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While cetaceans are ungulates, gods representing tropes about them can be found in the Hall of Aquatic Mammals.

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Greater Gods

    The Bull of Heaven 
The Bull of Heaven, God of Bulls (Gugalanna)
Mural depicting the Bull of Heaven being slain by Enkidu and Gilgamesh
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Taurus constellation
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Rampaging Bull, Will Cause Famine and Destruction, Sent to Earth by Isthar to Get Back at Gilgamesh, Killed by Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Sometimes Depicted with Human Head And Wings
  • Domains: Bulls, Destruction, Famine
  • Allies: Hydra, Quadratus
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Tiamat, Tapu Bulu, Spring Sprite
  • Fears: Quetzalcoatl
  • The Bull of Heaven is a divine bull told in Mesopotamian mythology. It is a bull who could drink rivers dry, create giant craters by simply snorting and bring forth seven-year long famine from how destructive he is. When Ishtar was rejected by Gilgamesh, she demanded her father Anu to give her the Bull so that she can get her revenge. Anu eventually submitted and gave the Bull into Ishtar's hands. Ultimately the might bull was slain by Gilgamesh and Enkidu, though the Bull's death angered the gods enough to eventually lead to Enkidu's death.
  • Gilgamesh was furious that the Bull is here in the Pantheon. Mainly because he just knows that it is Ishtar's way to bother him until she herself can find a way to conveniently be in the Pantheon. He will make sure that there won't be enough left of the Bull to be sacrificed if he gets his hands on him.
  • Is also called Gugalanna, who just happens to be the same name as the first husband of Ereshkigal. We are not certain if the two are the same person.
  • Within the Babylonia Singularity, Gilgamesh had plans to use the Bull against Tiamat if he were to acquire an alliance with Ishtar. The plan fell short when Ishtar revealed that she somehow lost sight of a mountain-sized bull. It was really embarrassing to her to say the least. However, what seemed to have happened is that the Bull was summoned into a different timeline by Isthar who manifested into the Fake Holy Grail War that was happening in Snowfield. So Ishtar essentially lost the Bull to herself.
    • After looking everywhere for it, Ishtar sort of gave up on finding the Bull, thinking that he has already left to the heavens so there is no point bothering him anymore. Except since Ishtar was still salty about the whole situation, she decided to create a brand new Bull of Heaven by setting up a race within a Singularity taking place in Connacht to act as a summoning ritual. Since she was getting Drunk with Power upon creating Gugalanna Mark II and other complications on her even summoning it, the new Bull was smashed to pieces by Quetzalcoatl with an epic piledriver. The original Bull is understandably terrified on what the Feathered Serpent can do to him.
  • It is surprising that Inanna, the Sumerian counterpart of Ishtar, never ended up summoning the Bull to aid the Divine Powers. How much would have he helped, it is hard to tell, but he would have been some use. It might be that the Bull associates himself with Ishtar more than it does with Inanna.
  • Has a close relation with Hydra as both of them are monsters sent by goddesses to kill a certain hero, but were slain by them instead.
  • No one has dared to breed him with Miltank yet. Miltank is already a pain to deal with, so having her have a child with a divine beast would terrifying.
  • Is despised by Tabu Bulu due of it being a bull-themed Nature Spirit while the Bull is known to be extremely destructive towards nature if given the chance. This hatred also extends to Spring Sprite.
  • Due to how massive the Bull is, he hardly takes interests in other bull-related deities in the Pantheon such as Ferninand (though the latter is terrified of the former) and Baine Bloodhood. Only one who is even on the radar to him is Quadratus due to its size.
  • Odysseus is reminded about the cattle of Helios upon hearing about the Bull, mainly how the gods tried to punish his men for killing the cattle like how the gods got tired of Enkidu's antics after he helped Gilgamesh kill the Bull, leading to them to kill off Enkidu. On a separate note, the Bull is trying to avoid Hercules since it doesn't want to get captured like the Cretan Bull.
  • Upon hearing of a divine bull ascending, Matador and Don Flamenco were both eager to take it on. But when they found out that the Bull was a gigantic bull, the initial excitement was lost. Matador still wants to fight the Bull one day, while Don Flamenco decided to back off of it.
  • Has no relation with a band sharing the same name.

Grogar, Unholy God of Monstrous Goats (Master, The First Emperor of Equestria, Grofar, Old Goat, The Father of Monsters)
His G1 Design
His G4 design 
  • Greater God with his Bell, Demigod without his Bell
  • Symbol: His Bewitching Bell
  • Theme Songs: Grogar's Theme and The Father of Monsters (mainly for his G4 self)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Gruesome Goat, The Source of his Power is a Bell, Vile Villain, Saccharine Show, A Serious and Vile Villain with a Humorous Dragon, Dimension Lord, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Amazing Technicolor Wildlife, Trapped in the Realm of Darkness, Brought Down to Normal, The Juggernaut, No-Nonsense Nemesis, Villainous Breakdown, Hoist by His Own Petard, Ancient Evil, Breakout Villain, Evil Overlord, Happiness Is Mandatory, Take Over the World, Can't Control his Magic Without his Bell
  • Domains: Goats, Evil, Sorcerers
  • Herald: Bray
  • High Priest: The Goat
  • Followers: William the Kid
  • Allies: Melkor, Johan Liebert, Wizeman, Nightmare, Freddy Krueger, Maleficent, Andross, Zira, Lord Voldemort, Jack O' Lantern, Merasmus, Xemnas, Cackletta, Ridley, King Boo, Dracula, Junko Enoshima, Redyue, The Sorceress, The Wicked Witch of the West, Dr. Facilier, Hagatha, Ultimecia, Quan Chi, Baba Yaga, Kamek, Calypso, Desiree, Erazor Djinn, Shinnok, Führer King Bradley, Babidi, Pennywise, Napoleon, Scar, Fire Lord Ozai, Chernabog, Moro
  • Rivals: Sauron, Ganondorf, Hades, Khazrak and Gorthor
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Evil-Aligned Equestrian Deities, Bill Cipher
  • Enemies: All Good-Aligned Equestrian Deities (Especially Megan Williams, Twilight Sparkle and Discord), The Ascended Undertale Deities (But mostly Toriel and Asgore Dreemurr), the Good-Aligned Deities of the House of Magic and Sorcery, Xerneas, Bambi, Donkey, Aslan, Jorgen Von Strangle, Professor Paradox, Crystal, Saxton Hale, Link, The Fierce Protectors of Royalty, Sora, Fi, Richter Belmont, The Helltaker Cast, Yami Yugi, Yugi Muto, Daffy Duck, Marceline, Daisy, Lyndis, Marth, Peach, Princess Sofia, Anastasia, Aurora, Lord Elrond, Padme Amidala, Ramses, Caeda, Wonder Woman, The Ones, Star Butterfly, Toffee, Godzilla
  • Opposed by: Sam Sheepdog, The Goat (Goat Simulator), The Houyhnhnms, The Good-Aligned Deities of the House of Musicality
  • Aligned with: The Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • In Ponyland, one day appeared Grogar, a malevolent ancient demoniac ram who had been sealed in a dimension known as the Realm of Darkness for 500 years, along with his dark kingdom of Tambelon. Upon breaking free he quickly began capturing the ponies and other inhabitants of the land with his enslaved army. Once captured, he began concocting a spell to banish all his opposition to the prison he once resided in using his trusty magical bell, source of his power, to do so. But soon enough his army turned against him and helped the ponies find his weakness, a large bell in his castle that when rang, destroyed his personal bell and depowered him, causing his spell to turn on him and returning Grogar and Tambelon back to the Realm of Darkness, this time permanently.
  • Upon being ascended, Grogar was quick to gather as much dark magic as possible to regain as much of his lost power, with the help of Melkor, under the condition that Grogar joined the Grand United Alliance of Evil, an action Grogar had no issue with doing, and later had the large bell in his castle destroyed without being rang, thus ensuring that it cannot be used against him again.
  • Right off the bat, it can be said that he hates all the other Equestrian Deities to varying degrees:
    • For her direct part in defeating him, he loathes Megan Williams over everyone else, with him wishing to personally kill the girl in the most painful and sadistic manner he can think of, or subject her to a Fate Worse than Death or And I Must Scream situation as payback for imprisoning him.
    • While he never really met her before, he also has a lot hatred towards Twilight Sparkle, due to her great power and goals, as well as being a pony not too different from the ones who defeated in his home universe. Likewise, he secretly fears the power of her friendship magic that she shares with her friends and loved ones, viewing it as a threat that could defeat even him at his most powerful, mainly going by the example of his G4 self's Bell being depowered by a large friendship magic beam.
    • Finally, there's Discord, as he isn't too happy about Discord impersonating an alternate version of him and trying to use his image as a way to try and boost Twilight's spirit, though he is rather amused by the part where things went completely south for Discord and ended with him massively screwing up and ruining everything his friends had worked for. Likewise, despite being evil, even he questions the effectiveness of Discord's plan, wondering how anyone can stand him after that little stunt.
    • He and the Equestrian villains also don't get along at all due to each wanting to take over the world alone each and him knowing of their intended betrayal of his G4 self, the only reason he doesn't hates them more than the heroes is due to their goals at least being somewhat able to intersect without much conflict at first. That said, he is preparing himself to be rid of the other villains once they served their purpose, lest they declare their allegiance to him and he can make sure they won't try and backstab him the moment he pretends to turns his back on them.
    • Strangely enough, out of all the villains, it seems he can tolerate Tirek to a degree, mainly because Tirek is far more pragmatic and a lot smarter than his fellow villains from the trio. Though it's still not enough to start a full-blown alliance, it is at least enough for Grogar and Tirek to cooperate without much infighting.
  • Is also enemies with various Middle-Earth deities due to being a dark magic overlord not unlike Sauron, and equally cruel to his underlings and enemies alike. On the villains' side, he's declared himself a rival to the Dark Lord, and plans on becoming Melkor's new Dragon to gain further power and influence.
    • He also has developed a small rivalry with another Dark Lord, Ganondorf. Although they'll easily team up against heroes that oppose them both.
  • Sam Sheepdog opposes him greatly following an incident where Ralph Wolf mistook Grogar, who was wandering around their temple while looking for allies, for a normal sheep and tried to capture him in his usual routine with Sam, only for Grogar to almost violently kill Ralph, prompting Sam to save his frenemy and rush out of their temple to save him.
    • In the same boat, the Goat opposes Grogar for giving all sheep and rams a bad name worse than she could ever do. While she'll instill chaos around the Pantheon for her amusement she does not want to enslave others or commit atrocities with the cruel intentions Grogar wants to. That said, she will still mess with the evil ram for her amusement, such as trying to steal his bell and taunt him with it.
  • Daffy Duck is an oddball among his enemies, but its mostly due to Daffy's own experiences with another evil goat (A Nazi one). And Grogar's cruelty and evil is all he needs to consider the Demon Ram one of his many enemies. Grogar himself doesn't care much about the duck's enmity against him, viewing Daffy as insignificant next to him.
  • His cruel hold over those that serve him has made him enemies with various good-aligned royals, who are disgusted by Grogar not only forcing his minions to serve him under various threats; but also forcing said minions to pretend they are happy about assisting him in his conquest and other cruel acts he commits.
  • He is capable of hijacking and entering others' dreams, a factor that has earned him allies in other deities like Nightmare, Wizeman and Freddy Krueger. They are all too happy to spread their cruelty throughout the Pantheon by invading dreams and causing endless nightmares on hapless deities that can't defend themselves.
    • Due to joining the Inducers of Nightmare, he's started off a rather tense partnership with one of its members, Nightmare Moon, who like fellow villainous Equestrian deities does not get along with the ram sorcerer, they are quick to devolve into infighting while cooperating and prefer to stay away from one another most of the time.
  • Hates Star Butterfly and Toffee for their end goals of destroying magic in their world. Especially due to Star succeeding at it. That said, Star and Toffee still won't go and team up against him, despite both returning Grogar's sentiment towards them. He also plots to obtain the secrets to Star's whispering spell, hoping to use it just in case his revenge on the ponies fails, so as to spite them in the scenario that he loses.
  • He's attempted to recruit fellow monster goat, Chirin, into his ranks; arguing to him that by joining his forces he can easily get even stronger than before. But Chirin rejected him, as he refuses to let his lust for strength consume him again and has clarified that he no longer is anything like he was before when training under Wor. Grogar scoffed at his perceived notion of Chirin having no ambition and ever since, both rams are bitter enemies.
  • The Houyhnhnms oppose Grogar due to his desire to conquer the world going against all that their civilization stands for. Grogar himself is nothing but amused at the horses' Holier Than Thou attitude, especially when compared to the ponies' attitude towards other beings, and considers them as beings not worth paying any attention to unless they decide to intrude on his temple.
  • He's also made allies with evil magical beings of the Pantheon, particularly those who control shadows or use dark magic, viewing them as kindred souls in the fight against the good-aligned magical and non-magical deities. Particular standouts are:
    • Maleficent. Who considers Grogar a worthy, powerful and influential ally in her quest to govern all the worlds. Both also love to torture Pete in their spare time, as well as any of their other minions.
    • Merasmus also enjoys spending time with Grogar, as he believes he and the ram can be great allies due to their goals not interfering with each other's and share their magic talents to become more powerful.
  • He once began kidnapping the various princesses of the Pantheon such as Princess Bubblegum, Daisy, Peach, Sofia, Anastasia, and several others hoping to obtain their magic for his own uses. But thanks to various heroes teaming up to rescue them, and the princesses themselves fighting back against him, he was thwarted and forced to let them go. That said, he still plots to obtain their inner magic and power for his spells.
  • His cruelty towards his minions has earned him enemies in Asgore and Toriel, who both won't stand for his cruelty towards his subjects and desire to conquer the world and subjugate everyone else to his will. Likewise, the Crystal Gems also have come to hate Grogar for his tyranny and enslavement of others.
  • He's also allies with Fire Lord Ozai, Napoleon and Grand Moff Tarkin, who all approve of his methods of keeping underlings in check. Tarkin went as far as calling Grogar's methods to be "ingenious" and promised that he'll get in talks with Darth Sidious to ensure that the Galactic Empire and Tambelon will have stronger ties and a more direct cooperation in future operations.
  • Saxton Hale has sworn on his Australia-shaped chest hair that he'll beat Grogar to death with his bare fists and mount his head on a wall in his temple to decorate it. On his part, Grogar returns the sentiment of antagonism, hoping to put the human "in his place".
  • His show of origin had a segment that starred Mr. Potato Head. When he met the ascended version he had not much to say about it, viewing it as a weird creature at most. Potato Head and all the gang oppose Grogar on their end, viewing the tyrannical goat as one of the most evil beings they've dealt with due to his similarities in ruling over his kingdom to Lotso's rule over Sunnyside Daycare.
  • Evil as he is, he takes a careful approach to working with deities that are potentially capable of ruining his plans once they have succeeded, such as Bill Cipher, whose Omnicidal Maniac tendencies and trollish attitude infuriate him.
  • His major weakness being a bell's song when rang made him an unexpected ally in Chernabog, who is also thwarted by a morning bell after a night of torturing and toying with souls of the deceased. Grogar pities Chernabog greatly for being unable to have fun for eternity as he wished he could, and is at least hoping he can set Chernabog free in his own world for him to rule unopposed
  • "Welcome, my little ponies! What a pity you can't stay for long! For within a few short hours: you with the rest of your kind will be banished to the Realm of Darkness!"

Intermediate Gods

Miltank, Goddess of Dairy Cattle (The Milk Cow Pokémon, Sailor Moo)
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess when Dynamaxing.
  • Symbol: A bottle of Moo Moo Milk
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Scrappy
  • Moves: Milk Drink, Rollout, Stomp, Attract
  • Portfolio: High HP, High Defense, and High Speed, Friend to All Children, feminine pink, Secret Art: milk that heals, mother of the team, Wake-Up Call Boss under Whitney's command
  • Domains: Cows, Milk, Surprising Strength and Speed
  • Herald: Whitney
  • Followers: Bat-Cow, Gene, the Wild West COW Boys Of Moo Mesa, Arizona, Grunties
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, N Harmonia, Ruby Rose, Baine Bloodhoof, Applejack (a farmer who knows her way around cows), Audino (a fellow support Pokémon), Elite Tauren Chieftain, many child deities, especially in the House of Childhood and Adolescence, with the exception of the nasty ones
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, those cruel to animals, antagonists to farms
  • Opposed by: Lactose-intolerant mortals and deities, trainers challenging Whitney's gym, Cofagrigus
  • Opposes: Edward Elric
  • Miltank's milk is packed with nutrition, making it the ultimate beverage for the sick or weary, a very tasty drink for many, and can heal Pokémon.
  • It is said that kids who drink Miltank's milk grow up to become hearty, healthy adults. Ruby Rose fully sponsors this for some reason. She's since become a valuable asset in the House of Food's kitchens.
  • A lot of scientists have been wondering how Miltank developed the body parts needed for milk production as she, like all Pokémon, came from eggs.
  • The Farmer, who loves the rural life, took a liking to Miltank. Miltank itself was also just as content in living out a simple life and greatly appreciated how the Farmer would often tend to it and try to give as much support and comfort as he can, which caused the two of them to develop a strong friendship with one another. And while they prefer a simple, slow life, this does not mean Miltank is one to turn away from a battle, especially if the Farmer's life and other things the Pokémon values are on the line...
  • For those who look down on the Normal-type for its mundanity, Miltank is a reminder that they should underestimate such types at their own peril. This Miltank, having taken on the same moveset and ability as the dreaded one owned by Whitney, can bring the hurt with the increasing-damage attack known as Rollout, the STABnote  called Stomp that makes opponents flinch, Attract to leave male Pokémon vulnerable, and Milk Drink to patch herself up. On top of a beefy defense (*ba-dum-tsh*) and surprising speed, she also has the Scrappy ability, which means she can also land hits on ghosts, which her type are normally incapable of even touching.
  • Was absolutely insulted when she heard that Edward Elric called her milk "cow's piss", and plans to give him a piece of her mind when he least expects it.
  • Elite Tauren Chieftain got along with Miltank as well, not only because of bovine kinship, but also because he really loves the color pink.
  • The Mob was once again thrilled to have a representative of a Pokémon they allied with in the Pantheon. The Miltank in question being a fan of the Sailor Moon gods and nicknaming herself after the titular character. Also stated to have a crush on a Venusaur known as Tux.

Okkoto-nushi, God of Boars (Okkoto)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A boar head silhouette with four large tusks jutting out to either side.
  • Theme Song: Forest of the Shishi God (shared with Moro)
  • Alignment: True Neutral / Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Boar god, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Reasonable Authority Figure, blind white eyes, keen sense of smell to compensate, Last Stand, turned into a hate-filled demon, copious amounts of Blood from the Mouth
  • Domains: Boars, Nature, Divinity, War, Pride
  • Heralds: His whole tribe and Nago (a fellow boar god)
  • High Priest: Razorbeast
  • Allies: Moro, San, Tama Hill Tanuki, Amaterasu, Ares, Spring Sprite, Xerneas, Yveltal
  • Enemies: Lady Eboshi, Robert Baratheon, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Napoleon, GUAE Trollkaiger, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, Lysandre, Firebird
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ashitaka, the other Studio Ghibli Deities, Pumbaa
  • Opposes: House of Hatred and Rancor
  • Respects: Sanada Yukimura
  • Okkoto is an ancient boar god from the southern islands of Japan. San and her wolf brothers fought alongside him and his army against the inhabitants of Iron Town to protect the forest they were destroying. Okkoto's boar army was slaughtered by imperial soldiers with explosives, and Okkoto himself was left in the verge of death. Okkoto's hatred for the humans ended up consuming him and he became a raving demon covered in blood worms, nearly dragging San along. He was eventually put to rest forever, together with Moro, by the Forest God's merciful touch.
  • Ascended at the same time as Moro in order to help in the latest battle that pitted the Nature Preservers against several members of the House of Commerce and the Hall of Toxicity. San and Ashitaka cheered when Okkoto and his army made their presence known with a Foe-Tossing Charge.
  • Still has quite a problem with humans in general, but San's trying to help him see there are plenty of worthwhile humans in the Pantheon. San herself may also hate humans, but she doesn't want to see Okkoto succumb to hatred and become a blood worm-covered rampaging demon again. However, every once in a while, one (or more) of Okkoto's soldiers does fall prey to those negative feelings and becomes a problem. Okkoto has given his full permission for such boars to be terminated whenever that happens (including himself should it happen to him again). Death is Cheap in the Pantheon, so it's not so bad, though Okkoto feels ashamed of himself whenever that happens.
    • Given what hatred can do to gods like him, he finds the whole concept of the House of Hatred to be distasteful and does his best to keep himself and his army away from there. This doesn't stop the worst members of that House from seeking them out in a bid to corrupt them and spread chaos throughout the Pantheon. Yuuki Terumi and his Trollkaiger are repeat offenders; Okkoto swears that he'll take them down someday.
  • As far as him learning to like humans goes, he's only willing to give a chance to those recommended by San, which is pretty much just her own allies. Okkoto considers them somewhat interesting but has no special wish to make friends with them himself.
    • Okkoto's been learning about the Sengoku period that succeeded his time and has to admit that there were some very interesting humans in that era. The most impressive to him is Sanada Yukimura, for dying in battle for what he believed in. He's glad that such a rare human is in the Pantheon.
  • Okkoto recalls that he promised Ashitaka he'd kill him the next time he saw him. He did indeed try to fulfill it (without San knowing or he'd never hear the end of it), but being old and blind and Ashitaka being a very good warrior and quite slippery, the lumbering god just couldn't do it. Eventually Moro intervened, said Okkoto was painful to watch and told him to just forget the matter as they all fought for the same things. Okkoto begrudgingly acquiesced.
  • For the most part he just sort of ignores the other Ghibli deities; most of them are children, so he sees them as innocent despite being humans, but he doesn't care much about them. He's accused Totoro of having no dignity for becoming a playmate to two little girls even though he's supposed to be a great forest spirit. Totoro likely doesn't care what Okkoto thinks and just keeps hanging out with Satsuki and Mei.
    • On the other hand, he's okay with the tanuki of Tama Hill since they also suffered from losing their forest to human development. He likes Gonta and his followers the best since, like him, they waged war with the humans until the bitter end, and Okkoto sees them as worthy warriors for it. But he's a bit contemptuous about Shokichi and some others, as he cannot fathom why proud forest animals would prefer to live among humans instead of dying in a blaze of glory.
  • Okkoto has the greatest respect for Amaterasu as the highest Shinto goddess, though he sure wishes she had been around when Iron Town was destroying the forest.
  • Boars are sacred to Ares, the Greek God of war. Ares is happy to know that the one chosen to represent boars in the Pantheon is a ferocious and proud warrior, and wants to get in on the action whenever Okkoto is waging war. Okkoto thinks the Greek god is a bit unhinged, but he doesn't mind his help.
  • Robert Baratheon and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne are two deities whose obituaries would read "death by boar", so they don't exactly take kindly to the giant boar god's presence in the Pantheon. They've occasionally teamed up in hunting expeditions to take their Revenge by Proxy. As far as Okkoto's concerned, they're welcome to try.
  • The Pantheon has a bit of a dearth of swine for Okkoto to interact with. He doesn't really care about Babe. He thinks Napoleon is a traitor of the worst kind for going against his nature, adopting human mannerisms and placing himself as a tyrant above other animals. When meeting Pumbaa, Okkoto thought he'd finally met a pig with tusks, but he's not sure he cares for his lifestyle with that strange rat creature, though he admits Pumbaa can be impressive in a fight for his small size.
  • Just like Moro, he has aligned himself with the nature-protecting Xerneas and the Spring Sprite. He also respects Yveltal as a necessary complement to Xerneas, while opposing the maliciously destructive Firebird and the arrogant Lysandre for being a mere human playing god by trying to control the forces of life and death for his purposes.

Rhydon, God of Rhinoceroses (The Drill Pokémon, Sidon)

Tawaret, Goddess of Friendly Hippos (Tauret, Taweret among other spellings, Lady of Heaven, Mistress of the Horizon, Lady of the Birth House, She Who Removes Water, Mistress of Pure Water, The Great Female Honeycakes)
Her Kane Chronicles depiction.

Lesser Gods

Agro, Goddess of Tireless Steeds (Aggro, Argro)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A black silhouette of herself, galloping
  • Theme Song: "Swift Horse"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Awesome and impossibly resilient horse, Undying Loyalty for Wander, apparently dies but not really
  • Domains: Horses, Hardiness, Loyalty
  • Owner: Wander
  • Allies: Epona, Black Beauty, Spirit, Maximus, Ico and Yorda, Fluttershy, Hazel Levesque, Link
  • Enemies: The Colossi, Gregor Clegane
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Houyhnhnms
  • Agro is the mount of Wander, the young warrior who set out on a quest to defeat the sixteen Colossi in a deal brokered with the deity Dormin to save his charge Mono's life. Agro is an impressive mare, possessing a stout build and standing at two meters tall. She can run at a top speed of about 50 mph non-stop. She is also ridiculously low-maintenance for a horse; she was more than capable of finding sustainment for herself in the barren Forbidden Land without needing Wander to provide for her and never required care of any sort. She was also fearless while facing the Colossi and simply shook off any injury when thrown around by them. Above all, though, she is defined by her loyalty to her rider Wander, who she stuck with throughout nearly his entire journey, up until she fell from a high ravine... which she came back from with only a limp.
  • Originally Wander's Herald and Epona's High Priestess, Wander was beyond relieved to see that his trusty steed was alive and well, given the last Wander saw of her prior to ascending was her falling into the ravine. As such, Agro had a good run of the Pantheon long before the higher-ups found a divine role they decided she was worthy of taking. In honor of her incredible tirelessness and toughness while accompanying Wander on his journey (and also some people feeling very intensely about her), she was awarded with godhood over Automaton Horses. Wander was filled with pride at hearing the news, in one of his few truly joyous moments since ascending.
  • Agro is fully behind (or under, as the case might be) Wander if he wants to go hunting for the Colossi again. Someone decided to ask her (through animal language translators, naturally) what her personal feelings on the Colossi were out of curiosity. For what it's worth, Agro doesn't seem to bear them any ill will and even regards them with some indifference when not on the job. Although, she seems to take on a dimmer view of those she personally had to deal with, most especially Dirge. She has also become none too fond of Celosia and Cenobia after being ambushed by them a couple of times in the Pantheon, due to their very aggressive natures and being unusually quick for Colossi.
  • While Agro is loyal to Wander, she's not averse to going off on her own and enjoy herself when not needed. As Epona's former High Priestess and now stablemate, Agro gets along well with the fiery red mare, even with there being a significant difference in personality between them; Agro is a much more even-tempered horse, with some saying she's like an equine version of a Yamato Nadeshiko. She is also not that fussy about who is allowed to ride her, unlike the more choosy Epona, although Agro will always give priority to Wander when he needs her. One wonders how can two mares with such a Red Oni, Blue Oni dynamic get along, but it works out, somehow. It's probably the fact that they're both mounts to brave and crafty heroes on dangerous adventures, so there's certainly a lot of understanding between the two. There's also a certain amount of rivalry, because while Epona is capable of greater bursts of speed, Agro shows a lot more endurance.
  • Agro has quite a few other stablemates besides Epona. Out of this herd, Black Beauty is the most similar to Agro in terms of temperament, being similarly calm and mild-mannered. Because of this the two seem to enjoy each other's company more than any other horse, considering they can often be seen running pleasantly alongside each other. Some deities suspect Ship Tease. Black Beauty was rather appalled hearing how excessively hands off Wander is with Agro though, thinking Wander to be an abusive and neglectful owner like many who had owned Black Beauty before. Agro doesn't really see the harm though, and considers herself to just be really independent and resourceful. She doesn't necessarily look on down on Black Beauty for "not getting it", though; she realizes she was rather lucky to have her freedom after hearing all about what an awful life Black Beauty led, getting whipped and chained up all the time inside poorly lit stables and made to carry heavier loads than he could bear.
  • The wild stallion Spirit puts his usual derision about tamed horses to rest around Agro, the only horse with whom he does so. This sudden respect could have something to do with her surviving facing giant monstrosities, or maybe Agro just has her way of putting Spirit in his place. Then there's Maximus, who's unfailingly loyal to the royal family and went well beyond what's expected of a horse to accomplish his duty; he and Agro have very high regard for each other as a result.
  • Fluttershy expressed some concern for Agro's well-being after hearing how inadvisably often she is left to her own devices by Wander. Fluttershy often visits her to make sure she is doing alright, sometimes bringing her feed. Agro appreciates the company of the soft-spoken pony who has a way with animals and also seems to maintain a good relationship with the rest of Equestria's ponies, although she doesn't relate to them very strongly since they are more like humans than equines.
  • Still on the topic of horses that act more like humans, there are the Houyhnhnms, which are even more puzzling to Agro, and certainly more unpleasant than the Equestria ponies after they came to her and expressed their contempt for Wander who dared to own a fine horse like her only to mistreat her and force her to confront giant stone monsters (in their opinion). She didn't take kindly to this. While she doesn't understand all that well what the Houyhnhnms are about, hearing some of some of their practices has made her think of them as defiant of nature and she is sure she would not like to become one of them.
  • Hazel Levesque took a liking to her, as she takes a liking to horses in general due to them being the only animals who don't dislike her. It's no different with Agro, who enjoys Hazel's attentions whenever she decides to come spend time at the Hall of Ungulates. Conversely, there is Gregor Clegane, a monstrous brute who famously beheaded his horse in a fit of bad temper. Agro counts herself lucky not to have come face-to-face with him yet (and also felt her love for Wander reinforced); she learned of him from Hazel, who loathes Gregor, and made sure to warn Agro about him should she ever meet him.
  • If Ico and Yorda's relationship with Wander is shaky and aloof, it is much the opposite where Agro is concerned. The two children have always been amazed watching Wander and Agro from afar, streaking across the fields and pulling tricks, back when she was his Herald. After she ascended and moved to the stables, they were less nervous about approaching her now that Wander isn't near her 24/7. Agro detects a certain similarity between Wander and Ico that she cannot quite make sense of. Perhaps because of that, she is happy to be a playmate to Ico as well as Yorda, being ignorant of the tension between them and her master since they are never all in the same place. It's a frequent sight for the two children to ride on her, with Ico trying to imitate Wander's tricks, not always successfully. Agro is careful with them to ensure they don't get hurt. Wander actually has chanced upon them playing together a couple of times. He lets them be.

Epona, Goddess of Cool Horses
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: An outline of her head, imposed behind the Crest of Hyrule
  • Theme Songs: Epona's Song, Lon Lon Ranch
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Horsemanship with Link, Rearing Horse, Cool Horse, Invulnerable Horses, Loyal Animal Companion, Power-Up Mount, Sprint Shoes
  • Domains: Horses, Speed, Mounts
  • Rider: Link
  • Allies: Princess Zelda, Midna, Fi, Skull Kid, Lana, Naofumi's party, Pit, The Farmer, Agro, Maximus, Black Beauty, Spirit, Donkey, Yoshi, Slyvia, Chocobos, Appa, Momo, Naga, and Pabu, Raoh, All good My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic deities, especially the Mane 6, Spike, and Princess Luna and Celestia, Lady Amalthea, Pegasus, Megan Williams, Eliza Thronberry, Hazel Levesque
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Majora, Zant, Dark Link, Vaati, Ghirahim, Demise, Yuga, Cia, Yhwach
  • Epona, Link’s longtime steed in the fight against evil. Though not alongside all of his incarnations, where Epona is present she is a stalwart and loyal ally and friend to Link.
  • While no one knows exactly how she got there, Epona first arrived in the Pantheon when Link absentmindedly played her song on his Ocarina. As the clear notes rang out, a distinctive whinny could be heard as Epona ran up to Link, overjoyed to see his loyal steed and longtime friend. She currently lives in the Hall of Ungulates, ready to help her master whenever he calls her with the Ocarina.
  • Midna, having had met Epona personally, was happy to see her back at Link’s side, and the feeling was reciprocated. Fi, though she hadn’t met Epona before, was pleased to do so, remarking,
    "This lifeform bears a strikingly similar aura to the Crimson Loftwing. Its presence and assistance provided to Master Link is appreciated."
  • Zelda, similarly, was happy to see the steed that was responsible for so many of her rescues, especially after her time riding alongside her with her own royal stallion.
  • One deity distinctly not happy to see Epona was the Dark Lord Gandorf himself, especially after she played an instrumental role in the final battle against his Calamity Ganon form. While he has made several attempts to destroy her in the Pantheon, she always seems to emerge unscathed...
  • Still holds a strong hatred for Majora after its cruel treatment of her in Termina (even when this led to her encountering an Expy of her original caretaker). Majora, similarly, despises "that stupid horse of his," and was very upset to see her recognized for anything.
    • She has, however, since forgiven Skull Kid after learning the full story.
  • Dark Link is the only version of Link she opposes and will never allow to ride her, since she knows very well who her rider is. Dark Link doesn't seem to care however.
  • Epona is courteous to Lana, trusting her greatly since she's Link's friend, but she refuses to allow Cia anywhere near Link due to how obsessed the former is with latter. If Cia tries to get anywhere close to Link, Epona will stop her.
  • She usually only lets Link and whoever's accompanying him ride her, but she will allow others to ride her if Link is okay with it. Raoh is one such example, since he's quite the famous horseman. Raoh treats her with great respect and is honored to ride the horse of a great hero.
    • She, unsurprisingly, is also willing to let Hazel Levesque ride her, since horses are the only animals willing to get close to her. Just like Black Beauty, Epona sympathizes with Hazel's plight and goes out of her way to protect her.
  • Warmed up to Pit quickly, who he had learned a bit of an affinity for horses when he learned to man the Lightning Chariot. Pit was just happy to meet such a legendary figure, and they remain friends.
  • The deities of Equestria are interested in Epona, especially Fluttershy (who is a lover of animals), Spike (who always wanted to be a heroic horseman), Twilight Sparkle (who is honored to meet an ally of the legendary Link), and Rainbow Dash (who is the pinnacle of loyalty). The feeling is mutual on Epona's end, and she is respectful and courteous to them.
  • When no one is riding her, Epona tends to hang out with the other horses or equines in the Hall of Ungulates. She and Maximus respect each other for their loyalty (Epona to Link, Maximus to the royal family), she and Black Beauty become friends while the latter sees how similar Epona is to his mate, and Epona forms a kinship with Spirit for his unbreakable will despite being a wild horse. Epona is also patient with Donkey's talkativeness, with the latter greatly respecting her and admitting he wished he was still a stallion.
  • Epona gets along well with Yoshi and Slyvia, both of whom are ridable characters but can actually speak. Yoshi befriended and fought alongside Link once, so he's all too willing to befriend Epona. Slyvia is honored to meet a fellow loyal and ridable goddess in the Pantheon. Epona also tends to hang out with Chocobos and Filo, both of whom are non-equine mounts. Epona and Chocobos first greeted each other with curiosity before becoming friends, while Filo wants to challenge Epona to races to prove she's the fastest among them.
    • Epona also befriended Team Avatar's animal companions. Appa makes her think of the Loftwings she heard about from Fi earlier, Naga is the closest she's with due to being a loyal riding animal companion, and she's friendly with both Momo and Pabu.
    • Naofumi and Raphtalia, while they still have Filo to help them travel, still greatly respect Epona and Link and the riders are willing to let the other ride their respective steed when it's necessary.
  • Yhwach is rather infamous for the fact his horse is immune to his spiritual pressure. Epona however states that even if she could survive Yhwach's presence, she would never let him ride her for all the atrocities he's committed.
  • Megan Williams was quick to befriend Epona, who reminded her of her pet pony TJ. Epona in turn is sweet and gentle with Megan, allowing her to ride her if she ever needs to. Link even teaches her the song needed to summon Epona.
  • Eliza Thornberry is so far the only human who can talk to her due to her ability to speak with animals, which surprises Epona. Epona notes she was only able to talk to Link when he was in the form of wolf. Epona is happy to hold conversations with Eliza and talk to her about Link.

    Maximus (Tangled
Maximus, God of White Horses
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Corona's Crest
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral —> Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: White horse with leadership cred, extremely persistent in chasing Flynn, dog-like behavior, hyper-competent, capable of taking more abuse than a horse should, working with the Pub Thugs to save Flynn, choosing good over law, approves of Rapunzel/Flynn, Silent Snarker
  • Domains: Equines, Leadership, Tenacity, Justice
  • Allies: Rapunzel, Disney princesses, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Black Beauty, Agro, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Johnny Appleseed, Applejack, Shining Armor, Jean Valjean, Link, Mario, Yoshi, Zelda, Peach
  • Enemies: Mother Gothel, Xehanort's Incarnations, Ryuk, Ganondorf, Bowser, Manny Pardo, evil members of the House of Crime and Transgressions, House of Villainy
  • Conflicting Opinion: Inspector Javert, Spirit
  • Evil Counterpart: Fiend White Rider
  • Maximus was the horse of the captain of Corona's royal guard. Very meticulous, he doesn't hesitate in taking over from his human masters if he finds that they're not up to snuff, as demonstrated by the determination with which he chased Flynn for stealing a crown, even after losing his rider. This would lead him to meet the long-lost princess of his kingdom, Rapunzel, and he played an important role in rescuing her from Mother Gothel's clutches. At the end, he was made captain of the guard, and ascended in order to better serve his princess.
  • Beyond his duty to her, Maximus just adores Rapunzel and will do anything to protect her and make her happy, even if that means bending the law sometimes. In fact, Rapunzel is the reason why Maximus can be flexible at all. He has also pledged to protect the other Disney princesses for reminding him of Rapunzel, and after hearing from Sora about the threat that Master Xehanort poses for all princesses.
  • It should come as no surprise that, although they didn't have much to do with each other in the mortal realm, Maximus will not tolerate Mother Gothel coming into the vicinity of his liege. She's the person he chases the most, so he can throw her in jail and make her pay for the crime of kidnapping his princess.
  • Though he is friends with Flynn now (with some vitriol), Maximus still condemns thievery and crime in general and will chase any criminals in the Pantheon as doggedly as he did in the mortal world, but now with an eye for the bigger picture. He wishes Javert would do the same instead of obsessing over someone who already served nineteen years for the measly crime that was stealing a loaf of bread. He tries to make him come around to this point of view whenever their jobs lead to them working together. The effort and his general reasonability makes him respected by Jean Valjean. Maximus also detests Manny Pardo for using his authority as a cover-up to commit murder of both criminals and innocents.
  • Other deities he often works together with include Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Maximus has a lot of synergy with the bunny's scrappy, can-do attitude, and Nick Wilde is like Flynn, which he can get used to; they often give each other a hard time in a good-natured way. There's also Shining Armor, with whom he shares the commonality of being captains of the guard, so they'll often talk about their troubles together.
  • Has been trying to convince the House of Defense to make frying pans standard equipment like he did with Corona's royal guard. This has had little success as most members prefer doing their thing. At least the effort scores him points with Tiffany Aching.
  • Is very hostile towards the White Rider because of him representing a darker form that the White Stallion trope can take: Conquest. Maximus is unrelenting but ultimately benevolent, so being confronted with the darker side of the trope he is deified for causes him quite a bit of angst.
  • When Spirit acts up, Maximus will come running and tell him to stop being a danger to everyone. Spirit likes to tease him by saying that Maximus has become such a pet that he enforces humans' laws for them. This often leads to extensive Stern Chases around the Pantheon where the other deities can't believe Maximus and Spirit don't break their legs several times over. They CAN work together well on occasion though, especially when Maximus opts to be more good than lawful.
  • Maximus gets along much better with the more law-abiding Black Beauty. The peaceful black horse tries to be a mediator in Maximus and Spirit's squabbles, not always successfully since the two are both hot-heads.
  • Due to his love for apples, he's a frequent customer of Applejack's and Johnny Appleseed's, and they're more than happy to be of service to such an upstanding horse. Ryuk, jealous that he isn't as favored, sometimes picks fights with Maximus by stealing part of his stash. Maximus has also very chivalrously offered to taste-test any apple that might come Snow White's way.
  • Gets on well with Link due to him being a just hero and his friendship with Epona. It's the same thing with Mario and his mount Yoshi. Seeing that they themselves have princesses to protect, he aids them against Ganondorf and Bowser. Not without some trepidation against the former, due to his fearsome, giant horse.

Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken, God of Wild Horses (Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron, Mustang)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An eagle
  • Theme Song: "Get Off My Back" (though technically he has many songs)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Unrideable horse, inspiration to captive horses, very courageous and very stubborn, shrugging off damage that should realistically kill or severely injure him, violating quite a few rules of horses, competent and talented herd leader, unbreakable spirit
  • Domains: Equines, Freedom, The West, Xenofiction, Narration
  • Herald: Rain (his mate)
  • Allies: Most good DreamWorks Animation deities, especially Moses and Jack Frost, Pocahontas, Jake Sully, Neytiri, Applejack, Fluttershy, Caesar, Amalthea, Naruto Uzumaki, Pegasus Seiya, Link, Agro
  • Enemies: Miles Quaritch, Mr. Burns, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, Gregor Clegane
  • Conflicting Opinion: Black Beauty, Maximus, Bagheera
  • Rivals: The Man With No Name, Louise Leroi
  • This horse comes from a time when the West was still truly wild and untarnished by humans. He lived in the wide open prairies where he led his herd and bravely protected it from danger, until he was caught by humans who proceeded to try to tame him. However, he was far too wild, and far too determined to remain free. His staunch refusal to submit eventually won him back his freedom, earned him the name Spirit Who Could Not Be Broken, and got him a position in the Pantheon to represent all the horses who refuse to become mounts.
  • Has a hard time seeing eye to eye with Black Beauty because of how obliging and submissive the black horse is towards humans, even those who abuse him. Spirit finds this a pity and a waste, not least because he has discovered Black Beauty is a very impressive horse who can match him in running. Black Beauty will simply say that he was raised to be good and to do his duty; he's free to horse around as much as he likes when not on duty, anyway.
  • Occasionally joins Applejack in her apple-bucking for fun. This can sometimes inadvertently turn into bucking competitions to see who can get the most apples. Fluttershy also cares a lot about him after hearing how badly he was treated by nasty humans.
  • Because of their similar experiences with humans, he is often seen in deep conversation with the unicorn Amalthea. They're also sometimes seen racing through fields together. Some deities call Ship Tease despite the fact that Spirit is Happily Mated and Amalthea's love is a prince.
  • His refusal to submit to abusive humans and leading other horses to freedom got him the approval of Caesar. It helps that they both understand that not all humans are awful and some can even be caring.
  • His stubborness and unwillingness to stay down gives him a lot of affinity with Naruto and Pegasus Seiya, who find his... spirit, yes, admirable. Spirit thinks they're really impressive too. For, you know, humans. He also finds it rather wise of Seiya to draw on the power of a legendary horse.
  • One of his favorite humans in the Pantheon is Pocahontas because of how in tune with nature she is, unlike most others. It's worth noting that the only human he really got along with in the mortal realms was also a Native American, so that may have something to do with it. He also likes Neytiri for similar reasons, and Jake Sully for choosing to side with her people against humans who'd exploit their habitat for their own gain.
  • Has a rivalry with The Man With No Name over the title "Spirit of the West", which mustangs are said to be by some. While Spirit previously would take or leave such a title, now he is rather interested in taking away said title from a cowboy. The Man With No Name has yet to respond to his challenges.
    • Frenchie King, however, is more than happy to take them up. Not because of the Spirit of the West title, but simply to test her skills. And also because Maria kept egging her on. Spirit was dubious at first, but had to admit after one session that she was a tough one.
  • As expected, his status as a Hope Bringer earned him the scorn and death wishes of Junko Enoshima, who can't tolerate yet another creature who interferes with her fetish for despair.
  • Hates Mr. Burns due to his money-grubbing ways causing harm to animals and polluting habitats, and how he completely disregards the consequences. Mr. Burns has learned to at least be wary of him ever since hearing what Spirit managed to do to two train engines. He hates Quaritch for similar reasons, since the colonel invades and plunders territories while not caring about what happens to the rightful inhabitants.
  • Interestingly Gregor Clegane actually likes his attitude (as his favorite type of horse is bad-tempered stallions) and thinks he'd make a great mount. It says something when a horse like Spirit, who doesn't tolerate being ridden even by his friends except under very special circumstances, claims that Gregor is one of the last people he'd ever allow on his back, given Gregor's treatment of horses.
  • Spirit's alright with aiding the Hero of Hyrule once in a while by letting him ride him, mostly because of his friendship with the temperamental Epona. Spirit will still sometimes throw Link off (in a way that doesn't cause him harm) when he's had enough, though.
  • Upon meeting other DreamWorks deities, he found he got along particularly well with Moses and Jack Frost. Moses compared Spirit inspiring captive horses to revolt against a slave-driving foreign enemy to his own quest to free his people from the Pharaoh's yoke. Spirit is slightly embarrassed by this, since his main goal was to go home and it was incidental that he made horses feel that way. His bond with Jack Frost is due to similar personalities, given they both have a mischievous streak.


Bambi, God of Innocent Deers
As a yearling 
As an adult 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of antlers; alternatively, a butterfly
  • Theme Music: Love is a Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Coming of Age Story, Bambification, Beware the Nice Ones, Cowardly Lion, Woodland Creature
  • Domains: Deer, Growth
  • Heralds: The Great Prince, Faline, Flower, Thumper
  • Allies: Simba, Xerneas, Babar, Sora, Fluttershy, The Gang of Seven, N, David the Gnome
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, Hexxus, Gaston, Napoleon, bullies
  • Foil to: Chirin
  • Bambi had quite a life for a deer (be it a white-tailed deer or a roe deer). He lived in a forest with his friends and lost his mother to hunters at a young age, leading The Great Prince of the Forest to take care of him. As Bambi grew up, he faced additional challenges such as a bully of a deer and it ultimately culminated with him and his friends having to survive a hunting session led by Man. Bambi has very much been regarded as cute and innocent when he was a fawn, something that remained consistent even as he grew up and learned greater responsibilities.
  • It was a quiet morning in the woodlands where Bambi and his friends least, it was quiet until some commotion could be seen in the distance. Bambi wasn't entirely sure what it was at first, but he believed that Man might be planning something that isn't good for Bambi and his woodland friends. A few moments later, it turned out that some more creatures that Bambi and co. haven't seen yet had arrived where Bambi is at, telling the deer that they don't mean harm and that they wanted to tell him about an unusual place where they can rest. While Bambi was uncertain about this "Pantheon" he was being told about (especially given that there's certain kinds of beings in the Pantheon that worry him), he went along with it and a short while later, he ended up being a part of that place, with his woodland home still intact.
  • A lot of people who have encountered Bambi noticed that he's generally young and cute. He has been seen as a young adult on occasion, but those who saw him like that noticed there's still a bit of charm to him even if he has a more dignified air to him.
  • While he's had to contend with humans in the past every now and then, being part of the Pantheon meant that humans are going to come up on a much more frequent basis, causing him a bit of concern at first due to how many more dangerous humans reside. Bambi would later learn that there are some humans who not only have a good heart, but are friendly towards animals and are even understanding of them. It surprised him to learn that some humans in the Pantheon were capable of talking to animals, but was willing to listen to what a few humans had to say.
    • A chance encounter with N ended up being the catalyst for Bambi learning to open up towards humans and that not all of them are terrible beings. N has a fondness for Pokémon despite being used by Team Plasma to take away said creatures from others, with a Pokémon trainer eventually helping N see the error of his ways and open up to others. N told Bambi that learning from others will be beneficial in the long run and that there's other animal lovers that can help out.
  • The Great Prince of the Forest was someone that Bambi had spent time with after his mother's death and was determined to prove himself to him. While looking to see if there are other deer around in the Pantheon, Bambi came across Xerneas, who was noted to be far more majestic of a deer than what Bambi had been used to. Xerneas' ability to grant immortality more than impressed Bambi, who wasn't used to seeing something like this (though he has long since accepted his mother's death) and while the Pokémon is a bit distant towards Bambi, it's still friendly towards him and Bambi hangs out with Xerneas on occasion.
  • Both Simba and Bambi are able to relate to each other's stories and the struggles that came with it. Like Bambi, Simba lost an important parental figure in the midst of chaos, though what Simba witnessed was a deliberate murder rather than simply being told that his parent was gone that was Bambi's case. As both Simba and Bambi grew older, they learned to mature and take on a role dedicated to ensuring the stability of the habitat they're from while keeping the friends they made during their childhood. Simba subsequently set up a meeting between them and Babar, an elephant that lost his mother to a hunter and later became the leader of a city of elephants. Babar understood what Bambi went through very well and has acknowledged that the deer is continuing to grow in becoming someone who will effectively lead a forest and its inhabitants.
  • David the Gnome became one of Bambi's most trusted friends in the Pantheon due to the former's knowledge of nature and helpfulness towards animals whenever they're in trouble. David has been noted to come to Bambi's aid whenever the deer is in trouble and tends to repair the damages caused by Bambi's foes. Like Bambi, David is highly aware of the extent of the damages that humans cause to natural environments.
  • It's obvious that Man was responsible for the death of Bambi's mother, but a few deities have made some possible guesses as to the exact identity of the person that did the deed. Gaston is a very popular guess given that he's a hunter and has boasted about his accomplishments frequently, with Bambi being disgusted with Gaston's selfish demeanor. Some rumors have gone around saying that it was Judge Doom who was responsible for shooting Bambi's mother. While Bambi rightfully believed that Judge Doom was a bad person, he didn't realize just how bad Doom was until he learned about Doom's goals and how he intended to accomplish them.
    • Generally speaking, Bambi still has a problem with hunters, especially those that are willing to do it just for personal gain. Hunters with far more advanced technology than what Bambi was used to became problematic when Hunter J trespassed on Bambi's woodlands as part of a mission to find a mythical beast that was apparently resting there. Most of Bambi's friends were already in trouble by the time J got to Bambi, though a timely intervention by N and his Pokémon was able to get J out of Bambi's home.
  • He is understanding about the damages being done to nature thanks to seeing a bunch of junk near a stream of water one day. That would end up being the least of such troubles for him as he would later learn about a spirit of pollution known as Hexxus, who takes open delight in seeing nature being destroyed and would be a major threat to the deer and his friends should Hexxus be unleashed. The most that Bambi can do if it were to happen is to get him and his friends to a place where Hexxus can't get to them.
  • Bullies are among those who Bambi has a strong dislike towards, mainly due to several bad experiences with Ronno, another deer that belittled Bambi when given the chance and even tried to take Faline for himself. Some humans that Bambi has seen from afar during his time in the Pantheon showed many of Ronno's traits and Bambi has claimed that some of those bullies he's seen might be even worse than Ronno.
  • Napoleon and his hatred towards humans brought him to learn about Bambi and how the latter's problems with humans stemmed from having his mother shot by hunters. Hoping to find someone to corrupt to his side, Napoleon approached Bambi and decided to try and win him over by saying that animals can live in harmony without humans getting in the way. Bambi was a bit wary at first and things were getting concerning when he was close to accepting Napoleon's offer, at least until Fluttershy came by to get Bambi back to his senses much to Napoleon's irritation. Even if Bambi knew that humans aren't perfect, there have been some who have helped him open up to them and that Napoleon was just trying to use him for something really bad. After Bambi left with Fluttershy to thank him for getting him out of trouble, Napoleon's hatred for Bambi grew and he was willing to find a way to get that deer on his side or even eliminate him if all else fails.
  • Bambi ended up finding another animal that went through an ordeal similar to his own. That animal happened to be Chirin, who lost his mother to a wolf and was devastated by it. Unlike Bambi who learned to cope with his loss, Chirin ended up trying to seek revenge to the point of becoming something he wasn't meant to be and alienating himself from his former home. Bambi felt disheartened after learning about Chirin's story, but was willing to try to get Chirin to open up towards others even if the latter's appearance as a ram is unnerving.

    Black Beauty 
Black Beauty, God of Magnificent Equine Poses (Darkie, Black Auster, Jack, Black Jack, Blackie, Old Crony)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Himself, rearing
  • Theme Song: The main theme of the '94 film
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Nice gentlemanly black horse, often depicted rearing, endures much suffering, but well-cared for in his retirement, sometimes loving a chestnut mare (who dies), mostly a normal horse with the odd ability of philosophizing, believing in God though he's an animal
  • Domains: Equines, Animal Welfare, Stock Poses, Rule of Cool, Narration, Xenofiction
  • High Priest: Tornado
  • Allies: N, Disney princesses, Eddard Stark, Remus Lupin, Asuka Langley Soryu/Shikinami, Shana, Stella Vermillion, Sylvia, Fluttershy, Agro, Epona, Maximus
  • Opposes: Cruella De Vil, Mr. Burns, Ghetsis Harmonia, Gregor Clegane, Napoleon, alcoholics and greedy people
  • On good terms with: Zorro
  • Conflicting Opinion: Spirit
  • Black Beauty is a horse from Victorian England who had a hard mortal life: having passed through the hands of many owners, he had both masters who treated him with dignity and others who saw him as nothing more than an unfeeling tool for labour. The account of his life served to abolish several cruel practices towards horses; with this fact in mind, the Main House deemed him worthy of deification.
  • Being a sweet-tempered, obedient horse, he doesn't mind if other deities wish to ride him; it's what he was brought up to do. Just don't even think of whipping him or mistreating him in any way; he won't do much about it except bear with it, but fellow steeds Epona and Sylvia will wipe the floor with you, and they'll probably convince the entire House of Beasts to do the same.
  • Although the image of him rearing is well-known, he actually dislikes doing it when someone is riding him. This is because he was trained by his master and taught by his mother not to engage in such behavior while on the job, and he doesn't want to bring shame to them by being seen as a horse that was poorly brought-up.
  • Responds well to Ned Stark because he reminds him of the man who trained him to become a fine horse, and Remus Lupin because he resembles one of his kindest owners.
  • He likes all of the Disney princesses because of their kindness to animals. He especially likes Cinderella and Belle for being kind to their horse friends.
  • Has taken an interest in Asuka, Stella and Shana. Their red manes and prickly tempers bring to his mind the memory of poor Ginger who was even more abused than him, and who he may or may not have been in love with. The three redheads think that his large pool of patience for abuse makes him as much of a useless doormat as their love interests... but they're still among the people who regularly visit him to feed him sugar cubes, always saying something about how they just happened to be passing through.
  • Chose Zorro's horse Tornado for his High Priest due to him being an iconic rearing horse as well. This pleased Zorro greatly. They don't have much to do with each other otherwise, though, Black Beauty being too inexperienced in swashbuckling adventuring to be of help to Don Diego.
  • He's so accepting that he wishes harm on no one, so he has no real enemies. That doesn't mean there aren't deities whose behavior he disapproves of. He thinks Cruella De Vil and Mr. Burns are vile for killing innocent animals to satisfy their vanity, Ghetsis is a horrible man for abusing his son and only pretending to care about Pokémon rights, and he was completely shocked when he heard about how Gregor Clegane beheaded a horse for throwing him off despite having chosen him for his bad temper.
    • Napoleon is almost certainly the deity that most tries his good nature, considering how Napoleon betrayed all animals by adopting the customs of humans, and became as slave-driving as the worst of them, even getting a horse who trusted him with all his heart put down. It's unsurprising that Beauty finds him completely revolting.
  • Is vehemently against the vices of alcohol and greed because he has seen the harm they do to people and horses. One of his handlers once got so drunk that he didn't notice Beauty had a loose horseshoe, and he permanently injured his knees as a result (accounts differ on whether the handler died or was just wounded). Regarding greed, he knows from experience that it drives humans to exhaust animals beyond their limits for the sake of putting a few more coins in their purses.
  • His tale made Fluttershy cry for him when she heard it. Since then he has been a frequent guest at her temple, with Fluttershy putting in a special amount of effort to make sure he's comfortable. They often have conversations about the measures that can be taken to stop animal cruelty once and for all. It's not unusual for N to join in these discussions as well.

Donkey, God of Second-Rate Equines ("Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden")
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Music: his (and Smash Mouth's) cover of I'm a Believer
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A Donkey named "Donkey", Being as Far From a Stallion as Possible, The Lancer, Nice Guy, Talking Animal, Motor Mouth, Deuteragonist, Friendless Background, The Pollyanna, Large Ham, Plucky Comic Relief, waffles
  • Domains: Donkeys, Sidekicks
  • Heralds: the Dronkeys (his children, shared with his wife)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Merlin
  • Odd Friendship: Eeyore, Mushu
  • Since Shrek's world has largely been defined as a parody of fairy tales, it would only make sense that the hero's steed is something that wouldn't be considered a steed by normal standards. The obviously-named Donkey is exactly that, being rather frail compared to a typical stallion that a number of other fairy-tale heroes use. Donkey is also rather talkative, but in spite of those quirks, he has an optimistic attitude and has remained loyal to Shrek since their first meeting.
    • At one point, Donkey actually transformed into an actual white stallion thanks to a potion that he, Shrek (who was turned into a human due to that potion), and Puss in Boots found. Unsurprisingly, it was only temporary and Donkey turned back into a donkey and stayed that way after the potion's effects wore off.
  • One bizarre thing about him is that he has a dragon (named Dragon appropriately enough) for his wife, but what can be considered the strangest thing about him is that their kids are a mix of donkeys and dragons, referred to as Dronkeys. Even though many are still wondering as to why or how that is even possible to begin with, Donkey has been hanging out with Skitty and Wailord since the two Pokémon have been used to the issue of great size difference in breeding.
  • Pinkie Pie, having learned that there was a donkey in the Pantheon, believed that Cranky Doodle Donkey had ascended and decided to look for him. While she didn't find him, she was very happy to see that this donkey was quite as energetic as she is, even though Donkey is not on the same level of zippiness that Pinkie Pie is. The two are often seen talking to each other, with Donkey occasionally helping out with her parties.
  • Tigger was able to find an opportunity to meet up with Donkey, partly since this donkey was more energetic than Eeyore was (whom Tigger is already good friends with). Through Tigger, Donkey got to meet with Eeyore and has made a handful of visits with Tigger's glum companion to try and at least get him to feel better.
  • Donkey managed to make good friends with a number of other steeds in the Pantheon. In particular, he gets along great with Sylvia since the two of them have had less-than-favorable pasts (Sylvia being a Bounty Hunter; Donkey being bullied by others, having his previous owner treat him badly and almost being sold out) before meeting their respective companions and being loyal to them.
  • Fa Mulan once heard a voice from a distance and believed that it was her animal sidekick Mushu. When Mulan got to the source, she found out that the source was a completely different animal sidekick, though one that also talked quite a bit.
    • Donkey did find Mushu while strolling through the Pantheon and accidentally stepping on him. Donkey was happy to meet a new friend, especially one with a similar voice to his own. He wasn't fazed when Mushu warned him that his "real" size would scare the equine to death — Donkey is already married to a large dragon.
  • Having been used to the dragon from his world, Donkey decided to learn about other dragons when he heard there were dragons in the pantheon. He quickly learned that some of them are nowhere near as friendly as his mate and has been avoiding them because of that.
  • Evidently, as an actor for a film franchise, he visited Las Vegas once and even had a stunt double with him. Even though most don't believe that Donkey is selfish, some think that his fame made him act like that during the aforementioned instance.
  • Likes waffles and even named one of his Dronkeys after that food. There are some who have been trying to warn him that waffles left out in the middle of nowhere are suspicious and could lead to trouble if Donkey took the bait.
  • He doesn't like Merlin, because one time — when the wizard teleported him, Shrek, Puss in Boots, and Prince Arthur back to Far Far Away — he and Puss switched bodies (they were holding hands during the spell). While in Puss's body, he had difficulty walking on two legs, among other things Puss did. Merlin eventually used his magic to return Puss and Donkey back to their respective bodies...except for their tails. That side-effect eventually wore off, but since then, Donkey hasn't trusted any of Merlin's magic.
  • Asides from Shrek, he's also a friend with Barry B Benson as the bee can sympathize with some of the hardships he faced for being a donkey. Plus like him, Donkey's in an Interspecies Romance. He's helped him to fight off Lord Farquaad due to his and Shrek's friendship.

Hawk, the Gluttonous Pig God (Captain of the Order of Scraps Disposal, Talking Piggy, Master, Mr. Pig, Swine, Mild)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Balor's Magical Eye
  • Theme Song: Classic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gluttonous Pig, Anthropomorphic Animal, Big Eater, Boisterous Weakling, Butt-Monkey, Cannibalism Superpower, Is an animal named after another, Fake Ultimate Hero, Heroic Sacrifice, Iron Butt Monkey, Loyal Animal Companion, Rolling Attack, Small Name, Big Ego, Talking Animal, Team Pet
  • Domains: Pigs, Leftovers, Transformation
  • Herald: Wild (his brother)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Ten Commandments, Zote the Mighty
  • Fears: Gluttony, SCP-524, Matt (Epic Battle Fantasy), Eli Bacon, the Angry Birds, Teostra and Lunastra, Surtr, SCP-457
  • Feared By: Most food establishment owners in the Pantheon
  • Opposes: Napoleon
  • Pitied By: Marco Pagot (Is also admired by Hawk), Chihiro Ogino
  • Annoyed By: Peppa Pig
  • Despite his misleading name, Hawk is in fact a pig (his real name being Mild). He was born in Purgatory and lived with his older brother, Wild. Hawk's peaceful life didn't last too long, however, as the Demon King kidnapped the pig and sent him to the human realm to spy on Meliodas. Hawk was completely unaware that he was just a tool to spy on the Demon King's son, but he managed to encounter an unconcious Meliodas anyway after the Seven Deadly Sins split up after being falsely accused of murdering the chief holy knight, Zaratras. After meeting Hawk and his massive mom (Who is actually the Mother of Chaos), Meliodas got the idea of running a mobile pub called "Boar Hat" to gather information on the whereabouts of the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins. This continued for a decade until Elizabeth stumbled into the tavern looking for the Seven Deadly Sins. And so, Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk set out on a long journey to find the rest of the Sins, killing demons along the way.
  • While exploring in Purgatory with Wild, Hawk found a strange looking portal. Hawk and Wild, interested to explore, jumped into the portal and wound up in the Pantheon. Hawk and Wild were instantly awestruck at the fresh air of the Pantheon, as they were used to the harsh conditions of Purgatory. They wandered around for a bit, and they were able to bump into Meliodas and Ban. Hawk instantly burst into tears at seeing his comrades again, and Meliodas and Ban were overjoyed to reunite with the pig brothers. The first thing Meliodas did after reuniting with Hawk was ascend him. Eventually, the court of gods decided on making Hawk the Gluttonous Pig God. Hawk was outraged by hist title, but Meliodas pulled him out before they get in trouble. In an attempt to calm the pig down, Meliodas and Ban brought him to his temple, which resembled Purgatory with a hut that looks exactly like the Boar Hat in the middle of the temple. In the Boar Hat, there is an endless supply of leftovers and scraps, as well as a bust of Hawk. Hawk was estatic.
  • One of the places Hawk was most eager to visit in the Pantheon was the House of Food. His original plan was to try every single meal in the large dining hall. One whiff of the air, however, sent Hawk in an eating rage. After an hour, Hawk was finally caught in the act while raiding a pantry. After this incident, several deities were trying to come up with a punishment for the pig. One of the most popular punishments (Suggested by Gordon Ramsey and Sanji) was cooking Hawk, but this idea was rejected. Eventually, it was decided that Hawk would be banned from all eating establishments in the House of Food without supervision. Hawk's supervisor used to be Wild, his brother and herald, but Hawk was able to convince him to join in his food eating antics. Wild was then replaced by Meliodas, but he was too irresponsible to pay attention to Hawk. Finally, Ban was officially deemed as Hawk's supervisor, as when the swine stepped out of line, Ban was quick to punish him.
  • Despite being banned from the house of food without supervision, Hawk was able to befriend food-goers in the Pantheon. Most notably Kirby and Fat Buu, who are both pink gluttons like Hawk (Especially Kirby, since he also has a Cannibalism Superpower). At first, Hawk taunted the duo, saying that he could probably eat more than them. Feeling challenged by this statement, Hawk was invited to join them in an eating contest. Hawk accepted, but the pig immediately wished he didn't act so high and mighty the moment he saw a pile of food the size of a tree. When Kirby and Fat Buu finished their meals, Hawk wasn't even halfway done. After the competition, Hawk apologized to them, saying that he's not worthy. The eating duo forgave him and they began to invite Hawk to eat with them. When they're not eating in the House of Food, they may be found in Hawk's temple, eating leftovers.
  • One day, while training in the House of Fighting and Combat, Hawk noticed Amethyst and Sonic were there as well. Hawk, taking advantage of the situation, approached and asked them to help him improve his rolling attacks. They accepted, and put Hawk through rigorous training. Eventually, Hawk had greatly improved his signature move, the Rolling Ham Attack. Hawk tested this out on Ban, and Hawk had become so strong that he could send the Fox Sin of Greed flying a bit! After this, Hawk has become training buddies with Sonic and Amethyst.
  • Hawk's sworn enemy is Zote the Mighty. Hawk first encountered Zote once when he was boasting about his greatness. Hawk then proceeded to taunt him, telling him that he shouldn't act so cocky, because if Hawk wanted to, he could easily squash him. Zote countered by mentioning that Hawk is a weak pig who almost got eaten multiple times. Annoyed by this, Hawk proceeded to gloat about his power level of 3,000, and that Zote shouldn't mess with him. Ever since then, Hawk and Zote have become enemies. Once, Zote challenged Hawk to a fight, stating that he could beat him easily. Hawk accepted, and actually gave Zote a pretty god beating. Hawk nearly sent Zote out of commission, but fortunately, The Knight interrupted at the right time and ended up giving Hawk a good beating as well. Hawk and Zote still don't get along, but since their fight, they have been avoiding each other (Although rumors are circulating of Zote training to get his revenge).
  • Despite being gluttonous himself, Hawk thinks that Gluttony goes to far with his, well, gluttony. Hawk didn't think too much of Gluttony until he saw a glimpse of his Belly Mouth. Hawk grew a greater fear of Gluttony when he tried eating the pig, wondering if he tasted like bacon or ham. Ever since then, Hawk has stayed very far away from Gluttony. Unfortunately, Gluttony wasn't the only terrifying glutton that Hawk has to deal with. Hawk also had to deal with SCP-524, who he approached, thinking it was a regular rabbit. Hawk immediately regretted doing so when he got a nasty bite from the rabbit. Hawk reached his limit when Matt of the Epic Battle Fantasy Party attempted to catch Hawk to turn into bacon. Hawk decided to hit him with a Rolling Ham Attack. After this, Hawk began to spend much less time in the House of Food (Hawk even asked Merlin to turn him into a human to avoid detection from both).
  • Hawk, due to being a pig, fears some other pig-fighting deities in the Pantheon. One time, Hawk had a run-in with Eli Bacon, who decided to pig-wrestle him. Hawk tried to fight back, but he was in a bear hug most of the time. Another time, Hawk infiltrated the temple of the Angry Birds after he smelled their eggs. The Angry Birds opened fire on Hawk once they caught him. Hawk hasn't recovered since, and often uses Meliodas or Ban as a security guard. This led to the Angry Birds frequently using Hal as their projectile of choice.
  • Hawk and his brother Wild both frequently visit the House of Fire and Heat and the House of Ice and Cold, due to reminding them of Purgatory and having people to interact with. Although the pigs were mostly welcomed by the House of Ice and Cold, the House of Fire and Heat wasn't as welcoming. The most notable incident involving Hawk in the house was when he almost got cooked alive by Teostra and Lunastra, who were planning on eating him. Hawk also avoids more evil-aligned deities in the house, such as Surtr and SCP-457.
  • Surprisingly, Hawk doesn't get along with many other pigs in the Pantheon. Napoleon has attempted to get Hawk to join his efforts, but Hawk sees what he did disgusting and refuses to interact with him. Hawk also dislikes Peppa Pig, as he sees her as very immature and bossy to a fault. Hawk especially dislikes how Peppa treats her little brother George and has tried to get him to do things himself. Unfortunately, George is too naive to understand what Hawk tells him. There are still pigs that Hawk gets along with, however. If there's one pig Hawk get's along with, it's one of Otis's heralds, Pig. Hawk can frequently be found at Otis's temple, but he's mostly there so he can eat with Pig.
  • Another "pig" Hawk gets along with is Piggsy. The way their friendship started was rather odd. Hawk wandered close by Piggy's temple, and Piggsy, who was out at the time, decided to feed Hawk some human flesh. Hawk thought that it was delicious and kept on visiting Piggsy's temple for more. Hawk is blissfully unaware that Piggsy is in fact a serial killer who has been feeding him flesh. One time, Hawk saved some flesh to give to Meliodas and Ban. They immediately knew that it was human flesh, but seeing how Hawk seems to see the pig-faced serial killer as a good friend, they let him have his fun.
  • Hawk is pitied by both Marco Pagot and Chihiro Ogino. Although Hawk admires Marco for being a flying pig (Something thought to be impossible), Marco, along with Chihiro, thinks that Hawk has been cursed to be a pig (Something that happened to Marco and Chihiro's parents). The Ghibli duo have tried contacting several magical deities in the Pantheon, but they were quick to confirm that Hawk is indeed a natural-born pig. They get along with Hawk, but still pity him nonetheless.

    Rutt and Tuke 
Rutt and Tuke, The Divine Dumb Moose
L - R: Rutt and Tuke.
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A pair of moose antlers locked together.
  • Theme: "Wilderness of Danger and Beauty."
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A pair of dim-witted moose bulls, Possess thick Canadian accents, Casanova Wannabe, The Ditz, Those Two Guys, Kind Hearted Simpleton, Lovable Coward, Plucky Comic Relief, Sensitive Guy and Manly Man, Like to say "eh", Close friends with two bears, Ascended Extra, Expies of Bob and Doug Mckenzie
  • Domains: Moose, Stupidity, Brothers, Prehistory
  • Heralds: Anda and Kata (Their mates)
  • Superior: Walt Disney
  • Allies: Timon and Pumbaa, Simba, Mowgli, Baloo, The 100 Acre Wood gang,note  Ren and Kumatetsu, Paddington, Po, Chen Stormstout, Li Li Stormstout, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Donkey, Bambi
  • On Good Terms with: Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, David Attenborough
  • Interested in: Scrat
  • Enemies: Elmer Fudd, Hircine, Gaston, Shere Khan, Scar, The Hyenas, Sabor, Napoleon, Bashmaster the Unbreakable, Mammoth Mogul
  • Wary around: San, Moro, Balto
  • Opposed by: Manfred, Bagheera
  • Deep in the post-ice age wilderness of Alaska there lived two bull moose;note  a pair of brothers named Rutt and Tuke. Distinguished by their laidback, cowardly nature and thick Canadian accents, the pair enjoyed a solitary existence in the forest. That is until one fateful day when they met a brown bear named Kenai, who claimed to have once been human. The moose didn't buy the strange bear's story, but they were happy not to be on the menu. Rutt and Tuke became quick friends with Kenai, along with a smallish bear cub named Koda, and with their help, the moose became loyal, if still a little cowardly allies, even getting themselves mates in the form of Anda and Kata.
  • Early Autumn, and Rutt and Tuke were wandering through the forest enjoying the season's last succulent twigs. Then suddenly, a spear was thrown at them, causing the two herbivores to jump and look up in fear. It had been thrown by a small human with red facial markings and wearing a white wolf pelt, which matched the coats worn by the two wolves at her side. The brothers bolted for it, and the hunt was on. The wolves pursued the giant deer through the forest, narrowly catching them whenever their antlers got stuck in the branches. They were nearly turned into wolf chow but the moose devised a quick escape... by running straight off a cliff. Not the brightest of moves and that was before they landed atop the woolly mammoth feeding below. One totalled mammoth later, and Rutt and Tuke were brought to the Court of the Gods, who decided to spare the brothers and give them a place in the Pantheon, just so long as they don't cause another incident. Knowing their luck, it's only a matter of time.
  • Their temple leads back to their homeland of Alaska, at the tail end of the last ice age. At this point in time, as the Pleistocene gave way to the Holocene, the great glaciers that once covered North America were in retreat, and regions buried under ice slowly became covered in forest and alpine tundra. While humans live in small scattered clans, the wilderness is full of wildlife; ranging from ground squirrels, hares, bald eagles and geese, to brown bears, wolves, Dall's sheep, moose and even mammoths. It's a wilderness of danger and beauty and the moose couldn't ask for anything more.
  • Rutt and Tuke were quick to make friends in the Pantheon, due to their relaxed and laidback lifestyle. They first gravitated towards Timon and Pumbaa's problem-free philosophy of Hakuna Matata, and despite the intense heat of the African jungle, they like to chill in the rivers and enjoy the carefree life. The brothers were surprisingly accepting of Timon and Pumbaa's friend Simba, despite him being a lion and a potential predator. Perhaps it was because of their friendship with Kenai and Koda.
  • During one visit, they were introduced to a man-cub named Mowgli and while initially afraid of the young human - not helped by him being friends with the wolf girl, San - they warmed up to him, even visiting his home jungle to hang out. India's heat was difficult to bear with though so they only visit in the cooler months.
    • It was through Mowgli that the brothers met the sloth bear Baloo, who introduced them to the Bare Necessities and to enjoy the jungle life. It did prove to be a great annoyance to the panther Bagheera, who views Rutt and Tuke as nuisances and is only thankful the moose weren't introduced to King Louie.
  • Rutt and Tuke get along well with the Pantheon's resident bears, due to their own friendship with Kenai and Koda. Along with Baloo, they're sometimes spotted munching on marmalade sandwiches with Paddington Bear and helping the smallish Winnie The Pooh get honey in The 100 Arce Wood, while occasionally getting stung by the bees in the process. Pooh's friends had mixed feelings about the strange moose, with Owl sometimes perching on their antlers, Tigger bouncing about their feet and Rabbit trying in vain to keep them out of his garden, but they still accept and even welcome them to come back anytime they want. They've also been seen with the panda martial arts masters Po, Chen Stormstout and his daughter Li Li, who often "practice their moves" around the two... which usually doesn't end well for Rutt.
    • The only bear Rutt and Tuke are not on good terms with is the polar bear warrior, Bashmaster the Unbreakable. He has his eyes on the two moose, mainly to serve them up as a meal.
  • Rutt and Tuke may be brothers but they don't always see eye to eye. They're prone to arguing with each other over minor things, but they always patch things up at the end of the day. This mentality was how they ended up befriended the human Ren and his ursine master Kumatetsu. The duo also are prone to arguing and fighting with each other but still care and support each other in the long term. They aren't too sure about the talking moose but they do appreciate it when they come over to cheer Kumatetsu on in tournaments.
  • The Pantheon is filled with a multitude of other ungulates with their own unique characteristics. Rutt and Tuke were quick to befriend a few of them. They were first met by a talking donkey named... Donkey, who took a shine to the pair and ended becoming fast friends with them, much to Shrek's frustration. The resident deer were fascinated by the dim-witted brothers, particularly Bambi and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Both think of the moose as misfits and approached them to help get comfortable in the Pantheon. Both were thankful for their assistance and have often stopped by their homeworlds to hang out. The elves of Christmas Town sometimes use the moose to help with Christmas preparations, in exchange for a "delicious pile of barley and amber weed on a cool bed of malt hops." The only one they don't get along with with the politician swine Napoleon, who sees the two moose as being too idiotic to be a part of Animal Farm.
  • Humans were a tough sell for the moose, especially since their main experience with them was with hunters. Unfortunately for them, there's plenty of those to be found in the Pantheon. Elmer Fudd was once tricked by Daffy Duck into thinking it was Moose Season, resulting in him going after the brothers. He still failed thanks to Bugs Bunny's intervention and after that, they keep their distance from the bald hunter. The more muscular and arrogant Gaston eyed the brother's antlers to add to his decorating and has tried hunting them too, even shooting off one of Rutt's antlers on one chase. They escaped and have since done their best to avoid Gaston at all costs. But the hunter they avoid above all else is Hircine, who came the closest to killing them on multiple occasions. The brothers only manage to escape by the skin of their teeth but no matter how often they escape, Hircine will always find them.
  • In spite of all the hunters there are humans that Rutt and Tuke actually get along with. Eliza Thornberry surprised them both due to her ability to talk to animals, which reminded the moose of Kenai's mate Nita when she was human. She likes to hang out with the two and learn about moose behaviour through them, though they're not always the best at presenting information. Meanwhile, Steve Irwin and Sir David Attenborough are fascinated by the moose's shenanigans and sometimes watch from afar to document their daily business. The results can be rather interesting.
  • Despite being the world's largest deer species, even moose are vulnerable to predation, and there are quite a few predators eyeing the brothers since their arrival. The tiger Shere Khan, the leopard Sabor, and the spotted hyenas - Shenzi, Banzai and Ed - have all set their eyes on the herbivorous duo, with each making an attempt at catching them. Luckily, these attempts have ended in failure. The closest that came close to catching the moose was Simba's uncle Scar and his associate, Zira. The two lions once set up an ambush for the deer and nearly caught them. Simba and his friends were close by though and were quick to drive off the hunters, but Scar is not one to give up. He and Zira intend on making Rutt and Tuke their meals and when they do, there'll be nothing left but bleached bones and antlers.
    • Wolves are another predator the moose brothers have difficulty with and as a result, they stay clear of the ones found in the Pantheon. They don't trust the Raised by Wolves human San, and they don't trust her gigantic wolf mother Moro either. This also extends to the half-wolf sled dog Balto, despite him not even being a vicious predator. Balto has tried to be friendly towards the moose but they're still wary.
  • Back in their homeworld, Rutt and Tuke ended up driving and "totaling a mammoth" into a mountainside. Safe to say, Manfred wasn't happy to learn this fact after the brothers crashed into him prior to their ascension. He views the two as being as annoying as Sid, Crash and Eddie, but worse due to their size and incompetence. Still hasn't stopped the two from venturing to Manny's world and joining the Herd on their adventures and becoming friends with Sid, much to the mammoth's annoyance. The one thing they can all agree on that the immortal Mammoth Mogul is someone to avoid.
    • They all find Scrat a fascinating creature and sometimes pay witness to his shenanigans... for better or for worse.
  • "Beauty, eh?"

    Shaun the Sheep 
Shaun the Sheep, God of Sweet Sheep
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Theme Music: Life’s a Treat (Rizzle Kicks Mix; Farmageddon Remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Leader of The Flock, Lovable Rogue, Intellectual Animal
  • Domains: Sheep, Fun
  • Heralds: The rest of The Flock, Bitzer
  • Allies: Otis, Babe, E.T., The Farmer
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Katz, Dag, Dawn Bellwether
  • Foil to: The Goat
  • Sympathetic towards: Chirin
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Eustace Bagge
  • Mossy Bottom Farm is a place that seems ordinary at first glance, but the events that take place there are very unusual. Much of that is thanks to Shaun the Sheep, who lives with his Flock alongside Bitzer the Dog and an unnamed farmer. Whenever something of interest hits the farm, Shaun will take every chance he can get to check it out and he, the Flock, and Bitzer will get caught up in whatever shenanigans Shaun discovers. That said, Shaun and the others will have to make sure not to get caught by The Farmer when all is said and done, but Shaun often enjoys having fun with his friends in the midst of it all.
  • It was another day in the life for Shaun the Sheep and his friends at Mossy Bottom farm, but while The Farmer was out doing errands, a mail truck carrying several different packages hit a bump on the road near Shaun’s home and spilled out some packages, as well as some letters. Bitzer, who was tasked with making sure things were in place, noticed the pile on the farm and that the sheep were heading to it. As the sheep were playing around with the items, Shaun noticed an unmarked letter and proceeded to read it. As Bitzer was preparing to put the items in place, he noticed the letter Shaun was reading and opted to read along with it. Just as they finished reading, the mail truck headed back and picked up the items that were dropped and shortly thereafter, The Farmer returned home. Shaun kept the letter with him, looking forward to the idea of a “Pantheon” and what interesting things there await him and the others.
  • Prior to his life at Mossy Bottom, Shaun ended up encountering Wallace and Gromit while the duo were operating a window-cleaning business. Wallace designed a Knit-o-Matic machine which would make clothing out of fur and after Gromit got framed for sheep rustling, Wallace, Shaun, and the other sheep helped Gromit break out of prison and Shaun played a role in foiling the plot of Preston, a robot dog that was responsible for much of what happened that time. Although he hasn’t met up much with Wallace and Gromit since then, Shaun would sometimes drop by to see what the two are up to and sometimes get involved in whatever invention they’ve come up with.
  • Shaun managed to make fast friends with Otis, another fun-loving animal who serves as a leader for his own group of barn animals. While Shaun doesn’t talk, he is rather smart and usually helps Otis (who had to learn what leadership responsibility is like) out whenever the latter is in trouble. It was through Otis that Shaun learned about Dag, a coyote that terrorized the Otis’ barn and was responsible for killing Otis’ adoptive father. Shaun did have to put up with bullies in Mossy Bottom, but someone who is actively going after prey in a farm was going to be more of a challenge for Shaun, who made preparations for whenever Dag will threaten him and his friends. The Coyote is rather annoyed that Shaun, for being someone who’s supposed to be mere prey, has been outsmarting him and has been planning on getting rid of everything that Shaun holds dear to him.
  • One of the more recurring nuisances Shaun put up with at Mossy Bottom was a trio of pigs who liked to harass him and his friends, as well as just laugh at them whenever misfortune comes their way (often brought on by said pigs). As far as antagonistic pigs are concerned, there was Napoleon and it didn’t take long for Shaun to learn that Napoleon was much worse than those three bullies. Napoleon used his influence to impose a tyrannical rule on the farm he lived in, corrupted others into doing his bidding, and was more than willing to murder anyone that gets in his way. Just the idea of living in an oppressive farm was something Shaun couldn’t accept and with Napoleon seeing Shaun as a potential threat given how the sheep can do quite a bit even without words, it’s easy to see why the two have been hostile to each other ever since learning about the other.
  • Babe was a different pig who Shaun was on better terms with and the former being a sheep herder (and raised by sheepdogs) added some more unusual facets to Shaun’s life in the Pantheon. Babe has made some visits to Mossy Bottom on occasion and tends to get caught up in some of Shaun’s shenanigans, but the pig being a skilled sheep herder has helped in mitigating some of the trouble that happens there. Shaun ultimately doesn’t mind the company of Babe and in turn, that pig has enjoyed some of Shaun’s adventures during his visits.
  • Dawn Bellwether was eager to meet another sheep in the Pantheon and decided to visit Shaun. Although Shaun seemed to act more like an actual sheep than her at times, Dawn seemed interested in getting him on her side given his craftiness. The initial meeting didn’t have any hostility involved, but it was later that night after she left when Shaun learned of Bellwether’s true motives with the help of The Flock and Bitzer. Even after the idea of a friendship with Shaun fell apart, Bellwether believes that Shaun has a lot of potential with ensuring her plans can succeed and is looking into different ideas to get him on her side be it directly or indirectly. Even if Bellwether does put up a polite facade whenever he’s near, Shaun made it visually clear that he will never support her agenda.
  • The story of Chirin, a little lamb who grew up to be a dangerous ram and eventually had no place back at his home as a result, reached Mossy Bottom and Shaun was a bit curious to see who Chirin really was and if it actually was the monster the sheep at Chirin’s farm claimed it to be. That time would come when Chirin, as a fully-grown ram, visited Mossy Bottom at night and although Shaun was a bit spooked at seeing an intimidating-looking creature at first, it was apparent that Chirin had a troubled life and regret over what he did in the past. In a way, Chirin came to see Shaun as having the life that he could have had if he never went down a dark path. While Shaun showed understanding towards Chirin’s plight, some ruckus that was going on back at Shaun’s home, combined with a misunderstanding, meant that Chirin wasn’t going to be welcome there after that meeting. Even if Shaun had it much easier than Chirin, all he could do is hope that Chirin will move on from his torment as dwelling on it too much and not doing anything about it is unhealthy.
  • Shaun had some sort of wariness about The Goat after hearing about her despite goats and sheep being part of the same subfamily of animals (Caprinae) and how crazy she can act on a whim. Shaun himself is eager to have fun, but he knows that there is a fine line between fun and recklessness. Things got messy when The Goat went down to Mossy Bottom and made a mess of the place, resulting in Shaun and his friends having to come up with a makeshift cannon to force The Goat out before things could get unmanageable. It wouldn’t be the only time that Shaun would have to put up with The Goat, but there have been a number of different methods to get rid of that animal if she crosses paths with him again.
  • One thing that Shaun had to do in Mossy Bottom was to avoid suspicion for his farmer. In the Pantheon, there were a few different farmers for Shaun to interact with and given how there is greater awareness in the Pantheon as to Shaun’s actual character when not being an actual sheep, Shaun has spent a bit more time having some fun. There was someone known only as The Farmer despite going by some different names who Shaun has visited the farm on occasion and while The Farmer is a bit perplexed by Shaun being smarter than normal for a sheep, he otherwise likes Shaun’s company provided things don’t get too messy. On the other hand, Eustace Bagge was enough of a selfish fool of a self-proclaimed farmer that he fell victim to Shaun's pranks. While The Farmer of Mossy Bottom is a bit bumbling, he otherwise isn’t anywhere near the level of jerkishness that Eustace has.
  • The Farmer’s cat, Pidsley, was another problem that Shaun put up with given the cat’s selfish tendencies and willingness to annoy Shaun so that he can have The Farmer for himself. Although Shaun and his friends have moved on from Pidsley, there was another cat in the Pantheon that proved to be much worse than Pidsley on several levels. Shaun would learn about Katz after discovering a building was suddenly built near the farm without warning and he learned about how far Katz would go in his schemes after finding out what that building really was. Katz is rather annoyed by Shaun not just because of the sheep’s craftiness, but because of him being friends with Bitzer, a dog who Katz is more than willing to murder if it means making Shaun miserable.
  • At least a couple of Shaun’s adventures involved an alien or two landing at Mossy Bottom and Shaun and his friends helping the alien(s) get back to where it came from. The aliens that Shaun encountered were largely benign, if a bit troublesome at times, and the fact that the Pantheon was going to have a small number of aliens similar to what happened back then was something Shaun figured was going to happen, if only because of how much more extravagant the Pantheon can get. E.T. was someone who Shaun maintained some good terms with, partially since the story of how that extraterrestrial lived with a boy who was helping E.T. get back home brought to mind Shaun’s extraterrestrial experiences. That extraterrestrial’s ability to improve the livelihood of plants has helped make Mossy Bottom a livelier place to live if it wasn’t the case already.


Babe, God of Pigs (Pig, The Sheep-Pig, The Gallant Pig, a Large White)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The phrase "That'll do, pig."
  • Theme Song: If I Had Words (Mice version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, A Pig named Pig, Friend to All Living Things, Heartwarming Orphan, Adopted by a Sheepdog, Cute Pig, Stayed Young-Looking in the Movies
  • Domains: Pig, Adoption
  • Heralds: Arthur and Esme Hoggett (his owners), all of the animals at Hoggett farm
  • Followers: Wilbur, Gordy, Waddles
  • Allies: The Farmer, Fluttershy, Jake the Dog, Clifford, Krypto, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Max Rockatansky
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Pudge, Wolf O'Donnell, evil cat deities
  • A piglet bought by Mr. Hoggett with little interest in him besides some meat. Eventually, Babe proves his worth by winning the sheepherding competition when Hoggett's dogs were unable to participate in the contest.
  • He arrived in the Pantheon after he was chosen to be a representative of pigs. Resting in a barn that serves as his temple, he found a home other than the Hoggett's farm.
  • Nobody actually gave him a real name since his mother called all of her babies "Babe" and the farm went with it. Even his other name, Pig, was given because Mr. Hoggett wasn't interested in him at first. Hence, people decided to officially name him "Babe".
  • He dislikes the idea of being eaten by people, but he managed to avert this fate by becoming a sheep-pig, herding sheep when called for. Granted, he basically asks them to move, but whatever works. He is rather friendly to the sheep and, as a result, managed to befriend Ampharos, a sheep-like Pokémon.
    • He also knows the secret password for sheep, so that unfamiliar sheep could trust him. "Baa-ram-ewe. Baa-ram-ewe. To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baa-ram-ewe."
  • Though he is happy to find a bunch of friendly dogs in the Pantheon — this makes sense because his new family were a pack of sheepdogs — he is aware that sheep dislike dogs because they are like wolves to them. He learned why they call them that as a bunch of wild dogs attacked Hoggett's sheep herd and one of them killed Maa.
  • He directly opposes Napoleon for giving pigs a bad name, and for claiming that humans are evil while doing evil deeds himself. The communist pig sees him not as a threat, but as a naïve little one who has no idea what is going on.
  • Babe is horrified to find that there is at least one butcher in the pantheon, and believes that he'll cut him up and serve him on a plate. Fortunately, Pudge doesn't seem interested in slaughtering a little piglet. Then again, he somehow got fresh meat from a rock monster, skeletons, plague bearers and balls of light, so it might not matter.
    • In any case, Babe has found an unusual protector: Mad Max, who felt some sort of connection to the pig and saves Babe from whatever danger he finds in the pantheon.
  • The Nostalgia Critic pointed out how his follower Gordy appeared in live form a few months earlier than him, though Babe's adventures are much more interesting than his. While Babe isn't quite sure what the Critic is talking about, he has admitted to enjoying the "Pig Power" music video.
  • He doesn't trust evil cat deities, because there was one living on his farm who was very spiteful of him and told him the truth about humans eating pigs.
  • "That'll do pig, that'll do."