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The Hall of Ice and Cold comes in the form of a cold and massive island made entirely out of ice and snow. Notable for being unmeltable, snow and ice is often exported from there for youthful gods to make into snowmen or ice castles. The temperature of the island drops rapidly as one gets closer to the core of it, to the point that air exhaled from breaths will turn into ice. Users of fire magic will struggle to cast even one fire spell should they ever find themselves on the ice island, though that doesn't stop some from trying anyway.

Plant deities are advised not to enter due to the damage the cold does. Warm winter clothes are available, and in a worst case scenario doctors will help treat colds and frostbite. Skiing and curling events happen here.

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Intermediate Gods

Cryogonal, Deity of Sizable Snowflakes (The Crystallizing Pokémon, Hex, Freegeo)
  • Intermediate Deity. Greater Deity with Dynamax.
  • Symbol: A very reflective snowflake
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Moveset: Freeze Dry, Solar Beam, Flash Cannon, Acid Armor
    • Z-Move: Subzero Slammer
  • Portfolio: 3 Foot 7 Snowflake, Extraordinarily Versatile Movepool, No Biological Sex (can still learn Attract), Squishy Wizard, Perpetual Frowner, Literal Ice Mon, Our Monsters Are Weird
  • Domains: Ice, Snowflakes, Reflection, Caves, Minerals
  • Allies: Lapras, Regice, Articuno, Victor Fries, Kaldr, Queen Elsa, Ice King, Olaf
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J, Heatran, Brand, Ragnaros the Firelord, Bright Man
  • Opposes: Any other fire or rock-related deity
  • Annoyed by: The House of Love and Affection
  • In cold caves, snow clouds can give birth to a very strange Pokemon. Cryogonal, known as the Crystallizing Pokemon, is made out of ice crystals and essentially a giant snowflake. While pathetic when it comes to physical offense and defense, Cryogonal has excellent special defense and great special attack. With its decent speediness, the Pokemon is a good representation of the Glass Cannon attributes Ice types normally have.
  • Utilizes ice chains to have its prey captive, then freeze them at -148 degrees Fahrenheit. Some think it eats prey similar to how the Wampa eats its prey. Cryogonal's name is derived from "cryo-" and "polygonal". Doesn't seem to cry, and always frowns. This is probably due to having a literal Frozen Face.
  • As a living snowflake, Cryogonal prefers cold conditions and gravitates towards that spread ice. This gets him close to more negative ice users like Kaldr, Mr Freeze and the Ice King. It gravitates towards Queen Elsa for the same reasons.
    • Is on good terms with Olaf, due to being a being made of living ice like itself.
  • For a partner, Cryogonal has decided to choose Yoshino because of her affinity with ice. Because she can generate cold and ice, she helps the Crystalline Pokemon stay solid and healthy.
  • Cryogonal is an anomaly in being one of very few genderless Pokemon who can use Attract, which includes Mew(who can learn every TM), the Staryu line, Minior and Dhelmise. A move that cannot work on or against genderless Pokemon. The House of Love and Affection are baffled by this and trying to study it to further research into love within the Pokemon world. Cryogonal doesn't seem to like them that much, as the Pokemon has formed a complex about love.
  • Being a living snowflake, Cryogonal hates anything related to fire or rocks. While most Pokemon are OK with one another, this is not the case with Cryogonal and Heatran-the Crystalline Pokemon is fearful of Heatran due to his massive resistance and type coverage against it. Opposes Brand and Ragnaros as well due to desiring to spread fire everywhere, and like all Pokemon opposes Ghetsis and Hunter J.
  • Hates bright lights, due to being sensitive to them and sublimate easy. The fact that it can learn Solar Beam hasn't registered with this hatred. It would rather stay in the House of Darkness and Shadow. Really doesn't like Bright Man.
  • Brycen, the most well-known owner of a Cryogonal, is also a movie star in the Pokestar Studios as the villain Brycen-Man and sometimes as Mecha-Cop. The Cryogonal in the pantheon seems interested in this, and as a result sometimes wanders into the House of Theatre and Spectacle. It has gotten the job of making ice effects for the movies, and is sometimes used as an antagonist. A one-time anime villain styled himself Cryogonal Man(though didn't have a Cyrogonal), interestingly enough.
  • Looks kind of like Sinistar except made of ice. Some of the gods in Gaming wonder if there was an intentional reference or if it's just a neat coincidence. Cryogonal has responded by using paint to cosplay as the Sinistar during Halloween.
  • Gained an ally in Chuggaaconroy since the Let's Player used one in an adventure across Unova. Not sure what to think to learn that its Hidden Power move was fire.

    The Groke 
The Groke, Goddess of Tragic Cryokinetics (Mörkö, Mårran)
Moominvalley 2019 Model
90s Anime Version 
Book Version 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A trail of ice
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portoflio: Tragic Ice Character, Walking Wasteland, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Ice, Sadness, Friendship
  • High Priestess: The Snow Maiden
  • Allies: Elsa, Anna, most deities in the Hall of Ice and Cold, Shoto Todoroki, Victor Fries, Pippi Longstocking, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Yomiel (Ghost Trick), Casper, Frankenstein's Monster, Laetitia
  • Enemies: The Hårga, The Night King
  • Scares: Much of the House of Childhood and Adolescence and other child deities
  • In Moominvalley, winters are long and harsh. The Moomins are very averse to cold and so hibernate in their homes during such a time. It is then that a strange, looming figure comes down from the Lonely Mountains and wanders the land; she is known as the Groke. She is feared by everyone in Moominvalley, not without reason as everything she touches freezes and if she stands in one spot for a long time, the earth beneath her dies and can never grow anything again. Despite this, the Groke is a somewhat pitiable, lonely creature. As much as she wishes for warmth and light, she can never have them due to the nature of her powers and the fear she inspires. With that said, Moomintroll was in fact brave enough to befriend her, revealing that the secret to controlling her powers lies in others' acceptance and friendship.
  • During a particular winter in the Pantheon, the Groke was reported to be wandering around and spreading her ice as she went. She was drawn to wherever there was light, which often meant approaching inhabited temples, whose inhabitants would quickly put out their lamps or hearths in fright at the sight of the dark, shapeless creature. She then always seemed to sadly shuffle away. These reports were very interesting to Elsa, the Ice Queen, as well as her sister Anna. Feeling empathy for the lonely cryokinetic, the sisters warmly reached out to her and befriended her with some effort. The Groke is not generally interested in others, but here it helped that Elsa produced ice like her. And as it turns out, the Groke isn't much of a talker, but she is a singer and so she appreciated Elsa and Anna's company on several levels. Some time later, the two petitioned for the Groke to be given a spot in the Pantheon. It was agreed to let her reign over Tragic Ice Character.
  • Her placement in the Hall of Ice and Cold puts her naturally at home and in close contact with other ice-wielders like herself, which most venture to say she seems happy about. It fulfills her craving for companionship, though she still ventures out sometimes to try to feel warmth, her other big craving. Either way, she seems particularly fond of the Guardian of Fun, Jack frost, who has a way with making the usually surly Groke join in games and merrymaking. She's also often seen playing with the other Jack Frost and Cryogonal.
    • Sometime in her outings, she chanced to spot Shoto Todoroki practicing at wielding his ice and fire. It fascinated the Groke to see an ice-wielder who also had easy access to fire, so she approached Shoto a little too eagerly. Seeing what appeared to be a mass of darkness rushing towards him reasonably freaked Shoto out and so he started attacking, but stopped when the creature started huddling herself and quivering in fear. Once he understood, Shoto earnestly apologized to the Groke and wondered what he could do to make it up to her. It was pretty simple: just show her his flames, which he did. After that incident, Shoto learned more about the Groke from the other cryokinetics and followed suit in befriending her. The Groke is always eager for his visits since he brings fire with him. Shoto finds this rather endearing, not to mention it makes him feel better that a power he used to despise functions to make someone happy.
    • It's probably a good thing that it was mostly deities on the better side of the morality spectrum that first welcomed and showed interest in the Groke, as she is not exactly known for having a strong moral or ethical compass, being largely driven by her desires. Not that she is evil, but she can be very uncaring. But in any case, she is willing to listen to Elsa and Jack frost when they tell her when to use her power. They also plead with her not to listen to what certain ice-wielders like Kaldr or the Night King might have to say to her. With that settled, in a battle situation, the Groke will almost certainly side with benevolent ice-wielders. There is a semi-exception in Victor Fries, who shows legitimate interest in the Groke unlike Kaldr or the Night King and also has the grace to keep her out of his issues and battles.
  • From many a child's perspective, the Groke is the most terrifying being ever conceived. This includes the child deities in the Pantheon, leading to Jack Frost attempting to use his clout with them to try to cast the Groke in a better light. A select few children were exceptions right from the beginning though. First off, there's the ever-fearless Pippi Longstocking, who thinks nothing of walking right up to the Groke either to play with her or make conversation (the fact that the Groke never answers doesn't faze her much). Secondly, there's the Kasukabe sisters, who're no strangers to fantastic events or strange beings and decided to leave a lit lamp at night on the porch of their temple to see if the Groke. When the Groke came, the sisters screamed... and then proceeded to laugh and run around her, much to the Groke's bewilderment. At least she could enjoy the lit lamp without someone taking it away from her, which was enough to make her like the two young sisters.
  • As a grotesque creature who greatly suffered from loneliness, she has made a few friends consisting of other preternatural beings shunned for their strangeness. For instance, there's Casper, a nice ghost more interested in making friends with people than haunting them, as well as Frankenstein's Monster, whose status as the only one of his kind drove him to try to find companionship, with little success and tragic consequences. Both these characters and the Groke feel drawn towards each other in their shared loneliness, instinctually understanding each other (even if, barring Casper, they're not the greatest conversationalists).
    • On a similar note, there is Yomiel, stuck between life and death after being struck by a meteorite fragment. As his fiancee took her life in an attempt to join him, this made him wholy isolated from the world. Loneliness turned into resentment and a thirst for revenge on whoever was responsible for his predicament, which dissipated after a talk with one of the people he targetted, leading him to join his current friends. Yomiel's experiences make him capable of understanding the Groke's feelings and he's glad that she managed to make friends both in her world and in the Pantheon so that she has little chance of walking down a path of destruction.
  • As the Groke is quite a bleak creature, the prankster doll Abnormality known as Laetitia, who likewise doesn't take well to being alone, felt compelled to try to cheer her up with her pranks, which are infamously deadly to most living things despite her good intentions. However, when she pulled one on the Groke, not only did she survive as if nothing happened, but she seemed very amused by it all. Laetitia was over the moon that her pranks were finally well-received by someone.
  • The pagan commune known as the Hårga reacted pretty badly to the Groke upon sighting her for the first time. It is perhaps expected that they, who worship the sun, would demonize a creepy, shadowy creature that leaves a trail of ice wherever she steps. The Groke at first was simply curious about their village and the Hårga's appearance, only to feel hurt and confused when members of the Hårga screamed something at her and threw stones, so she tries to stay away from their location as much as possible. It's probably for the best, given they might try to do far worse things to her, possibly involving fire.

    Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians
Jackson Overland "Jack" Frost, The Spirit of Winter (Guardian of Fun)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His wooden staff
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Guardian of Fun, The Newest Member of the Guardians, Became Jack Frost After His Death, Audience Surrogate, Big Brother Instinct, Deadpan Snarker, Peter Pan Parody, The Prankster
  • Domains: Winter, Cryomancy, Fun, Sacrifices, Revivals
  • Followers: Sherbet Cookie
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Pitch, The Child Abuse Supporters, Esdeath, Kaldr, Vaermina, The Night King
  • Opposes: Jack Horner, Peter Pan
  • Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun, was originally a human boy with a younger sister. She nearly drowned in a lake, but Jack saved her life, sacrificing his own in the process, and was stuck in the frozen pond. Then he was chosen by the Man in the Moon to become one of his Guardians. At first he hated the responsibility of being one because of his amnesia and loneliness, especially since some of the Guardians refused to see him as one of them. However he eventually grew to love the role and thanks to his efforts in convincing children to believe in the Guardians, restoring their power, his teammates accepted him and they were able to defeat Pitch Black, regaining the belief of other children worldwide in the Guardians.
  • Jack was able to ascend his other teammates one by one and had a joyous reunion with them. They were mad to see Pitch Black again as they knew that he will plague the other children in the Pantheon with nightmares and wants them to stop believing in the Guardians so they could die. This resulted in them having a much more protective desire towards the children and making sure that no enemy of theirs will hurt them.
  • Jack Frost doesn't understand why people ship him with Elsa. Once in a while, his teammates tease him about his potential relationship with her. Wanting to see what people saw in it, he decided to meet her. The two became close as they are both lonely people with ice powers who grew to accept their prescribed roles. One thing that Jack Frost loves about Elsa is that she can create living snow creatures, which is something he can't do. He hopes that she can teach him how to do that.
    • Thanks to his friendship with Elsa, he befriended Olaf, one of Elsa's constructs. Olaf finds Jack to be a joy to hang out with and finds his role to be fascinating. Once in a while, Olaf gives him a warm hug, which surprises Jack at first, before smiling and returning the favor. He also enjoys messing around with Olaf's big lug of an Herald, Marshmallow, knowing that for how intimidating he looks, the giant snowman wouldn't do anything Elsa wouldn't want him to do.
  • Jack Frost became extremely fond of children after he regained his memories as a human and developed an urge to protect them. As such, he will often be seen playing with various children who believe in him. This is why he hates The Child Abuse Supporters due to their willingness to do corrupt deeds towards their own children and considers them to be much more worse than Pitch Black.
    • His protectiveness towards children, which he got from his desire to save his sister, is what led him to develop a friendship with Yu Narukami. Though he and Nanako were cousins, the two consider each other siblings and Yu will do anything to protect her as a result. The leader of The Investigation Team praises him for saving his sister from her death, even if it cost his own life, something that Jack Frost isn't used to, as he often didn't get much praise or affection due to years of loneliness, yet he thanked him for it.
  • Through his friend Yu Narukami, he was introduced to the other Jack Frost who is a frost spirit. The two managed to get along as they are both mischievous people who love to cause harmless fun especially around the winter holidays.
  • He befriended Nao Tomori as they both have a hard time socializing with other people at first before they eventually warm up to them. Their invisibility also contributed to their loneliness. He feels bad for her situation back in her world and how she is struggling to maintain her brother's sanity, but he is glad to see that those issues have been solved.
  • He befriended Wander due to being a happy-go-lucky guy who strives for happiness and spreads fun to others. Wander is relieved to see that Jack is becoming happier thanks to his developing maturity and being able to bond with other humans. As such, Wander introduced him to one of his friends Pinkie Pie, a pony who strives for the happiness and fun of others like they do. Upon hearing he's the Guardian of Fun, she made a habit of "borrowing" him for her parties to make them livelier and seeing the happier smiles of the people who are invited. Jack is glad to have met them, even if he considers Pinkie Pie to be crazy by his standards, and occasionally, he hangs out with them to play around whenever they feel like it.
  • He gets along with Hob Gadling as they both became immortal thanks to supernatural beings that are much more powerful than them. The Guardian of Fun once asked if he ever feels lonely since his family and friends keep dying. Hob Gadling simply stated that no matter what, he won't die because he doesn't want to and thinks that living a long life is worth it. Occasionally, Jack asks Gadling for advice as he fears that living too long will make him lonely and anti-social again.
  • He doesn't like Balazar as he is similar to Pitch Black in that they are both the Boogeyman who use nightmares to inspire fear in children. His ability to speed up time makes it more frustrating to him as it means that he can't be safe from him. Seeing that Jack is an enemy of Pitch Black and doesn't share the same opinions as them, Balazar quickly became enemies with him. He also highly disapproves of Vaermina as she is a dream stealer who wants to give nightmares and psychological torture to others.
  • Like the other good-hearted cryomancers, he disapproves of Esdeath's sadism and her Social Darwinism. He doesn't understand how she could find joy in hurting others and finds her a killjoy to fight because of how powerful she is. He has also grown to hate Kaldr for being the evil embodiment of ice and entropy and considers him to be no better than Pitch. The villain in return believes that Jack Frost couldn't beat him because he has less power than him.
  • He became enemies with the Night King, who in some ways, is his Foil. They both used to be human but later became supernatural beings with cryomancy, but while Jack Frost is the Guardian of Fun who loves children and strives for their protection, the Night King is a ruthless villain who seeks destruction and wants to destroy humanity, something that Jack Frost hates as the death of humanity means he and the rest of the Guardians would disappear without their beliefs, all their efforts to give joy to children would go to waste, and they would have failed their duty to protect humanity.
  • He hates Jack Horner due to being an egotistical casanova who doesn't take his job seriously and only cares about himself. Him being the original Jack Frost of his universe doesn't help the case. The first time they met, Horner called him his son, which confused him, until he told him of his story with the Snow Queen and the birth of the new Jack Frost. He doesn't like being in the same room with him as Horner really gets on his nerves and tries to manipulate him to get what he wants.
  • A lot of people compare him to Peter Pan because they are both immortal tricksters and outcasts who love to have some fun. Jack Frost simply doesn't like them as Peter Pan is someone who forces children to stay in his home and forbids them from growing up. As a Guardian who loves children, he will try to make sure that they stay out of Peter's sight after hearing stories about the cruel happenings in Neverland and the terrible things he did.

    Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero 
"You will know the sting of winter."

Kuai Liang, God of Blue-Coded Cryomancers (Sub-Zero II [actually Sub-Zero VI], Tundra, Cyber Sub-Zero, Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, Grandmaster Blueberry Ice, Chilly-Willy, Snowman, Scorpion II)
Cyber Sub-Zero 
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God when Wielding the Dragon Medallion
  • Symbol: The Dragon Medallion and the Lin Kuei Symbol
  • Theme Music: Helado by Harvard Bass, Chinese Ninja Warrior by The Immortals, Lin Kuei Raceway, Lin Kuei Temple (MKX Round 1, Round 2, Round 3),
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, formerly Lawful Neutral (Forcibly Lawful Evil when under Command of the Cyber Lin Kuei or as a Revenant)
  • Portfolio: Cryomancy, Smashing Ices Into Pieces, Highly Visible Ninjas (Sorry, we Meant Lin Kuei), Reluctant Warrior, Meaningful Name, The Abel to Bi-Han's Cain, Proves to be Better than his Direct Predecessor, Turning Good, Defecting From a Bad Organization and Rejoining to Said Organization as a Force of Good, Legacy Character, Having Three Variations (Cryomancer, Unbreakable, Grandmaster)
  • Domains: Destruction, Ice, Kombat, Good, Mentors, Siblings
  • Heralds: Tomas Vrabada/Smoke (his best friend, shared with Cyrax), Sareena, the loyal members of the Lin Kuei.
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Syzoth/Reptile, Ermac
  • Enemies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva
  • Respects: Clark Kent/Superman, Anna, Sasuke Uchiha, Eddard "Ned" Stark, Master Oogway, Master Splinter
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Conflicting Opinion: Mr. Freeze, Kolin
  • Kuai Liang was once a member of the legendary clan of assassins known as the Lin Kuei, renowned for their ferocity and skills in kombat and killing. He initially took up the name of Tundra while his older brother, Bi-Han, was honored with the title of Sub-Zero. However, Kuai Liang's time as an assassin in the Lin Kuei was to take a drastic turn, starting with the fateful day Bi-Han was killed by the vengeful Shirai Ryu Spectre named Scorpion, forcing Kuai to inherit the Sub-Zero mantle in the hopes of avenging and honoring his brother by defeating Scorpion in kombat. However, at the same time, the Lin Kuei were going through a process known as the Cyber Initiative, which was to convert all of their members into mechanical cyborgs in an attempt to reach the peak of their fighting and kombat prowess. Kuai Liang objected to the process and defected from the Lin Kuei, instead choosing to fight and join alongside the forces of Earthrealm under the God of Thunder, Raiden. Deciding to bury his feud with Scorpion after learning about the true circumstances of the Shirai Ryu clan's massacre, Kuai Liang would also later encounter Bi-Han now resurrected by Quan Chi as a wraith known as Noob Saibot, and their differing alignments and goals meant that Kuai now had to oppose and fight against the very brother whom he looked up to and desired to avenge.
    • Sub-Zero, like the rest of the other combatants, met their end in the Battle of Armageddon, though, in a revised timeline, events went on a different path when Kuai Liang himself was captured, converted into a cyborg, joined with the Earthrealm forces anyway, and was later offed by an empowered Sindel. Initially resurrected as a revenant to serve under Shinnok and Quan Chi, Kuai Liang was later restored to life by the efforts of Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade, and during his travels, discovered that the Lin Kuei was wholly cyberized. Devastated and enraged, he confronted and reprogrammed Cyrax into regaining his sentience, working together to bring down the clan's grandmaster, Sektor, which they succeeded in. Cyrax chose to detonate himself and the other members of the Cyber Lin Kuei so that Kuai Liang could start the clan all over again as its new grandmaster. Ever since then, he has continued to align himself with Earthrealm and its interests, becoming a steadfast defender and eventually coming to terms with Hanzo Hasashi and declaring a partnership with the similarly reformed Shirai Ryu, as demonstrated with their battles against the forces of the fallen Elder God, Shinnok and the Time Titaness, Kronika.
  • Kuai Liang has been a veteran in the Pantheon, having been ascended shortly after his resurrection and his rebuilding of the Lin Kuei into a force of good. Not surprisingly, given that the presence of Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi, Shinnok, and Kronika are not just intact in the new realm, but still intend on carrying out their devious desires, he was very quick to get himself in contact with the Grand United Alliance of Good and establish a position there as a leading general for his clan's warriors as well as many others but justified himself by stating that ever since his revival, he's committed himself to be a leader in an effort to atone for the wrongs that his clan committed as well as provide a beacon of protection from whatever threats try to endanger his world. His efforts were seen as commendable by many and he's won himself plenty of supporters since, despite his once fearsome and brutal reputation. That said, while Sub-Zero admits to seeing the Pantheon as a second home of sorts and is more than welcome to accepting new alliances and friends whom he can align and fight with, he's also made it clear that if pushed sufficiently, he will not hesitate to kill when necessary, even if said threat happens to be his older brother, Bi-Han, who since becoming Noob Saibot, has remained Sub-Zero's most personal nemesis.
  • The feud between Scorpion and Sub-Zero was a very well-noted one, with both of them desiring vengeance against each other, seeing as Bi-Han was assumed to have killed Scorpion's wife, son, and clan whereas Scorpion returned the favor by killing Bi-Han later on, leading to Kuai Liang adopting his brother's identity and wishing to defeat Scorpion to avenge his Bi-Han's death. It wasn't until later on that they finally buried their enmity and chose to commit their focus on defending Earthrealm, if mainly because it was really Quan Chi who killed Scorpion's family and misled him by accusing Bi-Han, all in a ploy to get two enforcers on his side, succeeding with Bi-Han as he became Noob Saibot. This tale was actually known even before the two ascended into the Pantheon, though these days, they're more likely to either be fighting each other as a means to hone their strengths or working together to combat a mutual foe. As a result, they've formed their own Deadly Alliance, using their combined might of ice and fire to avenge those in need as well as punish the wicked for their sins. While not the most powerful heroic figures by any stretch, they are among the most feared thanks to their tenacity and willingness to be brutal and unforgiving towards their enemies.
  • As the second Mortal Kombat contestant and sixth person overall to inherit the mantle of Sub-Zero, Kuai Liang is a cryomancer with the ability to create, control, and manipulate ice into whatever effect and style he wishes to conjure it. Naturally, he was inducted into the Hall of Ice and Cold where there was a whole population of similar-powered beings like he was, but despite his relatively simple uses in ice compared to many others, Kuai Liang still managed to differentiate himself from the rest, namely by having a level of authority and leadership that many have seen as commendable and worthy for a hero, as well as his mastery and sharp knowledge of how to use the cold for his benefit. Though his cryomancy is not as flashy or spectacular, Kuai Liang makes up for it by mixing it up with his martial arts skills as well as his former occupation as an assassin, turning him into among the most formidable, feared, and strongest cryomancers in the Pantheon. Even so, Sub-Zero is aware the Pantheon is home to a series of powerful foes, some familiar, some new, and that regardless of his own craft, he feels the need to improve his skills and authority for upcoming battles.
  • His title as the grandmaster of the reformed Lin Kuei has alerted quite a few figures in the Pantheon, with most praising Sub-Zero for doing the best he can to bring it up to a high moral standard and protecting his world by looking after and training the next generation of fighters in preparation. The assassination band, Night Raid, was among those who took up to respect Kuai Liang as both of them shared a similar desire for helping people out, regardless of their ruthless occupation. Kuai similarly respected the group for their efforts in liberating a corrupted empire from a politically and morally spoilt government and upon hearing of their sacrifices, stated that they should be honored to die for a just cause and to continue on with their duty. One survivor, Akame, has oddly found herself associating herself closely with Kuai, as the two could relate to having to serve a corrupted organization and having to fight a sibling due to their differing alignments and grudges, Akame's case being her younger sister, Kurome. Sub-Zero, at the very least, presented some appreciation for the girl for at least managing to reconcile with her sister in some way, whether Kurome either survived or died in battle against her older sister, something which can't be said about Kuai's own feud with Bi-Han.
    • In addition to Night Raid, Sub-Zero would also come to learn of the empire that they had attempted to take down, and while he clearly came to dislike its prime minister, Honest, his bigger enmity was towards its army general, Esdeath. Much like Kuai himself, Esdeath also had control over ice, but rather than use her powers to provide something beneficial, she instead chose to serve a corrupt empire and choose to sate her bloodthirsty desires of killing as well as dominating others. Kaui saw her as not too different from what Shao Kahn usually does whenever he decides to invade realms and has dedicated his time to stop the empire's most feared general by any means. In an odd contrast, Esdeath's belief of the strong dominating the weak meant that she sees Sub-Zero as a Worthy Opponent after he had confronted and defeated a large portion of her personal troops. She confided that if it weren't for Tatsumi, or that Kuai Liang looks rather rugged, Esdeath would have fallen in love with him, much to the grandmaster's dismay.
  • He naturally opposes the Grand United Alliance of Machines, given his own experience regarding the Cyber Lin Kuei. As far as he is concerned, while Kuai Liang doesn't necessarily oppose sentient machines and thinks that they have a right to coexist with organic life and even cooperate to lead a life together, the GUAM was a reminder of the Cyber Initiative's goal to cyberize organic life as they believe robotizing one's self would remove the restraints of being organic and reach one's true potential. Of course, Kuai feels repulsed by this notion, believing that willingly choosing to convert one's self into a machine means taking away their own humanity and possibly their own consciousness, as his friend, Cyrax, had been through. Taking notice of the Cyber Initiative's desires as well as an alliance with Sektor and Triborg, the GUAM is willing to accelerate this plan as a means to bolster their own forces, and if it means spiting Sub-Zero, either by principle or directly, then so be it. Kuai isn't going to let any of this happen under his own watch.
    • Then there was an instance where he was approached by the Tenno. At first, Kuai Liang thought they were agents of GUAM or another squad of Tekunin coming for him but it turns out that the Tenno didn't come with bad intentions. The Grandmaster was understanding of their situation and having heard of his mighty ice powers, the ones who used Frost Warframes wanted to train under him. Ironically, his acceptance of them ended up enraging Frost more; considering that Kuai Liang has now taken cybernetic beings under him and continues to call her a disgrace, she feels he is being a Hypocrite. However, he doesn't think so, as for one the Tenno don't have any lust for power like she did when she was part of the Lin Kuei.
    • Additionally, Sub-Zero has met with one of the GUAM's leaders, Brainiac, in an event where his attempts to push back Kotal Kahn's invading troops resulted in Kuai being magically transported into another world where superheroes thrived, yet were distrusted due to the actions of an alternate Superman. It just so happened that Kuai Liang was seeking a way back to his realm when Brainiac attacked and while he was successful in repelling the Coluan, he was open to the idea of training the younger members of the Justice League, namely Supergirl, Blue Beetle, and Firestorm, and fighting against the One-Earth Regime. He's retained these thoughts and memories in the Pantheon, and while his willingness to kill was a point of contention, Kuai has remained on good terms with the Justice League. And of course, Brainiac's actions are similar to Shinnok's, minus the "collection bit", which has motivated Kuai to fight against the Coluan should the latter ever be planning or initiating an attack in the Pantheon.
  • He has quite an interesting relationship with Batman and Superman, all things considered. They're allies of course, though the main difference lies in Sub-Zero's willingness to kill, something which Batman seeks to avert at any cost. They did meet each other at one point during a fight against Shao Kahn and Darkseid, and Kuai was once inspired by The Dark Knight to become a heroic vigilante at one point. In the Pantheon, Kuai Liang has nothing but admiration for the Man of Steel and feels that it is always an honor to be fighting alongside him, which Superman appreciated. With Batman, Sub-Zero does commend him for his battle against crime and is open to the idea of working together, though the Caped Crusader states that he'll be needing the Lin Kuei Grandmaster only when a desperate situation calls, given that he feels uneasy about working with those who would kill willingly. Superman doesn't actually mind the "kill-policy", despite his more extroverted and benevolent naturenote , and doesn't mind Sub-Zero being around for company. At the very least, he can serve as a good mentor or an aide to the Justice League from time to time.
    • Damian Wayne and Cassandra Cain were two children who were born and raised to be assassins by their parents and they certainly have proven themselves to be far deadlier than their youth and precociousness implies. However, this has also severely stunted and damaged their social and emotional psyches, to such an extent where Cassandra was unable to talk and Damian was initially aloof and confrontational, at least until Batman came to formally look after them as his children, with Damien being his biological son. Kuai Liang is eager to see their combat prowess and believes that they hold great potential as protectors of Gotham and Earth if they commit themselves greatly to the task of defending their home. He personally respects and sees great potential in the two of them, especially towards Cassandra, while he has made attempts to personally mentor Damian in his own way if mainly to teach him on how to control his temper. As a result, Sub-Zero fights both of Batman's protégés as a way for them to hone their skills and often offers advice for them in battle. It helps that Damian, an animal lover, wants to hitch a ride on one of Kuai's frost dragons, which the grandmaster has offered on the bet of defeating him in fair combat, likely as a good way of motivation.
  • The Lin Kuei's nature as an organization for skilled and powerful ninjas caught the attention of a similar group known as the League of Assassins, led by the mysterious and immortal Ra's al Ghul. Initially, Ra's scheduled a meeting, desiring to align his group with Sub-Zero's hoping that their combined might can result in creating the most feared clan of ninjas in the Pantheon. Kuai Liang accepted the invitation, however, their discussions of an alliance ended in failure as Kuai and Ra's found each other to be too different; yes, the League of Assassins do (ostensibly) want to benefit their world, but Sub-Zero was disappointed by Ra's' willingness to undertake underhanded actions such as threatening the lives of millions and gambling with others' lives in his twisted perspective of protecting and saving the world. They called off their meeting and have remained on poor terms. Even so, Sub-Zero has a lower opinion towards Ra's' daughter, Talia, as her actions were more personal, and thus, worse, in addition to Talia acting more openly condescending and cruel towards her enemies.
  • The Lin Kuei are sometimes said to be a clan of ninjas. It's actually not, though their attire and their reputation as assassins and hooded, masked warriors certainly give off ninja vibes, as much as Kuai would like to deny this claim. Even so, it doesn't deter him from being associated with ninjas every so often, and the Pantheon hasn't been any different. For one, Kuai had a peculiar meeting with Sasuke Uchiha and sympathized with his plight of being the sole surviving member of the Uchiha Clan, given that Kuai Liang himself is the last living reminder of the original version of the Lin Kuei, not to mention they have (or in Sasuke's case, had) an intense feud against an older brother. Learning that Sasuke's desire for vengeance was not unlike Scorpion's and that he sought atonement, Kuai was considerate and managed to remain on speaking terms with him. He's also one of the few in the Pantheon to learn of the true circumstances behind the Uchiha massacre, after which he admitted that he'll be willing to have a talk with Sasuke's older brother, Itachi, once the latter finds a way to ascend into the Pantheon.
    • As per anyone else who has encountered him, Kuai Liang views Madara Uchiha with as much disdain as he would for someone as egotistical and defiant as he is. Aside from the fact that he would jeopardize and abandon his own clan simply for disagreeing with him and waging war because he cannot comprehend the idea of a unified alliance as well as petty jealousy, Sub-Zero also got to learn about how Madara became the way he was because of the death of his brothers, especially Izuna, and he personally believes the Uchiha hasn't exactly done a great job in honoring his fallen kin's memory. This happened to strike a nerve with Madara as anything regarding his family tends to be a sensitive topic for him. It's here that Kuai noticed that for all his reputation and influence, Madara lacks discipline and restraint and was not hesitant in pointing this information out towards him, to which Madara reacted aggressively. Luckily, Sub-Zero was aided by Sasuke during that time, but Madara has asserted that he will kill Kuai the next time he mentions his family ever again. The grandmaster finds it confusing on how he wants to bring peace, yet is adamant in wanting a battle every now and then, and notes that while Madara has abandoned the original intent of using the Infinite Tsukuyomi, his new plans are not for the greater good as far as Kuai is concerned, especially considering that Madara has been eyeing for Kronika's Hourglass for quite some time.
  • He has gained what most would consider an Odd Friendship with Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Beyond the two of them being formidable controllers of ice, they are also burdened with the task of being a leader of a sizable community of people as well as having struggled with some sort of struggle regarding their occupation, with Sub-Zero having to defect from his clan at one point and Elsa fearing that her nature as a cryomancer could jeopardize Arendelle and her relationships with her closest ones, especially her younger sister, Anna. Funnily enough, the main reason Kuai and Elsa got to know each other was that Johnny Cage insisted on calling Frost "Elsa", and, when finally annoyed enough, the Deceptive Disciple had enough and decided to meet up with Elsa. Ironically for her, Frost's hostility towards Elsa and attacking her was what led to the Queen of Arendelle becoming friends with the Lin Kuei Grandmaster. Elsa is grateful for Kuai Liang's support and the promise of being able to better her control over her ice powers, given Sub-Zero's own mastery of that particular element. Meanwhile, Frost has vented that Sub-Zero has grown weaker since he's taken to mentoring Elsa, but some, her own allies included have noted that Frost is acting out that way because either she's actually jealous of Elsa being more approving in Sub-Zero's perspective, or really being unable to comprehend the fact that Elsa may well be latently stronger than Frost.
    • On the subject of siblings, Elsa was saddened to learn that Kuai Liang is on terrible terms with Bi-Han and offered condolences over his troubles. Given that Elsa herself was an older sibling who was idolized by a younger sibling, she could see why Sub-Zero felt sensitive about the subject of siblings. While he doesn't comment much about his own blood relative, he does offer a degree of respect towards Anna, whom Kuai could see as a respectable follow-up in looking after Arendelle as well as reminding Kuai of his younger self to an extent, back when he looked up to Bi-Han. Anna, like Elsa, was upset to learn of Kuai Liang and Bi-Han's bad blood with one another but assured that she would be open to working with Sub-Zero in maintaining good relations with Arendelle and the Lin Kuei as well as peace in the Pantheon, regardless of how hard the task is.
  • He's seen as… "radical" by the Ninja Turtle, Michaelangelo, which initially didn't go off so well as he started giving off Johnny Cage vibes with his humorous demeanor. That said, Kuai Liang decided to confront and fight the Ninja Turtles, being able to defeat Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello before engaging in a fierce fight against Leonardo. While the battle ended in a tie, Sub-Zero took the time to commend each of the turtles' strengths and feats in their match, whilst also highlighting potential weaknesses, whilst finally praising Leonardo for being an effective leader. This display of honor and discipline eventually allowed the Ninja Turtles to respect Kuai in return and since then, they sometimes tend to keep Sub-Zero in contact in case they have a friend in need for any threat they come across. In the grandmaster's perspective, he believes the turtles are an effective team and, when sufficiently motivated, can be true heroes on a good day, though he does often need to lecture on Michaelangelo's light-headedness and Raphael's impulsive nature. He does appreciate Donatello for his analytical skill and genuinely sees Leonardo as someone who could be a potential candidate for his Lin Kuei organization.
    • Additionally, Sub-Zero's relationship with the Ninja Turtles would eventually lead to him also learning about the Foot Clan and their notorious leader, The Shredder. It didn't take long before Kuai declared Shredder an enemy to the Lin Kuei for their years of unethical and dishonorable practices of their actions and intent to Take Over the World on several occasions, with Shredder reigning control. Whilst initially comparing him to Shao Kahn, Kuai Liang also noticed one particular iteration of Shredder, namely the Utrom Shredder, Chrell, and how his innermost desire is to destroy multiverses just to assure he can kill off his arch-enemies, suddenly reminding Sub-Zero of Shinnok and further justifying his stance of opposing him. Shredder, conversely, sees him as merely another friend to the Ninja Turtles, though admits that he takes Kuai a little more seriously than most of his other enemies as the Lin Kuei grandmaster once pulverizes a Foot Clan squad and challenged an iteration of Shredder with brutal results on Sub-Zero's favor.
  • He once took interest in a world known as Westeros, which was dominated by political shrewdness and acts of deceit and cruelty, prospects that Kuai has done a lot to avoid for his iteration of the Lin Kuei. Furthering this, the fact that the world's greatest threat, The Night King, has great control over ice as well as the undead, put Sub-Zero at a point of unease, seeing as he quickly registered him as a grave threat that needs to be stopped. The concern for a new enmity aside, he found new allies in the House of Stark, commending Ned's nature as a good ruler and father, Jon Snow as a capable leader and a true man of honor, and respecting Arya for her skill and ferocity as an assassin to the point where Sub-Zero even offered her a position in the Lin Kuei, which Arya declined, stating that while they have a common goal of maintaining the reputation and status of what they hold important, she has other desires in her mind, namely to travel to new lands, which Kuai respected, stating that he'll be available whenever Arya needs help.
    • At one point, he did have a reliable ally in Daenerys Targaryen, as it turned out that the two had very common goals and desires, namely to restore and revamp the reputation of an organization in which they initially came from as well as rise up to become prominent leaders who could make a difference to their worlds. Sadly, Daenerys succumbed to loss and hatred, becoming a mass destroyer with the intent to invade and subjugate other lands into her dominion, and Kuai was upset and disappointed to learn of the outcome, especially when Daenerys had to be killed by Jon to prevent her from becoming a tyrant and potentially becoming worse than her predecessors. While Daenerys still desires good, she's since lost whatever goodwill she had with Kuai Liang and the two are on poor terms with one another. Interestingly, Kuai himself had also found and bred two dragons into his services, making sure that Daenerys's mounts, especially Drogon, have someone whom they have equal footing against in case the worst situation between Sub-Zero and Daenerys breaks out.
  • Sub-Zero also found interest in a collective of anthropomorphic animals who are part of the Jade Palace, consisting of a Red Panda named Shifu and a turtle named Oogway, who served as the heads of the palace, a quintet of skilled warriors known as the Furious Five, and a panda named Po. Their resolve and commitment to honor impressed Kuai Liang, though initially, he was skeptical at why Po was considered to be the Dragon Warrior. As a form of demonstration, he challenged Po in combat, and while each of them landed some good blows, the match was abruptly cut by Oogway, who took to explaining Kuai just why Po was considered the Dragon Warrior. These two events have helped Sub-Zero to better understand and get along with the Panda, even if his laid-back attitude reminds him of Johnny and Cassie, and it helped that Po found Kuai to be a genuinely good challenge and was happier to see that he got a new friend to tag along with. The grandmaster also learned about the former Dragon Warrior-to-be, Tai Lung, and was surprised to hear that he shared a good deal of similarities to his own former apprentice, Frost. That said, there isn't a chance of a civil arrangement to be had as Tai Lung is dead-set on reclaiming his title, and that Kuai Liang personally irritates him of being similar to Shifu. On the contrary, Kuai pities him, though he would not hesitate in brutalizing him if they were to ever battle.
  • His opinion towards other cryomancers widely varies depending on their alignment, though some can elicit a nuanced perspective on his part. For one, while he doesn't like Captain Cold for leading what he thinks is a disingenuous lifestyle, what with his insistence on honor and standards while operating as a criminal, he feels sympathetic for Mr. Freeze, seeing as Victor became a villain due to tragic circumstances and has been in a perpetual cycle of wanting revenge and trying to cure his wife's illness ever since. Kuai believes that reaching out and helping his issues can redeem him, but Freeze has been quite hard to approach, choosing instead to remain solitary as a means of remembering happier times of him being with his wife, Nora. Another cryomancer, Kolin, has displayed great use of her abilities, but her ties to the Illuminati have made Kuai rather skeptical about her allegiances and desires, instead seeking to approach Kolin with caution. On a lighter note, Sub-Zero does enjoy the companies of Jack Frost and Cygnus Hyoga, given their own commitment to protecting others as well as proving their own heroic actions as influential towards others. The fact that they see Kuai as a teacher of sorts due to his experience also helps with them having a strong, reliable partnership with one another.
"Let the cold be your tomb."

Lesser Gods

    Mei-Ling Zhou 
Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou, Goddess of Less-Than-Harmful Freezings (Mei, Adventuring Climatologist, The Face of Pure Evil, Satan, Mei Bae)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Snowball, her Robot Buddy
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ice-Manipulating Tools, Freezings That Don't Do Much Damage, Being A Dorky Cute Scientist, Killing With Ice Lance, Nice Girl, Apparently Buxom Under The Coat, Freeze Ray, Cyro-Sleeping Into A Harsh Future, 'Concentration' Face, Saying "Sorry" A Lot, Big Beautiful Woman
  • Domains: Ice, Knowledge, Heroes
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Junkrat & Roadhog, Reaper, Widowmaker, The Pyro, Pet Shop, anyone who is a bully to others.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jin Kisaragi, Kokonoe A. Mercury,
  • Friendly Enemy: Mr. Freeze
  • Opposed by: Anyone who has seen what's under her coat and lacks them.
  • As a scientist, particularly climatology, Mei had her experience with a lot of cold weathers. In the middle of research on a cold region, she went into cryo-sleep and froze herself. She came out harmless, even if others don't. She then used her knowledge and power in battles between the Overwatch and its opposers... until when she froze herself, then woke up in the middle of the Trope Pantheons, apparently being chosen as those who advocate for freezing without harming others... mostly. After a bit fumbling, Mei accepted it.
  • While Mei at the outside looked positive and harmless, you really shouldn't push her buttons too much. She hates bullies above all else (this is why she really respects those who hunts one, like Kenshiro or Jimmy Hopkins), and if push came to shove... she will not relent in spraying you with her Freeze Ray, leaving you helpless as she stares at you, aims for your head and then shoot a killing ice lance through your skull. Especially when she does that when you were not prepared. Truly... the face of pure evil. That's why sometimes people like to call her Satan.
    • But on the other hand, she's so bae...
    • And how she's called Satan made her actually bond with another furball who's also called Satan, Teemo. Mei thinks he's very cute and cuddly.
  • She likes to downplay her achievements and efforts in trying to solve climate problems and tends to gush over other Gods she befriended with, only to be replied with statements that she herself is a big hero for her efforts.
  • Don't ask about her waist size, is it big or is it slim? We still get headaches about it.
  • She quickly became fast friends with Litchi Faye-Ling as both liked to exchange their research notes, in addition of being fellow Chinese girls with glasses, and Mei likes to nudge her to go meet her fellow Overwatch crew Mercy for her medical expertise. As well, Mei also completely did not blame Litchi for doing all those craps for the world in desperation and tends to try and give her a shoulder to listen to. Though one thing Mei don't get about Litchi is that... how did she maintain such a slim figure despite such humongous boobies that probably beat hers? (She's not jealous, what are you talking about?)
    • On the other hand, Mei has less respect for both Jin Kisaragi and Kokonoe A. Mercury. In the case of Jin, it's because his snobbish personality is slightly similar to the bullies she hated, despite the two cryomancers having the same goal. she was absolutely flabbergasted on Kokonoe's amoral attitude, the latter not being above ruining the world without any second thoughts in order to achieve her goal, clashing with Mei's philosophy: "Our world is worth fighting for." She's even more appalled with Kokonoe's decision to leave Litchi to suffer. While some people may praise Kokonoe and her genius, Mei will not. Even after everything with Litchi was cleared up, Mei still does not get along with Kokonoe, since she still comes off like an insufferable brat.
    Mei: You're all just some no-good people. How can you even look at yourselves in front of a mirror?
    Kokonoe: ...well, looks like my stupid student has a fan, at least.
    Jin: Woman... You're not worth my time. Get out.
  • Even if she's friends with them, she does feel a bit unnerved anytime Sub-Zero breaks a Human Popsicle or whenever Kenshiro makes someone's head asplode. Then again, they wonder why is she ok with shooting icicles at the helpless opponents that she freezes.
  • At one point, Corrin has approached her and wondered if she could sing a song he brought, titled "if ~ hitori omou" (Internationally: "Lost in Thoughts All Alone"). Mei was shocked on why she was asked for this, but ultimately declined. She's a scientist, not a singer. Not to mention, she actually HEARD the song and she knew that's just a voice not similar to hers.
    • It became a moot point when Azura and Fuuka Akitsuki later ascended. Thanks to having the same voice actress, they became friends.
  • She's well advised to not open her jacket whenever she's in the vicinity of the League of Flat Chest. Reactions may be... unpleasant. We know why.
  • Sometimes she took part in a firefighter team and even used her freezing spray to douse out fires. Hey, she's a scientist, she just developed her brand of ice that does not melt from fire. Totally harmless, too! Look at how many times she put herself in those icebergs.
  • Although initially intrigued by his ability to generate and control ice despite seeming like an unassuming falcon, Mei is very much disturbed by Pet Shop. Fittingly for her hatred of bullies, she especially despises his horrifying levels of brutality toward his various victims, as well as having natural powers similar to her own freezing equipment that he dedicates to torturing and killing innocents.
  • She sometimes gets called to observe missions undertaken by Solid Snake, who can only wonder with how Mei took up her Mission Control with some Chinese proverbs, "Uh, how many Mei-Lings are there here?"
  • When the Lunar New Year came around, Mei wore a special dress for the occasion. This caught the attention of Chang'e who was surprised to see someone wearing a similar outfit that she used back when she got married and then actually bonded with Mei over the shared feeling of solitude that they underwent in the past.
    • The dress was surprisingly at a time making Mei look actually slimmer than she usually was. She was at first happy about it, until she found out that there was an error within the cloth that Chang'e eventually fixed. Still, as a result of this, Mei sulked in her own house for a day.
  • Mei and Mr. Freeze respect each other's skills with Cryotechnology, but:
    • Mei can understand Freeze's motivations but is saddened at how he has let it push him down the slippery slope.
    • Freeze respects Mei's ambitions, but her eternal optimism grates with his own dour personality.
  • Whenever the Halloween season comes around, Mei dons a costume of a Jiangshi, she even hops like one. One day while wearing his costume and wandering around the pantheon, she stumbled upon Hsien-Ko who confused Mei for one of her own. Admittedly Mei was scared of Hsien-Ko, but because she was so friendly they ended up becoming friends.
  • Around the Christmas season, Mei is usually the one initiating snowball fights with other pantheon residents. Sometimes she ends up playing with clones of herself (don't ask where they come from, nobody knows) and result tends to be rather violent. According to Soldier: 76 (Who for some reason supervises all the Meis) has stated that this is an important mission and this group of Meis are the best of the best soldiers he could recruit.
    • Other times, Mei also likes to go Yeti Hunting with another four of her Mei clones. They have clarified that they do this for scientific reasons and don't want to hurt the yeti, but the creature is prone to retaliating when provoked so they have no choice but to fight back. There was one specific instance where the Yeti being hunted was Skips, but thankfully he was more persuasive that the other yeti they usually go after and he gladly offered to be studied.
  • Recently, she was invited into the Battlefield of the Nexus.