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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Overwatch related fanfiction, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


Remember to warn for common triggers.

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    General Fics 
Broth by holographism
  • Recommended by: Taxima
  • Status: Oneshot
  • Synopsis: "aka. that one ramen fic involving the Shimadas and the rest of the team."
  • Comments: Genji trying to cook his new allies a meal despite his new handicap. It's a nice look into Genji's struggle and his new relationship with Hanzo.

Agents of Overwatch by Guixi

  • Recommended by: N8han11
  • Status: Discontinued
  • Synopsis: Post Recall, a series of slice-of-life drabbles surrounding the agents of Overwatch.
  • Comments: Spot-on characterisation even in the lesser-seen interactions make this a fun read.

thanks, dad. love, hana by Snowsheba

  • Recommended by: Bellarmire, Aodyssey, cricri3007
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: D.Va has seen a lot of things in her time as a mech operator - tragedy, stupidity, bravery, strategy, desperation, to name a few - but she will readily admit it’s the first time she’s seen anything like this. Or: a teenager and an old man find Overwatch - and maybe a family, too.
  • Comments: A Dad 76 and D.Va fic that, rather than taking the meme approach, actually builds up a touching father-daughter relationship, with the rest of the cast also all being a pleasure to read. As of now it updates weekly, on Wednesday.

Overwatch Emergency Communication Channel (I Swear, It's Emergency Only) by ArcaneAdagio

  • Recommended by: lilysakura220, TwixTrix, NTaya
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: "Winston tries to open a channel for emergencies. With the members of this new Overwatch, it goes about as well as you'd expect. (But I mean, last time it didn't go much better.)"
  • Comments: A comedy chatfic outlining the misadventures of the cast as they abuse the function of the reactivated emergency channel, turning it into a general chatroom of sorts.
    • Seconded. I was a bit skeptical at first from the synopsis, but the hi-jinks in this fanfic are hilarious - TwixTrix
    • Thirded. And also seconded on being skeptical on the premise but falling in love with the work during the reading. While it may get cringy at times, the author's humor and style are so amazing, that even despite flaws it's the best Overwatch comedy out there, IMHO. —NTaya

Learning to Dance by silkinsilence

  • Recommend by: Shatterstar
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: In joining Overwatch, Symmetra feels as if she's intruding on a family. But that family is all too willing to open its arms.
  • Comments: Excellent characterization of Symmetra as well as a very accurate portrayal of her as an autistic woman.

Mask by TheAlternateSide

  • Recommended by: BossKey, TwixTrix
  • Status: Dormant (last updated March 2017)
  • Synopsis: Tracer is a cheerful, brave, colorful young hero in Overwatch whom everyone recognizes and knows. But she is also a mask for the one behind Tracer, Lena. No one knows Lena after the slipstream. No one can ever know. And for that, she must wear a mask.
  • Comments: A grim, sobering take on Tracer's backstory and the toll it takes on her psyche as well as her ability to function as a member of Overwatch, with a powerful depiction of mental illness and self-esteem issues as a whole. Have tissues on hand before reading. Lots and lots of tissues.

what did you do to my eyes (what did you say to my only child?) by CourtneyCourtney

  • Recomended by: blarfshnorgull, shatterstar
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "I killed her," the sniper whispers, voice like venom, cold as her hands clasped tightly around Fareeha's neck. "Your mother." Fareeha tries not to protest, not to panic. Even if, after all these years, she gives in and refutes the lie for a split second, it will be the truth. If she lets it show on her face, her mother gets made. Ana will be dead again, for good, and it will be on Fareeha's own head this time. (or, Ana Amari fakes her death, and her daughter carries the weight of her decision)
  • Comments: Look, if you have ever thought that Pharah was lacking in personality, then you should read is. Even if you haven't thought that, you should still read this. This one-shot is an absolutely brilliant and beautiful insight to Pharah as a character and how growing up with Overwatch and her mother's (not) death have affected her.
    • Second! The fic is amazing in every aspect and took a realistic approach to Pharah's reaction and not the easy way out like many fics.

Overwatch Quest by Ravenking

  • Recommended by: inukai44, TwixTrix
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: You are Seeker, a young man who's been many things: adventurer, treasure hunter, freedom fighter, and international criminal. Recently you encountered the re-formed Overwatch: a grand title for two ex-agents, Winston and Tracer, operating as outlaws out of an abandoned Watchpoint. Despite their down-and-out-status, or perhaps because of it, you were inspired to join them. You left your old life behind to become the first recruit of the new Overwatch. Now you and Tracer are travelling the globe, defending the people of the world from harm and searching for potential agents to rebuild Overwatch. The world needs heroes. Maybe you can be one of them.
  • Comments: An extremely well written quest that focuses on The player character (Seeker) and his adventures with the re-formed Overwatch. The Canon characters are also well written with characterization. Somethings are a little different but it is well worth the read and play.
  • now has a trope page! that Needs Wiki Magic Love

Peace Through Humility by windsweptfic

  • Recommend by: Shatterstar
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary: Genji finally gets his brother back.
  • Comments: An excellent and moving one-shot that details a scene not many fics would touch upon. The fic would fit right in with the Dragon short with excellent portrayal of Hanzo and Genji.

More Than Just A Doctor by EpicWerewolfOfDarkness

  • Recommended by: The Wild West Pyro
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When Genji goes to see Dr. Ziegler for his regular twice-yearly examination, he receives a little more TLC than he bargained for. Non-romantic Gency fluff, written from Genji's POV. Can be taken as romantic if you want.
  • Comments: No matter if you interpret it as romantic or not, this is an incredibly heartwarming and sweet fic that show just how much Mercy cares for Genji, from cutting his hair to building up his confidence with small statements. The author's characterization of Genji is also spot-on.

Apocalypse, One Man by Skipper311

  • Recommended by: N8han11, En_Passant
  • Status: Dormant (last updated October 2017)
  • Synopsis: A long time ago, a man by the name of Mako Rutledge died in the wastes of the Outback. From his corpse, the beast known as Roadhog rose. For years, he has been content to pillage and destroy. But even Roadhog knows what is born of the Outback does not die so easily. This is the story of a war veteran, a feared criminal, a one-man apocalypse.
  • Comments: An interesting fic from the perspective of Roadhog, one of the lesser-focussed characters in Overwatch fanfiction. Fans of him should take a look.

steadfast tin soldier by twigcollins

  • Recommended by: Vellaen, Ghingahn
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Soldier 76 comes in from the cold.
  • Comments: A deep, introspective piece, centered on Soldier: 76, which dances between settings both post-Recall and in the buildup to the Petras Act and disbandment of Overwatch. Enough of the author's headcanon is introduced that you could almost classify this as an AU, but what it really tries to do is fill in the blanks of the existing story to form a coherent, multi-decade spanning narrative of the Overwatch organization and many of its founding members from glory to destruction to revival.

And Overwatch For All by clickclickBANG

  • Recommended by: ThisIsRidiculous
  • Status: Dormant (last updated October 2017)
  • Synopsis: A fic that takes all the headcanons and info about Overwatch, and turns it into a story you won't want to put down.
  • Comments: Holy fork, you guys should read this! So much went into this series, which has timelines, reference sheets, and much more.

Of Blades And Broomsticks by Nite Wrighter

  • Recommended by: Shatterstar
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing: Genji/Mercy, but not the focus of the plot
  • Synopsis: A witch strikes a deal with a demon for protection, but as with all deals with demons, there's usually a good deal of trouble involved.
  • Comment: A Fantasy AU heavily based on Junkenstein's Revenge that focus on Mercy and Genji. Has strong world building, character interaction as well as surprisingly deep and philosophical writing peppering in a plot that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Ebb and Flow by Concerning Constellations

  • Recommended by: HookedOnAFeeling
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "She should be sleeping— she knows, she knows, she knows. The orange and empty pill bottle by her bedside screams this at her, and so does the quarter-full bottle of wine tucked into the lowest drawer of her desk, and so do her hands, which shake and shiver and strain, once tools, now symptoms of a sickness."
  • Angela has insomnia. Not Mercy. Not Doctor Ziegler. Angela, the child prodigy who was forced to grow up too fast, who despite all her medical knowledge never quite learned how to take care of herself.
  • Tags: angst, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, not tagged as hurt/comfort but hurt/comfort
  • Comment: Poetic and comforting this character study explores the darker side of being Overwatch's Head Medic and some how so much more. (Don't worry it ends well.) Concerning Constellations has written several other beautiful works in the same vein that I could just as easily recommend here. I highly recommend checking them out if you like Mercy character studies or hopeful angst.
Let's Try That Again by IronicSnap

''Some Assembly Required (Bastion accidentally rebuilds Overwatch) link by Sunder_the_Gold

  • Recommended by: Bassoe
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: "In the aftermath of Winston's Recall message failing, Bastion ends up causing the reestablishment of Overwatch. Unintentionally.

''Four Quarters series part #1. I Heard The Bells part #2. Shōgatsu by Nagaina

  • Recommended by: Bassoe
  • Status: Dead; last updated February 2017
  • ''Trigger Warning: battle injuries and slight body horror regarding Genji's prosthetic body.
  • Synopsis: " Probably the best fanfic attempt at depicting how Overwatch's post-Recall status as a decentralized international organization would actually work. While I don't think the author was deliberately inspired by it, reminds me of Global Frequency.

    Shipping Fics 
Running with an Angel by wynnedotte
  • Recommended by: Bright Light
  • Pairings: Genji/Mercy
  • Status: Dormant
  • Notes: Also on Archive of Our Own
  • Synopsis: When Angela gets abducted from her Paris flat and ends up in an interrogation room in the castle of a Japanese mob boss, the last place she thinks to find an ally is in the boss's cocky younger brother, Genji. Together, the two set out to bring Angela home to her grandfather in Germany. Will they be able to reach it before Genji's brother, Hanzo, can get his hands on them?
  • Comments: Possibly one of the best Genji/Mercy fics out there. This story really captures the cuteness and depth of their love for each other, whilst the Mafia AU allows their characters to be deepened and explored in ways that the canon universe can't offer. The two lead characters are around university-age in this AU, for anyone interested in background information.

Your Body Is a Weapon by vargrimar

  • Recommended by: blarfshnorgull
  • Pairings: Junkrat/Symmetra
  • Status: Dormant (last updated March 2017)
  • Notes: Also on Archive of Our Own
  • Synopsis: Junkrat joins the team. Symmetra absolutely hates him. Post-Recall and Alive. Slow-burn Junkrat/Symmetra. Series of connected vignettes and drabbles that will outline the development of an odd and gradual relationship. Alternatively, "In which Junkrat grows on Symmetra like an undesirable plant on the sidewalk and she copes with it in progressively worsening ways."

Hang the Fool by AlmaMeDuele

  • Recommended by: Buddy 151, Oberoniss, haulili
  • Pairings: Mccree/Hanzo
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: How the heroic organization Overwatch acquires the talents of one Hanzo Shimada, and how gunslinger Jesse Mccree will probably suffer because of it for the rest of his days.
  • Comments: Most people go into this fic neutral or outright dismissive of its central pairing, and by the end, most of their opinions have completely 180'd. It's a beautifully written, novella-length story that really makes you consider different dynamics between the Overwatch heroes that tend to go un-thought-about, balancing slice-of-life, sunny moments among the team with tense, fast-paced action. It's inspired a plethora of appreciative fanworks on Tumblr and beyond.
    • Sec. On. Ded. By far, this is the best Overwatch fanfiction (of any genre, any pairing) that I have read to date. Not only did this author manage to go above and beyond developing Mc Cree and Hanzo as individuals, both in personality and each characters' past, but they also managed to write an entirely realistically heart-wrenching development from rivalry to friendship to romance. This is all on top of a deep, well thought out storyline that explains many of the missing puzzle pieces left to our imaginations by the game's pre-existing lore. I can't talk this up enough, go read it!

Rosewater by starcunning (Vannevar)

  • Recommended by: saltin
  • Pairings: Ana/Reinhardt
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: There was a chance, Ana knew, that he might not come. And that, if he came, he would not recognize her. That he had forgotten, a natural consequence of his refusal to accept retirement, even facing pervasive visual distortions. She and Reinhardt had never discussed it.
  • Comments: Whether you like Ana and Reinhardt as lovers or simply as friends, you must peruse this short, but exquisitely written bittersweet tale. It’ll make you want to visit Egypt. It’ll make you want to walk the streets of your hometown. It’ll make you want to eat apples. It won’t make you want to grow old, but unfortunately, that’s going to happen anyway so you might as well do the other stuff above.

The Stars Our Destination by CommanderRoastedWolf

  • Recommended by: The Master Panda
  • Pairings: Pharah/Mercy
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Fareeha serves the Pale Priestess as a Sworn Sword. As a Knight of the Barrens it is her duty to defend the Priestess from all who would do her harm. A darkness curls on the horizon - telling of old secrets and older powers.
  • Comments: A very well written medieval AU, with incredibly strong world building and characterization. Trigger warnings for gore and death in later chapters.

Absolving The Past by SWtRLF

  • Recommended by: Hello83433
  • Pairings: Sombra/McCree
  • Status: Dormant (last updated November 2017)
  • Synopsis: Mistakes are a part of human nature. From the time we are able to walk and talk, we are doing things we regret or wish we could take back. I’m no different, unfortunately. Though unlike your choices on the world wide web, my mistakes have consequences that are more than just a bit of red face and people looking at you funny. My screw-ups can get people in the kind of trouble that sees your body ending up in a ditch somewhere. Like a majority of mistakes, this one came thanks to a mixture of desperation, hormones and bite a bit of alcohol.
  • Comments: This is a great story to read with characters portrayed perfectly and lots of witty humor. Also a great look into Sombra's character and personal life. Well worth the read.

London Calling by Sectoboss

  • Recommended by: rockgecko
  • Pairings: Tracer/Widowmaker
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Recaptured by Overwatch, Widowmaker is sent on a mission to assassinate a high-ranking Talon agent in London. It should be an easy mission – get in, take the shot, and leave. But when Tracer’s your getaway pilot a lot of things can go wrong, and things like 'subtlety' and 'discretion' tend to be the first casualties. Now, lying low after the mission goes awry, the pair of them have to survive in the city until Overwatch can get them home.
  • Comments: A top-notch potential future for Tracer and Widowmaker, showing what could yet come to pass. Intensely well written, great combat scenes, anxious cliffhangers, and more than a bit of introspection into both of the main characters, with a good dash of humor to make things not completely grimdark. Well worth reading!

Break My Heart, Break Your Heart, by thesilvergoddess

  • Recommended by: Fringe Benefits
  • Pairings: Tracer/Widowmaker, Mercy/Pharah, Zarya/Mei, Genji/Zenyatta, and more
  • Status: Dormant (last updated September 2017)
  • Synopsis: There is a schism between Widowmaker and Amelie LeCroix, a schism that is growing wider. But after the atrocities Widowmaker has committed for Talon, only Tracer can still see the soul of Amelie struggling to emerge from inside the assassin. Will Tracer be able to bring back her old friend, and what will the consequences be if she succeeds?
  • Comments: Outstanding overall. Superb writing, spot-on characterization, incredible world-building, and sheer love for the characters all shine through this fic. Even better, it updates weekly! READ THIS THING. READ IT AND SHOWER IT WITH LOVE AND COMMENTS.
  • Now has a Tropes page.

Waiting for the Sunset by valkyriered

  • Recommended by: Synchronicity
  • Pairings: Soldier: 76/Reaper, Lucio/D.Va
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Jack ages slowly, then all at once.
  • Comments: A short oneshot that manages to tug on your heartstrings. It portrays the gradual passage of time and Overwatch's inevitable changing of the guard through Jack's eyes.

A Mid-Fall's Reprieve and sequels by GrizzBe

  • Recommended by: troperHearts, BrightLight
  • Pairings: Tracer/McCree
  • Status: Complete (sequels dead)
  • Notes: Also on Archive of Our Ownandsequels.
  • Synopsis: The agents of Overwatch are taking a well-deserved break after several months of non-stop action in the form of a Halloween festival, finally giving Jesse a good reason to ask Lena out. He's a little nervous.
  • Comments: A very fun read sprinkled with funny and cute moments throughout. It would've been so easy to take the overly sappy route, and this fanfic avoids it with a combination of great humor (especially Jesse's inner monologues) and a dynamic between Tracer and McCree that feels very believable. Just for the humor alone, I'd already recommend it, but at its core, this is a very cute story for such a rare pairing that most people aren't aware of.

Bad Sun by sassanids

  • Recommended by: blarfshnorgull
  • Status: Dead (last updated December 2016)
  • Pairing: McCree/Hanzo
  • Synopsis: When Blackwatch agent Jesse McCree is sent to kill a mysterious assassin known only as DRAGONSTRIKE, there are a few things he expects to occur. Falling in love isn't one of them.
  • Comment: An amazing AU fic set ten years prior to the game. It has a wonderful exploration of McCree's character, keeping him likable and clever, but also shows his less savoury aspects that come with him being a Blackwatch agent. Also includes a very in-depth and brilliant look into his recruitment, place in Blackwatch, and his relationship with Gabriel. While there hasn't been much romance yet, it looks very promising.

Truce by AVoresmith

  • Recommend by: Shatterstar
  • Status: Dormant (last updated March 2017)
  • Pairing: So far, only McCree/Genji with some hints of McCree/Hanzo
  • Synopsis: AU where Hanzo never leaves the Shimada, and Genji never leaves Overwatch. Both of them work through their loyalties, personal development, and long histories of vengeful and violent decisions. McCree is also around to help his smol fussy badasses sort through their vast, endless piles of complex shit.
  • Comment: A very intriguing fic that explores what would happen if Genji isn't as well-adjusted and forgiving as he is in canon. Excellent characterization and everyone involved manages to act competent despite the very dramatic plot.
  • Warning: Possible Incest. (There hasn't been any yet, but the author has said that it will eventually happen.)

Terminal Velocity by KKGlinka

  • Recommended by PT246
  • Status: Complete, sequel dormant (last updated February 2018)
  • Pairing: Tracer/Widowmaker, but it's not the focus of the plot.
  • Synopsis: From AO3: As Overwatch fell, Talon transformed from a terrorist organization to a legitimate private corporation that promised — and delivered — security in a post-war society for governments and employees alike. In this world, former Overwatch agents and allies have been deemed terrorists; Tracer knows to obey the masters who retrieved her from the Slipstream; and Lena Oxton doesn't dare stop running.
  • Comment: A Dark Fic AU where Tracer was freed from the Slipstream by Talon and Amélie Lacroix works for Overwatch. Shown entirely from Tracer's point of view, it depicts a mostly-broken shell of a woman trying to break free. Not exactly a pleasant read, but a fascinating and well-written one. Not for everyone. If you can stomach the content, it's a very good character study.
  • Warnings: Quite a few. Just going by the author's tags: PTSD, Slavery, and Torture. Also graphic violence.

with grace in our hearts by Snowsheba

  • Recommended by Apocrypha, blarfshnorgull
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Genji/Mercy
  • Synopsis: “There is strength in mistakes,” Angela tells him. She knows her expression is hard, focused, diamond. “Too much force, however, too many mistakes, and you will begin to break.” Genji says nothing.
  • Comment: An excellent and long one-shot tracing Genji's cyborg reconstruction and recovery, from his time with Overwatch to the Recall. It's full of emotional moments from funny to angsty to cute, with a sharp attention to medical details that makes everything seem believable. The shipping is a nice slow burn that develops at a pace that seems very natural. Even if you aren't a shipper, I'd recommend reading it just for the fantastic characterizations.

First Name Basis by BadJuJuJibberish

  • Recommended by Rakolai
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Junkrat/Symmetra
  • Synopsis: Junkrat and Roadhog are tired of running, and give legit work a shot. They have no idea what they're getting themselves into. Symmetra needs a change of pace from Vishkar, so she takes on the role of corporate liaison. Finding friends, family, and a boyfriend certainly weren't a part of her equation! Think of it as a rom-com... with bombs! (and a splash of drama, too!)
  • Comment: A very enjoyable slow-burn fic detailing the budding relationship between Junkrat and Symmetra, with a healthy amount of action and suspense sprinkled throughout. Later chapters delve into some heavier stuff including torture, abuse, and graphic violence, and there are some "adult" scenes, though they are not the main focus of the story.

Halcyon Days by Lycoriseum

  • Recommended by: The Master Panda
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing: Ana/OC
  • Synopsis: Ana's life from her days in the Egyptian Army, where she meets her wife, up until Recall when she is reunited with Fareeha.
  • Comments: I really love this fic. For something focusing on shipping a canon character with an OC,it's excellent, and easily one of the best Overwatch fics I've read in a while. Note that there's some sexual content in a couple chapters, and some blood dispersed throughout.

Rebuilt by MegabyteB

  • Recommended by: The Wild West Pyro
  • Status: Dormant (last updated September 2017)
  • Pairing: Genji/Mercy
  • Synopsis: Angela Ziegler's life was simple insanity; she had hundreds of people who counted on her that she took care of day in and day out. Most of them passed by in a blur of information and names, never to be heard from again. But for some reason, one particular patient kept appearing again and again. MercyxGenji aka Gency story, doesn't perfectly follow canon.
  • Comments: An extremely well-written fic that explores and expands not only their growing relationship but the characters of Genji and Mercy as well. Although it occasionally strays from canon, the characterization is still excellent. Particularly outstanding is the author's decision to have Angela befriending Hanzo and attempting to mend the relationship between him and his brother, something that is rarely encountered in other Genji/Mercy fics.

Old Habits by clickclickBANG

  • Recommended by: HookedOnAFeeling
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Soldier 76/Reaper
  • Synopsis: "At its core, Old Habits follows the slow redemption arc for Reaper/Gabriel, Widowmaker/Amélie, and Sombra, but it interweaves a related redemption arc for Soldier: 76/Jack and a number of “conspiracy” subplots. It is largely action-adventure based, featuring fight and battle scenes, but it also has conspiracy and mystery novel subplots. It also has a number of "slow burn" relationship dramas. The main characters are Reaper (Gabriel Reyes), Widowmaker (Amélie Lacroix), Soldier: 76 (Jack Morrison), and Sombra (real name unknown)."
  • Comments: Where do I even begin? The author nails the characters' voices despite the 15+ character cast. The story itself is well written, not just grammatically but but structurally as well. Speaking of the story this one has plot in spades; twisty-turny conspiracies, redemption arches, and world exploration. But what sets this fic apart is the author's massive and in-depth world building. There are multiple complex elements that tie into the game and the scant canon lore. My last comment is that this story isn't that heavy on the romance from what I've read so far. You can definitely enjoy it even if you are not in love with 76/Reaper.
  • Warnings: references to depression and PTSD, more specific warnings are listed by chapter

The Woman With No Name by Mmmph

  • Recommend by: Shatterstar
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Sombra/McCree
  • Synopsis: "Laying low on a ranch in West Texas, Mc Cree is kidnapped by the notorious hacker and Talon operative, Sombra. Once together, though, the two learn they might have more in common than they thought."
  • Comments: If you ever feels frustrated by the lack of well-written stories with Sombra or her go through a redemption arc, this story is for you! Never for a moment that all the characters appeared feels out-of-character while the suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Better Angels Of Our Natures by bzarcher

  • Recommend by: beanut_butter
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Widowmaker/Tracer/Emily
  • Synopsis: "Emily knows someone's been watching out for her lately, but isn't sure who it is. Tracer knows that Widowmaker went rogue from Talon, and no one knows why. Widowmaker knows more about both Lena and Emily than they think, but she isn't entirely certain what she knows about herself."
  • Comments: The beautifully written (and complete!) redemption arc for Widowmaker that really fleshes out her character in addition to that of Tracer and Emily. The adventure and the slow-burn romance coexist perfectly, with a plot that doesn't feel rushed or meandering. An excellent long read for a rainy day.

Midnight Retrieval by UnsolvedRubixsCube

  • Recommend by: The Wild West Pyro
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Widowmaker/Gérard
  • Synopsis: Amélie wanders around a Watchpoint searching for her husband. Short exploration of what the relationship between a civilian ballerina (Amélie) and Overwatch’s leading strategist (Gérard) might have been like.
  • Comments: A very well-done fic that presents an interesting interpretation of Gérard's job at Overwatch and shows how dedicated Amelie is to their relationship.

Espoir by Alterz

  • Recommended by: HookedOnAFeeling
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Widowmaker/Mercy
  • Synopsis: "Amélie Lacroix doesn't come back to Overwatch repentant. She just wants to be on the winning side." It's not the way Angela and the renewed Overwatch would've wanted, but they're low on options. They'll just have to figure out how to function with Amélie in their midst. Now removed from Talon's influence, Widowmaker finds herself changing, and will need to decide if it's for the better.
  • Tags: Redemption, character focused, occasionally introspective, slow-ish burn
  • Comments: The Widowmaker redemption story you've been waiting for! Seriously though, Espoir is the well paced, natural progression of Widowmaker rediscovering who she is with the help of Mercy and Pharah. What's most striking about the fic is how grounded it feels. It's very refreshing to see how the cast deals with the complex moral issue of what to do with Widowmaker as a killer (and a butt). And Widowmaker wrestling with her own identity. Highly recommended even if you aren't into Mercy Maker.

Götze by silkinsilence

  • Recommended by: Epicazeroth
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Ana/Mercy
  • Synposis: Angela builds up an idol and watches her fall. Ana makes love and learns contempt.
  • Comments: A brilliant, touching story of two people in a passionate but deeply unhealthy relationship. Excellent characterization and relationship building; even the sex scenes serve a purpose in establishing what the nature of their relationship really is, even if neither of them knows it.

To Breathe Above Water by Emiza

  • Recommended by: Shatterstar
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Genji/Mercy
  • Synopsis: Mermaids have been hunted for centuries, for their beauty and scales, pushing them to the brink of extinction, forcing them to hide in the ocean’s depths and darkness. They teach their young to be careful, to never swim into open waters. But all it takes is a single mistake, a single net, and a single bid on the black market for a mermaid’s life to turn upside down. And Angela was fairly good at making mistakes.
  • Comments: A fantasy AU fic with superb characterization and intense plot hidden underneath a fairy tale-esque atmosphere. The central romance is well-developed and the world-building and mythology of the universe is incredibly fascinating. The author's other Overwatch stories also worth checking out.

'' Ghost Stories On Route 66[1] by Nagaina [2]

  • ''Recommended by: Cheerfullittle B
  • ''Status: Ongoing (last update May 2019)
  • ''Pairing: Hanzo/Mccree
  • ''Trigger Warning: Suicide attempt
  • '' Synopsis: Hanzo Shimada is an expatriate student of the Fine Arts, attending college in what he assumes to be a reasonably sedate corner of the American southwest. Jesse Mc Cree is an occasionally leather-clad NPS ranger whose duties extend somewhat further than shooing lost tourists back onto the clearly marked hiking trails. Something weird is going on in the desert south of Santa Fe and their lives unexpectedly come together in the middle of it.
  • Comments: this novel quality work is insanely well-written with a truly magical world that feels alive.

Afterdrop by ClaroQueQuiza

  • Recommended by: Liangnui
  • Status: Active (last updated July 31, 2019)
  • Pairing: McCree/Hanzo
  • Synopsis: Overwatch can be forgiven for keeping Hanzo at arm's length despite the endorsement of his intended murder victim. Six months of provisional membership, spent in the field, is a reasonable compromise. But not everyone is on board with giving Hanzo a chance. McCree, least of all.
  • Comments: This fic is the best take on the "enemies to friends to lovers" storyline I've ever seen. It's labeled "glacial burn" by the author, and for good reason when it handles everything as realistically as possible. Starting from the aftermath of Hanzo's first reunion with Genji, Overwatch semi-forcibly recruits the second Shimada brother and slowly tracking the Defrosting Ice King process over in-universe months. Along the way, the characters bounce off of each other in fascinating ways and the author takes the time Blizzard so far hasn't to worldbuild as Overwatch's goals take them around the world. (Word count thus far: 422,342)

Make Me a Wish, Dear Dragon by Emiza

  • Recommended by: MikeGamer7
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Genji/Mercy McCree/Hanzo Dva/Lucio
  • Synopsis
    • Genji was born a dragon. A monster of an ancient time, a familiar without a place amongst humans and magus. Few can survive his magic and even fewer can use it, always sought after by those who believe they can achieve greatness with him by their side. But a monster can only rise alongside a god. And in a world of humans, there is no room for deities.
  • Comments
    • {Mike Gamer 7}: Yet another one of Emiza's excelent stories, this story takes place in a Modern Fantasy world where there are three types of people; Magus, Familiars, and Regularsnote . With the story mainly following the life of one Familiar by the name of Genji Shimada. Who was born into a clan of Magus Supremacists. The story doesn't pull any punches, it shows just how tough life can be when people see you as nothing more then a means-to-an-end, seeing only your body and not the soul housed inside it. However it also shows how beautiful, fun, and just all-around good life can be when you let people see the soul buried beneath the body. I am rambling, but just believe me, this is a great story, and I highly recommend it.
  • Trigger Warning: Child Abuse & Parental Neglect

I Know Everything About You by theZanyArthropleura

  • Recommended by: Hooked On A Feeling
  • Status: In Progress
  • Synopsis: Satya Vaswani didn't know what to expect when she reached out to Overwatch, accepted their offer of extraction from Vishkar, left the world she knew behind, and became the first passenger on a global covert recruitment mission. She didn't expect the immediate kindness shown to her by the cheerful pilot that welcomed her aboard. She didn't expect the second passenger to be none other than Vishkar's most wanted troublemaker and her own hated enemy. And she certainly didn't expect nightly visits from a mysterious hacker with a strangely incongruous agenda. Nor did she expect any of what happened next. (first arc complete, intermission arc complete, on hiatus) Aug 19
  • Pairings: Sombra/Symmetra, Emily/Tracer/Widowmaker, Symmetra&Everyone
  • Tags: Travel Fic, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Slow Burn Relationships, Slow Burn Friendships, Mystery Elements, Found Family, Light Smut, Angst with a Happy Ending
  • Comments: One of the few fics that juggles such a huge cast well, has solid and creative world building, and explores more of illuminati group that Sombra stumbled upon. Fantastic. Gripping. Read it.

    Crossover Fics 
Mass Effect+Overwatch: Cowgirls and Turians by Jonnwood
  • Recommended by: Rebu
  • Crossover with: Mass Effect
  • Status: Oneshot/Up For Adoption
  • Synopsis: A mercenary uses a vorcha gang to try and ambush a certain group of people in a bar. Operative word; "try".
  • Comments: This fic mixes humor, violence, and occasional feels hard. You may very well get Mood Whiplash.

Starwatch by CruxMDQ

  • Recommended by: ZeroDead
  • Crossover with: Mass Effect
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A young Alliance Navy lieutenant is given the mission to reopen a long forgotten vault on the Moon - and can only witness how Reaper is accidentally unleashed into a universe where humanity is about to find out that it is not alone.
  • Comments: This project so far spans two arcs, the first one being about the First Contact War and taking place some thirty-odd years after the events of Overwatch, and the second one roughly happening at the same time Mass Effect unfolds. The writing style follows the ME dynamic, with heavy character development and interludes between combat missions. Of note are Reaper's and Tracer's characterizations and evolution as the story unfolds.

Equilibrium by caesurae

  • Recommended by: Chaot1kShadow5
  • Crossover with: Pacific Rim
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Mercy/Pharah, background Zarya/Mei.
  • Synopsis: It’s strange how accustomed you become to Drifting with someone, how familiar you become with your partner. And then it fades away and leaves an empty void in its wake and Angela feels unbalanced, unsettled, like a set of scales weighing down too heavily on one side, like a windblown leaf without a place to land, like the lonely eagle that can’t find a current of warm air to bear it home. She yearns for equilibrium.
  • Comments: A truly fantastic crossover with the cast of Overwatch and the setting/plot of Pacific Rim. The worldbuilding and backstories of characters are solid, the development of Angela's character matches that of her development in Overwatch, and relationships between characters feel natural. Definitely a fanfic worth checking out.
The Hummingbird Is The Only Animal Capable of Backward Flight by NoHolds
  • Recommended by: Bassoe
  • Crossover with: His Dark Materials
  • Status: Complete
  • ''The Slipstream accident and aftermath, as witnessed by Angela Ziegler and her dæmon Tiressais.


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