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Not all beings are born; some are made. Clones, constructs and the like can be found in the House of Artificial Beings. It resembles a massive, squeaky-clean lab complex with white rooms, and is rather clean and organized. That is, until the inmates make a mess of things.

The House of Technology, home to many artificial beings, often has visitors from here.

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Greater Gods

    Cyberdemon and Tyrants 
The Cyberdemon and the Tyrants, Unholy Patrons of the Cybernetic Beasts (Harbinger of Doom, A Missile-Launching Skyscraper With Goat Legs)
Original Cyberdemon
The Cyberdemon in DOOM (2016)
  • Greater God (Cyberdemon). Intermediate God (Tyrant)
  • Symbol: His Arm Cannon
  • Theme Song: Cyberdemon (DOOM 2016)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Arm Cannon, Artificial Limbs, Offensive Powerhouse, Breakout Villain, Climax Boss, Cyborg, Damage-Sponge Boss, Feasts on his own kind, Wake-Up Call Boss, Usually stronger than the Spider Mastermind, Resurrected in Doom 2016 by overconfident scientist, Personal emnity with the Doom Slayer, Became a regular enemy in the form of the Tyrant
  • Domains: Demons, Science, Cybernetics, Death, Explosives, Enemies
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Doom Slayer, Dante, BJ Blazkowicz, Spawn, Illidan Stormrage, Samus Aran, Good-aligned demons, The House of Angels
  • The Cyberdemon is an infamous legendary beast from hell, feared for his sheer size and ruthless use of his Arm Cannon he has terrorized mortals and demons alike until he met his match in the Doom Slayer, a mere mortal who managed to best him and kill the beast for good. Several hundred years later the Cyberdemon was resurrected by the UAC and in their overconfidence thought they could control the beast, which proved to be a fatal mistake although once again, the beast fell in battle against the Doom Slayer. Given the sheer rarity of a cybernetically enhanced demon the Cyberdemon was quickly suggested for the position of Cybernetic Mythical Beast, which he wasted no time in taking over.
  • The Cyberdemon didn't come along, around him are the Tyrants, smaller yet massive demonic wardens from hell who behave a lot like him and act as one of hells toughest units. Given how demonic society is often prone to infighting and social darwinism, the Tyrants know better than to leave the Cyberdemon be and not engage him at all.
  • The Cyberdemon had one clear goal in mind, to get back at the Doom Slayer for having beaten him several times. The two wasted no times in trading blows and the House of Technology was left in shambles thanks to their confrontation although once again, the Slayer emerged victorious after beheading the beast. Unfortunately, Death Is Cheap, and the Cyberdemon returned to the Pantheon once again, angrier and wanting his revenge even more but knows that the Slayer has friends in high places that could easily tear him a new one if he wasn't careful.
  • The universe the Cyberdemon hails from seems to have no angel as far as people know (outside of the Makyrs) but nevertheless is standard for him and the Tyrants to engage in battle with angelic beings, most of them considering him the embodiment of the transgressions of both demons and technology. They just don't care and content to blasting the divine beings with explosives all day.
  • Doesn't really like to be bossed around but understands when someone is a superior and would gladly follow orders to the more powerful Satanic Archetypes like Dis or the Devil himself. Just don't expect the Cyberdemon to get along with the less powerful demons, he is just as likely to blast them as he would to the enemy and rumors even say he tends to devour other demons. At least with the demons from his own universe he will begrudgingly boss them around instead and if they aren't useful, kill them himself. There is an ongoing rumour that the Tyrants are responsible for killing the grand majority of the Cacodemons that reside in the pantheon (only surpassed by, you guessed it, the Doom Slayer).
  • Guts, the Cyberdemon has huge guts that are perfect to rip and tear but good luck trying to trying to get close to him without getting torn apart by him. And would rather some folks would try to punch him in the gut. Most others recommend him shooting till he dies in order to defeat him.
  • It was only natural that other demon hunters would want to try their mettle with the legendary cyberdemon and so several deities like Dante and Spawn have come and challenged the demon to a fight in order to see if he holds up to his status as That One Boss. With the latter it didn't help that apparently some Tyrants have been seen working for Violator, one of Spawn's arch-enemies but to his surprise they don't really respect the clown much and have been mostly forced to work for him by higher tier demons.
    • Another Demon Hunter that seems to have a special disdain for the Cyberdemon and his ilk is Illidan Stormrage, not only given their association with the Burning Legion and Sargeras, but also because the Tyrants also work as jailors of the souls of the damned, giving Illidan a reminder of his days as a prisoner (You know, when he was imprisoned for TEN THOUSAND YEARS!)
  • In at least one universe, the Cyberdemon had to get his mechanical enhancements after battling BJ Blazkowicz and among other injuries losing an arm and a leg, while promising to go after his descendants. While BJ and the Doom Slayer might not be related anymore, the Cyberdemon is very interested in becoming the harbinger of the Nazi hunter's doom.
  • Surprised when they heard they weren't the only mechanical demonic beings in the Pantheon as some off-their rocker goblin by the name of Dr. Boom was mad enough to turn Lord Jaraxxus into a mechanical demon. The Cyberdemon and the Tyrants seem to respect the Eredar Lord for his power and remain allied to him but could care less about the goblin, going as far as blasting him if he tried to get close to them.
  • The House of Explosives adore these demons and consider them one of coolest deities in the Pantheon (at least the more insane people in that house, not all of them would go as far as to worship a demon). The Cyberdemon whoever doesn't care about them in the slightest.
  • They are willing to ally with non-demonic deities provided they are strong enough to keep their lust for battle in check and Khorne just so happens to adore the mindless carnage and suffering the demons from the DOOM universe constantly endulge in so it was only natural he would draft the Cyberdemon and the Tyrants into his ranks. That only made it easier for the Slayer to add Khorne to the list of deities that he will have to put down eventually and the other space marines that have fought the forces of Chaos are willing to cooperate with him in order to take down this newly formed alliance.
    • Ridley is also another deity they eventually took a liking too, not only because he constantly dies and returns from death but also because he also underwent cybernetic modifications of his own. Although given the demons' chaotic nature, it's not uncommon to see Ridley and the Cyberdemon blast each other from time to time. After hearing this, Samus decided to ally herself with the Doom Slayer even if she considers him a bit of a loose cannon and try to end Ridley and the demonic menace.
  • Can also be found in Cybernetics and Enhancements.

Regigigas, God of Golems (The Colossal Pokémon, The Most Gimped Legendary Ever, Poor Bastard, King of Giants)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The dots on its face
  • Theme Song: Battle! Sinnoh Legendary (Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl version)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Slow Start
  • Gender: Genderless (identified as male)
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Moveset: Crush Grip, Thunder Wave, Zen Headbutt, Fire Punch
  • Portfolio: Awesome, but Impractical, Blessed with Suck, Difficult, but Awesome, Golem, Stone Wall that becomes a Mighty Glacier and then Lightning Bruiser, Moon Logic Puzzle, Normal-type, Olympus Mons, Super Strength
  • Domains: Creation, Power
  • Subordinates: Regice, Regirock and Registeel
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, the Kecleon Brothers, Akagi, Geb, Yuuka Kazami, Potemkin and Iron Tager, The Colossi, Hareta, Dolor
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Hedorah
  • Opposes: Most of the martial-art using deities
  • Ascended to the Pantheon, deposing the previous holder of the Golem title. It was a long, drawn-out battle. And then Slow Start wore off. It was over very quickly from there.
  • Quite a few deities also bring up the... fairly mind-boggling manner of getting him to appear in Hoenn recently. For him to appear, you must bring Regirock, Regice, and Registeel to the Island Cave (Regice's location) with a nicknamed Regice that is holding a Never-Melt Ice, Snowball, or Casteliacone. Quite... odd to say the least. At least in Snowpoint Temple all you needed to do was just bring Regirock, Regice, and Registeel to wake it up.
    • Well, if one looks at what's required to find Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, it makes sense. Clearly, the proverbial "apples" didn't fall far from the tree... Or the people who locked them away were attempting to make it as difficult as possible to release them.
  • Often hangs out with the Kecleon Brothers. Many deities believe it could be because of a Commonality Connection, whereas other, savvy deities know another reason.
    • Turns out those who thought otherwise were right. Regigigas managed to find a way to permanently give itself Protean. Many deities were terrified upon finding out, fearing Regigigas would go on a destructive rampage. As it stands, Regigigas hasn't, and likely won't due to its own docile nature. Just don't piss it off now, it will not end well.
  • It's surprisingly jovial with Yuuka Kazami. They even go on picnics together.
  • Despite rarely ever leaving their temple, the Legendary Titans can sometimes be seen relocated to Regigigas' temple, disguised as statues, guarding him and come to life whenever an evil deity draws near.
  • Wander was once seen entering Regigigas' temple in the hopes of killing it. Things were going well for Wander as it managed to climb up the moss on Regigigas' feet and get onto his back but when Wander found that Regigigas didn't have any runes on it for him to stab to do damage, Regigigas took advantage of his size and grabbed Wander (Something none of the other Colossi thought to do) and threw him out of his temple and back into the House of Ambiguity.
    • Since then, Regigigas has been seen getting along rather well with the other Colossi (Especially the docile ones) that Wander killed while they were mortal.
  • Prince Adam and Regigigas met for the first time when the latter was trying to make landmass arrangements, courtesy of Gaea in the House of Nature. It just so happened that Adam stumbled by, only to feel the earth ruble beneath his feat. He quickly decided to investigate where he found the leader of the Legendary Golems exert much of its power into causing fissures and flipping over pieces of land, so that other animals may find more space or travel more easily. Not one to shy away from heroic acts, Adam quickly changed to He-Man and rushed in to help out. He quickly managed to lift up as many slabs of earth as he could and either rearrange them or place them in different, less obstructive areas to get the job done. The Legendary Pokémon was quickly impressed by He-Man's actions and personally went to greet with him. He-Man declared that now that his work is done and that he's being appreciated, he is welcome to attend and help anytime, hence they decided to formally begin a partnership with one another. As for Gaea, she thinks Prince Adam is a good soul, if not a pretty bombastic one and given that he and Regigigas get along really well, she'll let him be.
  • Was rather amused by hearing how Hareta overcame his own Regigigas' Slow Start but using skill swap with his Misdreavus, and has since shown enough respect for him to be a secondary trainer of the sorts for him, even if he does already have his own Regigigas from another dimension. That warning with the reveal of his Protean is doubled now, as if you piss one off, the other will surely follow suit...

Intermediate Gods

    Indominus Rex & Indoraptor 
Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, Co-Gods of Genetically Built Creatures and Beasts More Intelligent Than They Appear (Indominus: I. Rex, iRex, GMOsaurus Rex, Diabolus Rex, Coke 2, Pussysaurus | Indoraptor: I. Raptor, The Stealth Fighter Jet of Dinosaurs, Ripper)
Left: Indominus. Right: Indoraptor.
  • Intermediate Goddess and God
  • Symbol: The Indominus's Exhibit Symbol (Indominus Rex), A pair of Yellow Lines in a Back Background (Indoraptor)
  • Theme Song: Indominus Rex Suite (Indominus), Indoraptor Suite (Indoraptor)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Hybrids Created with the DNA of Several Dinosaurs and Modern Day Animals, Intelligence Supposedly Higher than Humans, Derranged Sociopathy, Unnaturally Malicious, Dinosaurian Frankenstein, Rather Different from One Another, Go Mad from the Isolation, Having a Large Amount of Teeth, Psycho Prototype, Living Weapon, Strong and Fast, Genius Bruiser
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Genetics, Hostility, Upbringing, Aggression, Cloning
  • High Priest: The Xenomorph Queen
  • Followers: The Nobodies
  • Allies: Spinosaurus, Riptor, Gwangi, Cell, Frankenstein's Monster, Deathwing, Slaanesh, Rau Le Creuset, The Goliath
  • Enemies: Rexie, Owen's Raptor Pack, The Gang of Seven, Dr. Alan Grant, Regina, Mewtwo, Emmet, Peter Quill/Star-Lord, H'annit, Isuzu Sento, The Nostalgia Critic, King Kong, Count Orlok, The Monster Hunters, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Rivals: The Xenomorphs, Deviljho, Glavenus, The Graboids
  • Respected By: Howard and Kreese, Shao Kahn
  • Kept Under Watch By: Albert Wesker, Malekith, Grand United Alliance of Evil, Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Fears: The Liopleurodon, The Meg (Indominus only)
  • Dinosaurs are awesome. After all, this is the primary appeal of Jurassic Park, and later on, Jurassic World. The very idea of seeing animals that have been long gone for millions of years is beyond an exciting prospect. So when audiences eventually start getting bored, what is the solution? To create a brand new dinosaur using the DNA genes of other dinosaurs as a way to boost ticket sales. Hence, the Indominus Rex came into being, marketed as a predator that could rival the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Velociraptor in every way and being biologically enhanced. The results were better than expected... and not for good reasons when the Indominus escaped and wrecked Havok on Jurassic World. Despite the successful efforts of a pack of Raptors, a Tyrannosaur, a Mosasaurus and some of the park's staff members to stop the animal, she had already done enough damage to warrant Jurasic World a complete shutdown.
    • The Indominus's legacy, however, would continue on as InGen was able to collect a sample of its DNA to create a successor of sorts, the Indoraptor. Because of the unstable genetics used in the cloning process, the Indominus was sick and required a blood transfusion from a Velociraptor to live. All of these efforts were for nought; the last surviving raptor, Blue, was given a blood transfusion from a Tyrannosaur, effectively eliminating the cure and the Indominus himself was killed while trying to hunt a group of humans, two of which had combated against the Indominus three years ago.
  • The Indominus had been a Pantheonic resident for quite some time. Some report that she was there since the early years of the House of Beast, though it took her quite some time before she made her presence and reputation known. The Indoraptor, on the other hand, seems to be a more recent entry, at least compared to the Indominus. Tellingly enough, they engage in brutal battles against one another as the two dinosaurs hardly had any social development during their mortal lives, not to mention they were specifically made to be weapons for combat. When most people talk about InGen in the Pantheon, it's usually out of disappointment and shame, a reminder made by the Indominus and Indoraptor.
  • They are easily among the most feared beasts in the Pantheon. Aside from the fact that they're cloned to be weapons, they're surprisingly sociopathic in nature. Many of their hunts are calculated and it's often reported that they kill more than how many corpses are needed to sustain their bodies. The Indominus is more exposed, as it's sometimes seen in open woodland, whereas not much is really known about the Indoraptor, though there are reports of the dinosaur being seen in more enclosed areas and indoor buildings.
  • InGen documents have revealed that there were plans and experimentations for hybrid dinosaurs since the earliest years of the 21st Century. One of the more physical pieces of evidence to suggest this was the Spinosaurus that a rescue team encountered back in 2001. Furthermore, the Spinosaurus was never on InGen's list of cloned dinosaurs. This proved that the Spinosaurus was a prototype for cloned hybrids as the dinosaur was still an actual animal, albeit so thoroughly modified it was almost wholly different from it back in prehistoric times. The Indominus was a more successful product that was to be reduced in size to create biological weapons. The Indoraptor is the end result of that project, a savage killing machine meant to be a powerful force of nature, intended to be used by military forces.
  • While they are normally seen in the House of Beast almost no one likes the two. The Indominus and the Indoraptor make sure to get as many kills as possible and their presence has led to many forms of security protocols to be enacted to keep the fauna safe. Because of the technological advancements that have been made, the House of Beast has struck a deal with the House of Technology to use better equipment to track the two and notify herds of animals from the Indominus and Indoraptor as much as possible.
  • Rexie and the Raptor Pack haven't forgotten about their ordeal with the Indominus one bit, especially given that she was responsible for Charlie's death and directly killed Echo and Delta. While Rexie and the Raptors don't meet up all that often, they'll pack up together when it comes to dealing with the Indominus. The Gang of Seven and Speckles don't like her either, with the former doing the best they could to keep her away from the Great Valley and the latter making sure his family and especially his son aren't harmed.
  • For all of her viciousness, the Indominus makes no attempt to go close to deep watery bodies. She remembers all too well how her mortal coil was shed and she doesn't like to be reminded by it. The very notice of the Liopleurodon and the Meg are simply enough to terrify her into backing away as much as she could from seawater. Because of his lack of experience outside of indoor confines, the Indoraptor is rather fearless towards them, but given his size, he also tends to back away from the Liopleurodon and the Meg.
    • Made even worse by the fact that the Liopleurodon's High Priest is the very same Mosasauus that killed the Indominus. Because of this, she just cannot fathom how strong apex predators of the ocean really are.
  • Regarding humans, Alan Grant really has nothing good to say about them. While he's always remained critical towards InGen for creating what he thinks are "theme park monsters", he firmly believes the company stooped a new low with the creation of the Indominus as a park exhibit and the Indoraptor as a genetically engineered weapon to use in wars. Isuzu Sento initially liked the idea of a dinosaur theme park and doesn't mind many of the cloned dinosaurs, but she vehemently opposes the two for largely the same reasons as Dr Grant and is arming herself with special ammunition to combat them just in case. Similarly enough, Regina has caught notice of this and has already armed herself enough, knowing how to handle dinosaurs given her experience in Ibis Island and Edward City.
  • H'annit also sees the Indominus and Indoraptor as genetic abominations that have to be stopped at all costs. The presence of the two dinosaurs reminds H'annit of a beast that hunted for self-satisfaction and glee, so her reasons are rather personal. And no, she doesn't excuse the beasts's poor living conditions and treatment to be sympathizing factors either.
  • As with all other creatures, Hunter J has made plans to capture the Indominus and the Indoraptor for a massive bounty. Unfortunately for her, she grossly underestimated the power and aggression the two beasts possessed. The Indominus was able to nearly wreak Havok on J's ship and while she did try to remain more cautious about the Indoraptor, she was nearly killed when he snuck into her ship and was only saved by her Drapion and Ariados.
  • While it is undoubtedly a savage and brutal killing machine, the Indoraptor appears to have a very dishevelled and sickly appearance at times, such as small skin peels and even spasms on occasion. This is the result of the dinosaur having a very unstable genetic code that rendered it having a short life. Yes, it could chase down animals for long periods of time, but it's also rather clumsy and reckless, especially compared to the Indominus.
  • While there may be no hope of redemption for the two, it should be noted that the Indominus and Indoraptor became the way they were because they were kept isolated from every other living lifeform, given little to eat and was treated with some form of disrespect by InGen workers. One does have to wonder how the Indominus and Indoraptor would have acted like if they were raised properly.
    • That said, the Indominus killed and ate its sibling upon birth, so there may have been the case that the Indominus (and by extension, the Indoraptor) were always savage killers with little-to-no social approach in the first place. The Siblings Sub-House express disgust and fear abut this information and have urged the House of Family to prevent the Indominus and Indoraptor from ever coming there.
    • Despite this, Rau Le Creuset treats the Indominus and Indoraptor with some degree of sympathy and highlights their existence and personality as proof of humanity's self-destructive nature. More often than not, Rau will often try to see if he can use the two dinosaurs to his advantage. Of course, he can't come close to them without the Indominus and Indoraptor wanting to attack him. Additionally, Rau was also the one who allowed the Indominus and Indoraptor to join the Pantheon.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Destruction are interested in finding and using the Indominus and Indoraptor for their own ends. That said, the dinosaurs's antisocial and territorial nature makes them very difficult to come across. Albert Wesker and Malekith have also considered capturing the two hybrid dinosaurs for their own ends, with Wesker wanting to experiment further upon them and Malekith seeking to improve the might of the Dark Elves with a brand new mount.
    • Their bloodthirsty nature earned the approval of Howard and Kreese, who have expressed a desire to have the Indominus and Indoraptor be featured in their newest iteration of Death Watch. Shao Kahn has also seen the hybrid dinosaurs with savage glee and has thought about having the two be kept as beasts of execution in his Mortal Kombat tournaments. He intends to feed the two any losing combatants in the tourney both as punishment and as amusement.
  • Surprisingly get along well with the Goliath, a similar creature that has genetic engineering as it's source of origin. They're one of the only creatures the Indominus and Indoraptor care to have around their territory and the Goliath is more than happy to reciprocate by fighting alongside the dinosaurs against perceived threats.
  • The Indominus has an enmity against the Nostalgia Critic, of all people, considering that he degraded the beast as "Coke-2" and "Pussysaurus". She's been making several advanced towards the House of Profession in an attempt to devour the critic. The Indoraptor seems ambivalent as to what the Nostalgia Critic thinks about him.
  • While the Indominus is smart, most have claimed that she wouldn't have been able to escape from her exhibit regardless, claiming that some sort of foul play was involved. Given the situation of the Isla Nublar operation in 2018, the Indoraptor and the machinations of InGen to create weaponized dinosaurs, they may have a point about it.

    T-002 Tyrant 
Tyrant Model T-002, God of Bioweapon Creatures (T-002, Tyrant, The Ultimate Lifeform)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His exposed beating Heart
  • Theme Song: Fierce Pursuit and Final Battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Body Horror, Breakout Character, Final Boss, Made of Iron, Mighty Glacier, Super Soldier, Wolverine Claws, Unflinching Walk
  • Domains: Mutants, Infection, Soldiers, Bio-terrorism, Science
  • "Superiors": Ozwell E. Spencer and James Marcus
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Mewtwo, Shadow the Hedgehog, Reiji Arisu and Xiamou
  • Source of Interest for: Albert Wesker
  • Under watch of: The SCP Foundation
  • One of the first developed Tyrants from the Umbrella Corporation, the T-002 was a top secret project in the Arklay Mountains facility in the Spencer Mansion, dubbed as the "Ultimate Lifeform". Having made incredible progress during its mutation, the T-Virus outbreak in the Spencer mansion put a halt to that, until it was awakened by Dr. Albert Wesker, having revealed himself as a traitor to his own S.T.A.R.S. unit and The Mole for Umbrella. Unfortunately, he was shortly killed by the newly awakened Tyrant, who proceeded to chase after the remaining S.T.A.R.S. officers until it was taken down by a rocket launcher. The Tyrant is incredibly resistant to all firearms, even capable of deflecting missiles and barely flinching when hunting down its target and kickstarted the pattern of powerful creatures the protagonist of the Resident Evil franchise would have to deal on a daily beast. That's why it eventually was ascended by Umbrella.
  • It turns out Lord Spencer was behind the Tyrant's ascension, having made contact with an unknown party that broke the Tyrant lose near one of the Houses before it was neutralized. Spencer didn't agree to those terms and now he has lost control over the Tyrant, with his other fierce enemies wanting to acquire the B.O.W. for themselves.
  • While a mindless creature, it seems to have retained a form of recognition for both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, both responsible for eliminating the Tyrant during their scape from the Spencer Mansion. Interestingly, the first thing he did after the ones that brought him into the pantheon lost control over him was go after Chris and Jill. He was swiftly taken care of by the pantheon authorities and put into stasis in a newly assigned temple, or the more aptly containment zone. The place was set by the SCP Foundation, who wanted to study the Tyrant and understand what inspired Umbrella Corp. into creating such an abomination.
  • Ever since his ascension, there have been a fight over his control between the former Umbrella heads. James Marcus wants to study it and understand how the creature was formed with his virus while Spencer wants to use it for his own gains. The two had already pretty good reason to hate each other and this only furthered their emnity for one another. Then came Albert Wesker, he remembers well the last time he faced the Tyrant but he has evolved past that point and become stronger, he now wants to control the Tyrant to do his bidding.
  • When it comes to the Tyrants that succeeded him, he is mostly indifferent towards them. T-103 and the T-Type Nemesis certainly return the same feeling, only caring about their objective but the three Tyrants are smart enough to work together against a common foe. While not as dangerous or intelligent as his successors, the Tyrant is still resilient and pretty clever, plus he is strong enough to deflect rockets (He is trying to get better at that part ever since he was blown up by a Rocket Launcher).
  • Considered "The Ultimate Lifeform" by Umbrella at the time. Mewtwo took offense to that claim, seeing the creature as nothing but a mindless monster slave to humanity, not helping that he used to be human. Shadow too thinks the Tyrant is another disgusting monster not that different from the ones he has faced before and even then, he thinks the Tyrant can't measure up to him anyway.
  • In a rather uncharacteristic display of sympathy, the Magician, another mutant creation, felt pity for the Tyrant. In many ways the creature is like him, a tall mutated humanoid monster with an exposed heart and while the Magician is explicitely more powerful, he has broken out the Tyrant from containment numerous times, which has been a headache for the Foundation.
    • Similarly, SCP-682 took a liking of the T-002 since it believes the Tyrant deep down despises humanity as much as SCP-682 does. While now on somewhat "amicable" terms, the first time they met the Tyrant keep slashing the monsters head, unfortunately 682 just kept regenerating the damage.
  • There were times where the Tyrant showed up and aided Jill in battle. However, given its nature, it's likely that he was never intending to help jim but wanted to attack her and ended up hitting someone else instead, resulting in Jill taking him out with a rocket launcher. The latter part does not amuse the Tyrant.
  • Reiji Arisu and his companion Xiamou sighed at the sight of the T-002. They and others have encountered the Tyrant before and were worried it would go on another rampage. Thankfully, Leon and Chris were there to assist them recapture the Tyrant and re-contain it.
  • Contrary to popular belief, his heart is not a weakpoint. Many believe it's just a form of distraction or just a mutation that didn't have nasty side effects.
  • Can also be found in the Living Weapons house. It's an alternate containtment zone should this one be unavailable.

Lesser Gods

    Frankensteinís Monster 
Frankenstein's Monster, God of Artificial Monsters (The Creature, Adam, Frank, Frankenstein, Fronk-en-steen, Berserker of Black, Fran, Saber, Caliban, John Clare, The Orderly, Dr. Freakenstein, Franky)
  • Lesser God. Intermediate when turned giant or as a Servant.
  • Symbol: A large head with bolts on its neck
  • Theme: This (though for some reason, he also likes "Puttin' on the Ritz")
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil who wished to be True Neutral in his first story but media has portrayed him as Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil. Currently True Neutral in the Pantheon.
  • Portfolio: Artificially Created Monster, Tragic, Tortured Monster, Made of Iron, Slow and Strong (Or Not), Obliviously Evil At First, Uncanny Valley, Hulk Speak, Portrayed More Kind and dumb In Modern Media, Lightning Can Do Anything, Implacable Man
  • Domains: Monsters, Creation, Electricity, Adaptions
  • Followers: Vicky Schmidt
  • High Priestess: Frankie Stein
  • Followers: Lord Rologarth, Sally, Hector, Gloamglozer, Julius
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Larry Talbot/Wolfman
  • Enemies: Baragon, Ragnaros the Firelord, Gregor Clegane, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Ryoma Sengoku, Professor Hojo
  • Opposes: The Belmont Clan and their allies, Mighty Morphiní Power Rangers
  • Opposed by: Victor Frankenstein
  • The famous monster of Victor Frankenstein himself. An attempt to create life by the scientist, the Creature is one of the most popular characters ever conceived and his presence is felt throughout all of fiction. Was given a place in the Pantheon proper so he may roam with his fellow monsters.
  • The Creature does change behavior, manners and even appearance thanks to unaccountable interpretations of him. In the Pantheon proper, he takes the form of his famous 1931 film portrayal as that seems to be the default look most people associate him with.
    • Note that this is Frankensteinís monster, not Frankenstein himself. As the Creature was never given a name proper, most people find it easier to call him by the name of his creator. The Creature... is surprisingly okay with this, initially being hostile to the idea but had gotten used the name over the years. Though he is still listed as The Creature and hilariously already has an official name which is Adam. To avoid confusion and to stop calling it ďthe CreatureĒ, weíll be referring him to as Frank.
  • Isnít going on a rampage anytime soon. While Frank likes to hang out with his fellow monsters and cause some occasional chaos, even he knows humans just want to live in peace and that doing that would just have people worsen their opinions of them. It helps that Frank has gained a whole lot of more sympathy over the years and that this is his way to give back in a sense.
  • No, Frank wonít come after his creator any longer, having respect for the man despite the whole abandonment deal between each other. Though Frank is trying his best to keep out of the manís way because heís still understandable upset that his creation killed his entire family. At least Victor doesnít have the energy to start a riot over him.
  • Still awaits for his bride to ascend. Apparently they even had a daughter at some point, which is what Frankenstein sire feared. No, they want to live in peace, not go for world domination as his creator believes will happen.
  • There seems to be bit of an argument if Berserker of Black really is The Creature. Some speculate that she is actually based on the bride what Victor was meant to built for the Creature before he destroyed her. Victor doesnít take a Servant in the Pantheon though keeps a friendship with Moriarty who is friends with Berserker of Black. Moriarty acts like the father Frankenstein could have become to him.
    • Speaking of which, Frankenstein became friends with the Saber of Red, Mordred as she had befriended Frankenstein during the London Singularity. Mordred hopes that could make up for them being in conflict with each other during the Great Holy Grail War, to which Frank canít remember either of.
  • One of his friendlier incarnations is the one where heís friends with Dracula who runs a hotel and is groupies with other famous monsters of the West. In this mode, Frank would rather scare others instead of harming them and enjoys the conveniences of modern advancements. Just donít let him dive in to a pool though.
  • Speaking of Dracula, there is that time Frank was employed by the real Lord of Vampires himself to be a protector of Castlevania. Frank had gained the ability to shoot lightning bolts by Dracula and was eventually fitted to have a freaking gatling gun and a rocket launcher on his arms. His presence there is kind of strange, as it predates before his creation or even the discovery of electricity. Isnít friendly with the Belmonts or their allies as they blew him up multiple times.
  • Dr. Viktor went to Frank, thinking he was a fellow Transylian. Viktor was disappointed Frank wasnít but offered to extend a hand of friendship towards the manmade monster. This was out of interest rather than genuinely wanting to befriend him but Frank was just happy a fellow person like him roamed around. It is a bit strange and ironic that the Transylian shares the name of his creator. Viktor has promised to have Frank one day see his planet for himself if he would want to live there wit others like him.
  • His heart was recovered by Nazis, brought to Japan, bombed by the nuclear bomb used on Hiroshima, which then mutated into a small boy that later grew giant-sizes. We wish we could make this up. As a result, Frank gained a rather incredible regeneration ability and the ability to grow in size, which he used against the Mighty Morphiní Power Rangers when they fought.
  • For some inexplicable reason, Frankenstein has beef with Baragon. It might have to do with Frankís monster form causing a mess to Baragonís tunnels and the two confronting each other over it.
  • Absolute hates fire, so it comes to no surprise that Frank has a rather massive amount of hatred towards Ragnaros who seems to set something ablaze on a daily basis. Frank wants to squish the guy in his giant form but knows he might get a burning foot.
  • Has nothing but pity for Bunny who was persecuted wrongly much like himself for being an imperfect creation. Frank also pities Silvanny as well for being a creature made to serve humans though was happy that Silvanny is not mistreated despite being an artificial creature.
  • Wasnít particularly joyous to see Larry Talbot, who he fought at one point. Since then, the two donít want to bother each other but when they do see one another (in Talbotís werewolf form), prepare a boxing ring because theyíll duke it out mono-on-mono.
  • Despite doing a variety of nefarious deeds, even Frank was appalled by the sheer evilness that is Gregor Clegane. Being a giant brutish warrior, even if Gregor didnít return as a zombie who acts quite similar to himself, Frank sees the Clegane as a good example how humans can be more horrible than the monsters they are hunting.
  • Frank is rather unsettled by the transvestite Transylvanian known as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The transsexual reminds him too much of the more insane aspects of his creator, given a flair of sexual perversion to stand out from the rest of Frankensteinís followers. It doesnít help that the doctor tried sleeping with Frank by pretending to be his bride.
  • Learned he has fans in Metallica and Megadeth, as Dave Mustaine dressed as Frank once and Kik Hammett gave him a guitar adorned by his face. Frank somehow knew how to play when he got it, to his surprise.

    Olaf (Frozen
Olaf, God of Snowlems (Elemental of Heart and Hearth)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His goofy face
  • Theme Song: "In Summer"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Living Snowmen, connections to a person's past, Warm Hugs, devotion to those he cares about, Black Comedy, Love, surprising importance, impossible dreams which came true
  • Domains: Comedy, Love, Winter, Summer, Guidance, Theater
  • Heralds: Marshmallow and the Snowgies
  • Allies: Queen Elsa, Queen Anna, Aladdin, Belle and Adam, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Merida, Jar-Jar Binks, Rapunzel, Olaf of the Lost Vikings, Regice, SCP-999, Frosty the Snowman
  • Enemies: The House of Hatred and Rancor despises him for being the representation of two sisters' love and for not having a mean bone in his body. Also, Larxene, Prince Hans, Penelope Mouse.
  • Jack Frost (the other one), the previous holder of this house was about to go on another killing spree, when suddenly, Elsa stormed into his house. Outraged at his acting in such a detestable way, she literally unmade him, and set up her "child" Olaf as the new god of this place.
  • Olaf technically is an extremely weak god, and couldn't hold his own in a fight if his life depended on it. However, as he was created by magic, and has perfect immortality so long as he stays cold, he's a lesser god as well.
  • As Olaf cannot defend his temple on his own, Elsa also brought up his "little" brother Marshmallow as a guardian of his temple. The one problem with this is that sometimes Marshmallow can be a bit protective of his brother, and can throw people out without warrant. His more literally little siblings, the Snowgies, also eventually came to live in his temple. They're often sighted at birthday parties causing mischief and trying to steal cake.
  • While Olaf is naturally humble, friendly and cheery, he does have a protective streak of both Anna and his "mom" Elsa. Also, the House of Theater proudly placed on one of his shrines that without this little guy's help, Prince Hans' evil plots would've succeeded.
  • Elsa also brought Olaf's personal flurry up with him so that he could experience the summers of the pantheon without fear of melting.
  • Olaf loves spending time with Jar Jar Binks, in part because they both fulfill similar roles. While Olaf is sad that Jar Jar wasn't well loved at first, he gave a little Squee when Jar Jar asked Olaf if he wanted to go on adventures with him now that they're together.
  • There was a bit of a debate over whether Frosty the snowman should take over the spot as he'd been around for far longer than Olaf. However, The Judge decreed that Frosty was typically only thought of during winter or Christmas, whereas Olaf is "another character for the ages". They did keep Frosty on as high priest though.
  • He is not to be confused with a certain viking Berserker with the same name. Though that didn't stop people for waiting for this Olaf to yell out BROMACIA!!!
    • Also not to be confused with one of the Lost Vikings, who happens to be considered to be this Olaf's friend, because the combination of his fat and his stout heart makes him capable of doing warm hugs, even if that Olaf is a little bit too scatterbrained.
    • And ALSO not to be confused with one of Blue Moon's COs, though they get along well, and the COs soldiers and vehicles occasionally use the snowman's temple as a staging ground for drills. There's even been talks about some of them being stationed there permanently to help the snowman defend his holdings.
  • When he heard that there's also Sven in the Pantheon, Olaf was actually overjoyed and tried to pay a visit... only to realize that this is a different Sven. Even if this Sven was currently wearing some deer stag because someone else asked him to cosplay. Olaf certainly admires this Sven's manliness, though.

    Sophie (Tales of Graces
Sophie, Goddess of Artificial Humans (Protos Heis, Sophie Lhant, Tiger Festival)