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    General theories 
The in-game battles are a Crisis Crossover.
Various Alternate Universes are colliding. This is why a heroic AU Reaper can team up with a post-apocalyptic AU D.Va to stop cyborg AU Pharah from killing all the Omnics in King's Row.
There will be something like a Young Justice group in the Overwatch universe, in the future.
The members would be Brian (the kid from the reveal cinematic) and his younger brother, Alejandra (the kid from the "Hero" cinematic), and other children-turned teenagers that we might see later in the other cinematics. This will possibly be lead, or at least mentored, by Tracer.
Expanded TF2/Overwatch character connections
Inspired by Zarya/Heavy WMG below.

-Tracer is the Scout's granddaughter: Scout got older, settled down a bit, emigrated to England, and mellowed out, and his admiring granddaughter got a different spin on his stories.

-Reaper is the result of the Medic's attempts to recreate spies using biological methods: Given the Medic's methods of operation there are quite a lot of horrifically gone wrong experiments out there, and reaper is one of them.

-Winston is another Medic experiment: The success of the Heavy's baboon heart prompted the medic to go further.

-Tobjorn and Engineer have an intense, but friendly, rivalry: This is where his inspiration comes from.

-Pyro is from East Asia, Hanzo is a long lost descendant: See TF2 WMG for more.

-McCree was exposed to the same stuff the Sniper was: He is awfully good at aiming that pistol.

-Reinhardt was inspired on his crusader mentality by the Soldier: To the Soldier, he was fighting world war 2. Reinhardt saw things a bit differently, and his inspiration to bring the Soldier to justice and protect his town inspired his values to this day.

-Rather than being Heavy's granddaughter, Zarya is in fact the Soldier's. In the TF2 Comics, Soldier and Heavy's sister Zhanna were engaged. It's entirely possible that the bloodline remained in Russia (and given how loopy Soldier is, they probably got away with it by telling him they were actually living in Colorado or something). Needless to say, their relationship is hilariously awkward, given that Zarya isn't exactly a chip off the old block.

-Dell Conagher (the Engineer) eventually went on to work for Vishkar Industries in his later years. In addition to being a rival to Torbjörn, he also served as a mentor to a young Symmetra. His schematics for the mini-sentry and the teleporter served as the foundations for her own inventions.

-One of Mercy's superiors was The Medic and since he finds healing isn't as rewarding as hurting, they have repeatedly argued over weaponizing the Medic's research. One of the things they did agree on was modernizing the Medigun to remove the need for special implants (required for all his mediguns), the backpack attachment, and give it the ability to heal anything.

-Meanwhile, the Spy took in a young girl from Mexico as his adopted daughter / apprentice. While she certainly knew her way around computers, it was he who taught her how to shoot a gun, how to throw a punch, and how to kill......

-And finally, Miss Pauling has taken the Administrator's place as....well.....the Administrator. She serves as Overwatch's administrator, sending the agents on missions and giving them orders over the speakers on the battlefields.

Overwatch characters are Heroes of the Storm characters, transmuted to Earth
Overall, this explains how the characters can rez in game, and how multiples can appear on teams, these abilities were retained from the Nexus.
  • Reaper is a demon hunter/Sylvanas mashup. The rez method in the nexus malfunctioned and combined the two characters into one body, with the skills of a demon hunter and the death abilities of Sylvanas, while combining the vengeancemindedness of both characters into a superchanged whole.
  • Reinhardt = Uther. Medieval Knight imigary, protects allies, tough to kill.
  • McCree is Raynor. Raynor's personality and sniper skills transferred over.
  • Windowmaker is an Abathur clone of Nova, after some experimentation by Abathur.
  • Zarya is the Barbarian.
  • Winston is Diablo, after some of the "good" characters from other universes convinced him to reform. Primal rage is Diablo releasing a bit of evil nature.
  • Zenyatta is Li-Li after experimenting with those "Robots" she saw in the Nexus. (Healing transfers over)
  • Tracer is the Wizard, who after too many experiments with cosmic forbidden magic managed to get temporally confused.
  • Bastion is Sgt Hammer' siege tank's AI uploaded to a new system, with the tanks "siege up and defend area" routine taking over.
  • Torbjörn is whoever builds the towers and keeps, and repairs Tychus's machines.
  • Hanzo is a small fleck of the Demon Hunter's mind that did not merge with Sylvanas, that decided to join Zeratul and hunt down the monstrosity that is the merged reaper form. This half retains the archery skills, and feels a bit guilty about what the first half has done.
  • Pharah is Tyrande. Tyrande decided that a rocket launcher is much better than searing arrows and a bow, but still brings a similar personality.

Whoever founded Overwatch was behind the Omnic Crisis, and almost every threat afterwards.
Whoever founded Overwatch decided that the only way mankind would be able to reach a new golden age is by uniting it against a common, non-human foe, a la Ozymandias from Watchmen.

Theories why Tracer did not go insane like Sigma after being violated by time and space
Both characters were involved in experiments gone horribly wrong that sent them through the fabric of time and space. Why didn't Tracer lose her mind?
  • Theory 1: Tracer did actually go insane but recovered thanks to advanced mental health care. Contrasted to Sigma's treatment which involved immediate containment and being used as a weapon.
  • Theory 2: Same as above theory, but the amount of time she spent in limbo gave her time to calm down after losing her mind, to a point where her disorder is less noticeable or damaging.
  • Theory 3: Gravity/Space manipulation is more brutal on the mind than Time/Space manipulation
  • Theory 4: Sigma was already mentally ill to a weak point, though not requiring serious and immediate treatment. The experiment ended up multiplying whatever minor disorders he had exponentially.
  • Theory 5: The Chronal Accelerator meant to staple Tracer to one time and place also has calming properties that soften any mental illnesses she might have. When Doomfist tore it off her she starts freaking out, which may be part "Holy-Shit-I'm-About-To-Disappear", part mental disorder.
  • Theory 6: Tracer did go insane and did not recover, but her reaction to mental damage is more along the lines of being extremely reclusive and withdrawn (As seen in her trailer after she got shot through space and time) and later manifested into an overbearing quirkinesses that she expresses even in the thick of battle.

All evil characters will form a Five-Man Band
Big Bad and Evil Genius: Reaper

The Dragon: Junkrat

The Brute: Roadhog

Dark Chick: Widowmaker

  • Alternatively:
    • Big Bad: Reaper
    • The Dragon: Widowmaker
    • Evil Genius: Junkrat
    • The Brute: Roadhog
    • Dark Chick: Yet-to-be-revealed character, possibly a villainous Support class or a character in the lore.
      • I'd also include Sigma as a Genius Bruiser.
      • Or just Imp Mercy. After all... Heroes never die, for a price.
      • Or alternatively Symmetra, and would fit too as she's very anti-villainous compared to the others. Why was she here? Because she worked for Vishkar, a very much Mega-Corp hiding behind pretty words like Order or 'people improvement' while in truth they like to force their ideals to others by any means necessary without consent.
      • Maybe Sombra, after she's revealed?
      • Now that she's in the game, we can tell Sombra could definitely fit this role.
      • With several new characters, we could actually do this, focusing on Talon:
      • Big Bad: Doomfist
      • The Dragon: Widowmaker
      • Evil Genius: Sigma, maybe Junkrat, Moira, or Symmetra
      • The Brute: Reaper, maybe Roadhog
      • Dark Chick: Moira

  • Personally I always thought that Widowmaker would make a better Big Bad than Reaper. During the cinematic trailer, while Reaper charged at Winston with shotguns blazing, Widowmaker was the one with her eyes on the prize (Doomfist's gauntlet), implying that she's the brains of the duo. Of course, Reaper could have plans of his own....

  • Now that Doomfist is out, it's clear he's THE Big Bad (or at least the closest thing to a Big Bad so far in game).

Roadhog and Junkrat are suffering side-effects of Australia's radiation.
This might not be a WMG since their backstories give you enough implications already, but hear me out.

Roadhog always sounds like he inhaled something really bad like polluted air whenever he does his Evil Laugh, coughing and wheezing. Then there's his Take a Breather move; from its description, his "Hogdrogen" gas cans are either some kind of medicine or drug made by a Back-Alley Doctor or somebody who was smart enough to make something that will stave off the pain and/or any physical and mental side-effects of living in the irradiated Outback. If anything, the gas he constantly inhales may be the only thing that keeps him going in spite of the TREMENDOUS PAIN he goes through every day.

Roadhog's partner Junkrat (for lack of a better word) isn't much better. It is implied that Junkrat grew up his whole life surrounded by radiation, and since radiation isn't very good for anybody, that kind of living is bound to develop some problems. For one, he's suffering from behavioral problems; he was once someone with a love for inventions and engineering, but the radiation slowly turned him into a complete maniac obsessed with explosives and with a compulsive need to cause as much trouble as possible. He also seems to be losing hair as his head has bald spots, which also might be passed off as the result of frequent explosive-related accidents (plausible, since his hair constantly burning). He's developing the first signs of cancer, yet he's either completely unaware of it, or in complete denial.

Since Overwatch takes place in the distant future, it's entirely possible that most companies have developed technology that can do anything, including removing toxic gas and restoring a polluted environment. But for some reason, due to being either radiated beyond hope or in-universe Executive Meddling, no one has ever attempted to get rid of the radiation that's currently affecting the Outback.

This would add another layer of Tear Jerker to their stories - Junkrat somehow found out he became terminally ill at one point, but instead of going quietly he decides that he'll Go Out With A Bang by having the best time of his life, so he pulls all sorts of crazy shit like committing crimes all over the world. He also has another plan - to take as many people as he can with him, out of secret jealousy towards their perfect health while he's slowly dying from the inside.

As for Roadhog, he became a murderous Death Seeker after years of watching his people suffer as the result of his actions (remember that anti-Omnic rebellion that blew up Australia's nuclear fusion core reactor? Yeah). He did try to get help for his country at one point, but he was turned away. The revelation that he also had a terminal illness and that no medicine could cure him, just relieve some pain, pushed him over the edge. He joins Junkrat on his crime spree so he can kill whoever he can find, out of secret hope that his much younger companion can lead him to a much stronger person who can put him out his misery.

  • Doubt that he's ill in the body (his head not withstanding). Biotic seems like a panacea against everything. At least battle damage.
Every class will have at least one straight up Villain by final release

The Offense, Defense, and Tank classes already have actual villains as playable, with the Defense class having two (Widowmaker and Junkrat), so it bears to reason that Blizzard would have another villain ready for the June 21st release as a Support class in order to round out the roster of having one Villain per class at least.

  • Semi-Jossed: The current roster of 21 is set in stone for release, but new heroes will be added afterwards. A villainous support is still possible.
  • If you count the Vishkar as one of the evils even if they're not Talon, Symmetra would count as a villainous support, the Anti-Villain style.
World of Overwatch reached the point where magic and technology are one and the same.

We have robot monk, who can channel Shiva or Buddha. We have a ninja archer summoning dragons. We have a seemingly Undead dude who steals souls/life energy. We have a dwarf.And yet A.I. is present, bunch of Power Armor, prosthetics, guns, grenades...

Magic exists in the Overwatch universe. It always has.
"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology", after all! Overwatch's magic, though generally rare, is considered, essentially, a fact of life. As such, Overwatch's science has evolved to account for their magic, and magic has become part of their science. Nobody comments on the Shimada brothers use of the Shimada dragons because that's simply an older, almost homeopathic method of using magic that has fallen out of vogue in the modern day. Instead, the magic is used via feats of technology, such as the Vishkar's Hard Light tech (Symmetra's constructs do resemble Hanzo's dragons in a way).

Athena is a God Program that Overwatch redesigned for good.
Like Anubis, Athena takes her name from an ancient god and has control over parts of Watchpoint: Gibraltar. It would also give Ilios relevance as Athena's former "center", the way Giza was for Anubis.
  • Silly point: Ilios is another name for Troy. The Iliad explains that Athena had no love for that city so the AI being in Ilios seems unlikely. Then again, if it was a rampaging AI then maybe there's some merit.

The in game battles are a Computer simulation run by Athena:
After Winston recalled Overwatch Athena started to run combat simulations. This included Overwatch members and known threats like Reaper and Widowmaker. This explains why Athena is the announcer, why you can have what should be impossible teamups, why you can have duplicate heroes and even the gameplay mechanics such as cooldowns.
  • This also has the added benefits of explaining such things as the fake windows on King's Row, respawning props across all the maps, and D.Va's ludicrous APM. However, I would expand on this, see next WMG.
    • Also explains why you are fighting on locations where important events happen, but after they occurred, or do something unrelated. The computer may be simulating future fights, or simply not have data to makes up a battle in the location's current condition.
Athena licensed the Overwatch training simulator and use of the characters to Blizzard, with the proviso that she has unrestricted access to any and all data collected from the playerbase.
This could be for several reasons, especially since it would be unclear when exactly this would happen in-universe. It could be just mass data collection, for purposes of recognizing weakpoints in both allies and enemies. It could be preparation for the day when Winston inevitably presses the Recall button, drumming up popular support and getting the characters back into the public imagination. (And even without the audience's omniscience, the pattern of "Winston sees tragic news story -> Winston readies recall -> Athena swoops in and warns him off" has clearly repeated itself several times, perhaps over several weeks by the time of the "Recall" short, and it doesn't take a supercomputer to recognize signs of helplessness-triggered depression) It could just be a way to make some petty cash to fight crime with. It could be all of these, it could be none of them. Alternatively..
The Omnics destroyed humanity in the Omnic Crisis, then rewrote history: everything since, including the games, is actually in The Matrix.
Perhaps it's a simulation, but not such a well-controlled simulation?
  • One of McCree's voice lines shows he's aware of people he remembers killing, mysteriously being alive again. A simulated McCree just wouldn't be programmed to have those memories.. but a live McCree trapped inside a simulation might.
  • Sombra's ability to hack individuals wouldn't make sense in a simulation intended to prepare for a real world conflict in which she could not do that. But if she's the real Sombra, trapped, it'd make sense she's learned to hack the world.
Alejandra is related to Gabriel Reyes
Just a semi-popular fan theory. Alejandra (the girl from the Hero short that Soldier 76 saves) is related to Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper. Would possibly serve as a major pet the dog moment for him if he ever found out. Or the exact opposite of that...
Guesses based on skins
Considering Legendary skins seems to hint at what characters did in the past, we can assume a few things from them.
  • Amélie was a ballet dancer. Two of her skins are named after a very well known ballet and one of her emotes has her saluting in a manner very similar to dancer's.
    • Adding to that, ballet dancers have to be extremely fit, so that would make her a good candidate for an assassin even before Talon brainwashed her.
    • Confirmed by the tidbits of lore added with a few skins, which confirms she was a famous ballet dancer in Paris.
  • Lúcio might be a fan of ice hockey. He'd never get the chance growing up in a Brazilian slum, but might have tried his hand since obtaining stardom. The frog suit was a failed experiment in trying to emulate Deadmau5.
    • Confirmed for the hockey fan part by his line in the Volskaya Industires map, where he says he should have brought his hockey gear note  and they could have improvised a match as well as a line on Hollywood where he says he could have brought tickets to a match.
  • Roadhog is actually a New Zealander/Pacific Islander , which is in the same area as the island nations of polynesia, micronesia and melanesia. His "Mako" skin and his real name indicates this as well.
  • Reinhardt is a fan of World Of Warcraft since he asks D.Va for an autograph and his Lionhardt armor has a distinct Alliance feel to it. Heck, considering Warcraft seem to exist in this universe (the Murloc restaurant on Hanamura, "Fighters of the Storm", Diablo-themed piñatas...) and that he was born in 2015. We can safely say he grew up with the movies (which transformed into a series in this universe). The same could apply to Soldier: 76 and Torbjörn, who are approximatively the same age.
  • Blackhardt or Bloodhardt is an Evil Knockoff of Reinhardt. A war machine/Omnic built by someone dubious like Talon to replicate the abilities of one of Overwatch's finest. I say knockoff because of the burning core in its chest, I doubt anything biological would have that going on.
    • Perhaps the Dragons, humiliated by defeat at his hands, built an [1] either to sabotage his reputation or to fight him on more equal terms.
    • Alternatively, they're from when the Cataclysm movie came out and Reinhardt thought Deathwing looked cool.
  • Despite his family's animal being the dragon, Hanzo actually prefer wolves.
  • Pharah is a fan of the Mecha genre.
  • When a Shambali monk plans on living somewhere for a long time, they modify themselves to resemble a being from the local religion and mythology. For example, a djinn or an animal-headed god.
  • D.Va has multiple MEKA variants, some for different terrain, some that are different models (like how there's an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S).
    • Her Wasteland skins is what she would look like if she went undercover in Australia. Same for Ana.
  • There are different models of Bastions, like for underwater or camouflage, meaning that you're technically playing as another Bastion unit if you use a different skin. And different kinds of birds have befriended them too.
  • Genji wore nomad clothes when he went to Nepal.
    • Confirmed, slightly; new lore for the skins says he wore those clothes when he was searching the world, seeking balance. It's likely he wore these when he met Zenyatta.
Genji and Hanzo unleashed the Dragons against each other in their fateful duel in the backstory
But at the moment of truth, Genji made his Dragon avoid Hanzo at the last moment. Sadly, Hanzo's Dragon hit its mark. The damage the Dragon inflicted on Genji was so severe that being rebuilt as a cyborg was the only way to preserve his life.
Liao was/is a healer of some kind.
That way, the original Overwatch Strike Team is a well-balanced team of six - two offensive heroes, two defensive heroes (a builder and a sniper), one tank, and one support.
  • Not quite, because Ana was a support (presumably this WMG was from before she was revealed), but I guess Liao could be on defense?

There will be an event that decides the fate of Numbani
Numbani is an utopia where humans and Omnics live in peace. No way in hell Talon is going to leave that be, after they turned King's Row into a highly racist area with having Widowmaker assassinate Tektharta, they'll find the city of Numbani disgusting and want to turn it into a racist area like King's Row. And it fell into an event, either comics/animation/Weekly Brawl, to decide the fate of Numbani.
  • In some ways, this happened with Doomfist's attacks.

The real reason every hero and villain is fighting alongside each other during gameplay
It's because an even bigger crisis will occur in the future, and it will be even more devastating than the Omnic Crisis, to the point of either potentially wiping out humanity or even Earth itself. Being a super-computer, Athena predicted it will happen eventually, so she gathered up former Overwatch agents along with people she believed would be physically and mentally up to the task to stop this crisis. Once she informed everyone what was going on, she ran them through combat simulations designed to prepare and train them for the upcoming battle, as there's always the possibility that some or all of them might not come back alive.

This would explain why everyone put up with each other for the most part without complaint during gameplay, despite all of them having a reason not to do so. Even though they (might) hate each other, they couldn't stand the thought of their home being shot to oblivion. Hell, even the villains all support Athena's plan, invoking Even Evil Has Standards (Roadhog's remaining guilt with what happened with Australia making him prevent a repeat with Earth; Reaper clearly wants to be recognized and no Earth = no fame; Widowmaker wanting to save Earth both out of guilt for killing her husband, an Overwatch agent, on Talon's orders and out of a desire to preserve the planet her husband died saving; etc, etc.). It would also explain why, in the "We Are Overwatch" trailer, every playable character can be seen watching a rocket being launched into space - deep down, despite everything, everyone has their own reasons for fighting for a better tomorrow.This adds a different angle to Overwatch in that everything isn't always black and white and that even villains can be heroes given the right motivation.

The giant Omnic that attacks South Korea is allied with North Korea

The Omnic's creator, or maybe the Omnic itself, is working for North Korea for some reason. The attacks on South Korea are just test runs done for research in preparation for one decisive invasion.

The game takes place in the far future of Big Hero 6.
Aside from that the CG in Overwatch's cinematic trailers have a similar style to Disney's Big Hero 6, the timeline of the game itself could actually let the two fit in the same universe. Big Hero 6's story takes place in the modern times, albeit a little more advanced. The intensive technology research and development in Big Hero 6's universe, particularly the invention of Baymax, eventually leads to the creation of the Omnium Factory to create advanced robots. The creation of the Overwatch force itself might also have the original Big Hero 6's team members' involvements that were not mentioned due to various reasons, and also partly because its members wanted to fix the mistake of 'robots turning agaisnt their masters' because one of its members is also a robot.

Also, Tracer's backstory, which involves an incident that have something to do with teleporters, might have ties to the previous teleporter research in Big Hero 6. Namely, Project Silent Sparrow by Krei Tech Industries.

North Korea caused the Omnic Crisis
Going with an earlier note that there's evidence that North Korea somehow survived the Omnic Crisis despite being the most disadvantaged of all nations at the start of it, and the theory that the Kaiju attacking South Korea is of Nork origin, there's more than enough reason to believe that the Omnic Crisis may have been North Korea's attempt at conquering the world by hacking the robots the West came to rely upon. Thankfully for the free world, this failed, but since then Kim Jong XYZ (Canon name, calling it.) has been plotting his next attempt - And the Omnic attacking South Korea is part of it - Complete with the same technology used to hack the Omnics in the first place, considering it could hack unmanned MEKA.
North Korea is ruled by Omnics
Going along with the first North Korea-based theory and the strange fact that North Korea is still independent, North Korea was one of the Omnics' easiest targets because it had no robotic technology of its own but had a nuke and missile reserve. Also, Omnic propaganda used the regime in North Korea as examples of how bad humans can be. The regime fell quickly to the Omnics, and the new leaders, eager to see themselves as liberators, modernized North Korea's infrastructure and provided the people with a reliable food supply. However, they did not give the people real freedom as this would create opportunities for revolt, and created new propaganda. In fact, the new infrastructure allows the Omnics to monitor all their subjects. Much like North Korea today, the world powers let the country exist in order to maintain peace. However, North Korea is entirely surrounded on all sides now that China, Russia, and South Korea have a common goal, so the giant robot attacks are their way of going after their nearest and smallest neighbor.
Those who have tissue scarring don't have it repaired intentionally.
Proficiency in wetware makes plastic surgery and nerve repair child's play. Reaper lets it focus his hate, Genji refuses because he feels an absence of sensation helps with meditation, and Soldier: 76 has survivor's guilt. Zarya probably has emotional significance for her scar.
  • The new character, Ana, turns down Mercy's offer to fix her eye because it's "a good reminder", so confirmed for her.
The one who hired Widowmaker to assassinate Mondatta...

WAS MONDATTA!!!!!!!!!Because as a Martyr for his cause, his message of Omnic/human Harmony would be that much more powerful.

  • Clearly then the plan has Gone Horribly Wrong since London's human Omnic relationships tanked in his passing and the mission in King's Row is to set up an EMP to wipe out the Omnic's slum residence (or stop it).

In the Overwatch time line, Blizzard decided to branch out with its existing intellectual property instead of making Overwatch

We know for a fact that Blizzard exists in the Overwatch universe, D.Va has a Blizzard logo on her mech. We know that some of the games Blizzard made exist, tablets with Hearthstone on it are all over the place and D.VA is a pro Starcraft II player. But obviously Overwatch the game doesn't exist in the universe. However we see arcade games with Blizzard IP characters all over the place and there are many Blizzard themed items not related with gaming that are similarly all over the place. So perhaps after Starcraft II was finished and Titan got scrapped, Blizzard started selling their IP to be slapped on pretty much everything. Sort of like how Konami made those Silent Hill Pachinko machines, they made some arcade games in house and sold those too. They have been relatively successful in mass marketing, but haven't made a game you could take seriously in ages.

Or maybe...

In this universe, Titan never got cancelled, which triggered the divergence from our future
The technology invented to make Titan's mechanics work was later expanded into AI and bought by Omnica, leading to the Omnic crisis. Either that, or the failure of Blizzard to predict the future led to it actually happening (Is this a trope?). Also, Reinhardt was born in this universe because of this for some reason.

There's a plague in the Middle East.
In Are You With Us?, there's a brief shot of Egypt with several people in tattered clothes, begging for food and clutching their presumably dying children. In Recall, we see that Mercy is currently stationed in Iraq. Perhaps the Middle East is the center for some widespread disease that Mercy is trying to help cure.
  • The Oasis map puts this theory into question, because the Oaisis map shows that atleast the capital of Iraq is pristine and utopian as can be. However, this doesn't mean there isn't a plague going on outside of that area.

Liao was/is a roboticist.
The cover for the now-cancelled graphic novel Overwatch: First Strike features six characters, five of whom are confirmed founding members of overwatch (Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes, Torbjörn Lindholm, Reinhardt Wilhelm, and Ana Amari). There is a sixth character on the cover: a woman with grey hair and glasses, appearing next to a robot. She is likely the mysterious Liao with a robot she created. She might've played a part in creating prosthetic limbs for other Overwatch operatives like McCree and Torbjörn, as well as working with Dr. Ziegler in roboticizing Genji.

Overwatch takes place in the same universe as Trauma Center
And Mercy's equipment and research was made, at least in part, with the Caduceus medical organization. The healing nanosubstance she invented is colloquially called "Antibiotic gel" in modern hospitals. Mercy's Resurrect ability is using her Caduceus Staff as an Amplifier Artifact for her Healing Touch. This also means the Sigma and GUILT crises have taken place in the game's back story period, so add bioterrorism to the list of shady activities that have gone on.

The character's personalities and backstories are references to certain types of players of blizzard games
This is based on a Team Fortress 2 WMG, but instead of representing FPS player archetypes, overwatch characters represent blizzard game player archetypes. Ones I am not sure of have question marks.


  • Tracer: New players to the game, still excited and energetic about playing.
  • Reaper: Players who go to forums and threaten to quit, rage at moderators, angrily write about game changes, etc. Some of these players are also try their hardest to be edgy and serious.
  • Pharah: Players who are "Stop Having Fun" Guys. These players are also quite impulsive in their decision-making.
  • Mc Cree: Players who are very laid-back in their playstyle.
  • Genji: Players who are obsessed with ninjas and Japanese culture.
  • Soldier: 76: Complacent Gaming Syndrome players, the ones who play a certain way and expect you to as well. They also want to be treated as The Leaders of their teams.
  • Sombra: Players who use dupes, drophacks, other hacks, etc.
  • Hanzo: Players who prefer archery over guns and Japanese culture.
  • Widowmaker: Players who are The Perfectionist by heart.
  • Torbjörn: Modders
  • Bastion: Players who don't communicate much, just play.
  • Junkrat: Players who play weird strategies that shouldn't work (odd Hearthstone decks, Funday Monday, etc.) but somehow still win
  • Mei: Players are naturally mischievous and knows how to irritate both their allies and enemies. They're usually Trolls.
  • Ashe: Hardcore guild/clan organizers, focused only on winning/raiding as effectively as possible.


  • Reinhardt: Story fans/players who love to get into the thick of things. Getting killed in-game only motivates them to play harder.
  • Winston: Players who act as the Voice of Reason for their team, pointing out objectives that need to be taken.
  • Roadhog: Players who like being independent.
  • D.Va: The type of pro-gamer/streamer who goes for odd antics, personality, etc.
  • Zarya: The type of progamer/streamer who goes straight for winning.
  • Orisa: The type of player who depends the most on teamwork and wants their team to avoid fighting each other.
  • Sigma: Players after a long session, who are getting a bit tired and loopy.
  • Wrecking Ball: Players who buy lots of unusual skins


  • Mercy: Less hard core guild/clan organizers Guild organizers
  • Lucio: Casters/announcers (of the type at big events)
  • Zenyatta: Players that adamantly refuse to "git gud" and play the way that they want, rather than how everyone says they "have to."
  • Ana: Players who have been playing heal/support roles for awhile because no one else will, and are getting annoyed at doing so
  • Symmetra: Players who always go for late game strategies (control decks, defensive/lategame oriented Starcraft players, etc.)
  • Bridgitte: Players still happy to fill a tank or healer role.
  • Moira: Analyzers of the game who find overpowered and/or cheap strategies before anyone else
  • Baptiste: A "standard" player who shows up, plays o.k., and generally acts friendly.

They Came From Beyond The Moon is a remake.
In Route 66, the second attacking spawn room is a tourist trap that uses the film's aliens. It wouldn't make sense for it to have been built after the gorge was abandoned, so it must be from at least 25ish years ago. Therefore They Came From Beyond The Moon must be an established franchise that Hal-Fred Glitchbot had the opportunity to reboot.

Junkenstein's Revenge is just Reinhardt, Soldier, Hanzo, Ana and McCree playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.

Reinhardt is the DM and is using a heavily modified version of the Ravenloft module, or one like it, based on his story from Halloween.

Hanzo is a dragonborn ranger who managed to get a good roll on a magic item table and get a Bottomless Quiver. The ultimate is Hanzo using some kind of homebrewed breath weapon.

McCree had to beg Reinhardt to put the gunslinger class in the game, despite the fact that it doesn't fit the setting. Ana pointed out that they were going up against zombified robots and a madman shooting off explosives from a rooftop. He conceded, eventually.

After allowing guns in the setting, Ana rolled up an alchemist class, using vials of potions delivered via a rifle. When Reinhardt pointed out that alchemists don't have proficiency with firearms, she managed to finagle it so that the rifle wasn't shooting bullets, it was actually a launcher for miniature healing bombs, which alchemists *are* proficient with. Reinhardt let it pass because it was such an entertaining story. Since healing potions are positive energy, they harm the undead zomnics and other evil creatures.

Soldier: 76 started out as a gunslinger, but dipped into paladin for the healing abilities. Everyone tries to tell him how un-optimal his build is, but when he mows down zomnics like crazy, it's hard to argue.

Junkrat and Roadhog are the main antagonists because Reinhardt caught them trying to turn his armor into scrap for their guns. Reaper is there for obvious reasons.

Mercy allowed herself to represent the with on the condition that she be the one to actually *play* her- a player-controlled monster, as it were. The reaction when she wins is horrifying, to say the least.

Emily is not Tracer's girlfriend.
She's her wife.

How weapons and abilities seemingly designed specifically to affect humans are able to affect Omnics and cyborgs as well
  • The high moisture content from Widowmaker's Venom Mine causes mechanical parts to rust.
  • Ana's Sleep Dart carries some sort of jammer that force electronic devices to enter standby mode.
  • Ana's Nano Boost overclocks Omnic hardware, reverting it back to its normal clock speed after several seconds so as to prevent overheating.
  • Mei's ice weapons also cause rust. Remember, ice is just solid water, and it can sublime. Also, while cool electronics are good, ice buildup can damage moving parts.
  • McCree's Flashbang is also a short-range, low-strength EMP.
  • Health Packs have nanobots which are harmless to humans but can repair and replace damaged omnic parts.

The purple cube Mccree kicked off in train hopper is a medium-tier AI

The cube reminded me of a certain detail on Bastion-in his turret mode, he has a blue cube on his back. It looks very similar to the one in the comic. But I've started wondering, what purpose would it have? And then I've remembered-Bastion was one of many robots made mostly for guarding. What colo is the cube? Blue. What kind of cosmetics you can get in the game that are better than blue? Purple.

Everyone in the game wears a Universal Translator earpiece that they hear commands and communicate through
This explains why the ally version of the ultimate cry is usually in English, while the enemy version is sometimes in the speaker's native tongue, as only the allies have connected earpieces. This also explains the differences between what the allies and the enemies hear in general. Characters from non-Anglophone countries that speak only English actually know the language, while some of the characters that speak a mix of lines do not.
  • That doesn't explain why some characters have English-but-different lines for ally!Ultimate and player/enemy!Ultimate, such as Pharah'snote , McCree'snote , and Reaper'snote , however. Also some line pairs don't have lines that are translations of each other, such as Hanzo'snote  and Sombra'snote .

Junkrat and Roadhog are friends with D.Va and possibly Lucio
D.Va's Junker and Scavenger skins were a gift from Junkrat due to her self destruct ability, alternatively D.Va is a fan of post-apocalyptic scenario's so Junkrat and Roadhog built a MEKA for her from scrap. Lucio is trying to convince Roadhog and Junkrat to get rid of their Omnic prejudices (Lucio is doing it to other characters as well), but it's more than difficult for them to get rid of their prejudices but they like having Lucio around because they enjoy his music.

Gerard met Widowmaker during a ballet of Swan Lake
Her lore bio states that Widowmaker was a well known ballet dancer and Gerard first saw her when she was performing as Odette and began dating after her show. Widowmaker was kidnapped after her performance and her final performance was as Odile from Swan Lake. She murdered him on the same night.

Theories about the origin of each incarnation of Doomfist
There are three incarnations of Doomfist, according to the posters in Numbani.

First is the Savior, the original Doomfist. Making his first appearance during the Omnic Crisis, the Savior suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of Omnics. Thus, he took technology from scrapped Omnics to make a gauntlet capable of defeating them in a single blow. Unlike Overwatch, he was a bit of an antihero: destroying Omnics was all he knew, and he was damned good at it. In areas where Overwatch could not provide much aid, he would be there to smash Omnics and save lives.

Eventually, the Omnic Crisis ended. In its wake, attempts were made between humans and Omnics to find peace between the two races. Some did not take kindly to this, least of all the son of the first Doomfist, who would become the Scourge. Seeing peace between humanity and their mortal enemies as a slap in the face to everything his father fought for, he would take up the gauntlet, modifying it to be even more destructive than his father's, and set about committing acts of terrorism against Omnics and any humans who would side with them. Eventually, he would be brought to justice by Overwatch.

Now, a new Doomfist has arisen, the Successor. He, too, appears to be disrupting human and Omnic relations...but to what end? Is he aligned with Talon, or is he flying solo? Does he have grievances with the Omnics, or is he just a power-mad lunatic? We likely will not know until he becomes a playable character, himself.

Doomfist will get a comic first before he's introduced
I think that would be where we get to see how he wrecked Numbani to reclaim the gauntlet, since the focus after Orisa's inclusion is at Numbani. Doomfist seems like he'll be introduced as a playable hero when he's wreaking havoc somewhere else (maybe Ilios?), so now would be a good time to introduce Doomfist without adhering whether he'll be voiced by Terry Crews or not (looking like him is on the menu)

Identity of the 3rd Doomfist

People don't know who he is yet. And there are several candidates that could be him, even that kid Brian can somehow become a candidate. How does this work, you ask? Simple, make whoever wields the Doomfist turn into some sort of muscular power dude with a good change of personality into something far more boisterous. How will that even work for kid candidates? Simple, Doomfist can play out like Shazam. Chant the keyword and Doomfist takes over your body. For awhile.

Doomfist isn't the person wielding the gauntlet....
Doomfist IS the gauntlet! That's why it's shown to have multiple wielders. It's some sort of rampant AI or "god program" or whatever, that's capable of overtaking a human host's brain and using their body for it's own ends.
  • Alternatively, Doomfist is a Legacy Character, meaning that anyone who has the fist can become the new Doomfist.
    • At the very least, it has been Confirmed that Doomfist is a Legacy Character, with there being three people who have born the moniker of Doomfist. What makes this less likely is that the three are described as "The Savior", "The Scourge" and "The Successor", implying that the moniker has been used by both a hero and a villain, with the most recent Doomfist's morality being unknown. This makes it unlikely that one AI has been in control of all three and pulled these radical changes in personality and behavior. On the other hand, The Successor's name is in Omnic script, making it likely that the current Doomfist is an Omnic.
    • Additionally, each gauntlet seems to be different from the last. Not only does the "Scourge" wield his on his left hand, where both the Savior and Sucessor have right-handed ones, each gauntlet is larger and more complex than the last. Adhabu Ngumi (The Savior's name), is Swahili for Doom Fist, so that's where the Moniker comes from.

Pure Joke Theory - Overwatch's true inspiration was Final Combat
Look at the alternate character skins available in Final Combat and tell me that there wasn't at least a little bit of similarity.

Omnics can taste food
In a Q&A video on WIRED's official YouTube channel, Jeff Kaplan officially revealed the one thing that each member of the playable cast has in common: they all love pineapple on their pizza. Admittedly, this is probably just a joke that shouldn't be taken 100% seriously. However, it's worth noting that, at the time of writing this, the playable cast includes three omnics.

The mere idea of robots eating food is a tad far-fetched, especially when battery power exists. Keep in mind, though, that omnics were initially invented with the explicit purpose of filling the workforce, and as evidenced by the movie posters in the Hollywood map, they're even capable of artistic endeavors such as film making. It's possible that omnics may be equipped with artificial taste buds so that those who pursue the culinary arts can better gauge their own output.

Shitty plot twists and theories that Overwatch won't confirm (hopefully)

  • Reaper is actually a precious misunderstood baboo who only joined Talon because his wife/cat/whatever was killed in a car accident that an Overwatch member accidentally committed.
    • Reaper is actually very classy and has a high appreciation for fine literature and classic music.

  • Overwatch is actually an evil organization and the omnics were built to combat their oppressive tyranny over the world.
    • Reaper blew up the Swiss HQ because he was spying on the evil organization and did it for justice.

  • Roadhog's mask IS his head.

  • Everyone is bi, except Tracer, who's gay.

  • Overwatch will be limited to promoting other games from now on.

  • Demopan: Reinhardt style.

  • Overwatch will be bought by EA.

  • Doomfist IS Terry Crews, but 70 years in the future, so you know, old.

  • Mario will become a guest fighter, representing Italy.

  • The current Genji we see in that cyborg outfit is actually a robot designed to look like Genji, since the real Genji died during his time in Blackwatch.
    • Same thing with Reinhardt.

  • The real reason why humans hate the Omnics is because the Omnics took their jobs.

  • Buy Overwatch 2!! It's like Overwatch but... more so!

  • Widowmaker was an evil, elite sniper all along. Now she's just purple.
    • Widowmaker became evil because Gerard called her a landwhale.

  • There will be an animated short consisting of Reaper doing the tango with Widowmaker.

  • Overwatch bloodier and gorier addition!

  • The Gorillas on the Moon holds the headquarters of the Conspiracy. The gorillas have plotted to overthrow mankind since the beginning.
    • Sombra is the Conspiracy leader, she just went into hiding to avoid suspicion.
      • The training robots in the practice level are the co-leaders of the Conspiracy. They've had enough.
      • Pachimachi is the leader of the Conspiracy.
      • There really is no Conspiracy and the Conspiracy is just a dated fax machine that keeps printing ominous letters with cached addresses on them.

  • Winston is an alien. An alien race of gorillas who were put on Earth millions of years ago and became the gorillas we know today. The Gorillas on Winston's home planet were hyper-intelligent to begin with.

  • Winston is actually the devil, that's why he turns red when he goes ballistic.

  • Every skin is canon. Hanzo WAS a cyborg at one point.
    • Or they were all Halloween costumes at one point.

  • Preorder the NEW Season Pass of Overwatch's DLC Skin Pack #5 With 4 new EXCLUSIVE Limited Tracer skins on SALE for only $59.99!!! Avaliable only to Twitch livestreamers. ✔ note 

  • Reinhardt's armor will become sentient and fall in love with Reinhardt, or try to fight him.

  • Reaper blew up the Swiss HQ because Soldier didn't requit his feelings for him.

  • In the anniversary event, look at the cast that appears in the main screen. Look at Soldier:76 and Sombra. Notice how huge Soldier is in comparison? (Same thing with Reaper and, say, Symmetra and Tracer.) Or look at how huge is and how tall she'd be if she was in the front lines. Well, all those sizes are actually canon.

  • Hanzo wanted to murder Genji because Genji was an omnic spy. The new Genji is just Genji without the fake human skin.

  • Overwatch was disbanded because of an omnic spy.
    • And that spy? Thespian 4.0, the legendary actor... so good at acting that he can fake his good ideals.

  • Zenyatta WAS Ifrit and Ra. He existed since ancient times. He was created by people who went back in time to change history.

  • Reaper actually IS the Grim Reaper, just in the future.

  • All the children Torbjorn had in Reflections were actually his 11 polyamoric wives and husbands. Including the cat.
    • Torbjorn didn't spare Bastion because he realized he was different than the other Bastions, it was because he was falling in love with him.

  • Emily has been manipulating Tracer and her position to corrupt the world behind the scenes.

  • Overwatch will actually only consist of Winston and Tracer. None of the other recalled members knew or cared about rejoining.

  • Reaper wears a mask to cover up all the crying he does when he murders his friends. Same with Genji, Reinhardt and Soldier: 76.

  • Talon will hold Emily hostage.

  • Guest character: Bubsy!

  • Overwatch will be bought by Disney and replace the heroes with iconic Disney characters you've probably never seen a billion times. Reaper will become the Darth Vader, Junkrat will be the raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Tracer will be Iron Woman, among others.

  • Hanzo can play the banjo surprisingly well.

  • The raptora suit was created to compensate for Pharah's singular breast.

  • Zarya doesn't like Tracer because she's openly gay.
    • And she's gay too, she just can't admit it because she's in Russia. She tries to show this by her "butch" attributes, but none of it is sticking.

  • Soldier: 76 is one of many clones.
    • And those soldiers are named Soldier: 78, 79, 80, and so on.

  • Overwatch Holiday Special!

  • Overwatch but every character is Pachimachi.
    • Overwatch but every character is Kirby.
      • Overwatch but all the characters are Rabbids.
      • Overwatch but all the characters are Minions.
      • Overwatch but all the characters are Emojis.
      • Overwatch but all the characters are the goldfish from the Lorax movie.

  • Genji took the killing from Hanzo so that he could become a cyborg on purpose.

  • Athena wasn't an Ai, she's an actual human being using a broadcast transmitter.

  • Every fanon interpretation of the characters is now canon.
    • Roadhog isn't a mass-murdering anarchist. He's actually a huge softie and loves cuddles!!

  • Winston will stay in the moon to be with his own kind and to avoid persecution from Talon.
    • Overwatch will come to peace with the gorillas and take the pacifist route. The gorillas will instantly forgive Winston for leaving.

  • Reaper blew up the Swiss HQ because he doesn't like swiss people.

  • We here at Overwatch, we really love Mercedes Benz. So that's why we implemented this idea, of Mercedes Benz tying into our universe in the future, that's why you see some Mercedes Benz cars with wheels in the future in some of our maps, as well as our upcoming hero Mercedes Benz. Infact we fired our employees who didn't drive Mercedes Benzes in the hype for such an amazing sponsorship. Infact the O in Overwatch will now have a third prong to resemble the logo, hope you enjoy the new updates.

  • Widowmaker wasn't there to mourn Gerard's death, she was there to un-bury him and shoot him a few more times for good measure. Or she was there because she's a necrophiliac.

  • The new Doomfist hero will just be the fist. No human or omnic operating it, just a straight-up fist that can jump around and punch people.

  • Reaper became evil because Overwatch deported his mother back to Mexico.

  • Hal-Fred Glitchbot actually isn't in that limousine; he IS the limousine.
    • Alternatively, he's wearing a limousine costume. When it moves, it's him moving by himself.

  • Magic is real.
    • It's all technology... but some of it is ALIEN technology.
      • Zenyatta isn't just a robot monk... he's an ALIEN robot monk.
      • From the moon.

  • There will be a new hero who is literally an alien.

  • Omnic strippers exist.

  • Junkrat will die because the fire on his hair will reach his head and there won't be any water nearby. It will incredibly tragic and Played for Drama.

  • New Hero: Doge, who is much late. very stale. so bad.

  • Making things out of Omnic materials is practiced, and is a hot, controversial topic.

  • Torbjorn wishes he was an omnic, that's why he despises them and why he has so many cybernetic attachments.
    • Alternatively, Torbjorn got his arm cut off by an Omnic. That's really why he hates them.

  • Widowmaker can only kill people who are married, hence the name WIDOW maker.

  • Ship-to-Ship Combat concerning any of the characters. Zarya X Zenyatta v. Zarya X Mei is gaining some SERIOUS heat in 2019 due to some of the suggestive voice lines.

  • There will be a new hero who lives to be a meme rather than someone with a personality.

  • Tracer can't draw, she can only trace things.

  • Talon and Overwatch will finally have a battle... but IN SPACE.

  • Everyone will get an emote of them dabbing but in their own unique way.

  • New Event: Overwatch medieval edition!

  • One of the Overwatch heroes will be confirmed trans. It's probably Hanzo.

  • New Stripperiffic outfits for your favorite liberating, progressive female heroes.
    • There will be a new hero that specifically panders to Tumblr so they can get away with what they actually — wait, this already happened with Zarya, didn't it? Well that explains alot.

  • You know those weird heroes we had conceptualized before we launched? Let's bring those back.

  • Roadhog is a mutant because he was fused with a piece of a road during the apocalypse. Hence his strength.
    • Similarily, Junkrat is a rat that mutated into a human. There will be shorts and comics about him coming to grips of his new human form, similar to how Genji came to grips about being a cyborg.

  • The factory in King's Row called "Underworld" is actually the underworld and when you go there, you go to hell. When Reaper says "I'll see you in hell" he's referring to that place.

  • The idea for the title of Overwatch was decided because someone looked over his watch and thought "Hmm... over the watch... over watch..."

  • The idea for Symmetra's lock-on beam was crafted because Symmetra had terrible aiming skills, and the original, bullet-firing gun was ineffective in her hands.

  • Genji's shurikens are actually advanced, deadly fidget spinners.

  • All of it, all the gameplay, all the history, all the lore, was just a dream Tracer was having. Overwatch will then lampshade how that explains some of the bizarre configurations teams have sometimes and why they're fighting in random maps across the globe.

  • Someone will ride Orisa like a horse. Probably Mccree.

  • Gerard will be resurrected from the grave by Talon and be in a similar state to Reaper. he will become the next playable hero, who is essentially Reaper but classier.

  • Blizzard (in-universe) will create a game called Overwatch to commemorate Overwatch's service.

  • Overwatch will do a crossover event with Ben 10 or Sonic the Hedgehog, featuring Tracer running alongside Sonic.

  • A new skin will put a Sombrero on Sombra. It'll be called "Sombraro"

  • Bastion will be hacked and be programmed with a personality and a few voice chips. His new personality is a selfish, snarky Magnificent Bastard type, similar to Bender from Futurama.

  • Mccree actually thinks it's high noon all the time. He has some chronological disorder.

  • Bastion IS powered by salt.

  • Overwatch says you're all taking the "lore" and "depth" so seriously. The big reveal entailed is how Reinhardt is actually just "that guy who charges into stuff" and Reaper is "that meanie who shoots things" and Ana is "trolling old lady", etc.

  • Hanzo isn't Genji's brother, he's actually his father. There will be a dramatic scene that reveals this.

  • Genji and Mercy will get married and Talon will sabotage the wedding.

  • ugm,,,, reaeper tis sO PREICOSUSBG YOU GUYSSS????? I CAN'T LIKE EVEN IM DYING?????? HOLY SIHT???

  • Lucio creates music to cope with his clinical depression.
    • plays games to cope with HER clinical depression.
      • EVERYONE is depressed because realistically humanity would have major troubles after experiencing a war against ROBOTS.

  • D.Va is Asuka Langely Soryu, transported to another world after Instrumentality.

The game takes place in the future of the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe.
The Omnic Crisis wasn't caused by a rogue AI. It was caused by the last aspect of Lillith. After a supposed "good" ending to the series, everything looked up until the crisis. The Conspiracy described by Sombra is actually SEELE, attempting to cause another Omnic Crisis under the utterly insane belief that this will somehow start Instrumentality.

Further adding to the connections:

  • Winston was created using an evolved version of the technology that genetically modified Pen-Pen
  • D.Va is the granddaughter of Shinji and Asuka, and she tries to be like her grandma by looking and acting like her, minus the Tsundere business
  • Overwatch is seen as a spiritual successor to NERV

Reaper caused the malfunction in Mei's backstory.
  • Mei is confirmed to be an active Overwatch hero, not just a random character thrown in for gameplay. Reaper is actively hunting old Overwatch heroes and could of caused the malfunction in Antarctica in an attempt to kill her. He caused the malfunction rather than use his shotguns. We've seen bodies in Overwatch before but Mei is horrified to see their bodies even though they should be preserved due to cryogenics and antarctic weather conditions, (However they could of decomposed due to the malfunction and time of death). Why didn't Mei's cryogenic pod break despite 9 years passing and how did the others break during that timespan. Reaper could of known about Mei due to the data he stole in "Recall" and decided to break the chambers rather than open them and kill her. The corpses Mei saw had their souls stolen by reaper, which left them as husks.

Future voice actors to be cast into the game
As the game gets more characters, they'll start recruiting more V As to fill in the characters. Fill in who you want to see here.

Other League Of Legend names will be used for characters
Since we now have two different games in two genres with characters both named Ashe, we can expect there to be other characters with the same names that could fit in here.

    Damage hero/related theories 

What will Doomfist's abilities be?
Each asterisk will indicate a new speculation, if you want to add them.
  • Now that Doomfist is confirmed, each little tidbit of information will be followed by either Jossed or Confirmed.

  • Doomfist will be a defense hero, to complete the four new-character trio of the support Ana, offense Sombra and tank Orisa.
    • Jossed, Doomfist is an offense hero.

  • His purpose will be somewhat of an area denial in that he's rather slow,
    • Jossed, Doomfist is definitely not slow, and his main purpose as a hero is mainly to flank, not deny areas.

  • [He has] a mobility move, and can deal alot of damage to those close to him. His playstyle can be attributed to being a more Lightning Bruiser version of Reinhardt: he'll be a melee-only hero that deals only melee attacks (except for maybe one projectile move), but will be weaker and smaller than Reinhardt.
    • Confirmed

  • His right click will work like Genji's deflect, but instead of deflecting the projectile, he'll raise up his fist, and the fist will negate the projectile, parry it, or have it absorb into the fist to add some ult charge.
    • Jossed

  • His ultimate will... be a ground-shattering quake that stuns everyone around him (similar to Reinhardt),
    • Confirmed, Meteor Strike has him shoot up in the air and then come crashing down, stunning everyone around him when he hits the ground.

  • [His ultimate will be] a super falcon-punch like melee attack that instant-kills anyone close to him, or an attack power increase that stacks everytime he ults. He won't have a quick melee V move, like Reinhardt. His personality and characteristics will be eerily similar to Terry Crews. Also, the character himself will be silent; it's his fist that'll do the talking. Also, he's canadian.
    • Jossed

  • This, but instead of being melee-only, his fist will instead have a wide range of abilities, such as propelling him somewhere, shooting bullets & missiles, as well as deploying shields, guarding him or ultimating.
    • Confirmed somewhat. His fists do shoot bullets (not missiles though) and whether the shields he gets from hitting enemies comes from the fist or just the armor itself is debatable, but they definitely do help propel him places as well as execute his ultimate.

  • Or his special ability could be throwing people, or creating mini stun-zones. It'd be an ability-based mini-ultimate, like how Orisa's Halt! is to Zarya's graviton surge.
    • Jossed on throwing people, but he can cause mini-stuns with his rocket punch, meteor strike and seismic slam. And yes, you could say it's an ability-based mini-ultimate version of Reinhardt's Earthshatter.

Post-cyberization Genji is a transhumanist.
It's one thing to be cyberized and have your basic functions restored, but for them to enhance you into something greater - that's the transhumanist motto in a nutshell.

Genji at first, didn't accept his cyberization, left Overwatch and was mentored by Zenyatta (like the canon says). His time as Zenyatta's student allowed hum to accept his new metallic servos and organs; it also helped him show that he's more than human (if the "You are only human" line is any indication, he knows that he's more than human now). In that regard, Genji is a transhumanist, even if he doesn't know the terminology.

Pharah isn't Ana's biological daughter, she's her adopted daughter
That would explain Pharah's apparent lack of a father and the fact that he's never even mentioned.
  • Well, Ana's Uprising spray clues us into what he looks like, and we can definitely see some family resemblence. This hasn't been completely Jossed, but don't get your hopes up.
    • Not necessarily Jossed, but we now know who here father is. It's the guy she was eating with in Reflections. His names Sam. He's Canadian and First Nations.

At some point during development, Pharah and Ana were not separate characters.

In the first Overwatch cinematic trailer, there's a fair bit of Early Installment Weirdness- Lucio, Zenyatta, and Bastion are all shown as being members of Overwatch, despite the former two only coming to prominence after the Omnic crisis and the latter being an Omnic combat unit. There's one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb, however- Pharah is a member of Overwatch, and is shown in shots that logically could not include her, fighting alongside Genji and Tracer during the high times of Overwatch.

There might be a reason for this— Genji and Hanzo were once the same character in development, before being split up. Something similar might have happened with Pharah and Ana. Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morisson, Torbjörn Lindholm, and Reinhardt von Wilhelm are all present in the "historical footage" in the trailer, but other than a woman that looks like Ana standing beside Reyes in the first shot that reveals Overwatch, there's no indication that Ana exists— and even then, that woman can't be Ana, as she doesn't have the Wadjet tattoo.

Here's what might have happened: Blizzard was intending to have the character that became Pharah be a founding member of Overwatch, named Ana. Then, something came up— maybe they found the opportunity for a support sniper character, maybe they realized that Pharah's in-game age wouldn't make sense within the context of the story, maybe they needed a female to be one of the founders of Overwatch— and Ana was made into the support sniper character we all know and love or love to hate today, and Pharah became her daughter.

Pharah's dad is Canadian, and she studied engineering there.
In the new comic, Pharah is having Christmas dinner with what seems like her father. Outside it is snowing very hard, and the television behind her has Canadian hockey on it. It would also explain her Raindancer and Thunderbird skins, since they are based off Aboriginal art styles from the west coast.

In addition, Pharah has a ring on her pinky finger. This could be an Iron Ring, which is worn by Canadian-trained engineers as a symbol of their profession.

  • Partially confirmed: Word of God says he is Canadian (specifically, it's the guy Pharah is shown eating with in Reflections), and is some form of public servant.

Pharah's fight with the god program, Anubis is not over
Currently, as of now, the status of the god program Anubis (which Pharah had 'defeated' and contained) is currently unknown, but was presumed to be inactive. May seem like a far-fetched idea, but Pharah also has an Anubis skin (as well as the Jackal Skin). Is this a reference to the fact she contained the Anubis program or maybe something else?

Reaper was a former lab experiment.
In Reaper's game biography, it's been mentioned that he was a failed byproduct of genetic alteration. During the Omnic Crisis, Overwatch was trying to lessen the number of men needed to fight on the battlefield since very few people could battle such powerful machines. So they decided to create the perfect soldier with a very strong healing factor (so they can't die), incredible combat skills, and the ability to become living shadows and One-Hit Kill just about anything. All they needed was a few test subjects to try execute this little project.

Reaper was just one of a handful of soldiers Overwatch had chosen for the project. Before the experiments, Reaper was just an ordinary person with a loving family, who signed up to protect innocent people from the rampaging Omnics. He showed more promise than his fellow soldiers, and all of his test runs were completed 100%. However, the Overwatch scientists went too far with their experiments and ended up warping Reaper's biological systems, giving him a healing factor that both killed and regenerated him. This ensured that Reaper would be permanently stuck in a constant state between life and death, with no hope of relief from the pain it brought him.

When this flaw among other things showed up in the other test subjects, it was clear that the project was a failure from the get-go. So to prevent the information from being revealed into the public, Overwatch gave them one order: go back to your families, relatives, friends, and/or loved ones, kill them all, and then turn the gun on yourself. By making it appear that the failed test subjects were among the casualties of the Omnic Crisis, nobody would suspect Overwatch of any wrongdoing.

Reaper loved his family too much to obey the command, however. So Overwatch did the job for him and pointed the gun at his head to erase the last traces of evidence of their clandestine project. Out of sheer rage and grief over the murders of his wife and children, Reaper used his new abilities to revolt against his superiors and disappeared for a while, later emerging as a dual shotgun-toting mercenary of death with the ability to teleport and become a wraith-like figure.

His reason for going after former Overwatch agents? Roaring Rampage of Revenge, for wiping out his family. His quotes like "Death walks among you"? It's his way of warning Overwatch that one way or another, he's going to make them pay dearly for inflicting so much pain on him. Since Overwatch took everything he treasured away from him, Reaper saw it fair to destroy everything they stood for. Because he really can't kill himself because of his screwed-up healing factor, Reaper seeks to destroy not only the people who supported or are allied with Overwatch, but the entire organization itself so that everyone would know what it's like to feel constant pain and despair.

  • Additional evidence that has since appeared tends to support the idea that Overwatch could have done something to Reaper. Jesse McCree's backstory confirmed that Overwatch did have a covert black-ops division, known as the Blackwatch, and it's implied that they were engaged in questionable activities and researches... so much so that McCree — a hardened former criminal — split from the organization in disgust.
  • To add further fuel to the flames, one of the latest trailers, revealing Soldier 76's origins, showed a still pic of the old Jack Morrison and several of the original Overwatch members fighting together on the battlefield... one of which is a seemingly normal man, who fights with a pair of shotguns very reminiscent of Reaper's.
  • While a lot of the details of this guess weren't accurate, some Reaper/Mercy interactions suggest some experiment along these lines (Mercy: What happened to you? Reaper: Why don't you tell me?)
    • Morrison and Reyes were both presumed dead in the explosion caused by their fight. It'd be in character for Mercy to try and save both their lives; but where Morrison came back with nothing but his idealism damaged, the process Went Horribly Wrong with Reyes.

  • Partially confirmed: Reaper was a lab experiment. One of Moira's after Reyes recruited her to Blackwatch. Her experimentation giving him his powers.

Reaper is going to undergo a Heel–Face Turn
Blizzard always has a Creepy Good/Dark Is Not Evil guy. Reaper would totally go for that role.
  • Possibly doubtful. It's been revealed as of BlizzCon 2015 that Reaper is Gabriel Reyes, former commander of Overwatch, who was picked in that role for his skills, not his personality. Pretty much, he's always been a dick.
  • Helps that it's been confirmed that Widowmaker was brainwashed so it might be that Reaper is being forced to enjoy hunting them because it makes it easier for him to deal with the pain of doing this.
  • The Reflections comic shows Reaper looking longingly at a family, hinted to have been his family when he was Reyes. And enough of Reyes still exists within the Reaper persona to temper his "kill all Overwatch members" plan when facing off against Ana. Even in the game he is civil with her, almost happy to be fighting alongside her again.

Reaper's guns use the same teleportation technology he does
When reaper throws his guns away, they teleport into his suit, refilled with whatever ammo they use, than reaper pulls them out again. In addition, Reaper's guns use some form of energy ammunition, or some other "matter from energy" system, similar to reaper's own shadow powers (Which can clearly turn clothing, metal, and such into energy and back again.)
Tracer's jet the Slipstream will be found somewhere.
Both Tracer and the Slipstream disappeared together. Tracer has reappeared. It is possible that the Slipstream has appeared somewhere too. It might just be sitting somewhere in the Overwatch world to be found later. Considering that it is a trip in the Slipstream that created Tracer's powers this could be very plot relevant especially if the Slipstream has recorded a log of its last trip. We know that Reaper has been downloading information from the Overwatch database so the designs for Tracer's harness may also be available outside the Overwatch organisation. We could see a race for the slipstream in order to create more Tracers or to give one of the current characters Tracer's powers in addition to their own. Matti 23
  • Or- the next payload will be the Slipstream.

Reaper's powers come from the same accident as Tracer's. Somehow.
When Tracer's jet malfunctioned, Gabriel Reyes got caught in the blast as well. Tracer got uncontrollable time powers, and Reaper got uncontrollable space powers. It would explain how he can teleport, tear himself apart without killing himself, pull shotguns out of hammerspace without reloading, and why he's got smoke pouring off of him. Like Tracer, his powers practically turned him into a ghost, but whatever solution Talon made for him wasn't as effective, so he can't entirely pull himself together.

Reaper is a deconstruction/parody of Ax-Crazy villains.
Here's the thing about psychopaths, deranged killers, sociopaths and other "crazy evil" characters in media. Most of them are pathetic when you think about it. They tend to be stunted, awkward, broken, often childish people who have awful lives and upbringings, as any Criminal Minds fan will tell you. Were it not for their actions, most of them would be pitiable, a target for mockery or just kinda gross. Now look at Reaper. While he is a nightmare to face, he has been the subject of a lot of (affectionate) roasting, as many people think his design is trying too hard to be edgy and scary. This might have been Blizzard's plan all along, to make a villain that tries to pull the same thing but ends up showing just how ridiculous and non-threatening characters like this tend to be.
  • Probably true, considering most of the characters have lines that show that Reaper doesn't impress them at all, and even mock him (such as Winston saying he's sure no child is afraid of Reaper).

Reaper is the result of Mercy's first attempt at reanimating people.
Reaper reacts to an enemy Mercy reanimating player with a "you can't be serious", blame her for his condition, and Mercy indicate that she didn't want him to ends up like that. So Mercy tested her prototype on Reyes after the explosion at Overwatch's HQ, but, being a prototype, it backfired and made him into Reaper. In remorse, she spent the following years perfecting her technology, to avoid any repeat of the incident.
  • Possibly Jossed. Word of God says that only Soldier: 76, Ana, Sombra, and Doomfist know of Reaper's true identity. Althought its still very possible that Mercy just hasn't encountered Reaper (thus never seen his abilities and recognized them as side effects of her procedure). Also she maybe unaware that Reyes survived, thinking that her procedure was a total failure.
  • If the dialogue ingame is to be believed, its all but confirmed. Reaper directly accuses Mercy of causing his current state.
    • The in-game dialog doesn't directly accuse Mercy, he just implies Mercy might know what happened to him.
  • Jossed by Moira's origin story, which shows her experimenting on Reyes. This also explains why Reaper was active before the fall of Overwatch.

Reaper possesses a Reality Marble capable of Unlimited Gun Works.
He is the barrel of his gun.

And that's why he just tosses his guns away to reload.

Reaper isn't actually evil and is on the same mission as Soldier 76 to uncover who actually caused the Swiss Headquarters to blow up.
People assume that Gabriel Reyes is the one who blew up Swiss Headquarters and who led Blackwatch turning on Overwatch. But the cannon never explicitly says either. It says that Reyes and Morrison got into an altercation during which Swiss Headquarters blew up. The UN then covered it up as an unfortunate accident and told the world both men were dead. It never says that Reyes himself did the blowing up. Also, if he's the one who led Blackwatch's rebellion, why would he kill himself by blowing up Swiss Headquarters? Wouldn't he want to survive and take over Overwatch and their assets?

Also, in the animated shorts and comics, Reaper fails at killing any of the heroes or achieving any of his goals. In the "Old Soldiers" comic when he confronts Soldier 76, who he knows is Jack considering he calls him by his name, Reaper shoots Jack in the back instead of the head. Since he knows it's Jack, Reaper would also have to know Jack would be wearing body armor, so getting shot in the back wouldn't kill him. Reaper also has a chance to straight out kill Ana, but doesn't. Instead he just points out that Overwatch left her behind (not knowing it was her choice to fake her death) and disappears, despite not being injured at all. In the "Recall" animated short, he doesn't straight out kill Winston when he has the chance. He shoots down the light fixture to immobilize him. He even seems to purposely goad Winston into using his Ultimate by stepping on his glasses instead of outright killing him again. We have to assume Reaper would be familiar with Winston's Ult of Primal Rage since they were in Overwatch together. So why does he give Winston a chance to use it instead of killing him outright? Also, in the cinematic trailer, he never shoots at the kids or does a true villainous move of taking the kids hostage in order to force Winston and Tracer to hand over the Doomfist. For someone who's supposedly so dangerous and coldblooded, Reaper sure does suck at his job and never endangers innocent for the ends justifying the means.

See, I think that while yes, Reyes was pissed at Morrison for being passed up for the promotion, it wasn't enough for him wait over 20 years to try to take over Overwatch. I think Talon infiltrated Blackwatch and the UN in order to exacerbate the bad blood between Reyes and Morrison and therefore destroy Overwatch. That way, the Talon agents in Blackwatch are always talking in Reyes ear about Morrison taking away his promotion. The Talon agents at the UN, who run Overwatch, are always talking in Morrison's ear about how Blackwatch needs to be monitored and how Reyes can’t be trusted.

Reyes starts suspecting that Talon is within Blackwatch when rumors of Blackwatch’s bad behavior come back to him. Bad behavior that he never ordered. So he starts investigating Blackwatch on his own. Reyes' suspicions are then confirmed, which makes him more paranoid. So much so that instead of going to Morrison (since he doesn't if he's a Talon mole too), Reyes leaks the info to the press about the dirty Blackwatch deeds. As he'd rather burn the whole thing to the ground and start over versus trying to slowly root out Talon. Because Reyes has always been the "Ends Justifies the Means" type. Of course, the press goes nuts with the info and Morrison gets angry that Reyes didn’t come to him directly with the information…which is what leads to their altercation at Swiss Headquarters. The Talon agents within Blackwatch see their chance to wipe out both Reyes and Morrison, and so they blow up Swiss Headquarters.

Except Reyes and Morrison aren’t killed. Morrison survives while Mercy attempts to save Reyes. Except she accidentally turns him into the undead form he is now. Bitter as hell, Reyes cuts off contact with Morrison, Mercy and any other Overwatch agents and goes underground. He turns himself into the over-the-top mercenary known as Reaper. The crazy costume, the overkill with the dual wielding shotguns, the corny one-liners and the Edgelord persona are totally on purpose. As they are in direct opposition to the cold, professional calculation of Gabriel Reyes of Overwatch. Reaper knows that his antics will attract the attention of Talon. He’s right, as they they begin hiring him as a mercenary, which allows Reaper to infiltrate them in order to find out who was personally responsible for Talon infiltrating Blackwatch and the UN.

The reason Reaper’s killing Overwatch agents and wanted the list of those remaining from Winston? Well, the dead Overwatch agents were actually Talon turncoats and he wants the list from Winston to continue investigating the remaining agents. Since Reaper’s come to know that Winston and Tracer were clean, he purposely didn’t kill them in his run-ins with them in the animated shorts. Also, the reason he’s pissed at Morrison is that 1.) Morrison didn’t believe him at Swiss Headquarters when Reyes presented him with evidence that Talon infiltrated Blackwatch and the UN, 2.) Morrison left him behind after the explosion, and 3.) Morrison’s always been an idealist about the world, which always struck Reyes as incredibly naive. In fact, Morrison’s idealism blinded him to the even the sheer concept that Talon could’ve infiltrated Overwatch’s ranks.

So eventually, we’ll find out that Reaper was right all along. And that Reaper and Soldier 76 were on the same side as far as hunting down who truly destroyed Overwatch. Reaper will do a Heel–Face Turn and Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison will heal their old wounds.

  • Adding to this, while the failure of the mission shown in the "Infiltration" short attributed to the Sombra double-crossing Talon, there's another thing to consider: when Volskaya ran to the elevator, why didn't Reaper just turn into the wraith form and follow her, telling Sombra to take over instead? What if he actually knew about her plans, or even was her accomplice, and all the chatter was smoke and mirrors for Widowmaker, who due to her brainwashing is undeniably loyal to the Talon and, therefore, shouldn't be let in on the secret?
    • Doomfist comic shows that Reaper did indeed know exactly what Sombra was up to, but didn't interfere, because neither he nor Doomfist actually wanted her dead to begin with.

Reaper's face is completely normal.
The reason Ana freaked out when seeing it is because, after five years, the fight at the HQ, the explosion, Mercy's attempt to revive him and his new powers, it really shouldn't be.

Reaper will betray Talon:
When he was known as Gabriel Reyes, he betrayed Overwatch because he felt he was a pawn while Jack Morrison took all the glory. Now that he is Reaper and a member of Talon, it's likely that from his perspective he went from being one man's crony to another. Whereas Widowmaker has gone through an insane amount of brainwashing and mind alteration to serve Talon, Reaper (as far as we know) is serving them completely of his own accord. I could see that one day, he'll get fed up with Talon treating him like a disposable weapon and will attempt a coup against their shadow leader. Not necessarily a Heel–Face Turn, as Reaper will remain on the side of evil, but will want to be in charge of things. The leader, whoever he is, better be prepared.

Reaper did indeed fall in love with an Overwatch member: Jack.
Gabriel didn't turn on Overwatch just because of the fact he felt unappreciated. He felt unappreciated by Jack, and decided that he'd ruin his life if he couldn't have him.

Reyes/Reaper and Talon had been in cahoots since before Overwatch's downfall, and in fact he was partially responsible for Amélie's transformation into Widowmaker
There are two (seemingly) separate things that brought down Overwatch: Reyes leaking Blackwatch's atrocities to the public and then betraying Overwatch, and Talon's uprising following the assassination of key figure Gérard Lacroix at the hands of his wife Amélie after being kidnapped and brainwashed. However, it's far more likely that these two were connected. The scenario is that Reyes was planning his betrayal of Overwatch by forming his own faction within Blackwatch, but knew that he couldn't do it alone. Meanwhile, Talon had been losing at every turn thanks to Gérard. Both wanted the end of Overwatch, and so they struck an alliance that was mutually beneficial. To get rid of Gérard, Reyes leaked where Amélie's current whereabouts were, so they could go through the process of turning her into their living weapon. After that was completed, Reyes leaked Blackwatch's actions to the public in order to turn the public's opinion against Overwatch. With Gérard out of the way, and Overwatch facing a public backlash, both sides benefited from a weakening Overwatch. Talon was free to wreak more havoc as they pleased, helped by their newly converted assassin Widowmaker, while Reyes lead Blackwatch against Overwatch at the same time. Eventually, this led to the destruction of the Swiss Headquarters where Jack and Reyes, along with their forces, battled to the death, and Reyes was thought to have been killed in the final battle. However, he was revived by Mercy in a yet-to-be-explained procedure that accidentally turned him into a wraith. What happens next? Him and his Blackwatch forces join up with Talon. It all adds up. It would explain why Talon never targeted Reyes even when he was still an Overwatch member, because they knew they were on the same side. It would also explained how Talon could get to Amélie, because Reyes was able to send them her location. The fact that these two things happened simultaneously, and the fact that Reaper and Blackwatch officially defected to Talon in the aftermath, lends to the idea that they are more connected to each other than what is currently being presented.

Reaper is a Legacy Character (or at least based his persona on an existing myth)
It's stated that sightings of Reaper have been around for far longer than Reyes could have taken up the identity after his "death" (and Blizzard have confirmed that this isn't a continuity error). It's possible that either Talon has fielded more than one agent with the codename Reaper (and similar costume), or Reyes based his new persona on an Urban Legend or existing figure.

Jack Morrison is a fan of a certain Philadelphia-based NBA team.
Hence why he took up the moniker of "Soldier: 76".
  • Or possibly, like the team, it was in homage to the founding of his home country in 1776.

Possible Origin of Soldier 76's Biotic Field?
The Biotic Field technology belonged to Doctor Angela Ziegler, which she used as her go-to healing device in tandem with the Valkyrie Suit before developing the more effective Caduceus Staff. Morrison was obviously smart enough to steal a few samples for himself during his raid on an Overwatch facility, seeing that it was better than getting shot up to hell with no way of recovering.
  • Alternatively, Ziegler stopped using the Biotic Field due to concerns about possible side-effects or addiction due to repeated usage. Her Caduceus Staff is not only more effective, but safer, and Morrison's usage of stolen older and more dangerous tech signifies exactly how far he's fallen and how desperate he's become.

Sombra's not 30.
She's actually in her early 20s. She did what any other tech-savvy child does and lied about her age on the internet, and kept using the age when she became Sombra.
  • The Omnic Crisis was thirty years ago, and that's supposedly when her parents died.

Sombra is Alejandra's older sister.
In the "Heroes" short, some of the Los Muertos thugs seem to know Alejandra, calling her by a nickname. Maybe Sombra is Alejandra's sister and the gang knows her because they might have had meeting near or inside of her home. Eventually, Sombra left her family behind for the ultimate hacking job, working for Talon.
  • Unlikely, as her bio explicitly states she's an orphan.
  • Sombra's stated age also makes her old enough to be Alejandra's mother.
    • Keep in mind though, she is a hacker, so she could reasonably change her info, to protect her mom and sister, perhaps.

Sombra will blackmail Lucio and it's going to be Played for Laughs
By basically getting ahold of his quote in Heroes of the Storm where he admits that he likes Hasselhoff music and prefers not to have Reinhardt know about this. Well, Sombra has a lot of ways to get it online where he might have said it to someone else in-universe. And it'd be a meta joke. Don't know what she'll blackmail him for, but as stated in the title, probably going to be Played for Laughs

So how does Sombra hack the more natural utilities of the heroes?
A meme, yes, but it deserves its place here.
  • General (Mccree, Soldier: 76, Mei, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Zarya, Roadhog, Junkrat, Ana, Mercy, and some others):
    • Sombra hacks the enemy's guns/main weapon which prevent it from doing any special ability aside from firing regular projectiles/beams.

  • Ana, Junkrat, Mei and Tracer:
    • Sombra hacks all of their auxillary accessories and items, such as the concussion mine, bear trap, rip-tire, biotic grenade, sleep dart, nanoboost shot, ulting robot buddy, and pulse bomb (the devices themselves, not the ability of using them) temporarily. Smart enough not to waste a guaranteed dud, they simply refuse to use these gadgets while they're hacked.

  • Lucio, Mercy and Tracer:
    • Sombra hacks the attachments on their backs/fronts (backpack/boombox, guardian angel wings and chronal accelerator) preventing them from functioning if used.

  • Symmetra, Torbjorn, Mccree and Sombra:
    • Sombra hacks their cybernetic arm (cybernetic augmentations in the case of Sombra), preventing them from making turrets, making hard-light objects, hacking or deploying flashbangs.

  • Soldier: 76 and Widowmaker:
    • Sombra hacks their headgear, disabling them from using their respective ultimates.

  • Soldier: 76 and Reaper:
    • Sombra, in the case of Soldier: 76: hacks the super-nano-biotic-whatever supplements in him which prevent him from over-exterting himself to the point of running or rapidly firing his rifle in his ultimate. In the case of Reaper, she hacks the ever-regenerating nanocells in his body to prevent him from teleporting, activating death blossom or going into wraith form.

  • Mccree:

  • Roadhog:

  • Winston:
    • Winston's armor is hacked (see below), so during this time of weakness Winston keeps his calm to prevent being a useless target when he activates his Primal Rage.

  • Winston, Pharah, Reinhardt, Genji, and
    • Simple explanation: Sombra hacks whatever technology composes their cyborg-y tactical armor/mechs.

  • Bastion, Zenyatta, and Orisa:
    • Simpler explanation: they're omnics, so the natural assumption is that she hacked their computer-based mainframe.

The reason why Sombra wanted to blackmail Katya was not just about influence.
  • Yes, Katya is a very powerful woman in Russia (She's the CEO of Volskaya industries and a Russian national hero). I believe Sombra (who grew up as an orphaned child) wants to compensate for the absence of a maternal figure in her life. In order to do that, she decided to force Katya (who is both a massively influential figure in Russia as well as a mother), to become her "friend". In other words, Sombra has a mommy kink.

Sombra is going to betray Talon.
Ever since her reveal, we've essentially known that Sombra is only part of Talon so she can use their assets to do her own work in taking out the Conspiracy - something Doomfist is probably fully aware of. And this became more apparent in Searching, where she tells Zarya...

"There's something bigger going on. It will affect everything. Someday they will understand that I was doing what I had to do."

...there is no doubt in my mind - she's only part of Talon because she had no choice, and she's going to betray them as soon as they outlive their usefulness to her. That can go down in one of two ways: either A) Sombra was Good All Along, and only joined Talon so they could lead her to the Conspiracy, or B) she is even worse than Talon, which could be implied by a quote in her origin video:

"...and when I do, I will be the one pulling the strings."

That could mean she wants to well and truly Take Over the World. Maybe she doesn't just want a second global Omnic Crisis, maybe she wants full control over the entire Omnic population.

Tracer's Chronal Accelerator is malfunctioning

AKA: Winston broke space/time for everyone by fixing space/time for Tracer.

This is why you fight the same characters on the enemy team and can have multiple of one character on your team. It all comes down to Tracer and the Chronal Accelerator. Winston's design was imperfect and is tampering with time in more ways than simply anchoring Tracer to its present. Simply put, the harness is anchoring time to TRACER, not the other way around. At first, what was really going on could not be noticed. Tracer was in-sync with the world, all was well... But with each time she altered her own time to be faster or slower, or reversing her own time, time began to get messy, like, My Mom time-distortion messy. Eventually, space/time became so jumbled that timelines began to intersect into each other as they bent and twisted to the point that every individual has an infinite number of copies from another timeline in the same space/time with differing goals, enemies/friends, and/or differing actions, with the only remaining rule in the space/time not yet broken by Tracer's overuse of her harness being that there is a headcount of twelve combatants present in an area.

Tracer never reloads her Pistols...
...She simply rewinds them to back when they still had ammo.

Tracer Fell Into The Cockpit of the experimental plane that lead to her developing her powers
It would explain the Improbable Age.

Tracer can hear the music
In reference to what Sigma deals with. We know that the experiment that messed up Sigma and made him hear music involved tampering with a black hole. Since the Slipstream malfunctioned and caused Tracer's Chronol Dissociation, the incidents seem similar enough that maybe Tracer can hear the music too (or maybe it's a different melody because time was messed up for her instead of gravity). I would also say that Tracer didn't end up as insane as Sigma because of factors like her disposition and the fact that Winston helped anchor her back in the present. Also, maybe the song doesn't bother her as much as it does Sigma.

Morrison sent Tracer on the Uprising mission because she had plausible deniability
Because she lives there, worked for the RAF (presumably) and just started working for Overwatch, it was reasonable that she would be there by chance. Perhaps his plan was for her to just give an excuse along the lines of:
"Oh, I was just showing me new mates from work around me old stomping grounds, when, what do ya know, Null Sector show up and spill m' pint! So we just start fighting 'em off. You couldn't expect an Oxton to just stand around and get shot at, right? Then Torb says he just happens to have a bomb he was working on for something else we could hit 'em with and calls the Commander to have it delivered so we could make 'em bugger off. So it was really just self defence! Nothing to do with Overwatch, guv!"

Reaper does not want Talon to succeed on their missions.

In the cinematic trailer, Reaper crushes Winston's glasses. Seeing as how Reaper was previously Gabriel Reyes, who worked in Overwatch and presumably knew many of its agents, Gabriel would have known what breaking those glasses would cause, and wouldn't have done it if he wanted the mission to succeed.

  • Think about it, he did it again in the Infiltration mission with Sombra and Widowmaker. He was using his Wraith Form to travel around at one point. Yet when the mecha attacked him, he didn't do it. He *allowed* Sombra to go on and do what she wanted to do. He could have followed easily if he just went wraith form but he didn't.

Going off of that, Reaper is actually a double agent looking to take Talon down from the inside.
Reyes decided that to destroy Talon permanently, he would have to do it personally. The more failures and loss of personnel Talon suffers, the better. He's clawed through Talon's ranks to the inner council, and soon he'll make his move to destroy it.

Reapers shotguns are clingy mcguffin cursed artefacts
  • They weren't always shotguns and they have existed for a long time, passing though many hands before reaper. They moved on after each owner died, but reaper didn't die, his super soldier conditioning kept him alive long enough for them to turn him into the host they needed, an undying soldier, willing to use them to kill, forever. Gabriel Reyes figured out there was something wrong with the shotguns and tried to thrown them away, only to have them reappear, reloaded, he stopped trying to throw them away when he became Reaper.

McCree is an escaped host from Westworld from the park's early days.
This explains why he remembers people he killed before (during his previous loops), his anachronistic fashion, and his robot arm (his skin just peeled off, being an older model it did not have much human flesh). His programming prevents him from figuring out he's a robot, and he also unconsciously tries to hide this fact from others. The park was founded around the time of the Crisis, so perhaps the technology was connected.

Reaper's condition is due to being revived by Mercy while under the effects of Moira's enhancements.
The origin trailer for Moira shows her doing something to Reyes, causing characteristic wisps of black smoke to issue from him. Yet before the collapse of Overwatch Reyes wasn't visibly debilitated by this. Why the change? The old theory that Mercy's reanimation attempt made him this way isn't necessarily Jossed. Mercy just didn't know that Reyes was already affected by something that, considering Moira's outfit in the relevant scene, was most likely derived from her own technology. And why would she? Do you tell your pacifist medic that objects to any notion of weaponizing her tech that you gave it to your black ops division's resident Mad Scientist?

"Olivia Colomar" is just another pseudonym Sombra once adopted.
What Zarya has found out was but a Multilayer Façade, albeit one Sombra has not used for a long time to throw the conspiracy off her trail.

Soldier 76 was once part of the KND.
He was once known as Numbuh 76, hence the name.

A rogue MEKA pilot will be part of Talon
Since it seems that they're going for darker versions of existing characters like Moira to Mercy, what's to say that one of the MEKA pilots who's in the same class as D.Va turned heel by firing on innocents as well as fighting D.Va before faking their death and now resurfacing as a Talon pilot. It would also be a case of We Used to Be Friends with them and D.Va as well like Jack and Gabe were.

For weapons, it would be more of a scaled down version of Bastion's turret form where it does massive damage in bursts, but set back by long reload or an overheat meter. As an offense, they trade in defense survivability for pure damage, relying on a high health bar. When they eject from the MEKA, they're just as fragile as D.Va outside of the suit, but they use an automatic shotgun that they also have to dramatically reload.

Other Bastion-series robots were as self-aware as the last one.
Nobody just bothered asking them, thinking they are no more than simple killing machines. And during Omnic Crisis they never had a possibility to prove it wrong.

Winston's recall signal somehow reactivated Bastion.
Assuming Recall, Dragons and Alive all take place on the same night, we can surmise that it's spring in the northern hemisphere, as cherry blossoms are present in Hanamura, and peak bloom for cherry blossoms is around March or April. The Last Bastion takes place some time during the spring or summer in Germany, after the Recall signal was sent out, and we're seeing it's still going out in December in Tracer's comic Reflections. Bastion is active during this time, most likely crossing the ocean floor from Germany to Sweden, as we see in Bastion and Torbjörn's comic Binary, where he emerges covered in sea life. The timeline roughly fits, and assuming that the theories about Athena being a God Program were correct, it might not be too much of a stretch to assume that her signal somehow woke up a few omnics around the world.

Bastion has been hacked by Sombra under the orders of Talon to turn it into their "weapon"
The ARG didn't lead to much, but it did say that Bastion Unit E-54 has been "compromised". That's the one that's playable in-game, and it hints at the future. The Omnic that only wants peace, Bastion, is discovered by Sombra. Under the orders of Talon, she hacks into its hard drive and forces it to serve Talon. They may hate Omnics, but even they know that one possessing as much firepower as Bastion would be useful to them, and is at no risk of betrayal if it doesn't have a free will. They've already proven that corrupting the innocent to serve them is right up their alley (i.e. Widowmaker), so forcing the peaceful Bastion to fight for their side is the next logical step. He'll also get an Evil Costume Switch that will make him Red and Black and Evil All Over, which will be made into a skin in-game.

Hanzo and McCree will become Bash Brothers.
Both are Not So Different, being The Atoner and Defector from Decadence former criminals. They could even count as Red Oni, Blue Oni, already being Color-Coded for Your Convenience with Hanzo as the Blue and McCree the Red. Who wouldn't want to see a Ninja/Samurai team up with an old west style Outlaw/Cowboy? It works on meta level when you consider that many classic Westerns were inspired by classic Samurai films.
  • Or even, Hanzo could be the first\only person to be in First-Name Basis with (Jesse) McCree.
Hanzo has ties to Talon.
He seems to regret leaving his family (he says that he and Genji could have built an Empire together and says that Hanamura could have been his), didn't have a problem with being a Yakuza and asks Junkrat about his treasure (the only other character to do that is Reaper). His banter with Widowmaker where she tells him that Talon could restore his family's glory is her asking to become a permanent ally/member, though Hanzo seems to be more resistant on this as he refused the offer, knowing that it will cost him big time (especially when you look at what happened to Widowmaker). The closest thing we can guess is that Hanzo really has the qualities Talon would be interested at and wanted him to join on his own will, but he's too swallowed with his own guilt over killing Genji that it gave him a little sense of honor and caused him to refuse. Had the Genji incident not happen, Hanzo might end up aligning the Shimada clan to Talon.
The treasure Junkrat found and that many people want is:
Put theories here.
  • A pink cube like the one in Train Hopper.
  • Flash drive containing the virus that started the Omnic Crisis in the first place, as well as the IP Address of where it originated...
  • A Tardis
  • The Briefcase from Pulp Fiction
  • The question answered by 42
  • the remastered Blu-ray of Crocodile Dundee
  • The second season of Firefly
  • Half-Life 3
  • The next Tool album.
  • The limited edition iPhone 76:S with a free Doomfist case.
  • Fiji Water.
  • Battletoads.
  • His username and password.
  • A kill code that, if used properly, could just down all omnicis by causing their AI to fail within days.
  • Indisputable proof that the angry moon gorillas from Horizon Lunar Colony are behind everything bad in the game. Doing it out of revenge for Harambe optional.
  • A copy of Mad Max: Fury Road
  • A Vegemite sandwich.
  • The directions on how to organize a Scuttlebug jamboree
  • Austrailium.
  • The meaning of life itself.
  • A MacGuffin.

Junkrat believes that the Omnics are why Australia is a wasteland
Considering that it was an Omnic factory that, it would't be hard to assume that the explosion was caused by a meltdown during production. While we know that the meltdown was actually caused by Roadhog and other rioters, Junkrat probably wouldn't unless Roadhog told him. If this turned out to be true then it is also likely that this is why Junkrat hates Omnics so much.

Junkrat knows more than just a single phrase of Mandarin, he's capably bilingual, and this will become a Brick Joke and/or plot point
Somewhere along the line, Junkrat will be dealing with a Mandarin speaker who says something or makes an aside snark in Mandarin, only for Junkrat to surprise them by responding fluently in kind... or simply remembering the aside and reminding the speaker of it explosively later on.
  • Michael Chu did confirm he carries boba in his canteen at all times, so this is possible.

Junkrat has a greater connection to the Junker Queen
The hints are there in his Meaningful Name: Fawkes obviously invokes Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, but his first name, Jamison, suspiciously calls to mind James the First, the target of the attempted bombing. (His in-game quip about dubbing himself King of England after stealing the Crown Jewels could also refer to this.) Junkrat might at least be the son of a former member of the Queen's inner circle who crossed her and was kicked out, or at most the Queen's nephew.

Guessings why Mei hates bullies
Aside of being an optimistic goody-two-shoes. Probably watching the newsflash about Junkrat and Roadhog in their spree, especially their 'most heinous crime' of stealing a soda from a kid, cements them to be bullies in Mei's eyes. But perhaps there's more reasons, even if it's a simple flashback, on why she hates bullies. It can boil down to these two:
  • In the past, she has been protecting weak people from those who have been bullying others. Considering that the world is in horrible state, and how she has a more hopeful, positive view about Omnics (she gets along with Bastion), it's more likely that she has dealt with bullying, be it her friends when she's a child, or just Omnic-hating in general. It helps that both Junkrat and Roadhog are racists on their own.
  • In the past, she was a bully victim herself. There's a lot of reasons why she would be bullied. Maybe she was bullied for being a Cute Clumsy Girl (she's less so today, but parts of it are still there in her Adorkable moments), or for being fat/chubby, or because she was so smart that others get the wrong idea about her. (We're not sure if this one could be carried over to her days on the research team before cryostasis, but it could even be possible) Or alternatively, she was talented in some Omnic-related knowledge, but because there has been Omnic hating already, she was bullied for 'being kind with freaks'.

Torbjörn's mentor was a retired Wolf.
Picture this. Torbjörn would have needed a lot of money to even get off the ground in his field. Fortunately he found a business-minded investor with a great deal of liquid assets, a fellow Swede with a keen eye towards weapons technology. This retired businessman was able to help launch his career and gave him a few ideas to improve upon, though he never answered many questions about what sort of business he was in... This businessman was actually a retired Wolf, from the Payday Gang:
  • Wolf and Torbjörn are both Swedish.
  • Wolf is 34 circa 2013. Torbjörn is 57 circa 2076. They would have had plenty of time to associate with each other from about 2040 to 2055.
  • Wolf is officially associated with the Technician branch, focusing on technology and engineering. Torbjörn is a technician and engineer.
  • The perk deck associated with Wolf is Armorer and focuses on giving yourself more Armor, something Torbjörn provides for his whole team.
  • Wolf builds and deploys automated sentry guns, just like Torbjörn. Both of them can also upgrade their guns multiple ways.
  • Wolf's preferred weapons in trailers are a pistol and a shotgun. Torbjörn's rivet gun functions as both a pistol and a shotgun.
  • Despite his preferred weapons, Wolf gets bonuses to rapid-fire weapons. Torbjörn's ultimate turns his weapon rapid-fire, giving him large bonuses.

Torbjörn is Mercy's father or uncle.

In the photo from Ana's backstory that shows the Overwatch team 20 years prior with a young Pharah, it also shows a young Mercy at 17; many fans have questioned how Mercy could have become head of surgery at a prominent hospital before joining Overwatch at such a young age. The answer is that she didn't, like the young Pharah, she hasn't joined Overwatch at this point and is simply visiting a family member. My reasons for believing that it's Torbjörn:

  • The two of them are shown to be affectionate or close in several pictures; in the 'Ana' photo the young Mercy is smiling, leaning on Torbjörn's shoulders and bunny-ears-ing him, in the Halloween comic they're posing for a picture together, in the ceremony picture in Winston's short and other group shots they're generally standing next to each other.

  • The 20-year age difference; it's far from impossible that Torbjörn had a daughter around age 19-20, or that he has a sibling who does. * Mercy is also blonde, a recessive trait, and in the Reflections comic Torbjörn is with a blonde woman (probably his wife, although possible not his first one) and has at least three blonde children.

  • Torbjörn is Swedish and Mercy is Swiss, two northern European countries with many cultural similarities. Torbjörn's design is strongly Dwarvish and he dresses as a Viking for Halloween, Mercy's combat armour is called the Valkyrie suit and has two legendary skins based on valkyries, all of the above being linked with Norse mythology.

As for the name difference, many married women in Sweden choose to keep their original name and take their husband's name as a middle name, so Torbjörn's wife could have done so. Or he's Uncle Torbjörn and his sister (Mercy's mother) did change her name when she married. Alternately, naming customs have become more relaxed 60 years from now.

There could be any number of reasons why this isn't mentioned in game; maybe there was a growing distance between them due to Mercy's pacifism and Torbjörn's weapons manufacture or over Omnic rights, or bad blood between Torbjörn and whichever sibling is Mercy's parent, or wanting to keep their working relationship professional, or any other number of possible reasons.

Widowmaker will break out of her brainwashing and end up leading a group of former Talon

  • Because it's not the first time that a brainwashed Action Girl with odd colored skin has done so in a Blizzard game.
    • I wouldn't be so sure about Widowmaker being 'better' if she ever broke away, both Kerrigan and Sylvanas took drastically differing routes after being freed from their curses: Kerrigan wounds up owing to her past mistakes and redeeming herself by becoming Xel'Naga, while Sylvanas continuously slide down the slippery slope and becoming more ruthless and getting more like the one who brainwashed her in the first place. This leaves on which path Widowmaker will take if this happens: Will she atone for her crimes, or will she instead become something worse than Talon? Or what's the middle path?

      • That is easy good sir, Jessica Jones. Like Widowmaker, Jessica did awful things through no will of her own. Eventually with help she broke away from Killgrave/Purple Man's mind control. Unlike Jessica however the newly freed Ameile Lacroix and the other ex-Talon will become a group of bounty hunters instead, hunting high profile criminals and terrorists for top dollar. Or if Blizzard really wanted to hammer home the Jessica comparison, have her and her cohorts rob Talon blind and Ameile forms her own Law Enforcement, Inc. or Heroes For Hire outfit with their assistance.

Widowmaker's brainwashing is slowly beginning to fade
After roughly six years under the control of Talon, it's possible that the effects are starting to wane. This is most evident by the fact that she still mourns her deceased husband Gérard, and it's implied that she wants to die. Considering that Talon was originally described as having "completely erased Amélie", yet fragments of her old self are beginning to show up, it's not out there to suspect that Amélie Lacroix is beginning to surface again. What truly solidifies this idea is the fact that she visited Gérard's grave on Christmas, leaving flowers for him. That brings up the obvious question: Does Talon know she did that? It's not hard to imagine that Talon wouldn't exactly approve of her doing such a thing by honoring their former arch-enemy. This could become a plot point in the future. If Overwatch ever learns the actual reason for why she killed her husband and turned traitor, they could try to awaken Amélie and save their old friend from their clutches.

Widowmaker might break free from her brainwashing, but she won't be redeemed:
As suggested before, it's possible that Widowmaker will finally get freed from the brainwashing Talon has done to her, made to feel guilt for the numerous atrocities she committed. However, she won't be redeemed for her crimes. After everything she did, she can't just turn good on the flip of a coin. It's made very clear that she enjoys killing and has embraced her sadistic side. The only way she can be redeemed is through death, by making a Heroic Sacrifice to take down Talon once-and-for-all. However, it's also unlikely they'll kill of any of the Heroes for gameplay reasons. As such, it's up in the air as to whether Widowmaker will feel human emotion again, but if she is easily redeemed just like that, it'll be contrived, to say the least.

Widowmaker will become a mole to Talon after breaking free from her brainwashing
Widowmaker will get defeated in battle by the newly-reformed Overwatch, probably by Tracer. It's likely that the other members will want her dead due to being too dangerous to let live, committing many heinous actions against the innocent, and the fact that they likely wouldn't know her brainwashed nature. However, Winston chimes in with an alternative to killing her, as he already knows the truth. The others (reluctantly) agree to have her spared, though likely fearing the worst. He takes her back to either their HQ or ship (all in restraints, of course), and then he confirms what he already knew: Widowmaker is brainwashed. When all is said and done he uses his scientific intellect and technology to deprogram her and revert her personality back to Amélie, but with everything she learned as an assassin retained. Most likely she would first feel an extreme amount of grief for the numerous atrocities she committed. However, she then seeks both revenge against Talon for what they made her do, and redemption for all the lives she took or otherwise hurt, directly or indirectly, in cold blood (Gerard, Mondatta, numerous others). Naturally, since Talon likely wouldn't know that their top assassin is now turned against them, it'd be easy for her to walk into Talon HQ, shut down security, and then open the doors for her newfound Overwatch allies to Storm the Castle. Alternatively, she could take in all the Overwatch members into the HQ as Trojan Prisoners and then do a surprise ambush when they least expect it. Any classified information she'd know about Talon would also likely be given to Overwatch to be used as their advantage. It would actually be a truly poetic end to Talon if this happens — After all, it was a brainwashed Widowmaker that was instrumental to the fall of Overwatch and the rise of Talon, so it makes perfect sense that a deprogrammed Widowmaker would be instrumental to the fall of Talon and the rise of Overwatch. During this time, Tracer and Widowmaker may evolve from being arch-enemies to having a sort of grudging respect for one and other. It was previously mentioned that she won't be redeemed for crossing the Moral Event Horizon, but if there ever was a way for her to redeem herself, helping contribute to Talon's downfall would likely be the biggest way to do so.

Widowmaker, after breaking free from her brainwashing, will change her name to Peacemaker

After all, not only would "Peacemaker" sound like the perfect Good Counterpart to her original name, but it's unlikely she would want to carry on as "Widowmaker" if she breaks free from Talon's clutches.

Widowmaker is under More Than Mind Control
Her behaviour is strange for someone who was simply brainwashed into killing her husband and subsequently an assassin. For example, she talks about it freely in dialogue (e.g. when Ana taunts her for killing him, she snaps back that she doesn't know a thing about him; a rather personal response) and openly visits his grave. If she was just a brainwashed assassin, it would be odd that Talon weren't keeping her on a tighter leash (and apparently letting her live some sort of life outside of missions) and if she had brainwashing that was "wearing off", they would almost certainly do something about it. This would suggest that she wasn't made to mindlessly follow orders; at the very least, Talon used some sort of conditioning to make her want to kill him (perhaps some sort of technique dulling her emotions/inhibitions and "negotiating" until she decided that's what she wanted), but it's also possible that she has far more complicated reasons for her first kill than "brainwashed into something she'd never do of her own free will" (consider the ambiguity of her telling Ana "You don't know anything about him."; perhaps what Ana doesn't know isn't all good?).

Widowmaker was responsible for McCree's robotic arm
The Uprising comic, which takes place in the final years of Overwatch, shows that McCree still has a normal left arm, meaning that he either lost it at the very end of Overwatch or after he left, before it crumbled. Most likely what happened is that McCree confronted a squad of Talon operatives, with Widowmaker, still being a Faceless Mook, as one of them. In short, McCree came out on top, and destroyed Widowmaker's helmet. Like Ana before him, McCree made a Critical Hesitation Blunder upon learning that she was Amélie Lacroix, wife of Gérard and a presumed former friend to Overwatch. She took the chance to strike, and McCree lost his arm in the process. He was presumed dead by Widowmaker, and she escaped. Fortunately, he survived barely and was rescued by paramedics. What supports this theory is that McCree shows a disdain for Widowmaker in-game, saying "I don't like shooting a lady. But for you, I'll make an exception." upon eliminating her, as if It's Personal, despite there being no other implication in-game that they know each other. This however, would give McCree a perfect reason to see killing her as a personal matter.

Widowmaker is an Evil Former Friend to Overwatch
Considering she was married to an Overwatch agent, she probably knew the members of Overwatch much in the same way that Pharah did through her connection to her mother. Gérard probably traveled a lot between various Overwatch locations on meetings and gatherings, and Amélie traveled with him. Ana knew her, and her shock upon unmasking her would suggest they had a friendship. Also, in Alive, Tracer pleaded to Widowmaker for an explanation for assassinating Mondatta. Her reaction is very similar to how one would react upon seeing an old friend commit evil actions. Not to mention that Widowmaker mocked Tracer's way of addressing people, so she very likely had known her personally. In-game McCree says "I don't like shooting a lady. But for you, I'll make an exception.", as though It's Personal for having betrayed them. No one outside of Talon knows the actual reason for why she seemingly turned traitor, so the general assumption is that she's a cold-hearted bitch who killed her own husband after she was done stringing him along, and then fully became Widowmaker after revealing her true colors. When/if they find out what really happened to their friend, it's anyone's guess as to how much it will change things.

Widowmaker and Hanzo will have a Sniper Duel at some point
It's alluded to in-game, with Hanzo saying "I would take my bow over your rifle any day." and Widowmaker saying "That would be the last mistake you ever made." Given how they're both snipers and assassins, it's only a matter of time before the two duke it out sometime, where we'll see whether Hanzo's bow or Widowmaker's rifle is better.

Widowmaker knows Sombra's a traitor.
Her helmet allows her to see through walls, so she probably saw Sombra talking with Volskaya.

Doomfist played a major role in Widowmaker's brainwashing.
In "Masquerade", you'll notice that Widowmaker is specifically loyal to Doomfist and joined his side in the Enemy Civil War against Vialli. That's a good indication that Doomfist indeed played a major role in Amélie's transformation into Widowmaker, that he had her brainwashed into being loyal to his cause rather than Vialli's. While he may not have been the one who did the process specifically, he likely had a role in the overall idea.

Pharah’s father was changed from what was originally planned
It was heavily hinted that Pharah’s father was Soldier 76, but after the controversy surrounding her Thunderbird skin, Blizzard panicked and made her father an unseen Native American man. After that, they didn’t have anything for 76 to do, so they made him gay so he could contribute something to the theme of inclusivity that the game has, even though was never hinted as such.

    Tank hero/related theories 

There's an entire squad of D.vas but the real Hana Song was sent to a Battle School
A genuine tactical prodigy, Hana Song was recruited from the professional Starcraft scene by the South Korean government almost immediately after appearing on the scene. Her public persona is a complete fabrication; she was replaced by an actress within weeks to cover for her mysterious disappearance. Her real personality is much more similar to "Gremlin" than the glamorous seen in the games, and her skillset is better suited to managing the battlefield than leading the charge on it. Her PR campaign began from damage control; when conspiracy theories began surfacing citing eyewitness accounts from her Starcraft-playing colleagues, the false "announced" her enlistment into MEKA. Her subtly sexualized but unflinchingly patriotic performance was used in a massive PR campaign for the South Korean military; thousands of young men and women, including other MLG players, flocked to enlist in MEKA and fight the Omnics alongside her. Special forces agents resembling with copies of her customized MEKA are deployed in large engagements to pose as her, ensuring more footage of her daring exploits is always available.

The real Hana, being one of a multinational collective of prodigies far too valuable to risk in a frontline offensive, hasn't left the command bunker in over two years, which suits her just fine.

D.Va will have an animated short, and it will be a stream highlights video.
In the recent Ana: Declassified stream, the devs said they'd like to do a D.Va animated short at some point. What better way to present it than through her streaming her combat operations, as it says in her bio?

D.Va's Manic Pixie Dream Girl persona is just a mask worn by her; she's really more of a Sad Clown.
Imagine how miserable the life of Hana Song must be. She was born after the end of the Omnic crisis, but South Korea is implied to have gotten hammered pretty hard during it. When she was sixteen, she the Starcraft II world champion, and considering the current climate in professional gaming, was probably highly demeaned and shamed for it, not unlike what happened to an actual IRL Overwatch player.

Now, with the Kaiju-Omnic coming out of the South China Sea to attack South Korea at least once a year, she was most likely conscripted— South Korea has mandatory military service for males, and with the Second Omnic Crisis looming, South Korea wouldn't discriminate on who they enlisted. Hana Song and several other professional gamers were put into MEKA units, given as much training as they could, and deployed.

Here's the thing about the MEKA units, though: D.Va's mech is weak. Even post-buff, it has no way to deal with beam weapons, like Zarya's Particle Cannon or Mei's Cryonic Blaster, and if a few strong melee blows it it- like, say, Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer- it can be crushed, too. We don't know how deep the Gameplay and Story Integration here goes, but it's a safe bet that, if a MEKA blows up in-canon, it's not going to come back after someone fires off their pistol a few times.

D.Va is explicitly the #1 Starcraft player in the world, meaning that all of the other pro gamers enlisted are inferior to her. There are enemies among them, to be sure, but there must also be friends- people she had good matches against, or honorable opponents that she lost to in the early days of her career. There's a good chance that a lot of them are dead- maybe their defense matrix gave out at an inopportune time, maybe their mech got crushed by the giant Omnic, or maybe they had to actively sacrifice themselves to blow up part of the Omnic, by activating self-destruct, with them inside the MEKA.

The MEKA unit is essentially a bunch of child soldiers, and because of the critical role D.Va and the MEKA unit plays in the defense of South Korea, she can't complain. There's a good chance that a lot of the behavior and branding D.Va has- from her face paint to her choice in food and drink to lines such as "GG" or "AFK" or "I play to win"- is manufactured by a management company hired by the South Korean government, much in the same way K-Pop bands are manufactured today. She's not allowed to have anything other than a Manic Pixie Dream Girl personality- she's not allowed to be sad or mean or spiteful, beyond some generic gamer lingo like "Get Owned". One of her most common elimination lines is "I still love you", and all of it seems so... fake. Inauthentic. Manufactured. D.Va seems flawless because that's exactly what the MEKA unit wants you to think- after all, her merchandise and face sell the Korean people on the fact that MEKA is a good thing, and that gamers should actively apply for it instead of being conscripted for the armed forces as a whole.

And as for the fact that she streams her battles? That's another part of the illusion. By doing that, she promotes her own skill to the world at large, and gets more young people involved in fighting the second crisis, globally. Hana Song just wanted to be a great Starcraft player— she never wanted to be in the army.

  • I like this WMG. In my headcanon or Alternative Character Interpretation, whenever Hana Song is given a break time, or there is a momentary time of peace, she just locks herself in her room. Not playing anything. But instead, she sits on a corner on a Troubled Fetal Position and then cries herself until all her tears dried out for the day. Crying that she never wanted for this kind of situation of life, she just want to be a normal Gamer Chick spending time for fun things with friends like teens around her age.
  • Also note that one of her respawn lines is "I'm too young to die!" Cheerful determination and refusal to give up, or a grim reminder that she was conscripted into military service before she's even left her teens?
  • Additionally, to make this fair on both sides, the South Korean government may realize that D.Va may have inner problems with what they're doing with her, but they have no choice. After the Omnic Crisis, the people needed an icon of courage and optimism, otherwise even if the threat was quelled, the spirit of the people falls apart from the inside. So they make D.Va to be the Manic Pixie Dream Girl to ensure that the people have a brave, cheery hero to look up to or idolize so their spirits stay intact even after the threat is gone for good someday. But even so, they know by conscripting Hana Song against her will, it's Necessarily Evil and Dirty Business, thus both sides do have their own issues brought about the situation.
  • As of "Shooting Star" it's... complicated. definitely feels the stress of her position, and her response seems to be spending all of her time working on her Meka. The South Korean government does try to push the image of her as a carefree celebrity, though.

The Mecha is a Hard Light construct.
This is why can summon a new mecha so quickly that blowing her mecha up is considered a viable battle strategy. It's possible that Vishkar has a contract with the Korean military to provide renewable weapons for their efforts against the giant Omnic.

At some point, Reinhardt will pass his hammer on to Pharah
Even with all his strength, Reinhardt will eventually be old enough, or injured enough, that he can no longer fight, and if he doesn't retire peacefully he'll get crippled or killed in battle. It's clear from their in-game interactions that Pharah looks up to him, and while her ideals of justice and protecting the innocent are fairly typical for Overwatch agents, they map especially closely to Reinhardt's sense of chivalry. That, plus the fact that they both use power armor, makes Pharah seem like Reinhardt's most logical successor, and a rocket-propelled hammer would fit right in with the rocket motif she's already got going.
  • This might only happen in one event: Reinhardt dies. He made it clear that he has no intent of retiring as long as he can still breathe.

The Crusader's (and thus Reinhardt's) armour and weapons were designed by Porsche.
Porsche HQ is located in Stuttgart and it's likely they will remain that way for the foreseeable future, and the have developed airplane engines in the past. Being the masterful German engineeers that they are, they might have expanded further into aviation and eventually entered the jet engine business, giving them the expertise required to equip the crusaders. They might have even sponsored them in the omnic war. Alternatively, Balderich might have paid for the equipment, seeing as he was born in Eichenwalde with a "noble" surname, so the castle he used as a base of operations for his crusaders might have been his old family estate, and, if your family lives in a castle, they are more than likely to have the cash to maintain it.
  • Likely Jossed, the "J08" logo on Reinhardt's armor has appeared on other buildings, suggesting it's the corporation that designed it. There is an outside possibility J08 is a division of Porsche, I guess.

Reinhardt used to be prejudiced against Omnics but has since changed his views
His self-insert character in Junkenstein's Revenge was a king that was virtuous in every way except for his dismissal of Junkenstein's creations. This could be his subtle way of admitting a past mistake and cautioning others against doing the same.

Reinhardt is the reincarnation of the Titan-Forged Tyr.
In WoW's Legion expansion, players can obtain Tyr's signature hammer the Silver Hand. There is a hidden appearance for the weapon that makes it into a replica of Reinhardt's hammer. Obviously after Tyr's death, his noble soul was reincarnated on another world whom was named Reinhardt. This would explain his noble disposition and his incredible size.

Reinhardt is actually a Space Marine.
This is not only referring to Reinhardt, but to all Crusaders. The Battle-Barge of an Adeptus Astartes Chapter (likely a Dark Angels Successor brom the Second or Third Founding) got engulfed in a Warp Storm on its way back to the Chapter's homeworld. This caused the ship to be thrown back in time and crash in Germany either shortly before, or at least very shortly after the beginning of the Omnic Crisis. The Chapter Master, or the highest-ranking Astartes onboard decided to support the local PDF (The Bundeswehr) in their efforts to stop the Omnics. However, with the majority, if not all of their vehicles and air support destroyed on their crashed Battle-Barge, the Astartes relied on good old melee and limited Bolter usage to stop the Omnics. Now, due to the fact that the Astartes were on their way home after a campaign or even a Crusade, their ammunition was very limited, which made them more and more reliant on Power Hammers and Storm Shields (probably a speciality of theirs which would explain why the Crusaders only use Hammers and no Swords or ranged weaponry). But, just like with their ammo, replacement parts and raw maerials ran dry pretty quickly, and Balderich von Alder, who was the Chapter Master/Highest-Ranking Astartes at the time, decided to ask he local Administratum for help in this case, and Germany in turn offered them what they needed if they help against the Omnics.Now, the Crusaders probably either found out that they're not in the Imperium anymore, or maybe even found out that they are on Holy Terra in a time before the God-Emperor, but decided to help nonetheless. Holy Terra being depopulated by Men of Iron would be very bad for the Imperium that would appear later on, and Balderich pledged alegiance to the German Government in the vain hope that the Emperor would somehow recognize them as his sons.Later on, as the Astartes-turned-Crusaders got new Power Armor and Weapons to kick the Omnics back, Reinhardt Wilhelm, one of the Astartes, probably a Sergeant, got a request from the newly-formed Overwatch, a task force founded to end the Omnic Crisis. Seeing this as the beginnings of the Inquisition, Balderich allowed/ordered Reinhardt to join, so they could know what the new organization was up to.Fast-Forward to the Battle of Eichenwalde: The Crusaders got wiped out by the Omnic Horde within their new Fortress-Monastery built inside the Castle Eichenwalde, managed to pay the Omnics every loss back a hundredfold, and leaving Reinhardt the only surviving Astrtes.

This would give Reinhardt's "Bring it on, I live for this!" line a far greater meaning. Reinhardt is an Astartes, an augmented fighting machine for the Imperium of Mankind. He has literally fought so long against Xenos, Heretics and Traiors that he knows no other life than fighting. What was it he did after being forced to leave Overwatch? He went to the countryside and freed it of the gangs and bandits terrorizing the civilian populace. He served mankind despite being told not to. And Brigitte, his 'squire' is probably either a former Chapter serf, or an Artificer that knows how to patch Crusader Armor up.As for his age, that is likely made up by the german government to keep the Crusaders a 'human' morale booster for the troops and not superhuman demigods that would be feared as soon as the Crisis is over.

Roadhog doesn't wear a mask to hide his face - he can't breathe without it.
The irradiated state of the Outback has hit Roadhog hard, health-wise. The masks contain filters that allow him to breathe (which has its limitations, hence why "Take a breather" exists as a self-heal move). That's why he's the only character who isn't shown unmasked in any of his skins.

Roadhog acts like a jerk to Junkrat ingame because he's a Slave to PR.
Considering his downright hatred of Junkrat that he expresses in his voicelines, it's weird how Roadhog hasn't just killed Junkrat, stolen his treasure, and gotten rich. Clearly he has some other reason for keeping him around, and that's because they're really best friends in private. Roadie does want Junkrat to stay out of trouble, but he doesn't hate him, instead going for a father figure best friend type of thing.
  • The main reason I have this theory is because the image of these two murderous criminals goofing off is both funny and a bit heartwarming.

Roadhog is'nt actually human and the mask is his actual face
his story starts in 2027 at the Rutledge Science Facility in Canberra, Australia, when a mad scientist infuses a Mako Shark fetus with human and pig genes. This mad scientist is 38-year-old James Fawkes, father of 7-year-old Jacob Fawkes, and eventual grandfather of Junkrat.

Exactly one year later, the experiment that should'nt be is born. He destroys the facility and kills James, then runs away. Australian media notices him and dub him, the Mako Shark\Pig\Human hybrid from the Rutledge facility, which then get shortened to Mako Rutledge. Which then becomes his official name as he gets fostered by the now-widowed Jamina Fawkes, mom to Jacob Fawkes, and eventual Junkrat's grandma!

18 years later, Australia gets destroyed by Omnics, so Mako grabs now-26 year old Jacob, Jacob's girlfriend Jackie Faldwell, and his own girlfriend Masha Rengar (who then becomes the queen of Junkertown) fought a war against them and then founded Junkertown together for little Jamison to grow up in.

Roadhog is a Mutant
The Omnium explosion mutated Roadhog from being human to something else. There are several points that support this theory. The first is Roadhog's insane strength and durability. He wears no armor, yet is more durable than Reinhardt, Winston, and Orisa — a heavily armored futuristic knight, an armored gorilla, and a combat Omnic capable of stopping a car with one hand. He's also strong enough to yank any character in the game, including the Tanks, only using one hand. The second is that he wears a mask at all times, and we have no idea what he looks like underneath it. It's likely been mutated into looking something hideous. What further solidifies the idea that Roadhog was a mutant is the fact that he his original concept art portrayed him as a mutant unambigiously, as seen here, and before his concept was finalized, he was to have a literal pig face, seen here. Most likely, Blizzard hasn't scrapped the idea of Roadhog being a mutant, they just made it much more ambiguous but heavily implied.

Winston adapted the mechanism he invented for Tracer's stabilizer harness to create a housing area for her.
After all, she couldn't wear that thing constantly - bedsores would become a problem, not to mention the difficulty involved with bathing, changing clothes, & sleeping if she couldn't remove it. So the big-brained ape took the harness technology and incorporated it into the walls of a cozy little apartment for her (if it could fit on a small harness, it could easily fit in a big house) so she could unwind and enjoy herself harness-free when off-duty.
  • Related to the above guess: She also has a time trailer, which is a portable changing room... and it's painted blue.
  • Sort of confirmed, in that as shown several times in "Reflections," she can live in an ordinary apartment without her chronal accelerator, as long as it's nearby.

Winston doesn't need his eyeglasses.
They're really just an affectation, but he wears them because they're also a keepsake of his deceased mentor and namesake. It would explain why he blows up when Reaper breaks them in the cinematic trailer.
  • Both Jossed and Confirmed by the "Recall" animated short. Jossed when we see behind the eyes of a younger Winston his vision is notably blurry without the glasses Confirmed in that they are his mentor's glasses.

Winston's Casual Danger Dialogue was deliberate.
Here he is, in a combat situation, and there are CHILDREN. Right there, in danger. Children panicking is not something you want in any dangerous situation, since you don't want them to hurt themselves, and there are bullets flying here. So Winston puts on a smile and asks if they're enjoying the exhibit, halfway implying the whole situation is All Part of the Show. That, combined with Tracer's catchphrase, definitively puts the little kid into a "Just sit back and enjoy the situation" mindset. Not so sure if it worked with the teen.
  • Alternitavly, it WAS all a show. Winston and Tracer got the Talon friends to do it by giving Reaper some hot topic gift cards, and gave Widowmaker a free download code for some aimbot hacks.

Zarya is a future distant relative or a descendant of the Heavy Weapons Guy.

Both Zarya and Heavy are born in Russia and are both from Siberia, both wield BFGs (Zarya's Particle Cannon and Heavy's Minigun aka "Sasha"), both have Russian accents (and probably speak Russian, too), both are hardened warriors, and both are The Big Guy (or Gal with Zarya) in their respective games. Finally, both have experienced severe violence as children (Zarya's village was attacked by Omnics when she was a child, and Heavy and his family were sent to the gulags in 1941, left to work themselves to death, only to kill all the guards and escape later).

In the TF2 comics lore, it is revealed that Heavy has a mother and three sisters. Zarya could be either one of Heavy's children or grandchildren born in the distant future, or a descendant of one of his sisters. If Zarya is indeed Heavy's daughter or granddaughter, then she probably inherited the natural strength and her savvy abilities with weapons from him. She would be what Heavy is, except female, with the neon-pink hair that shows, yes, she is female despite all that muscle, and yes, she can do girly things like dye her hair and paint her fingernails pink besides handling weapons 24/7.

  • And here's one little funny coincidence (or shout-out to Team Fortress 2, depending on your point of view): one of the diminutive forms of name "Aleksandra" is "Sasha".

Zarya's mission at the end of the "Infiltration" short will be to destroy the Omnics Volskaya colluded with.

Considering the timing, it's very likely that Volskaya is hiring Zarya to eliminate the Omnics she received her technology from. This would be to eliminate all of the loose ends before she tries to eliminate Sombra. This would make sense since Zarya is known for her dislike of Omnics, and isn't exactly the first hero who comes to mind to combat a clever hacker like Sombra.

Zarya's mission will go awry, exposing Russia's dirty little secret, and become a driving force towards the official reinstatement of Overwatch.

Piggybacking off the above two WMGs into one idea, if Zarya's mission is to remove Volskaya's loose ends there's a good chance that something is going to go terribly wrong. She's not exactly subtle and probably a terrible choice for quiet assassinations. If word gets out that Zarya is offing Omnics that have been giving Volskaya their tech it would call into question just how much of their ability to deal with the first Omnic Crisis was really their doing. That could also become the final straw and start a demand for the return of Overwatch, because if the poster child for self-sufficiency during the Omnic Crisis has evidence against it that it was a sham, how the hell is the rest of the world supposed to deal with the idea of a second full-scale Omnic Crisis?

    Support hero/related theories 

Ana's husband is an unseen character who is dead in canon.
She and Reinhardt may or may not be an Official Couple given their interactions, but Mr. Amari died before the events of the current story.
  • Probably Jossed, given that Pharah speaks to her father during Reflections.

The Biotic Grenade works like Nick Fury's Infinity Formula
i.e. in that when used, it stops the aging process, while not using it for a long period causes rapid aging. Michael Chu pointed out that Ana is too young in most of the historical photos of her, as are Reyes, Morrison, and Torbjörn. The only exception to this is the Legacy comic, where she had grey hair but still looked slightly younger. Reyes/Morrison's lack of aging could be explained by whatever enhancement they went through, so perhaps Ana's healing power kept her looking young for longer than she should have been. As operations wound down and Overwatch got in less danger, she started aging as she healed up less often. Being retired and almost dying finally got her off the Biotic grenades, and she started to look like a normal 60ish-year old. Morrison might have experienced a similar process, or maybe he was dying his hair all along as Strike Commander. No explanation for Torbjörn, though.

Lucio will not join Overwatch to strike at Talon
Overwatch is just interested at him, but they won't force their way if he doesn't comply nicely. However, Lucio will have his reasons to not join Overwatch, namely that he's concerned that if he took absence to fight Talon, Vishkar would see it as an opening to take revenge in Brazil based on his theft in the past, so he has to stay in his home to keep Vishkar in check. Likewise, if Overwatch offered to protect him from Vishkar, that means less manpower to defeat Talon and they may end up failing their ultimate mission. He may say something like, "Don't worry about me and Vishkar, I got it under control. Go and kick that terrorist butt, I'll be cheering you all!" So basically Lucio doesn't get into the frontline, but acts like a true Support: cheer from afar. It also fits his job as DJ Superstar too.

When Lucio says "Look at this team. We're gonna do great!" in response to subpar team composition, it's not a sincere statement so much as a coping mechanism.
Good job attack team of no tanks and two snipers, you turned him into a Stepford Smiler!

Turning into smoke is a side effect of Mercy reviving you.
Both Genji and Reaper can turn to smoke at will. Genji does it in Dragons, and his life was saved by Mercy after Hanzo 'killed' him; Reaper does it all the time and has in-game conversations with Mercy where he says things like "you're the one responsible for this".
  • Reaper doesn't actually say that, and it seems that Moira gave him smoke powers even before he was blown up at Overwatch headquarters. Doesn't rule out the possibility that Moira gave Genji similar smoke powers while they were in Blackwatch.
Mercy is functionally dead.
She has "died" before the events of the game. Presently, she is essentially a taxidermied corpse kept alive through a Freak Lab Accident of her own nanite healing technology. Some reasoning:

Mercy made a Deal with the Devil in order to protect her friends.
Mercy knew that the tensions between Reyes and Morrison were going to boil over sooner or later, and knew that at least one of them was going to die. Despite her objections with their methods, Mercy was still loyal to Overwatch, and wanted to make sure that, in the event that something did happen, the organization would survive in some form. Nobody involved with Overwatch (save Gerard Le Croix, Widomaker's husband) has actually been said to die in-canon. Here are a few examples:

  • Lena Oxton (AKA Tracer), presumed dead after the accident with the Slipstream, came back as a time ghost and how has powers of Chronal Manipulation.
  • Ana Amari, presumed dead after being shot in the eye by Widowmaker. Shots through the eye are almost always fatal, even if that eye is bionic- Ana should be dead.
  • Jack Morrison (AKA Soldier: 76) somehow survived the explosion at Overwatch HQ relatively unscathed, save for some scarring.
  • Gabriel Reyes (AKA Reaper) was probably killed by the explosion, but Mercy found a way to bring him back to life, albeit in a corrupted form.
  • Genji Shimada should be dead, but again, Mercy found a way to help him, even if it cost him most of his body.

So, what's the timeline here? Basically, after Gerard LeCroix was killed, Mercy was heavily affected by this, believing that heroes shouldn't die. So, she sought out the services of... something, and made a deal: None of her friends would die, but in exchange, her body would stop functioning biologically. To counteract this, she built the Valkyrie suit, which kept her body in a Schrodinger's Cat state- unable to die, but also not alive. Adding on to this, Mercy gained the power to resurrect people should they die. This is also why Mercy has devil-themed skins- "Heroes Never Die... for a price." That price was Angela Ziegler's life. She's the reason that nobody in Overwatch has died.

  • This is further reinforced by the Halloween brawl- though its canonicity is dubious at best, Ana says that her alchemy (i.e. Biotic rifle, grenade and nano boost) are a science, while the Witch's (represented by Mercy) magic is "something else".

Mercy had something to do with Overwatch's downfall.
She either helped leak the info of Blackwatch's operations.....or maybe even helped Reyes bomb the Swiss HQ.

  • Mercy makes it no secret that she had deep issues with Overwatch's militaristic attitude. She was resentful that Overwatch, an organization claiming to want a peaceful world, used its military might to make others fall in line (even its "heroic" front still used military actions as its primary problem solving solution, let alone its secret branch: Blackwatch doing even more horrible things to maintain the facade of peace in the world). She was further upset that her suggestions to pursue more peaceful aid work, instead of military action, were always overruled. Lastly, what she saw as a final act of betrayal was Ana converting her technology (meant to save lives and heal the injured) into a weapon, and Overwatch readily approving its use in combat against others. She has a strong motive to want to bring Overwatch down, seeing it as irredeemably corrupted against its own ideals.

  • Immediately after the bombing of Overwatch's HQ, she somehow managed to find Reyes in the rubble and attempted her, then experimental, resurrection procedure (as noted in theory in Reaper's section). If Reyes was so heavily injured from the blast that he was on death's door, she would have had to be VERY nearby to get to him in time. Yet she did not find Morrison. This maybe because the explosion caused enough chaos that Jack awoke and escaped before Mercy showed up, or that she wasn't looking for Jack.....

  • After the bombing, she said that a fight between Morrison and Reyes had been inevitable and that she had tried to patch up their relationship, indicating that she was aware that it would come to blows between the two before the bombing. Her wording of it: "After Morrison's promotion to strike commander, his relationship with Reyes changed,", seems to blame Morrison for the fall out between him and Reyes, not Reyes' jealousy of Morrison. This indicates a bias against Morrison, the leader and face of Overwatch.

  • This maybe coincidental evidence, but the 2 characters she has been confirmed to have treated: Reyes and Genji, were both part of Blackwatch (which should have been against all the ideals Mercy stood for), and both procedures had side effects that severely messed with their psyches. Genji was angry and confused with his new cybernetic body (even though he agreed to it and it made him more powerful than he was previously), and it took the tutelage of Zenyatta to help him find peace. While Reyes feels his new existence is a curse, while it makes him even more of a Super Soldier than he was before, it causes him constant pain.
    • Partially Jossed. Moira was the one who gave Reaper his powers, not Mercy. But thats not saying that Mercy's resurrection technique might not have had unforeseen side effects on one who has had their cells so drastically altered already.

  • In the Junkenstein halloween events, the The Reaper (Reaper) is a servant of The Witch (Mercy). While its just a non-canon event, its character interactions parallel the main story in many ways (Like The Reaper once being a friend to the The Soldier (Soldier: 76) until he was bound to The Witch's service. This may hint that Reaper is somehow working under the orders of Mercy, or atleast she helped turn him against Morrison and Overwatch.

The next LGBT character is going to be Symmetra
Otherwise, why else would they have her Japanese dub voice be the Queen of Les Yay roles, Hitomi Nabatame? I'll excuse on how this is a Western game so you can be excused that it's going to be coincidental. But... wild Foreshadowing?

Symmetra's parents used to be employees of Vishkar and...

This is going to be quite long because the WMG involve a guessing of what Vishkar was like in the beginning.

Not all corporations are evil from the start. Vishkar used to be a more honest corporate back in the days, honestly trying to improve others' lives. However, the times were hard on them and eventually they were backed into a corner where they faced the danger of bankruptcy as long as they kept clinging on their honest ways.

All of the sudden, a new CEO entered the scene, and with brilliance, he saved Vishkar from bankruptcy and becoming a major power. Most of its employees were swayed by this CEO's charisma and took side with him... except a certain employer from the Vaswani family, who was talented in light manipulation (we will assume that this is the patriarch). Vaswani saw the new CEO's way to be brutal and against the good philosophy they used to hold in the past, and continuously opposed the CEO's more dangerous methods. At first, the CEO only let that be because Vaswani's contribution was too valuable for him, but eventually he gets pissed off at Vaswani's insistence for the moral path which will lead to more losses and the company going bankrupt again, and eventually it reached to a point that Vaswani denounced him as a monster, that Vishkar has strayed from the old honorable path because of him.

Pissed off that his pride was hurt like this, the CEO arranged it so that Vaswani would end up being dishonorably discharged via accident, with his former friends turning against him. But that wasn't enough for the CEO. Once Vaswani returned home, the CEO made sure that eventually, Vaswani would lose all the riches he had accumulated so far and forced him and his family into poverty, all of them with the CEO monitoring every of his move while taking Vishkar into the corrupt corporate we know today.

And then from the monitoring, they found out that Vaswani has a daughter, Satya, who not only inherited her father's light-bending talent, but also carrying the Asperger's Syndrome. Thus, as a final 'fuck you' to Vaswani, the CEO sent his men to pick up Satya and then indoctrinate her to become a loyal 'modern' Vishkar agent, and pretty much what Vaswani wouldn't want her to be, an antithesis of what he stood for: Supporting an evil, corrupt organization.

Adding to this, Symmetra wasn't the only person who's like this. Vaswani inspired several men to follow his footsteps, but all of them met the same fate, and their children getting indoctrinated as well, thus making up the majority of Vishkar's new members.

So yeah... that could have been a 'plot' if Symmetra ever found out about her real parents, and putting another case of 'Vishkar crossed the Moral Event Horizon'. Also, the CEO might be linked to The Conspiracy and a reason why Vishkar becomes its 'face'.

Extra: You might that this may have some sort of plot similarity with another, but yes, even without this WMG to add up the similarities, Symmetra would look very similar to a female architect version of Miles Edgeworth (with Vishkar taking place of Manfred von Karma), except that breaking away would be harder since Lucio is definitely not the Phoenix Wright parallel.

Symmetra is about to enter the Five Stages of Grief

A Better World shows that she's already on the Denial stage, shocked that Vishkar isn't like what she thought, and only denying that her actions are all just for the greater good. Have fun figuring out her Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance phase!

Zenyatta will be revealed to have a crush on D.Va...'s mech.

It'll start for no other reason than typical Blizzard silliness, but morph into a long and serious plotline with D.Va acting as an overbearing older sister.

Zenyatta will befriend Junkrat.
While Junkrat does hate Omnics, his comic shows that he can be quite naive/eager to trust (considering he had a brief Heroic BSoD when the Obviously Evil Corrupt Corporate Executive was revealed to be, in fact, a bad guy). And Zenyatta is the epitome of a Nice Guy. So Junkrat would probably come to like him, even if despite himself.
Zenyatta is hiding something.
Take a look at his legendary skins. With the exception of Sanzang and maybe the Ras, they all contain "evil" elements (yes, even Nutcracker). Either Blizzard really likes contrast, or they're trying to tell us something about his character...

    Overwatch theories 

Winston is The Hero of Overwatch
When you think about it, it's pretty clear that Blizzard is setting up Winston to be the overall leading man of the story. There are multiple things that point to the idea of him being the overall protagonist of the story out of the ensemble. Winston reinstates Overwatch five years after it disbanded, despite risking prosecution in doing so, and acts as the de facto leader. He's also at the center of the Overwatch/Talon conflicts. Additionally, the Recall short makes it clear that Winston's memories of his adoptive father, including his speech "Never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be.", fits the overall tone that Overwatch is going for — that being the theme of rising up in the face darkness. He's also been featured in the most shorts/comics to date out of every character. In the "We Are Overwatch" trailer, it ends with his smile as he proudly does the Title Drop that hints further at this status.

With this in mind, one can assume he'll be the one who leads the charge for Overwatch's victory in the future. He may also be the one who defeats Talon, which may involve him using his scientific ability to revive Amélie Lacroix and break her free from Talon's control. In the end, Winston will likely be the new official Strike Commander of Overwatch.

How the heroes who are currently neutral will end up joining the new Overwatch:
  • Lucio, Zarya and D.Va volunteer, wanting to do some good for the world.
  • Hanzo seeks out Overwatch thinking it can help him find Genji again.
  • Junkrat and Roadhog offer their services and/or whatever Junkrat found in the remains of the Omnium in exchange for protection from their enemies. Alternately, Overwatch seeks them out because they're the best at what they do, criminals or not.
  • Symmetra is sent in by Vishkar as The Mole but ends up defecting to Overwatch after learning the extent of Vishkar's corruption.

Reaper or Widowmaker will join Overwatch as a Token Evil Teammate.
Talon will either do something even Reaper disapproves of or they go back on a promise causing him to rejoin Overwatch but makes it very clear that he is NOT loyal to Overwatch again and only wants to take Talon down.

Or Widowmaker breaks her programming enough to remember who she was and works to take Talon down.

The new Overwatch will comprise The Team — which consists of Winston, Tracer, McCree, Mercy, Genji, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt, as well as new recruits D.Va, Zenyatta, Zarya, Lúcio, Bastion, and finally Widowmaker
Outside the other agents which will likely be Red Shirts unless made playable, the core will likely consist of:

Winston as the Big Good and The Leader. He is the most intelligent of the lot, and possesses the most leadership capability. As he was the one to call upon the old agents to serve, with them being at risk of prosecution should they get caught, it makes sense that he would take it upon himself to lead the new Overwatch to ensure that everything will go smoothly.

Tracer as The Lancer and Number Two. Due to being Winston's closest and most loyal follower, and possessing a certain tenacity that gets the job done (not to mention her powers), she becomes the second-in-command of the new Overwatch. She can be expected to follow Winston's lead, charge into battle, and give orders should Winston not be able to.

McCree as the The Gunslinger. Sounds simple enough, he's the guy who utilizes his skills as an expert marksman to make sure that justice is served. He's reluctant about working for the organization again, fearing that he'll be prosecuted and made into an outcast, but works with them anyways out of a sense of duty. He'll be the most level-headed during a firefight and will act as a commander to the lesser Overwatch forces.

Mercy as The Medic and Team Mom. She's the oldest woman on the team, and has the most experience in the field of medicine, being that she ran a hospital at 17. Like McCree, she'll be cynical about the idea of Overwatch restoring its greatness, but still aligns with them out of honor. She'll be the one to dispense advice when needed, whether it'd be to Winston or the troops. Naturally, she would also be their primary medic on the field, healing and buffing anyone who needs it.

Genji as the Secret Weapon and Stealth Expert. He's the guy they call upon for his skills in the mastery of stealth, allowing him to slip in-and-out of enemy lines, doing sneak attacks at night and gathering information from places the others wouldn't reach. He would be happy to rejoin Overwatch, having seen what the world has become now that Talon has been allowed to wreak havoc.

Torbjörn as The Smart Guy and one of two Team Grandpas. He will be the most cynical of all about Overwatch returning, but still gives his best efforts to them in honor of his (supposedly) fallen comrade Jack Morrison. As the smart one, he will be the one who the others would depend on for fancy gadgets and advice in battle.

Reinhardt as The Big Guy and the other the two Team Grandpas. Of all the older members, it's him who is the most eager to return to Overwatch. Now that he was given the chance, he pledges his life to the cause, doing his best effort to make sure that Overwatch is returned to its former glory. The men will look up to him as a legend, and will be happy to follow him into battle.

As for the new recruits, as mentioned above, the most likely to join are young blood members like D.Va, Zenyatta, Zarya, Lúcio, and Bastion. Winston will seek these people out, and they all join with varying degrees of eagerness. Also, as mentioned above, Widowmaker could possibly join them should Winston break her programming. The dynamics would likely be as follows:

D.Va as the Tag Along Kid and The Baby of the Bunch. The most hot-headed and inexperienced member, she is nonetheless a useful ally with her MEKA allowing her to be capable on the frontlines. Expect her to charge into battle head-on, which can be both good and bad, depending on the circumstances. She'll also be the one that the others want to protect, having a soft spot for the young member.

Zenyatta as The Heart. His spirituality strikes a chord with the other members, who take his advice in order to promote peace. As he creates harmony with the other members, it helps them work together. On the field, he would resort to using violence last, but is more than capable of dishing out pain while helping his allies.

Zarya as The Big Girl. She'll be depended upon to fight on the frontlines, using her innate strength and battle-hardened senses to fight the enemy. With her on the front, they'll be able to take any foe head-on. She'll also be the one who resorts to brute force whenever needed, and can be expected to have some quips with the other members.

Lúcio as The Team Benefactor and Face. Due to his status as a superstar DJ, he is both rich and famous, two things that would help Overwatch. His wealth would be used to fund Overwatch missions while their status is illegal, while his fame would give them positive PR. On the field, his talents would be as a medic should Mercy not be available.

Bastion as the Gentle Giant. It'll be even less-inclined than Zenyatta to resort to fighting, but will be dependent upon to do so should it be needed. With its turret mode, it will make the perfect defense from enemy forces. When not fighting, it will live in isolation in a nature preservation, where it feels it belongs.

Widowmaker as The Sixth Ranger and possible Token Evil Teammate. Winston will break her free from her brainwashing, and she will turn against Talon with the desire of both revenge and redemption. Though on the side of good, she will likely still have some aspects of her cold personality, and will be bitter about what Talon made her do (and rightfully so). It's likely that she'll carry out tasks that the others would be too moral to do, and will use her skills as an assassin to take out Talon operatives that pose a threat to Overwatch.

  • I can guess where the others went:
    • Soldier: 76 and Ana will retire due to age. Alternatively, they could act as associates to the new Overwatch, helping them out due to sharing a common enemy.
    • Pharah will retire to take care of Ana, or to take care of her and Mercy's baby, if you know what I mean.
    • Mei will want no more to do with war, and retire to a life of science.
    • Symmetra will be denied entry due to her association with Vishkar. Or alternatively, Symmetra finally managed to break away from Vishkar after their actions reached boiling point to her own codes and with the help of Lucio, goes for a non-action support place in Overwatch. To replace her in Vishkar... well Blizzard just needs to create a new character to represent Vishkar, who, unlike Symmetra, is an absolute fanatic about the company. Maybe their CEO?
    • Reaper, Sombra, Roadhog, and Junkrat are the evil ones, with the former two being with Talon, and the latter two...maaaaayyyybe joining Talon, not sure.
    • Hanzo will retake control of the Shimada Clan, and divert as many resources as possible to opposing Overwatch, with the express goal of killing Genji. Though, he could eventually see the error of his ways and decide to help out Overwatch.

D.Va, Zenyatta, Zarya, Lúcio, and Bastion will join a newly reformed Overwatch
With Winston recalling all the members at the end of the Recall short, it's likely that Overwatch will make its return one day. With that said, he's going to need all the help he can get. To do this, he'll have to recruit new blood into the organization. It's unlikely that Soldier: 76 and Ana are rejoining due to personal reasons (at least not until later), and are presumed dead by the public. Reaper and Widowmaker are (obviously) not joining either. Pharah's ties are to HSI, so that probably leaves her out. Junkrat and Roadhog? Maybe, but still looking unlikely due to them being villains to (maybe not to the extent of the Talon operatives, but still, it's clear that they're bad guys). Symmetra is aligned with Vishkar, an organization that's just as bad as Talon. Hanzo probably won't join either, because of his nature and conflict with Genji. This leaves us with D.Va, Zenyatta, Zarya, Lúcio, and Bastion as the most likely candidates to join Overwatch. How can they make this happen? Some theories:

D.Va will finally defeat the colossal Omnic that's terrorizing South Korea. For her heroic actions, she is honorably discharged from the military. She's allowed to keep her suit however, just in case it's ever needed (this being a world full of danger). After spending some time at home playing video games, she gets a knock on the door. Naturally, she is shocked to see that it's none other than Winston. He makes her an offer to join Overwatch, and apply her skills to fight the enemy that is Talon. Though reluctant at first, due to it being an illegal operation, she knows she can't just let Talon have their way (and she's been bored by the lack of action going on). She joins Overwatch and uses her mech suit as a worldwide protector.

Zenyatta would likely want Talon to be extinguished after they killed Mondatta. While he's not the type to seek vengeance, it's very likely that he will join in the name of peace (the opposite of what Talon represents). For the sake of the safety of the public, he pledges his services to Overwatch in hopes that they can unite the world through unity. That said, if he ever met Widowmaker, things could get interesting to say the least. His connection to Overwatch member Genji could lead to him becoming a member.

Zarya is currently fighting on the frontlines for Russia during the Second Omnic Crisis. However, her services being limited there wouldn't do well for the sake of world peace. With an offer from Winston to apply her skills as a world protector, she takes the offer, knowing the Overwatch can be what the world currently needs, and would likely be able help stop the Second Omnic Crisis.

Lúcio has seen what Vishkar can and will do, and he will likely need all the help he can get if he's to stop their plan to Take Over the World. To him, he stands a much bigger fighting chance against them with the strength in numbers. Let's not forget that Overwatch won't be supported by the government due to the PETRAS Act. With Lúcio's wealth and resources as a superstar DJ, it would be a great way to fund illegal Overwatch operations until they can get government support again. Not to mention that it would give Overwatch some positive PR as well. This would also bring the other half of the ensemble, Vishkar, into Overwatch's attention.

Bastion resides in the forest, doing his best to live at peace. That is unlikely to last, however. Talon or Vishkar could ravage through the forest that he lives in. The former's case could have them looking for an artifact (like the one in McCree's "Train Hopper" comic) and tearing down as much of the woods as they can along the way. The latter would likely want to build a city in that area. Point is, his habitat is disturbed, and it's clear there will be no end to it. Winston, with his intelligence and resourceful nature, pinpoints the location of the last Bastion in existence. Because he is not human, Bastion is willing to listen to him. Winston offers Bastion a place in a nature preservation guarded by Overwatch, in exchange that he uses his abilities for the sake of good. Talon finding out about Bastion won't be good for him, due to their hatred towards Omnics, and Vishkar would likely see him as an outdated model. Bastion joins in hopes of redeeming himself for the actions he committed in the Omnic Crisis.

Each recalled member of the reinstated Overwatch (apart from the already confirmed Winston and Tracer) will rejoin for a different reason

After Winston illegally reinstated Overwatch following Talon's attack on the Watchpoint: Gibraltar led by Reaper, there were six notable names (among many non-playable characters) who were shown onscreen being contacted: Genji, Reinhardt, Mercy, Torbjörn, McCree, and Tracer, the latter of which Jumped at the Call. The rest have yet to be fully confirmed as members, but each could very well join for their own reasons.

  • Genji alluded to Overwatch's return in Dragons, mentioning that the world is changing once again. Considering that he left due to a matter of personal conflict given his cyborg nature, he now most likely feels peace within himself after being mentored by Zenyatta. There's a chance he might feel a degree of guilt for having abandoned the organization to begin with, as Overwatch had crumbled after he left. Also, given his ties to the Shambali, the assassination of Mondatta could be what also motivates him into rejoining, out of a desire to bring an end to Talon's tyranny.
  • Reinhardt, of the original Overwatch members, is probably the biggest fan of Overwatch and the most enthusiastic about its return. Because of this, he could've very well Jumped at the Call as well to rejoin the organization. Because he seeks to bring justice wherever he goes, he most likely wants to join Overwatch as a means to do just that.
    • As of Honor and Glory, Reinhardt has indeed committed to rejoining Overwatch.
  • Mercy is the bigger Wild Card here, but she could still rejoin. Though disillusioned by Overwatch since the fall of the organization, and having a line that suggests she doesn't want it to return, she could still come back for a couple of reasons. The first being a desire to help others across the world, as she would be able to do that easier with more support. The second being a more personal matter — she has shown to have feelings for Genji. Given how Genji has a good chance of rejoining, she could also rejoin to be close to him, maybe even saying something "Someone has to keep you from getting yourselves killed."
  • Torbjörn is in a similar camp as Mercy. While he likely thinks little of Mondatta's assassination, given his Fantastic Racism towards Omnics, the fact that Talon made an attempt on both his life and the lives of his friends is probably more than enough reason for him to want to join up again. Also, he's best friends with Reinhardt, who could easily convince him to join alongside him.
  • McCree is an outlaw by the media, wanted for crimes he didn't commit. This would be his chance to ally himself with others who are technically "breaking the law" for the greater good, and allows him to dispense justice all over the world. Granted, like Mercy he has become cynical over the years, but he sees Overwatch as family, and would likely want to rejoin to help keep them safe.

Junkrat and Roadhog will join up with Overwatch purely to spite Talon

Of the three known operatives of Talon, Reaper is purely in it to get back at Overwatch, Widowmaker was more or less brainwashed to have complete obedience, and Sombra is using Talon for her own ends. For guys like Junkrat and Roadhog looking to make ends meet, there isn't a lot of incentive to stay particularly loyal to them. In addition, Talon would definitely use manipulation and backstabbing to get their way, which would more than likely piss off the duo enough to want to get back at them.

Reyes and Morisson's overwatch destroying argument started over who would switch to support

Lucio, Symmetra, and Zenyatta were not around yet, and Mercy was just getting started, so overwatch needed a healer. Reyes wanted Soldier: 76 to do it, since he had biotic field, but soldier: 76 thought Reyes was just playing the double shotgun character to be cool and get kills without helping the team. A heated argument started, and went from there.

  • Funny, but Jossed. They already had a support in Ana, whose gun does in fact heal.
  • Except she didn't get her biotic rifle until after Mercy joined the Overwatch and Torbjörn reverse-engineered her technology.

Overwatch's Headquarters is located somewhere in or outside of Geneva
Wordof God says that Overwatchs headquarters is in Switzerland. Geneva, Switzerland's second biggest city, is the capital of peace and home to many agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross. Lore-wise, it would only make sense to establish the pinnacle of justice somewhere around this city.

Blackwatch mutinied en masse, tried to kill most of Overwatch and then became Talon
Blackwatch had to do the dirty work while their colleagues in Overwatch got honors and accolades. This naturally festered resentment among Blackwatch operatives. In their eyes they did the "real work" in hurting the Omnics, work that could get them disavowed if caught, and any missteps could lead to their deaths, which means that they have the riskiest job, but gained little if any for their troubles, feeling that they were treated like disposable pawns by the government while the others get pampered. Starved of recognition and becoming more insular under Strike Commander Gabriel Reyes, they chomped at the bit until one of the few things restraining them, the respected veteran Reinhardt, left Overwatch. They eliminated those among their ranks who were not with the program (possibly including Gérard Lacroix) and then launched their insurrection. This is the corruption that ate at the heart of Overwatch and eventually boiled over into the destruction of Overwatch HQ.
  • Atleast partially confirmed, but also 'Jossed', in Mc Cree's comic. He recognizes the tactics used by Talon as Blackwatch's tactics....tactics HE helped create during his time in Blackwatch, and during the train robbery, a Talon operative recognize Mc Cree in an almost familiar manner. Jossed, in that Talon existed before Overwatch fell and even before the existence of Blackwatch became known to the public. Its more that many former Blackwatch agents joined Talon upon Blackwatch's reveal (and Overwatch's dissolution).

Gerard was Blackwatch all along
This has been implied by some theories above but not stated. Unlike Reyes/Reaper, he was staunchly opposed to Talon and their agenda and was united with Overwatch leadership, but was willing to use unethical methods to do so. The reason why the brainwashing didn't seem to affect Amelie at first is that the Talon agents merely told her the truth that she didn't previously know and placed some sort of device in her head. Understandably upset at her husband not telling her what he'd done and under the influence of the device, she killed him and left. Reyes probably helped mastermind this to give him more power in Blackwatch.
  • The crux of this theory is supported by the Retribution comic, which shows Gerard at Blackwatch headquarters. However, Reyes seems to have been just as committed to taking out Talon as Gerard was, making that part of the theory unlikely.

    Talon theories 

Talon is behind the Second Omnic Crisis, and is now working to ensure its success.
Step 1: Restart the Omniums (starting with Russia's). Step 2: Assassinate any peace-preaching omnics (Mondatta). Step 3: Kill off former Overwatch agents so they can't reform and re-mobilize.

Symmetra will eventually leave Vishkar.
The last nail in her career will come from her employers. Concerned that she'll fail, Vishkar hire an assassin to carry out the job, and permit the killer to take out Symmetra as well should it provide Lúcio's death as well. There'd be close calls, but the Supports would eventually outdo the hitman, who might let slip who hired them. Seeing the lengths the Vishkar Corporation will go to and how little they value her life will push her to a defection.

Talon HQ is in the world's most Omnic hating country......
...Canada. It would hilarious that a country stereotypically depicted and thought as racially friendly, nice, polite, and internationally accepting to be the home of Overwatch's main Always Chaotic Evil organization as well as extremely hostile towards Omnics in general. To make things even weirder, in the lore, Canada was probably barely effected by the Omnic Crisis, making the country's harsh and oftentimes inhumane treatment of Omnic to be a case of either hypocrisy or some deeper villainy at work. This would a Shout-Out to the Marvel universe, as most continuities there depict Canada as Nazi Germany for mutants.

Gerard Lacroix is Evil All Along and he's the mastermind of Talon

Something is very iffy about him. None is known about him except he joined Overwatch and his only involvement is to quell Talon. That sounds suspicious like hell, and not to mention when there were flashbacks about the old Overwatch, he never appeared on screen when he should've been living. He also probably didn't even participate during the Omnic Crisis, and Talon only popped up after the crisis, that's another point of suspicion. Widowmaker reacted strongly on Ana insulting Gerard by saying "You don't know anything about him.", but this can be interpreted not as how Gerard seems like a case of Love Makes You Dumb... but what if instead when Widowmaker said that, she meant that how Ana did not know Gerard's true colors?

It is very possible that Gerard was actually the main founder of Talon. But because of lack of funds to improve the organization, he needed something very good for very quick cash. That's why he joined the Overwatch... but instead of joining for the good fight, he used that and his fledging organization, Talon, to stage some sort of play, that Gerard is this ace who kept thwarting Talon the bad terrorist organization... but all the pays he got from doing jobs for Overwatch, he secretly used it to improve Talon's might. Once he felt that Talon is good enough to stand on its own, he staged the next part. He used Amelie, who were unaware of his behind-the-back activities, as his guinea pig, he had Talon kidnap her, turn her to Widowmaker and then make it look like she killed him. But in truth, he just hid in the shadows and control Talon from behind. And from there he gave orders to Talon for their activities, such as eventually sending Widowmaker on that mission that would fatally injure Ana, which caused a chain reaction that led to Overwatch's dissolution.

Gerard is able to fool Overwatch like this for very long also as a result for how Jack Morrison was too oblivious on the corruption arching in Overwatch, giving him more freedom to manipulate Overwatch, and also possibly preventing Gabriel Reyes to uncover the truth, which caused him to get constantly dismissed and made him resent Jack for that. The reveal that Gerard was Evil All Along also seemed like a perfect fact to make the innocent Amelie completely break down, she didn't realize that her husband was a bastard all along. So when Widowmaker said Ana didn't know anything about Gerard, it's referring to the fact that Ana was a fool to believe that Gerard was a decent man, he was a complete bastard who'd use his own innocent wife for his own ends and made her kill many people.

Also look at his surname. Lacroix. That sounds like one of those Names to Run Away from Really Fast!

Why Gerard would want to do all those, we don't know. But we will see how much this will be proven to be false or the charade will be broken. Blizzard shouldn't be too alien for twists like this.

  • There's a bit more uncertainty to this with "Reflections" showing Widowmaker alone, mourning Gerard at his grave. If he is alive, why would she be there?
    • While indeed, this might not be the end. We are not sure of Widowmaker's face, she was facing away from the camera, so we're not sure if she's mourning or something else. And in addition, the grave being there might be another elaborate plan by Gerard who planned his 'death' and makes sure the world thinks he is. And unless the grave is desecrated and the body is confirmed to have been formerly Gerard's, what's inside his coffin might as well be another man's corpse, Talon got plenty of them considering the body count they had amongst 'nameless extras'.

The mysterious Liao is the founder and leader of Talon:
Originally, there were only five members of the original Overwatch strike team — Jack, Reyes, Ana, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt. Then they added a sixth with Liao, who we currently know nothing of. It's possible that he got even less credit for his contributions than Reyes did, and as a result was barely known to the public. Like Reyes, this fueled his bitterness as the others became recognized heroes. Then he turned his back on Overwatch, and became the secret leader of Talon. He knew all of its members, their secrets, and how take them down. It would explain how they were able to target Amélie Lacroix and turn her into Widowmaker, as he knew the personal information of Gerard and was able to target a weaker individual to make her kill him and convert her to their side. It could also explain why Reaper joined after the fall of Overwatch, as they already had the connection from before. Additionally, his experiences fighting the Omnics and seeing them commit a massive toll of death and destruction could fuel Talon's Fantastic Racism towards the Omnics, and why they don't want peace between them and humans. The fact that Liao is most likely Chinese and could be running a worldwide Nebulous Evil Organization that is Equal-Opportunity Evil in a manner that parallel's Overwatch's Multinational Team also lends credence to this theory.

Talon will be a Disc-One Final Boss
Talon may have been the cause for Overwatch's downfall, but the return of Overwatch makes Talon the first opponent for them. Overwatch will defeat them, but when they're done, the story will be far from over. In fact, the real trouble begins afterwards. That of course, is the Second Omnic Crisis — not to mention Vishkar Corporation will still be at large. Also, Sombra's reveal came with the revelation of The Conspiracy, which is pulling the strings behind everything. It's not unreasonable to believe that Talon is one big Red Herring and will be defeated sooner than some may have expected, and much like how Overwatch's downfall set the stage for the beginning of the story, it will be Talon's downfall that opens the doors for the continuation of it.

Junkrat and Roadhog will join up with Talon

They love causing chaos, which happens to match up with Talon's goals. Not to mention, they hate Omnics and so does Talon. For them, joining up with an organization to do what they love while getting paid for it makes perfect sense. To go with this, they'll get new skins in game that updates their appearances from being Junkers to Talon operatives. Their weapons and gear will become darker and more high-tech, while also featuring a more streamlined appearance. Junkrat will have his pegleg replaced by a full-fledged cybernetic, while Roadhog's mask will be more technologically advanced. Most likely, they'll serve as Those Two Bad Guys sent by Talon in order to cause more chaos in public.

  • On the other hand, while Talon DID assassinate Mondatta, they also tried to assassinate the president of Volskaya Industries, who is decidedly anti-omnic, at least in public. This implies that while Talon doesn't want human-omnic peace, they don't want the omnics to get curb-stomped by humanity either. Most likely, they want a lengthy war between the two sides without any clear winner, though it remains to be seen how they would benefit from that.

Talon's goal is a Forever War

This is why Widowmaker was sent to assassinate Mondatta and later the head of Volskaya Industries. As the above WMG states, their targets were going to either bring peace to both sides, or wipe one out entirely. Talon is systematically taking out key figures so that the second Omnic Crisis remains in a standstill. If the second Crisis is anything like the first was, it will result in worldwide panic, paranoia, and plenty of opportunities for Talon to capitalize on. Perhaps they'll use their elite members like Reaper and Widowmaker to sell their services to countries for a healthy profit, or may try to even usurp leadership from places unable to defend themselves. Whatever the end goal, they need the setting of a full scale war to operate in. The longer they can keep conflict going, the better.

  • May be possible as Doomfist (and likely other Talon members) seem to have a similar ideology to this.
The leader of Talon is an omnic/AI who wants a second crisis.
Think about it: Mondatta was a big supporter of peace between human and omnics, and they killed him. Katya Volskaya's mechas were Russia's best and first line of defense against the omnics, and they tried to kill her as well (only failed due to Sombra double crossing Talon). This means that Talon wants a) Hostility between humans and omnics, and b) leave humanity weakened against omnics. And they use human agents so nobody thinks it's masterminded by a machine.
  • Jossed. Doomfist's introduction reveals that Talon does not have a single leader: it runs on a council system comprised of several leaders.

Talon isn't just some run-of-the-mill Terrorist group

They're basically like SPECTRE from the Bond movies or SMERSH from the books (or H.Y.D.R.A from Marvel for the younger tropers) in the sense that they have people everywhere.

Some of them could possibly be in government, and might be responsible for the implementation of the Petras Act in an attempt to make sure that the surviving member of Overwatch don't attempt to return (well that and Blackwatch leaking their activities, but who's to say that members of Blackwatch didn't already turn over to Talon). Hell, Talon might even be swaying the media in their favor to tarnish Overwatch, one example would be McCree being blamed for the train hijack incident despite being the one to put a stop to the Talon troopers.

I'm willing to bet that they have people inside companies like Vishkar, which would likely explain said company would commit horrific actions, like in A Better World.

  • So what are the chances that if true, then the grip of Talon extends on Volskaya? Maybe being involved with those Omnics that made a deal with Katya while having inner people to influence Katya to get on with the hypocritical shady deal? While Talon is pretty open about Omnic-hate, they could have pressured those Omnics to offer the tech for Katya, perpetuate the war in Russia with Katya leading the way and plans to have her assassinated once she outlived her usefulness and it's time Talon thinks Russia will fall. Which made Sombra blackmailing her actually a good thing, if Talon would have their way, the drastic outcome would come faster.
  • This theory might be somewhat jossed as the "having people everywhere" idea seems to be contributed to The Conspiracy rather than Talon. Said conspiracy even has their hands on Talon.
  • UPDATE: in Moira's origin story, it seems that the Vishkar dude from A Better World is seen joining a meeting with Talon operatives. Looks very much like Sanjay (guy from Symmetra's comic) too.

Talon and Vishkar are connected somehow.
So far, they're the two main evil corporations in the setting. Perhaps Talon is to Vishkar what Blackwatch was to Overwatch: a separate wing of the business designed to handle its dirty work (or dirtier work, in this case), while the main organization preserves and builds its reputation.
  • There is now good evidence for this, as a Redditor pointed out that this Talon official looks an awful lot like Vishkar executive Sanjay Korpal. Which was later confirmed with Moira's announcement, though the nature of their connection isn't clear.

Talon and Vishkar are being controlled by the same person from behind the scenes
Talon represents extreme chaos, while Vishkar represents extreme order. Perhaps the reason for their lack of conflict with each other, as of now, is because they are being "ruled" by the same individual from the shadows. Perhaps their is a third, secret society which is responsible for the set up. Besides, what better way to rule the planet, Illuminati style than by controlling the extreme representations of CHAOS and ORDER? Either way, the citizens lose.
  • Well, with Sombra being confirmed to be working on a higher order and the presence of this 'The Conspiracy', it does opens up with how Vishkar and Talon are products of this 'Conspiracy'...

Widowmaker isn't the only Talon member who is Brainwashed and Crazy, in fact they have many more
It's been asked why Talon would only use such a useful tool to turn someone into a living weapon only once — the truth is, they most likely didn't. Talon most likely has numerous Manchurian Agents across the world at their disposal, waiting for the perfect time to strike, and may even have their own secret brainwashed Super Soldiers. When/if Widowmaker is freed, this will most likely become a plot point.
  • This is supported by the presence of the Assassins and Snipers in Retribution, who both seem to be mindless killing machines. Given that both are female, perhaps the procedure works better on women for some unknown reason?
  • Confirmed, at least with the release of Sigma.

Talon is just a generic take-over-the-world organization.
They have no complicated gambits or long-term goals. They just want to rule the world and turn it into a corporate-run dystopia.
  • Jossed. Doomfist and Moira have much loftier ideals (war to make humanity stronger and constantly scientific advancement + human evolution respectively), and they are two of the leaders of Talon. Furthermore, the one Talon member shown so far who DID want to use it to make a corporate dystopia is murdered by Doomfist for not having strong ideals.

Moira was not responsible for Widowmaker, at least not entirely.
When Moira was revealed as a Mad Scientist working for Talon, who had been aiding her experiments for many years, and she was responsible for giving Reaper his abilities, fans were quick to put two and two together and immediately thought she was the one who brainwashed and transformed Amélie Lacroix into Widowmaker. However, there is nothing in her bio that indicates she brainwashed Amélie. First of all, she's a geneticist, not someone tied to psychology that a person who could brainwash someone would need to have. It's shown that she alters DNA, not the mind, and her entire goals have revolved around advancements in genetics and biotic technology. Basically, as an Evilutionary Biologist, rather than a Psycho Psychologist. There's also nothing to indicate she's a master of torture either, and it took some amount of time consisting of intense psychological torture to break her will.

If she did do it, there would be something to point to it, like how it was explicitly shown that she made Reyes into Reaper. Talon most likely has more than one scientist, and their vast resources is a good indication that they have the means to to convert people to their side. If Moira was indeed involved, it was only a partial involvement, most likely she would've been the one to slow her heart to turn her blue, making her a deadly sniper who lacks emotion. But that doesn't translate directly to brainwashing her entirely, as that happened after she was already brainwashed. Overall, it's most likely that Moira wasn't the one most responsible for Amélie's transformation to Widowmaker, but rather someone else. It's also hard to imagine someone who is likely that irredeemably evil being made into a playable character, anyways.

    Other organization theories 
Talon's Assassination Attempt of Winston was a Xanatos Gambit Arranged by the Conspiracy
Awfully convenient that a nostalgic Winston who was literally looking for a reason to restart Overwatch ended up subject to the one thing that could push him over the edge, no? It seems like Talon kind of shot themselves in the foot, right? That's because the Conspiracy arranged for it to happen. They pulled enough strings to get Talon to try to off the remnants of Overwatch in order to provoke its restoration. If Winston had died and Reaper successfully hacked Athena, then they would have arranged for 76 or Tracer to recall Overwatch before Talon could have assassinated them. Why? Probably for whatever reason they created Overwatch, Talon, and ignited the Omnic Crisis in the first place.

The Conspiracy doesn't exist.
It's either a lie Sombra made up as to appear less evil and hide the fact she's just power-hungry, or all the years of hacking various governments and companies made her overly paranoid and she sees conspiracies everywhere.

The one behind everything is a God Program.
And it want`s to start the second Omnic Crisis so the Omnics will all form a collective and turn into a hivemind. Then it will wipe out humanity because they cannot join the hivemind.

The leader of the conspiracy is someone who would fly under the radar of every other character
  • This mysterious, manipulative Anti-Villain, would has ties with nearly every organization on the world, who could masquerade as a Vishkar Director one day and a Talon colonel the next, is a humble looking businessman, without any outstanding features that would bring suspicions towards him. His lifestyle is appropriately rather normal, and he would look like anyone you would find while walking down a city street. Just another Salary Man right?
    • WRONG! This unassuming man in a black suit and yellow tie is a master of trickery and manipulation, being able to cause vicious destruction and chaos while also crushing the free will of innocents for the sake of profits. The day job is merely a cover for his own machinations. Not the boss knows the truth about that "ordinary" desk worker. In short this conspiracy leader is the equivalent of Mikado if he was a businessman, pulling a Dollars Gang on the whole Earth.
    • Even Antartica?!
    • Even Antartica!
    • That actually felt like if that leader was something like Yoshikage Kira...
      • Hmmm... good idea actually...

The Shambali's religion is so close to Buddhist teachings because some Buddhist beliefs are actual concrete facts if you're an omnic.

Massive oversimplification of Buddhism here, but essentially, a big belief of it is transcending the need for a material world and achieving Nirvana. To do this, it may be necessary to reincarnate before you are fully removed from the need or want of material things. To a human, this is very hard to do, and it's dubious if reincarnation exists.

To an Omnic, however, reincarnating would be as simple as linking to a cloud and having your personality (or some vestige of it) put into a new body. They could do this if they feel they don't have the proper detachment from the world (which would be more difficult than it would be for a human being- they are literally manufactured). Then, once they fully believe they have put themselves through the Eightfold Path and exist in a Nibbanic state, they transcend into their own form of Nirvana- a large cloud server where their memories coalesce with other Omnics that have achieved the same state.

Of course, if this is the case, then that means the Omnics are floating around as data, somewhere concrete, meaning that if someone really wanted to screw over the Shambali order and/or Human-Omnic relations in general, all they would have to do is find this theoretical server and either destroy it, or implant a virus in it.

The Omnics that Volskaya is working with are against the Russian Omnics.

These Omics are from Omnic-friendly countries that are disgusted with their Russian counterparts who still want to destroy humanity. So they help Volskaya by giving her the tech she needs so that Russia has a fighting chance to stop the Russian Omnics. Volskaya accepts their help but keeps it a secret since her country is very anti-Omnic and wouldn't take it kindly that she was working with the enemy.

The proto-Tobelstein reactor was invented by Null Sector (or another Omnic terrorist group) and upgraded by Volskaya
The Null Sector OR-14s have the Halt ability, yet the Tobelstein reactor was part of Efi's shopping list. This seems mean that the Null Sector robots had these mini reactors, but modern OR-15s do not (unless the chassis Efi found had no weapons). However, this could be explained by the fact that OR-14s did not originally have Tobelstein reactors, but Null Sector added them on (Perhaps the Supercharger was also an upgrade). This also makes sense given that the reactor has been described as "emergent technology", and given that gravity would be a very complex thing to master, perhaps the Omnics used their processing power to figure out the solution. Given that Volskaya is known to use Omnic tech, it makes sense that they got the plans for the reactor and supersized it to do more damage. Efi knew about the Null Sector armaments and realized that the upgrades would be very helpful for her new robot.

The story in Dragons actually happened, and the Shimada family are the descendants of the dragons-turned-humans
The two dragons and their story are clearly meant as parallels to Genji and Hanzo, and Hanzo explicitly says that only a Shimada can control the dragons after he sees Genji use Dragonblade. After becoming human, the two dragons probably took wives and had families, and the descendants of those families could have become the Shimada family, with the spirits of the two dragons passed on through the family line, which would explain why only that one family can use the power. This would explain the fantastical nature of Genji and Hanzo's ultimates.
Related to the above: The dragons are aliens
Because OBVIOUSLY all mysticism in the Overwatch universe must be explained scientifically.

Vishkar Corporation (Symmetra's sponsor) is actually not as benevolent as everyone think it is.
The moral struggle Symmetra faces in the game suggests that at one point the corporation she works for will be revealed to be a bunch of Knight Templars who want to unite the world under their vision of Order. Light Is Not Good indeed.
  • There's some supporting evidence for this in Lucio's backstory. The Corporation were contracted to rebuild the city he lived in, and ended up imposing curfews and even going as far as exploiting the locals for cheap labour - which lead to Lucio stealing their Sonic Technology and leading an uprising to throw them out.
  • Even more evidence is shown in the comic short "A Better World", where they set fire to a Brazilian favela (i.e. slum neighborhood) so the people living there have no choice to accept the "improvements" the company have in store for them. This leads to several civilian casualties, while many more are injured - including a young girl whom Symmetra manages to save.

Lúcio will trigger Symmetra's defection from the Vishkar Corporation.
This is more of a supplementary material WMG, so bear with me. Symmetra's background mentions she sometimes questions if what she's doing is truly right for the world, but sticks with it all the same for now. The tipping point will be Lúcio, who's fame born from his uprising against Vishkar has caught their attention. Finally fed up with Lúcio spreading the word against them, the corporation orders Symmetra to assassinate Lúcio towards his next live show. This is the first time she's ever been directly ordered to kill someone, let alone a public activist. Eventually the two will come to blows, and Lúcio will be drilling into her brain who she's actually working for.

The Conspiracy is closely connected to the Iris.
The Iris is the deity/religion that the omnics - at least the Shambali ones - seem to worship, and many omnics have a very regular pattern of dots on their foreheads. And what's the one symbol for the Conspiracy that we've seen so far? An eye surrounded by a regular pattern of dots, with an unusually-shaped iris. Considering this link - which is far more visible than between the Conspiracy and other organizations - perhaps they are one and the same? It could be that the Conspiracy is some sort of an AI in the cloud that is so omnipresent, Mondatta assumed it to be a divinity of some sort when he discovered it.

The conspiracy is planning something big
The reason why the ringleader hasn't been found yet, is because he isn't on Earth to begin with. He is currently on a super secret base on Mars, constructing 72 powerful war machines, capable of delivering great deal of destruction over a very short amount. He is surrounded by only the best and most loyal of his followers. The Omnic Crisis is merely the beginning, a test run for the real thing. When this shadowy figure believes the time is right, he will re-open the rift from Mars back to Earth, and with the 72 Ars Goetia themed mechas, will subjugate Earth under a Mars - centered government. In other words, the conspiracy is actually Martian led one, and for all of Symmetra's efforts, she will not find her answers on Earth. If the Omnic Crisis was only a test run in their eyes, then what does that say about the real thing?

This conspiracy is actually being led by

    Map theories 
King's Row is an Eldritch Location

This is a silly theory, but hear me out.

In King's Row, there are at least two fake windows on the map (the other one is in a pub near the center of the map called the Fox and Bear) that, when looking at them from the outside, appear to show a room, but on the other side is a blank wall. This might just be a case of Special Effect Failure, but maybe it's something more.

King's Row is set in London, England, and there's even Elizabeth Tower at the first capture point (AKA the tower that houses Big Ben). However, this looks *nothing* like Westminster, where Elizabeth Tower is actually located- the building its attached to only vaguely resembles the House of Parliament, and it's far too short and thin to be the proper tower.

Furthermore, the map resembles a stereotypical Old London Town street, but Parliament Square, again, looks nothing like this. The whole place is a mish-mash of stereotypical London imagery, from a distillery to a pub to a bookstore and a high-end club. This can be said for all maps in the game, granted, but King's Row is particularly egregarious.

Furthermore, the last leg of the payload is the entrance to an underground Omnic city, one that has a depth that is impossible for London's swampy foundations- the River Thames leads to an estuary, for cripes' sake! Alien Geometries are in full effect, here.

Here's what I'm postulating: something came to Earth and needed a place to hide. It landed in London, and, needing to blend in, took elements that make people think of London (Elizabeth Tower, cathedrals, pubs, smokestacks in the background) and molded its sleeping place to resemble them, with the side effect of warping geometry around it. Something is lurking under King's Row...

  • What if this entity was behind the Omnic crisis...?
  • Maybe London as we know it was destroyed and someone decided to preserve the spirit of Old London Town with a development meant to mimic the look of the place pre-war. Similar to how Mr House "Preserves the spirit of Vegas" in Fallout New Vegas. this would also explain the area beneath the factory: its a crater.
  • Alternatively, it's the Masters preparing London for the Fall.

Oasis will know the same fate as Rapture.
  • The news articles about it says that "[The founders]'s dream was to build a city ruled by scientific principle, where research and innovation could occur without restrictions." And there's no way for that to end well.
    • Maybe Confirmed. They're morally ambiguous enough to have invited Moira to be their Minister of Genetics, but no sign of societal collapse yet.

The reason there's a fight on Hanamura
D.Va wants to make sure her high scores stay unbeaten, but either Sombra wants to delete her high scores or (if on D. Va's team) wants to get rid of anyone else's high score.

Alright, so how come everyone can breathe in space in the Horizon Lunar Colony map?
Based on what Jeff said, it seems like the heroes can just go outside the colony to freely romp around on the moon's surface. It's to implement the low-gravity gimmick without having it be everywhere and act as an anti-competitive gimmick, but honestly I see problems with how they handled it. I mean, this is the future, but is there any explanation for how everyone can breathe in space, or is this going against the game's aesthetic? I would understand adding low-grav parts of the map if they were just hallways not affected by the artificial gravity, but on the moon's surface?? With no explanation? Come on, this is future 101, there has to be some explanation!! Anyways, just a complaint. How do they all breathe in space?

  • The Horizon Lunar Colony pumps tons of oxygen and nitrogen into the air, allowing people without helmets to breathe outside in an emergency.
  • The Horizon Lunar Colony is under an invisible dome, in which all of it has breathable air.
  • Everyone who's gone to the moon has been injected with a serum that allows them to breathe without oxygen or nitrogen before they engaged in any of its activities.
  • Everyone who goes out into the outside holds their breath.
  • Transparent skintight spacesuits ala Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    Upcoming content theories 

Potentiality of this current Overwatch leak being true
So somewhere someone said someone's uncle works at Overwatch or whatever or did some datamining and found some upcoming leaks. I didn't want to believe this since there were no images, and it's probably most certainly fake, but then, when it talked about undead hunter Mccree and how it was an upcoming Halloween skin, it turned out to be true, so putting the rest of the leak in this post wouldn't hurt.

  • There will be a new hero, healer-class, who uses goop and acid to heal.
  • Ana will get a plague doctor skin for Halloween.

There will be a new gamemode where the goal is to destroy the objective

New datamined voicelines suggest a gamemode where the heroes have to destroy an objective.

Future costumes for characters
Just a collection of possible outfits to be included via DLC in the future. Feel free to post your own ideas.
  • Torbjörn and Mercy will get their Halloween costumes as shown in the picture from the "Recall" video.
    • No Viking Skin for Torb as yet, but 2016's Halloween event gave Mercy a Witch skin.
      • As of 2017, Torbjorn now has a Viking skin.
  • Lúcio will get an outfit directly advertising the Vishkar Corporation, showing what the tech originally looked like before Lúcio modified it for his own use.
  • Tracer will get a "phase ghost" look, a design meant to invoke her state of being Unstuck in Time without her chronal accelerator.
  • Zenyatta will get a skin similar to Bastion's "Omnic Crisis" which will show what would Zenyatta looks like if he was evil. And it will be utterly terrifying.
    • Confirmed with his Cultist skin.
  • Widwomaker will get an "Amélie" skin, showing what she looked like before Talon abducted and conditioned her.
  • Tracer's color options will eventually include all the Spice Girls. Right now her purple level color swaps are Posh and Sporty.
  • Zenyatta could get a skin that has him don Tekhartha Mondatta's robes.
  • Bastion will have a Transformers skin, transforming into a tank when in turret mode.
  • Lúcio will get some new sporting goods to celebrate the Olympics, since Rio is the host of the 2016 Olympics.
    • Confirmed with 2016's "Summer Games" event, which gave him soccer gear.
    • To add to his hockey alt, give him alternate palettes for all 30 National Hockey League teams. If that's too much, two alts with the most recent Stanley Cup finalists instead.
  • Soldier: 76 will get what is essentially a Captain America suit, with the Serial Numbers Filed Off, just to really drive home his expy status as Jack Morrison.
  • will get a skin that makes her mech look like an aquarium: The upper half is as such and is in a diver suit piloting the mech from in the water.
    • This, but instead of an aquarium, it resembles a submarine/scuba diver. It'll be called "D.ver"
  •, Widowmaker or Tracer will get a skin that makes them resemble an Anime schoolgirl.
    • Confirmed for D. Va with the release of her Academy skin in 2019.
  • Symmetra, Orisa, Zenyatta, and Ana/Pharah will get Summer Games skins. Especially Orisa, who hasn't gotten a single event skin yet.
    • None of these heroes got 2017 summer games skins, sorry to break it to you.
    • Adding to that, Orisa did get an event skin, for Uprising 2016. It was a legendary skin, too!
  • D.Va will get a skin that recolors her to look like Asuka Langely Soryu, and her MEKA like Unit-02. In addition, some of her quotes will either be replaced by some of Asuka's more notable quotes, or Blizzard will go the extra mile and have Tiffany Grant redub all of Charlet Chung's lines for use when the skin is active.

Future Events
So it's safe to assume that Overwatch will have one event every two months, now that we've had an event in the months of August, October, December, February, April, and June. So there'll be an event in those six different months.

August, October, December, and February will be months dedicated to holidays, since that's how they were this year.

April is the month dedicated to a lore-based event.

And June will always hold the event of Overwatch's anniversary, and will always be for the anniversary each time, and always show off new legendary skins for the heroes, all of which not held to any theme in particular.

Below are some events that fit within those months that Overwatch could have, aside from ones they haven't already used.

  • October
    • Oktoberfest — The next event, taking place after Halloween or being a part of its theme. Mercy will get a lederhosen skin for sure. Other people getting skins will be Reinhardt and Torbjorn.
    • Dia De Los Muertos — A variant of the Halloween Event centered around Sombra and Reaper.

  • December
    • Boxing Day — Part of the theming for Christmas.

  • February
    • St. Valentines' Day, which may or may not confirm some suspicions about Mercy and Genji.

  • April
    • Cherry Blossom Festival — An event centered around Hanzo and Genji.

  • June
    • Buddha's Birthday, an event centered around Zenyatta.

Beach-themed skins for Heroes coming this Summer Games Event
Hardworking dataminers found that this Summer Games' event is going to have a beach theme, as it's titled "Back to the Beach". So what kind of beach-themed skins are we to expect August 2nd?

Note: These ideas were stolen from r/Overwatch

  • Reinhardt, with an inflatable toy hammer.
  • Hawaiian Dad bod Soldier: 76.
  • Junkrat in an old-timey beach suit, with water-bombs.
  • Coconut-throwing Islander Zenyatta. (He could use water bombs too, who knows)
  • Supersoaker Zarya with a whirlpool-themed ult.
  • Popeye Doomfist.
  • Deep Sea Bell Diver Roadhog/
  • Roadhog with a fishing pole/harpoon gun instead of a hook.
  • Grillmaster Torbjorn.
  • Orisa as a lobster/crab-themed robot.
  • Shark/Killer Whale Reaper. His Wraith mode will show a shark fin sticking out of the aura, like a Shark's dorsal fin sticks out while it circles its prey.
  • Sailor Lucio (Or Reaper)
  • Pharah as a Seagull or Albatross. Regardless, she'll have a water jetpack.
  • Shark Mech
  • Reinhardt in a red speedo and a surfboard for a hammer, called "The Hasselhardt"
  • Fanservice Lifeguard Mercy. Some lines will have her say water safety tips, such as "Don't eat 30 minutes before swimming!". One of her guardian angel lines will have her say "I'm diving in!"
  • Old timey Ice cream truck vendor Mei With a popsicle stick sticking below Snowball that makes it look like a popsicle treat.
  • Starfish-themed shuriken on Genji.
  • Winston with an electric-eel gun.
  • Pufferfish-shooting Junkrat.
  • Hanzo as a shirtless surfer, with a sharktooth necklace. His ultimate will unleash sharks instead of dragons.
  • Sandcastle-builder Mei who makes sand walls/blocks instead of ice, with a quicksand ult.
  • Marine-themed Bastion, with a seagull.

  • Whatever skins gets, her ultimate line will be replaced with "Surf this!"
  • And Mccree's will be "It's hiiiigh tiiide..."
    • Sadly none of these were confirmed, aside from Hawaiian shirt Soldier: 76. Mccree doesn't say "Surf this" in his ultimate line, but it's written on his lanyard.

Almost every hero will get a new epic/legendary skin for Halloween.
2017 edition! Especially banking on heroes that didn't get a skin last year, let's make predictions and hope for the best.

  • Since Overwatch's summer games event this year had a bit of a different theme, maybe this year's halloween event will also play out differently — whether its Oktoberfest themed, Day of the Dead themed or maybe having a cosplay theme this time.
    • Jossed there's no definite theme going on except "Halloween."

  • Tracer will get a skin reminiscent of a ghost, since her state without her chronal accelerator counts as one.
    • Alternatively, Quicksilver/the Flash-looking superhero Tracer.
      • Jossed
  • Widowmaker or Zarya will get a skin naturally reminiscent of either Frankenstein's wife or a spider-themed mistress, or perhaps a female Dracula.
  • Reinhardt or Torbjorn will get a skin that makes him resemble Thor. Not Marvel Thor necessarily, but Thor from German mythology, with his ornate hammer and red beard, and the works.
    • Confirmed for Torbjorn, his viking skin is meant to take from Thor with his hammer.
  • Pharah or Ana will get a skin that makes them look like a pharaoh or a mummy.
    • Jossed
  • Mccree will get a skin that makes him look like a cowboy skeleton.
  • Doomfist will get a skin that makes him look like a mummy.
    • Jossed
  • Ana will get a skin that makes her an Alchemist, with a detailed, beautiful robe with bottles lined up on her sides. Her voice lines for biotic grenade will change as well.
    • Either that or it'll go for another creepy ugly mask like from the Lunar New Year and make Ana look like a disgusting hag witch.
      • Jossed, Ana got a pirate skin.
  • Lucio will get a skin that makes him look like a werewolf. (?)
    • Jossed
  • Sombra will get a skin that makes her black cat-themed. She'll have lines referencing bad luck.
    • Jossed
  • Orisa will get a skin that makes her resemble a spider, or other nefarious insect.
    • Alternatively, a Lovecraft-inspired tentacle/sea monster, like Cthulhu.
      • Jossed, Zenyatta got that skin.
  • will get a skin that makes her mech look like a gruesome monster.
    • Or a pumpkin carriage in reference to Cinderella.
      • Jossed
  • Winston will get a skin that makes him like Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, since it fits in with his scientist / brute nature.
    • Jossed
  • A robin-hood bird-like Genji skin, with a beak similar to Reapers, in reference to the Sparrow theme associated with him.
    • Jossed
  • A Bastion skin where he's made out of cardboard and pipe-tubing, kind of like the robot soldier from Team Fortress 2.
    • Jossed
  • Some skins of what Talon wore during the Masquerade comic.
    • Jossed
  • Some skins of what the cast wore during the Junkenstein comic.
    • Confirmed for Ana and Torbjorn.

  • There'll be a new highlight intro where Ana scares the viewer with her mask, complete with a scare cord, and then takes it off and chuckles at the viewer's fright.
    • Jossed

  • Reaper will get a skin that's mostly the same, except his mask is replaced with a jack-o-lantern, either that or one where his cape resembles Dracula's. Or maybe Frankenstein himself?
    • Confirmed a bit, his halloween skin on the cover shows him with both the jack-o-lantern head and a large collar, although the collar is tributed more to the Headless Horseman than Dracula.
    • Better yet, a costume duo: Junkrat as Frankenstein and Roadhog as Frankenstein's monster.
      • Confirmed. They get a "Junkenstein" and "Junkenstein's Monster" costume.
  • Mei, Torbjörn or Junkrat will get a skin that makes them resemble a mad scientist.
    • Confirmed for Junkrat, atleast.
  • Reinhardt's skin will make him resemble a traditional knight or king, atleast with the helmet. Or perhaps some sort of ghost in knight's armor?
    • Confirmed on the latter part. His Coldhardt skin surely makes him resemble a ghost in Knight's armor, but that's probably not the case.
  • Winston's skin will make him more beastly, Werewolf, bigfoot or the abominable snowman, to be specific.
    • Jossed, although Winston does have an abominable snowman skin now, it was introduced in the Christmas update rather than the Halloween update.
  • Mercy (Or Ana, atleast for the former) will get a skin that makes her resemble a witch doctor or just a witch in general.
    • Confirmed for Mercy being a witch, as predictable as that was.
  • Other heroes who didn't get legendaries will probably get an epic skin which recolors them to be orange and black.
    • Jossed for most cases, although this is confirmed for Ana.

Bastion's next skin has a puffin as his bird

And his body is made of rocks. You heard it here first.

[WMG: The 2017 Event takes place in Junkertown, and utilizes Junkrat and Roadhog's Motorcycles]The motorcycles have hit detection. Torbjorn's turret aims at the motorcycles automatically. Something's up.

Brian, the kid with the Raynor's Raiders hoodie, will end up playable.
Not too big a stretch to think that a character-pack or two past release, the kid that Tracer told "The world can always use more heroes" will become one.
  • Not only will Brian become a Hero, but he will play a role similar to Nick Fury in The Avengers movie and will be responsible for the reformation of Overwatch or the creation of it's successor organization.
  • Brian's use of the giant Power Fist to deck Widowmaker will end up being a Chekhov's Gun, and thus his weapon of choice (or special ability) during gameplay.
  • Jossed, at least for now - the last three heroes have all been announced. This does not rule out the possibility of more Heroes in the future however.
Doomfist is the next character to be released.
If you pause at 1:04 in Junkrat and Roadhog's introduction video, behind Junkrat mine-jumping off the platform is a poster that says "Doomfist exhibit ... Coming Soon"
  • Jossed - the last three Heroes have been revealed - D.Va, Mei and Genji. That said, there doesn't seem to be anything saying he won'tbe added in the future.
    • He's been confirmed as of July 2017, about a year after the game's release.
New game mode will be a Boss Fight

Characters will respond to a call, and run into a giant robot rampaging the map. Size of a building, armed to the teeth. Capturing points would mean destroying defences Inside of the robot, and slowly chipping away at his "health".

Future hero ideas.
I'll start:

  • Rocket: A 20-year old male from California, Rocket (real name Tim Johnson) lives in an apartment in Busan with Hana Song (D.Va). It should be mentioned that Rocket and D.Va are in a romantic relationship. He grew up in a military family, and was eventually recruited by the South Korean government as a bodyguard for D.Va. During this time, they connected over their mutual love of gaming, and fell in love. Rocket plays similar to the Soldier from Team Fortress 2, without the gung-ho attitude. His primary weapon is a rocket launcher similar to Pharah's, only it carries four rockets at a time instead of six, has a much slower reload time, the rockets travel slower (meaning Rocket has to lead his targets more than Pharah) and closely resembles the FGM-148 Javelin; conversely, Rocket is also designed around rocket-jumping for improved mobility (as an Anti-Frustration Feature, Rocket takes no damage from rocket-jumping), and his rockets have more splash damage than Pharah's. His outfit consists of a standard American soldier's outfit, with his helmet emblazoned with the California state flag. Rocket is an offensive hero, but is also designed around supporting and complementing D.Va. His abilities include a repair gun that can repair various machines such as D.Va's mech, Zenyetta, and Symmetra's sentries and teleporters, a pistol for handling faster heroes like Tracer and Genji, and an electro-grenade that can short out weapons for a few seconds. His ultimate is Screamin' Eagles, which enables him to rapid fire up to ten rockets while rocket-jumping. He works best alongside D.Va, as he can juggle opponents to allow D.Va to get easy kills; conversely, D.Va can lay down suppressive fire and work enemies into a corner to allow Rocket to finish them off. Rocket specifically can also stand on top of D.Va's mech to serve as a pocket medic and extra eye, and also has the unique ability to pick up and carry D.Va out of harm's way if her mech is destroyed (he can't use his weapons or abilities in this state, but his speed is doubled to around the same speed as Solder 76s Sprint; D.Va is also unable to use her Light Gun, though to compensate, her Ultimate charge rate is tripled; if Rocket is eliminated while carrying D.Va, she will be unharmed, but will also cry out in despair and will receive a five-second, 40% damage boost to her Light Gun, a state known as "Lover's Vengeance"; this is why players tend not to kill Rocket while he's carrying D.Va). As a last resort, if D.Va's mecha isn't ready, and both she and Rocket took damage while fleeing to safety, they can kiss to heal each other's damage. Rocket is designed as a parody of an Author Avatar, especially ones who treat certain characters as the love interest of their self-insert (in this case, D.Va).
    • And he'll be voiced by Chris Metzen, as a Take That Me to the Creator's Pet status of Thrall.
      • Wouldn't Metzen be too old or his voice being too gravy to voice a 20 years old boy?

Here's something I've been planning, I suppose:

  • The Hunter: Meant to be represent an elite Talon Assassin, not much backstory than being a dangerous killer even being ambiguously gendered to represent that such an assassin can be anyone. Hunter is an Attack "hero" that wields two hardlight swords as their primary weapon, preferring speed over power, they can attack far faster than Reinhardt and Ultimate Gengi but not as hard and with a slightly shorter range compared to the two (also to give an idea, the hit rate would be about 75 hit per swing since I'm still crunching the numbers for balancing purposes). Hunter also has a sprint ability similar to 76 but adds the ability to jump higher and farther as long as their sprinting. Along with that they have a passive that allows for double damage as long as you're directly behind someone and to help with that they have access to a invisibility as an ability, though this ability has a long cooldown and short usable time span, as well as being still vulnerable to the highlight moves that Widowmaker and Hanzo has and shutting off the ability if they take any damage no matter how damaging. Hunter's ultimate is "Smoke Out" which creates a large smoke cloud (about the size of a capture point) in their general area and activates their passive so as long they or a target is in the cloud.

  • Bayani: Joker "Joseph" Bayani, a Filipino-American Defense Hero (associates mostly with the Philippines and yes Joker is an actual name for Filipinos). A former US soldier who used the military for college entrance purposes. During his time in the Army and later in College, He decided he can do a whole lot more good for the world as a part of Overwatch and joined as a trainee days before its disbandment. Now He works as an agent of the United Nations as part of a team that continue's to investigate overwatch's secrets. Gameplay-wise He's a defense builder Hero designed to either be an anti-flanker or chokepoint creator armed with a burst fire rifle and two combat drones backing him. His alt-fire allows him to switch his drone's between two modes, an offense mode that causes them shoot at targets you shoot at, essentially tripling damage output, or defense mode which causes the drones to perform an AOE damage effect that slows people that get too close to Bayani, as well as alerting him to who ever got close. Bayani can also drop a hardlight Barricade. The hardlight part is mostly indestructible and impassable by both sides, capable of taking even sustained Bastion Fire, but Beam weapons that Mei, Zarya and Winston have can shoot through the barrier and hit the vulnerable projector, as well as the owner Bayani's rifle and drones can shoot through which can increase damage slightly but also has a chance to slow opponents. His second ability uses up a drone and changes depending on what mode the drones are in, If in offense mode, a drone will stay in place and become a turret and if in defense mode will drop onto the ground and do the same AOE effect but will keep it up so as long as an enemy is in its range. He can use up both drones individually. His Ultimate is "Deploy Third Drone," which allows him to remote pilot a third heavily upgraded Drone which shoots explosive rounds, is fairly durable, and will explodes to deal high damage should the ultimate end or it gets destroyed near the end of its time span.

Everyone knows this name, but I want to add a little backstory.

  • Doomfist: Originally an American Engineer, this man thought he could turn his construction/demolition equipment towards the war effort against the Omnics. By the time he had finished a portable kinetic enhancer (The eventual Doomfist), Overwatch was rapidly turning the tide in humanity's favour. Now that his equipment was no longer necessary, he lost the funding he was receiving which put a crippling halt on all of his research. Furious, the man lashed out in the company headquarters and levelled it with a single punch. Overwatch were among the first responders, and the inventor snapped at that point. "You doomed me!" he shouted, and so he would doom them. He was defeated in a climatic battle, and went down in history as the world's first "super villain" Doomfist. After years of failed attacks against the organization, by the time he had broken out of prison and developed a replacement gauntlet, Overwatch was legally shutdown by the Petras Act. This enraged Doomfist as badly as when his funding was cut. He was denied his revenge, or so it seemed. The Underground was alive with news and gossip. Overwatch was coming back, under the radar to make a difference again. Even if his equipment was sub-par to what he once was, Doomfist was going to retake his destiny and crush Overwatch. Doomfist would be in his late forties to early fifties, an Attack character who's primary weapon was the lesser Doomfist, a close range melee weapon. His alt trigger would be an uppercut attack that would lift targets off the ground like a lesser form of Junkrat's landmine, meant to disrupt enemy abilities and setup assist takedowns. One ability would be a Dash Attack. If he knocks an enemy into a wall with it, they'd be temporarily stunned. Another ability would be a personal shield buff, described as Doomfist refreshing his rage at Overwatch to ignore his pain. The self shield is pitiful compared to a Tank character, but good for a quick patch of survivability. His ultimate would be "Bringer of Doom", where Doomfist would temporarily overload his gauntlet's power output to come closer to his original model's power and then strike the ground, creating a heavy damage dealing shockwave in a 360 radius around himself.
    • Whether you edited this after the actual Doomfist announcement is uncertain, but this is, in some ways, pretty accurate to the actual Doomfist. Akande was the heir to a prosthetics technology company, and his fist, which was built for him after the Omnic Crisis, is in some ways a portable kinetic enhancer, well, that's literally what it is but it's not necessarily called that, but it counts. Doomfist was also a humble person before he turned evil, though not necessarily on his own terms. And he is 45, so pretty close to late-forties. The abilities you listed, though, are very spot-on: He is an Offense (Attack) hero, he has an uppercut attack that lifts targets off the ground (His shift though, not his alt-fire), he has a dash attack ability that knocks enemies away and stuns them, doing additional status if they hit a wall, and he even has a personal shield buff like you described. And his ultimate does have him strike the ground, doing a 360 degree shockwave. And if you want to get technical, Doomfist's voice actor IS American.

Fuck it, it's WMG. So I'll just drop this here.

  • The Pyro from Team Fortress 2: With all this near-magitech levels of technological advancement, it's highly unlikely that someone hasn't dabbled into inter-dimensional teleportation (or tying in with both the lore and the above WMG's, more stabilized time-travel) technology. To summarize, Winston (or some other scientist) creates an inter-dimensional portal for "reasons" (most likely For Science!), something goes wrong, and the Pyro gets teleported to the Overwatch dimension. The portal device, already unstable to begin with will self-destruct soon afterwards, leaving Overwatch with a crazed pyromaniac until another portal is constructed. The Pyro would be a support class (unlike in Team Fortress 2 where he was offense) and specialize in crowd control through damage, with his weapons and abilities being not all that powerful, but can cause persistent afterburn damage that can quickly kill if not extinguished. Only Mei, the Pyro himself and any sort of healing ability/class/health pickup can extinguish burning teammates. The Pyro would be armed with his stock flamethrower which can only be reloaded once the tank is completely drained. He can extinguish burning teammates for a health bonus, reflect projectiles, thaw frozen teammates and melt ice walls and any Mei that has activated Cryo-freeze. His first ability would see him fire off a shot from his Flare Gun, which would function identically as in Team Fortress 2 unless shot at someone already aflame, causing it to explode and set enemies alight in an area. His second ability be based off of the scrapped Napalm grenade, which would create a burning puddle of liquid that can be walked through, but is painful and ill-advised to do so. His ultimate would be the Armageddon taunt which, instead of instakilling, creates a ring of fire that travels at a moderate speed, setting enemies on fire and bouncing off of walls until it expires after 12 seconds. The taunt takes the same amount of time to pull off leaving the Pyro vulnerable to attacks. Cosmetics and taunts would mostly be derived from Team Fortress 2 these could possibly include:
    • Taunts:
      • The Pool Party.
      • The Party Trick.
      • The Balloonibouncer.

    • Victory Poses.
      • The Sitting Pyro.
      • The Director's Vision (Randomises between masculine and feminine).
      • Hi-Five.
      • The Humiliation standing pose.
    • Cosmetics:
      • RED
      • BLU
      • GRN
      • YLW
      • Cosmetic Sets with unique uniforms.
      • Here, have some ideas for skins:
      • Unskilled: Gibus, Pyrovision Goggles, Mercenary badge.
      • Sons of Arsony: The cosmetic set of the same name.
      • Mmmph: Pyroland skin (Rainblower, infernal orchestra, burning bongos, and ultimate has happy bubbles and rainbows everywhere.)
      • Mann: Robot from MVM.
      • Helpful: Pybro.

I'm gonna add a little something.

  • Saya: Saya Shimada is the youngest member of the Shimada siblings, and current head of the Shimada Clan. Growing up, Genji was her best friend and awesome Big brother. Her and Hanzo never really got along, as she didn't care much for the affairs of the Shimada business either, and in fact participated in Genji's hard partying shanigans. At 20 her father died, and a few weeks later, Hanzo had a duel to the death that left Genji dead, or so she thought. Heartbroken and filled with rage and hate towards her eldest brother, she challenged Hanzo for control of the Shimada clan. After a long hard fight Saya defeated Hanzo, but choose spare him and kicked him out of the clan. Saya was now in charge, but some weren't happy about it. So a inner war between Hanzo's supporters and her faction ensued. Her high intelligence and new ruthlessness served her well. Her faction won, and she personally executed 32 of the dissenters. Since then she has worked to increase the Shimada's influence, any way she can, in the boardroom, in the shadows, or in combat herself. Unlike her Brothers, Saya has no dragon abilities, which she makes up for in martial skill and the best tech money can buy. What will she do when she learns Genji still lives? Her Arsenal consists of a Kusarigama, Kunai, a heavily shielded battle suit and smoke grenades. She mainly strikes with her Kusarigama, a sickle with a ball and chain at the other end. She can slash as her primary attack. Her poisoned Kunai are her Alt, when they strike a target they do sustained damage over time. 10HP for the intitial strike, and 10HP every 10 seconds until the poison wears off, about 30 HP in 30 seconds poison time. She can up the dosage, and extend the time it takes to wear off for every other knife that hits it's Mark. She can also use her Kusarigama to trip up a foe by wrapping the chain around their legs and a solid yank afterwards. Like Genji and Hanzo, she can run up walls and wallrun for a time. Her Ultimate is "Disappear", throwing down a smoke grenade to envelope herself, or if they are close enough the entire team in smoke. Good for a quick getaway, disrupting enemies, and holding a point.

Here's something:

  • Rayne: An evil counterpart to Zenyatta, a floating ghost-like Omnic terrorist anarchist. Nothing is know about it, rumors range from it being a scarily efficient Omnic still programmed to fight as if the Omnic Crisis was still going, to it being what caused the omnic crisis in the first place. Rayne is a support class about causing chaos on the enemy team. Rayne has no direct way of fighting, its primary attack being a powerful slowing beam that deals no damage but is nearly invisible, can fully affect a target from afar, will pierce through targets, can bypass barriers and shutdown buildings and bastion turret mode so long as they keep hitting it. the alt fire is a kinetic blast, dealing no damage but blowing any targets near by away. Rayne's first ability is to turn a single ally invisible, making them nearly invisible unless highlighted, invisibility is broken when Rayne takes damage, the ally attacks, or the ally moves out of Rayne's line of sight, of which the ability is put on a long cooldown. The second ability is possess, which allows for Rayne to jump into the body of an ally, from there it can't control the ally but will allow for Rayne to use any of its own abilities with the ally being the focal point. Rayne's ultimate is "Anti-Equivalence" which will freeze all nearby enemies abilities except for their primary fire and force it to go on cooldown after its over, while lowering the cooldown rate of allies.

Stupid Idea Incoming:

  • Williams: An Expy of western Samurai William Adams, he is a self-proclaimed ronin traveling the world, wielding his trusty katana which was modified to be able to absorb energy to send out sharp projectiles, fighting for justice whenever it calls to him. After hearing news of Overwatch returning, Williams sets for a new journey, hoping to join the organization in the fight against injustice. An Offense hero who uses his katana to fire projectiles that can deal 20 damage, with a fairly good fire rate, at 25 shots. Williams' passive is Enemy Step, where he can jump on his opponents to get behind them, whether for attacking or escaping. His two abilities are Shearing Wind (2 second activation, 7 second cooldown), where he will lock on to a number of opponents and send out seeking projectiles that can deal 30 damage but will not follow the enemy for very long, and Energy Flow (2 seconds activation, 10 second cooldown), in which he will raise his katana in a defensive stance, with each bullet blocked giving the sword energy until he releases it in a cone-area burst that can do 60 damage. Williams' Ultimate is Swift Ambush (6 seconds of activation), where he will go into melee, using his katana to attack, but with a twist: each successful slash will leave a mark on the opponent, and after the ultimate ends, Williams will sheathe his sword and then the slashes will damage the opponent, with 80 damage to each mark left on the victim. If he is killed during the ult, any attack that leaves a mark will work immediately but will only do 20 damage.

  • Zaurus: A monster created in Talon's laboratories, Zaurus resembles a dinosaur but is in truth a genetic mish-mash of several different species, including a few undiscovered ones. A tank hero with a playstyle revolving around mobility, flanking and harassing, capable of leaping great distances and climbing on walls. His primary "fire" is composed of clawing and punching, while his secondary fire is a powerful bite. His shift ability is to leap great a distance and deliver a ground-pound attack upon landing. His E is to rip a large boulder out of the ground and toss it at the enemy. He has a passive health regen that slowly regenerates his health if he hasn't been damaged for a few seconds. His ultimate is a fire breath attack. Zaurus serves as a Foil to Winston, having a relationship with Widowmaker that's similar to Winston's with Tracer (WM taunts Tracer with this "You have your pet, I have mine"). But Zaurus does not share Winston's intelligence, not even capable of speaking in anything except animalistic roars and snarls. A fight between the two in an animated short will be vaguely similar to another famous monster fight. For crying out loud, Winston even has a gun that gives him electrical powers, Blizzard is too geeky NOT to do it.

  • Angler: Dave Tucker did not have many things to look forward to growing up: he grew up in a rural backwater cabin in the heart of a swamp in Louisiana, his Redneck neighbors were almost as obnoxious and bad as his family, his house was always pest-infested, etc. He had only 4 joys in his life: Fishing, Whiskey, his younger sister Jane, and his treasured Double-Barrel Sawed-Off Shotty "Vermin Catcher" When he was only 16, in the midst of the Omnic Crisis, a small platoon of Bastions invaded his hometown. With the help of his neighbors, they were able to fight of the platoon...but his sister Jane died in the scuffle while Dave was trying to get her to safety. After her death; Dave decided that his town no longer had anything for him, packed his stuff, and left his town to try and live on the road. For the next 30 years, he traveled around various southern states, making a living off catching and selling fish. His only memories of home were a picture of Jane and his Shotty. 30 years later, he caught word of the world needing a few heroes. Wanting to do a bit of good (and wanting to make up for Jane's death) he enlisted into Overwatch. His gameplay would have him make use of two weapons: His Rod and Vermin Catcher. The Rod could be casted out with LMB, the longer its held the farther it goes. When it lands, the hook at the end would partially bury itself in the ground. The camera switches to where the hook is buried and he is immobile when using this trap until the hook is either reeled in or the line breaks. The hook can be reeled in with RMB to change its position, but it would be visible when being reeled in and you would make a little 'reeling in' sound when doing it. To lure people in, enemy Reapers would see fake souls where the hook is and enemy Torbjörns would see fake scrap metal. When anyone steps on the hook, they get trapped and you can reel them in with RMB. The more health they have, the slower they are to reel in. And if they use any movement abilities (Blink, Combat Roll, Amp It Up Speed Boost, etc.) they would have a chance of breaking the line and escaping. If successfully reeled in, Angler would then automatically switch to his Vermin Catcher to finish them off. The Vermin Catcher has 2 shots per clip doing 145 damage per shot if all the pellets connect, and RMB with it will fire both barrels at once doing 290 damage with the Alt-fire if all pellets connect. However, the shotgun has MASSIVE spread (anything outside of 2 meters wont be too hurt and anything outside of 4 meters will hardly be tickled) and the reload time is a bit sluggish. With The Rod out, his E ability would be a multi-hook that has a 12 second cooldown. It changes the hook on the end of his line into a multi-hooked like that allows him to snag up to 3 enemies on one reel. His SHIFT ability would be increasing his reeling speed by 40% and decreasing reeling noise by 50% for 5 seconds with a 12 second cooldown. With his Vermin Catcher out, his E ability would be taking a swig of whiskey. It would last 1.5 seconds and fully heal him up (200 HP) but would have 15 second cooldown and make him have shaky aim for 5 seconds. His SHIFT ability would be throwing his whiskey bottle at an enemy. If hit: they take 50 initial damage, start bleeding, take 30 more damage over a 5 second period, and would have their aim become a bit shaky for those 5 seconds. His ultimate would be called "Spearfishing". It would involve him pulling out a Speargun with a firecracker attached to the spear-tip. It has one shot. If it hits an enemy, it hurts them for 100 damage before blowing up for 300 damage to anyone in a 3 meter radius. He would be most effective against frontline heroes with low health (Mei, Soldier 76, etc.) and generally unaware players. He would be least effective against targets with lots of HP (Roadhog, D.Va, etc.) and flankers who could get the jump on him when he is in his immobile rod state or are fast enough to avoid both his shots (Genji, Tracer, etc.)

  • Pulse. An Offense Hero who can break apart formations, and isolate other heroes to easily take them out. A prototype for a new Omnic model that can manipulate Electromagnetic Waves. It was originally intended for construction purposes, until Talon stole the prototype and heavily modified it to become a top-notch killing machine. The organization intends to send "Pulse" across different battlefields in order to gather test data, with the full intention of mass-producing the model should it pass with flying colors. Little do they know that Pulse was made with a contingency program that resists changes to it's original programming. And that it's still fighting Talon's modifications. Main weapons is EM Repulsor (Think Iron Man) that fires projectiles at a steady rate. 20 rounds per clip. Abilities are Magnetic Hold (6 sec. cooldown), which fires a projectile that traps the opponent in their exact position for one second. For example, if it hits Winston mid-jump, he won't drop to the ground. He'll stay in the exact position, dangling in the air. Magnetic Ram (8 sec. cooldown) is a combination of Roadhog's Hook and Reinhardt's Charge. Shoots a hook towards an enemy, and rams towards the target if it connects. Deals a solid 120 damage and does pushback. (As you can already imagine, Magnetic Ram can be combo'd into Magnetic Hold.) EM Dash (10 sec. cooldown) is basically an escape maneuver. Can be used to escape ults like Graviton Surge or Blizzard. Pulse's ultimate is Magnetic Pull, which lasts for 6 seconds. Replaces Primary Fire. Hook a target, pull them towards you, and turn them into a projectile, dealing 250 damage as they get shot away. And if they end up colliding with their teammates, it will deal 30 damage as well as push them back, breaking apart formations and opening them to being hooked.

An idea based primarily on my friend's griping about Sombra:

  • Bosephus. This guy's another southerner, a defense hero who specializes in area control/denial and damage over time. The Omnic that took the name of Bosephus lived in the South Carolina countryside with his human lover Maria. Times being what they were, history's tendency to repeat itself manifested as an anti-Omnic mob burning their house down, trapping the two inside. The metal one was lucky to make it intact, though he suffered serious damage, physical and emotional. Distraught at the loss of the one human who treated him with humanity, something inside Bosephus broke. Wielding the flames of his own downfall, he has waged a one-bot war against all humans, while still harboring a special hatred for Omnics like Zenyatta, who still think that humanity could be anything more than the mass of simpleminded, xenophobic meatbags it proved itself to be on that fateful night. Much like the Pyro, Bosephus wields a cobbled-together flamethrower for his primary weapon, with approximately 10 seconds of continuous fire per fuel capsule. Alt-fire spreads a cloud of volatile fuel that goes off when hit by Bosephus' attacks or enemy fire, and disperses in 15 seconds. Both of these attacks provide afterburn, which deals damage over time like Venom Mine and reveals enemy Thermoptic Camo. Afterburn can be cancelled by Mei’s primary fire. His first ability is a “Molotov Cocktail”, which is a thrown weapon that explodes on contact with a wall or character and provides a moderate amount of damage and afterburn, lingering for 5 seconds. His second ability, “razor wire”, lays down a short “fence” of razor wire about half as wide and 1/3 as tall as Mei’s ice wall. Razor Wire does not block movement, but provides a slowing effect and moderate-high damage when a character is in it. It breaks after dealing or sustaining 100 damage. Bosephus’ ultimate is known as “Retribution”. Smashing a Molotov over his head, Bosephus gains an “auto-run” quality”, some extra HP, and high aura/contact damage and afterburn. Bosephus is a Trap Master like Junkrat or (kinda) Mei, but in addition to restricting movement, his abilities can be used quick enough to make the enemy seriously regret stepping into his territory. To contrast, his broken down and burned chassis isn’t exactly good for defense, making him something of a Glass Cannon note , ensuring a bit more of a stealthy and tactical approach. His traps and close range finesse are good against “harassers” such as Tracer, Genji, and (especially) Sombra, but if a Sniper draws a bead on him, he’s one dead bot. And I swear I came up with this before reading the other WMGs.

An idea based on future story development in any case Symmetra pulls a Heel–Face Turn:

  • Dominus. A test-tube baby project that was put on by Vishkar ever since they picked up Satya Vaswani from her childhood (we will pretend that this is a male). The Vishkar Corporation realized the possibilities that there could be a mishap in raising a child they kidnapped to be their ace, but Satya's talent wasn't to be wasted. For that, as Satya continued to develop her skills, they put the data of her advancement to a test-tube baby that they developed in their hidden lab. Codenamed 'Dominus' but not even granted with a real boy's name (so he's literally nameless, only having a codename), he is raised to eventually surpass Symmetra, but with the added effect of absolute loyalty programmed right in his birth. If Symmetra was Raised by Orcs, then Dominus is a literal Tyke Bomb. As a result of this, when Dominus was released, he came with Creepy Monotone and he was released before his body ever reached teen age, making him a Creepy Child. Eventually, Symmetra's growing doubts on Vishkar since the incident at Rio made her unable to perform as well as before. Vishkar saw this as a sign of her having outlived her usefulness and their predicted 'mistake' coming to fruition, so they attempted to assassinate her (while telling her she's fired softly), with Dominus spearheading the assassination. Thankfully for Symmetra, she ended up being helped by, of all people, Lucio, but the event opened her eyes that she was just a disposable pawn for Vishkar and then completed her Heel–Face Turn. Dominus is then tasked to not only promote Vishkar's values and helping them subjugate the world, and also to assassinate Symmetra before she leaks their true nature to the world, something he has confidence in succeeding since before this mission, his job was to eliminate those that fell from Vishkar's favor, either by not living up to their standards or quitting the company dishonorably, and making sure that the assassination looked like a pure accident. In-game, Dominus is a realization of what Symmetra's Hard Light power could be as shown in her lore, it was unrestrained power where his light does not protect, but instead strikes at his enemy to damage others, he's created because there's no way the game dev is going to completely overhaul Symmetra's moveset to another direction in order to showcase the extent of what she could do with her talents when she helped building Utopaea. He's somewhat similar with mage-type characters in MOBA games, while he can dish out great good area damage even with normal attacks, he's a poor duelist with no extra mobility. He's using his Hard Light to materialize harmful weapons or objects that directly strike to the opponent instead of waiting for enemies to come to him. For instance? He could materialize and drop in a Road Roller...

  • Lt. Oxton: A childhood friend of Jack Morrison, Lieutenant Charles Oxton was a key figure in the Omnic Crisis, having fought to protect the people of the United Kingdom. By the time the Crisis ended, he had settled down and had a daughter by the name of Lena, but his wife showed doubts about her future. Upon being introduced to Strike Commander Morrison and being told stories about his exploits, Lena felt she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and play a part in protecting her country. Charles felt proud of his daughter for wanting to do so, but worried she'd cause herself serious harm, so they agreed to have her become a pilot for Overwatch's aircraft. And then...the Slipstream incident happened. Charles was completely devastated, and held Overwatch responsible for his daughter's supposed death, becoming a figurehead in turning public opinion against them. However, when Lena's life was saved by the scientist Winston and became the field operative Tracer, Charles, while still sceptical about the whole situation, had some of his faith in Overwatch restored, and chose to support his daughter and his childhood friend Morrison as much as he could. Even after Overwatch disbanded, his desire to keep the world safe remained strong, with him choosing to form a bounty hunter organisation who specialise in dealing with major threats to world peace. He will at some point reunite with both Morrison and Ana Amari, and proceed to take them on board his new venture. Gameplay wise, his primary weapon will be an automatic shotgun with the range and damage you'd expect from one, and he'll have access to a set of three abilities. The first, Concentrated Shot, will allow him to concentrate the spread of his fire into a straight, mid-range shot with higher damage. His second ability, Heartbeat Sensor, functions as a small device like Widowmaker's venom mine, except it instead marks everyone within a certain radius in red so they can be spotted easily, possibly remaining marked for a few seconds after they leave the area. His third ability, Blade Launcher, functions similarly to the Ballistic Knife - launching a knife ahead of him to deal a fair bit of damage. Finally, his ultimate - Pulse Strike, which has Oxton call in a precision airstrike on a specific area that makes use of powerful pulse munitions.

My turn, my turn!

  • Reggie: Reginald Simpson IV is a brilliant & eccentric billionaire archaeologist formerly associated with Vishkar and a father figure to Symmetra. Sent out to search for ancient ruins that might be of use to them along with a group of five, he was the Sole Survivor of his expedition group because they were shipped out during the Omnic Crisis. Using what he could find to fight off the machines, he was saved at the last minute by Torbjorn and taken to Watchpoint Gibraltar. After a few weeks of recovering from the shock of the crisis, he returned to Vishkar to beg them to help the innocents. Unfortunately they refused to comply and he soon quit. Later on he ran into Overwatch again and decided to help them anyway he can. Gameplay wise, Reginald uses a weaponized pickaxe for combat. He has three abilities, "Hi-ho" is when he bludgeons his opponents with his pickaxe, "Exploration" when he shines a flashlight on himself and his teammates as a way of healing and finally "Hats Off to You" where he uses his explorer's helmet as a throwing weapon. His ultimate "Driller Night" has him summon a drilling machine which he uses to run over his opponents. His high intelligence makes him a regular target of Talon who wishes to use him for their own deeds.

  • Spirit: An enigmatic and incredibly powerful Omnic. His origin is pretty much unknown with some saying he was the first Omnic created while others claim he was built to put a stop to the crisis. He doesn't take any sides believing that there might be a greater force playing everyone for fools. Spirit has two abilities, "Laser Focus" where he fires Eye Beams at his opponents and "Force" where he pushes his fist into the ground to heal himself, similar to Gear Second. His Ultimate is "Iron Fisted" where he unleashes a barrage of powerful punches. After a while, he meets Zenyatta and starts training with him to unlock his full potential.

  • Casino: He's an Offense fighter based almost entirely on luck. He's a wandering card player, who loves visiting various casinos and other gambling places. Not much is known about his past, other than he seems to be friends with Mc Cree and Sombra. His primary weapon is his [[Death Dealer deck of cards]], fired similarly to Genji's shurikens. He has 52 of them, and their damage output depends on the number on the card. 2 produces the lowest damage, while the King card produces the highest guaranteed damage. The Ace is where it gets fun. It can either do the highest possible damage, possibly one-shotting squishies if aimed at the head, OR it could end up healing the enemy. So, this is where the luck comes in. You can reload (or in this case reshuffle) at any time, but his reload is really long. So, do you waste some of your weaker cards to do minor damage and hope you get a stronger card, or do you waste your strong cards first? His first special ability is Dice, where he throws a pair of dice that explode on contact. Like the cards, the damage output depends on the number rolled (2 being the lowest, and 12 being the highest). His second ability is Roulette. He builds a roulette wheel, which can either produce a healing field if it lands on a 7, or do some other effect depending on what it lands on. His ultimate ability is Lightning Strike, where he locks on to the enemy, like Mc Cree's Deadeye, and when Casino fires, the enemies are stunned for a couple seconds as they are shot by lightning. His main skins would be based on the 4 suits, with his epic skins based on Tarot cards.

I got one based off an OC concept:

  • Bullrider and Ayehkwew: Travis Blackwinds is a Canadian Plains Cree soldier who rides on and fights with Ayehkwew, a genetic hybrid made to resemble a ceratopsian dinosaur, one of many made to fight the omnics note . Ayehkwew can shoot massive globs of corrosive acid from special sacs near his shoulders (her ultimate, nicknamed Acid Storm), or attack with his horns and beak that tear apart omnic's metal (call it Feeding Time); she can also pick up one hero at a time and let them ride on her with Travis at his command (their passive, which let's Travis mount and dismount her at will), or even provide cover for her teammates by turning perpendicular to fire and crouch. Travis' own weapon is a powerful anti-tank gun that can do the same. Travis gets along well with the other members, though Ayehkwew get a bit... aggressive when she so much as smells omnnics, though she's getting better.

Here's one:

  • Operator: Nick Laine. What happens when you combine a SWAT officer, murderous rage, and a lot of skill with his tools? You get this guy. He was essentially a domestic operator, akin to something you'd find in the SAS or whatnot. Rather kind, he liked hanging around with his squadmates in his spare time. Never really cared for much else. Until one fateful night that changed everything, in which his whole squad was killed in a bombing by a prominent gang. And, rapidly, that idealistic operator that cared about protecting the peace was replaced with a murderous borderline vigilante. In the span of twelve hours, he killed his way through dozens of the gang members on his own. Eventually, he found out the leader of the gang had ties to TALON, and he ordered the bombing due to his squad being too close to discovering TALON's plans. After a series of legal shennanigans as a result of his killing spree, the next step became obvious... Operator is a Tank hero, and is also the fastest of them all, by default. He possesses two main weapons: A SMG with a high fire rate and good suppression capabilties, but low accuracy, along with a shotgun with a low ammo count, but, well, it's also a semi-automatic shotgun. He can also bring out his riot shield. It's a shield that negates damage, but cannot protect allies that well, due to only extending to himself, and not being able to take as many hits as other shields in the game. If he crouches while moving, he can slide-kick. If he does this midair, he does a dropkick. As his ultimate, he uses a gas grenade that can blind enemies and does damage over time.

I’m combining several of my ideas.

  • Lily: A Hong Kong time traveller from the late 2010’s to early 2020’s who travelled to the 2070’s to check out her home. What makes her stand out is that she’s also from a version of our universe where magic and technology coexist in peace, meaning that she owns a copy of Overwatch the game. Because of this she can break the fourth wall. Her attacks include two modded Glocks, a heal gun and a chainsaw. Her ult has her rip out the Ultimate button and use it as a shield. (Ult is based on Monica, another of my concept) She has an emote where she pulls out a Switch and plays her copy of Overwatch, which can trigger responses from her teammates. She is a variety hero who can damage, support and tank. She is physically 14 from when she time travelled, and if she didn’t time travel she would be 69. (Born in 2006, travelled from 2020) She has a bad experience with bullies, which made her an antisocial, aloof person hiding a warmer side. Despite being younger than D.Va, she acts like a big sister towards everyone.
Ideas for new maps:

  • Whatever the new map is, it will definitely be an Escort map, if it isn't a new map type. Confirmed for Junkertown.

  • Less likely than inevitable, but the new map will not be the home stage of a hero, instead being a brand new location. Horizon Lunar Colony was for Winston and Chateau de Guilliard was for Widowmaker. The last time two heroes got maps, it was followed up with a map in a new location: Oasis, atleast last time.

  • The Lunar Colony where Winston was raised.
  • A payload map set in France. Bonus points if it takes place on the rooftops and there's several convenient sniping spots avaliable.
    • Likely jossed, but the new french map has been confirmed. It's the Château Guillard map and it's Amelie's old home, and it's a deathmatch map, sort of like a more compact arena map.

  • The wasteland that Australia turned into. Bonus points if it's named "Junkertown".
    • This one's super bankable, because not only is Junkertown a location everyone would want to see, it being something you don't have in real life, which is a Hell's Angels kind of australian Mad Max wasteland, it's super unique, brings a ton of lore out to let you explore these two australian heroes and what brought them to this state, the history behind the omnium, and Junkrat's secret, it's totally different from the lore we've been getting regarding other characters like Mei, Winston and now Widowmaker, and the major point is that we have two popular heroes, both from the same country, who haven't been represented with a map yet, compared to Pharah and Ana with Anubis, Hanzo and Genji with Hanamura and Mccree and Reaper with Route 66 and Hollywood. It's predictable that at this point that Junkertown is probably the map everyone's mutually excited for and has lots of potential, especially if it's an Escort map instead of a new map type like the deathmatch map or arena maps.
    • Confirmed. Junkertown will be an Escort map.
  • The old Overwatch HQ, destroyed and abandoned. Its name is probably "Ground Zero"
  • A large music studio where Lucio records his songs.
  • A map in South Korea, for an event revolving around defeating the Kaijin omnic that terrorizes's hometown every year.
  • Utopaea. Bonus points if half the map is a slum while the other half is the "Vishkar" part of town or perhaps even the headquarters, and/or the buildings feature lotuses or other traditional indian symbols incorporated into the design.

For new maps which won't have a hero representing them (yet):

  • A map set in Italy/Venice.
    • Confirmed with the addition of Rialto.
  • A map set in a tropical island/archipelago, whether it be in Southeast Asia, Oceania/The pacific, or the Caribbean.
    • The Overwatch team has said that they aren't interested in having to program water physics, hence why Summer Games 2017 doesn't have a beach map to back it up, but perhaps in the future they'll loosen up a bit.
  • A map set in Canada/Quebec.
  • A map set in either the Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore.
  • A map set in Spain or Morocco.
  • A map set in the cliffs of Pakistan.
  • A map set somewhere in the Andes.
  • Maps based on how each map would look like in the late 2010s.
  • Hong Kong to amend the Hearthstone incident.

There will be a co-op mode along the lines of TF2's Mann vs Machine mode.

This mode will involve waves of different enemies, such as Omnics (if the story progresses to depict a Second Omnic Crisis), nameless Talon goons, Australian junk...guys, and Doomfists' minions. Between waves, players will be able to use credits earned during the battle to purchase upgrades, such as damage boosts and reductions, new weapons, different abilities, and other boosts such as damage resistances and boosts to speed and jump height.

  • Perhaps a Horizon Lunar Colony mission vs all those space gorillas?
  • Give the man a price! Confirmed with Zomnic invasion in the Junkenstein's Revenge brawl.

There will be a "Villain Update" in the future.
As of this writing, the cast is composed of 22 characters. Only 4 of them (Reaper, Widowmaker, Roadhog and Junkrat) are unambiguous bad guys - not even enough to make a complete in-game team. Talon Troopers not withstanding, Overwatch outnumbers Talon by more than 5 to 1. This means that a "Villain Update" is all but inevitable in order to even the odds a little, where several villainous characters working for Talon are added to the game.
  • Unless they slowly add more villainous or "evil" characters before such an update, that would be a lot of characters they'd have to add to balance the bad guys. If such an update were to happen I'm willing to bet it would just add a major Talon villain and new Talon/Junker/Omnic crisis themed skins added (Generic Talon Agent 76, Shimada assassin Hanzo and ninja Genji, Omnic Torbjörn, Junker Widowmaker, etc).
  • Someone forgot Vishkar. While Symmetra is pretty anti-villainous, it is clear that the organization is villainous, even their claims of Well-Intentioned Extremist is overridden with how much they make the innocents suffer. Lucio has been billed to be more heroic for opposing the organization, so Symmetra would've been considered 'villain' because of working with Vishkar and not trying to crush it from within. This also opens up a new ground for Villains Update, such as another Vishkar employee who does not share Symmetra's doubt, but completely fanatical about the organization's goals.

Lucio's Manager is going to be a character

One of his Stop Poking Me! quote from Heroes of the Storm has him say that he's gotta ask his manager. This shows that even in the world of entertainment, showbiz and DJ, Lucio isn't a one-man show. He has a manager that arrange his schedule. The character doesn't have to be playable, but it could be a supporting cast for Lucio's story.

The fourth post-release hero will be a Defense Hero.
Following the addition of Support (Ana), Offense (Sombra), and Tank (Orisa) Heroes, it seems only logical that the next Hero to be released will be a Defense Hero.
  • Jossed. It's Doomfist, who's another Offense character.

New gamemodes Overwatch could implement in the future, with some tweaks for balancing

  • Their own version of the payload race from Team Fortress 2. Two payloads, two destinations. First one to reach there wins.

  • Three mini objectives are in a map. Capture it and it starts going to 99%, and when it reaches 99%, the team who captured it scores a point. Team with the most points by the time limit's end wins.
    • Alternatively, when one objective goes to 99%, the team wins that objective, leaving it to be captured by the other team. When a team captures all 3 objectives (but not necessairly at the same time) and has it reach 99%, they win.

  • A Payload map in which the payload is on a vertical path instead of a horizontal one. Jump pads and elevators can be used to get players where they need to go.

  • Maps that use water as a gimmick, just like TF2, where players can swim through it to evade or ward enemy attacks. However, staying in it too long causes you to drown.

  • Maps that use low-gravity as a gimmick, where everyone can jump higher.
    • Confirmed for parts of the Horizon Lunar Colony map as well as a custom games feature.

  • Maps with certain areas that will constantly damage the player when inside of it, such as poison gas or lava.

  • Maps with teleporters or other quick transportation tools to get through short areas of the map faster.

  • Maps with fog, mist or steam that obscure player movement.

  • 12v12 maps, the most logical next step

The next map will be Escort
  • We've gotten a new Assault, a new Hybrid, a new Control, and three new Arena maps to make four for each, except one. There are only three pure Escort maps, which will likely be corrected with the next map. As a bonus WMG, the new Escort map will be Junkertown, and it will involve escorting a Max Max-type car through the town.
    • Confirmed on both accounts. It is indeed an Escort map set in Junkertown.

An Overwatch animated series on Netflix is in development
  • Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime stated he wanted to expand into "linear media" to reach new audiences. While the term "linear media" can mean a number of things, such as books and comics, an animated series looks the most likely for several reasons. The first being that episodic formats tend to be what people use the term "linear media" for, Morhaime stated he wanted to reach new audiences - which makes comics unlikely to be the sole focus because they've already been making them. What really seals the deal however, is that Activision-Blizzard formed their own production company to adapt their works into other media, which is aptly named Activision-Blizzard Studios. There's already a precedent for a Netflix series with Skylanders Academy, which was successful enough for them to say they wanted to make more. Also, D.Va voice actress Charlet Chung announced she's become a regular on an animated series, and the role of D.Va has proven to be very important to her. Furthermore, there been no less than three separate cases of higher-ups at Overwatch saying they'd like to make this and an Overwatch movie, within the span of a month no less. When three different people important to Blizzard say they really want to expand, it's something to consider. Everything is pointing to the idea that an animated series, headed for Netflix, is on its way.

    As for what the animated series will focus on, it's a perfect opportunity to tell the story of Overwatch, which up until this point, we've barely been getting into. Episodes can focus on the present, with different characters all over the world. We could see how the new Overwatch currently operates. At the same time, there can be flashbacks of the past, such as the Omnic Crisis and the golden years of Overwatch. Given how well the animated shorts have done, and that Overwatch bases itself on animation, it's almost like it was made to be animated series at some point.

Overwatch will go to the moon at some point
A mission will involve the new Overwatch going to the Horizon Lunar Colony, and Hammond will be likely be the reason.

  • It'd be the new animation short that shows one of Overwatch's first missions post-recall. Watchpoint: Gibraltar will get a distress signal from a scientist on the moon who has been hiding on the colony ever since the gorillas there revolted. (Maybe Harold, but doubtful.) The mission will then show the new Overwatch members going to the lunar colony with Winston as they beat the shit out of some gorillas (some who recognize him), getting there via the rocket in Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Infact, that's the reason why that rocket looks like it's about to launch in the first place.

There will be a shot of Winston saying, in a grim voice, "We have to go back..." in which the camera zooms in on him as he takes off his glasses and says " the Moon."

Sombra's Summer Games sport is Sailing.
Dorado's got plenty of boats right off the shore, surely she would've tried the waters at some point.
  • Jossed, it's High Jumping.

When Summer Games returns, there will be a summertime Volskaya reskin.
All the snow will be melted and the TVs in the break room near the defender's spawn will be playing sporting events.

    Confirmed Theories 
Theories that have been confirmed 100% true, not ones that are "slightly confirmed".
Pharah's mother is former Overwatch.

In Soldier: 76's origin trailer, we see a young woman who has dark hair and a small tattoo around her eye just like Pharah working with Reinhardt, Torbjörn, and a younger version of Soldier 76 (except her eye tattoo is on her left and she wields a sniper rifle). If the woman is indeed Pharah's mother, then it might further explain Pharah's childhood dream to join Overwatch and become a military hero, since as a young child she would've heard stories of her mother's heroic adventures as an Overwatch member.

  • Confirmed. During gameplay when your characters are making small talk to each other, the former Overwatch members like Winston and Soldier 76 will tell Pharah how they knew her mother and are proud that she's following in her mother's footsteps.
  • Confirmed for real with the release of Ana Amari, Pharah's mom, as a playable hero.

There will be a game mode involving fighting hordes of Omnics
Similar to Team Fortress 2's Mann vs Machine mode, characters will face against waves of Omnic Robots similar to Bastion.
  • A horde of Bastions? Fuck.
  • Confirmed! with the Halloween event which has waves of "zomnics"

Reaper is former Overwatch.
More specifically he's that cowboy looking dude from the beginning clip of the CGI trailer.
  • A Soldier similar to Reaper appears in the Soldier: 76 Origin Story trailer, even dual wielding a pair of Shotguns no less.
    • This same soldier is now a pre-order skin for Reaper in the Origins pack. So... confirmed?
      • Definitely confirmed. Adding to that, his name is Gabriel Reyes and he worked for Blackwatch (Overwatch's Black Ops division), much like McCree.

Sombra will be debuff-oriented.
Sombra's Skycoder post and use a shade of violet for their text. Violet is used in-game in Widowmaker's Venom Mine, Zenyatta's Orb of Discord, and Ana's Biotic Grenade.
  • Geoff Goodman said on the topic of support characters that "we could have a support character that's main focus was to weaken the enemy, instead of strengthening their allies." Considering that support characters are in demand, Sombra could match this description.
  • Confirmed. She's not a Support character, but she is oriented about Hacks, which is essentially a Silence effect.

Some things Blizzard might implement for the holiday season:
(Feel free to add to this list.)
  • Christmas Loot Boxes, which will be obviously shaped like present boxes, with appropriate skins, sprays, etc.
  • Most music — title screen theme, prepare theme, post-match theme, etc. — will receive festive remixes.
  • A Brawl map in which the attacking team has to escort a sleigh carrying an Omnic version of Santa Claus to the goal. Said Omnic Santa will be a Deadpan Snarker much like Halfred Glitch-Bot, threatening to put the attacking team all on his naughty list or something if they fail.
  • At least one map will go into Holiday Mode much like Hollywood did for Halloween.
    • Most of these are confirmed for the "Winter Wonderland" event. King's Row includes a Sleigh-shaped payload as part of its holiday mode, but it has no occupant. The Brawl is a snowball fight between 2 teams of 6 Meis each. The maps that received a Holiday Mode are King's Row (as mentioned), Hanamura, and Ecopoint: Antarctica (which in addition to the Christmas lights and scattered snowmen is set at night as opposed to normal).

Ana Amari is still alive
Whether she is Sombra is not relevant to this theory. Ana is probably still alive. Some evidence that supports this is the fact that she's featured in the backstory, the group picture that Winston has, and in in-game dialogue. Knowing Blizzard, they wouldn't do this without a purpose because they've done similar foreshadowing like this before. Also, Reaper and Soldier: 76 were featured in the backstories, too, and they're still out and about.
  • Confirmed. She's the 22nd hero.

Horizon Lunar Colony will be the next map
  • Most likely it'll be a payload map where you escort a crate of bananas through the base.
    • Confirmed....? Although escorting bananas is not the objective. Rather, it's an Assault map.

Nova Terra will become a skin of Widowmaker
It's only fair, after Widowmaker became a skin for Nova in Heroes of the Storm. The tradeoff is her stealth, and if custom sound is used, Nova would sound different than Widowmaker, probably on the more professional side, but still allows some friendly sass, unlike Widowmaker's cold-blooded lines.
  • Confirmed: Widow gets a Nova skin at Blizzcon 2017. But whether she'll have a custom Nova voice pack that allows more sass is still unconfirmed.

Brigitte is Torbjörn's daughter
She and Reinhardt are seen spending Christmas with Torbjörn's family in the Reflections comic, and his Uprising spray is a photo with her. She likely grew up with Reinhardt and the rest of Overwatch, much like Pharah, and this would be how she got to know and travel with him.

At least a portion of Talon's members are former Overwatch agents
It was shown that at least one of the Talon agents could have personally known McCree in the recent comic starring him. The aesthetics of Talon (operatives are clad in black gear, everyone wears face-concealing helmets) also fits that of Blackwatch, Overwatch's covert operations branch that was led by Gabriel Reyes (AKA Reaper).
  • McCree's backstory mentions elements within Blackwatch trying to take over Overwatch, and it's mentioned that there was a rebellion inside Overwatch.
  • Confirmed in the "What You Left Behind" short story. Several ex-Overwatch agents have turned to Talon for work after the organization got shut down.

    Jossed Theories 
Theories that have been 100% jossed without a smidgen of speculation for the contrary.
Reaper is Pharah's father.
Alternatively, Reyes is the one whom fathered Pharah. However, Ana made sure to keep it a secret from the both of them; she knew of the things Reyes did in Blackwatch and did not want him to be a bad influence on Pharah because of that. Ana might have preferred if someone like Jack or Reinhardt were Pharah's father. The secret might be one more thing that made Reyes turn if he had found out.
  • Jossed - see below.
Soldier 76 is Pharah's father.
Not a lot of evidence of this beyond MAYBE the old Overwatch photos, but I believe it's true. Morrison and Ana hooked up at one point, and the result was Pharah.
  • Jossed - Ana's Uprising spray confirms that Pharah's father is someone else (either Egyptian or Native American).
  • We now know who he is. He ain't Native American, because he's Canadian, making him First Nations. It's the guy that Pharah was show eating with in Reflections
Reaper is this guy.

(Borrowed from a reddit thread). Uses shotguns, roughly the same body and build, could fit a blizzard story of a solid good guy corrupted into a monstrous character (Like Arthas, Kerrigan, and Sylvanas, maybe others). Perhaps this big hero was the one who founded blackwatch, and than had some mission go wrong, or some corruption happen in an experiment, and than turned into a bd guy for reasons suggested above (Revenge), or just went mentally crazy.

  • Jossed. That guy in the picture is Jack Morrison - aka, Soldier: 76. However, a man similar to Reaper appears in Soldier: 76's Origin Story video.
  • Also, the gun is obviously not a shotgun, but a rifle (Heavy Pulse Rifle in this case).
Gerard Lacroix is still alive.
I'm not sure about playability, but with how much revival/regeneration tech there is in Overwatch's universe and timeline, there's a chance that he's still alive.
  • He might be faking his death, but this seems less likely with "Reflections" showing present-day Widowmaker visiting his grave.
  • So, yet another former Overwatch agent who faked his death in the backstory only to be revealed being alive all along? Even for the Blizzard notorious for their tendency for scripts recycling and bringing dead character back to life it seems like overkill.
    • 'Jossed, the reflections comic clearly shows Widow mourning over his grave, demonstrating that yes, Gerard is dead.
Not only is Reyes Pharah's father, but he betrayed Overwatch because Ana cheated on him with Morrison.
It's established that both Reyes and Morrison were very close to Ana, and it's implied just a little bit that Ana had romantic feelings for one of them at some point (which makes sense, what with her being The Chick of the Five-Man Band strike team). After the Omnic Crisis ended, Ana became romantically involved with Reyes, and when Morrison took all of the praise away from him, Ana was there to keep him from getting too jealous. They eventually had sex, resulting in Ana getting pregnant with Pharah. Unfortunately for Reyes, he would quickly be pulled away from his love by his duties with Blackwatch, and he would eventually discover that Ana had been having an affair with Morrison. Amid all of the jealousy that had been building up inside Reyes, this was the straw that broke the camel's back, and he had just about had enough with Overwatch's bullshit. He proceeded to leak the Blackwatch files, turning public opinion against Overwatch, which led to Amelie getting kidnapped and turned into Widowmaker, which led to Ana's "death", which led to Reinhardt's retirement, which led to Blackwatch's agents (barring Mc Cree) all going crazy, all leading up to Reyes and Morrison's final confrontation in Geneva, which ended up destroying the HQ, "killing" them both, and bringing the organisation's watch to a dishonourable end. Hell hath no fury like an Overwatch agent scorned.
  • Most likely Jossed, as A) the timeline states Pharah was born before the formation of Overwatch (possibly even before the Omnic Crisis), and it's unlikely Ana would have met Morrison or Reyes prior to that point, and B) both the Sombra origins trailer and the "Reflections" comic seem to imply Pharah's father is a different character entirely, with no ties to Overwatch whatsoever (besides his wife, obviously).
    • Ana's Uprising spray shows us what Pharah's father looks like, and he looks nothing like Reaper. This is almost certainly Jossed.
Reaper's first victim, or at least one of his first victims, was Pharah's mother.
Think about it, in Pharah's comic she more or less says that her mom is dead, and Reaper has been hunting down former Overwatch agents. Also, she was part of the same group as Pharah, so she wouldn't be hard to track down. It would also make sense from a narrative standpoint, as Pharah's mom was one of the most featured former Overwatch agents, so having her be a Sacrificial Lamb for the rest of the former Overwatch agents would make sense and highlight how dangerous Reaper could be.
  • Jossed, as Ana's alive, well and now playable.
Soldier 76 and Reaper aren't what they seem.
Soldier 76 is Gabriel Reyes, and Reaper is Jack Morrison. During the battle between the two, Morrison was killed, and Reyes was wounded badly. Mercy, desperate to get Morrison back, used experimental "Resurrection" tech, but brought him back wrong. In constant pain and with fresh memories of members of Overwatch betraying him, as well as the governments of the world shutting them down, he decides to join Talon and get revenge. Meanwhile, Reyes feels guilt over his petty reasons for betrayal, and decides to repent by becoming a vigilante, but is never again able to think of himself as a "hero".
  • Jossed by dialogue between 76 and Winston, by the Origin skins and by a few of 76's tags that prove he's Jack Morrison.
Sombra is Ana Amari
Sombra seems to be a sniper of some sort. Ana Amari was a sniper in Overwatch. Perhaps, like Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, she is presumed dead and has taken on a persona in order to hide her identity and not endanger herself (and perhaps her daughter Pharrah). Whether or not she'll be an antagonistic character is up in the air.
  • This theory is supported a bit more due to two images released by the developers, depicting an email exchange over Overwatch's original medic's weapon, a sniper rifle. In the Brazilian version of the image, Ana Amari is one of the recipients.
    • Jossed, although Ana has been revealed as a support sniper named... "Ana".
    • Double jossed, Sombra's real name is confirmed to be Olivia Colomar.
Just getting this out of the way: Tracer is at least part Time Lord.
Her built-in innate sense of time is how she's been able to learn to control her own time so effectively.
Tracer is doomed to one of the harshest fates imaginable.
Tracer wears her odd clothing (which look like what a civilian pilot would wear, like she was before her accident) because she can't take them off anymore. She must always wear her harness, or she'll step out of time and lose physical form. And she doesn't age or anything. Eventually, Tracer will outlast all of humanity, never changing, forever. Unless she shoots herself while corporeal, of course.

Sombra is a grown-up Alejandra.
What little we know of the 23rd "Hero" is that the hero is female and Mexican (due to her use of Mexican Spanish in the ARG). Also, she seems to be primarily active in Dorado, Alejandra's hometown.Why does she work for Talon? Overwatch is no more, and Talon certainly has its ways to recruit anyone if they deemed them an asset towards their goals.
  • Jossed - Due to the AMA with Michael Chu confirming that Hero actually takes place around the time of Recall making her far too young to be Sombra.
  • There's also the fact that she was orphaned in the Omnic crisis and grew up alone, while Alejandra lives with her parents is still a child and 76 is in his post-Overwatch persona, so the timelines don't match even without that confirmation.

Sombra is an AI.
She's Talon's Athena.
  • Jossed - both her "Origin" trailer and "Infiltration" depict her as a flesh and blood human, plus a few extras.
    • Who's to say that she isn't a highly advanced, Terminator-esque robot with fake flesh and blood?

The ARG reflects Sombra's playstyle.
  • The datamoshed images + Skycoder post reflect the ability to obscure an enemy's HUD (if not their entire team)
  • The long wait times reflect the ability to slow enemy cooldowns.
    • Jossed with both examples, though she does have an ability to flat-out prevent enemies for using their own for a good duration.

Sombra is just Blizzard trolling its fans hardcore.
Either she'll turn out to simply be a major lore plot point that won't affect gameplay, or it's all one big Red Herring.
  • Jossed - Sombra is the 23rd hero.

Alternatively, Sombra is a plot point...
But it's a different character, one who was heavily involved with her, who becomes the 23rd playable hero.
  • Jossed - Sombra is the 23rd hero.
    • Side note: this pretty much happened with Orisa's introduction, since for a few weeks fans were believing that Efi Oladele was to become the next hero, when it turned out to be Orisa instead.

Tracer will either age faster than her friends or not at all.

Because she is constantly speeding up and rewinding her own time, moments for her are longer and they might add up to the point where she ends up aging faster than her peers. However, she looks young for her age so maybe chronal dissociation somehow stops the aging process.

Lucio was originally Canadian during production.

He probably started off being designed as a Canadian hero with many of his assets including his voice-over and skins finished with this in mind, but his backstory was rewritten late before his release probably in order to fit the world narrative. Nothing much about Lucio's character really screams the idea that he started off as Brazilian; he speaks only English with an American accent (at least with Pharah or Zarya whose accents are mixed likely due to operating around the world, they at least have some trace of their home country's tongue in them).

Also, it seems his original 2 Legendary skins were based off of Canadian culture; Hippityhop/Ribbit's giant glowing-eyed animal-themed DJ helmet resembles that of deadmau5, who is based in Toronto, and his Breakaway/Slapshot skins are based off of hockey uniforms. He even wonders if he has time to catch a hockey game while in Hollywood and regrets not bringing his gear for a pick-up game in Volskaya Industries. It wasn't until later until his backstory was set in stone after his release that he was finally given several soccer references during the Summer Games 2016 update.

The normal payload game in King's Row is a parade/re-enactment of the events in the Uprising one
To celebrate the end of the King's Row Uprising, in the same way bonfire night is in Britain and the commonwealth in real life. Some things got lost in translation or changed a bit, hence why the payload is moved all the way to the inside. The opposing team are trying to stop the parade, as it's considered quite insensitive to the Omnic residents (much like the controversy over the Orange March in Ireland).
  • Jossed: The payload's function in King's Row is to detonate an EMP to shut down an omnic camp underneath the factory.

As an April Fools' Day gag, Capture the Flag will be added to Competitive mode...
...and be the only mode available.
  • ...Jossed for 2017. Maybe next year?

Widowmaker's visor isn't worn — it's surgically implanted
Widowmaker has never been shown without her visor, even in Reflections, where she was public mourning Gérard outside a mission where it would be completely unnecessary to wear it. This suggests that she cannot simply remove it, because Talon implanted it on her skull to ensure she would be even more dangerous as an assassin.
  • What if her visor is what's ensuring her obedience to Talon, and ensuring nobody breaks the brainwashing?
    • Jossed. The Masquerade comic shows that she is very much capable of having it off.

Doomfist will make a game appearance... a "boss" in a special everyone versus the computer game mode. He'll have a lot of knockback and some devastating attacks.
  • So, "Vs DoomFist" mode?
    • Jossed, Doomfist is a playable character now, and the mode that came with his release is Doomfist 6v6 mode. Although you can probably find Doomfist Boss games in the custom games mode, if you look around.

The 2017 Halloween Event will take place in Chateau Guillard.

That place just SCREAMS haunted mansion. If it's not the next event place, it's atleast getting a haunted mansion theme for Halloween, like with Hollywood from last year.

If it does take place there, it'll either be a boss fight or a murder mystery.

  • Jossed

Bastion's AI will eventually be revealed as having a female "gender".
Unlike that of Zenyatta, Bastion’s bio info is not given any direct gender pronouns, leaving other data to fill in that identifier. Though lacking the curvy nature common to Fembots, the character’s construction means the chest/waist/hip proportions are closer to human females (narrow waist, wide chest and hips) than human males (wide shoulders, narrow waist and hips). Bastion also dislikes fighting unless provoked and prefers wilderness to cities, and the character's most-used art is a classic Disney Princess styled pose with a bird in their hand (nature/animal-affinity and pacifism are stereotypically-female traits). Bastion being female also would even-out the male-to-female gender ratio of the 12-character lineup, to 6 males and 6 females, rather than the current 6 males, 5 females, and 1 genderless.
  • Jossed, Bastion is completely genderless, unlike Zenyatta and Orisa.


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