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Intermediate Gods

Ginosaji, The God of Torturously Long and Drawn-Out Murders, and Spoons (The Spoon Killer, The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A square seal containing katakana reading “su-pu-n”.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Spoons, Slowly Beating People To Death With A Spoon, Spoon Tapping, Cruel and Unusual Death, Implacable Man, Immortal Assassin, Improbable Weapon User, Silent Antagonist
  • Domains: Spoons, Stalking, Torture, Insanity, Patience, Murder (eventually)
  • Followers: “It”, Johnny, The Owner, Alanis Morissette, Jane
  • Allies: Alakazam, Pyramid Head, Slender Man, Balloon Boy, AM, The Jigsaw Killer, Mewtwo
  • Enemies: Luke Skywalker, Neo, Mahiro, The Doctor, Virtually Everyone in the House of Food
  • High Priest: The Sheriff of Nottingham, whose propensity for both torture and spoons was previously unmatched.
  • Due to the immortal nature of gods, he tends to give up and randomly choose a new victim after a certain amount of time. This amount of time can range anywhere between a couple of hours and a few years. Although he can’t actually kill any of them no matter how many times he hits them with a spoon, it still hurts like hell.
    • The only exception was Kenny McCormick, who was hit with a spoon a single time, causing him to fall over backwards off a cliff and into a pit of spikes, killing him. Ginosaji was especially confused the next day when he saw Kenny walking by as if nothing happened.
  • One of his favorite methods of torture is to repeatedly strike his victims hands while they are eating, causing them to drop their food/drink in the process. This has earned him the ire of the ENTIRE House of Food.
  • While Celty Sturluson was his chosen victim, he exclusively attacked her helmet. While no physical pain was caused, the noise was beyond unbearable. Any attempt she made at taking it off only resulted in him immediately putting it back on.
  • Magneto once tried to use his powers to take away Genosaji’s various spoons. It worked at first, until he literally pulled a wooden serving spoon out of his ass and started hitting him with it. It was considerably worse than the small metal spoons he was using.
  • Johnny Cage once tried to fend him off by punching his crotch. He refuses to talk about what happened afterwards…
  • Once defeated Luke Skywalker in a lightsaber duel. Luke doesn’t like to talk about it.
  • Despite his negative opinion on any creature that relentlessly stalks its victims, The Doctor is openly impressed by his sheer talent with spoons.
  • The gods in general prefer not to engage him, out of fear of being repeatedly and mercilessly whacked with a spoon.
  • Was allies with Jigsaw to setting up the greatest, most psychologically painful trap ever produced. Out of relief of everyone in the Pantheon, the two butt-head over different methods (Jigsaw prefers to avoid the dirty works while Ginosaji wants to go there and attack directly) and parted way.
  • However, he doesn't chase after Tommy Wiseau after learning that the latter has weird fascination for spoons and plans to steal all his spoons so Wiseau can decorate his temple with them.
  • Is currently interested in recruiting Alakazam and Mewtwo given that both of them can be seen holding a spoon as their weapons. Mewtwo is annoyed by this given that only an alternative version of it holds a spoon.

Lesser Gods

    Chad Warden 
Wazzup bitches! Sup bitches! Chad Warden here.

Chad Warden, God of Heavily Edited Words (C. Wizzy, Chad Daddy, Big Poppy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Playstation logo
  • Theme Song: We Fly High
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic Good during the Reboot arc)
  • Portfolio: Troll, Manipulative Editing, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Sir Swears-a-Lot
  • Domains: Trolling, BALLIN!, Guns, Playstation, Snow Halation, Chicken and Chips
  • High Priest: Jeff Kaplan
  • Allies: All Playstation deities, SiIvaGunner, μ's, Sans, King Harkinian
  • Rivals: LOL Ranger, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Enemies: All Nintendo and Xbox deities, The Voice inside your Head
  • Chad Warden is a notorious internet Troll that claims the PS3 (Or PS triple as he says) is vastly superior to the other consoles and said consoles being, as he puts it, shit for mexican gay niggas. While he dissapeared for a while, Chad Warden has been used as a "spokeperson" of the internet where he more or less describes or talks about certain topics in a rather convoluted way.
  • Chad Warden was also involved with high quality ripper SiIvaGunner, where in a few videos he hijacked a few videos where he critiziced the SiIvaGunner fanboys for dislike bombing the Snow Halation rips. Later Chad was the only one who survived getting erased from the Reboot and he later when he was offered by the Voice inside your Head to restore all the old jokes except Snow Halation, he sacrificed himself to defeat the voice and merge the reboot and original worlds together. To this day, Chad Daddy is consider a hero among SiIvaGunner fans.
    Chad: "So... this is the power of the MF LIKE BUTTON... not bad. ...not bad at all. ...PS Vita... ...I'm coming to see you."
  • He is a huge playstation fan, so it's no wonder that Chad likes to mess with the Xbox and Nintendo deities, saying things like their consoles are not ABAP enough and they should go suck dick. A sizable part of them took him seriously while other know that he is a notorious Troll, so they didn't bother with him.
  • μ's doesn't know what to think of him, but they appreciate that he saved Snow Halation from the voice. Chad just limited to say that they are AQAP (As Quality As Possible) and that he did it because he felt like it.
  • It's unsure where does Chad fall under the Troll alignment but there has been an effort in both LOL Ranger and Trollkaiger to recruit him. Chad however, isn't interested, stating that the whole pantheon conflict isn't ballin for him, so he prefers to stay out of it.
  • Seems to get along with Sans, probably because he hijacked his Megalovania song to send a message to the SiIvaGunner fanboys. And since Sans is neutral in the whole thing about Console Wars, Chad is cool with him. (Although their relationship grew stronger after hearing that Sans' game was getting a PS4 Version).
  • Once decided to review Shovel Knight. Besides a few foul-mouthed statements like calling Shovel Knight and Plague Knights "gay niggas", he otherwise said positive things about the game. He gave it a score of 600/3.
    Chad: It's alright.
  • Gets along with King Harkinian, given the similar way they talk. But because he is no PS deity then they keep a casual relationship (Not to mention he made fun of his boi link once).
  • In an alternate universe, instead of merging the two worlds of SiIvaGunner, he instead murdered Snow Halation and the Voice inside your Head and took over the channel, even murdering SiIva himself.
    • Most of the rips he made were about Chicken and Chips. The reason behind this is unknown, but this alternate Chad has been labelled as "Genocide Chad"
  • While in real life he has dissapeared for a while, he did return after the PS4 was announced to show that he is still BALLIN!.

    Donquixote Rocinante 
Donquixote Rocinante, God of Absolute Quiet (Commander Rocinante, Corazon)

    The Ghost Planet Staff 
The Ghost Planet Staffmembers , Collective of the 2-for-1 Show (Space Ghost: Tad Ghostal, S.G.)
Left to right: Space Ghost, Moltar, Zorak
  • Theme Music: Hit Single; Ghost Planet National Anthem (and its remix)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Space Ghost's desk, Zorak's 360 keyboard, and Moltar's lever; alternatively, the Ghost Planet building
  • Alignment: True Neutral, though Zorak has Chaotic Neutral tendencies (originally, Space Ghost was Lawful Good and Zorak & Moltar were Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Completely Different Personalities Compared to Their Original Appearances, Talk Shows That get Derailed, Medium Blending, Stylistic Suck, Jerkasses
  • Domains: Talk, Comedy, Vitriol
  • Herald: Brak
  • Allies (or more accurately, those they can tolerate): TOM, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, Batman, Homer Simpson, Nanoha Takamachi, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman (mostly for Zorak), Kenny McCormick
  • Enemies (or nuisances to their show, mostly for Space Ghost at least): The Spy, GUAE Trollkaiger, Itazura Griefers
  • Additional Relationship: The Residents of Seattle, New Jersey
  • Originally, Space Ghost was a superhero and among his enemies included Zorak & Moltar. Times have changed and now S.G works as a talk show host. The aforementioned villains are stuck working with him as punishment (Zorak is bandleader and Moltar is director/producer). Although the main point of the talk show is to interview guests, the on-set antics between the host, bandleader, and director/producer make their way into the interviews, often leading to comedic disasters (and they happen off-set as well).
  • Prior to discovering the Pantheon, the three have had difficulties following the end of their show in the mortal world (since their former superior disowned them). They just happened to encounter the Pantheon by chance after being approached by Haruhi Suzumiya for something. Haruhi enjoyed their antics and offered to help them continue their show by doing a Pantheonic version of it. The three agreed to the offer, even if the schedules proved to be highly irregular (along with annoyance that they couldn't represent Talk Shows in general).
  • Although Pantheonic deities are sometimes called to be a guest on their show, mortals have also appeared as well. There is a decent chance that someone who went on the three's show will get ascended at a later point in time. Not that it matters to them much, since these kinds of people may be a guest on their show again if possible.
  • For whatever reason, regardless of if someone has powers or not, Space Ghost will ask his guests what superhero they are and what powers they have. It tends to get awkward for those who don't have powers and for those who do have powers, it isn't much better.
  • Space Ghost previously met Batman one time. During Batman's interview, S.G remarked that Batman could have his own talk show if motivated enough, though the Caped Crusader turned down the idea. There was also that time Zorak attempted to be "Batmantis" on the show (though only in a dream), though the mantis is willing to do it again if possible.
  • TOM went on the show one time and was surprised to encounter Moltar since the very early looks of the former resemble that of the latter (or Moltar may have hosted TOM's programming back then before TOM came along, it's hard to say). TOM did give the three credit for serving as a springboard for both Toonami (it was before anime was part of the block) and [adult swim].
    • The show also provided an early look at Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls one time. During their guest appearance, the girls told Space Ghost that showing a clip for less than a second didn't really count as a preview. The host responded that time issues was the reason, though the girls don't really buy into it.
  • They are all on really tense terms with French deities since Space Ghost attacked France over inventing the word montage (after seeing a montage full of his mishaps). Some (mainly the more dickish ones) went as far as refusing to appear on his show just to spite him, though the nicer French deities have attempted to reason with the production staff. Given S.G's attitude, it's proven difficult to say the least.
  • During the time that Nanoha Takamachi was a guest, S.G assumed that she was a popular star of an original franchise. She corrected him by saying that her popular adventures were originally rooted in a different outing. There was some awkward silence following that (since the three knew their original outings weren't going to be as popular as their talk show), though the rest of the interview didn't go as bad as some of the other ones.
  • The three all have very limited movement for some reason. This led to trouble when Inferno Cop was called in to guest star. During that interview, S.G called the cop out for "simply standing there for no reason at all" and an unexplained calamity between the two ensued. Those who were involved with the incident refuse to say anything about it.
  • The Spy has proven to be a significant disruption to the show thanks to his ability to disguise himself as anyone (including those involved with production, interviewees and Chad Ghostal, much to Tad's frustration). Even though Haruhi helped S.G get his show back on track, she hasn't acknowledged his requests to keep The Spy off the air, partially since Zorak and Moltar tend to enjoy S.G suffering from these kinds of incidents.
    • And on that note, devious pranksters such as Trollkaiger (and the Itazura Griefers to a lesser extent) have derailed the show several times. Most of the time, it's Space Ghost who gets upset whenever they turn up on the show uninvited.
  • The trio gets along pretty well with the South Park kids, given that both of them are groups who have a member that they can't tolerate much, but keep around anyways. Zorak in particular, enjoys Cartman's company and are seen talking in their free time.
    • To a lesser extent, this could be applicable to the Survivor Crew as well, as far as that "intolerable member of a group is kept for reasons" thing is concerned (though if anyone were to ask S.G about his group, he'd say that Zorak & Moltar are intolerable. The two think S.G is the intolerable one).
  • They have known a few gods prior to ascension thanks to having brief references to them on their talk show. Among the interviewees they had included Adam West, Weird "Al" Yankovic, Hulk Hogan, and Jerry Springer. S.G knows Homer Simpson due to interviewing the latter's superior and even watching bits and pieces of Homer's show (they have conversations whenever S.G isn't busy). Much to Luke Skywalker's bewilderment, Space Ghost somehow can't get Luke's name correct. James T. Kirk finds it odd that Moltar is writing fan-fiction about Star Trek. Even Tommy Wiseau was interviewed as S.G., Zorak, and Moltar were watching The Room (2003). The three didn't like or understand the movie.
  • Zorak is largely known for his keyboard, which can produce a variety of sounds depending on what is happening. He's also the one who tends to talk to music-related guests whenever S.G isn't around. Zorak himself plays an electric guitar at times whenever he visits the House of Music.
  • Aside from their talk show, Space Ghost and Zorak, alongside their herald Brak, host a variety show. As of late though, only Zorak and Brak have done much of the work on that variety show (and Zorak is trying to find something for Brak just so the latter can shut up about not being ascended properly).
  • It doesn't happen often, but the three do become more dangerous if their original personalities come to surface. It really only happens if either the GUAG (in Space Ghost's case) or GUAE (as far as Zorak and Moltar are concerned) want them for more serious matters that don't pertain to the talk show.

    Sideshow Bob 
Sideshow Bob, Patron of Rake-Related Injuries (Robert Underdunk Terwilleger)
  • Theme Music: Cape Fear theme (or something similar to it)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pair of big floppy shoes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Monster Ex-Clown, Affably Evil Erudite Bastards, Recidivism, Revenge, The Chew Toy, Evil Redhead, Has Generally Been Targeting Bart, Even if Bob's Plans have been Ruined by Others
  • Domains: Retribution, Knowledge, Spite
  • Allies: The Penguin, Ratigan
  • Enemies: Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Krusty, Stewie Griffin, Billy, Isabelle
  • Commonality Connection with: Wile E. Coyote
  • Wary of: Norman Osborn
  • Dislikes: Chiaki Nanami, Travis Touchdown, Umaru Doma, anyone that likes (in his view) lowbrow entertainment
  • Bob originally served as Krusty's assistant and one who has a preference in high-class entertainment. Unfortunately, he became the victim of slapstick that happened on the show and his interests were not acknowledged in that stint. This made him hate Krusty, and to an even greater extent, Bart Simpson, who exposed him for a crime after Bob took over Krusty's show. Rakes are Bob's other archenemy; he has a life outside of Bart.
  • Originally the holder of Wicked Cultured, Sideshow Bob's title was changed for some unknown reason (most believe that it was a group of pranksters behind it). Naturally, when he found out that his new title represented slapstick and not something related to his interests, he was rather agitated to put it mildly.
  • He shares quite a few things in common with Wile E. Coyote. Both of them have intellectual quirks and are trying to defeat a prey that they consider inferior (Bart for Bob and the Roadrunner for the Coyote). They only talk about their escapades and don't exchange plans with each other whenever they meet.
    • Bob later found out that, on a darker note, he had a bit in common with Norman Osborn. Mainly, both were relatively decent people at first until a turn of events led them to be evil and have been constantly targeting someone (again, Bart for Bob and Peter Parker for Norman). While Bob had his family to support him and he even tried to be a nice person on occassion, Norman seems to have embraced his own insanity to torment Peter and others who have loved ones. Although Norman liked how Bob was tormenting the Simpsons family through trying to murder Bart, Bob doesn't want much to do with Norman and has kept the interactions between each other at an extreme minimum.
  • A highly notable trait of his is the big feet (this is what led to him getting busted the first time). If there is a use to it, it would be to crush grapes for wine. He sometimes goes to the House of Food to do just that. The wines are often served to villainous deities looking for something classy to drink.
  • As previously mentioned, Bob used to be a clown, but hated the job. Even if that's the case, that doesn't stop deities who are afraid of clowns, such as Billy and Wakko Warner, from opposing him by virtue of being an ex-clown (there's the evil thing as well, but that's a different matter).
  • Bob grew to dislike Stewie Griffin quite a bit after the baby kidnapped and tortured him one time. Of course, plans for payback against Stewie is in a lower priority for Bob compared to retaliation against Bart. To be fair though, Bart did get weirded out by what Stewie did in regards to Bob.
  • As someone who champions high culture, he has a distaste towards anyone that likes, in his view, inferior entertainment. Bob has been trying to get these deities to share his interests, but hasn't been really successful in that regard.
    • In an attempt to try and spread his highbrow interests further, Bob has been trying to convince some members of the House of Commerce to fund a new program that would be similar to his failed original attempt back at Springfield. Progress has been slow, but Bob is confident that it will work this time around.
  • Whenever he isn't planning revenge against Bart, Bob would visit the House of Knowledge to read up on some classic media. He would encounter a few other cultured villains there such as The Penguin and Ratigan on an infrequent basis, usually talking about their interests.
  • While Bob has still planned his revenge against Bart in the Pantheon, those plans have recently been thwarted by some more resourceful deities. Even these particular deities find it odd that Bob is still hellbent on defeating Bart, even if Bob's plans failed as a result of the interference of others.
  • Once again Bob hypnotizes Bart into becoming his apprentice and then made Bart into looking like him. The Simpsons try to find a way to save Bart before it too late. By the end The spell was broken when Bart started hearing Lisa cry for her brother back.
  • Deciden to make a visit to the House of Prophecy to see if he can get any positive news. He was frustrated upon learning that a rake would apparently be involved in ending his life. It goes without saying that Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, but this only made Bob hate rakes (and his current title by extension) even more after that.
  • After enough time passed, Bob finally got his chance to kill Bart...over and over again, in fact. Unfortunately for Bob, that experience was short-lived and the Reanimator machine he used has apparently disappeared shortly thereafter. Despite that, Bob is still looking for a real victory against Bart.
  • Even though he's no longer Krusty's assistant, he still goes by the monkier Sideshow Bob rather than his real name, Robert Terwilleger. Of course, for simplicity's sake, most simply refer to him as Bob. Surprisingly enough, he's not angry that often if people call him Sideshow Bob; the anger only happens if someone reminds him of his clown past.


Prince Hamlet, God of Talking to the Skull and Guilt Reminder (Prince of Denmark)
  • Theme Song: "The Ghost"
  • Symbol: A man holding a skull.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Demigod
  • Domain: Murder, Family, Love, Revenge, Interpretation, Insanity
  • Portfolio: Wants revenge for his father but can't decide to kill Claudius, Alternative Character Interpretation, , varying between Obfuscating Insanity, inconsistent age, throws a play to reminds Claudius about his crime, Talks to the skull of a jester and laments about his life, Byronic Hero, Honor Before Reason, being mean to everyone, being mean to Ophelia, Mood-Swinger, Sociopathic Hero, Royal Brat
  • Allies: Mufasa, Jekyll and Hyde, Alexander the Great, Edmund Dantes, Dinobot, Jean-Luc Picard
  • Enemies: Scar, the Hyenas, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, any pirates in the Pantheon, Shylock, Romeo and Juliet, Faust, Cinderella, Lord Voldermort, Spider-Man / Peter Parker
  • Opposed by: Many deities from A Song of Ice and Fire, Guts, Pitch Black, Stephen Strange, the good-aligned deities in the House of Love, John Watson, the Doctor, Jessica Jones
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • Complicated Relationship with: Ophelia, King Arthur, Ramses
  • Annoyed by: Wade Wilson / Deadpool, Timon and Pumbaa,
  • Darker and Edgier version of: Simba
  • Pitied by: Those who lost their parents
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Any ascended non-Death Eaters Harry Potter deities, Nicholas Saint North, Jack Frost
  • The Prince of Denmark who famously killed his father's usurper after a long period of time deciding, Prince Hamlet's spirit accidentally stumbles into the Pantheon. After finding out that he is the Trope Namer of two temples in the Pantheon, he was resurrect and ascend into the Pantheon.
  • One of the most contentious problems he was asked is what the heck is his age considering the fact that he is stated to be a student but remembers Yorick, man who died 23 years ago, in his famous monologue. He and his superior avoid this question whenever it was asked.
  • His indecision to not kill Claudius that ended up getting almost everyone killed isn't respected by many deities from Game of Thrones who are all scolding him for not seizing the chance to reclaim his rightful position.
  • His reunion with Ophelia, the woman that went insane because of him and the daughter of the man he accidentally killed, is a pretty tragic one. Ophelia, while still love Hamlet, can't forgive him for the murder of her father and brother while Hamlet is kneeling on the ground to beg for her forgiveness. The two of them broke off their relationship and left on bad term. However, Hamlet usually runs Ophelia's daily temple duty for her due to her insanity as a form of repentance.
  • Absolutely despises the Macbeths for their status as usurpers of the throne. The fact that they have many look-a-like didn't help the situation either.
  • Admits that he chuckles a little bit when seeing Bart Simpson's attempt to throw a play to get Moe Syzlak to commit his crime as a Shout-Out to him.
  • Was once visited by Deadpool because the merc heard about someone who also held a decapitated head and broke the fourth wall. Like most people, Hamlet is soon annoyed by Deadpool's behavior.
  • Him and Simba are frequently compared to each other due to the fact that the lion is basically a Lighter and Softer version of Hamlet. The two of them arranged a meeting with each other and actually got along pretty well. Hamlet wished Simba the best in ruling his kingdom while Simba holds Hamlet as a cautionary tells of himself.
    • Getting along with Simba, Hamlet of course despises Scar along with his lackeys and promise to turn them into a pelt whenever the prince came across the lion.
    • Seeing Mufasa on the cloud overwhelm Hamlet of the memory of his own father to the point that the prince drop to his knee and cry. Since then, he and Simba has been seeing Mufasa's grave and looking for any sight of him in the Pantheon.
  • Being responsible for Ophelia's situation, he isn't very welcomed by the good-aligned deities within the House of Love.
  • King Arthur and Hamlet has complicated relationship because while the King sympathize with his intention, Arthur dislikes his treatment of Ophelia and the people surrounding him that has nothing to do with Claudius.
  • A long running character, Hamlet's look has brought him many interesting interaction with many deities in the Pantheon.
    • Being Christian, responsible for Ophelia's insanity and sometimes looks like him, Shylock isn't Hamlet's biggest fan. The same story, minus the fact of being a Christian can be said for Romeo and Juliet and Othello.
    • Cinderella also isn't his biggest fan either due to the his treatment of Ophelia and for looks like her father-in-law. The same can be said for Stephen Strange and Peter Parker (for looking like his deceased father Richard.
    • Being the person who is sometime interpreted as two different people, this made him has some common ground with Jekyll and Hyde. The fact that one of their version looks the same is just a bonus.
    • Once scared the heck out of Faust because the latter thought that Mephistopheles AND a few version of himself has ascended into the Pantheon. Being Christian, Hamlet is absolutely disgusted with Faust action.
    • He and Alexander the Great get along surprisingly well for their share grief of their father being assassinated and shares look but Alexander usually criticizes Hamlet for his indecisiveness.
    • Discover a pleasant surprise when paying tribute to Edmund Dantes that the two of them looks similar.
    • A little bit freak out that he looks like the Dark Lord Voldemort and has entered an uneasy alliance with many Harry Potter deities to protect himself. A similar story happens to Jack Frost and Nicholas Saint North because of his voice.
      • This version of him also brings him many weird interaction. One of which is Ramses, whom he sympathize for losing a love one but disapprove of slavery.
    • Titania, Oberon and Puck absolutely refuse to interact with him due to many version of him looks like one of the mortals they met, or even Titania herself.
    • John Watson doesn't like to interact with him due to his ambiguous insanity as well as the fact that many versions of him looks like either Watson himself or Sherlock.
    • The Doctor also isn't his biggest fans after discovering that the two of them has a few look-a-like for his poor treatment of many people that wasn't involved with his father's murder.
    • Jessica Jones almost punched him because she thought that the Purple Man has ascended the Pantheon. She apologizes after clearing up the misunderstanding but still doesn't forgive Hamlet's treatment of the people around him that didn't play a role in King Hamlet's death.
  • To be or not to be. That is the question.

    The Inklings and Octolings 
The Inklings and Octolings, Gods and Goddesses of Gunge-covering (Inklings: Part Kid, Part Squid, Number 64, Futaba)
A few male (top) and female (bottom) Inklings
A male (right) and female (left) Octoling
  • Demigods and demigoddesses
  • Symbol: A squid and octopus with paint splatters
  • Theme Songs: "Splattack!" by Squid Squad, "Inkoming!" by Wet Floor, Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb and Flow by Off the Hook (for the Octolings)
  • Alignment: Ranges between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gunge-shooting Squids and Octopi, Badass Adorable Child Soldiers, Splattering The Competition While Wearing The Most Stylish Clothing, Developing The Ability to Shapeshift at Age of 14, Little Bit Beastly, Slime Girls and Boys, Not Being Able to Swim in Water, Cute Little Fangs
  • Domains: Squids, Octopi, Ink, Gunge, Warfare, Style, Color
  • Heralds: Judd, Lil' Judd, Smallfry (Known as Little Buddy), and Deep Cut (Shiver, Frye, and Big Man)
  • Followers: '90s kids
  • Allies: Callie and Marie, Off the Hooknote , Hello Kitty, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy, Tobias (Animorphs), Beat, Miles Morales, 90's Dude, Kaban and Serval, 2B, 9S
  • Odd Friendship with: Brachydios, the Mann Co. mercenaries, the Tenno
  • Respected by: Emperor Calus (Inklings)
  • Enemies: The Salmonids, Galeem and Dharkon, the Grineer
  • Fears: The entire House of Aquatic Life and Water and Moisture, especially Davy Jones and the Kraeken, The Flood, The Kraken, Cthulhu
  • Feared by: Ramo, Lola, and Quill
  • Avoids: All water elementals (All), Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus (Octolings)
  • Persona Non Grata to: Bendy
  • Studied by: Dr. Zaius
  • In the far future, long after the sea levels rose, ocean life gradually emerged from the sea, evolving to dwell on the earth. Two notable species are the Inklings and the Octolings (belonging to the Octarian population), the evolved forms of squids and octopi who took on a humanoid form, can shapeshift to a squid/octopus form, and are entirely made of ink. The two species lived together relatively well, until the sea levels started to rise again, forcing them to wage war against each other over territory. The Inklings won, forcing the Octarians to live in valleys and canyons. The Inklings would go on to build Inkopolis, the central hub of Inkling culture, where every squidkid participates in Turf Wars. Meanwhile, under the rule of DJ Octavio, the Octarians become more millitarized, waiting for the day to fight against the Inklings again while stealing Zapfish to power their crumbling homes. After a spetacular performance between DJ Octavio and the Squid Sisters, many Octolings made a journey to Inkopolis to escape from oppresion and live a better life amongst the Inklings.
  • Applies to both:
    • Originally, only the Inklings represented the Gunge-covering title, being brought into the Pantheon after Mario recommended them and the Court of the Gods playing their game. However, certain deities noticed a slow, but gradual growth in rather octopoid-looking Inklings among their population, blending in unnoticed due to the Inkling's not really noticing the differences. Eventually, the cat came out of the bag, and the Octolings were outed to the Inklings by one loudmouthed deity. Fearing backlash, the Octolings were surprised to see the Inklings accept them, not holding any grudges at all. The Court of the Gods decided to grant the Octolings divinity so they can share the title with the Inklings.
    • Ever since the Inkling's ascension, they brought in their main sport that became all the rage for Pantheonic youth: TURF WARS! In Turf Wars, the goal is to cover the stage with your team's ink, and you must cover more than the opposing team to win. There are also variations of the sport such as "Splat Zones" where both teams compete over control of specific parts of the map, "Tower Control" where the teams try to take a tower through checkpoints to the goal, "Rainmaker" where teams try to carry the titular Rainmaker to designated goals, and "Clam Blitz" where teams collect clams and deposit them in nets. Stages are held in special arenas in the Houses and are rotated every few hours, announced by the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook. Since much of Pantheonic Youth cannot submerge themselves in ink, certain accomidations have to be made for matches involving those participants. Thankfully, since ink quickly dissipates after a match, this means participants don't have to take a shower everytime they finish a match. Plenty of deities have tried out Turf Wars, even a Brachydios joined in on the fun! The Inklings and Octolings think it's totally rad that their new friends are enjoying their favorite sport.
      • Occasionally, Splatfests will be hosted, in which deities choose one of two sides and then duke it out for a few days, with the winning team of the events being announced at the very end. The Squid Sisters and Off the Hook host the events, with each member of the duos representing the different teams. Matches can get extremely heated as competitors race to get on top. Of course, regardless of who wins, the winning results of the Splatfest don't actually change laws due to the Pantheon's law system differing from Inkopolis'. Notably, certain Splatfests involved certain deities from other worlds and franchises. The first crossover Splatfest held was Autobots vs. Decepticons, of which Decepticons won. Megatron used this knowledge to rub in his "victory" in Optimus Primes's face of which the latter shoved him away. Next up was Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue, with Blue winning. Marie revealing her love of Vulpix aside, certain Inklings became interested in becoming Pokémon trainers themelves. Next up was Spongebob vs. Patrick, of which Patrick won the Splatfest. Spongebob and Patrick met up with the Inklings with this info, and became fast friends. They introduced them to the delectable Krabby Patties but are disappointed with the difficulties in bringing them to Bikini Bottom due to the Inkling's weakness to water. Later, there were three Splatfests involvement of the TMNT, with Raphael and Donatello beating Leonardo and Michelangelo, with Donatello winning the entire competition. The turtles struck a quick bond with the ink people, finding them to be radical and sometimes give the pizza. There also was a three part Splatfest featuring Hello Kitty and her friends, with Hello Kitty and My Melody beating Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin, with My Melody winning the competition. Hello Kitty also gets along with the ink people even if she's not into the chaotic Turf Wars.
      • Later on, some Inklings and Octolings have taken a part time job under the employment of the mysterious Mr. Grizz in a profession known as Salmon Run, where they aim to harvest Power and Golden Eggs from the Salmonid swarms. Plenty of deities looking for jobs and combat experience also volunteer for the job, being loaned weapons to collect eggs and fend off against the hungry horde. Of course, due to most deities not being made of ink, certain safety precautions were added to ensure less deaths ensued during the job, though it isn't uncommon for deities to respawn in the House of Life and Vitality after a particularly disasterous run. Unfortunately, some Salmonid swarms sometimes pop up in other places like the Houses of Aquatic Life and Water and Moisture, requiring skilled exterminators to drive them off before the swarm becomes too much to handle.
      • One day, while a majority of the pantheon was going about their day, suddenly, for some reason, the skies above the pantheon turned pink. Almost immediately, many houses reported huge swathes of Salmonids invading their temples. According to some gods that partook in the Grizzco Salmon Runs, this was the start of the Big Run, a seasonal event in which mass migrations of Salmonids would be invading from place to place, destroying anything in their pathway. Almost all the gods in the Pantheon that were combat capable immediately reported to Grizzco Industries, where Mr. Grizz would be deploying teams into areas of the Pantheon that the Salmonids invaded, but did not waive the Golden Egg quota for the teams, as Mr. Grizz cared more about the egg quota than if the Pantheon was successfully defended. After a few days, the Big Run ended, prompting a mass cleanup within the Pantheon. No one knows when the next Big Run will take place, and are reinforcing themselves for when it happens.
      • Nekron has taken interest in the Salmonids after the Big Run ended and is currently thinking of ways to implement them into the GUAD. The other alliances are worried about what this could mean for the Pantheon.
    • If there are any music artists the Inklings and Octolings are obsessed with, it's the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook. The two duos have a massive following consisting of the ink people, so they often turn up at their concerts dancing and cheering to their songs and performances. Things get even more exciting when they host Splatfests, as the area they're performing in turn into a massive party. The two duos sometimes hang out with their fans from time to time, and even sign autographs, much to their joy. The Octolings in particular adore the Squid Sisters, as their song, "Calamari Inkantation" was the catalyst for making them flee to Inkopolis in search of a better life.
    • There are a few notable members of the ink teens that are worth a mention, namely for having actual combat credentials out of Turf Wars. They're the ones most likely to throw themselves in actual combat situations within the Pantheon.
      • The first is Agent 3, an Inkling who was recruited into the New Squidbeak Splatoon by Cap'n Craig Cuttlefish, who aims to fight the Octarian army and take back the Great Zapfish powering Inkopolis. Agent 3 proceeded to storm through Octo Valley, fightng Octarians and taking back the Zapfish, and eventually saving Cuttlefish and the Zapfish from DJ Octavio with the help of Callie and Marie. Later on, they became the new Captain of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.
      • The second is Agent 4, another Inkling recruited into the New Squidbeak Splatoon by Marie, who is searching for the missing Great Zapfish and her cousin Callie. Agent 4 would tear up Octo Canyon, fighting the Octarian army and rescuing the Zapfish. Eventually, they fought against DJ Octavio and the brainwashed Callie, who managed to break control thanks to Marie's intervention, and so DJ Octavio was defeated yet again.
      • The third is Agent 8, an Octoling who wakes up in the Deepsea Metro with Cap'n Cuttlefish and without memories. They are told by a mysterious telephone that they can escape to the "promised land" should the collect the four "thangs" and complete tests. Agent 8 would complete the harrowing tasks, collect mem cakes (physical manifestation of their memories) and the "thangs", bringing them to the telephone. When all four "thangs" were collected, they were combined into one contraption which turned out to be a blender, which nearly killed Agent 8 and Cuttlefish if it weren't for Agent 3 saving them. Agent 8 would then escape the facility, with them fighting a brainwashed Agent 3 near the end. Their troubles would be over, if it weren't for the telephone revealing itself as Commander Tartar, an ancient AI hellbent on destroying both the Inklings and Octolings and replacing them with a "ultimate life form" made of the blended test subjects, with the gigantic NILS Statue prepping to fire at Inkopolis. Together with Pearl and Marina, Agent 8 prevented Tartar from realizing its genocidal ambitions.
    • The Inklings and Octolings love to spray and cover the surrounding areas with their ink that they create with their bodies. It's even the main concept of the Turf Wars, to cover as much turf as possible in your teams ink color. This lead to the two species bringing the attention of two deities who utilize graffiti art; Beat and Miles Morales. Beat is a part of the rudies culture, who are gangs that compete for turf by tagging areas with graffiti, while Miles occasionally tags some buildings as a hobby. While the two enjoy the hecticness of Turf Wars, they also aim to teach the Inklings and Octolings the art of graffiti so they can spray their ink in a more focused, artsy manner instead of just messy splats. So far, some Inklings and Octolings got the hang of graffiti and spread their art around the urban landscapes, but most are content to just keep spraying their ink in the way they like it.
      • Occasionally, Born would accidentally find himself in the middle of a Turf War, so he tries to dodge the wild spray of ink flying everywhere. As Born has the power to place colored paint in the area, this can lead to confustion with a third unexpected color being placed on the stage. Plus, each color gives a unique effect to Born, which puzzles many Inklings and Octolings.
    • The Inklings and Octolings are composed entirely of ink, which they can utilize with a variety of tools to spray around the surrounding area. They can also submerge and swim in their ink, replenishing their ink supply. Bendy is also a being composed of ink, who had a messy history of people trying to properly bring him to life. The Inkings and Octolings are forbidden to be in the same area as Bendy, as their ink can cause him to enter his monstrous beast form if he absorbs too much. While most Inklings and Octolings just avoid him, some are mischievous enough to try to douse him with their ink and make a run for it, usually with disastrous results. Bendy's beast form tends to look much more colourful when doused in their ink, though he is no less dangerous.
      • Speaking of Living Drawings the Inklings and Octolings aren't allowed near, Ramo, Lola, and Quill are very wary of the inky cephalopods, as they accidentally damaged their painting with their ink when they brought their splatting sessions too close to the painting. Thankfully, they owed up to their mistake by telling them about Amaterasu, who is able to fix their painting with her Celestial Brush. While the Inklings and Octolings do try to restrain themselves more when it comes to splatting, the denizens of the painting generally see them as harbingers of the apocalypse thanks to that unfortunate incident.
    • By default, the Inklings and Octolings take the form resembling a human but with some squidlike or octopoid features. They are able to freely shapeshift into a squid or octopus form, which enables them to swim within their own ink, allowing for faster travel and farther jumps. Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy is able to freely morph into multiple animal forms, while Tobias is stuck as a hawk most of the time, even if he's normally supposed to freely transform. Garfield quickly bonded with the Inklings as he enjoys their high energy activities, while Tobias prefers the company of the more reserved Octolings. While Vaporeon has a similar ability to turn herself into water for fast travel due to her bilogy, the ink people are a bit hesitant to apprach her given her Water typing, not wanting to be dissolved.
    • The Inklings and Octolings general asthetic is rather 90's flavored. Bright colours, energetic rock and pop music, totally fresh slang, an obsession with being cool and fresh... many deities who lived throught the 90's may feel a pang of nostalgia when looking at Inkling culture. 90's Dude, obsessed with the 90's, adores the Inklings and Octolings, and indulges in their culture while also telling them about 90's culture in his world. He just appreciates that there are people out there who won't mock him for his obsessions.
    • Being creatures composed of ink, they are easily dissolved by water, so being submerged in the liquid will result in them melting. Thankfully, there are respawn points placed around the Pantheon for a quick ressuraction in case they get splatted or dissolved. It is for this reason that they avoid the Houses of Aquatic Life and Water and Moisture like the plague, as both Houses contain tons of water unfit for their living needs. They are also wary of those who have power over water or otherwise dwell in it like the denizens of the aforementioned Houses, Katara, and especially the Flood, with its corruptive behaviour scaring the carp out of them. Of said denizens of the Houses, they are incredibly mortified by Davy Jones for the tales of people drowning whenever they enter his lair and the Kraeken for being ancient demons of the sea.
    • There is a grim past behind the colorful world of Splatoon; it takes place 12,000 years after the sea levels on Earth rose thanks to global warming and multiple world wars, with a nuclear warhead impacting Antartica melting the icecaps being a major factor. Much of the Earth's landmass was submerged underwater, driving many species, including humanity, to extinction. This lead to creatures of the sea evolving to dwell on the land, resulting in the birth of species such as the Inklings and the Octolings. Both species are aware of humanity's past existence, so they are excited to see living humans within the Pantheon, and they are ready to learn more about them. It turns out there happens to be others who happen to supplant humanity as the dominant species or otherwise live long after their extinction or disappearance. Kaban and Serval live in Japari Park, a multi-island zoo inhabited by Friends, animals turned into Little Bit Beastly women, and the park has been abandoned a long time ago by humans, with their survival unconfirmed to this day. The duo struck a quick bond with the ink people, and sometime partcipate in Turf Wars while planning to introduce them to the Friend of Japari Park. 2B and 9S are androids that live many years after humanity died out, perpetuating a war under the lie that both humanity and the aliens are still alive. the two YoRHa androids also bonded with the ink people, finding them a nice reprieve to their stressful lives, and somewhat envy them for having much more carefree and prosperous lives than them. Dr. Zaius, Caesar, and Koba live in a Earth where the apes were uplifted by the Simian Flu, and eventually they overthrew humanity as the dominant species. Dr. Zaius finds the Inklings and Octolings fascinating, and decided to study them, especially their unique biology. Caesar and Koba generally avoid them, with Caesar noting that they luckily didn't have to war against humans and Koba distrusting them due to looking like humans.
  • Excusive to the Inklings:
    • The Inklings are a race of evolved squid who have taken humanoid forms and are made entirely of ink. There aren't many squid-based deities around in the Pantheon, but there does happen to be Ika Musume, a squid girl (it's in the name) who aims to conquer the world as a form of revenge for humanity polluting the oceans. When she heard of the history of their world, namely that humanity was driven to extinction by rising water levels, she couldn't help but chuckle, believing that her goals were accomplished in that world as humanity got a karmic punishment and the sea-dwellers displaced them as the dominant species. The Inklings seem to accept her as one of their own and consider her an honorary Inkling, much to her surprise, but she grew fond of them overtime even if she was frustrated that she can't really add them to her army due to them dissolving in water. She enjoys battling in Turf Wars (even if she'd never admit it) and even noticed some Inklings wearing clothes similar to hers.
    • The Inklings in general are quite hedonistic. They are very preoccupied with the Turf Wars, dressing in the latest fashions, and aiming to be "fresh", their idea of coolness. They often visit the House of Costumes to purchase the freshest gear around, enter the House of Sports for Turf Wars and other exciting sports, and tour the House of Gaming to play some arcade games. The other hedonists of the Pantheon, namely Emperor Calus, like the Inklings for their hedonism with Calus in particular thinking that they are better spending their time enjoying their hobbies and interests and not worrying about conflicts and war. Other, more serious Deities dislike their frivolity, especially when their splatting activities end up accidentally causing harm and mayhem.
      • The Inklings have also managed to get along with the Mann Co. mercenaries and the Tenno for a reason wouldn't expect other than originating from online shooters. The mercs tend to be obsessed with collecting and wearing headwear, ranging from mundane to ludicrous, so much so that many joke about them being obsessed with hat collection more than fighting each other. The Tenno, when not fighting threats like the Grineer, the Corpus, and the Infested, tend to customize themselves in elaborate ways a lot, sometimes grinding for material just to unlock more styles. Both groups get along with the Inklings quite well for their customizing obsessions, and sometimes compete over who looks "fresher". They also get along with the Octolings, where besides freshness, the Octolings like to inspect their weapons and technology, curious to see how they function.
    • Among the Inklings more unlikely friends is Glitchy's Mario, who happened to become close pals with a former Inkling named Meggy when he first visited Inkopolis. Plus, he does try to be on his best behaviour when around Meggy, which is quite unprecedented for someone like him. Glitchy's Mario is disappointed that Meggy didn't ascend with them, but hopes that she could come visit one day.
    • Eight lucky Inklings were chosen to attend the fifth Super Smash Bros. tournament, bringing along their inking weaponry to the battlefield. Their weapons have been strengthed for the tournament so it can damage and throw opponents off the stage. Their introduction was... intimidating, especially since they were the first newcomers invited. Like all other participants, they hate Galeem and Dharkon for their destructiveness, especially since they got zapped by Galeem's lasers and their bodies were used to host the brainwashed spirits, so they're ready to splat them should they cause mayhem again.
      • Even before their induction to the tournament, some deities noticed that Futaba Sakura heavily resembles an Inkling with long orange tentacle hair. When Futaba first saw the lookalike Inkling, she thought that the Inkling looked adorable and tried to take her home, resulting in her getting soaked in ink. Futaba managed to make it up for the incident, and they became good acquaintances. She later introduced them to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts when they all ascended and beded on their good graces too. They got to know and bond with Ren Amamiya much more when he also got into the fifth Smash Bros. tournament.
      • In addition, some Inklings were invited to kart races with Mario alongside Link, Villager, and Isabelle. The Inklings have an utter blast cruising around the track and pelting the rival racers with items.
  • Exclusive to the Octolings:
    • While the Octolings evolved from octopi instead of squids like the Inklings, they are very similar to the Inklings biology-wise. They managed to interact with what octopus deities there could be in the Pantheon. They encountered Octodad, who they initially mistook for a funny looking Octoling only to realized that he's an octopus in a suit. They were baffled that barely anyone in his world could see through his disguise, but they figured that the humans in his world must be rather inattentive like the Inklings, who saw them as Inklings with exotic hairdos. They were initially confused when they met Inkling the Octopus as he's named the same after the squid people, but they got along in time, with him being fascinated by their unique biology. They also met up with Squidward, and became good associates of him despite his usual cranky behavior, providing a captive audience when he plays the clarinet. They bonded with the octopus and are trying to teach him how to play in Turf Wars without much flailing around. They initially thought that Dr. Octopus was an actual Octoling too, but realized soon that he was just a villainous human scientist with mechanical tentacles. They stay away from him as he's very interested in experimenting with them, and they don't want to become someone's guinea pigs. They are rather afraid of the Kraken, an octopoid creature residing in the deep ocean, knowing that it can use its tentacles to drag them down the watery abyss. To say nothing of Cthulhu, as not only does he somewhat resemble a monstrous octopus and dwells in the ocean deep, his presence also gives the Octolings a massive headache, so they'd rather not encounter him anytime soon.
    • The Octolings are generally more reserved than the Inklings, and so get into less trouble than their squid friends. While still passionate over Turf Wars and fashion, they are rather fascinated by weapons and technology in general, as they lived in the militarized Octarian society. It's for this reason that they like to visit the Houses of Technology and Weapons to examine the varied technologies and weapons within the Pantheon. Both Houses have also gained an interest in Octarian tech and weaponry, and wish to acquire it somehow.
    • The ascended Octolings used to live in the Octarian habitats deep withing Octo Canyon and Octo Valley, residing there after ending up as the losers of the Great Turf War. Octarian society took a militarized turn, with children being trained to fight at a young age and anti-Inkling propaganda being incredibly prevalent. The Octarian society kept prepping itself up for an eventual invasion against Inkopolis, with the looming energy crisis also making them steal zapfish from Inkopolis. However, the Squid Sister's performance of "Calamari Inkantation" during Agent 3's fight against DJ Octavio made many Octolings wake up and realize the greener pastures that lie outside of their crumbling homes, making them escape and travel to Inkpolis to integrate to Inkling society. The Octolings feel unnerved by the Grineer, as they are a race of clones made just to serve in a militant cause, so they give the Octolings bad memories of their past lives. The Grineer just see them and the Inklings as more inferior beings to kill. They do relate to those who ditched the army and ran away, with the Steel Meridian being made up of Grineer deserters and humans fighting to protect others, and want to tell their stories to those Grineer.
  • Can also be found in Crafting Materials.

    Lucy (Whacked!
Lucy, Goddess of the Censor Box
Lucy, pictured during one of the few times she's wearing clothesClick here for how she usually walks around 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: One of the censor bars she walks around with
  • Theme Song: Whacked! Theme Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Censor Box, Covers Always Lie, Extreme Omnisexual, Fighting Clown, Hidden Depths (business-savvy), Improbable Weapon User, Interspecies Fling (very brief), Ludicrous Gibs upon death, Really Gets Around, Regenerating Health, Scratch Damage if not armed, Seven Deadly Sins (Lust, in this case), Super Mode
  • Domains: Lust, Censorship, Game Shows, Cartoons
  • Allies: Juliet Starling, playboys who can back up their flirting, Mordin Solus
  • Enemies: Slaanesh
  • Opposes: Playboys who can't back up their flirting
  • Uneasy Alliance with: The House of Jobs and Profession
  • Unknown Relationship: Panty Anarchy
  • When a demonic game show host named Van Tastic sought out contestants for a game show called Whacked!, it took on seven Toons, each one representing the seven deadly sins. Lucy represented lust, and constantly walked or ran around naked. As such, she was almost always presented as wearing censor bars. There aren't many other characters in fiction or people in real life so strongly associated with the Censor Box; thus was Lucy ascended, for better or for worse.
  • Though her temple is in the House of Theater, she's much more often found in the House of Love and Affection, especially the Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior subhouses. She is a very promiscuous character, willing to "do it" with nearly anything with a sex drive.
    • We say "nearly" because, yes, there are exceptions. It is possible for her to be unsatisfied with her partner's...performance in bed — especially if they're...under-equipped, let's say — and if her interactions with Otto in this scene are evidence, she's not interested in pale, skinny, and/or lazy people, not to mention she seems disgusted by even the idea of (ahem) "bodily refuse". She also seems to dislike creatures with such bizarre anatomy as Toof.
    • Some are surprised to know there actually IS more to Lucy than her lust. She also seems to have a very authoritative attitude and sometimes demonstrates advanced knowledge of legal business. She'll likely analyze her audience — figurative or literal — to decide what she's going to wear for certain moments — and she is forced by the Court of the Gods to wear clothing whenever she's outside of her temple or the Lust subhouse. She has also once recited a long and accurately-detailed legal document based solely on memory, which is no small feat.
      • Her business savvy combined with her lustful nature makes her a source of confusion for the House of Profession. They're not sure what to make of her; she doesn't have the most clean reputation, but from what little they know of her Hidden Depths, she seems like she'd know how to make money if she were interested in that. They wonder if all this makes her a sort of "Bunny-Ears Lawyer"...
  • Lucy is aware she's far from the only "Lucy" in the Pantheon. Most of the other "Lucys" have expressed either embarrassment or disgust. This Lucy doesn't seem to care.
    • She also has a similar voice to certain other deities, which has similarly disturbed many of those deities and/or those who know them. One exception would be Juliet Starling — it's quite easy to mistake one for the other if you're simply going by their voices, especially due to their flirtatious personalities. They even can both fight, and when they fight their respective enemies, it ends in blood and gibs — some more gratuitous than others — though Lucy's style of fighting is very cartoonish compared to Juliet's. As well, despite Juliet's flirtatious nature, she's faithful to her boyfriend. This initially confused Lucy, since said boyfriend is now only a head. Of course, she then figured that they make it work somehow, and being well-versed in...private activities, she has a funny feeling she can guess how...
  • No one is certain how she and Panty Anarchy feel about each other, but there are rumors that they once "spent some time together" — or that they sometimes still do. These rumors are often brushed off as perverts' wishful thinking, and Lucy and Panty haven't said anything on the matter.
  • Many gods that are considered "casanovas" — such as Jack Horner — are delighted to meet a goddess that responds positively to their advances, though for that to last, they'd have to, let's say, perform well behind the scenes. There are those, of course, that are confused when Lucy responds to their flirtations with eagerness, and so might double back and leave, much to her frustration. But there are also those few that Lucy would decline for reasons already stated, as well as because they don't understand their own flirting because they don't have a sex drive.
    • There's one deity whose perversion disgusts even Lucy: Slaanesh. Slaanesh has done things even Lucy wouldn't dare to do in the bedroom, including some pretty horrible ones, all for the sake of feeling something. The lustful toon does what she can to avoid any encounters with the depraved creature.
  • Mordin Solus was duly impressed to hear Lucy was capable of "doing the deed" with an anthropomorphic lion, even if she didn't particularly enjoy it. He said that if she ever needed to know about intercourse with certain species, she could talk to him. Lucy has him on speed dial.

    Oggy, Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee 
Oggy, Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee, Gods of Deranged Animation and the Zany Cartoon
Dee Dee
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: For Oggy, A statue of Oggy holding a mailbox. For the roaches, the letters J, M and DD.
  • Theme Song: For your listening pleasure...
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, sometimes True Neutral for Oggy, Chaotic Neutral for the roaches.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Felines, Slapstick
  • Herald: Olivia and Jack
  • High Priests: Zig & Sharko
  • Allies:
  • On speaking terms with: The House of Food (Oggy only)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Huehuecoyotl (Oggy only)
  • Friendly Enemy: Each other
  • Fear: Villager (Cockroaches only)
  • Oggy is a blue cat living in a house somewhere in Europe. Despite living a relatively simple life, he is constantly tormented by three cockroaches, Joey, Marky and Dee Dee. This insect trio more or less exists to torture Oggy and steal his food. And while the roaches do occasionally get away with it, they do sometimes get their comeuppance.
  • One morning, many of the deities are suddenly awakened by loud noises from outside their temples. They went out to see the blue cat chasing the cockroaches, who are carrying his food supply. When the gods in the Main House was informed of this fact, they eventually identify them as Oggy and the Cockroaches, famous characters from France. They eventually allow the four to have a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Their home in the pantheon consists of two parts. One resembling a furnished house where Oggy lives, and the other being air vents where the cockroaches lurk. This is where most of their conflicts take place, though they also frequently cause mayhem elsewhere in the Pantheon.
  • Oggy and the roaches frequently visit the House of Weapons, looking for weapons good enough to outdo each other.
  • The roaches are considering pranking Oggy by sneaking Mystery Food X into his cabinet and hope Oggy will eat it. This has thankfully yet to happen, due to other deities stopping such attempts.
  • Oggy:
    • Oggy gets along with most fellow felines in the Pantheon, most notably Bastet, due to her rule over cats. He also struck friendship with Ichigo Momomiya due to her appearance.
    • Oggy is a regular visitor to the House of Food, due to his love of eating. For this reason he also gets along with Kirby, another big eater. Oggy rarely invites him, though, for fear that he will deplete Oggy's supply.
      • He gets along with many deities who like to eat.
    • He has a low opinion on any deity who will willingly prank him, or others, and steal their food. Aside from the roaches themselves, Screwy Squirrel is one of his biggest enemies due to his nature.
    • He gets along well with Hoto Cocoa and the Rabbit House crew due to his love of cuisine. Everytime the roaches try to steal from them, both are quick to team up and fight them.
    • Frequently, Oggy will even visit the House of Profession to take various jobs. Sometimes he invites his cousin Jack. This almost invariably just ended with them, and involved deities, being tormented by the roaches.
    • He is know to have a girlfriend named Olivia, who he ultimately marries. He sometimes likes to invite her to the Pantheon for a vacation.
    • Apparently, he fears mice at one point, though he no longer displays this traits later. He also dislikes water, which is also no longer the case later on.
  • Cockroaches:
    • Due to the roaches' nature, the roaches have very few allies. The House of Food particularly puts them on their red list due to their hobby of stealing food.
      • A particularly bad case is when they decide to raid Kirby's temple. Upon coming face to face with the pink puffball, they underestimate his capabilities and attack him. It didn't end well, and from that day they consistently run away from him whenever he approaches. Other deities who like to eat also similarly despise them, though none of those are nearly as powerful as Kirby and so they will pester and steal from them as they wish regardless.
      • And on a related note, quite a lot of deities oppose them since that whenever they're not stealing food, they just pull pranks on them. This gets to the point where Oggy occasionally bonds with those deities to get back at the roaches.
    • One of the very few allies they have is Hollow Knight. When they decide to prank The Radiance one day, they severely underestimate her capabilities. They were very nearly toast, until the Knight appears to save them. From that day on, they swear to never show malice to the little guy.
      • Speaking of insects, Marky once tried to romance Queen Sectonia. He almost ended up destroyed before his cohorts saved him.
    • The roaches spend their days looking for fellow cockroaches in the Pantheon. The closest thing they found are the Terraformars. Unfortunately, they're not as docile as they think. In fact, they are so dangerous that they are willing to team up with Oggy and several other deities who otherwise oppose them to fight the Terraformars.
    • Dee Dee, due to his love of eating, has made an odd friendship with Stocking. The two has been exchanging sweets since they met. Though this might be part of a gambit involving Dee Dee.
      • Similarly, they get along with King K. Rool as they heard of him liking to steal bananas and seeing many thing in common with him.
    • They fear the Villager, due to his love of catching insects. The Villager is one of the very few deities they will leave alone.
  • They also have an additional seat in Forms of Media.

    Touche Turtle 
Touche Turtle, Recipient of Inconvenient Phone Calls
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal, Gentleman Adventurer, Amusing Injuries
  • Domains: Turtles, Swashbuckling, Calls
  • Herald: Dum Dum
  • Allies: Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, Puss in Boots, Ninja Turtles, Touya Mochizuki, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Enemies: Cecil Turtle, Katz
  • On good terms with: Koopa Troopas, Yukiteru Amano
  • Frequently prank-called by: Bart Simpson
  • Touche Turtle is a well-meaning, if rather moronic, turtle with a sword who travels across the world with his faithful but more moronic sidekick Dum Dum. Whenever danger calls, no matter how strange that danger may be, Touche Turtle and Dum Dum will be the ones to answer. And on the subject of answering calls, Touche has a phone inside his shell that has a tendency of ringing whenever he’s engaged in battle with whatever his adversary is at the moment. Being the polite adventurer he is, Touche will always answer that interrupting call before resuming his mission.
  • It was yet another day in the Pantheon where ordinary events (in as much as events can be considered “ordinary” in the Pantheon) were underway until a devious thief took off with some blueprints for a device meant for a dangerous weapon and gave it to a crook looking to design it for themselves. With all the Pantheon’s major heroes busy with their own things (and a few of the minor heroes on their own missions as well), the innocent mortals who found out about this dastardly plot were left to call in someone who was willing to stop that deed. It just so happened that Touche Turtle and Dum Dum, who ended up stumbling onto the Pantheon one day, learned of what was going on and took it upon themselves to prevent that villain from completing the doomsday device that the stolen blueprints promised. The duo eventually reached that crook’s hideout and, after a few mishaps and the inevitable interrupting phone call on Touche’s end, Touche was able to prevent that crook from utilizing that device (partially since it fell apart easily due to it being hastily assembled) and got that crook sent to prison and had the blueprints destroyed. After finding out what the Pantheon entailed and how many worlds were connected, Touche Turtle and Dum Dum decided to continue their travels and help anyone along the way who needed such help.
  • While Touche and Dum Dum have had their share of adventures with Yogi Bear and his friends whenever Yogi is on some larger endeavor that doesn’t involve stealing picnic baskets, Touche is generally content to hang out with that ensemble during both parties’ downtime. In particular, Touche has taken a liking towards Quick Draw Mcgraw, being a horse who is more than willing to help others out of trouble despite his bumbling demeanor, something fairly similar to Touche, but whereas the turtle is a swashbuckling swordsman by default, the horse is a cowboy who has a swashbuckling swordsman alter ego. Both have sometimes helped each other with their missions and while things tend to get much messier during such times (among them including phone calls intended for Quick Draw), Touche and Quick Draw have welcomed each other’s company overall.
  • One notable animal that’s also a dashing swordsman who Touche Turtle was curious about was Puss in Boots. While Puss is more than aware of El Kabong and that horse being a copycat of Zorro, he saw Touche as more of a traditional swashbuckler (loosely speaking) with some of the same bumbling quirks that defined El Kabong. As was the case with El Kabong, Puss didn’t hold anything against Touche and Dum Dum and has even helped them out on their assignments, even if much of Puss’ role boils down to helping them get out of a more-troubling-than-normal situation.
  • As Touche would find out during his adventures across the Pantheon, he wasn’t the only turtle dedicated to fighting against anyone that threatens the well-being of innocents. As he and Dum Dum wandered around a dark city in search of some thugs that were reported to be residing there, the duo were having more trouble than normal against these more aggressive enemies until four other turtles stepped in to defeat those goons and save Touche and Dum Dum. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were interested in seeing another turtle and found it odd that someone like him who fancies himself as a sort of musketeer would take on a multitude of odd-jobs despite all the mishaps he and his partner endure. Even with all of Touche’s flaws, the Ninja Turtles maintain good terms with Touche and Dum Dum and have offered the duo support amidst the duo’s more difficult jobs.
    • When it comes to other turtles, Touche was initially a bit apprehensive about the Koopa Troopas given that they are part of an evil army, but as he got to learn more about them, he found out that the Koopas are pretty friendly when they aren’t following orders and that even their leader Bowser can be quite affable on a good day. The Koopas having removable turtle shells, alongside multiple variants of each other, made them a bit weirder to Touche, though he’s still willing to help some Koopas out with some assignments provided that they don’t involve taking over locations. As for Cecil Turtle, Touche initially thought he was slow-witted, but as he got caught in a trap set up by Cecil, realized just how crafty Cecil really was thanks to having outwitted Bugs Bunny a number of times and after discovering the turtle’s more cruel side, Touche had to be more careful to matters pertaining to Cecil.
  • Touche tends to get calls on a regular basis, often from random sources and upon finding out that there were a handful of other notable people in the Pantheon known for their phones, Touche wondered for a bit if they often got the same level of frequency of calls as he does. While it generally wasn’t the case, he was very surprised to learn that some of those characters had much more advanced phones that did more than simply take or make calls in contrast to his largely old-fashioned built-in phone. He managed to strike up a good friendship with Touya Mochizuki given how the latter not only has a smartphone that he’s put to good use, but shares a similar selfless desire to help others that Touche has, even if Touya’s level of power in combat is miles ahead of Touche’s swordsmanship.
    • Having a phone with him at all times wasn’t going to be easy, but Touche learned that there was a deadly competition that happened where some of the participants were given cell phones with special properties to help them out during that time. Yukiteru Amano was one of those participants in that game and despite his initial hesitation in getting involved, he had to improve his confidence to make sure things worked out in the end. While Touche is already confident as is (and Yukiteru is friendly enough to be on good terms with the turtle), his ineptitude and tendency to make mistakes would make it very unlikely he would survive a game like that if he got dragged into it, especially if his phone would end up becoming even more of a burden to him during those times, moreso if those calls came from scam artists pretending to be clairvoyants.
  • One unfortunate, but still rather expected, side effect of Touche having a phone with him at all times is that he’ll end up getting calls that are much more meaningless than what he’ll normally get. Prank calls fall into that category of meaningless calls and some such as Bart Simpson have taken advantage of it. While some such as Bart’s are mostly harmless, if still very inconvenient, there are plenty who perpetuate prank calls such as Trollkaiger that have malicious intent to the point of Touche being visibly disturbed whenever he gets those kinds of calls. Since Touche doesn’t seem to have any way to control what kinds of calls he gets given that he has an old-fashioned phone, all he could do is hope that whatever call he gets isn’t going to horribly hinder his progress.
  • He has never stuck to one particular location and time period throughout his adventures, making himself as a sort of traveler who happens to help someone in trouble whenever he comes across such things. One of his adventures ended up taking him to a serene area that had mechanical animals running around attacking anyone under the orders of their malevolent master. Touche and Dum Dum bumbled their way through a number of them until they came across a colossal robot with a pair of swords that would have made short work of the two had Sonic the Hedgehog not intervened and took it down with relative ease. After the mechanical monstrosity was destroyed and the lesser robot mooks retreated, Sonic found the time to talk to the two and although the duo’s slow-wittedness was a bit of a flaw to Sonic, he definitely liked how they were willing to travel to different places to help others, even if the places Sonic goes to happen to have Eggman involved one way or another. While Touche doesn’t have many recurring threats to deal with (at least not before he and Dum Dum found the Pantheon), he’s willing to keep Sonic’s advice in mind.
  • Despite all the numerous weird assignments that Touche has tackled, he is ultimately a musketeer at the end of the day given his demeanor and swordsmanship. He and Dum Dum were hoping to find a few other full-time musketeers to offer them some part-time help with their missions and while they found others were partially musketeers in different unorthodox ways, the duo were willing to accept what they could find. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy took on the role of musketeers at one point, with that particular story being narrated by a tortoise. The trio was taken aback a bit upon discovering a musketeer turtle and while they have their own matters to take care of both as a group and individually, they still welcomed his presence (especially regarding the part where he’s taken on a lot of strange assignments like they have) and believe that Touche will be able to improve his skills as a musketeer much like they did when they took on that job.
  • As mentioned, Touche has applied his musketeer line of work to a multitude of jobs, ranging from helping someone from a specific time period, to simply just getting rid of animals that are being a nuisance to someone. Cats are one particular type of animal that Touche has gone up against and the Pantheon has only given Touche more of that animal to deal with, with Katz being a prominent problem for him. Not only has Katz made a bunch of fake businesses, but they’re used as a front for much deadlier actions, mainly murder. Touche and Dum Dum have been called in to stop Katz if Courage the Cowardly Dog isn’t around and in turn, that feline has regarded them to be annoying and even if Touche gets injured at Katz’ paws, the turtle will always bounce back until Katz has been taken care of.


    Benjamin Braddock 
Benjamin Braddock, God of Window Viewing Wedding Crashers
  • Theme Song: The Sound of Silence
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A church windowpane
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A Coming of Age Story, often says "what?" to situations, Kavorka Man, victim of the Sad-Times Montage, ultimately went on a Big Heroic Run to crash a wedding yet unsure what to do next.
  • Domains: Love, Lust (Rejected), Darkness, Liberation, Travel
  • Herald: Elaine Robinson
  • Allies: Romeo and Juliet, Laura Borewig, Ms. Elizabeth and Darcy, Maria and Tony
  • Enemies: Ato-ko Shirogane, Kotonoha Katsura
  • Opposes: Rayare, The Kankers
  • Admires: Gomez and Morticia Addams
  • Pitied by: Princess Cadance
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Mrs. Robinson
  • At long last, Mrs. Robinson had succeeded in bring in graduate Benjamin Braddock into the Pantheon, and it was completely unintentional. He and girlfriend Elaine were figuring out what to do with their lives after escaping their parents. It just so happened that the two stumbled upon the Pantheon. The Court of the Gods acknowledged his wedding crashing techniques and decided to allow them entry into the Pantheon. Their happiness was short-lived when they walked into Mrs. Robinson who went out of hiding to confront them.
  • It didn't take long before a restraining order was slapped on Mrs. Robinson. Yet the rivalry continues. Mrs. Robinson now has a good number of deities who would love to break up the two. Ben and Elaine now attempt to keep together lest they repeat the fate of their parents.
  • Ato-ko and Kotonoha were assigned the task of breaking up the two. Their influence was felt on the couple in the form of mysterious webbing, death traps upon Elaine and people designed to keep the two apart. Ben and Elaine have trained themselves to avoid such roadblocks at all cost.
  • The two decided to keep notes on how to maintain a happy relationship, turning to Adams family for advice. The gothic beauties told them to stay honest with each other and they will do alright.
  • The couple next went to Ms. Elizabeth and Darcy to see how closely related they were to each other. From what they gathered, the two did have a couple of things in common.
  • Lastly, they went to the one couple who may have have screwed up their relationship as many times as they did. Harry surmised that this was due to their different genders. Sally instead encouraged them to stick together, noting it took them years to finally figure things out.
  • Ms. Bodewig has also tried vouching for the two. She was amused with their Wacky Marriage Proposal and hope that the two can stick with their relationship.
  • Ben's time with Mrs. Robinson developed a hatred of women who manipulate men to be their girlfriend. The representative Raynare has not joined in breaking up the two, but would love to see the mother get back with him in increase her influence in the Pantheon.
  • Does not think of his relationship with Mrs. Robinson as funny in any case. Most deities agree with this, especially later on in the film. Has called out the Kankers on their behavior towards the Eds. Of course he wouldn't dare call them out in person lest he faces their wrath.
  • Has started to have double dates with Tony and Maria, a couple who are coming to terms with their own odd ascension. Ben wanted to learn how to do better at social interactions as he can be seen as an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist. Both hope to help each other to strength each others' relationships.
  • Princess Cadance was a useful measurer of one's love for another. While Ben decided not to know his exact measure of love more Elaine, he did ask the unicorn to help him find ways to improve it.

    The Florida Project Cast 
Halley, Moonee, Scooty, Jancey and Bobby Hicks, Divine Representatives of Soundtrack Absence
Clockwise from Top-Right: Bobby Hicks, Jancey, Moonee, Scooty, and Halley.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A rainbow silhouette of Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida
  • Theme Song: Celebrate
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Halley and Moonee), True Neutral with Chaotic Moments (Scooty and Jancey), Lawful Neutral (Bobby)
  • Portfolio: Cast Full of Ordinary and Outlandish Names
  • Domains: Impoverishment, Innocence, Estrangement, Dysfunction, Family, Desperation
  • Heralds: Ashley (Scooty's mother), Stacey (Jancey's grandmother), Dicky, Jack Hicks (Bobby's son)
  • Allies: Dennis the Menace, Phineas and Ferb, Punky Brewster, Yotsuba Koiwai (Moonee, Scooty, Jancey, and Bobby)
  • Opposes: Any Pedophile or those who Would Hurt a Child (Bobby)
  • Opposed By: Stewie Griffin (Halley)
  • Interested By: Halls of Beasts and Fauna, Nature, Otherness, and Undead and Phasmata (Moonee, Scooty, and Jancey)
  • Respected By: Houses of Family and Relatives and Jobs and Professionnote  (Bobby)
  • Pitied By: Hall of Mothers, especially Selma Ježková and Hana (Halley)
  • There's a motel in Kissimmee, Florida, known as Magic Castle, owned and checked over frequently by a man named Bobby Hicks. And in his work occupation, he has to deal with a group of children who would do anything they can to go outside and have fun in their own unscrupulous ways, up to causing a public nuisance and property damage. Of most notice were two of the kids, Moonee and Scooty, who decide to lope in another girl, Jancey, into their space and have as much excitement as they can, with all of this being seen and approved by Moonee's dysfunctional mother, Halley, much to Bobby's dismay. Things get worse when the kids unintentionally burn down an abandoned apartment, forcing Scooty's mother, Ashley to take action and disallow her son from seeing her friends again. In the midst of this Halley struggles with maintaining and losing several jobs to keep up with her income and her daughter, eventually resorting to "secretly" being a stripper to make ends meet. Frustrating Bobby further with her lack of tract and viciously attacking Ashley sometime after causing disruption in the restaurant she works in, Halley is charged by the Florida Department of Children and Families and is deemed unfit as a mother, deciding to send Moonee to foster care. Moonee is initially oblivious, but after learning of the circumstances whilst trying to bid Scooty goodbye, she's devastated and tearfully tells Jancey that she may never see her again. Jancey's response is to take Moonee's hand and run towards the Magic Kingdom Park, not stopping...
  • The tale of the Magic Castle residents has been a very polarising one for those who took an interest. This became especially apparent when despite everything they've been through, Halley, Moonee, Scooty, Jancey, and Bobby all managed to find themselves ascended into the Pantheon, in spite of the fact that outside of Bobby and presumably Scooty, there's really no certainty of what's to happen for all of them, beyond the fact that Halley inability to properly look after herself and her daughter, as well as not being able to properly conform to societal expectations means that she can no longer hold Moonee as her guardian. With the fallout that ensued, their ascension to the Pantheon may be seen as one of the more tragic ones. Not only is their tale famous in a new realm, but they've also found themselves having to further deal with the fallout of Halley and the kids' actions. Perhaps the Pantheon may provide a sort of humility, but it's certain that it would provide a difficult road for the five to get along on.
  • Halley is a very controversial figure. Her time in the Pantheon has not been a pleasant one, to say the least, given that she personally feels unwelcomed in most places, especially the Hall of Mothers. Unlike most bad mothers, she's not actually hated, but rather pitied; she loved Moonee and genuinely wanted to look after her, but her own indulgence in reckless and unnecessary items, as well as her willingness to let her daughter out without supervision and not teach her basic social etiquettes, meant that she simply wasn't a good parental figure, regardless of how well-intentioned they were. That said, most know that it's best not to bring this up near Halley whenever she's around, as she acts aggressively whenever she hears any form of criticism or insult directed at her. On a few occasions, she's had loud outbursts in the Hall to the extent that she had to be given a restraining order to not approach the Hall of Mothers for some time. Of course, this didn't work out well for her.
    • To say that Halley is anguished, upset, and angry over losing her custody of her daughter is an understatement, and despite Moonee being looked after by several people in the Pantheon, she hasn't grown past her frustrations and feels as if the Pantheon is a sort-of hell to reside in. The only saving grace she gets is timed visitations with Moonee, and even then, not only do they last for only 10 minutes, but she can only earn them through displaying good behavior and following basic work ethics consistently, something that she's trying and is a difficult struggle. At one point, Halley was the topic of discussion for two mothers, Hana and Selma Ježková, who greatly contrasted her by being women who chose to take responsibility for their actions and children and were able to provide a decent future for them, even if it meant Hana wouldn't be able to see her children much and Selma had to die for her son to be safe from Nazis. They'd personally like to meet with Halley and try to see if they can help her out, with Hana also hoping to instill some hope and encouragement for her as a way to earn back custody rights for Moonee. Of course, given Halley's aggressive nature, plus her indulgence in using drugs and being a stripper out of desperation, that intent is going to be hard to pass on.
  • Bobby's surprise about learning about the Pantheon was about the same as figuring out how he would fit into that realm. After all, he was simply a landlord for a motel that became the centerpiece for a tragic tale of families becoming broken due to dysfunctionality. His unsure nature would be reciprocated by some degree of respect by some people, who were quick to note that while Bobby couldn't prevent a number of bad events from happening, he at least tried to diffuse tensions when Halley became too unscrupulous and that he also tried to be a parental figure to Moonee and the other kids when it became clear that he tended to be the only adult to be concerned about their well-being whilst outdoors. The House of Family and Relatives have been quite respectful to Bobby and would give him some financial support in an effort to keep his business going, something that he's been thankful for.
  • Moonee's situation in the Pantheon has been rather complex and upsetting. Given that the last of her, according to known documents, were of her running with Jancey to Magic Kingdom, no one is sure of what happened to her. In the Pantheon, the one thing that's made clear is that she was scheduled to become a Foster Kid and that she would have to be separated from Halley, much to their grief. That's since been the case in the Pantheon, with Halley having to deal with things on her own, hopefully looking for rehabilitation whereas most of Moonee's time is spent between the Houses of Family and Relatives and Childhood and Adolescence where she can be given proper social and parental support. She's proven to be rambunctious, making weird quirks and remarks that otherwise wouldn't be seen on most other children, forcing her to be disciplined and her nature of being chaotic and despondent due to her mother's separation has been proving to be hard to deal with. If there's a saving grace, at least Scooty and Jancey are also in the Pantheon, alongside some new friends.
  • Contrasting with Moonee, Scooty and Jancey are more well-adjusted, alongside being a bit more wide-eyed about the Pantheon than Moonee is, though it's mainly because unlike her, Scooty and Jancey didn't have to face being separated and find themselves in a really bad situation after Halley's aftermath. Of course, the three of them are still together and are eager to play along, though their behavior is given attention by Bobby and any adults that can be trusted to look after them in the hopes that they don't cause another problem as they did with the abandoned apartment fires. One of the only ways the kids are able to venture out of their comfort zones is under heavy supervision and with the permission of Scooty's mother, Ashley, and Jancey's grandmother, Stacey, and even then, they're reluctant at best to send their children out. Moonee, on the other hand, is given a number of trusted guardians to meet her needs, though her abrasive and temperamental nature, which she got from Halley, has proven problematic.
  • Among the kids that the tri has befriended happened to be Dennis, a fellow precocious troublemaker with his own set of stories and experiences that he's willing to share with the kids. Dennis generally likes the kids enough to take them along to his domain and have some fun there, though even he was taken aback by how the kids' reckless actions of setting a building on fire would cause their Moonee and Scooty's mothers' friendship to further deteriorate. Amusingly, many have dreaded that with Dennis having formed a friendship with the trio, they would cause even more mayhem than they did in their tales, Dennis actually tries his best to avert those situations, as those only happen either due to unforeseen consequences, or bad luck. He's not giving up on them regardless.
  • The kids love to have their playtime put emphasis on their imagination, often roleplaying in fantasy or supernatural roles to get by the day. Of course, they were delighted to learn that the Pantheon had real imaginary creatures like dragons, unicorns, and ghosts, but much to their dismay, they're forbidden from actually heading out to various different Houses and Halls primarily because as kids, they're not well-aware of what they would expect and most adults correctly assume that it would be too dangerous for them to venture out there, even with their parent's supervision. The most that can be done is provide books and articles that are about specific Houses, such as those of Beasts and Fauna, Nature, Otherness, and Undead and Phasmata, what fauna do they have, and how do they act and behave. It's enough for the children to quickly visualize and play out their imaginations more vividly, but it doesn't stop them from wanting to visit said Houses themselves, much to a lot of people's concerns.
    • Speaking of which, they've taken a great delight in the antics and inventions of Phineas and Ferb, provided that a lot of what they do tend to be quite fantastical and out-of-world for anyone who gets to see (and experience) what the brothers create. Of course, the kids were more than eager to try out what Phineas and Ferb offered, though not without their sister, Candice, trying to make an effort to expose and "bust" her brothers. Though all things considered, Phineas and Ferb did consider the safety of the kids and were pretty saddened to hear about the circumstances that went down between Halley and Ashley, which is why they tend to be more soft-spoken towards Moonee and Scooty than usual. Even Candice decided to take her chances and try to befriend the kids, difficult as it might be given Moonee's verbally abrasive tone and the kids' generally chaotic nature.

    Michael Bluth 
Michael Bluth, God of Unrealistic Documentaries

Soviet Womble, Divine Comedian Who Uses Subtitles For Comedic Effect (Soviet, Sovie, Womble)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A womble with an Ushanka hat and a Russian coat.
  • Theme Song: The Badgers Jingles, much to his dismay.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, most of the time.
  • Portfolio: Depicted as a Womble with Russian garb known for his Bullshittery titles, often berates trolling and griefing despite participating in such, can't hit for shit or teamkills his own teammates (which goes for the entire clan as a whole), also considered as "the Handicap" to his teammates, panics at the worst times like a little girl, struggles while working with the rest of his clan
  • Domains: Subtitles, Comedy, Gaming Clans, the British, Bullshittery
  • Heralds: The ZF (Zero Fucks) Clan (includes Cyanide, Edberg, Nep, Quebec, Nevil, Gambit, Digby being the most common members of his videos/streams), Lulu his pet
  • Allies: The Aerospace Sanitation Janitor, Ellen Ripley, Captain Titus, the Master Chief, the Mann Co. Mercenaries, Chiaki Nanami
  • Fanboy of: The entire Imperium of Man, and maybe albeit of the xenos
  • Fears: Most horror monsters, notable ones include Chris Walker, Evan MacMillan and the Xenomorph
  • Drinking Buddies with: Sterling Archer
  • Enemies: Anyone from Activision's Cash Cow and Ubisoft in general,
  • Opposes: Most youtubers, especially a certain Swedish man, Jason Brody, Cal Hockley and Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater, James Cameron, SKYNET, anyone from the Star Wars Prequel and Sequel Trilogies, most of the greedy members of the House of Gaming (including those related to them)
  • Opposed by: The House of Leadership and War, Isaac Clarke, Grand Admiral Thawn
  • What happens when you combine the wits of a British man, mixed it with a bunch of incompetent fools in an equally incompetent clan and put in some creative detail in what would be a bunch of hilarious moments from both the stupidity of his own teammates and himself? Enter SovietWomble, a British YouTuber and streamer who seems to take pride in his own work to call himself a self-proclaimed phenomenon. Popular for his "Random (insert-game-here) Bullshittery" videos, highlights of him attempting to play with his "friends" as they try to coordinate while simultaneously failing in execution and a few shades in-between his misadventures. Combined with his meticulous editing of his videos to include every single frame with creative usage of subtitles, and you got yourself a comedian who became a personality through humor and editing.
  • Womble's ascension was rather unorthodox. Just after another bathroom break from his clanmates, did he discover something peculiar. His room is fine and his clanmates are able to communicate with him, but the background outside his room wasn't within any known city and pretty much has different buildings of various shapes and sizes. Only when he went out when he discovered that he isn't in the U.K, which oddly enough, did he giggle in excitement. Then he turned back and saw a title placed within the confines of what seems to be his newfound temple.
    Soviet: Hmm, let's see. SovietWomble, Divine Comedian, aww how great... oh wait a Quasideity, seriously? Of all the very ranks I am given in this so-called 'Pantheons', I'm given the lowest one. Even in this new world I am in I'm still weak.
  • Even after the unexpected godhood ceremony, Soviet realised how almost everyone around him were recognizable in some way shape or form: they are all fictional characters. Since he is in what is basically a fictional real estate, he just returned to his room to continue playing videogames and the occasional video editing. He's not the type that would expose his real identity rest assured, as he believes that doing so expresses some form of narcissism, a thing he hates within the spectrum known as Youtube.
    • Just as he had thought, he recognized many known Youtuber figures, and to his expectations, Pewdiepie was among the first he saw. Granted, the competition when it comes to attention in Youtube is rather fierce but Soviet ha a rather picky hatred when it comes to mainstream Youtube channels, Pewdiepie among those who he has expressed his hatred upon through a certain segment.
  • A gamer at heart, Soviet is a rather old-timer when it comes to games. Granted, he doesn't play the very old ones, he is however quite aware about games in general, be it those he has played and repeatedly came back, or those he tends to rant about on some occasions. As such, the House of Gaming has been his go-to place in almost all occasions when he visits the Pantheons. However, his identity is often kept, so known one knows much about his actual identity, though some deities have claimed to have seen his face alongside his co-collaborator Cyanide.
    • This hidden identity of his allows him to manifest as (Insert Name Here) considering he has played games where the identity of the player character is nil. It allows him to play some... unexpected people such as the Aerospace Sanitation Janitor, the Green Flu Survivors and others, of which he won't disclose since he jumps from game to game by his interests. He even gets to play as any of the other Mann Co. Mercenaries, as he has fun playing the game. He even identified the Spy in a game of SWAT 4 during a raid.
      • Due to him playing almost exclusively multiplayer games, often times the group's coordination efforts swindles into utter chaos where either one of the members (with most pointing to either Soviet or Cyanide) to start screwing things up, then the other team follows suit, with Edberg either going full tryhard or rage (or both), Gambit trying to take the scene and whatnot, hence the name "Bullshittery" as a description to ZF's mode of teamwork. This even includes teamkilling and pissing each other off by not following commands and the like, such as the case when he mercilessly burned his teammates when a zombie horde nearly overwhelmed them.
    Soviet: Ah and nothing of value was lost.
    • It also has lead to rather some dissatisfaction with majority of most games, with him commenting that most have been done already to death, hence he only tries certain specific games. That or general burnout most of the time. Perhaps this explains his hatred for EA, Activision and Ubisoft in general. The best way for him to vent out his frustrations on the Pantheon would be simply shooting the deities who originate on those fronts, most especially on Ubisoft as he describes them to be the equivalent of a snake pit.
    • As with the mentioning of his identity, he is rather secretive about it, and as a result, does not get along with most other gamers, unless he can play with them online. Chiaki Nanami did try to play with him and while it was shortlived, her chill personality almost reminded him of his clanmate Cake.
  • Even with massive hours poured into videogames in general, it does not help him when it comes to horror in general. For him, horror is that one genre that immediately throws all sensibility for Soviet and devolves into manly screams and tension, as demonstrated with his encounter with the Xenomorph, stranded with 3 monsters on a ship and his one time visit to Mount Massive, alongside his encounter with Evan MacMillan at one point. It did not help that the said monsters have actually ascended, with the Xenomorph drone, Chris Walker, and Evan present in Pantheon grounds, making him more terrified of going outside his temple out of fear.
    • This was later noticed by Ellen Ripley now that she has seen the entirety of Soviet playing through the entire Sevastopol and witnessed the horror of the Xenomorphs through him playing as her daughter, Amanda Ripley. She is rather pleased that someone is finally convinced of the aliens' threat and he agrees.
  • While Womble has been in various platoons and wars, it should be noted that Womble's performance is not among the brightest, with some calling him to be incompetent (though not as bad as compared to Cyanide) to even lead, as shown as how ZF typically operates. Usually he blames the clan for their stupidity though because of his exposure to them it more often than not leads to him being no different than the clan. The House of Leadership in particular has placed Womble under watch due to his less than stellar performance when it comes to tactical planning.
    • Morality-wise, ZF in particular seems to have violated certain aspects that would make the Geneva Convention pissed at their actions, some of which includes war crimes such as an airstrike on civilians to actively using civilians as shields. The clan eventually gave up serving the military and decided to shift sides, turning themselves into an active insurgency known as the Badgers (though some members would like to call them Molos Independence and Liberation Front and even as Workers And National Kinsmen at one point), although that doesn't change the fact that ZF are still terrible when it came to becoming terrorists themselves.
    • The House of War also chimed in, saying how Womble at some points even fails as a rebel leader, at one point resulting to the complete annihilation of his terrorist group and one his own ZF commander ending the entire group by sudden detonation. When even the House of War is utterly disappointed at your antics, you know that the bar has been set even lower. Even Grand Admiral Thawn utterly facepalmed everytime ZF would fuck up, and rightfully so, as the general dismisses the mentality of killing teammates on his team, forcing him to ban Soviet from entering Thawn's premises, though while Soviet does agree in admitting his faults, he does not care for the ban.
  • You know something feels right when Soviet is smiling about the presence of the Imperium of Man, as he is a rather avid fan of the Tabletop, he hails from Britain, where Tabletop gaming is rather prevalent, more so 40K, where it originated. He knows most of the ins and outs of the 41st Millenium, from some of the Space Marine chapters such as the Ultramarines and Blood Ravens, to even some of the xenos themselves such as the Necrons and Eldar. His most favorite character is Titus, as his campaign on Graia is an exemplar showcase of how the universe operates as well as Titus being a badass. However, it doesn't escape Soviet's criticism when it comes to the new lore, such as some of the Ultramarines having most of the spotlight, to the initial inception of the Tau but most especially him hearing a word of Belisarius Cawl will hand him a large amount of nerd rage.
    • Outside of 40K, he is rather adept when it comes to Science-Fiction, a genre he is familiar and admittedly huge nerd when it comes to most of the popular franchises such as Star Wars, Halo, and the like. To him, it is his cup of tea to know some bits and pieces of lore, but as you'll see said declining of franchises would soon take a somewhat cynical tone on Soviet as time goes on.
  • At one point, Soviet once ranted about the mess that was the Titanic, complaining about how Rose Bukater would claim responsibility for the Titanic even though in reality she was just a survivor and never even built the ship in the first place. Made even worse with James Cameron's adaptation of the film, making him even more aggravated by the fact that she has ownership of it for life.
    • Those who watch Soviet will notice a lot of rants from him, as Soviet has watched and criticized many things from the media he has known and loved for some, for instance, outside of his conflict with the new lore given to the 41st Millenium, he has large beefs with Star Wars preferably ignoring the entirety of the prequels and sequel characters and calling them either non-canon or irrelevant, mainly because of butchering the original picture of Star Wars during its' infancy. Then came him ranting in the House of War mainly because of SKYNET and how at one point, were acting intentionally dumb while having the chance to capture John Connor, calling the film a disgrace. He even was at a loss of disbelief when he was observing Jason Brody's life, as he could have called the nearest US Embassy so that his friends could have been saved. And speaking of Jason Brody, that is where he has his gripes with the very company that made him: Ubisoft, a company he dastardly ranted over and over due to the fact that many of his viewers are asking him to 'play X' or play some other game, some of which is a game made from the company he hates.
    • That is when people started noticing that while Soviet may be chill at times, he is compared to being a codgey man who seems to have a cynical viewpoint when it comes to, well pretty much everything. He does give hints about his private life, such as his love for dogs hence his pet, Lulu to join him, probably to comfort him and is a proud dog owner at that, but don't pester him with what he should do in his next session, he prefers to do things his own way and would rather follow his gut than sticking to one thing in particular, a mistake that many Youtubers follow.
  • While in the discussion of his Bullshittery episodes, Soviet does say that he uploads when he is done, meaning he has his own pace, as editing subtitles in every single frame takes a lot of effort. That unfortunately lead to many people making fun of Womble's "upload schedule" where he'll end up uploading a video that would be a follow up to another video in about months, with some jokingly saying it would take a year for another video to be completed. He's rather accepting of this as his work is rather taxing so having his own pace is needed to fill his quality standards.
  • Soviet once had an idea of being an engineer in space, building weird spacecraft and mining materials. Of course it had to involve ZF too in regards so everything was fine and dandy until his clanmates arrived and went about their complete day, destroying each other's own creations, trolling their own crew or fighting for resources, with some people forgetting about the nature of space, so don't ask why there are empty stranded ships in space if Soviet and company are in the scene. In fact, at one point, Isaac Clarke had to intervene because one of the clan members inexplicably used the USG Ishimura in a fight against Cyanide's own ship. The end result was the entire destruction of the ship, with Isaac citing how it is a waste of resources and how Soviet was content with such.
  • Hailing from the British Isles did not stop him in meeting with Sterling Archer, a U.S detective who seems to be similar to Soviet in many ways, either being a drunkard on many occasions to being outright useless to their own partners/friends. One quote in particular is what made the connection between the two rather apparent.
    Soviet: Apparently I'm in the Tropes Pantheons and I can't help but think that there are still too many morons to list. As they say, 'beset on all sides, by idiots'.
    Sterling: Tell me about it.

It's fine, it's fine!