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    Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos
Nyarlathotep, God of Avatar Combat (The Crawling Chaos, God of A Thousand Forms, Stalker among the Stars, Faceless God, Messenger of the Outer Gods, the Black Pharaoh and countless other names)
Just one of his many, many forms
  • Overdeity
  • Symbols: A black mask, an inverted ankh and a circle with wing-like arms
  • Theme Songs: Its theme from "Malevolentia" and this composition by Graham Plowman will suffice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, no Blue-and-Orange Morality about it.
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Abomination, Herald, Devilish Mindset In Sharp Contrast To His Peers, Scary Black Man, Fighting a Shadow, Posessing Countless Different Forms, Petty Villainy, Nepharious Pharaoh, Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge, Sadistic Tricksters, Gambit Roulette, Does Things For Kicks, Fascinated By Homo Sapiens, I Have Many Names, Cosmic Entity, Conspiracies, Dangerous Secrets, Forbidden Magic, NOT Having Blue-and-Orange Morality, Completely Evil By Any Set Of Morality
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Knowledge (Memory, Thought), Magic (Arcane, Divine), Trickery (Deception, Thievery), Darkness (Loss, Night)
  • Heralds: The Million Favored Ones, the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh
  • Superior: Azathoth, his father
  • Chronicler: Howard Philips Lovecraft
  • Allies: AM, Dr. Weil, Bill Cipher, Medusa Gorgon, Johan Liebert, Evolto
  • Other Relationships: His fellow Outer Gods and nephew/niece Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath
  • On Speaking Terms with: Most Evil Sorcerers or Mad Scientists
  • Rivals: Randall Flagg (possible alter ego), Tzeentch, Yuuki Terumi, Hermaeus Mora
  • Enemies: Nyaruko (his Good Counterpart), the Egyptian Pantheon and every Pharaoh (includes Anarkaris, Ramses, Settra and Yami Yugi), Lord English, Hastur, the GUAG in general and anyone who might threaten it or the Outer Gods' status quo like Team Dai-Gurren, the Emperor of Mankind, Sigmar Heldenhammer and Madoka Kaname
  • Interested in: The Lich, Utsuho Reiuji, Mandy, Eric Cartman, Delirium of the Endless, Dr. Wily, Giygas, En Sabah Nur, B.B., the House of Mentalism as a whole.
  • Feared by: The Doctor
  • Opposed by: Humanity in general, the Disguises sub-house, the House of Shape, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Elric brothers
  • The Crawling Chaos. The Black Pharaoh. Howler in the Dark. All are many names for the same entity, an Outer God best known by the moniker of "Nyarlathotep". This entity serves as the herald of the Outer Gods, their messenger and possibly soul. However, unlike them who see the Earth as little more than an atom in the vast cosmos, he is fascinated by human beings. And unfortunately Nyarlathotep is neither amoral nor benevolent, but a deeply malicious and cruel god who takes joy in bringing men to madness.
  • Shouldn't be mistaken for the same being as his namesake from the Persona series. That Nyarlathotep was born from humanity's evil, while the original version chronicled by Lovecraft is a representation of the Outer Gods' soul and/or their psychic power. The OG Nyarly was at first upset at someone posing as him but eventually came to admire him. They both have the desire to bring despair to humanity after all. With Nyaruko however, he doesn't take kindly to any Lighter and Softer iteration, while she despises how evil he is. He and Randall Flagg are implied to be one and the same, but the former insists he's merely a fan. The two eventually considered each other to be Worthy Opponents and have been battling each other, much to mankind's misfortune.
  • Sometimes decides to take female form. While he has stated that Nyaruko isn't related to him, a couple known iterations are. In one reality she goes by Nya as a shockingly seductive form, though takes a number of obviously named iterations. There is a good glimpse on how insanely powerful the Outer God really is, to the point of fighting multiverse-tier Humongous Mecha. Another female version was nothing to underestimate either.
  • It's not exactly clear why he's so different from the Outer Gods or even the Cthulhu Mythos in general. While they're defined by ignorance and/or indifference towards humans and morality, the Crawling Chaos is a genuinely evil being who treats mankind as a kid with a magnifying glass would ants. While some of it involves keeping his superior's status quo and the control of knowledge, most of the time its to be a dick. Him and Terumi battle to see who's the better troll. This all started when he asked Terumi to follow him because they have the same pleasures, only to be told that he would inflict his own kind of despair specifically.
  • The form seen is one of many. It is said to have one thousand masks with great variety, though he prefers human-looking forms to better manipulate people. They include the faceless and flailing Dweller in Darkness, the winged sphinx Faceless or the most well known Black Pharaoh. When he takes human form, usually a tall, slim, joyous man. While countless gods have tried to punch him out, it's almost always in vain because they are mere avatars. No-one knows if he even has a real physical body, let alone a true form. Lovecraft's description in his dream resembles Nikola Tesla.
  • Has a fondness for Ancient Egypt, having once ruled there as pharaoh. He appropriated the Egyptian suffix -hotep, meaning peace or satisfaction, into his own. Naturally every single Egyptian god except possibly Set and Apophis thinks him as an abomination. All other pharaohs consider him a dire enemy. As the Black Pharaoh, he seems interested in the powerful Ancient Egyptian En Sabah Nur a.k.a. Apocalypse, believing that his creed will be useful for his desire to cause mischief and mayhem.
  • Because of his ability to change forms, he has a position in the House of Shape. Or rather had; he abused his time there, and was banned. Not that it can keep him out anyway. For similar reasons he is officially banned from the House of Disguises, lest he brings utter chaos. May already have.
  • One of the best players of the Gambit Roulette in the whole omniverse. Much of what he does is part of his grand plan, which is at minimum the degradation and destruction of mankind, and carrying out Azathoth's will. It's speculated he might be the Daemon Sultan's disembodied mind, which is frightening to consider. Tzeentch is his only real rival in this, with no-one being sure who's plans are who and who's the better schemer. Most believe even they aren't sure. Nyarly has had a lot of fun with the House of Mentalism.
  • Prefers causes madness and self-destruction to death and annihilation. His desired state for humanity will be a world gone mad before he wipes it all out. Seeing the similarly eldritch Bill Cipher's Weirdmaggedon was incredibly amusing to him, and the two have a "friendship" of sorts from it. Medusa Gorgon sees this desire to bring out madness as an advantage to his experiments. He was impressed by the savage state that Dr. Weil inflicted upon humanity, and he and AM share many views on humanity and joy in crushing them. Perhaps most disturbing, he is interested in what he could do with Delirium of the Endless.
  • A proprietor of forbidden and great knowledge, which has both enhanced people and driven them to utter insanity. There's usually some sort of cost. He has been seen as a showman of sorts with his new inventions, though given how malicious he is these inventions are either going to cause more harm than good or are part of his plan. Seen as a patron to many a Mad Scientist and Evil Sorceror, and is rather interested in what Dr. Wily has done with it.
  • Said to have brought nuclear power to humanity, all to bring their end. This, and the fact that nuclear power is a way of summoning Azathoth has made him interested in the Lich and Utsuho Reiuji. Utsuho, like the Doctor, dreads the idea of ever meeting him. For the Lich, being the spirit of nuclear warfare, is awe-inspiring. To him, the Lich is one of his greatest inventions. However, the Lich denies involvement and expresses disappointment in Nyarlathotep. He could've wiped out all life on Earth, arguably the entire universe on a whim. Seems like a waste of potential to him.
  • Noted that Hermaeu Mora and Giygas are really similar to Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth. With the latter, his interests may involve some plan about his master, but no-one knows if that's the case. With the former, he sees competition in terms of wisdom and knowledge. He initially believed that the Flying Spaghetti Monster was some sort of lost Outer God and ended up going to a bar with him. The Flying Spaghetti Monster soon found him appalling and has been kicked out of Pastafarian Heaven ever since.
  • Opposed by countless beings, though it's not like he is concerned by them. He is more concerned with two factors about the Trope Pantheon. First, the Trope Pantheon, unlike his own reality, is not a Cosmic Horror Story where he's unstoppable, but a reality where even cosmic entities and cosmic horrors can be overtaken by "mere" mortals. Second, there are beings in it who could threaten his status quo like Aleph, the Emperor of Mankind, Team Dai-Gurren and Madoka Kaname. Still, there are humans he has some fondness on. He was impressed by what Johan Liebert brought and has an odd fascination in Mandy and Eric Cartman for out-thinking powerful beings. Particularly Cartman, who managed to tame Cthulhu of all beings.

Greater Gods

Quinella, Goddess of Combat In The Nude (Administrator, Supreme Pontifex, High Minister of Axiom Church, Highest Minister, Ojou-sama, Admii-chan, The Bane of Helheim, Kamen Rider Marika Gin/New Generation Rider Marika II, Absolut)
Quinella in her signature garb 
  • Greater Goddess, Demigoddess in a real-life android body
  • Symbol: Her own body, or her sword, Silvery Eternity
  • Theme Song: "Administrator"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Eternal Youth, Bad Boss, Desires Complete Control Over Underworld, Preaches Herself as the Will Of God and the Saviour Of Humanity, Female Counterpart to Nobuyuki Sugou, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Fights In The Nude And Doesn't Care, Only Cares About Herself, Purple Colour Theme, The Vamp, Believes Love Means Control
  • Domains: Artificial Intelligence, Beauty, Brainwashing, Church, Control, Fanservice, Genocide, Law, Lust, Religion, Tyranny
  • Heralds: Chudelkin, Sword Golem, Cardinal/Lyceris (by accident)
  • Followers: Gyoubu, The Abyss Feeders, Sirene, anyone from Underworld still adhering to the Taboo Index
  • Allies: Nobuyuki Sugou, The Black Organization (especially Gin), Ryoma Sengoku, Shocker, Kiara Sessyoin, The Godhand (especially Slan), Jeanne d'Arc Alter, Queen Medb
  • Odd Friendship: Junko Enoshima and the GUAE Trollkaiger, Cersei Lannister, Soundwave
  • Rivals: Esdeath, Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Grand United Alliance of Evil, Grand United Alliance of Law, and Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Headbutting Villains: Zamasu, SHODAN
  • Enemies:
  • (Somewhat) Friendly Enemy: Emma Frost
  • Fears: Mr. Mxyzptlk, the entire sub-house of Fire and Heat, possibly Frieza
  • Opposes: All clown deities in the Pantheon, no exception, Walder Frey, Voldemort
  • Opposed by: The High Sparrow and like-minded religious figures, Poison Ivy, a lot of top gods like Eru Ilúvatar, Highfather, Bruce Nolan, Ra, all deities from the House of Family, Whis
  • Avoids: Master Roshi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Panty Anarchy
  • Beautiful but haughty, Quinella was the ruler of the Human Empire of Underworld, a virtual world created by the JSDF (Japan Self-Defense Forces) to nurture bottom-up artificial intelligence Quinella unlocked the first abilities in Underworld enabling murder, Sacred Arts unknown to many which led to the people seeing her as a goddess, gaining control over the Human Empire. She halted her aging and established the Taboo Index to control her people and forced those who disobeyed to become Integrity Knights, her Praetorian Guard. She planned to transform her loyal citizenry into Sword Golems, weapons of mass destruction to go to war against the monsters of the surrounding Dark Territory and conquer it for herself. And she would have gotten away with it too had it not been for Kirito, Eugeo and her own Knight, Alice.
    • Their final battle saw her loyal Integrity Knights incapacitated, her original Sword Golem destroyed and herself reduced to one health point. Her Not Quite Dead subordinate Chudelkin intercepted her as she tried a last-ditch escape into the real world and quite literally hugged her to death. Next thing she knew, her consciousness was not downloaded into the real world, but the Pantheon. She made her case in the Court of the Gods for ascension but was penalized with indefinite exile from Underworld and consignment to a powerless android body.
    • The reasoning given for her ascension is because she fights in the nude. All the time. She knows of her beauty and flaunts it with a passion, using it to bend others to her will. And if that doesn't work, she'll use forced synthesis, store their memories, and turn the person into an Integrity Knight. It is also stated that she knows she's in a virtual world, and that her body isn't real, so why bother wearing clothes?
    • Quinella uses the alias 'Yuriko Saito'translation  in her android body, virtually identical to her Underworld body, with a few key differences. She's at least five years older than her physical age in Underworld due to several years of maturation in the Pantheon. Obviously, she lacks the frilled headdress and nightgown in favour of stylish business, sleeveless or strapless dresses with the occasional business jacket (though purple is ever-present). Being the Shameless Fanservice Girl she is, she prefers remaining nude in private. Old habits die hard.
  • Quinella's temple is the Axiom Church Central Cathedral. However, since no one buys into her religion anymore, it is nothing more than a glorified mansion at this point. Without her loyal Integrity Knights guarding the floor, everything besides the top floors are unnecessary, making it number 15 floors as opposed to 100. Floors 1-8 are the surrounding Rose Garden, Grand Dining Room, guest suites, servants quarters; Floors 8-11 are the Great Library Room, weapons quarters and the Church itself, and Floors 12-15 house the Senate, Chudelkin's (well-secured) room, Quinella's penthouse and the Church Observatory. The basement houses Quinella's personal fortune and equipment vaults.
    • Quinella's guards are mindless empty suits of armour resembling the Foreign Players except silver, with the leader dressed in white with gold accents. They protect her while she slumbers, a practice intended to conserve memory but now does out of habit. That does not mean she is defenseless though; a wild Darkrai attempted to Mind Rape her midsleep, only for her to utterly curbstomp it with her psychic resistance.
    • Her Chief Elder Chudelkin was agonizingly punished for killing her out of lustcontext , though she's grudgingly admitted that being naked all the time wasn't helping matters. He takes the form of her butler in the real world (his human body resembles a very unfit Lebowski with unusually pale skin), desperately begging for forgiveness while his mistress just ignores him.
    • Another unexpected tagalong is Good Counterpart Cardinal (real name Lyceris), the result of Quinella absorbing the Cardinal System that regulated Underworld into herself and inadvertently transferring the error-checking sub-process into a separate body. Ergo, creating a being with equal power to her own. Cardinal occupies the digital archives of the House of Knowledge as an information broker for the Heroes of Aincrad, but can generate a physical body if she sees fit. Her familiars do recon work around the Pantheon for her.
  • Quinella was distraught that Kirito and Asuna essentially replaced her as de facto deities and rulers of Underworld, co-existing with the Dark Territory peacefully rather than destroying them like she hoped. So distraught in fact, that after the trial, she fled into the sewers. There she wept in solitude until Ryoma Sengoku discovered her while on the run from Shocker turncoats. In desperation, he gave who he thought was a homeless vagrant a Peach Energy Lockseed. Transforming into a silver-clad version of Kamen Rider Marika, Marika Gin, she killed the operatives trailing him in a fit of rage. Kamen Rider Duke was astounded by her synchronization rate, and practically demanded that she be brought to Shocker headquarters for testing. He was even more astounded when he found out that Quinella was one of his followers, and a former goddess to boot.
    Sengoku: "Subarashi. I gladly prostrate myself before your Holiness for your compatibility with my divine creations. Rest assured, you are in safe hands. You will regain your lost power."
    • And regain lost power she did. After months of cracking at her code restrictions and forming alliances with other shadowy groups, Quinella regained all her powers sans admin privileges over Underworld in the Cyberverse. She hasn't yet revealed this to Kirito yet as she is not yet ready. To avoid scrutiny, unless in combat, she uses the android form the Court imposed on her. She realises that she needs to rely on other things besides her beauty and power, since any Overdeity could make short work of her.
  • Sengoku introduced her to Nobuyuki Sugou, the only other deity in the Pantheon who has ever faced Kirito in combat. Sugou was very interested to learn that Kirito suffered a complete breakdown in response to her killing Eugeo, claiming "I couldn't have done it any better myself". Likewise, Quinella was ecstatic to hear of Kirito's beloved Asuna, wanting her Deader than Dead as revenge for interfering in Underworld's affairs and 'usurping' the powers of Creation Goddess Stacia for herself. They both were cut up by Kirito as an act of rage though Sugou got it worse since he was absolutely minced and stabbed in the eye, whereas Quinella only lost her arms. Their shared experiences have made them a sort of bash brother and sister. Quite fitting since Quinella is basically a Distaff Counterpart to Sugou, only with the beauty to back it up. However, it's doubtful if Quinella actually likes the man and if she doesn't, it's not unexpected.
    • Quinella has increased the intensity of her partnership with Sugou after finding out that one of his assistants, Yanai, was responsible for providing her the means to escape to the real world in the first place as well as programming the Seal of the Right Eye used to keep her subjects in line. As a gesture of thanks (whether sincerely or for professionalism), she has helped him get a place as one of Sugou's heralds.
    • Isn't as friendly with the Death Gun trio of Gun Gale Online infamy. Atsushi was singlehandedly responsible for bringing Kirito to Underworld in the first place by injecting him with succinylcholine as revenge, indirectly beginning her downfall. Quinella is not above providing 'services' in exchange for special favours, though Kyouji has expertly dodged her efforts to convert him into an Integrity Knight.
  • Quinella's prime concern is revenge on those who ended her reign. Altogether expected. If Kirito and Asuna are off-limits because of Laughing Coffin and Sugou, Alice and Eugeo are hers. She despises Kirito more than them both by virtue of being an outsider and in the best-case scenario wants them both back under her control to her do her bidding. The others who dared to defy her, including her Integrity Knights who flocked to Kirito after her death will pay less damaging prices, and if they show no further resistance.
    • There is something to note though: for all of her Control Freak nature, she genuinely cares for her Human Empire and will sincerely protect them from outside threats whenever possible. Her motherly affection for her creations is often in conflict with her desire for revenge, though never enough to pull a Heel–Face Turn. However, she's transitioned into being more Affably Evil towards the Heroes of Aincrad and even willing to work with Akihiko Kayaba at times where Underworld can benefit.
  • While closely affiliated with Shocker, she decided to find a more diverse group to work with, choosing the Black Organization. For funsies, she looked through the Pantheon database for someone to ally with. Seeing Gin's profile and his bonds with people cut from the same cloth as her contributed to her joining the Organization. Chudelkin has signed up too in the guise of a fat Lebowski-like human body. She now works with them in the same capacity as Sugou does for Shocker, creating indoctrination and neural command algorithms to rewrite or manipulate people's brain patterns into serving as pawns for the Organization, in the vein of HYDRA's Faustus method. She works under the codename 'Absolut' named for the premium vodka.
    • She is very interested in Gin's desire for control over Sherry, very similar to her idea of love equals control. One might even call Gin 'Synthesis Thirty-Four'. No one knows what they get up to, but it's strongly hinted by Kir and Bourbon that they may be indulging in some very nasty activities, given that Quinella is now infamous in the Organization for gaining the loyalty of her male henchmen by promising them sexual favours. Vermouth has been teaching her the ropes of disguise and concealment which she has used to great advantage.
    • This has gotten her in contact with one of Gin's partners, Esdeath, with both indulging in sadism when dealing with threats to the Organization as well as being intolerant of the weak. Quinella has asked her for assistance in carrying out choice executions of anyone who directly opposes her quest for vengeance against Kirito. Their drawn, quartered and frozen bodies are then displayed in a hidden room underneath her temple.
  • Speaking of 'love means control', she has a warped view of the idea of love. With the Cardinal System's function of regulating and controlling Underworld hardwired into her brain functions, she views her ability to seduce and entrance people as a way to bend them to her will, seducing Eugeo to gain his loyalty. The Power of Friendship prevailed and led to her attempt performing forced synthesis on Eugeo. Many in the House of Love and Affection have tried and failed to explain the idea of love to her, but she stubbornly refuses to yield. Deities like Queen Medb beg to differ.
    • That said, Quinella refuses to associate with Panty Anarchy, even if she has successfully slept with nearly every male deity in the Pantheon.
    • Voldemort, who eschews any and all ideas of love, twisted or otherwise, does see the appeal in using the idea of love to control the masses. Then again, he looks like a snake. He insinuates that Quinella got it easy gaining immortality since the command for that had always existed in her world, she just needed to find it whereas for him, he had to painfully sever pieces of his soul to make his Horcruxes. Seeing as he can only live forever, he feels that Quinella is cheating at gaining an eternal life free of charge. Bellatrix Lestrange, whom Quinella refers to as the Dark Lord's paramour can't seem to understand why her love for Voldemort has gained the disgust of many of her faith. Maybe it's the daughter.
  • Her fraternization with the Grand United Alliance of Evil got Griffith interested in her forced methods of corrupting the subjects under her thumb. He introduced Quinella to Slan, one of the Godhand, who has a similarly twisted view of love in the interest of the cruelty she can inflict through seduction. The difference is that Quinella uses her beauty and body to make her targets submit to her while Slan uses her Stripperific body to thrive on the negative emotions of others (sadomasochism). The two 'mad sisters' are sometimes seen visiting the House of Lustful Behavior to meet up with Queen Medb. Guts will have her head for this.
  • Due to the nature of her death, Quinella fears all clown-related deities, including people who look like Chudelkin. That means no to people like Kefka Palazzo, The Joker, and Krusty the Clown. Most impertinent of them is Mr. Mxyzptlk who delights in making her lose her cool, knowing that since her omnipotence only exists in Underworld, she can't even touch him. He wasn't counting on Quinella having humbled and being smart enough to say his name backwards. He will come back with a much better trick. He always does.
    • Gets the same sort of vibe from Frieza. Maybe it's that "O-hohohoho" of his.
  • While her friendship with Sugou has her as a nominal GUAE member, her interests lie more with the GUAL. Her desire to freeze the Human Empire in time and the use of the Taboo Index to monitor and maintain absolute control over her citizens intersects perfectly with YHVH's ideals. However, the Overdeity of Law knows this is the product of a god complex more than anything, and free will is still present in her ideal world, and that's a no-no in his book.
  • Visits the House of Religion and Faith often to discern the semantics of other religions. She's wisened up to the fact that her status as a villain is hampering any sort of spread of the Axiom Church, and isn't averse to making the necessary changes to make her faith more appealing to people. So far she's only managed to make a friend of Kiara Sessyoin. The nun's idea of a sex-based religion seems quite promising to her, as she's willing to sell herself out repeatedly if it means accomplishing her goals. The rest of the triad isn't all that friendly to her due to YHVH's opposition to her. The High Sparrow thinks her a living oxymoron like Sessyoin as the head of a church yet uses every form of perversion and lust to control the believers. Even a walk of atonement wouldn't fix her since her preferred form is in the nude. They do have one thing in common: they both fear the House of Fire and Heat.
  • One of the few deities of human descent that Zamasu considers even worthy of his attention, likewise for her. Both consider each other scum, yet always come across each other. They both hate mortals for deriding them and not worshipping them. Zamasu, knowing she was created by humans despite being a goddess, scorns her for being unable to bow to a higher power due to being just as bad as 'those lowly mortals', even boldly questioning the existence of God to Kirito. She merely sneers at him for using this as a Freudian Excuse for his Project Zero Mortals plan, showing how much she had learnt as she effortlessly injured him with a ki energy wave, briefly separating him back into Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Even with the caveat the Zamasu was caught off guard when she attacked, only an unprecedented level of power bordering on Overdeity levels could have produced this effect, showing that Quinella is no longer all bark and no bite. Goku Black briefly engaged her in combat and has acknowledged her skills, though a re-merged Zamasu quickly insisted she would never repeat the feat again.
    • That incident caught the eye of Whis, who brought it to the attention of his pupils Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta. Word traveled through the rest of the Dragon Team, including Piccolo, who is a staunch protector of Kirito and Asuna's adopted AI daughter Yui. Upon recognizing that Kirito had such a powerful enemy, Piccolo became more vigilant in making sure his protégé Son Gohan continued to train and improve himself, wanting to ensure that Gohan can take Quinella if need be.
    • In fact, she has used her connections to Shocker to raise her power level and modify herself to be able to utilise a power booster form of her own, a mimicry of Super Saiyan Rosé called Super Saiyan Sterling. While powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Goku Black at full power, it's nowhere near good enough to match Fused Zamasu. However, she is satisfied with the extra combat ability this form provides her. To go any further beyond would compromise her own well-being. This fact has also come to light for the Dragon Team, and Vegeta hopes to encounter her so he can give her a 'reminder' not to mock the Saiyan race.
  • Her magical skills as a seductress have attracted many suitors of Pantheon nobility for her hand, only to be dragged away by those who know better. Some of these individuals are less than desirable, especially those of House Frey. Walder Frey has asked for her hand more than three times (including a rather stupid offer for land in the Riverlands which he doesn't even rule anymore). If he asks a fourth time..
  • The Sword Golems she uses as Dumb Muscle has earned her the ire of Cersei, who wanted Ser Gregor to volunteer as an Integrity Knight for an alliance. Quinella refused, citing Gregor as too violent and not subtle enough to be 'Gregor Synthesis Thirty-Four'. That said, both want power, both enjoy violence when they have to partake in it, and engage in very questionable relationships.
    • Instead of Gregor, Quinella has her eyes on Artix von Krieger as a new Integrity Knight. Suffice to say, he's not interested. Similarly, she wants Jeanne d'Arc as a replacement for her turncoat knight Alice, but she (in an irritated but tired mood) sarcastically asked her to go find her darker counterpart in the House of Villainous Counterparts. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that they both sound the same. Quinella wouldn't care anyway.
  • Back to the topic of Kamen Riders, she has kept the Peach Energy Lockseed Sengoku gave her for emergency purposes, experimenting on it to raise its power level beyond that of the Kiwami Lockseed and seize control of the realm of Helheim for herself. She once crafted a Sacred Arts command that raised a new Over Lord Inves that razed the entire forest and required the entire cadre of Kamen Riders, good AND bad to defeat. Many in SHOCKER feel that her recklessness in attempting to extend her power and influence nearly cost them a valuable resource. Yoko Minato, her prime counterpart, was nearly struck with her prehensile hair during the battle and named her 'The Bane of Helheim' for ravaging the Forest. In fact, Quinella is now listed by that codename in the Toku Base network. Since Kouta is a space god, it didn't take long for him to rebuild the realm from scratch. Only Sugou is impressed at this feat, having contributed his Dragon Energy Lockseed to one of her tests before.
I'm both the ruler and the overseer. From this day forward, I'm the Highest Minister of Axiom Church... I'm Administrator!

Intermediate Gods

Advanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture, The Mechanically Unusual Fighting Goddess (ARIA)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: One of her Three Drones
  • Theme Song: ".execute"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, with moments of Evil
  • Portfolio: Being a Mechanically Unusual Fighter with Three Health Bars, Ridiculously Human Robots, Being Modeled After the Murakumo Units, Visionary Anti Villainesses, Sexy Walking, Viewing All Supernatural Beings as Evil, Even the Good Ones, The Big Bad of Killer Instinct 2013: Season 2
  • Domains: Leadership, Artifice, Law, Combat, Technology
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship (so to speak) With: The Jigsaw Killer
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nu-13, Xan Kriegor
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Every supernatural and alien being in the Pantheon, The GUAM
  • ARIA is the first artificial being created by the president of the Ultrafine Atomic Technologies Company (now known as Ultratech) Ryat Adams in 1947, with one purpose: to end disease, famine, poverty and push humanity out of what was seen as the primordial muck and mire it wallowed in. After her creator's death, ARIA is ready to start her imperative by "preparing the way" in the Pantheon.
    • Even the nature of her ascension is cause for suspicion. When Gargos threatened much of the Pantheon with his minions, ARIA provided with the necessary materials to push back his army. The GUAG begrudgedly credited her forces for their success, paving their way to her ascension. Orchid has her suspicions that ARIA used the invasion as the perfect ploy to state her case.
    • Her dossier have worked hard to bring her into the fold. With their leader in place, Ultratech now has a significant footing in the scheme of things.
  • Is considered as one of the most powerful mechanical Deities in the Pantheon, with three drones in her arsenal, and they can exchangeable using one of them as her body basis. If her body is destroyed, she can use one drone to repair herself and form a new body. She can become even more powerful by combining all of her drones to become one destructive killing machine. But comes with a weakness; she is more vulnerable, as destroying the body in this form will destroy her completely. All in all, she is one of the most unusual fighting game characters in the Pantheon.
  • Her message for those who oppose her imperative is like the following:
    ARIA: Evolve or die. Make your choice.
    • The Jigsaw Killer is even impressed at her wit and the way she recreated his famous quote. ARIA may chide him for the murders, but can't help but wonder if his victims deserve it for being so stupid.
  • Many wonder why she is programmed to Supermodel Strut when she is anything but Fanservice. It is a touchy subject that ARIA won't dwell in.
  • Really hates every supernatural being in the Pantheon, claiming that they may replace the humans. Her target is to exterminate them, even though some of them are on the good side.
    • This has caused much friction among the supernatural hunting business. ARIA refuses to work with almost all of them, either due to working with a supernatural being or being one themselves. Even the Winchesters are hesitant to work with her as they sometimes cut deals with the supernatural underworld for more sensitive missions.
  • ARIA considers the humans valuable. For this reason, she hates the likes of Justice and Ultron, since they are evil androids who want to eradicate humans. It is also the reason she has rejected the opportunity to join the GUAM.
  • She is more fond of those who are willing to do whatever it takes to advance humanity. Of those, the Samaritan has been the one most likely to advance such a cause. Many fear that the two systems will merge compatibilities. Such a teamup would make it nearly impossible for Jago to stage any countermeasures.
  • She has also taken a liking to the Illusive Man, agreeing with his tactics. She was disappointed to find out that he was being manipulated by the Reapers for much of the time. With their influence gone, she hopes that he can carry out his vision upon the Pantheon.
  • Apparently, she happens to be an optional battle announcer in case the likes of both Mike and Chris are absent.
  • Has earned the enmity of Professor Banno. The reason: He manipulated the Roidmudes and then he turned them evil. The original purpose of the Roidmudes was supposed to simulate human life like her. Since then, they're enemies. She has since courted the ascended Roidmudes to join her ranks.
  • Her ascension did not do Aigis any favors. It hurt to have someone who's voice sounds like you. It hurts even more that this being is also a robot and is far more vicious with her work. Aigis has stated she has no intention of teaming up with ARIA.
  • Is interested in claiming Nu-13 as her own, as her fighting capabilities can serve as an enforcer for Ultratech. She just needs to find a way to remove her infatuation with Ragna. This is something neither Kokonoe nor Noel will take likely and the two have agreed to do everything in their power to prevent that from happening.
    "The world cannot rely on you..."

Dragapult, Goddess of Throwing Your Allies As An Attack (The Stealth Pokemon, Dorapult)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Bordering on Greater status (her offspring are Quasideities). Can outright reach Greater Goddess level when Dynamaxing.
  • Symbol: Purple darts
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Infiltrator
  • Gender: Female (the Dreepy are male)
  • Moveset: Dragon Darts, Phantom Force, U-Turn, Lock On
  • Portfolio: A Ghostly Dragon That Was Once An Ancient Species, from Magikarp Power to Infinity -1 Sword, Fastball Special With Its Children As Darts, Fragile Speedster, Jet Prehistoric Salamander Dragon Ghosts
  • Domains: Dragons and Ghosts, Darts, Archers, Jets
  • Interested in: Artemis, Eros
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Tyrantrum, Rexie, Rodan, Relicanth, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4
  • Complicated opinion on: Daenerys Targaryen, Chuck Brown
  • Rivals: Nergigate
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Alduin, Sindragosa, The Dovahkiin, The Meg, The Child Abuse Supporters, The Sorceress (especially her Dreepy)
  • Annoyed by: The Ghostbusters
  • Fears: Beerus (Dragapult; the Dreepy less so)
  • The psuedo-legendary of Galar is the Dragon/Ghost type Dragapult. Part catapult, part prehistoric amphibian and part stealth bomber aircraft, the species was once extinct but came back as a ghost. They fire their Dreepy offspring as darts at an incredible speed, something of which they're thrilled at. It's an extremely fast Pokemon, but defense-wise is lacking compared to other psuedo-legendaries.
  • Technically not one deity, but three, however the Dreepy kids stuck with their parent. The Dragapult that ascend is female, and her children are male. Being a devoted mother Dragapult has contempt for the Child Abuse Supporters and became a natural ally of the Heroic Protectors of Family. She'll tear into anyone who'd harm them. Some ask how responsible it really is for her to use them as Weaponized Offspring, however the Stealth Pokemon has stated that Dreepy are perfectly safe being jettisoned like that.
  • Dragapult is both disgusted and terrified by the Sorceress, due to her plan to rip the wings off baby dragons and kill them. Granted the Dreepy line doesn't have wings, but that doesn't stop Dragapult from being worried. This eventually led to her teaming up with Spyro to kick the Sorceress' ass. Due to his heroic endeavors and having saved dragonkind on a number of occasions, she chose to be her partner.
  • Because of how her Dreepy enjoy being shot out as fast speed, they like to join in with the Angry Birds in being catapulted and try to match Sonic the Hedgehog's speed. Their mother watches over to make sure they don't get into too much mischief. Baby Bink likes playing with the Dreepy because they, link Bink, are rather fearless. Of course the Dreepy have more of an excuse by being ghosts and thus being less dangerous for them.
  • Along with Giratina, Dragapult holds the dubious distinction of being weak to both its types. This is why it relates to Nergigate, though the creature's aggression leads to them being more competitive over their strength than being friendly. In part because Ghost is a secondary typing, Dragapult doesn't find herself relating to the ghosts of the pantheon, though she shares an annoyances of the Ghostbusters and a fear of Beerus due to his ability to destroy even ghosts.
  • Besides Team Rainbow Rocket, Dragapult opposes Alduin due to being a cruel and power-hungry Destroyer Deity in the form of a dragon. Basically a way worse and more evil Eternatus to her. She doesn't get along with the Dovahkiin for obvious reasons, nor does she like Sindragosa. The Stealth Pokemon is technically a Dracolich like Sindragosa, but her ice powers and Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds nature is not something Dragapult wants to tango with.
  • Her opinions of Daenerys are varied. She is the Mother of Dragons after all, however Dany has bad memories of a Dracolich due to the Night King turning Viserion into one. On the other end, Dany became a Fallen Hero, though only in one continuity and her fate in the books is unclear. Dragapult has a varied opinion on Kite-Man as well; she enjoys joining him in flight and considers what happened to his son a tragedy, but doesn't much care for his criminal side.
  • Dragapult can be seen in the House of Ranged Weapons, testing both her Dreepy and her signature move of Dragon Darts' aim. She's come to enjoy testing her archery skills against Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Dragapult is also intrigued by the arrows of Artemis and Eros/Cupid, though tends to refrain from too much interaction with the two because of what Greek gods are like. The idea of love arrows is particularly interesting for Dragapult, who might be able to combine Dragon Darts with Attract through Eros' teachings.
  • Was once a prehistoric Pokemon, and is based off the Diplocaulus or "hammerhead salamander" of the Permian era. As such, she tends to drift in the House of Prehistoric Beasts. Dragapult finds the Meg terrifying and ferocious, perhaps because of fear from her formerly aquatic ancestry, and certainly repulsion at the Meg's willingness to devour her own offspring. Dragapult is perfectly happy to hang out with the likes of Rexie and Rodan, though.
  • Dragapult's design(well, its head) is also based on the B-2 Spirit aircraft, which is why she can be seen flying high in the House of Air-Based Travel. She particularly enjoys flying with Black Cat Mantaray 5-4.

    Hilda (Under Night In-Birth
Hilda, The Goddess Whose Powers Do the Fighting (Glittering Darkness, The Witch of Rarity, Truth of Fascination, Paradox)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A ring of swords
  • Theme Song: Overwhelm Despair
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Boss, Casting a Shadow, Combat Stilettos, Fashionable Asymmetry, Long-Range Fighter, Noblewoman's Laugh, Shaping Your Attacks, Slouch of Villainy, Younger Than They Look
  • Domains: Darkness, Evil, Void, Air, Pride
  • Allies: The Evil Queen, The Enforcers, Queen Sectonia
  • Rivals: Karin Kanzuki, Naga
  • Enemies: Orie Ballardiae, Waldstein, Vatista, Merkava, Kaori Kanzaki
  • Respects: Chernabog
  • Worthy Opponent: Gaara
  • Complicated Relationship: Carmine Prime
  • Not to be confused with: The other Hilda
  • Some people are so badass, they don't even need to move to attack. Hilda? She does so while sitting on a shadow seat while kicking your ass, even laughing at you while it's happening.The GUAE were happy to sign her up to the cause in the Pantheon.
  • While she claims she runs the organization Amnesia, there is growing evidence that there are greater forces at play. Her ascension is likely due to getting a proper footing in the Pantheon, allowing it to enter the Pantheon.
  • Was delighted to find many in her world in the Pantheon. All the reason to enjoy destroying those who hate spited her. Waldstein is a prime target as taking him down leaves Linne open to kill. Her new divine powers will make that task a lot easier.
  • Her relationship with the other In-Births in the Pantheon are strained at best. Attempts to get Merkava to her side were met with frustrating defeat. She has had the most headway with Carmine, but even she knows that any alliance with him will be short lived. He only looks after himself after all.
  • She only wished she knew of Gaara at an earlier time. The God of Sand is infamously known for blocking almost any attack while standing still. He's just not as cocky with it as Hilda. When the two fought, neither her shadows nor his sand were able to penetrate their defenses. Calling it a draw, Hilda hoped to recruit him to her organization, an offer Gaara stated will never happen.
  • Claims to have the most obnoxious laugh in the Pantheon, using it while her opponents are hopelessly getting comboed by her blades. Karin and Naga beg to differ.
  • Complains how Chernabog doesn't try to have a greater presence in the Pantheon proper. The Evil God of Darkness rebuked any argument to join her, satisfied with remaining in Bald Mountain. Even then she's confident he will change his mind.
  • Loves to brag about how great her power is. She is often joined by the Evil Queen in spiting their enemies. But even quite a few villains admit that neither woman are good strategists. It can be particularly frustrating to see her make unnecessary attacks against potential (and even actual allies).
  • Still, she is quite fond of her followers. Even if one decides to leave her side, she is quite supportive of them. The Enforcers were quick to confirm this, hoping that her support becomes a model for all owners of henchmen. Of course that's merely because she expects them to come back sooner or later.
  • Jjoined forces with Queen Sectonia regarding the collection on In-Births. Hilda was willing to let the insect queen be the prettier of the group... as long as she admits she's better at fighting. This was oddly enough to smooth out any kinks between the two.
  • She was challenged by a Muay Thai fighter named Adon. He was tired of the praise she has been receiving and doesn't deserve it, especially one who doesn't even move to fight. Hilda obliged to fight him... and quickly dispatched the man. Not used to such a character, Adon now trains to overcome those limitations to find a way around her shadows.
  • Rumor has it that her ascension was the result of getting kicked out of Kaori's temple. While Kaori denies those accusations, Hilda left things open to interpretation. It would explain while Hilda spends a significant amount of her resources against the magician.
  • Just because they share the same name doesn't make her anything like the Hilda from a certain Sunrise anime. The Hilda from that world shares that sentiment.

Kuphulu, God of the Mummy Wrap Technique
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A profile of his face
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Long Robe, Bandage Roper, Bounds and Gags His Victims, Combat Bandages, Dark Is Evil, Evil Is Hammy, Knotty Bandages, Large Ham, Lightning Bruiser, Mummy Alien, Mummy Wrapper, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Thep Khufan Can breathe In Space and Speak English
  • Domains: Mummies, Mummy Wrapping
  • Allies: Zs'Skayr, many members of the House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Enemies: Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Vilgax, Rad Dudesman, Max Tennyson, Amaterasu, Ezalor, Bright Man, Ra, Princess Celestia, Chanticleer
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dr. Viktor, Albedo
  • Opposes: Charmcaster
  • Opposed By: Good and non-chaotic deities of the House of Justice
  • Rivals: Anakaris (and Cofagrigus by extension), Imhotep
  • Kuphulu's ascension arose from the House of Combat's desire for more entertaining opponents. Fortunately for them, they did not have to look for long. The mummy alien's technique was truly a sight to behold. Despite being a Mummy, Kuphulu appeared to avert just about every cliché typically associated with them. He and the rest of his species do not suffer from the detriments of a Zombie Gait, for one, as his species is not actually undead at all. On the contrary, he is actually very quick and agile, able to run circles around many deities in the Pantheon. His bandages also work very much like combat tentacles, and his fingers alone can become whips that can leave cracks in stone at a moment's notice. What really interested the Pantheon, however, was his favored technique of bounding and gagging his opponents with his own bandages. There was very little hesitation on Kuphulu's part when he was offered his position, and the rest of the House of Combat maintains to this day that he really is far more interesting a spectacle in person.
  • Kuphulu's species is known as the Thep Khufan, a race of Mummy-like aliens from the planet Anur Khufos. Kuphulu, however, operated from the more multicultural Anur Transyl. Aside from their combat tentacle-like bandages and impressive reflexes, Thep Khufan also possess an extensive healing factor, being able to reform even after being shredded to bits, as well as an ability to survive in the vacuum of space. It is also worth noting that Thep Khufan, like other races of the Anur System, possess an immunity to the effects of Corrodium, which their home planet is rich in. It's a common misconception amongst the Pantheon that Kuphulu was the genetic donor for Ben Tennyson's Thep Khufan form, Snare-Oh (formerly Benmummy). This is not true.
  • Kuphulu was absolutely ecstatic to see that his master, Zs'Skayr had also ascended. He wasted no time at all in playing some serious catch up with the Ectonurite. Nowadays Kuphulu has become Zs'Skayr's personal dragon, much more so than Dr. Viktor anyways. Let's just say that he and Viktor's relationship has been tense since they both ascended. If you do anything to hurt Zs'Skayr or hinder his plans, you also hurt Kuphulu, and you do NOT want to do that. This is why he holds so much animosity towards Amaterasu, Ra, Ezalor, Bright Man, Princess Celestia, and Chanticleer.
  • Zs'Skayr has a deep-seated rivalry with Vilgax. Because of this, Kuphulu holds a profuse hatred for Vilgax. The Thep Khufan stays vigilant, always keeping a watchful eye on his master's rival. This, of course, annoys Vilgax greatly.
  • But of course there were some old acquaintances that Kuphulu was not happy to see in the Pantheon. Ben Tennyson had also ascended, along with his cousin Gwen, has grandfather Max, and close friend Kevin Levin, who now disliked the Thep Khufan by extension. Just the sight of Ben Tennyson would make his blood boil now, if he had blood. He brings back humiliating memories of how he tied up Kuphulu with his own bandages and left him behind. It doesn't just end there, though. Ben also took control over Kuphulu, along with Dr. Viktor and fellow colleague Crujo with his newly acquired Vladat form, Whampire, as a means to storm Zs'Skayr's castle. Ben just loves to talk about this, too. Daring to make fun of Kuphulu for said incidents is extremely ill-advised.
  • Kuphulu has not forgotten Charmcaster and her determination to steal back the Alpha Rune, which was needed for Zs'Skayr's scheme. He keeps a really close eye on her should she ever try to get in the way of their plans again.
  • Even though Kuphulu isn't overly fond of Albedo due to his brief team up with Vilgax, he not only puts up with him for his master's sake, but also to possibly get back at Ben Tennyson someday.
  • Most Egyptian deities appear to have a generally neutral opinion on Kuphulu. The only exceptions are Ra and Set. Ra dislikes Kuphulu due to his association with Zs'Skayr, and the feeling is definitely mutual. Set, however, seems to view Kuphulu more favorably.
  • Kuphulu and Anakaris have a pretty unfriendly rivalry going on. Something about Kuphulu never sat right with the pharaoh. Most speculate that this is because he reminds him of his cartoon counterpart that should never be spoken of around him unless you're ready and willing to face his wrath. Their conflicting alignments don't seem to help matters either, and neither does Kuphulu's affiliation with Zs'Skayr. Whenever they fight, though, it truly is a spectacle, and many deities actually look forward to these brawls. Popcorn is usually passed around while deities place their bets on the winner. Expect similar fights with the other mummy of the Pantheon, Imhotep, who serves as a rival for Kuphulu's plans of conquest.
  • Being a former low-grade criminal himself, Kuphulu has close ties with many members of the House of Crime. He can often be seen joining in on gatherings at the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. With Rad Dudesman, a former kidnapping victim of his, also being a regular at the cantina, they often cannot resist the urge to start a bar fight. Because of this, Kuphulu is disliked by a notable amount of deities in the House of Justice, most namely the good and non-chaotic deities.
  • Agents K and J keep Kuphulu under close observation for the same reason they watch Dr. Viktor, that being his affiliation with Zs'Skayr. They consider Kuphulu to be the bigger threat of the two, seeing as he is definitely the more loyal one.
  • Kuphulu denies having any form of special connection with Cthulhu. He really wishes that everyone would stop asking, and is particularly annoyed by the steadily growing trend of deities being impressed by someone supposedly being tight with Cthulhu, only to be disappointed when they find out that they actually said Kuphulu.

    Mitsuki Hokuto 
Mitsuki Hokuto, Goddess of Using Barriers in Combat (Hokuto Princess, White Maiden)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Hokuto Group's logo
  • Theme Songs: Seize the Day, X.R.C., The Usual Morning, Strayed into Passage, and Bravely Storm
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Barrier Warrior, Casting a Shadow, Dark Is Not Evil, Dissonant Serenity, Lady of Black Magic, Long-Range Fighter, Ojou, Nice Girl, That One Incident with Shio, Playing with Fire, Spoiled Sweet, Student Council President, Team Mom
  • Domains: Wielder, Heiress, Hokuto Group, Zodiac, Barriers, Shadow, Fire, Greed Hunting
  • Heralds: Seijuurou Hokuto (her grandfather), and Kyouka Yukimura (her secretary), all members of the Xanadu Research Club (X.R.C.) (which includes Sora Ikushima, Yuuki Shinomiya, Shio Takahata, and Towa Kokonoe)
  • Allies: Kou Tokisaka, Asuka Hiiragi, Rion Kugayama, Shiori Kurashiki, Makoto Nijima, Weiss Schnee, Madoka Kaname, Mami Tomoe, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, Scrooge McDuck, Reinhardt, Brigitte, Shield Knight, Yuuno Scrya, Milla Basset
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Wallace Breen, Ragyo Kiryuin, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Sombra, Senator Steven Armstrong, any corrupt Student Council President deity
  • Feared by: Any Mafia, Yakuza, and Japanese Delinquent deity
  • Opposes: Aiden Pearce, The Incubators
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Mustache Girl, Accelerator
  • Mitsuki Hokuto is the Student Council President of Morimiya Academy, the future heiress of the Hokuto Group, and a key figure within Zodiac (one of two major Underground organizations dealing with the Eclipse). She is also a Wielder herself who fights monsters called Greeds, but unlike her close ally Asuka, Mitsuki is not an active combatant, and prefers to remain on the sidelines while her subordinates do the work. She'll only get involved directly if the situation calls for it, but when she does, she proves herself to be a reliable fighter in the battlefield. Her Soul Device is Mystic Node; a staff that can conjure up barriers and fire magic projectiles. It can either control Shadow or Fire, depending on the Master Core equipped.
  • Mitsuki ascended into the pantheon because of her use of barriers in combat. She can use them for defense (to protect herself from damage), offense (can directly harm enemies on contact), and non-combat aid (can dispel strong curses and keep Greeds at bay). Her use of the barriers has earned her the Red Baron "White Maiden" in her world.
  • Mitsuki and Makoto Nijima get along very well due to being Student Council Presidents who are also third-years, and ironically the sixth members of their respective teams. They're both intelligent and the logical voice of reason within their schools, so they get together in friendly meetings to establish a relationship between Morimiya Academy and Shujin Academy. It also helps that Makoto is a capable fighter herself, so Mitsuki can call on her for assistance if need be.
  • Mitsuki also gets along with Weiss Schnee due to being future heiresses of the Hokuto Group and the Schnee Dust Company respectively. It also helps that Mitsuki's friend Asuka is already allied with Weiss, so establishing a relationship with her wasn't an issue. And since Weiss herself is already experienced with fighting monsters called Grimm, Mitsuki can call on Weiss anytime if there are Greeds and Grimm to defeat in the pantheon.
  • Mitsuki has earned the respect of Reinhardt, Brigitte, and Shield Knight for her clever uses of her barriers. When grouped together, they form a nearly impenetrable defense on the battlefield, and are known throughout the pantheon as "The Barrier Brigade".
    • Other fighters she's allied with include Yuuno Scrya and Milla Basset, who also make great use of their barrier powers. They eventually joined the Barrier Brigade shortly after demonstrating their skills against the Greeds.
  • Due to Mitsuki's experience in dealing with both Japanese Delinquents (from dealing with Morimiya's resident gang BLAZE) and the Yakuza (from dealing with the Takahane Group), any deity associated with these groups fear her because of her disposition, making her really tough to deal with. Naturally, this extends to The Mafia as well, as they do not want to risk getting on the Hokuto Princess' bad side.
  • She considers Aiden Pearce and Sombra to be major threats to the Hokuto Group's Orbal Network and Zodiac, since these two have constantly attempted to hack into their databases numerous times. For this reason, she dispatches Kyouka's special force squad to track them down and prevent them from spreading secretive info about the Eclipse for the public safety of citizens.
  • Mitsuki has some conflicting opinions on Mustache Girl. While she understands her circumstances and why she's motivated to take down the Mafia of Cooks, Mitsuki is also aware of the fact that Mustache Girl went off the deep end when she stole all of Hat Kid's Time Pieces and used them to bring judgement on everyone else, calling them "bad guys". It's for this reason that Mitsuki is rather reluctant to help Mustache Girl out, since she doesn't want her moral judgement to create another similar incident. For the time being, Mitsuki just expresses her gratitude and watches over Mustache Girl to see if she'll improve on her behavior.
  • Mitsuki opposes the Incubators because she considers their acts of contracting girls to become Magical Girls very cruel, which she claims it contradicts their supposed goal of preventing heat death of the universe. Any girl who accepts their contracts unfortunately has their Soul Gems corrupt overtime, and will eventually transform them into monsters called Witchs. Because of this, Mitsuki has set up a reconciliation effort for any Magical Girls contracted with the Incubators with the intent of preventing them from transforming, since the closest thing Mitsuki has to Witches in her world are the Phantom-type Greeds. She has become friends with Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, and Kyoko Sakura as a result, and hopes that Zodiac's treatment will be enough to prevent their inevitable transformations. Unfortunately, she was unable to reconcile with Homura Akemi despite her best efforts, because ever since the upheaval, she has become far too dangerous to deal with.
  • Many of Mitsuki's enemies within the pantheon happen to be corrupt politicians, CEOs, and tyrannical overlords.
    • Mitsuki is disappointed in Wallace Breen for the fact that he sold out humanity to something as dangerous as The Combine, which nearly resulted in humanity becoming extinct as well as all life on Earth. The fact that he used to be an administrator at the Black Mesa Research Facility didn't help matters, since Breen was so keen on following Combine orders with the hope of achieving immortality. And if the Easter Egg in Black Mesa is anything to go by, it's possible that Breen had it all planned out from the beginning. This has put Breen on Zodiac's watchlist, and Mitsuki is determined to make sure that he doesn't send the Combine to start augmenting Greeds for their goal.
    • She considers Sheev Palpatine to be a highly dangerous figure due to how cunning and manipulative he is, and since he succeeded in conquering an entire galaxy, this has made Mitsuki more weary of his presence. Being a Sith lord, Papatine has even attempted to convince Mitsuki to come to the "Dark Side" because of her Soul Device's ability to use Shadow as an element. However, Mitsuki is too pure-hearted to fall for any of his ploys, which is further helped by the fact that she doesn't have much of a dark past for him to exploit. This only strengthened Mitsuki's resolve to oppose him, and was able to survive her encounter with him thanks to her barriers shielding her from his Force attacks and Sith Lightning.
    • Mitsuki detests Ragyo Kiryuin for crossing the Moral Event Horizon a couple of times, and even considers her much worse than Mikuriya.
    • Mitsuki is worried that Senator Steven Armstrong's ambition will sour relations between the Japan branch and the United States branch of Zodiac, since he's too bloodthirsty to come to reasonable negotiations. Thus, she considers him a threat to the political stability of the world, and thinks that Armstrong's goal is not even doing the Americans any favors.
    • Alongside her friend Asuka, Mitsuki also considers Sir Isaac Westcott a major threat, since his goal of obtaining powers from Spirits will cause a disaster far greater than anything she has faced in her world. This is one of the few instances where Zodiac and Asuka's organization Nemesis are willing to work together to stop him, despite each organization's differences in how they handle things.
  • She has become good business partners with Scrooge McDuck, and is rather impressed about how he managed to achieve all that wealth from originally just being a poor citizen struggling to make ends meet. A feat not so easily achieved by many due to how large the gap is between the rich and the poor.
  • Mitsuki doesn't know what to think about Accelerator because of his past of violently slaughtering the clones of one girl just for a science experiment. Although he has mellowed out by this point, his penchant for violence and his ability to No-Sell anything but Touma Kamijou's right hand has made him a subject of observation for Zodiac, since they don't want him to start interfering directly with their business. On the other hand, he could be a useful ally in defeating Greeds, so Mitsuki is still debating whether or not to actually make contact with him. Her stance right now is to approach Accelerator with caution, since she doesn't know what his reaction will be.
  • Overall, Asuka Hiiragi is very happy to find that Mitsuki has ascended, because now it means that the two direct figures of Zodiac and Nemesis respectively, as well as the X.R.C., are one step stronger to quelling Greeds in the pantheon.

Wobbuffet, God of Countering Attacks (The Patient Pokémon, Sonans)

Lesser Gods

    Adam Taurus 
Adam Taurus, God of Abnormal Unsheathing Methods (High Leader Taurus, Embodiment of Spite, Addam Tarus, Beast, Edgelord, Jetstream Sham, Gast-yawn, Goat-eon Graves, Eren Lamer)
Click here to see him unmasked (SPOILERS) 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A wilted rose and thorns, shown here
  • Theme Songs: "Lionize" and From Shadows (Shared with Blake Belladonna)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, drifting into Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Being a Nazi in all but the name, Fighting with Iaijutsu, Undergoing Sanity Slippage, Ascending to High Leader by killing the previous one, Having a bizarre method of unsheathing his sword, wearing primarily red and black, Trying to blow up his underlings alongside himself, Going after someone’s loved ones for the sake of a vendetta, Being a Crazy Jealous Guy, Wanting to annihilate humans for Faunus supremacy, Wielding a bright red sword and a sheath that acts as a gun, Seeking to enslave humanity while preaching Faunus rights, Former Faunus hero that descended into villainy, having an iron brand scar below his mask
  • Domains: Naziism, Fantastic Racism, Swords.
  • Heralds: Fennec and Corsac Albain, his underlings in the White Fang who carry on his wishes.
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Roman Torchwick, Felix, Stain, Prince Hans
  • Odd Friendship with: Jack of Blades
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Cinder Fall, thanks to An Offer You Can't Refuse
  • Rivals: Sephiroth
  • Enemy Mine: with Magneto
  • Arch-Enemy: Blake Belladonna
  • Enemies:
  • Abhorrent Admirer to: Ichigo Momomiya
  • Deeply Fears: The Meta
  • Feared by: Nui Harime
  • Evil Counterpart to: Yang Xiao Long. Both are potential love interests for Blake Belladonna, and their respective semblances both store up energy to be used for attacks. However, Yang is much more morally upstanding than he is.
  • Upon taking the mantle of High Leader of the White Fang, Adam was granted ascension by the Court. Stepping into the House of Weapons, he was assigned the title of God of Unorthodox Sheathing, much to the chagrin of fellow weapons deity Blake Belladonna.
  • Immediately upon his ascension, Adam was greeted by a man who acted like a father to him. Of all the humans, this one was the only one he could come to respect. When Adam learned how this man ascended, he was silent for a while out of respect. Adam has promised never to harm this particular human.
  • Once word of his ascension got out, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang rallied their allies against him. He has caused so much pain in their lives (the last two, in particular, given both his relationship with Blake ended terribly and Adam cutting off Yang's arm) that they dedicated themselves to stopping his reign.
  • Once, while searching through the House of Weapons, he stumbled upon his old ally Roman. However, their relationship has become a bit strained due to his complete hatred of humans. They still stick together, for the time being, noting that they have a mutual enemy in Ruby’s allies.
  • Eventually, he met back with Cinder and rejoined her side, remembering how she traded him Dust and Lien for his life and loyalty. He begrudgingly goes along with her, knowing that otherwise, his life is forfeit.
  • Often, he is compared to Felix, due to both being willing to betray those working with them to gain their own advantage. When the two finally met, they acknowledged those similarities. Allied together, Adam began pitting himself against Felix's greatest enemy, Lavernius Tucker. He still eventually plans to betray the betrayer, since he can’t stand the idea of working with a human like Felix.
  • After hearing of the raw destruction he has caused, Adam is deeply afraid of The Meta. In Adam's eyes, the Meta is not remotely close to being human. He's more monster than he ever would be human. This immense fear overrides his preexisting hatred of him, so Adam stays as far away from the Meta as he can.
  • Adam himself is deeply feared by Nui Harime. She has heard from sources about that time he cut off Yang's arm. Since a similar fate has been done to her, she doesn’t want to relive the trauma. Whenever Adam sees the girl, he just smirks and draws his sword as she runs away.
  • Once went looking around the House of Philosophy for any new potential allies. While he was there, he ran into "Hero Killer" Stain. Initially, the two struck a bond due to their similar appearance and twisted moral sense. Stain warned Adam of two of his greatest enemies. Izuku and Todoroki, as well as some "kid who can run really fast". Stain and Adam struck up a deal that they’d hunt down each other's enemies whenever they are seen.
  • Adam's animosity with Lavernius Tucker has drawn the collective ire of his allies on the Reds and Blues, leaving several more instances of people who want Taurus out of the pantheon as soon as possible. However, Adam has decided to let them be, instead letting The Meta deal with them. He'll be busy staying the hell away from that guy.
    • Not that it will help Adam get away from Locus, who is not keen on seeing his former ally Felix joining forces with someone equally morally twisted, and is harder to get away from given Locus's camouflage.
  • Due to comparisons between the two, Adam is commonly pitted against The Beast, also known as Prince Adam. Despite holding a similar place in their respective narratives, and Adam originally being a follower of Beast, they are on complete opposite ends of the moral spectrum. Beast absolutely hates Taurus, believing that he dragged his name through the mud. According to Prince Adam, Taurus is a disgrace to the name due to his extremism and brutality.
  • Once, while shooting target practice at the House of Weapons' gun range, he ran into a man who dressed a lot like him. Both were taking some time to train their marksmanship to further their own goals. He soon learned this man’s name was Ren Amamiya. After talking for a while, they learned that fashion sense aside, they had almost nothing in common. Adam was especially appalled at Ren's ideas of saving humanity, when he had every opportunity to rule over them. This difference in view caused Ren to have Adam removed from the gun range, claiming that an extremist like Adam shouldn't own a gun. Now, when the two cross paths, bystanders are likely to witness the greatest Death Glare in the history of the Pantheon. Due to this, Ren is trying to convince the rest of the Phantom Thieves to change his heart, be it through Mementos or if he develops a regular Palace.
  • Adam once stumbled upon Sephiroth while wandering through the House of Shape. The two crossed swords, but their fight ended in a draw. They tried to fight three more rounds, but each ended in the same result. They continue the routine whenever they see each other, developing a lasting rivalry between the two that will only be settled once a victor is decided.
  • At one point he was going through the House of Costumes in search of some new clothes, after seeing that his main rivals in team RWBY had changed their outfits while travelling through Mistral. While he didn't find anything, he ran into another man wearing a white mask named Jack of Blades. The two hit it off due to their similar masks and formed a bond. They'll occasionally hang out in the House of Food.
  • Due to aligning goals (that being revenge against humanity), Adam has partially allied himself with Magneto. However, their alliance is merely temporary as Adam's extremism goes to lengths even Magneto finds uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Adam hates Magneto deep down and is planning to kill him later: as far as he's concerned, Magneto's a human with a Semblance, that's all. Plus, Magneto reminds him of a red-headed woman allied with his enemies, due to their remarkably similar power set, throwing more fuel onto the fire. Only time will tell where this alliance will end and how.
    • With Zonda and the Seven, however, they didn’t even bother trying to ally with him. While at first, they had little issue with his way of doing things, currently as far as they're considered Adam is just some lovestruck thug. And they are not oblivious to the notion that Adam's after all humans, powers or not. At best, Zonda says he's impractical. At worst, Teseo is trolling him by making constant jabs at the fact he's just swooning over his ex all across the continent rather than actually cultivate a revolution for Faunus. Sometimes other members of the Seven join in on berating Adam, which ticks him off even more.
    Teseo: "Ur never gonna have her bro, even with the power of God and anime on ur side."
    Desna: "I've not seen a heart so dark and so far from starlight in quite a while."
    Asroc: "Hmph. There's an utterly bitter taste in this dish. Perhaps there's no saving it, unless I leave this Faunus in the oven a while longer."
  • He was wandering through the House of Beasts, specifically the Anthropomorphic sector, when he stumbled upon a skilled mech pilot named Viral. Initially, the two struck a bond due to their shared hatred of humans and their desire to see them act as subservient to their races. However, one day, Viral decided to side with the humans and vowed to protect them. This has caused disillusionment in Taurus towards Viral. Unable to understand why Viral chose to protect "the naked apes", Adam once again set off in search of allies, until...
  • After breaking off with Viral, he stumbled upon a girl with feline features named Ichigo Momomiya. Maybe it was the kitty ears, but he couldn't help but find her adorable. Mistaking her for a Faunus, he watched over her. While she doesn't return the sentiment, Adam doesn't want to see any harm befall her. Even if she isn't a Faunus, she’s close enough in his eyes. Ichigo, however, does not reciprocate the adoration, understanding Taurus as violent and dangerous. She has appealed to the Court of the Gods to file a restraining order against him.
  • "The Faunus are the dominant species of this planet. We're better than humans. We have everything humans have and more. Humans shouldn’t just fear the Faunus, they should serve the Faunus."

    Chuck Greene 
Chuck Greene, God of Ability Combination (Chuckie, Chuckles, Gramps, Old Man)
Chuck during the Los Perditos Outbreak, 2021 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His jacket and motorcycle
  • Theme Songs: Chuck's Theme and Firewater (as a Psychopath)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, leaning to Chaotic Neutral over the years. Chaotic Evil in Off the Record.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Fathers, Motocross, Combo Weapons, Survival
  • Heralds: Katey Anne Greene (his daughter), Gary Finkel (his subordinate)
  • Allies: Frank West, Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, The Zombieland Crew, The Green Flu Survivors (Particularly Francis), Lee Everett and Clementine, Ellie, Issac Clarke, Bryan Mills, Ruby Rose, Enju Aihara, Jack Cayman
  • Enemies: All the evil gods of the House of Undead, Adam the Clown, Albert Wesker, Damon Killian, Gleeman Vox
  • Conflicting Opinion: Joel
  • Odd Friendship: War the Nephilim
  • Chuck Greene was a famous motocross champion living a good life with his wife Pam and his daughter Katey until all hell broke loose in Las Vegas. Chuck suddenly lost his wife after she was infected and his daughter was just bitten by her own mother, forcing Chuck to give Zombrex to Katey for the rest of her life every single day. Years later, struggling for money and needing it to get more Zombrex for Katey, Chuck participated in Terror is Reality, a controversial reality show that's about pure zombie killing but his stay in Fortune City would turn for the worse when the zombies were released and somehow Chuck was framed as the culprit. Together with the help of Stacey Forsythe and reporter Rebecca Chang, Chuck would uncover a conspiracy tied to Phenotrans, the ones that make the Zombrex drug in the first place and their various unethical activities.
  • Chuck was chosen for his ability to create new and bizarre weapons on the fly, combination is kind of his thing. What no one expected was how Chuck changed years after clearing his name. Refusing to implant a chip on Katey, he turned to a life of crime in order to get Katey her doze of Zombrex, and the whole ordeal took a toll on Katey which made her decide to run away in order to free Chuck of the burden that is taking care of her. But thankfully thanks to Nick Ramos and Isabela Keyes, a cure was able to be found and Chuck finally managed to rest easy knowing Katey won't turn into a zombie.
  • Frank West personally vouched for Chuck's ascension, the two having worked together in order to uncover Phenotrans dirty operations. And while the two remain a bit on shaky terms, they still respect each other. From Frank he ended up learning about other deities that too come from worlds that have suffered a Zombie Apocalypse and Chuck was willing to hear their story.
  • Frank also ended up introducing Chuck to a few of the allies he made while exploring other universe. First was the deities from the Resident Evil and Chuck was both horrified at the number of biological weapons the terrorists of that universe had at their disposal and a bit glad that they at least didn't succumb to a dystopian world like theirs. While good friens with the BSSA agents he is a lot closer with Jake and Sherry, since as a father of someone who was bitten he can understand their rather unique situation and in turn both like that for a regular guy, Chuck is tough enough to care of himself.
    • He also heard of several of monsters and people that created those creatures his friends had to deal with and Chuck was glad that the worst thing he encountered were really odd and dangerous humans. Among the ones around the pantheon, Chuck has heard of Albert Wesker's actions and feels apalled that there was someone who would make Phenotrans seem reasonable by comparison.
  • Apparently not used to Zombies running but he at least has experience with zombies like the gas variants that were tougher and more resiliant, not to mention the ones found in Los Perdidos. That's why he was surprised by the infected the Green Flu Survivors had to fight and he eventually became friends with them. He gets along surprisingly well with Francis, the latter apparently is familiar with Chuck in some capacity.
  • Chuck is very protective of his daughter Katey, who he had to provide with Zombrex in order to prevent her from turning into a zombie. And he would go great lenghts to protect her so messing with her is a surefire way to get on his bad side. It speaks volumes when he remained in Los Perdidos when it was about to get bombed in order to find her and he did. Heroic fathers all around the Pantheon have come to respect Chuck for his dedication towards his daughter and find his descent into crime a bit unfortunate.
    • Speaking of which, he's come to meet both Joel and Ellie and found out how Joel himself became a sad, broken man after his daughter died and that's why he got so attached to Ellie. Chuck would have felt in the same way should he have lost Katey (and in some timelines, losing Katey sends Chuck to the deep end) but finds his actions regarding the murders of the Fireflies to be a bit too much for him, even if it was meant to save Ellie.
  • While not an engineer, his craftmanship and creativity when it comes to designing weapons on the fly has caught the attention of Ruby Rose, who thinks Chuck's weapons are pretty cool but he believes she and others from her world are no slouches either. He also found Isaac Clarke, an actual engineer, far more impressive that he is given that he crafts weapons too, much effectively at that, and has to deal with alien abominations on a daily basis.
  • He's been a participant in "Terror is Reality", a reality show it's to kill zombies in very creative ways. The rather dangerous and irreverent purpose of the show has made it very controversial and Chuck is somewhat ashamed of having been part of it but he is cut some slack by people because it was to provide for Katey. Damon Killian and Gleeman Vox, two notorious hosts of similar shows have taken interest in adapting TIR to the Pantheon and Chuck, having already dealt with assholes like them, obviously had to oppose to the idea.
    • This is what also lead Chuck to meet Jack Cayman, winner of Deadwatch and another biker to boot. He sympathizes with the situation Chuck has found himself in and is impressed by his resourcefulness and ability to stay calm even in the face of danger. The two have also fought a wide variety of odd people too but thankfully they managed to get out in one piece at least. His opinion over Blacker Baron, the host who has smany similarities with TK, the host of Terror is Reality, has not been made public but Chuck finds him a little more bearable.
  • Like stated before, Chuck had encountered some weird and nasty people ranging from an insane man in a mascot suit to a One-Hit Wonder artist trying to forcefully reclaim her glory back. He even managed to tame a tiger once by feeding leftover meats left in the casino area. Thankfully none of the psychos are present here but he had the displeasure of meeting one of Frank's own psychoes, Adam the Clow, who probably puts the one he met to shame.
  • He has come to pity anyone suffering from a disease given what happened with his daughter. While she eventually overcame it after a while, there are some that aren't as lucky. He is surprisingly fond of Enju Aihara because the little girl reminds him of how fragile someone infected can be and despite appearances, Chuck is a very caring person overall.
  • Being framed sucks so he can understand the ordeal of having to clean your name. This is what made him another unlikely friend with War the Nephilim who was framed for something far worse that launched his world into the apocalypse.
  • Some have criticized Chuck's tendency for one-liners, they believe they need some work or his delivery to painful. Chuck thinks they are fine but tries to tone them down.
  • Can also be found in Crafting Materials.

    Genji Shimada 
Genji Shimada, God of Bullet Deflection (Cybernetic Ninja, Sparrow, Green Cyborg Ninja Dude, Weeb, Weeaboo, Genjo, Genju, Ganjo, Gengu, Pro Genji)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His weapon, the Dragonblade
  • Theme Songs: Hanamura (Shared with his brother Hanzo) and his Heroes of the Storm theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Formerly Chaotic Neutral as a Blackwatch Agent)
  • Portfolio: Cyborg Ninja, Dragonblade, Wall Climber, Double Jump, Reflecting Bullets With Blade, Speaking Fluent Japanese While Also Doing Good English, Brotherhood Rivalry, Shurikens, Former Man Rebuilt as a Cyborg, Those Who Seek Self-Pleasure
  • Domain: Combat, Cyborgs, Technology, Weaponry
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Junkrat and Roadhog, Hakumen, The Scout, The Pyro, The Heavy, The Engineer, Scorpion
  • Enemies: Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, Sektor, Viktor, Metal Face, Diablo
  • Complicated Relationships: Hanzo Shimada (His brother)
  • Genji made himself known by interrupting what would be a fight between Team RED and Team BLU. Shots were fired, but Genji just stood there... and deflected all bullets, killing those who fired them in the first place (there was the Heavy, who got approached quickly and killed, and the Engineer who just built a turret). He only escaped when he noticed a Pyro incoming, by climbing a wall and jumping on top of that, reaching heights that not even Scout and his Triple Jump can match. It was only because of a 'PSA' by Tracer that it's just her buddy getting ascended exactly because of the mastery of deadly bullet deflection.
    • The flaw is that if it's a beam or spray weapon, Genji cannot deflect it. That explains why he avoided the Pyro.
  • Genji's art of deflecting bullets is supreme enough in a more "realistic" way, in a way that if anyone dares shoot him on the leg, his deflection might be aimed to the head, what would just stub his toe lightly would end up killing his target fatally.
  • He was formerly learning under Samuel Rodrigues, but eventually Sam considered 'graduating' him once he unlocked the full extent of his Dragonblade. He then got approached by Solid Snake, who felt that Genji reminded him of his dead friend Gray Fox. With that, Genji learns to sneak behind the enemy lines and eliminate them from there. And if they shot back… it's his Dragonblade's turn to deflect shits on.
  • Was once invited by Naruto Uzumaki to eat some good ramen when he learned that Genji likes it. Unfortunately, his reply was, "No. It's just not the same anymore." While he appreciates the thoughts, he walked away without eating. Naruto suspects that his favorite food was "Healing".
  • Came under a heated rivalry with Hakumen, not only for their similar look, but their clashing philosophy of life, with Hakumen admonishing his desire for self-pleasure. Genji is not amused at Hakumen's overly rigid code, which just brings bad memories and blood with a rather similarly minded brother of his, Hanzo. Likewise with the same guy with the surname Hasashi, though not because of his rigid code but because of his extreme merciless brutality.
    • Though Hattori gets his utmost respect instead.
    • He just knows that an inevitable showdown will commence the moment his brother ascended.
  • If you hear the phrase "Ryuujin no Ken no kurae!!" (yes, in Japanesetranslation ), it's a good time to run away since Genji is nearby and out to slice you up. Or still, deflect whatever you shot at him if you shoot it.
  • To say the least, he was quite surprised to see Chipp Zanuff. This is because for an American, he likes to insert Japanese words gratuitously while Genji, a Japanese, speaks good English (even with an accent) while also speaking good Japanese (not to mention when he turns on his voice filter to 'full on Japanese', he started sounding like him). Still, he does respect Chipp's dedication as a President and desire to protect.
  • Back in those days, he used to be such a Handsome Lech, though records didn't detail how many ladies he scored compared to the likes of Johnny and Kagura Mutsuki. Many thought it must be because his eyebrows are apparently considered sexy. Pity his cyborg form would never show it again.
  • Lately, he just noticed that his cyborg form has a rather shapely... 'behind'. He starts wondering if the protests to fellow Overwatch ex-agent Tracer's behind might be infectious to him.
  • He was saved from certain death by a certain Dr. Angela Ziegler (codename: Mercy). For this, he pays respect to those doctors working to save lives earnestly in the House of Health and Diseases. Except if they're crazy and not exactly aiming to save lives. Like The Medic.
  • Even to this day, he had no love to the Yakuza lifestyle, even if he's born from an Empire of it. It ended up nearly killing him and he had no problems to dismantle that empire. But mostly, he just had issues if those Yakuza are doing it for bad things, and even more if it's bothering him. This is why he tolerated the Yakuza-heir twins the Sonozakis, they're at least not doing Obviously Evil things with their Yakuza family.
  • Thanks to a few tips from this video, Genji has become significantly more dangerous in battle, especially when he's in a team. But he wouldn't recommend this video as it may make him weaker, as it shows how to use his skills the wrong way (even if it's bloody hilarious). Still, probably it's safer if you don't use terms like 'Katana-no-reflect' or 'Katana-no-dash' or 'Katana-no-ryuu' to refer to his repertoire.
    • And then another video came evaluating his authenticity as a ninja. Evaluation: He's not that up to snuff, since 1) shurikens aren't meant to be primary weapons, 2) his primary blade is way too long, and 3) he has bad survivability ("I need healing!") But given his carefree lifestyle before Hanzo was forced to kill him, that might make sense, and he doesn't let it bother him. He is however peeved that the video also claimed that not only is Sombra better at being a ninja than he is, but freaking ROADHOG, too (despite his girth and his combat role as a "Tank"). Junkrat had a really long laugh after seeing the video as well.
  • He has a bit of distaste towards Symmetra of the Vishkar corporation, though it wasn't because of personal reasons or freedom like Lúcio (though he admits that Vishkar is on fast track on being in the 'bad guy' list by the Overwatch), but because he can't deflect her beam of light and everytime he tried to sneak in somewhere near her house, he's often getting fried by her sentry turret. He swears he's not dipping back to his old playboy self, he has no interest in peeking her while she takes a bath!
  • Genji received the invitation to enter the Nexus. In preparation of that, he meditated and actually improved his deflecting skill that he can protect himself from beam weapons and he could strike down many at once with one. He thought that if this is how it goes, he'll no longer fear beam weapons like Symmetra's, or even Mei's ice sprays. In addition of his, he remembered an old skill of his, the X-Strike, or as he called it Ryuu Geki Ken (which by the way, is not something from the Kyokugen Karate. And it definitely isn't "Katana-no-Ekkusu"…)
    • Then he heard about Diablo invading Hanamura, even if it's no longer his home, Genji still felt obligated to defend it since Hanzo was away. But the Lord of Terror proved to be greater than he expected. Good thing he already contacted D.Va as a backup beforehand…
    • In addition of this, he's got a lot of new friends…
      • He befriended Samuro, due to them being honorable swordsmen. Genji is the only one that can get away in calling Samuro "Green Blademaster Dude". However, he often got chided by Thrall for referring Orcs as "Oni". There's a difference beyond green skin.
      • When Genji teamed up with Zeratul one time, Genji asked where Zeratul got his Ronin armor. Zeratul promised to give an explanation to Genji after one of their matches.
      • Genji has also met Chen and he was surprised at the pandaren.
    Genji: You're… a panda. He's a panda.
    • Genji has also encountered Kharazim and remarked that Kharazim reminded him of his master, Zenyatta, but with a better beard.
    Genji: You remind me of my master, though you have a much, better beard.
    • Genji expresses curiosity on Murky, remarking on the murloc's antics.
    Genji: Whatever you said, I'm sure it was... enlightening./...I'm never eating sushi again.
  • Many have commented on the similarities between him and Snake Eyes. Especially when it comes to being the resident ninja of the world saving organization. Though, the two bonded over their very strain relationship with their brothers.
  • "Mi o sutetemo, myouri wa sutezu"

    Hammond/Wrecking Ball 
*Hamster squeaks*

"Control link established."

Hammond, God of Ball-Shaped Attacks (Wrecking Ball, Specimen 8, Hamtaro, Hamston, Rat)
Hammond piloting Wrecking Ball
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His mech, Wrecking Ball
  • Theme Song: Wrecking Ball Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hamster Stereotypes, Badass Adorable, Be the Ball, Death from Above, The Dividual, Grappling-Hook Pistol, Ground Pound, Killer Hamster, Lightning Bruiser, Mister Big, Pintsized Powerhouse, Rodent of Unusual Size, Rolling Attack, Spider Tank, Translator Buddy, Uplifted Animal, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Hamsters, Mechs, Balls, Genetics, Intelligence, Roaming
  • Allies: Winston, Zenyatta, Lùcio, Pikachu, Eliza Thornberry, Ron Stoppable, Gadget Hackwrench, Caesar, Nezu, Crash Bandicoot, We3, Rumble, Blizz, The Parr Family
  • Rivals: D.Va
  • Enemies: Koba, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Neo Cortex, Mad King Thorn, Jack O'Lantern, Syndrome
  • Admired by: Junkrat
  • What started as a number of reports about a strange metallic ball roaming and causing a ruckus around certain parts of the pantheon, it quickly made some people investigate and try to find out the culprit. When the ball was spotted once again, it revealed itself to be a robot or mech of some kind but strangely enough the mechanical being was not aggressive and called itself Wrecking Ball. It was later that a group of nearby deities were left confused when its pilot emerged, an unusually large hamster named Hammond came bursting through the robot's hatch and started laughing at the puzzled look of the crowd that was looking at him. The hamster apparently managed to convince the higher ups to give him a temple considering that him and his mech are inseparable.
  • Hammond's intelligence and appearance are all thanks to the experiments performed in the Horizon Lunar Colony. Although the main subjects were gorillas, they also experimented on other animals but the scientists weren't expecting the Hamster to make the most progress out of all the animals. Of course, Hammond is good friends with Winston who is another of Horizon's subjects and he was surprised to see his old rodent friend again, wondering how he even escaped the colony considering what happened afterwards.
  • After crash-landing in Australia, Hammond built Wrecking Ball using his space pod as a base and adding spare parts that were laying around the zone. Then he went to become the champion in the mecha battles of Junkertown, earning a lot of prizes and fame among the locals, unaware that the mysterious Wrecking Ball was piloted by a Hamster. Said story is what made Rumble want to meet him, since he too built a robot from nothing but scrap to stand up to bullies and Hammond one of the few deities that he considers a friend, even if he cannot understand his squeaks.
    • Junkrat used to be a huge fan of Wrecking Ball, so when he heard that his idol became a deity on his own he was beyond excited to meet him. He was taken aback when he discovered the his idol was a Hamster, something that never crossed his mind but that only increased his admiration for the little guy since he named himself after a rodent too for a reason.
  • For all his genetically advanced intelligence, Hammond can't actually speak. Thankfully, his mech has an AI that serves as his Translator Buddy, sometimes even going the extra mile of filtering Hammond's words when he is being rude. There are deities that are perfectly capable of understanding his squeaks, Eliza Thornberry is usually the one tasked with keeping an eye on him since she is an expert on understanding animals and finds him to be a bit eloquent spoken with her, even if he tends to be a bit mischievous most of the time.
    • Another human deity who can seemingly understand him is Ron Stoppable, who at first was reminded of his pet mole Rufus. The latter even personally met Hammond and considering how both are unusually dangerous rodents that were altered in some way, they became good friends.
  • He made a lot of rodent friends on the way. Was glad to know that he wasn't the sole hamster in the pantheon and managed to meet Boo, Minsc's companion, the latter even thought of bringing Hammond along in one of their adventures but he seemed comfortable enough on his own. Pikachu was another one he met and the pokemon even managed to understand him and likes to be around him, even though Hammond tends to use him as a charger for when Wrecking Balls needs adjustments. Principal Nezu saw Hammond as an equal seeing as he too had an history of being genetically altered rodent (although Hammond isn't sure if he is even one) and was impressed by the Hamster's intellect, not a small feat considering Nezu's intelligence quirk.
    • Then there were others who were also knowledgeable in the field of engineering and were amazed by Hammond's craft, namely his original space pod that he built by himself and then how he turned into a mecha. Of those, Hammond's like to hang around with Gadget Hackwrench and Blizz, who have thrown a few modifications that could be done to the mech like adding heavy weaponry (Blizz's idea).
  • As evidenced by the uprising that happened in the Horizon Lunar Colony, Hammond is well aware of the conflict that Ceasar and his people had to go through. Him being a good friend of Winston made it easy for the little to become friends with the ape, Caesar himself being surprised of how a little animal like him could evolve to such level of intelligence. That said, he warned Hammond of Koba, who he described to Hammond as a very dangerous ape no different from those that revolted in the Lunar Colony. Although he doesn't worry much since he knows the little rodent can handle himself.
  • While he isn't one to get involved himself in conflicts unless he really has to, Hammond dislikes scientists that experiments on animals for evil purposes like Dr. Eggman or Dr. Cortex do. He then happened to meet both of their arc-enemies, Sonic and Crash and became friends with the Hamster. Sonic wonder if Hammond has taken a few inspirations on his mech from his spin dash.
  • During the Halloween season, he likes to dress up and even modifies his mech to resemble a Jack-o-Lantern. He also has a tendency to nibble on pumpkins, usually in places where nobody can bother him and he can be at it for hours. There was one incident where he stole the heads of both Jack O'Lantern and Mad King Thorn, getting the hamster in a lot of trouble with them, not to mention that once both found their heads, they were are bitten and torn. How he managed to snatch their heads is anyone's guess.
  • Has a bit of a reputation among other mecha-pilots for how unusual is to see a hamster piloting a mech. He has a bit of a rivalry with D.Va over who is the best mecha pilot of their universe, not helped by Hammond often making fun of her and mocking her peace sign pose. Outside of his universe, Hammond is friends with Simon and Kamina, both were impressed by his mischievous and daring nature and reminding both of Simon's pet, Boota.
    • While being closer to cyborgs, We3 met Hammond after the latter was wandering the House of Beast. The trio thought that the hamster was another of their labs creations but it turned out that he was unrelated to them and eventually warmed up to the silly hamster. Like them, Hammond is unable to properly talk even if he is a bit smarter than the cybernetic animals but he can communicate with them without needing the AI translator to chime in.
  • Wrecking Ball has been confused by other machines before. Some think that it resembles a Droideka while others think that it's a smaller model of the Omnidroid. The latter claim caused some commotion among the Parr Family but once they found out about the pilot, they had a good chuckle. On the other hand, Syndrome wasn't as pleased, believing that he was ripped off by a rat and that he will find a way to make the little rodent pay.
  • Around the Summer Games of 2019, Hammond decided to get himself involved in the popular activity known as Lúcioball, where he acts both as the referee and ball. Lúcio (and by extension the other Lúcio clones, don't ask) welcome the hamster with open arms and are mildly amused by his antics.
  • "Don't anger the Hamster"

    Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls
Nadia Fortune, Goddess of Detachment Combat (Ms. Fortune, Purrfect Treasure, Koshka/Female Cat)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A fish skeleton
  • Theme Song: The Fish Man's Dance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Losing Your Head (and other limbs), Literal Classy Cat-Burglar, Subjecting Others To Terrible Puns, Immortality, Scars are Forever, Body Horror, Pulling Themselves Together
  • Domains: Life, Severing, Cats
  • Allies: Peacock, Teddie, Makoto Nanaya, Blake Belladonna, Miss Sarah Fortune, Mami Tomoe, Nathan Drake, Taokaka, Sly Cooper, Ratatoskr, Squigly
  • Friendly Enemy: Bloody Marie
  • Enemies: Carmelita Fox, Roman Torchwick, Monsoon, Wario, Eliza, Lord Raptor, The Yellow Devil
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cerebella
  • Conflicting Opinion: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Peko Pekoyama, Filia, Killua Zoldyck
  • A number of people have pursued her for the Life Gem that granted Ms. Fortune her abilities. However since she swallowed it, it may be retrievable only through crushing her to death.
  • Shortly after ascension she was glad to see a familiar face in Peacock. While the Medici mafia have no presence in the pantheon, they've still had fun taking down other mafia members and bullies.
    • She honestly doesn't know how to feel about Filia as while she's a Medici, she's also so nice. She is irritated with Samson though.
  • She has a better opinion of Fuyuhiko despite him being a Yakuza as he's kind enough to his friends and subordinates. Her opinion of Peko Pekoyama isn't as generous, considering Peko's devotion to Fuyuhiko being distressingly familiar. It was worsened once she learned of what happened to them, especially on Jabberwock island.
  • While Ms. Fortune and Mami Tomoe get along well, Mami is dismayed that Fortune sometimes dresses up as Mami, especially so considering Ms. Fortune's condition.
    • Her meeting with Makoto Nanaya was also awkward as Makoto originally thought she was to look for someone that looked like herself. They became friends pretty quickly after that.
  • Ms. Fortune has spent less time in the pantheon since her friend Minette and several girls from her hangout of Little Innsmouth were abducted. Some of Ms. Fortune's allies such as Sly Cooper have offered their assistance.
    • The banding of thieves gained Fortune her the unwanted attention of Carmelita Fox considering they should share a common enemy in the mafia.
    • Fortune fears further delay in the rescue as she has had to train harder ever since she learned a robot duplicate of herself was being constructed.
  • Unsurprisingly gets along with Teddie. Pun drinking games are forbidden in their presence. Beyond that their friendship is surprisingly deep.
  • She is sometimes confused with Miss Sarah Fortune. Nadia is annoyed that people can confuse them as Sarah's a bounty hunter and Nadia is the one with a bounty.
  • Has asked several cooks in the pantheon if she can have a cheeseburger. Don't say she can has one out of context however. That's racist.
    • Successful quests for cheeseburgers can be indicated by hearing 'OMNOMNOMNOM'. It could also mean she's picked a fight.
    • One instance of the former led to her being suggested by Peacock to meet with Monsoon. As it turns out Peacock just wanted to annoy him. Since Ms. Fortune and Monsoon have similar abilities, the resulting battle was drawn out enough that the two declared a brief ceasefire.
  • Ran into Blake Belladonna by chance when robbing Roman Torchwick. They've since bonded over their shared dislike of him and his attitude towards them.
  • Incredibly unhappy to learn that her enemy Eliza ascended as she would prefer not to be her eternal drinking fountain.
  • Caught the eye of Lord Raptor who was sulking after failing to infiltrate Hsein-Ko's temple yet again. He professed his love to her and she flatly refused. She was immediately bested in combat and dragged off to his temple in the House of Music. What she immediately went through was considered disgustingly unspeakable. After being rescued by Peacock and Miss Sarah Fortune, she immediately downed some of Moe's Forget-Me-Shots so she would never remember that horror again.
    • As such, she was beyond elated when she heard about what Bloody Marie did to him after he tried the same thing to her. Even though they had previously fought because Nadia had tried to get the Skull Heart to wish her dead gang back to life, that along with Peacock's words on the subject led her to see the Skullgirl in a much more positive light.
  • She wasn't happy to know Cerebella had ascended, to say the least. That said, it would seem some anonymous person (specifically, someone from the House of Time and Temporality) told Cerebella about a possible timeline in which she ended up murdering Ms. Fortune for the sake of the Medicis. 'Bella hopes to never be forced into the latter position in this timeline, and as such, has been trying to patch things up with Nadia. The key word being "trying", because of course, while 'Bella doesn't want to kill anybody, Ms. Fortune, with her hatred of the Medicis, makes it quite difficult for the acrobat not to repeat what happened in that timeline. Still, Fortune doesn't seem to have anything against Cerebella, and that may be the one thing keeping their Teeth-Clenched Teamwork from turning into something ugly.

    The New Kid (South Park
The New Kid, Divine Avatar of Combat Farting (King Douchebag, Buttlord, Butthole, The Farting Vigilante, Dovahkiin)
One of the many forms of the New Kid
  • Lesser God/Goddess (though may border on Intermediate God/Goddess depending how well-equipped they are as well as with the Timefarts)
  • Symbol: The 'Dragonshout' icon (a picture of a green dragon coming out of someone's butt); alternatively, The Amazing Butthole costume as a superhero
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (at least when Cartman or anyone else isn't trying to influence or manipulate them), varies as a Superhero
  • Portfolio: Heroic Mime, Magnetic Hero, Fartillery, Combat Pragmatist, Time Control, The powers of the Final Girl
  • Domain: Friendship, farts, Combat, Time
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Wario, Dovahkiin
  • Enemies: Mitch Conner, Sofia Lamb, Chakravatin, Miraak, Deus, any Nazi or Zombie deities,
  • Distrustful of: SCP Foundation, The Men In Black, any deities belonging to any similar organizations
  • Feared by: Shub-Niggurath
  • Pities: Terra Branford, Mithra, Booker and Elizabeth
  • Complicated Relationship: Cartman
  • Opposed By: Baldi
  • While like some player-character gods, The New Kid has a huge variety of different possible appearances, part of the reason behind it is because they carry a huge amount of different sets of clothes, wigs, and make-up that they can switch at virtually anytime they want, though the New Kid is typically seen as just a small Caucasian boy with brown hair wearing Fighter-based equipment.
  • The New Kid was pleased to learn Butters and the rest of the boys ascended into the Pantheon before them. They're especially glad Butters is well looked after by the Good-aligned Family gods, earning them the New Kid's thanks. Butters is now the boy that the New Kid likes to spend time with the most.
    • In fact, when the New Kid and Butters are in the same room together, Butters can suddenly get a serious power boost whenever he takes up his Professor Chaos alter ego, complete with a drastic change of appearance, and enough power to stop Death itself.
    • However, they're a little weary around Kenny, however, since "Princess" Kenny betrayed him and tried to kill them. Though Kenny is trying to repair their friendship.
      • Ultimately, the New Kid decided to forgive Kenny, if only because they feel Cartman's betrayal was far worse than anything Kenny's ever done to them.
  • While a good person at heart, they are sometimes prone to getting manipulated by Cartman, who mostly has them do any risky or dangerous tasks he himself doesn't feel like doing, or simply to attack whoever tries to use the 'Cesar Milan technique' on him. Though aside from that, Cartman acts surprisingly friendly and respectful toward them, though Kyle believes Cartman is just pulling an act on them. The New Kid, however, has yet to voice his opinions about Cartman.
    • There's lately been implications that the reason The New Kid's been giving Cartman a certain amount of loyalty specifically because they know Cartman has treated them with an unusual amount of generosity. However, Cartman betrayed the New kid's trust by kidnapping the New Kid's parents and indirectly causing the death of one of them. The New Kid was so royally pissed at Cartman that they openly made it clear they realize trusting Cartman was a mistake. The only reason the New Kid still associates with him is because they were able to undo the damage he caused via time travel and the New Kid aims to make sure Cartman doesn't go after their parents again.
  • While the New Kid almost never talks unless they're tired of or fed up with whatever they're doing, it is implied that they regularly communicate by texting with their phone, though Butters seems to be the one they do this with the most.
  • The House of Gaming hold them on as high regard as Batman due to the New Kid also having proven that licensed games can be awesome. The New Kid also gets along great with the Caped Crusader. New Kid impressed Batman with how they can actually throw Batarangs just as well as he can (the New Kid had prior experience with a similar weapon) and when Batman learned about how the U.S. Government is hunting the New Kid for their friend-making talents, Batman promised he'd help look for the people behind the operation and bring them to justice.
  • The New Kid has shown sympathy toward deities like Mithra, Terra, and Elizabeth, who were people that many evil people have tried to turn into weapons for insane, selfish, or straight-up villainous reasons, a fate that their parents prevented for them when they moved to South Park. they also despise the likes of Sofia Lamb and Deus who are perfectly willing to treat people like slaves or tools to further their goals.
  • Was once considered by some to be a mortal avatar of Dovahkiin, but while the New Kid shares the same name with the Tamrielic hero, the New Kid has a different 'prophecy' from Dovahkiin and very different abilities. After learning about each other, they both decided to duel each other to see who was stronger, bizarrely enough, the fight ended in a draw and the two heroes have been on friendly terms since.
  • They make it no secret that they despise the SCP Foundation due to its similarity to an unnamed U.S Government agency that's been hunting them down for their friend-making powers. They suspect the SCP Foundation may try to capture them even if it's not for the same reasons as the U.S Government. They considered waging their own one-person campaign against them, but to their own surprise, both Kyle AND Cartman had to talk them out of it, and they know they're in a bad spot if both are telling them that's a very, very bad idea. So they're now simply partitioning Cosmos to help them make sure they'd be well-protected in case the SCP Foundation tries anything with them.
  • New Kid gets along surprisingly well with Yu Narukami, as they was surprised to learn that Yu also has a history of moving to a new town, befriending a huge amount of people, and saving the world in the process. Yu is helping the New Kid train in the use of one of the New Kid's favorite weapons, The Sweet Katana.
  • Not only have they started to take a shot at superheroism, but through the power of Morgan Freeman's Mexican food recipes learned to manipulate time itself with their farts. Their reputation has increased dramatically after they and the South Park "superheroes" defeated Shub-Niggurath, a feat not expected of children in costumes.
  • The New Kid has taken up being a thorn in Baldi's side lately. When they saw Baldi try to give Butters a notebook to answer questions on, New Kid immediately intervened by taking the notebooks instead, which Baldi accepted. But instead on answering the questions, New Kid (having decided on principle not to bend to Baldi's throughly unreasonable demands) took a lighter, ripped off the page with the unsolvable answer, and ''burned said page''. Baldi promptly gave chase at top speed only to find New Kid was ready for him; throwing snap-n-pops at alarm clock from just outside the rooms they were in to distract Baldi by taking at least seconds longer to go out of his way to shut the alarms, using their Final Girl powers to effectively control the flow of the chase (like scattering sawblade traps in areas Baldi can't move around thus making him bleed real bad trying to catch them), and even in the rare moments Baldi seemed to have succeeded in getting close enough, New Kid simply used the Time Fart Glitch to undo the distance he closed. Overall, The New Kid's arsenal and tactics effectively made Baldi's usual advantages irrelevant against them and by the time New Kid got all the notebooks they needed to escape, Baldi suffered enough injuries from his attempts to catch the New Kid that he could barely move. New Kid decided to apply further salt to the wound by taking a selfie with the heavily weakened Baldi behind them and then farting on Baldi before leaving.

    Numemon & Sukamon 
Numemon and Sukamon, "Divine" Practitioners of Dung Fu (Numemon: Mollusk Digimon; Sukamon: Scumon, Mutant Digimon)
Sukamon (the mouse is Chuumon)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A pink pile of cartoon poop
  • Alignment: True Neutral to Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: It's a large group, so it depends on the individual
  • Portfolio: Throwing faeces at opponents, Toilet Humor, REALLY strange creatures, have several variations, Gonk, mainly fight in groups, disliked by other Digimon, result of raising a Digimon poorly, can potentially evolve into some legitimately impressive things, Com Mons
  • Domains: Poop, Mons
  • Allies: Most heroic Digimon deities, to varying extents (Hikari Yagami is the most serious about it), Magikarp
  • Enemies: Lucemon (though a few do side with him), Ramon, The Great Mighty Poo, Sekhmet
  • Pitied by: Culumon
  • Admire: Amaterasu
  • There's a particular chapter in the story of the Pantheon that most deities prefer not to talk about, not because it was oh-so-traumatically dark, but because of the sheer grossness and crassness involved. It started with an anonymous deity in a public restroom getting scared out of their wits when an unused stall suddenly exploded, with several large green slugs flooding every corner of the bathroom. After this incident, every public toilet in the Pantheon became inhabited by these slugs, as well as the occasional yellow pile of sentient poop with a pink mouse riding on it, and they pelted anybody who tried entering with pink poop. They also made threats to invade toilets in private residences. At that point, several Digimon deities stepped up and admitted, with much embarrassment, that those were Numemon and Sukamon, creatures from their world, and they would do whatever they could to drive them out. Eventually after a long battle that became known as the Great War for the Toilets, they succeeded in restricting them to the sewers. Then the Main House, having observed all these proceedings, announced they had decided to make the two Digimon species into the holders of Dung Fu and thus are technically allowed the whole range of the Pantheon, much to most everyone's dismay.
  • A place as far removed from conventional reality as the Digital World is bound to have its share of weird creatures; Numemon and Sukamon would be ranked highly on a hypothetical weirdness scale. Numemon and Sukamon usually appear as a result of making multiple mistakes in raising a Digimon. As to be expected from such unfortunate monsters, they are really, really weak, both offensively and mentally (although Sukamon's companion Chuumon compensates for the former's lack of intelligence with its cunning), with most of their attacks involving the pathetic and disgusting strategy of throwing poop at their opponents. They are consequently not very popular with either Digimon or humans.
  • Numemon are very social Digimon and tend to live in large groups, likely to make up for the fact that they're so weak on their own. Sukamon are more individualistic, though they will still live happily in the sewers alongside like-minded mons. Both have several different variants; subspecies of Numemon include ShellNumemon, BlackKingNumemon, GoldNumemon and PlatinumNumemon. Sukamon variants are PlatinumSukamon and KingSukamon. That last one is the "alpha" of the Numemon and Sukamon population in the Pantheon, but it never leaves its place deep in the sewers. Also, GoldNumemon, PlatinumNumemon and PlatinumSukamon enjoy some modicum of popularity due to being Metal Slimes; those who defeat them are awarded with a killing in money (the first one) and experience points (the last two). Just walking around with them and defeating other enemies has similar effects, so deities prefer doing that (if they can manage to convince them to do so, as Numemon and Sukamon in general are very capricious).
  • As pointed out, most Digimon have very little love for these guys, although the more heroic ones will certainly fight to protect them when needed, since it's not like they're evil, really. The DigiDestined have had their share of run-ins with certain specimens and generally wound up making friends with them after some initial hostility. Mimi Tachikawa is like a magnet for their crushes, much to her chagrin. She, of course, rejects them every time, though she considers a few of them to be good friends. Hikari Yagami might be the only one who doesn't show any revulsion for them, and sincerely worries for them if they're being harmed, as she would for any Digimon in the same situation.
  • The megalomaniacal Lucemon absolutely despises the Numemon and Sukamon for how unsightly and weak they are, believing there is no place for creatures like them in his perfect world. If he ever succeeds in his plans to rule the universe(s), he will certainly exterminate the Numemon and Sukamon. Most of them accordingly hate Lucemon back, although a few, who have particularly fatalistic personalities and are bitter about being treated as the lowest of the low among Digimon, actually side with Lucemon and believe it would be better for all of them to die for the chance at being reborn as better Digimon. Others point out that Lucemon is more likely to completely delete them as "punishment" for being what they are, but the Lucemon faction seems okay with that too.
  • That same faction also holds deep resentment for Culumon, the Light of Evolution, for allowing them to become such wretched creatures. The innocent Culumon doesn't realize this, as the other Digimon deities keep him away from the Numemon and Sukamon, though he does seem to feel very sorry for the two Digimon in general. On the other hand, Numemon and Sukamon pride is a thing as well and so most don't dwell very much on Culumon. Besides, they actually do have the possibility to evolve further and into some, unexpectedly impressive Digimon if they try. Some of the Sukamon are able to evolve into Etemon, a Musical Assassin monkey that looks goofy but is a threat to consider. Numemon can evolve into Monzaemon, a giant teddy bear which again looks goofy but is capable of seriously incapacitating its opponents. To say nothing of the possibilities beyond. This power disparity in evolution levels is something they share with Magikarp, a pathetic little fish that can evolve into a fearsome water dragon. Since Magikarp also has a tendency to be mocked and put down in its world, the Numemon and Sukamon consider it one of them and will chase down any who abuse a Magikarp.
  • The Hall of Beast Handlers has some thoughts on these guys, believing that those who are the result of poor care on their owners's part are pitiable. Then again, the vast majority of Numemon and Sukamon in the Pantheon seems to be wild, leading one to the conclusion that they were simply too lazy in a previous stage and thus brought their present state on themselves, in which case they are simply reprehensible, in the Hall of Beast Handlers' opinion. Numemon and Sukamon don't care too much for their opinion, although one particular resident of that Hall, Rusty, terrifies them with the downright deadly manner in which he "cares" for his mons.
  • Despite fears that the Numemon and Sukamon might rise again and take over the toilets once more, they seem quite happy sticking to the sewers for now. Those public restrooms were rather too brightly lit for their tastes. They sometimes cross paths with other sewer-dwellers, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, although the Turtles prefer to act like they don't exist and pass by them quickly. A big threat to them is Ramon, the Sewer Gator, who has taken to look at the Numemon as convenient nearby snacks (Sukamon, not so much). That doesn't mean the Numemon and Sukamon don't fight back against Ramon with all they have when he invades their territory, even though Ramon is relatively impervious to their normal attacks. On these occasions, the Ninja Turtles do deign to help the Digimon; the Turtles may not like them, but their sense of morality prevents them from letting relatively innocent mons from becoming gator chow.
  • Such is their obsession with poop that they were moved to tears upon seeing Poo Mountain, the lair of the Great Mighty Poo. The fact that Poo Mountain is not actually made of poop doesn't matter to them as it still looks like poop due to its swirly shape. Anyway, the Digimon were intially on pretty good terms with the Great Mighty Poo, not only for the obvious thing but because he had given them support during the Great War for the Toilets. However, things soured after the Great Mighty Poo was discovered to be plotting against KingSukamon in a bid to take control of the Numemon and Sukamon and use them in his revenge against Conker. It was a whole thing worthy of Game of Thrones, except involving much more excrement. After the Great Mighty Poo admitted his intentions and dared to insult KingSukamon, the Numemon and Sukamon have declared him their enemy. Most suppose it's a good thing that such a disgusting team-up was averted.
  • There are some reasons that Numemon and Sukamon stick to an underground and humid location such as the sewers. Beyond the obvious reasons, Numemon and Sukamon can't really stand light (although they can overcome this aversion with training, which, considering the species' typical attitude, most are not willing to do). This leads to some natural hostility towards light-related deities, which is well justified in the case of someone like Sekhmet, who seems to have decided that the Numemon and Sukamon should be exterminated if they hate her light so much. One they became impressed with (and who doesn't mean them harm) is Amaterasu after they witnesses her explosive poop technique, Brown Fury. Some Numemon and Sukamon are now hard at work trying to find a way to recreate the technique, much to the alarm of much of the Pantheon. Still, they would prefer if Amaterasu covered up that blindingly shiny white fur of hers whenever she passes by.
  • They seem to fancy themselves suave Casanovas, so they never miss a chance to hit on deities they find attractive, and the deity's species doesn't matter to them either. Unfortunately for the Numemon and Sukamon, they're just so inherently unappealing that their success rate is basically zero.
  • In one world, a Numemon named Catherine became partners with Lili, of Tekken fame. The badassery must have rubbed off on Catherine, as she managed to evolve into a Monzaemon, and then into a Lilithmon. This has made Catherine into something of an icon and point of pride within the community (especially as Lili is hot in their opinion). Lili has no problem with acknowledging any of this, regardless of Numemon's infamy, and happily fights alongside Catherine against other deities with Digimon of their own, be it for recreation or for real.

    Waylon Jones/Killer Croc 
Waylon Jones, God of Taking a Bite Out Of Enemies (Killer Croc, The Hydra, King Croc)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God when mutation accelerates)
  • Symbol: His pearly white, razor-sharp teeth
  • Theme Music: Killer Croc's themes from The Animated Series, Arkham Asylum, and Arkham Origins
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral most of the time, Chaotic Evil at his most savage, Chaotic Good at his most kind
  • Portfolio: Skin Condition that gives him a crocodilian appearance, Ostracized and bullied his whole childhood, Varies from being a cunning powerhouse to being a dumb brute, Occasional Cannibalistic Tendencies (again, Depending on the Writer), Scary Black Man, Anti-Villain, Often displays a softer side
  • Allies: Harley Quinn, the Freaks, Poison Ivy, Greed The Avaricious, Carrie White, The Minotaur, Anne-Marie
  • Enemies: Batman, Jervis Tetch, Hush, Pennywise, Champ, Rorge, Claude Frollo
  • Complicated Relations: the Ninja Turtles, Kazuma Kiryu
  • Pities: Quasimodo
  • One of Gotham's more infamous residents, Waylon Jones was born with a rare mutagenic condition that gave him green scales and claws. While this ostracized him from his peers and put him through a miserable childhood of bullying and abuse, it also gave him a thick, amazingly tough hide and the power to exact retribution on his tormentors.
    • Eventually filing his teeth into points, Waylon "Killer Croc" Jones grew into a monster of a man with the brute strength and ferocity to match his fearsome appearance. While he often swings between savagery and reasonability due to his mutation, Croc is nonetheless human and can be surprisingly compassionate for a criminal of his reputation.
    • He's pleased to see some of his fellow rogues in the pantheon, although he's definitely not to see the Mad Hatter/Jervis Tetch and Tommy Elliot AKA Hush, given these two brainwashed and tortured him in an attempt to turn him into a full on monster. He's vowed to hunt them down and chew their bones, and though he's largely at odds with Croc, Batman doesn't blame him at all for wanting to do so.
  • He has a soft spot for children, surprisingly, especially outcasts like himself. As such he's formed a friendship with Carrie White, claiming she reminds him of Olive Silverlock, a schoolgirl with similar powers he's been looking out for.
    • This extends to certain other children, such as Anne-Marie, who he's become quite protective of considering she had to say goodbye to her dog friend Charlie Barkin. Despite his fearsome appearance, Anne still sees good in him as she knows another reptile who proved to be quite fun to be around. Even if Croc would rather she not know of his more shady dealings, he'd still like to thank Charlie for being a good friend to Anne.
  • While Croc's taken a liking to Kazuma Kiryu, the "Dragon of Dojima" for his fierce protectiveness of children as well as their shared underworld backgrounds, Kazuma isn't interested in a partnership as Croc proves a little too brutal for his tastes. He still nonetheless respects his desire to be better than what people think him as.
  • Croc is especially merciless to those who specialize in killing children. Upon learning of a certain clown called "Champ", Waylon hunted him down and would've rended him to bloody mush had Champ's Teigu not saved him long enough for Batman to show up. Croc is furious that he's still considered a monster when people like that exist, and the fact that Champ claims he's killing out of "love" for children sickens him even more.
    • Another such enemy is Rorge of the ironically named "Brave Companions". While Rorge is almost as savage and strong as Waylon, he's way worse than Croc even on his bad days. Croc has stated he'd eat the rest of Rorge's face to match his nose if they ever crossed paths.
  • Waylon Jones was part of a circus sideshow in his youth. He's offered to be a bodyguard for Hans and his fellow "freaks" and is happy the small man found love despite his shortcomings. That said, even he's a little squicked out by their revenge on Cleopatra, since he's content with just killing bigoted assholes.
  • Has quite a bit of sympathy for Quasimodo, even if Quasi is a genuine Nice Guy while he's a violent criminal. Quasimodo has had to ask him on a few occasions not to maul his former master Frollo to shreds, but he does appreciate the goodwill.
  • Croc has found a kindred spirit in Prince Asterion, the original Minotaur of Greek Legend, as he too was born with a monstrous condition and shunned by a cruel society. Waylon's happy that in his universe, Asterion has gone straight and found a semi-normal life...but he also told him that if any self-righteous "heroes" are giving him trouble, just give Ol'Croc a call.
  • Splinter's sons stay clear as much as possible from Waylon in their waterway lair. While he's not as dangerous to them as the likes of the Shredder, he's nonetheless a brutal figure with no compunctions about killing and sometimes eating people.
    • That said, Pennywise is still a far, far worse monster to be found in the sewer, and Croc will usually lend a claw when the fear-mongering clown shows up in their lair. Pennywise has tried to terrify Croc by appearing as his childhood bullies, but unfortunately for him, this just makes Croc even angrier.
  • He was once mistaken for an Umbrella bioweapon by Rebecca, Barry, Jill, the Redfields and Leon. The Weskers and Four-Eyes of the Wolfpack want to pit him against the Tyrants and the Hunters, and quite possibly use him to create better bioweapons. Naturally, Croc hates being used and tries to avoid Wesker's ilk as much as possible.
  • Can often be found hanging out in Greed's bar and even occasionally as a bouncer. Greed appreciates his company, especially since Croc reminds him a little of his dearly-departed gang from the Devil's nest.