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The House of Ice and Cold comes in the form of a cold and massive island made entirely out of ice and snow. Notable for being unmeltable, snow and ice is often exported from there for youthful gods to make into snowmen or ice castles. The temperature of the island drops rapidly as one gets closer to the core of it, to the point that air exhaled from breaths will turn into ice. Users of fire magic will struggle to cast even one fire spell should they ever find themselves on the ice island, though that doesn't stop some from trying anyway.


Plant deities are advised not to enter due to the damage the cold does. Warm winter clothes are available, and in a worst case scenario doctors will help treat colds and frostbite. Skiing and curling events happen here.

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Greater Gods

Kaldr, Unholy Embodiment of Frozen Evil (Ancient Apparition)

Intermediate Gods

    Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians
Jack Frost, God of Snow Symbolism of Love and Death (Guardian of Fun)

    Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero 
Kuai Liang, God of Destruction Through Freezing (Sub-Zero II, Sub-Zero VI, Tundra, Cyber Sub-Zero, Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, Grandmaster Blueberry Ice)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dragon Medallion and the Lin Kuei Symbol
  • Theme Music: "Chinese Ninja Warrior" or "Helado (Sub-Zero's Theme)" by Harvard Bass
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Cryomancy, Smashing Ices Into Pieces, Highly Visible Ninjas (Sorry, we Meant Lin Kuei), Reluctant Warriors, Meaningful Names, The Abel to Bi-Han's Cain, Turning Good, Defecting From a Bad Organization and Rejoining to Said Organization as a Force of Good, Legacy Characters, Butt Monkeys (Only on Promotional Trailers), Having Three Variations (Cryomancer, Unbreakable, Grandmaster)
  • Domains: Destruction, Ice, Kombat, Good, Mentors
  • Avatar: Steve Blum
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals With: Syzoth/Reptile, Ermac, Natsu Dragneel
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Conflicting Opinion: Mr. Freeze, Kolin
  • Kuai Liang is a powerful cryomancer and the current holder of the title of Sub-Zero. As the grandmaster of the Lin Kuei he commands them and acts as a protector of Earthrealm but his life wasn't a simple one. He and his brother Bi-Han were kidnapped and raised as assassins by the Lin Kuei, and given they descend from an race from Outworld, their powers would have proven useful for the Lin Kuei and indeed they did. Following the death of Bi-Han at the hands of Scorpion, Kuai-Liang would assume the mantle of Sub-Zero and avenge the death of his brother by entering the Mortal Kombat tournament hosted in Outworld, where he would best the revenant that took his brother's life in Kombat and spark a long lasting rivalry between the two. After a long series of event involving being turned into a cyborg, dying against Sindel, raised as a revenant and later returning back to life thanks to Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero ascended into the pantheon, hearing of the tales some of his allies told him and wanting to learn more about this place
  • Despite being good hearted, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and he adopted the same finishing move as his brother, the Spine Rip. Unlike Bi-Han, Kuai-Liang is a lot more likely to freeze his opponents and tear them apart after the fact, something that was one of the main reasons he was accepted as a deity. He is honored to be considered a god, a rank he only thought was only possible for the likes of Raiden.
  • The Pantheon in general is glad that him and Hanzo have finally buried the hatchet and have no issue in working together. Kuai Liang even mourns his death at the hands of D'Vorah and is considering avenging his fallen friend but Hanzo has deterred him from doing so. When they are both working together, few can stop the combined might of Sub-Zero and Scorpion.
  • While a powerful fighter on his own right, some people have noticed him that he tends to die quite a lot in what is called "exhibition matches", where a newly introduced kombatant or a returning one tests their skills against a veteran and usually ends up finishing off whoever is against them, with Kuai Liang being the usual victim. He doesn't mind, although the painful memories about dying a lot stick with him, which could explain his calm and collected attitude to everything.
  • As the Lin Kuei Grandmaster and one of the most skilled cryomancers in the pantheon, it's no wonder people seek him out to improve their cryomantic skills. One of the first to request his training was Queen Elsa, having had troubles with her own powers since a very young age and only now managing to somewhat gain control of them, she was surprised to see someone like Sub-Zero handle ice with no problem. Kuai-Liang sees her as having even more potential than him and so took Elsa under his wing in order to control her own powers, potentially surpassing him if she managed to master them and maybe even learn some of his techniques, like teleporting.
    • Another person that caught his interest was the mysterious Kolin. Her ties to the Illuminati made him hesitant to recruit her, probably putting his clan in danger if he isn't careful. That, and he's been thinking twice about recruiting anyone with mysterious motivations after what happened with Frost.
    • While not learning under him, he tends to spar with both Jack Frost and Cygnus Hyoga, finding them both worthy warriors to learn from. He is not exactly upset that he is not the holder of the An Ice Person title and respects Cygnus for having it anyway, preaching that he might not be up to the task yet.
  • Was overjoyed to reunite with both Smoke and Cyrax, two Lin Kuei comrades that were close to him. Losing Smoke to the Netherrealm and Cyrax to the Tekunin is something that still haunts him but the pantheon has given Kuai Liang the chance to right those wrongs. Seeing that Sektor ascended not that long after Cyrax established himself, Sub-Zero has put all his efforts into defeating him once and for all and avenge all the Lin Kuei members that suffered under him. This also extends to Triborg, a cybernetic almagamation of Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke and even him, who follows Sektor's directive of keeping the Tekunin going.
    • However, the last person he expected to be aligned with the Cyber-Lin Kuei was Frost. She used to be one of his most promising students but her impatience and lust for power, coupled with her disdain of the Shirai Ryu forced Kuai Liang to vanish her. In the events where Kronika tried to create a new era, Frost allied with the Titan in an effort to gain more power and take over the Lin Kuei. Frost is one of the people that Sub-Zero will admit he is dissapointed with and thinks she is a lost cause.
  • He and Raiden used to be at odds, especially because his actions were responsible for turning him and other Earthrealm warriors into Revenants, not to mention Raiden's transition into Dark Raiden. For a time he met two new deities that filled the void of Raiden, being the former Warchief Thrall and the vampiress Rachel Alucard, the three keeping a cordial relationship and trying to do their best to keep everything in the pantheon under control. Rachel was also the one that informed Kuai Liang of Shinnok's attempts at claiming the Booster Gear from Issei Hyodo and so he decided to aid them whenever he could.
    • However, some timeline shifts have removed Dark Raiden from existance and he only know manifests occassionally. Raiden is ashamed of that version's actions and seeks to atone, asking both him and Grandmaster's Hasashi support to restore order in the pantheon. Sub-Zero saw that Raiden regretted his action and decided to forgive him. Even then, he still keeps in touch with Thrall and Rachel.
  • He is not fond of cybernetics after being forcefully turned into Cyber Sub-Zero. However, he is tolerant of other machine creations if they have good intentions and that's how, thanks to Cyrax, he ended up meeting Victor Stone. Having been a good help for Cyrax, Kuai Liang decided to befriend him and this also lead to the two trying to fend of Frost after she attempted to get ahold of some of Cyborg's equipment.
    • Then there was an instance where he was approached by the Tenno. At first Kuai Liang thought they were agents of GUAM or another squad of Tekunin coming for him but it turns out that the Tenno didn't come with bad intentions. The Grandmaster was understanding of their situation, having heard of his mighty ice powers, the ones used Frost Warframes wanted to train under him. He accepted them, ironically this ended up enraging Frost more, considering that Kuai Liang has now taken cybernetics beings under him and continues to call her a disgrace, she feels he is being a Hypocrite. However, he doesn't think so, for once the Tenno don't have any lust for power like she did when she was part of the Lin Kuei.
  • Thanks to a timeline rift, he found himself in a strange world where Superman became a tyrant. Kuai Liang was already familiar with a few of the universe' residents but their behavior and personality were radically different and during his time there he tried to both fix whatever problem that timeline was suffering and recruit allies for the Lin Kuei. This event personally clued him that both Damian and Cassandra Wayne could become powerful assets for the Pantheon and decided to seek them out to prevent any of the two from straying too far, mostly after seeing what happened with Damian's Regime self. Batman has personally thanked Sub-Zero for taking care of them.
  • When asked about Freeze Rays, he usually answers that he doesn't mind them and that they can hardly harm him. His temple is located near Mei-Ling Zhou's home and he did take surprise at seeing a makeshift weapon able to freeze like that. Both are goo terms, although Mei is unnerved at how Kuai Liang executes his frozen targets.
    • That said, he once encountered two deities with Freeze Rays that weren't exactly nice to him. He was already familiar with Captain Cold and Sub-Zero is angry that he tried to steal the Dragon Medallion from him. With Mr. Freeze is a different story, he pities how far the man has fallen to save a loved one while Victor only sees potential in Kuai Liang, given that his body would allow him to further his research.
  • Shortly after the defeat of Shinnok, he and his clan found eggs from a frost dragon and the hatchlings became a powerful asset for the Lin Kuei, transforming it into a Dragon Rider clan. This managed to catch the attention of Daenerys Targaryen and she approached Sub-Zero to learn more about his dragons. While contrasting elements, the Grandmaster welcomed Daenerys and has allowed her to study the frost dragons closer, possibly being key in the defeat of the Night's King.
  • He is not the first one to carry the Sub-Zero name, being a title being passed in his family for generations. His predecessor was Bi-Han, his older brother and someone he used to admire but having seen him reborn as Noob Saibot has soured the relationship of both brothers, to the point that Kuai-Liang has completely disowned Bi-Han. Of course, finding out he is a deity has not amused Sub-Zero at all and hearing that he is now part of High Command made him worried for the pantheon's safety, so he tried to enlist the help of all the allies he could find.
    • This history of brotherly conflict has allowed him to meet other people with similar issues. Having heard rumors that Hanzo sounds a lot like him, he was curious of Ragna the Bloodedge and that allowed him to meet his brother, Jin Kisaragi, who at the time was a bit of jerk but now he has mellowed considerably. He keeps an eye on them on behalf of Rachel.
    • This was also the reason why he met Akame. She and her sister Kurome remind him a lot of him and Bi-Han, only if the roles were reversed. At first she didn't have a strong opinion on him, having similar powers like General Esdeath certainly didn't help, but she ended up praising his dedication to his own clan the same way she was close to her Night Raid comrades.
    • On a different note, he is glad to see both Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin embrace each other after finding out they are sisters instead of keep fighting each other. A stark contrast with what ended up happening between him and Bi-Han, but deep down he does want to redeem his brother somehow. That said, he has no respect for their mother, Ragyo, comparing her and her life fibers to Shang Tsung and his twisted creations.
  • He is aware the cryomancy can be used for evil and Sub-Zero has taken a stance against all evil ice users. Particularly he opposes Kaldr the Ancient Apparition the most, being the highest ranking deity in the subhouse he resides would give the rest a bad impression and so he is trying to demonstrate that not all cryomancers are cold-hearted.
    • Then there was Esdeath. He heard some stories about her from several people, including Akame who was the one that managed to put her down. He is impressed with her cryomancy skills but definitely not at all with her sadism and beliefs. That and the fact that she was the one that recruited Bi-Han for High Command has made her a target for Kuai Liang. She does respects him, mostly his dedication to his clan and his brutal fighting style, but she thinks he is soft and that his brother would be a better Grandmaster to his clan.
  • Yes, he is very aware of the existance of ice puns. He thinks everyone who keeps saying it to him are more immature than Johnny Cage.
  • "You will know the sting of winter"

    Queen Elsa 
Queen Elsa, Goddess of Winter-Themed Rulers (Snow Queen, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, formerly Princess Elsa of Arendelle)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her signature snowflake. Alternatively, a crocus flower, the symbol of her kingdom.
  • Theme Song: "Let It Go"
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Chaotic Good, then Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ice Queen, Defrosting Ice Queen An Ice Person, Broken Bird, former inability to control her powers, Celibate Heroine, The High Queen, Braids of Action, care for her sister, Dreamworks Face, powers based on her emotions, Mystical White Hair, formerly stoic, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Snowlems, unintentionally caused an endless winter in her kingdom, able to undo the endless winter by love, strutting in the light of day
  • Domains: Royalty, Ice, Snow
  • Followers: Kristoff, Sven, all residents of her kingdom
  • Special Relation: Anna (young sister), Olaf (creation), Marshmallow (creation)
  • Allies: Anna, Olaf, every Disney Princess (including Vanellope von Schweetz who doesn't consider herself to be a princess), Weiss Schnee, Sora, Cygnus Hyoga, Rylai, Charlotte LaBouff, Rachel Roth, Kazumi Amano, Ashe, Jarvan IV, Ice King, Jaina Proudmoore, Blanc/White Heart, Regice, Grenth, Anivia, Ymir the Tusk, Bentley Turtle, Mitsuru Kirijo
  • Enemies: Anything that associates with fire (no offense to Gods like Zuko, Scorpion, K', the Human Torch, or Yukiko Amagi), Arthas Menethil, Master Xehanort, Maleficent, Larxene, The Evil Queen, Prince Hans, Penelope Mouse, Tyrantrum (One sided), Caleb Goldman, Jadis, the White Witch
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Rin Tohsaka, Esdeath
  • Complicated Relationship: Jack Frost
  • Elsa was the young ruler of Arendelle, born with the power of controlling and manipulating ice. She was at first embraced her powers until an accident that nearly froze her little sister Anna and scorned her gifts until her coronation when she accidentally revealed them to her people and nearly caused an endless winter in her kingdom. It took the love and sacrifice from her little sister to thaw her frozen heart and returned as a benevolent ruler of Arendelle.
    • Her heart melts again upon reuniting her little sister in the Pantheon.
  • She is a good friend of Mello because of their (and Anna) liking of chocolate.
  • There was once a time when she tried for a title of a literal Ice Queen, unlike that of Mitsuru Kirijo's actual attribute. Since then, she found comfort of a title associating with ice-motif ruler though it's so that she doesn't get the reputation of "executing" her victims. Regardless of that fact, the two are good friends as she seen a bit of her sympathetic side like her caring nature and her appreciation of her late father.
  • She despises Arthas Menethil for his evil use of ice and reminding her a lot of Prince Hans. However, she was able to respect Captain Cold for showing some humanity, despite his evil use of ice, and says Victor Fries' story is genuinely heartbreaking.
  • Many of the Disney Princess were shocked to see that she is crowned Queen and is not evil, considering their stances with them, particularly Snow White. Elsa shows that not all queens in Disney worlds are immediately evil and is willing to help her princess friends with that prospect.
  • She hope to see Lina and Rylai make up and become sisters again, just as how she and Anna were able to rebuild their sisterly relationship after thirteen years of separation and several other problems.
    • Likewise, Elsa wants Rin Tohsaka to make up with her estranged sister Sakura Matou, knowing about the latter's childhood trauma and how having a sister for comfort really helps. Unfortunately, Rin continues to be apathetic to the situation of Sakura; as Elsa doesn't see any way in which this coldness is helpful at all, she and Rin aren't on great terms.
    • Befriended Satsuki and Ryuko for they remind her of her own relationship with her sister sort of.
  • When no one is looking, Elsa has an uncanny ability to phase her braids through her arm. She claims that her hair is very 'complex.'
  • She has made a statement that she is not 'interested' in Jack Frost as much as she's told Nicholas St. North, but she is willing to help Jack with his merriment of snow making.
  • Some people actually want her to be friends with Wreck-it Ralph due to their stance of heroism/villainy. Vanellope likes her a lot and is willing to share hot chocolate with her every now and then.
  • She sympathizes with Rachel Roth over their need to control their power and emotions, the havoc their powers can wreak if left unchecked, and Rachel's belief that she needs to be emotionally closed off from others. They have been helping each other to open up more emotionally.
  • Has met Ice King before and surprisingly, Ice King isn't interested in her as he claims he's only interested in princesses.
  • Her theme song is popular, having been translated to every known language spoken in the Pantheon. The House of Music compiled a whole album based on that one song. It rivals Emmet's theme of "Everything is Awesome!" in pure catchiness. Emmet himself has conceded in knowing that Elsa's song was well-known, and even did his own performance with his LEGO just for her. It has found a special place in the hearts of Himeko, Chikane.
    • Lucifer gives his full recommendation to the song, citing the virtues of letting one's desires and emotions run free rather than bottle it up and put on a false face, and to use your powers to shape the world as you see fit, regardless of what others think: Elsa thinks he's a creep: at least she had the 'decency' to run away to use her power in solitude! Even at her worst, she didn't use her power to bully and crush those weaker than herself!
    • Considering 'building a snowman' or ninety to help out during the Great Upheaval.
  • She doesn't hold any antipathy towards the fire-based gods, but they are her polar opposites, and it's simply not prudent to hang around pyrokinetics when your clothes are made of ice.
  • When she found out the god of Snowlems was a homicidal killer, she personally stormed his temple, destroyed him, and crowned Olaf as the new god in residence. As Jack had fallen into obscurity at the time, few gods objected to the change in leadership.
  • In particular, she is in support of Ashe for her benevolent rule of Avarosa and hopes that one day she would succeed in uniting the region of Freljord.
    • While also forming friendship with the Demacian Prince, Jarvan IV, Elsa has gone around to stop Jarvan into trying to visit the Southern Islands and exact 'righteous' retribution towards Prince Hans for what he did, saying that the past punishment should suffice, and she's taking at heart about those words where people shouldn't be monsters to face one. Out of respect to the Queen, Jarvan complied.
  • In an unfortunate and rather bizarre series of events, Caleb Goldman managed to procure a sample of Elsa's genes, using them to create his masterpiece: a towering, insectoid monster with control over ice, codenamed "The World". Though the monster was destroyed, Elsa is infuriated that Goldman would attempt to do such a thing... and once more unsettled a bit by her own powers after seeing what they could do in the control of a malevolent creature.
  • Elsa has no respect towards Penelope Mouse for her actions against Sly Cooper and Bentley Turtle, because her actions against them both (for money) is almost identical to how Prince Hans tried to kill her and Anna to take her throne for himself.
  • She made it very clear to both Larxene and other Seekers of Darkness that she walks down a path of her own making that will lead into a bright new day for herself, friends, and the kingdom she now wishes to protect with her magic alongside her sister.
  • She certainly despises Jadis, the White Witch who keeps her petrified victims in her courtyard and caused an endless winter in Narnia (and living in a land of snow without Christmas). It doesn't help that Jadis try to pass herself off as her High Priestess, in which ticked off the Snow Queen.
  • Holds a place in the House of Royalty.

Lesser Gods

Cryogonal, Deity of Sizable Snowflakes (The Crystallizing Pokémon, Hex)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A very reflective snowflake
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Moveset: Freeze Dry, Solar Beam, Flash Cannon, Acid Armor
    • Z-Move: Subzero Slammer
  • Portfolio: 3 Foot 7 Snowflake, Extraordinarily Versatile Movepool, Badass Mustache, No Biological Sex (can still learn Attract), Squishy Wizard, Perpetual Frowner, Literal Ice Mon, Our Monsters Are Weird
  • Domains: Ice, Snowflakes, Reflection, Caves, Minerals
  • Allies: Lapras, Regice, Articuno, Victor Fries, Kaldr, Queen Elsa, Ice King, Olaf
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J, Heatran, Brand, Ragnaros the Firelord, the Bittercold, Bright Man
  • Opposes: Any other fire or rock-related deity
  • Annoyed by: The House of Love
  • In cold caves, snow clouds can give birth to a very strange Pokemon. Cryogonal, known as the Crystallizing Pokemon, is made out of ice crystals and essentially a giant snowflake. While pathetic when it comes to physical offense and defense, Cryogonal has excellent special defense and great special attack. With its decent speediness, the Pokemon is a good representation of the Glass Cannon attributes Ice types normally have.
  • Utilizes ice chains to have its prey captive, then freeze them at -148 degrees Fahrenheit. Some think it eats prey similar to how the Wampa eats its prey. Cryogonal's name is derived from "cryo-" and "polygonal". Doesn't seem to cry, and always frowns. This is probably due to having a literal Frozen Face.
  • As a living snowflake, Cryogonal prefers cold conditions and gravitates towards that spread ice. This gets him close to more negative ice users like Kaldr, Mr Freeze and the Ice King. It gravitates towards Queen Elsa for the same reasons.
    • Is on good terms with Olaf, due to being a being made of living ice like itself.
  • For a partner, Cryogonal has decided to choose Yoshino because of her affinity with ice. Because she can generate cold and ice, she helps the Crystalline Pokemon stay solid and healthy.
  • Cryogonal is an anomaly in being one of very few genderless Pokemon who can use Attract, which includes Mew(who can learn every TM), the Staryu line, Minior and Dhelmise. A move that cannot work on or against genderless Pokemon. The House of Love are baffled by this and trying to study it to further research into love within the Pokemon world. Cryogonal doesn't seem to like them that much, as the Pokemon has formed a complex about love.
  • Being a living snowflake, Cryogonal hates anything related to fire or rocks. While most Pokemon are OK with one another, this is not the case with Cryogonal and Heatran-the Crystalline Pokemon is fearful of Heatran due to his massive resistance and type coverage against it. Opposes Brand and Ragnaros as well due to desiring to spread fire everywhere, and like all Pokemon opposes Ghetsis and Hunter J. And while they are both snowflakes, there is no love shared with the Bittercold.
  • Hates bright lights, due to being sensitive to them and sublimate easy. The fact that it can learn Solar Beam hasn't registered with this hatred. It would rather stay in the House of Darkness & Shadow. Really doesn't like Bright Man.
  • Brycen, the most well-known owner of a Cryogonal, is also a movie star in the Pokestar Studios as the villain Brycen-Man and sometimes as Mecha-Cop. The Cryogonal in the pantheon seems interested in this, and as a result sometimes wanders into the House of Theater. It has gotten the job of making ice effects for the movies, and is sometimes used as an antagonist. A one-time anime villain styled himself Cryogonal Man(though didn't have a Cyrogonal), interestingly enough.
  • Looks kind of like Sinistar except made of ice. Some of the gods in Gaming wonder if there was an intentional reference or if it's just a neat coincidence. Cryogonal has responded by using paint to cosplay as the Sinistar during Halloween.
  • Gained an ally in Chuggaaconroy since the Let's Player used one in an adventure across Unova. Not sure what to think to learn that its Hidden Power move was fire.

    Cygnus Hyoga 
Cygnus Hyoga, God of Ice (Aquarius Hyoga)
  • Lesser God (Greater God while wearing the Aquarius Cloth)
  • Symbol: The Cygnus Constellation
  • Theme Song: "Diamond Dust" and his leitmotif
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ice Power, Severe Mother Complex, Quietness, Making/Breaking/Being a Human Popsicle
  • Domains: Ice, War, Nature, Loyalty, Mother Appreciation
  • Heralds: Crane Yuzuriha and Aquila Yuna
  • High Priest: Iceman (Bobby Drake)
  • Followers: Toshiro Hitsugaya, Admiral Aokiji, Kula Diamond, Keith Evans, Vexen, Ice (Tora Olafsdotter), Freudia Neuwahl
  • Allies: ATHENA, Pegasus Seiya, Andromeda Shun, Phoenix Ikki, Sub-Zero, Queen Elsa, Jin Kisaragi, Ashe, Gray Fullbuster, Anivia, Regice
  • Enemies: Kratos, Tyrantrum(one sided), Hades (both), Poseidon
  • Worshipped for his ice mastery and development. But not his mother complex.
  • The former deity who was once in this place was turned into a Human Popsicle in a 'praying stance' by Hyoga and put into The Fallen. You know who it is? Sub-Zero.
    • Though as of late, Sub-Zero has risen once more. Fortunately, there was no ill-wills between the two Gods.
  • After several events, he changed his mind about Jin Kisaragi and has offered him a chance to take over if he wanted. Jin denies, saying that he CAN be an asshole after turning good.
  • He is in very good terms with Queen Elsa of the same House. Besides their obvious affinity to the cold, they share a lot of issues with the loss of their parents at a young age (coincidentally, on a sank ship in both cases), along with their struggles with concealing their feelings.
  • Recently found a 'rivalry' with Kurei. While being surprised at his cruel combat style and sheer power, Hyoga can't help but somehow respect Kurei's determination and his charisma. Well, that, and the fact and they're both utter Mama's Boys.
  • After Rukia displayed the true power of Sode no Shirayuki and her Bankai, Hakka no Togame, Hyoga took her in as an ally. As it stands, she is one of the few people in the Pantheon who share Hyoga's ability to use Absolute Zero attacks.
  • He's usually the one to keep quiet, but even he cannot withstand hearing Kratos calling his liege, Athena, to be a manipulative, greedy Goddess. Along with the other Saints, Hyoga has stood opposed to Kratos, relentless with his Greater God status since they're known to face foes far greater than them and toppling them. Although Kratos usually had the better favor, the Saints refused to back down, though Hyoga thought that maybe the scale will tilt on their favor better if Seiya and Shiryuu are with them... which has been partially done with the ascension of Seiya. Hyoga couldn't be more than glad that his friend ascended.
    • However, unknown to others, Hyoga also received an extra 'mission' from the Gold Saint Virgo Shaka, to investigate a case of 'alternate version', noting that the 'manipulative' Athena MIGHT not be the very same Athena they served. While he accepted that and kept the case to himself, even he would admit that Kratos' very own brutality also goes too far.
    • Eventually he and the rest of the Saints discovered Athena, the actual Goddess herself and the investigation came in full-circle: Athena was infected with the evils of the Pandora's Box. However with the loyalty of the Saints and many of her friends, they managed to cleanse the element from her, and Athena was genuinely remorseful. However, the war with Kratos, who refused to believe that, continued...

    Mei-Ling Zhou 
Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou, Goddess of Less-Than-Harmful Freezings (Mei, The Face of Pure Evil, Satan, Mei Bae)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Snowball, her Robot Buddy
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ice-Manipulating Tools, Freezings That Don't Do Much Damage, Being A Dorky Cute Scientist, Killing With Ice Lance, Nice Girl, Apparently Buxom Under The Coat, Freeze Ray, Cyro-Sleeping Into A Harsh Future, 'Concentration' Face, Saying "Sorry" A Lot, Cute Glasses Girl
  • Domains: Ice, Knowledge, Heroes
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Junkrat & Roadhog, Reaper, Widowmaker, Jin Kisaragi, Kokonoe A. Mercury, The Pyro, anyone who is a bully to others.
  • Friendly Enemy: Mr Freeze
  • Opposed by: Anyone who has seen what's under her coat and lacks them. (This one is Played for Laughs)
  • As a scientist, particularly climatology, Mei had her experience with a lot of cold weathers. In the middle of research on a cold region, she went into cryo-sleep and froze herself. She came out harmless, even if others don't. She then used her knowledge and power in battles between the Overwatch and its opposers... until when she froze herself, then woke up in the middle of the Trope Pantheons, apparently being chosen as those who advocates for freezing without harming others... mostly. After a bit fumbling, Mei accepted it.
  • While Mei at the outside looked positive and harmless, you really shouldn't push her buttons too much. She hates bullies above all else (this is why she really respects those who hunts one, like Kenshiro or Jimmy Hopkins), and if push came to shove... she will not relent in spraying you with her Freeze Ray, leaving you helpless as she started at you, aimed for your head and then toss a killing ice lance onto your head. Especially when she does that when you were not prepared. Truly... the face of pure evil. That's why sometimes people like to call her Satan.
    • But on the other hand, she's so bae...
    • And how she's called Satan made her actually bond with another furball who's also called Satan, Teemo. Mei thinks he's very cute and cuddly.
  • She likes to downplay her achievements and efforts in trying to solve climate problems, and tends to gush over other Gods she befriended with, only to be replied with statements that she herself is a big hero for her efforts.
  • Don't ask about her waist size, is it big or is it slim? We still get headaches about it.
  • She quickly became fast friends with Litchi Faye-Ling as both liked to exchange their research notes, in addition of being fellow Chinese girls with glasses, and Mei likes to nudge her to go meet her fellow Overwatch crew Mercy for her medicine expertise. As well, Mei also completely did not blame Litchi for doing all those craps for the world in desperation and tends to try and give her a shoulder to listen to. Though one thing Mei don't get about Litchi is that... how did she maintain such slim figure despite such humongous boobies that probably beat hers? (She's not jealous, really)
    • On the other hand, Mei has absolutely zero respects on both Jin Kisaragi and Kokonoe A. Mercury. In case of Jin, it's because his unpleasant personality is very likened to the bullies she hated. On Kokonoe, she was absolutely flabbergasted that she would do everything, including ruining the world, without giving any fucks in order to achieve her goal, clashing with Mei's philosophy: "Our world is worth fighting for." Even more, a lot seem to side with Kokonoe in gangpressing Litchi to abandon her goal. Well, not Mei. The people may praise Kokonoe and her genius, but she will not. Even after Litchi was cleared from her charges, Mei still does not get along with Kokonoe, since she still comes off like a bully that Mei hated.
    Mei: You're all just some no-good bullies. How can you even look at yourselves in front of a mirror?
    Kokonoe: ... Well, looks like my stupid student has a fan at least.
  • Even if she's friends with them, she does feel a bit unnerved anytime Sub-Zero breaks a Human Popsicle or whenever Kenshiro makes someone's head asplode. Then again, they wonder why is she ok with shooting icicles at the helpless opponents that she freezes.
  • At one point, Corrin has approached her and wondered if she could sing a song he brought, titled "if ~ hitori omou" (Internationally: "Lost in Thoughts All Alone"). Mei was shocked on why she was asked for this, but ultimately declined. She's a scientist, not a singer. Not to mention, she actually HEARD the song and she knew that's just a voice not similar to hers.
    • It became a moot point when Azura and Fuuka Akitsuki later ascended. Thanks to having the same voice actress, they became friends.
  • She's well advised to not open her jacket whenever she's in the vicinity of the League of Flat Chest. Reactions may be... unpleasant. We know why.
  • Sometimes she took part in a firefighter team and even used her freezing spray to douse out fires. Hey, she's a scientist, she just developed her brand of ice that does not melt from fire. Totally harmless too! Look at how many times she put herself in those ice.
    • This has also caused her to be hated by any pyromaniacs in the pantheon, especially the Pyro, as she keeps putting out his/her flames with her ice gun. This has caused some fights between them in the Pantheon.
    • Somehow, the House of Music managed to arrange for a rap battle between the two. Many watched just to hear what Pyro actually sounds like, only to find out that Engineer built a muffles-to-speech translator that melted after the rap battle due to the heat of Pyro's burns.
  • She sometimes get called to observe missions undertaken by Solid Snake, who can only wonder with how Mei took up her Mission Control with some Chinese proverbs, "Uh, how many Mei-Lings are there here?"
  • When the Lunar New Year came around, Mei decided to use a special dress for the occasion. This caught the attention of Chang'e who was surprised to see someone wearing a similar outfit that she used back when she got married and then actually bonded with Mei over the shared feeling of solitude that they underwent in the past.
    • The dress was surprisingly at a time making Mei look actually slimmer than she usually was. She was at first happy about it, until she found out that there was an error within the cloth that Chang'e eventually fixed. Still, as a result of this, Mei sulked in her own house for a day.
  • Mei and Mr Freeze respect each other's skills with Cryo technology, but:
    • Mei can understand Freeze's motivations, but is saddened at how he has let it push him down the slippery slope.
    • Freeze respects Mei's ambitions, but her eternal optimism grates with his own dour personality.
  • Whenever the Halloween season comes around, Mei dones a costume of a Jiangshi, she even hops like one. One day while wearing his costume and wandering around the pantheon, she stumbled upon Hsien-Ko who confused Mei for one of her own. Admittedly Mei was scared of Hsien-Ko, but because she was so friendly they ended up becoming friends.
  • Around the Christmas season Mei is usually the one initiating snowball fights with other pantheon residents. Sometimes she ends up playing with clones of herself (don't ask where they come from, nobody knows) and result tend to be rather violent. According to Soldier: 76 (Who for some reason supervises all the Meis) has stated that this is an important mission and this group of Meis are the best of the best soldiers he could recruit.
    • Other times, Mei also likes to go Yeti Hunting with another four of her Mei clones. They have clarified that they do this for scientific reasons and don't want to hurt the yeti, but the creature is prone to retaliating when provoked so they have no choice but to fight back. There was one specific instance where the Yeti being hunted was Skips, but thankfully he was more persuasive that the other yeti they usually go after and he gladly offered to be studied.
  • "This Pantheon is worth fighting for!"

    Olaf (Nintendo Wars
Olaf, God of Winter Warfare (Whip)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Blue Moon Symbol
  • Theme Song: Olaf's Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blizzard CO Power, Winter Fury CO Power, Badass Beard, Patriotic to Blue Moon, First Antagonist of the game, Incompetent General turned Dangerous in Later Years, Grumpy Old Man, Hometown Destroyed by Black Hole, White to Brown Hair in International
  • Domains: Snow, Warfare
  • Allies: Grit, Colin, Andy, Max, Queen Elsa, Mei Ling-Zhou, Jack Frost, Olaf (Frozen), Nicholas Saint North, Courier, Katyusha, Olaf (Lost Viking), Viktor Reznov
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, Kaldr, Esdeath, the Bittercold, Arthas Menethil, Red Skull
  • Olaf is the CO of Blue Moon whose soldiers have the advantage when under the snow. While many armies struggle in the snow like slower movement or doubling the cost of fuel, he doesn't receive these disadvantages. In addition, his CO Power allow him to summon snow. Though while his Blizzard CO Power only summon snow, his Super CO Power, Winter Fury, allow his blizzard to harm his foes' armies in addition to that. On the other hand, he hates rain and his forces suffer it the same way other armies suffer in show.
  • He is often compared to Santa Claus because of his snowy, white beard, some of the time. He even has a red coat for the occasion to make the appearance uncanny. He often helps as the ideal Mall Santas because of his appearance and some of the Santa often believe him to be an ideal Santa, even when he could be grouchy.
  • Olaf rejoiced to see his beloved Blue Moon COs in the Pantheon, despite of his annoyance of Grit's laziness. Though Grit doesn't want to get a hug from Olaf as he might scare Colin's years out of him.
  • He was amused to find a snowman who has the same name as him, and he is pleased to meet with his creator. He is glad to meet with a pleasant women who could create a winter wonderland for him in which reminds him a lot of Blue Moon.
    • He heard of another Olaf in the Pantheon. Unlike the little snowman, he showed no sympathy toward this Count as he's abusive to the children he adopted for their fortune. He will certainly drive him away if he try something funny on Colin, who he views as the child of Blue Moon.
    • Another Olaf shows up as a fat Viking, to which Olaf is rather amused by his rather "dim" nature. Though he considered it as a reminder of his foolish self in the past.
  • Do not remind him of his years at the first war in Cosmo Land, as he wasn't very smart at that time and was easily fooled by Black Hole to attack Orange Star. Also, he claimed to be a proud member of Blue Moon and has no relations with Orange Star despite claims of being Nell's superior. Both side have different stories.
  • He does not view Kaldr with any sort of respect because of their ice power used to harm people around them. He only calls upon the snow to slow his foes that would threaten Blue Moon.
  • Many Russian and Soviet commanders come to respect him because of his ability to call in the snow to slow the enemy down and how his country is the counterpart of the motherland. It is their way of remembering General Winter that have save their country from many invasions like Napoleon's or Hitler's invasions.
    • Red Skull is not impressed with the CO who is the physical incarnation of General Winter because of the Nazi's failed invasion of the Soviet Union.
  • He dislikes Esdeath because of her ruthlessness and sadism, and he is repulsed by the fact that she has the power over the cold much like him.
  • He sympathizes with the Courier since their hometown were destroyed, even if the destruction was their own (yet very much unintended) doing.
  • He is rather impressed by Katyusha for her ability to fight in the snow with her tank and learning from a school that is like Blue Moon architecture. Though sometimes, her abrasiveness and pride reminds him too much of his shameful years at Cosmo Land.
  • Also has a spot in the House of War.

    Ymir the Tusk 
Ymir, God of Human Snowballs (Tusk, Tuskarr, Terror from the Barrier, the Snowball from Cobalt)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A snowball
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: An Ice Person, Boisterous Bruiser, Walrus PUNCH!, Dynamic Entry via Snowball, Frozen Sigil, Large Ham, Walrus Man, Modern Swedish Accent
  • Domains: Snowballs, Ice, Combat
  • Allies: Rylai, Captain Falcon, Queen Elsa, Tusk, The Madagascar Penguins
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra
  • Enemies: Lucifer the Doom, Lord Fredrik, Arthas Menethil, Mordremoth
  • The temple of snowballs has been vacant for a long time, convincing the court to host a contest with the temple's throne as the prize. The contest began slowly, with aspiring mortals making and throwing snowballs, many varying in size. That is, until a giant snowball came out of nowhere, pulled said mortals within it as soon as they were in range, and crashed right into the temple of snowballs. Once the dust was settled, there stood Ymir, the Tusk, the Terror from the Barrier, the Snowball from Cobalt, from the giant snowball as the last man standing. He created the snowball, and increased its size and power by pulling unwilling competitors inside it. The victor was clear, and the walrus man took the throne.
    • Some wasn't happy about Ymir's ascension though. Lucifer the Doom was heard yelling "Seven hells, not him!" from within the House of Life and Death when he heard the news. Tusk did punch him in a hard way after all.
  • If a bar brawl breaks out within the Pantheon, you can be certain that Ymir WILL be part of it.
  • Apparently a big fan of Captain Falcon, as he has been known to sometimes shout "Falcon punch!" when he's punching someone into the air. Ymir had something of a fanboy moment when he met the legendary god of Megaton Punches, sincerely unsure of what to say to the man himself.
  • Having known the Crystal Maiden Rylai since past, Ymir is very pleased on their reunion. It was at that time he got to learn more about people in Rylai's new life, including her 'rather close' friend Sven, which Ymir isn't quite sure if they're dating or not... or her bullying sister Lina, in which Ymir gets extra protective if Lina's bullying manners kicked about.
  • Met the other Tusk, who Rylai befriended a while ago. Ymir easily befriended the blunt but kind human. He hopes to see the other Tusk get in action someday.
  • In spite of his name, he's NOT the progenitor of Frost Giants that are seen around the Norse realm.
  • When Lord Fredrik learned that there was another walrus in the pantheon, he immediately visited Ymir and ordered him to join the battle against Donkey Kong, stating that it is Tusk's duty as a walrusman. Tusk's answer was to stare at Fredrik for a bit, scratch his own head... and then Walrus PUNCHING! the God of Walruses right in the chin. Immediately afterward, the most chilling brawl ever occured right on the spot.
  • Tusk is notable for having a penguin (Whisky the Stout) for a friend, and even takes him to the pantheon on occasions put in a backbag. Ymir can even toss the penguin to create an igloo to trap his enemies.
  • It is known that Tusk used to be a Tuskarr once upon a time. While he isn't one anymore, he's still not happy about Arthas' treatment of the Tuskarr in Northrend.
  • "They call me the Terror from the Barrier. They call me the Snowball from Cobalt. But you may call me Tusk!"


    Jack Frost (Megami Tensei
Jack Frost, God of Cold Killing
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat, ho
  • Alignment: True Neutral (normally), Neutral Evil (Black Frost), Chaotic Good (DS!Black Frost), Chaotic Neutral (Lucifroz)
  • Portfolio: Snowlem, Hee-ho, Mascot Mook, Killing with Ice
  • Domains: Ice, Cuteness, Hee-ho, Mascots
  • Allies: Every ascended MegaTen protagonist, the other Jack Frost, Cryogonal, Olaf, Jack the Ripper (his brother, or sister), Lucifer (Lucifroz), House of Love, Alcor (Black Frost), Jack O'Lantern, Anna, Paul Bunyan, Jeanne Alter, The Miser Brothers
  • Friendly Rival/Enemy: Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV (Raiho)
  • Rivals: Pikachu, Slime, Prinnies
  • Enemies: House of Hatred (DS!Black Frost), The Blob, Alice
  • Opposed by: Any Pokemon with a 2x or 4x weakness to Ice
  • "A frost spirit that appears during the winter and melts away in spring. He is made of ice and snow, but do not be fooled by his cute demeanor. Jack Frost freezes people with his cold breath, smiling all the while. He originally looked like an abominable snowman, but he may have changed form, the better to freeze people."
  • No one actually knows hee-how Jack Frost heescended into the Pantheon, but it's definitely clear that he's here to stay, ho. Hee didn't just bring himself, hee brought his entire family of Frosts. Hee took Kill It with Ice from Sub-Zero, since Jack Frost is well known for killing his victims with ice. The reason why hee looks so cute is to lure more victims, ho.
  • Has a fairly friendly, but expected rivalry with Pikachu, due to the fact that both of them are adorable mascots of their respective Mon-centric franchise. Many expect this to turn into a three way battle if Jibanyan ever ascends. Jack tries to avoid Iron Tail as best as hee can. Since Jack Frost is the mascot of a large JRPG franchise, hee is also rivals with the Slime from Dragon Quest. It also helps that both of them have large families, and are very adorable.
  • The Jack Frost family is large and has many members, most of them who are proficient with ice, but there are a few exceptions:
    • Jack Frost, the original Jack, is a small snow elf that evolves into Wendigo.
    • Pyro Jack, Frost's polar opposite, which is proficient with fire, and doesn't evolve. It gets along with Jack O'Lantern, both of which are based off the old tales of Stingy Jack.
    • Jack the Ripper, a Jack that is proficient with physical attacks and knows Tetanus Cut, which applies sickness to the recipient of the attack. Is one of the few gods who gets along with the other Jack the Ripper, mainly because they are brothers. Many gods are baffled, especially Dio.
    • King Frost is the ruler of all the frosts. Hee's naive, but hee's able to freeze the entire world if needed. It's made by fusing the above three Jacks.
    • Lucifroz is a Lucifer fanboy who appears in Dem when snowmen were in trouble, and wants to join Lucifer, as hee is the fabled Snow Overlord.
    • Demonee-ho is the only graduate of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, and has adopted his mannerisms, along with his usual hees and hoes.
    • Raiho wants to become Raidou Kuzunoha the XV, and can summon the chilly Samurai Frost. He really idolizes Raidou, hee ho.
    • Frost Ace is a Jack Frost who donned a suit and fights for justice. Char is understandably confused. We still don't why hee fights for justice.
  • No, he's not related to the human Jack Frost as far as we know. But he does get along with him. Sometimes he causes mischief during the winter holidays, but it's mostly harmless and Santa Claus finds it quite amusing. Jack Frost mistakes any overweight bearded guy for Santa,
  • Kirby is an enemy of the Frost Five, as they taste delicious and demons will lick them to death. Kirby and other big Sweet Tooth deities are their natural predators.
  • His temple is a vast snow covered wonderland ruled by King Frost, ho. King Frost managed to get the best water in Fairy Forest, before a Tokyo hunter beat him in battle, ho.
  • Some say that the Frost Five are actually a lost Sentai team. No one believes it for a second, but the ascended Super Sentai have occasionally had meetings whether to legitimize them or not, hee ho.
  • Along with his brothers Pyro Jack and Jack the Ripper, hee butted heads with Beezlebub on his way back to Makai. It happens yearly at Halloween and is treated as a fun past time that just happens to put the Jacks life on the line.
  • Some say that a Black Frost will appear. Hee has appeared, and hee's pretty powerful.
    • There's also another Black Frost that is a believer in the Power of Love, hee's seen a lot in the House of Love, and along with Flonne.
  • Rena Ryuguu laid eyes on Jack Frost and immediately took him home with her. Not just one Jack Frost, the entire crew. They occasionally visit her. Sometimes they can also be seen helping Anna out with her store.
  • They've also been spotted at Nursery Rhyme's, err... Alice's tea parties with Jack the Ripper since they want to support her.
  • An incident occurred where the Jack-san Five invaded the House of Music and kept polluting it by singing. They were chased out by Tiz's party.
  • Sometimes, Jack Frost gives out quizzes to those who encounter him.
  • Is the mascot for Atlus. "Hee-ho!"


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