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Greater Gods

    Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, and Ayane 
Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, and Ayane, Divine Trio of Ninjas (Hayabusa: Dragon, Wielder of the Dark Dragon Blade, The Ultimate Dragon Ninja | Kasumi: Kunoichi of Destiny, Nukenin | Ayane: The Killer Kunoichi, The Female Tengu, Kunoichi with Murderous Intent, A Kunoichi's Impulse, Good Things Come in Small Packages!)
Left-To-Right: Kasumi, Hayabusa, and Ayane
  • Greater God (Hayabusa), Intermediate Goddesses (Kasumi and Ayane)
  • Symbol:
    • Hayabusa: A Falcon
    • Kasumi: A Swirling Storm of Cherry Blossoms
    • Ayane: A Purple Butterfly and a Swirling Storm of Iris Petals
  • Theme Music
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolio: Ninja Archetypes
  • Domains: Ninjas, Honor, Family, Betrayal, Ostracization, Petals, Angst, Fanservice
  • High Priest: Joe Musashi
  • Heralds: Hayate/Ein (Kasumi's brother and Ayane's half-brother), Genra, Ayame (Kasumi and Ayane's mother)
  • Allies: Irene Lew (Ryu's wife), Momiji, Helena Douglas, Hattori Hanzo, Strider Hiryu, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Kuai-Liang/Sub-Zero, Cyrax, Kitana, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, The Masters of Spinjitzu, The Ninja Turtles, The Cast of Senran Kagura
  • Friendly Competition With: Tina Armstrong, Mila, Akira Yuki, Master Chief, Mai Shiranui, Kula Diamond
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: John Donovan, Amanda Waller
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Sektor, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Mileena, Frost, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Ra's al' Ghul, Talia al' Ghul, Nightmare Moon, Madara Uchiha, Cell, The Shredder
  • Distrusts: Obito Uchiha, Nagato
  • Opposes: Orochimaru (All Three)
  • Pities: Goro Akechi, Sasuke Uchiha, Jin Kazama
  • Pitied By: House of Family and Relatives (Ayane)
  • Commonality Connection: Cain and Abel (Kasumi and Ayane)
  • Ryu Hayabusa is a legendary ninja who leads the Hayabusa Clan after being passed down the title by his father, Ken after he had died trying to defeat and kill an ancient demon named Jaquio, which Hayabusa carried on with. Hayabusa's story was not yet done, for he had further complications and journeys to delve into, which normally included mystical beings, ninjas, and the CIA, which led Hayabusa into starting a romantic relationship with an operative named Irene Lew. Furthering his problems, Ryu also had to witness his clan being slaughtered, the fabled Dragon Sword (the most prized gift of the Hayabusa Clan) being stolen, and himself being killed before being resurrected by a falcon, prompting him to seek revenge and answers, which led him to the true culprit; Hayabusa's uncle, Murai. Alongside the CIA, Hayabusa's story would also be tied to a sisterly pair of kunoichis with their own dark endeavors named Kasumi and Ayane...
    • Kasumi and Ayane were both born to Ayame and were a member of a prestigious clan known as the Mugen Tenshin. The two had an older brother named Hayate, and the three of them loved and played with each other a lot as children... until Hayate was supposedly killed by their uncle, Raidou, which prompted Kasumi to become the next in line as the 18th Master of the Clan. However, Kasumi withdrew the offer and decided to seek revenge for the death of her brother, entering the Dead or Alive Tournament and personally killing Raidou in their fateful match, though not before she was branded an outlaw and a target of assassination. Complicating the situation was the reveal that Raidou had raped Ayame and was Ayane's biological father as a result. Following her clan's orders in addition to being Driven by Envy, Ayane made several attempts to kill her sister, and the revelation of Hayate's survival, albeit amnesiac and going under "Ein", made things even more complicated. Along the way, Kasumi is reunited with her brother, partners up with newly reinstated DOATEC president Helena Douglas in combating against its former head Victor Donovan whilst Helena aims to reform the company's moral ethics and reputation, manages to make peace with Ayane, and convincing her to stop hunting and trying to kill her, and battling against a clone created by DOATEC known as Alpha-152. And finally, Kasumi, Hayate, and Ayane had to deal with a resurrected Raidou, courtesy of a scientist named NiCO, which ended with the sisters destroying Raidou and making sure he never comes back in any way. And of course, Hayabusa had been keeping the two, especially Kasumi, under watch and company, always willing to lend out a helping hand when needed.
  • Hayabusa managed to gain a reputation as one of the most well-known and feared ninjas of his time, which was impressive, given that the adventures he went through were incredibly perilous and involved a huge amount of tension, struggle, and adversity (as can be told by many others), but also because they were emotionally compromising and were not easy to move on from, given that Hayabusa had to lose several loved ones along the way, though he has since made it a vow to never give up and carry on honoring his clan's legacy alongside protecting the world from whatever threat comes by. And with that, he would find a way into the Pantheon after following the trail of a pack of unfamiliar ninjas and tracking them down to a whole new realm, where Hayabusa was immortalized as a deity there. As for the ninjas, Hayabusa wound up defeating them easily, though this altercation wouldn't be the only time Hayabusa would be dealing with them...
    • Kasumi and Ayane were a little more complicated. It was Hayabusa's decision to concede with the Court of the Gods to convince them to allow the sisters into the Pantheon, although during that time, they were not in an amicable relationship, what with Ayane wanting to kill Kasumi out of resentment for always being the favored child whilst she herself was looked down on for being a bastard. Although Hayabusa's wish was granted, the end result was predictably not good, with Kasumi and Ayane's ascension being marked when the latter was tracking the former, and they ended up battling in the Pantheon and Kasumi emerging victorious. Though by a large series of events and fully grasping the circumstances of their issues and goals, Kasumi and Ayane have since buried the hatchet, though the former never really had any animosity towards the latter, and most in the Pantheon were pleased to see the sisters making an effort to reconnect with each other, despite Ayane's aloof and distant attitude.
  • True to how others claim him to be, Hayabusa has maintained his status as one of the most formidable ninjas known to many, and the Pantheon has been making sure of preserving that reputation, which helps given how Hayabusa is more than willing to defend and protect his home and those he cares about. That said, Hayabusa tends to be reclusive and reserved about himself, preferring not to involve himself too much in Pantheonic affairs unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. Kasumi and Ayane are more standard when it comes to their reputation as ninjas, though that may be because those two are more well known for their tragic past and upbringing... and for something completely different. The fact that Kasumi and Ayane are seen as sex symbols in the Pantheon doesn't exactly intrigue or frustrate them all too much, though it's known that there's the occasion of the two going out with other girls to a beach playing volleyball and generally having some fun. Though it may not be of common occurrence, it makes up for how popular those events are.
    • Ayane and a couple of other fighters in her homeworld were no strangers to a another distant world where several girls were trained to be shinobis so that one day they could reach the rank of "kagura" where they would be renowned as demon slayers. That, and they normally spend a lot of free time having fun amongst themselves, and Ayane, oddly enough, is no stranger to just going along and doing uncharacteristic activities like playing volleyball and other sorts of sports and mundane activities, and Kasumi would sometimes tag along. That's not to say the other girls have their own sorts of tribulations as well, so there's the mutual respect for each other's occupation as shinobi and sympathizing with their plights. It helps that one of them, Asuka, has a tendency of making friends with those that she beats in a fight and she's even fought against Hayabusa. That said, Asuka lost due to Hayabusa having more experience and possessing a greater number of abilities and feats, but Asuka took the loss well and befriended Hayabusa nonetheless.
  • As the main representatives of Ninjas in the Pantheon, the three of them are not exactly too surprised to learn that there are more like them, rather being more interested in other ninjas' lives and personal circumstances. For one, Ryu did have a chance encounter with Hattori Hanzo and the two had a duel with one another. After they had their bout, both of them came to view each other with high regard and as Worthy Opponents. Beyond that, the two are not shy about allying with one another, which allowed Hattori to familiarize himself with Kasumi and Ayane. He praises the sisters' prowess and capabilities as fighters, though he does question how they lack being evasive, as attested by their tendency to get themselves involved in fights one too many times.
    • There was a certain ninja world which felt vibrant and fantastical for one that is dominated by a societal system led by ninjas, though it held a long series of dark secrets and bloody history, especially involving wars, the massive involvement in Child Soldiers and the corruption of several well-intentioned beings. Though with an aspiring ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, things had been easing out. He and Hayabusa deeply respected each other's commitment for good and for their loved ones. Naruto also went on to introduce Hinata Hyuga to Kasumi, who quickly bonded with one another due to their kind and compassionate nature and being willing to put their lives on the line out of love and protection. Though oddly enough, Kasumi's cherry blossom motifs are something she has in common with Sakura, though they differ a lot in their demeanor. Sakura does respect Kasumi and her convictions and the feeling is reciprocated, with Kasumi coming to admire Sakura's healing abilities and for being a good mother to her daughter Sarada.
      • Other figures like Sasuke Uchiha proved to be rather difficult to think about. Hayabusa, Kasumi, and Ayane definitely sympathize and feel sorry for what he had to go through and for generally being a broken soul who needed more help and support than he needed to. Unfortunately, Sasuke threw the latter aside for an obsessive desire to avenge the slaughter and honor of his clan at the hands of his brother, Itachi. Then, after learning the circumstances of his clan's massacre after Itachi's death, Sasuke chose to destroy Konoha entirely, much to everyone's dismay and disappointment. Thankfully, Naruto knocked some sense into him and redeemed Sasuke, though he tends to spend time on his own, choosing to protect Konoha "from the shadows". Having been a victim and sole survivor of a clan massacre himself, Hayabusa intends to help Sasuke out on his redemption, whereas Kasumi and Ayane are willing to help him out if he ever needs it, though Sasuke, much like Ayane herself, is aloof and quiet.
    • The Shredder was an evil ninja whose end goals were either to Take Over the World or destroy it out of petty malice. In fact, the ninjas that Hayabusa faced off against during his arrival in the Pantheon were part of Shredder's organization known as the Foot Clan. It turned out that Shredder had learned of Hayabusa's reputation prior to his ascension and sent out some of his henchmen to scout out Hayabusa the moment his presence in the Pantheon became known. Unsurprisingly, Hayabusa and the Shredder became bitter enemies mainly because both saw each other as a threat whilst Hayabusa also noted just how terrible of an individual Shredder was, personally and reputation-wise whereas Shredder took notes of Hayabusa's feats and wanted to prepare himself for combat should they ever clash. His abusive treatment of his daughter, Karai, also earned the enmity of Kasumi and Ayane, who don't like the fact that the Shredder reminds them too much of Raidou to a degree. Though that said, the Ninja Turtles did end up befriending the three ninjas primarily because of their mutual enmity against the Shredder; Hayabusa expressed respect towards them, especially Leonardo for being a worthy successor to Master Splinter while the turtles reciprocate the feeling and have tried several attempts to hang out and get along with Kasumi and Ayane, up to treating them with a packet of pizzas to varying effect.
    • The three would also become well-acquainted with the Spinjitzu Masters, a group of ninjas who dwelled in the land of Ninjago and battled against many enemies and went through various adventures and personal struggles together. Seeing how renowned Hayabusa was, the masters quickly took to appreciating and wanting to learn from the "Super Ninja". Hayabusa respected the gesture but hastily admits that he doesn't want them to be too involved with his personal fights, which the masters solemnly conceded with. They also found a sense of good kinship with Kasumi and Ayane, though they've expressed a lot of surprise on just how powerful the siblings themselves can be if pushed far enough. Oftentimes, the ninjas will engage in friendly spars with Hayabusa, Kasumi, and Ayane, alongside training and fighting alongside one another against any mutual enemies.
  • All three of them are no strangers to tournaments, though their motives for entering have nothing to do with any sort of prize nor having any interest in tournaments, to begin with. Rather, Kasumi entered the Dead or Alive tournament to avenge the violation of her mother upon learning that Raidou was a part of it as well, which led to her becoming an outcast of the Mugen Tenshin clan whereas Ayane used her entrance as a means to find and kill Kasumi and Hayabusa joined to help out his allies and to uncover whatever dark secrets that he can unravel and prevent any malicious intents, particularly those of John Donovan. This doesn't stop the three from being sought out from whatever new tournament ideas are being planned in the Pantheon.
    • The Mortal Kombat tournament, in stark contrast to all the other tournaments that the three were familiar with, was something that the ninjas were mortified by the nature and design of this one. While many tournaments were held by malicious beings, their end-goals didn't usually damage the world all too much, but in the case of Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung, they wanted to use the tournament as a way to justify themselves enslaving different realms and subjecting them to a horrible fate under their rule. Hayabusa, being associated with dragons, found it peculiar how the mythical beast was the symbol of such a diabolical tournament, something which Shao and Shang picked up on. They see Ryu, Kasumi, and Ayane as threats that they would like to call upon so that they could personally kill and steal their souls to further empower themselves. While the Mortal Kombat tournament isn't something they're fond of, the ninjas have admitted to joining it if absolutely necessary.
      • On a brighter note, this familiarity did lead them to associate with Kitana, Shao's adopted daughter whom he forcibly took under after the death of her parents, Sindelnote , and Jerrod. Kasumi and Ayane paid more attention to the recovered Edenian Princess as Kitana herself has a sister named Mileena, who was actually a clone who wanted to kill her to assert authority and superiority. Normally, Kitana would have clashed against Ayane, but learning that she's since softened up towards Kasumi has helped to tolerate and eventually respect her. As for Kasumi, Kitana admires her altruism and dedication to her family while the former wishes the latter luck for doing her best as the new Empress of Outworld. Towards Mileena, Ayane sees her as a horrendous aberration that needs to be killed quickly while Kasumi pities her circumstances and wishes to help her, something which sadly fell under deaf ears as Mileena simply wants to slaughter Kasumi and Ayane for being friendly associates to Kitana.
    • The King of the Iron Fist Tournament was, in a lot of ways, similar to the Dead or Alive Tournament, as they were owned and held by a business conglomerate, attracted fighters from around the globe and handed out a grand prize for those who at least made it to the quarterfinals. That said, it did nothing to endear the three to the two owners, Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, a son-father duo who hated one another and desired most to kill each other, Heihachi because he wants to eliminate the threat of the Devil Gene, bought on to his family by Heihachi's wife, Kazumi and Kazuya because Heihachi abused his son to the point of throwing him off a cliff because he felt he wasn't strong enough and Kazuya wanted to pay back at him. Needless to say, neither win the ninjas' approval; Heihachi turns out to be too callous of a person, plus Helena doesn't want to associate her business with him and Kazuya is ultimately a highly dangerous threat that needs to be stopped. Heihachi does admit that he finds it difficult to attack women whereas Kazuya has no such scruples and personally sees Kasumi and Ayane as worthless, though he does admit to crediting Hayabusa as a notable foe who could challenge his might.
  • All of them have had a strong feeling of loneliness and loss, and in spite of their determination and their efforts to push through, they've admitted that their painful memories aren't going away anytime soon. Kasumi and Ayane may have mended their broken bond, but the former is still living in isolation in the Pantheon whereas the latter is still a brash and aloof girl. Hayabusa himself has had to deal with losing his family and clan alongside being killed himself, so aside from some personal contacts from his homeworld and new friends in the Pantheon, he prefers to keep things to himself, especially given that his adventures have put a lot of physical, mental, and emotional weight into him.
    • A group of warrior assassins known as the Lin Kueinote  was once subjected to a phase known as The Cyber Initiative, where it's members were scheduled to be converted into cybernetic beings, something which many of its members, including Kuai-Liang, Cyrax, and Smoke, opposed as they felt that it would rob them of their humanity, and chose to desert and flee from their organization. Kasumi was surprised to learn of their situation as she related to them and decided to approach and befriend them due to what they had been through. She was saddened to learn that all three of them were captured and converted, in some way/timelines or another, though as of now, only Kuai-Liang remained human, whereas Cyrax is still a cyborg, much to his grief. The three warriors came to respect Kasumi's nature and determination and Kuai-Liang sees a lot of promise and potential in the kunoichi. She personally wants to help Cyrax in getting back to becoming a human, a gesture which he appreciated whilst also keeping in touch with Kuai-Liang in case each other ever needs a helping hand.
      • Of course, this would lead Hayabusa, Kasumi, and Ayane to oppose Sektor, Noob Saibot, and Frost, who were also members of the Lin Kuei to some degree. Sektor, being a major proponent of The Cyber Initiative, was responsible for getting the former members into the mess they're in and saw the other three ninjas as a threat that needs to be neutralized, though he admits that them turning into cyborgs would be incredibly useful in his goal of asserting superiority over his beliefs. Noob, who was formerly known as Bi-Han, and Kuai Liang's older brother has a sibling relationship that, unlike Kasumi and Ayane's, may never be repaired, a fact that at least Kasumi is saddened to learn about. She does lament how Kuai Liang and Bi-Han must have had a great relationship with one another, but has to accept that in case he isn't turning back his ways, she will kill Noob if need be, something Ayane reciprocates. Neither of them, even Kasumi, have anything kind to say about Frost due to her raging entitlement and superiority complex. Noob is generally apathetic to Hayabusa, Kasumi, and Ayane beyond making some inappropriate snarks about their unfortunate circumstances whereas Frost wants to kill them solely because she thinks Sub-Zero has replaced her with them as allies to work with and feels "betrayed" by this, not acknowledging that this is a feeling bought to her only by herself.
  • They are heavily associated with the House of Family and Relatives, and despite the tragic circumstances around it, Hayabusa and Kasumi are well-regarded and welcomed in the House's presence. In Ayane's case, she used to be disliked due to her militant nature of wanting to kill her sister, but since then, due to her conception and early life, she's sympathized with and there are a few deities who wish to help her, though Ayane is rather distant and tends to stick to herself. Given that Ryu himself had to witness his own uncle being evil and the one responsible for the massacre of his clan, he feels uncharacteristically dour whenever he's in that particular House. Kasumi seems to be the most well-adjusted, though it's noted that her familial problems are something she doesn't take lightly as a conversational topic.
    • Unsurprisingly, they're all enemies against the Child Abuse Supporters, though the one they especially despise is the lion named Scar, and for varying familial reasons. For one, Scar's shameful murder of his brother, Mufasa, doesn't ring well for Hayabusa as he gets reminded by his own uncle, Murai, whereas Kasumi and Ayane take more notes in Scar's more abusive nature, such as manipulating his nephew Simba so that he could kill him without personally getting himself involved and once trying to force himself into Simba's mother Sarabi. Scar finds it rather amusing about Hayabusa's circumstances regarding his death and that Ayane hates him, given that she herself tried to kill Kasumi out of jealousy, however, she rebuked that even if she wanted to back then, she would never stoop as low as Scar did, comparing him to be no less different from Raidou. Still, Scar does take the ninjas seriously, given what they're actually capable of in case they're not holding back.
    • Cain and Abel, the first siblings that ended with the first murder that occurred with Cain killing Abel, is a topic of contention for Kasumi and Ayane, given that Cain is a complicated figure who swings remaining a callous man or being genuinely remorseful for his actions. Cain himself finds the sisters to be pretty peculiar figures and seems to think he has something in common with Ayane, who can understand his feelings of jealousy, though as of now, she feels uneasy given how Cain can become maliciously hellbent on fulfilling whatever selfish desires he aims to do. Abel, on the other hand, ended up furthering the mending relationship between Kasumi and Ayane, with the latter realizing that maybe trying to kill her older sister would have simply done nothing to ease her troubles, only further her into despair. He encourages the two to look out for one another and to be better than him and Cain, something which Kasumi and Ayane are aiming to do, difficult as it may be.
      • On a better, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were also siblings where the younger one felt envious of the older one's reputation and adoration, which drove her into becoming the evil Nightmare Moon. Fortunately, the efforts of the Mane Six managed to free Princess Luna from Nightmare Moon's influence and seek atonement via doing the best she could to protect and take mentoring from her older sister. Kasumi found herself endeared to the alicorn princesses and became well-acquainted with them, with Princess Celestia being eager to bring Kasumi along as a special guest from time to time. Ayane felt rather awkward, though Princess Luna asserted that she doesn't have to stress out much about the past, so long as she could be the kind of being she wants to be in the future. It took a while before Luna's words began to influence Ayane to some degree, after which she doing her best to be as open as she can. It's a hard task, but Ayane has since seen Princess Luna as a close confidant to talk and rely upon.
  • Hayabusa may be synonymous with ninjas, but to the uninitiated, it could be surprising to learn that he's had some ties with the CIA, provided that a member of the agency, Irene Lew, not only helped in his solo adventures but also developed a romantic relationship and got married to him. And though the CIA has helped Hayabusa on a lot of occasions, that's not to say that there have been occasions where operatives ended up becoming enemies to him. In the Pantheon, Hayabusa has become the ninja representative for intelligence agencies as a whole thanks to his affable working relationship and his steadfast determination, alongside Irene also being a part of the Pantheon meant that there was a personal confidant to go back on.
    • One member of the CIA was Chuck Bartowski, who was well-known for having worked with the NSA and CIA and was described as a living piece of seemingly limitless amounts of information and details, which was how he earned his reputation in the Pantheon. His Pantheon INTERSECT was something that allowed him to know the information of everyone in the Pantheon, though this information is confidential. While Hayabusa doesn't know this, he sees Chuck as a valued ally to have, with Chuck being open to helping out Hayabusa and giving him tips on how to cope with his losses and grief. And given his spy training, he will try to help Hayabusa out on an occasion, though the ninja expresses worry for his well-being, given the fantastically absurd nature of the Pantheon.
    • While Amanda Waller doesn't work for the CIA, the agency that he has control over, A.R.G.U.S., does work in similar regard, though their methods and control over its membership are a lot more harsh and brutal, which was something that Hayabusa did not like one bit. It didn't help that Waller was not above killing her subordinates if they deviated from her orders or they became too much of a liability, which made Hayabusa all the tenser about thinking about her. Waller herself isn't too critical about Hayabusa, thinking that he may be someone worth working with. She's managed to strike a partnership, though Hayabusa has asserted that this will only be based on professionally mutual terms and that she doesn't go after Hayabusa's loved ones unless things get really ugly on either side.
      • Oddly enough, Hayabusa got along with Supergirl in the same principle of both having to work with government agencies when it came down to protecting the world, in Supergirl's case, the D.E.O., something which felt complicated, given how the two have had to deal with personal loss and grief. Both the ninja and the Kryptonian developed a lot of respect for their dedication to protecting their worlds from whatever threat that they would come across. Being among the sole survivor of a family clan and a civilized race of a destroyed planet respectively helped Hayabusa and Supergirl to understand each other better than some of their allies do, though they've made a point to try to be the best character they can be in an effort to live up to their peoples' legacy.
  • Hayabusa has been seen as an extremely deadly threat by many in the Hall of Demons, thanks to his large experience of having to fight against them in his graphic and bloody adventures. The fact that Hayabusa has gone on to kill a sealed demon and a demon king has put a lot of them on edge about the possibility of going up against the ninja, which wasn't wrong as Hayabusa has registered the Hall of Demons as mainly having legions of evil beings who will stop at nothing to assert their dominance and is ready to go up against them at any time. That said, Hayabusa has recognized that there are some good-hearted demons and has made an exception for them, much to their relief.
    • Some demons like Spawn and Dante generally respect Hayabusa's reputation and are willing to work with him in combating other malicious demons. Hayabusa and Spawn are oddly related in that both have ties to the CIA, though this ended horribly in Spawn's case and led to his death and him becoming a Hellspawn. Al does concede that Hayabusa has been lucky to have enough good comrades in the workforce and maintaining a decent relationship with them whereas Dante was impressed to learn that like himself, Hayabusa also carries a massive arsenal of weapons beyond just the Dragon Sword, so there's a sort of Friendly Rivalry going on between them in who is the better demon slayer. Guts and the Doomslayer are also heavily regarded in their infamous reputation against demons. Hayabusa managed to work with them fine and they make for an effective team which Guts and the Doomslayer appreciated. That said, Hayabusa notes the grief and rage Guts endures and seeks to mentally help him if possible whereas he worries about the Doomslayer's rather maniacal nature sometimes getting the best of them, although the Doomslayer would never hurt those that are innocent in case he is utterly enraged.
  • It's stated that Hayabusa owns an antique shop, though not much has been explored about it, which has caused many to assume if he even had one, to begin with. Hayabusa has had to clarify that yes, he does have one stationed in the House of Craft and he does have to make a business other than just be a legendary ninja who goes out saving worlds from great evils. It's one of the few times where Hayabusa is relaxed as he doesn't have to deal with different sorts of turmoil and he hopes that his reputation can generate a good interest from others to attend his place and purchase whatever antiques Hayabusa has.
    • On a more symbolic note, Hayabusa has a good association with the Hall of Birds, provided that his animal symbol is a peregrine falcon and sometimes takes the form of one on some occasions. Assuming his falcon form allows Ryu to monitor the Hall for their benefit and safety alongside scouting any potential events and threats that he can identify and document with his fellow allies. Oddly enough, and despite wielding a sword named after them and his first name being "Ryu", there's not much to associate regarding the Hall of Draconic Beings. When asked about this, Hayabusa doesn't know what to respond to the question, simply just brushing it aside.
  • Kasumi and Ayane have a symbolic motif in plants, namely Cherry Blossoms for the former and iris for the latter. Incidentally enough, much of their techniques and abilities leave behind a trail of petals from those specific plants. This has not gone unnoticed for either the sisters, the House of Plants and those associated with the two, particularly Kasumi. Expect a trail of cherry blossoms and iris petals to suddenly drop whenever Kasumi and Ayane either land a decisive blow or suddenly vanish. That said, when asked, they don't really know what to say about it, instead claiming that it must have something to do with their innate nature as the only answer they could come up with.
  • Kasumi resides in a remote area where Pantheonic affairs don't really seem to reach out to her more often than not. After everything she has been through, she feels as if she wants to rest and take the time to reflect upon her life and actions. There are a few deities, Hayabusa and Ayane included, who know where Kasumi is and it's usually there where she gets most of her information regarding events in the Pantheon. There's no mistaking that despite her innate kindness and nature to forgive and respect others, Kasumi is still an incredibly lethal ninja who has proven to be capable of demolishing her enemies to dust if she is ever pushed to her breaking point, as Raidou can attest. It's a relief for many to learn that Kasumi isn't someone who takes any satisfaction in killing others and would try to resolve matters peacefully first.
  • Ever since her entrance in the Pantheon, Ayane, much like Kasumi, tends to keep things to herself, though in contrast to her older sister wanting to mentally heal and reflect upon her past, Ayane is naturally not too social. Though she does visit the Hall of Family Dysfunctions from time to time, as that happens to be the one place in the House of Family and Relatives that tolerates her most there. It helps that Ayane can relate and bond with others who have been through a similar experience of being a pariah due to being born out of wedlock. On an additional note, Ayane treats the Hall like a secondary residence, being eager to protect it from harm, alongside keeping an eye on the more younger and vulnerable members of the Hall. They'd normally get along, had Ayane been a little more extroverted about this.
"I feel a storm is coming."
Ryu Hayabusa

"I will fight on."

"Thank you for fighting me."

Intermediate Gods

    Heishiro Mitsurugi 
Heishiro Mitsurugi, God of Rōnin (He Who Lives for Battle)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His katana Muichimonji
  • Leitmotif: Duelists
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Blood Knight, Duel to the Death, Katanas Are Just Better, Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight, Samurai Ponytail, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Combat, Katanas, War, Glory, Strength
  • High Priestess: Ran Tsukikage
  • Allies: Kenpachi Zaraki, Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu
  • Rivals: Miyamoto Musashi, Samurai Jack, Afro Samurai, Himura Kenshin, Haohmaru, Ryu Hayabusa, Sanjūrō, Geralt of Rivia
  • Opposes: All gun users in the House of Ranged Weapons
  • Opposed by: All pacifist deities
  • Respects: Samuel Rodrigues
  • Worthy Opponents: Taki, Nightmare, Algol
  • A lone figure with a samurai sword slowly made his way into the House of Professions. Once he entered his new temple, the man gave out an boast: he will roam the entire Pantheon, seeking out fighters that can give him a challenge.
    • His initial journey came to an end when he was faced with Taki, his archnemesis. The two fought to a draw once more, with Taki telling him continuing one will eventually get him in trouble. Mitsurugi relented, but decided to hold up a sign his temple challenging others to face him in combat.
    • As a result of his long feud with Taki, he has grown a distaste for ninjas in general. He usually puts out all of that anger at their patron Ryu. He hopes to strike him down in order to weapon Taki's forces.
    • Surprisingly enough, there is currently no official god of Samurai. Mitsurugi himself doesn't qualify as he works as more of a mercenary. Thus he holds the title of Rōnin
  • Has become a Blood Knight like no other, offering up his services in the House of War whenever they need a warrior to send to battle. He even prefers to side with the outnumbered forces just to give him a challenge. Kenpachi regards Mitsurugi as one of the most promising practitioners of his philosophy. Those who challenge him end up in a fight to the death. Mitsurugi wouldn't have it any other way.... except for Setsuka apparently. When asked why he spared her, he shrugged his shoulders before stating even he has his exceptions.
  • His ascension was not taken lightly to the Azure Knight. A long known irritant of his, he knows that Mitsurugi would eventually want to challenge him. Either way, he hopes to use him as a potential asset, possibly corrupting him or even using him as his next host.
  • Has made a rival in none other than Algol himself. The most powerful deity in his world, the ronin believes he will receive the ultimate battle if he gets the chance to face him. The God of Shape Shifting Weapons raised an eyebrow in the man's insistence to fight him, but is willing to unleash his power on the ronin in a future date.
    • He has more recently made yet another rival, in the White Wolf himself, Geralt of Rivia, after Geralt wound up entangled in the battle between the two swords. After an initial encounter that went poorly for the samurai, he pursued his new rival relentlessly, aiming for a rematch. Although he did get to fight against Geralt again just before he travelled back to his own world, the witcher did find Mitsurugis' skills with a blade impressive, and even commented that the samurai would have made a good witcher in his world.
  • He sees all samurai as rivals to eventually defeat. Not even Miyamoto Musashi, his possible inspiration, is exempt. Good or evil, he just hopes to be the best fighter with a Katana.
    • His rivalry with Kenshin has a special note. As a Technical Pacifist, Kenshin holds a special sort of contempt for the ronin, reminding him too much of his old self. Mitsurugi hopes to get him to use a more deadly katana should they cross paths, a request that Kenshin has consistently rejected.
    • Also of note is his rivalry with Haohmaru. The God of Anime Hair had long sought the title Mitsurugi currently has. Also of note is the fact that they match perfectly, in personality and in looks. It's only intensified their constant battles. The two ronin have constantly fought to a draw so far.
    • There have been a growing number of pacifistic deities that have stood up to oppose him. They have been responsible for interrupting many of his duels before they come to their logical conclusion. Mitsurugi has to be more discreet in where he can challenge foes.
  • The one katana user he decided to pay homage to be Samuel Rodrigues, God of Katanas. A former follower of the half-Brazilian, he had made constant attempts to claim the title himself, failing each time. Mitsurugi eventually relented, gaining enough respect of the man to admit defeat.
  • Hates guns with a passion. It took him many years to learn how to deal with Western rifles used to invade Japan. Nowadays, he's comfortable handling anyone with a bullet. That doesn't make things any less pleasing to fight against.
  • As a matter of fact, Mitsurugi does remember the faces of many deities in the Pantheon. This is due to participating in an incidence bringing him any many others to Japan in the year 20XX. To his surprise, he also found the two people who helped team up everyone to fight a coalition of villains. For that challenge, he thanks the two for the battle.

Lesser Gods

    Edward J. Plunkett 
Edward J. Plunkett, God of Gentleman Adventurers (Man, Dad, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany, Lord Dunsany)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Sacnoth, his strongest sword
  • Theme Song: Requiem (shared with Koudelka and Father O'Flaherty)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gentleman Adventurer, Seeks adventure, and a purpose in life, Action Survivor, The Big Guy, Badass Bookworm, Byronic Hero, Pragmatic Hero, Chivalrous Pervert, Cultured Badass, Historical Domain Character, Knight in Sour Armor, Made of Iron, Magically Inept Fighter, Highly skilled with all forms of firearms and melee weapons, His weapon of choice is a Single Action revolver, Young Future Famous People
  • Domain(s): Adventure, Survival, Weapons, Writing, Poetry
  • Allies: Koudelka Iasant, Father James O'Flaherty, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Edward Kenway, Daring Do, League of Explorers, Link, Siegfried Schtauffen, Remus Lupin
  • Enemies: YHVH
  • Respected by: H. P. Lovecraft, J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Respects: William Shakespeare, Lord Byron
  • Fears: Hircine, Werewolves in general, though he's working on overcoming it
  • Edward was born in London and grew up in a wealthy family that was not blessed with much love. An imaginative child, he often dreamt up adventures and escapades. However, Edward's father disapproved of his son "wasting time" with his imagination rather than focusing on his studies. As a teenager, Edward lamented having been born too late, as everything in the world worth exploring had already been explored. Unsatisfied with a boring life of abject luxury, Edward developed a wanderlust, dropped out of university and started travelling around the country with no clear destination in mind. Occasionally, Edward made attempts at petty crime, but wasn't particularly successful. Edward's main driving force was a desire to find some kind of intangible "treasure" that would finally give him fulfillment in his life. One day, while in London, Edward heard a rumour about a wealthy land owner who had converted a monastery to a home and hosted burlesque parties there every day, inviting prostitutes, rogues and smugglers there to ply their wares for the parties. His curiosity piqued, and sensing some adventure, Edward made his way to the monastery in Wales. After arriving at the monastery, Edward met and teamed up with Koudelka Iasant and Father James O' Flaherty in order to investigate the events happening there. After their adventure was over, Koudelka revealed to Edward that her birth name, Zslato, means "treasure", much to his amusement.
  • Edward ascended into the pantheon at the request of Koudelka. The two had a happy reunion, having last seen each other when she came to see him in America alongside their son, Halley.
  • Many were surprised to learn that the easy-going and somewhat reckless Edward is actually a young Lord Dunsany, an incredibly famous author whose writing influenced, among others, the works of H. P. Lovecraft and J. R. R. Tolkien. Both Lovecraft and Tolkien were happy to meet him, although they were rather surprised to see him as a youthful gun-wielding adventurer. Edward felt incredibly honored to hear that his works have inspired others and has expressed interest in reading their works as well.
  • Edward was extremely happy to meet Lord Byron, whose life and works had shaped Edward's love for Romantic era writing and poetry. Byron sympathised with Edward's desire to find a purpose in his life and how he had emulated Byron's lifestyle by engaging in various vices during his travels. Similarly, Edward was happy to meet William Shakespeare, as he also has an appreciation for his works. Both Byron and Shakespeare were glad to meet an admirer of their works, especially one who could quote passages at length, and quickly grew to like his adventurous spirit.
  • Due to his love of adventure, Edward quickly befriended Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and Nathan Drake, and frequently likes to accompany them on their journeys. He particularly gets along with Lara Croft, as she's a fellow Brit from a similarly wealthy background.
  • Surprisingly, Edward managed to befriend Edward Kenway, as both men had sought adventure in order to improve their lives. Plunkett was initially rather envious of the fact that Kenway got to experience adventure during the Age of Discovery, which strongly contrasted his own relatively peaceful time during the late Victorian era. However, Kenway remarked that, despite the good times he had, he had suffered through many harships and was ultimately killed in his home by mercenaries. The two had a drink over their respective hardships and have been good friends since.
  • Other adventurers that Edward has befriended include Daring Do and the League of Explorers. Edward initially had a difficult time getting used to interacting with a talking pony, but eventually managed to get used to it. When he heard about the League of Explorers, he quickly sought them out in the hope to join them. They were initially unsure about his abilities, but came to respect his skills with firearms and melee weapons and allowed him to accompany them, much to his delight.
  • Edward also struck up a friendship with Link and quickly developed an interest in hearing of Link's adventures, particularly about him being a legendary hero who keeps reincarnating and also the fact that he is able to use multiple weasons in different sets in each adventure of his. Edward developed an interest in learning how to use some of Link's weapons and managed to convince Link to give him some lessons.
  • Edward's possession of Sacnoth, a legendary sword made from the bones of a mighty evil dragon slain long ago, drew the attention of Siegfried Schtauffen, who wanted to make sure whether or not Sacnoth was an evil weapon that was possibly controlling Edward. However, Edward assured him that the sword had no such influence over him and the two subsequently bonded over how they both had a similarly cynical outlook on the world, and yet still desire to do good.
  • Due to having almost died at the hands of a werewolf, Edward tends to be wary around the werewolves within the pantheon. He's particularly wary of Hircine, who is the father of all lycanthropes in his own world and has an intense bloodlust when it comes to hunting either animals or, just as often, people. However, Edward's been making an effort to overcome this discomfort around lycanthropes in order to avoid seeming prejudiced towards any of the good werewolves. As a result, he's managed to befriend Remus Lupin, who appreciates Edward's willingness to become friends with him.
  • In terms of religious beliefs, Edwards regards God as being less stringently strict than some would have him believe. Even with his religious outlook on life, Edward believes there is no harm in a life of debauchery and celebration as long as at the end of the day one listens to their conscience. As a result, he has no problem whatsoever with being friends with non-Christians, as he believes that being a good person is all that counts, not specifically what god or gods one believes in. Because of this, he despises YHVH, who pretty much represents everything that Edward hates about those who would pass judgment upon him or others in the name of God.

Greninja, God of Frog Ninjas (The Ninja Pokémon, Master of Stealth, Gekkouga)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Ash-Greninja or when Dynamaxing).
  • Symbol: A Water Shuriken
  • Theme Music: Battle! Trainer - Pokémon X & Y (SSB Wii U remix); Ikuze! and its instrumental version as Ash-Greninja (shared with Ash)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Protean
  • Moveset: Dark Pulse, Water Shuriken, Substitute, Double Team
    • Z-Move: Hydro Vortex
  • Portfolio: Being both water and dark type, using water to create weaponry, having the Protean Ability, using the Substitute move, due to being a Ninja Frog, tongues that double as scarves
  • Domains: Water, Ninjas, Frogs
  • High Priest: Lance Corporal Dororo
  • Allies: Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Lucario, Chesnaught, Aegislash, Jiraiya, Ryu Hayabusa, Big the Cat, Espio the Chameleon, Misty, Calem and Serena
  • Enemies: Lysandre, Plesioth
  • Direct Rival: Kaede Nagase (due to her fear of frogs)
  • Opposes: Vali Lucifer
  • Opposed By: Cirno, Mewtwo
  • Odd Friendship: Terrorblade
  • Back when Frogs and Toads was a trope, Greninja ascended by defeating Wart, the previous god, with a Water Shuriken to the face, and being handpicked to represent the Generation VI Pokémon line for the 4th Smash Bros. Tournament. Mewtwo wasn't happy to find out that he was once again overruled, especially when he saw Greninja's announcement for said tournament.
  • Cirno hates his guts, as he's preventing her from freezing frogs (her favorite hobby). The two have an on-and-off again fight with Greninja, being a ninja, teleporting and escaping her every time, with the additional advantage of naturally resisting ice. Cirno is training herself to learn Freeze Dry and see how he likes it.
    • It is unlikely to work, however, due to the Protean Ability and his access to the fighting move Low Kick.
  • Despite being a frog, Greninja's weak against Bug-type Pokémon. Thus he stays away from Lord Tommyrod and all other insects. This made him good friends with Misty due to him being a water type and also one who doesn't like bugs.
  • Has been evading Kaede ever since he ascended, since her fear of frogs tend to augment her ninja skills on occasion.
  • No comment has been made at this time if there's any connection between Greninja, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Greninja has been getting along well with Asuka and is partners with her due to the latter's love of frogs and being a ninja as well. He's also been shown getting along swimmingly with Jiraiya, especially after learning that his design is inspired by the exact same folk hero the Pervy Sage draws his own design from.
  • The Pokémon has been trying to keep its distance from Plesioth, given the latter's appetite for frogs. Greninja is also opposed to the idea of being used as bait to lure out the creature.
  • Since the original trope he represented had been cut, a few Gods have been taunting him with "Better Nerf Greninja".
    • However, Overly-Long Tongue was removed from Midora and given to Greninja at the suggestion of the Court of the Gods, since the frog uses his tongue as a scarf. Midora isn't happy about that.
      • In addition, Greninja is getting tired of the nerf jokes it's been getting and has grown to have a Berserk Button towards them to the point where he started to hate Vali lucifer just for his title.
  • Keeping an eye on Ash's Greninja, as it is a special one that has a form known as "Ash-Greninja".
  • Diancie was afraid of it and Chesnaught and Aegislash, due to the three of them trying to make off with her. However after they assured her that they were working under orders, she became good friends with them.

    Hattori Hanzo 
Hattori Hanzo, God of Samurai Amongst Ninjas (Hattori Masanari, Devil Hanzo)

    Landon Ricketts 
Landon Ricketts, God of Retired Gunslingers
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cowboy hat and revolver
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Lighter Shade of Grey, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Cool Old Guy, Knight in Sour Armor, Living Legend, Mighty Whitey, One-Man Army
  • Domains: Gunslinging, Crime, Heroism, Protection, Retirement, the Wild West
  • Allies: John Marston, The Man with no Name, Lucky Luke, Jesse McCree, Vash the Stampede, Rushuna Tendou
  • Rivals: Erron Black, Yosemite Sam
  • Enemies: Chakal, Evil Gods from the House of Undead and Phasmata, The Chupacabras
  • Complicated Relationships: The House of Justice
  • Landon Ricketts was a famous outlaw around the late 1890's whose exploits became legendary and he was seen as some sort of folk hero. However, following his involvement in the infamous Blackwater Massacre of 1899, he was forced to flee the country and took residence in Nuevo Paraiso, Mexico and decided to live the rest of his days there. While he has retired from his life as an outlaw, Ricketts still saw the need to protect the ones he cared about and sometimes acts as the guardian of Chuparosa, protecting them from bandits and that's when he came accross John Marston, another outlaw who was a huge fan of Landon and he ended up learning to slightly improve his aiming skills as well as being aided by his idol in the search of his old gang members. That's why he later requested his friend Ricketts to ascend, an offer which Landon was very flattered to receive for a man of his age.
  • Considering the rather unfortunate fates other people of his ilk have suffered, it was a surprise when many found out that Landon Ricketts quietly passed away on 1914. He was rather sadenned to learn about John's fate and how the men that were employing him ended up betraying John and killing him. Now that the two reunited long after their passing, they hang out often and tend to play Poker a lot.
  • Easily one of the best marskmen in the pantheon but he is humble enough to not brag about his skills and he rarely assaults people unless they cross him. He is willing to teach deities how to shoot if they invite him to eat or drink something nice afterwards and he has been described to be pretty approachable. Given his age, he rather not challenge anyone to a duel, as he knows at his age people are more likely to beat him.
  • Several deities from his times have differing opinions on Ricketts. Some like Lucky Luke and the Man with no Name respect him for being a man of Justice and for being a Living Legend and Landon returns the sentiment. Others like Erron Black while having a sense of rivalry and mutual respect, there is a bit of one-sided animosity from Ricketts, at least to the version of Erron that is still a criminal and would even side with wizards and other supernatural stuff that Landon finds unbelievable.
    • And there is Yosemite Sam who is arrogant enough to challenge Ricketts to a duel thinking he can best the old man easily. Ricketts made quick work of Sam in seconds and ever since he has held a bit of a grudge. Landon on his part just finds it unbelievable that Sam has struggled to even catch a rabbit, even if that one happens to be Bugs Bunny.
  • One particular cowboy that completely perplexed Landon was Jesse McCree who belongs to a part of the world that happens to be part of fabled New Old West, which Rickets found interesting that in said universe the Wild West kept being a thing. He also finds him quite the good shot and has even offered the young man a few tips to improve his aim but McCree said he was fine as he was. Landon was glad to learn that at least McCree was taken in by people that are actually not that bad as supposed to the feds you can find in West Elizabeth and that even if Overwatch fell due to several problems, he hopes the organization can rise back up and protect the innocent.
  • Given that back in Chuparosa he acts as some sort of guardian for the small village and often finds himself dealing with the local criminals, it's only natural that him and Chakal would not get along given that he leads a band of bandits himself. The second Chakal tried to invade Landon's temple with his cronies, the old man quickly took care of most of his men and could have taken Chakal himself too if the authorities didn't step in first. Since then he's been trying to find a way to neutralize the old man and keep him out of his business.
  • There was one time where he was invited to form part of the Gunslinger Septep as they all admired him for being a Living Legend and a force of good but he eventually turned down the offer preferring to live a quite life in his temple but that doesn't mean he would stay idle as he is willing to help them when trouble arises. He is the closest to Vash and Rushuna who in a way are pretty similar to him but given they are much younger and eager to help, he lets them handle most of the problems. Rushuna's spirit reminds him a little of Luisa Fortuna who fought in the Mexican Revolution of Nuevo Paraiso and hopes that at least the blonde markswoman doesn't end up suffering a similar fate.
  • His past still haunts him and the House of Justice hasn't forgotten that he still ran away to Mexico to avoid being captured. Landon admits that they have a point in trying to convict him for his time as an outlaw but he said that if they let him be, he won't cause trouble for the pantheon. Some of the more benign members took mercy on the old man and decided to just keep an eye on him but some still want to see him behind bars.
  • He is not stranger to supernatural creatures as he in one timeline had to singlehandedly defend Chuparosa from a horde of zombies and he did so without much trouble. The survivors from Zombie Apocalypse settings often request his advice on how to fend off the undead and Landon would gladly help them with a few tips, most commonly he deviced a way to make bombs that attract the zombies to their death (Although that seems to only work on the zombies he encountered). Some of the evil zombies seem to despise the old man for his constant meddling.
  • He heard stories about the Chupacabras but never thought they were real until he met the real deal. He also heard that John was able to kill one once and considering the monster has been near Chuparosa numerous times, it's no wonder the gunslinger would open fire on the creature for trying to meddle with the life of the villagers.

    Luis Fernando Lopez 
Luis Fernando Lopez, God of Bouncers (L, Lou, Louis, Double L, Little Louie, Louie, Louise, Mr. Big Shot, Captain Downtown, Lou Lou, Spaniard)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His casual outfit
  • Theme Song: I Keep on Walking
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Bouncer, The Casanova, Dashing Hispanic, Deadpan Snarker, Hyper-Competent Sidekick, Military Brat, Mistaken for Gay, Only Sane Employee, Punch-Clock Villain, Really Gets Around, Sharp-Dressed Man, Forced into a lot of stupid and crazy situations, Undying Loyalty to Tony, Unscrupulous Hero.
  • Domains: Bouncers, Nightclubs, Club management, Bodyguards, Criminal Pasts
  • Heralds: Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince (His boss), Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas (His best friends), Yusuf Amir (His other boss and friend)
  • Allies: Claude, Moe Szyslak, King, Decim, Panty Anarchy, Kyu Sugardust, Bloody Marie, Uzu Sanageyama, Shark
  • Rivals: Niko Bellic (On more amicable terms nowadays)
  • Enemies: Vito Corleone and most mafia related deities, Shylock, Jabba the Hut
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The House of Law and Justice
  • Luis Fernando Lopez is the bodyguard and club manager of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, working most of the time in his club Maisonette 9 as a Bouncer. Though most of the time Tony ends up using Luis more less than graceful activities, the Court of Gods considered Luis to be Worthy of the Bouncer title.
  • Ever since he ascended Luis has been worked in numerous bars and nightclubs around the pantheon. Ever since he lost connection with Tony he has to get money from somewhere. Though he does still run the Maisonette 9 back in Liberty City.
  • First job offer he got was from King, who also used to be a bouncer like him. Initially Luis thought that King was a man, but then she told her that she indeed was a woman. What surprised King is that Luis didn't mind that much, probably because he is used to deal with homosexual people a lot, judging from Gay Tony's friends.
  • Luis has a very active sex life, often seen spending his nights with other women like Panty or Mad Moxxi. Though these same girls like to make fun of his penis, which tend to anger him a lot. This might be the reason why he is friends with Uzu.
  • Luis hasn't had the best relations with Mafia during his life. Tony's debt to numerous Loan Sharks (He has a big disdain towards them) forced him to do a lot of dirty activities that he himself regrets, but only did it for Tony's sake. He has especially tried to avoid Vito Corleone as he heard he is a top dog among Mafia deities.
    • He also run into trouble with The Mafiya when he had to work for Ray Bulgarin, which culminated in the whole Diamonds incident that he would rather not talk about.
    • This in turn made him relate that much more towards Bloody Marie. At first he was turned of by the whole "Skull Heart" business, but after hearing that she being what he is now is because of a friend immediately reminded him of all the crap he had to go through just to save Tony's head.
  • Luis is trying his hardest to leave behind the criminal lifestyle, as it is something that has haunted him since he was very young. Although working under Tony was the step in the right direction, it looks like crime always ends up catching up to him one way or another. That's why he feels at home with Shark, given that he was also part of a juvenile gang (but thankfully bailed out before he did anything bad)
    • Of course, the more Knight Templar deities of the House of Justice are not buying it and think that he trying to do his best to avoid crime is an excuse to clean himself. Luis has been trying to work out his differences with said deities, but it has been troublesome for him.
  • While in the pantheon, Luis tends to work freelance, since he seems the only one willing to put up with being a bouncer in the first place. Usually he primarily works in the House of Celebration whenever a big event is thrown, but he also has gone to several bars in the pantheon. Though his experience has been vastly different in each one of them.
    • Many wonder how can he even do his job when he has to deal with a deity of a higher rank than him. The court of gods had to give him a special ability for that but according to him, the job isn't any easier when you are the only one keeping things in order.
  • Given his close ties with Gay Tony, Luis often is mistaken for an homosexual. Although he got used to it after a while, he still is turned off by the advances of other homosexuals in the pantheon.
  • Sometimes likes to bring his friends Armando and Henrique in the pantheon just to hang out. While they usually criticize him for abandoning his homies, they were pretty impressed by the pantheon itself. They are also the other two people that Luis is willing to do anything for, so we advice to not harm them. (Even if they tend to get in a lot of trouble themselves)
  • His relation with Niko Bellic has always been a shaky one, because the whole diamond incident has made them cross paths numerous times. However, after getting to know each other better, they found each other to be really similar. Niko is especially grateful towards Luis for dealing with Ray Bulgarin, something that he himself hadn't had the chance to go after him.
  • Not a huge fan of Heists, since he was involved in one where he was almost killed and he had to pull a few of them too. He politely turned down the offer of the GTA V trio to work for them since he really wants to stay as far away from crime as possible.

    Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask 
Mamoru Chiba, God of Mysterious Protectors (Tuxedo Mask, Tuxedo Kamen, Darien Shields, Moonlight Knight, Prince Endymion, King Endymion, Space Knight, Mysterious 2098 Face)
As Tuxedo Mask/Tuxedo Kamen
  • Lesser God, borderline Greater when using the Golden Crystal.
  • Symbol: A Rose, Mask, a Cape and Top Hat.
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Protectors, Throwing Roses in the Middle of a Fight, Token Love Interests, Distressed Dudes, Chick Magnets, Butt Monkeys, Useless Boyfriends (Except when he’s not), Sharp Dressed Men, Being Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Sarcasm, Even the Guys Want Him, Being The Comically Serious, Wearing a Coat, a Hat and a Mask, Age Lift (in the Anime), Reincarnation Romance With Usagi, Team Dads (Metaphorical and Literal)
  • Domains: Magic, Love, Compassion, Protection
  • Followers: Mystere
  • Allies: The Sailor Guardians (especially Usagi Tsukino and Chibi-Usa, his lover and future daughter respectively), Luna, Zuko, Geo Stelar, Luna Platz, Avatar Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Yuuto Kiba, Ron Weasley, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Clark Kent/Superman, Captain Planet, J'onn J'onzz/The Martian Manhunter, Androids 17 and 18, Ichigo Kurosaki, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Lekmet, Hekapoo, The Good-Aligned Kamen Riders
  • Enemies: Queen Beryl, Death Phantom, The Death Busters, The Dead Moon Circus, Chaos, The Lich, Cell, Lord Chaos, The Batman Who Laughs, Esdeath, Yuuki Terumi, Kefka Palazzo, Darkseid, Frieza, Baby, The Mage of the Beginning, Azula, Sirius, Copy X, Vanitas, The Incubators, Lucifer, YHVH, The Joker (Enemy Mine when dealing with the Batman Who Laughs), The other Joker, Moro, Lord Tirek, Shocker
  • Former Enemy: Sailor Galaxia
  • Friendly Enemies With: James
  • Mamoru Chiba is a man who was once a mystery unto himself. His ordinary high school student self, his guardian identity Tuxedo Mask, his past life as Prince Endymion, his future incarnation as King Endymion…and yet neither his normal self nor his Tuxedo Mask identity knew that any of these, let alone all of them, were one and the same. In fact Tuxedo Mask initially played out as a Split Personality he transformed into whenever Usagi was in danger despite neither self being any the wiser, as well as more of a mysterious thief than a true guardian. In time, though, all his identities were ultimately revealed and connected together, and he embraced his destiny as a protector of Earth and future King of the Moon.
  • Mamoru has been in the Pantheon for quite a while. He ascended to the Pantheon in order to help protect Usagi from the evils within it and aid her in fighting them, much to the joy of her and the other Senshi.
  • Some people think he met Usagi as a 21-year-old college student. He was actually 16 and in high school when they met, 17 when they ultimately first got together. Yuuki Terumi has tried to troll him about this, but very quickly got shot down by his own stupidity when he asked Rei Hino what it was like to date Mamoru and she immediately answered with an "I don't know! Ask Usagi!"
  • Was very unhappy about the return of some of his and the Sailor Senshi’s foes in the Pantheon. Chief among them are Queen Beryl, who remains obsessed with him even in the Pantheon and Death Phantom, who used his Mind Manipulation abilities to get the Court of the Gods to grant him a new title and tried to destroy the universe, brainwashing Chibiusa to further these goals. That being said, things are personal with some of their other ascended foes, mainly the Death Busters for pretty much killing Chibiusa and Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon Circus for brainwashing him and wiping her from existence. She got better. Given that his Golden Crystal is one of the only things in the Pantheon capable of removing Nehelenia’s Curses and that he’s one of the only people capable of using it, people have been watching him as much as they can in order to make sure that nothing happens to him and the Crystal.
  • A lesser known ability of his is something called the Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, and it often catches foes off guard that think all he can do is throw sharp roses and believe that he’d be easy pickings. It is a powerful blast of energy that he can fire from his hands in order to harm opponents, and he once used it alongside his future self to kill Esmeraude. Some foolishly overconfident villains have found themselves being obliterated by this attack as a result of underestimating him.
  • Before ascending, he has actually asked both Mega Man Geo-Omega and the Blue Spirit to fill in for him when he was unavailable to protect Sailor Moon. Likewise the other two have actually called on him to protect Luna Platz and Aang's group respectively. Targets he's had to help them fend off include Azula, Kefka, Sirius, and Copy X.
    • However, when Ventus ascended, he often finds that whenever Sailor Moon (or any of the other Magical Girls) is in danger, the young Keyblade wielder is one of the first people on the scene, sometimes with his friends Terra and Aqua, to help out. For some reason Vanitas has been frequently targeting him since then.
  • Like his future life's daughter Chibiusa, he absolutely hates the primordial Lich, who bears incredible similarities to Death Phantom to the point that the two were actually friendly with each other when Death Phantom had first ascended. Also sorely dislikes Chaos for corrupting Sailor Galaxia, who killed him and brought him back as her thrall same as every other Sailor Guardian not named Moon or Chibi. Being the one who most often gets possessed or brainwashed to turn against his lover and fellow heroes, possessor/parasite villains such as Baby and the Mage of the Beginning tend to earn his general ire as well. This has all only intensified since the return of several former adversaries, especially Queen Beryl and Death Phantom.
  • Came to admire the twin cyborgs 17 and 18, who first got his attention when they engaged a troupe of magical girls during the Tournament of Power. They embraced the true spirit of magic and love even moreso than the actual magical girls did, found the magical girls to be pretty cool in the end, and showed self-sacrificial loyalty to each other and their teammates that impressed not only him, but the entire Magical Girl Sisterhood with whom he's aligned through the Sailors.
  • If he's out of his Temple in this House, just find him working in the House of Defense. He's VERY dedicated to protecting the Earth, and even shows some of this toward the rest of the Solar System. Because of this he earns great respect from the likes of Captain America, Captain Planet, Superman, and the Martian Manhunter, and holds great mutual ire with enemies such as Darkseid, Frieza, and especially Cell, who once boasted that his power alone could destroy the entire Solar System. He does find it somewhat funny how the Martian Manhunter once took up the name Hino Rei during one of his disguises.
  • Whenever something bad happens to the Earth, he will be affected. When Nehelenia started killing the planet via curse, he got sick and had a tough time trying to aid in the fight against her. Naturally, he despises Moro for trying to drain the Earth into an empty husk and turning it into a galactic bomb when it became clear he wouldn’t win. This hatred for the Consumer of Worlds intensified when he absorbed the energy of some of his men for a power boost when Mamoru allied himself with the Z-Fighters in a battle against him.
  • Can sometimes be seen in the House of Health and Diseases keeping people alive with his healing abilities, which he used to save Chibiusa’s life when the Death Busters nearly killed her. This is a trait he shares with Lekmet, who does heal people there as well, but far more carefully as unlike Mamoru, too much could cost Lekmet his life. The two get along, and Mamoru has even extended an offer of friendship to Hekapoo, which she appreciates.
  • Has been learning various types of martial arts from Batman after they both ran into each other during a chance encounter with the Joker which left him realizing that with the amount of monstrous beings in the Pantheon, he needs to be better prepared. Mamoru also loathes the Batman who Laughs, who reminds him of Wiseman...but with all of his Omnicidal Maniac and Monstrous behavior exaggerated. He is pretty relieved that He Who Laughs doesn’t have access to any of Death Phantom’s powers though unless he’s the Darkest Knight, which, to his surprise, is a form even some of his own allies have no intention of letting him obtain again.
    • And he was even more pissed to learn of his monstrous plans for Chibiusa regarding repeating what Wiseman did to her, but making it permanent, and he has declared that he will never let her near him, in a fight or otherwise. Really, he’s thankful that he hasn’t come into contact with Wiseman, and he and the Senshi are trying to make sure it stays that way.
  • Is legitimately disturbed by Esdeath as her obsession with Tatsumi reminds him of Queen Beryl’s towards him. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to be disturbed by her such as her sadism and lust for battle, but her obsession with Tatsumi is at the very top of the list. It really didn’t help that Beryl and Esdeath are genuinely fond of each other.
  • The Joker that harasses the Smile Pretty Cures is another foe of his, and he has tried to steal Mamoru’s Golden Crystal more than once in order to try to find a way to destroy it in an effort to remove Hope from others. Mamoru’s allies come help him when he gets assaulted by Joker and anyone in Bad End that he sends after him. Joker has begun targeting Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon’s Silver Crystals as a result, and Mamoru will always be there to help them out when he strikes at them.

    Rusty and Co. 
Rusty, Mimic, and Cube, Godly Triumvirate of Monster Adventurers (Mimic: Boxford, Rusty: Mister Russell, Cube: Gelly C, Gelatinous Cube)
From top to bottom: Rusty, Mimic, and Cube

    William Adams 
William Adams, Patron Saint of Western Samurai (Miura Anjin)
The real William illustrated 
  • Lesser God (Can push it to Intermediate level in short bursts through various Living Weapons)
  • Symbol: Saiorse holding his sword
  • Theme Music: 'William'
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The very first Western Samurai, Being both a Pirate, Ninja and The Musketeer, Yokai Slayer, Been There, Shaped History, from English to Irish on this version, Will never die as long as Saiorse exists, Divine User of Onmyōdō Magic, Has a multitude of weapons, including ninja weapons, magical-imbued amulets and Living Weapons, Chose to stay in Japan to protect the Amrita at all costs
  • Domains: Swords, Magic, Life, Death, Tradition, Elements
  • Herald: Okatsu (His Wife).
  • Allies: Hattori Hanzo (His mentor and probably only mortal friend), The Hunter, Dante Sparda, the Slayer of Demons, the Chosen Undead, the Bearer of the Curse, the Ashen One, Himura Kenshin, Geralt of Rivia (might be of relation, maybe)
  • Respected by: Samurai Jack
  • Mixed Relation with: Majority of the Japanese during the Warring States Period, especially Honda Tadakatsu, Ishida Mitsunari, Otani Yoshitsugu and Sanada Yukimura, Saorise, the Little One
  • Worthy Opponent: Oda Nobunaga as well as the demonic counterpart
  • Conflicting Opinion: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Lady Maria
  • Enemies: Lord Voldemort, Orochi, Adam Taurus
  • Rivals: Akame, Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana, Afro Samurai, Justice (Afro Samurai), Date Masamune, Tavish DeGroot/The Demoman, Roronoa Zoro, Samuel Rodrigues
  • Feared By: Majority of the House of Japanese Spirits subhouse, particularly Nyotengu no Miyama
  • Long ago, around 1600. A Westerner arrived on the shores of Japan, who was part of an expedition from the Dutch East India Company, intending to trade with foreigners. Two of these English sailors where not allowed to leave the country, which lead to them being influenced by the Japanese. One of them was William Adams, who became a key advisor to the current shōgun Tokugawa Ieyasu and eventually, the first Western Samurai, which is a rare rank even in today's standards.
  • His ascension coincided with the appearance of a dangerous substance that both the sides of Good and Evil are interested in: Amrita, golden, glowing crystal that pulses with unbelievable amounts of power. William explained that in times of conflict and suffering, Amrita would begin to manifest. In all likelihood, the spirit stones manifested in the Pantheon due to the conflict between the Grand United Alliances, and if the events of the Warring States Period is anything to go by, it would inevitably fall into less-than-noble hands and be abused with horrible results. With the help of his guardian spirit Saiorse, William is intent on making sure this doesn't happen.
  • When his arrival was noted by the Court of the Gods, a ninja clad in black appeared right after his session. It was later revealed to be the one of Ieyasu's escorts, Hattori Hanzo who greeted him at first sight. Surprised, William asked if he was the same Hanzo he met during the Warring States Period. The ninja calmly answered "Yes" and introduced the samurai into a new world that he is now welcome in.
    • Upon arrival into his new temple, an invitation came into his doorstep, which was requested by Tokugawa Ieyasu to meet him for some urgent matters. While the shōgun was discussing new topics with him, his new suit, and arguably his combat skills fazed William, as he remembered that he wasn't entirely combat active the time he saw him saving Japan. The former would only smile and said that he hasn't been ready for a time like this. Nonetheless, all 3 would enjoy their first meeting together.
    • However, it should be noted that Ieyasu still has conflicting relations with William, as he knows that foreigners (as proven by a certain Master Kelley and eventually a Portuguese woman named Maria) can prove to be fatal to the nation's development. On the other hand, it was also William who stopped most of the threats in his time as shōgun, which made him also indebted to him. It is this reason why he sent a ninja to intercept him in an attempt to kill him and told Hanzo to report him if the ninja succeded in the order, in which the latter lied about William's fate. Ieyasu would see this from Hanzo and was happy to hear that William is still alive.
  • In what would be a surprise visit, William would also be visited by a white-robed samurai, who was rumored to be one of those who saw him as in inspiration. Samurai Jack would see gladness seeing that another heroic swordsman would join the fight in the battles of Good and Evil. He proudly accepted the invitation, knowing that this made William's ascension all the more better.
    • The news of his ascension also caught wind of other well-known samurai who are also interested in his skill. Samuel Rodrigues was one of them who challenged him in a one-on-one fight on his first sight. Despite defeating William, Samuel noted that his different weapon formations coupled with his different arsenals gave him one hell of a match to remember. Adam Taurus on the other hand sees him as a copycat and also challenged him. Unfortunately, no sooner had Adam sheathed his sword in preparation for a Moonslice than William brandished a slip of paper at him, and all of a sudden the faunus found his movements slowed to an agonizing crawl. Ultimately William proved to be too much for the leader of the White Fang and forced him to concede.
    • His extensive katana skills also caught the attention of several wielders, including the Demon Blade-wielder Akane, who tried to invite him into Night Raid's ranks, but declined the offer, the Black Scottish Cyclops Tavish DeGroot, a fellow European, the eponymous Katana herself, and the Straw Hat's swordsmaster, Roronoa Zoro, who had a try in one of his spirit weapons and genuinely liked the feel of it.
    • Of course, this would lead him into complications with others. Afro Samurai was one of those who William pitied due to his revenge motifs, but the former would shrug that in the end, revenge would be always necessary. Justice, who is Afro's long enemy, also saw potential in William and is willing to kill him just for his samurai armor. It may not be a headband of power, but to him, it will be good souvenir.
  • Those who have participated in the Warring States period have had issues with William, despite being different in appearance and their origin world. When asked as to why, some have said that they were able to retain a portion of "their" memories, some remembering fighting William on the Tokugawa state. Sanada Yukimura, Date Masamune and Otani Yoshitsugu remember him fondly, especially as soon as he revealed to them their Animal Motifs. Sanada remembers dying in Osaka Castle with Yodo-gimi, Date Masamune also got a portion of the memory of him having a small piece of Amrita in his eyepatch and Otani feels sorry for seeing that he transformed into a dual-wielding Yokai during the battle of Sekigahara and lost badly.
    • While this was happening however, a dark-red colored figure arrived to witness the speculation and congratulated William on his ascension. Speaking with a dark and demonic voice, this King spoke that the memory of him and the battle that transpired within the state. Everyone immediately knew him and the dark figure showed himself among the crowd. It was the Demon King Oda Nobunaga, who saw his fight against William to be interesting but rather short. In a sudden twist, a second figure came by and reverted his words back to the Demon King, who also showed himself to be the actual Oda Nobunaga, who wanted to thank William for at least showing him that he isn't as evil as he always was shown. This confrontation lead to believe that both Nobunagas knew William before he could show them their spirit animal.
  • Thanks to Saoirse, William is effectively immortal: while he can be temporarily killed, he will inevitably revive within a shrine, though he would lose any Amrita he would accumulate. This manner of revival got the Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, The Slayer of Demons, Hunter and the Ashen One curious with him, seeing that all of them have such a curse, though for William, its a blessing than anything.
    • It's this immortality that caught the eye of Lord Voldemort, who attacked William in hopes of forcefully taking control of the Guardian Spirit from him. Despite putting up a valiant fight, William was ultimately struck by an Avada Kedavra and killed...only to resurrect some time later, incredibly off-put that "Kelley had gotten the best of him" (he later avenged himself: he hunted down his Amrita Grave to find Voldemort engrossed in trying to study it. William promptly stabbed him through the chest, reclaimed his Amrita, and left Voldemort to bleed out on the ground). Inevitably, William met Harry Potter, who had been keeping tabs on his Arch-Enemy's actions. William explained Saoirse and the nature of his immortality, and was surprised when Harry let out a bitter chuckle and asked what William did to anger Saiorse. When questioned, Harry told him that the idea of being unable to die was horrifying. William shrugged, muttered "Whatever ye say, lad. Helped me over in Japan, I'll tell ye that much...", and walked away.
      • Learning William's story was one of the most sobering things to happen to Hermione Granger: finding out that John Dee, pioneer of her favorite subject Arithmancy and one of her heroes, was as depraved as Voldemort himself shocked her to her core. She's tried to console herself by reminding herself of the Multiverse Theory: the Niohverse John Dee was an evil bastard, but that doesn't mean that the one from her world is, right?!
  • Other than Ieyasu, William has a rather uneasy reaction towards Lady Maria for not only having the same name of a certain Portuguese witch, but also being similar in regards to her weapon and her gothic looks. However, Maria has stated that it is only by appearance and never by intention as she has no intent on the Amrita business. Despite this, following Williams initial ascension, his attacks towards her has damaged the Astral Clocktower and forced Maria to brutally beat him many times just to give him some sense. Since then he has avoided taking her down but only because she has convinced him enough that she wasn't the witch he was trying to stop in the first place.
  • Speaking of being similar, Geralt has felt his essence upon arriving to the Pantheon. While both are easy going towards each other and are glad sharing their tales, both are rather unnerved by their looks, believing that they might be the same, but in different universes with different roles. Even Ciri, Trish and Yennefer even mistook William for Geralt but in an unusual armour set.
  • Likely the most unnerving interaction William had in his time in the Pantheon was when Chikane Himemiya stormed up to him out of the blue, demanding to know how in the world he, a (relatively) mere mortal was able to outright slay the dreaded Orochi. Confused, William told her that he 'hit the beast until it died, and drank healing elixers when he needed to'. Chikane was quiet as she tried to process what she had just heard, mumbling under her breath something along the lines of "Was...pointless. I never had to hurt her, never had to...just needed to hit the beast until it died! That's all I needed to do! Hit Orochi until it died!" Then to William's and Himeko's shock and horror, Chikane broke down in spasms of deranged, bawling laughter, before she collapsed into Himeko's arms sobbing and pleading for forgiveness. William took this opportunity to back away slowly and leave.
  • Nyotengu no Miyama is quite scared of him after he attacked her out of the blue with a Death Glare on his face. When an explanation was demanded of him, William growled that he HATES Tengu, and that deadly flirty attitude of hers makes her seem like a combination of Tengu and Hino-Enma.
  • Being a Celtic, mermaid-like spirit, a number of gods and goddesses wondered if Saiorse had some sort of connection to the similarly-named selkie in the Pantheon. William's explanation of Guardian Spirits put this to bed, though: the Spirits are Tulpa born of beliefs and prayers, not flesh-and-blood beings like Ben's sister. Besides, William's Saiorse is a merrow, not a selkie.
  • Is under consideration of Intermediate Status due to this time of him beating most of his enemies with a wooden sword. He is still having numerous amounts of PTSD while thinking about it.
  • William's original temple is located on the House of Cultures, under Nationality Archetypes.


    Elenore Baker 
Elenore Baker, Goddess of Ninja Maids (Everyday Gatekeeper)

    Lara Croft 
Lara Croft, Goddess of Adventurer Archaeologists (Lara Amelia Croft, Tomb Raider)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Atlantean Scion
  • Theme Music: Tomb Raider Anniversary Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Adventurer Archaeologists, Dual Gun-Wielding, Bottomless Backpacks, Third Person Seductresses, A Different Variety of "Big Guns"
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Travel, Glory, Nobility
  • Followers: Hunter Steele, Doctor Aphra, Prof. Robert Langdon, Sydney Fox, Johnny Thunder
  • Allies: Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Samus Aran, Wonder Woman, The League of Explorers, Tigress, Jackie Chan
  • Friendly Rivals: Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Oebra Yun Fang.
  • Enemies: Polygon, Zoran Lazarević, Scrooge McDuck
  • Odd Friendship with: Elizabeth Mably, Claire Redfield, Marida Cruz
  • Once upon a time, a young archaeologist from England decided to use her knowledge to raid sites in search of ancient and valuable treasure. Her harrowing adventures and... interesting assets quickly gained her fame. It wasn't long before she was formally invited into the Pantheon.
    • Unsure of which house to reside in, Lara once occupied on the House of Travel. Her occupation took her to many dangerous places on Earth, and being in this house gave her access to all the cool vehicles so that she could continue her search for the wonders of the world (a new one seems to pop up every day). She eventually settled in the House of Professions, filled to the brim with hunters. The victims of her adventures just happen to be inanimate objects.
    • Has agreed not to step foot in the House of Treasures. As tempting as it is, she figured some of the items there would be too dangerous in her hands. Worse, they could end up in more malicious hands.
  • Has undergone not one, but two revisions of the character. There were calls for her to redefine herself to be known other than just her looks. Not surprisingly, she made a Video Game 3D Leap with flying colors. She just needs to find the right take of her life.
  • There are two men who are considered her biggest rivals in the archeological department:
    • Indiana Jones would rather that artifacts end up in a museum rather than at Croft Manor. Nevertheless, the two end up working together more than what not, usually in the face of more malevolent forces. With that said, few stand a chance when Indy's instinct is combined with Croft's weaponry. The only question is who ends up with the item sought after.
    • Her biggest video game rival is Nathan Drake by far. In this case, they had a slightly better relationship, sharing their bounties after working together. Some say it had something to do with Croft being a poster child for Playstation. Which made her decision for her next game to be Xbox-timed exclusive devastating for him. They still work together if the situation calls for it, but they are not nearly as close as before.
      • It was the perfect situation for Wiz and Boomstick to devise a Death Battle to determine the ultimate Adventurer Archaeologist. Lara defended the crown rather easily, which only further strained their relationship.
  • Is seen as a video game icon of The Fifth Generation of Console Video Games. As such she has received accolades from the likes of Mario and Sonic (though the latter would admit it wasn't his favorite time because of... bad memories).
  • Was also one of the more prominent video game characters that became a movie franchise. While she appreciates the effort Angelina Jolie did for her character, she would rather not talk about it. Lara is a bit more positive regarding Alicia Vikander's attempt to adapt her current incarnation.
    • The old movies made her befriend Tigress (who decided to forgive all the tigers Lara has killed for the sheer fact they share an avatar) and the new one brought Lara to the attention of Jason Bourne (who mistook her for CIA agent Heather Lee).
    • There are a lot more deities that share her Japanese avatar. She tries to keep in touch with them every once in a while.
  • Also competes with Oerba Yun Fang, though in his case he wanted that the item he sought after to be destroyed. In such a case he's sure to give Croft a call for help.
  • Before her latest game, people had hoped that Polygon would have chosen Croft for his Battle Royale. Alas, she was never considered to be a participant, though she considered herself luck with how it all turned out.
  • If there's ever a time she would team up with Indy and Drake, it would be against Zoran Lazarević, a warlord hellbent on achieving immunity. It was Croft and Indy that helped break the blockage when he held Drake captive in the House of Luck & Fortune. She also refused to get hired for his services. Croft have been on his 'shoot to kill' list ever since.
  • There is one video game character that competes with her for most memorable female character. That would be the bounty hunter Samus Aran. It's a good thing Samus wouldn't take Lara as a bounty; the two have in fact become close friends. Having a space ship on the call is a cool perp for a tomb raider.
  • While she is not exactly a fan of Lara stealing Greek artifacts, Diana does sympathize with how Lara had to deal with her critics. Both have been accused of being oversexualized despite becoming role models for girls everywhere. They can be seen chatting about it in the House of Philosophy.
  • Competes with Scrooge McDuck when it comes to hosting ancient artifacts. While the God of Finance has much more money to fund his expeditions, he just can't match her expertise to traverse the various traps there. The only thing Lara would say about the man is he at least doesn't try and steal them from her.
  • Gave Jackie Chan his blessing during his time as an archaeologist. Not exactly in the fighting part, but in figuring out the history of temples.

    Miss Bianca and Bernard 
Miss Bianca and Bernard, Divine Adventure Duo
Bianca (left) and Bernard (right)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Rescue Aid Society banner
  • Theme Music: The Journey, Tomorrow is Another Day, Rescue Aid Society, Bernard et Bianca au Pays des Kangourous
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Nice Mice, Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl, Official Couple
  • Domains: Mice, Rescue
  • Heralds: Orville and Wilbur the Albatrosses
  • Allies: Mickey Mouse, Basil and Dawson, Remy the Rat, Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • Enemies: Ratigan, Pokémon Hunter J, any villain who harms children (especially The Coachman, Pennywise, and Bondrewd)
  • The Rescue Aid Society is an international organization consisting of mice all around the world who help children in distress. There are many members of that group, but the most notable ones are Bernard from America and Miss Bianca of Hungary. Bernard is someone who is a bit unsure of himself and is into safety, but if push comes to shove, he'll do the right thing, while Bianca is a spirited woman with a sense of adventure. Among the missions they've done included helping a girl in Devil's Bayou and a boy from Australia.
  • A distress signal reached the Rescue Aid Society who learned that another child was in trouble, but upon learning that the signal came from a place so far away most aren't sure if it's possible to get there, there was a bit of concern. Miss Bianca offered to take a look at where exactly the signal came and she was able to get Bernard to come along despite his concerns. The two mice were wished the best of luck from the society before taking off for a mission to an unknown land.
    • Eventually, the duo arrived at their location and it was clear that it the place was unlike anywhere they've been to before. Looking for the person who sent the society that signal was very difficult at first, but after hearing a scream, Bianca & Bernard headed towards the source of it. It turned out to be a tall tower that appeared to be abandoned and the two spent some time looking for the kidnapped child. A room in the tower housed Fievel Mousekewtiz, who was somehow kidnapped while going somewhere and Bernard & Bianca found him and were about to take off with him when Ratigan, who was responsible for the kidnapping showed up and started to threaten them. Not long after, Basil & Dawson showed, having been notified of Ratigan's schemes and after a fight, Basil was able to get Ratigan turned over to the authorities.
      • All the mice were inside a room and Bernard & Bianca were wondering about what had happened and more importantly, what place they were at. Basil explained that the entire place they're at (not just that abandoned tower from earlier) could be described as a "Pantheon" and is varied in just about everything. Fievel then said to the duo that he was the one who sent out the distress signal (and that describing it in detail isn't really necessary) and showed gratitude towards Bianca & Bernard for rescuing him as well as Basil & Dawson for thwarting Ratigan once more. When asked about who Bianca & Bernard mainly do, she stated that she rescues those in need of help, especially children. Basil, Dawson, and Fievel welcomed Bianca & Bernard to the new place and that she and Bernard are more than welcome to keep doing their job whenever an opportunity arises, though they were warned of dangers much greater than what they just witnessed.
  • Meeting up with other mice in the Pantheon was slightly more uncomfortable than they'd expect due to some mice being a bit larger than normal. It didn't stop their meeting with Mickey Mouse from going smoothly though, as they both complimented each other on their work. Mickey willing to confront serious threats directly when need be was a good motivator for Bianca & Bernard to step up their already good efforts in their rescues.
    • Their meeting with fellow rodent Remy the Rat was rather awkward thanks to Remy not wearing any clothing despite being having a similar level of human behavior as Bianca & Bernard. A friendship between them was formed thanks to Remy's cooking and the duo like to visit him for meals following select missions.
  • Being members of an organization dedicated to the safety of children, it wouldn't take the mice that long to encounter others who have a soft spot towards children. They were pretty surprised to find a number of others who fall into that category, but Bianca & Bernard have plenty of goodwill towards those people, with special mention going towards those who had a rough childhood. It helps that some of them are more than willing to spring into action if a child is harmed in their prescence.
  • While they are aware of faster transportation methods to get to children in need of help, both are content enough to use albatrosses Orville and/or Wilbur to get to their destination. Bernard & Bianca are willing to use faster transportation when push comes to shove, especially since there are some smarter villains who don't want anyone to save kidnapped people, including children.
  • It didn't take them long to learn that there were several bad people who often put young children in danger. What disgusted them further was that some of these villains did things to children that can be considered far more extreme than the kinds of villains that they had to confront prior. Bianca & Bernard consider terrorizing children and eating them or subjecting children through a variety of deadly conditions before experimenting on them to be very revolting, but are aware that there's not much they can do against stronger villains like the ones described.
    • What The Coachman does to kids who meet him was more than enough to get Bianca & Bernard visibly disturbed, especially since what The Coachman does amounts to child slavery. The Coachman saw the mice as little more than nuisances and not worth his time.
  • During one of their rescue missions, the mice ended up meeting Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, who were notified of a similar incident and were led to the place that Bianca & Bernard were at. After their assignments were completed, the duos decided to have a friendly talk with each other. Bianca & Bernard were pleasantly surprised to hear the Judy had a soft spot for children and they empathized with Nick when it came to his past and how Judy helped him become a better person. Since then, they have sometimes helped each other with their respective missions.
  • Bernard's fear of the number thirteen isn't something that comes up frequently, but a few deities looking to unnerve him like to bring it up, especially considering there's a murderer by the name of Jason Voorhees given his association with Friday the 13th (which in and of itself is believed by some to be an unlucky day). To the mice's credit, Voorhees has no interest whatsoever in going after them and they haven't really heard of instances of him going after children despite a few reports claiming otherwise, but Bernard is still worried in any case.
  • They hold a large amount of respect towards Mrs. Brisby for her dedication to ensuring the survival of her family and in turn, she admires Bianca & Bernard for the work that they do. Brisby has joined them on their rescues on an irregular, but still infrequent, basis due to her commitment towards her family and made a number of conversations with the duo in their free time.
  • Hunter J is someone the mice have plenty of animosity towards since her job of going after rare creatures brought to mind Percival Mcleach, who they encountered while helping a boy in Australia. It doesn't help that like Percival, Hunter J is more than willing to put children in harm's way to get what she wants.
  • If there's one thing that came as a shock towards Bianca & Bernard, it's finding out that there's more than a handful of children whose attitude can be troublesome. While there are some examples who merely have a bratty demeanor, it's the ones who prove truly dangerous such as Hansel & Gretel that really worry the mice. The fact that there's a possibility that they would need to rescue innocent children from malicious ones is a difficult one to process for them.
  • Can also be found in Duos.