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Traveling by land is practically a given as far as ordinary events are concerned, but it's possible to do land travel a bit creatively. However, the land leads to the sea and with that comes ways to travel through such. It'll be difficult to use land vehicles to sea and vice versa.


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Intermediate Gods

Anub'arak, God of Tunneling (Crypt Lord, The Traitor King, A-Noob'arak)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Impale and its beetles
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Creepy-Crawlies, Impale with spikes and lot of spikes, summons Scarabs, The Brute, summons a Locust Swarm, Nerubian (though resembling a beetle), An Ice Person, web trapping
  • Domains: Tunnels, Undead, Insect, Ice
  • Allies: Arachne, Hatsune Hirasaka, Kerrigan
  • Rival: Baragon
  • Enemies: Illidan, Kael'thas, Jaina, Thrall, Sylvanas, GUILD MEMBERS! (including Night Raid, Natsu Dragneel, Grey Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, Gildarts Clive, Wendy Marvell, Gajeel Redfox, Juvia Lockser, Sting Eucliffe), Timon & Pumbaa, Fortress Dwarves, Faceless Void, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Crixalis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Arthas, Esdeath
  • High Priest: Nyx Assassin
  • Odd Friendship: Noob Saibot
  • Opposed by: The good deities of Water and Ice
  • Love Triangle with: Zagara and Broodmother
  • Once was the king of Azjol-Nerub, now serves the Lich King and the Scourge after his death in the War of the Spiders as a Crypt Lord. Though Anub'arak doesn't serve the Scourge willingly, he is forced to fight alongside Arthas the Lich King and Kel'thuzad. However, he is bidding his time trying to break control from the Scourge.
  • Much of his temple is subterranean, much like his kingdom Azjol-Nerub. However, he gets very annoyed when the Dwarves keep digging through his temple. No matter how many times he gets it repaired and Dwarves he kills, they keep coming.
    • He is also annoyed that he is in the House of Earth and Metal, a lot hotter and drier than his home. Though he's discovered that the House is close to the House of Water and Ice, so he dug a little close to the House, in which many of the denizens had to keep him from getting closer and preventing him from going on a rampage against those that enter his lair.
  • It was thought that he was seen in the Field of the Ancients made years ago. Though it is no longer true, a hero that strongly resembles him now fight in the Fields, known as the Nyx Assassin. He has since been tunneling to the Nexus while leaving his high priest to burrow his way to victory.
    • Though he was only a follower, he was eventually promoted to High Priest upon gaining the ability to burrow and weaponize it with the Aghanim Scepter's power.
    • It is strange that his master Kel'thuzad would send his minion to fight in the Nexus first, though it is likely that he is waiting for the time to bring victory for the Scourge.
  • Don't mention raids in front of him, he loses his shit.
  • Hates guilds to the passion, reminding him of the Paragon guild. He certainly hates guilds such as the Night Raids, Fairy Tail, and Sabertooth Guild.
  • Occasionally seen in chat rooms, where he is annoying many of the chatters including Arthas and Kel'thuzad.
    "spider pride! >8<"
  • One of the things that horrifies him are the Old Gods and their servants. There are old gods and the creatures that resemble the Faceless Ones in the Pantheon, much to his horror.
  • Currently working to recruit spider-like deities so that he could feel like he is with his own people. Though, some look at him weirdly as he looks more like a beetle than a spider.
  • He regularly meets with Sarah Kerrigan, though it likely because he like to see if Zagara is in at the moment. Kerrigan will sometimes, begrudgingly, allow him in but always remind him that Zagara is not present, much to his disappointment.
    • Zagara has a two-faced relationship with him. Sometimes, she find him to be a creep. But other times, she once went on a date with him in Valentine's Day. And let's not mention his previous relationship with Broodmother, maybe. He does not want to bring that up as it went very violent when the two met.
  • For some reason, he is friends with Noob Saibot. Maybe it's the name. Maybe they are plotting to overthrow their masters. Who knows.
  • Though he's shown to cooperate with Esdeath due to both being enemies (or in Anub'arak's case, forced to fight for him) of Arthas, Esdeath doesn't seem to reciprocate the teamwork as he hates Tatsumi, member of the Night Raid and her lover.
  • For some other reasons, he seems to receive a privilege to get summoned and assist Valeera Sanguinar, but he never seems to get any, if there is, call at all.
  • "The strand of destiny weave only a web of death."

Beelzemon, God of Stereotypical Bikers (Beelzebumon, Duelist of Finality)
Beelzemon Blast Mode 
  • Intermediate God(lesser avatars). Greater God (stronger avatars). Borderline Overdeity (Beelzemon Blast Mode). Overdeity (true multiversal form and Beelzemon X).
  • Symbol: Crest of Gluttony
  • Theme Music: Black Intruder
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (almost needs to be True Neutral in Blast Mode)
  • Gender: Male
  • Portfolio: Stereotypical Biker Appearance, Badass Biker, Cool Mask, Berenjena, Glutton for Power, Fights Alone, The Least Malicious of The Seven Great Demon Lords
  • Domains: Bikers, Demons, Shotguns, Gluttony
  • Allies: Lucifer, Renamon, Gallantmon
  • Rivals: The Reaper, Ryu, Bass.EXE. Solo, Lady Lady
  • Beelzemon is one of Seven Great Demon Lords, representing the sin of Gluttony. Though even if he could have a position to command countless demons, he instead seeks solitude in battle. Carrying dual shotguns and riding on a gigantic bike called Behemoth, he pursues strong opponents whom he fights without mercy.
  • Even though he represents sin of Gluttony, he isn't really gluttonous in eating kind of sense. He simply seeks more and more power. Though one way he could get more powerful is to load the data of other Digimon, what could be borderline cannibalism. He was also once summoned due of a gluttonous kid.
    • Speaking of which, he doesn't really like most people associated with the sin of gluttony, such as Gluttony.
  • As mentioned before, Beelzemon has a motorcycle called Behemoth. What is unique about the bike that it has the mind of its own and will possess anyone who would try to ride on it. Only someone like Beelzemon is powerful enough to have full control over the bike.
    • There are some who joke that Behemoth has a rivalry with Celty's bike.
  • When he ascended, one of first deities to greet him was Lucifer himself, and offered a seat in the GUAC. As Beelzemon is reminded of Lucemon, he decided to take his offer. However, he decided to take part on Chaos Brigade group as he is only interested on fighting, not leading.
  • Even though he is normally cruel and merciless, there are few good qualities about him. First, he will not attack anyone weaker than him. Though it might be due of sense of pride than anything else. Second, he knows that in order for him to achieve Blast Mode, he must acquire a peaceful mind, which he is willing to achieve if the situation requires. Third, Beelzemons tend to turn to the side of good compared to their Demon Lord brethren if they are impressed by someone.
  • There are some rumours that he might be trying to manipulate Lili to make her evolve Numemon into Lilithmon in order to bring her into the Pantheon.
  • There exists a female version of Beelzemon called BelleStarmon. She is in comparison much friendlier, especially to other gunslingers.
  • On his travels around the Pantheon, he heard of rumours about another dual-shotgun trotting God called Reaper. He wasn't really that impressed by him, saying that he wouldn't really be worth his time. But then he heard about The Reaper, he took interest on the Shadow, saying that it could be a worthy rival to have in the real world. On the digital world, his main rival is Bass.EXE as both of them want to see who is the strongest digital creature in the Pantheon. He also met Solo through the rivalry with Bass.EXE, who is impressed how Beelzemon wants solitude even though he could easily rule over others.
  • Has a distant rivalry with Ryu. Maybe it is due of both desires to get stronger and Beelzemon wants to get to the top before Ryu. Maybe there is something not so visible right off the bat.
  • While not a serious rivalry, he does seem to challenge Ghost Rider to races to see who's the real devil on two wheels.
  • Got into a heated battle with Lady Lady after Rain cut him off in traffic, which Beelzemon took as a challenge. What started as a race escalated into bike-fu, and culminated in a Beam-O-War between Rain's Arm form and Beelzemon's Corona Destroyer. Beelzemon won. Despite how furious the battle had been, the two sides parted on amicable terms.


Lesser Gods

    Babylon Rogues 
Babylon Roguesmembers , Triumvirate of Hover Board Users (Jet: The Legendary Wind Master/Rider)
Top to Bottom: Wave, Storm, Jet
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Babylon Emblem
  • Theme Music: Catch Me If You Can (Zero Gravity Mix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Two Guys and a Girl, Rivals for Team Sonic, Freudian Trio, Bird People
  • Domains: Arrogance, Birds, Competition
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Silver the Hedgehog, treasure hunters, Cassim (friendly)
    • Wave only: various other mechanics
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic
  • Wary of: Enigma
  • Odd Relations: Aladdin's Carpet (especially for Jet)
  • A gang of birds known for their treasure-seeking and Extreme Gear-racing, the Babylon Rogues have crossed paths with Sonic and his friends a few times and have challenged them to races, though there has been some sort of larger conflict behind the scenes of these races. These birds were descended from a highly advanced, yet ancient alien civilization that was also skilled traveling with Extreme Gear. Leader Jet the Hawk, mechanic Wave the Swallow, and muscle Storm the Albatross form the current iteration of the Rogues, with the former two's fathers having been members in the past. The three are also rather full of themselves when it comes to showing off their skills.
  • Besides the numerous hoverboards in their Extreme Gear collection, they also have a number of skates and bikes that just so happen to be classified as Extreme Gear as well, plus some really strange Gear (including one that's based on Opa-Opa), as well as Gear that's specifically meant for their main rivals. While they do race with these items on an irregular basis (they don't race on their rivals' specialized boards obviously), they prefer to race on hoverboards, preferably their own custom Extreme Gear.
  • Despite their condescending attitude, they're not what one would call malicious in the long run. Storm cares quite a bit about the others members of the group and Wave does (begrudgingly) admit every now and then that someone (Tails for instance) is as skilled of an inventor as she is. As for Jet, he prefers not to cheat so as to truly prove that he is an excellent Extreme Gear racer. Those hoping to see the Rogues' better side firsthand will have to impress them greatly in a number of races.
  • Many treasure hunters aren't fond of them due to the group's arrogance and the trio doesn't see these hunters as worth their trouble in turn. It's not a very serious rivalry in general, but given that many a treasure is to be obtained through a deadly course, a different kind of race is bound happen between the Rogues and their treasure-seeking rivals when they meet against their wishes.
  • Upon hearing about a magic carpet that was alive, the group had a hard time believing that such a thing could exist (especially since the "Magic Carpet" that they learned about back then was a prototype for Extreme Gear), but Jet believed that this living carpet could be interesting and decided to check it out, with Wave and Storm following him in slight disbelief. By the time the group got to the carpet, they found Aladdin with it as well. Jet wanted to know if there's more to the carpet than just being a living object and tried to challenge it to a race. The carpet obliged, though Aladdin had to step off the carpet before the race got underway since Jet wanted it to be himself vs a carpet without any passengers. The race ended up being more of a challenge than Jet expected.
    • After the race ended, Aladdin asked about if there were others who wanted to take the carpet for themselves seeing as the Rogues were a group of thieves. Jet recalled that Eggman got upset at the prototype Extreme Gear for it appearing to be useless. Aladdin's Carpet often had to deal with Eggman's attempts to steal it out of spite and the Rogues also mentioned that they don't like Eggman quite a bit as well. The group found the carpet to be quite distinct from the Extreme Gear prototype in a number of ways and Jet has offered to stop Eggman's attempts from stealing it (if only because of the group's animosity towards the doctor), though Aladdin made sure that the Rogues don't try to steal it on their own. Jet ended the meeting by saying as the group left that he won't hold back his speed against another potential race with that carpet.
      • By pure chance, the Rogues had an encounter with Cassim, Aladdin's father, not long after the initial meeting with Aladdin and the Carpet. Jet was reminded of his own father (even if not much is known about him as far as he or anyone else is concerned), a former member of the Rogues, after learning about who Cassim was. While Cassim is every bit of a rival to them like the other treasure hunters, said rivalry between him and the Rogues is more amicable in comparison.
  • Even though they don't have the same level of animosity towards Metal Sonic compared to that of Eggman, the Rogues are still kind of annoyed about how Metal Sonic used the data Eggman gathered during a contest to try and be a skilled racer. The Rogues aren't exactly aware of Metal Sonic's full (and darker) goals though.
  • One of the groups' treasure hunting exploits led them to a device known as the Ark of the Cosmos, a set of five rings that let anyone manipulate gravity. However, a robot got ahold of them and due to close proximity to the core of Baylon Garden, powered up to become a black hole/core unit that posed a threat to Earth in general. If anyone wants to engage in hoverboard racing with gravity manipulation involved, Wave did design some gravity rings that can used in races and only races since they don't want another scenario similar to the robot's.
    • It came as a surprise for the Rogues when they found out that not only was there someone who could control gravity, but is described as the personification of gravitational forces. While Enigma isn't antagonistic by default, Jet and the others are under the belief that something may happen to Enigma that could result in another deadly scenario akin to Master Core: ABIS.
  • Jet is very boastful about his skills at Extreme Gear racing to the point of mocking others that are below his level. As pronounced as his ego is, there's others whose braggart tendencies surpass his, especially when it comes to the scope of what they're great at. Some of those egotistical people (including a few who were pointlessly cruel on top of being selfish) even retorted that being the best at hoverboard racing doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, something that angered Jet greatly.
  • Wave, being a skilled inventor, heard about various others in her field through Tails following an Extreme Gear race with him and decided to look at what the competition has come up with. While she ended up finding some fairly good inventors with only a few duds in her book (simply because she wouldn't really admit that some of the competent inventors really are that good), she largely perceived them as rivals for who is the best mechanic in the Pantheon overall. In particular, she was surprised upon seeing what the SWAT Kats could do with random junk and challenged them to make a speedy hoverboard out of such materials if the duo could make a fighter jet out of junk. The Kats did make have a couple of hoverboards sometime after the initial meeting, but some kinks are still being worked out.
  • Storm cares about Jet to the point where he's willing to follow the latter's orders without question. Storm was able to find common ground with Ira Gamagoori given that they are very loyal to the leader of a group of beings that are less villainous they they appear to be in addition to being the muscle of said groups.
  • They were surprised to hear about another hoverboard racing competition, albeit one with several differences compared to Extreme Gear racing. The Rogues decided to watch some of these races featuring the Air Ride Machines just to see how it compares to Extreme Gear. The only Air Ride Machine that really impressed them was the Dragoon as most of the others were slow in comparison to Extreme Gear (and they would have liked the Hydra if it weren't for the fact that it takes too long for it to do anything).
  • Jet not only participates in hoverboard racing, but he also involved himself in some Olympic games with Sonic and several others (Wave also got involved, albeit much later). Jet seems to have an interest in soccer due to the technical skill required to the point where he's made some visits to the House of Sports to play soccer with other deities who are skilled in such.
  • Jet and Storm once had an encounter with Hatsune Miku.

    Beat (The World Ends With You
Beat, God of Cool Boards (Skulls, Freshmeat, Rottenmeat, Delinquent Reaper, Skater-Brain, Daisukenonjo Bito, Yellow, "Neku")
  • Has some interest in hoverboards ever since seeing the Babylon Rogues in action and hopes to find a way to get one of his own.
  • Thanks to Riku's own influence as a Greater God and Sora's Dream Eater, Beat was able to regain his Kuma Panda, which he mainly uses as a bodyguard unless dealing with any Pokémon.
    • They also discovered that they're a lot more alike than they realized; both joined an enemy group (The Reapers, Maleficent) to save a person that they care about (Rhyme, Kairi), both developed new powers during their stay there (Reaper powers, Darkness), both attacked the main protagonist of their game (Neku, Sora) multiple times, both switched sides to help them, and both had a part defeating a final boss in their game (Kitaniji, "Ansem").
  • Beat has developed a friendship (and possibly Social Link) with Yu Narukami over the fact that they're both protective older brothers (figuratively, in Narukami's case). Rhyme gets along with him too. Of course, this also extended to the Dojimas Yu lived with during his time at Inaba.
    • Likewise, despite their intellectual differences, he has also developed a friendship with Edward Elric over the fact that they were both willing to join shady organizations in order to restore their younger siblings back to their original forms and heavily blame themselves over said siblings’ conditions.
  • Curry is his favorite form of tribute. He'll also accept ramen, but specifically curry-flavored ramen.
    "It takes curry flavor to curry my favor!"
    • Other gods snicker when they hear him describe the taste as "a party in [his] mouth".
    • Naturally, when its representative deity ascended, he's become another regular in Sojiro's temple and absolutely loves his curry.
  • Despises terrible parents due to what he had suffered from his own (even though that was still admittedly his fault).
  • He also knows that his body is hardly enough protection against a car; that's how he and Rhyme died the first time and entered the Reaper's Game. It's better to just pick up, pull, or shove away the person in danger, anyway.
    • In that same vein, he expresses pity and confusion when he heard of someone who did the same thing he did, and survived it, but the one he was rescuing still died. Still, Ethan earned his respect.
  • Has been compared once to Lelouch vi Britannia for being willing to become a bad guy just to save his sister. Beat doesn't like that comparison since being a bad guy wasn't what it was cracked up to be and he went back to Neku's side whereas Lelouch went full Genghis Gambit and then had himself killed to ensure world peace for the sake of Nunnally; there's no way he could or would go the extra miles just for Rhyme's sake, and not just because he isn't smart enough.

    Carol Tea 
Carol Tea, Goddess of Cool Bikes and Wall Jump-Climbing (Carol the Wildcat)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her motorcycle
  • Theme Song: Trap Hideout
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though she leans a little on Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Three ways of cute (Feline, Fierce, and Little Fangs), two ways of badass (combat and biking), tomboy, uses her claws for combat and is very quick with them, being based off of Zero, can spin to gain extra height (but only on her bike)
  • Domains: Theft, Bikes, Tigers
  • Friends: Sash Lilac, Milla Basset, Commander Torque, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Rachet, Clank, many Good-aligned Kamen Rider deities like Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, Ruby Rose
  • Enemies: Lord Brevon, Carmelita Fox, Dragonslayer Ornstein, Acnologia, Deathwing
  • Carol was ascended to the Pantheon thanks to her best friend Lilac, who has been working on ascending her friends ever since her own ascension.
    • Like Lilac, she's curious as to how Sonic can breathe in space so easily.
  • Sure, there are other possible candidates (and other deities) with better biking skills and/or better bikes than Carol, but none of them have it as a truly major part of their identity like she does, or if they did they already have other positions.
  • Her second title is a sort of fall-back in case a God more deserving of her first title arises. Thankfully, risk of her second title being taken is not possible, as the first Wall Climbers (via jumping) were Mega Man X and Zero, and they already have good titles of their own and don't plan on taking that title. Lilac and Carol are thankful for that.
  • Just like Lilac, being a former thief, she tends to avoid the House of Justice as much as she can. She particularly doesn't get along with Carmelita Fox, as the latter reminds Carol too much of Neera Li.
  • What sets Carol's motorbike apart from other bikes is that it spawns whenever she nabs a gas can (unless she's already on her bike, in which it fixes any damage on it), she can ride up walls and ladders on it, she can hang on beams with the bike held between her legs while it's still running for an extended amount of time, she can Double Jump and Nitro Boost with it, it has an underwater modenote , and it blows up whenever it takes enough damage except when on a high-speed battle.
    • Because of this, she has forged kinships with a few Kamen Riders in the Pantheon. In particular, with a tournament coming up, she has been invited by Kamen Riders 1 and 2 to join their team "Legend Riders".
    • And because she hasn't been able to make much friends in the Pantheon by herself (many were recommended by/also friends of Sonic, Lilac, or Milla), she plans on keeping this group together even after the tournament.
  • Another strange thing about her is her "Wild Kick" ability, where she kicks at such a high speed that she can survive otherwise lethal/fatal attacks (such as getting rammed by a spaceship) when performing it.
  • Upon hearing of Lord Brevon's ascension from Lilac, the dragon girl gathered her and Milla to meet up with Sonic and his friends for an alliance. She took interest in Knuckles, admiring his tough appearance, spiked fists and broad chest. The echidna on the other hand wasn't so sure about the wildcat, but he had a feeling she wasn't going to be that bad, even admiring her rather eager and determined attitude. A bit like him, actually.
  • Lately, for some reason, during joint operations with Team RWBY in the fight against Brevon, Carol's been getting "older sister" vibes from its leader Ruby Rose. Yang has teased the two about this for a while after that, much to their consternation.
  • The sequel reveals some new tricks for Carol. Aside from some new Bike Fu tricks, there's also the Jump Disc, which acts like a giant sharp yo-yo for ranged attacks, but which she can also home in on. She can't wait to get her hands on it.

Enterprise, Goddess of Aircraft Carriers (CV-6, The Grey Ghost, The Big E, Lucky E, Most Decorated Fighting Ship of World War II, Loliprise)
Remodeled version 

Franky, God of Cool Boats (Cutty Flam, Cyborg, Iron Man, BF-37 [formerly 36], Iron Pirate “General Franky”, Franosuke)
General Franky 
  • Lesser God, borderline Intermediate as General Franky.
  • Symbol: His Jolly Roger, alternately a bottle of Cola
  • Theme Song: His theme. Time to get perverted!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Boats, Hollywood Cyborgs, Heroes who are tough as iron, SUPER Catch Phrases!
  • Domains: Ocean, Creation, Mechanus, War
  • Allies: His fellow Straw Hat Pirates: Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin,Brook, Jinbei, the Gokaigers (especially Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver)
  • Enemies: Cthulhu
  • Ascended to godhood after his demonstration of the Thousand Sunny's Gaon Cannon. The god's messengers offered Franky the position the day after the shot was fired. His response? "That sounds SUPA!"
  • The perpetual rival of Cid in a battle of Cool Boats VS Airships. The Sunny remains Franky's ultimate trump card in this battle.
  • He's regularly found in the House of Technology admiring everything around him, and even giving out the odd piece of advice. He's welcomed of course, after the initial uneasiness involving his speedo wore off.
  • Franky took the entirety of the Straw Hat crew in the Thousand Sunny to where it was announced that Nami and Ussop would finally ascend. The familiar Sunny-Go served as the stage of honor to host the reunion party that none would soon forget. Between fits of weeping openly (despite his denials), he freely joined the zaniness and merry making of his closest allies.
  • Once had his speedo stolen by the God of Trolls on a whim. Despite his attempt to embarrass the cyborg, Franky proudly posed and proclaimed nothing could hold back the super pervert that he was. Mixed forms of embarrassment, admiration, and exasperation were felt the Pantheon over.

    Jack Atlas 
Jack Atlas, God of the Monowheel Bikes (King of Riding/Turbo Duels, The Master of Faster, The Lonely King, KINGU, Aussie Jack)
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Mark of the Crimson Dragon's Wings. Alternatively, his D-Wheel (Wheel of Fortune) and his Red Dragon Archfiend
  • Leitmotif: Jack's Battle Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Card Games on Monowheel Motorcycles, Turning on his Friends but Reconciliating After Being Defeated, Pragmatic Heroes, Would Hit a Girl, Good Jerks, Focusing on Offensive Dueling only, Celebrity Is Overrated, Chick Magnet, Burning Soul!, Cup Ramen Noodles Being Serious Business, Final Boss
  • Domains: Bikes, Card Games, Popularity, Anti-Heroism, Friendship (Formerly Betrayed), Dragons, Cup Ramen Noodles
  • High Priest: Jack Atlas (Synchro Dimension)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Bandit Keith, Gengar, anyone who would betray their friends.
  • Friendly Enemy: James (Team Rocket)
  • Opposes: Rei Shingetsu (Vector)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • Being the KINGU of Riding Duels, what other kind of motorcycle would fit him more? A monowheel one, of course! He may have come a little bit later than the rest of his comrades from 5Ds, but when he finally did, it was with style, going through the roads of Pantheon on his Wheel of Fortune.
  • He was more than happy to meet with his fellow mates from Team 5Ds. However, he is still training to finally defeat Yusei after their last duel but no one seems to mind.
    • Also reunited with Carly Nagisa as the latter burst into tears as she was happy to see him again. After all, she is the one that made him a better person again after his lost to Yusei during the Fortune Cup while he's making a recovery at that time.
  • Like Yusei and Aki before, Jack seems to have known Kouta Kazuraba all along after he heard the Pantheon in the first place. Kouta also seems to sympathizes with him because he knows how it feels of how he can trusts his allies as long as he never betray his friends just like what he did in the past.
  • He also sympathizes with Judai Yuki as the duelist from Duel Academy also had once betrayed his friends during his time as the Supreme King, which reminds Jack of how he betrayed his allies in exchange for fame and fortune back then.
    • However, he gained an animosity towards Vector since he betrayed Yuma in the after he reveal his true colors, even thought the Barian became good in the end.
  • He also gets along with his fellow YGO rivals like Seto Kaiba and Kaito Tenjo as he made a remark of their distinctive similarities. The three of them often practices dueling together everytime so they can find a way to defeat their respective rivals like Yusei, Yugi, and Yuma.
    • However he had a rocky relationship with his "distant cousin" Kaito Kumon, better known as Kamen Rider Baron, due to the fact that he ended up turning himself into a monstrous Over Lord bent of recreating the world by destroying it first. Even thought, he still understands him for what he been through in his lifetime due to his troubled past.
  • Has struck a friendship with Domon Kasshu, Simon, and Kamina, because the three of them were impressed with his Hot Bloodedness when he invokes his "Burning Soul" during his duels. No wonder that the three of them wanted to learn it from him since they became interest with his abilities.
  • He became friends with Shirabe because he was impressed with her Lunar Eclipse ability as she uses it as a monowheel transportation which doubles it as a weapon to ride on her opponents. The two of them would often having a monowheel race in the House of Travel since then.
  • He seems to found a kinship with King Dedede mostly due to how they both speaks in a familiar tone while he sympathize with Dedede due to his status as a unofficial king has often make fun of it.
  • Being a fair player himself, he despises Bandit Keith since the former American Duel Monsters champion is prone to cheating and he tend to be a Sore Loser when losing in duels. Although Keith speaks similarly to Jack, the King of Turbo Duels doesn't care at all as he sees him as an enemy to begin with.
    • Jack has also gained some issues with the ghost Pokémon Gengar even thought they sounded alike since his act of frightening others made him a threat to be mess with.
  • Although he's serious in his motivations of being a duelist, there was a time that he acted very awkward when it comes to Cup Ramen noodles. In fact, eating cup ramen is Serious Business for him.
  • One day, while he and Carly were watching a show at the PWF (Carly had to write an article about the results for the paper), the PWF got ambushed by Dark Marik unleashing the Winged Dragon of Ra...on the Cutie Mark Crusaders who were innocently trying to mail a package to the real Marik and things to out of hand real quickly. This was when Jack learned on how Carly had her Dark Signer side as a Persona, who, along with those three ponies, destroyed Ra and burnt Dark Marik to a crisp. It took a long talk for Carly to explain just what was going on and after that, Jack asked if it was possible if he could obtain a Persona of his own after remembering that vision Dark Signer Carly gave when he ruled Earth alongside her. Carly agreed, albeit reluctantly, and created a team to help Jack obtain that Persona of his.

    Jill Dozer 
Jill Dozer, Goddess of Drill Tanks ('Boss' by the Red Dozers)

    Subaru Nakajima 
Subaru Nakajima, Goddess of Skates (GaoGaiGar-tan)

    Thomas the Tank Engine 
Thomas the Tank Engine, God of Steam Engines
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Song: Thomas the Tank Engine Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attention Whore (Formerly), Breakout Character, Era-Specific Personality, Escaper of Seasonal Rot, Honor Before Reason, Remaining in Commission Despite Dieselization
  • Domains: Good, Artifice, Travel, Metal, Trains, Steam, Reliability
  • Heralds: The steam engines on the Isle of Sodor.
  • Followers: The Astrotrain, The Hogwarts Express, The Flying Dutchman, The Galaxy Express 999, The cast of Starlight Express
  • Allies: Ryotaro Nogami, Ressha Sentai ToQger, Valerie Frizzle, Optimus Prime, George Carlin, Ringo Starr, SpongeBob, Sonic The Hedgehog, Link, Zelda, The Conductor, Many children deities
  • Enemies: Being a steam locomotive, he really can't do much about 'enemies', so...
  • Annoys: Megatron, Starscream
  • Annoyed by: The Nostalgia Critic, the House of Magic, Ressha Sentai ToQger, all Pirate deities, motorcyclists, Anna Kozuki
  • The Island of Sodor, a small isle off the coast off the coast of Britain, is home to the North Western Railway, one of the few railways to officially use steam-powered locomotives after the BR Modernization Plan. A small, blue, six-wheeled blue tank engine with a short stumpy boiler, a short stumpy funnel, and a short stumpy dome, is one of said islands most prominent locomotives, starting out as a mere shunting engine before eventually gaining his own Branch Line. Bearing the Number One on his side-tanks, many know the engine associated with the number: Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Ascended due to being the most recognizable engine on Sodor, which refused to replace its fleet during the 1960s as BR modernized. Thomas, admittedly, did not play much of a role, as his branch line only saw the addition of Daisy the Diesel Railcar, an experimental one-car unit, as well as a visit from Stepney the Bluebell Engine. Gordon, Henry, Donald and Douglas, as well as Oliver, arguably played more of a role, but Thomas was chosen due to having quite a few adventures of his own and being seen (In the Pantheon's eyes) as the most suitable engine.
  • Similar to Mickey Mouse, Thomas' personalities vary within the Pantheon. Unlike Mickey, Thomas only has two: His television persona and his RWS persona. The former is an altruistic, curious sort of go-getter, who tends to be prominent around most child deities. The latter however, is a rather strong-headed character, being more what you'd expect from an engine with over 100 years of service, along with having a bit of an ego. He tends to shift into this personality when dealing with older/wiser deities, though aspects of each tend to leak into the other at times.
    • As a result of this, Thomas's "temple" has been determined to be the sheds at Ffarquhar, not Tidmouth, and with it comes the trackage of his branch line connecting to the railway services of the Pantheon. Also as a result of this, much of the rolling stock (And with it, Percy, Toby, and Daisy, along with Mavis) have arrived with him. They've been observed to be under the same circumstances as Thomas personality-wise, though when alone, have been observed to be in their RWS dynamic, which means a great deal of arguing and verbal sniping because they get tired of Thomas declaring himself a 'God' (Even though he doesn't exactly know what a God is, being a steam locomotive). One of Thomas and Friends' main roles in the pantheon is helping transport freight between houses. The means may be slow compared to that of other modes of transportation, but they have proven to be a reliable bunch.
  • Used to be Ryotaro Nogami's High Priest. Now that he's an actual deity however, Thomas is more wary. Mainly because when Ryotaro showed up to congratulate Thomas on his ascension, Thomas ended up running over a trap point and derailed. This is blamed on Ryotaro's bad luck, only increasing Thomas' apprehension.
  • Thomas has sometimes been summoned by Yukari Yakumo before his ascension. Even after ascension, Thomas doesn't mind being summoned, but he wishes she would give him a warning first.
  • Thomas was surprised to see Mara Wilson, as they once had an adventure that they somewhat regret.
    • Said adventure has given the tank engine a very negative opinion of the House of Magic, as he views it as complete nonsense. He gives Harry Potter and his allies a tiny bit of respect, if only because the Hogwarts Express is pulled by one Olton Hall and thus gives Thomas a fellow steam engine to talk to. He later commented that Duck would be more likely to give Olton respect, due to their shared GWR origins.
    • Thomas was also pleased to meet Ringo Starr and George Carlin as both have told stories about him and his friends before his ascension. Some of those stories weren't that pleasant to his kin, but he does admit it was funny to watch.
  • Is rumored to be a transforming robot similar to a Zord or a Transformer, an idea Thomas has repeatedly denied. Still, he maintains a good relationship with the two groups. Megatron does not like Thomas' motto of being a really useful engine.
  • His theme song is considered by many rap gods to be the greatest rap beat ever made. Rappers all around the The Multiverse were amazed at how thoroughly the theme meshes with virtually every rap song imaginable.
  • Is considered a prevalent figure in modding, appearing in realms such as Skyrim
  • Robot Chicken once made a short about Thomas being hijacked. Many gods noticed that he sounded like Harry Potter during the scene. It... wasn't an enjoyable experience for any of the steam engines involved. Thomas also didn't think the Isle would ever replace them with Hummers.
  • Despite being involved in a few races on Sodor, Thomas is not too involved with many of the speedsters in the Pantheon...Plus, his top speed is only 35 mph, so...he's not really capable of even being part of these races anyways. Some have offered improvements, which Thomas has been tempted (if only to grab some recognition), but his Driver and Fireman have put up notices forbidding it.
  • Has an unusual relation with the House of Religion and Faith due to his creator, the Rev. Wilbert Awdry, being a clergyman (And often referred to as "The Thin Clergyman" when he visited the island), and Sodor itself being home to several Vicars. Thomas, being a steam locomotive, doesn't understand any of it.
  • Link surprised the tank engine when he revealed that one of his incarnations was also the Hero of Trains. As usual, Zelda was there to assist the hero of time, only this time she was in spirit form. One can now add train riding as one of Link's many skills, helping to direct the steam engines in Thomas' domain.
  • Not a very big fan of pirates after dealing with Sailor John. His friendship with Skiff, on the other hand, has given Thomas reason to see if he could get Ten Cents into the Pantheon.
  • Was once turned into a dragon-themed transit engine through unknown means, and was horrified at looking like a tram. He eventually had to take Seto Kaiba to a duel with Noah Kaiba, and after the conclusion, was restored to his regular form. He does not want to talk about it any further.
  • Didn't agree with the Nostalgia Critic's criticism of one of his movies. Sure he agreed that the movie wasn't really that good, but he didn't think the critic should have been that harsh.
    • Afterwards, Thomas was offered a proposition by the Conductor: to be the star of his next movie. The Conductor was amazed at the prospect of a talking train and believed that there was great potential for a movie for his name, one that was better than the ones he was stuck in.
    • Said movie was rumored for a long time to have detailed an experience Thomas had with one P.T. Boomer, an evil motorcyclist who was said to be too scary. Thomas objected to this, considering Sailor John to be far more frightening since he came very close to blowing up the tank engine with dynamite, while Boomer didn't even acknowledge Thomas as being real! Regardless of whether the experience happened or not, Thomas does not like the motorcyclists of the Pantheon, finding them to be noisy and annoying.


    Captain Nemo 
Captain Nemo, God of Submarine Voyages (Prince Dakkar, No One, Rider, "Captain", Noah, Grand Rider)

    Chief Vitalstatistix 
Chief Vitalstatistix, the God Who's Too Important to Walk (Abraracourcix, Piggywiggy)

Claptrap, The Deity with One Wheel Locomotion (CL4P-TP, Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap, A Mistake, Fragtrap)

    Davos Seaworth 
Davos Seaworth, God of Old Sea Captains (Davos Shorthand, The Onion Knight, Lord of the Rainwood, Admiral of the Narrow Sea)

    Lightning McQueen 
Lightning McQueen, God of Red-Colored Speedsters (Stickers, Chester Whipplefilter, Lightning Dragon McQueen, Frightning McMean, Monty)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Rust-eze logo
  • Theme Song: Real Gone; alternatively, Life is a Highway
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass Driver, Is Popular In Japan In-Universe, Is Best Friends With Mater, Hot Paint Job, Becomes Sally's Boyfriend, Super Speed, Took a Level in Kindness, Becomes Cruz's Mentor
  • Domain(s): Cars, Racing, Speed, Red
  • Herald(s): The citizens of Radiator Springs, Cruz Ramirez (his protege)
  • High Priest: Conner McKnight
  • Allies: Flash Thompson, Mabel Pines, Star Butterfly, Ruby Rose, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Krim Steinbelt
  • Friendly Rivals: Dominic Toretto, Captain Falcon, Sonic, Barry Allen, Rainbow Dash
  • Rivals: Dick Dastardly (one-sided for him)
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, Gary Smith, Tenjuro Banno, Char Aznable
  • Caught the interest of: House of Science, House of Health and Diseases
  • A race was going on in the Pantheon with non-ascended racers because someone here thought it's a good idea that whoever wins the race, will become a deity. When the race was held, the victor who emerged from it was......Lightning McQueen, who represents Red Ones Go Faster because of his color scheme and how he is one of the most famous and fastest racers in his world.
    • Because of that race, Dominic Toretto is fascinated to see an actual talking car in the Pantheon and challenges him to a race, which McQueen wholeheartedly accept, although they both tied when the race was finished. They have since then become friendly rivals, challenging each other to a couple of races. He also became friendly rivals with Captain Falcon because of similar reasons, although McQueen is somewhat surprised to see he's also a bounty hunter.
    • He got to meet other speedsters, who uses their feet such as Sonic (usually racing with him without any vehicles or drives on his vehicle), Barry Allen and Rainbow Dash (who raced using her wings). Nonetheless, he developed a friendly rivalry with them.
    • However, there is one racer that is willing to cheat in every single way, just so he could win. Knowing that he is an actual car, Dick Dastardly thought that he could find a way to sabotage him and win the race. Unsupringly, that backfired with McQueen winning the race. This causes some heated rivalry between the two, although that's only one-sided for Dastardly.
  • The reason he used to be so such an arrogant jackass at the beginning? His first friend in his racing academy betrayed him during the final race of the semester by tricking him into thinking his lug nuts are loose when really, his pit crew removed them on purpose so he can win and get a sponsorship deal. As a result, he stayed away from his classmates and never made any more friends, vowing never to trust anyone. Of course, he's improved thanks to his time in Radiator Springs.
  • Gets along with Flash Thompson because they both used to be jerks who eventually learned their lesson and became nice people. When they hang out, they usually each other's adventures of what basically happened in their lives.
  • Due to her red clothing and her Semblance is speed, he find some common ground with Ruby Rose. It helps that racing isn't her profession and has a more pleasant personality, making them much more like friends rather than friendly rivals.
    • Likewise gets along with Billy Batson to the point that others mooted that Lightning should teach Billy how to drive. That ended when someone else pointed out it's unknown whether Lightning is equipped with a steering wheel, pedals or even a hollow interior that can be occupied by one or more humans.
  • One day, Mabel Pines and Star Butterfly thought that it's a good idea to see what's inside of McQueen because they are extremely curious. When he heard of this, he politely declined their offer, stating that they would be afraid of knowing what's inside it, and ran away quickly. After this incident, Mabel and Star quickly apologized to him, which he politely accepted and because they remind him of his best friend, Mater, he became friends with them verg quickly.
    • Thanks to this incident, a lot of deities, especially those of the Houses of Science and Health and Diseases as they are curious of what's inside it. This made McQueen afraid of what will happen and usually hides in one of his friend's or friendly rival's temple.
  • He hates bullies such as Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, and Gary Smith because it reminds him how much of a jerk he was back then before his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Ended up becoming allies with Shinnosuke Tomari, due to being a red-clad hero driver. It helps that he is much more unique to other Toku Heroes is that he uses a car rather than a motorcycle.
    • It also got him to meet Krim Steinbelt. The latter is impressed that McQueen is able to actually understand him and thus, became his translator.
    • This also got him to be enemies with Tenjuro Banno, who wanted to stop time completely through another Global Freeze and digitize them all into data, which means that if nothing moves, there'll be no more races. Banno considers him ineffectual, but is fascinated of sentient cars like him and hopes to invade his world to gain more subjects for his experiments.
  • Since his own mechas are red and fast like McQueen, Char Aznable would consider him a testament that he has chromatic superiority across all worlds, although McQueen ended up hating him as he used others for his own methods.
  • It's true that he changed into a purple Doc Hudson-esque paint job at the end of the third movie to experience what the late Doc Hudson did. However, this is just for fun and it won't be permanent; this is only for the time period in which he'll be Cruz's crew chief for a short time to get her going, after which he'll return to his original red getup eventually.
  • His tires are named "Lefty", "Righty", "Backy", and "Backy Junior". It's not known which rear tires are "Backy" and "Backy Junior" respectively.

Moana Waialiki, Goddess of Cultures Centered Around Sailing (Moana of Motunui, Vaiana)


    Eric Packer 
Eric Packer, God of Absurdly Long Limousines
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His limo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense, Dissonant Serenity, Cryptic Conversation
  • Domains: Wealth, Detachment, Trips
  • Disliked by: Scrooge McDuck, Rafe Adler
  • Foil to: Jay Gatsby
  • Targeted by: Patrick Bateman
  • What was supposed to be a simple trip to the barber for a haircut ends up being a downward spiral for multi-billionaire Eric Packer. As his fortune gets wiped out amidst bad financial decisions and protests on the streets spearheaded by anti-capitalist activists occur on the side, Packer has philosophical conversations with people that cross paths with him that sometimes ends up being irrelevant in the long run. After getting his haircut half-done, Packer pays a visit to a disgruntled former employee that wants to kill him. As with the other people he met earlier, Packer has a number of philosophical inquiries brought up and while he ends up being dangerously close to getting shot by his would-be assassin, what happened afterwards is a mystery, including whether or not Packer was shot.
  • Regardless of what the outcome of that fateful meeting was, it has been a while since that event happened. Packer woke up inside a building and while it didn’t look too different from that relatively futuristic world he came from, it wasn’t a place that he was familiar with. He was told that this place was known as “The Pantheon” and while he never made any sort of formal arrangement to end up in that place, he was chosen to be part of it thanks to a letter he likely dismissed as having come from a scammer some time ago. The limo that he used for his trip was still around and so was his questionable sense of spending money (and a place as big as the Pantheon would lead to more opportunities for financial squandering), but even among other incredibly rich people in the Pantheon, he’s one of the more detached figures, resulting in meetings with its denizens being infrequent and rather vague if these encounters end up happening.
  • Scrooge Mcduck was one massively rich denizen of the Pantheon who looked at Packer with plenty of scorn. For all of his greedy and stingy tendencies, Scrooge is not only someone with a good sense of how to handle money, but has gone on plenty of adventures with his family (who bring out his better side), and Packer’s careless financial decisions alongside his detached feelings towards others made Scrooge see him as someone who didn’t understand how being a multi-billionaire worked. As part of the inner circle of Mcduck friends and family, Launchpad Mcquack was a limo driver for Scrooge at one point before being a pilot for the family’s adventures, but was quickly told that hanging out with Packer wasn’t worth his time. Not only does Packer engage in philosophical and vague conversations with others (topics that Launchpad would very likely not understand at all), Launchpad’s tendency to crash things would make him a bad candidate for driving around Packer’s limo and he already wasn’t that good with Scrooge’s limo anyways.
  • Much like Packer, Jay Gatsby was someone who had plenty of wealth and made plenty of bad decisions related to it. Whereas the financial market destroyed much of Packer’s earnings, Gatsby used it to try and win the girl of his dreams, an endeavor that ended in failure and ultimately, his death. Packer had a more uncertain outcome in the end, but many in the Pantheon are more than aware of the fact that his wealth and poor understanding of the world around him contributed to his downfall not unlike Gatsby attempting to be rich for the sake of what ended up being an ill-advised one-track goal. Gatsby’s time in the Pantheon made him more aware of what caused his downfall and is hoping that Packer doesn’t make the same mistakes he did, even if Gatsby sees Packer as a colder version of himself.
  • The sociopathic Patrick Bateman found out about Packer’s ordeal and found something darkly amusing in how a rich lifestyle played a role in a man’s downfall, even if what happened to Packer at the end is ambiguous. Being a financial investor who knows how meaningless his own life is, Bateman sees Packer as yet another victim for him to kill out of boredom, but Packer isn’t really concerned with him, simply seeing him as yet another person working in finance. At one point, Bateman got close to Packer and tried to have a conversation with him before killing him, with Packer not really caring about Bateman’s more despicable nature and Bateman finding some of Packer’s more cryptic conversation topics hard to follow at times. The only reason why Packer was alive following that meeting was because there was a manhunt going on targeting Bateman, with the latter having to flee and, for the time being, stuck imagining how he would kill someone like Packer.
  • Another wealthy man who saw his wealth as meaningless was Rafe Adler, but unlike Bateman who wants to murder others for the sake of gaining attention and to get rid of his boredom, Rafe sought to find a more meaningful method to become successful as the wealth he got from an inheritance meant nothing to him. His arrogance and desire to become a treasure hunter for the sake of being actively successful despite the money he has made him unlikable among many and in turn, he’s not entirely fond of them even if he’s willing to work with them. It’s also why he is frustrated with Packer and the fact that he’s not doing much with the fact that his money is being diminished by some terrible decisions. Even if Rafe being a treasure hunter ultimately led to his downfall, he believes that Packer should be more proactive in trying to maintain his money, but the latter not having much in the way of social interactions only added to Rafe’s hatred of him.
  • Rats were a notable part of Packer’s trip, with instances including a paper-mache rat carried around by rioters on the street and rats being joked about as a form of currency during a conversation Packer had with an employee from his company. He wasn’t all that surprised to see that rats were running around in the Pantheon and he’s not that fazed by the fact that some of these rats exhibit human-like behavior. Given how Remy the Rat can cook and even operate a restaurant with some help, Splinter knows martial arts, and that Ratigan seeks to gain political power for himself, Packer mused to himself that a society where rats become prominent isn’t unrealistic. None of these rats are interested in anything related to Packer and even if the billionaire is willing to try out food made by a rat for his own amusement, Remy made it clear that his restaurant is not for sale when someone joked that Packer would purchase a rat-themed restaurant.
  • During his commute, Packer learned about people who didn’t like him and wanted to kill him, including a man who pied him in the face when Packer stepped out of the limo. While that person was harmless, there were plenty of professional assassins in the Pantheon that are more than capable of killing Packer provided they are assigned to do so. Although Packer is far from the worst person to be in the Pantheon, his wealth, lack of responsibility in handling such, and eerily calm demeanor made him unpopular with some of its denizens to the point that some who despise him are willing to hire someone to eliminate him. Unlike the former employee that wanted to kill him, those assassins aren’t as likely to engage in whatever conversation Packer is interested in and even when professional killers like Golgo 13 have much more resources to ensure that a potential mission to assassinate Packer is successful, the multi-billionaire isn’t really bothered by such possibilities.
  • While Packer reached his barber, he was only able to get half of his hair cut while having an extended conversation with him and Packer’s limo driver. Given that Packer has had some difficulty getting into contact with his preferred barber, he decided to try and get a haircut at a different place. This would lead him to Freaky Fred, a very eccentric barber who was notable for going overboard with cutting his customer’s hair numerous times. Given how Freaky Fred was an issue for others in the Pantheon, he tried to be on his best behavior, especially towards someone with a lot of money like Packer. Keeping his desire to keep cutting hair ended up being a challenge for Fred like always and the end result was Packer having more than half of his hair cut off during that visit. Even if he was calm about it and held a conversation with Fred during that time, it’s not likely Fred would be a person that Packer would visit regularly, especially when it comes to haircuts.
  • Despite the financial disasters he incurred during his trip, Packer has expressed interest in buying the Rothko Chapel, which obviously never came to be. That didn’t stop him from similarly fantasizing about buying other prominent parts of the Pantheon, up to and including entire Houses that its denizens have designated spots in, even if he’s only considered buying out a couple of these Hou. It was such reckless dreaming that anyone with a good understanding of how money works looked at with contempt, even among corrupt rich folks who also looked at Packer with mockery. Given how Packer’s troubles with money continued in the Pantheon even with his financial standing taken into consideration, getting him to better understand people is a first step in helping him understand that money isn’t the answer to everything despite his occupation.

    Giovanni & Campanella 
Giovanni and Campanella, Divine Patrons of the Afterlife Express
Campanella (left) and Giovanni (right)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The train itself and the name of their tale in Esperanto (Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo)
  • Theme Song: "Temo Finala: Nokto De La Galaksia Fervojo"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Afterlife Express, Cool Train, Steam Never Dies, Mind Screw, Rule of Symbolism, Anthropomorphic Animal Adaptation
  • Domains: Trains, the Afterlife, Space Travel, Symbolism, Esperanto
  • Allies: Thomas the Tank Engine, Kamen Rider Den-O, Ressha Sentai ToQger, The Frontier DigiDestined, Decim, Seita and Setsuko, Catbus, Akari, Aika and Alice, Cole Sear and Malcolm Crowe, Zen and Rei, Tom
  • Giovanni used to be a lonely boy who spent his after-school time working to provide for his poor family. His mother was ill and his father gone on a long fishing trip (and rumored to be a criminal much to Giovanni's chagrin). His classmates bullied him for his situation, though he had a good friend in Campanella. One night Giovanni went out to buy milk for his mother, but after another bout of teasing from his schoolmates he ran off to a nearby hill where he gazed at the Milky Way. Then, he suddenly found himself inside a train with Campanella and they rode off into the stars. They saw many strange places and met many kinds of people, eventually realizing that the train they were in was meant to transport the dead to heaven (or rather, their idea of heaven). It was soon revealed that Campanella had sacrificed himself to save a boy from drowning, so he ultimately left for his true heaven, while Giovanni was sent back to his life with a new perspective on things.
  • Later in his life, Giovanni was reminiscing on Campanella and their adventure together, when suddenly he found himself once more aboard the galactic train. Despite the implications, he was pretty accepting of it and looked foward to seeing his best friend if possible. His wish was granted sooner than he expected as Campanella also turned out to be on board, having missed Giovanni for a long time. Then to their surprise, there was an announcement that the train would stop for an indefinite time at a place called the Pantheon while it went through maintenance. The two made the best of it by exploring the new location, starting with the other trains directly in their vicinity. They were astounded that there was one who could talk: Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas identified them as the new arrivals he had been told about and offered to take them to the Main House, which had summoned the two friends. So they did, and upon arrival they were granted godhood over the Afterlife Express, after their famous adventure. This was astonishing to them, though Giovanni was also pleased as this meant he could be with Campanella forever. Campanella, on the other hand, had to make sure he could still see his mother in his heaven whenever he wanted. He relented once it was clear he could.
  • Their temple is a replica of the train. It couldn't very well be the real thing, or else what would become of the dead in their world? Although, the Pantheon (specifically the House of Life and Death) seems to be the "main stop", being the place where the train gets maintenance and such, so it's not like it's never around. A limited number of deities at a time is allowed to board it for an entire circuit. Currently, tickets are acquired by winning at special games Decim sets up in his bar. Giovanni and Campanella are the only ones allowed to board any time they want. But in the meanwhile, the replica they have for a temple also serves as a proper train in its own right, one that travels between the Pantheon's various train stations. Best of all, the two boys are the ones in control of it.
    • By the way, Giovanni and Campanella's relationship with Decim is perfectly friendly, though they don't exactly hang out (Decim runs a very adult-looking bar so it feels inappropriate for the two boys to spend too much time there). Still, Decim holds the two in high regard; Campanella for ultimately feeling fulfilled and holding no regrets despite his short life, and Giovanni for committing to life with a new vigor as a result of his adventure and resolving to be of use to others. It's the kind of thing that makes Decim elicit a rare smile.
  • Being strongly related to trains, Giovanni and Campanella's ascension was well-received by Ryotaro Nogami (aka Kamen Rider Den-O) and the ToQger, with these Toku heroes being highly protective of the young boys. They also praise Campanella's actions in sacrificing his life to save someone and Giovanni's decision to follow his example for the rest of his life. Even if the concept of a train with the sole purpose of carrying the souls of the dead into the afterlife is a little spooky to them. Though, Ryotaro did deal with a soul train once; it was corrupted by an evil Kamen Rider and he helped put it back to normal. The notion that something similar could happen to Giovanni and Campanella's precious train makes him keep an eye out for it, in case certain evil deities want to use it for their ends. Giovanni and Campanella, for their part, think these heroes are really cool and like to follow their exploits.
    • There's a similar rapport between the two boys and the Frontier DigiDestined, thanks to the latter's tendency to travel with the help of Trailmon, train Digimon that come in many varieties. Giovanni and Campanella's relationship with the DigiDestined is more casual than with the Toku heroes due to being closer in age, though the two boys still think they're amazing in their own right. And besides that they like meeting new varieties of Trailmon, thanks to their often idiosyncratic personalities making them entertaining to interact with.
  • As two boys who dealt with mortality at a relatively young age, they are on good terms with Seita and Setsuko, two children who suffered a lot after losing their parents to war, before dying themselves. Giovanni's own family situation is fairly similar, with a father gone for who knows how long and a mother too sick to do anything, thus having to fend for himself and be the main bread-winner at a young age. The more mature Seita understands this pretty well and is something of a big brother figure for Giovanni. Setsuko meanwhile is just happy whenever she gets to play with the two "kitties", as she thinks of them much to Giovanni and Campanella's chagrin, but they can tolerate it since she's young.
  • They are anthropomorphic cats, but they don't necessarily identify as such and don't hold a particularly close relationship with the House of Felines, although Bastet considers the two to be under her protection regardless. Ironically it is rumored that their original creator disliked cats. Make of that what you will. They found a few feline deities to be interesting though. One example is Catbus, whose nature as an Animal-Vehicle Hybrid is curious to the boys. Catbus meanwhile senses a deep spirituality in the boys (due to their adventure, natch), so they are of interest to him.
    • And there was one time the famous Tom and Jerry brought one of their chases on board their train-temple, and all sorts of shenanigans ensued. Giovanni and Campanella managed to get them to calm down, and Tom had a near-panic attack upon realizing they were the Afterlife Express deities. Turns out this was because of a Near-Death Experience of his where he took an elevator to heaven and had a similar journey; he was scared the train would put him through the wringer again. Giovanni and Campanella simply revealed the train's nature as a replica and talked about their own adventure in the afterlife, which calmed Tom down. Ultimately, Tom seems to regard Giovanni and Campanella as little brother figures to be protected. Jerry doesn't pay much attention to them, but appreciates that the two boys are more likely to hide him from Tom than eat him.
  • The Undine Akari Mizunashi was interested to hear about two cat-boys who went on a big adventure on an Afterlife Express; it reminded her a lot of her friend Cait Sith, the cat spirit who was the conductor of a similar train that only cats were allowed in. Giovanni and Campanella have never heard of this Cait Sith, but think it could be interesting to meet him at some point. They are happy to be friends with Akari and her friends anyway, since they are very nice girls who see beauty in most things in life.
  • They attend Elysium Academy, like most young deities in the Pantheon. Giovanni was shunned from his classmates back in his world, however Elysium Academy has a large collection of rather decent young folks attending and they largely treat Giovanni right and include him in their activities, and see him as noble for working hard for his family. There are some bullies of course, and they sometimes make Giovanni miserable, but their behavior is generally not tolerated. When Giovanni and Campanella attended their first school festival in the Pantheon, they made two, rather unusual, friends in particular: Zen and Rei. As a death god, Zen could sense that the two boys were acquainted with the afterlife, which he told Rei about. Given that Rei spent a time wandering around while being Dead All Along, she feels a kinship with the cat boys. The two find it weird that they only ever seem to see the couple during festivals, but don't pay it too much mind.
  • They also made friends with Cole Sear, a boy capable of seeing the dead, which was fascinating to hear about for Giovanni and Campanella. Cole Sear in turn thinks the idea of a train that carries the dead is pretty cool. Campanella is also somewhat close with Cole's co-deity Malcolm, on account of both of them having been Dead All Along (although unlike Malcolm, Campanella was aware of being dead; he simply never made it clear to Giovanni at the time). Campanella knows how important it is to be satisfied with one's life before passing on, so he's glad Malcolm managed to do so even as a ghost.

    Klaus Heisler 
Klaus Heisler, God of Mobile Fish Bowls