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Traveling by land is practically a given as far as ordinary events are concerned, but it's possible to do land travel a bit creatively. However, the land leads to the sea and with that comes ways to travel through such. It'll be difficult to use land vehicles to sea and vice versa.

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Intermediate Gods

Anub'arak, God of Tunneling (Crypt Lord, The Traitor King, A-Noob'arak)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Impale and its beetles
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Creepy-Crawlies, Impale with spikes and lot of spikes, summons Scarabs, The Brute, summons a Locust Swarm, Nerubian (though resembling a beetle), An Ice Person, web trapping
  • Domains: Tunnels, Undead, Insect, Ice
  • High Priest: Nyx Assassin
  • Allies: Arachne, Hatsune Hirasaka, Kerrigan
  • Rival: Baragon
  • Enemies: Illidan, Kael'thas, Jaina, Thrall, Sylvanas, GUILD MEMBERS! (including Night Raid, Natsu Dragneel, Grey Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, Gildarts Clive, Wendy Marvell, Gajeel Redfox, Juvia Lockser, Sting Eucliffe), Timon & Pumbaa, Fortress Dwarves, Faceless Void, Cthulhu
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Arthas, Esdeath
  • Odd Friendship: Noob Saibot
  • Opposed by: The good deities of the Halls of Water and Moisture and Ice and Cold
  • Love Triangle with: Zagara and Broodmother
  • Once was the king of Azjol-Nerub, now serves the Lich King and the Scourge after his death in the War of the Spiders as a Crypt Lord. Though Anub'arak doesn't serve the Scourge willingly, he is forced to fight alongside Arthas the Lich King and Kel'thuzad. However, he is bidding his time trying to break control from the Scourge.
  • Much of his temple is subterranean, much like his kingdom Azjol-Nerub. However, he gets very annoyed when the Dwarves keep digging through his temple. No matter how many times he gets it repaired and Dwarves he kills, they keep coming.
    • He is also annoyed that he is in the House of Earth and Metal, a lot hotter and drier than his home. Though he's discovered that the House is close to the House of Water and Ice, so he dug a little close to the House, in which many of the denizens had to keep him from getting closer and preventing him from going on a rampage against those that enter his lair.
  • It was thought that he was seen in the Field of the Ancients made years ago. Though it is no longer true, a hero that strongly resembles him now fight in the Fields, known as the Nyx Assassin. He has since been tunneling to the Nexus while leaving his high priest to burrow his way to victory.
    • Though he was only a follower, he was eventually promoted to High Priest upon gaining the ability to burrow and weaponize it with the Aghanim Scepter's power.
    • It is strange that his master Kel'thuzad would send his minion to fight in the Nexus first, though it is likely that he is waiting for the time to bring victory for the Scourge.
  • Don't mention raids in front of him, he loses his shit.
  • Hates guilds to the passion, reminding him of the Paragon guild. He certainly hates guilds such as the Night Raids, Fairy Tail, and Sabertooth Guild.
  • Occasionally seen in chat rooms, where he is annoying many of the chatters including Arthas and Kel'thuzad.
    "spider pride! >8<"
  • One of the things that horrifies him are the Old Gods and their servants. There are old gods and the creatures that resemble the Faceless Ones in the Pantheon, much to his horror.
  • Currently working to recruit spider-like deities so that he could feel like he is with his own people. Though, some look at him weirdly as he looks more like a beetle than a spider.
    • Also, he doesn't want to mate with many of the females as he does not want to be a victim of common mating procedures among some species.
  • He regularly meets with Sarah Kerrigan, though it likely because he like to see if Zagara is in at the moment. Kerrigan will sometimes, begrudgingly, allow him in but always remind him that Zagara is not present, much to his disappointment.
    • Zagara has a two-faced relationship with him. Sometimes, she find him to be a creep. But other times, she once went on a date with him in Valentine's Day. And let's not mention his previous relationship with Broodmother, maybe. He does not want to bring that up as it went very violent when the two met.
  • For some reason, he is friends with Noob Saibot. Maybe it's the name. Maybe they are plotting to overthrow their masters. Who knows.
  • Though he's shown to cooperate with Esdeath due to both being enemies (or in Anub'arak's case, forced to fight for him) of Arthas, Esdeath doesn't seem to reciprocate the teamwork as he hates Tatsumi, member of the Night Raid and her lover.
  • For some other reasons, he seems to receive a privilege to get summoned and assist Valeera Sanguinar, but he never seems to get any, if there is, call at all.
  • "The strand of destiny weave only a web of death."

Beelzemon, God of Stereotypical Bikers (Beelzebumon, Duelist of Finality)
Beelzemon Blast Mode 
  • Intermediate God (lesser avatars). Greater God (stronger avatars). Borderline Overdeity (Beelzemon Blast Mode). Overdeity (true multiversal form and Beelzemon X).
  • Symbol: Crest of Gluttony
  • Theme Music: Black Intruder
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (almost needs to be True Neutral in Blast Mode)
  • Gender: Male
  • Portfolio: Stereotypical Biker Appearance, Badass Biker, Cool Mask, Berenjena, Glutton for Power, Fights Alone, The Least Malicious of The Seven Great Demon Lords
  • Domains: Bikers, Demons, Shotguns, Gluttony
  • Allies: Lucifer, Renamon, Gallantmon
  • Rivals: The Reaper, Ryu, Bass.EXE. Solo
  • Beelzemon is one of Seven Great Demon Lords, representing the sin of Gluttony. Though even if he could have a position to command countless demons, he instead seeks solitude in battle. Carrying dual shotguns and riding on a gigantic bike called Behemoth, he pursues strong opponents whom he fights without mercy.
  • Even though he represents sin of Gluttony, he isn't really gluttonous in eating kind of sense. He simply seeks more and more power. Though one way he could get more powerful is to load the data of other Digimon, what could be borderline cannibalism. He was also once summoned due of a gluttonous kid.
    • Speaking of which, he doesn't really like most people associated with the sin of gluttony, such as Gluttony.
  • As mentioned before, Beelzemon has a motorcycle called Behemoth. What is unique about the bike that it has the mind of its own and will possess anyone who would try to ride on it. Only someone like Beelzemon is powerful enough to have full control over the bike.
    • There are some who joke that Behemoth has a rivalry with Celty's bike.
  • When he ascended, one of first deities to greet him was Lucifer himself, and offered a seat in the GUAC. As Beelzemon is reminded of Lucemon, he decided to take his offer. However, he decided to take part on Chaos Brigade group as he is only interested on fighting, not leading.
  • Even though he is normally cruel and merciless, there are few good qualities about him. First, he will not attack anyone weaker than him. Though it might be due of sense of pride than anything else. Second, he knows that in order for him to achieve Blast Mode, he must acquire a peaceful mind, which he is willing to achieve if the situation requires. Third, Beelzemons tend to turn to the side of good compared to their Demon Lord brethren if they are impressed by someone.
  • There are some rumours that he might be trying to manipulate Lili to make her evolve Numemon into Lilithmon in order to bring her into the Pantheon.
  • There exists a female version of Beelzemon called BelleStarmon. She is in comparison much friendlier, especially to other gunslingers.
  • On his travels around the Pantheon, he heard of rumours about another dual-shotgun trotting God called Reaper. He wasn't really that impressed by him, saying that he wouldn't really be worth his time. But then he heard about The Reaper, he took interest on the Shadow, saying that it could be a worthy rival to have in the real world. On the digital world, his main rival is Bass.EXE as both of them want to see who is the strongest digital creature in the Pantheon. He also met Solo through the rivalry with Bass.EXE, who is impressed how Beelzemon wants solitude even though he could easily rule over others.
  • Has a distant rivalry with Ryu. Maybe it is due of both desires to get stronger and Beelzemon wants to get to the top before Ryu. Maybe there is something not so visible right off the bat.
  • While not a serious rivalry, he does seem to challenge Ghost Rider to races to see who's the real devil on two wheels.

Lesser Gods

    Babylon Rogues 
Babylon Roguesmembers , Triumvirate of Hover Board Users (Jet: The Legendary Wind Master/Rider)
Top to Bottom: Wave, Storm, Jet
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Babylon Emblem
  • Theme Music: Catch Me If You Can (Zero Gravity Mix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Two Guys and a Girl, Rivals for Team Sonic, Freudian Trio, Bird People
  • Domains: Arrogance, Birds, Competition
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Silver the Hedgehog, treasure hunters, Cassim (friendly)
    • Wave only: various other mechanics
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic
  • Odd Relations: Aladdin's Carpet (especially for Jet)
  • A gang of birds known for their treasure-seeking and Extreme Gear-racing, the Babylon Rogues have crossed paths with Sonic and his friends a few times and have challenged them to races, though there has been some sort of larger conflict behind the scenes of these races. These birds were descended from a highly advanced, yet ancient alien civilization that was also skilled traveling with Extreme Gear. Leader Jet the Hawk, mechanic Wave the Swallow, and muscle Storm the Albatross form the current iteration of the Rogues, with the former two's fathers having been members in the past. The three are also rather full of themselves when it comes to showing off their skills.
  • Besides the numerous hoverboards in their Extreme Gear collection, they also have a number of skates and bikes that just so happen to be classified as Extreme Gear as well, plus some really strange Gear (including one that's based on Opa-Opa), as well as Gear that's specifically meant for their main rivals. While they do race with these items on an irregular basis (they don't race on their rivals' specialized boards obviously), they prefer to race on hoverboards, preferably their own custom Extreme Gear.
  • Despite their condescending attitude, they're not what one would call malicious in the long run. Storm cares quite a bit about the others members of the group and Wave does (begrudgingly) admit every now and then that someone (Tails for instance) is as skilled of an inventor as she is. As for Jet, he prefers not to cheat so as to truly prove that he is an excellent Extreme Gear racer. Those hoping to see the Rogues' better side firsthand will have to impress them greatly in a number of races.
  • Many treasure hunters aren't fond of them due to the group's arrogance and the trio doesn't see these hunters as worth their trouble in turn. It's not a very serious rivalry in general, but given that many a treasure is to be obtained through a deadly course, a different kind of race is bound happen between the Rogues and their treasure-seeking rivals when they meet against their wishes.
  • Upon hearing about a magic carpet that was alive, the group had a hard time believing that such a thing could exist (especially since the "Magic Carpet" that they learned about back then was a prototype for Extreme Gear), but Jet believed that this living carpet could be interesting and decided to check it out, with Wave and Storm following him in slight disbelief. By the time the group got to the carpet, they found Aladdin with it as well. Jet wanted to know if there's more to the carpet than just being a living object and tried to challenge it to a race. The carpet obliged, though Aladdin had to step off the carpet before the race got underway since Jet wanted it to be himself vs a carpet without any passengers. The race ended up being more of a challenge than Jet expected.
    • After the race ended, Aladdin asked about if there were others who wanted to take the carpet for themselves seeing as the Rogues were a group of thieves. Jet recalled that Eggman got upset at the prototype Extreme Gear for it appearing to be useless. Aladdin's Carpet often had to deal with Eggman's attempts to steal it out of spite and the Rogues also mentioned that they don't like Eggman quite a bit as well. The group found the carpet to be quite distinct from the Extreme Gear prototype in a number of ways and Jet has offered to stop Eggman's attempts from stealing it (if only because of the group's animosity towards the doctor), though Aladdin made sure that the Rogues don't try to steal it on their own. Jet ended the meeting by saying as the group left that he won't hold back his speed against another potential race with that carpet.
      • By pure chance, the Rogues had an encounter with Cassim, Aladdin's father, not long after the initial meeting with Aladdin and the Carpet. Jet was reminded of his own father (even if not much is known about him as far as he or anyone else is concerned), a former member of the Rogues, after learning about who Cassim was. While Cassim is every bit of a rival to them like the other treasure hunters, said rivalry between him and the Rogues is more amicable in comparison.
  • Even though they don't have the same level of animosity towards Metal Sonic compared to that of Eggman, the Rogues are still kind of annoyed about how Metal Sonic used the data Eggman gathered during a contest to try and be a skilled racer. The Rogues aren't exactly aware of Metal Sonic's full (and darker) goals though.
  • One of the groups' treasure hunting exploits led them to a device known as the Ark of the Cosmos, a set of five rings that let anyone manipulate gravity. However, a robot got ahold of them and due to close proximity to the core of Baylon Garden, powered up to become a black hole/core unit that posed a threat to Earth in general. If anyone wants to engage in hoverboard racing with gravity manipulation involved, Wave did design some gravity rings that can used in races and only races since they don't want another scenario similar to the robot's.
    • It came as a surprise for the Rogues when they found out that not only was there someone who could control gravity, but is described as the personification of gravitational forces. While Enigma isn't antagonistic by default, Jet and the others are under the belief that something may happen to Enigma that could result in another deadly scenario akin to Master Core: ABIS.
  • Jet is very boastful about his skills at Extreme Gear racing to the point of mocking others that are below his level. As pronounced as his ego is, there's others whose braggart tendencies surpass his, especially when it comes to the scope of what they're great at. Some of those egotistical people (including a few who were pointlessly cruel on top of being selfish) even retorted that being the best at hoverboard racing doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, something that angered Jet greatly.
  • Wave, being a skilled inventor, heard about various others in her field through Tails following an Extreme Gear race with him and decided to look at what the competition has come up with. While she ended up finding some fairly good inventors with only a few duds in her book (simply because she wouldn't really admit that some of the competent inventors really are that good), she largely perceived them as rivals for who is the best mechanic in the Pantheon overall. In particular, she was surprised upon seeing what the SWAT Kats could do with random junk and challenged them to make a speedy hoverboard out of such materials if the duo could make a fighter jet out of junk. The Kats did make have a couple of hoverboards sometime after the initial meeting, but some kinks are still being worked out.
  • Storm cares about Jet to the point where he's willing to follow the latter's orders without question. Storm was able to find common ground with Ira Gamagoori given that they are very loyal to the leader of a group of beings that are less villainous they they appear to be in addition to being the muscle of said groups.
  • They were surprised to hear about another hoverboard racing competition, albeit one with several differences compared to Extreme Gear racing. The Rogues decided to watch some of these races featuring the Air Ride Machines just to see how it compares to Extreme Gear. The only Air Ride Machine that really impressed them was the Dragoon as most of the others were slow in comparison to Extreme Gear (and they would have liked the Hydra if it weren't for the fact that it takes too long for it to do anything).
  • Jet not only participates in hoverboard racing, but he also involved himself in some Olympic games with Sonic and several others (Wave also got involved, albeit much later). Jet seems to have an interest in soccer due to the technical skill required to the point where he's made some visits to the House of Sports to play soccer with other deities who are skilled in such.
  • Jet and Storm once had an encounter with Hatsune Miku.

    Beat (The World Ends With You
Beat, God of Cool Boards (Skulls, Freshmeat, Rottenmeat, Delinquent Reaper, Skater-Brain, Daisukenonjo Bito, Yellow, "Neku")
  • Has some interest in hoverboards ever since seeing the Babylon Rogues in action and hopes to find a way to get one of his own.
  • Thanks to Riku's own influence as a Greater God and Sora's Dream Eater, Beat was able to regain his Kuma Panda, which he mainly uses as a bodyguard unless dealing with any Pokémon.
    • They also discovered that they're a lot more alike than they realized; both joined an enemy group (The Reapers, Maleficent) to save a person that they care about (Rhyme, Kairi), both developed new powers during their stay there (Reaper powers, Darkness), both attacked the main protagonist of their game (Neku, Sora) multiple times, both switched sides to help them, and both had a part defeating a final boss in their game (Kitaniji, "Ansem").
  • Beat has developed a friendship (and possibly Social Link) with Yu Narukami over the fact that they're both protective older brothers (figuratively, in Narukami's case). Rhyme gets along with him too. Of course, this also extended to the Dojimas Yu lived with during his time at Inaba.
    • Likewise, despite their intellectual differences, he has also developed a friendship with Edward Elric over the fact that they were both willing to join shady organizations in order to restore their younger siblings back to their original forms and heavily blame themselves over said siblings’ conditions.
  • Curry is his favorite form of tribute. He'll also accept ramen, but specifically curry-flavored ramen.
    "It takes curry flavor to curry my favor!"
    • Other gods snicker when they hear him describe the taste as "a party in [his] mouth".
    • Naturally, when its representative deity ascended, he's become another regular in Sojiro's temple and absolutely loves his curry.
  • Despises terrible parents due to what he had suffered from his own (even though that was still admittedly his fault).
  • He also knows that his body is hardly enough protection against a car; that's how he and Rhyme died the first time and entered the Reaper's Game. It's better to just pick up, pull, or shove away the person in danger, anyway.
    • In that same vein, he expresses pity and confusion when he heard of someone who did the same thing he did, and survived it, but the one he was rescuing still died. Still, Ethan earned his respect.
  • Has been compared once to Lelouch vi Britannia for being willing to become a bad guy just to save his sister. Beat doesn't like that comparison since being a bad guy wasn't what it was cracked up to be and he went back to Neku's side whereas Lelouch went full Genghis Gambit and then had himself killed to ensure world peace for the sake of Nunnally; there's no way he could or would go the extra miles just for Rhyme's sake, and not just because he isn't smart enough.

Enterprise, Goddess of Aircraft Carriers (CV-6, The Grey Ghost, The Big E, Lucky E, Most Decorated Fighting Ship of World War II, Loliprise)
Remodeled version 

Franky, God of Cool Boats (Cutty Flam, Cyborg, Iron Man, BF-37 [formerly 36], Iron Pirate “General Franky”, Franosuke)
General Franky 
  • Lesser God, borderline Intermediate as General Franky.
  • Symbol: His Jolly Roger, alternately a bottle of Cola
  • Theme Song: His theme. Time to get perverted!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Boats, Hollywood Cyborgs, Heroes who are tough as iron, SUPER Catch Phrases!
  • Domains: Ocean, Creation, Mechanus, War
  • Allies: His fellow Straw Hat Pirates: Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Brook, Jinbei, the Gokaigers (especially Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver), The Steam Team (especially Henry)
  • Enemies: Cthulhu
  • Ascended to godhood after his demonstration of the Thousand Sunny's Gaon Cannon. The god's messengers offered Franky the position the day after the shot was fired. His response? "That sounds SUPA!"
  • The perpetual rival of Cid in a battle of Cool Boats VS Airships. The Sunny remains Franky's ultimate trump card in this battle.
  • He's regularly found in the House of Technology admiring everything around him, and even giving out the odd piece of advice. He's welcomed of course, after the initial uneasiness involving his speedo wore off.
  • Franky took the entirety of the Straw Hat crew in the Thousand Sunny to where it was announced that Nami and Ussop would finally ascend. The familiar Sunny-Go served as the stage of honor to host the reunion party that none would soon forget. Between fits of weeping openly (despite his denials), he freely joined the zaniness and merry making of his closest allies.
  • Once had his speedo stolen by the God of Trolls on a whim. Despite his attempt to embarrass the cyborg, Franky proudly posed and proclaimed nothing could hold back the super pervert that he was. Mixed forms of embarrassment, admiration, and exasperation were felt the Pantheon over.
  • Franky was surprised, when he went to collect his supplies from the railway and noticed that the train was talking. The train was Henry who had impressed Franky with his amazing design and built, Henry sadly told Franky that he only had this amazing train build after Henry had an accident that meant a full rebuild. After hearing Henry's story Franky burst into tears and told Henry about an accident that forced Franky to give himself a full rebuild too. They bonded about their similar experiences and the fact that Franky has built trains, Franky offered to turn Henry into a Sea Train to travel on ocean railway tracks, Henry said no thank you to Franky saying that he prefers to travel by land rails.

    Jack Atlas 
Jack Atlas, God of the Monowheel Bikes (King of Riding/Turbo Duels, The Master of Faster, The Lonely King, KINGU, Aussie Jack)
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Mark of the Crimson Dragon's Wings. Alternatively, his D-Wheel (Wheel of Fortune) and his Red Dragon Archfiend
  • Leitmotif: Jack's Battle Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Card Games on Monowheel Motorcycles, Turning on his Friends but Reconciliating After Being Defeated, Pragmatic Heroes, Would Hit a Girl, Good Jerks, Focusing on Offensive Dueling only, Celebrity Is Overrated, Chick Magnet, Burning Soul!, Cup Ramen Noodles Being Serious Business, Final Boss
  • Domains: Bikes, Card Games, Popularity, Anti-Heroism, Friendship (Formerly Betrayed), Dragons, Cup Ramen Noodles
  • High Priest: Jack Atlas (Synchro Dimension)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Bandit Keith, Gengar, anyone who would betray their friends.
  • Friendly Enemy: James (Team Rocket)
  • Opposes: Rei Shingetsu/Vector
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • Being the KINGU of Riding Duels, what other kind of motorcycle would fit him more? A monowheel one, of course! He may have come a little bit later than the rest of his comrades from 5Ds, but when he finally did, it was with style, going through the roads of Pantheon on his Wheel of Fortune.
  • He was more than happy to meet with his fellow mates from Team 5Ds. However, he is still training to finally defeat Yusei after their last duel but no one seems to mind.
    • Also reunited with Carly Nagisa as the latter burst into tears as she was happy to see him again. After all, she is the one that made him a better person again after his lost to Yusei during the Fortune Cup while he's making a recovery at that time.
  • Like Yusei and Aki before, Jack seems to have known Kouta Kazuraba all along after he heard the Pantheon in the first place. Kouta also seems to sympathizes with him because he knows how it feels of how he can trusts his allies as long as he never betray his friends just like what he did in the past.
  • He also sympathizes with Judai Yuki as the duelist from Duel Academy also had once betrayed his friends during his time as the Supreme King, which reminds Jack of how he betrayed his allies in exchange for fame and fortune back then.
    • However, he gained an animosity towards Vector since he betrayed Yuma in the after he reveal his true colors, even thought the Barian became good in the end.
  • He also gets along with his fellow YGO rivals like Seto Kaiba and Kaito Tenjo as he made a remark of their distinctive similarities. The three of them often practices dueling together everytime so they can find a way to defeat their respective rivals like Yusei, Yugi, and Yuma.
    • However he had a rocky relationship with his "distant cousin" Kaito Kumon, better known as Kamen Rider Baron, due to the fact that he ended up turning himself into a monstrous Over Lord bent of recreating the world by destroying it first. Even thought, he still understands him for what he been through in his lifetime due to his troubled past.
  • Has struck a friendship with Domon Kasshu, Simon, and Kamina, because the three of them were impressed with his Hot Bloodedness when he invokes his "Burning Soul" during his duels. No wonder that the three of them wanted to learn it from him since they became interest with his abilities.
  • He became friends with Shirabe because he was impressed with her Lunar Eclipse ability as she uses it as a monowheel transportation which doubles it as a weapon to ride on her opponents. The two of them would often having a monowheel race in the House of Travel since then.
  • He seems to found a kinship with King Dedede mostly due to how they both speaks in a familiar tone while he sympathize with Dedede due to his status as a unofficial king has often make fun of it.
  • Being a fair player himself, he despises Bandit Keith since the former American Duel Monsters champion is prone to cheating and he tend to be a Sore Loser when losing in duels. Although Keith speaks similarly to Jack, the King of Turbo Duels doesn't care at all as he sees him as an enemy to begin with.
    • Jack has also gained some issues with the ghost Pokémon Gengar even thought they sounded alike since his act of frightening others made him a threat to be mess with.
  • Although he's serious in his motivations of being a duelist, there was a time that he acted very awkward when it comes to Cup Ramen noodles. In fact, eating cup ramen is Serious Business for him.
  • One day, while he and Carly were watching a show at the PWF (Carly had to write an article about the results for the paper), the PWF got ambushed by Dark Marik unleashing the Winged Dragon of Ra...on the Cutie Mark Crusaders who were innocently trying to mail a package to the real Marik and things to out of hand real quickly. This was when Jack learned on how Carly had her Dark Signer side as a Persona, who, along with those three ponies, destroyed Ra and burnt Dark Marik to a crisp. It took a long talk for Carly to explain just what was going on and after that, Jack asked if it was possible if he could obtain a Persona of his own after remembering that vision Dark Signer Carly gave when he ruled Earth alongside her. Carly agreed, albeit reluctantly, and created a team to help Jack obtain that Persona of his.

    Jill Dozer 
Jill Dozer, Goddess of Drill Tanks ('Boss' by the Red Dozers)

    Subaru Nakajima 
Subaru Nakajima, Goddess of Skates (GaoGaiGar-tan)


    Captain Nemo 
Captain Nemo, God of Submarine Voyages (Prince Dakkar, No One, Rider, "Captain", Eleusis La Arwall, Noah, Grand Rider)
Rider Nemo's Santa variant 

  • Demigod, but his submarine and technology give him a borderline-Intermediate presence.
  • Symbol: His submarine, the Nautilus. Alternatively, a large golden N on a black field.
  • Theme Song: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Soundtrack Theme; Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
  • Alignment: True Neutral with some shades of Chaotic Neutral, other incarnations may vary
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Cool Ship, He Who Fights Monsters, Viciously Hates Imperialism and the British Empire, Kick the Dog, Name means “no one” in Latin, Cunning Linguist, N.G.O. Superpower, No Name Given (at least until he’s revealed to be Prince Dakkar), Omniglot, Rage Against the Heavens, Submarine Pirates, Übermensch, Uses the Nautilus as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?, Wicked Cultured, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters
  • Domains: Submarines, Oceans, Technology, Culture, Anti-Imperialism, Vengeance
  • High Priest: Janni and Jack Dakkar
  • Heralds: All of the Nautilus' crew (applies to other adaptations and counterparts of Captain Nemo)
  • Allies: None, at least publicly. Captain Nemo prefers keeping to himself.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lelouch vi Britannia, Trafalgar Law
  • Respects: Odysseus, Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, those cultured in marine science and biology as a whole
  • Rivals: Long John Silver, Gol D. Roger, Blackbeard, and most pirates in general, Andrew Ryan
  • Enemies: Rahab, The Kraken, Tamatoa, Octogeddon, Black Manta, Charles zi Britannia, The Five Elders and the World Government and Marines as a whole, Donquixote Doflamingo, Operation Kraken, Chester W. Nimitz, Richard Halsey Best, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, Admiral Yamamoto, Rear Admiral Yamaguchi
  • Opposed by: Ecco, Flipper, The ABZU Diver, Kukuru Misakino and Fūka Miyazawa, The Octonauts, Shovel Knight, Ika Musume, Ariel
  • Tense Relations with: Captain Ahab, Aquaman, King Triton, Namor (latter is a bit complicated)
  • Source of Interest to: Milo Thatch, Nautilus
  • Special or Ambiguous Relations: Griffin (The Invisible Man), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Danny Rand
  • On an expedition of the US Navy, the marine biologist Professor Aronnax, as well as his servant Conseil, and Ned Land, a harpoonist, were looking out for a supposed giant narwhal attacking local ships, and encountered the "sea monster" only to luck to bring the three down for them to find that the monster was really a high-tech submarine beyond their comprehension, manned by the mysterious Captain Nemo. As the captain of the mighty submarine vessel known as the Nautilus, he forced them to stay on the Nautilus as "guests" to ensure they wouldn't leave and spread the secret of Nemo's activities. Other sources would identify him as Prince Dakkar, the son of an Indian Raja, and a scientific genius who roams the depths of the sea in his submarine, built on a deserted island. Nemo's stern, controlled confidence and his lifestyle of living off the sea's bounties with only very brief resurfaces had for a while intrigued Arronax, but gradually he would come to see the darker side of Captain Nemo. Wrought with ambition to establish himself as a N.G.O. Superpower, driven by a thirst for vengeance and a hatred of imperialism (particularly the British Empire), not only wracked by remorse over the death of his family in India, but also the deaths of his crew members and even by the deaths of enemy sailors, and by the time Aronnax and his allies escaped, it was before the Nautilius would be trapped in a gigantic whirlpool known as The Maelstrom, perhaps out of his own rage and sorrow, and from that point, no one had heard from Captain Nemo and his legendary Nautilus again.
  • The seas of the Pantheon had begun to give out reports of a large sea creature roaming the waters and attacking government ships, and of course, plenty of navy marines and pirates alike had went on the hunt for this creature. However, their mark was no creature at all, but the Nautilus, piloted by a confused Captain Nemo unsure of his new location. But all he knew was that there were more seas to roam and claim, and more seemingly imperial ships and other hostile threats to strike down. Many who had tracked the target expecting a large animal would find themselves unprepared for the wrath of the Nautilus, and were mercilessly sunk. As Captain Nemo ravaged through ships and other sea creatures in his hunts, the Nautilus would be attacked by the Kraken, something that caught Nemo off-guard due to such a target being much fiercer than the giant squids he was used to hunting, but managed to fend it off and flee, only to find a large underwater kingdom, baffled by its very existence. In an attempt to investigate, Captain Nemo was attacked by swarms of sea creatures, and then the submarine would be infiltrated by none other than Aquaman, whose kingdom that Nemo had intruded upon. Despite Nemo's crew delivering volleys of electric shots, Aquaman took them out and caught the submarine's captain, but recognized the man from his land-dwelling friends' books. Delivering Captain Nemo to the Court of the Gods, Nemo would learn that he was in a new world entirely known as the Pantheon, filled with not only fantastical beings and sea creatures, but beings with technology that dwarfed Nemo's own impressive technology in the same way Nemo's technology and lifestyle baffled his own peers. Warning Nemo that his attempts to cause trouble among the seas would not be tolerated lightly, Nemo reluctantly heeded the warnings, returning to the Nautilus, dismayed by all of the new competition he would have in the Pantheon, but determined to make a name for himself regardless.
  • Nemo's typical nature, regarding how he treats his crew, reflects on how secretive he wanted to be. He trained all of his crew to use a constructed language of his own, and was keen on not letting those who entered his submarine leave alive, due to not wanting any significant parties to know his existence. In the Pantheon, this point became moot since the deities, which he'd want to hide himself from the most, have already been aware of Nemo's presence for a while, so Nemo decided to ease up on his policies in order to work better with individuals willing to cooperate with him. Given what the Pantheon is now, isolating himself can no longer be an option; he would have to interact with them, though he would act like the Nautilus is a nation of its own. For one thing, he knows that to take on the greater threats in the Pantheon's oceans and some of the more powerful navies, he'll have to gradually adapt his Nautilus to be up-to-date with the Pantheon's sciences and technologies to keep up with the times, even if it mans cooperating with those he would not consider working with otherwise. Though Nemo tends to be picky on this matter, only going with sea-based products.
  • Despite having studied in the Western World a long time ago, mainly in London, Paris, and New York, he wants to cut free from any ties with continental society in general. This was to the point where he initially planned to not recruit any new members back in his own world after his initial recruitment, even if it was only less than sixty people strong, and gradually dwindling. Even when bringing back all of such crew as heralds, criticism for his Oddly Small Organization has gotten to him, and so he's considered a very strict hiring process for non-deities in the Pantheon, being too paranoid that directly recruiting an actual Pantheon deity would hurt him in the long run. He also avoids dry land as much as humanly possible, except when it's uninhabited, such as Antarctica and desert islands, but in keeping with his contempt for the nations of the surface, he avoids products that are not marine in nature, be it food, clothing, furnishing, or even tobacco. If Nemo does make a coastal visit, it is only to help smaller, oppressed populations to help with their revolutions, or to look for mortal individuals willing to work for him for good.
  • He has a comprehensive knowledge of marine life and it is his respect for Professor Aronnax's expertise in the field which led to his befriending the professor when the latter was cast upon the Nautilus. As such, he holds respect for similarly cultured experts in marine biology, like the Octonauts who dedicate their time in helping marine life and other animals, as well as Kukuru Misakino and Fūka Miyazawa, and even Jotaro Kujo who also had become a marine biologist, but his respect for them is not mutual, all of them finding Nemo's actions to be unsavory and perhaps even selfish, despite Nemo's claims that he looks out for the marine ecosystems as a whole. For what it's worth, his claims about hunting cachalots and other invasive species for the greater good are on shaky ground and do not trust the man given his hostility toward terrestial civilization in general.
  • While the Nautilus has handled encounters with giant squids and similar kinds of sea behemoths, Nemo is cautious regarding encounters with the more renowned leviathans and sea beasts in the Pantheon, knowing fully well that the Nautilus as it is would at the very least have a rough time escaping destruction when forced to clash in a disadvantageous situation. The closest he wants to get to such creatures is from a safe observational distance, so he can understand their biology and how they work so he can adapt to take on such creatures in the future. Two giant sea monsters he's specifically concerned with are Octogeddon, a giant mutant octopus who will go mad at any offenses toward him or octopus-kind, and has rather specific experience destroying military-grade submarines. The Nautilus's technology and accumulated riches have also made Captain Nemo a coveted target of the greedy Tamatoa, who'd like to crack open the Nautilus itself for its spoils, something Captain Nemo isn't willing to risk. Additionally, Captain Nemo is despised by Rahab, since he already hates humanity in general for treading too far against sea-life, and only sees Captain Nemo and his submarine as another adversity to crush.
  • He seems to have an almost maniacal hatred of oppression, with which he identifies with all the imperialistic nations of the world. Because of this, he holds contempt towards Charles zi Britannia, as he finds his empire, which directly stemmed from the British Empire in their world, to be a prime example of an imperialist force that Nemo hates. To this point, he does occasionally work with Lelouch on his own revolution-related operations on rare occasion. Lelouch doesn't fully trust Nemo given how Nemo runs things on his submarine and his attempts to claim territories that civilization hasn't already claimed, deeming Nemo not much better than the empires he opposes, though doesn't consider him as worse yet. Some rumors have spread claiming that Nemo has been sighted giving resources and assistance to specific parties with the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, but neither side is going to say anything about it.
  • One of Captain Nemo's biggest motivations to live the rest of his life under the sea was to enjoy the freedom from the laws and oppression from societies on land. However, the Pantheon is full of deities from undersea civilizations, some even rulers to underwater kingdoms or related to them, with their own sets of laws and territories that Nemo has to obey lest he suffer retribution. Captain Nemo, while highly irritated by this reality in the Pantheon, he'll give them credit for overall being less destructive and materialistic than their land counterparts, and will respect their boundaries. King Triton doesn't want to see Nemo and his submarine approach Atlantica, and Captain Nemo is also disliked by his daughter Ariel given her own fascination with the human world that Nemo willingly left behind. He also gets stern looks from the Sub-Mariner Namor, who is also the ruler of Atlantis in his universe, with some wondering on a possible deeper reason for his tense views towards Captain Nemo. In his universe in fact, Namor has found some of his mother's photo featuring her as well as Leonard McKenzie and his universe's Captain Nemo, which does bring questions regarding whether Captain Nemo and Namor are directly related. It also so happens that said Captain Nemo may have known one of Danny Rand's predecessors as Iron Fist, not that Danny really cares too much. Regardless, Captain Nemo and Namor don't plan to get in each other's way, and Namor doesn't seem to think that much on the potential connection. Aquaman had also made it clear to Captain Nemo that his activities are not welcome in his kingdom, though rarely they can agree on an Enemy Mine regarding Black Manta, a murderous raider and pirate with impressive technology of his own, and being aware of how ruthless he can be, Captain Nemo knows that Black Manta is someone to be terminated on sight, knowing he'd do the same to him and his crew.
    • Captain Nemo doesn't think highly about Andrew Ryan and his attempt to create an underwater civilization that effectively functioned as a safe haven for people with great ambition and talent, given Andrew Ryan's similar backstory of being driven out by bigger parties and wanting to start his own separate civilization of Rapture to oppose the land governments. Despite their similar goals and actions, as well as their distrustful attitude, Andrew Ryan and Captain Nemo have nothing nice to say about each other. Captain Nemo sees Rapture as a failed attempt to create another disgusting empire that was no better than the continental governments, and Andrew Ryan sees Captain Nemo's quest to try and conquer the seas with such a small and selective crew as a rival to other governments' navies as an utterly lost cause.
  • The pirates in the Pantheon are considered as rivals to Captain Nemo by default, and given that many of them are out to satiate their own selfish desires, Captain Nemo will usually attack them if they seem to be approaching him, otherwise leaving them alone to minimize conflict. Even with the nicer ones, they do not tend to approve his rampant, vengeance-fueld destruction of navy ships either. While typically avoiding confrontation with pirates, one seemingly harmless individual who had plenty of talents, including being a cook, happened to be a pirate who had interest in infiltrating the Nautilus for his own interest (and some of the valuables), so he established himself as an innocent and abandoned castaway, and for weeks, integrated with the crew of the Nautilus. When opportunity arose as Captain Nemo parked onto land for some supplies, the dreaded Long John Silver made his move, getting himself and his accomplices some of Nemo's goods and managing to outsmart his electrical security system's measures, killing a few of the captain's men in the escape. Furious at Silver's trickery, he's been more careful and observant of those he picks up to ensure that this incident never repeats.
  • One of the few pirates that Captain Nemo is on decently friendly terms with is Trafalgar Law, captain of the Heart Pirates who also happen to travel through a submarine like Captain Nemo. They happen to cross each other in a relatively isolated part of the seas, and Law wanted to bargain for some supplies, so he managed to get Nemo to negotiate with him personally. Captain Nemo, while reluctant at first, decided that Law was someone worth understanding and not to be trifled with, given that Law had also been victim of a horrible plague and the World Government killing off the inflicted, including his own family, much like how Nemo lost his family to the British Empire. The other reason was that Law's powers essentially made the idea of attacking the Heart Pirates a suicidal move, so there was not much of a choice. They gradually got along due to their opposition to tyrants and ruthless governments, with Nemo sympathizing with Law's feuds with Doflamingo and the World Government, and even managed to open up to each other regarding more personal information about one another. This ended up culminating in Captain Nemo becoming a reputable menace to the World Government and the ascended Marines in the Pantheon, due to Captain Nemo ambushing Marine ships to sink them, then flee before stronger individuals could arrive. Captain Nemo takes his reputation as a danger to Marines as a source of pride, having learned about all the horrible things that the World Government has done.
    • Additionally, through Law he learned about Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates who not only made themselves known for being friendly pirates, but for their staunch opposition to the oppressive World Government and other tyrannical figures. Given Luffy's reputation as a destroyer of tyranny, a liberator of the oppressed, and a symbol of free will itself to those who know him, Captain Nemo holds nothing but respect for Luffy. However, Captain Nemo knows that his actions may not necessarily be taken well by the Straw Hat Pirates, and knows that he wouldn't be any threat to the Straw Hat Pirates. From what Nemo has learned from Law, Nemo would be completely at Luffy's mercy should they end up meeting in person, but Nemo still isn't too sure of how, and doesn't want to find out.
  • Captain Nemo has been doing in his research on deities that manage their own navy forces, given that his hatred towards imperialism and many powerful land civilizations would make him enemies with said navies by default. He's been extra wary of the American navy forces in the Pantheon like Chester Nimitz, a Fleet Admiral who played a great role in America's naval fights against Japan in World War II, as well as Lt. Cdr. Richard Halsey Best, a dive bomber pilot who not only played a significant role in the Battle of Midway but also has experience taking on enemy submarines, and likewise they recognize the threat Nemo poses as well. The Nautilus is also looked out for by the forces of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, given that their job of rescuing sailors from destroyed ships would include victims of Captain Nemo's attacks. Regarding the Japanese navy, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi, who have fought against the American navy, also command fleet ships and submarines of their own, and don't plan to take Captain Nemo lightly. That said, Captain Nemo despises the naval forces within the leagues led by Operation Kraken, not just for their impressive naval technology and seacraft, including aircraft carriers and submarines, but being an attempt to establish Nazi conquest, and the Nazis' idea of government is in line with the very parts of human civilization that Captain Nemo hates, so he's always making sure his work is a step ahead of Operation Kraken.
  • Nemo finds Odysseus to be a very interesting man, probably due to several similarities surrounding the two sailors, from being the captain of a ship who commanded a loyal crew they cared much about, their identities essentially being “No One”, and their struggle with beings they could not truly defeat. With Nemo dealing with the ships of the British Empire and Odysseus' struggles with the gods, though unlike Odysseus, Nemo had no family to return to. Nemo has also been wary of Captain Ahab, a similarly vengeance-driven sailor who dedicated much of his life in pursuit of Moby Dick, a powerful whale. Given each other's questionable sanity at times, the two mainly stay away from each other, with Ahab considering Nemo too much of a danger to get in the way, and Ahab also reminds Nemo of the unpleasant hunter he used to have for a "guest" that was Ned Land.
  • Milo Thatch was curious about Nemo given his own undersea adventures and considered paying him a visit, though despite a cordial meeting, Milo ended up not feeling too welcomed by the Nautilus crew, though Nemo does respect Milo's genius, but not enough for a cordial friendship, given how on-guard he was. While Milo does respect Nemo for his intellect, he doesn’t approve of several of his actions such as sinking down other ships. Upon hearing about a god who shares the same name with his submarine, he ended up paying him a visit. While they could relate to each other in that they’re both driven by Revenge, they disagree in their opinions on their ocean, as while Nemo is fascinated with anything ocean-related, Nautilus isn’t too fond of the sea if his past experiences with it are anything to go by. Shovel Knight also dislikes Captain Nemo due to him and his submarine reminding him of Treasure Knight, a greedy member of the Order of No Quarter that only sought to plunder the riches of the sea for himself.
  • On top of the original Captain Nemo from the books, people have met other incarnations and counterparts of Captain Nemo who had began appearing in the Pantheon when the original Captain Nemo ascended. Whether they hang around each other or not is not particularly known, and some counterparts are easier to get along with than others. What can be said for all of them in particular is that they care about their personal crew, and despise tyranny and despotism with a passion. The adaptation of Captain Nemo that resembles James Mason, for one, was more benevolent and mainly opposed an unseen but distinctly more malicious unnamed empire that was highly destructive and hostile in nature, and even had plans to share his knowledge with the rest of the world before forces from said empire attacked him, and eventually caused the death of him and the Nautilus' sinking. Another incarnation of Captain Nemo, whose real name is Eleusis La Arwall, father of the titular protagonist of his originating work, Nadia, the Atlantean owner of a more advanced Nautilus, lacked any malice towards humanity, but it seems such unscrupulous traits were given to the nefarious Gargoyle, leader of the Neo-Atlantis organization, his mortal enemy who used to be a friend of this Nemo, but not only saw himself as better than other humans in general, but sought to conquer humanity himself through the Red Noah, but Nemo had ensured its destruction at the cost of his own life.
  • In another universe, Prince Dakkar would also serve as a member of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, using his Nautilus to help his colleagues, ruling his own island nation, and slaughtering Englishmen who opposed him. This particular individual is also known to be Sikh and and not very friendly toward Muslims in general. However, he still had his own code of honor, and he was enraged to learn that the British government killed off the Martians in his world by deploying biological weapons in a city, and quit the team on the spot. Given that team he was in also included Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and Griffin, he has a very sour relationship with them both as they're also in the Pantheon. For one, he's not planning to get along with Hawley Griffin again given how heinous he was, he very much doesn't want to deal with Hyde, still vehement about when Hyde violently raped then killed Griffin brutally, not that people think he's wrong to not want anything to do with them. Eventually, he let his daughter, Janni Dakar, succeed him at running the Nautilus, and from what deities have heard, this Captain Nemo is proud for her daughter, and managing to be succeed by her own son, Jack Dakkar, who went on to take on other oppressive governments, that he even let them be High Priests.
  • One of the more particular counterparts of Captain Nemo is a Rider Servant and a Phantom, who is made from two spirits, the original Captain Nemo as well as the Greek god Triton. Notably, his crew consists of alternative versions of himself with different skills and specialties, known as the Nemo Series, created through the usage of Memory Partition, letting the Nautilus run without assistance from others. He can also keep up the ship via a form of Synchronization, which helps the vessel get through tough situations, but extreme stress can cause the damage to knock out the captain himself. This particular Servant is often seen working alongside the Master of Chaldea in their adventures. Among the other deities in the Pantheon with their own Servant incarnations, Nemo happens to hold some wariness and tension with Tezcatlipoca given that he took him captive when going through the South American Lostbelt, and is also hostile toward Nero Claudius, specifically the Queen Draco counterpart, also known as Beast VI/S, who attacked and nearly killed Grand Rider Noah, who fused with Captain Nemo to survive, and given Queen Draco's apocalyptic intentions, it's no surprise they're enemies.

"The sea doesn't belong to tyrants. On its surface they can still stake their evil claims, battle each other, devour each other, haul every earthly horror. But thirty feet below sea level, their power ceases, their influence fades, their domination vanishes! Ah, sir, live! Live in the heart of the seas! Here alone do I find independence! Here I recognize no superiors! Here I'm free!"

    Chief Vitalstatistix 
Chief Vitalstatistix, the God Who's Too Important to Walk (Abraracourcix, Piggywiggy)

Claptrap, The Deity with One Wheel Locomotion (CL4P-TP, Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap, A Mistake, Fragtrap)

    Davos Seaworth 
Davos Seaworth, God of Old Sea Captains (Davos Shorthand, The Onion Knight, Lord of the Rainwood, Admiral of the Narrow Sea)

    Lightning McQueen 
Montgomery McQueen, God of Red-Colored Speedsters (Lightning McQueen, Stickers, Chester Whipplefilter, Lightning Dragon McQueen, Frightning McMean, Monty)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Rust-eze logo
  • Theme Song: Real Gone; alternatively, Life is a Highway
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass Driver, Is Popular In Japan In-Universe, Is Best Friends With Mater, Hot Paint Job, Becomes Sally's Boyfriend, Super-Speed, Took a Level in Kindness, Becomes Cruz's Mentor
  • Domain(s): Cars, Racing, Speed, Red
  • Herald(s): The citizens of Radiator Springs, Cruz Ramirez (his protege)
  • High Priest: Scott Truman
  • Followers: Makkari
  • Allies: Flash Thompson, Mabel Pines, Star Butterfly, Ruby Rose, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Krim Steinbelt
  • Friendly Rivals: Dominic Toretto, Captain Falcon, Sonic, Barry Allen, Rainbow Dash
  • Rivals: Dick Dastardly (one-sided for him)
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, Gary Smith, Tenjuro Banno, Char Aznable
  • Caught the interest of: House of Science, House of Health and Diseases
  • A race was going on in the Pantheon with non-ascended racers because someone here thought it's a good idea that whoever wins the race, will become a deity. When the race was held, the victor who emerged from it was......Lightning McQueen, who represents Red Ones Go Faster because of his color scheme and how he is one of the most famous and fastest racers in his world.
    • Because of that race, Dominic Toretto is fascinated to see an actual talking car in the Pantheon and challenges him to a race, which McQueen wholeheartedly accept, although they both tied when the race was finished. They have since then become friendly rivals, challenging each other to a couple of races. He also became friendly rivals with Captain Falcon because of similar reasons, although McQueen is somewhat surprised to see he's also a bounty hunter.
    • He got to meet other speedsters, who uses their feet such as Sonic (usually racing with him without any vehicles or drives on his vehicle), Barry Allen and Rainbow Dash (who raced using her wings). Nonetheless, he developed a friendly rivalry with them.
    • However, there is one racer that is willing to cheat in every single way, just so he could win. Knowing that he is an actual car, Dick Dastardly thought that he could find a way to sabotage him and win the race. Unsupringly, that backfired with McQueen winning the race. This causes some heated rivalry between the two, although that's only one-sided for Dastardly.
  • The reason he used to be so such an arrogant jackass at the beginning? His first friend in his racing academy betrayed him during the final race of the semester by tricking him into thinking his lug nuts are loose when really, his pit crew removed them on purpose so he can win and get a sponsorship deal. As a result, he stayed away from his classmates and never made any more friends, vowing never to trust anyone. Of course, he's improved thanks to his time in Radiator Springs.
  • Gets along with Flash Thompson because they both used to be jerks who eventually learned their lesson and became nice people. When they hang out, they usually each other's adventures of what basically happened in their lives.
  • Due to her red clothing and the fact that her Semblance is speed, he finds some common ground with Ruby Rose. It helps that racing isn't her profession and has a more pleasant personality, making them much more like friends rather than friendly rivals.
    • Likewise gets along with Billy Batson to the point that others mooted that Lightning should teach Billy how to drive. That ended when someone else pointed out it's unknown whether Lightning is equipped with a steering wheel, pedals or even a hollow interior that can be occupied by one or more humans.
  • One day, Mabel Pines and Star Butterfly thought that it's a good idea to see what's inside of McQueen because they are extremely curious. When he heard of this, he politely declined their offer, stating that they would be afraid of knowing what's inside it, and ran away quickly. After this incident, Mabel and Star quickly apologized to him, which he politely accepted and because they remind him of his best friend, Mater, he became friends with them verg quickly.
    • Thanks to this incident, a lot of deities, especially those of the Houses of Science and Health and Diseases as they are curious of what's inside it. This made McQueen afraid of what will happen and usually hides in one of his friend's or friendly rival's temple.
  • He hates bullies such as Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, and Gary Smith because it reminds him how much of a jerk he was back then before his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Ended up becoming allies with Shinnosuke Tomari, due to being a red-clad hero driver. It helps that he is much more unique to other Toku Heroes is that he uses a car rather than a motorcycle.
    • It also got him to meet Krim Steinbelt. The latter is impressed that McQueen is able to actually understand him and thus, became his translator.
    • This also got him to be enemies with Tenjuro Banno, who wanted to stop time completely through another Global Freeze and digitize them all into data, which means that if nothing moves, there'll be no more races. Banno considers him ineffectual, but is fascinated of sentient cars like him and hopes to invade his world to gain more subjects for his experiments.
  • Since his own mechas are red and fast like McQueen, Char Aznable would consider him a testament that he has chromatic superiority across all worlds, although McQueen ended up hating him as he used others for his own methods.
  • It's true that he changed into a purple Doc Hudson-esque paint job at the end of the third movie to experience what the late Doc Hudson did. However, this is just for fun and it won't be permanent; this is only for the time period in which he'll be Cruz's crew chief for a short time to get her going, after which he'll return to his original red getup eventually.
  • His tires are named "Lefty", "Righty", "Backy", and "Backy Junior". It's not known which rear tires are "Backy" and "Backy Junior" respectively.

Moana Waialiki, Goddess of Cultures Centered Around Sailing (Moana of Motunui, Vaiana)

    The Steam Team 
The Steam Team Members , Holy Fleet of Steam Engines (Thomas: Blue Puffball, Little Tank Engine, Chumish, Thomas the Tankin Dankin | Edward: Old Iron | Gordon: Big G, the Shooting Star | James: Rail Rocket | Percy: Green Caterpillar with Red Stripes, Little Green Goblin on Wheels | Toby: That Old Teapot)
From left to right: Edward, Toby, Emily, James, Thomas, Percy, Henry, and Gordon
Click here to see each engine from Thomas & Friends 
And here for The Railway Series (excluding Emily) 
  • Rank: Demigods
  • Symbol: The railway map of Island of Sodor
  • Theme Songs: Engine Roll Call
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Remaining in Commission Despite Dieselization, Sentient Vehicles, Vitriolic True Companions, each has a Signature Sound Effect, Iconic Sequel Characters (except Edward, Gordon, and Henry), Edward and Henry were Demoted to Extra in series 22, Ensemble Cast, have undergone various Flanderizations and Character Checks over the years, most of them are Jerks with Hearts of Gold, Era Specific Personalities, Magic Realism
  • Domains: Trains, Travel, Goodness, Artifice, Metal, Steam, Reliability
  • Heralds: Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller (their boss), Annie and Clarabelle (Thomas' coaches), Henrietta (Toby's coach), Nia and Rebecca (later members)
  • Followers: The Astrotrain, The Hogwarts Express, The Galaxy Express 999, the cast of Starlight Express, real life steam trains like The Flying Dutchman
  • Allies: George Carlin, Ringo Starr, the Conductor, the Star Fleet (though James can't stand Top Hat), the Pteranodon family, Tetsuro Hoshino and Maetel, Giovanni and Campanella, Link and Zelda's Spirit Tracks incarnations, Herbie, The Autobots, several Power Rangers
  • Enemies: P.T. Boomer, Simon Laurent
  • Rivals: Lightning McQueen (to James)
  • Liked by: many children deities
  • Dislikes: Bees (such as Barry B. Benson and Vi) for James, Gilgamesh (Fate) for Gordon
  • Oppose: Most pirates, poachers, thieves and train hijackers
  • Fear: Large theropod dinosaurs such as Rexy, Speckles, the Carnosaurs, and Big Al (Percy and James)
  • The Island of Sodor, a small isle in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and the Isle of Man, is home to the North Western Railway, one of the few railways to officially use steam-powered locomotives after the BR Modernization Plan. The NWR's main faces are called the "Steam Team", consisting of its first seven standard-gauge engines — Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, and Toby, numbered 1 to 7 respectively note — and Emily, who joined later and gained the number 12 even later on. This group of talking steam engines go on little adventures, doing their various assigned jobs and helping its island residences. Although the engines sometimes tease and quarrel with each other, they are all still good friends and would help each other through thick and thin.
  • A mysterious letter was sent to the NWR about one of its engines being chosen to represent the continuous existence of Steam Engines since the Island of Sodor refused to replace its fleet as its being modernized. Feeling honored, they've asked Thomas to be their representative due to being the most recognizable and most popular engine on Sodor. Originally, Thomas was the sole representative of the title and was the only engine working in the Pantheon for quite some time. After missing his friends and desiring to reduce his workload, he requested the Court of Gods that his friends would ascend alongside him and argued that his friends are just as helpful and hardworking as he was. The Court approved his request but declared that only the seven other longer-serving engines were to serve alongside the blue tank engine. The Court was generous enough to allow the other unascended engines to act as their heralds too along with their coaches.
  • In the books, Thomas, Percy, and Toby live in Ffarqharr, while most of the tender engines live in Tidmouth Sheds. In the show, however, the main seven live in Tidmouth Sheds, while Toby lives in Arlesdale End. In the Pantheon, the Steam Team's temple is a replica of the Tidmouth Sheds, where most of the engines reside for the night. When Thomas first ascended however, he requested his temple to be a replica of the sheds at Ffarquhar as that is his favorite station. He still kept his original temple after his friends' ascension but occasionally visits the Tidmouth Temple Shed to check on his friends. Toby also gets his own separate temple (a replica of his shed in Arlesdale End) sometime after he expressed how he missed his original shed. There are also a few tunnels in the Pantheon where they can return to their world at any time.
  • One of the Steam Team's main roles in the Pantheon is helping transport freight and carry passengers between houses. Their respective temples/railways are connected to a larger Pantheonic-specific railway network around the rural and sometimes urban parts of the Pantheon. The means may be slow compared to that of other modes of transportation, but they have proven to be a reliable bunch. Their presence also caused sort of a gathering of curious deities near their tracks whenever the engines passed by, either from those who have never seen a steam engine before or seen one with a talking face. The engines, though flattered by the attention, try not to let the fame and godhood go into their heads.
  • Naturally, they get along with most of the Pantheon's train-related deities:
    • The Pteranodon siblings are endlessly fascinated with both steam engines and the history of life, so they love to ask the Steam Team questions such as: What makes them alive? When do their faces appear? Can they move on their own or not? Unfortunately, the only answers they get are short phrases such as "Shut up" or "I don't know." The engines find the kids annoying — Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon sometimes have to step in and remind their kids that everyone wants peace and quiet sometimes — but also endearing.
    • The Conductor was stunned when he first met Thomas, back when Thomas was Ryotaro Nogami's high priest. He's even more stunned now that there are more talking trains in the Pantheon. As a result, he's always eager to film them, though some of his ideas are... ethically questionable. He really wants to record a train crash, which happens all the time on Sodor, because it would make a great Money-Making Shot.
    • Link surprised Thomas when he revealed that one of his incarnations had experience with steam engines. As usual, Zelda was there to assist him, only this time she was in spirit form. One can now add train riding as one of Link's many skills, helping to direct the steam engines in Thomas' domain.
    • Thomas was there to meet and greet another two train-related pairs into the Pantheon. One of which was the friends Giovanni & Campanella, whom Thomas help find their way into the Main House. The other was Tetsuro Hoshino and Maetel, whose train from their world was one of his followers. Thomas makes sure to introduce his newly ascended fleet mates to his fellow hallmates. The four of them were happy to meet more talking steam engines in their Halls.
  • The engines were also pleased to meet Ringo Starr and George Carlin as both have told stories about their adventures before his ascension. In the Pantheon, the two men sometimes like to read their stories to the defied children. The engines don't mind it and befriended the two, sensing a sort of familiarity with them. It's unknown if the Steam Team are aware of their respective professions of being a drummer and stand-up comedian respectively, and the two men are not interested in involving the fleet in what they do for a living.
  • The engines are on good terms with other sentient vehicles (like Herbie) given that there are other talking non-engine vehicles that also exist in their world. Although the engines repeatedly denied rumours that they can transform into giant robots similar to a Zord or a Transformer, the engines maintain a good relationship with the two groups. That said, even they have limits. They aren't keen on befriending Arnie & Christine due to the two's murderous reputation.
    • James cannot stand Lightning McQueen. Maybe it's because Lightning half-jokingly called them all "old geezers", or maybe it's because they're both red and cocky. Lightning teases the engines about how the places they can visit are limited, while James retorts that racing isn't a very important job. Edward gets along swimmingly with Lightning's former mentor, Doc Hudson; they both think the kids these days are too reckless. As for the other engines, they are a bit mixed on Lightning and aren't keen to befriend him yet.
  • Thomas was ecstatic when the Star Fleet ascended into the Pantheon, and now he's eager to introduce them to the rest of the Steam Team. Their members have a lot in common. Being the oldest of their respective groups, Edward and O.J. get along well; while Thomas, Percy, Ten Cents, and Sunshine are all (relatively) small and plucky. James can't stand Top Hat's snobby attitude and condescending tone of voice, though. He'd never admit it to anyone, including himself, but James and Top Hat are Too Much Alike.
  • The engines are generally liked by many deities, including children, who find their faces friendly and approachable. One deity who seems to hate these trains however was one named Simon, as he would give a death glare whenever he sees one of the engines pass by him. The engines did not understand what was his problem with them until they were told that he once stumbled inside a large fantastical train as a child. After some horrible things had happened to him, he later grew to despise any talking object or animal to the point of he and his group used to beat them up and vandalized the coaches they reside it. They were advised to stay away from him and never ever let him abroad into any of their coaches.
  • Their biggest enemy in the whole Pantheon is P.T. Boomer, who tried to destroy the Island of Sodor and all of its inhabitants by killing Lady the Magic Engine. Maybe. Most of the Steam Team remember Diesel 10 trying to do the same thing as well, but either way, the broader details don't line up with anything else they've experienced. Edward doesn't remember any version of this, and it would've happened before Emily arrived on Sodor, but they don't like the sound of P.T. Boomer.
    • That's not the only contradiction in their memories. Did Thomas arrive before or after Gordon? Was James always red, or was he black until Thomas rescued him? Who was the first engine on Sodor? Thomas, who's been a god for the longest, told the others not to worry about it.
  • Thomas is not very big fan of pirates after dealing with Sailor John, who once betrayed Thomas and came very close to blowing up the tank engine with dynamite. He and Henry are also not big fans of poachers; in Thomas's case, this is due to a misadventure involving a tiger. Toby is not a fan of thieves due to previous experiences. Since those incidents, the engines have been savvier when it comes to preventing criminals from stealing their cargo or hijacking them. They would even have to chase down the crooks if the criminals decided to mess with the engines.
  • Percy and James are terrified of large theropod dinosaurs. Once, a landslide at the China Clay Pits revealed some Megalosaurus footprints. Thomas told Percy about these, which led Percy to think there was a monster loose on Sodor. A few nights later, an even bigger landslide uncovered the accompanying fossil. When James saw it, he was so terrified that he tried to reverse away from it and into the landslide, so Percy risked his life to push him forwards. While there are no Megalosauruses in the Pantheon, it's home to plenty of similar dinosaurs in the living, breathing flesh. The only reason they're not scared of Buddy Tyrannosaurus is because he's young.
  • One airing of Robot Chicken in the Pantheon contained a short about Thomas being hijacked. Many gods noticed that he sounded like Harry Potter. It... wasn't an enjoyable viewing experience for any of the steam engines involved. Thomas also didn't think the Isle would ever replace them with Hummers. The fleet was also told by various Marvel deities about the time a version of the Ant-Man and Yellowjacket were fighting on top of a toy version of Thomas. Some of the engines are now worried about the possibility of various heroes and villains fighting near their tracks.
  • Exclusive to Thomas:
    • Bearing the number 1 on his side tanks, many know the engine associated with the number: Thomas the Tank Engine. This small, blue, six-wheeled blue tank engine with a short stumpy boiler, a short stumpy funnel, and a short stumpy dome, is one of the island's most prominent locomotives, starting out as a mere shunting engine before eventually gaining his own branch line. Similar to other deities, Thomas' personalities vary within the Pantheon, although he has two of them: His television and book personas. The former is an altruistic, curious sort of go-getter, who tends to be prominent around most child deities. The latter, however, is a rather strong-headed character, being more what you'd expect from an engine with over 100 years of service, along with having a bit of an ego. He tends to shift into this personality when dealing with older/wiser deities, though aspects of each tend to leak into the other at times.
    • Used to be Ryotaro Nogami's High Priest, which goes well with the Kamen Rider's train motifs. Now that Thomas an actual deity, however, the tank engine is more wary. Mainly because when Ryotaro showed up to congratulate Thomas on his ascension, Thomas ended up running over a trap point and derailed. This is blamed on Ryotaro's bad luck, only increasing Thomas' apprehension.
    • Although most of the engines have a fair share of great memes, Thomas is popular among memers and the Hall of Memes. Those defied meme lovers and as well rappers from all over the multiverse are also amazed at how thoroughly his theme meshes with virtually every rap song imaginable. This gave him the nickname of "Thomas the Dank Engine", and some even jokingly spread rumours that he's secretly a rich gangster who smokes a lot of weed. Thomas was initially confused when people sometimes call him that, thinking they are calling him a "damp, cold, and humid" engine. When someone tried to explain to him what's all about, he's still confused but he's confident to know he's still popular all these years later.
  • Exclusive to Edward:
    • Edward the Blue Engine is the oldest and wisest of the engines in the fleet, often acting as the voice of reason for his fellow engines. He is a blue 4-4-0 tender engine with red stripes and bears the number 2 on his tender. Although he can be old-fashioned and judgmental, especially to newcomers, he is kind-hearted and willing to help his friends when they are in trouble. Although he can be slow, old, and have moments of self-doubt, he proves to be a very hard worker who does his best to finish his job.
    • Scrooge McDuck had recently acquired some shares in the Pantheonic Railway and plans to use it to transport some of his found treasures to the House of Commerce. He requested Edward to do this task, much to the surprise of the other engines, who think that the task of carrying heavier loads is more suited for a younger engine. The rich fowl had taken a liking for the old blue engine; mainly because he can see from Edward's travels to and from the House of Commerce that he's a very hard-working engine and Scrooge, being someone who worked hard and fair to get the wealth that he has, can relate to that. Edward was, of course, proud to be given this task, and promised to be more diligent just to prove to the other engines that he was still capable and useful engine.
  • Exclusive to Henry:
    • Henry the Green Engine is engine number 3 on the railway, and a large 4-6-0 mixed-traffic tender engine painted green with red stripes. Although he has his arrogant moments, he is generally well-behaved, friendly and respectful to his fellow engines. He is also a hard worker, though he suffered from "illness" from time to time that hinders his work. He can also be sensitive and worrisome, though he grew out of his phrase and became more confident. He's also a nature lover with a fondness for trees and forests.
    • In his debut story, Henry went into a tunnel and wouldn't come out because he didn't want to get his paint wet, so the Fat Controller had him bricked in the tunnel as a punishment. However, he was let out in the very next story to pull the express after Gordon broke down. Henry is quite annoyed by all the clickbait articles that say he died in the tunnel, and the Fat Controller is an evil dictator; the latter never did anything so harsh again.
    • There is no point for guessing that Henry's favorite hall to visit is the Hall of Trees and Flowers. The green engine's presence in the Hall has been noticed by many nature lovers and preserves. They find it quite adorable (sans San, who finds a machine that serves humans while also liking nature to be quite weird). Among those people, Henry likes Smokey Bear and The Lorax the most due to their roles in trying to keep forests safe. He was also initially frightened the first time he met the giant Treebeard, but later slowly warmed up to the tree person when he learns that he also protects forests too.
  • Exclusive to Gordon:
    • Bearing the railway's number 4 engine, Gordon the Big Engine was one of the largest, fastest and strongest engines of the fleet. He is a blue 4-6-2 tender engine with red stripes and is mainly tasked with pulling Sodor's express passenger train service. Because of his size and responsibilities, he initially sees himself as self-important and prideful to the point of arrogance. He would sometimes be rude to other smaller engines like Thomas, Percy, and Edward. Eventually, he grew out of this attitude after realizing that all engines have their place within the fleet. Deep down, he cares about his fellow engines and would help them out when they needed it. After Edward moved out of Tidmouth Sheds, he took over for Edward in giving helpful advise to the other engines.
    • Gordon was given the task of pulling the Pantheonic Express train service and in one of his routes, he frequently stops at the station near the Hall of Pride and Egotism. When the big engine heard that royalty from that House like Gilgamesh and Vegeta was going to go board his coaches out of curiosity, he got a bit excited. The King of Heroes wanted to see the hype of one of Sodor's fastest steam engines, while the Prince of Saiyans accompanied his son Trunks who wanted to see a living steam engine for the first time. Thought-out the actual trip, Gilgamesh kept complaining about how slow the ride and the engine were for him, while Vegeta looked on stoically as his son was enjoying the view. Gordon didn't like Gilgamesh very much. Meanwhile, he slowly endeared himself to Vegeta, especially after he briefly thanked him for making his son happy. The Saiyan also lets the engine know while he can sense the pride coming for the engine, he's still better than his fellow royal who never lets go of his pride.
    • When she's not traveling on hooves, the traveling stage magician Trixie may take the train for one of her come-back shows and requests a couch big enough to accommodate her wagon. Since Gordon frequently makes stops at the Pride House, she is also his frequent passenger. The two soon befriended one another after learning each other's similarities; both can be boastful and arrogant but they do realize and feel guilt when they make mistakes and have since been tasked to help their fellow engines/ponies out with their advise. Trixie has since been thinking about using Gordon for one of those "disappearing train" acts for one of her big come-back shows and Gordon was surprisingly on board with it.
  • Exclusive to James:
    • James the Red Engine is a large tender engine sporting the number 5, is colored red with gold stripes & dome, and has a 2-6-0 mixed-traffic engine. Being vain and having quite an ego, he sometimes brags about his red paintwork and he thinks himself superior to the other engines. He also hates pulling trucks (freight cars) and believes that he should only pull passenger coaches. He is also quite a trickster, sometimes by scaring the other engines for fun or by tricking them into doing the jobs he doesn't like. Although, it does backfire on him and he learns his lessons. Despite his attitude, he still has a kind heart and is just as reliable as other engines.
    • James made his debut by derailing into a field because his breaks caught fire while some troublesome trucks pushed him down a hill, so Thomas had to rescue him. Since then, he's ran away because some boys messed with his controls, derailed into a pond because he was startled in the middle of the night, crashed through a wall in Tidmouth Sheds because his brakes failed... Point is, he crashes a lot. In fact, The Powers That Be originally considered making him the God of Runaway Trains.
    • James has a high opinion of himself and has a hard time getting along with anyone. Besides the aforementioned Lightning McQueen and Top Hat, he also hates all bees because of that time he was stung by one. He also hates getting any imperfections on his shiny red paint. Since rain creates mud, he hates traveling to the Hall of Weather.
  • Exclusive to Percy:
    • Percy the Small Engine is the smallest and youngest member of the Steam Team; he is also Thomas' best friend. He is a green 0-4-0 saddle tank engine with red stripes and has been given the number 6. He is quite a cheeky engine, often looking to trick or tease other engines, although he doesn't appreciate being teased himself. He also tends to get into accidents a lot, like the time he got himself covered in chocolate. Although he can quite timid and naïve due to his inexperience, he does get wiser and less cheeky once he learns his lessons.
    • One day, Alphonse Elric was visiting the Pantheon's replica of Sodor because it reminded him of Resembool, his hometown in the countryside. He met Percy, and they had a friendly conversation... until the wind knocked Al's helmet off. Startled, Percy reversed away and nearly crashed because he wasn't looking where he was going. Previously, he'd worried that suits of armour would come to life, but Thomas had assured him that's impossible... so seeing a completely empty but still-standing Alphonse defied all logical explanation. Al was upset; he'd only wanted to say hello. Later, Al explained why he's a suit of Animated Armor; Percy didn't understand any of it, but they eventually struck up an Odd Friendship.
    • One day while Percy was traveling on Thomas' branch line, he saw a strange witch on a broomstick zooming up above him. He tried to tell the other engines about what he saw but they didn't believe him, so he set out to prove that the witch that he saw was real. The next day, he successfully caught the witch's attention by tooting his whistle and the witch flew down beside him. The two talked to each other; she introduced herself as Kiki and was about to deliver some bake goods at a nearby station. The small engine said that he also delivers some goods too, with pulling the Mail Train being his favorite job to do. This gave the witch some ideas and the two new friends parted ways. Sometime later, Kiki introduced him to The Courier and Derpy, who was assigned to deliver mail in Pantheon. Percy was happy to help them with most of their mail-delivery-related favors.
  • Exclusive to Toby:
    • As the railway's number 7 engine, Toby the Tram Engine looks different as he's quite square-looking, painted brown with grey side plates and cowcatchers. The Fat Controller met him while on holiday with his grandchildren, and later bought him after Toby's line closed down, and he needed an engine with covered wheels. Despite his unusual look and advanced age, he is wise and always willing to share his experience and knowledge with other engines. Although he can sometimes be temperamental, he is always happy to work and likes working at the quarry which smooths his nerves. He also rarely gets into accidents as he's very careful with everything he does. In fact, he sometimes worries about making mistakes and feels uncertain about doing his work right due to his advanced age. Despite that, he can be placid and easy-going and enjoys the peace of the countryside in Thomas' Branch Line.
    • While he also helps with other jobs within his railway, his main job is taking stones to and from the quarry with his coach Henrietta. He was also tasked with the same job when he ascended and would sometimes take the leftover rocks to and from the Halls of Earth and Rock and Metal and Minerals. The nicer deities there have been endeared by Toby and would greet him when he passed by their temple area. Being well-antiquated with mining, Steve and Alex are also on good terms with the tram engine, sometimes asking a flavour from him to transport their extra blocks elsewhere. They even help him by crafting some emergency railway tracks when he got stuck on a dead-end once.
    • Toby tends to be more closer and compassionate towards humans than the other engines. He's even helped some human and non-human deities go to safety when he senses danger, which endured him to those that prefer to travel on his branch line. He also strike-up a wholesome friendship with some of the defied farmers like the one from Harvest Moon, Applejack, and Johnny Appleseed. He helps them transport their crops while Toby enjoys staying and travelling to and from their farms.
  • Exclusive to Emily:
    • Emily the Stirling Engine is a 4-2-2 Stirling single tender engine painted emerald/dark green with gold stripes. She sports the number 12 engine, speaks with a Scottish accent, and has a 'hot and cold' running temper. When she was new to the Sodor, she was a bit kinder, mature, and compassionate to her fellow engines. She was also quick to apologize when she knew she wronged someone. Though occasionally, Emily can act a bit cranky, rude and bossy; which frustrates the other engines. This could be because she can be overconfident and tries to find new ways to keep the railway organized. She later reverted to her early kinder personality. All in all, she's still a kind engine who looks out for her friends despite her overbearing attitude.
    • Emily and Asuka see something with each other; Asuka's sometimes abrasive attitude reminded the emerald engine of how she used to act while the EVA pilot admired her strong and mature attitude (as Asuka herself struggles with projecting a tough and mature attitude). Asuka finds Emily quite nice and comforting, so she sometimes visits her station to greet her or her shed alone just to talk or vent to her, which the emerald engine doesn't mind. Emily also made friends with Merida; she was one of the first engines Merida saw ever and the princess was surprised this "strange metal horse" would have an accent just like hers. Merida also used to act abrasive and thinks she knows better, so knowing that Emily also used to act like that made the princess relate to the engine more. Despite how dangerous it is, Merida (with her horse Angus) likes to race with Emily just to see which one of them is faster.

    Tetsuro Hoshino and Maetel 
Tetsuro Hoshino and Maetel, Divine Patrons of Cool Trains
Tetsuro in front of Maetel
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Galaxy Express 999
  • Theme Song: This and this
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Steam locomotives that fly through the cosmos, the inhumanity of mechanization and how it turns humans evil, visit lots of planets with their own quirks, most of which are in a bad state, can only stay on the planets for one day of the planet's time before the train leaves, Space Opera, Excessive Steam Syndrome
  • Domains: Trains, Space, Travel, Cultures
  • Herald: The Conductor, Crystal Claire
  • Allies: Giovanni & Campanella, 00-Cyborgs, Ichiro Inuyashiki, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Kino, Wander and Sylvia, Lordgenome, The Little Prince, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pteranodon family, Rodney Copperbottom, Bigweld
  • Enemies: The Cybermen, Madame Gasket and Phineas T. Ratchet
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Hiro Shishigami
  • Tetsuro Hoshino is a boy living far into the future, where intergalactic travel and mechanical enhancements to the body are commonplace. The near-immortality that these mechanized bodies provide has led to many people losing their humanity. Tetsuro experienced this first-hand when his mother was killed in front of him by Count Mecha, who treated the heinous act as sport. Tetsuro killed him in revenge and swore that he would mechanize himself to improve his life, but his poverty made mechanization inaccessible to him. Then he crossed paths with a mysterious woman called Maetel, who offered him tickets to board the Galaxy Express 999, which would take him to a planet that would mechanize him. Together, Tetsuro and Maetel visited many different planets and saw the various ways in which mechanization changed lives, which was not for the better for the most part. When they finally arrived on the planet that was Tetsuro's original goal, the prospect of mechanizing himself no longer attracted him, and instead the two destroyed the planet's industry in order to prevent more people from becoming corrupted by the process. Tetsuro and Maetel parted ways afterwards.
  • After some more adventures stopping the Machine Empire from mechanizing every human being, Maetel came to get Tetsuro so the two could go on one last train voyage that would define both their futures. This became the trip that brought them both to the Pantheon, though before they could arrive at the destination where they would be given their godhood, they had to make a few stops first to collect blessings from certain deities. Most importantly, the blessings of Giovanni and Campanella, without whose tale, the Galaxy Express 999 might never have traversed the vast cosmos. The two boy cats were only too glad to welcome fellow train travelers who had such a fascinating story to tell. They even accompanied Tetsuro and Maetel for the remainder of their voyage, during which they talked about their adventures, and witnessed as the train duo were officially instated as deities.
  • Knowing what they know about the horrifying effects that mechanization can have on the human set of values and sense of morality, Tetsuro and Maetel were dismayed to know that the sentiment of machine supremacy is very present in certain parts of the Pantheon, to the point of there being organizations devoted to spreading that ideal, which includes mechanization for beings of flesh and bone, even those unwilling. A group who especially reminds the duo of the Machine Empire are the Cybermen, a race of beings who mechanized themselves and made themselves immortal to avoid extinction; they then proceeded to attempt to enforce that on other beings, believing it to be for their own good. Tetsuro and Maetel would say that was Queen Prometheum's (the leader of the Machine Empire and Maetel's mother) argument as well, but she was driven to monstrous lengths to achieve her goal, which is already proven to do no good for humanity. In addition, the fact that Cybermen need to suppress their emotions to prevent themselves from being overwhelmed by insanity at their robotic conditions is another argument against the process, as far as the two are concerned.
  • Tetsuro and Maetel are aware that becoming mechanized isn't an automatic mark of evil; this is proven by Maetel herself, Claire, and some other folks they met on their journey. They're glad to know that there are a few people who, despite their initial shock at their roboticisation, decided they would use their new powers for the good of their fellow man. This was the case with the 00-Cyborgs, who scorned the terrorist organization Black Ghost's attempt at turning them into weapons and instead chose to fight against it with all they had, as well as against other threats. Victor Stone was likewise made into a cyborg after an accident, but learned to live with it and became a hero after meeting the right people. All these Cyborgs reckon they might not have turned out well if they didn't have their friends, and agree with Tetsuro and Maetel that both evil cyborgs who use their power to harm people and those who want to forcibly roboticise others are bad news.
  • Ichiro Inuyashiki and Hiro Shishigami are a prime example of two people for whom mechanization led them down very different paths, with Inuyashiki vowing to use his power for good, while the already sociopathic Shishigami used his new condition to hurt and kill people for his own amusement. This makes Tetsuro and Maetel ponder that maybe mechanization doesn't turn people evil so much as it gives already evil people free reign to act on their worst impulses while knowing there's little that could stop them. They still think it's overall better to take away access to mechanization, since most people are morally some shade of grey and have destructive desires within them; given they've seen an entire galaxy torn apart by mechanization, they're not easily convinced that the good it could do would outweigh the bad. However, the fact that Shishigami has attempted to do good deeds only to fail and ultimately sacrificed himself to protect his friends did give Tetsuro and Maetel pause as to whether he, and therefore other evil mechanized beings, could be redeemed somehow. But even then, and considering Shishigami's difficulty and reluctance in doing so, they still err on the side of "don't get your hopes up".
  • After returning from his first voyage on the Express, Tetsuro wound up leading a revolt against mechanized humans on Earth. And considering Tetsuro managed to kill Count Mecha with his own hands when he was but a boy, his determination and refusal to be cowed by tyranny gets him nothing but the purest of respect from Lordgenome, who claims that only fists are needed to beat down giant robots, and always delivers on his boasts when called upon it. Tetsuro thinks Lordgenome is the most amazing man he's ever met (certainly a far cry from his mechanized father Faust, who faithfully served Queen Prometheum) and wonders if it's even possible for someone like him to ever achieve that level of strength.
  • They have nothing against robots who were created that way, believing all lifeforms can coexist as long as they treat each other well and don't lord their respective advantages over one another. They were suprised that even robots could have problems with upgrades, as they discovered through the stories of Rodney Copperbottom and Bigweld; those are two robots who believe even scrap metal can have its worth and upgrading doesn't make someone automatically better. This belief goes against Madame Gasket and Phineas T. Ratchet, who want their business to thrive even if it's through forcing robots to upgrade against their will and discriminating against those who don't. Gasket and Phineas being mother and son made Maetel think of her mother, Queen Prometheum of the Machine Empire, and how Maetel once helped her by bringing people to her planet to mechanize them and/or turned them into soldiers for her army, until Maetel finally rebelled. Ratchet, sadly, never saw the light. Tetsuro and Maetel can see the parallels between the robots's forced upgrades and mechanization, so they side with Rodney and Bigweld on the issue.
  • The two spend their free time traveling the Pantheon (through the replica of the Galaxy Express 999 that serves as their temple) to learn about other cultures and people. They've become friends with similar-minded travelers, whom they sometimes coincidentally encounter on their journeys. One of them is Kino, who rides her talking motorcycle all around the place and never stays in one location for more than 3 days. Given her interest in understanding the main aspects of every locale she stops at, she always takes the chance to engage Tetsuro and Maetel in conversation over their own impressions whenever they chance to be where she's at. There's also the alien Wander and his horse Sylvia, who travel the galaxy to spread happiness wherever they go. Both duos enjoy their encounters, though Wander laments that happiness is such a hard thing to come by in the train duo's universe. They also occasionally debate the case of Shishigami, since Wander has strong opinions that he could turn over a new leaf.
  • One particular trip landed them in the teeny-tiny planet inhabited solely by the Little Prince and his few friends. While Tetsuro felt awkward that he and Maetel could potentially crowd the planet, the Little Prince welcomed both warmly, always enjoying friendly visits. In any case, it's not as if they could stay for long, as one day goes by very quickly in the Little Prince's planet. While they were around, though, they enjoyed learning about the characteristics of such a tiny planet, with Tetsuro musing that a place that could be entirely traversed in a few steps could have so many curious features and offer so much to do. They and the Little Prince also exchanged their stories, and the Little Prince thought the whole mechanization thing was more grownup nonsense and the two were right to be against it, so they could count on him for his help against any mechanization goons if they ever needed it.
  • For a train that's supposed to soar across space in the far future, the Express's designers took the creative decision of making it look like a Victorian steam locomotive inside and out, even featuring whistles and steam which have no real purpose beyond aesthetics. Turns out that the Express looks the way it does because paying customers just enjoy the old-fashioned design. That's also the case in the Pantheon, where the Express has attracted the attention of such train fans as the Pteranodon family, among others. Thomas the Tank Engine, being a living steam locomotive himself, is pleased as pie that the Express is designed the way it is and that Tetsuro and Maetel's ascension gave more validation to such old vehicles as being legitimately "cool".


    Eric Packer 
Eric Packer, God of Absurdly Long Limousines
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His limo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense, Dissonant Serenity, Cryptic Conversation
  • Domains: Wealth, Detachment, Trips
  • Disliked by: Scrooge McDuck, Rafe Adler
  • Foil to: Jay Gatsby
  • Targeted by: Patrick Bateman
  • What was supposed to be a simple trip to the barber for a haircut ends up being a downward spiral for multi-billionaire Eric Packer. As his fortune gets wiped out amidst bad financial decisions and protests on the streets spearheaded by anti-capitalist activists occur on the side, Packer has philosophical conversations with people that cross paths with him that sometimes ends up being irrelevant in the long run. After getting his haircut half-done, Packer pays a visit to a disgruntled former employee that wants to kill him. As with the other people he met earlier, Packer has a number of philosophical inquiries brought up and while he ends up being dangerously close to getting shot by his would-be assassin, what happened afterwards is a mystery, including whether or not Packer was shot.
  • Regardless of what the outcome of that fateful meeting was, it has been a while since that event happened. Packer woke up inside a building and while it didn’t look too different from that relatively futuristic world he came from, it wasn’t a place that he was familiar with. He was told that this place was known as “The Pantheon” and while he never made any sort of formal arrangement to end up in that place, he was chosen to be part of it thanks to a letter he likely dismissed as having come from a scammer some time ago. The limo that he used for his trip was still around and so was his questionable sense of spending money (and a place as big as the Pantheon would lead to more opportunities for financial squandering), but even among other incredibly rich people in the Pantheon, he’s one of the more detached figures, resulting in meetings with its denizens being infrequent and rather vague if these encounters end up happening.
  • Scrooge Mcduck was one massively rich denizen of the Pantheon who looked at Packer with plenty of scorn. For all of his greedy and stingy tendencies, Scrooge is not only someone with a good sense of how to handle money, but has gone on plenty of adventures with his family (who bring out his better side), and Packer’s careless financial decisions alongside his detached feelings towards others made Scrooge see him as someone who didn’t understand how being a multi-billionaire worked. As part of the inner circle of Mcduck friends and family, Launchpad Mcquack was a limo driver for Scrooge at one point before being a pilot for the family’s adventures, but was quickly told that hanging out with Packer wasn’t worth his time. Not only does Packer engage in philosophical and vague conversations with others (topics that Launchpad would very likely not understand at all), Launchpad’s tendency to crash things would make him a bad candidate for driving around Packer’s limo and he already wasn’t that good with Scrooge’s limo anyways.
  • Much like Packer, Jay Gatsby was someone who had plenty of wealth and made plenty of bad decisions related to it. Whereas the financial market destroyed much of Packer’s earnings, Gatsby used it to try and win the girl of his dreams, an endeavor that ended in failure and ultimately, his death. Packer had a more uncertain outcome in the end, but many in the Pantheon are more than aware of the fact that his wealth and poor understanding of the world around him contributed to his downfall not unlike Gatsby attempting to be rich for the sake of what ended up being an ill-advised one-track goal. Gatsby’s time in the Pantheon made him more aware of what caused his downfall and is hoping that Packer doesn’t make the same mistakes he did, even if Gatsby sees Packer as a colder version of himself.
  • The sociopathic Patrick Bateman found out about Packer’s ordeal and found something darkly amusing in how a rich lifestyle played a role in a man’s downfall, even if what happened to Packer at the end is ambiguous. Being a financial investor who knows how meaningless his own life is, Bateman sees Packer as yet another victim for him to kill out of boredom, but Packer isn’t really concerned with him, simply seeing him as yet another person working in finance. At one point, Bateman got close to Packer and tried to have a conversation with him before killing him, with Packer not really caring about Bateman’s more despicable nature and Bateman finding some of Packer’s more cryptic conversation topics hard to follow at times. The only reason why Packer was alive following that meeting was because there was a manhunt going on targeting Bateman, with the latter having to flee and, for the time being, stuck imagining how he would kill someone like Packer.
  • Another wealthy man who saw his wealth as meaningless was Rafe Adler, but unlike Bateman who wants to murder others for the sake of gaining attention and to get rid of his boredom, Rafe sought to find a more meaningful method to become successful as the wealth he got from an inheritance meant nothing to him. His arrogance and desire to become a treasure hunter for the sake of being actively successful despite the money he has made him unlikable among many and in turn, he’s not entirely fond of them even if he’s willing to work with them. It’s also why he is frustrated with Packer and the fact that he’s not doing much with the fact that his money is being diminished by some terrible decisions. Even if Rafe being a treasure hunter ultimately led to his downfall, he believes that Packer should be more proactive in trying to maintain his money, but the latter not having much in the way of social interactions only added to Rafe’s hatred of him.
  • Rats were a notable part of Packer’s trip, with instances including a paper-mache rat carried around by rioters on the street and rats being joked about as a form of currency during a conversation Packer had with an employee from his company. He wasn’t all that surprised to see that rats were running around in the Pantheon and he’s not that fazed by the fact that some of these rats exhibit human-like behavior. Given how Remy the Rat can cook and even operate a restaurant with some help, Splinter knows martial arts, and that Ratigan seeks to gain political power for himself, Packer mused to himself that a society where rats become prominent isn’t unrealistic. None of these rats are interested in anything related to Packer and even if the billionaire is willing to try out food made by a rat for his own amusement, Remy made it clear that his restaurant is not for sale when someone joked that Packer would purchase a rat-themed restaurant.
  • During his commute, Packer learned about people who didn’t like him and wanted to kill him, including a man who pied him in the face when Packer stepped out of the limo. While that person was harmless, there were plenty of professional assassins in the Pantheon that are more than capable of killing Packer provided they are assigned to do so. Although Packer is far from the worst person to be in the Pantheon, his wealth, lack of responsibility in handling such, and eerily calm demeanor made him unpopular with some of its denizens to the point that some who despise him are willing to hire someone to eliminate him. Unlike the former employee that wanted to kill him, those assassins aren’t as likely to engage in whatever conversation Packer is interested in and even when professional killers like Golgo 13 have much more resources to ensure that a potential mission to assassinate Packer is successful, the multi-billionaire isn’t really bothered by such possibilities.
  • While Packer reached his barber, he was only able to get half of his hair cut while having an extended conversation with him and Packer’s limo driver. Given that Packer has had some difficulty getting into contact with his preferred barber, he decided to try and get a haircut at a different place. This would lead him to Freaky Fred, a very eccentric barber who was notable for going overboard with cutting his customer’s hair numerous times. Given how Freaky Fred was an issue for others in the Pantheon, he tried to be on his best behavior, especially towards someone with a lot of money like Packer. Keeping his desire to keep cutting hair ended up being a challenge for Fred like always and the end result was Packer having more than half of his hair cut off during that visit. Even if he was calm about it and held a conversation with Fred during that time, it’s not likely Fred would be a person that Packer would visit regularly, especially when it comes to haircuts.
  • Despite the financial disasters he incurred during his trip, Packer has expressed interest in buying the Rothko Chapel, which obviously never came to be. That didn’t stop him from similarly fantasizing about buying other prominent parts of the Pantheon, up to and including entire Houses that its denizens have designated spots in, even if he’s only considered buying out a couple of these Hou. It was such reckless dreaming that anyone with a good understanding of how money works looked at with contempt, even among corrupt rich folks who also looked at Packer with mockery. Given how Packer’s troubles with money continued in the Pantheon even with his financial standing taken into consideration, getting him to better understand people is a first step in helping him understand that money isn’t the answer to everything despite his occupation.

    Giovanni & Campanella 
Giovanni and Campanella, Divine Patrons of the Afterlife Express
Campanella (left) and Giovanni (right)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The train itself and the name of their tale in Esperanto (Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo)
  • Theme Song: "Temo Finala: Nokto De La Galaksia Fervojo"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Afterlife Express, Cool Train, Steam Never Dies, Mind Screw, Rule of Symbolism, Anthropomorphic Animal Adaptation
  • Domains: Trains, the Afterlife, Space Travel, Symbolism, Esperanto
  • Allies: Thomas the Tank Engine, Kamen Rider Den-O, Ressha Sentai ToQger, The Frontier DigiDestined, Decim, Seita and Setsuko, Catbus, Akari, Aika and Alice, Cole Sear and Malcolm Crowe, Zen and Rei, Tom
  • Giovanni used to be a lonely boy who spent his after-school time working to provide for his poor family. His mother was ill and his father gone on a long fishing trip (and rumored to be a criminal much to Giovanni's chagrin). His classmates bullied him for his situation, though he had a good friend in Campanella. One night Giovanni went out to buy milk for his mother, but after another bout of teasing from his schoolmates he ran off to a nearby hill where he gazed at the Milky Way. Then, he suddenly found himself inside a train with Campanella and they rode off into the stars. They saw many strange places and met many kinds of people, eventually realizing that the train they were in was meant to transport the dead to heaven (or rather, their idea of heaven). It was soon revealed that Campanella had sacrificed himself to save a boy from drowning, so he ultimately left for his true heaven, while Giovanni was sent back to his life with a new perspective on things.
  • Later in his life, Giovanni was reminiscing on Campanella and their adventure together, when suddenly he found himself once more aboard the galactic train. Despite the implications, he was pretty accepting of it and looked foward to seeing his best friend if possible. His wish was granted sooner than he expected as Campanella also turned out to be on board, having missed Giovanni for a long time. Then to their surprise, there was an announcement that the train would stop for an indefinite time at a place called the Pantheon while it went through maintenance. The two made the best of it by exploring the new location, starting with the other trains directly in their vicinity. They were astounded that there was one who could talk: Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas identified them as the new arrivals he had been told about and offered to take them to the Main House, which had summoned the two friends. So they did, and upon arrival they were granted godhood over the Afterlife Express, after their famous adventure. This was astonishing to them, though Giovanni was also pleased as this meant he could be with Campanella forever. Campanella, on the other hand, had to make sure he could still see his mother in his heaven whenever he wanted. He relented once it was clear he could.
  • Their temple is a replica of the train. It couldn't very well be the real thing, or else what would become of the dead in their world? Although, the Pantheon (specifically the House of Life and Death) seems to be the "main stop", being the place where the train gets maintenance and such, so it's not like it's never around. A limited number of deities at a time is allowed to board it for an entire circuit. Currently, tickets are acquired by winning at special games Decim sets up in his bar. Giovanni and Campanella are the only ones allowed to board any time they want. But in the meanwhile, the replica they have for a temple also serves as a proper train in its own right, one that travels between the Pantheon's various train stations. Best of all, the two boys are the ones in control of it.
    • By the way, Giovanni and Campanella's relationship with Decim is perfectly friendly, though they don't exactly hang out (Decim runs a very adult-looking bar so it feels inappropriate for the two boys to spend too much time there). Still, Decim holds the two in high regard; Campanella for ultimately feeling fulfilled and holding no regrets despite his short life, and Giovanni for committing to life with a new vigor as a result of his adventure and resolving to be of use to others. It's the kind of thing that makes Decim elicit a rare smile.
  • Being strongly related to trains, Giovanni and Campanella's ascension was well-received by Ryotaro Nogami (aka Kamen Rider Den-O) and the ToQger, with these Toku heroes being highly protective of the young boys. They also praise Campanella's actions in sacrificing his life to save someone and Giovanni's decision to follow his example for the rest of his life. Even if the concept of a train with the sole purpose of carrying the souls of the dead into the afterlife is a little spooky to them. Though, Ryotaro did deal with a soul train once; it was corrupted by an evil Kamen Rider and he helped put it back to normal. The notion that something similar could happen to Giovanni and Campanella's precious train makes him keep an eye out for it, in case certain evil deities want to use it for their ends. Giovanni and Campanella, for their part, think these heroes are really cool and like to follow their exploits.
    • There's a similar rapport between the two boys and the Frontier DigiDestined, thanks to the latter's tendency to travel with the help of Trailmon, train Digimon that come in many varieties. Giovanni and Campanella's relationship with the DigiDestined is more casual than with the Toku heroes due to being closer in age, though the two boys still think they're amazing in their own right. And besides that they like meeting new varieties of Trailmon, thanks to their often idiosyncratic personalities making them entertaining to interact with.
  • As two boys who dealt with mortality at a relatively young age, they are on good terms with Seita and Setsuko, two children who suffered a lot after losing their parents to war, before dying themselves. Giovanni's own family situation is fairly similar, with a father gone for who knows how long and a mother too sick to do anything, thus having to fend for himself and be the main bread-winner at a young age. The more mature Seita understands this pretty well and is something of a big brother figure for Giovanni. Setsuko meanwhile is just happy whenever she gets to play with the two "kitties", as she thinks of them much to Giovanni and Campanella's chagrin, but they can tolerate it since she's young.
  • They are anthropomorphic cats, but they don't necessarily identify as such and don't hold a particularly close relationship with the House of Felines, although Bastet considers the two to be under her protection regardless. Ironically it is rumored that their original creator disliked cats. Make of that what you will. They found a few feline deities to be interesting though. One example is Catbus, whose nature as an Animal-Vehicle Hybrid is curious to the boys. Catbus meanwhile senses a deep spirituality in the boys (due to their adventure, natch), so they are of interest to him.
    • And there was one time the famous Tom and Jerry brought one of their chases on board their train-temple, and all sorts of shenanigans ensued. Giovanni and Campanella managed to get them to calm down, and Tom had a near-panic attack upon realizing they were the Afterlife Express deities. Turns out this was because of a Near-Death Experience of his where he took an elevator to heaven and had a similar journey; he was scared the train would put him through the wringer again. Giovanni and Campanella simply revealed the train's nature as a replica and talked about their own adventure in the afterlife, which calmed Tom down. Ultimately, Tom seems to regard Giovanni and Campanella as little brother figures to be protected. Jerry doesn't pay much attention to them, but appreciates that the two boys are more likely to hide him from Tom than eat him.
  • The Undine Akari Mizunashi was interested to hear about two cat-boys who went on a big adventure on an Afterlife Express; it reminded her a lot of her friend Cait Sith, the cat spirit who was the conductor of a similar train that only cats were allowed in. Giovanni and Campanella have never heard of this Cait Sith, but think it could be interesting to meet him at some point. They are happy to be friends with Akari and her friends anyway, since they are very nice girls who see beauty in most things in life.
  • They attend Elysium Academy, like most young deities in the Pantheon. Giovanni was shunned from his classmates back in his world, however Elysium Academy has a large collection of rather decent young folks attending and they largely treat Giovanni right and include him in their activities, and see him as noble for working hard for his family. There are some bullies of course, and they sometimes make Giovanni miserable, but their behavior is generally not tolerated. When Giovanni and Campanella attended their first school festival in the Pantheon, they made two, rather unusual, friends in particular: Zen and Rei. As a death god, Zen could sense that the two boys were acquainted with the afterlife, which he told Rei about. Given that Rei spent a time wandering around while being Dead All Along, she feels a kinship with the cat boys. The two find it weird that they only ever seem to see the couple during festivals, but don't pay it too much mind.
  • They also made friends with Cole Sear, a boy capable of seeing the dead, which was fascinating to hear about for Giovanni and Campanella. Cole Sear in turn thinks the idea of a train that carries the dead is pretty cool. Campanella is also somewhat close with Cole's co-deity Malcolm, on account of both of them having been Dead All Along (although unlike Malcolm, Campanella was aware of being dead; he simply never made it clear to Giovanni at the time). Campanella knows how important it is to be satisfied with one's life before passing on, so he's glad Malcolm managed to do so even as a ghost.

    Klaus Heisler 
Klaus Heisler, God of Mobile Fish Bowls
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A small cup with water in it
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Portable Fishbowls, German Nazi Sympathizer (Just Not The Genocide Part), Jerks That Can Be Nice, Out of Focus, The Load (He Is A Fish, After All), Butt-Monkey Even When He Plays The Role Of The Villain, More Than Meets The Eye
  • Domains: Sports, Fish, Animorphism, Germans, Psychiatry
  • Followers: Minion, Fish Out Of Water, The Hath, Bob the Fish
  • Allies: Magikarp, Red Gyarados, Lapras, Philip J Fry, Lilo and Stitch, Gertrud Barkhorn, Tashkent, Stewie Griffin
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger Smith
  • Enemies: Red Skull, Millennium, Lurerre the Abysroid, Bruce, Cruella DeVil, Nikita Dragovich
  • Pities: Arakune
  • Klaus Heisler was originally an East-German ski-jumper, participating in the 1986 Winter Olympics. Fearing the Soviets would take the win, the CIA switched his brain with that of a goldfish. Eventually, he'd become a member of the Smith household. Recently, Klaus wondered where Roger was spending most of his time, only to learn that he had entered the Trope Pantheon as the god of The Greys. He saw this as his chance to be respected, and managed to get the bit as the god of mobile fish bowls. As a creation of Seth MacFarlane, he likes to hang out with Stewie Griffin and especially Meg Griffin, sympathizing with her plight.
  • Has managed to regain a human body twice; first with a memory-wiped African-American whom he tried to put the moves on Francine with, and second with stealing Stan's body. Both times failed, and Klaus cursed the status quo. As for his old body, it was found rotting away, with Stan briefly controlling it like a zombie. However, one glimpse into the future showed Klaus conversing with his grandson as an old man, so he will eventually return.
  • Is hedonistic, though whether this is just because he hasn't had a human body in ages is unknown. Even then, he's wary of Slaanesh. Has asked the House of Technology to clone him a human body, but they refuse as he'll just waste them in his hedonistic ways. Once he learns his lesson, they'll consider it.
  • An Eastern German, Klaus can usually be seen conversing with other gods from Germany, particularly Gertrud Barkhorn due to being the goddess of Germanic Efficiency. Also Though he has Nazi sympathies, he'd like to remind the Pantheon that he does not approve of the genocide; he admires their desire for order and fighting spirits of the soldiers. He considers the Red Skull and Millennium to be horrible like almost anyone else. As a reminder to the other gods, it's a really bad idea to say that his grandfather was part of the Holocaust. He was part of Auschwitz, but only to run trains at the kiddy zoo. Given he grew up in East Germany, Klaus has communist sympathies(though isn't one anymore), getting along with Tashkent while abhorring Nikita Dragovich.
  • As a goldfish, he often hangs out in the House of Aquatic Life. He had a hard time at first since Bruce tried to eat him, and almost fell for Lurerre the Abysroid, but Lapras was kind enough to protect him. Many see him relaxing on her back. He once ended up sharing a tank with Magikarp. Though the Fish Pokemon was a poor conversationalist, they sympathized over being butt monkey fishes and became friends. Magikarp later introduced him to his "big brother", the Red Gyarados, whom pitied him and let him hang out.
  • Got some negative attention from Cruella De Vil, whom sought to profit off the talking fish. When Klaus refused to act for her, she turned him into sushi as a result. Thankfully Roger remembered he needed 20 dollars from Klaus, and rescued him.
  • While he is a goldfish, he is far more capable than his "fellow" species; in addition to still possessing dexterity and human speech, he can survive in coffee, jello, vodka and hot war. Just not salt water, which he learned to his dismay when the Smith House flooded.
  • Often mistaken for just a talking goldfish/pet, something of which frustrates him. He has a number of skills in order to contribute the Pantheon, such as skill with flutes and psychiatry. He and Philip J Fry got along due to treating him as an equal, and with Lilo and Stitch for giving him a spare sandwich while feeding Pudge.
    • Sometimes visits the House of Sports to reminisce about his time in the Olympics, and coaching visitors on ski-jumping. After seeing how he helped out Steve Smith with swimming, a number of gods with Super Drowning Skills have sought him out for help. Not many go through with it since having a fish in your pants gets you a lot of awkward stares.
  • Capable of Breaking the Fourth Wall, which uses for commentary when things get boring. That, or it's just his Sanity Slippage in effect.

    The Pteranodon family 
The Pteranodon familyMembers , Deified Rail Enthusiasts (Buddy: The Pliosaurus of the Land | Don: Mr. The Don | Mrs. Pteranodon: Mrs. P | Mr. Pteranodon: Mr. P)
From left to right: Mrs. and Mr. Pteranodon at the back; Shiny, Tiny, Buddy, and Don in the front

  • Also in the Hall of Hobbies and Lifestyles
  • Symbol: A junior conductor hat
  • Theme song: Dinosaur Train theme
  • Alignment: All Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Civilized Animals, Casual Time Travellers, Predation Is Natural, Gender-Equal Ensemble, love to eat round, olive-green fish, the girls have eyelashes, the kids Speak in Unison when they're excited, Species Surnames
  • Domains: Ornithodirans, time-travellers, adoption, rail travel, edutainment shows
  • Heralds: Their friends. Which they have a lot of. Especially the Conductor (AKA "Sonny Boy").
  • High priest: Ferrus
  • Allies: All sapient, non-evil members of the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts (especially the Gang of Seven and Cindy Cimolestes), the Herd, Walt Disney, Gomez Addams, Sheldon Cooper, Alfred Hitchcock, Donald Duck, The Conductor, the Yehat
  • Enemies: The Dinobots, P.T. Boomer, the Child Abuse Supporters
  • Fear: Tobias, Big Al, Rexy, Rodan, Liopleurodon, Indominus Rex & Indoraptor, the Sharptooth
  • Of interest to: The Doctor, Alan Grant
  • During the Late Cretaceous, the Pteranodon family live in a nest overlooking the Western Interior Sea, in what is now the Appalachia region of North America. It consists of the parents, their biological children Tiny, Shiny, and Don, and their adopted son Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus whose egg they found. They all love to take the Dinosaur Train to visit times and places all over the Mesozoic (and the Permian and the ice age, once each), and Tiny and Buddy are training to be junior conductors. The kids' second-favourite thing to do is learn about how the train works, they're close friends with the Dinosaur Train's conductor, and they're usually the first to ride on Dinosaur Train Industries' latest vehicles.
  • One night, the Conductor woke up the Pteranodon family to deliver some exciting news: they'd gotten a mysterious invitation to a place called the Pantheon from an unknown sender, and they could ride the Dinosaur Train there without any other passengers. The parents were cautious at first, but the kids politely begged them to go on an adventure. The train went through a mysterious time tunnel that wasn't there before and entered the Court of the Gods, where the deities bestowed the Pteranodon family the title of "Deified Rail Enthusiasts". Their temple is a replica of their nest, with plenty of room for Don and Shiny to store their collections.
  • The family were ecstatic to learn that there were plenty of other 'saurs in the Pantheon, and are honorary members of the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts. The kids instantly became friends with the Gang of Seven, who are around their age and similarly friendly, even if the Gang don't understand the big words they use such as "leaves" and "the sun". Since Buddy is young, he's one of the few predatory dinosaurs that Petrie doesn't fear, and he was curious to learn why Chomper only eats insects. They initially feared the Yehat due to their not quite Pteranodon-like appearance and Proud Warrior Race ways, until they learned that they're honourable and opposed to Omnicidal Maniacs.
  • The kids' minds were blown when they learned that the Pantheon had many creatures from the Cenozoic, a time they'd only seen a glimpse of. The first human they met was Harry (the one with a bucket full of dinosaurs), and they thought he was a weird-looking theropod at first because he's so unlike any mammals they're familiar with. The next mammals they met were the Herd, who were wary at first because they'd almost died in an underground Lost World filled with dinosaurs, but the parents assured them they were friendly. While Buddy asked Diego about his Smilodon features, Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon asked Manny and Ellie how it feels to let your kids go once they grow up. Also, the kids are friends with similarly-adventurous Cutie Mark Crusaders, especially since Tiny finds something oddly familiar about Sweetie Belle.
  • Within their halls, the kids are endlessly fascinated with Thomas the Tank Engine. Buddy once spent an entire day trying to figure out how he's alive, which only made everyone more confused. Their friendship with Thomas led them into an altercation with P.T. Boomer, who hated the kids' innocence and wonder. As a result, Boomer is one of the few people from any universe that the kids actively dislike.
  • The family became aware that there are a lot of railfans in the Pantheon, and organised a convention for them in the Hall of Land and Sea Travel. The first meeting was a success; they even attracted big names such as Walt Disney and Alfred Hitchcock. The kids admired the ToGgers, tried to figure out what kind of theropod Donald Duck was, and argued with Sheldon Cooper about the mechanics of time travel, while the parents had serious conversations with Giovanni and Campanella. The other guests were confused when Gomez Addams showed up, and some even found him intimidating, until he revealed he has a model train set. The Conductor from A Hat in Time tried to make the event more exciting by pretending that he was directing a movie. Some of the Pteranodon family's non-ascended friends attended, too.
  • The Pteranodon family are among to few gods who have been allowed to enter Isla Nubar, but their trip almost ended in disaster. They tried talking to the various dinosaurs, but at best, they were just ignored. At worst, they were almost eaten by a pack of hungry raptors. Worse still, the Dinobots hadn't been informed of their visit and mistook them for intruders. It's a good thing most of them can fly, because the parents decided it would be best to high-tail it out of there. This caught the attention of Dr. Alan Grant, another survivor of the island, who's intrigued by the concept of a time-travelling dinosaur civilisation. He approached them at their temple to ask about it, and they want to take him to their Mesozoic one day.
  • Since that incident, they've avoided the Pantheon's various non-sapient, Mesozoic predators, especially the genetically-engineered and highly vicious Indominus rex and Indoraptor. They were horrified when they learned that Tobias caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Also, since they're from a Sugar Bowl, and Buddy especially tries to see the good in everyone, the kids have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of a Complete Monster. The other gods don't have the hearts to break their innocence. Mr. and Mrs. are very protective of their kids and have no tolerance for any Abusive Parents, especially the Child Abuse Supporters. On a lighter note, Mr. Pteranodon was dismayed to learn that his arch-nemesis Larry Lambeosaurus follows Homer Simpson.
  • The Doctor is curious about how their universe's space-time continuum hasn't collapsed in on itself from all the Casual Time Travel. Their Eleventh incarnation once tried to observe the Pteranodon family from a distance while the kids played dinoball. Eventually, he got bored of watching and decided to join in, much to the parents' shock, but the kids loved his enthusiasm.
  • Mrs. Pteranodon denies any rumours that Buddy was the result of her cheating on her husband. Apart from anything else, that's not how reproduction works. She initially blamed the Robot Chicken for spreading this, until he told her he doesn't make the skits; he's just Forced to Watch them.