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Food and Drink

As one would expect, the House of Food is a massive dining hall connected to one gigantic kitchen, filled with every tool, appliance, and ingredient one can think of. Only the best culinary experts can step foot on the hallowed ground of this kitchen, and should they ever gain that honor, they will find themselves at the forefront of creating new foods, recipes, and if they're lucky, entire cuisines of their own design. They are also responsible for feeding the rest of the Pantheon, and because deities have to eat too, the cooks of the House of Food enjoy an unofficial immunity from harm by other deities. When a god breaks that immunity, they come under a lot of fire and are banished from this House, forced to subsist on bread crusts and whatever their mortal followers will sacrifice for them.


There are other, lesser kitchens, but they are all subservient to this one. A god trying to curry favor with the house has to spend a lot of time washing the many, many dishes. Rumour has it that one of them serves a bar solely for bad guys. Though its existence has been confirmed, no one but villains/members of the GUAE know where it is, but the good guys know it's somewhere in the House.

There are only two food items of which these gods — even the hungriest and most gluttonous among them — are wary. The first is the dreaded "Delicious Fruit". Despite its easy-sounding preparation method (boiling it thrice) the Fruit is an item of great lethality and deadliness to those unable to handle it properly. The second is "Mystery Food X", which despite having been sealed away in the vaults, still appears from time to time to tempt unaware gods. Of course, this makes them a popular subject of Self Imposed Challenges.


While most of the tables are welcome for anyone, there is a special secret table reserved only for a specific group of gods known as the "Gourmet Racer Club". Admittance to this table is assessed by King Dedede, who decides who gets to sit with him. Most of the members come from the First Pantheon Gourmet Race he and Kirby set up on his arrival, but the King makes special consideration to anyone who curry favors with him. Those blessed enough to sit at the table tell tales of food wonders and quantities that Head Chef Kaga and his followers prepare just for them. Thor himself has stated the banquets served there would make Valhalla's own feasts look like mere appetizers. Most gods prepare themselves for whenever the next Gourmet Race will take place to earn a seat at the table.

Also while a Food Fight isn't uncommon in this house, the likes of Teams RWBY and JNPR are the only ones who are heavily restricted to food items no bigger than a potato due to the fact that they have used other food items to mimic their weapons and because the last time they participated in one (though Boomstick has apparently been in greater ones than theirs), they caused the House of Food to explode.

For the record, Hat Kid is not allowed to use any sort of cooking appliance here, as the last time she did, she decided to punish Mystery Food X by microwaving it, which just caused the microwave to malfunction and explode. While she does have regrets and apologizes for this incident, she is denied in preparing any food.

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The Grand Chef Trio

The Guards of the House of Food

    Gordon Ramsay 
"Delicious. Finally, a good *bleeping* profile. Serve it, please!"

Gordon Ramsay, God of Angry Chefs
  • Demigod, but more than capable of throwing Greater Gods out of his House if they anger him.
  • Symbol: A pitchfork flanked by the letters H and K, a Michelin Star, and/or a meat cleaver
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Lawful with his care of the food safety and kitchen health, absolutely apeshit Chaotic when it doesn't follow his standards)
  • Portfolio: Angry Chef, Jerkass Has a Point, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Laser-Guided Karma, Serious Business, The Mean Brit, Dropping all kinds of F Bombs, Expects others' cooking to ALWAYS be good
  • Domains: Cooking, Anger, Fire
  • Followers: The staff of Baratie, Chef Louis, Gene Jenkinson, Chef Vlad, Yev Kaseem/The Soup Nazi
  • Allies: All good-aligned Food and some Commerce deities, The Nostalgia Critic, The Angry Video Game Nerd, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Maes Hughes, Gamera, Benson Dunwood
  • Enemies: Anyone serving bad food like The Mafia of Cooks, Starjun, some evil-aligned Consumption deities, Sheldon J. Plankton, Asroc
  • Opposes: The very existence of the Flesh Eaters sub-house, Kurei, Donkey Kong, The Investigation Team
  • Disappointed by: Tomoe Gozen
  • For the longest time, Gordon Ramsay has been around the Trope Pantheons ever since the House of Food was first established as the God of Perfectionist Cooking. One day, he took a good look at his then title and found that it's kind of non-indicative; sure, he expects a lot out of other chefs but all he wanted for them is to be the best they can be. He decided to rectify this by bringing his case to the Court of the Gods.
    • The Judges decided to give him a fitting trope: Angry Chef. Why? He infamously loses it in Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares quite often, which add to his already existing fame. Mr. Ramsay found it fitting for him and accepted said trope, becoming one of the heads of the House of Food once again.
  • The House of Food has been a lot louder since his ascension and reascension. He still keeps his tone very civil and tranquil around customers and children. Nevertheless, many chefs there look up to Ramsay, valuing his knowledge and work ethic. He also has several allies in the House of Commerce due to his business savvy and well-known cooking empire.
    • He is also responsible for enforcing a code of cleanliness in the kitchen. Anyone that allows their cooking station to go uncleaned for any longer than the standard dinner service gets his full fury.
  • He has declared that anyone who even thinks of serving raw food should be thrown out of the kitchen (and has done it several times already). Upon his ascension, he realized that some Gods prefer raw food and has modified his menu to reflect this, but anyone who attempts to serve raw food to customers that didn't order it gets a tirade of expletives at a minimum.
    • Obviously enough, badly-skilled cooks grinds his gears so much so he opposed the Mafia of Cooks and Plankton for making food so bad it drove away customers. They both are trying to find a way to get their food onto the main menu though chances are that won't be happening under his watch. Starjun seeks to take over the House of Food for himself, but Ramsay makes sure he stays in his assigned post and nothing beyond that. There are some evil-aligned sub-house of Consumption deities Ramsay had a bad footing with and he greatly opposed the very idea of the sub-house of Flesh Eaters; calling it, "an unfathomable and horrid mess that I refuse to ever set foot," though he admits a few deities there are not all bad.
    • He calls Chie, Yukiko, and Rise "very big disappointments" when it comes to Mystery Food X which he personally calls, "a pile of donkey *bleep* that makes raw meat look delicious". They did try to improve under his guidance but so far minimal progress has been made, much to his chagrin.
      Ramsay: How the *bleep* can you let this slip by, huh?
      Naoto: I don't know! It's a miracle that I'm still friends with them.
    • He considers Tomoe Gozen as another disappointment due to a certain incident involving an attempt to something at "cook 10 minutes over high fire" when the direction written was "cook 20 minutes over low fire". While she handled his tirade calmly, that facade completely broke the moment he threatened to call in someone else to straighten her out (his imitation of a sparrow chirping was overkill).
      Gordon: Oh my god... like Persona, like user eh? You call yourself a housewife, huh? Would you like me to call HER over?
      Tomoe: [visibly shaking] That will be unnecessary, sir.
  • Some consider him to be a God of Emotion as well due to his constant outbursts. He maintains that he is a chef and his anger is a tool to make his fellow chefs learn from their mistakes. He did got so mad once, he swore for a whole day, causing even Cartman to listen in stunned silence.
    • This gave him Odd Friendships in the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic since the three often swear a lot. Surprisingly, the two don't lose it in front of Ramsay that much; in fact they respect him and like his food. Of course, when they start to bicker, Ramsay had to kick them out for a while to prevent another ruckus.
    • When pissed, he usually calls those around him "donkeys" or "doughnuts". He had to bite his tongue when he said that to Donkey Kong for many reasons. First, Donkey Kong laughed at his face. Second? The ape had a barrel ready to be thrown at the House of Food. Of course, this still led to the ape being thrown out. This is Gordon Ramsay we're talking about.
    • Benson is someone Ramsay can relate to due to getting pissed at their employees a lot and their anger towards them shows. Ramsay often tell Benson to not lose himself when giving his employees a yelling, especially after hearing that as a child, Benson never wanted to yell at first.
  • Has been known to stay his temper around children and amateur Chefs, but his reputation still intimidates them. That legendary temper got put to the test the day he met up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders coming into his Temple screaming, "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS MASTER CHEFS! YAY!!!" What happened next is between him, the CMC and the other Equestrian Gods.
    The CMC: We're sorry, Mr. Ramsay.
    Gordon: ...That's okay, kids. Uh... let's forget about this, alright?
    • He is surprised that a giant creature like Gamera can be friendly to kids. They've been allies since and Gamera is willing to be Ramsay's muscle should the head chef face a very powerful enemy.
  • Was nearly beaten up by Charlotte LaBouff after she believed he was hurting Tiana's feelings, when he was actually commending Tiana for her diligence and determination. They are on better terms now (thanks in no small part to Tiana's gumbo).
  • Is not afraid to admit that he loves his mum, even curbing his swearing in front of her. He heard that even Kurei also behaved around his mother, though that didn't stop Ramsay from opposing him and his violent ways.
  • Ramsay and Asroc don't really get along even if the latter is a great chef (with a specialty in sweets). While Ramsay is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Asroc is just a jerk period, even setting aside his murderous hatred against normal humans. At the very least, he can agree with the notion that Mystery Food X is an atrocity to the culinary arts.
  • Has welcomed the KiraKira PreCures and congratulated them when the KiraPatisserie opened in the Pantheons. He finds their desserts to be exquisitely delicious, unlike a certain baking company...
  • Has been in a rap battle against Julia Child. The jury is out on who won. Though he himself implied that he won.
  • Apparently, he acts the same way whenever he's the boss of something besides cooking. When a mortal studio wanted to make a video game based on him and Diner Dash, Ramsay himself made sure that they followed "exactly" what he wanted it to be like. Needless to say, he gave the House of Gaming quite the scare.
  • He got on Hot Ones after a lot of people were pestering him about appearing in an episode. He came in prepared... and refuses to have an experience like that ever again. That doesn't stop him from serving spicy chicken wings, since he knows there's a demand for it in the Pantheons.
  • "Raw, raw, raw! Get out of my kitchen!"
  • Also found in Anger.

Kirby, God of Black Hole Bellies and Aggressive Alternate Cover Art (The Super Tuff Pink Puff, The Pink Puffball, Gritty in Pink, The Pink Demon, Number 6, Nintendo's Floating Puffball of Never Ending Cheer and Dreams)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Hypernova Kirby)
  • Symbol: A Warp Star; alternatively, himself
  • Theme Songs: Green Greens, Spring Breeze Title, Together with the Spring Breeze, or the Gourmet Race theme; Fountain of Dreams during an epic battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Eating Everything That Isn't Nailed Down, Drawing Anything into his Mouth with Incredible Suction Power, Digesting Everything Instantly without any Weight Gain, Absorbing the Power of Others, The Unintelligible, Kid Heroes, Killing Disproportionately Powerful, Horrifying beings, Looking Angry while in America
  • Domains: Dreams, Peace, Eating (anything)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Pac-Man, King Dedede, Meta Knight
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: H.P. Lovecraft
  • First being considered for the Seat of Gluttony, Kirby began eating Pac-Man... and everything else in the Pantheons. All attempts to stop him were met with either being stopped with his copy ability or being eaten alive. By the time Absolute Virtue's hand was in the shape of a hungry pink ball, the Gods and Goddesses relented and bestowed Kirby power over two different seats in the Pantheons. Is fed constantly to prevent everyone from experiencing his digestive system all over again.
  • While Kirby once held Extreme Omnivore, many felt that it was describing the puffball rather lightly (for one, he is believed to house an entire Pocket Dimension inside his body) and decided to change his title.
  • The Cake Is a Lie. Kirby ate it first.
  • Rumors once spread that Alex Mercer is planning to usurp Kirby's original position, suitably by eating him. Following Kirby's title change, the rumors have been proven false.
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz has banned him from entering her Temple, for fear of another Cy-bug incident.
  • Despite his reputation, if a tyrant has stolen the food from his people and left them starving (as Dedede did in his first adventure), Kirby, out of some odd form of empathy, will travel across entire planets and single handedly tear apart and devour their entire army to return the food to those who need it far more than he does.
  • Was happy that the King finally ascended and after being greeted by him (with a gentle hug turned into a crushing bear-hug), they celebrated with a Gourmet Race that was later crashed by other big eater gods. He ended up in first place alongside Pac-Man and Goku, though he didn't mind sharing the title. After the formation of the Gourmet Racer Club table, he enjoys eating there with his friends.
  • While very proud of his 201 Megaton Punch, some have wondered if Kirby's ascension to godhood will allow him to break his old record, should he ever stop eating enough to attempt to do so. Kirby's reliance on a copied ability keeps Kirby from taking the seat for himself.
    • Regardless, he has been training with Captain Falcon who was willing to be ingested to give him proper instruction in Falcon Punching, just in case it is needed while the Captain is not available.
  • Likes to dance when he wins.
  • An APB is in effect to make sure that Miracle Fruits never find their way into the Pantheon, and especially not to Kirby. The fruit's effects can turn Kirby's suction and swallowing powers Up to Eleven, to such an extent that he can devour full-sized buildings, giant monsters, and energy beams. Power like that could make Kirby a force of destruction equal to the Anti-Monitor if he decided to use it to sate his appetite.
    • Ever since Kirby used it to defeat Majin Buu in a Death Battle though, at least one Miracle Fruit has been allowed within the Vault under heavy lock and key in the event of extreme circumstances.
  • Wiz and Boomstick have chosen Kirby to fight against Majin Buu. Luckily, thanks to all the previous Death Battles, the Houses have learned to better protect themselves during these bouts.
    • To the surprise of most everyone, Kirby was successful in actually killing Majin Buu in the battle, hurling him into the sun via his Planet Buster at that. Even if the death was only temporary, Kirby's popularity has only increased among many of the good deities, and Melkor has raised him to a whole new level on his threat list.
  • Even before his ascension, Kirby and Samus were actually really good friends even though they're rarely seen together. Samus even came to Pop Star to enlist Kirby's help in exterminating a horde of Metroids that somehow came to his planet.
  • R.O.B. has asked him to help him rebuild his species. Similar to Samus above, he helped build R.O.B. models in the past, so he agreed.
  • Has made friends with Yuyuko Saigyouji due to both having ravenous appetites. This has caused many a deity worry considering the amount of food both of them consume.
  • Snoop Dogg once came to watch one of the Gourmet Races that Kirby has with King Dedede, and began spontaneously singing "Drop It Like It's Hot" while using the race as a backdrop. The impromptu performance was a huge success and led to cries for more performances there. Kirby was very quick to agree to it, and Snoop now regularly performs during the races. Kirby himself even dances alongside Snoop on a regular basis, much to spectators' delight. Snoop has also offered Kirby some of his best joints on several occasions, but to his dismay, rather than smoke them, Kirby always just inhales and swallows them in one go.
  • Whenever Kirby swallows someone, he not only copies their most notable power but also a notable aspect of their appearance (he would get Kamina's Triangle Shades for instance). Many have noted that Kirby's appearances after copying certain abilities tend to be cute, awesome-cute, or creepy-cute.
  • He tends to greet any guests or newcomers to the Pantheon with a "Hiiiii!" Aside from Poyo, it's likely that it's the only coherent word that he can say.
    • Ironically, he used to say English words rather well, but somehow forgot about it. Attempts to get him to relearn such have proven to be difficult.
      • Notably, if he can speak English well-enough, he would sound like Sayaka Maizono. Both of them get along for that reason, interestingly enough.
  • Kirby is very good friends with Jigglypuff to the point that there are plenty that are willing to pair them together. Despite the fact that it's one of the more popular pairings in the Pantheon, the two are just friends for now.
  • In another universe, he's a ruthless cannibal that's on par with Hannibal Lecter. To put it lightly, the puffball would rather not discuss it with anyone to the point of it (alongside mentioning possible similarities to Hannibal Lecter due to that universe) being his Berserk Button.
    • The puffball's other button (though arguably not as major) is telling him that they believe Brentalfloss' claim that Kirby is a ravenous monster and a Nazi.
  • On more unusual days, Kirby will appear like yarn or clay. His abilities in either form are much different compared to what he can do normally.
  • Thanks to experience in dealing with nightmarish monsters back in his homeworld, Kirby became friends with various good-aligned deities associated with dreams. They work together to stop monsters such as Atropos and Freddy Krueger from spreading nightmares to others.
    • Kirby later had an encounter with Darkrai, thinking it was another nightmare monster. After learning of Darkrai's situation, the puffball has been rather amicable towards the Pokemon.
  • As of late, Kirby has been seen piloting a mecha similar to Simon's own Lagann. Some claim that Simon personally taught Kirby how to pilot such a mecha, while others believe he just ate Simon to get his piloting skills. Regardless, Simon was very impressed when he saw Kirby perform his own Giga Drill Break.
  • Gets along with Ventuswill due to their cheerful demeanors and shared love of pancakes.
  • Also seen in the House of Craft.

    Takeshi Kaga 
Takeshi Kaga, God of Cuisine (Chairman Kaga)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cooking Duels, Alter-Ego Acting, Impossibly Cool Clothes
  • Domain: Craft, Creation, Fire, Nobility
  • Followers: Mama, Hai Yo, Hurley
  • Allies: Aoi, Mai Tokiha, Elzam von Branstein, Alton Brown, Sanji
  • Opposed by: Lettie Cropley
  • Claims to have taught Aoi and Mai everything they know about cooking, but still can't get either of them to accept a dare to take a bite out of a bell pepper before slicing it up.
  • Used to be in the House of Craft, but there was so much demand of his services that he moved here to attend the demands of the Gods.
  • Word has reached his ears that he has an impostor named "William Shatner". His friends are urging him to smite the upstart, as an example to others, but he hasn't yet. The news that a different impostor claims to be his nephew merely makes him smile, for his follower Alton Brown aids that one, and he trusts Brown's judgment on worthiness.
  • Light Yagami looks at him weird due to Kaga looking similar to his own father in an alternate world.
  • He has run into Sean Connery several times at the various restaurants in the House, but is confused as to why Sean keeps humming the same tune under his breath every time they meet. Kaga had a member of the House of Music identify the tune as being a section from DragonForce's "Fury of the Storm", but Sean refuses to go into details about the significance of that particular song and why he only hums it when around Kaga.

Owners of Restaurants in this House

  • Kotaro Minami, God of Phlebotinum Rebels (Kamen Rider BLACK [RX]), owns a small steak house here, and while it's not big… it's still garnered a lot of consumers with Chie Satonaka as one of his loyal costumers as she often visits his steak house along with her fellow Investigation Team especially during their respective birthday parties and various celebrations.
  • Oren Pierre Alfonzo, God of Homosexual Badasses (Kamen Rider Bravo) owns a pastry shop here. He is very serious about his work and anyone who tries to attack his customers will get their ass kicked and banned from entering. It's a very popular hangout for the likes of Kero, Stocking, Ranma and Pinkie Pie, who get into huge eating contests to see who can eat the most sweets.
  • Ange, Avatar of Fallen Princesses (Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, Former First Princess of the Misurugi Empire, Norma #1203-77, Burn Princess, Idiot Princess, Breakout Sister, The Captain) opened up Café Ange, though it's relatively small. Hinata Hyuga and Takumi Inui are her frequent visitors.
  • Speedy Gonzales, God of Unexpected Appeal (the Fastest Mouse in all of Mexico, Queso Bandito) owns a pizzeria known as Pizzariba here. Some of his most frequent customers include Dante Sparda, C.C., and the Ninja Turtles, all of whom helped the mouse get the place opened up.
  • Murky, God of Meaningless Deaths (Baby Murloc, Grunty) has opened up a Taco Joint by the name of Murky's Pufferfish Tacos. What would at first look like a dangerous and lethal meal turned out to be one of the most succesful dishes available in the house of Food. Almost every single god in the Pantheon has tasted at least one of Murky's special Pufferfish Tacos and were not dissapointed.
  • Professor Elvin Gadd, God of Nonsensical Sounding Speech has opened a branch of his Beanbean Kingdom staple juice emporium, Starbeans Cafe. Placed between Godot's coffee shop and Iroh's tea house, it serves juice blended from native Beanbean Kingdom beans and serves their national drink of Chuckola Cola and bean-based baked goods as well. The juice drinks are said to be very tasty and good for the body, despite the outrageously funny names each blend has.
  • The Samurai Pizza Cats, Gods & Goddess of Comedic Inaccurate Dubbing (Himitsu Ninja Tai Nyanki) set up their Pizza Cat Pizza Emporium same as the one they own in Little Tokyo/Edoropolis. Unlike their good-natured rival, Speedy Gonzales, their Gun Delivery System gets them farther reach and distance than the Mexican mouse's natural running.
  • Rocky Balboa, God of Training Montages, wants to open his deli Adrian's here, with Weird Al Yankovic as a partner.
  • Ronald McDonald, God of Non-Ironic Clowns has a McDonald's established here.
  • Mung Daal Catering Members , Divine Quartet of Lacking a Fourth Wall (Mung Daal’s Catering Company; Chowder: Num-nums) have their company here despite belonging to the House of Narrative.
  • Min Min, Goddess of Repetitive Names (The Ramen Bomber) has a Mintendo Noodle House established here. The place is frequented among ramen-lovers such as Naruto Uzumaki.


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