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Soldier: 76: We're all memes now.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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Tank Hero Memes

  • Gremlin D.Va / Korean Gamer Explanation 
    • Referenced in her sitting "Game On" emote, which has her eating D.vas chips and drinking a green-colored soda while playing a video game.
  • D.Va's Mom Squad Explanation 
  • NERF THIS! Explanation 
  • Protecting Junkrat tires. Explanation 
  • D.Va's mech can't crouch.Explanation 
  • Naked D.Va/Baby D.Va Explanation 

  • Orisa is not Doomfist.Explanation 
  • Beetle Orisa.Explanation 
  • "I recommend moving behind my barrier."Explanation 
    • Though some Reinhardt mains appreciated this because people almost never gather behind his shield (see below).
  • Orisa is only 1 month old!Explanation 
  • Pharmercy sinkerExplanation 
  • Less Reinhardt in the future. Explanation 
  • MOMnicExplanation 
  • Orisa: Expectations Vs. Reality. Explanation 
  • Remember Sombra?Explanation 
  • There will still be Rule 34 of her. Explanation 
  • Zarya and Orisa.Explanation 
  • "Can I ride you?" Explanation 
  • *muffled "I NEED HEALING"*Explanation 
    • *muffled "PASS INTO THE IRIS"*Explanation 
  • CEASE YOUR EXISTENCE! Explanation 

  • Joking that Reinhardt's shield is bugged/invisible to teammates. Explanation 
  • Reinhardt being a 90s kid (or millennial). Explanation 
  • "Catchphrase!" Explanation 
  • "Hot Reinhardt-on-Reinhardt action!" Explanation 
  • Flying Reinhardt Explanation 
  • Reinhardt outta nowhere.Explanation 
  • Cliff Charge.Explanation 
    • Reinhardt Bowling.Explanation 
    • All aboard the Rein Train/German Locomotive.Explanation 
    • Worth it. Explanation 
    • "Su-perman." Explanation 
    • Ascended when, on April Fools Day 2017, a chat filter was added specifically for Reinhardt players where the message "gg all" was translated into "GG ALL!!! PRECISION GERMAN ENGINEERING!!!"
  • Reinhardt's amazing hair Explanation 
  • Prince Charming explanation 
  • Reinhardt was a noob explanation 
  • "Die With Glory"Explanation 
  • Goatee Thor explanation 

  • How to Roadhog Explanation 
    • Team + Roadhog Explanation 
  • Streetpig Explanation 
  • GET OVER HERE! Explanation 
  • Roadhog's interdimensional hook Explanation 
    • You were out of position/He punishes bad positioning. Explanation 
    • "Roadhog is broken", usually accompanied with doing something incredibly stupid, like standing in the middle of the map with no cover. Explanation 
  • 2.0 Explanation 
    • 1.0 Explanation 
  • Suicide hook. Explanation 
  • I'm a one-man ult Generator Explanation 
  • "Wait, [insert minor complaint here]!? Better nerf Roadhog." Explanation 
  • "Don't worry, the carry's here" Explanation 

  • WHAT IS THAT MELODY!? Explanation 
  • “RIP to Sigma, but I’m different.” - ZaryaExplanation 
  • Sigma BallsExplanation 
  • Sigma’s FeetExplanation 
    • Talon gave him shoesExplanation 
  • Due to having the same name and similar appearances, OW!Sigma is often compared to MMX!Sigma.
  • Sig9Explanation 
  • Египетская Сигма Explanation 

  • Harambe jokes are abundant.Explanation 
  • No aim? No brain? Winston main.Explanation 
  • Winston gets no love.Explanation 
  • Sometimes a family is two lesbians and a talking gorilla. Explanation 
  • He's not a monkey. He's a scientist! Explanation 
  • "HI THERE!"Explanation 
  • "How embarrassing!"Explanation 
  • Talking Ape = fine. Talking hamsters = ridiculous.Explanation 

    Wrecking Ball and Hammond 
  • "Alright gforce, roll out!"Explanation 
  • Wrecking Ball is a BakuganExplanation 
  • Talking Ape = fine. Talking hamsters = ridiculous.Explanation 
    • Jetpack cat = too far. A hamster building and piloting a mech = fine Explanation 
  • Hamtaro. Explanation 
  • My many hours of playing Spider-Man 2 serves me well. Explanation 
  • Top Gear memes have come up as well. The question "Why can't Richard "Hamster" Hammond voice Hammond?" has popped up.
    • Fans of Top Gear have also suggested that two other characters get skins to complete the original trio — Winston with a skin called "Orangutan" Explanation  and Mei with a "Retro" Explanation  skin. Explanation 

  • "I can bench more than you." Explanation 
  • "I want to hug you like big fuzzy Siberian bear!" Explanation 
  • "Can someone pick Zarya?" Explanation 
  • "Give Zarya some love!" Explanation 
  • "I'm going for the Tobelstein!"Explanation 
  • "Too bad you can't hack THESE GUNS!" Explanation 

Damage Hero Memes

  • New Hero: Bob.Explanation 
  • Bob sweating.Explanation 
  • American Widowmaker/Cowboy Widowmaker Explanation 
  • “BOB, DO SOMETHING!!!”Explanation 
  • Bob is better at this game than you.Explanation 
  • Battery-Operated-Boyfriend.Explanation 
  • Ashe Roulette. Explanation 

  • Bastion salt/Salt-powered robotExplanation 
    • Please nerf BastionExplanation 
    • We'd recommend you try countering Bastion as Hanzo, Genji, or Widowmaker.Explanation 
  • TRIGGEREDExplanation 
    • Vietnam War flashbacks.Explanation 
  • Destroy that stupid salt bot!/Protect the precious cinnamon bot!Explanation 
  • Point and click adventure Explanation 
    • Left-click POTG. Explanation 
  • Bastion AssassinExplanation 
  • "Skynet Became Self-Aware at 6:00 pm Eastern Time, February 28th, 2017"Explanation 
    • (Second) Omnic CrisisExplanation 
  • Hammer Tech Explanation 
  • El Presidente. Explanation 
  • Sniper Smurf Explanation 

  • Terry Crews for Doomfist! Explanation 
  • Shoryuken! Explanation 
  • Saitama skin for Doomfist!Explanation 
  • Has a giant mechanical fist... melees with normal hand. Explanation 
  • Daddy's home! Explanation 
  • DoomfistedExplanation 
  • Rising Apricot Explanation 
  • The Shape of Doomfist Explination 

  • Echo being a damage hero brought a few memes, especially considering she was created by Dr. Liao to show that humans and Omnics can live together in peace. These range from wondering why Liao would create another deadly robot, to the reaction of her colleagues when she tells them that the peaceful Omnic will have a Death Ray, to posting "The whole world will learn our peaceful ways, by force!" clips.
  • "Only a Shimada can control the dragons!"Explanation 
    • "Laughs in Duplication Module"Explanation 
  • Echo: "Personality synchronization: 100%. Good to be back." / Blizzard: "No."Explanation 

  • Following Tracer's lead, Genji's butt has also become quite memetic, in part due to this comic.
  • "Is that a pro Genji?!" Explanation 
  • Like Hanzo, his Surprisingly Good Japanese, which he doles out in greater frequency than Hanzo does, has made him something of a memetic figure, with some jokingly calling him a "weeb" / "weeaboo" character alongside his brother.
  • Carrot. Explanation 
  • "I need healing."Explanation 
  • Genji, get on the payload!Explanation 
  • "MADA MADA."Explanation 
  • RULES OF NATURE! Explanation 
  • Genji's "Hanzo phase". Explanation 

  • Hanzo's ultimate, combined with his Calling Your Attack tendencies, have spawned the following poem.
    Roses are red, violets are blue
    • Acknowledged: On the official Overwatch Instagram account, there is a picture of Hanzo about to unleash Dragonstrike in Dragons with the following poem:
    Enemies are red
    Allies are blue
  • Hanzo is Nick Dean. Explanation 
  • Hanzo's chicken legs Explanation 
  • Hanzo being a Furry. Explanation 
  • Making jokes about Hanzo's arrows killing people with headshots while missing them entirely.Explanation 
    • "Simple geometry." Explanation 
      • "Simple Geology" or "Simple Algebra" or "Simple Differential Calculus"Explanation 
  • "Hanzo Mains"Explanation 
    • "X mains Hanzo and complains about Team Comp in chat."Explanation 
    • "Spamzo"Explanation 
    • "Hanjo" Explanation 
  • SAKE! Explanation 
  • Hanzo's undercut/piercing. Explanation 
    • Hipster Hanzo Explanation 
  • Stop playing Hanzo/Dunkey was right! Explanation 
  • Hanzo is into vore.Explanation 
  • The Shimada Titty. Explanation 
  • Talon stalking Hanzo. Explanation 
  • "Hanzo, you did ok." Explanation 

  • "He could be your waifu! He has a sensitive side."Explanation 
  • Trashmouse Explanation 
  • "Spam Junkrat"/"Spamrat"Explanation 
  • Sexy Junkrat Explanation 
  • [Visible confusion].Explanation 
  • Try to die. Explanation 
  • Triggered. Explanation 
  • When you light the fuse Explanation 
  • I'm getting the feeling they have a Shieeeeeld Generator! Explanation 
  • We live in a society... Explanation 

  • "It's high noon..." Explanation 
    • "It's high moon..." Explanation 
    • Would you look at the time? Explanation 
    • "It's high NOOT" Explanation 
    • Now an Ascended Meme! A later voiceline has been added as follows when announcing that his ultimate is ready: "You know what time it is." In addition, Mei also has an interaction where she asks McCree what the time is; he catches on to that one quickly.
  • "FUCK MCCREE" Explanation 
    • McCree? Fuck that guy. Explanation 
  • Yare yare, it's high noon. Explanation 
  • Is that a McDonalds meal? Explanation 
  • Using High Noon to reloadExplanation 
  • "McCree's Chinese cowboy impression is so offensive that Reyes' stomach ulcer practically explodes and he is unable to ask McCree to stop being so fucking racist." Explanation 
  • ThiccCreeExplanation 
  • All Seeing DeadeyeExplanation 

  • I will build a great wall. - Mei 2016 Explanation 
  • Mei is bae.Explanation 
    • Variations also exist for other characters when applicable ("Baecer", "Sombae", "Baerisa", et cetera).
  • Truly the face of pure evil.Explanation 
    • Mei is Satan. Explanation 
  • I'm a simple man. I see Mei dying, I upvote. Explanation 
  • 冻住!不洗澡!Explanation 
  • Pat pat pat!Explanation 
  • Troll Wall Explanation 
  • A-Mei-zing Explanation 
  • Wall Rocket / Chinese Space Program Explanation 
  • Mei's ass Explanation 
  • Mei's a fan of Anime/Ani-Mei Explanation 

  • "Justice rains from above!" Explanation 
    • Often shorted to "Justice rains from-aaaggh!" due to bad Pharah players' tendency to die immediately after starting the ultimate. Or even to just "Justice".
    • Weather girl Pharah Explanation 
    • "Justice rains from below/behind/the front/the side/the ground!" Explanation 
  • Pharah's Armor Explanation 
    • Pharah-less Armor Explanation 
  • Friendly Pharah Boost Explanation 

  • Edgelord Explanation 
  • Reapfield Explanation 
  • Latino Reaper Explanation 
  • Beyblade Explanation 
  • "Ah yes, Reaper..." Explanation 
  • Fixed a bug allowing Reaper to Shadow Step to unintended locations. Explanation 
  • Reaper the hardcore Halloween fan (and tailor). Also sometimes extends to Reaper's hobby being sewing/designing clothes.Explanation 
  • THICC REAPER Explanation 
  • Reaper doesn't know how to reload. Explanation 
    • Reaper doesn't care for the environment. Explanation 
    • Reaper's infinite supply of shotgunsExplanation 
  • Evil Dad Explanation 
  • Reyes' shrugExplanation 
    • "I'm not the one with the statue."Explanation 
    • Officially an Ascended Meme as of the Overwatch One Year Anniversary update, with Reaper gaining a number of unlockables based on it, namely a victory pose, a spray, AND an emote. And yes, he has the shit-eating grin if you're using the Blackwatch Reyes skin.
  • Reyes' original voice.Explanation 
  • Comparisons between Reyes and John Freeman.Explanation 

    Soldier: 76 
  • We're all [X] now. Explanation 
    • Ascended with Mei's Snowball Offensive brawl — 76 served as an announcer of this mode, and one of his voice lines was "We're all scientists now..."
    • “We're all gay now.”Explanation 
  • Aimbot Explanation 
  • Dad: 76. Explanation 
    • Though coincidental, this meme was reinforced when a weekly brawl event where everyone plays as 76 happened to run during Father's Day.
    • Ascended a few times, with several event sprays portraying him in this light (such as playing golf or as a Grumpy Old Man in a sweater and rocking chair), as well as this added interaction with Tracer:
    Soldier: 76: You need to slow down. Think about your actions.
    Tracer: [mockingly] Okay, dad.
    • Ascended again in the Anniversary event where Soldier: 76's new voice line is "I'm not your father!" His dancing emote from the Anniversary event can be taken as very dad-like as well.
    • Ascended even more with his Summer 2017 skin, which has stereotypical suburban dad fashion filled with Incredibly Lame Puns.
  • Move! I’m gay!Explanation 

  • Have you tried making music out of it?Explanation 
  • つ ◕◕ ༽つ SOMBRA TAKE MY CONNECTION SPEED ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つExplanation 
    • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIFF SOMBRA Explanation 
    • Espresso Explanation 
      • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ☕ GIFF ESPRESSO Explanation 
      • Sombra planted the espresso machine.
      • Bastion is the espresso machine. Explanation 
      • Sombresso
  • Sombra's already been released! Explanation 
  • "It was Sombra."/"DAMMIT SOMBRA!"Explanation 
  • (Player) switched to Sombra (was Mei)Explanation 
  • "Where's Sombra?!"Explanation 
  • Many players have taken to calling her "Sombrero". Explanation 
  • "Boop!"Explanation 
    • Now an Ascended Meme as of the Christmas event, which adds "Boop" as an unlockable regular voice line for her.
  • Sombra's toe shoes.Explanation 
  • Gremlin Sombra.Explanation 
  • Sombra hacked her profile. Explanation 
  • Ultimate Ready: LA CHANCLA. Explanation 
  • Sombra the Explora Explanation 
  • Propaganda is useless! Explanation 
  • ILLUMINATI Explanation 
  • "The door." "SOMBRA!" Explanation 
  • Sombra hacks Genji/Zenyatta/Bastion/Etc. Explanation 
    • Sombra tied McCree's shoelaces together. Explanation 
  • Some players have taken up blaming Sombra for whenever servers go down/players randomly disconnect in the middle of a game. This grew in popularity with a repeatedly-reported event where the PTR network broadcasted in all chats the word "Boop" before the servers went down moments later.
  • The wait was not worth it. Explanation 
  • Fake Offensive Hero Explanation 
  • BEEN HERE ALL ALONG Explanation 
    • been here all along.Explanation 
    • Bean here all alongExplanation 
  • You thought it was your PotG, but it was me, Sombra!Explanation 
  • The mating cry of the Sombra. Explanation 
  • [horrendous flipper sounds] Explanation 

  • Troll teleporter.Explanation 
  • "Gee, Symmetra, how come Blizzard lets you get TWO Ultimates?" Explanation 
  • Microwave.Explanation 
  • Hook, Cook and Dook.Explanation 
  • Six Symmetra Stack Explanation 
  • "It's my reality now." Explanation 
  • Symmetra sitting down at carnage.Explanation 
  • W + M1 Symmetra Explanation 
  • The true enemy of humanity is… Explanation 
  • Deathball Explanation 
  • Carwash Explanation 

  • Torbjörn wins Play of the Game By Doing Absolutely Nothing Explanation 
    • Lazy Torbjörn Explanation 
  • MORUTEN KOOOOOAAAAA!!! Explanation 
    • The Brazilian Portuguese Voice Acting is also impressive. Explanation 
  • Dwarf Fortress Explanation 
  • Torbjörn's hot wife Explanation 
    • Damn Torbjörn and his 87 kids. Explanation 
    • Torbjörn's potent molten nut milk. Explanation 
    • Fäúx-Swêêdïsh spélléd lìkë sõ.
    • Has recently extended to "Torbjörn's hot daughter" Explanation 
  • Aard Vark pays off.Explanation 
  • Part of an interaction between Lúcio and Torbjörn, in a video by Lúcio's voice actor, Jonny Cruz. The interaction has become a fan-favourite to quote.
    "Thanks, Torbyurbyurn!"
    • Another earlier interaction between the two from the same video, also occasionally quoted.
    "You're a dwarf, right?"
    "I'm not a dwarf."
    "He's a dwarf."
  • Overwatch Engineer Explanation 
  • Torbjörn is responsible for all the in-game voice lines. Explanation 
    Torbjorn: "Why do people keep on using things I say as catchphrases?"
    Reinhardt: "Hmm... catchphrase..."
  • Happy Leif Erikson Day! Explanation 
  • Too hot for you?Explanation 

  • Jokes about butts being censored, covered, or offending people. Explanation 
  • "Cheers, luv! The cavalry's here!" Explanation 
    • Referenced with Junkrat's semi-mocking line "Cheers mate! The cavalry's here!", which leads Tracer to angrily shout Hey, That's My Line!
    • "Cheers, luv! The cavalry's queer!" Explanation 
  • Tracer wears Crocs. Explanation 
  • Tracer's new skin. Explanation 
  • Flight Attendant Tracer.Explanation 
  • "What ya lookin' at?" Explanation 
  • "Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?" Explanation 
  • "Her name isn't the only thing she 'traces'." Explanation 

  • The fact that a bizarre glitch caused Widowmaker to become visibly curvier when activating her goggles has led to rashes of Internet jokes about how Talon is clearly full of perverts. Her neckline has only fueled the fire.
  • "SPAI-DAIRZ"Explanation 
  • So I fired, and I missed. Then I fired again, and I missed.Explanation 
  • 43 shots, 1 kill. Explanation 
  • Step on me. Explanation 
  • Emily? Amelie? COINCIDENCE?!Explanation 
  • Bonjour from the other side!Explanation 
  • "Widow, can you switch?"Explanation 
    • "GG Widow"Explanation 
  • "Get Down Mr. President!!!"Explanation 
  • Smugmaker.Explanation 
  • Widowmaker's House.Explanation 
  • Hon hon hon. Explanation 

Support Hero Memes

  • Ana Amari: Team Grandma
    • Which makes Reinhardt the Team Grandpa/Grandpa Rein. Yes, this game now has a team mom and dadnote  and team grandparents.
    • Cookie Rifle! Explanation 
    • Ana the Obnoxious In Law. Explanation 
  • Who's the father? Explanation 
    • And now we know the answer: None of the above. Word of God says his name's Sam, and that he's the guy Pharah was shown eating with in Relections. He's Canadian, First Nations, and a public servant, but not military. That's about all we know.
  • FRICK YES, GRANDMA CANDY! Explanation 
    • Now an Ascended Meme with the Halloween update, as Ana was given a "handing out candy" emote.
  • Go the F**k to Sleep!Explanation 
  • I'm a DPS Ana. Explanation 

  • "The P is silent" Explanation 
    • Silent Pee
  • Demo-Medic Explanation 
  • "If I controlled Overwatch, I would want Fortnite and Marques Brownlee" Explanation 
  • Everyone is gay for Baptiste Explanation 
  • Thicc Baptiste Explanation 
  • *muffled* I NEED HEALING Explanation 
  • Walking Health PackExplanation 

  • Torbjörn's hot daughter.Explanation 
    • "She protecc she attacc but most importantly she thicc"Explanation 
  • Jetpack Cat Explanation 
    • When's Jetpack Cat?
    • So… no Jetpack Cat?
  • It's not Bridget! Explanation 
    • Brigeta Explanation 
    • BaguetteExplanation 
  • STUNNED Explanation 
  • DPS/Tank/Support combo Explanation 
    • Raid boss Explanation 
  • Forum Brigitte / Forum X Explanation 

  • Look at this team! We're gonna do great! Explanation 
  • Here comes DAT BOI!Explanation 
  • DOROPPU ZA BEETO!!Explanation 
  • Lúcio's Soundwave ability has been affectionately called his "boop" ability by fans due to how it sounds (not to be confused with Sombra's memetic "Boop"). Ascended by the Uprising event, which added Boop as a new voiceline for Lúcio.
  • Boostio! Explanation 
  • Worst Achievement — Whenever a highlight features Lúcio Soundwave-ing multiple targets into Bottomless Pits to their deaths, if they're not doing it while wall-riding, commentators will exclaim something along the lines of "Please tell me you already have 'The Floor is Lava!'" Explanation 
  • "Can't stop, won't stop!" Explanation 
  • "♫ Movin' with the payload! ♪"Explanation 
  • Lúcio is a living magnet Explanation 
  • "Lazy Lúcios Don't Know How to Speed Boost" Explanation 
  • "Lucio-Oh's." Explanation 
  • "Lu-ci-Oh" Explanation 
  • Lúcio is sunshine (boy) Explanation 
  • "Hippity Hoppity Get Off Of My Property" Explanation 
  • S-Class Tier Explanation 
  • Freeform Jazz Explanation 
  • Ya like jazz? Explanation 
  • $30 emote Explanation 

  • HEROES NEVER DIE! Explanation 
    • ...For a price. Explanation 
    • My servants never die! Explanation 
    • Mercy vs WarwickExplanation 
  • Mercy: Team Mom Explanation 
  • Drunk Mercy Explanation 
  • Mercy is an evil witch/vampire/immortal. Explanation 
  • Her pistol does a surprising amount of damage! Explaination 
    • Pea Shooter Explaination 
  • NO MERCY RUN/HARMACIST Explaination 
    • Battle MercyExplanation 
  • Mercy main, btw. Explaination 
  • "Blizzard Hates Mercy"Explanation 
  • "Dear Mercy, I NEED HEALING."Explanation 
  • Mercy the Cosplayer Explanation 
  • Find the enemy Mercy! (even though there isn't one) Explanation 
  • No Mercy, No Win Explanation 
  • "The rework was a success" Explanation 
  • Just click the head LOOOOOOL 4Head Explanation 
    • Just [do X action] LOOOOOOL 4HeadExplanation 
  • "I've seen that one before..."Explanation 

  • Weeaboo Moira. Explanation 
  • Evil Mercy. Explanation 
    • Mercy's Archenemy. Explanation 
  • Piss Beam. Explanation 
  • Straight out of Paladins/Battleborn. Explanation 
  • David Bowie. Explaination 
  • Kamehameha Beam. Explanation 
  • Long range beam sniper Symmetra. Explanation 
  • Moira is a goth. Explaination 

  • Calling his orbs "balls".
  • Zoomyatta/Speedy Zendalez/ZenGottaGoFast Explanation 
  • Zenyatta wins all snowball fights.Explanation 
  • Died to Widow Explanation 
  • Transcendence Hold Explanation 


    Esports-related memes 


  • "LUL NA Ult" Explanation 
    • "ArHan LUL" Explanation 
    • "EscA LUL" Explanation 
  • C9 LUL Explanation 
    • Z9 LUL Explanation 
    • It's reached the point where often Twitch chats spam "C9 LUL" any time a team simply loses under close or normal circumstances, with varying levels of sincerity. That's right, using a meme improperly has itself become a meme.
  • I used to [X], but now I [Y] Explanation 
  • Plat ChatExplanation 


  • The D.Va DitchExplanation 
  • "Saebyeolbe had Harmony Orb"Explanation 
  • SPEC MOOWEExplanation 
  • The Aero Copypasta:Explanation 
    No offense to those that are there, but I think the state of EU is a perfect example of lacking coaching/strategy preparation.
    Goats and tanks are beatable, but it takes good understanding and most importantly, discipline. I think EU is an incredibly undisciplined region. Most of the coaches in EU are newer. They'll catch up, but they need time.

Overwatch League

  • Florida Mayhem: The Meme TeamExplanation 
    • McDonald's uniformsExplanation 
    • TviQ the Bus DriverExplanation 
  • Although Florida Mayhem had the "Meme Team" title for a while, Philadelphia Fusion became a Fountain of Memes by the end of the inaugural season.
    • This is how we do it in PhillyExplanation 
    • The Meme SpecialistExplanation 
    • Carpe is a fishExplanation 
    • Poko-bombExplanation 
    • Merciless neptuNoExplanation 
    • MVP Chef HeidiExplanation 
    • #pdomjnateExplanation 
    • The Fusion treehouse.Explanation 
    • Snillo's walkout gameExplanation 
    • CAN'T KILLO THE SNILLOExplanation 
  • The NYXL, as the league's top team, is bound to get some running jokes:
    • Universal Choking SignExplanation 
    • SandbaggingExplanation 
  • Sneaky SoOnExplanation 
  • Big Boss PineExplanation 
  • JJonak is a support in the sense that you don’t need healing if all your enemies are deadExplanation 
    • "Support is not someone who heals allies. Those who find and destroy the source of harm to your allies, that is the true support." Explanation 
    • The JJonak Nerf Explanation 
  • Profit and Flipping the BirdExplanation 
  • Jacob "JAKE" Lyon, formerly a DPS player of the Houston Outlaws and currently a League caster, is an enormous Fountain of Memes within the pro scene.
    • J LUL K EExplanation 
    • JakeratExplanation 
    • For the J LUL K E and Jakerat memes, this became acknowledged by the League (JAKE himself is aware of this for quite a while) on a video played during New York Excelsior's match against Houston Outlaws in stage 2 of season 1. On that video, Saebyeolbe and Pine tells the fans that whenever JAKE comes out, spam the chat with J LUL K E. The end of that video even have this pic appearing.
    • Jake's Tracer skills.Explanation 
    • Jake is mad because he is bad.Explanation 
    • It's 4 am. Jake is in my house. He has a Rip-Tire.Explanation 
  • X GivePLZ Take GivePLZ My GivePLZ YExplanation 
  • Paid ActorsExplanation 
  • "Let (Character) do (Ability)"Explanation 
  • Fissure, the most handsome, the best main tank, greatest in the world. Who is better than Fissure? NobodyExplanation 
  • LA Valiant and In N' Out BurgerExplanation 
  • JJonakstrong/Swole Photoshops of OWL PlayersExplanation 
  • aKm time unitExplanation 
  • JEFF JEFF JEFF JEFFExplanation 
  • JEFFPACITOExplanation 
  • Dream was the mistake, Mistakes was the dream!Explanation 
  • Disney!Explanation 
  • DJ KHALED!Explanation 
  • As a representative of the Toronto OWL franchise...Explanation 
  • GIFT PASS PLZ.Explanation 
  • I WAS HEREExplanation 
  • "Overwatch League is Anime"Explanation 
    • "There are no redemption arcs."Explanation 
  • ​🔶CRUNCH TIME🔶Explanation 
  • NO CHIPSA = NO WIN Explanation 

    Other Memes 

Beta and Previous Versions

  • The Asian Update. Explanation 
  • Onlywatch. Explanation 
  • Overwatch withdrawal Explanation 
  • 20 tick. Explanation 
  • Fall 10th Explanation 


  • Due to how quotable each hero is, in general, if a highlight gets posted on the Overwatch subreddit and a prominent hero has a voice that can roughly connect to it, it will be posted in the comments.
  • Blizzard Presents Team Fortress 3. Explanation 
    • Hanzo, the Huntsman Sniper Explanation 
    • Junkrat, the Demoman Explanation 
    • Mercy, the Medic Explanation 
    • Pharah, the Soldier Explanation 
    • Sombra, the Spy Explanation 
    • Symmetra, the Pyro Explanation 
      • Mei, the Cryo Explanation 
    • Torbjörn, the Engineer Explanation 
    • Tracer, the Scout Explanation 
    • Widowmaker, the Sniper Explanation 
    • Zarya, the Heavy Explanation 
    • Team Fortress 2 with waifus is a similar and common variant.
  • Shooty Lesbian Simulator. Explanation 
  • Play of the Game parodies.
    Play of the Game: THIS FUCKER as Bastion in his fucking turret form
    You hear that? It's JUNKRAT giggling like Jared Leto as his murder wheel gibs my braindead teammates
    Oh shit it's fuckin' TORBJÖRN, jerking off while his turret kills my incredibly incompetent team
    Play of the Game: FUCKING HANZO Ryuu ga waga teki go fuck yourselfnote 
  • "Attack commences in 30 seconds" paired with various images of people staring at each other through windows and doors, most commonly a photoshopped version of the final confrontation between Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd in Justice League Unlimited, replacing Grodd with Winston and Luthor with another character.
  • The "hello" emote every hero has. If you use it, soon everyone around you will start spamming "hello" over and over.
  • The Overwatch Family Dynamic. Explanation 
    • The Talon Family Dynamic/Team Talon. Explanation 
  • Grey Grey Blue Grey Explanation 
    • Legendary Cash Explanation 
  • NO HEALER / NO TANK HEROES Explanation 
    • TOO MANY OF ONE HERO Explanation 
  • Forced Fifty. Explanation 
  • Fuck the red team. Explanation 
  • ME UNGA. TEAM BUNGA. Explanation 
  • "New meta" Explanation 
  • gg ez Explanation 
  • Q to win Explanation 
  • McCree and Hanzo's Awkward Date Night Explanation 
  • Trying to photobomb your enemies in Junkenstein's Revenge or RetributionExplanation 
  • Der Eisenwalde Explanation 
    • Reinforced with "Junkenstein's Revenge", where you're fighting in a version of Eichenwalde filled with zombie robots.
  • Blizzard didn't have to be so forceful about it. Explanation 
    • Torb could be bi. Explanation 
  • Often times on Reddit, titles for highlights will describe them in an amusingly overly-literal fashion, such as "Korean Teenager harasses mourning Japanese man", "Professional German bodyguard takes bullet for Brazilian musician" or "American soldier runs from an angry Australian and a South Korean terrorist."Explanation 
  • "Shut up! I paid for the game!" Explanation 
  • "Wrestle with Jeff, prepare for death." Explanation 
    • Getting hooked to point 2 on Ilios. Explanation 
    • Choke on my Lijiang Tower. Explanation 
  • Alien Windows Explanation 
  • "Get on the payload!" and all variants thereof. Explanation 
  • Draw-nubis/Draw-skaya/Draw-namura Explanation 
    • Capture The Draw Explanation 
  • "Here we go again...!" Explanation 
  • "18 DPS/2 Tanks/3 Supports" Explanation 
    • Partially an Ascended Meme after the roster reclassification in June 2018, whereas "Offense" and "Defense" heroes were indeed combined into a "Damage" class, and Symmetra was moved to that class.
  • I WAS ON THE POINT! Explanation 
  • Solo Ultied / Rage Ulty Explanation 
    • It's about sending a message Explanation 
  • "So who should be the next LGBT character ... That's not McCree or Hanzo." Explanation 
    • Nonfat chai latte, and one for my friend Hanzo. Explanation 
    • McCree and Hanzo's hideous apartment. Explanation 
  • Troll Pick Explanation 
  • The Defensive Class sucks! Explanation 
  • Pineapple Pizza Explanation 
    • Gordon Ramsay and Overwatch Explanation 
  • "Jeph" Explanation 
  • Dance Party! Explanation 
    • [X]'s dance goes with everything! Explanation 
  • Jokes about Blizzard's aggressive takedown strategies against Overwatch porn. Explanation 
  • Salty Support Explanation 
  • The whole Overwatch vs. Paladins ordeal, and jokes thereof. Explanation  At first, this was played completely straight, with undying amounts of anger, flame wars, Flame Bait, accusations of who copied who first, and so on and so forth, but as time went on, mocking the flame wars became memetic.
    • OMG PALADINS/OVERWATCH COPIED PALADINS/OVERWATCH, THEY BOTH SHARE [incredibly mundane and common detail, such as guns, polygons, textures, and legs] Explanation 
    • Characters that share similar designs, roles, and motifs also have their memes applied to them, regardless of actual gameplay or differences, such as Zhin (Asian sword-wielding fast-mobility damage flanker) getting MADA MADA/I NEED HEALING jokes on his reveal and ability videos.
    • VHS Explanation 
    • "I Need Healing!" itself spread over, usually to mock poorly performing Flanks and Front Lines who charge in without support.
    • Chinese Overwatch.Explanation 
      • In a similar vein, "Overwatch for poor people". Explanation 
  • Before the furor over Paladins, there was Battle Born, a Hero Shooter with heavier MOBA elements, with all the flame wars that entailed. Explanation 
    • Hi, Randy! Explanation 
    • General jokes about Battleborn being the unfortunate Butt-Monkey. Explanation 
    • The Battleborn Porn Subreddit. Explanation 
  • Horrible portmanteaus of Overwatch and its inspirations/competitors, leading to titles like "Overfortress 2", "Overborn", "Palawatch", "Palaoverborn Fortress", "Battlepalawatch", et cetera.
  • Similarly, calling Overwatch "Team Fortress 2", "Paladins", "Battleborn", or "(Super) Monday Night Combat"Explanation 
  • Talon loves going into unintended locations. Explanation 
  • The Left Nipple. Explanation 
  • The Bebop Crew Explanation 
  • Space Jam Explanation 
  • Small indie company Explanation 
  • OversaltExplanation 
  • Overwatch Now PlayableExplanation 
  • The moment from "Overwatch's Yule Log Featuring Jeff Kaplan" stream where he unwraps and presents a picture frame of Genji saying "I NEED HEALING" immediately became exploitable.
  • "Actually that’s a common misconception" Explanation 
  • "Can you buy me McDonalds?"Explanation 
  • THE PIEExplanation 
  • Slambulance!Explanation 
  • Italian Ferryman POTG Explanation 
  • But I got gold damage/eliminations!Explanation 
  • "Maybe I'll be Tracer." "I'm already Tracer!" Explanation 
  • Blizzard needs to release [X] LGBTQ+ character to make up for this.Explanation 
  • "That means Overwatch is back?" "Yes." "You're under arrest." explanation 


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