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Greater Gods

    Charlotte Linlin 
Charlotte Linlin, Goddess of Marrying Countless Times (Big Mom, Evil Spirit, O-Lin.)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The flag of the Big Mom pirates
  • Theme Song: Welcome to the Whole Cake Island
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Gonk, The Dreaded, As Mighty A Mother As She Is Abusive, Ax-Crazy, Bright Is Not Good, Married And Divorced 43 Times, Has 85 Children, Real Freak Of Nature, Psychopathic Manchild, Soul Power, Villainous Glutton, Mood-Swinger, Wants A Perfect World Without Prejudice Or War, Believing Free Will Must Be Regulated, I Was Quite a Looker, Unskilled, but Strong, Takes Tea-Time Seriously
  • Domains: Piracy, Family, Marriages, Madness, Power, Souls, Hunger
  • Heralds: Her homies Prometheus and Napoleonnote 
  • Special relationship with: Charlotte Katakuri (her son)
  • Interested in: The House of Otherness
  • Allies: Kaido The Queen of Hearts, Walder Frey, Hans Westergard
  • Headbutting Villains with: YHVH, Yaldabaoth and the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Rivals: Light Yagami
  • Enemies: The Straw Hats, The Vinsmoke Family, Alice Liddel, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Mary Poppins, Tawaret, Olenna Tyrell, Kirby, Father of the Homunculi, Lord Voldemort, the Phantom Thieves of Heart, anyone who gets in the way of her tea time or meals
  • Opposes: Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Opposed by: Most of the House of Love and Meals
  • Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom, is one of the Four Emperors, the most notorious and feared pirate leaders in the world. Head of the Big Mom pirates, her base of operations is on Whole Cake Island and she serves as queen of Totto Land. On face value it's a borderline Sugar Bowl with focus on sweets, desserts and other bright things. However behind the Sweet Tooth queen is an unstable and very powerful woman with near total control over her domain.
  • Since she was 18 Big Mom has been taking a husband from different locations, having children and dumping them to marry a new husband. She's had 43 before stopping at age 60. Keep in mind that she mainly kidnaps her husbands and they don't have much say in the matter, which does not go over well with the House of Love. Nor does the fact she keeps trying to marry her offspring to others in the pantheon, mainly in the House of Otherness due to her propensity for Interspecies Romance and half-human hybrids.
  • While she Really Gets Around, she and Queen Medb don't care much for each other. She has had dozens of husbands, but Charlotte did so as a power play and not out of lust. Medb finds Big Mom to be really unstable and best ignored.
  • As much as it's possible for him, Walder Frey had an oddly cordial relationship with Big Mom. Both are big fans of marrying as many times as they can, resulting in a very large family(though he simply outlives his wives). The two have been plotting marriage ceremonies for one another to boost their political power in a mutual alliance. Prince Hans has wanted in it, and Big Mom thinks helping him will help herself. Just so long as he doesn't marry any of her children. Of course, Hans already knows not to mess with Linlin and won't try to screw her over.
  • Glenn Quagmire once considered sleeping with her because he looked at old pictures of her and thought she was good at sex given how many husbands she was. Too late did he see how she looks nowadays and tried to escape Totto Island as fast as he could. Big Mom called him a hypocrite given he's a Kavorka Man, but most agree that even outside of her personality she is far uglier than Quagmire.
  • Might be the only real ally of the Queen of Hearts. A lot of this has to do with how she takes a lot after her; fat, selfish, easy to anger and living in a Wonderland-like domain, along with Decapitation Presentation and general Bright Is Not Good nature. The two bonded over sweets, their attitude and general personality. Alice has found Big Mom far scarier than the Queen of Hearts, which is quite justified.
  • Why does Big Mom have so many children? She dreams of a utopia where all races live peacefully side by side. An egalitarian goal, but it's corrupted by insanity and food cravings. Also, she has ruthless control over her citizens, uses a sharp tax through taking lifespans and is a general Control Freak. Which is why she has sided with the GUAL, appreciating Yaldabaoth's societal control and YHVH's egalitarian features met with The Evils of Free Will. However she's Neutral Evil instead Lawful because she's nuts and her chaotic personality can get in the way of the GUAL's hopes.
  • She has a competing vision with Light Yagami. Both have their own vision of utopia, a world without conflict which they control. And both visions are crippled by a character flaw-Kira wanting to be god more than his utopia, Linlin being homicidally insane and delusional. And since they want to be the one in control, they are in competition to create this "perfect world". Due to how the Soru Soru no Mi can affect lifespans, it's unknown how this might be seen with anyone who has Shinigami eyes.
  • Her Devil Fruit, the Soru Soru no Mi or Soul-Soul Fruit lets her freely interact and manipulate souls. With this, she can extract soul fragments so long as her targets are afraid, and give inanimate objects life. The Father of the Homunculi was impressed by the usage of this Devil Fruit, and how she was able to create strong homies from mere pieces of her soul. He can only imagine what could be done if someone like him with the souls of thousands had the Devil Fruit. This concerns Big Mom greatly since he is actually a challenge for her, and Father may have realized just how she got her Devil Fruit from Mother Carmel; unknowing cannibalism.
  • Having already split his soul several times for immortality, Lord Voldemort wants the Soru Soru no Mi for himself as it would allow his horcruxes to take a life of their own and be far more powerful, while also being confident they'd stay loyal to him since Prometheus and Napoleon have to Big Mom. Marceline, who's become as powerful as she has in part by absorbing the souls of the last remaining vampires, finds her use of the Soru Soru no Mi to be repulsive and in general Big Mom to be insane]]. It remains to be seen how any life extraction would work if Big Mom was able to do so to her, considering as a vampire her lifespan is potentially infinite and even without it she managed to live a thousand years in an Alternate Timeline where she never became a vampire(albeit as a very old woman).
  • Has over eighty children, and is in no way a good mother to them. She has a bad habit of enabling their negative traits like her adoptive mother did to her, yanked forty years out of her son Moscato for getting in her way and tried to kill her 23rd daughter for ruining a marriage arrangement. Most in the House of Mothers dislike her for her insanity and abuse. However even Big Mom considers Ragyo Kiryuin a vile mother for her sexual abuse.
  • Do not do the following around her: try to leave Totto Land, betray her, ask questions about her picture of Mother Carmel, point out she doesn't have a certain race in her "collection", and especially don't get in the way of her sweets and tea time. Her rampages and rages about food are why the House of Meals doesn't want her stepping foot, and why she has Kirby on her hit list. Princess Bubblegum dreads the idea of Big Mom visiting the Candy Kingdom lest she rampage and eat her citizens, and being a general deranged queen.
  • Had amnesia for a time, and proved a much more generous and stable person. Sadly the attempt to keep her compassionate failed and she reverted to normal. The Phantom Thieves of Heart want to change her heart and restore her to that nicer state. At the same time, they understand she isn't naturally evil like many of their targets, but twisted and enabled by poor parental figures, the likes they are all too familiar with.

    Rama and Sita 
Rama and Sita, Divine Couple of Engagement Challenges (Rama: Seventh Avatar of Vishnu, Ramachandra, Dasarathi, Raghava, Ramavijaya, Phreah Ream, Phra Ram, Megat Seri Rama, Raja Bantugan, Ramudu, Ramar, Saber; Sita: Jānaki, Maithili, Ramā, Vaidehi, Archer)
Left: Rama; Right: Sita
Rama in the Battlegroud of Gods 
Rama as a Saber Servant 
Sita as an Archer Servant 
  • Rank: Greater God (Rama); Intermediate Goddess (Sita)
  • Symbol: Shiva Dhanush or Pitaka, the bow of Shiva that Rama lifted and broke to win Sita's heart; alternatively, Rama's weapon, Brahmastra (Rama)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good whose some of his actions are True Neutral (Rama); literal Lawful Good (Sita)
  • Portfolio: Happily Married (inverted later on thanks to the new seventh section of the epic), Rama is the Seventh Avatar of Vishnu and Sita is the Avatar of Lakshmi, Forced into exile, Sita asking her biological mother Bhumi to swallow her up after her second exile and Rama commits suicide after that, Fated to be seperated thanks to Sita's curse at the start of her second exile
  • Domains: Couples, Loyalty, Exiles, Tragedy, Curses, Avatars
  • Herald: Lakshmana, Hanuman, Sugriva
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, Karna (whom Rama also developed a Friendly Rivalry with), Ganesha, Romeo and Juliet, Mario, Peach, Link Zelda
  • On good terms with: Princess Cadence (Sita has a better relationship with her)
  • Friendly Rivalry: Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Katniss Everdeen (Rama)
  • Rivals: Hanzo Shimada (Rama)
  • Enemies: Kumbhakarna, Bowser, Ganondorf
    • Rama: the evil-aligned deities of Demons
  • Additional Relationships: any types of demons (those who aren't enemies with him) (Rama); Gaea (depending on the incarnation, she is either a friend or an enemy) (Sita)
  • Respects/Respected by: The House of Love, Odysseus, Queen Penelope; Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Rama)
  • The king of the Videha kingdom, Janaka, declares a contest on who could lift the bow of Shiva, could win Sita as his wife. Along with his brother, Lakshmana who were taken by Sage Vishwamitra to the kingdom, Rama desired to lift the bow, who was able to do it, and by doing so, broke it by just lifting the string. The prince is then declared the winner of the contest with Sita as his new wife while also winning her heart. Married for 12 years, Dasaratha, Rama's father, expresses his desire to make Rama the new heir of the throne. However, one of the former's wives, Kaikeyi, gave him two boons and in return, convinces him to send Rama into 14 years of exile. Rama accepts the request with no hesitation, and is thus, followed by Sita and Lakshmana because of their loyalty to him. During the 14th year of their exile, Shurpanakha seduces the brothers with no chances of winning and tries to kill Sita. Lakshmana was able to stop her action by cutting off her nose and ears. Angered by the news along with his brother, Khaga is killed by Rama and Lakshmana, Ravana resolves to kill them and abducting Sita. Sita was then captured by the demon while Lakshmana, who was supposed to be her guard, rushes to Rama's aid who needs his help. With the alliances of Hanuman and Sugriva, the brothers declared war on Ravana, with Rama finally ending the war with Ravana's death. He then rushed to Sita's aid and releases her, but not before he asked her to take the Agni Pariksha to prove her purity and loyalty. Eventually, the couple returned to the kingdom and lived happily for many years. This is all backfired thanks to the citizens questioning Sita's loyalty and mental state thanks to her capture. Not wanting to anger the man, Rama asks Sita to go on an exile on her own, which she has accepted. It happened because of a curse that she had since childhood, in which she met two birds and only allow the female bird's male companiom to fly away while the female one is pregnant because Sita is impressed by the story the latter told. As a result, the female bird cursed Sita in which she will forever be seperated from her husband while she will be pregnant. She then gave birth to twins during her exile and is fed up with her life, but not before letting her sons to see their father, who are accepted by him. Seeing this happen while Rama begs for a second chance, Sita asks her biological mother, Bhumi, to seek refuge from her, which the latter accepts by opening the Earth into half and swallowing her. Devastated by her death, Rama later on commits suicide by drowning himself.
  • The Court of Gods pity how much Rama has been longing to be reunited with Sita, especially since he wants to be summoned as a Saber-class Servant believing that he has better chances of reuniting with her and in the E Pluribus Unum Singularity, Sita sacrificed her own life to save Rama. They also decided to remove their curse while they are in the Pantheon so that they could have a happy life together. When they ascended, Rama and Sita embraced together while crying, with Rama apologizing for all the mistakes that he did in his later life. Sita stated that she forgives him, seeing and understanding his regret, and what matters to her is that they are now reunited at last and be with each other forever now that their curse is removed if they ever stay here.
  • Shortly after their ascencion, they are greeted by the Master of Chaldea, with Karna as their companion. Rama is eager to see the Master of Chaldea once again, willing to fight by his side once again in his Saber-class form. While Sita hasn't been summoned by the Master yet, they got along pretty quickly and thanked him for being with Rama's side while he is a Servant in Chaldea. Even though he is not Vishnu, just an avatar of him, Karna thanked Rama for turning him into Super Karna with Shiva's help in the Indian Lostbelt so that they could defeat the Lostbelt King version of Arjuna. Rama stated that he did what he could do to help even if he didn't exactly did that, while also stating that he couldn't wait for a sparring session with him, which he gladly accepts. While they haven't been officially introduced to each other, Sita and Karna got along due to their Undying Loyalty (though the former really wants the latter to stop extending his loyalty to bad people) and since Rama is friends with Karna, she also considered him a friend.
  • Ganesha is pleased to see the couple reuniting despite the fact he never met them. He wishes that they'll have a safe journey now that they are in the Pantheon which they are thankful. They oppose Kumbhakarna because he always eats people whenever he wakes up every six months, killed many monkeys who are the same species as Rama's best friend, Hanuman and the fact he is Ravana's young brother makes it worse.
  • Although the House of Love hates what Rama did, they pity him for the regret he eventually develop and are in tears when they finally reunited. A lot of them offer their blessings to them, especially Sita, wishing that they could live a better life in Pantheon. The couple thanked them for their blessings and also blessed them that they could live a good life with their loved ones.
    • The couple find themselves having a connection with Romeo and Juliet because they are both destined to be seperated back when they are still alive and that the death of their significant other caused both Rama and Juliet to commit suicide. Romeo and Juliet feel much more bad for them considering that they have a curse that even applies to them to this day, which they are happy that got removed if they ever stay in the Pantheon. The two couples immediately hit it off and occassionally go on double dates together.
  • While Princess Cadence doesn't like Rama's action that causes Sita to ask a refuge from Bhumi, she clearly sees the regret that formed around his heart and congratulated him and Sita for their reunion. She gets along with Sita better, praising her for her Undying Loyalty to Rama and how she is considered a paragon for the spousal and feminine virtues for all women in her mythology/religion. She also is impressed by the test she has to perform which proves her loyalty to Rama and is clearly flabbergasted why he believed his own people when his wife truly proves her loyalty to him. Nontheless, she is happy for the life that they eventually have in the Pantheon and wished that they could lived a better life here.
  • The couple find their situation similar to Mario and Peach in that the latter gets kidnapped by Bowser because he is infautuated with her and Mario has to rescue her, which is eerily similar to how Ravana abducted Sita and is clearly devoted to her, even though she refuses his romantic advances and that Rama needs to defeat him to save his wife. Sita gets along with Peach as they pretty much have similar virtues and doesn't mind hanging out with the princess, finding her a pleasant companion to hang out with, while Rama considers Mario to be a worthy hero and became interested in his multiple adventures. Unsuprisingly, they hate Bowser because of it, willing to team up togrther to fight up if he ever becomes a bigger threat in the near future.
    • They also found some kinship with Link and Zelda for the exact same reasons, although for Ganon's case, he deems Zelda as a much more dangerous threat that needs to be annihilated. Rama is impressed that Link is able to use multiple weapons just like him and occassionally asks for an archery contest with him. Sita admires Zelda's wisedom as a guide and a ruler of her kingdom and that she could fight on her own multiple times. They developed a better contection with them as they all could reincarnate, much more so with Zelda, due to the fact that she is the reincarnation of Goddess Hylia and Rama Sita themselves are reincarnations of gods. They also don't like Ganondorf thanks to their friendship with them and don't like his ambitious goals to achieve the Triforce.
  • The couple respects Queen Penelope's willingness to wait for her husband's return, despite the fact it's been 20 years since he went to the Trojan War. Despite the hardships they faced together, they are able to reunite and lived happily ever after, which made them slightly jealous as Sita's second exile is the cause of the downfall of their marriage. Nontheless, they are glad that the Greek couple are able to be with each other once more in the Pantheon.
  • Exclusive to Rama:
    • When Rama first met Sun Wukong, he couldn't help but think that he is a reincarnation of his best friend, Hanuman, as they found them to be too similar in appearance. Sun Wukong debunked that theory, but he could see why Rama would think that way and offers him companionship since he clearly misses him. Rama accepted that request, not minding it since he is clearly nice enough to become friends with and they have become friends ever since, with Rama trying his best not to anger him in a bad mood. Sometimes, the prince asked the monkey king if he has any bananas, which became the former's favorite food thanks to Hanuman.
    • Rama is most well known as an archer. He particularly loves to do archery battles and contests, so it's no suprise he will develop a rivalry with the other archers in the Pantheon. Because he's such a Nice Guy, he developed a Friendly Rivalry with most of them. He respects the archery skills of Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Katniss, impressed with their improbable aim and also their heroic deeds, which reminds him of how much he prefers the days of his exile with Sita and Lakshmana. He developed a straight-up rivalry with Hanzo Shimada because his angsty behavior just wouldn't allow him to be friendly with him, but Rama is okay with that, if that's what he wants.
    • As a Servant, his Noble Phantasm, Brahmastra, deals bigger damage against facing demons, which also includes onis, as it was granted to him ever since he was born to defeat the Demon King, Ravana, due to Vishnu's decision to reincarnate as Rama just to kill him. Hearing about this, a lot of demons and onis stay away from him because of it, some of whom even becoming personal enemies with him because of it, particularly the evil-aligned deities of the house of Demons, after hearing about his destiny, thinking that he'll do the same to them.
    • Apu is overjoyed to learn that an avatar of Vishnu has ascended seeing that he is a devotee of the supreme god. While Rama is happy to hear that, he doesn't like the fact that he had an affair with two women behind his wife's back, as he believes in faithfulness in a marriage. But he's glad to hear that Apu and his wife were able to stay stable to their marriage despite the hardships.
  • Exclusive to Sita:
    • Sita is often considered as the paragon of spousal and feminine virtues of women in Hindu mythology. It's why she easily got along with Hinata Hyuuga. They are both kind, feminine women who have pure hearts and although they fell in love with their husband in different circumstances, they are extremely devoted to them whom they consider as humble and heroic. Sita hopes that Hinata will be able to take care and be with her children in the way that she really couldn't as she already got refuge from her mother at that time, which the latter took as a promise.
    • Due to being the biological daughter of Bhumi, the Hindu goddess of Earth, she is bound to meet Gaea, the Mother Nature in the Greek Pantheon. She doesn't like the original one in that she doesn't truly take her job seriously and is just like most of the Greek Pantheon. She prefers her other incarnations that are really kind people, finding them to be much more pleasant to be with.
    • Due to her fondness of animals and being able to communicate with them, she got along with Fluttershy and Eliza Thornberry. She thinks the former is worthy to represent the Element of Kindness and occassionally visits her animal sanctuary to take care of animals and loves the latter for her intelligence in animals and her determination to protect them as well as her family. While they don't like the fact that Sita only frees the male bird because the female bird is clearly pregnant during Sita's childhood, they knew it's unfair that the female bird has to cursed Sita to be seperated from her husband just because of that.

Intermediate Gods

    Dokuro Mitsukai 
Dokuro Mitsukai, Goddess of Revenge Against Perverts (The Bludgeoning Angel, Assassin from the future)

Eros, God of the Love Arrow (Cupid, God of Love, Cupidus, God of Love and Desire, God of Attraction and Affection, Amor)
As Eros
While in the Battleground of the Gods 
His appearance in Percy Jackson 
  • Intermediate God or Overdeity, depending on who you ask
  • Symbol: A Heart-Shaped Arrow
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Personifies Love or Procreation and Desire, Happily Married with Psyche Thanks to His Own Arrow, Beware the Nice Ones, Love God, Heart Beat-Down OR Hate Plague Depending on Which Arrow He Uses, Pretty Boy, The Power of Love, Winged Humanoid, Usually Naked
  • Domains: Love, Desire, Homosexuality, Archery, Lyre, Candles, Hearts, Wings, Kisses
  • Herald: Psyche (his wife)
  • High Priest: Kamadeva
  • Followers: Raymond Goodfellow, Trevor Hale, Trevor Pierce
  • Allies: Aphrodite (mother), Hercules (Cool Uncle), Kyu Sugardust (more of a Friendly Rival), Princess Cadance
  • Odd Friendship: Sobek
  • Enemies: Howard "Buckshot" Holmes, all enemies to Love itself
  • Feared by: most Olympian gods, even Zeus and Hera, Nico di Angelo
  • Respected by: Shelyn
  • Opposed by: Wonder Woman, Rolf
  • Conflicting Opinion: Elmer Fudd
  • The god of love, he was dainty and non-threatening, but still managed to best even the greatest of gods (usually by taking potshots from far away with his bow; love's not fair, so neither is he). The arrows he uses are what he's best known for, and it only then was that Aphrodite realized he wasn't around while absently watching one of Kyu's clients make the moves on someone. An arrangement with the Court of the Gods later, and Eros was invited to the Pantheon.
  • Early sources thought of him as a protogenos who emerged self-formed from an egg at the beginning of creation, but later ones saw him as the young son and/or servant of Aphrodite. As such, the Court was confused as to what rank he should be. For now, he's content with being Intermediate.
  • Despite being one of the most benevolent and good-natured gods towards mortals, Eros was known to be pretty coldly unforgiving against those who slighted and insulted him and he shows a darker side in these moments. See the myth of Apollo and Daphne for details.
  • Love is not the only thing he can shoot from his arrows; that's just for his golden ones. He also sometimes packs lead ones that induce hatred to the first person the target sees. Also, their effects aren't eternal, as Medea can attest to.
  • Given what things got screwed with in their world, Eros is making absolutely sure that his arrows never fall into Timmy's or Cosmo's hands.
  • Has zero issues with any non-heterosexual kind of love; among other things, he made Narcissus (having already broken the hearts of several women he held no interest in) fall in love with his reflection, and was the one who coerced Nico di Angelo to confess his love for Percy Jackson.
    • Thanks to that universe, Eros has a few more abilities revealed: he can change his appearance at will, depending on the perception of beauty of the person he is in the presence of, can render himself invisible (except when he's asleep), can communicate with others as a disembodied spirit and is fluent in French. Also, if his arrows miss, they explode into a column or geyser of flame.
  • Despite now he does things, or maybe because they're both Love Gods, Princess Cadance holds Eros in somewhat high regard. At least he's better than Kyu and her Casanova-teaching ways.
    • Speaking of that love fairy, she liked her encounter with him and thinks he's someone she could get along with, but also sees him as a bit of a rival as not only are his arrows much more potent, they make things "clear" who he wants together (if he properly arranges it).
  • Has participated in the Battleground of the Gods under his Roman name. And in there, he appears as a precocious baby who's either adorable or annoying depending on which side you're on. With their skillsets, he found that he and Sobek make a surprisingly good team.
  • Due to the unpredictability of whom he shoots and what things have happened because of them, there is some manner of moral ambiguity in his actions.
  • Isn't sure how to regard Elmer. On one hand, in the short "The Stupid Cupid", he (in Cupid's role) is ensuring that (the already bitterly married in the short) Daffy Duck is getting into the romantic spirit of things. On the other, he takes several drastic steps to achieve this goal.
  • Has an incarnation in the DC Universe, where he trades in the bow and arrow for a pair of guns with bullets that have the same effect as his arrows. He's decided to take this form a few times whenever arrows don't cut it, but he makes sure to stay away from Wonder Woman if he does, since she doesn't like him using them as they remove free will, and he's sometimes unrepentant about shooting those whose partners don't want anything to do with them.
  • Doesn't want to talk about what he did to Medea, and she doesn't like him since it's his arrow that made her fall in love with Jason. On the other hand, though, that was under Hera's orders. As such, he stays away from her whenever possible.
  • Scrooge McDuck apparently found a stash of his arrows once in a sunken temple, and they apparently worked as they usually do, only for True Love to prove capable of dispelling its effects (family for Scrooge, the one thing he loves more than money, and flying for Launchpad).
  • Gets along with dolphins and occasionally rides them, even though his sacred animal was a hare.
  • Rolf hates his guts after the last time a pair of angels that did the same thing he does and wreaked havoc on the other Cul-de-sac Kids. After resisting their arrows, he had disposed of them and snapped everyone back to their senses with mop water. Eros meanwhile didn't appreciate the farmer trying the same solution on him.
  • After hearing about Eros' ascension and understanding who he is, Howard stormed off into his temple to yell at him for making him even cross paths with his ex-wife and proceeded to go over the list of reasons everything wrong in that relationship ranging from her complaining about "not getting any head" in eight years with her to his ex complaining about being treated like property and not leaving the toilet seat up. The God of Love only responded that Howard's complete disaster of a marriage wasn't his fault.

Jecht, God of Tough Love (Sir Jecht, Sin, The Brutal Blitzer)
as Braska's Final Aeon 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Stylized J-letter in his chest.
  • Theme Song: Otherworld
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Memetic Badass, Boisterous Bruiser, Abusive Dad, Showing Off His Manly Chest All The Time, BFS, The Ace, MANLINESS (And Deconstruction of It), Guttural Growler, Real Men Hate Affection
  • Domains: Love, Parents, Fighting.
  • Allies: Yuna, Golbez, Big Boss
  • Rivals: Demitri Maximoff, Kakyoin, Captain Falcon
  • Uneasy Tension with: Tidus (his son), Snow Villiers, Maes Hughes, Yu Narukami, Sojiro Sakura
  • Enemies: Seymour Guado, Emperor Mateus, Relius Clover, Ragyo Kiryuin, Charles zi Britannia
  • Worthy Opponent: Sephiroth
  • Opposes: V
  • It's been confirmed that whenever Jecht is around, any ladies ignore their boyfriend and run over to him. He doesn't even need The Spectacles of Eros to do that.
    • However, due to a change in rules, he had to find a new title in order to stay in the Pantheon. Given his treatment of Tidus, he decided to represent Tough Love.
  • Was happy to find Yuna in the Pantheon, and wonders when the hell is son is coming in. Yuna hasn't given a complete answer, but just whistles whenever that subject comes up. Eventually, Tidus made it in.
    • Their relationship is much better these days than it was at first since Tidus understands his father more, but the old man is still occasionally a pretty big jerk.
    • Hughes recognizes that Jecht does love his son, but doesn't approve of his actions.
    • While Yu doesn't like that Jecht never at any point made it clear to Tidus that he cares, he understands the importance of Tough Love, having employed it himself with his Social Links.
    • Sojiro holds the same sentiment, having initially employed that method with Ren Amamiya on the first few months due to his criminal record before eventually ditching that habit and essentially becoming a true father figure to him.
  • He's quite the...harsh father to his son, but still, even he's disgusted at Relius Clover and Ragyo Kiryuin for what they did to their children…
    • Although Relius is a completely different matter, due to how Jecht ended up being in the GUAE and found out how Relius had his hand in coaxing Litchi Faye-Ling to the GUAE, which somehow mirrored how Melkor got him to the GUAE. If anything, this makes Jecht really hate Relius and declare that he will be the one to break the house's rule of 'No violence permitted' if he can beat down Relius, for being a disgrace to fathers, rubbing him off the wrong way, and not being sexy enough for his standards.
    • He also despises Charles zi Britannia for using Tough Love as an excuse for his abusive behavior towards his children, not to mention all his other atrocities.
    • Is appalled with V's method of Tough Love to Evie to make her unafraid; even he wouldn't go as far as torture, black-bagging, and imprisonment.
  • Is glad that one of his former followers, Big Boss, has ascended, back when he represented Memetic Sex. They have become acquaintances mainly because of the relationship similarities with their sons (Tidus and Solid Snake).
  • Ever since the new blitzball stadium Tidus arranged for, Jecht decided to visit one day to see how it's going so far in the Pantheon. Suffice to say, the participating merfolk were definitely an interesting sight. He's also had some laughs whenever Melody throws his son off his game with her voice.
    • Someone asked him if he planned on becoming a part-time tutor in the sport, but Jecht said he wasn't interested.
  • Used to be an alcoholic parent. However, after once mistaking one of Spira's shoopufs for a fiend and attacking it, forcing his friend Braska to pay off the damages, he's since abstained from it altogether.
  • No, his Jecht Shot Mark III has no preceding Mark I and Mark II.
  • Izumi is disappointed with his treatment of Tidus; at least even after all her harsh training, she's been able to make her good intentions clear to her students.

    Red Sonja 
Red Sonja, Goddess of Only Bedding Those Who Conquered Her (The She-Devil)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Her red hair and a sword.
  • Theme Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with Good tendencies
  • Portfolios: Action Girl, Charles Atlas Superpowers, Chainmail Bikinis,Hot Amazons, Fiery Redhead, Barbarian Hero, Rapeas Backstory
  • Domains: War, Chaos
  • Allies: Conan the Barbarian, Mad Moxxi, Xena, The Nephalems, especially Sonya, Ryuko Matoi, Barbara Gordon, Asuka Langley, Yona
  • Enemies: Gregor Clegane, Hannibal Lecter, Johan Liebert
  • Rivals Wolverine, James Bond, Kratos
  • Unknown Rivals: Zapp Brannigan
  • One day in the House of Love, a red-haired warrior entered the room with a single challenge: Whoever could beat her in combat may sleep with her. Various gods and mortals lined up for the challenge over a period of days. In the end, no one was able to best her in combat. Impressed with her martial prowess, the gods in the House of Love ascended her with her new title.
  • She is aware that a certain version under the pen of Gail Simone no longer applies those rules to her. Still, she has loosened her rules, allowing women to take up the challenge as well.
  • Beauty and chainmail aside, she is among the best sword duelists in the Pantheon. That hasn't stopped many gods from continuing to take up her challenge, with various results:
    • So far, the only person that has beaten her besides Conan was Wolverine. To her astonishment, he refused to have sex with her, noting he was not that type of person. She was quite surprised and a little insulted. However, she does view him as a comrade and in that timeline, Wolverine and Red Sonja would come to fall in love and marry.
    • Being the God of Womanizers, James Bond has made it is top priority to defeat Red Sonja.
    • If there's one god(dess) Sonja doesn't want to face, it's Slaanesh. She has been avoiding the God(dess) of Sexual Excess ever since her arrival. Since she was placed in the House of Love, that process has been particularly difficult.
    • Kratos considered to take up the challenge... only to decline, claiming that such a battle would be beneath him. Rumors spread quickly that he secretly fears the She-Devil, as Conan once managed to hold him to a draw. Sonja was amused; Kratos seeked to crush the person who started the rumor.
    • Zapp Brannigan had a rather unfortunate attempt at bedding her. Just when he was about to challenge her, he slipped on a banana peel and fell down several steps of stairs. Trollkaiger claimed responsibility. That hasn't stopped him from trying to reach the object of his desires, even if Red Sonja doesn't realize it yet.
  • Conan was elated that his greatest ally has finally ascended into the pantheon.
  • Given that she was a rape victim herself, she vehemently despises all rapists in the Pantheon. One day, Gregory Cleagane attacked her out of combat, hoping to take the element of disguise. What followed was a Curbstomp Battle of devastating proportions. Only the intervention from the House of Villains saved him from further humiliation. Red Sonja swore to personally castrate him should the two face one another once more.
  • After she found out what Johan Leibert has been Mind Raping victims, she swore she would hunt him down for his deeds.
  • Not everyone has faced her just to challenge her. She became quick friends with Xena whenever she visits the house of Weapons.
    • Sonja reluctantly admits that despite her proper upbringings, Snow White can handle herself in a duel quite nicely.
    • She also has a great relationship with Sonya of the The Nephalems.
    • Moxxi was interested in Sonja's conditions for having sex. She is conversing with Sonja on her hardships, seeking to help her overcome her trauma. Sonja does suspect that it is also a ploy to have sex with her, she is the God of Bedding Everyone after all.
  • Whenever someone questions Red Sonja's attire of a Chainmail Bikini, one is sure to see Ryuko back her up. Anyone who complains about her attire would have to go through her first.
  • Is willing to ally herself with any of the redheaded goddesses, though her relationship with Barbara can be strained due to her occasional rowdiness in brawls.
  • Conan's opinions about the best in life, 'To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women' usually doesn't apply fully to Sonja. Because you'd see her snap back and beating the one who tried to crush her instead of hearing her lamentation.

    Rias Gremory 
Rias Gremory, Goddess of Action Girlfriends (Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin, Switch Princess (please don't call her that, though), Crimson Bust Princess, Princess of Destruction, Mom, Ria, The Legal Wife, Devil Princess, Heavenly King (shared with Akeno and Asia))
  • Intermediate Goddess (becomes a Greater Goddess with Crimson Extinct Dragonar)
  • Symbol: A crimson king chess piece
  • Theme Song: Trip -Innocent of D- (lyrics here), alternatively Crimson No Binetsu
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Shameless Foreign Fanservice Girl, Benevolent Boss, Miracle-Granting Breasts, Pure-Blooded Devil, Heiress to the Gremory Household, Pretty Princess Powerhouse, Cool Big Sis, A Mother to Her Men, Chessmasters, Person of Mass Destruction, Power of Destruction, Team Mom, Nice Girl, Extremely Protective of Issei, Shrinking Breasts, Statuesque Stunner, She's Got Legs, Chess Motifs, recorded breast measurements of 99 cm/39", Second Love to Issei and His Unconditional Favorite
  • Domains: Heroes, Devils, Chess, Love, Lust, Dragons
  • Herald: Sirzechs Lucifer, her older brother and one of the Four Great Satans, he is allowed free reign in the Pantheon whenever asked.
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Garchomp
  • Enemies: Anyone that dares to harm her peerage, especially Issei, as well as anyone who harms her friends. More precisely: Ornstein and Smough, Melona, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Zobek, Yuuki Terumi, Acnologia, Mard Geer Tartaros, Tanya, Raynare, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Gul'dan.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Vali Lucifer, Panty Anarchy, Gajeel Redfox (one-sided on Rias's part), Filia (only towards her Parasite Samson)
  • Opposed by: Ryoubi
  • Former Enemies: Yuno Gasai and the Yandere Squad
  • The gorgeous Rias Gremory is the second child and heiress of the Gremory Clan, one of the most powerful families of the Underworld. Her older brother Sirzechs was supposed to be the heir to the household, but his ascension as Lucifer meant that she was the one to take charge. She took an interest toward humans and East Asian culture, and as such she searched for people to add in her Peerage there: with the help of Akeno and her childhood friend Sona Sitri, she enrolled in Kuoh Academy with the rest of her Peerage. There she also reincarnated Issei as a devil after his death by the hands of Raynare. Since that incident, the two built a strong bond that eventually blossomed into a full-fledged relationship after many trials.
  • Ascended not long after Issei's own ascension as she played a pivotal role in his life by becoming his beloved "King". The fact that she willingly lets him use her breasts to power-up, to the point that she would even sacrifice her ample bosom to aid him him battle even if only as a temporary effect, only cemented her place in the house.
    • Unfortunately, this hasn't help her with every flat-chested goddess, as evidenced with the ascension of her counterpart, Ryoubi. In fact, it was the thing what broke the camel's back, as it cemented the shinobi markswoman's vitriolic hatred forwards Rias. If it wasn't for Issei, Ryoubi would probably shoot her breasts full of holes.
  • Due to Rias' willingness to sacrifice her breasts for the sake of victory and her loved one, even if only temporarily, she has earned the respect of many other goddesses, even flat-chested ones such as Noel Vermillion. Chichigami-Sama in particular respects her and her breasts, stating that the Oppai Dragon has chosen well.
  • As she and the rest of her peerage reside in the House of Love, Issei would often visit them and would even spend most of his nights at her place in the house as he would not willingly sleep all by himself. Many of the more perverted gods giggle and snicker at his, ahem, antics.
  • While she's friends with most of the Fairy Tail Guild, especially with Lucy Heartfilia, Rias is extremely wary of Gajeel Redfox, who's made explicitly clear that he intends to battle Issei. Unfortunately, with him being a dragonslayer, Rias holds nothing but distrust for Gajeel, as she thinks that he might kill Issei, similarly to what happened with Dragonslayer Ornstein. The metal-eating dragonslayer, on his part, has tried to calm down the busty redhead by telling her there's a snowball's chance in hell that he'll kill Issei and he just wants to test his mettle against him.
  • Many gods have pointed out she sounds similar to Anarchy Panty. Rias is kind of flustered by this trivia, stating that she is nothing alike her. It doesn't help the fact that Panty often tries to lure Issei to have sex with her, either. Panty herself thinks that Rias is a bit too clingy towards Issei and that she could share him with her, even for just a one-night stand. Predictably, Rias and Panty aren't on very good terms.
    • On the other hand, though, Rias gets along just fine with Brief, who is head-over-heels for Panty. Funnily enough, he once mistook her for Panty due to their voice similarities, but Rias took it in good spirit. Brief especially sympathized with Rias over how they were both stuck in Arranged Marriages that they were visibly unhappy with.
      • Something similar happened with Megumin, who initially mistook her for a fellow member of the Crimson Demons clan due to her magical power, title and unworldly-sounding name. Rias was quick to clear the misunderstanding, but was visibly impressed by the young archwizard's Explosion magic and has proposed to tutor her to help her handle her spells better.
  • Rias became quick pals with Emilia for being mystical love interests to a human being; Emilia in particular respects Rias's leadership of the ORC and her ability to keep them in line. Rias further sympathized with Emilia after learning of her backstory, saying that it reminds her a lot of Asia and Gasper.
  • Has gained the respect of Hungary for going to great lengths to protect her loved Issei. That unfortunately also made her a target of Yuno Gasai, who often tries to break her by telling her they're Not So Different. Much like with Hungary, however, Rias always has the last word: she says Yuno is just plain deranged and uses Yukki as an excuse to kill those who pissed her off. However, once Yuno had a change of heart, things have been much better for the two of them. The devil princess even gained a degree of sympathy for her upon learning what she's been through.
  • Hates Ornstein for continuously hunting down Issei, so much she repeatedly tries to One-Hit Kill him with her Power of Destruction. She doesn't really care about Smough in one way or another, but she made explicitly clear to him that dare he ever try to eat Issei, she'll tear him a new one. The Executioner, in response, laughed, and said he did not want to mess with Issei and the rest of the Occult Research Club in the first place, following an accident involving Koneko.
  • As with Issei, she did not take the ascension of Raynare to the Pantheon all that well.
  • Negi Springfield, who is close friends with Issei, introduced Asuna to Rias some time ago. The two girls quickly became friends and formed a partnership between the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club called "Ala Arcana". This might have been a playing factor to the induction of the Chick Magnet Quartet, created by Issei and Negi, into the GUAG.
  • Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric are honestly baffled at how her breasts can grant miracles as it goes against the usual maxim of "Equivalent Exchange" in the most pervertedly ridiculous way imaginable. They and many other gods from the House of Magic have considered doing research on her breasts but they do not want to be accused of being breast-loving perverts. Besides, Issei is rather possessive and protective over her, so much so that no one, not even Jiraiya nor Kenny McCormick, had managed to get a proper peek at her naked form, or the rest of the ladies from the Occult Research Club either for that matter. Kyubey keeps trying, what with it having no comprehension of what humans find perverted. Despite her fearsome power, Rias actually usually hangs back and lets Issei take care of any peeping Incubators, simply because the results of Dress Break on them is a real treat to watch. The little weasel is confident it'll get close eventually: it has enough copies to keep trying as many times as it takes, and Issei has to slip up sooner or later. Tony Stark, on his part, has declared interest in studying her Crimson Extinct Dragonar, since it reminds him a lot of his Extremis-augmented power armor.
  • Due to an embarrassing event involving cosplay as a magical girl, Rias is reluctant to go to the House of Magic. As such, she sympathizes with Rin Tohsaka. Things have changed, however, since Asia has ascended and got a place there.
  • Many gods expressed interest in her opinion on Lucifer. Rias has described it as 'respect and fear', and overall, she'd prefer to stay out from under his feet. She has given a stern warning to Issei and the rest of her underlings to do the same: when Issei asked what she meant, Rias told him that when the Demi-Fiend went up against Lucifer, he only just barely managed to squeak out a win. Issei was shocked at the idea of an opponent that could give the Demi-Fiend trouble, and then Rias dropped the real bombshell: the battle between the two was in essence a sparring match, and Lucifer was holding back. The color completely drained from Issei's face when he heard this.
    • Despite this, she has no problems with Luka, Lucifer's son, and not just for the fact it's not the same Lightbringer. She admires his desire for coexistence between humans and monsters and his dedication to what's right. As such, she helped him get his wife Alice to ascend, and eventually allied with her as well.
  • After learning from Asia that Shinnok is planning to steal Issei's Boosted Gear to gain its powers and make him the only God of Amplifier Artifacts, Rias did not take it lightly and is starting to really hate him much like with Ornstein.
  • Really doesn't like Melona after what the goo girl did to Issei: pretending to want to join his peerage, Melona offered to let Issei grope her as a sign of her devotion. Oblivious to the danger, the Red Dragon Emperor had done so, and Melona had laughed in his face as her acid scorched his hands. A rotten trick on its surface, but knowing Issei's issues with those who feign affection before turning on him just made it even worse. Rias is at least somewhat glad that Issei didn't descend into another spell of self-loathing, and decided not to lecture him on keeping his perversions in check this time.
  • In the future, she bore Issei a son named Ex. Alongside the King's other children, he successfully prevented Loki (or at least their world's equivalent) from brainwashing Asia and completely ruin their world's timeline.

    Satan (Puyo Puyo
Satan, the God Who Doesn't Leave His Affection Alone (Masked Satan, Santa, Satin, Stan, Dark Prince)

Saya, Goddess of Sudden Monstrous Lovers
True Appearance (Comic Ver.) 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A dandelion
  • Theme Music: Song of Saya (Nitro+ Blasterz remix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral of sort
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Horrors As Secret Lover, Rapunzel Hair, Grotesque Cute, Super Intelligence, Eating Humans, The Fake Cutie, Combat Tentacles, Unholy Matrimony, Living Emotional Crutch Yandere, Tragically Failing To Be With Fuminori No Matter What
  • Domains: Horrors, Lovers, Squick, Human-Eating, Murder, Monster Sob Stories
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Allies: Fuminori Sakisaka, Yubel, The Great Ones
  • Enemies: Nyarko, Artoria Pendragon, The Hunter
  • Fears: Any ice deities
  • Saya is an alien from another dimension, who was sent to Earth to populate her species by collecting semen into her and then releasing spores to turn the humanity into her own kind. She was raised by Dr. Ogai until he went missing, causing her to wander until she came across Fuminori, who wasn't able to see her monstrous form due of his medical condition, seeing her as a small girl. This caused her to be drawn into him, eventually deciding to live with him.
  • Some gods wonder how she is in the Pantheon like this as she was killed by freezing her with liquid nitrogen and then shattered in half by a shotgun. This seems to be because she is drawn into clashes between Nitro+ characters. During this, she seemed to have realized that she can use her ability to morph other organism on herself, allowing her to appear as the girl what Fuminori sees her as. Of course, that makes her no easier as she can easily utilize her body to give her what at first look like Lovecraftian Superpowers.
    • As a living proof, Artoria says that for whatever reason, she was drawn into those clashes as well and has seen Saya there. She says that she is one of most disturbing things she has seen ever.
  • The reason why she is advised to keep her human form on is because her true form is so horrifying, that it can shatter minds instantly and the only people who can witness her without going crazy are already crazy. Deadpool has seen her true form and claims that she looks like a red Shuma-Gorath. He even has proof somewhere.
  • Due the fact that she can turn entire humanity into her own by releasing spores by getting "pregnant" (which kills her, btw), deities have made sure to cut her ability to do so. Saya doesn't mind because as long as it doesn't get between her and Fuminori (note that the two of them have really active sex live), that's fine.
  • Nyarko really hates her, as she is precisely a person what Mahiro fears Nyarko being. And can you blame her? She is a yandere, but instead of killing her love rivals, she instead makes her join her activities by getting her come to her, molesting her, breaking her mind while turning her into a creature she is and giving her as a Sex Slave. Though ironically enough, she is rather open-minded for a yandere, as she did that because she wants Fuminori to have a family aside of the two if them.
    • Though note that that happened after she herself was raped by a crazed man. A man who killed his family when Saya gave him the same condition as Fuminori as a way to experiment on brains in order to possibly save Fuminori, but still.
  • Seems to be disappointed that the Hunter not only can see through her human disguise, but isn't affected by her true form. That, and they seem to want to kill her. More so when they heard that Saya gets along with the Great Ones, especially since she seems to be interested gaining more knowledge.
  • Has found a surprising friend in a fellow clingy monster Yubel. Does help that her monstrous appearance makes Fuminori see her as a normal human.
  • She seems to enjoy visiting House of Health and Diseases, reportedly stealing spare organs to satisfy her hunger. Though she respects the fact that Fuminori doesn't like Hannibal Lecter and also avoids him if all possible.
    • Had to take another trip to the House, though this time she had Fuminori with her, who was looking rather...odd. According to the medical reports, Fuminori had begun manifesting strange symptoms consistent with transforming into a Wendigo, doubtlessly due to his...ahem...unique diet. Luckily a quick trip to the House of Faith managed to exorcise the evil spirit before it could irrevocably latch on, and Fuminori is expected to make a full recovery, to Saya's immense relief. He now wears a special charm when he dines, as to ward off other Wendigo spirits.
  • Not to be confused with Sanya V. Litvyak. Ever.


Lesser Gods

Emily, Goddess of Unrequited Tragic Maidens (Corpse Bride)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A branch with a ring or multiple butterflies
  • Theme Song: Tears to Shed
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Broken Bird, Badass Adorable, Did Not Get The Guy, Genki Girl, Nice Girl, Wanting to be Loved, Revenant Zombie, Friend to Bugs, Dancing, Singing, and Piano Playing Zombie
  • Domain: Undead, Music
  • Allies: Jack Skellington, Casper, Anakaris, Hsien-Ko, Monster Girls, Sayaka Miki, Aphrodite, Edward Scissorhands, Squigly Contiello
  • Enemies: Those that tremble over love, Oogie Boogie, Ursula, Bellatrix Lestrange (might be her Evil Counterpart), Most evil undead
  • Annoyed with: Lord Raptor
  • When she was alive, Emily fell in love with a stranger, thinking what they had was true love. Tragically, it wasn't the case as he was just using her for her riches, and when he got it, he murdered her. Vowing to never let that happen again, she decided to wait for her true love. She thought she get it with a Nice Guy in Victor. However, after seeing how much Victor and Victoria care for one another, she decided to let go of Victor's promise so the two could be happy.
  • When she ascended, Emily thought she saw a now dead Victor. Turns out, It was actually Jack Skellington. After getting over the initial confusion, the two became good friends. The Pumpkin King actually reminds her of Bonejangles. Interesting, it seems there are some who want the two to hook up even though Jack has Sally.
    • Also became acquainted with Edward Scissorhands and bonded over lost loves. Emily has also notice he also sounds a bit like Victor.
  • Emily was mistaken by the Monster Girls as a zombie from their own world. They were wrong but Emily made friends with them. Especially Arachna since she is reminded of her own black widow friend. She is however unnerved by Mero glamoring over her tragic love life even if she does feel sorry for her. Emily does try and tell her it isn't an ideal romance option.
  • Is very good friends with many of the more friendly undead deities. She has offer to take them to her underworld which is a pretty colorful place. She does however oppose the more evil undeads in the Pantheon.
    • Gain an unfortunate admirer in the zombie rocker, Lord Raptor. He can be seen singing her a rock love song. Emily constantly tells him she isn't interested in him but he doesn't listen.
  • Since she was betrayed and killed by a person who she thought loved her, Emily deeply hates those that would besmirch the act of love. Either by manipulating them or betraying them.
  • Does not have a good opinion on Bellatrix Lestrange after hearing the things she done and her unhealthy support for Voldomort. She also doesn't like the fact that the two sound very similar.
  • Sympathize greatly with Sayaka after hearing the tormoil she went through. Though, it's not just because the two are both tragic maidens, but because of her whole world view being shattered and going through a deadly downward spiral.
  • Emily is humorously blamed for mortals now finding zombies very attractive.
  • The Greek Goddess Aphrodite has shown great sympathy for Emily's unfortune love life. She is trying to find Emily her true love and giving her the happiness in love.

    Guy Cecil 
Guy Cecil, God of Love Allergy (Gailardia Galan Gardios)

    Jason Grace and Piper McLean 
Jason Grace and Piper McLean, Deities of Offscreen Breakups (Jason: Champion of Juno, Sparky, Golden Boy, Blonde Superman, Lighting Boy. Piper: Counselor of Cabin Ten, Beauty Queen, Pipes)
"Jason and Piper" by 7Lisa

    Lynn Minmay 
Lynn Minmay, The Romantic Runner-Up Goddess (Ling Ming-mei - real name, Lynn Minmei, Miss Macross, The Voice That Connects The Galaxy)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Microphone Illuminated Under A Spotlight
  • Theme Songs: Stage My Time To Be A Star (Stage Fright), We Will Win
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Break the Cutie, Chinese Girl (But Native To Japan), Damsel in Distress, Heroic BSoD, Idol Singer/Glamorous Wartime Singer, From Nobody to Nightmare (For The Hardcore Zentraedi), Naïve Everygirl, Ojou Ringlets, Self Made Girl, Spoiled Sweet, You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • Songs Include: To Be In Love, My Boyfriend's A Pilot, Do You Remember Love?
  • Domains: Singers, Chinese Women, Actresses, Warfare, Psychological Warfare, Morale
  • Herald: Janice Em, her singing partner
  • Mentor/Former Follower To: Sheryl Nome
  • On Good Terms With: All good-aligned military deities in the Pantheon.
  • Allies: Leia Organa, Houkago Tea Time, Yuna (Final Fantasy), Lacus Clyne
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, All Evil Alien Deities In The Pantheon, I-No
  • Britney Spears can't say that she helped saved the human race from genocidal, planet-wrecking space aliens. Lynn Minmay has that on her resume. Turns out that the 'Galactic Fairy,' Sheryl Nome, had been petitioning for her follower/mentor's ascension for quite a while now. Through a faulty space fold jump (and a computer error on the Pantheon's part), Minmay finds herself in the Pantheon.
  • Originally a follower of Sheryl Nome, Minmay's position was gifted to her due to her role as the romantic rival of Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes) regarding the affections of Hikaru Ichijyo (Rick Hunter). As one can guess, Misa got the guy, while Minmay didn't.
  • That bit about the genocidal planet-wrecking space aliens? Yeah, Minmay was instrumental in helping UN Spacy (or the Robotech Defense Force) play an emotional and psychological role in extermination of Dolza and his fleet of 4.8 million Zentraedi warships. Yes, you read that right.
  • Minmay is Chinese ethnically, but she was born and raised in Yokohama's Chinatown. At the age of sixteen, she moved to South Ataria Island (or Macross Island), where her aunt and uncle ran a Chinese restaurant there, catering to the military stationed there as they rebuilt and repaired the SDF-1 Macross. The rest, they say, is history.
  • Likes to give concerts in the Pantheon, teaming up with either Janice Em or Sheryl Nome, with the military-based deities getting discounts. As Minmay is a down-to-earth superstar, she donates most of her cash to charity, which earns her major respect points with the other deities.
  • Minmay hates it when people say she sounds like Naru Narusegawa. After what Minmay had seen of the violent redhead/Hinatasou tenant, she keeps her distance.
  • Due to her time spent with UN Spacy (or the RDF), Minmay is on good terms with the good-aligned military deities in the Pantheon, due to her work during the First Space/Robotech War. Both Johnny Cage and Fei Long remarked that Minmay sounds a lot like Mari Iijima.
  • Minmay covering 1000 Words got the attention of the deified summoner, Yuna. The two became fast friends thanks to their love of music (although Yuna doing Real Emotion wasn't her, as that was Leblanc). Minmay, Sheryl and Yuna are now planning a charity concert in the Pantheon.

    Shido Itsuka 
Shido Itsuka, God of Harem-Activated Powers (Shin, Shinji Takamiya, Shiori Itsuka)
when disguised as Shiori Itsuka 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God if using Spirit Powers)
  • Symbol: Himself planting Sandalphon into the ground
  • Theme Song: "Calling"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Stock Light-Novel Hero, Blue Hair and Clothes, Ordinary High-School Student, Absolute Benevolence, The Everyman, Good at Cooking and Housekeeping, Getting Volunteered to Save the World, Getting a Harem He Didn't Ask For, Absorbing and Using the Power of His Haremettes, Crossdressing Every Now and Then, Getting Killed and Resurrected as a Human/Spirit Hybrid
  • Domain(s): Heroism, Courage, Desire for Normalcy, Humility
  • High Priests: Oliver Wendell Douglas (Got Volunteered aspect), Kojou Akatsuki (Harem-Powered aspect)
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort, the Illusive Man, Harbinger, Lex Luthor, Khan Noonien Singh, The Joker, Altair/Military Uniform Princess, Jonathan Irons, Ganondorf, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Respects: Sheryl Nome
  • Pities: Master Chief, Robb Stark
  • An Ordinary High-School Student tasked by his sister Kotori to save the world from the Spirits… by dating them, thus the premise of his series. Shido wasn't the kind of guy who asked for trouble but never ran when trouble found, so he took the job, despite the trouble it would bring him. To do so, he has to make the Spirits fall in love with him, then he can absorb their magic powers into his body with a kiss, allowing them to have a normal life. He also later found out he could use Spirit powers in a limited range.
    • Previously the High Priest for Keima Katsuragi, Kotori arranged for the Court of the Gods to ascend her brother and provide his own temple, not only for his "volunteering", but for the powers he can get from his harem, much as he's a bit ashamed about it. Despite how weird the situation was for him, Shido took his new position in stride and got to work.
  • His sister Kotori received his brother with a big hug…but then she regained her composure, cleared her throat and simply told Shido she was glad to see him as a deity at last. Everyone present gave her a big smile, knowing she had good intentions, and that she arranged for his ascension in the first place. His reunion with Yoshino was a lot smoother. He simply patted both her and Yoshinon's heads until they got asleep. Shido gently took her to her bed and turned off the lights on his way out.
  • Weeks after he got settled in the Pantheon, he received news that Tohka and Origami had ascended. Unfortunately, they ascended at the same time, fueling their rivalry for Shido's affections. This forced Shido to go on separate dates with them, with Kotori and Ratatoskr providing assistance. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and Shido helped them get acquainted to the Pantheon.
  • The reason for his harem-based powers is this: born Shinji Takamiya, he was the first person to meet Mio Takamiya, the First Spirit; who fell in love with him until he was killed by Isaac Wescott. To save his life, Mio absorbed Shido into her body and carried him in her womb, recreating him as a human/Spirit hybrid. The collective powers of the Spirits were always meant to be Shido's and the First Spirit merely turned regular humans into Spirits as a way to perfect and refine those powers until Shido eventually obtained them. Shido regained his memories from his past life, he understood that, spiritually and emotionally, he and Shinji were completely different people and convinced Mio to let go of her plans and instead move on to the afterlife, where Shinji was waiting for her.
  • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts were on alert upon hearing of a Shido ascending, given that their story's Big Bad (though under Yaldabaoth) has that name, and even heard rumors of Melkor's attempts to do so. They were relieved when it turned out that wasn't the case, given that this Shido has it as his given name. Their leader Akira also feels pity for him, remembering... Valentine's Day, which ended in loads of pain on his part, and he wishes the best for the Spirit harem leader.
  • He spends most of his time cooking and cleaning after his temple, which is a perfect replica of his house, with three portals that take him between the sub-houses of Outlooks on Job, Spiritual & Mental Powers, and Love Other. A lot of gods are amazed by his excellent cooking and have recommended some tutoring from the House of Food. And he did from one Soma Yukihira, who told him to keep experimenting with his recipes and never stop improving himself. While Shido took his lessons to heart, he felt a little intimidated by Soma's bombastic attitude and has mostly kept his cooking to comfort his friends, something that pleases Megumi Tadakoro greatly.
  • Very good friends with fellow light novel protagonists Ayato Amagiri, Lux Arcadia and Touya Mochizuki, often discussing on how to improve their relationships with their harems. Also, despite his Japanese origin, some people think that Shido has more in common with Western heroes like Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter, so it's probably not a surprise that he gets along fine with them. They agree that true power comes not within oneself, but from the love one gives and receives from others, but Luke and Harry do point out that in Shido's case, it's a bit more literal.
  • Shares the same heroic ideals with Link and Ash Ketchum: to always walk the extra mile to help anyone who needs them. Even when he prefers the comforts of a normal life, Shido has has accompanied them in their fantastic adventures across the Pantheon. They also have on certain occassions had to crossdress to infiltrate girl-only areas. Make no mistake: they will do it for the greater good, but don't expect them to be happy about it. The only reason Shido cross-dressed at all in the first place was to seal a Spirit who was, to put it bluntly, not into men like him (though even after finding out, the Spirit in question agrees to go out with him, but only if he's crossdressing).
  • Became surprised that there were other deities in the Pantheon with voices similar to his, such as Kaito Kirishima, Ichiro Sato and Haruto Tsukishiro. Because of their love problems and crazy adventures, a friendship between the four was all too predictable. They enjoy playing video games, eating great food, having adventures in the dreamscape or just talking on how to improve their relationships.
    • There is some awkwardness in his meetings with Corrin and Souji Mitsuka, as Shido finds it weird Corrin has a female form and Souji Mitsuka only has superpowers when he transforms into a twin-tailed girl. Of course, given the weirdness of his own world, he feels like he shouldn't judge.
  • Originally, was is a memeber of the GUAG Support Staff, cooking their meals and keeping their base clean; until he was reassigned to the GUAG Combat Division for his increase in power and combat prowess, to the point he temporarily killed Isaac Westcott in one timeline. The GUAG Relationship Enchancers insisted on his membership, thanks to his sizeable harem. Shido has politely declined, but keeps his friendship open with them. He can't help but wonder what strange connection he has with Issei Hyodo and Ichika Orimura.
  • Feels glad Samurai Jack eventually reunited with Ashi. Shido can relate to that, particulary after what happened to Rinne and Mayuri. Admiring the boy for his compassion, Jack and Ashi wished him well.
  • Is good friends with Enterprise captains James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, given the moral dilemmas they face are quite similar to his own. Kirk has given some advice in how to atrract more women, while Picard simply facepalms (as usual) at the ridiculous things Shido often does to reach out to the Spirits.
  • Thanks to his idealism and desire to do the right thing, he has earned long-lasting friendships with Superman and Spider-Man. Shido sees both superheroes as mentors and visits them as much as he is able searching for guidance and counsel. He also admires Clark for settling down and starting a family, and tells Peter not to beat himself up over the choices he has made, saying that in time, he will find happiness.
  • Against all odds, Mayuri was allowed to ascend to the Pantheon. Upon hearing the news, Shido quickly ran to her temple where they shared a tearful and poignant reunion, celebrated by many. They went on a beautiful date to the House of Theatre and Spectacle, where they watched a marathon of their favorite movies. Fortunately, Kotori and the Ratatoskr team had reserved an entire room just for them.
  • Occassionally gets into philosophical debates with Hachiman Hikigaya about morality and what it means to establish meaningful connections with others. Although he disagrees with Hachiman's cynicism, he certainly appreciates his intelligence. He often tries to get him and Keima to spend some time together, to no avail.
  • Cadance worries about Shido's position; the fact that a lot of lives rely on him dating a lot of girls (specifically potentially dangerous ones, though) and keeping them all happy. Kyu on the other hand, while concerned as well, is ecstatic, now that she can feel justified in doing what she does. She also works with Kotori in this regard so that Shido eventually won't need to be guided on dating every step of the way, though the fact that there are much fewer people she can be invisible to does prove problematic.
  • Feels sorry for the Master Chief for failing to save Cortana even when he fought tooth-and-nail for her. It brings back memories of Rinne and Mayuri. He is also one of the very few people who don't give Robb Stark grief in choosing love over duty and says no man should ever be put in that situation. Shido sincerely hopes both men can find peace one day.
    • Felt glad that Cortana had ascended and reunited with John. Aware of Cortana's actions in the mortal plane and his own experience with Maria Arusu, Shido hopes she can find a way to redeem herself]]. He recommended Maria as Cortana's High Priestess, to which she accepted.
  • Praises Jon Snow for successfully uniting the factions of the North under a common cause, similar to what he is trying to do with the Spirits. Jon at least appreciates Shido's kindness and sees much of himself in the boy; also, his cooking helps keeping his soldiers fed. Jon admits he finds it weird that Shido has been killed and resurrected multiple times, compared to Jon's single serious case of stabbing.
    Jon: That must really hurt.
    Shido: *sigh* You get used to it.
  • Even a good man like Shido can have his limits, especially as seen with Isaac Westcott, the evil mage who wants to become a god and create a world only for mages. Anyone who reminds him of Westcott will earn Shido's enmity:
    • Absolutely hates Lord Voldemort for his cruelty and lack of remorse for his actions, seeing him as no better than Isaac Wescott. The fact that they are both British is merely a coincidence, okay? Don't get any funny ideas.
    • Not fond of Khan Noonien Singh (the Kelvin version, at least) either because he betrayed Kirk when The Good Captain was only trying to help him. He finds his love for his family hypocritical and self-serving, given that he killed Kirk's mentor and threatened to kill Kirk and the Enterprise crew as well when The Good Captain risked his own life to save him. Crashing the Vengeance into San Francisco just to screw over the Federation will not get him any sympathy points with Shido either.
    • Absolutely pissed with Altair/Military Uniform Princess for escaping punishment for the crap she pulled. While he can sympathize with the death of her mother, he says that's not an excuse for her actions and that it's not all about her. He is also horrified by what she did to Mamika and Aliceteria and promised to do whatever he can stop her.
  • Can also be found in Spiritual & Mental Powers.
  • "If people refuse to accept you, I'll just accept you even more."


    Asuka Tenjoin/Alexis Rhodes 
Asuka Tenjoin, Goddess of Aborted Love Declarations (Queen of Obelisk Blue, Asurin/Sissy, Tomorrow Girl, Alexis Rhodes, Lexi, White Asuka)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Double Pass card. The Ice Counter symbol in the manga.
  • Leitmotif: Asuka Tenjoin's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful tendencies.
  • Portfolio: Cybel Angel Deck Duelist (Ice Counter in the Manga), Loves To Duel... Maybe Too Much, Action Girl <—> Faux Action Girl, Humble Heroine, The Chick, Impossible Hourglass Figure, Self-Aware Ms. Fanservice And Attracting Guys Because Of It, Only Sane Woman, Deadpan Snarker, The Only Girl In Her Group, All Love Is Unrequited (To The Point Of Not Admitting her Feelings), Self-Inflicted Ship Sinking, Victims Of Yaoi Fangirls
  • Domains: Love, Card Games, Dance, High School, Teachers
  • High Priestess: Asuka Tenjoin (Fusion Dimension)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Takuma Saiou, Lucy, Monokuma and his Mastermind Junko Enoshima, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nobuyuki Sugou, SHOCKER, Yuri (Red Alert), any villain voiced by Norio Wakamoto.
  • Opposes: Esdeath
  • Opposed by: Yaoi Fangirls
  • Pities: Kotonoha Katsura
  • Asuka Tenjoin is a friend of Judai Yuki who managed to ascend after planning to confess her feelings to him in their last year of high school but backing out at the last minute after deciding that she would go to America to study and be a teacher. While many were baffled with that decision, there are others who believe that this was for the better since Judai was already taken and in an unconventional way at that.
    • Funnily, right after her ascension, Judai came to ask why she had that title. She was going to explain him but the news about his being engaged made her abort her declaration again.
  • She was glad to be able to find her former classmates in the Pantheon and was even happier to hear that there were other fellow duelist girls like Aki and Carly. Asuka was also ectasied to meet her hero Yugi Muto, found several things in common with his friend Anzu (though Anzu compared her to Mai and even Kaiba), and befriended Yuma Tsukumo since he reminded her of Judai and she reminds him of Rio.
    • Asuka did take notice that Anna Kozuki has a similar personality to Judai but is in a role similar to her rival Rei Saotome. She finds that somewhat funny, but the jokes made by some gods of Anna being her or Aki's daughter with Judai didn't amuse her in the least.
    • However, not everything was coming up roses, as she found that Takuma Saiou was also ascended. She still hasn’t forgiven him for brainwashing her (twice!) and her friend Jun Manjoume for his cult of the Society of Light.
      • She hates Ragyo Kiryuin and Nobuyuki Sugou for a similar reason as she found out that the ridiculously dressed woman brainwashed her own daughter into doing her bidding and the cheating game master for searching on mind control, somewhat double on the latter because his prime victim has become her friend and because he is a misogynist pervert to the extreme. She also hate Yuri's guts as well because of his profession of creating mind control devices to manipulate unwanted innocent lives into their slaves.
      • She also despises the terrorist organization SHOCKER since the group itself are prone to the usage of brainwashing methods on their kaijin army who were originally normal innocent humans that was captured by the said organization prior to their conversion. After she found out that Ragyo and Sugou became a part of SHOCKER, she made a point to stop them and the organization even further.
  • There was a time that her fellow duelist girls and Asuna asked her if it was true that she used to be Judai's fiance. Because Judai happened to be nearby, Asuka only face-palmed and sighed.
    • It is seemingly annoyed her that Asuna came up with that question, because her name is similar to what the Queen of Obelisk Blue's married name would if she did marry Judai and because Asuna is technically married online and dating in real life with the guy she likes. Although Asuna apologized to her after she told her that she was only being curious, the two became pretty close despite of their differences.
  • Has become friends with Kouta Kazuraba, as he was one of the people supporting her ascension for the sake of reuniting her with their friend in common Judai. She also gets along with Mai Takatsukasa, who was interested in her dancing Cyber Angels deck.
  • Asuka was quite scared when she heard her voice in Lucy, especially after finding out that the diclonius was a mass-murderer. She did feel a little bit of pity after hearing about her past but she believes that she needs to be taken down, if only finish her suffering.
    • She was more relieved when she met Reinforce Eins, whom she befriended. It was through her that she met Hayate Yagami, who was a little curious when they found out about the Ice Counter that Asuka used in an alternate universe.
  • Does not like the fact that boys only look at her appearance, since she already had to deal with that in Duel Academia and she wants to be respected as a strong woman and duelist. The fact that being in the House of Love would put her in a place where many perverts would do just that isn't lost on her. Though it's for this reason that she pities Kotonoha Katsura, who had a similar problem in her school (if not worse because of the bullying).
    • She also found herself incomfortable moments with the likes of Rito and Tusk, who didn't mean to come across as perverts yet they somehow did.
    • Asuka also doesn't appreciate it when people even suggest than she should be an Idol Singer. So far, nobody has heard her sing so that has managed to keep that suggestion away from her but some can't help but wonder why she gets so sensitive about that.
  • Apparently, it has been prophecied that she will appear on the Xyz Dimension. Many of the gods from said dimension don't know what to say about this since it could mean that Asuka is an enemy to them, but she denies to any connection to the brand-new Academia and it disgusts her how much that place has degenerated.
  • Back when she was still studying, she had two friends called Momoe and Junko. Now that she is in the Pantheon, she has met a girl called Nagisa Momoe, whom Asuka befriended too. The fact that Nagisa is a cute, non-annoying, non-clingy girl (very much unlike her rival Rei) helps. Hilariously, she has been compared with Mami Tomoe once.
  • The same can't be said about Junko Enoshima, and this is one of three reasons why she opposes Monokuma. The first reason is that she discovered what the bear and his mastermind did to the students of Hope's Peak (reminding of the situation with Duel Academia) and the third reason is that Monokuma trolled Asuka by saying that she could replace Sayaka Maizono as the new "Ultimate Pop Sensation", hitting her Berserk Button hard. This made her a point to join forces with Monokuma's nemesis Makoto Naegi in order to stop their killing games in the pantheon.
  • Because of the Dancing deck that she normally uses, she met Zack and the Fresh Pretty Cures and became friends with them.
  • Has something of a fear towards the gods who are voiced by Norio Wakamoto. One can't blame her given that she was made a Damsel in Distress twice by a hitman who had that voice.
    • She is also not very fond of Esdeath, as she reminds her of herself while she was Brainwashed and Crazy by the Society of Light. Esdeath herself doesn't care too much about her because she thinks that the duelist is weak. That only made it worse.
  • Gentaro Kisaragi has become one of her friends after she noticed how similar he was to Judai with the way he befriends everyone. She sees him with the rest of Kamen Rider Club with nostalgia, as it reminds her first years in Duel Academia with Judai and the rest of the gang and Asuka sometimes wishes that those could come back. It also shocked her to find out that Gentaro would eventually become a teacher, just like she wants to be.
    • Upon learning from the Kamen Rider Club that Gentaro has harbored feelings for Elena, Asuka has decided to tell Elena to not hold back on her feelings for Gentaro and confess (not knowing that the relationship between the two Friendship lovers has gotten...complicated what with the asylum incident and Gentaro's Shadow—It Makes Sense in Context). Gentaro and Elena eventually did confess their love for another...only for "Tarot Crusaders" to reveal that they have put their relationship "on hold" due to the events on that Halloween and also so Elena can finish writing the origins of the Friendship Asylum, "The Friendship Anomaly". And when Asuka asked about the Friendship Asylum, she wasn't really happy with what she heard.
  • Asuka was shocked to find out that there was another Asuka who happened to be paired up with a Rei, though she did notice that Langley is even more hot-tempered than she was and that this Rei is the total opposite of her world's Rei.
  • She thought that her brother Fubuki was already ascended but it turned out to not be the case. It was actually a Ship Girl that had the same name. While this disappointed her, she doesn't mind this Fubuki since she isn't trying to stuff her in dresses to make her an Idol Singer.

    Imperator Furiosa 
Imperator Furiosa, Goddess of False Love Interests
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A car wheel with a skull in the middle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Madness, Rage, Feminism, Protection
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Hot-Blooded, The Atoner, Lost an arm due to unknown circumstances, Artificial Limbs, Badass Driver, Bald Women, Cold Sniper, Dark and Troubled Past, Was taken away as a child, Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal, Properly Paranoid, Screaming Warrior, Unstoppable Rage
  • Followers: Saya, Quorra
  • Allies: Max Rockatansky, Steve Irwin, Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, Red Sonja, Lisbeth Salander, Tyr, Kengo Utahoshi, Nathan Spencer, Lara Croft, Gabrielle (Xena)
  • Enemies: Immortan Joe, Gregor Clegane, Alex Delarge
  • To be honest, she wasn't sure how she ended up in the Pantheon. All she could recall was ending up in front of the god of Aged Villains's temple. To say her blood boiled when she found out Immorten Joe, the man she killed became a god would be an understatement. It was pure luck that she met up with Max once more along with fellow Australian Steve Irwin. Together, they made their escape on the Interceptor while fending off Immorten Joe. They were thankfully saved by higher deities who wished to settle the dispute. Max was easy to ascend, but she found some difficulty finding a title. In a final plea, Max remarked how the two never fell in love in an age where that would almost certainly be an act of love. With that, the House of Love decided to give her a title, in part to spite Immorten Joe. The two rarely talk afterwards, satisfied that they got a happy ending.
    • Furiosa found the House of Love to be an odd place for her to be in. Her title alone contrasts with the majority of the other deities. With that said, most followers were elated with her arrival, especially her daring rescue of 5 mortal women. Furiosa admits the undertaking was more of a stunt to piss off Immorten. Still, the house is glad to have one more person who can defend the House from enemies.
    • Ever since her arrival, she had been asked far too many times of her sexual preference. Furiosa has refused to comment on this, leaving that discussion up to debate. Her suitors have been few and far between, given that she is more than capable of beating to a pulp anyone that rubs her the wrong way.
  • Many female action heroes celebrated her arrival, clapping in approval her various deeds throughout her life. Eighties action heroines Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley both helped build her temple as an act of gratitude.
  • How she ended up as an Imperator remains a mystery to this day. Whatever did happen to her is probably left not to be pried upon. It did give her sympathy from Lisbeth, who funds Furiosa's temple with the money she steals.
  • Red Sonja also paid a visit for her troubled life. She also respects the Imperator's fighting skills, claiming she would probably win a one-on-one fight with Max if given a chance of a rematch.
  • Alex Delarge learned the reason why she was named Furiosa the hard way. When he tried to give her the in-and-out, Furiosa responded with a pounding so severe he was in the hospital for days. He's sure to have gotten the message loud and clear.
    • Gregor has proven to be a greater challenge, though. She's certain to keep a revolver at all times to keep him at bay.
  • It's no surprise that Jack took an immediate liking to the woman, and it's not just from their shared hair styles. Furiosa can be counted as one of her few friends besides Commander Shepard, even calling her a sister at times.
  • There has been much speculation over how she lost her arm, made more confounded as she has refused to tell anyone the story. Furiosa was a follower of Tyr as a result before she had ascended. The One-Handed God was most pleased to see his pupil in the Pantheon. It was only fair that someone as determined as her would finally find a place here.
  • She's also respected by Kengo and Spencer, both of whom lost arms and replaced them with mechanical versions. Both of them even offered to upgrade her own arm, to which she turned down the offer. She felt too attached to her own mechanical arm to get rid of it.
  • Her first meeting with Lara Croft didn't go as smoothly. Both laid claim over the last set of shotgun ammunition in the House of Commerce. Not wanting to wait for the next day, the two agreed to have a duel over it. After several minutes it became obvious that the two were too evenly matched to decide a winner. In respect, Lara decided to hand it over to the new goddess. It didn't take long afterwards for the two to become friends.
  • Many gods were sad to see that Furiosa probably won't get any more stories set in stone. The bard Gabrielle sought out to remedy this, promising to record her adventure in the Pantheon instead. Furiosa doesn't mind her descent to obscurity, but appreciates the support from the demigod.

    Lumi the Paladin 
Lumi, the Goddess That Must Mate or Die
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her sword, with Genius perched on the hilt
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Hormone-Addled Teenager, Boobs of Steel, Book Dumb, All Women Are Lustful, would have died if she hadn't mated with Youta, Luminescent Blush, Cute Bruiser, Clingy Jealous Girl
  • Domains: Sex, Other Worlds, Death, Love
  • Allies: Youta Tada (her lover), The Monster Hunters, Guts, Robb Stark, Ceri and Yomi
  • Enemies: SLAANESH, bad lust-related deities and perverts in general, like Quagmire, Johnny Bravo, Gregor Clegane, the Brave Companions and Wyald
  • A Paladin from a world parallel to Earth, Lumi was, for the longest time, subject to the millennium-old curse the God of Deep Jealousy placed on the world, which would have killed her before she turned 20 had she not mated with a man. As the same curse had wiped men from existence, she was resigned to her fate. However, she met Youta Tada, who had been dragged into her world from Earth. Eventually, the two mated, breaking the curse's hold on her. Now the two intend to kill the God of Deep Jealousy and break the curse on everyone else.
  • Despite acknowledging the need for Youta to mate with girls from her world, Lumi sure as hell doesn't like having to share. She's immensely relieved that the Pantheon's women don't have the same genetic drive she has, meaning she gets Youta all to herself! Unfortunately, in the Pantheon, the roles are reversed: while Youta had to be careful not to touch any of the women in the parallel world, here Lumi has to avoid the men, lest she touch them and go into heat...
    • More than a few...less-than-noble gods have tried to take advantage of her vulnerability: Quagmire was driven off by one look at her drawn sword and Death Glare, while she was able to make quick escapes from the likes of Gregor Clegane and the Brave Companions. The biggest close call she had was against Wyald; while Caliburn was advantageous against the demon, he finally managed to smack her with an uprooted tree and knock her out cold. Unfortunately for him, he was on the receiving end of another Groin Attack thanks to Guts. The Black Swordsman dragged the unconscious Lumi with his metallic hand to the nearest temple and dumped her off there.
    • On the other hand, Lumi has struck up a friendship with Robb Stark: the latter takes great pains to avoid touching her and very much admires her skills with a blade. Somewhat amusingly, despite Lumi assuring Youta she only has eyes for him, the latter has been noted to glare suspiciously at Robb from time to time.
  • Lumi is ostensibly a paladin, and there's no question as to her skill with a blade. However, she lacks any sort of holy magic endemic to her job class, barring the white-element sword Caliburn she wields. Due to people all dying so young in her world, such knowledge is hard to come by, if not lost entirely.
  • Lumi and Youta were approached by Princess Cadance, who intended to lecture Youta about how he sleeps around despite being in love with Lumi. This initially didn't go well for the Alicorn, who trotted up to the two of them and very nearly got her head chopped off by Lumi: the paladin had had a run-in with a unicorn from her world after losing her virginity and nearly got bucked in the face. After assuring them that she, and for that matter any other unicorn from Equestria has nothing against non-virgins, Cadance lectured the two of them about Youta sleeping around. As Youta explained, his goal is to kill the God of Deep Jealousy, and then spend a happy life with Lumi. He has no intention of sleeping around for the hell of it and in fact takes great pains to avoid sending the women from the parallel world into heat.
    • The existence of the Parallel World has become the subject of an attempted power play by Kyu Sugardust and Cadance: Kyu wants to smuggle her (male) clients into the Parallel World and see if she can easily hook them up with the women (for the greater good), while Cadance has thrown her support behind trying to kill the God of Deep Jealousy and breaking the curse, thus taking away any excuses Kyu might have. More than one god has expressed bemusement at the near Death Note levels of conspiracy and gambits the two are embroiled in over such a ridiculous world.
    • Slaanesh has also set his/her/its eyes on the Parallel World, to the mutual dismay of Kyu and Cadance and the abject horror and disgust of Youta and Lumi. The Chaos God hopes to unleash its own forces on the helpless world, so that it may be overwhelmed and broken into worship of the deranged Sense Freak.
  • Was approached on one occasion by a small, fuzzy weasel-like creature: as the deities from her world roundly look like small plush toys, Lumi asked the being if he was a god. Kyubey confirmed that a few civilizations saw him as a god, and then made his offer: considering that Lumi is intending to help Youta kill a god, she needs as much power as she can get. If she made a contract with him, she could become strong enough to fight the God of Deep Jealousy. Lumi probably would have said yes, had an energy blast not wiped Kyubey from existence. Lumi was left standing stunned amid falling black feathers, before the unsettling feeling she was getting won out and she made a hasty retreat.
  • In order to keep her skills sharp, Lumi has taken up work with the Monster Hunters. The crew was duly impressed by how she was able to face humongous beasts with a comparably small sword. Lumi was initially wary of the meal the Hunters made of the monster they brought down: a fellow Guardian named Misaki had a habit of making rather...interesting meals out of monsters back in her world. Luckily, the Anjanath steak she was served was delicious (notable as she usually prefers vegetables over meat), so much so that she brought some back with her in hopes of holding a romantic dinner with Youta.
  • Lumi struck up a friendship with Ceri the Knight, a woman she has a number of things in common with. The two swap adventuring stories and spar to keep their skills sharp. Ceri is quite impressed by her new friend's skills, musing that Lumi may just give her guild boss Maeve a run for her money.
    • Lumi's also impressed by Yomi, mentioning she can't help but admire Yomi's class, elegance and wisdom. Yomi has offered two kinds of help to the Paladin after hearing of her plight: one is to send some of the Cute Monster Girls to the Parallel World in order to help bring down the God of Deep Jealousy, which would be a far better option than Kyu's short-sighted idea of smuggling random men in and leaving it at that. They would all be quite combat-capable, and each one has proven her worth in guarding Yomi's dungeon. The second form of 'help' is, to Ceri's dismay, that of a less scrupulous nature: a universal truth Yomi has found is that gay, straight or otherwise, a woman in lascivious clothing can act as a force multiplier for a romp beneath the sheets, and she has plenty of pieces that Youta would go nuts over. She can hook Lumi up with them if she were to ask...needless to say, Lumi's initial impression of Yomi was rather challenged by this conversation.

Sain, God of Chivalry and Courtship (Knight of Lycia, The Green Lance)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The flag of the Lycian League
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Chivalrous Perverts, noble despite his flaws, multiple weapon disciplines, Butt-Monkey, Incoming Ham, half of the recurring "Cavalier pair" archetype
  • Domains: Army, Charm, Lances, Horseback
  • High Priest: Zelos Wilder
  • Allies: Lady Lyndis, the Tactician, Ninian, Eliwood, Hector, Lilina, Roy Robin, Yue Hayase, BRIAN BLESSED!, Johnny and Kagura, the Chick Magnet Quartet, Zidane Tribal, Joey Tribbiani
  • Enemies: Grima, Gideon Gordon Graves
  • No one remembers how Sain got here. It's as if the Gods looked at all possible examples of his trope, and picked one out of a grab bag. Let's just say A Wizard Did It.
  • Upon his ascension, he began touring the Pantheon in search of women. He was genuinely surprised by how many beautiful women he saw, and so he pretty much visited every house. Unfortunately, he took a wrong turn somewhere, and somehow ended up in Mary Suetopia. He was absolutely disgusted, however, one being in particular disgusted him the most. Upon discovering Shinji Matou, and finding he was MUCH, MUCH weaker than he made himself out to be, he took his heroic lance and shoved it up… …somewhere that it would be impolite for him to name.
  • On this same tour, he met Robin. Well, not according to him. Robin reminds Sain of a friend of his named Mark, who resembles the (wo)man to such a great extent that he considers them to be the same person. The fact that Sain seems not to be able to tell that their gender frequently fluctuates supports this, although considering he always calls him Mark, people have begun to think he actually is aware.…Even of the fact that during the times they are a woman, he may have been flirting with a man this entire time.
  • Has gained the respect of Yue Hayase, who occasionally defends his position. Why? Sain is part of a Red Oni, Blue Oni pair with his friend Kent. When Sain discovered Kent had feelings for Lyn, he immediately backed off from flirting with her. Granted, Sain has "feelings" for everyone, but Yue Hayase has been there and failed. Granted, most gods will counter that the person which Yue had a crush on seemed to be magnetic, but this pervert still managed to keep his hands to himself when the rationalist couldn't.
  • He is a known ally of the Chick Magnet Quartet. He respects them for making sure their loved women remain unscathed in their adventures. Out of the four members he especially holds Issei and Hayate in high regard.
  • Sain tends to spend most of his time looking for goddesses who need "rescuing". When he finds out that most of them are powerful enough to match him in armed combat, he still considers them kindred spirits, even though quite a few have turned him down.
  • The only goddess he has not once wooed (partly due to having once done so already back when they were still mortal) is Lyndis upon her ascension. Upon hearing of her arrival, he immediately swore fealty to her as her retainer once more.

    Steve Smith 
Steve Anita Smith, The Nerdy God Who'll Never Get Laid (Wheels)

    Tomoyo Daidouji 
Tomoyo Daidouji, The Goddess Who Wants Her Beloved To Be Fashionable (Madison Taylor)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A white wing
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Extremely Complicated And Fashionable Costumes, The Confidant, Camera Fiend, Unmentioned Father, Fangirl, Very, Very Rich, The Fashionista, Living Emotional Crutch for Sakura, Meta Gal, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy And Fashionable, Muggle Best Friend And Unfazed By The Strangeness, Hero-Worshipper, Ojou, Proper Lady, The Reliable One, Shipper on Deck Despite Her Own Affections, Spoiled Sweet, Wise Beyond Her Years, Rapunzel Hair
  • Domain: Fashion, Love, Costumes, Cameras
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto (her second cousin), Kero, Syaoran Li (sort-of-rival for Sakura's love), Rarity, Yuko Ichihara, Shiki, Lili Rochefort, Charlotte LaBouff, Richie Rich, Yomi, Ceri, Erike Kurumi/Cure Marine
  • Opposes: Any enemy of Sakura and Syaoran, Princess Morbucks, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Kyubey
  • Opposed by: the Dursleys
  • Fears: The Nothing Card
  • Has volunteered to be the official costume designer for the whole Pantheon, but the higher-ranked gods have declined her offer, believing the effort and requests may be too much for her. She was instead invited to be a costume designer for the Magical Girl Sisterhood.
    • And after a review of her profile, it was decided that she transfer over to her trope, and two houses to go with it. She's all right with it, as it befits her.
  • Incredibly devoted to Sakura Kinomoto. When Sakura was chosen to join the Pantheon, Tomoyo was over the moon with joy and produced a dozen or so costumes for her to wear during her ascension ceremony.
  • With the discovery of (and accessibility to) better (and sturdier) clothing materials, Tomoyo now has marginally more practical costumes for Sakura to wear that are actually protective.
  • Thanks to the House of Technology, Tomoyo has picked up on the idea of using drones like quadcopters (which her mother's company made and is operable by smartphone) for her camera recording needs so as to be able to capture Sakura's escapades from better angles (and not have to risk her own life by getting too close to the fray as she had many times). And with a couple more tinkerings thanks to other gods, she made sure that they'll be able to see through all magical spectrums and still be able to function and record if she should ever get incapacitated. That way, she won't have to miss out on recording Sakura's escapades when she's in the area.
  • Previously met her counterpart from another world, the princess of an alternate Tokyo. They spent hours discussing the different incarnations of Sakura they knew.
  • As a designer of dresses, she spends a lot of time with deities of similar careers like Rarity, who in turn occasionally requests assistance in sewing up outfits for clients.
    • Through Tomoyo's connections in the Sisterhood (via Sakura), she had the fortune of meeting Erika Kurumi, another aspiring designer, and the two share their ideas.
  • While she had lost her memory of it, Pantheon ascension returned to her the memories and experiences lost as a result of magic throughout Sakura's adventures, including those of being erased by the Nothing card, and knowing how it felt like the first time, she's terrified of it when in the same room as her without Sakura around.
  • With Sakura gaining more and more allies with powers, Tomoyo has been feeling a little concerned in her "usefulness", even after discovering more protective clothing materials. She has entertained the notion of getting some magical powers herself, but wonders if that's just selfish thinking. Even if her personal issues is just her unrequited love for Sakura (which she claims she's made peace with), maybe it just might work.
    • Oh, and Kyubey did try to tempt her once with a contract so she can join Sakura in her adventures, but Kero arrived in time before the Incubator could tempt her further and destroyed him. She knew about the dangers of becoming a Puella Magi, though, so she wasn't gonna accept the offer anyway.
    • Over time, this pent-up worry came to a head that she decided she would face her issues in the TV World (with the Investigation Team, of course), and Sakura decided to come along despite the risk of running into her own Shadow because friends shouldn't have to shoulder burdens alone. Upon confronting Shadow Tomoyo, the Cardcaptor was finally privy to her best friend's darkest secrets and the things she would never say to her; fears of no longer being needed by Sakura, Tomoyo's love for her, frustration that Sakura is completely blind to it, and that she's jealous of Syaoran for winning Sakura's heart despite not being able to confess it for almost a year until after stopping Eriol. Ashamed of these hateful thoughts she never wanted anyone to know, Tomoyo naturally denied her Shadow, which naturally went berserk, and the Investigation Team and Sakura naturally had to fight it.
      • Once that was taken care of, Tomoyo felt so embarrassed and guilty for harboring those feelings, but as ever the All-Loving Heroine, Sakura easily forgave her and asserted just how valuable Tomoyo is to her, and how she (and Syaoran to some extent) might not have emotionally made it through much of her trials without her. Finally able to get those issues out of her chest, Tomoyo was able to accept her Shadow as part of who she is deep down, and got her Persona Seshat as a result.
      • Upon realizing her Persona turns out to be more of a Sensor-type with its Enemy Scan and mapping abilities (though no distant communication capabilities like hers or Fuuka's) even with some combat skills (which are below-average offense-wise), Rise stayed closer to the situation and decided to help mentor Tomoyo in using her Persona, also inviting Fuuka over (as well as Futaba as soon as she ascended) for assistance.

    Violet Evergarden 
Violet Evergarden, Goddess of Not Understanding What Love Is (Vi, The Battle Maiden of Leidenschaftlich, Saber, PTSD Saber, Violet Sabergarden, Fullmetal Saber)

    Xander Harris 
Alexander LaVelle "Xander" Harris, the God with Dangerous Suitors (Sergeant Fury, Xan)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his face with an eyepatch
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Curse, Toil, Good, Charm, Trickery
  • Portfolio: Accidental Pornomancer, Amazon Chaser, Badass Normal, Beware the Silly Ones, Butt-Monkey, Cartwright Curse, Class Clown, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Eyepatchof Power, The Face, Fatal Attractor, The Heart, Hormone-Addled Teenager, The Lancer, Non-Action Guy, Overshadowedby Awesome, Pop-Cultured Badass, Stepford Snarker
  • Superior: Joss Whedon
  • Allies: Buffy, Willow, Arcueid Brunestud (one sided), Marceline (one-sided), Sokka, Panty Anarchy, Mad Moxxi, Abed Nadir, all good-aligned X-Men deities, Date Masamune
  • Enemies: Dr. Frank-n-Furter, The Slender Man
  • Rivals: Axel
  • Opposes: All vampire deities, especially Dracula, Loki Laufeyson
  • Annoys: Worf
  • Xander's tale of ascension was... rather embarassing. He took a trip to the House of Love, hoping that he could finally find a suitor that wasn't out to kill him. While he was searching for the House of Lust, he was met with an attractive young woman, showing him where she thought it was. Unfortunately for Xander, that lady turned out to be Loki, who pointed towards the House of Tainted Love instead. After 30 minutes of fighting off psycho suitors, he ran off into the right house. The first temple he choose? Slaanesh. The House of Love decided to give him a temple in their place as compensation for his misfortune.
    • Fellow Scoobies Buffy and Willow were glad he could stay full time, despite the circumstances. Willow wasted no time teasing Xander on his new title, just as he did the same to her when she ascended.
  • He has an adverse relationship with all vampires, even those who are benevolent. Working with Spike is tough enough; working with vampires he doesn't even know is push the little luck that he has. It is justified, given his title. That hasn't stopped Marceline or Arcueid from offering their assistance over his objections.
    • It was expected that the Lord of Vampires would end up in the Pantheon, but that doesn't help him feel any better. Dracula himself was amused that one of his more easily controllable enemies has ascended and hopes to put Xander under more embarrassing shenanigans.
  • In an attempt to remove himself of the title of Butt-Monkey, Axel walked over to his temple, promising even greater power if he could take over one title. His efforts were thwarted by the intervention of Buffy and Willow. That hasn't deterred the God of High Collars from making his case to hand that over to Xander.
  • To date, all of his relationships have either ended up with them being demons or have died on him. Even with his godhood, he can't seem to get that much luck in his relationships. When Xander managed to convince a woman into his bed, it turned out to be Dr. Frank-n-Furter up to no good. When invited to a "duel" by Isabela, she ended up robbing him blind. It's gotten to a point that he has Willow on speed-dial over them.
    • The good news is that his misadventures have given him pity points to those who don't want to take advantage of him. Panty and Moxxi were both more than happy for companionship.
  • Xander sometimes wish he could do more for the group. It was Sokka who reminded him of his strengths, including his skills as a Guile Hero. After giving him thanks, the two talked over steak in the House of Food.
    • With that said, threatening either Willow or Buffy is a guaranteed ticket to getting your ass kicked. There's a reason he's lasted so long even though he has no powers or that much training. Many supernatural foes have learned the hard way not to underestimate him.
  • Once he tried to pass off as Nick Fury in the House of Heroes. It didn't work as well as he hoped, especially since Nick Fury had a race change. Despite that, he hopes to ascend the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D one day.
    • He agreed to pay Date Masamune a visit everyone in a while to honor the God of Eyepatches. He had long sought the high priest spot in the past to little avail.
  • It's safe to say that Xander's a huge fan of the X-Men, making time to visit every single one individually while gossiping on their adventures. Not used to seeing humans so fond of their kind, the group was glad at his adoration.
  • Took up the challenge of taking down the Slender Man. He hopes that his knowledge of horror tropes will give him the advantage needed to defeat him.
  • He quickly took a liking to Abed Nadir, given his savviness. Melkor in particular has been observing the two, knowing that their cooperation could spell reckoning to the GUAE.
  • Worf constantly reminds him just because he can speak Klingon doesn't make them friends.

    Yoriko Yasaka 
Yoriko Yasaka, Goddess of Taking Care of Haremettes
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A pair of forks.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Youngish Looking Mother, Gamer Chick, Action Mom, Deity Hunter, Forks, Harem Nanny, Cuddle Bug (only forwards Mahiro), Shipper on Deck
  • Domains: Mothers, Hunters, Youth
  • High Priestess: Haruka Urashima
  • Followers: Chizuru Naba, Yosho Masaki, Kyouya Ootori, Reine Murasame, Anne, Miya Asama, Tomoe Nanjou, Shigure Sohma, Akiko Minase, Shubby
  • Allies: Mahiro Yasaka (her son who she calls Hiro-kun), Nyarko, Cuuko, Hasta, Shantak-kun, Luhy Distone, Taiga Fujimura (former co-holder), The Hunters, Chifuyu Orimura, Belldandy, Skuld, Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight, Chiaki Nanami, Tomoe Gozen, Keima Katsuragi, The Gamers! Crew, Ellen Ripley, Takao, Ryouki, Sanae Furukawa, Monika
  • Enemies: All Old Ones, The OTHER Nyarlathotep, Ato-ko Shirogane (one-sided on Ato-ko's part), Queen Chrysalis, No Face, Ragyo Kiryuin, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Medea, Ghetsis Harmonia, Professor Hojo, The Child Abuse Supporters, BEN, .GIFfany
  • Opposes: The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Yoriko Yasaka is the mother of Mahiro Yasaka and when she's not doing her work, she has a really close relation with her son. While also being fine with any Pretty Freeloaders who might drop into their house like Nyarko, Cuuko and Hasta. Though you might want to explain yourself to her first.
  • She used to share her temple with Taiga Fujimura, but some changes in the Pantheons' regulations have forced them to split and Taiga had to move out with a new title. That still doesn't stop them from hanging out quite a lot, which also bring their respective circles together as well.
  • The first thing she did upon ascending was go and hug Mahiro. She says that her "Sononium" supply was running really low.
    • Speaking of "Sononium", it is apparently a legitimate power source... as stated by Emotion Eaters. Though they know that they really shouldn't get between her and Mahiro. No Face in particular already expressed that he's put it all behind and Chihiro Ogino can attest to that, but Yoriko is not taking any chances.
  • Besides the fact that she is at least twice of her child's age (she has been on seventeen honeymoons with her husband, what would be at least one per year after Mahiro's birth), she doesn't look that much older than Mahiro. Maybe she really is eternally seventeen-years old note .
  • She is a Deity Hunter (think Monster Hunters, but with Lovecraftian deities) as a side-job. While she claims that she is not really good at it, she can beat an entire army of Deep Ones with nothing but forks and once subdued both Nyarko and Cuuko at the same time. Also, while she takes her job fairly seriously, she is not fanatical; she knows a malign deity when she sees one.
    • This got her in touch with the actual Monster Hunter Organization as well as the Good Hunter; they are impressed by her abilities and offered to train her to become even more better (a partnership for GH's case). Yoriko turns them down since she is satisfied with her job that gives her the opportunity to keep taking care of Mahiro which they understand, though they have not oppose the idea of them collaborating either. The Outer Gods are obviously on her hit list since they happen to be no different than the Deities she's hunting. The other Nyarlathotep that embodies all of humanity's evils will not only be a big catch and kill, but also a personal one since he happened to share Nyarko's name and she doesn't want Nyarko to be associated with him any further.
    • No abomination has ever scared her than the Sleeper; even more so when she found out it's in its infancy. Yoriko is working with the GUAG to help combat its influence.
  • Nannying haremettes can be a piece of work, especially if they are dysfunctional (though at least she doesn't mind). Even more so if your former templemate acts too immature to watch over her own. Chifuyu Orimura relates to that situation quite a lot, having to look after and teaching Ichika's haremettes in addition to Ichika himself. They do trade each other's stories of their impressive feats every once in a while and they have nothing but respect for each other for said stories.
  • Besides being generally nice, she can be rather protective of Mahiro. She was bit hostile when she first met Nyarko, suggested that she should be Just Friends with Nyarko at first before she really approved their romance. With this, she's often considered the Good Counterpart to Ragyo Kiryuin and Dr. Sofia Lamb who Yoriko considers monsters who never care about their children in the first place.
    • Ghetsis Harmonia, Professor Hojo and by extension the Child Abuse Supporters also got on her shitlist since they are also no better than Ragyo and Dr. Lamb and Medea for killing her own children. They all don't care for Yoriko since she seems ineffectual to their schemes, though wait until they mess with Hiro-kun...
    • Ellen Ripley finds a lot of common ground with Yoriko (looking after a kid, hunting otherworldly beings) after the latter's unfortunate encounter with a Xenomorph. Yoriko vows to kill every Xenomorph with her forks, though Ripley thinks she'll need more than expertise at Fork Fencing to survive even one attack from them.
  • Sometimes joked about being the lovechild of Belldandy and Skuld due to sounding like both of them. She seems to like being around Belldandy more.
    • She also seems to like Yuri Tsukikage and even once referenced her. Yuri herself likes Yoriko back, even consulting her when no one else is available for advice.
    • Her voice seem to have gained her some attention from Ryoubi and Ryouna; though they admit that they would maybe want her to be a surrogate mother to them (or rather, surrogate sister). Sure enough, Yoriko hit it off well with Ryouki, whose passing that left her sisters behind saddened Yoriko so much, who tells her to cherish her sisters all the time now that they're in the Pantheons together.
  • She likes to visit House of Gaming as she is a bit of a Gamer Chick herself, particularly playing with old-school consoles. This has her befriending Takao, Chiaki Nanami and Tomoe Gozen who also play games once in a while, with Yoriko being impressed that the Lady of War finds joy in the modern world through gaming while Tomoe is impressed that she's a competent hunter. Yoriko is also grateful to R.O.B. for saving Nintendo and gaming for years to come and feels bad for him being the Last of His Kind to survive.
    • Keima Katsuragi inquired her about the visual novel situation she and the others had one time. After Yoriko explains it all, Keima is left confused by the fiasco, but nevertheless gives recommendations to Yoriko anyway since she seems nice to him. The Gamers! club had fun playing games with Yoriko and in turn she gave them some guidance in relationships along with growing up in general.
    • The Angry Video Game Nerd's reviews are helpful to Yoriko in how to not play them ever, though she feels he need to cool off for once and turn down the swearing cause there might be children watching his videos. Not that he ever listens...
    • She hates BEN for corrupting someone into madness and spreading his influence to every media ever. As a Deity Hunter, it is her job to hunt monsters like him, though despite seeing the extent of her threat BEN is mostly ineffectual to her. .GIFfany proves problematic to Yoriko since the former sees Hiro-kun as a potential boyfriend and nobody dares to lay their hands on him.
    • Yoriko is more accepting of Monika, who is making amends with her clubmates after trying to go after the player as well as their incident with Baldi. Monika appreciates the support, even more when they team up to fight against .GIFfany.

    Yoshihisa Manabe 
Yoshihisa Manabe, God of Perverted Imagery


    Lisa Williams and Allison "Ally" Carter 
Lisa Williams and Allison "Ally" Carter, Co-Goddesses of BDSM
  • Quasideities; Demigoddess when in play
  • Symbol: An actual sunstone
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Ally), Neutral Good (Lisa)
  • Domains: Good, Love, Torture, Community, Domination (Ally), Submission (Lisa)
  • Portfolios: Initially Friends with Benefits, then romance ensued, Costume Porn, Lipstick Lesbian
  • Allies: Akeno Himejima, Wonder Woman, Maximilian Christiansen, The Best Friends Zaibatsu, Bayonetta, Jiraiya, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, Medusa, Rachnera
  • Enemies: Hisoka
  • Opposes: Scanty and Kneesocks, Corset, Tsukuyomi
  • Uneasy Relationship: Chie Satonaka
  • Good Counterpart to: Queen of Pain
  • Not to be Confused with: Baroness
  • Admires: Ivy Valentine, Voldo (Ally), Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu
  • Admired by: Cassandra Pentaghast (Lisa)
  • After the ascension of the Queen of Pain for Kinky Evil Bondage, there has been growing clout over the concept of BDSM. It got to a point that Cosmos and the GUAG searched frantically for a subject that could counter the demon's influence. She would eventually find a couple who have settled their differences. Lisa Williams and Ally Carter were seen as the best candidates to show the positive effects of BDSM. The couple now guides their followers on how to develop healthy BDSM relationships.
    • What they feel is most important is to break down stereotypes regarding their kinks. While the two may look the part, Lisa has proven to be the more aggressive partner in the off time. There's also the fact that genders don't always match what's perceived in fiction as they have followers of all kinds of people as doms, subs, switches and everything in between.
    • The two have to be under constant protection from the House of Heroes. Akasha would want nothing more than to corrupt the goody-two shoes that has taken a significant chunk of her followers from her. Lucky for the couple, there are plenty of allies who want them to stay... if only to learn themselves.
  • One of their most important patrons is Akemo, who was the one that suggested the two for the title. She was a fan of how their relationship was developed and hoped that they can convince others to give their lifestyle a try.
    • Of course that put them in direct opposition to Hisoka, who was less impressed.
  • As much as the two admire their names, they could not stand Corset's methods of torturing others through bondage. The same goes to Scanty and Kneesocks.
  • Both were quick to ask for restraining orders on Tsukuyomi... with good reason. Thankfully, she is too obsessed with Setsuna to pay much attention to them. That doesn't stop her followers from trying to pervert the couple's art.
  • Were excited to find Wonder Woman the Pantheon. It is a well-known fact that her creator was a fan of bondage himself and wanted heroines like Wonder Woman to apply that to her foes. The Amazon even let them hold her Lasso of Truth. Lisa joked how useful it could have been given their initial misunderstandings.
  • As a Gamer Chick, Ally can see similarities of her lifestyle to a multitude of games. Her favorite Soul Calibur character just happens to be Ivy Valentine, jokingly egging her opponents to pick Voldo to complete the irony. Neither fighter has commented on her preferences.
    • Can be seen playing against Maximilian and the The Best Friends Zaibatsu on a number of fighting games for this reason.
  • Lisa on the other hand has a talent for writing what is essentially erotic stories (it's how she told her own story in the first place). Jiraiya offered to put her stories in print after getting a nosebleed from reading one of them.
    • She wasy visited by none other than Cassandra Pentaghast... looking rather meek as she timidly asked for a copy of one of her fanfiction. The warrior wasn't proficient with the internet to go online and hoped Lisa could keep their deal a secret. Lisa agreed on the terms, though she couldn't help but be amused with having such an eager fan.
  • There are already many gods and goddesses drawing comparisons between Ally and the witch Bayonetta, especially since the later loves to use torture devices on her foes. She takes it as a compliment, even dressing up as her on occasion. Lisa wouldn't comment on how she feels about it, though her blushing does give a good indication.
  • Oddly enough, she also gets comparisons with Baroness. Ally has been more careful about cosplaying her, as the villainous has plenty of enemies from both sides.
  • The two may be lesbians, but both turn out to be more of the lipstick variety. Despite rebuking the lipstick-butch pairing of common lesbian couples, they still keep in touch with the goddesses of both types.
  • Both are in the process of teaching Chie about the more positive aspects of BDSM. The Patron Goddess of Modesty Shorts was scarred by accusations from the Queen of Pain over her shadow self. The three believe they have made progress in reconciliation.
  • Many have teased Lisa about taking up the Witchblade. She already does look like Sara Pezzini with shorter hair and her artist Stjepan Šejić has drawn both of them. Ally has taken it to heart and hopes to buy a similar costume to put on the redhead.
  • The Pantheon's Medusa seems amusing to them, looking more like a dominatrix than the greek monster with her weapon.
  • The same can be said for Matoi's choice of words... to her protests. If anything, her attire has inspired followers of BDSM to adopt similar outfits.
  • Was impressed with Rachnera's bondage techniques with her webbing. Lisa even asked if the arachnid could show them some moves. The spider agreed... if she can use some techniques on both of them. The two eventually agreed, leaving rather satisfied afterwards.
  • DO NOT mention Fifty Shades of Grey to them or any of their followers. It's the fastest way to undergo some of the most intense pain possible before getting kicked out of the temple. And if you do enjoy that sort of torture, they will find something you loathe and subject you through it.

    Max Dennison 
Max Dennison, God of Virgin Power (Mr. Dennison, Hollywood, Jerkface, The Great and Powerful Max, Airhead, Brave Little Virgin, Boris Karloff Jr., Wretch(es)note , Dude, Little Pest, Big Brother, Fool, Boy, Virgin)
Max and the Black Flame Candle.

    Seth and Evan (Superbad
Seth and Evan, Co-Gods of Geeks with Hot Girlfriends
Left: Seth, Right: Evan
  • Rank: Quasideities
  • Symbol: A container secretly filled with alcohol
  • Theme Song: Too Hot to Stop by Bar-Kays
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Seth), True Neutral, with slight Neutral Good tendencies (Evan)
  • Portfolio: Heterosexual Life-Partners in an awkward stage, geeky virgins, Fat and Skinny, Sex Comedy, Unsuccessfully attempted to get laid with their crushs, but still got their respective girl, Seth's Red Oni to Evan's Blue Oni
  • Domains: Teens, Losers, Geeks, Friends
  • Herald: Seth's girlfriend, Jules, Evan's girlfriend, Becca, and their "friend", Fogell
  • High Priest: Jim Levenstein
  • Followers: Louis Scholnik, Eric Forman, Sam Weir, Doug Funnie, Kevin Smith
  • Allies: Xander Harris, J. D. and Turk, Jay and Silent Bob, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Brief
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Issei Hyodo (Seth)
  • Respected by: Princess Cadance
  • On good terms with: Most Harem protagonists
  • On speaking terms with: George McFly (Seth)
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen
  • Opposed by: Most cop deities
  • Uneasy Relationship: The Equestria Girls, Steve Smith
  • Finding someone to represent Give Geeks a Chance was tough, mostly because a lot of the candidates were just geeks from Hollywood's standards. Enter Seth and Evan, who are huge losers even compared to other nerds. Whether it be that they fit the criteria, or the gods just felt sorry for them, they got the trope. The two are disappointed their girlfriends won't be able to come with them, but they're happy that they can at least stay in their temple.
  • Xander Harris was jealous of them for managing to hook up with two chicks without any catch. However, Seth and Evan themselves (somewhat) envied him when they found out he got laid, something that they never succeeded with on their Quest for Sex. After some time, the jealousy turned into respect and they now hang with each other.
  • Steve Smith tried hanging out with them so he can learn how to get a hot girl (and lose his virginity in the process), but when he entered their temple, he made the mistake of flirting with their girlfriends. When Seth and Evan saw this, they immediately kicked him out with them making Steve Persona Non Grata.
  • Best buds since childhood, Seth and Evan take friendship to the extreme. Before they split off with their respective girlfriends, they did nearly anything for each other; Seth was usually seen with Evan and vice-versa. In fact, pre-ascension, they were J.D. and Turk's followers. It lead to them being friends with Jay and Silent Bob, who not only are also Heterosexual Life-Partners, but have alike personalities, with Jay being a huge pervert and Silent Bob being the sane guy.
    • Ever since the two admitted their brotherly love for each other, some people kept believing they love each other in a different way. Seth and Evan aren't happy about that (the mistaken part, not the homosexuality), though it did lead to them becoming allies with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, who are also speculated to be gay.
  • Their last names are unknown, but for some reason, a few deities think it's Rogen and Goldberg.
  • Kyu Sugardust offered Seth and Evan her magic so they can become chick magnets. While Seth was tempted, Evan convinced him to decline out of fear of losing his girlfriend. After that event, they gained the respect of Princess Cadance, of all deities. Despite what they tried to do (and their looks), she uses them as proof that no matter who you are, you can always find love. For the sake of avoiding her, Kyu stayed away from the two ever since.
  • Unsurprisingly, some cops in the Pantheon have attempted to arrest them for underage drinking. Fortunately for Seth and Evan, the only one that keeps trying is Chief Wiggum, who's usually outwitted by them.
    Chief Wiggum: "Okay boys, you're going from boozehound to jailbird for a few years"
    Evan: "Wait, you're going to put us in prison for years just because we drank?"
    Wiggum: "Hmm, now that I think about it- Hey! Damn it, Come back here!"
  • High school was tough for Seth and Evan, so they sure don't understand how The Equestria Girls have so much fun there. The girls tried to cheer them up by telling them about the amazing stories they had, but with no luck.
  • The two were envious of most Harem protagonists, as they easily get plenty of girls, and they went on a crazy night just to hook up with their crushes. (which didn't work out, but they did get together at the mall) However, Seth and Evan realized that they did much harder accomplishments anything they did. (One such protagonist, Shido Itsuka, had to have love interests in order to save the world) The two are now fine with them after that revelation.
    • For what its worth, Seth befriended a Harem hero, Issei Hyodo, for being a fellow teenage pervert, and he loves it when he uses Dress Break for, well, various purposes. While Issei is a little off with him since he can be intolerable at times, he does know that deep-down, he's a decent guy.
  • Biff Tannen was "glad" to see them, mostly so he can beat them up for the losers they are and steal their girlfriends, and he almost did just that had George McFly not get into his way. With that said, George doesn't approve of Seth's attempt at date raping Jules, though he knows that there are much worse people then him who'd done something similar and keeps trying to teach him how to treat women respectfully.
  • Ron Stoppable met the two after the trope he was partially responsible for naming was taken by someone, with mixed results. He finds Seth a bit too disgusting for his own good, but felt that Evan was pretty cool. They both hang out when Seth's doing something else.
  • Ayame Kajou really loves Seth's perverted nature and often sees him as the Good Counterpart to Eric Cartman. Though, she was a little disappointed that he already has a girlfriend. They both agreed to keep their friendship platonic.
  • Evan enjoys hanging out with Scott Pilgrim. While most deities think it's because they look similar, the real reason is that they're both awkward losers who managed to find love, though Evan was very surprised with how far Scott went for Ramona. And he thought his journey for hooking up with Becca was crazy.

    Sigmund Freud 
Sigmund Freud, God of Sexual Metaphors (Dr. Freud)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A cylinder that is taller than it is wide.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Sex doesn't discriminate)
  • Portfolio: Brother–Sister Incest, Ho Yay, Subtext, Freudian Slips, Reading WAY Too Much Into Things
  • Domains: Passion, Pleasure, Mind.
  • Allies: Oedipus.
  • Rival: Carl Jung
  • Opposed by: Madotsuki
  • Is also the #1 shipper of "You"/Your Mother or Your Sister or Your Female Cousin. The Todd follows most, if not all, of Dr. Freud's philosophies.
  • Started out as a high priest of Oedipus, but was so successful spreading the Word that upon death he ascended even higher than his former master had.
  • Even though Koishi Komeiji is the Goddess of his ideal subconscious, not even he can examine what goes on her head.
  • Would like to tell many of the Super Robot gods that their oversized weapons (drills, especially) are a bit questionable.
  • Do not challenge to a yo momma joke off, unless one wants to get burned thusly.
  • He had a long history with his rival, Carl Jung. The two quarrel because of Jung's emphasis of mythology and religion in his studies, in which Freud believed that it enables neurosis. As Jung is atheist, he regards them as a flight from dealing with real problems. Since then, the two made boundaries so that they never interfere with their research.
  • Thanks to Joey Tribbiani, some people are campaigning to get this as Sigmund's theme song. Freud is still unsure on the matter.

    Youko Inokuma 
Youko Inokuma, the Goddess who's Oblivious to Love


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