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Apophis, God of Sinister Snakes (Apep, Aapep, Apepi, Enemy of Ra, Serpent From The Nile, Evil Lizard, Lord of Chaos, the Encircler of the World, The Enemy, the Serpent of Rebirth, He Who Was Spat Out, Serpent of the Desert, Vegetables, Overgrown Rat Snake, Set, Seth, Pep, The Snake, Snake, Beast, Stinking Worm, Demon, Eclipse Dragon, Serpent in the Dark, Fear of the Twelve Houses, the Hated One)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A snake, his name in hieroglyphs
  • Theme Song: Apophis
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil or Chaotic Evil depending on the circumstances
  • Portfolio: Snakes Are Sinister, Big Bad of Egyptain Mythology, Dark Is Evil, The Dreaded, Eldritch Abomination, God of Evil, Complete Monster, Worse Then Set, Hypnotic Eyes, Omnicidal Maniac, Order Versus Chaos, That Which Must Not Be Named, Super-Persistent Predator, Complete Immortality, Soul-Powered Engine, Soul Eater, Anthropomorphic Personification, Chaos Is Evil, Evil Is Bigger, Kaiju, Miracle-Gro Monster, Alien Geometries
  • Domains: Isfet, Evil, solar eclipse, storms, earthquakes, Unexplained Darkness, the Northern Sky, Destruction, Chaos, Demons
  • High Priest: The Anaconda in the first movie
  • Followers: Slytherin's Basilisk, Nahash, Python, other Pythons, Heka, the Anacondas
  • Allies: The GUAD, many in the Hall of Demons, Fenrir, SCP-682, Zorc
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Artemis, Thor, Samuel L. Jackson, Indiana Jones, all Ghosts
  • Interested In: Rishid, Jafar, Jörmungandr, Lord of Nightmares
  • The day Apophis ascended to the Pantheon was met with a solar eclipse. The gods looking up to explain the sudden darkness were horrified to see the great god Ra being devoured by a snake several miles long. Luckily the other ascended Egyptian gods came to fight Apophis and managed to cut Ra free from inside his stomach. Apophis then retreated to the Hall of Reptiles to recover and plan for his next battle with Ra.
  • Apophis desires nothing more than to destroy everything, starting with the Sun, and bring darkness to the world.
  • Apophis was considered to be one of the only gods to be all-powerful in Egyptian Mythology, along with possibly The Aten.
    • This likely explains why Ra always needs help when fighting him.
  • Has attacked Amaterasu on numerous occasions, probably for being a sun god like Ra.
  • Princess Celestia is utterly horrified by Apophis' very existence, for obvious reasons. For these same reasons, she also considers him to be worse than Lord Tirek and Discord combined.
  • May actually be Ra's brother.
  • Neith might be his mother, with the myth stating that he was born from the saliva that she spat out. There's no love between them, though.
  • Naturally being pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, both Yami Yugi and Ramses employed a number of rituals and superstitions thought to ward off and weaken Apophis.
  • Reminds Artemis of Python. It also doesn't help that Apophis' enemy Ra is often confused with another sun god, her brother Apollo.
  • With the title "Encircler of the World", Thor mistook him for the "World Serpent" Jörmungandr, the monster he's fated to both kill and be killed by during Ragnarok. He's since been corrected, but he's still uneasy with Apophis around.
    • Ironically it's been pointed out that according to some people the legend of Jörmungandr may have been inspired by Apophis.
  • Samuel L. Jackson has HAD IT with these motherf***' snakes in the motherf***' Pantheon. Apophis doesn't care.
    • Jones' not too thrilled either.
  • Unlike Ra, Apophis has 2 counterparts in the Stargate Verse, Apep and Apophis.
  • Rumor has it he apparently has a thing for a woman named Nefer-Tina.
  • May have a wife/consort. It's often thought to be Taweret.
    • Much like with the Nefer-Tina rumor the Egyptian deities have declared this false for many of the same reasons. Taweret is also stated to be a very protective and nurturing deity, something Apophis isn't. Plus Taweret is usually thought to be with the god Bes.
  • It's best not to speak of his appearance in the film Gods of Egypt around the few that actually admire him; as one of his more eccentric followers claimed, "Apophis is a snake, not whatever in Duat that thing was!"
  • Due to having been slain by Sagittarius Aiolos, Apophis attacks the ascended Saints of Athena (Phoenix Ikki, Pegasus Seiya, Cygnus Hyoga and Andromeda Shun) on sight.
  • Apophis is not a minion of Set, nor are they the same being. He has, however, manipulated Set and is said to have even assisted Set (though his more loyal followers emphatically deny this, as stated above), so long as they meet his goals. Ultimately, though, both Apophis and Set plan to destroy each other.
  • The Ancient Egyptians feared that any image of Apophis would give him power, so they would always include the image of another deity to subdue or simply prevent Apophis from gaining more power.
    • Many have noticed that many of the gods depicted in the images opposing Apophis are cats, leading some to believe that felines may have some sort of advantage or power over him.
      • Ultimately this theory was proven false when one of Ra's battles with the snake ended up in the Hall of Felines, with none of the cats being able to actually harm him or even be noticed. It was later revealed by the Egyptian deities that cats were seen as warlike and in some cases seen as guardians, meaning that those cat images were being used to represent different deities such as Bastet, Anhur and Sekhmet.
  • Was very interested in the fact that Rishid had been invoking his power with the use of the card Embodiment of Apophis and believed he could bring him to his side. However, Rishid wants nothing to do with him and thus helps Yami Yugi and Ramses perform their rituals to ward him off.
  • On the topic of Yu-Gi-Oh deities, however, he did manage to get an ally in Zorc, who's the same type of God of Evil he is and with connections to Egypt to boot. He's now interested in meeting Don Thousand.
  • Believes that Jafar is a sort of worshipper of his, due to the snake imagery, wearing colors often associated with him, and being from The Middle East where Ancient Egypt was.
  • Apophis once saw an Eye of Horus symbol on Percy Jackson's palm and first attacked him while the young deity was on a date with Annabeth. The two managed to escape, but have since faced him several other times.
  • Being a god of chaos and seeking the destruction of all creation has naturally made him enemies with Guthix, who now assists the Egyptian deities and Amaterasu in their battles with him.
  • The exact size of Apophis is unknown. Some sources say he's about 16 yards long, while others say he's miles long. Annabeth has claimed to have heard from her friends Sadie and Carter Kane that he's the size of Cairo and was still growing until he was defeated.
  • According to some sources, Apophis cannot be killed, only temporarily defeated.
    • He can, however, be execrated for a time. It can be made permanent though with the use of his shadow; unfortunately the Egyptian gods refuse to elaborate on it.
  • Is trying to wake up Jörmungandr and help Fenrir in order to start Ragnarok. Fenrir knows that Apophis wants to destroy everything, but doesn't care since he's been prophesied to both kill and be killed by Odin. Nevertheless, the wolf has agreed to an alliance with the serpent.
  • Gets along very well with many members of the Hall of Demons, having command of his own demons, though they are very different from what many would expect, mostly by virtue of having weapons for heads.
  • Is a confirmed devourer of dead souls.
  • Has supposedly already been killed in the Battleground of the Gods. He's not too concerned about this, though; death has proven itself to be cheap, as he has returned into the battleground.
  • Has learned that an asteroid named after him is going to pass dangerously close to Earth and might even make impact. So far he's ecstatic and has been crossing his metaphorical fingers that it does crash land on Earth.

Greater Gods

Quetzalcoatl, Deity of Feathered Serpents (Precious Twin, God of Wind, Wisdom, Morning Star (Venus) and Corn, Q, Quetz, Lucoa, Rider, Kuku, Ruler, Masked Quetzal, Quetzie, the Crimson Dragon, Quetza, Colt)
Quetzalcoatl, as seen in Mobius Final Fantasy
His King of Tula Form 
As a Rider 
As Samba Santa 
  • Greater God, though he might be Intermediate now
  • Symbol: A statue depicting him
  • Theme Song: Sun Goddess
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Or something like thatnote )
  • Portfolio: Giant Flyer, God of Wind, The Nicest Of Aztec Gods But Not One To Be Messed With, Came To Earth as King of Tula, Dragons Are Divine, Accidentally Slept With His Sister, Leaving His People Behind To Return One Day
  • Domains: Wind, Sun, Creation, Dragons, Deities, Duality
  • Allies: Rayquaza, Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly, Lady Yuna, Jackie Chan, Jade, Rodan, Aerodactyl
  • Enemies: Apophis
  • Odd Friendship With: Fafnir
  • Quetzalcoatl is one of the original Aztec gods. A serpent with feathers instead of scales and sometimes possessing wings, he represented the line between land and sky.
  • Unlike most of the Aztec gods, he does not accept blood sacrifices. His brethren do, and there is a good reason why, but he himself doesn't. That is because humanity is said to have been born from his blood.
  • In the grand scheme of things, there are other feathered serpent deities out there, such as Kukulkan of the Mayans (who can also be found on the Battlefield of the Gods). He generally doesn't concern himself with the neighbouring gods and their people, but he can't help but facepalm (face-wing?) at how Kotal Kahn ended up more or less killing the Mayan civilization. The possibility that him leaving the Aztec people behind might have been the reason why they are no more doesn't help.
  • When Quetzalcoatl came into the Pantheon, he sought out those belonging to his people. Unfortunately, the only ones he could find were the Pillar Men. He isn't impressed with mortals trying to achieve godhood the way they have.
  • He deeply regrets the time when he slept with his sister. In fact, after he immolated himself, came back and left to one day return, it is said that he lost quite a large chunk of his godly powers to make him a lesser deity (thought not literally). He also has an avatar in the form of a busty woman living with humans, working as a willing servant to a young magician named Shouta.
  • There seems to be some rivalry between him and Hastur, though it is really only because Hastur wants to be the only true god of wind here.
  • Has appeared as a Guardian Force... As some sort of yellow bird-like creature with lightning-based abilities. Not even he is sure what was going on then. Regardless, he has offered his services to both Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly. He has also became a summon for Lady Yuna.
  • He himself claims that monkeys came to be when he was ruler of the second Sun (AKA the second world) before his brother Tezcatlipoca struck him down, which caused him to create massive hurricanes in retaliation, thus destroying everything and turning the remaining humans into monkeys. The monkey gods have a hard time believing him, though there is one version (another timeline, perhaps?) where Tezcatlipoca turned humans into monkeys because they were growing less civilized, which made Quetzalcoatl kill all of them in a rage and stop being the Wind Sun to recreate them.
  • Feels like no one really understands him. Most believe that he wants human sacrifices, even though he accepts much less than other gods, and is seen as some evil deity, or a deity who is willing to sacrifice humans just to regain his powers, especially as the Wind Sun. Of course, he still dislikes YHVH; even if He hadn't helped Tezcatlipoca to dethrone him when he was the Wind Sun, Quetz is not fond of how controlling YHVH is.
  • Even though he himself never personally met them, he does know Jackie Chan, because a statue of himself was brought to life for a while due to the Rat Talisman. Fortunately, Quetzalcoatl didn't mistake him or any of his friends for anyone else this time.
  • Many have theorized that the legend of Quetzalcoatl came from the fossils of pterosaurs. Incidentally, he actually owns a Quetzalcoatlus, which another female avatar of his — often called Rider Quetz for short — rides on. When he learned that both Rodan and Aerodactyl were pterosaurs themselves, he befriended the ancient beasts.
  • Quetzalcoatl has a name that's hard to pronounce and even harder to spell. Because of that, many of resorted to just call him Q, Quetz, or Lucoa. Not Quetzal; there's already an elderly dragon by that name.
  • Has gain a very intense interest in the wrestling styles of Lucha Libre, to the point where he changed his entire fighting style to be more like it. When he learned there were actual Luchadores in the Pantheon, a VERY eager smile spread across his face at the idea of fighting them.
  • He has grown an interest towards the Battleground of the Gods, but unfortunately, he couldn't bring his whole Aztec Pantheon, because his Mayan brethren have preceded him. But as a prize for his influence, he's allowed to at times take the place of his counterpart Kukulkan over there at times.

Sobek, God of Crocodiles (Sebek, Sochet, Sobk, Sobki, Suchos, God of the Nile)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A set of Crocodile jaws.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ruler of the Crocodiles, Not-So-Bad Vicious Gods, Super Thick Skin, River Control, Cares For His Animal Deities, Wielding Axes If He Needs To Walk With Two Feet, Stone Wall
  • Domains: Beasts, Reptiles, Water, Death
  • High Priest: Gustave
  • Followers: Leatherhead, Renekton
  • Allies: Anubis, Steve Irwin, Inori Yamabuki; also, he has tolerated Zeus, Hercules, Thor, Osiris, Guan Yu, Aphrodite, but he wouldn't call them true allies.
  • Enemies: Anyone who disrespects the Nile River, as well as poachers, Saxton Hale, and Big Boss
  • Feared by: Moses
  • His avatar Gustave made it to the Pantheon and kept his throne "warm" (because he's cold-blooded, you see), until at one point, Gustave was seen scaring off Inori Yamabuki. In an instant, Sobek arrived, calmed Gustave down, and apologized to Buki, promising that it won't happen again. Actually, for all his dark vibes, Gustave obeyed Sobek and returned to the river. The Crocodile God then gave Buki his thanks for protecting his other crocs rather than making boots and bags out of them.
    • Ever since, Sobek has included Gustave among the crocs that magically appear whenever he creates a body of mobile water on the ground to swim around and distract/destroy his foes and anyone else who pisses him off.
  • There are a lot of rumors going around about Sobek's true nature. This ambiguity understandably bothers most deities; at least Gustave was clearly straight-up evil. Did Sobek truly make the Nile river out of his sweat? Is he something like Hades to the underworld, making the Nile river something like the river Styx? Or is he exactly like how Gustave acted, a vicious croc that ravages anyone in sight? The answer is he's all of them and none. At his core, Sobek owes his allegiance to no one, interested only in maintaining his domain. Woe betide anyone who tries to get in the way of that.
  • He was once invited to a musical by King Gator. Sobek just watched and then walked away, commenting that the music fits his job at least: pointless.
    • During that same visit to the House of Theatre and Spectacle, he ran into one of his former followers, King K. Rool. Sobek isn't entirely sure what to make of the king or his apparent hatred of the Kongs, though he wonders whether that would change if he knew why the two groups started fighting in the first place.
  • Unlike his previous avatar, Sobek has high respect for Steve Irwin. The dude may wrestle with his crocs a lot, but it's always in good fun. Hell, after his 'ascension' (that is, accepting a seat in THIS pantheon), Sobek wrestles with Steve occasionally. He even later paid tribute by donning his clothes and attempting an Australian accent to honor him.
  • Sobek is no part of the Deep Blue Trio, not even the rivers; Gustave still holds that spot, with Sobek's permission.
  • His participation in the Battlefield of the Gods has certainly done wonders letting the world know just how goddamn tough his skin is. He always takes most of his followers for a swim whenever he's about to strike one poor schmuck and make a lot of distractions. The only one not included in the pool would be Renekton, because Sobek specifically sent him to Runeterra to spread his teachings.
    • Thanks to information from Renekton, Sobek occasionally visits some deities from Runeterra, like Miss Fortune (although she fired some shots at him because he dressed up as a pirate on a whim, and she doesn't like pirates). After clearing up the misunderstanding, Sobek was later seen on the seas, and when Miss Fortune and Jack Sparrow defeated Gangplank and kicked him into the sea, Sobek chased him like his follower the Neverland Crocodile. Unlike Captain Hook, however, Gangplank didn't get very far before he received grievous injuries in Sobek's jaws.
    • Some time after that, Sobek received a challenge to enter Gangplank's ship, the Dead Pool, for a mortal battle, and found out that Gangplank not only has already battled Kunkka, he basically dared Sobek to fight him one-on-one. Surprisingly, the man put up quite a fight, maybe due to his pent-up anger. However, the two suddenly booted out of battle and shortly after, Gangplank's ship was sunk by Miss Fortune's cannon. If anything, Sobek is going to remember the days he chased the pirate on seas.


Intermediate Gods

    Lilith (Shin Megami Tensei
Lilith, Goddess of Feather Boa Constrictor (Yuriko, The First Wife, The Black Samurai, Harlot of Desire)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A snake wrapped around an apple
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with strong leanings toward Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Demonized First Woman, Sexy, Sinister Reptiles, Mother of the Lilim, Yandere Towards Adam, Casting Temptation on men, women, and even demons, Biblical Villains, Manipulative Bitch, The Vamp
  • Interested in: Quetzalcoatl, harem leads like Issei Hyodo and Shido Itsuka, Luka
  • Allies: Lucifer and the forces of Chaos (particularly Homura Akemi), Yubel, Flynn, Medea, Medusa, Boa Hancock, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Mad Moxxi, Calistra, Kyu Sugardust, Panty Anarchy, Sekai Saionji, Alice(Monster Girl Quest)
  • On good terms with: Samael aka Lucifer Morningstar, Satan (South Park)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Slaanesh
  • Rivals: Calistra, Shelyn, Desire of the Endless
  • Enemies: YHVH and the forces of Order, Yaldabaoth, Gabriel, Satan, Apophis, The Ghostbusters, Merged Zamasu, Lucifer (Supernatural), rapists like Roose Bolton and Grffith, Judge Claude Frollo, Malthael
  • Opposes: Voldemort, Jafar, Cersei Lannister, the Hall of Angels
  • Opposed by: Laharl, Wonder Woman
  • Pities: Those who try but never can get their true love
  • The first woman created to be the partner of Adam by YHVH, she was originally a naïve and idealistic soul who believed peaceful coexistence was possible between man and demon. YHVH, furious at the idea that humans and demons could coexist, demonized her and kicked her out of paradise. Although she would embrace her newfound nature as a demon, a part of her always yearns for Adam and those days of old. She was eventually manipulated by Lucifer using those same feelings, convincing her to join the forces of Chaos to be with Adam's reincarnation and to remove her replacement Eve. Eventually, Lucifer's honey-coated words made her realize she should ascend into the pantheon, in order to become powerful enough to be with Adam again.
  • Her most common design bears a lot of similarities to Gozer. The Ghostbusters mistook her for the destroyer having returned and hassled her for it. She's still pissed off by that. Often takes the form of a Fallen Angel and acts more like a Babylonian goddess, though it's worth noting that's closer to where the name "Lilith" originally came from.
  • Extracanonical Judeo-Christian sources state she was kicked out for trying to be on top of Adam during intercourse instead of submitting. This has been perceived as an anti-feminist tale, though later on, some have seen her as a feminist symbol for this. She's taken great interest in Wonder Woman as she's a feminist superheroine whose people, the Amazons, were originally meant to represent the dangers of women in power before DC Comics flipped it around. While Diana notices a parallel, she's not a fan of her more amoral behavior. However, they do share a contempt towards Cersei Lannister because she's a Female Misogynist.
  • The snake wrapped around her is the Archangel Samael, taking the form of a simple serpent around one of the many women he has slept with. Lilith does not seem to mind his appearance, having been demonized to have reptilian traits herself like three fingers. The only time she is ever seen without Samael upon her is the form she takes that gives off a Fallen Angel vibe, even taking a human-like appearance that resembles Gabriels human form Gabby. She is also at her worst in this form, where she seeks to spread knowledge and wisdom without care and amused by the death caused by the formerly ignorant mindless people becoming demons due to the knowledge they gain. This form may be influenced by the Babylonian Goddess who shares the same name with her and the Demonic Gene experiments that happened in the past. Lilith was a failed test subject in those experiments.
    • In this form she goes out of her way to spite Gabriel, viewing her as YHVHs lapdog and a slave to order. Gabriel, in turn, comes to view her as an enemy due to mocking both her appearance and actions.
  • Her snake helps make her come off as even more attractive, and Sigmund Freud had a field day with it. Voldemort and Jafar were both interested in her due to their borderline fetish with snake imagery, however, she quickly rebuked them-Voldemort because he's completely incapable of feeling love, and Jafar because he's a creeper who probably just wants to marry her for power. And she considers Apophis' desire to destroy everything horrifying. On the other hand, she's on really good terms with Boa Hancock, and it's easy to see why they both wear a Feather Boa Constrictor that further extenuate their Proud Beauty and are in love with a man who won't reciprocate their feelings. She gets along with the lamia Alice as well. Lilith seems to be interested in Quetzalcoatl because of his busty succubus form, Lucoa.
  • Considered to be a succubus, if not the main succubus of her faith. As such, she gravitates towards Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, the latter even sharing her name. She also seems interested in Slaanesh, though She Who Thirsts has obsessions that disturb even Lilith. She sees Calistra, Shelyn and Desire of the Endless to be rivals, though is friendly with Calistra. On good terms with a number of the lovable sex maniacs like Panty Anarchy.
  • Men must be wary of her special ability to make all men blindly fall for her. While Mystic/Curse protection may help, this barely helps when she's just as skilled without even using her natural magic. Demons of both genders and women amongst the pantheon are more lucky, as there's only 1/3 of a chance it will work on them. Nevertheless, those that fall under her thrall follow her blindly to their deaths. She has an interest in Luka for his ability to attract various attractive monsters and is thinking of studying him to buff her own love potions. She's also interested in the power harem leads like Issei Hyodo and Shido Itsuka have.
  • Has nothing but contempt for the many rapists in the pantheon, which isn't too surprising given her background and mythology. She takes particular umbrage with Roose Bolton and Griffith. Roose considers his raping of lowborn women to be his right as a lord and wanted to kill Ramsay and his mother when she came back to him. That kind of patriarchal psychopathy utterly revolts her. Griffith she hates additionally for using his charm to ruin people's lives and being a demon who completely sold out his humanity.
    • Very sympathetic towards Medusa for how she was cursed for being raped by Poseidon and generally being seen as a villainess by their respective faiths.
  • Welcome in the Hall of Demons, for her desire to seek co-existence between humans and demons, and for siring many half-demons with other demons. This and her sexuality utterly disgusts Judge Claude Frollo, and she's rightfully disgusted by him. She also wishes to spread knowledge and wisdom to humans. This got Zamasu riled up, as she was both a mortal and demon(which he sees as even lower) spreading knowledge he believes mortals abuse. Were she a time-traveller, it would've hit every single one of his berserk buttons.
  • Sympathizes greatly with and developed an odd kinship with Yubel, both of them yearning for the one they love. She is happy that Yubel and Judai are united and hopes to one day be with Adam too. Yubel, in turn, has agreed to help her one day show Adam her bottomless love. Also became friends with Medea after the two let out some frustration about their past when they thought no one was watching. The two realized they had both been screwed by the Gods and then had the relationship with their first love completely ruined. Though Lilith does envy the fact that Medea found love again with Souichirou while she can never move on from her precious Adam.
  • Has taken the role of the GUAC's librarian. With the help of her myriad Lilim daughters, she cares for the various banned books that the organization has rescued throughout time and space to store in The Lab. Though she is all too willing to give them out, so that knowledge and wisdom can be spread to all, woe betide anyone who she believes is attempting to harm them. More than a few gods and goddesses were lured by the prospect of a library full of forbidden, arcane knowledge, only to find Captain Underpants or Fifty Shades of Gray among the enshrined volumes. When Lucifer says the library holds any book that has been historically silenced, he MEANS any book.
  • Wants to remind the deities of Neon Genesis Evangelion she isn't related to the giant Lilith angel Rei Ayanami was partly cloned from. And for God's sake, don't compare her to the Lilith in Supernatural. The Lucifer of that universe utterly disgusts her due to his complete contempt towards humanity essentially because "daddy doesn't love me most of all!" or how he tortures people in Hell into becoming demons.
  • While she hates the Supernatural version of Lucifer, DC Comic's Lucifer Morningstar is someone she can respect given his similarities to the Lucifer she follows. She called him by his real name of Samael to avoid confusion, he's told him he's not a fan and thinks she should refer to him as "Morningstar" to avoid confusion instead. She was interested to learn of a demonic Satan, and while thinks he's rather wimpy he is a courteous host and knows how to have A Hell of a Time. He's considering making her a VIP, and it's thought he may want some love advice from her.

    Master Oogway 
Master Oogway, God of Wise Old Turtles
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His staff
  • Theme Music: Oogway Ascends; Oogway's Legacy
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, Precursor Hero, Old Master, Small Role, Big Impact, Martial Pacifist, Simple Staff, Trickster Mentor, Cool Old Guy, Wise and Powerful Tortoise
  • Domains: Tortoises, Pacifism, Wisdom
  • Allies: Po, The Furious Five, TMNT, Chen & Li Li Stormstout, Panda King, Yoda, Ryu, Hawkeye.
  • Enemies: Tai Lung, The Shredder, Bowser, Kage
  • Hates: Akuma
  • A kung-fu master who has lived for over a century, Master Oogway is a turtle who is incredibly skilled at kung-fu, being the one who invented it as a form of self-defense in Po's world in addition to having plenty of wisdom. He was Shifu's mentor and the one who chose Po to become the Dragon Warrior, eventually paving the way for the panda to become skilled at kung-fu. Oogway also easily defeated Tai Lung before the latter became imprisoned and once Tai Lung broke out, Oogway knew that it was time for Po to become the Dragon Warrior and after ensuring that Shifu would help Po become the Dragon Warrior, Oogway disappeared into the heavens, his time having apparently come to an end and to avoid easily defeating Tai Lung again.
  • Rumors have been going around the Pantheon involving sightings of an old tortoise who is also a kung-fu master. Po knew what those rumors were talking about and after searching for a while, suspected where that tortoise was and decided to use the Wuxi Finger Hold on himself to get to the truth. Po ended up in the Spirit Realm and a short time later, he encountered Master Oogway again. Oogway had a feeling that such a meeting between would occur again and Po decided to tell Oogway about the Pantheon and what has happened in the time he was there. Oogway is aware that not only has Po continued to improve himself since their last meeting, but that there are many challenges to be confronted in the Pantheon, including ones much greater than what Po has done in the past. When Po asked if Oogway would get himself involved in the Pantheon's greater challenges, the tortoise only gave out a light smile, suggesting that there's a lot out there and that there are no accidents when it comes to Pantheonic events.
  • During his conversation with Po, Oogway learned about other pandas skilled in combat, with Po citing Chen Stormstout in particular as an equal in terms of capability. The turtle was very curious about what Po was talking about and decided to visit these other pandas. He encountered Chen, his daughter Li Li, and their friend the Panda King during a stroll of the Pantheon and said that Po told him about them and their camaraderie. After a brief test of their skills, the other pandas were able to see why Po had good things to say about Oogway and the turtle has made visits to the group every now and then. Oogway is noted to be fond of the drinks that Chen has prepared and sees plenty of potential in Li Li.
  • With his skills in close combat, along with a weapon to use, a number of deities find Oogway to be similar to the Ninja Turtles in terms of expertise in combat, but with wisdom and skill similar, and possibly greater than that of their mentor Splinter. The Ninja Turtles are impressed with what Oogway is capable of, though they haven't seen him frequently since he is usually somewhere else most of the time.
    • This eventually got the attention of the turtles' arch-nemesis, The Shredder, who initially thought that Oogway was some long-lost ally to the Turtles that needed to be eliminated. While Oogway definitely had nothing to do with the Turtles as they are now, it didn't change the fact that he was providing some assistance to them and that Oogway's skills are equal to, if not greater than, the Turtles' capabilities put together. The Shredder was also angered with the supposed comparisons between Oogway and Splinter. Given how capable Oogway is for his age, The Shredder has taken his time to hone his skills not only for another battle against the Ninja Turtles, but for a potential fight against Oogway.
  • Many have compared him to Yoda, being an old, green, eccentric, and effective mentor to someone learning a skill needed to combat a dangerous threat and disappeared when his time came to an end so that the trainee could continue to grow as a character. Both are aware of the similarities and have become friendly with each other because of it. Oogway is also highly fascinated with what The Force is based on conversations he's had with Yoda.
  • Besides the TMNT, there were a handful of other turtles that Oogway became aware of. The moment that Oogway saw Bowser, he knew that the King of Koopas was a potent threat. Even after learning about how some members of his Koopa army weren't completely bad and that Bowser himself has had some moments of heroism, it didn't change the fact that Bowser has done a lot of harm more often than not. Bowser, not wanting anyone to interfere with his plans, fought Oogway and the battle was more brutal than expected for both sides, especially after Bowser transformed into Giga Bowser. After the fight subsided, Oogway noted that Bowser's brutish fighting style was fitting for someone with plans to conquer his enemies and warned the Koopa King that he won't go easy on him the next time they meet and battle again.
  • His skills and him being responsible for the kung-fu in his world has led to other martial artists and generally battle-hungry deities to seek him out and see if he’s really as good as what’s been said about him. Ryu was a martial artist who learned about Oogway’s legacy and happened to come across him during his travels. Oogway sensed Ryu’s fighting spirit and noticed that the time Ryu spent traveling and fighting evil has played a significant role in making him famed amongst other fighters. Ryu also told Oogway about having to deal with a personal demon that manifested into a separate entity known as Kage, one that was bloodthirsty and determined to make others fear him. While Oogway holds Ryu in high regard, he has nothing but scorn for Kage, and that contempt is something that Kage returns after a fight against Oogway that ended with Oogway defeating the demon and giving him some harsh words.
    • On the subject of World Warriors, Ryu also told Oogway about Akuma, a dangerous rival who is looking for strong opponents to battle. From what Ryu has said about Akuma, Oogway sees Akuma as someone that could threaten the stability of martial arts if the latter keeps up what he’s doing. Eventually, Akuma crossed paths with Oogway and the turtle saw a strong source of dark energy coming from Akuma. After a fight between the two that saw Akuma acknowledging Oogway’s skills, Oogway pointed out that even if Akuma does have a code of honor and really isn’t evil, his actions of trying to gain more power put him at a great risk of becoming no different from the evil beings that he’s said to despise.
  • For how much of a paragon Oogway is, he wasn't always like that in the past. Back then he worked alongside Kai, a yak who sought power, and at one point, Oogway was in grave danger before being saved by a group of pandas who taught him how to use chi. This led to Oogway reforming himself, but it also caused him and Kai to have a falling out, eventually resulting in Kai getting sent to the Spirit least for a while before Kai defeated Oogway (who wasn't putting up much of a fight against him for some reason) and escaped. Oogway has found himself on good terms with those who have redeemed themselves and those who are in the process of atoning for their past actions given his experience in the past.
  • During his travels, Oogway met Clint Barton, the hero formerly known as Hawkeye, who was now going under the name Ronin following the loss of his family. Sensing that this troubled man was in danger of losing himself to vengeance completely, Oogway gave Clint some wise words that helped him regain his inner peace. The two have since become very friendly, with Clint owing Oogway a debt of gratitude.
  • Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

    The Ninja Turtles 
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo, Gods of Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Heroes In a Half-Shell, Shell-Shocked Pizza Kings, Mad Dogs, Leo, Raph, Donnie, Mikey, Turtle Rangers, Nightwatcher (Raphael), Ralph (Raphael, by Marina—both Raph and Pearl wish she'd stop calling him that), Turtle Titan (Mikey))
From top to bottom (Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo)

    Orochi (Senran Kagura
Orochi, Deity of Sinister Reptiles
  • Intermediate Deity (Greater Deity as True Orochi)
  • Symbol: A giant serpent head with faces on its throat or the wheels held by True Orochi's hair
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Based on The Mythological Demon Serpent, Eldritch Abomination/Eldritch Location/Humanoid Abomination, Born from the Hate, Jealousy and Despair of Others, Craploads of Katanas, Womb Levels, Demonic Corruption, Bishōnen Line, Beam Spam, Multi-Armed and Dangerous.
  • Domains: Locations, Evil, Corruption, Snakes.
  • Allies: Mikami, King Ghidorah, Jedah Dohma, Chibiki, Leopold Goenitz.
  • Enemies: Almost every Pantheon member from the Senran Kagura universe (especially Asuka and Homura), Kyurem, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yamagi, Chizuru Kagura, Ash Crimson, Amaterasu
  • Orochi, named such due of its resemblance to the legendary Yamata no Orochi, is a yoma who has supposedly existed for centuries, resting within the castle where the Hebijo Academy of Serpent Girls was located. It was resurrected by Dougen, using the blood of the countless Hebijo students who have died, and fueled by their hatred and jealousy.
  • While Orochi is horrifying (yet surprisingly small) from the outside, wait until you see its insides... It is like a ruined temple embedded in flesh, with its "inhabitants" being shinobi made out of its blood. Those inside it will be corrupted, turning them into black and red versions of themselves and adopting their most spiteful and hate-filled mindset possible.
    • Further research support that even if Orochi cannot corrupt someone, it can simply create "Scarlet" versions of the gods to fight the real one instead.
  • To put it simply, almost everyone from its universe opposes it. Even though it is kept sterilized so it cannot go rampant, Asuka and Homura want it dead. And the others are there to support them.
  • No one is sure how it came into the Pantheon, and whoever was responsible, they don't want to admit it for fear of getting skewered by Homura, among other things.
    • Some gods suggest that Orochi was brought here by Junko Enoshima as payback against Haruka. Helping this theory is Junko's statement that she believes that having it around would be beneficial (to her, of course) if the situation requires it.
  • Orochi used to be called the "(Un)holy Bearer of Womb Levels" in Dominions, but the wandering state and the fact that other yoma started appearing around Orochi made it really hard to contain. So it was moved here. It was an oddball regarding Dominions, anyway.
    • Even so, Jedah seems to think that Orochi might be a perfect vassal to bear that "new god" of his to create the perfect world.
  • Being that Orochi is the first snake deity in the House of Beasts, Samuel L. Jackson had a reaction which you can guess already.
  • Chibiki somehow managed to take Orochi. No one is sure how she managed to do that. However, she can simply summon Orochi and has only minimal control over it.
  • Believe or not, Orochi here is due of a result of an incomplete summoning note , explaining why it looks like it might fall down at any given moment. There exists one version what looks more properly snake-like, meaning that either that is Orochi's true form and the form it takes here is just it trying to gain a physical form or that isn't even Orochi's true form.
    • As it turned out, that version wasn't Orochi's true form. Dougen eventually was able to summon True Orochi, taking a form of a multi-armed and legged giant woman with tremendous power, with power to practically rain lasers from the skies. While Asuka and Homura were able to stop the beast, and it was finished off by Kagura, the threat it possesses has made many deities cautious of True Orochi.
    • This is probably why Kyurem doesn't look highly on Orochi; while Kyurem knows what it feels like being "incomplete", Orochi is nothing more than destructive force practically struggling to validate its summoning.
  • Most gods want to call Orochi "it". While Orochi has breasts and a feminine figure, that just makes it worse.
    • Some might argue that Orochi is more of a reptile than a serpent due of having limbs, but most people think Orochi is more like a serpent with a human torso and limbs than anything else.
  • In a plan called "Orochi Rising", it almost manifested in the Cyberspace as a digital entity composed of multiple bots which were to spread chaos and conflict across the Internet and social media in order to create the ultimate program capable of plunging the entire world into chaos through manipulation of human's feelings. However, the "digital youma Generals" were stopped before the digital Orochi would manifest fully (mainly as 5th Seat was too busy messing with Katsuragi's Twitter account) and it was deleted.
  • I...dEsTrOy All mAtTEr. I... rEjECt aLL LIfE. THAt iS... mY eXIStENCe.

Orochimaru, The Divine Serpent of Immortality (The Giant Snake, The Great White Snake, The Snake Sannin)
Click here to see him as an Akatsuki Member 
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God when at his Prime
  • Symbol: A White Snake
  • Theme Song: His Battle Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly Chaotic Good, then Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Invading and Stealing Individual Bodies as Hosts, Amoral Scientist, Immortality Seeker and will Stop at Nothing to Achieve It, One of Konoha's Greatest Threats, The Dreaded, Was a Renowned Hero for Konoha, Former Comrades with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Former Member of Akatsuki, Evil Genius (Though he is Prone to Flopping at Times), Becomes less Prominent Overtime, Broken Ace, The Chessmaster, Snake Association, Gets Humiliated in Satisfying Ways, His Goals for Immortality were Motivated by the Death of his Parents, Decides to Side with the Allied Forces for Preservation, Actually Manages to Survive the Series (mostly) Unpunished, Actually a Good Father to Mitsuki and Log, Truly Single Parent, Wants Mitsuki to be Better than Him, Often Made Out to be a Pedophile
  • Domains: Snakes, Science, Immortality, Villainy, Invasions, Takeovers
  • Herald: Kabuto Yakushi and Log.
  • Allies: The Sound Five, Ren Gyokuen, Lilith (SMT), Orochi, Dr. Neo Cortex, Nina Cortex, Dr. Octopus, Malekith, Lord Recluse, Bowser, Ra's al Ghul
  • Rivals: Voldemort, Vandal Savage, Ryoma Sengoku, Mesogog, Professor Hojo
  • Enemies: Apophis (yes, really), Mikoto Mikasa, Aerith Gainsborough, Jason Todd, Usalia, Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Nagash, Medusa Gorgon (Former Ally/Rival)
  • Former Allegiance: Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Uneasy Relationship: All Heroic Naruto Deities, Nagato, Obito Uchiha
  • Special Relationship: Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Pitied By: The House of Family (They do Condemn his actions however)
  • Interested In: The Grineer
  • A former member of the Legendary Sannin and hero of Konohagakure, Orochimaru is one of the most feared and deadliest threats the Ninja World has dealt with. Utterly fixated on his goal to attain immortality by any means, Orochimaru delved into science and was not above malicious and morally unethical experimentation towards living beings. He soon developed the ability to hop from one body to another, eventually gaining a host, though said host would die upon being inhabited. Responsible for numerous unforgivable acts, especially the death of the Third Hokage and his former sensei, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and doing his best to maintain competition against the Akatsuki, whom he was also a former member of, Orochimaru has certainly built up quite the infamous reputation.
    • Beyond the malicious and diabolical scientist he is, Orochimaru had a rather pitiable past. He never really got to know his parents and his ultimate goal of immortality stemmed from the fact that he wanted to live long enough to encounter reincarnations of his parents. He also genuinely wanted to help Konoha and did get along with his teammates Jiraiya and Tsunade. Unfortunately, his experience in the Second Great Shinobi War left him incredibly jaded and disillusioned, until Orochimaru derailed on genuinely good intentions and steadily turned into the threat he is now.
    • Despite his renowned threat, Orochimaru was ultimately double-crossed by his newest apprentice, Sasuke Uchiha, whom he intented to have as his bodily vessel. And even after using his Cursed Seal of Heaven to return, he wound up sealed by Itachi, courtesy of his Susanoo. His legacy would he carried on to his top lieutenant, Kabuto Yakushi. He would return, although he decided to aid the Allied Shinobi Forces in winning the Fourth Great Shinobi War, wanting to preserve and continue on with his work.
    • Surprisingly enough, Orochimaru managed to get off mostly unpunished. That said, he has mellowed out considerably and he's a lot less malicious than he used to be. He's used his genetic material to create two sons, Log and Mitsuki and has proven himself to be a good parental figure to both of them, even wanting Mitsuki to create his own path in life. Despite past animosity, Orochimaru will work with Konoha and other alliances, even if it's difficult at best.
  • Was once a member of the Grand United Alliance of Evil and even held a position in the GUAE Mastermind thanks to his devious intelligence, vicious nature and general reliance. However, after several events in which he had been defeated, killed and sealed quite a number of times and getting to observe the Shinobi World's progression and change, Orochimaru has left the GUAE, much to the leadership's shock and dismay. That said, he hasn't joined any of the other major GUA's nor has he made a presence in an established group. It is said that Orochimaru is currently in hiding, though what allegiance he has made is left unclear...
    • Melkor was the being who had Orochimaru ascended in the first place, intending to capitalize on his scientific skills to bolster the GUAE, which the former Sannin accepted without any problem. But now that Orochimaru has left the GUAE rather abruptly and with little signs of where he has disappeared to, Melkor has not been happy about the situation. As compensation, Melkor now has Kaguya as his representing world's replacement, but unfortunately, Orochimaru is opposed to the Mother of Chakra, and he's finding it amusing that he's now against the GUAE.
    • That said, Orochimaru does have ties to some villains. He has won the respect of Bowser after hearing about his relationship with Mitsuki, though he does admittedly find Orochimaru's experiments to be pretty iffy on his end. In contrast, Malekith is impressed by what Orochimaru is capable of in battle and lauds his scientific mind, thinking an alliance with him would be of great asset. Orochimaru also finds some common ground with Dr. Cortex, considering both of them are Mad Scientists and have plotted to Take Over the World on numerous occasions, though Orochimaru has since fizzled out of the latter. He also found some common grounds with Lord Recluse and Ra's al Ghul, with both of them being intellectual immortals.
  • Some Pantheonic residents have noted to have seen Orochimaru around at times. His elusiveness has made him quite a popular "cryptic creature" by some of the more wackier sightseers. He personally finds it amusing.
  • Tellingly enough, Orochimaru does visit the Reptiles Sub-House due to his affinity for serpents. He gets along with most of the villainous snakes, but surprisingly enough, he's found himself opposing Apophis. Despite the former telling him to join his side, Orochimaru flatly declined and rebelled and labelled Apophis an enemy instead. That said, many believe that Orochimaru doesn't want his experiments to be wasted by an Omnicidal Maniac, hence his opposition.
    • Amusingly enough, he is terrified of insects. Orochimaru does his best to not get close to the borders of the Insects Sub-House. When asked by Rexxar, he simply stated that "bugs creep me out". Unfortunately for Orochimaru, some of the residents who hate him are planning to terrify and/or prank him in ways that involve insects.
  • Initially sworn enemies against Konoha, they're now in a very odd relationship with one another. Many still hate, or at least, oppose Orochimaru, given how he went ahead to torment the village and being responsible for the death of the Third Hokage and his own teacher. In contrast, Mitsuki is not only accepted into the village, but has grown adjusted and comfortable as well and treasuring his friends and partners, Boruto and Sarada.
    • Naruto was generous enough to allow Orochimaru back into Konoha for one occasion; to see his cloned son graduate. As shocking as it sounds, its also a surprisingly tender moment, given how Orochimaru has wanted Mitsuki to be better than him and is making good progress.
  • Back in his GUAE days, Orochimaru would often hang out with Voldemort, given how similar the two were. However, since Orochimaru's departure, their friendship has since devolved into a harsh rivalry, with Voldemort feeling betrayed that Orochimaru would ditch him so suddenly. Orochimaru on the other hand couldn't care less, but would take the time to mock and troll Voldemort for his ineffectiveness plus his flawed immortality.
  • Knowing that his defection from the GUAE has left him mostly bereft of allies, Orochimaru decided to play a hand in getting the Sound Five back to his side. The truly resurrected group were pleased to be working for Orochimaru again, but the circumstances of Orochimaru's alignment has left them baffled and confused. They initially didn't want to be in a truce against Konoha, given that they died fighting against Konoha ninja, but Orochimaru's feared reputation, plus the fact that his son Mitsuki is a resident made the Sound Five complacent and begrudgingly went with it.
    • Overtime however, Kimimaro has become more open and affable towards Konoha, given that Sasuke was able to take care of Jugo rather well, in addition to Boruto helping Jugo out at one point.
  • Of course, just because he's strayed from much of his former malicious traits doesn't mean others wouldn't still brand him as a threat. The most prominent of these is Mikoto Mikasa who's experience with clones resulted in her clashing against Orochimaru every now and then, especially considering the unethical treatment he went through with creating a being who was able to harness Wood Style. A similar sentiment also goes for Aerith Gainsborough who herself was experimented as a child and stays away from Orochimaru as much as possible. Usalia hates him for possessing necromantic powers and Jason Todd cannot stand the idea of Orochimaru going around doing experiments after all his past villainous actions and will waste no second in trying to kill him.
  • Has been intrigued by the Grineer, given that they are a Clone Army that is mass-produced without stop and seek immortality for their Twin Queens. That said, Orochimaru is wary about the hostility of the Grineer and is taking his time on how to approach them. He'd certainly like to learn from them, though he feels like his chances of forming an alliance with them are rather slim.
  • His reunion with Jiraiya was... not exactly how they'd have envisioned it. Orochimaru expected Jiraiya to start a fight against each other, and he proved himself right. After a brief scuffle, Orochimaru explained that he was no longer pursuing revenge towards Konoha plus he had already achieved the immortality that he had sought for. He also stated that he had to change, lest he had to die off, but asserted that he wasn't trying to be offensive towards his former comrade. Jiraiya understood what he was saying and told him that while he may have genuinely changed, he's still not going to be forgiving towards his past actions, to which Orochimaru agreed on. Currently, the two are on rocky terms, but Jiraiya is trying to make some effort in becoming friends with Orochimaru again, now that he's learned that he does want Mitsuki to be better than he was back in the day.
    • Similarly, he and Tsunade, while still on uneasy terms, will often work together to combat a common enemy. Although he hates to admit it, Orochimaru is happy to see that he can work with his former comrades as the Legendary Sannin at times. Jiraiya and Tsunade know this and would often tease Orochimaru about it. Jiraiya and Tsunade do want to see their former sensei, Hiruzen ascended at some point, but Orochimaru has stayed silent. Some have speculated that he's pretty hesitant in talking about it.
  • While Orochimaru is known for being a vicious, bloodthirsty and remorseless scientist (before his Character Development), lots of residents mainly know him for his rather... creepy interest in teenage boys, especially Sasuke. Its a common joke to label Orochimaru as a pedophile because of this, a fact which the former Sannin views with utter bewilderment.
People change. It's just a matter of whether they die before it happens.

Lesser Gods

    The Komodo Bros 
The Komodo Brothers, Gods of Malicious Monitor Lizards
Left: Joe. Right: Moe.

    Sting Chameleon 
Sting Chameleon, God of Chameleons (Sting Chameleao, Spirit Sharp-Shooter of the Haunted Forest, Frightening Forest's Strike)


Ramon, Deified Sewer Gator
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Never Smile at a Crocodile, Suspiciously Stealthy Predator, Immune to Bullets, Very Sturdy for a Gator, Inhabiting a Spacious Sewer
  • Domains: Alligators, Size
  • Rivals: Deviljho, Bruce the Shark
  • Enemies: Joe Baker, Leon Kennedy & Claire Redfield, Steve Irwin, Feraligatr, TMNT
  • Feared by: Captain Hook
  • Source of Interest for: King K. Rool
  • Ramon was originally a baby alligator purchased by a girl at a tourist spot and ended up flushed down the toilet by her father. The gator survived life in the sewers by eating up dead animals, which were injected with a growth hormone as part of a failed project to increase meat production. This caused Ramon to not only grow in size, but develop an insatiable appetite that includes devouring unsuspecting humans that stumble upon it in the sewers. Ramon eventually broke out from the underground and started eating people on the surface before being killed via explosives back in the sewers.
  • Various police officers were investigating claims of a giant gator roaming in the sewers, with some of the officers sent out getting attacked by it. Things eventually got chaotic when the gator escaped from the sewers and started devouring some of the more helpless Pantheon denizens before heading elsewhere, prompting a pursuit by those who were capable of it. Many of the incredibly powerful deities that could make very short work of the gator were in a different location far from where the rampage was happening. One of the places that the gator attacked was a party being held by Pinkie Pie, resulting in some deities getting mauled and a ruined party. The gator, identified as Ramon, ended up being sturdy and was led back to the sewers, where it was subdued. Many others have opted to better prepare themselves should Ramon hit the surface again.
    • Leon Kennedy & Claire Redfield were among those who originally investigated the sewers following those reports, suspecting that the gator in question may have been infected by the T-Virus. While it wasn't the case, Ramon was able to shrug off their gunfire, prompting the two to retreat. It's apparent that they really don't want a repeat of what happened in the sewers of Racoon City when it comes to the possibility of this gator getting infected with the T-Virus.
  • Steve Irwin, being experienced in looking after crocodiles, was curious about Ramon after the latter's initial attack and how this particular gator came to be. Steve decided to look over Ramon in the hopes of calming it down should another attack occur. On its part, Ramon doesn't care about Steve at all and merely sees him as yet another potential snack.
  • Captain Hook didn't take it well that there was another gator running around in the Pantheon. Unlike the gator that ate Hook's arm, Ramon doesn't care about whoever gets in his way as long as he's able to eat whoever is in his path. Hook is also unnerved with the fact that Ramon is much more ravenous than the gator he's dealt with in the past and skips the "harassing the victims" part to go straight to eating them.
  • Having been used to fighting alligators in his adventures, Joe Baker didn't see Ramon as anything new when it comes to threatening gators. Given how often Ramon runs around causing damage and panic amongst others, Joe is more than willing to beat up Ramon with what he has at his disposal. After fighting it a few times, Joe later saw Ramon as little more than fighting practice against other threats he would come across.
  • As a predator with a strong appetite, there were some who saw Ramon as a bit similar to the Deviljho in that regard. The big difference between them is their size and that Deviljho wouldn't have a lot of problems in trying to devour Ramon if they somehow meet each other. This did lead to a handful of concerns on what could happen if the gator had the same level of voracity and viciousness as that of Deviljho.
  • King K. Rool, upon learning of another vicious gator, took a bit of interest in Ramon after getting over the initial confusion of how different they look. Despite this, there hasn't been a whole lot in the way of trying to keep Ramon under control under someone. It hasn't stopped K. Rool from seeing Ramon as a potential brutish recruit for the Kremling army.
    • Most of the friendly gators by contrast, don't share the same opinion of Ramon that K. Rool does and are at best wary of it. Feraligatr tends to get into fights against Ramon whenever the latter is out of the sewers, with the Pokémon not having a lot of trouble in defeating Ramon and driving it out of the surface. Feraligatr also has an easier time fighting Ramon in the water as well.
  • Some comparisons have been made between Ramon's rampage and that of Bruce the Shark's. While Bruce always attacked in the water, Ramon's attacks have mainly occurred on land, though Ramon sometimes terrorizes others in the water. There have been some instances of the two trying to bite each other if they manage to cross each other's aquatic paths. The water is more likely than not going to turn red if anyone is unlucky to get caught in the middle of the two.
  • It isn't well-liked amongst some deities who have to use the sewers for something necessary, seeing Ramon to be a bit of a nuisance to them. The Ninja Turtles sometimes hide in the sewers whenever they aren't engaged in a serious fight on the surface and see Ramon as a bit of a problem if it somehow manages to cross their paths. It doesn't help that the Turtles sometimes see Ramon on the surface as well.
  • Besides some viruses such as the aforementioned T-Virus that are in The Great Treasury, there are a few substances that are produced in the House of Science that could affect Ramon more than before. Ramon's size and appetite are a bit of an issue as they are and some of what's prepared at that place, such as N. Brio's serums are likely to make the problem worse if the gator manages to consume it.

    Tick Tock 
Tick Tock, The Divine Clock-Ticking Crocodilian (Mr. Crocodile, Tick-Tock Croc, Tick-Tocking Crocodile, Crocky, The Neverland Crocodile)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The open jaws of a crocodile with an antique wind-up alarm clock in the centre.
  • Theme: "Never Smile At A Crocodile."
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A massive, ferocious crocodile, Has a clock ticking in its stomach, Feared by all in Neverland, Always in pursuit of Captain Hook, The Ghost, Troll, Originally female but made male, Breakout Character
  • Domains: Crocodiles, Predators, Hunger, Time,
  • Herald: Rosetta
  • Allies: Sobek, Steve Irwin, Feraligatr, King Gator, Sir Crocodile
  • Respects/Respected By: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John and Michael, Alan Grant
  • Rivals: Ramon
  • Enemies: Apophis, King K. Rool, Vector the Crocodile, Bruce the Shark, Yosemite Sam, Euron Greyjoy, Pokemon Hunter J
  • Wary around: Spinosaurus, Plesioth, Liopleurodon, Killer Croc
  • Observed by: The House of Time and Space
  • Lunch: Captain Hook
  • On the isle of Neverland, there is a never-ending hunt. The Lost Boys wander the island in search of their leader, the flying boy Peter Pan, followed by Captain Hook and his pirate crew, Tiger Lily and her warriors and finally, the most feared beast of all, a giant crocodile. But there is much more to this reptile than meets the eye. Long ago, the crocodile was swimming along when it noticed a human hand falling into the water. A hand that was severed from Hook's arm by Pan. The croc devoured the appendage in a single bite, but something came over it. It loved the taste of Hook's flesh, so much so that it started to follow the captain around, licking its lips for the rest of him. Needless to say, it's the only thing Hook fears. Luckily for him, it's easy to know when the croc is around. Along with eating the hand, it also ate an old alarm clock, the ticking resonating from deep within the beast's stomach, giving it the nickname "Tick Tock". Should one ever hear a tick-tock coming from the water, take warning for the crocodile is near... and it's hungry. Tick Tock continued to prowl Neverland's waters in a never-ending pursuit for Hook, constantly tormenting him at the most inopportune moments. It all came to a climax though when three young children came to the island, helping Peter Pan in defeating the pirate captain once and for all. it is hotly debated on what happened, but what is known is this. Tick Tock continued to pursue the "Codfish", chasing him beyond the horizon and straight into a glowing light.
    • Once past the light, Tick Tock discovered two things. One, Hook was nowhere to be seen, and two, it was no longer in Neverland. It found itself in strange waters; waters filled with unusual creatures and beings unlike anything in its homeland. Among them was another crocodile, one garbed in strange human attire and wielding a massive axe. He revealed himself to be Sobek, An Egyptian god associated with fertility and military prowess. He had taken an interest in the lost reptile and as the Lord of Crocodiles, he offered Tick Tock a place in this "Pantheon" as he called it. The Croc accepted and became a Follower to Sobek, patrolling the rivers and estuaries throughout the realm of Gods. But that all changed one day when Tick Tock made a discovery. Its old target, Captain James Hook, was in the Pantheon all along, now as a God. Tick Tock's clock began to tick once more, and it decided to do what nature intended it to do; swim up to the ship and announce its presence to the pirate captain. Hook quickly took notice and his terror for the giant reptile resurfaced once more. Sobek had watched it all from afar and decided to make a change. He would make Tick Tock a God as well, not only to terrorize Hook but also to remind those sailing the Pantheon's waterways must tread carefully. For it is the crocodile's domain; cross them and their time alive will be cut short.
  • Tick Tock's temple was unique. It was connected via a gateway to Captain Hook's own temple, leading all the back to Never Land. It allowed the crocodile easy access back to its homeworld and to menace the pirates as well. While perfectly capable of swimming upstream into the island's rivers, Tick Tock is most at home out at sea, pursuing the pirates in their territory. It does make sense once one gets to know Tick Tock. After all, it is a saltwater crocodile note .
  • The relationship Tick Tock has with Peter Pan and his friends is one of respect. For the most part, it keeps to itself, not interested in the flying boy's antics. However, it sees Pan and his Lost Boys as living dinner bells, following them wherever they go in case Hook is nearby. Pan meanwhile sees the croc's attempts to eat Hook as boatloads of fun and takes advantage of the reptile's arrival onto the scene. The only being from Never Land that Tick Tock remotely gets along with is Rosetta, a garden fairy from Pixie Hollow and one of Tinker Bell's close friends. In one timeline, during an incident where the fairies had their powers swapped around, she became an animal fairy and was the first thing the infant Tick Tock saw when it hatched from its egg. Imprinting on her immediately, the little croc aided Rosetta and her friends against a young Hook and his pirate crew. Though the beast has grown up since then, it still remembers Rosetta, and she sometimes pops by its temple to see how her "Crocky" is doing.
  • As with all of Neverland's denizens, Tick Tock has taken on many different appearances throughout the many timelines. Some are more comical, with grass and flowers growing on its body, acting as camouflage. In others, it is truly massive and brutish, more akin to a Deinosuchus than to a modern croc. In one extreme case, the croc is not only massive but also has multiple limbs. Upon learning this, Hook became even more terrified, fearing what form the croc might take while in the Pantheon. Thankfully it hasn't gone too extreme. Yet.
  • Tick Tock's relationship with the Pantheon's other crocodilians has been a fascinating one. Usually, it keeps its distance from the others, especially those that are more anthropomorphic in nature. King K. Rool doesn't like Tick Tock all too much, due to the latter once pursuing the Kremling ruler while in his Kaptain K. Rool persona. Tick Tock stays away from the brutal, crocodile-like criminal Waylon Jones; the Killer Croc. Jones doesn't care much for the real animal but he makes sure it keeps out of his waters. Vector the Crocodile, leader of Team Chaotix, has a difficult time agreeing with Tick Tock, mainly because he prefers to apprehend enemies alive rather than eat them. Not to mention opposing Tick Tock when it tried to eat Charmy Bee on one occasion. He keeps his distance as a result. At the same time, Tick Tock found a rival crocodilian in an alligator named Ramon. Though American alligators are generally smaller than saltwater crocodiles, Ramon is a super-sized beast with an appetite for human flesh. He tried to go after Hook on his own agenda but Tick Tock, surprisingly enough, attacked the gator in retaliation. As an injured Ramon swam away the message was made clear. Hook was Tick Tock's to eat and eat alone.
    • On the flipside, Tick Tock doesn't mind hanging out with the musically gifted King Gator and the blue-scaled Pokémon, Feraligatr. Both will sometimes join Tick Tock while out at sea, teasing and humiliating Hook whenever they get the chance. When that happens, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys will gather to enjoy the show. The two other crocodilians, in turn, introduced Tick Tock to the Crocodile Hunter himself, Steve Irwin. Irwin had grown up wrangling saltwater crocs back in Australia, so he was happy to see one swimming in the Pantheon. He has to make sure though not to get on Tick Tock's bad side, else he might end up as lunch.
  • Captain Hook may be Tick Tock's primary target but the Pantheon has shown itself to be a pirate's paradise. Most of the buccaneers and scallywags mock Hook's fear for the reptile but some have found themselves being pursued by the large archosaur. Besides the aforementioned K. Rool, Yosemite Sam is frequently targeted, thanks in no small part to Bugs Bunny tricking the cowboy-turned-pirate into the beast's gaping jaws. Sam usually escapes certain death but he always finds his way back in. One of the only human pirates Tick Tock does not actively hunt is the former Warlord, Sir Crocodile. Despite his many similarities to Hook, the Desert King managed to get the reptile's respect, using his experience owning crocodiles of his own. He also used that newfound respect to send Tick Tock after Hook after the latter tried to kill Monkey D. Luffy before he did.
    • Some pirates though Tick Tock stays well and truly far away from. The murderous Euron Greyjoy being among them. The King of the Iron Islands doesn't care much for the croc, with his only major concern being to turn the beast into a pair of leather boots to mockingly give to Captain Hook. While not a pirate, the Pokémon Hunter known as J has also set her sights on turning the large reptile into a gold statue for her own gain. Pan has had to step in to prevent that from happening and as a result, keeps an eye out in case J shows her face around Never Land. Tick Tock may be a beast but it's just as important as the rest of the island's inhabitants.
  • Though a formidable predator in its own right, even Tick Tock has to be wary while in the Pantheon. Larger, more dangerous predators prowl the realm's waterways. Out at sea, the oversized Jurassic pliosaur, Liopleurodon makes things difficult when it comes time to hunt the pirates. As well, there are the Plesioths; monstrous marine wyverns with a knack for hunting and overpowering crocodilians. Tick Tock was unlucky enough to encounter the green variety but was lucky not to have been killed. Over on the freshwater side of things is the large aquatic theropod, Spinosaurus. Besides fish, Spino will eat just about anything, and even the man-eating crocodile knows better than to cross the dinosaur when it's in the water. Funnily enough, Dr. Alan Grant noted how during his Isla Sorna visit, the Spinosaurus, being the dinosaurian equivalent to a crocodile, ate a man carrying a satellite phone, which kept on ringing within the predator's stomach. He sometimes observes Tick Tock going out on his hunts and always keeps a safe distance.
  • There has been some debate over the gender classification of Tick Tock. Some refer to the reptile as a male, with even Peter Pan calling it "Mr. Crocodile" on one occasion. Other times, Tick Tock is seen as a female and is referred to as such. No one dares to get close enough to see which is accurate but for the time being, the Gods decided to leave things vague. The croc doesn't seem to mind at all.
  • As a former Follower of Sobek, Tick Tock avoids Apophis, the Egyptian Lord of Chaos. It fears the day the great snake will begin to terrorize the Pantheon once more and as such, keeps away from the serpent's temple. It's probably for the best.
  • Many in the Pantheon believe the crocodile to be Neverland's personification of time and death, its ticking clock slowly counting down within the beast's stomach. Some ponder how the clock can be heard from within the creature but from what they had gathered from Hook, it only stopped once. When he was consumed. But even a creature of death must meet its end. In several timelines Tick Tock either was driven away by Hook or was killed, with one case, being stuffed and turned into a massive clock tower in the pirate's hometown. But even in death, the croc still got the last laugh... or gulp, if you will.
  • "Never smile at a crocodile/No, you can't get friendly with a crocodile/Don't be taken in by his welcome grin/He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin..."


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