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We Are Overwatch

  • A Balkava-clad man is shown smiling with a gold tooth in his mouth as he fires his gun. When the scene quickly moves to show Soldier: 76 introducing himself to the man Rifle-butt first, you see the gold tooth flying into the shot.

Ability Overview

  • A lot of people laughed when Pharah said in her character trailer "I will protect the innocent", only to immediately destroy what looked like people's shops full of pots with her rocket launcher in the Temple of Anubis map. People immediately started comparing her to another certain destroyer of pots.
  • In Ashe's overview, McCree starts to step out saying his catchphrase, only for Ashe to deck him across the face, sending him comically reeling in slow motion.


Are You With Us?


  • As Hanzo begins his attack, a mook of the Shimada Clan makes a grab for his phone. Unfortunately, in his panic he ends up juggling it, giving Hanzo just enough time to put an arrow through the phone just as the call is about to go through. This makes the luckless security guard overbalance — right into an enormous bell. (This is the page image.)
  • There's just something funny about the way Genji dodges Hanzo's first arrow by simply leaning backwards.


  • The skull tattoos the thugs wear are unsettling. Until the light goes out and you see that they glow in the dark, with colors including green and pink.
  • The moment when the minigun-wielding mook first notices Soldier: 76. Is 76 growling at him?
  • While it's ultimately an unsettling moment, there's something darkly humorous and deliciously ironic about Soldier: 76 beating a thug's head in with a Diablo-themed piñata.

The Last Bastion

  • As Bastion readjusts to the world around him, he sees a caterpillar. When Ganymede returns to the screen, it promptly lunges for the caterpillar right when it goes offscreen. Bastion is a bit taken aback.


  • Reaper tries to get through a door with Sombra's help.
    Reaper: The door.
    [The door opens and Reaper starts walking through, when the door shuts again]
    Reaper: [irritated] Sombra...!
    Sombra: [mischievous chuckle]
    • And then she opens it again — but only a little bit, forcing Reaper to wraith-form his way through.
    • Even better is his exasperated tone which suggests that this isn't the first time she's done something like this. And it is hilarious if you consider that Sombra's constantly messing with death incarnate himself.
  • During Reaper's attack in the facility, he points his shotgun at the technician Katya was talking to. He doesn't even need to fire, as the technician's surprised reaction has him running headfirst into a mech's arm cannon. At the very end of the trailer, the technician is seen standing next to Zarya, looking dazed and wearing a bandage around his head.
  • Many fans found the part where Widowmaker just missed killing Katya hilarious because it brought to mind Totalspiffage's reading of the "I fired, and I missed" joke in a Widowmaker impression.
  • The two guards' Too Dumb to Live moment when they react to what they think is a bomb (Sombra's Translocater). They laugh it off when nothing happens, completely forgetting Sombra's presence as she mows them down.
  • Sombra is trying to reassure Chairman Katya that she isn't there to kill her, but has to do an awkward little hop step over one of the dead guards.

Orisa Origin Story

  • At one point, Efi is saying that Orisa has a lot to learn. This is accompied by a shot of Orisa physically stopping a car with her hand in order to help an old lady cross the road, wrecking the car in the process, with Efi running up behind waving her arms.

Doomfist Origin Story

  • Doomfist's trailer is devoid of humor except for one particular moment. When he broke out of prison, he did so literally by punching his way out of his cell with his bare hands.

Junkertown: The Plan

  • Pretty much the entire short is one giant CMOF, being an Affectionate Parody of old Saturday morning gag-cartoons, but special mention goes to a few specific moments:
    • After getting booted out of Junkertown:
      Junkrat: I don't think they're gonna let us back in!
      Junkertown Guard: NOPE!
    • When Junkrat tells Roadhog "there's twwwwwoooooooooooooo things that solve every problem," he visibly holds up three fingers.
    • The credits are presented in the style of Cowboy Bebop for no apparent reason, with Junkrat making random noises to the music.
    • Junkrat's ridiculously overcomplicated plan to get revenge on the queen of Junkertown for kicking them out, which involves getting a crapload of gold and money (plus a Pachi doll wearing a crown) from a "worldwide heist spree", loading it onto a cart rigged with explosives, lighting the fuse to said explosives, donning "inconspicuous" disguisesnote , pushing the cart through Junkertown to the queen's palace, unmasking themselves, grabbing the gold off of the cart, and running like hell out of town. Of special note is that those last two steps weren't in the original plan — Junkrat was literally planning on blowing up both the gold and themselves before Roadhog intervened.
      • Even better is that, after adding each of those two last steps, Junkrat goes through the entire plan all over again, talking even faster each time to the point where he's barely even intelligible.
      • And on top of that is the fact that Roadhog isn't even objecting to the plan at all. His first objection is that Junkrat's plan would get them killed and his second objection is that the revised plan has them getting away without any of the money that they just went on a worldwide crime spree for.
      • In the shot of Junkrat and Roadhog getting away with the cash, the Pachimari doll has a very clear Oh, Crap! expression on its face.
      • Additionally, all those steps are in order, which means that the fuse to the explosives would be slowly burning down through the entire thing.
      • Also, just the implication that Junkrat and Roadhog's worldwide crime spree, which includes robbing the Bank of Dorado, the Arcade in Hanamura, and stealing the Crown Jewels in London, was all just to make a gold- and explosives-filled Trojan Horse to get back at the Queen of Junkertown.
    • The icing on the cake is what ruins the plan in the end; after pretty much blaming Roadhog for all of the duo's past failures, Junkrat knocks on the gate to Junkertown, and upon being asked by the guard who's at the gate, rips off his disguise and triumphantly announces that it's Junkrat and Roadhog. Cue Junkrat immediately clamping his hands over his mouth while three successively thicker gates slam shut over the original one. At this point, Roadhog, who hasn't uttered a word throughout the whole short, finally breaks his silence.
      Roadhog: [sigh] Idiot.
    • When Roadhog finally lets him light the fuse on his trap payload, Junkrat practically has an orgasm right then and there.
    • When they do start the plan, Junkrat goes to do his sitting emote on the front of the payload, but slips off.
    • The whole thing ends with Junkrat singing the Overwatch fanfare.
    • Nobody extinguishes the fuse when the animation ends. And right before the Overwatch logo pops up, a massive explosion can be heard...

Rise and Shine

Honor and Glory

  • We finally get to see Reinhardt in his prime, and his hair is in fact every bit as glorious as he and the posters implied.
  • Turns out that in his younger years, Reinhardt was a terrible Reinhardt player.
    Balderich: Get back and protect your team!
    Reinhardt: Ah, they're just slowing me down! Besides, they're fine!
    (Cut to two soldiers cowering behind a wall, gunfire whizzing above their heads)
    Soldier: Where is Reinhardt!?
  • When the first OR-14 omnic appears...
    Soldier: What is that?
    Reinhardt: That... is MINE! (charges at the OR-14)
    Balderich: Damn it, Reinhardt!
  • This did not go unnoticed by various commentators on YouTube who were quick to point out that despite being a very action packed and ultimately tragic story, Honor and Glory can be ultimately summed up as a Pro Reinhardt teaching a Noob Reinhardt how to do the job right with fatal results.

Trace & Bake

  • Since it's a lighthearted stop-motion video celebrating the game's second anniversary, the whole short is honestly a CMOF.
  • Reaper's behavior in this short makes him look more like a Grumpy Bear than an Ax-Crazy villain. His response to Tracer bugging him was just to shout "Leave Me Alone!", acting like he was an edgy teenager.

Shooting Star

  • There's something inherently funny about how the D.Va we've all known, the very visible celebrity who appears in live streams, movies, and other forms of mass media who does selfies with a wink and peace sign when she has her MEKA self-destruct, is actually a far more reserved person in reality. Case in point: The news says she's celebrating her recent victory with glitz and glamor, eating the most finest foods and hanging out with other super stars, when in reality she's working on repairing her MEKA while having instant noodles, soda, and chips.
  • Hana friendzoning her support.
  • Take a close look at the screen displaying the current status of D.Va’s MEKA squad — the damaged MEKAs’ repair progress are each marked by a respawn timer!
  • Said support pops a soda can while talking to D.Va, and it promptly lights up and plays a little jingle, killing the emotional moment. What sells it is his expression of confused surprise at the whole thing.
  • At the end of the vid, the news says that not only did D.Va defeat the surprise attack, she did so "without a scratch". Cut to Hana, where we see not only does she indeed have a scratch on her cheek, but her arm is in a sling, her right leg is patched up and her left is in a cast. It even has get-well wishes on it. Also, she's still working on her next MEKA despite the sling and cast.


  • The start of the short before we're properly introduced to McCree, we see him sitting at the Route: 66 diner and having a slice of pie, briefly pausing when a bridge near it explodes and takes a train with it... then resumes once the dust settles. Then he proceeds to leave the dinner, leaving both the coffee and pie slice unfinished. McCree does mention in one of his map-specific lines that the coffee there always did taste like dirt...
  • Almost everything McCree says are stock movie phrases… Man's a Spaghetti Western cliche on two legs.
  • McCree freely admits being responsible for the Contrived Coincidence of him just happening to be there when Ashe's gang is pulling off a heist. The flirtatious tones they use with each other doesn't help how McCree's line comes off.
    Ashe: It's awful convenient you showing up today.
  • The sheer audacity of how completely and utterly straight the Showdown at High Noon between McCree and the Deadlock gang is played, from the angles, to the Ennio Morricone-soundalike ambience, to the tumbleweed, to the literal high noon clock signalling when everyone opens fire. It's astoundingly cheesy and totally awesome.
  • One moment during the shootout is a mix of funny and awesome: McCree is taking cover behind a rock, the Omnic sniper is behind him lining up a shot, and McCree shoots him without even looking. The way he does it so casually is what makes it funny.
  • Ashe is forced to take cover behind B.O.B. as McCree lays down a withering hail of gunfire. She angrily elbows B.O.B. and gives this helpful order:
    • In response, B.O.B. tips his bowler hat and sprouts multiple machine guns from his wrists before forcing McCree back under cover.
    • What's especially funny is that Ashe's callout became her ultimate voice line. Not just the wording; the exact recording used for the short was recycled in-game as a placeholder during prototyping, but the devs loved it so much that it stuck.
  • When Ashe told McCree to 'toss out his weapon,' she didn't say which weapon. Cue her Oh, Crap! face as McCree tosses out a bandolier with grenades from cover, and then shoots all the grenades to detonate them.
  • After successfully outgunning the gang, McCree simply ties them to their payload and sends them on their way while keeping the crate they were after for himself. During all of this, Ashe is screaming angrily at him as he fails to give her any notice.
    Ashe: I will not be ignored! I'm gonna rebuild B.O.B and I'm gonna have him rip off your other arm! McCreeeeeeee!
  • Just before McCree leaves on Ashe's bike.
    McCree: Say "hi" to the monkey for me.
    Echo: Monkey?
    McCree: (chuckles) Scientist. Whatever.
  • A brief 'after credits' style extra was also shown, with Ashe sitting on the side of the payload talking to B.O.B, and venting about McCree. Her mood isn't helped when he rides past on her bike. She takes out her frustration on B.O.B., knocking his cute little hat off his disembodied head.
  • The fact that the payload scoots along on its own... because Ashe's entire team is on it.
  • There's an unspoken bit of fridge humor with how McCree reawakens Echo and tasks her to answer Winston's recall... then leaves to take care of his own business without even offering her a ride. While we later found out that she can fly and that's presumably how she left Route 66, come her actual in-game release, one of her sprays suggests she found a different method of travel: hitchhiking.


  • Following in the wake of "Trace & Bake", we have another fun stop-motion short starring Tracer and Reaper, this time to celebrate the holiday season. The premise of this one? Reaper's trying to steal Santa's cookies. The mere notion that the ultimate edgelord has been reduced to the status of cookie thief is hilarious in and of itself. He even gives his characteristic Evil Laugh as he prepares to nab the treats.
  • This exchange, notable for how uncharacteristically whiny it makes Reaper sound:
    Tracer: Cookies are for Santa, love!
    Reaper: Santa never came to my house.
  • Immediately after which Reaper pulls one of his shotguns on Tracer, who blinks away while remarking "No wonder!"
  • Reaper casually clotheslining Tracer with a candy cane and stealing the cookies. Tracer promptly Recalls and steals them back.
  • Reaper and Tracer get a new friend for Christmas, who comes in the only way he knows how. Unfortunately, he ends up destroying the cookie that Reaper was going to eat.
    Doomfist: Now where's my hero's welcome?
  • In The Stinger, it turns out Santa left Reaper, Tracer, and Doomfist gifts; Reaper finally gets a cookie and happily begins devouring it (once again raising the question of how he can eat through his mask), while Doomfist and Tracer get identical Homemade Sweaters From Hell — except they apparently got each other's gifts, as Tracer's sweater is larger than her entire body, while Doomfist's sweater wouldn't even cover his forearm.

Zero Hour

  • One team, during the beta, decided to play Lúcio. As in, a whole team of Lúcios. The results were hilariously awesome.
  • Getting hooked by Roadhog while launching Junkrat's ultimate can have some…interesting effects.
  • D.Va is a professional gamer. Who has the Blizzard logo stamped on her right leg… Because she's a professional Starcraft player!
    • Her Ultimate one-liner? "Nerf this!" Basically her whole character is a lampshade of various gaming terms wrapped up in a teenage Mini-Mecha pilot. Became Hilarious in Hindsight when Blizzard did the opposite of nerfing it in an update patchnote . And then she would get an actual nerf as part of the Year of the Rooster update.
    • And the Mecha is pink.
    • Her pistol is also pink, and has a little accessory dangling off of the side of it like some sort of fashionable keychain or a flip phone decoration.
    • Going back to her Mecha, You can survive the Ultimate by standing behind a pillar, a car... or behind a small parking meter.
    • According to D. Va's bio, she effectively turned her work fighting against massive life-threatening enemies to her nation into a Let's Play.
    • D.Va's Defense Matrix can block a large variety of projectiles, including Ultimates that rely on projectiles that fly out and then activate their effects, such as Zarya's, Mei's, and Hanzo's. Imagine hearing "Ryuu ga waga teki wo KURAU!" and then… nothing. No wall-piercing dragons of doom, thanks to D.Va's mech casually eating the arrow for breakfast. The update adding also gave her some unique voicelines for doing this:
      Blocking a Roadhog ult: I think this pig is a little undercooked!
      Blocking a Pharah ult: Good thing I brought an umbrella!
      Blocking a Soldier: 76 ult: No hacks for you!
      Blocking a McCree ult: I think your clock's off!
      Blocking other ults: Denied!
    • Added with the Anniversary update, when D.Va captures a flag, she sings out the 4-note jingle that indicates so. "Da da Da DA!"
    • D.Va's "Cruiser" makes her MEKA look like a 50's Buick. She's dressed up as a teenybopper herself. She gets many new voice lines or her speaking in vintage slang, such as "Hey, Daddy-o!" and "Get bent!"
    • If there are two D.Vas on your team, she can have a Fourth-Wall Breaking conversation with herself:
      D.Va: It's me! Someone must be hacking.
      Other D.Va: I hope we don't get banned for this.
  • Reaper as a whole is a bit of a weird experience, in that while he's undeniably badass and the story almost always plays him for terror, there has to be something said about playing a character who looks like he was designed by a really "edgy" kid from the 90's. The fact that he even acts like a trying-desperately-hard-to-be-cool OC really doesn't help — or perhaps it does, and he becomes a very tongue-in-cheek comically serious villain as a result.
  • When Orisa was first introduced, many players assumed she was mainly going to be a straight-faced, stalwart, and badass protector befitting her role. While she certainly does fill those qualifications, just about everybody was surprised to find out how much of an Adorkable side there was to her as well.
    • Orisa has an unusual eye design in that her eyelids can separate into quarters. While by default she's left with a horizontal squint, sometimes turning into an imposing cross-shape design, other times they change into what are best described as >_< and ^_^ expressions. When she gets hurt, ocassionally she'll also switch to X_X.
    • Her "Halt!" emote has her signal someone to stop with creepy red eyes... which then change to green as she then signals for them to pass over like a pedestrian crossing guard.
    • Her "Oh!" highlight intro has her firing off to the side like a badass... before noticing the camera, giving a small wave back while making her aforementioned ^_^ face. The "Retribution" Archives event introduced an "Immovable" highlight intro, which demonstrates what happens if a Reinhardt charges a fortified Orisa, from Reinhardt's POV. His knockout prompts Orisa to flash her ^_^ face as he's lying on the ground.
    • A minor design tidbit that's equal parts adorably funny and heartwarming is that in her default design, she possesses large green horns. The same green horns can be found on her creator, Efi, albeit as much smaller earrings.
    • Datamined voice lines from the Uprising patch reveal that she borrows lines from Mercy and Reinhardt, including his "CATCH PHRASE." Another line has her searching her files and is shocked at what she finds.
      Scanning files… combat diagnostics… important cat photos… Wait, EFI!
  • Pharah being Killed Mid-Sentence in her ultimate was hilarious enough of its own, but Blizzard, catching onto it, ascended the meme so that if she dies using Barrage, her death scream is included in the global voice over that alerts players to an ult's interruption. This can happen to anything else said over the radio.
  • Similarly, if an ally is in the middle of radioing you some important information (such as turrets, teleporters, or snipers) and they activate their Ultimate, they'll interrupt themselves with their friendly Ultimate one-liner. For example:
    Genji: The payload is stopped. And here I thought THE DRAGON BECOMES ME!
    Hanzo: They are taking the objective, let the dragon consume you!
    Lúcio: Party on the objective! AWW, LET'S BREAK IT DOWN!!
    Mei: They are taking our point! Everyone, freeze! Don't move!
    Zenyatta: Our point will soon experience tranqulity.
    Winston: You know what they say: ROOOAAAAARRRRR!!
    Soldier: 76: Back in my day, we'd have this Tactical Visor activated!
    Junkrat: Someone better get a firey, 'cause FIRE IN THE HOLE!!
  • A few of the highlight intros are gold;
    • One of Junkrat's has him fire a grenade at the camera, only for it to immediately bounce off and hit him in the groin. Fittingly, it's titled "Unfortunate".
    • A Reinhardt one has him throwing out his back while flexing.
    • A Torbjörn one has him riding one of his turrets like it's a mechanical bull, with a big smile on his face.
    • Another for Torbjörn has him drinking some of the molten metal that powers his gun, and belching flames afterwards.
    • One of Tracer's has her standing in a hands on hips pose with a super-serious expression, only to break out laughing because she can't hold it.
    • Two for Mei: one has her accidentally creating an ice-wall underneath her, and another has her wiping frost off of the screen to show her face, then drawing a little smiley face in the upper corner of the screen.
    • One for Symmetra has her posing in front of the camera, which tilts, causing her to straighten it with a frown.
    • The very concept of Sombra's "Hacking" intro can be best described as "Oh look, another Bastion Play of the-PSYCH! It's Sombra." It's entirely possible for said highlight intro to use another Sombra's "Hacking" highlight intro as the setup. It's rare, but absolutely hilarious.
  • When Torbjörn gets play of the game, the camera focuses on him rather than his turret, allowing Torbjörn to be somewhere else while the turret gets kills. The results… see for yourself:
  • Some pre-battle lines certainly qualify:
    • Torbjörn's agitated "No, no, no! N! O! NO!" response when he's in Numbani makes him look like a Racist Grandpa. Note 
      • If he's fighting in Nepal, he describes the location as "[...]a culmination of a thousand of my worst nightmares! Are you kidding me!?"note 
      • Similarly, in Nepal, Junkrat will state "Now this place? Makes me wanna be an atheist." Just imagine Junkrat dressing up in his Sunday best and going to Church every Sunday.
      • When Michael Chu was asked about Junkrat's belief system, he replied "R'hllor."
      • Zarya also harbors some anti-Omnic sentiment, which can lead to this dialogue if she's on a team with Zenyatta;
        Zarya: I have my eye on you, Omnic.
        Zenyatta: And I will watch your back in turn.
    • Something about the delivery in this exchange between Soldier: 76 and Reaper manages to be hilarious. Especially funny if you know Soldier 76's own backstory.
      Soldier: 76: …Aren't you supposed to be dead?
      Reaper: Didn't take.
    • Similarly, there's this interaction between 76 and Ana:
      Soldier: 76: Ana, we all thought you were dead. Why didn't you tell me?
      Ana: You of all people are going to ask me that?
    • If Ana is in the same team as Widowmaker, one of her quotes scores.
      Widowmaker: You were once a legend, but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.
    • Junkrat asks Tracer if he can examine her Pulse Bomb. Her reply?
      Tracer: Over my dead body!
    • Roadhog when wearing the Mako or Sharkbait skins:
      Roadhog: Meehehe, arrrrr… (beat) …matey.
    • Two interactions involving Reaper invoke Hypocritical Humor:
    • Reinhardt is rather dismissive of techno music, and thinks that people should listen to the classics. Like the Hoff.
      Lúcio: I can't even take you seriously right now.
    • Whenever Reinhardt shows his Hidden Depths:
      • He loves his "amazing" hair from his younger days, as seen when Pharah mentions that she kept a poster of him when she was younger. Plus, since Uprising, we now have a spray of that poster, and yes, his hair was amazing.
      • In Watchpoint: Gibraltar, he mentions that the place did wonders to his tan while he was stationed there.
      • He'll ask D.Va if she can sign something "for a friend" if they're on the same team.
    • Oasis (set in the Middle East) gives us this gem from Reinhardt:
      Reinhardt: (in a pained voice) I'm getting cooked alive in here! Ughhhhh...
    • This conversation between Mei and McCree:
      Mei: Hey McCree, do you know what time it is?
      McCree: Well I'd say it's about — Now I see what you're doin' there!
    • D.Va misunderstands the concept of Sombra being a hacker:
      D.Va: Ooh, I can't stand you hackers! You give those of us with skill a bad name!
      Sombra: You know that isn't the kind of hacking I do, right?
    • Orisa should have known that Sombra doesn't see "impenetrable" security measures as a deterrent, but as a challenge:
      Sombra: I wonder what's locked up inside that brain of yours...
      Orisa: My circuits are protected by state-of-the-art- [dissolves into static]
    • Doomfist has one funny offer when it comes to Sombra's Trolling:
      Sombra: Isn't it a little embarrassing to get beaten up by a monkey?
      Doomfist: Have you ever been hit by a giant, genetically engineered gorilla? I could arrange it for you...
    • Doomfist telling McCree that Talon could help improve his wardrobe. This dialogue came out in the 2018 anniversary patch, where Doomfist also got his "Formal" skin.
      Doomfist: You know, McCree, the winning side would pay much better. Maybe buy yourself some real clothes.
      McCree: My clothes? Have you seen some of the things Talon wears?
    • This interaction can play in Hanamura's arcade:
      D.Va: Genji, I heard you used to have all the high scores here!
      Genji: That's right! Wait… "used to"? Hey, where did they all go?!
    • Junkrat isn't pleased to work with a "dime-a-dozen" bot. Orisa corrects him in that the amount Efi spent on her isn't a small amount.
    • This interaction between the Junkers:
      Junkrat: The Queen sure seems to have an interest in me. Suppose she fancies me? I'd hate to break her heart!
      Roadhog: (Laughs himself sick, then…) You're dreaming.
    • Pharah hammers the point home of how primitive Torbjörn's technology is:
      Torbjörn: You know, Fareeha, I could take a look at fixing up your suit, if you'd like.
      Pharah: And mess it up with a bunch of scrap metal bolted on the side? No thanks, I like it the way it is.
    • Pharah's interaction with Torbjörn becomes Hilarious in Hindsight after you see an interaction between her and Brigitte, who gets the exact opposite feedback compared to her father.
      Pharah: Brigitte, I'd love it if you could take a look at my armor sometime!
      Brigitte: It'll take some time to get familiar with the design, but if you don't mind, I'd love to!
    • Junkrat admires the way Zarya fights omnics, and asks if she'd want to team up with him. Her reply?
      Zarya: Not if you were the last human on Earth.
    • In one interaction, Lúcio asks Genji if he can hook up his lights to his music. Genji has two different responses to this; the first is a beleaguered "That is not what they are for." The second?
      Genji: (sighs) Just this one time.
    • A good number of McCree and Ashe's conversations sound like two ex-lovers sniping at each other.
      Ashe: Brave of you to show your face around here, Jesse.
      McCree: Well, I know how much you miss me. Still have a picture of me at the hideout, I hear.
      Ashe: On the dartboard.
      McCree: But you look at it every day! Flattering, really.

      McCree: Real nice bike you got, Ashe.
      Ashe: What'd you do with it, Jesse?
      McCree: Parked it somewhere. Damned if I could remember where I left the keys, though...
    • When Orisa tells Torbjörn that he is partially responsible for her creation and that she has modelled herself on Reinhardt, he doesn't take these revelations as she may have expected:
      Orisa: Torbjörn Lindholm, you are responsible, in part, for my creation.
      Torbjörn: Why does that feel like an accusation?

      Orisa: I consider Reinhardt to be the model upon which I have based my own behaviours.
      Torbjörn: What a terrifying thought!
  • When on Route 66, considered to be McCree's home map, observant players might notice all the clocks are frozen… at high noon.
  • When D.Va was added to the game during the closed beta, there was a bug that would sometimes cause the Play of the Game recap to feature the wrong portion of the match. For example, just sitting in a corner.
  • Some of the voice lines can be humorous.
    • One of Genji's removed voice lines shows that he still has a sense of humor.
      Genji: My name is… Green Cyborg Ninja Dude!explanation 
    • One of Genji's voice lines is simply "Kuso!" ("Shit!", which is a milder curse more on the level of "Damn!" in Japanese profanity). Cluster K-Bombs, anyone?
    • One of Ana's unlockable lines is "everybody dies". Deeply amusing and ironic considering this is Ana we're talking about. Even more hilarious when you consider that her two former best friends, Reaper and Soldier: 76, also faked their death.
    • One of Soldier: 76's unlockable voice lines invokes the stereotype of the property-defensive Grumpy Old Man:
      Soldier: 76: Young punks. Get off my lawn!
    • Torbjörn's voice line "I'm giving it all I've got!" is hilarious if he's sitting down while his turret is doing all the work.
    • Winston's "...excuse me" voice line has him burst out into laughter before cutting himself off and giving a deadpan "Excuse me."
    • One of Zenyatta's unlockable voice lines is "Death is whimsical today". Some players realized that if you spam it, you get the peaceful(ish) robot monk Zenyatta going "Death Death Death Death"...
    • With the addition of the voice line wheel, players can cut off a voice line with another.
      Reinhardt: Respect your / 100% GERMAN / CATCH PHRASE!
      Zenyatta: Do I think? / I think, therefore / I will NOT juggle.
      Ana: Children, / you know nothing / everyone dies.
    • Hanzo's "Sake!" voiceline can be used to cut off either other voice lines or regular gameplay quotes to make him look like an alcoholic turned Up to Eleven.
      Flow like SAKE!
      See through the dragon's SAKE!
      Step... into the SAKE!
      With every death comes honor. With honor, SAKE!
      I must reclaim my SAKE!
    • Likewise, Reinhardt with "Beer!" And then you can have the two simply spam their lines at each other like they're arguing about the superior drink.
      Justice! Honor! Beer!
      Bring me another Beer!
      Back, and ready for more Beer!
      100% German Beer!
      Honor and Beer!
      Respect your Beer!
      Beer! I salute you!
    • Interrupting monologue with voice lines in general:
      Mei: Our world is scary! / Our world is A-MEI-ZING!
      Soldier: 76: We're all young punks. Get off my lawn!
      Reinhardt: Ah, my friends! What's with all this smashing!
      Lúcio: Party on the objective! Why are you so angry?
      Hanzo: With every death you…are already dead.
      Orisa: For your safety, no parking!
      Genji: Our point is under attack! Kuso!
      Winston: Once more no, I do not want a banana.
      Roadhog: I'm a one-man push-off!
      Zarya: Just like in training: get down, give me 20! / Enemy turret I will break you.
    • Voice lines can also be used after dialogue to amusing effect:
      Reaper: Guess you're going back on my list, Ana.
      Ana: What happened to you, Gabriel?
      Reaper: I'm back in black.

      Reaper: Time to kill.
      Lúcio: You gotta believe!

      Soldier: 76: Your mother would have been proud of you.
      Pharah: You didn't know my mother very well then.
      Soldier: 76: I'm not your father.
  • Zenyatta's "Taunt" emote has him Blowing a Raspberry. Yes, Zenyatta blows a raspberry. Another has him clapping with his ethereal arms… and then using one for a Fist Bump.
  • Every hero has a quick melee attack, which, given how it's mostly used as a Last Resort, has some amusing qualities.
    • There has to be something said about a punch from Zarya or Winston dealing the same damage as a Pistol Whip from D.Va or Symmetra doing a measly shove…
    • For most of the heroes, the quick melees are a swift punch or Pistol Whip. Zenyatta's, on the other hand, has him stick out his foot and kick his enemy in (usually) their face.
    • There's also Doomfist. The wielder of a Power Fist that gives him Super Strength… quick melees with his left hand.
    • Certain voice lines for quick melee eliminations hold more of an amused, "you can't be serious" tone than standard elimination lines:
      McCree: That'll learn ya!
      Pharah: Cretin.
      Junkrat: Outta my face, ya drongo!
      Mei: You were asking for it!
      Widowmaker: (chuckle) Please...
      Orisa: Fist bump!
      Mercy: You might not want to tell your friends about that!
      Zenyatta: A lesson in humility.
  • The fact that Hollywood is a map in the first place is amusing, but it gets better when you realize the payload is a limo containing an Omnic director named Hal-Fred Glitchbot. He directs B Movies, yet thinks highly of himself and bosses around his bodyguards like he's on top of the cinema world. Most of his quotes are hilariously insulting or pretentious.
    "Jesse McCree? That's a terrible name for a cowboy!"
    "Hey, the county jail! My hairdresser should be in there. He oughta be locked up for how much he charges."note 
    "Exterior done, two men stare at each other down the main theater, he squints, six guns at the ready — 'Hell, it's high noon somewhere in the world.' Not bad, eh? Wrote it myself!"
    "I can see the headlines now: Prominent Omnic film director found dead in own limo. Cause of death? Gross incompetence."
    "Oh I can see the reviews! A visionary director, the likes of which has not been seen since the years of Ed Wood..."
    "Look, if you see that Kaplan kid, tell him to stop joyriding in my golf kart, 'cause I know it was him!"note 
    • Perhaps one of the better details is that Hal-fred is taking a limo… to his trailer. Additionally, given the spawn placement, the defending team is apparently the film crew and cast of a movie, and will fight tooth and claw to stop him from returning to the studio.
    • Another physical detail, if you look carefully on his limo's Vanity License Plate, it reads "IM RICH."
    • The refreshments in the theater cost at least $100 each. Either that's some really good popcorn, Ridiculous Future Inflation, or theater management loves ripping off tourists. More hilariously, look at the drinks: They start at "Large" and top out at "Mega Large", which sounds a lot like how other countries view drink sizes in the United States. And whereas those (presumably fountain) drinks will run you $100-103 dollars, bottled water costs $600; that's right, not only is water is six times more expensive than soda, it's roughly as expensive as the console or PC you're playing the game on (not accounting for potential inflation).
  • Occasionally, after seeing another player (be it friendly or enemy) get killed, Mercy will blurt out "Medic! Oh wait... that's me!"
  • If you know what's going on on some of the maps, the team compositions can be unintentionally hilarious.
    • For example, on King's Row, the objective for the attacking team is to deliver a bomb to the local Omnium (a factory for Omnics) to blow it up. You can have Zenyatta on the attacking team helping to blow up his own race, and you can have the Racist Grandpa Torbjörn help defend the Omnics that he hates. Gameplay and Story Segregation at its finest.
    • Then there's the attacking side of the map Dorado, where such characters as Reinhardt (the noble would-be modern day knight), Mercy (a pacifist medic), and Mei (a scientist who wants to save the world from climate change) have evidently decided to rob a bank.
  • If you look closely at the arcade cabinets in the first Hanamura attack-side spawn, you'll notice certain oddities, such as "Fighters of the Storm" and its sequel, respectively involving fistfights between Tychus and Tyrael, and Kerrigan and Garrosh, "Super Siege Mode III," starring a Siege Tank, and "The Lost Vikings VI," aka the sixth version of that shooter you wasted all your time on in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.
    • Similarly in Hollywood, there's "Hero of My Storm" (which appears to have a literal storm involved), starring D.Va (credited under her real name, Hana Song). Another poster, "They Came from Beyond the Moon", lists opening day as Fall 10th.
    • The "Beyond the Moon" spray features an Octopoid Alien with a probe declaring that "YOU HAVE BEEN PROBED."
  • It has been demonstrated that some things like Junkrat's trap or Symmetra's turrets can be 'attached' to movable objects. Thus, you can mount the turret to one of the basketballs in the start of one map, then use in-game physics to launch it around the map, and it still works. It turns out many abilities that require terrain to function will trigger on movable objects, meaning, yes: it's entirely possible to do things like launch yourself in the air using Widowmaker's Grappling Hook and a smacked basketball, or if you want to get even more absurd, Zarya's Graviton Surge on a soccer ball.
  • After a string of kills, Junkrat will occasionally hum the 1812 Overture. That is, the piece of music famous for having actual cannon blasts as part of the score.
  • This Play of the Game, which apparently came about when the player watching it was disconnected, then later rejoined the game.
  • If you know you have Play of the Game, you can't resist doing something silly during it.
  • Dorado has bells in the attacking team's spawn that can be hit to make them go off. Many players will hit them repeatedly, especially the three right over the spawn exit. Genji can hit all three of them at once with his alt-fire (which launches a three-shuriken spread). And you can even play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on them, or the Westminster Chimes, or part of the theme song from Futurama.
  • If Mercy has the Devil or Imp skin equipped and she uses her ultimate, her teammates hear "HEROES NEVER DIE!...for a price."
  • One of Winston's possible lines after his "Primal Rage" ultimate runs out is an amusingly sheepish, "I, uh… appear to have lost control."
  • If Reinhardt's Charge connects with an enemy, other players get to hear his target's helplessnote  screamnote  as they likely hurtle to their doom.
    • Pharah makes a rather hilarious noise if she gets successfully pinned. You're almost never going to hear it, since ideally she should be out of range, but what a sound it is when it happens.
    • Sometimes if he misses and hits a wall or such, he comments that he's going to feel that in the morning.
    • And then sometimes, if the Reinhardt isn't careful, he can end up missing a wall completely and send himself and his target (or just himself) flying off of a cliff to their doom. Even worse, if it's someone like D.Va or Genji, they can sometimes recover and get back to the map while Reinhardt dies!
    • One of the best things that can happen is two Reinhardts charging into each other. The result is that they bowl each other over as if they had used Earthshatter on each other. Unfortunately, this also means that anyone they had pinned in the travel will also die on impact.
    • Datamined within the game's files is an unused line, supposedly to be triggered if he's to charge himself and an enemy off a cliff to their dooms. The line?
  • Genji is technically killable when executing the Swift Strike, which is a high-speed dash strike that can be aimed to the air. If you, as Genji, get killed while doing so, he basically gets tossed a loooong way to his death.
  • If you're playing Torbjörn (who can't heal but can offer armor), allies will call out for armor instead of heals. One of Reinhardt's lines has him shouting "I need armor!" before he realizes what he's wearing and adds "Uh… more armor."
  • If Soldier: 76 is on an attacking Payload team and the payload is stalled, he may drop the following line:
    Soldier: 76: Back In My Day, we'd have this payload delivered already!
  • If a defensive Tracer is near a payload and she blinks multiple times and then recalls herself, she may get stuck inside the payload. Hilarity Ensues when the attacking team gets confused as to why the payload didn't move and they didn't realize there's a Tracer inside the payload, as Muselk demonstrates in this video.
  • Ana's Sleep Dart has some pretty funny properties to it:
    • Those who get hit with the dart have all their audio slowed down and lower-pitched, and as a result, all enemies sound either like an evil Barry White or very drunk (pick one). This even extends to the in-game announcer!
    • For whatever reason, an asleep player can still use voice lines and voice commands, with the same slurring effect. One way to interpret this is the afflicted target talking in their sleep.
    • Any enemies moving or using abilities on land when hit will be instantly knocked out in place, helpful for saving yourself from an incoming threat in a pinch. However, if they're mid-air, it's all fair game, and they'll be sent flying, possibly to their death in a bottomless pit.
    • Using it in D.Va's MEKA will put it to sleep, while D.Va herself is still awake. If you are playing as D.Va, you'll see her wriggle the control sticks in frustration as she tries to move again. Don't even get us started on how a tranquilizer dart can affect machines…
    • If she uses it to interrupt her daughter's ult:
      Pharah: JUSTICE RAINS FROM A—[sleep]
      Ana: I think justice could use a little nap.
    • It's also hilarious when used against McCree's High Noon — it's even in Ana's gameplay introduction trailer! They have differing opinions on what time it is...
      McCree: It's high no-[sleep]
      Ana: Nap time~!
  • A few fans datamined the files from the Public Test Region around Ana's initial announcement, and they contain quite a few unused lines from various existing heroes, some suggesting stealth interactions, some being based around holidays like Halloween and Christmas, to a few bizarrely revolving around basketball, namedropping actual NBA names. However, by far the funniest is when Reaper decides to quote sportscaster Chick Hearn in his deep, gravelly voice. Another voice line from Torbjörn seems to have ascended the "aardvark" meme.
  • One of Ana's emotes is her putting a bag of tea into a cup. As in, she's doing a literal version of teabagging.
  • Before the nerf, combining Ana's Nano Boost with Lúcio's Speedboost had some very interesting results, like allowing Reaper to move much faster than usual when using his Death Blossom, or Zenyatta "experiencing mobility".
  • Ana Nano-Boosting a Hero who really isn't suited for the boost, such as most healers. Of course, this can actually work, leading to hilarious scenes of, say, Nano-Boosted Mercy destroying every enemy in sight and getting the Play of the Game as a result.
  • Torbjörn's Forge Hammer is intended to be used to upgrade/repair turrets and very rarely as an alternative to a Quick Melee in a pinch. However, prior to it receiving damage nerfs, it actually dealt a considerable punch, worsened by Molten Core giving him a faster swing rate. This resulted in ridiculous scenarios of an angry, armored not-dwarf running around and utterly annihalating the enemy team with a hammer in a manner better than any Reinhardt could ever hope to achieve.
    Proogles: that's the wrong turret mate
  • Thanks to a patch released in August, Trolls who decide to type "gg ez" in the text chat will have their messages automatically filtered and replaced. The replacement messages are delightfully hilarious.
  • The various "sitting" emotes add a whole new level of… something… to the game.
    • You may notice that D.Va's sitting emote (called Game On) is a legendary emote. That's because it's no ordinary sitting emote, it's basically the Gremlin D.Va fanon ascended, minus the Super-Deformed part, into the actual Overwatch canon itself! Here's a GIF of D.Va being a gremlin in the Hero Gallery. Look closely at the brand name of the chips that D.Va is eating on that emote. Yes, she got D.VAS, her own Doritos-style brand of chips for her to eat!
    • It's left up to the imagination, but one must wonder what is going through Symmetra's head as she sits among her teammates before the battle. She doesn't just plop down on the floor, she summons a chair and sits down on it in the most classy manner.
    • Reaper's sitting emote is titled "Take a Knee", like the other, more by-the-book characters such as Pharah. However, Reaper doesn't take a knee, he squats.
    • Orisa's sitting emote has her warily circling around like a dog before sitting demurely with her hands folded on her forelegs.
    • Junkrat takes the cake in that he doesn't actually sit; he does a full "Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls"-pose. The best part is since it doesn't take up much vertical space, it can be used to hide yourself surprisingly well. Or even dodge overhead projectiles!
    • Sigma uses his gravity powers to pull some rocks into a sort of floating recliner, which he kicks back on while idly tossing his Hyperspheres between his hands. (This one is also available as a victory pose.)
  • In addition to sitting emotes, a laughing emote has also been added for every character (except Tracer, who already had a laughing emote beforehand, and Bastion, who only got the laughing one (and the sitting one he got later)). Most are pretty standard, but Genji's laughing emote is a typical hammy anime Evil Laugh, despite him not being remotely evil himself.
    • McCree's laugh becomes rather amusing when you know that his pose at the end looks rather familiar…
    • Zenyatta's laugh is appropriately named "tickled". Zenyatta, a robot that achieved transcendence, laughs, holding his stomach and kicking his feet, from being tickled.
  • Normally, when Genji deflects an attack and it kills someone, he's credited with the kill, no matter who originally fired the attack. However, if he deflects one of Junkrat's Concussion Mines and then one of Junkrat's teammates is killed upon its detonation, Junkrat will be credited for the kill.
  • If Bastion witnesses an ally getting a kill, it will sometimes do a wolf whistle. Depending on who got the kill, Bastion's show of affection could get really funny.
  • The Total Mayhem Brawlnote  is outright hilarious and chaotic. Every hero has a 150% ultimate charge rate, 200% health, and most important of all, only a 2-3 second cooldown for each of their abilities. Which means you can basically spam every single ability in your arsenal with ease and pop ultimates like pills. Expect overtimes to last at least 7 minutes or more, and good luck if you're on Attack mode, because capturing the objective or escorting the payload will be extremely difficult with all the campers. With the ability cooldowns in mind, almost every character has a downright game-breaking aspect, but some of the biggest offenders are Zarya, Mei, Ana, and Tracer, and for obvious reason.
    • Zarya can put a barrier around herself and a teammate almost every second of the game, making her almost invincible to the enemy team. And if you're at the last stretch of a payload map and on the attacking team, you can basically stall your enemies by placing a Graviton Surge near their spawn. Chances are if you're playing as Zarya, there's other Zaryas on your team, so you can stack those Graviton Surges to make sure no one gets to move.
    • Mei is easily the most frequent Defense hero in Total Mayhem, since her strategy is broken down to 1. using her ice walls on the objective/payload, and 2. using Cyro-freeze to camp until her ultimate is ready, then 3. Blizzard. Unless you get frozen by another Mei and thus can't move, you're guaranteed to win...
      • Unless the server crashes from the Mei-hem. The server cannot handle Mei's reduced cooldowns, times twelve (that is, everyone on both teams is Mei) and will close down.
      • Defending teams will usually switch to Mei in a panic if the payload is nearing the end, so it's common to claim that the attacking team has lost if the defending team does this, as it's basically a fact that the more Meis the defense team has, the harder it is to win. One Mei is a nuisance. Six Meis is an unrelenting pile of self-healing boulders.
    • Ana used to be one of the most abused heroes in this mode thanks to her Sleep Dart. With the cooldown reduction, sleep duration was longer than the cooldown, meaning she potentially could keep an opponent permanently asleep. Blizzard ultimately had to issue a nerf exclusive to this mode and increase Sleep Dart cooldown, because multiple players reported they were asleep for so long that they ended up getting kicked from the server for inactivity!
    • Tracer can blink almost every second of the game and recall for half of that, so good luck trying to hit her. As Tracer yourself, you can camp on the point just by blinking erratically enough, and of course recalling when you actually get hit.
    • Other popular heroes in Total Mayhem include Pharah and Winston, who can stay in the air permanently (and even reach the top of some maps), Reaper since he can camp on the point due to his Wraith mode, and Lúcio, since he can keep doing his healing boost to make sure he stays alive, with Amp It Up making him and his team practically unkillable if he's not burst down.
    • You can also expect to see friends that try to get all 6 people to go as one hero. As amusing as it is to see six-of-the-same-hero wins in No Limits, it's cranked Up to Eleven in Total Mayhem. Especially when they all stack their ults:
  • In the original 1v1/3v3 elimination modes (before they were replaced by Lockdown Elimination and Limited Duel), if the game goes on for too long, you'll get a warning saying the game will end in one minute and will automatically make everybody visible to each other to prevent them from hiding. However, if you're actually doing something like camping defensively, you might run into an awkward double-camping scenario like this.
  • In modes where hero-stacking is permitted, Symmetra's Shield Generator shields stack. Six Symmetras with Shield Generators running results in a sextet of 650 HP pseudo-tanks. Additionally, they can all together put down THIRTY-SIX Sentry Turrets in total, resulting in some comedic overkills if they're all placed around one area and one enemy is unfortunate enough to walk into the ultimate "car wash".
  • The Oasis map's most unique draw is the inclusion of jump pads, allowing heroes who normally can't be airborne a first-time, firsthand experience for some unique tactics. Naturally, players have gotten silly with their applications.
  • Following the Oasis patch at the beginning of 2017, new pre-battle lines were added for a few heroes stating their new year resolutions, with standard things like Pharah planning to take some time off and Zarya planning to break her 512-kilogram deadlift record. Others include Soldier: 76 grumpily stating "I stopped making new year's resolutions a long time ago," Mei of all people saying she should work on her temper, and Reaper saying this, aptly summing up a lot of peoples' thoughts on 2016:
    Reaper: This wasn't a good year for you.
  • The spawn ships in Ilios, Lijiang Tower, and Nepal all have basketballs and basketball hoops. Dropping a ball into the hoop triggers a fanfare, a recording of a crowd cheering, and confetti.
  • There is more than one way to stun/immobilize a target. Stacking them all together can be the setup to something that redefines overkill.
  • Due to the inherently random nature of Hanzo's Scatter Arrow ability, it can be entirely possible to kill someone using it by a complete fluke (which due to how difficult Hanzo is to play, is usually pretty common). It might be frustrating for its victims, but one can't deny the utterly ridiculous hilarity of its occasional results.
  • The PTR in mid-late March 2017 added lore to the Hero Gallery, with a small bit of their bio on the main character screen, and a note on lore-related skins, i.e. Ana's Horus skin mentioning that "Horus" was her callsign in the Egyptian military. Soldier: 76 had one of his lore notes on the wrong skin, but if one interpreted that note to be canon and not an accident, then it would mean that Jack Morrison's attire during his leadership of Overwatch was actually his Daredevil: 76 outfit.
  • The first attack-side spawn of the Horizon Lunar Colony has a telescope to Earth that can be interacted with. Most characters have a voice line while using it, with many of them marveling at Earth's beauty, but others give a more amusing reaction:
    McCree: Well, it gives you perspective on the world down there, what it's all about. ...neghh, I need a drink.
    Roadhog: Well... okay then.
    Ana: It's not bad, but it's also not Hawaii.
    Zenyatta: The damage doesn't look as bad from out here.
    Widowmaker: A bit more powerful than my scope.
  • The Ver. 1.12 patch that introduced the Horizon Lunar Colony map also introduced Low Gravity mode in the Arcade, and players could set gravity settings to almost nothing while ramping up projectile knockback to ridiculous extremes. This results in funny moments such as Mei's ice wall launching corpses clean into orbit even faster than ever before.
  • When Doomfist was added to the PTR, fans joked about the Gameplay and Story Segregation by playing a clip from the trailer where the younger brother stated that Doomfist could level a skyscraper, but then immediately cut to a clip from gameplay where Doomfist would use his gauntlet to punch an object such as a table, but the glass cups would be undamaged.
  • What happens when two charging Doomfists slam into each other? Both are anticlimactically knocked to the floor, with neither taking damage from the impact.
  • Another Doomfist thing that can sometimes happen during a match is that if he manages to get a kill with his fist, it will sometimes result in the poor sap getting stuck in a crater in the wall, sometimes with the legs humorously spouting out.
  • One of Sombra's lines for when the enemy is taking an objective is "They're taking the point. We should probably stop that."
  • The very concept of Blizzard World as a map. A completely self-indulgent romp through Blizzard's history presented as a theme park that rivals Disney. It comes complete with its own themed locations, like the food stand Snaxxramus, a Nexus-themed arcade zone, and a lost and found themed after The Lost Vikings.
  • Like Doomfist, Reinhardt, and Zarya, Brigitte has an Armwrestling spray that connects with everyone else's. Sadly for her, she appears to be out of her weight class. Another one of her sprays shows Brigitte presumably training with her father, carrying him Yoda-style as she runs. The funny part? Torb is ‘motivating’ her with a donut on the end of a fishing pole, and the poor girl seems to be very desperate to get it.
  • Speaking of armwrestling sprays, Reinhardt and Doomfist's sprays can be arranged together in a way that looks like Reinhardt is hugging Doomfist. Very, very passionately.
  • Blizzard somehow managed to accidentally remove the last defending team's spawn point at Watchpoint: Gibraltar during March 24's PTR update. All Blizzard can say when news of that broke into r/Overwatch is "Whoops. We’ll fix this."
  • After playing a few rounds on Rialto, a redditor noticed that the map's goal for the attacking team is to deliver something to Talon HQ (probably art from the museum, contrarily to what's in the thread), and that the defenders are apparently... Talon themselves, not wanting it enough to murder the delivery crew.
  • One of the spawn rooms of the Busan map is a karaoke bar, and several heroes can step up to the mic and jam out for a bit, all of them being endearingly goofy in their own way.
  • Ashe's Ultimate ability is to summon B.O.B. to assist her team. However, B.O.B. only sticks around for a limited amount of time. There's just something funny about him simply flying off into the distance when he expires.
    • You can also say hello to him. And he'll wave back!
  • Many characters have memetically over-the-top or borderline bizarre death screams:
    • Junkrat's barely even sound like they were done by the same voice actor.
    • As mentioned previously, you're very likely to hear everyone except Zenyatta and Doomfist over the radio whenever they perform an Ultimate and get Killed Mid-Sentence.
    • Genji's death screams sounds like he's throwing up in the most dramatic way.
    • The death screams get even funnier whenever you get a kill using an explosive weapon (Bastion's Tank; D.Va's Self-Destruct; Junkrat's Frag Launcher and RIP-Tire; Pharah's Rocket Launcher and Barrage; Sigma's Hyperspheres; Soldier 76's Helix Rockets; and Tracer's Pulse Bomb).
  • When Echo uses an ultimate after she has duplicated into another hero, she repeats the same line that hero would say in her own voice. This includes McCree's "It's high noon", D.Va's "NERF THIS!", and even Reaper's infamous "DIE! DIE! DIE!".
  • For April Fool's 2020, googly eyes were added to every character. This extended to BOB, the Training Bots, Hanzo and Genji's dragons, and even Torbjorn's turret. It must be seen to be believed.


Summer Games

  • During the event, one of the new weekly brawls was Lúcioball, a 3-on-3 Rocket League-like game where all players used the Lúcio character only. Then came a bug that randomly turned a Lúcio into the other characters. Cue hilarious reactions when characters like D. Va, Bastion or Soldier 76 were defeating the other team with ease.
    • Speaking of Lucioball, during the event in 2019, sometimes the ball will squeak. Giving the hilarious implication that this time around, you're not playing with a regular ball. This year, you're tossing around Hammond!
  • The Summer Games sprays are full of amusing moments, both subtle and overt:
  • Junkrat's Summer Games highlight intro has him trying to perform a shot put with one of his bombs and faceplanting, with the bomb landing right next to him. The intro ends with Junkrat noticing the bomb right before it goes off.
  • Summer Games 2017 gave Soldier: 76 the "Grillmaster: 76" legendary skin. Among other things it turns his Biotic Field into a can of Diet Heal Up, with the following warnings printed on the back:
    To be used in emergency situations only.
    Does not replace healthy lifestyle choices.
    Prolonged use may give a false feel of confidence.
    Dark beer flavour with strong aroma.
    May contain traces of enemy tears.
    • The voice lines for deploying it are suitably altered, replacing every mention of healing with refreshment. It comes out as awkward as you'd expect.
      Soldier: 76: Come here and get refreshed!
    • As if the socks with sandals didn't make him dad enough, his weapon is called an "A-Salt Rifle".
    • His "Tactical Visor activated!" voice line is replaced with, "Tactical Sunglasses activated!"
  • Reaper's "Biker" skin has "edge" written on it. Literally, among giving him badass BMX biker getup, alongside a still-evil-looking helmet and a Badass Cape with a huge skull symbol in place of his Badass Longcoat, the word "EDGE" is a logo on his thigh.
  • Junkrat's "Cricket" skin has this single-sentence description, which gets even funnier when one considers how "The Ashes" trophy got its name. note 
    Junkrat gives new meaning to "The Ashes".
  • McCree's "Lifeguard" skin is this. Not only is he shirtless and blonde with flip flops, swim trunks, and a towel over his shoulders, but the tumbleweed from Deadeye is replaced with a beach ball, and his ultimate voice line is, "It's high tide..." His revolver is also replaced with a flare gun called the "Desert Seagull".
  • Orisa's "Goalkeeper" highlight intro has her playing goalie while using one of her barriers as a goalie net. After a ball beans her in the head, she goes red-eyed and uses her "Halt!" on every ball, sucking them up into one orb. Upon initial release, using Immortal Orisa (a skin where her eyes aren't supposed to be visible) had them render her red eyes' glow inside her face, making it look like she's actually blushing instead.
  • Moira's "Serve" intro has her conjuring up a dark orb... and then serving it with a racket like a tennis shot.
  • Mei has an emote which has her playing ping pong with Snowball. As in, she has a paddle, but Snowball uses the entirety of his body to hit the ball. Snowball loses.

Halloween Terror

  • The event brawl, "Junkenstein's Revenge", tasks the players as a Soldier, an Archer, a Gunslinger, and an Alchemistnote  with stopping the evil forces of Dr. Junkenstein (portrayed by Junkrat), his army of zombie Omnics (Zomnics, if you will), and his supernatural allies (Roadhog as Junkenstein's Monster, Mercy as the Witch, Symmetra as the Summoner, and Reaper as the Reaper). Old-fashioned visual effects from classic horror movies, narration by Reinhardt, and cheesy dialogue between the characters ensue. Even better, 76 describes the group. A soldier (76), an archer (Hanzo), an alchemist (Ana), and an oddity (McCree). Subsequent updates added the Monk (Zenyatta), the Swordsman (Genji), the Viking (Torbjörn), the Countess (Widowmaker), the Shieldmaiden (Brigitte), the Will-o'-the-Wisp (Tracer), the Outlaw (Ashe), and the Renegade (Baptiste).
    • The Gunslinger shares McCree's Deadpan Snarker tendencies, especially in conversations with the Soldier.
      Soldier: [after defeating Junkenstein's Monster] What was that thing?
      Gunslinger: [[Brain Bleach I'm... tryin' to put it out of my mind.

Soldier: Everyone still alive?
Gunslinger: Seems so. That or the afterlife is a big disappointment.

  • When the Gunslinger asks the Viking about how he lost his arm, the Viking responds that a dragon tore it right off. When asked about his eye, he says he lost in a Bar Brawl. If he presses the question, we see the Viking has a Multiple-Choice Past:
    Gunslinger: But, how did you really lose your eye?
    Viking: My people tend to do some crazy nights! [or...] An eventful wedding! [or...] I was thirsty, so I traded it to an old man for a drink from his well!
  • There's a set of Halloween sprays that feature the cast as children enjoying the Holiday. With the notable exception of Ana (who is bonding with her daughter) and Soldier: 76 (who is a grumpy old man in a sweater). D.Va has made her MEKA out of cardboard boxes, Reaper's spinning around like he's trying to do the Death Blossom with his trick or treating haul, and McCree has a shit-eating smile on his face despite being no older than ten. The best one aside from 76, however, is Zenyatta, who is a human child wearing a bucket on his head.
  • Mei's highlight intro, "Ice Scream", has her getting scared by Snowball (wearing a ghost robe) and then freezing herself... which causes her to fall down as Snowball laughs.
  • Reaper, being Reaper, got a very edgy highlight intro. It starts off with a coffin (shown in an Undertaker-like style), which then we hear two loud bangs from inside as Reaper kicks the door of the coffin. After the third kick, the door gets knocked partially off, with Reaper then aiming his shotguns at the screen. Complete with bats coming out from the coffin.
  • During Halloween 2016, all heroes received a victory pose of them jutting out of a grave, with various thematic additions to them. It ranges from somber (Mei's unresponsive hand reaching towards Snowball), to badass (Soldier: 76 clutching his weapon), to... Absolutely ridiculous.
    • Widowmaker's grave has her sticking both legs out as if someone with a sick sense of humor posed her that way.
    • D.Va's grave marker has her usual decals plastered all over it as she delivers a final peace sign. Turning the grave around, possible only in the hero gallery, reveals three doritos propped up behind it.
    • Junkrat's has his gear laid against it... while his peg leg juts out of the grave. It's not hard to imagine that dead or alive, he didn't stick the landing from a conc mine jump.
    • Bastion's has its head poking out, as if to ask "How did I end up down here?"
    • Ana's has her holding up a teacup. Turns out even the dead enjoy a spot of tea.
    • Lúcio's has his hand holding his Sonic Amplifier... which is still playing music with a visible beat.
    • Reaper is climbing out of his grave. It fits his edgy nature well.
  • For Halloween 2017, certain heroes received victory poses involving jack-o-lanterns. Lúcio's in particular has him juggling the pumpkin as if it were a football.
  • In the Junkenstein's Revenge gamemode, players can be caught in the intro of any of the bosses if they position themselves in the right place. Combined with good timing and the right motion, this can lead to some truly goofy results, so much so that annually, the Overwatch subreddit has an unofficial contest of finding the most hilarious photobomb they can. Even better? Provided you're quick/precise enough, it's possible to hit them during their introduction, which results in the boss exaggeratedly flinching in slow-motion. To top it off, they also react to crowd-control such as Ana's Sleep Dart, Reinhardt's Charge, or Doomfist's Rocket Punchnote , which also interrupts their introduction quote and knocks their camera out of position.
  • Zarya's "Totally 80's" skin manages to take her infamous track record with gaudy skins and deliberately invokes it to hilarious effect, giving her some fabulous '80s Hair and garishly neon-colored workout clothes/armor, with the words "Let’s get PHYSICAL" emblazoned on it.
  • Bastion's "Zombie" emote has it shuffle along like its namesake. The image itself blurs between creepy and oddly adorable, but what makes it especially funny is that during the emote, Ganymede flops to the ground and follows suit with his own comical zombie walk.

Winter Wonderland

  • In the main menu screen, look at the right-hand side of the screen, specifically on the door opening to the right of Tracer. You'll see McCree (in his Scrooge skin) outside the building, peeking inside the room, seemingly frozen on the cold winter weather of Kings Row.
  • Widowmaker's Highlight Intro, "Under the Mistletoe", in which she holds a mistletoe above her head, leans toward the camera... and then punches it to the ground before putting her foot on the cameraman's throat. Even better, the mistletoe as a whole used to be symbolic of sudden death, so Widowmaker's reaction is still keeping in line with a tradition. Just not the one you're expecting.
  • Who plays Santa? Why, none other than Torbjörn, of course!
  • Each hero got a event-exclusive voice line, but unlike the Halloween event where they could be reasonably threatening, these are all mostly festive in spirit of the event. As such, you get hysterical line reads such as Reaper saying "Where's your holiday spirit?"
  • Several heroes gain a "Toast" victory pose, holding up their cups for a toast (including Ana, who uses her own teacup). Reinhardt's stein, much like the man himself, is gigantic. Ana's teacup is also what Roadhog uses in his "Toast" victory pose.
  • Zarya's "Mystery Gift" emote, where she pulls something out of a present box. There are three outcomes: a toy robot which she promptly crushes like so many other robots she's faced, a stuffed teddy which she hugs "like big fuzzy Siberian bear" and accidentally pops its head off, and another box... which inside contains another box. And another, and another. The best part? It loops infinitely.
  • The toy robot from the "Mystery Gift" emote shows up again in Sombra's "Regifting" emote. After taking the robot out of the box, Sombra rolls her eyes in disgust, then hacks the robot, causing it to switch on in her hand. She then hacks it again, and it starts moving at turbo speed until its head explodes.
  • Mei's Snowball Offensive:
    • The event brawl starts with Soldier: 76 doing a serious voice over about you being selected for this mission because you're the best... and prompty delivers a You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! when the camera pans out to Mei throwing a snowball. He then serves as the announcer for the fight, keeping his serious attitude.
      Soldier 76: We're all scientists now... Ugh.
      Soldier 76: Who authorized you to have fun out there? This isn't an exercise! This is war!
    • Mei has numerous lines for reloading her snowball, always spoken in her always-optimistic and cheerful disposition. Most of them are cute, but there's one line...
      "Pat pat pat!"
      "This is a good one!"
      "I'm putting a rock in this one."
    • She also gets a few lines mimicking some of the others:
      "Simple geometry!"
      "Cheers love, Mei is here!"
      "One shot, one kill."
    • Due to the game mode being generally agreed as the most terrifyingly paranoia-inducing of them all, these lines seem to help exacerbate Mei's Memetic Psychopath status:
      "I'll fiiind yooooou!"
      "Come oooouut..."
  • Both Junkrat and Roadhog each get a spray that are connected to one another. The sprays in question? The two of them sunbathing (with Junkrat having Christmas tree-shaped sunglasses and Roadhog having a wreath around his neck), fistbumping one another. They're both Australian, so of course Christmas time means summer for them. Carrying this joke into 2017, whereas Roadhog got an "Ice Fisherman" skin, complete with walrus motif and winter gear, Junkrat got a "Beachrat" skin where he looks ready to hit the sand, complete with swimming trunks, water wings, and instead of a RIP-Tire on his back, it's a rubber ducky lifesaver. It's still explosive.
  • The Nutcracker Zenyatta skin. It changes Zenyatta into a wooden nutcracker, and changes all of his energy balls (including his transcendence shield) into walnuts.
    • Perhaps even better, this is the only costume of his with something approximating an articulated face... And it serves only to articulate his exaggerated puppet-like jaw.
    • Which means, if you spent the competitive points to acquire his golden weapon, Nutcracker Zenyatta is shooting people with his golden nuts.
  • In a case of Promoted Fanboy, the winterized version of King's Row features a film poster with a human co-star who looks an awful lot like a well-known Overwatch fangirl by the name of Erin Fitzgerald!
  • Reinhardt's spray just shows him grumpily hunched over an ice hole with a fishing rod. The companion piece spray is Pharah's version, where the context has become "Pharah catches all the fish and teases Reinhardt over catching no fish whatsoever, while he just stares into the distance in stone-faced frustration." And they even reference it in a conversation the following year.
    Pharah: Reinhardt, are we still on for ice fishing? You're not still sore about last year, are you?
    Reinhardt: Last year, heh! I'll show you! I'll catch twice as many as you this year!
  • One of Reaper's two Winter sprays is a stocking with "REAPER" written on it and his mask design stitched on. It's filled with coal.
  • In 2017, one of the possible main menu screens depicts Hanzo being pelted in the face by a snowball.
  • In the winterized version of King's Row, the EMP bomb payload you're delivering to wipe out all the omnics residing under King's Row... has been replaced with a sleigh full of gifts. This opens up two possibilities: either the map scenario has been changed to the attackers attempting to deliver Christmas presents to the omnics and the defenders attempting to stop them, or the attackers decided to decorate their genocide bomb for the holidays.

Lunar New Year

  • Junkrat gets two good ones with his YotR cosmetics:
  • Roadhog's gets a highlight intro, "Feast". The camera pans across several empty boxes of dumplings, and lands on Roadhog, laid out on the floor in a food coma.
  • Tracer gets a highlight intro of her messing around with a lion parade costume. It's as hilarious as it is adorable.
  • There was a visual bug at the launch of the event that caused Mei's "Chang'e" and "Luna" skins to make her butt look big, due to some faulty geometry mapping on her coat.
  • Zenyatta's "Sanzang" skin has a mask with an I'm-about-to-kick-some-ass look that's so hilariously counter to his saintly disposition. His "Zhuge Liang" skin gives him a beard like he doesn't want to be left out of the beard party being thrown by Hanzo, Reinhardt and Torbjorn.
  • McCree's highlight intro involves him flicking his cigar away onto a pile of fireworks, resulting in a big explosion. The funny part? This still works with his Lifeguard skin, wherein the cigar is replaced with a popsicle stick.
  • Roadhog's emote, called "Secret Friend", involves him pulling out a pachimari plush and squeaking it, before quickly tucking it away.
  • Soldier: 76 has an emote called "Rattle Drum" where he takes a drum out and rattles it about before looking around like "hope nobody saw that" before putting it away.

Archives (For the brawls that come with this event, see the respective categories below)

  • D.Va gets a highlight intro, called "Selfie," of her mech self-destructing — right as she takes a selfie.
  • Torbjörn also has his own highlight intro, "My Baby", where he's looking through a photo album of him and his turret—which, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it glance shows, includes a picture of said turret graduating from university—before he pulls said turret into a hug. Compounding the Freeze-Frame Bonus is that the turrets in each picture are visibly increasing in level - complete with the college graduate turret being a level 3.
  • Orisa's highlight intro, "Immovable", has presumably Reinhardt charging at her until she activates her ''Fortify'', causing Reinhardt to fall over and Orisa to give him a smug smile.
  • Mei's "Pajamei" skin has her wearing her pajamas, yeti slippers and bedhead and all.
  • One of the event-exclusive highlight intros is Wrecking Ball's "Dramatic", which is based on the Dramatic Chipmunk meme, complete with musical sting. The "High Roller" skin adds the detail of his glasses slowly falling off.
  • Brigitte gets a Legendary emote called "Kati" which has her going into Cuteness Proximity over her cat and picking it up for a hug to its dismay.



  • In this brawl, all of the Reaper voice lines and emotes you have selected for him still work for Reyes, except they are all spoken with his past inflection.
  • Most of the Retribution mission shouldn't leave a ton of room for humor due to the circumstances, but most everybody is able to have their moments of amusing banter. One exchange between Reyes and McCree as the team reaches the evac point:
    Blackwatch Pilot: Just entering Venice airspace. It shouldn't be much longer.
    Reyes: If you're not coming soon, you may as well turn around.
    McCree: Whoa, don't listen to him! We're getting out of here!
  • Before they get there:
    Blackwatch Pilot: Heads up, some company on the way in. I'm gonna try to shake them, but it might take a little while.
    Reyes: No problem, we're used to waiting around.
    McCree: And gettin' shot at!
    Reyes: And getting shot at.
    Moira: You two are adorable.
  • Apparently, McCree went undercover as a waiter in preparation for the operation. And not only was his accent atrocious, but he managed to get fired from a cover job because a client was rude to him.
    Moira: We need to talk about your Italian accent.
    McCree: I watched a bunch of old Spaghetti Westerns. I thought it was pretty good. Bona sera, signora. Can I-a getchu-ah something to drink?
    • Earlier, Reyes quips about how the four of them should've just pretended to be a band instead.
  • As the team approaches the extraction point, Reyes claims they should have smooth sailing from there. Cue the arrival of an enormous, dual-cannon wielding Heavy Assault minion.
  • There's also this back-and-forth after Reyes capriciously kills their capture target, and, a few seconds later, McCree confirms his next order less-than-enthusiastically.
    Reyes: There's that famous McCree attitude.
    McCree: I'll try to adjust it for you. Wouldn't want to cause any problems.
  • On the other end of the speaking spectrum in Genji.
    McCree: Good thing we got the ninja with us.
    (Dead silence from Genji)
    McCree: Good talk.
  • As with Junkenstein's Revenge, Elite Mooks are first introduced with a quick in-game cutscene. And just like with Junkenstein's Revenge, provided you can get in the right position in time, it's possible to photobomb them too (sadly, these cutscenes don't trigger in All Heroes mode).

Storm Rising

  • One potential set of lines once Sojourn identifies Maximilien's whereabouts where the gang goes on a surprisingly coordinated tangent:
    Sojourn: Confirmed, Maximilien is at the Don Rumbotico Distillery. Let's catch this accountant.
    Tracer: Understood! Anything else we should be ready for? Surprise tax audit?
    Mercy: Actuarial tables?
    Genji: Abacus?
    Winston: Uh... spreadsheets?
    Sojourn: Clock's ticking, agents.
  • During the mission, Tracer finds a convenient truck full of explosives to use to break open Maximilien's safehouse. Sojourn is shocked, but accepts the good fortune with a "Well then, proceed!"
  • As the crew talks about Maximilien's financial capabilities, we get this rather odd revelation from Winston:
    Winston: I'm sure the rum distillery's business would give Maximilien a lot of room to hide Talon's money in.
    Sojourn: He knows what he's doing, give him that.
    Winston: (groan) I wish he could do my taxes.
    Tracer: You pay taxes?! What, to the moon?
    Winston: No... Switzerland.
    Tracer: You know, a gorilla from the moon paying Swiss taxes is probably just the kind of situation Max would be great at!
    Winston: I'll be sure to ask when we catch him.
  • Winston and Tracer share a moment discussing their current Mission Control, and while Tracer likes Sojourn, Winston admits to being a little afraid of her. And then Sojourn pipes up and informs them that the line is still open.
    Winston: It's been an honor serving with you all.
    Sojourn: Noted.
  • The squad contemplates whether or not Max drinks the rum from his distillery or not.
    Winston: I... don't actually know if he can.
    Genji: Maybe he just likes to look at it.
  • Some insight on Overwatch's tastes:
    Winston: (inhales) Mmm, something smells delicious... like empanadas!
    Tracer: Mmm, I haven't had a good empanada in ages!
    Sojourn: Have you tried the ones in the cafeteria?
    Tracer: Like I said.
  • With regards to Maximilien's distillery:
    Mercy: "Don Rumbotico: Savor Quality." Hah, big words for a criminal front!
    Genji: (amused) Quality is quality!
  • Tracer asks Sojourn if capturing Max will actually result in much:
    Sojourn: At the end of the day, he's just a Talon pawn. He doesn't want to get caught up in all this; he'll be practical.
    Mercy: Nothing about Max seems practical.
    Genji: He does seem a bit dramatic, doesn't he?
  • Another version of the exchange has Mercy point out that of all the identified Talon associates, Max is the most likely to give them information.
    Genji: Translation: he's soft.
  • Genji thanks Angela for saving him during the intro.
    Genji: Thanks for helping me out earlier, Angela.
    Mercy: I do seem to be making a habit of saving you. It's a good thing I like you. Buy me dinner when this is over.
    Genji: It would be my pleasure.
  • Genji and Mercy were apparently talking before going on the mission.
    Genji: I am grateful for our conversations, Angela. I hope we may resume them when we return to base.
    Mercy: Of course. Assuming you don’t find all my research talk too dry.
    Genji: I find it strangely reassuring. Perhaps because you saved my life.
    Mercy: The lengths I go to to find someone willing to talk to me.
  • Tracer teasing Genji about his Ship Tease with Mercy.
    Tracer: You and Dr. Ziegler are getting on well, aren't you?
    Genji: She's the only one who's awake late at night on base.
    Tracer: Oh, is that all?
    Genji: (audibly embarrassed) And... I'm the only one who can drink her coffee.
  • Mercy getting sassy, which many healers can surely relate to.
    Genji: I'm watching out for you, Angela.
    Mercy: Well, it's about time you return the favour!
  • Tracer and Winston prepare for battle:
    Tracer: Looks like we're on our own, get ready!
    Winston: I was born ready!
    Tracer: How long have you been waiting to say that?
    Winston: [cheekily] I was born ready! [laughs]
  • Tracer makes mention of the Venice incident, while Genji claims he had nothing to do with it. Genji's delivery of his denial is what makes it funny.


  • The idea of dance emotes is already amusing and cute enough, though some characters' dances stand out from others:
    • It turns out that Junkrat and Roadhog's rotating dances actually sync up if they begin at the same time, and they'll make an audible "clap" sound should they high-five each other in the process.
    • Pharah of all people has her rocking out while using her rocket launcher as an Air Guitar. She even plays electric guitar chords play as she "strums" it, and uses her shoulder launchers for pyrotechnics!
    • Reaper continues the trend that started with his reload animation and continued with his sit emote. In his dance emote, he doesn't actually dance, he just drops his guns, folds his arms together and simply taps his foot to a beat.
    • Soldier: 76 and Doomfist's dances are... awkward, to say the least, though given their facial expressions, they're still trying.
    • Reinhardt waltzes with his hammer, gently caressing its head when he dips it. Skins that show his face make it even better.
    • Hammond’s dance emote has him busting a move and breakdancing on top of his mech while it's shuffling around and playing a beat to go with it (complete with its eye pulsing like a subwoofer).
    • Baptiste’s dance emote is called "Konpa Dance", a modern méringue style dance from his home country of Haiti. While he does stay true to the original dance (albeit sped up a little bit), he also throws his own twist on it by switching into some hip movements and breaking out the Finger Guns with the most ridiculous ear to ear smile on his face. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • Anjani Bhimani, Symmetra's voice actor, put out a video of the cast doing their attempts at their own character's dances. Of note is Feodor Chin attempting Zenyatta's dance, though since it requires him to float mid-air, his castmates have to hold him up to do so.
  • Reaper's memetic shrug was not only made a spray, but a victory pose and emote too. The fact that he doesn't have to be in his "Blackwatch Reyes" skin means you can now have him awkwardly shrug in-game while as a skull-masked, black-cloaked, dual-shotgun-wielding terrorist.
  • Along with the dance emotes, everyone gets some voice lines.
    • Reinhardt gets one that simply says "BEER!", meaning he can get into a silly argument with Hanzo about which drink is better.
    Reinhardt: BEER!
    Hanzo: SAKE!
    Reinhardt: BEER!
    Hanzo: SAKE!
    Reinhardt: BEER!
    Hanzo: SAKE!
    • Another one ascends the "Reinhardt, Reinhardt, Reinhardt!" meme.
    • Widowmaker has an hilariously sheepish "Désolé." (Sorry)
    • Symmetra, the eternally serious woman herself, gets one where she is chuckling to herself.
      Symmetra: (heh heh heh) Setting up the car wash.
      • It's an Ascended Meme. "Car Wash" is fanspeak for Symmetra setting up multiple sentry turrets on the walls of your side of a choke point to ambush any unsuspecting enemy who walks through the choke, as is mentioned elsewhere on this page (sometimes also called a "microwave oven").
      • Symmetra’s 2019 line is also a good one— a simple “So dramatic!”
    • One for Mercy is a passive-aggressive "You're welcome." She got another one in 2019 – “Someone call the whambulance!”
    • One for Orisa: "I have a bad feeling about this..." Another for Orisa — “If lost, please return to Efi.”
    • Baptiste had three good ones for 2019. One was “I’d reccomend bed rest, but nobody has time for that.” Another: “I’d say it’s not my problem, but it usually is.” And finally, him laughing to himself while saying “Now that is funny.” Playing these three lines back to back to back in that order is also hilarious, because it sounds like Baptiste is making a joke about his bad sleeping habits.


Going Legit

  • One of the panels in the beginning of the comic featured Roadhog drinking tea, from a tiny teacup with saucer. This was released as a teaser image for Overwatch's comic series on Blizzard's twitter account.
  • When Junkrat blows a hole in the roof and jumps through:
    Junkrat: I'm coming for ya, you scrap-headed—! ...Oh-there's-no-top-floor-you-sons-of...
  • After Junkrat and Roadhog are spotted by police, there's a bit of Hypocritical Humor where an overweight cop tells his squadron to keep an eye on "the fat one [Roadhog]". And promptly receives a face full of robot.
    Junkrat: Did you just call my friend "fat", you pig?!

Train Hopper

  • There's a scene where McCree dives for cover, and ends up next to an old lady. His nonchalant "Beg your pardon, ma'am" and the old lady's equally nonchalant reply seals the deal. After dealing with the hijackers he then casually sits next to her for the remainder of the ride.

Mission Statement

  • This little interaction between Pharah and her subordinate after defeating a "God Program" Omnic:
    Pharah: Saleh? You're alive?
    Saleh: No...
    Pharah: Oh, guess I'm not buying dinner.
    Saleh: Wait... Maybe I'm a little bit alive.

Old Soldiers

  • The opening pages feature quite a dark humorous moment, as Soldier 76 attempts to continue his war against Hakim. Standing in front of a few wanted posters, he is almost casually conversing with a local about Hakim's whereabouts and the reward on offer. The local offers to take him there personally, pressing a gun against the back of his head, earning him an "are you kidding me?" look from Soldier 76. Smash Cut and the local is lying bloodied in the street, with 76 merrily strolling away.
  • Also this bit:
    Ana: All the same, you're lucky to be alive.
    Soldier 76: My old boss used to say there was no such thing as luck. Just good genetics.
    Ana: He sounds like a jerk.
    Soldier 76: Kind of was.


  • A fashionably late Reyes in a Headless Horseman costume gives Reinhardt a Jump Scare at the door, which causes the latter to stumble back and fall onto the coffee table.
  • At the beginning, Reinhardt mentions the lord that Junkenstein served. A close-up panel reveals that it's actually Reinhardt. He then goes on to say that the lord was VERY handsome and intelligent, and a wise and just leader (despite his mistreatment of Dr. Junkenstein and his robots).
  • This part of the story.
    Witch: Behold, good doctor. I offer you that which you seek. The spark of life. I want only one thing in return — delicious punch.
    (Back to reality)
    Torbjörn: Punch?
    Reinhardt: (holding punch bowl) One moment. All this talking has made my throat parched.
    McCree: While you're at it, maybe you can think of a way to make this story actually scary.


  • While most of the comic is a Heartwarming Moment, during the sequence of Overwatch members having good times for the holidays, among them is a frame of McCree and Sombra at a bar, with McCree already having passed out and Sombra giving her glass a very unimpressed look.
  • Another is Junkrat and Roadhog, driving a beat-up convertible at top speed out of an amusement park.
  • Genji is shown writing a letter to Mercy. Over his shoulder Zenyatta is preparing to absolutely murder him with snowballs.
  • When Winston first thinks it'll only be him and Athena for the night, Athena "engages Party Mode." This involves putting snowflakes around her screen and placing a Santa hat on her icon.
  • Reinhardt reads Christmas stories to Torb's nine kids. One, Torb has nine kids, and none of them aside from Brigitte look older than D.Va. Two, he's over by the fireplace, with his wife, looking like they're about to make another one. Fans were amused by the implication that Torbjörn, of all characters, has a healthy sex life.
    • It was later revealed, when Brigitte herself was added to the game, that she is the youngest of Torb's children and that the rest of those kids are actually Torbjörn's grandchildren.
  • This comic has Hanzo's only appearance in a comic so far—one panel of him staring intensely at a cake.
    • His outfit here, dubbed "Hipster Hanzo" by the fanbase, was added to the game during the 2017 Winter Wonderland event.


  • When Torbjörn returns to get Bastion, he quickly establishes some ground rules for the journey, such as the two not being friends, and no stopping to play with small animals. The latter is immediately broken when Bastion picks up a squirrel.
    Torbjörn: Did you hear what I just said? Leave the squirrel alone!


  • Reaper's little "You're late" as Akande is strolling to the pickup aircraft. It seems that at least some of Reyes' snark is fully intact.
  • Akande trolling Sombra over the comms about "recent lapses", fully anticipating her reaction.
  • Lacroix casually tossing the dice over her shoulder as the rival's men approach, and Maximilian's reaction to them being snake eyes, losing her money "under his watch".

Wasted Land

  • When Junkrat and Roadhog first meet, Junkrat is being interrogated by four of the Queens thugs. he slowly realizes that he can hire Roadhog to protect him. He tries to be subtle by building his offer and saying how he'd share his treasure with a friend who'd stick up for him and kill to get him out of a jam. He ends it by by pointing at a confused Roadhog and yelling that he'd give that friend a 10% share. When Roadhog is being spoken to by one of the thugs, Junkrat nervously increases his offer to 20% and 25% when he realizes that Roadhog isn't going to work for that percentage.
    Junkrat: I'd only share it with a friend. The kind of friend that would stick up for you. The kind that would kill to help you out of a jam!. A friend like that... I'd give him a ten percent share!.
  • After Roadhog's fight we see him return to his stool, while everything around him has been destroyed and the bartender is left hiding in fear behind the counter. Junkrat is standing triumphantly in the midst of the wreckage regarding Roadhog as a "Fine, upstanding sort" while Roadhog internally calls him an idiot.


  • What trips up Sombra, world class hacker and complete enigma? Her Sweet Tooth.


  • Reyes and McCree share some friendly banter as they leave the Blackwatch facility about whether they should "spill the beans about Cape Town" over drinks, a conversation that includes this simple frame.
  • A minor moment, but as Reyes, McCree, and Moira slowly make their way to the aircraft, knowing how out of the law the mission they're heading towards is going to be, Genji's making a straight bee-line towards it. Fans have been quick to interpret this as he just can't wait to fight.


  • Ana and Jack's conversations all strongly imply that Reinhardt, strong and wise as he may have been, was the squad's Butt-Monkey during Overwatch's reign.

    Meta and Noncanon 

    Fanmade Content 
  • Reaper dancing to J-Pop. There's theory in the comments that Jack Morrison leaked the video, which was the real catalyst for the downfall of Overwatch.
  • One fan created a virtual reality "Reaper Simulator", consisting entirely of drawing shotguns from thin air, shooting them, tossing them away, and repeating the cycle... or just skipping the shooting part and creating a massive pile of unused shotguns.
  • Some mad genius made an animatic of Junkrat doing Timon's luau scene from the Lion King, with Roadhog as Pumbaa, Genji as Simba, and multiple Winstons as the hyenas. See the madness here.
  • Why Junkrat is the best character in Overwatch. (He could be your waifu! He has a sensitive side... [cue a Steve Urkel impression voice trying to sound like a typical innocent waifu character] "Oooh, ooops... Did I~ dooo thaaat??")
  • These two different in-game player interactions are not only hilariously sweet, but may have kickstarted the bizarrely popular ship of Roadhog and Mercy.
  • Back before the "Dragons" short was released, someone on Tumblr made a point about how predictable the shorts' dialogue can be by saying they could predict how "Dragons" would go, even going so far as to animate it. And then "Dragons" released...
  • Incorrect Overwatch Quotes, a blog dedicated to making up conversations between the Overwatch heroes. These can range from using Overwatch characters for quotes from other franchises to all new material and it's absolutely hilarious.
  • What happens when you mix Overwatch memes and Calvin and Hobbes together? You get this.
  • Welcome to Hanamura, an animation showing what happens pretty much every time a team is attacking in Hanamura, at least before hero stacking was removed.
  • Tracer VS Scout Death Battle, the first thing Scout does when he sees Tracer is ogle her ass and then try to hit on her. It's as hilarious as it sounds. This becomes even more hilarious with the reveal that Tracer is gay, making Scout's advances even more awkward than before.
  • The Bastion Song by JT Machinima is a goldmine of hilarity that could pretty much be called "Mood Whiplash the song". It switches between a peppy lighthearted tune with Post-Crisis Bastion singing in a gentlemanly voice to a harsh rock tune with Crisis Bastion aggressively rapping about how much he loves killing and boasting like a total Jerkass, and implies there isn't that much difference between the personas in the end.
  • Reapfield, the Tumblr originated unholy fusion of Reaper with Garfield. Owner Dad-76...
  • Similar to Reapfield is Genjicat, owned by (who else?) Mercy. This particular Halloween comic of Lucio and Mercy trying to get candy from Symmetra's house only to get warded off from her turrets also got quite the laugh out of Symmetra's voice actress Anjali Bhimani.
  • SOLDIER 76 VS REAPER RAP is pretty awesome, right until 76 says "I'll keep you in line, who's your daddy?!" near Pharah, prompting him to say That Came Out Wrong, and Ana to show up to berate them both.
    Soldier: 76 He started it.
    Reaper: Shut up.
  • 20 Bucks, the real reason McCree joined Overwatch, and how he got his BAMF belt.
  • So what happens when Lúcio and D.Va team up? Everyone else doing a facepalm, mentally or physically.
  • The Warp Zone has a couple videos based on Overwatch characters in social media.
    • First is IF OVERWATCH HAD FACEBOOK. Key notes of the video involve Soldier:76 telling "dad jokes" and being a Pungeon Master, Ana being an embarrassing mom, and Tracer showing off the many "Best Game" awards Overwatch won in 2016 - only for the Team Fortress 2 cast to snark about the similarities between their games.
    • Second is IF OVERWATCH HAD TINDER. Tracer goes onto Tinder and groans at some of the pickup lines the cast give her. She loves Mercy, but then realizes she's just using Tinder to advertise her practice while Orisa is stuck in her programming as a guardian.
      • The girls drool over Doomfist and then rib on Mei's choice of words.
      • Zenyatta changes his profile pic.
      • Winston has gone to see War for the Planet of the Apes thinking it was real until Junkrat says "Nope, it's *** Gollum man." He's upset, but then he turns it around by saying what that movie gave him: Ideas!
      • Sombra announces she may or may not have the season finale to Game of Thrones.
      • Lucio asks the gang to show off their summer skins; Widowmaker's skin leads to an argument between Tracer and Emily (her girlfriend) that ends with the latter changing her relationship status to "It's complicated".
      • Torbjörn is upset about another bum loot box with sprays, upset that he only got paint, only for Inklings come on and say how paint is useful and ask how they even win their matches.
      • Brigitte joins the game and is glad to be here, with Junkrat upset it wasn't Jetpack Cat. Then they come to the topic of who's her dad. Zarya thinks it's Reinhardt, Junkrat thinks it's Lucio and Sombra says it's Solder 76 cause he's everyone's dad. After Brigitte says it's Torbjörn, Sombra thinks that Widowmaker must be her mom for her looks to even out. WM says she'd never sleep with "that walking beard," but then Torbjörn asks what was "last January?" She wouldn't know! He never called! That makes Brigitte leave.
      • Roadhog posts a reaction video of "When McDonalds brings back the Grand Mac" by posting Zenyatta walking.
      • Timmy (the younger brother from the original cinematic) is excited to go to Blizzard World, but gets caught up in the middle of a battle. Not only that, the rides aren't open, most of the park is blocked off and he wasted $900 on an annual pass. He tried to get a snack, but Doomfist punched him in the face. Tommy tells him to get out and Timmy hides in the payload. Tommy says he's safe cause nobody goes near it.
      • Ana declares she's leaving Facebook cause she wanted to catch up with friends, but feels there's too many Russians and bots. Zarya and Zenyatta are offended, though Bastion sends a link that ends up being a porn virus, making Ana react in horror.
      • Brigitte shows off a montage of herself "booping" enemies off the map, making Reaper daring her to boop him. It turns out that he's asking her to come whip him with her flail cause he's a masochist. Mercy is quite disgusted, though Reaper says it's cause Craigslist took away Sexual Connections and he's begging to be booped.
      • Many of the team remember some of the things they could do before they were nerfed like Mercy's ult being able to rez whole teams, Junkrat's mines doing plenty of damage, Sombra being able to hack Tracer mid-warp, Bastion mowing down people left and right. Junkrat doesn't miss Bastion's nerf. When Mercy asks who did this to them, Jeff Kaplan nerfs them even further by saying Junkrat no longer has bombs and just throws tires, Mercy's left click does nothing. Mercy asks him to have, well, mercy, but he then says "Every hero is Doomfist now!"
  • A group of college students in China acting out the shorts Infiltration, Dragons, Alive is really entertaining to watch due to being So Bad, It's Good.
  • No Mercy, a musical argument by The Living Tombstone between someone who tries to lecture the rest of the team without doing anything themselves and a troll, respectively played by BlackGryph0n and LittleJayneyCakes.note 
    • In a bit of Freeze-Frame Bonus, one of the team lineups in the opening features Black Gryphon as Widowmaker alongside five Palette Swaps of Genji with Black, Blue, Red, Pink, and Yellow Ranger as the usernames, while another features Black Gryphon with Reaper, Soldier:76, Bastion, Tracer, and a second Soldier:76, with the usernames "I / SHOULD / MAKE / A / PATREON".
    • Father Ted fans will love the shot in the first chorus for the line "You should have picked any kind of support" with Ana as Mrs. Doyle, evidently trying to get a bored-looking Symmetra to agree to a cup of tea with endless signs reading "GO ON".note 
    • For the line "We ended up losing, and it's all your fault" in the first chorus, we get a shot of the victorious opposing team; Reaper (whose player, Liam, is named for one of the members of Mashed, the animation team behind the video) is holding a sign reading "Suck It Morrison" with an arrow pointing to his crotch. For the next line, "You should learn how this game works", the Soldier:76 on Black Gryphon's team is seething with rage at Reaper's taunt, while Genji commits Seppuku next to him.
    • For the transition from Black Gryphon to Jayneycakes, the video cuts to a card screen, where Jayneycakes, as D.Va, receives a card for "0 FUCKS GIVEN" (and opposing Reaper Liam receives a card for "58 DAYS TO ANIMATE", a nod to the video's production time) and lobs an empty soft drink bottle at Widowmaker while shouting "If you love Mercy so much, why don't you just marry her?".
    • During the instrumental break, a critically injured Black Gryphon, as Genji, flees the fire of an off-screen Bastion on King's Row in search of a health pack. Four of his teammates — Mei (played by Jayneycakes), Reaper, Roadhog, and McCree — run past him, followed by the Written Sound Effect "BOO DOO DOO BOOP DE DOO" as Bastion goes into Configuration: Tank and an explosion that, judging from the kill feed, hands it a quadruple kill. When Genji finally finds a health pack, it's still re-spawning, and when it does... it's been hacked by Sombra, who appears right next to him and kills him with a headshot.
    • Black Gryphon's hypocrisy continues as he ponders who to choose, and cycles through various then-Defense/Offense characters (before they were combined into a single Damage category) and Tank characters, only for Jayneycakes to announce that she's already playing as those characters. With one exception: Bastion, who gets a "Nerf Bastion!" exclamation from Jayneycakes as Torbjörn as she lands on Bastion's head with a Nerf bat.
    • And the final insult: on Point B of Temple of Anubis, a combination of an EMP from Jayneycakes as Sombra and a Barrage from Black Gryphon as Pharah seems to wipe out the opposing Reinhardt, Bastion, and Soldier:76. They smile triumphantly as the "CAPTURING" bar appears, but their smiles vanish as the caption changes to "CONTESTED"... and the opposing Mercy mass Resurrects her teammates. Faced by a triple Looming Silhouette of Rage, Sombra translocates away and leaves Pharah to face the music, courtesy of a hammer to the head from Reinhardt that results in a portrait of her waving a white flag in the kill feed.
  • Some people decided to cosplay some characters without a budget and some items they have at home. The results are hilarious.
  • The "tears in the rain" speech as done by Bastion, presented by Manly Guys Doing Manly Things for your enjoyment. And someone else put together the audio. Now it just needs to animated.
  • MERCY VS MEDIC RAP BATTLE ends with Mercy and Medic believing that they don't get enough respect from healing their teammates causing them to quit their jobs. The Stinger features somebody wanting a healer when there are no healers around.
  • This comic which shows a hilarious dissonance between what Zarya and Genji thinks when they had a conversation. Zarya thinks about her going all Tsundere... while Genji thinks she's going to fuck him up so hard he's not going to be recognizable afterwards.
  • D.Va finds out the hard way what's beneath Mei's jacket...
  • Relove, Relax, a pretty calming song...that plays during a hilarious battle between chibified versions of the Overwatch characters.
    • Notably, the video ends with Ana putting everyone to sleep and then sitting back in her rocking chair while everyone naps.
    • There's something hilarious about literally the entire defending team pulling six Bastions at once, and then Reinhardt just smashing them all with one shockwave.
    • When Genji uses Dragonblade to cut down the fighter ship from the rafters to crush the attacking team on the payload below. Reinhardt tries to block it with his shield, with predictable results.
  • One can only wonder how Pharah didn't grow up as a traumatic person if this is how Ana's parenting was like.
  • The Overwatch AWNN has a gag-dub of a fan comic, called The Legend of the Two Dragons, linked to in the AWNN folder. Here is an alternate version. Except this time Hanzo starts the narration and is interrupted by Genji.
  • Sombra's Target. Reaper tries to teach Sombra the aspects of her current target, McCree. Once she sees his fashion sense, Sombra laughs her head off and believes that the guy on the picture is fake because, obviously, no one in their right mind would dress like that in the 2070's... even though a guy dressed like a comic book villain stands right next to her. Animated version.
  • From the man behing the TF2-inspired Meet The Amazing series, we get Meet the Amazing Tracer.
    • She tries to capture the point by accusing Hanzo (who is defending the point) of being homophobic, then threatening him with Tumblr-shaming for his intolerance. All while she trolls him and Roadhog with her Blink and Recall abilities.
    • Then, she falls off the balcony where Hanzo was with a poorly-aimed Blink, only to be healed by Mercy in a fashion that makes it look like she's peeing on Tracer's corpse.
      Lucio: [glides past with a gold medal] For most healing done! [pins the medal to Mercy, then glides away]
      Mercy: You're welcome. [follows Lucio off screen]
    • The Tenth Doctor comes to scold Tracer for excessive time-travelling:
      Tracer: And who exactly are you?
      Doctor: Well, I'm the Doctor.
      Tracer: Doctor who?
      [cut to a live-action shot of this exchange in the script on a computer screen; the writer Facepalms as if to say "I cannot believe I just wrote that..."]
    • Then Zarya comes to threaten to beat the Doctor up, leading to this exchange:
      Zarya: I have slaughtered bear with spoon.
      Doctor: Uhhhhhh...
      Zarya: I took on alligator with big toe.
      [Raises bare foot]
      Doctor: ...
      Zarya: I eat glass for breakfast! But no, not really, that's unhealthy, I lied.
    • Then she cracks her knuckles in preparation for a beatdown... only to realize that she accidentally just broke all of her fingers.
    • Finally, there's the ending. With Roadhog having hooked the Doctor away, Tracer disregards his warnings and uses her Blink ability a few times just to spite him, and then...
      Tracer: "Timey-wimey"!? More like timey-whiny! [looks down] Was my Chronal Accelerator always a black hole?
      [the entire Earth disappears with a "pop"]
      Result Screen: VICTORY?
  • From the same animating crew as No Mercy, we have The Trial of Mei, where Reaper tries to get her banned from Overwatch, but everyone else is distracted by her cuteness. The whole scene is done in the style of Ace Attorney with Winston as the judge, Reaper as the prosecutor, and a jury including Genji (in his Sparrow costume), Bastion, Lúcio, Junkrat, Soldier:76, and Tracer, with other spectators including Zarya, Hanzo, D.Va, Reinhardt, Symmetra, and Zenyatta.
    • Winston appears to have developed an addiction to Comically Missing the Point, to Reaper's mounting frustration:
      Reaper: This girl... is an evil ice queen!
      Mei: Says the guy with a skull face.
      Winston: It's true... he does have a skull for a face.
      Reaper: Ughh... look at this! [points Phoenix Wright-style to cue three clips of Mei cackling evilly as she freezes Zenyatta with her Endothermic Blaster, stomps on a frozen Junkrat's ice-encased head and shatters it, and casts Blizzard on Reinhardt and Hanzo] See?
      Winston: I do see!... Mei!... where did you get those boots? [a picture of Mei's blood-covered boots appears in the corner of the screen] They're adorable!
      Mei: [giggles] Thank you!
      Reaper: [Facepalms] RRRRGHH... please! [as Mei watches Snowball sprinkle snow over an ice miniature of her] She might act all innocent-
      Winston: She's innocent? Well! Case closed!
      Reaper: [with Ace Attorney-style speech bubble] NO! [Reaction Shot of the shocked jurors]
    • Reaper digs himself in deeper when his words are misinterpreted:
      Reaper: She might act innocent, but I assure you, under the cutesy exterior [points Phoenix Wright-style] lies a ruthless savage that will slay us all!
      Mei: [smiling sweetly, blushing, and surrounded by Heart Symbols as Snowball's eyes change to matching hearts] Aww, you think I'm cute?
      Reaper: [with a Luminescent Blush] SHUT UP!
      Winston: Aw! Reaper loves Mei!
      Genji, Lúcio, Junkrat, Soldier:76: [sing-songy] Reaper loves Me-ei! Reaper loves Me-ei! [Bastion opts to hold up a sign with the rebus "Mei + Reaper = Ship", while Tracer looks near tears as she holds dolls of Mei and herself while a Heart Symbol appears next to her and breaks in half]
      Reaper: [off-screen as he fires a shotgun blast at Bastion's sign] SILENCE!
    • Reaper tries to argue that Mei's Ice Wall is overpowered by asking for help from a "volunteer" — who is anything but helpful:
      Reaper: Observe! You there! [points to McCree (in his Gambler costume), although something seems... off about him] Shoot me- [he does, immediately; Reaper goes down as the words "CRITICAL HIT!" appear next to the usual skull] DAUGH!
      Mercy: [off-screen] HEROES NEVER DIE! [Resurrects Reaper]
      Reaper: RRRGHH... I meant AFTER I put up the Ice Wall! [he deploys the Ice Wall] Okay, now shoot- [McCree's gun appears behind his head; cut to the Ice Wall as blood spatters against it] DAUGH!
    • At the end of the video, we see that McCree was very deliberately misinterpreting Reaper's orders as he shoots him a third time before removing his mask to reveal... Spy. He smirks, shushes the audience, and replaces his mask.
  • In this comic, Reaper and Soldier:76 take Foe Yay to absurd levels.
  • After Meet The Amazing Tracer, we get Meet the amazing Zenyatta. The whole thing is hilarious, but here are a few stand-out moments:
  • Genji Shimada, Beauty Guru.
  • Genji has such a fine ass that Mercy just can't resist. Animated!
  • "Old War Veteran Kills Everything In His Sights". Soldier: 76 guns down / blows up random people. Hilarity Ensues.
    Tracer: Why? Why would you do this?
    Soldier: Old habits die hard.
    [throws grenade at Tracer, which explodes spectacularly]
    Soldier: Someone had to do it.
  • "Move the Payload" and its sequel, both of which play out like Overwatch-themed Looney Tunes. The kicker has to be Lúcio in the second part, whose weapon of choice is a pair of air horns. The conclusion to the trilogy, STOP the Payload, may just be the funniest one of the lot. Special mention goes to Zen's (subverted) Big Damn Heroes moment, when he uses Transcendence to block the enemy Grav-Barrage combo... only to find his entire team dead anyway once the smoke clears.
  • A Brazilian fan made "The National Church of Hanzo" — yes, seriously — but it was primarily to prove a point on how corrupt Brazil can be when it comes to churches, as they get a lot of tax exemptions from the government and it was apparently not that difficult to register the church.
  • Efi has prepared something for Orisa should she encounter Doomfist.
  • Someone has apparently leaked Overwatch's secrets ("the Omnileaks", a parody of Wikileaks), and the team spends more time arguing with and insulting each other than trying to interrogate Sombra, their prime suspect (though it turns out at the end that the actual mastermind is Doomfist).
    • The secrets themselves include:
      • Mercy has a crush on Genji, and apparently gave him a "killer ass" when she built his new body. Genji promptly starts fearing for everyone in the room when he hears this, and ends up attempting to kill himself to save them.
        Lúcio: The Omnileaks! Like how everyone knows Mercy only helped Genji because she has a huge crush on him?
        Mercy: [blushing scarlet and dropping her Caduceus staff in embarrassment as Genji turns to look at her] I - wha - HEY!
        Lúcio: [with a conspiratorial smirk] That's why she gave him a killer butt!
        [dramatic shot of Genji's backside, accompanied by a Musical Sting]
        Genji: My butt... is a killer? [to Mercy, angrily] What did you DO!?
      • Reaper is afraid of air conditioners and fans, due to them having an unfortunate effect on him in his mist form. This comes back to bite him later in the video due to Genji's killer ass.
      • Zarya has gone to Disneyworld several times, and we get to see a shot of her dressed as Snow White, bear hugging a poor unfortunate soul in a Mickey Mouse costume, with Gremlin!D.Va in the background and Heavy (dressed as Baloo) reaching for a guy's sandwich.
      • Winston has been creating sentient bananas and eating them. He also uses "password" as the password for all his devices, which his how the hacker leaked the secrets in the first place.
    • Then there's the antics that occur during the interrogation itself:
      • Sombra opens the conversation by asking if it's a surprise party and wondering where the cake is, before shooting a glance at Tracer and asking if it's a different kind of party. Cue Tracer hiding a gag and vibrating hand-on-a-stick behind her back, the latter of which promptly goes off, causing Tracer to blush several shades of red.
      • Mercy gets Lúcio back for revealing her crush on Genji by revealing that he's been recording his teammates without their permission to use in his music. He denies this, only for his Sonic Amplifier to immediately start playing a Stupid Statement Dance Mix of Genji saying "My butt... is a killer??" An unamused Genji hacks it in half with his katana.
      • The second time Tracer rewinds trying to come up with a funny metaphor for Reaper's fear of air conditioners, she yanks Zarya's chair out from underneath her right as she's about to sit down.
      • After Lúcio spilled the beans on him, Reaper has him in an armlock, and is busy taunting Tracer, whose secret is that she uses her Chronal Accelerator to get out of arguments with her girlfriend, Emily. Tracer snarkily tells him that there's an air conditioner, and Reaper panics and dislocates poor Lúcio's arm. He later ends up in a cast.
      • Zarya shrugs off her embarrassing secret, proclaiming herself as "a big [Disney] fan." Cue Tracer groping her from behind (complete with clown horn sound effects) and asking Reaper if he's afraid of "big fans" as well. Reaper sulkily admits that he is (as a slap echoes from off-screen).
      • By the end of it all, Sombra is laughing her ass off, admitting that she wished she'd leaked the info because it's hilarious. Tracer (nursing a black eye and a slap mark) irritably suggests letting her go, and asks Winston for the password to Sombra's cuffs — leading into the above password conversation, but Tracer is already holding the unlocked cuffs in her hand.
    • There's also a wealth of Funny Background Events, mainly the window and the screen.
      • The screen has files popping up: Hanzo is wanted for assaulting an off-duty DA; Widowmaker is wanted for being a bitch, refusing to switch to support her team when needed, and blaming their losses on themnote ; Mei is wanted in [presumably the animator's] bed; a fellow named "Mikey" for being a suspected "dry shite" and not drinking enough for an Irish Man, Chocolate Pudding Party is wanted for a job, as he's a better animator than mashed, and many of the staff and their jobs are listed as Stealth Credits (Liam is apparently wanted for mediocrity, which is defined as animating the episode in 7 weeks).
      • The window (especially since Tracer keeps using Recall to try and redo her Incredibly Lame Pun) features Doomfist fighting Mei, with ice covering it. One of the walls also has the imprint of a large fist.
    • At the end of the video, Sombra legs it and locks them in — with Genji's killer butt! — who promptly uses Winston's password to activate the ceiling fan above Reaper. Cue the screen exclaiming "Oh Shit!" and Genji's butt laughing maniacally, and Doomfist, watching the whole thing with Gremlin!D.Va on his desk, softly laughing at the "idiots.mp4" file. Followed with Doomfist doing a Terry Crews impression of "too powerful to let this video end!"
  • Fareeha no! Fareeha yes!
  • Hanzo looked through the gates of Hell today.
  • Reinhardt comes to a very important realization.
  • Junkers+Game Grumps= Comehdee gohwel'd
  • Sombra goes snorkeling while Widowmaker dramatically stares into the distance.
  • It's a team effort to get Junkrat to take a bath.
    Junkrat: (As he's being forced into the tub by Mei) NO NO NO NO! DON'T DO IT! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS! I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL!
  • How Jameson shaves every day...with a blowtorch, to Mei's unending frustration.
  • What happens when you combine Reaper with another extremely similar edgelord who predates him.
    Genji (holding a sign): How are you able to reload a gun WITH NO AMMO?!
  • Why Genji doesn't have stubble or a beard. The reason: he'll look exactly like Hanzo.
  • Is that a Terry Crews reference???
  • "Is this a midlife crisis, Gabrielito?"
  • Moira's gone out of hiding. For rather petty reasons...
  • All of Talon decides to invade Widowmaker's privacy. Hilarity Ensues. For better or worse, there's no dialogue, so everyone in the video communicates to the audience through facial expressions and body language. The funniest part has to be the ending, where Sombra shoots Reaper in the chest with one of Widowmaker's guns. The funny part is when Sombra brings in Doomfist and they dress Reaper up in one of Widow's million costumes, put makeup on his skull mask, then Doomfist takes a picture of him with Sombra for blackmail later on. When Widowmaker comes back, Reaper's still there. She takes one look in her room, sees that everyone was in there (because Sombra left her Jen and Barry's "If I Had A Million Flavors", Reaper left a bottle of beer and Doomfist left a glass of wine), then she leaves the room.
  • Alternate Realities, an animation where Symmetra, fed up with the world not moving towards the Utopia she wants, decides to explore Alternate Universes to find one. She ends up finding a Mirror Universe where she awkwardly ducks out of a confrontation between the Talon aligned Soldier: 76 and the Overwatch agent Gabriel Reyes, a genderswapped universe where she is Distracted by the Sexy of their Tracer and weirded out by her male counterpart, something involving Torjborn that causes her to retch, and finally a utopic world where everyone is hanging out casually, Tracer and a sane Amile are a couple, and the world is at its most peaceful yet... and Lucio (who still raps) is the President. She immediately goes back home and breaks the interdimensional portal behind her.
  • The One Thing, an animated version of a John Mulaney skit describing a Wild Teen Party he went to, but with Overwatch characters involved.
  • McCree’s Bizarre Adventure being a parody of Jojos Bizarre Adventure, this scene aping the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Jotaro gives to Steely Dan but with McCree unleashing his ult all over Genji. Special mention goes to Joseph as Reinhardt going OH MY GOD while Mercy takes on Kakyoin’s role.
  • We have Overwatch vs TF2, and the results couldn't be any more hilarious. Of course, we'll have to go by bulletin points.
    • Before the match even starts, we have the Overwatch team screwing around in their waiting room. Of particular note is Hanzo randomly hitting a wall.
    • Soldier gets flattened by a charging Reinhardt right out of the spawn point. As soon as the RED team sees what they're dealing with, they wonder if they've got enough firepower for the likes of Overwatch.
    • Genji and Pyro get into deflecting a grenade back and forth until it blows up in both of their faces.
    • Torbjörn sets down a turret, only to get mowed down by three level 3 Engineer sentry turrets and blown out of the area!
    • Soldier rocket jumps to smash Pharah down to the ground with his shovel.
    • Widowmaker and Sniper get into a Sniper Duel, but neither one comes close to hitting their target (unless you count Sniper's Jarate).
    • Demoman charges towards Brigitte with the Eyelander only to run smack-dab into her shield. Just as she finishes scraping him off, she gets blown away by sentries.
    • Demoman and Junkrat take time off from the fight to knock back some drinks. Demo tosses Junkrat the detonator to the bombs he apparently stuck to the payload. Junkrat presses the button, and the resulting explosion kills Reinhardt, but not Bastion. Heavy comes in, hollering "I HATE ROBOTS!", making Bastion cower. After seeing how long it takes for Heavy to charge up his gunnote , he goes into turret mode and immediately blows the Husky Russkie out of the tunnel!
    • Scout knocks out Solder:76 with his scattergun and runs inside for cover. Just as he's about to get some health packs and ammo, a noise startles him, along with Mei's voice. Going inside, he sees his teammates are frozen in horror, the whole thing presented like a slasher film. Mei prepares to add Scout to her list of victims, a devious Slasher Smile on her face... and then she starts freezing up. It turns out that Spy has pulled a Big Damn Heroes and backstabbed her (And with the Spy-cicle, no less).
    • Of course, Scout's still not out of the woods, as he immediately gets into a match with resident speedster Tracer. When she throws her chrono bomb at him, he swings it back at her while aping her catchphrase of "Cheers, love. The cavalry's here." Of course she Recalls back to full health and then shoots him. She goes over to D.Va and says hey, only for her to suddenly shoot her... because she's actually a Spy! Just as he's about to disguise himself as Tracer, his device malfunctions, a familiar purple skull showing up on its screen. That's when Sombra pops up with a megaphone to shout "Been here all along."
    • While Spy's running away crying, Medic and Heavy are charging towards Mercy and Winston. Winston goes primal and carries Heavy away, leaving Mercy to awkwardly say hello to Medic (who replies, "I healed ze man who vill kill you!", much to Mercy's discomfort). In the next scene, Winston is faced by Saxton Hale, who proceeds to punch Winston so hard he becomes a Twinkle In The Sky. That makes a nearby Doomfist back away.
    • The final play involves Zarya, having pushed the cart to the end, wiping out a crowd of Engineers by using her Graviton Surge to suck them and everything around them into a black hole. Heavy arrives, ready to fight, but once he hears Zarya is Russian and has a love for big guns just like him, they just drop all conflict and kiss.
    • Demoman gets Play of the Game for... firing his grenade launcher over a rock and racking up a bunch of kills in the process.
      Demoman: Lotta good that soldier trainin' did ya! I'M DRUNK!
  • We now have a sequel in "Overwatch vs. TF2: Episode 2".
    • The loading screen before the match starts with saying Team Fortress 2 is free to uninstall. The team starts off with Reinhardt, Soldier:76, Reaper, Symmetra, Widowmaker and D.Va. Widow promptly slaps Symmetra into changing to Mercy. 30 seconds before the match starts, Widow and 76 grab their guns while Reaper hefts a big box of shotguns.
    • When the match starts, a group of Spies emerges, laughing and spouting humorous quotes while crab walking. It's revealed that they were a distraction when the rest of the BLU team attacks from behind. Soldier rocket jumps to try and get behind the Overwatch team, only to get knocked down by Pharah, who says "Now we're even."
    • While Mercy's floating around, attempting to heal her teammates, she gets sniped by (who else?) Sniper. Winston, Orisa and D.Va stare down their healer's killer, who knows full well he's so dead as they pounce on him for a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    • Scout gets caught in one of Junkrat's steel traps, then stunned by McCree, then shield bashed by Brigitte, then hooked by Roadhog and punched by Doomfist, and then tranqed by Ana before finally gettng charged by Reinhardt.
    • Spy sneaks up on Zenyatta, saps him, and prepares to backstab Brigitte, but he ends up stepping on a soda can. Brigitte's head turns all the way around and she proceeds to pummel Spy until he's launched into orbit, where he bumps into the Winston who got knocked into orbit by Saxton Hale.
      Winston: Hi there!
    • Some Engineers are shown to have a whole mass of sentries, dispensers and teleporters set up, only for Wrecking Ball to run almost all of the Engies and buildings over. Just as the last Engie's about to leave, Lucio boops him off the stage, only to get the same back at him courtesy of Pyro. Mei tells Pyro off for this, but soon as the masked merc looks in her direction, she screams and freezes herself as he/she/it charges her way. Pyro's flames melt Mei's ice, at which point she attempts to flee, but the slippery puddle of water prevents her from doing so, leaving her a sitting duck.
    • Reinhardt and Demoman clash in a Blade Lock in hammer vs. sword until Demo pulls out his grenade launcher and shoots Rein, launching him across the stage. Demo proceeds to unleash a horde of Scouts, including one looking like Geralt. Sombra unstealths and hacks Demoman, making him stumble mid-charge and Face Plant into a wall.
    • Orisa and Bastion are just chilling, the former telling Soldier:76 to be careful crossing the rails. Just as 76 carefully crosses them, he gets trampled by the stampede of Scouts, who soon get mowed down by Bastion and Orisa's firepower. Heavy and Medic show up to challenge the two robots, and that's when a bird fight happens between Ganymede and Medic's bird, Archimedes, complete with dramatic music. Archimedes wins, but is then stepped on by Heavy (you can hear Medic calling, "Archimedes?" after this happens). Spy sneaks in and saps Orisa, shutting her down, while Bastion gets Killed Offscreen.
    • Reaper appears before Medic and changes to Wraith form, but ends up getting sucked into an air vent. Medic gets hooked and flung off the map by Roadhog, prompting Heavy to go after the Junkertown native in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Roadhog tanks Heavy's shots and hooks Sasha away from him, but Heavy manages to get close enough to disarm Roadhog as well. At that point, they begin trading punches, with Roadhog No-Selling a punch to his belly. The two bruisers get into a Punch Parry, and abruptly stop to recover their damage (Roadhog with his gas, Heavy with his Sandvich). Immediately after, Heavy gets hooked and beaten down by his opponent. Ana prepares to give a nanoboost to Roadhog, only for Lucio to steal it. Heavy takes the hook and wraps it around Roadhog's neck, jumping off the cliff to break said neck. This kills Roadhog, but leaves Heavy hanging. That's when Hammond comes in and bites Heavy's finger, making him fall to his death.
    • We get a Brick Joke regarding the previous Sniper Duel between Widowmaker and Sniper, who still have yet to hit each other.
    • Just as it looks like BLU team is winning, Ashe tells BOB to do something. And boy, does he ever, running roughshod over the enemy mercs (only stopping to switch his bowler out for a Ghastly Gibus). Medic Ubercharges Heavy to take on the incoming BOB, but the Omnic bruiser casually throws Heavy and Medic away. Ashe pats him on the back, only for BOB to fall dead, revealing that she was a Spy. Spy then shoots the real Ashe's gun out of her hand, but she reminds him the payload was never even moved at all.
    • Play of the Game goes to Engineer, who dies to one of Junkrat's traps, yet still manages to rack up kills thanks to his sentries.
  • Daitomodachi has Sombra Blackmails D.Va. D.Va has Sombra at gunpoint and lets Soldier:76 know she's captured her. She's upset that Sombra blew her mech up, especially since insurance only covers when D.Va self-destructs it. Just as she's considering shooting Sombra, Sombra asks what would Papa 76 say. D.Va says he'd call her a bad girl and he'd have to punish her. That's when she asks how Sombra knows she calls him Papa 76. Sombra announces she's hacked into her social media starting with her Wordpress blog, which has D.Va describing how 76 is "so flippant and yet so desirable." Her Twitch account is hacked, which has Sombra getting D.Va banned by having Widowmaker twerk on camera. Her Twitter, which has her replace a tweet Lucio's reading to something a bit more racist. Sombra says if D.Va kills her, all her dirty secrets will end up on Wikileaks, making her let Sombra go. 76 is disappointed and has to punish D.Va, which involves spanking her.
  • "Katsuwatch: Bastet Rises" by dillongoo — an animator known for his Katsuwatch series of interpreting Overwatch heroes as adorable cats (among other animals) — is hilarious for two reasons. The first is the animation itself, which is an adorably comical and comically dramatic interpretation of the events following the cliffhanger to "Bastet", featuring cat versions of Soldier: 76 and Ana fighting off mouse versions of Hakim and his henchmen. The second is that this animation was actually commissioned by Blizzard themselves, in the works before the release of "Bastet" and supposedly with insider info of the canonical future events to base around, bringing an implication that in a very loose sense, some of it may in fact be canon.
  • Jetpack Cat origin:
    The vacuums took my human. So I will take their lives.
  • Mad Sombra Chase, a hillarious Overwatch themed parody of this chase scene from Teen Titans.

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