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Greater Gods

    Chuck Norris 
Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris, God of Ass-Kicking and Ascended Memes (Cordell Walker)

Intermediate Gods

    Beatrice the Golden Witch 
Beatrice, Goddess of Memetic Trolls (Beato, The Golden Witch, The Endless Witch, Sayo Yasuda, Yasu, Shannon, Kanon, Ushiromiya Lion, Clair vauxof Bernard)
Sayo "Yasu" Yasuda 
Ushiromiya Lion 
Clair vauxof Bernard 

  • Intermediate Goddess, Potential to become a Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden butterfly
  • Theme Song: Organ short #600 million in C minor, Golden slaughterer, Golden sneer, Dreamenddischarger (shared with Battler), Golden Nocturne, Happy Maria
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral but portrays herself as Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Memetic Troll, Allergic to Boredom, Broken Bird,Alto Villainess, The Baroness, Evil Laughter, if you see a butterfly, RUN, Used to Be a Sweet Kid, Sanity Slippage (partially recovered), Japanese Ranguage, like a mother to Maria, The Gadfly, Zero-Approval Gambit, Stealth Mentor, Trickster Mentor, Murder-Suicide (stopped by lucid side winning out), Silent Scapegoat, Generation Xerox, actually just 19, Multiple Identities, Reformed, but Not Tamed
  • Domains: Chaos, Illusion, Trickery, Love, Promises, Redemption
  • Heralds: Virgilia, Ronove, and Maria Ushiromiya
  • Allies: Battler Ushiromiya (her husband), Lambdadelta, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Bugs Bunny, The Warner Siblings, Homura Akemi, Commander Farsight, The Boss, Rena Ryuguu, The Seven Mortal Sins, Lana, Eirudy, Morgan Le Fay, Lily Hoshikawa, Max Owen, Bridget , The Collector, SCP-239, Akko Kagari, Yuno Gasai, The Baudelaire Orphans, Odin, Professor Ursula Callistis/"Shiny" Chariot du Nord

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Vector, King Arthur, Goetia, Vector

  • Ambiguous Relationship: Dante Alighieri, The Greek Gods

  • Avoids: Both Spidermen, Amaterasu, Lemony Snicket

  • Opposed by: Touko Aozakai

  • Pities: Rosine, Makoto Itou, Sekai Saionji, Kotonoha Katsura, Archie Andrews

  • Enemies: Bernkastel, Eric Cartman, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin, Queen Beryl

  • The Golden Witch, who has lived a thousand years. She has surpassed the limits of humans and, like demons, will sometimes appear in response to the summons made by humans, to offer her power in exchange for a price. She likes black tea and ice cream. She hates boredom and people who deny her existence.
    • Trained by the previous Beatrice(now named Virgilia), Beatrice was summoned by Kinzo Ushiromiya in order to carry out an exchange between his soul and a massive pile of gold. What Beatrice did not anticipate was Kinzo falling in love with the witch and trapping her on the island of Rokkenjima, where she eventually became a spirit. Decades later, Beatrice had become a superstitious legend among the servants of the Ushiromiya mansion as the "Master of the Night". But she had bigger plans: to revive herself, she murdered 13 members of the Ushiromiya family at their annual conference. This heinous act enraged the surviving Battler Ushiromiya, who sought to disprove that witches could exist in the first place. And so began the game between Beatrice and Battler where the Golden Witch would spin a tale of slaughter at the family conference using magic, and Battler had to prove that the murders could have been done via human means.
    • However, that is not quite the truth. The real identity of Beatrice is the 19-year old Sayo Yusada, the product of Kinzo raping his daughter Beatrice. Due to a series of terrible misfortunes throughout her life, she lost her sanity and made a deal with Lanbdadelta to become a witch in order to create endless against Battler that would distract Bernkastel. In reality, she wanted Battler to win so that he would learn the truth behind everything. And while she was able to regain enough of her sanity in time to not become the culprit in reality, she felt so guilty about everything that she portrayed herself as the killer anyway. After many mishaps, twists, and turns, they did end up married happily ever after. Decades after the events on Rokkenjima, Tohya Hachijo's memories as Battler would reunite with Beatrice in the Golden Land.

  • In the House of the Knowledge, there was a great debate amongst a book club who were reading a novel. In the book, the characters were seemingly by a resentful spirit through supernatural means. Some of the club thought that these seemingly supernatural occurrences were just a cover for the true culprit and their human methods; the mystery had just yet to be solved. However, some members were unconvinced by this argument and treated the book as a fantasy story. The argument between the two sides was so loud that it tore a hole in reality; out of this fissure came a golden butterfly, who formed into a blonde woman wearing a dark dress. The Golden Witch Beatrice had arrived. Using her argumentative expertise, she helped the "anti-mystery" side win before going to the Court of Gods to apply for a formal title.

  • Now that she's a good (but not exactly nice) witch, she's decided to try to better follow her master's teachings about using magic to bring Happiness to people. Her magic is powerful indeed: Endless Magic allows one to break and repair things infinitely, including lives. Despite her great powers, she has yet to unlock most of her full potential, which would be at least the level of Bernkastel and Lamdadelta as evidenced by Battler's great power (as Endless Nine holds back magical ability). Unfortunately, Beatrice's childish personality and hatred of boredom means she prefers to "learn by experience" by using magic throughout the Pantheon instead of actually studying.
    • Beatrice considers one of her finest bits of magic being creating a more human body for Maria's stuffed tiger/best friend Sakutaro. Seeking to refine this craft, she has extended offers to Andy's Toys and Pinnochio to create human bodies for them, although they declined stating that they were fine with their existing forms. She is not deterred by this refusal, and this angers Touko Aozakai, who considers human puppet magic/magecraft to her gimmick.
      • Speaking of puppets, one day Battler and Beato came to meet Eirudy, a witch who specialized in creating puppets by imbuing life into inanimate objects. Beatrice saw much of herself in Eirudy as a witch who once started off innocent that were turned to evil by the darkness in the world before being redeemed by their love interest, as well as creating friends to cope with reality. Beatrice sometimes visits Eirudy's temple to bring tea and sweets, and the two have spent hours discussing their respective adventures and lives. Beato wishes the best of Eirudy and Adrian's relationship and promises to help Eirudy if Pope Clevis and Jude reach the Pantheon.
    • Just like any good fairytale, Beatrice also has her oddly simple weaknesses. Specifically, Beatrice is harmed by spirit mirrors and is burned by spider webs. It is for this reason that she avoids Amaterasu and the Spider-heroes, as even unintentional usage could lead to a lot of pain for her.
    • Some astute observers have noticed that Beatrice and Virgilia have used relics that should otherwise have very exclusive usage, namely Mjolnir, Gungnir, the Tower of Babel, and the Aegis. These summons indicate that Beatrice's line has accumulated some goodwill with the Norse and Greek gods, or that Beatrices are able to recreate these powerful relics on the fly. Virglia is also able to summon Odin himself, a favor the god now extends to Beatrice.
    • Despite being a powerful witch, Beatrice usually leaves much of her dirty work to summoned familiars("furniture"), such as the Chiester Sisters and demons. She has established good terms with the Seven Mortal Sins, as they remind her of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory. She is such good friends with them that she has gained the express permission to summon them in her time of need. She's considered contracting other demons such as the Demons of Inferno, but decided that she should probably focus on improving her innate magical abilities first.

  • After Battler ascended, Beatrice was naturally the first person to visit her husband. While the two were sworn enemies in the past, the now have a loving, if odd, relationship. It helps that Battler uncovered the truth behind Beatrice's game and made up for his "sin". The two can sometimes be seen around the Pantheon reading mystery novels or playing chess together, although in a confrontational manner. Battler's more honest personality helps keep Beatrice somewhat in check, to the relief of her trolling victims.
    • Beatrice is grateful for Landadelta's help in fighting Bernkastel and preserving her catbox, but there is still some tension between them because Lamdadelta forcing Beatrice to continue the games to trap Bernkastel instead of helping Battler get closer to the truth. The two seem to have mostly made up though, and the witch of certainty has invited the Golden Witch to join her neutral trolling group the Itazura Griefers. Beatrice has yet to give a response.

  • Despite having a lot of more conventional allies after her redemption, Beatrice also has some deities that she would rather not prefer to work with but can't cut her association from. Notably, as a successor to the Beatrice name she has to maintain the long-standing relationship her line has with King Arthur Pendragon, even though he became evil as the Green Knight and tried to destroy the world. However, she gets along well with Morgana le Fay, and is especially sympathetic when it comes her changing personalities. Second is Demon King Goetia, as Beatrice has contracted and befriended many of the individual Goetia demons list . Luckily, these demons are good enough friends with her to even go against the Pillars in order to help her.

  • Given her trope, one would expect Beatrice to do a lot of trolling, and they would be completely right. While they are mostly harmless, her pranks have gained a lot of notoriety in the Pantheon due to their creativity. One time, Beatrice offered to use her magic to make the "most delicious cake" for Queen Beryl for her eventual wedding with Prince Endymion, to which she agreed. A few days later, the Queen would find that everything in her temple was replaced with incredibly realistic cake duplicates: everything from the chips to the bed was made up of cake decorated to look like real objects. In another incident, she had a prank war with her friend Bugs Bunny that escalated into Beatrice trying to convince Bugs that he had gone insane by bribing everyone around him to speak pig Latin for the entire day. These exploits have made her very well-liked among the Good-leaning pranksters in the Pantheon such as Bugs Bunny and the Warner Siblings, and she often shares ideas and methods with them.

  • If there's one redeeming trait that Beatrice had even before becoming a good guy, it would be her treatment of kids. For example, she worked with the young Maria and Ange to form the Mariage Sorcière, a society of witches who acknowledged and supported each other. This alliance not only helped Beatrice regain her lost power but also helped Maria cope with her unfortunate life. In her service as a good witch, Beatrice is making a new Mariage Sorcière with some of the young mages even normal kids as a way to get them to socialize and use their powers in a fun yet controlled manner.
    • Sensing great magical power within the House of Personal Appearance, Beatrice met the Collector, a childlike being with reality-warping abilities and a love of games. After impressing the kid with her skills as a Game Master, she inducted the new Mariage Sorcière of the Pantheon with a pinky promise. Their "meetings" mainly involve creating and playing all manner of games, with the Collector coming with the initial idea and Beatrice refining the mechanics and narrative. Eventually, the Collector opened up about Emperor Belos, the previous adult that he had befriended, and how he betrayed the Collector's trust in his plan to eliminate all witches and demons in the Boiling Isles. Between this and him antagonizing her husband Battler for being a "Witch Hunter" who went to the side of magic, Beatrice is naturally enemies with the witch hunter, although she knows that in her current power level she cannot fight him alone.
    • Beatrice has also inducted the Collector's friend SCP-239, an almighty reality warper who was convinced she was a child mage in order to limit her abilities. Like Virgilia before her, Beatrice tries to instill lessons in their games to teach the Collector and Sigurrós how to use their powers morally, although deep down she is a little intimidated by the difference in power between her and these children.
    • Akko Kagari is not a very powerful witch, but her great pride in being a witch and belief that magic should be used to bring people happiness impressed Beatrice enough to invite her into the group anyway. Beatrice is trying to help Akko get around her low magic potential by pivoting to summoning magic or modifying spells. However, Akko's preference for flashy spells means that this approach is often unsatisfying for her, if only temporarily. Regardless, the two are making progress, and Chariot du Nord has come to respect Beatrice as a fellow witch and (side)teacher.
    • Beatrice would love to induct the apostle Rosine as a member as she was once an innocent girl who escaped from her terrible life with changeling fantasies, but her sociopathic tendencies mean that she cannot ensure the safety of the other members around her even if they are also kids. Still, if Rosine ever abandons the path of evil, Beatrice would accept her with open arms and try to give her the supportive environment she never had. For her part, Rosine sees Beatrice as just another adult who only claims to be on the side of fantasy and will inevitably tear it down out of cruelty.
Beatrice: It seems like the new Mariage Sorcière is becoming quite popular. Aren't I such a good guide for these magical youths Battleeeer?
Battler: Well, you certainly get along well with them. Must be due to your childish personality.
Beatrice: Why, you!

  • Even though Beatrice is no longer killing people, reviving them, and then killing them again, she still has a mixed reputation in the Pantheon. It doesn't help that she calls herself the culprit of the Rokkenjima Massacre, even though this is not exactly true. Luckily, there's a place for deities with checkered pasts who want to make a turn for good: the GUAG Ministry of Atonement. Her chaotic attitude sometimes rubs up against the more solemn members, she's still respected for her earnest efforts to make up for her past actions. She has become close to other atoners such as Angela, an AI who wanted to become human much like how Shannon and Kanon wanted to become human. Angela is sort of the opposite of Beatrice: she was the victim of time loops instead of the maintainer of them, and she only later realized how far she had fallen while Beatrice was more aware of the evilness of her actions. Despite these differences, they get along well with each other, and Beatrice is one of the few deities who is able to roam freely within the Library.
    • Beatrice was kind of skeptical of the redemption of a fellow troll, the Barian Emperor Vector, due to how often he pretended to turn good but was actually evil. Others have criticized Beatrice for her hypocrisy given that she tried to trick Battler the same way with her "North Wind and the Sun" strategy, but Beatrice replies that doing it over and over removes the surprise. Nevertheless, she is willing to work with him if the situation calls for it.
    • Beatrice relates heavily with Homura Akemi and her story. The layers of masks surrounding their personality, the copious self-loathing, and her scarred mental state. Beatrice suspects that there is more to Homura's actions than she is leading people to believe, but she has warned her to turn back, for only pain and despair await that path, much like Eva Ushiromiya and how Ange Ushiromiya almost ended up being.
    "I know people who did what you're doing now. You're only going to share in her fate. Dying with the people you care about hating you is only going to hurt them even more if they realize the truth.''
    • Considers Yuno to be a terrible reminder of her less lucid past and the things she may have ended up doing. She does sympatheize with Yuno's horrible past, but still sees Yuno as someone who has to be stopped before she kills any more people. She was rather grateful when Yuno's 3rd world self took the reigns as the true Yuno.

  • One day, Beatrice was visited by The Baudelaire Orphans, who had come to see if this Goddess named "Beatrice" was their dead mother. A single look at the Golden Witch disproved the theory, but the orphans explained their plight anyway while drinking some tea and enjoying some of Ronove's famous cookies. As she was also raised as an orphan, Beatrice was sympathetic and used her magic to create a good luck charm for the children that could hopefully cancel out their bad luck. The charm broke into pieces within a day, but it's the thought the counts. Later on, Beatrice was visited by Lemony Snicket, the eccentric narrator and a former lover of Beatrice Baudelaire. Lemony had also gone to Beatrice to look for his lost lover, but unlike the Orphans Beato found him to be a bit creepy as Kinzo's undying love for Beatrice Castiglioni is what drove him to rape his own daughter. Nowadays, she tries to avoid him.
    • Likewise, Beatrice is sometimes confused for Beatrice Portinari, the muse and wife of Dante Alighieri. Because the title of Beatrice has an Italian origin and Beatrice herself is 1/4 Italian, there could be some connection between the two, but nothing has ever been confirmed. Neither Beatrice nor Dante have any real opinion of the other, but her demon furniture has warned her of his fearsome reputation in Hell.

  • Now that she has regained her sanity and is accepted by the man she loves, Beatrice sometimes off the magical glamour, and cosmetics to be Sayo Yusada again, as she accepts her real self now. In this persona, she loves her bravado and becomes a shy and reserved person. Due to the nature of her game, only Battler and a few other deities know about Sayo's true identity, so she uses it to go incognito whenever she doesn't feel like having to act like Beatrice. At Battler's encouragement, she has also begun to go to therapy in order to sort out her many psychological issues.
    • As she was the subject of a 3-way love conflict between Sayo's various personas and Jessica, George, and Battler, she greatly sympathises with anyone who is in a love triangle or other love conflict that is hard to resolve. For this reason, she pities those who are caught up in painful love triangles, such as the School Days trio. Luckily, Archie doesn't seem to be in as much of a dangerous situation, but Sayo isn't hoping for a happy ending.
    • One of the reasons that Sayo planned out the murders on Rokkenjima was due to her feeling like she was "furniture" with a broken body: Sayo was raised as a girl, but as she aged she did not experience the milestones of female puberty and felt like she could never become the woman that Battler desired. This, combined with her inability to have children, is why she started to regard herself as furniture and sought comfort and fulfillment through fantasy. Nowadays this Dysphoria had become better due to her using magic to transform her body, but she still feels somewhat alone in the world. However, after forgetting to take off her witch's gown after de-transforming, she was spotted by the zombie idol Lily Hoshikawa. Rather than being shocked, the young girl was sympathetic. She was raised as a girl, but as her male body started going into puberty she was hit with a massive onset of Gender Dysphoria and sadly took her life after beginning to grow facial hair. Lily helped Sayo realize that she wasn't completely alone in her situation, and introduced her to other trans deities such as Bridget and Max Owen.

  • One day, without explanation, Battler and Beatrice seemed to disappear from the Pantheon. Battler and Beatrice's friends searched far and wide for the two, eventually reaching Battler's temple, which had somehow changed shape to an unfamiliar mansion. Within the mansion were two housemates, who invited the friends to dinner. One of the hosts was a purple-haired lady by the name of Ikuko Hachijō , and a paraplegic older man with graying hair named Tooya Hachijō who looked suspiciously like Battler. The pair explained that they were writers who had collaborated on a variety of novels, including the "Umineko" series. Ikuko was a curious woman: she claimed that she was the estranged child of a rich family who barely ever goes out of the house, but managed to find Battler during a storm while on a drive, as well as the Confession of the Golden Witch bottle that explained Sayo's story and motives. Ikuko, who also called herself a witch, was proud of the work she done on Umineko, but felt like the franchise had run its course and should be related to the past.
    Ikuko: It's been decades since these forgeries were written. No one cares about the events of Rokkejima anymore, and no one cares about Beatrice and Battler anymore. Why should there be any more time and effort be put into their stories?
    Bridget: As one of the writers of those forgeries and the person who found that bottle, you should already know why. The reason why Sayo wrote those bottles and did what she did was because she wanted to be understood; if not by those around her, then by a future reader. She wanted to both express herself and warn others to not go down the same path that she did. Don't you think that by stopping Umineko from being spread as far as it could, there are suffering people out there who could have heard and resonated with her cry, but didn't? And how many people could be saved if Umienko's message continued to spread throughout time?
    Ikuko: ...
    • The next day, Battler and Beatrice had returned and explained that they had been on a short vacation to the Sea of Fragments and had forgotten to leave a note. But their friends didn't care why they had left; they were just glad to have them back.

"Just try and deny me, Battler Ushiromiya!!!"

Jon Jafari, God of Endless Memes (JonTron, Not-So Grump)

Monsoon, God of Memetic Philosophy (Memesoon, Snailsoon, Donsoon, The Nintendo Virtual Boy, The Monsus Battle Bus, Rayman)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His visored helmet, with Dystopia (his twin sais) crossed over it
  • Theme Song: The Stains Of Time
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil by default, but very Chaotic in battle
  • Portfolio: Cyborg Ninja, Ninja Run, Detachment Combat, Straw Nihilist, The Social Darwinist, Implied Childhood spent in War, That One Boss, White Hair, Black Heart, Malevolent Masked Men, Sais, Standing at 6'8, Fluent in Khmer, Chinese, and English, Memorability far outweighing screentime, MAGNETIC POWER!, Uses the word 'meme' in its original context
  • Domains: Philosophy, Memes, Magnetism, Nature, Cyborgs
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Pyrrha Nikos, Elektra Natachios, Mikoto Misaka, Might Guy
  • Enemies: Solid Snake, Bladewolf, Dr. Hal Emmerich, Ms. Fortune, Night Raid, 2B.
  • Annoyed by: Deadpool and any fourth wall breaking entity.
  • Odd Friendship: Lord Voldemort, The Crypt Keeper
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Samuel Rodriguez
  • Opposed by: All the Sword wielders in the Pantheon.
  • Friendly Enemy: Peacock
  • Evil Counterpart to: Suiseiseki and Souseiseki
  • Worthy Opponent: Raiden
  • Admires: House of Nature
  • A member of the Winds Of Destruction and the one partly responsible for bringing out Raiden's Superpowered Evil Side after years of dormancy. Even after losing against Raiden, Monsoon is still interested in learning Jack's motives more thoroughly.
    • His ascension was possible by Armstrong pulling the strings for behind the scenes to get him in. Although the Court of Gods weren't happy that another of Armstrong's Goons had entered the Pantheon, they nonetheless allowed him to stay in the House of Philosophy given his position with "The Memes".
  • Don't underestimate him. As nihilistic and Philosophical as he is, he is actually is quite a formidable fighter. Many of the Swordfighters he has faced in combat, DESPISE him because of his unnatural ability to dodge every sword attack (And let's not get started on his magnetic abilities). Raiden could only stand a chance against him because he had awakened his Ripper persona at the right time.
  • He managed to impress Magneto of all people with his Magnetic capabilities and decided to learn more about the cyborg. Monsoon on his part has a great amount of respect for Erik and find the nature of his powers Amazing.
    • Other people who managed to catch his attention were Pyrrha Nikos and Mikoto Misaka for their display in their Magnetic abilities. He has come to blows with both to test their powers and he was not disappointed in them.
  • He sympathizes with Peacock, because as it turns out, they both have dark backstories and suffered major injuries and as a result were rebuilt as Cyborgs. However, she has heard rumors that he was involved in Human trafficking before becoming a Cyborg and that didn't sit well with her. Nonetheless, they both seem to enjoy their goofiness and Monsoon is really interested in her "Cartoonish Memes"
  • In one instance he was challenged by Ms. Fortune because, as it turns out, Peacock just wanted to annoy him. Since Ms. Fortune and Monsoon have similar abilities, the resulting battle was drawn out enough that the two declared a brief ceasefire and agreed to not talk about what happened.
  • He is a frequent visitor of the House of Nature and he is fascinated with its environments and sightings. However, he has a weird admiration for Cherry Blossoms, which Armstrong finds stupid.
  • Was weirded out when he heard Lord Voldemort sounding just like him. They get along pretty well, and Monsoon want to learn what is Voldemort motivations for why he turned that way.
    • For the same reason as above, Might Guy has declared himself Monsoon's rival. While he isn't particularly bothered by Guy's fighting style, he finds his ideal about youth very interesting.
    • He once was invited by the Crypt Keeper to tell one of his horror stories. Surprisingly, monsoon can replicate his voice almost perfectly, which the Latter finds really amusing.
  • Is annoyed whenever other gods assume that his title refers to Internet memes. Especially Deadpool, who never stops spouting Internet memes at him Monsoon generally considers these types of memes juvenile, but a good example of his beliefs on human behavior anyway. Ironically, he himself seems to be becoming an internet meme much to his own chagrin.
    • The most hilarious thing about all of this mess, is that Deadpool can replicate Monsoon's voice flawlessly, which greatly annoys the cyborg.
  • Was recently informed that he was not the only God of Memetic Philosophy, sharing this portfolio with Suiseiseki and Souseiseki. Was a little annoyed at this, but figured that being their evil counterpart is good enough.
    • Later he heard that the Doll twins were being moved and were getting their title changed. Monsoon couldn't help but grin with joy.
  • Many claim that his Theme Song is pretty cool, but he has received some mixed accusations that his song promotes other things:
    • He also received various covers of his song, which amused him. In his opinion, the best ones are the stylish one and the Kazoo one.
  • Used to be a member of the GUAE, but since his boss Armstrong has joined GUAC, he has tagged along with them. Monsoon is particularly interested to learn the motivations of some of the members of the morningstar battalion and see their "Memes" unfold.
  • He surprisingly gets along pretty well with General Esdeath after hearing her motivations and having a similar background. In turn, Esdeath agrees with his Philosophy and finds him a formidable fighter that managed to give her a run for her money. However, Monsoon cannot understand the drastic change in behaviour she has when she sees her "lover", Tatsumi. This Particularly "Meme" of her reminds him a little of his comrade Mistral. This of course meant that he was another potential threat to Night Raid.
  • "Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns of something even greater: memes, the DNA of the soul...."

Lesser Gods

    Candle Jack 
Candle Jack, Master of the Interrupting Meme (A Nut, The Guy with a Candle)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A piece of rope
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Albeit very affable)
  • Portifolio: Captures people who say his name, Internet Memes (The Interrupting kind, to be specific), Popular, yet somewhat minor characters, Polite villainy, Bedsheet Ghost, Never raises his voice once, Does what he does because he's "A Nut", Nobody's safe from hiWhy hello there
  • Domains: Memes, Ghosts, Ropes, Comedy
  • Allies: Beetlejuice, Morty
  • Enemies: Freakazoid, Professor E. Gad, John Marston, The Ghostbusters, The Defiler, Princess Peach
  • Pities: The Boos
  • Interested in: SCP-2521
  • Opposed by: Crow
  • Not Interested in: Hastur
  • Not much is known about the villain known as Candle Jack. What we do know is that he kidnapps anyone who says his name with rope and takes them to parts unknown. He's also not nearly as scary as he sounds. Generally, he's Enemies with Freakazoid, gets along with the rest of his rouges gallery, and is very polite. Either way, since this is an article and not real life, I should be saOk, he was asking for it.
  • How did he come to the pantheon? Simple. Freakazoid said his name absentmindedly while talking to his buddy Deadpool. Long story short, there wasn't enough rope to save Jack from the ass-whopping that occurred. A bit later, he was given the position of Interrupting Meme, seeing how he had a habit of interrupting people mid sentence, not to mention his meme status.
  • Despite being enemies, he actually gets along well with Freakazoid, usually having a conversation about their favorite movies and TV shows while fighting. To be fair, though, almost all of freakazoids enemies are pretty sociable with him. Except Jeepers. Screw that guy.
  • It should be noted that escaping from Jack's a lot easier than one would expect. For starters, he only has so much rope, so it's entirely possible for him to run out at the worst possible time. Secondly, his rope gimmick is really the only thing he has going for him, so it's easy to generally beat him in a straight fight. Also, one can easily overcome him by simply calling him "Jack". Generally, he's smart enough to realize this, and usually only preys on gods bellow Intermediate status, though there have been times where he goes in over his head.
  • Like Freakazoid, Candle Jack is completely aware he's a fictional character in a TV show, and by extension a character in some big fan-made crossover. Usually, he doesn't do much with it, unlike Freakazoid, though it did come in handy when the Ghostbusters tried to catch hiI simply told them that Slimer had a spin-off cartoon, and while they were pondering what I was talking about, I slipped away. Easy peasy.
    • On that note, the Ghostbusters aren't actually sure if he's actually a ghost or not, seeing that, despite only really floating, he sure does talk and act like a ghost. Still, since they've dealt with non-spectral beings before, he's still a good priority.
  • The day he met Betelgeuse was quite the day indeed, with the two instantly bonding over their gimmick and ghoulish interests. CJ, in particular, is fond of his stage musical, claiming that he still has "The Whole Being Dead Thing" stuck in his head.
    • He's also humored by SCP-2521, mostly due to the curiosity of what will happen if that thing says Candle Jacks name. Of course, since 2521 can't talk, it would be unlikely that a scenario like that would happOh shit oh gOD OH FU...That wasn't me this time
    • That said, to say he's repulsed by The Defiler would be an absolute understatement. He's even gone so far as to capture anyone who tries to say the Great Old One's name out of fear of it.
    • Speaking of Lovecraft, Hastur would normally be an ideal ally, if it weren't for the fact that Candle Jack finds him utterly boring to be aroLook, Blue-and-Orange Morality can only be entertaining for so long before it gets old, alright?
  • One time, someone had put a bounty on his head, something one John Marston took up to get some quick cash for his family. Long story short, it ended with John tied to some train tracks in front of an oncoming train. While he managed to escape (The train was going a lot slower than it actually looked), he's still pretty sour about it, and he promised that Jack'll pay for that. He's still waiting for that revenge plan to happen, by the way.
  • The literal second Morty offered to make a horror movie with him, Candle Jack gladly accepted. There was only one condition: it would be rated PG-13 instead of rated R. Morty's not sure why, but hey, that's business for yNow, normally I would be all for hard R, but it'd be weird to see a character from a kiddie show graphically rip someone's guts out, now wouldn't it?
    • Speaking of Morty, Jack's a bit weary of Professor E. Gad, considering that if Gad's willing to capture a ghost as harmless as Morty, than he'd surly he'd be willing to capture someone like him.
    • Finally, he genuinely pities The Boos, who's whole "Unable to move when looked at out of sheer embarrassment" thing he finds to be too pathetic to be funny. Them having quite the shitty king helps.
  • Before you ask, yes, he has kidnaped Princess Peach before, and yes, she kicked his ass for it. He's honestly pretty sore about it.
  • Believe it or not, Crow of all people actually opposes the possible specter, mostly due to bringing back bad memories of his grandfather, who'd tie up women and strap them to train tracks, an act that unnerves even Crow. Seeing how Candle Jack is perfectly fine with doing just that, albeit only when he really wants to, he generally has fun teasing him about the faSo the guy would kidnap dozens of princesses and kill anyone in his way, what's so bad about simple villainous tradition?
  • If there's two ghosts that Candle Jack'll NEVER team up with, its Dark Danny and King Boo, two villains that are so completely depraved that not even he's crazy enough to even entertain the idea of working with the twThat, and I'll probably clash with their general tone. the whole standards thing's still pretty accurate, not gonna lie.
  • A good example of his victims can be seen here. Please note that these particular victims of Candle Jack's usually tempt fate for him to come, so it's far from the best example of his explYou people never learn, do you?

"Well, looks like I'm outta rope. I'll just get some real quiCOUGAR'D"

    Derpy Hooves 
Derpy Hooves, Goddess of Memetic Bystanders (Ditzy Doo, Bright Eyes, Bubbles, Derpy Whooves, Ditsy Doo, Derpy Doo, Stoneface, Bubblehead, Muffins)

    Doge, Cheems and Walter 
Doge, Cheems and Walter, Divine Trio of Image Macro (Doge: Dog E, Kabosu, Kawosu, Plemyannik, Mr. Doge | Cheems: Balltze, Cheemsburger, Trollface, Doge | Walter: Nelson the Bull Terrier, Walter Clements Jr., W, A, L, T, E, R, Your Majesty)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective faces
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Doge), Chaotic Neutral (Cheems) and Neutral Evil (Walter)
  • Portfolio: Negative Continuity, Frequently dying, Villain Protagonist, Verbal Tic
  • Domains: Dogs, Pictures, Comics, Memes, Faces, Monster Trucks and Fire Trucks
  • Heralds: Big Bro and Lil Bro (Doge's sons)
  • Allies: Isabelle (alleguedly Doge's second wife), SiIvaGunner, SMG4 and Mario, The Goose, The Goat, John Wick, Dokuro Mitsukai
  • Rivals: Needles Kane (Walter)
  • Enemies: Cruella de Vil
  • Opposed by: Papyrus, Dorothy Haze (Especially Cheems)
  • Under watch by: The House of Justice (Walter)
  • Le Squad has arrived. Doge began as a simple image labelling meme in the early 2010s before the Dogelore was born. There Doge was turned into a family man frequently abused by his wife Karen and getting involved in very wacky adventures. Given his origins, he was later awarded with the Image Macro title, reacting with an appropriate "wow much pantheon, very ascension, so tropes".
    • Doge was also joined by his friends Cheems and Walter. For starters, Cheems is described as an alternate universe Doge with a speech impediment or potentially the God of Time and Walter on the other hand is a lot more mysterious and his face rarely changes, only ever stating that he likes Fire Trucks and Monster Trucks.
  • In reality, the trio's corporeal form is based entirely on three unrelated dogs, Doge is based on Kabosu the Shiba Inu, Cheems is based on Balltze, also another Shiba Inu and Walter is actually Nelson the Bull Terrier. Neither of the three is aware of their likeness being used here or in the Dogelore Universe.
  • Doge is a family dog, having a wife and kids of his own but usually he is mistreated by his ex-wife Karen almost on a daily basis. Karen is also supposed to be the embodiment of nagging evil wives and facebook moms and the fact that she loves Minion memes made Doge quite weary on Gru. Some initially thought that Karen and the kids should also join Doge as they have as much of a fair claim to the title as Doge but he refused to allow them to be here.
    • She found Lois Wilkerson to be the be the one to resemble Karen the most in the Pantheon and her general attitude could make her to be even worse, even if she lacks the reality warping powers of Karen.
  • Thankfully, Doge's second marriage went much more smoothly and it turns out he is supposedly married to Isabelle. The latter has no idea why Doge insist she is his wife but they are good friends but often clarifies that she is NOT the same Isabelle from his universe. She also finds Walter adorable, even if his lack of emotions (and ears) unnerves her.
  • Even if Doge and Cheems are mostly friendly towards others, Papyrus is not very fond of them given their resemblance to the Annoying Dog (And even then, Doge likes to prank him from time to time). That often ends with Papyrus failing to catch either of them whenever he is pranked and sometimes poor Papyrus ends up being beaten up by Walter for disturbing him.
  • Believe it or not, Walter was drafted into the army at 17 and alleguedly he has commited several war crimes and is wanted internationally. While the House of Justice has him on their sights, they still haven't found enough evidence to convict Walter and the fact that his affiliated with GUAG thanks to his friend Doge's good influence, they haven't tried to apprehend him.
  • Walter isn't fond of trolls. Because he rarely talks and has a rather limited vocabulary, Walter tends to fall for dumb jokes. Some trolls like to ask him about Joe and that has lead to numerous problems because behind his nice behavior and simpleton mannerism, Walter can be rather vicious. So vicious in fact that he had personally assassinated some GUAE Twisted Tormentors for wronging him. Because they didn't like Fire Trucks and Monster Trucks.
  • Cheems might look like a wimp but he is rumored to be a God of Time and he has a huge dislike over "horny" people. In fact, whenever he senses some incredible high levels of horniness, he will whip out his signature bonk stick and go to town with whoever pissed him off that day, often sending them to "Horny Jail". He has numerous run-ins with several deities in the House of Love and Affection who are openly sexual and Cheems can't seem to control his urges to bonk people there, even after being banned he still comes and causes a ruckus almost in a daily basis.
    • Ironically, the same house also led him to meet a pretty similar deity who also has a habit of whacking horny people, or person in her case. Dokuro Mitsukai certainly found Cheems quite the unusual canine but she couldn't deny the might of his bonk stick after she saw it in action. She is one of the few that avoided going to horny jail, though Cheems has warned her that she is not that far off the mark.
  • There was one time Doge accidentally released the corrupted memes in the Mushroom Kingdom where SMG4 lives and so had to go on an adventure with him and his Mario to fix the mistakes. Then, for some reason, Mario ended up pissing off Walter by accidentally dissing on his favourite Monster Truck and Walter declared war on the Mushroom Kingdom. After several years, Walter almost took over the Mushroom Kingdom but because he officially didn't know how to write anything besides "Walter", his claim of the throne was labelled invalid and therefore he had to leave empty-handed. Mario ended up being forced to apologize to Walter and then he and Doge gifted Walter a toy Fire Truck as an apology. Doge remains friends with SMG4 and co. even after all that happened.
  • The trio once went to VA-11 Hall-A after a recommendation from a friend of Doge called Rad Shiba and they ended up visiting Jill Stingray's temple. At first she was completely taken aback because she was being visited by literal memes and she thought the Pantheon had finally driven her mad but no, they were real. All went well until a friend of Jill's, Dorothy Haze, came by and noticed the trio. She has an irrational fear of dogs and things got worse once someone mentioned that she was a Sexbot, prompting Cheems to chase after her with the bonk stick. Cheems was later subdued and taken to Pantheon jail (not horny jail ironically) and Doge had to apologize afterwards. Walter meanwhile was bummed that there were no futuristic monster trucks around to be seen.
  • Considering they are dogs and fairly normal looking, Cruella de Vil was eager to skin them and make them a special scarf for herself. unbeknownst to Cruella, she understimated the canines and all three avoided being captured by her cronies. As retaliation, the trio jumped Cruella in an alley and robbed her. Cheems beat her to a pulp with signature bonk stick while Walter ended up shooting her in the stomach, but considering who they were dealing with, most people were willing to overlook this crime the trio commited.
  • The Twisted Metal tournament fascinates Walter and he wanted to join with a monster truck of his own. For a while he managed to convince Needles Kane of all people to train him in the art of driving monster trucks, since he owns one (Well, an ice cream truck but still) and after a while Walter was a master at driving monster trucks. However, given Needles' nature, he later betrayed Walter and the two became sworn rivals.
  • Frequent collaborators with the Goose and the Goat, possibly the only two deities capable of understanding their zany and non-sensical nature. The five ended up becoming a group of mischievous animals that would cause havoc whenever they were bored with the Goose being the mastermind, Goat and Walter being the muscle, Cheems being the Wild Card and Doge being the Only Sane Man (Well, "sane" being the stretch of the word). Doge is particularly happy that Goat and Goose have helped him drive Karen off his back whenever she showed up.
  • Doge continues to deny him having a foot fetish, though many have caught him trying to trick certain deities into removing their shoes.
  • The trio of canines became quite friendly with John Wick after learning that he and Isabelle were acquaintances and Doge appreaciates someone who would look out for other dogs out there. Though in a suprise turn of event, John and Walter really get along the most out of the three, possibly given how Walter also has a rather shady past and has killed several people before.
  • Several have made comparisons between a buff Doge and Cheems, alleguedly after seeing the former confronting the latter for something he did (and the muscles? Doge was working out that day, don't ask). Cheems doesn't really appreciate that people consider him a pussy but he is too shy to tell them off otherwise while Doge does appreciate the people that consider him a chad. Though in a straight-up fight, many agree Walter would kick both of their asses.
  • Dogecoin has managed to skyrocket Doge's wealth to never seen heights and he is rumored to be one of the wealthiests deities in the Pantheon. Though unfortunately, the constant danger of Karen stripping him from his money has made him paranoid to the point that he is not willing to share the details of why Dogecoin became an overnight sensation.

Yamcha, God of Memetic Losers (Lord Yamcha, The Hyena Who Made the Desert His Stronghold, The Wolf Fang Fist Master, Wolf Boy [by Krillin], Wasteland Bandit Yamcha)


    Cool Cat 
Cool Cat, God of Memetic Molesters
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Song: "Cool Cat Boogie"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (some think he's Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Possibly a Friend to All Children, Cool Cat, Shilled Out, Ping Pong Naivety, No Indoor Voice, Low-Budget Productions, It's All About Me, Goofy Suit, Barefoot Cartoon Animal, Memetic Loser
  • Domains: Cats, Kids (Maybe?), Memes
  • Herald: Daddy Derek
  • Followers: The Child-Catcher, The Burger King, Will Schuester
  • Allies: Most kids, Bubsy the Bobcat, PewDiePie
  • Enemies: GUAE Twisted Tormentors, Nelson Muntz, Biff Tannen, Eric Cartman, all evil-aligned gun users
  • Opposes: Beat
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jimmy Hopkins
  • Complicated Relationship: I Hate Everything
  • Cool Cat is, well, a cat that lives in California with his parents, Mama Cat and Daddy Derek (who may or may not also be a cat). He's perhaps best known for his dislike of bullies, which was best shown with his multiple conflicts against Butch the Bully. He stopped Butch from picking on his friend Maria, stealing candy from other kids, and bringing a gun to school so he can steal everyone's lunch money (yes)note . He also starred in the Hollywood Parade with his father and even won a writing contest for his children's book, Trolley the Trout.
  • His tale of ascension was... interesting, to say the least. He was just a another character from a low-budget flick, until one day, some internet reviewers broaden his exposure. Cool Cat was very excited about being a god, but there was a catch. The GUAE noticed that Cool Cat is supposed to be a kid and plays with other children, but he's played by an adult in a cat suit. This lead to many lewd jokes about him on the internet, so they picked Memetic Molester for his trope without his approval. Cool Cat was not happy about being seen as a pedophile to most of the Pantheon, and is currently convincing the Court of the Gods for another trope.
    • Cool Cat was very surprised to notice that a couple of the guys who reviewed his film got ascended. I Hate Everything wasn't very happy to see him, considering that besides the fact that his creator, Derek Savage, threatened legal action against him just because he mocked his flick, he just finds Cool Cat an annoying animal. The feline just wants IHE to forgive him, as he had nothing to do with Derek's breakdown. In contrast, his relationship with PewDiePie is surprising friendly, mostly because even though he also made fun of Cool Cat, Savage was perfectly OK with Felix's review. Just don't tell Cool Cat that Pewds finds it an ironic friendship.
  • As mentioned before, he doesn't like bullies, so he wasn't too happy see to some in the Pantheon, all of which were tougher than Butch. The first bully he saw was Nelson Muntz, who Cool Cat called out for beating up the nerds. Nelson obviously didn't care and gave the feline a wedgie. Cool Cat then went to Biff Tannen and chewed him out for all of the crap he gave to Marty McFly (unaware of the way worse things he did), to which Biff responded by sending him to the garbage dump. The final bully he had beef with was Eric Cartman, who he didn't like for giving Kyle all of those terrible names (again, oblivious to the outright sadistic crimes he'd done). Cartman "realized" what he had done and sent Cool Cat a "thank-you gift" by setting his entire temple on fire while he was asleep!
    • One person that doesn't mind him (or at least, respects what he's doing) was the Bully Hunter Jimmy Hopkins, who Cool Cat has mixed thoughts on. On the one hand, he likes that he goes around making sure bullies don't pick on the kids, but he doesn't care about how he uses violence on them to do that. Jimmy just ignores him anytime he gives some karmic justice.
  • If there's one thing there should be known about Cool Cat, it's that kids loves him. Most of the House of Childhood and Adolescence quite enjoy playing with him, though because of his trope, the Pantheon has ordered a police officer to watch him anytime he spends some time with the little ones just in case he does something indecent in front of them, to the annoyance of Cool Cat for obvious reasons.
  • Believe it or not, Cool Cat wrote some songs with his dad and got into singing and even rapping. He performed over at the House of Music hoping to impress the artists there and increase awareness of bullying, but his show was met with mixed reception, with one of the highlights being a well-received remix of "Cool Cat Rap Master", which somehow featured Snoop Dogg.
  • Cool Cat hates it when someone sprays graffiti, because in his words, "it's not cool to... ...paint on someone's wall!" He couldn't tell you about the amount of times he had to clean up the tags sprayed from Beat. Cool Cat does hope he kick his crime considering that he did convince a couple kids to follow their heart and stop painting his neighbor's wall, but to Beat, spraying tags is his destiny.
  • The feline really Does Not Like Guns as he feels that kids might find one and use it in improper and dangerous ways. He's trying to ban all evil-aligned gun users from the Pantheon due to him finding them a bad influence on kids. He doesn't oppose any firearms wielder with a heart, though; his creator even made a gun safety video for women. For what its worth, the House of Firearms does hire him to give the kids a safety instruction once in a while.
  • Cool Cat is an anthropomorphic feline who acts very "cool" to appeal to kids and is mocked across the internet. Naturally, he has gotten multiple comparisons to Bubsy. The two cats have met each other and would like it if they'd stopped getting picked on just for trying to have fun with the youth. Everyone reacted in a very kind and mature manner.
  • He lives out near Hollywood and is friends with a couple of B-list actors, Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada. Noticing there's some bigger-named stars in the House of Theatric Performers, Cool Cat went there to see if any of them would be interested in appearing in his upcoming film, hoping their notoriety could give it some more publicity. The entire house later sent him this letter:
    "Dear Cool Cat, we saw your film and think its some real cinema. In fact, Spielberg and del Toro caught a screening and wished they were involved in directing such an artistic masterpiece. Unfortunately, if any of us were to come into the set for filming, it would conflict with the various projects we are all starring in. However, all of us here would be honored to be in your film and are making sure to get said projects done as quickly as 2453. Signed, the Pantheonic House of Theatric Performers."
  • "I'm Cool Cat, and I love all kids!"


    Barry B. Benson 
Barry B. Benson, God of Meme-Based Popularity (B Boy, Freddy Benson, The one who sings jazz)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His yellow and black shirt
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Four-Legged Insect, Watch It for the Meme, Really Weird Aesops, Bee Version Of Jerry Seinfeld, Alliterative Name, Source Of Countless Memes, Being Both Male And A Worker Bee, Nice Guy, Interspecies Romance, Believes Humans Are Exploitative Of Bees And Their Honey (Well, At First), The Hero
  • Domains: Honey, Pollination, Bees, Memes, Equal Rights, Jazz
  • Followers: The Dover Boys, the Globglogabgalab
  • Heralds: Adam Flayman and Mooseblood Mosquito (his insect friends), Vanessa Bloome (his human Platonic Life-Partner)
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: The House of Food, flower-related deities
  • Rivals: Shrek (friendly with)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Nicolas Cage
  • Avoided by: Winnie the Pooh
  • Barry B Benson is one of many bees working the hive. Becoming bored with the day to day jobs, he wishes to be one of the Pollen Jocks and explore the human world. There he discovered what he saw as humanity exploiting the bees for their honey and natural products, and set to remedy this situation. The relationship between man and bee would be forever changed, and he became a crusader for equal rights for the bug world.
  • Barry would've fallen into obscurity were it not for the Bee Movie's reputation on the internet. Due to the...strangeness of the Bee Movie, it became popular in meme culture. If it's not reaction or other meme posts to the movie's silliness, it's usually edits going by "It's the Bee Movie But (insert here)", like this video. Or even the entire movie being read. Few, if any movies have become known due to memes alone like the Bee Movie.
  • Good friends with Shrek. Part of this is due to being Dreamworks protagonists, part of this is due to their popularity among internet memes. Though Shrek dislikes some of the memes about him, sometimes he has fun with it and competes for who's better at the Memetic Mutation. Or they work together, and that's when things got... really weird.
  • Asides from Shrek, he's also a friend with Donkey as he can sympathize with some of the hardships he faced for being a donkey. Plus like him, Donkey's in an Interspecies Romance. He's helped him to fight off Lord Farquaad due to his and Shrek's friendship.
  • Most people can't take the fact that he's dating Vanessa, a human, seriously. Vinny wonders if it really is hip to fuck bees, leading Barry to reply "a gentlebee never kisses and tells". He isn't sure what to think of his Bee Movie let's play.
  • Keeps getting the evil eye from Nicolas Cage due to both being a bee and being a Fountain of Memes. Gives him bad memories.
  • Sued the human race for their unlicensed use of honey and treatment of bees. This worked out pretty well, but unfortunately the bees got lazy and didn't need to do their job anymore due to all that honey. As such, he had to set things right. The human-bee relationship remains more mutually beneficial thanks to him, so that's something. This experience has led him to dislike Morris due to his Predatory Business exploiting others, as the bees used to be exploited.
  • His job leads him to spend a lot of time in the House of Plants, for the purposes of pollination. The Pollen Squad gets to visit the pantheon for some time to help with the pollination, and he's OK with selling some of the honey to the pantheon. Though a Nice Guy, he's come to dislike Poison Ivy due to her views on humans and plant-themed eco-terrorism. Or Flowey due to being a malicious flower. Though this isn't actually the case.
  • Though a worker bee, he is male with a stinger and has four limbs instead of six. Stinging people is still dangerous for him however, as his friend Adam Flayman lost his stinger and almost died from the experience. He would rather not bring up the fact that all the bees in the colony are related, though states that they're "distant cousins" and thus OK to date.
  • Found socializing in the House of Insects, due to being a bee. Him and fellow Dreamworks insect Z got along due to their desire to strive for their own destiny and coming to terms with their position in the colony.
  • Tries to help the animal gods of the pantheon get their proper due from humanity through the legal system. To help with this, he's got Eliza Thornberry as a translator. He is trying to help Marlin overcome his fear of humans.
  • Likes jazz a lot, and will ask people if they do as well. He was upset to learn there was no jazz-related god in the House of Music, which he tried to remedy by playing jazz tunes there. Additionally his favorite singer is Bee-yonce, was skilled at rug-bee in college, is fond of Beecaso's artwork and his favorite book is the Great Gatsbee. Was happy to meet Gatsbee's human form and get an autograph for his book.
  • Seems to get along with Jerry Seinfeld, as he's essentially his bee equivalent. The rest of the Seinfeld gang get a bit weirded out when they talk to each other.

    Mac Tonight/Moon Man 
Mac Tonight/Moon Man, God/s of Memetic Psychopathy
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: His own head
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: True Neutral as Mac Tonight, Neutral Evil as Moon Man
  • Portfolio: Known for having a crescent moon as a head
  • Domains: Songs (particularly Jazz/Pop and Rap respectively), the Moon, Advertising, the Internet, Memes, Racism (especially against Blacks)
  • Heralds: The Moon Crew/KKKrew (for Moon Man)
  • Amicable Deities: John Scatman, the rest of the House of Musicality especially the Beatles, E.T, Richard Petty (for Mac Tonight)
  • Mixed Relationships:
  • Opposed by: German Nazi deities (for Moon Man)
  • Enemies: Every single Black-skinned person, basically every single minority whenever he feels like it, pedophiles, religious assholes especially Garterbelt (applies only to Moon Man), Terence Fletcher (for Mac Tonight)
  • As the fast-food restaurant known as McDonalds was rising in popularity within the late 1980s, the advertising department of the franchise thought of ways to attract more customers, among which was the concept of mascots. This was eventually applied to nighttime where one idea of portraying the fast-food chain to customers in night was done by a mascot that represented nighttime in the form of a man with a moon for a head, wearing 1950s glasses and sang old traditional pop songs (particularly Bobby Darin's iteration of Mack the Knife by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht), meant to appeal to the baby boomers. The advertisement was a success and the icon, known as Mac Tonight, helped increase nighttime customers within McDonalds, propelling even the voice actor to near fame. Despite the success, it was not to last as the son of the main inspiration for Mac Tonight's success, Dodd Mitchell Darin, filed a lawsuit for the infringement of his father's work without permission, leading to the removal of the mascot, but not without a small resurgence in some portions of the world.
    • It would not be until the mid-2000s when Mac Tonight's imagery would re-appear, but not in the same way as before. What was once a mascot for a huge franchise was turned into an internet icon reminiscent of its time as most of the songs associated with this portrayal of Mac Tonight was used for rap, of the racist kind. Combining his imagery, racist connotations and the text-to-speech device of AT&T Mike created what would be now known as Moon Man. Moon Man's creation started in the website YTMND where rap songs made by various users (started by a user named "farkle") were posted with Moon Man's moniker. As this imagery grew, so did his notoriety, as Moon Man's racist tones would become expunged on various sites across the internet and his image would only grow from there on. No longer was he entirely known as Mac Tonight, but as the racist known as Moon Man.
  • Prior to the two's ascension, some people say that Moon Man ascended first when he was selected as The First Presidential Meme of UNITINU as a form of a joke, but such attention was brought in when a sprawling presence was seen under this announcement. The presence was what lead to the Pantheon to observe and bring Moon Man for questioning, whereupon the decision, despite his nature, was made to bring him in. While Moon Man was happy to see a new medium to spread his word, there was a condition he must abide to, the ascension of the very original image that inspired him: Mac Tonight. This led to a strong flurry of racist comments to the Pantheon's committee, but the decision was ultimately passed and thus the two ascended, where a temple was shared or halved between the two, showing a clear difference between the two icons. A short history is provided detailing the two.
    • The ascension of the two made a huge reception boost, both good and bad between the two, as many contend to who is the most known icon, the jolly Mac Tonight or the misogynistic Moon Man. One claims that their popularity is so strong that they have an imagery of their own to not be associated with the original while the other rationally claims that without him, his popularity and even imagery would cease to exist. To many deities, they find this utterly hilarious as the two personalities are so different that vocal conflicts are a commonality within the Hall. Regardless, the decision became final that the two would share the same temple, and thus the same spot to not risk each other's removal, Moon Man holds the heaviest grudge on this.
  • Because the two of them engage through music, the two are heavily present in the House of Musicality, but in different ways. Mac Tonight prefers the show where he plays the piano on top of the burger (though this has attracted the original Ronald McDonald due to certain issues) sometimes preferring the use of a saxophone when he feels like it usually at night, while Moon Man uses the internet to form his own raps and upload it for the world to see, though he does the occasional outside appearance with him rapping all night long. Some deities find it odd how two different personalities can form under the banner of one guy with a crescent moon for a head but that is how the internet works.
  • Mac Tonight was a mascot that was devised by the fast-food chain McDonalds to attract customers in the time of night, reminiscent of diners of the past. The songs Mac Tonight was known for was a rendition of the very famous "Mack the Knife", which many see him as a family-friendly type of mascot, his looks and his voice are of a jolly yet soothing type, as he remains a nice face to anyone who sees him. Being in the Pantheon has given new life to the mascot as now he gets to share his jolly love with his music in a new world. His songs that he can perform are usually of the Traditional Pop and Jazz types, seeing his piano and saxophone skills can do and is usually seen in the night, performing in the House of Food for certain deities who prefer eating in the middle of the night.
    • Before he could start his new life, he was met with the very clown that conceptualized him, as Ronald McDonald approached him in shock how an old mascot like him would resurface, barring Moon Man's creation. He may harbor no hard feelings against Ronald, yet he still feels some form of disappointment in him seeing that he decommissioned him following that lawsuit. Thankfully, because of such, Mac Tonight is no longer on Ronald's contract and can safely resume his life of music and dinner experiences without franchise constraint, claiming to be a free man in the Pantheon. The clown decided to pursue no further, seeing that he is a relic of the past.
    • Among the songs Mac Tonight can perform are Traditional Pop and Jazz music. Using his piano and saxophone as instruments, the Pantheon's large plethora of musical instruments has not dazzled him in the slightest, preferring to use his voice and sticking to his original instruments. Given that the instruments he used are appropriate for night-time, this makes sense. His music is what attracted Scatman John who is also known for his rhythmic gibberish and is also a jazz pianist, appropriate to Mac's genre. They get along quite well enough that he introduced him to the Beatles, who also welcomed Mac Tonight's music within the same house. As a result, Mac Tonight has a spot in the Musicality schedule, playing often either at midnight or around dinner time.
    • Given his nature as a commercial mascot, there were many scripts that Mac Tonight was planned to do but was cut or rejected too due to funding and other reasons, one of which was the idea of Mac Tonight riding a Cadillac through the night sky. This is what propelled him to E.T, the main inspiration for the idea as he finally gets to meet the one who can help him make this idea a reality. With a few strings and goodwill from others, Mac Tonight's Cadillac commercial was made and was more than happy to see E.T help him create a cut concept. However, Cadillac's were not the only car-related thing he was a part of as Richard Petty noted how McDonalds also had sponsorships with his design in some of the NASCAR cars, particularly from Bill Elliott. He was surprised that even as far back as 2016, Mac Tonight was still remembered in some designs.
    • Not all seems to be of good faith as he has heard of a notorious jazz artist coming by the name of Terrence Fletcher. Now he may be a traditional pop singer, but even he can tell that Fletcher's jazz is nothing like the jazz he knows. He is surprisingly one of the few people to get on his bad side and has since convinced potential jazz artists to leave him and his teachings behind in favor of more old-style jazz. Fletcher's comments are of vitriol and hatred, stating how an old jazz mascot gets to dictate what he knows best, only adding fuel to the fire regarding the two. Since then, Fletcher's class has avoided any mention of traditional pop, to spite Mac's presence.
  • On the other side of the spectrum is Moon Man, a personality of Mac Tonight formed from the 2000s "Wild West"-era of the internet. Unlike the original who was known for old pop music, rap is Moon Man's focus with many of the original raps are of very insensitive quality, often creating ruckus in the form of trolling through insulting specific targets, preferably black-skinned people. His popularity would grow to the point of forming the original Moon Crew/KKKrew, where the peak of Moon Man's iconography was seen and would soon fade due to constant removal. Nevertheless, if the Moon Man's ascension is of note, he is rather alive and well, just in different corners of the internet.
    • If it was not clear, he despises black people with passion. It is a natural hate Moon Man acquired of which he hates so much that he has plans to kill every black god in the Pantheon as part of his proposed ethnic cleansing or TNDnote , before he points his guns at other minorities such as homosexuals, feminists and various others. Many find this absurd but given how Moon Man was characterized, this is to be expected from a meme of absurd proportions. However, he seems to not be the only politically incorrect deity around this new world as others, such as Eric Cartman has found him to be endearing, before attracting the embarrassment from Stan and the other kids. Though Moon Man simply states that Cartman has the spirit, but not the drive and perhaps if he can stop sitting in his ass all day doing nothing.
    • He was annoyed that his buddies from the KKK were not originally present in the Pantheon, forcing him to rely on other like-minded people, thus leading him to Nazi-related deities (like the Red Skull). But to Moon Man's dismay the majority of Nazi's absolutely despise Americans, and given Moon Man is an American creation, forcing him to retreat with major soldiers on his tail. This made him consider his ascension as a disappointment but as to compensate for this, his Moon Crew were given the position of heralds, thus allowing him to ignore the Nazis and decided that if the KKK will not come to him, he will create his own.
    • To the utter shock from the rest of the Pantheon, Moon Man's notoriety would reach to similar-minded people, in particular Ben Cameron and Calvin Candie, of which he appreciates the hospitality. During said time, an astute observation Ben Cameron noticed between his "similar-minded" companions is that while they have some portion of culture shared by his Klansmen in the past, the two represents an extreme, with Calvin representing slavery but without the compassion and Moon Man representing xenophobia but to a genocidal extreme. For Moon Man, Ben has told him to curtail his genocidal urges to kill all black people as Cameron ultimately wants black people to "know their place in the natural order." In addition, Calvin also told him to hold off the black killing urges, seeing that he prefers to use them for slavery, though Stephen's presence angers him but due to their attitude, they are low on his hit list.
    • For someone who has a lot of hatred especially towards minorities and feminists, he hates pedophiles and religious abusers (and Pedophile Priests) even more. It is mainly due of double standards: How it is wrong that people judge him for his raps, but those people get away scot-free? This shows that underneath his racist tones, he does have a set of standards set on himself, even if most may not notice it. Notably he has an intense hatred towards Garterbelt, who is a black Pedophile Priest, increasing his anger ten-fold. It got bad that the House of Religion and Faith had to intervene to explain to him about his presence, but he has ignored the explanations and has pursued him relentlessly. As a result, the rest decided to let Garterbelt deal with it, stating that he will handle it soon.