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Greater Gods

Bambina, Monkey King and God of Supernatural Martial Arts
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: "Food King" PAIR
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Everything Is Better With Monkeys, Flash Step, Accidentally Injuring/Killing Playmates, Curb-Stomp Battle, Living MacGuffin, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Obliviously Evil, I Just Want to Have Friends, Readings Are Off the Scale, Supernatural Martial Arts, Magic Music, I Am Not Left-Handed, One-Winged Angel, Hulking Out, Dancing Is Serious Business
  • Domains: Monkeys, Games, Food, Enbu
  • Allies: King Kong, Sun Wukong
  • Playmates: Hercules, Son Goku, Beerus
  • Rivals: Heracles, The Eight Kings
  • Enemies: Caesar, Frieza
  • When the Monkey King confronted Toriko and Co, no one expected the encounter to end in 0.1 seconds, much less all the injuries sustained by Toriko and Co being due to Bambina trying to play with them. As such, many of the Gods have been advised to go nowhere near Bambina if they want to keep their limbs and head on their bodies. This means only a few Gods ever visit Bambina, and these are always the only Gods strong enough to be his playmates.
  • Despite being human-sized in stature compared to Heracles, Bambina lives up to his rank as one of the Eight Kings, casually tossing mountains across the circumference of the Earth at a continuous Mach 1 speed for a week. When he first arrived in the Pantheon, it was all that could be done to make sure he did not end up levelling everything in his pursuit of fun amongst the other Gods, with Sun Wukong himself, Son Goku and Beerus needing to intervene, being among the few Gods strong enough to survive "playing" with him (and the only ones willing to).
    • At that point, a means of keeping Bambina in check was arranged: once a week, one of the above three Gods would engage in games with Bambina, changing intermittently with one another each week while Bambina amused himself in his own section of the Pantheon, making these three Gods his official "Playmates".
  • The Ginyu Force tried to prevent his ascension, as ordered by Frieza, because Bambina was yet another monkey ascending into the Pantheon. They still have nightmares from what Bambina accidentally did to them.
  • Despite being on good terms with other primate Gods (especially Sun Wukong), Caesar is not particularly fond of Bambina for leaving his fellow apes in Area 7 to be ruled over by the tyrannical fists of the four master of Enbu, while he just plays around. While he has expressed his dislike for Bambina, he doesn't push the issue, knowing what might happen.
  • While the conventional "Food King PAIR" comes from the Birth Cry Tree in Area 7, many Gods were made ill when it was learnt that Bambina's testicles are the 'true' PAIR. No one has tried to take them, both out of disgust and because Toriko needs PAIR to save Komatsu.
    • Members of the pantheon were flabbergasted when they heard a wonderful, rejuvenating "sound" that nourished and satisfied all who heard coming from the Power Pantheon, only to find that the sound came from Bambina's testicles. Suddenly, many who were grossed out by the prospect of PAIR being Bambina's testicles had thoughts of how delicious PAIR truly is if the "sound" of them alone could do such a thing.
  • He is the Master of a style of Martial Arts called Enbu, which allows him to spike his power level in battle instantaneously and flow any damage inflicted upon him outside of his body. One of the reasons Goku agreed to be his playmate is so he could try to learn this style of fighting, but was disappointed to find the process required possessing Gourmet Cells. It does not stop the two from being playmates with one another.
    • Toriko and Company have trained themselves to master Enbu, and are currently in a match against the Monkey King.
      • Eventually, the match took a completely different direction as Bambina's skin exploded off of him, revealing his true form as a pure white monkey. Everyone in the Pantheon, even if they did not know why, was psychologically affected by this event, as all but the most powerful of Gods desired to eat their most favorite foods as if the world was about to end that very day. Steps were taken to keep Kirby from devouring everything in sight, but he was surprisingly unaffected.
      • What confused people even more was Sani completely covered the arena in a Hair Dome, meaning no one outside could see what was going on. A hidden camera placed on the Monkey King's arena by revealed a strange sight: Toriko and Co weren't fighting with Bambina, but dancing, and it was discovered that this was the true method of recovering PAIR. It was decided this would be kept secret, but a warning was issued to the Pantheon regarding Bambina's expanding power that was witnessed.
  • A number of Pantheon members have begun compiling a list of the ridiculous stunts Bambina has pulled, the most recent addition being jumping 500 kilometres into the Thermosphere just to go to sleep. With just a soft jump. From a place with 100x Gravity, no less.
  • Even though Heracles, one of its rivals as an Eight King, is also in the Pantheon, Bambina is more interesting in having fun with all the new playmates he has rather than confronting the Horse King.

Dabra, God of Super Spit (Dabura, Doubler, Demon King, Lucifer)
Dabra during his service to Babidi
Dabra while working with Towa 
His Demon God transformation 

    Odin (Norse Mythology
Odin, God of Never-Missing Attacks (All-Father, Father of the Slain, Son of Borr, God of the Hanged, God of Prisoners, God of Cargoes, The High One, The Inflamer, Swift Tricker, Father of Victory, the Blind One, Shifty Eyed, One with a Magic Staff, Destroyer, Terror, The Allfather, Allfather Odin Borson, Lord of the Aesir, King of Asgard, and Many more)
  • Greater God (possibly Overdeity)
  • Symbol: Watching blue eye
  • Theme Songs: Words of Odin, Sons of Odin
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A Father to His Men, The Alcoholic, Badass Beard, Badass in Charge, The Creator of the Berserkers, Blade on a Stick that Never Misses and Always Kills when thrown, Brutal Honesty, Clever Crows, Cool Horse, Cut Out His Own Eye, Eyepatch of Power, Genius Bruiser, Always Missing his Eye, Handicapped Badass, Heroes Love Dogs, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Magic Knight, Nice Hat, Robe and Wizard Hat, The Smart Guy, King of the Aesir and Asgaard, The Trickster, Voluntary Shapeshifter, War God, Warrior Poet, Wizard Beard, Wizard Classic
  • Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Trickery, War
  • Allies: Thor, Tyr, Freya, Lenneth Valkyrie, Bellandy, Skuld, Immortal God Emperor of Mankind, Leman Russ, Goliath, Hibiki Tachibana, Nicholas Saint North
  • Rivals: Zeus, Cú Chulainn, Othinus, Amaterasu
  • Enemies: Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Hela, Nekron, the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, Thanos
  • Tentative Enemies: Zeus
  • Complicated Relation: Loki Laufeyson, Hel
  • Upon his ascension, he brought his pets with him. His eight-legged steed Sleipnir, whom he allows John Marston's ranch to house him; His Ravens, Hugin and Munin, whom are his extra eyes/spies in the Pantheon; and his wolves, Freki and Geri.
  • Despite his ascension as God of Never-Missing Attacks, Odin has... actually a lot of things his normal worshipers worship him for. He's the God of war, magic and poetry, wisdom, healing, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, frenzy, and the runic alphabet.
  • Within moments of his ascension, Odin made it a point to gather allies both old and new to consolidate his power base. Thor and Tyr, the ever faithful sons answered the call instantly with Freya, master of his favored coming in mere moments later. The arrival of the Norn, Skuld was unexpected but one eagerly welcomed.
  • Upon meeting Leman Russ, Odin was surprised at how similar the Primarch was to his son Thor. From simple things such as the names of their weapons, Russ' sword Mjalnar and Thor's Mjolnir to similar characteristics such as battle lust, love of beer, distaste of foul sorcery and extreme loyalty to one's father. Although he was amused that Leman like him had Wolf hounds named Freki and Geri.
    • Odin and the God Emperor of Mankind met one another after several correspondence through their sons. The two came to instantly respect one another from their mutual struggle against great enemies of their peoples. The determination to overcome seemingly impossible odds and unbeatable foes in order to preserve one's people was resound in both figures. Odin's ages old struggle against Ragnarok and strings of fate was well known to the Emperor while the King of Asgard learned about the Master of Mankind's millenniums of warfare against the foul Gods of Chaos. The two forged a powerful alliance with one another. Much to their mutual amusement, they both possessed the title of Allfather.
  • Takes knowledge very seriously. How seriously? He once hanged himself, pierced himself with Gungnir, and fasted for nine days and nights just to discover how to make runes. He also sends Hugin, Munin, Freki and Geri out to discover more knowledge. But his most well known instants of gaining knowledge was when he gave up one of his eye so that he could drink from the Well of Urd and receive the cosmic wisdom it bestowed.
    • His missing eye was then use to create a powerful artifact call the Eye of Odin. With it, the wearer would be able to gain immense power depending on the user. However, it had the negative side effect of corrupting its wearer.
  • May or may not be Santa Claus.
  • Has mastered the ability of 'Ring of Spears' further, so that he allows allies to pass by, but not him and his enemies. He swears, back in those days, he hindered his allies so much he could understand what Jarvan IV felt when he said "I'M HELPING!" But now, problem solved.
  • Is on quite friendly terms with Merlin, but that's likely due to the fact that Odin did Merlin's whole "Hide a magic sword and do a multi-generational plot" thing first.
  • One of the Gods that Odin had hoped to form an alliance was Zeus the lord of Olympus. But the Greek God was much different than he remembered, far more violent, petty and cruel than the fellow Skyfather he was allied with upon the mortal realms. When he attempted to contact the Olympian, Zeus was furious that there was another that laid claim to the Heavens, not to mention that he has not forgotten his humiliating defeat at the hands of Thor. This only escalated when Zeus questioned Odin's own goodness as well, sure he did some good things, but he still had his moments of dickery, with some incarnations standing out, while yes, in spite having his bad moments, Zeus DOES have his own decencies and calls out about how Odin missed that out in spite of his knowledge obsession.
    • The escalation eventually brought them to the Battleground of the Gods as they duke it out, but eventually and slowly realized that when they combine their power, especially the Ring of Spears with Lightning Storm, they actually make a pretty good Action Duo. And so both Top Gods decided to just settle with Friendly Rivalry, and as a boon, Odin gets a stern warning that Zeus' dangerous son Kratos might be setting his eyes on Valhalla or even Asgard after he destroyed Olympus.
    • And true to that, at the middle of 2016, one of Odin's ravens did report that the Ghost of Sparta might be seen around Valhalla. Odin has prepared a call-to-arms to all Norse deities to prepare all defenses and make sure Valhalla will not fall like Olympus.
  • He has a surprisingly fierce rivalry with Cú Chulainn over.... who's spear is the more deadly. Cú Chulainn says his is the better one because is it was made to surpass Gungnir. Odin's response was as such:
    Odin: "You say your spear is better, but mine always hits, and always kills when thrown. I have yet to see you hit someone who didn't have their back turned, and yet to see someone die to your spear in a fair fight."
  • Odin has a very very complicated relations with Loki's chidren. On one hand, they're all monstrous abominations and goddess that are very involved with Ragnarok, an event that Odin has dedicated much of his immortal life to preventing. On the other hand, they're all his grandchildren through his son Loki.
    • He flat out abhors Fenrir and Jörmungandr. The two monsters are destined to cause much misfortune to the Aesir, Odin and his son, Thor, especially. Fenrir will murder Odin during Ragnarok leaving the Norse Gods leaderless during their fated battle and Jörmungandr fall to Thor after an epic battle only for the Thunder God to die from the Midguard Serpent's treacherous poison. Odin's opinion on Hel is much more favorable and he regards her as the best of Loki's children but the Allfather remembers that she will be the one to provide Loki with soldiers from her realm during the final battle
  • He once attempted to recruit Mike Haggar for Ragnarok, but got turned down because Haggar insists that his place belonged to Metro City, not Valhalla. Odin was very insistent to have him join his ranks, but then Haggar delivered a piledriver on his head right from Valhalla to Earth. When the dust cleared, Haggar has already moved to the next round, but Odin gave a hearty laugh, saying that he's even more worthy to join him in Ragnarok because of that, but he can definitely wait...

    Yusuke Urameshi 
Yusuke Urameshi, God of Finger-Based Projectiles (Eugene, Jin-Jin, Monkey D. Spoopy)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Puu (His spirit beast)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Becoming less angry as he matures, Reigun, Being a descendant of Makai's most powerful demon, Blood Knight
  • Domains: Strength, Spirit, Destruction
  • High Priest: Sieglinde Jeremiah
  • Allies: Kazuma Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, Killua Zoldyck, Son Goku, Sailor Moon, Josuke Higashikata, Jotaro Kujo
  • Enemies: Sensui, Young Toguro, Chrollo Lucifer
  • After Yusuke's ascension, Kurama wondered what took him so long. Son Goku was also excited that one of his followers had ascended.
  • Met Killua Zoldyck during his travels with Alluka Zoldyck. They hit it off immediately, with Yusuke seeing him as younger, more amicable version of Hiei, and Killua being instantly reminded of his friend, Gon Freecs. Upon realizing they had the same mangaka, Killua decided to give his new friend the Water Divination Test. Yusuke's water instantly turned as blue as his Reigun blasts, signifying his status as a powerful Emitter-type Nen user.
  • Dreads seeing Eiki Shiki usually because she either lectures him extensively or gives him tasks regarding Koenma, who she sees as an unprofessional administrator.
  • Due to Reisen's strength in firing danmaku from her fingers, the other gods are wondering if her would train her in Reigun.
  • Trying to harm children or Yusuke's friends is the quickest way to incur his wrath.
  • Considers Sailor Moon to be like a sister. This is likely due to their creators being married.
  • Is one of the few unaffected by Johan Liebert. Whether it is due to them sounding alike or Yusuke's ability to ignore breaking speeches is currently unknown.
  • Gets a few odd looks from both Goku and Luffy, due to sounding like Raditz and Bellamy, respectively. He is also a little freaked out when he hears Frieza speak, as she sounds just like his old master, Genkai.
  • Yusuke is annoyed by many of the gods from Bleach as he feels their series too closely resembles his own.
  • Gets along with Jotaro and Josuke, due to delinquent backgrounds. Josuke also notes that their friends Kuwabara and Okuyasu bear some resemblance.


Intermediate Gods

Alright, who is n-

*Screen fades to black and a series of punches is heard*

I am the Master of the Fist. Feel how weak you are with your body!

Akuma, God of Dangerous Forbidden Techniques (Gouki, The Supreme Master of the Fist, The Raging Demon, Mech Gouki, Cyber Akuma, Shin Akuma, Kuruoshiki Oni, The Destroyer of Heaven, The Utimate Badass of Martial Arts)
Akuma in Street Fighter V 
Click here to see Oni 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God, as Oni or Shin Akuma)
  • Symbol: The kanji "Ten" (天), colored red and on fire.
  • Theme Music: Akuma Stage (CPS2) base
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (though easily mistaken as Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Shun Goku Satsu, Showing the "Ten" Kanji on His Back, Above Good and Evil, Blood Knight, Amoral Counterpart, Shotoclone, Noble Demon, Hidden Virtues of a Menacing Warrior
  • Domains: Combat, Power, Ambiguity
  • Odd Friendship with: Elena (don't ask)
  • Worthy Opponents: Gen, Asura, Ryu, Kenpachi Zaraki, Augus, Hibiki Tachibana, Rey Mysterio
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Rugal Bernstein, Yuuki Terumi, Shang Tsung, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Danny Rand/Iron Fist
  • Complicated Relationships: Gouken (his older brother)
  • Respected by: Ogre (does not return the favor), Oryx (as an enemy)
  • Dislikes: Maes Hughes
  • On speaking terms with: Chun-Li
  • Conflicting Opinion: Bloody Marie
  • The Dragon to: Kazumi Mishima
  • The ultimate technique of the Anasatsuken (Assassin's Fist) martial art style is the harnessing of a great spiritual power, achievable only by a true master who would reach and even surpass his physical peak. A master named Goutetsu spent the latter days of his life teaching the Anasatsuken to two brothers, named Gouki and Gouken. Both left the dojo on separate journeys to discover who they were as fighters, Gouki taking on the dark side of the fighting art and succumbing to the Surge of Killing Intent, or Satsui no Hado before returning and killing Goutetsu in a battle to the death.
    • The legends vary as to whether his battle with Goutetsu was as a simple final test or if he was overcome with the power of the Hado and the desire to make Goutetsu pay for the death of his father, but what is known as that Gouki was spotted at the scene by Gouken, confronted his brother years later, and was thought to have killed him as well in one of their ensuing battles (though Gouken actually survived by emptying his mind using the Power of Nothingness, or Mu no Ken). From that day forth, he became known as Akuma, a fighting demon and force of nature who cares for nothing beyond strength and battle.
  • One considered by many as Ryu's Evil Counterpart, especially since he's constantly trying to get Gouken's student to embrace the Satsui no Hado. But as Akuma said, he doesn't quite like being labeled as good or evil. He does as he likes, and he firmly believes that moral concerns do not apply to battle, likening him more to a human force of nature. He will however kill those who he deems as worthy fighters, so beware.
    • His alien morality aside, Akuma has shown disdain for other people who are way more evil than him and to those he won't hesitate to ambush and kill them with the Shun Goku Satsu.
  • His fighting skills are very lethal, and he saw some that he could consider a Worthy Opponent. One of the biggest claims to fame for Akuma among the Pantheon denizens is that he managed to fight Asura on equal ground while harnessing the powers of Oni, his Super-Powered Evil Side, and controlling it. Let us remind you that Asura is one of the most feared deities in the Pantheon and Akuma managed to take a fight with him that lasted over 500 years and no one knows who won in the end. Meeting again in the Pantheon, both warriors have learn to respect the other quite a lot. Even if Asura doesn't think highly of Akuma delving with dark powers, both are looking forward to a rematch in the future.
  • Akuma's temple is a cave located in the farthest regions of the House of Power. While it is common knowledge that it is the place where Akuma trains, no one has ever visited such a place, and barely any noise is heard out of it. Those who attempt to enter his temple without permission find themselves returning to the entrance or being brutally kicked out by Akuma himself, who rarely leaves the location.
  • There were rumors that he could be even more powerful if he lost control of the Satsui no Hadou, which would turn him to 'evil incarnate' Oni. Terumi had been trying to awaken that side of Akuma, thinking that he'll be more funner that way. That just made Akuma even more disgusted at Terumi, aside of his Trolling tendencies. Although after Akuma managed to defeat a illusion of Oni, learned how to control its power and battled Asura to a draw in both their strongest forms, Terumi has evidently stopped trying. Consensus says that if Akuma ever lands his Shun Goku Satsu to Terumi, the latter's immense evilness will cause the technique to absolutely brutalize him until nothing remains of him, or just render him an incurable vegetable if he's lucky. Even Bison got off better than that.
  • Has attempted to take over the throne of the God of Blood Knights, but after a very long, extended battle he recognized Kenpachi's (slightly) greater battle-lust.
    • That bout began all the way back when he happened to be in Kenpachi's path while the swordsman was out for a stroll in the woods. Long story short, Akuma and Kenpachi ended up reshaping some landscapes. Akuma held the advantage during every round, but sustained grievous wounds in the process. He awaits to see how much Kenpachi will improve for their next fight.
  • Can occasionally be seen helping little kids. It's a rare sight, though.
  • There seems to be a mortal named Genjuro Kazanari who seemed to channel a lot from him. Akuma wouldn't call him his follower, but this mortal piqued his interest… then he ascended later, though they haven't fought just yet but he is keeping tabs on the man
  • Once fought against Shang Tsung with Shang actually stealing Akuma's soul. Akuma still kicked his ass anyway and ever since that battle they have become fierce enemies
  • Didn't think that one Rey Mysterio was worthy enough to fight him. After a brawl that had Rey hit him with the 619, he's starting to have second thoughts.
  • Has made a very strange kinship with Elena. Many of the Street Fighter Gods looked in utter shock and disbelief; Juri Han cackled in glee before Elena kicked her in the face. Akuma makes no comment about this. To this day, no one even knows how such a kinship came to be.
  • Doesn't like talking about how he once fought against a rookie mortal martial arts master and lost. He swears that was a fluke.
    • Has eyed Maes Hughes suspiciously ever since the Brigadier General's ascension because of his resemblance to someone involved in that incident.
  • He actually missed out what would be the ultimate final battle against Bison on purpose. Turns out, he was fulfilling a promise to the Matriarch of the Mishima clan, Kazumi, to put an end to both Heihachi and Kazuya. He did however return after hearing of Ryu's mastery of the Power of Nothingness, engaging in a final battle with Gen along the way. This turn of events pushed Ryu and Gen past the periphery into being full-on worthy opponents.
    • At one point before taking his leave, he offered Chun-Li some harsh but sage advice about letting go of her attachment to the dead and truly living her life. Following the defeat of Shadaloo she would take this advice, giving up active street fighting in favor of teaching self-defense classes to young children and looking after a girl named Li-Fen.
  • Has shown some interest in both Oryx and Bloody Marie for delving into powers of darkness. However, unlike Akuma, who actively sought out his strength, is not blinded by such vendettas, and remains in control of his power, they both gave in to powers handed to them by other forces and in turn became property of those forces, Oryx doing so for his species' survival and Bloody Marie doing it for revenge. As such, he finds their strength of will lacking and doesn't fully see their powers as their own. For their part…
    • Oryx respects Akuma for his philosophy on seeking the ultimate strength and his embracing of the Satsui no Hado being something similar to Sword Logic, but fully intends on killing him as a great Tithe of Violence since Akuma has made it clear he seeks no alliances.
    • Marie actually confronted Akuma looking for a fight once after hearing of the initial rumors of his villainy, thinking he might've been connected to Shadaloo, but abandoned this idea once he made it clear that Bison disgusts him. Furthermore, noticing that she didn't have the Skull Heart with her but still seemed to be able to use the powers it granted her, he told her that she may have the opportunity to embrace the Heart's power and make it her own. She left unsure what to think of him after that.
  • Has noticed that plenty of deities have mimicked the Shun Goku Satsu technique, including people like Rogue, Squigly, Rodin, Squirrel Girl and many others.
  • Was taken aside by Wiz and Boomstick with a promise of a good television series which would allow him to study a strong warrior in his house. What he got instead was a lackluster Netflix series, which enraged Akuma to the point he came to despise Iron Fist. Of course, where they took him was the infamous realm where people can engage in a no-rules, fighting exhibition to the death, and Rand was scheduled to appear there as well. Akuma wasted no time engaging Rand in battle when he showed up and hit him hard enough to explode into Ludicrous Gibs.

    Danny Rand/Iron Fist 
Daniel Thomas "Danny" Rand-K'ai, God of Ki/Chi Attacks (Iron Fist, Living Weapon, Young Dragon, Cooper Payton, Kung-Fu Killer; also impersonated Daredevil and Spider-Man on occasion)
Iron Fist, Unmasked 

Deidara, God of Weaponized Art and Multiple Mouths
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hand mouth open with a clay bird on his fingers.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Creating Explosive Arts & Crafts, Loving Every Second of It, Having Multiple Mouths
  • Domains: Explosions, Art
  • Allies: Yoshikage Kira, Michael Bay, Solf J. Kimblee, Jinx
  • Enemies: Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, Gaara, Madara Uchiha, Vi
  • Friendly Enemies with: Rock Lee
  • He was initially just the unoffical Art teacher in the Academy and he later thought that his art should be shared with the entire Pantheon.
  • He was surprised that Sasori hasn't ascended and immediately decided that he is the better artist because of it.
  • He is a big fan of Michael Bay as he loves how artistic his explosions are. Also gets along with fellow mad-bombers Kimblee and Yoshikage. The three of them plan on coordinating an explosive rampage someday, as soon as Kimblee finds a good reason to attack enough targets.
  • While he's not too happy that he couldn't be the God of Explosions, he does respect them. Though he's only going to try to take them out later.
  • While he dislikes the fact that the Uchiha brothers had ascended, he takes this as an opportunity to exact his revenge upon the two, as he is absolutely pissed that he didn't kill Sasuke with his greatest work of art.
  • He was rather shocked to learn that not only was Tobi not in the Pantheon proper, but all of his inquires about the Akatsuki leader were met with snarks about how was Easily Forgiven; making him wonder what the hell happened before his ascension.
  • He decided to join the GUAC and was gladly accepted because nothing's more chaotic than explosions, hmph.
  • Because of his hand mouths he has gained the attention of Panty, who wants to show him how to create a different type of "explosion".
  • He was able to find a comrade in Jinx. He felt she was the only person in the pantheon who could understand his brand of "art" appreciating her terrorism acts. However, this relationship has also gained him the ire of Vi.

    Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO 
Eiji Hino, God of Combo Platter Powers (Kamen Rider OOO, Eiji Greeed, Kamen Rider Hobo, Yusuke Godai Ver. 2)
Kamen Rider OOO 
Super Tatoba 
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater when using Tajadol, full-blown Greater God in Putotyra or Super Tatoba Combo
  • Symbol: The Tatoba Combo Symbol and his Core Medals.
  • Theme Song: Anything Goes by Maki Ohguro. Regret Nothing ~Tighten Up in TaToba Combo, Gotta Keep It Real in GataKiriBa Combo, Ride On Right Time in RaToraTah Combo, Sun Goes Up in SaGoZou Combo, Shout Out in ShaUTa Combo, Time Judge All 8 Years Later Version in TaJaDor Combo, Power To Tearer in PuToTyra Combo, Ole in Burakawani Combo.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Good as OOO Putotyra Combo, Chaotic Neutral as Eiji Greeed)
  • Portfolio: Combo Platter Powers, Nice Guys That Don't Wanna Mess With, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, All-Loving Hero, Broken Hero, Determinators, Samaritan Syndromes, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Combat, Powers, Travel, Heroism, Mysticism, Animals, Insects
  • Heralds: Ankh, Hina Izumi, Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth I, Shintaro Goto/Kamen Rider Birth II, Kousei Kougami, Erika Satonaka, Michal Minato/Kamen Rider Aqua
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • Enemies: Shocker, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Ali Al-Saachez, Griffith, Monokuma and his Mastermind, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia, Nui Harime, and Yuuki Terumi), Ragyo Kiryuin, Father, Lust, Pride
  • Once a Patron Saint in the Toku Base, Eiji Hino Ascends into the Main Pantheon since he has the abilities of many animals through the Core Medals and can assume up to ''128'' combos with them if he so chooses. And he can name them all from memory. He use this powers in order to protect the innocent and to combat against the Greeed while his selfless desire is the main reason why he manage to control his powers properly.
  • After his ascension, Chiyoko Shiraishi was happy to see him as she held a party for him along with his allies in the House of Food.
  • Eiji Hino has had experiences walking the Earth, so he sometimes hangs out in the House of Travel and talks about his adventures. He is able to give everything he owns away—well, maybe except some money and tomorrow's underpants.
  • Many of the Kamen Riders like to mention the time Eiji was hit with a love spell; poor Eiji doesn't even remember what happened to him back then.
  • Eiji became friends with the Elric Brothers due to their abilities that had something to do with alchemy (in which OOO's powers were created by the King and his alchemist 800 years prior) and Eiji made enemies with the likes of Father, Pride, and Lust due to them being a homunculus just like the Greeed.
  • Eiji is also good friends with Ryuko Matoi due to both of them have a non-human companions on their side during their respective battles.
  • While he is a Nice Guy at heart, he is not amused of Kaito Kumon of all the people due to the Armored Rider's tendencies of being a Nominal Hero. However since he possess a Rider Lockseed in OOO's likeness, Eiji has to team up with Kaito especially if they're facing the same common enemy in Nui Harime.
  • Since he possess the "Great Powers of Kamen Rider OOO", Eiji became bitter enemies with Basco ta Jolokia due to the villain's agenda of robbing and collecting every Ranger Keys and its Great Powers.
  • Eiji became close friends with Shirou Emiya and Mami Tomoe due to their similar unfortunate pasts that made them of what they become, a Broken Hero. However, they casts aside their doubts if they're dealing with their respective foes while trying to save many people to prevent any casualties.
  • Eiji loathes Ryoma Sengoku as he reminds him of his old foe Dr. Kiyoto Maki, however he also sees Ryoma as more dangerous threat since the mad scientist will do anything in the name of science, even betraying Ryoma's own cohorts just to achieve the scientist's goals.
  • He gets along well with Setsuna F. Seiei due to them share a lot of common, both of them hate wars and their desire is to use their abilities to prevent Wars all over the world. Also, he is also disgust of Ali Al-Saachez due to his background as a terrorist and his love for war, because of this, Eiji and Ali became bitter enemies.
  • Some say that Eiji didn't use Gatakiriba Combo a lot compare to his other Combos, probably due to the large costs of using CGI effects on his abilities. Although now that he is ascended, he can use the combo all he wants. Of course he mostly use it to help around the Pantheon.

    John Corben/Metallo 
John Corben, God of Living Achilles Heels (Metallo, Metal-Zero, George Grant)

Lucy, Goddess of Psychic Powers (Lucy, Nyu/Nyuu, Kaede)
  • Intermediate Goddess (can overclock her powers and reach Greater Goddess status at the cost of her own life)
  • Symbol: Her Helmet
  • Theme Song: Lilium
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (as her Third Personality), True Neutral (as Nyu), Chaotic Neutral (as Kaede)
  • Portfolio: Split Personalities, Psychic Powers, Non-Human Supremacists, Unbridled Rage lasting 90% of her lifetime, Woobies, Destroyer of worlds, Villain Protagonists, Evil Redheads, Nightmare Fuel, Enfant Terribles, Creepy Children, Gone Horribly Right
  • Domains: Chaos, Domination, Mind, Madness, Pain, Hatred
  • Followers: No. 7, Miroku Amagi, the Red Man
  • Allies: Johan Liebert, Hansel and Gretel, Roberta, Painwheel, Bruno/Johnny (Nyuu only)
  • Rivals: Ermac, Kenshi Takahashi, Alma Wade
  • Enemies: Herr Doktor Tenma, Revy, Magnus The Red, The Imperium of Man (especially The Emperor of Mankind), Cletus Kasady/Carnage
  • Evil Counterpart to: Ness
  • As her evil personality, frequently clashes with just about every other member of the Pantheon. As Nyuu, frequently tries to befriend them. As Kaede, simply wants them all to leave her alone.
  • This is some really fucked up person right here, and scares the shit out of a good portion of the Pantheon. It's not her life's dedication to random, senseless killing (pretty much two thirds of the Pantheon is like that anyways), but the fact that it's impossible to tell whether her murderous behavior is "Nature" or "Nurture".
  • It's only gotten worse now that she's 'married' to Johan Liebert and become the 'big sister' to Hansel and Gretel, of whom they share their passions of destroying human life. Lucy's relationship with Kouta still remains, but is purely one-sided in favor of Lucy due to being the 'wife' of an equally dangerous person.
  • Ness is currently trying to either stage a takeover against Lucy or have a spot in the house as her Good Counterpart.
  • Herr Doktor Tenma and some other members of the Pantheon who know of Kaede and Nyuu's (relative) innocence are formulating plans to find some way to separate the "Lucy" personality from them, likely by extracting Kaede and Nyuu and giving them their own bodies. This would perhaps allow Kaede (who is markedly less homicidal than her dark side unless provoked) to actually have a chance at happiness with Kouta and with friends. Of course, if it succeeds this is predicted to leave the "Lucy" persona wholly stripped of any goodness or restraint, including any of Kaede's or Nyuu's love of Kouta, leaving her just as evil but without anything holding her back; the general consensus amongst the would-be rescuers is "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it". To everyone's shock (and horror), Johan has expressed support of this endeavor: the idea of Lucy COMPLETELY uninhibited by any concept of morality is quite tempting to him. Tenma plans to move forward regardless: he's satisfied so long as he saves Kaede and Nyu from Lucy's (and by extension Johan's) grasp. Besides, there are more than enough powerful gods in the vicinity willing and able to stop Lucy if she goes on a rampage.
  • She's still pretty damn pissed about her last encounter with Magnus The Red, trying to find a way to get revenge for what he did to her in their battle.
    • She did try to get her revenge by building an army of diclonii, both for the sake of fighting Magnus and for the sake of eradicating humanity. Sadly for Lucy, Magnus had forseen this, leading to him making sure that hundreds of not thousands of her followers fell to chaos and rebelled against her. Her plans are currently on hold untill she can deal with this civil war.
  • Yu Narukami is currently trying to save Kaede and Nyu from Lucy's grasp, as he believes that the Lucy personality is actually her Shadow Archetype who has somehow managed to possess Kaede and Nyu. Compared to Tenma's plan, Yu's is considerably less dangerous as it doesn't involve separating three personalities into three separate bodies (thus resulting in the Lucy personality being completely unfettered, thus meaning imminent danger). Yu has identified her tarot card: The Hermit.
  • Is set to fight Carnage in a Death Battle. The Pantheon has dozens of janitors on standby to cleanup the inevitable mess. Thankfully, Lucy blew him up with her explosive vectors, so there was no blood. But there was a huge crater left over.
  • Magnus the Red once tried to recruit her to join his Thousand Sons traitor legion as a psyker, seeing great potential in her abilities. She refused to join his cause, fighting back to the best of her abilities to defeat the Daemon Primarch. Despite putting up a brutal battle of pure psychic power that completely destroyed an entire planet, she found herself flayed alive, blinded, partially gutted and delimbed by Magnus, being left on the verge of death until the more benevolent gods could safely heal her horrible wounds. And to rub further salt into the wound, Magnus then made sure that hundreds if not thousands of Diclonius began to fall to Chaos in order to rebel against Lucy and her followers, basically starting a civil war amongst her own people. She has sworn revenge ever since. Johan, Hansel and Gretel seem to all be staying out of this for now, so no onw knows what they think of Magnus's treatment of their "wife" and "mother" figure.
    • As for said revenge, it seemingly came in the form of her former follower Alma Wade, who clashed with Magnus not long after ascending to the Pantheon, fighting him to a draw and almost causing him to lose his mind. That was quickly corrected when Alma made it clear to Lucy that she intends to take her out as well for their rivaling powers, saying she is the real Alma, not Lucy (as though Lucy had even tried to say otherwise).

    Might Guy 
Might Guy, God of Dynamic Entries (Maito Gai, Gai-sensei, Might GAR)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when using the 8 gates, and Overdeity when using the 8th gate)
  • Symbol: Team Guy logo, with a shiny sparkle like his teeth.
  • Theme Song: Might Guy's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Dramatic, unseen, Lightning-fast strikes, Crouching Morons, Hidden Baddassess, Team Father Figures, Hot-Blooded, Large Ham, Super Awesome Names, Unknown Rivalry, Values of Youth, Epic Eyebrows, Manliness
  • Allies: Naruto Uzumaki, Jiraiya, Bang Shishigami, Guy Shishioh, Bruce Lee, Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee, Toshinari Yagi/All Might
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Kakashi
  • Enemies: Orochimaru, anyone who gives him a thumbs down expression
  • Literally made his entrance to the Pantheon by giving Jiraiya a flying kick into his face. He has since apologized.
  • Surprisingly gets along very well with Bang. Maybe since at least Bang was much more open in 'rivalry' than Kakashi ever did to Guy. It helps that they're both hot-blooded Large Hams.
  • Is actually honored to ever share the same name with Guy Shishioh. Might is greatly impressed with Shishioh's courage AND youthful spirit, and Shishioh also respects Might's experience and dedication to the force of Good.
  • It is often that inhabitants of the Pantheon mistakes him for Bruce Lee from long distances. This has sadly made sure that he has gotten himself targeted by attacks from the GUAE's ranged troops many times. Not that it's a problem, because he always finds a way to get close quick and give them a flying kick on the face in lightning speed.
  • He is proud to hear that his beloved pupil Lee has ascended as well as his ultimate rival, Kakashi. Unfortunately, Kakashi's reply for his proudness is his usual cool "Did you say something?".
  • He has been severely crippled after having used his Eighth Gate in a battle against Madara, despite Naruto having healed him after the fact. There were talks of demoting Guy for his current state, but Bruce Lee, Son Goku, and even Asura quickly shut down the opposition, stating that his godlike strength and abilities in his Eighth Gate form would be more than enough to ascend him to Overdeity status; however, as such power was only attained temporarily through a technique that should have by all means killed him, Guy could not be permanently ascended and, as such, maintains his position as an Intermediate God.
  • One day, he and All Might were scheduled to duke it out. To avoid moral outcry, Wizard and Boomstick would take them to a simulation battlefield, and in there, each would be at their prime (prior to any crippling injuries) to make it the best fight ever. Having heard of each other and taking an interest, both were actually eager to test their mettle against one another.
    • Might Guy came out on top, to the surprise of many, even if it was only after opening the Eighth Gate. Regardless of the results, Guy was impressed with All Might's prowess and they instantly became best friends.

    Nevermore the Shadow Fiend 
Nevermore, God of Unholy Nukes (Shadow Fiend, Stealer of Souls, Swag Fiend, Shadow Friend)
With Demon Eater 
  • Intermediate God, with varying levels of power boosts based on the number of souls he has in his collection
  • Symbol: Scattered souls, represented by red and black globs.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Shadow Raze, Necromastery, Presence of the Dark Lord, Requiem of Souls, The Assimilator, His Death Activates Requiem of Souls, Eldritch Abomination, Lean and Mean, Our Demons Are Different, Soul Power, Voice of the Legion
  • Domains: Demons, Darkness, Souls, Combat
  • High Priest: Soulstealer
  • Allies: Doom, Shang Tsung, Ragnaros the Firelord, Diablo
  • Teethclenched Teamwork: Arthas Menethil
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra
  • Enemies: Dust, The Chosen Undead and Bearer of the Curse, Ermac, Soma Cruz
  • Target for Soul: Ermac, Dust, The Chosen Undead and Bearer of the Curse, Frisk
  • Rumors had it that Shang Tsung had found an ally in a realm of demons and sought to bring it to the Pantheon for assistance in his schemes. Not many was willing to learn the validity of the rumors, and others who would be willing was either too busy or didn't care much to check it out. The exceptions being Dust and Johnny Cage who both teamed up to stop Shang Tsung from summoning whoever this ally was. The duo managed to catch Shang Tsung during a summoning ritual, but they were far too late to stop it. As something slowly showed up from the summoning portal, Johnny Cage stepped forward to fight it off while Dust kept Shang Tsung occupied.
    • What rose from the portal could be described as a beast, a shadow of evil in the form of a humanoid upper body and dark mists carrying it across the room. From the demon's words, Johnny Cage figured out easily that it's a soul stealing type of demon. While Johnny fought well, it was giving him a hard time regardless, and he would surely have lost were it not for Dust's appearance. The demon, sensing the presence of two souls within one, immediately ceased its assault on Johnny Cage to focus on Dust. While Johnny Cage got away to find reinforcement, the monster and Dust engaged in combat, sword techniques versus demonic magic. When reinforcement showed up, the demon acknowledged that it had to escape. It cast a slow but powerful spell, an attack so mighty that it forced Dust away when the unleashed souls harmed him and limited his power, giving the demon a chance to flee from the area. When research was conducted on the summoning ritual, the group discovered the identity of the beast. It was Nevermore the Shadow Fiend, also known for being a Defender of the Ancients.
    • The Requiem of Souls can be considered one of the most devastating spells in the hands of demons, especially if it manages to impact someone with every unleashed soul contained within. In a perfect situation, Requiem of Souls at max power is capable of inflicting a tremendous amount of damage to one entity that it's likely to wipe out anyone who isn't spell immune or absurdly resistant to magical damage.
    • Nevermore himself is known as the Shadow Fiend. Having stolen and devoured souls throughout his existence, he is more than proud that he has claimed countless souls, including that of poets, priests, emperors, beggars, slaves, philosophers, criminals and (of course) heroes. There is no such thing as a soul that he won't desire to devour, including demons. (Though there is a price for doing that) In some places, he has become something of a boogeyman. He is also willing to show those interested what it's like to have their souls taken.
  • Sometimes he's seen covered in flames and using fire instead of darkness for his spells, which occurs as a result of consuming demon souls. When he's in this Demon Eater form, he tend to seek out demon souls, much to the worry and fear of lesser demonic deities. Ragnaros, in the meanwhile, found that in this form, he looks very similar to Firelords. Fascinated and possibly flattered by this, Ragnaros struck up an alliance with Nevermore. He has since been trying to urge him to become a Demon Eater permanently (to the point that he started giving him Flame Imps), much to the dismay of the demons of the pantheon.
    • Diablo, a fellow devourer of souls and user of fire (well, fellow user of fire in Demon Eater form) has formed an alliance with Shadow Fiend, feeling that they could bring down many enemies within the Pantheon as a combined force. Nevermore accepted, on the condition that he gets his share of souls.
  • There's many within the pantheon whose souls he wants to devour, but Ermac is at the very top of the list for being host to 10,000 souls, something that Nevermore believes would make for a magnificent feast.
  • When he learned that the Lich King's Frostmourne feeds on souls and traps them within, the Shadow Fiend was curious if he could devour them from the sword. Obviously, Arthas wasn't thrilled with the idea, and the two engaged in vicious combat. It took Doom's interference to break the fight and get them to form a shaky truce.
  • Learning about the strength of Frisk's soul has made him very curious to know what its taste is like. Frisk's friends don't approve of Nevermore's desire.
  • Sharing his name with a type of Grimm led Shadow Fiend to learning about them. Discovering that they're soulless got him somewhat curious, though it's unlikely that either parties would care much about each other otherwise.
  • The Sniper was understandably disturbed to hear that they have the same voice. At least Mundy can respect that it takes skill to land good Shadow Razes.
  • What makes him a rather more terrifying foe than when he was in the Fields of the Ancients were the fact that Nevermore no longer has just one storage of souls. In the Forests of Caldavar, his High Priest the Soulstealer has been spreading his teachings and claiming more souls to act as a backup soul storage for Nevermore. On Nevermore's signal, the Soulstealer would transfer his collected souls to him and this will double his soul power and Requiem's explosion. It doesn't take the Presence of the Dark Lord to BE VERY AFRAID.
  • "It's true, I have the soul of a poet. I just can't remember where I put it."

    Scott Summers/Cyclops 
Scott Summers, God of Eye Beams and Power Incontinence (Cyclops, Cyke, Slim Summers)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His visors
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, formerly Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Eye Beams of Pure Energy, Power Incontinence, Captains, Leaders, Unscrupulous Heroes, Aloof Brothers With Instinct, Wild Cards, Good Is Not Nice, Broken Aces, Mentors of Child Soldiers, Cool Shades, Taking Level in Douchebaggery, Sociopathic, Byronical and Tragic Heroes, Those With Tangled Family Trees
  • Domains: Vigilantism, Mutantkind, War, Leadership, Heroics (occasionally nowadays)
  • Former Mentor: Professor X
  • Allies: Magneto (former enemy), Jin Kisaragi, Guts, Byakuya Kikuchi, CM Punk, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Emma Frost, Captain Kirk, Lux Arcadia
  • Odd Friendship with: Malcolm Reynolds
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Aila Jyrkiäinen, Megumi Aino/Cure Lovely.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine, Captain America, Storm, Jason Lee Scott, Ryu
  • Enemies: Red Skull, Doctor Doom, Oda Nobunaga, Dr. Weil, Sentinels, anyone who oppresses the mutants
  • Special Relationship: Jean Grey/Phoenix
  • If one were to point who is the leader of the X-Men, chances are the majority would point to this man. Scott Summers was just a kid who was bullied until his mutant powers kicked in. It allowed him to conjure concussive blast from his eyes, but with no way to control it without ruby glasses. Once he was picked by Professor X to form a new group of mutants, he quickly established himself as the leader of the X-Men. It would be a position he would hold for the majority of the group's existence. He may no longer be the most popular mutant and may have lapses of membership there, but he can always be counted to come back to lead the group to broker peace between mutants and humans.
  • As the leader of the X-Men, he has talked to every mutant in the Pantheon. Of course, there are others in particular that should be noted:
    • Fell for the psychic Jean Grey not that long after the X-Men were formed. The two have had a turbulent relationship ever since, from losing her to a super-powered being, to hooking up another redhead (and abandoning her shortly after Jean was revived) to losing her again and hooking up with Emma Frost instead. Yet the pairing managed to stick together by threads. The pairing has also birth multiple children, two of them are in the Pantheon: Cable and Hope Summers.
    • There has been tension between him and Jean due to his relationship with Emma Frost. Some may say he even has a thing for psychics. All of this leaves a bit of a mess of a relationship with the three.
    • , Of course, no rivalry has shaped him than that of Logan, also known as the Wolverine. It has ebbed and flowed throughout their time together. In some instances, they are able to tolerate each other. But there was more than a few instances where their rivalry exploded into exchanging blows. Among grievances include pinning over Jean Grey (with the pairing with Logan and Jean gaining popularity after the Ultimate X-Men and live-action films), Scott's recklessness in using kids as weapons leading to the Schism of the team and fighting Logan who sided with the Avengers over the X-Men when the two teams battled it out. The cusp of it all is that Wolverine's popularity was coming at the cost of that of the X-Men. As of right now, the two are trying to regain traction after disappearing for a while.
    • Is forever thankful to Professor X for giving him the opportunity to lead the X-Men. While some balk some of the telepath's actions, Scott has always defended him. He still feels regret over killing him during the climax of his fight against the Avengers.
    • Sees Storm as a capable person and a potential leader. He buried the hatchet against her after the left the group when she beat him without her powers. Aila never let him forget that time he curried her favor when it happened. It's a decision he regrets to this day.
  • His teamwork with Ryu is what kickstarted the Marvel vs. Capcom series, starting with X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Nowadays, they occasionally team-up when comes to beating down irredeemable beings. That too was taken away from him by Wolverine.
  • Has sworn that any Sentinel that attacks him or any of his teammates, will meet the same fate as the one that attacked the X-Mansion that fateful day.
  • His relationship with the Avengers (and Captain America in particular) was already fraught early on. He chided the Super Soldier for not doing enough for the plight of mutantkind. It exploded into an all-out war when the Avengers demanded to take Hope Summers away from them. The resulting fight put him at dire straits... all while making him more popular than ever before. At that point, it was due to people becoming sympathetic on the X-Men losing their status as the premier Marvel team due to the rising popularity on the X-Men. The two remain on icy terms with each other.
  • This animosity extended to include Black Bolt, first when it was clear Inhumans were replacing them as the persecuted race and especially when their arrival was ''literally'' killing them. The process has now reversed, with the X-Men enjoying a renaissance of popularity and the Inhumans suffering from a massive loss of their kind.
  • Admires Captain Kirk's ability to lead his team through space expositions. The two groups teamed up to take on Deathbird and the Imperial Guard. When they next saw each other in the Pantheon, he offered a drink and a game of pool to captain. He also apologized for Wolverine's brawl with Spock.
  • One of the odder relationships among the gods has been with Malcolm Reynolds. He just can't help but think that the God of Big Damn Heroism looked like his father whenever the two meet. It helps that the two of them became space pirates.
  • Don't mess with him, and please, don't steal his visor... you're making him a bad day.
  • He used to be a beacon of hope for all mutants. Then stuff happened. He may, however, participate in the Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • Has a good partnership with CM Punk because they have a "Cult of Personality".
  • Is among the many Gods who mourned over the Fall of Itachi, whom he considers as an equal in terms of protective brotherhood.
  • Became friends with Lux Arcadia, sympathizing with the boy's struggle to provide for his little sister and redeem the Arcadia name, similar to his struggles to prove to the Marvel Universe that mutants can be heroes. Lux has been nothing but supportive of Scott, taking the time to hear his side of the story and motivating him to do better. He also knows what it feels like to have an evil brother that seeks to undermine everything you've ever worked for. Cyclops, in turn, has come to see much of himself in the boy and has promised to do whatever it takes to keep Lux safe.

Lesser Gods

Gaige, Goddess of Deadly Inaccuracy (The Mechromancer)
  • Theme: Short Change Hero (performed by The Heavy, shared with her fellow Vault Hunters)
  • Lesser Goddess, though she claims to be an Overdeity with enough Anarchy stacks.
  • Symbol: Her lunchbox
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Mechromancy, Accidentally killed her school bully, A-Team Firing, Genki Girl, From Bullied Nerd, to Vault Hunter, Gadgeteering Teen Genius, Has a Thing for Guns and Cyborgs, Kickass Adorability, Loves Deathtrap to bits, Shock and Awe, Got Deathtrap do his job TOO well
  • Domains: Digital Construction, Technology, Chaos, Lightning
  • Herald: D374-TP/Deathtrap
  • Followers: Fulton Reed, Dr. Grimm, Warthog, Ershin, Drachma, Scylla, The Leper, The Squiggoth, Flak and Jugger
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Handsome Jack, Lucifer, Dr. Weil, Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, Libby Chessler, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Tomie Kawakami, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Denzel Q. Crocker, Megatron, the GUAM Machine Council, The Network, Junkrat & Roadhog, Asroc, Jinx
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ivo Robotnik/Dr. Eggman, Dr. Albert W. Wily, Harley Quinn
  • Before becoming a Vault Hunter, the high-school girl Gaige was a genius inventor for her age beloved by her doting father. She made her own prosthetic armnote  and built a killer robot out of a CL4P-TP and spare junk parts named "D374-TP" AKA Deathtrap for a science fair. When her local school meanie Marcie Holloway stole Deathtrap's design and marketed it as "the Super Crime-Buster Bot", Gaige did not take it well. At the science fair, Marcie bribed the judges into giving her first prize despite her bot breaking down, further infuriating the inventor. Marcie pushed her for opposing, Deathtrap identifies her as a threat and... she exploded. With the police arriving, Gaige escaped to Pandora with the help of her father and later on, sneaked into the train that the other up-and-coming Vault Hunters are on. The rest as they say, is history.
  • The first to greet her were Roland and the rest of the Crimson Raiders, who are glad to permanently have her around since her fellow Vault Hunters are currently their Heralds and Gaige herself is happy to join them. Tiny Tina likes Gaige more out of the 2nd Generation Vault Hunters since they're on the same page for their shared love of carnage, Marcus sees her (and to an extent along with her fellow Vault Hunters) as a very profitting customer who he can rely on for missions, Moxxi and Scooter draws the line at hitting on her though they are willing to wait and Claptrap, despite being annoying half the time, still earns Gaige's pity nonetheless since he has been through a lot and he himself is happy that a "minion" of his is here. But out of all of them, Gaige is happy to see Sir Hammerlock again since she has a crush on him for having robotic parts, but she remains platonic with him since A) he's gay and B) he's obviously older than her. Despite being busy evading the Halloways to the point that she couldn't help out much against the Children of the Vault, she would later attend the wedding of Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs.
    • And as is par for the course, she hates seeing Handsome Jack again since killing him at the Vault of the Warrior and is gearing up to kill him painfully yet again. Jack himself is angry that he has to deal with the "bandit" of the anarchic inventor girl and is conspiring with Marcie's dad and uncle to get rid of her for good which is something Gaige is not surprised at, and of course she doesn't have to face them alone now that she has the most badass allies to back her up.
  • As much as she loves anarchy, Gaige sees Lucifer as instant bad news the moment he approaches her to recruit her into the GUAC. His philosophy of the strong dominating the weak is no better than any oppressing tyrant or organization she usually opposes, calling it "not my brand of anarchy"; this still has not deterred the leader of the GUAC from finding more recruits even if he's missing out on the motherload.
    • Some people also made comparisons of her with Jinx and Harley Quinn for being wild girls with an appetite for destruction. Gaige doesn't like both of them and they don't like her either despite sharing said destruction appetite as they usually take the lives on innocents which Gaige certainly wouldn't want, though she has more pity for Harley and her situation of loving the uncaring Joker than she is with Jinx.
  • As she hates bullies due to her time with Marcie (the primary reason why she built Deathtrap), the inventor Vault Hunter befriended Matilda Wormwood and Jimmy Hopkins who are glad to have an ally like her, though they are a little scared of Deathtrap potentially killing them by accident which is something Gaige is hoping to rectify. Allying with Matilda and Jimmy ends her up with finding enemies in Biff Tannen and Gary Smith, as well as evil teachers like Miss Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge and Mr. Denzel Crocker; Gaige swears to take them down for good and they themselves are preparing in case Deathtrap stalks them until they are bloody smithereens. But Gaige's burning hatred is reserved for scum like Libby Chesler and the Reagans who are like Marcie but are separate people. As much as Libby would like to torment the inventor and bully her, she knows that getting lasered to death is a fate she refuses to experience and Eliza and Neil are also taking notes in avoiding this as well.
    • Her animosity against Libby earned acknowledgement from Sabrina Spellman who keeps getting bullied by her everytime she's in school often; they both told each other of their respective worlds and being friends despite knowing about being opposites in magic VS tech. Gaige has heard of Sabrina's actions in another timeline where she raises the dead by accident which costs innocent lives in her hometown and she can see that Sabrina didn't mean for it to happen so she hopes to make her feel better in the coming days.
    • Gaige had an unfortunate meeting with Tomie Kawakami, who proceeded to not only insulted her and Deathtrap but also gaslighted her by saying Marcie deserved her victory at that science fair. Enraged, Gaige sicced Deathtrap after Tomie; after Deathtrap registers her as a threat, it blasts a laser at Tomie, exploding her to bits. And then Gaige regretted it the moment Tomie regenerated from her remains, but then she heard about the "set fire to Tomie on sight" policy and luckily for Gaige, she had incendiary guns in her inventory. The conclusion is obvious. Since then, both girls now hate each other and wouldn't hesitate to tear at each other's throats.
  • As she is a little girl who commands a robot for combat, Gaige got in contact with Peni Parker and Hana Song who pilot their robots instead. Gaige is glad to have found a peer in Peni and finds D.Va streaming with fighting to be badass; D.Va considers streaming with Gaige since she is popular on the ECHOnet back at her world some other time and Gaige gleefully accepts. Winry Rockbell was also impressed at Gaige's inventions though she's a little scared that Deathtrap is mostly set for killing and Rin from the Synchro Dimension got some common ground with Gaige for being Pragmatic Heroes with a hand in tech; she is surprised Gaige is well-educated in spite of her love for anarchy and Gaige feels bad that Rin did not get enough education previously. As Gaige also likes guns, Ruby Rose stumbled upon her during a trip to the House of Weapons and they hit it off quickly, discussing crazy ideas involving making new guns and combos of guns.
    • Gaige never thought there might be someone who can match Sir Hammerlock in looking good while having mechanical parts, until Victor Stone AKA Cyborg enters a picture. Finding him more achievable than Hammerlock, Gaige flirted with him on their first meeting but Victor turned her down, mostly because he's also older than her by now. Despite not landing a relationship with him, she still managed to be friends with him at least. Also, Gaige respects Dr. Light a lot since he creates robots with benevolent intentions and so, she sees him as a substitute grandpa since he treats her kindly like her dad did. Dr. Light can see she has potential in being an inventor though he can tell her impulses need a lot of work so he vows to give her the right guidance. Bulkhead is reminded of Sari when he met Gaige once they both found out they ascended at the same time and they hit it off once they bonded over making collateral damage by accident and being geniuses at a second glance.
    • As for others who came from D.Va's world, Junkrat & Roadhog got on her bad side after pitting her in an impromptu mech showdown just like they did back at Junkertown which hosted tournaments between mechs; both parties may love causing mayhem but Gaige feels they are always up to no good ever. Hammond the hamster, who also fought in Junkertown won over Gaige instead and she finds him both adorable despite him being oversized and impressive since he made his mech Wrecking Ball out of spare parts, just like her with Deathtrap.
  • As she made some fourth wall references like a meta girl, Gaige found the circle of like-minded people of Ibuki Mioda, Pinkie Pie, Deadpool & Peacock one day and they bring her in for a lively chat; she made friends with them quickly since they are just as balls-to-the-walls as her. Notably, Deadpool may have cross the line at times but he is lessening that nowadays, Peacock is willing to join Gaige in fighting Jinx and Pinkie Pie got along with her better since her upgrades calls back to most shenanigans in Pinkie's homeworld.
  • Despite Deathtrap's scary demeanor, Steven & Greg Universe finds Gaige to be a jolly companion and it helps that Greg's treatment of her and Steven is very reminiscent of her father who always stand by her decisions and support them even if she goes rogue in another planet.
  • Before her proper ascension, Gaige was once a follower of Dr. Eggman before her ascension. Despite his evilness rubbing her the wrong way, she respects his passion and skill with building killer machines and badass robots and the feeling is mutual on Eggman's part. Same goes for Dr. Wily, who is bummed that he missed out on a valuable ally like Gaige not to mentioned being won over by Dr. Light too. And then there's the resident Gadgeteer Genius and Marionette Master of the Seven, Asroc who fights with the mech Galette Krone, which is armed to the teeth and can also be revived continuously through his Technopath abilities; this is someone Gaige actually doesn't like. Asroc is quick to sneer at her, both thanks to his Fantastic Racism to those without powers and the fact he was already working on a Humongous Mecha for his comrades by age 15; it wasn't finished sure, but it was sure able to put up a very tough fight regardless.
    • But no controller of robots earn her furious ire than Dr. Weil, whose oppression of Reploids and a forceful desire to control them along with causing destruction to them makes Marcie Holloway look like a good girl in comparison. Weil himself couldn't care less for the chaotic inventor but he thinks it's amusing to destroy and disconnect Deathtrap from her to enjoy her suffering.
  • Gods like the GUAM Machine Council, the Network and Megatron earned Gaige's opposition and called them a bad name to technology with their aims of robotic supremacy through oppression of humans, forced participation into a galactic union and ruling with an iron fist respectively. The Council sees Deathtrap as an asset and is calculating methods to bring it to their side, the Network sees her as a bratty human kid who needs disciplinenote  and Megatron sees her as a smallfry human at first, though he is cautious if she does upgrade Deathtrap to potentially combat him.
  • "Don't screw with a girl and her robot!"

Guile, God of Simple but Practical Combat and Charging Attacks (William F. Guile, Major Guile, Soldier of Justice, Military Man, Air Slasher, Circletop Soldier [by Edward Elric])

Jakiro, Twin Headed God of Breath Weaponry (Twin Head Dragon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A red dragon head and a blue dragon head breathing fire and ice simultaneously
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fire and Ice Combined, Giant Flyer, Intelligence Hero, Half Fire, Half Ice, Herd Hitting Attacks, Mighty Glacier, Multiple Head Case, Dragon Born a Freak, Yin-Yang Bomb
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, Dragons, Combat
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra
  • Enemies: Ornstein, Smough, Acnologia, Dovahkiin, Grima, Deathwing
  • One day, Lina and Rylai had set their differences aside to fight back against several dire heroes who had ambushed and cornered them. Despite their efforts and surprising teamwork, they were outmatched and nearly defeated by their hands. However, a two headed dragon suddenly flew out of outside to freeze and burn the surprised dire heroes, who couldn't react fast enough to move out of the way. Said dragon was quickly identified by the sisters and the dire as Jakiro the Twin Head Dragon and radiant hero. Having received massive damage from Jakiro's surprise attack, the dire heroes had no choice but to retreat from the battle. Though not before Jakiro scored themselves a double kill!
    • Jakiro insists that they didn't notice that Lina and Rylai was there and that they only attacked the dire heroes for the sake of wrecking havoc and destruction upon them. Regardless, they're happy to have been there.
    • Jakiro is notable for one thing. Whenever they attacks, they do not bite or use claws. Instead, they breath fire and ice. In fact, this is the only way they attack. Purely by breathing, they lay waste to those who dare attack him head-on and in a predictive pattern. Jakiro's usage of their Breath Weaponry is what allowed them to ascend.
    • Prior to his ascension, they used to be a follower of King Ghidorah. Ghidorah didn't appear to mind losing a follower however, allowing them to form an alliance.
  • Generally, both heads gets along quite well and refer to each other as brother. However, neither of them can agree on which subhouse of Nature is better. Fire and Electricity or Water and Ice.
    • They also can't agree on which sister is better. Lina or Rylai.
  • Since Spyro has been able to use both fire and ice now and then, Jakiro likes the little dragon. Spyro himself appreciates that Jakiro fights amongst the radiant heroes (who's commonly perceived as good guys, which is not completely right) but wishes they could be less destructive in their behavior.
  • They're perfectly aware that Ornstein and Smough outclasses them in combat, and will avoid them whenever possible. Same deal with Dovahkiin.
  • While Godzilla is not what most people would call a dragon, Jakiro consider his atomic breath awe-inspiring. However, their alliance with Ghidorah means that they will generally not try and get in his way.
  • A rather unfortunate incident happened with Jakiro while they were chasing the forest rangers. It was embarrassing and they don't want to be reminded of that event.
  • Darkterror is their favorite dire hero, for some reason.
  • "Twin engines of your destruction."

    Laura Matsuda 
Laura Matsuda, Goddess of Painfully Slow Projectiles (Dancer of the Searing Wind)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Signature Projectile, the Thunder Clap and Her Green 'Bonita' Top
  • Her dance beats: Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu Fighting Tour, Hot Wind of Brazil or Fight or Flight when heated
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Aloof Big Sister/Cool Big Sis to Sean, Bare Your Midriff, Big Eater of Meat, Braids of Action, Afro-Brazilian and Japanese, Composite Character of Blanka and Sean, Dance Battler, Does Not Like Shoes, Half Of Her Hair Is Done In Cornrows, Foreign Fanservice, Stands At 5'9"
  • Domains: Brazillian Women, Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu, Fanservice, Electricity, Travel
  • High Priestess: Vanessa Lewis
  • Additional Relationship: Sean Matsuda (her younger brother, serving as Ken Masters' Herald)
  • Allies:
  • Worthy Opponents: Takuma Sakazaki/Mr. Karate, Ryo and Yuri Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Jin Kazama, Asuka Kazama, Yang Xiao Long
  • Rivals: Sombra
  • Opposed By: Poison
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Juri Han, Vega, Urien
  • The ascension of one Laura Matsuda was one that no one didn't see coming at some point, but no one did see coming as quickly as it did. Most of the Pantheon's deities had their money on Blanka to be the first Brazilian-born deity on the Street Fighter roster to ascend, with Laura possibly entering sometime after that. The first of the new challengers to ascend, Laura seeks not only to make friends, but to also promote Matsuda-ryu Jiu-Jitsu, as she is the heir to the family style.
  • Made friends with Hitomi on her first day in the Pantheon. Both girls are considered to be halvsie (person with Japanese ancestry), with Laura's grandfather being Japanese himself.
  • Laura is described by Ken Masters as 'bohemian,' and is known not only being a thrill-seeker, but also for her free spirit and energetic personality.
  • Laura spends her time in the House of Food, particularly sampling the various meat dishes there alongside Birdie.
  • After seeing Laura in her casual attire, Frank West sees Laura as a shoe-in for his PERFECT EROTICA photo contest. She has also earned the ire of Poison, who calls her outfit 'a knockoff of hers.'
  • As she enjoys to fight Laura can be seen at the House of Combat, training and fighting with some of the resident deities there. Her cheerful demeanor could give Naruto Uzumaki a run for his money.
    • It is also whilst training in the House of Combat that she met Yang Xiao Long. The ensuing match between the pair ended in a stand-off (and thankfully Yang had her hair intact), but left both women in good spirits.
    • Don't be distracted by her...assets should you step in the ring with Laura. She is not the heir of her family's style for nothing, as Sean can attest to that.
  • Laura is also on good terms with fellow Brazilian-born deity Samuel Rodrigues. When she asked if he would be interested in learning her style of Jiu-Jitsu, Sam politely declined, as he was good with being a swordsman.
  • Laura's curiosity about the Kazama style of combat had piqued her interest, seeing as how some techniques involve grappling. While Jin Kazama favors Traditional Karate, his mother and cousin are proficient in the style.
  • Bentley Turtle and Otacon have asked her if she has any relatives in/from Mexico. She said no, at least not that she's aware of. Then the Pantheon entered a hacker named Sombra and she realized why they were asking that question. They don't like each other very much; Sombra gets her kicks off irritating people, Laura's loose dress style and friendly attitude made her easy to troll with Slut-Shaming, and their fighting styles are so divorced from each other they wouldn't be talked about in the same breath if they didn't look alike.
    • That said, she did challenge Sombra to take bets on who would win the FIFA World Cup 2018 match between Mexico and Brazil. With Neymar and Roberto Firmino's two goals, she became $371.22 richer that day in Brazilian reals (the equivalent of $100 in US dollars).
  • Due to their many similarities — tall, upbeat women who travel across the globe to meet new people — she gets along splendidly with fellow Street Fighter Elena. Many are wondering what would happen if Laura decided to follow Elena's route in befriending Akuma, although Akuma himself just wants to see how well she fights.
  • Eventually Blanka finally ascended to the Pantheon, and the two electric Brazilians met somewhat after that point. When Blanka explained how he gained the ability from electric eels, she looked at him funny. Regardless, Blanka has proven to be a free spirit, so she enjoys hanging out with him.
  • While traveling the Panthen promoting the Matsuda fighting style, she met Jetstream Sam, a fellow Japanese-Brazilian fighter. He accepted her challenge to go hand-to-hand instead of using his sword, and though she was the better grappler, he managed to impress her by showing that he knew at least a little bit of judo. She's not a huge fan of his line of work, but he's a good sparring partner and a chill person off the clock.
  • Boom! That's how to start the fight and finish it quickly!

    Weiss Schnee 
Weiss Schnee, Goddess of Glyphs (Snow Angel, Princess, Ice Queen, Embodiment of Defiance, Chicken Butt, White, Great Weiss Shark, Mirror Mirror)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her symbol, a twelve pointed snowflake.
  • Theme Song: "Mirror Mirror"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: gracefully fighting with a rapier that can unleash different types of magic abilities, Ojou, jerks who have a kind spot in their hearts, summoning runes that look like snowflakes, growing as a person, Semblance being a family trait, being able to summon
  • Domains: Weapons, Commerce, Magic
  • Herald: Winter Schnee, her elder sister.
  • Allies: The rest of Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna), Team JNPR (Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, Nora Valkyrie), Qrow Branwen, Karen Minazuki, Inigo Montoya, Mitsuru Kirijo, Jin Kisaragi, Orie Ballardiae, The Investigation Team, Hakumen, Nine the Phantom, Rachel Alucard, Snow White (both the Disney and the Fables one), Queen Elsa, Kairi, Rias Gremory, Emilia Justina (kind of), Ryoubi, Houki Shinonono, Maria Cadenzavne Eve, The Monster Hunters, The Vivid Team, Zorro, Fiora Laurent, N Harmonia, Geralt of Rivia, Chibiterasu
  • Mentor: Gentoku Himuro/Kamen Rider Rogue
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Tenya Iida
  • Difficult Relationship with: Most of the Red vs. Blue deities
  • Opposed by: The Evil Queen
  • Opposes: Leonard L. Church, Raven Branwen, Felix
  • Enemies: Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, Neopolitan, Adam Taurus, the Psycho Rangers (particularly Psychos Blue and Pink), The Master, Yuuki Terumi(Especially as his true self, Susanoo), all Abusive Parents.
  • Deathly Afraid of: The Meta
  • Once the Goddess of Rapiers, Weiss was given Instant Runes for her Semblance ability. With it, she can could repel and slingshot people and even wall run. She can even infuse Dust in her glyphs, creating ice, explosives and even speeding up people.
    • When finding a replacement, she traveled to Zorro's domain. Her former high priest, she asked him if he was interested in the title. Zorro responded with a laugh before shaking his head. Satisfied with his current rank, he suggested to look among her followers to find the best replacement.
    • It's also been revealed that her Semblance is a Schnee family trait as her sister, Winter, has the same Semblance. It's also been revealed that they could even use summons. Though, Weiss has problems with this one ability. But she is improving.
  • Has a prejudice on most bestial humans in the house due to some of them attacking her family's company. But she knows that not all of them are bad. She's gotten along well with Ichigo Momoya (as she is a reminder of Blake Belladonna) for one thing. However, this maybe starting to fade out thanks to her growth. In fact, Weiss was able to partially summon when defending Velvet Scarlatina, a Faunus.
  • Despite her use of Dust, she has to point out that it is not magic. This is why she explicitly ask to be placed in the House of Power and not Magic when her title was changed.
  • At one point, she and the rest of her teammates found themselves stuck in Beacon for a few weeks. To the pass the time, they watched a collection of Red vs. Blue episodes and went from baffled, to insulted, to down right horrified. And in one perceptual episode, she found out that she insistently ripped off a catchphrase from one Agent Washingtonnote . To say she wasn't pleased is quite the understatement.
    • She doesn't seem to like Leonard Church all that much either. While she sympathies with him being a tortured A.I. the fact that they are Not So Different nearly caused herself to believe that she was a robot created to be the perfect heiress before Ruby had to punch the thought out of her. That and the fact that his marksmen skills makes Ruby look like a trained soldier. She tends to glare silently at him whenever he's nearby. And once Washington, who's equally way too similar to Weiss, ascended, she also becomes uneasy in his vicinity, although the fact that Wash has become less mean and sounds like Professor Ozpin makes him better than Church for her.
    • And then learning some of the idiots she was watching on TV were on the Pantheon didn't amuse her, though the troops are attempting to win her over. Once she heard that the Meta arrived to the Pantheon, her skin paled even more than usual and her pupils dilated as her legs gave out under the shock. It's safe to say that she is terrified of the man. She's also not very fond of Manipulative Bastard Felix.
  • Has been know to shout out "Hey!" when people call her a "Chicken Butt". She been trying to found out who was the person to come up with nickname. So far, evidence have pointed it to Pyrrha Nikos. Weiss doesn't believe it, though.
  • Many in the Pantheon have been wondering how she got her scar and what the White Knight represents. The most popular theory so far is that the White Knight represents her father and that the scar was a result of him hurting her. Weiss has not commented on it yet.
    • It was finally revealed that the White Knight was actually a possession-type Grimm. It was use by her father to test her skill and whether or not she was worthy to inherit the Schnee family company. Father of the year.
  • When people heard Weiss had a sister, many assume she would have a strained relationship. Turns out, Weiss has nothing but love and admiration for Winter. While her older sister may act rough to her, she does care deeply for her younger sister.
  • Because she's based on Snow White, Weiss is sometimes accidently called by that name. It doesn't help that there's already two other versions in the House of Royalty. This has gotten the Evil Queen's attention.
  • Has recently gone into a period of mourning, along with the rest of people of her world. When asked, she would only say, "A very great person has gone to a better place. We're honoring his memory the only way we know how." It's one of the few times her normal attitude drops completely away. Once she learned of his ascension, Weiss paid her respects, and went on to carve his signature in her temple.
  • Has started to learn Japanese to be more worldly in the Pantheon. When she does speak it, many have notice she sounds like others who share some similar traits. While she does gets along well with Maria, both being singers who battle evil creatures, and Rias, both glyph users and being from a well known house, Emi, a hot tempered sword user with prejudice against another race, and Ryubi, a small chested, tempered girl with respect for their older sister, are a bit more rough to be around with.
  • Some in the Pantheon were surprised when they learn that Weiss could actually sing. Weiss does admit she hasn't done it as much as she use to since training as a huntress. But she has taken time to visit the House of Music to practice.
  • Got red-faced when she found out there are those who ship her and her teammates, especially Ruby. They tell her that all her deniability of them not being friends or her being mad at her was just her being a tsundere.
  • Tends to get mad when people talk about her chest. And contrary to what others believe, she's actually mad that people think she has breast envy.
  • Received some advice on her attitude with another rapier-wielding Ice Queen. Mitsuru has been recently opening up to others outside her classmates, hoping to convince Weiss to do the same with her. Of course some of their followers see the two as rivals, demanding a match to decide who's the better duelist.
    • In fact, due to an upcoming battle, there may be a chance that these two can fight. Weiss has been invited, but Mitsuru has yet to receive an invitation. But due to the fights being tag matches, they need a partner. Orie Paladia offered her blade to either if she receives an invitation, and, to the surprise of everybody, Jin Kisaragi, as he admits they do have a familiar fighting style and would work well together.
    • Now, they actually CAN do battle as Mitsuru has received an invitation via DLC.
    • Besides the likes of Mitsuru Kirijo , Orie Paladia and Jin Kisaragi. Weiss has made allies with a number of ther gods after having crossed fates. Weiss is now allied with the Investigation Team, particularly Yu Narukami, Yukiko Amagi and Naoto Shirogane. She's partnered up with and even obtained the respect of several BlazBlue Gods. Specifically the respect of Hakumen, Nine and Rachel Alucard.
  • In light of just how terrible of a father Jacques Schnee is, Weiss has declared all Abusive Parent deities her enemy.
    • And upon hearing of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and what they do, she's considering asking them for help in "stealing his heart". Mitsuru has her reservations regarding this, but after hearing of Jacques' actions not only as a father but as a CEO (and how he married to the family just to claim it from his father-in-law Nicholas Schnee), she promised to accompany her should she decide to try for this.
  • Once while running alongside Ruby, they were stopped by a speedster with engines in his legs. Weiss argued with him over his lack of proper form, and how he could've seriously hurt Ruby. When he argued back, she noticed a distinct similarity between his voice and that of her favorite butler, Klein Sieben. After he and Ruby made friends, she was more or less forced to be with him. They still bicker and argue due to differing views from time to time, but the alliance is there.
  • She was initially unamused when Ruby’s uncle Qrow. However, as he has since started being The Mentor to herself and her allies, she is slowly warming up to him. Qrow's sister Raven, on the other hand, Weiss hasn't yet forgave her for keeping her prisoner.
  • In spite of Weiss being usually cold and hard to approach, her stoicness drops instantly in the presence of babies and cute dogs. In fact, she's always willing to visit Chibiterasu's shrine to pet him.
  • Was involved in the tragic event of her school being attack by the White Fang, under leadership of Adam Taurus, and a horde of Grimm. Because of this, her father personally removed her from Beacon and back to Atlas. Many believe that if she wasn't taken away, she would've been there for moral support for the other members of RWBY.
  • Due to the Fall of Beacon Academy, Team RWBY has been left Incompletely Trained in general, which is not a very good spot be in considering how dangerous their upcoming battles will be. However, a very convenient opportunity for training for this team has been opened up thanks to the arrival of the heroic Kamen Riders of Build, who themselves are a tightly-knitted four-man team and have overcome all adversaries and horrors to create a whole new world. With their success leading to their ascension into the Pantheon, each member of RWBY has been taken under the wing of one of the four Kamen Riders to help each girl evolve and grow as an huntress and, as an whole, a team to be prepared for what's to come. When it comes to Weiss, her designated mentor is Gentoku Himuro/Kamen Rider Rogue.
    Weiss: I'm never matching shirts with you.
    Gentoku: But-
    Weiss: NEVER!


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