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Food comes in many forms and can be anything ranging from something one can see everyday to something that's far from normal. Visitors can learn about food and even try a sample of such.

In this place, the rule of "every title must have a trope" can be ignored, since it would be redundant to have every type of meal getting troped.

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Greater Gods

    Chip (Sonic
Chip, God of Chocolate (Light Gaia)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His necklace, a chocolate sundae, or Gaia Colossus
  • Theme Music: Dear my Friend
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, Really 700 Years Old, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Sweet Tooth, Nature Spirit, Pals with Jesus
  • Domains: Light, Rebirth, Day, Earth, Sweets
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Viridi, Gaia, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Kirby, Fat Majin Buu, Shaggy and Scooby, Swamp Thing, Chrono's Party, Mello
  • Enemies: Dark Gaia, Dr. Eggman, Lavos
  • Odd Friendship: Beerus
  • Chip was a mysterious creature Sonic came across after Eggman drained the power of the Chaos Emeralds to break apart the planet in order to awaken Dark Gaia, which also turned Sonic into a Werehog at night. The little guy had no memories to recall who he was, so Sonic would name him Chip after all the chocolate chips he liked to eat. Helping Sonic throughout their adventure to restore the Chaos Emeralds and put the planet back together, Chip would eventually remember that he is Light Gaia, whose role was to restore the world to normal after Dark Gaia destroyed it but being prematurely awakened by Eggman caused him to lose his memories. Chip would help Sonic fight against Eggman and put a stop to Dark Gaia, sacrificing himself to return Sonic to the surface before returning to dormancy alongside his dark counterpart.
  • During a fight with Dark Gaia in the Pantheon, Sonic and his allies got quite the surprise when they saw the familiar Gaia Colossus come to fight Dark Gaia. Immediately recognizing Chip, Sonic would team up with him to force the dark entity to sleep once again, enjoying a cheerful reunion with his companion. Chip would explain that he was summoned by the Court of the Gods immediately when they had the chance to help them put a stop to Dark Gaia whenever it became a threat, and he now can stay active as long as he likes in the Pantheon. Chip would soon be integrated into Sonic's companions ever since.
  • Chip has an amiable relationship with Gaia, a fellow spirit of the earth. They tend to hold social visits with each other to discuss how they can make the world a better place for everyone, while also encouraging their heroes to fight on (Sonic and his friends for Chip, The Planeteers and Captain Planet for Gaia). Chip comes to see Gaia as a motherly figure as she helps to guide him in protecting his planet.
  • Chip is friendly with Viridi, but he frowns upon her hatred for humans and her extreme actions, seeing it as excessive. Viridi has hoped to persuade Chip into joining her team, but Chip has declined her offer, admitting that while he would like to be friends with her, he won't do so as long as Viridi still intends to wipe humans off the face of the Earth. Viridi hasn't given up though, and is still determined to show him that humans can't be trusted.
  • Has heard of how SpongeBob and Patrick sold chocolate bars and is all too willing to take a hundred or more from them. That being said, even Chip found it creepy to hear of how one customer kept chasing after the two for their chocolate, especially after the Mood Whiplash. SpongeBob and Patrick were at least grateful that Chip was a better patron than Tom was.
  • Gets along very well with Kirby and the Fat Majin Buu as fellow eating partners, with all three of them enjoying sweets. Because of this, they tend to hang out in the House of Food to eat more desserts, especially chocolate and ice cream. There tends to be little-to-no limits in how much they can eat all at once.
  • Chip has found kindred spirits in Scooby and Shaggy for their love of eating. The duo usually hangs out with him at almost every restaurant the Pantheon has, especially a place that serves sweets like an ice cream parlor. They also showed some fear towards monsters but are capable of showing courage. When confronted by a monster, Chip joins the chase through the Scooby-Dooby Doors. As a result, Chip has become an honorary member of Mystery Inc., and can be counted on as a friend and ally whenever he takes part in a mystery.
  • While initially nervous around Swamp Thing, Chip came to see him as a close friend after seeing him in action. Swamp Thing in turn saw Chip as a close friend and was quite honored to meet a spirit of the Earth, even though Chip is quite modest about it. As a result, the two as well as Buddy Baker/Animal Man came to join forces as they agreed to prevent the Rot from the entering the Pantheon.
  • Chip came to saw Lavos as a threat that was just as big as, if not worse than, Dark Gaia. Hearing of what Lavos can do immediately put Chip on high alert, especially since unlike with Dark Gaia where he can rebuild the planet, Lavos and its spawn will destroy everything until there is nothing left. Chip and Sonic are all too willing to team up with Chrono and his friends to stop the giant parasite from destroying everything in the Pantheon and spreading into other universes.
  • Many were surprised to find to Chip becoming good friends with Beerus the Destroyer, having expected Chip to be wary of a God of Destruction. Of course, the fact that they both like eating may explain this, since the two tend to hang out with one another to share sweets and hold conversations. The fact that destruction is necessary for cosmic balance also seems to have something to do with it, though Chip still wishes that Beerus didn't destroy for petty reasons.

Intermediate Gods

    Choji Akimichi 
Chōji Akimichi, God of Dangerous Power-Up Foods (Choji, Chouji, Sixteenth Head of the Akimichi, Fatso)
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  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Akimichi Clan symbol
  • Theme Song: His theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Dangerous Power-Up Foods, Acrofatic, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, Big Fun, The Big Guy, Be the Ball, Can convert his calories into chakra, by consuming special food pills, Butterfly motif, Gentle Giant, Sixteenth Head of the Akimichi Clan, Can alter his size, Lightning Bruiser, Hates not getting the last piece of a meal, Can enter Butterfly Mode
  • Domain(s): Ninjutsu, Expansion, Food Pills, Calories
  • Heralds: Karui (his wife), Chocho Akimichi (his daughter).
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: Rufus, Po
  • Enemies: All evil deities in the House of Food
  • Complicated Relationship: Sima Shi
  • Born into the Akimichi Clan, Choji is slated to become the Sixteenth Head of the clan. As a child, he was often berated by his peers for not being good at a child's game called "Ninja" and, one day, they simply refused to let him play at all. However, Shikamaru Nara stuck up for him and, although Choji was still not allowed to play, he and Shikamaru became best friends. After graduating from the Academy, Choji was assigned to Team 10 and became teammates with Shikamaru and a girl named Ino Yamanaka. Together, the three became the sixteenth generation of the Ino-Shika-Cho Trio. Following the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Choji married Karui, a kunoichi from Kumogakure, and the two had a daughter, Chocho.
  • Choji originally ascended into the pantheon as a follower of Globox. Eventually, Choji was allowed to ascend as a god after Shikamaru put in a good word for him. The two had a heartfelt reunion and celebrated Choji's ascension by getting some snacks and spending the rest of the day watching clouds as they ate the snacks.
  • Choji is occasionaly seen being dragged away from the House of Food by his wife Karui. Choji is also training to usurp Hinata's title of Legendary Glutton Queen. Naruto knows that it's not gonna happen.
  • Choji is good friends with Obelix, who is also a former follower of Globox and shares Choji's dislike of being called fat. The two are often seen together in the House of Food, trying out each other's respective favorite meals.
  • Once challenged Monkey D. Luffy to a fight and lost, as Monkey can also expand and stretch his body. Of course, things looked up for Choji when Luffy told him his secret of winning: "MEAT! Lots and lots of Meat!". Choji made a new friend that day, and it helps that Chocho likes Monkey as well.
  • Choji is also friends with Edmond Honda, respecting his strength and determination. Edmond was surprised and annoyed to discover that sumo wrestlers in Choji's world went around attacking shinobi and samurai and one group even attempted to overtake Konohagakure during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Regardless, the two get along very well and are often seen hanging out. Choji has also developed a fondness of Honda's chanko stew.
  • Choji has developed a friendly rivalry with other heavyweight (yet athletic) fighters such as Rufus and Po. He was especially quite impressed to hear about Bob's diet regiment, which helps him maintain his figure. Choji tried it out for awhile, but ultimately stopped as it prevented him from eating his favorite food as well as the fact that he didn't really need a diet due to his techniques consuming the calories in his body.
  • Due to his fear of lizards, Choji generally avoids the House of Reptiles as much as possible. The only deities from that House that he gets along with are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, whom he initially believed to be summons from his world.
  • He's noticed that his Japanese voice sounds like those of Thomas Richard Shubaltz and X. The three of them get along quite well and occasionally team up against threats.
  • He opposes all of the evil deities in the House of Food, as he strongly dislikes the fact that they make large eaters such as himself look bad.
  • Choji's relationship with Sima Shi tends to vary depending on circumstance. The two intially got along well and talked about their favorite food. However, their pleasant conversation turned into an all-out battle when they noticed that there was only one meatbun left and they both strongly insisted on being the one to eat it. After the fight was broken up, the two have agreed to eat seperately from then on, but are otherwise still on friendly terms.

    The KiraKira Cures 
KiraKira PreCuresmembers , Goddesses of Desserts (Ichika: Cure Whip, Anthea Bunny; Himari: Cure Custard; Aoi: Cure Gelato; Yukari: Cure Macaron; Akira: Cure Chocolat; Ciel: Cure Parfait, Kirarin; Pekorin: Cure Pekorin)
From left to right: Gelato, Parfait, Chocolat, Whip, Macaron, Pekorin, and Custard

Lesser Gods

    Brassica Prime 
Brassica Prime, God of Cabbages (King of the Cabbages, Lord of Delicious, Most Delicious of Gods)
Brassica in combat 

    Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd 
Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd, Co-Gods of Edible Bludgeons (The Wild Duck Pokemon (both), Kamonegi (Farfetch'd), Negigaknight (Sirfetch'd))
Normal Farfetch'd (left) and Sirfetch'd (right)
  • Rank: Demigod (Farfetch'd) and Lesser God (Sirfetch'd)
  • Symbol: The leeks they use
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Farfetch'd) and Lawful Good (Sirfetch'd)
  • Ability: Inner Focus (Farfetch'd), Steadfast (Sirfetch'd)
  • Gender: Male (both of them)
  • Moveset:
    • Both: Swords Dance
    • Farfetch'd: Brave Bird, Slash, Agility
    • Sirfetch'd: Meteor Assault, Leaf Blade, Iron Defense
    • Z-Move (Farfetch'd only): Supersonic Strike (Galar has no Z Crystals)
  • Portfolio(both): Big Ol' Unibrow, Use Leeks For Combat, Often Focuses On Criticial Hits, Boring, but Practical, Feather Fingers, Able To Weaponize Produce, Punctuation Shaker
  • Domains: Leeks, Ducks, Food (both), Rarity, Flight (Farfetch'd), Knights, Combat, Blades (Sirfetch'd)
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Popeye, Siegfried Schtauffen, Cloud Strife, Imu
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Hunter J, Cruella DeVil, Mr Burns, Hexxus, Lord Shen, Gluttony the Voracious
  • Opposes: The Mafia of Cooks and other lethal chefs
  • First found in Kanto, Farfetch'd is a Pokemon endangered due to overhunting. It wields a sprig of green onions, that it uses much like a sword. Normally a weak Pokemon, Farfetch'd in Galar have becoming Fighting type over Normal/Flying and wield a much larger and thicker leek. Should they score three critical hits in battle, they evolve into Sirfetch'd. This is a noble knight who's leek is sword and food, and once it wilters away they will retire.
  • Applies to both of them:
    • The Farfetch'd to ascend is the regular variant, so it cannot evolve into Sirfetch'd. Sirfetch'd has really taken on a noble knight persona, so he wished his Kantonian cousin to be trained as a squire. To make sure they'd be close together, they sought two heroic, sword-wielding deities under the same network. It went down to Finn the Human and Samurai Jack.
    • Their abilities aren't hard to get, but compliment each other. Inner Focus prevents flinching, Steadfast boosts speed if flinched. And yes, both are aware it's ironic the weaker Farfetch'd has the type advantage against Sirfetch'd. They share enemies, though most get the more of Farfetch'd contempt over Sirfetch'd.
    • The two always make sure to bring onions of different kinds to the House of Food; they only need certain leeks and food for their combat, they can just give what doesn't fit to cook. Popeye enjoys the healthy food they get and it goes down well with his spinach. Naturally, they don't like bad chefs who spoil it.
    • Both have a natural fondness for their blades, which they treat like swords. They're more blunt weapons since leeks aren't exactly sharp, but as seen with moves they can learn they can still often act like swords. They tend to hang out with knights, and also hang out with Imu for her massive staff.
  • Applies to Farfetch'd:
    • A rare Pokemon, and thus a target for greedy jerks who want to use its rarity. Cruella DeVil wishes to sell Farfetch'd for his meat, and Mr Burns wants to stuff Farfetch'd as a trophy of sorts. As the embodiment of pollution, Hexxus is threatening for an endangered creature like the Wild Duck Pokemon.
    • Elmer Fudd simply wants to hunt it, though being Elmer Fudd he isn't too much of a concern. Farfetch'd will ally with fellow duck Daffy Duck, though thinks he's a jerk. Gluttony is a lot more serious threat, who simply wants to eat him.
    • To try and undo his status as endangered, Farfetch'd wants to help improve the ecosystem. This led him to seek the likes of San, Smokey Bear and the Lorax. He liked how Eliza Thornberry cares for animals and can talk with them. Lisa is fond of Farfetch'd as well, and given she's eight is generally fond of Pokemon.
  • Applies to Sirfetch'd:
    • Part of his inspiration was the "Lancelot Leek". While on good terms with any heroic knight, he has a closer relationship with Lancelot himself because of that connected. Sirfetch'd seems to be a bit fond of Hatsune Miku as well, due to her leek-related song.
    • Sirfetch'd has paired up with Sgt Byrd, since he's a fellow heroic bird. The two do duty as knight and agent, though Sirfetch'd doesn't quite get why he can't fly but a penguin like Sgt Byrd can. Sirfetch'd later mistook Perry for a duck, but was told that he's a platypus and they're mammals, not birds. But they're both heroic animals so they get along.
    • As a knight, Sirfetch'd feels obliged to take down the more serious threats to him and his Farfetch'd squire. Namely Team Rainbow Rocket and Pokemon Hunter J. He considers Lord Shen a great evil to defeat, due to being a malevolent bird guilty of genocide.

    Johnny Appleseed 
Johnny Appleseed, God of Apples (John Chapman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A sprouting apple seed
  • Theme Song: The Lord's Been Good to Me
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Planter of Apples, Barefoot Sage, Friend to All Living Things, Tall Tale
  • Domains: Apples, Family, Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Nature, Business
  • High Priest: Tybalt Leftpaw
  • Allies: Applejack (former herald), The Farmer, Crazy Dave, Mary Lennox, Spring Sprite, Snow White, Paul Bunyan
  • Enemies: The Lich, Hexxus, Hedorah, Nurgle, Typhus, Dr. Zomboss, the Evil Queen
  • Opposed by/Conflicting Opinion: Brassica Prime
  • Pities: The Cabbage Merchant, The Kid
  • Applejack used to be here, but stepped down upon the appearance of the original spreader of apples himself. Her (thought-to-be) final act as goddess was to gather her friends and eliminate Discord from the Pantheon (before his eventual return, reformation, and repositioning). She served as a herald for a time, tending to the apple trees that he plants, even though she should've technically been his high priestess, but the Pantheon's rules on such titles hadn't been so rigid back then. After some debate however, she was given a position in the House of Mentalism. She then moved to the House of Personality.
  • Johnny is often portrayed as a man who traveled across the northern fledgling United States, planting apple trees wherever he goes for the American people to enjoy, and doing is selflessly and for no money. …Or so the tales go.
    • Turns out, Appleseed was actually a shrewd businessman and Swedenborgian missionary, who specifically left apple tree nurseries in the care of other farmers, and later returned to collect the profits of the tree sales…which was often in the form of barter goods (like clothes) or credit instead of money, explaining why he was never very monetarily wealthy; most of that was in (a lot of) the frontier land that he had claimed as his own. He also kept the worst of the bartered goods for himself, and selling/trading away the better quality ones.
    • He also frequently entertained children with various stories he heard, and regularly promoted his own religion, often leaving pages from his Bible behind.
    • Incidentally, the apple trees he spread were of the crab-apple variety, mostly used in the production of hard apple cider, which was the true reason for his popularity. Not apples, not apple trees, but the alcoholic drinks (cider) he helped bring to the frontier.
  • He and his ex-herald are one of the few that can handle the "Delicious Fruit" without exploding into a bloody pulp. Despite the fact that they're more like giant cherries.
  • Several other deities have tried to gain his favor to get apples, especially Ryuk.
  • Snow White Was a bit concerned when she met with him, who had offered her some fresh apples (considering last time she had one, she was sent into a deep sleep). After some time with Snow White baking pies out of them, and a heart-to-heart chat, she has been a frequent buyer of his apples, which she makes into pies.
    • For above reasons, he has refused to sell his apples to the Evil Queen.
  • Now knows of the idiom "apples and oranges". No, this doesn't have to mean any hostility with Gangplank.

Lemres, God of Sweets-Savvy Smarties (Comet Warlock)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His comet insignia
  • Theme Music: Rising Comet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Weird but Talented, Eyes Always Shut, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Magic, Eccentricity
  • Herald: Feli
  • Allies: Kirakira Cures, Stocking Anarchy, Kero, Charlotte Katakuri, Oren Pierre Alfonzo, Rosalina
  • Enemies: Needles Kane, Calypso
  • Avoids: The Sleeper
  • Lemres is a skilled and smart magic student hailing from a town some distance from Primp Town. Although not directly from Primp, he's every bit as eccentric as the denizens there. He also really likes sweets to the point where he has to rely on these treats in order to use his magic powers. If he doesn't for a prolonged period of time, he starts to act a little crazy. Despite all the eccentricities he has, Lemres is a good-hearted person that's easy to hang out with once one understands his quirks.
  • The Pantheon decided to arrange a quick contest where numerous magicians and wizards can showcase their magic to others and compete to win a prize. Among the participants of that contest was Lemres (who apparently ended up in the Pantheon as a result of a Puyo Puyo match), who decided to demonstrate his powers and affinity of sweets to the audience. He performed well enough to at least get him ranked third in the competition, though he was allowed a spot in the Pantheon given how sweets are integral to his expertise.
  • When it comes to Sig, Lemres is the only person from their homeworld to have significant knowledge about the demon nature of such and has tried to prevent Sig from finding out. Given that there's plenty in the Pantheon who are aware of Sig's half-demon nature, not to mention that there's a multitude of beings that want to use it to their own villainous ends, Lemres has more of a reason to make sure that bad things don't happen to Sig. While Sig can fend for himself part of the time, Lemres just wants to make sure that Sig doesn't end up in too much trouble when it comes to demon-related matters.
  • After spending a bit of time wandering around the Pantheon looking for deities who were interested in sweets (or at least, wanted to have a couple pieces of candy), he was able to find plenty of deities who liked the same kind of food as he is. Some of them are every bit as unusual as Lemres' attitude is, but for completely different reasons and some could be even weirder than he is.
    • The KIRAKIRA Patisserie is noted to be a place where Lemres likes to hang out whenever he isn't busy with magic. He got to meet the employees there, who were surprised to learn that one of their frequent customers was a wizard that's able to conjure up his own candy and needs them to power up his magic, but they are welcome to him regardless. When a group of monsters was attacking one day, the KIRAKIRA Patisserie employees sprang into action and revealed themselves to be the Kirakira Precures to Lemres, something that came as a bit of a surprise to him at first. The monsters ended up being a bit more trouble for the Cures than normal, so Lemres stepped in and helped out. Once the threats were taken care of, the Cures told Lemres that he was more than welcome to help out with the place from time-to-time and even help them fight threats if the group is in serious trouble again.
    • Charlotte Katakuri was someone that Lemres found to be a very interesting individual considering the former's circumstances. When at work, Katakuri has to put up a serious front, but out of the job, he has a craving for sweets and has an unusual mouth to go with it as well. Lemres decided to pay him a visit and see how things pan out between each other. He got to understand more about Katakuri and his overall character and Lemres decided not to hold anything against Katakuri, even offering him some sweets via magic whenever they decide to meet again.
    • As much of a odd person Stocking Anarchy is given her adventures, she's someone that Lemres has decided to meet up with on a regular basis. Her love of sweets aside, her outfit and distant behavior does remind Lemres of Feli, an Elegant Gothic Lolita who admires Lemres and although Stocking obviously doesn't have any romantic inclinations towards him at all, she does like to visit him in order to get more sweets from him.
    • His meeting with Kero was interesting so to say, giving that it happened while Lemres and the Kirakira Precures were fighting another monster that was threatening the latter's hangout. Afterwards, Kero and Sakura Kinomoto decided to have a quick break at the KIRAKIRA Patisserie and Lemres was willing to talk to them about a few things. Kero had his fair share of treats made by both the KIRAKIRA Patisserie staff and Lemres, with Kero noting how easy it is for Lemres to conjure up candy via magic and how Lemres needs such sweets to function. Kero and Kinomoto left on good terms with Lemres, with Kinomoto telling Lemres that there's a lot more magic of different kinds out there waiting.
    • Oren Pierre Alfonzo learned about Lemres' magic to make candy and personally found the idea of it to be detrimental to physically making sweets. Lemres met up with Oren and explained that as easy as it is to conjure sweets from thin air, he prefers to make them by hand and obliged to Oren's request to prove that he can make treats physically. Oren was impressed with the results that Lemres put out and the warlock was offered a brief look through Oren's business. Lemres became fond of the treats that Oren makes and has become a regular customer of the latter, even if Lemres has noticed that Oren has a bit of a weird behavior.
  • When he first showed up to Amite and co, Lemres had a bit of a problem involving his eccentricities that would result in him getting beat up. Although such a thing has subsided, it hasn't stopped some such as Trollkaiger from coming up with plans that involve smear campaigns against him because of his quirks. Some of these attempts did result in Lemres getting beat up by people who don't know him that well, most of these attempts tend to be thwarted thanks to Lemres' friends who know how nice he actually is.
  • It didn't take that long for him to learn that the Pantheon has a wide variety of spellcasters of different powers and goals, especially considering his previous meetings with the Kirakira Precures and Kero. Although he doesn't have that big of a goal considering his interest in sweets, Lemres was interested in figuring out some of these additional magic powers and abilities. Lemres learned that there were wizards and warlocks much stronger than him and considered meeting them up and taking a few bits of advice from him. It was also when he learned that there were magic casters with goals that could threaten others. Since then, Lemres has decided to get a bit serious whenever there's a villainous magic caster attacking and join other heroic wizards in stopping anything that could threaten them and the Pantheon.
  • Once he heard about a truck named "Sweet Tooth", Lemres was a bit curious to see if the truck had some candy in store. Many warned him that whoever was driving Sweet Tooth was anything but sweet, a warning that Lemres heeded when he went out looking for the truck and its owner. He managed to find the truck in the middle of an abandoned street, its appearance looking sinister and Lemres had to prepare himself in case an attack was coming. He then saw a deranged man wearing a clown mask coming his way and managed to avoid him before the man got near the Sweet Tooth. Needles Kane, being the insane monster he is, demanded what some weird-looking magic-casting wizard wanted with Sweet Tooth and Lemres only stated he wanted to know if sweets were in it. Needles retorted that if he was selling any sweets, then they'd be loaded with explosives to kill his customers, something that Lemres didn't take all that well. His magic was able to help him fend off Needles Kane on his own, though Lemres needed a bit of extra help after the Sweet Tooth chased him down. After the Sweet Tooth was damaged and Lemres escorted away from the fire, Needles shouted to the sky that anyone he meets, including those with magic given what happened with him and Calypso, will end up dead no matter what.
    • Some time after that messy meeting, Lemres was told about Needles Kane's problem with Calypso, a malevolent wish-granting entity that screws over anyone that he encounters. Lemres was familiar with the idea of wishes since he apparently made one that involved turning the world around him into a candy-covered world, but the fact that there's evil magic users out there was something that he needed to better prepare himself for. Lemres might be a bit of a weirdo, but if there's people out there like Calypso who are not only stronger, but meaner, than what Lemres is used to, then its a sign that he would have to improve his skills in order to have at least survive a potential encounter.
  • Having recalled that one wish he presumably made in the past, Lemres was wondering if a place with nothing but sweets really does exist. It would eventually lead him to discover Sugar Rush, a world that not only had sweets and candy at every turn, but also served as a race track. Lemres was curious to know if someone was in charge of that place, but was told that the former ruler of that place left has moved on to other things. He then explained that he doesn't really have the time to oversee the place, but he can make up sweets of his own to potentially replace parts of the landscape if they get damaged. For the time being, although he isn't that involved when it comes to the finer workings of the place, Lemres sometimes fixes up damage done to Sugar Rush and has even warded off others that are considered to be a threat to Sugar Rush.
  • Being dubbed the "Comet Warlock" meant that Lemres was going to find some deities associated with comets or related cosmic content sooner than later. While Lemres is more known for cosmic-based magic than actually affecting the cosmos, he was willing to learn about those deities regardless. Of them, he and Rosalina got along pretty quickly thanks to the star motif and Lemres having an outfit that's sort of a male equivalent to Rosalina's. He once asked if Rosalina's Lumas were interested in candy and while Rosalina didn't mind the question that much (and even chuckled a bit), she stated that the Lumas prefer Star Bits if they're hungry.
  • Someone once asked Lemres about The Sleeper given that its a comet and he's the "Comet Warlock". After being explained what The Sleeper is and what it's capable of, he actually became worried for a bit and it ended up being one of the few times that his normally cool-headed demeanor was gone. Even if he spent a lot of time improving his magic capabilities to maximum potential, Lemres isn't sure if he's able to do anything against The Sleeper. The most Lemres can do is keep his distance from The Sleeper as much as possible, especially since there's beings much stronger than him that can at least have a chance in fighting whatever threat that comet may pose.
  • Can also be found in Scientists and Geniuses.


    Antonio Trussardi 
Antonio Trussardi, God of Medicinal Cuisine (Tonio Trussardi, Trendy, Birth name: Antonio Volpe)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Stand, Pearl Jamnote 
  • Theme Song: Italian Restaurant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Supreme Chef, Nice Guy, His Stand Can Make Healing Food, Though It Has Some Gross Side-Effects, Was Suspected Of Secret Nefariousness Because Of That, Healing Magic Is the Hardest, Magic A Is Magic A, Panacea, Even His Mineral Water Is Amazing, Don't Be Rude And DON'T Be Unhygenic, Personality Powers, Face of a Thug, Getting His Backstory Explored In Secondary Material
  • Domains: Cuisine, Healing, Kindness, Professionalism, Cleanliness, Stands
  • Allies: Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura, ''Rohan Kishibe, Takumi Aldini, Peppino Spaghetti, Gordon Ramsey, Toriko and Komatsu, Harlon David Sanders, Popeye, Spongebob Squarepants, Princess Bubblegum, Florence Nightingale, Anthony Chu
  • On good terms with: Anton Ego, Doge, Philip J Fry, any of the House of Physicians not named Fabius Bile, Dr Moreau, Qyburn, Nurse Ratched or the Medic
  • On speaking terms with: Squidward Tentacles, Bucciarati's gang
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Remy
  • Enemies: Yoshikage Kira, Sheldon J Plankton, The Mafia of Cooks, Unhygienix, "Big" Jack Horner, Brand X, Thrax, Nurgle, Typhus, Carter Pewterschmidt, The Noid, Archibald Penelope Snatcher, Diavolo
  • On poor terms with: Pannacotta Fugo
  • Antonio Trussardi was born a member of a wealthy Italian family, however he desired to be a chef for the pleasure of others. His family forbade him from pursuing his dream, leading to him running away from home and becoming a master of the culinary arts. A native of Naples, he set shop in Morioh. He's a Stand User and his Stand Pearl Jam initially seems nefarious, as it causes body deformations such as a dog throwing up its intestines. Josuke thought he was evil, but it turns out these deformations are painless and whoever has the food goes right back to normal afterwards. Or rather, their health improves. So while gross, his food corrects poor health. However he needs to know the symptoms in order to get the healing process right. He's one of few to get his Stand purely by self-training; namely his passion for cooking.
  • Antonio Trussardi's ascension was thanks to Josuke and Okuyasu promoting his restaurant with glowing reviews, who also were good enough to warn him that the serial killer hiding in Morioh was up to his usual tricks again. Antonio prefers to go by Tonio, though will occasionally use Trendy to avoid lawsuits. With how almost memetic villains hurting dogs are in his world, Doge was skeptical and wanted to be the first newcomer to test it. He burst his intestines, but felt better than new afterwards and his dysentery was cured. His review was that "it was wacky and uncharacteristic, but delicious and nutritious. 9/10 would try again".
  • As he needs to know the symptoms and can't just use any ingredient, Tonio initially couldn't find the right healing meal for anyone in the Trope Pantheon who's species doesn't exist in his universe (or at least isn't well-known, like Gengar the ghost). He intends to remedy this by studying in the House of Knowledge. However he does still make really good food, so he can still make really delicious food for most pantheon species. Due to the medicinal qualities of his food, Princess Bubblegum has sought him out in order to study Pearl Jam. Having constructed her people out of candy, she wants to see if the effects of Tonio's Stand could help her people. The Italian cook is happy to help as he's interested in her own achievements, along with the fact she's apparently a candy elemental.
  • While he can't promise to be able to fix every human deity's ailment, he'll at least try. However it's important to remember that Pearl Jam fixes, not amplifies bodies; he can't make you superhumanly resistant or immune to things. As on his own he's a normal human, Snatcher tried kidnapping him and force him to make a meal that'd cure his cheese allergy. Tonio might've complied had a) he not a lot of despicable actions beforehand and b) didn't try kidnapping him. Most deities who are not reprehensible will still get their meal without complaint. The Hall of Physicians was impressed by how, say, he was able to make chicken soup an instant cure for cold. Florence Nightingale has asked for his assistance in making hospital food for her patients. Tonio is generally on good terms with the non-wicked physicians and he finds their expertise on medical conditions very useful to his usage of Pearl Jam.
  • He specializes in Italian food, so he's not as good when making fry food or sweets. That's not to say they don't taste damn good, since again this is a man who made mineral water delicious, but he gets outclassed in those areas by some other deities. Tonio was quite impressed by the Krabby Patty he tried at the Krusty Krab, admitting he hasn't made a burger that good in a while. Tonio is quite fond of Spongebob because of his cheery personality, passion for life and love for his job, however he really wishes that he just left the Krusty Krab because his true potential is wasted under a cheapskate like Mr Krabs. He has no idea how the crustacean could come up with the secret ingredients. Despite his awful fry food he feels Squidward is also wasting his potential in part (the other part being his Pride) working there, since when Squidward baked him a dessert he found the cephalopod has talent in food he actually wants to cook.
  • Another surprise in food he found was the time Bender baked a cake. Normally he's awful at cooking because he lacks a sense of taste, but when he follows the recipe to the letter it works. Tonio tried taking him on to teach him how to follow his specific recipes, but had to let him go because he was causing a mess in the kitchen whenever he experimented or left empty beer cans around the place. Fry is also a slob, however he can be trusted as a delivery boy and Tonio has let him make some extra cash doing so. He was interested to learn about the Human Popsicle and his own bizarre stories. Tonio was put off by the lack of professionalism Panucci's had, but otherwise finds Fry to be a good man.
  • Is French, or Italian food greater? This is a debate he often gets into with Remy the rat. Anton Ego has critiqued both of their food and admitted it is hard for him to determine who should get the higher vote. Tonio at least doesn't have any rats to deal with, though he prefers not to bring that up for fear of "kicking down low" in his Friendly Rivalry with Remy. Antonio Trussardi was quite pleased to learn about two Italian food aficionados Takumi Aldini and Peppino Spaghetti. Tonio makes fast friends with really good chefs, having gotten glowing reviews from Gordon Ramsey, Toriko and Komatsu. Popeye was tantalized by the prospect of Trussardi's cooking and came to really enjoy his spinach, making sure to keep the leftovers for a special occasion. On another note, he bad for Anthony Chu for his cibopathy and all the terrible stuff he has to eat. He'd love to make something to cure it, but alas he doesn't know enough to make the right recipe. However he was able to experiment and make a variety of beet-only dishes. He was overjoyed to find how creative Tonio was able to get with a single vegetable, and has become a regular customer ever since.
  • Being the Supreme Chef that he is, Tonio isn't happy whenever he sees the exact opposite. For the most part he doesn't get in a row with them (and as mentioned some are only bad in specific cases), but when they antagonize him he's going to antagonize them back. He called out Plankton for his awful food by pointing out that if he wanted to make serious cash he could make a killing off his inventions, which the plankton angrily went "that's not the point! I need to beat Krabs at his own game!". Plankton plans to steal and analyze Tonio's food in hopes of recreating Pearl Jam, ignorant to the fact that's not how Stands work. He has an ax to grind at the Mafia of Cooks for just how awful their cooking as well. He also doesn't like the Noid, because he doesn't like how he ruins people's pizzas and like any good Italian that pisses him off!
  • He truly loves his job as a cook. Him and Colonel Sanders may have very different cooking styles, but they both belief in hard work, dedication to your craft and absolutely and not doing things the easy way. This passion is arguably the only thing the two shares in common with Jack Horner; evil as he is always makes sure his pies are top notch. And gleefully evil that he is, Jack plans to force Tonio into Indentured Servitude to help make his pies and other food for his business. He intends to turn him into a member of the Baker's Dozen and learn more about Stands so he can gain one, which is not something Tonio would ever want. The only other thing they share is a distaste for Brand X. The brand's desire to sell their awful products gives them an envious chip on their shoulder for any Supreme Chef, and they plot to review bomb his restaurant in a vain attempt to look better by comparison.
  • He is absolutely infuriated to learn that Carter Pewterschmidt has developed the cure for cancer and refuses to share it for the sake of making a profit on chemotherapy. Never mind he would arguably make more money and prestige selling it, It's Personal for Tonio as his girlfriend had cancer. He had to search for an incredibly rare disk abalones to get rid of her tumor. Rohan was essential in him getting those ingredients and even saved his life, and since then the two have been on good terms. Antonio Trussardi is a big believer in kitchen hygiene, which is why he is contemptuous of Nurgle and his ilk, and Thrax. Granted there's plenty of reasons to oppose them, but Nurgle loves filth and Thrax was contracted by exploiting bad health and unhygenic conditions. Despite also being good-aligned, Tonio cannot stand Unhygienex due to his Berserk Button.
  • His birth name is Antonio Volpe; his brother Massimo was part of Passione as a narcotics manufacturer and found himself on the bad end of Pannacotta Fugo trying to clean up drugs. While Antonio doesn't have it in him to hate towards Fugo they were still family. Bucciarati's gang has told them they mean nothing personally by it and are trying to clean up Italy, which Tonio is alright with. He wants to see Diavolo pay like them because he feels he was The Corrupter to his brother, along with being a piece of work in general.

    Aoi Asahina 
Aoi Asahina, Goddess of Donuts (Hina, Super High-School Level Swimmer, Ultimate Swimming Pro, Hina, Idiot Swimmer Girl, Super High-School Level Donut Nut)
Danganronpa 3 

    Colonel Noodle 
Colonel Noodle, God of Noodles (Baby, Burger Shop's Son)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A noodle burger. Alternatively, Colonel Noodle's afro and shades.
  • Theme Song: Noodles Can't Be Beat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Longcoat, Battle Rapping, Big Bad, Catchphrase Borrower, Cool Shades, Freudian Excuse, Hates Burgers, Noodle Obsessed, Seemingly minor character was important all along
  • Domains: Noodles, Afros, Rapping
  • Allies: Lisa Simpson, DJ Grooves, The Colonel, Naruto Uzumaki, Po and Mr. Ping
  • Enemies: Ronald McDonald and most other fast food-related gods
  • Admired By: Maya Fey
  • Opposed By: Min Min
  • Friendly Rivals: PaRappa
  • Afraid Of: Sanji
  • Worships: The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Colonel Noodle is eccentric, to say the least. Back in PaRappa Town, he started the Noodle Syndicate and attempted to turn every food in the world into noodles. His reason for doing so being that his father, the Beard Burger Master, forced him to eat burgers his entire life. Not only did Colonel Noodle lose friends because of it, but his mother ate so many burgers that she became a burger herself. Enraged, Colonel Noodle then formed the Noodle Syndicate and took it upon himself to show everyone how it feels to eat the same food your entire life. It was up to PaRappa to stop the colonel and show him that other foods can be good too. Colonel Noodle then underwent a Heel–Face Turn and even changed his outfit! Things stayed that way for a while, but didn't last forever...
  • Colonel Noodle was ascended by none other than PaRappa himself. PaRappa was excited to show Colonel Noodle all the cool foods in the Pantheon. Things went as planned... Until Colonel Noodle found out he was ascended as the god of noodles. Colonel Noodle had a Face–Heel Turn and took up the mantle as the leader of the Noodle Syndicate again. PaRappa wasn't pleased one bit. Colonel Noodle fell in even deeper when he found out that his temple is a giant noodle bowl with every single noodle in the multiverse being there. There is also a small island in the middle of the bowl with a the necessities for living (A bed, a bathroom, etc). Colonel Noodle was very pleased.
  • At the beginning of his stay at the Pantheon, Colonel Noodle didn't interact much with others. However, one thing Colonel Noodle did would boost his notoriety by a long shot. Colonel Noodle achieved his goal: He turned every food in the Pantheon into noodles (Though it only lasted for half a day). Most were not pleased by his "prank". Actually, most opposed him. Most notably Ronald McDonald, whose business slowed considerably that day due to the noodles, causing him to warn the Hamburglar to stay away from Colonel Noodle, and Min Min, whose business slowed down a ton after the noodle incident. Colonel Noodle was warned by the head gods that if he did that again, they would ascend the Beard Burger Master in some way. Although it seemed like everyone had a distaste for Colonel Noodle due to his prank, not everyone opposed him. Lisa Simpson was glad that Colonel Noodle turned food such as burgers and chicken into noodles, a vegan alternative. They then became friends, and when Colonel Noodle is bored, he visits Lisa's saxophone sessions. Naruto Uzumaki was also overjoyed at all the noodles, and began to make frequent trips to Colonel Noodle's temple (Specifically the ramen section of the bowl). One time, Colonel Noodle asked Naruto to teach him his ninja techniques, and Naruto said he would think about it. In reality, he just forgot. Maya Fey grew an admiration for Colonel Noodle, realizing that noodle burgers (A mix of her two favorite foods) were possible. The Colonel was actually amused by Colonel Noodle's prank and grew friendly with him, from one colonel to another. Colonel Noodle has tried to get the Colonel to add a fried noodle bucket to his menu, but the Colonel isn't a big fan of the idea.
  • Colonel Noodle was able to befriend DJ Grooves, as they are both afro-trotting deities. They met at a club in the Pantheon, and after hanging out together for a while, they became so chummy that DJ Grooves even hired Colonel Noodle to prank the Conductor by filling his temple with noodles. Deities who were nearby the Conductor's temple at the time state that they heard him screaming that he will find those afro-trotting "peck-necks" and tie them to his train tracks. Colonel Noodle still consistently pranked the Conductor, even after the threat. Things got so bad that the Conductor hired several bodyguards to protect his temple. Colonel Noodle found this out the hard way.
  • Colonel Noodle was also able to befriend Po and Mr. Ping, seeing that they run a noodle shop (Colonel Noodle even helps out in the shop sometimes). Although they get along, Mr. Ping gets a bit nervous that Colonel Noodle will drive customers away, Po has convinced him to let him stay. This paid off greatly, as Colonel Noodle's experience with noodles allowed him to give advice to the Panda-Goose duo. These tips actually made the noodles taste better than they already did, and more customers came than ever. Colonel Noodle had finally earned the trust of Mr. Ping, and him and Po are allies of the colonel. Po has even proposed making Colonel Noodle the mascot of their shop, but Mr. Ping says that that's pushing it.
  • Although Colonel Noodle tries to act tough, there's one person that absolutely terrifies the leader of the Noodle Syndicate: Sanji. After hearing about his fight with Wanze, Colonel Noodle sees Sanji as an enemy to noodles. Sanji, on the other hand, only knows Colonel Noodle as the guy who turned every food in the Pantheon into noodles. Eventually, Colonel Noodle decided to face his fears and challenged Saiji to a cooking fight to prove that noodles are the king of all foods. Sanji accepted, and defeated Colonel Noodle in a Curb-Stomp cooking battle judged by none other than Gordon Ramsey. Sanji doesn't think badly of Colonel Noodle, but now, after being embarrassed in the cooking battle, Colonel Noodle just sees the Thousad Sunny's chef as a threat and refuses to get near him.
  • Upon finding out about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Colonel Noodle has converted to pastafarianism. He frequently makes trips to the Flying Spaghetti Monster's temple and prays, offers noodles, reads the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and many other things. The Flying Spaghetti Monster appreciates Colonel Noodle, as he is one of the few people who believe in his religion. Colonel Noodle became very religious and refuses to believe that that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the God of Religious Parodies. Any time he is reminded of this fact by another deity, he runs to the FMS's temple and tells him about what they said and how they need to be punished. Fortunately, the FMS is always able to calm him down. Now, instead of getting angry at being told about the FMS's title, Colonel Noodle just laughs it off while thinking to himself that they will regret not believing in the Flying Spaghetti Monster when the "day of reckoning" comes. It is unknown what this "day of reckoning" is.
  • Colonel Noodle and PaRappa still get along, but are pretty distant. In an attempt to close the rift between them, PaRappa invited Colonel Noodle for a picnic, only for him to bring noodles, causing PaRappa to cut their picnic short. PaRappa even paid George and Harold to hypnotize Colonel Noodle to being the humble owner of Beard Burgers again. This worked temporarily, but it wore off once Colonel Noodle made it back to his temple and remembered that he is the god of noodles. Besides that, Colonel Noodle and PaRappa are still friends, albeit more like rivals.

Godot, God of Coffee (Diego Armando, Sōryū Kaminogi)
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: A Mug of Black, Bitter Coffee, and his Creepy Visor.
  • Theme Music: The Fragrance of Darkness; That is Coffee -Turnabout Jazz Soul Arrangement-
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Drinking Large Amounts of Coffee and Spitting It Dramatically, Imposing Eyewear, Getting People's Names Wrong on Purpose, Enigmatic Foes, Bunny-Ears Lawyers
  • Domains: Law, Spite, Coffee
  • Followers: The staff of Coffee of Doom, Ianto Jones, Kathryn Janeway, Juan Valdez, Airi Nogami, Mr. and Mrs. Tweak
  • High Priest: Brewster
  • Allies: L, Agatha Heterodyne, Maya Fey, Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize
  • On Good Terms With: Phoenix Wright,
  • Opposes: Simon Keyes, Spider Deities, Mr. Saturn
  • He used to hold a major grudge against "Trite". Although he and Phoenix came to came to terms with it, he still rarely visits that house, despite his own legal cred. He prefers to hang around the House of Law and Justice, to visit the Feys. When he is in the house of Food, he usually does nothing but fiddle with his astonishingly bitter brews.
  • He's known for making snide remarks to many of the other gods, but most of them don't say anything about it. He believes this to be because they're all slightly intimidated by him. Some of them are, the rest are either bewildered by his coffee metaphors or don't see him as enough of a threat to bother breaking the nonviolence rule.
  • Godot's coffee maker, an elaborate thing he designed himself, once broke, and Agatha Heterodyne happened to be near. She offered to help fix it, and in the process made a number of improvements. Before this incident, Godot occasionally became angry enough to throw a mug of his scalding hot coffee at offenders, but now? Coffee this perfect, dark and bitter like an old soul, should never be wasted.
    • Which is why he makes a different less perfect brew. Just for the occasion of throwing at others.
  • Has been practicing with his coffee and has created 271 unique blends, and is researching Godot Blend #272.
  • Expected Naomi to follow him... but since her coffees are only palpable to a certain quartet of Imagins, Godot needs better to train her in the art of making coffee.
  • Has banned one Runaway Guy by the name of ProtonJon from his temple after watching this.
  • Word of the existence of SCPs 914 and 294 somehow slipped out and Godot's first course of action was to barrel towards the nearest foundation base in search of ordering a "perfect coffee" from 294 and then running it through 914 on "Very fine", for the sake of the whole Pantheon, the foundation quickly relocated both SCPs to the other side of the world.
  • He wants to keep his coffee away from any spiders, especially since how regular spiders would act weirdly from caffeine, he dreads to know what drunk spider people would do.
  • Made the mistake of blessing his visor onto one TJ "Henry" Yoshi.
  • He made a mistake of trying one of Mr. Saturn's brewed coffee, causing him to have an episode. After getting fixed, he made sure to not try their coffee again, though he seems to have come out of the incident with a bit of insight and an improved mood.

    The Hedgies 
The Hedgiesmembers , Divine Raiders of American Junk Food
Front to Back and Left to Right: RJ, Verne, and Hammy in front, Heather on the window, Ozzie, Lou & Penny (carrying a cooler), and Stella
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A wagon full of food
  • Theme Music: Rockin’ the Suburbs; Lost in the Supermarket
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (RJ was originally Chaotic Neutral and Verne was closer to Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Woodland Creatures
  • Domains: Animals, Food
  • Heralds: Tiger the Cat, Vincent the Bear
  • Allies: Mr. Fox, Sly Cooper, Pepe le Pew, Grizzly, Panda, & Ice Bear, Bambi, Yogi Bear, Pom Poko Tanuki, Tails
  • Enemies: Chantel DuBois, Dr. Eggman, Cecil Turtle
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: SCP-261
  • A group of woodland creatures led by Verne the Turtle discover a massive hedge on their home and at the other side of that hedge is a suburban neighborhood inhabited by a bunch of humans. They then meet RJ, a racoon who is tasked with replacing the food stash of Vincent the Bear after it was accidentally destroyed, who helps them infiltrate the neighborhood to steal the humans’ food for themselves, much to Verne’s initial wariness. This junk-food stealing spree leads the animals to not only encounter an angry Vincent, but also the selfish homeowner’s association president and an eccentric exterminator hired by said president. Through all the conflicts involved, RJ gradually starts to see this woodland group as family and once everything has been taken care of, Verne and the other animals welcome the racoon to their group.
  • The Hedgies continued their regular raids of the neighborhood behind the hedge one day when they managed to come across a series of items that they were unfamiliar with. In addition, they managed to find some torn paper that, when put together, managed to create a map that served as a route for a truck that was responsible for bringing over these unfamiliar items (to The Hedgies) to the neighborhood. The group planned their next raid to get to the bottom of why these trucks were in that neighborhood. One of those trucks arrived in the neighborhood as the animals made their move to get in that truck when no one was looking. RJ, Verne, and Hammy discovered a series of packages that were packaged as having come from a place known as the “Pantheon” and a GPS inside the truck that contained a map much more vast than the one the Hedgies originally found and featured so many unusual locations that the truck had traveled through prior. The other animals were discovered by the driver of that truck, though with some quick thinking, RJ and Verne had Hammy drink from a soda can that was in the truck and Hammy was able to set things up that resulted in the truck being a mess and dropping one of the crates before the Hedgies left the area. The truck was somehow wired to explode well after it left the neighborhood, but the Hedgies soon learned from that crate that the Pantheon would be a much bigger place than what they were used to and that this neighborhood and hedge were apparently part of it somehow, giving the group a larger world to explore and find food from.
  • Mr. Fox found that he and his friends had quite a bit in common with The Hedgies and not just the part that involves stealing food from humans. He saw quite a bit of similar craftiness from RJ and the fact that the group is pretty much a surrogate family (in addition to the opossums and porcupines already having something of a family dynamic) brought to mind Mr. Fox’s own family, even if there’s a lot of differences involved. The group (RJ in particular) took a liking to Mr. Fox and it was through him that they got accustomed to the larger world of the Pantheon, including the fact that there are multiple eating establishments across the setting, up to and including a dedicated House of Food where some Pantheon denizens have made it their home. Although this made The Hedgies’ job of finding food a lot easier, they’re still willing to plan things related to outside that place accordingly and that there’s plenty of mean-spirited humans to steal food and miscellaneous stuff from.
  • The Tanuki of Tama Hill and what they went through ended up being fascinating for the Hedgies not just how the tanuki reacted to the urbanization of their home, but for how unusual they were overall. RJ initially believed that the tanuki were very distant cousins with odd abilities that regular raccoons like himself don’t have, though he was corrected on the part about tanuki being raccoons (they’re raccoon dogs). What got the Hedgies’ attention is how not only did those tanuki try to defend their home, but how some of those tanuki attempted to blend in with humans and developed an obsession with human food. The Tama Hill tanuki were eager to learn of another group of animals with an interest in human food and have joined the Hedgies in raiding human establishments for such and the Hedgies having a home in the House of Food made it easier for the tanuki to get food from that place since the Hedgies were willing to give the tanuki some human food they find, be it from that place or elsewhere. In return, the Hedgies have helped the tanuki protect their home from those that try to threaten it.
  • Another group of animals that got themselves accustomed to human civilization were three bears: Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear. Whereas the Hedgies often stole from suburban neighborhoods and have to deal with the wrath of selfish humans, those bears make a more concentrated effort to integrate themselves to human civilization and while they have made some human friends in that regard, the trio had to contend with some prejudice coming from a few humans and that included some conflicts. The three bears met the Hedgies after the latter finished another neighborhood raid and was pulling a round a wagon loaded with items and both parties had a talk with each other. That trio was aware of the kind of people the Hedgies target for theft and pointed out that, from the bears’ experience, that not all humans were bad and that it wouldn’t hurt to get to know some friendly humans from time to time. Those were words that the Hedgies took into consideration and they’ve hung out with the three bears from time to time and in turn, the trio make visits to the Hedge that RJ and his friends live near.
  • Yogi Bear and his habit of stealing picnic baskets ended up being something of interest for the Hedgies, especially RJ. The raccoon noticed that Yogi had the same kind of interest in food that Vincent has, but the main difference here is that Yogi is a more affable bear whereas Vincent was more of a foe until RJ and the rest of the Hedgies freed him from Dwayne the Verminator’s mind control helmet. The group sometimes tagged along with Yogi in stealing picnic baskets from unsuspecting park visitors and sometimes found themselves in even stranger scenarios because of him. In spite of that, Yogi enjoys the company of the Hedgies quite a bit and both parties have exchanged the various food they filched from humans with each other.
  • Bambi was willing to meet another group of woodland animals who had to deal with surviving amidst humans, but was quite surprised at how different they were upon encountering The Hedgies pulling a wagon full of items from a raid they just finished. Bambi lost his mother to a hunter and had to grow up to lead the forest he lived in while Verne and the others had their home upended by a suburban neighborhood and it was through RJ that they learned to survive and steal food from the largely selfish humans that lived in the neighborhood. The Hedgies won’t deny the fact that Bambi went through a personal tragedy and Bambi knew that humans building a large-scale neighborhood over a forest will lead to problems especially if the humans are anything like either the selfish ones The Hedgies encountered or are capable of severe damage like the hunters Bambi encountered. Bambi finds it a bit weird that woodland animals would steal food from humans, but otherwise considers The Hedgies to be good friends and that group has offered plenty of support for him as well.
  • Having previously confronted a homeowner who wanted them dead and an exterminator hired by said homeowner, the Hedgies were able to pick up on the fact that there were some in the Pantheon who not only happened to hate animals, but wanted them dead in very painful ways. One such character that the Hedgies had to survive against in the Pantheon was Chantel Dubois, who had a job of capturing animals much like Dwayne the Verminator, but was much more insane and violent than he could ever be. Despite the Hedgies merely being “pests” in her eyes, she knew not to underestimate them given their coordination and the group knew that trying to outrun her is going to be a challenge. The Hedgies are more than capable of escaping her (and Hammy being able to travel faster-than-light after drinking caffeine can help), but Chantel’s determination means that the group will have to come up with more outlandish ways to avoid her wrath.
  • Vending machines have been a bit of a problem for RJ since he encountered one before that didn’t work until after he was threatened by Vincent and when the raccoon returned with the rest of the Hedgies to get some food from it, the vending machine slot wouldn’t open due to so many food having dropped from inside the machine. There have been numerous vending machines that the group came across in the Pantheon and they’ve had mixed results in getting food from there, but one vending machine has given the group plenty of frustration when it comes to getting anything useful from it. SCP-261 only accepts Japanese Yen and while finding some to use it on that specific vending machine isn’t incredibly difficult, actually getting something good out of it proved irritating as not only did SCP-261 have a mind of its own that often puts out some crafty ways to punish anyone that mocks it, but the food it puts out ranges from at least being normal-enough that it’s edible without major side effects to dangerous. While the Hedgies have gotten back at SCP-261 at times for when it mocks them far enough, that vending machine can dish out potent retaliation against them.
  • The group’s various adventures led them into conflict against a series of brainwashed animals as a result of Dwayne the Verminator creating a set of mind-control helmets, one of whom was Vincent and the bear befriended the team after being freed from mind control. The overall experience led the Hedgies to keep an eye on similar mind control devices present in the Pantheon and not only were there plenty of such, but so were the number of people that specialize in creating such items such as Jervis Tetch, especially taking into account how unhinged the latter is. One variant related to animals forcibly doing actions against their will was related to kidnapping them and putting them inside robots, an action that unnerved the Hedgies greatly. Considering how this form of robotization is a specialty of Dr. Eggman, along with his overall expertise in robotics, the group has gotten into fights against some of his mooks, often freeing those small animals trapped inside those robots in the process. Eggman is more than frustrated at how these particular woodland critters have been taking down those small robots of his (even if it isn’t to the same extent as that of Sonic and his allies) and won’t hesitate to put the Hedgies inside a robot as a form of payback against them.
  • As far as other raccoons are concerned, Sly Cooper was someone who RJ greatly admired. Sly is known for stealing items much like RJ, but he not only does he have bigger ambitions, but he has his own team to carry out those missions and has a genuine bond with them. Of course, such a team is not without its problems, including having former member Penelope Mouse betray them for a selfish goal and RJ was rather dismayed when he heard about it as it brought back memories to when a still-evil Vincent praised RJ for supposedly betraying Verne and the others. Regardless, seeing the Cooper Gang in action has given RJ motivation to plan much more daring raids with the Hedgies and Sly himself is quite enamored with RJ and the group, even if their endeavors are much smaller scaler in comparison to what the Cooper Gang normally do.
  • Verne the turtle serves as the wary foil and initial leader of the group before RJ came along and despite getting into arguments with the raccoon, Verne ultimately understood that it was RJ who was able to get the rest of the Hedgies far enough for the group to survive. Verne and RJ would have an encounter with Cecil Turtle, whose seemingly dimwitted behavior hid something much darker thanks to Cecil’s tail was tingling for a bit after that meeting. As RJ and Verne discovered, Cecil was sabotaging some of The Hedgies’ raids, prompting RJ, Verne, and Hammy to concoct a plan to get back at Cecil that involved having the squirrel drink plenty of caffeine and put Cecil in a very unfavorable spot. Since then, the Hedgies have forbidden Cecil from going near them, both during raids and outside of it, though Cecil hasn’t given up on such a thing yet.
  • Stella is a skunk who, in addition to having a rancid smell skunks are known for, pretended to be a cat in order to distract a housecat so the other Hedgies could steal food. Not only did Stella and Tiger end up being in a relationship with each other (because Tiger wasn’t able to smell anything), but the cat joined the Hedgies after Dwayne, Vincent and Gladys Sharp were taken care of. Stella learned of another skunk named Pepe le Pew, who was notable for being a hopeless romantic and chased Penelope Pussycat (who initially disguised herself as a skunk) through different locations despite the latter mostly not interested in him. Stella was able to pick up on the contrast between her and Pepe le Pew and while he did try to romance her, Stella told him that she already has a partner in the Persian cat named Tiger. The irony of how a skunk like her was able to win over a cat fairly easily while he had difficulties in trying to find love with a different cat wasn’t lost on him, though the two skunks parted on friendly terms with each other since the meeting and Pepe le Pew sometimes serves as a backup skunk for the Hedgies in case something bad happens to Stella, provided that Pepe le Pew isn’t busy with other things.
  • Lou and Penny are a mother-father porcupine duo with three kids named Spike, Bucky, and Quillo. While Lou and Penny are exactly what one would expect from a pair of friendly parents, the youngsters they have are surprisingly crafty and are able to perform actions simply by observing them, whether it includes setting up machinery or driving a car. The three kids ended up encountering Tails, a twin-tailed fox that was a skilled mechanic and not only took a liking to the things he’s devised, but they’ve applied some of it to some of the raids the rest of the Hedgies engage in. While Tails isn’t one to engage in stealing food, he does find the porcupine kids adorable and given that they and the rest of the woodland creatures they’re with are at risk of being mechanized by Dr. Eggman, he’s willing to help them get out of such a fate if they’re having a hard time against such dangerous enemies.

    Kazuma Azuma 

Kazuma Azuma, God of Bread
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A slice of delicious bread; alternatively, his pink headband
  • Theme Song: Comet Cloud
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A kind person who is a master of baking bread at the beginning which is the only thing he knows how to baked/cooked (eventually downplayed), The Power of Friendship, Over-the-top reactions, Elaborate cooking techniques, Is really an idiot but an unexpected genius in math, Creates really delicious bread, Hands as motifs
  • Domains: Bread, Kindness, Dexterity, Math
  • Heralds: Ken Matsushiro (his boss), his co-workers (Kyousuke Kawachi, Tsukino Azusagawa, Kageto Kinoshita, Shigeru Kanmuri)
  • High Priest: The Baker
  • Followers: Kasane Teto, Victoria, Sugar, Ana Pascal
  • Allies: Gordon Ramsay, Pinkie Pie, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Natsuki, Alicia of Squad 7, Dukemon, Conan Edogawa, Himura Kenshin
  • On good terms with: The Pantheonic Time Police, The Doctor
  • Enemies: The Soldier, Morris
  • Kazuma Azuma is a young boy who dreams of creating a nation bread in his native country. It became a problem however as he found out that rice is a staple food in Japan and that bread is always looked down in his country. It wasn't until he met a young man who told him he has powerful hands called the "Solar Hands" and conviced him to continue pursuing his dream. Thanks to this, he was able to remain optimistic on his goal, and with his ten years of self-study, competed in the main branch of Pantasia to become its employer.
  • He wasn't in the Pantheon for a while as he was a contestant in a different competition. After his new competition ended, he reascended, while establishing a bigger and better branch of Pantasia with his heralds. As a result of his new reascencion, a lot of deities (new and old) became regular customers as they wanted to taste his taste that are well-designed that are impossible to create and really delicious.
  • Out of all the bakers he met, he really gets along with Pinkie Pie the most as they are both bakers who share similar personality traits who love to cheer people by baking their signature food.
    • When heard that there is another bakerthat bakes bread named Alicia. He went to her shop to meet her. The teenage girl is fascinated at Kazuma's baking skills and his "hand technique" to achieve this. They occassionally went to each other's temple to ask for advice when it comes to baking bread and to compare their skills.
  • One of his most frequent customers is Dukemon. This is because bread is his favorite food and talks abput how his bread is one of the most delicious he has ever tasted. He became friends with him later on since they constantly communicate with each other in his temple.
  • Gave a slice of bread to Gordon Ramsay once. The chef was marvalled at how he was able to create an impossibly designed delicious bread like this. Thanks to this, he became a regular customer to Kazuma's shop.
  • He was ordered to prohibit any sale of his bread to a certain Soldier. Upon hearing that he teleported bread for 3 days to the point it brought a bread monster, Kazuma became afraid of him. The fact that the bread monster has tumors makes it worse.
  • The Pantheonic Time Police and The Doctor are really amazed at how he was able to create a bread that could sent people to travel back in time. Although they don't want him to create anymore bread like this as they fear that this type of bread will let people create time paradoxes, but considering how friendly he is, they are on good terms with him and in the case of the former, in situations where they lose one of their valuables that enables them to access for time travel and couldn't find a way of time travelling, they are using his bread as an alternative.
  • Hates Morris as his greedy, selfish nature reminds him of his two greatest enemies from the Pantasia Main Branch. Morris simply scoffs at this stating that it's just business.
  • Hearing who "Conan Tonegawa" was from Kawachi, he met the real one in the Pantheon, who thinks it's actually Pierrot in disguise. Upon being convinced that it's the real one and hearing his story, he promised to create a bread that could bring him back to his teenage bread, which made Conan gleeful and made one of his friends, Haibara mad in a really bad way.
  • Is afraid of Kenshin Himura at first when he heard his past and thinks he's going to be like one of his rivals, Kai Suwabara before becoming nicer. Upon meeting him for the first time, he was amazed to see he's not like that and thinks that he's actually one of the nicest people he ever met, which Himura humbly stated that he's just like that.

    Kyoko Kuremi 
Kyoko Kuremi, Goddess of Terrible Coffee (Kyokyo, Kyo-chan, Alphamon, The Blue Hermit)
As Alphamon 
  • Demigoddess Actually a Greater Goddess, but is disguised as such
  • Symbol: Her pink sunglasses (Alternatively, Alphamon's cape)
  • Theme Song: Hope Ster
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Makes Terrible Coffee, Cool Car, Calls Her Assistant "My Dear Watson", Mission Control, Ms. Fanservice, Knows A Lot About Yōkai, The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body, Dynamic Entry, Awesome by Analysis
  • Domains: Coffee, Detectives, Disguises
  • Heralds: The original Takumi and Ami Aiba (her assistant(s))
  • High Priestess: Elly May Clampett
  • Followers: Lenna, Soggy Grounds, Sham Harga, Lisa Douglas, Naomi
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Millenniumon and Diaboromon, Lucemon, D-Reaper, Quinella, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, Nobuyuki Sugou, Death Gun
  • Opposes: Akihiko Kayaba
  • Opposed By: Godot, Kyoko Sakura, Pandemonica of the Helltaker cast
  • One day in the Pantheon, a strange detective just showed up, asking around if there were any mysteries she could help with. When she finally did get a case, she offered the client a cup of coffee. According to reports, it was so bad that they were thoroughly convinced that they were dying. Upon further investigation, it was determined that she had used the most outlandish of ingredients: Mayonnaise and red seaweed with a wasabi garnish, boiled in soy sauce. She was immediately given the position of Terrible Coffee due to this.
    • In truth, she was given orders by King Drasil (well, her King Drasil, at any rate) to investigate this Trope Pantheons, which it had learned through the Eaters. She ended up in the Grid for a while before Gallantmon and Omnimon located and approached her. They weren't fully the ones she fought side-by-side with, but they were glad to see another noble Digimon make it to the Pantheon. It's just a matter of finding a trope for her to represent.
    • During her appeal case with the Court, a trope was eventually located for her; Bad to the Last Drop, as a result of her strange coffee blends. She didn't really mind the title, and after some correspondence with the House of Science, she was granted an empty body resembling Kyoko Kuremi, which she accepted and "inhabited".
  • Many deities were surprised to discover that she was, in fact, Alphamon, the legendary 13th Royal Knight, except for Gallantmon and Omnimon, who found her in the Pantheon in the first place. As it turns out, the "original" Kyoko Kuremi was caught in a trap and had suffered EDEN Syndrome due to contact with an Eater. A short time later, Alphamon went through a crack in the Digital World, but could only do so in a Rookie form. Needing a body, she had soon found Kyoko's comatose body, and their minds were luckily perfectly synchronized with one another's, allowing Alphamon to gain control of her body.
    • In regards to the Pantheon, given that Alphamon has since surrendered Kyoko's body back to its original owner, her current human body is actually an empty clone body given Kyoko's appearance, but being able to change to her original form at will when the situation proves dire enough.
  • In terms of Heralds, the Court of the Gods granted her her assistant Aiba, specifically the one who went through the entire adventure before dispersing in the end, since the one that returns with the others is essentially scrap data Alphamon found and "filled back up" with Aiba's their partner Digimon's memories. Well, actually, it was two, the boy Takumi and the girl Ami, each from variant but ultimately similar timelines, and additionally they are now fully organic humans again, but Kyoko has no problem with this.
  • Her temple is an exact replica of the Kuremi Detective Agency from Nakano Broadway, done to help both her as well as clients feel a bit more comfortable. Naturally, she would be introduced to the TPPD to whom she can correspond with.
  • She has gotten along well with Kusuha Mizuha, and has been exchanging recipes with the latter. The Pantheon dreads the day that she attempts to serve "health drinks" as well.
  • There is a long list of people who have tried her coffee. Being the God of Coffee, Godot was the first in line to do so. Needless to say, the two have never gotten along since.
    • It should be noted that the only ones who did not immediately pass out from drinking her coffee are Elzam von Branstein, Akihisa Yoshii, Heero Yuy, and the few gods who have survived Mystery Food X without passing out.
    • After having tasted a cup, Pandemonica attempted to strangle her once before the Aibas and their Digimon intervened.
    • As for why her coffee-making skills are so atrocious, it's because as a Digimon originally, she would naturally have little to no human concept of how coffee works. She's since started trying to learn how to make actual palatable coffee, but in order to maintain the claim to her title, she still makes strange blends as experiments and for those few who do find those blends appealing.
  • In terms of transportation, Kyoko owns a black Alfa Romeo Montreal car to get around. This is one way she can transform back into Alphamon, but only if she needs to teleport straight into cyberspace fast. Otherwise, she's just as able to change on foot.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Phoenix Wright and his Agency, as they are two sides of the judicial coin: She is more than willing to help him with his casesnote , and he will use this evidence to help bring others to justice.
  • Despises Evolto for two reasons. One, his coffee is actually terrible and arguably worse than hers. Two, he is a heartless alien who finds joy in manipulating others and causing worldwide destruction. Evolto for his part is not telling if he either doesn't know how humans' palate works or if he did it out of amusement, but he does have a low opinion on Kyoko regardless since she inhabited a human body and thus makes her as bad as the other humans she supports.
  • In interactions with fellows in the GUAG, it's been found out that she shares VAs with Aigis, Lightning Farron, Ling Xiaoyu, and Merlin.
    • When Kirito and Asuna first heard her (without seeing her), they were initially on edge, fearing that Quinella was present and rushed to repel her... only to see Kyoko. After clearing up that confusion, and hearing of what kind of scum Quinella is and the atrocities she's done, Kyoko now shares the same sentiments as the SAO couple and vows to help put a stop to her plots. She also noted that Kirito sounds just like her assistant Takumi.
      • She was also familiarized with Nobuyuki Sugou and Akihiko Kayaba and dislikes them both for their misdeeds to their fellow man using the digital scape.
  • Due to her experience with Akemi Suedou, she has sour opinions on those who desire to rise to godhood, even for sympathetic reasons. On the top of that list is Nerose Satanael, whose ultimate goal very much mirrors Suedou's.
  • Xykon once ordered his forces to abduct Kyoko to serve as his personal coffee brewer. End result: Besides the other Royal Knights storming the lich's temple, Alphamon wreaked havoc from inside and before shortly escaping with the Knights.
  • Being a detective named Kyoko, it was inevitable that someone would call for her by name (or to be specific, "that Kyoko who is a detective") and she would find that that person wasn't looking for her; they said they remembered that Kyoko being younger. She would eventually encounter Detective Kirigiri in a different investigation, where there was mild surprise from both on their name-sharing. Fortunately, standard professional decorum between detectives allows the two to naturally bypass any further confusion via simply calling each other by their surnames.

    Monterey Jack 
Monterey Jack, Official Pantheon Cartoon Cheese Taster & Connoisseur (Monty, Cheeser)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A block of yellow Swiss cheese
  • Theme Song: "Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers Theme" (shared with Gadget, Chip, and Dale)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Big Guy of the Rescue Rangers, Awesome Aussie from a Badass Family, Top-Heavy Guy, Big Eater, Unnaturally Strong despite being fat, Relating Stories of his World Adventures, Team Chef, Cheese Lover, accompanied by a fly, known for his "cheese attacks"
  • Domains: Mice, Cheese, Adventurers
  • Herald: Zipper the Fly
  • Allies: The Rescue Rangers (Chip, Dale, Gadget), Mickey Mouse, Basil & Dawson, Jerry, Remy the Rat, Fievel Mousekewitz, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde,Charlotte the Dessert Witch, Nagisa Momoe, Optimus Prime, Wallace, Steve Irwin, Saxton Hale
  • Enemies: Tom, Sylvester, Ratigan, Archibald Snatcher, Dingodile
  • Odd Relation: Tiger the Cat
  • The House of Food found itself victim of a rash of cheese-related thievery. At first, many though it was the work of Archibald Snatcher, the Murkrow flock, or even Charlotte, but soon the Pantheon received another newsflash of an unknown trunk suddenly found hidden within the Vault. All attempts to open the chest through lockpicks, jostling, and even kicks were rendered moot. Sora was called to use his Keyblade and upon tapping it, various knick-knacks and souvenirs spilled out. From inside the chest, a bulky mouse who spoke in an Australian accent jumped out, asking who is messing with his house as a fly appeared alongside him. Chip, Dale and Gadget (who were accompanying Sora) appeared and the mouse's expression became jovial. The three jumped off the Keyblade wielder and ran up to the mouse, who grabbed them all in a big group hug. After being introduced to Monterey Jack and Zipper, Sora asked the Court if they could stay. They decreed that due to Monty's famed "cheese attacks" and knowledge of cheese in general, he can stay in the Cartoon Cheese temple with Zipper as Herald. Chip, Dale and Gadget were overjoyed. The Rescue Rangers were all finally reunited.
    • Giving a temple full of cheese to Monterey made some consider it to be a bad move, but strangely enough he manages to keep himself composed. As a true cheese gourmand, he is able to tell the type and age of all the cheese within the temple with just a whiff or maybe a nibble. Naturally, Archibald Snatcher attempts every so often to storm this temple as only he considers himself the Pantheon's only cheese connoisseur. That and his cheese allergy explosions muck up the walls which Zipper hates to clean.
  • As The Big Guy (as much as a mouse can be) for the Rescue Rangers, he's often called upon to help in matters that require brute strength and/or roughing up some bad guys (as long as they're not too big for him). Zipper, even though he lacks deification as a Herald, is respected for his bravery and recon abilities being the only natural flier. Harming him (or attempting to eat him in case of frogs and other insectivores) is a sure-fire way of getting the Rangers, and especially Monty on your case.
  • Not many people know that Monterey Jack is not his real name, but actually Cheeser (the only one allowed to call him that is his mother, Camembert Kate), and he goes to extra lengths to prevent others from knowing. The Rangers know, but the swore never to tell anyone. Monty was shocked to learn several of the deities from the House of Knowledge such as the Librarian, Histoire, Yue Ayase and Nico Robin also know (after reading about it, of course) but they calmed him down as they too will not mention it to anyone out of respect.
  • When not helping out the Rangers, Monty is seen cooking cheese-based fare on a side stall of his temple. His most well-known dish is his cheese chowder which is a big hit with not only other mice, but also the House of Justice as the police officers enjoy its taste.
    • However, many of his other cheese-based dishes and snacks tend to get snatched up immediately by Charlotte the Dessert Witch and her magical girl counterpart Nagisa Momoe.
  • The Cartoon Cheese temple is not just Monty's home and a primo destination for cheese cuisine, but functions as a cheese shop as well. Deities looking for the best kinds of cheese for cooking purposes come here often for Monty's personal recommendations. However, he tends to get annoyed by the Monty Python troupe as they annoy customers pretending to be actual clerks and doing one of their usual routines. Wallace, on the other hand, is one of Monty's favorite customers as he always enjoys getting new cheese types to eat with his crackers at the mouse's recommendation. The inventor was overjoyed learning Monterey is familiar with Wensleydale cheese and both trade notes on different dishes to make with it.
    • He and Remy the Rat share a mutual and beneficial friendship. Remy sends his rat assistants to help Monty out in cooking and finding cheese for the shop's customers and the Aussie mouse returns the favor by saving the best cheese types for Remy's use in his French cooking. Even Remy admits that Monterey's cheese chowder is superb whereas Monty is not much for French cuisine but enjoys all his cheese-based dishes, with special emphasis on his cheesecake.
  • One of the best ways to get on Monty's good side is letting him regale you with tales of his pre-Ranger days as an adventurer and world traveler (which is hereditary as both his parents are also adventurers in their own right). His newly-reacquired trunk/home showcases several souvenirs and knick-knacks he obtained in his travels and he enjoys telling others how he acquired them.
  • Even though Monterey claims to be fearless, he does have a weakness towards cats and refuses to set foot in the Hall of Felines. Of course, exceptionally evil or annoying cats like Greebo, Tom and Sylvester are a source to rid the Pantheon of.
    • Monty was surprised one day to see a rather roly-poly cat show up at the shop section of his place asking for the best sort of cheese he had on sale at the time and nearly hightailed it. He then spotted Fievel Mousekewitz lying on top of the cat's head and assumed that the cat had the young mouse around to eat later, changing his fear to bravery as he attempted to rescue him. However, Fievel was quick to stop Monty and introduced him formerly to Tiger who is his friend and a vegetarian. Monty is still wary of Tiger, but allows him to frequent his shop under a watchful eye.
  • Has meet some good fellow Aussies with Steve Irwin and Saxton Hale. Monty admires Steve's devotion to animalkind while enjoying a good session of one-upmanship adventurer tales with the Mann Co. CEO. Monterey claims he can do everything Hale does if he was bigger.
    • Dingodile is not on Monty's good side as he would love to roast him first before snacking on him. Unfortunately for the hybrid, Monterey sends Zipper out to mess around with the interior of Dingo's flamethrower and make it backfire explosively on him.
  • For some strange reason, he tends to get confused for Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader channeled an Australian accent and found to both their mutual surprise they sounded alike.


    Chi, Tooru, and The Long Long Man 
"Long Long Maaaaaaaannnnnnnnn~!!!" *cue sexophone music*

Chi, Tooru, Long Long Man, Patron Saints of Trademark Favorite Food
Left: Chi; Right: Tooru
The Long Long Man
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Sakeru Gummy Brand
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A series of commercials that promotes Sakeru Gummy candy that parodies Japanese dramas in a Soap Opera tone that is considered an another example of Japan's weirdness, Love Triangle, Cliché Storm, Chi actually has a limited time to live which is why she loves long things but is forgotten pretty quickly, The Long Long Man is gay who is pinning after Tooru all along as the two became smitten with each other while Chi cries in agony, Pair the Suitors
  • Domains: Advertising, Love Triangles, Twists, Dramedy
  • Allies:
  • Pities: Jack Twist & Ennis del Mar (Tooru and the Long Long Man)
  • Pitied by: Odysseus (Chi)
  • Opposed by: Majority of the House of Love and Affection, Princess Cadance (Chi)
  • Opposes: Raynare
  • Disappoints: Aphrodite (Chi)
  • Chi and Tooru are a happy couple who spend majority of their day eating Sakeru Gummy candy together. However, their love life is shaken when Chi became smitten with the Long Long Man due to the fact he eats the long Sakeru Gummy candy and Chi loves long things. She revealed to her boyfriend that her love of long things manifested because she is dying and Chi realized her mistake of pinning after the Long Long Man when one of her friends told her that stacking up the small Sakeru Gummies will lead the the same length as the long one. However, after she accepted Tooru-san's hand in marriage, she realized that she couldn't stop thinking of the Long Long Man and when he went to her wedding for reasons unknown, Chi call quits on the wedding and told Tooru that she is running away with the Long Long Man, much to her fiancs's dismay. This is all averted when the Long Long Man reveals that he is in love with Tooru all along and the two became lovers as Chi-chan cried in agony over her mistake.
  • Having suffered a breakdown after what happened in her wedding and becoming a pariah in front of her friends and family, Chi found herself in the House of Food and was lose at where she is. It wasn’t until she met a few residents explain to her about the Pantheon and that she was chosen to ascend. This made her excited, hoping to start a new life after getting karma for her past actions, only for when she visited her temple, she found her ex-fiancé and his boyfriend she’s been pinin g for and that they are going to share a temple and the trope she’s representing, realizing that she wouldn’t get the peace she wanted.
  • Pretty much, when the majority of the House of Love found out about Chi’s attempts to be with the Long Long Man and dumping her fiancé just so she could be with the former, she was met with a lot of blacklash, not to mention her reasons of being smitten with him is pretty foolish and even after getting out of it, she still had the guts of wanting to run away with him. A lot of the House of Love deities are amused of how Tooru and the Long Long Man’s relationship had turn out, especially because it started off with how they connect each other with their love of the Sakeru Gummy brand, but nonetheless, they supported the couple and wished for their happiness.
    • The most vocal of Chi’s actions is Princess Cadance, as she is a supporter of healthy relationships and what she did is akin to that of a cheating woman in her eyes. While she’s surprised to see that Tooru and Long Long Man got together consdiering that the former used to hate the latter for what he believes is the Long Long Man taking away Chi from him, she supported them regardless and hopes that they’ll find happiness for each other.
  • While Tooru and the Long Long Man were on a date, they were approached by Alan Turing and his herald Joan Clarke to congratulate on them getting together and that their relationship is supported by Tooru’s friends and family considering that gay marriage laws are not legal yet in their country. The two are certainly amused of Tooru’s first impression of the Long Long Man and how their relationship have actually started, wanting to hear the rest of their story.
  • As Tooru considers the Long Long Man a rival and a man who exists to steal Chi away from him before the two got together, their relationship caught the interest of one Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darby since their relationship started off in the same manner in a way. While the two are somewhat caught off over the fact that their gay considering the century they live in, they have slowly get used to it and later on, the two couples have become friends, telling stories of each other of their life and sharing double dates.
  • They have also get along with Raku Ichijou and his wife Chitoge Kirisaki because they used to hate each other who have to fake a relationship because their respective gangs are in a war with each other who eventually grew to have feelings to each other. They are happy upon hearing that they are married and congratulated them on that. For Raku and Chitoge, they are amused that they started off as “rivals” for Chi and the latter constantly teased them about that.
  • Hearing about the gay couple’s relationship caught the interest of Jack Twist and Ernis del Mar and wanted to ask them advice of how they should handle their relationship. While the two have opposed the cowboy couple considering one of them cheated on their wife which reminds Tooru of Chi’s cruel actions, they also knew that they did this because of the time period and pitied them from their cruel fate. The duos have agreed to be on neutral terms for the time being.
  • The couple has also get along with Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster. The reason being that borh Juvia and the Long Long Man have stalked (though Juvia is much more extreme about it back then) the men they loved from afar before eventually getting together with them. Juvia certainly also finds the beginning of their relationship amusing, but ultimately wished for their happiness.
  • Chi had a bit of an obsession of anything that is long. This is associated over the fact that she has a limited time to live, although this may not be true and she’s faking it to get out of her relationship with Tooru at the time. Nonetheless, a lot of people were somewhat creeped out by it upon finding out about her obsession with them and couldn’t tell whether the whole Secretly Dying thing is true or not.
  • Hearing about Chi’s story from all of the gossip spread around the House of Love, Aphrodite was disappointed in her because it reminded of how many sins she have carried around her and how it’s a reminder her path to redemption is painful. She hopes that when Chi will enter an another relationship, Chi wouldn’t be clouded for her love of long things like last time and will form a genuine love to compensate her mistakes.
  • One of the few people who sympathized with Chi is Odysseus, while he admits that what Chi did is unfair, his feelings towards her is much more in pity since during his quest to return home, he had to face a lot of challenges that prove he is truly loyal to his wife. He doesn’t really approach her a lot because of the former reason and feared that she’ll get distracted over the height of his equipment, but he hopes that she’ll get something that she’ll swore her loyalty to.
  • For her part, Raynare doesn’t think highly of Chi, considering her to be a boring person with no interesting qualities to her whatsoever. For Chi’s part, even with her selfish actions and reasoning, she understood that what Raynare is way too evil for her to do so and has hated her ever since since it reminded her of her mistakes. For Tooru and the Long Long Man, they also don’t like her and knew she may likely harm them.
Tooru: "Is it okay... if I touch it?"
Long Long Man: "Go ahead."

    Colonel Sanders 
Harland David Sanders, God of Deep-Fried Food (Colonel Sanders)

    Eli Bacon 
Eli Bacon, God of Baconnote  (Eli, Baaaaacon note , The Bacon Expert)

    Hansel and Gretel 
Hansel and Gretel, The Deities Who Left Behind a Trail of Bread Crumbs (Nicholas and Ava Zimmer)
As Witch Hunters 
  • Quasideities, with some versions are Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A trail of bread crumbs. Alternatively, the Gingerbread House (although neither is happy for this)
  • Theme Song: "The Overture"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Brother–Sister Team, leave rocks and bread crumbs behind to find their ways home, Guile Hero
  • Domains: Family, Food, Witch-Killing
  • Allies: The good-aligned Disney deities, the Baudelaire orphans, Bugs Bunny, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Lisa and Bart Simpson, any deities who love their siblings, Clint Barton / Hawkeye, Bigby Wolf, Fables!Snow White, Vivo Takamachi, Billy Batson
  • Enemies: Any evil witch in the Pantheon, especially Baba Yaga, the other Hansel and Gretel, Jack Horner, Mana Ouma,
  • Opposes: The Grinch, Belarus, Haruka and Sora Kasugano
  • Opposed by: Billy and Mandy
  • The famous pair of siblings from fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel was welcomed into the Pantheon after one day wondering inside the wood because their bread crumbs trail is one of the most iconic fairy tale imagery.
  • The two stay far away from the Gingerbread House as much as possible for obvious reasons. They are also the most vocal promoting its destruction while working hard with every parents in the Pantheon to make sure other children also avoid this place.
  • Made friends with people who have experienced similar situation, most notably Bugs Bunny, Oswald and Mickey Mouse.
  • Are on good term with many Disney fairy tales protagonist given that they have many similarity (abandoned by their parents, victim of an evil witch) as well as appeared in one version of the Disney universe.
  • Being one of the most famous Brother–Sister Team in fiction, Hansel and Gretel made friend with many deities who love their siblings. Most notable allies are Lisa and Bart, who went through a similar situation and the Baudelaire orphans even though Violet think they are dim-witted.
    • However, they avoid the other Hansel and Gretel due how creepy they are. People who practice incest with their siblings are also not invited to their temple.
  • Do NOT underestimate the siblings or threaten to hurt the other. This is the pair of siblings who killed a witch with only their cunning as well as the fact that they are perfectly capable of protecting themselves after they've been given their alternate adult selves as Older Alter Egos that they can transform into, which are not only accomplished witch hunters, but also have magical powers. Baba Yaga learned this the hard way when trying to attack the siblings when she heard that her mortal enemies have ascended to the Pantheon.
    • These forms as a result made the siblings friends with Vivio and Billy Batson, especially since the latter loves his sibling.
  • Gretel is creeped out when the Grinch mistook her for his friend Cindy Who. The siblings have been uneasy around him ever since, especially after learning about his actions, even if he has since reformed.
  • The two are on surprisingly good term with Bigby and his wife Snow White. After getting through the confusion with the Hansel and Gretel from their world, Bigby and Snow are protective of the siblings since they remind Snow of her own circumstances as well as the two try to help the siblings to not become like their Fables version (namely, Hansel becomes a vicious witch hunter that killed his own sister).
    • However, the two refuse to associate themselves with Jack Horner due to the fact that he accidentally slept with his sisters and feels no remorse about the act. Jack is fine with this considering his unpleasant interaction with Hansel's Fables version.
  • Billy and Mandy avoid their temple since the two had bad experiences of jumping into their story.
  • Hawkeye got along well with the siblings since they remind the archer of his own children from different versions of him. Their quick-witted survival against the witch along with fact that Hansel looks like him is what pushes him to give archery lessons to the two of them.
  • James Bond really doesn't like visiting the siblings since Gretel sometimes looks like one of his dead lovers Strawberry.