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Food comes in many forms and can be anything ranging from something one can see everyday to something that's far from normal. Visitors can learn about food and even try a sample of such.

In this place, the rule of "every title must have a trope" can be ignored, since it would be redundant to have every type of meal getting troped.

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Greater Gods

Popeye, God of Strength-Giving Foods (The Sailor Man, Weird Spinach Mascot [by Saitama])

Intermediate Gods

    Paul Atreides 
Paul Atreides, God of Space Spices (Maud’Dib, Usul, Lisan-al-Gaib, The One, Mahdi, The Preacher)
Paul during his reign as emperor.
The Preacher

Reuben, God of Sandwiches (Experiment 625,note  Sandwich Boy, Reuben Jookibanote )
  • Intermediate God, though he comes off as a Demigod
  • Symbol: A grilled cheese sandwich, with the note "For 625 only" next to it
  • Alignment: True Neutral (though he slightly leans towards Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: All of Stitch's Powers but Incredibly Slothful, Lovable Coward, Friendly Enemy, Makes Great Sandwiches, So-Called "Monsters", Unique Physiology, Deadpan Snarker, You Are Number 625, Named After a Sandwich, Aliens Speaking English, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Sloth, Laziness, Sandwiches, Aliens, Mad Science
  • Herald: Gantu
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch, Sparky, Angel (mostly one-sided; she's not enthused about him), Felix, Nosy, Jake the Dog, Heavy Weapons Guy, Garfield, Felonius Gru, Homer Simpson, Luigi, Bob Belcher, Snorlax, Yakko Warner, Morrigan, Elvis Presley
  • On good terms with: The rest of the House of Food (except those evil-aligned)
  • Enemies: Experiment 627, Leroy, Dr. Hämsterviel (after the Leroy incident), and those who oppose or wish to abuse family (particularly Relius Clover). Asides from them, he's against Archibald Snatcher, Davy Jones, the Indominus Rex, Babidi, The Scout
  • Opposes: Chase
  • Opposed by: The SCP Foundation
  • Fears: Beerus
  • Observed by: The Men In Black
  • Experiment 625, a.k.a. Reuben, was the 625th genetic experiment of Dr. Jumba Jookiba, and the last to be created under his partnership with Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel. He possesses all the powers of his successor Stitch; same super-strength, super-intelligence, durability and dexterity. The downside? Being the epitome of Brilliant, but Lazy. It's almost impossible for him to be arsed, and is a Lovable Coward. On the plus side, he makes great sandwiches. So proficient at making tasty sandwiches, in fact, that the Court of the Gods ruled he should become the god of sandwiches for his work. With his own passion as a job, for once "Sandwich Boy" is no longer lazy.
  • Having been activated by a frustrated Gantu and Dr. Hämsterviel, Reuben was an enemy of Lilo and Stitch and got in the way of their experiment befriending. Though thankfully for them, he was both The Load to Gantu and a Friendly Enemy. When facing off against the evil Leroy, Reuben would both get a name and pull a Heel–Face Turn and get off his ass to save the day. In his own universe, he works as a galley officer for the United Galactic Federation's Armada. He didn't get fired for bad karaoke, that'd be stupid.
  • As mentioned, he is an expert sandwich maker. While he does need ingredients with him, he'll be great at what he makes. The Heavy Weapons Guy gets along with him, always ordering his sandvich from the pro. Felonius Gru has found him a great help with his jelly for much of the same reason. Asides from being an expert sandwich maker, he does have some advantages over the younger Stitch. He can speak English much more fluently, and is less afraid of water. It's unclear if he'd still sink, but he can paddle. He keeps clear of Davy Jones just in case.
  • Understandably, Reuben is scared of Beerus. The God of Destruction had heard of his sandwich-making skills, and wished to try some. He made (what else?) a Reuben sandwich, which Beerus found delicious and decided to leave the Galactic Alliance alone. He prays Beerus will never bother him again.
  • Has sworn to get back at the Scout for stealing his sandwiches and saying they suck.
    • Has actually gotten a chance to by finding out and telling him that this most hated person within the Pantheon, The Spy, was actually his father. While it did work at first with a trip to the House of Knowledge to confirm it, they ALSO brought in various other facts, like him eventually surviving and coming Back from the Dead from a robotic onslaught he single handedly defeated, and was God's gift to women, boosting his appeal within the house of Love and Affection, eventually leading to him getting a rank up in godhood because of it. He has been kicking himself since but hasn't given up on hoping for a good plan of revenge.
  • In the House of Food, Reuben serves to keep it in order. He takes pride in his cooking, and if a food fight or some other chaos breaks out will get off his ass and keep the peace. A lot of gods were surprised by his effectiveness at it. He'll even challenge Kirby if things get ugly. He's also convinced his cousin Stitch to stop stealing food from the pantry by simply talking to him and giving him more reasonable meals. The Court of the Gods has made him a galley officer in his House, much like in the Galactic Alliance. Homer Simpson often visits his house for 625's colossal subs. He appreciates the purchase, but even he was surprised how much Homer could eat.
  • Hates Archibald Snatcher. The villain desires the cheese he has, and will do many a vile thing to steal Reuben as his grilled cheese slave. 625 promptly gave him exactly what he wanted, causing Snatcher to swell up and explode in a gory spectacle. Snatcher still blames him for this. On a less antagonistic side, he's annoyed by Chase causing food fights.
  • Has an impeccable memory, being made to think "faster than a supercomputer" and all that. He has extensive knowledge of all of his cousins, right down to their favorite sandwiches. From having worked at the House of Food, he has memorized all the gods' preferred sandwiches and has been learning more about them in general through interactions and occasional research.
  • Back before Jumba got busted by the Galactic Federation, Reuben worked as his lazy assistant. During those days, his fur was teal, though he hasn't said why his fur changed to golden yellow. Most believe that he had an incident with mustard. Anyway, sometimes he spends time working for the scientists in the Houses of Knowledge and Technology, but mainly to help with sandwiches. Very much impressed by Jake the Dog's skill with the foodstuff, and in general gets along with him due to their lax attitudes.
  • He despises Relius Clover. Having come to appreciate the value of family, he considers what he's done in the pursuit of science despicable. Relius is interested in experimenting on 625, wishing to bring out "his potential."
  • Is a good friend of Luigi. Like the younger Mario Brother, he's in the shadow to a superior brother and a coward. He's also friends with Morrigan given the two are massive deadpan snarkers to their masters. Can easily get behind Garfield, and has found his lasagna delicious. Also good friends with Snorlax, whom Reuben always has his favorite BLT prepared for the sleepy Pokémon.
  • Isn't an fan of Babidi, whose annoyance and arrogance reminds him of Dr. Hämsterviel. He's also repulsed at the Indominus Rex for being a psychotic genetic experiment, worse than even his "cousins" 627 and Leroy put together or even what he may have become were it not for his slothful nature.
    • And speaking of 627 and Leroy, Reuben was very annoyed when he found out that they ascended to the Pantheon. 627, in particular, greeted Reuben when they saw each other again with a swift kick to the gut, rolling on the floor laughing at Reuben's misfortune. But this time around, Reuben got back at 627 by dehydrating him back into a pod (borrowing Lilo and Stitch's bizarrely high-tech home food dehydrator) when 627 went catatonic from his laughter. Reuben then placed the pod into a sandwich filled with all sorts of condiments (making sure that the pod doesn't touch anything moist or soggy) and later served the sandwich to one of the villainous gods, whose saliva from their sloppy eating reactivated 627 right in front of them. Reuben took a photo of the mess that ensued; it's now framed in his temple and he has sent out copies of it to the rest of his ʻohana.
  • No one's quite sure how skilled he is at non-sandwich food, but the consensus is "not very". Reuben has some issue with burgers, which he insists "aren't sandwiches!", but after numerous arguments that they are he gave up arguing about it. He's trying to learn with Bob Belcher how to make great burgers. To help with the menu in the House of Food, he managed to steal SCP-458 (the Never-ending Pizza Box), which put him on the SCP Foundation's blacklist. His preferred pizza was a cheese-smothered pizza with baloney, pepperoni and egg.
  • His preferred sandwich is a grilled cheese sandwich. Sparky sometimes comes to help grilling them. He's also a decent saxophone player. Also sounds a lot like Yakko Warner. The two seem to get on a lot, due to their snarky and comic personality.
  • Also pleased to see Angel in the Pantheon after "Hotcakes" (as he calls her) first paid a visit to the House of Food with Stitch. She doesn't share the same feeling. She has made it absolutely clear to Reuben that Stitch is her "boojiboo", not him, and that she hasn't forgotten about their past interactions.
  • As with Jumba's other genetic experiments, Reuben is under watch by the Men in Black.

    Princess Sakuna 
Princess Sakuna, Goddess of Rice (Sah-Sah)
  • Intermediate Goddess (though that can fluctuate depending on the harvest's bounty, all the way to Greater Goddess in her bout with Omizuchi)
  • Symbol: Her (mother's) raiments circling her weapons/farm tools the Scythe and Hoe of Hoshidama
  • Theme Music: Yanato Planting Song, Mayhem when in combat
  • Alignment: True Neutral -> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Child of A War God and Harvest Goddess, Parental Abandonment Due To Them Being Devoured By Omizuchi, A Lot Older Than She Appears, Banished To Hinoe Island, Uses Farming Tools In Combat, Divine Raiment For Battle And Maneuvering, Owns Various Masks Lonely Rich Kid, Immortal Immaturity, From Spoiled Brat To Responsible Deity
  • Domain(s): Divinity, Rice, Harvest, Combat
  • Heralds: Tama (her father's blade familiar), Tauemon, Myrthe, Kinta, Yui, Kaimaru (her mortal charges, Tauemon and Yui eventually ascending into deities themselves), Kokorowa (her fellow goddess friend), Ashigumo (island guardian), and the local kappa tribe
  • High Priest(esse)s: Inari Ōkami, Dewi Sri
  • Allies: all farmers (such as Harvest Moon!Farmer, Applejack, Aden and Sonja), the Spring Sprite, Amaterasu, Chibiterasu, Hanayo Koizumi of μ's, Mitsuha Miyamizu, Holo, Ventuswill, The Doom Slayer, Muffet, Crazy Dave
  • Odd Friendship: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
  • Enemies: those who would bring ruin/pestilence to farms (pests, "scorched earth" tactics, etc.), all malevolent demons, the Firebird, YHVH, Zamasu, Tai Lung, Lord Shen, Junko Enoshima, The Shredder, the Corpus, Dr. Zomboss and his zombies
  • Opposes: Volcano deities
  • Conflicting Opinion: Yveltal
  • Sakuna is the daughter of Takeribi the warrior god, and Toyohana the harvest goddess, and was quite a brat, wanting for nothing, and relied on her parents' wealth and past successes. However, big change would come for her, and will forge her into a new and better goddess.
    • It all began with a group of mortals, refugees from a burned-down village (actually a brigand band turncoat, the late brigand leader's little son, and three almost-to-be-slaves [two kids and a foreign missionary]), who were crossing the bridge to the Lofty Realm. But the bandit Ishimaru and new leader of those brigands had followed them, intending to abduct the kids and murder the "samurai" leading them after they had first escaped him. Sakuna walked in the scene drunk, her presence interrupted the exchange (and an inadvertent insult from the bandit incited her to kick him off, sending him across time and space, which ultimately led to him commanding an army of demons), and her negligence to escort the refugees out led to them entering the Lofty Realm to gorge in her offering of rice at the divine garner for Kamuhitsuki. In the process of repelling them, the ceremonial oils inside the garner were ignited and the whole place went up in flames.
    • As a consequence, because the bridge linking the realms has since disappeared, the refugees led by the "samurai" Tauemon are forced to aid Sakuna in rectifying the disorder left in the wake of their bedlam. As for Sakuna herself, she's banished from the capital and sent to the Isle of Demons (also known as Hinoe Island, home of the Ashigumo tribe), where her parents Takeribi the warrior god and Toyohana the harvest goddess (and former mortal) had met, and defeated the evil god Omizuchi, who had swarmed the demons in pursuit of Toyohana. Her task is to expunge the demons infesting the island, find the source of where they spawn, and destroy it, as well as receive further orders there.
    • Eventually, with her accomplishments, after exposing a plot involving toxic rice, Sakuna was no longer banished, though the edict regarding the Isle of Demons remains. That said, even with her luxurious home back, she's come to worry about the humans under her charge, and eventually she decided to return to Hinoe Island. After several more seasons, subduing Ishimaru, who had been leading the demons, a volcanic eruption that set her back considerably, and a festival, she eventually took the fight to the reawakening Omizuchi, and vanquished him for the forseeable distant future, avenging her parents and liberating their souls in the process. It almost came at the cost of her and Tama's lives, but her parents' souls came to her rescue and exchanged theirs instead to bring her back, but not before expressing pride in their daughter and bidding her farewell.
  • Due to how critical the role rice plays in her story, the Court of the Gods have sent an envoy to Lady Kamuhitsuki with an invite for Sakuna to the Trope Pantheons. Intriged with this realm, though also confused as to the exclusivity of this invite, arrangements were made (such as a torii gate being set up at Sakuna's place) while Kamuhitsuki relayed this invite to Sakuna. Curious of this Pantheon as well, Sakuna accepted the offer to see what it has in store.
  • Sakuna's "temple" takes the form of her parents' home in Hinoe Island fully reclaimed as much as possible from the demons, complete with all its accomodations and field for planting, as well as the surrounding fields tended to by Tauemon and the kappas. Yui is also there, though Myrthe, Kinta, and Kaimaru have since returned to the Lowly Realm.
  • One of the first things she was familiarized with is how humanity's methods in agriculture have advanced over the centuries, and has to come to terms with how… impersonal it's become with the use of machinery, especially since there're way more people now to feed, not to mention it being exported, making her realize that rice has become that important of a commodity.
    • Having had a friend in Kokorowa, Sakuna isn't contemptuous of machines and their use, and is considering the rice reaper harvester for use in the fields, though it's currently offset by its need for maintenance.
  • Technically speaking, her powers are affected by the gokokuhojo (the five grains: rice, barley/wheat, soybean, and two species of millet), though rice happens to be the most commonly associated of them all to her.
  • Her rice gets sold off to the Lofty Realm's capital under the brand "Revered Ears", and the name is retained for sale in the Pantheon. There was a bit of laughing over the silly name, but the quality has since more than made up for it.
  • Since she's not in her world anymore, Sakuna ends up getting other goodies instead of "amber" (not the ancient solidified tree sap that might hold ancient insects) that comes from the Tree of Creation and whose form (the amber's) varies depending on the density of the spiritual energy accrued. Thankfully, there's a special deposit for her kind of amber at her temple for increasing her strength and enhancing her weapons/tools.
  • Usually, she uses her Divine Raiment to grab onto things, whether to reach places, pull herself behind a foe, pull them to her, pull herself to them, and so on. However, during the battle against Omizuchi, after making a pact with her Raiment, she's also able to conjure a barrier with it to absorb his attacks, and then unleash a pulse of divine energy.
  • If there are any bouncy or hazardous materials (bouncy mushrooms, spikes, lava) in the area, Sakuna is too willing to send enemies flying straight at them for extra damage and chances for combos.
    • Speaking of lava, she can cross falls of it easily with her raiment. Otherwise, it's "merely" extremely searing for a goddess like herself if she touches it.
  • Despite her short stature that can easily mistake her for a child (not helped with her attitude), she's a "hale and hearty adult", though given the last time she kicked someone off, it ended with him becoming the leader of demons, she shows more restraint in her disapproval of such comments.
  • As the daughter of a harvest goddess, she's in good standing with all the ascended farmers of the Pantheon, such as the Harvest Moon!Farmer and Applejack, and from them she learned about other ways of farming, such as fruit orchards, vineyards, etc.
    • Another she's allied with is Holo, who is also a harvest goddess. To the Wise Wolf, rice might not be her patronage, but it is still a symbol of wealth and bounty.
    • Another pair of farmers include Aden and Sonja, though they've also tamed monsters, something she's not plannning to do anytime soon given her home got raided last time one of her own had took in a wounded rabbit demon.
    • While neiher Lest nor Frey are ascended, Ventuswill, as a fellow supporter of farmers, gets along with Sakuna as well.
  • While Yanato is actually just an Expy of Japan, she still found herself drawn to the mother goddess Amaterasu, whom she had the pleasure of cooperating with in a battle once, and she witnessed on amazement firsthand the white wolf's power to purify the land, driving away the darkness and making nature flourish. Her son Chibiterasu is also a very precious little thing, and no less capable in battle.
  • As an immense lover of rice-based foods, Hanayo Koizumi has expressed her deepest gratitude to Sakuna's Revered Ears making her favorite dishes all the better.
  • While her demon slaying was only to purge an island infested by them under orders of Kamuhitsuki, she's drawn the attention of other demon slayers, and her attention was in turn drawn to the Doom Slayer. While the forces of Hell are more packed with ranged armaments (the closest she got to this was against Ishimaru's demon form, and later his specter), she still proved proficient enough and able to adapt with enough time, though fighting with others is still something she's getting used to. At least the Doom Slayer thinks Sakuna is better at it than Aqua.
    • Speaking of Aqua, she is both amazed with her incredible power and skillset (especially against undead) and disappointed with her stupidity (that she's literally unable to improve due to her max level doesn't help) and laziness to levels worse than Sakuna pre-Character Development.
  • Given that she's technically a goddess, an envoy from the Divine Powers approached Sakuna in hopes of recruiting her to their side in their fight against YHVH, whom they claimed was an aspect of Formos, whom she was familiar with through Myrthe's speeches of Him. However, their aside on their opinions on mortals made it clear that they were untrustworthy, though she figures YHVH was still bad news anyway.
  • It wasn't hard to hate Zamasu given just who he is, nothing new there, but he has it out for her especially due to her "sinful" mortal heritage given her mother Toyohana used to be one before becoming a goddess, as well as her support for mortals. This is despite the fact that he's part-mortal due to being a fusion with the mortal Goku Black.
  • Given she employs the use of spiders, snails, and frogs as pest control for her rice fields, and has recently included crayfish and dragonflies on the list, Sakuna was approached one day by Muffet, who had a strange proposition to make. As long as her spiders aren't harmed by the goddess or those under her, the spider-girl will lend some to her fields (not that spiders are in short supply, anyway) in exchange for a few shares of rice. Sakuna could find no problems with this and accepted.
  • Given her powers rely on the harvest's bounty, she's naturally in opposition to those capable of sundering a land's capacity to grow crops, be it from volcanic ash, armies/raiders using "scorched earth" tactics, or pollution (like Hexxus). As such, she supports the Spring Sprite, and opposes the Firebird, though she's not sure what to think of Yveltal and his dynamic between the two.
  • Due to both having been from high standing at the start of their tales before falling from grace and having to work their way back up, she fostered an Odd Friendship with the Assassin Altair.
  • There are those who express squick in regards to kuchikamizake and how it's made. This is not the case for Sakuna, whose dominion also covers that… drink, since rice is one of its ingredients. As such, she holds respect for Mitsuha Miyamizu.
  • Having had to deal with rice that's like hers only to have an aftertaste that compels those who eat it to subsist on only that kind, she dislikes those who would manipulate their food (or their competitors) via unnatural means for any reasons, usually for getting sales.
  • Holds contempt for those who usurp a group and turn it from good to bad, given the brigand band Tauemon was part of used to be Robin Hood-style] before [[spoiler:Ishimaru killed the leader and took over with his Might Makes Right philosophy. Shredder is one prime example of this, and she opposes all of them, with the 1987 incarnation being regarded less of a threat compared to all the others. Another are the Corpus with their care for nothing but profit.
  • Also has contempt for defeated villains who refuse pity from heroes, and being Defiant to the End just like Ishimaru, such as Tai Lung, Lord Shen, and Junko Enoshima. Their arrogance, genocide, and despair plot respectively make them worse still.
  • Thinking farmers and gardeners were essentially the same thing, Crazy Dave gifted a few special seed packets to Sakuna, claiming them to be "very special rice". While confused with the gift, she accepted it all the same. After planting them, she ended up with a fewStickybomb Rice that sprouted almost insantly. She also realized that thse plants aren't meant to be harvested but as a sentient defense perimeter.

    Uncle Iroh 
Iroh, God of Tea and Cool Old Guys (General Iroh I, Uncle Iroh, Dragon of the West, Hong Mushi)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A teapot next to a White Lotus token
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral before leaving the Fire Nation Army.
  • Portfolio: Godly Firebending, Misdirection, Having Not-Quite-The-Destiny You Expected, Being Part Of An Ancient Conspiracy Made Up Entirely Of Cool Old Guys, Being a Much Better Parent than the Biological One
  • Domains: Fire, Tea, Peace, Sun, Dragons, Spirits
  • Followers: Thaco, Malcolm Corley, Ratchet, Jetfire, Mr. Gao
  • Allies: Zuko, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Korra, The Doctor, Indiana Jones, Batman, Solid Snake, Mr. Miyagi, Hershel Layton, Mami Tomoe, Kirima Sharo, Uncle Chan, Samurai Jack, Ashi, Cthulhu, Gandalf, Fred Rogers
  • Enemies: Ozai (his younger brother), Azula, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Revolver Ocelot
  • Upon his deification, Iroh founded the tea shop of his dreams, the Jasmine Dragon. It used to be located in the House of Heroes, but since the opening of this House he moved here. His tea was so appreciated around the Pantheon that he gained a second title. The only God who seems to dislike his business is Godot, for his ways of "tea and failure".
    • Eventually, the Jasmine Dragon was moved again, this time as its own Dominion.
  • Rumors that he applied for the open job slot at Coffee of Doom have not yet been substantiated.
  • As much as he's the Cool Old Guy, there's one thing that could make him lose cool as much as he could muster. And that's... anytime Excalibur visits his store. Not even Iroh can avoid making the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face anytime Excalibur visits (though he always did it when no one is looking).
  • Has found out that Zuko would have a grandson that goes by the name of General Iroh II. He wept Tears of Joy learning about how much his own nephew loved him.
    • Also was seen mentoring Korra in her journeys in the Spirit World. Surprisingly, he treated his trip there as if it was retirement.
  • He was not pleased to learn that Zuko had been moved to the House of Betrayal and Treachery. He trusts his nephew, it's everyone else in the House he has a problem with.
  • Was actually attacked by Samurai Jack after hearing his voice. Luckily, Iroh was able to hold his own until the other gods finally managed to convince him that he wasn't Aku. The old firebender forgave him for the incident when Jack told him his story, and talked about various other things over tea. Jack constantly visits him now, sometimes just for tea and a game of Pai Sho (Iroh was surprised to find he was actually very good at it.).
    • Even now that Jack's journey has ended, he still comes to visit. When Ashi finally ascended, Iroh was one of the first people Jack introduced her to. She now thinks of him as the father she wished she had and Zuko as close as a younger brother she is capable of.
  • Rumors of his friendship with one Fred Rogers are not unfounded, however, as both are elderly figures who radiate nothing but kindness, and whom all younger people they meet trust implicitly. The phrase "You are not the person Mr Rogers/Iroh knew you could be" is said to be enough to break the will of even the hardest of criminals.
  • Has an additional temple in the sub-house of Age and Youth.

Lesser Gods

    The Pale Man 
The Pale Man, God of Schmuck Banquets (The Thing That Slumbers There, Child-Eater, Pálido)

    P.B. Winterbottom 
P.B. Winterbottom, God of Pies (Percy)

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His hat and a pie
  • Theme Music: Savory Salutations
  • Alignment: Pie-flavored Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gentleman Thief, Snatching From Others' Houses And Messing Up Time Itself All For Pie, Temporal Duplication, Some Of His Time-Clones Eventually Rebelling Against Him For Being Used To Get More Pies And Also To Get Pies Themselves, Ignoring A Lesson About Choosing Morals Over Pies, Parasol Parachute
  • Domains: Time, Pies, Thieves, Obsession
  • Allies: None. He isn't the type to share pies with anyone.
  • Frequently Targets: Muriel Bagge, Pearl, Toriel
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: Black Mage Evilwizardington
  • Enemies: The Pantheonic Time Police in general, Marshall D. Teach, Rorona Frixell, The Dahaka
  • Once a gluttonous orphan obsessed with pies, this particular "gentleman" would grow up to become an infamous thief, but mainly for pies, since after all those years, the man still loved pies over anything else. And no law would dare get in the way of Winterbottom's appetite, not even the laws of time itself. One particular night, his escapades and pursuits for more pies to fill his stomach would lead him to one of the most lucrative and evasive desserts: The Chronoberry Pie. All for the sake of getting a bite out of this new divine pie, he chased the untouchable tart through a portal in time, giving him the ability to defy the laws of time and create temporal duplicates all to assist his endeavors of getting his hands on even more pie to consume. Along the way, the man would cause much mayhem and disaster from messing up the timeline, and unwittingly fixing it as well. It would turn out that the Chronoberry Pie was sentient and intended to make Percy learn his lesson about choosing morals over pies, but in the end, Winterbottom's hunger and obsession was too great, and even bringing P.B. Winterbottom to the backstage of the cosmos themselves didn't stop him from outsmarting and eventually breaking apart the grand pie for him and his time clones to ravenously consume.
  • As enormous as the Chronoberry Pie was, even that wouldn't satisfy the appetite of P.B. Winterbottom for so long. After eating up the last of what was left of the magic pie, Winterbottom continued his usual activities of finding pies among the city to devour, Winterbottom took a moment to think of more ways to get pie. He already messed up the laws of time itself to get what he wanted, but what if he could bend the laws of space in order to find more pie to eat? After another few days of looking for more pie to eat, the infamous pie thief disappeared from the city outskirts. Meanwhile at the Pantheon, deities were setting up a big baking contest to distribute to the members of the House of Food, but one night, the bakers would be surprised to find that a man had gobbled up every pie they made. The next night, they made pies to lure and catch the man, but their attempts to pursue him failed as they could only catch clones of the sneaky Winterbottom. Eventually, the Elite Time Police Enforcers had to step in once they realized the thief's special ability to create temporal clones and mess with time to get what he wanted. Although funnily enough, they weren't responsible for his initial capture, but it was rather Agent J and K who were simply dining on pie, and caught Winterbottom attempting to grab it from the table, only to be neuralyzed, then subdued with the Agents mistaking him for another alien. Given the odd gentleman's obsession with pie and the difficulty of containing such a man anyway, they gave P.B. Winterbottom his own temple in the House of Food, turning Percy into the new representative of pies.
  • P.B. Winterbottom's temple is right beneath a massive pie factory, meant to satiate the thief's stomach as often as possible, preventing him from going after pies for other deities in the Pantheon. There are even built in obstacle courses and pies put in dangerous place to occupy Winterbottom's time and abilities to optimize the time wasted on the pies within his own temple. There's also the conundrum of Winterbottom's cloning powers, who are all just as willing to nab some pie as the original is. As barbaric as it sounds, there are some instances of his clones trying to beat the original to the pie, and if it must come to it, beat their original up himself. But the factory isn't perfect, and sometimes it breaks down long enough for Winterbottom to consume what's left, and when he's finished with his servings, he'll leave to find more pies to snatch for himself.
  • P.B. Winterbottom isn't a picky pie eater and he'll steal pies from all over, but he has learned to steal from deities who often make them. On top of entering the House of Food to find pie bakers to rob from, he's travelled to other Houses to scout for other potential targets. He's taken the lemon meringue pies that Amelia Bedelia makes from time to time, which not only annoys her but it also means that she doesn't get away with her literal-minded mishaps as often, giving her all the more reason to put more effort in handling her Literal-Minded nature. And finding a repellant for pie thieves. Toriel is a more frequent victim of P.B. Winterbottom, always sneaking in to nab the butterscotch pies she makes for Frisk and others, earning her ire. She's noticed that sometimes Winterbottom goes for the snail pie too, and based on the lack of vomit on the scene, that he doesn't mind it either. Flowey has watched these thefts from afar and while not stepping in yet, has noted how he's abused his time and clone abilities, and resetting attempts for rather petty purposes.
  • Some pie bakers and people related to them attempted to find ways to amend Winterbottom's excessive gluttony for pie. Pearl, who often bakes pies despite not needing to eat one herself, has had to fend off Winterbottom attempting to steal the pies she bakes for Steven and the other Crystal Gems. After many failed attempts, they eventually caught and restrained Winterbottom, and Steven Universe attempted to help Winterbottom learn to overcome his craze for pie, but although Winterbottom was willing to do good in the name of pie, Winterbottom refused the idea of anything that wasn't getting pie for the greater good. Pinkie Pie, who happens to work at a bakestore, thought she could find a way to cure Winterbottom's obsession, and one time asked Twilight Sparkle, as well as Rorona, another pie baker with alchemy skills, for help in creating a pie that would make Winterbottom stop trying to steal pie once he ate it. They started with a magic pie that would make Winterbottom be more willing to share pie when he ate it. It resulted in Winterbottom sharing pies... with his own temporal duplicates. They tried a pie that subdued his hunger, but he still ate pie despite the lack of hunger. They even made a pie that convinced Winterbottom to make his own pies, but he would not only eat the pies he made as soon as he baked them, but it didn't last when the effect wore off. And the one that made Winterbottom not willing to eat pies, well, the result ended up being so sad that Pinkie Pie refuses to try it again.
  • Due to how his status of being able to manipulate time to his own ends, even exploiting his time clones to do so, the Pantheon Time Police consider P.B. Winterbottom to be a notable threat to their objectives whenever he's about, and prepare well to stop him. Given that P.B. Winterbottom has a habit of messing up things in the past or future to get his pies, it causes a lot of stress for the Time Police to fix the mistakes he creates. Some members have tried to take the Chronoberry Pie's approach with manipulating Winterbottom into fixing the problems he creates, since he's willing to do anything good or bad for pie. The Dahaka, who opposes everyone who tries to mess with the timelines in general, is infuriated by P.B. Winterbottom's timeline mayhem that he causes oh-so-casually, and is determined to leave nothing left behind of the main. While the Dahaka and the Time Police don't really cooperate well, the latter don't really mind the Dahaka pursuing P.B. Winterbottom given that Winterbottom refuses to learn.
  • The Three Stooges were up to their usual antics when they noticed they were low on their custard pie supply (which they often threw in each other's faces), after initially blaming each other for using up the supply, they noticed Winterbottom sneaking out of their building, causing them to freak out at the man before he ran away. Determined to catch the thief, they set up traps to catch Winterbottom, which not only failed but ending bungling up the Stooges themselves, though it did end up with Larry landing on Winterbottom and knocking him out, and a pie splattered on Larry's face. After stuffing the short man in a bag, they noticed that Winterbottom had a bounty on him, and the Three Stooges noticed a quick way to get rich, and so they set off to deliver their catch. Even with Winterbottom waking up in the bag and whacking the Stooges' heads repeatedly, they managed to endure, just to find that instead of the House of Law of Justice, they ended up at a custard pie factory due to their bad sense of direction. The resulting mayhem would end up with the three of them and Winterbottom covered in the remains of a giant custard pie.
  • A highly feared pirate, Edward "Blackbeard" D. Teach would be regarded a great threat to whoever he sought to plunder from, and even tougher to plunder from on top of his deadly crew. Not to mention, while many have stood up against the ruthless pirate, they don't really tend to get in the way between and his favorite food, cherry pie. But Mr. Winterbottom didn't really care about who this "Blackbeard" was, only that his place had some new pie to try. The whimsical little man snook into Blackbeard's hangout, and while he caused a great ruckus already with some of his crewmates already out for his head, P.B. Winterbottom managed to use his abilities and his clones to avoid demise and nab some of the cherry pies Blackbeard ordered, even troubling the man himself, who attempted to stop the little oddball with his quake and darkness powers before he could get close, but his time-twisting and clone-creating antics managed to get the better of him in one go, at least from our perspective, who knows how many attempts Blackbeard ended... While he managed to slip away that time, Blackbeard and his pirates were so thoroughly infuriated at the audacity of Winterbottom to ensure he never steps a whole mile close to them again.
  • Muriel, a talented baker, for many pastries including pie, would be visited by P.B. Winterbottom who was willing to go to Nowhere to find another slice to eat. The encounter was initially pleasant with Muriel letting the guy stay over, with Courage intimidated by the strange gentleman, and assumed that Winterbottom would leave after he got his slice. It was not the end however, since P.B. Winterbottom would visit the Bagges to snatch pies after Muriel left them out to cook, to the point where Courage had to fend him off, even having to suffer a few hits from his parasol to do so. The situation eventually escalated to the point where Courage had to save both Bagges and the pie from a horde of Winterbottom clones threatening to stampede them, which ended with the Winterbottoms getting blown away by a windstorm, along with Eustace's hat. The hat came back a few hours later, but it didn't stop Eustace from getting mad at Courage.
    Eustace: Stupid dog! My hat's gone now!
  • One of the more peculiarly annoyed deities toward P.B. Winterbottom happens to be another crooked guy, none other than Black Mage of 8-Bit Theater, who also happens to have a craving for pie. Evil pie, in fact, and Black Mage never really thought that anyone aside from the less discrete and renowned gluttons in the Pantheon would particularly share his taste. Then one night while Black Mage was causing mayhem, he was getting lured with some "evil pie" as bait, complete with a smell that convinced Black Mage further, but then it turned out that P.B. Winterbottom had beaten Black Mage to the punch, ending with Black Mage trying to murder the pie thief brutally. After a few more similar occurrences of this in the Pantheon, Black Mage began to wonder why P.B. Winterbottom would end up sharing this one odd commonality with him. Did Winterbottom's rejection of morality over pie make the idea of "evil" pie more inticing to Winterbottom? Was Black Mage's unfortunate penchant with fate responsible for setting up these coincidences? Or maybe if Winterbottom somehow knows when another person really likes pie that they become a guide to more pie from him to snatch?

    Stocking Anarchy 
Stocking Anarchy, Goddess of Sweets (Gothatron Stocking, Riot Girl, That Goth Girl who Obviously has Daddy Issues)

TAC-50, Goddess of Maple Syrup
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her namesake firearm alongside her maple leaf hairclip and her drone, Maple Moon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Friendly Sniper, Glass Cannon/Mighty Glacier, Maple Firefly, Drone Deployer, Hide Your Otherness due to having an Electronic Eye, "Does not give up easily" as a factory setting, Has an appreciation for theaters
  • Domains: Androids, Anti-Materiel/Anti-Personnel Sniper Rifles, Canada, Drones, Heterochromia
  • Allies: G36, S.A.T.8, Contender and Thunder, AUG, Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38, AA-12 and Vector, Bear Hugger, Bewear, 2B, 9S, Stella Hoshii, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, The Tenno, XCOM, Yusuke Kitagawa, Dorothy Haze
  • Enemies: The Mechanical Bosses, Risotto Nero, The Helghast, The Black Ops, The Vahki, Sektor, Triborg, The Corpus, ADVENT, The Slavers
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The HECU
  • Complicated Relationship (mainly mistrust): Isomer Black
  • Avoids: The House of Ghosts, particularly Rotom
  • Artificial they may be, many of the T-Dolls are quite in touch with their country of origin. The lovely lass you see here, TAC-50, is no different from that. Earnest, determined, and a bit of an introvert, she's falls into the category of being one of the more friendlier faces among the Rifle T-Dolls. So not only does she have that nice attitude down much of her design unsubtly references that she is indeed from Canada. Maple leaf symbols in apparel? Check. An emblem that bears a resemblance to Joint Task Force 2? Check. Favoring maple syrup? Checked so hard the pen broke and is leaking ink on the paper... should of invested in a gel pen. In all serious it really her most prominent trait which borders on sheer obsession with maple syrup as it is practically her go-to for pretty much any food you can think of. Simply put, its addition makes anything palatable for her even if does beyond what is reasonable.
  • She started out small in the Pantheon, initially being one of her ascended comrades' tag-alongs after accidentally stumbling into the brave new world herself during their routine trips. Initially, TAC-50 didn't have any plans of becoming a goddess herself as she never could imagine holding on a title like that herself. If this profile was of any indication this obviously wouldn't last long. TAC-50 would soon find herself in such a position as granted by the Court of Gods for helping warn a series of remote settlements of an oncoming threat involving the The Mechanical Bosses, in particular The Twins. In addition to that she was also able to round up quite the number of gods to deal with the monstrous mechanized eye. Though the trio of Mechanical bosses would swear revenge, it did little to prevent her from becoming the Goddess of Maple Syrup. Words could not describe how happy she was over that.
  • It honestly didn't all that long for her and Bear Hugger to meet in the Pantheon one day. Being the goddess of her Trademark Favorite Food by extension makes her its plentiful supplier. And it took even less so for them to become good friends. Setting aside how the two are both have that painfully Canadian spirit, Bear Hugger is overall a pretty fun guy to be around and it isn't at all an unusual sight to see her hanging out with him. TAC-50 even sometimes serves as an extra hand when it comes to logging. In some instances people have seen her being taught boxing by the bear who coached him for the W.V.B.A. Only in the Pantheon, guys. Only in the Pantheon.
    • As Bewear serves as partner to Bear Hugger it would only stand to reason that TAC-50 would befriend the Strong Arm Pokemon as well. Cute and affectionate she may be, however, definite hard pass on the hugs, though. The doll has seen what the Pokemon is capable of and has seen her demonstrate the deliberate strength she pulls when fighting those she genuinely doesn't like or threaten those she cares about.
  • Though often hidden behind her bangs TAC-50 has mismatched eyes with her left being specifically tailored to help in her sniping. She can not only calculate her mark's nearby geographical data from long range and correct the course of her bullets through the high-resolution camera and independent data processor outfitted in her Electronic Eye but also sync her vision with her personal drone called Maple Moon. All of this amounts to an aim most true best demonstrated through her skill, Maple Firefly. Though with all the added equipment shoved into an eye there's no room for anything cosmetic thus resulting in the black scelera you see before you. It's actually given her quite a deal of distress and actively tries to hide it when necessary and can be quickly flustered should people start paying attention to it. With that said TAC-50 does not actually resent it, she recognizes the sheer use it holds and is grateful for being an asset for her teammates.
    • Given her use of a cybernetic eye after a traumatic incident during her childhood Stella Hoshii was quick to understand how TAC-50 feels after temporarily hiring her to serve as a bodyguard here and there. Sure, her eye isn't as high-spec as TAC-50's but the principle remains the same. Sometimes she takes her out to lunch though she does balk at the Canadian's tastes of condiments. TAC-50 could only return similar sentiments after seeing the rich Cat Boomer clear out around a dozen burgers at a fast food restaurant. On the flip side TAC-50 has heard of the La Squadra mobster Risotto Nero. She's an android so she won't be forced to vomit razors and needles should it come down to a fight though he's definitely still a dangerous assassin through his ability to manipulate metals with Metallica at his command.
  • Like the rest of her comrades she wanted to meet with the YoRHa Android duo 2B and 9S. Of course it's for wanting to thank them for looking out for her friends and continuing to help out people as a whole but also she wanted to see them for the Pods they use in and out of combat. Despite their size, they can dish out some considerable firepower even against foes many, many times their own size. Plus, they can fish with them. More seriously, there's also the fact that both Grey Beyond Their Programming which lead to them being able to rebuild 2B, 9S, and A2 for a second chance at things. Pretty sophisticated pieces of technology, one she wonders if she can apply to Maple Moon. For now, its still her extra set of eyes, ears and aid for a quick escape through a deployed smoke screen.
  • She shares in her comrades' grudge against the Pantheon's antagonistic military powers following KCCO's Cavalry Betrayal on them during the hunt for Sangvis Ferri's Mastermind. In particular she's very warry of not only the Helghan Empire and the Rebel Army but also the Black Ops Unit that were active in the Black Mesa Incident. The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit or HECU were also met with a similar if a bit subdued disdain given that while they were the first sent to silence all Black Mesa personnel there's a bit more nuance with them. Not much to really be a first step in redeeming themselves in her eyes, still being very wary towards any of them, TAC-50 just admits they aren't as bad as the Black Ops.
    • Antagonistic machines aren't that far off her enemies list, however. G&K's initial conflicts were about combating the renegade Sangvis Ferri Dolls before it escalated from there. And got a bit more complicated, just a bit. Anyways, TAC-50 has made her share of enemies when it comes to machines and has routinely been tasked to deal with numerous Vahki, Triborg and Sektor along with the Tekunin, and as well as the Corpus' various Proxies. While the former are surprisingly quite easy to dispatch the rest can be quite dangerous and TAC-50 has taken measures in coordinating with her comrades as well as their respect enemies to further combat them, Specifically, she reached out to Sonya Blade and Sub-Zero/Kuai Liang for the Tekunin and The Tenno for the Corpus.
  • Initially heard of an organization known as XCOM through looking into gods known for their drone use though also discover far more than that, primarily their purpose as a resistance against extraterrestrial foes. Hearing of what ADVENT had done and more TAC-50 was more than happy to assist XCOM in their continued battles against the alien Coalition in the Pantheon. Fierce as many as ADVENT's rank and filemay be , especially when it comes to the later Psionic wielding ones, that hasn't stopped her from learning and adapting when it comes to fighting them like any combatant should. While the Doll isn't toting any fancy advanced weapons she's still just as capable of keeping up with XCOM's finest sharpshooters and even the Reapers.
  • If you want to get technical the gun TAC-50 is an American product and not a Canadian one due to its arms manufacturer McMillan Firearms originating in the United States. The T-Doll TAC-50 was likely adapted into being Canadian as a reference to the rifles use in the Canadian Army, primarily attributed to the longest recorded sniper sniper kill in history in 2017 by an anonymous Joint Task Task Force 2 operative at 3,540 meters.
  • While performing some long-ranged scouting she didn't expect to run into anyone deep in the woods' most remote parts when concerning the House of Plants. After completing her task and heading home for the day she by chance happened upon someone who was also making their back and seeing. This person was Yusuke Kitagawa, and TAC-50 was quite honestly flabbergasted to note that his reason for being out this far into this side of the House was to gather vegetables. After questioning why go through all this needless effort when there's a literal House of Food, of which she herself is apart and can vouch for having quite the surplus of foodstuff, the teen explained he overspent his budget on art supplies and other items again. Hearing this made her stop as the gears turned in her Digi-Mind but continued walking as they talked for the rest of their journey. A few days later she sent the artistic Phantom Thief bags of food from G36 and S.A.T.8. because to not do so would not be in good conscience. They've surprisingly spent time together since then, even if she is still baffled by his frugality for anything other than art. Even if his artistic talent is something else.
    TAC-50: Humans can be quite odd. No use ruminating on it, I guess.
    TAC-50: More wouldn't hurt, would it?
  • Once, she and a team of T-Dolls were tasked with tracking down a gang who engaged in illegal Doll trafficking and their search lead to an old HQ of theirs. Unfortunately for them their targets got the jump on them and were able to subdue all but NTW-20. If it wasn't for the efforts of NTW-20’s quick thinking they would of either been dismantled for parts at best or rewritten at worst. While there seemingly isn't anyone who engages in something as a bit more fantastical as Doll trafficking there's still The Slavers to worry about are no less horrific in their methods. Unluckily for the Romanian gangsters the order to not harm humans has been rescinded on all active G&K T-Dolls while in the Pantheon so it will end much differently if they try anything funny.
    • This particular incident got brought up in conversation during a first-time visit to the bar of Va 11 Hall A one day. The resident Lilim prostitute Dorothy Haze got really heated over it and how the world generally treats Dolls. Needless to say, TAC-50 didn't expect Dorothy to blow up like that and expect to see that side of her. Especially so since she was shamelessly flirting with her earlier that same day. Knowing that there's more to the Lilim than meets the eye has made TAC-50 talk to her more often while stopping by Valhalla.
  • Around the time of Hallow's Eve is when weird stuff happens, to put it bluntly. Even in a world like her's isn't at all except from that rule. In one instance, many dolls were trapped in the digital world and TAC-50's drone was possessed by ghosts who suggested the idea of murdering one of her friends. She managed to exorcise her drone by threatening to kill them instead, even bluffing that she's willing to destroy the drone who was been with her since construction. She succeeded, the ghosts only wanting to play a somewhat cruel prank on her while also wanting to go into the outside world. Hearing that there's a House of Ghosts made her remember said incident and is wary of them. TAC-50 doesn't think she'll be able to pull of the same bluff again.
  • Heh. Would you look at that. A profile about a Canadian and went the distance between the first to last paragraphs without saying "Eh?" Yes sirree... *Beat* wait a second...
  • "Maple Moon, no system abnormalities, departing!"

    Yaya Panda 
Yaya Panda, Goddess of Bamboo
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Bamboo canes and her go-kart
  • Theme Music: Gingerbread Joyride
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Anime Chinese Girl, Badass Adorable, Tries to be scary but fairs spectacularly, Blush Stickers, Canon Foreigner, Genki Girl, Loves Bamboo
  • Domains: Racing, Pandas, Nature, Good, Bamboo
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nitros Oxide, Dr. Neo Cortex, Ripper Roo, Nina Cortex, Dr. N. Gin, Emperor Velo the XXVII, Lord Shen, Black Shadow
  • On Good Term with: The Nature Preservers
  • Meet Yaya Panda, a mutated Giant Panda who one day had her own home attacked by the combined efforts of Oxide, Cortex and Ripper Roo and so she requested the help of Crash and Coco in order to race for the fate of her home. For a while Yaya has been kind of an odd part of her own universe given her rather strange origins but when the Winter Festival arrived, she saw the opportunity to surprise her fellow racers by joining the race. And then she arrived to the Pantheon via recommendation from Coco, as the goddess of her Trademark Favourite Food, Bamboo.
  • The Pantheon is an amazing place for Yaya since she gets to explore it at her own leisure and she has found that there are many places and temples that would work wonderfully as race tracks. Unfortunately for her she also found out that Oxide was still causing trouble even in the Pantheon and she wouldn't give him the chance to ruin another place just like he almost did with her home (or hell, her entire planet).
  • She was aware that many of her kind roamed the Pantheon but she didn't expect to find another panda girl so similar in personality. She and Li Li instantly became the best of friends and the latter was really glad she found another Panda to hang out with and took an interest in Yaya's kart racing hobbie. In turn Li Li introduced Yaya to both her uncle Chen and fellow friend Po, who quickly took a liking to Yaya's energetic personality and adopted her as another one of their own.
    • Panda King also took the time to get to know Yaya and he instantly was reminded of her own daughter Jing. Panda King find her far less troublesome than Li Li but often has to keep an eye on Yaya since she tends to tangle with fairly dangerous people although he understand is because she if very defensive of her home being invaded.
  • There were also a lot of people who are either friends of a Panda or own one as a pet and Yaya had the pleasure to meet some of them. Given that Ling Xiaoyu, Litchi Faye-Ling and May Chang all are martial artists, Yaya takes her time to learn some fighting skill from them and they just find her adorable even for her size.
  • Shares a lot of quirks with Vanellope, not only for being small and energetic but also given their rather innocuous origins. Yaya and Vanellope often compete in kart racing but Yaya doesn't like that Vanellope can just warp around her kart, bypassing obstacles (though this is usually balanced by Yaya using items). Yaya even invited Vanellope to come visit her universe and join the racing tournament and she eventually did, finding herself very at home in the track Yaya made her grand return, Gingerbread Joyride.
  • Yaya is a huge fan of all things cute, although she pretends to be tougher than she is in order to intimidate her opponents. This coupled with her obvious cute appearance has made her the target of Rena Ryuugu and Yui Hirasawa's constant affection, although Yaya doesn't mind it since she too finds them adorable. Another unlikely individual that found her extremely adorable was Schezo Wegey but his unusual wording made Yaya interpret his compliments as a challenge to a go-kart battle and almost accidentally blew him up with a missile. They later cleared up the misunderstanding and remained friends.
    • From her part, Yaya likes to snuggle the smaller and cuter deities so she doesn't get to steal all the attention with her own brand of cuteness. Her favourite "victims" tend to be Pichu and Togepi since they found them really adorable and the Nintendogs + Cats temple, where she goes to calm down in case she loses a race.
  • From Polar she heard about the Polar Bear Cafe, where she went to get herself something nice after managing to win a tournament. She was greeted by another Panda, called Panda by the way, who showed her around the place and introduced her to his friends Polar Bear and Penguin. Yaya ended up becoming a frequent customer but mostly shows up just to chat with Panda.
  • It was a matter of time before she ended up meeting more people related to her hobby but one that she looks up to the most is Captain Falcon. She wishes she would reach the speed and handling Captain Falcon can with his Blue Falcon and likewise, the Captain find Yaya to be quite spirited for a young girl. She has also come to dislike Black Shadow, Falcon's Arch-nemesis, not only for being evil but also for his ties to Oxide and generally being unpleasant.
  • After hearing of the arrival of yet another Panda Bear, Lord Shen groaned in dissapointment. Yaya has heard of him from Po and just find the peacock to be deplorable and possibly worse than the villains from her universe. Given how she is fiercely protective of the Bamboo Forest she lives in, it's no wonder that someone like Shen would get under her skin really fast.
  • Often shown in support of the Nature Preservers or any group concerning the preservation of nature. And she would have love to be part of the House of Nature but given how Bamboo is her food and not her domain, she was placed in the House of Food. She doesn't mind it that much though, since she gets to eat other delicious things while there besides her signature meal.
  • I'm a Panda!


    Paul and Peter 
Paul and Peter, Gods of Plot Points Commenced by the Borrowing of Food (Paul: Jerry, Butthead; Peter: Tom, Beavis, Tubby)
Paul and Peter

    Remy (Ratatouille
Remy, God of French Cuisine (Little Chef)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A rat wearing a chef's hat
  • Theme Music: Ratatouille Main Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Cute Critter, Expressive Ears, Deadpan Snarker, Supreme Chef, excellent smell, Silent Snarker, The Speechless (The last two when around humans)
  • Domains: Rats, Cuisine, Paris
  • Heralds: His rat family, Alfredo Linguini, Colette
  • Allies: Anton Ego, The Parr Family, The cast of Toy Story, WALL-E and EVE, Mike & Sully, Merida, Carl Fredricksen, Fievel Mousekewitz, Mickey Mouse, Jerry, Speedy Gonzales, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, Amelie Poulain
  • Opposes: Syndrome
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Bambi and other animals with negative viewpoints towards humans
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Doraemon
  • Odd Friendship: Caesar
  • Frequent Customer: Charlotte Dunois
  • One day in the House of Food, some have noticed rats in the kitchen. When said people brought others to check it out, they noticed the rats were preparing a dish. Said dish happened to be a mix of various vegetables and spices. Those that have tried it were impressed and allowed Remy a spot, with his rat family and Alfredo Linguini as Heralds.
  • There was a sort of a stigma that was present when it came to French cuisine. The Court of the Gods noticed that this stigma was subverted thanks to him and that French Cuisine can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • There was a point in time when he was asked to smell the Mystery Food recipes. He ran in the other direction after smelling the first one.
  • While Remy knows that Bambi and a few other animals in the Pantheon are friendly, he isn't really keen on their beliefs that Humans Are Bastards or something far worse.
    • This is why some were a little surprised that he's gotten along with Caesar, mostly because the ape has seen that humans are capable of good, despite him coming into conflict with them.
  • Despite the fact that he's a rat, he's friendly with the other cartoon mice in the Pantheon and they are friendly with him as well.
    • Unfortunately for Doraemon, this meant another mouse in the Pantheon to worry about. Remy's actually a rat, but even then...
  • Heard about fellow French deity Charlotte Dunois, and the rat sometimes serves food for her whenever she visits the House of Food.
  • He was pleasantly surprised to hear that many Pixar deities are present. Unfortunately, he was disappointed to see that a villain through Syndrome is there as well. The only thing that's probably going to prevent tensions is the fact that their films were by the same director.
  • Not to be confused with the other Remy. It gets even more confusing when you realize they're both French. As such, this one is referred to as Remy the Rat and the other is Remy the fighter.
  • He does not want to talk about an imitator of his.
  • Don't tell him that Ratatouille is a dish with rats. That thought is really disturbing to him.
  • Has a rather optimistic view on how the pantheon can change, saying "Change is nature", the part we can control.
  • Among the cooks in this part of the pantheon, several raise a few eyebrows at one of his reviews on the wall, proclaiming him "The Finest Chef in France." Remy shrugged at this, saying "Ego made me who I am. How can I not include this review?"
  • The more egalitarian gods also were interested in him following the philosophy of "Anyone can cook."
  • He teamed-up with Scrooge McDuck to open up a bistro in Twilight Town. It's proven to be extremely popular with the town's denizens; with Sora, Donald, and Goofy always eager to bring him Remy more ingredients for him to use.

    Sasha Blouse 
Sasha Blouse, Goddess of Potatoes (Potato Girl)


    Oliver Twist 
Oliver Twist, God of Poverty Food
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A bowl of gruel
  • Theme Music: The Road to the Workhouse
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heartwarming Orphan who Goes through a Lot, Struggles in Poverty to Earn Food, Happens to be present during major events, Really Sweet (Unless someone insults his Mother), Street Urchin, Orphan's Ordeal, Earn Your Bittersweet Ending
  • Domains: Orphan, Poverty, Struggle, Food
  • Superior: Charles Dickens
  • Allies: The Orphan Quintet (Pollyanna Whittier, Anne Shirley, Anne-Marie, Heidi, Sara Crewe), Testuya Tsurugi, The Baudelaire Siblings, Madeline, Annie, Kazuma Kiryu, Jean Valjean, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Link, The Straw Hat Pirates, Peter Pan, Charlie Bucket
  • Enemies: Heihachi Mishima, Ozai
  • Pitied By: The House of Food
  • Conflicting Opinion: Stewie Griffin
  • His mother dying shortly after giving birth to him, Oliver Twist went through a series of misfortune and mistreatment whilst living in a workhouse, working to have at least three gruel a day. This culminated in a series of bullies insulting Oliver's deceased mother in front of him and a fight, after which Oliver escaped the workhouse and encountered Jack Dawkins, "The Artful Dodger", whom tricked Oliver into being serviced under the criminal Fagin. Oliver would later persist and eventually lead a successful life, although many of his friends and close associates would die, in addition to Oliver still having a series of unresolved issues.
  • The Pantheon was a rather memorable experience for Oliver. He was overwhelmingly surprised and was eager to see this new world in which he had ascended into. Of course, he would temper his curiosity and try to see if there was someone helpful he could find, considering the amount of misfortune he had to go through.
  • Much of the Pantheon expressed their sympathies for what Oliver had to go through, especially with the workhouse, Jack, Fagin and Bill Sikes. They've decided to grant Oliver access to much of the House of Food to remedy the the struggle Oliver went through to earn himself three pots of gruel. Oliver is happy, though he feels as if the Pantheon is being too flattering on him.
  • An orphan himself, Oliver soon met the Orphan Quintet, who have their fair share of troubles and struggles during their orphaning years. Oliver was really pleased to see individuals who have been through a similar predicament and is more than willing to help them out. The company of Pollyanna Whittier especially helped in getting Oliver to act more optimistic and happy about himself and towards others.
    • He also found company under other orphans like Tetsuya Tsurugi and the Baudelaire Orphans for obvious reasons. Because of the type of friends he has now made, Oliver finds himself frequently visiting the House of Family and Relatives whenever he needs company and support. On a similar, note, he has gained assistance from Madeline and Annie regarding how to fend for himself and cherishing his closest memories.
    • Charlie Bucket immediately struck a friendship with Oliver the moment the latter ascended. The two had a lot to relate to, with neither of them having proper housing to accommodate them and with food being a major part in their tales. While the two of them managed to find themselves in a more manageable situation regarding profit, Charlie seems guilty in that he has something Oliver doesn't. He tries his best to cheer up Oliver, even taking him to the Chocolate Factory at times.
  • Kazuma Kiryu has expressed sympathy for what Oliver had to go through, and offered him a place to take comfort in. He's allowed Oliver to visit his orphanage at any given time, and would try to appoint meetings with other orphans as well to give Oliver company. Oliver also befriended Jean Valjean, seeing as both went through similar hardships. Jean is also willing to aid and support Oliver should the latter desire. That, and the two of them also had their stories published in Film and Stage Musicals.
  • Bruce Wayne took notice of Oliver's past and hardships, immediately sympathizing with Oliver. He decided to invest a good deal of his profit on providing resources and support for him, and Bruce himself gets to meet Oliver once in a while, talking to him and giving him advice and therapy to help him out. There's rumors of Bruce wanting to appoint Oliver as an additional Robin, which he's made no comment of as of yet. Peter Pan also took notice, often getting Tinkerbell to blanket Oliver with pixie-dust to give him a fun time. As a result, Oliver became fast friends with Peter, often spending time flaying around the Pantheon, though Pan knows that Oliver would grow out of it.
  • The Straw Hat Pirates have decided to allow Oliver to have fun with them as many times as he would like to provide him with joy. Luffy, being incredibly passionate about friendships and realizing the struggle he had to go through to eat, is very close to Oliver, even allowing him to have his food, which was surprising given Luffy's approach to eating. On a similar note, Link, himself having learned to make food will often give his servings to Oliver. Oliver is content with how much support he is getting in the Pantheon since, though he would also like to see if he can earn them himself.
  • As someone who had his experiences with abusive figures, Oliver hates Heihachi and Ozai for their horrible treatment towards their children, in addition to the latter not having any guilt in him whatsoever. The two remind him all too well about Bill Sikes and his treatment towards Nancy.
  • Oliver once heard of an incident where Stewie Griffin imagined himself as Oliver. After learning that Stewie would oppress himself against the workhouse and force his superior into a dance, Oliver chuckled upon hearing it. That said while he does like how Stewie would assert his defense, Oliver is not fond of his bratty, smug demeanor. Stewie himself doesn't seem to mind Oliver's presence in the Pantheon either. While he is a jerk, Stewie knows what Oliver went through, so he has made an exception on going after him.
  • While he would escape poverty and find financial stability after being adopted by his maternal aunt, Oliver has not fully recovered from his tribulations, especially considering he's been struggling for the entirety of his childhood. The deaths of Nancy and Dick still etches clear in his mind, although happy, Oliver knows he will never forget about his experiences. For now, he is finding new company as a means for therapy and a sign of moving on.

    Strawberry Shortcake 
Strawberry Shortcake, Goddess of Strawberries
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her hat
  • Theme Music: Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Strawberries, Cute Teenager, Characters with Food-Based Names, Girly Girl, Kindhearted Cat Lover, Plucky Girl
  • Domains: Strawberries, Cuteness, Reboots, Cafe
  • Heralds: Custard, Pupcake
  • Allies: Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiyo, Kirima Syaro,Maika Sakuranomiya, Hideki Kanzaki, Rise Kujikawa, Misaki Ayuzawa Ichigo Momomiya, Chiyoko Shiraishi, Ruby Rose, Wilson, KiraKira Precures, The Smurfs, Odie, Erza Scarlet
  • Caught her interest: Pannacotta Fugo
  • This version of Strawberry Shortcake is from the one from the 2009 version. Strawberry Shortcake lives in a small city called Berry Bitty City and owns a cafe called Berry Bitty Cafe. She was chosen to ascend with Strawberry Shorthand due to being the trope namer, as well her recognizable strawberry motif.
  • As she ascended, she establishes her own cafe in the House of Food. As she also represents strawberries, she atarted making strawberry-related food for her cafe. As such, she gets along with other cafe owners such as the workers of the Rabbit House, Maika Sakuranomiya, Ichigo Momomiya, Misaki Ayuzawa Hideki Kanzaki, and Chiyoko Shiraishi
  • She sympathizes with Rise Kujikawa, because she feels her situation is the same as one of her friends, Cherry Jam, but is glad that the former eventually resolves her problem.
  • Due to how mature she is and occassionally gives advice to a lot of her friends, she gets along with Wilson and they occassionally talk about the different advices they gave to their friends.
  • When she heard the name of Strawberry Shortcake, Ruby immediately went to her cafe and asked for strawberries. Strawberry then gave her the fruits she ordered, which made Ruby happy. Since then, Ruby went to her cafe to order some strawberry-related products.
  • She gets along with KiraKira Precures pretty well which helps since they both serve desserts in their respective establishments and they occasionally help each other on what recipes to make.
  • She seems to really get along with The Smurfs because they remind her of the Berry Kins and they occasionally visit her with one of their heralds, Baker Smurf even helping out for the customers that are in sizes like them.
  • She loves Odie because he reminds her of her pet dog, Pupcake and the two dogs really got along well, so she occassionally fetch them for walks and playtime along with Custard.
  • Pannacotta Fugo caught her interest a little bit because she heard how he actually wore a red suit that's themed around strawberry and how his name is a reference to a food that goes well with strawberries. So far, they haven't met.
  • When Erza heard the name Strawberry Shortcake, she though a bunch of her favorite dessert were arriving, however, she became disappointed to see it's actually a person. Although Strawberry promised to serve her those kinds of dessert if she wished to come to her cafe, which brought back Erza's hope. Since then, she can be seen hanging around Strawberry's cafe, ordering her favorite dessert.