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Greater Gods

Ganesha, God of Elephants (Ganesh, Ganapati, Remover of Obstacles, God of Success)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: An elephant head with one broken tusk, with a basket of fruits above it, and a mouse below it.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Head of an Elephant, Good Son of Shiva and Parvati, Letting Others Take Credit for His Job, Giver of Good Fortune to the Virtuous, Dedicated to Removing Evil, Multiple Arms
  • Domains: Elephants, Virtue, Faith, Fortune
  • High Priest: Airavata
  • Allies: Dumbo, Asura, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Kumbhakarna, Symmetra, Yu Narukami, Minato Arisato, Karna, Igor, Yosuke Hanamura, Yukari Takeba, Morgana, Aleph, Flynn, Raj
  • Friendly Rivals (He's just that friendly): Most deities that have participated in the Battleground of the Gods.
  • Enemies: YHVH and many evil deities, especially evil psychics.
  • Slightly Annoyed by: Homer Simpson
  • Ganesha's original titles were numerous, but in this Pantheon, since his name and image became so synonymous with the sacred animal of India, elephants, he managed to be granted the above title. Normally he'd give it to another nearby elephant, but he just happened to be alone when this happened, so he took the title.
  • While there is a myth that elephants are afraid of mice, Ganesha is not at all scared of them. Heck, he rides a giant mouse!
  • Those who pray to him and have good virtues are to be granted great blessing and fortune from Ganesha. Apu can attest, believing that his wife Manjula turning out to be a great wife is a blessing from Ganesha.
    • Though the elephant god was...not at all amused when Homer Simpson attempted to impersonate him and play him very out-of-character. He's graceful and likes a good wedding, not getting angered by it and claiming all will die unless it is stopped! Though since Ganesha finds it hard to make enemies, the worst he can feel toward Homer is slight annoyance while facepalming with all of his four hands.
  • Asura never recalled meeting him during his rampage, but once they meet up, they quickly bond together since Ganesha seems to be able to calm him down, not to mention he's against the Chakravatin.
  • Ganesha is currently watching over one of his friends, Satya Vaswani AKA Symmetra, impressed with her virtue and dedication to helping others. If anyone protests that he hasn't punished the Vishkar Corporation for manipulating Symmetra or doing atrocious things to the poor and only acting nice to reap more personal profit, Ganesha's response is to tell them to be patient, he has all the chips ready for any scenarios and so far, he's still okay with Symmetra and removes the obstacles for her, as in those who accuse her to be no better than Vishkar. For the record... The Vishkar Corporation is on his naughty list, to be given misfortunes gradually. Some suspect that Lucio is being sent by Ganesha as the first step to punish the corporate.
  • If there's one being that could escalate his irritation into anger, it would be YHVH, or whatever it is that masquerades as the Abrahamic God. Being a very chill deity, Ganesha has known to respect other religions, and for YHVH to continue making mockeries of their images, he's not going to just let that be. For that, he tends to lend his help for those who either summon Personas or attempt to carve their way through either Law or Chaos, usually hanging out with Igor in the Velvet Room, waiting to be summoned.
  • Another thing that he is not fond of is Psychic Power. He's... kind of iffy when assaulted with that. Ganesha recognizes a good Psychic Power when he sees one, but he does not like evil people who uses them. Though he does like those who possess or use wind power, like Morgana or Yosuke Hanamura or Yukari Takeba. Even if they all can't summon him directly.
  • Tends to act like a father figure to Dumbo, seeing that the baby elephant never had a father elephant around. Ganesha is proud that Dumbo isn't scared of mice.
  • Beerus believed that he was a relative of Universe 10's Destroyer Deity Rumsshi, since they were both elephant deities. Ganesha told him otherwise, noting that he's a god of knowledge. It's his father Shiva who's a god of destruction and transformation. Learning of Universe 10 also led him to learn of Merged Zamasu, who he was horrified at for his evil actions, and declared him to be a disgrace towards all gods. Zamasu likewise has contempt towards Ganesha since, as a patron of the arts and sciences, in his deranged worldview he contributed to mortals' capacity for evil by giving them knowledge

The Incubators, Divine Weasel Mascots (Kyubey, QB, Jubey)
Left: Jubey. Right: Kyubey.
  • Greater Divine Beings
  • Symbol: /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\
  • Theme Song: Sis Puella Magica!
  • Alignment: True Neutral in their own minds, roundly considered Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil by everyone else, particularly Post-Upheaval.
  • Portfolio: Devil Deals, Super Empowering, Truly Alien Morality, Manipulative Bastards, Weasel Mascots, Batman Gambit, Lack of Empathy, Cat Smiles, Hijacked by Ganon (for Kyubey), Wreaking Suffering For The Sake Of The Universe.
  • Domains: Magic, Wishes, Despair, Hope, Emotion, Secrets, Reincarnation.
  • Allies: Bernkastel, Nui Harime, Satan, Mard Geer Tartaros, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars, Yuu.
  • Former Allies: The Anti-Spiral
  • Enemies: The House of Emotion, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, Mami Tomoe, Charlotte, Kanji Tatsumi, Rika Furude (for Kyubey), Lord Kroak, Oyashiro-Sama, Guts, Mr. Slave, Gust, Yutaka Kobayakawa, Shu Ouma, Tron, Mana Ouma, Ermac, Tracer
  • Evil Counterpart to: Haro, Morgana, Luna
  • Special Relationship: Madoka Kaname.
  • Opposed By: Shiro Kanzaki (their former High Priest)
  • So far there are two known Incubators, the one known as Kyubey (who goes by many names) and the one known as Jubey. There are likely more of them - though whether they differ significantly from the ones that already known is up for debate, and Jubey is a special case: an incomplete Artificial Incubator created by Kazumi's friends to replace Kyubey.
  • Incubators lack an understanding of emotion, believing it a rare mental illness, and as such have made an enemy of the entire House of Emotion. Kyubey is uninterested in the rivalry, but they keep punching it in the face anyway.
  • Residents of Gensoukyou may to bring a chill to Kyubey, if it could show fear. Especially Flandre Scarlet, whom seems to think of Kyubey as a doll to play with. Jubey doesn't understand this fear of Kyubey's.
  • Can't be in the same room as Sayaka Miki/Oktavia von Seckendorff because of her habit of impaling them with her swords.
  • Can't be classified as Gods/Goddesses due to the fact that they are not of earth.
  • Kyubey can't understand why, after everything his kind did for them, those humans hate him so much (then again, Kyubey has trouble understanding the very concept of hatred).
  • Kyubey's emotionlessness caught the eye of Discord, who attempted to pull one of his signature discordings on him. Discord first tried to provoke Kyubey, which failed, leaving Kyubey as untroubled as ever. Then he attempted to manually reverse his emotions, which again failed because Kyubey has none. Rather than give up, Discord developed a new spell that forced Kyubey to experience every emotion that exists at once and left him like that until he was rescued by Madoka. Needless to say, this experience has not improved Kyubey's view of human emotion. It DID, however, earn Discord an earnest round of applause from Johan: THAT is how you Mind Rape someone.
    • This last spell left something of a side effect, he is forever connected to Discord first (and maybe only) friend, Fluttershy. In response of discovering this, Fluttershy has made it a mission to subject Kyubey to THE Stare... which can't work; the Stare can only work with someone that has some emotion. And Kyubey has none.
  • Kyubey once expressed interest in Mithra's power to manipulate Mantra, but only did so when Asura was outside of the Pantheon. Like everyone else, even he admitted that making Asura angry is a mistake no matter who you are.
  • Has since found out that Tzeentch was the one who was behind the system for contracting Magical Girls and their eventual transformation into witches. Thankfully, Madoka Kaname reworked the system and excised the corruption.
    • Kyubey would like it known that they had no idea that the previous system was powered by such a force as The Warp. Using that to keep entropy at bay would have ended up causing a worse end to the universe than simple heat death, and they are genuinely concerned with the fate of the cosmos.
    • All this considered, everyone was genuinely stunned when Kyubey tried to bring the Witch system back during the events of the "Great Upheaval". When questioned, he revealed a shocking truth: the entire above statement turned out to be patently untrue! The Witch System never ran on the Warp! The entire time, that had been a lie spread by Madoka Kaname, in order to dissuade Kyubey from trying to bring the System back. Unfortunately, the little weasel had learned the truth. Its former ally, Kroak became furious with it, and if not for Homura pulling her own retribution, he would have nuked the little weasel with a "Deliverance of Itza".
  • Their Resurrective Immortality has made them a target for many gods who've had off days and need to blow off steam. Issei Hyodo enjoys using a decidedly lethal variant of "Dress Break" to reduce them to what vaguely resembles pulled pork. After, of course, his best Kenshiro impersonation. Broly frequently enjoys blasting the little weasels to hell, since he'll never run out.
  • Beerus The Lord of Destruction absolutely detests the little creatures; the reason least of which is that they insist on preserving a decaying universe by creating despair and destroying hope, but more importantly that they made his beloved friend Madoka cry. Perhaps worst of all is that no matter how many he vaporizes, there's ALWAYS more of them.
  • Has lately found good company in Satan, who enjoys his deceptive nature and common view of humans as cattle: the two are scheming a two-pronged plan that benefits them both, where Satan gains dominion over the Earth and rules it with an iron fist, while Kyubey convinces the oppressed masses to make contracts and fight back against Satan (efforts that would be doomed to failure) and thus gain tons of energy for the universe. He has since joined up with The Usurper faction.
    • It's for similar reasons that he has good company with Mard Geer, who is pleased to meet another who thinks of humanity as he does and likes the method by which Witches are made. Kyubey in turn is impressed with the Mard's utter dedication to his goals and allows nothing to get in the way.
  • They have recently shown a great fear (or as much fear as they can show) of Mr. Slave, due to an incident where he shoved both of them up his ass. They have since refused to go anywhere near him.
  • Gust is enemies with Kyubey because she hates his methods of business.
  • Their lack of emotion means Nekron can't see them, something they plan to use against him one day.
  • Recently, he attempted to make a contract with boys instead of girls. This was the result.
  • Kyubey used to be great allies with the Anti-Spiral, who also utilizes despair for the greater good, until Kyubey decided to find Madoka following her deification. The Anti-Spiral didn't like the idea of bringing back a Hope Bringer from another plane of existence, and declared Kyubey insane for crossing the line.

    King Kong 
King Kong, God of Gorillas and Climactic Climbing (Kong, The Eighth Wonder of the World, The Beast)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Himself standing on top of the Empire State Building
  • Theme Song: The classic theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but can be Chaotic Neutral if angered enough
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain, Kaiju, Killer Gorilla, Non-Malicious Monster
  • Domains: Apes, Power
  • Followers: Kongor, The gorillas of Zinj
  • Allies: Andy Serkis, Tarzan, Donkey Kong, The Librarian, Son Goku, Sun Wukong, Winston, Caesar, Blizzard and Chaos
  • Rivals: Godzilla (and possibly Not So Different from him), Rexie
  • Enemies: Gwangi, Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, Frieza, King K. Rool, Hunter J, Koba, Sauron and Diablo
  • Somewhere on Earth, there exists a mysterious place known as Skull Island. It is home to a variety of dangerous creatures, though its most recognizable inhabitant is a giant ape named King Kong (or just Kong). He is an ape of incredible strength and while he's been described as someone who keeps to himself for the most part, he will attack if provoked.
  • An expedition team consisting of various Pantheon members set out for an island that was described as very dangerous, but home to plenty of interesting wildlife. After meeting several dangerous creatures, some of the members encountered a giant ape known as Kong. It's safe to say that some of the members were awed at his strength and size, but it was short-lived after other members of the team arranged for the ape to get captured.
    • By the time the team headed back to the Pantheon with the captured Kong, an exhibition was arranged as a means to showcase the giant ape. Unfortunately, Kong was able to break out of his enclosure and go on a rampage, taking with him one of the female members of the expedition team. Some time later, Kong was able to make his way to a very tall building and climbed it, with his damsel in distress in tow. A bunch of aerial weapons were called upon to stop Kong and the ape put up a good fight, destroying a fair number of them. Eventually, Kong ended up falling to the ground and was incapacitated as a result (his damsel was mostly unharmed, but was quite frightened).
      • There were some arguments on what to do with the ape after the whole ordeal, with some wanting to keep him and others insisting that he should be put back to where he belongs. An agreement was reached where Kong would be a part of the Pantheon, but he would have to be placed in a more natural habitat.
  • Kong climbing up the top of the Empire State Building with a Damsel in Distress is one of his more notable actions. A few other deities have recalled something similar to it happening, though some instances were much weirder than others.
    • Mojo Jojo, another primate, did something similar (minus kidnapping a girl) when he grew in size and went on a rampage. Mojo Jojo has tried convincing Kong a number of times to try and work with him, but Kong has made it clear that he does not want to get involved with Mojo Jojo and his goals in any way.
  • While Kong is not really villainous, he isn't heroic by default either. It is possible to paint him in a more heroic light considering how he protects Skull Island should the place be threatened in a serious capacity.
  • Dinosaurs are creatures that Kong has fought against quite often. With the wide variety of such in the Pantheon, it's more than likely that the ape will fight against one if they do anything that would anger him. The most notable battles between ape and dino tend to be him against Rexie, though Kong has gotten into battles against other, more aggressive dinos such as Gwangi and Sharptooth.
    • Indominus Rex, with her unrelenting viciousness and cunning, is practically the only thing that would make Kong and Rexie join forces in order to stop the creature. While Indominus does have a highly secure closure, such a thing will only happen if someone were stupid enough to let her out by accident.
  • He might have a preference for blonde women. No one is sure what would happen if a women of different hair color (such as red) would come into Kong's path, but many deities agreed that such an experiment is too risky and too much of a waste of time to perform.
  • Using thunder against King Kong is always considered a horrible idea when fighting him, since it gives a massive boost of strength. In fact, it made him strong enough to beat Godzilla to the bottom of the sea.
    • Due to this, he's Plan B for stopping Godzila's rampage when Plan A can't be enacted. (Plan A is have Fluttershy scold and him give him The Stare, which is more effective than it sounds).
      • As for Kong and Godzilla, it's quite possible that the two have much more in common than just being giant monsters. The two are both the last of their respective kind and have fought against separate natural predators. No one is sure if a serious-enough threat exists that would cause Kong and Godzilla to set aside their rivalry and stop this hypothetical threat together, but it doesn't appear to be the case as far as anyone knows.
  • Kong has a habit of changing his size, though he never becomes smaller than a T-rex or taller than a Kaiju. This is how he is able to go toe-to-toe against the King of the Monsters. He is still larger compared to a normal primate regardless of these unexplained size changes.
  • Has a vendetta against Frieza for his racist insult against monkeys, calling them filthy. However, Frieza really doesn't care, as he laughs it off because he blew up Kong's "planet" in one timeline.
  • Originally, a Human Sacrifice was performed by a tribe of natives in order to appease Kong. Performing such a thing for Kong doesn't happen in the Pantheon thankfully, but it hasn't stopped a select few from trying to get such a ritual planned. Needless to say, those plans were easily shot down repeatedly.
  • Planes and other aerial vehicles such as helicopters are a bit of a trigger for him due to the fact that he got shot down from the Empire State Building by biplanes. It's led to quite a bit of trouble for those who use aircraft and have a flight path that somehow has Kong in their route. One time, Tails ended up in Kong's way while the former was trying to get something that would help Sonic the Hedgehog and the ape took a swipe at the Tornado, causing the fox to bail from his plane as it crashed. Tails was able to escape before things between him and Kong got worse.
  • He is yet another target for capture by Hunter J, but if her comments are anything to go by, she considers approaching Kong at least a bit easier than trying to get to Godzilla. That said, she hasn't targeted him whenever thunderstorms occur, especially since one attempt ended badly due to such a thing happening.
  • Despite having "Kong" as part of their names and being primates, King Kong has no relation whatsoever with Donkey Kong and the latter's Kong Krew (especially considering that King Kong is much larger than even DK). It hasn't stopped the Eighth Wonder of the World from getting along with DK and company.
    • This didn't stop King K. Rool from thinking otherwise and tried to launch an attack against this particular Kong. It went badly for the crocodile, due in no small part to King Kong's strength and K. Rool has tried to concoct a different sort of plan specifically to get rid of this Kong.
  • While Kong doesn't hang out with other heroic primates that often (though he does visit the aforementioned DK Krew at a slightly higher frequency), he at the very least doesn't mind them, if only because they don't really enrage him a whole lot. Some of these primates are also fairly powerful (such as Winston under certain circumstances) and have occasionally helped Kong ward off certain threats.
  • It's possible to create a clone of Kong, though from what others understand, that particular clone was much more heroic than the original thing. That said, not a lot of people have talked about cloning Kong due to the dangers of such. It hasn't stopped a few devious people from trying to get DNA samples of him and sending those possible samples to evil scientists to try and create an evil Kong clone to wreak havoc.
  • When the Draconians ascended, Kong was there to greet his former followers, Blizzard and Chaos, whom he gets along well with to this day. He gets along, er, less well with Sauron (the dinosaur, not the dark lord) and especially Diablo (the dinosaur, not the Prime Evil).
  • Also has a spot in Narrative Structure. Despite what some may think, his place there is more of a city and even comes with a similar looking Empire State Building. He's not usually there unless someone tries hard enough to make him an attraction there.

    Sun Wukong 
Sun Wukong, The Monkey God (The Monkey King, The Handsome Monkey King, Protector of The Horse, Stone Monkey, Equaling Heaven Great Sage/Qitian Dasheng/Seiten Taisei, Spirit Bright Stone Monkey, Son Gokū, Monkey)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang, also known as the Compliant Pole, or to some, "Monkey King Bar"
  • Theme Song: Monkey Bee
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good at best or Chaotic Neutral at worst
  • Portfolio: Carry a Big Stick, Inspiring hundreds of characters based on him, Mastering 72 Transformations, being a man of many tricks, possessing massive strength and speed, seeking a way to live forever
  • Domains: Journeys, fighting, monkeys
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Freeza (for being racist towards primates), Zeus (for looking down on him constantly)
  • Followers: Two others, named Wukong, another Monkey King, Infernape, Ozo
  • Odd Friendship: Most of the Equestrian deities
  • His first day in the Pantheon consisted of him stealing the Aegis Shield from Zeus just for fun. The fight that ensued set much of the House of Beasts on fire, but it still proved to be a rather even fight between the two gods. Once the other gods managed to break to two warriors apart and return the shield to the Olympian King, they wondered how he was able to do it. His strange response was as follows: "Not the first time I have battled the old man. And if you thought that was impressive, you should see my fights against Guan Yu!"
  • There are theories amongst the gods that Sun Wukong may have been the original creator of the Saiyans. Though there is little proof to support this claim, he does seem to get along well with Son Goku and a bit with Vegeta.
    • However, recently, it's starting to show that Wukong has had an epiphany with his name; it's been "stolen" by Goku via the same characters in a different reading. Because of this, Wukong's been getting annoyed by Dragon Ball fans having massive reactions when they're exposed to the Japanese script/dub of Warriors Orochi for the first time and hearing his name in on'yomi. Despite the fact that he's annoyed at people always using "Son Gokū" to say "Sun Wukong" without even knowing it, Goku's willing to patch things up with the Monkey King, but is taking some time on the matter to make it count.
    • Some other gods are a bit worried when they also realize the Ox King from the Saiyan's universe ALSO has a ripoff name, from the Monkey King's sworn brother. Time will tell if the Handsome Monkey King will either give up or rage like there's no tomorrow.
    • He seemed to have found his answer when he discovered the existence of a separate timeline in which Goku's Super Saiyan powers were combined with the Saiyan's Great Ape form to create a brand new humanoid form with monkey fur and a slightly more apish face. This caused him to realize that Goku was truly an offshoot of him and not merely a name thief, to which he set out to study the process to unlocking this form, then teach it to Goku, who proceeded to get it done (with help from Bulma in producing the necessary conditions). Soon, Goku was drawn into a friendly challenge with Android 17, who'd also just achieved an ultimate upgrade originated from the same timeline; during this, Goku called himself the Ultimate Saiyan, which Wukong found more fitting and pleasing than the Super Saiyan 4 name the other timeline's Goku used, and ended up fighting Super Android 17 to a draw. Then Beerus, Whis, and the Super Saiyan God forms came along and eclipsed Ultimate Saiyan and Wukong was annoyed with Goku again.
      • Some other gods wonder....will there finally be a composite version/portrayal of Sun Wukong/Son Gokū that combines the best of both worlds?
  • Asura claims that Sun Wukong ripped off him at one point. His happy/suicidal response: "You say it like it's a bad thing!"
  • Sun Wukong is also occasionally seen in the Fields of Justice fighting with or against the likes of Garen, Darius, or his Runeterran counterpart, also named Wukong. Of course, Summoners always mistake him for a copy of the Runeterran Monkey King rather than the original one.
  • Can summon a cloud to fly around the pantheon via his iconic Somersault Cloud technique to travel up to 108,000 li per hour or in a single bound, make clones of himself by pulling out a bunch of his hair and blowing on them (each hair turns into a clone), and has 72 Earthly Forms, allowing him to transform into seventy-two different creatures. He also has several different appearances and voices for himself (such as the one dreamed up by a certain Jamie Hewlett).
    • Has noticed that one version of him, via an alternate series of events, got himself sealed away by a corrupt deity due to him giving up his staff without realizing how much he relied on it. Soon, Wukong himself had taken his Runeterran counterpart's studies in the Wuju-style into consideration in order to better his hand-to-hand much more outside of relying on his magic tricks, just in case he needs to engage in combat where his old tricks used in his journey West won't work out for whatever reason.
      • As aforementioned with a possible combination of both the original Monkey King and Saiyan, Wukong with his training may be able to one day gain more access to his inner qi/ki/chi in order to fire a Kamehame Hadoken much like his other Saiyan counterpart...
  • Was rather disappointed that Sanzang wasn't in the pantheon; although he has gotten over it by now, he still wonders if he could somehow ascend his former master, not to mention his other fellow pilgrims...
    • Actually, he nearly got Sanzang into the Pantheon. But when the proposed title was in fact "Too Dumb to Live", an enraged Wukong, with a wild look in his eye, beat the suggester senseless. "Mock MY master, will you!?" As a result, the suggestion was pulled back.
      • What's more, with some portrayals like his Oriental Legend 2-portrayal taking the cake in some forms of badassery, and a few of his adaptations showing he's not as swayed as one thinks; Sanzang might make his way up there.
  • For some time after being elected to fight amongst the deities in the Battlefield of the Gods, Wukong suddenly went missing and his position was manned by the Howler Monkey God, Hun Batz. Apparently he was embarrassed that his prowess wasn't showing how much of a total badass he is. With a little help from Goku, Wukong was able to re-implement his badassery and returned, and rather than kicking Hun Batz from the position, he fought alongside or against him at times. He remarks that Hun Batz was an odd fellow and had facepalmed at the fact that the participants mistook him as the Wukong.
  • Not terribly fond, to say the least, of the robot that Doctor Wily built in his image, by dint of the fact that Buster Rod G is a bumbling idiot. Another type of robot from a similar universe, however, apparently reminds Wukong himself that he was likely inspired by the Hindu deity Hanuman, though he feels thankful that at least he and Hanuman don't actually share the same name.
  • A good way to make him mad is to remind him of his former position as Protector of the Horse. However, this made things complicated when Sun Wukong met the Equestrian deities. Back during his journey, his former position was recognized by the various mortal horses, who looked upon him with reverence. Similar reactions occurred as many of Equestria's ascended denizens — and soon, other equine deities — felt at ease and in awe of him. The ponies and horses are among the only individuals who can call him Protector of the Horse without making him mad, since they're literally calling him a great protector. Sun's views are not known, though he has spoken highly of Princess Celestia, having compared her to Guanyin.
    • Koku-Oh and Bela seem to be rather calm and happy in his presence by this proxy. However, as evidenced in the world of Orochi, people say with some positive light that his horse-based moveset is quite a solid one. Thus, people will fear the day that Wukong gets himself a possibly very badass horse.
  • Upon the recommendation of Mei-Ling Zhou, Wukong became acquainted with Winston and was impressed by how he made his electric shock gun into a semi-replica of Ruyi Jingu-Bang. "I wish my staff could shoot out lightning, too."
  • Has befriended Blake Belladonna because back in her world, she got along with another monkey man called Sun Wukong, who even had the same personality and weapon as the Monkey King.


Intermediate Gods

Antasma, God of Monstrous Bats (The Bat King)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask and fanged grin
  • Theme Songs: Antasma's Theme, The Final Antasma Battle (for fighting)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Bat Out of Hell, working with other villains, Vampire Vords, Dream Walker, Thinking Up Portals, acting as a pastiche of past Mario & Luigi villains, the ability to create a Dream Within a Dream, Emotion Eater, Big Bad Wannabe
  • Domains: Nightmares, Bats, Villainy, Darkness
  • Followers: The Squeeklies, Viamat, Ratbat
  • Allies: Bowser (or so he thought), Fawful
  • Opposed By: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Batty Koda, Riku
  • Antasma's ascension was literally like a Bat Out of Hell. After his demise, Antasma conjured a dream portal in order to escape from his afterlife, and eventually found his way to the Pantheon through the dream world.
  • Ever since the incident where Bowser betrayed him, Antasma has been seeing red. Bowser is at the very top of his list of enemies because of it, and Antasma vows to get even. Anyone who crosses paths with him is in for a world of hurt. He'd also like to get revenge on Mario and Luigi, but first things first...
  • Antasma's true power is awakened when he is inside dreams. He takes on a larger and far more imposing form, and is capable of putting any Dream Walker that arrives to sleep, warping them to a nightmare realm where he can endlessly torment them until they either die or find a way out. The GUAE has taken an interest.
    • Due to this, Antasma looks forward to the chance to attempt this on Riku.
  • Should Antasma find himself hurt, he can summon his signature snack - Antasmunchies - so that he may eat them for a power boost. He can also sleep upside-down (he's a bat, after all) and allow the Antasmunchies to heal him. Anyone else who eats an Antasmunchie simply falls asleep and suffers nightmares.
  • He can also summon his music speaker and play the Dreambeats to put anyone in the vicinity to sleep, though covering one's ears can help them stay awake.
  • Some people avoid talking to him, as they don't like his constant screeching during his monologues.
  • Being another god of bats, Antasma considers Batty Koda a rival. The latter is actually afraid of Antasma.
  • Antasma was at one time just a normal bat, but by somehow feeding off of the nightmares of a Pi'illo he gained the power to become the nightmare being he is now.

    Mammoth Mogul 
Mammoth Mogul, God of Cruel Elephants (Ixis Mogul)
Click here  for his future self
  • Intermediate God (Greater God or even an Overdeity as Master Mogul, Lesser without his Chaos Emerald)
  • Symbol: The Chaos Emerald embedded in his chest
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (future self is Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Time Abyss, Greater-Scope Villain, Erased Thanks To A Continuity Reboot (And Legal Issues), Brilliant Operators, A Man Of Wealth And Taste, Affably Evil, Malevolent Mammoths, Complete Immortality, Alternate Company Equivalent of Vandal Savage, Playing A Long Game Since It's Easier To Just Outlive Sonic, Atoning in a Bad Future, Villain Respect
  • Domains: Mammoths, Power, Immortality, Chaos Energy, Magic, Villainy
  • High Priest: Jack "Of The Drought"
  • Followers: Rumsshi, Jerry Jumbeaux Jr, Flame Mammoth
  • Allies: Vandal Savage, Wilson Fisk, Lex Luthor, Fat Tony, Zobek, Kamek
  • Headbutting Villains with: Malal
  • Rivals: Voldemort, Quan Chi, Dormammu
  • Enemies: Sonic and friends, but particularly Miles "Tails" Prower, Dr Eggman and Dr Wily (for the Continuity Reboot), Merged Zamasu, Ganesha, The Magical Girl Guardians and The Four Magicians, Asuna Kagurazaka, Lord Tirek, Rick and Morty, Lord English
  • Opposed by: Good-aligned elephants and mammoths like Manfred, Babar, Dumbo
  • Mammoth Mogul was once a simple Ice Age Mobian, until his encounter with a Chaos Emerald. Gaining tremendous power, intellect and immortality with it embedded in his chest, Mogul spent millennia gathering power and wisdom, with ambitions of world domination. He was behind the Order of Ixis, and by extent Robotnik's rise to power. While power hungry and verbose, he distinguishes himself with cultural etiquette and patience afforded to a man over 10 millennia in age.
  • Cannot be killed, however even he could not protect himself against the Continuity Reboot. Though Dr Eggman was a rival, as the crux of the reboot along with Dr Wily he has become the mammoth's enemy. This puts him in a precarious position with Malal. While Mogul dwells in the Retconnian and relates to Malal since it involved legal issues, and Malal does support the erased, Mogul finds the self-destructive nature of the renegade Chaos God to be unfavorable to his own ambitions.
  • Has many similarities to Vandal Savage, to the point of essentially being the Sonic version of him (though he is more Affably Evil than faux). They are immortals from an enigmatic substance with their own ancient orders, and seek world domination. Unsurprisingly, the two get along. He is most intrigued by the Illuminati.
  • For now, Mogul is content to play the long game. After all, he can just wait until Sonic is dead or too old to oppose him. Not that he won't stir up trouble for them, and is busy running a Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club, to which he has found Wilson Fisk and Fat Tony enjoyable business partners. He seems to respect Lex Luthor's tenacity and intelligence.
  • When hopped up on enough Chaos energy through stealing it, he gains a super form as Master Mogul. The first time it took the combined might of Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles and Turbo Tails to stop him. The second time, he proved himself a multiversal threat and required Tails to achieve his chosen one form to stop him. The House of Other Dimensions is keeping their eye on him. He has tried to learn the secrets of Rick Sanchez' portal gun.
  • Zamasu was quick to go on a tirade of mortals abusing their power with Mammoth Mogul and his dabbling into trying to conquer and/or destroy universes. This is less part of his immense hypocrisy, and more the mad Kaioshin venting because his God of Destruction was a pink elephant called Rumsshi, who is a complete jackass. Not that the nicer pachyderms like Mogul, though it is mainly Ganesha who openly opposes Mogul due to him seeking to rival and surpass the god's power.
  • Founder of the Order of Ixis, Mammoth Mogul is a proficient magic user. He has allowed Kamek and Zobek to join his circle and learn from each other. Naturally, he is opposed to those antithetical to magic such as Asuna Kagurazaka and Lord Tirek, but is still a capable fighter without the emerald in his chest. He competes with both the Magical Girl Guardians and the Four Magicians.
  • Voldemort, due to his belief that only he should live forever and he is the greatest wizard, is a rival of Mammoth Mogul and Quan Chi feels similarly to Mogul. Dormammu was amused by this power grab, and competes with Mogul for who is the greatest sorcerer.
  • In Silver's future, he has reformed given that there's little to do After the End. The Future Mogul is a mentor to Silver, and has ended up taking a fondness to Future Trunks. Much like a future Vandal, he is aware of the potential ramifications that it might undo his heel turn, but is willing to risk it so as to better the future. Of course, some believe he's faking it. Many who had evil future selves were intrigued by this. Dark Danny thinks he gave up too easily.
  • The Future Mogul is opposed deeply to Dr Weil, since he has not only not learned his lesson from a century after dealing with his apocalypse, but became even worse. He believes Eobard Thawne to be a dire threat to the timeline. Both present and future Mogul oppose Lord English, the latter for the horrible damage to the timeline, and the former because it's bad for business.

Po Ping, God of Pandas (The Dragon Warrior, Kung Fu Panda, The Big Fat Panda, Little Lotus)
  • Intermediate God ( Greater God if he's given — note, given — enough Chi)
  • Symbol: The Dragon Scroll
  • Theme Song: Kung Fu Fighting (Kung Fu Panda version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Strength Through Obesity, Ditzy Geniuses, Kung-Fu, Ascended Fanboys, Awesomeness, Supreme Chefs, Big Eaters, Has 2 dads, eventually growing in power
  • Domains: Pandas, Martial Arts
  • Herald: Master Shifu (to represent the red pandas while Po represents the giant pandas)
  • Followers: Panda, Lao Jiu
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: The Murray
  • Enemies:
  • Spends a lot of time in the House of Combat, partially to train with other martial arts legends but also so he can gawk in awe at them, to the point that he has decided to carve figurines of all of his favorite legends at the House of Craft.
    • Has a rivalry with The Murray due to how similar they are. They've fought each other in eating competitions and fights between The Murray's wrestling and Po's kung-fu. They've been banned from driving go-karts after they nearly destroyed the House of Travel in one of their races.
  • He's also known to be very good at cooking, and sometimes aids his father (a goose) in making delicious noodles for everyone to enjoy.
  • Occasionally visits the House of Personal Appearance, particularly Litchi's house, to visit his 'little brother' Lao Jiu, offering to teach him as much Kung-Fu as a miniature panda can muster. Lao Jiu is always reluctant to accept, but Po is always happy to meet other pandas in the Pantheon. Sometimes Po also shares noodle-cooking and Kung-Fu skills with Litchi.
    • Is known to immediately cheer up Noel Vermillion whenever she's having a bad day.
  • Recently, the Wisdom Panda has made a challenge to Po to see who really should be the God of Pandas.
  • When he was called for ascension, he had to climb a multitude of stairs to reach the Pantheon. Needless to say, it took him a while to get up there.
  • After looking for a worthy High Priest, Po settled on Chen Stormstout, who also doubles as Po's Trainer in his patented Drunken Boxing. When the oddity of a high priest giving a god combat training seemed a bit backward and that Chen should take up the position, the Brewmaster declined, stating that he's too focused on living life and enjoying his drinks to settle down for the responsibilities of godhood.
    • …Until Po suggested that Chen could be a potentially good candidate for Drunken Master, which prompted Chen to challenge the current holder and win himself a spot in the Pantheon. Po is really happy that his trainer now is able to come here more often.
  • He gave a big bear hug to his friends, the Furious Five, when they ascended into the Pantheon. His stay in the Pantheon wasn't the same without them, so he could finally eat and fight with them.
  • After the events of Kung Fu Panda 3, Po has just taken a huge bump up on the other alliances in terms of threat level. Now, not only can he fight as a master of Kung Fu, and deflect cannonballs, but he's also a master of Chi too. As such, the GUAC, GUAL and GUAE take him far more seriously—especially since he's started teaching Kung fu and Chi to the rest of the GUAG.
    • During that time that he met up with Uncle Chan, the uncle of Jackie Chan, who is amazed at how Po is so good with chi. Po is now learning to be a Chi Wizard and gets to hang out with Jade and Tohru (and of course Jackie Chan) more often.
  • Po and the Furious Five once had an encounter with the infamous being known as Chin during one of his daily attempts to assault China, who tracked them down and challenged them to a battle. After a standoff of a few hours (since Chin's attack could kill any of them or a bystander in a single blow, they could not take any chances) Po finally managed to defeat him by unleashing the Wuxi Finger Hold on him, sending him right into the Spirit Realm. Unfettered, Chin made his way through the realm and somehow managed to find his way back into the physical world.

    Sly Cooper 
Sly Cooper, God of Rascally Raccoons and Gentleman Thieves (Ringtail, The Raccoon, The Gentleman Thief, The Romeo, The Looks, The Ladies 'Man', The Heart Robber, The Money, The Heartbreaker, The Rogue, The Sly Goodbye, The Tail, The Dapper Bandit, The Talent, The Shadow, Burglarus Raccoonus)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Thievius Raccoonus; alternatively, his Calling Card
  • Theme Song: The theme song of the first game or Thieves in Time (the latter is shared with Bentley and Murray)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good leaning toward True Neutral
  • Domain: Thievery, Honor, Companions
  • Portfolio: Domino Mask, wielding canes, an obvious thief, Honor Before Reason, Gentleman Thief, snarking, following the legacy of his ancestors, wearing a shirt but no pants, jumping high, skills coming from his father, appearing/reappearing out of nowhere, not being able to swim (despite being a raccoon), Having his franchise canned in the middle of a major cliffhanger
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Nathan Drake
  • Friendly Enemy: Carmelita Fox
  • Enemies: Evil gods in the House of Commerce, Penelope Mouse (former Cooper Gang member), Clockwerk, Neyla, Dr. M, Le Paradox, Lady Tremaine, Clu
  • Evil Counterpart: Roman Torchwick
  • Having surpassed the skills of his ancestors in the Thievius Racoonus, Sly Cooper, leader of the modern-day Cooper Gang, decided to head up to the Pantheon for more challenges. He only steals from the villainous and rich because "there's no honor, no challenge, and no fun stealing from the poor."
  • Many have noted that he acts similar to Lupin when it comes to thieving, and the two have challenged each other to a thieving contest. The two haven't decided when to hold their thieving spree, but it would be a feat to talk about for years to come.
  • Has gotten a rivalry with Nathan Drake due to their ways of gathering treasure: while Nathan goes to ancient ruins in search of treasure, Sly and his ancestors acquired their treasure by stealing from other thieves.
    • This rivalry has come to a head recently.
  • He also doesn't get along with Robin Hood either. While Robin Hood is about stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor, Sly steals as it's part of his family honor as a thief and seals it away in the Cooper Vault. Still, Sly does respect Robin Hood enough to be taught archery lessons from him.
  • The majority of Sly's treasures has been placed in the Cooper Vault on a secret island hidden far, far away. Only those of Cooper ancestry are capable of entry, and he has ensured that only he, Bentley, and Murray can enter it.
  • Many have questioned why Sly, a raccoon, can't swim. He simply answers that he, Bentley and Murray skipped swimming lessons back at the orphanage.
  • Sly and Bentley were pulled into a mysterious world where they were forced to compete in Galactic Games alongside Jak, Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, which ultimately ends with all six of them working together to defeat their kidnappers, Gleeber and Lunk. The duo were actually Plan B, since the original candidates, Sora and Donald, fell into a year-long slumber before they could be captured.
    • Speaking of which, Sly seems to be interested in Sora's Drive Forms, and would like to learn how to use them himself if possible. Sora has stated that he'd like to teach him this power, but Sly would have to get the blessings of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, first.
  • Has a bad Italian accent, according to Bentley, which all the Italian gods can agree with. Despite this, Sly was still able to fool Le Paradox and Miss Decibel, villains in his own world, when in Ancient Arabia, which was a massive surprise for everyone. Aladdin is wondering how the heck that even works.
  • Sly remains furious at former team member Penelope Mouse for her betrayal of the gang. It was bad enough that Penelope completely hated Sly himself for supposedly holding back Bentley's potential, even though Sly once saved her from a stone dragon. This came to a head when Penelope tried to crush his skull when he was pinned down; this act caused Bentley to finally break up with Penelope and attack her to protect his friends. Naturally, Sly will not hesitate to attack Penelope if she appears to pose a threat to her former allies.
    • For some reason, her villainy and his presence in the Pantheon have created a paradox, but Sly insists that he got away from the blimp in time, and rumors of him being trapped in Ancient Egypt are false. Sure, he woke up at the pyramids…in the present day. Made it back to Paris in a matter of months. The whole thing is too long a story to explain properly in a day.
  • Sly took a gander at the Friendship Asylum and never came back alive. When Bentley and Murray came to check on him, Sly had been corrupted by the Friendship Asylum; deeming his thievery useful, the Asylum 'granted' Sly its blessings, and Sly became a soulless enforcer, snatching up the special parts of a person's soul that are most important to them to get the Asylum more inmates.
    • After Sly attacked Carmelita during their date and later corrupted Riku in his post-operative sleep, Bentley and Murray teamed up with various Disney gods to get Sly back. Within time, Sly was purified, but became comatose due to the theft of his soul. He got better. Somewhat.
  • Sometime after The Morality Civil War, Sly gained the trust of Genie, and is able to summon him in battle. Amusingly, when summoned, Genie will wear an outfit that reflects a Drive Form and will copy Sly's cane for his own use.
  • Found himself a new friend in the recently-ascended Ren Amamiya, both being leaders of gangs of virtuous thieves who have experience being pursued by and then working with an attractive female police detective.
  • "The Thievius Raccoonus doesn't make great thieves. It takes great thieves to make the Thievius Raccoonus!"

Lesser Gods

Bashmaster the Unbreakable, God of Evil Bears
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Snowmad Emblem, and his hammer
  • Theme Music: Punch Bowl
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Wielding a hammer, ice powers, Lost Food Grievance, being able to leap off the screen In a Single Bound
  • Domains: Ice, Bears, Eating
  • High Priest: The Rabid Bear
  • Followers: The Snowmads, Mor'du, the San Diego Zoo bears, Kuma II.
  • Allies: Lord Fredrik, Teddie
  • Rival: King K. Rool
  • Enemies: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong Cranky Kong, Dixie Kong, Winnie the Pooh, Po.
  • The biggest reason Bashmaster is in the Pantheon is because he is one of Fredrik's lieutenants, and was with him at the time of Fredrik's attempted conquering of the Pantheon, even causing his fair share of damage. Like Fredrik, he was defeated by the Main House and the Kong family, but managed to find his own place in the Pantheon.
  • Bashmaster serves as a darker application of Pooh's trope. Bashmaster cares not for any of the bears in the pantheon who aren't as strong as he is, therefore Pooh is on his blacklist. He also finds Po to be quite annoying, despite being quite strong.
  • When not causing chaos for the Snowmads, Bashmaster lounges around his temple, licking one of his many fruit popsicles. Destroying or otherwise making sure Bashmaster can't finish his snack is the one surefire way to get him into a rampage.
  • Hammer-wielding gods in the Pantheon admire how his hammer is designed to cause maximum damage and can even create ice projectiles, but recommend that he make both ends spiny, so that people can no longer jump onto the flat end and then onto his head.
  • Has actually forged a friendship after realizing he was Not So Different from Teddie, due to the latter proving to be a strong bear (or bear-like creature), having an affinity for ice, and also being a fan of popsicles (or "Topsicles").

Excadrill, God of Drill Moles (Subterrene Pokémon, Simole, Kamina)

    Felicia & Jon Talbain 
Felicia & Jon Talbain, The Divine Female Feline & Male Canine Duo (Talbain: Gallon, Barky)

    Mojo Jojo 
Mojo Jojo, The Maniac Monkey God

    Pepe Le Pew 
Pepé Le Pew, God of Skunks (Henry, Stinky)

    Rotor Walrus 
Rotor Walrus, God of Lovable Walruses (Boomer)
Rotor as portrayed in Sonic SatAM
Click here  for his appearance in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sash
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gadgeteer Genius, Warm-Hearted Walrus, Inventing and Fixing Machines, Getting Numerous Updates to His Appearance, Adorkable, The Smart Guy, One of the Nicest Freedom Fighters, Nice Hat (in general), Does Not Like Guns, Stout Strength, Aquatic-Capable Freedom Fighter, Has an Evil Father Following the Continuity Reboot (Archie comics)
  • Domains: Resistance, Kindness, Mechanics, Repair, Anthropomorphic Animals
  • Followers: Wal Rus, Dash, The Problem Walrus, McSweeney
  • Allies: Sonic and his friends, Cosmo the Seedrian, Sandy Cheeks, Lapras, Popplio, John Connor, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Katara, Mei-Ling Zhou, Lewis Anthonio, Bentley Turtle, Phineas and Ferb, Winry Rockbell, Dr Mobius
  • Enemies: Dr Eggman (mainly Julian Robotnik incarnation), Metal Sonic, Black Doom, Mephiles the Dark, Dr Wily, Sigma, Hexxus, Relius Clover, Lord Fredrik, evil scientists, The Cybermen, Dr Gero, Null Sector, The Corpus
  • Afraid of: Plesioth, Zamtrios, Lagiacrus
  • In another world, Dr Robotnik has taken over. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters fight to try and topple him and restore peace to the land. One of the original Freedom Fighters, Rotor Walrus is the mechanic of the group. Though not a particularly skilled fighter, he makes it up with his intelligence and being a kind-hearted walrus.
  • Doesn't exist in the main continuity, though he may be based off the Rocky seal that is one of Sonic's animal friends. With the cancellation of the Archie comics he seemed destined to be stuck in Comic-Book Limbo, however the Sonic team managed to introduce him to the Trope Pantheon. He became good friends with fellow Canon Foreigner Cosmo the Seedrian.
  • Originally his father Sherman died in the original resistance against Robotnik, but the Continuity Reboot made his father Tundra the Walrus, who had sided with Eggman. His father has a social darwinist attitude and is generally an ass. Having to deal with him causes Rotor Walrus to oppose Relius Clover for being an Archnemesis Dad who turns the science he loves into something sick.
  • The reboot has made him more of a fighter, and he's very capable underwater. He just needs the right situation, and has found the House of Water & Moisture a very pleasant environment. He soon got along with Katara, and fellow scientist Mei-Ling Zhou.
  • Knows his way around a monkey wrench, and does love his work of tinkering. Both he and Winry Rockbell have bonded over technology, and like to create things with Phineas and Ferb. He seems to get along with Bentley Turtle as somewhat shy, nerdy and tech-savvy figures.
  • Wondered if Sandy Cheeks was related to Princess Sally Acorn. She's not, but like him she's a lover of science. While he'd rather be in a colder area, he proved effective in Bikini Bottom. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy were able to call on him while he was in the deep, and so was Arthur Curry.
  • The original Robotnik he dealt with was far more unpleasant than his game incarnation, though Dr Eggman in Classic and Modern era is no saint and he opposes him just as much. With Roboticization more of a problem where he comes from, he opposes those who forcibly convert people into cyborgs and androids like the Cybermen or Dr Gero. He considers the Cybermen arguably worse than what Mobian roboticization does to people.
  • Is working with John Connor in order to oppose evil robots and learn how to reprogram robots for good, as part of the fight against Dr Eggman and other evil scientists. Given the environmentalist themes of Sonic and the polluted wastelands Dr Robotnik makes, he's no fan of Hexxus. Or Null Sector for their invasion. He wasn't happy to learn of an alliance of machines vying for supremacy.
  • Because the aristocrat Nef Anyo is not above forcing the Colony of Fortuna into giving up their limbs to alleviate their crippling debt, to say nothing of perpetually keeping them in debt, "repossessing" their robotics and organic parts as well if they fall too deep in debt, as well as many other atrocities he's enemies with him as well as the rest of the Corpus.
  • Doesn't like Lord Frederik, as he gives a bad name to walruses. Was pretty spooked by Plesioth, Zamtrios and Lagiarcas for being vicious predatory sea creatures who would try to eat him and are just as persistant on land. He likes Lapras and Popplio, being friendly sea mammals, and likes Lewis Anthonio due to their inventive and kind spirit.
  • Dr Mobius is impressed with Rotor's skills in tech and promises to help him with his conflicts with other, evil scientists. While he does appreciate his help, Rotor isn't quite as trusting with the rest of Mobius' compatriots even if they're technically reformed. But out of all of them he distrusts Borous the most as he can't help but find the Warm-Hearted Walrus simply fascinating. Plus, he's pretty loud. Borous on his end ensures that he's (mostly) done with experimenting on animals and that he shouldn't mind him, unless if Rotor's secretly a Dirty Communist.

    Toon Patrol 
Toon Patrolmembers , the Wicked Weasels (The Weasels, The Weasel Patrol; Smart Ass: Smarty, Smart Guy, Wiseguy)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A 1937 Dodge Humpback panel truck with the Toon Patrol emblem on it
  • Theme Music: The Weasels (Version A), (Version B)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Quirky Miniboss Squad, The Dreaded, For the Evulz, Obviously Evil, Wicked Weasels, Not So Harmless Villains, Toons that are Helping Someone who Hates Toons get rid of Toons, Laughter as a Weakness (Which does All of them Except Smart Ass in)
  • Domains: Weasels, Villainy, Insanity
  • High Priests: Don Weaso and the Weasel Mafia
  • Allies: Judge Doom, The Psycho Rangers, The Koopalings, Nack, Alex DeLarge
  • Enemies: Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Ripper Roo, Mickey Mouse, various other toons, most of the House of Justice, Conker the Squirrel
  • Opposes: Duck Hunt Dog, Luxanna Crownguard, Kardel Sharpeye, Naga
  • Distrusts (especially for Smart Ass): The Ginyu Force, most of the House of Laughter
  • Despite the fact that they are called the Toon Patrol, they don't seem to have done much in the way of law enforcement. In fact, these weasels appear to be using their position as law enforcers just to cause chaos (they're hired by Judge Doom, himself a crooked judge). However, laughter is a shared weakness between them, as reminded by Smart Ass, their leader.
    • Aside from Smart Ass, the rest of the quintet consists of Greasy (he wears a green outfit and is apparently the number two of the group), Wheezy (a chain smoker), Stupid (as stupid as his name would suggest), and Psycho (the most insane out of an already insane group). They are every bit as wicked and ruthless as Judge Doom is in spite of the group's quirks.
  • Nack was once on another endeavor when he encountered the group by chance. The five have taken an interest in him and have occassionally hired him to go along with the Patrol's schemes. On his end, Nack seems to be OK with having met additional weasels, even if he admits that they're a bit too crazy for him.
  • By virtue of being villain squads, the Weasels have gotten along very well with both the Psycho Rangers and the Koopalings. The three groups have been working together on occasion to improve their effectiveness in confronting the heroes.
    • Strangely enough, this does not extend to the Ginyu Force, since despite being effective in combat even though that group is known for being silly, the Weasels (especially Smart Ass) feel that said silliness may lead to problems for the Toon Patrol, mainly uncontrollable laughter as a result of the Ginyu Force's hamminess and Smart Ass doesn't want that to happen, despite the Force's insistence on flair.
  • Many members of the House of Justice (the ones that aren't corrupt, that is) don't like them for presenting themselves as a "law enforcement" group, only to do that just to instill terror on others. The Weasels' association with a Hanging Judge just worsened the relationship between them and that house.
  • For the most part, the Weasels have a fairly cordial relationship with Alex DeLarge, given their penchant for creating chaos for the hell of it and they often like to share their exploits with each other. That said, the Weasels have a hunch that Alex's craziness may be a bit too much for them since they learned through these same conversations that Alex has done far worse things than what the Patrol has done.
  • They once tried to get Ripper Roo to work alongside them. It didn't work out as the weasels' offer was rejected via them getting blasted out of Roo's location by explosives. The weasels later decided the talk wasn't worth it since Roo's Split Personality schtick (having a smart side and a Laughing Mad side) would have been too much for them to handle anyways.
  • The fact that there was a place dedicated to laughter was something that Smart Ass did not take well. The laughs of those that reside there such as Kardel Sharpeye and Naga are enough to make him cringe easily. Not only that, but there are others that don't reside there whose laughs are just as annoying as those two.
    • The laughter issue seems to be the reason why an alliance between the Patrol and The Joker is unlikely for now (even though the Weasels admitted that they are interested in working with him). The fact that The Joker has a presumably lethal form of laughing gas with him put Smart Ass on edge.
  • Despite the fact that they are trying their best not to laugh that much, there have been moments where the weasels (even Smart Ass) are prone to laughing at something stupid. Many others have assumed that the warnings of Smart Ass to the other weasels not to laugh is only applicable whenever they're on duty.
  • Supposedly, there were two additional weasels (Slimy and Flasher, according to select reports) besides these five (and the aforementioned five probably weren't even called what they were initially). That said, no one has bothered to look for them, out of fear that they might be as insane as the current five.
    • In addition, there may have been a sixth weasel in the group (reportedly called Sleazy), but the current weasels are not interested in talking about it.
  • Even though there were similar looking weasels serving Pete one time or ones that just have a similar appearance in general, these five weasels have no connection at all to those aforementioned ones.
  • Since the weasels were originally killed off before they learned what Judge Doom really is, they don't have any knowledge of that truth. There is uncertainty about how they will react to the truth about Doom, but the Patrol is very much content with causing chaos and misery regardless of if the aforementioned truth comes to them or not.

    Winston (Overwatch
Winston, God of Space Primates (Monkey, Harambe, Specimen 28)
  • Lesser God (borderline Intermediate if he is enraged)
  • Symbol: His Glasses, which belonged to his caretaker; alternatively, a jar of Peanut Butter
  • Theme Song: "The World Could Always Use More Heroes" (shared with Tracer)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful leanings
  • Portfolio: Born and raised on the moon as part of a special program, Adorkable, Badass Baritone, Barrier Warrior, The Big Guy, Deflector Shields, Deployable Cover, Handy Feet, Jump Jet Pack, Lightning Bruiser, Power Armor, Looking to recall all Overwatch agents even if it is illegal, Primal Rage
  • Domains: Gorillas, Scientist, Electricity, Rage
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Reaper, Doomfist, Widowmaker, Sombra, Mojo Jojo, Koba
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Soldier: 76
  • Winston is a brilliant scientist who happens to be a talking Gorilla. He grew up in a base on the moon and, given his rapid brain development, he was taken under the wing of Dr. Harold Winston, the man he considers a father. However, his peers were unhappy about Winston's special treatment and revolted, killing everyone in the facility, including Dr. Winston. This made a big impact on Winston, who took the deceased doctor's name and returned to Earth, where he became one of the most important members of Overwatch.
  • Winston is unfazed whenever someone expresses amazement at him because he reminds a lot of deities of a certain famous gorilla. He actually got to meet the real Donkey Kong and actually found him to be a pretty nice fellow.
  • He can often be seen in the House of Food eating Peanut Butter. Apparently, he has a crippling addiction to it and he often gets excited by the smallest mention of it.
    Winston: Did someone say "peanut butter"?
    • On the other hand, unlike most other primates, he doesn't like bananas, so it's not advisable to offer him one. He gets that often, but not enough to make him fly to a primal rage.
    Winston: For the last time, no more bananas!
    • He does realize that it should be unnatural, and made sure that at least he'll fix that addiction for 2017.
    Winston: My New Year resolution? Less peanut butters, more bananas.
  • Between their voices and their tendency to display incredible strength when they're angry, Winston has developed a strong friendship with Shizuo Heiwajima.
  • Has bonded with Caesar over the fact that they are both Uplifted Animals, although at first Winston was hesitant to meet him, given his past with his fellow gorillas who revolted back on the moon. On the other hand, he doesn't like Mojo Jojo because he reminds him of those same gorillas that killed his caretaker.
  • Winston has found that he is technically not the only ape from space; there is the Saiyan race that has the ability to turn into giant, destructive apes. While initially he was scared of meeting such people, he did end up befriending Vegeta and especially Goku.
  • Mei often likes to compare Winston to Sun Wukong, which got awkward once both got to meet the Monkey King himself. Winston was fanboying the moment he met him since he was reminded about the times his caretaker would read him the story of Journey to the West, and Wukong was certainly happy that Winston decided to pay homage to him when the Lunar New Year arrived.
  • Many deities from the DC universe initially confused Winston with Gorilla Grodd, but thankfully everything was cleared up before anyone was hurt. Superman especially values how idealistic and heroic Winston is.
  • Winston has no family ever since he abandoned the moon. Overwatch used to be like his surrogate family until it was shut down, making him feel alone for a couple years until he decided to recall all agents. Even then, Tracer and her girlfriend Emily do spend Christmas with Winston so he doesn't feel lonely.
  • It's heavily advised not to break his glasses since those are an important memento to him. If you do, you might trigger his Primal Rage; just ask Reaper.
  • Became very good friends with Tarzan when the two learned that they have very similar background; the two were raised by a different species who cared for them deeply, gorillas for Tarzan and humans for Winston, they have a desire to help and protect others, and they feel strongly of the importance of family regardless if they are related by blood.
  • "Imagination is the essence of discovery"


    Penry & Spot 
Penrod Pooch & Spot, Divine Leading Canine and Supporting Feline Duo (Penrod: Penry, Hong Kong Phooey, Number One Superguy)
Spot and Hong Kong Phooey in the Phooeymobile
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Phooeymobile
  • Theme Music: Hong Kong Phooey
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good bordering on stupid (Penry); Neutral Good (Spot)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Duos, Heroism
  • Allies: Mr. Satan, Inspector Gadget, Black Lightning
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Darkwing Duck, The Janitor, Screwy Squirrel
  • Hated by: Stain
  • He is a beloved superhero with a skillset that can help him clear out crime quickly. He strikes terror into the hearts of criminals that catch his eye. All of not true when describing Hong Kong Phooey and him being respected is more the result of people both good and bad taking his feats of heroism too seriously. He just so happens to be a mild-mannered and dimwitted janitor who turns into his superhero disguise via a faulty file cabinet and relies on a transforming vehicle stored in a trash dump and a book for doing weird kung-fu poses. This dog also has a beleaguered cat companion named Spot, who is often dragged into HKP's shenanigans and despite doing a lot of the work for him, it's Hong Kong Phooey who ends up getting the credit at the end of the day. Even if Spot isn't involved, some sort of fluke caused by HKP will cause the crook to get captured somehow.
  • A dog janitor named Penry paid a visit to the Pantheonic Law Enforcement building with the intention of helping clean up minor messes that occur there. Spot, a cat, was also there and a mishap or two later, some troublemaker was on the loose, causing the law enforcers to move out and take action. In the meantime, Penry decided to run to a vending machine, which led to a filing cabinet and thus, became Hong Kong Phooey and made an attempt to stop the crook. The crook simply decided to stop HKP from going further and after some comedic shenanigans (and Spot helping HKP), the crook ended up captured. Some of the officers then arrived and once they found the crook caught and tied up, believed that HKP did the work even though it was obvious the officers weren't there to witness what actually happened. Hong Kong Phooey accepted the offer to take care of additional Pantheon problems and allowed Spot to be with him, even if the cat felt that more trouble is bound to happen for the both of them.
  • Not long after getting himself used to the Pantheon, Penry was told that while he has used to learning about basic crimes such as theft, the Pantheon would have to deal with going-ons much more severe than that and that he and Spot would have to be careful. Penry listened to the warning, but Spot shaking his head at Penry's affirmation to the warning would be a sign that things are definitely not going to smoothly for them to put it lightly.
  • During his janitor duties, Penry is often the victim of a number of pranks by Glenn Matthews, who just so happens to be another janitor. While Glenn doesn't really pay much attention to Spot, the cat can't help but grumble at all the times that Penry has fallen for Glenn's tricks, especially since it's the cat, the dog, and the human janitor that's present in the building at the time whenever Glenn decides to mess around with Penry.
    • Screwy Squirrel, who sometimes shows up with Glenn and sometimes is by himself, has also proven to be a nuisance for Penry and Spot. Screwy's craziness combined with Penry's brainlessness leads to debacles that truly annoy Spot. Worse yet is that Screwy sometimes unleashes his chaos onto Penry and Spot when others aren't around and when someone's about to enter, Screwy bolts out of the building, leading others to think Penry is responsible for whatever mess has occurred.
  • Hong Kong Phooey taking the credit for stopping criminals despite not actually doing much actually irritated a few deities. Darkwing Duck in particular is very upset about it and has complained that he tries harder than that dog in stopping crooks even if the odds are against him. It doesn't help that most of the "credit" occurs once law enforcement arrives to the defeated criminal and Hong Kong Phooey once the "battle" has wrapped up.
    • Stain in particular has nothing but pure hatred over the "adventures" that both Hong Kong Phooey and Spot get in. According to Stain, a real hero is someone who saves others selflessly and with real conviction. After somehow witnessing one of HKP's acts of "heroism" from a distance, he saw the dog as nothing more than a complete fraud of a hero only in it just for fame. Stain even saw Spot that time and also didn't see him as a real hero, but rather someone that just goes along with whatever HKP is doing instead of actually doing anything serious.
  • One of HKP's weirder adventures involved setting up a detective agency in the 1970s and teaming up with Black Lightning to stop some criminals. What makes it weird is not just the fact that Hong Kong Phooey had a far more competent demeanor than normal, but the fact that he helped out a real superhero such as Black Lightning in the past.
  • Inspector Gadget and Hong Kong Phooey managed to strike up a strong friendship with each other thanks to their efforts to thwarting crime. Spot in particular noticed how Gadget's sidekicks had to do a lot of the work for Gadget the same way Spot had to help out HKP. What Spot was frustrated at is while Gadget has had moments of being legitimately serious, the cat had never witnessed anything similar for HKP. Both HKP and Gadget are also admired for their "heroism" even though their normal behavior is on the idiotic side.
  • Looking to brush up on his martial arts "skills", HKP decided to visit a martial arts dojo with his trusty book at hand despite Spot believing it wasn't a good idea. At first he was just making strange noises, doing bizarre poses, and just flinging himself headfirst at random objects. After finding himself near Po's sights, the panda offered to help HKP improve his martial arts skills after being told that HKP stops evildoers with various martial arts moves. A bit of training and hijinx ensued, with HKP's skills not really going up that much afterwards.
  • Mr. Satan is someone whom HKP looks up to a lot as the former has a lot going for him, specifically the image of being a great hero in the midst of all kinds of mayhem. In turn, Mr. Satan was surprised that Hong Kong Phooey was able to keep up a strong reputation for being a hero despite what happens. Spot himself felt like Mr. Satan was, at times, almost like HKP in terms of being admired and popular despite various circumstances going on.
  • Spot doesn't have much in the way of time to go around the Pantheon due to him mostly trying to make sure HKP doesn't get in too much trouble. On the uncommon chance that HKP goes out fighting crime without Spot around, the cat will take a bit of time to go around and meet some other sidekicks who are generally considered to be far better than the hero that they're helping such as Spike. These particular meetings tend to be brief as a result of Spot's limited communication.
  • It's hard to say what's exactly in Hong Kong Phooey's "Hong Kong Book of Kung-Fu" given his really air-headed personality. It could be possible the book is entirely blank and HKP is just making stuff up on a whim. Then again, it can be argued that despite it always being used whenever HKP is about to "fight", the book is more of a good-luck charm rather than a serious advice book on how to stop evildoers.
  • While HKP has a lot of confidence in himself when it comes to taking down crime, some have been wondering whether or not he has fantasies about his crime-fighting exploits that present him to be far more competent than what he appears to be by default. Although no one is sure if Spot appears in those fantasies (provided that they're even a thing to begin with), the cat's expression whenever the topic is brought up indicates that they're not really something to bring up to him.


    Paddington Bear 
Paddington, God of Funny Bears (Paddington Bear)
  • Theme Song: His theme song
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His trademark red hat and blue duffel coat, or a marmalade sandwich
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal with a Nice Hat and Line-of-Sight Name, Originally from Peru, now a Bear out in London, Loves Marmalade, overall Nice Guy... until he gives you the hard stare.
  • Domains: Good, Beasts, Friendship, Innocence, Adoption
  • Allies: Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O, Winnie the Pooh, The Care Bears, Linkara, Baloo
  • Enemies: Hircine
  • Fears: Norma Desmond, Naughty Bear, Alfred Drevis, Hircine
  • Odd Friendship: The House of Crime
  • One day in the House of Travel, Ryotaro Nogami found this little bear waiting at the Lost and Found station of the Den-Liner with a sign that read "Please look after this bear. Thank you." The bear was introduced as Paddington, after the station he was found in, and soon found himself trying to find his place in the Pantheon. With hilarious and unexpected results. After a series of adventures that not even the Cutie Mark Crusaders could help discover what his true title of godhood would be, the Court decided that, due to him unexpectedly causing hilarity wherever he went, he could be the Beary Funny God in the House of Beasts. Paddington agreed and he soon made his temple.
    • Naturally, being a friendly bear, he gets along splendidly with Winnie the Pooh. The two have picnics of honey and marmalade sandwiches, and Paddington also has made friends with the other 100 Acre Wood residents who have ascended. While they all agree that Paddington is fun to be around, Rabbit's opinion is...mixed. While he's happy that Paddington doesn't devour honey like Pooh does, whenever Paddington tries to accomplish a task, it ends up backfiring in an unexpected way.
    • Tried to learn Animal Talk from fellow bear Baloo, but it only came out as perfect British English. He still manages to stay friends with him.
    • Naughty Bear scares him a bit, even if his Bloodless Carnage is less dangerous than it seems.
  • Likes marmalade sandwiches and sometimes goes to the House of Food to whip up a batch of this sweet stuff. His recent popularity helped bring his name out, enticing more people to try out the food.
  • Many gods are bewildered to learn that Paddington was original from Peru (even though he looks more like a grizzly bear and looks nothing like the more local Spectacled Bear). Some conspiracy theorists believed that he is actually from North America, even though Paddington has denied the accusations. More likely it's due to writers not knowing his species.
  • Has never been seen without his Nice Hat, whether it was red or black. While comics are not in his reviewing department, Linkara knows someone who rocks a good hat when he sees one.
  • Paddington did not like the way Alfred Dervis was staring at him. When asked why, he replied he was contemplating whether the bear would make a good fit in his collection. When pressed, Alfred clarified that he meant his stuffed animal collection. Paddington immediately had flashbacks of a taxidermist that sought after his skin in adventures. It was at that point that Paddington decided not to ask any further questions and avoid the creepy guy.
  • Dervis wasn't the only hunter after him. Paddington had been the subject of a number of attacks by hunters. It was only by his sheer tendency of causing accidents that saved him from capture. The culprit revealed himself to be Hircine, who believed that the hunt was a way to prove his worthiness. The fact that Paddington managed to survive without even noticing he was under attack intrigued the hunter. This did not mean he would stop his pursuit of Paddington, as his followers continue to go after the bear.
  • Is a Nice Guy overall... that is until you become a real jerk to other people. In that case he whips out the "hard glare", a Death Glare that can put even the hardest of minds at ease.
  • After his first usage of the stare, the Care Bears went to his temple for a visit. They wanted to see if there were any magical properties with Paddington's glare. After some testing, they concluded there were no powers behind it; it's true power comes from his nice personality and the guilt people feel when one of the nicest beings in the Pantheon is disappointed in you. Grumpy Bear was the recipient and even he felt a bit of guilt for upsetting him. Paddington is especially fond of Tenderheart Bear and Share Bear.
  • One would not think that such a creature would have a rap sheet, but that was exactly the situation he was put in one of his adventures. Surprisingly, he was able to win over the prisoners there with a few of them even helping him escape.
    • The person responsible for framing him was an actor in his twilight years. Despite this, he tried to make amends with the current goddess by offering Norma Desmond marmalade. Accepting the sandwiches, the actress offered him a few days stay... which turned into a desperate attempt to escape her house. Afterwards, he decided it would be best to avoid the place.

    Winnie the Pooh 
Winnie-the-Pooh, God of Friendly Bears (Pooh, Pooh Bear, Winnie-ther-Pooh, Edward Bear, Silly Old Bear)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Hunny Pot (yes, that's the correct spelling)
  • Leitmotif: "Winnie the Pooh" or "New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: those who eat a lot (especially if it's honey), simple-minded and sweet characters who have strokes of genius every now and then, "Oh bother".
  • Domains: Bears, Kindness, Innocence, Friendship, Childhood
  • Followers: Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: None. He's just too sweet to have any.
  • Scared of: Freddy Fazbear, SCP-1048
  • Somehow traveled all the way to the Pantheon in search of "Hunny". He was so sweet and innocent, the Gods decided he was a perfect fit for the Beary Friendly seat, and convinced him to accept a second home in the House of Beasts.
  • Sora is very protective of him, seeing as the last time the Heartless attacked, it caused Pooh to lose all his memories. Even before that, the Heartless took all of his friends and it seemed like Pooh himself was going to disappear along with them. The simple idea of others having to say goodbye to Pooh mortified many good-aligned deities and put Master Xehanort high on their shit-list.
  • Waits for the day that Christopher Robin can ascend.
    • Eventually, that day finally came. Yes, their reunion did indeed make other deities who saw it cry. They are now working on bringing the other characters of Pooh's world. The ascension was heralded by a party by the Avatars of Friendship, and Gentaro Kisaragi bursted out sobbing upon seeing Christopher Robin and Pooh together. It has also been promised that no one in the House of Friendship is allowed to talk about the "Asylum Incident" around Christopher Robin or any of Pooh's friends, considering what happened to poor Pooh.
  • If he exercises/eats too much, his stitches will burst at the seams. He's usually seen in the House of Craft, where at least one of the sewing gods can be found cooing over him and sewing him up right as rain.
  • Rena Ryuguu immediately went into "Take it Home!" mode when she crossed paths with Pooh. Pooh, being the innocent bear with very little brain he was, went along with it.
  • Is usually seen either in the House of Food eating honey or with Fritz von Meyer...also eating Honey. Fritz von Meyer would usually be against such a thing, but Pooh is so sweet and kind that he begrudgingly lets Pooh have his share of honey every now and then.
  • Like Taokaka, Pooh is immune to the effects of the Trollkaiger. He's so sweet and simple-minded that any attempts to troll him are useless. He tries to befriend them and give them Hunny, and every time they knock a Hunny pot out of his hands, all he does is say "Oh bother" before heading off to get another one.
  • Chiyo and Yotsuba hang out with Pooh a lot. The sight is so sugary sweet, it causes even some of the most hardened gods to melt into piles of goo at the cuteness. Other gods love to give him hugs that he will happily take without any fuss.
  • He also hangs around a lot with Minsc, because he's a ranger that is "charming" to bears and Pooh likes his tales of BUTT-KICKING FOR GOODNESS. They also kind of sound similar, and Boo likes to play with Winnie too.
  • Is one of the only Gods that can actually tolerate both Excalibur and Alice. Being a "bear of very little brain" makes Excalibur's narcissism and Alice's Die For Me! moot point as he will simply agree to them without hesitation. Johann can't even Mind Rape him because of that.
  • He seems to be very skilled at baseball for some reason. Rumors say that Babe Ruth gave him lessons.
  • If, for whatever reason, a criminal has honey with their stash, Sly Cooper is more than willing to steal it as a gift for Pooh Bear. Considering that Pooh himself steals honey from bees, no one, not even the other residents of the 100 Acre Wood, is calling Sly out on this.
  • Learned that Eeyore also had a House and found him. Pooh is one of the only Gods that can brighten Eeyore's day, and the two get along over honey and thistles.
    • After Rabbit had ascended, Pooh Bear has begun to visit him frequently, which Rabbit both appreciates and dreads, because even though he considers Pooh a Very Good Friend Indeed, the bear of very little brain seems to have a bad habit of cleaning out Rabbit's Hunny…
      • He was even more excited to find Tigger, Owl and Piglet arriving too. The group now go and have picnics every now and then, or go to the House of Nature to play "Pooh-Sticks".
  • While he's always a welcome visitor to the House of Friendship, he was BANNED from entering the House when the Friendship Asylum stood. Pooh didn't understand just why the house was so dark and gloomy but understood that it would come to pass that the House would return to normal. Now that it has, Pooh has resumed visiting Sora and the other members of that House.
    • Out of all the gods that were traumatized by the incident, Pooh probably had it the worst. Jak-as-Sora didn't recognize Pooh at all, and Pooh ended up causing many gods to cry as Pooh talked how he had lost Sora forever. Fortunately, things went back to normal and Sora and Pooh hang out more.
  • All of the good deities try to keep him away from the House of Technology for fear of him encountering Freddy Fazbear and his gang, or worse, Golden Freddy/Fredbear.
  • Despite his hostile nature towards others, Naughty Bear greatly enjoys Pooh's company, and is sometimes even seen sitting down with him for a picnic. Obviously, trying to hurt Pooh in front of Naughty is never a good idea.
    • He gets lots of hugs from various gods like Bear Hugger and Bayley being the most well-known.
  • Some people wonder just why is Pooh named as such. The answer can be found here.
  • On a rather blustery day, he can be seen flying the winds by holding onto a balloon. During one of those days, he accidentally hitched a ride on Drifblim while he began to go collect some hunny for himself. Drifblim finds Pooh a "silly old bear" but very endearing too.
    • This act made Pooh become friends with Drifblim's partner Carl Fredricksen. Carl learned the hard way about what happens if you made Pooh cry after he told his story about his and Ellie's life. Let's just say that everyone who heard the story broke down in a sobbing mess.
  • Has a day for himself on January 18th, in honor of his author's birthday. Celebrations include teddy bears, picnics and, of course, hunny.
  • Has an honorary seat in the House Philosophy as a representative of Daoism. Many gods looked in confusion and wonder as to how a silly old bear like Pooh represented Daoism, but after some analysis, gods did agree that Pooh represented the simplicity outlook and agreed.
  • Recently, Pooh's former High Priest Baloo ascended to godhood along with Bagheera the panther. The two bears still remain good friends, and will often enjoy a pot of hunny in each other's company.
  • "It is rather funny, what I will do for hunny."


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