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Greater Gods

Xerneas, God of Marvelous Deer (the Life Pokémon, The Tree of Life)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A stylized blue X
  • Theme Song: Battle! Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde (shared with the other two Pokémon in that track's title)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Fairy Aura
  • Moveset: Geomancy, Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Psychic
    • Z-Move: Twinkle Tackle
  • Portfolio: Marvelous Deer, Fay Spirits, DNA, Exotic Eye Designs, Granting Eternal Life, an X Motif, Total Party Kills
  • Domains: Life, Deer, Fairies
  • Followers: The Deer God, the Deer of Shimmerwood, The Great Prince (Bambi's father), Stantler, Deerling, Sawsbuck
  • Allies: Yveltal, Tinker Bell, Ash Ketchum, Arceus, Pikachu, Fluttershy, Snow White, Bambi, Yuna, Diancie, Ratatoskr
  • Enemies: Lysandre, Hexxus, Shinryu, Grima, Frieza, Specimen 8, Zhaitan
  • In a flash of light, one of the oldest trees of the Bestiary suddenly vanished. Xerneas began roaming the Pantheon from then on.
  • Xerneas has been under attack at an alarming frequency by other members of the Pantheon for being able to grant eternal life to mortals. Why so many gods want this power when they themselves are already immortal is a mystery outside of common greed.
    • Of course, the gods of this pantheon can die, it just isn't permanent, and some respawn faster than others. Perhaps they seek to truly avoid death?
    • Of these gods, Frieza and Voldemort covet Xerneas' immortality the most. Frieza wants a back-up in case his rematch with Goku goes badly, and Voldemort is sick of using horcruxes.
  • When not in any danger, Xerneas is always found among the trees, carrying an air of serenity around it.
  • Is very willing to stand by Arceus in its conflict against Zeedmilleniumon, and has proven a dependable ally.
  • Is implied to have some sort of connection with Serena, on account of "Xerneas" being an anagram of "Serena", plus an "X"; a trait shared with the members of Organization XIII.
  • Is oddly feared by Bahamut and a few other dragons, though Xerneas has shown no hostility toward the good-aligned ones.
  • Has been known to eat Power Herbs, which greatly speeds up its Geomancy. Do not let Xerneas do this if you're not on it's side.
    • Especially during the 4th Super Smash Bros. tournament, where a summoned Xerneas can redirect its Geomancy buffs to the summoner, allowing that summoner to launch his opponents farther with his attacks.
  • Despite not being an Aeon, Xerneas has granted Yuna with the ability to summon it whenever she can.
  • Xerneas is one of the few gods Ratatoskr doesn't actively try to piss off. This may be due to the fact that something about the Deer God reminds him of Yggdrasil. Xerneas is usually kind enough to let the nutty squirrel climb on its horns without complaint.
  • Some believe Xerneas' power to grant eternal life is the reason Ash Ketchum always remains a ten-year-old. So far, neither Xerneas nor Ash have commented on this.
  • Though they have never met, Xerneas detests the idea of turning animals into monsters; something Specimen 8 actively does, to deer nonetheless.

Intermediate Gods

Okkoto-nushi, God of Boars (Okkoto)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A boar head silhouette with four large tusks jutting out to either side.
  • Theme Song: Forest of the Shishi God (shared with Moro)
  • Alignment: True Neutral / Blue and Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Boar god, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Reasonable Authority Figure, blind white eyes, keen sense of smell to compensate, Last Stand, turned into a hate-filled demon, copious amounts of Blood from the Mouth
  • Domains: Boars, Nature, Divinity, War, Pride
  • Heralds: His whole tribe and Nago (a fellow boar god)
  • High Priest: Razorbeast
  • Allies: Moro, San, Tama Hill Tanuki, Amaterasu, Ares, Spring Sprite, Xerneas, Yveltal
  • Enemies: Lady Eboshi, Robert Baratheon, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Napoleon, GUAE Trollkaiger, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, Lysandre, Firebird
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ashitaka, the other Studio Ghibli Deities, Pumbaa
  • Opposes: House of Hatred
  • Respects: Sanada Yukimura
  • Okkoto is an ancient boar god from the southern islands of Japan. San and her wolf brothers fought alongside him and his army against the inhabitants of Iron Town to protect the forest they were destroying. Okkoto's boar army was slaughtered by imperial soldiers with explosives, and Okkoto himself was left in the verge of death. Okkoto's hatred for the humans ended up consuming him and he became a raving demon covered in blood worms, nearly dragging San along. He was eventually put to rest forever, together with Moro, by the Forest God's merciful touch.
  • Ascended at the same time as Moro in order to help in the latest battle that pitted the Nature Preservers against several members of the House of Commerce and the House of Toxicity. San and Ashitaka cheered when Okkoto and his army made their presence known with a Foe-Tossing Charge.
  • Still has quite a problem with humans in general, but San's trying to help him see there are plenty of worthwhile humans in the Pantheon. San herself may also hate humans, but she doesn't want to see Okkoto succumb to hatred and become a blood worm-covered rampaging demon again. However, every once in a while, one (or more) of Okkoto's soldiers does fall prey to those negative feelings and becomes a problem. Okkoto has given his full permission for such boars to be terminated whenever that happens (including himself should it happen to him again). Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, so it's not so bad, though Okkoto feels ashamed of himself whenever that happens.
    • Given what hatred can do to gods like him, he finds the whole concept of the House of Hatred to be distasteful and does his best to keep himself and his army away from there. This doesn't stop the worst members of that House from seeking them out in a bid to corrupt them and spread chaos throughout the Pantheon. Yuuki Terumi and his Trollkaiger are repeat offenders; Okkoto swears that he'll take them down someday.
  • As far as him learning to like humans goes, he's only willing to give a chance to those recommended by San, which is pretty much just her own allies. Okkoto considers them somewhat interesting but has no special wish to make friends with them himself.
    • Okkoto's been learning about the Sengoku period that succeeded his time and has to admit that there were some very interesting humans in that era. The most impressive to him is Sanada Yukimura, for dying in battle for what he believed in. He's glad that such a rare human is in the Pantheon.
  • Okkoto recalls that he promised Ashitaka he'd kill him the next time he saw him. He did indeed try to fulfill it (without San knowing or he'd never hear the end of it), but being old and blind and Ashitaka being a very good warrior and quite slippery, the lumbering god just couldn't do it. Eventually Moro intervened, said Okkoto was painful to watch and told him to just forget the matter as they all fought for the same things. Okkoto begrudgingly acquiesced.
  • For the most part he just sort of ignores the other Ghibli deities; most of them are children, so he sees them as innocent despite being humans, but he doesn't care much about them. He's accused Totoro of having no dignity for becoming a playmate to two little girls even though he's supposed to be a great forest spirit. Totoro likely doesn't care what Okkoto thinks and just keeps hanging out with Satsuki and Mei.
    • On the other hand, he's okay with the tanuki of Tama Hill since they also suffered from losing their forest to human development. He likes Gonta and his followers the best since, like him, they waged war with the humans until the bitter end, and Okkoto sees them as worthy warriors for it. But he's a bit contemptuous about Shokichi and some others, as he cannot fathom why proud forest animals would prefer to live among humans instead of dying in a blaze of glory.
  • Okkoto has the greatest respect for Amaterasu as the highest Shinto goddess, though he sure wishes she had been around when Iron Town was destroying the forest.
  • Boars are sacred to Ares, the Greek God of war. Ares is happy to know that the one chosen to represent boars in the Pantheon is a ferocious and proud warrior, and wants to get in on the action whenever Okkoto is waging war. Okkoto thinks the Greek god is a bit unhinged, but he doesn't mind his help.
  • Robert Baratheon and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne are two deities whose obituaries would read "death by boar", so they don't exactly take kindly to the giant boar god's presence in the Pantheon. They've occasionally teamed up in hunting expeditions to take their Revenge by Proxy. As far as Okkoto's concerned, they're welcome to try.
  • The Pantheon has a bit of a dearth of swine for Okkoto to interact with. He doesn't really care about Babe. He thinks Napoleon is a traitor of the worst kind for going against his nature, adopting human mannerisms and placing himself as a tyrant above other animals. When meeting Pumbaa, Okkoto thought he'd finally met a pig with tusks, but he's not sure he cares for his lifestyle with that strange rat creature, though he admits Pumbaa can be impressive in a fight for his small size.
  • Just like Moro, he has aligned himself with the nature-protecting Xerneas and the Spring Sprite. He also respects Yveltal as a necessary complement to Xerneas, while opposing the maliciously destructive Firebird and the arrogant Lysandre for being a mere human playing god by trying to control the forces of life and death for his purposes.

Lesser Gods

    Centaur Man 
Centaur Man, God of Mechanical Horses (DWN.042)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His three-horned helmet
  • Theme Music: Centaur Man Stage
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mechanical Centaur, Centaur Flash, Centaur Arrow, Polearm, Shield, Spread Shot, The Gambler, Only Quadruped Robot Master
  • Domains: Robots, Horses, Combat, Space
  • Interested in: Emerl
  • Allies: Mega Man, Bright Man, Spirit, Maximus, Diana/Wonder Woman, Tsunade, Larry Daley, Orisa, Chiron
  • Enemies: Dr. Wily, Dr Eggman, Ares, Dio Brando
  • Annoyed by: Whip users like Simon Belmont
  • Centaur Man was originally a robot designed to work as a museum guide on Greece. However, he was modified into combat to enter the First Annual Robot Tournament. However, the whole tournament was a trick by Doctor Wily to capture the world's greatest robot warriors and reprogram them to serve him.
  • Since he was merely reprogrammed by Wily to serve him, he doesn't actually work for him in the Pantheon. Doesn't stop Wily from trying to sway him back to his side.
  • As mentioned, his job before being modified for combat was a tour guide for an old archaeology museum, and when not testing his medal against other robots eager to fight he continues to serve this role in the pantheon. He has helped out Larry Daley with some of the strange happenings in his museum.
  • Seems to like Wonder Woman, given that she is a heroic Amazon and Centaur Man is from Greece. He doesn't much care for Ares given he's a brutal Greek god of war. As per his archeological leanings, Centaur Man is interested in the Lost Technology of Emerl.
  • The reason why he was given this title is because while he is technically a centaur, he is one of few holders of the trope with actual sentience. He seems fond of both Spirit and Maximum due to being magnificent equines, and whenever Wily isn't mind controlling him he hangs out in the same house as them. Sometimes they test who's the faster at races.
  • Due to being a robotic horse, he has a dislike of whips of any kind. As such he isn't a fan of Simon Belmont, but otherwise remains neutral on whip users. He has a fondness for gambling, which soon led him to get into a game of poker with Tsunade. She won, but it was a good game and the two can be spotted together in the casino.
  • Centaur Man's main weapon is Centaur Flash, a special distortion system what allows him to stop time. However, the system takes up a lot of energy to use, meaning that he can only use it for brief moments at a time. Dio Brando claims that his time stop is superior, and Centaur Man isn't fond of him due to his evil nature. Also, Dio's powers have problems dealing with similar time stop powers.
  • The time stop doesn't make him a one-trick pony, to pardon the phrase. In fact, he might be one of most well-armed Robot Masters. He can teleport brief distances while using Centaur Flash, his arm cannon has a Spread Shot projectile and energy arrows, and is also equipped with a shield and a polearm.
  • Isn't the only mechanical centaur in the pantheon, as he learned on meeting Orisa. He finds her youth and heart to be adorable. The flesh and blood centaur, Chiron, was pleased to meet Centaur Man as unless Centaur Man is Brainwashed and Crazy by Dr Wily, the Robot Master is a perfectly civil centaur. That's hard to come by for Chiron.
  • There are rumours that he is actually a woman and has a crush on Knight Man. Nothing solid has come out of this.

    Maximus (Tangled
Maximus, God of White Horses
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Corona's Crest
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral —> Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: White horse with leadership cred, extremely persistent in chasing Flynn, dog-like behavior, hyper-competent, capable of taking more abuse than a horse should, working with the Pub Thugs to save Flynn, choosing good over law, approves of Rapunzel/Flynn, Silent Snarker
  • Domains: Equines, Leadership, Tenacity, Justice
  • Allies: Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Disney princesses, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Black Beauty, Tiffany Aching, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Johnny Appleseed, Applejack, Shining Armor, Jean Valjean, Link, Mario, Yoshi, Zelda, Peach
  • Enemies: Mother Gothel, Master Xehanort, Ryuk, Ganondorf, Bowser, Manny Pardo, evil members of the House of Crime, House of Villains
  • Conflicting Opinion: Inspector Javert, Spirit
  • Evil Counterpart: Fiend White Rider
  • Maximus was the horse of the captain of Corona's royal guard. Very meticulous, he doesn't hesitate in taking over from his human masters if he finds that they're not up to snuff, as demonstrated by the determination with which he chased Flynn for stealing a crown, even after losing his rider. This would lead him to meet the long-lost princess of his kingdom, Rapunzel, and he played an important role in rescuing her from Mother Gothel's clutches. At the end, he was made captain of the guard, and ascended in order to better serve his princess.
  • Beyond his duty to her, Maximus just adores Rapunzel and will do anything to protect her and make her happy, even if that means bending the law sometimes. In fact, Rapunzel is the reason why Maximus can be flexible at all. He has also pledged to protect the other Disney princesses for reminding him of Rapunzel, and after hearing from Sora about the threat that Master Xehanort poses for all princesses.
  • It should come as no surprise that, although they didn't have much to do with each other in the mortal realm, Maximus will not tolerate Mother Gothel coming into the vicinity of his liege. She's the person he chases the most, so he can throw her in jail and make her pay for the crime of kidnapping his princess.
  • Though he is friends with Flynn now (with some vitriol), Maximus still condemns thievery and crime in general and will chase any criminals in the Pantheon as doggedly as he did in the mortal world, but now with an eye for the bigger picture. He wishes Javert would do the same instead of obsessing over someone who already served nineteen years for the measly crime that was stealing a loaf of bread. He tries to make him come around to this point of view whenever their jobs lead to them working together. The effort and his general reasonability makes him respected by Jean Valjean. Maximus also detests Manny Pardo for using his authority as a cover-up to commit murder of both criminals and innocents.
  • Other deities he often works together with include Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Maximus has a lot of synergy with the bunny's scrappy, can-do attitude, and Nick Wilde is like Flynn, which he can get used to; they often give each other a hard time in a good-natured way. There's also Shining Armor, with whom he shares the commonality of being captains of the guard, so they'll often talk about their troubles together.
  • Has been trying to convince the House of Defense to make frying pans standard equipment like he did with Corona's royal guard. This has had little success as most members prefer doing their thing. At least the effort scores him points with Tiffany Aching.
  • Is very hostile towards the White Rider because of him representing a darker form that the White Stallion trope can take: Conquest. Maximus is unrelenting but ultimately benevolent, so being confronted with the darker side of the trope he is deified for causes him quite a bit of angst.
  • When Spirit acts up, Maximus will come running and tell him to stop being a danger to everyone. Spirit likes to tease him by saying that Maximus has become such a pet that he enforces humans' laws for them. This often leads to extensive Stern Chases around the Pantheon where the other deities can't believe Maximus and Spirit don't break their legs several times over. They CAN work together well on occasion though, especially when Maximus opts to be more good than lawful.
  • Maximus gets along much better with the more law-abiding Black Beauty. The peaceful black horse tries to be a mediator in Maximus and Spirit's squabbles, not always successfully since the two are both hot-heads.
  • Due to his love for apples, he's a frequent customer of Applejack's and Johnny Appleseed's, and they're more than happy to be of service to such an upstanding horse. Ryuk, jealous that he isn't as favored, sometimes picks fights with Maximus by stealing part of his stash. Maximus has also very chivalrously offered to taste-test any apple that might come Snow White's way.
  • Gets on well with Link due to him being a just hero and his friendship with Epona. It's the same thing with Mario and his mount Yoshi. Seeing that they themselves have princesses to protect, he aids them against Ganondorf and Bowser. Not without some trepidation against the former, due to his fearsome, giant horse.

Miltank, Goddess of Bovines (The Milk Cow Pokémon, Sailor Moo)

Rhydon, God of Rhinoceri (The Drill Pokémon)

Spirit, God of Wild Horses (Stallion of the Cimarron, Mustang, Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An eagle
  • Theme Song: "Get Off My Back" (though technically he has many songs)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Unrideable horse, inspiration to captive horses, very courageous and very stubborn, shrugging off damage that should realistically kill or severely injure him, violating quite a few rules of horses, competent and talented herd leader, unbreakable spirit
  • Domains: Equines, Freedom, The West, Xenofiction, Narration
  • Herald: Rain (his mate)
  • Allies: Most good DreamWorks deities, especially Moses and Jack Frost, Pocahontas, Jake Sully, Neytiri, Applejack, Fluttershy, Caesar, Amalthea, Naruto Uzumaki, Pegasus Seiya, Link
  • Enemies: Miles Quaritch, Mr. Burns, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, Gregor Clegane
  • Conflicting Opinion: Black Beauty, Maximus, Bagheera
  • Rivals: The Man With No Name, Louise Leroi
  • This horse comes from a time when the West was still truly wild and untarnished by humans. He lived in the wide open prairies where he led his herd and bravely protected it from danger, until he was caught by humans who proceeded to try to tame him. However, he was far too wild, and far too determined to remain free. His staunch refusal to submit eventually won him back his freedom, earned him the name Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken, and got him a position in the Pantheon to represent all the horses who refuse to become mounts.
  • Has a hard time seeing eye to eye with Black Beauty because of how obliging and submissive the black horse is towards humans, even those who abuse him. Spirit finds this a pity and a waste, not least because he has discovered Black Beauty is a very impressive horse who can match him in running. Black Beauty will simply say that he was raised to be good and to do his duty; he's free to horse around as much as he likes when not on duty, anyway.
  • Occasionally joins Applejack in her apple-bucking for fun. This can sometimes inadvertently turn into bucking competitions to see who can get the most apples. Fluttershy also cares a lot about him after hearing how badly he was treated by nasty humans.
  • Because of their similar experiences with humans, he is often seen in deep conversation with the unicorn Amalthea. They're also sometimes seen racing through fields together. Some deities call Ship Tease despite the fact that Spirit is Happily Mated and Amalthea's love is a prince.
  • His refusal to submit to abusive humans and leading other horses to freedom got him the approval of Caesar. It helps that they both understand that not all humans are awful and some can even be caring.
  • His stubborness and unwillingness to stay down gives him a lot of affinity with Naruto and Pegasus Seiya, who find his... spirit, yes, admirable. Spirit thinks they're really impressive too. For, you know, humans. He also finds it rather wise of Seiya to draw on the power of a legendary horse.
  • One of his favorite humans in the Pantheon is Pocahontas because of how in tune with nature she is, unlike most others. It's worth noting that the only human he really got along with in the mortal realms was also a Native American, so that may have something to do with it. He also likes Neytiri for similar reasons, and Jake Sully for choosing to side with her people against humans who'd exploit their habitat for their own gain.
  • Has a rivalry with The Man With No Name over the title "Spirit of the West", which mustangs are said to be by some. While Spirit previously would take or leave such a title, now he is rather interested in taking away said title from a cowboy. The Man With No Name has yet to respond to his challenges.
    • Frenchie King, however, is more than happy to take them up. Not because of the Spirit of the West title, but simply to test her skills. And also because Maria kept egging her on. Spirit was dubious at first, but had to admit after one session that she was a tough one.
  • As expected, his status as a Hope Bringer earned him the scorn and death wishes of Junko Enoshima, who can't tolerate yet another creature who interferes with her fetish for despair.
  • Hates Mr. Burns due to his money-grubbing ways causing harm to animals and polluting habitats, and how he completely disregards the consequences. Mr. Burns has learned to at least be wary of him ever since hearing what Spirit managed to do to two train engines. He hates Quaritch for similar reasons, since the colonel invades and plunders territories while not caring about what happens to the rightful inhabitants.
  • Interestingly Gregor Clegane actually likes his attitude (as his favorite type of horse is bad-tempered stallions) and thinks he'd make a great mount. It says something when a horse like Spirit, who doesn't tolerate being ridden even by his friends except under very special circumstances, claims that Gregor is one of the last people he'd ever allow on his back, given Gregor's treatment of horses.
  • Spirit's alright with aiding the Hero of Hyrule once in a while by letting him ride him, mostly because of his friendship with the temperamental Epona. Spirit will still sometimes throw Link off (in a way that doesn't cause him harm) when he's had enough, though.
  • Upon meeting other DreamWorks deities, he found he got along particularly well with Moses and Jack Frost. Moses compared Spirit inspiring captive horses to revolt against a slave-driving foreign enemy to his own quest to free his people from the Pharaoh's yoke. Spirit is slightly embarrassed by this, since his main goal was to go home and it was incidental that he made horses feel that way. His bond with Jack Frost is due to similar personalities, given they both have a mischievous streak.


Bambi, God of Innocent Deer
As a yearling 
As an adult 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of antlers; alternatively, a butterfly
  • Theme Music: Love is a Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Coming-of-Age Story, Bambification, Beware the Nice Ones, Cowardly Lion, Woodland Creature
  • Domains: Deer, Growth
  • Heralds: The Great Prince, Faline, Flower, Thumper
  • Allies: Simba, Xerneas, Babar, Sora, Fluttershy, The Gang of Seven, N, David the Gnome
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, Hexxus, Gaston, Napoleon, bullies
  • Foil to: Chirin
  • Bambi had quite a life for a deer (be it a white-tailed deer or a roe deer). He lived in a forest with his friends and lost his mother to hunters at a young age, leading The Great Prince of the Forest to take care of him. As Bambi grew up, he faced additional challenges such as a bully of a deer and it ultimately culminated with him and his friends having to survive a hunting session led by Man. Bambi has very much been regarded as cute and innocent when he was a fawn, something that remained consistent even as he grew up and learned greater responsibilities.
  • It was a quiet morning in the woodlands where Bambi and his friends least, it was quiet until some commotion could be seen in the distance. Bambi wasn't entirely sure what it was at first, but he believed that Man might be planning something that isn't good for Bambi and his woodland friends. A few moments later, it turned out that some more creatures that Bambi and co. haven't seen yet had arrived where Bambi is at, telling the deer that they don't mean harm and that they wanted to tell him about an unusual place where they can rest. While Bambi was uncertain about this "Pantheon" he was being told about (especially given that there's certain kinds of beings in the Pantheon that worry him), he went along with it and a short while later, he ended up being a part of that place, with his woodland home still intact.
  • A lot of people who have encountered Bambi noticed that he's generally young and cute. He has been seen as a young adult on occasion, but those who saw him like that noticed there's still a bit of charm to him even if he has a more dignified air to him.
  • While he's had to contend with humans in the past every now and then, being part of the Pantheon meant that humans are going to come up on a much more frequent basis, causing him a bit of concern at first due to how many more dangerous humans reside. Bambi would later learn that there are some humans who not only have a good heart, but are friendly towards animals and are even understanding of them. It surprised him to learn that some humans in the Pantheon were capable of talking to animals, but was willing to listen to what a few humans had to say.
    • A chance encounter with N ended up being the catalyst for Bambi learning to open up towards humans and that not all of them are terrible beings. N has a fondness for Pokemon despite being used by Team Plasma to take away said creatures from others, with a Pokemon trainer eventually helping N see the error of his ways and open up to others. N told Bambi that learning from others will be beneficial in the long run and that there's other animal lovers that can help out.
  • The Great Prince of the Forest was someone that Bambi had spent time with after his mother's death and was determined to prove himself to him. While looking to see if there are other deer around in the Pantheon, Bambi came across Xerneas, who was noted to be far more majestic of a deer than what Bambi had been used to. Xerneas' ability to grant immortality more than impressed Bambi, who wasn't used to seeing something like this (though he has long since accepted his mother's death) and while the Pokemon is a bit distant towards Bambi, it's still friendly towards him and Bambi hangs out with Xerneas on occasion.
  • Both Simba and Bambi are able to relate to each other's stories and the struggles that came with it. Like Bambi, Simba lost an important parental figure in the midst of chaos, though what Simba witnessed was a deliberate murder rather than simply being told that his parent was gone that was Bambi's case. As both Simba and Bambi grew older, they learned to mature and take on a role dedicated to ensuring the stability of the habitat they're from while keeping the friends they made during their childhood. Simba subsequently set up a meeting between them and Babar, an elephant that lost his mother to a hunter and later became the leader of a city of elephants. Babar understood what Bambi went through very well and has acknowledged that the deer is continuing to grow in becoming someone who will effectively lead a forest and its inhabitants.
  • David the Gnome became one of Bambi's most trusted friends in the Pantheon due to the former's knowledge of nature and helpfulness towards animals whenever they're in trouble. David has been noted to come to Bambi's aid whenever the deer is in trouble and tends to repair the damages caused by Bambi's foes. Like Bambi, David is highly aware of the extent of the damages that humans cause to natural environments.
  • It's obvious that Man was responsible for the death of Bambi's mother, but a few deities have made some possible guesses as to the exact identity of the person that did the deed. Gaston is a very popular guess given that he's a hunter and has boasted about his accomplishments frequently, with Bambi being disgusted with Gaston's selfish demeanor. Some rumors have gone around saying that it was Judge Doom who was responsible for shooting Bambi's mother. While Bambi rightfully believed that Judge Doom was a bad person, he didn't realize just how bad Doom was until he learned about Doom's goals and how he intended to accomplish them.
    • Generally speaking, Bambi still has a problem with hunters, especially those that are willing to do it just for personal gain. Hunters with far more advanced technology than what Bambi was used to became problematic when Hunter J trespassed on Bambi's woodlands as part of a mission to find a mythical beast that was apparently resting there. Most of Bambi's friends were already in trouble by the time J got to Bambi, though a timely intervention by N and his Pokemon was able to get J out of Bambi's home.
  • He is understanding about the damages being done to nature thanks to seeing a bunch of junk near a stream of water one day. That would end up being the least of such troubles for him as he would later learn about a spirit of pollution known as Hexxus, who takes open delight in seeing nature being destroyed and would be a major threat to the deer and his friends should Hexxus be unleashed. The most that Bambi can do if it were to happen is to get him and his friends to a place where Hexxus can't get to them.
  • Bullies are among those who Bambi has a strong dislike towards, mainly due to several bad experiences with Ronno, another deer that belittled Bambi when given the chance and even tried to take Faline for himself. Some humans that Bambi has seen from afar during his time in the Pantheon showed many of Ronno's traits and Bambi has claimed that some of those bullies he's seen might be even worse than Ronno.
  • Napoleon and his hatred towards humans brought him to learn about Bambi and how the latter's problems with humans stemmed from having his mother shot by hunters. Hoping to find someone to corrupt to his side, Napoleon approached Bambi and decided to try and win him over by saying that animals can live in harmony without humans getting in the way. Bambi was a bit wary at first and things were getting concerning when he was close to accepting Napoleon's offer, at least until Fluttershy came by to get Bambi back to his senses much to Napoleon's irritation. Even if Bambi knew that humans aren't perfect, there have been some who have helped him open up to them and that Napoleon was just trying to use him for something really bad. After Bambi left with Fluttershy to thank him for getting him out of trouble, Napoleon's hatred for Bambi grew and he was willing to find a way to get that deer on his side or even eliminate him if all else fails.
  • Bambi ended up finding another animal that went through an ordeal similar to his own. That animal happened to be Chirin, who lost his mother to a wolf and was devastated by it. Unlike Bambi who learned to cope with his loss, Chirin ended up trying to seek revenge to the point of becoming something he wasn't meant to be and alienating himself from his former home. Bambi felt disheartened after learning about Chirin's story, but was willing to try to get Chirin to open up towards others even if the latter's appearance as a ram is unnerving.

    Black Beauty 
Black Beauty, God of Magnificent Equine Poses (Darkie, Black Auster, Jack, Black Jack, Blackie, Old Crony)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Himself, rearing
  • Theme Song: The main theme of the '94 film
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Nice gentlemanly black horse, often depicted rearing, endures much suffering, but well-cared for in his retirement, sometimes loving a chestnut mare (who dies), mostly a normal horse with the odd ability of philosophizing, believing in God though he's an animal
  • Domains: Equines, Animal Welfare, Stock Poses, Rule of Cool, Narration, Xenofiction
  • High Priest: Tornado
  • Allies: N, Disney princesses, Eddard Stark, Remus Lupin, Asuka Langley Soryu/Shikinami, Shana, Stella Vermillion, Heracles, Sylvia, Fluttershy, Maximus
  • Opposes: Cruella De Vil, Mr. Burns, Ghetsis Harmonia, Gregor Clegane, Napoleon, alcoholics and greedy people
  • On good terms with: Zorro
  • Conflicting Opinion: Spirit
  • Black Beauty is a horse from Victorian England who had a hard mortal life: having passed through the hands of many owners, he had both masters who treated him with dignity and others who saw him as nothing more than an unfeeling tool for labour. The account of his life served to abolish several cruel practices towards horses; with this fact in mind, the Main House deemed him worthy of deification.
  • Being a sweet-tempered, obedient horse, he doesn't mind if other deities wish to ride him; it's what he was brought up to do. Just don't even think of whipping him or mistreating him in any way; he won't do much about it except bear with it, but fellow steeds Heracles and Sylvia will wipe the floor with you, and they'll probably convince the entire House of Beasts to do the same.
  • Although the image of him rearing is well-known, he actually dislikes doing it when someone is riding him. This is because he was trained by his master and taught by his mother not to engage in such behavior while on the job, and he doesn't want to bring shame to them by being seen as a horse that was poorly brought-up.
  • Responds well to Ned Stark because he reminds him of the man who trained him to become a fine horse, and Remus Lupin because he resembles one of his kindest owners.
  • He likes all of the Disney princesses because of their kindness to animals. He especially likes Cinderella and Belle for being kind to their horse friends.
  • Has taken an interest in Asuka, Stella and Shana. Their red manes and prickly tempers bring to his mind the memory of poor Ginger who was even more abused than him, and who he may or may not have been in love with. The three redheads think that his large pool of patience for abuse makes him as much of a useless doormat as their love interests... but they're still among the people who regularly visit him to feed him sugar cubes, always saying something about how they just happened to be passing through.
  • Chose Zorro's horse Tornado for his High Priest due to him being an iconic rearing horse as well. This pleased Zorro greatly. They don't have much to do with each other otherwise, though, Black Beauty being too inexperienced in swashbuckling adventuring to be of help to Don Diego.
  • He's so accepting that he wishes harm on no one, so he has no real enemies. That doesn't mean there aren't deities whose behavior he disapproves of. He thinks Cruella De Vil and Mr. Burns are vile for killing innocent animals to satisfy their vanity, Ghetsis is a horrible man for abusing his son and only pretending to care about Pokémon rights, and he was completely shocked when he heard about how Gregor Clegane beheaded a horse for throwing him off despite having chosen him for his bad temper.
    • Napoleon is almost certainly the deity that most tries his good nature, considering how Napoleon betrayed all animals by adopting the customs of humans, and became as slave-driving as the worst of them, even getting a horse who trusted him with all his heart put down. It's unsurprising that Beauty finds him completely revolting.
  • Is vehemently against the vices of alcohol and greed because he has seen the harm they do to people and horses. One of his handlers once got so drunk that he didn't notice Beauty had a loose horseshoe, and he permanently injured his knees as a result (accounts differ on whether the handler died or was just wounded). Regarding greed, he knows from experience that it drives humans to exhaust animals beyond their limits for the sake of putting a few more coins in their purses.
  • His tale made Fluttershy cry for him when she heard it. Since then he has been a frequent guest at her temple, with Fluttershy putting in a special amount of effort to make sure he's comfortable. They often have conversations about the measures that can be taken to stop animal cruelty once and for all. It's not unusual for N to join in these discussions as well.

Donkey, God of Second-Rate Equines ("Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden")
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Music: A cover of I'm a Believer
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A Donkey named "Donkey", The Lancer, Nice Guy, Talking Animal, Motor Mouth, Deuteragonist, Friendless Background, The Pollyanna, Large Ham, Plucky Comic Relief, waffles
  • Domains: Donkeys, Sidekicks
  • Heralds: Dragon & the Dronkeys (His wife and children)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Merlin
  • Odd Friendship: Eeyore, Mushu
  • Since Shrek's world has largely been defined as a parody of fairy tales, it would only make sense that the hero's steed is something that wouldn't be considered a steed by normal standards. The obviously-named Donkey is exactly that, being rather frail compared to a typical stallion that a number of other fairy-tale heroes use. Donkey is also rather talkative, but in spite of those quirks, he has an optimistic attitude and has remained loyal to Shrek since their first meeting.
    • At one point, Donkey actually transformed into an actual white stallion thanks to a potion that he, Shrek (who was turned into a human due to that potion), and Puss in Boots found. Unsurprisingly, it was only temporary and Donkey turned back into a donkey and stayed that way after the potion's effects wore off.
  • One bizarre thing about him is that he has a dragon (named Dragon appropriately enough) for his wife, but what can be considered the strangest thing about him is that their kids are a mix of donkeys and dragons, referred to as Dronkeys. Even though many are still wondering as to why or how that is even possible to begin with, Donkey has been hanging out with Skitty and Wailord since the two Pokémon have been used to the issue of great size difference in breeding.
  • Pinkie Pie, having learned that there was a donkey in the Pantheon, believed that Cranky Doodle Donkey had ascended and decided to look for him. While she didn't find him, she was very happy to see that this donkey was quite as energetic as she is, even though Donkey is not on the same level of zippiness that Pinkie Pie is. The two are often seen talking to each other, with Donkey occasionally helping out with her parties.
  • Tigger was able to find an opportunity to meet up with Donkey, partly since this donkey was more energetic than Eeyore was (whom Tigger is already good friends with). Through Tigger, Donkey got to meet with Eeyore and has made a handful of visits with Tigger's glum companion to try and at least get him to feel better.
  • Donkey managed to make good friends with a number of other steeds in the Pantheon. In particular, he gets along great with Sylvia since the two of them have had less-than-favorable pasts (Sylvia being a Bounty Hunter; Donkey being bullied by others, having his previous owner treat him badly and almost being sold out) before meeting their respective companions and being loyal to them.
  • Fa Mulan once heard a voice from a distance and believed that it was her animal sidekick Mushu. When Mulan got to the source, she found out that the source was a completely different animal sidekick, though one that also talked quite a bit.
    • Donkey did find Mushu while strolling through the Pantheon and accidentally stepping on him. Donkey was happy to meet a new friend, especially one with a similar voice to his own. He wasn't fazed when Mushu warned him that his "real" size would scare the equine to death — Donkey is already married to a large dragon.
  • Having been used to the dragon from his world, Donkey decided to learn about other dragons when he heard there were dragons in the pantheon. He quickly learned that some of them are nowhere near as friendly as his mate and has been avoiding them because of that.
  • Evidently, as an actor for a film franchise, he visited Las Vegas once and even had a stunt double with him. Even though most don't believe that Donkey is selfish, some think that his fame made him act like that during the aforementioned instance.
  • Likes waffles and even named one of his Dronkeys after that food. There are some who have been trying to warn him that waffles left out in the middle of nowhere are suspicious and could lead to trouble if Donkey took the bait.
  • He doesn't like Merlin, because one time — when the wizard teleported him, Shrek, Puss in Boots, and Prince Arthur back to Far Far Away — he and Puss switched bodies (they were holding hands during the spell). While in Puss's body, he had difficulty walking on two legs, among other things Puss did. Merlin eventually used his magic to return Puss and Donkey back to their respective bodies...except for their tails. That side-effect eventually wore off, but since then, Donkey hasn't trusted any of Merlin's magic.
  • Asides from Shrek, he's also a friend with Barry B Benson as the bee can sympathize with some of the hardships he faced for being a donkey. Plus like him, Donkey's in an Interspecies Romance. He's helped him to fight off Lord Farquaad due to his and Shrek's friendship.


Babe, God of Pigs (Pig, The Sheep-Pig, The Gallant Pig, a Large White)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The phrase "That'll do, pig."
  • Theme Song: If I Had Words (Mice version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, A Pig named Pig, Friend to All Living Things, Heartwarming Orphan, Adopted by a Sheepdog, Cute Pig, Stayed Young-Looking in the Movies
  • Domains: Pig, Adoption
  • Followers:Wilbur, Gordy, Waddles, Miss Piggy
  • Allies: The Farmer, Fluttershy, Jake the Dog, Clifford, Krypto, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ampharos, Max Rockatansky
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Pudge, Wolf O'Donnell, evil cat deities
  • He arrived in the Pantheon after he was chosen to be a representative of pigs. Resting in a barn that serves as his temple, he found a home other than the Hoggett's farm.
  • Nobody actually gave him a real name since his mother called all of her babies "Babe" and the farm went with it. Even his other name, Pig, was given because Mr. Hoggett wasn't interested in him at first. Hence, people decided to officially name him "Babe".
  • He dislikes the idea of being eaten by people, but he managed to avert this fate by becoming a sheep-pig, herding sheep when called for. Granted, he basically asks them to move, but whatever works. He is rather friendly to the sheep and, as a result, managed to befriend Ampharos, a sheep-like Pokémon.
    • He also knows the secret password for sheep, so that unfamiliar sheep could trust him. "Baa-ram-ewe. Baa-ram-ewe. To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baa-ram-ewe."
  • Though he is happy to find a bunch of friendly dogs in the Pantheon — this makes sense because his new family were a pack of sheepdogs — he is aware that sheep dislike dogs because they are like wolves to them. He learned why they call them that as a bunch of wild dogs attacked Hoggett's sheep herd and one of them killed Maa.
  • He directly opposes Napoleon for giving pigs a bad name, and for claiming that human are evil while doing evil deeds himself. The communist pig sees him not as a threat, but as a naive little one who has no idea what is going on.
  • Babe is horrified to find that there is at least one butcher in the Pantheon, and believes that he'll cut him up and serve him on a plate. Fortunately, Pudge doesn't seem interested in slaughtering a little piglet. Then again, he somehow got fresh meat from a rock monster, skeletons, plague bearers and balls of light, so it might not matter.
    • In any case, Babe has found an unusual protector: Mad Max, who felt some sort of connection to the pig and saves Babe from whatever danger he finds in the Pantheon.
  • The Nostalgia Critic pointed out how his follower Gordy appeared in live form a few months earlier than him, though Babe's adventures are much more interesting than his. While Babe isn't quite sure what the Critic is talking about, he has admitted to enjoying the "Pig Power" music video.
  • He doesn't trust evil cat deities, because there was one living on his farm who was very spiteful of him and told him the truth about humans eating pigs.
  • "That'll do pig, that'll do."

Kuzco, God of Llamas (Emperor Kuzco, The Sovereign Lord of the Nation, The Hippest Cat in Creation, Demon Llama, Llama Face)
As a human
As a llama
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His crown and gown
  • Theme Song: Perfect World
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good tendencies. Formerly Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Very self-centered, The Emperor of the Incas, Royal Brat, Transformed into a llama, Prideful Humiliation, The Caligula, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, "no touchy", Becoming a much better and responsible leader, Very show-offy and stylish
  • Allies: Naveen, Beast, Sully
  • Enemies: Yzma, Lion, Catwoman, Kars, Dr. Facilier, Scar
  • Opposes: Brightwing, Ratatoskr, Makoto Nanaya, Squirrel Girl, Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage
  • Afraid of: Eugene Gallardo, Simba, Aslan, Mufasa
  • Opposed by: Some members of the House of Love
  • Kuzco was a selfish emperor until he was transformed into a llama by his former advisor Yzma. When Kronk tried to dispose of him, he somehow got into a cart driven by a man named Pacha and had to return home to change himself back. With help from Pacha, he was able to turn back into a human and learn some life lessons about how not to be selfish.
    • Even after his adventure, he still had some work, but credit where it's due, he is certainly trying to improve himself. He even broke the fourth wall at one point and told his narrator self to shut it when the former realized that his selfishness drove off the only friend he had at that point. By the time he was officially the Emperor once more, he had become a much better person while finishing school.
  • Jimmy Neutron knew that his friend, Carl Wheezer, would be excited by Kuzco's llama form, seeing as he loves llamas. Of course, he also knows that if Carl had been ascended and tried to hug Kuzco, he'd probably get an earful of snark for his troubles, if nothing more.
  • Kuzco was transformed into a llama via a magic potion, and for him, it was an unpleasant experience (despite gaining friends and learning important lessons during this time). When he found out that there are people in the pantheon who can transform others, he wasn't happy; none of the transformations he had already experienced were helpful. At the very least, he got used to being a llama for being stuck as one for days.
    • During one Giftmas, Kuzco turned himself into a llama to help Papa Santos when one of his reindeer was frozen by Yzma and he wanted to get off of his naughty list. While some of the multiple Santas in the Pantheon didn't like how spoiled Kuzco was in the past, they agree that he is certainly improving his behavior.
  • Kuzco befriended Sully, despite the latter being a monster. This is because Sully's kindness and his voice remind him of Pacha.
  • Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny show respect for the Emperor; they say they don't want him to summon giant guinea pigs to attack them. Kuzco doesn't seem to know what they're talking about, and he probably doesn't care.
  • Doesn’t like Catwoman since her voice sometimes reminds him of Yzma.
  • He hangs out with both Naveen and the Beast since, like Kuzco, they were once self-absorbed royals who were transformed into different creatures and changed back into humans after learning to be better people.
  • Some of the members of the House of Love oppose him the way that Kuzco treated his potential brides. ...Some, but not all, thanks to his relationship with Malina.
  • He was once a follower of Gilgamesh, but he has since rebelled against him.
  • Due to his bad experience with Bucky the Squirrel, he is a bit unkempt around squirrels and squirrel-like people and creatures, since they seem to have the potential to cause trouble for him. Not helping matters is the fact that Kars can turn his hand into a murderous squirrel, which scares the hell out of the young emperor.
  • Ever since he was chased by jaguars when he was llama, he is very scared of — or at least uneasy around — many of the large wild cats in the Pantheon.
  • A lot of the members of the Pantheon began wondering how Kuzco was spoiled to begin with, and those that dug a bit were not happy with what they found. It turns out that Yzma more-or-less raised Kuzco to be a Puppet King, and that a lot of his selfish traits could be tied back to Yzma herself (''especially'' after they caught a glimpse of how things would be if she were empress.}
    • The reason this was disturbing was because of the implication that Yzma offed Kuzco's parents in order to try and raise Kuzco in the aforementioned way. Some deities then figured Yzma being fired was some form of retribution for her actions. No one knows if Kuzco is aware that she murdered his parents, and no one wants to say anything on the subject.


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