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We are hope.
We are honour.
We are courage.
We are justice.
We are compassion.
We are determination.
We are harmony.
We are Overwatch.
Overwatch's Badass Creed

"Never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be."
Dr. Harold Winston

"Look, the people decided they were better off without us. They even called us criminals! They tore our family apart... But look around! Someone has to do something! We have to do something! We can make a difference again. The world needs us now more than ever! Are you with me?"

"Even old and worn, this armor can still serve its purpose. One day it may fall apart, but until that time, we will fight. Overwatch may be gone, but its legacy endures through us. We have sworn to carry on its ideals and restore hope to this troubled world, to seek out tyranny and evil wherever they take root, and bring the hammer of justice down upon the wicked. Such is our duty. Such is our righteous quest. Above all else, we will never run when people are in need, no matter how monstrous our enemies may be!
Reinhardt Wilhelm

"My family tells of an ancient legend about two great dragon brothers, the Dragon of the North Wind, and the Dragon of the South Wind. Together they upheld balance and harmony in the heavens. But the two brothers argued over who could better rule their land. Their quarrel turned to rage and their violent struggle darkened the skies, until the Dragon of the South Wind struck down his brother, who fell to earth, shattering the land. The Dragon of the South Wind had triumphed, but as time passed and he realised his solitude, the sweetness of victory turned to ash. For years, the bereft dragon's grief threw the world into discord, and he knew only bitterness and sorrow. One day, a stranger called up to the dragon and asked "Oh dragon lord, why are you so distraught?" The dragon told him, "Seeking power, I killed my brother, but without him, I am lost." The stranger replied, "You have inflicted wounds upon yourself, but now you must heal. Walk the earth on two feet as I do. Find value in humility. Then, you will find peace." The dragon knelt upon the ground. For the first time, he was able to clearly see the world around him, and he became human. The stranger revealed himself as his fallen brother. Reunited, the two set out to rebuild what they had once destroyed."
The Shimada Family Legend

"Humanity is always being tested. Conflict and war is the crucible through which we evolve. Every battle makes us stronger. Those who fall will be forgotten. Those who rise up...their names will be remembered forever."
Akande "Doomfist" Ogundimu

"In stories, the heroes get the honor and glory. But their gleaming armor, their mighty weapons... The poeple who built them were heroes in their own right, and I thought I was going to follow in their footsteps. But a hammer and tools can't fix every problem. There are some things that can never be repaired. It's not enough to wait until the battle is over to fix their armor and bandage their wounds. If you can fight by their side, you can try to keep the blows from falling, and maybe even protect them from themselves. I am Brigitte Lindholm, and I will be their shield!"
Brigitte Lindholm

"Our enemies think they can get away with this. They think Overwatch has limits to how far they will go to protect the world...because it follows a system of rules that Talon doesn't play by. But what they don't realize is...I don't play by those rules either."
Gabriel Reyes

"Heh heh..."choices"? What do you know about choices? 30,000,000 orphaned children. I was one of them. The Omnic War robbed us of our choices. To survive, you did wwhat you had to do. Steal, or starve! Kill, or be killed! You helped your friends and hurt anyone who got in your way! If you hungered to rise above your circumstances, then when someone offered you a hand up, even the devil, you took it. It wasn't complicated. At least, that was the lie I told myself. The truth is, I had choices, and I made them. But when you think you're a big man, it's hard to admit that you are not a brave one. Even harder, when you understand that making a living is not enough.

You...must make a difference.

I'm going to fight for a better world. For some, that means a bandage. For others, a bullet. Today, I give YOU the choice."
Jean-Baptiste Augustin

Character Dialogue

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Playable Heroes

(switching in) Ana checking in.
(switching in while wearing Captain Amari and Horus skins) Captain Amari, reporting for duty.
(switching in while wearing the Corsair skin) Ana, at the helm!

(on Temple of Anubis) It feels good to be home.

(on Volskaya Industries) I shouldn't overstay my welcome; I'm probably still on the watchlist here.

(looking through telescope on Horizon Lunar Colony) It's not bad, but it's also not Hawaii.

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) I never thought I'd see this place again.

(randomly, before match) Stick to the plan, and if you get into trouble, I'll bail you out./ There’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Stick together, we will complete our mission. / Look after yourselves out there. I'll get us home safe.

(after respawning) Ha, I've come back from worse. / I wasn't cut out for retirement anyways. / You're not getting rid of me that easily. / I'll rest when the fighting's done. / This is much better than a cabana on the beach.

(capturing objective) Taking the objective. Support requested.
(friendly objective being covered) They are taking the objective! Focus our defenses!

(time running out on attack) We have no more time to waste...attack, now.

(Getting an epic vote) Someone needs to show how it's done. / You made the right decision.

Character Interactions

(after a friendly Overwatch member scores a kill) Keep it up and maybe I will retire.

Ana: sigh Youth truly is wasted on the young. Oh come on Ana! I bet you got up to all sorts of trouble when you were my age!
Lúcio: Ana have you seen my schedule?
Tracer: At least statistically, I've wasted less than most.

(after killing an enemy D.Va. Lúcio or Tracer) Youth is wasted on the young.

Ana: Staying out of trouble Genji?
Genji: chuckles On my best behavior, Captain.

(after killing an enemy Genji, Lúcio or Tracer) Speed isn't everything.

Ana: I'll be watching your back out there, Fareeha.
Pharah: Then I have nothing to worry about.

(after a friendly Pharah scores a kill) That's my daughter. / Like mother, like daughter.

(after killing an enemy Pharah) Mother knows best.

(after a friendly Pharah dies) Fareeha! My daughter!

(after killing an enemy Reaper) I don't even know you anymore.

Ana: Reinhardt, I must say you're looking quite well. This life must agree with you.
Reinhardt: And you are looking as lovely as ever.

Ana: Just like old times, Reinhardt.
Reinhardt: Us old timers have to stick together. Teach these kids a thing or two. Ha ha ha.

(after a friendly Reinhardt scores a kill) Reinhardt, you haven't lost a step.

(after killing an enemy Reinhardt) Someday Reinhardt, but not today.

Ana: For a man of your years, you're looking pretty good, Jack!
Soldier: 76: Well, all that stuff they pumped into me has to be good for something.

Ana: Seems like neither of us like being dead very much.
Soldier: 76: Old soldiers are hard to kill.

Ana: What are you going to do when the fighting's over, Jack?
Soldier: 76: I'm a soldier, Ana. Retirement doesn't suit me.

(after a friendly Soldier: 76 scores a kill) Nice shooting, Jack.

(after killing an enemy Soldier: 76, Reinhardt or Torbjörn) Settle down old man.

(after a friendly Torbjörn scores a kill) You always did watch my back, Torbjörn.

Ana: Gérard was a fool to love someone like you.
Widowmaker: You don't know anything about him.

Ana: It seems i was wrong about you, Amélie.
Widowmaker: I thought you'd gotten used to that feeling by now.

(after a friendly Widowmaker scores a kill) Not bad.

(after killing an enemy Widowmaker) One shot, one kill.

(after killing an enemy Winston) Sorry Winston, you are a big target.

(after witnessing an elimination) Bravo.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn!


(using her Biotic Rifle on teammates) It's just a scratch; you'll be fine. / I've seen worse; you're going to live. / I have your back. / Restoring your health.

(using Sleep Dart) Bedtime! / Feeling sleepy? / Aww, you look tired...

(using Sleep Dart on an enemy Pharah) Bedtime, ḥabībtáTranslation .

(using a Sleep Dart on Pharah mid-Barrage) I think Justice could use a little nap.

(using Biotic Grenade on allies) This is going to help. / Walk it off. / Dah hayfīdak. Translation 

(using Biotic Grenade on enemies) This will only hurt for a minute. / Dah haykūn mu'lim. Translation 

(ultimate at 100%) Nano-Boost is ready to deploy! / Get in there, and I'll boost you.

(player or friendly using ultimate; receiving the boost) You're powered up! Get in there!
(friendly using ultimate; not receiving the boost) Nano-Boost administered!
(enemy using ultimate) Warīhum quwitak!Translation 
(using ultimate in Junkenstein's Revenge) You are empowered! Attack!

(Nano-Boost received) I cannot be stopped! / I feel like I could take on the world.

(on fire) I'm on fire, better stay out of my way! / My shots find their marks!

(switching in) Ashe here.

Character Interactions

(after killing an enemy D.Va or Lúcio) Squid needs more seasoning.

Ashe: Brave of you to show your face around here, Jesse.
McCree: Well, I know how much you missed me. Still have a picture of me at the hide-out, I hear.
Ashe: On the dartboard.
McCree: Bet you look at it every day. Flattering, really.

(after killing an enemy McCree) It's always gonna be this way. / There's only one way to leave the gang. / Now who's the better shot?

(when hacked or tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn / Aw, come on!


(ally using B.O.B.) Get in there, B.O.B.!
(player or enemy using B.O.B.) B.O.B., do something!


(switching in) Baptiste, here.

(randomly, before match) Statistically speaking, I usually get most of my team back alive, but who's counting? / Everyone fill out their life insurance policies?

(payload stopped on attack)' Let's get the payload moving again, yeah? / Payload's stopped. Not exactly what we were going for.

''(respawning) Someone's looking out for me. / Just my luck. Let's try that again. / Keep up that positive attitude. / Whew! Not my time. / Well, it could be worse.

Character Interactions

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn! / Come on!


(using Biotic Launcher) You're fully healed. / All better, for now. / I thought you needed a hand.

(using Regenerative Burst) Regen burst activated. / You all looked like you needed some healing! / This should keep you alive. For a little while, at least. / You're going to be fine. / Take your medicine.

(using Immortality Field) Get in here! / Get inside the Immortality Field. / Safe zone here. / Step inside, stay alive.
(Immortality Field drone destroyed) Immortality Field down!

(using Exo Boots) Going up! / Getting to high ground.

(ultimate at 100%) My ultimate is ready. Get in position. / Amplification Matrix is ready. Get ready to fire.

(friendly using ultimate) Light them up!
(enemy using ultimate) Vide bal sou yo!Translation 

(on fire) I'm on fire! / Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

(switching in) Brigitte Here. / Brigitte, at your service.

(on Blizzard World) Do we have time to go on some rides? Flight to Duskwood is my favourite!

(looking through the telescope on Horizon: Lunar Colony) It really makes you think...

(on Nepal) I think I'm gonna get tetanus just from looking at this place.

(randomly, before match) Last minute check. Everyone squared away? / I could've used a little more time to get ready.

(payload stopped on attack)' Payload's stopped. Is something broken?

''(respawning) That wasn't the plan. / Ready for more! / I can do better than that. / This is not the end of the world. / Practice makes perfect, not to mention some bumps and bruises. / Nowhere to go but up!

Character Interactions

Brigitte: Bastion, How are liking that new armor Papa made for you?
Bastion: *Beeps happily*

Brigitte: Genji, how about a quick sparring session?
Genji: You're on. Show me what you've been working on.

Brigitte: Angela! It's so strange to see you in your armor.
Mercy: I could say the same for you.

Brigitte: I'm really looking forward to fighting with you, Pharah!
Pharah: We overwatch brats have to stick together!

Brigitte: Reinhardt, what should i focus on today?
Reinhardt: Focus on offense. Drive your enemy back with the blows from your flail! / Your shield. Keep yourself from harm, then bash it against our enemies! / Protect your teammates! Make sure they do not falter. / No lesson today. Show me what you have learnt!

Brigitte: Sure you don't want to sit this one out, Reinhardt?
Reinhardt: You ask that every time, and every time I say no. Today is no different.

Brigitte: I've stitched you up so many times its a wonder you can still fight.
Reinhardt: Just some bumps and bruises, nothing to worry yourself about.

(after killing an enemy Reinhardt) Got you this time, Reinhardt!

Brigitte: Papa, what do you think of my armor?
Torbjörn: Not bad, not bad! I'm glad you let me add a little something to it.

(after killing an enemy Torbjörn) Sorry papa!

(Reviving an ally) Let's finish this fight together!

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn! / Fan!Translation 


(using Repair Pack) Armoring you up! / Take some armor! / Giving you a little extra!

(using Barrier Shield) My shield's up!
(blocking with shield) Barrier taking damage! / Shield holding!

(ultimate at 100%) I'm ready to rally!

(friendly using ultimate) Rally to me!
(enemy using ultimate) Alla till mig!Translation 

(on fire) I'm on fire! Come on, try me! / It's automatic!

(switching in) Doomfist here.

(before match) Once the mission starts, no more messing around.

(on Eichenwalde) The world changed after the crisis. It is overdue for a new test.

(looking through the telescope on Horizon: Lunar Colony) It's not much. And yet, so much blood has been spilled over it.

(on King's Row) Omnics will not be kept down forever. The ashes of the Crisis still smolder. / This city is a powder keg that could ignite the world. And Talon is the flame.

(On Numbani, Attack) I think your flights may have been delayed.
(On Numbani, Defense) Now where's my hero's welcome?

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) The world decided it didn't need Overwatch. / The world decided it didn't need you anymore.

(Capturing the objective on attack) I'll capture this objective myself if I have to!
(Objective being captured on defense) Winners don't lose their objectives. / Get on the objective, NOW!

(escorting the payload) I am personally seeing to the payload.
(payload stopped/is rewinding on attack) Winners stay on the payload!
(payload is moving on defense) If the payload is not halted, there will be repercussions.

(Respawning) Lose the battle, win the war. / I take it on the cheek / I'm not even close to done. / I'm not finished. / Defeat makes me stronger. / I've been knocked down before.

(randomly, on a kill) Stay down. / Flattened.

Character Interactions

(after killing an Overwatch founding member) Your time's run out.

(after killing a Talon member) I expected more from you. / Remember your place!

Doomfist: Ana Amari. I hate to see your talents go to waste.
Ana: That's the story of my life...

Doomfist: Hanzo. You should consider joining us. I think we'd see eye to eye.
Hanzo: I would have little to gain from such an arrangement. No, I will find my own path.

Doomfist: You disappoint me Hanzo. With Talon, you can truly fulfill your destiny.
Hanzo: Find another errand-boy, Akande.

Doomfist: You know, McCree, the winning side would pay much better. Maybe buy yourself some real clothes.
McCree: My clothes? Have you seen some of the things Talon wears?

Doomfist: I hope the girl gave you more than a new coat of paint.
Orisa: You may be surprised! I have received a number of upgrades since that battle.

Doomfist: You don't take a hint, do you Reinhardt?
Reinhardt: And you don't know how to stay down when you're beaten.

Doomfist: Symmetra, I am familiar with your work. I look forward to seeing it in person.
Symmetra: My purpose is to create order. You are the embodiment of chaos.

Doomfist: Retirement suits you.
Torbjörn: And I think a hammer upside your face would suit you!

Doomfist: I thought i'd taken care of you. You are more resiliant than you look.
Tracer: I've come back from worse.

(after killing an enemy Tracer) I can read your every move.

Doomfist: Watch my back out there, Lacroix.
Widowmaker: Tell me what needs to be done and I will do it.

(after killing an enemy Winston) I win, this time.

Doomfist: Human strength will only get you so far.
Zarya: True strength is hard work and dedication — not augmentation!

(after killing an enemy Zarya) Not strong enough!

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn! / Damn it!


(using Rising Uppercut) Rising Uppercut! / Rising Fist!

(ally using Meteor Strike) Incoming!
(player or enemy using Meteor Strike) METEOR STRIKE!
(killing an enemy with Meteor Strike) No escape! / You're not getting away!

(when damage boosted by Mercy) As though I needed the help. / I like how that feels.

(Nano-Boost received) I'm coming for you all! / I am unstoppable!

(switching in) D.Va online.
(switching in while wearing the Officer skin) D.Va reporting in!

(randomly, before match) All systems operational! D.Va, ready for combat! / Alright... game face, on! / Let's shoot for a new high score! / Player 1 ready! / I can't wait to get into the fight!
(randomly, before match while wearing Cruiser skin) We've got this made in the shade!

(on Hanamura, near the arcade) No one's beating my high score! / Blizzard games? That's so old-school!

(looking through the telescope on Horizon Lunar Colony) Wow..the view is amazing!

(on Hollywood) This is my kind of city. Lights, camera, action!

(on Eichenwalde or Volskaya Industries) The destruction caused by the Omnics here... it reminds me of home.

(Starting a match with the Cruiser skin) Pop the clutch and LET'S GO!

(capturing objective) This objective has my name written all over it! / Heh, check me out! Securing the point! / Taking the point. Don't worry, I got this.
(objective being captured) Enemy's taking the point. Time to show my skills! / Enemies on the point! Let's clear them out!

(payload moving on attack) Let's get this payload across the finish line! / Payload's moving. Let's knock them back!
(payload stopped/is rewinding on attack) Why's the payload stopped? Everyone, get on it! / New objective: get the payload moving!

(time running out on attack) Time's running out! Everyone, attack! / There's no way I'm losing! Attack!
(time running out on defense) Looks like another victory! Just a little longer! / We've got this! Don't let up now!

(respawning) D.Va, reengaging! / I'm not a good loser. / Extra life! / I'm too young to die! / Ha! Igeyon sagiya! Translation 

(Getting an epic vote) -giggles- Thanks for the love! / Thanks for your support! / Ding!

Character Interactions

D.Va: It's me! Someone must be hacking.
D.Va: I hope we don't get banned for this.

D.Va: (on Hanamura attack) Genji, I heard you used to have all the high scores here!
Genji: That's right! Wait, "used to"? ...Hey! Where did they all go?!

D.Va: Mei, I love reading your journal! I'm so jealous you get to go to all those places.
Mei: That's true... I guess you don't get to travel very much.

D.Va: (on Eichenwalde) Seeing what happened after the war here gives me hope for the rebuilding of my country!
Reinhardt: Things can be destroyed, but as long as the people are strong, they can always be rebuilt.

D.Va: Oooh, I can't stand you hackers. You give those of us with skill a bad name!
Sombra: ...You know that isn't the kind of hacking I do, right?note 

D.Va: Hey Sombra, I hear you're a master of unlocking.
Sombra: What are you talking about?

D.Va: A giant gorilla! Just like in those old video games!
Winston: Um, well, uh, okay then. / I get that a lot.

(after destroying an enemy Torbjörn's turret) Enemy turret's not gonna bother us anymore!

(landing a final blow with melee attack) Grr, geogi ggeojeo! Translation 

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn it! / Aaah, yeolbattane! Translation 

(when discovering an enemy Symmetra's teleporter) Hey! They have a teleporter!

(on seeing an enemy sniper) Sniper! Don't get caught!

(after witnessing an elimination) Haha, I will take more of that! / Nice shot!

(killing an enemy with the Cruiser skin) GET BENT!
(Melee killing an enemy in pilot mode with the Cruiser skin) Did you order a knuckle sandwich?


(Using boosters) Bunny hop! / Boosters engage!
(Using boosters while wearing the B.Va or Junebug skins) Taking flight!
(Boosters with the Cruiser skin) Burning rubber! / Flooring it!
(using Defense Matrix) Defense Matrix activated! / Routing power to forward shield! / Time to raise my APM! / I'm gonna have to shoot you down! / Nope! / Get through this! / APM jom ollyo bollka?Translation 
(Using Defense Matrix on an enemy ult) Denied! / Gung-geuggi chadan! Translation 
(Using Defense Matrix on Soldier: 76's ult) No hacks for you!
(Using Defense Matrix on Pharah's ult) Good thing I brought an umbrella!
(Using Defense Matrix on McCree's ult) I think your clock's off!
(Using Defense Matrix on Reaper's ult) Maybe next time!
(Using Defense Matrix on Roadhog's ult) I think this pig's a little undercooked!

(ultimate at 100%) I'm ready to initiate self-destruct sequence! / Ultimate charged! Ready, player 2?
(ultimate at 100% while in pilot form) All systems ready!

(player or enemy using ultimate) Nerf this!
(friendly using ultimate) Activating self-destruct sequence!

(Mech Reaches 0HP) Bailing out!/ Ejecting!

(calling a new mecha) Mecha activated! / Suiting up! / All systems check out! / I'm back in the fight! / Game on! / Now I'll show them!
(calling a new mecha while wearing B.Va and Junebug skins) All systems buzzing!

(Nano-Boost received) I am unstoppable! / You better get out of the way!

(On fire) Boom shakalaka! She's on fire!

(Respawns when wearing the Cruiser skin) I'm cruising for a bruising!

New Year's Resolution

D.Va: My New Year's resolution? Catch up on all the games I need to play!

(switching in) Genji is with you.
(switching in while wearing Sentai skin) Genji is here. HENSHIN!

(begin stage, random) Shi no ni yoi ka? Yosh, itsu demo koi!Translation  / Empty your mind. Focus on the task at hand. / Waga kokoro, meikyōshisui.Translation 

(on Hanamura, near the arcade) I spent many an hour of my misspent youth here.

(on Hanamura, near the restaurant) Ramen! (sigh) It's just not the same anymore.

(on Hanamura) Michi wo kiri te, maou wo shuu. Translation 

(on Hanamura) Fukushuu ga hossuru nowa, fukushu ni kogareta mono nomi. Translation 

(On Junkertown, Attack) I do not think cyborgs are welcome with open arms in Junkertown.

(on Nepal) Just setting foot here sets my soul at ease. / This is my home now. / Only here do I not feel outcast.

(on Numbani) Even here, I feel an outcast.

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) It is beautiful here... I could never appreciate it before.

(after respawning) I will not waste this chance! / The battle continues... / Tatakai wa owaran...Translation  / I will not falter! / Again! / Let us hope for a different outcome. / Boei-sen negao. / Waga tamashii wa mada moeteoru!Translation 

(capturing objective) The objective is mine. Be quick about it.
(objective being captured) Our point is under attack. Let us welcome our guests. / Our point is under attack! Let us rid ourselves of these unwanted guests! / We are losing the objective. Push them back!

(escorting the payload) I am moving the payload.../ The payload moves. We must keep it safe.
(payload has stopped/is rewinding on attack) The payload is stopped. And here I thought we had a plan...

(time running out on attack) The battle is drawing to its conclusion. We must attack!
(time running out on defense) Defend as one! Victory is near!

(Getting an epic vote) Most enjoyable! / Yosshi!

Character Interactions

(using Deflect on Bastion's Configuration: Tank) Bastion, catch!

Genji: So this is what has become of you... a pity.
Hanzo: I will not be judged by you.

Genji: What's wrong, Hanzo? Don't you recognize me?
Hanzo: You may call yourself my brother, but you are not the Genji I knew.

Genji: It is not too late to change your course, brother.
Hanzo: You are mistaken, brother. I am beyond redemption.

Genji: What would our father think of what we've become, brother?
Hanzo: It's hard to say who he'd be more disappointed by.

Genji: Any chocolates today, brother?
Hanzo: Those were your amusements, not mine.

(after killing an enemy Hanzo) I am victorious this time, brother.

(after a friendly Hanzo dies) I will avenge you, brother.

(using Deflect on Hanzo's Dragonstrike) Back at you, brother!

Genji: (On Route: 66) Why have you come back to this place, McCree?
McCree: Only thing it ever is: unfinished business and unhappy history.

(using Deflect on McCree's Deadeye) Hah! Good aim, McCree.

Genji: (On Hanamura, around White Day) Angela, I have some chocolates for you... not Swiss.
Mercy: (sigh) I suppose they will have to do. Thank you, Genji.

(after being resurrected by Mercy) You've rescued me again, Dr. Ziegler.

(after a friendly Mercy dies) Angela!

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Mock death at your own peril!

Genji: What is it like to have the chance to change the past?
Tracer: Sometimes it doesn't want to change.

Genji: Do not blame yourself for Mondatta's death. It was not your fault.
Tracer: You don't understand Genji, I could have saved him. Maybe the world would have been better off if it had been me instead of him.

Genji: I always liked working with you, Winston. No awkward small talk.
Winston: Always liked working with you too. You have, uh, great sense of humor!

Genji: How can I convince you that I am still a man?
Zarya: I know what you are. I'm only sorry that you do not.

(after killing an enemy Zenyatta) I have the upper hand this time, master.

(after a friendly Zenyatta dies) Master!

Genji: (on King's Row) Does the suffering of the Omnics here trouble you, master?
Zenyatta: It does. My brother, Mondatta, gave much to improve their lives... but it was not to be.

(after destroying an enemy Torbjörn's turret) Yosshi! Enemy turret destroyed!

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn! / Kuso! Translation 

(seeing an enemy sniper) Sniper. Be wary!


(using Deflect) Come on... / Hajime!Translation  / Honki wo misete miyo!Translation  / Joto da!Translation  / Sono teido ka?Translation  / Is that all?
(using Deflect on an enemy Ultimate) Back at you!

(on a kill) Aho ga!Translation  / Mizu no yo ni nagare.Translation  / Hayaki koto kaze no gotoshi! Translation  / Kaze-no-gotoku! Translation 

(on a kill while wearing Sentai skin) FANTASTIC TECHNIQUE! / Break the limit!

(after a kill with Swift Strike) Kamaitachi!Translation 

(when damage boosted by Mercy) Waga kokoro wa ryu no kokoro!Translation 

(Ultimate status at 100%) My blade is ready to be unleashed! / My ultimate is charged. Attack with me!

(player or enemy using ultimate) Ryuujin no ken wo kurae! Translation 
(friendly using ultimate) The dragon becomes me!
(player or enemy using ultimate while wearing Oni skin) Oni no ken wo kurae! Translation 
(friendly using ultimate while wearing Oni skin) The demon becomes me!
(player or enemy using ultimate while wearing Baihu skin) Byakko no ken wo kurae! Translation 
(friendly using ultimate while wearing Baihu skin) The White Tiger becomes me!

(Nano-Boost received) I am unstoppable! / Strength flows through me! / Chikara ga minagitte kuru! Translation 

(on fire) I cannot be stopped! / My warrior spirit burns!

New Year's Resolution

Genji: Agemashite, omedetou gozaimasu! Translation 

(switching in) Hanzo at your service.

(on Blizzard World) I have no time for such frivolous pursuits.

(on Dorado, after a killing spree) My enemies fall like... (laughs) destroyed piñatas.

(on Hanamura, after a killing spree) My enemies fall like cherry blossoms.

(on Hanamura) All of this was to be mine... / This was once my home. No longer... / This is the home of the Shimada clan — my home.

(on Hanamura, Attack) No time for games!

(on Hanamura, near the restaurant) I always have time for a bowl of ramen.

(On Illios) Such beauty is wasted upon the soul of a killer.

(On Numbani) My wanderings have brought me to this place, it is not to my liking.

(Looking through the telescope on Horizon Lunar Colony) The concerns of my life seem so distant from up here.

(capturing objective) I claim the objective.
(objective being captured) They are taking the objective, stop them!/ We cannot allow them to take the point.

(time running out on attack) Time grows short. Do not let it go to waste.

Character Interactions

Hanzo: Why did you abandon the assassin's art?
Ana: I never was an assassin. I killed only, because it was necessary.

Hanzo: We could have built an empire together!
Genji: That was your dream. Not mine.

Hanzo: You think you can do better than me?
Genji: Heh. I am certain of it.

Hanzo: You will never amount to anything!
Genji: We shall see... brother.

(after killing an enemy Genji) Just as when we were boys. / You were never my equal.

Hanzo: Where did you hide your treasure? You could hardly have it on your person!
Junkrat: Treasure?! S-sure, I don't know anything you're talking about!

Hanzo: I would take my bow against your rifle any day.
Widowmaker: That would be the last mistake you ever made.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn!

(after witnessing an elimination) A worthy strike! / You have some skill. / Again! / A fine kill!


(using a Sonic Arrow) Marked. / Marked by the dragon./The wolf marks his prey. / See through the dragon's/wolf's eyes. / See that which is unseen.

(using a Scatter Arrow) Strike! At the heart. / The noose tightens. / Simple Geometry. / My aim is true. / Scatter!

(ultimate at 100%) I am ready to unleash the dragon!
(ultimate at 100% with Lone Wolf or Okami skin) I am ready to unleash the wolf!

(player or enemy using ultimate) Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!Translation 
(friendly using ultimate) Let the dragon consume you!
(player or enemy using ultimate with Lone Wolf or Okami skin) Okami yo, waga teki wo kurae!Translation 
(friendly using ultimate with Lone Wolf or Okami skin) The wolf hunts for its prey!

(Nano-Boost received) I am unstoppable! / I cannot be stopped!

(switching in) Junkrat primed and ready!
(switching in while wearing the Cricket skin) Junkrat's come to the crease!
(switching in while wearing the Bilgerat skin) Captain Junkrat, ready to set sail!

(before the match) It's hard to just sit around here knowing there's someone out there who needs to be blown up! / What a bunch of misfits and freaks we got here, I love it! / C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! I hate waiting!

(on Dorado) Party time! Need some fireworks?

(on Eichenwalde, defense) I hate to break it to everyone, but if we're here to blow up the bots, someone's beaten us to it.

(on Hollywood, Attack) Something tells me that this movie's gonna... bomb!

(Looking through the telescope on Horizon Lunar Colony) It really makes you wonder, dont'cha think? / I think I can see my trailer down there!

(on Illios) Let's say we forget about all this and go to the beach instead! Any takers? Anyone? No?

(on Junkertown, Attack) Home sweet home! / I've been all around the world, and there's nowhere that compares to home! / It’s not the Chancellor, but the price is right. / Treasure secured, trolley loaded. They'll never suspect a thing! / One last time: we take this innocent pile of ill-gotten treasure to the scrapyard, reveal it to the queen, then boom!

(on King's Row, Attack) So we're delivering a bomb to scrap some bots and I'm getting paid for it. My kind of job!

(on Nepal or Numbani) This place makes me sick.

(on Nepal) If these bots want to go to the light, I'd be more than happy to help.

(on Numbani) This place is the worst. Let's turn it into one big scrap heap.

(on Oasis) This place is a bit posh for me. / Jamison Fawkes, Minister of Engineering! Has a certain ring to it!

(on Temple of Anubis, Attack) You think there's anything worth stealing in that temple?

(on Cold Maps) Brrr! This is not my kind of weather! Anyone have an extra coat? Or some mittens? Oh, I would kill for some mittens.

(respawning) If at first you don't succeed, blow it up again. / Well that's a fine how do you do! / Hooley dooley... / Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'! / (unrecognizable Angrish) / You ain't gettin' rid of me that easily. / Rise and shine!
(respawning while wearing Dr. Junkenstein skin) You will all regret the day you laughed at Dr. Jamison Junkenstein! / He's alive! He's alive!
(respawning after getting a kill with his trait) I love it when that happens.

(capturing objective) Mine, mine, this is my point! / I'm taking the objective! Anyone else want some? / The point is mine! And you can't have it!
(objective being captured) They're taking the point! Time to blow it—them up! I meant them./ That point belongs to us. Defend it!/ They're taking that objective. Let's give them something to think about.

(escorting the payload) Payload's movin' out. All aboard! / Let's get the payload rolling!

(time is running out on attack) Time is money, friends— and we're almost flat broke! ATTACK! / Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock! Attack! Attack!! ATTACK!!!
(time is running out on defense) Tick tock tick tock. We're gonna win~!

(Getting an epic vote) My genius is finally recognized. / Brings a tear to my eye.
(Getting a legendary vote) I won! I WON! uhh... what'd I win? / Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Character Interactions

(eliminating someone in Junkertown) Home field advantage you know! / There is no place like home! / What do you think of that, your majesty?

(after killing an enemy omnic) Aw, back to the scrap heap!

(after killing several enemies in a row) Laughs you're blowing up!/ I love this job.

Junkrat: Don't suppose you'd like to trade? Fists I mean.
Doomfist: I don't think you could handle it.

Junkrat: And I thought I'd taken my licks!
Genji: I was a reckless youth. But you are something else entirely!

Junkrat: Brr, I get cold just lookin' at ya.
Mei: Then you should look somewhere else.

(after killing an enemy Mercy) Never liked going to the doctor.

(after killing an enemy Orisa) Four legs aren't better than one. (chuckles)

Junkrat: You look like the kind of guy who could use something blown up!
Reaper: A candidate just came to mind.

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Why so serious?

Junkrat: You won't believe the joke ol' Pigface over there told me the other day! Roadhog?
Roadhog: (grumbles) Do you ever shut up?

Junkrat: Try not to get us killed out there.
Roadhog: (grumbles)...Shut up.

Junkrat: (on King's Row) Ahh. Remember that time we stole the crown jewels? All hail King Jamison Fawkes the First! And, ehm, Duke Roadhog? What is your name anyways?
Roadhog: Mako.

Junkrat: (on Junkertown Attack) Y'know... I never would have taken you for someone with such a homely home.
Roadhog: If you don't like it, stay in your room.

Junkrat: (on Junkertown) The queen sure seems to have an interest in me. Suppose she fancies me? chuckle I'd hate to break her heart!
Roadhog: laughs uproariously You're dreaming.

(after a friendly Roadhog scores a kill) I knew there was a reason I kept you around, and it wasn't the sparkling conversation! / I can always count on you mate!

(after killing an enemy Roadhog) Guess we know who's really on top, don't we?

Junkrat: Cheers, mate! The cavalry's here.
Tracer: That's my line!

Junkrat: Think can I have a look at one of those bombs of yours?
Tracer: Over my dead body!

Junkrat: And I thought I was supposed to be the comic relief.
Winston: Hey!

Junkrat: I admire how you deal with those bots. Want to team up?
Zarya: Not even if you were last human on Earth.

(after killing an enemy Tracer while wearing the Cricket skin) Now who's got the Ashes?! (chuckles)

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Dammit. / Piece of junk!

(on seeing an enemy sniper) Sniper! (nervous chuckle)

(after witnessing an elimination) Nice one mate! / Oh, that must have hurt. / Leave some for me! / Right on!

(after destroying an enemy Torbjörn's turret) Enemy turret just blew up! laughs


(laying a Steel Trap) The hunter lays a trap for his prey... / Ohoho, this'll be good. / Here we go.

(scoring a kill) Ha, aiming is overrated. / Hey, where'd you go? / If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

(Enemy triggers Steel Trap) Don't move! / Gotcha! / Hold still! / Oh, you really stepped on it, mate. / Watch your step!
(Enemy triggers Steel Trap while wearing Hayseed and Scarecrow skins) Early bird gets the worm!
(Enemy triggers Steel Trap while wearing Cricket skin) Leg before wicket.

(throwing a Concussion Mine) I'll just...leave this here! / You'll like this one! / Stop me if you've heard this one before! / This bomb's for you!

(after witnessing enemies get revived by Mercy) Looks like they were just playin' dead!

(Ultimate status at 100%) RIP Tire ready to roll! / My ultimate's ready! Time for some mayhem!

(player or enemy using ultimate) Fire in the hole!
(player or enemy using ultimate while wearing Dr. Junkenstein skin) Get ready for a shock!
(friendly using ultimate) Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
(friendly using ultimate while wearing Dr. Junkenstein skin) Ladies and gentlemen, my latest creation!
(getting a Triple Kill or higher with RIP Tire) That...was beautiful! / *hums 1812 Overture*
(getting a Triple Kill or higher with RIP Tire while wearing Dr. Junkenstein skin) And they said I was the mad one!

(Nano-Boost received) I'm unstoppable! / There's no one to stop me now!

(On fire) I'm on fire! Well, more than usual. / Someone get a firey, cause I'm on a roll!
(On fire while wearing Hayseed or Scarecrow skins) I'm on fire! Usually that would not be a good thing. / Fire! Not good!

New Year's Resolution

Junkrat: My New Year's resolution? Hmm, I think I'd like to travel more.

(switching in) Lúcio coming at you!
(switching in while wearing Selecao and Striker skins) Lúcio, checking in the game!

(randomly before match) Look at this team... We're gonna do great! / Hey, break time's over! Let's get movin'! / I am ready to roll. / Let's show them what we can do! / Hey! Break time's over, let's husttle!
(randomly before match while wearing Selecao and Striker skins) My ratings? 99 pace, 99 dribbling, 99 makin' this look good!
(randomly before match while wearing Jazzy skin) Everybody get yourself together and let's jam!

(on Hollywood) Wonder if I have time to catch a hockey game.

(on King's Row) Let's not waste time. I have tickets for a show tonight.

(on Numbani) Now this is my kind of city. Everyone free to live as they choose.

(on Volskaya Industries) I should've brought my stick and pads. Probably could've got a pick-up game in here.

(Capturing an objective point) Haha, I am rockin' this objective! / Party on the objective, who's in? / I'm taking the objective. You know you want some!
(objective being captured) They're taking the point. Let's knock 'em back! / Come on, we need to get in control of the point!

(time is running out on attack) Don't give up! We can still win this! / We have to pick it up! Let's attack! / Get on the attack, or it's game over!
(time is running out on defense) We're so close! Just hang in there!

(escorting the payload) Movin' with the payload! / This Payload's bumpin'! / Special delivery, on the way.

(after respawning) I hope nobody saw that... / Time for an encore! / Let's take it from the top! / And the beat goes on! / Back in the mix!

(Getting an epic vote) Thank you, thank you. / Unreal!

Character Interactions

Lúcio: Hey, Bastion! check this out! (imitates beeping)
Bastion: (Beeps back)

Lúcio: D.Va in the flesh! Wooh, can I get your autograph?
D.Va: Only if I can get yours, too. I love your new album.

Lúcio: Hey Genji, how about i hook up your lights to my music?
Genji: That is not what they are for / (Sigh) Just this one time.

Lúcio: Orisa, you are amazing! Could you ask Efi if she could help me out with my helmet sometime?
Orisa: I am sure she would love to. She is a big fan of your music. As am I.

Lúcio: You should come to Rio Orisa. I could use your help with those Vishkar goons.
Orisa: I do not know about this Vishkar, but I am programmed to assist where I can.

Lúcio: What do you think, Pharah. Got time for a game?
Pharah: After the mission, you're on!

Lúcio: Reinhardt, we need to find you some new tunes.
Reinhardt: What's wrong with the classics? I love Hasselhoff! Have you heard "Night Rocker"?

Lúcio: What you Vishkar will never understand is that people should be free!
Symmetra: What you call "freedom" is an illusion that causes more harm than good. / What you call "freedom", I call "anarchy".

Lúcio: Vishkar's using you. Just like they used my father. Now you just wait, you'll see.
Symmetra: Your father was a Vishkar employee. He understood our company's vision. A shame he never educated you.

(after killing an enemy Symmetra) That's for my family back home! / Stay outta Rio. That's my turf.

Lúcio: Can't keep up?
Tracer: Then stay out of our way!

(after killing an enemy Tracer) Got you this time!

(after killing the enemy who killed him) I need to learn to let go. Next time!

Lúcio: Winston, how's it hanging?
Winston: Um, OK, I guess. We got this big mission coming up— oh. I get it.

(after destroying an enemy Torbjörn's turret) You remember that turret? Me neither! / Hope you didn't work too hard on that.

(on seeing an enemy) They're crashing the party!/ Found 'em!/ Here they come!
(on seeing an enemy sniper) Sniper! Check your head! / Whoa! Sniper! Keep movin'!

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) That's not right.

(Witnessing an elimination) Have you been practising? / That was awesome! / Nice one! / I'll take more from where that came from!

(reviving an ally in Uprising) Party's not over yet, get back in there!


(wallriding) Check this out! / I am loving this! / Nothing's gonna stop me! / Aww, yeah!

(Using the Sonic Amplifier's alt fire) Push off... / Get back! / Step to this!

(Using Crossfade to accelerate) Oh! Oh! Time to accelerate! / Let's up the tempo! / Double time! / Speeeeed boost! / Let's hustle! / Yeeeaa, let's move it, people!

(Using Crossfade to heal) This'll make you feel better. / Audio medic! / Feel the healing beat! / Heal up! / Healing booooost!

(Using Amp It Up) Ha ha, amp it up! / Oh, this is my jam! / Pump up the volume. / Raisin' the volume! / Woo! You feel that?

(Ultimate status at 100%) I'm ready to activate the Sound Barrier!

(player or friendly using ultimate) Oh, let's break it down!
(enemy using ultimate) Let's drop the beat!

(Nano-Boost received) Oh there's no stopping me now! / I am unstoppable! / Boostiooooo!

(on fire) Whoo! Check this out, I am on FIRE! / Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?


(getting a Save in Lucioball) What a save! / An amazing stop!

(scoring in Lucioball) And that's why they call it "The Beautiful Game"!

(enemy team scores in Lucioball) We'll get it back! / Suboptimal... /

(friendly Lucio scores on their own goal) ...I cannot believe I just did that.
(enemy Lucio scores on their own goal) Own Goal? I'll take it.

New Year's Resolution

Lucio: My New Year's resolution? Hmm... New skates for all the kids in the neighborhood!

(switching in) The name's McCree.
(switching in while wearing the Gambler or Riverboat skins) McCree, all in!
(switching in while wearing the Blackwatch skin) McCree reporting.
(switching in while wearing the Sherlock skin) McCree, at your service.

(randomly before match) I ain't much for waiting around. / Well, it's high noon somewhere in the world...

(on Route 66, Attack) I wouldn't drink the coffee; always tasted like boiled dirt.

(on Route 66, Defense) Doesn't feel right comin' back here.

(on Halloween Terror Hollywood) I'd say...this town is haunted.

(on Eichenwalde, Attack) Think these taps still work? I'm feeling an almighty thirst.

(Looking through the telescope on Horizon Lunar Colony) See you space cowboy.

(capturing objective) The point is mine, you're welcome to join me. / I'm stakin' my claim on the objective. / This one's mine./ Takin' the point, who's with me?
(objective being captured) Stop standin' around and get on the point! / Quit lollygagging, get on the point!

(time is running out on attack) We're almost outta time...move it! / Attack now or ti's all over! / Quit lollygaggin'!
(time is running out on defense) Lock this down, and we win! / We've almost got it. Don't screw it up!

(Respawning) Well now. / Back in the saddle again. / This life's never uneventful. / I've got unfinished business. / Let's start over at the beginning.
(Respawning while wearing Riverboat and Gambler skins) Not time to fold 'em yet. / Might be on tilt, might be I don't care.

(Getting an epic vote) Much obliged. / Mighty fine!
(Getting a legendary vote) Time to ride off into the sunset.

Character Interactions

(after a friendly Overwatch character scores a kill) Just like old times.

McCree: It's an honor fighting by your side, ma'am.
Ana: Oh, you always were a charmer.

McCree: Ashe, how about we let bygones be bygones?
Ashe: Oh, you know it's not how it works, Jesse.
McCree: I was hoping you'd make an exception, for old times sake.

McCree: You know, you never were my type Ashe.
Ashe: Too competent?
McCree: Too rich.

McCree: You always were the ambitious one, Ashe.
Ashe: You make it sound like a bad thing. You'd still be on a farm if it weren't for me.
McCree: Somedays, it doesn't sound so bad.

McCree: Nice bike you got, Ashe.
Ashe: What'd you do with it, Jesse?
McCree: Parked it somewhere... But damn if i remember where I'd left the keys though.

McCree: Still remember your old house. Kinda miss that old sofa.
Ashe: It was a chaise longue.
McCree: It was a footrest!

McCree: And how's B.O.B?
Ashe: He's just fine. Thank you for your concern.

(after killing an enemy Ashe) Always was the better shot. / Didn't have to be this way. / Makes us about even.

McCree: Believe me, I get wanting to wear the armor and all, but following the old man around must be nothin' but trouble.
Brigitte: I don't see it that way. To me, it's an honor.

McCree: They wouldn't even have to pay me to put you away.
Doomfist: Then how would you afford the hospital bills?

McCree: D.Va, just tell me one thing; where'd you learn to shoot like that?
D.Va: 16-bit Hero!

McCree: You might be fast, Genji, but you ain't faster than a bullet.
Genji: Why don't we find out?

McCree: Genji, how'd you ever get used to... You know... It was hard enough for me and it was just the one arm.
Genji: It was a long and difficult road, but now, I feel at ease in my own body.

(after killing an enemy Genji) Not fast enough.

McCree: You know, that sake's not half bad but... I prefer a little bite to my liquor.
Hanzo: How predictable! Such an unsophisticated taste.

(after a friendly Hanzo scores a kill) Pretty handy with that bow.

McCree: I heard there's a nice reward for bringing you fellas in.
Junkrat: Maybe we could, erm, work something out, mate?
Roadhog: Try me.

McCree: Always thought hirin' you was a mistake.
Moira: The best mistake one could ever make.

(after killing an enemy Moira): Long overdue.

McCree Just remember Pharah, we ain't playing with toy guns anymore.
Pharah: Good, I'm much better with the real thing

McCree: You weren't given those guns to toss 'em around like trash.
Reaper: I don't take lessons from you.

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Someone had to do it. Seems fitting it'd be me.

(after killing an enemy} Call that a fair fight?/ You gotta work on that aim./ And that's how the west was won. / Bingo./ No payment required. This one's on the house.
(after killing an enemy while wearing Gambler and Riverboat skins} Luck of the draw.

McCree: I bet you're a big fan of those old fashioned cowboy movies, aren't ya?
Soldier: 76: I thought I was, until I met you.

(after killing an enemy Soldier: 76) Thought I saw a ghost.

(after killing an enemy Widowmaker) Don't like shooting a lady. But for you, I'll make an exception.

(encountering enemies) Bad guys; heads up!

(landing a final blow with melee attack) Smarts, don't it?! / Happy trails! / That'll learn ya!

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn it!

(Witnessing an elimination) Remind me to stay out of your bad side. / Good aim. / Nice one! / That's a beauty!

(reviving a player) C'mon, back in the saddle.


(Throwing a Flashbang) Pardon me. / Hold up, now. / Woah, excuse me! / Easy. / Whoa there. / Now hold on.

(Ultimate status at 0-89% while wearing Van Helsing skin) The hunt begins.
(Ultimate status at 100%) Deadeye's ready! / You know what time it is.

(player or enemy using ultimate) It's high noon...
(player or enemy using ultimate while wearing Van Helsing skin) It's high moon...
(player or enemy using ultimate while wearing Lifeguard skin) It's high tide...
(friendly using ultimate) Step right up...
(using ultimate in Junkenstein's Revenge) It's time to meet your maker...

(after scoring a kill with Deadeye) Like sitting ducks! / Someone call the undertaker. / Like shootin' fish in a barrel.
(after scoring a kill with Deadeye while wearing Gambler or Riverboat skins) Jackpot!

(when attack-boosted by Mercy) Thanks. Put it on my tab. / Oh, that'll do.

(Nano-Boost received) Ain't no stopping me! / I am unstoppable! / Buckle up, this gunslinger's loaded!

(On fire) You best head for the hills, I'm on fire!
(On fire while wearing Gambler and Riverboat skins) look who's got the hot hand!

(switching in) Mei checking in.
(switching in while wearing Firefighter or Rescue Mei skins) Mei on duty.

(randomly before match) Let's gather some valuable data on this mission./ I can't wait to get started!

(on Blizzard World) Wow! This place looks like so much fun!

(on Lijiang Tower) It's good to be back home!

(on Nepal) I love it here, in the mountains! I wish I could go climbing!

(on Rialto) Snowball, want some gelato?

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Attack) Winston, I think one of these equations is wrong.

(on a warm map) ...I think I might be a little overdressed for this place.

(on Halloween Terror Hollywood or Winter Wonderland King's Row) I love this! So festive!

(on cold maps) Hū rú yī yè chūnfēng lái, qiān shù wànshùlí huākāi. Translation 

(on Horizon Lunar Colony with Chang'e or Luna skins) I wonder if there's any bunny food around here? / Ahh, home, sweet home. / Those astronauts never found me!
(Looking through the telescope on Horizon Lunar Colony) Our world IS worth fighting for.

(time is running out on attack) Our hard work will be for nothing if we don't attack now!
(time is running out on defense) Come on, everyone, just a little bit longer!

Character Interactions

(Revenge Kill) I hate bullies!

Mei: Bastion, you would make the perfect research assistant!
Bastion: (Boops happily)

Mei: You're just a no-good bully. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror?
Junkrat: That's cold.

Mei: I hate bullies like you. / You are terrible.
Junkrat: I beg your pardon, I consider myself more of a freedom fighter... A misunderstood one.

Mei: Hey McCree, do you know what time it is?
McCree: Well I'd say it's about— Now I see what you're doin' there!

Mei: Dr. Ziegler, I don't think you've aged a day since I last saw you.
Mercy: And neither have you, Mei.

Mei: Orisa, you are adorable!
Orisa: I will pass your feedback on to Efi. I believe that she will be pleased!

Mei: Tracer, you're so amazing! You inspire me.
Tracer: Mei, you're the real hero.

Mei: I love your glasses. So cute.
Winston: Oh! Um, thanks. I like yours, too.

Mei: (giggles) We should compare notes some time.
Winston: That would be great. W-What's your opinion on the Tobelstein's gravitational models?

(After a friendly Winston scores a kill) Winston, you're so awesome! Just like Sun Wukong.

Mei: Zarya, I don't understand how you can fight in the cold wearing so little.
Zarya: I'll tell you my secret if you give me your coat.

Mei: Zarya, how can you even pick up all that weight?
Zarya: I lift as well as I lift because it cannot be avoided.

(Witnessing an elimination) You are amazing! / Nice shot.


(using Cryofreeze) Yikes! / Oh my gosh!

(using Ice Wall) Ice wall coming up/ Blocking them off!/ Let's see you get past this!

(ultimate at 100%) I'm ready to start a Blizzard!

(player or enemy using ultimate) Dòng zhù! Bùxǔ zǒu!Translation 
(friendly using ultimate) Freeze! Don't move!

(Nano-Boosted) Nothing can stop me! / Everyone, stay out of my way!

(On fire) I'm on fire! (giggles) Not really.
(On fire while wearing Firefighter or Rescue Mei skins) I'm on fire! Isn't that against regulations?

New Year's Resolution

Mei: My New Year's resolution... Hmm... I could do a better job controlling my temper.''

(switching in) Mercy on call.
(switching in while wearing Sigrun or Valkyrie skins) Mercy is here.
(switching in while wearing Devil and Imp skins) Mercy, as summoned.
(switching in while wearing Witch skin) Mercy has been summoned.
(switching in while wearing Victory Goddess skin) Mercy has arrived!

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Attack) I'm not used to state of the art facilities these days.

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Defense) Overwatch was shut down for a reason, maybe it's best it stays that way.

(randomly, before match) A moment to enjoy some peace and quiet. Probably just a moment. / I'll be busy soon enough. / I'll enjoy the quiet while it lasts. / Well, I suppose I'll be patching you up - as usual./ Must violence always be the solution?

(after respawning) The wonders of modern medicine. / Die Wunder der modernen Medizin. Translation  / A clean bill of health! / A speedy recovery! / Valkyrie online! / Starting over from the beginning. / Immer unterbricht mich jemand bei der arbeit... Translation 
(after respawning while wearing Witch skin) Witches don't die that easily.

(time is running out on attack) Pick up the pace, we can do this!
(time is running out on defense) Time is running out. Everyone, get on defense!

(Getting an epic vote) It's nice to be appreciated. / Excellent.
(Getting a legendary vote) I'm touched by your support... / I couldn't have done it alone.

Character Interactions

Mercy: You know, Ana, there are procedures we could look into to repair your eye.
Ana: You're very kind, but I'm comfortable with who I am now. It's a good reminder.

Mercy: Ana. I don't approve of what you've done with my biotic technology.
Ana: I'm sorry you feel that way, but it suits my purposes now.

(to Ana, while wearing Witch skin) I could restore your sight. My price would only be a very small thing.

(Using Healing Tether on Brigitte) Taking care of you, Brigitte! / I've got you, Brigitte!

Mercy: You seem well, Genji.
Genji: I am a different man now. I am whole.

Mercy: (On Hanamura, around Valentine's Day) I got you some chocolates, Genji. Swiss, they're the best.
Genji: Thank you, Angela. Perhaps you could share them with me?

(to Hanzo, while wearing Witch skin) You believe your brother is dead, Archer. But he lives.

Witch!Mercy: Dr. Junkenstein, remember the price agreed upon.
Dr. Junkenstein!Junkrat: Life, do you hear me?! Give my creation...LIFE!

Mercy: Lucio I never realised that your father was the one who invented Vishkar’s sonic technology.
Lucio: The core tech was his life’s work, owned and patented by Vishkar, but it’s mine now.

Mercy: You know, smoking's bad for your health.
McCree: Well, I have faith you can get me patched back up, doc.

(to McCree, while wearing Witch skin) What would you give me were I to heal your arm, Gunslinger?

Mercy: Mei, you haven't aged a day. What's your secret?
Mei: Cryostasis, but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it.

Mercy: Describing your work as "unethical" would be a kindness.
Moira: But the true question is whether or not you can deny my discoveries?
Mercy: ...
Moira: No, I didn’t think so.

Mercy: Your mother always wanted you to follow in her footsteps.
Pharah: She did? Funny, she never mentioned that to me.

Mercy: Keep the skies clear for me.
Pharah: Let's keep the skies clear together!

Mercy: What happened to you?
Reaper: You tell me, doc.

(to Reaper, while wearing Witch skin) Go, my servant! Destroy them!

Mercy: Reinhardt, don't you think it's time you hung it up? You're not getting any younger.
Reinhardt: Never. I will fight to my last breath!

Mercy: Reinhardt. I don't approve of you dragging that poor girl around on your adventures.
Reinhardt: Brigitte has made her choice. I would have her at my side.
Torbjörn: Angela, you should know that no one could stop Brigitte from doing something she had her mind set on. She's a Lindholm, after all.

(to Soldier: 76, while wearing Witch skin) What if I gave you the chance to undo the choices you've made?

Mercy: Tracer, you should be careful, we don't know the side effects of using the chronal accelerator.
Tracer: Don't worry Dr. Ziegler, if i get in trouble, i'll just recall! / Considering the alternative, i'm willing to take the risks.

Mercy: Winston, are you experiencing any issues with your genetic therapy?
Winston: Other than a crippling addiction to peanut butter?

Mercy: Zenyatta, i must admit, i do not understand how your healing works.
Zenyatta: And i do not understand much of how you heal, Dr. Ziegler. I suppose we must all take some things on faith.

(Scoring a Kill) Say 'ah'! / Medic! Oh, wait...that's me! / Your prognosis is not good. / You might not want to tell your friends about that. / Clear! / Flatlined.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn. / Verdammt. / Not good.

(Witnessing an elimination) Flatlined. / Regrettable, but necessary. / Vital signs negative.


(healing allies) Where does it hurt? / Patching you up. / Did someone call a doctor? / Healing stream engaged.
(healing allies while wearing Witch skin) My healing spell is upon you. / Casting a spell on you. / Casting a healing spell. / Did someone call for a witch?

(damage boosting allies) Damage amplified! / You should be at peak performance levels. / You're ready to do some damage.

(using Guardian Angel) Right beside you! / Your support has arrived. / You needed a doctor? / Mercy, im Bereitschaftsdienst.Translation 

(Using her Resurrect ability) Heroes never die. / Let's get you back in the fight! / This is not the end! / This is not your time! / The battle continues! / We still need you!
(player or friendly using Resurrect while wearing Devil and Imp skins) Heroes never die. For a price...
(player or friendly using Resurrect while wearing Sigrun and Valkyrie skins) Til Valhalla!
(player or friendly using Resurrect while wearing Witch skin) My servants never die! / I still have use for you.
(player or friendly using Resurrect while wearing Winged Victory skin) Onward to victory!

(Ultimate status at 100%) My Ultimate is ready! Go! I'll be watching over you.
(player or friendly using Valkyrie) I will watch over you!
(enemy using Valkyrie) Gemeinsam kaempfen wir! Translation 

(After being resurrected by an ally Mercy) Hm. So that's what that feels like.

(On Fire). I am operating at maximum efficiency!
(On Fire while wearing Witch skin). I'm on fire! But this witch doesn't burn.

(Nano-Boosted) I feel unstoppable! / I feel empowered! / I am unstoppable!

(Switching in) Moira is here. / Moira, by your side.

(randomly before a match) It's not my preference to see to matters personally, but I will see them done. / The true struggle is for the superiority of ideals.

(on King's Row) The government here has such a medieval view towards Omnics.

(on Oasis) If only the world could see the wonders that science has built. / This is now my home, as much as any other.

(looking through the telescope on Horizon: Lunar Colony) A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight. And his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. / We are all in the gutter. But some of us, are looking at the stars.

(respawning) Heh, perhaps a new methodology is required. / When faced with a setback, we must challenge our assumptions. / I must reflect on this. / There was a flaw in my approach. / We must all make sacrifices in the name of science. / That changed my thinking.

(enemy escorting the payload) That we should fail in stopping the payload has no reasonable explanation.

(time running out on Offense) Time runs short. We must increase our efforts.
(time running out on defense) Their inevitable defeat is becoming reality. / Slowly they realize that failure is all that awaits them.

(Getting an epic vote): Pure class. / It was only to be expected.

Character Interactions

(after killing an enemy Ana) HarridanTranslation .

Moira: Much more talkative now, aren't you Genji?
Genji: I find the company much more agreeable this days.

(after killing an enemy Hanzo) Huh, simple geometry.

(after killing an enemy Mercy) Our guardian angel...

Moira: Our courageous cowboy. The years haven't changed you much, have they Jesse.
McCree: Well, they certainly haven't changed my feelings about working with you.

Moira: Dr. Zhou, I am interested in your colleague’s research into the long-term effects of cryogenic freezing.
Mei: Oh, well… yes… I’m sure… maybe… *sobs*

Moira: Well, I must never worry about my safety when the brave agents of Helix are with us.
Pharah: Don't be so sure about that.

Moira: Your condition seems relatively stable.
Reaper: No one's accused me of that in a long time.

Moira: Your body seems to be adapting well to the changes, Gabriel.
Reaper: This is what you'd call "well"?

Moira: Started any wars lately?
Sombra: I'd have to check my schedule.

Moira: Look at this world Symmetra, see what science has brought.
Symmetra: Of course. Science obeys the laws of nature. It is only to be expected.

Moira: Your state of chronal uncertainty is fascinating to me, Tracer. I do wish you'd allow me to study you.
Tracer: Why I'm truly touched by your offer. (nervous laugh) I think I'll have to pass...

Moira: How are you feeling, Lacroix?
Widowmaker: I don't feel. That's the point, isn't it?

Moira: Winston, you were never frustrated at the restrictions Overwatch placed on your research?
Winston: Of course! But sometimes, a measure of caution is needed in a scientist.

Moira: I must know how your technology functions.
Zenyatta Existence is mysterious, isn't it?

(eliminating an enemy) I will allow none to stand in the way of progress. / Such a flawed creation. / A small loss. / You've served your purpose. / Thank you for your contribution. / Guinea Pigs.


(attacking with Biotic Grasp) Your strength ebbs. / Strength flows from you. / I will draw the strength from your body! / Your power is mine! / Tell me how this feels. / More! / I will unmake you. / Your body decays.
(healing with Biotic Grasp) Repairing the damage. / This will improve your condition. / Regenerating the cellular structure. / You seem in need of aid. / Restoring you. / I will rebuild you. / Injured again?

(attacking with Biotic Orb) Touch from afar! / The power of destruction! / I cast this orb. / My will made real! / This is my will.
(healing with Biotic Orb) This will restore you. / Get into position! / This will heal you. / Repairing the damage.

(ultimate at 100%) I am ready to unleash Coalescence!
(Player or Ally using ultimate) Surrender to my will!
(Enemy using ultimate) Géill do mo thoil!Translation 

(on Fire) I'm on fire! All evidence supports this claim. / I'm on fire! You'd be wise to stay out of my sight! / I will not be denied!

(switching in): Orisa online.

(Looking through the telescope in Horizon Lunar Colony) I wish Efi could be here. Perhaps someday. / Recording. Efi would like to see this.

(On Numbani, Attack) Before Efi rebuilt me, I was defeated here by Doomfist. I must learn from the memory. / I will protect this city, whatever the cost.

(before a match begins) For optimal chance of survival, stay in range of my barriers./ I will simulate our upcoming mission to identify all possible outcomes.

(Respawning): Downloading the new combat data. / I'm not ready to be deactivated. / I am still new at this. / Rebooting. / Installing Updates./ Updates installed.

(Epic vote) Performance analysis: Epic./ I was only following my programming.
(Legendary vote) Saving records of exceptional performance.

Character Interactions

Orisa: Scanning...Bastion model E54 detected. All models subject to termination.
Bastion: (Scared beep)

Orisa: It is remarkable to find a Bastion in such good operating condition. Who is responsible for your upkeep?
Bastion: (Beeps happily)

Bastion: (Beeping happily)
Orisa: Thank you E54, it seems you are growing from your original programming as well.

Orisa: Doomfist, you will be brought to justice.
Doomfist: (laughs) I like you.

(after killing an enemy Doomfist) For Numbani.

Orisa: Jesse McCree: Outlaw. Reward: Sixty million dollars. The reward could make up for Efi's grant money!
McCree: Hey, come on now!

Orisa: Reinhardt, why is your shield so important to you?
Reinhardt: It is a reminder... of my duty.

Orisa: Reinhardt, I have allocated my learning processes towards analyzing your combat performance.
Reinhardt: What an odd compliment.

(After a friendly Reinhardt scores a kill) Reinhardt, You. Are. Amazing.

Orisa: I consider Reinhardt to be the model upon which I have based my own behaviors.
Torbjörn: What a frightening thought.

Orisa: Torbjörn Lindholm, you are responsible, in part, for my creation.
Torbjörn: Why does that feel like an accusation?

Orisa: Tracer, is it wrong for us to operate outside the law?
Tracer: That's a difficult question, Orisa. I think there are times when you just have to do what's right.

Orisa: Zarya, I have learned to utilize my Graviton Charge by watching you.
Zarya: Your compliment is unwanted.

(After a friendly Zarya scores a kill) Zarya, I wish to learn from you.

Orisa: Tekartha Zenyatta, I wish to learn about the Iris.
Zenyatta: I would be happy to teach you. It is rare that I meet one with such an unformed mind.

(killing an enemy) Stop resisting./ I told you to stop resisting./ I can now delete you from my memory. / Summoning emergency services.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) System malfunction./ Error detected.


(player or enemy using ultimate) Cease your resistance!
(friendly using ultimate) Team up for special attack!

(using Protective Barrier) For your own safety, get behind the barrier./ I recommend you move behind my barrier./ Please move behind the barrier./ Barrier activated. / This will be your shield!

(using Fortify) Rerouting navigational systems to outer defence./ Fortifying defences./ I'm not moving.

(attack boosted by a Mercy): Usage of lethal force authorised./ Damage output increased.

(On Fire) I'm on fire. Please, do not alert emergency services.

(switching in) Pharah reporting.
(switching in while wearing the Enchanted Armor skin) Pharah, on guard.

(On Eichenwalde) After hearing all of Reinhardt's stories I always wanted to come here.

(on Temple of Anubis) We are in my home turf now. / I lost many good soldiers here.

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) I always dreamed of being stationed here.

(before a match begins) System check initiated. Green across the board, and ready for action. / Ready for combat maneuvers! / Remember your training, and we'll get through this.

(respawning) Raptora systems online... / Back into the fray! / I will not fail again!

(capturing objective) In range of the objective. Form up on me!
(objective being captured) Work together. Push them back!

(time running out on attack) Time's running out. Press the attack!
(time running out on defense) They are almost out of time. Lock them down, and we win.

(Getting an epic vote) Mission accomplished.

Character Interactions

Pharah: I always dreamed of the day we would fight together.
Ana: Wanting a better life for you was all I ever dreamed of.

Pharah: (on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) Mum, I know why you didn't want me to join Overwatch; but it's still what I want.
Ana: I didn't want that life for you, but I know that it's your decision, and I will support it.

Pharah: Mum, don't you think it's time that you told Sam you're alive?
Ana: You let me worry about what your father needs to know.

(after a friendly Ana scores a kill) Mom, you're amazing...

Pharah: Brigitte, i would love if you would take a look at my armor sometime!
Brigitte: It'll take some time for me to get familiar with the design but if you don't mind, i'd love to!

Pharah: Hey Brigitte, want to go hit the weights?
Brigitte: You're on! / Only if we can get something to eat afterwards.

Pharah: Did you ever wanted to join Overwatch growing up?
Brigitte: Not after how they treated Reinhardt. He deserved better

(after eliminating an enemy Brigitte) I'm taking this round, Brigitte.

Pharah: A lot of good people in Helix died when you escaped. People i knew.
Doomfist: Don't make it personal, it had nothing to do with you.

Pharah: McCree, where did you learn to shoot like that? Was it Jack? Gabriel?
McCree: Always was a good shot but... I got a few pointers from the best. That'd be your mother.

(after eliminating an enemy McCree) Got you this time, Jesse.

Pharah: Reinhardt, you know I had a poster of you on my wall when I was younger.
Reinhardt: I remember the poster! My hair was amazing.

(after a friendly Reinhardt scores a kill) Reinhardt, You still got it!

(after eliminating an enemy Reinhardt) Ooh, sorry Reinhardt!

Pharah: I'm keeping my eye on you, Soldier: 76.
->Soldier: 76: When have I heard that before?

Pharah: Helix should keep the peace in Vishkar developments.
Symmetra: We do not need an army to keep the peace. We prefer our own methods.

Pharah: Hey Torbjörn, check out my new suit. Mk. VI; State of the art.
Torbjörn: (clears throat) Jump jets... concussion rockets... well, yes. It's looking pretty good.

Pharah: You're so lucky, Tracer. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of joining Overwatch.
Tracer: Maybe you'll still get your chance. Who knows what the future holds.

Pharah: Tracer, have you thought about joining Helix? We could always use a good pilot.
Tracer: Aww, I'm flattered, really! But I have some other things occupying my time now.

(after eliminating an enemy Widowmaker) Don't mess with my family.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn.

(Witnessing an elimination) I'm impressed. / Keep on target.


(using Concussive Blast) Get back. / Clearing the area. / Move back!

(ultimate at 100%) Barrage, ready! / My ultimate is ready. Let's work together!

(player or enemy using ultimate) Justice rains from above!
(friendly using ultimate) Rocket barrage incoming!

(when receiving a damage boost from Mercy) Thanks for the assist!

(Nano-Boost received) I am unstoppable! / Systems at max!

New Year's Resolution

Pharah: My New Year's resolution? Take some time off.

(switching in) Reaper here.

(on Route 66) Right. This is where I picked up the damn ingrate.

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Attack) Overwatch...Good riddance.

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Defense) Haven't been back here for a while. / Overwatch...I'll put an end to your sad story.

(randomly, before a match) Time to kill. / Let's just get the job done. / What are we waiting for? / Ready for combat operations.
(randomly, before a match while wearing El Blanco and Mariachi skins) First you listen, then...I kill. (in Spanish accent)
(randomly, before a match while wearing Pumpkin skin) Time for the Reaping... / Harvest time...

(Respawning) That which doesn't kill you...makes you stronger. / my curse... / I will feast on their souls... / Vengeance shall be mine...! / Move out. / The grave cannot hold me. / Back from the grave. / I hunger... / I will get my revenge... / Let's try that again. / This time, I'll finish the job.
(Respawning while wearing Pumpkin skin) The Reaper comes for your souls... / This is not the end. / It must have been the costume.

(time is running out on attack) We are losing...attack.
(time is running out on defense) Everything is going according to plan. Keep up the defense.

(after a kill) Your death makes me stronger! / You can't be serious...
(after a kill while wearing Nevermore or Plague Doctor skin) Nevermore...
(after a kill while wearing Pumpkin skin) Trick or treat... / I will reap your soul... / Boo.

(Getting an epic vote) -Evil Laugh- / That's more like it...

Character Interactions

(after killing an Overwatch member) Another one off the list.

(after killing an enemy Omnic) Tin cans. A dime a dozen.

Reaper: Guess you're going back on my list, Ana.
Ana: What happened to you, Gabriel?

Reaper: I shouldn't be surprised you took his side.
Ana: You never gave me much choice.

Reaper: Just like old times.
Ana: Yes, except for the part where you became a homicidal maniac.

(after killing an enemy Ana) You chose your side.

Reaper: I taught you everything you know.
McCree: Not everything.

Reaper: I didn't teach you all my tricks.
McCree: Lucky for me I still have a few tricks of my own.

Reaper: You look ridiculous.
McCree: Looked in a mirror lately?

(after killing an enemy McCree) You never were a good student. / Should have paid closer attention. / I didn't teach you all my tricks.

(after killing an enemy McCree or Soldier: 76) You always did have a high opinion of yourself.

(after an enemy Mercy uses Resurrection) You have to be kidding me.

(after killing an enemy Reinhardt or Torbjörn) Never liked you much.

(after killing an enemy Soldier: 76) This is how it should've been.

Reaper: Try to stick to the plan Sombra.
Sombra: Look, someone has to be ready when your careful planning doesn't work out.

(after a friendly Sombra scores a kill) Glad to see you do your job for once.

(after killing an enemy Sombra) You never fooled me. / Too smart for your own good... / Not so smart now. / Actions have consequences. / Make a lot threats and someone's going to shut you up.

Reaper: Looks like we're working together again.
Widowmaker: Let's hope it goes better than the time at the museum.

Reaper: Poor Winston. Has to hide away so he doesn't scare the children.
Winston: I don't even think children are afraid of you.

(after killing an enemy Winston) Still trying to play hero, monkey? / Stupid monkey.

(Witnessing an elimination) Huh, not bad.

(reviving someone in Uprising) Get back in the fight.


(using Shadow Step) Death comes. / Re-positioning. / From the shadows.

(ultimate status at 100%) Death Blossom is ready. // My ultimate is ready. Let's kill.

(player or enemy using ultimate) Die, DIE, DIE!!!
(friendly using ultimate) Clearing the area...

(Nano-Boost received) I am unstoppable! / Heheh, I feel alive.

(on fire) I'm on fire. / I'm in the zone. / Better stay out of my way.

New Year's Resolution

Reaper: This wasn't a good year for you.

(switching in) Reinhardt, at your service.

(randomly before match) Ah, my friends! What's with all this standing around? There's glory to be won! / We shall prove ourselves in glorious combat!
(randomly before match while wearing Balderich and Greifhardt skins) For Balderich!

(on Busan) Who's ready for some karaoke?

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) I remember being posted here. It was good for my tan.

(on Eichenwalde, Attack) I will reclaim my master's armor!

(on Eichenwalde, Defense) We fought a terrible battle here. Many crusaders lost their lives. / This is the hometown of my master, Balderich. He was born here...and he died here. / Too much blood was spilled in my country during the war...

(on a Hot Map) I'm getting cooked alive in here! Ughhhh!

(on Busan) so this is the base of the great! The city's walls must be splattered with posters of her!

(Looking through the telescope on Horizon: Lunar Colony) Everything seems so small from up here.

(after respawning) Ha ha! Still kicking! / Again! Again! / Back into the fray! / There is still more to my tale. / This is NOT over. / Wait for me! / I will not give up the fight!

(capturing point) Taking the objective! JOIN ME IN GLORY!! / I am taking the objective! TRY AND STOP ME!!
(objective point being captured) The enemy is at our doorstep! Drive them back! / Ah, they have come to claim what is ours! Don't let them!

(escorting the payload) The payload is in my charge, let us move it! / I'm escorting the payload. Join me!
(payload moves back) There's no glory in a stopped payload!/ The payload has come to a halt. Let's get it moving!

(time is running out on attack) We are out of time! Attack! / Make every second count! Crush their defenses!
(time is running out on defense) Steel yourselves! Push. Them. Back! / Just a little longer! Bear down! / Hold fast! They will not breach our defense!

(earning an epic vote) That's how it's done! / Ah, impressive, if I do say so myself! / 100% German power! / To see justice done, is it's own reward!

Character Interactions

Reinhardt: Ana! How can this be? I thought you were dead...
Ana: I'm sorry, Reinhardt. After everything that happened, I needed time.

Reinhardt: Just like old times eh Ana?
Ana: Things may change, but you never do Reinhardt.

Reinhardt: (on Eichenwalde) I killed many of your kind here, Bastion...
Bastion: (Concerned beep boop)

Reinhardt: Stay close to me!
Brigitte: Of course. How else can I bail you out when you get into trouble?

(after a friendly Brigitte scores a kill) Well struck, Brigitte! / I'm filled with pride!

(after killing an enemy Brigitte) That is today's lesson. / You still have much to learn, squire. / Your shield still needs some work.

Reinhardt: I was wondering if you'd sign something for me? It's, ahem, it's for a friend.
D.Va: Of course, here you go! Love, D.Va. / Right now, it's time to get serious!

(after killing an enemy Genji or Hanzo) I slay dragons.

Reinhardt: You kids today with your techno music. You should listen to the classics, like Hasselhoff!
Lúcio: I can't even take you seriously right now.

(after a friendly Pharah scores a kill) Ana would be proud. / Your mother would approve!

(after killing an opponent) Do I have your attention yet? / Ah. This old dog still knows a few tricks. / I'm not even close to done! / Feel my power!

(after getting an Earthshatter kill) (laughs) Got you! / Don't bother getting up. / Don't lie down on the job!

(after getting a Charge kill) End of the line! / Hah!

(after killing several enemies in a row) When all you have is a hammer, everyone else is a nail! / Bring me another!

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Traitor!

Reinhardt: You always did take good care of my armor.
Torbjörn: Just try to keep it in one piece! for once.

(after a friendly Torbjörn scores a kill) Well done, my diminutive Swedish friend!

(after a friendly Torbjörn dies) Torbjörn! I will avenge you!

Reinhardt: Ah, Winston! It's up to us to keep our comrades safe!
Winston: I'll be right behind you, sir.

Reinhart: Keep training, and maybe someday you could learn to handle a real weapon!
Zarya: I think I've got this, old man.

Reinhart: Haha! Finally, I have beaten the champion at arm wrestling!
Zarya: I heard it was your birthday, old man. So I went easy on you.

(after killing an enemy Zarya) Not strong enough!

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn! / Unacceptable!

(encountering an enemy) I have found the enemy. Come and face me!
(Seeing an enemy sniper) Sniper! Fight toe to toe you coward!

(Witnessing an elimination) Show them how it's done! / Leave some glory to me! / Well done my friend!


(activating shield) Barrier active! / Don't worry, my friends. I am your shield! / Ha! Get behind me! / Come out and face me!

(shield taking fire) Bring. It. On! I live for this! / HAHAHAHAHAAAA! Is. That. ALL!?

(shield close to breaking) Barrier won't hold forever! / Barrier is giving out!

(ultimate status at 100%) Earthshatter, ready! / My ultimate is ready! Join me!

(using ultimate) Hammer DOWN!

(after slamming into a structure with his Charge) I'll feel that in the morning... / I'm not as young as I used to be. / Owww.

(Nano-Boost received) Are you ready?! Here I come! / I feel POWERFUL! / I am unstoppable!

(on fire) I AM ON FIRE! Come here and get burned!

New Year's Resolution

Reinhardt: My New Year's resolution? Same as every other year: fight for justice!

(switching in) Roadhog time!

(on Junkertown, Attack) Time to pay up the queen! Ugh, this is not a good plan.

(on Junkertown, Defense) What a dump! / Only other place I can get some decent Chinese food.

(on King's Row) Pretty sure they are mad about those jewels we stole... I miss that crown. / God save the king.

(on Illios, Nepal or Oasis) Hm, pretty place. Be a shame to have to kill someone here.

(randomly before a match) I'm in no rush. / What are you looking at?
(randomly before a match while wearing Mako or Sharkbait skins) Me ha ha, arrrr! ...matey.

(respawning) Rolling out. / Roadhog rides again. / Back for more. / *Grumbling*
(respawning while wearing Junkenstein's Monster skin) I'm alive!

(capturing point) The point is mine. Property of Roadhog.
(objective being captured) You're in my house. Get Out!!

(time running out on defense) We're gonna win.
(time running out on attack) We're losing. Attack! / Out of time, attack!

Character Interactions

(after killing an enemy Omnic) Scrap 'em!

Roadhog: Hey! Stay out of trouble. / Try and stay out of trouble for once.
Junkrat: I'll be on me best behavior!

Roadhog: I'll hook 'em!
Junkrat: And I'll cook em!

Roadhog: (on Junkertown attack) Keep your stuff off the table.
Junkrat: I'm hurt! I am nothing if not a courteous house guest.

(after a friendly Junkrat scores a kill) About time you did something useful.

(after killing an enemy Junkrat) I'm tired of hearing your voice. / Peace and quiet.

(after a friendly Junkrat dies) Someone finally shut him up.

(after killing an enemy Reaper or Soldier: 76) Nice mask!

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) No way!

(Witnessing an elimination) YEAH! / Less work for me!


(catching someone with his hook) Come here! / Come here, little piggy. / Squeal for me! / I'm gonna make you squeal...
(catching someone with his hook while wearing Mako or Sharkbait skin) Anchors away!
(catching someone with his hook while wearing Junkenstein's Monster skin) Come closer...
(catching someone airborne with his hook) Grounded! / Get down!

(Ultimate status at 100%) I'm ready to go whole hog! / Ultimate ready! Come on!

(friendly using ultimate) Eat this!

(Nano-Boost received) Come over here. / I am unstoppable!

    Soldier: 76 
(switching in) Soldier: 76 reporting for duty.

(randomly before match) Try not to get yourselves killed out there. / Quit screwing around and get ready to move!
(before a match while Strike Commander Morrison skin is equipped) It's my privilege to lead you into battle.

(on Dorado) I wanna know what LumériCo's been up to. / Los Muertos is a cancer on this city.

(on Route 66) Reyes should've cleaned up the Deadlock Gang a long time ago.

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) Lotta memories of this place... they weren't all bad. / We should have burned everything when we left. / "Bring back Overwatch"... what's the point? / Would've been better to let this all go...

(when looking through the telescope on Horizon's attack spawn) Earth, I've been through hell for you, I hope you appreciate it.

(Respawning): Knock me down and I'll keep getting back up. / No rest for the weary. / Not dead yet. / The war goes on... / I don't quit 'til the fight's done.
(Respawning when not wearing Strike Commander Morrison skin): This old dog has learned a few tricks. / I'm not a young man anymore...
(Respawning with Daredevil or Stunt Rider: 76 skins): Bones heal, pain is temporary. Scars look good.
Respawning with Commando: 76 or Night Ops: 76 skins): Sic transit gloria. note 

(capturing objective) Locking down the objective, rally to me!
(objective being captured) Get these jokers off my point!

(escorting the payload) Form up on the payload. Move it out!
(payload moves back) Back in my day, we'd have this payload delivered already! / Anyone else wanna do their jobs today? Move the payload!

(time running out on attack) I don't tolerate defeat! Get on the attack, now! / Push the attack now, we're going to lose! / No one else is gonna do it for us, attack!
(time running out on defense) They ain't winning on my watch. Push them back! / Keep your heads down. We've almost got this!

(Getting an epic vote) I'm not in it for the glory. / That's more like it!
(Getting a legendary vote) Save the medals! I've had my fill.

Character Interactions

Soldier: 76: Ana! We all thought you were dead. Why didn't you tell me?
Ana: You of all people are going to ask me that?

Soldier: 76: I feel better having you watching my back.
Ana: We all need someone we can trust, Jack.

Soldier: 76: You know, I still owe you for saving my life that one time.
Ana: That one time? You mean in Egypt, In Russia, or in Brazil?

(after a friendly Ana scores a kill) Always been a good shot.

Soldier:76: You and your people will be brought to justice.
Doomfist: We will all see justice done in the end.

Soldier: 76: War isn't a game.
D.Va: Are you sure life isn't a game, Soldier: 76?

Soldier: 76: The front lines are no place for a scientist.
Mei: I guess it's a good thing I have you to watch my back.

Soldier: 76: You were a disgrace to Overwatch. If I had known what Reyes had been planning, I would never have allowed it.
Moira: It seems to me that it was convenient for you not to look too closely into Gabriel's business.

(after killing an opponent) You don't want to go to war with me. / Tactical necessity. / Should have kept your head down. / I don't play by the rules anymore.

Soldier: 76: Your mother would've been proud of you.
Pharah: You didn't know my mother very well, then.

(after a friendly Pharah scores a kill) Got your aim from your mom, I see.

Soldier: 76 Well, you sure take to this bad guy thing easily, don't ya?
Reaper: And you sure know how to play boy scout.

Soldier: 76 Aren't you supposed to be dead?
Reaper: Didn't take.

Soldier: 76: One of these days someone's gonna to put an end to you.
Reaper: I invite them to try.

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Someone had to do it.

(after killing an enemy Reinhardt) Always too overconfident.

Soldier: 76: You need to slow down. Think about your actions.
Tracer: Okay, dad.

(after killing an enemy Tracer) You need to learn to focus.

Soldier: 76 You really think you can do my job?
Winston: Someone has to.

(after killing an enemy Winston) Your hesitation is your weakness.

(on spotting an enemy sniper) Sniper! Keep your head down or lose it!

(tagged with Orb of Discord) Dammit!

(Witnessing an elimination) Not bad... / Are you trying to impress me? / Nice! / Impressive.


(using Biotic Field) Anyone need some healing? / Get over here and heal up! / Come here and get stabilised!/ Field's down. / Biotic Field activated.
(using Biotic Field while wearing Grillmaster: 76 skin) Anyone need some cold refreshment? / Get over here and drunk up! / Come here and get refreshed.

(ultimate at 100%) Tactical Visor ready for deployment! / My ultimate is ready. Let's go!

(player or enemy using ultimate) I've got you in my sights.
(friendly using ultimate) Tactical Visor activated!
(friendly using ultimate while wearing Grillmaster: 76 skin) Tactical sunglasses activated!
(using ultimate in Junkenstein's Revenge) The enemy is within my sights!

(when attack-boosted by Mercy) Good choice. / Feeling spry.

(after scoring several kills while Tactical Visor is active) Target rich environment... / I love the smell of pulse emissions in the morning. / Clean sweep. / Tag 'em and bag 'em. / You ain't seen me angry.
(after scoring several kills while Tactical Visor is active and wearing Grillmaster: 76 skin) I love the smell of charcoal in the morning.

(Nano-Boost received) Get out of my way! / I'm feeling unstoppable!

(on fire) Get out of my way, or I'll run you over! / I'm a man on a mission. Stay out of my way.

Mei's Snowball Offensive

(Loading screen) Welcome to Ecopoint: Antarctica, soldiers.

(Intro cutscene) Alright, listen up! We brought you here because you represent the best, strongest, most effective warriors we... can't be serious.

(Before first round) Stay focused, watch your ammo, and let's get this done. / We're all scientists now... ugh...

(Round start) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, move out!

(Last man standing, your team) It's all up to you.

(60 seconds remaining) Intel just arrived.

(Victory) Mission accomplished!

(Defeat) Mission failed...

New Year's Resolution

Soldier: 76: I stopped making New Year's resolutions a long time ago.

(Switching in) Sombra online.

(randomly, before a match begins) So many targets, so little time... / I'm guessing there's no chance we can take care of this quietly, is there? / Hmm. Looks like I have time to do some reasearch...

(on Dorado) Back home. I should drop by the bakery. / Lumerico...

(on Temple of Anubis) I'm going to find a way through Helix's firewalls.

(on Volskaya Industries) I wonder how my friend is doing.

(respawning) We all make mistakes. / Reboot and try again. / Podría haber salido mejor. Translation 

(capturing point) I'm on the objective. Anyone wanna join me? / Capturing the objective. Some help would be appreciated!
(objective being captured) They're taking the point. You should probably stop that. / The objective is compromised. Let's clear it out!

(escorting the payload) Payload's moving. Let's make sure someone sticks to it.
(payload has stopped/is rewinding on attack) The payload's not doing much good sitting there..

(time running out on attack) No more time to waste, let's get this done!
(time running out on defense) Hold on a little longer, and we're done here.

(on spotting an enemy sniper) Sniper!...uh, might wanna keep your heads down. / Sniper, ten cuidado!Translation 

Character Interactions

Sombra: Ah, you'd make a good barista Bastion!
Bastion: (gives a short series of beeps)

Sombra: You know, i've seen Reinhardt's Overwatch file
Brigitte: What are you getting at?
Sombra: I wonder if he's really told you the truth about his retirement?

Sombra: Isn't it a little embarrassing to get beaten up by a monkey?
Doomfist: Have you ever been hit by a giant genetically engineered gorilla? I could arrange it for you.

Sombra: You wouldn't believe what I learned about you... Sparrow.
Genji: I am at peace with who I was. Your threat does not concern me.

Sombra: Pleasure working with you, McCree. If that is your real name.
McCree: I dunno what you heard, but my name's not joel. Best remember that.

Sombra: I wonder what's locked up in that brain of yours.
Orisa: My systems are protected by state of the ar—(voice breakes up in static)

Sombra: Pharah, ever wonder why you were never accepted into Overwatch? Almost like someone didn't want you to join.
Pharah: Have you ever considered getting a new hobby?

Sombra: What's the plan today, Gabe? You don't mind if I call you Gabe, do you?
Reaper: Stick to the mission.

Sombra: (on Oasis) So what are we doing here, boss?
Reaper: I need to pay a visit to a friend.

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Ay, sorry Gabe!

(after killing an enemy Reaper, Soldier: 76 or Torbjörn) Ay este gruñon. Translation 

Sombra: What interesting things i've learned about your employers, Ms. Vaswani.
Symmetra: What have you heard...?

Sombra: Sometimes I feel a little sick after using my translocator. I'm sure you know what I mean, Tracer.
Tracer: Wouldn't be a problem if you just disappear forever!

(after killing an enemy Tracer) Taradita. Translation 

Sombra: Ah, my favorite spider. I wonder what sort of web you're spinning now.
Widowmaker: It'd be a shame if something happened to you on our next mission. A real pity.

Sombra: Now I've seen it all. I'm suppose to work with a giant rat?
Wrecking Ball: (Annoyed Squeaks)
Sombra: They don't pay me enough for this.

Sombra: You remind me of my stuffed bear, Arturito
Wrecking Ball: (Squeaks in response)
Sombra: I like him better.

Sombra: Your friend, Katya Volskaya, what will you say when you learn the truth?
Zarya: She's a hero to all Russians. I do not care what you have to say.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb or when her translocator is destroyed) Dammit! / Chin! Translation 

(scoring a kill) Down for the count! / Ooh... Pobrecito. Translation  / Ay... Pobrecita. Translation 

(landing a final blow with melee attack) I know Kung-fu.

(Witnessing an elimination) I knew you were good for something / I knew there was a reason i kept you around / Nada mal.Translation  / Buen tiro.Translation 


(throwing Translocator beacon) Always leave yourself a back door. / I might need this later. / Ahorita regreso. Translation 

(teleporting to Translocator) See you later! / Cheers, love! / I'm out of here!

(Decloaking)Been here all along. / Hey there. / Gotcha. / Looking for me? / Que tal? Translation  / Que onda? Translation 

(ultimate at 100%) EMP charged! / My ultimate is ready. Get in there.

(player or enemy using ultimate) ¡Apagando las luces! Translation 

(player or enemy Demon Hunter Sombra using ultimate) ¡La oscuridad te espera! Translation 

(friendly using ultimate) EMP activated!

(Nano-Boosted) No one's going to stop me!

(on fire) I'm en fuego! (beat) ...I can't believe I just said that.

(Switching in) Symmetra reporting.

(randomly before match) Order will be restored. / If everyone performs their function, victory is assured. / Do not deviate from the plan, and victory will be ours.

(on Dorado) This would be a perfect location for a Vishkar development.

(on Oasis) Hm. This place is to my liking. / The Vishkar Corporation would love to have a presence here.

(capturing objective) I am capturing the objective. All are according to plan.
(objective being captured) We must hold the point against their attack! / Consolidate our defenses on the point!

(respawning) My work is not complete. / I will correct my mistakes. / There is still much to be done. / I will follow my path.
(respawning while wearing Dragon skin) I am born again from fire!

(time running out on defense) If we unify our efforts, our defense will be inpenitrable.

(Getting an epic vote) A performance worthy of repetition.

Character Interactions

(after killing an enemy Junker, Talon Agent or Lúcio) Order overcomes chaos.

Symmetra: Doomfist you are mistaken, only with order can humanity evolve.
Doomfist: Order. Chaos. Means to an end.

(after killing an enemy Genji or Hanzo while wearing the Dragon skin) You are no true dragon.

Symmetra: Order and discipline. That is the only way to live.
Hanzo: I sense a kindred spirit.

Symmetra: To think, I would have to work with a street ruffian.
Lúcio: I'm not all that excited about this arrangement either.

Symmetra: Vishkar is building a better future for humanity.
Lúcio: (laughs) You believe that? I don't even know what to tell you.

Symmetra: You should return what you stole from Vishkar.
Lúcio: Stole? Psh. You need to go ask your bosses where it all came from; then we can talk.

(after killing an enemy Lúcio) A punishment for your crimes.

(after a kill streak) Vishkar only employs the best. / Perfection.

Symmetra: Armor? How positively medieval.
Reinhardt: I will take that as a compliment, my lady!
Torbjörn: Last I checked, no one asked for your opinion! / Sigh... everyone's a critic.

Symmetra: I am impressed. I would not think such crude creations actually functioned.
Torbjörn: Why, thank you! I must admit, I'm surprised— hey.

Symmetra: What can you know of life?
Zenyatta: Only that which i have observed, experienced and processed. All is one within the iris.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn!

(Witnessing an elimination) You perform yout function admirably / Impressive execution.


(When all players have shields [Pre-December Update]) You are all shielded. / Everyone is protected. / Shield matrix estabilished.

(placing Sentry Turret) Turret deployed. / Turret online. / From light into being. / Defenses in place.
(placing Sentry Turret while wearing Dragon skin) Casting a sentry ward. / Sentry ward in place. / This place is warded.

(turret destroyed) Intruder detected. / My turret was destroyed. / My defences are weakened.

(using Photon Barrier (Pre-June Rework)) Instancing Photon Barrier. / Barrier is on its way. / Projecting a barrier. / This will protect you.
''(using Photon Barrier (Pre-June Rework) while wearing Dragon skin) Casting a barrier.

(ultimate at 100% (Pre-June Rework)) Teleporter ready for deployment.
(ultimate status when Teleporter is active) My teleporter is online. Please proceed.
(player or enemy using Proton Barrier) Yahi param vaastavikta hai!note 
(friendly using Proton Barrier) Reality bends to my will!
(player or friendly using Teleporter) Teleporter online. I have opened the path. / Teleporter online. We move swiftly.
(after the Teleporter is burned out) My teleporter is offline. The way is closed.
(when the Teleporter is being attacked) My teleporter is under attack! / Protect the teleporter!
(when the Teleporter is destroyed) My teleporter has been destroyed! The path is closed. / My teleporter has been destroyed...
(when the Shield Generator is destroyed) My shield generator has been destroyed...

(Nano-Boosted) There is nothing that will stand in my way! / I am unstoppable!

(on fire) My true potential is unlocked! / I am on fire.
(on fire while wearing Dragon skin) The dragon's fire consumes all!

(switching in) Torbjörn ready to work!
(switching in or using the "Hello" emote while wearing Barbarossa or Blackbeard skins) Ahoy, mateys!
(switching in while wearing Santaclad skin) Ho ho ho! It's jolly old Saint Torbjörn! / Santa Torbjörn ready to work!

(randomly beore match) All this standing around while there's work to be done...

(on Dorado, Attack) I want to take a look to that fusion core.

(on King's Row) If you ask me, the Brits have their heads on straight! "Omnic rights"... ptuh!

(on Nepal) This place is like a culmination of a thousand of my worst nightmares! Are you kidding me?!

(on Numbani) No, no, no! N. O. NO!

(on Volskaya Industries) Oh ho ho! Now THIS is my kind of factory!

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) Ah...this brings me back.

(Respawning) Back to the drawing board... / Time to roll up my sleeves. / There's work to be done!

(objective being captured) Get them off the point!

(Getting an epic vote) Haha! Right on! / Ironclad!
(Getting a legendary vote) (Laughs) Will you take a look at that? / What can I say? Best of the best!

Character Interactions

Torbjörn: Ana, they all thought you were dead.
Ana: Well, I had to come back. I was worried you'd get bored not being able to stick your nose in my business.

Torbjörn: I hate working with these talking tin cans!
Bastion: (sad, dejected beeping)
Zenyatta: Your will is strong my friend, but in time, i know you will realize we are Not So Different.

Torbjörn: Bastion, I bet you haven't had a system's check in years... Who knows what kind of weird behaviors you picked up?
Bastion: (erratic beeping)

(after killing enemy Omnic) Back, to the scrap heap! / Back to the slag heaps.

Torbjörn: Isn't it enough to be an engineer, Brigitte?
Brigitte: I felt like i had to more...

Torbjörn: Why does everyone keep pestering about my aardvarks?
Brigitte: It's true you have been slacking off a bit lately.

(after killing an enemy Brigitte) Don't tell your mother about this. / Papa knows best! / Reinhardt teached you that? / You need more seasoning. / You still have a lot to learn.

(friendly Brigitte scores a kill) That's the Lindholm way! / That makes me a proud papa! / That's my daughter.

Torbjörn: Any chance I can peek under the hood of your mech?
D.Va: Hey! Hands off!

Torbjörn: Whoever made your mech did a good job. None of those pesky AI stuff. Thanks! If you ever want to upgrade it, feel free to.

Torbjörn: McCree? What happened to your arm?
McCree: Always admired yours, figured I'd get one of my own.

Torbjörn: I was wondering if I could have a look at your little robot.
Mei: I suppose so... just keep that hammer to yourself.

Torbjörn: Doc, i've been having the worst headaches.
Mercy: I've always you should get your head examined.

Torbjörn: You know, Fareeha, I could take a look at fixing up your suit, if you'd like.
Pharah: And mess it up with a bunch of scrap metal bolted on the side? No thanks, I like it the way it is!

Torbjörn: Reinhardt! Least number of eliminations buys the post-mission drinks?
Reinhardt: (laughs) Let's show these kids how it's done. / Agreed. Let the best man win!

Torbjörn: I sometimes wonder if all that armor slows your brain down!
Reinhardt: Ja! And I sometimes wonder if your height is why you're always in such a bad mood! / Ah, could you say that again? Sometimes it is hard to hear you all the way down there.

Torbjörn: How's Brigitte doing? Keeping everything in working order?
Reinhardt: A knight could not ask for more from his squire!

Torbjörn: Reinhardt! You better not be filling my daughter's head with stories
Reinhardt: Aah! She hardly listens to them anyways...

Torbjörn: You need to stop telling those ridiculous stories Reinhardt, no one believes they are real.
Reinhardt: Ridiculous stories?! My tales of adventure and glory are all true!

(after killing an enemy Reinhardt) I told you, the size of the hammer is not important. / Haha! See? Size doesn't matter!

Torbjörn: (chuckles) There's something on your dress.
Symmetra: No, there isn't.

(after killing an enemy Symmetra) (chuckles) Must be a bug in your system.

Torbjörn: Winston, are you still using that feather duster of a gun?
Winston: Why don't you come over here and ask that again?

(after scoring a kill) It's better to be the hammer, than the nail. / I think I've made improvements. To your face. / If ya can't stand the heat, stay out of my way!
(getting a kill with the Barbarossa or Blackbeard skin equipped) Shiver me timbers!

(after a friendly Omnic scores a kill) Good shot! ...Er, for a machine that is.

(Witnessing an elimination) Ho ho, now that has my style of approval! / Great job! / Keep it going!

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn!


(building a turret) Hehe, I have big plans for you! / Oh, such potential.

(upgrading a turret) Now, show them what you can do! / Hehehe, let's hear those guns! / Hah, now that's what I had in mind.

(reparing a turret) Ooh, hold it together. / It's just a scratch. / I'll fix you up right. / I'll have you good as new.
(reparing a turret while wearing Santaclad skin) I need some elves for this!

(turret gets a kill) It's working great!/ Whoops, did I leave that there?/ I'm so proud./ You walked right into that one.

(turret takes damage) Gasp! My turret's being destroyed! / Protect my turret! / Turret's under fire!

(turret gets destroyed) My turret... / I worked hard on that! / My baby!

(spotting an enemy turret) Enemy turret ahead! Piece of scrap...

(after destroying enemy turret) Enemy turret down! Clearly not one of mine.

(collecting scrap) I can use this. / I can always use more. / Yes, come to me!

(dropping armor packs) Armor over here! / Come get your armor! / Armor! Come get it!

(ultimate under 100%) My ultimate's still charging! It's too soon!

(ultimate at 100%) I'm ready to unleash the Molten Core!

(using ultimate while wearing Santaclad skin) MERRY MOLTEN CORE!
(friendly using ultimate (October 2018 rework)) Laying out the welcome mat!

(Nano-Boost received) I'm unstoppable! / I'm feeling the power!
(Nano-boosted while wearing the Viking skin) ONWARD TO RAGNAROK!

(on fire) Stay out of my way! I'm in the zone! / Output levels maximized!

(switching in) Tracer here!
(switching in with T. Racer or Mach T skin equipped) Here comes T. Racer!
(switching in with Jingle skin equipped) Tracer's comin' to town!

(randomly before match) Oi! This is no time for standin' around. / Last one there's a rotten egg!

(on King's Row) Back in my old stomping ground!
(on King's Row) I wonder if I'll have time to visit Emily? No, better stay focused.
(on Winter Wonderland King's Row) Dashing through the snow~!

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar) I wonder if I left anything in my locker here.

(escorting the payload) -grunts- Someone help me move this thing!
(payload has stopped/is rewinding on attack) Hey! What's the holdup?

(time running out on attack) C'mon, we gotta move!

(respawning) And she's back in the game! / Wait for me! / Well, that just happened...
(respawning with track and field and sprinter skins) I got my second wind!

Character Interactions

(after killing an enemy Ana) Sorry, Cap.

Tracer: Lúcio! I'll race ya.
Lúcio: Oh, you're on!

Tracer: (on a warm map) Aren't you warm, wearing all that?
Mei: Yes. But it's too late to change.

(after killing an enemy Reaper, in a fake gruff voice) Death comes!

(after a friendly Reinhardt scores a kill) Oho! Nice one, Reinhardt!

Tracer: Don't think I don't recognize that device of yours. I know you stole it.
Sombra: What can I say? A girl just has to have the latest tech.

(after killing an enemy Sombra) No one likes a thief.

(after killing an enemy Santaclad Torbjörn while wearing the Jingle skin) Ohh, sorry Santa!

Tracer 1: Whoa, it's me! Is my chronal accelerator malfunctioning again?
Tracer 2: Wait, that's what I was just thinking! Spooky. / No, i know how that feels. This is something else entirely.

Tracer: What'cha looking at?
Widowmaker: An annoyance.

(after killing an enemy Widowmaker) That felt good! / Squished!

Tracer: Oh, Winstooon! Got your favorite!
Winston: For the last time, no more bananas.

Tracer: Winston! You're an animal! [giggles]
Winston: Empirical evidence suggests that yes, I'm a real animal.

(after killing an enemy Winston) Sorry, big guy!

(after a friendly Winston scores a kill) Winston! You're an animal!

Tracer: I guess they'll let anyone be a pilot these days
Wrecking Ball: (Squeaks in response)

Tracer: Wow, it's an honor to meet a member of the Shambali. Mondatta was an inspiration to me.
Zenyatta: To us all. I miss him greatly.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn!


(Using Recall) Let's try that again. / Ever get that feeling of deja vu? / Now, where were we? / Just in time!
(Using Recall with track and field and sprinter skins) False start!

(ultimate at 100%) Pulse Bomb ready!

(using ultimate; if the bomb lands on a surface) Here ya go! / Time's up! / Wait for it! / Bombs away!
(using ultimate; if the bomb's stuck to an enemy) Nailed it! / You need a time out! / Gotcha! / Right on target! / Locked on!

(Nano-Boost received) No one's gonna stop me! / I'm unstoppable!

(switching in) Widowmaker here.

(Before a match starts) I am ready to kill. / Enough waiting around. / Sigh....Gérard.

(on Numbani, before Doomfist's release) I will have that gauntlet.

(on Illios) Mm, I remember an eventful vacation here.

(on Junkertown) Ugh, why am i here?

(on King's Row) Ah, the site of one of my finest kills. That day... I felt alive.

(on a cold map) I don't even feel the cold.

(payload has stopped/is rewinding on attack) Make yourselves useful, move the payload.

(time running out on attack) We are out of time, attack!
(time running out on defense) Their time is running out...

Character Interactions

(after killing an enemy Overwatch agent) The enemies of Talon will be eliminated.

(after killing an enemy Talon member) Our alliance is at an end.

Widowmaker: You were once a legend, but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.
Ana: I take it you don't want my autograph, then.

(after a friendly Ana scores a kill) Not bad...for second best.

(after killing an enemy Ana) The world greatest sniper...formerly. / You should have stayed dead.

Widowmaker: This is no place for children.
D.Va: Who are you calling a child?

(after a friendly Doomfist scores a kill) You haven't lost your touch.

Widowmaker: Talon could restore your family's empire...
Hanzo: But at what cost?

(after killing an enemy McCree or Soldier: 76) Pfft...Americans.

(when attack-boosted by Mercy) You must like me. / Merci.

(resurrected by Mercy) You must really like me / You must like having me around.

(after killing an enemy Overwatch founding member) A legend falls.

(after killing an enemy Pharah) Like mother, like daughter.

(after a friendly Reaper scores a kill) La Faucheuse claims another.

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Death becomes you.

(after killing an enemy Sombra) Not so clever now. / Big mouth, big target. / This time i didn't miss.

Widowmaker: It looks like we will be working together.
Tracer: Don't think I'm happy about that.

Widowmaker: Does it bother you? Knowing you could have saved Mondatta's life?
Tracer: We are all responsible for the choices we've made.

(after a friendly Tracer scores a kill) I knew there was a reason I kept you around.

(after killing an enemy Tracer) Foolish girl.

(seeing an enemy sniper) Sniper. Leave this to me. /Sniper. Amateur.

(Witnessing an elimination) Such artistry. / Music to my ears. / Nice shot! / A beautiful death. / Impressive.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Tsk tsk tsk.


(spotting an enemy while scoped) Ahh...there you are...
(idling, while being scoped and not spotting an enemy) -annoyed- The huntress lays in wait...and waits...and waits...

(after an enemy is hit by a venom mine) Did that sting? / Ca pique, n'est-ce pas? Translation 

(scoring a kill) Crétin. / Crétine. Translation 

(Venom Mine destroyed) Merde. Translation / Augh!

(ultimate at 100%) Infra-Sight is ready. Get into position.

(friendly using ultimate) No one can hide from my sight.
(player or enemy using ultimate) Personne n'échappe à mon regard. Translation 
(player or friendly using ultimate with Comtesse or Huntress skins) No one can hide from the Huntress.

(Nano-Boost received) I feel alive. / I cannot be stopped! / I am unstoppable!

New Year's Resolution

Widowmaker: New year's resolutions? (chuckles) How precious.

(switching in) Winston reporting.

(on Dorado) I'd kill for some tacos.

(on Hollywood) You know, they asked me to be in a movie once.
(on Halloween Terror Hollywood) I love this time of the year! I blend right in!

(on Horizon Lunar Colony) They say you can never go back home... / They seem to not come here often, they might be in another part of the base.

(on Nepal while wearing Yeti skin) Welcome to the Himalayas!

(on Numbani) Ever feel like you're just security for Doomfist's gauntlet? / I've had some, uh, bad museum experiences.

(on Oasis) A city run by scientists. Smart. / You wouldn't believe all the science that gets done here.

(on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Attack) Sorry it's such a mess in here; I wasn't expecting company.

(Respawning) Further experimenting required. / Once more unto the breach. / How embarrassing! / Through the miracle of science.

(escorting the payload) You know what they say: a payload in motion stays in motion. / Escorting the Payload.

(time running out on attack) By my calculations- ah, forget it! Let's attack!
(time running out on defense) My analysis indicate time is running out. / Good work, team! I calculate our victory is imminent!

Character Interactions

Winston: I stopped you once. I can do it again!
Doomfist: I wouldn't count on that.

Winston: Genji! This is just like old times.
Genji: Our paths cross for now. As to the future... we shall see.

Winston: (on Ecopoint: Antartica) Mei, is this where you were stationed before? ...Mei?
Mei: Oh, it's nothing Winston...

Winston: Overwatch had good reason to shut down your research.
Moira: I shouldn't be surprised at such a narrow opinion coming from a jumped up ape.

Winston: Your mother was a hero to me. To all of us.
Pharah: You probably knew her better than me.

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Don't mess with my glasses.

Winston: Someone's going to put a stop to your illegal activities.
Soldier: 76: You're one to talk. You and your friends are breaking the law, same as me.

(after killing an enemy Sombra in Watchpoint: Gibraltar) You, stay away from my computer systems!

Winston: Need any adjustments to your chronal accelerator?
Tracer: I think— (mock static) (laughs) Just kidding, Winston. It works great!

Winston: Hammond?
Wrecking Ball: (Happily squeaks)

Winston: Tekartha Zenyatta, do you believe that Overwatch should return?
Zenyatta: I believe that we must all do our part to find solutions to the troubles that are before us.

(reviving someone in Uprising) Let's get you back in the fight!


(after landing from using his Jump Pack) Hello there! / Excuse me for...dropping in. / Pardon me.
(after landing from using his Jump Pack while wearing Frogston and Undersea skins) Excuse me for...diving in.
(after landing from using his Jump Pack while wearing Yeti skin) Yetis bounce.

(using Barrier Projector) Barrier active. / This will protect us.

(ultimate status at 100%) I'm ready to unleash my Primal Rage! / I'm feeling angry!

(Primal Rages ends) I seem to have- lost control.

(Nano-Boost received) I'm feeling unstoppable! / Feeling powerful! / Feeling powerful! And I'm not even angry!

New Year's Resolution

Winston: My new year's resolutions? Less peanut butter, more... bananas.

    Wrecking Ball 
(switching in) Wrecking Ball online.

(on a cold map like Nepal or Volskaya Industries) Hostile environment warning: low temperatures detected.

(on a hot map like Route 66 or Oasis) Analysing location: hot, dry, unpleasant; ideal for hamsters.

(on Hollywood) Locational danger report: beware of potholes.

Character Interactions

(after killing an enemy D.Va) New champion crowned.

Wrecking Ball: (Squeaks).
Zenyatta: Indeed my friend. Indeed.

(switching in) Zarya, ready for duty!

(randomly before match) Just like in training. Visualize, then execute! / Don't just stand around, do something! / Be sure to stretch before engaging in rigorous physical activity!

(on Eichenwalde) I will not let the fate that befell this place happen to my country!

(on Junkertown) Let Russia never repeat the mistake of this country.

(on Numbani) The humans who live here are fools to trust the Omnics. They will see.

(on Nepal) I do not trust these Omnics, and I do not like this place.

(on Volskaya Industries) Katya is a hero to my people. We must protect what she has built.

(capturing objective) I claim this objective! Stand with me!

(after respawning) Uh-uh. I'm not a good loser. / I am still in the fight. / Give me another shot. / Practice makes perfect. / Just like in training.

(time running out on attack) We're out of time! Give it everything you got!
(time running out on defense) They are running out of time. We must hold them back!

Character Interactions

(after killing an enemy Omnic) Never trust an Omnic / That is for my people.

(after killing an Overwatch member in Volskaya Industries) Overwatch is not wanted here.

(after killing a Talon member in Volskaya Industries) You should have stayed out of Russia.

Zarya: I have destroyed more of your kind than I can count.
Bastion: (concerned beeping)

Zarya: D.Va, have you seen the Svyatogor? Now that is what I call a real mech.
D.Va: Size isn't everything.

(after killing an enemy Doomfist) Not as tough as you look.

Zarya: How do I trust a man who is half machine?
Genji: The heart of a man still beats inside me.

Zarya: Reinhardt, you said you would arm-wrestle me. Nervous?
Reinhardt: Nervous? Me? Never!

(After a friendly Reinhardt scores a kill) Not bad old man.

(after killing an enemy Sombra) Mission Completed. / Pest.

Zarya: The suffering of my people rests heavily on your shoulders, Torbjörn.
Torbjörn: (sigh) Believe me, I don't need reminding.

(after killing an enemy Torbjörn) That was for the suffering of my people.

Zarya: Winston, your gun is so cute. You should try playing with some real firepower.
Winston: I like to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Zarya: I've got my eye on you, omnic.
Zenyatta: And I will watch your back in turn.

(after scoring a kill): I know you can do better than that. / Weak mind, weak body. / Do you even lift? / Check out this gun./ Take the pain./ I am the champion.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) Damn! / Not good!

(Witnessing an elimination) I knew you could do it! / Nice shot.


(using Particle Barrier) Ready for battle! / Don't be shy! Hit me!/ Give me your best shot! / Bring it!

(using Projected Barrier) Barrier is on you! Go! / Get in there! / You're covered!

(gaining Energy) Is that all you've got? / Charging up! / That's more like it! / Maximum charge! (at 100%)

(ultimate at 100%) Graviton Surge is ready! / My ultimate is ready, let's do this!

(player or enemy using ultimate) Ogon’ po gotovnosti!Translation 
(friendly using ultimate) Fire at will!

(scoring a kill with Graviton Surge) Gravity kills. / That's the power of attraction.

(Nano-Boost received) I am strong! / I am unstoppable! / My strength unleashed!

(on fire) I am on fire! I will lead us to victory!

New Year's Resolution

Zarya: My New Year's Resolution? Peace on earth. / My new year's resolution? Five one three.Note 

(switching in) Zenyatta is here.
(switching in wearing Cultist Skin) Zenyatta is everywhere.

(before match) A warrior's greatest weapon... is patience. / Consider only victory. Make defeat an impossibility in your mind. / A chance to focus. / A disciplined mind is your most dependable ally.

(on Horizon: Lunar Colony) An omnic on the moon is not so special. There are more robots than humans in space.

(on King's Row) If only human and omnic could learn to live in harmony here.

(on Nepal) Ah, it has been some time since I have been here. I wonder if my brothers and sisters will be glad to see me. / It is good to return, but am I still welcome here?

(on Numbani) How wonderful! A place where Omnic and human live together as equals!

(on Oasis) What a fascinating place. Can science alone unlock the path to enlightenment?

(after respawning) Adversity is an opportunity for change. / Repetition is the path to mastery. / Overconfidence is a flimsy shield. / A temporary setback. / Pain is an excellent teacher. / The cycle begins anew.

(time running out on attack) Time is an illusion, but the illusion is about to run out. / We must grasp victory from the jaws of time.
(time running out on defense) Victory is within our grasp. Hold strong. / Victory is our destiny, but everyone must play their part.

(capturing point) Destiny has drawn me to the objective.
(objective being captured) Our enemies are emboldened. / Falter now, and we will succumb to defeat. / Our objective will soon belong to the enemy.

(escorting the payload) The payload and I move as one. / We must move the payload to its destination.

(Getting an epic vote) Excellence is its own reward.

Character Interactions

Zenyatta: Tell me your thoughts, my friend.
Bastion: (content chirping)

(tagging Bastion with an Orb of Harmony) We are as one, my friend.

Zenyatta: I believe that you could find peace. If you were to search within yourself.
Doomfist: What is tranquility but stagnation.

Zenyatta: It is good to fight alongside one of my brightest pupils.
Genji: And you, master.

Zenyatta: Genji, how was your reunion with your brother?
Genji: He's still not ready for time to flow forward again.

(to Genji, on Hanamura) So this is where you grew up? You must show me around.

(after killing an enemy Genji) I win this round, Genji. / The master still has a few tricks.

(tagging Genji with an Orb of Harmony) We walk in harmony, my student.
(tagging Genji with an Orb of Harmony while wearing Cultist Skin) We are as one, my apprentice.

(tagging Genji with an Orb of Discord) I know the doubts that plague you.

(after killing an enemy) If you do not bend, you break.

(after killing an enemy Junkrat, Lúcio or Sombra) Chaos, begets more chaos.

(after killing an enemy McCree, Pharah or Reinhardt) Justice is defined by the hand that claims it.

Zenyatta: Do you have any dreams, my friend?
Orisa: I do not dream as humans do. But it is my desire to become the hero Efi believes that I am.

(tagging Orisa with an Orb of Harmony) We are as one, my sister.

(tagging Orisa with an Orb of Discord) You have much to learn.

(after killing an enemy Orisa) Being eager to learn is not the same as learning.

(after killing an enemy Reaper) Hatred is not strategy.

(after killing an enemy Reaper or Soldier: 76) Revenge is not justice.

(after killing an enemy Sombra) Those who think they are all-knowing, know nothing of what they do not.

Zenyatta: Symmetra, you speak of law and of order, but you must know that life is chaotic by its very nature.
Symmetra: Hmph! To be lectured about chaos and disorder from a machine.

Zenyatta: I hear that you have taken in an Omnic, Torbjörn.
Torbjörn: I don't want to talk about it.

(after killing an enemy Tracer or Lucio) Move too quickly, and you overlook much.

(after killing the enemy who killed him) Holding a grudge is unhealthy... for you.

(when tagged by a Discord Orb) I welcome adversity. / A momentary setback.

(Witnessing an elimination) In the end, all becomes one, with the universe. / You have ushered them to paradise. / In repetition, strike for perfection.

(spotting an enemy turret) A turret lies before us.
(destroying an enemy tureet) The turret no longer exists.


(using Orb of Harmony) Be one with the Universe. / Embrace tranquility. / Gaze into the Iris. / Open your mind. / Walk in harmony.
(using Orb of Harmony while wearing Cultist skin) Be one with the shadows. / Embrace madness. / Walk in shadow.

(using Orb of Discord) You are your own worst enemy. / Bask in the shadow of doubt. / Darkness falls. / There is chaos within you. / There is disquiet in your soul.
(using Orb of Discord while wearing Cultist skin) Be consumed by the shadows...

(Ultimate status at 100%) Ready for transcendence. / My ultimate ability is ready. Proceed without fear.

(player or friendly using ultimate) Experience...tranquility.
(enemy using ultimate) Pass... into the Iris.
(player or friendly using ultimate while wearing Nutcracker skin) Experience...festivity.
(player or friendly using ultimate while wearing Cultist skin) Experience...nothingness.
(enemy using ultimate while wearing Cultist skin) Pass... into the unknown.

(Nano-Boost Received) I feel unstoppable! / I feel greatly empowered!

(on fire) I am on fire, but an extinguisher is not required./I feel the warmth of the Iris flowing through me.


    Hal-Fred Glitchbot 
(Random non-scripted lines) What? Jesse McCree? That's a terrible name for a cowboy! / How long is this gonna take!? Might as well have tires on this thing.

(Objective A has not been captured yet) Hello? Anyone out there? / C'mon, I'm not paying you for your acting ability. Let's get moving!

(Objective A captured) It's about time we got moving.

(Payload is stopped) Last time I checked, this was not my trailer. / What am I paying you idiots for?

(Payload is moving backwards) My trailer is that way, you imbeciles!

    The Queen of Junkertown 

(Payload reaches the first checkpoint) Welcome to Junkertown
(Junkrat reaches the first checkpoint) You're either braver, or dumber than you look to come back here, Junkrat!
(Roadhog reaches the first checkpoint) You know better than to show your face around here, Mako.
(Omnic Hero reaches the first checkpoint) Only place for omnics in Junkertown is on the scrap heap. Consider yourself warned.


    Junkenstein's Revenge 
Reinhardt: Our tale begins in Adlersbrunn, where the lord of the castle has called for heroes to come to his aid to defend him from the mad Dr. Junkenstein.
(selecting Soldier: 76): The nameless Soldier, veteran of countless battles.
(selecting McCree): The wandering Gunslinger, seeking adventure.
(selecting Hanzo): An Archer from the east, trying to escape his past.
((selecting Ana): The reclusive Alchemist, skilled in the healing arts.
(selecting Genji): A nomadic swordsman, wandering the earth in search of inner peace.
(selecting Widowmaker): A rich and famous countess, known for never missing a shot.
((selecting Zenyatta) An outcast wandering monk, seeking forbidden knowledge.
(selecting Torbjörn) A viking craftsman, seeking battle far from home.
(selecting Tracer) A ghostly will-o-the-wisp, trapped between worlds.
(selecting Brigitte)
(in main mode, once all players have selected a character, 2016): Our tale is about to begin...
(in main mode, once all players have selected a character, 2017 onward): Only four they were to defend the castle against Dr. Junkenstein and his minions.
(in Endless Revenge mode, after all players have selcted a hero): These were the wanderers who took up the castle's defense.
Dr. Junkenstein laughed as his minions arose! For tonight was the night... of JUNKENSTEIN'S REVENGE.

The Soldier: A soldier, an alchemist, an archer and... an oddity. A motley group we have assembled.
The Alchemist: Just as it's ever been. You attract strange company.

The Will-o'-the-Wisp: I am glad to fight by your side again.
The Swordsman: Let us hope it ends better than the last time.

The Swordsman: Does it not bother you that I can summon the dragon?
The Viking: Not tonight.

The Will-o'-the-Wisp: Did you ever kill a dragon?
The Viking: A dragon? Not until tonight.

The Shieldmaiden: I'll watch your back, dad
The Viking: It's nice to have someone I know I can trust.

The Soldier: What drives a man to such madness?
The Archer: To be tested. And to fail.

The Soldier: He's bound to run out of those machines.
The Archer: Unlikely. The doctor strikes me as someone with too much time to spend on his hobby.

The Alchemist: Something tells me you don't think too highly of my alchemy.
The Gunslinger: With all due respect, ma'am, when it comes down to it, there's nothin' better than a good ol' six-shooter. / With all due respect, witchcraft and magic potions are no match for a good six-shooter.

The Alchemist: We must destroy those abominations that were created in the name of science.
The Gunslinger: I'm just searchin' for an opportunity to fight.

The Alchemist: Do you think that was the last of them?
The Gunslinger: Something tells me the worst is yet to come.

The Will-o'-the-Wisp: We're all haunted by spirits of the past.
The Gunslinger: What do you know about that?
The Will-o'-the-Wisp: Spirits are my specialty.

The Will-o'-the-Wisp: I've never seen you sleep.
The Monk: Meditation provides me the only rest I need.

The Alchemist: I met someone who could use the dragon as you do, before.
The Archer: Impossible, only those of my clan can use the dragon. My brother could, but he's dead.

The Alchemist: What are you doing so far away from home?
The Archer: I was exiled from my clan for having killed my brother.

The Shieldmaiden: Do you really know magic?
The Monk: It is no magic, only the power of the mind.

The Shieldmaiden: How are you not getting tired?
The Monk: A healthy living and a healthy diet provides.

The Shieldmaiden: What are you doing here, Gunslinger?
The Gunslinger: I'm paid to hunt monsters. Werewolves, vampires, beasts, mad doctors who talk too much...

The Monk: I have never seen a warrior as jovial as yourself.
The Viking: When you've seen the things i've seen, either you laugh, or you go mad.

The Swordsman: It is strange seeing you being on the frontline, master.
The Monk: There are battles that even I cannot ignore, my student.

The Monk: A lull in the battle? The opportunity to center one's mind.
The Swordsman: I am always centered.

The Monk: Do not waste your energy, my student.
The Swordsman: I am only warmign up.

The Monk: I know you blame yourself for the dragon's tyranny, but it is nto your fault.
The Viking: You know nothing of me, Monk. Nor of my failures.

The Alchemist: Why do you fight for this Lord? I never took you as caring for the nobility.
The Soldier: I don't, but we share a common foe, the Reaper.

The Shieldmaiden: How's your dragon hunt going?
The Viking: Ran into her a couple times, I think i handled it pretty well.
The Shieldmaiden: I don't think mom would approve.
The Viking: I'm still quite handsome.

The Viking: Mind your defense, the battle is far from over!
The Shieldmaiden: Always a critic...

The Shieldmaiden: What do you think of the Monk?
The Viking: I do not trust him, his powrs, or his gods.

The Gunslinger: Didn't peg you as the type to put your faith in alchemy.
The Soldier: Gotta put your faith in something, might as well be the thing that keeps you alive.

The Gunslinger: I think I remember you. Sure we never met before?
The Soldier: Maybe in another life.

The Gunslinger: So... where are you from, back home?
The Soldier: I don't stay in one place too long but I came from a town called Bloomington... Indiana.

The Gunslinger: I say, you pump a man full of those chemicals... and electricity... That's not a man, that's a monster.
The Soldier: Maybe they're closer to us than we think.

The Gunslinger: Why are you working for this lord?
The Soldier: We share a common foe, the Reaper.

The Gunslinger: If I may, ma'am, all this alchemy feels like hocus-pocus to me.
The Alchemist: I could let you die, if that's what you want.

The Gunslinger: You and the Soldier seem to have fought together before.
The Alchemist: Indeed, and it will not be the last time, unless he does something foolish.

The Archer: You and the Soldier seem to have a history together.
The Alchemist: Indeed, and most of it is a sad one.

The Gunslinger: Hey, Archer, why don't you pass that flask around? We could all use a drink.
The Archer: We will drink when the job is done.

The Gunslinger: Archer, how's it back home East?
The Archer: It is a small village on top of the hill. There are cherry blossoms. I miss it dearly.

The Gunslinger: When will they ever stop coming?
The Archer: Let them come, I always search an opportunity to exercise.

The Gunslinger: Hey, Archer, don't you think that bow's a little too old for the time?
The Archer: Maybe, but there is still a place for such anachronisms.

The Gunslinger: You think the reward'll be good? The castle looks like it's seen better days.
The Archer: If the Lord does not keep his word, he'll have made very powerful enemies tonight.

The Archer: Gunslinger, aren't you getting tired of pulling the trigger?
The Gunslinger: Me? Never.

The Archer: My people would call you a ronin. A masterless samurai.
The Gunslinger: Ronin? I like the sound of that.

The Gunslinger: So... how did you lose your eye?
The Viking: At a rowdy wedding./ In my homelands, feasts can get pretty wild./ I was thirsty, so i traded it to an old man for a drink from his well.

The Archer: Do you think the doors will hold out?
The Soldier: It's not the doors I'm worried about.

The Shieldmaiden: Why do you hide your face?
The Swordsman: I do not wish others to look at me with fear nor pity.

The Monk: I am told that the full moon is a good omen.
The Gunslinger: Maybe... if you're a werewolf.

The Viking: Seeing the singlemindedness of Dr. Junkenstein's creations reminds me of your own.
The Monk: You wound me.
The Viking: Is that even possible?

The Viking: I hear you're an authority on dragons.
The Swordsman: Why do you ask?
The Viking: I hunt them.
The Swordsman: Then I believe you heard wrong.
The Viking: Touchy subject...

The Viking: Who were you before entering the monastery?
The Monk: One amongst thousand, no one of importance. But one moment of clarity changed everything.

The Archer: [killing Zomics] Inferior creations!

The Alechemist: [Hitting enemy with Biotic Grenade] Alchemy is stronger than magic!/ Burn!
The Alechemist: [Hitting ally with Biotic Grenade] Here, take a healing potion.

The Gunslinger: [when either the Soldier or the Alchemist scores a kill] Nice shooting for an old geezer.

The Soldier: [when the Alchemist scores a kill] You aim better with one eye than I do with two.

Reinhardt: [when a Zomnic explodes against the door for the first time] Boom! Boom! The Zomnics crashed against the door, their bodies exploding as the old wood splintered and shuddered!

Junkenstein: [launching a Shock-Tire] Fire in the hole! / Get ready for a shock!

Reinhardt: [when a Shock-Tire explodes against the door for the first time] The doctor's Shock-Tire exploded against the door but for now, the oak held strong.

[The Reaper appears]
Reinhardt: A dark presence coalesced in their midst...
The Reaper: The Reaper comes for your souls...
Reinhardt: Once a man, the Reaper betrayed no trace of his former self. / The Reaper was cursed, bound as a servant to the Witch of the Wilds. / Having betrayed his former comrades, the Reaper had been cursed.

[if the Soldier kills the Reaper]
Reinhardt: The Soldier defeated the Reaper, and hoped that it would be for the last time.
The Soldier: At last, the Reaper's curse is broken.

[if the Alchemist kills the Reaper]
Reinhardt: The Alchemist slew the Reaper, feeling a moment of sadness for the man she had once known.
The Alchemist: The Reaper is dead!

[if the Gunslinger kills the Reaper]
Reinhardt: The Gunslinger's shot found its mark, and the Reaper was destroyed.
The Gunslinger: Peculiar choice of headwear.

[if the Archer kills the Reaper]
Reinhardt: The Archer slew the Reaper! The arrow piercing his dead heart...
The Archer: Your torment is ended.

[if the Monk kills the Reaper]
Reinhardt: The Monk banished the Reaper who disappeared into the night.
The Monk: The Reaper is vanquished... for the moment.

[after the Reaper is killed]
The Archer: What kind of monster is he?
The Soldier: The worst kind there is, a wicked man.

[after a while without any characters being downed]]
The Soldier: Everybody's still alive?
The Gunslinger: Seems so, or Heaven's a mighty dissapointment.

[after the Reaper is killed]
The Soldier: The Reaper is a fearsome foe, he may yet get the better of us.
The Alchemist: I will get us home safe, as I always do.

[after the Reaper is killed]]
The Shieldmaiden: What was that, father?
The Viking: A man that fell to shadow.

[Junkenstein's Monster appears]
Reinhardt: The ground shook as Junkenstein's creation was revealed!
Junkenstein's Monster: I'm alive!
Reinhardt: Unknown to all, Dr. Junkenstein had succeeded in creating life! A twisted abomination of inhuman strength and wickedness! / The doctor's creation was twisted into a monster bent on destroying everything in its path.

[if the Soldier kills Junkenstein's Monster]
Reinhardt: The Soldier repeatedly struck the monster until, finally, it toppled to the ground, lifeless.

[if the Gunslinger kills Junkenstein's Monster]
Reinhardt: With a shot from his revolver, the Gunslinger dropped the monster. He fell to the ground with an earth-shaking thud.

[if the Archer kills Junkenstein's Monster]
Reinhardt: Arrows sprouted from the monster's body as the Archer finally brought the creature to its knees!

[if the Alchemist kills Junkenstein's Monster]
Reinhardt: The Alchemist's concoctions coursed through the monster and its body was destroyed from within.

[if the Countess kills Junkenstein's Monster]
Reinhardt: The Countess's aim was true, and with a shot, she killed the monster.
The Countess: Tries a little harder next time, Junkenstein.

[after Junkenstein's Monster is killed]
The Soldier: What was that thing!?
The Gunslinger: I'm... trying to put it out of my mind.

[The Summoner appear]
Reinhardt: Arcane magic coursed through the air, as the Summoner appeared.
The Summoner: The fire consumes you!/I have been summoned!
Reinhardt: The cold air of the night changed with an explosion of fire.

[if the Soldier kills the Summoner]
Reinhardt: The Soldier slew the Summoner with nary a second thought.

[if the Archer kills the Summoner]
Reinhardt: The Archer's arrow struck true and slew the Summoner.
The Archer: The Summoner's magic is no more.

[if the Countess kills the Summoner]
Reinhardt: The Countess was as precise as the stories said, too much for the Summoner.
The Countess: Huh, I've never hunted a dragon before.

[if the Viking kills the Summoner]
Reinhardt: The Viking slew the the Summoner, a victory he took special satisfaction in.
The Viking:Your magics do not impress me!

[if the Monk kills the Summoner]
Reinhardt: The Monk's orbs overwhelmed the Summoner's defenses, and she was slain.

[Dr. Junkenstein appears]
Reinhardt: As the battle raged, Dr. Junkenstein himself made a grand appearance!
Dr. Junkenstein: You will all regret the day you laughed at Dr. Jamison Junkenstein!
Reinhardt: By then, the doctor had gone mad, driving his creations forward, consumed with his need for revenge! / Dr. Junkenstien lobbed his bombs at the castle, the explosions a percussive accompaniment to the sound of his laughter.
The Soldier: On the balcony! It's Dr. Junkenstein himself!

[if the Gunslinger kills Dr. Junkenstein]
Reinhardt: With a well-aimed shot, the Gunslinger felled Dr. Junkenstein. But the battle still raged.

[if the Archer kills Dr. Junkenstein]
Reinhardt: The Archer drew his arrow and watched as it soared through the night sky, until it struck Junkenstein!
The Archer: Dr. Junkenstein is dead.

[if the Swordsman kills Dr. Junkenstein]]
Reinhardt: The Swordsman landed in front of Dr. Junkenstein, reducing him to silence.

[if the Viking kills Dr. Junkenstein]]
Reinhardt: The Viking scoffed at the now lifeless form of Dr. Junkenstein.

[The Reaper returns]
Reinhardt: To our heroes' dismay, the Reaper was not so easily defeated... / The shadows took shape, and coalesced into the form of the Reaper.
The Soldier: The Reaper is here!
The Gunslinger: Just call me Ichabod Crane.

[The Witch appears]
Reinhardt: Unknown to the heroes, Dr. Junkenstein had other allies. / Unknown to the heroes, the battle was not yet over... / In the midst of battle, Junkenstein's most powerful ally appeared.
The Witch: My servants never die!
Reinhardt: With one magic incantation, the Witch brought Junkenstein and his creations back to life! / The Witch had returned the fallen from beyond the grave! / Dr. Junkenstein had made a bargain with the Witch, and she was not ready to release him. / The Witch's magic made Dr. Junkenstein's monster even more powerful, its body crackled with unholy might!

[While the Witch is present]
The Alchemist: A Witch? Not what I signed for.

[if the Gunslinger kills the Witch]
Reinhardt: The Gunlinger was loathe to kill a woman, even one as evil as the Witch of the Wilds.

[if the Countess kills the Witch]
Reinhardt: The Countess killed the Witch, just like she had sworn years ago.
The Countess: Not so immortal, are you?

[if the Viking kills the Witch]
Reinhardt: The Viking looked over the still form of the Witch and knew this would not be the last time he saw her.

Reinhardt: [if the Soldier dies] The Soldier succumbed to the monsters' assault and had fallen, defeated.
[if the Archer dies] The Archer was slain and crumpled to the earth.
[if the Gunslinger dies] The Gunslinger's luck ran out.
[if the Alchemist dies] The Alchemist let out a scream as she fell.
[if the Swordsman dies]: His defense broken, the Swordsman fell to the ground, his sword rolling away.
[if the Viking dies]: The Viking's body slumped to the ground.
[if the Monk dies]: The Monk succumbed to his wounds.
[if the characters die multiple times] Alas, our heroes couldn't protect each other. Maybe if they had had a shield to hide behind...

Game over:

[if the Soldier dies last]: The Soldier fought valiantly, but in the end, he succumbed, just as his comrades-in-arms. This night, Dr. Junkenstein's revenge would not be denied.
[if the Archer dies last]: With a defiant cry that died in his throat, the Archer, last of the castle's defenders, was overwhelmed, and Junkenstein's revenge was sealed.
[if the Gunslinger dies last]: The Gunslinger could fight no more. He fell to the ground alongside his defeated companions, leaving none to stand in the way of Junkenstein's revenge.
[if the Alchemist dies last]: The sound of shattered glass filled the night, as the Alchemist's potions fell to the ground, their contents mixing with the blood of the wanderers. Dr. Junkenstein would have his revenge.
[if the Swordsman dies last]: His blade broken, the Swordsman fell to the ground. His life, and the lives of his companions, spent, with none remaining to stand against Junkenstein's revenge.
[if the Viking dies last]: The Viking's last mortal battle was fought and he was ushered to Valhalla to await Ragnarok! But his earthly companions were not so lucky, and Junkenstein would have his revenge.
[if the Monk dies last]: With the last sigh, the life dimmed from the Monk's eyes and he slumped to the ground, powerless to stop the revenge of Dr. Junkenstein.
[if the Countess dies last] There were those who believed that the Countess could never die. But that night, the legends proved wrong. And as she fell, so too did the castle..
[door destroyed] The heroes fought valiantly, but they could not stop Dr. Junkenstein and his creations. The castle fell, the defenders were slain, and Junkenstein had his revenge...

Game won:

Reinhardt: [win the match by killing the Reaper last] The Reaper fell. The enchanted pumpkin where his head ought to have been smashed against the flagstones. The night was quiet, and the castle was safe.
[win the match by killing Junkenstein's Monster last] And the monster fell, just as his creator. Exhausted. Battered. Bruised. The four heroes entered the castle to receive their rewards.
[win the match by killing Dr. Junkenstein last] With one last laugh, Dr. Junkenstein fell from the balcony to the flagstones below. And as the last of his laughter echoed from the walls of the castle, the battle was over, and the castle had been saved.
[win the game by killing the Witch last] And as the Witch fell, her magic had no more power. Dr. Junkenstein's creations fell lifeless to the earth. And as morning dawned, the castle was safe.
[win Junkenstein Endless by killing all other bosses except the Summoner] A chill spread through the air as the Summoner's body turned to ash. The first signs of the dawn crept over the horizon, and the castle was safe.



Tracer: Twenty years after we won the war against the Omnics, we were no closer to living together in peace. The building of a new home for the Omnics in London was supposed to be the first step in improving human/robot relations. But... it never had a chance. The omnic extremist group, Null Sector, launched a surprise attack on King's Row. Hundreds were killed, and thousands more were displaced as they took control. Now, they're hunting down the last of the survivors. It could be the beginning of a new war between humans and Omnics. Unless we can stop them! Commander Morrison has sent our strike team to liberate the city. It's my first mission, and the only way to save my home. I hope we're not too late.

Morrison: This is Morrison. Your mission is to liberate King's Row.
(selecting Mercy:) Morrison: Keep them safe, Angela.
(selecting Tracer:) Morrison: Here's your chance, Tracer. Show me what you can do. Just come home safe.
(selecting Reinhardt:) Morrison: I'm counting on you, Lieutenant, Get this done.
(selecting Torbjörn:) Morrison: Torbjörn, this bomb of yours had better work.
(All players have selected a character) Morrison: Good luck, agents.

Mission Start

Morrison: Null sector has three anti-aircraft guns in King's Row. They need to be disabled before we can drop the payload. You each have a portable drone which can be used to hack the air defense terminals.

Torbjörn: We need to deliver my bomb to blow up the door, but we can't do that until all Anti-aircraft guns haven't been disabled. Then we can kill some bots
Mercy: We're here to save lives too.
Reinhardt: Both honourable goals! / Surrounded and outnumbered? Finally a worthy mission!

Tracer: Let me make sure I have this straight: first we take down the air defences, then we drop in Torbjörn's bomb- which is supposed to blow up the door to the power plant. Then we get in there, take out the rest of the Null Sector troops, secure the area, and rescue the hostages. So- easy!
Reinhardt: Cut the chatter, Tracer.

Reinhardt: Null sector has three anti-aircraft guns in King's Row. We need to clear them out so Torbjörn can drop in his latest monstrosity. Assuming it works.
Torbjörn: It'll work.
Mercy: That's what you always say.

Team exit the metro

Amari: This is Captain Amari. The first air defense node is right around the corner. And, Reinhardt. Don't charge in there on your own.
Reinhardt: Wouldn't dream of it, captain.

Tracer: I can't believe it's like this. I read the reports, but seeing it...
Torbjörn: Stay focused, kid. We have a job to do.

Reinhardt: We are each equipped with a recon drone that can hack the anti-aircraft guns. They can also revive us should we fall, but let's try to avoid that.

Reinhardt: We're in enemy territory, stay behind my shield.
Tracer: Yes, lieutenant!
Torbjörn: Rookies...

Mercy: Seeing the streets so empty... It feels strange.
Tracer: This is all Null Sector's fault.

Torbjörn: I knew it'd happen again at some point. Those damn machines...
Reinhardt: Now's not the time, Torbjörn.

First Hack

Mercy: Beginning the hack. Stay near the terminal while it's in progress.
Amari: Team, Null Sector is approaching your position.
Tracer: Here we go...

Mercy: Don't worry, Lena. I'll keep you safe out there. Can't have anything happen to our new recruit on her first mission.
Tracer: And if you need help, I'll protect you, Dr. Ziegler. Don't worry!

Mercy: Tracer, are you feeling alright?
Tracer: I'm doing just fine, doctor Ziegler! Don't worry about me.
Mercy: You let me know if that changes.

Tracer: Keep it together, Lena, you can do it.
Reinhardt: We all have faith in you, Tracer.

(Hack complete:) Morrison: Good work. I've marked the next air defense node on your HUD.

(Hack complete:) Torbjörn: And done, now we need to find somewhere to land the aircraft.
Amari: We chose the front of the clock tower, but you need to disable the rest of the AA guns before.

(Hack complete:) Reinhardt: We're done here. Captain Amari, where is the next defense node?
Amari: In the courtyard, up ahead. I'm marking it on on your HUD.

(Hack complete:) Reinhardt: See? Nothing to worry about.
Mercy: There's a long way to go. A lot can still go wrong.
Torbjörn: I'm standing right here.

Mercy: Let's keep quiet, we don't want to attract any unnecessary attention.

(Encountering Eradicator:) Amari: We've detected a new energy signature up ahead. Looks like a new Omnic.
Torbjörn: Just what the world needed.

(Encountering Eradicator:) Torbjörn: That's an Eradicator up ahead. Watch out for the big shield!
Reinhardt: Ha! You call that big?!

(Encountering Eradicator:) Tracer: Watch out for the Eradicator's shield! I'll try to get around it!

Second Hack

Amari: Hack underway. The guns should be coming down shortly. Significant omnic presence closing in on your position.
Reinhardt: Torbjörn, keep your turret up. Everyone else, good hunting.

Torbjörn: What does this Null Sector want, anyway?
Mercy: Rights for Omnics, so they say.
Torbjörn: I can't help but think they're going about this the wrong way.

Torbjörn: When are you going to learn? You just can't trust an omnic.
Reinhardt: This is not the time, Torbjörn.

Mercy: Watch my back!
Tracer: I'll keep you safe, doctor Ziegler.

Reinhardt: Tracer, try to soften them up.
Tracer: I'm on it!

Amari: You're exposed in your current position. Watch for attacks from all directions.

(Hack complete:) Amari: You shouldn't be far from the last node. It's in the cathedral just up the street.
Reinhardt: We're on our way, captain.

(Hack complete:) Tracer: One left! I think it's in the cathedral.

(Hack complete:) Reinhardt: Captain, we're approaching the cathedral.
Amari: Use caution. Multiple energy signatures inside.
Reinhardt: Mercy, Torbjörn, stay close. There won't be much room to maneuver in there.

Third Hack

Reinhardt: Initiating the hack.
Morrison: Detecting significant Null Sector Troops heading on your direction.

(Hack complete:) Amari: Drop ship is en route to the clock tower.
Morrison: Rendezvous at the courtyard.
Torbjörn: Here it comes. Let's hope those guns really are down.
Reinhardt: This will be a quick mission if they aren't.

(Hack complete:) Tracer: Now we have to go to the clock tower to grab the bomb. Last one pays dinner!
Reinhardt: Deal.

Torbjörn: Those damn tin cans, ruining everything...
Tracer: Not all Omnics are like that.
Torbjörn: Look around you, kid, that's what they did. It happened before, and if we don't do anything, it'll happen again.

Tracer: Seeing all the damage pains me. How are we going to rebuild?
Mercy: We'll do it.

Tracer: If we don't stop Null Sector, I don't know how humans and omnics could ever live together in peace. But even if we do, maybe the damage's already been done.
Mercy: We have to believe that there is still something to be saved.
Tracer: You're right, doctor Ziegler. I know there's still hope for the future. But it's up to us.

Protecting the payload:

Ana: Dropship incoming.
Torbjörn: Finally! Let's hope those guns are really off.
Reinhart: It will be a short mission if they aren't.

Morrison: Payload online. Initiating startup sequence. It's going to need a few minutes to get charged up.
Tracer: You really think that's going to work?
Torbjörn: I built it, of course it's going to work!
Mercy: Inspires confidence, doesn't he?
Morrison: Null Sector forces are inbound to your position.

Reinhardt: Alright, let's move out with the payload.
Torbjörn: Give it a second.
Mercy: Here we go.
Reinhardt: Torbjörn, why isn't the payload moving?
Torbjörn: It's- just powering up!
Reinhardt: Nulltroopers incoming!

Reinhardt: Torbjörn, get the payload moving out!
Tracer: Nothing's happening.
Torbjörn: It just needs some time to get warmed up!
Tracer: It definitely doesn't seem like it's moving.
Torbjörn: No one asked for your opinion!

(First wave complete:) Torbjörn: There we go, see? Like I said, it just needed a moment to get warmed up.
Reinhardt: So it's ready to move out?
Torbjörn: Not- quite yet.
Reinhardt: I should have known. Team, get ready for another wave of attacks!

Reinhardt (when encountering a Bastion): A Bastion! Be careful or its minigun will shred through us. Just like in the crisis.
Torbjörn (when encountering a Bastion): Bastion! Its gun is going to make us into Swiss cheese. Reinhardt, your barrier would be a big help right now!

(Second wave complete:) Mercy: Torbjörn, what was that sound?
Torbjörn: Seems like we hit another little snag.
Mercy: Define "little snag".
Torbjörn: Forget about it. Defend the payload. It just needs a little more time! It's going to work, trust me!

(Second wave complete:) Torbjörn: Shut your mouth, rookie.
Tracer: But I didn't say anything!
Torbjörn: Let's keep it that way.
Tracer: (Beat) Got that payload working yet, Torbjörn?
Torbjörn: Maybe I should just blow us all up right now.

Tracer: Would it help if tried pushing it?
Reinhardt: Couldn't hurt.

(Third wave complete:) Reinhardt: Torbjörn, status update!
Torbjörn: Generators are green, propulsion systems are waking up. Just a little bit longer.

(Third wave complete:) Reinhardt: Torbjörn, we are sitting ducks out here. If that payload doesn't get moving fast, we are done for!
Torbjörn: There's nothing I can do, just be patient.
Reinhardt: This is not the time for patience!

(Third wave complete:) Mercy: It's not working, is it, Torbjörn?
Torbjörn: It just needs a moment to get warmed up.
Tracer: This plan is working great!

(Third wave complete:) Tracer: There's so many of them! They just keep coming.
Torbjörn: Damn machines. They're not worried about casualties.
Mercy: Even omnics worry about death. But not these Null Sector extremists.

Escorting the Payload

Torbjörn: Haha! There we go! Get ready for this! Payload's ready to move!
Amari: Escort the payload to the power station. Once you're there... well, it's up to Torbjörn. Good job, team. Handing you over to commander Reyes. Amari out.
Reyes: Reyes here. Latest Blackwatch intelligence indicates heavy Null Sector numbers inside the power station. Expect nulltroopers, eradicators, bastions, and some OR14s.

Torbjörn: Ah! There we go!
Reinhardt: Good job, we never doubted you.
Mercy: Speak for yourself.

Reinhardt: You're doing a fine job, Tracer.
Tracer: I'm just following your orders, sir.
Reinhardt: I knew we'd get along. / As you should.

Tracer: Okay, I gotta admit, I'm impressed.
Torbjörn: And I've got other tricks up my sleeve.
Reinhardt: Don't congratulate him it'll make his head big. Bigger.

Power station assault

(Payload prepares to detonate:) Tracer: Should we be standing further away?
Reinhardt: Maybe behind my shield.
Torbjörn: Thanks for the vote of confidence!
Reyes: Get that door open, now! Energy levels are peaking!
Torbjörn: Understood!

(Payload detonates:) Reyes: We've detected a massive power surge from inside the plant. Best guess they're going to try to blow it.
Reinhardt: What are your orders, sir?
Reyes: Focus on those OR14s! They're your first priority, take them out!
Reinhardt: Go! Go! Take out any Null Sector troops inside!

(Mission Complete:) Morrison: Good work out there, team. We've stopped Null Sector and given peace a chance.


Mercy (when reviving Tracer): The commander wouldn't forgive me if I'd let you die.
Mercy (when reviving Reinhardt): No sleeping on the job, Lieutenant.
Reinhardt: (when reviving Tracer): Get up, your time hasn't come yet.

(All players are down) Morrison: Team down! Get the medical team there, quick! / Team's down, call the Prime Minister, I have some explaining to do.



McCree: An Overwatch facility was attacked. A team needed to respond. Officially, their hands were tied. Luckily, chuckles, Blackwatch plays by it's own rules. We all knew who was responsible. Rumour had it he'd be well protected. Our mission was to drop in, and get him out so he could face the music. At least, that's how it was supposed to go...

Antonio: Good evening, Commander Reyes. How will this look on the news? Overwatch unlawfully abducting a respected businessman? Even if you take me now, my friends would have me released within the week. All these- theatrics have been a waste of our time.
Reyes: You're right. BANG
Reyes: Well, looks like we're going with "plan B".

Mission Start

Intercom: Intruders Detected.
Reyes: Looks like they've got this place sealed tight. Someone start a breach on the front door. We need to get out of here before the whole base is on top of us.
McCree: Almost like someone woke them up.

Reyes: We need to get that door open. Someone find a way to breach it.
McCree: You're not going to shoot it? Seems like it's your solution to all problems now.

Reyes: Jesse, get that door open.
McCree: Whatever you say, commander.
Reyes: There's that famous McCree attitude.
McCree: I'll try to adjust it for you. Wouldn't want to cause any problems.

McCree: I thought we agreed, commander. Snatch and grab. That's it.
Reyes: Antonio was right. There was nothing we could do to him. Now he's not our problem any more
McCree: Somehow I doubt it.

McCree: Did you ever think about the consequences when you pulled the trigger?
Reyes: I will assume full responsibility for the consequences.
McCree: You're going to get us four killed.
Reyes: Won't happen.

McCree: Why'd you kill Antonio? He make you angry? That all it takes?!
Reyes: He thought he was untouchable.

Moira: I suppose we could just wait here until we're inevitably overwhelmed by our attackers. Or I might suggest that someone begin breaching the door?
Reyes: Point Taken.

Door breach

(Moira starts breach) Moira: Breach initiated. Now we wait.
Genji: Patience is not my strong suit.
Moira: I suspect we'll find something to occupy your time.

(McCree starts the breach) McCree: Startin' the breach! Might take a while.
Moira: I see that everything is running as smoothly as ever.
McCree: Things go more smoothly when we act like professionals.

(Genji starts the breach) Genji: Breaching device set! Now we wait.

(Reyes starts the breach) Reyes: Want something done right... breach in progress! Everyone get settled in.
McCree: Good thing we're not in any hurry.

First wave defeated

Genji: Who was Antonio?
Reyes: He's an arms dealer with some other interests, more and less legetimate.
McCree: Not anymore.

Genji: Why are you so concerned about one death, McCree? It’s not the first time we've had to kill.
McCree: This was an execution.
Genji: Dead is dead.

McCree: So what do we do now, boss?
Reyes: We get out of this room then head through the city to the extraction point. After that, we sit tight and hope someone comes to pick us up.
McCree: Quite a plan B. Not sure why I was even worried.

McCree: How are you going to explain this to the strike commander??
Reyes: You let me worry about what Jack needs to know.
McCree: You know you can't shoot him?
Reyes: No, but I can shoot you.

Reyes: This mess is all worth it to see McCree try to pass himself off as a waiter.
McCree: I thought I did just fine.
Reyes: You got fired from your cover job, Jesse.
McCree: Lady was being rude! She had it comin'!

Second wave defeated

Genji: I believe you found an expedient solution, commander.
Reyes: Hear that? The ninja agrees with my decision!
McCree: You be sure to call him as a character witness, then.

McCree: Guess we're just assassins now.
Genji: No matter what I do, I cannot escape my fate.

McCree: Did Antonio have any associates?
Reyes: There's one who'll probably take over for him. Vialli. Don't know too much about him. Then Doomfist in Numbani. And an Omnic who runs a casino in Monaco. Uh... Maxamillion or something.

Reyes: We're making progress on the door. How's everyone doing?
McCree: {Laughs} Couldn't be better.
Moira: Just grand here.

Reyes: Twenty years and we still can't get a door open? We need to make these damn things work faster.

(Talon comes in through the roof) Reyes: Head's up! They're above us! / Genji: Watch the ceiling! / They are above us! / Moira: Watch the ceiling.

Moira: The door is about to be breached / Reyes: Door's gonna blow! / Reyes: Breaching now! Get ready!
McCree: 'Bout damn time!
Reyes: Everyone, through the breach. We're getting out of here!
Blackwatch Pilot: Heard you troublemakers might need a ride? Head to the art gallery. I'll pick you up there.
Reyes: You heard her. Let's move!

Reaching the docks

Moira: How are you feeling, commander?
Reyes: Fine! No ill effects so far.
Moira: Let me know if that changes.

Moira: A pity we'll miss the masquerade, I have the perfect costume.
Reyes: Didn't think that would be your scene.
Moira: You're not the only one who likes to dress up. / There's a lot of things you don't know about me.

Reyes: You know, your brother would've made a good agent.
Genji: ...
Reyes: Touchy subject...

(Talon Sniper appears) McCree: Don't let that sniper get a clear shot at you! / Moira: Keep out of the sniper's sights! / Reyes: Keep moving! Don't let that sniper get a bead on you!

Reyes: I still think we should have gone with the original idea of disguising ourselves as the band.
McCree: Can you even play an instrument, boss?
Reyes: Not well.
McCree: Pssh. Details.

McCree: Looks like they've brought out the heavy hitters.
Reyes: Yeah, they really rolled out the red carpet.

Moira: Talon seems very commited to ending our lives.
McCree Better to kill them now than wait for another surprise attack.
Moira: Ironic.

Reyes: Feels like Talon is mobilizing an entire army on us.
McCree: You just had to kick the hornet's nest.

Genji: Talon once offered to recruit my father.
Reyes: He didn't take them up on their offer?
Genji: He did not find them to his liking. Their aims did not coincide with his own.

McCree: Sure are a lot of 'em! Guess it's a good thing we brought the ninja.
Genji: ...
McCree: Good talk!

McCree: We didn't need to go to all this trouble if we were just going to kill Antonio.
Reyes: Wasn't the way I drew it up.
McCree: {Laughs} Could've fooled me.

Genji: Stealth has long since become an impossibility.
McCree: We got ourselves a good old fashioned shoot-out on our hands.

Moira: So much for keeping a low profile. The entire city must be awake now.
Reyes: Let's just get out of here alive.
Moira: Perhaps next time we might select a less suicidal plan of attack.

Moira: I wouldn't describe this as "light resistance". Quality intelligence we've received.
Genji: It makes no difference to me.
Moira: How droll.

Reyes: It's not exactly carnival.
McCree: You serious?
Reyes: I was looking forward to the masquerade.
McCree: Fair enough.

Moira: You did what needed to be done, Gabriel. Don't apologize.
Reyes: I never have and I don't intend to start now. Someone has to be the one to get things done.

Genji: It looks like the entire city is after us.
McCree: Doesn't seem to bother you.
Genji: I do not care for the fate of criminals.
Reyes: Finally someone who agrees with me!

Genji: It is as if they have the whole city mobilized against us.
McCree: Just how you like it.

Genji: I feel no remorse for the fate of these criminals.
Reyes: At least someone's on my side.

McCree: What's it like, Genji? You know- as a cyborg.
Genji: I would not recommend it. Pain and agony. And what am I? Man- or machine?
McCree: Then why did you agree to it?
Genji: I wanted to be able to walk again.

(Talon Assassin appears) Reyes: Don't let her get close! / Keep your distance from her! / Moira: Don't let her get too close to you. / Genji: This one's mine.

Reyes: What's your status, pilot?
Blackwatch Pilot: Finding a way to slip into the city? Next time, make my life a little easier and stick to the plan!
Reyes: Where's the fun in that?
Blackwatch Pilot: It's plenty fun, trust me.

Blackwatch Pilot: What's your status, commander?
Reyes: Art gallery's in sight. We'll be there shortly.
Blackwatch Pilot: The whole city's flush with Talon soldiers. Whatever you did has got 'em riled up.

Genji: Be careful, McCree, I wouldn't want you to suffer the same fate as I.
McCree: No offense, Genji, but I'd like to keep my body as is.

McCree: Even though we snuck that surveillance system into Antonio's office, our intel's a little spotty.
Genji: Next time, leave it to me. I can spy upon our enemies- unseen, and undetected.

Reyes: It should be smooth sailing from here. / Moira: We should almost be out of the woods.
(Talon Heavy Assault appears)
McCree: Ugh, you had to say it, didn't you?
Reyes: I withdraw my previous comment, we're definitely not out of the woods yet.
McCree: I'll note that for the record.

(Talon Heavy Assault appears) Reyes: I think that's bigger than Reinhart! / Genji: Finally a foe worthy of my blade! / Moira: Watch out! Those things move faster than they seem to!

(Talon Heavy Assault on low health) Genji: Heavy Assault unit is weakened!/McCree: Heavy's looking a little weak!

Blackwatch Pilot: Picked up some company on the way in. I'm going to try and shake them, but it might take a little while.
Reyes: No problem, we're used to waiting around.
McCree: And getting shot at.
Reyes: And getting shot at.
Moira: You two are adorable.

Fight in the art gallery

McCree: Fancy place here.
Moira: Try to leave everything in one piece.
McCree: Tell that to them.

Reyes: We made it to the art gallery but I don't see you.
Blackwatch Pilot: There should be a courtyard a little ways past your position. Secure it and I'll meet you there.

Reyes: You call this art? A child could have made this!
Moira: I never took you for an art critic.

Reyes: Enough art, let's get moving.
McCree: I never got into it.
Moira: Philistines.

Moira: You could all do with a little culture. The cowboy especially.
McCree: I'm plenty cultured! Have you ever been in the Cave of Mystery? Heh, didn't think so.

Reyes: Extraction zone's in sight. We need pickup now! / Genji: We should proceed to the extraction point.
Blackwatch Pilot: I'll be there. Just keep the landing zone clear for me.

Extraction Point Defence

McCree: Anyone else hungry?
Genji: No.

Reyes: Am I the only one who feels hungry?
Moira: It could be an unseen side effect.
Reyes: I was making a joke.

Omnic Waiter: Name of your reservation?
Reyes: No reservation, party of four. Bit of a last minute thing.
Omnic Waiter: I'm terribly sorry, but we are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

Reyes: We're at the extraction point, where are you?
Blackwatch Pilot: I'm just entering Venice airspace. It shouldn't be much longer.
Reyes: If you're not coming soon, you may as well turn around.
McCree: Whoa! Don't listen to him. We're getting out of here.

McCree: This is your fault, commander! We had a plan. We could have walked Antonio right out of the city. I didn't sign up for this.

Moira: Antonio was right about one thing; you will take the blame for this.
Reyes: Always have. I don't need the statues and medals anyway.

Moira: McCree, we need to talk about your Italian "accent".
McCree: I watched a bunch of old Spaghetti Westerns, I thought it was pretty good. Buona sera, signora, can I-a get you somethin' to drink?
Moira: Please never do that again.

McCree: This is as close to carnivale as we're likely to get.
Moira: you sound disappointed.
McCree: I heard it was a good time.

Reyes: What's keeping our ride? We can't wait forever.
McCree: Something tells me the army of bad guys converging on our position isn't helping.
Moira: McCree's instincts are, as ever, unimpeachable.

McCree: Where's our damn ride?! / Moira: No sign of rescue. Does nothing run on time here?
Blackwatch Pilot: I wasn't intending to fly into the middle of a war zone! It's going to take some time!
McCree: No time like the present. / Moira: Unbelievable.

Blackwatch Pilot: Commander, I have visual on your position. I'm coming in for a landing, but it's going to be a little hot.
Reyes: Everyone, get ready to get on board.
McCree: About damn time.

Blackwatch Pilot: Blackwatch team, get to the roof of the restaurant for immediate evac.
Reyes: This is it, don't do anything stupid!
McCree: Well you clearly have that covered!

Blackwatch Pilot: Doors are open. Everyone get on board so we can get out of here.
Reyes: Not a second too soon.

Genji: We need to get on board! / Reyes: Get on board or we're leaving you behind! / McCree: Everyone get on! We're gettin' out of here! / Moira: It's past time for departure.


McCree: Our target was dead. So, I guess he got what was coming to him. Still, didn't seem right. But that wasn't the end of our problems. For the first time, people knew we were out there. New faces stepped up to fill the void in Talon. I can't help but wonder: if that's where it all started to go wrong.

    Storm Rising 


Sojourn: Tracer, status report.
Tracer: Target in sight, captain!
Sojourn: We've waited a long time for Maximilien to show his face. It's now or never.
Tracer: No pressure, then.

Tracer: Urgh, I've got some new friends!
Sojourn: You're cleared to engage. Strike team, move in and take out Maximilien's cover.
Maximilien Call ahead, we're going to have guests.

Tracer: He's getting away!
Sojourn: This will get a lot harder if he reaches his safe house.
Mercy: Then let's make sure he doesn't.

Mercy: You're up, Winston!
Winston: I'm on it!
Sojourn: Remember, we need Maximilien alive, he's our only good lead on talon.
Winston: I'm not the one you should worry about.

Winston: He's gone.
Tracer: Don't worry, he won't get far on foot.
Sojourn: Don't get cocky, that storm is getting close, and Maximilien is as resourceful as they get. I trust you, just- try not to blow up anything else.
Tracer: Hah, no promises!

Before leaving the garage

Tracer: What's with all those Talon soldiers?! Isn't Max supposed to be a simple accountant?
Sojourn: We knew he had ties to Talon, but we did not know how many.
Tracer: "Simple accountant", right! Next thing, you'll tell me Doomfist is just a guy who gives firm handshakes.

Near the gas station

Nearing the brewery

Entering the brewery

First wave

Winston: Casinos, limos, hotels.. are there any vices this Maximilien doesn't indulge in?
Genji: He does not seem to be a heavy drinker.

Second wave


Tracer: Ahem. Going somewhere, Max?
Maximilien Is this really necessary? Surely we can make some kind of deal.
Mercy: You are in no position to negotiate.
Winston: You're coming with us.
Mercy: We know all about you and your associates.
Maximilien Oh, I have many associates. Perhaps it's not clear what I have to offer. my resources are- quite substantial. Let me ask: what might you be in the market for?
Mercy: An introduction.
Maximilien Ah! And who is it you would like to meet?

Doomfist: My friend, the world doesn't understand visionaries like us. I respect what you are trying to accomplish. You fight for your kind. It's- noble. And doomed to fail. But with Talon's help, that can change.
Hooded Omnic: You have my attention.


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