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Greater Gods

Uta, Goddess of Concert Episodes (Princess Uta, World’s Greatest Diva, Musician of the Red Hair Pirates)
  • Greater Goddess (borderline Overdeity in Uta World)
  • Symbol: Uta's jolly roger
  • Theme Songs: New Genesis, I'm invincible, Backlight, Fleeting Lullaby, Tot Musica, The World's Continuation, Where the Wind Blows
  • Alignment: Believes she is Chaotic Good but acts more Chaotic Neutral than she would admit.
  • Portfolio: Dream Weaver, Mind-Control Music, Magic Music, Magic Idol Singer, Expressive Hair, Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak, Anti-Villain, Apocalypse Maiden, Powers Do the Fighting, Reality Warper, Tragic Villain, Unwitting Instigator of Doom, Doorstop Baby, Childhood Friends with Monkey D. Luffy
  • Domains: Music, Sleep, Streaming, Stardom
  • Herald: Gordon
  • Allies: Madara Uchiha, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Takuto Maruki, Ysera, Santa Claus, Merlina the Wizard, Yuno Gasai, Kiara Sessyoin, Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Spongebob Squarepants
  • Rivals: Hatsune Miku, 765 Pro, μ's, Sayaka Maizono
  • Enemies: Five Elders, Akainu, Former Cipher Pol 9, Big Mom, Kaido, Blackbeard, Vanitas, Melkor, Kaguya Otsutsuki, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Former Enemies: Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbei, Trafalgar Law, Charlotte Katakuri
  • Annoys: Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Respected by: Goetia
  • Respects: Tiamat
  • Absolute terrified: Junko Enoshima
  • Pities: Obito Uchiha
  • Opposed by: Boa Hancock
  • Opposes: Perfect Trumpet Thingy
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nagato
  • Special Relationship: Shanks, Monkey D. Luffy
  • A rising idol that brings smiles in a miserable world, Uta is the adopted daughter of one of the Four Emperors, Red-Haired Shanks. Uta was subsequently left on the island of Elgia when she was younger and never saw Shanks again until she grew into a young adult, not without good reason. When visiting Elgia, Uta's Sing-Sing Devil Fruit abilities attracted Tot Musica, an Eldritch Abomination with a connection to that Devil Fruit's user. It possessed Uta, leaving a trail of destruction that left Uta and the composer Gordon as the Sole Survivors of Elgia. To prevent the World Government from targeting Uta, the Red-Hair Pirates were forced to abandon her under Gordon's care, taking the blame for the incident by pretending they raided the town. Years would pass and Uta was raised by Gordon on the empty island, before learning that she could use technology to connect to others in the outside world. She would try cheering up people throughout the world through her music, her heart pouring out to those affected by the conflicts between pirates and the tyrannical World Government. One day, she accidentally came upon a recording that told her role in reviving Tot Musica and bringing destruction to Elgia. This revelation gave Uta the resolve to bring "eternal happiness" to everybody on the planet by trapping them all in a Dream Land her Devil Fruit created, where suffering would cease to be.
    • Thanks to her popularity, it was relatively easy for Uta to host a simulcasted concert where billions will hear her sing, the Straw Hat pirates not being exempt. As her dream only exists as long as she is awake, Uta ate the poisonous wake-shrooms to keep herself up, intending to die so she could trap as many people as she could in her fantasy forevermore. According to the Five Elders who were horrified by what was happening, Uta almost killed 70% of the world's population. She took on three Emperor crews, two Admirals with a fleet backed by Vice-Admirals, a Supernova, and two Emperors at their maximum power at the same time all while she was succumbing to the poison. Uta used people's sleeping bodies as puppets, used her invincible powers in the dream she created, and resummoned Tot Musica both in her dream and reality just so that she died on her terms. However, Shanks convinced a barely alive Uta to free everybody upon destroying Tot Musica with Luffy's help. Uta did so with her final song, before dying peacefully by those she called her family. Most do not harbor any resentment toward Uta after that incident, as her music is still beloved even by those who tried to directly stop her. Now that Uta has been brought to the Pantheon, she admits that it is a bit awkward considering the entire circumstances and admittedly, still wants a world of peace that she fought to the end for. That said, she is happy at the moment spreading as much joy as she could to others without needing to bring the apocalypse.
      Uta: Luffy!
      Luffy: Yeah?
      Uta: If you become King of the Pirates, you better not be so strong that you can beat me at racing instantly!
      Luffy: Sure. But I'll beat you in the race since you suck at racing anyway!
      Uta: Nu-huh.
      Luffy: Yu-huh!
    Sanji kicks Luffy in the head.
    Luffy: Ow.
  • Considering her status as the daughter of Shanks, many pirates want to capture Uta despite her popularity. Big Mom sent her children after Uta during her big concert when Luffy wisely decided to yell out her parentage to the entire planet. Kaido and Blackbeard on potentially using Uta as leverage against a dreaded rival of theirs. That being said, these attempts at her kidnapping are seldom seen as Uta almost instantly annihilates all of her opponents just by singing. They all become unconscious the moment she says anything, and she proceeds to beat them mercilessly in her Virtual World. If an Emperor was not exempt from her spell, then nobody can be quite honest. After imprisoning the pirates she defeated, Uta would tell them to reconsider their pirate lifestyles and will only free them if they leave their lives of crimes. She hates pirates and believes that they are the root of conflict, so she would prefer if pirates just disappear entirely. When Uta sleeps though, her hold on others ceases and they wake up, so it only takes a matter of time for them to be free. Her skills brought the fear that if Uta tried to come after them or learned the almighty Haki in the process, then the Emperors may genuinely conspire with each other to stop her when her grand ambitions target them. For that reason, nobody has tried to go after Uta after seeing what happened to those who tried. The World Government did not want to mess with her even if it means letting a person who harmed a Celestial Dragon go free. All of them could try to find ways to keep her from singing, though the risk is just too high to be worth the effort.
  • When it comes to her friendship with a certain Monkey D. Luffy, Uta's relationship with him is almost if not on par with his relationship with his brothers. It was close enough that Uta would try to convince Luffy to leave the piracy life when meeting him again at that concert, being forced to fight him when it became clear that he was as adamant about his goals as Uta was with hers. Funny enough, Uta traveled with Shanks despite being a child, something that Luffy initially desired only for Shanks to reject him. This is a factor in their competitive dynamic, especially when it comes to racing with each other with ridiculous stipulations (who brings a bull to a race?) There are many people though who read into their relationship to be much deeper than just being like siblings, whether they are aware of it or not. Thank goodness that a certain Warlord of the Sea was not present during Uta's concert, or her sheer jealous rage would have been enough to fight off Tot Musica itself. If the situation then wasn't so dire, Luffy would have pulled a fast one on Uta by asking her to join his crew right after she asked him to quit being a pirate.
    Luffy: Wanna join my crew? It'd be fun having another musician around.
    Uta: Luffy, I still hate pirates.
    Luffy: Does that mean you hate me?
    Uta: Not going to lie, just a little bit.
  • Uta managed to adjust to becoming a streamer quite easily as that was she was when Uta was spreading happiness to others. Except for this time, she had to buy a camera, a microphone, two monitors, a PC, and a keyboard instead of using just using a snail to broadcast herself. A person cannot imagine the hell that Uta endured trying to build a PC. Uta enjoys streaming to others by doing karaoke or just playing games as she talks to her chat, though it overwhelmed her at first. The number of unhappy voices that The Internet holds is staggering, and it made Uta more innately depressed than she already was upon seeing how much negativity the online space held. Instead of doing something drastic like trying to blow up TV Tropes, Uta has worked harder than ever to bring smiles to everyone to the power of streaming, albeit at a cost to her mind and body. This dedication to making people happy has left Uta to be constantly tired, something that she cannot help.
  • Uta sees other idols as rivals to herself, although she remains kind and supportive to her fellow singers. Putting aside the darker parts of the idol industry (let alone the music industry), Uta sees that an idol intends to bring joy to a sad world. While Uta respects all idols for committing to this role, she cannot help but see that she has to be the idol that will bring happiness to everybody. Not to say that all idols are nothing compared to herself, but Uta sees that if she achieves her goal of being everybody's idol, she finds that more happiness could be achieved by having people's love centralized on her. After all, would it be better to love one thing that fulfills you completely than splitting your fulfillment through multiple things? Uta has still gone to the concerts of Hatsune Miku, 765 Pro, etcetera, to show her genuine love for them though her sentiments that to achieve her dreams means to sideline her fellow idols is always a disheartening feeling she cannot let go of.
  • Doflamingo saw his sunglasses end up being worn by Uta, which led him to this ginormous pain of trying to buy off all the sunglasses that he wears so that nobody finds out they are retail products. He is a distinguished crime boss after all, so people the insinuation that this powerful man had to go to a typical store would tarnish his image. One would think this reaction is overblown but in reality, the powerful are quite insecure over these kinds of things so they do their hardest to prop their image up. Type in politicians who prop their heights with elevator shoes in photos to see this attitude on display. Not that it mattered since people noticed these sunglasses were missing and made fun of Doflamingo for spending so much money to make himself look cooler when it just makes him look lame in comparison. Uta could only note during this situation that there is a chance Doflamingo may be one of her viewers if this whole business happened before her stream ended.
    Uta: Doffy, is that you in the superchat?
  • Uta may be a sweetheart on the outside, but she is a cynic at heart with her belief that the world must be forced to be changed. She has seen so much suffering that is the result of conflict, so she wishes for a new status quo where suffering no longer exists. The person who is one of those who understands Uta on a fundamental level is Madara Uchiha of all people since he had a plan not just similar, but with the same goal in mind. That being said, Madara would like to point out there are many flaws with her Uta World plan compared to his own. He would applaud her for getting most of the planet into her Uta World but then, questioned how she will force human change on everyone. He had everyone under the Infinite Tsukoyomi enslaved to their separate dreams where their core desires are met, resulting in a world without conflict. All she did was plop everybody to a place, then expected that they will live a happier life in her reality after she dies. Madara had to point out that she never changed their nature, so if her plan went through, the result is that most of the world's population are trapped in a replica of the real world except they cannot die and that a good percentage of the planet did not join them. It is a new status quo but what she desires remains to be fulfilled. Uta, the only person who could control the world to not end up reverting to suffering, would clearly not be there long enough to accomplish her goal. The point is, at least Madara Uchiha managed to successfully stop conflict across the world for as brief as that was.
    Madara: You honestly expected that nobody would fight anymore once you dropped them into a replica of the world?
    Uta: Pretty much.
    Madara: And you thought you could accomplish it as you're being overdosed on mushrooms?
    Uta: I could have done a lot before I died. Let's say... imprison all the bad people as musical notes.
    Madara: Have you thought if you did, your musical score would just disappear once you've inevitably died?
    Uta: Hmm. Also didn't think it that way.
    Madara: Why are you like this?
  • Takuto Maruki had a similar plan as Uta when it came to stopping human suffering by creating a world where suffering no longers exists, even if it meant regressing human growth in the process. Uta heard Maruki talk to her about his old grand plan before the Phantom Thieves of Hearts changed him to no longer have these ambitions. Honestly, if Uta knew more about how to manipulate her dreamland, she would model it similarly to Maruki's idea of paradise. Except for the field with half-naked people, that was a weird thing this taxi driver brought up. On the Phantom Thieves' side, they are a little bit terrified of Uta if she could just drag countless amount of people into her realm where she reigns supreme. To make sure Uta does not become another Maruki, the Phantom Thieves resolved to be friends with Uta to keep a close eye on her. How they managed to befriend Uta was to using Maruki, her most used taxi driver, as the connection then impressed her with their dancing skills. Or at least Joker danced crazily for the sake of everybody. Thank goodness Uta is more accepting than the average person out there.
  • Obito Uchiha has earned the pity of Uta upon knowing that the main reason why he became so messed up was from his trauma and wanting to live in a world where he can be with his friends. As a result of Obito's desires, he has been vulnerable to being manipulated by others just so that he could live a happier life. Although Uta cannot stand a moral high ground against Obito or his manipulators (she is friends with one of them) since she manipulated millions herself, she knows it must be painful for him due to his bloodline having so much love within themselves. So Uta told Obito that she will help him get the happier life he desired, no matter what. Her Determined Expression in this assertion startled Obito with how intense they were, being akin to his own furious desire to change the world. He had to tell her that he was perfectly okay where he was now so that Uta wouldn't do something that would not end well for anybody. Obito just hopes that if Uta does go off the deep end, he could teleport out of her dream with Kamui if she puts him under a spell. Though that might mean finding a sleeping version of himself which... yeah, that scenario sounds too complex to worry about now.
  • Melkor was angered at how Uta is beloved as an idol, believing that all her appeal revolved around being a more mainstream pop version of Japanese singer Ado. Uta does not make bad music as Melkor would admit, but he cannot comprehend that Uta's humanitarian efforts and cheery charisma are what draw people to her. So to prove that she is not that great, Melkor challenged Uta to a singing competition of her Signature Song "New Genesis" all things to take her down a peg. Everyone was flabbergasted Melkor would think this was the best way to discredit someone, though Uta accepted the challenge nevertheless. Everybody from the concert's audience to Melkor's allies never thought anybody could outshine Uta's exhilarating performance, but Melkor laughed evilly before taking the mic. Melkor's singing "New Genesis" caught everybody off guard by how beautiful his singing was, surpassing Uta or anybody's skills by a long shot. Nobody thought he would have a voice of an angel... until one remembers that Melkor WAS an angel whose Start of Darkness began when he tried to outshine his creator's melody with his own. When Melkor's song ended, leaving the audience in Stunned Silence, the first person who clapped was a crying Uta who was touched by Melkor's song. Soon, claps filled the entire concert, leaving Melkor confused as everyone was supposed to wallow in horror for beating their idol in this concert. When Uta placed the winner's medal around his neck, Melkor had the most disdainful expression he could make. He won, though he could tell his fellow Valar were laughing wherever they were watching from much to his annoyance. He may have wanted to be recognized for his music forever ago but being recognized now was not as fulfilling as Melkor would have wanted it to be.
  • Uta has met up with Madoka Kaname in a dream way before meeting her properly in the Pantheon, as Madoka thought Uta was a Magical Girl thanks to her Devil Fruit powers. Where they met was a dream before Uta fatefully arrived at Elgia, so it took a meeting with Madoka in the Pantheon again to remember that. Madoka watched Tot Musica overtake Uta and was not able to do anything about it. When asked why Madoka why did she look way younger instead of the goddess of her dreams, Madoka had to explain how her possessive friend took her goddess powers in the interim of Uta growing up, explaining why Madoka never showed up again to Uta until now. Hearing about Homura Akemi, Uta went to find Homura much to the horror of Madoka. Instead of things going badly though, Uta gave Homura The Glomp, saying that she understands Homura on wanting to protect others. Homura had to awkwardly hug back when an amused Madoka had to nonverbally tell Homura that there was no escaping from this. Uta could have solely taken Madoka's side on this, though she would pursue a more simplistic mindset of being friends with both. Homura and Madoka would say that ironically makes things more complicated.
  • Spongebob Squarepants had one of those times where he wanders into other people's dreams. He managed to enter Uta World while Uta was still awake, leaving the idol confused about how this sea creature could do so. Spongebob just shrugged, saying weird stuff happens to him a lot. The two started talking to each other soon after, with Uta laughing her butt off over stories that Spongebob tells her about the things he has done in his life. The quotes, "SOILED IT" and "Let's get rid of that dividend tax" will live free in her head for the rest of her life. She would want to visit Spongebob one day instead of him visiting her once in a while, though his pineapple being under the sea would ensure that would be very difficult for the obvious Devil Fruit related reasons why.
  • Nagato is one of the few people that Uta is iffy on, which is odd considering how much she puts on faith in the goodness of people. Her conflicting feelings come from that Nagato is he is similar to her in wanting to bring a better world through any means necessary. She would call it a noble goal but Nagato's former idea of peace is to create disasters that would fearmonger the world to prevent international conflict by bringing annual disasters. It is peace but Uta would like to point out that pain is still being seen, while her solution is meant to eliminate pain in its entirety. Though he abandoned this plan, Nagato still sticks to his ideals and called Uta too naive to understand that pain leads to growth. Without pain, people cannot become better people and thus, bring about a world with less pain. Uta pointed out that is some misguided logic because what does it matter for a world with less pain if the pain did not need to exist in the first place, comparing it to breaking someone's arm to affirm to not do things that break their arm. Nagato would contest to Uta that a world without the pain that she desires would just leave people unaware of consequences, bringing more pain in the process. This philosophical battle is not what Uta prepared for, but she is willing to defend her ideals to the bitter end against someone who is equally as convinced of his dream as she is of hers.
  • Yuno Gasai is open about how unhinged her obsession with protecting her love is and Uta finds some good common ground with Yuno because Uta is similarly unhinged too. The difference between Yuno and Uta is that Uta is more protective over everyone who is suffering as a result of the world around them than a sole person and Uta does a way better job at hiding this from others. Yuno presented Uta with a knife, asking that if she (Yuno) was going to cause so many people to suffer, would she kill her then and there? Yuno expected Uta to ponder on this more, though did not expect Uta to point the knife an inch against her eyeball. Uta then said that yes, she would stab Yuno in the face if it meant helping others, though would do her best in making sure that nobody gets hurt first. Giving back the knife to her with the same friendly smile, Yuno realized that this girl was more dangerous than she could currently comprehend. It would be better to be friends with Uta than to piss her off.
  • Sengoku has always been interested in Devil Fruits of how powerful they were and seeing how overpowered Uta's Devil Fruit was finally was what broke it to him that he needed to see if he can replicate Devil Fruits. Sengoku would have based his research on a certain World Government scientist though trying to find that research was like trying to snatch documents from a national leader's hands. It may be more difficult considering Sengoku could not find a villa to bedlam the Devil Fruit from. Sengoku would delve into the Black Market to see if a Devil Fruit was there but had no luck. Sengoku decided to do the simpler thing of asking Uta herself if he could analyze her. Uta must have thought he was a pervert, so she politely declined his advances. She might be welcoming but she isn't dumb, unlike a certain Monkey. Sengoku would frustratedly ask her again to analyze her whenever he could, being forced to wait in one of those hand-shaking lines unhappily.
    Uta: You are Professor... Duke?
    Sengoku: Professor Sengoku.
    Uta: Professor Duke sounds like a cooler name.
    Sengoku: Yes, it does. I'm going to ask again if-
    Sanji: Get out of the line, it's my turn to shake her hand!
    Sanji kicks Sengoku out of the way.
  • Ysera watched Uta since she gained her Devil Fruit powers, meaning that she has been observing the singer for almost her entire life. Obviously, it is due to being the guardian of the Emerald Dream and thus, could reach the dreams of others. Since Uta's dreamland exists even as she is awake, Ysera could go and visit anytime. The reason for Ysera trying to foster a mentor role to Uta is because Ysera sees Uta as her potential future replacement to guard the Emerald Dream. The dragon would admit that it is very manipulative on her end, and would never admit to potentially letting Uta go through her grand plan to see the extent of her capabilities. Uta likes Ysera enough though there is always that nagging feeling that she's being used.
  • Merlina shares Uta's ideals of making a better world though even she is disturbed by how unhinged Uta became with her plan that involved trapping everyone's souls eternally when they all die. She would have been on board with that idea long ago, though has left it all in the past. She asked Uta if she would do her plan again since Uta has a lot of trust from the public even now, concerned with how popular her friend became. Uta said no since she wants to prove to herself that she can help people regularly before attempting to do something as ginormous as that. When a terrified Merlina asked what exactly would be ginormous as almost killing everyone on the planet, Uta said she had a couple of ideas. Uta managed to change the subject and asked Merlina if she would like to be an idol since the mage looks cute enough to fill that role. Merlina wisely answered no.
  • Santa Claus has earned Uta's admiration for being the symbol of spreading joy to others on a holiday that surely everyone on the planet celebrates and definitely didn't ban Christmas. It got to the point that Uta wanted to become like Santa to others, dressing up as Santa along the way. As much as her fans begged for her to wear a more exposed version of the outfit, Uta needed to wear something for the cold (she did allow the leggings off to make them happy). That said, what Uta did not expect was to see reindeer flying through the sky in one of her outdoor streams.
    Chopper: Even when I'm flying... I'm still a raccoon dog to everyone...
  • Junko Enoshima seeing how happy everybody is when Uta is around, really thought bringing Uta to despair would surely bring despair to everybody else. Melkor warned Junko that this was going to backfire, shaking his winner's medal to emphasize the point. As with most of his minions, Junko ignored Melkor and proceeded to try bobaring Uta's stream with the most delirious spiteful comments out there against her character and her singing through bots. When Uta responded to the antis accounts, she replied that no matter what she would do her best in making all of them happy by improving herself. This got Junko so tilted that she typed with her real account why was Uta not falling to despair at all. Uta kindly answered that she is already in despair for all those suffering around her and her inability to help everybody out there. Instead of sulking, she chose to instead do her best in living her life than retreat to a hole. Junko and other critics' words are what Uta considers, though nothing good will comes from trying to mold herself to be what she's not. She is going to live her life on her own terms, no matter who hates her for it. The sheer failure of her plan made Junko fall into her despair herself, a thing that she welcomed wholeheartedly. Junko eventually got back at Uta in another way, not by trying to take her down but by tricking the innocent Uta to fall into a trap of her creation that could hopefully bring Uta to despair. It didn't but it did inconvenience her.
    Uta: Let's spotlight places where you can find my viewers watching. Latveria, Gameron, Khura'in, Canada, Dressrosa, Alabasta, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Ta-
    Uta's channel has been suspended for two weeks.
  • Some of the Beasts of Humanity have gained Uta's admiration both from herself and from themselves. Though the Beasts of Humanity are built to be the literal enemies of humanity's existence, she cannot help but feel that they're much kinder than they let on. The Beasts genuinely have the benevolent goal of helping humanity but their horrific solutions are what makes them dangerous threats. Uta believes in their resolve and thinks that if they could be changed so that they are not as genocidal as their nature has them be, then the Beasts can coexist with humans happily. Not to say Uta is wrong on being able to have beasts change as there have been several Beasts already who have been swayed to fight for humanity, albeit with most sacrificing their Beast titles to do so.
    • Kiara Sessyoin who was a Beast became friends with Uta since like the nun herself, Uta desires a world where humanity loves each other instead of infighting. That said, Kiara Sessyoin wants every human to participate in an orgy, so her and Uta's definitions of an ideal world are different. Sessyoin thinks Uta can accomplish those dreams if she uses her Devil Fruit (Sessyoin called it a Reality Marble) powers correctly. Her manipulations for Uta are, fortunately, not being followed by the busy Uta which is testing Sessyoin's patience at this point.
    • Goetia has nothing but admiration for Uta wanting to make the world a better place for all creatures. That being said, his nature has to make her look down on Uta simultaneously for what he sees as her being too weak mentally to truly bring herself to kill many. He would want to take her Devil Fruit power for himself if that was the case but that would mean having to jump universes using Second Magic to find her Devil Fruit if he kills her. It was already tough to get one timeline in check with an elaborate scheme, so hunting around the ocean for a fruit that gives him a power lesser than his current abilities is asking too much.
    • Uta treats the Beast Tiamat with the same love Tiamat desires from all of her children, except it has to be at distance. Why Uta sees Tiamat in such a light because Uta thinks she is just a mom who coddles her kids too much. Coddling them enough to turn them into abominations, but it is the thought that counts. It could also be that Uta sees Tiamat as a potential maternal figure to look up to after being strapped with multiple paternal figures. But Uta would admit her expectations of Tiamat will probably never be met considering what Tiamat is like. It makes her sad though at least she has her other family who could meet up that affection Uta values.
      Shanks: What's wrong with having two dads?
      Uta: Custody.
  • Vanitas has been hoping that Uta one day would summon Tot Musica again. Considering that Tot Musica is a culmination of humanity's negative emotions, harnessing its power will be something Vanitas will be interested in. Vanitas can imagine himself now, towering over everyone with his newfound powers, utterly annihilating everyone in his way. The thought alone makes him just want to kidnap Uta so that she could resummon Tot Musica. The issue for him is that by all accounts, Tot Musica is dead, destroyed by Monkey D. Luffy and Shanks together. This would deter anybody but like the heroes he's faced, Vanitas holds hope to a high standard. He believes that Uta can manifest Tot Musica again and is planning to have it emerge under the right circumstances. He cannot just make Uta sing as he does not know the exact mechanics of Tot Musica's summoning himself. His research on this subject has managed to reach the Straw Hats' ears, who surely do not want Uta to be caught in the mess Vanitas would like to make.
  • Perfect Trumpet Thingy has shown in Uta's dreams every other week and this is one of the few times Uta lacks tolerance for anything. All that thing does is just say, "You're not perfect," once then completely ruins Uta's sleep by smacking her awake. She admits that she has self-confidence issues but the only thing the Perfect Trumpet Thingy does is remind Uta that she has these issues. She meets with a therapist but it still shows up in her dreams, making her feel like her mental health isn't bettering itself. It got to the point that she will not allow the Perfect Trumpet Thingy to finish its sentence before Uta begins swinging a spear at it. Too bad for her that the moment she strikes the Perfect Trumpet Thingy, she wakes up instantly. Whatever that creature is, it must be stronger than she originally thought considering how she cannot get rid of it.

Oh, the winds will change, I promise you...

My voice will see us through to the end...

Intermediate Gods

    Gild Tesoro 
Gild Tesoro, God of Casino Episodes (Casino King, Gold Emperor, Monster of the New World, Guild, Gildo)
Golden Tesoro
  • Intermediate God (Greater God through Devil Fruit Awakening)
  • Symbol: A stylized capital G with a golden star behind it.
  • Theme Song: Gold & Jive ~ Silver Ocean (English ver.), Tesoro's Past
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Gold Manipulation, Rags to Riches, Sadist, Bad Boss, Evil Overlord, Gratuitous Italian, It's All About Me, Powers Do the Fighting, Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Gambling, Gold, Tyranny, Slavery
  • Heralds: Tanaka, Baccarat, Dice
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, The Devil, King Dice, Fafnir, Eugene Krabs, Wario, Dr. Eggman, Balrog
  • Rivals: Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Enemies: Five Elders, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Smaug Nami, Sanji, Franky, Usopp, Tony Tony Chopper, Brook, Rob Lucci, Spandam, Sabo, Akainu, Cuphead and Mugman, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander, Celestia Ludenberg, Ultra Greed, The Grandmas
  • Respected by: Giovanni, Piglins
  • Odd Friendship with: Butters Stotch
  • Opposed by: Fisher Tiger, Peacock, Mustache Girl, Bloody Marie
  • Opposes: Lofwyr
  • A former slave to the Celestial Dragons, Gild Tesoro outgrew his impoverished early life to become one the most powerful people in the world through his wealth. Operating on his personal cruise ship, Grand Tesoro, all of his illegal activities were excused as Tesoro was recognized by the World Government and his former enslavers as a world power. What Gild Tesoro desires are to become the most powerful person in the world, forcing his former slavers to bow to him in the end. Ironically, Gild Tesoro would enslave others through debt traps his giant gambling capital deploys and is as cruel as those who abused him beforehand. What is not helped is Gild Tesoro's Gol-Gol Devil Fruit that controls gold which he encased Gran Tesoro with, granting him near omniscience and invulnerability in his own city. He was fairly comfortable with his position of power until he tried to turn the Straw Hats into his property with so many others. Though Tesoro was an extremely powerful foe who could have easily squashed these rebels, he was ultimately defeated by a pummeling from Monkey D. Luffy and his Gran Tesoro was torn apart by his own hand trying to defeat his enemies. Gild Tesoro was supposed to be sent to jail by the World Government for endangering so many and losing the protection he enjoyed prior, though he managed to escape once again and into the Pantheon. To be honest, it is a long story that he does not like retelling due to how long it was. Tesoro would say there would need to be a thousand chapters and you would have to be insane to write all of that.
    • But we will retell it anyway. Gild Tesoro was NOT happy to learn that the Straw Hats were in the Pantheon and knew he could not just go after those who destroyed him yet. His Devil Fruit may be powerful and he can use some Haki, but it would be suicide to rematch a person who is considered an Emperor now. He had to rebuild his empire once more, and Tesoro knows which stepping stones to use. Bringing back several of the illegal businesses that shot his wealth up, Tesoro had another giant cruise ship constructed for himself to become his new Gran Tesoro. What Gran Tesoro needed most (aside from new staff) was gold needed to coat everything with. It's not just for his Devil Fruit, it also serves to pronounce the pizazz of his character. So you know what he did to get the gold? He stole it all from Smaug's hoard. It was surprisingly easy due to his Devil Fruit and the dragon waking up to find half of his gold gone was not a pleasant moment for anybody nearby.
  • Seeing as a dear friend of his was killed in slavery and was too branded a slave, one would think Gild Tesoro would be lenient on slaves. No. No, he isn't. In fact, he is just as cruel to the people he has enslaved as the Celestial Dragons that Tesoro wants to overthrow on the social ladder. He could have funded the Revolutionary Army to have the World Government literally overthrown but chose not to out of his own selfishness. Fisher Tiger would be so disappointed that a slave he freed ended up becoming a similar tyrant. The additional irony is that Donquixote Family was his main business rival (who he stole his Devil Fruit), being led by Doflamingo who was a former Celestial Dragon. It could be inferred that Tesoro needed the World Government existing to grant him the status that he coveted, something that he does not seem to be bothered by. Even Rob Lucci has to pause, thinking how much of a horrid human with barely any principles Tesoro grew to be.
  • A person who helped prop up Tesoro's return was Lex Luthor, who heavily invested in the questionable businesses that Tesoro managed. He called it a good investment on his end, knowing how powerful the Gold Emperor will become. Plus, he taught Tesoro a few things to keep his money from prying eyes. If a rich person hires the right lawyers, those people who come to collect federal taxes will be scared off. The IRS or whatever will just harass the poor while they, the ones in the social hierarchy, can laugh it up in their yachts while children die starving. When Luthor met up on their said yachts (made of gold too), they shared drinks to signify their strong working relationship with each other. When Tesoro asked why Luthor would invest in his businesses, Luthor cheekily replied that he really wanted a nice vacation spot to frequent towards.
    Luthor: If you try to bury me with gold, you'd wish you'd be sitting in a cell.
    Tesoro: Noted. Want to sit in a sauna naked with some sexy ladies?
    Luthor: I am not taking a bath with you.
  • If there is one person who is watching Tesoro heavily on whether or not he pays his dues, it would be Lofwyr. Not that Lofwyr particularly cares if the government gets their money, but he is doing this to deflect attention away from his own tax evasions. Well, not exactly "evasions" by definition but "getting away with not paying the government through legal avenues" would be a more proper term. Lofwyr chooses Gild Tesoro for his business of gambling not providing much for society besides the numerous jobs his giant city offers. Also, he lost some money in one spin at Gran Tesoro. The man will surely pay for what Lofwyr is sure was a rigged machine.
  • When it comes to franchising, Eugene Krabs can either jump on the entire idea or simply not. It is not a choice born out of business strategy, it is more of whenever money presents itself to Krabs at that moment. He opened a second Krusty Krab but that is as far as he has taken it. So when Gild Tesoro tried out a Krabby Patty and believed that this food would be a good menu option to fatten his guests up with. Especially those Americans with high cholesterol giving them heart attacks would surely love some good burgers. Krabs was initially not on board with the entire idea of having his secret recipe used by anyone else, though seeing as Gild Tesoro offered him tons of gold in the process, he could maaaaaaayyyyyybeeeeeeeeee strike a deal with him. More pounds of gold later, Tesoro and Krabs forged a deal on having the Krabby Patty brand be used in Gran Tesoro, fattening up consumers as he likes. Except for that Krabs actually got a good deal out of it. Because the "secret recipe" Tesoro used was not actually the Krabby Patty Secret Formula that so many covet. Tesoro just paid a giant premium to use the Krusty Krab brand without even knowing. If Tesoro would ask why the Krabby Patties taste different between their chefs, Krabs would say that wet burgers cannot be helped.
  • King Dice introduced Gild Tesoro to the Devil and the demon and Tesoro struck a deal. The Devil would provide an extra security entourage if people's souls are forfeited as the final thing they could gamble. In the new Grand Tesoro, those who have already lost enough to be indebted to Tesoro have one chance to lose their debt and walk away without consequence. If they lose, their souls belong to the Devil and they will be put to work at Gran Tesoro with Gild Tesoro as the one will they work for. The Devil gets more souls and Tesoro gets more workers. Working with Tesoro is already like being dragged to Hell, so the Devil did not mind giving some workers away. What the Devil DID mind was when Cuphead and Mugman showed up to gamble at Gran Tesoro, not learning from their prior incident. When Cuphead and Mugman went to find the Devil was again taking contracts, they proceeded to blast him AND Tesoro with all their might. Though they still have their agreement, both the Devil and Tesoro are pissed that their work was undone by two cocky gamblers.
  • Scrooge McDuck finds Gran Tesoro repulsive as he thinks it is a dumb place filled with dumb people who gamble their dumb income to lose it to dumb tycoons. It is pretty easy to infer that Scrooge believes that Gild Tesoro is a rather dumb man. Tesoro was hurt by this statement and offered the duck a free swing at the machines to catch a whiff of the gambling arts. Scrooge was going to blow him off, though if it is free, he cannot refuse an offer. A few hundred pulls later and Scrooge was down to one penny left. Tesoro was going to celebrate that he nickel and dimed a person who spoke badly about him, only to be shocked that Scrooge proceeded to win his money back plus more a few pulls later. The duck explained to the bewildered Tesoro that karma always runs favors the bold before running off with his winnings. Tesoro is not the kind of man to throw the ban banner on harmless people, though that does mean he cannot take his anger out on others for this mess. Him encasing someone with gold is his specialized mute button.
    Tesoro: Who dares send me a funny meme that I do not find humor at? If those beneath my heel try to humor me without MY expression permission, then you'd wish that you were born blind and crippled.
  • Wario has been a frequenter of Gran Tesoro, and a fellow casino owner as well (it is not surprising to those who did not know this). Wario has been one of the few who could hang out with Tesoro and is not looked down upon, with Tesoro finding Wario good company from blatantly evil capitalist to capitalist. Wario has been trying to sell his casino to Tesoro, believing that rebranding it with the Tesoro name would increase profit margins significantly. Though Tesoro acknowledges this is a potential outcome, he rejects it as he feels that it would cheapen the Tesoro name, his name to be exact, by putting his name onto any dingy casino. Wario is still buttering him up regardless, to no avail.
  • There are so many places that Eggman has visited that involve gambling, it was easy for Gran Tesoro to hook Eggman into the game. Though Eggman drowned in debt almost immediately though was surprisingly paid it off without any hiccups. The engineering business is so lucrative for Eggman that he could just sell a machine he made to some government, where his funds would replenish almost instantly. Not to say Eggman is an addicted gambler always, he just finds himself losing big time. What makes Tesoro not outright enslave Eggman is that the man is genuinely a good mechanic, having fixed and upgraded machinery within Gran Tesoro as payment. The inventor returning becomes an opportunity for free tech work, if anything. Though Tesoro did lament that for some reason, the machines Eggman creates have crushed animals between the gears that start smelling up.
  • Oogie Boogie has been having fun in Gran Tesoro since he won big there. He used his entire winnings to make his own specialized roulette in the casino so actually lives are on the line. Some poor "employee" would be tossed into the ring and those betting can win big prizes or have said employee tortured as a loss. This section became a Sleeper Hit for Gild Tesoro who had to hang it to Boogie, not even he could have come up with such an ergonomic idea.
  • Celestia Ludenberg is on Tesoro's shit list. He can rig all the machines he wants, he could flip hands all he could, but she keeps on winning. He had to resort to actual cheating after seeing her sweep up the casino for so much money, Tesoro could not afford a new yacht for himself. Being an oligarch, it is a societal rule for him to own a boat whenever he wants. Tesoro is sure that this young lady must have killed his subordinate to take the Luck-Luck Devil Fruit since he has no explanation on how she could just go past every obstacle he could throw at her. It is because of her that Tesoro had to implement a rule in the casino that if someone cheats, they will be charged for twice of everything the place on the line. He cannot just simply ban her, as that would be a humiliation onto itself, that he is so afraid of someone who is notorious at the gambling scene. He already brought one famous gambler down, and it should not be this hard for him to bring another one to her knees. Not in that way.
  • Ultra Greed has been utterly decimated by Tesoro multiple times, being farmed by him for his gold. Tesoro can handle the Greeds just fine as his Devil Fruit is that powerful. Whenever Ultra Greed comes out, it is just a cakewalk at that point since Tesoro could just hurl all the money back at ultra Greed's face. Ultra Greed could simply just not throw the thing that is damaging him, though programming dictates he cannot stop. Then when Ultra Greed turns gold, Tesoro just tosses it around as if it were nothing since he controls gold. After beating down Ultra Greed, Tesoro just extracts all the gold he could of the creature to leave. Since Ultra Greed farming takes time, Tesoro does it when he wants to stretch his legs out and the slaves could not handle the beatings anymore.
  • Giovanni had Team Rocket HQ be under a casino, but never truly had the casino be that elaborated. When seeing Gran Tesoro, Giovanni was blown away by how gigantic the place was. The gold plating, the women who wear bunnysuits for some reason, and the cheery atmosphere made for a good distraction. So much of a distraction, Giovanni nearly forgot that he blew a thousand at poker. He now looks back retroactively and believes that he should have put more effort to the casino disguise of his headquarters. Or maybe he should have not let a minor inside who completely defeated him and his cronies.
  • A bit of an employee for Tesoro is Balrog who constantly fights in the boxing matchups at Gran Tesoro where he earns quite a keep for himself. Then Balrog would proceed to gamble all of his money away where he would then go back working his money back. Tesoro is surprised that he did not need to enslave the boxer as the man is enslaved to his tendencies as it was.
  • The Piglins could be seen hanging around Gran Tesoro for the sole reason that the entire place is made of gold. They could try to fit as much of it as they can into their pockets, but they still will not put a small dent in the ship's mass. Tesoro keeps them around because he has his employees pretend that they are his guards he will send to those who do not wish to pay up what the owe him.
  • There is a weird genuine friendship between Butters Stoch and Gild Tesoro. One would think Tesoro would just dismiss this child though instead, listened intently as Butters kept talking. Butters had conviction with what he spoke about, a trait that Tesoro values. Perhaps being a pimp that one time and being hopped on soda brought out charisma that Butters seldom uses. What Butters went on about to Tesoro was a way to have money stashed away through investment in useless art, a scheme that Tesoro really likes the idea of. The issue for Tesoro is that he can only vaguely understand what Butters was speaking about. He lets Butters prattle on about it as they played TV Tropes Pantheon TCG together.
    Butters: It's all stored in the blockchain, so it's proof that you own this piece of art. People can right-click it all they want but its a receipt that shows you own this art of this fancy looking monkey right here.
    Tesoro: Please make your move. I have been waiting to throw my Tesoro build at you for ten minutes.
  • Glukkons have been some good regulars at Gran Tesoro and could actually afford to lose a lot of money. They could make it all back within a week and buy another yacht soon after, so good drinks and good games are what the Glukkons enjoy. It got to a point that when Tesoro looked at the numbers, Glukkons made up 30% of Gran Tesoro's revenue. He wonders he should open a strip club too just to add another section of his moneymaker.
  • Mustache Girl, Bloody Marie, and Peacock would be sympathetic to Tesoro for his past as a slave if it were not for the fact he grew up to be similar to his slavers. They do not want to cross paths with him not out of fear, it is due to the fact that they are wrapped up in their own business to take on a tycoon. He could wallow in his fortunes all day but they know he will get what is coming to him.
  • Two ducks that Tesoro wanted to be trapped in debt was Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander. Hearing the latter's impeccable luck, Tesoro devised a plan to have Gander and Donald Duck be in a gambling competition that he will charge people to watch. As Gander repeatedly causes Donald to lose, at the final stretch where Gander has the clear edge, Tesoro would goad Gander to put everything on the line where Gander would be rigged to lose. Donald Duck would come out alright though Gander would be in ginormous trouble with him. A thrilling end to an event and one big ego boost for Tesoro. That being said, that event never came through since when Donald Duck slipped trying to get a quarter, causing a chain of events where all the slot machines proceeded to explode. Tesoro was so pissed over this temporary loss of revenue that he forgot to make the event entirely.
  • The Grandmas piled onto Tesoro once as revenge for him killing a few of them. Tesoro apparently thought ugly gold statues he found lying around were actually Grandmas made of gold... to which he smelted to become part of the floor. Even his Devil Fruit abilities could not hold back elderly women choking him out. Not wanting to use the gold of Gran Tesoro against another enemy, Tesoro decided to book it and hoped onto his yacht, sailing to the reaches unknown. As of this writing, he still is not back from wherever he is. Either way, Gran Tesoro thrives though the Grandmas can be seen playing the slots frequently, just waiting for Tesoro to come back.

"That's the way of the world, I'm afraid. Gold... rules over everything!!!"

Lesser Gods

    Alan Moore 
Alan Moore, God of Arc Welding (The Cynical Optimist)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face and hair
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Master of the Deconstruction Crossover, Insistent Terminology, Sophisticated as Hell, Believer of Smart Viewers, advocating that Humans Are Flawed, ultimately with them earning happy endings as a nod to Rousseau.
  • Domains: Good, Literature, Knowledge, City, Solidarity
  • Underlings: Rorschach, Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan, Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias, Edward Blake/The Comedian, Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl II, V, John Constantine
  • Allies: Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Swamp Thing , The Spectre, George R. R. Martin
  • Opposes: The Comic Book Guy
  • Uneasy Relationship: Stan Lee, The SCP Foundation
  • Observed by: Charles Victor Szasz/The Question
  • Not to be Confused with: Grigori Rasputin
  • It was recently revealed that the folks from The DCU have decided to use property from the Watchmen once more. This time, they revealed hat Dr. Manhattan was responsible for creating the current state of the DC Universe. This was the last straw for their original writer, one named Alan Moore. He has seen his creations used outside of his original intent for the past few years and now wants to have a greater say in things. With that, he himself applied for godhood. While Stan Lee was initially against the idea, he received an out pour of support from many of his creations. He eventually relented and granted Alan Moore access to the Pantheon. The writer now contemplates what to do with his newfound power.
  • His specialty is the ability to take upon the works of previous workers and tweak them in order to create a better story as a result. He made a storied history with doing that Swamp Thing who probably owes his ascension to him. While his run on the characters were short, they were considered to be one of the signature stories of all time.
    • He also wrote some of the best stories of Superman and Batman in the forms of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? and The Killing Joke respectively. As such, the World's Finest were happy about his ascension.
    • Barbara Gordon's opinion on the man has been mixed. She believed that her story was left in the cold when the Joker crippled her. On the other hand, her time as Oracle was beloved by many, even when she was able to walk again.
  • Among his DC works, he was responsible for bringing the Spectre back to relevance in his world. He would have appreciated it more if not for the introduction of John Constantine, one of the slipperiest magicians in the Pantheon. You wouldn't see the Blue-Collar Warlock singing his praises, but he does have the writer's gratitude.
  • His most beloved creation was the world of Watchmen It is considered to be one of the best graphic novels of all time and has even been studied in college. While he appreciates the recognition for his accomplishment, he lamented how the book played a part in kickstarting The Dark Age of Comic Books. He was especially miffed with how popular Rorschach became when he wrote the Anti-Hero as a cautionary tale.
  • His other well known creation in the Pantheon is the anarchist known as V. It is well known that he himself doesn't mind a few of such ideas to shake up the system. Unfortunately for him, that too became a film. He can at least smile at how it failed to impress the critics.
  • His biggest Berserk Button is with people who try to adapt the works of previous art, especially his own. That includes exploring other parts of his work without his permission. He resisted attempts by DC to create a sequel, but as he did not have the rights to the characters, the company eventually made one.
  • Of course whenever that props up, some people snark about his own adaptation of various Victorian Era figures called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. While the book was well received, he got a bit of flak for the depiction of a certain number of characters, especially with Mina Harker. Alan Moore has defended his work, citing its many accolades. That too became a movie that he predicably hated (though in this case the hatred was justified).
  • His ascension brought about the potential for revenge from one particular person: The Comic Book Guy. The last time the two met, he stopped the nerd from trashing the comic book store he was at. The geek knew just how to piss him off: by claiming that the movie was the greatest comic book movie of all time. Not willing to take that slight standing, Alan Moore demanded to take this up to a debate. In the resulting debate, the Comic Book Guy unleashed a surprisingly good amount of lore to keep the writer on his toes. Ultimately, the audience was convinced that the book was the better product. The Comic Book Guy tried to attack him again... only to get his ass kicked a second time. The two are now under a gag order to keep the two apart.
  • For the last time, just because he looks like Rasputin doesn't mean he's the later in reincarnated form. How could be be if he isn't nearly as evil as his counterparts. That hasn't stopped the likes of the Question from keeping an eye on him.
  • The two may work at different genres, but GRRM shares his sentiment in regards to other people using his characters in fanfiction. This is especially true since people tend to try and revive the characters he killed off.

    Nerima Daikon Brothers 
Nerima Daikon Brothers, the Godly Trio of Repeating Actions Throughout Episodes
From the left: Mako, Hideki, and Ichiro (no, not the pandas). Not included, their Team Pet Pandaikon.


    How I Met Your Mother Cast 
"This Pantheon profile is gonna be legen... wait for it...

Theodore Evelyn "Ted" Mosby, Barnabus "Barney" Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, and Tracy Mosby, Divine Cast of Arc Fatigues (Ted: Jed Mosely, Schmosby, Lady Tedwina Slowsby, Alternate Ted (proposed by Barney from the Pantheon) | Barney: The Legen… wait for it …dary God, The Awesome One | Marshall: Marshmallow | Lily: Lilybug | Robin: Robin Sparkles | Tracy: Your Mother, T.M., Tracy McConnell)
Left to right: Marshall, Lily, Barney, Robin, Ted, and Tracy
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A Yellow Umbrella with the initials "T.M." and a sharp-dressed suit.
  • Theme Song: Hey Beautiful (Generally), For the Longest Time (Ted and Barney)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall. However, Every Member has been through the Entire Neutral Spectrum, with Barney very heavily leaning on Chaotic Neutral and the rest, sans Tracy, being borderline True Neutral.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Sitcoms, Love, Expectations, Companionship, Friendship, Search
  • Heralds: Their Relativesnote , Ranjit Singh, Carl MacLaren, Wendy, Adam "Punchy" Punciarello, Brad Morris, Cindy
  • Allies: The Friends Crew, The Baudelaires, Malkuth, John Stewart, Mordecai, Rigby, Dana Zane, Jill Stingray, Moe Szyslak, Tapper, Oscar Diggs, Wreck-It Ralph, Yusuke Kitagawa, Lady Oscar, Steven Universe, Lois Lane
  • On Good Terms With: House of Love and Affection (generally), House of Craft (Ted), House of Musicality and Hall of Witches and Wizards (Barney), Houses of Law and Justice and Nature (Marshall), House of Childhood and Adolescence (Lily and Barney)
  • Rivals: The Seinfeld Gang (in general), Brainy Smurf (Ted and Barney), Zatanna, Glenn Quagmire (Barney)
  • Opposes: The Philadelphia Gang, Count Olaf
  • Fanboy Of:
  • It should come off as no surprise that a story of love is a persistent and enduring one, having managed to remain compelling and alluring several centuries into being told to millions of people. Usually, it seems to be simple and direct, but in the case of a New York-based-budding architect named Theodore Evelyn Moseby, this was a tale of confusion, hits, misses, expectations, and desperation. Ted started off as an idealistic person who was sure that he would find the love of his life and generally had a strong company under two college friends, Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin, as well as a serial womanizer known as Barnabus Stinson. In fact, Marshall and Lily's romantic relationship and their engagement announcement are what propels Ted into trying to discover "The One". This leads him to Robin Scherbatsky, a woman from Canada who works as TV news anchor and is struggling to make a successful career for herself. What ensues is a witty, sentimental, and tenuous tale of Ted trying to search for "The One", whom he initially believes is Robin. Along the way, Ted also has to deal with some of his friends' tribulations and their best successes, including the marriage of Marshall and Lily and Barney, slowly learning to become a better person over time, though, along the way, the pursuit of love becomes rather straining and difficult to cope for Ted, occasionally lapsing into cynicism, to mention he's failed to manage a relationship with several women, most notably Victoria and Stella Zinman whilst Robin and Barney end up in a relationship and arrange a marriage. It's there where Ted finally found "The One" in someone named Tracy McConnell when they met at a train station shortly after Barney and Robin's wedding.
  • Ted's story has been a memorable one for many, and the same can be said for the rest of his core friends, all of whom have had interesting experiences ranging from heartwarming, tearful, troubling, hilarious, and, wait for it... legendary. Of course, Marshall himself had to deal with differentiating priorities between himself and Lily which became a reason for them breaking up temporarily, though they eventually got back and decided to get married. Barney's personal experience led to him reconnecting with his father and being genuinely touched by his family's success, and Robin began to grow more confident about herself, grow out of her disdain towards children and even commit herself to a healthy relationship... for sometime before she divorced her marriage with Barney due to her overt focus as a news broadcaster. And finally, Ted became well-acquainted with Tracy quickly, developed a relationship, got married, and had two children, Penny and Luke. Unfortunately, years later, Tracy would be diagnosed with a terminal illness and pass away in Ted's presence, and sometime after that, Ted would recite his entire experience in finding his love to Penny and Luke.
  • Ted, Barney, and Tracy each had their own place in the Pantheon, though it became very obvious and quick that they would have really wanted Marshall, Lily, and Robin in their presence as well, provided that they were part of a group that has had a memorable and well-preserved experience with. Eventually, Ted would step up to ask for his other three friends to also be bought into the Pantheon, though of course, he had to go through a select series of hurdles and troubles to get to that point, much to his annoyance and Barney's amusement. It took a long time, ranging from several delays to Ted having to deal with other sorts of issues regarding people in the Pantheon, and general ascension legislations before the verdict was finally put into account for an agreement. Ted and Barney were happy to see that they were able to bring Barney, Lily, and Robin along into the Pantheon, and they affirmed that even with their times of separation and differing priorities, they were sure to affirm that they'd always look out for each other. Even if things got hectic and exasperating at times, especially for Barney.
  • It's an obvious notice at this point, but Love is a major theme that is very central to the sextet, and it comes in different ways, depending on who exactly is bought up. Marshall and Lily represent an early, budding relationship as well as an enduring and happy marriage, which is furthered by their three children, two of whom are named Marvin and Daisy, Barney, in an unorthodox way, showcases the love of attention and toward himself, though has gotten genuinely romantic at times in spite of his nature as a womanizer, that is until the birth of his daughter, Ellie, Robin, and Ted both embody the search for love, which has been a central story in their lives, though where Robin was insecure about her predicament, Ted went through a revolving door between idealism and cynicism in his personal quest to find his own soulmate, which Tracy incidentally happened to be all along, being the very girl whom Ted would have idealized in every aspect. It's no surprise that they're a popular topic in the House of Love and Affection, and they, of course, enjoy being there during visitations as they could make reservations there to hang out with each other and have some fun, in more ways than one.
    • On the subject of troubled love, Ted found a number of things in common with a blue jay named Mordecai, of all things. Both had a habit of getting in bizarre and weird situations, though Ted feels that a giant talking bird really took things up a notch, and their becoming friends over struggling with love furthered that. However, where Mordecai struggled with self-confidence, Ted was reckless and relied more on destiny, which backfired hard as this contributed to him becoming cynical several times. Mordecai's best friend, a raccoon named Rigby would find better luck with romance, though this was because he ended up in a stable one with Eileen before Mordecai would sort out his problems and start a functional relationship and eventual marriage with Stef. Of course, Ted, Marshall, and Tracy would find opportunities to get the animal duo into bar conversations with them, allowing them to have a hell of a time, considering how both parties revolved around having zany adventures and hijinks.
  • The group often met up at a bar named McLaren's where they would talk about a lot of their interests, joke around, express their expectations, and reminisce about their past and what made them the way they are now. Given how much they've frequented it, not to mention being situated just below Ted, Marshal, and Lily's apartment room, McLaren's has a sentimental value to the five of them and they're very glad about being able to visit it as much as they want in the Pantheon, even of their own life directions would lead them to different opportunities and expectations. Very quickly, comparisons were made to a sextet who also paid gatherings at a NYC bar named Central Perk who also had various wild adventures and complicated matters involving relationships. Ted and Ross Geller got along mainly for how they could relate to the difficulties in finding love, though the two are not above taking slight jabs at what they've been through. Meanwhile, Barney has a slight rivalry with Joey Tribbiani due to their history of womanizing, though Barney has since made an effort to stave this habit off after his daughter's birth. While not too focused on the topic of alcoholic beverages, the gang do get along with bartenders like Jill Stingray, Tapper, and even Moe Szyslak as even with their sometimes wacky experiences and outlandish moments, they respect the staff well enough and would try to get them into joining their conversations as well, often with very humorous and bizarre outcomes.
    • The McLaren's gang would also meet with similar figures, though unfortunately, these end up with undesired results as their overall differences would prove to clash far too much against them. This is especially the case with a quintet from Philadelphia, who were very quick to try talking to the McLaren's gang and find some way to interject their own experiences and past referencing... with involved a lot of lechery, abuse, general mischief, and mayhem. Needless to say, the Philadelphia gang were far too stuck-up, bratty, and even a little psychotic to put up, and away from their earshot, the McLaren's gang have poked a few deprecating remarks on them. It's most apparent with Dennis and Dee's constant desire for attention and how the latter's interest and "attempts" in acting have been a source of humor for all the wrong reasons, though Barney does admit that he could potentially get along with Charlie Kelly for having some abandonment issues, though even that has its limits. A more traditional rivalry is with a quartet who tended to visit Monk's Café and while they have their uncontrollable and selfish moments, they will sometimes refrain from causing too much damage and even they would express some sympathy for the worst moments the McLaren's gang endured. There is a personal rivalry between Barney and Jerry Seinfeld over who is better at stand-up comedy, and even a friendly one between Lily and Elaine Benes for how they try to deal with their friends' antics and both of them being a bit more temperamental than one would expect.
  • Ted is a teacher in architecture and a pretty popular one at that, with a couple of his students noting that he's a likable and understanding professor in his field. He also intends on using his knowledge and education in the said field to become a successful architect in his own right, though he's faced complications in even that, though not as severe as finding the ideal love interest. It goes without saying that he was naturally interested in the Hall of Architecture, claiming that with that place, he'll manage to build up his reputation further as well as get a raise in his profession. He found the place to be more wacky and complex than he expected and struggled for a bit to get a grasp on the Hall, but would eventually find himself well-accommodated. Ted normally gets along with most of the deities there, at least if they aren't bad, as well as some of the visitors there, developing a strange friendship with John Stewart in their mutual interest as well as the latter being open to the idea of mentoring Ted in becoming a better architect, which he greatly appreciated. Being an architect was also a dream Malkuth desired during her days as a Patron Librarian and she would often see Ted as a good example to follow, feeling that she could learn from him and Ted, in return, could better his skills by mentoring her, which allowed the two of them to become good friends who could rely on one another. That, and Malkuth generally likes being in the company of Ted's friends, finding them amusing and endearing.
  • Ted is a huge fan of Star Wars and is very happy to proclaim his enthusiasm towards the series. Even more so, Ted was outright gleeful about the fact that being in the Pantheon meant that he was going to be in the same world as the residents from a "galaxy far far away". He once claimed that when he would have children, he would name them Luke and Leia and at the very least, his son does have the former, though he would have his daughter be given a more "normal" name, namely Penny, but regardless, Ted loves them a lot in spite of their complaints and arguments. Speaking of Star Wars, being a recurring guest at the café situated in the Hall of Romantic Loss meant that Ted would have the chance of meeting the one and only Darth Vader, something that really geeked him out… until the manager there told him that while he gets why a number of people are fans of the former Sith Lord, he still cautions Ted that it's best to keep his distance, given Vader's sheer fear factor. While a bit bummed out, Ted understood why the manager gave him a warning and would admit that he visits it because of Vader, though Ted would still squee a little anytime he gets a glimpse of the galaxy's once most feared figure taking his seat in the café. Finally, Ted's fanboyism caught the attention of Vader's children for obvious reasons, with Luke Skywalker simply being happy to see how he's found a big admirer and wishes Ted all the best in his time in the Pantheon.
  • Marshall's job is being an environmental lawyer and his big ambition was to become a judge. It took years of practice, a good deal of misfortune and unexpected hijinks, and a lot of support from his family, but in the end, he got his dream fulfilled and he's a lot happier and financially earned as it is. Even so, the Pantheon ended up throwing a curveball at him as Marshall was quite unnerved and panicky about the idea of having to take cases regarding literal gods like Gaea and having to talk about and even visit places that he'd rather not be in, like an active lava land, or a sky island with billowing winds every few minutes. Fortunately for him, he ended up covering the usual cases and the House of Law and Justice were very open to having Marshall be a representing mediator between them and the House of Nature, feeling that Marshall's openly friendly nature and his work ethics would at least benefit in the two Houses developing a better relationship with each other as well as serve as a promotion for upcoming environmental lawyers as well. Marshall was admittedly a bit overwhelmed by his new expectations, but gradually got comfortable about it as his job in the Pantheon would allow for extended breaks to compensate for longer working hours, with the House heads knowing that Marshall would want to spend his time with his family and friends just as much in his spare time.
  • Marshall believes in the supernatural such as ghosts and magic existing, and being in the Pantheon ended up vindicating his beliefs with Marshall proudly proclaiming to his friends "I told you so!". He's even a bit giddy over the fact that his profession means he'd be getting to talk about and even seeing nature being physically and mentally controlled by others and would geek about his experiences whenever he's talking to his friends and family about it. Even with that aside, Marshall made plans on taking Lily to vacation in the House of Magic and Sorcery and indeed, they went ahead and admitted that they had quite the "magical" experience there, especially with just how much wonders and sights to be seen there. This also motivated Barney to try his luck as a magician there, eager to prove his talents in that field, not caring that others would point out his lack of actually weaving magic. While he finds ghost stories and fables fascinating, he does admit to being a little spooked by the House of Undead and Phasmata, due to many of its most famous residents having rather awful reputations and is unsure of ever visiting it.
  • Lily has a job as a kindergarten teacher and she's demonstrated herself to be a likable and popular teacher for the children she directly teaches. Like Marshall, she would be given a teaching job in the House of School and would come to find her experiences there interesting, to say the least. Some of the students there did leave some sort of impact, ranging from offering very zany and chaotic class experiences to more tender and sweet moments, all of which Lily remembers very well and would converse with her friends. With her profession, Lily also takes teaching visits in the House of Childhood and Adolescence where many of the kids there are a bit more carefree and open about what they would like to do. While she was fine in teaching others, she was open to taking some advice on how to communicate with others in case they feel troubled as well as getting them engaged. This is how he got well-acquainted with Eikichi Onizuka and John Keating, even if they focus specifically on high school and university students, though their ways of communicating with them have been noted to be very effective or even inspirational, even with all the troubles they've been through. Their newfound friendship is good enough that Lily would hang out and have drinks with them to reminisce about good times and Onizuka and Keating have noted how spunky and energetic Lily can get whilst being cautious about how chaotic she can be whenever she gets angry.
  • Aside from her career as a school teacher, Lily also has an interest in arts and does painting as a personal hobby, with her friends and Marshall fully approving of such. That said, Lily does feel that being in the Pantheon means that her art might be judged and she feels that she may not stand out well enough, even though she would be fascinated by the House of Craft and consider the idea of visiting there and probably finding better artists whom she could befriend and get her to mentor her. Fortunately, many of the residents there are open and accepting of Lily, but unfortunately for them, they are not too aware of how deceptive and scheming she can be when she sets her sights on a goal or she feels slighted. On a personal note, Lily finds many of the known drawings and painters in the Pantheon pretty interesting and would be very interested in commissioning something inspired by Marianne and Heloise, and she would be intrigued by the antics and tales of Rudy Tabootie and Snap White, a duo which consisted of a young boy who conjures a fictional universe into existence via drawing him. Thankfully, Lily was able to get along with Rudy and he, in turn, likes her for being polite and willing to engage with his interests, though Snap, while accepting of Lily, can find her pretty annoying due to her jokingly referring to him as a Plucky Comic Relief, yet even Snap is a bit hesitant to confront an angry Lily, if she ever does get angry that is. She also developed a friendship with Yusuke Kitagawa over their shared interest in being artists, though Yusuke has the misfortune of struggling with artist's block, and Lily, upon hearing of that, is willing to talk to him about it. Although she can be really fussy and even manipulative, Lily has helped in giving Yusuke some inspiration for his art, especially as he came to find Lily's story with Marshall and her friends as a fascinating subject.
  • Lily had a high school phase as an Emo Perky Goth where, surprisingly, she was a lot more abrasive and confrontational than she currently is. Even if this was around the point she met Marshall for the first time, Lily feels really embarrassed about her phase and would really not talk about it. She doesn't mean any offense to any actual goths and enthusiasts, but looking at them certainly does flare her up with awkward and frustrated thoughts. While different in context, these were thoughts that were shared with Dana Zane; her teen years were basically her being "the Merriam-Webster definition of a ‘shallow jerkwad’”, a far cry from the Benevolent Boss she would become later down her line and she obviously hates being reminded of it. She finds Lily being rather relatable on that topic and conversed that Dana gets why she would cringe anytime her goth phase would be bought up. The two get along pretty well, though Lily is not above taking a few potshots at Dana by forcing her to serve a bodyguard role for either her friends or her children. While Dana gets annoyed a number of times, she'll still treat Lily with a measure of respect and even help her and her friends out if she can.
  • Barney is a "legendary" figure in the Halls of Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior, as evidenced by his infamy as a womanizer. To a degree, he is a bit proud of his reputation, though the birth of his daughter has made this rather nuanced, and these days, he's mainly just focused on his supposedly mysterious job. Still, if one thing is to be noted, it's that he was incredibly good at whatever interested in and it shows; a flashy and charismatic personality, sharp wit, knowing how to woo the ladies, and doing his best to maintain an impressionable and stylish appearance. And while he was incredibly shrewd in his approaches, Barney nonetheless does care about those whom he sees as friends and Ellie has ensured that he's left his womanizing days behind, even if this is exactly what he's best known for in the eyes of many. To his surprise, he's ended up encountering a number of figures, particularly Glenn Quagmire, who are just as notorious as him when it comes to being a serial womanizer, and many would have speculated that Barney would have been rivals or even friends with them had it not been for his personal growth and change, though many of those deities would admit to seeing Barney as a Worthy Opponent in that regard, much to his surprising approval.
  • A notable thing about Barney is how much of a fan he is of a good number of villains. Actually, it goes more than just that; Barney sees the villains as the true "heroes" of their stories and the heroes as the supposed "main villains" who are to be opposed and Barney finds it really annoying how the "heroes lose to the villains. Good luck convincing him that Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese didn't play responsibility for ushering in the Bad Future where Skynet reigned supreme in a dystopian world, not to mention the T-800 being a Tragic hero, or that Daniel LaRusso wasn't a sociopathic bully who tormented Johnny Lawrence and stole his rightful place as the winner of the All-Valley Tournament as well as claiming that Johnny is the "real" Karate Kid. This made him an interesting, if a little pretentious figure for many heroes to tolerate while some villains found him rather amusing to hear about. At the very least, Barney gets along well with Johnny, often talking about "good old days", though the former would like to get the latter to try out other sorts of beer other than Coors, not aware of Johnny's sentimental attachment to said drink, making that front difficult. Even then, Johnny does affirm that there are moments in the past that he regrets taking part in and would rather try to make amends with such, which Barney would eventually accept. On a disappointing note, Barney also applies his "hero worshipping" towards Simon Laurent and Hal Stewart as well by citing how they kept getting broken and how they were the real heroes of their stories, which predictably got many to call Barney out on how misguided he could be.
  • Robin has undergone a number of things, but the most persistent one is her career of trying to be a news reporter. The problem is, the vast majority of the networks she's worked under come off as crap, and hence, she finds being in a stable career to be a very hard thing to come by. She would see some success eventually, but it's only after a long period of struggling and suffering from being underwhelmed. This didn't stop Robin from being interested in the House of Jobs and Profession either way, where she would find a good deal of news reporter roles, though the wages were not top-notch. What came after was another batch of mess; Robin having to talk and provide exposition about several events happening in the Pantheon. Admittedly, some were not too hard to cover, given they were everyday moments and there were even a few that Robin found humorous. Still, she was annoyed by having to talk about reports that were about catastrophic and planetary-scaled events. She wanted to talk about general news, not about the end of the world, as Robin complained, and sure enough, it took some time before getting used to it. After all, she does need decent pay for her job after all.
  • Unknown to most, Robin was a former Idol Singer who went by "Robin Sparkles", mainly as a way to rebel against her controlling father who expected her to act like a boy instead of a girl. That wasn't the main reason why she left the music showbiz; Robin was an absolutely atrocious singer, nabbing very negative reviews for her work as well as middling-to-disappointing sales and doing everything in her power to not just put her singing days behind, but also make sure nobody knows she even had a singing career. That said, she doesn't mind the House of Musicality and would gladly go to a concert with her friends, but expect her to cringe loudly in shame and embarrassment anytime someone either references or discovers her music history, and even getting into a bit of a panic if that sort of conversation goes on for too long. Even so, she does respect the ascended Idol Singers in the Pantheon like Muse, Aqours, and 765 Pro as they are legitimately talented singers and she's not above self-deprecating herself in comparison, which comes off as a bit of a shock, considering how proud she is about herself on general.
  • Robin has complicated feelings about the House of Family and Relatives, a contrast to how Marshall greatly enjoys and appreciates the House. While she gets along with her sister just fine, her relationship with her father is… not exactly the best. And the reason is a very strange and demeaning one; he wanted a son, so naturally he was annoyed when his wife gave birth to a girl, and then he decided to work things around by raising Robin to be a boy, pretty much soiling her childhood. Turns out, her career as a music artist, terrible as it was in her perspective, was done as a way to rebel against her father and her father is the reason why she doesn't want to go back to Canada. Befitting of her sense of pride, she doesn't like being pitied and affirms that she would rather stand out in her own way, but she's not above relating and even sympathizing with those who've been through a similar predicament. To the surprise of many, Robin became friends with Lady Oscar for that reason as the idea of having to present themselves as the opposite gender is something not many would have mutually gone through and Robin admitted that as bad as she had it, Oscar's predicament was worse. Besides that and her own stoicism, Oscar likes Robin's feisty nature and admits that she would like to emulate it as a way to make herself feel a bit more womanly, a compliment that Robin was a bit flattered by.
    • While Robin would find some luck in remaining distant enough from her father's influence, Lois Lane wasn't as lucky, with her father, a military personnel named General Sam Lane, wanting his daughter to be a Military Brat and to be married to someone whom Sam could see as the ideal man. Not only that, but Sam himself also wanted a son, and was disappointed with having two daughters, instead deciding to alternate with having both of them trained and bought up in a military upbringing, much to Lois and Lucy's dismay. With their roles as a news reporter and a journalist respectively, Robin and Lois felt that they had quite a number of things in common and it led to them becoming good friends rather quickly. From there, Robin was eager to learn about how Lois ended up being so good in her job and wanted to see how she could mentor Robin in excelling in her own role though as much as she hates to admit it, she feels a little envious of Lois, given Robin's own spotty track record in her job. And in the topic of having troubling upbringings, Robin wondered how much it sucked to have such a domineering father and admits that while her own dad is troubling enough, Sam's hardass attitude and harboring a discriminatory view towards extraterrestrial was something she saw as "definitely not father material". That aside, they don't talk about their past all that often and they simply enjoy each others' company thanks to Robin and Lois sharing a similar personality quirk about being prideful of their occupations and offering a sense of snark in their social circle, though Lois would try her best to mentor Robin to better her credentials as well as try helping others more often.
  • Tracy is the most popular member of the group according to most of the Pantheon, which is rather ironic as she was barely a member of the core group, considering her very late entry and passing away only a couple of years after giving birth to Luke. It's not just that she's the nicest person in the group, she's just really talented in many skills, ranging from being an excelling student in architecture class, a good bassist and singer, great at communicating and understanding others, and being good at whatever sports she puts her mind into. That, and she is very open to the idea of helping others if she has the time and energy to do so, which makes her very much appreciated and respected by the Houses of Friendship and Camaraderie and Heroism. One such figure who came to admire Tracy was Steven Universe, a young man with special powers whose willingness to help others and provide for his friends was something he could relate with the young woman. However, Tracy was quick to notice that while Steven was an admirable man with a heart of gold, he puts himself under too much pressure in helping others that he neglects to look after himself and was saddened to learn that this played a role in becoming despondent and even turning into a monster. She took it upon herself to approach and converse with Steven, telling him that what he did was good enough and that sometimes he needs to rest and care for his own needs. As a sign of goodwill, she even spent time playing the ukulele with Steven as a way to cheer him up. Although what Tracy said to him was rather critical, her concerns held weight and Steven conceded that he should have been more careful about how much he can handle the issues of others as well as his own well-being. Regardless, Tracy admitted that she'd still be friends with Steven and thanked him for their time playing together, which the young man greatly appreciated.

...dary! LEGENDARY!!!

Barney Stinson

    Joel and Ellie 
Joel Miller and Ellie Williams, Co-deities of Backstories Repeating Themselves
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A handgun crossed with a switchblade
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolios: Action Survivor, Handguns, Hates Being Alone, Huge Guy, Tiny Girl, are leads in The Last of Us
  • Domains: Survival, Community, Freedom, Protection
  • Allies: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, Lee Everett, Clementine, Tallahasee, Frank West, Leonard McCoy, the entire House of Friendship and Camaraderie, E.T
  • Enemies: YHVH, Negan, Spock, The Joker
  • Opposes: Felix, Hannibal Lecter
  • Uneasy Relationship: Earl Hickey, Otacon, Crazy Dave, Beast Boy
  • Abhorrent Admirers: The GUAD, Gul'dan
  • Annoys: Gwen Tennyson
  • Pities: Pippi Longstocking
  • There are many stories about surviving a zombie apocalypse, but there was one that intrigued the Triumvirate of Survival Horror more than most. It's the story of a man who was tasked to protect a young teen for months. The two eventually bonded, a friendship that transcended even his superiors. It is that and the striking similarities with a similar plight with his biological daughter many years ago that convinced them to bring the two to the Pantheon.
  • To Joel and Ellie's surprise, they managed to stay friends with many other zombie survivor deities. Those people of all gods know the importance of companionship. It might be the only thing that can keep you going.
    • They didn't like everyone in that house. Joel was disgusted with how Felix treated his teammates, while Ellie feared what would happen if Joel decided to follow his teachings instead.
  • Joel's decision in the end to save his surrogate daughter over sacrificing her for a cure sparked a massive debate throughout the Pantheon. Some agreed with his decision, while others called him selfish for doing such a thing. The loudest voice of opposition came from the GUAL, with YHVH vowing to rewrite his brain in order to make the more logical decision.
    • Although neither god has such a strong opinion on the matter, Spock and McCoy split their opinions the usual way, with McCoy praising Joel's decision and Spock shaking his head in disappointment.
    • The most unlikeliest of supporters came from one of their most hated factions: the GUAD. Keeping Ellie alive keeps their world in a dystopic future for the time being. However long it takes for Ellie to be no longer a factor doesn't matter to them... just as long as a cure is never found.
    • However, if one looks into how fungi and vaccines work, and look really deep, a decisive verdict can be reached: Joel was absolutely right to stop the Fireflies from dissecting Ellie's brain, because as a fungal infection, their method to cure the Cordyceps Infection by dissecting her brain was completely wrong.
  • Few things has phased Joel through his adventures... except the time when they encountered cannibals. He would be shocked again when he found out they had a god on their side. Neither have set foot in the House of Slaughter as a result, but they couldn't help but notice that Hannibal Lecter has been stalking the two as of late.
  • Crazy Dave may hunt down zombies like them. It doesn't prevent Ellie from feeling nervous around him, given he has the same name as one particular man she had a harrowing encounter with.
  • Joel can't help but take pity of Pippi Longstocking. Even though she firmly believes her father will return, he's silently prepping for the worst. Ellie on the other hand has been enjoying her company, joining her on her wacky adventures.
  • One reason to think Pippi may be right? E.T. the extraterrestrial successfully found his parents and went back home. Neither would admit it, but many gods suspected they were moved with the story. Thinking more optimistically may not be such a bad thing after all.
  • Has been seen recently with fellow zombie survivor Rick Grimes. Both characters have been through hell and back and have beards to show for it. Rick likens Joel's relationship with Ellie to his own for his mortal son Carl.
  • The Joker was none to pleased to find another with the same voice. The clown is notorious for offing characters with similar shticks. Booker on the other hand was more friendly towards the man, despite their games becoming rivals for the year. Gul'dan is merely amused with his decision to doom his homeworld. Joel was quick to denounce him afterwards.
  • Made quick friends with most within the House of Children, but formed the closest bond with bratty half pints Bart and Dennis. It's likely due to the fact that that she used to be one herself. She gained a lot of Character Development since then, but that doesn't stop her from having fun with them.
  • When she found out there was a God of Karma, she was quick to seek out Earl Hickey to ask him a simple question; was he the reason many of her friends end up dying? Earl couldn't give her a definitive answer to that question, but promises to look into the matter.
  • Ellie was pleased to find so many dog deities in the Pantheon. She made sure to visit every temple to meet with them, from the loyal Hachiko to the giant Clifford to the just plain unusual Jake.
    • When she met Beast Boy, the animorphic was hesitant to meet her. When she backed away, he apologised, explaining that her voice reminded him on his ex-girlfriend Terra.
  • Many gods were surprised at just how often Ellie resorts to swear wears. Ellie even admitted she would have followed the likes of Tiny Tina and Tony Montana if she knew they existed. Though he hesitates to meet up with the gangster, she goes along just nicely with Tiny Tina, hoping to learn more accents.
  • T.J. Detwiler couldn't help but notice how her voice was similar to Gretchen Grundler. The two naturally got along well after that. Gwen Tennyson thought she could have a similar bond with the girl... until she found out that Ellie had more in common with her annoying cousin.

    May and Dawn 
May and Dawn, Co-Goddesses of Rotating Arcs (May: Haruka, The Princess of Hoenn. Dawn: Hikari, Pikari, Dee Dee, Diamond Dandruff, Dane, Dawny)
Left: May. Right: Dawn.
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: Their respective headers (May's bandana and Dawn's hat)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Both have occasional bouts of Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Character Arcs that Run in Conjunction with the Protagonist's, Deuteragonists, Plucky Nice Girls who are Dangerous when Angry, Proving Themselves Either Superior and/or Inferior to other Contest Participants, Special Guests in their Following Regions, Scenes of Romantic Implications with Ash, Tomboy and Girly Girl
  • Domains: Companions, Contests, Trainers, Coordinators, Friendship, Performance, Battle
  • Heralds:
    • May: Max (her younger brother), Norman (her father and Gym Leader of Petalburg City), Caroline (her mother), Drew, Solidad (Her rivals)
    • Dawn: Johanna (her mother), Zoey, Kenny, Ursula, Conway (her rivals)
  • Pokémon Party (doubles as Heralds):
    • May: Blaziken, Beautifly, Skitty, Venusaur, Munchlax, Wartortle, Glaceon
    • Dawn: Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Quilava, Togekiss, Ambipom
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Brock, Misty, Hareta, Red, Wally, Cynthia, N, Caleb, Serena, The Other Serena, Lillie, Arceus, The Weather and Creation Trios, Lucario, Gamera/Toto, Rei, The 1998 and 2000 Digidestined, Mumble, Queen Elsa, Ariel, Melody, Aquaman, Curious George, Shiki Misaki, Rarity, μ's, Aqours, 765 Pro, LOONA, Kim Possible, Claire Bennet, Brittany S. Pierce (Glee Club), Isola (The Falcons), Carcano M91/38, Erza Scarlet, Kirby, Manaphy
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokémon Hunter J, Lysandre, The Great Fusili, Fatalis, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Cruella De Vil, Black Manta, Ursula, Lucemon, The Gyaos
  • Friendly Enemies: Team Rocket (Would often enter Enemy Mine situations regarding mutual enemies and the trio having standards)
  • On Good Terms With: Mewtwo
  • On Neutral Terms With: Maxie, Archie, Cyrus
  • Most are familiar with Pokémon Trainers, who seek to capture and train the eponymous creatures in the effort to challenge their regions' Gym Leaders and then enter the Pokémon League in the hopes of proving themselves to be a Pokémon Master. In the other spectrum, there also exists a specific sub-type of trainers known as Pokémon Coordinators. Much like their trainer counterpart, they too, capture and train Pokémon, but their aim is to participate in Pokémon Contests via a Contest Pass and earn themselves special ribbons to enter a Grand Festival where they compete against other trainers in both. The winner is rewarded with the Ribbon Cup and be christened as Top Coordinators of their region.
    • There were two Pokémon Coordinators of the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions who've had their experiences highly documented. Both of them had humble beginnings, much like most trainers and were travelling companions with a certain Ash Ketchum, who made it a journey to travel to every region he could to challenge their versions of the Pokémon League. The first of these two coordinators was May, the daughter of Petalburg City Gym Leader Norman, who simply happened to be more inspired about Contests than she was about entering the Hoenn League. The second from Sinnoh, Dawn, was the daughter of Johanna who was a renowned Pokémon Coordinator who dreamed of proving her mother proud and surpassing her one day. Both met Ash on differing circumstances and both involved a situation with his Pikachu in peril. Regardless, May and Dawn proved themselves selfless and feisty enough to travel with Ash alongside a specific partner; May's younger brother, Max, and Dawn's Piplup, with Brock tagging along a little later.
  • May and Dawn both had to endure the challenges of facing off against equally ambitious and tough competitors and rivals through their journey of becoming a Top Coordinator. And for all that hardship, their friends were always there, one way or another, to give them support and back. And in the end, while May and Dawn didn't succeed in becoming their region's Top Coordinator, they were happy with the experience and memories they had made with their Pokémon, Ash and Brock. Even when they ended up parting ways and deciding to enter Contests from other regions, fate would be such that May and Dawn would meet Ash again, some way or another
    • Their stories may have been similar to one another's, but they did prove themselves to have made it a memorable one, as their friends and fans determined. So it was decided in the Pantheon that May and Dawn be presented into this new domain with a whole new story awaiting them. The prospect of a wholly different, yet fantastical realm where Pokémon existed alongside other sorts of creatures was an exciting aspect for May and Dawn, as was another reunion with Ash, Brock and Pikachu. And with May and Dawn's ascension, came an announcement of Pokémon Contests opening up in the Pantheon. A coincidental event, but one that got May and Dawn more than ready to venture the Pantheon.
  • When May and Dawn ascended into the Pantheon, they were confident that Ash would be the first deity they'd meet. Instead, he was reported to have been snoring in bed loudly, much to both girls' chagrin. However, Pikachu was awake during the commotion and was overjoyed to see May and Dawn. Remembering a past action that they did before, Dawn and Pikachu decided to recreate a nostalgic moment where the Mouse Pokémon proceeded to zap Ash into waking up forcibly. Upon noticing May and Dawn, Ash quickly took to apologizing and congratulating them for finally getting into the Pantheon. Though unfortunately for Ash, May and Dawn find this particular method of waking Ash up pretty amusing and Pikachu is in agreement. They'd sometimes do it again, even if Ash hasn't overslept, much to his dismay.
  • As coordinators, May and Dawn tend to frequent the House of Theatre and Spectacle, despite it being more focused on the filmmaking side of entertainment. That said, it does help the House in a way as Contest battles and performances can be recorded and broadcasted by enthusiastic workers and fans. That, and there is an increase in the demand for more Pokémon Contests ever since May and Dawn's ascension, becoming one of the more popular attractions in the House of Theatre & Spectacle. Though security monitoring is set in order to ensure a high rate of damage isn't inflicted to the crowd and the competitors.
  • The success and popularity of Pokémon Contests led to the competition boards being asked to bring in deities as sponsors to help promote the contests and to create special opening performances for them to generate more hype and appeal. As it turns out, Idol Singers turned out to be the most popular choice, with bands and artists like μ's, Aqours, 765 Pro, Isola and LOOΠΔ being sought up for performances, plus some occasional Pokémons using specific moves to create a dazzling display that helped in generating bigger audiences.
    • May and Dawn were awestruck by the attention and aesthetics that were placed and worked on with the Pantheonic Contests. Outside of the performances and battles, the two girls would spend a good deal of their rest brakes backstage where they would meet up with special opening performers. It's there where May and Dawn became friends with the performing bands. Aqours, in particular take up a lot of interest in May's journey in Samiya (detailed below) with the members wishing to visit it one day. Like May and Dawn, LOOΠΔ themselves seem to have a grand adventure ahead of them, albeit in a more surreal sense and see May and Dawn's journey as a great learning experience for themselves to see each other as companions and collaborators. They plan of adventuring with the coordinators at some point, though they do have their own professional commitments to fulfill first.
    • Of course, aside from Idol Singers being the biggest attraction (the Pokémon battles and performances aside), there is a strong emphasis on cheerleaders, with Dawn herself often participating as one in case she isn't in a challenge. Like the singers before them, she's quickly come to talk to and become acquainted with characters like Kim Possible, Claire Bennet and Brittany S. Pierce. All of them have their own unique experiences to share, with Kim often having to state how much it's a struggle to keep up with her school and hero life, though Dawn personally finds this inspirational. She also gets some surprising help from Carcano M91/38 who's open enough to create some dresses for Dawn. This also extends to Kotori Minami and Ruby Kurosawa, who are the fashion designers for μ's and Aqours respectively. The two have admitted to finding Dawn very admirable and felt a bit estastic upon seeing her. The two have once tried to make a Idol-themed dressing for both May and Dawn. As a sign of their friendship, the two would sometimes wear dresses made by Kotori, Ruby and Carcano M91/38 during contests.
  • While their passion for contests (and by extension, performance stages) is incredibly strong, there are a few limits that May and Dawn do not dare to cross by any means. One of the more notorious examples of a performer was The Great Fusilli, whose habit of tricking actors and performers into presenting promises of fame and fortune, only to turn them into lifeless puppets was not welcomed by anyone, not even Jessie of the Team Rocket Trio. That said, The Great Fusilli is pretty damn good in convincing people, which had May and Dawn on high alert and their Pokémon are more than quick to react in disgust whenever he's around. And in a rare moment, Jessie will put aside her enmity and work with May and Dawn in stopping The Great Fusilli. After all, she does see James and Meowth as True Companions in her own right and once stopped the malicious magician from turning them into puppets, an action which surprisingly earned a rare approval from May and Dawn.
  • May is sometimes considered a patron of the Hall of Water and Moisture and her arrival there tends to be celebrated. This stems from the fact that she once came across a Manaphy that took to seeing May as a mother-figure and the ensuing chase between Pokémon Ranger Jack Walker and the Phantom for finding the Prince of the Sea. While the Seafaring Pokémon is yet to appear in the Pantheon proper, May is hopeful of seeing Manaphy again one day. Then she heard a familiar voice singing in the water calling her, "Mama..."
    • By that extension, May also earned the respect of many of the water-associated deities for her mother-child relationship with Manaphy. One of them, in particular, was Aquaman, who was intrigued to learn about the story of Samiya, particularly that bore some similarities to Atlantis. May was happy to see how Aquaman himself oversaw many of the residing water Pokémon in his domain with compassion and care, particularly after gaining Kyogre as his personal partner. By extension, May also became wary of Black Manta. Given that she had to deal with The Phantom, who himself was a pirate, Black Manta, is much, much, worse, due to his insane enmity towards the King of Atlantis and for being dead-set on destroying everything his Arch-Enemy cherishes. The fact that May is now friends with Aquaman means Manta has one more person to target and hunt solely to spite Aquaman, but luckily, May isn't defenceless, especially given that she has her own Pokémon team who will do anything to fight and look after her.
    • There was also Ariel and Melody, a familial pair of mermaids who were residents of a similar city known as Atlantica. They were interested in learning about Samiya and decided that they would like to visit it. The fact that they had a Quilfish and Keldeo as their personal partners helped as well as May was eager to challenge them in a friendly match. That said, she's told to be careful of Ursula, though she tends to put more emphasis on her grudge against Ariel, but isn't hesitant to assault May and Melody if given the chance.
  • Dawn likes to spend some time in the House of Costumes as, unlike May, she tends to wear and come up with fashionable dressings and makeup, which was a standard trait for her contest matches. Even then, Dawn is open to trying out different clothing out in the open on a lot of occasions and mainly does so in an effort to stand out among her companions. It's an emphasis on how she's among the biggest Girly Girls out of Ash's travelling companions, a fact that she isn't bothered by. As a result, she became friends with Shiki Misaki and Rarity for her clothing and dress-up interests. It helps that Shiki and Rarity are pretty impressed by what they've seen in Pokémon Contests and have given Dawn a helping hand in designing some new clothes and makeup aesthetics for the coordinator, which Dawn took as a pleasant surprise.
  • Obviously enough, May and Dawn would realize that the leaders of Teams Magma, Aqua and Galactic are now not malicious anymore and, in the case of the former two, are trying to do better as people after their botched attempts to control Groudon and Kyogre. Even then, the two coordinators keep their distance, if mainly because there's still a long road ahead for redemption. As for Cyrus, he's remained considerably silent. Dawn did react with disdain for a moment if mainly because the Cyrus she knew was was more monstrous and vile than the one in the Pantheon. While Maxie and Archie find it awkward to approach May and Dawn, given their actions, they are genuine in that they'll do whatever it takes to preserve nature, now that they're members of the Nature Uprising. Cyrus has remained mostly quiet but does affirm to Dawn that while he hasn't given up on his ultimate goal, he's not going to risk destroying the world and emotions as of now. Dawn really doesn't know how to approach Cyrus without their conversations being incredibly awkward at best.
    • Predictably, they would become enemies with Ghetsis, who is almost universally despised by most Pokémon Trainers and loads of other people for his abusive treatment towards N and not preaching what he spouts. There's also Hunter J, who Dawn has dealt with and, alongside May, they're doing whatever it takes to stop her and her cruel and remorseless poaching of other Pokémon. Lysandre stands out in a way as he's not as despicable, but displays an incredibly twisted view of Utopia and is more insane to boot. Ghetsis couldn't really care for May and Dawn, considering he has more personal enemies to deal with, Hunter J tends to be more at odds with Dawn, though she's beginning to aggravate May considerably due to her actions and Lysandre is complementary of the two but is not hesitant to harm the girls should they dare to stand between his goals.
  • Due to evil organizations playing a hand in the creation of artificial beings, in particular, the Pokémon, Mewtwo and Genesect, May and Dawn are rather cautious of cloned beings to some extent. That said, Mewtwo has a measure of respect for the two as May and Dawn deeply adore and look after their Pokémon. The Genetic Pokémon makes a point to helping the coordinators out if they're in dire situations, such as one where they were suddenly attacked by the Indominus and Indoraptor on separate occasions. Like Mewtwo, the two dinosaurs were also genetically engineered, but we're more bestial in nature and further DNA tampering caused the two to be bloodhungry savage monsters. Evidently, the Indominus and Indoraptor are incredibly intimidating towards May and Dawn and usually try to stay clear of them, even if their Pokémons are able to stand up to them in a tough battle.
  • They eventually heard that Pokémon weren't the only sort of creatures of their type, as it did intrigue May and Dawn enough to learn a bit about the Digimon race, especially given how many tend to associate them with Pokémon to a good extent. Along the way, they came across the two groups of Digidestined and quickly took to being accommodated with one another. In particular, both got along really well with Sora Takenouchi due to a series of shared similarities that the three share; she owned a Bird Digimon, Piyomon that eventually digivoles into a much stronger being, much like May's Blaziken which started off as a Torchic and that Sora herself went on to become a fashion designer, something which Dawn takes a good interest in.
    • While not in a traditional sense, Rei himself commands three Kaijus, namely Gomora, Litra and Eleking, into battle, though in Rei's case, he mainly used them to protect the world from other dangerous monsters and hostile threats. Despite their fearsome appearances, they don't pose a threat to anyone, which is how May and Dawn were able to get along with them just fine. Rei himself commends the coordinators for their journey and commitment to their goals and encourages them to do better.
      • By extension, May and Dawn also became friends with Gamers, who was well-known for befriending children and coming to their aid and command whenever possible. They first met when May was suddenly attacked by a pack of Gyaos, and Dawn, upon hearing of it, went out to search for help, whereupon the turtle Kaiju was the closest one she could get. Regardless, Gamera proved his worth by fending and driving away the Gyaos, after which May was incredibly grateful for him. Additionally, the fact that the Gyaos themselves were a scientific experiment, much like Mewtwo, and originated from a version of Atlantis does disturb May and Dawn somewhat, particularly the former, given just how savage and uncompromising they were, even compared to other beasts of their type.
    • While evil Pokémon seemed to be a rarity, the same cannot be said for the various malicious Digimon who tend to have grand plans for worldly takeover and/or destruction. It doesn't surprise anyone that May and Dawn would immediately become enemies with them, especially Lucemon. By extension, May and Dawn have fought against those who desired to take over/destroy the world, one of which includes Cyrus, who himself sees Lucemon as too contentious for himself to handle. Due to the overwhelming nature of the Fallen Angelic Digimon, May and Dawn would default to finding any partners they could find to combat against him, even if it means being Maxie, Archie and Cyrus.
  • Both girls contrast each other pretty distinctly, but in one of the more embarrassing ones, May cannot make Pokéblocks that are edible in any sense whereas Dawn is adept and skilled at that. While it does highlight her Girly Girl traits more than May is, it's still enough for her to be welcomed into the House of Food. Luckily, May doesn't feel alienated as she was able to become friends with Kirby and Erza Scarlet due to their shared love for strawberry cake. In fact, all three of them had a situation where they had a cake lost/storm from them, prompting them to rage until they were given another/found it for them to be pacified. With all considered, it's best to just leave May with a good serving of strawberry cake, unless someone incurs her wrath.