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As a continuation of the Pantheon split project, two sub-houses were created to give room for the Romance. One is this sub-house, and the other is the Romantic Interest sub-house.

The Love Interests sub-house is a place occupied by personifications of the many kinds of "love interests".

Of course, any harm to the residents of this house will be repaid in kind, either by the residents themselves, the people they're love interests to, both, or that and more.

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Intermediate Gods

Cortana, Goddess of Digital Love Interests (CTN 0452-9)

Lesser Gods

Casca, Goddess of Traumatic Rape and Amnesiac Love Interests (Big Sis (When in the Band of the Hawk), Potato)
Click here  to see Casca's appearance after the Eclipse
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A fine sword with a heart on the hilt, pointing upwards
  • Theme Song: Guts (shared with the song's namesake)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, True Neutral post-eclipse
  • Portfolio: Rape as Drama, Amnesiac Lovers, Ambiguously Brown, Going insane from rape, Pressure of leadership, Protectorates who prevent their protectors from becoming evil, Mystical Pregnancies Gone Wrong, Crazy yet beautiful women
  • Domains: Insanity, Love, Leadership (Formerly), Pregnancy, Tomboys
  • Allies: Guts (her lover), Asuka Langley Soryu, Oberyn Martell, Satsuki Kiryuin, Bullet, Mami Tomoe, Mitsuko Souma, Lady Maria
  • Enemies: Griffith, The Godhand, Nosferatu Zodd, Wyald, Gregor Clegane, The Grineer, The House of Demons, rapists in general
  • Pitied by: Red Sonja, The Ancestor, any rape victims in the Pantheon
  • Opposes: Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Avoids: Sasha Brouse
  • Wary of: The Ancestor
  • As one of the original members of the Band of the Hawk, Casca was Griffith's second in command and his closest friend. However, Guts eventually entered their lives when Griffith defeated him in a duel and makes Guts join. While Guts proved to be a valueable member of the Band, he and Casca didnt like each other at first and fought alot. A battle which caused Casca and Guts to be seperated from the others forced them to help each other and became closer to each other. Eventually, Guts left the Band to pursue his own dreams, creating a chain of events causing Griffith to be imprisoned and Casca leading the remaining members of the band to safety after being ambushed. Casca held the band until Guts came back to rescue them from an attack. Afterwards they officially became a couple and launched a raid to rescue the imprisoned Griffith. While the resue was successful, Griffith was tortured and mutilated to a shadow of himself, causing him to go into despair and activating his Behelit, branding everyone including Guts and Casca as a sacrifice to demons. While Casca managed to fight off a few demons, she was then overwhelmed by them who eventually parted ways for Griffith, now a demon god called Femto. Femto grabbed Casca and raped her infront of a wounded Guts, causing so much damage to her that she mentally regressed to an infantlike state from the experience.
  • Originally a High Priestess to Mitsuko Souma and Lady Maria, Casca became known to the Pantheon after her traumatizing experience in the Eclipse. Wanting her to be back to normal, Guts helped take her to the Pantheon in hopes she would be cured. While a cure is still being looked at, the gods felt sorry for her and gave her a position in the Pantheon.
    • While there is an ongoing attempt with Guts and his companions going to the magical kingdom of Elfhelm and getting Casca cured, the House of Health and Disease in the meantime managed to find a temporary cure for Casca, however the cure only partially works so Casca frequently shifts between her pre-eclipse and post-eclipse personalities with most of the time spent with her post-eclipse identity
  • Her post-eclipse state is usually compared to a potato, due to her decreased mentality thats usually compared to a potato, going to an extent where her travelling outfit was compared to a potato sack. Due to that, she usually tries to avoid contact with Sasha Blouse, who seems to be a bit too fond of her.
  • Hates Ragyo Kiryuin for her many similarities to Griffith, including being evil albinos, betraying their species for power and are both rapists. Due to that, she made an alliance with Satsuki and also that they felt similar to each other.
  • Is wary of The Ancestor after he once sold a girl to fish people for money, causing her to turn into a mermaid monster. The Ancestor pities Casca and her condition, but she is unnerved by his connection to an Eldritch Abomination.
  • After her ascension, Oberyn Martell instantly took a liking to her as she reminded him of his sister who was raped and murdered by Gregor Clegane. He has sworn to protect her and not let any more harm come to her, expecually when it involves Gregor. Oberyn also knows that Casca is spoken for and has never made a move on her for that reason.
  • Encountered Mami Tomoe while wandering the Pantheon. Mami thought Casca sounded like her and took a liking to her. It also Helps that Mami had previous experience with Guts.
  • Since her ascension to the Pantheon, demonic spirits frequently target Casca due to her Brand of Sacrifice. Since she is usually defenseless, Guts is there to defend her from any demonic creature that tries to harm her.
  • Since she came back to her senses, Casca is no longer defenseless but, given that she's a lesser Goddess, Guts still considers her to be under his protection. As such, Guts is often seen in both her houses but he's often there in the form of a black wolf or a large guard dog with glowing eyes, either way often roaming around her. While he appreciates the work of Oberyn as her bodyguard, Guts would still rather do the job himself.
  • Also in the house of Character Writing

    Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang 
Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang, Dual Goddesses of Childhood Friends Who Desire Much More (Linyin: Rin)
  • Lesser Goddesses (borderline-Greater Goddesses while using their IS)
  • Symbols:
    • For Houki: A twin-bell ribbon bracelet (Akatsubaki's standby mode) with two crossed IS-sized katana on the background.
    • Fir Rin: A pink-and-maroon solid bracelet (Shenlong's standby mode) with its Souten Gangetsu blades crossed behind it.
  • Theme Song: Akaku Akaku (Houki), Delicious Smile (Rin)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Lawful Good (Houki) Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good (Rin)
  • Portfolio: Both: Childhood Friends Who Desire Much More, Tsunderes, Clingy Jealous Girls, Dual Wielding, Tomboyish personalities
  • Domains: Mecha, Romance, Childhood
  • Followers: Ringo, Manami
  • Allies: Ichika Orimura, Chifuyu Orimura, Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, Chris Yukine, Sanger Zonvolt, Tabane Shinonono
  • Friendly Love Rivals: Cecilia Alcott, Charlotte Dunois, Laura Bodewig.
  • Friendly Rival: Lisesharte Atismata (for Houki)
  • Odd Friendship With: Mio Akiyama, Stephanie Dola, Rias Gremory, Stocking Anarchy (Houki).
  • When they heard of the Pantheon's existence, they merely shrugged it off because Ichika hasn't ascend yet. Then it later dawned on them that if Ichika did ascend, Charlotte or Laura would try to take him for themselves. After searching they both found the perfect title. Only to realize that the other also came to this conclusion. The confrontation nearly lead to bloodshed until Orimura-sensei broke up the fight and told them that they both could share the title in which they begrudgingly accepted.
  • Rin tends to have brief lapse of Yandere tendencies, threatening to kill her romantic rivals along with Ichika with her Shenlong. Though she never actually followed through, but she has attempted. As a result she was invited to join the Yandere Quartet, of which she refused without thinking twice.
  • Houki's mastery of kendo has impressed Jetstream Sam and he has cordially invited her to participate in his Katana tournament.
  • They both can be seen training with Sanger Zonvolt. As he trains them both in swordmanship and Rin how to use her Impact Cannons. He is also impressed with Houki's battle cries, so much that her loud bellow of "CHESTO" can be heard throughout the Pantheon's halls.
  • Houki gets along with Rias, Mio, and Stephanie. Maybe it's because sound very similar. Moreso with the first one, consulting the red-haired Goddess on how to handle her substantial "assets", and apparently the possibility to get Issei and the rest of the Occult Research club to help in looking into possible Pantheon positions for Ichika to ascend to.
  • Houki tends to get asked how she keeps her hair perfectly split in her ponytail.
  • Oddly enough, when Houki's using her Akatsubaki, some gods tend to mistake her appearace to that of Yamato, particularly due to their white clothing (in Houki's case, it's her IS pilot suit), and unsurprisingly their similar bust size; the only thing telling them apart was their respective ponytail hair.
  • The two are supporting Charlotte, Cecilia, Laura and Chifuyu on their cause for giving Ichika and Tatenashi - especially Ichika - a place in the Pantheon, but there might be some problems with the former due to his primary attribute, and that's something the five aren't taking so kindly.
    • Houki would like to remind everyone (much to Charlotte, Laura, Rin and Cecilia's dismay) that he did try to kiss her, and she once allowed him to carry her home...
      • Luckily all things were put to rest after Ichika ascended.
  • Houki earned a rival in Drag-Knight Lisesharte Atismata when Lux Arcadia defeated Ichika in a simulated duel. Lisha praised both Lux's skill as a Drag-Knight and her own skill as a technician; but Houki fervently defended Ichika and challenged Lisha to a fight, to which Lisha boldly accepted. The fight lasted for several hours, leaving boh pilots with severe injuries and their machines badly damaged. The Pantheon's medical teams were quick to provide assistance and, with some help from Batman and Spider-Man, Lux arranged for both girls to be on the same room in the House of Health and Diseases, hoping they would settle their differences like civilized people. Their conversation went like this.
    Houki: "You remember when we started fighting, when I said that I hated you and you said you hated me?"
    Lisha: "Vividly."
    Houki: "I just want you to know... that I meant every of it"
    Lisha: "So did I."
    Both: (slowly laugh)
    • Many gods noticed some similarities between the two pilots. Perhaps they could bring an end to the IS/Bahamut rivalry once and for all. Also, something about Houki reminded Lisha of her headmistress, Relie Aingram.

    Irene Lew 
Irene Lew, Divine Patron of Designated Love Interests (Sonia, Sea Swallow, Irene Liu, Sea Wolf)
Irene as Sonia
Irene in the Original Trilogy 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Desert Eagle Magnums And A Super-Bazooka
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Heroine of the Original Trilogy, Both an Action Girl and Faux Action Girl, Was a Redhead, Now a Blonde, Back from the Dead, Damsel in Distress, Had '80s Hair in the First Game, Fanservice Pack, The Gunslinger, Mission Control to Ryu and Ayane, 10-Minute Retirement
  • Domains: Romance, CIA, Blondes and Redheads, Guns, Intrigue
  • High Priestess: Annie Walker
  • Followers: Carlie Cooper, Kai
  • Special Relationship: Ryu Hayabusa (her husband)
  • Allies: Kasumi, Ayane, Crimson Viper, Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, John Preston, Kurtis Stryker, Lady.
  • Opposes: Revy
  • Enemies: Kano, Vega, M. Bison
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Ryu Hayabusa is a married man. And Irene had made quite the impression on her first day inside the Pantheon. Of course, Hayabusa shows up in the aftermath, following spent shell casings, empty clips, and the bodies of enemy ninjas, which led to Irene, leaning up against the wall, barely winded. "You're late," Irene notes. "You've been busy," Hayabusa replied.
  • Supporters of the Ryu and Kasumi pairing are in denial that Ryu is married to Irene. They also believe that both Sonia and Irene are two seperate persons. But it was Ayane who confirmed that Irene and Sonia are one in the same.
  • Ryu and Irene had known each other for a while. They had met when Irene was going by her alias, Sonia. Then, Irene dropped her alias and went by her real name. After a series of adventures involving the Jashinzo statues, the Dark Sword of Chaos (in which she had died and was revived), her backstabbing former boss and an ancient dimensional warship (in which she almost died), she and Ryu got hitched.
  • Both Irene and Revy don't get along. This mostly stems from the both of them being on opposite sides of the law. The House of Ranged and Explosive Weapons tend to end up with several more dozen bullet holes whenever Revy and Irene trade bullets.
  • Irene also works as an analyst for the GUAG. When she was a mortal, she once worked as an analyst for the C.I.A. when she stopped doing field work. She's also the go-between for Ayane and Kasumi.
  • When she and Revy aren't trying to kill each other, she has become a mentor or sorts to Sergeant Cage and Specialist Briggs. Technically, she's around the same age as Cassie and Jacqui, but she enjoys playing mentor...and trading barbs with Cassie.
    Cassie: My dad beat up Shinnok and saved the world.
    Irene: My husband saved the world six times and counting.
    Cassie: Well, shit.
  • Has been seen at John Preston's temple learning the art of the Gun Kata from his High Priestess, Violet Song jat Shariff. As it turns out, Irene is a prodigy. A very dangerous prodigy. Irene hates it when people call her a "kidnap-magnet." She signed on to the Gun Kata classes in to hone her skills.

    Shiori Kurashiki 
Shiori Kurashiki, Goddess of Next-Door Girls (Princess of Doom)
Shiori as the Princess of Doom
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess as the Princess of Doom)
  • Symbol: Morimiya Academy Emblem
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as normal Shiori. Chaotic Neutral upon awakening as the Princess of Doom.
  • Portfolio: Childhood Friend, Dead All Along, Declaration of Protection, Doomy Dooms of Doom, For Happiness, Girl Next Door, Stripperiffic, That Man Is Dead, Tomato in the Mirror, Unwitting Instigator of Doom, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Walking Spoiler.
  • Domains: High School Student, Next Door Neighbor, Reader, Bringer of the Pandora's Box Eclipse.
  • Allies: Kou Tokisaka, Asuka Hiiragi, Mitsuki Hokuto, Rion Kugayama, Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang, most of the deities in Friends and Companions (especially Kairi), Yuzu Hiiragi, Kotori Mizuki, Anzu Mazaki, Mary-Jane Watson, Zelda
  • Pitied by: Velvet Crowe
  • Opposed by: Jean Grey.
  • Wary of: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Commonality Connection: Mana Ouma
  • Shiori is an ordinary high school girl who attends Morimiya Academy in the fictional Mormiya City in Japan. She has been Kou Tokisaka's Childhood Friend for a very long time ever since they were little kids, and their interactions between each other shows that they have a strong relationship. She loves reading books, and she frequently stops by Kou's house on occasion to maintain it while his parents are working overseas. While Shiori has been a victim to the Eclipse and the Greeds a couple of times, for the most part, she stays out of the X.R.C.'s business and doesn't try to meddle with them any further outside of giving advice to Kou.
  • However, that is only surface level. In reality, Shiori died ten years ago in the Tokyo Twilight Disaster, and the Shiori Kou had been interacting with all along was actually a remnant of the Twilight Apostle; the most powerful mythological Grim Greed in existence. In a desperate plea to remain with Kou, the Twilight Apostle merged with Shiori to create the illusion that she had been alive this whole time. Kou and the X.R.C. didn't know about this until the Final Chapter, when Shiori's true form; the Princess of Doom, awakens and plunges all of Morimiya City into an Eclipse called Pandora's Box. Kou and the X.R.C. were able to infiltrate her labyrinth and defeated her after a long battle, but since this undid the illusion she had set up, Shiori fades out of existence since canonically, she was considered still dead.
  • Shiori ascended into the Pantheon after the real Shiori was brought Back from the Dead by the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox; a divine deity with the ability to grant miracles. Since her Pandora's Box Eclipse has the potential to bring about a great disaster, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction has sought her out, and she clearly is distressed about this.
  • Both Asuka Hiiragi and Mitsuki Hokuto were relieved that not only that she ascended to the Pantheon, she also was brought back as the original Shiori.
  • Was pitied by Velvet Crowe, as she too ended up being a monster trough tragic circumstances, and their desires to be with their loved ones once more, and the fact that they intended to perform some nasty actions for good reason.
  • Gets along well with most of the house of Friends and Companions, especially Kairi, since they were both childhood friends to their respective heroes (Kou Tokisaka, Sora).
    • Speaking of friends, when she heard of an Hiiragi around the House of Twins, she wondered what this Hiiragi has a relationship with Asuka Hiiragi. While she didn't have an relationship with Asuka at all, Yuzu Hiiragi did manage to get along well with her, and she feels sorry for Shiori, given her Princess of Doom role she played had been similar to Yuya's predicament of being part of Z-Arc. She's trying to help her move on from those days.
  • Being an Princess of Doom, this has put some sore spots on Jean-Grey, after seeing what she had done back when she was mortal, along with the incident above. While she understands why she was like that, the fact that it endangered more people by putting them more at risk from the Greeds has not gone over well with her, and thus opposes Shiori. She finds this as an acceptable punishment for her actions.
  • Mana Ouma sympathizes with her, given that both of them became unintentional Apocalypse Maidens and almost brought The End of the World as We Know It because of that. Shiori, in turn, pitied her because unlike her, Mana never got a chance to come back and instead became a destructive vessal for Da'ath's plans. However, she has yet to become friends with her due to her fears that the Apocalypse Virus residing in her might make her too volatile. That and the whole incest thing.

    Yumina Ernea Belfast 
Yumina Ernea Belfast, Goddess of Girlfriends That Help Score More Girlfriends
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess with Brunnhild)
  • Theme Song: "Another World"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domain: Love, Nobility, Polyamory
  • Symbols: Nine engagement rings.
  • Portfolio: Love at First Sight, Harem Seeker, The Ojou, Living Lie Detector, Detect Evil, Jealous of Big Breasts, Guile Heroine, the Girlfriend that Controls the Other Girlfriends in Touya's Harem,
  • Heralds: The Bride Conference (the eight other wives of Touya Mochizuki)
  • Allies: Touya Mochizuki (her husband), Lisesharte Atismata, Princess Zelda, Tohka Yatogami, Origami Tobiichi, Kotori Itsuka, Belldandy, Kyu Sugardust
  • Enemies: The House of Tainted Love, especially Bellatrix Lestrange and Raynare, Lord Voldemort, Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: the Occult Research Club
  • Opposes: the Dursleys, Naze Turbine and Amida Arca
  • Annoyed with: Ichika Orimura, Natsuru Senou
  • Conflicting Opinion: Princess Cadance
  • Yumina Ernea Belfast is the heir apparent to the throne of Belfast and one of the wives of the hero Touya Mochizuki. While she wasn't the first girl to join Touya's harem, she did formalize the idea of making a harem for Touya, which was made easier by her parents' approval and polyamory was legal in Belfast. Since then, Yumina has served as the leader of the Bride Conference, helping solve any problems faced by Touya's harem. Recognizing her achievements, the Court of the Gods cleared Yumina to ascend.
  • As soon as Yumina settled into her new temple, she became friends with Tohka Yatogami, who is just as devoted to Shido Itsuka as Yumina is devoted to Touya; not to mention she reminds Yumina of her friend and fellow wife Yae Kokonoe. Tohka introduced Yumina to her fellow Spirits Origami, who also shared Yumina's dream of becoming a bride, and Kotori, who can relate to Yumina's duties to the Bride Conference. As comamnder of Ratatoskr, Kotori often helps Shido with his dates with the Spirits, so she also assists Yumina whenever she is able.
  • Often goes to the House of Royalty to study under Princess Zelda of Hyrule. Yumina has impressed Zelda with her wisdom at an early age, her magical talent and her skill with a bow. Under Zelda's mentorship, Yumina has also become friends with Lisesharte Atismata, who also wants to become a worthy queen to her people. Yumina and Lisha have also bonded over the fact that well, their bodies haven't developed that much.
  • Became close friends with Belldandy, who reminds her of Olga Strand. Surprised that Belldandy was already a goddess when she ascended, Yumina asked Belldandy how she is old, she always says 17 years old. note  Belldandy has become something of a Cool Big Sis to Yumina and does everything she can to help her in anything regarding the Bride Conference.
  • Yumina thinks twice about going to the House of Tainted Love, especially after hearing that one of its inhabitants, the fallen angel Raynare, has a voice similar to hers. She was horrified upon learning that not only did she never love Issei Hyodo, she even killed him just to obtain power. She isn't all too fond of Bellatrix Lestrange either, for being an unrepentant psychopath who faithfully serves the internationally feared dark wizard Voldemort. As much as she loves Touya, she is aware of his flaws and isn't afraid to scold him whenever he screws up. She hates Raynare and Bellatrix with a passion and has promised never to become like them.
    • Despite her hatred for Raynare, she doesn't look forward to working with the Gremory household. While she respects their skills and talents, especially Rias Gremory for her leadership, she is weirded out by their weird sexual fetishes. Upon learning Issei has the power to destroy people's clothes, Yumina was absolutely shocked and forbade Issei to ever get near her. She had a bad experience with slimes that tore apart her clothes back when she was exploring a dungeon and she doesn't want a repeat of that.
    • Her hatred for Voldemort was intensified upon learning that not only does Voldemort hate the idea of love, he even broke his soul into seven pieces just to secure immortality. Thanks to Kotori and Ratatoskr, Yumina also became aware of the threat Isaac Westcott poses. The fact that Westcott is also allies with Voldemort doesn't endear him to Yumina, either. On a lesser note, she doesn't really like the Dursley family not only for abusing Harry Potter, but because they hate magic and polyamory. She was planning to bombard their temple with magical arrows but Harry talked her out of it.
  • Princess Cadance, who has trouble lending support to harems, has gone on record saying that she disapproves of Yumina's work in the Bride Conference. She doesn't personally hate Yumina, it's just that harems are complicated and she is a staunch defender of monogamy. Yumina has replied that even with the harem aspect in full effect, she loves Touya, not to mention that polyamory is legal in Belfast, so she doesn't see what's the big deal. For now, they both agreed to disagree. On the other hand, Kyu Sugardust wholeheartedly supports Yumina and often lends her support in upholding the Bride Conference. The three goddess are willing to work together when fighting the deities from the House of Tainted Love, though.
    • She listened to Cadence and Kyu's discussions about Ichika Orimura and Natsuru Senou and went on to investigation to see what the fuss was all about. Needless to say, she was not pleased with Ichika and Natsuru's stupidity and incomprehensiveness to love and has done everything in her power to make sure that Touya doesn't become as stupid as they are. That said, she does feel a bit of sympathy towards the former for having to endure terrorist attacks on a regular basis and the latter for being brainwashed by the girl he loves.
    • On one of the rare occasions Cadence and Kyu were on speaking terms with one another, they told Yumina about a Naze and Amida, and about their… "marriage dynamic" (as well as the reasons behind them). While impressed and sympathetic to what they did, the fact that they're technically criminals prevents her from becoming allies with them since as a daughter of a noble family, they're on opposite ends of the law. That doesn't mean she hates them; it just means that she cannot bring herself to support their actions.


    Freya Carlson 
Freya Carlson, Goddess of One-Shot Love Interests (Miss Foul Up, The Klutz)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A wrecking ball
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Those sexy female characters that show up in one installment of a series and never again, a disaster waiting to happen, though it may (MAY) be a ruse, rather determined despite constantly screwing up
  • Domains: Spies, Fanservice, One-Shot Characters
  • Followers: Sasha Phyronix, Lorna, Vanessa Kensington
  • Herald: Agent Matt Helm (her liaison).
  • Allies: Coffy, Papyrus and Sans, Temmies, Nick Fury, Mabel Pines, Lynne, Lisbeth Salander, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris
  • Enemies: Big-time criminals in general
  • A secret agency called ICE employs a certain agent, Matt Helm, who loves nothing more than women, booze and singing thematically appropriate lyrics at random intervals. One specific mission he was sent on was to stop greedy and controlling Count Contini from stealing a billion dollars in gold lest he destroy the global economy. Well, this profile is neither about a womanizing, over-tanned spy or an Italian-named count with an improbable posh British accent, but about Freya Carlson, the gorgeous, if bumbling, agent sent to aid the former against the latter.
  • After many debates regarding who could possibly be singled out for the post of Girl of the Week, the Main House decreed that they would hold a randomized summoning ritual in the House of Love and the first being to show up would be it. Most were sure it would be a Bond Girl. Many showed up to watch the ritual, and there were Temmies going around trying to sell their items and getting swindled instead. At some point after the ritual had begun, some joker threw one Temmie right into the middle of the circle, and one second later the circle exploded, with a befuddled Freya Carlson making herself known after the dust cleared, with the shocked Temmie perched on her head. Dead silence ensued, and then a clamor of voices wondering who the hell the woman wearing weird 60's fashions was supposed to be and some demanding to redo the ritual. More cinematically-aware deities recognized her from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, with a few able to name the fiction she was originally from. Anyway the Main House was fed up with the Girl of the Week debacle and didn't care about any of that, only that Freya fit the trope.
    • As deities in the Pantheon became more familiarized with The Wrecking Crew and the kind of person Freya is, theories arose that the Temmie being thrown in the circle very much had a hand in summoning Freya, with the reasoning being that the naturally goofy Temmie affected the summoning circle's parameters to the point where it was incompatible with the typical Girl of the Week (who aren't generally known for being funny or goofy), resulting in Cute Clumsy Girl Freya being picked instead. Take it or leave it. Anyway, in the hustle and bustle of her ascension and getting up to speed about the Pantheon, she just sort of kept the Temmie, being at a loss what else to do with it, but the Temmie seems rather delighted being with her, so it all works out. Its Rubber Man properties prove to be of use to her against the dangers of the Pantheon.
  • Right after ascending, and due to her occupation as a secret agent, she was directed to Nick Fury in order to get things explained to her. Nick obliged, after which Freya expressed willingness to serve under him in any capacity. Nick appreciates her earnestness, but being used to working with markedly unsubtle superheroes who generally solve problems by punching them really hard in the face, he doesn't really know what to do with her and kind of considers her a risk due to her clumsiness that one can't really tell how deliberate it is. Though instead of telling this to her face, he simply keeps her on permanent standby.
  • Freya didn't get to show what she was made of until the following happened: she was quite suddenly abducted off a street by a bunch of gangsters, and next thing she knows she's waking up in a totally different location, handcuffed to another woman whom Freya came to know was a vigilante named Coffy, and boy was she pissed about this whole arrangement, which was set up by one of her enemies. They did not get along at first, as these situations tend to go, with Coffy thinking Freya too soft and a liability, and Freya doesn't take kindly to being constantly underestimated. So it was all around kind of a bothersome trip to the House of Crime they had in order to get the cuffs off and make the gangster who did it pay. Fortunately, Freya's hidden competence showed itself through some important bits of insight and also in a battle capacity when they faced off against waves of the gangsters' mooks, which Coffy gave due credit. In the end, you don't go through an adventure like that without creating a strong bond, and that is how Coffy and Freya's relationship wound up. That's also how these situations go.
  • Sans the skeleton took notice of her clumsy but dedicated ways and thought she reminded him an awful lot of his awesome brother Papyrus. So he intercepted her and introduced her to Papyrus. Actually it was less an introduction and more Sans announcing to Papyrus there was an intruder and he'd better use all his puzzles to stop her. Despite the bizarreness of the situation, Freya did her best to solve said puzzles, which wasn't difficult at all because they're Papyrus' puzzles. Either way, Papyrus was rather touched by what he termed Freya's determination and felt an affinity for her, as Sans predicted. So, Papyrus enthusiastically offered her his friendship, which Freya almost as enthusiastically took.
  • The detective Lynne is a young and plucky woman who probably has Freya beat in sheer brazenness on account of how many times she's been killed alone. She even has a male partner in the form of Sissel, who is an increasingly bewildered witness to her antics, rather like Matt Helm to Freya. Granted, Freya is quite sure she would not get away with dying repeatedly. Either way, Lynne seems to have embraced Freya as a like-minded, potential partner in investigations. Sissel is not looking foward to what the two of them working together may result in.
  • One is bound to get the wrong idea of someone who represents Girl of the Week, so let's set the record straight; no, Freya is not "available", as some deities used to smooching a new love interest in every adventure have found out. She patently refuses to get involved with the usual suspects known for this kind of thing, like Captain Kirk (partly because she has come to think that interdimensional romances are a terrible idea for various logistic reasons). In fact, Freya is likely to scold him and others for becoming distracted from their all-important missions by such frivolousness, as she did with Matt Helm.
    • Interestingly, Mabel Pines (of all the characters) learned an important lesson from dating a new guy every other week in her goal for an "epic summer romance". As a consequence of remembering all of them, she wanted to forget them through Laser-Guided Amnesia. Fortunately, she decided against it, thinking the memories would make her a better person in the long run. She was at first afraid of how Freya, holding the trope she does, would react to her romantic history, but it turns out Freya really admires Mabel's maturity in handling it, and wishes the likes of Kirk et al would take a page from her book.
  • To the surprise of many, she was extended the friendship of the notoriously reclusive and antisocial hacker Lisbeth Salander, even though many would say their personalities are totally opposite. Apparently Lisbeth took note of all the details of how Freya (and Matt) took back the billion dollars in gold from the thieving Count Contini. It always pleases Lisbeth to see an evil man of Contini's stature to get his just desserts, especially as Contini didn't treat his henchwomen all that well (Lisbeth doesn't like Matt much either, come to that). So, Lisbeth is willing to help Freya on whatever adventures she might get into, by using her knack for finding all sorts of information on the Internet, a very useful tool not available in Freya's time. Lisbeth's... uniqueness took some getting used to as far as Freya was concerned, though that happened in due time and Freya now highly values her as the greatest source of information she knows. Even if Lisbeth isn't exactly great company and Freya has some choice words about her habit of sleeping around.
  • Has been spotted training in combat with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, to much further surprise from many deities, who wonder why those two legends would bother with someone rather obscure like Freya. Apparently for Chuck Norris, this may be out of some form of gratitude, due to The Wrecking Crew containing his first film role. And Freya did learn her martial arts directly from Bruce Lee, which he is now hoping to improve.

    Katawa Girls 
Emi Ibarazaki, Hanako Ikezawa, Lilly Satou, Rin Tezuka, Shizune Hakamichi, and Shiina "Misha" Mikado, Goddesses of Disabled Love Interests
Clockwise, starting from upper left: Lilly, Misha, Shizune, Emi, Rin, Hanako

    Serena (Pokémon
Serena, Patroness of Satellite Love Interests (The Girl With The Straw Hat, Yanderena, Yvonne Maxa)
Click here to see Serena's first outfit 
  • She tries to stay as far away from certain wings of the House of Otherness as she can; which is just as well as, when she does think about ghosts and similar species, she usually invents some wild stories that make their reputations worse.
  • While Serena admits to having a jealous streak early in her adventure, she did gain some confidence over the course of her journey with Ash and believes that she will be able to defend her case for him legitimately when the time comes. Between this and hearing about Serena's performances, Nyarko has offered her a position on the Special Lovers Squad.
    • When she heard the tale of Homura sealing Madoka's powers, Serena was utterly flabbergasted, exclaiming that it would be like "saving" Ash by wiping all Pokemon from existence.
  • She gets an Uncanny Valley vibe from Cortana, especially with how she is with Master Chief. Furthermore, Serena is wary of her due to her experiences with Clemont: if his inventions flip-out about half the time, then why couldn't an A.I.?

Son Videl, Goddess of Those Who Were Demoted to Satellite Love Interest (Great Saiyawoman 2, Great Saiyawoman Mark II, Great Saiyawoman, Great Saiyagirl, Bidel, Beedel, Biddle)
Click here to see her with short hair 
Click here to see her in EOZ 
Click here to see her in GT 
Click here to see her in Super 
Click here to see her as the Great Saiyawoman 


    Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge 
Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper and Veronica Lodge, Goddesses of Contrasting Personality Love Interests (Betty: The Girl Next Door, B, Saint Betty, Betts, Bride of Hobo, Betty Snooper, North Side Princess, Serpent Queen, Gryphon Queen, Nighthawk | Veronica: The Raven-Haired Princess, Ronnie, V, Blue Jasmine, Little Princess, The She-Wolf of Wall Street)
  • Theme Song: "Sugar, Sugar", with the rest of their fellow band members
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their faces with blond (for Betty) and black (for Veronica) hair sharing a smoothie with Archie
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with some moments of True Neutral from Veronica
  • Portfolio: Being in a famous love triangle with Archie, being Vitriolic Best Buds/Friendly Enemies with each other, famously sharing similar facial features
  • Domain: Love, Personality, Family
    • Veronica: Commerce
  • Enemies: Bellatrix Lestrange, Akio Ohtori.
  • Opposes: Any unhealthy love triangle and relationship, including Emma Frost, the ascended gods from the School Days series.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Both: Sabrina Spellman
  • Love Rival: Cheryl Blossom
  • With Hinata finally hooking up with Naruto, the largest betting pool in the Pantheon shifts to who Archie will end up with. This is the largest one yet, pulling in deities that normally don't involve themselves in betting, especially now that all members of the famous love triangle (square?) have all made their way into the pantheon, and the situation doesn't look to resolve itself anytime soon. It doesn't help matters that his ascension is caused by a series that has him marry both Betty and Veronica, although in different timelines.
    • It got so intense that the aforementioned smoothie celebration was heavily watched by everyone to see if Veronica finally found a way to get rid of her rivals. She didn't, as Archie specifically states it is a "friendly" celebration.
    • Rumor has it that the betting involved got so big that someone tried to to bribe the Status Quo into resolving the love situation to their favor. But they obviously didn't succeed.
    • It doesn't help that both of them (and Cheryl) ascended because of this dynamic. Even after their ascension, the two of them are still interacting with Archie and (secretly) winning his love.
  • Betty gets along well with Mary Jane Watson due to their similar personalities. She even feels more sorry for Mary Jane after learning about the whole "One More Day" incident and how often the red-headed is mistreated by the writers of her universe.
  • Veronica has a very weird relationship with Seto Kaiba. Both of them bonded over their usage of money to get what they want. However, Seto has no respect for Veronica's lack of common sense due to being raised in wealth instead of having to earn her own like he did. Veronica just retorts that investing a large chunk of his money into a children's card game and obsessing about defeating his "boyfriend" Yugi Muto doesn't sound normal to her.
    • She gets along well with Nagi Sanzen'in due to their shared lack of knowledge of how the world works. They can usually be seen spending time with each other complaining about how different "poor people" do things compared to them.
    • However, Veronica is disgusted by how much of a Rich Bitch Princess Morbucks is and how shockingly selfish she is. Even she has standards. This caused a split between Veronica and her once ally Libby Chessler, as Libby doesn't see any problem about her behavior, pointing out that Morbucks is less much of a threat than how she used to be in her later appearances.
  • Both of them were stunned into silence after the discovery that Archie ascended because in a certain timeline(s), he performed a Heroic Sacrifice by taking a bullet fired by Wendell that were meant for his friend Kevin Keller. They both took a day off from their temple and spent it with Archie, much to his confusion.
  • Both of them were horrified and wary of Sabrina Spellman after learning that in an alternate timeline, her reckless use of magic caused a Zombie Apocalypse in Riverdale. However, their main beef toward this timeline is somewhat different: While both of them are upset that they have to leave Riverdale behind to survive, Veronica simply hates the fact that the apocalypse causes Archie to reciprocate Betty's feeling instead of her, while Betty is sad that Veronica and her sister Polly are much more belligerent toward her in this timeline.
  • Was disgusted when they discovered the Psychotic Love Triangle the cast of School Days got themselves into. They avoid Kotonoha and Sekai's temple as much as they can.
  • Were NOT pleased when they heard a predator has ascended into the Pantheon. While they are somewhat relieved that it is different from the one that fell in love with them, Betty and Veronica won't be taking their chances.

    Cal Hockley and Jack Dawson 
Cal Hockley and Jack Dawson, Patron Saints of the Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor (Jack: William, Don Juan; Cal: Gaston)
Cal (left) & Jack (right) saying goodbye to Rose, actually agree on something
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Heart of the Ocean (Cal), a pencil sketch of Rose naked in his sketchbook (Jack)
  • Theme Song: "Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch" (for Jack)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (for Jack, although JonTron usually jokes that he is Chaotic Evil), True Neutral (for Cal)
  • Portfolio: Rich and poor Love Triangle for Rose
  • Domains: Wealth, Love, Disaster
    • Cal: Abuse
    • Jack: Death, Sacrifice
  • Followers: Yusaku Godai and Shun Mitaka, Mayda Munny and Gloria Glad, Conobar Elstan and Osen
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Each other, Calvin Candie
  • Complicated Relationship with:
  • Ascend together after Cal's suicide and Jack's death by freezing. No, they aren't happy about their situation of having to share a temple with each other. The two of them tried to stay away from each other and at least civilized when the two of them have to meet, but one can easily ignite a fight by just mentioning the Heart of the Ocean jewel. This did not get better when they heard about Rose's ascension.
    • The only thing that they can barely agree on is their share hatred of icebergs. And to forbid anyone to call them Don Juan, William, Gaston or mentioning the two of them with talking animals. Plus how they hate Calvin Candie because he once impersonated Jack to kidnap Rose to be his bride (Jack is obviously not pleased, but Cal declares that only he can take revenge on Rose and decided to team up with Jack to rescue her).
  • When heard about Rose's ascension, Jack immediately ran to her temple to reunite with her with a kiss. Cal, on the other hand, immediately throws a tantrum about how she cheated on him and he will make her pay for dropping the diamond into the sea.
  • Jack and Rose hates Gaston's guts for his douchy treatment of Belle and the Beast. This endears them to Belle and the Beast, who relates to his experience of loving from different social status. Cal, on the other hand, gets along very well of Gaston for their share hatred of Jack and the fact that they both feel their "love" chose someone that is lesser than them.
  • JonTron frequent pokes fun at Jack and holds him responsible for the Titanic sinking due to his portrayal in the bootleg video games the former played.
  • Jack has many allies who had to compete romantically with someone who has much more social status than them. A few of the notable ones are Tiana and Mary Jane Watson. The women got along with him really well because they think he is a romantic.
  • Jake makes a point to declare himself to be the king of the world whenever he travels on another boat.
  • With his ascension to the Pantheon, Jack can be usually seen drifting throughout the Pantheon as a freelance artists for hire. Sometime he can be seen with Rose. People know not to disturb the two of them whenever they are saying they are drawing like the French.
  • Made quick friend with Aladdin for their drifting lifestyle and is in a relationship with a woman with higher status than them. Although Jack disapproves Aladdin lied to Jasmine about being Prince Ali.
    • Cal, on the other hand, had a bad relationship with Aladdin due to the fact that he is disapproves Aladdin simply wished his wealth into existence.
  • Shinichi Kudo is a strong supporter of Jack's relationship with Rose because they remind him of his friend from the police force Sato and Takagi.
  • Charlotte LaBouff is a big fan of Jack and Rose's relationship because she thinks their story is romantic and Jack's friendship with Tiana while dislikes Cal for how poorly he treats Rose.
  • Jack was in a surprise of a lifetime when seeing how he looks similar to Jay Gatsby. The two keep a hostile relationship with each other because Jack dislikes how obsessive the latter was with Daisy.
  • From Rose's meeting with her sister Jo, Jack met a kindred spirit in Amy March who is also an artist.
  • Jack and Rose got along well with Romeo and Juliet due to the tragic nature of their romance. The four of them congrats each other that they now reunite with the one they love. The fact that Romeo and Jack look the same also helps.
  • Cal and the Phantom don't get along because the two of them once mistook one for the other and has different philosophy on love.
  • Also reside in the House of Poverty and Riches.

    Cheryl Blossom 
Cheryl Blossom, Goddess of the Third-Option Love Interest
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her face with red hair with a very... unrealistic figure
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, although she can be True Neutral on her bad days.
  • Portfolio: changing from an Alpha Bitch to Jerk with a Heart of Gold, does NOT have a similar face to Betty and Veronica, Impossible Hourglass Figure (which she gladly shows), famously introduced to interfere with the love triangle with Archie
  • Domain: Love, Personality, Commerce
  • Followers: Ukyo Kuonji, Fumia Konoe, Cody, Setsuna Kiyoura, Hikari Kuroda, Otome Katou, Yuki Ashikaga
  • Herald: Her twin brother Jason
  • Allies: Archie Andrews, Libby Chessler, Lois Lane, Mary Jane Watson
  • Enemies: Sabrina Spellman, Sekai Saojin, Kotonoha Katsura
  • Love Rivals: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge
  • Opposed by: Any gods who feel their lives became more complicated by her followers, including Ranma Saotome, Yuuji Sakai, Tenchi Masaki
  • Ascended because out of the other options, she is the first, most influential and famous out of all of them.
  • She was surprised when Archie invited her to drink a smoothie in the House of Food with him, Betty and Veronica in spite of how little she appeared in their world. Naturally, Cheryl took this as a sign that Archie still had feelings for her but was soon disappointed to learn this was just a friendly celebration. It still didn't stop her from wearing as little as she could get away with in a non-fanservice related house.
  • Strikes up a friendship with Mary Jane Watson because of the latter's role in earlier stories to provide a third option for Peter in his love life outside of Gwen Stacy and Liz Allen. Naturally, Cheryl felt very sorry for her when learned about the whole "One More Day" incident and how often the redhead is mistreated by the writers of her universe. She bottles up these feelings having learned that her love rival Betty also harbors similar feelings. She got an image to maintain.
  • Is proud that she is the only person to not have a similar face to Betty and Veronica and boasts that that made her the most beautiful person in her universe.
  • Her ascension caused a major headache for the gods in the House of Love due to her followers' tendency to suffer with their audience. Cheryl just answered that her temple just provides alternative options for romantic outcomes. It isn't her fault that the audience usually responds negatively.
  • Was NOT pleased when she learned that Archie got married to both Betty and Veronica in (an) alternative timeline(s) while she is stuck waiting tables and develops breast cancer. Is also horrified when she learns that she and and her brother are killed by The Predator in one timeline.
  • Swore herself to be Sabrina Spellman's enemy after learning that in an alternate timeline, her reckless use of magic caused a Zombie Apocalypse over Riverdale. While she officially states that she is upset because she was forced to flee Riverdale because of Sabrina and, unlike the rest of her friends, she doesn't really know enough about Sabrina as a person to sympathize with her, most deities think it is because she is rightfully Squicked out because of her "relationship" with her twin brother Jason in this timeline, as well as his death (and whatever the heck caused it). She even refuses to discuss that version of her and refers to that Cheryl as "Blaze".
  • Earned the ire of Kotonoha and Sekai after they discovered that some of their love rivals (Setsuna, Hikari, Otome and Yuki) are followers. Cheryl for her part ignored them as she thinks they are insane and clingy. She became good friends with Yuki though, so some good came out of this mess.
    • Because she is the enemy of two of the most infamous Yanderes in history, the entire Pantheon is very surprised that Cheryl's temple hasn't been destroyed or that its resident hasn't been killed yet. It turns out that Cheryl has been consulting with the House of Trickery to figure out a way to ensure peace within the House of Love: Cheryl agrees to keep Kotonoha and Sekai's love rivals from going to her temple all at once in exchange for the two girls to stay as far away as possible from her temple.
  • Was NOT pleased when she heard a predator ascended into the Pantheon. While she somewhat relieved that it is different from the one that killed her, she won't be taking her chances.

    Irene Adler 
Irene Adler, The Goddess Who Was Promoted to Love Interest (The Woman, Jamie Moriaty)
Click for spoiler of Elementary season 1 finale 
  • Theme Song: "Irene's Theme" (for her BBC Sherlock version)
  • Quasideity, with some moment of Demi
  • Alignment: True Neutral in most versions, Neutral Evil as Jamie Moriaty
  • Domain: Love, Music, Manipulation
  • Portfolio: Elegant Classical Musician, Worthy Opponent to Sherlock Holmes, Ensemble Dark Horse, frequently portrayed as a Femme Fatale and Promoted to Love Interest to Sherlock
  • Followers: Chisame Hasegawa, Liz Sherman, Anders
  • Allies: John Watson, Spock, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Kaidan Alenko, Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah, Ned Flanders, Katniss Everdeen, Stephen Strange, Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Enemies: Dracula, Cersei Lannister
  • Complicated Relationship with: Sherlock Holmes, James Moriaty, Nero Wolfe
  • Pities: Hinata Hyuga, Cheryl Blossom, Tyrion Lannister
  • Opposes: Barbara Gordon / Batgirl, Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Tywin Lannister
  • Rival: Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • One of the few people that ever outsmarted Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler was picked to join the Pantheon to represent her temple because the sheer amounts of adaptations of her being a love interest to Sherlock far outnumbered the ones that don't.
  • Irene's original counterpart doesn't particularly happy with her position, nor the fact that she is usually portrayed as a Femme Fatale in most adaptations, because she is Happily Married and only met Sherlock Holmes once as an enemy, not to mention she finds him cold and uncaring. Because of this, Irene's original counterpart tends to not present in her own temple very much and sometimes can be seen bonding with John Watson for their shared experienced of being Flanderized.
    • Saying that, alot of Irene's other counterparts - who are Sherlock's love interest, are incredibly happy to reunite with him again.
  • One figure Irene also has complicated relationship with is James Moriaty. While their original counterparts never met, a few of their counterparts did. Their relationship tends to be on the antagonistic side, but one memorable time the two of them are revealed to be the same person, who called herself Jamie Moriaty.
  • One popular speculation is that she is the mother of Nero Wolfe with Sherlock Holmes as the father. The three of them neither deny nor confirm this.
  • Because of the temple she represents, Irene tends to have many allies that have been on the end of her temple's power. Most of them are thankful for the romantic relationship they received.
    • Irene feels incredibly sorry for Hinata because of her cousin Neji's one-sided obsession with her. She feels similar way to Cheryl Blossom for her incest relationship with her brother.
    • Irene is happy for people that received her temple power and their relationship gone smoothly and well-written. The list include Spock, Luna with Neville, Garrus, Tali and Kaidan with Commander Shepard.
    • On the other hand, she condemns people whose received her temple's power but used it incredibly poorly and got Strangled by the Red String. This include Batgirl (with Batman) while she outrights dissociate herself with Dracula for the fact that Mina Murray is usually received her temple power while was portrayed with rape undertone in the original works.
  • She has a friendly relationship with Doctor Strange and Tony Stark given that the three of them found themselves having familiar appearance.
  • She got along well with Katniss Everdeen because of their annoyance about their readers' disproportional focus on their love life. The fact that one of Irene's counterpart looks like one of Katniss's allies Cressida is just a bonus.
  • The fact that she is frequently Flanderized in adaptations is what bonds her with Ned Flanders.
  • Because she has similar name to Mystique's deceased lover Destiny and is said to be based on her in the Marvel Universe, Raven tends to have spies around Irene's temple. She is NOT pleased when told about this news by the Marvel deities.
  • Irene's ascension caused Cersei to drop her wine because the queen thought that her rival Margaery Tyrell has returned to the Pantheon because Cersei has thought that she was destroyed during the Great Sept of Baelor. With her paranoia, Cersei immediately launched an attack on Irene's temple, causing Tywin to step in because he thought that she is being wasteful of resources on an unprovoke deity. This event and the fact that Cersei is a huge Jerkass and misogynistic towards other women, especially one that had outsmarted a man like Sherlock Holmes, caused Irene to despise the queen with a passion.
    • On the other hand, she and Tywin considers each other Worthy Opponent, but Irene still thinks that the event of the Red Wedding too horrific to ally with him.
    • She and Tyrion gets along the best due to their shared hatred of Cersei, disapproval of Tywin and the fact that Irene shares appearance with Margaery, whom Tyrion doesn't hate. Irene is very sorry when learning what he had been through.
  • Learned about Batman's impressive detective skill and wants to know whether or not she can outsmart him. So far, the question hasn't been answered.

    Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya 
Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya, Divine Couple of Romance Involving Speech-Impeded Persons (Shoya: Shouya, Yasho | Shoko: Shouko | Both: Sho or Shou)
Shoya and Shoko
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A hearing aid
  • Theme Song: The Generation
  • Alignments: Neutral Good for both; Neutral Evil formerly for Shoya
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Reformed Bullies, Deafness, Forgiveness, Love, Couples, Suicide (formerly)
  • Heralds: Yuzuru and Yaeko Nishimiya (Shoko's sister and mother), Miyako and Maria Ishida (Shoya's mother and cousin), Tomohiro Nagatsuka (Ishida's self-proclaimed best friend), Naoka Ueno (Ishida's former bully helper)
  • Friends: The Katawa Girls, Betty Cooper, Jimmy Hopkins, Pacifica Northwest, Sunset Shimmer, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, Elisa Esposito, Violet Evergarden, majority of the Hall of Regret and Shame
  • Respected by: Majority of the House of Love and Affection and other good students from the House of School.
  • Commonality Connection with: Johnny Lawrence, Zuko, Timmy Turner (for Shoya), WALL•E and EVE, Hinata Hyuga, Sona Buvelle, Ludwig van Beethoven (for Shoko)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Bart Simpson (for Shoya), Claude (for Shoko)
  • Opposes: Gary Smith, Biff Tannen, John Kreese
  • Fears: Neopolitan (for Shoko)
  • Meet Shoya Ishida, a delinquent student who was a bully back on his high school years. After relentlessly bullying a deaf student on his school all for the sake of boredom, and being forced to move to another school for all the harassment, he is placed on the same pedestal as years of his high school life has left him a bully target, with all his friends leaving him for all his antics. Grown up, depressed and with zero friends to back him up, he was at the brink of suicide, until one fateful encounter with the person he harassed back then, the deaf Shoko Nishimiya, made him rethink his ways and go on towards a path of redemption. What followed on his path changed him and Shoko forever, as he continuously strove himself to become a better person and change the error of his ways, all while knowing the truths of her intention towards him back in the past, to the point that at the tip of the journey, he saves her attempt at suicide but puts him in a coma, allowing her to reflect on herself and decide to bring his friends back together. The end result not only brought the two back to redeem themselves, it perhaps even rekindled romantic feelings for each other.
  • One faithful day, as the two were minding their own business after attending a festival, Shoko was teleported out of existence and placed into evaluation of the Court of the Gods. They noticed that her inability to speak properly has granted her a title under her but after evaluation, she started getting worried and cry in lonely desperation. The Gods, not knowing what she wanted gave her a notebook so that she may distribute her thoughts around the court. After being suddenly teleported with no notice, she wanted to see her friends once more as she is alone. Much deliberation later and the council decided to allow to bring her love interest Shoya so that the two may share the title, a decision that made her happy and left Shoya in disarray after her sudden disappearance.
  • The two's entrance left both in awe and confusion as the Pantheon's own set of rules, coupled with the lack of possible people to speak to placed both in a rough spot almost akin to a maze. While waiting for their temple to be built, Shoko decided to explore their subhouse, looking for people similar to them. What resulted from this was her first meeting to the Katawa Girls with their own deaf Student Leader Shizune Hakamichi, exchanging notebooks as a means to communicate to each other for the first time. The moment she talked about her relationship with Shoya left Shizune and the rest of the girls giggling hearing that she also earned a relationship to a former bully. Shoya's entrance after following her ended up in a huge group hug with all the girls, and Hisao in the background giving him a thumbs up of approval for his redemption.
  • Outside of their neighboring deities, their reception was slowly received by others, even reaching out to fellow mutes and former bullies who saw the two as a shining light when it comes to forgiveness. While shy at first, especially when mentioning their relationship, they have also warmed up to other deities following their sudden entrance to the Pantheon, allowing them to form new friends and even relatable people to interact with.
  • Even with all the support the two are getting, especially to Shoko's muteness, the two still try to live with their flaws. Shoya will be often seen in the Hall of Regret and Shame as a way to ask for forgiveness for all that he has done despite being forgiven and actually succeeding in his road to redemption. He still considers it necessary to ask for penance as it still scars him to this day. Shoko's response to his guilt is often times a smile or a huge, giving some members of the House of Love a nice reaction.
  • Both of their pasts has brought them people from different places, with Shoya able to interact with people who were either bullies (or those who are often targets of such) and even those who chose a path to redemption, while Shoko managed to interact, albeit with sign language/a notebook, with other mutes she discovered. This, coupled with them bringing their friends and family as their heralds has made their stay in the Pantheon much more enjoyable, and maybe a promise for a brighter future.
  • News of Shoya's past would put him into complete guilt as his past life has been nothing but complete shame for himself and has since rectified any means to go back to such, considering it nearly killed him. Thankfully, it has been received quite well and without any harmful comments on him. It even earned him a visit from Jimmy Hopkins, who saw his redemption story to be similar to his, though Jimmy prefers to do his in a rather dirty hands scenario, which he has spoken about.
    Jimmy: "Hey, heard you changed your ways as a bully. Guess we're cool."
    Shoya: "I mean I guess so, you still fight though."
    Jimmy: "It's for those bullying chumps, don't worry."
    • Outside of Jimmy however, Pacifica Northwest has been visiting him on several occasions, seeing that another person has changed their ways. She was rather surprised when she saw his relationship with the person he once harassed, impressing her even more considering her response was that she warmed up to Dipper and Mable, though she still remains prissy at times.
    Pacifica: "I'm impressed. I guess we're both even."
    • It wasn't easy for Sunset Shimmer to tone done her actions following her defeat and reformation. To hear that he managed to go through all that pain for years and even dodge a suicide attempt has made her jealous. Nonetheless, she can only wish that his future, and perhaps those who would change the errors of their ways, remain bright after all those years of loathing.
    • Shoya's journey to all his atone has also attracted the grown-up bully Johnny Lawrence, who sees Shoya to be a shining example of a redeemed bully, perhaps even more successful than him in regards to the future. While, knowing both stories, Shoya would feel disheartened hearing Johnny's problems in life and all the massive hardships between his son, his legacy of Cobra Kai and everything in between. Understanding each other's own pains, they both agreed to help each other in times of need, and in Johnny's case, he can only wish that his new path to redemption will work out all right.
    • Zuko knew how hard it was to forgive himself after the entire Fire Nation set their world ablaze, and had to decide between his countrymen or the Avatar in the hopes of redeeming his royal right as a prince. Still, even through all the tension, the scars would still make him remember it all, a pain Shoya has felt even after earning his redemption, hence why his occasional visits for penance. The two share this plight and often meet each other in the same penance halls, hoping that their mistakes would not be followed by others.
    • Unfortunately, it is not all sunshine and flowers however as some people have proven to still be arrogant, even in the test of time, and none could ever be more proven than Biff Tannen himself. The annoying bully of the McFlys caught wind to Shoya and even attempted to harass Shoko after hearing of the two's history. The McFlys saw this and helped the two evade Biff's wrath, though he knows Biff's actions will not be the end of it. It only got worse when Gary Smith intervened as well and seeing that Jimmy managed to get to him first, has placed both of them in their sights, with Gary possibly wanting Shoya to go back to his old self, a self he would rather never mention ever.
  • His first meeting with Timmy Turner was, interesting, to say the least. Seeing Timmy as an oppressed student in many ways, be it neglecful parents, an uncaring babysitter, an obsessed teacher and even the big bully of his school, he knew how both of them would reach a mutual understanding, until he saw his faries, Cosmo and Wanda, and actually pondered how Timmy's status hasn't changed. It also made him rather saddened to see that he hasn't altered himself even after the years of possible change, whereas unlike him, he had to make alot of changes and sacrifices to make sure he was no longer the same person he was. This resulted on the two getting mixed feelings towards each other, especially since Timmy has been making rather terrible wishes on his behalf.
  • Another person who also saw Shoya with similarity was Bart Simpson, who while being a jerk, is making some progress on his path to change, small in a sense that his antics are still being practiced without hesitation. In fact, he's rather annoyed at Bart for many reasons outside of his little change, while Bart on the other hand is curious to see his relationship with Shoko, something that he has tried numerous times and has failed in almost all of them.
  • Shoko's deafness brought with her alot of sympathy for many people, something that while she is greatful for, also dampens her in many ways, such that she has an extremely low opinion on herself, almost believing all the horrible things pointed out to her, regardless if its true or not. When Shizune heard of this, she understood her plight and wished to help bring her motivation back, first by introducing other people just like her.
    • This made her able to meet with those who are also mute in some way, with her first one being Sona Buvelle. While hesitant at first, when she noticed Shoko's unwillingness to try, she played a small tune of music to ease her anxiety. This allowed her to communicate first hand with signs, which prompted a response from her very easily and made it easier for the two to communicate. Thanks to the trio's efforts, they are able to communicate quite well, and for Sona, this is one of the very few times someone approached her with similar disabilities, something that as reflected in her melodies, has made her much more relaxed and happy.
    • When hearing that another deaf girl related to love was ascended, it did not take time till Elise Esposito showed introduced herself to the trio, even more as both Shoko, Shizune and Elise are related to love compared to Sona. Seeing her success at her relationship to Ishida made Elise hopeful that their relationship may go to a better future, something that she and the Asset worked hard to get.
    • The hearing aid she was gifted by Ishida proved to be very helpful, especially as after her meeting with Sona made her appreciate sound once more. This was further reflected when she heard of Ludwig van Beethoven's symphonies, something which she grew to admire. Though she wonders how Beethoven managed to make symphonies of wondrous sound when he was becoming deaf, unable to hear his own sounds in the process. Still, she appreciates his honor.
    • Not all mute people are good however, and most certainly not good-spirited when talking about Claude. Her first meeting with him just left the two staring at each other, with Claude just ignoring her responses. She wonders whether he's blind but Shizune would rather not divulge on the fact that Claude is a ruthless criminal, even worse for Neopolitan, who she completely fears. Ruthless, brutal and persistent, what bothers her is that she has a confusing relationship with Roman, which is a twisted form of a relationship that she and Ishida has.
  • Outside of mute people, others have pointed out that before their relationship was established, she was extremely hesitant in approaching Shoya due to her extremely shy personality, reflected at one point where she ran away when she couldn't pronounce "I love you" correctly. Hinata saw this and felt the same way on her earlier meetings with Naruto, who also understood both of their impediments. Though in Hinata's part, her confidence slowly grew as she aged and Shoko had to go through rough edges bringing Ishida's friends back after being in a coma understanding what he means to everyone outside of her.
    • Her sweetness also caught the attention of Betty Cooper who stumbled upon her by accident on her way to her temple. They both understand each other's own sweet, modest and reserve personalities, which help towards their respective bonds. For a mute girl, she has gained a popularity spike.
  • Things would turn sour when John Kreese found that Johnny Lawrence has been talking to him in a few days. While he would scoff at him for not being a worthy student of his twisted version of Cobra Kai, he did harass him to earn more ire from Johnny, as if their hatred to each other wasn't already bad enough. This left him scarred but ultimately he learned to accept these wounds, afterall, he is still atoning to himself for all that he has done before and such physical harm would not change his mind over his past.
  • Their love story has brought much sympathy and respect as the two earned their respective relationship after all the hardships both had to get through. The two also met Kousei and Kaori, who read their journey, with Kaori admitting she cried a little seeing the two gaining romantic feelings for each other. So much so that it prompted the two to give them tickets to see their concert. After Ishida gave a hearing aid to Shoya, a celebration was made for the two duos through the House of Music.
    • Who knew that a robotic couple would be able to understand human love like the two? WALL•E and EVE greeted the duo with excitement on EVE's part seeing how she and Shoko lack speech (well direct speech for EVE) and WALL•E's shyness shares the same with her anxiety. Ishida welcomed them all after knowing that the two of them have been well-respected in the House of Love.
    • Another person suddenly took interest to the two, but as this "Doll" visited them, it was slowly paced with her speech. Talking about the aspects and meaning of love, as well as understanding their emotional hardships, the duo suddenly grew a pity for her. Said Doll was in fact, Violet who rushed to their place the moment their ascension was announced. She gave them a big hug and found herself insecurely crying for seeing their common ground, that being their attempts at suicide and Violet and Shoko's reserved emotions. At one point, she also pointed out that Shoko may have inadvertently saved Ishida's life the moment they first met in long years, making everything better for her in the long run.
  • Their temple was given an expansion in the House of Health and Diseases, under Disabilities.

    Takagi and Nishikata 
Takagi and Nishikata, Divine Couple of The Girlfriend Tricking the Boyfriend (Takagi: The Teasing Master, The Legendary Forehead)
Nishikata is on the left, Takagi is on the right
As adults with their daughter Chi 
  • Quasideities (Nishikata is a Demigod as an adult)
  • Symbol: Any shot of them messing with each other
  • Theme Song: "I Didn't Say That", "Zero Centimeters" (most of the ending songs are sung by Takagi herself)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Love, Teasing, Tricks, Rivalry, Games
  • Herald: 'Chi' Nishikata (their daughter)
  • High Priests: Hayase Nagatoro and Naoto "Senpai" Hachiouji
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: Each other, even after marriage
  • Allies: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Conan Edogawa, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, the Eva pilots, Gentaro Kisaragi and the Kamen Rider Club, Kirito and Asuna, Shino Asada, Suguha Kirigaya, the Mane Six (especially Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy), the Equestria Girls, Rei Miyamato, Mikasa Ackerman
  • Odd Friendship: Issei Hyodo (Nishikata), Emilia (Takagi)
  • Commonality Connection with: Ciel Kirahoshi/Cure Parfait, Haru Okumura, Dib Membrane (for their large foreheads)
  • On Speaking Terms with: Most ordinary parents in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: No direct ones so far as they don't like to antagonize people and haven't run into any trouble so far. The Grand United Alliances count, though Yuuki Terumi could count as Takagi's Evil Counterpart
  • Respect: Phoenix Wright (Nishikata only)
  • Respected by: As is by tradition, the rest of the House of Love and Affection, Kaito Kid (Takagi only, for her excellent poker face)
  • Oppose: Eren Yeager, Miss Trunchbull
  • Pities: Rika Furude
  • Annoyed by: Bully hunters like Naughty Bear and Jimmy Hopkins (Takagi only), Mr. Mxyzptlk, The Goose (Nishikata only)
  • Conflicting Opinion: "Speed-O'-Sound" Sonic (Nishikata only)
  • The titular character of her universe, Takagi (no first name given) first met Nishikata on his first day of middle school and was touched because he went out of his way to get her lost handkerchief back to lost-and-found knowing it would get him in trouble for being late on their first day of middle school. From then on she would have a crush on him for years. How did she express her love? Through teasing. From the moment they were assigned to sit next to each other in class, both Takagi and Nishikata would pull pranks on or challenge each other to little games for the sole purpose of embarrassing each other, with Takagi always coming out on top. Like most cases, Nishikata only ever saw these pranks as annoyances. Most people could see that there was a close relationship forming between them both, especially since they both share similar interests and a competitive spirit. Nishikata would only start catching on in their third year and invite her on a 'date' to the town summer festival.
  • Their entry into the Pantheon came courtesy of another challenge set by Nishikata: walk into the abandoned highway tunnel without getting scared. They had already gone through this test of courage in their teenage years but Takagi chose to humour him and do it anyway. What was supposed to be an ordinary game turned extraordinary when they stepped into the tunnel as adults and came out as their in-series teenage selves. Nishikata had received via text message from his friends Takao and Kimura a seemingly genuine video of a purple and orange ghost in the tunnel and wanted to see for himself but was too scared to investigate further. He invited his wife along under the pretence of a game. Mr. Mxyzptlk had been using the highway tunnel to mess aboutnote . After unsuccessfully heading them off, he brought them to the 'police station' for help. What was originally a fiasco on his part ended up becoming two ascensions to the Pantheon and the fifth-dimensional losing a world where he could operate freely (and a fine).
  • Even as adults, Takagi continues to prank and tease her husband especially when Chi's around, with Nishikata continuing to lose miserably in her games. Many in the House of Love and Affection enjoy seeing their antics and one deity even made a special set of tarot cards for their anniversary, with Takagi as "The Teaser" and Nishikata as "The Teased". Takagi giggled at being given the anonymous gift while Nishikata just grimaced.
  • Takagi wears her titular moniker of 'Teasing Master' with pride and even commissioned T-shirts with the Teasing Master label (including a shirt with a drawing of both her and Nishikata fighting in a wrestling ring) to be sold in their House. When Nishikata found out, she and next-door neighbour Yumina lied that Mr. Mxyzptlk had staged the publicity stunt as a malicious prank on them both. Nishikata went to confront Rarity for 'conspiring' with Mxyzptlk. It turned out all of them were in on the jokenote  and as always, everyone in the store laughed at him. Here's the aftermath:
    Takagi: I just wanted to see how much you love me. And guess what? You passed, Nishikata.
    Nishikata: Yokatta. So now, you're going to stop this whole 'selling shirts' thing right?
    Takagi: HA HA HA—No.
  • Nishikata's first birthday party in the Pantheon was organized jointly by Keiichi Maebara (see below) and Pinkie Pie with some support from Fluttershy. Fluttershy became friends with Takagi after both teamed up to save a stray cat that was stuck in a really high pine tree in the House of Nature. Both ponies remind Takagi and Nishikata of their classmates Mina Hibino and Yukari Amakawa, probably contributing to the fact that Nishikata loved the party. In fact, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are reportedly planning for their second wedding anniversary in the Pantheon which they promise will be a lot more 'pizzazy' than Nishikata's party.
  • No one in the Pantheon (except perhaps mind-readers and Overdeities) knows their first names and they're not in any rush to reveal them. It's pretty much one of the only things they can agree on without teasing each other. The same goes for their daughter who only goes by Chi.
  • Exclusive to Takagi:
    • Nothing seems to faze her. At least on the surface anyway. For all of her teasing, she is easily reduced to a Smitten Teenage Girl only when Nishikata is out of sight, thanks to an excellent Poker Face. To even blush and squirm in his presence would indicate losing to him in a challenge, something she doesn't want at all. This demeanour has carried over to the Pantheon, and she's repeatedly voiced that she's not really bothered about the fact that she's fictional and comes from a rom-com centered around her relationship with Nishikata. The same goes for her large Forehead of Doom which she's even less concerned about (she sympathizes with deities who have them though).
    Takagi: Besides, to everyone except Nishikata my crush wasn't really a secret, was it?
    • Her first friend in the Pantheon was Mion Sonozaki, who she met at a manga convention accompanying Nishikata in the House of Craft (she was there as the GUAG Lol Rangers were being paid to help out). Both bonded over their love of teasing their friends (especially Keiichi), though Mion concedes that Takagi is much better at it than she is. Mion introduced her to her twin sister Shion and their friends Satoko, teasing in their own ways. It was at this convention that Takagi would become their eighth member, Brown Ranger. Takagi mostly treats it as a club rather than a fighting force since she's busy being taking care of Chi. However, she's made it abundantly clear that she despises the Grand United Alliance of Evil on principle, especially Yuuki Terumi and the Trollkaiger.
    • Takagi knows her crush/husband so well that at one point or another, she's used his own interests and pet peeves to tease him. Her teasing isn't at all malicious in nature, at most only getting Nishikata in trouble with Tanabe-sensei, and she really hates those who insult or prank people for corrupt or duplicitous purposes especially when they know it genuinely hurts the victim. Some in the Pantheon who don't know better seem to miss the fact that it's teasing, especially bully hunters like Naughty Bear and Jimmy Hopkins. Both gave her a good scare before realizing that Nishikata liked being teased by her and apologized for their behaviour.
    • While she doesn't specialize in anything extraordinary, she does have skills as a housewife and enjoys visiting families like the Simpsons, the Wattersons and the Flintstones for amusing conversations or a nice cup of bancha tea. The one time she took care of Peni Parker's temple while she was out in the House of Technology gave her some experience in fixing things, when she happened to be passing by. Peni appeared to be late for something there and just threw her temple keys at Takagi in desperation. She just shrugged and sat inside the room housing her SP//dr armor and even wiped some grease stains off because of 'itchy fingers'. Peni apologized on her return and both have become friends since because of the happy accident. First-voice-impression apparently had nothing to do with it, because both were speaking English to each other.
    • Some think Takagi has a bad relationship with her mother. She just tells those people to stop over-analyzing one of twenty-four episodes of her anime and get on with their lives.
  • Exclusive to Nishikata:
    • A Determinator because of his ambitions to one-up Takaginote , Nishikata does push-ups for every time Takagi successfully teases him. This eventually made him seriously ripped and many have commented on the irony that he's now a Chick Magnet because of his now wife's efforts. Regardless, he also serves as a gym instructor in the Elysium Academy where his wife frequently visits, much to his chagrin and his class's delight.
    • Friends with Mion and Shion's frequent target of abuse Keiichi Maebara. Keiichi is prone to putting the easily flustered Nishikata into intense social situations whether he likes it or not, like his first birthday party in the Pantheon held in a budget room in the House of Celebration. Funnily enough, Nishikata made his first friends there, most of them sharing his voice actor. Keiichi invited them personally just so Nishikata would notice their voices, knowing that otherwise he would only befriend ordinary deities. Keiichi and Mion Hooked Up Afterwards, so a similar knot-tying happened in the end.
    • Frequently has brushes with Gohan in the House of School staffroom since he's an apprentice scholar there. Like with Chi-Chi and Goku, Nishikata is awed at how normally Videl treats her marriage to one of the most powerful beings in the world and at how Gohan is different intellectually from his father. If Nishikata is with Gohan, they can be seen splurging on miso ramen at the stall around the corner.
    • When he was a teenager, he struggled to look mature in front of Takagi to ward her off from teasing him, but it didn't take, since he can't stand coffee. He still can't stand it as an adult but makes semi-regular trips to other coffee shops in the Pantheon to find one that won't make him gag. Kanji Tatsumi became allies with him at one of these shops, both bonding after discovering they had troubles with suppressing feminine interests, since Nishikata is a huge fan of a romance series titled "100% Unrequited Love".
    • Is easily annoyed or flustered by a lot of things, from being teased about his relationship with Takagi or any of his eccentricities, with many enjoying the way he blushes when embarrassed. Mr. Mxyzptlk was in on the whole 'publicity stunt' and the Indie Gaming Brotherhood's unwanted sixth ranger the Goose once pecked him to oblivion during a remedial gym session in the Academy.
    • Some have asked if Nishikata's ever been in an Unwanted Harem off-screen, what with his class's most attractive girl being attracted to him and all. Nishikata has retorted with a negative on that one, and was very vocal about not wanting several girls to be in a relationship with him at once. This attracted the attention of one Issei Hyodo who openly mocked Nishikata for his views. He later admitted that he didn't actually hate Nishikata for it, but when he heard the news he happened to be in a rotten mood. He would later take Nishikata to see Rias and his harem of girlfriends. Since then the two have been buddies for reasons largely unknown, owing to the fact that their spat was highly publicized.

Takagi: Your expression is priceless.

Nishikata: ...

Takagi: Moreover, you acted exactly how I thought you would. That's why I won't stop teasing you, Nishikata.

Nishikata: Just wait! Someday I'm gonna get you for sure...!!

Takagi: I'll be looking forward to it!