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State-of-the-art Mini-Mecha vs. two shotguns. The mecha didn't stand a chance.

Since Overwatch is developed by Blizzard, this shouldn't come a surprise. After all, it's not just their first First-Person Shooter; it's also their first original IP in 17 years.

Examples of Awesome Moments from the Overwatch League should go in Pro Gaming.

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  • Winning the match in Overtime, especially from a disadvantageous position.
  • The Play of The Game mechanic is meant to be this, showing a pivotal moment in the game from the view of the player who earned it. It usually is, and often involves the player's ultimate ability.
  • One of Sombra's highlight intros has her interfering with the PotG intro by making it look like the PotG is going to go to someone else, only for abrupt static to reveal that she's the real PotG winner. Even after the ARG has ended, she continues to troll across the fourth wall! Due to Sombra being a Tier-Induced Scrappy, many players are quick to blame a Sombra on their team when they start losing, regardless of the Sombra's own competence. Seeing a trash-talking teammate have their PotG get hacked is an incredible Take That!
  • The game may also choose and store Highlight clips note  for each player after each match, showing outstanding plays by the player. While some may only show 2 kills in rapid succession, some rival Play of the Game clips in awesomeness.
  • Many heroes' mid-battle lines are badass, especially their one-liners as they unleash their ultimate abilities. This is the opponent team's cue to get the heck OUT, or risk annihilation. Special mention goes to a friendly Reaper's "Clearing the area..." when using Death Blossom. The others give their teammates a warning or something related to their Ultimate ability, but this Ax-Crazy psychopath says a general phrase in such a casual manner, as if saying something along the lines of "Oh, there's enemies over there? Hold on a second, I'll be right back."
    D.Va: Nerf THIS! note 
    Orisa: Cease your resistance! note 
    Reinhardt: Hammer DOWN!
    Roadhog: (laughs evilly)
    Sigma: Het universum zingt voor mij! note 
    Winston: *Enraged roar*
    Wrecking Ball: Area denied.note 
    Zarya: Ogon' po gotovnosti! note 
    Ashe: B.O.B.! Do somethin'!note 
    Bastion: (chirps the "Charge!" fanfare)
    Doomfist: Meteor Strike! note 
    Echo: Adaptive circuits engaged: [character name]!note 
    Genji: Ryuujin no Ken wo kurae! note 
    Hanzo: Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau! note 
    Junkrat: Fire in the hole! note 
    McCree: It's high noon... note 
    Mei: Dòng zhù! Bùxǔ zǒu! note 
    Reaper: DIE! DIE! DIE! note 
    Soldier: 76: I've got you in my sights! note 
    Sombra: ¡Apagando las luces! note 
    Symmetra: Yahí param vaastavikita hai!note 
    Torbjörn: MOOLLLTEN COOOORRREEEE!!! note 
    Tracer: Bombs away! and Gotcha (after successfully attaching the bomb)
    Widowmaker: Personne n'échappe à mon regard. note 
    Ana: You're powered up—get in there! note 
    Baptiste: Vide bal sou yo!note 
    Brigitte: Alla till mig!note 
    Lúcio: Oh, let's break it DOWN! note 
    Mercy: Helden sterben nicht! note 
    Moira: Géill do mo thoil! note 
    Zenyatta: Experience tranquility... note 
    • A clip from beta play shows just how much an ultimate can change the game.
    • Any time an ultimate used by your teammates (or you) turned the tide of the match.
    • Negating the ultimate (if it can be negated) by killing the character. This usually means that within 1-2 seconds of frantic action, you and/or your team managed to kill the character before the ultimate kills you/your team. This is likely to earn you a Highlight, if not a Play of the Game, with the "Shutdown" tagline.
      • Certain abilities, like Roadhog's hook, Reinhardt's charge, or Genji's reflect, can also negate ultimates, either by stunning the character midcast or redirecting it.
      • Of particular note is the awesome situation that can occur when a Reinhardt player uses the Charge ability to negate D.Va's Self-Destruct ultimate. On top of being an awesome way to negate an ultimate, it is also totally within his character as a noble, chivalrous knight to sacrifice himself note  to save the lives of his teammates, which can also make it double as a Heartwarming Moment and/or Tear Jerker.
      • Ana's Sleep Dart is capable of stopping most Ultimates with just a single hit, potentially saving her teammates' lives.
        Pharah: JUSTICE RAINS FR— (falls asleep and out of the air)
        Ana: I think justice could use a little nap.
      • D.Va's Defense Matrix is capable of negating a large variety of projectile-based Ultimates. McCree's Deadeye, Pharah's Barrage, Reaper's Death Blossom, or Roadhog's Whole Hog, all of which use More Dakka or Macross Missile Massacre? D.Va will simply work her Super Reflexes. Mei's Blizzard, Zarya's Graviton Surge, Tracer's Pulse Bomb, or Hanzo's Dragonstrike, all of which use projectiles that launch and then do their effects upon landing or flying sufficiently far enough? Casually erased before they can hurt anybody.
    • Any time Mercy saves her whole team from a Total Party Kill with her ultimate before it was switched, essentially turning an enemy's Moment of Awesome into a Negated Moment of Awesome and instantaneously changing the situation for her teammates from The Bad Guy Wins to Heroic Second Wind. It's why some players considered "Helden sterben nicht!" to be the scariest line in the game.
      • Even better when used to react to Reaper's Death Blossom. "DIE DIE DIE!" "Heroes never die!"
      • On the other end of the spectrum, Mercy could revive her team with her Ultimate... only for the enemy team to mow them down a second time, shutting down one of the most dangerous Ults in the game the old-fashioned way.
      • Or, in the rare incidence of good timing and possibly a second Mercy, the team could simply be revived again to reverse the Curb-Stomp Battle, resulting in repeated instances of Negated Moment of Awesome until one of the sides finally comes on top.
      • If you want to try an ultimate test of skill in the same vein as picking Dan in Street Fighter, try playing as Mercy in a Free For All and win (or at least do well enough to get some begrudging endorsements). Believe it or not, it is very possible.
  • Another beta clip: Unstoppable Force vs Flying Object. The fact that Rules of Nature plays for the duration of the clip just adds to that.
  • For many, the well in Greece is a death trap, but a few Lúcios have found out that they can use their wall run ability to get back out, and even use their Soundwave to return the favor to the character that knocked them in.
  • Stopping an enemy team from delivering their payload is always satisfying, but doing so on King's Row is even more so. In-universe, the enemy payload is a device designed to deactivate all nearby Omnics, so by stopping it, you and your team have successfully prevented the deaths of hundreds — if not thousands — of innocent people.
  • As you perform actions that contribute to your team, such as killing, blocking attacks, healing teammates, and capturing objectives, an "on fire" meter builds up below your Life Meter. When it reaches a high enough level, your character lets out a badass one-liner and their portrait boasts a blue aura on the game status screen, as indicator that you're doing really well. If you can hold your "on fire" status long enough, you'll even be labeled "MVP" on the post-game results screen.
  • Killing Reaper with Soldier: 76 in Junkenstein's Revenge has Reinhardt say that the Soldier slew the Reaper "hoping it would be for the last time." The Soldier went against the supernaturally-powered wraith and won. Multiple times.
  • From the Reaper and 76 side, Reaper delivers a Bond One-Liner upon defeating 76 that doesn't even require Narm Charm to be totally badass.
    This is how it should have been.
  • Scoring a "TEAM KILL!", ensuring about 10-30 seconds of peace for your team. If you're on Attack on Objective B or at the payload destination, or on Defend with <10 seconds left, a Team Kill means you've already won. Even better when you hear "SEXTUPLE KILL", when you kill all the enemy players within a few seconds or at the same time!! note 
  • Upon Orisa's PTR release, players started to run tests on her Fortify and pit it against several heroes' crowd control abilities. None of them even slow her down. One instance in particular is her not only no-selling Reinhardt's charge, but even knocking him down and dealing 175 dmg to him. He has hit walls several times in gameplay but it merely dazed him for a second, and the only thing that actually knocked him down while charging is another Reinhardt. Orisa is that tough without being in motion. Fortify also negates Mei's freezing abilities. Even her Ultimate. So when the enemy team swoops in for easy kills during Blizzard, you can save your team from death with shields and machine gun fire. It's as amazing as it sounds.
  • The Uprising update lets teams of four get together and relive an Omnic insurrection from 7 years prior to the game. Beating the mode requires teamwork and some skill, especially on harder difficulties, but repelling extremist Omnics is very satisfying, outdoing Junkenstein's Revenge in terms of PvE awesomeness. And one variant of the mode lets you do this with any character in the roster. Let that sink in. It's entirely possible, if briefly, for even the villains to be heroes and repel extremist Omnics, or maybe have Omnics repelling Omnics. It's as awesome as it sounds.
  • Each Hero (except for Bastion) has a line or two warning their teammates about snipers. Widowmaker, a sniper herself, will either call the enemy sniper an "amateur" or tell her teammates to "leave this to me."
  • One of the sprays introduced in April 2017's "Uprising Event" is a call-back to Pharah's conversation with Reinhardt about a poster she used to own. Reinhardt was right: his hair was amazing!
  • April 2018 brought a follow-up to the Uprising update: Overwatch Archives.
    • In addition to bringing back the fan-favorite Uprising brawl, it also includes a new PvE mission, "Retribution", centered around one of Blackwatch's missions. Four players get to team up as the infamous black ops squad to take on Talon's forces. This was confirmed to be the mission that caused Blackwatch to be publicly revealed; the beginning of the end for Overwatch and the moment that Gabriel's transformation into Reaper started taking root.
      Morrison: Alright, Gabriel... start from the beginning.
      Reyes: We arrived at the Venice safehouse and setup surveillance on the manor. We executed our plan under cover of darkness... you sure you wanna hear about this, Jack?
      Morrison: You haven't left me much choice...
      Reyes: Whatever happened to plausible deniability?
      Reyes: [Chuckles] Well, Jack... that... is one hell of a story...
    • The trailer's stinger implies that Gabriel might not even be telling the entire truth.
      Morrison: What about you? Anything to add?
      McCree: ...Where do you want me to start?
  • Zenyatta has some serene, but still very badass, one-liners when he eliminates certain heroes.
    (eliminates enemy Pharah, Reinhardt, or McCree): Justice is defined by the hand that claims it.
    (eliminates enemy Tracer or Lúcio): Move too quickly and you overlook much.
    (eliminates Reaper or Soldier 76): Revenge is not justice.
    (eliminates Orisa): Being eager to learn is not the same as learning.
    (eliminates Genji): This master still has a few tricks.
    (eliminates Junkrat or Lúcio): Chaos begets more chaos.
    (eliminates Zarya): Ignorance is the sure path to defeat.
  • Beating Junkenstein Endless, no matter the difficulty. Not only did you survive more than the double of what you were meant to, but you beat an endless wave of suicide zombie robots, grenade lobbing zombie robots, but also a single wave consisting of 4 Reapers, Roadhogs, Junkrats, Symmetras, and Mercies. It's also amazing from a story standpoint, as Endless is basically a Suicide Mission to Hold the Line while the inhabitants of the castle flee, but you actually managed to beat said army.
  • You know how Roadhog can have an Oh, Crap! moment when he hooks D.Va's mech on the verge of self-destructing? With Brigitte's Shield Bash and/or mace slam, she can send it out of harm's way instead.
  • Even though it makes him immune to damage, Reaper’s ultimate still obeys the laws of physics. This means an enemy Reinhardt or Lúcio can accidentally blast him into teammates that would’ve been spared otherwise.


Cinematic Trailer

  • Winston and Widowmaker bursting though the ceiling.
  • Tracer blinking in behind Widowmaker.
    "Psst! Whatya lookin' at?"
  • Reaper using his Ultimate.
  • Reaper decides to step on Winston's glasses. Winston is NOT happy. For good reason: the later short "Recall" shows them to be a Tragic Keepsake of his father figure. Shortly afterwards, Reaper gets trashed by Winston.
  • Widowmaker, who beforehand was trying to steal Doomfist's Gauntlet, notices it has gone missing. Cue the camera scrolling down to reveal Brian, the kid with the hood on holding onto said Gauntlet.
  • Brian dwarfs his previous achievement by punching Widowmaker with the gauntlet! The effects afterward: Widowmaker Blown Across the Room. This also counts as one for Widowmaker. Earlier in the video, it was stated that Doomfist was capable of leveling skyscrapers. The fact that Widowmaker was back up and fighting in only a matter of seconds speaks volumes to how incredibly dangerous she is. Then again, the fact that the gauntlet was wielded by a scrawny kid and not Doomfist himself probably helped.
  • Tracer knocking away, then opening fire on Widowmaker with her own rifle. Knowing what happened between them during Alive, Tracer was likely savoring every second of that moment.
  • The animation itself is very good, having been compared to the likes of Pixar and Disney. This is a gaming company, yet their cinematics can be compared to legendary movies.
  • In a meta sense, many video game cinematic trailers show the cast doing feats they can't quite pull off in the real game, or which they can do but which are much weaker in-game than they are in the trailer. Not so in this case. The things the main four do in this trailer are awesome to watch, and not only are they all doable in-gamenote , but what you see in the trailer would be considered bad play. Blizzard made hype and then delivered on it.


  • Winston's magnificent Heroic Second Wind against Reaper, making excellent use of a Chekhov's Shield Generator and one hell of a one-liner. Props to Reaper for surviving that, if only barely.
    Reaper: I'll be sure to send them note  your regards, monkey.
    Winston: I'm not a monkey. I'm a scientist.
    Cue Reaper being Blown Across the Room and Winston disintegrating the asshole with his Tesla Cannon.
  • Reaper manages to hold off a Primal Rage Winston, via a continuous stream of shotgun fire.
  • "Initiate Overwatch Recall? Y/N" "Establishing Agents connection" With the same awesome music as the climax of the fight in the first trailer.

We Are Overwatch

  • Reinhardt defending the injured omnics with his shield. The best part? Almost every anti-Omnic character in the game uses the Omnic Crisis to justify their Fantastic Racism. Not only did Reinhardt live through the horrors of the Omnic Crisis from the front lines, he even lost his mentor, his left eye, and all but two members of his Crusader squad to them. He has every right to fall for the same Freudian Excuse as characters like Zarya, Junkrat, and Roadhog. But for someone sworn to defend the innocent like him, that would never be an option. "We are honor", indeed.


  • By aligning her target with Tracer's chronal accelerator, Widowmaker ensured that with her shot, she would either take out one or both of them. As it turned out, it took out her target.
  • The whole fight between Tracer and Widowmaker.
  • When Widowmaker made that shot at Tracer in mid-air, Tracer was only about 30 feet away from Widowmaker. To react to that shot in time to dodge it, Tracer would've had to react within 1 millisecond. Damn, that girl is quick.
  • Credit where it's due for both parties: Widowmaker managed to control the fight to her advantage on the fly and wrangled her opponent into a position that forced her to break off in time for her to pull off a ludicrously precise shot on her real target while in motion, all despite being in unfamiliar territory. Likewise, even if none of it helped, Tracer still deserves props for being willing to risk herself for someone else's life without a moment's hesitation, having the foresight to contact Mondatta's bodyguards to inform them of the situation before it escalated, and for being capable of registering, processing, and acting upon the situation of Widowmaker having her rifle trained on her in the amount of time it took the latter to pull the trigger.


  • Out of all the trailers, this one has the most breath-taking visuals, with special mention to the below moments.
  • Genji trips Hanzo's Berserk Button, and Hanzo responds by firing an arrow with such force that Genji is smashed through a wooden railing despite blocking.
  • Genji is able to slice one of Hanzo's arrows clean in half with his blade. Lengthwise.
  • Hanzo demonstrating that even though he's mostly a ranged attacker, he can certainly hold his own in close combat against even melee specialists like Genji.
  • Genji countering Hanzo's Dragonstrike with his own Dragonblade, gracefully controlling all three Spirit Dragons before directing them back at Hanzo. In an example of Gameplay and Story Integration, a similar result is possible — albeit difficult — to pull off in-game, and Genji doesn’t even need to be using Dragonblade to pull it off — Deflect on its own is enoughnote .


  • Soldier: 76's chillingly ruthless takedown of the Los Muertos. Crosses with heartwarming at the end when he takes a grenade to save a little girl rather than prevent the gang's escape.
  • The reveal of the gang's glowing body paint is one because of the juxtaposition to the mood. In any other scenario, it'd make them look like the real monsters. But instead, it's the monsters who are cowering in fear.

The Last Bastion

  • Bastion demonstrating that even after over a decade of inactivity, it's still a powerful weapon that's not to be trifled with when it inadvertently cuts down an entire section of forest with just its gatling gun.
  • The flashback during the Omnic Crisis showing Crusaders (the order of heavily armored knights Reinhardt belongs to) and regular German soldiers fighting a desperate last stand against endless legions of Omnics.
  • Captain Balderich proves to be one of the strongest Crusaders in the flashback. For reference, Reinhardt's Fire Strike is at worst a warning shot for Bastion in-game. Balderich's take on the move cleanly takes out five of Bastion's fellow units in one single blow.
  • Bastion finally overcoming its programming and deciding not to attack the nearby human city.
  • Doubling as heartwarming: it takes a lot of courage to stand-up to a killer robot, but Ganymede, the yellow bird Bastion meets in the short, shows no fear in trying to befriend Bastion, even after seeing its destructive nature firsthand.


  • A meta moment: the cinematic premiere at BlizzCon 2016 was put together in such a way as to have Sombra hacking the whole thing. This was especially effective from the livefeed perspective — the "glitching" at the beginning of the live-action footage was just enough to make you think that there was just something wrong with the reception at first. And then that skull icon flashed onscreen...
  • As it turns out, Talon's top operatives are just as effective at working together as Overwatch. Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker cut their way through security like it wasn't even there, and would have succeeded in their mission if Sombra hadn't double-crossed them. Even then, they very nearly did; Widowmaker's bullet — fired in desperation as the mission swiftly goes south — comes close enough to her target's head to take off a large part of her earring.
  • Reaper's one-on-one fight with a Volskaya industries Mini-Mecha, sadly off-screen. The technician who oversaw its demonstration during Volskaya's visit claimed that their new weapon would turn the tables in Russia's fight against the omnics. The Mini-Mecha has a version of Zarya's particle cannon bigger than him, a copy of Reinhardt's shield, and who knows what other tricks. Reaper has two shotguns. By the time we cut back, the Mini-Mecha is nothing more than a flaming pile of scrap.
    • Gameplay and Story Integration: Reaper is considered the best character in the game at killing Tanks.
    • That said, we have to give that pilot his props, for stopping Reaper's attack on Volskaya cold.
  • A mostly funny, but still subtly awesome moment: Sombra having the balls to troll Reaper during a major mission.
  • By the end of it, Sombra plays everyone like a fiddle, intentionally foiling the assassination to instead privately blackmail Katya to become a benefactor for her own ends instead of eliminating her, while convincing Reaper and Widowmaker that the mission failed. The Stinger: Despite being blackmailed into submission, Katya refuses to take this defeat lying down, enlisting Zarya's services in response.
  • A retroactive one for Reaper with the release of Masquerade: he knows damned good and well what Sombra did and has been keeping tabs on her. Interestingly, Doomfist, to whom Reaper is making this remark, doesn't get angry at Sombra at all. As far as he's concerned, anyone who doesn't arrange to stash a few aces for when she needs them is too dumb to be working for him.
    Reaper: [Sombra's] been up to some extracurricular activities. She thinks she's clever, but I've been keeping tabs on her.

Doomfist Origin Story

  • In a departure from the usual Pixar-like 3-D animation, Doomfist's long-awaited introduction is done in anime style. But it's stunning regardless.
  • This trailer shows that Doomfist does not screw around. In the space of a minute, he punches Winston across the entire street, slams the ground hard enough to send Genji flying and punches him out of the air into a car, and completely no sells several clips from Tracer's pistols before grabbing her in mid-air and ripping out the back of her chronal accelerator, destroying it! The heroes deserve some recognition, too. Genji had some gumption to go toe-to-toe with Doomfist despite being equipped with comparatively low-tech ninja equipment and was able to slice a car in half midair before Doomfist got to him. And Tracer was able to let that car he threw at her get really close before she dodged out of the way and kept going without losing her stride, and despite seeing what happened to Genji, she still didn't hesitate to keep up her own close-range offensive despite having much less in the way of defense. Considering they're both oriented toward hit-and-run tactics and are going up against someone who can allegedly topple buildings by punching them, they both deserve serious props even if none of it mattered just for being willing to get within striking distance of the guy to do their job.
  • And when we jump back to his prison cell, we see him punching a human-sized hole in his cell's door. All done with his yet-to-be-reequipped-with-gauntlet prosthetic arm.
  • On the flip side, the reason Doomfist was in prison in the first place was because after seeing his friends be utterly thrashed, Winston went into a Primal Rage and single-handedly took Akande down!

Rise and Shine

  • Mei building her Endothermic Blaster and other equipment out of stuff lying around the base, then climbing the comm tower to get Winston's message.

Honor And Glory

  • We finally get to see Baldrich Von Adler in action. As expected, he is 154% badass. Special mention goes to him Dual Wielding rocket hammers as he mows down Omnics in his Dying Moment of Awesome.
    • Notably he wins his final battle, he doesn't get struck down by the omnics, he trashes all of them and then manages to make it to the chair where he succumbs to his wounds. Die with Glory indeed...
  • Reinhardt in his prime was a sight to behold, a One-Man Army who was just a little too reckless and battle-thirsty for his own good, but he showed what happens when a Crusader goes on the offensive.
  • Reinhardt going through Character Development and finally using his energy shield to protect the soldiers he had previously ignored. When his shield runs out of energy, Reinhardt resorts to using his own body to protect them from Omnic gunfire and the blast of a friendly airstrike.
  • Reinhardt gets a crowning moment of awesome at the end, combined with OOC Is Serious Business. When urged not to return to Overwatch, that Winston's call wasn't meant for him, our normally jovial Wilhelm says eight quiet words that show, no matter how much he loves his job, he's not there for his Blood Knight tendencies. It truly is a higher calling.
    Reinhardt: I have been called. I must answer. Always.

Shooting Star

  • D.Va solos a squad of Gwishin Omnics. Capping the fight, the last one grapples and damages her MEKA so she kills it with Self-Detonation. She does this while free-falling to the ocean and firing one shot at the core to trigger it early.
  • She can build a MEKA while one of her arms is in a sling and one of her legs is in a cast. The mere fact that D.Va builds and maintains her MEKA by herself is pretty impressive in itself.


  • McCree takes on the Deadlock Gang solo and easily handles them without causing a single fatality, despite being initially surrounded. Shows how damn skilled he is. More than that, he makes excellent use of his surroundings in the fight, hits his enemies' weapons rather than them, and shoots five grenades that he threw into the air to create an explosion that subdues Ashe and her crew. The only one with any lasting damage is B.O.B., but, being an Omnic, he can be repaired.
  • The gorgeously-animated slice of pie McCree eats at the diner. Just try to watch it without your mouth watering.
  • McCree's badass smirk as he drives off with Ashe's bike.
  • Based off McCree’s comments, he was the one who tipped off Ashe about the arms shipment. Rather than a solo mission to retrieve Echo, he got word back to the old gang, then sat back and let them do the work. As it is, only the Deadlocks even know he was involved.
  • B.O.B. is nothing if not highly good at his job. When McCree fires off a burst of rounds at Ashe, B.O.B. quickly blocks the shot with a street sign. And when Ashe orders him to "do something", B.O.B. tips his bowler hat forward, sprouts a six-barreled Arm Cannon from his wrist, and lets loose a torrent of gunfire that sends McCree diving behind cover and pins him down.

Storm Rising

  • The opening cinematic is pretty awesome throughout. Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji all get moments where they shine.
    • Tracer starts by driving up behind Maximillian's convoy on a custom hoverbike and effortlessly handles several Talon goons as if it were child's play.
    • Winston dives in on the Talon cars and smashes them around like they're toys, and this is without using his Primal Rage. He also gets to shock a few of them with his Tesla Cannon.
    • Genji definitely gets the best showing, dashing and slashing through the enemy with total ease.
    • Even Mercy gets some awesome moments in it, using her staff to blind the Talon drivers and, after Genji's feat, seamlessly swoops in to pull him to safety. And watch Genji during Mercy's rescue. Once he throws the shuriken to send the two cars crashing out of control (towards him), he simply turns away and raises his hand for Mercy to grab. To make the gesture more awesome, note that Mercy came in from Genji's blind side, so he couldn't have seen her coming, he simply had faith that she'd be there for him.

Zero Hour

  • After a disastrous first mission as the newly-reinstated Overwatch, Tracer and Mei prepare to retreat as Winston holds the line against Null Sector's massive Omnic. As it aims the end of its cannon down at Winston and fires... none other than Genji swoops in, deflecting the shots away! Two of the redirected shots obliterate many of the Null Sector drones, while the third rips up the barrel of the Omnic's cannon, disabling it before striking the body in the clavicle, busting a hole in it that Tracer later uses to head in and blow it up from the inside. While it probably wasn't his intention, it's still amazing that it gave the group a massive advantage.
  • What follows is quite possibly one of the most triumphant examples of the above trope, as not only do Reinhardt and Brigitte crash in on their armored van, but Echo swoops in and lays down covering fire while Mercy heals an injured Mei. Like Tracer said, the cavalry is here, and compared to how grim things were looking before, it sells just how much more hopeful the situation has become. Just look at Winston's smile!
    • We first see Reinhardt burst out of the van to Drop the Hammer on some Omnics. The reveal of Brigitte is her flail swatting aside several more before the camera pans back to show her.
    • Reinhardt and Brigitte combine their shields to shield the team from the giant Omnic's Chest Blaster. Echo then takes on the machine singlehandedly to give her friends some breathing room, executing a High-Speed Missile Dodge to evade a Macross Missile Massacre launched at her.
  • Mercy's entrance is announced with Rays from Heaven, as she quickly descends from the clouds to heal the injured Mei with a touch, in a Call-Back to the "We Are Overwatch" trailer. This is evidently the very first time Mei meets her.
    Mercy: Let's get you back in the fight!
    Mei: Cool!
  • After Mei plants Tracer's Pulse Bomb on her cryo pack, Winston chucks it into the air for Tracer to catch and plant on the giant Omnic... only to see its massive hand reaching out to swat her away. Before it can touch her, however, Genji opens a path with his Dragonblade by swooping in and slicing its hand in two. Genji is just full of awesome in this cinematic.
  • One of the moments fans have been waiting for since day one.
    Gendarme: Monsieur, does this mean Overwatch is back?
    Winston: Yes, yes we are.


  • In conjunction with Coke eSports, Blizzard released a trailer specially made for movie theaters, with the animated shorts slated for showing at movie theaters. In addition to using footage from the previous trailers, it also features a sneak peak at the trailers featuring Genji, Hanzo, and Soldier: 76.
  • Tracer gets featured in Screwattack's Death Battle against The Scout, and it is a pretty awesome fight, all things considered. Tracer wins.
    • Later on, we got to see Widowmaker against Black Widow as well. Sadly, Widowmaker lost easily.
  • It may have created massive ramifications for Overwatch and marked Reyes's Start of Darkness, but you have to admit it's a bit satisfying to see Reyes pull a Shut Up, Hannibal! on Antonio while he's gloating about how easy it is for him to get out of prison and kill him, especially if you've read the accompanying comic where Antonio bombed Overwatch's base in Rome, resulting in his friend Gerard getting injured and several Blackwatch agents getting killed. Blackwatch's infiltration of Antonio's base is also something to behold. Reyes and McCree engage in some Good Old Fisticuffs, while Moira prefers a more subtle approach, draining the life out of three guards before they even know she's there. Genji... well, we don't see what he does, but it results in him absolutely surrounded by Talon bodies, the last one slumping to the floor as he sheathes his sword.


Train Hopper

  • Sure, he can let the hijackers take the train, but they are Talon, and they are using Blackwatch's tactics. No way McCree is leaving them be now. And he does it superbly. No civilians were hurt during the conflict, despite the firefight happening right in front of them. And despite being on the crap-list for crimes he never committed, he still wants the train crew to tell the truth about what happened.

Dragon Slayer

  • Reinhardt might be out of his element when not donning his armour, but that doesn't stop him from going for Round Two after taking a serious beating from a gang of miscreants called the Dragons. And when he does (this time with armour on, although it's by all means well-worn by that point), he does it in awesome fashion.

Going Legit

  • Junkrat and Roadhog may be criminals, but they're by no means stupid. Once they realize they've been set up to take the fall for an insurance fraud scheme by the Corrupt Corporate Executive who hired them, Junkrat and Roadhog go back and hang the scumbag with chains several hundred stories high in the air, before blowing him (and his office building) to kingdom come.
  • Junkrat doing a Three-Point Landing from the roof of a warehouse up high to ground level despite having a mechanical prosthetic stick for a leg is worth mentioning, too.

A Better World

  • Symmetra may be working for Vishkar, but she has her own principles — she drains the energy out of the rival company's security guards instead of killing them as her Mission Control demands.

Mission Statement

  • Pharah and a squad of similarly equipped soldiers take on the Anubis AI.


  • Torbjörn takes on a giant-sized Omnic that is armed with destructive weapons and able to detect threats through infrared vision by first sneaking past it via the sewers while wearing an IR-resistant suit. Once he manages to get inside the Omnic, he disables it using only his technological know-how, a sentry, a rivet gun, and his trusty hammer. Oh, and when an old colleague who is piloting said Omnic and is responsible for the destruction of a city goes on a Motive Rant, Torbjörn shoots him in the foot and decks him in the face, all while giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.


  • Ana's Mama Bear credentials are established when she looks over her squad and lists what family each has and what dependents are relying on them. One of them even refers to her as Mama Bear. She also doesn't delude herself and knows that the people she kills have people who care for them too, but does her job anyway to protect her adopted family.
  • After several of her "family" have been wounded or killed, rather than evacuate with the rest, Ana decides to stay there alone to face the enemy sniper who did this to them.
  • Ana is facing a feared Talon sniper said to be fast enough to be in two places at once. During their Sniper Duel, Ana gains the upper hand with a trick shot she describes as the best in her career, reflecting a shot off the wall and into her enemy's face. Had she not hesitated when she saw the face of Amélie Lacroix, she would have won.

Old Soldiers

  • Soldier 76 starts off by beating the crap out of a thug who had a gun to his temple, without it even going off. He then infiltrates Hakim's compound, taking out another twenty guys while doing so. And though he gets ambushed by Reaper, once he gets his Heroic Second Wind, he takes the fight right to Reyes.
  • Reaper takes Jack completely by surprise by flanking him with his Shadow Step (nullifying the Tactical Visor at the same time) and would have certainly killed him if not for Ana's intervention. Nonetheless, he still manages to overpower 76 and Wraith Forms up to Ana's location, even no selling her sleep dart.
  • And finally, Ana saves Jack from a summary execution, and when Reaper jumps up to her ambush spot and no-sells her sleep dart, she proceeds to own him in hand to hand combat.


  • It isn't a particularly bombastic moment, but Tracer displays a surprising level of maturity and clarity in Uprising when she lays out her case for Overwatch to intervene in the London crisis. It's a marked departure from her usual campy demeanor when she passionately explains just why she enlisted and why she stays committed even when the world has given her every reason to just give up. Because people need their help. Her home needs their help. And she did not enlist nor claw her way back from the brink of oblivion just to abandon people when she could make a difference. Even Commander Morrison, who had just moments before appeared visibly weighed down and conflicted by the mountain of controversy that had been accumulating around his organization, seems to be shaken enough out of his funk to damn the red tape and authorize a strike. And even though she says she won't apologize even if she's out of line, she doesn't even raise her voice and manages to stay respectful through the whole thing. Even as Overwatch begins its decline, she proves in that moment with words that it can still be a tool for good, and that it's her spirit and dedication — not her time powers — that make her worthy to be a part of it.


  • Doomfist and Widowmaker, completely without their weapons (though he is still cybernetically augmented), effortlessly taking down a group of assailants.
  • Akande, in general, reasserting his authority now that he is out and about, taking measures to return Talon to his vision.
  • Sombra's little stunt in Infiltration was noticed by Reaper, who is currently just keeping a close eye on her. While Akande approves of what she did, not only because he didn't approve of the original mission, but because he respects ambition in his people.
  • Reaper both mentions he's killed more ex-Overwatch agents and rather nonchalantly uses Gun Kata skills to take out three guards in a hallway. Minor, but it cements that Reaper, despite his win-loss ratio, has a high rank for a reason.
  • At the end, finally seeing the leadership of Talon meet. Bonus points for being a preemptive reveal of two Talon members who were only confirmed with Moira's Origin Video: Moira herself, identifiable by the headgear covering her left eye, and Sanjay Korpal, Symmetra's superior in Vishkar.

Wasted Land

  • The opening is essentially a scene from a slasher flick, down to the lighting, with Roadhog punishing some Junkers who thought looting his farm would be a good idea.
  • The comic closes with Roadhog taking out an entire bar of Junkers in a focused, silent rage after he visibly tried to not get involved. He also saved Junkrat from being skinned alive in the process, but that was kind of a side effect.


  • Katya sends Zarya to Sombra as a spy, boldly putting her life and career at risk doing so.
  • One of the first informants Zarya talks to, the pompadour-touting guard from the short "Dragons", pointedly turns her away for her bigoted dismissal of a server at the noodle shop they met at because they were an omnic.
  • Zarya and Lynx manage to knock Sombra down a peg. While they were unable to capture her, they manage to get some information off of her, including her supposed intentions and her possible real name. Then Zarya gives her a taste of what Sombra enjoys doing: getting under people's skin through secrets. The look on Sombra's face when Zarya says it is awesome on its own.
  • Anytime Lynx calls Zarya out on her racism towards Omnics.

    In-Universe News Reports 

Talon Involvement Confirmed in Previous Attack on Helix Facility

  • The open beta of Overwatch was Blizzard's biggest yet: not only was it popular enough that the beta was extended for an extra day, but by the end, just shy of ten million players had participated! These numbers grew to twenty million just five months after launch, and thirty million after the first year.
  • It's revealed by one of the game developers that Zarya got her signature particle cannon by ripping it off of a nearby armoured truck. Holy. Shit.
  • The fact that Overwatch was in such high demand that there was a queue to even purchase the game on the store! Not to launch the game, to pay for it!
  • And the reviews are in. Game Informer, Destructoid, Ign, The Escapist, even Forbes gave it perfect scores, and most other reviews land it in the A to B+ range. The most commonly used word to describe Overwatch? Masterful. Bonus points: These reviews completely ignored the fact that Overwatch didn't have many single player features, even as they complained about other games for that very thing. They liked this game that much.
  • In the days leading up to release, three statues made in the style of giant action figures appeared across the globe: one of Tracer in Hollywood, California; one of Genji in Paris, France; and one of Pharah in Busan, South Korea.
  • Blizzard is very serious about keeping cheaters from ruining the game for everyone else: there's at least one story going around on the internet of a hacker trying to play the game four different ways, and each time he's caught and banned by the game's anti-cheat software. To emphasize Blizzard's seriousness, they filed an $8.5 million lawsuit against a popular cheat maker, Bossland.
  • Sounds like Overwatch, a piece of fan-made Awesome Music that primarily relies on audio from the game itself, was good enough to get featured by Blizzard.
  • The fact that most of Overwatch's praise has been directed to its engaging story, fun gameplay, a positive environment, and unique character designs goes to show how far Blizzard has gone in videogame design since World of Warcraft. Hell, some people made articles commenting on how Overwatch became a lifesaver for the first-person shooter genre, which in many gamers' eyes has become boring and stale over the years.
    • The most common complaint that a lot of modern FPS games get is that they're all the same from a thematic and story point of view; either it's a Modern Warfare clone or a Halo clone, and whatever distinction they try to make between them doesn't disguise the fact that those are the games they're trying to ape off the success of. Then in comes Overwatch, which has such a radically different tone, art style, and gameplay from every online FPS this side of Team Fortress 2 that it has been called a breath of fresh air for the entire genre the way that MW1 and Halo were when they first came out. There are very few games that come to define or re-define a genre, and it would seem that Overwatch has become one of those games in the eyes of critics and consumers alike.
    • Furthermore, look at the condition of Blizzard at the stage of the release. By this point, while they're still one of the more popular companies out there, there has been sentiments that they're pretty much It's Popular, Now It Sucks! and the rest of their franchises, especially Warcraft, have been decried as nothing but Cash Cow Franchise. Blizzard then unleashed Overwatch and... it's proves itself to be a fantastic game that many people plays with very minimum decriers. So, yes, Blizzard is still popular, but it doesn't mean they start sucking due to popularity, they still make good games.
  • Youtube user Inkling Inkling created a video that imagines what an OP to an Overwatch anime would be like, set to nano's Savior of Song. It is every bit as badass as you think it is. And there's a second one set to 'Scarlet Ballet', featuring a good amount of Sombra's video. It is just as great as the first, if not better.
  • A 17-year-old real-life D.Va under the username Geguri was accused of cheating after she and her team plowed through the powerhouse teams of South Korea due to her incredible skill with Zarya. This got so bad that several players were sending her death threats because they couldn't believe that she was simply that good. To prove her point, she went straight to Blizzard headquarters, sat down at a computer, and streamed. There were no aimbots. There were no hacks. It was irrefutable proof of her hard work and talent. The accusers who sent her death threats? They subsequently quit Overwatch entirely.
    • Props as well to Blizzard for giving Geguri the platform to prove she was just that damn good; in an arena where girl gamers still get scorn and hate for their achievements, the company could have ignored it, but instead they stepped up and helped her make her detractors eat their words.
    • It doesn't stop there; as the Overwatch League was taking shape, she was signed onto the Shanghai Dragons, making her the first female player in the league.
  • Getting voted Legendary after the end of a match is certainly this, because it means that ten out of the twelve players thought you deserved their votes. It is incredibly rare, but incredibly awesome (and a bit heartwarming as well).
  • Get The Gang Back by Miracle of Sound is an amazing testament to the driving theme of the game, and is a head-boppingly great tune to boot. Bonus points for this amazing lyric;
    ''Are you with me my friends?/Let's see the world for what it could be!"
  • "A Hero Never Dies", an Overwatch rap song done by JT Machinima featuring Andrea Storm Kaden. The song has been praised for being very catchy, featuring well-written verses from the perspectives of Winston, Widowmaker, McCree, Reaper, Bastion, and Tracer. The chorus also feels very motivational in the context of the story's overarching theme of Overwatch returning and rising up in the face of failure.
  • Still not sure what hero will be your favourite? Well, listen to Dan Bull's epic Overwatch rap, and you'll be sure to know who you're going to be!
  • Hate McCree? So does Winston (NSFW) — an entire diss track on the subject (feat. Reaper). This was made solely by re-tuning in-game voice lines. Someone in Blizzard apparently liked this song so much, they decided to use it during BlizzCon to close a voice actor panel.
  • Blizzard's attention to detail is no big surprise, but it especially stands out in Overwatch, a first-person game with very diverse characters. One such detail worthy of mention is Symmetra's laughing emote. It not only suits her personality, it even ends with a very Indian head gesture, showing off her culture in something that's "just a simple emote."
  • Here's a video of a Blizzard animator making Mei's "Frosty :)" Highlight Intro. The amount of effort put into a few seconds that may or may not even appear at the end of the game is breathtaking.
  • A Youtuber, "Whybeare", has weaponized music in the game by using two turntable controllers from DJ Hero to play as Lucio, playing him incredibly well at that.
  • Twitch streamer "Rudeism", famous for playing Rocket League with a guitar controller and reaching level 100 in World of Warcraft with a Dance Dance Revolution controller, has managed to be able to play D.Va using, appropriately enough, flight joysticks (even managing to get a PoTG in one game), and Winston with wired bananas.
  • Doubling as one of the best Funny Moments: Blizzard is even adding community memes to the game. Behold, D.Va's new game-playing chip-munching soda-guzzling emote: Blizzard has made "Gremlin D.Va" official!
  • 400+ hours of playing as Mercy. Goes to show that people shouldn't be underestimated in combat just because they play as the support classes. (HandClap by Fitz & the Tantrums doubles the awesome as well)
  • With many people getting sick of the Sombra ARG, Blizzard pulled off an awesome Win Back the Crowd at Blizzcon 2016, unveiling not just the character in her entirety, but also providing an origin story and an animated short alongside a gameplay video, making up for quite a bit of the teasing that preceded it.
  • Overlapping with Funny, this clip from BlizzCon 2016's voice actor panel in which they drop well-known lines.
    • For more details, listen to the full panel (warning: 1.5 hours! — summarized here). These people really poured themselves into their characters.
    • Zhang Yu as Mei received a Promotion to Opening Titles of sorts — she voiced Li Li in the Chinese localization of World of Warcraft, but as she herself said, it was a huge jump to be moved into the United States English localization.
    • Darin De Paul somehow manages to survive whole days of BlizzCon jumping in and out of his "Reinhardt voice" on-command. He has also been the most frequently posted VA in fan meetings submitted to /r/Overwatch.
    • Charlet Chung wanted D.Va to be more than just a stereotype — someone who could be feminine, cute-sounding, and also kick your ass. She gets a big charge out of muscled manly-men who tweet her to say that they're "D.Va mains."
    • Aysha Selim was not at the panel, but her performance as Ana received such acclaim that she received special mention anyway.
  • Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra) is very engaged with her fans.
  • Along with the lengthy sit-down with Anjali Bhimani, the same personality also lined up a 45-minute session with Charlet Chung. Then comes the one with Keith Silverstein (Torbjörn, also 45-minute!). The latter ones like with Jonny Cruz (Lucio) and Aysha Selim (Ana) are just halfway, but nonetheless still awesome. What makes this more awesome is that if you check reddit, the same guy has been doing this one by one to other Overwatch actors, starting from Zhang Yu (Mei), Gaku Space (Genji) and... you know what, he'll have his interviews ready soon and it will be glorious.
  • Brian "Kephrii" St. Pierrenote  interviewed French actress Chloé Hollings, who voices Widowmaker in both English and French.
  • Tracer is confirmed to be gay. There are no Discount Lesbians or vague hints with "maybe, maybe not" undertones. For Blizzard to explicitly confirm that the face of one of their biggest games – not just a side character – is gay is a big step forward for inclusivity.
    • A little over two years later, Soldier: 76 was also confirmed to be gay.
  • Usually, comics like this is an example of Funny Moment poking fun of (or starting out) the 'Mei is Satan' meme. Youtuber/indie voice actor Seigi VA, on the other hand, managed to turn it into a pseudo-horror movie trailer out of that comic and it feels like one.
  • In celebration of the game's first anniversary, Anjali Bhimani made a video of all of the Overwatch VAs doing their respective character's dances. Highlights include Jonny Cruz's perfect rendition of Lucio's dance, Matthew Mercer's line-dance (complete with cowboy boots!), Elise Zhang's Sunny Dance, Crispin Freeman doing Winston's dance, and Lucie Pohl and Jen Cohn shamelessly teasing Pharmercy.
  • What happens when Junkrat gets a performance at a theatre? This glorious mess.
  • Youtuber Omahdon (real name, Edwyn Tiong) has proven himself to be one of (if not THE) best at dubbing Overwatch fancomics! Unlike most Youtubers, who tend to simply read the lines straight from the fancomics without any signs of genuine effort to at least properly convey any emotions, Omhadon takes the time to cast voice actors who manage to hit the characters they’re playing as spot-on. Omahdon himself has managed to play more than one Overwatch character in his videos, each with a unique voice of his own, his most prominent role being Reaper, whom Omahdon manages to voice in a way that would make Tom Kenny proud. Overall, Omahdon’s numerous works (referred to as AWNN’s, Adaptations With No Name) have become popular enough to earn their own spot on the Funny page.
    • Furthermore, another difference from most Youtubers is that Omahdon also takes the effort to edit in well-fitting soundtracks and proper SFX that manage to further emphasize the mood behind each Overwatch fancomic he dubs. One example would have to be when Reaper experiences an stress-induced “slip” in “At Night You Close Your Eyes and See Him”, during which Reaper’s human form momentarily wavers, revealing his wraith form underneath. Reaper’s vocals are distorted in a way that makes his voice sound like that of a man with two souls, while the screen distorts in and out of static note , as if to only frighten the viewer even further. Omahdon even edits the video to drop in quality, making Reaper’s slip appear as if it’s something that can’t be witnessed by human eyes.
    • Despite most of his videos being fandubs of Overwatch fancomics of the comedy genre, Omahdon has proven himself to be just as capable at producing fandubs where drama and Tear Jerkers are at an all time high. One of his greatest drama AWNN’s would have to be Ghost, an Overwatch fanwork in which Widowmaker is slowly dying from side effects brought upon by the programming procedures inflicted upon by Talon. Throughout the video, Sombra is desperately trying to find a solution to Widowmaker’s deteriorating condition, going as far to propose to Reaper that they go to Mercy for help. When Reaper refuses, Kimlinh Tran (Sombra’s VA) really lets loose, managing to perfectly capture the emotions one would experience in a situation akin to the one Sombra is in. Even Omahdon himself expressed surprise with Kimlinh's performance. The slow, depressing music playing in the background only adds to the sad feelings of helplessness one feels when unable to help those they care for.
  • This animation by Dead Sound is closest there'll ever be for a McCree animated short for the time being. Not only that, but the animation flawlessly procures the elements that made the wild west films famous, while keeping in with the thin line between hero and vigilante.
  • The Winglet gives us the ultimate crossover between Overwatch and TF2!
  • The Pink Mercy campaign in May 2018, where Blizzard teamed up with Breast Cancer Research Foundation to release several cosmetics, including the legendary Pink Mercy skin, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. Started in May 8th, Blizzard reported on the 17th that they had closed in on $10 million USD, with the final tally being a whopping $12.7 million USD for BCRF.
  • There are multiple mentions of many voice actors being One of Us on these pages, but Carolina Ravassa (for whom Overwatch was her career boost into the stratosphere) took things to the logical conclusion with a full Sombra cosplay at Katsucon 2019.Costume credit 
  • One belongs to the creators of Sigma's Origin Story video: it racked up 5.5 million views in just a week. For context, this was more views than each of the previous five origin videos — Moira, Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, Ashe, and Baptiste — had managed since their release dates five to twenty months earlier.


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