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The House of Leadership is a small house, but it is one of the most important of them all. Leadership is the quality of being able to take control of forces and let them follow through tough times. The deities here may not have the sheer power or money as other Gods have, but their charisma and ability to take charge is what makes them some of the deadliest.

Ever since the Court ruled it as such, the Grand United Alliance Faction Leaders (Cosmos, Melkor, YHVH and Lucifer) are no longer part of this House, but still retain honorary membership.


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The Uniters

Darkseid, God of Dystopias That Justify the Means (Uxas, God of Tyranny/Evil, Dread Lord of Apokolips, Lord of the Omega Effect, Master of Darkness, Dark God, Boss Dark Side, Doug Side, Blackheart the Deatheater)
Darkseid in Justice League Odyssey 
  • Overdeity (also rules over the New Gods of Apokolips), though his avatars may vary in Rank (Usually at least Greater God)
  • Symbol: The Omega Symbol
  • Theme Song: Off to Rescue Superman/Darkseid Battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil personified
  • Portfolio: Omega Beams Which Never Miss because they can Lock-on to Targets and Bend Around Obstacles, The Omega Sanction, Anthropomorphic Personification of Tyranny, Abusive Parents, ArchEnemy of the New Gods of Genesis (Especially his Son,), and the Entire DC Universe, Genius Bruiser, The Dreaded God of Gods, Evil Overlord of Apokolips, Ax-Crazy Unstoppable Rage tempered by Enormous Self-Control, The Chessmaster, Loves Sitting In Others' Chairs
  • Domains: Evil, Tyranny, Anti-Life, Dystopia, Gods, Enslavement
  • Heralds: The non-ascended denizens of Apokolips, including Steppenwolf (his uncle), Grail (his daughter), his Female Furies and Parademons
  • High Priest: Nicodemus Archleone
  • Allies: Sauron, Big Brother, The Anti-Spiral, O'Brien, Shao Kahn, Mileena, Sindel, Cooler, Esdeath, The Shredder, Fortinbras, Vandal Savage, Apocalypse, Norman Osborn, Alduin, AM, Lord Recluse, Vanitas, Evil-aligned rich deities in the House of Commerce
  • Working Relationship With: YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Friendly Rival: Molag Bal, Diablo, Ultraman Belial
  • Rivals: Thanos, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Griffith, The Godhand, Oryx, Charles zi Britannia, Angra Mainyu (One-Sided on Angra's part), Vilgax
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lex Luthor, The Joker, Skeletor, Archaon the Everchosen
  • Enemies: NEARLY EVERYONE, especially the Heroes in DC Comics.
  • Odd Friendship: Galactus
  • Opposes: Every Deity with free will in the Pantheon, the House of Music, Cosmos, Melkor, Lucifer, Aku, Time-Related sub-houses in the House of Time and Space, Happiness (Especially Joy and Pollyanna Whittier), the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Interested in: The Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Opposed by: Deities associated with mythological pantheons (Most notably those of Greek origin)
  • Pities: the House of Opposing Fate
  • Amused by: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Annoyed By: Santa Claus
  • After becoming aware of the Pantheon, Darkseid met with Miraak (who, of course, arrived at his temple to find him sitting on his couch) to make a deal to get himself into the Pantheon in exchange for the chance to experience unimaginable power. Believing that this power would give him the strength necessary to take over the GUAE, Miraak quickly accepted and got him ascended. When he went to get what he was promised, Darkseid merely grinned, thanked him for his effort, and used his Omega Beams to disintegrate him.
  • Born the youngest son of the God of Evil, Yuga Khan, and his wife, Heggra, Uxas abhorred the Old Gods, who required belief and worship of mortals to sustain themselves and yet cared little, if anything, for their followers. Aspiring to usurp them, Uxas provoked them into fighting amongst themselves by spreading falsehoods and rumors to them and, when they were weakened and dying in the ensuing conflict, stole their powers away, eventually killing his father and stealing his power as well. After a fight with his older brother Izaya ended up destroying their world and splitting it in two, Uxas established himself as the ruler of his half, Apokolips, as the New God of Tyranny... Darkseid!
    • As the God of Tyranny, Darkseid is obsessed with gaining control of everything and everyone, whether by breaking them... or other means. YHVH and Melkor have both expressed interest in recruiting him into the GUAL and GUAE, respectively, but Darkseid would only agree to join if they stepped down and deferred leadership to him. Needless to say, that's not happening. From Apokolips, he plots to eventually depose them and consolidate their Alliances into a part of his empire to take over the other Alliances, starting with the GUAC, which he loathes as the antithesis of his very existence, and, in time, the rest of the Pantheon. Such is the will of Darkseid!
  • As a New God, Darkseid's incorporeal true form lies outside of the multiverse, existing only in Fourth World. He creates weaker physical incarnations of himself to interact with beings beneath him. This means that, unlike the majority of deities, Darkseid's memory is completely unaffected by retcons, both small and large. As such he possesses knowledge of every iteration of the DC Universe since its beginning, and as such every iteration of the DC Multiverse. It's unsure what, if anything, he's planning with this information.
    • Darkseid reaffirmed his place as a Multiversal threat in the New 52, with one documented story of his war on Earth-2 revealing he is in possession of the Anti-Life Equation, having retained it from Final Crisis, and another revealing he had been systematically slaying the Supermen of the Multiverse for unknown purpose, even making a clone of one of them to lead his armies on Earth-2 in place of the defiant Steppenwolf. He is now powerful to the extent that the Anti-Monitor had to build up strength for the expressed purpose of fighting him. The possession of the Anti-Life Equation has allowed Darkseid to claim a seat for himself in the Main House, which puts him within striking distance of the Anti-Monitor, who he's been itching to have a rematch with. His move to the Main House was both because he came to earn the position, and in order for the powerful deities there to keep his power in check. This does not make anyone more comfortable.
    • What's even worse, he has allied with Shao Kahn in a certain universe and both have the ability to perform a Fusion Dance which results in... Dark Kahn.
  • Many deities have wondered about the true nature of the Anti-Life Equation. The Anti-Life Equation is, among other things, a mathematical formula that instills within any sentient being that hears it with the mathematical truth that all hope and freedom is meaningless, and strips them of their free will, rendering them subservient to Darkseid. This power is known as "Anti-Life" due to the belief that beings that possess no free will... aren't really alive. Darkseid has used this power to corrupt the minds of a number of deities in the various Grand Alliances to act as moles for him, though they've been instructed to otherwise act normally. He has refused to comment on exactly how many he has enslaved in this way or their exact identities. YHVH, whose ultimate goal is a world where no one is capable of doing unlawful and has gone to insane lengths in pursuit of this goal, is insanely jealous that Darkseid, a God of similar power and motivations to Himself, possesses something of this nature, and has made it a high priority objective to learn the full equation... not an easy task, as Darkseid knows full well.
  • Since draining the powers of and killing Zeus (and a number of his demigod children), with the help of his daughter, the Apokoliptian-Amazonian hybrid known as Grail, to return to his original self after being turned into a baby , gods who are members of various mythological pantheons and those related to those gods (particularly if they're Greek) are not fond of Darkseid. Wonder Woman and Hercules (who was one of the aforementioned demigods killed by Grail), in particular, have sworn vengeance on him for that act. His ability to drain and absorb the power of other gods makes him a massive threat to every single deity in the Pantheon, possibly even more so than he was outside of the Pantheon. However, when against beings lesser than himself, he prefers to force them into serving him, if possible, rather than kill them.
  • He has a few plans for changing some of the Houses and sub-houses after he takes over the Pantheon. All the time-related sub-houses of Time and Space and the House of Music would have to go, as Darkseid doesn't like how many things can go wrong with Time Travel, and he doesn't like being reminded of that time when he was defeated by Superman singing. Then the Happiness sub-house in Emotion (with special care to kill Joy and Pollyanna) to get rid of all happiness in the Pantheon. Heroes, of course, don't want to forget that one, for obvious reasons. To most people's surprise, he expects to keep the House of Opposing Fate around despite his hatred of it, as he considers free will to be a terrible thing and can't understand why anyone would want to live with it, so he sometimes likes to use it as a form of punishment.
  • His willingness to use any method to gain control of everyone and everything has gotten him supporters in Big Brother and Molag Bal. His goal of Dystopia perfectly aligns with Big Brother's, and as Darkseid's ally, Big Brother uses his propaganda in a similar manner as Darkseid's servant, Glorious Godfrey, convincing deities to turn against their Alliances and spreading distrust and despair throughout the Pantheon. Darkseid considers Molag Bal to be similar to his Master Torturer, Desaad, except more ambitious and competent, which is quite the compliment from someone like Darkseidnote . To wit, Molag Bal finds himself quite at home in Apokolips, and Darkseid in turn finds Molag Bal's realm of Coldharbour to be a very wonderful place. Although they acknowledge that fulfilling their ambitions will eventually lead to them fighting for dominance, and have prepared for the day that comes, they enjoy working together for the time being.
    • Captain America, much like Darkseid's adopted son, Mister Miracle, champions the fight for freedom and liberty that America represents, making him a natural enemy to the evil god whose tyrannous nature makes him the literal antithesis of all that Captain America fights for.
  • Has been known to manifest himself in the House of Commerce as "Boss Dark Side", the owner and operator of his personal club, the Dark Side Club, which appeals to the richest (and most morally corrupt) deities in the Pantheon, offering the opportunity to gamble on fights between different deities, who he pits against each other by temporarily warping their minds with the Anti-Life Equation. If two deities have battled each other outside Wiz and Boomstick's simulations, odds are good they're matches set up in the Dark Side Club.
  • Despite the reputation Deadpool seems to have with most villains, Darkseid seems to not mind him much and can tolerate much of what the Merc with the Mouth has to say. Perhaps this is because Deadpool reminds Darkseid of Ambush Bug, someone who, like Deadpool, also breaks the fourth wall and is someone Darkseid openly has fun spending time with.
  • Views Galactus as a worthy opponent, as the Devourer of Worlds is one of the few who can tank his Omega Beams (though he insists he was just getting warmed up). Apokolips has no life force for Galactus to feed on, so it holds no value to him. Darkseid has attempted to convince Galactus to aid him in taking over the Pantheon, but so far Galactus isn't terribly interested. His curiosity was piqued when Darkseid told him of New Genesis, which did present a very appetizing prospect. Highfather and the other New Gods on New Genesis did not appreciate the trouble that brought.
  • Finds Santa Claus incredibly annoying, because he somehow manages to break through his defenses on Apokolips for the sole purpose of giving him coal every single year on Christmas. Of course, the reason Santa Claus does this is because Darkseid is at the very top of his naughty list, and still is, even compared to the rest of the Pantheon, so Santa is obviously not too fond of him either.
  • Bowser doesn't get along with Darkseid. While the two are rulers with incredible power and a massive fear factor backing them up, Bowser dearly loves his son and is openly and genuinely respected by his troops and supporters. In stark contrast, Darkseid despises his sons, Orion, Kalibak, and his adopted son, Scott Free AKA Mister Miracle, and has no problem killing them while also subjugating his followers using terror to force them to revere him.
    • As much as he hates his sons, he does have a strange caring for his oldest son, Kalibak, which is more fueled by the memory of his mother, Darkseid's first and only love. For this reason, he hates High Councilor Kal-El for killing Kalibak almost as much as he hates the High Councilor's mainstream counterpart.
    • Speaking of abusive fathers, Darkseid's is not exactly a nice guy. As mentioned above, although he is often referred to as the God of Evil and he does live up to that title very well, Darkseid is not actually the God of Evil, but of Tyranny. His father, Yuga Khan, is the actual God of Evil and, true to form, Yuga Khan is much, much worse than Darkseid is, both as a father (which is really saying something) and an individual (Yuga Khan, despite not being a Pantheonic deity, may technically be in the Pantheon, as he’s perpetually stuck to the Source Wall). Darkseid hates his father with a passion, and this hatred justifiably extends to those that remind him of him, such as the Pantheon's God of Evil, Melkor, and Aku, the being made of evil.
  • The alliance long planned by Darkseid has now become a reality. The Harbingers of Repression has members from other alliances like the GUAE, GUAL, GUAC and GUAD. This sudden shake-up has many Alliance leaders worried about the dual membership and some have even considered brief truces with Darkseid so they can keep an eye on him and hopefully keep his rising role in the Alliance war minor. However, Darkseid only considers brief team-ups if the proposal acknowledges him as the superior being.
    • Had a chance encounter with Sauron who felt dissatisfied with his position in the GUAE and Melkor favouring Lord Voldemort over him in leading position on the GUAE Malum Magia. Darkseid decided to convince Sauron to quit the GUAE and to enlist him as a chief enforcer and a personal right-hand man, both to bolster his forces and as a way to spite Melkor.
    • Shortly thereafter, Darkseid crossed paths with Archaon the Everchosen, who at first wanted nothing to do with him. Darkseid managed to catch Archaon's attention by mentioning the Chaos Gods and how every alliance opposed him, given his reputation and him destroying his own world, which stunned Archaon. Darkseid offered an arrangement in which he would supply Archaon with resources to rebel against the Chaos Gods as long as he commited his service and the loyalty of the Everchosen to Darkseid, which would give the Lord of Apokolips a substantial legion of Daemons to add to his forces. Archaon agreed, albeit hesitantly, and has taken the role of Darkseid's ace.
    • Impressed with AM and his nightmarish approach to torturing its opposes. Darkseid feels as if AM is the perfect replacement for Desaad, viewing the former as more competent in its speciality. AM also likes Darkseid for his approach in instilling fear and hopelessness towards others. However, AM also has ties with Melkor, something which Darkseid wishes to abolish in hopes of having AM on its side.
  • As the God of Tyranny, Darkseid has made foes with those who promote hope, but the one he has special enmity towards is Madoka Kaname, whose actions regarding redemption, love and peace disgust and anger Darkseid to no end. Despite knowing the pact that Madoka and her quintet make holds consequences, Darkseid isn't too keen on the Incubators either, seeing them as counterproductive beings whose wishes can be used against them. The Lord of Apokolips has vowed to either brutally kill Madoka or imprison her in the Omega Sanction as a means to spread helplessness and terror towards his opponents.
  • Angra Mainyu upon ascending into the Pantheon, declared many of the residing Evil Gods a rival, Darkseid included. However, Darkseid not only ignores it, but considers Angra Mainyu to be someone who is highly incompetent and pathetic for someone to champion himself as a God of Evil. Angra Mainyu wishes to have Darkseid acknowledge him, to no avail as Darkseid backs up his villainous credibility with numerous feats and for instilling fear and terror towards his oppressors, all of which Angra Mainyu lacks.
  • Zamasu outright loathes Darkseid with a passion, seeing him as a perversion of the concept of Gods and finds the very concept of an "Evil God" to be blasphemous and twisted. Darkseid on the other hand, finds Zamasu to be a joke in his belief and goals, outright stating him to be no different from the races he wishes to destroy. The very fact that Zamasu champions himself as a "well-intentioned" and righteous bringer of Justice only causes Darkseid to further underscore what a deluded, hopeless figure he really is. He knows full well it infuriates Zamasu, and he enjoys it.
See what I have made! Imagine what is yet to come! I take away their confusion and give them obedience. I take away their fear of themselves and give them fear of Darkseid. I have liberated them from the chaos and indecision! I have given one straight path! One clear purpose! One goal: To die for Darkseid!

    King Dedede 
King Dedede, God of Unofficial Rulers (The King of Dream Land, Self-Made King, His Royal Nemesis, King Erasmus Dedede III, D the Third)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A circle with his hand doing a peace sign. Alternatively, his star hammer.
  • Theme: King Dedede's Theme, Masked Dedede (with Mask of Power equipped)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, though he can have both good and evil tendencies
  • Portfolio: Penguin (maybe?), Fat and lazy, Unofficial King, Big Fun, Wields a large hammer, Big Eater, Friendly recurring bad guy, False Final Bosses (sometimes), Respecting mooks and being respected back, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Capable of raising his power through the use of a steel mask, Having the best interest of Dream Land in mind but through questionable means
  • Domains: Leadership (unofficially labelled), Hammers, Penguins (WMG)
  • Followers: His loyal army of Waddle Dees and other assorted mooks. Also, The King of Town and Captain McAllister
  • Allies: Meta Knight, The Gourmet Racer Club composed of fellow big eaters (Pac-Man, Toriko, Goku, Luffy, Murray, Index, Shaggy, Scooby-Doo), Wreck-It Ralph, Vita, Guy Shishioh, Maximus, Vi
  • Rival: Kirby, Wario
  • Enemies: Zero (Not that one or that one), Jabba the Hutt, Jinx
  • Opposed by: Tabuu, Queen Sectonia, the Penguins of Madagascar
  • With a loud fanfare and a parade of Waddle Dees, King Dedede was carried towards the Pantheon on a palanquin held by two of his Waddle Dee subjects. Demanding his right as King and Ruler of Dreamland to be allowed into the Pantheon and take his seat in the House of Royalty, Dedede was led before the Court of Gods. His ego, however, was burst when the Judge reviewed his case and proclaimed that he was never officially given the authority to rule over Dreamland and therefore not allowed into the House of Royalty. Adding insult to injury, the Judge instead led him to the House of Leadership as the God of Unofficial Rulers.
    • Even there, the "King" likes to show-off his authority with his temple (or palace, as he prefers to call it) being the fanciest of them all. Most of the other deities there don't pay him attention or humor him just to leave them alone.
  • Even though he was a villain the first time he fought Kirby, their enmity has mellowed over the years. Dedede even hugged the little puffball where he came running over to greet him. However, he applied a little pressure to make it a bear hug and he gave a sly smirk. Some things never change.
  • On his arrival, Kirby and Dedede initiated one of their favorite activities that same day: the Gourmet Race. However, word of the free-for-all eating race reached some well-known big eater deities and they crashed the race. The Dreamlanders didn't feel upset and even enjoyed the extra competition. In the end, it was a three-way tie between Kirby, Pac-Man and Goku for first place, Toriko and Luffy together for second, and Dedede in third place. The King didn't feel too bad about his loss as other entries like Murray, Index, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo had yet to even reach the finish line.
    • Having met many who share the same passion of eating such as he, he set aside a special table within the House of Food for his "Gourmet Racer Club" composed of all the racers who attended the first Pantheon Gourmet Race. Chairman Kaga and his apprentices appreciate this since it allows them to be in one place for a continous buffet and leave enough food for the other gods.
      • Due to the rich amount of food available, however, many have tried to bribe their way to this special table, only to be rejected or pushed away by the Waddle Dees blocking access. Jabba the Hutt tried to muscle in only to be kicked out after displaying his legendary dining etiquette. Furious, the slug is plotting to take over the club table for himself.
  • Dedede and Wreck-It Ralph really hit it off and he was even invited to a Bad-Guy Anon meeting where he received a standing ovation to what it means to be a video game villain. Even though they are friends, Ralph doesn't allow the King to visit Sugar Rush on account that his appetite will get the better of him and he has little self-control, compared to Kirby.
  • Having a penguin appearance, Skipper and his men tried to take over his position for some reason. The King responded with one mighty swing of his hammer that sent them flying.
  • Some gods are confused on how to pronounce his name.Some of the Comic Book and Western-based deities pronounce it "Dee-dee-dee", whereas the Anime and Eastern-based gods prefer "Day-Day-Day". The King himself simply shrugs.
  • Whenever Dedede feels exceptionally lazy, he sends a squad of Waddle Dees to run errands for him within the Pantheon. Harming them, though, is not a good idea as Dedede himself is exceptionally protective of them. Then again, he wouldn't hesitate to launch a few of them at his foes or smack a few of them around when they displease him.
    • One day when Dedede sent a squad of Waddle-Dees to deliver some letters for his club members, Jinx saw them and decided to use them for target practice. The second the first bomb hit a Waddle-Dee, the King instantly arrived with a mighty Dedede Jump and went berserk on the Loose Cannon. Only with the arrival of Vi and several members of the nearby Combat Dojo was the fight broken up. Dedede, however, made sure she hasn't seen the last of him. "You can't be mean to my Waddle-Dees! Only I can be mean to my Waddle-Dees!"
  • Tabuu LOATHES the king since it is because of the king's special badges that revived him, Luigi and Ness from permanent statue-fication, rescuing the other Smashers in what was known as "The Subspace Emissary". The king's response to seeing Tabuu? Firing up his mask and jet hammer, along with a Smash Ball, and proceeded to wail on him.
  • Has a somewhat of a bad habit of being a subject of Demonic Possession. This annoys him a bit as not only is it annoying when it happens, but also because there are many who cannot take him seriously when good potion of his fights against Kirby were against his own will.
  • Has tried using a battle axe instead of a hammer after it turned out he was far more threatening with it, but that seemed to be because of yet another case of Demonic Possession. He's since gone back to using the hammer, finding it far more comfortable. Time will tell if he actually decides to train with it.
  • Big Bull has been seen conversing with King Dedede, impressed with his jet hammer. They've agreed to have a jet hammer duel in the near future.
  • Some gods are even surprised to hear that Dedede can occasionally speak actual dialogue.
  • While Dedede has always had some amount of Stout Strength in order to wield his mallet, he can apparently put on a staggering amount of bulk if he chooses to.
  • As Wiz and Boomstick proved when they pit Dedede against Wario, Dedede is actually a lot more dangerous than most people give him credit for. Like Kirby his rank of Intermediate god doesn't really do justice to just how strong and how durable the greedy king is. Consider in a vortex all the feats of durability, speed, and power that Kirby can show off and then consider that Dedede can keep an even pace with Kirby in all circumstances, and you start to get a good idea of just how dangerous Dedede is... which is thankfully reigned in by how lazy he is.

    Theodore Roosevelt 
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt Jr., God of Badass Presidents (The Bull Moose)

Ambiguous Rank

ADVENT, Divine Army of Planetary Dominance

Alternative Title(s): Leadership Demigods And Quasideities, Leadership Greater Gods, Leadership Lesser Gods, Leadership Intermediate Gods


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