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Intermediate Gods

    Gray Mann 
Gray Mann, CEO of Money Spiders
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Australium-powered life-extender machine
  • Theme Songs: ROBOTS! and The Calm
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolios: The Third Brother, Self Made Mann, Producing Tons Of Robots Running On Money Which Actually Backfires, Bane Of Eagles, Inventing A New Form Of Algebra, Being Older Than Looks Would Indicate, Big Bad, Immortality Seeker, Killed Off for Real, Always Serious
  • Domains: Trickery, Machinery, Trading
  • Heralds: The Gray Army.
  • Followers: Treasure Goblin
  • Allies: None known. However, reports have indicated that Mr. Burns could be one. 'Gus' Fring and Roman Torchwick might be allies too.
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: All Twin deities in the Pantheon and all robots, regardless of Alignment.
  • Opposes: The entire House of Commerce (he thinks that the entire house is filled with idiots), every single sibling-paired deities in the Pantheon, and every single mercenary regardless of side.
  • Evil Counterpart to: Byakuya Togami (again)
  • Beloved Daughter (or is she?): Olivia
  • Gray Mann's ascension was actually shrouded in mystery. He was the third son of Zephaniah Mann, who was the father of brothers Redmond and Blutarch Mann. Unfortunately, when he spoke, his father became disgusted and attempted to smother him, which failed because of the "Great Eagle Scourge of 1822". When he grew, he ate the eagle and attempted to create his empire after he conceded from the Gravel Wars. What was left of Gray was disgust and as a last wave of action, decided to create a ceasefire with his brothers. Using a "truce", he bonded the brothers, until he killed them and took control of the Gravel Land, forming it as Gray Gravel Co. and used its funds to create an endless supply of robots to takeover Mann Co. Now that he's in the Pantheon, he only has two things that he wants to accomplish: Destroy Saxton Hale and anything Mann Co.
    • However, he finally cemented his ascension by one-upping Saxton Hale out of his position as CEO of Mann Co. with help of his daughter Olivia (who wasn't ascended, but remains on his side nevertheless).
  • He made sure to replace a part of harmless, money-spewing robots in the house with his Gray Army counterparts to not only provide additional defenses, but also better his PR. For that matter however, he really regrets choosing money of all things as a fuel and really wishes people would stop pointing it out. Hell, his own robots question his choice sometimes much to his chagrin.
    • Those bots aren't very smart either, another thing that makes Gray cringe. At least he rectified the issue with his Mecha Engineers.
    • He also side commented on the House's security issues, blaming that their securities aren't even good enough for the job. Especially since he finished making the Mecha Engineers.
    Gray: "I know for a fact that your securities are futile, and you point out that my robots are dumb. Well, yes they were, but no longer. Its either you appreciate my securities, or expect a full annihilation from each and everyone of you. Get it? Good."
  • Because of that reckless choice he's forced to find alternate ways of replenishing his once great fortune, going as far as selling hats made of metal. For that reason he'd managed to strike up a deal with Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th: the latter becomes a face of his hat advertisements and gets paid for it as a result.
  • Why doesn't he have allies? Well because the guy is pretty much arrogant and too self-centered on himself. However, there had been intelligence reports that he and Mr. Burns could be in some sort of deal. Along with him is 'Gus' Fring who could be in a business deal as well.
    • However, the real suspicion from Gray is that he started making deals with Roman Torchwick. Of course, the ascended members of RWBY immediately placed their sights on Gray when they heard of this.
  • Banned from Houses of Nature and Technology for eating his adoptive eagle mother and her children and being the one to be responsible for Sentry Busters respectively. House of Family is cool with him, strangely enough, because despite the fact that he knifed both of his brothers, they kinda deserved it.
    • Twin deities on the other hand can't stand him ever since he killed his brothers in the most disgusting way possible: By pulling out their life-extender machines and knifing them both. Gray on the other hand hates sibling-deities for, of course, the same reason above.
  • His daughter owns a gravel company named Gray Gravel. She's also a new CEO of Mann Co.
  • Constantly bickers to all the other members of the House of Commerce, as their "naive" personalitites make him cringe even more.
    • However, he has an annoyance with Jonathan Irons for someone who is attempting to take over his securities with Atlas. Of course he didn't take it lightly, and decided to give him some "constant" visits to his House, of course in the form of Waves.
    • Meanwhile, Treize Khushrenada flatout hates him for being "a person with no class". Gray's response:
    Gray: "No class, talk about someone who actually is ranked as a Lesser God. Unlike YOU who tries to use everyone as a pawn and not do things your own, I did things myself. Created my empire, eliminated my brothers, and created my powerful army and did everything I could to kill Mann Co. What makes you say that I have no class? Because I'm a pawn? Ha, I.Don't.Think.So"
  • Has immediately hated GLaDOS after meeting her since her voice sounded like the Administrator.
  • Absolutely loathes Byakuya Togami as someone who inherited their fortune (reminds him of his idiot brothers). Unlike him, he built his own empire.
    • Which is a bit of a misunderstanding on his part, as Togami didn't get his status as heir for free; he had to compete with fourteen of his estranged half-siblings, of which he was the youngest, to earn the title of heir to the Togami fortune, as well has having accumulated a sizable fortune of his own without any help from his family. He is also intending to rebuild the Togami empire after it was destroyed in Mankind's Most Despairingly Maleficent and Monstrous Malefaction.
    • Unfortunately, he doesn't care because despite his reasons, his actions reminded him already of his brothers. And as something that is stuck in his mind (until Byakuya either leaves the House or better yet dead), he'll stop at nothing to end his existence. He even commented that if he had someone to kill aside from Saxton, it would be him.
    Gray: "You, you reminded me of them. Imbecile, I don't care whether your life is somewhat different from mine, but from a fact that you almost had the same ordeal as my idiot brothers, I can't stand such foolish and naive people like you. I'm going to make sure you suffer first."
  • Is rather disgusted at his home universe when he got killed by the Classic Team he rehired. Due to this, he has gained a notorious hate to every single Mercenary (good or bad, he doesn't care) in the Pantheon.
  • Due to his strengthened focus to Saxton, he has no idea that the Mercs have ascended. Luckily, The Engineer is keeping his team (except the Spy, but he knows he can take care of himself) under his radar to keep them safe, otherwise the Pantheon would end up like the Gravel Wars again.

Commander Nibbler, God of Valuable Excrements


    Masataka Shima 
Commander Masataka Shima, Divine Holder of Stolen Axis Treasure
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A bar of Yamashita's gold
  • Theme: Nazi Disguise - Shima's Speech and Shima Escapes
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Possessing a huge amount of stolen gold from Southeast Asia, Commanding one of the Imperial Japanese Navy's most advanced aircraft carriers, Escaping to live another day, with an American POW in tow, Responsible for the death of an important character in his story, Big Bad, Four Eyes, Zero Soul, Wearing a dark uniform and an important figure in a militaristic regime
  • Allies: Banzai Chargers, Johann Schmidt, Wilhelm Strasse, Arnold Ernst Toht, Milleneum
  • Enemies: Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of the Allied Forces
  • Evil Counterpart to: The Admiral
  • Opposes: Takeo Masaki
  • Opposed by: The IJN kanmusu, The Fuso Empire Witches
  • Masataka Shima is an officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy, and commander of the one of their newest aircraft carriers, the Taiho-class carrier Toshikaze.
  • Aside from this position, he was also highly influential in helping maintain the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere", the occupied territories of Imperial Japan both before and during the War in Asia and the Pacific. Instead of conventional means, however, he did this through stolen assets from said occupied territories, among which included the fabled "Yamashita's gold.
    • While the looted treasure wasn't enough to fund the production of ships, guns, tanks, and planes for The Empire, it was more than enough for another plan entirely. This plan involved swaying members of the Nazi High command, as well as a high-ranking Soviet general, to helping the Japanese Empire. Specifically, this involved these officers killing both Hitler and Stalin. The former was to have been targeted so that he could be replaced by a more competent Nazi leader, i.e. a German general who could lead their military more efficiently. The latter, meanwhile, was to have been killed and then replaced by the aforementioned rogue Soviet general, and turn the USSR to the side of the Axis, thereby giving both Germany and Japan some much-needed respite.
    • This plan, however, was cut short by members of the OSS and British SOE, who tracked down and ensured that the gold his troops had accumulated would not be used. This botched his Evil Plan, and even resulted in the sinking of the aircraft carrier he had commanded, taking a huge chunk of the looted gold with it.
    • Fortunately for himself, he managed to escape the ship just before its loss, living to fight another day. In addition, he also escaped with an American prisoner, one Donnie Griffin, and locked him up in a POW Camp located in the Philippines.
  • With his ascension into the Pantheon, Masataka Shima now hopes to establish an Imperial Japanese stronghold, and would hopefully now be able to push through with his once-botched plan. He arrives in via a Nakajima B5N "Kate" Torpedo Bomber, carrying with him a briefcase containing a handful of gold bars that escaped the clutches of the Allies.
  • Some of the first allies he finds are soldiers of the Japanese Army. Despite the Interservice Rivalry between the IJA and IJN, these soldiers nonetheless pledge allegiance to him, due to being the only Imperial Japanese military officer in the Pantheon thus far.
  • Not long after, Shima makes his way to the headquarters of Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, and explains his Evil Plan to him. Liking the Japanese officer's offer of stolen treasure, he agrees to help him in his conquest of the Pantheon, himself having played a significant part in the Axis victory in his own universe. The German officer then contacts the other Nazi officials in the Pantheon, in order to arrange a meeting similar to the one Shima did back in Singapore.
  • Takeo Masaki, however, refuses to work with Shima, having already been left for dead by the Japanese Emperor. The feeling is mutual, as Shima questions why a Japanese Army officer like him is working closely with an American Marine and a Soviet soldier.
  • Johann Schmidt, one of the Nazi officers who attends this meeting, comes to like the Japanese officer, this time due to their shared belief in Hitler's incompetence and desire to have him overthrown. Arnold Ernst Toht, being a follower of Schmidt, also agrees in on the Japanese Commander's plan.
  • The Milleneum organization also allies themselves with Shima, though not because of the gold he has. In fact, the organization's wealth is of comparable worth, if not more, than all of the gold he has combined. Instead, they see Shima as a means to help continue spreading war in the Pantheon, something that the Japanese commander is fine with as long as they can help guarantee Imperial Japan's restoration in the process.
  • After managing to get the most powerful Nazis in the Pantheon in on his plan, he tries negotiating with some of the Soviet deities in the Pantheon. This ends poorly, however, as powerful Soviet figures such as Col. Volgin and Gen. Dragovich refuse to ally with the Nazis, them having their own agendas in mind. They do, however, both become interested in Yamashita's gold, and so make him another target of opportunity. They hope to use this gold to hopefully fund their own growing war machine, as well as use it to hopefully bribe certain Nazi officials into defecting to their cause.
  • After finding out about a larger Japanese naval presence in the Pantheon, the Commander decides to make contact with their leader. Unfortunately for Shima, the Admiral isn't willing to cooperate, much less accept a bribe of obviously looted gold. Just as the furious bespectacled officer tries to slit the Admiral's throat in a Disproportionate Retribution, he is stopped by OSS agents Lt. Mike Powell and Sgt. Jack Barnes, who make a Dynamic Entry from the roof of the Admiral's headquarters. They promptly kill most of Shima's bodyguards, and even manage to steal a vital piece of intel in the form of slide reels. But Shima himself, however, escapes unharmed once more.
  • As a result of this incident, all of the IJN fleet girls refuse to help the ambitious Commander, now realizing just why all those ascended US Marines and Navy airmen were inadvertently hostile to them and their Admiral in the first place. The same is true for the witches from the Fuso Empire as well.
  • Also thanks to this incident, the American and British WWII deities in the Pantheon are now aware of who Commander Shima is. They are also fully aware of his plans thanks to the captured slide reels, as well as the bars of gold found on the bodies of some of the dead Japanese soldiers they had killed not too long ago. The aforementioned OSS agents now make it a point to stop him at all costs, including making arrangements for one Joseph Griffin to join them into the Pantheon...
  • Consequently, with word of Shima's stolen gold bars now out to the rest of the Pantheon, many thieves, explorers, adventurers, etc. become interested in the man and his treasure. Not wanting to be robbed of his assets, the Commander flees with help from his Nazi allies.
  • As for Shima himself, he makes his own arrangements, namely getting his old aircraft carrier rebuilt and the rest of his stolen gold get accounted for. All this is being done from a temporary headquarters on the island of Iwo Jima. Thanks to the massive cave defense network, he can now continue forward with his plan for the time being undetected.
  • Many note how Shima sounds awfully a lot like both Iroh and Aku. Others would even describe the IJN Commander as basically being an "evil Iroh" who remains loyal to The Empire. The Japanese officer himself, while finding this little fact amusing, is not interested in negotiating with either, due to differing goals and ideals.
  • One deity he comes to hate tremendously despite not being a US Marine anymore is one Cole Phelps. Like ascended Marines Pvt. Miller and Sgt. Conlin, he was a veteran of the Pacific Theater, namely the Battle of Okinawa. Unlike those two, however, he was infamous for committing a war crime, namely ordering a cave containing Okinawan civilians to be torched by flamethrower. This angers the Japanese officer, and motivates him to continue his plan further to restore the Japanese Empire, and rid the Pantheon of any traces of the Allied Powers and their legacy.
  • One enemy that Shima could never anticipate was Smaug. The greedy dragon, upon getting wind of the IJN Commander and his treasure, seeks to kill him and steal all of the gold in his possession. Again, this motivates the Japanese officer to further hasten his plans to have his old aircraft carrier rebuilt, in order to defend his gold from a more secure position and allow better movement between locations.



    Richie Rich 
Richie Rich, God of Endless Wealth (Ri¢hie Ri¢h)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A moneybag
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Industry, Good, Nobility, Travel
  • Portfolio: Alliterative Name, Crazy-Prepared, Gentleman Adventurer, Gold Makes Everything Shiny, Lucky Charms Title, Spoiled Sweet
  • Allies: Karen Minazuki, Charlotte LaBouff, Casper, Chester A. Bum, Eloise, Madeline, Charlie Brown, Sara Crewe
  • Enemies: Princess Morbucks, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Mr. Burns, The Ashleys, Libby Chessler
  • Rivals: Scrooge McDuck
  • Pitied by: Seto Kaiba
  • Karen Minazuki may hold the title of Wealth-Induced Loneliness, but there was another candidate with an older history. The blonde boy was a prime candidate for the title, but his culmination of various friends had muddled his chances of doing so. Still, he was willing to keep the title so that no one else could share the guilt. Eventually, the Court of the Gods decided he could no longer hold the title. Instead of throwing him out, they found a new title for him. They decided to give him the title Endless Wealth for consistently ranking among the richest beings in all worlds.
  • There are not that many benevolent gods in the House of Commerce, and Charlotte LaBouff was glad to find a new one in the Pantheon. As a matter of fact, Richie could have gotten the title of Spoiled Sweet in a different circumstance. Not that he cared, as he's glad to find some good company in his new location.
  • With that said, there are many that want to take advantage of his new title. Princess onced asked him for a huge sum of money for an investment. He agreed... until he found out she used his money in another attempt to destroy the Powerpuff Girls.
  • No other deity has caused as much misery to him as the Reagans. Already fond of picking on him as a mortal, things only escalated when he built a temple near theirs'.
    • Things got worse, as Alpha Bitches Libby and the Ashleys joined in on the fun of harassing the poor boy. He has been surprisingly mull about it, refusing to retaliate against them.
  • The god who has been most active in keeping Richie out of harm's way has been Kaiba, to the surprise of many. Yugi on the other hand points out that they are both rich kids from more malicious parents trying to make better use of their wealth. Kaiba hopes to toughen up the kid in order to resist unfriendly suitors.
  • He can't help but meet up with Casper, God of Friendly Ghosts. Richie still holds up to the belief that Casper is nothing more than a hallucination... even when there's an entire house dedicated for ghosts.
  • He may well be the only one in the House of Commerce that treats him kindly, often giving him large sums of money. It's unfortunate that the God of the Homeless couldn't keep the money for long.
  • Once a candidate for the title, Scrooge now feels threatened with someone who has just as much money, even though his current titles are safe for the keeping. This new ascension motivated him to gain even more money to outclass the rival.
  • He has been advised to stay far, far away from Mr. Burns. The God of Old Money has no qualms over doing whatever it takes to maintain his business, including hurting children. This young god has proven to be a difficult catch; an attempt on a hostile takeover failed miserably when many good-aligned deities stood by him to fend off the attempt.
  • Is probably the only businessman who would constantly allow Eloise entrance into his hotels... no matter how much damage she causes. One wonders just how much money he will be able to bring out to cover the costs.
  • After hearing what Madeline went through to remove her appendix, he personally sponsored her Old House in Paris. She thanked the child with constant helpings of pastries.
  • Wonders how Charlie Brown could have so few friends, as he seems to be a nice guy. The bald one appreciated the compliment and the two were on the fast track to being friends. Though Richie has been unsuccessful in getting Charlie Brown to be good at anything.
  • Is among those in the House of Commerce who offered to restore Sara Crewe's fortunes, to which she is immensely grateful for.