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     Lucifer (Supernatural
Lucifer, Unholy Patron of Aggressive Categorism (Luci, Hallucifer, Padre, "Nick", the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, Serpent, Heaven's Most Wanted, Lightbringer)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Four Horsemen Rings
  • Theme Song: "Sympathy For the Devil" by The Rolling Stones
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but will try to convince you that he's Neutral Good or Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Satan, Pride, Narcissist, Fallen Angel, Fallen Hero, The Paragon Always Rebels, Fantastic Racism, Humans Are Flawed, Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Spoiled Brat, Psychopathic Manchild, Believing Their Own Lies, Sealed Evil in a Can, Greater-Scope Villain, Jerkass, It's All About Me, The Man Behind the Man, Invokes Not So Different, Evil Counterpart, Envy, Ambition Is Evil, Daddy Issues
  • Domains: Satan, narcissism, Hell, hubris, fallen angels
  • Herald: Ruby
  • Followers: The Demons in Hell
  • Allies: Azazel, Ramiel, Dagon, Satan (Paradise Lost), The Beast, Samael, Teridax, Nyarlathotep, The Master, General Zod, Melkor, Zamasu, SCP-682, Unicron, Megatron, Ganondorf, Ardyn Izunia
  • Enemies: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Crowley, Bobby Singer, The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Asmodeus, Amara, Gabriel, Michael, Pit, YHVH, God (God, the Devil, and Bob), The Doctor, Lord Voldemort, Dolores Jane Umbridge, Wilhuff Tarkin, Mata Nui, Palutena, The Presence, Optimus Prime, Link, all of the Pagan Gods in the Pantheon
  • Conflicting Opinion On: Lucifer
  • Odd Relationship With: Chuck Shurley
  • Before he fell, he was the most beautiful angel in Heaven, and God's most trusted lieutenant, as well as his favorite child. He was trusted so much by God that the latter bestowed upon Lucifer the Mark of Cain. That decision, however, had terrible repercussions, as when God created humanity and started paying more attention to them, Lucifer became jealous and bitter, and rebelled against God, with God eventually locking him in a Cage located in the darkest pits of Hell.
  • He was eventually freed from his Cage, and tried to bring on the Apocalypse, only to be imprisoned back in Cage again. However, he was soon able to escape from his Cage again, by possessing Castiel's vessel, after Castiel gave him permission to possess him in order to stop the Darkness. He has since been thrown out of Castiel's vessel, and was placed back in his "Nick" vessel, which had been reconstructed.
  • Upon his ascension, Death the Horseman came to him and told him exactly what would happen if Lucifer tried to bound Death to him again. Lucifer reluctantly agreed, although how much of his agreement he actually meant is up for debate.
  • Sam and Dean constantly try to avoid him, due to Sam being Lucifer’s one true vessel. Lucifer, for his part, is banned from the House of Emotion as a result of this, though he is trying his best to convince the Maintainers of Emotion that he isn't as bad as Sam and Dean say he is, and that he's not that bad of a guy. The Maintainers of Emotion luckily aren't buying it.
  • Castiel holds a major grudge against Lucifer, due to Lucifer killing him twice, as well Lucifer using Cas' vessel for causing chaos after Cas gave him permission to use it in fighting against the Darkness.
  • While Azazel, Ramiel, and Dagon all welcomed him with open arms, Asmodeus avoids him since he captured Lucifer in their universe, when the latter was lacking some of his grace. Lucifer promises to return the favor to Asmodeus when he gets the chance. Conversely, Crowley does his best to spite Lucifer whenever he gets the chance, with Lucifer making a point to cause trouble for Crowley too.
  • Despite his hatred for humans and demons alike, he ultimately despises Pagan Gods the most out of all of the residents in the Pantheon.
    "You know, I never understood you pagans. You're such...petty little things! Always fighting...always happy to sell out your own kind. No wonder you forfeited this planet to us! You are worse than humans. You're worse than demons. And yet you claim to be gods? And they call me prideful..."
  • His hatred of humans isn't just limited to heroes. He despises evildoers like Tarkin and Umbridge, due to their sadism and how sociopathic they are. At least he has some love for his siblings and father (though not as much as he has for himself); Umbridge and Tarkin represent what he sees in humanity; "broken, flawed abortions".
  • He also despises Voldemort, mostly due to Voldemort seeing himself as someone of Lucifer's caliber. But even he thinks that what Voldemort did to his own soul was nasty.
  • That being said, he gets along well with Teridax for a variety of reasons, such as sharing similar histories, and that Lucifer admires how Teridax was able to succeed in his plans, as well as how much of a Magnificent Bastard Teridax is. However, Lucifer may or may not realize that Teridax doesn't plan on making him an equal partner in his endeavors...
  • His views on humanity puts him directly at odds with the Doctor, due to their views on humanity being on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Lucifer cannot just understand why someone like the Doctor would tolerate, let alone protect, humanity, while the Doctor swore to defend humanity from threats like Lucifer long ago. Though Lucifer doesn't know what the Doctor means by "an encounter near a Black Hole". On the other hand, his quarrel with the Doctor has brought him a new ally in the Master, who enjoys causing trouble for humanity, and similarly holds humans in low regard.
  • His opinion of the other Lucifer in the Pantheon is a conflicted one, as while they're both, well, Lucifer, he doesn't understand why the other one has such a fondness for humans, since this Lucifer's hatred of humans is well-known. However, both of them are opposed to YHVH, although for different reasons.
  • Quickly became allies with SCP-682 and Zamasu, due to the all of them sharing a "Humans Are Bastards" mentality. Lucifer also implies that he may have had a hand in SCP-682's creation.
  • Ever since he has found out that his father, Chuck Shurley, had managed to simultaneously ascend with him, the two of them have had an awkward reunion, given that the last time Chuck saw Lucifer, the latter has his ass handed to him by Amara. Not to mention that they also had an equally awkward heart-to-heart shortly before.

Lesser Gods

Anti-Mage, God of Magic Haters (Anti-Fun, BurNIng, Magina)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Mana Void with Manta Style crossed infront of it.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Taking reduced damage from magic, considering magic inherently vile and all its users evil, being nameless, having a taste for talking in a different way, having a title that perfectly describe his occupation, life, mission and powers, being an extremist with understandable intentions, teleporting in the blink of an eye, burning his enemy's mana with his attacks.
  • Domains: Combat, Anti-Magic, War, Profession.
  • High Priest: Magebane.
  • Followers: Mage killers and hunters in general.
  • Allies: Omniknight, Silencer, Amon, Ange, Brightwing, Tracer
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, Touma Kamijou, Illidan Stormrage.
  • Enemies: Terrorblade, Lion, Carl the Invoker and GUAE Malum Magia.
  • Teethclenched Teamwork: Good-aligned Mages and Sven
  • Immediately following Anti-Mage's ascension, because of his mission to end magic by killing all users of magic, he was banned from being even five miles near the House of Magic. Anti-Mage is still grumbling about that.
  • A common misconception is that Anti-Mage has two twin brothers. These "twins" are actually illusions created out of nowhere with Anti-Mage's favorite weapon, Manta Style. Though they're not as powerful, they're still dangerous against mages as they can burn mana just like the real Anti-Mage.
  • Anti-Mage is often quick to inform confused gods that his powers are the result of "Purity of Will", not magic.
  • Despite his nickname and reputation, Anti-Mage doesn't truly hate fun, as he has been known to laugh heartily and loudly from time to time (and not necessarily while he's in the middle of killing mages). It's just that mages from the battlefield of the ancients consider spellcasting fun. Anti-Mage, being who he is, occasionally comes around to ruin these mages' fun, thus earning him his nickname.
  • Once upon a time, Anti-Mage decided to be a hard carry when he's normally just a midgame carry. Sven shut him down. Anti-Mage still bears a grudge toward him for that day. The rumors that Sven has a relationship with a mage doesn't help.
    • And ever since that day, merely listening to that kind of Training Montage music is enough to drive Anti-Mage nuts and try to get out of the vicinity until he can't listen to that song anymore, if he's not wrecking the music source already.
  • Nortrom the Silencer is probably the one "spellcaster" that Anti-Mage don't mind, since he's technically not using magic and his spells are primarily anti-magic in nature.
  • Although he's not a major threat normally, this changes dramatically if he manages to get farmed, as accurately illustrated by this comic.
  • The phrase "Friendship is Magic" is a huge Berserk Button for Anti-Mage. If you're lucky, he will just rant about foul sorcery and shout "EVIL is Magic" in the place of commas. If you're unlucky, you will find yourself with no mana for weeks.
  • Anti-Mage used to be a Night Elf once. Ironic, considering that magic is the reason why the Night Elves exist in the first place. While he doesn't appear to remember his past, Anti-Mage admits to faintly recalling some strange memories when he learned of the ascension of the Night Elf, Malfurion Stormrage. Malfurion himself cause some worry in Anti-Mage however, for some of the memories shows a familiar looking figure as his father. He was also shocked to hear that Malfurion fought in the battlefield of the ancients in the past, before passing the mantle to a different hero.
    • Eventually Anti-Mage found out that he has similar fighting style with Malfurion's brother, Illidan. While after a bout of pure fighting made them consider each other Worthy Opponent, Anti-Mage can't help but wonder if Illidan's eye situation was yet another result of the evils of magic.
  • He had an actual name once, Magina. He probably chose to discard it for obvious reasons.
  • Anti-Mage was also once brothers with Terrorblade, as Malfurion can attest to. However, neither Anti-Mage or Terrorblade does not remember this. Not that it stopped them from being influenced into being hostile against each other.
  • Has a weird relationship with Touma Kamijou, with Anti-Mage acknowledging that his technique of punching mages are stuffs of legends. Except that Anti-Mage has been telling him that there are more ways than punching mages to counter them. Depriving them from their power source is one example.
    • He also has great respect on Kiritsugu Emiya, the well-reknown Magus Killer, as he admires some of his 'pragmatic' ways to kill off mages.
  • To him, benders are mages under a different name, and for that reason has chosen to work together with Amon. As Anti-Mage is unaware of Amon's secret, he mistakes his power to de-bend for an exotic form of "Purity of Will".
  • When news of GUAE Malum Magia's creation made its way to Anti-Mage's attention, Anti-Mage reluctantly decided that he might have to side with the "lesser evil" this time around if he wants to bring the entire GUAE division down.
  • "The magic ends here."
    • Though some can misread it as "The fun ends here."

    Hoss Delgado 
Hoss Delgado, God of Prejudice Towards Monsters (Spectral Exterminator, Midnight Sailor)



    Calvin Candie and Stephen 
Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, Gods of Slavery and Racism Among Humans (Monsieur Candie)
Candie (right) with Stephen
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A cotton plant and a phrenology chart
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: (Both) Slave-Owning, Evil Pairs; (Candie) Acting like a gentleman to people he likes (read: fellow white people), Love of French Culture, Being less educated that he lets on, Plantation Owner, Phrenology and Race Science; (Stephen) Racism towards his own race, Being the real brains behind the pair, Embracing his role as a slave and using it against other slaves, Loyalty to his master
  • Domains: Evil, Hatred, Racism, Slavery
  • Allies: Candie is allied with his BEAUTIFUL SISTER and the rest of the staff of Candyland. Other known allies include Uncle Ruckus and Gleeman Vox. Candie is rumored to have a business relationship with Willie Wonka, but nothing that can be proven.
  • Enemies: EVERY SINGLE LAST BLACK OR EX-SLAVE MEMBER OF THE PANTHEON, but especially Samuel L. Jackson and Jules Winnfield. Captain Jack Sparrow isn't too fond of them either and The Basterds hate them too.
  • Upon arrival in the Pantheon, Candie erected his "Candyland" cotton plantation. Despite the protest from countless gods, Candyland continues to be profitable thanks to the patronage of Nazi and Neo-Nazi gods.
  • Stephen, though he plays the fool in public, is much more cunning and arguably even worse than Candie. Though he never steps out of line, Stephen terrorizes his fellow slaves, often overseeing their torture, execution, and even sale if they cross him or Candie. He is the brains of Candie's operations and keeps a careful eye on all of Candie's allies and business partners, especially after the last time someone tried to negotiate with Candie. He gets along great with Uncle Ruckus, though.
  • Although the Red Skull and other Nazi members of the Pantheon quietly approve of Candie's methods, Candie is wary of them. When asked why, he simply responded, "I've had bad experience with Germans..." No one has pressed him further. Plus he and Stephen find their plans to exterminate lesser races less efficient and fun than simply enslaving them.
  • Despite Twilight Sparkle's warnings and insistence that it isn't the kind of place she thinks it is, Pinkie Pie has expressed interest in visiting Candyland upon learning of its existence.
  • Although all black gods and goddesses hate Candie and Stephen with a burning passion, Stephen has a particularly fierce enemy in Samuel L. Jackson. This rivalry was especially awkward when Jackson was chosen to serve as Stephen's herald.
  • Candie is a major Francophile and prefers to be addressed as Monsieur Candie. However, as he doesn't speak a word of French, he hates it when people speak to him in French as it makes him feel embarrassed. If, God forbid, you make this mistake, he is liable to bash your skull in with a hammer or feed you to his dogs.
  • Candie frequently petitions the House of Combat to add a God of Mandingo Fighting to their ranks. Thus far, these petitions have been ignored.
  • Candie is also a fan of Death Battle and frequently asks Wiz and Boomstick to include his Mandingo fighting slaves in a future bout.
  • Interestingly, Candie and Stephen are perfectly fine with the non-human members of the Pantheon, so long as they don't mess with their "livelihood". They are racists of the human kind, not Fantastic Racists.
  • Opposed by the House of Justice, but they begrudgingly admit that Candie and Stephen technically haven't done anything illegal.
  • Candie once tried to join the House of Knowledge as the "God of Phrenology". He was promptly and harshly refused.
  • Candie once tried to flirt with Charlotte Dunois. She was charmed by his demeanor at first, but when he invited her over for "Mandingo Fighting" she became furiously disgusted and proceeded to deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown with her IS with a barrage of French cursing (none of which Candie understood).
    • Likewise, a similar attempt to strike up a friendship with fellow Southern Gentleman Remy LeBeau end with a staff to the nards and several exploding playing cards in his face.
  • One of the few gods Candie would actually consider a friend is Gleeman Vox, thanks to their shared interests in gladiatorial combat, forced servitude, and lack of scruples. Candyland is one of DreadZone's biggest sponsors, and Candie often has his Mandingo slaves participate in the show. In return, Vox provides Candie with new slaves and explosive collars to keep them in line. Stephen, for his part, considers Vox to be reckless and a potential liability, and keeps a careful eye on the alien's dealings with Candie.
  • Despite being racist, slave-owning arseholes, they are notably intimidated by Davros, considering him to be a destructive and trigger-happy maniac.

    Teyrn Loghain 
Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, God of Fantastic Racism (Hero of River Dane)


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