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Greater Gods

    Chuck Norris 
Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris, God of Ass Kicking and Ascended Memes (Cordell Walker)

Intermediate Gods

    Beatrice the Golden Witch 
Beatrice, Goddess of Memetic Trolls (Beato, The Golden Witch, The Endless Witch, Sayo Yasuda, Yasu, Shannon, Kanon, Ushiromiya Lion, Clair vauxof Bernard)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden butterfly
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral but portrays herself as Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Memetic Troll, Broken Bird, Butterfly of Death and Rebirth, Used to Be a Sweet Kid, Sanity Slippage (partially recovered), The Gadfly, Zero-Approval Gambit, Stealth Mentor, Trickster Mentor, Murder-Suicide (stopped by lucid side winning out), Self-loathing, Silent Scapegoat
  • Domains: Chaos, Illusion, Trickery
  • Allies: Lambdadelta, Sunset Shimmer, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Bugs Bunny, The Warner Siblings, Homura Akemi, Commander Farsight, The Boss, Stella Grosso, Rena Ryuguu
  • Enemies: The GUAE Trollkaiger (Yuuki Terumi, Bernkastel, Handsome Jack, Baco ta Jolokia, Izaya Orihara), Eric Cartman, Kinzo Ushiromiya, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Vector
  • Was originally going to be the culprit of the Rokenjima mass murder. Fortunately, her lucid side won out as her sanity partially recovered through the help of someone close to her. Unfortunately, the event happened anyway. Yasu blamed the events on herself, going as far as to paint herself as a cold blooded sadist to hide the truth from the outside world to protect the people she cared about. Eva Ushiromiya also took part in this Zero-Approval Gambit, and it ended.....badly for her, with Eva dying with the person she was trying to protect seeing her as an enemy.
  • Is not fond of Vector, seeing him as a dark mirror of herself. She does support his path to redemption... Though it took her a long while to actually believe he repented. As you know, the guy is a massive troll.
  • Sees quite a lot of similarities between herself and Homura. The layers of masks surrounding their personality, the copious self-loathing, and her broken mental state. Beatrice suspects that there is more to Homura's actions than she is leading people to believe, but she has warned her to turn back, for only pain and despair await that path, much like the fate of Ange Ushiromiya.
    "I know people who did what you're doing now. You're only going to share in her fate. Dying with the people you care about hating you is only going to hurt them even more if they realize the truth.''
  • Considers Yuno to be a terrible reminder of her less lucid past and the things she may have ended up doing. She does sympathize with Yuno's horrible past, but still sees Yuno as someone who has to be stopped before she kills anymore large amounts of people. She was rather grateful when Yuno's 3rd world self took the reigns as the true Yuno.
  • Beatrice is more affable to Rena and Stella, knowing what it's like to lose their sanity over emotional trauma and pull back. Rena also reminds her a little of Maria.
  • Considers the Sonozaki Sisters and Bugs Bunny absolutely hilarious. She is considering joining the ranks of Lol Ranger either as their gold ranger or as one of their partners.

Jon Jafari, God of Endless Memes (JonTron, Not-So Grump)

Monsoon, God of Memetic Philosophy (Memesoon, Snailsoon, Donsoon)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Song: The Stains Of Time
  • Symbol: His visored helmet, with Dystopia (his twin sais) crossed over it.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil but very Chaotic in battle.
  • Portfolio: Cyborg Ninja, Ninja Run, Detachment Combat, Straw Nihilist, The Social Darwinist, Implied Childhood spent in War, That One Boss, White Hair, Black Heart, Malevolent Masked Men, Sai Guys, Standing at 6'8, Fluent in Khmer, Chinese, and English, MAGNETIC POWER!
  • Domains: Philosophy, Memes, Magnetism, Nature, Cyborgs
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Pyrrha Nikos, Elektra Natachios, Mikoto Misaka, Might Guy
  • Enemies: Solid Snake, Bladewolf, Dr. Hal Emmerich, Ms. Fortune, Night Raid, 2B.
  • Annoyed by: Deadpool and any fourth wall breaking entity.
  • Odd Friendship: Lord Voldemort, The Crypt Keeper
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Samuel Rodriguez
  • Opposed by: All the Sword wielders in the Pantheon.
  • Friendly Enemy: Peacock
  • Evil Counterpart to: Suiseiseki and Souseiseki
  • Worthy Opponent: Raiden
  • Admires: House of Nature
  • A member of the Winds Of Destruction and the one partly responsible for bringing out Raiden's Superpowered Evil Side after years of dormancy. Even after losing against Raiden, Monsoon is still interested in learning Jack's motives more thoroughly.
    • His ascension was possible by Armstrong pulling the strings for behind the scenes to get him in. Although the Court of Gods weren't happy that another of Armstrong's Goons had entered the Pantheon, they nonetheless allowed him to stay in the House of Philosophy given his position with "The Memes".
  • Don't underestimate him. As nihilistic and Philosophical as he is, he is actually is quite a formidable fighter. Many of the Swordfighters he has faced in combat, DESPISE him because of his unnatural ability to dodge every sword attack (And let's not get started on his magnetic abilities). Raiden could only stand a chance against him because he had awakened his Ripper persona at the right time.
  • He managed to impress Magneto of all people with his Magnetic capabilities and decided to learn more about the cyborg. Monsoon on his part has a great amount of respect for Erik and find the nature of his powers Amazing.
    • Other people who managed to catch his attention were Pyrrha Nikos and Mikoto Misaka for their display in their Magnetic abilities. He has come to blows with both to test their powers and he was not disappointed in them.
  • He sympathizes with Peacock, because as it turns out, they both have dark backstories and suffered major injuries and as a result were rebuilt as Cyborgs. However, she has heard rumors that he was involved in Human trafficking before becoming a Cyborg and that didn't sit well with her. Nonetheless, they both seem to enjoy their goofiness and Monsoon is really interested in her "Cartoonish Memes"
  • In one instance he was challenged by Ms. Fortune because, as it turns out, Peacock just wanted to annoy him. Since Ms. Fortune and Monsoon have similar abilities, the resulting battle was drawn out enough that the two declared a brief ceasefire and agreed to not talk about what happened.
  • He is a frequent visitor of the House of Nature and he is fascinated with its environments and sightings. However, he has a weird admiration for Cherry Blossoms, which Armstrong finds stupid.
  • Was weirded out when he heard Lord Voldemort sounding just like him. They get along pretty well, and Monsoon want to learn what is Voldemort motivations for why he turned that way.
    • For the same reason as above, Might Guy has declared himself Monsoon's rival. While he isn't particularly bothered by Guy's fighting style, he finds his ideal about youth very interesting.
    • He once was invited by the Crypt Keeper to tell one of his horror stories. Surprisingly, monsoon can replicate his voice almost perfectly, which the Latter finds really amusing.
  • Is annoyed whenever other gods assume that his title refers to Internet memes. Especially Deadpool, who never stops spouting Internet memes at him Monsoon generally considers these types of memes juvenile, but a good example of his beliefs on human behavior anyway. Ironically, he himself seems to be becoming an internet meme much to his own chagrin.
    • The most hilarious thing about all of this mess, is that Deadpool can replicate Monsoon's voice flawlessly, which greatly annoys the cyborg.
  • Was recently informed that he was not the only God of Memetic Philosophy, sharing this portfolio with Suiseiseki and Souseiseki. Was a little annoyed at this, but figured that being their evil counterpart is good enough.
    • Later he heard that the Doll twins were being moved and were getting their title changed. Monsoon couldn't help but grin with joy.
  • Many claim that his Theme Song is pretty cool, but he has received some mixed accusations that his song promotes other things:
    • He also received various covers of his song, which amused him. In his opinion, the best ones are the stylish one and the Kazoo one.
  • Used to be a member of the GUAE, but since his boss Armstrong has joined GUAC, he has tagged along with them. Monsoon is particularly interested to learn the motivations of some of the members of the morningstar battalion and see their "Memes" unfold.
  • He surprisingly gets along pretty well with General Esdeath after hearing her motivations and having a similar background. In turn, Esdeath agrees with his Philosophy and finds him a formidable fighter that managed to give her a run for her money. However, Monsoon cannot understand the drastic change in behaviour she has when she sees her "lover", Tatsumi. This Particularly "Meme" of her reminds him a little of his comrade Mistral. This of course meant that he was another potential threat to Night Raid.
  • "Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns of something even greater: memes, the DNA of the soul...."

    Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz 
Takumi Inui, God of Memetic Hand Gestures (Kamen Rider Faiz, Faiz, Takkun, Nekojita, Kamen Rider Delta, Wolf Orphnoch)
Kamen Rider Faiz 
Faiz Blaster 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Blaster Form)
  • Symbol: The Phi Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Justiphi's", "Double Standard"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, although he sees himself as Heroic Neutral at first. Neutral Good post-Character Development
  • Portfolio: Brought to You by the Letter Phi, Badass Biker, Character Tics, Blood Knights, Loners, Being Sarcastic, Defrosted Ice Kings, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, The Kirk, Tsundere, Flicking his Right Wrist in Battle, Being Depreciative Towards Everything, Even Himself, Being the Wolf Orphnoch
  • Domains: Combat, Heroism, Technology, Hand Gestures, Cyberpunk
  • Heralds: Mari Sonoda, Keitaro Kikuchi, Shuji Mihara/Kamen Rider Delta, Yuji Kiba/Horse Orphnoch/Kamen Rider Orga, Yuka Osada/Crane Orphnoch, Naoya Kaido/Snake Orphnoch
  • Allies:
  • Headbutting Heroes With: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa.
  • Enemies: The entire Demonic Legion, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Vector, Battleship Re-Class, the Trollkaiger, Sora Shiun'in, Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Ascended from the Toku Base, Takumi Inui is a young loner who initially doesn't have any desires in life until the fateful day he crossed paths with Mari Sonoda, who originally holds the mysterious Faiz Gear in one journey where she is attacked by the Orphnoch, monsters who were who suddenly resurrects after their unfortunate deaths, due to her unable to use the Faiz Gear, she provide Takumi the gear that allows him to become Faiz to protect the humans from the rampaging Orphnochs. Later on he is revealed to be the Wolf Orphnoch since the Faiz Gear can only be worn by the Orphnochs. In battle, Takumi tends to flicks his right wrist whenever he fights as Faiz.
  • The other reason of how he ascended in the pantheon is due to his habit of flicking his wrist during battles. His other tics, kneeling before a Diving Kick, as well as only using Flying Side Kicks, landed him here as well.
  • Became friends with Hajime Hinata since both of them had experience of getting confused of who they are since Takumi revealed himself as the Wolf Orphnoch and Hajime revealed that he has another personality in the form of Izuru Kamukura until both of them gets better with their sheer resolve of moving on despite of who they are.
    • Also became close allies with Ryoga Kamishiro and Inori Yuzuhira since both of them also protecting their respective love ones despite their true natures (Ryoga being a Barian and Inori being a clone), much like Takumi's true nature as an Orphnoch.
  • Amusingly, his temple is in the shape of the dry cleaner shop that he took residence in for the series which he says is more associated with his herald Keitaro than him. This has led to no end bickering amongst Takumi and his two heralds. In fact, Takumi threatened to bring the matter to the Court, but the matter was obviously too trivial for them to accept. Takumi thus rarely spends time in his own temple. Keitaro, though, runs the dry cleaning service as per normal, though he washes clothes for Gods now.
  • Became friends with Kagome Higurashi since the Rider reminds her a bit of Mari while at the same time, Kagome reminds Takumi of her husband Inuyasha probably due to them had similarities associated with the enemies they fought.
    • He also forms a rather odd friendship with Inuyasha since both of them have their names associated with the Japanese word for "dogs", while at the same time Takumi pities him since he resides in the Fallen as both him and Kagome tries to work to bring Inuyasha out of the Fallen as possible.
  • Has become friends with Rosette Christopher since both of them happens to be harsh to their love ones until they grow nicer to them. Also, Rosette remind him a bit of her friend/lover Chrono due to Takumi being an Orphnoch and Chrono being a Demon who had rebelled and fought their own kind.
  • He has somewhat gets along with the Teen Titans, especially Dick Grayson since both of them are street-level heroes clad in black and rides a motorcycle in battle and both of them had a serious issues with their respective rivals, Victor Stone as both of them uses technology in battle (Takumi being the main user of the Faiz Gear and Cyborg being a reconstructed human), and Rachel Roth since both of them started out as somewhat harsh to their friends until they grows nicer and became open to them.
  • Also became friends with Makoto Kenzaki as both of them started out as loners who were later became close to their respective friends after spending with them for a long time in their respective stories.
  • Became close friends with the players of Sword Art Online, especially with Kirito since both of them happens to be a heroic Blood Knights, and Asuna since some of her traits (being a Tsundere and a Dude Magnet) reminding him a bit of Mari.
  • He also gets along with Mami Tomoe since both of them had a similar death experience in their respective lives as well as both happened to resent themselves for failing to save a lives of their love ones.
  • Became close allies with Jin Kazama and Shu Ouma as both of them at some point they pretend to be jerks to isolate themselves with their respective friends.
  • He became very close to Ryuko Matoi since both of them battling villains while their traits had connection with the villains that they fought. Takumi is also surprised that Ryuko's Life Fiber Synchronized Form also glows red lines in her fighting form which is kind of similar to his Rider Form's light-up features.
  • Also became close friends with Ange as he feels sympathy for her after learning her backstory as a former princess of the Misurugi Empire before she fell from grace due her nature as a Norma before she was sent to fight the DRAGONs and became an aloof person since Ange and her fellow Normas were being discriminated for being "monsters" in her own universe. Upon learning this, Takumi swears to her if they treat her like a "monster", he will fight back against them.
  • Loathes Ryoma Sengoku for two reasons, for being involved with the Yggdrasill Corporation by creating Rider Belts for their own research and his own agenda of grabbing the Forbidden Fruit by any means. Also gaining his hatred towards the Trollkaigers since the group consists of the most villainous individuals, which he sees them as no different from the Lucky Clover.
  • He was very furious of Monokuma after learning of his actions of being the one who initiates the "High School of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy, his utter rage towards Monokuma makes the bear for being no different to the likes of Kyoji Murakami.
  • While making a lot of allies in the pantheon, he also made enemies too, this includes Vector and Re-Class since both of them uses their own Memetic Hand Gestures through saluting while both of them being jerks and evil respectively. Also gets annoyed at the likes of Sora Shuin'in since he reminds him too much of Kusaka.
  • Sympathizes with his predecessor Shinji Kido, as Shinji only found the resolve to kill at his death. Thus, while he would've made different decisions, he doesn't consider him a bad person either way.
  • Years later, he aids his successors Drive and Zeronos in resolving Stable Time Loop problems caused, shockingly, by him by accident. He died at the end of his battle against the Orphnochs, but Shocker used him as a catalyst to create the loops. He decided to end them, dying happy.

Lesser Gods

    Derpy Hooves 
Derpy Hooves, Goddess of Memetic Bystanders (Ditzy Doo, Bright Eyes, Bubbles, Derpy Whooves, Ditsy Doo, Derpy Doo, Stoneface, Bubblehead, Muffins)

    Doge and Walter 
Doge and Walter, Divine Duo of Image Macro (Doge: Dog E, Kabosu, Kawosu, Plemyannik, Mr. Doge | Walter: Nelson the Bull Terrier, Walter Clements Jr., W, A, L, T, E, R, Your Majesty)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective faces
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Doge) and Neutral Evil (Walter)
  • Portfolio: Negative Continuity, Frequently dying, Villain Protagonist
  • Domains: Dogs, Pictures, Comics, Memes, Faces, Monster Trucks and Fire Trucks
  • Heralds: Big Bro and Lil Bro (Doge's sons)
  • Allies: Isabelle (alleguedly Doge's second wife), Pyrocynical, Grandayy and Dolan Dark, SiIvaGunner, SMG4 and Mario, The Goose, The Goat
  • Rivals: Needles Kane
  • Enemies: Cruella de Vil, Lois Wilkerson
  • Opposed by: Papyrus
  • Under watch by: The House of Justice (Walter)
  • Le Squad has arrived. Doge began as a simple image labelling meme in the early 2010s before the Dogelore was born. There Doge was turned into a family man frequently abused by his wife Karen and getting involved in very wacky adventures. Given his origins, he was later awarded with the Image Macro title, reacting with an appropriate "wow much pantheon, very ascension, so tropes".
    • Doge was also joined by his friend Walter. This one on the other hand is a lot more mysterious and his face rarely changes. Not many know what Walter does or thinks, only ever stating that he likes Fire Trucks and Monster Trucks.
  • In reality, these two corporeal form is based entirely on two unrelated dogs, Doge is based on Kabosu the Shiba Inu and Walter is actually Nelson the Bull Terrier. Neither is aware of their likeness being used here or in the Dogelore Universe.
  • Doge is a family dog, having a wife and kids of his own but usually he is mistreated by his ex-wife Karen almost on a daily basis. Karen is also supposed to be the embodiment of nagging evil wives and facebook moms and the fact that she loves Minion memes made Doge quite weary on Gru.
    • She found Lois Wilkerson to be the be the one to resemble Karen the most in the Pantheon and her general attitude could make her to be even worse, even if she lacks the reality warping powers of Karen.
  • Thankfully, Doge's second marriage went much more smoothly and it turns out he is supposedly married to Isabelle. The latter has no idea why Doge insist she is his wife but they are good friends but often clarifies that she is NOT the same Isabelle from his universe. She also finds Walter adorable, even if his lack of emotions (and ears) unnerves her.
  • Beloved by the meme community, Doge especially, otherwise Doguelore wouldn't exist. Grandayy and Dolan Dark have featured both in several of their videos and a friend of them, Pyrocynical, has especially took a liking to Walter. For the most part, Walter is utterly confused as to why Pyro likes to use his face so much.
    • In fact, their presence quickly caught the attention of SiIvaGunner, who considered the duo for a potential future contestan for another "King for a Day" tournament. Doge was flattered by the offer but left the decision up to Walter. The latter would join only if Fire Trucks and Monster Trucks were involved.
  • Even if Doge is a friendly dog, Papyrus is not very fond of him given his resemblance to the Annoying Dog (And even then, he likes to prank him from time to time). That often ends with Papyrus failing to catch Doge whenever he is pranked and sometimes poor Papyrus ends up being beaten up by Walter for disturbing him.
  • Believe it or not, Walter was drafted into the army at 17 and alleguedly he has commited several war crimes and is wanted internationally. While the House of Justice has him on their sights, they still haven't found enough evidence to convict Walter and the fact that his affiliated with GUAG thanks to his friend Doge's good influence, they haven't tried to apprehend him.
  • Walter isn't fond of trolls. Because he rarely talks and has a rather limited vocabulary, Walter tends to fall for dumb jokes. Trollkaiger likes to ask him about Joe and that has lead to numerous problems because behind his nice behavior and simpleton mannerism, Walter can be rather vicious. So vicious in fact that he had personally assassinated a few members of Trollkaiger for wronging him. Because they didn't like Fire Trucks and Monster Trucks.
  • There was one time Doge accidentally released the corrupted memes in the Mushroom Kingdom where SMG4 lives and so had to go on an adventure with him and his Mario to fix the mistakes. Then, for some reason, Mario ended up pissing off Walter by accidentally dissing on his favourite Monster Truck and Walter declared war on the Mushroom Kingdom. After several years, Walter almost took over the Mushroom Kingdom but because he officially didn't know how to write anything besides "Walter", his claim was of the throne was invalid and therefore he had to leave empty-hander. Mario ended up being forced to apologize to Walter and then he and Doge gifted him a toy Fire Truck as an apology. Doge remains friends with SMG4 and co even after all that happened
  • Considering they are dogs and fairly normal looking, Cruella de Vil was eager to skin them and make them a special scarf for herself. unbeknownst to Cruella, she understimated the canines and both avoided being captured by her cronies. As retaliation, Doge and Walter jumped Cruella in an alley and robbed her. Walter ended up shooting her in the stomach but considering who they were dealing with, most people were willing to overlook this crime Walter commited.
  • The Twisted Metal tournament fascinates Walter and he wanted to join with a monster truck of his own. For a while he managed to convince Needles Kane of all people to train him in the art of driving monster trucks, since he owns one (Well, an ice cream truck but still) and after a while Walter was a master at driving monster trucks. However, given Needles' nature, he later betrayed Walter and the two became sworn rivals.
  • Frequent collaborators with the Goose and the Goat, possibly the only two deities capable of understanding their zany and non-sensical nature. The four ended up becoming a group of mischievous animals that would cause havoc whenever they were bored with the Goose being the mastermind, Goat and Walter being the muscle and Doge being the Only Sane Man (Well, "sane" being the stretch of the word). Doge is particularly happy that Goat and Goose have helped him drive Karen off his back whenever she showed up.

    Moon Man 
Moon Man, God of Memetic Psychopaths (Mac Tonight)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His own head
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Memetic Psychopath Version of Mac Tonight, Has a Moon For A Head, Politically Incorrect Villain Protagonist, Gangsta Rap, Mainly Does Covers, For the Evulz, Laughably Evil
  • Domains: Moon, Racism, Sexism, KKK
  • Followers: Mr. Popo note , "Weegee", Tails Doll, Dolan
  • Allies: Calvin Candie, Red Skull
  • Enemies: BLACK PEOPLE, Jews, Muslims, basically every single minority, feminists, pedophiles, religious assholes
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Stephen, Uncle Ruckus
  • Some people say that Moon Man ascended when he was selected as The First Presidential Meme of UNITINU. It was more of a joke, but the weird boost in attention let the Moon Man spawn in the Pantheon.
  • Most gods agree that Moon Man is NOT Mac Tonight. Moon Man has actually gone such a strong Memetic Mutation that he has become more of a status symbol of his own sign that he doesn't need to be associated with Mac Tonight.
  • When he is in his temple, he seems to like playing a piano in top of a giant hamburger, rapping all night long.
  • If it wasn't clear, he hates black people with passion. He has plans to kill every black god in the Pantheon as part of ethnic cleansing, before he points his guns at other minorities.
  • He likes Calvin really much, as while Moon Man thinks all black people are better dead, Calvin at least keeps them in check. That being said, he doesn't like Stephen (and in similar note, Uncle Ruckus), at all, but due of their attitude, they are low on his hit list.
  • Besides his hatred forwards minorities and feminists, he hates pedophiles and religious killing (and Pedophile Priests). It is mainly due of double standards: How it is wrong that people judge him for his raps, but those people get a way scot-free?
    • Notably he has intense hatred forwards Garterbelt, who is a black Pedophile Priest. Moon Man is considering scorching the whole damn House of Faith. That should get rid of most of the problems.
    • Note that he doesn't really like to be called a god since then he would sound like a hypocrite. He says that you should kill black people not because he is a god, but because it is the right thing to do.
  • Is annoyed that his buddies the KKK aren't present in the Pantheon (fortunately). So he instead has started trying to get along with the Nazi-related deities.
  • When it comes to different species, he hasn't decided on what to do with that. He rather focus on his current mission for now and think about it later.
  • Even though he is a man with a moon for a head, he is hardly associated with The Bringers Of Everlasting Night. Even they think that he is bit too much or don't care about his agenda while his own agenda wouldn't help them at all. Plus, he doesn't have that much to do with the Moon.
  • His opinion on Eric Cartman is sort of mixed. While he could be a great ally to drive his agenda forwards, he does consider him being not reliable enough to get him do what he wants to.

Yamcha, God of Memetic Losers


    Cool Cat 
Cool Cat, God of Memetic Molesters
  • Opposes: Beat
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jimmy Hopkins
  • Complicated Relationship: I Hate Everything
  • Cool Cat is, well, a cat that lives in California with his parents, Mama Cat and Daddy Derek (who may or may not also be a cat). He's perhaps best known for his dislike of bullies, which was best shown with his multiple conflicts against Butch the Bully. He stopped Butch from picking on his friend Maria, stealing candy from other kids, and bringing a gun to school so he can steal everyone's lunch money (yes)note . He also starred in the Hollywood Parade with his father and even won a writing contest for his children's book, Trolley the Trout.
  • His tale of ascension was... interesting, to say the least. He was just a another character from a low-budget flick, until one day, some internet reviewers broaden his exposure. Cool Cat was very excited about being a god, but there was a catch. The GUAE noticed that Cool Cat is supposed to be a kid and plays with other children, but he's played by an adult in a cat suit. This lead to many lewd jokes about him on the internet, so they picked Memetic Molester for his trope without his approval. Cool Cat was not happy about being seen as a pedophile to most of the Pantheon, and is currently convincing the Court of the Gods for another trope.
    • Cool Cat was very surprised to notice that a couple of the guys who reviewed his film got ascended. I Hate Everything wasn't very happy to see him, considering that besides the fact that his creator, Derek Savage, threatened legal action against him just because he mocked his flick, he just finds Cool Cat an annoying animal. The feline just wants IHE to forgive him, as he had nothing to do with Derek's breakdown. In contrast, his relationship with PewDiePie is surprising friendly, mostly because even though he also made fun of Cool Cat, Savage was perfectly OK with Felix's review. Just don't tell Cool Cat that Pewds finds it an ironic friendship.
  • As mentioned before, he doesn't like bullies, so he wasn't too happy see to some in the Pantheon, all of which were tougher than Butch. The first bully he saw was Nelson Muntz, who Cool Cat called out for beating up the nerds. Nelson obviously didn't care and gave the feline a wedgie. Cool Cat then went to Biff Tannen and chewed him out for all of the crap he gave to Marty McFly (unaware of the way worse things he did), to which Biff responded by sending him to the garbage dump. The final bully he had beef with was Eric Cartman, who he didn't like for giving Kyle all of those terrible names (again, oblivious to the outright sadistic crimes he'd done). Cartman "realized" what he had done and sent Cool Cat a "thank-you gift" by setting his entire temple on fire while he was asleep!
    • One person that doesn't mind him (or at least, respects what he's doing) was the Bully Hunter Jimmy Hopkins, who Cool Cat has mixed thoughts on. On the one hand, he likes that he goes around making sure bullies don't pick on the kids, but he doesn't care about how he uses violence on them to do that. Jimmy just ignores him anytime he gives some karmic justice.
  • If there's one thing there should be known about Cool Cat, it's that kids loves him. Most of the House of Children quite enjoy playing with him, though because of his trope, the Pantheon has ordered a police officer to watch him anytime he spends some time with the little ones just in case he does something indecent in front of them, to the annoyance of Cool Cat for obvious reasons.
  • Believe it or not, Cool Cat wrote some songs with his dad and got into singing and even rapping. He performed over at the House of Music hoping to impress the artists there and increase awareness of bullying, but his show was met with mixed reception, with one of the highlights being a well-received remix of "Cool Cat Rap Master", which somehow featured Snoop Dogg.
  • Cool Cat hates it when someone sprays graffiti, because in his words, "it's not cool to... ...paint on someone's wall!" He couldn't tell you about the amount of times he had to clean up the tags sprayed from Beat. Cool Cat does hope he kick his crime considering that he did convince a couple kids to follow their heart and stop painting his neighbor's wall, but to Beat, spraying tags is his destiny.
  • The feline really Does Not Like Guns as he feels that kids might find one and use it in improper and dangerous ways. He's trying to ban all evil-aligned gun users from the Pantheon due to him finding them a bad influence on kids. He doesn't oppose any firearms wielder with a heart, though; his creator even made a gun safety video for women. For what its worth, the House of Firearms does hire him to give the kids a safety instruction once in a while.
  • Cool Cat is an anthropomorphic feline who acts very "cool" to appeal to kids and is mocked across the internet. Naturally, he has gotten multiple comparisons to Bubsy. The two cats have met each other and would like it if they'd stopped getting picked on just for trying to have fun with the youth. Everyone reacted in a very kind and mature manner.
  • He lives out near Hollywood and is friends with a couple of B-list actors, Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada. Noticing there's some bigger-named stars in the House of Theatric Performers, Cool Cat went there to see if any of them would be interested in appearing in his upcoming film, hoping their notoriety could give it some more publicity. The entire house later sent him this letter:
    "Dear Cool Cat, we saw your film and think its some real cinema. In fact, Spielberg and del Toro caught a screening and wished they were involved in directing such an artistic masterpiece. Unfortunately, if any of us were to come into the set for filming, it would conflict with the various projects we are all starring in. However, all of us here would be honored to be in your film and are making sure to get said projects done as quickly as 2453. Signed, the Pantheonic House of Theatric Performers."
  • "I'm Cool Cat, and I love all kids!"


    Barry B. Benson 
Barry B. Benson, God of Meme-Based Popularity (B Boy, Freddy Benson, The one who sings jazz)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His yellow and black shirt
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Four-Legged Insect, Watch It for the Meme, Really Weird Aesops, Bee Version Of Jerry Seinfeld, Alliterative Name, Source Of Countless Memes, Being Both Male And A Worker Bee, Nice Guy, Interspecies Romance, Believes Humans Are Exploitative Of Bees And Their Honey (Well, At First), The Hero
  • Domains: Honey, Pollination, Bees, Memes, Equal Rights, Jazz
  • Followers: The Dover Boys, the Globglogabgalab
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: The House of Food, flower-related deities
  • Rivals: Shrek (friendly with)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Nicolas Cage
  • Avoided by: Winnie the Pooh
  • Barry B Benson is one of many bees working the hive. Becoming bored with the day to day jobs, he wishes to be one of the Pollen Jocks and explore the human world. There he discovered what he saw as humanity exploiting the bees for their honey and natural products, and set to remedy this situation. The relationship between man and bee would be forever changed, and he became a crusader for equal rights for the bug world.
  • Barry would've fallen into obscurity were it not for the Bee Movie's reputation on the internet. Due to the...strangeness of the Bee Movie, it became popular in meme culture. If it's not reaction or other meme posts to the movie's silliness, it's usually edits going by "It's the Bee Movie But (insert here)", like this video. Or even the entire movie being read. Few, if any movies have become known due to memes alone like the Bee Movie.
  • Good friends with Shrek. Part of this is due to being Dreamworks protagonists, part of this is due to their popularity among internet memes. Though Shrek dislikes some of the memes about him, sometimes he has fun with it and competes for who's better at the Memetic Mutation. Or they work together, and that's when things got... really weird.
  • Asides from Shrek, he's also a friend with Donkey as he can sympathize with some of the hardships he faced for being a donkey. Plus like him, Donkey's in an Interspecies Romance. He's helped him to fight off Lord Farquaad due to his and Shrek's friendship.
  • Most people can't take the fact that he's dating Vanessa, a human, seriously. Vinny wonders if it really is hip to fuck bees, leading Barry to reply "a gentlebee never kisses and tells". He isn't sure what to think of his Bee Movie let's play.
  • Keeps getting the evil eye from Nicolas Cage due to both being a bee and being a Fountain of Memes. Gives him bad memories.
  • Sued the human race for their unlicensed use of honey and treatment of bees. This worked out pretty well, but unfortunately the bees got lazy and didn't need to do their job anymore due to all that honey. As such, he had to set things right. The human-bee relationship remains more mutually beneficial thanks to him, so that's something. This experience has led him to dislike Morris due to his Predatory Business exploiting others, as the bees used to be exploited.
  • His job leads him to spend a lot of time in the House of Plants, for the purposes of pollination. The Pollen Squad gets to visit the pantheon for some time to help with the pollination, and he's OK with selling some of the honey to the pantheon. Though a Nice Guy, he's come to dislike Poison Ivy due to her views on humans and plant-themed eco-terrorism. Or Flowey due to being a malicious flower. Though this isn't actually the case.
  • Though a worker bee, he is male with a stinger and has four limbs instead of six. Stinging people is still dangerous for him however, as his friend Adam Flayman lost his stinger and almost died from the experience. He would rather not bring up the fact that all the bees in the colony are related, though states that they're "distant cousins" and thus OK to date.
  • Found socializing in the House of Insects, due to being a bee. He got along swimmingly with Vespiquen, who started up a honey trade with his colony. Beedrill he was less thrilled due to seeing him and Vespiquen as competition, and was revolted to learn of Swarm being a Nazi bee swarm. Him and fellow Dreamworks insect Z got along as well due to their desire to strive for their own destiny and coming to terms with their position in the colony.
  • Tries to help the animal gods of the pantheon get their proper due from humanity through the legal system. To help with this, he's got Eliza Thornberry as a translator. He is trying to help Marlin overcome his fear of humans.
  • Likes jazz a lot, and will ask people if they do as well. He was upset to learn there was no jazz-related god in the House of Music, which he tried to remedy by playing jazz tunes there. Additionally his favorite singer is Bee-yonce, was skilled at rug-bee in college, is fond of Beecaso's artwork and his favorite book is the Great Gatsbee. Was happy to meet Gatsbee's human form and get an autograph for his book.
  • Seems to get along with Jerry Seinfeld, as he's essentially his bee equivalent. The rest of the Seinfeld gang get a bit weirded out when they talk to each other.


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