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Intermediate Gods

Arcee, Goddess of Fembots (Ariel, Teaching Unit RC-687-040, Arcee of the Darklands, Arcana Magnus(?))
G1 Arcee
Her alt-mode 
Movie Arcee 
Animated Arcee 
Prime Arcee 
Cyberverse Arcee 
Reboot Movies Arcee 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia (either the original, or Generation Two model).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Neutral-turned-Chaotic Good as her IDW-verse incarnation, Chaotic Evil as her Shattered Glass incarnation)
  • Portfolio: Female robot (and one of the few female Cybertronian representations), Pink feminine color, Action Girl, initially a Toyless Toyline Character, Transforms into a sleek car or a motorcycle, Fragile Speedster, Fiercely protective of her companions, Beware the Nice Ones, Varying characterization and relationships in different media
  • Domains: Robots, Gender, Protection
  • Heralds: Female Autobotsnote , Daniel Witwicky, Jack Darby (human allies)
  • Special Relationship: Rattrapnote  (her "great-nephew", whatever that means)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Annoyed by: XR (of Team Lightyear)
  • It's not a common sight for a species of Mechanical Lifeforms to possess sexes, but Cybertronians manage to achieve exactly that. One of the most prominent examples is a fierce Autobot warrior known as Arcee. Kind and loyal to her allies, and cold and merciless to her enemies, her intelligence and level-headedness make her an invaluable asset to the Autobot cause. Though underestimated because of her way too feminine appearance, her battle prowess would quickly make her opponents reconsider their opinion. "Looks are always deceiving" is her motto, after all. Despite this, she's still a very caring friend to those who manage to get on her good side, at times even developing a motherly or sisterly bond with some humans who she takes a particular liking to, such as Daniel Witwicky or Jack Darby. Woe betide anyone who dares to bring harm to them, for then she will not show her gentle side to an offender.
  • The Autobot wanted to bring Arcee into the Pantheon, complete with the title of the Goddess of Fembots, for a very long time, but in the end the consensus always remained clear: just to say that she is a female Cybertronian would not be convincing enough in the eyes of the Court of the Gods to be ascension-worthy. This has finally changed when one day, Hot Rod held a conversation with some other deities regarding the nature of female Cybertronians, with him noting how uncommon they used to be compared to the males, while noting that, of them all, Arcee is the most proactive and well-known one...leading to an "Eureka!" Moment for an young Autobot, who immediately explained the case to the rest of the Autobot/Maximal strike force, explaining that the unique status of female Cybertronians and Arcee's proactiveness and popularity would finally make a worthy fit for her ascension. They were proven right, as, when they presented their case, the Judges were convinced, and thus, Arcee was finally given a spot in the Pantheon, ready to assist the Autobots and Maximals in putting an end to a threat of the Decepticons, Predacons and all other enemies to Autobots and their allies.
  • Just like all other Transformers, she can take many different forms depending on a situation, each of which possesses a different personality. Her default form is the one that transforms into a sleek Cybertronian hovercar, but she's also known to take forms that transform into motorcycles, with herself either becoming an Omnicon with a crossbow and powers to refine Energon, a part of a trio consisting of herself and her heralds, Chromia and Elita One, with whom she shares the mental link and can combine, or an agile and speedy scout with clever tongue. Other times she takes forms with Cybertronian futuristic car alt-modes, with one being a teacher-turned-elite spy dual-wielding swords, and, when she wants to unwind, she becomes a perky girl with adventurous streak and affinity for heavy weaponry, all while taking a plethora of selfies documenting her adventures. One time, she even took the form that transforms into a spider, a form she took after the loss of Daniel Witwicky, and in this form, she is much more sensitive to the possibility of losing her friends. There is also a body bearing heavy resemblance to her G1 body, but she doesn't use it as often.
    • When pushed to her limits, she is known to take the form and personality of her evil, mirror universe incarnation. Resembling one of Elita's older bodies (which by itself resembles Arcee's Omnicon body clad in copper-red and white), this Arcee is a cackling-mad, limb-swinging lunatic with voices talking in her head and a crossbow in hand, which she won't hesitate on using it on anyone who got into her crosshairs.
    • Occasionally, she takes the form of her IDW incarnation, a psychotic, ruthless, and cynical assassin with traumatic past, unpolished social skills, and a huge thirst for revenge, though she's eventually mellowed down. In this form, she's much more ferocious and dangerous in combat, and she's not quite pleasant not even to her allies, though those who came to understand her pain do manage to get along with her. This form is also notable for being transgender, and while some sources claim that it was forced onto her against her own will, she clarified that it's not the gender change that drove her mad, but all the physical pain she endured during the operation the Mad Scientist Jhiaxus performed on her. This incarnation has earned support and sympathy of Poison, given her status as a transgender and the unpleasant circumstances of her transition.
  • Much like majority of other Transformers before her, Arcee brought in a dedicated team of heralds. Thanks to her affiliation with the group, an entire team of Female Autobotsnote  was brought into the Pantheon's military, consisting of Elita One (fearless yet compassionate leader of the group, who at times is most well-known for being in relationship with Optimus Prime himself), Chromia (Elita's second-in-command, a serious no-nonsense infiltrator and bodyguard, sometimes known to have a thing with Ironhide), Firestar (a.k.a. Novastar, a search-and-rescue specialist), Moonracer (a cheerful and optimistic crackshot), Greenlight and Lancer (two young scientists, brought to prominence in latter stories), and Flareup (Firestar's explosive-loving protegee; though not an official member, she was brought on Firestar's request), and they all serve a very important role for the Autobot/Maximal coalition force, going on dangerous theft or rescue missions. Sometimes, in the times of the Darkest Hour, they (minus Chromia and Flareup) are capable of combining into Orthia, the last line of Cybertron's defense who can forge mystical, powerful weaponry, with very few being capable of matching her in terms of power.
    • Her secondary heralds are her human companions, Daniel Witwicky and Jack Darby. Though both of them were initially weirded out by how many different forms Arcee can take, but they were able to eventually get used to it. In case of the former, she acts as his primary mother figure (especially now that Carly hasn't been brought into the Pantheon, not even as a herald), and will take drastic measures to preserve the boy's safety. Sometimes, they share a binary bond, with Daniel serving as her Headmaster partner, greatly enhancing her reflexes, agility and accuracy. As of the latter, she knows he can take care of himself, and is known to frequently take form of her Prime incarnation to effectively work together with him. On occasion, she is known to give her original G1 body her Prime incarnation's colors and vehicle mode, as a way to appeal to them both. The results are quite interesting.
  • She mostly gets along well swimmingly with all other Autobots, and bears strong loyalty to both Optimus and Rodimus (depending on who's the leader at the moment), gets along very well with Bumblebee, admiring his bravery and dedication to the Autobot cause, and sometimes they were even known to be lovers (though they don't like to mention that, during that time, he ended up being torn apart by Predaking and Serpent O.R.), and while Bulkhead may occasionally annoy her with his clumsiness, she still cares about him as much as with any other Autobot, among others. Much like all other Autobots, she holds Primus in high regard, given that he serves as her home and is a benevolent force overall, while Primus himself admires her for her loyalty and compassion she shows to her allies.
    • Her relationship with the Dinobots, however, is a bit more on the unpleasant side, given the brutality they showed her that one time when she time-travelled into the past with the group of other Autobots of her time, with the present-day Autobots mistaking them for enemies, not to mention that the Dinobots really don't listen to anyone. Even then, she doesn't hold it against them, but would be willing to rip them a new one if they ever prove themselves to be way too disobedient. She does get along better with Grimlock as her Cyberverse self, though. As of Dinobot, while she does have her occasional doubts regarding the Maximal and his loyalty to the Autobots/Maximals' mutual cause, but she's willing to give him a chance. She gets along much better with his herald, Rattrap, who was glad to see his "great-aunt" Arcee to arrive into the Pantheon. A revelation Rattrap made shocked many deities, prompting the more scientifically curious ones to bombard the two Cybertronians with questions. So far, they're very evasive on answering such questions, and the information gathered from the House of Knowledge on that subject is not quite helpful on that part.
    • And of course, given that she's an Autobot, none of the Decepticons are pleased to see her around, and the feeling is mutual. Of them all, she has a particular enmity with Starscream, who personally murdered her partner, Cliffjumper, in one continuity. Similarly, she hates Lockdown, as his nature as a factionless collector with gross habits of stealing body parts of other Cybertronians remind her of her nemesis, Airachnid, who also tends to operate solo and collects corpses of endangered species (at times even making non-endangered species endangered to increase her collection). She's also extremely unfond of Sixshot, given his compulsion to kill others, and the fact that he's protective of Daniel didn't make her warm up to him in the slightest. That being said, their mutual protectiveness of Daniel ensures that, even though they may not like it, there can still be occasional team-ups when Daniel's safety is involved.
    • Lastly, she was extremely unhappy to learn that Unicron, the eternal enemy of all Cybertronian kind, was in the Pantheon, and, much like all other Transformers, would gladly put aside all of her differences in defeating a common planetary enemy. For his part, Unicron sees her just one of the many future casualties to his planetary rampage, though he does take her threat into consideration, having heard of the rumors that she has been considered to be a potential future Matrix-bearer, which would make her a massive threat to his goals of universal destruction.
  • As a Goddess of Fembots, it would be inevitable that she would run into other fembots and deities related to them in the Pantheon as well. The first fembot she met was Jenny Wakeman, a.k.a. XJ-9, her own neighbor in the House of Machinery and Technology, who's also dedicated to protecting humanity from any threat that would come, thus earning her the Autobot's approval. She also managed to get along with Nova and Kosmo. While Cybertronians normally don't engage into romantic relationship with organic lifeforms (especially after the KP incident, which they'd like to forget as soon as possible), she's still very supportive of their relationship. The three fembots can be frequently seen discussing and trading their respective tricks about their bodies.
    • When Ryusei claimed he was going to be the number one worshipper of the Goddess of Fembots, he wasn't taken that seriously. But, during the ascension ceremony, he was at the forefront, declaring his undying devotion for the newly ascended Cybertronian. Arcee was flattered, though she requested him to tone it down with the worship. With that and all, they are still on friendly terms, with the femme admiring his dedication to protecting Earth and humanity against many threats that would come.
    • Ever a Hopeless Suitor, XR of Team Lightyear tried to hit on the female Autobot, only to get bluntly turned down. It's not that Arcee actually hates him; in fact, she appreciates that he, along with Team Lightyear, strives to preserve peace in the galaxy. She just wants him to stop trying to flirt with her. Thankfully, he did stop when she pointed out that across many various timelines, she was already in various relationships with Hot Rod, Springer, Chromedome, Bumblebee, and was ever married to Aileron and Greenlight in some timelines.
  • Having crashlanded in Equestria once, Arcee once managed to rescue Rarity from the wrath of Starscream, who terrorized her and her employees in Manehattan by forcing them to polish his image, by delivering an unexpected kick into the Screamer's face. As Rarity was immediately fascinated by the female Autobot's graceful and compassionate behavior beneath the ferocity she showed to a Decepticon, they quickly worked together to beat furious Starscream and his Seekers, with Rarity managing to conjure a shield large enough to protect an Autobot from blaster fire, allowing her to shoot Thundercracker down, which was then followed by Rarity enveloping the Seeker trio in the would-be-usurper in his own discarded cape. From that moment on, Arcee and Rarity became fast friends, admiring each other's willingness to do anything to protect their friends, and can be frequently seen hanging out and talking about their respective adventures.
  • She once helped USS Enterprice-A/B Senior Crew to fight the Decepticons who decided to ally themselves with Klingons until Starscream made a mistake of trying to conquer their home planet, and the Decepticons, after failing to conquer it themselves, opted to try and commit planet-scale genocide on them. Together with the other Autobots, she agreed to come to their assistance whenever the crew would need it.
  • Much like Hot Rod, she gets along very well with General Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, as they remind her of herself, Hot Rod and Springer, respectively (Arcee's helmet is even shaped like the original style of Leia's hair). Together, they test and compare new rebel technology, meet new soldiers for the Alliance, and help out with their threats such as Darth Sidious and Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • One time, her mind, along with the minds of Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus and Springer, were transferred into synthetic human bodies by Old Snake (Cobra Commander's new identity) in 2006. As such, she's not too pleased to see him in the Pantheon, and is very cautious when she fights him and his allies. To prevent such incidents from repeating, she now works closely with ascended G.I.Joes, the Duke and Snake-Eyes, to put an end to the threat of COBRA. After all, the Transformers and G.I.Joes tend to work together more often than not whenever they show up together.
  • Much like with her other fellow Cybertronians, the Higher Gods gathered further information on Arcee for other Gods to view and understand her condition as a female Cybertronian better.
  • "Ferocity without compassion is brutality."

    Dragon (Shrek) 
Dragon, Goddess Of The Female Monster Surprise (Elizabeth the Dragoness)
  • Dragon made her Pantheonic debut one night when Donkey was chatting with Tigger and Pinkie Pie while on a stroll out at night. And then the earth pony got a twitchy tail and crouched. Tigger followed suit, while Donkey asked in confusion… moments before she grabbed him and flew up high for a private moment together. His cries of shock and fear turned to laughter (to Tigger and Pinkie's relief) as he realized that Dragon was here. As it turns out, he had sent documents to bring her up months ago, but only now was it heeded.
  • Despite having since left it behind, Dragon's temple takes the from of the keep she used to live in, now refurbished for visitors (usually Donkey and his friends) and for her and Donkey's children. Sometimes, one can find a certain crossdressing wolf in one of the towers.
  • As she is a dragon who hit it together with an ungulate, Spike holds her in high regard, seeing her as a chance that him and Rarity together can still potentially be a reality.
  • While it's known for certain that she did transform when Donkey took the Happy Ever After potion, proving she was his "true love", it's not known what exactly she turned into, though it's rumored she had become a talking pegasus.
  • Her fire breath can incinerate ghosts, as Farquaad can attest to during his interim as one. As such, she's earned the enmity of all malevolent ghosts and the fear from some of them as well as the more ambivalent ones.
  • Dislikes the dragonslayers in the Pantheon, who are much more formidable than the knights of before, such as the Dovahkiin, Ornstein, and Smough. She just wants to life her life in peace with Donkey, who has asked for help in protecting his family from such people.
    • This help came in the form of Spyro and Alexstrasza (plus Mushu tagging along), who were intrigued with the nature of her and Donkey's pairing and their spawn, but blessed them nevertheless.

    Mustache Girl 

Lesser Gods

    Arche Klein 
Arche Klein, Goddess of Cute Witches (Arche Klaine)

Azura, the Divine Graceful Lady of Water (Aqua, Lady of the Lake, Princess of Valla, Nanian, Dancina)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pendant
  • Theme Songs: Lost in Thoughts All Alone/if ~hitori omou~ (Smash Bros. Remix) (shared with Corrin), The Water Maiden
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Waif, Magical songs for restoration and refreshing units, Child of Two Worlds, Graceful Lady of Water, Social outcast to two kingdoms, Can activate Dragon Vein points, The Stoic, Turn-Refreshing Song
  • Domains: Femininity, Water, Mystery, Song, Magic
  • Herald: Shigure (her son)
  • Allies: Corrin (her cousin), the Nohr and Hoshido Siblings, Marth, Ike, Lucina, Robin, Eliwood and Ninian, Palkia, Kingdra, Artoria, King Arthur, Crypt Keeper, Symphogear users especially Tsubasa Kazanari, Mei-Ling Zhou, Fuuka Akitsuki, Lisesharte Atismata, the Mermaid Princesses, the Elite Beat Agents
  • Enemies: Grima, Tenjuro Banno, Ragyou Kiryuin
  • She first meet Corrin by a lake where she tells them that she was the former princess of Nohr. She gave them the dragonstone to control their draconic power and swear to fight for them as well as hold knowledge of the hidden kingdom of Valla.
  • She, Corrin, and the royal families of Hoshido and Nohr manage to achieve world peace upon learning of the true enemy who started the war and she has since oversee and advise them to improve their relation in the Pantheon. While they were celebrating of her ascension, she went to a nearby lake and threw her pendant into it since the war was over.
  • Through her song and the pendant, she has the power to cure corruptive trances and boosting allies. She also can manipulate the water in her dances which she sometimes do to stun the audience whenever she performs (at least when everyone convinced her). She keep it at the minimum though as usage of the pendant can be costly. It was through her power and association with water, as well as her beauty, passion and gracefulness that Corrin ascended her as the Graceful Lady of Water.
    • There was one time when Mei froze the water when she was performing her song with the sprinkles around her. Mei apologized when she learned what the water were about and in some cases, the two had the similar voice when she wasn't singing. They later befriended Fuuka Akitsuki and Lisesharte Atismata for having the same voice as them. Azura formed an impressive singing duo with Fuuka and became a mentor to Lisha in the ways of royalty.
    • Though while the song can only wield its magic from the pendant, Azura still sing to others just fine so she could still use it to aid others which is known to other singers like Sheryl Nome and the Symphogear users, especially Tsubasa.
  • Due to a connection with water and a draconic heritage, she manage to connect with the Pokémon Palkia and Kingdra.
  • Her magical songs were meant to heal and refresh friends, which is a sharp contrast with Zero, whose song causes unintended side-effects of insanity.
  • Her abilities and role of giving power to a noble heir while standing near a lake gave a lot of reminscence from Artoria and King Arthur of the Lady of the Lake who gave them Excalibur… but please remember that in her case, she's just not some watery tart or moistened bint who threw/lobbed the divine Yato at Corrin, thus granting him 'supreme protagonist power' (Though she's not saying that the actual Lady of the Lake is those things).
    • She didn't do some 'farcical aquatic ceremony' either. Well, to be fair, she did something similar, which caused groans of increasing discomfort by King Garon, but that wasn't a ceremony to grant 'supreme protagonist power'.
  • Väinämöinen wanted to learn about the song to understand its magical properties. Azura not only didn't understand him, but also didn't want to tell him about the song and its effects.
  • Hearing of the effects of her songs, there have been thoughts on Azura collaborating with the Mermaid Princesses during battles by singing alongside them. Given that to use her powers too much can result in her death and that the Mermaid Princesses have no such drawbacks, she's finding this a good prospect. Oh, and the Elite Beat Agents can boost her power further; they can still dance to her slow song.
  • She enjoys ghost stories that she end up telling one story that gave the Crypt Keeper a spook. He is surprised about it and he sometimes let her to tell a story once in a while.
  • In her childhood at Nohr, she was abused by Garon's concubines for her mother "replacing" the Queen, and their kids cause problems to her which she got a scar from one of them, the Royal Siblings weren't even allowed to speak with her. As such, she felt unease towards many abusive parents and she has pitied some of the victims. Keep in mind that while she isn't most welcome in Hoshido either aside from the Royal Family, she found it better than Garon or Nohr. Thankfully, such issues aren't prevalent in the Pantheon.
  • Has gotten many an exasperated stare from members of the Pantheon from Nirn, until she explained that she was not the Azura the Adoring Fan keeps referring to.
  • Found herself ending up with a Pokémon partner after she and Popplio encountered one another, the Sea Lion Pokémon enjoying her singing and grace, as she's a reminder of what the Pokémon could be upon evolution. Azura on the other hand appreciates the Popplio's enthusiasm and potential.
  • Also holds a position in the Hall of Water and Moisture.

    Dorothy Albright 
Dorothy Albright, Goddess of Boyish Short Hair (The genius magician, Dorothy the Wizard, Phantom Oz)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A custom Queen of Spades with herself on it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Stage Magician With Genuine Magic, Good Thieves, Cane Fu, Death Dealer, Master of Disguise, Boyish Short Hair, Reverse Trap, Cheerful Child, Popular Magician in Las Vegas in Age of 9, Creation of Mirror Self
  • Domains: Magic, Thievery, Cards, Appearance
  • Allies: Catherine Kyoubashi, Kira Daidouji, Eko, Clarice di Lanza, Elsa la Conti, Dorothy Gale, Oscar Diggs, Zatanna Zatara and majority of House of Magic, Io
  • Opposed by: Carmelita Fox, Chun-Li (sort of)
  • Opposes: Lieselotte Achenbach
  • Fears: Terraformars, any Cephalopod deities
  • Dorothy is an American stage magician, using her Arcana magic to impress the audience, something she picked up from her mother. Dorothy was surprised that the Court of Gods didn't took notice of her abilities, but her appearance, though she cannot blame them. She would really well pass as a dude whenever she would want to.
  • However, behind the scenes, she is a master thief who steals from tyrants to help the less fortunate, while also helping Celestial Union to solve any supernatural cases. Besides her general good intentions, she is still targeted by Interpol like Carmelita Fox and Chun-Li (though the latter's relation gears bit forwards Friendly Enemy territory).
    • Some criminals cannot laugh at the fact that not only does Dorothy rarely steal anything, but she spends good portion of her time chasing after someone who stole her family heirloom Celestial Stone. She seems to be still unable to make people believe that she did it.
  • Can you guess what she is referencing? She even has her own Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow! As you can guess, she is in good relations with the real Dorothy and Oscar Diggs.
  • Even though she is a nice girl, she can reach almost to a stalker-levels of obsession when it comes to learning new magic tricks. Even if someone says no, it takes quite a bit to shake her off.
  • She absolutely loathes Terraformars due of her extreme fear of cockroaches. Ironically, her Arcana is a giant ladybug, though she tries to defend that ladybugs and cockroaches are nothing alike. She also has a slightly lesser fear of octopi so she tends to avoid any gods associated with them.
    • Note that her fear of cockroaches has landed her a solid relation with Io.
  • She swears that she did not steal the "pogocane" technique from Scrooge McDuck and has sworn that she would never steal from him as he is still a good guy.
  • Besides many efforts, she seems to be able to get away quite easily, mainly due of her ability to change her costume on the spot. Though there was one time where she almost got caught after she changed into Lucina's outfit. Some wonder why to this day.
  • Can also be found in Hair Styles.

    King (Art of Fighting/KoF) 
King, The Bifauxnen Goddess (The Gorgeous Kickboxing Lady, The Ultra-Sophisticated Kickboxer, Kyokugen Cuddle Bunny, The Beautiful Kick's Illusion)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Various Tuxedos
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Started Out As A Bouncer, Has Boyish Short Hair, Destroy Her Tuxedo, Find Out That She Is A Woman, Owner Of The Bar Illusion, Enjoys Wine And Mixing Cocktails, Skilled In Muay Thai, Deadpan Snarker, Dude, Where's My Respect?, Lady of War, Gorgeous Gaijin/Sexy Frenchwoman, Statuesque Stunner, Tomboy with a Girly Streak, Looks After Her Little Brother
  • Domains: Former Bouncers, Muay Thai, Bartenders, Crossdressing
  • Heralds: Jean (her little brother), Sally and Elizabeth (her waitresses).
  • Love Interest: Ryo Sakazaki
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Sagat, Juri Han, Chun-Li, Yang Xiao Long
  • Enemies: Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, Zero (KOF), Vega, M. Bison
  • Annoyed By: Poison Kiss
  • Respects/Respected By: Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • The appearance of the Bar Illusion in the Pantheon was a big clue for the ascended participants of the King of Fighters Tournaments as to who has joined the Pantheon's ranks. Say hello to King, the French-born Muay Thai warrior, and not only is the Bar Illusion is the newest of the Pantheon's swank nightclubs, but also serves as her temple. She is also the first of the various Muay Thai practicioners from the King of Fighters to ascend.
  • Her teammates, Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki, were overjoyed to hear of their friend's ascension. The Women's Team has formed in the Pantheon once again.
  • With King's ascension, there is talk in the Pantheon about having a contest to see who is the 'most handsome woman,' due to King's official title.
  • To those who know King (especially her teammates), they describe her as 'kind and trustworthy, but violent.' This stems from not only the views of men regarding women who practice Muay Thai, but also the fact that King herself suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Jack Turner, which led to her working for Mr. Big. Simply put, she is loyal to her friends, but should you piss her off...start praying.
  • Sagat's curiosity was roused upon hearing of the French kickboxer's ascension. Curious, he visited the Illusion. Not much was said, but King mentioned that the Emperor of Muay Thai left her with words of encouragement. To gain the approval of such a man is an incredible feat in itself, and has left King humbled by his praise.
  • She is a fan of Johnny Cage's movies. Thankfully, she hates his first film, Ninja Mime. To which Johnny had this snarky reply: "A Frenchwoman who hates Ninja Mime? There is a God."
  • King is friends with Jann Lee, due to her being a former bouncer and him being a bouncer. The fact that she is a Muay Thai warrior (and a more competent one than Zack) has formed a friendly rivalry of sorts between the two.
  • As she is a wine aficionado, she stocks only the best in wine. No wonder Bacchus like to drop by for a nightcap. That and her skills in mixing cocktails is gaining popularity with the gods, both good and bad.
  • There's her relationship with Ryo Sakazaki. They both met back when she was a bouncer at the L'Amour and he was looking for his kidnapped sister. Of course, Ryo didn't know that King was a woman until he blasted her with the Haohshokoken. She did help him in his quest, and to show his gratitude, paid her brother’s medical bills.
  • She also spends time at the House of Food, sampling the vegetable dishes there (as she is a vegetarian). That and she is also looking for new cocktail recipes and rare wine to sell and taste.
  • While she is the first to bear the name 'King,' there is another. Some people tend to joke about the two, saying that they can't tell the difference between a 5'9" French kickboxer and a 6'9" Mexican wrestler with a jaguar mask. At least she is on friendly terms with the other King, seeing as how Jan is a huge fan of his.
  • While she and Moe Szyslak are business rivals, Moe does have some form of respect towards King, as she is a Self-Made Woman, having built her business from scratch, and that she takes care of her little brothet, Jan.
  • There was a debate over who made the best cocktails: King or Tifa Lockhart. This led to a contest between the pair. Fortunately, the drink mixing contest ended in a wash, but the debate is far from over.
  • Carol Danvers has noticed several similarities in King's background that mirror her own, mainly the fact that while King fought for recognition in various Muay Thai tournaments, Carol sought the recognition of her father. As a result of this, both Captain Marvel and King are friends, with Kamala striking up a friendship with Jan.

    Krulcifer Einfolk 
Krulcifer Einfolk, Divine Representative of Feminine Blueness
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess using Fafnir)
  • Symbol: Her Sword Device (Fafnir in standby mode)
  • Theme Song: "Never Lock Again"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: True Blue Femininity, Freeze Ray, Pretends To Be Lux's Girlfriend But Later Falls In Love With Him And Becomes His Fiance, Sniper Rifle, Combat Clairvoyance
  • Allies: Lux Arcadia, Lisesharte Atismata, Celestia Ralgris, Yoruka Kirihime, Princess Zelda, Aragorn, the Guardians
  • Rivals: The Infinite Stratos deities
  • Enemies: Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine, Megatron, Arcturus Mengsk, Apollyon, Gregor Clegane, the Grineer, Oryx
  • Krulcifer's ascension was actually very easy to achieve. When she was asked why she should be in the Pantheon, she said with an eloquent smile "I am Lux Arcadia's lawful fiance." At first, they didn't take her claim seriously until some research by the Pantheon's bureaucracy revealed that Lux was indeed chosen to marry her by the Einfolk family. Wanting to avoid a political incident, the Pantheon's higher-ups gave Krulcifer the all-clear.
  • Her arrival to the Pantheon was celebrated as a huge party in her temple, in which Krulcifer, worthy of her title, wore the most magnificent blue dress she could find in her extensive wardrobe.
  • The first thing she did upon ascending was walking towards Lux's temple and plant a kiss in front of everyone. Lux was flustered and nervous and barely had time to register what happened, but at least was glad Krulcifer had ascended.
  • Her Drag-Ride, Fafnir, is equipped with a Sniper Rifle that can freeze parts of enemy units near-instantly. Krulcifer uses this alongside <Wise Blood>, Fafnir's special ability which allows her to predict where the enemy will move in the next few seconds. This gives Krulcifer an excellent opportunity to control the battlefield from a distance.
  • While she was legally adopted into the Einfolk family, she was actually found in the ruins of an ancient Precursor facility. While many humans in her world can manipulate Precursor technology, Krulcifer can exert authority over some of their machinery and the artifical humanoids in charge of maintaining such facilities acknowledge her authority. Even so, there is no clear answer to what she really is. This has led to some theories that Krulcifer might be a Precursor with a human appearance or a human spliced with Precursor DNA. Nothing has been proven so far.
    • Despite having been raised by nobility, Krulcifer never really led a happy life. She was terribly verbally and emotionally abused to the point that being treated as an ornament is considered a "good day" to her. For that, she feels no end of sympathy towards Weiss Schnee, who endured similar circumstances. She regularly visits Weiss' temple to refine her skills with the rapier.
    • Because of her origins, she has been targeted by the Grineer, who hope to harvest her Precursor DNA To bolster their army. Fortunately, the Tenno, who were on Yoruka's speed dial, and the Guardians, who defend the Last City the same way she defends Arcadia, stand ready to support Krulcifer should a confrontation ever take place.
  • The Infinite Stratos deities look at Krulcifer with distrust and discomfort, caused by Lux's victory over Ichika Orimura. Although Krulcifer was glad Lux won that particular fight, she decided to take the high road and show them politeness and civility worthy of a noblewoman. Houki Shinonono and Rin Huang saw much of the Sarashiki siblings in Krulcifer and reconsidered the possibility of ascending them, if only so they can fight Krulcifer should the need arise.
  • Being a member of nobility, she feels comfortable in the House of Royalty, learning diplomacy, history and politics. Princess Zelda and Aragorn of Gondor have become her mentors and hope to groom her into a benevolent influence for the Einfolk family. At the very least, Lux is happy to see her interact with adults that actually treat her with kindness and respect.
  • Much like Lux, she has no love towards tyrants and rulers of evil empires similar to Arcadia, such as Darth Sidious, Megatron and Arcturus Mengsk and Oryx; all of whom believe in survival of the mightiest and galactic domination. She isn't fond of warmongers either, like Apollyon and Gregor Clegane, believing they bring dishonor to the ideals of knighthood and warfare.
    Mirelia Q Melromarc 

Mirelia Q Melromarc, Goddess of Graceful Purple Ladies (Mirellia Q Melromarc, MILF Queen, Queen of Melromarc)

    Sakura Ogami 
Sakura Ogami, Goddess of Masculine Women (Ogre, Super High-School Level Martial-Artist, Ultimate Martial Artist, Super High-School Level Beefcake)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The board of her dojo, covered with a white battle aura.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mixed Martial Arts, Butch-Looking Girls Looking Like a Male Bodybuiler In A Sailor-Fuku, Kind Hearted Big People, Battle Aura, Heir to the Dojo, Huge Schoolgirl, Treasuring Friendship
  • Domains: Combat, Appearance, Friendship
  • Allies: Aoi Asahina, Makoto Naegi, Kenshiro, Celestia Ludenberg, Sakura Kasugano, Jack, Nekomaru Nidai, Peko Pekoyama.
  • Odd Friendship with: Bridget
  • Commonality Connection: Elena
  • Enemies: Monokuma & His mastermind, Orochimaru, Barbatos Goetia
  • When she ascended, many mumbled if she's actually a girl, not a bodybuilder in a sailor-fuku. Ogami actually heard one of that, and the mumbler freaked out thinking that she's going to kick his ass. But then... she just smiled and assured "I really am a girl."
  • As she was a victim of the School Life of Mutual Killing, Naegi is overjoyed when he saw Ogami ascended, and likewise, she's also glad to meet him and hoping for the rest. Even Ogami actually forgave Celestia Ludenberg for her selfish plot in the past, still considering her a friend even when she's writing her past suicide note.
  • While not exactly enemies to each other, Ogami stood as the inverse of Kurt Hummel.
  • She's kind of disturbed with Orochimaru due to their voice, even if he may be taking pages into being good again, his appearance still creeps her off. She's also quite disturbed and disgusted with how Barbatos Goetia looks like her if she's actually male, especially with how EVIL he is.
  • Once gave out a scream of bloody murder when she realized that Bridget IS A BOY.
  • When Asahina ascended, the first thing she did was to get into Ogami's house and gave her a hug and apologized for misinterpreting her 'suicide note' beforehand and nearly got everyone killed. Big-hearted she is, Ogami said that there's nothing to be sorry of.
  • There are rumors that say that she is the new girlfriend of Kenshiro and she might be learning Hokuto Shinken. Ogami denied the rumors swiftly, saying that her boyfriend just shared Kenshiro's name in some regions. Still she has great respect for the Man with Seven Scars and his dedication to protect the weak.
  • Many gods find her very similar to Elena: dark-skinned silver-haired girls, being a Huge Schoolgirl who wear sailor-fukus, being into friendship, etc. Elena felt mortified upon what happened to Sakura under the hands of Monokuma and has now become a good ally of hers. Sakura appreciates the thought, and Elena sometimes trains with her. Sakura's been comforting Elena over the shit the Kenyan Street Fighter's gone through in regards to her friend, Gentaro Kisaragi.


Barbie, Goddess of Pink (Barbara Roberts, Clara, Rapunzel, Odette, Princess Anneliese, Elina, Mariposa, Princess Genevieve, (Princess) Ro (sella), Princess Liana, Eden Starling, Princess Annika, Thumbelina, Princess Merliah, Blair Willows/Princess Sophia, Princess Tori, Krystin, Princess Lumina, Princess Alexa, Princess Kara, Princess Courtney)
  • Demigoddess (Can go up depending on her incarnation)
  • Symbol: The "Barbie" logo(s)
  • Theme: "The Barbie" (no, not "Barbie Girl"; God help you if you play that to her face...)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Though it can change, but she is definitely good)
  • Portfolio: Pink Means Feminine, Anatomically incorrect nudity, Nice blonde girl and being loved for it, She can be anything... And still be a little dim, Impossible Hourglass Figure, The Beautiful Elite, The Fashionista, Loving shoes, Only mostly perfect
  • Domains: Pink, Fashion, Beauty, Profession, Parodies of Perfection
  • Herald: Ken
  • Allies: The cast of Toy Story, Rapunzel, Odette, good members of the House of Jobs and Profession and Costumes, the good-aligned Equestrian deities(Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle), Sora, Kairi
  • Commonality Connection: Dark Magician Girl
  • Odd Friendship: Ebenezer Scrooge, Artoria Pendragon
  • Friendly Rivals with: The many Disney Princesses not listed under allies
  • Enemies: Lotso, Maleficent, Mother Gothelle, Ren Gyokuen, the Dazzlings (Especially Aria Blaze), Junko Enoshima, Xehanort, Vanitas, Scylla
  • Pities: Hajime Hinata/Izuru Kamakura
  • Admirer: Waylon Smithers (Platonically), Lisa Simpson
  • Barbara Roberts, aka Barbie, is a teenager/young woman and the oldest of many sisters, and her career as a model. Barbie ascended for being the best representation of the color pink. She is all about piiiink, after all. Her logo is pink. Her Dream Car and Dream House are pink. Packaging for most of the dolls and accessories are pink. One of her first outfits, "Enchanted Evening", has a pink evening gown. Her signature color is "Barbie Pink" and nobody can use it without permission.
  • Her position is somewhat complicated in that she tends to fluctuate between her incarnations as a normal woman and a doll. She also has two lesser forms as a fairy and mermaid.
    • However, not all of her former roles are alternate forms. Barbie has also been an actress for some of them like for the Princess of the Princess and the Pea. But even then, Barbie is fully capable of having adventures on her own.
  • Many have adapted just fine to Barbie's curious situation… Except her friends from Toy Story, who are very confused about it. Funnily, Barbie's Dreamhouse shrinks in size every time they come to visit to accomodate them.
  • Barbie is almost perfect and has had over 135 jobs and counting. Of course, her personality makes it really hard to believe that she was capable of doing all of that. This does take a toll on her at times. And even she has had breakdowns, like when Malibu ran out of glitter. Don't steal her glitter if you know what's good for you.
    • Someone even say that she even had a job as a Saber. Barbie had to joss that rumor, only saying that she was cosplaying as Artoria.
    • Barbie is mostly self-aware of this… And doesn't care because she wants to be good role model for the little girls who go to buy her products. Barbie always represented that a woman has choices. "You can be anything", indeed.
  • Of course, she practically had a temple of sorts already with her Dreamhouse and only had to move it to the Pantheon. Many of her friends are still baffled about the fact that her wardrobe is practically the size of a small country.
  • Has a healthy rivalry with the Disney Princesses in the Pantheon, because their doll franchises are competitors. But Barbie being Barbie, she isn't mean-spirited about it, though she did point out that she beat them over who did Rapunzel first and notes how she inspired their Rapunzel.
  • Gets along with the Equestrian Deities just fine. Barbie is always kind towards horses. Twilight was somewhat amused to notice that she sounds like Starlight Glimmer… Though occasionally she sounds like Aria Blaze instead. Barbie wasn't happy at all to know that her voice is similar to that of a villain.
    • To say that Rarity was ecstasic when she visited the Dreamhouse would be the understatement of the century. The unicorn has promised to make Barbie some more dresses too. Sweetie Belle has also made visits (But Rarity has told her that she cannot introduce Barbie to her vampire wrestling friends under no circumstances, much to the unicorn filly's chargin)
  • Became very good friends with Sora and Kairi really fast. It almost seems like she sees the former as an inspiration. This baffled Sora, who didn't expect the so-called perfect doll to see him as inspiring. Of course, the fact she has been a princess many, many, many, 'many times and her pure heart means that she could be considered as a de-facto Princess of Heart, so Sora needs to keep an eye on Barbie to protect her from Xehanort and Vanitas.
    • The keyblade Wielders have been trying to see if they could build a Wand of Light-based keyblade so Barbie can defend herself and for the time being, Barbie assumes her fairy form for quick escapes.
  • Given that being a fashionista is her first job, she didn't take it kindly when she heard about the Ultimate Fashionista Junko Enoshima, whom she considers her Evil Counterpart since the blonde schoolgirl also has other titles under her belt like Ultimate Analyst and Ultimate Despair.
    • Under the same token, she can't help but feel bad about Hajime Hinata, for having such a drastic change in order to take onto a "You can be anything" sort of mentality just he could get any talent.
  • Being the most iconic doll, Barbie has become a stock parody over the years; The Simpsons has Malibu Stacy note , and Rugrats had Angelica's favorite toy, the Cynthia doll. Barbie has taken this in stride and finds the name Malibu Stacy to be hilarious since her Dreamhouse used to be on Malibu before moving to the Pantheon.
    • Smithers, who is the biggest Malibu Stacy fan, was delighted to meet Barbie. He has also started to buy Barbie dolls by the loads ever since her ascension, starting with Malibu Barbie. The other fan of Malibu Stacy, Lisa, has admitted that Barbie is a positive role model for girls.
  • Against all odds, Barbie gets along just fine with Scrooge. But it's not that weird when for the ones who discovered that Barbie is the descendant of Eden Starling, a gender flipped version of him.
  • Has bonded with Dark Magician Girl over the fact that they are both products of a Merchandise-Driven franchise and thus their appearances change as a result, though DMG's circumstances for this are a tad different.
  • Can also be found at Colours.