Arls into a thriving kingdom over three years just as Aunt Sofra had with her adventuring before she died, then she will be permitted to complete her training. And just like Totori before her, Meruru would eventually finish what her parent('s sibling) couldn't and put a stop to the Firedrake Airshatter. Then, she successfully made Arls a great place before the merger was completed, thus abolishing the royalty. After that, she began to travel the continent at her father's suggestion.
    • And eight years after Meruru's tale, the last in this line is Lulua Frixell, adopted daughter of Rorona, and apprentice of Piana, who was Totori's second apprentice after Meruru, and grew up in a frontier village named Arklys. Though she studies hard to surpass her mother (who actually didn't really teach her alchemy, leaving that to Piana), she doesn't start out particularly talented at the art. And then Lulua finds a strange book which she dubs "Alchemyriddle", which only she can read, and which mysteriously reveals a hint whenever she needs to use alchemy to solve a problem. One day, Lulua receives a letter informing her that her mother's Atelier is about to be shut down due to its license expiring and technically fails to save it, but gets to save it anyway…under her own name instead. In order to save the workshop, Lulua heads towards Arland, which begins a great adventure during which she will learn much about the world and herself. And that includes an actually robot girl named Stia, Fellsgalaxen at risk of collapse and taking Arklys with it, Mana being the same/better kind of robot as Stia, having to choose to sacrifice Stia to save Arklys (and Arland as a whole) or find another way via a Memory Core to temporarily store Stia's memories so they won't be erased, and an alternate timeline and desiring to change the fates of its Lulua and Stia with a Restore Core.
  • It is not known how exactly Rorona's line of alchemists made it to the Pantheon, but it came in the form of separate invitations sent to each of them after Lulua saved both Fellsgalaxen (plus Arklys above it) and Stia, and her efforts to make sure that this fate is consistent in all timelines, as well as an accidental misuse of the True Dragon Hourglass. When they were sent to the Court of the Gods, that's when they realized they were now in the ages (and attire) they were when they just finished their own adventures, and none of them have even taken any Potions of Youth. The Court explained the reason for the alchemists' Ascension, and that it came with the ability to swap to any of their previous appearances (except Lulua, who is the last known one in the chain, though the dress of her Parallel Timeline self is available). Speaking of the Potion of Youth, Rorona also now remembers her time as a kid after using that, and how embarrassing some of those are, even if Lulua wants to hear details.
  • Applies to all or some of them:
    • Their collective temples are named Atelier Arland, since it's the realm all four alchemists resided in, from its status as a kingdom, and to its reformation into a republic. Thanks to transportation systems in the Pantheon, their temples in the Halls of Crafting Materials and Game Mechanics are connected, though only for the resident deities and heralds to access. All four alchemists and their Heralds reside and work there, and it takes elements from all the workshops they worked in, but Rorona also has a mobile Atelier that she and Lulua (and Piana) take and travel on. Assisting in item synthesis are the two Homs made by Rorona's master Astrid (one made first to assist Rorona, and the other made much later during Meruru's time), five Chims made by Rorona for Totori, and one of those named Chim Dragon has become something a little more. Totori even uses the Chims for battle by sending one to a foe in a kamikaze run and blow itself up for powerful Fire damage (though the Chims themselves just end up lightly charred yet whole after that). In case anything happens, there's also a repository for making more Chims called a Hom Motel. Unlike Hom, they can only replicate synthesis items and consumables, and require pie as motivation (Chim Dragon still has similar obsessions). While they can certainly be instructed to replicate pies for themselves, it's usually better if their mistress(es) do(es) it instead since their pies usually come out better, and thus further motivate them. However, with certain potions, Totori can "evolve" Chims to be like Chim Dragon.
      • There's also a Pie Shop on the side whenever Rorona is in the mood for making pies, though was demanded to have it open at least once or twice a week. That said, she also makes curry, but only for Lulua, who in turn is considering opening a curry shop on the side as well (and may as well just fuse the two into a single store). Totori is also known to be able to make alcoholic drinks (including variants made with fish) via alchemy (having synthesized them among other things since age 14), though usually doesn't drink even after becoming of age. Naturally, Rorona and Lulua are experts in making their favorite foods (though Lulua can do pies too), be it the traditional way or through alchemy. As for Meruru, while she's a big fan of mushrooms, and can synthesize a number of mushroom-related dishes, she's not nearly as obsessed with making them as Rorona and Lulua are.
    • Regarding Rorona's mobile Atelier, the reason it has no windows and why doing anything extraneous like item synthesis is ill-advised while it's moving is because of how physics is messed with to make it Bigger on the Inside and because the place tends to bounce a lot while traveling, not to mention the wagon potentially collapsing on itself otherwise. At least with the existence of consoles and smartphones in the Pantheon, there's more to do, such as planning what recipes to synthesize once the mobile Atelier stops, taking inventory, talking with people outside the wagon, etc. They have special Containers across their temples and Rorona's mobile atelier that all connect to the same storage space. That said, they've never checked what would happen if two or more Containers have their contents fiddled with at the same time. Totori also has a "secret bag" that connects her Basket to these Containers as well. Lulua has one such "secret bag" too, but it's limited to just sending her entire Basket inventory to her Container.
    • Despite their stories being interlinked, there are memories of Multiple Endings for each of them, though obviously only one of each is canon to make way for the next one.
      • For Rorona, after successfully proving the worth of Alchemy to the rest of Arland's higher-ups given Sterk and Gio already think well of her, and inheriting the workshop from Astrid for good, since she decided to leave for another town to rebuild her reputation, she may have taken a few days to bask in her accumulated wealth and lay off after three years of hard work, opened a pie shop and sold the pies she baked and concocted, ditched the workshop to Hom while she goes on monster-hunting adventures with Cordelia, life continues on without Astrid leaving and doomed to be boring, leaves town anyway to learn more alchemy due to her nonexistent reputation with the populace rendering her workshop non-profitable, either with only Hom, or also with Lionela (and becoming a dancer like her), or also with Tantris, or has become a screw-up in alchemy and has become explosion-prone, though her reputation with the populace allows her to stay anyway (and perhaps either becoming Iksel's screwy assistant in his shop, or end up getting Sterk as her minder). However, the ending that would eventually lead to her taking in Totori as an apprentice would be where she becomes highly influential and busy as the town's alchemist, and maybe either gets Cordelia as her manager after spending far too little time with her, ends up becoming the Royal Alchemist thanks to Gio, the King of Arland, or manages to keep up thanks to her friends, and eventually get an alchemist rival in the form of… her own returning master Astrid.
      • For Totori, after five years of adventuring and proving she's certified for it, she may have continued being so only for her village of Alanya, adventured together with Gino (but with Sterk and Rorona constantly coaching them from behind), adventured together with Melvia (and occasionally visit the village where Gisela passed away), adventured together with Mimi (and become famous enough for their tales to be written in books), adventured with Marc to determine the secrets of the land's Lost Technology (on a giant robot, no less), became an Alchemy co-teacher with Rorona (though Totori ends up getting more attention with the students and inadvertently upstaging her), went to Arland to work with Rorona… and end up arguing over who gets to take Sterk with them on adventures, went overboard with making Chims (over the maximum 5 she can make in-game) that they eventually replace the adventurer system at Arland, or ended up opening an Alchemy Restaurant under her name with Gerhard, Iksel, Ceci, and Rorona. However, the ending that would eventually lead to her taking in Meruru as an apprentice would be where it turns out Gisela survived after all thanks to help from Astrid, but had to recover for eight years before she was finally able to come home, and then a year later the Arland Republic decided to send Totori to the Arls Kingdom to help develop it with alchemy.
      • For Meruru, after five years of developing Arls before their merge with the Arland Republic, and thus ceasing to be a princess, she may have failed to rise in fame and became lethargic for a while before deciding to find a new goal, moved to a new atelier where she's super busy, became overburdened by all the development and synthesis requests that she decided to help Rufus with his job instead, raised Arls to become highly specialized in agriculture to the point of getting a new local delicacy thanks in part to her alchemy, raised Arls to become a tourist getaway thanks to a hot spring Peter found, became so charismatic that her own master Totori and Mimi vie for her attention, became a frontliner in the defense of Arls's borders, even if she's a reckless planner, became a confident, powerful, and successful adventurer with Keina by her side, witnessed Rorona restored… to 14 years of age when she first started her rise in alchemy, or witnessed Astrid reforge the Potion of Youth thanks to Meruru's work to be able to adjust all the alchemists before Meruru to 14 and have a tea party. However, the ending that would eventually lead to Rorona returning to her normal age (and therefore able to adopt Lulua in the future) would be where Astrid challenges Meruru to further perfect the antidote to the Potion of Youth by synthesizing the True Potion of Youth, and Meruru succeeding exceptionally well enough for Astrid to follow through on her promise.
      • And for Lulua, even without any sequel to require one to be rendered canon, there are also multiple ways her story reaches its conclusion in the eyes of the player. She may have failed to find a way to save Stia, and sent her Alchemyriddle back in time to another Lulua in the past just like the Lulua before her, settled down in Arklys to run her own atelier with Stia by her side, supported Eva with running the orphanage they both lived in while still running her atelier, traveled with Aurel as they honed their prowess in battle together, even if they quibble as he teaches her swordplay, traveled together with Piana in their wagon Atelier, teaching alchemy wherever they went, traveled together with Ficus as street performers and seeking to aid young minds with potential for growth, joined Niko's exploratory fleet in his mission to discover new trading routes to the Eastern Continent, bid farewell to Rorona and Sterk as they departed from Arland to explore the Eastern Continent (which may have happened anyway no matter what), or opened her own curry shop with the help of Stia, Chim Dragon, and Piana, even as her non-curry alchemy requests declined. However, what is considered the Golden Ending is where her skills started to rival her mother's, and she decided to depart from Arklys with Stia to further her craft even more.
    • As alchemists who partake in combat sometimes, item use is their main method of doing that, besides their staffs, which double as stirring implements for their Alchemy work. They are as follows, which include bombs, Beast Statues, cannons that shoot balls of magical power, ice bombs that can make impromptu frozen bridges over water, Air Drops that enable temporary underwater breathing, and other healing items. There's even a Tera Bomb that can risk one-shotting everybody on foot without the proper attributes like "Narrow Range +3". More of their attack items can be seen in the following links.
      • Out of the four, Meruru is most competent in terms of physical attack via staff. Naturally, she's still more suited as an item caddy in a party without plenty of fellow Arland alchemists. That said, by the time of Lulua's adventure, Meruru has switched to using a sword (and Totori switched to an Alchemy-made book that can summon whatever she needs to synthesize something). Lulua herself also has a pickaxe crafted with alchemy, though only for busting stone and mineral obstacles. And given all the things they cart around and the explosives they throw, all four alchemists are deceptively strong, with Lulua even able to beat a seasoned veteran knight (who's survived hits from dragons and is himself a legend above Rorona's level) in an arm-wrestling match (though he was holding back the first time, and can possibly trounce her in subsequent matches). Lulua even tanked a cannon shot ''point blank'' with barely a scratch while she was trying to convince her friend to have some extra-special Philosopher's Curry.
    • Despite looking like a simple task of mixing stuff in a cauldron, there is more to "Arland Alchemy" than that, thus why it's actually quite difficult to teach. And there are implications that this method of Alchemy might actually be some sort of alien technology. Rorona is considering once more the prospect of teaching her method of alchemy, with the young earth pony Apple Bloom as her first student in the Pantheon. Totori already took steps to establishing an Alchemy Classroom just like before during Lulua's time at the old Atelier Rorona, though it's not known if she already got Rorona's permission to do it back then, or if she would've gotten approval anyway as Totori's just about the last person on the planet Rorona would ever say "No" to. Between the four, only the first two have actual experiences with apprentices, and Totori's the much better one between them (apparently, it makes much more sense to those with natural intuition for alchemy, which is how Totori learned anything at all to teach others later, while Rorona struggles to even teach Lulua how to synthesize Pie as opposed to baking it). Meruru isn't suited to teaching, hence why the Master-Apprentice Chain didn't continue with her, but she's getting better thanks to Lulua and has taken her in as her junior. And Lulua herself is looking to be a prospective teacher as well.
      • Compared to the others, Totori is more involved as an adventurer and has started going out more often with their like than the others, such as the Etrian Odyssey Guilds, Keyblade wielders, Steve and Alex (who do their own crafting as well), or Tadano Hitonari. And ever since her father suggested it after abdicating the throne, Meruru has also become more involved in traveling, and even had a brief stint in vigilante work as Masked M (before having to stop after it turns out most people are too smart (or too dumb) to fall for her Paper-Thin Disguise). And this means taking requests in the Pantheonic Soldiers of Fortune (and her fellow alchemists do the same).
    • Once their temple and mobile atelier were properly set up, Atelier Arland was open for business, and each of the alchemists have gone out to various shops in the Pantheon that sell sundries, food, or (pre-modern, gun, and cannon) weapons for purchases, "Wholesaling", and selling of supplies to them just like before, at least in Rorona's case. And there is a much wider variety of materials in the Pantheon as well, such as Plorts (getting them a business partner in Beatrix LeBeau, though she won't tolerate her slimes being attacked unless they're fighting Tarr), shards of Kryptonite, Kyber crystals, Redstone, all sorts of Fantastic Flora, and other minerals and liquids. Additionally, everything in the Dominions Expansion has shown plenty of new resources to try out, though some areas were off-limits, and others way too dangerous even for the likes of the alchemists.
    • By the way, ship parts can also be synthesized, but it has to be in parts since there's only so much room in a cauldron. Totori and Lulua are most experienced with this, having done this before on behalf of a shipwright father and a "pirate" friend respectively. For some reason, the alchemists all have a strange fascination with barrels, even if they use them in battle sometimes. At least to Lulua, saying the word out loud brings a strange ineffable sense of joy. There is "fun" opposition from PewDiePie as a result, who hates barrels with a passion.
    • As alchemists, they drew interest from others of similar professions such as the Elric Brothers, their allies, and Anataeus Vaya, as well as potion makers like Severus Snape and Horace Slughorn. And now they have to get used to having genuine enemies as well, who would want nothing more than to exploit them for weapons, mainly explosives, and especially the N/A bombs. As such, they also have troubled relations with Plague Knight and Mona, but less so for Lulua, who finds their explosives fascinating, just excessive when they use them for absolutely every problem.
      • And then there's the Potion of Youth Rorona once made with Astrid during Meruru's apprenticeship under Totori, and Meruru's further improvement on it to successfully bring her back to normal from being a kid. Something like that would also draw its fair share of nefarious folks, such as Mother Gothel, who would want such potions for their own vain uses. Sure, everyone's functionally immortal in the Pantheon, but getting a younger body is still too tempting to pass up, and with Rapunzel kept out of her reach, she has to find alternatives.
      • Rorona has also gotten her Ruby Pies stolen from her shop by Father's minions due to rumors of hearing that a Philosopher's stone is an ingredient in it. She insists she just uses Ruby Prisms, only to then get questions as to why she even uses magical stones as ingredients in the first place. Lulua has also made a similar pie at least once, following her mother's recipe, and made a version for curry too, though that's less likely to get stolen (buying it is enough), but not many desire to even consider eating it except those who can eat minerals such as the dragonling Spike. Rorona has also vowed to never again make living food, not after the Living Pie, and makes sure that everyone else down her line vows the same. Flint Lockwood knows what that's like.
      • Other items the alchemists have made that are regarded as generally useful are ice bombs for making impromptu frozen bridges over water, Air Drops to allow for temporary underwater breathing, Alarm Clocks for recovering from KO
    • The thing about Item Crafting is that that game mechanic tends to be ubiquitous nowadays, and they all derive from the system used in the Atelier games, Tethu and Tethi
    • When it comes to ghosts, Rorona fears them, but can get over friendly ones as long as they don't do too much scaring. Totori shares most of these sentiments, especially after a miscommunication that almost made her assume that someone (Pamela) was perfectly willing to sacrifice her own life, which was only okay because she was already dead to begin with (being a ghost inhabiting a "body suit" specially made for her). Meruru doesn't express as much fear of them as her alchemy master. As for Lulua, she's completely immune to their scares, given the orphanage she lived in before has been set up as a haunted house so many times, and upon being revealed that Pamela was actually a ghost, her reaction was basically "already seen more fantastical things than ghosts".
    • Cats and other naughty or shedding-prone animals are not allowed inside the ateliers due to the risk of stray fur interfering with the ingredients or the cauldron, not to mention being hard to sweep up, and because the Homs tend to be strongly attached to cats. The Alchemists are also fearful of people who act very different while drunk, since each of them have been… playfully fondled by those they've discovered with that trait. Really, anyone who gets promiscuous while drunk is a no-no to ever be with. Lulua is most fearful of drunkards since Piana told her of HER experience with two drunk women, and ever since Piana's lightweight drunken spree from liqueur chocolates, she also vowed to abstain from ever imbibing alcohol.

  • Exclusive to Rorona:
    • Rorona was horrified with what the Alchemists Guild that Miriam and Gebel used to belong to did in order to remain relevant compared to what she had to do. Rorona just had to prove the worth of her work to Arland's higher-ups with its king Gio already in full support, while that Guild decided to summon demons to frighten people away from the Industrial Revolution. Frankly, that was far, far stupider than anything she did in her youth, and not only did they hurt—no, kill—a lot more innocent people, their plan failed anyway. As for her opinions on the Shardbinders themselves, she sees no problem with either of them. Gebel's actions do unsettle her, but she trusts Miriam.
    • Rorona's parents, while supportive of her career choice (even gifting her rare materials for her craft), are rather inattentive, even taking multiple vacations during her rise as an alchemist). Sure, she does have a legal guardian in her own master Astrid, but unfortunately she tends to be rather lazy partly out of frustration with how Arland treated her own master when she failed to industrializing the kingdom like her predecessors have and leaves most of the work to her apprentice. That said, it's not known how long they've been like this, or if they only started leaving at the start of Rorona's tale, and whether they were putting their faith on Astrid, and several other factors. But at least Rorona has both of her biological parents who think of her (Totori's father was mainly useless and her sister Ceci was the one who mostly raised her, and their mother was missing for years and presumed dead before coming back thanks to Astrid, Meruru's father was disapproving of her line of work unless it could be used to develop Arls before it's annexed to Arland, and there's no word on her mother, while Lulua doesn't even know her birth parents).
    • In case it wasn't obvious, Rorona really loves pies, whether it's baking them or synthesizing them (after Astrid prohibited her from using the former method to further hone her skills). As such, she's drawn attention from other deities known for their pies, such as Toriel for her butterscotch-cinnamon pies (and sometimes snail pies), and Amelia Bedelia for her lemon meringue pie (when she screws up her directions). Crystal Gem Pearl is also interested in the pie-making process, though not so much the eating part (with the sole exception of Toriel's pie).
    • Blackbeard of the One Piece world once checked out Rorona's Pie Shop when it was open, but to his disappointment, no cherry pies were on the menu. While under the pretense of being an ordinary if intimidating customer, he planted in her the idea of adding cherry pies there. One week later, she has started selling cherry pies, and Blackbeard became a very persistent customer, draining her supply of that in moments and waiting when he realized that she synthesizes them with Alchemy. He's even started contemplating abducting the alchemist to make more Cherry Pies for her, but leery eyes from her daughter Lulua, as well as the realization that she could just as easily synthesize something that could mess up his crew, not to mention probably losing a source of cherry pies, he decided not to enact that plan.
    • Despite everything, Rorona's nickname of Cabbage Girl from a contest long ago managed to spread, much to her embarrassment. This netted her a business deal and friendship with the Cabbage Merchant, however, as soon as he made sure there were no cabbage slugs in his wares. She even Wholesales Cabbage Pies for him to sell, though she advises that they need mayonnaise or other sauce to be extra delicious.
    • Having made friends with a puppeteer named Lionela, she has no issues interacting with others of her like, and is in amicable terms with Alice Margatroid when the puppeteer visited for a synthesis request one day. Rorona also tends to give nicknames to people she wants to befriend, and one of them was a wise old bearded man she decided to nickname Al as they talked about Alchemy and how it's different across worlds. It then came to a bit of a shock to the friendly denizens of the Wizarding World that Rorona was in really casual terms with Albus Dumbledore.
    • Was once able to "sleep" while flowing down a river all the way from one end of a country to another, as Totori can attest to when her father fished up her teacher by accident. That's like sailing down the River Nile from Victoria Falls to the Nile Delta. People are amazed she didn't drown at any point and was still coherent enough to continue teaching Totori some more after that.

  • Exclusive to Totori:
    • Totori doesn't think alchemy and science have to be in opposition to one another. She also doesn't think alchemy is magic. Unique to her, Totori has the ability to Duplicate an item without reducing its use count at the cost of mana and some of the item's potency when used. Lulua wanted to learn it, but all she learned was super-fast Synthesis and it took a heavy toll on her stamina that Totori decided to just give up on the endeavor after Lulua passed out as a result. Sometime during her apprenticeship under Rorona, Totori has somehow learned to exude such an intimidating presence that a person's vocabulary skills just plummet when she's around, and she's only gotten more formidable since then.
    • Having had to fight an entity that demanded human sacrifice and (almost) took her mother's life when she tried to fight him (and tied twice), Totori is more heavily against such people more than her master, apprentice, or other apprentice's apprentice. On top of this list are Tezcatlipoca (as an Aztec God and all), Mola Ram, and Zigfrid Shultz of the Aryan Brotherhood for performing these obscene rituals. She also harbors sympathy for Linkara's Magic Gun for having been a victim of Human Sacrfice, though couldn't stand its attempt to gaslight Linkara, but the fact that it was a case of Literal Split Personality makes things complicated.
    • People with parents who aren't in the right condition to raise their children (ineffectual, too hands-off, abusive, dead, or missing) are depressingly more common in the Pantheon than one would think. That was the case with Totori, who had a mostly ineffectual father, and a missing mother presumed dead before she eventually came back home after spending years in recovery. As such, it was up to her elder sister Cecilia "Ceci" to serve as parental substitute. Other kids who had such sustitutes are Lilo Pelekai (rasied by her sister Nani), Akane Isshiki (raised by her younger sister Momo), Mokuba Kaiba (raised by fellow adopted brother Seto), Jun Manjoume (raised by abusive brothers), and Yuma Tsukumo (raised by his sister Akari once their parents vanished). With the exceptions of the Kaibas and Manjoume (though is neutral with Mokuba as long as the subject of Seto's behavior isn't brought up), Totori gets along with all of them.

  • Exclusive to Meruru:
    • For the record, her nickname is pronounced "May-roo-roo", not "Mer-roo-roo". As a proactive princess who acts on behalf of her kingdom, she finds that she isn't alone in that regard and that there are plenty such examples in the Pantheon. Even though she's technically not a princess anymore, she made several acquaintances in the House of Royalty and out, proactive and otherwise, such as Aragorn, Zelda, Arthur Pendragon, his Distaff Counterpart Artoria, Alistair Theirin, Princess Cadance (and her husband Shining Armor), Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt, T'Challa, and the Disney Princesses. Princess Bubblegum also became acquainted with the Alchemists through Meruru, though they did starting off on the wrong foot when the candy elemental thought their alchemy was magic (to which Totori protested it wasn't) and went on her usual tirade about it. But when she heard that it might actually be some unexplained alien tech, Bonnibel immediately changed her tune, and is considering learning what she can from this art as well. Not all encounters were freidnly however, such as with King Allant, the Queen of Hearts, Aerys II Targaryen, Joffrey Baratheon, Luca Blight, and Ganondorf.
    • In contrast to Rorona only taking pity in mushrooms, Meruru loves them, be it when eating them in her meals or synthesizing them in her recipes. She's become very knowledgeable on them, though did have to learn about the kinds in the Pantheon that don't exist in Arland, but she was a dedicated study. She occasionally hosts mushroom shows, not just to profess her love for them, but also warn of the poisonous kinds. And, of course, she won't take kindly to her mushrooms getting stolen.
      • As it's in the name, Meruru made contact with the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and (after promising not to harm the Toads) marveled at the mushrooms they did have, and wonders if she can improve on the ones the Mario Bros. use with Alchemy. The Toads weren't the only sentient mushrooms she had to come to terms with existing; Parasect, Breloom, Amoonguss and Shiinotic soon entered that list, and her encounters with the latter two were less pleasant than the former two due to their general trickery. Of course, her association with the Mario Bros has made her a target of Bowser for attacks or even abduction, even if she's not a princess anymore.
    • Just how great is her love of mushrooms? She once wanted to make a giant walking (or even just stationary) mushroom that can scatter its spores all over to spawn more mushrooms (despite the whole thing with the Ent back in her apprentice days that she wanted to stop due to its presence putting her people on edge every time it gets close), but Lulua thankfully violently talked her out of that idea. And then scathing words from Joel and Ellie, whose world was essentially ravaged by mushroom infections on humans, terrified the former princess out of ever considering that notion. Speaking of that Ent, she was on edge again when she heard there were a few in the Pantheon already, but after sighting Treebeard and Rooftrellen, she just sighed in relief as the Ent she tangled with was much, much bigger than even them. And then she started to worry what they—especially Treebeard, after hearing of his kind's retaliation on Isengard—might think of what she did to the one in Arls, and keeps away. She also has a hard time trusting Lizard Folk, since her kingdom had been threatened by them, and has taken out her fair share of them during her time as an alchemist apprentice.
    • As someone who wanted to rebel from her old established lifestyle, only to then accept her role after some self-reflection (plus realizing what she wanted to learn—Alchemy—can help with that role), with the exception of that last bit, part of Meruru's character arc is just like Yukiko Amagi in that regard. One can also consider Bridget to be the same, though in terms of gender identity, which is kind of a new concept to think of. Meruru recognizes the value of defensive structures such as outposts, and that it's okay for them to be more better-designed than one's own castle. After all, they're the first line that invaders have to tend to first, and it's meant to keep the citizens safe, and doesn't understand the vain types who prioritize their own "houses" over their "walls".

  • Exclusive to Lulua:
    • When she was asked questions of Rorona's teenage pregnancy, Lulua reminds that she was adopted, 2 years before she acquired the Alchemyriddle. Rorona's reason for adopting Lulua is because when the alchemist visited Arklys, Lulua was so kind to her and talked about all sorts of things, and she thought they would have all sorts of fun if they were together, nothing ulterior or grand. On a different note, her birthday is on what is Valentines Day on Earth, although it's not known if her world has that holiday. And ever since Lulua turned in a few almost used-up items while fulfilling a request, having done the same back in her world, all requests sent to the Pantheonic Soldiers of Fortune since then now have to specify "unused", "fresh", or similar terms to prevent the same stunt being pulled ever again. Lulua herself was also reprimanded for that stunt and she has profusely apologized for it.
    • Once attempted to speak to a particular Slime in "Puni" language, just like she had before. This Slime, Rimuru Tempest, quickly revealed that she can speak to her just fine, much to her embarrassment. Lulua tried the same with the ones in the Far Far Range, but has found them to be rather simple-minded (even if a few of them are able to set up an "online account" to buy chickens to eat). Having had to deal with a workaholic Father Benon before at the orphanage she grew up in, Lulua prescribes to the incapacitating method to deal with such people. If she can't do that, she resorts to stern reminders of sleep and healthy eating.
    • Due to having been told what they are by her pirate friend Nicodemus "Nico" David Dieter, Lulua believes true pirates are all about escorting ships, fishing, and keeping the waters clean, and thinks those that plunder or hunt for treasure are impostors sullying their good name. As such, she gets along with the likes of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Turners, really has problems with Captain Jack Sparrow after he tried to pilfer a few things from her, is naturally enemies with mailicious pirates like Black Manta and Long John Silver (even his nicer cyborg iteration), and has clashed with Peter Pan whenever he messes with pirates she trusts.
    • Among the things Lulua can concoct, she can make Eraezyko Charms (shaped like ofudas) for banishing ghosts from an area if magical attacks aren't permanently cutting it. That said, if she has to banish one, she wants to know their story before going in blind; if a peaceful method is preferable, she'll take that option. She can also make medicines that can curb Big Eater tendencies, return them if they were curbed by the former, and a "super-special" Tonic that increases the Quality of items in an area that she can gather for a limited time.
    • Will not stand for buying items just to destroy them to deny its use by anyone else, just as Mimi has with Pure Truffles (Meruru once made a dish with that ingredient that causes the eater to abandon all pretense and deception and be perfectly honest about their feelings, and had no effect on her since she's already honest with herself. When the tsundere Mimi had that dish, she started to get very emotional and longing for more intimate moments with Totori, including sleeping in the same bed as her and bathing with her. After Mimi discovered what she had been saying, she went absolutely to pieces about it, and made Meruru swear she'd never cook with Pure Truffles again or reveal what she said.)
    • Despite coming from a time period bereft of much futuristic technology (although a few do inexplicably exist), Lulua doesn't really express shock or any strong reactions over any sort of Robotic Reveal, not even her first time when Stia revealed her status. As such, she's confused with anybody who invoke Just a Machine for any reason, and opposes those with prejudice against robots who use that reason against them.
    • With Café Leblanc no longer present, Lulua being a provider of curry has drawn much of those customers to her, like Rock Lee, Arle Nadja, Usalia, Daita Oiwa, Asbel Lhant, Presea Combatir, Yotsuba Koiwai, Minako Aino, Lan Hikari, Reaper's Game participant Beat, and the Kosugis (Lemeza in particular), and she quickly became friends with all of them. Ren Amamiya and Futaba Sakura have also checked out the place, and while they can tell that Lulua's recipes are incredible (albeit with some oddities), Ren resolutely claims that none of them can compare to Sojiro's recipe, and no, he will not share it. However, Lulua did eventually learn about the Metaverse, and now she's intrigued with what sorts of materials can be found there. Too bad they're very (justifiably) cagey with letting just about anyone in, so she will have to settle with secondhand acquisition by buying their acquired materials and seeing what can be made from them.
    • Being helped by one's past self via Alechemyriddle is pushing it, but actively aspiring to change the fates of Stias from multiple alternate timelines just about crossed the line in the eyes of the Dahaka, even if she didn't alter anyone's pasts, just "fixed" what's already happened there in the present. However, Barbatos sees her pursuit as full counter to his Dark Multiverse, and her use of The Time Brooch meant plenty of the Arland timelines are now consistent in one particular event, even if things can still end badly further down the line. And with the True Dragon Hourglass to traverse alternate timelines and the Time Brooch to "lock in" those results entering the rumor mill, Lulua has found herself been targeted by many nefarious folks who wish to alter their pasts (not knowing it won't change their present, but some might think helping their past selves win in at least one timeline or as many as possible is enough for them), and the Pantheonic Time Police have stepped in to make sure that Lulua completely and undeniably understands the gravity of her situation. Thankfully for the PTP, Lulua does understand, at least enough that she doesn't go visiting the alternate world's residents further than Alt Lulua's atelier and the other Fellsgalaxen. And technically speaking, she just undid the fate of Alternate Stia that was already done, rather than averting her own timeline's Stia's fate. Besides, from what Rorona relayed to her, even if one changes the past, it won't change their present, only create another branch of reality. Just like in the events of Avengers: Endgame, turns out.

Jadis, Goddess of Cadaver Statues (The White Witch)

    Yoshihiro Kira 
Yoshihiro Kira, God of Reality-Changing Miniatures

Lesser Gods


Adeleine, Goddess of Attacking with Art (Ado)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A canvas with a Crystal Shard painted on it
  • Theme Song: Kept You Waiting! Adeleine & Ribbon, Planet Popstar, Chasing Our Dreams (Pop Star 64) (with Ribbon), Battle Among Friends: Adeleine (Adeleine when possessed by Dark Matter)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Art Attacker, Art Initiates Life
  • Domains: Art, Crystals
  • Herald: Ribbon
  • Allies: Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Dee, Relm Arrowny, Rainbow Brite, The Smile Precures, Rudy Tabootie and Snap White, Ramo, Lola and Quill, The Sailor Guardians, Tuxedo Mask, Waluigi, Megan Williams, Fancy Pants Man, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies: The Dark Matter Horde, Void Termina, Drawcia, Metal Sonic, The Starmen, Nightmare, Marx, The Heartless, Kefka Palazzo, HIM, Joker, The Incubators, The Nothing, Death Phantom, The Chaos Kin, and really, all evil-aligned deities that are capable of Demonic Possession.
  • Neutral To: Magolor
  • Adeleine is one of Kirby's lesser known friends. She is a little girl with a passion for art. She met Ribbon during Kirby's quest to find the Crystal Shards and became fast friends. Following the adventure, nothing was heard from either of them for a while... until the two teamed up and went on their own adventure, and even helped out Kirby again as Dream Friends. Their adventure brought them to the Pantheon, where it was then decided that Adeleine's skills made her a perfect fit for the role of Art Attacker while Ribbon would serve as her herald.
  • Upon ascension, she and her herald were immediately attacked by Joker, who desired to control her into making monstrous creations with her art to unleash across the Pantheon in order to cause despair. The combined efforts of the two of them, Rainbow Brite, the Smile Precures and Kirby were enough to drive him off, but not before he declared that he would try again.
  • Is at odds with Death Phantom not only due to his Omnicidal Mania, but also because he severely injured some of her friends and then claimed that Adeleine would need to steal the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon to heal their wounds. In reality, they were kept alive only by Wiseman as he still saw them as useful and was going to kill them once he believed they were no longer needed. When Kirby and the Sailor Senshi learned from Adeleine that she had been approached by what seemed to be an empty cloak, the Magical Girls immediately explained who Death Phantom was. Together, Adeleine, her herald Ribbon, Kirby, The Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask fought back against him and recovered her friends, much to Wiseman's displeasure.
  • Was warned by the Powerpuff Girls not to trust HIM as he is a very manipulative Satanic Archetype that loves to Break the Cutie and once brought Bubbles’ drawings to life to cause mayhem. She has been wary of HIM, but they haven’t encountered each other as of yet...
  • Was not happy in the slightest to see the Dark Matter Horde in the Pantheon. With some faces in the horde that she had never seen before like the original Zero, the Dark Matter Swordsman and Dark Nebula, she has been asking Kirby and Dedede what they are capable of so that she can better aid them against their forces.
  • One day, she and her herald Ribbon were sitting in the House of Heroism as there weren’t many heroes present at the time. Kefka decided to assault the house while they were there and one of the heroes present, Relm Arrowny, took to fighting him and was almost immediately overwhelmed as the rest of the Heroes of the World of Balance happened to be absent. Adeleine and Ribbon jumped in and helped Relm hold him off until help could arrive, which forced Kefka to retreat. Adeleine and Relm get along not only due to this but also because they are both heroes that use art for good.
  • Was once approached by what appeared to Sonic who explained that he needed to see if she could make a Chaos Emerald Replica on the chance that they need it to stop a future foe. Turns out she was able to, it turning out like the Fake Chaos Emerald. Adeleine realized something then and asked Sonic how he knew exactly what she did in her fight against Joker after she ascended. A mechanical laugh and “Sonic” melted away into that looked like a robotic version of the Blue Blur. He revealed himself to be Neo Metal Sonic, who swiped the fake emerald and revealed that he had collected the other six. He transformed into Super Neo Metal Sonic, where Sonic and Shadow came to the rescue, though they had a tough time overcoming their foe even with Adeleine’s help until the fake emerald destabilized and vanished from existence. This caused Super Neo Metal Sonic to turn back into his regular Neo Metal Sonic form and Adeleine, Sonic and Shadow took the emeralds from him and sent him packing.
  • The Starmen want to kidnap her and make her create more minions of Giygas. His armies happen to be greatly vast already and it would likely be terrible if they got their hands on her. Fortunately, she likes to spend her time in the House of Heroism where Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo reside and she isn’t against going to the other House where they are in, Childhood and Adolescence, either. They haven’t tried anything yet, but they are also keeping their plan of using her a secret as they think Joker had the right idea, but the wrong execution.
  • As she was possessed and forced to fight Kirby during the third Dark Matter invasion, she doesn’t like deities who specialize in that. While she feels uncomfortable around good-aligned ones, she outright dislikes most of the evil ones. None stand out more than the Chaos Kin, who ran everything into the ground while controlling Palutena, turned her armies against everything else while doing this and wants to destroy and destroy until nothing remains.
  • Nearly freaked out when she learned that Void Termina was present in the Pantheon and had to be calmed down by a collection of deities both from her universe and others. They assured her that they’ve been keeping a watchful eye on Void in case it starts destroying stuff once more. While this did calm her down, it didn’t ease all of her worries.
  • Dislikes Drawcia, a villain from her universe, for wanting to turn everything into a painting of her own design. Drawcia doesn’t think anything of her as her powers over art are far superior to that of Adeleine. Adeleine knows this and has been preparing for the day that they inevitably clash.
  • Likes spending her time in the House she resides in, Craft. She gets along with Ramo, Lola and Quill as they are heroic beings who also oppose Drawcia. This is something shared by Ruby Tabootie and Snap White and all five are more than willing to aid Adeleine and Kirby against Drawcia.
  • As it has the potential to destroy all of imagination and fantasy as well as remove all life’s ability to be creative, Adeleine is in massive opposition to the Nothing. Kirby, who is no stranger to beating up Eldritch Horrors, was more than happy to support Adeleine on this.
  • Opposes the Heartless as they are similar to the Dark Matter in that they can conquer and end worlds, are a force of darkness and are incredibly dangerous. However, she sees the Heartless’ ability to turn others into more of their kind to be even worse than the Dark Matter’s Demonic Possession. She is more than willing to aid Sora and his friends against the forces of Darkness.
  • As they are both Token Humans, she met Megan Williams one day in the House of Food and talked about their adventures. She is also friendly with Fancy Pants Man, a living drawing who fights on the side of good. That being said, she was sad about how Spongebob’s creation of a living drawing, Doodlebob, got out of hand.

    Alfred Drevis 
Dr. Alfred Drevis, God of Creepy Taxidermy (Mad Father)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Chainsaw
  • Theme Song: Drevis Residence
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil normally; Chaotic Evil in his more insane moments
  • Portfolio: Abused and killed animals as a child, Chainsaw Good, Actually cares about his daughter in his own twisted way, Evil Laugh, Herr Doctor, Living Doll Collector, Mad Artist, Scary Shiny Glasses, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Experimentation, Murder, Kidnapping, Insanity, Evil, Family, Love
  • Followers: Curtis Blackburn
  • Herald: Maria (his assistant and lover).
  • Special Relationship: Aya Drevis (His Daughter)
  • Allies: "Dr." Richard Trager, Piggsy, Leatherface, The Other Mother, Kun Lan, The Medic
  • Enemies: The House of Beast, Jack Cayman, Juliet Starling, Dollface (Black), Dr. Mobius, Suigintou, Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, Medicine Melancholy, Plain Doll, Alice Margatroid, Dr. Angus Bumby, Shou Tucker
  • Complicated Relationships: Monika Drevis (His wife)
  • In a remote area located in Germany lived a family of three, peacefully and without too much contact with the outside world. However, the awful truth was that the head of the family, Dr. Drevis, had a certain horrifying hobbie. He would, with the help of his housemaid Maria and the compliance of his wife and child kidnap people and experiment of them, after all the house was big enough and far away from civilization that no one would suspect and the good doctor would always turn his victims into dolls. The creepy doctor showed up one day in a hidden part of the House of Science, the place was all messy and the only thing other pantheon authorities found was a perfectly clean doll standing in a corner. Dr. Drevis was caught but some mysterious entity managed to keep him in and the Court of Gods decided to give him a temple of his own. Two in fact, where he alternates between "experimenting" and snatching people to "make them more beautiful".
  • Alfred Drevis, believe or not, it's not a Complete Monster. He had a family once, and he really really loved his daughter. However, having realized that his daughter was walking a path not too different from his, Alfred was desperate to now allow that and decided that the best way to preserve her innocence is to turn her into a doll. His wife wasn't going to allow that and cursed him to make her daughter realize the situation and ultimately, Dr. Drevis was unsuccessful in his plan to preserve Aya as a doll. What happened to him afterwards is that supposedly he died, or not, the details are fussy but days after ascending as a deity, he found out that his daughter, still the sweet innocent girl he knew (even after witnessing untold horrors), was also among the pantheon ranks and was eager to see her again. Deities and other pantheon authorities have tried to keep him away from Aya considering what happened the last time but the doctor didn't intend to carry on with his plan, the Pantheon rules more or less allowed his daughter to remain like how he wanted and decided to try bargaining for a chance to see her without others interfering. He was allowed to spend time with Aya, but he would heavily monitored in case he decides to act on his old instincts.
  • As his job can get a little messy sometimes, he spends most of his time in the Slaughterhouse where no one judges what he does (Well, except his victims but that's besides the point). This time he has no one to help him and often times than not whenever he is seen in any other place he could very well scouting the area for anyone he would deem perfect for his "work". He did receive some aid from neighbouring deities, Richard Trager, another "certified doctor", took an interest in how he experiments on people but finds the process a bit boring sometimes. He recommended Dr. Drevis the method of "First the Fingers, then the balls, then the tongue" but that's mostly works for Trager's twisted sense of humor.
  • In the other temple he has, which is smaller, he stores most of his creations there. Mostly dolls, who in reality are just corpses of the people he murdered but perfectly preserved, even looking exactly the same as when they were alive. Though these can vary depending on what does the doctor feel like including, sometimes he just makes small dolls and gave them to his daughter so she could play with them (Unaware of how they were made in the first place) or even add animal body part to a human and made anthropomorphic animal doll.
    • The Doctor also became infamous after many people (a few of his victims to be exact) were horrified to learn that those deities that met their end at his hands were preserved as a doll, even though the nature of death in the pantheon prevents them from really dying, the thought of seeing your lifely remains displayed as a lifelike toy left a good chunk of deities traumatized.
  • Very fond of chainsaws, usually his favourite tool to finish off anyone that dares escape him. That eventually drew the attention of Leatherface, who Alfred eventually decided to keep him as an enforcer and then infamous snuff director Lionel Starkweather, who was very interested in Drevis' work with the dolls.
    • Starkweather also found it convenient that the doctor's temple was his old household, which was big enough to contain Piggsy in one of the dungeons and keep him there. That said, Trager developed an habit of releasing the pigman to just witness how he slaughters most of Drevis' prisoners. It amuses him which has made Alfred kick him out from the dungeons since it interferes with his experiments.
    • Speaking of chainsaws, there were other more heroic deities who use chainsaws that weren't fond of the doctor's practices, namely Juliet Starling and Jack Cayman. Jack was even more apalled to what Alfred intended to do with Aya, since he lost his child a long time ago and that alone hit too close for him to ignore.
  • Kun Lan approached him, interested in what Drevis does and offered to partner with him, which many believe to be just because Alfred reminds him of his subordinate Curtis. He even managed to keep the latter around as a follower but Drevis has been very stingy about their partnership, often times just relegating Blackburn as a helper.
  • His first victims were actually animals, he had an habit of killing small birds and critters as a little kid, and that continued to humans later on. The House of Beast has banned Dr. Drevis from setting foot there, not to mention that he still performs depraved experiments with animals and sometimes even mixes them with human beings.
  • To his delight, there were other living dolls around the pantheon and unlike what happened in his world they weren't alive thanks to a curse, which meant to him that his preservation of Aya as a doll could allow him to transform her and she be still alive afterwards but those plans were put to a stop after the pantheon authorities prevent him from going any further. The dolls herself, particularly Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, Suigintou and Medicine were not fond of the doctor and other doll collectors like Alice Margatroid found his practices disgusting.
    • Although there was one who appreciated his craft, and that was the Other Mother. She is a Living Doll Collector after all, and she has been mostly interested in the child-like dolls. However, in a rare display of standards, the Doctor doesn't consider her an ally since he fears he could go after Aya and so tries to limit their encounters if possible.
    • Then there was Dr. Bumby, who does a similar thing like Dr. Drevis but his work is more figurative than literally and he saw an interesting potential with the good doctor Drevis. They seemed to be on good terms, but Drevis refused to partner with him since he robs people of the only thing that makes them beautiful Alfred said and if he would try to do that with Aya, he would not hesitate to chop him in half.
  • He is from german origin of the Mad Scientist brand. He wasn't the only one, having heard stories about a german medic with a rather unethical way of healing people, the same lies that Dr. Drevis has used to deceive people into coming to his Castle. They seem to have a rather amicable relation, even as far as call each other allies, but the Medic knows well enough about Dr. Drevis being a dangerous lunatic to not involve himself too much with him. He does however, ask for a few body parts to Alfred if he has to spare and sometimes he does.
  • When his wife is concerned, sometimes people wonder how did he even managed to find one in the first place. Turns out how they met wasn't exactly romantic Alfred almost murdered her but rarely enough, decided to spare her. This made the woman fall in love with him since the fear of death attracted her a lot and gave him the castle that would be eventually their home where they conceived Aya. Of course, he eventually murderer her after she found out what he was going to do with her daughter and it spiraled out into the event of the curse in the Drevis Household. Alfred's wife name is Monika by the way, which made the doctor be worried when he heard of another infamous Monika but he wasn't that impressed when he found out she was just a lovestruck and lonely teenager and not his vengeful wife.
  • He was asked what he felt after finding out about what happened to his daughter after the Curse. Drevis felt disappointed that Aya may very well be his successor and her innocence was forever tainted by the madness that flowed in his blood, though he secretly hopes that maybe Aya didn't turn out as bad as he thinks. Nowadays he is working under the mysterious salesman, also known as Onigawara, where he was last seen murdering a pink haired teenager in a lab. He also may or not may have cloned his daughter and kept her as Onigawara's assistant.
  • Shou Tucker considers Alfred a kindred spirit since the doctor has made a few chimera-like creations (they are mostly dolls anyway), so he was shocked that Dr. Drevis doesn't return the sentiment considered what Shou did with Nina. Tucker called him a complete hypocrite because he did try to kill his daughter Aya. However Alfred did that because of love for his daughter, even if it was a bit of a twisted plan. In his eyes, Alfred wanted to preserve his daughter's innocence while what Shou did to his daughter was only because of his selfish nature.
  • Also present in the House of Slaughter. You are more likely to find him there.

    Chuck Greene 
Chuck Greene, God of Ability Combination (Chuckie, Chuckles, Gramps, Old Man)
Chuck during the Los Perditos Outbreak, 2021 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His jacket and motorcycle
  • Theme Songs: Chuck's Theme and Firewater (as a Psychopath)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, leaning to Chaotic Neutral over the years. Chaotic Evil in Off the Record.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Fathers, Motocross, Combo Weapons, Survival
  • Heralds: Katey Anne Greene (his daughter), Gary Finkel (his subordinate)
  • Allies: Frank West, Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, The Zombieland Crew, The Green Flu Survivors (Particularly Francis), Lee Everett and Clementine, Ellie, Issac Clarke, Bryan Mills, Ruby Rose, Enju Aihara, Jack Cayman
  • Enemies: All the evil gods of the House of Undead, Adam the Clown, Albert Wesker, Damon Killian, Gleeman Vox
  • Conflicting Opinion: Joel
  • Odd Friendship: War the Nephilim
  • Chuck Greene was a famous motocross champion living a good life with his wife Pam and his daughter Katey until all hell broke loose in Las Vegas. Chuck suddenly lost his wife after she was infected and his daughter was just bitten by her own mother, forcing Chuck to give Zombrex to Katey for the rest of her life every single day. Years later, struggling for money and needing it to get more Zombrex for Katey, Chuck participated in Terror is Reality, a controversial reality show that's about pure zombie killing but his stay in Fortune City would turn for the worse when the zombies were released and somehow Chuck was framed as the culprit. Together with the help of Stacey Forsythe and reporter Rebecca Chang, Chuck would uncover a conspiracy tied to Phenotrans, the ones that make the Zombrex drug in the first place and their various unethical activities.
  • Chuck was chosen for his ability to create new and bizarre weapons on the fly, combination is kind of his thing. What no one expected was how Chuck changed years after clearing his name. Refusing to implant a chip on Katey, he turned to a life of crime in order to get Katey her doze of Zombrex, and the whole ordeal took a toll on Katey which made her decide to run away in order to free Chuck of the burden that is taking care of her. But thankfully thanks to Nick Ramos and Isabela Keyes, a cure was able to be found and Chuck finally managed to rest easy knowing Katey won't turn into a zombie.
  • Frank West personally vouched for Chuck's ascension, the two having worked together in order to uncover Phenotrans dirty operations. And while the two remain a bit on shaky terms, they still respect each other. From Frank he ended up learning about other deities that too come from worlds that have suffered a Zombie Apocalypse and Chuck was willing to hear their story.
  • Frank also ended up introducing Chuck to a few of the allies he made while exploring other universe. First was the deities from the Resident Evil and Chuck was both horrified at the number of biological weapons the terrorists of that universe had at their disposal and a bit glad that they at least didn't succumb to a dystopian world like theirs. While good friens with the BSAA agents he is a lot closer with Jake and Sherry, since as a father of someone who was bitten he can understand their rather unique situation and in turn both like that for a regular guy, Chuck is tough enough to care of himself.
    • He also heard of several of monsters and people that created those creatures his friends had to deal with and Chuck was glad that the worst thing he encountered were really odd and dangerous humans. Among the ones around the pantheon, Chuck has heard of Albert Wesker's actions and feels apalled that there was someone who would make Phenotrans seem reasonable by comparison.
  • Apparently not used to Zombies running but he at least has experience with zombies like the gas variants that were tougher and more resiliant, not to mention the ones found in Los Perdidos. That's why he was surprised by the infected the Green Flu Survivors had to fight and he eventually became friends with them. He gets along surprisingly well with Francis, the latter apparently is familiar with Chuck in some capacity.
  • Chuck is very protective of his daughter Katey, who he had to provide with Zombrex in order to prevent her from turning into a zombie. And he would go great lenghts to protect her so messing with her is a surefire way to get on his bad side. It speaks volumes when he remained in Los Perdidos when it was about to get bombed in order to find her and he did. Heroic fathers all around the Pantheon have come to respect Chuck for his dedication towards his daughter and find his descent into crime a bit unfortunate.
    • Speaking of which, he's come to meet both Joel and Ellie and found out how Joel himself became a sad, broken man after his daughter died and that's why he got so attached to Ellie. Chuck would have felt in the same way should he have lost Katey (and in some timelines, losing Katey sends Chuck to the deep end) but finds his actions regarding the murders of the Fireflies to be a bit too much for him, even if it was meant to save Ellie.
  • While not an engineer, his craftmanship and creativity when it comes to designing weapons on the fly has caught the attention of Ruby Rose, who thinks Chuck's weapons are pretty cool but he believes she and others from her world are no slouches either. He also found Isaac Clarke, an actual engineer, far more impressive that he is given that he crafts weapons too, much effectively at that, and has to deal with alien abominations on a daily basis.
  • He's been a participant in "Terror is Reality", a reality show it's to kill zombies in very creative ways. The rather dangerous and irreverent purpose of the show has made it very controversial and Chuck is somewhat ashamed of having been part of it but he is cut some slack by people because it was to provide for Katey. Damon Killian and Gleeman Vox, two notorious hosts of similar shows have taken interest in adapting TIR to the Pantheon and Chuck, having already dealt with assholes like them, obviously had to oppose to the idea.
    • This is what also lead Chuck to meet Jack Cayman, winner of Deadwatch and another biker to boot. He sympathizes with the situation Chuck has found himself in and is impressed by his resourcefulness and ability to stay calm even in the face of danger. The two have also fought a wide variety of odd people too but thankfully they managed to get out in one piece at least. His opinion over Blacker Baron, the host who has smany similarities with TK, the host of Terror is Reality, has not been made public but Chuck finds him a little more bearable.
  • Like stated before, Chuck had encountered some weird and nasty people ranging from an insane man in a mascot suit to a One-Hit Wonder artist trying to forcefully reclaim her glory back. He even managed to tame a tiger once by feeding leftover meats left in the casino area. Thankfully none of the psychos are present here but he had the displeasure of meeting one of Frank's own psychoes, Adam the Clow, who probably puts the one he met to shame.
  • He has come to pity anyone suffering from a disease given what happened with his daughter. While she eventually overcame it after a while, there are some that aren't as lucky. He is surprisingly fond of Enju Aihara because the little girl reminds him of how fragile someone infected can be and despite appearances, Chuck is a very caring person overall.
  • Being framed sucks so he can understand the ordeal of having to clean your name. This is what made him another unlikely friend with War the Nephilim who was framed for something far worse that launched his world into the apocalypse.
  • Some have criticized Chuck's tendency for one-liners, they believe they need some work or his delivery to painful. Chuck thinks they are fine but tries to tone them down.
  • Can also be found in Unorthodox Combat.

    Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro 
Don Diego de la Vega, Patron God of Recognizable Marks (Zorro, aka The Fox)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His famous Z Mark
  • Theme Song: The 1958 Zorro theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Tall, Dark and Handsome, Master Swordsman Royal Rapier, Has Many descendants that take up the mantle, Implausible Fencing Powers, Cool Mask, Inflicts Humiliating Clothing Damage
  • Domains: Weapons, Liberation, Charm, Chaos, Good
  • Herald: Alejandro Murieta
  • Allies: Batman, The Phantom, Asterix, Speedy Gonzalez, Simon Belmont, Indiana Jones, Amélie Poulain, Fox McCloud, Puss in Boots, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (especially Morgana/Mona), Robin Hood
  • Enemies: Any oppressor in the Pantheon
  • Rivals: Inigo Montoya, The Basterds
  • Was highly considered for the title God of Rapiers, but soon found a niche thanks to the famous Z mark he places on his opponents.
  • Many other gods that have done similar acts have paid tribute to him. The Phantom, another Proto-Superhero, plants the mark of the skull ring on his enemies.
    • Asterix showed his appreciation of his ascension by performing the mark on an enemy Roman.
    • The Basterds claimed they used Zorro as an inspiration for leaving marks on Nazis they kept alive. Zorro himself doesn't approve of their brutal methods.
    • Fellow Mexican Speedy Gonzalez leaves an S on some of his cheese heists. The two became fast friends, with Zorro lending a hand if it's with someone who deserves it.
    • Amélie once imagined herself as the masked man, earning his approval.
  • Many of the Spanish speaking gods recognized his name meant "The Fox" in English. Many gods were certain Fox McCloud hatched a smirk upon his ascension.
  • A surprising figure entered his temple unannounced; Batman arrived looking rather traumatized. It would be little surprise since the movie he watched just before his parents were killed was The Mark of Zorro. Bruce muttered a quiet "thank you" before disappearing into the night. For Zorro, the gratitude was more than enough for him.
    • Many superhero gods see him as an early example of the genre in the 1920s, complete with mask, secret identity and doing good for goodness sake. As such, he was welcomed into the GUAG, especially the Superhero Division.
  • Was challenged by Inigo Montoya, whom claimed he reminded him of a certain Dread Pirate. After defeating the interloper, Zorro spared his life, offering up to challenge him once he trains a bit more.
  • Though Robin Hood initially scoffed that a rich man could ever care for the needy, he warmed up to his capers. It didn't take that much longer for the two to join together in heists, drawing the ire of the Sherrif of Nottingham.
  • Although well-known for his rapier skills, he is also one of the best whip users in the Pantheon. The God of Whips finds his methods distasteful, but admits he does it for a good cause. He gets along far more with Indiana Jones as his reliance on instinct is more up his alley. He sometimes lends a hand whenever Indy needs help exploring a dungeon.
  • It may not be well known, but he is actually the spirit of various mortals who take up his costume. He and his wife are training his son to take up the mantle in the future.

Eko, Goddess of Drawing Art to Life (The Innocent, Doodling Princess)

    Jack Kirby 
Jack Kirby, God of Kirby Dots (Jacob Kurtzberg, The King, The One Above All)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face made with Kirby Dots
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Master of the Art Shift, Splash Panel and Bold Inflation, Army Scout, Technology Porn
  • Domains: Good, Artifice, Void, War, Community
  • Special Relationship with: The One Above All (His Author Avatar)
  • Allies: The Marvel Universe especially Stan Lee, James Cameron, Donatello, Stanley Kubrick, Popeye
  • Enemies: Walt Disney, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull
  • Respected by: Darkseid, Kalibak, Highfather, Orion, Granny Goodness
  • Pities: HAL 9000
  • Few artists in the comic book world are as respected as Jack Kirby. He was regarded as one of the best in the business and helped put Marvel Comics on the mat. His influence was so great, he shared the title with Stan Lee as the God of Comic Books. Sadly, it was decided that only one of them could hold it, and Stan Lee won out. It wasn't until the 75th anniversary of Captain America that interest in bringing him back grew. Stan eventually brought Kirby back for his unique artstyle.
    • The relationship between the two is... complicated. Many have noticed that Stan Lee is far more popular of the two even though Kirby shares credit for creating many of the first Marvel superheroes (even going back to The '40s with Captain America). It may have even been the reason he left the company temporarily. Whatever beef they may have, it doesn't appear to show as the two are happy to be together in the Pantheon.
    • The same cannot be said for Walt Disney. He was never comfortable with corporate forces taking control of his properties and approved of his children's attempts to take back the properties. The two followers are in the middle of a court case to determine the fate of the rights.
  • It is little surprise that he has earned the respect on the entire Marvel Universe. Even the usual sociopaths such as Magneto and Ultron admit that he is a damn good artist. He does receive a blemish for switching over to DC, but that is overlooked.
    • Those who follow the Silver Surfer are proud to claim the character as Jack Kirby's final collaboration. It may not have elevated the character, but his influence would be later used in his first single volume.
    • Whenever he visits the Marvel Universe, he appears as The-One-Above-All, the single most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. His power, though great, is symbolic and has no interest in reshaping that universe. Of course, he wouldn't mind getting some artists to use his art style every once in a while.
    • There is one exception to that rule. The son of Austrian Jews, he holds no love for the Red Skull. Likewise, Johann Schmidt would want nothing better than the destruction of the man who popularized superheroes fighting Nazis, even if that person was his creator. That the Red Skull was the product of a Jew disgusts him.
    • Speaking of which, the New Gods are especially fond of the person who created them during their time at DC. It was rumored that Darkseid himself appeared on a couch to converse with the artist. Kirby wouldn't comment on if it was true, though he suspects the lord of Apokolips probably got his sitting habits. The good aligned deities of the New Gods decided to keep an eye on Darkseid lest he manages to corrupt their creator.
  • James Cameron was glad to have the inspiration of his coveted Aliens franchise, claiming the artist inspired the works of other scifi artists.
    • Among those people are Kubruck. Kirby was tasked with creating a comic book adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It may not have been as popular as he ha hoped, but Kubrick appreciated the effort. It also had the unintended consequence of putting Kirby under the watchful eye of HAL 9000. Kirby himself felt a bit of pity for the AI despite what it had done.
  • Donatello of the Ninja Turtles remembers a time when he helped Kirby deal with his old sketches who happened to have come to life. People wondered how Kirby managed to escape that world and Kirby would rather not talk about it.
  • Popeye was surprised to find out that Kirby worked an an inbetweener for his cartoons back in the 40s. He returned the favor by handing the artist a can of spinach. Kirby has the can within his temple, though people wondered if he did it as a souvenir or so he wouldn't have to eat it.

    Jill Valentine 
Jill Valentine, The Divine Master of Unlocking (Master of Unlocking, Jill Sandwich, Supercop)
Jill as a BSAA agent 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A S.T.A.R.S. or BSAA badge
  • Theme Music: The Opening (Teppen remix), Free from Fear (Resident Evil 3) (Remake Version) and Sad But True (-MVC3 Arrange-), the menu music for the Resident Evil Survivors in Dead by Daylight (shared with the Redfield siblings, Leon, Ada, and Rebecca)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Lockpicking, Heavy Weaponry, Escaping Death Traps Within An Inch Of Her Life, Action Girl, French and Japanese Decent, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Icy Blue Eyes, The Immune, Brainwashed and Crazy temporarily, Locked into Strangeness
  • Domain: City, Protection, Zombie Killing, Police Officers
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Isaac Washington, Ada Wong.
  • Jill Valentine was one of the member of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), one of the most elite groups in the Raccoon City Police Department and was personally drafted into the team by Albert Wesker. Having experienced the Spencer Mansion incident and Raccoon City Outbreak first-hand, Jill is no stranger to dealing with viral outbreaks and fighting biological monstrousities but her nickname, the Master of Unlocking, was given to her by her fellow S.T.A.R.S. teammate Barry Burton given her speciality with lockpicking and it's been a defining feature of Jill ever since, enough to carry her to the Pantheon and get that exact title as the reason of her ascension. Besides her badassery of course.
  • Jill is a tough policewoman to put down, not only having survived the Spencer Mansion Incident but also having been able to defeat not one but two Tyrants during her early years, one of which being the Nemesis T-Type, a special type of B.O.W. designed to hunt down the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members but Jill proved to be strong enough to best it. Years later, given her close call with the T-Virus she contracted from Nemesis, Jill developed a special immune system that allowed her to survive another close encounter with Albert Wesker (who by this point was revealed as The Mole for Umbrella and even then he already betrayed them at said point) and developed increased agility and strength, although Wesker ended up brainwashing her for her own gains but she later broke free thanks to her long-time partner Chris Redfield.
  • Jill was one of the first of her comrades to set foot in the Pantheon but thankfully more of her friends later joined her. She is the closest with Chris Redfield, who they go way back and they are as determined to put an end to biological warfare in the Pantheon, whatever the cost. The presence of Wesker clued Jill that he wasn't gone for good and she swore to put an end to him.
    • Wesker wasn't the only big problem concerning her universe as several of Umbrella's remaining members had a position in the pantheon and so did several other B.O.W.s, chief among them were Nemesis who still trying to accomplish his mission of exterminating all the S.T.A.R.S. (or rather, the B.S.S.A. now) but targets Jill primarily because he wants to settle the score with her. It wasn't all bad news however, several other survivors from both the Raccoon City incident and other outbreaks had come to befriend Jill and she is glad she is not alone in this, although meeting both Ethan and Mia Winters and hearing about Chris' relation to Umbrella certainly confused Jill (but he later clarified that they supposedly came clean and he was hesitant to work with them).
  • Master of Unlocking isn't the only amusing nickname Jill garnered over the years, her partner Barry often tells people about the time she almost became a Jill Sandwich and while she gets annoyed when someone mocks her for it, she has come to appreciate the nickname overtime. Frank West also later told him that in his universe, a restaurant was named in her honor which she found oddly amusing.
  • She is no stranger to crossovers, with one of her first outings was when she was recruited by Ruby Heart to take down Abyss and several deities from the Marvel Universe got involved. In another occasion, she too was involved in a clash between two earths against Galactus but this time Jill was still brainwashed by Wesker and acted as a backup force for him. She eventually got over that and she is ashamed that so many people from the Marvel Universe think she is evil but they were surprisingly ok with her after she got better, with Jean Grey feeling sympathetic since she has had her bits of suffering a Face–Heel Turn.
    • She later tried to atone of her actions by joining Chris in issues about merging of many worlds. There were several familiar and new faces there, including a reprogrammed Nemesis that extended his targets to the entire BSAA (even changing his iconic Catchphrase to "BSAA!"). She was personally glad to know that both Reiji and Xiaomu were present and aware that the Pantheon was an even bigger undertaking compared to what they had to deal with before.
  • Given her experience with several zombie outbreaks, it's no wonder Jill would oppose the House of Undead but considering that a grand part of the undead deities aren't evil and sometimes even sapient, she has her reservations with a few of them. That said, being sapient doesn't mean they are less likely to cause harm as she knows full well that a more intelligent monster is even more dangerous. her encounters with several Hunters and Tyrants already clued Jill of that.
    • However, there is nothing that Jill hates more than greedy people who would throw others under the bus for their own gain, being one of the main reasons why she decided to take down Umbrella. People like Caleb Goldman disgust her for trying to "evolve" humanity by turning them into monsters and she also had an altercation with the Corpus, whose greed could make someone like Nicholai look tame by comparison. Speaking of the latter, she ended up befriending the Tenno given that she knows full well how it feels to be exploited by others like she was under Wesker and through them she had an encounter with the Technocyte Infested, and somehow she wasn't fazed that even machines could get infected by a virus.
  • While her days as an officer are over she is still partakes in police duty when she has the time, having joined the TPPD's Swat Team after saving her team from a rabid Weeping Angel. She gets along the most with Chun-li, having already shared a lot of adventures with her in the past and Chun-li was happy to see Jill open up to others after seeing her so dedicated to her job. After all, she is the "Supercop" as her friend Carlos Oliveira would call her.
    • Similar to her disdain towards greedy people, corrupt police officers just get under her skin like none other can, given that the reason she was stuck in Raccoon City was because of Umbrella's goons inside the RPD, the most notable one being Chief Irons himself. Several corrupt cops like Officers Tenpenny,Pulaski and Rosco Coltrane just make Jill want to leave the force but she stays because there are truly good people in it and a few bad apples shouldn't change her opinion on them. She would kick their ass if she happens to catch them red-handed.
  • It was only natural that Jill would start befriending people who also went through a Zombie Apocalypse of their own and many would marvel at how resourceful she can be under pressure. She overtime developed a complex for not saving many people during those times of crisis, often her being the reason for their death but thankfully many of the deities that come from such settings respect Jill. That said, she and Isaac Washington tend to be at odds given how she isn't as guns blazing as he is but thankfully he doesn't berate her for being "softer".
  • Jill and Regina became partners after Wesker tried to get his hands onto Third Energy in order to prevent him from causing a catastrophe. Regina has been learning from Jill about how to deal with the several B.O.W. Umbrella has created but the most interesting part of this partnership is that Jill sometimes would don a costume that resembles Regina which has confused the latter but she doesn't really mind that much.
  • Whenever people ask her about her relationship with Chris she tends to imply that she is Just Friends with him and nothing else but several people would beg to differ. Especially given how some people think Chris is a bit too concerned with his sister's love life and trying to hook her up with Leon. Jill has made no comment on the matter.

    Nox (Wakfu
Noximillien "Nox" Coxen, God of Wind-Up Keys
  • Lesser God; Becomes a Greater God when using the Eliacube
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Theme Song: La colère de Grougaloragran
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with tendencies of Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Tragically lost his family and wishes to travel back time to be reunited with them, no matter the costs; A powerful Manipulator of Time Magic who can stop time itself; An ancient clock maker who became a terrifying Anti-Villain; Becoming increasingly insane after discovering the Eliacube; A Bad Boss who was able to turn back time which was supposed to be impossible, but failed to travel back farther than a mere twenty minutes
  • Domains: Clockwork, Bad Ideas, Traveling Back in Time
  • Opposed by: Dragons and sentient plants; includes Bahamut, Grima, Audrey, those who strongly abhor the use of life-energy such as Wakfu as a means to travel back in time; includes The Pantheonic Time Police, The Dahaka, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric
  • Opposes: Abusive or neglectful parents and spouses; includes Relius Clover, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ghetsis Harmonia, as well as those who would abuse time travel for evil purposes; includes Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Porky Minch
  • Respects: Doting and protective parents and spouses; includes Edward Newgate/Whitebeard, Bryan Mills, Mufasa, Sophitia Alexandra
  • While many of the people in the World of Twelve believed that Nox had perished after his attempt to drain Wakfu from the Tree of Life, he had in fact ascended into the Pantheon after leaving behind his mortal vessel.
  • While many of the gods sympathized with his desire to be reunited with his family, many also agree that he must not make a second attempt to travel back in time to prevent dire consequences. Future Trunks and the Dahaka in particular are especially dedicated/aggressive in ensuring that, which in Trunks' case would later extend to the Pantheonic Time Police and their associates.
  • Nox bears an absolute loathing for abusive or neglectful spouses and parents as they remind him of how he neglected his own beloved family after he obtained the Eliacube. As such, he strongly opposes Relius Clover, Sofia Lamb and Ghetsis Harmonia. On the flip side, he has a twisted sense of respect for parents who are willing to risk their own lives to protect their children such as Edward Newgate, Bryan Mills, Mufasa, and Sophitia.
  • Given the atrocities he forced himself to commit in his attempt to achieve time travel and his hopes to undo all of that along with his failure toward his family, the likes of Eobard Thawne and Porky Minch disgust Nox for their casual use of time travel with the explicit intent to make people suffer and do other evil things.
  • Edward and Alphonse Elric oppose Nox with exceptional aggression due to his usage of Wakfu as a source of energy to travel back in time which reminds them of the usage of Philosopher's Stones. Dragons, including Bahamut and even Grima, also oppose Nox given his past obsession to drain Wakfu from dragons, and his past success in defeating Grougaloragran with the aid of the Eliacube. Even sentient plants such as Audrey are wary if not terrified of him.
  • Nox has recently targeted Emmett L. Brown to obtain his time machine after realizing that his version can enable time travel into the past with a significantly greater chance of success. Needless to say, measures were taken to prevent Nox from obtaining the time machine as the majority of the gods do not want to imagine the possible consequences of his actions.

    Phil Swift 
Phil Swift, God Who Uses Flex Tape For Everything

    Reisuke Houjou 
Reisuke Houjou, God of Nightmare Fuel Coloring Books (The Fifth)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Hyper Vision Diary, next to his hand puppets
  • Theme Music: Perfect Trap
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (His Third World counterpart is Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Coloring Book Doubling as his Future Diary, Competitor of the Survival Game, Cute Cheerful and Creepy Enfante Terrible, Troubling Unchildlike Behaviour, Redheaded Evil Orphan, Trap Master, Go Out with a Smile, Kid Sidekick (His third world incarnation)
  • Domains: Books, Predictions, Children, Traps
  • Allies: Yukiteru Amano, Yuno Gasai (former enemies), Minene Uryuu, The Balloon Boy, Miu Matsuoka, Alice (Shin Megami Tensei), Sora Shiun'in, Hansel and Gretel, Angelia Avallone, Momo Karuizawa, Uncle Howee, Aru Akise
  • Commonality Connection: Satoko Houjou (to an extent)
  • Worthy Opponents: Satoko Houjou, Kevin McCallister
  • Enemies: Springtrap, Oyashiro (one-sided), Takuma Saiou
  • Opposes: Teppei Houjou
  • Reisuke Houjou was one of the participants of the Survival Game but what made him stand out among the other Diary Holders was the fact his "Future Diary" was a coloring book that aided him in his attempts to kill the rest. So he was ascended into the Pantheon for that reason.
    • It should be noted that the Reisuke in the Pantheon is a literal Composite Character of the Reisuke Houjou from the Second World and the one from the Third one. Yukiteru Amano had Mur Mur save and give the memories of his second incarnation to the third one (with permission, of course, and the child was actually ecstasied to become a god) so he could ascend, out of guilt of having had a child implicated into the Survival Game.
  • Apparently has a Precocious Crush on Yuno Gasai. Nobody knows if to think of this as cute or horrifying, all things considered. Especially since Yuno is ten years his senior.
  • Though he is Neutral Evil, he is often more "neutral" than "evil" unless provoked. This is particularly true after Yukiteru's and Mur Mur's meddling. And believe us, the last thing you want to do is provoking him.
  • Not related to Satoko Houjou, though the two of them have a bonded a little for their rather shitty family life and the lack of social services to do anything about it. It also helps that both of them like set up traps.
    • However, he was pissed to find out he shared a last name with that despicable Teppei. Let's just say a certain Evil Uncle didn't like what he found in the mail one day...
  • Has Kevin McCallister in a high regard for being really good at setting traps. He is an "elite", to put it in his own words and is often seen trying to compete with him.
  • Was rather horrified when he heard that there was a god of Corrupt Churchs, given that his parents became mean to him and were killed in one. Satoko is actually sad that he can't see Hanyuu because she thinks that he would like her otherwise.
  • Can often be seen in play dates. Though given the type of child he is (Especially since he is 4. That tends to creep out most potential friends), he had problems looking for friends. He eventually made some out of Alice, Balloon Boy, Sora Shiun'in, Miu Matsuoka and Hansel and Gretel.
    • Though Reisuke had to be extra careful to not make Alice go "Die For Me!". He doesn't know if he would be able to live through that and does not want to know.
  • Became a huge fan of Uncle Howee's show after his ascension. Then again, most children like it and the kids show host really pitied him for his really bad family life.
  • He was really excited to see Aru Akise ascend. He has decided to join once again on his Great Detective adventures.

Rishid, God of Forcing You Into Traps (Odion)


    Angus MacGyver 
Angus MacGyver, God of Do-It-Yourself Weaponry (Mac, The Right Man When Things Go Wrong)

    The Inklings and Octolings 
The Inklings and Octolings, Gods and Goddesses of Gunge-Covering (Inklings: Part Kid, Part Squid, Number 64, Futaba)
A few male (top) and female (bottom) Inklings
A male (right) and female (left) Octoling
  • Demigods and demigoddesses
  • Symbol: A squid and octopus with paint splatters
  • Theme Music: "Splattack!" by Squid Squad, "Inkoming!" by Wet Floor, Clickbait by C-Side (Demo ver.), Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb and Flow by Off the Hook (for the Octolings)
  • Alignment: Ranges between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gunge-shooting Squids and Octopi, Badass Adorable Child Soldiers, Splattering The Competition While Wearing The Most Stylish Clothing, Developing The Ability to Shapeshift at Age of 14, Little Bit Beastly, Slime Girls and Boys, Not Being Able to Swim in Water, Cute Little Fangs
  • Domains: Squids, Octopi, Ink, Gunge, Warfare, Style, Color
  • Heralds: Judd, Lil' Judd, Smallfry (Known as Little Buddy), and Deep Cut (Shiver, Frye, and Big Man)
  • Followers: '90s kids
  • Allies: Callie and Marie, Off the Hooknote , Hello Kitty, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy, Tobias (Animorphs), Beat, Miles Morales, 90's Dude, Kaban and Serval, 2B, 9S
  • Odd Friendship with: Brachydios, the Mann Co. mercenaries, the Tenno
  • Respected by: Emperor Calus (Inklings)
  • Enemies: The Salmonids, Galeem and Dharkon, the Grineer
  • Fears: The entire House of Aquatic Life and Water and Moisture, especially Davy Jones and the Kraeken, The Flood, The Kraken, Cthulhu
  • Feared by: Ramo, Lola, and Quill
  • Avoids: All water elementals (All), Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus (Octolings)
  • Persona Non Grata to: Bendy
  • Studied by: Dr. Zaius
  • In the far future, long after the sea levels rose, ocean life gradually emerged from the sea, evolving to dwell on the earth. Two notable species are the Inklings and the Octolings (belonging to the Octarian population), the evolved forms of squids and octopi who took on a humanoid form, can shapeshift to a squid/octopus form, and are entirely made of ink. The two species lived together relatively well, until the sea levels started to rise again, forcing them to wage war against each other over territory. The Inklings won, forcing the Octarians to live in valleys and canyons. The Inklings would go on to build Inkopolis, the central hub of Inkling culture, where every squidkid participates in Turf Wars. Meanwhile, under the rule of DJ Octavio, the Octarians become more millitarized, waiting for the day to fight against the Inklings again while stealing Zapfish to power their crumbling homes. After a spetacular performance between DJ Octavio and the Squid Sisters, many Octolings made a journey to Inkopolis to escape from oppresion and live a better life amongst the Inklings.
  • Applies to both:
    • Originally, only the Inklings represented the Gunge-covering title, being brought into the Pantheon after Mario recommended them and the Court of the Gods playing their game. However, certain deities noticed a slow, but gradual growth in rather octopoid-looking Inklings among their population, blending in unnoticed due to the Inkling's not really noticing the differences. Eventually, the cat came out of the bag, and the Octolings were outed to the Inklings by one loudmouthed deity. Fearing backlash, the Octolings were surprised to see the Inklings accept them, not holding any grudges at all. The Court of the Gods decided to grant the Octolings divinity so they can share the title with the Inklings.
    • Ever since the Inkling's ascension, they brought in their main sport that became all the rage for Pantheonic youth: TURF WARS! In Turf Wars, the goal is to cover the stage with your team's ink, and you must cover more than the opposing team to win. There are also variations of the sport such as "Splat Zones" where both teams compete over control of specific parts of the map, "Tower Control" where the teams try to take a tower through checkpoints to the goal, "Rainmaker" where teams try to carry the titular Rainmaker to designated goals, and "Clam Blitz" where teams collect clams and deposit them in nets. Stages are held in special arenas in the Houses and are rotated every few hours, announced by the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook. Since much of Pantheonic Youth cannot submerge themselves in ink, certain accomidations have to be made for matches involving those participants. Thankfully, since ink quickly dissipates after a match, this means participants don't have to take a shower everytime they finish a match. Plenty of deities have tried out Turf Wars, even a Brachydios joined in on the fun! The Inklings and Octolings think it's totally rad that their new friends are enjoying their favorite sport.
      • Occasionally, Splatfests will be hosted, in which deities choose one of two sides and then duke it out for a few days, with the winning team of the events being announced at the very end. The Squid Sisters and Off the Hook host the events, with each member of the duos representing the different teams. Matches can get extremely heated as competitors race to get on top. Of course, regardless of who wins, the winning results of the Splatfest don't actually change laws due to the Pantheon's law system differing from Inkopolis'. Notably, certain Splatfests involved certain deities from other worlds and franchises. The first crossover Splatfest held was Autobots vs. Decepticons, of which Decepticons won. Megatron used this knowledge to rub in his "victory" in Optimus Primes's face of which the latter shoved him away. Next up was Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue, with Blue winning. Marie revealing her love of Vulpix aside, certain Inklings became interested in becoming Pokémon trainers themelves. Next up was Spongebob vs. Patrick, of which Patrick won the Splatfest. Spongebob and Patrick met up with the Inklings with this info, and became fast friends. They introduced them to the delectable Krabby Patties but are disappointed with the difficulties in bringing them to Bikini Bottom due to the Inkling's weakness to water. Later, there were three Splatfests involvement of the TMNT, with Raphael and Donatello beating Leonardo and Michelangelo, with Donatello winning the entire competition. The turtles struck a quick bond with the ink people, finding them to be radical and sometimes give the pizza. There also was a three part Splatfest featuring Hello Kitty and her friends, with Hello Kitty and My Melody beating Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin, with My Melody winning the competition. Hello Kitty also gets along with the ink people even if she's not into the chaotic Turf Wars.
      • Later on, some Inklings and Octolings have taken a part time job under the employment of the mysterious Mr. Grizz in a profession known as Salmon Run, where they aim to harvest Power and Golden Eggs from the Salmonid swarms. Plenty of deities looking for jobs and combat experience also volunteer for the job, being loaned weapons to collect eggs and fend off against the hungry horde. Of course, due to most deities not being made of ink, certain safety precautions were added to ensure less deaths ensued during the job, though it isn't uncommon for deities to respawn in the House of Life and Vitality after a particularly disasterous run. Unfortunately, some Salmonid swarms sometimes pop up in other places like the Houses of Aquatic Life and Water and Moisture, requiring skilled exterminators to drive them off before the swarm becomes too much to handle.
      • One day, while a majority of the pantheon was going about their day, suddenly, for some reason, the skies above the pantheon turned pink. Almost immediately, many houses reported huge swathes of Salmonids invading their temples. According to some gods that partook in the Grizzco Salmon Runs, this was the start of the Big Run, a seasonal event in which mass migrations of Salmonids would be invading from place to place, destroying anything in their pathway. Almost all the gods in the Pantheon that were combat capable immediately reported to Grizzco Industries, where Mr. Grizz would be deploying teams into areas of the Pantheon that the Salmonids invaded, but did not waive the Golden Egg quota for the teams, as Mr. Grizz cared more about the egg quota than if the Pantheon was successfully defended. After a few days, the Big Run ended, prompting a mass cleanup within the Pantheon. No one knows when the next Big Run will take place, and are reinforcing themselves for when it happens.
      • Nekron has taken interest in the Salmonids after the Big Run ended and is currently thinking of ways to implement them into the GUAD. The other alliances are worried about what this could mean for the Pantheon.
    • If there's any music artists the Inklings and Octolings are obsessed with, it's the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook. The two duos have a massive following consisting of the ink people, so they often turn up at their concerts dancing and cheering to their songs and performances. Things get even more exciting when they host Splatfests, as the area they're performing in turn into a massive party. The two duos sometimes hang out with their fans from time to time, and even sign autographs, much to their joy. The Octolings in particular adore the Squid Sisters, as their song, "Calamari Inkantation" was the catalyst for making them flee to Inkopolis in search of a better life.
    • There are a few notable members of the ink teens that are worth a mention, namely for having actual combat credentials out of Turf Wars. They're the ones most likely to throw themselves in actual combat situations within the Pantheon.
      • The first is Agent 3, an Inkling who was recruited into the New Squidbeak Splatoon by Cap'n Craig Cuttlefish, who aims to fight the Octarian army and take back the Great Zapfish powering Inkopolis. Agent 3 proceeded to storm through Octo Valley, fightng Octarians and taking back the Zapfish, and eventually saving Cuttlefish and the Zapfish from DJ Octavio with the help of Callie and Marie. Later on, they became the new Captain of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.
      • The second is Agent 3, another Inkling recruited into the New Squidbeak Splatoon by Marie, who is searching for the missing Great Zapfish and her cousin Callie. Agent 4 would tear up Octo Canyon, fighting the Octarian army and rescuing the Zapfish. Eventually, they fought against DJ Octavio and the brainwashed Callie, who managed to break control thanks to Marie's intervention, and so DJ Octavio was defeated yet again.
      • The third is Agent 8, an Octoling who wakes up in the Deepsea Metro with Cap'n Cuttlefish and without memories. They are told by a mysterious telephone that they can escape to the "promised land" should they collect the four "thangs" and complete tests. Agent 8 would complete the harrowing tasks, collect mem cakes (physical manifestation of their memories) and the "thangs", bringing them to the telephone. When all four "thangs" were collected, they were combined into one contraption which turned out to be a blender, which nearly killed Agent 8 and Cuttlefish if it weren't for Agent 3 saving them. Agent 8 would then escape the facility, with them fighting a brainwashed Agent 3 near the end. Their troubles would be over, if it weren't for the telephone revealing itself as Commander Tartar, an ancient AI hellbent on destroying both the Inklings and Octolings and replacing them with a "ultimate life form" made of the blended test subjects, with the gigantic NILS Statue prepping to fire at Inkopolis. Together with Pearl and Marina, Agent 8 prevented Tartar from realizing its genocidal ambitions.
    • The Inklings and Octolings love to spray and cover the surrounding areas with their ink that they create with their bodies. It's even the main concept of the Turf Wars, to cover as much turf as possible in your teams ink color. This lead to the two species bringing the attention of two deities who utilize graffiti art; Beat and Miles Morales. Beat is a part of the rudies culture, who are gangs that compete for turf by tagging areas with graffiti, while Miles occasionally tags some buildings as a hobby. While the two enjoy the hecticness of Turf Wars, they also aim to teach the Inklings and Octolings the art of graffiti so they can spray their ink in a more focused, artsy manner instead of just messy splats. So far, some Inklings and Octolings got the hang of graffiti and spread their art around the urban landscapes, but most are content to just keep spraying their ink in the way they like it.
      • Occasionally, Born would accidentally find himself in the middle of a Turf War, so he tries to dodge the wild spray of ink flying everywhere. As Born has the power to place colored paint in the area, this can lead to confustion with a third unexpected color being placed on the stage. Plus, each color gives a unique effect to Born, which puzzles many Inklings and Octolings.
    • The Inklings and Octolings are composed entirely of ink, which they can utilize with a variety of tools to spray around the surrounding area. They can also submerge and swim in their ink, replenishing their ink supply. Bendy is also a being composed of ink, who had a messy history of people trying to properly bring him to life. The Inkings and Octolings are forbidden to be in the same area as Bendy, as their ink can cause him to enter his monstrous beast form if he absorbs too much. While most Inklings and Octolings just avoid him, some are mischievous enough to try to douse him with their ink and make a run for it, usually with disastrous results. Bendy's beast form tends to look much more colourful when doused in their ink, though he is no less dangerous.
      • Speaking of Living Drawings the Inklings and Octolings aren't allowed near, Ramo, Lola, and Quill are very wary of the inky cephalopods, as they accidentally damaged their painting with their ink when they brought their splatting sessions too close to the painting. Thankfully, they owed up to their mistake by telling them about Amaterasu, who is able to fix their painting with her Celestial Brush. While the Inklings and Octolings do try to restrain themselves more when it comes to splatting, the denizens of the painting generally see them as harbingers of the apocalypse thanks to that unfortunate incident.
    • By default, the Inklings and Octolings take the form resembling a human but with some squidlike or octopoid features. They are able to freely shapeshift into a squid or octopus form, which enables them to swim within their own ink, allowing for faster travel and farther jumps. Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy is able to freely morph into multiple animal forms, while Tobias is stuck as a hawk most of the time, even if he's normally supposed to freely transform. Garfield quickly bonded with the Inklings as he enjoys their high energy activities, while Tobias prefers the company of the more reserved Octolings. While Vaporeon has a similar ability to turn herself into water for fast travel due to her bilogy, the ink people are a bit hesitant to apprach her given her Water typing, not wanting to be dissolved.
    • The Inklings and Octolings general asthetic is rather 90's flavored. Bright colours, energetic rock and pop music, totally fresh slang, an obsession with being cool and fresh... many deities who lived throught the 90's may feel a pang of nostalgia when looking at Inkling culture. 90's Dude, obsessed with the 90's, adores the Inklings and Octolings, and indulges in their culture while also telling them about 90's culture in his world. He just appreciates that there are people out there who won't mock him for his obsessions.
    • Being creatures composed of ink, they are easily dissolved by water, so being submerged in the liquid will result in them melting. Thankfully, there are respawn points placed around the Pantheon for a quick ressuraction in case they get splatted or dissolved. It is for this reason that they avoid the Houses of Aquatic Life and Water and Moisture like the plague, as both Houses contain tons of water unfit for their living needs. They are also wary of those who have power over water or otherwise dwell in it like the denizens of the aforementioned Houses, Katara, and especially the Flood, with its corruptive behaviour scaring the carp out of them. Of said denizens of the Houses, they are incredibly mortified by Davy Jones for the tales of people drowning whenever they enter his lair and the Kraeken for being ancient demons of the sea.
    • There is a grim past behind the colorful world of Splatoon; it takes place 12,000 years after the sea levels on Earth rose thanks to global warming and multiple world wars, with a nuclear warhead impacting Antartica melting the icecaps being a major factor. Much of the Earth's landmass was submerged underwater, driving many species, including humanity, to extinction. This lead to creatures of the sea evolving to dwell on the land, resulting in the birth of species such as the Inklings and the Octolings. Both species are aware of humanity's past existence, so they are excited to see living humans within the Pantheon, and they are ready to learn more about them. It turns out there happens to be others who happen to supplant humanity as the dominant species or otherwise live long after their extinction or disappearance. Kaban and Serval live in Japari Park, a multi-island zoo inhabited by Friends, animals turned into Little Bit Beastly women, and the park has been abandoned a long time ago by humans, with their survival unconfirmed to this day. The duo struck a quick bond with the ink people, and sometime partcipate in Turf Wars while planning to introduce them to the Friend of Japari Park. 2B and 9S are androids that live many years after humanity died out, perpetuating a war under the lie that both humanity and the aliens are still alive. the two YoRHa androids also bonded with the ink people, finding them a nice reprieve to their stressful lives, and somewhat envy them for having much more carefree and prosperous lives than them. Dr. Zaius, Caesar, and Koba live in a Earth where the apes were uplifted by the Simian Flu, and eventually they overthrew humanity as the dominant species. Dr. Zaius finds the Inklings and Octolings fascinating, and decided to study them, especially their unique biology. Caesar and Koba generally avoid them, with Caesar noting that they luckily didn't have to war against humans and Koba distrusting them due to looking like humans.
  • Excusive to the Inklings:
    • The Inklings are a race of evolved squid who have taken humanoid forms and are made entirely of ink. There aren't many squid-based deities around in the Pantheon, but there does happen to be Ika Musume, a squid girl (it's in the name) who aims to conquer the world as a form of revenge for humanity polluting the oceans. When she heard of the history of their world, namely that humanity was driven to extinction by rising water levels, she couldn't help but chuckle, believing that her goals were accomplished in that world as humanity got a karmic punishment and the sea-dwellers displaced them as the dominant species. The Inklings seem to accept her as one of their own and consider her an honorary Inkling, much to her surprise, but she grew fond of them overtime even if she was frustrated that she can't really add them to her army due to them dissolving in water. She enjoys battling in Turf Wars (even if she'd never admit it) and even noticed some Inklings wearing clothes similar to hers.
    • The Inklings in general are quite hedonistic. They are very preoccupied with the Turf Wars, dressing in the latest fashions, and aiming to be "fresh", their idea of coolness. They often visit the House of Costumes to purchase the freshest gear around, enter the House of Sports for Turf Wars and other exciting sports, and tour the House of Gaming to play some arcade games. The other hedonists of the Pantheon, namely Emperor Calus, like the Inklings for their hedonism with Calus in particular thinking that they are better spending their time enjoying their hobbies and interests and not worrying about conflicts and war. Other, more serious Deities dislike their frivolity, especially when their splatting activities end up accidentally causing harm and mayhem.
      • The Inklings have also managed to get along with the Mann Co. mercenaries and the Tenno for a reason wouldn't expect other than originating from online shooters. The mercs tend to be obsessed with collecting and wearing headwear, ranging from mundane to ludicrous, so much so that many joke about them being obsessed with hat collection more than fighting each other. The Tenno, when not fighting threats like the Grineer, the Corpus, and the Infested, tend to customize themselves in elaborate ways a lot, sometimes grinding for material just to unlock more styles. Both groups get along with the Inklings quite well for their customizing obsessions, and sometimes compete over who looks "fresher". They also get along with the Octolings, where besides freshness, the Octolings like to inspect their weapons and technology, curious to see how they function.
    • Among the Inklings more unlikely friends is Glitchy's Mario, who happened to become close pals with a former Inkling named Meggy when he first visited Inkopolis. Plus, he does try to be on his best behaviour when around Meggy, which is quite unprecedented for someone like him. Glitchy's Mario is disappointed that Meggy didn't ascend with them, but hopes that she could come visit one day.
    • Eight lucky Inklings were chosen to attend the fifth Super Smash Bros. tournament, bringing along their inking weaponry to the battlefield. Their weapons have been strenghthened for the tournament so it can damage and throw opponents off the stage. Their introduction was... intimidating, especially since they were the first newcomers invited. Like all other participants, they hate Galeem and Dharkon for their destructiveness, especially since they got zapped by Galeem's lasers and their bodies were used to host the brainwashed spirits, so they're ready to splat them should they cause mayhem again.
      • Even before their induction to the tournament, some deities noticed that Futaba Sakura heavily resembles an Inkling with long orange tentacle hair. When Futaba first saw the lookalike Inkling, she thought that the Inkling looked adorable and tried to take her home, resulting in her getting soaked in ink. Futaba managed to make it up for the incident, and they became good acquaintances. She later introduced them to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts when they all ascended and beded on their good graces too. They got to know and bond with Ren Amamiya much more when he also got into the fifth Smash Bros. tournament.
      • In addition, some Inklings were invited to kart races with Mario alongside Link, Villager, and Isabelle. The Inklings have an utter blast cruising around the track and pelting the rival racers with items.
  • Exclusive to the Octolings:
    • While the Octolings evolved from octopi instead of squids like the Inklings, they are very similar to the Inklings biology-wise. They managed to interact with what octopus deities there could be in the Pantheon. They encountered Octodad, who they initially mistook for a funny looking Octoling only to realized that he's an octopus in a suit. They were baffled that barely anyone in his world could see through his disguise, but they figured that the humans in his world must be rather inattentive like the Inklings, who saw them as Inklings with exotic hairdos. They bonded with the octopus and are trying to teach him how to play in Turf Wars without much flailing around. They were initially confused when they met Inkling the Octopus as he's named the same after the squid people, but they got along in time, with him being fascinated by their unique biology. They also met up with Squidward, and became good associates of him despite his usual cranky behavior, providing a captive audience when he plays the clarinet. They initially thought that Dr. Octopus was an actual Octoling too, but realized soon that he was just a villainous human scientist with mechanical tentacles. They stay away from him as he's very interested in experimenting with them, and they don't want to become someone's guinea pigs. They are rather afraid of the Kraken, an octopoid creature residing in the deep ocean, knowing that it can use its tentacles to drag them down the watery abyss. To say nothing of Cthulhu, as not only does he somewhat resemble a monstrous octopus and dwells in the ocean deep, his presence also gives the Octolings a massive headache, so they'd rather not encounter him anytime soon.
    • The Octolings are generally more reserved than the Inklings, and so get into less trouble than their squid friends. While still passionate over Turf Wars and fashion, they are rather fascinated by weapons and technology in general, as they lived in the militarized Octarian society. It's for this reason that they like to visit the Houses of Technology and Weapons to examine the varied technologies and weapons within the Pantheon. Both Houses have also gained an interest in Octarian tech and weaponry, and wish to acquire it somehow.
    • The ascended Octolings used to live in the Octarian habitats deep withing Octo Canyon and Octo Valley, residing there after ending up as the losers of the Great Turf War. Octarian society took a militarized turn, with children being trained to fight at a young age and anti-Inkling propaganda being incredibly prevalent. The Octarian society kept prepping itself up for an eventual invasion against Inkopolis, with the looming energy crisis also making them steal zapfish from Inkopolis. However, the Squid Sister's performance of "Calamari Inkantation" during Agent 3's fight against DJ Octavio made many Octolings wake up and realize the greener pastures that lie outside of their crumbling homes, making them escape and travel to Inkpolis to integrate to Inkling society. The Octolings feel unnerved by the Grineer, as they are a race of clones made just to serve in a militant cause, so they give the Octolings bad memories of their past lives. The Grineer just see them and the Inklings as more inferior beings to kill. They do relate to those who ditched the army and ran away, with the Steel Meridian being made up of Grineer deserters and humans fighting to protect others, and want to tell their stories to those Grineer.
  • Can also be found in Theatric Convention.

    Satoko Houjou 
Satoko Houjou, Goddess of Trap Masters
  • Demigoddess (with trap skills that can fool Intermediate Gods)
  • Symbol: A washtub superimposed with a speech bubble of Satoko's Noblewoman's Laugh
  • Theme Song: Sukisuki Nii Nii
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil under Hinamizawa Syndrome
  • Portfolio: making traps, having a formal way of speaking (with the laugh to match), being horribly broken multiple times, having a horrible grandparent (known trigger for "Infected State)
  • Domains: Traps, Building, Abuse (coming out of it)
  • High Priest: Testament
  • Allies: Rika Furude, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Rena Ryuguu, Raven, Oyashiro-sama, MacGuyver, Wallace and Gromit, N, Keiichi Maebara, Kyoko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, Homura Akemi, Terra Branford, Bryan Mills, Jin, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Artina, Cinderella, Rachel Alucard
  • Enemies: Bernkastel and all other members of Trollkaiger, Scar, Ghetsis, Lady Tremaine, Vaas Montenegro
  • Friendly Enemies with: Tony Montana
  • Neutral with: Lambdadelta
  • Worthy Opponents: Reisuke Houjou, Kevin McCallister
  • Ascended after making an elaborate set of traps that ended with it exploding in Trollkaiger's face, ending it with her laughing at their predicament. Her use of making traps caught the eye of the House of Craft, and so she made her house to be next to Angus McGuyver, who she worships like a teacher figure.
  • Was moved to tears, when she found the other members of the club in the Pantheon, especially Shion who finally made it out of Purgatory. She now comes and helps Rika in her temple, cooking meals for her every now and then. Oyashiro on her part had a very long talk with Satoko about how she was never cursed. Needless to say, her maternal instincts proved useful in this regard.
  • Became part of the Anti Abusive Parents club because of her being abused by her uncle. She is forever grateful to them.
    • Satoko's traumatic past with child abuse reminds Kyoko of a kid she befriended in the Oriko timeline. Kyoko treats her as a little sister.
    • The arrival of Lady Tremaine and her daughters trigger another PTSD breakdown. Homura's retaliation against them, was horrifying to say the least. She has given Satoko permission to have "I was waiting for this moment" ready to play should they show up again.
  • Stays far away from Bernkastel due to Bern's trolling ways and the fact that she sounds like an older Rika Furude. For Lambdadelta, it's a neutral relationship (though Satoko is thorougly creeped out by her) due to the fact they have similar voices, looks, personality, etc.
  • Her trap making skills caught the eye of many Gods in the House of War (especially of Kevin McCallister) along with Rachel Alucard. Satoko just laughs at the attention, but has declined intentions to go into the House. She'd rather have fun with her friends and their club rather than get involved with their battles.
  • Is a member of Lol Ranger, designation "Pink Ranger".
  • Not related to Reisuke Houjou, but they seem to have bonded with each other because of their abusive pasts and their love of setting traps. Though they seem to prefer competing with each other rather than being out-and-out friends.

The Villager, Deity of Interior Decoration (The Mayor of Smashville, Number 45)
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: A Lloid-type Gyroid
  • Theme Music: The title theme of the first Animal Crossing or of Wild World/City Folk, or Plaza/Title (Animal Crossing: City Folk/Wild World)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, usually leaning towards Good
  • Portfolio: Interior Decoration, Able to Store Several Things in Their Pockets, Being the Only Human Living Among Animals, Heroic Mime, Virtual Paper Doll, Has a morbid reputation among fans
  • Domains: Profession, Community, Animal
  • Followers: Juste Belmont
  • Part-Time Lackey of: Tom Nook
  • Allies: Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Mario, Chuggaaconroy, The Human Child, Mike Haggar, The Farmer, Christopher Robin, Tim Taylor (sometimes), Inklings, Haru Okumura (and by extension the rest of the Phantom Thieves)
  • Rivals: Wii Fit Trainer
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Flowey
  • Fears: The Scorpion & The Tarantula
  • Additional Relations: Mr. Resetti
  • There exists a community where animals are the primary inhabitants and by extension, they are in charge of most of the things in that place such as owning a shop. A human being arrives at that village and he (or she) decides to settle down at that place. After getting some errands done for a tanuki shopkeeper, the Villager (real name varies, though most just accept "The Villager" as an actual name) is free to do things to their liking, such as fish, catch bugs, decorate a home (both their home and potentially others if they request it), or just hang out with the inhabitants. The villager is also capable of being the mayor of the town they live in.
  • No one can agree on who built the exteriors of the houses in the Pantheon, but it's often accepted that the Villager is the one who decided what actually gets put on the inside. Their room is often adorned with replicas of various Nintendo paraphernalia, borrowed from Mario and Luigi.
  • If they aren't designing homes or chatting it up with others, then there is a good possibility that they are smashing it up with a select few. Their involvement with the Smash tournament has caused quite a bit of people to believe that the Villager is much more scary and ruthless than they appear, but the Villager hasn't said anything about those rumors.
  • They are often seen in the House of Beast, usually trying to catch insects or fishing within the waters of that house (or any other body of water that has fish in them). Some of the more aggressive creatures of that house such as Bruce the Shark and Beedrill don't like the Villager intruding on their space and have frequently chased the human out.
    • Even outside that house (mostly whenever searching for strange creatures is the main priority at a given moment), the Villager has had the misfortune of finding other aggressive small creatures. One instance involved an encounter with two particular kinds of aggressive insects (a scorpion and a tarantula) and the Villager isn't interested in mentioning what happened during that meeting.
  • Aside from their skills in home decoration and looking for creatures, they have also made visits to the House of Costumes, mostly contributing designs for shirts that they and others could potentially wear.
  • Their pockets can hold surprisingly a lot of stuff. While this can include things meant for mundane reasons (and even then, things like dinosaur skeletons shouldn't fit in a normal person's pocket), it can get progressively ridiculous with him pocketing things such energy blasts (mainly if one were to take into account his battles from the Smash tournament). Some are convinced that the Villager stores up strong projectiles from fights for other reasons, but that may just be some crazy thought.
  • Having been used to talking with various animals and helping them with work, they had a hard time accepting the fact that there was an animal that truly despised humans. Napoleon simply saw the Villager as another obstacle in his plans and is trying to get rid of the human.
    • It didn't help that there were a number of other animals that were just plain evil and/or dangerous in general, regardless of if they interacted with humans or not. The Villager prefers to keep their distance from these animals as much as possible.
  • While they have been used to having Tom Nook as their primary shopkeeper (though they have had encounters with his business rival, Crazy Redd, who was shadier than the tanuki), the Villager managed to encounter a variety of other shopkeepers in the Pantheon. For the most part, the Villager is on good terms with many of these shopkeepers.
  • Mike Haggar has taken an interest in them due to their tenure of being the mayor of the village they live in. The Villagers' combat skills from the Smash tournament has gotten Haggar's attention and he is hoping that they'll put it to use when things get serious.
  • They get along very well with Christopher Robin, given that they are both humans who reside in a peaceful setting inhabited by animals. The Villager has found Christopher Robin's Hundred Acre Woods friends to be quite unusual, but are every bit as friendly to them as they are to Robin.
  • Even though they are used to encounters to Mr. Resetti due to various circumstances, the mole did tell them about a being that was malicious and could spell trouble with them should a potential meeting occur. The being in question was Flowey, who was more than willing to instigate harm towards The Villager and mock them whenever possible.
    • It was through this warning that The Villager met up with The Human Child, another human that was used to hanging out with eccentric inhabitants (in fact, those inhabitants are far more eccentric than what the Villager had been used to). Unsurprisingly, they get along quite well and although the Villager does have a bit of experience fending for themselves, the Human Child tends to be the one to keep Flowey in check should the flower put the Villager in harm's way whenever Villager and the Human Child are together.
  • Although it hasn't happened yet, many are wondering about the possibility of the Villager meeting up with Steve. Given Steve's experience with crafting an outside world and the Villager being very skilled in decorating the insides of buildings, many are willing to visit a potential world crafted by these two.
  • The Villager and Isabelle also get along well with Haru Okumura. Not just because they see a bit of themselves in each other, but also because Haru uses an axe like Villager, while being as nice, polite and kind as Isabelle. Of course, there’s also the fact that in Smash Ultimate, her spirit was represented by a female villager and that they both have unfortunate reputations as Memetic Psychopaths.
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